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Events are approaching an end-game compromise with communist China. The Chinese are now allied with the global warming fraud faction in an attempt to establish a world dictatorship. The Black Dragon Society will not allow this to happen.

As reported by multiple news sources as well as our own direct sources, many of the chief Nazi operators in Washington D.C., including Alan Greenspan and Henry Heinz Kissinger have been placed under house arrest. Following this the Federal Reserve Board was audited and dollars created via “derivatives” fraud are being eliminated from the system. If these dollars were not removed from the system and the dollar was forced to be backed by hard assets, then the dollar would be worth less than 0.06 cents.

The Chinese, in the meantime, have systematically used their fiat dollars to corner the global physical commodity markets. This means that if the US devalued unilaterally, the Chinese dollar holdings might become worthless paper but the renminbi would become the de facto world currency.

The problem with that scenario is that 90% of the dollars ever created through honest hard work are not owned by Americans. If these dollars were devalued, many people around the world would suffer great harm.

This is why the Black Dragon Society is proposing to take the U.S. dollars created through hard work, back them with gold as an interim measure and then rename them Hong Kong dollars or renminbi or Hong Kong yen or whatever. The new currency would then be backed by the renminbi.

This plan has prompted an attempt by the communist Chinese to buy gold. However, so long as the Chinese support the fraudulent global warming CO2 world dictatorship plan, they will not be allowed to buy gold. They have been trying to go behind our back but they will be wasting their time.

Meanwhile some fundamental changes have taken place in the Japanese secret government. The Federal Reserve Board/Ming Chinese faction have been ousted and the Japanese right-wing will no longer be acting as enforcers for foreign governments be they American or Chinese. Instead the Japanese now intend to act as neutral intermediaries between all concerned parties. A new right-wing party will also be formed to replace the Liberal Democratic Party and to make sure the Democratic Party of Japan does not become a dictatorship ruled in secret by Ichiro Ozawa.

The Japanese, the Middle-Eastern oil nations, the United States armed forces, the Vatican and the British Commonwealth will oppose such a plan. These groups support a plan to end poverty, end environmental destruction (i.e. stop the destruction of eco-systems) and start a new golden age by rolling out hitherto suppressed technology. This includes intensive efforts to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans. They do not support a plan premised on lies (CO2=global warming) and designed to enrich a small elite.

Any new system of world governance must not be allowed to become like the secret system of Babylonian tyranny that has existed to this date. To understand how this system works, one must compare a Western communal dining table to an Asian one. In a Western system a long rectangular table is used. At the head of the table sits the dominant patriarch. To his right sits the number two and so-on. The lower one is in the hierarchy, the further one is from the head of the table.

In the Asian system, as well as the system used by the Knights of the Round Table, a round table is used. This means decision making by consensus rather than by patriarchal decree.

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10 years ago


Happy π day


11 years ago

@ casar1973 – Comment by casar1973 on February 6, 2010 @ 3:23 am

I guess it depends upon whether we retain enough independence to ‘say so’, or whether we’re being humbled by the rest of the world. Voluntarily agree to those? no American would. I agree.

13 years ago

who would ever think that the US would agree to have a currency called anything with the words “yen”, “hong kong” or “renminbi” in them? That is not going to happen. Nice try though.

13 years ago

What makes you think you can trust the Vatican and how many factions exist within that entity?
Are you a Jesuit? If not -what makes you think that the Jesuit dominated CFR which is behind most of the sinister Anglo American tactics is going to roll over?

13 years ago

Hey other readers and Ben, It is time to start the campaign of 1 million mosquitoes. By ourselves, small acts of defiance won’t do much but if we do them together, we will have them so busy swatting at nuisances that they can’t progress. I think that they are vulnerable, we just need to figure out where. Let’s start with a SWOT analysis of our elites. Let’s list their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities for us to take advantage of and THE THREATS THAT THEY FACE. If we approach this situation as we would any other in the business or professional world,… Read more »

13 years ago

Ben, steve Quayle had this link -http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/2009/12/index.html
which is same articles like this newsletter. I have been reading your articles for one month now and I am hoping the suppressed patents and changes is regime will soon bring peace to all nations and its peoples.


13 years ago

I signed up for the monthly newsletter. You might want to let people know that you are getting a response.


PS: The control of the media did not begin with Obama, it began under much earlier Presidents (think Eisenhower). Putting CIA on staff was pretty normal for decades. Then under Operation Mockingbird, it got local.

13 years ago

The only media here in the US that “might” cover Ben’s info is Fox News. All others have been paid off by the Obama administration to keep quiet. That’s why the people in the U.S. are unaware of most of what you and I read here at Ben’s and a few other websites.

13 years ago

Hi Ben: I think this is a great idea a weekly news letter. But what needs to happen is that this info needs to get into the main stream news media in the US as well as the world at large too so we can start waking up all the people still asleep. Thanks

13 years ago

Hi Ben. Would you talk in more detail about the global warming thing and what your opinion about it is? Thanks a bunch.

こんにちはベンジーさん。 地球温暖化の計画が知りません。 計画を教えてください。 ありがとうございます。