Report on discussions between the Black Dragon Society and a Chinese Politburo envoy plus other news

The Chinese Politburo sent an envoy to hold preliminary discussions with the Black Dragon Society last week. The discussions were, as was the case with the Illuminati in Italy, friendly and productive. In essence, the Chinese were interested in backing up all the world’s dollars earned through honest means with either gold or commodities and then putting the new dollars under the control of an institution controlled 50/50 by Asia and the West. Later, the institution that manages the new currency would become a meritocracy without any regional or racial quotas in its administration.

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How does one discern an ‘honest’ dollar from any other dollar?
This notion that some money will be respected and other money will be eliminated is absurd.


Dear Hyperbrit, You are right on target. Now, I am going to suggest that those who are getting the “real deal” messages (BTW, AVOID VACCINATIONS at all costs) Hyperbrit, you need to go visit the ECETI site (I think that it is, but I am not sure) Just google that term along with James Gilliland, “As You Wish” radio and you should get the correct site. I found this site in a very interesting way. I kept seeing a beautiful snow-peaked mountain with a beautiful lake in the foreground in my dreams and whenever I close my eyes. Then… Read more »


Thanks Mk, Once again a first class summary.For those of you who may have found my question off topic,I would like to remind you that Benjamin has in the past refused to be drawn on Alien disclosure and has mentioned “Project Bluebeam” several times as a fraud. As for me I have come to the conclusion that there is a veritable minefield of disinfo. out there that is fully intended to confuse us and thereby create fear. I came across such an experience recently where I became highly suspicious of the possibility of negatively controlled nordics. The true Nordics according… Read more »


Dear Everybody, Please don’t make me the expert on ETs. There are many parts to that mystery that I have not figured out. There are offworlders that look like us. Some supposedly from the Pleiedes system are described as being tall and blond. BIlly Meiers has had contact with alleged representatives of this group. You can read his information on the Internet. There are active campaigns to discredit him, but his story fits my parameters for probable truth. You can also find a lot of information on these topics on (google it) I would also recommend that you read… Read more »


Hi MK,
Do you by any chance know of any links with info. on the Nordics? They are a bit of a mystery it seems but I am strongly guided to find out more about them. Thanks. David


Dear Everybody, There are more bits to this entire picture, but I don’t really think that now is the time to go into them. What is important to remember is not just the fact of offworld communications with our government. What is important to consider is why our government would GIVE access to any one of us for Technology. There is little difference between that and slavery. Additionally, it is important to realize that from this humble (and stupid idea by Truman the haberdasher) came an opening to create an entirely different government operating without any oversight by Congress. That… Read more »


A BIG THANK YOU MK for presenting the more than adequate presentaion of those facts about the alien intervenors. Myself and many others have heard of reports about alien beings making ‘ classified’ contact with the U.S., and with the Nazi regime BTW . Both nations were involved with manufacturing a nuclear bomb , at that time.God keeps his eyes on the evil progresses of man, and sends his emmisary angels when it is fitting to do so. The judging angels that visited Lot prior to the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah were considerate and peaceful, adjudicating the situation of… Read more »


Great summary MK, I was told that there are 43 levels of the secret govt. in the U.S. outside the purview of the president,congress and most if not all of the military. The beings that Eisenhower first met are presumably known as the Nordics and do not interfere,but the greys are another matter entirely.I have read on different sites that there appear to be negative nordic types but am wondering if they might be what Dr. Steven Greer calls programmed life forms. It certainly makes sense to me that the PTB’s would like to have a lot of disinfo. out… Read more »


Dear Wbstreck, Let’s take this picture out a few hundred miles from earth. Yes, there are “Shadow Governments” running this planet and its governments behind the scenes. Originally, these players were bankers who sought unlimited political control AND privacy. They achieved their goals by paying off politicians, loaning money to nobility and owning the major industries like transportation, fuel, banking, insurance, medicine, chemical, petroleum and so forth. They could orchestrate almost any event that they wanted without being noticed through their many tentacles of industry. Originally, this group ran most of Europe and later on, parts of the middle East.… Read more »


MK I am sure that you and many others would agree that our country (via the manipulation of National Politics) has been taken over by a ‘Shadow Central Government’ that is in league with The Illuminati, and other subversive factions that want to end our democracy,control our commerce and money supplies,eliminate jobs,debase our eduational system,dissapate our social welfare benefits,confiscate our wealth,eliminate the great success of our vocal middle-class and take away our Bill of Rights. Further submitt us to ruination so we can be totally controled by their mercenary police force entities. In this cospiratorial takeover,We are losing our freedom… Read more »


Dear Rosemaria, I will put something together and try to get it up somewhere. I have something very important for everybody. You all need to read an essay by Dr. Alan Sabrosky on Zionism. Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism Then listen to the interview with Dr. Sabrosky at Finally, read the article on Veterans Today about the fact that Osama Bin Ladin died in 2001. Once you have read these things and listened to the interview and begin plastering the web with this information. NEXT, DEMAND THAT THERE BE NO WAR STARTED WITH IRAN OR… Read more »


This is an excellent essay, MK. If you decide to blog it in the public blogosphere (or already have done so), please provide a link so that we can turn people on to it. 🙂


Dear Fulford readers particularly those that feel confused, It took me many years to figure out what I know today. Here are my suggestions: 1. If a story makes no sense or relies upon inherently contradictory “facts,” it is likely to be false. 2. If a story relies upon an inexplicable “motivations” by any party in the event, action or story, it is likely to be false. For example, the ol’ “he/she suddenly ‘snapped'” explaination. People do not suddenly snap and begin killing other people. Despite what the PTW tried to achieve through their military training and brainwashing films, 80… Read more »


ALERT ALERT When I signed in to Ben’s website this morning I went immediately to Sample Copy ,not Home as usual. I BELIEVE IT IS ACTUALY AN UPDATE. Evidently we did have some boots on the ground doing an audit eval. in The D.C. Hub. And we almost had a total scramble, sell-out of these folks as the PTB and The Politburo choked up and planned to waste em. It was the Tigers, The BDS ,that stepped in with it’s strong and meritorious backbone, brilliant intellect , and rebuilt the good efforts to evaluate and interpolate The U.S. Debt and… Read more »


I firmly believe that we create our own reality based on our intent. The trick is defining your intent with clarity. Writing something down and then having a ceremony with the writing, such as burning it, is a good way to fix your intent and send it out to the Universe. I wrote down in some detail the world I want after the coming chaos. Then I created a small symbol to represent that writing of intent and drew it on the writing and then had a ceremony to fix everything in my mind. Every chance I get, I think… Read more »


Then I would propose that we always add the adjective “scum” when we talk about the elite scum.


Shouldn’t it be bullshit talks and money walks? Walking is action, talking is, well, just that nothing but talk.



To: jpsfulfordnews
Regarding your ID. It infers that you are and official spokesman for Mr. Ben Fulford ,or, respondent for this website broadcast blog. Can you state any official affiliation regarding such an appointment by Mr. Ben Fulford ?


I pray to JESHUA , ‘The Light of The World ‘ and the Portal to the ALMIGHTY, that he protect us from the wiles of these very evil spawn of Satan and the beguiling pretext of the so called Obama’s Healthcare Reform Bill . That this vote be rejected and recognized as a scam and a usury of the wicked that it is. We do not need an intermediary when it comes to praying . Let the petitions of the very wicked fall upon the unauthorized ears of the quick and the dead , that neither hear ,nor see, for… Read more »


I am all for positive thinking. It is the only way anything “positive” happens. Funny, that. Consider this, however, is impossible for a certain small amount of individuals, who yet affect the broader spectrum of life. They do not see what you and I see. You look, you see a summer day with flowers and people talking, helping one another, laughing, etc. This particular type of personality would see enemies to be destroyed in every direction. These personalities can be found at every level of living and activity, but they are very few, which is the good news. The bad… Read more »


Dear BF Peoples, Matt and several others have mentioned the “POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.” Most people have a little trouble with this concept, they can’t believe that they have any power, let alone the power to change outcomes. Well, I have put a number of links together for everybody to begin “feeling” their ability. Let me caution each of you about prejudging whether you have “the power.” You have it. I have never found anyone who could not make psi-driven tools and tests work. I have found that it takes everybody a little time to figure out how to access… Read more »


Getem, it is puzzling why he cancelled his trip. They claim it was always a vacation and his girls won’t be out of school until June. However, staying here to force the Government Takeover of our health care industry IS PRECISELY WHAT HIS CONTROLLERS WANT. Anyone who has read summaries and details of the legislation, know that it is the structure that will totally control our lives. His British controllers want this Hitler-style health care in place so they can kill off as many people as possible. It will also provide a steady stream of funds they can steal, just… Read more »


There is such a high level of crimes taking place : ( financial theivery , as reported above,criminal genocide with our HAARP Activity, The corrupt Federal Reserve Bank operation, poisoning the world’s economies with every mass printing of currencies, The formeer ‘Oil for food ‘ scam in Iraq (200 UN memeber participants), dissolution of the Bill of Rights and The Constitution, President’s refusal to provide his proper credentials for office , Presidential abuse of Executive & Presidential Orders, Memebership of many of our nations top politicians in Seceret Societies, such as the NWO, WCFR, Bilderberges, contrary to the national interests… Read more »


Getem, I agree 100%, something IS UP. I feel it in my bones. I thought is was fallout and damage control from the latest Christopher Story posting from Monday the 15th: THE ABORTED PENNSYLVANIA FRAUD OF 8 MARCH 2010 FORENSIC DECONSTRUCTION OF A BOLD, BRAZEN WHITE HOUSE CRIME CAUGHT IN TIME A SMALL PORTION OF THE LONG ARTICLE: …”NEW REPORT STARTS HERE: MAY WE INTRODUCE YOU TO SALVATORE R. DEFRANCESCO? Have you met or heard of Salvatore R DeFrancesco? Salvatore DeFrancesco Senior, that is. No? Then may we please have the pleasure of introducing him to you. It has been… Read more »


Hi Ben Something is up. Obama was due to come down under next week, now we hear he has canceled the tour. I always knew there was more to the trip than just a goodwill gesture. He probably was going to put his hand out for funds whilst here. And who knows what the visit to Indonesia was for prior to arrival in Oz. Something is afoot, I am wondering if the BDS have curtailed his travels. Maybe he was under so much scrutiny that he knew he would not be able to follow through with his real agenda here.… Read more »




Hello to our Champions of Humanity, advocates, and Pilgrim- journeymen. The Pilgrims are trying to ascertain if we realy have ‘boots on the ground’, or paratroopers in planes ready to stabilize and rescue our kidnapped planet.We have been told about conceptual plans: NESARA (Law-??), and former chairman Alan Greenspan’s de-evolution prognosis theroy for the Fedral Reserve decimation and return to nationalism . These manifestoes have not manifested into pro-active purposeful actions,most likely because the implementation of same, possibly due to the proposed cures, remedies, reconciliations, that are too nebulous ,or, objectionable , or, impractical for the actual implementation thereof. We… Read more »


Dear Kindly Souls of the Benjamin Fulford “salon”, Much like the bluestockings and other groups of the past, we gather here to discuss, share and learn a little more about the complex world in which we currently live. Hopefully as we learn, we take our changed perspective forward with us as we approach the world in a more informed way. I wanted to mention a few things today that I would like all of you to consider. Before I mention the MK topic of today, I wanted to touch upon the word “elite.” In common parlance, elite has become accepted… Read more »


Thanks for the Comments MK, I await your next post at the GT!!


Ben PLEASE comment on the demise of the chemtrails!

Thanks for all your great efforts. 🙂


Aloha Everyone: Thank you Ben for confirming who the enemy of man is and that normally deals made with Lucifer’s minions are broken. He is so evil that he forgets that we are presented the TRUTH from the Hosts of God as see on page 3 of Commander Hatonn’s writings: “HOW CAN YOU DISCERN “MY” TRUTH? ” By taking full note as to WHO is trying to silence me! I am telling you the Spiritual TRUTH about that which the deceivers have trained and deceived you into accepting “as” truth. No, you have feasted on lies until you recognize… Read more »


Regarding this statement: In essence, the Chinese were interested in backing up all the world’s dollars earned through honest means with either gold or commodities and then putting the new dollars under the control of an institution controlled 50/50 by Asia and the West. Does this mean “dollars created through honest work” and exclude dollars created out of thin air through the fraudulent fractional reserve system? Does this exclude dollars created as “interest” on the “thin air” money? And will subsequent “new dollars” (monetary system) forever outlaw the usurous practice of charging interest PERIOD? The whole practice of interest is… Read more »


Just be aware of all the possibilities that are present. The type of information that Ben produces may be helpful in the sense that if you keep your head above the clouds you wont become victim to potential traps (eg. war, vaccines, media waste, etc)

And whenever you feel an inkling of fear remember you are eternal and of infinite importance. Nothing can or will stop you.


I feel the same Patriotkate does, the more I read the more confused I am, because I am not able to distinguish which is the true info and which is the distorted one.


Wbstveck Just finally had a chance to read the Greenspan article. Boy, seems far-fetched, but then there have been so many strange things that I have learned over the past few years that I suppose it’s possible. However, wouldn’t it have just been easier to push for abolishment of the Federal Reserve rather than crash the entire system and make millions (if not billions) of people miserable and broke? I sense a lot of frustration, which I share, from those who comment here. Most of my frustration comes from the fact that the more I research, the more confused I… Read more »


Thanks, wbstreck! I’m feeling the positivity!


Hi all,

Thank you Ben for another uplifting post, much appreciated mate.

Danwyo – Definition of elite = a group of persons exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group. Elite does not always mean the best of something. The above definition rather aptly describes them!

As ever, it is great to read the comments from you lovely people, thank you.

mk2009 – So glad to see you back again!

Lots of love to you all, including the “elite”!



myfreaky Your conclusion has a valid concern. The stigma Sino-Japanese masses have a 5,000 years plus long history of the most severe abuse by those same type of evil bloodlines . They were always ruled by warlord’s,and their mercenary armies . Extremely ruthless men always rise to power there by the actuation of the most extreme brutalities, and historically, the most severe oppression of the common people on the face of the earth. Not a promise of food if you work, but death, if you don’t ! Whole villages were crucified if they failed to present their warlord rulers with… Read more »


Could someone help me.

Why do we call the absolute scum of the earth the elite?


Ben, what exactly does the BDS expect of the Chinese government? In my experience, that government needs to come a long way if they are to prove that they are for improving the world’s situation. That government abuses its citizens and controls their thoughts and opinions through fear and torture just as badly as any other in history. Do they really intend to help the planet heal and seek co-operation with others in the way that the population deserves? I’m not saying other countries are any better, or making comparisons, I’m just curious about the BDS take on this particular… Read more »


Is this the former Prime Minister Takeshita that you referenced in your latest article? He died in the year 2000. I found this referenced in a couple of places. Columbia Encyclopedia:Noboru Takeshita Home > Library > Miscellaneous > Columbia Encyclopedia – People Takeshita, Noboru (täkĕsh’tä), 1924-2000, Japanese politician, b. Kakeya. The son of a sake brewer, he was first elected to parliament in 1958 and served as chief cabinet secretary, construction minister, and finance minister (1979-80, 1982-86). Leader of the largest faction of the ruling Liberal Democratic party (LDP), he became head of the party and prime minister in… Read more »


Dear Everybody,

It doesn’t matter what the banksters think or even the Majestic types anymore. They are going to be taken down because their stupidity has destroyed the world YET AGAIN. Please take some time to visit the Ithica hours site and learn about setting up local currency. Then work to get it used in your town’s and cities. Don’t wait for those who view themselves as the “rulers” of the world to take action.

I have put a link to Jesse Ventura’s book on Conspiracies. Please buy it. Let’s send the message that the TRUTH is profitable.



Hi All and Bix, I like the info. on Greenspan.I have often thought that probably only way to take down the banksters was with a “Trojan Horse”. Unfortunately ,bankrupt though they are,neither they nor the absurdly corrupt governments that they control appear to be ready to step aside. I become more convinced daily that nothing short of a military coup will suffice,at least in the U.S.,and thankfully there are ever increasing signs of that taking place. I cannot agree,however with the idea of America going isolationist and closing it’s borders.Globalism has gone much to far for any country to go… Read more »

darylluke So what if you get a new financial system in place if you still have an entrenched super-secret organization that continues to MIND-Kontrol humanity via the fake cell phone towers, spews millions of tons per week worldwide of toxins, nano-particles and whatnot, and HAARP. WHY DOESN’T Benjamin Fulford even mention ANY of these topics??? Am I the only one that sees how vitally important it is to dismantle that whole structure, which MAKES humans into “sheeple”(I abhor this term!)? Or, are even all of you here mindless drones, too?


Dear Everybody, Hi Lynnwood and everybody, I have been busy trying to kick-start my news year’s resolutions and keep my son on the straight and narrow. I have been following the situations around the world quietly and spending a lot of time “sending” my belief that things will get straightened out in enough time for all of us to get ready for the big “roll-over” in the sky so that loss of life can be minimized. The Rumormill “MK” and the MK on this site as well as the MK on the GoldenThread are one and the same. I have… Read more »


Dear friends, Henry Kissinger is dead. He died with his wife Nancy in a private jet crash at 7:12 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on February 5, 1979. What you are seeing in the local news is part of a secret intelligence war of doubles, look-alikes, and impostors. These doubles are not clones.


One day we are going to look back at these corrupt gangsters, murderers, and molesters of our beautiful planet. After the blood is done curdling and the dust settles, we will feel a need for a sincere THANK YOU for in their terrible works that we could finally see the truth and light for what it is. If anything they have taught us why love and compassion MUST be so. Its encouraging to see the spiritual work Im putting in on my very small scale is almost coinciding directly with these world events. 2 steps forward one step back but… Read more »


Ben , Thank you for this timely update. I’m sure The Chinese Politiburo and The BDS are doing their level best to correlate the information they are receiving from the audit trails being done on the U.S. finacials and The Federal Reserve. The appropraite legal procedure was promulgated, as a matterof fact, in order to ascertain an proper solution and settlement with The FR member banks, cabal members, and other ponzi brokers that would seek to repatriate a good deal of their wealth to the new composite world financial system forming . God help us from there . I was… Read more »


“We also see a deepening rift between Europe and the US criminal government”…

Also note the rift that has formed between the US and Israel:


Thank you Ben for your continued efforts. I have been attempting to understand the world’s governments and banking for about 15 years. As a Canadian, with a family very much involved in Canada’s political history, I am sure you will be intrigued by Doug Force’s work regarding Canada. The link to the CFRB program outlining his findings is: Needless to say, Richard Syrett’s program has been canceled on CFRB. I wonder why LOL. Any information regarding Canada has always been secondary to work and efforts investigating the complexity in the USA. I do recall an individual in western Canada… Read more »


Really enjoyed this update, Ben! Tanks for all your work, as a;ways.
We are at the end of the long and winding road….




Hi Ben,

Can’t the Yakuza have some abbreviate dr K. in South Korea?



Patriotkate Hi, Please checkout the link from bixweir directly above this post. I am interested in your opinion of same.


It’s all here Ben…the US is going to default on all their obligations and close their borders…mark my words! The US will be on a Domestic Gold Standard in the next few months.

All the best for your work.



I’m wondering about MK too. I suspect she is the same as MK at RumorMill News, and also here, she has not logged in since Feb 18th (if I am right and it is our MK):

The Golden Thread – The Continuing Search For The Truth
…a think-tank type of forum that discusses all types of possibilities while searching for truth.



Hi Ben Another encouraging post. Thank you. I have a feeling that it is getting very close to the time when things are going to start happening, and also get the feeling that when they do start happening, it will be like a pack of cards going down. Won’t that be a day to rejoice for humanity and the earth! Don’t know what to think re the Henry Kissinger re -appearance. You will have to look closely into the clone thing though, these people are beyond tricky, they are downright conniving and most definitely not to be believed. Just in… Read more »


You mean those dates of Jan. 15, Feb. 16, Mar. 1 didn’t actually mean anything and that these dates for April and this week actually do?

😛 (tongue in cheek)

As Bill Maher would say “I kid with love… I do, really…”


Do you think this Kissinger is a clone replacement? Just a thought. I didn’t know if you think clones are used.


thanks ben. You are giving us dates to look now. april 2010 and this week.

thanks for your update