Bill Clinton was not even allowed out of the plane when he arrived in Japan seeking money last week

There are multiple signs the secret financial World War 3 that has been raging is reaching a dangerous climax. The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate appears to be on its last legs. As a sign of their desperation Bill Clinton showed up in Tokyo last week trying to cash the $134.5 billion in bonds that were confiscated in Italy last July. He was not even allowed off the plane, according to a Black Dragon Society member who was on board with him.

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Good point Benjamin about the Russian Tupolev plane that took down Polish officials; on the other hand it could simply be a message to Poland that Russia is reasserting its influence over the country. Putin is GRU Russian military intelligence and those boys don’t fool around.
To get the text of the SEC suit against Goldman Sachs (extremely good reading by the way) you can go to Story’s archive at and read the whole thing.




Can someone add more details to the statement –

Apparently the entire financial system will have to be reset to 1916 in order to do away with the injustices of the Federal Reserve Board

Specifically what does “reset to 1916” mean in simple terms.


Portland , prior to the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT of 1913 which was passed in 1913 but put into effect in 1916. Eventually this led to the fiat money system and no metal backed currency. It meant all the money that was being printed was monopoly money. Prior to 1916 means inflatioon was not being created by some criminal sitting before congress ie: the likes of Greenspan and others burping and hemming and hawing and viola bread goes up and milk goes up and interest rates go up. Now what those numbers will be, nobody knows except those implementing the system.


To the question above:

I think Ben mentioned earlier that the IRS/FED was legislated in the infamous year of 1913, but not enacted until 1916. Thus, a reset of the USA’s financial system to 1916 would be to a point in time before those two crimes actually went into play.

On another note, Richard Sauder, PHD, has been arrested for leaving white roses and a silver and gold coin at a Minute Man nuclear missile site in North Dakota.

For more than fifteen years Richard has been a steady, studied, prolific voice of well-researched truth, particularly harmonizing with, and expanding on Phil Schneider’s personal testimony about Deep Underground Military Bases, by adding incredibly well-researched books on both underground and undersea bases, their history and development, the probable technologies employed, the patents issued for same and the military and corporate players involved.

I have tremendous respect for Richard’s great mind and spirit, and hope for his unharmed return to his family forthwith. I have included the email I received from his friend and attorney, which contains the details and a High Road message from Richard.

If you do not know of him, here is a chance to touch mind and heart with a giant of our time.

To all I again state my belief that we DO have a choice in the events besetting us. “Free Will” IS. Liberty lived in the heart of mankind long before Adam Weishaupt or Meyer Amschel Rothschild ever had their first evil thought, high on their presumed “Satanic power” as some ET drone pretended to be a ‘Demon” answering their cabalistic, innocent blood-whetted conjur.

It’s time to stuff the crazy freaks back into Pandora’s box for good.



Hi Ben & All

Thanks Ben for another wonderful update.

David Wilcock has put another update on his site which seems to tie in the recent events very nicely and make sense of a lot of the goings on. It would appear that these elites are about to fail dramatically!

I have been re-reading a book which a friend loaned me some years ago. I have recently bought my own copy, which is published by Nexus magazine, from the Australian office of Nexus. It is entitled “Coevolution” by Alec Newald and tells of Mr Newald being taken by a race of ETs back in 1989 for 10 days and given information about Earths’ future. It very much correlates with what Ben and David are telling us now, and helps to see the current events in a clearer light.

Thank you Ben, David and the BDS for all you are doing for humanity and the Earth.


Yes.. thanks for mentioning my new article. I also said that Iceland was very likely an engineered event — the timing was way, way too specific.

It definitely appears we’re heading towards an attempt at Disclosure this year. That’s what my article explores:

Everyone wants my opinion on Poland and I hadn’t formed one yet. I agree with Ben — it seemed ridiculously ignorant for the Russians to have done this.

However, the fact that Poland had broken away from NWO control had not come across my radar.

That makes MUCH more sense.

I can 100-percent understand that this move was made to terrify the leaders of other nations about ever opposing the Rockefeller faction.

There is a LOT going on behind the scenes right now. You have to consult as many different reliable sources as possible to track the story.

It’s also coming out in the headlines now. Ben is absolutely right about the importance of the SEC filing, and in my article I also mention Obama’s recent letter, stating his full intent to go after the bankers.

Very exciting!

– David


If this was a grand game that “we” are winning – then we must find and project the confidence of winners from our hearts. Mr. Wilcox was the first to use a phrase I like – something like “fear porn”…. When we buy into the fear of (the unknown) we “leak” what other wise could be positive energy that we literally can “supply” into the system> making that system work in an even stronger wave length to take down these Criminals by their own actions. Our Positive energy is more powerful than all their evil. Up grade your radio – turn off the fear…. It is my understanding we are supported by many beings who are humorously watching the elites hang themselves. I suggest staying in amusement – don’t let the “fear porn win out”. That way “YOU” and “I” win in each moment! Think about that.


What happened to the “hunt down and kill” oder for Bush clinton obama for the murderous hati earthquake that was the subject of the January 18 Report this year?
3 months later Clinton is visiting Japan, Obama is still strutting his stuff and on it goes.
IF the order has been issued and the targets are still around what is going on ?
I realize that thes targets are only clones but lets see some action and results or else the credability of these reports become questionable


Very interesting read, once again. I hope some major announcements will be made before the end of may, because on june 9th we have elections over here in The Netherlands and I am candidate nr. 5 for the Dutch Pirate Party, a new party over here. At the moment, we have quite a lot of paperwork, etc. to do, but I’m very confident we will make it to the elections and actually compete.

While we will be focussing on issues like privacy, reform of copyright and patent laws and the defense of civil rights, we would also have to react to developments in other areas and it certainly wouldn’t hurt if the status quo would be shaken a bit…


BTW, yesterday I heard there’s even a Pirate Party in China now:

These guys must either really have guts, or things are really changing in China. Would be very interested to read something about wether or not there are changes with respect to people’s freedom over there.


the US has to borrow 3 trillion the next to years just to stay afloat.

Somethings got to give.

The real question is just how….



It appears to me that millions of people are going to be
murdered before these evil mutts are taken out. Where is the
limit before the BDS takes the action they must know will be
necessary to save the planet?


Hey, guys! I’ve been thinking…

We can clean up the AIR (chemtrails) with cloudbusters (orgonite), which will also help clean up the WATER (lakes and rivers, which feed the oceans), but I was stumped when it came to replenishing the minerals in our ruined SOIL.

Duh – Epiphany! Volcanic ash is from deep within the earth’s crust (rocks, minerals). What better way to amend the soil! Haven’t we all seen pics of the now-beautiful slopes gracing Mt. St. Helens? Here are a few:

Ironically, the Iceland incident could be viewed as a huge benefit. Could TPTW (…Were) have actually done Europe a FAVOR?



Hi Ben,

I agree with what roman said above. If Chinese, Japanese, Haitians, Indonesians and other folks who suffered under the HAARP attacks know who the perpetrators are, how come none of them has taken action to take these criminal gansters and thugs out of the picture? This amazes me! I like to read your report but sometimes it looks like you are expressing views and wishes that you hope would turn into reality.

I was shocked to see Kissinger alive on Youtube and then on television, and then when Henry Paulson appeared in a debate on CNN I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wasn’t this guy arrested by INTERPOL last year in Washington DC and sent to a prison on an British island for interrogations?

I know you are fighting a big war, but we would appreciate more clarity and to verrify the information you put out there, because otherwise we will see more surprises, and this undoubtedly may hamper your credibility.

Keep up the good fight though!



The big question is where does obama stand?Good or bad i do not know.


Hello all. My first post on this forum as I have been following Ben for some time now.

As to the Goldman Sachs situation….I’m encouraged but until they charge these clowns criminally, its just another ploy to make us think they are actually doing something when in reality, its just window dressing.

Similar to Big Pharma, whenever they are “charged” with wrong doing, its always on a civil level even though the deeds are criminal in nature. They just pay the big fines…which the people who’ve been damaged never get…and go on down the road.

These people need to be put in prison if this is to have any effect.


jtgun: It is very clear where he stands, when he forced through ObamaCare when 65% of the American public was against it.


Obama is truly an NWO ‘manchuirian candidate’ with only foreign credentials, and he must be ejected from office along with all the perpetrators that were behind him. All of his Presidential and Executive Orders (2600) ,and any controversial legislation he Rahmmed through congress must be recinded, as well as the National Emergency Act of 1933, be finally capped off.


UNITED STATES of America – It can now be reported that the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) is actually involved in a massive cover up and an obstruction of justice scheme involving the civil charges, not criminal charges, made against the noted brokerage firm and bank, Goldman Sachs.

The civil action brought against Goldman Sachs completely ignores the criminal money laundry, counterfeit scheme and electronic front running tied to Goldman’s oversees hedge fund operation aka Paulson and Associates.

John Paulson, who ran this hedge fund on behalf of Goldman Sachs, was the mastermind in the back ending aka short selling of the mortgage-backed securities, which are now commonly known as “toxic derivatives”, that helped wreck the U.S. economy and bring the entire world banking system to its knees.

Translation: These mortgage-backed securities were sold to unsuspecting customers of Goldman Sachs, who received large cash proceeds from the sale, while Goldman Sachs’ hedge fund, Paulson and Associates, shorted the same financial instruments in their oversees fund and raked in billions of dollars on the backs of unsuspecting customers.

There is a massive tie-in to all of these TAXPAYERS ‘bail outs’ of Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Citibank, who all engaged in the same criminal activity.

John Paulson, the REAL crook in this Goldman Sachs operation, has actually been given immunity from prosecution by the Obama Justice Department and the SEC in return for his alleged cooperation in this inquiry.

Here is what this comes down to, folks.

People like John Paulson, former Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former Citibank CEO Robert Rubin, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, and J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, as well as Goldman Sachs, will get to keep most of their STOLEN money while Goldman Sachs will be used as a temporary patsy, pay a small civil fine, continue to conduct their nefarious business as usual all offshore, and then write off the civil fine that will be levied against them in a plea bargain and deduct the fine with the IRS as a tax write off.

And now if really gets worse!

The real purpose of this Obama Administration “kabuki dance” with Goldman Sachs is to cover up the activity of these criminal offshore hedge funds and their tie in to none other than the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.

We can now divulge that the Goldman Sachs hedge fund run by John Paulson was used as a money laundry for not only the cash proceeds of the sell of the toxic derivatives, but also used to launder the proceeds from the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme also involving Stephen Friedman’s Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The Goldman hedge fund, along with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, moved all of these stolen funds to secret Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate accounts aka sub-trust accounts to India, Pakistan, China as well as the state of Israel with current Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu operating as bagman.

As we have reported in previous intelligence briefings, Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme clients like editor of U.S. News and World Report, Morton Zuckerman, and CNN’s Larry King, and FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch, actually traveled to Israel to retrieve their investments that they had lost with Bernard Madoff.

This treasonous, criminal activity took place all during the George W. BushFRAUD Administration with the full knowledge of then Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, former illegal White House occupant, George W. BushFRAUD, then U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and former SEC Chairman Christopher Cox.

Note: The Obama Justice Department is sitting on TWENTY-FIVE (25) criminal referrals tied to the former BushFRAUD Administration, SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.


In addition to being ILLEGAL UNDER U.S. LAW, securitisation is ILLEGAL UNDER COMMON LAW. If the prior written permission of the mortgagor (or other type of asset-holder) has not been obtained in writing, and in such a manner that the party IS FULLY AWARE THAT THEY HAVE GRANTED SUCH PERMISSION, the transfer and all subsequent transactions are ILLEGAL.

• Moreover, the legal axiom that ‘the money you make from exploitaing and abusing my money is my money’ likewise applies. PLUS:


Self-evidently, this study focuses on the US legal position. But the same basic principles apply in all Common Law Countries. So far, the talking heads in the so-called ‘Mainstream’ Media’ have chosen to ignore the fact that securitisation is ILLEGAL. Reality will soon be catching up with them, just as it is at last catching up with the likes of Goldman Sachs and other ‘protected’ enterprises.


Secret AIG Document Shows Goldman Sachs Minted Most Toxic CDOs

From Bloomberg:

Feb. 23 (Bloomberg)

Representative Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, placed into the hearing record a five-page document itemizing the mortgage securities on which banks such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA had bought $62.1 billion in credit-default swaps from AIG…

The public can now see for the first time how poorly the securities performed, with losses exceeding 75 percent of their notional value in some cases. Compounding this, the document and Bloomberg data demonstrate that the banks that bought the swaps from AIG are mostly the same firms that underwrote the CDOs in the first place.

The banks should have to explain how they managed to buy protection from AIG primarily on securities that fell so sharply in value, says Daniel Calacci, a former swaps trader and marketer who’s now a structured-finance consultant in Warren, New Jersey. In some cases,banks also owned mortgage lenders, and they should be challenged to explain whether they gained any insider knowledge about the quality of the loans bundled into the CDOs, he says. [Let’s not play games here. The banks knew what trash was hidden where!]


(6): A Civil case is in fact far more prospectively devastating than a criminal case (given that the SEC is dealing with institutions as well as one individual employee to start with), because:

• The case will be decided on the basis of the PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE.

• Scope arises for R.I.C.O. actions providing for awards of three times damages.

• Following conviction, the victims can sue Goldman under R.I.C.O. (three times damages).

• Following conviction, the victims of the victims can sue the first layer of victims, Goldman and the other participants as appropriate under R.I.C.O. (three times damages).

• Individual Directors, executives, securities personnel and those involved in decision-making both within Goldman Sachs & Co. and at other involved institutions, can prospectively be charged individually and severally with fraud.

• The ultimate outcome is that Goldman could be in court for the next 20 years, except that, realistically, it will in all probability cease to exist.

(7): We were authoritatively advised on Saturday 17th April 2010 that this SEC Complaint against Goldman Sachs & Co. and a named Goldman employee was specifically triggered as a DIRECT consequence of the Complaint against the Securities and Exchange Commission and individually and severally against current and former SEC officials filed by the lawyers for the CMKX victims, Hodges and Associates, of Pasadena, CA, in January [see our report dated 9th January 2010] claiming $3.87 trillion following the floating of 2.25 trillion of phantom shares.


Can anyone shed some light on the SEC Personnel? Are these guys part of the Nazi Cabal or are these people part of the “good guys”?

I did some looking around at some of these personel that work for the SEC and it just so happens that their was a major increase in work force added to the Sec in March 2010 as this article confirms (see Link below)……

Howard Scheck, has been named chief accountant for the SEC’s division of enforcement. Can anyone link this guy to the Nazi cabal?

I am also still confused if Obama is good or bad. I hear different things that keep changing my mind. I am spinning in circles. Wouldn’t Clinton have won if the Cabal was really in charge of choosing the President? I also thought that Obama was mostly anti-corporation since most of his campaign funding came from the American People and not business entities (I could be wrong).

I must mention that I believe that things will change for the better and the real truth will come out very soon.


g7enn – your post is outstanding. I manage a blog called The T-Room,, and hope you don’t mind, but reposted it in the current comment section. I stated that I would not add your user name out of respect for your anonymity AND I chose not to identify where the comment was posted. You are welcomed to take credit for, but that is your choice. Otherwise, I wanted to be certain my readers benefited from your very perceptive and thorough post.

This is also my first time posting, but have been following Benjamin’s work for some time now.

Like many of you, I’m sick to death of this waiting game. Get it over with already. Puhleeeeeze!

harondaddy – Obama is a corporatist. He recv’d close to $100M from Goldman Sachs employees alone. This man twisted the truth to his advantage when he said his donations were small and from the American people. This is a dirty campaign trick where the bundlers put together donations of $25 or more so a) the donor doesn’t have to be reported and b) they go back to the same well throughout the campaign so that at the end, the donor has maxed out his giving but is only reported to the FEC following the election. Therefore, Obama recv’d multiple donations from Goldman Sach employees thereby hiding their names until after the election.

Does this make sense?

About Clinton, how did he get the $134 B in bonds from the Italians? Anybody have a guess?


troom – Thank you for some additional insight. It does make a little more sense.

g7enn – That was a great post BTW! Thanks


If Dr. Peter Beter was right about clones and robots replacing humans (and I think he was), then a good test would be to grab a Kissinger, Clinton, or Bush on their next “begging” trip, literally place them in a confinement that cannot be opened at all, but must be excavated to release them, i.e., a cell in a concrete-lined pit with life support supply lines plumbed in and out, then pour ten feet of concrete over the top. This eliminates any tricky “inter-dimensional” rescue opps, (or, if the cell is in an easily watched location, at least documentation of such antics).

The point would be to secretly seclude the culprit in a place such that any rescue would be observed, (don’t forget the faraday cage embedded in the concrete) and simply wait to see if another “copy” is trotted out for public view elsewhere in the world.

My guess, this will absolutely happen, especially if the snatch of the culprit is not advertised. But the imprisonment has to be witnessed personally by a group of varied and impeccable individuals, all televised and recorded, then recordings sequestered, to provide unimpeachable proof.

Having Clinton clone 1(?) sitting on an airplane in Japan was an opportunity missed, BDS.

Another opportunity will come along, this freight train is in motion, and these clones are not the players, just the pieces.

If you have any doubts, watch the clip of Obama dithering and saying “Ah-ah-ah-ah, now wait a minute–ah-ah-ah, wait a minute,ah-ah-ah”, (This went on for maybe thirty seconds, EXTREMELY bizarre), to some guy asking a question during his “election campaign”, like he lost his brain feed while the operator took a piss.

It’s on Youtube.



Excellent update and I appreciate all the informative postings form the group here that further my knowledge.

I noticed that David Wilcock posted here and he’s one of the few that seems to think that Obama is one of the good guys even though it is not apparent right now. I disagree and I don’t see how that could be considering many of the things he has said and done. Yes, the way the health care situation was handled removed any doubt for me as to his intentions. The legislation is of the Cuban (under Castro) and Germany (under Hitler). And, the so-called financial regulations will do nothing but let the gravy train continue.

He’s both an ideologue Marxist using the Corporations to his end and is probably one of the most dangerous men on earth today. I simply don’t see any evidence that he’s playing them one way to achieve a different end.

I pray this is over with soon!


ICELAND VOLCANO induced by H.A.A.R.P.?

Thanks for the accolades. You may post anything I post. My posts simply are extracted from other websites who have access to, apparently, intelligence or insider info. The number 2, if authentic, in the eye of the hurricane above, I suspect, had to do with the HAARP users, perhaps, trying to tell us that it was artificially created?

I tend to agree w/ David Wilcock, Benjamin & others that the Icelandic Volcano was created artificially. Agreed, this is a very dangerous time. I live in northern California and find myself looking up into the sky for the forewarnings of a HAARP attack. Tremendous amount of chemtrails here. In the past I’ve seen 8 almost identical repeated cloud formations in the sky that had to be artificially created…

Our minds are free. Soon our slavery will be over.


Going back to “Allies of Humanity Briefings 1-5” wherein it is carefully, patiently explained that the ET’s will back the dominant power structure, (as they perceive it), and the dominant culture, then invade both by inserting Hybridized “People Copies” into “leadership”, who will cry out for the elimination and marginalization of any/all other groups, all for the sake of subjugating Humanity in it’s entirety for THEIR OWN ACCESS TO THE RESOURCES OF EARTH-INCLUDING HUMANITY ITSELF.

I give you this PERFECT example…



I fully agree with patriotkate re: Obama…aka Barry.

I think its extremely naive to think anyone would make it through the political process of a presidential election and not be controlled by TPTB. Lets recount some of his many campaign promises:

1. Closing Gitmo.
2. Pulling troops out of Iraq. (completely, not partially)
3. Repealing the Patriot Act.
4. Transparency in Government.
5. Access to the same health care Congress, etc. gets.
6. Vowing not to use signing statements. (8 so far)
7. Vowing that “lobbyists won’t find a job in my White House. (40+ at last count)

Barry is nothing but a carnival con man, much like Clinton. Compared to Bush, he seems charismatic and courageous, etc….but all he is…is a skilled orator.

I won’t go thru the ridiculous and unConstitutional Health Care bill….or his involvement in the continuing cap and trade scheme, attempting to yet strangle us with another tax per the Rothschild global warming scam…as it should be painfully apparent to the most independent observer which side of the fence Barry sits.

I’m encouraged that they’re going after Goldman but as I posted earlier, unless they file criminal charges and put people in prison, it is just window dressing.

And lastly, of Barry’s top 20 campaign contributors, 5 were financial institutions with Goldman being #2 overall with nearly $1M contributed. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything substantial coming out of the SEC’s investigation. Don’t forget, the let Madoff go for years before they stopped him.


Ratigan Calls Out Obama On Pushing The Big Tarp Lie

Kucinich – Federal Reserve is paying banks NOT to loan out money


Jim Cramer explains how the Stock Market is Manipulated


“We Are in a Cabal… Five or Six Players … Own the Regulatory Apparatus. Everybody Is Afraid to Regulate Them”

As Newsweek noted April 10th, the big boys were using bailout money to aggressively lobby against the regulation of credit default swaps:

Major Wall Street players are digging in against fundamental changes. And while it clearly wants to install serious supervision, the Obama administration—along with other key authorities like the New York Fed—appears willing to stand back while Wall Street resurrects much of the ultracomplex global trading system that helped lead to the worst financial collapse since the Depression.At issue is whether trading in credit default swaps and other derivatives—and the giant, too-big-to-fail firms that traded them—will be allowed to dominate the financial landscape again once the crisis passes. As things look now, that is likely to happen. And the firms may soon be recapitalized and have a lot more sway in Washington—all of it courtesy of their supporters in the Obama administration…

The financial industry isn’t leaving anything to chance, however. One sign of a newly assertive Wall Street emerged recently when a bevy of bailed-out firms, including Citigroup, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, formed a new lobby calling itself the Coalition for Business Finance Reform. Its goal: to stand against heavy regulation of “over-the-counter” derivatives, in other words customized contracts that are traded off an exchange…

Geithner’s new rules would allow the over-the-counter market to boom again, orchestrated by global giants that will continue to be “too big to fail” (they may have to be rescued again someday, in other words). And most of it will still occur largely out of sight of regulated exchanges…

The old culture is reasserting itself with a vengeance. All of which runs up against the advice now being dispensed by many of the experts who were most prescient about the crash and its causes—the outsiders, in other words, as opposed to the insiders who are still running the show.

And today, Treasury gave the financial giants exactly what they wanted. As Bloomberg writes in an article entitled “Wall Street Derivatives Proposals Adopted in Treasury Overhaul “:

Do you get it?

Instead of “blowing up or burning” over-the-counter CDS – as nobel economist Myron Scholes urged – or making any other real changes which would help the economy and the consumer, the rule changes are mainly a p.r. effort by the derivatives industry itself (like the stress tests were a p.r stunt by the banking industry.) The “changes” will do virtually everything the derivatives industry asked for, including guaranteeing the big banks’ profits in selling CDS by keeping out smaller competitors.


I am really having fun researching the orgonite and chem busters and towerbusters. Check out this site that has some great pictures God always provides.


Glenmurphy said: “he lost his brain feed while the operator took a piss.” ROFL! Thanks Glen 😉 You are on the right track, too, about the encasing them in concrete.But, a true “faraday cage” is not simply copper meshed wiring. To get the effects imlpied/stated which a faraday cage can accomplish, can only be done with layering of metal/organic/metal/organic/metal/organic/metal/etc… per Wilhelm Reich.I could be wrong, of course. But, I heard a while back, again Tim Rifat talking about how he has been getting beamed & assaulted with microwave(and other type) weapons by MI5/MI6 while in his apartment in Brighton,UK.He states that this material stops these weapons from penetrating through and killing him.


cmych : Glad your having fun researching.It has been postulated, and verified that the standard way described for making say”tower-busters” ends up eventually creatiing DOr, deadly orgone.That formula make POr,positive orgone, yes, but over time they TURN NEGATIVE.My creation, was called a “FINAL SOLUTION”, and have not gone negative over time….Many have copied that, but none have duplicated it.


darylluke: Please give more info. on your final solution


Everyone here needs to read this update for April 19th by Casper. Casper is another insider like Ben. Also if someone can comment on what are the “packages” he is talking about? Obama is truly a sell out if this is true!!!!!!!


harondaddy – casper’s packages are farm claim lawsuits won long ago all the way to the supreme court, plus some other programs that individuals bought into in the past 30 years, they represent trillions of dollars to be paid out around the world to people who are in them, so that is why he is so concerned about them, they also must be released before other programs come to the average people around the world to. so the packages are important – just not sure if someone is not giving casper the run around concerning them.

BUT here is the main thing I wanted to share: several groups of evil people know how to make clones and halograms, halograms are some kind of magic and the people look just like you and me would look in a crowd, NOW suppose Obama was cloned by more than one group, which one belongs to which group, this could really be the case. i read recently that clones are the old technology, halograms are the latest and best way to go, these people are so sick with power anything could be possible. It was Russia who killed the original Jimmy Carter when he went to Russia for the first time for a meeting, they programmed their version and sent him back, it only took the USA bad guys a few days to figure out they did that. now think, the orginial is dead, and their clone is still alive, a ex miliatary general who was associated with the white house spilled these beans, it is also said that Carter knows he is a clone and if/when true exposure happens, he will tell his story to the world, some benevenlent beings are keeping him alive to tell his story when needed. sounds bizarre, but that is in the public domian. our guys tried to kill him a couple of times after he found this out, but now they leave him alone, and he trys to do good for the world.

so the story to come will blow alot of peoples minds wide open.

so back to Obama, which groups’s clone do we now have????


Regarding your reply,”It has been postulated, and verified that the standard way described for making say”tower-busters” ends up eventually creatiing DOr, deadly orgone.That formula make POr,positive orgone, yes, but over time they TURN NEGATIVE.My creation, was called a “FINAL SOLUTION”, and have not gone negative over time….Many have copied that, but none have duplicated it.” Can you give us a link to the “verified” info about the tower busters ending up creating deadly orgone. And what is your “final solution”? If it is something that will help humanity, I would assume you would want to share it.


Hi Ben and All

We here in Adelaide had a minor earthquake 3.8 on Friday night. Prior to this we had one magnitude 5.5 in 1954, but only minor ones, few and far between til now. Now there has been another quake magnitude 5 which has struck Kalgoorlie situated in the south west of Western Australia. Australia, although having fault lines, is not known for really devastating earthquakes, we do on occasion have a minor earthquake here or there. There was one some years ago in Newcastle on the NSW north coast which was severe and before that in the 60’s Perth had a severe quake. Both caused quite a bit of damage and casualties. Aside from these quakes, not much seismic activity here in Australia in the ensuing years. Now we have had 2 in a matter of 5 days? Too much of a coincidence from where I stand! Bets on another quake in the near future? Surely these people know how obvious they have become.

There will be a lot of people very worried at this turn of events, but knowing what we all know here at Ben’s site, I am not afraid, I am angry that these people think they can play with the earth and her people like chess pieces! I also know that fear plays into their hands as they feed off fear.

Daryluke, I also would like to know more about your “Final Solution” Please post details, or where to go for details if you have a web site or such. Thanks


I believe Daryluke is referring to those towerbusters made with aluminum, not steel or brass or copper. Right, Daryluke?

We’ve had our wonderful CeeBee (cloudbuster) for over 10 years now, and wherever she goes, the skies are drop dead gorgeous. Chemtrails abound around our perimeter but are nowhere to be found above us. No DOR anywhere.


Hi Ben and all dilligent Watchers. Thanks to Ben for great reportig and all who have contributed.
The Drudge Report has a banner ad asking and posting a dejected picture of Obamination, if he is going to return $ 995,795 in illegally channeled campaign contribution from Goldman Sachs sources.That is at the RICCO fraud level, and al that it entails for an operating government official.
There exists the International Colateral Trust for multinational project funding . It has tremendous wealth in numerous secreted deposits in ‘hidey holes’ spidered throughout the world. Ultimate (default) ownership is this remainderman , His Excellency, DR. Ray C. Dam . Is he one of the NWO ,anonymous, ‘rulers of the world’ ? This is a enormous slush fund that is supposed to be used for non-military earth friendly undertakings. If it is in good hands that might bode well for world’s developmental harmony. However if the NWO cabal can manipulate it to their advantage ,if it becomes a funding weapon of control by the NWO-Cabal for the consequential subjectation of the peoples of the planet, that must be, checked, immediately ! Can anyone put this in current-snapshot perspective ?


hey folks … waiting for Ben’s weekly report is like waiting for a soap opera to come on tele … thanx Ben

check this out …

looks like another four banks are about to step onto the slide !!


Syrno – What are the “packs” UPS was/is to deliver ?


Oops – got it !


sryno – Thanks for the info about Casper’s Packages. His latest update says that UPS is delivering them today.

I read that Obama is actually a clone of an Egyptian family. See link below…..

I am truly amazed and amused by how much conspiracy there is. We got clones, Aliens, evil entities, secret societies, quantum computing, underground bases, 911, 2012, hollow earth and the crystal cities, earthquake and volcano weapons as confirmed by the DOD on their website! The reality is that it is probably all true. I cant dismiss any of these things as I have experience with the seemingly sci-fi stuff myself. I have psychic abilities in the areas of energy manipulation including PSI Balls, Telekinesis, and SLI phenomenon. If you want to read my personal story then go here….

I also want to share my latest experience which happened a few months ago ……..

The craziest thing that ever happened to me was when I was attacked by an Evil Energy. I was sitting on my bed at night reading a book and all of a sudden I feel a negative presence. This negative energy manifested into an ugly looking Gray Alien that was taller than 6 feet. It’s skin was charcoal color and its texture seemed to reflect light or had a metallic look to it. This energy was experienced by my third eye chakra, It started to walk down my hallway and then it came into my room and stood in front of me. It then hit me with this intense flood of negative energy of paranoia and fear. It was one of the most horrible events I have ever experienced. I have never dealt with anything from the “dark side” before. It tried its best to overcome me with its fear tactic and all I could do is just do my best to ignore it. I was aware if I reacted in fear it would have conquered me. I didn’t want to feed this beast with any type of negative energy since that is what would have made it stronger. I turned my attention back to my book and after about 15 seconds it disappeared and the attack stopped. I realized that if I wasn’t mentally strong then this “thing” would have probably destroyed my life. I have learned and protected myself and now know that I can stand up to these evil energy forces. This negative energy has not showed up again and never will.

I look at this experience as a blessing in disguise. It taught me how to become a spiritual warrior in a sense. So lesson learned is dont react with negativity but with Love. In my case I just ignored it but if I ever encounter this again than I will fight back with peace and understanding.

I usually dont share stories like this in political forums but since most of the stuff we talk about is all seemingly related to each other and we are all open minded individuals I thought it would be somewhat insightful.


Explanation of the Great Goldmann Scam on Americans


Dear Everybody,

Nobody seems to think that the Chinese students are an issue. The ones that I have been sort of monitoring don’t seem too dangerous. They don’t blend in at all (i.e. they have trouble with currency exchange etc.) and walk around like tourists taking photos of churches and other non-strategic buildings. However,t here are more Chinese troops coming into Texas to meet with law enforcement in certain cities. Maybe they are here to take down additional Bush supporters.

NOW–ABOUT ALL THOSE QUESTIONS–The SEC is riddled with corruption. The reason that they are going after Goldman is because they are hoping to deflect the charges brought against many members of their own agency. They HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO THEIR JOB OR FACE JAIL in the US or abroad.

In the very recent past, although it was not in the US mainstream media, it was reported on trades and government agencies like the Inspector General of the SEC that a number of SEC agents were arrested and indicted for running their own businesses out of the SEC, trading from offshore accounts (i.e. insider tradeing) etc.

I have had a lot of interactions with them over people who are selling bogus stock etc. and not seen them take any substantive action against the criminals. However, things are changing due to people like the CMX shareholders, Christopher Story and the many citizens who have awakened and begun letting the politicians know that business as usual just won’t do. RIGHT NOW, THE EYES OF THE WORLD ARE UPON THEM AND THEY DON’T HAVE MUCH OF A CHOICE–it is either do their jobs or go to jail.

IF THIS MESS IS NOT CLEANED UP, WE COULD BE LOOKING AT WORLD WAR which, while it might seem appealing to the powers that were, won’t be great for the rest of us. Actually, the lack of science knowledge among the PTW ensures that they will make decisions just as fatal to them as to the rest of us. Plus, since each member of that august cabal has their own side plan working, they have assured their own mutual destruction.

What this entire thing is going to come down to is which ones of the many thieves involved are going to testify against the other thieves? The fact that the Goldman story has already hit all the major papers of the world is quite interesting. Even the formerly NWO-controlled media outlets are covering the Goldman story which means that these guys are toast.

As far as Obama, I know that Michelle has been being blackmailed for a while and she has already set up the same tax-evasion mechanisms as the corrupt members of Congress and the past White Houses have. The health care plan had many very bad elements in it, was written by two Republicans and was shoved down the throat of the American public who opposed it. That says a great deal. I know that Obama is being threatened and probably blackmailed through Michelle, so his behavior AFTER THE INTERNATIONAL INDICTMENTS COME IN IS WHAT WILL SIGNAL WHICH SIDE HE IS ACTUALLY ON.



I like that MK2009…TPTW The Powers That Were. I think we might be close to putting a past tense in there.

May those few in power who wish to harm the many by any means at their disposal, may their power crumble under the weight of their own lies and deceit.


MK RE: Obomination ! Be my sounding board, please. Did you happen to check Casper’s fourwinds link from April 20th @ 10:33 AM. That is a good opener. We know 65% of us did not want the government healhtcare. It was Rhammed through via payoffs and intimidations. Now Social Security is in the red for the month of April , first time ever. The nations doctors are retreating from practicing and accepting new patients. The nations hospitals are cringing and expecting hardships. Nursing homes are scheduled to be eliminated in the proposed health care paln. He is breaking up a reasonably well financed health care system and reducing it to chaos. 47% of taxpayer paid no federal income taxes this year. These folks are already geting enough freebies, including food stamps, and medicare! But communism breaks down and redistributes(steals) the wealth, so this is predictable , but not at all welcome. So we will do our best to ‘Throw the Bums out” in 2012 .
Remember NAFTA and GATT destroyed the middle-class blue collar base, and we are not flush with extra cash for charitable deployments. The M-C is no longer able to help bridge the gap for the have-nots.
‘Teleprompter Man’ is for ‘cap and trade ,the global warming scam . Hey ; oil and energy prices are up and we are overburdened making ends meet, not more plagues of more oppressive taxes. He needs to order some parts for his head ! He cancelled the Christain National Day of Prayer , but instituted a Muslim Day of Prayer, which well related to his Indonesian muslim roots.Is that not promoting a religious preference for our nation ? He was adopted and nationalized as an Muslim, Indonesian citizen when his mother remarried to his stepfather ,Mr. Sotoero. Obama’s passports were not issued in America when he traveled in his teen-age years. We demand the birth certificate he was supposed to produce, but fights that presidential requirement. Why hasn’t the FBI investigated his Fullbright Scholarship application to Occidental College ,and the early passport documentation ?? It shows him to be an Indonesian national. When they are investigating this very likely breach of national security, they should also check out The Drudge Report headlines today, asking Obama when he is going to return the Goldman -Sachs $995,775.oo illegally donated campaign funds. David Wilcox also says he is on the fence ,or, neutral regarding Obama’s presidential worhtiness, yet many world leaders say he is literally insane.He has lost his stability many times . The next diabolical plan of the Obama, Biden , Pelosi cabal is to bolster up the Democratic Party before the 2012 election by front-ending total amnesty.He is acting like a muslim “Manchurian Candidate” seeking devastate the remaining strengths of American Infrasructure. He is not an American in any aspect of his presidency ; he is a usurper of our constitutional heritage. And NWO ; no more Reichtag Trojan Horse setups to leverage controls over our liberties and freedoms. You’all should be on funeral pyres. Has anyone asked the FBI ,or The CIA regarding the presence of Chinese Military personnel at these bases ?
Yes, we have a right ot know regarding The Freedom of Information Act. This is he would would be the head of the NWO . Smell the coffee and the doughnuts.


Iceland also declared itself to be the safe haven for anyone in the world who wanted to be a whistle blower or truth teller. (See wikileaks)They also just outlawed prostitution because the majority of the government there are women!


Hi there Ben and all, Icelandic/Volcano/Haarp/Chemtrails Here in North London, UK,for some weeks we have had masses of chemtrails during the morning! Often I would focus on mentally neutralizing and clearing them but the week prior to the volcano eruption in Iceland on Last Tuesday am the chemtrails were especially persistant and more showed up even when I had cleared them so by the afternoon thwe sky was mostly white.

From last Wednesday early am fantastic blue sky right through the entire day and it has been like that until today Tuesday 20th April, during which ther have been a few floaty white clouds in a clear blue sky! Something I noticed after a couple or so days of no chemtrails was, that my eyes didn’t feel heavy or sore, I had more energy, (liver wasn’t needing to work so hard to clear the toxins)and I had much greater clarity of thought.
I decided to do more Google research and came up with the following.
Chemtrails Aerosol Crimes with how to protect our health

Edward Griffin Talks Candidly about Chemtrails/SAG
Chemtrails aka Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering video including:
“The Government is Already Geo-Engineering the Environment” by Paul Joseph Watson see and “US Military Wants To Own The Weather” Leonard David 2005

Ed Griffin (author of book about the setting up of the Federal Reserve bank “Creature from Jekyll Island” – google his audio re it) comments ‘Spraying Nato (North Atlantic Treaty 4 April 1949)countries. I’ve seen it in US, UK, Scotland, Canada, France. It is a political grouping with a political motive, it’s international. Making a Movie “What in the world are they spraying?”
“US Admits Chemicle testing” by Nick Childs Pentagon correspondent 10 Oct 2002; “China plans to halt rain for Olympics –Weather modification team will manipulate the clouds in summer to try to keep the open air stadium dry.”; “‘Seeding’ clouds for snow…the $9 million, State funded study involves spraying the air … with silver iodide,
using both aircraft and ground generators….”; “Modern Battles Will be Won By Controlling The Weather” by Jim Wilson Popular Mechanics February 1997; “Chemtrails Returning Cause for Concern” Nick Moore, Franklin, NC 25 Feb 2010 “…. There is hard scientific evidence that heavy metals (barium etc) are used for weather manipulation purposes, as well as possible nefarious reasons related to the HAARP project in Alaska or other secret programs….”; “Weather as a force Multiplier: owning the weather in 2025, Military applications in weather manipulation” Airforce University, Dec 16, 2001. “Executive Summary – In 2025 US Areospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development on those technologies to war fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of the paper is to outline the strategy for the use of a future weather modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical roadmap.

Once we are conscious of what is happening then we can, with our minds and hearts, surround all the perpertrators with the ‘Violet Flame’ – a deep violet colour which has the power to transmute the lower vibrations held in the imprinting of people. It sounds a bit simplistic but it is very powerful. When you see how Emoto can change poluted water through sending/indending LOVE and see the resultant christal formations, then you will know that the intent we send out really does have a very powerful effect. The more people who do this obviously the better and the quicker we reach resolution.


Re the never before grounding of all flights over Europe, here are some thought provoking comments by Alcuin Bramerton
And also on other topics such as:
“International banks Flooded With Thousands Of Faked Bonds and Forged Gold Certificates…Forgeries created with active assistance of World Court Justices, Vatican and Windsor Crown Sindicate in London. Banks and auditors know the papers are forged and worthless, yet continue to show them as possitive assets on their books.”! Click on his link for his blog.
Iceland Volcanic Ash Conspiracy April 2010
TwitterACloud 1 ….. TwitterACloud 2 ….. TwitterACloud 3

· Why is the Keflavic International Airport in Iceland still open?

· Is the volcanic ash cloud story a cover for CME disruption of aircraft communications? More here. CME = Coronal Mass Ejection. Ejection of plasma and entraining coronal magnetic field energy from the Sun. More here.

· Who would most benefit from the mandatory clearing of European airspace? And who would most suffer? Are the military in the air? Whose military?

· Is European airspace being kept clear for military defensive purposes or for military offensive purposes? Whose military?

· Is European airspace being kept clear to let something much more important happen up there? Or to let something much more important in or out? Something which might be hugely disruptive to conventional radioelectronic communications between aircraft and their ground control systems?

· Is European airspace being kept clear to prevent people seeing something significant out of aircraft windows? Or to prevent flight crews from seeing things on their screens or data displays which should not be seen by personnel without military or intelligence security clearances?

· Is European airspace being kept clear by covert security agencies acting for the City of London Corporation in order to disrupt flights between Europe and the US which are scheduled to carry high-status legal documents and law enforcement personnel to élite financial criminals on both sides of the Atlantic? (see previous item on this page about Wall Street and City of London securitisation fraud)

· Is European airspace being kept clear to block the movement of interbank gold freight deliveries?

· Is European airspace being kept clear to disrupt the travel arrangements of major European financiers trying to get to the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank being held in Washington DC during the week beginning Monday 19th April 2010 (schedule here)?

· Volcanic ash-sized particles are present in the atmosphere at civilian flying altitudes all the year round, everywhere. It is routine for sandstorms in the Sahara or Gobi Deserts to elevate volcanic-ash sized particles into flying altitudes where they are carried for thousands of miles. Volcanic ash particles measure from 0 to 4 on the Krumbein Phi Scale (particle diameters in the range 1.0 mm to 0.0625 mm). Particles of this size are routinely airborne all the year round, all over the world. Aerial plankton can contain larger bioparticles such as seeds, spores, eggs and microarthropods. These categories of airborne particles do not, normally, pose any safety threat to civilian passenger aircraft. Larger bits of volcanic debris very quickly return to ground/sea level under the influence of gravity, and they do this within a few miles of the active volcano, and only a few minutes after ejection.

· Active volcanoes are common natural phenomena on this planet. There is nothing unusual about volcanoes. About twenty volcanoes are erupting in the world at this very moment. Only one of them is in Iceland. Since 1980, as many as five volcanoes have erupted each year in the USA alone. Worldwide, about sixty volcanoes erupted each year through the 1990s. The total was one hundred and fifty four in the full decade 1990-1999. Why has this single, relatively small, volcano in Iceland suddenly been allowed to empty northern European airspace for days in a row? Between fifteen and twenty different sovereign nations have had their passenger fleets grounded. This has never happened to air traffic before on anything like this scale, anywhere or at any time.

· Why now? And why so widespread and long-lasting? More here (17.04.10) and here (17.04.10).


Calling All Patriots,

Week after week we tirelessly await for the big answer. Isn’t it fun when Fulford comes around to cradle us into a gentle sleep? A sleep full of dreams and tales that will stimulate our senses. And when we wake again from our imaginative high we find a void once more. When will we be fulfilled?

It is time we take matters into our own hands. The time is now, right at this very moment. A true patriot is in dire need of our help. Clive Boustred founded the website Liberty for Life. This man’s passion for our country(US) rivals one of Thomas Jefferson and very may well be the reincarnation of. Either way he is a patriot of the highest form and the government is trying to silence his dissent with HIGHLY unjust procedures. Anything will help, a telephone call, emails, etc. We MUST let the authorities know that this situation is being watched very closely and they will not brush their treason under the rug this time.


I beg you to take action in this case. The website lays out all the information you could need to be a part of this mans liberation.


Don’t know if this has something to do with the Financial War going on, but the U.S. is coming out with a new $100 bill tomorrow (Wednesday the 21st):


check out this site to see some amazing financial figures …

a monetary base of $1.9 trillion
bailouts of $6 trillion
and derivatives of $651 trillion

total national assets $72 trillion
total US debt $55 trillion

scary stuff …


I am from a small corner of our world.All this readings about HAARP and other sinister motivations has indeed got me worried to hell.It is like two large Elephants fighting while us the ants over here hope that we do not get crushed as a consequence.The American people themselves should set up a vigilante like force to destroy the HAARP base in Alaska,and restore the leadership and pride of their nation as their founding fathers had envisaged.



Please do not worry about the current state of affairs, it is just not worth it.

It is easy for us all to get caught up in the negative side of all this and start to fear and worry – thats what TPTW want you to do.

Please remember that at the same time all the bad stuff is going on, there is also a whole lot of good stuff happening at the same time.

We live in a loving universe and the negative factions will only be allowed to get away with so much. If they cross the line, there will be interventions. In fact these interventions have happened many times, you are just not aware of them. It is easy to get carried away with all the bad stuff as I said but I assure you that everything is going along according to divine laws. These “end days” are supposed to be scary and frightening, thats how the ruling elite have set them up. They know their days are numbered!!
Dont give them your fear and feed the beast yet further. If anything send them loving thoughts because after all, each and everyone of them are indeed a part of us.

I like your analogy, but remember what happened with Goliath!!

We will win in the end, its just a case of staying positive, simple really! 🙂


I hope this happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Charles Seabert Events Update April 21/10 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 06:34

This comes from Charles Seabert.


1 – We have been on Constitutional Law since 12:01 AM Eastern since Friday, 3 days ago. And we are using the Constitution that was printed in 1870. Get a copy and educate yourself.

2 – Many meetings going on in D.C. as most of them know nothing about the laws.

3 – Most attorneys and judges know nothing or very little about these laws. They were not covered in law school.

4 – All executive orders, acts and laws that were enacted while our country was a corporation will be null and void.

5 – The first announcement will be April 26, 2010, which will be regarding debt forgiveness.

6 – The second announcement will be the following night and will be about the new government.

7 – The third announcement will be the following night which will be about all the “bad stuff” that has been started by the “bad boys” over the past 100 years. Many nights of announcements will follow. A number of them will be the education of the masses. I heard a total of about 10 to 12 nights.

8 – Political prisoners will be released most any day.

9 – Go to for more information and also sign up if you want to become sovereign.

10 -A package of what will be done and how have been delivered to each governor of each Republic, the Supreme Court, the Military and many other official offices. The officials had to take an oath to the Constitution within 72 hours or resign from their office. We no longer call them states, they are Republics.

If anyone has a list of the meetings and/conference calls pertaining to the Restore America Plan, their times, phone numbers, radio stations, etc., please forward them to me so we can inform many more people.


Charles Seabert

Restore America Plan – More Update Info

Some other Dallas Debt Discussion Talkshoe outtakes..

1. Grand Jury’s are in Training

2. Process slowed a bit because of international interest wanting to do the same in their countries.

3. over 20,000 signed up the first week on restore

4. Restore is the official site for those interested in signing up.. system is automated so coordinator gets a spreadsheet of those in their state that are interested, by county. They want to get through this critical phase first, then will be contacting people that signed up.

5. Keep checking site as any official notices will be posted there..otherwise consider them speculation

6. Training websites are being developed to help bring people up to speed, unravel the lies of “history”

7. If anyone is facing imminent foreclosure there are steps you can take to stall it.. (this is one of the very first items to be addressed when RAP goes mainstream..

I suggest everyone go listen to the show…download it and other earlier shows… you will see most of them last 3 – 4 hours, not all about RAP.. but many many useful items are covered…

Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:54 AM 3 comments

RAP Needs three ingredients to WIN!

My personal observations —

RAP Needs the following three ingredients to Win:

1) Military Support with their Provost Marshals Participation

2) Financial support via the distribution of the Prosperity Packets

For the new ‘Gold Backed’ Treasury Banks

3) The Support of the People

All Three are needed!

GOD Bless America Again



Harondaddy: discernment advised regarding that info.

Also, I have personally met and spoken with a Grand Juror Monday. I can’t speak as if he is under “gag”, but I will say, he was closed lipped. So, for this information to be publically posted as such, without so much as these details on their site, is a red flag to me. (unless I missed seeing it).

I’m gathering that if someone joins, you aren’t allowed to speak of it until it is released in due course.

So, John, I do pray that it would transpire, it would be fabulous – but time will tell, as in all things.

God Bless America! Peace all!


If you still have freemasons running the show which i beleive they will,this will have to be part of their final plan. DECEPTION


Unbelievable…..This is amazing. Thank you G7enn. I was looking all over for this.


I, too, worry about the Restore America Plan because of the involvement of the military. So many of the rank and file are the true patriots. However, from what I have learned, there’s a lot of deception at the top ranks of the military involved in the NWO. So, they say the military does not want to be a part of it… I’m torn, because it is the military/industrial complex that has become so powerful. I’m concerned that they will bring in the military and actually set up a military dictatorship.

I’m anxious and hopeful, but remain skeptical.


No lobbying , by agents of corporations ,or, secret societies running attempting to press their influnece through any type of networking things through member , or manipulations by their gangs of shills.
We have some great military men of the highest integrity and character that are pressing for this reform initative. They are not in the forethought menality of revenge,but are more likely to promote an atmosphere of repentance and a return to wholesomeness for individuals and our nation. If there would be any super agressive ego-maniac coming on the scene, he would be cited for insurrection, immediately, in a well formulated and designed, ‘zero tolerance enviorment’.
And they are being rescued from being impressed into the Military of the NWO cabal. The founders of the RAP will see to it that the American service men and women are regarded with more respect and improved compensation and that alone will make our military family even more proud and reliable than they are now. We have been assured that our country wealth will be shared by the people and not squandered by government waste.
It is good to bring out any of the fears and apprehensions into the light so they can be properly addressed. Thanks Everybody. I know that we are all hopeful oof such a great reformation for our country. The world seems to be envying our patriotic efforts . With GOD’S help and blessings, Let it be said and let it be Done.


Hi Ben and All

I hope for everyone’s sake that the RAP goes ahead. It sounds like it could be a winner to me. Good luck and much love to America and all her people! May it permeate throughout the world once it is a done deal and up and running harmoniously in the US.


if you scroll down to where it starts “To make some sense of what has been happening, we revert to our Diary Format:” you will , as usual, find some very interesting reading …


No more IRS!!! Love you all, RAP!!!


For those of you who are interested, David Wilcock has updated his blog again with yet more positive news about the coming disclosure.

Twice in 1 week!! Keep them coming David you are a bright light to many of us!


Read some links above you will find the gold backing to be done by the imf a foreign corporation,a corporation that ben himself said is a doomed institution.How can the constitution be returned by using foreign control.Also i may be wrong but doesnt the constitution call for only coined money not paper currency.


Has anyone heard about this? Matt, can you verify?

Benjamin N. Dover III
http://www.zerohedge. com/article/ eu-sues-goldman- volcanic- ash-fallout
April 18, 2010

> BRUSSELS—European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso announced late Sunday that the European Union has filed suit against investment banking giant Goldman Sachs for the fallout of ash from Iceland ’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The volcanic ash, which has blanketed the skies over most of Europe for the last four days, has grounded almost all European air traffic, stranding travelers and disrupting economic activity throughout the European Union.


> In a statement delivered in Romansh, the official EU language of the month, Barroso said, “We have uncovered evidence that this so-called “natural disaster”, which is costing the EU hundreds of millions of Euros, is in fact an Act of Goldman, and we intend to hold the Zionist-American cabal in charge of the firm accountable.” “First the profligate Americans drag the world into a near-depression and now they crap all this ash on us. Who the hell do they think they are?” added Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou from Athens , where he was chairing a conference on Greek sovereign debt entitled, “How American Speculators Forced Us to Cook the Books, Lie to Our European Partners, and Pretend We Don’t Need A Massive Bailout.”


> The EU complaint alleges that Goldman operated a proprietary wind-blowing strategy to direct the volcano’s ash into Europe ’s stratosphere. Goldman is accused of profiting from the fallout by buying complex Flight Cancellation Swaps that are netting Goldman millions of dollars every time another European flight is cancelled.


> The complaint cites a smoking gun email from Francois Tubbey, a 16-year old Goldman vice president, to an unidentified woman at “i@&$*edTiger@gmail. com” stating, “That’s right, baby, Fat Franky’s in charge of the weather.”


> Several European banks who are counterparties to the FCS ’s are alleged to be suffering billions in losses with no end in sight, apparently because they continue to sell the FCS ’s to Goldman. Reached for comment, the Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland , one of the counterparty banks, said, “Yes, we know almost all European flights are cancelled, but our advisor is Goldman Sachs , and they keep urging us to sell these FCS ’s to them, so we do. We intend to hold them fully responsible.”


> Goldman issued a statement saying that it intends to “vigorously defend itself,” adding that the EU’s charges are “unfounded in meteorology and probably also in fact.”


> In a related development, the InterGovernmental Panel on Climate Change said today it is considering investigating Goldman ’s role in climate change. “We’re going to get the documents, proceed cautiously, and determine precisely when Goldman started melting the Polar icecaps.”


Ahmadinejad Jewish? Iran controlled Agent Provocateur

…volcanic eruptions (& earthquakes) can be triggered by Extremely Low Frequency waves, the Dark Forces concerned have also, no doubt, satisfied themselves that, in addition to procuring the knee jerk grounding of all commercial aircraft in Britain and northern Europe, a volcanic natural disaster capable of plunging Britain, part of the Main Enemy, back into the Dark Ages, can always be arranged.


Likewise, earthquakes could be arranged so as to devastate Port-au-Prince, Haiti, destroying a quarter of a million lives in the process enabling the criminalist cadres within the US structures to seize de facto control of the Central Bank of Haiti for corrupt insider trading. For the Central Bank of Haiti now performs the same function as the Central Bank of Iraq, which used to be the White Houses controlled independent central bank, used for all manner of irregular, below the radar financial transactions via the Federal Inter Bank Settlement Fund that’s controlled by the Federal Reserve Board. But with the democratic independence of Iraq… that particular corrupt game had to be wound down. So the White House needed another captive central bank to replace the Central Bank of Iraq. The Central Bank of Haiti …

… the commencement of the volcanic ash crisis and the shutdown of British and northern European airports coincided precisely with the NATO air force exercise…


This initiative exploits the deliberate, controlled rogue status of Iran, headed by a Jew, President Ahmadinejad, whose family name is Sabourjian. In Farsi, jian means Jew; and sabour is Farsi for the Jewish prayer-shawl: so Ahmadinejads family name means maker of the Jewish prayer-shawl, a reality which the intelligence operative masquerading as President of Iran openly acknowledged in 2009, in an extraordinary incident when he held up his passport open at the page displaying his family name Sabourjian, in front of TV and press photographers [confirmed by Tehran sources].

So the Iranian stand-off is unquestionably a controlled operation for use … towards One World control can be developed: of which the enticement of Russia into a NATO project is just one example.


Hi All The blow torches of the world press are scorching TPTW, reporting the deception and malevolence of The Obama Administration backed, even directed by the Cabal, and as their evil criminal activites have been uncovered, they are rightfuly blamed for much of the world’s ills.
This magnifies the overall importance and attractivesness of the reform that will benefit the whole world ,as THE RAP garners the positvie world-wide support we are hearing about.


I’m confused about our new currency being backed by gold. I thought there is not enough gold to back up a multi-trillion dollar economy. Where is all this gold coming from? Do you think it is wise to invest in gold? If this RAP is true then gold would be worth $12000 or more an ounce when the new currency is introduced. Then imagine all other countries following America’s lead and going to gold standards. Wouldn’t that raise the price of gold even more?

Any insight to this matter is very much appreciated. Counting the days to Freedom!


Recent update below……..
Trustee Events Update April 22/10
Thursday, 22 April 2010 06:38


Things are moving at lightening speed now and it is hard to keep up. I have days when it is simply overwhelming and seemingly impossible to keep the pace. We are moving in the right direction and at a pace that is astounding. There are several ‘groups’ out here that have and continue to work behind the scenes to make things happen, and that we are doing. The exciting thing is that the groups are beginning to meld into one huge, unstoppable movement toward the resurrection of the republic. We are making the corrections here and the required reversal is taking place. That’s right. We have a reversal going on here. We cannot kill the beast without dire consequences, but, we can make the corrections and bring the beast back into compliance making room for the republic to rise again.

As we make the corrections within these administrative agencies of the general post office styled as the UNITED STATES bringing it back into compliance we create a void that the republic can fill, and that is what is happening here on every county on every state of the union. The republic did not go away, it was the people that went away and abandoned the republic for what seemed like great benefits from the corporation. We simply refused to look into the flip side of those benefits and the adhesion contracts attached thereto that bound us to perform. Well, we must be willing and able to give up that seemingly free ride and accept full responsibility for our own private affairs. It is we the supposed sovereign people of America that are in dishonor and it is we the sovereign people of America that must stand up and reclaim the republic at the cost of those wonderful benefits. We the sovereign people of America must wake up and smell the coffee and accept full accountability for our actions. Our freedom is completely reliant upon our own actions. Until we the sovereign people of America wake up and learn what freedom is and what it takes to maintain that freedom we will remain slaves to these corporations.

I see, today, now, the resurrection of the republic and the shrinking of the administrative corporations. I see that the two will operate side by side for some time as we step up to the plate and learn who we are and then begin to act as sovereigns. I have said for years that I can set you free. The real question is can you remain free for more than 24 hours? I assure you that only a hand full can remain free for more than the 24 and an a much smaller number can remain free forever. We must realize and really internalize the fact that these administrative agencies that are terrorizing the people are simple corporations that wish to contract. Well, no one said that we must accept their terms and conditions. How about we establish the terms and conditions or how about we simply refuse to contract? Now there’s a thought.

The future is a bright and wonderful place indeed. I have seen it; felt it; experienced it; and it is wonderful and worth all of the effort it will take to get from here to there. Effort? Not really. simply a shift in perspective is all it really takes. No real effort or work, just put away the fear and awaken to who you are.

Blessings, The Trustee



Thanks for the good laugh. This is obviously satire. See the comments below the post and googling barroso+volcano came up with comments on the post in The Economist, which (comments) also conclude it was sapphire.

Here is a clean link:



Dear Everybody,

Check out the latest story on It has lots of interesting information on why the airspace was closed etc.



From what I can see this article is not satire, if that is what you are referring to. Check this link.



I’m confused. Your link is to the same story by the same person, posted on another site – word-for word. Read the comments below the post on zerohedge. Also google on barroso+volcano and look for the link to The Economist. The comments there and on zerohedge mostly agree the post is satire. Also the person who posted the story has a humorous name – Ben Dover.




Sorry, Thanks for clarifying.


Yeah Ben Dover sounds like a prank to me…until I see this somewhere else, I’m going the way of disbelief.


Kerry Cassidy has just uploaded a recent interview with Bob Dean. Interesting conversation throughout and especially towards the end of the session covers the topic of “cloning”.


Didn’t we all agree that Bob Dean is a disinfo agent? or am I confusing him with someone else?

Remember, disinfo agents give you 95% truth, but the remaining 5% is the zinger, the one that makes you a victim who is going to be Saved…



Thanks for the insight-didn’t even catch the name!
I went to the link and have to say that I enjoyed the comments even more than the article. As usual, I feel there may be some kernals of truth in what “Ben Dover” had to say, so will stay tuned for further events.

Anyway, thanks again.


The Goldman Probe Is a Smokescreen

Singapore. A top Asian fund manager said on Wednesday the civil fraud allegations against massive Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs was a smokescreen to divert attention from the financial crisis in the United States.

Goldman is being investigated for fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Britain’s market watchdog.

It has also been learned that banks here in Asia are using the US bank’s woes to get an edge on multimillion-dollar fee-paying deals in the region.

Marc Faber, who runs Hong Kong-based fund manager Marc Faber, described the lawsuit against Goldman Sachs as a hunt for scapegoats amid economic problems faced by the US.

“The target now is Goldman Sachs. You distract the masses with a villain,” he said at the Asian Public Real Estate Association Forum in Singapore. Goldman’s leading role on Wall Street, coupled with massive paychecks to staff and bumper profits, make it an obvious target, Faber said.

Rival institutions in Asia were seizing on Goldman’s problems to try and elbow in front of the bank on major upcoming deals, sources familiar with the matter said.

Investment bankers have been lobbying executives at state-owned Agricultural Bank of China and pushing officials in Beijing to drop Goldman as an underwriter for the bank’s more than $20 billion IPO.

Rivals are also asking officials at state-controlled Bank of Communications to ditch Goldman from its joint global coordinator role in the Chinese bank’s $6.1 billion rights issue, the sources said, though there was no evidence either bank was considering pushing Goldman aside.

Meanwhile, Paulson & Company, the hedge fund linked to civil fraud charges against Goldman Sachs, has moved to head off investor concerns about its role in a deal that has scarred the reputation of the famous Wall Street bank and overshadowed blow-out quarterly earnings.

Goldman is accused of defrauding investors by failing to say that prominent hedge fund manager John Paulson bet against a Goldman subprime debt product that he helped design.

Paulson, sources have revealed, has made telephone calls and sent letters to his big investors this week telling them that neither he nor anyone else at the fund had received notice indicating that charges might be filed against it or Goldman Sachs.

Paulson & Company, which earned $15 billion by correctly betting in 2007 that the US housing market would collapse, declined to comment.

Experts said the case and the response showed Goldman’s traditional strategy of keeping news media and critics at bay behind a wall of silence was no longer valid. “They can’t play that game anymore,” said Michael Robinson, a consultant at Levick Strategic Communications. “The world has changed too much.”

Goldman on Tuesday reported its first-quarter net income nearly doubled to $3.29 billion, bolstered by strength in fixed income trading and principal investments. The bank reported its lowest-ever first-quarter compensation ratio, but still set aside $5.5 billion for compensation and benefits in the period.

The reduction in money set aside served to bolster earnings that could bring more public scrutiny to the 141-year old bank.


Thank you g7enn for your post-link on April 22nd at 9:14am with Tim Turner from the Guardians of The Free Republics. on Uutube, Parts 1-5 . Part # 3 was especially reavealing and insightful regarding the tremendous income sources available to America . One hundres fifty Billion dolars each day, throughout the year, from gas tax at the pump.Then other resources that still remain out of the reach, currently, of TPTW . Misappropriation-payoffs, kicbacks, most favored companies- all of these ? When the new technologies are released to the world our ‘foreign aid ‘ expenditures should drop dramatically and we can bring our charitable efforts home , to our poor and hungry.
Rebuild and reconcentrate our manufacturing and our agricultural infrasturcture so as to help our most needy folks. STOP the chemtrails, HAARP, GMO , genocides, or else you will stop your breathing TPTW. We be fed up with you’all. Let’s Git er done ! BDS- GUNG HO !
I am inrigued with the enormity of The U.S. Federal Reserve Sytems obligation of debt of the premier position, to The Durham Family Trust , Ida Grove , Idaho. It is a tremendouns sum. Stay in line, anybody else, until after we settle up with those Federal Reserve bank insiders. I visited the Durham Family Trust principal’s website, and found it very germane to many issues that concern us. The principal mentioned that they had been in Manhattan ,N.Y.C. on September 11th, 2001 for a meeting ‘that particular day’ . Was this a meeting of Titanic proportions ? R.I.P. J.J. Astor . How is your security V.K.D. ? TPTW need to be ‘invited’ take a flight ‘ on one of Putin’s Tupolev jets to Hell ! That’s a wRAP ! For Them !


Ok, here we have the counter attack by Goldman Sachs against the SEC.

I think some people would like you to believe that the SEC vs Goldman Sachs is a smokescreen, but if that is true then why bother throwing stories like this out.


Thank you everyone for the updates & comments. Indeed, we are in very exciting times. Perhaps, what is most surprising about the Restore America Plan delivery to every state is the relative silence by our government regarding it? Somehow I suspect that says something. Moreover, the FBI went very easy on them. Obviously the FBI CIA & such have their insiders and thus far are letting this happen. Additionally, I am impressed by Tim Turner’s knowledge of the law, particularly admiralty law (international law) which appears to take precedence, in US court, over equity law and, apparently, make the courts servants of the people. What’s more, Tim Turner says he loves the IRS because they enforce this admiralty law that he has used thus far in court and claims to have never lost a case.

Tim Turner says the military was involved in this formulation. If the military were planning a coup, it makes sense to involve the people and Constitutional law to give it the aura of legality & respectability from the people’s perspective.

Claude Rains your CONGRESSMAN


Re suncrystal’s remark: Didn’t we all agree that Bob Dean is a disinfo agent? or am I confusing him with someone else?

I don’t think this is a consensual issue about “we agreeing” to something or other. Perhaps your comment reflects your conclusion… or confusion. Each person can/should be making their own decision on who or what to believe to not believe. Hopefully that decision is made as the result of personal investigations and not taking some one else’s conclusion.

Did you actually watch the video?

Watching a video gives a lot more information that just the words spoken. Even an audio message offers more info than the written word… people can do “reverse speech” on that if they so choose. With video material you can also watch body language and facial expressions.

Personal comment: when I come across remarks of this sort in the “comment” section of various blogs it actually sets off my curiosity as to the motifs behind the person making the post. IS THAT person the “disinfo” agent? The comments made usually do not give any basis for the conclusion offered. I think we would all appreciate reference material that we can follow up with to help us define or re-define our belief in any topic being considered.

The point with offering the link to Dean’s interview was to provide such reference material.

There was a previous conversation happening on a prior porting on this site on the topic/theme of “cloning”. The people who were interested in that conversation will likely find Dean’s comments of interest.


WOW! This article and video is incredible. Here is some evidence with Video Testimony that the SEC knew about fraud taking place but decided to “sleep” on these matters. Looks like the SEC is part of the problem.


It is no surprise or any wonderment that TPTW sought to devise and usurp the dejure law of this soverign America by concocting the criminal hijacking conspiracy via incorporation of the United States and it’s citezenry to an obscure status .The preambled intent of the spirit and intent of the Law in the Constitution (pre 1860)was sidelined until ” such a time as this “. The Admiralty Law comes staight to us from the founders of The Bank of England and it’s Illuminati principal family , the Rothchilds, who gained control of England during the Napoleonic War, wresting control of The english consul.Then we have the basis of all the finacial control and direction for their ultimate benefit vis The Federal Reserve Bank and it’s comingled matrix of The Federal Reserve Systems, including satellite tentacles like the S.E.C.Let’s start with the waterboarding of this ilk, until they cough up their gold ! Then we have the international banking laws utimately, all it’s codicles and stautes s lead back to the Vatican Banking Law foundation. Maybe the Pope will send us proxy sacrifices of preistly sex abusers of children, nuns, and the sexual victims of their father confessors employing their ‘art of arts’ in the confessionals and reaping their rewards as time and opportunity permitted.RE; Charles Chiniquy – adding to what you know from very recent events-but all thine sins shall be revaled . It is written and it is said. Repentance is in order- pay for it , Bless the poor with life saving technologies. Stop the chemtrails, as well as the abortions. Spurn the evilness of the Illuminati,TPTB, The Nazi-Bush and Tuetonic Cabals! Return to your roots in Jeshua, the jew and your LORD. Yes, the magnificant cathedrals of Europe are sadly empty because of such unabated ravishment of lusts, greed and ultimately for ultimate wealth power and control with the help of their secret society members. The ultimate desire to be capo de capo of this planet.He claims to be Christ’s Vicar on earth, maybe even ,His Capo . Hey ! who is buying up the failing banks ? Where do usury (of monies start) Who really has the biggest treasury in the world ?
We cannot overlook this most powerful director of the planet if we are to reform the evil deeds of men !


SIERRA STRIKES AGAIN. Bob Dean is such a great ambassador, and knows so much more than he can say, in MY OPINION.

Now, let’s do some deductive reasoning.

1)Humans have been cloned-long time. Earth Humans have been lied into retardation, by those “Leaders” who took advantage of our ignorance to enrich themselves in obscene amounts, revealing their true character in the process. They left the scene of the crime-leaving their clones in charge.
2) This clearly exposed the “Leader” percentage of Humanity, who would sell their own mother to a blood sacrifice for a nickel, i.e., the bad genetic stock, the “worst of the worst, of the worst, Sir!”
3)This IDENTIFIES the “Bad Genetic Stock”, (Illuminati, aka scum of Annunaki), by having let them run rampant over the rest of Humanity for a period, scurry off to their luxurious undergrounds and off planet getaways, leaving their clones to fool us, thereby revealing themselves clearly as those lower humans who would, and have, literally killed their own for the slightest personal gain. (We call them “sociopaths”, they cleave naturally to “psychopaths” for cover in hierarchical structures-SEE “Political Ponerology” By Loebechewski

4)These are NOT the type of folks who get to “Pass GO, and collect $200” in the larger scheme of things. The type of folks who, if they were allowed to enter the “Greater Reality”, would immediately set about screwing THAT up for their own gain as soon as they got there. (“I got me a billion slaves, now I want me a GOZILLION! And-and My OWN GALAXY TOO!!!”)

5)Had we NOT been lied to by those claiming to be “Leaders”, all of Humanity would be far more evolved and far better prepared to emerge into the Greater Reality than we are now.

6)PROBLEM: The genetic scumbags would still be hidden among us, and allowed to pass “GO” without the requisite spiritual evolution to correct their scumbag nature.

7)Having allowed them to run rampant over the population of Earth (SCREW- YOU, ANNUNAKIS)for centuries, if not millenia, the genetic scum can now be scraped off, and the REAL humanity can now stand-up, be counted, and pass “Go”, collecting their $200 on their way into the Greater Reality.

8)The scum can play cards with the Obama and U.S. Senate clones on an empty street corner in the District Of Columbia, waiting for the next busload of suckers to come along.

9)Real Humanity has other things to do, out there in the Greater Reality, like claim their heritage…and Lo and Behold…the spiritual ground we lost by being suppressed by the scum, turns out to be yardage we gained by figuring it out as we suffered!

10)THANK YOU, Gaurdians Of The Republic, Bob Dean, Ben Fulford, and all the “Warriors Of The Truth”.

11) Everyone reading this may now collect $200 on their way through the door marked “Greater Reality-This Way”. Please fold your chairs and bring them to the closet on your way out.

Peace Everybody-we made it!


Thank you! The video of testimony by the former S&L crisis regulator was a great energy-booster for the day. No speculation. No schoozing. No presumptions. Just facts!


Harondaddy, great informative video alleging SEC & FED Reserve of criminal negligence. Thanks.

Obama = Wall Street?-Celente

Goldman & bond hedge funds Destroy Greece-US NEXT!


is $1.5 B per day. Not 150.


Dear Everybody,

Amazing information from everybody! Maybe we should take some of these links and put them on gigantic banners on highway bridges like some activists did with the Iraq war information.

I have something that I really want everybody to go look at. PLEASE. go to and watch the video. After you watch the video, go through the photo library on the bottom of the website.

Listen to the video carefully. I have seen it about seven times now, but each time I get more out of it. The first time that you watch it, you will be so stunned that you won’t get the key points. The second time you begin to connect what you see on the screen to what has been going on. By the third or fourth time, you can connect a lot of dots.

Glennmurphy, are you my clone? We have read a lot of the same sources and deduced many of the same things. It is blowing my mind to read your things and think, “I could have written that.” There is the little problem that you are a male and I am a female, but other than that…

Anyway, everybody, when you visit the orion conspiracy, pay special attention to the part of the video that says that Hitler sought out descendants of ancient races that lived on the earth and knew about the advanced technologies that had been on this earth before.

When you go look at this video, remember that the man that put it together did not have the finances of a studio behind him. He could not have staged the various scenes of retrieving space ships etc., because the governments involved would not have participated…because they are obsessed with keeping this whole thing secret until they have taken over the planet.

I look forward to everybody’s comments.




Thank you for providing the link Fascinating.Do you think we are like the ancient civilization Atlantis…heading for mass extinction by our own hand?


Hi Ladies and Gentleman!

As always I am happy to provide information I find as I am grateful to all of you that share your insights and links.

MK – thanks for sharing this amazing and quality link. I have never seen anything quite like this before. If those pictures are real then, those are some of the best disclosure photographs ever to be released to the public domain. I think these are real since there is some new footage of 911 disaster that I have never seen before. The ufos, osama bin laden in the white house!!!, pictures from the apollo missions, holly cow! This was crazy good!

Everyone needs to see the


Hallo MK,

I saw these pictures from giants before, and the originals. Those are definitely Photo-manipulations.

Any insight about this?


I can’t speak for most of those, but the giant ones were definitely photoshopped. I got them in a forwarded email several times showing that they were actually from a photoshop contest held a few years back. I assume most of them are fakes, but who knows, right?? Sometimes you can look up the histories of some of them if you are lucky.


Dear Sierra,

Sorry I lumped everyone into the category of figuring out that Bob Dean is a disinfo agent. I didn’t mean for you to take offense. It’s just that I spent a good couple of hours one day watching an interview with him on Project Camelot perhaps a year ago (?) and became rather livid when, near the end, he showed his obvious colors. What a waste of time.


Hi Ben,

What do you think of Christopher Story’s reports of Obama being threatened by the Bushes:

Now anyone writing to a Head of State on a fraudulent letterhead in a civilised country would be liable to arrest for deceiving the sovereign power and for gross misrepresentation (as well as for obstruction of justice in this context). But the United States is not a civilised country. The Rule of Law has collapsed, and the current US President, we are informed, has been THREATENED WITH DEATH or with HAVING HIS CHILDREN HARMED by the ruthless Bush Crime Family now effectively controlled by that deadly female, Mrs Barbara Bush.

• We have exclusive permission to state this as FACT, as it was confirmed to us with full US authority at about 10:05pm on Tuesday 19th January 2010.

EVERYONE, from the President of the United States to the Bushes, Clintons, Leon Panetta, Dr Ben Bernanke, down to the lowest level of snakehood, Wanta, who interferes with and impedes or tries to modify or complicate, confuse or otherwise compromise or jeopardise the payment Settlements, is engaged in the overt OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and can be prosecuted accordingly.

Thus, Mr Obama, in deferring to threats and interventions by George H. W. Bush Sr., IS HIMSELF ENGAGED IN OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE, as there are Supreme Court orders, World Court Orders, and goodness knows how many other judicial orders FOR THE PAYMENTS to be made. Therefore, in cow-towing to the mobsters, Mr Barack Obama is laying himself wide open to being impeached for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, even as he tries to protect himself and his family from the Bush Crime Syndicate’s contract assassins.

• He should call their bluff. Being President of the United States is a dangerous job: the country is in thrall to the mobsters. Mr Obama has to live with this situation.

It has been necessary to go through all this in detail here because people need to know to what devious and doubly duplicitous and murderous lengths these venomous snakes will go in order to avoid compliance with the just demands of the international community, the defrauded sovereign powers, the World Court, INTERPOL and the enforcement officials, so as to avoid disgorging the stolen and diverted sovereign funds and meeting their overdue obligations under the Settlements arrangements and the agreed-upon G-7 Dollar Refunding Programme.

And one of the sub-themes of these endlessly serpentine operations is to enmesh the Editor of this service (who, for his sins, is having to report this crisis in detail), because there is no-one in the world they’d like to destroy more than your correspondent.

At the same time, they clumsily exploit Wanta’s delusions, and the delusions of those he is himself deceiving (as he earlier deceived the Editor of this service), in order to procure whatever tactical advantage they think will assist in their quest for DELAY, to avoid their financial obligations.”



ANYTHING can be photoshopped, BUT the Giants are real, at least the existence of humans up to some 36 feet tall is/was real. Too much “Forbidden Archeaology” evidence around the world. And just ’cause some “official” debunk outfit like exists, DOESN”T mean they aren’t crooked also.

I happen to agree about the “Orion Conspiracy”. I’ve been looking at that video ever since Seb Janiak, supposedly a French fashion photographer, (which puts him “inside”-rather than out, from the beginning), put it on the web. (IF he did indeed put it there).

As for Bob Dean, there is NO WAY to confirm or deny what he says, plain and simple. But I tend to think he is legit, simply because he is consistent over time, and his heart seems in the right place, or perhaps more correctly, I find him most likable.

As Cliff High at HalfPastHuman says, Project Camelot rates info by “how likable” a “whistle blower is”, but what else do we have to judge with, Cliff?

It seems the entire exercise is about greater discernment “In The Mental Environment”, as The Allies of Humanity Briefings 1-5 state.

The damn EVIDENCE, irrefutable, physical, empirical, and eye witness, cross-examined-testimonial, HAS BEEN REMOVED, (Cliff), so what the hell else do we have to go on?

Your web bot thing is very cool, and your wit razor sharp, but Cliff, you’re building a flat-bottomed boat because ancient TESTIMONY, NOT FIRST PERSON, says that the “Knowledge/Civilization Bringers” are always described as “arriving from the sea.” I really dig boats, and actually agreed with your reasoning on the design you chose. Let me know when it’s ready to launch-I’ll help push for a ride.

I have other friends who are preparing for “Pole Shift-The Movie” building Nibiru-proof concrete houses into mountains that are now starting to leak because WATER RUNS DOWN HILL, and they forgot that part. I also know well others who are channeling ET space commands daily, trying to fix abandoned-child crazy creator beings in the bajillionth dimension, and there is always some reason they must “fix” someone else, “channeling” again and again, but the FACT is, from Red Elk The Medicine Man to Ramtha, to Nancy Lieder’s Zetas to Glenn Murphy the screenwriter, NONE OF KNOWS FOR SURE BECAUSE THE GAME BEING PLAYED-OUT ISN’T OURS. AND WE CAN’T READ THE RULE BOOK-IF THERE IS ONE.

And Bob Dean is someone I would take the time to speak with because he gets that, and has been more places and done more stuff involved with our crazy military players than I have, and HE’S A LIKABLE GUY.

I notice the guy who says the giant pics are ‘Definitely Photoshopped”, but offers not ONE BIT OF EVIDENCE to back it up. SNOPES-anyone?

Another “spent an Hour or two” watching Bob Dean speak, and concluded from that mighty dose that Dean is a fake? I’ve been watching Bob Dean since he went public, and I find him not only credible, but likable. I’ve been watching politicians for my entire life and NEVER found them likable, credible, or even convincing liars, except for JFK and Ron Paul, and our local Washington state rep, Bill Hinkle. And I NEVER MET JFK or Ron Paul, so they MAY just be good actors.

I did happen to know Leon Panetta when I was young, he was my Dad’s junior law partner in Monterey, CA., when I was a kid. A nice, quiet guy who wasn’t aggressive enough for trial law, according to my Dad and Leon’s older brother Joe, (my younger sister’s God father),who was ALSO my Dad’s partner.

And when he (Leon) left the Clinton administration and went home to Carmel Valley, my Dad told me “Leon’s not talking-to ANYONE”. Which was VERY STRANGE to all who knew him. Further, he has no mention whatsoever of my Dad, Allan P.Murphy, on his Wikipedia bio, nor the fact that the law firm he cites being part of while in Monterey bore my dad’s name, HE WAS THE SENIOR PARTNER. This is very weird also.

So there is a great deal of weirdness going-on, whatever crimes have been committed, the crime scenes have been scrupulously “cleaned” of substantiating “evidence”, and all we have is the Congressional Record containing, among other things weird as hell, a bunch of “Executive Orders” issued by various CEO’s of a corporation called United States, which exists only in a masonically-designed 10 mile square part of North America that is legally within the “District Of Columbia”, and we’re all bowing and scraping and sending these assholes our hard-earned because somehow, someway, WE DON”T KNOW ANY BETTER. YET.

And you other guys who claim to know what is “fake” and what is “real” can make these determinations from a visit to and an hour disliking Bob Dean on a Project Camelot video?

Hurry-up and tell us all what is REALLY GOING ON, would you? I obviously lack your incisive wisdom and brain power. Please, Speak Oh-Great Ones, that this lowly mortal may know the One, Great,Truth, coiled in your fantastic intellects!

The world awaits your magnificence…


I don’t feel it’s constructive to snipe at people or put them down in this forum (not that I haven’t done that plenty in my lifetime), but providing differing views and information is constructive so that each of us can make up her or his own mind. Having said that I’ve read that some of the giant pictures have been photo-shopped, but others, like Klaus Dona (below) seem to provide actual credible evidence of giants and much more as many of you know.

Regarding Bob Dean, I find him credible and likable and his heart appears to be in the right place. With the technology available to the misguided ones, it seems that any of us could be duped quite easily, including Bob Dean. Richard Hoagland, in my opinion, is CIA influenced, but, if true, that doesn’t mean he does not provide valuable information, particularly about the Nazis for example. (Alex Collier said he confronted Richard Hoagland, which I found interesting, during one of the lecture tours. I forget which video that is on).

I’ve gotten the impression that there are various factions within the CIA, FBI, etc., that are attempting to influence the people in various ways, some good many downright evil. As we move toward the endgame, it appears that many of those who have worked for the misguided one are being jettisoned by them and not being paid due to their money supply being cut off. Hence. it may be that they are whistle blowing more now or coming out in disguised form. Some of these people, no doubt, are coming to the fore in Project Camelot. Some are coming forward for fear of what is about to happen to humanity. It’s up to each of us to discern who is truthful and to what extent and to realize some have been given disinfo or had their minds remade to reflect the misguided one’s perspective.

I like what both Ben & David have to say, but like all of us they are dupeable, perhaps because the lens they view the world through is colored positive, but each of us has our own particular lens and the misguided ones are happy to use that knowledge to dupe us. On the other hand, I think, people, like Dr. Deagle, are dupeable because they view the world through a negatively colored lens. Every one is dupeable. It’s up to each of us to discern the truth and that’s not always easy.

I think those of us who are not in the limelight have an advantage regarding dupeability because at least we are not being influenced by that limelight and all the personalities, money and influences (intimidation) that go with it. We can be helpful to those who are by expressing our beliefs in rational non-threatening ways. In my opinion, arguing (egotism?) only causes each side to become more entrenched-not that I still don’t fall into that trap.

I’ve been very impressed by everyone in this forum. Thanks.


Yeah, the Dona Klaus presentation is excellent! Much better to download the MP4 file, it is much higher quality.

Funny thing is, I sent it to a bunch of friends and family, and not a single one thought it was interesting in any way. Strange how some are curious about Earth’s past mysteries and others couldn’t care less!


G7enn, I hereby retract my snipes. You are correct, it is not constructive. I apologize for any crunched toes in the crowd. My sincerity may be checked and confirmed at (Sorry-couldn’t resist)


This is a good example of how confusing all this stuff gets sometimes.

The G20 is upbeat about the economy….huh? Whose balance sheet are they looking at? The IMF (who is also broke) then CAUTIONS THEM TO NOT BE TOO OPTIMISTIC….

I mean, I wanna see these criminals running around screaming and pulling their hair out. How is the G20 even still operating. Can they not even see that they are about to be annihilated along with the IMF.

Do they not know that Lehman is about to get ripped apart.;_ylt=AvBI0hHciKU71HbJYVw0l_qs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNnY2xmdTZnBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwNDI0L3VzX2dvbGRtYW5fc2FjaHMEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwMzBHBvcwM5BHB0A2hvbWVfY29rZQRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3J5BHNsawNlLW1haWxzc2hvd2c-

(sorry for the long link)

Ok, so even if Lehman is the smoke screen, it doesn’t matter. The whole thing is about to go under.


Dear Everybody,

Ahhhh. Let me sort out the things on First of all, the giants did exist and there is substantial historical evidence of them as well as the archaelogical evidence. The History Channel ran a special on this very subject including quotations from a book written by a Native American woman in the 1800s. Evidently, a number of giant skeletons were found in the US and are in the national museum. Michael Cremo’s book discusses the many bits of history that we have not been made privy to.

The photos of the accidental anti-matter explosion (the white sparkling bubble in the middle of the laboratory complex followed by a photo of a huge hole in the middle of the complex) has been verified by a French scientist who wrote to Dr. Stephen Greer urging that disclosure be expanded to include “anti-matter” science which he was sure that the American scientists possessed from papers that he had seen.

The photos of the Eldridge (identified as the Philadelphia in the Hollywood movie about the experiment) came from a man named Jessup. The information about the Nazi saucer program has been verified by a number of sources including a woman who is an illegitimate daughter of the English monarch who abdicated his throne for Wallis Simpson. There are diagrams of saucers and photographs as well. I will have to search for the website that shows some of these craft, because I have forgotten the name. I thought that it was but I am not sure.

Again, I urge everybody to go look at video. You will be stunned at what you see, but once you think about it, lots of things will make a lot more sense.

The Vedas, Upanishad and other religious texts from India absolutely state that there was a civilization in their lands which had flying craft called Vimanas. Their texts contain technical drawings of these craft. Hitler is said to have recovered one of these craft and that is in the photos on the orion site. Dr. Peter Beter said that the US had the ability to travel to other planets in the ’60s and that there were colonies on other planets. David Wilcox has said the same thing. It makes total sense that this capability might come from the Vimanas recovered in Afghanistan. It also explains why the US permitted the raiding of the national museums of Iraq which is said to contain many of the same kind of relics documenting ancient and advanced civilizations on earth.

Both extinction historians and indigenous people around the world have said that there have been 4 (four) extinctions on the earth in the past. These issues are covered in another television show called “Ancient Aliens” on the History channel.

I will raise more points later, but I think that those who take the time to look at this remarkable video will be stunned.



I don’t doubt that giants may have once roamed our Earth (or still do?) but it must be known that many of those photos of giant skeletons are absolutely fakes. This is not denied by the creators of said images. Maybe there are genuine ones floating around somewhere out there.


Dear Sierra and all,

I must eat humble pie this morning. I (finally) went to Project Camelot to find the part of the video where the disinfo agent “reveals” that he is Moses reincarnated, and Lo and Behold, discovered it wasn’t Bob Dean after all, it was BILL DEAGLE. Same initials…. I am SO SORRY!!!! Bob Dean is an upstanding patriot. I can’t tell you how upset i am with myself. argh. i must remember to check things out more thoroughly before making negative statements about anyone. Lesson Learned….


Creativity is just as important as Literacy in Education


Anybody know what Ben’s up to? Been a long time since the last post.


It’s only been a week. It seems like much longer due to the unusually high number of posts this week.

I thank everyone for such informative and civil posts. This blog is the most decent one I frequent. Everyone is treated with respect without flaming and cursing.



To Everyone,
Regarding the Restore America Plan. Sorry to say it, very sorry, but apparently it’s a sham. Check this link. Read the entire page.


Thanks for posting the information about TRAP. I was very suspicious and skeptical when I heard about it. The old adage of, “if it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

People really need to be cautious and use discernment in everything they explore and it would not surprise me if this was a government disinformation plan/infiltration. That’s why people also need to be very cautious about signing Petitions as you are giving away information which may get into the wrong hands.


has anyone ever acknowledge Ben to even emgage feedback to any comments/questions on the message board, it would be nice from time to time…it would give a sense of connection to his followers, I would think


We have a degenrate government now, raped by very many corrupted politicans, foreign bankers, controlling our econony and gorging on our planned indebetedness. The premier meeting of the Illuminati, the Garabaldi Conference in 1895 when the indusrial military complexes planned three world wars. Think of the men and women that lost teir live in two of those wars. This world-wide one world system throws out offers, some inducements to broaden it’s base and enjoins itself with Secret Societies whenever possible . They act in concert to form an NWO so they can refine their control every aspect of the lives and livehood of the world’s population.
We therfore have enemies of the state both foreign and domestic. Do I want to languish being told nothing can be done ? No damn way ! There are many others who feel the same way about restoring the letter and law of our Constitution. Mister , do you think I am the least bit interested in folowing myriad piles of legal bullshit to stumble in while TPTB operate their HAARP weapons, genetic food engineering , chemtrails , create wars for profit for our sons to fight in ,thefts, FEMA detention camps. No Way, not a minute longer. If the BDS would be so kind as to liquidate the first 500 of these ten thousand beasts we would get our first breather in breaking the bands of our opressors. No one is interested in keeping these monsters breathing.
The Guardians of The Free Republics is a well supported, non-violent movement to restore the constitutional rights of The American People . I will continue to support the reformation that they champion, and damn their detractors.
Save that legal paper work for a Fourth of July 2010 bonfire .



That was a misinformed, presumptuous post you read on that site. Please dismiss it until you research more on the group in question. I attended one of their meetings and came away feeling like I’d been in the company of people of good character, and well-informed to boot. It is awesome what they are accomplishing with our total energies focused toward the good of America.


cmych – I really hope it is not true. I had some hope that this was real since I have seen CNN broadcast a report on this RAP and they said the FBI was investigating. Wouldn’t Tim be arrested for distributing these documents to all 50 governors as the link you listed suggests that this can be a “felony”. See quote below…….

“In fact, when people have done so, there have been some prosecutions of the citizens forming the citizens grand juries because it is a felony to issue a document which purports to be issued by the courts when in fact it is not. ”
I also know one of our fellow posters here named Myra, has had personal contact with one of these Jurors. See post……. Comment by myra on April 22, 2010 @ 3:34 am

In any case we will know the Truth soon as this is the year for disclosure on most the secrets of our global societies.

ricdonnell – I second that! I wish Ben would contribute some more and comment on some of the posts we write. He is probably busy with traveling and getting to his sources for his articles.


Well, right off the bat the article presented that claims the RAP to be misleading and false is itself highly opinionated and hastily put together. The author offers another link to an article (Christian Science) dated April 2 2010 about the papers that were sent to the governors. (Old News) The OPINIONS of the blogger offer no real evidence that what Sam and Tim are saying is false….just looks like opinion to me.

Since then we have all seen the updates that were dated April 11th by the RAP describing their progress. During the radio show they state quite clearly that there are many people who are going to say its a hoax. Now, whether or not they are successful is another matter, but I think they believe what they are saying is true and they back up what they say.

It seems quite dangerous to make such claims as they have over the past few months. They claim the FBI, and the military have back them up. They claim to have contact with those who can back a new currency much like Ben Fulford keep saying. If that is true then they may very well be successful and I hope they are. The constitution, in my mind, is the only true law in this land. And I whole- heartedly agree that the U.S. is a corporation that borders on fascist.


I wonder why we can’t comment on Ben’s latest blog…?

Anyway, I think you guys might find this blog about the possible Shift scenario (12-21-12) extremely interesting. I have no idea if this is true but it sounds good to me!
Here’s his website:

How The Shift Will Happen
by Owen Waters

The ancient Mayan culture gave us more than the Mayan cosmic
cycles. They were an early test case for the process of
physical ascension that the entire planet is about to
experience in the near future.

Their cycles work made us aware that December 21st, 2012 is
when several long-term cosmic cycles of influence upon human
consciousness come to a close, all on the same date, and new
cycles begin. There is a 5,125 year cycle, a longer 26,000-year
cycle, and some even longer-term cycles as well, all converging
on that one date.

The Mayan civilization existed up until 830 A.D, yet their
astronomical knowledge exceeded today’s level of knowledge in
many ways. They not only knew the precise orbits of the planets
in our solar system, but also the orbits of the stars in our
galaxy. They even had cataloged information on major cosmic
events going back more than 400 million years. The Mayan
calendars are masterpieces which illustrate the repeating
time-spirals of cosmic cycles within cycles within cycles.

Then, the Mayans suddenly disappeared from their cities,
leaving no traces behind as to where they had moved and, yet,
left their cooking pots and utensils behind. There is no sign
that they suddenly died from some mysterious ailment and they
did not move to another known location. That means they didn’t
relocate anywhere here on this physical earth. Instead, they
moved up a level from our third-density level of existence into
fourth density. They didn’t move away; they moved up.

Fourth density is less dense than our world, but it is still
physical. It is also home to the spirit realms or the
afterlife. If you were a physical human living in fourth
density, you would find it relatively easy to contact people in
spirit bodies. They would live in a higher sub-realm of fourth
density than you, but you’d both be in the overall
fourth-density layer of existence on this planet.

The Mayans engaged in a prototype experiment to ascend from
third density to fourth density. They weren’t the only test
group engaging in such experiments. In New Mexico, for example,
the residents of Bandelier and Puye Cliff Dwellings
successfully ascended, as did the residents of Machu Picchu in
Peru. Those test groups moved from third density up into fourth

The ascension that is about to happen on Earth in the near
future will be very similar and, yet, it will be different in
one major respect. We won’t be leaving our old world behind to
move into a new one. Our world will ascend along with
everything in it, including us.

Our entire realm of existence will increase in frequency and
move up into a fourth-density frequency band. This time, the
cooking pots and utensils won’t get left behind; they’ll come
with us, as will everything else in our reality.

When this occurs, people who are alive in physical bodies will
experience physical ascension, right after those in the
afterlife experience their ascension to a higher sub-realm of
fourth density. In fact, they’ll vacate the sub-realm that
we’ll be moving into.

The nature of this global ascension was foreseen as long as
two millennia ago by Jesus, who even foresaw the sequence of
events. He said that, in the twinkling of an eye, the dead
shall be raised and we shall be changed. But first, he said,
the ‘dead’ shall rise and then we will be caught up together
with them in the ‘clouds’ (i.e. higher realms.)

So, the ‘dead’ – the spirits residing in the afterlife – will
first rise to a higher sub-realm of their fourth-density
existence and then we will be moved up into fourth density.

This upcoming transformation of our world into fourth density
is referred to as the Ascension, the Rapture, the Resurrection,
or simply as The Shift. Today, we think of The Shift as the
phenomenon where everything is changing very quickly. In the
future, however, The Shift will be looked back upon as the day
the world suddenly changed or ‘rose in the heavens.’

The Shift will occur when the time is right for humanity to
handle the experience. This means, when a critical mass is
reached in the emerging New Reality consciousness. Fourth
density is a heart-centered frequency band of consciousness.
When enough people operate in that level of consciousness, then
humanity will be ready to make the mass shift into fourth

Percentage-wise, the number of people required to reach the
tipping point is small because higher consciousness has
proportionately more influence on the global mind atmosphere
than the lower frequencies.

After 2012, promoting widespread New Reality consciousness
will be a lot easier then before, as the old cycles will have
finished and the positive influences of new cycles will be in
effect. That means that your efforts to change the world
through positive thought and action will be working in a
positive environment instead of the old, decaying, end-of-cycle

Every step that you take to foster heart-centered
consciousness within yourself and others affects the global
mind atmosphere profoundly as we work towards that tipping

When the global ascension of The Shift happens and the New
Reality blooms, it will become the most wonderful transformation
in recorded history.

It will be remembered as the time when humanity literally
built heaven on earth!


suncrystal I also noticed the comment link for Ben’s April 26th was inoperative . BTW This morning , A great bible teacher,historian and amatuer archeologist, Arnold Murray – Shepherd’s Chapel referred to a relationship of Satan with the sixth planet Saturn , the holdover of peculiar star alignment conjoining Virgo, the Virgin ,with ? , for a time, then with the astological projection for that morphed state ,that it would be until December of 2012.He then referred to the Myan calendar,implying that the Myans had enough astrological expertise and other knowledge to support their prediction of ‘end of this current age time’ but not stating a continum , or, shift to whatever was not known to them , but they got this far . When these same that are asleep, awake and ascend , they will will have an ear to her the truth with. I will pull up today’s lecture on Shepherd’s Chapel, and fill in the ? (blanks) .
Important notice to all: As purported in this blog, flouride is a form of posion(as a catyalst) that causes the rapid uptake of aluminum into the body’s tissue, more exclusively,an uptake into brain tissue. Autopsies of Alzheimers patients show extrodianary amounts of aluminum deposits in the remaining brain tissue.
As that is not enough of a scare , it has recently been discovered in Ashebury , Mass. ,that the flouride that they import from China, was extra toxic and had clogged their water processing equipment. Ashebury has a new source, but many Mass. communities still . Now wonder those skull and bonsers are Wack ! They say Bush 41 has dementia now , and Barbara has taken over the reigns of his nazi-cabal coach. Don’t use flouride based toothpaste. That is a wRAP .


Even if america is returned to constitution law will foreign creditors just say okay fine?If the rap is successful it will be because it is planned that way.People of america,the world try to prepare yourself as best as you can.The bible will be fulfilled.Doesnt matter if you believe it to be the truth or not. REPENT


Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking

I laugh at his conclusion or propaganda. He doesn’t mention how aliens could be also beneficial or are positive beings. His article is fear based. Not to mention that he is clueless to the fact that aliens have been influencing humanity and earth for millions of years. I give him brownie points for at least attempting to shed light on ET intelligence, as he is respected in the science community.

Disclosure is certainty around the corner as I have seen more main stream media discussing “aliens”. History channel has also picked up the theme and are now showing “Ancient Aliens”

People are talking about prophecies being fulfilled. The popular ones are the Bible, Mayan, and American Hopi Indians. Like I mentioned in other posts. There are those who interpret the “end of times” to mean doomsday and fear. There are others who interpret the end of days to mean utopia, or heaven on earth. Opinion: Free Will allows us to choose which path to take and those who reside in the lower realms of the ego and operate in the emotion of fear, hate, anger, pride are subject to that doomsday reality. Those who choose path of love, light, bliss, joy, witness the other side of the coin as the Golden Age. Yes, it is true to “repent” to oneself and ask yourself to forgive. This action of thought can release negativity from ones energy field but this type of meditation should be an awareness that constantly lives in our consciousness. It is not religion, race, culture that divides us, but more of the energy pattern we choose to manifest and live. The mind creates an illusion of duality when in fact it is infinite and non-dualistic.


Hi Ben and all . From what has been divulged about the level of America’s indebtedness, the lack of a REAL gold reserves in Fort Knox , ect., the financial obligations of The U.S. government part that is outstanding and overdue ,and as it is in deficit status, without a case for restitution, should be in international bankruptcy receivership.
The Federal Reserve Bank (Cabal) crooks have undermined the world’s economies enforcing their own monetary dictates, then ever so conveniently using the Federal Reserves printing presses to support the unreasonable over-leveraging of monies for enabling loans to shaky sub-prime lending agents, or agencies ,both foreign and domestic. Consequently , the overall liabilities of this imminent failure is theirs. Let us hope that thier insaitable greed will take them down and out of international banking.
The RAP has the $ backing to fund the country and restore the right and just Constitution and Bill of Rghts articels , the spirit of , that made this country the envy of the world .


Here is an excellent article detailing out how we got into all of this. “The United States Isn’t a Country. It’s a Corporation”. I have a better understanding now of what happened. A great site.


HELLO BEN AND ALL This is a response to the new April 26th post by Benjamin that is not currently addressable.
I see that some of the leadership of Japan is being threatened by the Nazi-Cabal with Heinz acting as thier agent to secure the hitmen. Heinze needs to be scalped and castrated , carefully,so that he can live out his remaining years in absolute disgrace .
The deadlocked stuggle over the printing presses of Japan is an issue that cannot ‘hang fire’ too long , due to a tanking world-wide economy. Have the current aristocratic custoians been beyond reproach, good premier citizens of Nippon, putting the interest of a stong Japan first? Has there been any collusion by them with The Nazi-Bush Caabal ? Have they been wise managers, and do they have excellent administrative infrastructure and a highly devepoled moral, ethical business-like platform ?
Can you do a ” make a sow’s ear into a silver purse ” analogy on each on and come up with an answer ? P.S are there any ringers in the ranks of the challagers , or superheroes to be commended smonst the aristocrats ? Point to make ; do not wind up putting your commodities(real wealth) into a sow’s ear-second rate purse, We need sharp dudes to mind the store here, and in Japan !


I take a look at all you posting here and you know what I see? I see a bunch of leaders ready with the knowledge and truth to spread the wealth.

We need to stop playing fun games of wild tales on the computer. Maybe disclosure is coming maybe it isn’t but NEVER expect this to get any better until we do something about it ourselves. Knowing the beautiful side of spirituality and the fact that this probably won’t be my last attempt at life I would literally rather die then not atleast try to physically protect my soul’s freedoms or potential that is being weighed down by this society they create.

I think rallying behind someone like this guy right now could cause some serious waves.

This guy has started a company called Infotelesys which is reportedly a new technology in the way of a satellite that speeds up the Internet significantly and can push out the need of Federal Reserve or the Federal Schools for that matter.

If anyone is the California area check him out he needs our help!


Hi Ben & All

Something quite strange here on Ben’s free site.

If everyone will remember back a few weeks, there was a person posting under the name of “truth” writing some very peculiar pieces, in my view quite negative, and seemed wrong for Ben’s site.

Before you all get up in arms, I also hold the view that everyone has the right to their view and to express said view.

But this person seemed to be quite radical to me and then they posted a piece that I had to respond to. It was totally off the wall. I asked them if they were from “them” because what this person was writing seemed quite like what the elite get up to. They get into just this sort of site and peddle their venom in order to get the people who read and post here questioning their own beliefs.

Surprise, surprise, this person has a new posting on Ben’s free site this morning.

I have looked back, because I can not remember them posting recently and to my complete surprise the previous postings by this person and also the posting of mine taking them to task has been removed. I may be wrong, but I have checked a number of times and can’t find any by truth or the one where I wrote to truth. I have gone back weeks and weeks, and can not find anything. It may have been Ben removing these postings, but if that were the case, why would he post the latest offering from this person.

I hold the view that the elite read this site regularly, and they could no doubt remove any postings they didn’t want to remain on view.

Is truth from the elite? I could be completely wrong here, it just doesn’t feel right to me what they are saying, but having said that, here is where they come into the right to their view again.

If truth is coming from their heart and it is truly what they believe, then I am concerned for them. I honestly believe that one should not have a negative outlook, because what you get back will be negativity. Yes we live in worrying times, but I hold a very positive outlook, and believe that once we are over this rough patch, it will be a wonderful world for us all to enjoy, truth included if they so wish.

If truth is reading this, it is not my intention to malign you, I am just writing it as I see it from my perspective.

Also, I am not the type of person to point out my writings, it is just that it seems very odd that these pieces have been removed. Has anyone else noticed pieces they have written, or others they have taken note of disappearing out of the blue like this? If it was Ben removing them, I quite understand him doing this and most certainly am not criticizing him for the removal. It just struck me as odd and wondered if anyone else had noticed this.

To Suncrystal,

Thankyou for posting that piece by Owen Waters. I haven’t read it before. What a great piece of writing. Thanks for that.


Just finished listening to a very recent interview with David Icke, who is releasing his latest book VERY soon.
Link to this interview is:

It contained interesting comments that relate to recent posts here.

He was making points about a topic and reviewed the story line for “They Live”. Apparently it can be viewed on youtube.

Also… a main theme for this recent book is the idea that “our” moon is hollow and, he now believes, is the “operations base” for controlling our vibrational state. (I’m summarizing.) So… David Wilcox and Richard Hoagland are talking “hollow moon of Mars” called Probus… and now David Icke is (independently) pointing to “our” moon in the same way.

So we could possibly have at least two “hollow” moons in our solar system neighborhood!

Unfortunately cannot remember the website, but a few months ago did see some photos that were apparently images of a HUGE ship in proximity to our sun… likely someone here has also seen those photos and could fill in a link. This “ship” was of a scale similar to these “moons”.


Wasn’t April 26 supposed to be the first day of 9 or 10 days of “education” by the RAP folks? Has anyone seen anything? I haven’t.



cmych great post and a link to keep handy.We have to be vigilant for the TRUTH , lest we perish !
dpaw Yes , this fellow Clice Bouserdt, who was sidelined by the Cabal was in the process of setting a new internet using Russia’s MIR satellite and provide a platform for a new monetary system that would be available to replace the the Cabal controlled, Federal Reserve System-Federal Reserve Bankers, at large.The MIR based would be pretty much out of the hackable reach of TPTB. I am sure this fellow was an extreme threat to the Cabal and they were constantly dumping the tums. I give lots of Bravos to that female officer that stepped up to the plate and prevented the fellow officer from asassinating Mr. Clive Bouserdt. The judge that gave him that harsh sentence , well he is from hell and will be back there someday, I hope soon . Note that all the judges in Scotland are Masons . The judge’s gavel is representative of the mallet that the brethern “J” used to kill Hyman Abiff, masterful chief engineer of Solomon’s Temple . The ensuing trade brotherhoood that they formed appears to have birthed many thug gangs (Secret Societies) and narcistic fellowships of the dementos going forward.They were an absolute absurdity from the very beginning and continue to be absurdly evil bands of networkers. I wonder how many Masons preside as judges in America today and are networking operatives for the Cabal ? And of course their influence in politics is well documented.
The Leave a comment radio button on Ben’s latest post April 26th) is still inoperative! Can anyone contact him regarding this matter and get back to us ?
Also , can anyone provide the link for Ben’s free blog ?
I am curious to examine truth’s bla-bla blogs. That’s a wRAP !


Hi Ben and All


Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear.

The pieces to which I referred were posted on this, the paid for site. Truth posted this morning on the free site, which is “benjamin fulford typepad”. You can directly access this paid for site from there.

I hope you have more success than I. I looked back weeks, in fact as far as February and they just seem to have vanished. Very curious! I would like someone elses take on them. I wonder if I was just reading them out of context, or if they really were strange.


Hi Ben & All again

It is very interesting that just today, our not so illustrious Prime Minister of Australia has put back introducing the carbon reduction scheme, the ETS (emissions trading scheme) till late 2012. He sites the opposition party here in Australia for their opposition to the scheme, and also other countries’ slow announcements of their schemes.

I think that he knows that there are many of us out here in the real world who know the real deal, that the climate, and as a consequence the environment, is and has been controlled for many years, and that we will not go quietly if he implements such a scheme. This would have cost us all so much, and not only financially. It irks me every time I have to pay an electricity, gas or water bill, knowing that the money is going to the PTW.


Ben’s free site:

Note the Comment about WWIII (Israel and Iran) and November 8th. That’s a LOOONG way off.


Nov 8th will be here sooner than we’d like. I’m praying for a peaceful Fall Season, but I’m not expecting it, nor am I expecting the elections. I agree with the comment regarding Israel & Iran.

Regarding Ben’s other site – Truth’s post. Very interesting really. I’m all willing to go way outside the box – is there some “Truth” to it – maybe, of course I for one can’t prove either way. I pray it isn’t accurate, too hopeful? Other posts not being there? Interesting.

I don’t agree with the “followers” comment, I wouldn’t slate this forum or individuals here & in other forums as such. If anything else, totally opposite, I will continue to frequent many sites that share knowledge and insight. And also try to remain positive for all of humanity’s eventual peace! As my grandmother would always say, “What God Wants, God Wants”. One day, the saying “Don’t Make Me Come Down There” will come to pass.

Thanks for all of info posted – greatly appreciated. Peace all!


Hi Ben and All!!

I also read the post by “Truth” on the typepad…seems to me typical disinformation…pieces of validity surrounded by junk.

I myself am inclined to focus on the positive. Sure, I know there is a boatload of negativity in the world right now, but if you spend all of your time dwelling on that, then you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for all of you that post on here; I gain as much, if not more, from the enlightened input here as I do from the hours spent bouncing from source to source searching for the truth!

Now if only I could figure out how to manipulate time, I would be able to have enough hours to do the research my mind is craving and still get some sleep 😉 HaHa


Dear Benjamin and crew; This is a response to April 26, 2010 posting:

We have all befallen with the rest of humanity unless we all wake up soon.
Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton and Obama are all dead and gone replaced with duplicates. God only knows how many more of those in high positions of power or those who will not change their evil ways now will be removed and replaced with doubles and or look-a-likes. This technology has been here since time started on our world. It’s use is for war, power and control, and we are in a war. Benjamin, the Rockefeller you meet was a duplicate, a Russian organic Robotoid. These doubles are not human but are biological life forms. They are perfect in every means to simulate a real human being. They bled cut-of-wound, sing on key, remember all associates or past contacts. Even if you were married to one you would find it difficult to tell the difference unless you knew what to look for. Depending on how these Robotoids are used they can be made in a matter of minutes. However if produced quickly they can be spotted by checking their facial patterns especially the ears looking from past pictures. All kinds of doubles are being manufactured by earth humans. I’m not referring to clones as they are impractical for weapons of war as they take to long to manufacture and deploy. But Robotoids and the doubles known as synthetic automatons have be manufactured and deployed for over 30 years now. Robotoids are made from a single cell, but, synthetics are made liken unto Frankenstein, where body parts are grown and grafted together using the fluid taken from the lips from cattle mutilations. I know this sounds way-out-there, but unless you investigate and witness for yourself to remove all doubt it will be very difficult to understand what is real happening in this day and age. With respect to all of your doings keeping the world aware, I remain yours in Light.

Slave Species (
#43 The mysterious disappearance of Dr. Henry Kissinger.
#44 The Hoax reappearance of Dr. Henry Kissinger.
#45 The secret intelligence war of doubles.
#47 The scientific background of the Russian Robotiods.
#51 The surprise Bolshevik deployment of synthetic automatons.


Those of you that need a good read about the recent events and what is happening on earth then read the message at the link below.

It talks about the Illuminati, sec, polish crash, Iceland volcano, karma, reincarnation, and other important insights. You should also bookmark the homepage as this site gathers important messages from many different sources and puts it in one location which will save you a lot of time.


For those of you who do not know,check out haarp, project bluebeam,operation ice pick,operation garden plot,fema camps and fema coffins.


The Shitty Deal – Goldman Senate Hearing April 27th, 2010

Video replays of the entertaining parts of the Goldman Sachs hearing in front of the committee on Capital Hill.


Hi Ben and All

Miriam, I just want to thank you so much for putting up the link for the conference call. I have just finished listening to it. The gentleman on the call was just incredible and the information he had was stunning. I had no idea how in depth the whole thing will be. I have known all along that something momentous was just around the corner, if this all comes to fruition, well we had all better hang on to our hats because it is going to be huge. Even though I live in Australia, I think the ramifications of this plan well be felt here and elsewhere also.

I want to thank, here on this site, all who have anything at all to do with the planning and implementation of this plan to free the world. It is such a wonderful thing you have done.

It is after 11pm here in Australia, and how I am going to sleep with this all buzzing through my head, I just don’t know!


Hi Ben And All
getem and Miriam Please provide the link( ref. – Conference call ) regarding getm’s latest post on April 27th @10:37 pm. Sounds like very important breaking news of interest to all. It can’t be found.
Does anyone know why the comments section is not addressable on Ben’s latest 4-26-10 ?


wbstreck, just did a quick google search and came up with this link. maybe this is the conference call they are referring to?

I’m going to give it a listen now. 🙂


Something about disclosure is stirring the pot. It must be close by because I keep hearing it. First I hear on Public radio that Stephen Hawking did a show in the discovery channel. Now he is going around saying not to talk to them.
Project Bluebeam you think? Maybe he knows about it. They were also talking on public radio about some group forming a welcoming committee. wrote an article at the first of the month.

Notice the title line “WHEN they say hello?” as if they are certain it will happen.

Lehman Bros. is in hot water..The EU is in trouble. Anyone else find irony that Greece, the birth place of western culture could be the very place that topples the NWO EU.

That guys looks panicked and he is reading from a prompter.

Tony Blair is in trouble for war crimes.

Wow! Alot going on guys. Keep posting your finds, I want to see the end of TPTW….


Here is the conference call that Miriam posted on the other site….. It starts at 1hr 25minutes.

This is the best information I have heard about the upcoming Restore America Plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see from my exclamation points that this is a must for all of you to hear.


The link was in Miriam’s comment on:

Scroll down to just below the short entry for 4/26/10 and click on “Comments.” Miriam’s comment is the first one (as of my comment).[Note that the comments are in reverse date order compared with this site.

Why do we need to check on two sites to get everything?



Below is the link to the prosperity fund that St Germain started many years ago. It seems that this is organization that will govern monies to the world once sovereign nations are formed. I may be mistaken so correct me if I am wrong.


Hi Ben and All


Miriams post which had the link to the conference call is on Ben’s free site, which is Benjamin Fulford typepad. If you just put Benjamin Fulford typepad into your search engine, it should come up with this site. Click on the posting of Bens which has from memory 12 comments and find Miriams posting. Scroll to the end of her piece and you will find the link. Be prepared for a long listen. This guy just talks and answers questions for ages. The information he has is unreal! Hope you are as blown away as I have been!


Hi Ben and All

Just quickly checked the free site, and the posting of Ben’s is dated 26th April.
The guys name is Darrel Freck, don’t know if anyone has heard of him before, but boy are we going to hear a lot more from him in the future, I would think!


I’m puzzled, too, not surprised, why this site is unadressable. Thank you all, nevertheless, for your contribution and finding a way to keep this site alive and moving. We care, we really do.



Your question Wouldn’t Clinton have won the last election if the NWO were in control?

I have followed election theft since bush stole the 2000 election.Think that Clinton was supposed to be the #1 choice.When you vote electronically, votes can be flipped. During the ’08 primaries, Obama was drawing crowds of hundreds and even thousands. Hillary was shown on political shows in diners shaking hands. She was called the inevitable winner.

In NH , Obama was ahead in the polls. Then Hillary won. But in rural areas , which would have been more likely to have gone for her, he won. There was a lot of illegal stuff that went on there as far as ballots.In states that use the caucus style of voting..paper ballots..Obama won. Bill and Hillary have both tried to stop the caucus style of voting in primaries.

She could not have won with any credibility. There are more of US than them.Democrats don’t like her any better than Republicans. All of Obama’s appointments are Clinton people, or people they would have approved of.

My guess, the Clintons are in control. Obama doesn’t have much choice.I pay attention to his facial expressions. He
was happy campaigning. He looks totally miserable well as his family. Every since , Michelle was shown planting an organic garden. Then it was found out that the Clinton’s had put toxic sludge on the grass…which made the soil potentially poison….they all look miserable.


Thanks to Marion and yes, Harondaddy, I agree, this is the absolute best info on Restore America Plan. It seems like things are really happening. For those of you haven’t listened to it yet, here is the link again. God bless us all.


Here is Ben Fulord on Rense April 28, 2010~ Enjoy!

You can listen to the whole thing here:

Or in parts here:

Ben Fulford On Rense April 28, 2010 Part 1:

Benjamin Fulford on Rense – April 28 2010 Part 2/4

Benjamin Fulford on Rense – April 28 2010 Part 3/4

Benjamin Fulford on Rense – April 28 2010 Part 4/4


Hello Ben and all . I think that Ben left us a bit of a cryptic message at the end on his posing on April 26th -“All the vulture has to do is wait until the lion dies”.The NO COMMENTS to be taken on this post. My take is that TPTW are unwraveling fast, on multiple fronts , England ,more specifically , the Euro is going down to fiat valuation, Greece starting the domino effect. The British(Lion) declining pound is down to $ 1.50 U.S. curretly.The bogus Obama administration wincing , recently sent the IMF 241.8 Billion ‘water -wing fund’ to stabilize the sinking European economies. The U.S. dollar went down 51% in effective purchasing power during the time period between 2000 and 2008 . Both the pound sterling and the dollar will be sinking and languishing along with their dying economies and loss of international purcahsing power that have been relied upon by world markets. In America we have the excruciating burden of paying our Federal Income taxes, indirectly. not to finance the operation of our Federal Government, but to pay off the The National Debt which is part and parcel , that owed to the exploitave Illuninati Bankers. Sumounting all of these diifulties, we have a bogus Marxist president communizing our free enterprise economy.He is clubbing the Middle Class as if we were seals ot market and make him more money, only so he can redistriute it to people who are economically barely if at all contributing the tax base. When America was in hard times during the FDR & Eisenhower administrations, both these presidents deport millions of these workers to help shore up American that current unemployment situation. Obama however, wants their votes so he is trying to bring them in through Amnesty and avail them to share in redistribution of our national wealth . Let these illegals go back to their country and redevolop it so it can support themselves. We need to take care of ourselvs firsthand. Or , we will be in a similar economic state . That’s a wRAP.


Link to the trustee site,


Here is the link to the PDF of the 1787 Constitution that Darrel Freck spoke about:


Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 26-Apr-2010 16:36:30

Hi, Folks –

I’m told this was mentioned during a recent conference call, so here it is again so folks can find it:

Rayelan — Thursday, 22-Apr-2010 02:19:51



Here is the link to ‘watcher’s’ article that he referred to as well:



Thanks Martha for the insight into the election between clinton and obama.

Today was April 29th but no luck with RAP announcements. I guess we all have to be patient a little more. It was good to hear Ben and Darrel confirm that it is just days away from happening. Well, Ben says “soon” on the radio show posted by Miriam and Darrel says he expects disclosure “any day now'[paraphrase].



I know Clive Boustred. I am going to give you some very good advice that can help him. The County Commissioners who took his house have probably not declared this on their taxes. Take the information that you have from his court cases and report these tax evaders to the IRS. The IRS is very very very anxious to grab those that have “unreported income.” It will take a little investigating to find out who has title to his house at present, but you need to get all of this information to the IRS. They have a form on their site for both whistleblowers and anonymous reporting. Clive is brilliant at this sort of stuff.

I have other friends who are using this sort of tactic to unwind similar situations. Do it immediately.



Thanks all for the info! Great interview Ben! I’m praying here that things don’t get more dicey.

Feedback request: Is it just me, or does this oil spill sound like “things” are being expanded? Nat’l Guard mobilized for cleanup, swat teams deployed to check out all rigs, etc. I received an email from a member with the RAP and the following is pasted:

To all my fellow patriots,

There is a rumor that the feds are moving against a group of folks amongst whom I am…! If true, then it will mean war! I do not exaggerate. It may be short, as I am the only one I speak for. I am dead already, I just have not stopped breathing. That will come in the Good Lord’s time not mine or the feds. He has kept me safe on numerous occasions in the past for a reason… Current circumstances are such that it will be either peace on His side or chaos!

I will stay in touch with you directly or indirectly until no longer able. So be alert – the world needs more ‘lerts’.

Add on: I’ve read Celente’s latest Journals & Clif High’s last very large report – along with the other puzzle pieces, I feel things are coming to fruition.

Hold on to our hats time? Does anyone remember this article & could elaborate?

God Bless & Peace All!


Update received:


All is quiet. The “rumor” appears to have been maliciously started to sow ‘fear’ or whatever amongst those of us trying to return this once great republic back to the rule of law, God’s and the constitution. Those higher than I are trying to run it down. The perpetrator(s) should be publicly chastised, if I have anything to say about it. However, will continue to send an update for the next few days…just in case!!



Posted on Drudge

Local radio stations are mentioning this explosion was intentional. Comparing the above report, with local reports, along with the talk of expansion of off-shore drilling, now bill to halt it. Bringing in DOD, Swat, DHS, etc today.


April 26 comments is not working. The page is not there..
maybe somebody can take a look at the page.


Hi Ya’ All TGIF Way Bigger torpedo NEWS . Evidenttly Kim Jong Very ILL is torpedo happy lately . He wants us to slap him down so he can really go nuts before he dies. He evidently blew up the Hyundai owned oil rig in the Gulf as a long overdue retalliation for a slight by South Korea afterat the end of the 60 year old Korean War. In case he sees his Dad when he croaks , he can brag how he had a good crack at the big boy(USA) Russia and the World Court say Obama would be allowed a crippling preemptive nuclear strike , hitting the ‘Land of Ill’ hard enough that they would not be able punish us with an threatened atomic EMP IBM, aerial burst that would kill the nations electronics for years and cause the U.S. back into the 1890’s type of industries,and economy , ect… How freakein scary is that ???? No puters, no refrigerators(limited food supplies, no mechanized armies , or, mechanized, electrified anything!! A crippled America would truly have the world’s merchants lamenting the loss of the Great Babylon ,in the space of one hour, she is utterly destroyed. My Goodnes, ET won’t be able to phone home for a reptile snack, or a candle. BDS and visitors from space , Ya’All have your assignment, ya hear ? That’s a wRAP .


Hi again You All I meant to post the link about regarding Bigger Torpedo News. .Source, Sorcha Faal.
In response to this discovery that there was an actual North Korean torpedo attack made on the oil rig in the Gulf, Obama set up a response team in the Gulf of Mexico.You can read about the very seious implications involved for yourself.

Does anyone have information about the status of V.K. Durham CEO-Signatory, and the Durham Family Trust status, ongoing,or not ?. The current site presents some great articles up to 1997. We should like to know that we have this great ally for reform, is well , and on Team America .
V.K. Durham –


Hi. This forum has some excellent info and links. However I would be wary of Sorcha Faal. Have heard he’s a Naval Intelligenge disinfo. person. My hearing that is obviously not proof of anything, but over the years I,ve noticed most Sorcha Faal articles are way over the top. My favourite was when Howard was PM of Australia and SF had an article saying 3 million people were being evacuated from central Australia due to drought.


regarding your reply about Sorcha Faal, I had heard similar things, so I did my own research. See the link I posted above in response to Myra. I found Canada news reports with a picture of the South Korean sub being pulled up out of the ocean. They state that it is suspected that North Korea did it.


Dear Everybody,

While you’re listing possible disinfo people, you might try a search on Deagle as well. Cliff High of Half Past Human did research on him and found that he has a checkered career as a con man. Now, it is true that the government uses these sorts of things to discredit people, but those tend to be “federal” type crimes not local fraud charges.

With respect to anything that you read, you have to develop an instinct for what is truth and what is disinfo. I put a post up on this topic based upon my own experience a few topics back. I will try to find it. Perhaps we should add to that post and develop a list of disinfo “tells” for people to use in evaluating the provenance of information.



Thanks MK, wbstreck, cmych and all for insight. Being a southern native, with this basically in my backyard i.e. spill, the articles seemed logical with them coming down. I will attempt to retrieve 1:1 info from individuals that may have direct off-shore contact. I am open to any critique regarding posts – please feel free to express any knowledge so I (we) may be corrected.

Look forward to more insight and clarification! Thanks ya’ll!


More on the North Korea torpedo oil rig

In case this link disappears, here is the first paragraph
US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig

Posted by Europe on May 01, 2010 | 19 Comments
Listen to this article. Powered by

North Korean Poster

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States.


♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠A new Tim Turner interview from April 28th. Restore America Plan♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠


Any one with a Mcfee internet security? Check the above link to Mcfee interupts and downs the link. Then a messege comes up for their site being down 05/01/10 any one esle being blocked in the US? As for TRAP google Brian Gardener and check him out on twitter!


My Norton blocked the site as a High threat, but when i tried it again, it was fine. (i’m in the US.) Weird. My question is, why hasn’t South Korea ever signed the 1953 Armistice??? Sounds like a plan…

Anyway, here’s the full article:

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States.

Most important to understand about this latest attack by North Korea against its South Korean enemy is that under the existing “laws of war” it was a permissible action as they remain in a state of war against each other due to South Korea’s refusal to sign the 1953 Armistice ending the Korean War.

To the attack itself, these reports continue, the North Korean “cargo vessel” Dai Hong Dan believed to be staffed by 17th Sniper Corps “suicide” troops left Cuba’s Empresa Terminales Mambisas de La Habana (Port of Havana) on April 18th whereupon it “severely deviated” from its intended course for Venezuela’s Puerto Cabello bringing it to within 209 kilometers (130 miles) of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform which was located 80 kilometers (50 miles) off the coast of the US State of Louisiana where it launched an SSC Sang-o Class Mini Submarine (Yugo class) estimated to have an operational range of 321 kilometers (200 miles).

On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes causing a massive explosion and resulting in 11 workers on this giant oil rig being killed outright. Barely 48 hours later, on April 22nd , this North Korean Mini Submarine committed its final atrocity by exploding itself directly beneath the Deepwater Horizon causing this $1 Billion oil rig to sink beneath the seas and marking 2010’s celebration of Earth Day with one of the largest environmental catastrophes our World has ever seen.
To the reason for North Korea attacking the Deepwater Horizon, these reports say, was to present US President Obama with an “impossible dilemma” prior to the opening of the United Nations Review Conference of the Parties to the Treat on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) set to begin May 3rd in New York.

This “impossible dilemma” facing Obama is indeed real as the decision he is faced with is either to allow the continuation of this massive oil leak catastrophe to continue for months, or immediately stop it by the only known and proven means possible, the detonation of a thermonuclear device.

Russian Navy atomic experts in these reports state that should Obama choose the “nuclear option” the most viable weapon at his disposal is the United States B83 (Mk-83) strategic thermonuclear bomb having a variable yield (Low Kiloton Range to 1,200 Kilotons) which with its 12 foot length and 18 inch diameter, and weighing just over 2,400 pounds, is readily able to be deployed and detonated by a remote controlled mini-sub.

Should Obama choose the “nuclear option” it appears that he would be supported by the International Court of Justice who on July 8, 1996 issued an advisory opinion on the use of nuclear weapons stating that they could not conclude definitively on these weapons use in “extreme circumstances” or “self defense.”

On the other hand, if Obama chooses the “nuclear option” it would leave the UN’s nuclear conference in shambles with every Nation in the World having oil rigs off their coasts demanding an equal right to atomic weapons to protect their environment from catastrophes too, including Iran.

To whatever decision Obama makes it remains a fact that with each passing hour this environmental catastrophe grows worse. And even though Obama has ordered military SWAT teams to protect other oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico from any further attack, and further ordered that all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico be immediately stopped, this massive oil spill has already reached the shores of America and with high waves and more bad weather forecast the likelihood of it being stopped from destroying thousands of miles of US coastland and wildlife appears unstoppable.

And not just to the environmental catastrophe that is unfolding the only devastation to be wrecked upon the United States and South Korea by this North Korean attack as the economic liabilities associated with this disaster are estimated by these Russian reports to be between $500 Billion to $1.5 Trillion, and which only a declaration of this disaster being an “act of war” would free some the World’s largest corporations from bankruptcy.

Important to note too in all of these events was that this was the second attack by North Korea on its South Korean enemy, and US ally, in a month as we had reported on in our March 28th report titled “Obama Orders ‘Immediate Stand-down’ After Deadly North Korean Attack” and which to date neither the Americans or South Korea have retaliated for and giving one senior North Korean party leader the courage to openly state that the North Korean military took “gratifying revenge” on South Korea.

And for those believing that things couldn’t get worse, they couldn’t be more mistaken as new reports coming from Japanese military sources are stating that North Korea is preparing for new launches of its 1,300 kilometer (807 miles) intermediate range ballistic “Rodong” missile which Russian Space Forces experts state is able to “deploy and detonate” an atomic electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device, and which if detonated high in the atmosphere could effectively destroy the American economy for years, if not decades, to come.


Greetings Ben and Members
We live in a world pretty much controlled by evil men and women that are memebers of various clandestine governments in league with greedy secret societies. We have few champions that are inherently good , and promote the general welfare of the peoples of the world,’ that are coming to rescue us ‘.
Those who have considered freeing the world of the oppressive NWO-cabal factions are lanuishing to the detriment of their own survival. I hear those very sentiments repeatedly echoed on this site.
So we have to deal with TPTB ?(W)? . We now have to worry about how our neophyte ,impostor president, will deal with ongoing terror threats, now ,No.Korea’s EMP possibility.
I strongly reccommend that you go to your video store and watch The Conspiracy Theroy starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts . This movie may re-alert you to contemplate the sweeping controls that the current government is perpetrating every day.



Just as our suspicions from the outset over the Polish air catastrophe at Smolensk proved to be justified, so do we and many others smell a giant rat concerning the explosion and fire at the BP oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. And the face of the rat bears an uncanny resemblance to the ugly physiognomy of George Bush Sr.

For starters, the cement casing that blew up was installed by the corrupt Cheney-CIA operation called Halliburton. Apparently this is the second time in a year that a Halliburton casing has failed catastrophically on an oil rig.

• Before we go any further, please note that we don’t deny that alarmist reports about the oil rig explosion may or may not have substance: we don’t know. We are alluding here specifically and exclusively to the Halliburton casing, which, as indicated, is the second such casing to have failed catastrophically in the space of a year.

It may be recalled from our earlier coverage that Halliburton operates a huge parasitical buying and ordering department within the Central Intelligence Agency and a parallel parasitical department inside the Pentagon, and that both these entities scam the opposite host on a routine basis, at the expense of the US taxpayer. Whether this unbelievable duplicated CIA scandal was investigated and wound up after we and others exposed it [see report dated 26th May 2008, excerpted below: ARCHIVE], we don’t know. What we do recall is it became the subject of a Grand Jury investigation.

Horror stories associated with this colossal corruption op. included the faulty Halliburton gun manufactured in Saudi Arabia that routinely exploded and killed the gunner, which Halliburton continued selling long after the accidents in question (plus the despicably amoral cover-up of the reason for the gun operators’ deaths); and the notorious delivery of 1,000 toasters which could be bought for $19.99 at any hardware store, but which Halliburton invoiced to the Pentagon for $1,891 a piece, on the spurious pretext that they were manufactured from a special metal.

Now the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico at 10:pm CST on 20th April 2010, was ‘Deepwater Horizon’ owned by Transocean Limited, based in Zug, Switzerland, with its principal office located in HOUSTON, Texas, and other offices in Zug and Vernier, Switzerland, and in George Town, Cayman Islands. Zug is where Marc Rich, real name HANS BRAND, the long-range Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) operative and East-West intermediary, is based.

The explosion occurred on the very same day that Transocean shares started trading in Europe, as is confirmed by the following Press Release dated 20th April 2010:;p=irol-news&nyo=0

‘ZUG, SWITZERLAND, Apr 20, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Transocean Ltd. (NYSE: RIG) (SIX:RIGN), the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, announced that its shares will begin trading on SIX Swiss Exchange (“SIX”) today under the symbol (RIGN). Transocean’s shares also trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol (RIG)’.

Following this sabotage, Barack Obama reversed course on offshore drilling, BARELY THREE WEEKS after he had publicly announced a revised domestic energy policy lifting the longstanding moratorium on certain offshore drilling. Specifically, on 30th April 2010, the controlled US ‘State News Agency’ Associated Press reported:

‘A top adviser to President Barack Obama said Friday that no new oil drilling would be authorized until authorities learn what caused the explosion of the rig Deepwater Horizon. David Axelrod told ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ that ‘no additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what has happened here’. Obama recently lifted a drilling moratorium for many offshore areas, including the Atlantic and Gulf areas’.

‘The oil slick could become the nation’s worst environmental disaster in decades, threatening even the Exxon Valdez in scope’.

According to Reuters [25th April 2010]:

‘Swiss-based Transocean Ltd.’s Deepwater Horizon sank on Thursday, two days after it exploded and caught fire while finishing a well for BP Plc., 42 miles off the Louisiana coast.

Eleven workers from the rig are missing and presumed dead in what is the worst oil rig disaster in almost a decade. The Coast Guard on Friday suspended a search for the workers.

London-based BP, which is financially responsible for the cleanup, has deployed an armada of ships and aircraft to contain the oil slick.

The explosion came almost three weeks after President Barack Obama unveiled plans for a limited expansion of US offshore oil and gas drilling…. The explosion occurred as the rig was capping a discovery well pending production, company officials said. Some 115 of the 126 workers on board at the time of the explosion were rescued’.


• The ‘Deepwater Horizon’ operation received a safety award in 2009.

• Has British Petroleum at last realised that it is just as hazardous to do business adjacent to US waters as it is to do business in the Soviet Union?

If BP had had the wit to subscribe to Soviet Analyst years ago, we could have informed them that a primary purpose, from the Soviet perspective, of enticing foreign oil corporations into the ‘former’ USSR was to procure the necessary transfer of technology into Soviet hands, before the GRU-KGB-controlled ‘oligarchs’ would squeeze the Western operators out.

• The Americans similarly use sabotage to destabilise the foreign competition.

• As you can see, there is more than a passing indication that this sabotage may be a desperate Bush Crime Syndicate-related (i.e., DVD) operation, with the non-coincidental ‘happy’ outcome that British Petroleum, sabotaged again, bleeds financially.

• In other words, yet another typically hardnosed US kick in the teeth for the Brits, not unassociated, we suspect, with concurrent forceful financial developments in the background.”



From Poofness, as of May2nd, Regarding the Financial Change and More
Greetings and Salutations;

The ‘impossible’ is happening and it’s on steroids. The time of delay has created a situation where there’s so much pressure that has built up, something similar to an explosion is afoot. If you were listening to the back ground noise on economics, it was ‘mentioned’ the world’s out of money. Perhaps it’s because somebody got real busy with drawing the fiat crap out of the markets and rendering everyone else toothless. If folks would have paid attention when they told goldman sachs what they could do with their derivatives and dared them to take them to court, none of what’s happening now would be a surprise. It wasn’t to me, I’ve been waiting for the whip to crack on all this stuff, so it would get into the public. This is a time when the conspiracy stories have to go public for the masses, at least, they will be somewhat ready when the announcements start.

I keep getting asked about the ‘restore america’ folks and what they may have to do with these programs. Nothing directly, it’s more like someone knowing what season it is and acting accordingly. None of this stuff is new however, it’s been in the works for years by the folks up there on Mount Olympus. What can frustrate people is not getting the blow by blow of what they’ve been doing to bring a new precious metal backed global banking system online. Well, sorry, you don’t broadcast your moves to the enemy. You quietly work in the background and take care of business. Most of the population hasn’t a clue what these guys have been up to for over 100 years, much less how entwined ‘they’ got into their daily lives, and accepted as normal. Nothing worse than a slave not knowing they are slaves. I suspect there’s another ’emancipation proclamation’ coming, only this time it will be from the corporation started way back in 1871. Demanded by the then queen of england, Victoria, for loaning a bankrupt country money.

There are no real secrets out here, it’s only a matter of degree as to how far anyone wants to dig and get the answer. Someone tried to blame lincoln for starting the corp, ah, ‘scuse me why bother killing the man if he did what you wanted and handed everything over to you. People out here trying to rewrite history. The queen was supporting the south during the civil war, not the north. She and the rothschilds wanted this little thing broke up for economic reasons and control of us banking. This is what Jefferson kept warning about, ‘foreign bankers’. Now it’s come full circle, and the real power in this world has bankrupted them and cut their little fingers off to the bone. They can eat but don’t push it and try to get the old wheel turning again because this will look like a whack a mole until they finally walk away and lick their wounds. Ya want a chicken or nothing at all? It’s hard to take the word ‘NO’ when you’re used to doing whatever you want. I get reminded of a rat in an experiment, getting shocked every time it tries to repeat certain behavior. It feels so much better when you quit trying. It’s that definition of stupidity that einstein gave; repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Sorry this sounds like repetition but; we stand at the entrance to a brave new world. All will be explained, not just in the us but all around the world. The us goes first with the announcements because our actors have been the problem and when the world hears them they’ll know it’s really over. The real patriots are very happy now because they have been to the mountain top and have been involved in what’s coming down to the masses. Not one has pointed at the current president as causing any problems getting this done, sorry. When the dyed in the wools out here give him a clean bill of health, despite appearances, it’s something to give a pause to ponder, the smoke and mirrors, I’ve been watching. Keep your enemies closer than your friends. Think about it.

I’m off and ready for a night flight at about 44 thousand feet. Be ready for the ‘can’t happen’ to make a visit at your door. I just gotta say this, too many don’t really believe God gives a crap but they also don’t realize the personal nature of what’s going on here meaning anything in the infinite. Many surprises are afoot which is dragging in every religious leader across the planet, as I said archives exist and they will be brought up on the big table. Enough wars fought in the name of what ever people believe, which has been controlled by the leaders anyhow. I’m reaching everyone I can with the time allotted, leave your request in this email. Donations needed and accepted at account
Cheers, one and all.

Love and Kisses,



Poofnes – I do not believe that our Constitution could have been an be made null and void legitimately by President Linclon, being effectively replaced by any bogus incorporation . And so following this, intrusion of Admiralty Law (of English origin)and the admittance to the Bar at Law, that requires one become and English subject. Refer to the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, duly , historically, ratified .
Those old corporate beguilements are at the very least prepostouous . Bogus , Bogus . Any incorporation of this nation and it’s people, in defiance of the Constitution is and was an act of treason against the American people. The U.S. under Linclon issued The Greenbacks as IOU bonded notes of the Federal(Union) Government. Must we fight you Brits again ? We have bailed your ass out in two World Wars. Do you intend to stick it to us now ! You very well can’t !
The Bank of England, very much influenced and controlled by The Rothchilds, has done enough privateering and cheating at cards to bring them before a Nurhenberg level trial. Check out America’s most legitimate creditor, The Durham Family Trust.
Then we have virtually all finacial laws linked and reverting back to the Vatican’s Code of Financial Laws and Stautes. Which is another powerful, ultimately wealthy, adversarial power mongering conglamorate that does not favor nationalism and democracies. How very angry is Jeshua with these that kill in His name. The Jews first, then the Gentiles. I am only repeating what is known at this point in time . How do we deal with these issues. First, take this nation back to Dejure Constitutional governance. Secondly secure ‘no strings financial’ stability for this nation and completely divorce the nation as a whole from the auspices of the Federal Reserve Bankers.The rotting Body Politic addressed : Severe, most severe punishment for any political officer that defrauds,betrays by his conduct, or lack thereof, endangers his country ,or, his constituents. Political parties should look to promote a meritocracy candidate for an office instead of a professional carpet bagger . ‘Carpe Diem’, ‘Illegitimus non carborondum’. The Games Are OVER!
The American People now know that we cannot trust that the sharks will cease to circle,they keep on coming.We must do what has to be done .



Pat Subject: George – half past human – oil rig – WE ARE SKREWED Date: Sat, 1 May 2010
Posted – Sat May 1, 2010 9:07 pm
Troubled Times Forum


12 days into the oil rig ‘accident’ events continue to evolve and weather is slowing down efforts to contain things, we have two interesting items to report that are not in the MSM yet…OK, three then.

1. We have heard that a supply ship arrived just before the explosions and it was reported to be ‘manned by all new people, nobody aboard was from the ‘usual supply crew’. This purported industry source continues: there were a total of 14 explosions and these could have been cutting charges. Moreover, the shut off valve below the surface (5000 feet down) on the seabed is not longer controllable. Still, lots of disinfo and speculation scampering around the netosphere. While this is bad, it gets worse.

2. A reader who is an engineer of considerable experience says watch this one evolve carefully because it is destined to continue to grow and he shares this long (but worthy explanation why:

“Heard your mention of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico this morning, and you (and most everyone else except maybe George Noory) are totally missing the boat on how big and bad of a disaster this is.

First fact, the original estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean. Now they’re saying 200,000 gallons a day. That’s over a million gallons of crude oil a week!

I’m engineer with 25 years of experience. I’ve worked on some big projects with big machines. Maybe that’s why this mess is so clear to me.

First, the BP platform was drilling for what they call deep oil. They go out where the ocean is about 5,000 feet deep and drill another 30,000 feet into the crust of the earth. This it right on the edge of what human technology can do. Well, this time they hit a pocket of oil at such high pressure that it burst all of their safety valves all the way up to the drilling rig and then caused the rig to explode and sink. Take a moment to grasp the import of that. The pressure behind this oil is so high that it destroyed the maximum effort of human science to contain it.

When the rig sank it flipped over and landed on top of the drill hole some 5,000 feet under the ocean.

Now they’ve got a hole in the ocean floor, 5,000 feet down with a wrecked oil drilling rig sitting on top of is spewing 200,000 barrels of oil a day into the ocean. Take a moment and consider that, will you!

First they have to get the oil rig off the hole to get at it in order to try to cap it. Do you know the level of effort it will take to move that wrecked oil rig, sitting under 5,000 feet of water? That operation alone would take years and hundreds of millions to accomplish. Then, how do you cap that hole in the muddy ocean floor? There just is no way. No way.

The only piece of human technology that might address this is a nuclear bomb. I’m not kidding. If they put a nuke down there in the right spot it might seal up the hole. Nothing short of that will work.

If we can’t cap that hole that oil is going to destroy the oceans of the world. It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildlife. Are you starting to get the magnitude of this?

We’re so used to our politicians creating false crises to forward their criminal agendas that we aren’t recognizing that we’re staring straight into possibly the greatest disaster mankind will ever see. Imagine what happens if that oil keeps flowing until it destroys all life in the oceans of this planet. Who knows how big of a reservoir of oil is down there.

Not to mention that the oceans are critical to maintaining the proper oxygen level in the atmosphere for human life.

We’re humped. Unless God steps in and fixes this. No human can. You can be sure of that.

3. The third thing to bring attention to is the predictive linguistics discussion of the ‘blue flue” in the latestShape of Things to Come report of what’s ahead for the world’s oceans. In particular, what strikes me is that while some of the focus is on the possibility of methane hydrate releases later in the year, the spelling in the report is ‘flue’ (and in upward conveyance, not ‘flu’ and is sickness per se).

“This [big clue methane related] incident then goes onto cause a [big stink] within TPTB [minion class] {ed note: most notably the CFR – Council on Foreign Relations}. Not only are humans and other life directly impacted by the large [clouds of drifting complex methane housing gas] but the mere [release] of the quantity to be seen causes the TPTB and their [minion class] to go [apeshit] trying to [locate (a believable) scenario] to explain the [blue flue events(s)].

I’ll grant you that the methane and oil gurgling out of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) right now is not methanehydrate but rather compressed methane, but around here, that’s close enough especially when the ‘blue flue’ to the surface has been destroyed., Curious how just a little spelling like this can tip us off that we’ve got something of a serious hit developing.

The latest trajectory map out of NOAA which should be updated over the weekend looks like this….in a word: Grim…

We hear – again from people who are reliable sources, but who we won’t name in order to keep them from getting fired, is that there are a couple of parishes (county equivalents) in Louisiana which are preparing evacuation plans because people are being made sick by the smell of the oil and gas being blown onshore.

Looking ahead to Sunday through Tuesday, we’d expect as this grows that there will be emergency operation centers set up and some moving of people to begin, which would then feed in to the Diaspora meta data layer of Cliff’s work.

Not to be glum, but you can see most likely how this all starts to tie together?
We will be topping off our ‘investment grade diesel reserves and getting our additional solar panels ordered this week, so as to hit the next level of energy independence before the global impacts come into focus over the next month or two.

You may wish to do so, as well…

Terrible way to score a bot hit, but that’s how this stuff works, so now we need to deal with it.

Impacts at the Pump
If you look at a chart of oil prices, you’ll see that although oil was down around $81.30 on Wednesday early in the session, it was up to $86 and change on Friday. This is a pretty heft move: On the order of 5.7% and if it continues, you can bet there will be follow-up at the gas pump.

If you click over to the Triple A fuel gauge report (a site you may wish to bookmark for future reference)you’ ll see that the price of fuel at the wholesale and crude levels have increased faster than retail so it may not be unreasonable to crank an addition several percent into the family budget for auto expenses over summer.

AND THIS FROM ….., a mainstream, conservative info site…

AURORA WATCH: High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras on May 3rd.
That’s when a solar wind stream is due to hit Earth, possibly sparking
geomagnetic storms around the poles.
MAYDAY SUNSPOTS: A new sunspot, AR1064, is growing in the sun’s northeastern
quadrant. Just hours ago, Sascha Somodji photographed the Earth-sized active
region from his backyard observatory in Krefeld, Germany:

Somodji’s exceptionally- clear photo shows a network of speckles dotting the
sun’s surface all around the sunspot. Those are solar granules, continent-sized
masses of plasma rising and falling like water boiling on a hot stove. Sunspot
1064 has to push those boiling masses aside in order to expand–something it is
busy doing right now.

Meanwhile, another sunspot group (not yet numbered) is emerging near the sun’s
northeastern limb. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor


mnp77 – i reposted your comment over at The T-Room in the Opinion section of the blog

Thought everyone would like to know a book was released over the weekend titled The Manchurian President written by Aaron Klein, WND, and Brenda Elliott, RBO. Brenda is one of the best investigative bloggers I’ve ever read. She is thorough, meticulous and an excellent storyteller. The link above connects you to an interview Brenda did over the weekend with Pundita, another outstanding investigative blogger.

Oh, Sam Kennedy was on RBO last night. Looks like RAP is in serious trouble. You may want to listen to the podcast.


Thanks, troom. Would you please post a link to the Sam Kennedy podcast on RBO. I couldn’t find it after a Google search.




Dear Everybody,

A Chinese diplomat was assaulted in Houston late last week. The people doing the assaulting were Houston cops. I think that it is probably a safe bet to guess that the battle lines are between the Chinese, the Illuminati (European elite) and the NWO (American Neo-Zionazis). The Illuminati are fighting their battle from the City of London among other locations, but clearly London is a key location because the Rothschilds consolidated their power in that location about 5 years ago. I believe that BP is owned by the Rothschilds among others of the Illuminati ranks.

The chemtrailing is a project of the NWO and the Rockefeller/Bush group as are the vaccinations to kill everybody off. The prudent thing is to withdraw from their financial system as much as possible and wait for them to do each other in.

Has Anybody heard from BEN? WHAT IS UP WITH THIS WEEK’S Column?



Ok Troom,

As much as I try to get up-to-date information, especially when it comes to the RAP, I need to have something to back your rather vague (vague being a nice word)claim that RAP is in some kind of trouble. Like Lew said, please post the link directly to the pod cast. It is silly to make that statement and not do that much for us.

The last podcast (April 28th) I heard was quite positive and began to delve into the meat and potatoes of the changes that are going to occur. Moreover, you could have given a hint as to what exactly is in trouble. If you are just trying to stir the fear pot, its not going to work on me.


Hi Ben and Greetings to you all .
Pray for the relief of the seas and all the lifeforms dependent on the ocean’s lifegiving syntheses.
We need to track down that supply ship and it’s crew. Sounds like it might have had a crew of privateers aboard.
Consider the two Oil Titans : BP- The Rothchild aasembly and its adversarial rival, Standard OIl Employer David Rockefeller ,presiding . And various other oil oligarchies,competing in the global oil commodity market . 11,000,000 gallons of oil a day. Times 4 = 44,000,000 gallons of contaminated seqa water swishing around the globe. Capture ,interogate, torture if necesaaary, till they ‘flip’ their bosses into our frying pan. 11 people dead so far, the Blue Flue, the loss and suffering of sea birds , sea ceratures, kelp,fishing livelihoods, dirty beaches and higher oil prices. seaweed-as food, as ethanol compost. Another battlefront to man. LORD , Drat these Evil greedy men!


Dear Everybody,

News bulletin. Alcuin Bramerton has a short notice about Sam Kennedy and the various plans that everybody might want to read. I found something odd about his website, some of his links are circular…they feed to a site like Pravda which contains links corroborating the story with Alcuin Bramerton. Are the intelligence services having trouble finding good help?

I do feel that there is probably merit to the issue about Sam Kennedy from other people that have been involved with his activities and are in trouble for thinks like trying to buy multiple Lexises with their “account” with the incorporated US. I still question what value luxury autos have for a revolution.

Lots of hints about ETs appearing everywhere. The reason might be found in the NASAJim108 videos on YouTube. Listen to all of them.



I suggest that all of you, not worry about the recent bad news about the Restore America Plan as promoted by Sam Kennedy. It seems there is in fighting occurring among the leaders of this plan.

So why do I say not to worry about the RAP? Well, there is another movement called NESARA that has actually been in the works for many years behind the scenes. From what I know, these two movements are separate from each other but are accomplishing the same goal. NESARA seems to be leading the movement more quietly than RAP. If you read my last post you will see the most recent statement from Poofness who is one of the insiders of NESARA.

I also remember hearing from the Darrel Freck, a RAP insider, interview that he knew about NESARA. I recall that he said something about how NESARA and RAP were working together or consolidating to achieve the ultimate goal of financial reform.

Everything seems to be on track from the NESARA side.


Hi Ben & All

During the conference call with Darrel Freck, he stated that the RAP and Ben and the BDS were working together, along with other groups, to bring down the PTW. I am wondering if this apparent in-fighting within the RAP leaders has anything to do with Ben failing to post yesterday. Don’t know if I am reaching here with this thought.

I have read harondaddy’s post, but not knowing much about NESARA, I can’t make an educated comment there. I will definitely look it up and do some homework to get up to speed on what it is and what they are doing. It is difficult when I am not in America, but I do know that the ramifications of what is achieved in America will filter out to the rest of the world.

With that in view, I have been sending out love and protection to all who are involved in this mammoth task, to get the job done successfully in the shortest amount of time possible, with no blood spilled unnecessarily, in order to free the world of this scourge. Sheer numbers of people sending positive vibes could be the thing that pushes this over the top and achieves wonderful things for the whole of humanity, the earth and ultimately the universe.

As I have said before, we cannot fragment. That is what the PTW want, they want us to be fearful, because that makes us weak and that is what they get strength from.

If you recall what David Wilcock has said, he states that, after what would appear to be some turbulence, the ultimate outcome will be wonderful. – David, I know you occasionally read and comment on this site, and I know you could put it more eloquently than I.

So please take heart and know that there are higher powers at play here helping us through this. I still think that something wonderful is just around the corner for us all. Above all, be positive.


My apologies for not providing everyone with a link to Sam’s RBN NOT RBO, my bad, radio show last night. To hear the podcast you have to be a subscriber which I am not. I did listen to the show and for two solid hours Sam outlined the sabotage done to the RAP plan according to him and was begging for unity. Too much at stake and gone too far to have this happen.

We’ll see if he is successful with his plea. He was sincere and it felt most genuine but I don’t know the man so can’t nor won’t vouch for him.

That said, if you wish to hear his show from last night go to Republic Broadcast Network and seek out Sam’s show. You will need to subscribe to listen to the podcast.

Sorry I can’t do more for you. Suffice it to say though, there has been a disruption of some kind, personalities and ego’s mainly, to the overall plans implementation. But like someone said up a comment or two, folks are still moving forward.


A month or so ago Benjamin reported on a spiritual ceremony he attended at a lake in Indonesia where supernatural powers opened up a dark sky as a sign that their prayers to enviornmentally clean up that large picturesque lake had been heard. It would be interesting to have a follow up report on the progress the ‘spirits’ are making in cleaning up that lake. I am wondering too if Ben had considered bringing his spirituyal group to the Gulf to stop the oil gusher and to clean up the ocean there.