Report on discussions between the Black Dragon Society and a Chinese Politburo envoy plus other news

The Chinese Politburo sent an envoy to hold preliminary discussions with the Black Dragon Society last week. The discussions were, as was the case with the Illuminati in Italy, friendly and productive. In essence, the Chinese were interested in backing up all the world’s dollars earned through honest means with either gold or commodities and then putting the new dollars under the control of an institution controlled 50/50 by Asia and the West. Later, the institution that manages the new currency would become a meritocracy without any regional or racial quotas in its administration.

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How does one discern an ‘honest’ dollar from any other dollar?
This notion that some money will be respected and other money will be eliminated is absurd.


Dear Hyperbrit,

You are right on target. Now, I am going to suggest that those who are getting the “real deal” messages (BTW, AVOID VACCINATIONS at all costs) Hyperbrit, you need to go visit the ECETI site (I think that it is, but I am not sure) Just google that term along with James Gilliland, “As You Wish” radio and you should get the correct site.

I found this site in a very interesting way. I kept seeing a beautiful snow-peaked mountain with a beautiful lake in the foreground in my dreams and whenever I close my eyes. Then I was searching for ET information and I came across this site (ECETI) and there was the mountain and lake that I had been seeing.

ECETI has been having regular visitations by a variety of craft and other dimensional beings for over 10 years. I personally want to go there very much because of what I “sense” could be revealed. People from all ranks of life have visited the Sanctuary there and been astonished at what they learned and saw. There are many photos (check out the beams from heaven ones–those are amazing) and videos.

I look forward to hearing what you think. hyperbrit, I would love to hear about your experiences.



Thanks Mk,
Once again a first class summary.For those of you who may have found my question off topic,I would like to remind you that Benjamin has in the past refused to be drawn on Alien disclosure and has mentioned “Project Bluebeam” several times as a fraud.
As for me I have come to the conclusion that there is a veritable minefield of disinfo. out there that is fully intended to confuse us and thereby create fear.
I came across such an experience recently where I became highly suspicious of the possibility of negatively controlled nordics.
The true Nordics according to both my information and instinct are benevolent and above all non-invasive…the others are far from it.
MK’s answer that there are clones of benevolent E.T’s is supported in my view by Greer’s mentioning of “programmed life forms”.
As MK strongly suggests DO YOUR INNER WORK FIRST.If you get too close ,as I did,you will find that they can be very dangerous indeed.Above all I need to remember that the so called dark is just the grain of sand in our spiritual oyster and ultimately only there to hasten our evolution in spite of what they may believe.
“Resist not evil” seems now more important than ever,and “know thine enemy” and “love thine enemy” go hand in hand!


Dear Everybody,

Please don’t make me the expert on ETs. There are many parts to that mystery that I have not figured out. There are offworlders that look like us. Some supposedly from the Pleiedes system are described as being tall and blond. BIlly Meiers has had contact with alleged representatives of this group. You can read his information on the Internet. There are active campaigns to discredit him, but his story fits my parameters for probable truth. You can also find a lot of information on these topics on (google it) I would also recommend that you read Branton’s Dulce papers as well as Mass Contact (written by an Italian academic in English translation)

Drawings of the Nordics that I have seen strongly resemble the Sammi from Finland. Joani Mitchell is an example of the Sammi. They have beautifully structured faces with high cheekbones, broad high foreheads, deeply-set almond shaped eyes of blue, green etc. Interestingly enough, those with Sammi genetics are the most common sufferers from Morgellons (the fiber disease). Morgellons is a disease created by the attempt of the Powers That Be to create TRANSHUMANS. We can visit this topic at some point in the future.

From what I have read and heard, the Greys (which are roboids like the Cylons in the SyFy television show “Caprica”) have taken Nordics and created clones from them which the Greys control. Now, there are other rumors that I have not found substantiation for, but which need to be explored. Volunteers?

Before you begin researching this whole situation, I have some warnings:

1. There is an attempt to “divide” humanity into those with ET heritage and those who don’t have ET heritage. This is the mythical 15 percent that Peter Peterson talks about on Camelot. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP because making people feel “superior” is exactly how the alleged “elite” manipulate humanity. It is so difficult to be humble and so easy to be arrogant. Never forget that.

2. Why you can’t believe the 15 percent number. If you read the Kolbrin Bible, the works of Marshall Vian, the Hindu Vedas and a couple of other publications, you will discover that although there were human beings on this planet, we have ALL BEEN HEAVILY AFFECTED BY GENETICS FROM OFFWORLD. The 15 percent number is not accurate. Here is one reason that you will know that it is not true…Red hair. Red hair came from the Neanderthals, but it is found everywhere on earth now. Read the Kolbrin bible to discover why this is significant.

3. Before any of you go off to find your offworld ancestors, spend some time on the National Geographic geneography. You will discover that skin color is not a significant genetic characteristics (i.e. it is not actually “associated” with a group of other characteristics like intelligence, athletic prowess etc.). Anyone with pretensions to superiority better understand that most of what we have believed is WRONG. I will explain this later.

4. In order to try to “split” humanity into divisive groups, the people who are “controlled” by the Greys/Vrill whatever you want to call them, have been trying to do some terrible things to the planet and its people. Right now, a lot of people in the world have been seeded with tiny nanoassemblers and transcievers that attach to the nervous system. These nano-monstrousities were intended to permit the powers that be to gain control of the populace via a variety of messages sent through microwave and other towers. I DON’T WANT TO HURT ANYBODY’S FEELINGS, BUT SOME OF YOU HAVE THESE THINGS TRANSMITTING STUFF TO YOU. THERE WERE ALSO THESE SAME THINGS IN THE H1N1 VACCINES. These are verified facts. This technology was discovered by one of the foremost materials scientists in the world and a couple of european labs.

These nano-items were probably intended for use in Project Bluebean which was “billed as” a faked Alien invasion of earth. I actually think that this is a trick by those controlled by the Grays to get humans to attack offworlders so that we will be annihilated as the self-appointed “elite” hide or escape to their hidey-holes.

6. How to find out if you are actually receiving messages from offworld or not. If you have been infected with the nano-crap, you will remember having trouble with your memory, suddenly feeling lethargic, losing your creative imagination and other symptoms. You will also occasionally feel a sensation like a bug crawling in your hair, on your arms etc. This is the fiber connectiosn being grown in your body to establish control. These are biological circuits created by the nano-assemblers that are being dumped on us in the chemtrails. The nanoassemblers are driven by DNA computers. They remove silica and calcium from the blood stream and bones to create their fibers and take control of the victim.

These things are everywhere now. Here is what kills them in the human body: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, natural silica, copper sulfatem ALKALINE BLOOD and ORGANIC FOOD. Here is what nourishes them: fluoride (yes in toothpaste), aluminum, high protein diets, junk food, SOY PRODUCTS, lowered levels of bioavailable iodine (salt is not enoug) and ACIDIC BLOOD.


A. Detox your blood with Calcium-D-glucarate or zeolite. Take it with distilled water for one week every month. Also, use zeolite or Calcium D Glucarate after eating meat (any kind) and any grains that might be GMO.

B. Discontinue the use of any fluoride products (including anti-depressants but you will need to wean yourself off.. you will begin to feel better as the fluoride/fluorine leaves your body) Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on your teeth or natural toothpaste.

C. If you have copper piping, you probably won’t be copper-deficient.

D. There is not enough iodine in salt, so don’t rely on this for your thyroid. Eat seaweed, take bio-available iodine etc.

E. Most of us are very deficient in trace metals and minerals. You can return these to the soil with seaweed and rock dust if you have a home garden. If you don’t, get some organic plant food (without fish) and grow sprouts with it. Eat the sprouts raw. You will begin to recover your mineral balance. For the severely depleted, there are drops with these minerals.

F. Drink water filtered to remove fluoride. If you drink distilled water, you will need to add calcium etc. to your diet as distilled water is slightly acidic and has no minerals in it. DO NOT DRINK TAP WATER.

G. Make sure that you drink from non-APA plastic bottles. Do not drink from plastic bottles left in the sun as this chemical leaches into the water when the bottle is heated.

After you are cleaned up, you should notice a change in the communications that you are getting. Those who are being fed propaganda will find that it stops or doesn’t seem compelling. Over time, these inputs will disappear.

Those who are getting offworld messages should notice a greater clarity, but not much else.

Just an aside that I found really funny. Blood tests from the National Health Services in Britain have uncovered something quite interesting. Past estimates of royal woods colts in Britain had been set at 4 to 5 percent. Blood tests by the National Health Services of newborns have uncovered the remarkable fact that 20 percent of the nation are directly related to the royal families. Given Icke’s comments about the reptilian ETs and the royals, I have to wonder…what is going on over there?

NOW, I NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING ABUNDANTLY CLEAR. MY MOTHER WAS A NURSE. MY FATHER WAS A PHYSICIAN. I SCORED EXTREMELY HIGH ON NATIONAL TESTS IN SCIENCE. Even though I have spent my life writing, I am very analytical and scientific by inclination. I am well schooled in the scientific method (although it has some BIG loopholes–read my posts on quantum physics). It took me years to accept some of the things that I have posted here. Given that I can read a 300 page book in 5 hours and that I have researched these things for 6 years almost every day, you can calculate how much I have read.

I read widely. I read scientific and medical journals as well as business, news etc. I am very interested in politics, economics, biology and philosophy. Because I read ACROSS many disciplines, I have correlated many things that people with highly compartmentalized information (such as in the military and intelligence services) have not been able to. While I am personally satisfied (by the intelligence people who have gotten in touch etc.) that I have either been correct or too close for comfort, I encourage everybody to do their own research.

At the end of the day, as I have written many times, you have to learn to trust your instincts. You have to “feel” that you are on the right track. I suspect that we are going to be astonished by what we will learn in the next few years, but to get there, we have to STOP THE INSANITY AND EUGENICS CAMPAIGNS.



Hi MK,
Do you by any chance know of any links with info. on the Nordics? They are a bit of a mystery it seems but I am strongly guided to find out more about them. Thanks. David


Dear Everybody,

There are more bits to this entire picture, but I don’t really think that now is the time to go into them. What is important to remember is not just the fact of offworld communications with our government. What is important to consider is why our government would GIVE access to any one of us for Technology. There is little difference between that and slavery. Additionally, it is important to realize that from this humble (and stupid idea by Truman the haberdasher) came an opening to create an entirely different government operating without any oversight by Congress.

That secret uncontrolled governmental structure leads directly to the mess that we find ourselves in today. These people having gotten a taste of vast power and wealth without any strictures are NOT GOING TO GIVE IT UP. Now, since Benjamin always makes the caveat about believing in ETs when he sees some…here’s a tip…read THE SECOND SHIP and search for lawsuits relating to the development of exotic technology in which the company doing the development demands to know the REAL SOURCE of the technology. Think aerospace and high technology

Those lawsuits exist–believe me.



A BIG THANK YOU MK for presenting the more than adequate presentaion of those facts about the alien intervenors.
Myself and many others have heard of reports about alien beings making ‘ classified’ contact with the U.S., and with the Nazi regime BTW . Both nations were involved with manufacturing a nuclear bomb , at that time.God keeps his eyes on the evil progresses of man, and sends his emmisary angels when it is fitting to do so.
The judging angels that visited Lot prior to the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah were considerate and peaceful, adjudicating the situation of righteous Lot and his family being in such an evil place. The preverted crowd outside of Lot’s home lusted after these beautiful beings ,and demanded Lot to release them to their mob, so that they might ‘know them ‘ – violate them ! Lot in return offered them his own two daughters to do with them as it pleasured them. The mob refused and tried to break into Lot’s house. The angels did not smite them dead , but put them out of commission by blinding them. They then warned Lot to take his family and flee Sodom and Gommorah, and not dare to look back from their fleeing.Those cities , then GOD destroyed . I have held in my hand, a ball of ancient molten sulphur (fire and brimstone) brought back from that area, and, there is lots of it still on the ground.
The Bible says that Satan is the ruler of this world in his spirit dimension, and also is the prince and power of the air above the earth , until HE comes back to totally remove his spirit and physical presence, for a time, and then, for evermore.The old Serpent’s physiology is bound in Heaven, but his spirit is free to roam the earth and it’s atmospheres, with his minions . Could these be the greys ,that would procreate with man’s seed , like the fallen angels did, as it is written in Genesis 6:2 . Then we have Satan’s actual spawn from Eve , whom, he beguiled,(seduced to the backbone)in the Garden of Eden,hence Cain . It mentions that Adam partook of the fruit when Eve offered it to him ,after, she ate of it . Hence Able. It later says in Genesis that Eve bore her firstborn ,Cain, and then continued to bare aother son, Able. Adam’s lineage as it is so written, proceeds from Adam himself then forward through his son Seth, proceeding perpetually to Jesus. Cain and Able are not recorded in Adam’s lineage , because Cain’s father was Satan,(as JESHUA declared) and Able died before he knew a woman.
We know that GOD told Cain to wonder in the land of Nod. But he did not wander, he established the first city Enoch, named after his firstborn son. He gradually accrued power and control , minting the first money and forging weapons to surmount his rulership.
His great,grandson was Nimrod, who the Rothchild’s claim was their ancient Bloodline ancestor.

Evil spirits in the air and evil minions on the ground- STILL IN CAHOOTS ! Destroying life,liberty,prosperity,uninalienable rights, the pursuit of happiness. Psalms 2: 1-12 . The story told.


Great summary MK,
I was told that there are 43 levels of the secret govt. in the U.S. outside the purview of the president,congress and most if not all of the military.
The beings that Eisenhower first met are presumably known as the Nordics and do not interfere,but the greys are another matter entirely.I have read on different sites that there appear to be negative nordic types but am wondering if they might be what Dr. Steven Greer calls programmed life forms.
It certainly makes sense to me that the PTB’s would like to have a lot of disinfo. out there to further confuse us. Cheers David


Dear Wbstreck,

Let’s take this picture out a few hundred miles from earth. Yes, there are “Shadow Governments” running this planet and its governments behind the scenes. Originally, these players were bankers who sought unlimited political control AND privacy. They achieved their goals by paying off politicians, loaning money to nobility and owning the major industries like transportation, fuel, banking, insurance, medicine, chemical, petroleum and so forth. They could orchestrate almost any event that they wanted without being noticed through their many tentacles of industry. Originally, this group ran most of Europe and later on, parts of the middle East. The Rothschilds (also known as the Bauers) controlled most of the original group’s activities in Europe. The people who left Europe for a better life were TRYING to escape the Rothschild’s onerous hold on Europe and its incessant war-mongering for profit. (WWI was orchestrated by the Rothschilds so that they could recoup their money loaned to Britain for its new “motor-driven” battle ships and so the Rothschilds could lure Jews to work in their vineyards in Palestine in preparation for creating their ZIONIST HOMELAND, ISRAEL. The Rothschilds owned the banks that loaned the money to England to build the ships, they owned some of the shipyards that built the ships, they owned part of the companies that built the engines and they owned the PETROLEUM companies that supplied the fuel to the ships. Very best of all for them, they got interest on all the loans as well as interest on the printing of the money (seniorage) by the mints in England.

Our forefathers knew about this oppression when they left in the 1700s before the Rothschilds really turned the screws on Europe. In general, nobody could make any money in Europe because the bankers–along with the nobility which they held captive with loans–were sucking the lifeblood out of the people by forcing the nobles to tax the crap out of everybody to pay back the loans made by the Rothschilds. When our forefathers left, they were determined not to become slaves of the Rothschilds or their ilk by not having a central bank. We avoided that fate until 1913 when the Federal Reserve was illegally thrust upon us by THE ROTHSCHILDS AGENTS IN THE US, The Rockefellers and their friends the Warburgs, Schiffs etc.

Now, once that vehicle was put into place, it permitted these greedy mental light weights to begin controlling the US as they had Europe. Interestingly enough, the Rockefellers did not want to turn control of what they considered “Their Country” over to the Rothschilds so they collaborated with Hitler to try to subjugate the Rothschilds. After the war, the US was a world force and the Rothschilds had lost about half of their wealth to the Rockefellers and their stooges.

Then something really bad happened. The US was approached by beings from elsewhere who wanted to warn us about spaceships orbiting the earth. This group of beings who looked human told us that we (the earth) were in grave danger from the beings in the space ships and to avoid being taken over by them, we needed to change from materialistic aggressive warlike beings to more spiritual beings. The Rockefellers, who were at the meeting, demanded technology from these beings. These beings said that we were not advanced enough to use anything that they had wisely. (they had things like clean energy, medical treatments that healed and prolonged life and youth etc.) The Rockefellers told them to get lost because they offered to help us if we would stop using nuclear weapons and if we would begin using cleaner energy sources than petroleum. The Rockefellers told them that not using oil would “destroy our economy and jobs.” Of course, this was a lie, such a change would actually have destroyed only the Rockefellers hold on power as they don’t give a rat’s ass about jobs.

Now, the next group of beings arrived and told the Rockefellers and the DoD that if they did not cooperate with those beings, they would rain down hell and destruction upon the world. They said that they were suffering from genetic problems due to problems on their planet and that they wanted permission to take people from the US, remove their gametes (sperm and eggs) and use those things to repair the genetics of these visitors known as the Krill/Vrill etc. We now know these beings as the “Greys.” and the Reptilians. (There are about 57 different species of beings visiting the earth from other planets and other dimensions as far as we know–go visit the bibliotecapleides site for more information)

The Rockefellers and their syncophantic servants got the technology that they wanted as well as stealing some of it from downed ships. The greys began kidnapping people and lying about what they were doing with them. They also lied about providing reports on the people kidnapped/killed to the DoD. Before too long, the DoD had completely lost control of these beings. It is widely believed that these beings have now cloned most of the political establishment and replaced the original people with clones that they control (see Kerner,. song of the greys) There was a terrible battle at one of the underground bases that these beings were working at with human scientists. (See Branton, Dulce papers) This battle resulted in many members of the military wanting to go clean to the public about what was going on and working with them to rid the planet of this scourge.

Kennedy found out about the ET mess along with a number of other things. He planned to tell the truth and shut down the Fed. That is why he was killed. When other countries found out about the Grey problem, they created the Bilderbergers to discuss what to do. That is how it started. Now, it appears that these groups may have been a vehicle for some of the people who have been “cloned” chipped or controlled by the greys and the reptilians to infect other government leaders. There are a number of ways that they gain power over these other government leaders including bribing them, compelling them to perform bizarre acts (and filming them) for blackmail …etc.

Many of those involved in the original negotiations gained unprecendented power because Truman did not want to be known as the President who gave the earth to the aliens. Truman created a supersecret group that was supposed to deal with the greys and report back to him. They were permitted to set up off-books budgets etc. to keep anything from being traced back to him. Unfortunately, this action led to a completely unconstitutional situation with no Congressional oversight at all. The original group was known by a number of names including the most popular MAJESTIC. Dick Cheney gained all his power from being the chairman of Majestic.

Under Majestic, a group of rogue operators gained control of the CIA, NSA, DIA and FBI. They had their own cadre of criminals that took the opportunity to create a whole new set of parallel organizations inside the US government and its agencies. This group also brought in NAZIs from Hitler’s Germany under Operation Paperclip. HItler was said to have had ties to the Greys as well. The Majestic group coordinated with the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, NWO and the rest of these world domination oriented groups.

Through the subversion of these various groups operating outside the Constitution (and, well any government control) and aided with the weapons, mind control and other tools for suppression developed by Majestic and affiliated arms manufacturers, Majestic, the CIA, the Bilderbergers have taken control of the US and many other governments.

Under the control of these groups and at the behest of a group of greedy banksters and industrialists like the Rockefellers etc., the US has been oppressing the rest of the world. The worst part is that many of the really dangerous space age weapons developed like HAARP and anti-matter weapons, aren’t under the control of Congress or the DoD entirely. They have been under the control of these groups. BTW, the Bushes are the head of the Nazi factions and they are also Rockefeller henchmen who, much like their mentors, decided that they wanted more power than the Rockefellers wanted to give them. So, now, that you know more about the intricacies of the situation, I hope that you understand that our democracy has not been under our control since the ’40s because of the things that I have mentioned here. The Shadow Government which you reference is just the tip of the Ice Berg.

Now, despite how impossible all this might sound to overcome, this is the best time of all for things to change. Not only are all the factions fighting with each other and not only does the earth have weapons that can be used to defend against the VRILL and others, but the key to the entire situation is what the beings that tried to warn earth told us—it is spiritual. If we become good people who send positive energy into the universe, we can change the world around us. Quantum physics is very much the science of good over evil.

What I guess that I am conveying here is that the problem is not simply being outside of the Constitution at this point. The problem is that there are those among us who are traitors to MANKIND not merely the United States or their own country. This is a struggle against losing our species and our planet.

Okay, I know that this is all a lot to take in. It took me years to come to grips with the fact that what I have written appears to be the truth. It is clear that the departure from the world that we remember began around the time of the Second World War. While what I have written might shock you and seem both unreal and almost incomprehensible, I know from personal encounters with things that I have had a lot of trouble believing, that it is pretty accurate. Despite what I know, I am very encouraged with the numbers of people who are getting the big picture and who have decided that they can no longer live in the darkness of the materialistic, hedonistic world created by those that want to control this world.

In any event, God needs to help the world not just the US. For those of you who want to read more about the subjects covered, I am providing a list of readings. I have listed a few books above and I recommend that you read those as well as Wm. Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse,” Dr. Peter Beter’s radio show transcripts about the Rockefeller Conspiracy, Gary Webb’s Rockefeller files, the to understand just how much of culture has been controlled by these monsters and Anthony Sutton’s books on the Fabian Socialists.

I would also recommend that everybody download Karla Tucker’s books on abductions by the ETs. Read Michael Salla’s articles on Exopolitics. Read the Disclosure Project books. Search YouTube for Ed Grimsley’s videos on space ships above the earth only visible to Infrared lenses.

There are many more steps on your journey to the facts, but I don’t want to overwhelm you, wbstreck. I understand that you might feel that just having accepted that there is a Shadow Government, the rest of this is too much to fathom or even bear. I felt the same way when I began this same journey to what I know today. Regardless what I have learned, I know that there is much more to learn before 2012 when many things will be answered.



MK I am sure that you and many others would agree that our country (via the manipulation of National Politics) has been taken over by a ‘Shadow Central Government’ that is in league with The Illuminati, and other subversive factions that want to end our democracy,control our commerce and money supplies,eliminate jobs,debase our eduational system,dissapate our social welfare benefits,confiscate our wealth,eliminate the great success of our vocal middle-class and take away our Bill of Rights. Further submitt us to ruination so we can be totally controled by their mercenary police force entities.
In this cospiratorial takeover,We are losing our freedom and that of future generations. Many states are envoking the 14th Amendment in order to alleviate the excessive grab for power over the peoples of these enjoined 34 independent states. These states are throwing up a curtain of notice that things have gone too far . I exspect that the Pentagon, if it is intact, as being subject to the Constitution and the Rule of Law , would consider deposing that intrusive foreign threat and influence,so our nation can continue with the pursuit of life , liberty and industry. GOD help the U.S.


Dear Rosemaria,

I will put something together and try to get it up somewhere. I have something very important for everybody. You all need to read an essay by Dr. Alan Sabrosky on Zionism.

Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism

Then listen to the interview with Dr. Sabrosky at

Finally, read the article on Veterans Today about the fact that Osama Bin Ladin died in 2001. Once you have read these things and listened to the interview and begin plastering the web with this information. NEXT, DEMAND THAT THERE BE NO WAR STARTED WITH IRAN OR ANY MORE MONEY SPENT ON WAR.

WE CAN STOP ALL OF THIS MESS BY EDUCATING THE MILITARY ABOUT THE TRUTH. Regardless what these men say about a war in Iran, remember that they are military guys who don’t have the kinds of insights shared here at Fulford’s Place (I like to think of this place as like a bar like Cheers). They don’t know about the financial ruin of the US in the depth that the readers here do. IF they did, they would be pushing to stop all wars. However, listen to what Sabrosky says about what the response has been to the videos showing that the third building was clearly DEMOLISHED. HE SAYS THAT ONCE THEY SEE THAT THE LAST BUILDING IS IMPLODED, THEY REALIZE THAT IT WAS PREWIRED FOR DEMOLITION..THEN HE SAYS TO THEM, IF ONE BUILDING WAS WIRED FOR DEMOLITION, THEY ALL WERE…then the people talking to him REALIZE that it was all planned. They realize that it was Israel (remember the dancing Israelis?) and they become blind with rage.

We need to make people see how this country has been manipulated for the benefit of another country and a group of people who support that other country (Israel and banksters). It then becomes very easy for those with this realization to decide that they want no part of this manipulation. The time is right to make people see that unless we stop this NOW, the future is bleak.



This is an excellent essay, MK. If you decide to blog it in the public blogosphere (or already have done so), please provide a link so that we can turn people on to it. 🙂


Dear Fulford readers particularly those that feel confused,

It took me many years to figure out what I know today. Here are my suggestions:

1. If a story makes no sense or relies upon inherently contradictory “facts,” it is likely to be false.

2. If a story relies upon an inexplicable “motivations” by any party in the event, action or story, it is likely to be false. For example, the ol’ “he/she suddenly ‘snapped'” explaination. People do not suddenly snap and begin killing other people. Despite what the PTW tried to achieve through their military training and brainwashing films, 80 percent of the people serving in the military could not bring themselves to shoot the enemy IF ANY OTHER OPTION WAS AVAILABLE. Those who did kill easily typically had other psychological/physiological problems that impaired them from functioning within a normative range of response.

3. If a story is true, it will keep being repeated in a variety of ways that permit direct and indirect validation of the facts. Untrue stories tend to be repeated WITH SUCH AN EXTREMELY CONSISTENT STORY LINE IMPOSSIBLE UNDER NORMAL SITUATIONS. Under normal situations, myriad versions of the truth will surface. Each version will vary depending upon the perspective, location and actual personal history of the witness and/or person repeating an anecdote. When stories are too consistent, they are very likely to be the product of disinformation.

4. Disinformation tends to violate the laws of psychology (like those mentioned below) or the laws of physics/material science etc. The reasons that this happens are simple and have to do with the dearth of good science education in the US today. Disinfo people tend to be younger and assume that they can “fool” anyone with a clever story. They overthink, supply detail intended to steer readers in the wrong direction and generally screw up the science, engineering and psychology in their stories. Look for science and engineering facts that make no sense or require gigantic coincidences in order to have occurred. Real life has few gigantic coincidences.

5. In order to determine whether a story is a lie or the truth, first strip the story down to the basic facts of the event. Look for too much corroboration by people who sound too coherent under terrible circumstances (like in 9/11 where bystanders gave out completely understandable, “explainations” of what happened on the spot). People tend to be incoherent in moments of crisis particularly if they are part of the community impacted.

6. Look for indirect proof…such as if a building spontaneously falls from heat or explosions, the interior supports break in pieces and fail over time. Sudden powdering of the steel girders and concrete of a building don’t happen. Chunks of concrete, bits of steel in a WIDE VARIETY OF SIZES are more likely that 90 percent powder. INDIRECT PROOF OF A LIE IN SUCH INSTANCES IS THE COMPLETE LACK OF A WIDE VARIETY OF PIECES.

7. Look for fast answers to any problem. When have your local police known within an hour WHO COMMMITTED A CRIME? IF there is a fast identification of those responsible, it is likely to be a put up job. Compare the sudden naming of 19 terrorists in 9/11 with trying to recover a bicycle in your neighborhood. Look at the average “solve” rate of murders, thefts etc. in your local police department, they are abysmally low. HERE IS ANOTHER FACT THAT THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW–studies of the science of “profiling” practiced by the FBI have demonstrated that they cannot possibly have solved as many crimes as they claim. British forensic scientists have analyzed actual cases versus FBI profiles and found that out of 180 plus cases, the FBI profiles were only correct in 5 (five) cases. That’s right–almost never.

8. If you read about something and the information makes you feel confused and the facts “don’t seem to add up,” the chances are that you are dealing with a lot of disinfo. This is where your common sense must begin to kick in. Be particularly suspicious when too many people seem to be telling the same story.

One of my favorite examples of the non-sensical story is when people kept saying to me that they did not know anybody who voted for Bush. They kept wondering why the 23 million “evangelicals” voted for this man over and over–even though after I queried them, they all said that they knew people who went to evangelical churches, but did not remember that a lot of those people advocated for Bush. Well, I did a little probing. It turns out that the best surveys of religious preference in the US listed the total number of evangelicals in the US at 9 million–not 23 million. The same survey revealed that evangelicals are not big voters. Ergo, Bush was not voted in by the evangelicals.

9. People do things for very specific reasons such as the love of their family, spouse or children. They don’t suddenly kill or hurt other people unless there is a direct threat to their core affections (family, spouse, children) that they cannot deal with by other means.

10. Stories that try to portray any people as one dimensional hate machines are simply not true. It is exceedingly rare for a human being to be completely uninterested in other human beings. In general, stories that rely upon the “he was a born killer” concept are not true. The only time when a group of humans will kill repeatedly without provocation occur when killing another group (not randomly) is a central tenant of the society itself. However, societies which emphasize such activities generally fail because humans twisted to be routine killers don’t cooperate very well.

11. Stories that rely upon the belief that there exists a group of humans who hate for no real reason or because they are “religious fanatics” simply are not true. Human beings find it difficult to hate. Their very core is built to facilitate interdependence and symbiotic relationships with other human beings. This need to be social and cooperate with other humans is threaded into the human brain and neural system. Those who are deprived of interaction from their earliest days (like infancy) reflect a distortion of their perceptive abilities and brain development. However, according to the latest theories on the brain, even those who have been manipulated to be defective will attempt to return to a normal state–they will seek to build relationships and seek interaction. Even Henry Lee Lucas had a buddy. It is the intrinsic nature of humanity to be social.

There has been ONE definitive study of suicide bombers. Guess what it found? That all of the bombers were NOT RELIGIOUS. That bombings occurred in countries which were nominally democracies but in reality were countries with little upward mobility for most classes and occupied by a foreign power overtly or covertly that manipulated their countries behavior. THERE WAS NOT ONE–NOT ONE– RELIGIOUS FANATIC BOMBER IN ALL OF THE SUICIDE BOMBINGS CATALOGUED.

I hope that what I have delineated here helps all of you to develop critical analysis skills with respect to the information that you are receiving. Finally, as I have mentioned many times before, you need to begin developing an instinct about what the truth is. That will be your most effective guide to the facts.



ALERT ALERT When I signed in to Ben’s website this morning I went immediately to Sample Copy ,not Home as usual. I BELIEVE IT IS ACTUALY AN UPDATE. Evidently we did have some boots on the ground doing an audit eval. in The D.C. Hub. And we almost had a total scramble, sell-out of these folks as the PTB and The Politburo choked up and planned to waste em.
It was the Tigers, The BDS ,that stepped in with it’s strong and meritorious backbone, brilliant intellect , and rebuilt the good efforts to evaluate and interpolate The U.S. Debt and Federal Reserve monetary liablities for resolution by the New World Banking System . Commensurately, it is proposed that the new International Bank would be set up in Hong Kong , as it relates best to an east-west,or, international theater setting. Wow , a very fragile and volitale process this all is. There are lots of other RED HOT IRONS in the fire that you just don’t want to pluck up too fast. Well , we had a pefect example of that, aforesaid, and Thank GOD , The U.S. was not totally cut off from world, and left to ruination. On that note – so far so good ! However , United States Military , do us a really big favor, clean up crazy Washington right now , so we can minimize our losses.


I firmly believe that we create our own reality based on our intent. The trick is defining your intent with clarity. Writing something down and then having a ceremony with the writing, such as burning it, is a good way to fix your intent and send it out to the Universe.
I wrote down in some detail the world I want after the coming chaos. Then I created a small symbol to represent that writing of intent and drew it on the writing and then had a ceremony to fix everything in my mind. Every chance I get, I think of the symbol and that again sends the intent into the Universe.
The more of us that do this, the better chance we have of creating the world we want instead of the world the elite scum want for us.



Then I would propose that we always add the adjective “scum” when we talk about the elite scum.


Shouldn’t it be bullshit talks and money walks? Walking is action, talking is, well, just that nothing but talk.



To: jpsfulfordnews
Regarding your ID. It infers that you are and official spokesman for Mr. Ben Fulford ,or, respondent for this website broadcast blog. Can you state any official affiliation regarding such an appointment by Mr. Ben Fulford ?


I pray to JESHUA , ‘The Light of The World ‘ and the Portal to the ALMIGHTY, that he protect us from the wiles of these very evil spawn of Satan and the beguiling pretext of the so called Obama’s Healthcare Reform Bill . That this vote be rejected and recognized as a scam and a usury of the wicked that it is.
We do not need an intermediary when it comes to praying . Let the petitions of the very wicked fall upon the unauthorized ears of the quick and the dead , that neither hear ,nor see, for they are asleep, concerning the cares of the world.


I am all for positive thinking. It is the only way anything “positive” happens. Funny, that.

Consider this, however, is impossible for a certain small amount of individuals, who yet affect the broader spectrum of life. They do not see what you and I see. You look, you see a summer day with flowers and people talking, helping one another, laughing, etc. This particular type of personality would see enemies to be destroyed in every direction. These personalities can be found at every level of living and activity, but they are very few, which is the good news.

The bad news is they affect another “chunk” of the populace, quite directly, who in turn affect the entirety of our cultures.

Know them by their actions. If the results of their actions are destructive (this will be quite consistent) they are either a suppressive personality or they are directly affected by a suppressive and create and are a source of potential trouble for you/others. If they are intelligent, capable, gifted (all of which are not outside of the sphere of and totally aside from the mental malady they suffer from) then they can rise to considerable heights, and power.

Bottom line – the suppresive will not hesitate to destroy anyone or anything in its vicinity if it feels it is cornered. The “cornering” may not exist. For instance, how many of us would really wish to extract “blood” if these fools stopped and let things improve, as they would just on the basis that most people want to get along and are willing to do so, and work with others toward positive goals? I don’t care to.

But, the point is, the suppresive will not stop; they cannot, because the “enemy” they see in front of them “…is about to destroy them…” and that’s the end of that track. They will feign acquiescence and harmony, only long enough to ensure they’re not in the line of fire. These individuals are the cause of strife; war; failing business; failing government; terrorism, etc. You could say it’s a domino equation.

The point, the dominoes can go the other way: people will get along, quite well, and improve their lives, the lives of others… only so long as they are not prevented from doing so by suppresives and their henchman.

Know them by their actions.


Dear BF Peoples,

Matt and several others have mentioned the “POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.” Most people have a little trouble with this concept, they can’t believe that they have any power, let alone the power to change outcomes. Well, I have put a number of links together for everybody to begin “feeling” their ability. Let me caution each of you about prejudging whether you have “the power.” You have it. I have never found anyone who could not make psi-driven tools and tests work. I have found that it takes everybody a little time to figure out how to access their abilities.

Once again, some people “see” the change that they want to occur in their mind, some people “hear” the words corresponding to the change desired, some people “feel” that things are changing (i.e. they tingle, they feel energy/wind/ changes in temperature occurring around them, some people see situations similar to the one that they desire happening.

Everybody accesses their ability in different ways. Just accept that you can do these things and try different methods of choosing your outcome. Keep trying for about 15 minutes and then quit. Come back to the test after a few days. Sometimes, it takes a couple of visits to see the changes occur (it is like you’re strengthening your psi muscles).

Here are some links to try that will let you actually see that you are emitting energy and changing things. The top one lets the viewer test their brain’s typical orientation (i.e. right brain/left brain). You can actually practice making the dancer turn in different directions with your thoughts. The second site has tests that permit the user to determine if they can perform “remote healings.”

The sites below will teach you that despite what you hear, the government takes psi ability very seriously. In addition to these sites (one of which reveals that the NIH funded “remote healing” research), there is great video from David Seceda (?) entitled Quantum Communications (I think). It is on Youtube. This video reveals why measuring psi is so difficult. Witnesses can influence the outcome of experiments with their thoughts, so physicists now routinely exclude everybody from measurement areas and use only equipment.
Learn how the NIH has funded studies into “remote healing”

Enjoy and then begin thinking non-stop that the evil ones will lose and must leave.



Getem, it is puzzling why he cancelled his trip. They claim it was always a vacation and his girls won’t be out of school until June.

However, staying here to force the Government Takeover of our health care industry IS PRECISELY WHAT HIS CONTROLLERS WANT. Anyone who has read summaries and details of the legislation, know that it is the structure that will totally control our lives. His British controllers want this Hitler-style health care in place so they can kill off as many people as possible. It will also provide a steady stream of funds they can steal, just like everything else they have been doing.


There is such a high level of crimes taking place : ( financial theivery , as reported above,criminal genocide with our HAARP Activity, The corrupt Federal Reserve Bank operation, poisoning the world’s economies with every mass printing of currencies, The formeer ‘Oil for food ‘ scam in Iraq (200 UN memeber participants), dissolution of the Bill of Rights and The Constitution, President’s refusal to provide his proper credentials for office , Presidential abuse of Executive & Presidential Orders, Memebership of many of our nations top politicians in Seceret Societies, such as the NWO, WCFR, Bilderberges, contrary to the national interests and the Sovreignty of America ). That we realize these sore greivances of the citizens of these United States of America, being so overwhelmingly apparent, that these high crimes and abuses cannot be longer tolerated and flagrantly neglected , even ejoined in, by the C.I.A. and F.B.I. Therefore it must be concluded that for the first time in this nation’s history, that a ‘takeover and purging’ of this standing executive branch establishemnt by a conscientous and meritorious Military Branch of our beloved nation, must be considered, to promote a REAL CHANGE . With all the serious crimes and abuses being perpetrated , continually, it is a viable, though the unfortunate possibility, but, without other remedy,well within the most natural of solutions to these multi-faceted,internally protected, dilemmas. These are certainally the Times that Try Men’s Souls and Senibilities ; to be a part of evil, not good, is unacceptable to GOD and Men. I pray ,now, that YAHAVEH and our advocate and Saviour, JESHUA would summon up into the hearts of good men and women , a peaceful solution to a world gone mad with greed ,in-fighting, control and intimidation, not proffering peace,fellowship, brotherhood, basic cooperation , and the contentment to mankind it brings forth.



I agree 100%, something IS UP. I feel it in my bones. I thought is was fallout and damage control from the latest Christopher Story posting from Monday the 15th:





Have you met or heard of Salvatore R DeFrancesco?

Salvatore DeFrancesco Senior, that is.

No? Then may we please have the pleasure of introducing him to you.

It has been reported to us that Salvatore R DeFrancesco Sr. is an associate of, or has current or past relations with, George H. W. Bush, and is well known in certain, shall we say, ‘exotic’ banking and other financial circles, and among ‘the Italian community’ in the United States, doubtless including Chicago. He has influence with a number of important financial institutions.

He is aged about 60, and has a son, Salvatore Raymond DeFrancesco Jr, CPA, aged 40. Prior to January 2003, Salvatore R. DeFranceso Jr. was Chief Financial Officer of Landmark Community Bank in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

In November 2009, Salvatore R DeFrancesco Jr. was reported to be Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Fidelity D & D Bancorp., Inc., positions he has held since January 2003 – as well as serving as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank, both of Dunmore, Pennsylvania.

Salvatore DeFranceso Senior is Vice President of Penn Acceptance Corporation, and is a partner/owner with Daniel and Joseph Limongelli of Penn Acceptance Corporation, Avoca, PA.

Joseph Limongelli is President and Secretary, and Daniel Limongelli is Treasurer of Penn Acceptance Corporation, with their mailing address at 639 Main Street, Avoca, PA 18641-0.

However the Officers of Penn Acceptance Corporation function, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State, from 2007 Highway Suite 315, Pittston TWP, PA 18640-40.

Both Fidelity D & D Bancorp., Inc/ Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank. Inc., and Penn Acceptance Corporation ballooned in size from 2006 onwards through trading Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) – which, as exposed in our report dated 10th March 2010, are illegal under US and Common Law. All such contracts, being formulated to facilitate criminal actions, are void and fraudulent [see full report dated 10th March 2010 for details].

Yet in the year ended 31st December 2006, Fidelity D & D Bancorp Inc. was a small operation, the audit fee billed by auditors Parente Randolph, LLC having cost $86,203 [2005: $41,259].

Now, as you will recall from our early reports in this series, 2006 was the year when The People’s Bank of China transferred $4.5 trillion to the United States. The transfer was immediately hijacked by Henry M. Paulson Jr. as soon as he became President Bush’s third Treasury Secretary – a man sufficiently corrupt to meet Bush’s daily criminal requirements, which Mr Paulson’s two far-from-innocent predecessors had been, shall we say, less eager to satisfy.

So, instead of being applied for the purpose indicated by the Chinese central bank, the funds were diverted to underpin securitisation operations involving massive leveraging and hypothecation for corrupt and wholly illegal transactions purposes.

It was therefore ‘no accident’ that the derivatives explosion took off from 2006 onwards, leading straight to the brick wall encountered in September 2008; and among entities heavily involved in these CDO excesses were Fidelity D & D Bancorp, Inc./Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank and Penn Acceptance Corporation, which expanded on a scale which could not possibly have occurred had they been involved exclusively in legitimate business.

On 11th December 1984, Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., founded and registered Pennsylvania Investments, Inc. with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Corporations authorities. The firm is registered as Business Corporation Entity #844244 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and its Principal Office Address is shown as 1157 West Seventh Street, Erie, PA 16502. The sole Officer of the Company has been Michael C. Cottrell, President and Secretary.

For the record, the Editor of this service holds paper copies of printouts confirming the foregoing outline information concerning Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., from the Pennsylvania Department of State Corporations authorities’ Microfilm Number 8475 [Start: 905; End: 907] dated: 6th April 2005; 1st October 2006; 27th March 2008; 15th May 2008; 22nd December 2008; and 9th May 2009…”


Hi Ben

Something is up. Obama was due to come down under next week, now we hear he has canceled the tour. I always knew there was more to the trip than just a goodwill gesture. He probably was going to put his hand out for funds whilst here. And who knows what the visit to Indonesia was for prior to arrival in Oz. Something is afoot, I am wondering if the BDS have curtailed his travels. Maybe he was under so much scrutiny that he knew he would not be able to follow through with his real agenda here. Let’s face it, health care of the people would not be high on the PTB’s list of necessities, and that is what Obama has sited as his reason for not coming, trying to get the health care changes adopted in the US. There is something else going on here. Hope you have some insight to all of this Ben.

Keep up the good work.




Hello to our Champions of Humanity, advocates, and Pilgrim- journeymen.
The Pilgrims are trying to ascertain if we realy have ‘boots on the ground’, or paratroopers in planes ready to stabilize and rescue our kidnapped planet.We have been told about conceptual plans: NESARA (Law-??), and former chairman Alan Greenspan’s de-evolution prognosis theroy for the Fedral Reserve decimation and return to nationalism . These manifestoes have not manifested into pro-active purposeful actions,most likely because the implementation of same, possibly due to the proposed cures, remedies, reconciliations, that are too nebulous ,or, objectionable , or, impractical for the actual implementation thereof.
We may well have some of those boots on the ground. I beleive some Internationally Appointed (World Court) ‘audit squads’ accompanied by Interpol security forces (Under the Provisions of Executive Order # 12,245), They are in the D.C. hub ascertaining the assets and liabilities of the FR and U.S. Govm’t. for the purpose of ‘ going over’ our books so that our books can be reconciled and our U.S. account can be interpolated into the new wolrd 50/50 financial institution. This is a most important prelimiary in the ‘due diligence process’ in order to re-establish world-wide financial stability and alleviate this recessionary spiral. It seems like The Chinese Politburo is enjoined with The BDS, have a viable plan to do this . This is a real hope that we have. They are pro-active- they have the rubber on the road . Yes, they are ready for lift off.
The PTB that were the root cause of this worldwide debacle,and their long histories of atrocities perpetrated on mankind . NWO , and affiliates, You’all best cooperate , and butch up, showing good faith at this very late date . No more bamboozling, threatening, covert HAARP Attacks , Pandemics, Chem-Trails, Mind Control Programs, and Media Manipulations – OR ELSE ! What ya gonna due when the come for you !


Dear Kindly Souls of the Benjamin Fulford “salon”,

Much like the bluestockings and other groups of the past, we gather here to discuss, share and learn a little more about the complex world in which we currently live. Hopefully as we learn, we take our changed perspective forward with us as we approach the world in a more informed way. I wanted to mention a few things today that I would like all of you to consider. Before I mention the MK topic of today, I wanted to touch upon the word “elite.”

In common parlance, elite has become accepted as the “wealthiest” members of a group, but its actual origins are more connotative of an achievement not a happy accident of fate. The definitions below came from the eDictionary.
e·lite or é·lite (-lt, -lt)
n. pl. elite or e·lites
a. A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status: “In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them” (Times Literary Supplement).
b. The best or most skilled members of a group: the football team’s elite.
2. A size of type on a typewriter, equal to 12 characters per linear inch.

[French élite, from Old French eslite, from feminine past participle of eslire, to choose, from Latin ligere; see elect.]

e·lite adj.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

elite, élite [ɪˈliːt eɪ-]
1. (sometimes functioning as plural) the most powerful, rich, gifted, or educated members of a group, community, etc.
2. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Also called twelve pitch a typewriter typesize having 12 characters to the inch
adj of, relating to, or suitable for an elite; exclusive

[from French, from Old French eslit chosen, from eslire to choose, from Latin ēligere to elect]

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 6th Edition 2003. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Elite means those that are chosen or who through their own abilities are “selected or elected” for something be it an athletic award, a position on a board or as the best scholar. This lovely word’s usage has deteriorated to the point that it is simply “bought” by those with the most money irrespective of that money’s source. Herein lies the biggest problem that we all face today. In the past, pornographers, pimps, drug peddlars etc., weren’t accepted into “high society” because of how their money was earned. There was a theory called “social responsibility” that posited that how someone’s wealth was as important as the sum of that wealth. Those who achieved great wealth were expected to do so in a socially-acceptable manner and, furthermore, they were expected to use that wealth to improve their society. This theory was an offshoot of an earlier such theory noblesse oblige which translated means that it is the obligation of the nobility to improve/take care of/ guide the society around them.

I feel that we have completely lost track of these beliefs and no longer let the extremely wealthy know that HOW they got their money is as important to us as the amount that they pile up. Those who become rich through theft, cheating and swindling people must be punished for these misdeeds. I suggest that everybody write a letter on this topic and send it to their local newspaper editorial page demanding that those who consider themselves “elite” prove it by removing war mongers, pornographers, white slavers,eugenicists, drug peddlers (legal and illicit); swindlers (aka investment banksters); liars and other immoral types from their ranks.

During the next few months of this year and for a couple of years afterwards, things are going to be very confusing for everybody. There is a huge amount of disinfo to be found. Those who create disinfo believe that it is their way of winning concensus. It isn’t. It is actually a tool provided to us by a benign universe and a gentle creator. This tool exists to permit us to hone our instincts for the truth.

From this day forward, whenever you read or hear something, take some time to find a quiet place to listen to yourself. Listen for that little voice that says, “This is true. This is not true.” or even that little voice that says, “You need more information.” Learn to trust that voice. It will guide you correctly if you let it. Use this voice when deciding who to trust and who to confide in. Over time, you will find that it serves you well.



Thanks for the Comments MK, I await your next post at the GT!!


Ben PLEASE comment on the demise of the chemtrails!

Thanks for all your great efforts. 🙂


Aloha Everyone:

Thank you Ben for confirming who the enemy of man is and that normally deals made with Lucifer’s minions are broken. He is so evil that he forgets that we are presented the TRUTH from the Hosts of God as see on page 3 of Commander Hatonn’s writings:

By taking full note as to WHO is trying to silence me! I am telling you the Spiritual TRUTH about that which the deceivers have trained and deceived you into accepting “as” truth. No, you have feasted on lies until you recognize NOT, TRUTH. My agreements with the hierarchy of your
LAND are to ensure that you are allowed to have the information of TRUTH presented—not “pushed”, but “presented”. The POLITICAL factions with whom I have agreements are those who CAN allow mankind a fair shake—basically, based in America. Why? Because America is the
newest “order” and COULD be caused to again function.”

Below is the explantion of Lucifer’s greed: (Your Adversary is clever but extremely stupid !!!)

For us, Kirlian photography can tell if you work with the Light Forces (7th chakra is lighted) or with the dark forces (7th chakra is dark as hell). God of Light can tell who made the choice (free will) to be in the Light or not by your intentions !!!

Regarding Henry Kissinger (and the leaders around the world), the technology of creating clones, doubles, robotoids, replicas, synthetics has been around several decades already. They can be made in a few hours (I remember reading somewhere in my study/research that Clinton’s legs were still running when he was out running and he fell down and could not get up – – because that was a clone and it oops, malfuntions at times and the secret service next to him were very nervous until they got him into a van and drove to Camp David…). Quoting from Page 4 of:

As we reintroduce the technical knowledge that will give President Obama, AND YOU-THE-PEOPLE of this REPUBLIC, the tools necessary to turn your nation and world around, your minds are going to have to open up to “possibilities”.
Man understands the concept of CLONING; however, “cloning” is a very different process from that which goes on in the Highest Levels of the World INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY!
When we outlay basic technical and biological techniques that will give you “Free Energy” and cures to all Dis-eases, the realization will come that all your top leaders of any importance whatsoever, are “clones”.
Oh, there are a couple here and there who have not been “copied”. Queen Elizabeth, for one—she already owns the world—so she is allowed to play in her make-believe monarchy. Others (like the young Bush twiglets when daddy Bush was running the show) are so evil to begin with, there was no need! And still others, as in a Barack Obama, are too Godly; to replicate these ones would only copy the “goodness” as well. That being said, I ask that all who hold this document/newspaper in hand immediately send notice, or copies of this document itself, to every single member of Obama’s cabinet and to Congressman James E. Clyburn. Once the public is AWARE THAT DNA/RNA REPLICATION OF A FULLY FUNTIONING HUMAN BODY CAN BE MANUFACTURED IN MERE HOURS!!! THEN THE TOOL SATAN AND THE JEWS USE TO REPLACE YOUR ELECTED LEADERS OF THE PEOPLE, WILL BE NO MORE. But, education in a little biological science in order in that a nation can be informed. Because uninformed decisions and actions are worse than none at all.
Have a short respite, scribe, and allow us to continue our outlay. AHO!”

Quoting from Page 1 of:

The world summits in the past showcased two things: The puppet front men selected to present the Jew’s secret plans to bankrupt and take the planet, and THE OPEN PARADE OF SYNTHETIC REPLICAS OF HUMAN BEINGS!

In order to reclaim your nation and world from the Zionist Khazar Jews, the masses of citizenry MUST come to terms with this disputed practice. Since the days of Hitler, scientists have been able to “clone” a man.
The Russians know this, and so do the Israeli Khazars. The Rothschild Jews who control the British Crown know about replicas. The CIA and the uncles of Jay Rockefeller experimented with DNA REPLICATION DECADES AGO! So ask Jay if such a thing is now routine in the dark secrets of the spy world. “The Cloning of A Man” (there is an important book by the same name if ones can get their hands on a copy) is the number one secret to keep from you-the-people in the cloak and dagger world. This information must be copied and spread far and wide—ESPECIALLY TO GOVERNMENT LEADERS THEMSELVES. EVEN THE “CLONED” ONE CAN BE DOWNLOADED AND PROGRAMMED NOT TO KNOW!


More readings on clones:

Important latest news from the host of God: Commander Hatonn (who works directly under the command of Jesus; FYI,
in these ending times, Jesus bears a new name: Sananda,
and Lucifer has a new one too: Satan): (a few pages)
Quoting from the above link, Page 2:
U.S. Congressman James E. Clyburn came to Detroit
where the little African boy is being held in connection
with the STAGED airliner incident on Christmas day.
The Zionist Khazar Jews are, indeed, an evil group of
entities who care nothing for any peoples of the world.
Their heinous plans for Global Control, with Satan
as ruler on Earth, is as sinister as it gets, precious
ones. Race War is one of the primary means of the
Bolshevik Jew to gain control of governments—divide
the citizenry any way they can be divided—and pit
all sides against each other. Ask the Russians of
“Soviet” Russia! And now the thrust is a Black vs.
White confrontation.

However, the Zionists underestimated God’s input in
this war equation.” (a few pages)

For those who believe in the Light, you can help by going to the and also you can join and listen to the conference call at:
(the 10th amendment is used for the States to restore their sovereignty – – and it takes 34 states to create a truly “Constitutional Republic Federal Government” since we don’t have one – – only corporations run our country – – thus their presidents can be born anywhere…)

Good work everyone, and thank you for your time reading my comment. Please do your best and wake up your family, friends, and use God’s given powers to come up with win-win solutions and share with all of us. Mahalo !!!

Aloha, God Bless, Light and Love to everyone,

JH Hawaii

PS: If you haven’t seen the current problems in the US, pls see the following videos (filled w/ info w/in the past 20 yrs) – – these are 4 part series:

The part that soldiers in Iraq were ordered to shoot kids and regular men/women is very TRUE – – I personally got confirmation:

Please do not forget God in helping you to come up with solutions for all of us – – Lighted Souled beings. Thanks.


Regarding this statement: In essence, the Chinese were interested in backing up all the world’s dollars earned through honest means with either gold or commodities and then putting the new dollars under the control of an institution controlled 50/50 by Asia and the West.

Does this mean “dollars created through honest work” and exclude dollars created out of thin air through the fraudulent fractional reserve system? Does this exclude dollars created as “interest” on the “thin air” money?

And will subsequent “new dollars” (monetary system) forever outlaw the usurous practice of charging interest PERIOD? The whole practice of interest is one of the fundamental roots of the problem… like one big game of financial musical chairs.

Any monetary system merely needs to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, and not become “financial industries” that complicate and obscure.


Just be aware of all the possibilities that are present. The type of information that Ben produces may be helpful in the sense that if you keep your head above the clouds you wont become victim to potential traps (eg. war, vaccines, media waste, etc)

And whenever you feel an inkling of fear remember you are eternal and of infinite importance. Nothing can or will stop you.


I feel the same Patriotkate does, the more I read the more confused I am, because I am not able to distinguish which is the true info and which is the distorted one.



Just finally had a chance to read the Greenspan article. Boy, seems far-fetched, but then there have been so many strange things that I have learned over the past few years that I suppose it’s possible. However, wouldn’t it have just been easier to push for abolishment of the Federal Reserve rather than crash the entire system and make millions (if not billions) of people miserable and broke?

I sense a lot of frustration, which I share, from those who comment here. Most of my frustration comes from the fact that the more I research, the more confused I become. Nesara – some says it’s the coming prosperity – others say it’s a scam by the PTB to suck us in. Lightworkers – some say they are real – others say their “channeled” messages are actually mind-control devices being used to implant these “messages” to them.

On and on – differences between stories reported by Ben and Christopher Story, as an example.

So, I definitely appreciate the thoughts, comments and links posted here.


Thanks, wbstreck! I’m feeling the positivity!


Hi all,

Thank you Ben for another uplifting post, much appreciated mate.

Danwyo – Definition of elite = a group of persons exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group. Elite does not always mean the best of something. The above definition rather aptly describes them!

As ever, it is great to read the comments from you lovely people, thank you.

mk2009 – So glad to see you back again!

Lots of love to you all, including the “elite”!



myfreaky Your conclusion has a valid concern.
The stigma Sino-Japanese masses have a 5,000 years plus long history of the most severe abuse by those same type of evil bloodlines . They were always ruled by warlord’s,and their mercenary armies . Extremely ruthless men always rise to power there by the actuation of the most extreme brutalities, and historically, the most severe oppression of the common people on the face of the earth. Not a promise of food if you work, but death, if you don’t ! Whole villages were crucified if they failed to present their warlord rulers with good crop, or enough fish,or built walls sections completed.
Never were th common people allowed to arm themselves in any way .
These common people did the only reactive response to this brutality they could secretly proceed with- The Martial Arts with it’s cunning and stealth and the self reliance of the individual to protect himself and his families.The Martial Arts brotherhoods have an Honorable Code of Conduct based on non-agression,on citizens,especially protecting the old and weak,children, women, from mistreatment and oppression. (The Good Earth)
Honest, wise, constructive and forthright leadership is desired in all levels of government. -(Meritocracy)- Safety and compassion, and well – being for the masses have become major goals of the government. This is what all the peoples of the world want, and not to be victimized and hoodwinked by evil bastards.
Looking backto Post WWll China and the obsession of those former leaders to make China strong at any costs, seperate barracks for Chines men, women and children on collective state farms were mandated by the state government. The subcistance diet of a cup of rice a day and a long day of hard work, resulted in the average lifespan of the communed citizens to average out at 39 years. The state felt that this was an optimum productive age for a worker. The bodies of the deceased were thrown into concrete lime pits to be decpmposed and used for fertilizer for the same agricultural fields they had worked in. Lest we forget ! Yes , it got as bad as it was in the Middle Ages and no one wants to see any culture, or peoples subjected to future atrocities. And still plots of the evil men are out there ! No more terrorists of humanity should survive for more than 30 seconds .For this New World, We have life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the agendas. God loves us and wants us all to have a good life. With HIS help , we can be succesful, and make every day a good day.


Could someone help me.

Why do we call the absolute scum of the earth the elite?


Ben, what exactly does the BDS expect of the Chinese government? In my experience, that government needs to come a long way if they are to prove that they are for improving the world’s situation. That government abuses its citizens and controls their thoughts and opinions through fear and torture just as badly as any other in history. Do they really intend to help the planet heal and seek co-operation with others in the way that the population deserves? I’m not saying other countries are any better, or making comparisons, I’m just curious about the BDS take on this particular government.


Is this the former Prime Minister Takeshita that you referenced in your latest article? He died in the year 2000. I found this referenced in a couple of places.

Columbia Encyclopedia:Noboru Takeshita
Home > Library > Miscellaneous > Columbia Encyclopedia – People
Takeshita, Noboru (täkĕsh’tä), 1924-2000, Japanese politician, b. Kakeya. The son of a sake brewer, he was first elected to parliament in 1958 and served as chief cabinet secretary, construction minister, and finance minister (1979-80, 1982-86). Leader of the largest faction of the ruling Liberal Democratic party (LDP), he became head of the party and prime minister in 1987 and led Japan’s emergence as a champion of the developing nations of Asia. He was forced to resign in 1989 as a result of a bribery scandal that involved several major party figures. A skillful practitioner of patronage-based machine politics, Takeshita remained leader of his faction in the LDP and was a powerful behind-the-scenes political figure in Japan through the 1990s. He resigned from parliament in 2000, shortly before his death.


Dear Everybody,

It doesn’t matter what the banksters think or even the Majestic types anymore. They are going to be taken down because their stupidity has destroyed the world YET AGAIN. Please take some time to visit the Ithica hours site and learn about setting up local currency. Then work to get it used in your town’s and cities. Don’t wait for those who view themselves as the “rulers” of the world to take action.

I have put a link to Jesse Ventura’s book on Conspiracies. Please buy it. Let’s send the message that the TRUTH is profitable.



Hi All and Bix,
I like the info. on Greenspan.I have often thought that
probably only way to take down the banksters was with a “Trojan Horse”.
Unfortunately ,bankrupt though they are,neither they nor the absurdly corrupt governments that they control appear to be ready to step aside.
I become more convinced daily that nothing short of a military coup will suffice,at least in the U.S.,and thankfully there are ever increasing signs of that taking place.
I cannot agree,however with the idea of America going isolationist and closing it’s borders.Globalism has gone much to far for any country to go backwards in history.
There is nothing wrong with globalism per say but not when it’s being run by criminals. David

darylluke So what if you get a new financial system in place if you still have an entrenched super-secret organization that continues to MIND-Kontrol humanity via the fake cell phone towers, spews millions of tons per week worldwide of toxins, nano-particles and whatnot, and HAARP. WHY DOESN’T Benjamin Fulford even mention ANY of these topics??? Am I the only one that sees how vitally important it is to dismantle that whole structure, which MAKES humans into “sheeple”(I abhor this term!)? Or, are even all of you here mindless drones, too?


Dear Everybody,

Hi Lynnwood and everybody, I have been busy trying to kick-start my news year’s resolutions and keep my son on the straight and narrow. I have been following the situations around the world quietly and spending a lot of time “sending” my belief that things will get straightened out in enough time for all of us to get ready for the big “roll-over” in the sky so that loss of life can be minimized.

The Rumormill “MK” and the MK on this site as well as the MK on the GoldenThread are one and the same. I have visited all the sites over the last two months, but haven’t been able to spend much time posting due to other things happening.

I believe that there will be a couple more big pushes to try to keep the monsters in power in the US, but they will be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. The people in the US have awakened to a very great degree. They are being quiet, but they are definitely letting everybody know that they are furious with this government. When I visited the polling places during the primary a couple of weeks ago in my state, both the Democratic and Republican election judges told me that large numbers of voters expressed their feeling that neither party was worth voting for. That is a big change from recent history and reflects what many people are feeing.

Jesse Ventura’s show has not been the only sign of awakening, but it has SHOCKED the media by its numbers. He is working on a book and has been making the rounds of international media, particularly on the 9/11 stuff. Regardless what the dumb bunny from the Washpo did, Veterans Today a website devoted to the military and their concerns has been writing lots of stories on the 1,000 Architects, Engineers etc. who are pushing for a new investigation into 9/11. If the soldiers, sailors and pilots of this country no longer believe the official “cover story”of 9/11, it is a sure bet that large numbers of the rest of the population are doubtful about that story as well.

People who used to think that I was a bubble off center for warning them about a variety of things (many of which have transpired) now ask me what I think is going to happen. Another thing that is happening all the time now is that people are asking me for where to get more information on the issues out there. They want to know books, websites, magazines etc. for information.

Things are changing, but we are not out of the woods just yet. I plan to go read my Cliff High reports again (Half Past Human predictions of upcoming events from the linguistic analysis that he does)



Dear friends, Henry Kissinger is dead. He died with his wife Nancy in a private jet crash at 7:12 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on February 5, 1979. What you are seeing in the local news is part of a secret intelligence war of doubles, look-alikes, and impostors. These doubles are not clones.


One day we are going to look back at these corrupt gangsters, murderers, and molesters of our beautiful planet. After the blood is done curdling and the dust settles, we will feel a need for a sincere THANK YOU for in their terrible works that we could finally see the truth and light for what it is. If anything they have taught us why love and compassion MUST be so.

Its encouraging to see the spiritual work Im putting in on my very small scale is almost coinciding directly with these world events. 2 steps forward one step back but we must never give in.

Much love to Benjamin, the Illuminati, and all of Gods Creation.


Ben , Thank you for this timely update. I’m sure The Chinese Politiburo and The BDS are doing their level best to correlate the information they are receiving from the audit trails being done on the U.S. finacials and The Federal Reserve. The appropraite legal procedure was promulgated, as a matterof fact, in order to ascertain an proper solution and settlement with The FR member banks, cabal members, and other ponzi brokers that would seek to repatriate a good deal of their wealth to the new composite world financial system forming . God help us from there . I was glad to hea that the proposed institution would be centerally controlled by a Meritocracy based consortium to help prevent the failings of the human nature of the new appointees of the electorate .
However satisfactory the latest report is, the finalization (horizontalization) of the death-defiant, recalcitrant U.S.-NWO Cabal that presists with various outrages. The latest vitim, Mr. Takeshita, my condolences to the bereaved,and the presistent recent and numerous HAARP attacks . The latest was the direct threat of a HAARP attack om Iran. These behaviors herald their death sentences and the ‘posse commitatus’ must be called together ,immediately, to isolate them from power,and very, very quickly, incarcerate them for capital prosecution : for terrorism, and other high crimes againt humanity.I definitely feel we need the offical cooperation and participation of the Pentagon, and or U.S. Military in this process which will help the American people digest the complete reorganization of their nation. President Obama had issued Executive Order # 12,245, on Dec. 17th,2009, to facilitate Interpol protective policing for the auditors participating with the U.S. – Federal Reseve audits , now in progress, but the national police presence must be dutifuly openly decalred and matter of factly incorporated in the process. There are a multitude of these loose ends we must bind up to resolve the damages done by evil men and women. Fortuneately we have some good men and , women and organizations that are unselfishly, champions for humanity , and ready to give it their best.
I know that the highest estate of affairs that remain before The True Guardians of Humanity is that undertaking . Any dissenters ? – Any supporters ?


“We also see a deepening rift between Europe and the US criminal government”…

Also note the rift that has formed between the US and Israel:


Thank you Ben for your continued efforts.
I have been attempting to understand the world’s governments and banking for about 15 years.
As a Canadian, with a family very much involved in Canada’s political history, I am sure you will be intrigued by Doug Force’s work regarding Canada. The link to the CFRB program outlining his findings is:
Needless to say, Richard Syrett’s program has been canceled on CFRB. I wonder why LOL.
Any information regarding Canada has always been secondary to work and efforts investigating the complexity in the USA.
I do recall an individual in western Canada who fought Revenue Canada regarding the legality of the Federal Income Tax system. He won repeated legal actions against himself by Revenue Canada, and the last incident resulted in the residing judge informing Revenue Canada that should they proceed again against this individual, they would be in contempt of his court. Unfortunately, this person is no longer in this realm.
I certainly appears that things are moving forward on the international front. Lets hope that this coming week will see more positive actions and agreements.
Keep up the excellent work. I would appreciate any comments you may have regarding Canada, especially the British North American Act etc.
God Bless


Really enjoyed this update, Ben! Tanks for all your work, as a;ways.
We are at the end of the long and winding road….




Hi Ben,

Can’t the Yakuza have some abbreviate dr K. in South Korea?



Patriotkate Hi, Please checkout the link from bixweir directly above this post. I am interested in your opinion of same.


It’s all here Ben…the US is going to default on all their obligations and close their borders…mark my words! The US will be on a Domestic Gold Standard in the next few months.

All the best for your work.



I’m wondering about MK too. I suspect she is the same as MK at RumorMill News, and also here, she has not logged in since Feb 18th (if I am right and it is our MK):

The Golden Thread – The Continuing Search For The Truth
…a think-tank type of forum that discusses all types of possibilities while searching for truth.



Hi Ben

Another encouraging post. Thank you.

I have a feeling that it is getting very close to the time when things are going to start happening, and also get the feeling that when they do start happening, it will be like a pack of cards going down. Won’t that be a day to rejoice for humanity and the earth!

Don’t know what to think re the Henry Kissinger re -appearance. You will have to look closely into the clone thing though, these people are beyond tricky, they are downright conniving and most definitely not to be believed.

Just in passing, we haven’t heard any comment from MK for some time. Hope everything is OK with you MK. I seem to remember you had an ill or disabled child you were caring for – trust all is well.


You mean those dates of Jan. 15, Feb. 16, Mar. 1 didn’t actually mean anything and that these dates for April and this week actually do?

😛 (tongue in cheek)

As Bill Maher would say “I kid with love… I do, really…”


Do you think this Kissinger is a clone replacement? Just a thought. I didn’t know if you think clones are used.


thanks ben. You are giving us dates to look now. april 2010 and this week.

thanks for your update