The Federal Reserve Board may end this week,. Also, reports from secret negotiations with the Pentagon and the Chinese

We will learn this week if the Federal Reserve Board will be disbanded forever or if it will be allowed to survive in a highly regulated and restricted form. There is a January 30th accounting deadline coming up and no clear sign of how they will be able to pay what they owe. They were caught sending gold-plated tungsten to China in October and have until that time to come up with real gold which they are unlikely to obtain.

Their latest scam was to have the head of the Bundesbank steal large sums of money and then try to launder the funds through the Haitian central bank. The problem is that any money that is transferred electronically by them is immediately detected and stopped. There was film on Fox TV showing two tanks breaking into a Haitian Bank and soldiers seizing two objects for purposes unknown but clearly connected with the Bundesbank scandal. In a related development, people connected to Deutschebank contacted a member of the Black Dragon Society and tried to buy gold. They were told to buzz off.

There are many signs now, even in the corporate propaganda media that Federal Reserve Board rule of the United States and terrorization of the world is coming to an end:

For example, the Venezuelan government, Iranian government TV, Fox News and many other outlets mentioned the possibility that Haiti was attacked with an earthquake weapon. This sort of open accusation was unthinkable, for example, when Indonesia was attacked with the earthquake weapon that caused the tsunami there. In both cases US forces were pre-positioned with “aid” before the earthquakes struck. The names of the people who ordered the attack have been made public and there will be consequences. The days of mass murder with impunity are coming to an end.

Another sign is open attacks on the Federal Reserve Board on US Network TV, and not just on internet truth sites.

The sudden decision by Obama to start listening to former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker’s advice to restore the Glass-Steagal act is yet another sign. Having personally met Volcker many times, I can vouch for his integrity. However, this attempted death-bed conversion by the Federal Reserve Board is too little, too late. It appears to be a move by the David Rockefeller, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski faction to separate themselves from the Bush/Clinton faction. This group is also engaged in mass murder and plunder and will receive no funding so long as the killing continues.

The other open sign of change is the public call by Senator Ron Paul for the overthrow of the drug-dealing CIA secret government. He would have been killed for making such a statement even a year ago. The take-down of the CIA appears to be happening via an investigation into why the Federal Reserve Board secretly funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to CIA-linked insurance giant AIG. The fact that the corporate media and the justice department are looking into it is a clear sign of open warfare against that rogue agency by other government agencies.

The Pentagon is sending a representative to talk with the Black Dragon Society this week. At our previous meeting, the Black Dragon Society made the following proposals to the Pentagon: First of all, all US dollars not created through fraud such as “derivatives” will be backed by the Renminbi and gold and renamed, possibly as Hong Kong dollars. After that the US can issue its own local currency, hopefully Kennedy/Lincoln style greenbacks. Third, US external debt will be written off in exchange for an agreement by the Pentagon to oversee a swords-to-plowshares transition. Fourth, the Japanese, Chinese and other countries will help the US rebuild its industrial base. Fifth, the US should convene a South African-style truth and reconciliation committee so that the people of the world may learn the truth and move on. We will see what the Pentagon response to our proposals will be.

Also, the Chinese Politburo will be sending a representative this week to talk to the Black Dragon Society. Discussions are expected to focus on the development of a new economic zone North of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture. We will also discuss the possible uses of a specially prepared uninhabited island with a 2.5 kilometer runway. This can be made available to Taiwanese interests but for security reasons the BDS does not want the island to come under direct mainland control.

Related to this, there was a meeting last week at the Black Dragon Society headquarters last week to discuss future plans. Here it was decided to go full-speed ahead with the development of suppressed technologies and not wait for the Western world to sort out its financial troubles.

The BDS will also contact Japanese Finance Minister Naoto Kan with proposals for an overhaul of the Japanese financial system. One proposal will be to sell 1000 trillion yen worth of Japanese government held real estate and other property in order to write down Japanese government debt. Another proposal will be a redenomination of the yen so that, for example one new yen would be worth something like 10,000 old yen. There would be an amnesty during the conversion to the new currency in order to bring all the savings stuffed under mattresses or hidden for other reasons back into circulation.

A revamp of the Japanese financial bureaucracy and a return of something similar to the system used until 1985 will also be put on the table. Since Kan is expected to become Prime Minister after Ozawa and Hatoyama are removed, we hope he will listen to these ideas with an open mind.

We can now mention that the new head of the Black Dragon Society is Chodoin Daikaku. We will issue a statement by him on U-tube shortly. Daikaku heads the Japanese martial arts societies worldwide including Judo, Karate and Ju-Jutsu (with it subsidiary Nin-Jutsu). This writer is a spokesperson for the BDS and a conduit between Western and Asian members of the BDS. A third, un-named individual, is the deputy head.

In any case, it is expected to be a very eventful week and we hope to have good news to report new week.

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Guess I came late!


Guess I came late


I am reading this on april 1st which seems appropriate as the Fed Board is still intact. I just joined this newsletter today as well. It is all coming as a big surprise to me the people who are actually in control and them that aren’t. Are you quite certain of your facts? Jus askin!


Aloha Everyone:

Beside Ben’s great, inspirational, encouraging, optimistic
news, please find time and check the following out also.
Even the President’s phone is tapped… by the Luciferian
Zionists from Israel:

Quoting from Page 7:

“Just think about it for a moment. Everyone’s private
phone traffic, right up to the President [H: Readers,
make sure President Obama and Majority Whip
Clyburn, U.S. Congress, get this and all issues
of the CONTACT Newspaper. This is your
emergency instruction manual AND LIFT-OFF
ORDERS—should your planet require such.],
potentially visible to Israeli interests. And you cannot
find the phone taps or bugs because they are built
right into the phone system! [H: Just as the Zionist
Anti-God element of your society was built right
into the fabric of your nation shortly AFTER its

The Contact Newspapers can be found at (Homepage)

Please let’s study all that together so we can have a better world.

God Bless,

JH Hawaii


Bonjour Everybody:

Everybody is invited to go to Tehachapi, California for the first filming of the REAL ET movie in mid August of this year.

Some info on that is:

AUGUST 2010 (

“Make travel arrangements for August 2010, the middle of the month. The specific dates are the weekend right around August 16th, 17th and 18th. Allow an extra day before and after for weather and travel arrangements.”

Phone: (661)-823-1800

Phone: (661)-822-4800
Phone: (661)-822-9837

Phone: (661)-822-5591
Phone: (661)-822-3184

Phone: (661)-822-4283

Phone: 661-822-4488

Sharing another angle of who these evil Luciferians (Fake Jews are from). Quoting from Page 2 of:


The “invading aliens” already landed on Earth/Shan
a long, long time in your past. As a matter of fact,
they came WITH your own placement on this Blue-
Emerald Paradise. Then you let the “Serpent People”
(“Khazars”, as they were known in that day) take

All humanoid forms on a given planet, such as
“Earth”—which is simply a generic term meaning:
“Mansion” or “habitable planet—come from a race
of beings from some other star/sun system out in
space. You ones on God’s team mainly come from
The Seven Sisters or Pleiades direction and location of
suns, for example. The extraterrestrial beings related
to the Khazars, or Serpent Tribes, are from another
area of your sky.

At this writing, I will not go into where they come
from. We have covered this many times in the past
and I do not want to waste time. The focus must be
to get rid of the fear of space itself. Just know that
any being with the capability to travel to the Earth is
either observing, waiting within their capacity to help
in an emergency—or, LOCKED ON EARTH WITH
OUTER SPACE. That is the punishment of Lucifer
and the fallen ones: They are no longer welcomed
back into “heaven”, remember??? “Heaven” means
“the sky”, in King James’ Court (you know King
“Jimmy”, don’t you, the one who changed your Holy
Bible?), so that is when the Dark Brotherhood turned
you against the Hosts come from “afar”.


Coming out of “the sky”, means coming from “the
heavens”; this is the place Lucifer was cast “down”
to. The “cosmos” is where the “heavenly realms”
are located, if you will. However, God is located
WITHIN, as well. (“Centering all things; and outside
of all things, Controlling them.”)

Your adversary is the adversary to Christ-ness;
that means, your ability to reconnect with The Star
People. So they are going to try to fool you with
some pretty impressive phony space ships! Oh, they
can fly around and blow things up; however, they
cannot go out of your little neighborhood of planets.
If the Earth goes, they perish along with everyone
else. And your remaining planets are about used up.
You cannot survive as a species playing the games
you are playing. Wars lead to the destruction of the
planet—EVERY TIME!”

On a different tone, I hope the BDS gets a hold of the list
of potential targets (Bldgs, Bridges, Towers etc… to be
blown up like the 911 bldgs with a push of a button) and
get rid of the devices that would detonate them. These serpent people have many tricks in their bags and let’s hope all of us can see better days soon . . .

Quoting Page 2:

“A group of respected scientists found abundant
traces of military grade nano-thermite all over the
place at Ground Zero. [H: Emphasis added.] You
can find plenty more about this. Just ask any search
engine. It would have taken a couple of tons of this
to do the job. Did Bin Laden sneak into the towers
disguised as Marvin Bush? How did Bin Laden get
all that thermite into the buildings without being
seen? Really … how did he do it? How did that
thermite get there? [H: It is called forethought; the
explosive charges were installed when the buildings
were first constructed. This also means that many
more buildings, bridges and dams, etc., are sitting,
waiting to be blown up or brought down at the
push of a button. It is just a matter of coming up
with a cover story. Remote controlled jets, Ryder
rental trucks, or whatever silliness they can dream
up to distract from the obvious FACT that these
events were planned years beforehand by your
shadow government. Keep in mind, the Bin Laden
family business is cement work—BUILDING
AND INFRASTRUCTURE! Would it not make
sense for Haliburton and Bin Laden’s family of
Jews—of which they are! (Israeli law in Palestine
says the area where Kissinger’s [aka Heinz Stern]
mother, and Bin Laden’s mother lived: Must be
Ashkenazi “JEWS”!)—to also be the experts at
planting the explosives at the time of a terrorist
target’s construction? In the Arab world, only the
Bin Laden contractors get the job to rebuild after
the U.S. knocks the buildings down. They knock
the building down again, and the same contractor
COST TO AMERICANS! This does not include
the billions FOR the war in the first place. Since
this practice of blowing up buildings and rebuilding
them for massive profits exists, the Zionists just
took it a step further and put the explosive mixture
WITHIN the concrete itself! This is premeditation
at its most vile and insidious worst! And yet, this
is what your adversary is capable of. Go back
to the time of Christ’s crucifixion; never forget
that you are dealing with the ones self-labeled as
“serpent people”.]”

Good luck to us all !!!

JH Hawaii


I asked Ben about these articles(above) and this is what he wrote to me:

“We will know more on February 1st about what sort of deal was reached. Please note this little AP article:

This is the same info that I posted on the public blog regarding the end of ’emergency swap lines’. So this is all related. Next week will be very interesting!


Here is something that is not well known, if it is known at all in America. I stumbled upon this: the IMF has been performing an AUDIT of the US economy, since 2008.
This only happens when a country’s economy has collapsed.

Here are three articles that are linked together and paint a picture of what is going on:

The Spending Freeze that has been announced(it is really AUSTERITY that the IMF demands before funding the country):

The IMF AUDIT that started in 2008:
Note the date of the article~ 6/26/08 and the last 2 paragraphs…the reconfirmation of Bernanke was a given even then.,1518,562291,00.html

And what the Spending Freeze really means:
“Indeed, the IMF has already performed a complete audit of the whole US financial system, something which they have only previously done to broke third world nations.”
(This has nothing to do with Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the FED’ Bill; indeed it looks like that is moot with this info, how could Paul not know about this?)

The people of America must stand up to this. There may be riots, there may be force against us.
But here we are.
This is being done in secret w/o being told it is the IMF intervening.

If the BDS can help us… we would be very grateful.


I see that there was an 8.6 magnitude earthquake today/yestarday somewhere in China. The USGS is not reporting it (of course) and is being dismissed as some computer anomolie or something, even though three independent reporting centres around the world detected it and reported it.

Considering what is happening with the FED and the settlement due this weekend, just wondering if some threatening is going on.


Jeff Rense must have thought that Japan was in trouble when he titled it, but it is not, as Ben corrects him.
This is a great and very informative interview!
Thanks again Ben!


Sorry! it didn’t link direct…just copy/paste instead.


In case anyone needs a link to Ben’s interview with Rense~
January 27, 2010:

Part 1~

Part 2~

Part 3~

Part 4~

Part 5~


Dear Ben,

What can you do to get the BDS to help these poor men? Changing the world starts with individuals. Until the technologies are available, who is going to take care of these men? 880 yuan a year?


Black lung disease strikes hundreds in NW China gold mines

LANZHOU, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) — At least seven peasant miners have died of black lung disease and hundreds more have been diagnosed with the illness after working in gold mines in northwest China’s Gansu Province, the local health authority said Wednesday.

At least 314 cases had been confirmed in Gulang County of Wuwei City, said Cui Kai, the county’s health bureau chief.

These included 252 cases from Heisongyi town, where six had died. “Twelve cases, including one death, were reported in Huangyangchuan town and another 11 people were diagnosed in Shibalibu Village,” said Cui.

All the victims worked at a gold mine in Subei County in the industrial city of Jiuquan, 1,000 kilometers from their impoverished hometown.

“We received reports of suspected black lung disease from the local government in Heisongyi town in April, and began a medical survey,” said Cui.

The result, however, was shocking. Most patients had struggled with the disease for years. Some could not afford any treatment and simply waited to die.

Chen Dejin, 50, relies on an oxygen bottle 24 hours a day. “The doctor said no medicine would work on him any more,” said his wife, Ji Xinghua.

Chen was diagnosed in 2005. “We have borrowed more than 60,000 yuan (8,824 U.S. dollars) to cover his medical bills,” said Ji.

Chen’s workmate and neighbor Yang Zifa died early last year at the age of 36, leaving behind 70,000 yuan debts. His wife and two sons live on a government benefit of 880 yuan a year.

Most victims blamed the disease on “ill luck,” though they knew it was a result of inadequate protection.

“We wore very thin face masks and ventilation was poor in the pit. At the end of the day’s work we had to clean our nostrils of calcareous dust,” said Shang Zhifa, who was a miner for six years before he was confined to bed with the disease.

Despite the dust, there was no water to wet the drills or bathe themselves.

“Water had to be carried from 200 kilometers away,” said Shang. “About 20 of us shared one small basin of water to wash our hands and faces.”

Gulang County, locked in the remote mountains, is one of the poorest counties in China.


Aloha Everyone:

Here’s a video about sterility & infertility to girls taking
flu shots:

Aloha and God Bless,

JH Hawaii


Dear Everybody,

I wanted to suggest some books that you should read and that you absolutely will enjoy. One of them is Second Ship by Phillips. The second one is DAEMON by Daniel Suarez. Both of them deal with technology, its origins, uses and abuses. Phillips says that if you do your homework, his book is a map to the truth about offworld technologies in use today. Daemon actually deals with a technology that Phillips mentioned in a recent interview by (at a Canadian university) and how that technology is used by a “dead” man to reshape the world AFTER HIS DEATH.

Read them carefully. These books are not written by those who fear the NWO/Illuminati because they see how little that these people understand of technology. Both books appear to be born out of a desire to get humanity to understand the goods and bads of technology, elitism and hierarchical power structures.

They are great reads!



I apologize, you should NOT stop dreaming.
However, if you want to be taken seriously, you should probably stay away from predictions altogether, unless you’re sure.
I’m rooting for you Ben, you really seem sincere, but there is also something peculiar about your whole story.
You may go down in history as the most unlikely hero ever…just the way I like it.


Aloha 911 truth seekers:

Another good angle of facts can be found at:

(Page 5 also talks about the PHOTON Belt from a famous
russian’s perspective.)

Aloha and God Bless,

JH Hawaii


George Galloway has been on an incredible mission with Viva Palestina Humanitarian Convoys.
He is a very brave and amazing individual, as are those who accompanied him.
Here he is speaking about the third Convoy and the impact the Mission has making.
This is a wonderful interview.


How very unfortunate. I had so hoped that the truth of his origins would be brought forth. I woke up today, the 26th, hoping that the trial would take place. This man O”Bama, alias Barry Soetoros, will not even show his allegiance to all of the fallen heroes of our nation. I have seen the videos of him refusing to honor our flag. I have listened and watched, as he lied to the American people about his religion of choice. If he lied then, he is certainly lying now!
I also find it a conflict of interest to every citizen of the United States, that he should hold a powerful U.N. Security Council seat, in tandem with the presidency. His sole focus should be on this nation and this nation only. I think that his new Supermax Prison is too good for him! He is an Islamic, Christian hating, genocidal, lying maniac! I pray everyday that someone will have the courage to take him and the other Humanicidal maniacs that he works with down!


Article in Fact Check:

No Trial for Obama

January 25, 2010

Q: Is federal judge David O. Carter starting a trial on Jan. 26 to determine whether Obama is qualified to be president?

A: No. This is yet another bogus claim circulated by persons who cling to a belief that Obama was not born in the U.S.A. The judge threw the case out of court back in October. ….etc

My question is:
What is the truth now ????????????????????
Thanks for great and on time info !!!!!


Namaste Chelas of Truth:

Please discern for yourself.

You can see another angle of Lyndon LaRouche’s face, please
go to Pgs 13-15 of the following link:

He’s not there to help us the USA people. Right now, as far
as I am very concerned (parallelly to the Fed’s situation) is our OWN WELL BEING. These bastards luciferians have done
things that you can’t even begin to comprehend the reason
behind it except for their greed and declaration of war against God and his people. They are very clever but
extremely stupid – – see link below:



Vaccines (murder by injection) are worse than you think: (P.3 – – DNA/RNA cross-breeding of crystalline
viruses by Israel and the Bolshevik (Khazar “Soviets”) control of your U.S. Pentagon, are attacking the
human being from deep within the body. In a sense, reprogramming the flesh to destroy itself! )
(Page 4 Middle column: Girls won’t be able to have babies anymore) (where the above book is)

Some basic info (for the new chelas):

Take a look on Pgs 8-10 for the Fillers in a vaccine – – A must know ! (

(See link below p.2: Swine flu is man-made at Fort Detrick, Maryland)
(More info about Biological Weapons at Fort Detrick * A MUST READ: )


(Dr. Rauni Kilde from Finland speaks out on Swine Flu Conspiracy)
(Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde – 3:13 – about WHO AIDS, Swineflu, depopulation, re-incarnation)
(Princess Nakamaru of Japan – part 1 of 3 Depopulation & Reincarnation info)
(Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take H1N1)
(VIDEO: Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda – The Devastation, The Victims Who Took The Shots Back In 1976 – ” WARNING” & 2 Other Warning Videos )

the USA back fast (get rid of these parasites) and the planet so all can live w/ “free will” cleansing our souls
through obeying and learning about the Laws of God/Creation/Balance ( (18 Laws of God / Creation / Balance – Authorized instructors would be Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael, and Saint Germain – this journal is called Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual – and it has been tested in 144,000 planets !!!!!)

As you know, these parasites got kicked out of Christian
Russia in the early 1900s because they murdered over 100 million Christian russians and came to the US. We lost
our independence in 1913 when the fraudulent Federal Reserve was created.

Quoting on P.1 of

“Just as the Bolshevik Jews did not believe the
Christian Russians could take back their country from
the Soviets, the Jews in America do not think you
Christians can unseat them from power. The Jews in
your nation, called Zionists, have illegally occupied
your government’s foreign relations powers, along
with the Pentagon itself. That means Lucifer himself
is in the driver’s seat, dear ones.”

See the info below for yourself. USA does not have a Federal Government (Constitutional Republic Gov’t), it has
corporations running it:

The crooks who took over the USA (International Bankers) set up Corporations in
the US, and here’s some info about it (FAKE FEDERAL Government and its agencies): (Bankruptcy of the USA 1933)

Here’s a Honolulu DDS. Carlson’s message filled with “legal language” to Judge
Napolitano , Thomas Woods : (P.13-15)

We have to clean this mess by ourselves (Commander Hatonn said it over and over – – I am a 16 yr old student – chela
of his writings including all the ascended masters and his captain Jesus) – (Ben said it too…). The lucky thing is
that we have “guidance information” as to how to do it if
we but read and think and take action.

Once more, right now the very important thing to do is to
stay ALIVE !!! (Page 13 of the above Jan 06 issue has
suggested Antidote information to fight the CRYSTALLINE

Good luck to all and thank you all for your great and sincere inputs to contribute to the well being of humanity.

Aloha and God Bless,

JH Hawaii
FYI: Chelas = students in sanskrit
In Service to Jesus (aka Sananda) and Commander Hatonn, Commander Soltec, Korton, Sanat Kumara, the Rainbow Masters
(Lanto the 2nd ray came to Earth as Buddha)…

Has you seen Jesus Sananda’s pictures like this:

Luis Magno
Luis Magno

Who is Lyndon LaRouche? Is he for real?


If Things Are As Presented, Many Are Waking Up. Here is one of those white hats that Ben has been talking about. Just a couple of weeks ago, I doubt that this guy would have written this article and put it in a public place.


The Re-Education of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski
By William Dean A. Garner
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2010

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski

Center for Strategic and International Studies

1800 K Street

Washington, DC

Dear Dr. Brzezinski,

My name is William Dean A. Garner and I’m a NY Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor of many books. For example, I edited Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, among dozens of others. I’m also a former scientist (biophysics), US Army Airborne Ranger (C 1/75 Ranger Regiment), and corporate mercenary for international private military firms I designed and helped build. I did 211 overseas missions in extremely hostile territories over nine years, escorting important people so they could have a voice of peace, freedom and democracy, and a voice against fascism and dictatorial rule. 

Please know that I am building a great case against you and your cartel, something the world will hear, even if you murder me and my family. 

As a Jeffersonian Patriot, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to defend Thomas Jefferson’s great cause, which is the firm establishment and maintenance of Peace, Freedom and Democracy all over this planet.

In my studies over the past 30 years, I have learned much about you and your actions. I also know you and your colleagues are getting desperate.
 As a Jeffersonian Patriot, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to defend Thomas Jefferson’s great cause, which is the firm establishment and maintenance of Peace, Freedom and Democracy all over this planet.

In my studies over the past 30 years, I have learned much about you and your actions. I also know you and your colleagues are getting desperate.
 Witness the events over the past nine years: false-flag 9/11 attacks; illegal passing of The Patriot Act; establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, a modern-day Gestapo; establishment of the Transportation Security Administration; false-flag attack by the Detroit bomber, which led to the great push of installing of full-body scanners in airports and which will be introduced in all transportation hubs and ports, plus major centers of public foot traffic.

I’ve studied evolutionary processes on this planet and, therefore, understand and have decoded your moves and actions to establish a socialist/fascist police state in the United States.

I also know that fascist American Wall Street bankers have tried this before: in 1933 and 1934, Wall Street bankers attempted a fascist putsch and tried to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt and also recruit a two-time winner of the Medal of Honor, MG Smedley Darlington Butler, to lead an army of 500,000 soldiers to march on the White House.

It was all a ruse, staged by The First Sphere of Influence, which needed Roosevelt as its presidential pawn. FDR went on to create what is thought of as the most prolific fascist presidency. [Until George W. Bush came into office.]

These Wall Street fascists knew unequivocally that they could never count on General Butler, a Jeffersonian Patriot of the highest order, who subsequently fell into their trap and alerted Congress and ratted out these fascist Wall Street bankers. The “putsch” was a failure, of course, something left off the American history books. It survived several good books, though, and lives in print today, along with the facts surrounding the ruse.

The First Sphere of Influence, which consists of your cartel and the Rothschild banking empire, in the past has operated under a cloak of darkness, and that darkness is now being washed away with the advent of globalization. Ironically, too, the globalization you so crave for will be the detonator of your undoing: word is now spreading among the masses about your cartel. With a little time, enough people will know about you, and the right people–other Jeffersonian Patriots–will rise up against you. Our tools are becoming more prevalent and accessible: the Internet, the Worldwide Web, and the introduction of greater means of communications like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, email, blogs, websites, etc. Your regime is no longer a black-bag operation that no one knows about, and people like me are now on you like stink on shit and will remain until the members of The First Sphere of Influence wither away.

The Hollywood producer, Irv Thalberg, said on more than one occasion, to the effect: “Writers are the most important part of the filmmaking process, and we must never let them know this.” It was Thalberg’s way of controlling the wages and power of screenwriters during his short reign. When word escaped, screenwriters soon earned hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, for scripts, often surpassing the earnings of actors and some producers.

Likewise, you know that Americans are the most significant and valued part of the entire social and political process, with unlimited power, and you must never let us know it, lest we rise up and drag you and your cartel members back behind the wood pile and execute you. With fascism, one point is abundantly clear, dear sir: it has always fallen and its leaders have always died. Violently, I might add.

Knowledge about you, your cartel and your handlers, the Rothschilds, is spreading and will continue to spread as people finally take note about your nefarious practices. I am personally holding private dinner parties to educate people about you and your cartel, to encourage them to join me in the fight against you and your fascist ways.

LIFE FINDS A WAY, Dr. Brzezinski.

Life wants to be free, and you and your cartel cannot contain it. The best you can do is follow my advice: learn about human behavior, neurochemistry, the sociobiology of living creatures. Learn these important subjects so you and your handlers can find ways to use your trillions of dollars and euros and pounds to establish Peace, Freedom and Democracy throughout the world. Your attempts to establish a small colony of slaves on this planet WILL fail.

We’ve already seen that people cannot be contained for too long and that Communism and Socialism do NOT work. LIFE FINDS A WAY TO BE FREE. Your plan WILL fail.

Dr. Brzezinski, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people like me to do nothing. I feel that with proactive people like me around, evil like you and your cartel will be reduced to your basic atomic components and recycled by the very processes you seek to control or destroy. 

In your next life, I see you as a . . . dung beetle. . . .


William Dean A. Garner

P.S. To start your re-education, please contact me here:


Dear Benjamin,

Few people understand just how difficult it is to remove a “weed” that has so entwined its roots and branches into those of every living thing that comes near it. I know about the Bushs’s vines into every branch of government. The CIA may be their enforcers, but the judiciary are their legitimizers. Not all judges are crooked, but enough are crooked that it makes things very difficult in this country.

If the Bushes are being seen in public, it probably is a clone or a double set up to draw out “the opposition.” You are absolutely correct about Ron Paul and the increased “loosening” of the strictures on the media.

Now, here is an important message to the PTB. The Metraiya stuff won’t work. Neither will Project Blue Beam. It is extremely offensive to me and many other people that there continues to be a perception that the “average” person (anyone not a billionaire or trillionaire) is STUPID and easily led. This is not true. If the world is really going to get better, religion must be a truth not just another manipulation. Religion must be based upon a belief in a Creative Generative Force and a set of rules that make living together easier for most people…not some sick manipulation based upon a huge deception of the people and private behavior that is the complete opposite.

The world was a better place when fewer psychopaths and sociopaths had power.


PS: Ben, your bravery is inspiring.


You reported in June of 2009 that the Fed would be broken up by September 2009.
I can think of several other predictions you’ve made that did not come to be as well.
You should either stop dreaming, or stop making predictions.



I want to extend my thanks to your for all that you have done and are doing to keep us up to date. Other than that, I would like to bring everyone’s attention to David Wilcock’s recent (last week) interview of you. This was a great interview, entitled “Exclusive Benjamin Fulford Interview-Fall of the Rockefeller Faction.” The free 90-min. audio and complete transcript is available at Wilcock’s website under “Latest News.” Wilcock also has his own very interesting and informative article there as well.

Thanks again, Ben!



Mr Fulford,

Having followed you for years, I have to say that this post is one (if not the) of the most uplifting messages you have given out so far. One always has to use their own intuition when reading anything about the “bringing down” of “the powers that were” and for some reason, my inuition is saying what you have put here is true and we may FINALLY be at the beginning of a new era for mankind.

It breaks my heart to hear ONCE AGAIN that the US knew prior to Haitian quake it was going to happen and indeed were prepared for it. Obama said that the $100 million aid package was “a good investment” hmmm.

Once again oil and wealth over human lives. People must realise that they hold incredible power to make the world a better place, not just leave it up to others. If you want to see a better world, use your power of intent – it is perhaps the best gift our creator gave us. Forgive those who have caused such misery and death to millions though I know it is hard. How do we know happiness if we have never been sad? How do we know we are hungry if we have never been full? How do we know heat if we have never been cold? How do we know hate if we have never been loved?

We are reaching a criticle point in our history, without doubt the most important point mankind has ever experienced. Now is the time for love and forgiveness, big time or else we will start a new cycle of destruction all over again.

Never again should we allow such a small group of people to hold so much power over the masses. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts – absolutely.

Thank you again Ben, you have balls – Everday I check for updates and every time I do, I send you loving protective thoughts.

There are a few billion of us here and when you count them up, there is in fact only one of us!

Also for the people out there that judge Benjamin, I would like to say this. He is not god. I know some of what he says does not happen but he is trying to do the best he can in keeping us up to date with the info he has. His intentions are pure and has offered much hope to many.

To the earlier poster who has been worried sick since filing criminal charges – you have nothing to worry about, I guarantee it. Despite the awful conditions on this planet, we do in fact live in a loving universe. Hold your head up high in the knowledge you have done your bit for mankind. Imagine what would happen if a few more million people did the same as you. Nothing my friend will happen to you, nothing at all. (The only exception to this would be if you have a source of oil in your back garden!!)

Love and light to you all, the end of this system is a lot closer than you may think.

Finally remember one thing. The best things in life – arnt things.

Peace, love and harmony,



It’s funny how in 2008 I decided to finally vote on a president, but before doing so I wanted to make sure that I voted for that person for the right reasons. So for a couple of months I researched all the candidates and found out that only a few cared about our country and our people. I read updates from ron paul and love his views, I now read Benjamin’s updates and love the fact that he gives us hope that we will soon be free from these gangsters. Sometimes I think the worst and contemplate weather Benjamin is for real or not. But he’s been very consistent and on point with allot of things that are going on. I now look forward to reading and hearing benjamins articles and videos (rens) then any other news and coverage. Money well invested in 🙂 IF they kill ron paul the assasins have to come out… Well lets just hope benjamin can settle this with peace like he has intended to.


Oh, yes, and all the Mainstream news about the Swineflu Scam falling apart has been uplifting. I hope that you can use their crimes against humanity to assist you in taking them all down. I gaurantee you that I will be throwing punches in the air, when I start hearing the great news of their arrests being reported around the world!
You sure are one ballsy brave man to confront this head on like you do. I can’t help but admire that.

Just Liz, In Florida


Ben, if you encounter Mr.Daikaku in your travels, I hope that you will tell him that I said, “Thank You.” I would love to thank him and the other wonderful Patriots Of Humanity for fighting this fight for us. There is only so much we can do as individuals, especially, when fighting such powerful factions and foes. The world surely needs them to keep standing the Bad Guys up on their evil deeds.
I was frightened and confused for quite a while after filing criminal charges against those monsters. Some people told me that I could be arrested for filing criminal charges against a seated President. But then my conscience and the Law told me that if I became aware of a crime, that it was my duty, as a citizen of the United
States, to report it. I have walked around with my heart in my throat for months, just waiting for some kind of horrific retaliation against me for doing that.
I am so glad that I found you. I no longer have that fear. Now I have hope and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you all for that.
I wait with baited breath to see how it all turns out. I am truly looking forward to next week’s report and to all the weeks after that.
Any news on the lawsuit to force O’Bama to produce his legal citizenship papers? Leave it to that complicit snake to find a way out of it. Personally, I hope that he doesn’t.


While watching the New Orleans/Minnesota football game today, I caught a glimpse of Poppy Bush. First he was assassinated, then a contract was out on him, and now he goes out in public. Your reports a interesting, but it seems false information is being leaked into your enemy camp. These criminals are crafty and will hang around fighting for what seems like a long long time. I hope your optimism is well founded, and I look forward to the introduction of the new exotic technology.


Interesting syrno…..

I thought that Ron Paul saying that on the vid~ about the CIA takeover~ was an indication that something was in progress!
But I didn’t make the AIG connection.
Hope that also means the military can make the break as well. Thatis what we need to stop the wars.

So much good news to digest.
Thanks Ben for a great report!


Ben, you did not mention the Rothschilds in this report, aren’t they the main owner of the Federal Reserve, so does that mean they want to let the Federal Reserve go down? because it’s what they want that will determine if the Rockefella group gets to stay. please say it isn’t gonna happen.


Hope to read what happened with this jan 30th deadline for the Federal Reserve in the next issue then.