Have the illuminati been monopolizing ancient technology?

In recent meetings with various self-described members of the “illuminati,” I have been told about how they have monopolized powerful ancient technologies in order to enforce their secret rule over humanity. In fact they have even provided me with several books describing in exact detail how to summon various “entities” who control primeval forces.

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My comments were pulled? How interesting. Ben, was that you?


Again, if you haven’t done so already, go to you tube, enter Klaus Dona and watch the presentation by Bill Ryan. It dovetails in chilling detail with these remarks and even for a novice such as I, seems to connect a lot of other dots. Ben and everyone else is invited/urged to view Klaus Dona.


Great radio show Sam,

Thank you for everything that you are doing to establish our constitutional rights again. I am awaiting the unfolding of this plan in hopes that ALL people in this country awaken to freedom and personal liberty of the new age rather than the nightmare of totalitarian control.

I have witnessed over the past two years, via the bailout, a theft of private property on the scale that is unprecedented. So now it is my pleasure to watch the containment, dismantling, and/or the ousting of ANY public official/government body that has participated in this theft or any other act of corruption for that matter.

1) What was Obama going to do that would have put an end to America as we know it?

2) Can you say anything about yourself to the public as to who you are and what gives you the ability to do what you are doing? (something I missed)

3) How certain are you that this plan will unfold the way you envision and are you worried about particular bumps in the road?

In your service,


“…presentment to the armed forces of the United States of America. As this will be the first time that anyone other than myself has seen the document,…”

I do pray good does come out of everything eventually, the above phrase is unsettling, albeit positive.

God give strength to all that are doing good, in the open and behind the scenes. It’s the “behind the scenes” and secrets that have me proceed with caution upon endorsing. Peace!


Thanks Matt and Lew3 for the info.

Rosemaria: Thanks for that info. I will take a look into the meaning of numbers 12 and 13. Can you point me to info regarding why 12 is entrapment. People also say that the number 13 is “negative” yet Carl mentions that 13 is sacred.

Here is some updated information as of today about the Restore America Plan…. Radio Show Tonight……..

Declaration of USA Restoration! April 11/10 Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 April 2010 11:40

Ladies and gentlemen, (folks another interesting perspective on USA Changes)

Many of you across country were viscerally moved by the introduction of the declaration of restoration on the January 31, 2010 broadcast of TAKE NO PRISONERS. Tonight, as we are seeing evidence of The Restore America Plan unfolding before our eyes, I have the privilege of bringing you the:


whereby the sovereign People of America will hereby, this very night (Sunday, April 11), restore the law of the land under God and expressly shut the door once and for all on all of the ravages of the bar association legal franchise with which you have been struggling for so many years.

The Manifesto of Rights in Law is part of General Order Fourteen being prepared in Phase 2 of The Restore America Plan for presentment to the armed forces of the United States of America. As this will be the first time that anyone other than myself has seen the document, I promise you a moment to stand in history as we share with the world at large, and the members of the International Bar Association, the articles that will forever contain the misguided excesses and injustices of those who have valued their oath to man-made institutions and corporate regulations above the law of the land and their allegiance to their Creator.

I hope you will join me. TAKE NO PRISONERS can be heard on FM and shortwave stations around the world, and on the internet, iPhones and Blackberrys via Shoutcast or directly through the network website at:

http://republicbroa dcasting. org

every Sunday night on the unique voice of freedom, the Republic Broadcasting Network at 8 PM ET (7 PM CT, 6 PM MT and 5 PM PT). Hope to see you then.

Thank you for reading and would you kindly consider CIRCULATING THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE?

Peace and Grace to all,

Sam Kennedy
http://www.guardiansofthef reerepublics. com

____________ _________ _

(Dr.) Sam Kennedy
Republic Broadcasting network
http://www.republic broadcasting. org/
The Save America Crusade


Interesting rosemaria….


The Law of One flatly contradicts the 12-strand theory of DNA and chakras, which appears to be yet another piece of new age disinformation.

Twelve is a number of entrapment in 3D limitation, IMHO, based on my decades of study of metaphysics.

As Carl Johan Calleman says, 12 + 1 does not equal 13. Thirteen is truly a sacred and transformational number of our archetypal galactic system, whereas twelve is designed to keep us subject to this particular artificial Matrix of control.

This is why the thirteenth zodiacal sign, Ophiuchus, has been all but obliterated from the astrological record by TPTB. Speaking of, Ophiuchus is connected to DNA.

Even so, this does not mean we will ever evolve 13 DNA strands and/or chakras!


hmm, yes sierra, I agree with you.
When someone has a given track record, that is a good indication that what they are saying must be looked at carefully, even with information presented, as that track record will indicate that it will be blown out of proportion…that is after all the track record.

I have jumped on too many band wagons so I discern carefully.


From Jane Burgermeister’s site this perspective on the Polish plane crash:

Top Polish Leaders Opposing Euro & Swine Flu Vaccines Wiped Out in Mysterious Plane Crash

According to the mainstream media, the Polish delegation was flying from Warsaw to Smolensk to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre of thousands of Poles by Soviet secret service during the second world war.

But the official ceremony marking the Katyn anniversary was held earlier in the week on Wednesday and attended by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Russian head of state Vladimir Putin.

The Polish President Lech Kaczynski was not invited.

How come Presidnt Kaczynski and half of Poland’s government flew to Katyn three days after the official anniversary?

Why did 100 figures who are vital for the day-to-day functioning of the Polish government go to a relatively insignificant ceremony, and not to the
main one?

What reason could there be for the Polish central bank governor to fly to Katyn to attend the ceremony?

Why did the 100 top Polish leaders all fly on the same plane?

How could security protocols that require that even a president and his deputy fly separately be so relaxed that so many key people needed to run the Polish government from day to day are allowed to fly on the same plane?

And in a Russian Tupolev plane, and to the traditional arch-enemy of Poland, Russia?

This massacre of the Polish elite occurred on the way to commemorate the murder of 4000 Polish officers and intellectuals massacred by the Soviets
in 1940.

But what is the probability of a second massacre of the entire Polish leadership occurring in the same place 70 years later?

Why were none of the journalists that accompany the president on the plane as usual?

According to Polish media, journalists were told that they had been assigned to another plane that had had technical problems and they would, therefore, need to switch to a third plane, delaying their arrival in Katyn.

The delay of the journalists in arriving at the scene of the crash allowed a better manipulation of the media coverage.

According to Bild am Sonntag and the Berliner Zeitung, a hotel close to the crash site was sealed off, possible to ensure that journalists who might have seen the crash could not send photos or reports.

A man who took pictures of the crash site using his mobile phone had to erase the photos at a police check point on his way home.

Polish and Russian officials said no-one survived the crash. All the bodies have been found, they allege – and yet at the same time, authorities say DNA tests will have to be carried out on the bones of many to identify them.

Have all the bodies been found? Or not?

Were there any bodies? How many?

What evidence is there that these people were on the plane to Smolensk at all apart from the passenger list issued by the authorities?

It is conceivable that the 100 top Polish leaders were rounded up in a purge and killed or kidnapped inside Poland and that the airplane accident in
Russia was staged to explain their deaths.

A map of the air port north of Smolensk can be seen here:


Weather reports indicate clouds but little fog.

According to the official version, however, the plane hit trees as it approached Smolensk airport in thick fog, and caught fire.

The plane made four landing attempts because of the fog, according to the mainstream media.

But another witness reported hearing an explosion.

The damage of the plane shown is consistent with an explosion.

Debris was scattered around an area one kilometer.

Pilot error was a possible reason for the crash, according to the official story.

But the pilots chosen to fly heads of state are highly qualified.

Why was the plane flying so low that it hit a tree? Weren’t the instruments measuring altitude on board working?

What was the co pilot doing?

Where was the military escort? The security service detail?

Russian media reports said the pilots ignored advice from air traffic control to divert to another airport.

“The pilot was advised to land in Minsk, but decided to land in Smolensk,” said the spokesman, Andrei Yevseyenkov.

But pilots have to follow a standardised procedure for landing and must divert if there is visibility is too poor.

Other reports say Kaczynski himself intervened to force the pilot to land. How likely is it that the pilot would listen to the president and not follow standard procedures?

How likely that the entire army leadership would allow Kaczynski to force the pilot to land. The head of the Polish air force was also on board according to the official story.

Smolensk airport is a military airport classified as a “ClassOne Aiport” that can handle all types of planes, though there are conflicting reports about whether it had an ILS system.

The media says the Tu-154 also has a questionable safety record, and the presidential plane was at least 20 years old.

But other sources say the plane had just undergone a service. A thorough check is routine before a flight.

Planes as the safest means of travel in the world. Hardly any head of state has killed in a plane crash in the past 30 to 40 years. Now half the Polish government has died.

How likely is it that this was an accident?

Who gains from the death of so many leading Polish figures?

The main winner is Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk who has wiped out the entire opposition to his pro-euro, pro-IMF, pro-New World Order policies,
even though they appear to be some allies sacrificed on the plane, including the pro swine flu vaccine ombudsman.

Nevertheless, the backbone of Polish opposition to the NWO appears to have been killed.

“Among the victims were key members of Poland’s biggest opposition party, Law and Justice, including current and former heads of the party’s parliamentary caucus, Grazyna Gesicka and Przemyslaw Gosiewski as well as
the party’s main economic expert Aleksandra Natalli-Swiat, and deputy parliamentary speaker Krzysztof Putra.

The list also includes deputy parliamentary speaker Jerzy Szmajdzinski, who was the presidential candidate of the opposition Left Democratic Alliance.
That means the crash killed the presidential candidates of two of Poland’s three largest parties. Kaczynski had already won the endorsement of the opposition Law and Justice party. He was to officially declare his candidacy
in May,” reports Bloomberg.

With President Kaczynski out of the way and the two presidential candidates, the next president can appoint the top army leaders and the central bank governor as well as judges – in short replace the entire Polish government
with people friendly to the New World Order and Bilderberg agenda.

Tusk’s presidential candidate Komorowski has just said he would set the date of a presidential election which had been due in October forward to June, giving Tusk’s party an added advantage.

Tusk appears to be just a puppet for the NWO, operating across countries, and including Putin, who is supposed to be leading the probe in the crash in Russia.

The bodies of the victims have been taken to Moscow.

There is evidence that many government officials work for the private interests of an international corporate crime syndicate, gearing up for the total destruction of nation states and the US dollar and euro to establish a one world government under the UN flagship.

Poland’s top leaders have defied the NWO by refusing the swine flu vaccination and postponing joining the euro, a “must”, according to IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

They have paid a heavy price.

True, Tusk appeared to support his health minister when she refused to buy the swine flu vaccine last autumn. But even the Austrian Health Minister criticized WHO for declaring a pandemic prematurely – but only after he saw how big the opposition to the vaccines in Austria already was.

Acting skills are vital for leadership, Adolf Hitler said.

By purging Poland of its top leadership and opposition, the NWO has sent out a signal, a clear warning to other government figures not to resist its agenda.

It is less likely that the Polish Health Minister will dare refuse vaccinethe next time WHO declares a pandemic after this incident.

It is less likely that Greece’s central bankers and opposition parties will push for Greece to leave the eurozone or operate a domestic currency in parallel with the euro.

That, anyway, is the calculation of the New World Order.

The murder of the Polish leaders signals the start of a new era of terror and could be the start of a whole series of purges of government officials opposing their agenda.

The NWO has declared war on us, and we must fight back.
The time for action has come.



Re Miriam’s comment:
“Steven Quayle is not the most reliable source of info. He loves hysteria and hyperbole.
Divide and conquer, polarities, Problem-reaction-solution.
Don’t fall for it.”

We need to apply discernment will everything we hear/read, and be willing to re-consider material when (If) other information is presented. In other words, be willing to change our minds and beliefs. Ultimately, that is what our task is anyway, as our beliefs are the glue that is holding us in this matrix.

The conversation reported was initiated by a Boston caller, and I provided it here within the context of what MK has described in her area.


With all the events of the week, I am really looking forward to Bens update tomorrow, not to mention all of your lovely comments. 🙂


Darylluke, you are very welcome. As I said in my post, dont shoot the messenger if it does not happen.

Harondaddy, here is an interesting article which is long but informative.

First reports on the tragic death of Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, top general, head of their central bank, and many more top officials in a plane crash in Smolensk, Russia are said by FSB sources reporting to Prime Minister Putin to have been a “successful decapitation” of that Nation’s leadership putting into power the speaker of Poland’s parliament and a former defense minister Bronislaw Komorowski who unlike Kaczynski has been a long time ally of Moscow.

President Medvedev has set up a commission headed by Prime Minister Putin to investigate this incident and ordered Russian Minister of Extraordinary Situations Sergey Shoigu to personally supervise all investigative forces on the scene of this catastrophic crash.

Kaczynski and those government officials accompanying him had been in Russia to commemorate the World War II Katyn Massacre of over 22,000 Polish prisoners of war by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s secret police in 1940. Putin had also attended this ceremony with his Polish counterpart but failed in his remarks to offer an apology to Poland or to label this most atrocious of actions a war crime.

As to the crash itself reports are showing that it occurred at 10:50AM local time in Smolensk, which is some 400 kilometers west of Moscow, where Kaczynski’s plane was attempting to land in thick fog at an airport not equipped with the special anti-fog radar common in the West and was caused by what Russian authorities are calling “a mistake by the crew during landing maneuvers” and killed all 96 passengers and crew on board.

Most important to note about the loss of Poland’s pro-US government in this “decapitation” move is Moscow’s successful outmaneuvering the Americans once again, and as we had previously reported on in our April 8th report titled “Russia Moves Against US In Kyrgyzstan, Thailand As World War III Nears” and with today’s event adds Poland to Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan as previously US backed Nations rolled back into Russia’s orbit.

Potentially catastrophic to American war aims in these latest Russian Great Game moves is the loss of their main air force supply base in Kyrgyzstan as the new pro-Kremlin leadership in this most vital of Central Asian Nations has begun actions to eject the United States from their country causing the US military to cancel all flights into their Manus airbase located their.

The last pro-American government established to “contain” Russia that is left standing is Georgia, but from new reports coming from there may not last much longer against Moscow’s onslaught against Obama, and as we can read as reported by Russia’s RIA Novosti News Service:

“Georgian opposition leaders warned the authorities on Thursday that the country could see a Kyrgyz scenario if opposition activists continue to be arrested.

Earlier in the day, police detained eight protesters for blocking a road in the capital, Tbilisi.

The warning came from Zurab Nogaideli, former prime minister and current leader of the For a Fair Georgia public movement; and Koba Davitashvili, the leader of the People’s Party.

“A revolution took place in Kyrgyzstan following the arrest of political [opposition] leaders. If [President Mikheil] Saakashvili or [Interior Minister Vano] Merabishvili dare touch any representative of the opposition again, this will be followed by what happened in Kyrgyzstan, and it will be the end of their rule,” Davitashvili said.”

With all of those Nations previously backing the United States moves against Russia now having fallen, or being prepared to fall, the Great Game moves by these major powers to capture and control the vital oil and gas fields of Central Asia, and their associated pipelines to the West, now appears to be Moscow’s to lose.

And it should not go unnoticed that barely 24 hours prior to the killing of Poland’s President that Medvedev launched what is going to be the longest sub-sea pipeline in the world linking the vast oil and gas wealth controlled by Russia to Germany which had been specifically designed to cut-out the now dead Polish government who had dared to back the US against a very dangerous Russian bear.

To what Obama’s response will be against the Russian’s it is not in our knowing, other than to note his past actions which have been described by French President Sarkozy as being those of a “lunatic/madman” and as we had previously reported on and include:

In Turkey…where Obama in failing to stop, like all American Presidents before him, his Congress from passing a law blaming that critical Eurasian Nation for the 1915 Armenian genocide left Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan no choice but to recall his ambassador to the US.

In Kyrgyzstan…where Obama failed to stop a revolution against the American installed President thus allowing Russian Prime Minister Putin to achieve his goal of revolutionary change for that critical Central Asian Nation and putting in jeopardy the United States war in Afghanistan as the new Kyrgyz government prepares to throw the Americans out of their country thus depriving them of their main air supply route to their already undersupplied troops battling the Afghan Taliban.

In India…where by Obama’s failing to support the Indians fight against Pakistani backed Muslim terrorists has caused the second most powerful Asian Nation to turn towards Iran rebuffing all Western attempts to isolate them and instead of their participating in Obama’s Global Nuclear Summit have, instead, agreed to attend the Iranians.

In Pakistan…where just this week Obama gave this vital American ally a “public slap on the wrist” by denying to them the same nuclear deal he had previously given to India thus insuring the Pakistani military will cease their support for American troops in Afghanistan battling the Taliban.

In Afghanistan…where Obama has engaged in a public war with his ally President Karzai who because so enraged he threatened this past week to change his allegiance from the Americans to the Taliban.

In Israel…where Obama has so demoralized and demonized their once most reliable ally that Prime Minister Netanyahu has just announced he will not attend Obama’s Global Nuclear Summit because of his fears that the American President will not keep Egypt and Turkey under control thus threatening the Israelis nuclear supremacy over their Middle Eastern enemies who have sworn to destroy them.

In Brazil…where Obama has ordered his Defense Secretary Robert Gates to sign an historic defense agreement with this South American nuclear power whose President, Lula da Silva, has praised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, slammed Israel, and has announced his intentions to visit Iran next month.

So today where London’s Guardian Newspaper had previously noted that Putin’s Great Game moves had put the US on a their “back feet”, the killing of Poland’s President and most of their government must have surely pushed them over completely.


The MSM was all over the tragedy of the Polish air crash from very early on:


Look at the right side to see a plot of the number of stories and some links. I’ve found that Google News does a good job of aggregating stories from a wide spectrum of MSM and not so MSM news outlets.



darylluke: I dont know that exact date but I believe it was before March 30.

Here is some news channels reporting what is taking place…..


I believe this plan was put into place by the Earth Allies that David Wilcock and Benjamin talk about. I truly believe 100% that this plan is supported and helped by these Allies from the Galactic Federation. Here is my understanding what is happening…..

* Financial Reserve and the current Financial Systems will collapse and a new currency will be implemented.
* New secretive energy technologies will be presented to the public domain and will provide free energy.

* Governments acknowledge the existence of UFO’s and Beings from other planets. Disclosure should be by the end of this year maybe next year.
* Aliens/Angelic beings will show up and present to the world the true nature of reality based on the oneness of consciousness.
* Our DNA/RNA will be activated and will develop into triple helix up to 12 strand DNA structures based on light/photon energies. Chakras evolve into 13 primary energy centers. 11 on the physical plane and 2 in the Etheric Plane.
* Root
* Sex
* Solar Plexus
* Diaphragm
* Heart
* Thymus
* Throat
* Well of Dreams
* Pituitary
* Pineal
* Crown
* Female (Etheric)
* Male (Etheric)
* We transform into fully conscious beings of light and are in harmony with nature and each other.
* The Golden Age is finally reached and negative energies no longer compete against the light/love energies


Hi Guys and Gals,

Here is the link to the website, home of the guardians of the free republic,. This is their official site. I was told by an inside source that April 19th, Monday, is the day they will be announcing New Currency of the Republic.



BTW: Did you guys see the news about the Polish Plane Crash that killed all top ranking officials? I do not see it being reported by any of the top News Brands, MSNBC,FOX,CNN. I assume it is because they are controlled by the elite.

these are the people that died on the Poland Plan Crash.
Among the dead were the following:

• Blasik, Andrzej, Chief of the Polish Air Force.
• Bochenek, Krystyna, Deputy Speaker of the Polish Senate.
• Chodakowski, Archbishop Miron, Orthodox Ordinary of the Polish Army.
• Deptula, Leszek, Member of the Sejm (Lower House of Parliament).
• Dolniak, Grzegorz, Member of the Sejm.
• Fetlinska, Janina, Member of the Polish Senate.
• Gagor, General Franciszek, Chief of the Polish Army General Staff.
• Gesicka, Grazyna, Member of the Sejm.
• Gosiewski, Przemyslaw, Member of the Sejm.
• Handzlik, Mariusz, Undersecretary of State in President’s Office.
• Jaruga-Nowacka, Izabela, Member of the Sejm.
• Karpiniuk, Sebastian, Member of the Sejm.
• Karweta, Vice Admiral Andrzej, Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Navy.
• Kaczynski, Lech, President of the Republic of Poland.
• Kaczynski, Mrs, wife of the President of the Republic.
• Kochanowski, Janusz, Polish Ombudsman for Citizen Rights.
• Kremer, Andrzej, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister.
• Kurtyka, Janusz, Historian and President of the Institute of National Remembrance.
• Natalli-Swiat, Aleksandra, Member of the Sejm.
• Nurowski, Piotr, President of the Polish Olympic Committee.
• Plazynski, Maciej, President of the Polish Community Association.
• Ploski, Tadeusz, Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of the Polish Army.
• Przewoznik, Andrzej, Secretary-General, Council for Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom Sites.
• Putra, Krzysztof, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm.
• Rumianek, Ryszard, Rector of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University.
• Rybicki, Arkadiusz, Member of the Sejm.
• Skrzypek, Slawomir, President of the National Bank of Poland.
• Stasiak, Wladyslaw, Chief of the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland.
• Szczyglo, Aleksander, Head of the National Security Bureau.
• Szmajdzinski, Jerzy, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm.
• Szymanek-Deresz, Jolanta, Member of the Sejm.
• Walentynowicz, Anna, free trade union activist, member of Solidarity (Solidarity heroine).
• Wassermann, Zbigniew, Member of the Sejm.
• Woda, Wieslaw, Member of the Sejm.
• Wojtas, Edward, Member of the Sejm.
• Wypych, Pawel, Secretary of State in the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland.
• Zajac, Stanislaw, Member of the Senate
… and several other Members of the Sejm.

To recapitulate, Poland lost, in addition to the President of the Polish Republic and his wife:

• The Chief of the Polish Air Force.
• The Chief of the Polish Army General Staff.
• The Commander-in-chief of the Polish Navy.

• The head of Polish Intelligence (National Security Bureau).

• The three top officials inside the Office of the President of the Republic.

• The Governor of the National Bank of Poland.

• The Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland.


Hi Ben and the folks on watch, especially Sierra,dary.lluke,and a caution to jdalton4.
Matt reported on execution of the Guadians of The Free Republics constructive legal noticeon march 3oth. It calls ofr breaking the shackeles that were contrived to imprision this nation to the NWO. Going right back to English Admiralty Law promoted by the Imperial Queen and well supported and enjoined with The Bank of England,Rothchild Bankers – Illuminati contingent. Proceeding then to The International Banking Laws that eminated from The Vatican Cabal-being both Illuminati and Nazi, and very , very rich long before Adam Weishaupt has his first evil thought.Remeber it was tRoman Churc that broke it’s Cannon when they gave the Knights Templar the 10% usury right and that organization became the the first lending institution in Europe to finance the Crusades. The shadows of the Three WW’s – The Garabaldi Illuminati conference in Italy-enrichment,worldwide manipulation, destruction and death of millions in it’s wake. Remeber !!!! the pictures of the victims in the concentration camps . Put to the boil these buckets of snakes.It’s time to worry about the good peoples of the earth and provide rewarding lives for them, not serve them up to whet the insaitabble appetite of monsters.
Commencing with the implementation and the financial control of America with the inception of Federal Reserve Bank in 1916, empowering the Illuminati, just in time to push the agenda of the planned 1st World War. Coincidence- Hell – They just got the funding.
FDR was the founder of evil American presidencies via the National Emergency Act of 1933 and it’s unrevoked right of presidential dictatorial powers. FDR’s socialist manifestations begin, controlled and directed by The Illuminati brotherhood. The Bush Crime Family, starting with Prescott Bush , the WWll traitor are abolute blights on America’s role in the world.They sell out to anybody if there is a buck in it. That included emminent domain deals, and secret, undisclosed , military sales and alliances with China, if they can get the Chinese Government to buy into this CONJOB ? The Bushe politicoes have the right, just barely , to still breathe .
No doubt we need the friends of America throughout the world, especially , the BDS to keep RAP protected by an umbrella proviso . There are too many Bush and Cheney private armies and assasins roaming around.
jdalton4 The Chinese standing army is 200 million strong. US is about a million and a half, Canada? probably half that. They are very strongly disciplined, and on the ball, and instructed to gather as much information for their mother country as is humanly possible.Evidently you are not even remotely concious of the weight of the importance of military might is to their leaders, although the Canadian press is much more open and revealing on reporting candid facts. The Chinese ‘impress’ their people to be loyal agents for their mother country , first and foremost.(from a college town insider )
darylluke Hi The old addage ” you cannot make a silver purse out of a sows ear” . I mean it refers to an obsolete technology superceded by the development of a superior invention or process.What I reported about Mr. Klein’s water powered torch and the incredible fuel mileage of his Ford Escort WAGON,USA Humvee contract, came pretty much from the horse’s mouth. Disinformation always abounds as the Elite Bastards stride to switch and bait and steal and hide to maintain their power over the masses. Remember when news radio reported that the largest oil reserve in America 3X the Saudi’s was discovered in the Colorado mountains. The 3 weeks of silence, until GW said he was checking int the matter, then nothing. But we can well assume that this #&%# crumb got his elite freinds seize control of it through direct purchase ,or, ecological legislation, designed to keep it off the market, until they want it.We know their track record people .Psalms 2:1-12.


Steven Quayle is not the most reliable source of info. He loves hysteria and hyperbole.

Divide and conquer, polarities, Problem-reaction-solution.
Don’t fall for it.


I disagree with your statement, “The communist threat is in the white house.” The statement assumes that the white house creates and executes policy and I don’t think that is true. I think the white house is controlled at a higher level and the party in the house does not matter and if someone goes against the higher orders they get removed.



The only chinese we need worry about are the ones colluding with the Illuminati-satanist baby-eating monster-freaks.The communist threat is in the white house.


Attention: MK
Im a Canadian living near Dunnville, Ontario. This time last year we had 50 Chinese pilots training at the Dunnville Airport. To me there was nothing sinister about this. China is the economic engine of the world growing faster than any other country. They are simply taking advantage of facilities that don’t exist in their own country to train their pilots. And they need a lot of pilots to service almost one quarter of the worlds population – don’t you think? I met some of these young pilots – some of them would miss the bus back to town and i would pick them up and give them a lift. They were consistently well groomed, polite and courteous. They were wonderful ambassadors for their country.


wbstreck: I couldn’t find anything about “silver purse” technology to burn metal with water you mentioned? This is all I could find about Denny Kline,which seems to be 2 year old info. : http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/blog2/index.php/hydrogen-cars/denny-kleins-aquygen-boosts-gas-mileage-with-hydrogen/


VIBEGUY said: “So-called entities are real,and affect most humans.
See “Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness” by Dr.Shakuntala Modi
These “critters” are everywhere, Dr Modi’s book details ways to protect yourself.”THANX vibeguy!! 😉 I would add that “they” are mentioned repeatedly in Carlos Castenada’s books as mudshadows.And, they were written about in 2000 year old GNOSTIC texts, with JESUS himself, back then stating in those texts that “…they even have a stronghold in Jerusalem….”.To this very day from way back then, Jerusalem is the center of violence regularly. This link is relevant: http://www.metahistory.org/READING/NHL/ReadingPlan1A.php#DialSav


This looks like a grass-roots movement, and needs to be under the umbrella of protection of the BDS.


Here is the link HERONDADDY posted: http://www.scribd.com/doc/29341208/Restore-America-Plan-Declaration-Pages And here is what the people behind that 79-page document propose: P.S. IMMEDIATE GOALS OF THE RESTORE AMERICA PLAN

– Ending foreclosure and bank collection actions immediately (our first and seventh directives)
– Ending tax prosecutions immediately (second and sixth directives)
– Ending invasions, prosecutions and detentions for fictitious crimes against the state that lack an injured party other than insurrection, treason and frauds against the United States (third and eighth directives)
– Ending molestation on the byways (fourth and ninth directives)
– Production of sovereign identification and passports that do not proclaim subject-class citizenship (fourth and ninth directives)
– Restoration of the trappings of proper de jure governance (fifth and tenth directives)
– Restoration of the common law of the Land (third and eighth directives)
– Reigning in of the admiralty color-of-law venue to the high seas (third and eighth directives)
– Restoration of the proper de jure judicial institutions such as the district court of the United States and the one supreme Court as constructed and restrained in the Constitution for the United States of America, c. 1787 (Phase 2, thirteenth through fifteenth directives)
– Re-absorption of the de facto judicial aberrations such as USDC into the de jure institutions (Phase 2, thirteenth through fifteenth directives)
– A PERMANENT TERMINATION OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT OUTSIDE CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS beginning with voiding of the Downes v. Bidwell monstrosity (Phase 2, eighteenth directive)
– Arrest and shackling of the District Court of the District of Columbia (Phase 2, sixteenth directive)
– Recognition of sovereign status in the police databanks of the land (fourth and ninth directives)
– A lawful and orderly removal of the corporate state as the ruler of every aspect of your life.

All to be accomplished – with your help – BEHIND THE SCENES, lawfully, peacefully, without violence and without risking civil war. END.SNIP……….. I snipped that from here: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=169900 ………..and here is some media coverage: http://www.big3news.net/blog/2010/04/04/restore-america-plan-states-rights-group-issues-de-jure-grand-jury-warrants-to-fifty-u-s-governors/


wbstreck,your comments are in synch with this story(YOU ALL) developing here without Benjamin in attendence.HA! :-0 A very cool development….Thnx wbstreck!


Matt, thank you for putting that private email up here for all of us. HERONDADDY: PLEASE give us more details, like when/where that 79 page document(your link above) was physically given to them.It certainly does in fact look legitimate to me….(Maybe now we can get on with enforcing TREASON, grand-larceny.Kidnapping, sexual assault & sodomizing and murdering CHILDREN here in the US.The monsters MUST pay for their crimes!It certainly does 😉 look to me like they just might….


Regarding MK’s comments on Chinese military guys in south Texas town:

Was just listening to a reply of a recent interview on Coast to Coast featuring Steve Quayle.(BTW – Need a membership to listen to the replays.) At approximately the 30 min. point of the hour 3 part of the replay a caller from Boston called in line to report there are “tens of thousands of Chinese students in Boston. They like to hang out in groups of 200-300 in the commons areas” etc. He then went on to describe a report from a friend of his who is a cadet at the Mass. Maritime Academy apparently now also well attended by Chinese students. On Friday AM ALL cadets – American and Chinese are made to salute the Chinese Communist flag. If they refuse they face demerits, expulsion, humiliation in from on other cadets.

Comment by Steven Quayle “They (i.e. the Chinese) own the country.” Also: under the Bush admin. there were reports of Chinese military police landing in Edmonds Wa., “I’m talking by the thousands”. Marine observing the landing stated he never saw such discipline, absolute perfect marching . They offloaded armor. Bush admin. gave them the right of eminent domain and the right to enforce their commercial liens on US property.
Another comment by Steven Quayle: In Bose Montana, there are 400-600 Chinese students out of a 10,000 student population.

This conversation might throw some insights into the reasons for the arrival of the Chinese in small south Texas town… perhaps they are securing tangible assets (fighter planes) to offset the funny money “loans” issued.


Hi everyone! Been away looking at that TRAP thing.
I have problems with it, but I won’t go into it here.
The date that the Constitution is being reset to has been changed from 1787(Article of Confederation) to 1860(before The War Between The States) and includes the Bill of Rights(1-12) which it did not under the AoC. So Someone wanted that included w/o the unconstitutional Amendments.
A bigger power…
It will mean a lot of Freedom along with a lot of personal responsibility.
I think that the Coalition and other Programs are the main groups to watch.
In fact that list above that you posted, Matt, is from the audio of one of the leaders and it sounds more like what Ben and others are working on than TRAP!
From the people I know who are involved, we are very close to a breakthru with the banks and funding…this is very exciting! but I also have to hold back as things come up that throw a monkey wrench into the works.

This will really change the world! It is mind boggling!

MK I don’t know what to make of your story. But if things move forward, it will not be something to be concerned about, I think.


Our condolences to the people of Poland.

Initial reports regarding the fatal airplane crash alluded to the “coincidence” of the timing of this crash vis a vis the recent Polish announcements to devalue their currency and their reluctance to join the EU:

The Polish government and the National Bank of Poland, in a “rare moment of unity,” agree to weaken Poland’s currency, the zloty, in an act that would benefit Poland’s exporters at the expense of Poland’s trading partners­that is, the European Union, among others. Then, the next day, Poland’s president and the president of its national bank die in a plane crash.

In moving to weaken the zloty, Poland’s leadership was placing the interests of the people of Poland ahead of the interests of the European collective known as the European Union.


Additional report just posted on Christopher Story’s site points to a much deeper tragedy and much deeper intrigue:

To recapitulate, Poland lost, in addition to the President of the Polish Republic and his wife:

• The Chief of the Polish Air Force.
• The Chief of the Polish Army General Staff.
• The Commander-in-chief of the Polish Navy.

• The head of Polish Intelligence (National Security Bureau).

• The three top officials inside the Office of the President of the Republic.

• The Governor of the National Bank of Poland.

• The Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland.


This is the greatest day in Human History! Did you know this plan was helped pushed by the Galactic Federation? When we are introduced to our Galactic Friends we will be rejoicing once more. The dark ones have been illuminated! Shadows cannot hide in the light anymore. Looking forward to Ben and Davids continuing education about this world. These guys are legends.

BTW here is the link to the document that was handed out to all 50 Governors, President, Secretary of State, Joint Chief of Staff, and Congress!





Mk – Thanks, I wont worry as I gave that up a long time ago when I came to the realisation that the world is not run the way the majority think it is lol!! Do be careful though, we need you on this forum!!

OK, I have a friend who lives in the states (I am in the UK) and he emailed me the other day with some potentially happy news 🙂

This arrived in my inbox from him this morning. I have no idea if it is true but he has said that there is a news blackout on this and it will come out in 2 – 3 weeks time.

If it doesnt happen please dont shoot the messenger! If anything, it will give us all something really positive to focus our intent on at the very least.

By the way getem, TPTB cant possibly read this site as you have to pay for it and are they not broke LOL!! Anyway…..

[b]new currency called united states treasury notes and is backed by
gold (comes out 3rd week of april) (foreclosures stop in 2 weeks

IN POWER. All very quietly, efficiently and absolutely.
1. All 50 states were served as of March 30.
2. 135 Congressman stole money from Bailout and put it in accounts
overseas. It has been confiscated.
3. Obama tried to float bond on several Trillion in Switzerland
last week and was turned down flat.
4. Congress has no bonds and no money and cannot pass anymore
5. FBI talked to Tim personally. They said they were very concerned
that they were working for the Corporation, that it was bankrupt
and being liquidated. they also said that what RAP did was totally
within the law in every respect.
6. FBI came back and went through training session to learn more
about the law as regards the Republic.
7. United States has HUGE amounts of money that now belong to the
Republic and backed by gold. (Sounded like CAFRs to me)
8. Tim has talked personally to many very, very super wealthy folks
world wide who have offered all the money we might need to succeed
in taking this country back. (he describes some of them)
9. There will be no lobbyists in the Republic.
10. There will be no Sharia law. ((laughing))
11. Wash D.C. is not owned by the U.S. but by the IMF.
12. 70% of our income now goes to all kinds of taxes. Most of these
will be eliminated.
13. Congress will stop receiving paychecks. so will Obama.
14. Currency change could come as early as next week.
15. Military is fully behind this plan because they were going to
be absorbed into the NWO and they didn’t like that idea much. Obama
is here to turn us over to the NWO.
16. We have support of many countries around world which have offered to help.
17. Going back to point in government before the Civil War.
18. Waiting on directions from Military and others in gov right now as this process of education of many good people unfolds.
19. We will be taking back all of the lands that we ‘donated’ to the UN.
20. MSNBC apparently announced the ‘Greatest Ponzi Scheme’ in the
world today and did a piece on it: Federal Reserve. This is BIG.

That is a small recap of what he talked about. Oh it was mentioned that Joe Biden may have taken $100 million.

Very uplifting, lets hope and pray its true as something big has been coming for a long time and maybe (just maybe)it is this. 😉



As I recently informed Ben, there is a good body of info about this, that in my humble opinion, makes one hell of a lot of sense in light of my 40 years of study and recent, accelerating weirdness and events.

There is a recording consisting of 5 “Briefings” each with two or more parts, which can be listened to in about an hour.


is the link. This is supposedly from an off-planet group who call themselves “The Allies Of Humanity”, which I found by the simple means of typing “Where are the off-planet allies of Humanity?” into Google.

Ostensibly their info was related to a man named Marshal Vian Summers, and I would have to say it’s been “channeled”, and I also have a problem with that, for all of you who are instantly roiling at the word.

I have listened to it many times, and will many more, but what strikes me, as a man who grew-up in court, has worn a badge, been a licensed Private Investigator in Washington state, and a life-long “investigator” of “reality” (like all of you…)is that “The Briefings” MAKE PERFECT SENSE TO ME.

So much so, I am using them over the opening and closing credits of the film “Free Will”, which I am producing now.

Regardless of how you react to my words here, GO LISTEN FOR YOURSELF. After many listenings, I have yet to find Flaw One in their logic, and their understanding of our situation is impressive, to say the least.

Regardless of HOW the information makes it into our presence, I CAN FIND NO FLAW IN THE INFO ITSELF.

I still get fooled, OFTEN, and am the first to admit it. But “The Briefings” have The Ring Of Truth in my ears.

I would love to hear Dave Wilcock’s view on it, (and Dave, run it by Bill and Kerry and tell them I sent it their way) as well as any of you who will actually take the time to hear them beginning to end.

It is fascinating in the extreme, at the very least, and explains so much about why “Leadership” on this planet, especially in this country, seems to be stark raving mad.


Mk BTW – CYA . If there are 50 jet fighters and fifty Chinese airmen , maybey they are going to fly them home , after theyr’e trained !
Each is worth about $ 350- 400 million ; toal 17 -20 $ billion as air force surplus


MK, did you mean Wikileaks?


HI Ben and all

MK, I have to agree with Matt on this one. I find what you have reported to be very perplexing, but not being in situ as you are, couldn’t possibly offer any suggestions. It does sound rather sinister though. Having said that MK, do be extremely careful. I am sure that the PTB read this site, and if they know someone is going to be snooping around, they will be on the lookout for anyone not usually there. I am sure you are aware of this though, intelligent person that you are.

It is probably entirely different, but does bring to mind Montauk. Anyone heard of the Philadelphia Experiment? They closed the base down, but then surreptitiously opened it up again.

Danwyo, thanks for the info, will have to look into that, it is another slant on things.


You will be careful and discrete, right? I look forward to what you discover. Positive energy toward you!


Dear Matt,

Sorry, I meant to tell you–not to worry about not having a theory. I don’t have one either. Maybe after my little recon over at the base, I will have a better idea.

Smile everybody, I can feel the good vibrations flooding in.



Dear Everybody,

I have not gone by the airbase yet, but I will report back when I do. I have something else to report that I have already shared with another Fulfordite elsewhere (BTW, we need a name for the denizens of this place.) In the most recent issue of the Globe tabloid, there is a very interesting story about Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Evidently, he is an underground white power guy and that is not too surprising given his looks and wild sex proclivities (the Nazis were into sex majik just like the other occultists).

Here is the weird part of the story: while discussing Sandra’s embarrassment and anger at Jesse’s shagging his way through the biker chiks of the world, the story suddenly reveals that he is “probably” a Nazi and that this is a huge problem for Sandra because her FATHER WAS A PAPERCLIP ROCKET TECHNICIAN AND SHE WAS REARED IN NUREMBURG UNTIL SHE WAS 12 with her opera singer mother, Helga.

Her great grandfather’s name was MEYER (not a particularly “German” name) which is probably Ashkenazi Jewish, Okay, you ask, what is the big deal? Well, the tabloids are owned by the CIA and other intelligence forces…not all the tabloids, but certain ones. I will give you a hint, the ones owned by the intelligence forces often report on the interactions of the Royals with political figures. The Globe is rumored to belong to MI6.

I think that this story was a subtle way of the letting the ZIONAZIs (who are either all Ashkenazi, Israeli Ashkenazi or their lapdogs) that their DVD (Nazi continuum) folks and others are about to be exposed. Right after this story ran, all the stories about Bush and Cheney etc. ran (check out AlcuinBramerton, Veterans Today etc.

Even the story about the Reuters news team shot by somebody reporting to the US DoD is highly political. IT was leaked by the CIA-linked wikipedia probably to send a message to the DoD (which has been outing Bush their patron saint) that if their people get exposed for their dirty dealings, then so will the DoD.

Just a thought from the woman who reads too much.




I did not respond to your post simply because I am in the dark about these odd goings on as you are.

I prefer to make comments on what I know rather than simply by assumption/guesswork.

To be quite honest, having read your post a few times now, I am stumped! I would like to think that this may be something connected to the BDS as my thoughts would immediately go to the positive, however this is purely assumption on my part.

What you have reported here sounds slightly alarming due to the oddities of the story. Certainly there may well be something going on here, but it would be irresponsible for me to throw in my twopenneth worth for the sake of it.

There are few times which I cannot answer questions and submit suggestions poised, but this is one of them.

Your posts have always been inspiring and informative – I thank you for them, but on this occasion, I am sorry but I cant offer you a fair and unbiased opinion because I simply do not know and neither can I pretend to.

In the meantime, please keep us updated with any developments which you hear of.

Not much help I know!

Matt 🙂


Regards to Mr. Ben Fulford his ‘watch’ – Ladies and Gentlemen.
There competitve international crime gangs crawling over the surface of the world like a tidal wave of poisonous snakes seeking to disable and eventually consume their victims.
Of particulars to note are : their tight and loose alignments of power (networkings) , methodologies ,tools of persuasion,espionage,their patricular handlers, their main booty objectives , their competition, and their detractors.
A good place to start is with the current foundation(power base) of American politics.Emperor Rocefeller and the Clintons. Both families located in New York within 11 miles of each others by direct route. Emperor (kykuit Institute) brought the Clinton’s to New York planning to set Bill Clinton up to succeed Kofi Anan as President of The United Nations.Kofi’s son was traced to a 1 1/2 billion dollar kickback associated with the ‘oil for food scam’.200 additional UN members were also tainted by kickbacks. Anyhoo after all of Bildo’s craziness, he was inpeached, disbarred, and WE got MOONED ! – one way or another , we are looking at another NWO asshole . Enter the IMPOSTOR- Obamination-The desroyer of( America The Great),the scapegoat and shill of the Nazi Bones. Twice Hilderbeast has gone to China asking for that country to buy more of our toxic debt. The Chinese Government said your dirty laundry is damaged goods and I will not take it in my shop. That is when Hilary returned with a proposal of the ‘ Emminent Domain Rights to U.S. real property as a guatantee. Without the consent of the governed and congress. I can’t say that any deal was struck, but apparently not. MK, as an opener – The 50 Chinese military personnel are probably being trained how to operate the fighter jets this administration has given them to ‘physically secure’ some new purchase of our toxic government bonds.With Canada and Mexico, we have the NAU Nazi-Bones scenario , which is not going forward well, at this time , Thanks to Tom Tancredo , and others. On the western financial intrigue and monetary beguilement dynamics front, we have The dark Satanic Illuminati trying to buy everything nationalized (interstates, state,power plants,water sources, , on and on) even state lotteries in any county and ‘privatize it’ Elitist Owned -Pay US ! Then they also proceed to do ‘end run’ scams like conventional desalinization plants(sow’s ear) for big bucks when superior technology exits. A bright gentleman, Denny Klein, Clearwater , Florida, USA invented a very simple water torch(silver purse) that can melt metals, and produces only co2 and some residual water vapor as a by product of the water conversion. He adapted the technology to run his Ford Escort 610 miles on a quart of water. AND , we can play the HAARP ! too . It was reproted that the US Army secured a contract with him to convert their dirty deisel Humvees to hydrogen power. Ba– BA – Let’s get the sheepdogs penned up ! Via con DIOS !


Concerning the drought in Australia, according to Alex Jones, the powers that be (TPTB) have been able to control the weather for about 30 years and could easily have done away with the drought in Australia. TPTB want full control of the water and probably engineered the drought in order to take over the water sources and having achieved that now the rains can return.
During the coming chaos, the above information, if proven to be accurate, may be used to force a return of water resources to the people and hopefully to jail the criminals who took it away.



Dear Matt, DWIlcocks, Miriam, South American Lady etc.,


Again, there are CHINESE NATIONAL FIGHTER PILOTS lying to the people in my town and saying that they were sent here to be trained to fly airliners at a flight school that supposedly shut down 8 months ago. Doesn’t anybody think that is strange?

They have lied to the locals (mostly young people in their teens and 20s) about why they are here. They told them that they were training on big commercial airplanes which we do have sufficient but crappy runway for, but we have seen them flying fighter planes.

Hilary Clinton told a bunch of Mexican-American political organizers that flew into our town a year an one-half ago that “they” (probably the NWO) was GIVING THE SOUTHERN PART OF TEXAS to Mexico. Doesn’t anybody realize that this is TREASON and violates the treaty that Texas never actually signed with the US but has been operating under.



Hilary’s troops were marched out of here by two very heated political events. (You see, it can be done) However, even though they left, the Nazis who remain have not compeletely reasserted their dominance.

Here is another thing that needs explaining. The Nazis (serious Bush loyalists and illegal users of the local courts to render their own desires) ARE AFRAID OF THE FBI AND THE FEDS. WHY IS THAT?

David Wilcocks, you have gotten my postings as have the people at Camelot and other sites, sorry that I cannot make your deal in Austin…I would love to come. I am having strange dreams lately, not scary so much as strange. Put James from ECETI on your blog sometime. He’s a great guy and has had impressive contact.

Ben, tell Alcuin that Benjamin Creme works for the Lucis trust and believes that Satan is God. Matreiya is their planned anti-Christ. Now, I don’t know if this is simply the Illums against the NWO, but I think that both groups need to understand this:

NOBODY WANTS TO BE THEIR SLAVE ANYMORE. NOBDDY. WE DON’T WANT TO BE INJECTED WITH NANO-CRAP OR TAGGED LIKE CATTLE. We don’t want to be given stuff that shortens our life. We are tired of their cycles of sturm und drang and we want to be free as we were designed to be.

Speaking as someone who has a non-cattle name…from non-cattle stock, I reject their values completely. I don’t see anybody as cattle except some of the people who now appear soulless and mind-controlled.



Another interesting development…..

The Latest Gold Fraud Bombshell: Canada’s Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty

Continuing on the trail of exposing what is rapidly becoming one of the largest frauds in commodity markets history is the most recent interview by Eric King with GATA’s Adrian Douglas, Harvey Orgen (who recently testified before the CFTC hearing) and his son, Lenny, in which the two discuss their visit to the only bullion bank vault in Canada, that of ScotiaMocatta, located at 40 King Street West in Toronto, and find the vault is practically empty. This is a relevant segue to a class action lawsuit filed against Morgan Stanley, which was settled out of court, in which it was alleged that Morgan Stanley told clients it was selling them precious metals that they would own in full and that the company would store, yet even despite charging storage fees was not in actual possession of the bullion. It appears that this kind of lack of physical holdings by all who claim to have gold in storage, is pervasive as the actual gold globally is held primarily in paper or electronic form. Lenny Organ who was the person to enter the vault of ScotiaMocatta, says “What shocked me was how little gold and silver they actually had.” Lenny describes exactly how much (or little as the case may be) silver was available – roughly 60,000 ounces. As for gold – 210 400 oz bars, 4,000 maples, 500 eagles, 10 kilo bars, 10 one kilogram pieces of gold nugget form, which Adrian Douglas calculates as being $100 million worth, which is just one tenth of what the Royal Mint of Canada sold in 2008, or over $1 billion worth of gold. As Orgen concludes: “The game ends when the people who own all these paper obligations say enough and take physical delivery, and that’s when the mess will occur.”

Also note the interesting detour into what Stephan Spicer of the Central Fund Of Canada, said regarding his friend at a major bank, who wanted access to his 15,000 oz of silver, and had to wait 6-8 weeks for its to be flown in from Hong Kong.

It is funny that central bankers thought they could take the ponzi mentality of infinite dilution of all assets coupled with infinite debt issuance, as they have done to fiat money, and apply it to gold, in essence piling leverage upon leverage. They underestimated gold holders’ willingness to be diluted into perpetuity – when the realization that gold owned is just 1% of what is physically deliverable, you will see the biggest bank run in history.


Hi Siyem,

Following on from getems comments, thank you too.

Its a simple concept really, just live and treat others with respect and common courtesy. Even the bad ones!!

Oh and have fun along the way!!



Hi Siyem

Thanks for that, I don’t think I am any different from others. We can all inject positivity into the world. It is so much better than being negative and miserable, which by the way is how the PTB want us to be. It gives them power and energy to continue their evil ways. Why give them the pleasure, let’s make it impossible for them to continue with their agenda! More power to the people and as you say, let’s change the world!


I just wanted to chime into say that it is my personal belief that being in the presence of illuminati dark summoming magic is a ultimately unintelligent and unbeneficial thing to do. There is some credence to the rituals intention work they have done for generations, the dark entitys they were working with were helping them to control the earth.

That time has now ended and most of those dark entitys are also being cleared out by the increase in higher vibrations and the higher magnitude of light that is coming to earth, from passing through the photon belt we are in, sun changes (CMEs, that sort of thing) and the light based galactics in our solar system.

It would be just as easier and more karmically beneficial to use the scientific methods you have proposed to document a spiritual person/mystic/or ET contacts ability to “summon” positive entitys/light orbs/ufos, that sort of thing.

The first person that comes to mind is James Gilliland from ECETI, he has a huge amount of videos and data of footage hes taken from the UFOs that come to his ranch. That would provide some great data and bring more positivity to the earth and not more illuminati bad vibes.

His website along with many photos of UFOs/orbs/and apparations of human type spiritual masters like Kwan Yin that have been captured at the ranch can be found there


danwyo I also am getting the feeling of disinformation in these comments.

I can tell you that wbstreck plays for the good guys though as well as plenty of others here.

Keep doing your own personal soul work folks… I think we are on the brink!


Hi Ben & All

Something is afoot here. We in Australia, and particularly areas like South Australia, have been enduring the worst drought in living memory. We have been forced by the PTB to water our gardens only with a hand held hose, bucket or watering can for the past few years now. Add to that the heat waves we have endured at the same time, and I can see a definite pattern here. As a result, the place is starting to look like a brown Sahara Desert with very little greenery. The price or water has sky rocketed in the last few years, particularly after our water supply was privatized a number of years ago. This is also the same with our power supply, gas etc. Of course we all know that these companies are going out of business in the not too distant future, when the free energy devices come on the market. They are making hay while the sun shines.

Last night on the news – I know, I very rarely believe anything I see, but it gives an insight into what “they” are up to – there was a story of a company who has set up some sort of an array in the Adelaide Hills area I believe it said, which is investigating the possibility of creating rain. But, all is not as it would seem in my view. We enlightened people all know this is possible to do, but this company has had a government grant of $10 million to investigate further. They are now stating that they believe that rainfall may be enhanced by about 15%. Not sure what Weather Engineering can achieve, but I am pretty positive that it would be more than just 15%. Back in 2007 James DeMeo offered to come to Australia with his apparatus to break the drought here for the princely sum of – wait for it = $10,000 only. Huge difference between 10 million and 10 thousand don’t you think. Now here’s the kicker. The people behind the project are part of the Murcoch clan! I smell a huge rat here!

Having said that, the whole of Australia, including outback South Australia, is having unprecedented rainfall in the last few months. Adelaide has just started to get a slice of this rain though. Is this the people Ben eluded to in a previous posting, Jan 4th I believe it was, saying that someone was going to start Rain Engineering in countries like Australia, to green the deserts and make them habitable? Could be, but I very much doubt this Murdoch company I mentioned earlier would be anything to do with this Australia wide rain event. I feel that they are going to come back with negative results which will cement the deal for a multi billion dollar desal plant, and that I believe is what is behind the whole charade. Very much like your story MK about the airport in your area.

Will wait with baited breath to hear more. Hopefully
Ben’s people are behing this turn around in our weather, and if so I give them my heartfelt thanks.


The Great Game

The perfection of undistorted and absolute Oneness is inherently challenged by a most critical condition – Isolation.

Bless the Dark, wretched stain which blots the white, smooth canvas, for it saves All-That-Is from the greatest of pains – Oblivion.

Bless your enemies, Love them, for have ye not been sent Angels? See yourself as you walk through the hall of mirrors.

Freewill is the prime rule of the The Great Game.
Whether you take the red, or the blue pill is all for the highest good.
All eventually call forth the Love of the Creator, some simply take longer than others to return home.

We are the Gods we wait for…

Nexus 25920


Dear Everybody,

I think that you need to visit Alcuin Bramerton and read the stories from Dr. Sue Arriola. Given them to everybody that you know who is active military. Now, I am not going to post for very long today, because I have something odd to report.

In my little town in South Texas, we have an old WWII air base that was decomissioned. A while back, the administration that took over the city under rather questionable circumstances screwed up a deal that would have turned the old air field into an aviation school. That group was voted out in a special election but not before I learned some interesting facts from some of them.

1. Some unidentified group flew in some young political organizers from California to assure that the race resulted in Hispanics taking over the town. The sad part is that these people weren’t any better than the white rednecks who had run the town, but they made wild promises to the majority brown folk who voted accordingly. The group voted in proceeded to run through the town’s surplus and bankrupt it. They also fired the grantwriter who brought in lots of money.

2. I met some of the imported talent. They told me that Hilary Clinton assured them that this part of Texas was going to be ceded to Mexico (without the people’s permission of course.) Now, this all took place in 2009 when the NWOs were pretty cocky. In any event, lots of weird people started showing up in town trying to buy up property cheap. Most were Mexican-Americans who somehow “got the word” that the pickings were good. One of them that I met was obviously a college professor (based on his vocab and knowledge and mini-van) and he gave me the impression that I should sell or else.

3. The people of the town, Hispanic and White, who could see what was coming took the town to court. The rulings were somewhat weird, but eventually another election was held and everybody practically was voted out, but the older council wasn’t voted back in either. A new group came in and changed what had been going on. This new group seems to have a different agenda, but I am not sure what it is.

4. About 2 weeks ago (when Ben started saying that the NWO was kaput), about 50 YOUNG CHINESE MEN SHOWED UP IN THE TOWN. They are staying in the rent-subsidized apartments and attending FLIGHT SCHOOL AT THE SUDDENLY REOPENED FLIGHT SCHOOL. They told the local kids (who reported to me) that they are here learning how to fly COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT FOR THE AIRLINES. There is only one problem, I heard what they were flying yesterday and having grown up near Kelly Air Force base, I know what many aircraft sound like and what I heard was a fighter jet. My son saw the fighter jets. I plan to recon the flight school and report back.

Now, I don’t know if these guys are here to lock the state down or to take down the corrupt cronies of somebody we all know. I know that they are not learning to fly airliners.

Ben, I would really appreciate it, if you would wade in on this one and get us all some answers. Why are these obviously Chinese military guys here in South Texas? BTW, if they plan to take over the world, they really need to learn how to play HORSE with fewer than 30 guys per hoop.



Thank you ben n the BDS, please take care of your self! I have no problem to pay 8 dollars n i wish i could support more! Thanks also for Mk , d wilcok, matts , getem, webstrek, n others for pure positivity shall we change the world!


Hello Folks ! There are a lot of healthy comments and informative feeds coming in, refining our grey mattter, enabling it’s dross to be mentally excreted.The accumulated knowledge is building temples in my mind : Some are spritual and appreciative of those of us who have it in our hearts to be Guardians of the Humanities, and of GOD’s earth .
Another builds a horror house, by no means a temple – It’s a living nightmare called The Sum of All Fears ; chocked with the disclosures of the ruthless NWO cabal, intrigue, wars for profit, ‘ oil for food scams taking in 200 member – participants, of the United Nations.One bid cartel contracts. Seceret private armies on the ground. Reichtag fear operations for political manipulation and supressions of freedom. The Wizards of OZ and their American Mint Printing Press on steroids, poisoning the world’s financial infrastructures.Banks are leveraging loans 1:100.
mcorba reports above that Dr. Ray C. Dam is in Thailand trying to do damage control on a big chunk of the cabal’s toxic debt in that particular cabal hidey hole. 1:100 ?
European banks are, or, were leveraging more than U.S. banks , causing the dollar to bounce up,on several cycles.
Religious freedom must be a free personal choice, and no where in the world would it be tolerated by international law , that any sect seek to cause intimidation, bullying, any harm , or retribution , impressment, or threat mandated by any such religion. This part of a person, the soul, only, belongs to GOD . Mankind has no jurisdiction over it.

The sufferings of peoples and nations of the world , over the centuries, being exploited by the Warlords, both primal and those fiendish cartels of the indusrial-military complexes of the nations of the world who are backed by World Bankers – BIS, IMF. And their tools WHO, ecetera, and supposedly philanthropic foundations that peddle influence more than charity.Many of our nations governments are saturated with the intrigue and covert operation of shadow governements, internal and external police, or should I say domestic delta forces and international delta forces.Then we have the NWO stooges in secret societies helping to network the Cabal togehter. Can rightouness be birthed from this mire of evil, I think not.
Just like all the world best minds research for new sources of clean power and fuels, we the people must collaborate on a system of fair and equitable national governances. That so founded would be based on proffering the will of it’s people through and by the a means of a Meritocracy form of administrative goverment. The duty of each qualified officer of this governemnt would be to carry forth the will of the people into binding legislation .The body of officers that comprise the legislative board of directors would relate collectively and resolve actions for their nations, domestically , and internationally , and proceed to promote friendly interdependence, and equitable international regulations, but “stand off ” from any progression to one world government control . Fear that . Each nation , and it’s peoples have a right to remain unique, and unconquered.


Dear Ben, Are you watching Thailand protests? This just in via the internet:
Washington DC’s planned revolution in Bangkok (Thailand) – Wednesday 7th April 2010
A photograph. Other pictures taken on the same day can be viewed here, here and here. The ongoing street protests in Thailand are being orchestrated and funded by the Western-controlled Thaksin Shinawatra crime syndicate. They involve a planned heist of Thailand’s royal gold and a 911-style destruction of inconvenient financial papers. Living within the Thai Royal family complex in Bangkok is a key international player: His Excellency Dr Ray C.Dam. Ray Dam is US-educated and claims special privileges and security clearance granted by the US Senate, the US Congress and the United Nations. Dam was appointed in 1995 as the sole arbiter for the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland. He holds the codes for sixty types of special debt instruments connected to a nexus of different countries, treaties, banks and other financial institutions. Most of these are now in deep trouble because of the quadrillions of dollars of toxic financial products which are based on nothing but fiat paper. In the view of the Western puppet-masters controlling the Shinawatra syndicate, the time has come for these inexpedient financial records to be destroyed in a “Bangkok Reichstag fire”. More about Ray C.Dam can be found here. And mainstream media coverage of the Thailand unrest can be found here (07.04.10) and here (07.04.10)


According to Alex Jones, the Pentagon has a many billion dollar budget just for internet disinformation. Could some of that be making it here?



Dear vibeguy and All,
I urge you to be very careful with the protection prayers in that book.When I first did them on myself I felt a “pop” as an entity left,but when I used them on someone who said she was under attack,all hell broke loose!
I didn’t realize that she was trapped in the darkside and surrounded by several “handlers” at a conference that I attended last year.The part in the prayers that calls for”satan’s command centers to be isolated and destroyed” created a bit of a problem for them to say the least and when they found out who did it,they promptly returned the favor.Fortunately I’m still here to tell the story!!
The lesson for me is to avoid whacking the dark with destruction invocations(“resist not evil”),because frankly they seem to be doing a good enough job on their own.


Thanks KSA,

Yet another thing that is happening exposing the dodgy world of finance!


JP Morgan silver fraud http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLxoeLqQMlw GOOD BYE FIAT MONEY


Thanks for that video chrisb, theres a guy who speaks the truth!

Getem, thank you for those encouraging words. You are right to include thanks to the BDS.

Even though we may have a difference of opinion regarding the mechanics, it is clear that we are all united in wishes for a new and better system to come in. Out with the old.

With respect chrisb, I would do the opposite to what you have written and pray hard for their souls. Send these people love. When we send out thoughts of hate and destruction to these people, we are (imo)no better than them. It is thoughts of hate and destruction which has got us into this mess in the first place. Love is infinitely more powerful than hate. (I am using the word hate as a generalisation).

Things are moving a lot quicker than most of us are aware of. As Ben said some time ago, when the truth finally comes out, there is going to have to be a whole lot of forgiveness on our part.

The elite know their time is running out and fast. You know it, I know it and they know it. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


Getem.. there is no doubt Ben is honest in his speech. He has more tolerance than alot including myself for those that are corrupt. For those of us that have been involved in this for many years we have seen many people who have taken the lead. We are here to gather information and learn as much as we can. We are all hoping to an end and a new beginning. Hopefully soon. Below is a good link to more truth.


If only only 10% of humanity silence their mind, raise their vibration,singing the love song silently to all creation. The world will change in the blink of eyes. Would you be one of them? Thought form create reality. Look at what we have.


Millions of live destroyed due to ignorance, fear. A few does not kill many. It is many who kills many. Those many are ordinary “good” working people like anybody else… The evil, dark ones are created by the same source creator as part of creator and are loved just the same.


Even more love, tolerance, acceptance for those who are threaten by the external “enemies”, who thinks all the problem is going away if only the “bad” people are taken down.


Getem Hmmmm think positive and only positive things will happen????????????? Okay I am a jew in a concentration camp and I am thinking positive thoughts. Like, how in the hell did I get here??? or I am a Somali and my people are being massacred so I am thinking positive thoughts.hmmmm all to no avail and this is how the world somehyow thinks. As Story as said, if you don’t cut the head of the serpent off it will still be alive to destroy people’s lives. Okay. This is not EST or Yoga chanting for good things to happen. This is real life with millions of lives destroyed each year by the governing body’s of the world . This is now kindergarden but real life with people getting taken out and society’s ruined at the hands of a few people. The good good karma thing is ist grade. Takeing people out is graduation. THose who have been manipulating the world for years need to be destroyed and I will not pray for their poor soul. If you understand how many scientists who had the answer to disease have been killed to keep disease alive you will realize how evil these people are. Okay enough said. I am going back to the lake. Where is it again?? Selamat Jamama. Oh ,wrong website. Syonora or something like that.


We have given tens, hundreds of thousand dollars for our enslavement. $8 for information from someone who is devoted to changes for a better world is nothing. Lack of self-responsibility is what humanity have been in trouble in the first place. Much change is needed within rather than without.

Love and gratitude to those who hold the vision and do their fair share of change internally. I see the same darkness in those “believe” they are the good ones.


OMG! a ninja knocked my door warned me ” don`t post more stupid things in the blog”.

LOL . just a joke come on.

let`s see if ben brings the great news we all want. I am just a bit anxious of waiting for a positive change here.

I love you all! don`t hate me. bye!


some comments here are really laughable indeed.
Illuminati are hiding us the information and now Ben must release these books to the people. don`t we agree on that or not? come on guys.
i think Ben is honest and the info is really interesting but the latest information has been bogus and lots of uncofirmed events that never happened.
Let help Ben with great feedback , the feedback he won`t get from hipnotized -no question-authority- readers. He will take the feedback and provide a great service.
I will be expecting to receive the books. I believe Ben won`t do the same thing the elite is doing to us: hiding information.dont you agree or not. be honest here.

I like reading Ben. but a little great feedback will be better for all of us.


Indeed, wbstreck….I’ve liked Mr. Fulford since the Project Camelot interview.

Lets not forget that H1N1 was a HUGE NWO plan that Ben said would not happen. When Rense asked him about it many times, and he was positive the eugenics plan would not work.

now I have to say this… I love love love watching Geitner squirm in that little chair of his. I saw this and said to myself, “this is it gentlemen.” This is the foothold in the door to bigger and badder fish that need to be fried.

I would love to see what Fulford will say about that.


hey folks … found this on RMN, which is perhaps independent confirmation that Ben is working on something … see point 7 … thanks Ben … http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=170554


Good statements from : adri,beatbox151,mk2009,dwilcock and foodrules .I beleive that Ben Fulford is a compassionate, sincere human being. Everone was waitng with baited breath, including yours truly, for a new report from Ben on Mon,. April 5th. He is supposed to give us four a month , normally, on Monday mornings, excep when we are dealing with a five week month. OK , he had a stand in proffer one to us on the 6th of April, Tuesday. That is not a bad settlement . He probsbly would have offered more tidbits if there were significant details to present. The Admin. let us know that he is involved in a significant meeting that will be reported on next Monday. And , I expect he will wind up our ‘7 day clocks with it’, on the 12th. Note that 365 divieded by 52 =’s 7.02 . I expected that we might see someting on Tuesday, just as a courtesy, why,? – because Ben read the blogs after all and evaluated that the babies were crying for some milk and computed that he should throw us a bone. Thanks Ben , I needed that ! I beleive he strives to elevate both our understanding of the complexities of these secret societies, The NWO Cabal, and various despotic groups working to control and enslave mankind. Of course they are ever presently, competing with each other scheming ,plotting,ducking,retrenching ,changing strategies as their evil plots and misdeeds to humanity are being discovered, and reacted to with great outrage. America has people that feels the pain, especially as proffered by the current Obamanation Administration, which is directed and highly influenced by a NWO Shadow Government, which does not really represent them, emotionally ,or, in principal.The people are forming Tea Party movements so that their reactions and political referendums are echoed through noisy, clamoring ‘grass roots ‘ podiums . When some of us hear that other people’s governments, and some pundints , and activists are proceeding to fight against One World government, which is actually Draconian Communism with the Elite as the supreme commanders of same, we follow the proceedings of the defenders of the rest of humanity trying to escape the supremacists grasp.There is so much evil in the world glorified with exploiting mankind, it’s vicious.We are not looking to be victimized sheeple of the elite. We really would like to see them all burning on the funeral pyres. That’s a fack Jack ! We would be glad to see them beat down , before they build another concentration camp to eliminate their opposition. They do not get anymore chances to regroup. BDS – Gung HO !


Hi Ben and all

Matt, I thoroughly agree with all you say. Ben is reporting what information he has to hand. If people are not happy here, then pray tell, why are you still here? Matt said it, we create our own reality. If you believe only negative things are happening, the guess what, that is what will happen for you. Think positively and the world is your oyster, so to speak.

I would like to guide everybody to a fellow by the name of David John Oats. He was given the information some years ago, by higher sources, on how to reverse peoples’ speach and to find the truth in what they are saying. Very interesting and also very acurate. He actually hails from my home town, Adelaide, South Australia. Never met him, but would love to do a session or two with him. Anyway, on his site, reversespeach.com. he has done reversals on Ben and concluded that everything Ben is saying is honest. If you don’t believe this then look it up for yourself. It is on his site. This guy is the word expert in reverse speach, and if he says Ben is being honest, then I believe that Ben is honest. He is working for the betterment of mankind and the planet. Like Matt said, a few words of thanks and encouragement occasionally to Ben, and I would add the BDS, would go a long way.

So having said that, I would like to add my thanks to Ben, keep safe and will look forward to your next posting.


Another person that doesn’t get it. DOn’t put out a headline enticing people with something and then become the National Enquirer. Are there any facts here. Do you understand facts from fiction? Ben started off giving us something that created interest and now we have a lake.


Kudos to those searching for, and appreciating the truth. Those wanting it all to be handed to them without any gratefulness or effort on their part will remain lacking. We all have a choice. AND, if this site doesn’t fit what you want, please feel free to go elsewhere. We are just humans trying to find the truth and do our part. Ben isn’t my leader, but I certainly appreciate his great efforts and dedication, and courage, and savvy. His info is a piece of the puzzle I am putting together….and it is a decent contribution to the whole, I feel assured!


Well put, MK.

Ben is one of VERY few sources out there releasing quality insider information. TBRNews.org is another one, and they also have a paid service that gives you more than you get otherwise.

The level of melodrama in these comments is laughable.


Dear Everybody,

Ben said that the Harper was going to be pushed out of Canada. That is happening. The FED had a secret meeting behind closed doors to determine what to do about the accelerating numbers of disclosures about their transgressions–to whit: Geithner smuggled money to secret accounts and to banksters under a fake entity called “Maiden Lane,” The tungsten gold is being disocovered everywhere including the LMBA in London; The Chinese are incensed the Obama won’t provide them with an M3; Rumors that Obama’s health bonds did not sell so he forged names to access other trust accounts are now emerging. Veterans Today (a pub about vets) has broken the story that Bin Ladin died in 2001 and a number of other stories that could result in the apprehension of Bush and Cheney for Treason. A memo was presented to Congress detailing a lot of evidence linking Bush and Cheney and that cabal to the events of 9/11; 7 seriously-connected CIA agents have come forward demanding a new 9/11 report and alleging treason against Bush/Cheney and their handlers.

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTED THAT GOVERNORS WERE BEING SENT LETTERS ASKING THEM TO AFFIRM THEIR COMMITTMENT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and were shocked to discover that the public doesn’t see the letter writers as the problem. Judicial Watch uncovered more secret transactions that shoved money illegally from TARP to institutions in which Maxine Waters, Pelosi and Barney Frank had invested.

I would say that a lot is happening. If those of you who are complaining want to accelerate the pace, then go to the 10th Amendment and taxfree sites and follow their suggestions. Stop blaming Ben for not resolving in months what took decades to create. I can see that the pieces are being put into place for a major roundup and trial of corrupt people.



1) I only follow what Mr. Fulford puts out as far as information. He has not asked us to follow him, nor has he asked us for contributions above a nominal $8 fee.

2) He has, on several occasions, retracted his statements and has reminded everyone to remain skeptical.

3) I have noticed many things that he has announced from his supposed insiders that have actually come to pass, which is why I keep following his articles. Others, have not and I think it is important that we make those distinctions. Especially those who claim to have certain abilities, who don’t.

Timothy Geitner is in trouble
Ben Bernake also in trouble
The perception of the U.S. Dollar is falling down.
High level meetings are reported by Ben and for the most part he can verify them.
The Baltic Index has halted
Japan is really trying to seek autonomy from the U.S.

There are a number of things that I have seen happen after he had reported it. Mainstream media won’t do it, so I depend on Ben to do it.

Mr. Fulford is not someone who has the power to change things on his order. He reports them, and that is all I expect from him. Yeah, I know he said the word “ninja” some time ago, but that comes back to haunt him over and over again…I think it is clear he can order no such thing to happen on his own. Those guys don’t work for him. BDS obviously reserves the “hits” when they want them done.

Mr. Fulford is a mouth piece for powerful individuals/groups, and little more. I take everything he says with a grain of salt, but it really does help when he has tangible sources, which is rather often in my opinion.

I think he does a good job, BUT I am still not convinced that the BDS has our best interests in mind. Considering the people that are involved I am more inclined to believe it when I see it.


I hope that the poeple follwoing benjamin fulford are not just PAYING for goood information. The information that Benjamin gives us away is strictly political, a field where we cannot do much because the politics are our rulers and they do what they do. there is plenty of GOOD INFORMATION, available for free on the net by great scientist, reporters and authors that became their own researcher looking for the truth of life and thr truth of these Political games. That is the information we can work with, the only thing we can do withthe information Ben or insiders fomr any other secret group or society, is be aware of what this guys that run our lives are going to do next and how we can prevent or let it happen.
David Wilcock has much more valuable information that will keep you busy till 2012 reading everyday something new. Also David Icke and they are the ones that can show you the big picture or the plan the rulers of the world have for us and in the end it all comes to how spiritual you live your life.
Even Hitler knew this , why? because he also used to follow Occultism to lead him to do what he was set to do.
All that Nostradamus, and fantastic psychics, is bullshit, the feact is not that they happen, the fact is how people took the message these people were giving away.

Media, Hollywood, and Music Industry is the way of the Illuminati to control our minds and put off our focus form the Spiritual life we should live with.

carl Sagan was part of the MJ-12. and Contact is another Confession of how they do what they do. Look into the message, ask questions for as silly you think they are. Everythign has a specific reason of being and we are just expectant that someone form outside of our lives come and change it for good or bad.

I know hwo i believe in, and Benjamin has been very productive withthis work and has great information but we yet dont see anythign happening.

If Benjamin is who He says he is He has to start realizing that the Spiritual life is the end of it and he needs to learn it and that this is an Authentic Confession of the Illuminati


Come on, Ben!This is an Authentic Confession of the Iluminati, coming from your resources. This is what David Wilcock has been talking about. This is what david Icke has been talking abut for a long time now. IF, you diodnt know, Ben. you can take a look at the book “The Biggest Secret” of David Icke it explains everythign in detail and testimonies of the people that work closest to the government figures of the world and what are their plan for thousands of year.
You say you dont belive but it can only show that you need to boost up your intuition because 2012 is very close. and they are the ones afraid of 2012, because these ‘entities’ cannot know whats going to happen or maybe DO KNOW whats going to happen.
you are a great journalist and writer and researcher , use this talent in information for your soul, activate your intuition and look for the right answers. IFYOU SAY YOU DONT BELIEVE.

Many of your followers knew this for a long time now, and i think they agree that this, besides ‘new information coming form Benjamin Fulford ‘ is a confession of the illuminati.

In my opinion, i do belive David Wilcock and if we are going to change densities of conciousness, We are going to be concious in 4D and if you follow David Icke also, you will find that these ‘entities’ that help the iluminati to rule the world are also in 4d but in a negative state and they have to rule us and manipulate us because they need to feed from us, and if we change we are not really changing to the negative and these entities are scared because they wont be able to ‘feed’ from us if the change in conciousness takes place.

Learn symbology if you are curious about Iluminati symbology. At the end the solution is in side of us and we are going to know the real reason why we ever came to the world


I can see your point, and I hope you find what you are looking for. As for me, I am getting just what I expected here: access to a blog written by a great writer on topics I find interesting.

I can certainly see how it might be disappointing if one places too much stock in expected outcomes.


Evidently this posting was not done by Benjamin, but by “admin”…

And I agree, this is not what I decided to pay $8 per month for.

Quite disappointed in this week’s article…


Hey Myfreaky. It was the sensational headlines that turned this into a pay per view and every since then we have realized that there is nothing to pay for. Nothing has happened and nothing of substance. It appears that Ben is trying really hard to be entertaining but the believability of inside information is pretty much shot. Not interested in some lake. Just like Poof and Casper, at some point you realize that people only have so much information of value. THis week there was nothing and like Poof, who just said Happy Easter has nothing left to say. You can only say the same thing so many different ways without becoming reduntant. Fulford’s headline a month ago was FED could end in the next week and Rense told him to get a grip and I think we are all starting to realize nobody knows nothing. If you are intrigued by nothing of substance then continue reading filler reports. It is not the money and was not the money but the pretend promise of inside information that is not inside much of anything anymore. Rense told Fulford that the NWO is not going down and Ben was stopped from his sensationalism rant.What happend to the Black Dragon assassins going to take down the Rockefellers so dramatically put by Ben. Are they all sipping tea. Anyhow we have seen a hundred Ben’s come and go over the last 20 years so please stop telling people to go away if that don’t like the reporting. We are going away and if there was something of value we would stay. Ben saw his reports as a way of making a few buck ( I had no problem with that) but if you read this weeks report you can see a completion of declining knowledge about the behind the scenes activity. I like Ben but we are starting to figure out that you can only write so much before the rest becomes filler. I listen to and paid for a webinar by another “insider” over a week ago and I won’t waste my time and money on that again either. And last but not least, if a writer charges for a service, people expect to get something of substance like Jim Willie or others, we are not complainers we are intelligent people who are looking for something intelligent and while you may think we are getting that, this update has nothing of substance. If you know nothing then you should stop the Payperview and give people the information for nothing or stop reporting.We just realize that even if we like Ben, he is not in the loop as to what is going on. That’s all.


What a deal….for the princely sum of 8 dollars we get to be the rabble in the front row of this drama hurling praise for our heroes du jour or rotten tomatoes at the supposed villains.
Remember what the bard said? ” a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing”.A Course in Miracles says the same.
What if the “good guys” started to wake up and exit stage left because they realized they had better things to do than play stupid right wrong games? The Farewell Symphony of 3rd. Density!
The “bad guys” would have no one left to fight with but themselves.Meanwhile Ra and Lucifer go have lunch together because the job is done!


The world is already full of dark thoughts. It is our time to change that. Be the change you want to see.



So-called entities are real,and affect most humans.
See “Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness” by Dr.Shakuntala Modi
These “critters” are everywhere, Dr Modi’s book details ways to protect yourself.


Hey David,

I was just talking about you lol!!!

Thats nothing, with my $8, I am going to buy off the illuminati and send them to another planet way out of our solar system. If I have anything left over, I will buy a copy of your up-coming book – yippeeee, cant wait!!!

David, if you have the time (lol) I am sure we would all love to hear anything you have to say about Bens latest blog.






myfreaky – Well put.

There have been many articles written by Ben which have not turned out as he has expressed. People should realise that we are the ones we have been waiting for and should not direct their anger at Ben. When you point the finger at someone, there are always 3 fingers pointing back.

I am happy to subscribe to Ben’s site because I really enjoy what he REPORTS. Do I look to Ben to solve the worlds problems? No of course not. I look to Ben as a means of information. The same goes with David Wilcock. He is also a man I greatly admire because he reports and shares nothing but honesty and uplifting positive messages. I do not throw hurtful remarks to these fine people because they are doing what they can in the best way possible to them.

Stop and think for a moment before posting sarcastic messages – What are YOU doing to make the world a better place? Its all very well making comments about what is not happening but I have said it over and over again, your power of intent is one of the most important gifts you have as an individual. As Lennon said, when a man dreams a dream it is only a dream – when you dream a dream together it becomes reality.

Help Ben by encouraging him and write down a thank you to him from time to time. Do you think he is happy with the situation? At least he is trying.

Come on guys, if you are not happy with Ben then do the right thing and stop your subscription – vote with your feet. Please dont attack him for what seems to be not happening, he doesnt deserve that. I am much happier reading positive posts of support than the negative ones which keep appearing.

I truly believe that we are in the end times and soon something much more positive will happen for humanity. As hard as it can be in this “illusion” we call life, everything we accuse others of, is actually a reflection of ourselves.

I thank Ben for his positive stance and also the same goes for David Wilcock. Its messages from people like them that makes the struggle worthwhile.

In any case how many would moan if it were all free, none probably.

Attitude is a very small thing which can make a very big difference.

Matthew. 🙂


Agreed myfreaky. Ben’s sources, I believe through research, pan out to 85%+ accuracy. Puzzle pieces are given within his reports along with others we read. Alot of times articles will surface within a week to a month later. Some don’t – oh well, c’est la vie. I relish different views here, articles, links, etc and look forward to the shared knowledge of this forum, unlike other forums on the net.

Exit announcements, unnecessary grandstanding – we have enough negativity in life, “seek happiness elsewhere”. To the forum – I look forward to more posts & shared knowledge. Peace!


Please Ben, do not let them begile you with their toys. Their ‘guidance’ of human kind has kept it in ignorance and almost destroyed it, and the planet as well.


To all the complainers and people that are threatening to leave: just do it already! Obviously you bought something you aren’t happy with, it’s ok, we’ve all done it.

Ben simply reports on what he hears from sources, THAT is the service we are paying for. He can’t work miracles. If you are the skeptics that you claim to be, why did you get a subscription in the first place?


Enochian & Goetia “magic” is Lucifarian at source & the primary modus-operendi of the satanists who eat babies, sodomize and torture children for centuries.History Channel did a special on “alchemists” and there is another side to the story about luciferian John Dee therein, NOT contained at the wiki listing.These are the SAME BUNCH that crucified Jesus Christ.And, they are being “negotiated” with still? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Their heads on pikes, me sez…..


If I get 8 dollars for each time we got a warning like” federal reserve may end this week” “illuminati may die soon”, i would be a life time subscriber.

I remember the last time was Ben with Rense. Rense inmediately stopped Ben when he said “illuminati may end this month”. Rense said”: ben, NO NO NO. They are not going to fall..” or sort of.

Maybe we should ask to stop the gossips. Release the books Ben. You talked about them. Now you must distribute them to your subscribers this month.
pdf files will be fine for me.


Oh, I will read wikipedia link . That will help me. It is free.


OMG… more gossips… I paid 8 dollars for secret meetings.

So they handed you books? could you please distribute them to your subscribers this month? Or you are going to keep the power for yourself to protect mankind?

Secret meetings…may happen this may happen that.

I read that some of the readers were complaining about “failed financial doom dates”.

If I don`t see real things turning in reality quick , or I ddon`t get the powerful books this month, then this is my last month of subscription.

I am a very skeptical month and don`t enjoy gossip . ANd don`t need to buy this to feed my wishful thinking about “the illuminati may die this week” over and over again.
Please ben, do something.


(continued from above) That, combined with Dr. Greer’s in depth knowledge of secret government machinations, might make your connecting with him something worth considering.

I’m enormously grateful for everything you’re doing to turn things around.

Be well and be safe.


Hi Benjamin – As to contacting aliens (I prefer the term ET’s – the term “alien” has a decidedly negative connotation) you might consider talking with Dr. Steven Greer who has developed a protocol for “vectoring” ETs to designated contact locations. My understanding is that this method is fairly reliable and is one he uses regularly in his contact work.


Maurice Strong is a good friend of the Rockefellers. He has been promoting Mother Gaia worship. David Rockefeller works with Maurice Strong and his New Age ideas


I am sorry my friend by kryon was created by rockerfeler
best friend .
and kryon was in the UN last year
HAARP is active observe the grey clouds under the realones


Hi All, I did a little navigating over to the John Dee link and Wikipedia and picked up on some key concepts : ancient primal language referrred to as Enochian . Cain(the first murderer – spawn of the Devil )he named the city he founded, Enoch , after his first son. After collecting the peoples for this first establishment, he coined the first money and made weapons. These were the basic tools to promote class control and class distinguishment by competition using the tools of persuasion provided by the head scheemer, himself, Cain . The Prince and Power of the Air- referred to as the ruler – pro tem- of this world (in the Bible) with his demonic fallen angels, in cahoots, with his earthly offspring from Cains lions, The Kennites. From the beginning in the Garden, the spoiler, intervenes and plants his seed in the woman to disrupt the lineage of Jeshua , the Christ as was to come through Abel, but succeded through Adam and Eve’s third son Seth .( Note Adam ‘also partook’ of this fertilization of the woman – Both Adam and Eve covered their privates in shame )They hid from GOD, when he saw that they covered their genitals with fig leaves, HE knew they tried to cover their sin. He then shed the first blood, killed animals for their hides to cover what was now polluted with sin , and an offense for HIS eyes.
The Illuminati Criminals are proud of their Kennite lineage from Satan through the woman . He (Cain) picked up doing his father’s bidding as soon as he was of age of accountability , and the brothers presented their offerings to the LORD , plagued by jealousy of his maternal twin , Abel , he slew him. We know who Cain’s bloodline worship, incant and pray to. There be the Black Magic of the Illuminati, The Black Mass Ben referred to , that Heinz Kissenger was in attendance of , of course is one of these many ceromonies of the evil, occultic worship covenants of the Illuminati with Satan. I would say the aforementioned accounts of an Illuminati Occultic Coveneant, dovetails very concisely with the Biblical declarations of Satan’s shennanigans.


Re: “When the ceremony took place they threw a tablet of transparent material with various illuminati symbols on it into the lake. The sky above where the ceremony was being held immediately cleared up but the heavy rain and thick cloud cover remained all around us.”

While this ceremony used “illuminati symbols”, the same clearing effect has been achieved through specific meditation techniques called a “merkaba meditation”. This was taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek and the effect was created by the group of people practicing the technique in inclement weather (England) or in very polluted circumstances (Mexico City), among other places. As they started the meditation technique, literally an opening in the clouds or the pollution opened above them, revealing a clear sky. When the process was finished this opening closed back over.

Drunvalo also reported that when he was leading groups with this process while in places in the US, on different occasions “black helicopters” appeared. Of course that noise and commotion disrupted the process, so the meditators would stop. The copters would go away, only to re-appear when the process was recommenced. So obviously the military could pick up the vibrational field that was being created when the group was activating that merkaba field.

Regarding symbols: when symbols are reversed, it tends to reverse the meaning and intent. So be careful with using them when you do not understand the meanings. Here is a site with material on this http://vigilantcitizen.com/

The Israel Supreme Court is an interesting example:

As is the Temple Square in Salt Lake City:

While at that site, also check out how this esoteric symbolism is being used to “mind control” people, especially children.

I agree with the caution expressed my Martha… just because you don’t know about this stuff, and have a “prove it to me and I want to film it” attitude, you may be unwittingly creating a situation that facilitates the arrival of “dark entities”.

Before coming to this site, I was listening to a “channelling” by Kryon in Feb, 2010:

There is a transcript at

In addition to talking about a NEW way to access geothermal energy, AND a NEW way to de-salinate water without needing to heat it, he talked of a sort of “new math”… influential numbers. This is Quantum Math.

Read that section and the following comment will mean more:

In your straight-line thinking, in your bias, you have many 3-D formulas, don’t you? And when you look at the basis of physics, you talk about matter having mass. In those things which have mass you’ve even figured out the atomic structure and density. You are proud of the consistency of the formulas, based on what you see around you, and you think they’re static, don’t you? You think there is a formula for everything, and it explains how things move and react. “If it has a certain atomic density and mass, then it weighs this or that in a certain gravity. You’ve got it all figured out.

Indeed, you have! But only in 3-D. So as soon as you become quantum with these formulas, they all stretch and become different. All this to tell you yet again, that it is possible for you to alter the mass of any object in existence. It doesn’t matter how large or small or how dense it is. You can alter the mass of it, and therefore (pause..) the effect that gravity has on it. There is no such thing as anti-gravity, only the control of mass. So whatever formula you have in 3D that tells you how much something should weigh, can be then changed by controlling the mass of the object in question. Therefore you are not changing gravity (which is really a quantum product of two other forces), but of the mass of an object. And it has to do with controlling the atomic density, or apparent density as seen by gravity.

In Yugoslavia, there’s a famous workshop. Historic it is, for it belongs to the man who thought out of the box, Tesla. In that workshop, there are marks on the ceiling made by the objects that took off from his workbench and went straight up! They shattered, hitting the ceiling hard! Nikola was frustrated, for he had discovered the creation of massless objects and didn’t know how! He thought out of the box… the only one in existence to ever give you a blueprint on how alternating current might work. Oh, it’s more than 3-D. Study it, for it’s elegant.

All of this that Tesla did was created by magnetics, and this was also the basis behind the experiment in his workshop. However, in Tesla’s time there were no computers or any of the finite instruments you have today to measure or create tiny fluctuations in magnetic fields. He accomplished the creation of altering the mass of an object, but he couldn’t control it, and didn’t know exactly how he did it. Frustrated, he was. By the way, he’s back. I’m not going to tell you where. Maybe he will read this and know what to do next?
“Kryon, why do you tell us about these things?” With this we close. The answer is that we want you to stay here. All of this is given in love. We want you to stay here! And you’re not going to have much luck with that unless you start thinking more quantum, unless you start accelerating the inventions and put some of the politics out of the way. But the countries which must do this are the ones who have the highest technical abilities and they also have the highest influential structures that are in the way of it all. It is time for the population to understand this and turn the physicists loose and not strap them with those things which are political, or industrially or efficiently “appropriate.” Perhaps you don’t know what I speak of, but they do.

In the process of this, there will be life extension; in the process there will epiphanies; in the process you might even find that this message was accurate and true. Somewhere down the line, if you do, then you’ve got a puzzle, don’t you, physicists? Don’t you? If you’re listening to this, you’ve got a puzzle, because who is it who is speaking from the other side of the veil, giving you information that is true and real and scientific? At some level, you’re going to have to say it’s real. At some time in the future you’re going to have to admit that the spiritual and the science is allied, and that the energy that created the earth and the magnetics and the gravity and all of the things you studied, is a piece of you… since the creator is inside of each of you. Then maybe you’ll open up?

It all has to do with this puzzle: Is this real or not? Is Kryon real or not? Is love real or not? Well, some of you know, because you’ve sat in the presence of the creator today who loves you. This family on my side of the veil, loves you. It’s a wonderful Valentine message, isn’t it? So we say to you, dear ones, that all of the things that we talk about, whether they’re scientific, or have to do with your Akash, or your core soul, or a Higher-Self, are given for one reason: to make the life you are living on this planet easier. It’s so you may discover the compassion that is the glue that puts you together with creation, that changes the earth itself, for the shift is upon you.

What you call the 2012 energy is already here, having arrived approximately 1998. Let this be what it is supposed to be, a time of high consciousness, of scientific evolution with integrity, with an economy that is a re-emerging with integrity, with government that slowly changes old energy. There is a new paradigm occurring, with things that you would never put together in the past. This is an oxymoron – cannot exist together – integrity and government – integrity and insurance – integrity with banking. A new paradigm is upon you, and this shift is difficult.

While on the topic of exciting energy developments,(and for those who are “skeptical” about channeled information, this is a HUMMER of a video presentation, by an earthling who hangs around as a professor at MIT:

MIT Professor Dan Nocera believes he can solve the worlds energy problems with an Olympic-sized pool of water. Nocera and his research team have identified a simple technique for powering the Earth inexpensively by using
the sun to split water and store energy – making the large-scale deployment of personalized solar energy possible.



Looks like there is nothing to report as now we are getting a history lesson. Seems to me that nobody knows nothing but stay tuned as next week nobody knows nothing. If I wanted to read history about what has happened in the past I would not have subscribed to this website. Has anyone heard about Custer. Custer had a magic wand but failed to use it during the battle of Little Big Horn. He also had a secret want synthesizer that could have crumbled the ground under the horses of Sitting Turd the indian chief who killed him but he failed to use it and hence we have an earthquate in Haiti. Now according to Flying Eagle the second in command, Custer try to use his wand but did not have the everyready batteries inserted so it failed. Hence reincarnated Bill Clinton and Hillary were born. He is much older than he looks. Then CHief Barney Frank resurrected all the Dakota Indians to move to the Phillipine to put the blanket over Chief Tiger Woodie and hence you have the first orgy. Don;t blame me I just the messenger and hence you get stories like this when nobody has a frigging thing to say worthwhile on all of these post. If you learned something from my comment please asked the person at the institution I am staying at to please let me leave. I want to go play gold and the handcuffs are really tight.
Bobby Lee Lee Bobby


Uninitiated men, and particularly those steeped in Western culture, are inclined to view everything as either “right” or “wrong”, good or bad, light or dark. From one point of view, things just “are the way they are”. The summoning of elemental forces produces consequences that some or all must deal with. It is comprehensible to me that an esoteric group has manipulated larger forces for several millennia as a result of some agreement. More believable to me, however, is the possibility *they* have been manipulated by still higher intellects (perhaps the Annunaki of ancient texts), and in addition, have become consummate deceivers in their own right. Being possessed of a remarkable ability to lie (but dedicated to not do so) I can imagine the flat stares, highly intellectual language, doe-eyed looks, “holy” writ, and other devices such a coven of deceivers may present. I would not trust them any further than I could throw their casing stones.


the illuminati say that what we call aliens are beings known to them as angels, demons and genies etc. I believe their claims merit scientific testing. And, if these entities really exist, then hopefully we can establish a means to contact them other than the arcane bizarre rituals described in the illuminati books.



Be careful Ben, the forces that are being called might not be of the light.It is best to stay away. This reminds me of the Atlanteans who grew materialistic and war like, then brought destruction to themselves.Much the same as our US policy today.


Now you know why the Vatican, went to so much trouble burning down the Mystery Schools in Alexandria and Heliopolis.