Illuminati and Black Dragons close to deal

Negotiations between the Black Dragon Society and the Illuminati are proceeding in a positive direction. Hopefully, some sort of deal will be worked out over the coming days based on a 50/50 division of dollars between the Black Dragon Society and the West. The BDS will use its dollars to develop forbidden technology, end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The Illuminati will presumably use their dollars to reconstruct devastated Western economies.

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Hey Greg whats that gorilla showing that finger for?



So long as we stick with the current money system history will always repeat.. we need a new start we need

Time to start putting people ahead of money.


… while I’ve got airspace … didn’t really get much out of Ben’s interview with jeff Rense …this is a judgment on my part i know but he is a pretty poor interviewer … check out David’s Interview with Ben …



… and another thing I forgot to say … I also appreciate the efforts of David Wilcock and Christopher Story … to me Ben looks like a cross between David and Christopher … probably could be a better way of putting that but you get the drift … the way I see it, at one end you have David who is coming at all this from more of a spiritual angle with a large amount of “mainstream” data to substantiate his arguments … at the other end you have Christopher Story, who has a very strong financial and currency background,… Read more »


hey everyone … I have looked into the link that Rosemarie quoted about the whistleblower letter … the writer refers to the OITC web page and how it is given some sort of authority by virtue of United Nations Charter Control No: 10-60847 … searching the UN web site comes up with nothing … search wikipedia and the result is that this site is a scam … quote from wiki “These claims have been denied by the United Nations. According to the UN, “there is no such thing as a ‘UN Charter Control Number,’ quoted by the organisation to prove… Read more »


Aloha Everyone:

It looks like Ben’s link is working again (it could be that his server was being updated or something….):

God Bless,

JH Hawaii


Aloha Everyone: Miriam: Thank you for your comment. Yes, we in Hawaii were blessed yesterday – – no damages nor anyone dead. Thank God for that – – and the same went for other countries. Please spare some time and pray for the innocent souls in Chile. FYI, the link does not work anymore (before it took us to the videos … and other great info from Ben) – so if you want to spread the video info, use youtube. Here are the links: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)… Read more »


JH~ I am so glad that Hawaii ‘dodged the bullet’. It seems the other countries did not get hit hard by the tsunami either.

The ones who have cause this catastrophe will be exposed and dealt with.


Aloha Everyone:

For those who had spent time to send Light & Love to alleviate the damage of the potential tsunami to Hawaii, please accept my sincere thanks for your efforts.

I forgot a few more names of the Luciferian / reptilian earth controllers: serpent people, 13th tribe, anti-christ jews…

Here’s some info on the earthquake (made in the USA by the Bosheviks again…):

Please do not to apply the “collective consciousness” as to whatever you want to achieve along the lines with lots of like-minded people.

Thank you.

JH Hawaii


Yes, very odd… Well, I guess this is not finished yet… There has been another 5.2 replica of the quake some minutes ago in Santiago (Chile’s capital). There had been around 70 replicas today but none in Santiago! Here is the link :


Yes I see…like a plains area it looks like and quite a distance away from where the EQ would be.
Listen, I felt dizzy for 2 days and so did others in the family and rather ill and achy. I came up with reasons why I could have been feeling like that, but most likely it was a reaction to the squeeze the world was going thru, because I feel suddenly much better today…very odd, as this never happened to me before.

Prayers for all in Chile…


Hi Miriam, Yes, I’m in Argentina but in the center of the country. The provinces of Mendoza and San Juan are on the Andes and they felt the quake very strongly. My province is Cordoba, if you Google “Cordoba, Argentina” you will see that is kind of the geographical center of Argentina. I didn’t feel anything –I was sleeping at 3.30am– but many people did, not strongly but they felt it.


sra~ aren’t you in Argentina?
Did you feel anything?
Yes, it is very possible that all these EQs the past couple of days could be a warning…


Remember when in the last post Ben said that “Of course the Feds still continue to threaten war as well. They sent an agent to tell me that the entire pacific rim of fire will be made to erupt, creating a crisis that will kill 4 billion people.” — Maybe Chile’s earthquake is kind of a “warning” of their power?


Thanks for the basic outline, Miriam. It was helpful in sorting through the haze of verbiage. 🙂

Anyone here have information or an opinion on MERS?


on cnn airing of [we were warned],with wolf blitzer he said just before the show ended that there would be a new meaning to march madness.i take he”s not talking about basketball.anyone care to comment? this was aired last weekend primetime sat & sun


Ben we know that these earthquakes are the evil cabal strutting and laughing while the killings and lies go on…Americans have always tried to help others here and elsewhere throughout the world…The struggling people of America are in dire and desperate need of help!!! Please help us too!!! Don’t forget we’re prisoners by these psychopaths!!! Pastor James D. Manning of ATLAH Worldwide has cases being brought before New York Courts in May!!! We are in an EMERGENCY!!! I personally think we don’t have this time to wait!!! S O S


Aloha Everyone: It’s about 7:32AM in Honolulu, Hawaii. We might get hit by the potential tsunami as a result from the Chili quake. Please send us lots of Light & Love so to alleviate the possible damages to our islands. Thank you very much. In any confrontation, it’s imperative to know who we are and who the enemy of man and God is. This planet is a cosmic classroom where souls from all over the universe come (and through free will) and cleanse ourselves (can be through multiple physical lifetimes) so that we can return to more Godly mansions. Lucifer… Read more »


The EQs in Chile, China, Japan and around the world are suspiciously right after the meetings and in countries that have broken from the Cabal. Natural or man-made? Part of the prophesied Earth Changes or retaliation? What insane faction would be doing this if it is created? Remember there is chaos amongst them. RE~ Cheney: both Cheney and Bill Clinton had heart attacks. Co-incidence? People want the ninjas to just take these criminals out, without really understanding all the implications of what could happen in retaliation. Like EQs???? But The BDS can sure scare the life out of these scum.… Read more »


rosemaria~ There are several things going on. Candace talks about GESARA, but I believe she has said that Humanity will not get the money because she thinks we do not know how to handle it. Supposedly she is a part of the OITC funds~ the Divine Foundation. ??? Yet OITC says they are helping the poor countries. ??? There are the Funds that Poof and casper talk about which are associated with NESARA and of course the BDS. Also VKD has her Durham Trust Fund. She poats frequently on RMN with the history of these things as watcher. But I… Read more »


Morning all – Thanks for everything Ben & great interview. Look forward to more info. Ben: WTH is going on out there? I know you can’t be the “all knowing”, but did Mother Earth just get real p…..d overnight? I woke up and all hell has broken loose – Chile 8.5-8.8, Japan 7.0, Tsunami warning Hawaii, Quakes in Cali, Oregon, Alaska, volcanoes erupting…WTH? Did TPTB not get the memo, grounded from all catastrophic toys? Jesus, our creator has to be weeping right now for his children. God be with them all. I’m not too proud to beg here – so… Read more »


Thanks, Miriam. It sounds to me like he’s talking about something like NESARA. Is that correct? And what do people on this Forum think of his criticisms of Ben’s position?


rosemaria~ Here are two entries from 2 different threads on RMN both of which deal with whistleblowers e-mails.
Don’t know if this helps but they are part of longer threads, and you can pick up some more there. ;>


wbstreck, I have read the Bankers Manifesto and I agree that they are vicious, evil people. I hope you did not misinterpret my thoughts. I just thought this article was interesting as it supports what Ben thinks may occur. I think the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished and yes, I had learned about Andrew Jackson abolishing the central bank and then two assassination attempts were made on his life. And, JFK was killed because he was set to abolish the Federal Reserve as well. We are all fighting so many assaults on our liberties and individual rights and I… Read more »


Speaking of the old blog, I was wondering if anyone here can shed light on Whistleblower’s rather opaque “open letter” on Combined International Collateral Accounts posted by Candace on Ben’s entry from 2/22?


Ben, Thanks for all your news, and the Rense interview this week.
I’m kind of irritated with you: I paid a membership on this site, but you’re posting the latest news on your OLD SITE. Not on THIS one. What’s the deal?

I check this site really often, to be sure I’m ahead of the curve and that didn’t work! A friend notified me that you had the Feb 26th news on your old blog, which RumorMill picked up right away.
DUH! Am I just stupid, or what?
Anne, a fan.


patriotkate Please read the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892. Do you know that President Andrew Jackson fought against the implementation of a Federal Reserve Bank. He has “I killed the bank” inscribed on his tombstone. Other Presidents were killed for going against their plundering , and I am sure you can get the information you need from bloggers on this site.Bernake admitted that the FSB was directly resonsible for the Great Depression of 1929.That was stated on National TV last year.They have undermined the economies of the entire WORLD ! The enirty of the world’s economies are sick , and out… Read more »




Chemtrails are seriously frightening. Back when I lived in the U.S they were omnipresent, every day and night, almost non-stop. I could predict exactly what time they put down which patterns in the sky depending on the natural weather going on in a given day.

I’ve been living in Taiwan for the past two years, and I have only seen chemtrails a handful of times here. Why are they not more prevalent here? They certainly exist, but relatively rare.


Wait a minute… smujismuj… You want to murder every person that trades on the stock market? You don’t think that’s a bit twisted? Can’t you see that violence leads to more violence? How does it end then? So the organization that takes control, and starts, as you suggest, lopping off heads… do you really think they would stop when the so called “guilty” were dead? You are calling for another witch-hunt, the same thing that they are doing to us. Re-think your plan! Love is the key.


I love reading the comments here and thank everyone for the further education by providing links, information and opinions. Like many of you, I check my skies daily and will know that we’re on our way to correcting all this when the chemtrails stop. “The History of Banking” at the link below offers a fascinating look at thousands of years of history. It is the only other place where I have read that the original intent to distribute the world’s wealth was, in fact, a benevolent one supporting Ben’s assertions that the groups he is working with want to turn… Read more »


When are the chemtrails gonna stop?!


When are they going to start lopping off heads, Ben?
Bring on the head lopping.
Start with Kissinger and the rest of the control freaks at the “Fed”, then the weapons dealers, everyone at the Pentagon, everyone at the Vatican, then the genetic plastic food makers [Monsanto ADM etc.] and don’t stop till they’ve done every f’ng stock trader and insurance exec, and pharmaceutical board.


Two comments came to mind repeatedly as I read and left this latest post:

– You (your rather newly formed organization- who has made threats with out follow through) are like a little lamb to these people-under what circumstances wouldn’t they be sizing you up?
-They may be loosing power in places they traditionally have held power… but they are certainly not weakened…. to the point that they are to be toyed with…
-like a woman scorned


Thanks myra!


Update: New Report by Chris Story
God Bless all.


Thank you for everything Ben. Question – anyone heard anything regarding Chris Story? Looking at Inman’s link, nothing mentioned regarding Story since early Feb referencing one of his reports.
Look forward to input. God Bless all.


Here is a link for all the parts of the Rense interview with Ben:


Listening to the interview now, really good stuff! I must say, however, this Rense character needs to brush up on his interview skills! He keeps asking questions then interrupting the answer before Ben can really finish! Frustrating!


Thanks for that info Miriam.

Lots of love to you and all,



Ben will be on Jeff Rense Tonight for his monthly interview.
Should be a good one, as he will give an update on the meeting in Italy.

It is on YouTube pretty fast so if you are like me and don’t have a subscription to Rense radio, you can find it there.


Dear Everybody, You are ready for some real eye-opening truths, I think. When I first read some of the things that Dr. Peter Beter had to say, I had trouble believing what he was trying to alert the American public to…but after 4 years of researching, I have found more than a little corroboration of many things that he has said. Search the web for the transcripts from Dr. Peter Beter’s old radio show. After you read, those, look for Anthony Sutton’s books on the Bolsheviks and the White House. You all need to know just who these people are.… Read more »


The Anglo-Saxon Mission Project Camelot Apparently there was a whistle blower talking about how the British Bankers or the London bankers cult actually planning to start World War 3 and they are talk about Isreal striking Iran and then China would have to respond and they are also talking about killing of the Chinese through Nukes and Bio Weapons. The reason they want this is because they want the “WHITE MAN TO INHERIT THE NEW WORLD” apparently the goal is kill china and then what ever country is left is basically left to fend for themselve and they know these… Read more »


Hear, hear, myfreaky!


I’m puzzled by a previous user’s comment. He said “shame on David Wilcock for releasing a book.” Since when is it shameful to write a book?? David is one of the best and most informative writers out there and I personally loved his first book and subsequent e-books. If you are dissing him for trying to make a living, then I’m even more confused by your stance. Maybe you should write your own book if you disagree with what David and Ben are saying. If it’s good, people will read it!


Ben, Your reporting is much appreciated. I am in a quandary regarding recent Rothschild actions. You have previously reported that they (per a representative of the Rothschild group chatting with you – I expect) were willing to allow the “good” to prevail as long as they could continue their current life styles. According to Casper (, the Rothschilds are interfering with the deliveries of the Farm Claims and Program documents etc.. There is significant negotiations currently underway regarding the future of our world, and a major player like “Papa Rothschild” is not involved, I am confused. Please comment and clarify… Read more »


Hello Everyone, I believe “end game” is upon us and the Illuminati are using an astonishing array of suppressed technologies to bolster their last stand-weather anomolies, man-made earth quakes, clones or holographs replacing personages long gone and the never ending saga of scarcity. Ironically, all this has done is to open the eyes of humanity to the vast possiblities waiting in the wings. They’ve tipped their hand and inadvertently dumped a boat load of information into the public arena. The fact that they are trying to negotiate a new history speaks volumes! Although I may not agree with all thats… Read more »


We all need to realise that we have so much power within ourselves and of course the main one being the power of intent. Look at the Maharishi effect where 7000 people meditated and this had massive affects worldwide, all for the positive. Remember, a dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality. Science has proven this beyond any doubt and again the Maharishi effect confirms it. It is all too easy to look at people like Benjamin and put him up there expecting him to put it all right. He is… Read more »


Aloha Everyone: Adding to MK’s above input re positive thoughts: Quoting from Page 2 of ” 7/23/09 from HATONN/jonur THOUGHT IS A PROJECTION OF LIGHT Gyeorgos Hatonn present in the light of Holy God. When man learns the meaning of this property of Nature, it will be then that you turn this world around back to the light, for when you see the consequences of thought forms as they unfold into your physical environment, you will understand that it is from “this side”—the INvisible—that the physical is set to ORDER. God does not make sloppy plans. When properly utilized,… Read more »


Hi Ben and all,
Thanks for your comments on yin/yang.Evil is a distortion of that principal whose sole purpose in the grand scheme of things is to wake us up from our slumber.It must have been relatively easy in the middle ages to realize that”casting pearls among swine”with information of an esoteric nature was not a great idea,but ,as has been said,”absolute power corrupts absolutely”and some of these guys don’t want to let go.Fortunately we are waking up enough now to realize that they cannot prevail.Some of them realize this and are negotiating,others not.


Stop talking and ninja their asses…, and don’t stop until we have a planet with all the technology thats been swept under the carpet. Then the boyz who pushed the button on Haiti. If Kissinger surfaces, and still has his head i’m going to be very disappointed in you Ben.


I have mentioned something that I must mention again. Each of us, you, me and every human being out there has innate power. Here are facts that you each and every one need to grasp. When physicists are trying to measure quantum energies, they cannot have anyone in the room. Do you know why? It is because the human mind puts out energy that affects experiments. Now, each person’s output is different and the effects are different. There are lamps built by a company named Psyleron that anyone can change the color of–using their thoughts. If 1,000 people began to… Read more »


I will attempt to clarify myself and my understanding of what little I know. People like Ben have chosen to make a difference in their own positive way (I hope). Cheer him on as he cheers you on, but remember he and others will not really succeed unless we accept our responsibility for the current state of affairs. We all know life is a series of choices and we make them consciously or allow others to. I think we must now consciously take action ourselves, we are the real power on this planet don’t be impressed or fooled by those… Read more »



Thanks! I’ll have a look at the information you posted.

All the Best,


Most of that stuff sounds like reverse engineered bullshit. Somebody in their ranks have studied the plethora of cosmologies that emerged during the last century and then simply retro-fitted the themes to their much needed self justification. That is hypocrisy of the worst sort. Their rationale is like a copy of a Neale Donald Walsch book who wrote the Conversations With God trilogy. No apologies, no remorse.


alkchemist – check out what tr99 said after David Wilcox post.It’s him you are relating your comment to. The ID of the posting party is below the text of the post.Check out David Wilcox’s interview with BF on his website , it is very informative as to the complexity of the mothership network of this empire of evil the good-guys are trying to unwravel. This is a hurculean task, and the are still well-funded , but waning adversaries trying to recoup their full domination of us all. Any faction that causes death ,wars,food shortages, or, natural disasters via HARP ,… Read more »


Hi Ben

tr99, What you say is all well and good, that we should not concentrate on money alone. But what becomes of all the people of third world countries, and other people who have suffered terribly from these evil people. Are they just to be left out there to get on with it the best way they can. No, I say get the money off the illuminati and help these people. God knows they need it NOW.


….jtgun….I missed CNN, please do tell, what were we warned about, can you remember enough of the broadcast to paraphrase?




anybody see we have been warned on cnn sat and sun night?i figure they are telling uis whats ahead


Absolutely nothing that you have reported can be confirmed.
to have happened. No assasinations, no changes in governments or leaders. We have to take everything you say with faith. Why not give us something that can be confirmed? What about the bushes and the clintons?


I can feel the tension out there…we just have to let this thing play out. breathe…

I have confidence that Ben is doing the best he can with this situation.

Law of attraction…lets be positive and get better results. 🙂

I look forward to the next posts. Blessings..


I must say many of you really are disappointing. As long as you value yourself in terms of money, net worth, assets etc. you will always be a slave. I’m sure most of you know this well enough. When are you going to make the clear intention, decision, to stop being slaves? You do not need Ben or people like him and his group or others to make the necessary changes . Make it clear to your politicians that “you are mad as hell and your not going to take it anymore!” DO IT AND DO IT NOW!


Ben– I’m relatively new here, but just want to say THANKS! for all your reporting and all you and your associates are doing to try to end the reign of these Criminals. A site such as yours is immensely important to us in the U.S., because we can send people we know to start following what’s REALLY going on. We can send people who are totally trapped in The Matrix to your site, and the scales can start to slowly fall from their eyes. And it helps a lot that you were/are a respected “mainstream” journalist. All the best! And… Read more »


Hi Ben So many nay sayers here, but there is some basis to what some of you are saying, I would think. Why should the illuminati be allowed to keep 50% of all the money when they have so much of what is our money already as MK states (well put again MK). They should be sent packing with their tails between their legs at the very least, and if they will not come to the party, then deal with them! Enough of the second, third etc, etc chances. Re David Wilcock, I just love David, he is so astute.… Read more »


No one, regardless of their “sacred” beliefs, has the right to lie to people and/or falsify history. Shame on them.

Their “explanations” are worthless and do not justify their actions.


Yup, I gotta agree with Wilcock here. I subscribed hoping to see some real answers based on good journalism, and instead I’m getting only “maybe,” “soon,” “perhaps,” and “there’s still a lot more to do.” If you can’t give us some specifics, then I’ll move on, as well.


Dear Ben, I get this sense that you “reluctantly reported” these facts and that you feel like you have been lead down the rosy path with lies and you feel deceived. If I am right, please report on that. I cannot understand why the Illuminati need any more money since they seem to have all the money as it is. They do not seem to understand just how angry the people of the world are at this moment. We are tired of only getting their “leavings” particularly when they have so much money that they don’t ever need to worry.… Read more »


I’m sure the BDS realizes that members of the illuminati are required to make an oath to ‘not obey any other oaths’ they make except their original prime oath to the dark. Therefore, any deals cut with them are negated before ever being made. Please remember that they believe on a deep level[ancient/advanced mind/emotional programming] that they must obey their beliefs or be put to death, so compassion is in order for their behavior. It seems that due to circumstances/science, this same motivation, to live, may help them realize the necessity for redefining polarity as you have expressed, namely, instead… Read more »


SOW SOW SOW (not saw) *sigh*

You Reap What You _SOW_


Japanse Water Powered Car !

This should be worldwide news and massproduced! How can we allow “illuminati”/”nwo” to boss around?

Steorn – Free Energy in Europe!

Best Regards
– Patrik


Ben, frankly I’m tired of this titillating journalism it offers little real information and is of absolutely no use what so ever to anyone but “soap opera” lovers. Start getting real Ben or I for one will move on to more important matters, of which there are many.
David (Wilcock) shame on you and your “big book”, you’ll be selling videos next.


Excellent article, my friend! I don’t know if you read your comments, but let’s definitely schedule another interview once you’re back in Japan and I’ll post it at like the last one. I have a great deal of corroborating information that the insiders are aware of 2012 and have a prophecy surrounding it, and that’s all coming to a head now as I finish up my big 2012 book with Penguin. Well done! I have limited but additional confirmation that these events you describe are indeed true, and it is wonderful to see this finally coming to pass! –… Read more »


No one can stop the forces and laws of the Universe. Some one said long ago: “as you saw so shall you reap.” the illuminti have sawed just like Sadam Hussain did, let them reap the consequences of their actions. No one can save them now. I am happy the ultimate law and justice rests in the hands of the Universe.



Hugo Chavez is demonized in North America for nationalizing a few banks.Why is he demonized?

Think what our lives would be like if we had humane nationalized banks…that were actually regulated.

What if our military budget was say 20 % instead of 60%..correct me on the exact figures.

What if we had universal health care like the rest of the industrialized countries. The US is # 37 in quality and way higher than the rest on cost. Taiwan being # 1.Our US brand of capitalism does not work. WE are too corrupt.

We could live.As it is WE are slaves.


I like that good/evil yin/yang thing. That’s a tune I can tap my toe to. About the 50/50 split of the confiscated billions, don’t see how that equals trillions? The Vatican division, is this the same as the Black Pope and Jesuits that is being referenced, being the continuation of the occult? Does it really boil down to this group? Has the ‘Vatican’ in its evil guise really been in charge all along? My, my, that really will be upsetting. How are the police chiefs, et al, getting their previews of coming attractions? Lights on, roaches scatter. Very interesting. How… Read more »


Why would the “good” part of so called priesthood Illuminati/Luminari agreed to be part of anything if the truth is about to be released – or so it was said. If/When truth gets out none of them have a chance to stay alive…unless they remain anonymous or some other “methods” of preventing their deaths are “implemented”.


The Illuminati are now trying to rationalize the monstrous evils they’ve dumped on humanity? “We were on a sacred mission to guide history until 2012.” “We had to do all this evil, so that we could have good in the world — good can’t exist without evil.” What a bunch of CRAP! I’m not buying it for one second. Next time, to bring good into the world — TRY DOING GOOD!!! They’re trying to rationalize it all away, now that they’re in a bind.



Luis Magno

The American people are hostage to an ethnicidal dynamic directed against non-WASP Americans. It is of no benefit to the deluded and clueless mass of mixed-race English-speaking Americans known as Whites. White Nationalism is a stalking horse for this demented Anglo-Saxon operation. Reversing this ethnicidal dynamic would release and transmute the American people’s energy into a positive and evolutionary force.


To me, Ben’s comment about the Illuminati is the lynchpin of this two-thousand year adventure we’ve been on: “The illuminati are trying now to come clean and explain that according to their beliefs, they were on a sacred mission to guide history until 2012 when they believe a new age will begin. Their key belief is that reality is based upon an interaction of good and evil and that one cannot exist without the other.” I believe this is a cogent explanation as to why otherwise knowledgeable people would side so willingly with secrecy and evil in their actions in… Read more »


“Various deal makers and oligarchs will be working around the clock to break the logjam over the coming days. Time is running out though because the Western financial system is under constant, intense cyber attack, the net is closing in on the Illuminati and World War looms on the horizon.” We are again allowing evil to decide what’s best for us americans? Is Ben negotiating for us? Did the Pentagon make a deal for us as stated in last weeks post, and if they did what was it? What about the Bush family and the Rothchilds, they are the ones… Read more »


As my mother told me when I was young,a leapord can not change it spots,and putting sour milk back in the refrigerator does not make it better.I have a lot of respect for Mr Fulford and what he is trying to accomplish,but I think we still better prepare for a very long camping trip if our future is refered to as “horse trading”,and is still controlled by the illuminuty whos’ prized agenda is 90% population reduction.I think ultimately we AMERICAN CITIZENS are going to have to take the bull by the horns or be gored by it. Live Free Or… Read more »


Who is subjecting the Western financial system to “constant, intense cyber attack”?


Couldn’t have said it better, lynnwood and danwyo.
Still a lot of things to hash out yet.


Although Ben’s solutions are not perfect and leave much to be desired, they do appear to be a step in the right direction.


There’s one sentence in the new report that rings TOTALLY and undeniably true….

…”There still remains a lot of horse trading to be done before final announcements can be made and the majority of humanity can finally be told the truth via their propaganda, brainwashing media…”


Clearly, nobody seems to realize that Americans are aware that their government has been keeping secret accounts OFFSHORE. If those dollars (stolen from the US citizenry) are recycled into world currency, then we here in the US are DOOMED to suffer under the insanity of these people. Also, those patents being developed are primarily from American inventors. Is there going to be money given to their families? Royal Rife who invented a marvelous machine that killed cancer cells with radio wave frequency died penniless even though his machine worked. What about his heirs? If there is going to be a… Read more »


“The first deal may center on the $134.5 billion dollars worth of bonds seized last June by Italian customs. These bonds were meant to finance an “orange revolution” in Iran before they were seized. If these bonds can be successfully cashed in a 50/50 deal between the BDS and the illuminati, then it will open the floodgates to trillions of dollars for humanity.”
So whose money does this belong to….Starting on the right foot…or stealing a countries money…..?


So the BDS is all about taking out the “bad guys” for humanities sake?? Unless ofcourse they can get 50% of the loot. Something smells fishy here. You don’t negotiate with ruthless criminals, unless you just so happen to be one yourself!!!!


mmm maybe they are just winning time and getting ready for the launch of a asian-targeted bio weapon…

good luck making pacts with the Evil ones.