Fascists try to grab $250 billion

After the attempt to create a fascist Euro-centric world government failed spectacularly in Copenhagen, the main battlefield in the ongoing financial World War 3 moved to the Philippines. We will report the details of these intrigues below.

First let us re-cap the New World Order moves towards a fascistic world government in 2009. It started with the inauguration of Barack Obama as president. At first everybody was hopeful but, it did not take long for the truth to sink in. Obama was a Nazi puppet who broke all his important promises and refused to withdraw from Iraq, failed to close the Guantanamo torture camp and actually increased the amount of troops in Afghanistan. Later, he attempted to make himself de-facto world President by taking the post of head of the UN Security council, in direct violation of the US constitution. To bolster his position he was given the Nobel “peace” prize.

Meanwhile a Soviet style totalitarian government was imposed upon the people of Europe via the Treaty of Lisbon. A European “President” was then selected without any popular vote.

The final move was supposed to have taken place at the Copenhagen “global warming” summit. The European fascists were hoping to install a global totalitarian government by stealth under the cover of the bogus CO2 reduction campaign.

However, the Black Dragon Society was able to quash this campaign on several fronts. First of all, Russian BDS members hacked the East Anglia University computers and proved the “global warming” campaign was based on false data. Then BDS members in Washington froze an attempt by the Japanese emperor to provide over $100 billion for the cabal to hand over to developing nations in exchange for their acceding to a world government. When the fascists showed up empty handed, they were told to buzz off by the rest of the world.

In the meantime, the Federal Reserve Board and the Bank of England are facing a January deadline to come up with gold to pay their overdue debts to China.

In order to get this gold and keep their privately owned money printing monopoly going, a senior Federal Reserve Board agent in Japan, who we will refer to as Mr. K, went to the Philippines with a high-powered Japanese government delegation led by ruling Democratic Party of Japan number 2 Hajime Ishii. Ostensibly, the purpose of the visit was to play golf and meet with assorted Philippino law-makers.

However, the real purpose was to cash $250 billion worth of 1930’s vintage US government bonds that are backed by Chinese Imperial gold stashed in the Philippines. Their hope is to cash these bonds and use the money to bribe developing countries into accepting the Copenhagen formula for European-led global fascistic government. The Japanese politicians accompanying Mr. K were almost certainly unaware of this secret agenda.

However, the Black Dragon Society also had a delegation in the Philippines with a very different agenda. Their delegation went to a lake near Manila that is the second largest lake in South East Asia. Local officials informed them that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (an arch-Nazi) and her Philippino cronies were attempting to have the lake declared dead so that they could drain it and reclaim the land. Needless to say such a move would benefit a few billionaire developers at the expense of the millions of poor people living near the lake.

The society members instead promised to restore the lake to its pristine natural condition. They propose to do this by setting up sewage treatment facilities in order to treat the human waste that is responsible for 70% of the ecological damage to the lake. The society also proposed using Tesla technology involving sending out energy pulses of a specific frequency that kills harmful bacteria. In addition, they propose to use zeolite mined in the Philippines to neutralize toxins that are already in the lake.

The idea was to use the lake as an example to show a fundamental change in how Western Civilization interacts with the planet and its people. It would be used to initiate similar campaigns throughout the planet.

The Black Dragon Society plan for a new financial system was also explained. As we have mentioned before about 90% of all the dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. If these dollars become worthless paper then mass starvation and suffering is almost certain. That is why the BDS proposes to erase all fraudulently created dollars from the books and then back the remaining dollars with gold. The dollar would then be renamed and put under government control. The control would be shared between a new UN based in Laos, a China dominated World Bank based in Hong Kong and a G8 dominated world Economic Planning Agency based in Osaka or Singapore.

The Democratic Party of Japan delegates were very supportive of these proposals. They also expressed strong interest in the proposals for a new financial system controlled by governments instead of a small in-bred elite. However, the trip also helped reveal the real nature of the new “Democratic” Party of Japan. The BDS delegate approached Mr. Ishii, the supposed number 2 in the Japanese government and explained to him that the Yakuza and the Japanese right-wingers wanted to cut off their ties with the Federal Reserve Board crime gang and start to work for the Japanese government. Mr. Ishii’s answer was “you need to talk to Mr. K about that.”

Mr. K (we are keeping his name secret for now in the hope that he will join forces with the Black Dragons) had some very revealing things to say to us. He first approached the BDS when two Japanese agents were arrested in Italy in June carrying $134.5 billion worth of US government bonds. He said, “I guess we will have to work together now.”

He then explained how up until now “Three or four people ruled the country by brainwashing the rest.” The Federal Reserve Board had offered to hand over control of Japan to China by 2011, he said. “As long as me and my wife can live well, I guess that is OK,” he added.

Mr. K is obviously a second-tier power broker who blows with the wind. When the wind started to blow from China instead of the US, he quickly offered his services to China.

What he and other members of the Japanese secret establishment have revealed to us is a high-powered Federal Reserve Board campaign run out of Taiwan, Japan and China. Japanese gangsters and power-brokers go to either Taiwan or China where they receive massive bribes in order to go along with plans for a China led world dictatorship.

One of the key figures in this scheme is Democratic Party of Japan power-broker Ichiro Ozawa. Ozawa only tells his inner thoughts to 2 or 3 people he really trusts, according to a close friend and others.

The fear in Japan is that if the DPJ wins an absolute majority in the upper house elections due this summer, Ozawa will install a totalitarian dictatorship. Ozawa appears to be firmly in the Chinese camp but, things are not always as they appear. This was made obvious by the secret attempt on the part of Mr. K to cash the $250 billion on behalf of the Federal Reserve Board even though he supposedly gets his marching orders from Taiwan.

Black Dragon Society members in Washington have obtained an extensive list of Japanese politicians and gangsters who have been receiving large bribes in Taiwan and China that can ultimately be traced to the Federal Reserve Board. We may make this list public at a future date.

In any case, the story of Mr. K reveals how a person who has never been elected to any public office, who never passed a public service exam and who keeps his name secret is above in rank to the so-called number 2 in the Japanese government.

In the US, of course, a similar structure exists with people like James Baker, Frank Carlucci, George Bush Senior, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, J. Rockefeller etc. having more power than elected officials. In Europe the equivalent role is played by Royal Families and the various branches of the Rothschild dynasty.

Although a majority of people in the Western world and in Japan remain thoroughly brainwashed, a critical mass among the intellectual elite has figured out the fraudulent and unfair nature of this system. That means the system is now doomed.

The owners of the Federal Reserve Board have bought time since they were cut off from new funding at the end of September by selling military secrets, looting everything they can get their hands on in North America and via their world wide drug dealing operations.

However, without the gold in the Philippines, they are running out of time. International law enforcement officials from Interpol have now been given legal jurisdiction in the US. They are busy hunting down and arresting corrupt bankers.

A similar purge is underway in Europe.

Even if the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate gets their hands on the gold in the Philippines, if the Chinese continue pandering to these mass murderers, they will lose the goodwill they have earned over the past two years by standing up to them. That means the gold will remain worthless “black gold” unredeemable for cash as long as it is owned by the Federal Reserve Board.

What the greedy bankers did not realize during their maneuvers in the Philippines is that you cannot eat gold. The sewer water that can be recycled from around the Philippine lake can be turned into fertilizer and therefore into food. You need food to survive. That means the Black Dragon Society members who walked through filthy mud in bare feet in an effort to help poor Philippinos were standing on the true treasure.

In any case, there are many signs of a big show-down in January. There are several important settlement dates in January where the Feds are likely to bounce a check.

The Japanese government, for its part, has been steadily buying up all Japanese government bonds owned by foreigners. That means they may be preparing for a debt jubilee in Japan.

Meanwhile, over 600 foreign IT experts, law enforcement officials, politicians etc. have descended on Washington D.C. They may well be preparing to reboot the dollar system minus toxic derivatives.

We also have a steady flow of truth from the British media, including a BBC documentary stating that Al Qaeda is a fiction. This indicates the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is becoming isolated even within the Anglo Saxon world.

Finally, Israel has recalled all of its ambassadors from around the world in a sign it clearly expects something big to happen.

It may well be that events predicted for 2012 could start in 2010. Next week, we will try to predict what will happen in what is most certainly expected to be a most turbulent and exciting new year. Our best guess for now is that a system of government that has lasted for literally thousands of years is about to end. Humanity may finally be free of a cruel system based on debt slavery forever.

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Thanks for getting back and trying to help.

Could you post a picture and then show me the exact address without the quotation marks?

Is .jpeg supposed to be in quotation marks as well?

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If I understand you it’s as easy as putting the url address of the picture in quotation marks and adding .jpeg at the end of the address WITH NO SPACE

I’m still not seeing an image


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Mr Ed
Mr Ed

Some of your ideas are so brilliantly obvious, like- why didn’t we think of this before? Put the Government to work being a money maker, instead of a taker…I like that! The IRS could be replaced by a Royalty Review Board, to make sure that the royalties are being collected, rather than hounding individual citizens and sucking out their substance! Our new President, Ron Paul, needs to hear about your idea, and I’m going to bring it to him. This is the way a government SHOULD be, a boon to the people, instead of an onerous tyrant and usurer!


The Indigenous people around the world are coming together to share their wisdom so that the brink of disaster that we are on can be averted.
It is called The Great Gathering and is open to ALL PEOPLE.
This these are their statements:

The Great Gathering
One Voice One People One Earth

We are in a unique time on the planet; humanity is now facing a crossroad. The choices we make today will affect our children for generations to come.

By coming together in our hearts, we can and will create the change we want to see in the world. Every day more people are awakening to understand that we must act responsibly and act now to create this change.

How do we begin to make this change with our world facing crisis on so many fronts: financial woes, famine, homelessness, perpetual wars, food shortages, exploitation and disease (to name only a few)? We do have a choice.

We are in the time of choice and human beings around the world are feeling a call to unite and make our voices heard and our actions count. People from the indigenous world to the political are beginning to step forward and speak of this change through action and choice.

There are many indigenous groups, as well as different faiths and beliefs, now sharing prophecies regarding information about this special time on the planet. Within all beliefs there is a similar thread that gives us the same message: we must unite in our hearts in order to overcome the challenges we are now facing on the earth.

What is The Great Gathering? It is the same message of many beliefs from around the world. The message is simple: now is the time for humanity to unite to create the one voice for the people of Earth.

This Great Gathering will be in every country around the world; we will stand together and join our hands, our hearts and our voices. This will create the spark that brings light to the rest of the world and to humanity.

All groups from all directions will join in this celebration of life, of nature, of humanity and all that is.

Neighborhood groups, churches, friends, coworkers, families, corporations that are trying to be responsible, politicians trying to create change, religious leaders, eco-villages, farm associations, truckers, health care workers, humanitarian organizations, educators, laborers, dishwashers, peacekeepers, all races, religions and economic backgrounds (the list is endless) will come together as one in our hearts. Together we will be one voice and change will happen.

In order to begin The Great Gathering we must lay the foundation for this event through our networks of friends and associates. Change starts with the individual taking responsibility. Please send this message to your friends and networks around the world so that once The Great Gathering becomes known around the globe we can then act and call on humanity to join us.

Change and true unity comes from the heart and being humble in our service to the earth and others. We are all connected; this gathering is to remind us that our lives on this earth are a gift to be honored.

We are all equal and we deserve to be heard. The Great Gathering gives us all a voice to say we want change and support change for our children. Through our hearts and unity we can make a difference. Let’s work on making this a reality in 2010—the year of change—by sharing this one idea. Together we will decide when The Great Gathering takes place.

This is how it begins…. with you…….

Please copy this and share it with your network so we can all be doing our part in the creation of a world focused on humanity, nature and living in balance with all of life.

One Voice One People One Earth for The Great Gathering of Humanity
Add your name to the list of participants willing to be responsible for our earth.
For more information please contact:


All great change comes from the people.
All great change requires a voice.
All great change requires a choice.

The goal of The Great Gathering is to use our voices to create a movement, choice, change and education within communities and societies around the world.

The Great Gathering is focused on the following list—but by no means is this everything. We chose these topics and areas of concern to demonstrate that we must find solutions that fit together to create a world we can leave to our children and grandchildren.

1)Indigenous people—They were the original caretakers of Earth. A respect and support of
them in the following areas should be an integral part of the setting of intentions and the finding of solutions.

2) The environment—Developing solutions for pollution, toxic waste, landfills, pesticide use, deforestation, etc.

3) Food supply—Open access to heirloom seeds of all varieties should be standard practice rather
than the current standard: being constrained by genetically modified seed use, pesticides, and limited food crops. We will look at food production to feed and nourish the world, including traditional farming and organic crops, as well as the right to own seeds.

4) Energy—Examining current levels of energy supply and resources and their availability in the
future. We want to see more focus on the development and promotion of new energy supplies to be available to all people.

5) Impoverished areas of the world—Looking for global solutions for all humanity. The knowledge and technology to prevent wide-spread poverty and suffering is available.

6) Humanitarian rights and free speech—Regardless of race, religion, gender, age, belief or other distinction, free speech around the globe – for freedom of the soul.

7) Home and building development—Exploring new ways to build and heat homes that are realistic in a growing world population.

8) Animal protection—We need to protect our planet’s animals from human development and poisonous dumping and spraying. The animals of our earth need us to be responsible or millions of species will not survive.

9) Education—All children deserve to learn reading, writing and math skills. Furthermore, there should be widespread education for the purpose of assisting the changes in the world we wish to see.

10) Health rights—Every human being on Earth should have access to health care—not only from the world of medicine, but also from the traditional and natural remedies of the world.

11) Maintaining natural resources—How to live in harmony with nature and the earth, including new ways of creating and delivering products.

12)Protection of ecosystems, small and large—Looking to protect the oceans, wetlands, deserts, and all ecosystems for the benefit of the planet and for generations to come.

13) Alternatives to our monetary systems– Looking at alternatives to our current monetary system and finding a simpler solution to trade and exchange of goods and services.

There are so many things that could be added to this list.

The fact is that all over Earth people are working for change in all these areas and more.

The fact is that until we realize that every one of these concerns are CONNECTED, we will not overcome the problems.

Together we can create true change. Separated we struggle.

Our collective intention will make change happen.

Also see the Statements:
Indigenous Leaders of Our World


Dear Ben,

Frankly, nobody wants to be under a dictatorship of any kind PERIOD. While I applaud the great things that the Chinese are accomplishing, dictatorship won’t be acceptable to most of the people in the world right now. Furthermore, it would waste way too much money, time and resources to play these kinds of power games. We have a planet that needs its soil returned to fertility, its waters to purity and its seed stocks to wholesomeness. Trying to run the world out of a central location has failed repeatedly (Do I really need to list the empires again?) The primary reason that it fails is that the central government is too far removed from the people and their lives. This inevitably leads to horrendous taxation to support a few people in a lavish lifestyle while everybody else lives in poverty. What we need is something more like the Native American councils and a much better allocation of resources across the board.

There really is enough for all of us to live in relative prosperty without destroying the land or the natural beauty of our world. For example, if we returned to the old logging methods where individual trees were harvested and hauled out by mules or horses, it would employ more people, keep the price of lumber stable, end the practice of replacing a mixed forrest with just one type of tree and reduce damage to the forrest as a whole. The more forrests are nurtured, the cleaner our air would become. Farming methods can be changed so that raising crops doesn’t destroy the land as it does now due to the use of nitrogenous fertilizers.

Finally, if we opened space exploration and began to share the technologies developed at taxpayer expense in the US and then stolen by the criminals within our government and industry, we could greatly expand the land available to everyone. Also, since these technologies were paid for by taxpayers, they should be put into a corporation or some other structure that belongs to all the people of the US. These things could be licensed to the world and the monies paid into a fund for the US citizens (They would all get an equal share) This money could be used to repair our cities, put in new technologies for water treatment etc. and to repay the Social Security trust and other funds robbed by the Nazis and Robber Barons. Housing around the world could be upgraded to highly energy efficient durable stock that would last generations.

The criminals who have run the US as their private club would have to relinquish their ill-gotten gains and that money would go into a trust to repay the CITIZENS (not the governments) of the countries that they have stolen from. Frankly, if the Rothschilds had any sense, they would do the same thing.

I cannot speak for everyone on the planet, but I think that if I guessed that the 90 percent who have to live off of the table scraps from the obscenely wealthy are completely tired of that stupidity. I do not trust Rothschilds, Warburgs or any other of the members of the multi-generationally spoiled club.

It is time to change this world for the better by ending the obsession over power and wealth and begin an obsession with being decent honest human beings.

Finally, it is time to end all the black programs, end all the secrecy (which is generally hiding unscrupulous, unethical and immoral behavior and DISCLOSE what is really known about the many UFOs or UFO duplicates floating around the world. It is time to tell the truth about what is causing the unusual hotspots on Saturn’s moons (seen with infrared lenses), the apparent housing on Mars and other anomalies that Kennedy wanted disclosed and died trying to reveal.