One million North American Satanists seeking refuge from expected pogrom

Over one million North American Satanists are seeking refuge outside of North America sources with direct access to a former US president, a source close to David Rockefeller and a member of the Japanese cabinet say. The reason they are seeking a refuge is that they fear the reaction of the American people when they find out what was done to them. So far the Japanese, Philippine and Israeli governments have all refused to give the Satanists shelter.

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oh ya..these acts can go on behind public knowledge…the shadow government be gone..!!!!


we all know that the corrupt arent going away….the only solution is execution,remember hitler??
so where is this white (black)dragon society? they know the truth to! so why the wait,they know how to do it quietly 1 at a time!!


In all Ben Fulford’s geo political articles and the many comments on his site, I find it interesting and some what strange that I have not seen any reference made of the Committee 300!

The Committee 300
Dr. John Coleman, being a historian in intelligence community, researched in full scope the sinister forces behind the New world order movement. This video lecture represents a culmination of his findings about secret societies which form this global movement and how it came into existence.
Listen to him on video

Read Ex MI 6 whistleblower John Coleman’s book Conspirators Hierarchy and You can purchase any of his many videos on line at

Committee was the brain child by Englishman Cecil Rhodes and set up at a meeting on 5th Feb 1891, of several wealthy Englishman including Lord Rothschild.
According to Dr Coleman’s scholarly work, since 1919 every president of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES has been chosen by the committee of 300!
It is based in the City of London and under it are many other organizations.
The Royal Institute for International Affairs
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
Club of Rome (set up to destroy American business and the middle classes)
US Military

Many others such as:-
British Inteligence MI6, CIA, Mossad, other intelligence agencies, Interpol and the Drug Trade,
Kings of Saudia Arabia, Sheiks of Dubai, Kuwait, UAE, United Nations, Member Nations,
Zionism, Communism, Fabianism, Liberalism, Socialism, Right Wing parties.

The list goes on you can also find the reference in Dr Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo’s Book The Healing Codes for The Biological Apocalypse.

So much focus is placed on the US but turn and look at the men and women in the city of London, and I don’t mean only the bankers!


Hey guys, here is some latest from Alex Jones on the Trilateral. It’s sooooo messed up what they are planning to launch next on humanity! Please listen. We NEED to DO SOMETHING! But WHAT?


Forgot to mention to move it ahead on the recording to 2:24:04 to hear Darryl Freck. Prior to that is a lot of conversation and talk that is nice but Darryl is what you really want to hear.


By the way, Per Darryl Freck, guess who owns all of the National Parks in the USA?……
United Nations —One World Order stuff


Darryl Freck’s call on Friday 5.14.10. Very informative. I recommend that you all listen to this and get educated.


chrisb Stop hating, I liked the history lesson. D:


For those who don’t know “Nutnfancy” of Youtube fame. Check-out how long this video has been up and how many views it already has.

This guy flies raptors for the airforce, and is a prolific “trainer” of Americans paying attention through his videos.



Aloha Everyone:

URGENT URGENT URGENT !!!! Attention Patriots:

Stop the “Audit of the Federal Reserve” !!! Don’t fall into the satanic fraudulent legal TRAP !!!! See EJ Ekker’s info for details.

The following info may be a review for lots of you (including disinformants) but it may also be good to newcomers to catch up. Please consider it for “records”.

Please discern yourselves with the following important educational info:

Please, all of us (who are patriotic and care for our US Country) must already know that the Federal Reserve is a private company owned by the IBC Cartel (the satanic crooks / reptilians) – – see the following info about Corporations run the US: (Bankruptcy of the USA 1933)

Here’s a Honolulu DDS. Carlson’s message filled with “legal language” to Judge Napolitano , Thomas Woods : (P.13-15) (USA is a corporation video) (USA is a corporation info)

So, if there’s no real “Constitutional Republic Government” in the US, the Federal Reserve should be dismantled instead of being AUDITED and we’re going to be REALLY stuck under their NAZI illegal “legal corporate” system. This way the fraudulent debt will be also gone with the fraudulent creation of the Federal Reserve in the first place. See the following info yourself:

The article below is extracted from the PDF file of Contact Paper (Pages 13-15). Here’s the link:

“The REAL American System”
by E J Ekker

July 22, 2009

The reason I use the word REAL in the title of this piece is to draw attention to the fact that Lyndon LaRouche has hijacked the term “American System” in a slithery attempt to legitimatize his own scheme, which is virtually an anti-American System. Discrediting such an accepted economic icon as LaRouche does little to enhance my credibility so even if you discard my criticism as sour-graping; I will ask you to simply apply logic to what I say and see if we cannot find a solution to the problem. Generally speaking, no one is dealing with the Root Cause of the problem and until we identify and accept that cause we will continue to follow false leads toward wrong solutions.

The Root Cause of the problem was taught to us in our first few classes in whatever church we happened to attend. It sounded like this: “The war in heaven is between God and Lucifer for men’s souls.” I am fully convinced that that condition is at least as true as it was when I first heard it some 70 years ago. Whether we wish to face and
acknowledge it or not, most of the world and most of people in it are under the economic control of Lucifer and his minions that are most commonly referred to as “globalists”. To be more accurate and explicit I wish to call them the International Banking Cartel (IBC).

Continuing to define the Root Cause, it is not difficult for a thinking person to accept that the unfettered ability to issue and control the availability and the relative value of virtually every nation’s currency, which the IBC does via its ownership and/or control of almost all Central Banks, the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), the IMF, the World Bank (WB), The Bank of England, and the Federal Reserve System (FED). The control of the quantity and relative price (foreign exchange) of any nation’s currency provides control of the nation’s Legislature, Judiciary, Administration, Law Enforcement, and Military through bribery, all at zero cost since the bribe money is simply supplied by its Central Bank “printing press”.

So, you may say: “EJ, you preach to the choir–I know all of that.” No, if you claim to be a patriot, you do not or you would not sheepily subscribe, and continue to allow other important patriots to subscribe, to the obvious idiocy of “Audit the FED”. Pray tell me, WHO will serve as the auditors? Will there be an Arden and a proper selection of State Auditors on that team? Suppose some rebel on the Auditing Team does manage to find an “anomaly” that commands sufficient attention to force what you think you desire, and what LaRouche requires for the realization of his dream, Bankruptcy of the FED. All Bankruptcy Courts are Federal. Surely you can predict the outcome of that action: Anything “they” want it to be. I predict that they want it to be a Final Determination that the People owe the debt. Is that what you want? Well, that is what you will get if you continue to pursue that course. You are just about to give them every reason to put your (our) bondage in concrete and then the only recourse will be out-and-out rebellion. If my perception of the progress you have made with the Sheriff is correct you are many months from earning the understanding and loyalty of the young soldiers and police from whence the move for true freedom must come.

That is a simple matter of education that requires “access” and to start with the flu inoculations seems to me the perfect platform. I would expect that the “average sheriff” has never heard that he is supposed to operate in a corporate environment, even if every Judge on every Bench is well versed in his position vis a vis the Constitution”.

They are all sent to a very secret school for that purpose but they are also taught to never reveal the source of their ability to ignore the rights of the citizens as provided by the Constitution. The secrecy and Masonic-type commitment to secrecy is no less a characteristic of the Judges than it is of the non-Jewish Rabbis and I say this to remind you that you must know your adversary.

I will put this in a separate paragraph for emphasis: In a Bankruptcy Court, as promulgated by LaRouche, you will win exactly what THEY want–the acceptance of their (the US Corporation) debt by you, the so-called taxpayers. They will use the Bankruptcy Court to solidify (you know, Concrete?) their position as creditors.

Stupidity and idiocy are the misuse of knowledge; Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. The former deserves ignoring if not derision; the latter deserves recognition and strong efforts to remedy. On the plane of logic what I say will be accurate; within the chaos of the plane in which virtually all Americans are mired it will be very difficult to rise high enough to see the whole picture. I recognize my advantage: I have been here “on Mt Olympus” for 11 years looking down, if you will, at the entire world and not particularly focused on the “home”, the US of A.

The IBC is trying to foreclose” and surely they are becoming a bit desperate because there is resistance. They must implement some supplementary chaos such as the flu to distract the people from their economic machinations–too many people are seeing through those machinations and tattling on them via the Internet. Please allow me to point out that men, even the most erudite military planners, do not have such unrelated but appropriate back-up plans in place. Only an entity with the grand plan and vision of Lucifer can accomplish that. But, God also has a plan and it surely includes exposing the plan of Lucifer. As long as we are grateful to God for showing us the way He will continue to do so; only He can thwart Lucifer–all of our patriot friends cannot beat Lucifer without His guidance. Just look at how misguided you are; Lucifer has you all chasing your tail in a esperate effort to prove the FED is a fraud while also proving that the debt of the US Corporation is legitimate. You are getting nowhere!

OK, EJ, you say, we see the Root and we know the Adversary is tough; so what do we do?

First we have to look at how Lucifer set and sprung his trap. It has a name: The Debt Trap. Many Godly men have exposed it, even if they ascribed it as a purely human thing. Not many have seen it for what it is: the result of Lucifer’s long-term plan to ensnare the souls of men. Lucifer’s plan depends upon the natural or induced avarice of men:

Money equals power; power equals recognition, control, sex, and all the many “luxuries” we are brainwashed to desire. As you know very well, I am no prig but at age 78 I must admit that most of my wild oats have been sown. I say this so that our friends do not take me for an asinine preacher. I can claim to be as American as anyone.

My point is that, given a choice between the Hollywood-created Heaven and Hell, almost everybody opts for the good life promised by Hell so we can observe the blandishments of Lucifer operating even in our every day life. Can you please imagine the temptations of virtually unlimited money offered by Central Banks at no (publicly known) cost? In today’s Luciferian-created society that has to represent POWER3. Yes, I do mean to the third power, far beyond squared.

That is what Lucifer, the Adversary, has with which to work his control of the nation’s Legislature, Judiciary, Administration, Law Enforcement, and Military through bribery, all at zero cost since the bribe money is simply supplied by its Central Bank “printing press”, which he also controls. [I repeat this deliberately.]

What is the antidote? It is so simple that it evades Patriots by the dozens, especially those that watch the grand productions of Lyndon LaRouche. The only antidote is gold and Mr. LaRouche, espousing his “improvement” on the already proven failed Bretton Woods scheme is allowed by you patriots, snowed by his flowery language, to lead you

like lemmings to the cliff of disaster. Sad. Can enough of you be awakened soon enough? Yes. God Wins.

Gold, gold based money chops the legs from under the IBC-fiat-dependent money-system that is, along with usury and fractional banking, giving the IBC its current virtually absolute control of ALL of the economies of the world. Like most Americans, and especially the Patriots, I tend to be “paternalistic” and thinking in terms of the world rather than this one little country where I happen to be: The Philippines. However, there is no reason that a pattern developed here can not be useful in even such a big problem-country as the USA.

To move away briefly from the USA problems, let us look at how a fairly new nation called the Sultanate of Sulu, Inc., might operate. It has no banking system so it is relieved of the problem of getting rid of one. It can set up its Public Utility Bank on the basis currently practiced by Islamic banks wherein loans are made on the basis of Joint Ventures whereby any profit to the bank is dependant upon the success of the project so that it is incumbent upon the bank to behave as a supportive partner. With the assistance of the GAIA DEEDs to provide the banking reserves (payable in gold, remember?) the amount of project money is virtually unlimited–at least to the extent of the gold belonging to the Sultanate that conservatively exceeds $1 trillion. The fact that the Sultanate gold is large only assures that there is adequate gold to support even the states United should they conclude that gold is the way to go.

Briefly, to carry this a bit further, gold based money is its own “foreign exchange” and a check written to Boeing for a new 747, or a million-gallon tanker full of gasoline will be most welcome by the seller. To those who understand it, gold based money is the same as gold and these days only elite economists such as Mr. LaRouche can afford to thumb their noses at it. The Sultanate of Sulu, and any nation that cares to use the GAIA Program, can almost instantly fund every project brought to it by its people. Its success and longevity will depend upon its care in selecting the people and projects that it funds so that each and every one succeeds, making a profit for the bank

that can be partially paid to its depositors and partially used to fund new projects. In the background stands the Sultanate always ready to furnish more Public Utility Money, knowing that each completed project increases the value of the Sultanate Corporation as an offset to the funds it has issued for the project.

How does this work for the states United? The GAIA part is the easy part; the hard part is to get the States to reestablish their sovereignty by recovering their Constitution. That requires getting 34 states singing from the same book on the same page and there are many Luciferian-bribed people in those State legislatures–witness New

Jersey–who will be singing off key. However, it is not impossible and this is God’s millennium so there is no reason to be pessimistic. Some States have already passed the legislation and a few governors have signed it into law–as soon as those States tell their people not to send any more money to Washington and send only half as much to their State Treasury, the game will be nearly over for the Luciferians.

Bankruptcy then becomes a Boon to the States and not the Bane it is intended to be by the misguided “Audit the FED” mantra. THEY want you to Audit the FED and they want you to put it in Bankruptcy to assure that the “law” is on their side and solidifies in the minds of the people that they owe all of those bailout trillions. No they don’t. The

USA CORPORATION does. When the States recover their Constitution they have no responsibility for the CORPORATION that was set up in 1933 and all of the debt that it has accumulated since.

Think with me, please. Was it the Republic or the Corporation that set up the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Welfare, the Bureau of Land Management and all of the other Departments and

Divisions? It was not the Republic because there is no provision in the Constitution for those “Federal” entities. Please look at the states United as the strong States that were meant to be and discard all of those non-State entities that are tying the hands and sucking the blood of the States. That is the picture that needs to be projected into the minds of the Patriots as you speak with State Legislators about recovering their sovereignty.

Yes, I will correct you patriots on a number of points. You mention “repudiate the debt” (of Goldman, etc.). Is that not a legal matter that should demand a hearing in court? Do not you recognize a Tar Baby when you see one? If you had the backing of 34 States you could do that but as it is it is sheer stupidity to try.

The house-cleaning cannot stop with just the Federal bureaucracy; we will have to clean up (or out) the stock exchanges, the commodity exchanges, and all of the other games invented by the IBC to take the money from the working people. All of the insurance companies are rotten–not just AIG–and with Public Utility Money will come other

Public Utilities–perhaps one for health care. All of those things are matters for each State to handle. As long as currency is based upon gold it will be freely exchangeable among nations as well as States. Who is to say that Nebraska can’t have its own currency as long as it is honored in Illinois?

What are the steps required to get there? 1) Abandon the “Audit the FED” idea and put the energy into States Sovereignty. 2) Move heaven and earth, or whatever it takes to get Sarah or some gutsy governor to tell the companies and people to stop feeding the dragon in Washington and keep at least half the money in your pocket. You have to get some broader public attention and that is at least one way to do it. The people will go crazy with the idea and the press will not be silent or in opposition. If a “night editor” tries to censor or modify an article on that subject the 50 or so workers under him will shred him–the story will go out–but it has to get started.

3) There are States that have taken action and to do so they have to have considered what they will do once they are free. We don’t have to get into that but we can be useful in assisting them with getting rid of ALL of their debt as well as helping them set up their non-usurious Public Utility Banking System. The opening requirement is for the

Treasurer of each State to figure out how much money he will need so that we can make the DEED in the correct amount. At this point I feel quite confident that we will find the gold required to support gold based money in every State without any strain at all.

At the “Federal” level there won’t be much debt left. As I recall, less than 5 billion or 200 tons. Somewhere they claim to have 8,000 tons so there are really no serious problems to stop this from working once we recognize the Root Cause and act to stop feeding it. Not one more cent to Washington D.C. will be that Single Solution. The return of control of the States will kill the flu; to recognize and assure yourselves of that truth all you need to do is re-read the foregoing articles with that in mind. The bottom line there is called: “County Sheriff”. ( The sheriff is more powerful than the president)

Using the 10th Amendment, the States can restore their sovereignty and it takes 34 States to form a truly US Constitutional Republic Government. That’s why the US Corporation ignores where its president is born – – they are not working with the real US Constitution. Here are sites where someone has been doing something about it:

Famous terrorists behind 911: Videos and other info proving 911 was an inside job (Joint Mossad – CIA terrorist operation):
(“Loose change” videos exposing 911 domestic terrorist event) (Planned event from long time ago) (Nano Thermite) (Nano Thermite) (Leo Zagami Explaining the secret behind 9/11) (Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo) (Bush Caught Lying About September 11th) (Evidence that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11) (Israel is behind 911 w/ the CIA)

This is a 26 parts interview with a former Russian nuclear intelligence officer who explains what happened during 9/11. You can change the number after the “part “.mp4 in the link to view from part2 to part25:


Did you see Ben’s latest news (Dec. 28, 2009) – – if not, please go to: (it mentions Al Queda being a fiction) – – funny many intel sources say the same thing. Please also watch the following video at your earliest convenience: (War on terror is a hoax)

WAKE UP folks – – before it is too late.

God Bless,

JH Hawaii

A concerned citizen of the United States

In service to our common God Creator, Jesus (aka Sananda in these ending times), and all the ascended masters in the lighted brotherhood.

Quoting from Page 1 of:

“Just as in your past, the church has always been used by satan (I did not capitalize “satan” because I speak now of the meaning of evil actions and intent; however, “Satan” is the label Lucifer will bear at the final confrontation, just as “Jesus” will also bear a new label: “Sananda”, at His Second Coming) to have excuse for war. “Holy War” is a manufactured thing of the satanists. And does it not sound dramatic!”

More info on Satan:
Quoting from Page 3 of:

I repeat, Satan captured the churches long, long ago.
Is that not the very first target of those seeking to
destroy Christ-ianity? And this was done by waging war against the ministers of your “religion”. The Kingdom of God is spiritual, not merely religious doctrines such as you have now. “Doctrines” are the cause of Holy Wars and such, and it is through manipulation of man-made church doctrines that “Jews” (NOT HEBREW JUDEANS) keep every
“group” at each other’s throats.”

This planet (Earth) is a cosmic classroom for our eternal souls, please see the following info as what’s needed to GRADUATE from here. Quoting from Page 2 of:

War, conquering, royal orders—AND FORCE—DO NOT REPRESENT God of light and goodness! When the announcement comes of “EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVASION”, it will be your own secret shadow government (known by many labels) who will be doing the “invading”. As it will be the time of final choosing, it would be most wise, indeed, to KNOW God and His crew members! The big deception centers on beings who come to Earth who will try their best to IMITATE GOD. Come now, is it not obvious which little devil desires most to imitate The Lord? And this is the way it ends up—every time—
on free will planets such as yours. A final sorting of
“believers” and non-believers in the so-called “Alien
Question” is what graduation day is all about. For that is when a particular human species grows to the point of leaving their home and venturing into the outer heavens of inter-stellar and inter-galactic space. However, nothing is allowed past the timeless guardians (Archangels) who keep balance and peace in the vast cosmos of The Creation. Our spaceships are wondrous in appearance AND IN TECHNICAL
CAPABILITIES, which are used solely under the command of Aton (God of Radiance and Love). Are not these beings known as “…the Peace Makers, for they are the Sons of God.”?

Thank you Ben & your crew for allowing me to post this comment.


As Tom Brown, Jr. says: May “the force that moves though ALL things” be with out ninja friends. I believe(just a feelin)t heir time is getting very, very near to getting to work.Let them spill barrels and barrels of blood of all the blue-bloods, satanistys, luciferians, illuminati, et al who are in power so that the rest of humanity may begin OUR NEW ERA.


“Long live the anxious reformers!!” (I just love reading your posts wbstreck…)


Thank you Ben and bhantevimalaramsi . getem – getem .
Wow more than I wouild have predicted in Seoul, a hotbed of the whore’s ilk . NZ and Austraila, lot’s of fleas on the dog. Japananese traitors sharpen your hari kiri knives – you stink like traitorous dogs , and your families are tired of your stinking behinds. America Banksters , death is too good for you. And the rest of the Satanic Banksters,your footholds on the planet will be gone soon ,and hell, torment and combustion await you . You have been weighed on the balances and found wanting for extermination. It was done , and it will be done again by the anxious reformers.


Hi all,

This is from Ben and thought you would find it interesting. Please give them a call and tell them what you think!!!

List of Bankster Senators who voted to protect big, criminal financial institutes. Please make sure to spread this around and if they are your Senator, please contact their office and tell them what you think.



Daniel Akaka (B-HI)

Lamar Alexander (B-TN)

Max Baucus (B-MT)

Evan Bayh (B-IN)

Michael F. Bennet (B-CO)

Christopher S. Bond (B-MO)

Richard Burr (B-NC)

Thomas R. Carper (B-DE)

Saxby Chambliss (B-GA)

Susan M. Collins (B-ME)

Kent Conrad (B-ND)

Bob Corker (B-TN)

John Cornyn (B-TX)

Christopher J. Dodd (B-CT)

Dianne Feinstein (B-CA)

Lindsey Graham (B-SC)

Chuck Grassley (B-IA)

Judd Gregg (B-NH)

Orrin G. Hatch (B-UT)

Kay Bailey Hutchinson (B-TX)

Daniel K. Inouye (B-HI)

Johnny Isakson (B-GA)

John F. Kerry (B-MA)

Amy Klobuchar (B-MN)

Herb Kohl (B-WI)

Jon Kyl (B-AZ)

Frank R. Lautenberg (B-NJ)

Joseph Lieberman (B-CT)

John McCain (B-AZ)

Claire McCaskill (B-MO)

Mitch McConnell (B-KY)

Robert Menendez (B-NJ)

Lisa Murkowski (B-AK)

Bill Nelson (B-FL)

Jack Reed (B-RI)

Charles Schumer (B-NY)

Olympia Snowe (B-ME)

John Thune (B-SD)

Mark Udall (B-CO)

George Voinovich (B-OH)

Mark Warner (B-VA)


Korean names are shown with surname first.

Narongchai Akrasanee, Director and Chairman of Board of Executive Directors, Export Import Bank of Thailand; former Minister of Commerce of Thailand; Bangkok

Ali Alatas, Advisor and Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Indonesia; former Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs; Jakarta

Philip Burdon, Former Chairman, Asia 2000 Foundation; New Zealand Chairman, APEC; former New Zealand Minister of Trade Negotiations; Wellington

Fujio Cho, Chairman, Toyota Motor Corporation

Cho Suck-Rai, Chairman, Hyosung Group, Seoul

Chung Mong-Joon, Member, Korean National Assembly; Vice President, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA); Seoul

Barry Desker, Dean, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies; Vice Chairman, Singapore Business Federation; Honorary Advisor to the Minister for Trade and Industry, Singapore

Takashi Ejiri, Lawyer, Nishimura Asahi Law Office

Jesus P. Estanislao, Chairman, Institute of Corporate Directors; President and Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Solidarity in Asia, Manila; former Philippine Secretary of Finance

Hugh Fletcher, Chancellor, The University of Auckland; former Chief Executive Officer, Fletcher Challenge

Hiroaki Fujii, Advisor, The Japan Foundation; Chairman, Mori Arts Center; former Japanese Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Shinji Fukukawa, Chairman, TEPIA, The Machine Industry Memorial Foundation

Yoichi Funabashi, Chief Diplomatic Correspondent and Columnist, The Asahi Shimbun

Carrillo Gantner, Director, The Myer Foundation; Melbourne

Ross Garnaut, Professor of Economics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra

*Toyoo Gyohten, President, Institute for International Monetary Affairs; Senior Advisor, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

*Han Sung-Joo, Chairman, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies; former President, Korea University, Seoul; former Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs; former Korean Ambassador to the United States; Pacific Asia Deputy Chairman, Trilateral Commission

*Stuart Harris, Professor of International Relations, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra; former Australian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

Azman Hashim, Chairman, AmBank Group, Kuala Lumpur

John R. Hewson, Executive Chairman, Elderslie Finance Corporation, Ltd.; Chairman, The John Hewson Group, Sydney; Former Leader of the Federal Opposition, Australia; Special Adviser to the Under Secretary of UNESCAP

Ernest M. Higa, President and CEO, Higa Industries

Hong Seok Hyun, former Chairman and CEO, Joong Ang Ilbo; former Korean Ambassador to the United States; Seoul

Shintaro Hori, Chairman, Bain Capital Japan, Inc.

Murray Horn, Managing Director, Institutional Banking, ANZ (NZ) Ltd., Sydney; Chairman, ANZ Investment Bank; former Parliament Secretary, New Zealand Treasury

Hyun Hong-Choo, Senior Partner, Kim & Chang, Seoul; former Korean Ambassador to the United Nations and to the United States, Seoul

Hyun Jae-Hyun, Chairman, Tong Yang Group, Seoul

Shin’ichi Ichimura, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University; former Director, International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development, Kitakyushu

Nobuyuki Idei, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Sony Corporation; Board of Directors, Baidu

Noriyuki Inoue, Chairman and CEO, Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Dato Seri Mohamed Jawhar, Chairman and CEO, Institute of Strategic International Studies (ISIS), Malaysia

Motoo Kaji, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Kasem Kasemsri, Honorary Chairman, Thailand-U.S. Business Council, Bangkok; Chairman, Advisory Board, Chart Thai Party; Chairman, Thai-Malaysian Association; former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand

Koichi Kato, Member, Japanese House of Representatives; former Secretary-General, Liberal Democratic Party

K. Kesavapany, Director, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

Kim Kihwan, International Advisor, Goldman Sachs, Asia, Seoul; Chair, Seoul Financial Forum; former Korean Ambassador-at-Large for Economic Affairs

Kim Kyung-Won, President Emeritus, Seoul Forum for International Affairs, Seoul; former Korean Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations; Senior Advisor, Kim & Chang Law Office

Kakutaro Kitashiro, Senior Advisor, IBM Japan, Ltd.; Chairman, KEIZAI DOYUKAI (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)

Shoichiro Kobayashi, Advisor, Kansai Electric Power Company, Ltd.

*Yotaro Kobayashi, Chief Corporate Advisor, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.; Pacific Asia Chairman, Trilateral Commission

Akira Kojima, Chairman, Japan Center for Economic Research ( JCER )

Koo John, Chairman, LS Cable Ltd.; Chairman, LS Industrial Systems Co.; Seoul

Kenji Kosaka, Member, Japanese House of Representatives; former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

*Lee Hong-Koo, Chairman, Seoul Forum for International Affairs, Seoul; former Korean Prime Minister; former Korean Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the United States

Lee In-ho, University Professor, Myongji University, Seoul; former President, Korea Foundation; former Korean Ambassador to Finland and Russia

Lee Jay Y., Vice President, Corporate Strategy Office, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Seoul

Lee Kyungsook Choi, President, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul

Lee Shin-wha, Professor & Director of PEL (Politics, Economics and Law) Program, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Korea University, Seoul

Adrianto Machribie, Chairman, PT Freeport Indonesia, Jakarta

*Minoru Makihara, Senior Corporate Advisor, Mitsubishi Corporation

Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rakuten, Inc.

Yoshihiko Miyauchi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ORIX Corporation

Isamu Miyazaki, Honorary Advisor, Daiwa Institute of Research, Ltd.; former Director-General of the Japanese Economic Planning Agency

Yuzaburo Mogi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kikkoman Corporation

Mike Moore, former Director-General, World Trade Organization, Geneva; Member, New Zealand Privy Council, Auckland; former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Hugh Morgan, Principal, First Charnock, Melbourne, Australia

Moriyuki Motono, former President, Foreign Affairs Society; former Japanese Ambassador to France

Jiro Murase, Managing Partner, Bingham McCutchen Murase, New York

*Minoru Murofushi, Counselor, ITOCHU Corporation

Osamu Nagayama, President and CEO, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Masao Nakamura, President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT Docomo Inc.

Masashi Nishihara, President, Research Institute for Peace and Security

Roberto F. de Ocampo,Chairman, Board of Advisors, RFO Center for Public Finance & Regional Economic Cooperation, Manila; former Philippine Secretary of Finance

Sadako Ogata, President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

*Shijuro Ogata, former Deputy Governor, Japan Development Bank; former Deputy Governor for International Relations, Bank of Japan; Pacific Asia Deputy Chairman, Trilateral Commission

Sozaburo Okamatsu, President, Industrial Property Cooperation Center; former Chairman, Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry (RIETI)

*Yoshio Okawara, President, Institute for International Policy Studies; former Japanese Ambassador to the United States

Yoichi Okita, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Ariyoshi Okumura, Chairman, Lotus Corporate Advisory, Inc.

Anand Panyarachun, Chairman, Thai Industrial Federation; Chairman, Saha-Union Public Company, Ltd.; former Prime Minister of Thailand; Bangkok

Ryu Jin Roy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Poongsan Corp., Seoul

Eisuke Sakakibara, Professor, Waseda University; former Japanese Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs

SaKong Il, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Global Economics, Seoul; former Korean Minister of Finance

Yoshiyasu Sato, Advisor, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Ltd.; former Japanese Ambassador to China

Yukio Satoh, President, The Japan Institute of International Affairs; former Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations

Sachio Semmoto, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EMOBILE, Ltd.

Masahide Shibusawa, President, Shibusawa Ei’ichi Memorial Foundation

Yasuhisa Shiozaki, Former Chief Cabinet Secretary; former Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs; Member, Japanese House of Representatives; former Parliamentary Vice Minister for Finance

Arifin Siregar, Chairman of the Governing Board, Indonesian Council on World Affairs (ICWA); former International Advisor, Goldman Sachs (Pacific Asia) LLC; former Ambassador of Indonesia to the United States; Jakarta

Jacob Soetoyo, Director and Shareholder of P.T.Gesit Maju Corporation; Jakarta

Shigemitsu Sugisaki, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.; former Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Tsuyoshi Takagi, President, JTUC-Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)

Keizo Takemi,Former Member, Japanese House of Councillors; former State Secretary for Foreign Affairs; former Vice Minister for Health, Labour and Welfare, Tokyo; Research Fellow, Harvard School of Public

Akihiko Tanaka, Professor, University of Tokyo

Hitoshi Tanaka, Senior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange; former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

Naoki Tanaka, President, Center for International Public Policy Studies

Teh Kok Peng, President, GIC Special Investments Private Ltd., Singapore

Kiyoshi Tsugawa, Executive Adviser & Member of Japan Advisory Board, Lehman Brothers Japan, Inc.; Member of the Board, Aozora Bank

Junichi Ujiie, Chairman, Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Sarasin Viraphol, Executive Vice President, Charoen Pokphand Co., Ltd., Bangkok; former Deputy Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Thailand

Cesar E. A. Virata, Corporate Vice Chairman and Acting Chief Executive Officer, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), Manila; former Prime Minister of Philippines

*Jusuf Wanandi, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta

Etsuya Washio, President, The Foundation for Workers Welfare and Cooperative Insurance; former President, Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO)

Koji Watanabe, Senior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange; former Japanese Ambassador to Russia

Osamu Watanabe, Executive Vice President, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.

Taizo Yakushiji, Executive Member, Council for Science and Technology Policy of the Cabinet Office of Japan

Tadashi Yamamoto, President, Japan Center for International Exchange; Pacific Asia Director, Trilateral Commission

Noriyuki Yonemura, Chairman, Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants Association

Former Members in Public Service

Hisashi Owada, Judge, International Court of Justice



TWO OF THE SEVEN CHURCHES WERE DOING THEIR EARTHLY DUTY WHILST THE FIVE OTHERS WERE MISDIRECTING THEIR SPIRITUAL ENERGIES. JUST AS A VAST MAJORITY OF THE FRACTURED RELIGIONS OF THE EARTH CONTINUE TO DO. David (KHAZAR) Rockefeller ,or the Emperor of The Nazi-Bush cablal faction (F1) The Kahzarian jews ( Kennites -or, Sons of Cain) that gained substantial control of the The FOUR DYNASTIES OF POWER : FINANCIAL-POLITICAL-RELIGIOUS-EDUCATIONAL . As Ben stated in his introduction they ,early on, siezed the ownerships of the Mass Media tools . They treat us like mushrooms , keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit(manipulated disinfo) , we , however, enjoy getting into the light.Do not follow channels of light , for they are the destructive and un-natural, blinding, beacons of Satanic forces, as in attractng moths to the flame. Our mission on this earth, that God himself has set down . is to exspose them, and their blashphemies . Their works are criminal and subject to earthly laws and legal remedies. Ben’s own family was robbed of great wealth . But consider Benjamin Fulford today , this man is a great champion and is exposing the Kennites – Kahazarian’s, pretending jews of the synagogue of satan.
My pastor , Arnold Murray of Shepherd’s Chappel, has taught us this biblical mandate some several years ago. I was made aware of the control of the MM by the Satanic Jews when I was in College, by via a media questioaire . Tha titulation helped me raise my antenna. BTW Arnold Murray – Shepherd’s Chapel has as his largest foreign audience , in the tens of millionsin China, the Chinese people; they are quick to recognize Pastor Murrays’s divine ability and intelligence to teach and reveal the God’s word and how it relates to the archeology, histories of earth’s peoples,legends and artifacts. You will see these interpalys revealed as you watch the program on TV ,or the internet. He has 50,000 year old fossils in his desk drawer that will give you a good idea that Pastor Murray is a Renassiance Man , with YAHAVEH’S ANNOINTING . GOD BLESS YOU’ALL in JESHUA’S name ,by, YAHAVEH – THE GOD OF ALL THE SOLAR SYSTEMS AND EVERY MOLECULE AND ATOM THEREIN ARE MOVED AN MOTIVTED BY THE WORD OF HIS MOUTH ! HE SPOKE AND THERE WERE : LIGHT, WATER, EARTH – ALL THINGS AND YET OUR OWN FREE WILL, WE HAVE, FOR A LITTLE TIME . PLEASE , Use it well ,and it will last you for eternity .




American people are still business as usual,repent to the heavenly father is low,therefore it shall be judged.What judgement do YOU think he will give?


pieterdewaard: you bring up some very good points about these so-called channeled messages, points which I’ve wondered about myself: that these things could be causing people NOT to work toward freeing themselves from the Illuminati, assuming it’s already done or will be done by others.

I don’t know much about “SaLuSa”, so I will stop posting his messages here. I’ll stop posting the “Saul” messages as well.

I don’t want people to get comfortable thinking we’ve “won the fight” or that we’re definitely going to win the fight. It’s much better that we keep doing what we can, and only stop IF the war is finally won.


Clearly the Cinco de Mayo lesson did not enlighten anyone. So I will not give any more history lessons. If you are interested in Stage 4 NInja Course then send me a note at This group is a little too serious I think. I have not got hit by the Chemtrails so I still have a sense of humor. Have to read more of Sheldan as his listeners would be captivated by where the Mayo went.


Hi Everyone,
Apparently Darryl Freck gave another call on Friday, 5/14, that I missed. I am requesting a link to the archive. Will let you know when I get it.


Now for some good news!
My analysis indicates that major increases in the LOC (Level of Conscious)on this planet, are continuing.
As previously mentioned, this is explained in Dr. Hawkins book “Power vs Force”.
However, I firmly believe that the scale of LOC does not end at 1000, as Dr. David proposes, but goes to infinity.
We are told that when we arrive at a critical mass of high frequency (LOC), love will prevail on this earth and the negative forces will be overcome.
Will anyone proficient in Kienesology, as also explained in Dr. Hawkins book, please confirm my LOC findings.
Thanks you Ben for this blog and all your positive efforts.
God Bless


Hi Ben and all # BF blog

pieterdewaard – Yes , I agree with your conclusion on the disinfo proffered by the NWO stooges. We want their asses to hit the pavement and not absorb any more of their
insane diatribe. I am sure most of us seetthrough these ploys , especially Ben and The BDS , Hopefully the patriots in the Pentagon too, that will bring this NWO to it’s bitter demise. We all want to hear and see “THE SOUND OF THE MUSIC OF FREEDOM AND GOD’S ETERNAL PLAN “- and silence the Dirge of THE SLAVERY OF THE WORLD .

Pieter de Waard
Pieter de Waard

All channelings have the same format: massive blocks of text of about the same size with hardly any information. The readers are always called ‘dear ones’ and reading the text makes me tired. The general idea is that you can trust that everything will be ok, aliens or masters of wisdom or whatever will ensure that your ascension will be fine.

IMO these messages are comming from the same (illuminati) source to keep you down in a level of comfortable trust. I think David Icke is correct, he mentioned the so called ‘God Computers’ who create these messages. Would like to see how they sound in reverse speech…


Martha, you didn’t offend. I was just having a little fun. Paper is better than poisin ivy or sand paper. LOL


Latest message from SaLuSa:

SaLuSa 14-May-2010

Eventually time will wait for no man because certain targets have to be reached to prepare you for Ascension. The cleansing of Earth is vital and necessary to clear your karmic responsibilities to Mother Earth, and we do not really desire to compress too much into the last few months that remain, before the end of 2012. We can do it, but we want you to play an important part in these end times. As you take back your power your energies should be directed towards establishing a new society, that is governed by rules of Law that are both fair and honestly applied. There is much that exists that is not in accordance with such aims, and it is your influence and demands that can change it. Speak up Dear Ones and your voices will be heard, and there will be favourable changes.

We dearly wish to see you sail through the final days of duality, and for quite some time now you have been given every guidance to see that you do. If you experience difficulties particularly where other people are concerned, please bear in mind that in the time that is left major karmic promises are being played out. These take place with your permission and cooperation, and indeed anyone who is touched by what happens. With a more informed understanding of what it means, you should be prepared for the outcome and able to take it in your stride. If you feel you have been cast as the victim, remember that you agreed to take that role. See it as an opportunity to express yourself as a soul that is leaving behind the old system, where blame is usually apportioned. The lessons for everyone should be apparent, but all are equally involved. When you have acted out your part and the play is over, allow the final curtain to come down on it.

This lifetime for you is a defining point, to determine whether or not you can progress sufficiently to take the quantum leap forward that is being offered to you. Intent is the first step, and from thereon you should be able to find your own pathway. Your life will change track onto one that carries you into the Light, and you will begin to open up to your true Self. Each of you can rise up, but you will need to set your sights upon what you want, and how you see it manifesting for you. Simply put, you stay within your Light at all times and allow yourself to flow with events. Hopefully you will ride along on the crest of a wave, and sweep aside all that no longer serves your purpose. Change you must, if you wish to follow through and establish a firm path to Ascension.

It has taken a long time to reach this point in your evolution, so take it with both hands. Such an opportunity will not come your way until the end of the next solar cycle, and that is over 26,000 years. It is true that any individual can ascend at any time if they reach certain high levels of vibration. However, at the end of a cycle it is always planned to allow for a mass opportunity. As now, it is achieved by uplifting the vibrations so that each soul is helped to rise up. Never lose sight of the fact that you are privileged to be on the Earth at such a special time. If you could experience the joy and absolute peace of our dimension, you would not hesitate to grasp your opportunity now. Some souls have of course pre-planned to sample the incoming Light, but do not yet feel ready to go any further.

Neither you nor the Earth resides in your natural level of vibration. You are far greater than you believe, and are Beings of Light that have temporarily lowered it for experiences in duality. You can have delightful and exquisite experiences in the 3rd. dimension, but what if they were your natural state of being. Knowing the truth, would you really turn down the chance to move into the blissful realms where only Love and Light exist? I doubt it, yet many wait to be convinced, and as much proof as possible will be placed before them. It is still your choice whatever way you look at it.

Meanwhile we play the waiting game, knowing that momentous changes are in the offing. At last matters are accelerating and we see events coming along quite speedily. It will be both exciting and shocking in some ways as the truth is revealed, and you realise how manipulated and controlled you have been. Not only that, there have been so many crimes committed against Humanity, your history will have to be largely re-written. It is perhaps the scale of deceit and deliberate plans to set you against each other that will shock you. Many wars have been deliberately caused and situations set up to deplete the population, and keep you from acquiring knowledge that would release you from the control of the Illuminati. The so-called Third World has been kept at the poverty level and not allowed real opportunities to benefit from being educated. It has also had its natural resources worked by other countries, without receiving due recompense.

It is the feeling of separateness instead of Oneness that is missing, and until you really live as each other’s keeper you will not move forward. However, having said that those who are spiritually aware cannot be held back for that reason. It is because this situation exists that there has to be a dividing of the ways, allowing for every soul to follow their chosen path. God is not concerned as to how you choose to experience, having given you total freedom to do as you wish. Life is infinite, and you have all the time you want to make your way back to the Light. No two paths are identical, and that is the beauty of the experiences that you will carry forward with you. How much greater you will all be when you rise up to such high levels, that you can share them together. There is certainly no need for each soul to experience everything themselves, and by sharing you move even quicker into the higher dimensions where you become a Being of Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like my companions have been through the lower dimensions, and therefore have an appreciation of what you are going through right now. It brings out our love for you as exceptionally brave souls to have taken on duality. That you would be prepared to suffer and lose your real identity to do so, is a sign of how spiritually mature you really are and your love for God. You know that it does not matter whatever happens, you will always return to the Source of All That Is.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.



Sorry, I did not mean to offend. Thought of it as common sense. Used to be a nurse, and have done this before.


Dear Adrian, Harondaddy and anybody else interested in GlennMurphy’s idea,

Please email me at I will get back to you and we can start pow-wowwing about some things.



Hey Newman , you’ve been duped by Smallman. Moving you Toward a Golden Dawn.


A little history here for you history Buffs. Years ago when the Titanic was crossing the ocean, there was a little known cargo of 12,000 jars of MAyonaise headed for Mexico. Of course when the Titanic went down the mayonaise went with it. The people of Mexico were distraught over having lost their Mayonaise and decided to name a national holiday paying tribute to the event. That holiday in Mexico is known today as

Scroll Down

Cinco de mayo


Hopefully , they’ll be screaming through the barbed wire at the FEMA CAMPS. Unless the mysterious mission of the BDS is implemented . Mercy ,or, no mercy; do they deserve mercy after many capital offenses, many genocides, world-wide suffering, and the wraths of numerous wars, and coups.
Hell awaits them at their eternal White Throne Judgement, but many survivors and potential victims want them dispatched immediatley , so thir abilities to perpetrate any more collateral damage on this earth, in this diemension, is brought to an immediate and permanent end .





Anyhow, todays wisdom from BoB Chapman

Bob Chapman : The whole financial system is coming down

Posted: 13 May 2010 12:24 PM PDT

Bob Chapman : The whole financial system is coming down , all currencies are going to be devalued everybody is gonna default as nations many many corporations businesses and companies are gonna fail Unemployment in the world will hit 50% …the only place to be will be Gold and Silver…The core of all the problems in our society financial and economic can be traced back to the Federal Reserve which is privately owned and they are controlled and owned by banking in Wall street which is anonymous , they have had their way for almost a hundred years and one way or the other it is going to end…JP Morgan Chase has been rigging the market for so long , they just started bragging about it…


Martha, that was overshare regarding using regular paper as toilet paper. I instantly got a mental picture of that and it was not pretty. Then a thought came to me, was the paper they were using lined on just plain copy paper. Anyhow, somehow I could not escape into more pleasant thoughts of your posting.


Behind Closed Doors…
Report from Trilateral Commission meeting, Dublin, may 7-10.

DUBLIN, Ireland—Trilateral Commission (TC) members, angry over their failure to establish a world government and the economic crisis they generated, called for war with Iran when they gathered behind closed doors here in Dublin, Ireland May 7-10.

War plans were revealed by Mikhail Slobodovsici, a chief adviser to the Russian leadership, when he strolled off the grounds of the Four Seasons resort, where TC had hunkered down behind armed guards and locked doors. He thought he was talking to a TC colleague when speaking with Alan Keenan, who operates the web site


Never have the illustrious members of the TC been so depressed.

“It gets worse every year, not better,” one said. “Why do we even bother to meet anymore?”

“We can’t simply give up and quit,” another responded. “Bilderberg expects us to have a plan outlined.”

Much of their distress is due to the failure to establish a world government. In the 1990s, both TC and Bilderberg confidently predicted they would obtain a world government by the year 2000. A decade later, their goal is even further away. This they blame on detested “nationalists,” who oppose surrendering sovereignty to international bodies.

…read more here:



You are so right about making it in hard times. A friend of mine in the Appalachian Mountains said the depression never did change the way her family lived.

Someone wrote from Argentina that during their hard times, toilet tissue was a precious commodity. People were tearing out pages of books due to the shortage. Someone has mentioned stocking up on peanut butter.Filling and protein. Rice is cheap. We can buy it in large quantities. Chinese stores probably offer it.Sprouts give as much nourishment as grown vegetables in some cases and are very cheap.The coming crash has finally made it to what I consider MSM . Democratic Underground had a clip yesterday about the cause and effect of Argentina and Greece’s collapse. Stated the same people have turned their eyes to the Federal Reserve now. ok by me ..just want to prepare as much as possible.


Dear Everybody,

This is a very good time for an old aphorism: “Keep the faith.” I don’t mean keep the faith in currency, government or even a deity at this point. I mean keep faith in yourself and your loved ones. Keep faith in the resilience of earth and its people. Finally, keep faith in the goodness of most people because it is there. When you feel like giving up, just remember this:

In the darkest night, the deepest mine, even at the bottom of the ocean, all it takes to pierce that heavy gloomy dark is a flashlight. The minute that you turn it on, the darkness is forced back–it cannot grab the light and shove it into a corner. It can’t blow the light out. Nope, darkness always has to surrender to the light whether that darkness be in a human soul or in a cave.

Know who you are–keep faith with that and let your light shine and drive back the dark.




Hey Guys,

I’d be remiss if I didn’t send this link.

That looks much longer, but you can search National Inflation Association for the “Melt Up” vid. It is going to blow the short sale manipulation of precious metals prices to HELL, and I’m watching spot silver climb now. This will go viral and SHOULD.

Remember, those who lived best through manipulated depressions in the past lived on farms with the means to produce food. Now days farming communities enjoy the lowest crime rates and properties are dropping like hell.

An old house on a large lot with southern exposure can grow enough food to feed you and yours. Pit-set greenhouses the size of an old Detroit station wagon can supply fresh veggies all winter, so don’t let a cold winter climate stop you. A little slope to the south is worth several degrees additional soil temp in your greenhouse with a bottom below the frost line. Stack hay bales around the inside walls to insulate, and cover with a removable lid sheeted in plastic or old windows or sliding glass doors.

You can research how people do this at high altitude in the Andes, on American Indian reservations, or anywhere else.

You gotta feed yourselves if you’re gonna save the world…



National Inflation Association’s Video “Meltup”

This is an important video that everyone should see.



Thank you for sharing The Miracle the New Type of Water with us. Have had a difficult day.Was very discouraged until I read your post. Love the Mother Earth..the oil spill has hurt.This news has lifted my spirits and ties in with so many other things I have read re. the cleaning up of pollution in the good days to come.Thank you so much


Johnq… re: How do you all deal with your children?

OK… I don’t have much time as just going out. Will write more on this when I have a few more moments to give proper attention.

In a nutshell… you need to read the (entire) series known as the Ringing Series of Russia… or sometimes referred to as the Anastasia series. Author is Vladimir Megre. Has been translated into English.

I just attended the workshop with Dr. Leonid Shrarashkin and that is what I’ll share more on.

For now, contained within that series is a lot of wisdom on many topics including raising children.


Regarding Drunvalo and the New Water. Here’s the current info. It does exist


A link to the Saul & John site:

(talked about in post above)

All the best,



Read this link posted by Sierra. Maybe it will help.


John Smallman is channeling a spirit named Saul. Saul & John post new messages every Wednsday and Sunday.

In their latest message, I found this comment by someone (mossme89), followed by a long response by John:


Good message, but are you talking about the future changes (2012+), or an event in the immediate future? I have this feeling things might change this summer but am unsure…

Reply: John Smallman

The new global financial system and the role of filthy lucre for a while yet.

The subject of money—filthy lucre—is a bit provoking for some of us, and we long to move into a realm where it no longer has a place. Imagine the bliss of being able to live without being in thrall to its ever-present exigencies!

Anyone who’s given the role of money any thought and wondered why it has assumed such a controlling dynamic in our societies is probably responding to subconscious memories of places where money—as we know it— had no place. Deeply buried in our subconscious are many memories which form a basis of comparison with our present life, enabling us—like Neo in the movie The Matrix—to recognize “like a splinter in the mind” that something is very wrong with our reality. If we had no basis to make this comparison, we would accept the status quo and things like money as natural. Because of our awakening, we’re beginning to see how our world has been “set up,” and how money is used as a control mechanism. Small wonder that we therefore resent it intensely.

We are indeed in the process of returning to a realm where money will be redundant, if not a laughable, quaint anachronism. But we’re not quite there yet, and good old filthy lucre still has—for a change—a beneficial role to play.

The energies emanating from the galactic core affect everything—no aspect of our personal or collective lives will be left untouched. It’s a case of out with the old and in with the new until we’re ready to leave this 3-D realm forever. And new societal systems will be no exception to this process.
And this brings us to Saul’s reference about the new global financial and monetary system and how this links into the broader ascension framework. In very, very broad brush-strokes, this is my information on the subject, gleaned from piecing together my own jigsaw puzzle:

(a) This is a wholly new and fairer system that has nothing to do with the old one we now see crumbling around us and which, for many reasons, must crash substantially before the new one can kick in. All global currencies operating in the new system will be precious-metal-backed and exchange rates will be fixed, thus bring stability to the current escalating financial turmoil-with-no-end-in-sight. Another component of this financial system is the prosperity programs designed to remove the scourge of global poverty and move everyone of us beyond our survival-based focus. It is essential that we turn our attention to the matter of our divine destiny and our ascension, and this we cannot do whilst scrambling 24/7 to put food on the table, whether we live in Namibia or Seattle! Universal physical abundance —along with many, many other astonishing and exciting changes and developments and revelations—is a prime requisite of spiritual law returning to Earth.

Scarcity is an artificial construct that we’ve created and has nothing to do with either Nature or Creation or our Creator.

(b) Saul refers to “the need to morph our nightmare into more of a dream state” prior to ascension, and the new financial and monetary system is merely one of the many ways that this will be done. This morphing process—and it will be very rapid once it gets going—is a necessary “tool” for accomplishing the mass awakening which must take place as part of our preparation for returning to full consciousness and ascension.

(c) The new financial system is just one of many beneficial changes designed to bring our global societies more into alignment with the higher energies that Mother Earth and her awakening children are busy integrating, and this integration process includes our societal constructs and institutions. No aspect of our lives will be the same once the transformation of our world begins. (Some of you may have heard about NESARA—a bill of sweeping changes which Clinton signed into law just before leaving office, and which the “old guard” has been very busy ever since trying to dismember and bury. One of the provisions of this massive bill is the return to gold-backed currencies, and in the US it’s been nicknamed the “rainbow” currency because of the brightly colored bills. Check out which I’m told is the only site that’s official.)

It is not my intention to elaborate here on the subject of the upcoming political, financial, economic, and technological changes because I would need to write a book! I just wanted to point out that, as pie-in-the-sky as it sounds to those for whom this is a new piece of the puzzle, astonishing and highly beneficial changes are ready to roll and effect an about-face in world direction, with the primary goal of preparing us for our return to full consciousness. We cannot simply wake up one morning and find ourselves fully conscious because we would resemble our breakfast toast if we underwent such a massive and abrupt rise in frequency in one swoop! It is a process which will take place in stages, or steps, and it will be an exhilarating and rapid ride.

As Saul and many others keep reminding us, every step of the way back to our original state of full consciousness has been decreed by the divine plan for Planet Earth and is overseen in every detail by Heaven and her cohorts. Thus, everything that is to happen is divinely taken care of, and this may be worth bearing in mind as we negotiate the roller-coaster ride ahead.
These changes affect our 3-D/4-D world; are part of our emotional-mental-spiritual learning-curve; and reflect our rise in consciousness—indeed, we are well overdue for the outer world to begin reflecting the changes that have already taken place within us, and the populist uprisings across the planet reflect this growing imbalance. People’s growing sense of self-esteem demands systems that honor individual sovereignty and basic freedoms.
Naturally, our 3-D constructs, such as money, will have no place or meaning once we regain full consciousness and move into 5-D, and the coming improvements in our society’s institutions therefore represent merely a short segue or stepping-stone to help get us there. In fact, some of the technologies just ahead will render money and a lot of our present institutions increasingly obsolete, but until then, global prosperity is a necessary first step in getting us out of “poverty consciousness” and freeing us up to focus on things that have been sorely neglected, largely from lack of time and opportunity.

Our bodies are integrating the higher frequencies by releasing old, outworn patterns and replacing them with new chakras and energy meridians to accommodate the new energies; Mother Earth is closing down old 3-D vortices and reactivating higher frequency portals and generally preparing for her reconfiguration into her 5-D pristine Self; so must our global society also change, by casting aside outmoded and crumbling systems that no longer resonate with awakening humanity’s vision and needs—spiritual and physical. And for the immediate future these will need to be replaced with something more suitable to see us through to full consciousness—hence the new global financial system, which, I assure you, is the least interesting component of the myriad unbelievable surprises in store for us.

Let’s make it so!


How do you all deal with your children? I used to have an idea as to how to help them prepare for their lives, but now I find myself having no vision of anything past December 2012.


I just realized, the date on that talk is 1999! Have they had the water this long? Does not compute.


Silly me! The link was in the email. Here it is.


I will try to get the link. I received that text in an email. Will post it if I get it. I love this forum! God bless Ben!


Thanks so much for the link to Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar. I am very grateful. This is so good. Blessings to you and all of us!


cmych, good post and no I am just frustrated as hell. It had nothing to do with oil .Drunvalo does his broadcast on the 26th regaridng mayan calendar and the changes coming. I ws thinking about going to Sedona if there was an event along with the broadcast. Whoever posted Eisenhower thing regarding Alien meetings, if you ever heard of William Cooper, he not only gave all the events of that meeting and who was there he exposed Oklahoma City Bombing within 24 hours and who and what but also told why McVeign will be executed the fastest execution in history (if it ever occurred)??? Cooper was later taken out as he had quite a following on his shortwave broadcast network. A true Patriot and ex-Naval Intelligence. He was taken out because he refused to get a state drivers license which of course calls for execution as we know. He was a smart guy. ANyhow I am clearly frustrated on the time it is taken to get things done and before weary and leary and and reary and any other word that rhymes about those reporting behind the scenes. As much as I like Ben, I am more of a statistic guy following guys like Gordon T Long who lays out the fiancial end of this as opposed to those creating sensationalism. Last week Ben reported on Negotiations and things that could not be revealed and this week Japan is cooperating with the FED so was that the negotiation that he was speaking of. I think not/ Years ago we had contacts all over the world reporting from Russia to Offshore and at the end of the day despite their assertion, nobody had it right and their sources were just disinfo guyus feeding off each other. Sooooo when I hear of things just like RAP who’s timelines have well passed it brings back less than fond memories of Glass Stegall Act, that was suppose to be the start of a new era. That was 8 years ago so pardon the sarcasm as I now read past the puff ( and Poof too) to try and ascertain facts. That is why if I had my way, Casper would be deleted from every website and memory bank. I flunked the third test on the Ninja test here so having to restudy today. Pain in the rear. Third test is what yell do you give out before executing the victim. Apparently I gave out “dinner is ready” as opposed to “may you die in hell” which is how all victims die and the last words they hear before we sever their heads. It’s a clean cut and there is no pain as they make us practice on carrots.


cmych…. can you include a link for the report on the Miracle water?


Hi harondaddy,
I, too, thought you to be much older than your years, so wise. I clicked the link to the video you provided and it stayed as a black screen. However, here is a link to the transcript, in case anyone else encountered this problem.


Hi Ben & All

Actually, the topic that George W is orating on, the collapse of the economy 2008, which was entirely engineered by him and his ilk, in such a concerned way, is nothing but “crocodile tears” would you say!


Hi Ben & All

Harondaddy, great video of George W. May I suggest that to get the effect, one should view in full screen, then it is there in full view. Gave me the creeps!!!


This one is for Ben….

Just happened to view this “Ted Talk” and immediately thought of Ben’s life changing experience as a boy in Mexico with his Mexican friend whose development and future prospects was stunted as a result of poverty. Fast forward a few decades and this experience seems to have been pivital in shaping Ben’s mission to assist the creation of a planet where everyone’s talents and potential is not limited by the constraints of poverty.

This “Ted Talk” ( ) is with the creator of “the Honeybee Network” in India… his idea was to develop a network where the creativity of poor people could be recognized and advanced.

“Anil Gupta is on the hunt for the developing world’s unsung inventors — indigenous entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hidden by poverty, could change many people’s lives. He shows how the Honey Bee Network helps them build the connections they need — and gain the recognition they deserve.”


Hi Everyone,
After reading ChrisB’s comment on my post about the oil spill, I wonder–but this is too important to not share with you. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s right on topic. You have got to see this. THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING! AND THE TPTW, AT THE LEAST THE ONES BEHIND OIL, ARE PROBABLY SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS!
All the world governments are working on this even as I write this.

Here is a transcription from a talk that Drunvalo gave recently

lightwork-l Miracle Water from Turkey
Peter Stewart
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 13:09:55 -0700

The Miracle

The Discovery of a New Type of Water

But now, something else has happened. Something that so extraordinary…

I don’t even know how to actually tell you this. I’ll do my best.

Ten years ago… a little more I believe, there was a small group of
very old Sufi masters, that were chanting Zikhr in Turkey. They are quiet, and nobody knows about them. And they have been creating something; or,allowing something to come through them that mankind has never seen.

One of these men came forth from this group. He is also a Sufi master,he is 78 years old. He looks like and feels like he is about 40. You’d never know that he an older person. He gave something to the world… he just gave
them some water. Some water that mankind has never seen. He said, “Here, this is for the healing of the world”.

They began to do research. And they found that whenever they put this water, in a polluted lake, or a polluted river, then it would immediately, within days, usually 3 or 4 days, the whole lake, the whole river would go absolutely clean, the way it was 1000 years ago. Even the sediment and
everything inside there.

Nobody could believe it, but they had to believe it because they could see it. But, they couldn’t believe it. And they continued to do research for 10 years.

In January, which happens to be exactly in the Egyptian window when the angels were telling me that something new is going to emerge on the earth, they tried to get in contact with me. But I was too busy roaming around the world. They kept trying and trying. And I kept saying “No, no, I can’t do this, I don’t have time”.

Finally, about three months ago, I still didn’t have time, but I sent some of the people I work with into Florida to see if what they were saying was really true. These were people who were trained and could identify if this was something real or just an illusion.

They couldn’t… they got on the phone with me and they couldn’t even talk. They were like children, they were so excited. They were just going, “I can’t believe this, it’s really real”. It actually was true!

The Demonstration Meeting

And so I just came back from a meeting in Washington D.C., in a secret Little room with the military, the Air Force, the army, the CIA, the FBI…
(laughter) all those guys, about 15 high high level physicists and Chemists from major corporations. This was being held in a Fortune 500 corporation.

I had to sign all of these documents that I would be careful about what I say. But they are letting me say what I can say, and what I can say is good enough.

They first brought two big containers of polluted water. One of them Smelled like sewage. It was brown, it was yucky, and it was about as bad as you can get. And they put that there. The second one was another kind of
Yellowish colored brown polluted water that smelled like gasoline and oil and Obviously had chemicals inside of it. And it was hard to even get your nose into that either.
They put them up high, and the presentor said, “Now this is like a lake”. And he took about a teaspoonful, which he said was way more than was needed but they did that so that it would go faster, he put a little teaspoonful of water in there and stepped back so that there would be no influence. And, very slowly, over two hours, we watched both of these waters, the pollution slowly head towards the bottom. What was above was the cleanest, clearest water you could imagine, until they were all the way down at the bottom. And there was nothing, even the sediment and everything was down to absolutely clear water. This is really real!

He then took a little goldfish and he put it inside there so that it could swim around to show that if there were to be any chemicals or anything in there it would die. And after three hours, this little fish was still swimming.

What is interesting… they called me up. The head of this whole project, called me up the next day and said, “You won’t believe it. They took the fish out of the water and put it back into the aquarium downstairs and when they came in the next morning, the whole aquarium was clean” (laughter). It totally went clean and clear.

They took pure motor oil right out of the can, popped the lid, poured it With another whole bunch of oil like this, put about 3 or 4 drops of water And shook it up. Instantaneously, within 3 seconds, the motor oil no longer
existed on the earth. Instead, it was proteins and amino acids… that are fish food. Instantaneously!

This is an interesting analogy because oil is the end product of millions of years of life. It is the end, it is black, it is the end. And when it comes in contact with this water, it immediately turns white and becomes proteins and amino acids; the beginning of life.

Super-ionized Water

What is this water? All it is, is water with 3 extra electrons on the Outer orbits. It is called super-ionized water. You’re going to hear about it. There is no doubt! Super-ionized water is… Again, all the scientists and the physicists and the chemists of the world have been studying this for the past few years who have been keeping it secret. Not one of them, with all their credentials and everything, even though they can see it happen, cannot explain to you how it is happening. They don’t know! They can’t figure it out.

On top of this, by studying the reaction, and there is some things I can’t tell you, it appears as though this water is consciousness, it is alive and it knows what it’s doing! It knows exactly what it’s doing because it… it will go into one reaction, one chemical reaction and do one thing, and turn another reaction with a similar kind of compound, and do something else that could only have been done by consciousness.

You know that something is different about this water, because if you take a light bulb, an ordinary light bulb, and you cut the wire so that if you put the two wires together the light bulb will go on. If you stick those two wires in water which is a dielectric, nothing happens, it is like an unlit light bulb. But if you put the wires in super-ionized water, the light bulb comes on. No one has ever seen that before. That is impossible by everything that we know.

And there is a flow of electrical energy through the water, that they Are describing as liquid electrons.

This came from Sufi teachers and masters as a gift to the world. If you Could only know what I know, if you could only see what I have seen.

Cleaning up of Izmit Bay

They went into Izmit Bay in Istanbul in Turkey. (Ed: In the talk, he Mentions Izmir Bay, which is far from Istanbul and is still polluted. Izmit Bay which is 45 minutes from Istanbul is the one which has gone clean and where fish have returned) Izmit Bay is so polluted. It is the most polluted body of water on the planet. It looks like pure oil. It is black. It is not water anymore. It is just black oil. And they took these two huge tanks, like swimming pools and they filled it up with this black water. One was the control and one was the experiment. And they took just a couple of gallons of this water, in these hundreds and hundreds of thousands of gallons of this garbage water. It was so bad that it was forming black bubbles on the surface. In less than a few hours, the pool went crystal clear. It was clean.

They then went to Izmit Bay, and the entire bay went clean, the whole thing. But they can’t keep it that way because it got canals as big as this room (Ed: the talk was giving in a school gymnasium) with garbage being pumped into the bay constantly which they are going to have to deal with if they want to keep it that way.

The other interesting thing about this is no matter what the polluted Water is, no matter what is in it, it turns it to this crystal clean pure water and even balances the pH perfectly to 7, no matter what it is, no matter what you started with. He has done it some many times now he doesn’t even have to look. He sticks the paper and says, “Look, it is 7” without even thinking because it automatically does it. The consciousness knows exactly what to do in that system and how to convert it back into it.

Also Works on Land and Soil

It is not only in water, does the water work, but the water works on the earth also, and in the soil. They showed in the videos and in the actual [room (???)] they are talking about where you can take garbage, huge garbage
dumps, that are constantly burning methane, they can’t stop the burning cause it keeps burning… they can spray this water on the garbage dumps and instantaneously, everything is transformed. All of the hydrocarbons in
there switch, turn over into fertilizer, and are organic in nature, they have no chemicals in it whatsoever even though they came from chemicals.

All of the smell of the garbage dump is gone, instantaneously at the snap of a finger. It smells like roses. It smells clean again. The fires are immediately put out and can’t start again.

They showed on there that in these places were all of these toxic stuff Were put and everything that within days, plants and vegetables start growing Out of these toxic dumps.

This is really real. It’s no kidding, it’s really real. It’s hard to imagine that something can emerge under the earth like this, but it actually happens.

Also Many Other Side Effects

There are many many side effects that are super positive and most of These they won’t let me talk to you about because the financial status quo will be rocked to the core. There are things that it does that water can’t do, but it does, right before their eyes, time and time again. It has in impact on us, and will have an impact on us that, we can’t quite imagine right now.

Just to give you one of the side effects that they are going to let out, I’m only going to talk about one of them. It is about fires, forest fires, or oil fires, or any kind of fires, especially gasoline and oil which are almost
impossible to put out. When the water comes into contact with these fires, it instantaneously puts them out, just like that. And you can’t relight them. You can throw matches back on to them, on the gasoline, immediately, and
It won’t relight because it changes the gasoline into something else that can’t burn. And so, for forest fires, if they spray it on burning forest fires, it instantly will put the fire out. And on living trees, which is super good for the tree, that tree will not be able to burn for hours afterwards. So, it puts the fire out immediately, instantly. This is one of the side effects of this new water, that we…

I really wish I could tell you what is going to come after this (laughter).

Question: (Could not be heard on the tape)

Drunvalo: I can’t… I can’t tell you yet. They won’t let me. I can’t.
But it’s too great! (laughter) This is too good!

Governments Are Doing Tests

So we’re now, all of the… right now, Russia and 8 other major countries of the world, are now doing major research on this all over. They’re, all over the world, secretly putting this in polluted lakes and rivers… that are just…pfttt… going clean right before our eyes. It is just amazing. You can take a bay, like San Francisco bay, and in 4 days you will able to see 60 feet into the water, as though you were looking through water like this (Ed: Held up a glass of drinking water). And in two months, it will go all the way down even into the deep yucky sediment below and turn it into proteins and amino acids and be crystal clear and clean. In two months! And this is where we are at.

This is really real. It’s incredible!

(Clapping and cheering)

The Water Will Be Allowed to Be Released

What is even greater is that the world’s governments are going to allow This to happen!

(Clapping and cheering)

Right before I was speaking, I was talking to the United States Air Force,that could stop something like this very quickly for different reasons. They want it to happen! They want this to come out! And so, the various Countries that we are talking to around the world. The United Nations is involved with this also. Nobody can believe it. They don’t know what to say about it. It’s a miracle, a planetary miracle happening right before us, right now!

Question: When?

Drunvalo: It’s… (laughter) happening. Right now, Turkey was so excited about this as a country that they built a 48 million-dollar installation to create this water. And they can now ship 100,000 tons of it a day anywhere in the world and they are preparing to do this.

The countries now all over that we are talking to, and wants to be involved, they are looking at it, they are cautiously wanting it, but they don’t know how to proceed because nobody can explain it (laughter). No chemist in the world can explain how this is doing this. You can’t take oil and water and mix them together. Oil and water don’t mix. But super-ionized water does. It mixes instantaneously.

So, something new has emerged on the earth. And this is really important I feel because as you all know, I am deeply connected with the [Talsi(???)] Indians and the Hopi Indians and the Hopi prophecy. And the Hopi Prophecy says that right before we move into the next level, to the fifth world from their point of view, the fourth dimension from our point of view, they talk about how the whole world comes clean and clear the way it was thousands and thousands of years ago. The oceans, the rivers, the skies,
everything. And we will have this clean world. And it is the seeing of this world going clean, in a very rapid period of time that inspires the world to let go of their pain and all that they have…

(Clapping and cheering)

The Word Must Go Out

And so, after having said that, there are certain corporations in this world that are aware of this that don’t want to see this happen. Mostly oil companies, and I can’t tell you why (laughter) but we can’t let this go
from our memory. Do all of the research you can. The name of the company that is forming this is called Perfect Science out of Istanbul Turkey.

Question: Is the founder of the company on the Internet?

Drunvalo: He is not on the Internet. He is just a humble, little beautiful person that has discovered something that he is giving to the world. He is not truly a scientist, he is Sufi! But he’s now put on a suit, he’s working with the governments of the world, and he’s attempting to bring this out to the world. It will come out because, what you are really looking at is a very very high level of consciousness emerging from this water.

The Sufis themselves, when they talk about it, they won’t talk about it As “the water”. He talks about it “he moves through the chemical reactions”, “he does this”, and “he does that”. He is referring to the nature of the consciousness in the water.

This is the beginning of what I knew would take place. I am very honored To be able to bring this to you. I really, really am.

(Clapping, cheering, whistling)

The Baptism of the Planet

Do you know that baptism, in the Christian way of seeing baptism, you can only be baptized once, and it removes all sins. After that, you have to Deal with each sin on your own (laughter). That is the fun part. We are about
To see the same thing.

Over the next twelve months, fourteen months or so, we are going to see The world go clean… and it is going to be like baptism of the whole world.

And then, from then on end, our responsibility will be every time we do something, we will have to remember who we are, and where we came from, and what this is really all about, which is love. It is not about hate and anger and fear. And so…

Question: Can you use it in the cars?

Drunvalo: Can you use it in your cars? I can’t answer that. (laughter)
Probably most of the things you will ask me I will probably have to give The same answer. They have really restricted me because this thing is like a miracle. It does so m… Everything it comes in contact with, everything, it turns it around, and turns it into a positive situation, and creates something that is positive for the world. It is a consciousness alive in water.

Question: Can you buy it?

Drunvalo: Can you buy it? It is not for sale yet. But some day perhaps.
(Ed: Since this talk, some has become available. Email me at
[EMAIL PROTECTED] if you want more details)

Right now this is a governmental level thing that is going on. It really is up to the world’s governments whether or not they will let this out or not. We are working with Australia, we are going to do Australia and clean up Sydney harbor and all of this stuff. We are now renegotiating with that government how to do that. We are going to renegotiate with all of our contracts in the world that we… Instead of using waveforms we are going to directly in… To clean the bay, all we do is just spray the bay with this water and wait two months. That it is all over. Same thing with rivers and lakes and everything else. I wish I could tell you the rest (laughter), but I can’t.

So, if there is any… I’ll take about two or three more questions if you can yell them out.

Question: What does it do to human bodies?

Drunvalo: I can’t tell you about that one (laughter). But that might be the most interesting one of all.

Question: Does it apply to nuclear waste?

Drunvalo: Yes it does (clapping and a collective sigh of relief).
It appears to deal with almost everything. There are certain problems hat they have not tested or are not sure of. The Turkish government is being very conservative in saying, “This should heal at least 70-80% of all the
Pollution problems in the world”. They are being conservative on this. And so, what this is going to do is buy us time. Because, I can tell you this right now, the world banks, and the people who are in charge know, that if this water had not come along, if something like this had not come along, we only have less than 3 years left on this planet. All life would be gone. (Ed: I believe it is related to the oxygen levels of the planet going down to a point where life cannot be sustained) And they know this, and they are preparing for it. And now everything is changing. We do not know how much time we’ve bought, but we’ve bought a lot.

And what it is really, God is present. God has always been here, he has Never left us, he has always been with us, and we are the ones which have forgotten God. And God is now about to make himself or herself very obvious.
(clapping and cheering)


Netathome, harondaddy….

Was JUST thinking about that book this morning.
If you recall… and for the benefit of those who haven’t read the book, Dr. Hawkins calibrated the “vibe” for humanity at levels not exceeding 200 for “historical time”. Then after Harmonic Convergence,(1987) it has started to shift (increase). So not surprising that it is now starting to increase exponentially. (Since Jan, 1999 we are in the “Galactic” period of the Mayan calender as per Calleman’s interpretation. So things have speeded up by a factor of 20 since then.)

On another site someone was measuring and had now determined some people are literally well off the scale that Dr. Hawkins created. His scale went to 1000… according to the other site, they were calibrating a few people in the multiple 1000’s. I don’t know what that means in terms of what those individual experiences are all about.

They had also calibrated the “collective” rate at well over the 200 level. I was reading this on a forum, and unfortunately cannot immediately find the specific message to provide for reference. If I come across it, will post a “PS”.

OH… and regarding Dr. Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan calender, we are presently in the sixth night of the Galactic period. It started Nov.8, 2009, and goes until Nov.2, 2010. Excellent write up by Calleman on this at:

This page will give valuable insights into the present economic situation.

If you are unfamiliar with Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan calender, it is worth checking it out. It certainly put a lot into perspective. And might help prepare you for 2011…

If you think the last decade has been “unusual” or that time is spinning faster, and faster… just wait until 2011 when we have 13 shifts, each of 20 days, starting Mar 8.



Many blessings and best wishes on your new film. Keep us informed with your progress.

I also agree with GoAdrian about having an independent server and website owned and not rented. It seems that cost is not a major issue, which is great news.

MK and GoAdrian : You may contact me at

I will put together a list of services I can offer to do for TRB.


Hi Netathome,

I actually have every single Dr. Hawkins book authored. His books were the first ones I used to understand the reality of Consciousness. For those who dont know what Dr. David has accomplished let me give it to you in a nut shell….

He was the first person to apply the technique of Kinesiology to map out the human consciousness in a logical easy to understand format. Using Kinesiology can help people understand Truth vs False. Your body response to a Truth (positive) frequency sends “chi” into your energy body and makes your muscles stronger. Your body response to a False (negative) frequency will cause your muscle to become weak. Imagine in front of you two apples. One is organic and the other was sprayed with pesticides. How can you tell which one is healthier for your body? Kinesiology! Now imagine a scale that maps out the human emotional plane. You can now calibrate anyone you know to see what level of truth frequency they live in. Are they fear based or love based? See link below for the levels of consciousness.


For those who have read “Power VS Force”, you will understand a little about what Dr. David says about “Level of Conscious” or LOC.
There has been much said recently about an increase of frequency on this earth. I feel it refers to an increase of LOC. I have changed the meaning slightly by saying it is a “Level of Connectiveness”. Meaning connectiveness to our source/creator/God or whatever name/term you wish to use.
I have been monitoring the average LOC of the people on earth for some years and am delighted to state that the average is now increasing exponentially. The slow increase started years ago but within the past couple of months is going through the roof.
People have talked about a “critical Mass” or the “100 Monkey Syndrome”. If we are not there now, we are rapidly approaching that level of LOC.
If anyone reading this is able to confirm my analysis, I would appreciate your inputs.
We love you Ben and what you are doing for mankind is beyond words to describe and appreciate. Please keep up the excellent work,
God Bless


Hey MK, and TRB’ers, busy at my end but wanted to suggest that everyone who has chimed-in on this idea is a PRODUCER in their own right, with their own view.

Having worked in broadcasting I can tell you it takes a TON of programming to fill a good outlet, be it a TV station or a website for the champions of Truth.

I heard CASAR chime-in with some independent gear ideas and I thought about it, and came-up with the idea that we need to streamline the whole camera-mike-edit-upload sequence to just going and communicating directly, and finding someone onsite wherever to be the ongoing “reporter” for any given Good Work.

Harondaddy, Goadrian, you guys had great suggestions for tech issues, and having spoken with MK the other night I can tell you she is the best hub for this, so give her your emails as I did and hook-up.

The lady is GOOD, and she can help front-end this for action. I gotta do this film, so I’m outta here till it’s done, and MK knows how to get hold of me.

Anyone else who has commented or encouraged THANK YOU, sorry I didn’t mention you by name, So much freakin’ TALENT on this blogsite itching to go it’s awesome to behold!

POOF! You are ALL Producers, let’s bring the light.

The choice of good/joy/love over fear is an honorable path, and may be the alchemy of change itself.

With the Ipads, etc., it seems totally possible to just BE THERE in the story, and transmit it to the TRB net, and then after the story is established set a local-up to carry the ongoing developments with their TRB-given Ipad/tech box (Not my expertise) and go on to the next stop of creating the next story of Truth over fear with funding in the right place from the right place.

The Truth Revolution is that every time one of the Producers “comes home” to be the anchor, he/she takes the ongoing reports from his/her onsite “correspondent” that was given the tech/box to use for same.

Camera/microphone/image acquisition/edit/upload is WAY TOO HEAVY for such LIGHT work. There is much better gear with direct live upload capabilities, though I’m not the guy to show you how. (My son and daughter can, though…all our kids can) Owning the servers and web link gear is essential, I agree, so what does that COST??????Tell MK guys, we need numbers. Be sure you all have passports.

Okay-gotta jet. MK, you know where to find me.



George Bush Jr. Reptilian Eyes –

Directly from the Source Video on . This is amazing and great clarity. Pause it when he looks at the camera. There is no way this video was tampered with unless MSNBC decided to work some CGI magic. Enjoy and share…….


Hi All
We cannot seem to exercise majority rules in this country.The office of the president is occupied by a non -citizen with a well defined anti-democratic posture. He is surrounded bt pinko dictatorial czars. His Suppreme Court nominee Kagan is spouting anti-constitutional rhetoric. The National Healthcare bill was passed before it was read and comprehended, without the majority approving of it’s passage . This bill is a real threat not only to American’s healthcare in the future , but to the nations economy, perpetually, indeed if it is not recinded. What is the matter with our governmental process. We need political police to oversee our corrupt political institutions and the Federal Reseve , which is nothing but a group of greedy foreign bankers with not a shred of moral integrity in their beings .


Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 11 May, 2010.

8 Cimi, 9 Moan, 5 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return to relay more information about what is happening in your reality. Right now, much is occurring that is leading to a final resolution of your confusing and chaotic world. The death throes of one era and the start of another tend to overlap, and this is the case with what is now being played out in this reality. The old guard is only now recognizing the fact that your present reality is beyond saving. It is like a severely punctured boat, and the holes are just too numerous to be repaired. It is time to let it sink and look for a suitable replacement. But the dark cabal, which runs this old guard, thinks otherwise; it feels that, somehow, magic can still be pulled out of the hat in time to save the day and that, somehow, this dilemma can be solved. The dark persists in this hope despite the fact that the old guard and its many associates now maintain that no such magic is anywhere in sight and as a result are busy deserting the proverbial sinking ship. Thus, any hope of keeping the status quo is soon to be doused. Our Earth allies see this and gladly welcome these new recruits to their cause.

The latest discussions with the dark ones are now tinged with desperation. Their panic grows by the hour and the extent of this panic colors the last moments of their time in power. Never before on your world has a group accustomed to ruling a whole planet been vanquished in this manner. Normally, in the past, this comeuppance came about via a series of physical catastrophes, and while Mother Earth has provided some degree of physical destruction, the global havoc the dark had banked on using for their ends did not materialize. Instead, it is government’s financial and institutional shortcomings that have led to the dark’s downfall, and this setback to their plans irks them. The global populace is on the verge of taking charge and running the villains out of town. Your world is about to learn many things about subjects none of you could have imagined. These revelations are to reestablish who you are, your true history, and why you are here. Hidden deep within many sequestered dark libraries are truths which we intend to expand on. These tell the stories of your origins and of how the Anunnaki and Co manipulated you for decades.

Freedom comes with responsibilities. You are preparing to absorb much new information and to leap ahead on a number of fronts simultaneously. Our Earth allies have a rather long list of things to do, the first of which involves governmental change and a sweeping transformation of your global financial system. Then comes a whole spectrum of undertakings that you are to carry out efficaciously. These tasks will give you a better understanding of Mother Earth and why you are here. We have seen you gradually learn about yourselves and discover new ways to comprehend the nature of the reality you live in. The dark thought it could hide this from you for decades yet, but such is not the case. Indeed, its own greed and arrogance has collapsed your world to the point of no return. This terminal state of affairs is now quite clear to those in the know, and this brief interregnum will end very shortly. What remains is a final negotiation that sets the stage for the caretaker regimes we have been telling you about.

This negotiation is fraught with danger as the dark cabal does not intend to cooperate. Already in a state of panic, the dark minions are scared stiff that these agreements will cost them not only their power and wealth but also their lives. It is this fear that fuels the escalating turmoil now choking the global news media. It is vital to bear in mind that when these talks are complete and signed off on, a new world is to appear before you. Then the aforementioned immense amount of information will become available and most of the mysteries of your world can be explained. There exists an unwritten history that is suddenly to become “written.” The duplicities of the Anunnaki are to be revealed, and the number and enormity of the crimes against humanity are also to be described in detail. This information will lead back to Atlantis and, ultimately, Lemuria, where your ET origins are to be found. These coming developments are another reason for this first contact mission and they explain why we have stayed here so long.

Once this plethora of new information has been divulged, first contact can proceed. In your minds, we can finally move out from the shadows of conjecture into the light where we can be seen as benign and ready to return you to full consciousness. You may then be able to appreciate the extent of our loving patience and the excellent results of this mission. Your world is troubled about the chaos it is experiencing, and in the midst of this you are to have conferred upon you a multitude of new facts. This process of clarification will give us much credibility in your eyes, and as the dark’s control fades and you are released into the Light, you will come to a new definition of yourselves. All this will be supported by the revelation of our benevolent existence by the caretaker governments. Then we can begin to inform you about your destiny and prepare you for full consciousness, which is the primary goal of this whole undertaking.

We cannot overstate the importance of this point: you are to become fully conscious. This is boldly decreed by the divine plan. You are special Beings. Our mission is to get this done. From the outset, Heaven informed us that the timeframe for getting this done was beyond that of our normal first-contact protocols. So we committed ourselves to you and set to work to learn more about you. The results are now taking shape around you. We employed our resources to get our Earth allies over the hump, so to speak, and together with our Agarthan brethren we began to make sense of your cultural behavior patterns and the way your many societies are put together. This learning curve has been most productive all round. Your main preconceptions resemble those of a manipulated and well-controlled society, and in many ways, your societies take after those of the former dark Anchara Alliance.

This similarity to other dark societies comes as no surprise. The Anunnaki were once associates of the dark Anchara Alliance, so naturally their way of molding your world followed the Alliance’s proven models. Now you are to move in another direction. This implies that a new societal model is required, which is where galactic society comes into the picture. This is a societal prototype for fully conscious beings, which is what you are to become. Your Agarthan neighbors have created the means to carry this out, and we are to provide the data, which will enable you to be returned to your glorious, fundamental wholeness! Heaven is surely and safely bringing this path to manifestation. Look upon what is happening to you as the means to bring you back to the miracle that is the True You!

As you transform into full consciousness, see yourself as a bird in the molt about to take wing. You are casting off the fledgling fluff of limited consciousness and becoming the beautiful creature who can soar into the skies of multidimensionality. The changes you are undergoing reverse the “unplugging” that was carried out on you nearly 15 millennia ago in Atlantis when the dark Anchara Alliance came here to work its black magic on you. These dark ones began to experiment on you to undo full consciousness within this dualistic reality. The results are what you see all around you. Our purpose is to reverse what the Atlanteans and their dark cohorts did. Your aches and pains attest to the last stages of this return to who you really are.

Today, we continued to review the events happening on your world. The time for change is here. We are prepared for first contact and look forward to seeing our Earth allies set off the “cascade of dominoes.” When we arrive en masse, a tremendous celebration will begin! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



They are already defeated, please remember:

Rev. 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Rev. 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.


Hi Ben & All

Was wondering if anyone listened to the Darrel Freck interview recently after his epic interview of a couple of weeks ago. If so, what was said please, was it as informative as the previous interview? Would love to get an overview please. Have applied to get the downloads, but they haven’t arrived as yet.

Re my post earlier, the Nesara site is now back. Very strange, as you can tell, I know how to turn my computer on and type, but it doesn’t go much further than that. I come from the office with the old clunky typewriter!

Harondaddy, I agree, age, sex, religion and other variables do not come into it. You are very mature for 29yrs. I on the other hand am 53, and am more open to this stuff than my son, even my 27year old daughter is OK with some of it, but on occasion she is a hard nut to crack. My 84 year old Mother in law is all ears when I talk about this stuff, she loves to hear what is in the future. She’s a gem. People will “get it” in their own time. Soon, no one will be able to deny it.


cmych: If it was from a “different” state, then that is wonderful – I’m in Southern LA, about 70+ miles from the gulf. Received response also. Will not post – point taken chrisb. Will forward to Hobie, considering it’s where I read it to begin with.

Major chemtrail lull last night, seems to have been all over regarding fatigue. Any info on that Ben? Things seem to be building and the 13th on will be interesting. Lots unfolding. I agree with others – Love, Live, Laugh – remain positive.

God Bless. Peace All!




Getem,Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel a little more normal to see that someone else has similar experiences with friends and family. I also like to see that it doesnt matter what age, sex, or religion as we all seem have a common understanding of this illusionary matrix and Reality in general. I am a 29yr old male and I mostly talk about this with my parents, brother, and girlfriend. My girlfriend is open to what I say but my parents are very skeptical and will believe it when they see it. It is hard to convince people especially when they have been brainwashed their whole lives to believe in false freedoms. The information we know is much too complicated for the average person to comprehend. And Yes, it will be divulged in the near future.


Hi Ben & All

Thanks for the info Sierra. Like you, I know my virus protection is OK, I download the latest updates every day. But you know, I have a theory that the virus protection companies actually manufacture the viruses in some cases. Keeps business coming in doesn’t it? Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the CEO of McAfee’s is in one of these illuminati organizations. If this is the case and this person is involved, then others from the other anti virus companies probably are too.

Also, thanks for your post re creating positive change. Good info to practice and pass on to others.

Harondaddy, going back to one of your previous posts, I too try to talk to my family and friends re this stuff. Some of them take it OK, but most look at me as if I have grown another head. We can only keep plugging away and eventually we can hope that they will “see the light” It has taken a while with my husband, but he is gradually coming around. Sometimes he will argue, but most times he just listens now. What surprises me is my son, who is 32, and is totally switched off to all of this and thinks I have slipped a couple of cogs. I guess he will come around in his own time, we all have to find our way in our own time I suppose. It is hard with loved ones, we want to take them by the hand and guide them, but it is not always to their benefit to do this, it just makes us feel better, that we are doing what is “good for them”. One way or another, it is going to be made clear to all in the very near future!


sierra – That was some great information that you posted. I actually went outside today and meditated next to my palm tree. It re-energized my body and felt great after an hour of peaceful contemplation. Thanks for sharing.


lew3 Please no offense but it is bad enough people have to read my crap but to put Casper’s total nonsense and BS on this website takes some posted intelligence and turns it into gobblygook. First , no packs have ever been in DC or they would have been destroyed. Can we agree on that and if we can, nothing else he says deserves a minute of anyone’s time. I have asked Bellinger, hobie, RAP to not post his stuff as it is more brainwashing which people do not need at this point. You are free to post what you want but a request from a ninja (rookie) says if everyone would let this guy die, maybe he would.


Thanks Delauder and speaking of Einstein, it happened to be my high school name. No Kidding. It didn’t rub off but instead of E=MC2… E=all the classes I skipped.
Ok for something productive here, and some have seen this before, pass this on and all can pass this on to as many as possible we can get many heads out of the sand. You can only give people what they can understand and seeing how most are brainwashed, give it to them through the machine that has spent years brainwashing them. It’s like reverse brainwashing. ( I learned this at a BSD meeting with me and KungPAo) and he is not afraid of anyone.


chrisb gotta share. where u be man? The wetbacks made a drop of hydro.As for hallucinations I look to Obama shitclybin. Dont ride the horse too long your back end will get sore and remember what Einstine said question everything dont go psycho on those of us who do, as for the one finger deal I am sure you can use it with proficiency. BE GREAT OR BE NOTHING AT ALL
Time two not three! Your great with words


Time for a break. This frigging Ninja thing is killing me.
Anyhow plug this into your browser. It will put a smile on your face and maybe a tear to your eye.Watch the girls in the group. They are stunned I think.


Great prayer and meditation that all works out for a positive, prosperous new world once we are rid of the corruption:



Creator Source and all those in the higher realms who are assisting with Earth’s Ascension into the Golden Age, we pray for divine intervention to assist in the release of the prosperity programs to all the recipients and all the funding that follows the ‘Announcements’, so that we can help usher in the new Golden Age and create Heaven on Earth. We pray for assistance from those above and the spiritual hierarchy to see to it that we don’t have any more delays, road blocks, hindrances, blockages, or interference by the dark forces. We pray for a speedy release, as well as divine protection for all the delivery people, the packets themselves, and all the recipients. We pray that the bankers and leaders will end their greed and corruption and do what is best for the highest good of all. We pray that the leaders will stop their evil deeds and embrace love and light. We pray for justice to commence for all the corrupted individuals on Mother Earth who refuse to turn to the light and ask for divine intervention with their arrests. We send them love and light and pray that they will raise their consciousness and see that we are all One. We also pray that the ‘earth allies’ will have more assistance from those in the higher realms to complete any remaining task that need to be done before the announcements can be made. We pray for divine intervention to get the ‘Announcements’ done, and we also pray for a smooth transition to the new banking system, the new metals backed currency, regime change, world-wide debt forgiveness, disclosure of all cover-ups, especially the UFO cover-up, and an ending to all the wars around the world so that we can usher in World Peace. We pray for all the animals and those that are suffering at the hand of man to come to an end. We pray for the suffering that so many people are experiencing due to the bad economy to come to an end and for the new economic system to start as soon as possible. We call upon the violet flame of St. Germain to transmute all darkness on the planet into pure love and light. We pray that each man and women will continue to raise their consciousness and come into their divine mission. We pray for all the delays to create Heaven on Earth to come to an end. We thank you for hearing our request, and we are very thankful for all that we have. We now claim it to be done. So be it.


delauder, I have run out. Now back on the meds. Better hallucinations/ The ninjas came last night and we talked for over an hour. I got to tell ya man, they were very intense and I was a little nervous. I mean U could not understand a single word they said because they were talkiing so fast but they sounded like they were really ticked off. It would Hashimoto saying yada yada yada bush, crintock, paroshi , Joe Briden and then more yelling. I am not quite sure who I was assigned to but they kept throwing my name around and then I would hear Obrama Obe, runder guround. It was a little scary but I challenged them all to the death cause I know yubawaze, a one finger fighting technique that paralyzes people instantly so I think they knew cause they did a background check on me. Talk back to me one more time and I will use it on you. Sayanara


chrisb smoke some more! Where are the ninja? Love dis info man


cmych……..this is not a blog for oil spills . Its a blog for Fulford’s information and Ninja/. There are a thousand website for this oil spill but only one site for Fulford’s information and the Ninja uprising.. Yakahem ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Hi Everyone,
Regarding the oil spill, I got a response back from Governor Jindal’s office. They gave me a phone number to call. I spoke with someone there who was quite excited about the solution — I described it to him and gave him the url and he said someone else had called about this also from a different State. Maybe that was you, Myra? Anyway,he’s going to look into it. It feels good to be helping. I hope they follow up on it. I watched the video and these guys just put some grass in the bowl with water and motor oil and it soaked it right up.


Getem…. you *may* have encountered a virus program that basically “takes over” some (all?) of your files.

I’ve had 2 episodes within the last month. The first one started with a screen that looked very convincing… sort of like a pop up, but the whole screen. It was “advising” me to update my virus protection etc. Well… I knew my virus program was just fine. But by trying to close those screens (more smaller ones also appeared), apparently all that was doing was driving the virus deeper.

As it was already late, I just turned off the computer for the night. The next AM the same issues were there so realized I had a problem and off we go to the computer teck who filled me in on this.

It’s kind of like a “drive by” situation, with the potential to be infected fairly high. Apparently this is a $400 million a year “business” out of the Ukraine and they hire hackers to distribute the files etc. (I’m trying to make this brief and mainly the jist of the matter as I understood it.)

The pages can look very “official” and legit, and there is always a way for you to “pay up” and “resolve” the problem. That is how it becomes a $400 M/year “business”,for as soon as you cough up your credit card details…boom… you’ve just been scammed.

The 1st virus I acquired did not shut down all my programs, but the 2nd episode a few weeks later did. It takes control of the “exe” files for all your programs so you can’t even “boot up”. The computer teck person I go to was able to get into the machine another way and clean out the mess.

Another name for this is “ransomware”.

It can be a situation where the hackers “replace” a legit page with an infected one… not sure how that happens, just passing along an alert as the types of sites we might like to visit would be prime candidates for such mischief.


Hi Ben & All

I have just been looking on the internet. Thought I had THE Nesara document, but there are many more out there. It just appears to be the site I was on last night which I am having problems with. Interesting. This was a site I bookmarked a while back with the intention of getting back to it, but circumstances have halted me going there til now.

I am still sure THEY have gotten to this site, because at the top of the overlaid screen, it has “Cast of Characters” then “Nesara Sucks” which was certainly not on the document I was looking at last night.


Hi Ben & All

Very peculiar thing has happened. Last night I printed out half of the Nesara document before going to bed and have been reading it this morning. Incredible stuff! Anyway, this morning I told my Son in Law about this site and said I would send it to him. I also wanted to print out the rest of the document. Lo and behold, since last night, I can not access this site. The original screen comes up and is overlaid with a black screen with topics to click on which will not activate when clicked. Can someone else see if they get the same screen come up please?

They can try their hardest with interference and the like, but they will not stop the changes, which are now like a boulder rolling down hill and gathering speed as it goes. Very stupid on their part to keep putting a spanner in the works, it is just going to make it worse for them I am sure.

Glenn, MK, Harondaddy, Goadrian and others who are involved with the TRB. Can’t wait till this is up and running. All the best of luck for your success. I will tell all my friends about it and get them listening too. If everybody does this, it will be huge!


Sierra: You’re welcome. GREAT IDEAS BY THE WAY!


adri, I’m with you kiddo. Been having round this stuff for 20 years and have been through a ton of well wishers and people who predict and foresee and quite honestly none of them have been correct.I listened to so many who lecture us and tell us what to expect and nothing ever happens. This may happen or it might not. Some say the Fed is going down and fiat money is doomed but they keep reviving it don’t they. The only think I can tell you is that the world is changing. I can’t tell you if it for good or bad as many people on top here seem to think they have a grip by saying that “they know” but the johnny come lately’s haven’t been through the 20 years of imminent changes that never came. So I can tell you is that there is optimism but from what that direction is , some seem to think it is from powerful ends but corruption runs very deep in this system and we just don;t know where we are at this point. Story reported Interpol auditing the FED in Dec. and one would think that the results would have shown up by now. Sheldan says the bad guys are in panic mode yet some people I know have seen some of these people and there appears to be no panic in their eyes or face. I guess my only advice is keep some optimism in you mind, think positive thoughts and get on blogs like this and act crazy like I do. I have so much fun with the ninja thing I think I will try and become their leader. I can’t do a situp yet which I also think is a requirement to be an assassin but I will hire a personal trainer for that. ANswer nobody has the inside track despite what they say and most want to make others believe they do. See a thousand of those. Stay tuned for my next ninja report.


Saul and John<
You guys need to get a grip. You have no idea what full consciousness is until you use a ginsu knife on a tender filet. Also to return to full consciousness you have to be a full certified ninja with standing. I have achieved this and you fellas need to get going. To start part 1 of the full certification course you need to pick up a copy of detective magazine and go to the back pages where the classified ads are. You will then see the ninja ad there. Don't know if this is fully sponsored by the BDS but when I took it , it was. It will take you sometime to get fully certified. You will need to purchase a fully certified ninja outfit or Guy ( pronouced gee) and after you get fully certified with the yells and jumps and stars and swords then come back and lecture us. Belamat Jurispuppy your mama. By the way, full consciousness simply means you haven't been drinking. Try it.


Newman… thank you for that message from Saul via John.

I followed the link to the blogsite and found this message, to be relevant to some of the posts and comments made here.

This one is SPECIFICALLY for people who are irritated, or annoyed that things are not progressing according to some sort of schedule, or expectation they have created or accepted:


And now for something completely different

04/25/2010 by John Smallman

Good morning, dear Saul. I was getting very irritated yesterday as I was retyping book material: so much “joy,” “delight,” “bliss”. . . and “SOON”! And the illusion seems to roll on — essentially, seemingly unchanged. How can I go on putting your continuously upbeat forecasts about humanity’s imminent move into full consciousness and the New Age into the public domain? You (and others) have been saying “soon” for at least ten years, yet conflicts, wars, and environmental destruction continue apace. Comments on the blog that question the use of the word “soon” and that remark that this kind of message is not new and that nothing changes, all seem quite valid to me.

So how do I overcome my doubts and my lack of faith that all is as it should be and help our readers to do the same? I am ready for your words of advice and encouragement. Please help me to relax and allow, and then guide my pen.

Good morning John, your doubts and anxieties are understandable. God has promised joy, and He always delivers, but you have to. . . accept.

Very many of you continue to argue and fight among yourselves about which channeled messages — if any — are valid. They all have validity, but their messages vary because those receiving them are different, have different hopes and prejudices, and have different basic vocabularies through which the messages are filtered.

To change the world you have to change yourselves, which means being forgiving, loving, accepting, and cooperative. When you are at war with yourselves, you see God, the Holy Spirit, Angels, guides, and channeled entities preaching Love and Light. And you look and see where it hasn’t got you! Humanity’s outlook is still: What’s the point, It’s a dog-eat-dog world, You’ve got to protect yourself. . . no one else will. You are not extending and sharing the energy of God’s infinite Love for you, instead you continue to create and send out mistrust, doubt, and fear, which feeds and strengthens the illusory reality instead of helping to dissolve it.

Jesus was loving kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance. Yes, in the short term, He was crucified, but He set the foundations for a new way to live, and many of you have followed His example and found peace in your lives. For the world to change you all have to offer peace and love and acceptance in every moment. So long as you wait for others or your governments to do it, so long will you continue to wait.

You know non-violence works, it has been demonstrated — Gandhi in the first half of the twentieth century, young people in the USA in the 60s and 70s, and young people in Eastern Europe in the 80s and 90s — but when the cause is won people tend to go back to their old ways, complaining and seeing themselves as victims (of some other form of injustice), and they close themselves off again from one another in fear.

The way forward is to love your way through your fear by dropping your defenses, and responding to perceived attacks with kindness, compassion, and a desire to understand the other’s pain. Then accept yourselves and others with compassion — always. Responding to perceived attack in any other way maintains and strengthens the state of conflict. You have to open your arms in love in every situation, releasing your fears and your doubts. It most definitely does work, but you cannot know this until you do it.

When you start to respond with love and acceptance instead of fear and anger, your whole life experience will change. More people than ever before are doing this, and it is having an enormous effect. The balance is shifting rapidly toward non-violence, while confrontation and attack are becoming most unfashionable and will soon be unacceptable. So do your bit; respond always with loving kindness, and watch peacefully and joyously as weapons are laid down forever, and the attitudes that encourage and support them melt.

It will happen — one person at a time. Except that the moment is fast approaching when all the rest will do it at the same instant, to bring in the promised and long-awaited new Golden Age. God has promised it, and as you all know deep in your heart, He always delivers. Embrace love once more, and this time maintain that state, knowing that you are divinely supported and that you cannot fail.

With so very much love, Saul.


Harondaddy wrote, May 12:
For me, I felt the change happen a few months ago. I’m talking about a major shift, something so powerful, I still am trying to grasp the enormity of this energy change. So there is good news! Most of you know this but would like to see it finally manifest into the main stream public eye. As do I.

I think this speaks to the last few paragraphs of Saul’s message.

*************Changing Ourselves ************

For those of us who may not yet have experienced the “shift” that Harondaddy described, we can each be doing our part to create positive change, in simple ways. A healer I once visited stated “the magic often comes through the silliest things”.

Here are a few ideas… perhaps others can come up with other suggestions:

Start a garden. Growing your own food is a revolutionary action. If you are living in circumstances that suggest this is not feasible, you are not thinking creatively!!!

I have a friend who lives in a highrise, large city, who grew corn on her balcony… also became a nice screen in the summer.

Look up “vertical gardening” for ideas on growing food when space challenged.

Plant veggies in boulevards. I was recently in Vancouver, walking a residential neighborhood, and noticed a lot of curb side gardens. Some were tiny… 4 feet, by 4 feet.

Also noticed smack dab in downtown Vancouver a few community gardens in vacant lots. Creating community gardens transforms not just the urban landscape, it also transforms the social fabric of the community.

If you are concerned re “(garden) food security”, you could (partially) be doing this as an act of kindness, and if someone else steals the food, they perhaps need it more.

Grow it with love, and don’t worry about those issues. Your goal is to create a better planet.

Go bare foot… or at least step onto soil with barefeet, ideally daily. This will help “ground” you, much like the grounding cord in wall sockets…. As we are experiencing this influx of cosmic energy, it will also likely help ground and anchor this energy into the earth. Obviously exercise some common sense as to where you are standing. If you cannot find any soil to stand on, then grasp a tree. You only need to do this for a few moments. And … PLEASE… you do not need to make this a theatrical performance. Casually resting your hand on the tree will work just fine.
Better to do this grounding process daily.

Drink water that has been cleansed with Prill Beads.
I just recently found out about Prill Beads when visiting a friend who had the most incredible tasting water. She used these Prill beads to treat ordinary tap water, that normally tastes very laden with chlorine.

This very inexpensive product will clear the water, will (somehow) make this water “thinner”… like dew… this apparently facilitates it’s use in the body. ALSO… you can treat bathwater, so the benefits are absorbed via the skin. There are environmental benefits when the water is flushed down the drain. On a larger scale, the outflow from the production facility was able to clear a very polluted lake.

I’m not yet completely conversant with Prill beads, so just do a search and you will find more detailed information.


This might sound “silly”, but it an amazing transformative experience.

I started doing this several years ago… noticing how “serious” people looked, I started consciously choosing to walk around smiling. Especially effective when you look at someone and THEN smile at them. Almost inevitably, that person smiles back. In conjunction with smiling, you could also send a kind thought their way.

Especially do this with “strangers” and in situations where you are not expecting anything back. (We all tend to smile in situations where we expect something back… such as a service from someone else.)

I remember reading something by Wayne Dyer where he talked about coming across a group of people who were about to engage in a gang fight. So, with an intention of creating a better vibration, he started whistling some uplifting tune, and strolled down the street in their midst. That seemed to be “magic” that changed the situation, and the people just drifted away from the fight.

#5 Turn off (preferably disconnect entirely) the TV.
One person aptly called it the plug in drug. It is definitely addictive… don’t believe me? Turn it off for
a week or month and observe yourself!

TV is especially odious because of the visual impact on your nervous system of both the regular images, and of course, the subliminals.
While your “logical” thinking process can distinguish between a “make belief” (but OHHH so realistic) murder or rape scene,and the real thing, your nervous system does NOT make that distinction.

Stop allowing yourself to be programmed for violence.

Step away from the Pyramid.

What are you “buying into”… literally.

All the existing institutions are basically “pyramids”, whose continuing existence requires our support and participation. If enough of us remove that support, they will not be able to continue. This is a rather large topic and could get quite lengthy. Also, everyone has their own circumstances. Here are just a few ideas…

# Avoid attending or renting movies that invoke fear or violence. Ditto for video games or any kinds of “entertainments” that program the mind for fear, hatred, greed, lust etc.

If you don not want war, then do not engage in it even on the “entertainment” level.
See #5… cancel TV

# Eliminate “fast food” and most prepackaged food. If you can’t understand or pronounce the ingredients, why are you eating it?

Learn how to prepare foods “from scratch”. This does not mean buying a cake mix instead of a pre-made cake! I saw a video recently where Jamie Oliver was in a classroom with small children who had no idea what basic vegetables were!
Could not identify a carrot from a potato!!! The fast food/prepackaged crap is what is killing people… a slow, obese, disease ridden process.

It has now become a revolutionary process to eat healthily.

See #1… grow your own food!

# Restructure your financial arrangements, as best you can.
This may mean moving your daily banking to a non-major bank or credit union. It may mean eliminating credit cards. It may mean pooling your resources with a few others to help set up a local business or community farm. Start to think “Main Street” and avoid anything to do with “Wall Street”

An interesting free download can be found at

Ebook is “How I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscatory Agency Known to Man


All for now… this is getting too long. Please contribute other ideas for practical things we can each be doing to bring about the change.


Thanks Ben & all for the info. Simply wonderful!

cmych: Passed on info to Jindal’s office. They do screen and respond to contacts. (I’ve done a previous contact before).

Another note: I’m still sifting through the info that is here especially and other areas. The following link has thrown me for a loop to say the least. I find it amusing, I read messages from Nidle, SaLuSa, David Icke, Clif High, Celente, etc. and those haven’t thrown me as much as this one. Go figure.

Thought others may find it interesting if they hadn’t seen it.

I guess this, to me, is a realization which is finally coming full circle.

How is it said in the movie “Armageddon”…”…time to embrace the horror…” Time to start anew…for all of humanity.

God Bless & peace all!


From SaLuSa’s 4/12/10 message:

“Now you see the last acts of those whose eyes are still shut, and would prevent your upliftment if they could. However, they are doomed to failure and are already in disarray, as they can no longer hold to their plan for total domination of Mankind. In fact, the Illuminati have accepted that their cause is lost, but they still harbour thoughts of somehow restoring their power. We can assure you that they have no chance of doing so. It is the Light that is now the controlling force, and is growing stronger by the day. Allow matters to act themselves out, and as they do so it will become quite clear that the promises made to you will be fulfilled. Indeed, the signs are already beginning to show the destiny for Mankind, and you will find that your sovereignty will be restored.”

But let’s not relax until we get all the way home!


Amazing natural, cheap, thorough solution for the oil spill. Please contact Bobby Jindal to try to get him to check this out.


Hi All Reddiaper Kagan wants to limit criticism of her pnko govmt friends. Thefind proof in the Presidentspast the confirms INDONESIAN


New message from Saul and John:

You have not the smallest inkling of what is about to occur
05/12/2010 by John Smallman
As you are all well aware, enormous Earth changes are in progress which seem quite alarming. They are all necessary to ensure and enable the continuing viability of Earth as a life-supporting ecosystem. Release your sense of alarm or fear, because these changes encourage and support humanity’s move into full consciousness, which is programmed to occur quite soon.

It is the state toward which you have been working for a very long period of Earth time, and through many Earth lifetimes. The moment of fulfillment of God’s promise to humanity of a new Golden Age is shortly to dawn. When it does your joy will be stunning for you, as understanding of its meaning floods into your awareness — like the depths of winter changing instantly into the lushness of full summer.

Your thoughts, your imaginings, even your dreams have given you not the smallest inkling of what is about to occur. Rest assured that the wonder of this approaching event leaves absolutely no room for even the slightest sense of doubt or disenchantment.

Not one of you has even the faintest idea of the amazing work that you have been doing, and the fantastic achievements that you have accomplished in bringing the divine plan forward to this moment. When the moment for this divine event arrives, and the veil that hides it from you is removed, you will gaze with awe and wonder at what you have accomplished by your constant and unremitting efforts as you have struggled through the fear and suffering of the illusion to reach the brilliant (but almost totally hidden from you) divine Light of God’s eternal Presence.

Deep within you, knowledge of His Love for you and of your rightful place in His eternal Presence has kept your hope alive and vibrant — although not consciously — and enabled you to continue along your perfectly designed individual paths towards the great awakening. Every one of you has worked long and hard to bring about this moment of divine fulfillment. There is not one among you who has not struggled with immense determination and skill to ensure the completion of this stage in God’s plan, no matter how inadequately this may have been apparent to you in your illusory reality. Even the most seemingly damaging and unconscionable behavior has had a divine purpose of unimaginable importance.

All memory of pain, misery, and suffering that you have sustained as you worked your way through the darkness of the illusion will be totally and instantly erased, so that nothing in any way intrudes on the eternal bliss into which you will shortly emerge. Fear, anger, pain, resentment, doubt, illness and general savagery and disharmony are all illusions — very unpleasant and disturbing aspects of the illusory reality that you cooperatively imagined into being and continually sought to renew and rebuild. They will be gone instantly as though they never existed, because nothing that could hurt, harm, or destroy God’s children could exist.

You are infinitely loved and protected by your heavenly Father in every moment of your existence, within which nothing but Love, Joy, Harmony, and Bliss are possible. And you are about to awaken into the endless wonder of that state.

With so very much love, Saul.


Cmych: Thanks for the heads up. From my end it keeps playing and hasnt been messed with but I think they block everyone else. Oh well!


This will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! 🙂

SaLuSa 12-May-2010

Do you not say that the darkest hour comes before the dawn, and for you that has been a period of many years in which you were pushed further into the lower vibrations. However, the new dawn has commenced, so you find yourselves placed in between experiencing both the old with the emerging changes. These will firmly establish the foundation for a new civilization that is forming out of the 3rd. dimension. Such a time comes to all developing civilizations when they outgrow the old system. It begins when a reasonable percentage of you have woken up, and are seeking the pathway to the Lighted realms. What you strongly desire and focus upon comes to you, and in this particular time it has the power of the Higher Beings behind it. Believe us inasmuch that the opportunity is open to everyone, and it is entirely a freewill choice. We will therefore confirm once again that you should make allowances for the path others choose if it is different to yours.

Changes inevitably cause inconvenience and even hardships, but out of it all you will benefit as never before. Literally everything that you could ever have wished for will be yours. It is not with reference to acquiring material gain, although you will have all that is necessary for a happy and harmonious life. It is your spiritual perception, and ability to create love and balance wherever you go and with whom ever you meet. Living in harmony with all life is a high level of consciousness, and shows that you have achieved a state of Unconditional Love. That Dear Ones is your goal, and you will get there and merge with your Higher Self.

In the midst of so much turmoil you could be forgiven for dropping your guard, and getting pulled into the lower vibrations. Do not worry providing you can check yourself from going too far, and it is clearly a good sign if you can pull back before too much harm is done. It is normally your emotions that run away with you, and if additionally your ego has come to the fore they can be difficult situations to control. Such an experience can be a lesson learnt and in the long run be of value so do not allow it to get you down. Forgiveness of Self is so essential to your progress, and in so doing you will find it easier to forgive others. Such ability is a sign of a soul that has progressed far on the path of evolution.

We are pleased that you can see around you tangible signs of changes that are going to be welcomed. After years of expectations with regard to abundance and your release from the controls imposed upon you, freedom is around the corner. The Constitution is still the main pillar of a free society and will be restored in the U.S. It is a model for other countries, as all will move towards a new understanding of how best to structure society that truly reflects the needs of the people. It may sound like a Utopian dream, but it is your destiny to commence a period of changes that lead to the fulfillment of the divine plan for all Mankind.

The call for us to arrive is growing stronger as each day passes, as the threats to your environment pose great problems for your future. However, Man sometimes has to experience first hand the result of his greed and disregard for it, before he wakes up to the extent of the damage he is causing. This is exactly what living in duality is about, and the experience helps you move into a new level of understanding of the Oneness of all life, and its dependence on each other. You have entered physical life time and time again, and now you have by your efforts reached the end of the road. It is all to change quickly and move you into the higher dimensions, and Ascension is your pathway.

You no longer need to put too much energy into your day-to-day activities, and instead live for the golden future that awaits you. The more of you that hold your visualization of what it means to you, the quicker you will bring it into your lives. Allow the old ways to quietly leave, and know that everything required to lift you up is in the process of manifesting. It is a massive joint effort supported by our allies, who do in fact play very important roles at this time. They have been laying the groundwork for our coming, and already it is paying dividends. As you can see when you look around you, there are worldwide changes going on, and those leaders that have failed to serve their countrymen are being removed. These interim measures are helping us, and make far reaching governmental changes much more easy. The object is to legally remove those who have not served in accordance with their oaths, and replace them with souls who we know are honest and spiritually motivated.

With the co-operation that is assured with new people at your helm, we can speedily address the many pressing issues that further threaten your stability. Have no fear Dear Ones, although you have serious troubles to contend with, and they are destroying your environment, we can reverse the damage and clear any pollution that has been caused. Much of it can be achieved from our craft without needing to land on your Earth’s surface. It is the type of work we have carried out for you on many occasions over the years. It has had particular relevance where dangerous radiation was threatening all life forms, and we are referring here to nuclear devices. Man has a reckless streak where weaponry development is concerned, and will test these out on the unsuspecting populace and military personnel. This will completely finish, as there will be no place for any type of weapons in the near future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and make no judgement where your warlike actions are concerned, but will tell you that a peaceful civilization has no need to resort to weapons of mass destruction. Problems are dealt with by negotiation, or through consultation with Higher Beings. When you approach any issue the correct way, there is nearly always an answer that solves it without offending anyone, or favoring one against another. Self-interest is put aside so that a fair and happy resolution is reached. Man tends to put self first without realizing that it brings karmic consequences, and it applies to countries as well as individuals. However, your levels of consciousness are such that with the awakening, you are beginning to seek peace instead of confrontation. The Love and Light is drawing you closer to each other, and also bringing us nearer to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.


This is what shows up on YouTube when I click your link

This video contains content from Viacom, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

Back to the drawing board.



Looking forward to providing any help needed with TRB

Email Me:


The more they try to wriggle free, the more they show their true dark side.

I certainly don’t believe that TPTW have won anything by fending off a direct attack via audit. In fact they are only making it worse for themselves, IMO. If they want to avert the audit, fine. We still get to see where that money went because apparently their concern is congress taking over fiscal policy. They should be far more concerned that the people will see the sleaze deals they are making.

However, I think they will do everything they can to fudge books. They will probably destroy all kinds of evidence and try to show us as little as possible. I hope our “government” will stay vigilant and not let that happen. However after seeing Cmych’s post there, I have some doubt. What a bunch of losers we have in congress.

Again it doesn’t really matter. They can’t win…..They are only staving off the inevitable.


Dear Glenn, GoAdrian and harondaddy,

Will all those that have expressed interest in the TRB, please provide email addresses? Let’s get cracking.



Dear Glenn,

MK just read your post and I am IN–way in. I love to research and as you have all unfortunately had to live through–produce a lot of copy pretty fast. This might surprise you, I used to write a comedy on the web that won awards. Despite my often serious mien here, I actually have a very good sense of humor and like writing comedy..from ironic acerbic stuff to slap stick. While I don’t have the deep melodious tones that many male announcers do, I’ve been told that my voice is pleasant. Actually, one Italian spook person used to love spying on me because of my voice. He may have been too fond of his chianti, too, but let’s pretend that it was my dulcet tones that drove him wild.

If I can find some of the people from the Ron Paul groups, I might be able to locate a couple of people knowledgeable in production. MAYBE. Posts at Slashdot and some of the other Geek Chique type hangouts might find us some programming talent. I would love to learn the production end of audio and video. Who wants to set up the conference call?




Hi Everyone,

I just produced/edited a short video clip entitled…..

‘South Park’s Eric Cartman Talking About The New World Order & Shape Shifters’



WOW! THIS TAKES THE CAKE!: Congress Refuses to Outlaw Insider Trading For Lawmakers

Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Tuesday, 11-May-2010 17:44:07

Congress Refuses to Outlaw Insider Trading For Lawmakers

Posted May 05, 2010 01:04pm EDT by Peter Gorenstein in Investing, Banking, Politics
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Even a cynic can find Washington’s hypocrisy shocking at times. The Wall Street Journal reports today a House bill that would force lawmakers to make greater disclosures on financial transactions and disallow them from trading on nonpublic information is going nowhere fast.

That’s right. Members of Congress are currently allowed to profit on insider trading!

The bill, which has been languishing in the House for four years, would require elected officials “to make their financial transactions public within 90 days of a purchase or sale” and “prohibit lawmakers from trading in financial markets based on nonpublic information they learn on the job,” the WSJ reports.

It seems they’re above the transparency they’ve been calling for on Wall Street.

This comes a day after the same newspaper reported several lawmakers profited by betting against the housing and stock market in 2008. And some did it using derivatives they’ve recently been railing against.

As our colleague Henry Blodget wrote Tuesday, “If you’re going to complain about how awful short-selling is and how evil and venal people are for doing it, you should probably abstain from the practice yourself.”



The Veritas Show – Show 10 – Jim Sparks – Part 1/19


Hi all
Please try to read this book, is a great hope into it.
I fill it is going on and probably what Ben is saying will make more sense to you after you read it, as this are going to happen.
this is the link:
Just print it is about 250 pages. But is really worth to do it.
The plan is much higher that we ever think. They have a huge problem now as is going for so long, 1.2 Billion years, think about that.



The subject of WW III is so clear and in progress and that will be with China.
I do not know Ben opinion but myself I have the same strong opinion on it as you have MK: yes they do plan the WWIII and that will be a nuclear one.
I’m living in an area they push to put Uranium Mill ( they will start with one and they can go to up to 80 or more). First mill after 30 years in this country. They need the Uranium so they can make more bombs, but the real bombs are in the Nuclear Power generators. If you take the 104 Nuclear plants and add the fact of pole sift you get about the real fact that the American people are doomed big time and this people do not know what there government is doing to them. Government destroy the financial future and now they push more to really destroy each rock of this land, think about.
We really need to hope that what Ben is saying is true as this is the only way to go out from this mess.
I’m looking for the next news on Ben part and yes I’m looking on youtube with the link above too.



Dear BFCers,

Sorry about the bookends here, but I want to say something important. We do have the power to change the future by what we say, do and most importantly, what we believe.

I am resolute about doing whatever I can to prevent these bums from bringing on WWIII. If they do not stop stealing from everybody with their fiat currency etc., then there will definitely will be WWIII just like John Titor predicted. I put up the suggestion to read Titor because what he says is important. He says that Russia ends up nuking most of the major cities in the US. He says that Russia does this because the Western governments become unstable and become the enemy of the Russian people as well as their own citizens. That is clearly happning now.

Each of you needs to be clear on what these criminals are doing and why. I have posted many times that they (the government particularly those that have been in power a long time and the Bushes) have been stealing from us hand over fist. The fracking Bushes have emptied any public accounts that they could get their filthy paws on. That includes Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, the trust funds in the state of Texas and countless banks that they sat on the boards of. They are following the example of their patrons, the Rockefellers, who stole the gold in Ft. Knox.

They have created viruses targeted on specific communities and put them into the vaccines (don’t believe me? Research TANOX and Dr. Loh). Bush Sr. signed into law the requirement that all children be vaccinated even though there are few scientific studies justifying the practice. That’s right. Vaccination is NOT PROVEN EFFICACIOUS. In fact, it appears to impair the immune system not produce immunity at all.

Visit TBR news and read the reconstruction of their 9/11 plan conducted with the help of the Mossad and run for the sole purpose of taking over this country for further plundering.

They know that if the Fed is taken down and honest people get into their files, that they will either be executed, impoverished or, most likely, both as well as having their carcasses dragged through the streets of every major city in this country. They certainly won’t be living in luxury or have any power anymore. Neither will their co-conspirators or that’s what they’re telling them.

It is better to begin posting signs on every highway in this country alerting people to these crimes and then offer amnesty to the lesser criminals to tell the truth than to let this mess go any further. It will result in World War without any doubt.



The previous link didnt have a continuation see new link below……..

Benjamin Fulford Interview on May 7th!!!!! 8 Part Series


Dear Ben,

Below is a quote from Story’s column of today:” Needless to say, this state of affairs could not be more perfect from the perspective of the criminal intelligence organisations serving foreign powers bent on the destruction of the United States, of which the ‘Black’ pan-German DVD, and its nefarious French counterparts, are these days by far the most insidious. Nor can ANY reliance be placed upon Chinese undertakings any longer, as we are led to believe that recent developments demonstrate that, while currently sweet-talking the British Monarchical Power, Chinese intelligence elements are simltaneously doing ‘deals’ with Bush Sr.”

Clearly, the criminals are still fighting tooth and nail to keep their power and delaying the inevitable crash that will result from their stupid manuevers. What bothers me is his starement about the Chinese. Clearly, somebody is being mislead as to what is going on.

I re-read John Titor (the alleged time traveler of 1999. So many things that he posted have come true. I have to believe that he was telling the truth and the knowledge that he had was broad and detailed too much so for the people questioning him to get. If he is correct, then these actions are taking us to WWIII.



Glenn, I agree with you with such conviction about what Benjamin has done for humanity. Ben will be recognized as a Legend and great humanitarian warrior once things hit main stream. He has sacrificed a lot and I want to thank him for his efforts. Thanks Benjamin and Everyone here that are contributing to the shift in consciousness awakening.


I have been beset by many doubts like many of you, regarding what is really transpiring. It’s been frustrating to see the misguided ones continually get away with their shenanigans over and over again. When such darkness descends upon me, I remind myself that the misguided ones have gotten away scott free for, perhaps, eons with very few knowing what was really happening. Presently, for the first time in history, we, the people, can see what is transpiring. With each day more and more people know the truth. This consciousness is spreading. An inflexion point cannot be too far off. That proverbial 100th monkey effect is waiting to transpire.


Pope Benedict blames ‘sin inside the church’ for Vatican woes

I wonder if he is talking about the Illuminati control of the Vatican. I recently listened to a youtube interview with Svali. She says that when she was 12 years old, she was taken to the Vatican for a secret ceremony. The priest led her and a few others to some secret catacombs beneath the church. The priest conducted a human sacrifice on a 4 year old boy, who was drugged at the time and lying on a table. There were more parts to this interview but I just couldn’t take it anymore and turned it off. This negative energy that these people create are beyond the imagination of most. I know for a fact that what I experience in my life is that a positive energetic change is underway. For me, I felt the change happen a few months ago. I’m talking about a major shift, something so powerful, I still am trying to grasp the enormity of this energy change. So there is good news! Most of you know this but would like to see it finally manifest into the main stream public eye. As do I.


My heart cannot be more broken than it already is. So many lies and unfulfilled promises. It’s nt even that much worthy of keeping up with these news because they do what they want anyways. Sometimes i feel like ” when is the people going to react?, how about all the people that knows whats going on and we dont say anythign, we dont manifest. This is the most important event we are CURRENTLY living and making part of, lets do soemthing about these banksters. Sometimes i feel like what i want to see is the people going nuts to the banks like the greek and police helping people bringing down these “leaders’ not the other way around”
but in the other hand. 2012 is just 2 years away. They do not know how to handle 2012. When it comes things are going to be different.

its so frustrating. But evil is also part of this world so we have to deal with it the best we could.

nothing is going to change in respect with the banksters and the feds and the governments per se. But what we can chnage s our own perspective of the world before 2012 comes.


Goldman Sachs off the hook?

Moves to reach a settlement to avoid a lengthy legal battle are at an early stage but all the signs point to the SEC demanding a high price to wind up the damaging case.

Goldman Sachs refused to comment on the prospects of a deal with the SEC but reports circulating in the US suggest the bank will be willing to pay a penalty on a lesser charge and a recognition that there was no wrongdoing.

Analysts are more conservative about the size of the potential penalties and feel the SEC may be prepared to accept something more modest in a range from $150m upwards.

The SEC has charged Goldman with misleading investors over Abacus, a sub-prime mortgage financial vehicle. It alleges Goldman kept investors in the dark about the $1bn mortgage deal that saw the Royal Bank of Scotland emerge as one of the biggest casualties with a loss of $840m.

Goldman is anxious to draw a line under an episode that has been costly in terms of reputation and share price and made the Wall Street giant the main scapegoat in the financial crisis blame game.

Detailed evidence assembled by Goldman about the behaviour of traders involved in the alleged fraud will be sent to the SEC shortly as part of what is described as a robust defence.

The SEC is said to be veering towards moving to an out-of-court settlement but is determined not to “let Goldman off lightly” because it would send the wrong signals to markets, investors and politicians. Senior figures in the Obama administration are also said to be ready to see an accommodation. Tim Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, and the Federal Reserve are reported to be in favour of a settlement to allow the executive to focus on completing banking reforms.

Goldman executives endured a stormy annual meeting on Friday where faith-based funds and community activists maintained a two-hour blitz on the bank’s ethical behaviour.

Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and chief executive, admitted there had been shortcomings and said a new business standards committee is being set up to improve ethical behaviour. It will be chaired by one of Goldman’s non-executive directors with Lee Scott, former chairman of Wal-Mart and Lakshmi Mittal, who runs the giant ArcelorMittal steel group, among the front runners to fill the post.


Anyone see or hear of the new dollar coming out?

I heard the audit of the FED got shut down, which sucks. Chris Dodd and others gutted it, I see. wtf?

@ goadrian, glenn
and, by the way, I think it would be great for you to spin off of this site and create a new one. I would be among the first to join that one. Good luck.


A Scenario consideration;

CIA Director tells Cap-to-Cap delegates: Cyber attack could be next “Pearl Harbor”

Recall the PNAC report one year prior to 9/11!

It seems that a financial harmageddon is more than likely (given current available data) between 10-16 months according to several analysts.

And here we have CIA warning of “internet pearl harbour” So a quick risk assessment says that – since CIA are born evil and die evil – that during that financial meltdown, by first Eurozone collapse, then a slaughter on the dollar, that admidst such chaos the Internet will suddenly be knocked out. All people, on their knees, will more easily accept new regulations and security measures even unto the Internet.

Food for thought.

Now is the time to build private alternative networks, to insure communication beyond the open Internet. One can use 3G connectivity to that end, and old PSTN networks (landline telephony) to build Virtual Private Networks (VPN).


For Glenn

“Ben could host with her, we could Round Robin, whatever, but to be more effective we need to get PUBLIC, NOW.”
in your “reply” using “goadrian” above you mention my user name and I assume you pay attention to my post.

Yes the point is to go public and we will need to use the Internet. A good web conference controlled by your server ( or with my help or somebody at your choice is a must to have). So in this way you have your TV station all over the world for news and education. The main point is to own it , not rent it. If you rent it you will be renter and the ownership is making a difference. We need to build from start all, so we will not have interference with “them”.

I hope you understand what I’m saying.

I’m not emailing to you until you will be OK with it.
In the same time , yes Ben can use it too etc.
We will need to group ourselves and have people around and “educate” them on what is going on. The eduction need to have some ” fun ” part of it and create more for the people- we need to create hope, prosperity for people.
We can create a job network to employ people of “our” kind.
Other ideas is to “teach” people how to be build self-sufficiency on the electricity , transportation, again as Ben said in his post. But somebody need to do it and market all of this and not just talk.



I suggested long ago that it would be most fitting and poetic if the FEMA camps were used to house the very people who built them with stolen funds.

I postulated then that the building of them was actually part of the immune response within their own ranks, an expression of the futility of their infection-driven lust, for fatal dominance over all life on the planet, which they hate so much.

It’s as if those within the ranks who long just to be free from it all knew their own captors (parents and families) would forever be unfit for release into society again. The SVALI’s and John Todds who ran from it all in horror after committing the horror themselves, under duress, and being unable to continue, are the immune response in the flesh.

Could not a SVALI, The Programmer, program her own salvation, as well as others?

I would urge all of those venting their frustrations on Ben about the freakin’ ninjas to chill a bit, and take a look at what Ben has accomplished. I don’t know his sources, and being an independent IJ is no easy game, especially in this arena, that is now global and literally life or death for all of us.

I don’t see him getting rich off our $8/month, and if he is a shill then we will learn the truth, and be the wiser for it.

I would also like to postulate that within the UN there are going to be good people, who for whatever reasons have chosen to stay back as all the ugly truths come-out about that organization, and it’s original evil intent from it’s inception. It strikes me that if any organization can be turned to evil, it can also be turned to good.

So, as Mr. Salle of the unoitc said to me; “one can not undue the misdeeds of the past 100 years, overnight or
even in a few months.”

Are we not finding this to be true?

“The triumph of Good over Evil will not occur on a battlefield, but rather in the hearts and minds of Men”.

I wish I could nail down who first said that, but it might have been Benjamin Disraeli, former Prime Minister of England. I literally had it printed in white across the back of the shoulders on a bright red polo shirt, and you should see the looks I get in Seattle when I wear it. On the front pocket it says: “What Is Liberty?”

That is how I get everyone to read the back as I go by. Print one and try it, you’ll be amazed.

The Dark Ones mutter and slink by, the people of light smile and ask where they can get one. No middle ground.

It has been stated that non-violent rejection of the satanists and their control is paramount to our success. This could be the very sort of mind f-k ruse used by the satanists to fool the ever -stupid “Goy”, whom they see as SO inferior.

But, if that is TRUE-why are they so afraid of us exposing them, as Rosenthaul stated in “The Hidden Tyranny”? He says they only fear we will “Wield the sword”, as a result of such exposure, but I wonder. I wonder what “sword” he really is referring to?

I wonder if enough people see, and stare in horror at these human beasts, if the true weight of their own insanity will not become so great and obvious to even them, that they might “short-circuit” on their own, literally have a breakdown when the horror they are is reflected in the eyes of all who surround them.

Imagine that moment.

It could be the “higher consciousness” road we must take to make the “ascension” out of this realm of existence, I DON”T KNOW FOR SURE. “IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MEN” suggests to me it is a personal choice, FREE WILL, we are to choose our own destiny, everyone of us, and I guess all we can do is shoot from the heart with our decisions.

There is more to this, and as Richard Hoagland so prophetically stated in “Dark Mission The Secret History Of NASA”, “The LIE is different at every level.”

So, is Ben some kind of Red Herring shill for the satanists?
Just because he doesn’t “Launch the Ninjas”?
In our contacts, he has been honorable and kept his word exactly. He is a consummate outdoorsman, with experience and knowledge one can only acquire from living in the bush. (Been there) Helluva fisherman too.

Not your average satanist money addict.

Though I have not read his books (would love to see English translations-Ben!), I know of no satanists who have written fifteen best sellers in Japan, or anywhere else, about saving the planet and humanity, with concrete plans within.

He has done more than I to help this world, hard as that is to admit.

You guys crying about ninjas are deleting the possibility that Ben learned something after making those statements that now has him wishing he never had, and is unable to state why that changed, for reasons only he knows. I DON’T KNOW, AND BEN’S NOT SAYING, but who among us has done more to help wake-up the planet and move things in the right direction?



Dear Everybody,

This morning, I woke up and read Ben’s very bad news about the Japanese loaning money to the Fed. I am sure that this was coerced probably one of those “either give us dough or have an Atlantean day when we HAARP your island into the depths of the ocean.” The fact is that the Japanese banksters cannot sustain the US’s situation. This will prolong the situation, but it cannot halt the disaster.

Because the money given to the US just keeps going into the unplumbed maw of the banksters via interest or into the ridiculous wars that are protecting the poppy crop and neither of these things will restart the economy except at Manhattan haberdasheries, the inevitable result will be a further dampening of the economy, hyperinflation due to the awareness of the world markets about how bogus this money is…and a much harder crash just down the road.

Regardless what everybody says, foreign countries are probably not going to risk their troops in the US because of the amount of arms in this country. The only possible exceptions are Mexico and Canada. China does have some people in Texas being trained but they are quite young and not all that seasoned and there are not that many of them.

I wrote to my Senators urging that they push through a real audit of the Fed and I wrote to my state representatives demanding that they nullify the Commodities trading act, dump the derivatives and refuse to make any more payments to Washington until the financial mess is cleared up. I pointed out to them that the disaster of the future will be far worse than the mess that has to be cleaned up now. I also sent my letter to some papers and television stations. I think that perhaps we need to organize national boycotts on the 15th along with the 15thtaxfree folks.



As mentioned by ChrisB, Ben posted a new blog entry today, see below…. I just dont know how I should take this news. On one hand this is most frustrating but then I ask myself, “Why should I care, if the American Nazi Cabal will be taken out very soon?” Today is May 11th, my hope is that this all comes out later tonight when people come home from work and school. Then again is this considered wishful thinking? I believe in my heart it will happen sometime this year, along with ET disclosure and free energy but my patience is being tested beyond belief. I am slowly going insane!!!! LOL! Its like that common dream where I am running toward the finish line, I see it right in front of me, a few yards away, yet I keep running and running and running but I cant seem to get there. Doh! Dont forget my friends and family who already think I’m completely nuts for telling them the Truth about the Matrix. Aliens! Satanists! Free Energy! Financial Collapse! What are you smoking!!?? Hey whats another year of waiting compared to the infinite time-line of Reality anyway? May the Virtue of Patience shine through us so we can arrive in peace.

Bens Posting from other site……
The traitors at the Bank of Japan have promised unlimited funding to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.

The Bank of Japan Monday promised to hand over unlimited amounts of hard earned Japanese money to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.

The so-called “swap” arrangement of yen for dollars simply means the Japanese people will be printing “dollars” for the Federal Reserve Board. This payment of money to an already bankrupt criminal enterprise will further impoverish the Japanese people. In theory the Feds are supposed to pay back the money but, the United States already has $127 trillion in debt which is close to 10 times their $14 trillion GDP so it is hard to imagine the Japanese people will ever see their money again. In other words, the Japanese people will be further impoverished by this move.

The entire $1 trillion “rescue package” for Europe is merely putting future generations of ordinary Europeans, Americans and Japanese in debt in order to prolong the life of criminal financial institutions.


ok, so it’s May 11, 2010…

where is the new coin?


So where is this new dollar that is coming out today ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Glen! This is exciting! Please make it to reality! I will donate as much as i can do.


To Ben and The BDS . The very old and deceived Bank of Japan members have betrayed it’s nations honour . These traitors are also very much coward bitches ; they need, hiri kari assistance, and the difficuly of great dishonour can be dismissed. THE CODE OF THE SAMMUARI SHOUULD BE HONORED , if there is any Sammuari left (IN NIPPPON), let them that still have codex, meet their obligations today

!-! BANZAI *


don’t see what the problem is with accommodating the million satanists … there are going to be a few FEMA camps with some spare beds …


hey folks … here is another perspective on the huge drop in the Dow … Max Kaiser is a former broker, a journalist and he invented the “continuous double-auction, market-making technology (VST tech. US pat. no. 5950176) that is referenced 132 times by program trading and HFT patents since 1996,” ( whatever the hell that is …) … he writes and understands the algorithms traders use … he says the drop was another act of economic terrorism by the bankers … in the clip Max explains how easy it is for the big players to move the market in which ever direction they want by either pulling sell orders or pulling the buy orders … they then sit back and wait for the day traders to jump in and do their dirty work for them … check out Max on youtube …


Well, here’s Ben’s blog and once again I question the negotiations that were being reported last week by Ben. This was so secret it could not be disclosed. So based on the blog below was the negotiations involving In & Out Burger Franchises in Japan or elsewhere or was it who was going to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol because it does not appear to have anything to do with settleing this ongoing crime syndicates financial operation. Clearly I believe we can dismiss just about every thing that Poof, Casper, Ben, and just about everyone else has said because this ain’t going down as reported three months ago. Isn’t it amazing how the twists and turns ( if you follow this really closely) continues to contradict previous weeks must read information. In other words we keep going around in circles much like Harry Potter. Now if anyone is buying any of this stuff or for a moment take any of this reporting seriously, you must be new to the scene. Let’s bring back Dove of Oneness as her crazy imagination was just as creative as these guys. Enjoy the reading below and then ask yourself this question.
When you buy your Ninja outfit, are you going with the Black or the White.
If you remember listening to Ben some time ago you will remember Ben saying there are ONE MILLION NINJA ASSASSINS ready to take down the bad guys. Okay well, if they need a map with directions we can provide. If the want a list, we can provide. If the want to eat before they kill, I have plenty of 2 for 1 I Hops Coupons for them. May I reccomend the Patty Melt and the slaw. Anyhow, my question is, is there a Ninja strike going on right now demanding higher pay or something. Tell the Ninja’s Ben to go on Mapquest for the fastest route. Also not buying much of anything the story keeps changing and as you can see I have written a little too. If you need a break I can write next weeks thriller. Will start it off with a new guy Hashimashie the famed BDS Sumo Klepto Fingero killer and his lists of potential victims. Hell if that does not bring in more subscibers I will eat my Patty Melt. Anyhow Ben, I know people are paying and they want something but you should probably go back to the freebe. Nothing wrong with free enterprise but we are bordering on Casper material now.

Hi, Folks –

Here’s Ben Fulford’s blog entry for May 11:


The traitors at the Bank of Japan have promised unlimited funding to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.

The Bank of Japan Monday promised to hand over unlimited amounts of hard earned Japanese money to the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate.

The so-called “swap” arrangement of yen for dollars simply means the Japanese people will be printing “dollars” for the Federal Reserve Board. This payment of money to an already bankrupt criminal enterprise will further impoverish the Japanese people. In theory the Feds are supposed to pay back the money but, the United States already has $127 trillion in debt which is close to 10 times their $14 trillion GDP so it is hard to imagine the Japanese people will ever see their money again. In other words, the Japanese people will be further impoverished by this move.

The entire $1 trillion “rescue package” for Europe is merely putting future generations of ordinary Europeans, Americans and Japanese in debt in order to prolong the life of criminal financial institutions.


Hi Ben and all you Fulfordite net warriors .
We have been informed that a mass exodus of the Black Mass cabalists in the Northern Hemisphere relocate quickly before the extent of their evil-doings are exposed. They expect thast the citizenry will be looking to capture and lynch these NWO villians. Grand witch Hilderbeast , and their benefactor, Emperor Rockefeller live near each other in Westchester County , New York. In close proximity to the United Nations HQ ‘s Mrs. Warmth has been spending a lot of time at the U.N. trying legislate a Global treaty to disarm all the citizenry of the world, including and most specifically,trying to pre-empt our Second Amendment Rights by an international treaty over-ride . America will never let that happen, we have learned from history and have specified pre-emptively that we as a people will not be intimidated , nor not efer give up our right to resist any governemnt that might beome oppressive. And I would like to see the BDS to take them and their buddy George , The Sorcerer, Soros for ” the long ride” and keep American citizens the means of protection and to be resilient and formidable, strong , vital and free, able to resit , if need be.
Born in the dark glow of The NWO’s Satanic crucible , NESARA ( A blind alley ?), I beleive , is only a dark fairytale for Rotschilding the sheeple. They wanted to bump off 4 billion with SARS, H1N1 , on and on. I wouln’t trust them to be directing ANYTHING !
And The New Global Umbrella Bank for International Banking , UNOTIC, which is a flak shield for ‘those same old dirty double dealing global loan sharks’ and base NWO culprits that both initiated and financed ,both sides,of the hostilities, in both World Wars . This appears to be a recaste using most of the original characters , but in this version, the covert villian becomes a covert hero . It comes along with an impressive Illuminati – Masonic inspired logo and a Grand , even Excellent, Wizard of Finance _ Whats up Doc ! You gotta be kidding me ! Are we going to subject our nation to the control of foreign bankers again? Do we have ,other,alterante, and feasable,financial backing resources available for The Restore America Plan ?
We need to get our factories and industries up and running if we are ever to get back into the arena of balanced commercial trading with the rest of the world .
I know that we are hop-skotching on “rocks” sitting in deep water . I hope we do not take any misteps . Let us Pray and be very vigilant going forward.


Right On Harondaddy, I should have known there would be a composite software package out there tailor made for the job.

Smack-on the money with features needed, and I especially like the iphone report from the field option.

Hell, I still look-up numbers in the phone book, but I’m starting to catch myself doing it.

Okay, I’ve got to stay on this film, and funding this new little effort for several days.

Truth Revolution Broadcasting it is. “The TRB network.”

Thanks for the boost, everyone.

MK, my email is Let’s chat a bit. I’d like to give this a plug in the interview I do with Ben in “Free Will”, which I’m shooting this week if Ben’s available.



I think you guys are on to something! And I like the suggested name: Truth Revolution Broadcasting. Good Luck!


Hi Glenn,

Here is your solution to Live Video Production and broadcasting, its easy to operate, has a live chat room while video is streaming, viewers can ask questions live, multiple camera angles aloud in production, sound effects, video is optimized for iphone and android users, has graphic overlays, and transitions. All of this can be done on a computer. Check this link for more information.

You can also broadcast from your iphone if you want too. This is your solution if you want broadcasters out in the field to report back live…..

I have the ability to do post production for youtube releases. If I can make time then I would like to join the new Truth Revolution Broadcasting with MK, Glenn, and Ben. ChrisB is the new Colbert bringing the political satire.


Hi Glenn

Check out MK’s post May 11th at 8.48am. At the top of this post she asks for a job. Your post offering her a job is immediately after her post.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe the universe wants you to both work together.



Getem says MK was asking for a job? I missed this entirely, perhaps Universe is at work here. She’s obviously got her pineal “pine cone” in full receiver mode.

Ben could host with her, we could Round Robin, whatever, but to be more effective we need to get PUBLIC, NOW.

Come to think of it, Ben’s friend Dave, who was fishing with us in Canada last August, works at a Japanese TV station as a “Story Editor”. Ben does/did regular TV appearances in Japan until he had too much heat on him.

SOOOO, Ben and Dave are from Canada, I live a couple hundred miles from Canada, and Canadian Internet might be the least likely to screw with our broadcast.

Doesn’t mean anyone has to move, just that we might want to base the show there. out of my league already, I did TV engineering in the early seventies, internet realities are not my ace. All we need do is recreate what Alex Jones or Jeff Rense is doing, with Ben as the focus and MK as the anchor when Ben is off to meetin’ with the hoods.

All of us can be “reporters” or Investigative Journalists reporting-in to MK on the side. Just need webcams and Skype or any other video conferencing program.

This is exactly what “Free Will” is about. Hell, we can even use my domain name of from the film.

Don’t think we need to spell it out any further than that, what we need are the skills with the net, all of us can write and speak well enough, I’m sure.

Anybody got the skills to produce this over the net?

Ben could swing both ways with a Japanese interviewer as well, makes the market bigger and ties-in Ben’s already huge credibility as an author/speaker in Japan.

We could get Ben together with the likes of Ron Paul and Alan Grayson, other champions of the Good Side, etc…, just to keep building the pressure against the diabolicals.

The more places people can here the same truth message the better.

Can anyone out there actually do the technical production?

Budgets, everyone!

I’m listening.



ugh… so tired of all the speculation… Anyhow the FED infused another T into the Euro Market which again is a countermove to the countermove others have perfected to end this calamity. SO we will see how long this staves off the inevitable result or maybe not inevitable. Yes it appears the walls are coming down but never say never. Tired of hearing about those who are leaving cause as long as their puppets are playing around the delays continue.
Even on a sadder note, I went to our local ninja store here to get a larger size outfit. I asked for the 4x ninja outfit and the little turd looked at me and started laughing. I gave him my best ( or meanest looking ninja stare) and the little guy fell to the ground. I thought I scared him enough so that he had a heart attack but when I peeked over the counter the guy was laughing uncontrollably.
At that point I got really mad but I realized this little turd could probably whip up on me if he was ninja related. AAnyhow I asked him if he knew anything about RAP or the end of the Fed and this is what he said. I have interpreted this as best I can cause he said it in Ninjanese. He said, Brill Crinton real bre chopped rup rike sushi and Jorge Brush wrill bree more a chopped up. ROR So it was clear to me this little guy was on our side. He said RAP is just what it sounds like which is music played while people talk and has no significance whatsover and the Sounded like the Restore America Plan that got all the political prisoners out of jail ( they just don’t know it yet). He said have no fear that the BS will continue until Poof gets on a plane and is out of here. That will be our sign. Also he said Casper is off his medication and should be back. Wax on wax off. Packs in and Packs out. Mr Miyagi is still dead however and won;t be leading us. Stay tuned. Oh yeah he put in a special order for my outfit and apologized for the laughing at me. Little does he know I am below 5% bodyfat. PX 90 sure works. So does doughnuts.


Hi Glenn

I can see you post this : “MK-you in if it pays your way? Any other takers? I’ll do my part but I’ve got a face for radio-great voice though, made my living with it before. (You’ll see/hear me in “Free Will”.”
– first seem you like MK and I think is good.
– second seem you have a good voice and is good too.
– what a about a private web conference with high quality for audio, video and more. This will make your “network” as a private TV.
So please reply and we can make a plan.
I have more in my basket….
I’m in Colorado now….



Hi Glenn

My research and computer skills are not at all up to par for your project. Also, I do not live in the US, I am in Australia, so probably too far removed. I do however wish you the very best of luck with this project, more power to you. If MK, and also some of the other amazing contributors to this site, were to work in conjunction with you, the result will be outstanding I am sure. GOOD LUCK!!!

Isn’t it incredible how the universe works. As MK was asking for a job, you were offering her a job at the very same time. Amazing!!!


Hi Ben and All

It is a bit of a worry that these creatures are looking for a home elsewhere, now that the game is up. Hopefully they will be detained, and the full measure of the law will prevail.

On another topic, the dreadful oil volcano in the Mexican gulf. I have been thinking that this is quite possibly be the impetus which will force the issue of suppressed technology to be revealed, because nothing short of something along these lines is going to stop this gusher, and also the massive clean up which is required. This can not be handled by present methods. When these technologies are made available, hopefully it will open the door for other technologies to become available also. I hope this is not just a pipe dream, (pun not intended) they can stop this disaster and also reveal all suppressed technology at the same time. Then when these technologies are revealed, the need for oil for fuel will be removed altogether. Now wouldn’t that be a fabulous outcome for all?!!

I am furious that this disaster has happened at all. It is these peoples’ greed which is the cause of it in the first place. Do they need our sympathy now that they have been found out and are panicking and on the run? I don’t think so. Let’s get honest court systems around the world and throw the book at them all.


Glenn: Great idea. I can’t help because **WAY** overcommitted as is. But GOOD LUCK!


Checked local food bank today and they are stocked to the walls. Little town 100 miles east of Seattle called, unfortunately, “Ellensburg”. Historical name, “Robber’s Roost”, which gives you an idea how the native Americans were treated, and the local PTB’s behave. “You pay a little more in Ellensburg” is the local Merchantman’s Association motto. Right on the I90 interstate and home to CWU, the mason’s elks, eagles, all well represented in this small town. Secret society central.

Supposedly has the greatest number of millionaires per capita of any town in America, according to a Jeopardy show my mother-in-law watched a couple of years back.

So, if I put “True Visions Network” together, any of you want to play co-host with MK? She clearly leads the pack in research ability. The suggestion has surfaced several times now in this blog, and I’m thinking I know how to fund it.

What are we waiting for?

I’ll need a complete IT support team, at 55 I’m barely hanging-on with computer skills, my dog is better. Need a team to push all the buttons to get us out on the net, our own servers so we can’t be dicked with constantly, the works. Imagine there’s a big budget for this, so we go first class to minimize hassles and maximize effectiveness.

Show me the talent, guys. Line forms here. Budgets for your departments please, two years operations paid for, no come backs. Ask for enough from the get. Have a contingency cubby hole that WORKS.

MK-you in if it pays your way? Any other takers? I’ll do my part but I’ve got a face for radio-great voice though, made my living with it before. (You’ll see/hear me in “Free Will”.)

When I do the interview with Ben for the film I’ll post a clip on Youtube as a promo.

I’m in…



Dear BFCers,

Another interesting data point for all to contemplate. If this story is accurate then we are in for major sea changes.

BTW, I am looking for a job writing, analyzing, organizing or whatever. Anyone who might know of a position anywhere, feel free to drop me an email… I am serious, folks. I have a Master’s degree in Mass Comm, years of experience running departments and P&L and sales experience. I am not proud, I will start at the bottom, clean toilets, maintain houses whatever. 😉


“The best jihad is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant.”
Saturday, May 8, 2010
A generals’ revolt against Zionist domination of US policy?

Is the top US brass getting tired of working for the IDF?

Tonight’s radio guest*, Religious Studies professor Ira Chernus, just published an article entitled Blood or Treasure: Obama’s Crucial Choice in the Middle East. The article begins: “Writing about U.S. Middle East policy used to be a boring job. You’d start out with ‘The U.S. supports Israel’s stand on…’ and then just fill in the details. No longer. Many pundits claim to smell the winds of policy change blowing from the White House.”

Why the change? Admitting that there is little hard information, just “a riot of rumors,” Chernus suggests that a “new message from the military elite” is pushing the Obama administration to confront the Zionists. According to Chernus, such top US military leaders as Gen. Petraeus are drawing a line in the sand between America’s interests and Israel’s interests.

Next week’s radio guest** Gordon Duff, suggests that the source of this generals’ revolt is the rapidly spreading knowledge among the US military elite that 9/11 was a Zionist false-flag operation. Duff, editor of Veterans’ Today and self-styled key source for leaks from high-level US military figures, told me last week that more and more US officers are aware of and unhappy about Israel’s 9/11 false-flag attack on America and continuing Mossad sponsorship of such follow-up false-flag events as the underwear bombing escapade. He added that Obama has sided with the generals against the Israelis, who, he says, are trying to cover their 9/11 tracks through a “flight forward” into a wider Mideast war, presumably one ignited by another big false-flag attack on America. (Duff’s prediction of an immanent false-flag event was quickly followed by the Times Square episode, another pathetic “bomb that couldn’t possibly blow up” song-and-dance presumably sponsored by the usual suspects.)

Duff suggests Obama and the newly 9/11-savvy military leaders are up against near-complete Zionist control of Congress and the media.

Is Duff right about 9/11 truth being the key factor turning the generals, and with them the Obama Administration, against the Zionist regime of 9/11 suspect Benjamin Netanyahu? Listen to my interviews with Chernus tonight, and Duff next week, then decide for yourself.


MK: You’re welcome. (Didn’t see your first comment until just now.)


Ben —
The so-called audit of the Fed is being blocked by Chris Dodd and other representatives that have been bought off by the Fed cartel.

A Senate vote on the Audit the Fed amendment was supposed to come on May 4. It didn’t happen.

An amendment requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve,
co-sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul and Rep. Alan Grayson, was added to the
House financial reform bill that passed late last year

Sen. Bernie Sanders then introduced this amendment to the Senate’s
version of the financial reform bill

But Sanders recently came to believe that this amendment couldn’t win
the 60 votes needed to beat a filibuster, so he cut a deal for a new
amendment with Banking Chairman Chris Dodd and the Obama
Administration, both of whom want to protect the big banks and the Fed.

Under the Sanders compromise (unlike the original Paul-Grayson
version), there will be . . .

* no audit of Fed activities prior to December 1, 2007, nor after the date the bill becomes law

* no audit of how the Fed sets interest rates

Under thePaul-Grayson version of the amendment the GAO (General Accounting
Office) was prohibited from publishing the results of the audit, while
the Federal Reserve was merely “permitted” to share the results. In
other words . . .

Any negative audit results would likely have been shielded from
public view. By contrast, the Sanders compromise amendment requires .. .

* The Fed to publish, by December 1st, a list of the institutions
that received emergency assistance

* The GAO to publicly publish a full audit report on a date certain
in late-2011

* A review and report about any conflicts of interest surrounding the
Fed’s emergency activities

Sen. Vitter has said that he will introduce an
amendment with the original Paul-Grayson language. If this passes then
we will have what we want, but if it fails then the Sanders deal with
Chris Dodd will result in a watered-down compromise. Or nothing at all.

These rats will never go down without a fight, Ben. They are completely psychotic, and we have to keep the pressure on.

(info from the blog, which keeps up with important issues within the traitorous DC corporation.


And what’s most important is to short-circuit their plan to start World War III, which is for Israel to attack Iran, and then the U.S. and China get sucked into the conflict (for starters).


No cause found for Thursday’s stock market crash:

Yeah, right!


MK: I totally agree. They aren’t going to win. WE ARE! You’re no foolish optimist there.

But, I think there will still be some big financial system crashes and a lot of fear ahead before our final victory.

And, of course, we can’t get cocky or let up on our vigilance against these Satanists and their plans. And we need to keep trying to help as many of our family and friends as possible to see through this Matrix we’re living in.


Dear Newman,

The short sightedness of the trader that Jesse quotes is exactly why I believe that this “new world order” that he assumes to be running things will fail. The money given to Europe is simply sending money to them to pay back the bankers here. It won’t go into the economy anywhere for that reason. This means a deeper slump into the Depression now gripping the planet. Unless money goes into creating jobs, the economies will continue to deteriorate world wide.

Just as this trader cannot see beyond his wallet, the powers that were cannot see beyond saving their hind ends. For all the reasons that I mentioned above such as: no money, no revenues, no real worth for the dollar and a growing RAGE, not anger, RAGE among the people not playing these stupid games, it is unsustainable. I know that they think that they have won and they are putting together a global system that they will control until the next visit of the landlords, but my instincts tell me that they are very very wrong.

It is possible that I am a foolish optimist and so repulsed by the idea of greed winning that I am blind, but I just FEEL like it is impossible for these monsters to continue down this path of rampant misery and poverty.



Dear Newman,

Thanks for the link and the compliment. I can’t wait to read what this man says.

On a completely different topic, I have some more information on our ancient origins. Now, understand that I do not necessarily subscribe to the theory that the Illuminati are descendants of the Annunaki and the other baloney that they have been peddling in the hopes of keeping their power. Frankly, they have outstayed their welcome as far as I am concerned, but I do want to learn more about the truth hidden from us and to that end, I will read and read and read.

BTW, the Sammi of Finland are reputed to be the descendants of the Elohim or ANGELS mentioned in the bible. The Nefilim (or snake people) are trying to wipe them out.

VIsit these sites and read some of the remarkable discoveries of the past few years:
About an alternative theory of mankind’s history
Amazing cities found in Africa
A skull that rewrites the history of man
An account of the finding of amazing stone Sumerian tablets in Iraq by the US Army. The finding was in 2006 and has been hidden from the people of the world for years. This secret has been shared with the public by outraged archaeologists who translated this amazing find. Among the things found in the same location was a GLOWING BOX OF LAPIS LAZULI with a copper inside that contained rablets with a complete set of plans for an interstellar ship. The purpose of this vessel will be made clear by the tablet’s translation.

Enjoy discovering new truths.



As the writer of the above blog post on a very successful Wall Street trader put it: “He is a microcosm of Wall Street, and the prevailing attitudes in Big Banks in particular.”

And in another post, this same writer stated:

“The same man (Lord Acton) who wrote, ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ also wrote:

‘The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People versus the Banks.'”

This has definitely become, as it should have, The People v. the Banksters, and their whole putrid worldview (which includes many other large corporations besides just the banks.)


FASCINATING insight into who/what we are fighting against.

In discussing the Illuminati, MK2009 had the wonderful sentence: “Is it possible for people who have lived non-human lives to be humane?”

Of course, the answer is “no, it’s not possible for them to be humane.”

Here’s a brief article that gives some insight into this mentality. It’s about a very successful Wall Street trader. I would bet a lot of money that he’s NOT a hard-core Illuminati. That he wasn’t raised in an Illuminati family, that turned him into a multiple-personality psychopath as a child.

But look how he has absorbed and approves of their whole world view: greed, selfishness, “conquering” others is what life is all about:

This short article is entitled: “Trading in Hubris…”


Harondaddy — thanks.


Dear BFCers,

I have been meaning to give you all some other fascinating information. If you go to website, you will find a photo depicting German soldiers unearthing a VIMANA. This is the flying saucer talked about in Indian Sacred literature (the Vedas and others). These saucers and technical drawings relating to them are in the Vedas and Upanishads as well. During the Iraq War, there were a number of amazing archaelogical findings HIDDEN from the public by the Bush Administration. I think that you will all be fascinated by what they say as it corroborates what Ben has said about the secret history of mankind.

I am posting the links below.


PS: The empty pantries are the emergency food supplies for the poor. These reports are coming from North Carolina, but I will see if I can find out what is happening in my local area. Anybody else want to call the shelters and emergency food pantries in their states and see if government cheese is running out?


monday, may 25, 2009

Third and Fourth Tablets released!
Fourth Sumerian Fragment Leaked To The Public!
All of this work is courtesy of the “Sumerian Scribe” and Helvis213
July 9, 2008

The fourth fragment of the Sumerian tablets found by the US Army in Southern Iraq has been leaked and an illustrated video presentation, along with the preceding three are available on YouTube @

When I originally saw this translation, it was posted on a Near Eastern History site. I quickly copied the translation and called a friend for whom I posted the first three translations. He indicated that it did indeed sound familiar and he was even able to quote a few lines without any coaching.

The youTube user Helvis213, added details he learned while meeting with one of the scientists who was on the secret panel. I have re-posted his entry for this fragment, including his description of his meeting with the anonymous Academic.

Here it is in it’s entirety:
This is the fourth fragment from the Sumerian Tablets found in southern Iraq.
As some of you may know, I have have been a conduit for some of the brave people who have first-hand knowledge of the find. Without getting into any specifics, suffice to say, several entities, acting on behalf of the US Government have made it more than clear that these four video entries should be deleted from my YouTube account. Fortunately, this is still the United States, no matter what the Bush Administration believes, and attorneys representing the interests of truth and justice have kept the barking dogs at bay. These videos will remain here until they are pulled….I will not delete them no matter what the threat. That is my vow.

This fourth fragment popped up online briefly, in space of a week(?) on at least three different websites before all their links mysteriously came up “MISSING.”
Recently, while out of the country for a different matter, I met with a man who was part of the panel of scholars that examined and translated the find. He has seen the Sumerian translations that he worked on, here on this site and voiced his approval. He is also a colleague of several dear friends, so our meeting was light and familiar without the slightest air of paranoia that accompanies so sensitive a subject. He told me he had memorized a complete fragment, one of the few he was allowed to see in it’s entirety and offered me a copy, pushing the total of number of translated fragments to reach the public at four.
More extraordinary was his story of a “sliding model” that was found. He detailed a complex and concerted US/Brit effort to build a massive vehicle intended for deep space travel based on an unknown, simple, yet complex mathematical system illustrated by this model which this scientist says, “is mind-boggling when you consider the implications. What we can do…at least theoretically. It’s so simple but the ultimate in advanced thinking…of approaching the world around us with a whole new set of rules.”


How Goldman Sachs Terrorized the USA

In a market where 70% of all trades are executed by computer algorithms via High Frequency Trading, Goldman Sachs has the power to make the market crash or rise at will. In fact, Goldman has a major Weapon of Mass Destruction in its Program Trading monopoly of the New York Stock Exchange,…I can tell you that
Goldman, JP Morgan and the gang simply pulled the buys from their computer trading programs and manufactured a crash. And when the coast was clear, and it was clear the politicians were not going to vote for anything that would break up the too big to fail banks; all the sells were pulled from the computers and the market roared back

On Friday, the next day, after the break up the too big to fail banks amendment was soundly defeated by a 61 to 33 margin in Senate and a deal was struck to eliminate key provisions from the audit of the Federal Reserve bill


Hey MK,

“Food Pantries are empty” where are these in the US? Or do you mean in households generally?

Ben asked me the other day: “Is there still food on the shelves in the supermarkets in the U.S.A.?”

I’m in the NW, and while it’s not fun for many, there is food on the shelves at this point, although it is getting more expensive as the dollar rot becomes obvious to even the blindest shopper.



Dear Ben,

Using stolen property to pay “external debt” doesn’t really serve the interests of the people at all. You need to tell the Chinese etc. that if there was ever a time to use the concept of “ODIOUS DEBT” that time is now. The stolen properties should be used to restart American industry and its internal market. Debts can be paid out of revenues. China can survive without the monies that it loaned a little longer as can the Queen etc., but those who were stolen from really need to see that justice can be meted and that their rightful property is restored to them including your family.



Dear BFCers,

I forgot to mention something. If you go to the, you will find a lot of interesting information out about the Rockefellers. The same holds true for the Peter Beter transcripts and Gary Allen’s book “The Rockefeller file.” One thing that I don’t think is mentioned is that the original Rockefeller tribe is KHAZAR. All of you who want to understand the rapacious nature of this tribe that swallowed the Jews, read The 13th Tribe by Koestler. There are sections of it on Bloom’s Third World Traveler site. Once you read their history, everything begins to fall into place. These are PARASITES who have always maintained that tradition.



Dear Members of the BFC,

The US was $800 billion dollars over budget in the first quarter of 2010 according to the CBO Treasury report. Our tax receipts are nowhere near enough to cover any of this debt. Even if we sent a trillion dollars to Europe the inevitable outcome will be hyperinflation of the dollar, extreme poverty in the US and an eventual collapse of the EU and the US anyway. This endless cycle of pumping money through political systems and back to bankers has to fail. It has to fail because it is not producing jobs, economic activity or anything other than a prop under the current thoroughly discredited situation.

SecDef Gates just admitted that the military is going to have to cut back on expenditures and that this will “anger the powerful in Congress and elsewhere.” He is also thinking about trimming the officer corps to reduce entitlement costs. Pet members of the Press corps are going after disabled members of the military accusing them of fraud with respect to their PTSD incurred after many years of “stop loss” returnings to Iraq etc. The VA has been exposed as SHREDDING requests for medical care. Shredded original documents and other evidence have been found and are being used in court cases against the VA right now. CONSIDERING ALL OF THESE “FACTS,” HOW WILLING IS THE MILITARY GOING TO BE TO GO TO WAR, TO SHOOT CIVILIANS OR TO PROSECUTE A WAR AGAINST IRAN?

THOSE WHO DOUBT WHAT BEN IS SAYING NEED TO CONSIDER THE facts above as well as the other things going on. On two well-known spook sites, people were told to leave the US before martial law cracks down. They were told that diseases were going to be released, that fungus was killing all kinds of people (actual deaths:25) and that this was only the beginning.

I SMELL PANIC AMONG THE BAD GUYS. The Greeks know that any money that comes their way is supposed to go to the banksters and they are fighting it tooth and nail. Iceland just arrested a bankster that was involved in their mess and their volcano started smoking (not erupting, just smoking). The various ploys to destroy the earth are not sitting well with anyone even those that used to support the banksters. Think about it, what is the point of “winning” if the world is terribly damaged in the process?

Arizona has just dealt a real blow to Obama’s hopes of continuing invasion by illegal immigration. They put out a video of him laughing at the immigration situation with responses by the Governor who enacted the tough anti-immigrant laws. North Carolina has cut off a lot of medicare and food stamps as well as government subsidies of food. A friend of mine was at a garage sale by a former bank employee who is now unemployed and taking a bath on his investments into commercial real estate. Food pantries near him are EMPTY. I expect this situation to be echoed across the country.

If Obama and his lords are thinking that they can fix all this by stealing people’s IRAs, they are sadly mistaken. Nobody believes the terrorist crap anymore not even the media. They are actually mentioning that the pakistani guy who put that bomb in Times Square had been foreclosed on–a lot more believable motivation than Allah to many in this country. The country is at a breaking point right now and the vast majority of people are NOT HAPPY WITH THE BANKERS OR THE POLITICIANS. They talk openly about it at the local Walmart where food prices are accelerating into the ionosphere faster than a HAARP beam.

The article below was written by the same retired Marine that exposed Israel’s role in 9/11 and reprinted the article on the dangers of Israeli nationalism. He is publishing on this site AND talking to members of the war college. If you really want to accelerate things, send this article to your state representatives and local newspapers; post it on well-trafficked websites and other visible places.

This does not mean that things won’t get a lot worse before they get better. That is likely to happen, but when you consider the number of politicians RETIRING etc. as well as the other things that I mentioned, it is clear that there are cracks in the NWO architecture and they’re getting wider every minute…

There are other things going on that give me the same feeling as I have already articulated. Things cannot continue this way much longer.



May 10, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff · 7 Comments

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
First we are told opium and heroin are financing world terrorism, then General McChrystal tells us that we have to allow the harvest to be finished, processed into 65 billion dollars of heroin and shipped out on rendition flights and American Global Hawk UAV aircraft for distribution around the world.
I was surprised to hear the “rumor” that our massive Global Hawk UAVs that fly at 80 thousand feet were being loaded with drugs in Balochistan and flown around the world. Prior to that, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds had only told us of drug trafficking on rendition flights.
This is now a fact, not “theory” or conjecture. Is the Global Hawk story fact also? Having this confirmed was a shock for us. We had been tracking the presence of “contractors” servicing UAV aircraft in this region and knew it was impossible to be arming and operating them against terrorists as facilities for this are unavailable at the 3 small air strips in the region. Each Hawk holds tens of millions of dollars of processed heroin which can be flown anywhere in the world. We have numerous confirmations that this is being done.
Tens of thousands will die from this harvest of death. Who profits and why is it necessary for chaos to continue for the money to flow?
First of all, with this much money, assume everyone is involved, no country is totally free, including our ally Israel, world’s most capable narco-capitalist but it doesn’t stop there.
Narcotics provide cover for the war by making it impossible for Afghanistan to ever have a stable government. Drug lords are never going to become responsible tribal leaders. However, they also can’t fly tons of heroin around the world nor can they bank billions of dollars. They need help.
This is what the war supplies, thousands of experts have flooded into the region to train Afghanis to live as free people in a democratic society. Many of these outsiders, some from India, some from Israel traveling under false passports and hired as US contractors, many Americans with security contracting companies and, perhaps government agencies themselves, are involved.
What we are keeping quiet is the fact that so much money is flowing out of the region into so many pockets, journalists included, that nothing is reported, nothing is done and training and arming terrorists has become an integral part of maintaing the war.
If the war ends, the Taliban might take over and end drug trafficking like they did before.
Israel is in Afghanistan and Balochistan to do a couple of things. They are in Pakistan’s “breakaway” province of Balochistan organizing attacks on Iran and working to separate Balochistan from Pakistan. India and Israel would then control this region allowing access for a new gas pipeline bypassing Iran.
This has been very public but never reported. The illegal wars against Pakistan and Iran, yes Iran has suffered many terror attacks by Israel staged from this area of Pakistan, serve a number of purposes.
Pakistan’s economy is destroyed, allowing, were there not endemic corruption in Pakistan, failure to address the root causes of Islamic extremism to be addressed responsibly as many in Pakistan advocate.
Iran is openly attacked, suffers UN sanctions for violations that Israel openly escapes sanctions for because of the US/Israel Security Council veto, and Iran’s responses are misconstrued as aggressive threats when they are much more the victim, albeit led by a total fool.
Israel has been allowed to become a nuclear state, protected, financed and armed by the US though Israel’s policies are distinctly anti-American. Their penetration of congress and the press have allowed them to engage in ethnic cleansing, illegal nuclear proliferation, massive financial crimes, narco-trafficking and espionage against the United States without consequence.
India, aided by Israel and the United States, has set up terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, a country led by a pro-Indian government under Karzai. These camps, openly admitted by US officials, sit beside similar camps that collect, process and ship heroin. Nobody wants to talk about any of this. However, as these camps also directly support the Pakistan Taliban, their only real purpose, and have now been proven instrumental in an attack on the United States, even more effort will be made to hide their presence.
The New York Times tells us that Iran has threatened Israel with a nuclear holocaust. This was the threat:
Time will ease Israel from the pages of history.
This is what the New York Times said:
We will wipe Israel off the map!!!
Every report of Iran building nuclear weapons has been debunked. Iran has been “one to five years” from having a “nuclear device” for 20 years. So has Luxembourg, Andorra and the Maldives.
Any country in the region, by international law, who develops nuclear weapons is considered a rogue state except for “wink and nod” Israel. Aiding such a state is a crime. US aid for such a state, “the only democracy in the region” is a crime.
These are the issues where total misconceptions of history are used to support Israel:
The 1947 war was not “poor unarmed Israelis” fighting Arab armies. It was a highly organized war on annihilation that killed 300,000 Palestinians. Everything said about this war is a total fiction. This was the beginning of an ethnic cleansing.
In 1956, Israel went to Britain and France to aid in a sneak attack on Egypt to take over the Suez Canal. President Eisenhower blocked this, threatening broad economic sanctions against both France and Britain. Israel was the aggressor in this sneak attack on Egypt.
In 1967, Israel attacked Egypt, a sneak attack, catching Egypts air force on the ground. Israel started the 6 Day War as an illegal war of aggression with no provocation. To hide this, Israel attacked an American ship, the USS Liberty, an act of war against the United States. This attack has more documentation than the holocaust. Every word about attacks on Israel by “Arab armies” is a total lie. This was an illegal aggressive war begun by an atrocity against American sailors and a sneak attack on Egypt.
Israel developed nuclear weapons, starting in the 1960s. President Kennedy, soon after demanding that Israel immediately cease was murdered. Since this time, the US has used its veto hundreds of times to protect Israel from sanctions exactly like being imposed on Iran, sanctions for, not only nuclear weapons but for gross violations of human rights. None of this has been accurately reported to Americans. We have been lied to in a brutal fashion by, not only our press but our own government for decades.
Israel has operated as a “pirate” haven, not unlike Somalia, a home for financial criminals, weapons and narcotics dealers, spies and powerful financial organizations that spent hundreds of millions of dollars a year entertaining American politicians and military leaders, often leading to threats and blackmail. These tactics and others have given Israel total control over American foreign policy.
Israel claims Iran is planning a new “holocaust.” The more death and destruction in Gaza, the more we hear “holocaust.”
Let’s look at a fact. More Palestinians have died already than Jews under the “holocaust” prior to 1941. In fact, Israel has caused the death of more of its own citizens, having “classified” Palestinians the same way Germany classified the Jews, than the first 8 years of Nazi butchery. Please check the figures. Palestinian deaths are at nearly 500,000 with 300,000 having perished during the sectarian violence described so fictionally in the Leon Uris novel Exodus.
Many don’t care, even in the Middle East because Palestinians are considered “dirty and troublesome.” Europeans thought of the Jews as “dirty and troublesome” also.
The US created Israel. The US also created Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, our current version of Egypt, in fact the entire region with minor exceptions has been a US creation. Why don’t you hear about threats from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen or other nations against Israel?
All these countries that Israel talks about banding together and exterminating the Jews are militarily weak or have no offensive capacity and in reality have warm and friendly relations with Israel. Are these nations corrupt? Yes, of course, exactly like the United States and Israel.
Many of these nations have been found working closely with Israel.
Whether Israelis live as Europeans and behave as monsters while some of the oil rich states we use in comparison, ‘brutal and backward’ shouldn’t influence American policy. America placed Israel in the Middle East as a state that could live above any and all law, extradition, nuclear regulation, money laundering restrictions or any other civilized international convention for a purpose, much as the US created the primitive dictatorships that keep the oil flowing. These bizarre and corrupt states serve the interests of a corrupt oligarchy that now controls much of the world.
A subtext of deception and manipulation has pushed the world into a cycle of economic collapse fueled by debt, powered by war, a subtext keeping the world in poverty and chaos with one purpose, the accumulation of power without intelligence and reason.
Terrorism is an expression of ignornance, anger and poverty. The Bush administration and its friends in Israel and elsewhere combined terrorism, deception and religious insanity into a stew meant to facilitate the creation of a biblical monstrosity designed to bring about the “end times” and the destruction of secular society and all democratic states.
Is this what Israel wanted? Do Jews all await the time when they are forced to convert to Christianity or die, the real aim of the American “Taliban?”
A good look at what the world and America in particular has become clearly shows that if terrorism didn’t exist, we would invent it.
Another good look will show that, in fact, when terrorism lacked organization or the ability to strike at targets in the US and Europe, intelligence agencies which had long penetrated every terrorist organization on earth, infact took control of many of them.

Why would governments war on their own people? There are always reasons and justifications for everything. “We kill a few thousand people but build a more secure world that will keep us safe (and rich with cheap oil and heroin) for decades.”
Today, it has become simple to recognize the criminals who lead us. If a military leader tells you that opium has to be protected, though it causes more suffering than any war and most diseases, you know you are hearing a criminal.
When you hear a politician talk about Afghanistan, carefully avoiding taking responsibility for massive increases in drug trafficking under US control, assume he or she is involved.
When a terrorist moves from one country to another through the toughest airports in the world while Nobel Prize winners sit in detention for hours because a “suspect” somewhere has the same last name they do, you know this government is working in support of terrorism.
When you see a politican on television talking about heroes, heroes in a war protecting no one, heroes in a war meant only to live on itself, killing spending and growing as though it were alive, talking war but never addressing the cause of war or the cost of war, you are seeing a criminal.
Every individual that profits from war, be they arms manufacturers or military officers who know how to smile in photographs and fight unsuccessfully, sacrificing the lives of others year after year or even the media that cheers it all on, a media more responsible for breeding hate than any Madrassa, as Glen Beck and Ann Levensohn Coulter prove every day, is criminal, is complicit and should be required to pay a sacrifice equal to their crime.
If terrorism didn’t exist, would we invent it? Was terrorism invented to replace the Cold War?
Are all intelligence and security agencies involved in terrorist acts? How can American or Israel or even Indian groups recruit Islamic terrorists? How can the tiny nation, Israel, push America into war and economic collapse?
Who is served by terrorism? If our own governments helped create terrorism, was it done to instill a regime of oppression under the guise of “keeping us safe?”
Has terrorism raised the profits of arms and oil fiends and lowered our standard of living? How many countries are now drowning in debt? How has terrorism managed to impoverish only the world’s middle class? Why has the one nation that complains most about terrorism gained the most from it?
How many millions more are living in poverty and ignorance while billions are spent to end the terrorism we only seem to be fueling?
How much less free is the world, how much more are we all watched, listened to and threatened in our daily lives because of the business of profiting from terrorism?
Who are the real terrorists?


Hi everyone!

Glennmurphy – Great post! You make an interesting argument from a perspective I have not considered which seems to make simple biological sense.

I also highly recommend everyone to view David’s 2012 Event Horizon video series on his website. It covers a wide spectrum of important topics and refers to credible sources that make debating a skeptic easier…

Thanks for the great posts here!



dang !



Thanks for posting those messages over the last couple of blogs.

I know people from various forums either accept the messages or say they are from the CIA/PTB, however I really love what they say and if anything, it is something which I send my own positive power of intent to come about.

I hope with all my heart that as many people as possible wake up and realise there is a truly wonderful, if not magical path to be on right now. I try to subtly let people know what “this” is all about however all to often I see the glazed look come over their faces. I will soldier on though!

Thanks again for the uplifting posts my friend!



Hey Ben and All,

what I question is the “one million” number. What, they just showed-up via email at the immigration websites of these nations? (The only way I could imagine a “count” being made at all)

I’m not doubting the exodus from within the ranks, SVALI, JOHN TODD, and “Political Ponerology”, By Lobechewski clearly explain the sociopath/psychopath symbiotic relationship, which is echoed by the denigration of one’s Humanity in the ritual abuse and sacrifice of children.

That anyone retaining ANY Humanity within would seek escape from such a system is plain common sense. So what we are seeing here is a system of Human denigration gone so absolutely insane that within their own(and owned)progeny there is arising a “sanity mutation”, divergent from their own programming just as kids of my generation (60’s+70’s) rebelled against parents blindly following our by-then completely Zionist government into the decimation of south east Asia, simply because they were unthinkingly supportive of “America-right or wrong”.

I’m looking at a DNA-driven “immune response” to suicidal insanity, expressing itself as resistance to insane aggression, (which is ALWAYS driven by the 18%of ANY population that should NEVER have power (Lobechewski) but always goes straight for it, as an expression of their insanity and the particular symbiosis of socio/psychopaths in hierarchical structures), arising again and again through the generations that leads us back to an impulse for Humanity at peace, on Earth.

It is as if the real struggle on the planet right now is an inner one on a global level to recognize that due to whatever reasons, about a fifth of the population has to be recognized as utterly without conscience, self-restraint, human values, or any compulsion to simply mind their own damn business and leave other well-adjusted people alone.

This further indicates an intrusive element of parasitic or predatory nature, operating in the Human Mental Environment, which has clearly demonstrated its’ ability to penetrate a consistent percentage of the human population for it’s own ends, and raises the specter in my mind that we must address the possibility of something approaching and infectious contagion in nature.

It makes NO SENSE to a healthy Human Being to ritually murder a child, and even less to have designated “Breeders”, women within the “group” who are tasked for the use of providing children from their own bodies to be consumed in such murderous ritual.

This is INHUMAN, or NON-HUMAN in nature. So, how does a consistent percentage of any population become so “infected”? How does that percentage (reportedly 1-3% SEE SVALI)engage and manipulate the additional 17-15 % of a population (SEE “POLITICAL PONEROLOGY”) with socio/psychopathic tendencies to provide the elaborate “Cover” structure for these core Human sacrificers?

From whence does this infectious structure, so organized, so parasitic, and so SUCCESSFUL in controlling and damn near taking down Humanity On Earth, COMETH?

That it manifests, functions, and expresses it’s destructive results from the Mental Environment, through Control Of Human Society, via Secret Societies, based on Human consumption, suggests far more to me than some Jewish cabalistic origin here on Earth. Perhaps the SYMPTOMATIC EXPRESSION of the contagion in an infected Human manifests as what we call a “cabalistic zionist Jew”.

That the Human family exists throughout the galaxy, that our “distant relatives” are manifesting their presence here in all of our “New Age” lore and culture, that we are being prepared in The Mental Environment, to accept such possibilities as the incumbent-upon-us recognition of this extended “Human Family”, and the Greater Reality it most assuredly implies, and that all the above MAKES SENSE when we look up at night, suggests to ME that this Human-consuming parasitic infection of a predictable percentage of the population has triggered not only a DNA-activated Immune Response within the self-propagating-thereby inbred sacrificial ranks, but an INTERSTELLAR IMMUNE RESPONSE consisting of an Alarm that the infection has threatened Earth, and now requires the attendance to it by those members of the Human Family and their established allies who no longer reside exclusively on Earth, and have faced this contagion before, successfully.(Cliff High’s “Breakaway Race”?)

And if you read carefully between the lines in the exchange between myself and Mr. Salle of the Office Of International Treasury Control, posted in the comments of Ben’s last post, you will see admission of same facts confirmed, BY HIM.

Think about it. How many “Zombie” movies do we have to see to get it? (“Zombies” ALWAYS-WHAT????Consume Humans…)

Thus, I submit to all of you esteemed thinkers and Truthseekers here on the fastest-on-their-feet cognitive blogsite I know of, what the claimed “Million Satanists” exodus truly implies is a “Jig-Is-Up” awareness by the Human-infecting contagion itself, which knows from experience it has been eradicated from Human populations elsewhere, and those Humans have sent emissaries here at this time, in response to the DNA-triggered Interstellar Immune Response Alarm, and they have come equipped with the means to put an end to the infection here.



Thanks for the post Ben.

It gets very frustrating watching these morons destroy our beloved planet and anything and everything in it.

@ beatbox151 – I am right with you on all you have said there, thanks for the inspiring words and also the spiritual position you have taken in addressing what you have.

If anyone has not seen it yet, I strongly advise you to watch David Wilcock’s new video on you tube entitled 2012 Event Horizon. Its long, very informative and the many cases he puts forward are scientifically proven so there can be no doubting it.

The wait is nearly over especially as 2012 is rapidly approaching. I looked up an archive invoice for a customer at work today and I remembered them like it was yesterday. It was dated Feb 2001!! Time is speeding by, enjoy the ride!

Thanks for all your comments.


@ David,

“I do imagine they would be deeply concerned right now. There is very little, if any forgiveness or desire for amnesty in most people’s minds — something I, like Ben, have tried diligently to change.”

i agree with you about forgiving them, as that can only benefit our own souls progression, and it’s something i ponder often…but i fully disagree that they should not be held accountable and dealt with in a proper legal manner if that’s what you are saying. we are all accountable for our actions and the consequences they produce, and by all means so should they be (even especially so, as they’ve been intentionally working against the whole of humanity for…how long?). they must not be left free to their devices after all is said and done, as all they know is deceit and plunder of the innocent for thier own control. i don’t need thier heads on sticks, but maximum security life imprisonment w/ no chance for parole is i think more than fair and as humane a thing as is possible for such beings.

if i misunderstood your point earlier, my apologies. by the way, i find your work truly amazing and mind-opening. thanks sincerely for all you do.



This posting is for those who like Galactic Messages…….

SaLuSa 10-May-2010

You know that open contact with you is inevitable, and only held back until there is an official announcement that allows us to come to you. As matters on Earth reach new levels of disruption and indicate worse predicaments than previously, we hear your pleas for us to arrive more quickly and give immediate help. We are ever at the ready, but we ask that you continue to give out your thoughts and prayers for release from the maelstrom that threatens you. The more you build up the energy of intent that we should come; it will help manifest conditions that will result in such action. It is tied in with the Law of Attraction, and as individuals or collectively you get what you focus upon. Suddenly you are seeing so much happening at once and the truth is emerging all around you, and there is an awareness of what is behind it. The once hidden is being revealed and as long as you can spot the disinformation, you will get a clearer picture of the direction of Mankind. Nothing will ever be quite the same, and it is not in your interests to return to the old paradigm.

By Divine Decree you are to be present to witness the end times, and are all part of the process of Ascension. As you begin to understand the implications for you personally, it will become quite clear that you are already in the midst of irrevocable changes. Your old reality has served you well, by showing you what happens when your creations are not wholly based upon the manifestation of Light. Over millennia you have attracted the lower vibrations, and instead of building a paradise upon Earth have allowed the dark Ones to take control. Whatever their degree of success in enslaving you, it was never going to be complete and ultimately their plan was doomed to failure. What you are seeing now is the very demise of their cabal, and with each day it is collapsing into the abyss that they have created for themselves.

Yet for all you have gone through and the number of lives you have spent on Earth, it has given you the opportunity to evolve much quicker than you would otherwise have done. No experiences are without some lessons for every soul involved, and that is what you will take with you into the higher dimensions, Memories of the hardships, pain and sorrow will soon fade away and have no place in your future. Forget and forgive those experiences that still hurt, and concentrate on the most wonderful reality that is being formed now for you to move into Ascension. Peace, happiness and tranquility are the natural conditions that are created in the higher dimensions that you are going to enter. We know that some of you are concerned about the destiny of family and friends, but do not spend too much time trying to understand it. All of their life plans have already addressed the question of their future, and if you are to stay together then that will come about. Allow for freewill to determine how souls map out their future, and be grateful for any contact you have had with those you love. It is a link that will never be broken, and your relationships will always be able to continue.

Before the end of this cycle, everyone will be clear as to the opportunity Ascension offers. If some souls have decided they are not yet ready, they will leave the Earth to continue their experiences elsewhere. Freewill is a wonderful tool that allows you to choose how quickly you progress, and if desired repeat lessons over again. So Dear Ones do not pressurize or coerce another soul to follow your path. All will eventually reach the same goal, and time is of no consequence where it is concerned. Indeed, you will be moving into timeless dimensions when you ascend, where the past, present and future are one. As you prepare for Ascension you will find that you rely less on the accepted way of measuring time, and it will have less importance to you. That is how it is changing and you will find you are living more in the Now.

The more you can go with the flow the easier it will be to accommodate the changes. Be open to them and where you understand what is to happen, keep your focus upon all that is good and wholesome that benefits all. Once the changes really get going, it will be quite hectic but well organized as you will see. Clearly you want rapid changes so that any inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Be assured that the Galactic Federation are the masters of implementing whatever is required to establish the new paradigm. No task is considered as overwhelming or beyond our technological capabilities. You are to see it at work very soon, and they will be remarkable times by any previous standards. They will be joyful and bring you abundance, health and all that has been denied you by the Illuminati that will restore your quality of life. Most importantly your sovereignty is to be returned, and that will be high on our list.

You are to us as children and need guidance through the remaining period of the cycle. You have often played with danger and like parents we have watched you carefully, but we have seen you learn from your experiences. You would never learn if we stepped in every time you were likely to get your fingers burnt. This is why we must allow you absolute freewill as to what you wish to experience. However, we carefully follow what you do, and are allowed to give you a certain measure of protection, and full protection where a threat existed to the whole world. For example on more than one occasion within the last century, you have nearly destroyed it and we stepped in to prevent it. Now with your own space technology, your Space Wars strategy is extending any possible danger beyond your Earth, and it cannot be allowed to affect other civilizations. So you will understand that no matter how serious matters may appear, we will be monitoring the outcome for your protection.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and on behalf of the Galactic Federation, can tell you that we are looking forward to our reunion when a new page of your history can commence. It is surely time to leave duality, as so many of you are already prepared and have moved your consciousness to a much higher level. You have purposefully moved on recognizing the pathway that will lead you out of duality. It requires your full attention to keep Ascension in your sights, as there are so many distractions. Have faith that God has your future planned, and you will be released from the dark Ones who are now being dethroned. Love and Light are your passports to freedom, and we are doing all we can to help uplift you. The Masters of the Rays also beam their Light to you, and it will help hasten your growth and the full opening of your chakras.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.


Newman – I signed up for his newsletter via email. The website link below also posts his newsletters. Take a look at NESARA Canada page and go through the postings to find past issues from POOFNESS.

ChrisB – I understand your insight into Poofness. The reason why I read and share his postings is because he has been validated by worthy individuals from the “inside”. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Darrel Freck and the “Restore America Plan”. Darrel has mentioned that Poofness speaks about 90% Truth in his postings. I do appreciate your views though and understand the frustration. I am just doing the waiting game like everyone else here, until disclosure . Then the Truth will be revealed and shall set those who listen, to be Free.


Both the bills,i.e. to audit feds yearly and to break the big banks got defeated.One should be be careful not to confuse zionist with jewish people.Any comment on Joseph moshe ?


The Illuminati: How the Cult Programs People
by Svali


Like I have said many times.

Give them all minimum wage jobs with no hope for advancement.

Let them eat only at McDonalds. They deserve to consume the filth they created.

Let them learn when they re enter the non physical.

The above is after all an incredible kindness compared to what they did to us.

PS: Sterilize them ALL.


Great post. The single best expose of all this is from ‘Svali’, and if you start doing searches on that name you’ll really find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

On a more positive side, I just came out with a new video, 2012 Event Horizon, under the YouTube account davidwilcock333.

I make a compelling case that these changes Ben is referring to are part of a greater overall energetic effect that is happening to our entire Solar System as we drift into a new region of the galaxy.

Svali said back in 2000 that there would be a “mass exodus” of people out of this group if they could escape with their lives. There is widespread and very serious discontent. Ben’s numbers correspond very nicely with Svali’s estimates of how many members this group actually has.

I do imagine they would be deeply concerned right now. There is very little, if any forgiveness or desire for amnesty in most people’s minds — something I, like Ben, have tried diligently to change.

– David


Ben – Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! May the LORD that you have uncovered with the Spirit of Truth Bless you , your family, and us, here toghether,that defend : Life , Liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the Light of The Spirit of our original Constitution .
To all ; Go no further today, until you read Parts l & 2 of the link ( The Hidden Tyranny) in in Ben’s post on 5-10-10. Citing the dovetailing and explaining the whole of the evil seedline’s history, that brought forth the current clamity of man , from those lions of the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’ which is Satan.We must root all of these from our congregation. It reveals what The FATHER (Gen 2 – “The Tree Of Life ” , considered as the approved activity of HIS Elect servants of HIS WORD, THEIR CONSTANT VIGILANCE in EXPOSING those that are of HIS nemmisis Satan, AND HIS FOLLOWERS seeds, The Kennites , sons of Cain, his (Satan’s) offspring . The two approved ‘servant churches’ those congregations that were at Philaelpia and Smyrna . Revelations 2 : 9-10 / Revelations 3: 9-10. says that these approved ones teach their congregations to reveal those(VIGILANCE -ALWAYS, MY FRIENDS) that say that they are Holy Jews unto the LORD of HOSTS, but are : pretending,masquerading, as holy jews, ‘but are of their father , the Devil ‘ Yes, worshipers of Satan, greedy , mercenary stalkers of humanity .
The WORD of the LORD will come to pass as all that is declared in HIS word has and is to be fufilled according ‘the time that must be’ . FATHER GOD has made some time adjustments for HIS soddish children , to give the the hand up that we need I.E) The tribualtion period (shortened from 3 l/2 years & 3 l/2 years to five months – 1 hour ) will be l/2 hour GT (2 l/2 months, our time) lst period : Satan relaesed from heaven by Archangel Michael. Heaven rejoices,and the earth has received great woes. Yep , He is coming for a visit as ‘THE Great Pretender’ but an instead of CHRIST he comes with masterful solutions to beguile the SHEEPLE again and willingly, they follow him to hell. Some sheeple will never be God’s people .
The Second l/2 hour ( 2 l/2 months people time )Note : The first period of the event of Satan’s being cast down,was finalized by the death of the TWO WITTNESSES,after two weeks more , Beginning the of the Second l/2 hour period – THE TWO WITNESSES are resurected to the astonishment of the Abomination of Desolation that sits on the throne in Jerusalem and the real Christ and HIS ARMY come quickly and at that Second Coming , He will reign for 1000 years. After you have read Ben’s link The Hiden Tyranny, most of you will accept this presentation as a biblicl continuom of that presention. God Bless you all , that you may be HIS Child, for HE loved you so much , that he gave HIS only son to repair your fallen nature(soul) ,after the corruption of The LORDS children, both , Adam & Eve , by Satan in THE GARDEN OF EDEN . And Eve contiued to bear’ after presenting Cain- Satan’s own seed , then presented Abel, Adm’s seed . Note there is no Mosaic lineage for Cain , but for Seth , a next son in Adam’s line , then proceeding to CHRIST, even unto the Atoning Cross. Capter by Chapter , verse by verse , revealed in The real HOLY SCRIPTURES, which are confirmed in the earth and the stars.


@ casar1973 and chrisb: Thanks for posting. Your candor and common sense are needed here. Yes, I agree, “where’s the beef?” I was drawn to Ben in an effort to find a credible foreign “insiders” perspective on world events. Frankly I expected excellent journalistic substance in a subscription based service from a former Forbes Bureau Chief. I continue to hang on hoping for more than history, rumors and unsubstantiated claims, but am starting to have my doubts. It must be Ben’s fearless irreverence and charming optimism that keeps me tuning in.

@ horondaddy: Egads man! This “Poof” character’s newsletter was tedious to read at best. You did redeem your post with an interesting link however, so thanks for that.

@ Zules: you’re “1st”, congratulations.


Looking forward to a new world where ordinary people can live their lives in peace and quiet. A world where no “Masters of the Universe” can enslave people.


I had an idea for a reality TV show where we stick each offending member of congress, the white house, the federal reserve, the IMF, Treasury Dept, Bilderburg, CFR, and the senate with ALL of the world debt equally, then make them work at McDonalds for 2.50 per hr. to work that debt while the cameras roll.

Rupert Murdock turned me down…

However, in the spirit of the love and light that I firmly believe we will soon be apart of, I truely hope to meet you all on the other side. Perhaps we can all share something other than the latest atrocity. That would be nice….I guess in the end, we all must stay vigilant not to let the things that happen in these days scar us beyond repair. Remember to enjoy what comes after, and remember that if we all move on to a higher dimension, there will be many of US there with you, enjoying life the way all those who came before us faught, lived and died for. We will be there to see and witness the birth of a new life…a whole world.

We will never forget the lessons this world taught us, and just maybe in time we will be the ones liberating worlds from above. I feel a lot of gratitude towards life now…even in the midst of all this shit. Maybe that’s because I believe with every fiber of my being that we can all progress together…I want to see that more than anything.


500,000 dead in Haiti, and now this Gulf Of Mexico disaster they caused.The whole gulf will be dead-zone for decades.Mark my words. THEIR HEADS UPON PIKES, me sez….


Chrisb: 1/2 of my immediate family has died since 2005.




I can’t wait for the rats leaving the sinking ship to start pointing fingers and naming names. It will be year to celebrate when the Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate and the rest of the worlds private central banks are shut down. There is no doubt in my mind they are the single biggest cause of human suffering on this planet. Out with the old.. and in with the new.


Thanks harondaddy but Poof has as much crediblity as Santa Claus. It is not a dose of reality. It is a dose of sending him more money. He reports nothing of significance. Really.
The CIA agent expose only does what so many have done before which is open up a few eyes but Poof includes this kind of stuff to give any credibility to his posting. It is pretty much the only thing that is worth looking at. Nothing can be verified and nothing proven until FED is gone. Someone posting for the 1000th time about history being rewritten and shock therapy coming our way is really really getting old. 3/5 of my family has died during the checks are in the mail process so if we haven’t heard all this 1000 times before then our ears were clogged.


It is very good news that the Pentagon, the CIA and others have agreed not to take any military action against the American people.

But what of the plans to attack Iran later this year to start World War III? I hope this means the U.S. military is withdrawing its support for those plans as well. And I hope the ruling Satanists of Israel are also routed, to kill that plan for good.


We have read for ages, that the Bushes Clintons Kissengers
etc. etc. are on some kind of a hit- (arrest) list—while they
run around the countries giving their speeches—- maybe
the Contracts out–do not have a high enough price tag for
your Ninja’s—
Thanks for maintaining a positive attitude in your Reports,
with that dim light at the end of the tunnel—- when in REALITY—most of us know, that coming light is a FREIGHT TRAIN—–


this all sounds good but i’ve heard it before. keeping the faith however this sitting and waiting is killing me in increments. give me something to DO! sigh

cheers everyone. let’s hope this is really going down.


THANKS, Ben. Very much appreciate your reporting. Sounds like very good news when the Satanists are jumping ship big time.

The link in harondaddy by the ex-CIA officer mentioned that lots of CIA types were heading for Latin America. But I’m not sure of the timing of that — whether it was in the last year, or 2 years ago, etc.

Harondaddy: what is the best site for finding poofness stuff? Thank you!


if enough wives woke up in a bloody bed with a decaped husband (a.k.a. the scene in Godfather I) it’d step things up nicely. Ms. Blankfein should be the first 911 call. similarly “leverage” all heads of state to default on the fraudulently induced debt in one concerted move “or else”. there IS NO legal requirement to pay debt that was fraudulently induced. not all debt mind you, just the bogus debt. put the liability for the onus on those who participated in “obligating” their countries to it in the first place (as corporate law would require an executive acting outside his/her corporate powers). that’d “decap” the snake (GS/Fed.Reserve) nicely. just send in the ninja’s already, enough is enough.


@casar: It’s funny you mention Joseph Stiglitz. I recently had to read one of his books and write an essay on that very topic in one of my classes. Very interesting stuff.


Hi Everyone! Reality keeps getting stranger and more complex every time I read and research. Ben, your are the Man! Expose, Expose, Expose!!! See below for more information on Reality…..


Update From Poofness – Another Insider Like Ben…..

Greetings and Salutations;

I hope you’re having a fair day. The winds of change are blowing hard out here. Looking at the edges of the tapestry as the frays happen, cannot give the full appreciation of what’s happening in the big picture. The media blasts with picture and sound, the delivery, however. can dull the senses to the point of wanting to shut it off. Back up and see the whole, it’s not as complicated as they make it sound. The illness in the world, that must be cured, is being cured right now, by addressing the carriers of the disease. Thus, the reason for name of this newsletter. I’m not fond of being a name dropper but I could drop many right now, who have been ringed around the tables negotiating for their futures. There was always a whole lot more to this massive banking shift than handing out money to people and more work than anyone wants to fathom. Here’s a man addressing part of the problem that’s been dug in for a long time;

What you are seeing right now, with your eyes and hearing with your ears is, what I’ve been warning about for years and wondering when ‘they’d’ pull the trigger, starting a physical avalanche to end all the crap. Impossible, some have told me thru the years, over my own awareness. I did stop saying so much about it because nothing like physical proof would ever get thru and bring ‘substance’ to the ‘abstract’. I heeded the words, ‘it doesn’t matter what you know, just hold that torch up til we get it done’. When I see us going past the markers that were on that old map given me nearly 30 yrs ago, my sick sense of humor rejoices, when I hear the howls get louder. The powers aren’t going after us specifically but our attention is being gotten so americans are never lazy about tending their constitutional republic, again. Your politician is no better than mine if they just went along with the good old boys club and took their payola. These guys have to start raising money again as soon as they win an election, so why is any of this stuff a surprise. Used to be a politician had a ‘job’ and didn’t spend all their time in washington or new york. Guess what, we are going back there and the howls are getting louder. Poor babies.

This is not just america, the whole world will be addressing their own issues in their countries. I found it very interesting about the election in britain, they chose a ‘no body’, they voted for their own ‘obama’. Change of a myriad of things is in the atmosphere and it’s making everyone jittery. It really comes down to one thing, money, who has it and who doesn’t. The chinese just pulled one and all any of these talking heads can talk about is maybe the housing bubble blowing over there in the fall sometime. Hey they just handed you your butt and you think they ‘may’ have a blow up. I got one thing to say to all these talking heads, 5000 years of civilization and written language. Never mind they have been watching the west for centuries and loaned them the gold to get running….are ya stupid? Any economist worth his salt will tell you, if china sneezes, the west catches a cold, they just don’t like to admit it in public. Everyone who’s anybody has been running in and out of hong kong, like it’s the last place on earth, why? They who have gold rule, it’s that simple. We aren’t talking ‘coolies’ here, so unthink that crap we’ve been lead to believe about china.Matter of fact, they are the one’s insisting on those announcements, when the moment strikes. They are much more aligned with the native americans view point then anyone knows, generally. I saw a recent navajo statement and it was almost like getting an update! It’s time for the rise of ‘turtle island’. Damn, I love it, when a plan comes together!

There’s a whole lot of bed wetting going on and folks losing control of their bowels. A whole lot of emoting is rolling thru here and people dealing with their own excruciating internal stuff. Hey, I know, there’s ‘poof’, I’ll dump my guts on his email. Somebody, for God’s sake gotta Hear me! LOLOLOLOLOL…who ya tellin? I came out of the ‘seamy’ side and you don’t know half of it yet but you will and then, you can sit down, like a I did years ago and decide what you’re going to do with ‘knowing’, or run off in the sunset screaming and hollering, throwing hands and arms, every which way…yelling..NO NO NO!!!!! There’s no reason for anyone of you to be concerned about your own lot in this life, your concerns will be what you’re going to do with the sudden shift. Now, I would advise that you just get your stuff, then sit a moment after you’ve handle some immediate stuff, and chill out. You will have just had you gray matter blown apart, you need a moment. But I know, all the ‘tough guys’ will try diving into the middle of the roll of the waters and try negotiating the waters, following old methods and that will be quite embarrassing. Order a drink!!!! The sky is now below your feet. The gps just went nuts!

Ok, folks, there, I got another (puff puff) newsletter out of this cranium(music playing in the background). No I didn’t answer the questions most paramount, ‘how much and when?’…even tho I really did, and you have to put the puzzle together to ‘grok it’. Smile, your wait is at an end, looking for some final confirmations, and it’s all over for me. The Poofman shuts his face(I’m really tired of this) and will be dropping this like a bad habit, time to ‘live life worth living’ and may all of you grin like you never grinned before. If you need to check on the us, hey satellite tv is international. It won’t be hard to keep up. Nashville..floods…know that neck of the woods…indonesia…a 7.2 went off…date line, world is rocking, get a good hand hold. Switch o change o…little humor,

Consultations upon request thru this email address. Donations needed and accepted at account

‘Jah trod ‘pon babylon’

Love and Kisses,


CIA Officer Explains New World Order’s Demise


First Crop Circle Appeared Recently this May 2010………


Satantic Celebration Calenders Take Notes in your Communities Folks! May 8/10


So Ben is it all going diwn after another round of funding from the FED which is what they are doing right now. Printing more and sending it off. Yippeeeeeeee more oney woth nothing but apparently something they feel will work.

Federal Reserve opens credit line to Europe

By JEANNINE AVERSA, AP Economics Writer Jeannine Aversa, Ap Economics Writer – 33 mins ago
WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve late Sunday opened a program to ship U.S. dollars to Europe in a move to head off a broader financial crisis on the continent.

Other central banks, including the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank and the Bank of Japan also are involved in the dollar swap effort.

The move comes after the European Union and International Monetary Fund pledged a nearly $1 trillion defense package for the embattled euro, hoping to calm jittery markets and halt attacks on the eurozone’s weakest members. The ECB also jumped into the bond market Sunday night, saying it is ready to buy eurozone bonds to shore up liquidity in “dysfunctional” markets.

The Fed’s action reopens a program put in place during the 2008 global financial crisis under which dollars are shipped overseas through the foreign central banks. In turn, these central banks can lend the dollars out to banks in their home countries that are in need of dollar funding to prevent the European crisis from spreading further.

The Fed said action is being taken “in response to the reemergence of strains in U.S. dollar short-term funding markets in Europe,” and to prevent the spread of that strain to other markets and financial centers.

A so-called “swap” line with the Bank of Canada provides up to $30 billion. Figures weren’t provided for the other central banks. The arrangements are authorized through January 2011.

The debt crisis first erupted in Greece. Fears that it could spread to Spain, Portugal and other eurozone countries. The crisis has pushed up demand for the U.S. dollar and has sharply weakened the value of the euro, the currency used by 16 European countries. Eurozone ministers and the IMF this weekend approved a $140 billion rescue package of loans to Greece for the next three years to keep it from imploding.

The Fed had wound down these crisis-era programs with other central banks in February, along with other emergency programs to get lending flowing more freely again and return stability to financial markets. At that time, financial strains in the United States were easing, and the Fed began to take steps to move policy closer to normal.

It also had begun to lay out a plan to reel in the unprecedented stimulus money pumped out during the crisis. The Fed’s balance sheet ballooned to $2.3 trillion, more than double where it stood before the crisis struck. The program reopened on Sunday will expand the Fed’s balance sheet, economists say. However, the program poses little credit risk to the Fed because the arrangements are with other central banks, they added.


The next level of fractal has been broken. Gulf oil spill (which was no accident) was the climax. Lots of messy bits to clean up now. Financial bits, legal bits, oil bits…

There is a long road till the end of 2012, but the backbone of evil has been broken. Only details remain. Stay positive. Expose the criminals behind the under water oil volcano.

Let love prevail on each and every descending level of fractal and a glorious new living environment is ours.

wild hominoid


good post casar… I think you nailed to Kissinger thing on the head. Like this isn’t eagle eye where Kiss just slips the $100 Bills through the machine. First of all carrying two suitcases full of money would give him a heart attacking just thinking he might lose it and we all know he can;t check them in as the airport baggage guys would steal the money along with my golf balls out of my bag and he would be out all this money. It was probably Martha Kissinger the world famous bagel chef. Just a case of mistaken identity.


I don´t buy into all this information at the level of details but there are sentiments that may be parsed in different ways. Henry Kissinger trying to escape with some cases with cash must of course be just a cartoonish character assassination. I think that would be beyond his dignity, even if he´s a wicked one.

The ones seemingly getting screwed are those tied to the ends of the Fed and the corporate ladders, the runners. However IMF and the Worldbank are not death threatened yet as far as I know, neither is the BIS/ECB per se and they too rush for the world governance, that is known.

So it seems to me that the masterplan concerning a new world order has used several horses, one fails, then the other picks up and the ones still on their legs are absolutely running for it. Jospeh Stiglitz who was vice president at the Worldbank has stated officially that the Worldbank/IMF uses anti-democratic means to collapse and consolidate economies to pave the way for one world financial order under their rule. When a nations economy collapses they enter with their loan which is practically just a matter of purchasing the nations power structure.
He even coined the term “IMF riots” as a part of their tactics.


The white hats should have enough power to produce a tv channel that is exclusively devoted now to exposing these satanists.






Let the ride begin, it has already. Those with eyes open have readied their families. Keep us up on the events, as each day now is a challenge for all Ben! Bless All Freedom Fighters Throughout The World!!!


ChrisB, you are funny as can be. What degree Nonja are you.
Chris…27th degree ninja warrior but cannot throw the stars yet as that is 28th. I have killed more argathans than shirley temple ( the drink). I jump from roof top to roof top assassinating assasins who are assasinators who are new.

THanks, what training did you have???
Ninja Chris… Basic online training through Detective Magazine.
The Ninja Yell takes over a year to get right. The face making is quite an extensive course also. I can smile with arrogance and create instant fear from people. MMA guys would never stand a chance with a ninja cause we also use darts. Sometimes dipped in Viagra . More… I have to go to the bathroom, Be back shortly.


Thanks for the history lesson but my question is, many thought the FED was already being audited by Interpol. Kissinger leaving with Cash?????? Now where was that verified??? Seeing how this guy was traveling all over the planet where was he stopped and where is he now?? We already now what the plan is, so to cut the head off the serpent or cut the head of the snake we have only heard that 1000 times. The question Ben was during the week there were these negotiations,what happened to that??? The history lesson is Poof’s thing so we came to you for some dirt. Where’s the Beef?? We know they are scared. Clinton looks scared every time he comes to Vegas to play golf. He is so scared he is stealing the from the banks in haiti. He looked relly scared when he and Bush did their infomercial for relief money. Pelosi looks scary but not scared and Hillary has always been scary but to arrigant to be scared. Sooooo Ben who is scared?????? We know they are all Satinists so what is the real news besides checks are coming. How did you arrive at that??? We are left once again holding our breath for nothing we can put our teeth into. Can’t wait for Sheldan now as the Gallactic guys are coming down for the rescue. They have been negotiating for weeks now too. I wonder who they are negotiating with. I wondercoould they be negotiating with the people in RAP. LOL Another weeks goes by and my ninja outfit is still in the closet. Ahhyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee


Buckle up people. We going for a ride!


Looks like the roller coaster is reaching it’s peak before we go for a ride. Hold on to your hats. Let the revolution begin.