US rogue regime threatens to blockade Gulf of Aden, seize Venezuelan oil-fields

The desperate fascists running the US Nazi rogue regime are threatening to block the Gulf of Aden and cut off Middle-Eastern oil supplies to the world, according to Pentagon and CIA sources. This operation would be coordinated with an invasion of Venezuela aimed at securing US oil supplies.

This is why the US criminal government is staging fake “terror” and other incidents in Yemen and along the Venezuela/Columbia border.

In conjunction with this the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate staged fake terror incidents in the US in order to further humiliate and subjucate the American people with nude body scans. It is meant to send a message to the world that “we are a totalitarian dictatorship and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Plans for a war against Iran are, meanwhile, failing as are efforts to create regime change. The Bush crime family sold 12 missiles loaded with Neutron bombs to Iran in the hopes they would use them to depopulate Israel, according to a cousin of the deposed Shah. However, although Obama has been informed of their exact location along the Iraqi border, no efforts have been made to remove them.

Instead the US criminal government is concentrating on using Pakistan and a starting point for nuclear terror and world war 3.

These threats and others are in response to the ongoing arrests and judicial killings of senior Nazi supporters in Europe and the US and an ongoing cut-off of funds controlled by the Nazi syndicate. The killing of five associates of Nazi de-facto leader Henry (Heinz) Kissinger and the presumed death of Kissinger (he has been missing since December 12, 2009) has left Barbara Bush as the head of the Nazi faction in the US. George Bush Senior is now so senile he cannot remember what he said 3 minutes earlier. In conjunction with this CIA head Panetta has been silenced after he was caught trying to steal $1.3 trillion for Barbara Bush.

Panetta was also recently in the Philippines on a mission to get gold for the Federal Reserve Board via Fed agent Gloria Arroyo. The trip ended in failure and the $250 billion in gold backed bonds associated with that trip are now in the hands of a Black Dragon Society member. The Federal Reserve Board thus still has no pay off its debts with and it will never get any.

In addition senior Federal Reserve Board agents in Japan have been neutralized over the past weeks. The resignation of the Japanese Finance Minister and his replacement with noted bureaucrat-buster Naoto Kan is a sign of this.

As the Federal Reserve Board’s access to money continues to be strangulated, a power vacuum is beginning to emerge in Washington D.C. The latest scenario calls for both President Obama and Vice-President Biden to be removed from power. This would leave Nancy Pelosi as President and Hillary Clinton as Vice-President. However, that is also likely to be an interim arrangement.

There are still powerful forces pushing for a temporary military government to preside over a return to constitutional law and free elections.

In general there is expected to be continuous chaos along with new machinations by the dying Nazi regime over the coming weeks. The end of January will be a watershed period as various accounting deadlines approach.

The trial to determine if Obama was born overseas and is thus not allowed to be president is still due on January 26th. The judge in that case is a marine and is not expected to back down. Many expect Obama to be killed before the trial.

Meanwhile the desperate establishment continues to put out fake economic data to fool the brainwashed masses into believe that things are turning around. A US economic recovery is impossible so long as the US maintains a vast military apparatus that produces nothing of economic value. The US military budget is not coincidentally about equal to the US trade deficit and foreigners have all stopped funding the US deficit. In other words, the collapse of the Federal Reserve Board and the US criminal regime it owns is mathematically certain.

That does not mean they intend to go quietly into the night. The fact that fascist Bush stooge Prime Minister Harper of Canada shut down Parliament until March is an indication he is buying time based on inside knowledge of some sort of “event.” The Harper puppet regime ordered full body scanners long before the latest fake “terror” incident, proving their inside knowledge of the plans of the US criminal government.

In preparation for any contingency, the Black Dragon Society had a secret meeting last week to plan the future of Japan. It was decided at the meeting to activate Japan’s global sleeper network. This means all martial arts societies associated with Judo, Karate, Ju Jitsu etc. world-wide can, if necessary mobilize over 100 million fighters world-wide. In addition to that Japanese trading companies and other commercial operations world-wide can also be activated.

In Japan, meanwhile, an entire new political regime is being planned. It has been decided the current batch of politicians does not have any truly charismatic leaders. Thus either governor Hashimoto of Osaka or one of several private-sector geniuses in their 30’s and 40’s may be selected to lead a new government.

The Democratic Party of Japan is headed for turmoil and may not last a year. Power broker Ozawa is expected to be arrested on whatever basis possible in order to prevent him from becoming a dictator in the event the DPJ wins an outright majority in the upper house elections due this summer. There are also strong feelings within the Japanese secret government that the DPJ is too beholden to the Bridgestone Corporation and the Freemason Hatoyama family.

A hitherto reliable source has also, incredibly, said Japan’s emperor takes orders in secrets from a 600-year old “living ghost.” This is hard to believe but very reliable, senior people take the talk seriously. We will attempt to arrange a meeting to see if this is really true.

The Chinese politburo, for its part, sent a representative to talk with a senior Black Dragon society member recently and it was agreed the society would cooperate with China on an equal but independent basis. Further talks are scheduled for late January.

The announcement of the new financial system and the replacement of the US dollar with the Hong Kong dollar will not likely be made until these negotiations have taken place. There is also a need to wait until the global fascist network is fully unveiled and taken down. This will mean continuing arrests and judicial killings throughout January and beyond if necessary.

Next week, among other things, we will report on a meeting between a Pentagon representative and the Black Dragon Society.

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Ben, can you explain Obama’s recent so called clamp down on Banks. It’s full of holes and doesn’t fool anyone. Is this just a feeble attempt to distract …who?


Dear Benjamin and more importantly, other posters, Those of you who have no faith in your fellow man bother me to no end. Do you honestly believe that 78 percent of Americans believe that more “security” (aka despotic totalitarianism) is preferable to liberty? Would this be the same 80 percent that want the truth about UFOs told? Or the 80 percent that DID NOT SHOW UP FOR VACCINATIONS THAT THEY BELIEVED WOULD HARM THEM? Watch what people are DOING not what the lapdog media says that they are saying. Polls conducted by independent pollsters not involved in the political arena… Read more »


What wonderful news for the world. A world currency seems a bit far fetched. How can we be sure this isn’t a camoflage move for the cartel and their NWO push for global currency? Hmmm? We shall see. I guess that anything would be better than getting 2 cents on a dollar for their stinking Amero. We can only pray that the change will be for the GOOD of all mankind, not the Destroyers. I wish that the Black Dragons would join hands with the true Constitutional Loving Patriots of the United States. There are tens of millions of us,… Read more »


Pelosi and Hillary as replacements for obama and his idiot
VP is no improvement. If the U.S. Executive Branch is going
to change for the better an American Patriot like Jim Demint would be a logical choice. Swapping 2 corrupt pols
for two more is insanity, temorary or not. The key to saving
the U.S. is the enactment of NESARA. Check their website.


Dear People of the Fulford blogosphere, I don’t believe the polls. During a couple of conversations at Walmart recently, people there told me that they “don’t tell pollsters the truth.” They are so paranoid that they don’t want their opinions known. I am not surprised either by the reactions of the people at the courthouse. I would not take what they said as gospel either. Part of the problem is that there are GWEN towers going, fluoride destruction of the endocrine system and people are not thinking clearly. I find that after they talk to me, most people perk up… Read more »


As I consider my friend’s thoughts more, I have to think about my experience this week on Jury Duty. I was not selected because I made my bias very clear. It was a personal injury case of an individual against a Corporation on a construction job site. My bias was against the Corporation and for the individual. But I was disturbed when I met a cross section of “good people” who were perfectly willing to support the Corporations, and perfectly willing to believe that their fellow human being was ‘just in it for the money’. IOW…sheeple, believing that the Corporation… Read more »


A friend reminds me that someone like USA Today/Gallop would purposely lie to dispirit all of us who are breaking out of our chains.
What better way to do it than this…a poll showing sleeping sheeple.


This is what we are up against: People who have no idea that they are being hoodwinked and brainwashed into a Totalitarian, Fascist state. They have become ignorant of what it means to be free; they think Freedom is a cage where the outer world cannot touch them. They accept the prejudices of other nationalities without understanding that these are agents of their own government being used against them. This does not create ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’, but domination over all. We have not awakened enough people yet… *************** It’s Official: A Majority Of Americans Would Give Up Liberty In… Read more »


Dear White Hats at Space Command, Those of you who are still mostly human must stop the movement to transhumanism. Mingling the DNA of ensouled beings with that of the unsouled will only invite disaster. It will take away the very gifts that being souled provides and it is an abomination in the sight of the Creation. Please put replies here on Benjamin’s board (you will have to subscribe) to let us know that you are listening. For the Rothschilds who belong to this movement…if you subscribe to the real Masonic principles of equality, freedom, knowledge and a BELIEF IN… Read more »


Aloha Truthseekers: The luciferian serpent people (Bosheviks) got kicked out of Christian Russia after they murdered over 100 million russians and then about 1.7 million of them came to the US in early 1900s. Then we lost our independence when the fraudulent Federal Reserve act was passed with about a few in Congress over Christmas. Quoting on P.1 of “Just as the Bolshevik Jews did not believe the Christian Russians could take back their country from the Soviets, the Jews in America do not think you Christians can unseat them from power. The Jews in your nation, called Zionists,… Read more »


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carlyle to Form Buyout Fund With Beijing Government (snip) Jan. 12 (Bloomberg) — Carlyle Group, the world’s second- largest private-equity firm, said it will set up a domestic Chinese private equity fund with the Beijing government. The fund, to be registered in China’s capital, will be established by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work and Carlyle Asia Partners, Carlyle said in an e-mailed statement. The yuan-denominated fund will be entitled to “preferential treatment” from the government, it said. Carlyle follows Blackstone Group LP, which became the first global private-equity firm to set up a 5 billion yuan ($731… Read more »


I agree getem. The earthquake was not a natural disaster. I have my own reservations, but I suspect it’s the same people responsible for the Christmas Airplane bomb threats. Um.. There are debates about the full body airport scanners and all of a sudden we get the underbomber event which they claim the full body scanners would have caught? Please. How stupid and ignorant do they think we are? I’m not taking anything they want to give me and if I die from H1N1, then it was my time to go. I’m hoping God will keep me on earth long… Read more »


Hi Ben OK, who out there believes the devastating earthquake in Haiti was a natural event? Anybody who has studied the workings of the Illuminati would see their evil machinations all over this event, it is just so obvious! Who do they think they are, and more importantly, how insane are they to think that we would be stupid enough to believe that it was a natural event? I felt ill seeing Hillary Clinton on the TV, showing concern and how she was going to send help to these people, when we all know she was, in all probability, one… Read more »


Below is why Nancy Pelosi won’t fly as a VP or anything else. With foreclosures putting so many people on the street while the FED is declaring huge profits (probably on stolen funds), there is no way that our politicians should be flying around like royalty. Their indifference to the people that they supposedly serve is part of the problem. MK This is QUEEN PELOSI’S NEW JET. And the Democrats talk about Palin’s dresses? Queen Pelosi wasn’t happy with the small USAF C-20B jet, Gulfstream III, that comes with the Speaker’s job … OH, NO. Queen Pelosi was aggravated… Read more »


Dear Ben, I have always taken some of the reports that you provide as a mixture of fact (as reported to you) and trial balloons (like testing the waters to see if Hillary and Nancy would fly). I knew that you had some Rothschilds among those that you are talking to and I understood about the Freemasons etc. However, what they need to understand is that although we all want a clean world free of poverty, pollution and economic turmoil…most of us are not interested in having Satanists or transhumanists running the show either. If the world is going to… Read more »


Aloha Truth Seekers: Some links did not make it on my last post. Sorry. Here they are again under Al Qaeda made out of thin air: (Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo) (CIA-ISI Created “Al Qaeda Network”, Blamed for Pakistan Troubles) A US National Hero speaks out: The following article came recently on Dec.21, 2009, issue #51 from came from Jim Traficant (Per EJ from Contact paper Dated Jan 6, 2010 P.14; it’s not posted on the internet yet – it will be at – – Ex Sheriff, Ex Congressman knows whereof he speaks.… Read more »


On Alex Jones Prison Planet, there is a youtube video of Ex Pres. Bush Sr. entering a pizza cafe with secret service. He is being taped by a patron cussing him out for the murders of millions. I read Bush Sr. was killed or senile and could not remember anything he says three minutes ago??
I want to believe all that is being reported by Ben. However, We must also investigate before we celebrate the coming events to be true. Dangerous times are here.


Aloha / Bonjour / NeeHow / Buenos Dias / GutenTag / OhayoGozaimasu / Salut / Sawaddee / Somebyedee / AppaKhabar / Namaste Ben and all the TRUTH seekers: More info sharing in the hope that it can benefit many. Pls discern for yourselves. As equally important to the USA to restore the US Constitution (including the missing 13th Amendment – P.5) & reestablish a US Constitutional Republic Government, we also need to restore (reprogram) ourselves to good ETHICS – – EX: Laws # 16 & 18 Clearly talks about the “Golden Rule” and “not to make our brothers “SLAVE”… Read more »


Ben’s article is also on
And that is probably its origination; it is making the rounds! lol.


Ben has a new article posted on Four Winds. He is once again reiterating his/BDS position. It gets muddied when all the varied messengers conflict in the reports. I see him saying he doesn’t care what group you are with, what affiliation you have…JUST DO IT! There is money available for all these things and it can be done. That is where the rubber will meet the road. That is where we will find out who is sincere and who is not. The Cabal needs to be removed and that continues to be an ongoing work. We really do… Read more »


Thanks to whomever posted the link to Chinese astrological charts. To my immense surprise, I discovered that I am born under the Black Dragon. Since I a teensy bit superstitious, this stuck me as a good omen for this year. I do not doubt that there are many evil plans in the offing, but I am “sensing” a gradual reduction of power amongst the evil ones. In the past, after each of the upsetting postings, there was a huge wave of anger and counteractions taken. The actions are getting weaker as is the anger. It is being displaced by fear.… Read more »


What state and what court is the case supposed to be heard in? Details.(It is in the details, Benjamin, when you post block-busting information….)And, BDS, Green & Red Society, et al… need to start “influencing” the media-barons to the point of “either they do it or else” regarding the TRUTH getting to the United States of America’s citizens.This is like peering into a zoo, when one KNOWS what the heel is going on, yet the media blitz is STILL on promoting the same old crap of lies and mis-information, and skewed facts to suit the Satanist-Illuminati agenda. And, giving CASPER… Read more »


The case agianst Obama was thrown out last Oct., attorney was fined $20,000.00.


I have issues with two of the statements in the latest blog and just wanted to bring it up for discussion. 1. Venezuela and Russia have been meeting in friendship for at least the past 5 years now. I don’t see how a US invasion of Venezuela could occur without the world finally deciding that they’ve had enough of US Imperialism around the world. Russia would probably be the first to declare war with China right behind (cutting off the US financially as opposed to militarily). If the US expects to invade Venezuela and at the same time cut off… Read more »


Aloha / Bonjour / NeeHow / Buenos Dias / GutenTag / OhayoGozaimasu / Salut Ben and all the TRUTH seekers: It has been said lately that “we are alone in this universe” and for those of us who have awaken and want a better planet for all “souled” participants. Thank you very much for coming forth and share all info in TRUTH so all can benefit. Info on reclaiming the US: (Listen to the info on the Boston Tea Party) EVERYTHING comes from the “INTENTION” and “SPIRITUAL VALUES” one has. If the intention was good (i.e. the luciferian reptilian… Read more »


I just got a subscription. It’s very encouraging if we can get rid of the Feds!!!!!!!!!! I have a question. One place I see that Kissinger is presumed dead since Dec. 12. Someplace else I saw he was under house arrest Dec. 16? Both can’t be correct, which is true?