Illuminati rule to end this year, maybe even this week

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Although I have been trained as a skeptic and a believer in science, something so unusual happened this new year that I believe it must be an omen. On December 21st a group of shamans held a ceremony by a lake in the Philippines that locals believe to be the home of a goddess. The Shamans, including a revered Maori lady, also believed this lake to be a portal to other dimensions. Whatever the case, there was heavy rain and thick cloud cover as the group headed to the lake for a ceremony to mark a change in how Western civilization behaves. When we arrived at the lake suddenly an area of blue sky appeared immediately above us. All around there was still heavy cloud cover and rain. However, directly over our heads, in the middle of the circle of blue sky there was a new moon. Then on new year’s eve the world experienced an unheralded but precious event, a blue moon on new year’s eve in the West and a blue moon on new year’s day in Asia. A blue moon means a second full moon in one month. A full moon on new year’s eve happens only once in every two decades or so. For both to coincide is something that only happens once in many centuries. Thus I believe we have had a very auspicious beginning to 2010, the Year of the Tiger.

It is interesting to note that while the group of Shamans and elders was holding their ceremony to mark the clean-up of the polluted lake, Federal Reserve Board agents were in the Philippines trying to cash $250 billion worth of gold-backed bonds in a desperate effort to keep their fraudulent institution afloat. The bonds are fake and they would not be allowed to cash them even if they were real.

There was also a lot of consternation and angst in the Japanese secret government after it was revealed the Emperor went to Washington in an effort to get cash to finance the climate change fraud in Copenhagen. George Soros was almost certainly counting on this money when he offered $100 billion in “climate change loans” to developing countries. When Black Dragon Society members in Washington froze the funds, the Emperor was forced to confess to the Chinese vice-President that he had returned empty handed.

So now China has contacted the Black Dragon Society with promises to help finance a campaign to deal with the real problems facing this world: poverty, war and the destruction of eco-systems.

The Black Dragon Society was also contacted by the Kokuryu-kai (the name translates as the Black Dragon Society) which is run by the descendants and spiritual descendants of the founders of the original Black Dragon Society. We explained to them that there was no sense fighting over a name. We explained to them that when I was inducted into the Red and the Green I was asked to start a Western version of that society.

The Western group that sprang up spontaneously across the world has very simple rules: we agree to work together towards shared goals and we agree to protect each other if attacked. This Western group is now capable of mobilizing the British Empire, the Vatican, the Muslim world and much of the US military/intelligence establishment.

We explained to the Kokuryu-kai and the Chinese that the West would never submit itself to rule from the East and likewise the East should never submit itself to rule from the West. Instead we proposed a 50/50 partnership between East and West. There will be many key meetings in January to iron out the details.

There are now several groups with active plans for implementing a new paradigm to replace the one of endless war and genocide being pursued by the criminals who have taken over Western civilization.

One group centered on the British empire would like to begin construction of massive free energy facilities to remove salt from sea-water and use the resulting fresh water to turn the deserts green. This group is allying itself with the Middle Eastern monarchies and plans to work simultaneously in Australia and the Arabian peninsula.

This group also wants to pay the world’s deep sea fishing fleets to stop all fishing for two or three years in order to allow the oceans to replenish themselves.

A different group based in Australia but with powerful connections throughout the G7 proposes turning the deserts green by using etheric weather engineering technology. They also plan to start cleaning up the world’s most polluted sites using zeolite, an abundant mineral that absorbs toxic substances and prevents them from interacting with the environment in a harmful manner. They also have free energy technology.

A third group based on the US military-intelligence establishment proposes a 5-year swords to plowshares transformation of the Pentagon. This group has the potential to develop the over 6,000 patents that have hitherto been suppressed for “national security” reasons. One technology they possess is anti-gravity. This would make automobiles obsolete and allow roadways to be transformed into gardens. They claim to control technology that allows the creation of portals into other dimensions. They claim (we have not seen proof but have heard this from many credible eye-witnesses) that many so-called underground bases around the world are actual such portals. Hopefully we will soon be able to see if this is true. If so the implications are more than mind-boggling.

This group will no doubt join forces with the various “programs” and trusts that have been fighting the Federal Reserve Board for decades.

A fourth group linking the Vatican and Russia sent us the following proposal:

We are working with leading world scientists from top prestigious institutions in Russia, they are developing many innovations in the fields of energy generating (heat and/or electricity) using water as fuel, manufacturing new elements and isotopes from cheap materials, converting radioactive materials (waste) into stable condition, desalinating sea water to produce fresh water without any salted residuals, transmutation of poisonous materials into inert materials, municipal waste recycling, motors of higher power at lower consumption of electricity, special converters and transformers, earthquake prediction, New Approach Towards Understanding Origination of Matter and Energy in Universe from vacuum, many technologies for the nuclear energy industry that will be the top energy by 2050 according to EDF, and much more.

There are many technologies/projects in need of investment that are on the market, some that are about to enter in the market and some that need more years of investigation. At any time it can be arranged a meeting in the several prestigious institutions in Moscow or the Officials/scientists can go to Japan to make the presentations.

Then there is a fifth group based in Japan that is planning to build a major university/research and martial arts center north of Tokyo. This group plans to transform the Japanese right/wing and yakuza establishment into a benevolent society that will always act in defense of the weak and the down-trodden. The Chinese have already agreed to help this group.

Of course the new financial system has to be put fully online for all of these groups to get started with their plans. This in return requires the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board and the corrupt Washington D.C. corporation.

On this end we are hearing from multiple sources that a special Interpol force in the US has begun arresting or killing all those who are still trying to revive the old financial system. This may have to do with why Obama is looking so old and haggard after his “holiday” in Hawaii.

There are several key settlement dates in January that may finally force the corporate propaganda media in the West to start revealing the truth. We will know the turning point has been reached when the brainwashed sector of Western society is finally told the truth by their corporate overlords. The arrest or judicial killing of CIA Director Panetta would be a very good indication of change.

Also, we need to see what happens when the financial markets open for the new calendar year. A member of the British royal family says there is a strong chance a new currency to replace the US dollar may be announced as early as January 6th.

The Black Dragon Society has also made the following proposals to the Japanese government and the Chinese Red and Green. First we support the Chinese plan to create an entirely new United Nations and base it in Laos. Second we believe that a Chinese dominated replacement for the World Bank should be set up in Hong Kong. In parallel to that, we propose setting up a G8-dominated world economic planning agency in Osaka. After that, all US dollars held outside of the US should be renamed Hong Kong dollars (or whatever) and put under the control of these three institutions.

Existing institutions like the World Bank and the BIS can continue their operations but they will have to start generating their own savings and become self-financing if they are to survive.

The various commodities exchanges and stock markets will also have to thoroughly audited and the systematic fraud they have allowed to take place needs to be exposed. This process has already begun with the Chinese refusing to honor fraudulent contracts with various US and European based financial institutions.

It is also important to set up a South African style truth and reconciliation committee to begin the process of uncovering the secret government that has been manipulating humanity for centuries. Much of our history and even our science is going to have to be rewritten and retold.

In any case, we believe the great global turning point many predict will happen in 2012 will actually begin this year. We are headed into uncharted waters but the prospects are bright indeed.

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Testing….New Story Same as the Old Story…
Be Love : )


Spot on Casar, thank you. Ben was with us in the Philippines in that village by the lake. Our group has developed the global blueprint to bring basic needs to villages such as that and to do so fast and with respect to local law and culture. Just awaiting a couple of tweaks in the global financial system and we’ll out of the starting gates. Not long now…..OneEarth Foundation, Sydney, Australia.


Whatever is going on with regards to the suggested potentials of new technology, I certainly hope there are prioritizations of sound mind in deciding what to explore. Who needs to access an interdimensional portal when there are mouths to feed and minds to educate? Basic energy supply, food and common infrastructure must be of priority number one. It is much harder to enslave an enlightened mind.


Getem, you said: “I really think we are on the cusp of an incredible future, and people like Benjamin are at the forefront of ushering it in.” We’ve been on the cusp before and the liars just side-tracked, and whatnot every single time for decades NOW!I’m fricking sick of the cusp. SHOW ME.SHOW EVERYONE.STOP the chemtrail spewing the planet and humanity.STOP the FAKE CELL DEATH-TOWERS! THESE are immediate and daily threats people will be able to see and witness IF Benjamin & BDS/et al have power.STOP the poisoning, and the CRAP coming outta FAHE CELL-PHONE TOERS, and the HDTV-system while… Read more »


Hi Benjamin My apologies to MK. Didn’t mean any insult to you in any way. I also am a woman in my 50’s. I rest my case MK. The piece you have just posted is outstanding and I agree with you completely. Also, I have to state here that the changes which Benjamin alluded to are exciting, but I have to agree with most people when they say to exchange Obama and Biden with Clinton and Pelosi (don’t know much about her I admit – living in Australia we don’t hear much about her – but having read the comments… Read more »


Dear Getem and everybody else, I am a woman over 50 and impatient for the Illuminati and the NWO folks to be brought to heel. Sorry Benjamin, but I do not view either group as less dangerous. The Roths and the Rocks and their progeny, protoges’ and syncophantic servants have proven dangerous to MANKIND in general. We don’t even know if they are still human or have been trans-humanned by their controllers. With respect to what you are saying about hemp, getem, I view it as a very fine way to feed, clothe and mobilize humanity. Additionally, as Rick Simpson… Read more »


Hi Benjamin Love your latest posting on the free site. I hope you are correct and these parasites are out of circulation for good. More power to you and the groups who you work with, keep up the great work and know we are all behind you 110% Just a couple of points I would like to make. MK sounds like a very knowledgeable person, and I do like to read his postings. However, mention was made of cotton. I wonder if MK and others know of the advantage of using hemp to replace cotton. Hemp beats cotton, in that… Read more »


This was a great start. I hope you have the ability to keep the Vatican true to their word. I believe through them the chemtrail spraying of nano-poisons on humanity worldwide can be stopped. Do that, and I believe they are “on board” w/ BDS,etc…. Otherwise, they are still tricking all of you, by saying they are on board, yet they are not.(THEY have the power to stop it tomorrow imo….)


I have listed to all of Benjamin Fulford’s Jeff Rense interviews (about 30 of them over the last 2 and a half years) and what he says about the “illuminati” and the forces opposing them makes great sense and hangs together beautifully. What he says makes me very optimistic that the good people of the world will finally be able to throw off these tyrants who’ve been making life miserable for the world’s people for thousands of years.


I would like to comment on the Monetary System and how to create money out of thinn air with value. What is value? Like you said Ben, we can’t eat gold. Why value gold above food or human life? For now we could do that, but the new system should value LIFE, and that is our nature (the planet) and its inhabitants. By creating money in order to make people do work, for example produce food etc., the value of the money would be the work that is done. Stock markets and most that goes with it is a giant… Read more »


You are correct miriam. I was trying to find a word that could be used to differentiate between TOP and TVP, but youère big brother feel and along with those futuristic looking cities sums it up best.

On a side note, I cannot believe that I have had 4 nights with dreams every single night. None are really worth mentioning, I just find it fascinating that it is happening since I started asking to remember my dreams before I go to bed.

Sorry for the weird formal writing. My apostrophes look like (è).


CStory has a lot of good info there bigboo47. Some questions about his allegiance to the Queen…
But Ben and Story do parallel each other.

The first Zeitgeist is excellent.
I have reservations about “Addendum”/Venus Project, sdragon, as it has a very controlled Big Brother feel to it.
Had several forum discussions about it, and had to admit the sterile environment of the planned cities and the EYE that watches everything.

Ring of Power is another good one:


bigboo47: That website could use a layout revamp – but thanks for the link, I’ll check it out! 🙂 For those who want a good crystallization of what is wrong with today’s society, I suggest you take a look at the latest Zeitgeist video – Zeitgeist Movement ( It is still one of the best summaries that I have seen anywhere. If youève never heard of Zeitgeist I suggest you view Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum before the last video I posted. Also, Zeitgeist is a branch of the Venus Project which is kind of like the Orion Project. All the… Read more »


This report was excellent. Thank you! Recently, INTERPOL was given total sovereign immunity to investigate the global financial crimes and other crimes against humanity, both in the US and around the globe. Coincidentally, I just happened upon this story that completely backs up everything that Benjamin has been saying about truth and justice prevailing very soon. I think we’ll all have good reason to celebrate in 2010. Benjamin, I sincerely appreciate all that you do. I almost forgot, here is the link to the report that will clearly show that Benjamin has been right for so long (it’s a pretty… Read more »


Dear Everybody, I took some time to think about where to point you so that you could find out about the new energy technologies. Go to the Disclosureproject of Dr. Steven Greer’s. READ THE BRIEFING ON UFOs that he provided to President Obama. In that presentation, you will find some of the things that he is talking about. Go to site. That site is NOT connected with Greer, but if you listen to the video, it talks about some amazing propulsion systems that most people have heard nothing about. One of them is a METHANE PLASMA engine. The key… Read more »


Hi Folks! I just recently became a subscriber and according to my research, I have to say that things are coming to a change. Constantly, I see signs where the NWO/Illuminati is falling apart. Just look at the failed Climate Conference for example. The NWO can’t get anything to work according to their plan nowadays. Too many people already know what is going on. The more people around the world are suffering, the more pressure there is to change the system. All of us are part of this game and it is up to ALL of us to change it.… Read more »


Mainly interest, and I came upon this article from FourWinds.
Like to pass info on the breakthrus and coming developments around.
We are all interested in free energy and how it will transform the world, right? ;>

But I have no expertise in the area.


Thanks miriam.

I’ll look into those links as I feel free energy technologies is the only thing that will end poverty and other social negatives.

Do you have involvement with The Orion Project or is it mainly interest on your own part?


sdragon~ Here is some info to check out. It is embedded in the article above, but I will post it separately.
This is the Research page. There are research/commentary papers to link to. There other parts to this site as well that are quite interesting.
Don’t know if that helps you. ;>

Here is another(also already embedded):–_RD

Things are just beginning to open up and it will take some time.
I realize Greer has some ‘baggage’ about him, but this is an opening worth looking into IMO.


Im an Indonesian guy who live in Japan, now Im in tears , finding out how satan this people are! I always wondered why my rich country is still suffering even for a very basic needs??? Thanks to the true hero benjamin fulford to open my small mind to know about the really people who couses all this a mess!! Im now crying if i thingking about the tsunami in sumatra..but i also crying and deep thankfull for the beautifull people outthere whos fighting for the better. Also for the people whos comment on this site. Good luck everyone!


I hope all the rosy stuff happens, but in the meantime there seems to be a lot of snake oil gumming up the works. For instance, there is the time travel pitch by a company supposedly located in New Mexico that doesn’t quite live up to the Clem Kadiddlehopper personality profile sniff test that is summarized by the statement “I’ve seen a lot of people in my time mister, and you just don’t look right to me.” Perhaps one of you with the means and know how can verify the bona fides of the Anderson Institute? Maybe they do have… Read more »


Hey all,

Does anyone have any testimonials about The Orion Project? I stumbled across the website a couple months back when I was searching for energy alternatives, but either the terminology is beyond me or it comes across as an independent website that is either kosher or a scam. I did consider to donate though my finances aren’t the best right now. Just wanted to see if anyone else out there was following their site.

MK, any comments would be appreciated.



Dear Everybody,

I have suggested to Greer the same thing that I suggested to Fulford. Create a corporation offshore if that is necessary and provide shares for the donations. That way those who donate will get something in return. Even if all that was provided was an agreement to create a corporation, it sends the right signal. No more exploitation, everybody has a chance to live decently. It is time for the people to benefit from the years of theft they have endured.



The technology is coming and is just around the corner folks! This is very exciting and amazing! ************** Jan. 4, 2009 Here is the article about the scientist that was released by Obama from the gov. that took him captive a year and a half ago and will now be allowed to produce his free energy machine for not only us but the world. wow! Top secret free energy scientist enters contract with Greer’s Orion Project*On Christmas day, Steven Greer announced that the ‘top secret’ inventor they’ve talked about has been released early from military seclusion, and has contracted… Read more »


Hi Ben, Every day I get up and the first thing I do is to check to see if you have updated your blog! I am now a paid up member which I am so happy to do as it gives a little back. The only “gripe” I have is that of all the wonderfully positive messages you have been giving us through your blogs, every day is still the same. Nothing seems to change for the positive at all. Of course that is not your fault. I, like many millions of other people around the globe, hope and pray… Read more »


Ben, thank God, behind the scenes, groups of heroes are ridding our world of evil scum. Getting rid of the chemtrails program, fluoride poisoning would be the perfect start. I have been sending your articles and links to your sites, to major internet talk shows in hopes they will stop the fear mongering and balance the information that our future looks bright. The alphabet soup media propaganda machine will not tell the truth and are run by the same scum destroying our planet. We must all prepare for the worst. However, we must all continue to move forward in all… Read more »


Hi Ben,

Thank goodness for the efforts of the groups you are aligned with.

The chemtrails have to be stopped toot sweet. Please add this to your priority list. I look forward to the truth commission exposing the wherefore and why of this abominable program.

In support,
Metal Tiger


Ben… Although your site has a verified SSL Certificate, when signing in there are no browser indications that indeed the site is secure… your site still shows only http:// rather than the secure notification of https:// and the lock does not show up on the browser.
Can you please verify that the site has been secured. I do not like to send login info over the net that is not secure.



Dear Liz, I am the same MK as from Jane’s site. I publicized her site all over the web. Thank you for everything that you have done…and a big HOOORahhh to you. I am not military, but I grew up near one of the biggest bases in the country and my dad treated hundreds of military wives. One thing that has broken my heart is the number of military that have been harmed by the vaccines etc. I could tell you some really upsetting things, but I won’t. Maybe Ben will hire me some day as a writer and I… Read more »


Congratulations on your hard work(helping the NY nurses fight inoculation), ‘Just Liz’!
That is wonderful! ;>

There is going to be much to do in the coming year(s)!


Hi MK, You sound like a very intelligent, well informed person. I can only hope that there really are millions of well informed people, just like you, out there fighting for mankind. I call you all “The Patriots of Humanity”. Benjamin has been one of the only true lights that I have seen at the end of the tunnel for a long long time. Truth seekers and truth speakers, like him, are what the world needs now. I may only be a simple mother and housewife in Florida, but I, too, have fought these genocidal bastards tooth and nail with… Read more »


If the endless wars stop, the ridiculous and continual drain on the economy of the US will be stopped. I am going to suggest a FAIR proposal again for consideration. The stifled energy technologies rights should be reclaimed and put into a corporation that every citizen of the US gets shares in. This means that when they buy these technologies, they will be earning money. This will remove the need for welfare or anything like it. It will return the country to prosperity and will also help fund further growth. We need a better paradigm than totalitarianism, socialism or capitalism.… Read more »


I am very excited about the coming changes. There are so many openings for innovations and creativity. Once peace is established, there is no end to the possibilities of how to fulfill the basic needs and beyond, for all the world. Currency is always a sticking pint, but I am sure that with the BDS’s penchant for fair and just equality it will work out. There is information coming out about time travel and its possible real world uses. It must be made safe and used with integrity. So much technology of mind boggling ability has been hidden, and… Read more »


I hope you’re right Ben, but I’m not holding my breath.


Howdy Ben !!
I am now a paid member !
I wish you well and hope the best outcome for the world.
Let us legalize pot !


I am so fascinated and so humbled by all that is taking place. I know that Truth will prevail and that all that we have endured will be worthwhile. Thank you Benjamin Fulford for keeping us up to date on all that is going on. God Bless you for your mission, your courage and your inspiration. May the Love and the Light keep you at Peace and your desire to deliver Truth keep you strong.


Hi all, I’ve also just registered for subscription because I find the articles interesting, though I’m still taking them with a grain of salt. The article mentions that the USD would be replaced with another currency. Is this to imply that it would be government owned without the accumulation of debt and interest which is the cause of the breaking point for all fiat currencies? I guess I can’t see how any type of currency change, or currency devaluation could remedy the situation without possible social/economic/political ramifications such as civil unrest/rioting. Especially if it’s the ‘AMERO’. I think Gold and… Read more »