Why the battle over the $1 trillion in bonds will decide the future of the planet

The world’s top powers are all paying extremely close attention to the case of $1 trillion in bonds now missing in Italy because whoever gets to cash them will suddenly have enormous geopolitical power. The owners of the Federal Reserve Board syndicate are hoping to be to cash their quadrillions or quintillions (the numbers are absurdly unrealistic) in fraudulent derivates and thus make the cashing of a few Asian gold backed $ trillions worth of bonds into a trivial issue. Most of the countries in the world will not accept this fraud and so the stalemate continues. Last week’s meetings in Washington and at the BIS failed to resolve this issue so more intense horse-trading is expected this week.

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Sierra on September 26, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

I was an active reader of Chris Story intelligence bulletins, and I can tell you I was shocked when I learned about his sudden death only to rejoyce sometimes after when I found out the story was a fake. He’s leaving a huge gap behind him no one will ever be able to fill like he did! Hope he’ll remain active in one way or the other and provide us with good information. BTW for what newspaper or organization do you work?



@ Merek
Thank U so much for sharing your wisdom and love no matter if we allready made some of our homework or still are holding on to induced beLIEve-systems.
It’s so seldom to read someones comments without the need to take care of /spit out the fish bone in the Borscht.


New post by Ben.


Great Stuff for your consideration .
we’re waiting for the Calvary to swoop down from Washington and save us ­ something that could take a while ­ we might consider setting up some state-owned banks. The Bank of North Dakota, currently the country’s only state-owned bank, is very stable and very profitable, returning a 26% dividend to the state. A bank of that sort could be an attractive investment for all those state and local rainy day funds, pension funds and other local government funds looking for greater returns from the low-risk investments allowed by their legislative mandates. We need to set up some banks that serve the needs of the real economy rather than those of Wall Street bankers, brokers and their super-rich clients for yet more bonuses, bailouts and paper profits. State-owned banks could fill the role the Wall Street banks have declined to fill, providing an effective credit engine for state and local economies.

Ellen Brown is an attorney and the author of eleven books. In Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free, she shows how the Federal Reserve and “the money trust” have usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back. Her websites are webofdebt.com, ellenbrown.com, and public-banking


Once again….Thank you merek! You’re doing the work!
I’ve spent 35+ years researching these same things – 14yrs on my frivolous “Piled Higher and Deeper”, Philosophy of Religion.
I can’t abide organized religion because of the ego BS inevitably involved, my own included…especially the Aryan Paternalistic pack of lies foisted on us by those who have lost their very humanity. No way I wouldbecome a priest or parson these days of the increasing transparency…all things coming to the light of Divine Truth.
Blissings, cfree


The World Health Organisation recently announced that the swine flu pandemic is over. Unfortunately, there is a new threat: NDM-1 bacteria.

Lancet Infectious Diseases reports that 50 cases of people infected with this new superbug – potentially more of a risk to hospital patients than the notorious MRSA – have so far been identified.


Dear Rebbeca, Thank you so much for the kind words I have by my life of fun ,travel ,adventure and education have spent years away from the normal movements of our present society. giving me years worth of compulsed reading and Research on which to place my opinions and by trying to REALLY do the detective work to uncover the truth of the most important issues of faith but not blindly accepting the sermons preached by clergy or devotees unexposed to the mountains of historical research
now being gathered from recent translations of the real documents uncovered by researchers all over the world.
If My memory serves me well as my Dyslexia makes spelling
reversals of my offerings look almost illiterate!
Spell checkers also severely limit my spoken vocabulary.
So I remain a speaker and researcher for my incredibily driven need to know and so far ,the good Masters ancient and suppressed words sustain my efforts. these words and those of his close followers have given me strength to face and survive War ,Natural disasters, Hurricaines at sea and usually deadly diseases.,This has allowed me to continue to try to bring a element of well researched truths to the present Church created and invented
errors and historical malapropisms.
My current religious censor and vocal believer ,the very bright person in the body of Hope springs, who has arrived here recently with volumes of information and the most vocal opponent and closed minded opponent of my free will offerings regarding the
growth of the “Christ killing” elements of the organized
Churches of today.
thanks for trusting my humble offerings and may we all go in wisdom of the Divine .

Hope springs, while I offered page and place to find real accounts ,often suppressed and hidden ,by the real characters involved in creating the Roman Church ,Many here wonder how ,for example, can the Jesuits, work against truth
and support a religious killing group like the
Illumanati and their lucerferian mystical belief’s?
It’s because they as insiders, and the most educated clergy
in the church, All or most have PHD’s have access to the secret Vatican library
and they know that their Church is the longest surviving
monarchy of mind control based on myth and this allows them to continue to oppress ,subjugate,and use as sex toys their unsuspecting children and get away until very recently with mass murder .
The Protestant movement depending on their “Bibles” that had no access to the telling ancient texts hidden away or not yet found are hunting without ammunition.This sadly reduced the true picture and truthful accounting to almost continous religious fable among “Fundamentalists” and their ilk.

Your hammering of Thomas ,Yesua’s twin and best beloved ,
is worthy ,regarding his attitude towards women is true however all of Yesua’s followers resented his “Better love of Mary , Martha and Mary Magdaline( the later church fathers in order to escape the costs of supporting priestly families, maligned the good and holy Mary ,Yesua’s best beloved as a reformed Whore is absolute “poppy cock: used to justify the rejection of married priests for single boy loving priests and bishops priests in red dresses Blood red like their muderous history and to avoid furthering the rival and more pure “Gnosis” of God.
You can ask any Rabbi if producing children was very important to their faith ,All Rabbi’s would have had wives to even produce and continue their Tribe as mandated. this also applies to the Rabbi Yesua

The fact that you cannot understand this element of truth from the recently uncovered and translated bible “called the Nag Hamadi” means you should try to uncover the truth even if it goes against your most sacred imposed beliefs.

I have been posting my take on the formation of Christianity and it is obvious that you have not been here long enough to have read my hundreds of replies, should you pull all my responses to view I think you might develope a deeper understanding, for example your touting the murderous
and misoginistic Paul who became the “Elmer Gantry of the battle between the Jewish reform movement carried on by James the Just and Thomas and Mary and the ultimate control
that Roman used to keep the truth hidden that was so very threatening to the entrenched brotherhood who loved filling their bread baskets with the “widows mites” extraced from ignorant and unlettered faithful.

Paul and John of Patmous the creator of the sperious and widely rejected faux gospel of the same name severly plagerized the Mysteries of Osirus and Isis when creating his “Revelations” stolen from the
Sybil of Tarquin , seeing your blind and
unresearched rejection of my position make me also wonder if we should reject much of your other offerings?

No…… ,because you may really know more about the present threatening situation than me however your religious expositions based on flawed late texts and your claimimg knowledge while never offering sources leads me to believe you are only interested in believing your own busy take and opinions on your faiths pseudo history.
Years ago I learned the Green Beret primary directives
that served me well , One of these I share with you . “Assumptions are the mothers of all F*ckups”

If you had offered your latest responses to me as a student paper at bible school or college without the sources listed, I would have to flunk you,sadly, as you have not done the required homework this I must do for your offered opinions regarding church history.! Before you waste your energy to respond please look to the many sources I have noted over the past year on this blog and do your homework please! “The truth is out there somewhere” ,bring your notebook and your shovel and go to work, The truth will set you free. As I write this I have an oil lamp discovered in the city of the Annunaki, “Dilmun”
of the Akkadians who authored the creation legends stolen by Genesis sitting on my desk,I recovered it on my travels throught the middle east. with this lamp I am reminded that I must try to illuminate some of the current
errors of religious history.

I think you will find that your knowledge of your adopted faith will grow geometrically when you dig deep yourself
and try to be a little more open to the huge amount of research being done today, a little of which I have been offering freely and sharing here without any hidden agenda.
As It Always Was.


Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the world’s best-selling weedkiller Roundup, (VN: MONSANTO also ring a bell? They have a ready round up “marker” in the actual seed itself) causes malformations in frog and chicken embryos at doses far lower than those used in agricultural spraying and well below maximum residue levels in products presently approved in the European Union. This is reported in research (1) below, published by a group around Professor Andrés Carrasco, director of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology at the University of Buenos Aires Medical School and member of Argentina’s National Council of Scientific and Technical Research.


I am lead to believe that the next 4 days are critical.I am lead to believe that we should expect anything.
I want to say how privileged I have been to read all your thoughts. You are all a part of my life now .
all I can say is
God bless


Thanks for feed back– I guess they work on percentages–
Knowing that only a small percentage of people will ask for their
money back. I would demand it back, whether a hassel or not,
so they would not get the satisfaction of shafting you–
They probably knew you were going to ask for a refund even with
the parts list.
Thanks again for your feed back–


September Surprise Warned To Shock The World


UN to appoint Earth contact for aliens


Edge on September 27, 2010 @ 11:22 am

I bought the plans and when I downloaded them there was no parts list, hard to make something without knowing what they use.
I requested a refund and it came through without delay or questions. The only thing that did bother me about the refund was that I told them there was no parts list and why I wanted the refund and they did not address that or even seem to notice or care. Just my experience!!

Love/Light and Peace!



Yes, Lamare would be the rite person to talk to.
Thanks for your input–it sounded too good to be true—
I’ve been down that road before, that is why I was questioning
it. Although a person might get his money back, it’s a hassel. Thanks again—

Edge, KSA, Mchael: Found this feedback about the Tesla Secret Generator.
Maybe Lamare has some better info.
Comment by kohala889 on September 27, 2010 @ 10:45 am


Hi Ben and Y’All

I hope the U.N. and many of the member nations slap the crap outa the “Long Legged Mack Daddy” and tell him to turn around, and get outa the building,chastising him with you lack experience and couth, go back to your village in Kenya, you can be a tourist attraction there and make some honest money as the world’s most infamous impostor.


positivechange: Please see above. Blessings to ya


an exclusive Ben, leowanta ,jj & cfree & hopesprings. And you that have ears to hear and eyes to see, and yearn to know The I AM, Who I AM. I myself church with Pastor Arnold Murray, his ministry, “Shepherd’s Chapel. leowanta is a student, with high marks, I might add,and leo studies his presentaion of the bible ,in particular. ‘CHAPTER BY CHAPTER, VERSE ,BY VERSE. He really makes it come alive and will exspose you to many archeologically confirmed truths,meanings of biblical names(which were like a mini-broadcast),acrostics, The Three Earth Ages with astounding insight that garners excitement.You will be astounded by time-event relationships and revealed time tags that support benchmark dates you wish you always knew. I think that in a short time you wil reealize that new life has come into your dry bones. You will feel that you learned more about the bible in a month than you had missed over decades of previous biblical exposure.
Pastor Murray is a Marine Core Korean War ex-Gunnery Sargeant. A very congenial, endearing slightly pungent, fellow that still loves to tend to his farm in Arkansas.Does he have a photogenic memory, probably.He has virtualy hundreds of thousands of Chinese viewers via the internet. You have to experience this for yourselves. I affirm my highest endorsement of his teaching, best ever.——-wbstreck If you want the Real Christianity, as it should be explained and then taught, here is your genuine, super-fine opportunity.Be Blessed, and you are, at this reading !
I catch him Mon. to Fri. at 5:00 AM EST. Been getting up this early to watch his morning church for more thn 15 years. Two absolutely trippin books he has available at his ministry are, “Traditions of Glastonbury” and the “Stone of Scone ” both authored by E. Raymond Capt.
I have his “Companion Bible” compiled by Dr. Bullinger that is the crem de la crem of Bibles put together by Dr. Bullinger, one of the best ever Bible scholars , ranking along with Dr. Strong. Blessings .


Yes, we’ll stay in touch–Here where I live on the west coast,
six months of the year, it’s cloudy and wet, so solar is out–
not enough wind for windmills so the Tesla one seems like
the answer—Hope we can make it work for us—

Edge; Re: Sept 27 @ 3:44am
Thanks for the info. I’ve just procured this Tesla Secret: “How To Build Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator.” As this power unit is portable the prospects are great because have secluded cabins here in Hawaii and Alaska which are off-the- grid. I’ll keep in contact with ya, if you wish, let ya know the outcome. Respectfully.
Comment by ugmmichael on September 27, 2010 @ 10:33 am


Sunrvs, mahalo for the Hawaiian song (sept 25@10:57PM). Sorry but I am not able to translate. I did enjoy the Lilo and Stitch movie.


Netathome: “When the consciousness of the human race reaches critical mass, our earth will become a heaven!”


Rafael: “We created god in our own image and likeness! [George Carlin]”

Or maybe the Annunaki (sky gods) encouraged that belief?


Edge, KSA, Mchael: Found this feedback about the Tesla Secret Generator.
Maybe Lamare has some better info.


Merek: Many thanks for your well documented account of Constantine’s Council of Nicaea. Very informative. Your footnotes contrast with Hope’s lack of documentation.

[“not a word can be added or removed from the Word’]
Sounds like something the Council added upon completion of their work.


Hope: You write: “The world is now ours to re-create. Let’s agree that this discourse here are birth pains of a new life for us all.”

We can all agree upon that. SO BE IT!

Mahalo Everyone


I cannot see Jesus NOT leaving his genetic code. We may not know it but it is logical for Jesus to of had a kid.I believe he did. I can’t prove it but I am sure he left a child here.


Edge; Re: Sept 27 @ 3:44am

Thanks for the info. I’ve just procured this Tesla Secret: “How To Build Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator.” As this power unit is portable the prospects are great because have secluded cabins here in Hawaii and Alaska which are off-the- grid. I’ll keep in contact with ya, if you wish, let ya know the outcome. Respectfully.


The article of Sweden’s Pirate party displays a fundamental misunderstanding in the analysis. It fails to separate between the network infrastructure and the information or services provided through this network.

All information, services etc. on the internet are packed into tiny IP-packets. The network then brings these IP-packets to the right location.

There are so many mistakes in the statements that it is difficult to count them, but one interesting projection is the possible breakup of the internet according to geography and/or economic model. Here there is the failure of separating the network (technology) and economic models (society). Using them in the same sentence makes no sense. The internet can only break into different parts if the backbone connections are cut off and either the protocols altered (nonsense) or filters placed to control information flow, as in China.

Sure politicians can create this kind of havoc if they can pass the laws and order the ISPs/telcos but why are they then babbling about protecting civil rights and freedom of the internet?

Another one is Iceland, which has signed international treaties to copyright laws. They need to get rid of these signatures to setup an information haven. Have fun! Otherwise you can buy some servers, fill them with information and then hook them up with the internet. Voila, you have an information haven. But you still need to get out of the signed copyright treaties, which in itself has nothing to do with the internet or its infrastructure.

I guess we can get ready for another round of chaos concerning the internet.


jj, rebecca, suncrystal and all, re: Dr. Boylan, he seems to be OK. His LOC = 555, which is pretty high. His message, posted by JJ, above, tests as 100% true. Bit… I could be wrong.

As lonk to that Executive Order would be helpful, or is to classified?


cfree, your 8:46 “I love The Christ deeply, but for me church is like the ‘train station’. It’s important for those who need to get on the train, for the station to be there, open and well manned. However, I don’t enjoy anyone telling me that I need to be on the train and particularly which one to be on or else I’m damned forever. That’s just mindless fear-mongering…nothing Christlike in it IMHO.”

Thank you! So beautifully and well said. I feel just the same. Wow, thank you again! I think of it as the Christ Consciousness and it feels so right for me as I love Christ deeply as well.

Shoot me an email sometime will ya?! Take good care. When are you leaving for that float you’ve got planned?


KSA711 —
Thanks for your offer–my email is: Edge68@shaw.ca
I have a buddy working as a construction foreman and works
with or knows a few electricians– he can run the plans by one
of them and get their thought, after all we’re working with
120 volts —
I personally have come to the conclusion that these internet
adds are hipped up, and not quite as stated. I bought a set of
plans for a energy gen. about a year ago, and when I looked at
them, there was no way an average person could build one in
his home workshop—
Have you had any experience with the Tesla one, or what are your thoughts–
Thanks in advance and take care–
******************** edge************************

I paid the 49.00 for the E book Tesla Secrets give me your email and I send you a copy
Comment by ksa711 on September 27, 2010 @ 5:15 am


hopesprings We know about this Mary Magdellene hoax. But some con artists have a chance to exploit jades ones and make some bucks. Feed their obsessions, whatever shade of darkness, if it sells, they’re rubbing their greedy hands together. Something for the ‘Goats’ to muse over, stroking their nanny’s whilst they’re reading the latest scam libre. So , just like richardterra,who was barely on planet. We ignore their posts, as soon the tipping point of the surreal is encountered, or , rave is noticed ;and these wingnuts eventually go into a helio spin, way out into HYPER-space by offending many. 3-1 =2


Thinking of Ben’s post…seizure of Vatican $–Made MSM
Weirdness with the Queen’s finances
The Bush Sr./Obama/Queens payment fiasco in DC
The Dal Bosco $ trillion bond
So below gives me pause. Could be a take-down of Obama or real.

Hi, Folks –

Received from Wendy via e-mail – discernment is advised:


Well friends, the Obama led B.S. is continuing this morning.

Overnight he has “ORDERED” the U.N. to seize all funds and accounts and once again has threatened all recipients.

The U.N. has responded that they have no such authority.

Obama says he controls the U.N., all the Countries in the U.N. and the world itself both Militarily and Financially and they will do as he instructs and he could care less whether it is legal or illegal that all the U.N. has ever done has been illegal anyway. He went on to say that he and Hillary do not care whether the U.N. ‘has the authority or not, they will do as he instructs’.

Simultaneously he is fanning Financial Flames between China and Japan today attempting to put them at each others throats.

None of this is new. As each Theft/Trade/Sabotage effort fails he reverts to his “I am God, I am the Ruler of the World” position which we have experienced many times before. He may appear calm on television, behind the scenes he is pulling his hair out and in a more or less constant rage as is Hillary.

They continue to verbally “Bribe” every one in sight but can never deliver on their promises. They continue to insist that they will be able to access our accounts at any minute but can never deliver.

The U.N. and the Countries are back in his face this morning saying ‘you do not control the U.N., you have one vote’.

The Countries say ‘we control the U.N. not you’. He resorts to ‘Veto Power Threats’, others respond ‘you are not the only Country with Veto Power’.

The ‘Players’ are the same, their positions are the same, their alliances are the same as reported here for the last 18 months and now most of the world knows what Obama has done as is doing, all except, that is, those still so drunk on kool-aid they could not point north if their lives depended upon it.

The situation at this moment is that it is ‘Showdown Time’—again, this time between Obama and allies vs the U.N. and the Countries of the U.N.

This ‘Warfare’ is not new, just more visible and even more intense as Obama et al does every conceivable thing to retain CONTROL and their personal grip on power.

Yes, ‘Players’ such as the U.N. do ‘change hats’ from week to week.

WE can’t explain why, only report it as it happens.

casper 9-23-10



Iowa has been constantly flooded over the last few years. Is this not the bread basket–the heart of grain country?

Russia Wheat = Fire
US Wheat = Flood

Food shortage to follow.

Just sayin….

If this is the agenda in progress…
I am sick of this evil as I am sure you all are.

We have to watch HAARP very closely. Those microwaves that change the climate can be metered. Magnetometer for emps.
What tool can we use for microwaves? Same?

We need as an oppressed people to accumulate evidence so we can put these people away.

Everyone go and buy as much grain as you can–non GMO.
Quinoa (incredible source of protein), spelt, kamut (unbelievable delicious), hemp are great too.

I just read that Obama has shipped wheat out of the country. Can’t prove authenticity of this.
Hungry people can be controlled.


The marriage of Christ to Mary-Magdelene:

No scholar would support this. There is ZERO evidence for it.
It is the work of fiction.

Paul in the year 60 declares “Jesus the son of God with power” by his resurrection from the dead–not in the year 325 as opponents i.e. the DaVinci Code would have you believe.

Not very detailed but I will back this up later.

It’s easy to back story anything when witnesses are all gone. Look for text authenticity and scholarly review of all text.


Europe strikes out in austerity drive

Radical European plans to fine governments that hide from painful cuts crash headlong into strikes and protests this week as labour leaders flag up the human cost of austerity.


Italian bank chief’s exit sparks concern

The ouster of Alessandro Profumo from the top post at Unicredit this week has sparked concern about future governance at Italy’s largest bank as other shake-ups rattle the European banking world.


Is the euro crisis returning?

Markets threw a hissy fit yesterday, as data revealed that the Irish economy is still firmly stuck in recession. But it is not just Ireland that is being blighted. Yields on Portuguese bonds have been rising like a Ronaldo free kick, and evidence elsewhere suggests that the Eurozone economy, including Germany, may be in the midst of a sharp slowdown

EU worried about viability of three German banks: report
European Commission officials are worried about the fragility of three regional banks in Germany, the weekly Der Spiegel reported Saturday.

A letter from the commission to junior finance minister Joerg Asmussen expresses concerns about the threat that WestLB, BayernLB and HSH Nordbank might pose to market stability.

“For the commission, it is indispensable to have the certainty that rescued institutions are viable in the long term and that they do not represent a permanent threat to the stability of the financial markets,” says the letter, quoted by Der Spiegel.



Internet privacy and freedom championed by Sweden’s Pirate Party, and by Iceland. More information at following link:



Ben and American citizens , at large. NOTICE:::::::

Who knows about it ? Where are the FEMA people ,emergency housing trailers, food relief, water, Red Templar Cross . Because they are white rural folks, they get none ! Virtuall no coverage or mention of this megadisaster on the evil NWO Satanic,Masonic jew’s MSM & their anti WASP agenda.
We have arch enemies in the current congress and administration. There is an overwhelming since of shame having such an biggoted asshole as president. If this had even happened in a foreign country, the U.S. would be spending billions on releif! A great trajedy of disengagement and racism.



FACTS: “Gnostic” gospels, false gospels spoken of by Dan Brown are rumored to be 80 but there were only five. Mary, Thomas, Philip, were among them which were written up to 200 years after the death of each and not even by them. Which is why they were not included later.

FACT: Actual Apostles, people who walked with Jesus, were getting old and decided to write Jesus’ teachings down 30-50 after his death (they were not literate in those days–3%). So they were written within the years they were alive. Not by someone else, about someone else writing about Jesus. The apostles’ writings had to be canonized because of the false gnostic gospels. Yes, these did not meet the minimum criteria “trained under an apostle”.

FACT: Gospel of Thomas: written 100 years after death of Jesus–was an aberration to women–so mysogenistic. To quote him: “women are not worthy of life”. Look it up! Which is why it was rejected. I think Thomas was in India during the crucifixion; rather detached from Jesus.

FACT: Did Constantine decide what went into the gospel? NO!
Follow the history I have posted above. This is widely documented.


The information provided herein by the usual suspect is absolutely false.

I promise to provide “chapter and verse” evidence to counter this massive lie to destroy Christianity and usher in the realm of Satan. I don’t have to prove to you how we are dominated by Satanists in every aspect of our lives.

And I have not even touched on the truth about our Lord and Divine Teacher, Jesus Christ. The 3 synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) + the gospel of John report the direct teachings of Jesus, consistently. If you have to keep doubting focus on those.
But as it is written, [“not a word can be added or removed from the Word’]. I will corroborate later. So tired.

Satan will not win. It is written.


hopesprings 4:46 am
Great post!!
“It is great to have learned that the ugly matrix of work enslavement, 9-5, usury, lying politicians, the remote control, empty curriculums, empty sermons, are not our reality at all. We are leaving the prison.”

Don’t forget to exclude from our reality, genocide/eugenics, pedophelia and abuse of women.

I love The Christ deeply, but for me church is like the ‘train station’. It’s important for those who need to get on the train, for the station to be there, open and well manned. However, I don’t enjoy anyone telling me that I need to be on the train and particularly which one to be on or else I’m damned forever. That’s just mindless fear-mongering…nothing Christlike in it IMHO.
BTW that ‘prison’ is self imposed and only has three walls – we are All free now. It just requires vision, intention and determination to be free of the big lie.
We are soonly coming upon the quantum leap – event horizon…which I believe will happen “in the twinkling of an eye”
(I Cor 15:52 ) where we we find ourselves truly AWAKE, as always.
Many blissings,


Sierra: CGI’s Jordon: Another ‘whistleblower’ killed in hit and run

Posted By: CGI_admin
Date: Saturday, 25-Sep-2010 17:54:18 Shane Schmidt, a private security guard in Iraq who raised questions about lax government oversight of U.S. defense contractors when he accused his boss of randomly shooting at, and perhaps killing, civilians in Baghdad, died Sept. 19 at a hospital in Marshfield, Wis. He was 33.

Mr. Schmidt, a Haymarket resident who was visiting family in Wisconsin, was crossing a road near Marshfield just after midnight when he was struck by a vehicle. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died, according to a news release from the local sheriff’s department. The incident was under investigation.

Mr. Schmidt was a Marine Corps sniper who served two tours in Afghanistan before taking a job in 2004 with Triple Canopy, a Herndon-based company and one of the largest defense contractors working with the U.S. military in Iraq.

For $500 a day, he provided protection for American bases and visiting military personnel and contractors.

On July 8, 2006, the former Marine was one of four Triple Canopy employees traveling in an armored sport-utility vehicle to the Baghdad airport.

One of the four, shift leader Jacob C. Washbourne, was scheduled to leave Iraq the next day for a vacation in the United States. “I want to kill somebody today,” he said as he cocked his gun, according to the other three men in the vehicle.

In two separate encounters later that day, Washbourne fired unprovoked into the windshields of an occupied taxi and pickup truck, said Mr. Schmidt and a colleague, former Army Ranger Charles L. Sheppard III. They suspected that civilians had been seriously injured or killed, although they didn’t know.

“I do not have a problem killing bad guys, that’s what we do,” Mr. Schmidt told the New York Times in 2006. “But murdering innocent civilians? That is wrong, and justice has to be served.”

Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/23/AR2010092307293.html



Thanks for sharing! I wish you all the best with your projects.

I really respect the different views and life stories of all of us coming together on this blog.


Thyroid: Therapies, Confusion, and Fraud

Broda Barnes, more than 60 years ago, summed up the major effects of hypothyroidism on health very neatly when he pointed out that if hypothyroid people don’t die young from infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, they die a little later from cancer or heart disease. He did his PhD research at the University of Chicago, just a few years after Otto Warburg, in Germany, had demonstrated the role of a “respiratory defect” in cancer. At the time Barnes was doing his research, hypothyroidism was diagnosed on the basis of a low basal metabolic rate, meaning that only a small amount of oxygen was needed to sustain life. This deficiency of oxygen consumption involved the same enzyme system that Warburg was studying in cancer cells.

Barnes experimented on rabbits, and found that when their thyroid glands were removed, they developed atherosclerosis, just as hypothyroid people did. By the mid-1930s, it was generally known that hypothyroidism causes the cholesterol level in the blood to increase; hypercholesterolemia was a diagnostic sign of hypothyroidism. Administering a thyroid supplement, blood cholesterol came down to normal exactly as the basal metabolic rate came up to the normal rate. The biology of atherosclerotic heart disease was basically solved before the second world war…



I love how following the links herein, often lead me to really incredible information and important ideas to share.

(i.e.) sunrvs 3:45am led me to this talk by Eve Ensler. http://www.ted.com/talks/eve_ensler_embrace_your_inner_girl.html

This is powerful and uplifting, especially the last few minutes.


Comment by jj59 on September 27, 2010 @ 6:25 am
Another ‘whistleblower’ killed in hit and run http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=183557


Could you please post the relevant portions of that item on this blog.
I am avoiding visiting that site as I am highly suspicious that prior computer viruses that have infected my computer originated there.




Norway’s central bank sues Citigroup: Report

LONDON: Norway’s central bank is suing Citigroup for alleged non-disclosure of financial risks at the time when Norwegian sovereign wealth funds were used to purchase securities issued by the US lender prior to the global financial crisis.

Norges Bank alleges that it lost USD 835 million because Citi failed to fully reveal the financial risks it was facing, particularly from investments in sub-prime mortgages, British daily The Financial Times reported, citing a lawsuit filed in New York.

The suit names Vikram Pandit, the group’s current chief executive, and Chuck Prince, his predecessor, among the defendants.

“Due to the defendants’ repeated material untrue statements and non-disclosure of material information to investors, plaintiff purchased Citi securities at inflated prices (between January, 2007, and January, 2009),” the lawsuit said.

“When the market slowly learned the truth of Citi’s financial condition, Citi came close to insolvency and the plaintiff lost a substantial amount of its investment,” it added.

According to the publication, Citi denied the allegations.

“We believe the suit has no merit and will defend ourselves vigorously,” the report quoted Citi spokesperson Danielle Romero-Apsilos as saying.



US Treasury stumbles selling Citi shares

The US government is in danger of missing its deadline of divesting all of its Citigroup shares by the year-end after a fall in stock market trading volumes prompted authorities to slow down sales in July and August.

The lull could prompt the US Treasury, which has a stake of about 17 per cent in Citi, to consider a share offering instead of selling the stock in small quantities in the market, according to bankers and analysts.



Sorry Rafael:

I cannot find any more time to fulfill my promise today. Tomorrow perhaps. So sorry.

Good night all.


We na kanaka maoli had/have a saying in Hawaii.

When the missionaries came to “open” our eyes to the one true God. We were taught to “look up to God” for our salvation from our “heathen” ways, and when we offered our “aloha” in return, took on their belief system and complied, they took advantage of the opportunity to steal our land and keep it for equity’s sake never intending to return it. We shared our ways, but they didn’t like it, period, no one could get rich or own anything. La-di-duh, then learn the hard way taking place now.

The missionaries ended their “tour of duty as missionaries”, entered into business here and used their western ways to keep and protect what they obtained by deception in a law created here specifically for their own purposes (U.S. laws were barred from use in Hawaii, so they created “special laws”), grand larceny laws. The courts here are still supporting that belief system and making a living out of grand larceny. Thanks to the church and its missionaries, it became a magnet to attract what we all have to deal with now.

We no longer need to look up, because “what goes up must come down” and “what goes down must go up to face their maker” that is about to take place, to set the records straight about “who’s who in the zoo” sooner not later.

Return what you stole willingly or be forced to do it, and not by our hands, but the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of our ancestors.

For your own sakes in riding out the stormy weather we are all trapped in, hold fast to your own belief, it’s too late to campaign any change except to return what was stolen from the first peoples with “your heathen ways”. Again, if the shoe fits, do it, if not find a pair that does and do what is the correct thing to do, so you can walk with ease in “high” heeled shoes.

Mother Earth is na kanaka maoli homeland, we are the caretakers, so we have no intentions of leaving our Mother Earth for another, when it was prophecied by our creator that we should be taking care of her.

We gave our aloha, reciprocity is in order this time around.

The views of this writer is the writer’s alone. A shared experience that came from experience living someone elses life style and dream. It didn’t work for us, has not worked for us, therefore, not ours to have and possess. It sucks!

E Aloha Malama Pono!


Gates lifts veil on retirement, but date is an open question

He wants to leave next year. That much he has said. But former spy chief and current Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been coy about the “when.”

But on Thursday, he left a few clues and lines to read between.


Dear Merek,
Thank GOD you’re still here! 🙂 Some mention was made of youpossibly creating a separate forum,(?) and I didn’t want you to go without throwing some bread crumbs in my direction.
I wish you HAD written a book. At 61 I probably don’t have 55 more years to do the study and research that you did, and I am grateful to be able to read your posts.
Belief Systems(BS) are the trigger of violence and separation. I signed up to BFC to read more of Fulford’s postings, and was delighted to find so many well-informed, diversified, mostly like-minded people.
I love having my mind pried open. reb


Another ‘whistleblower’ killed in hit and run http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=183557


For all my forum Christian friends ,my intention has never been
to cause distress of my fellow belivers I am not an Iconoclast by nature however since I feel my studies of the ancient sources and tracts and manuscripts has revealed a very different story than the TPTB (illumanati) would have you believe, this blog is an opportunity for all to contribute to our collective knowledge. Raphael , the Jesus reported on that spacefaring craft as reported by you smacks of new age anti/christianity efforts as you now know the real name of the created savior( see my reply to Hopesprings and you can check the historical sources, many here don’t have any other sources to plumb other than the James Illuminati version on which to base your childhood instituted religions. This make enlightenment to understand the much tampered words of the historical reforming Rabbi , called Krestus by his jewish followers as very,very difficult.
Those knowing the true stories were the Nazorean/Ebonite,Gnostic followers of James the Just and Thomas Didymus the twin of Rabbi Yesua. and his Wife Mary Magdeline,
Rafael, she landed by tradition in Spain/France with Rabbi Krestus’s daughter ,Sarah the Egyptian,Her mother and the Jamesian factions fled first to Egypt when the Temple was sacked by the Roman occupiers of Judea, where Sarah was born. The first Krestian church in southern Spain is dedicated to the “Black Virgin” (the Magdeline) later this persecuted branch of the true bloodline formed the Albingensians ,the Cathar and other groups that the Roman priests and inquisitors called “Heretics” and the popes and king of France murdered almost all of these particular sects to prevent the true knowledge to influence the churches
illiterate and unschooled believers., There is one thing all the rival religions share in common ,Christian ,Jewish and Muslim and agree on ,God the Father. you can all clutch this uniformity of belief without arguement. All the additions beyond that are adulterated Myths.
Seek ye and the door shall be opened (Mind too) .
Have a nice Roman instituted “Sunday”.remembers only fanatics have have closed minds and lack the ability to modify their belief system, through research and study remain ignorant.
As It Always Was.


******************** edge************************

I paid the 49.00 for the E book Tesla Serects give me your email and I send you a copy


Mon cher Rafael, calme. Il n’y pas un ici qui t’accuse.
(pardon my French)

Everyone is looking for truth–the physical truth is out in the open and has left us all with enormous gaping hole.
This is the truth.

But in that hole there is wonder, adventure, re-discovery, re-invention, new language, new relationships, new friends…as we are here.

It is great to have learned that the ugly matrix of work enslavement, 9-5, usury, lying politicians, the remote control, empty curriculums, empty sermons, are not our reality at all. We are leaving the prison.

The canvas is blank. We are all artists now. We are all a little reticent to make the first brush strokes.
But we must. If we don’t like it we can start another.

But at least it won’t be reminiscent of Herionymus Bosch (sp?) or upside down like Magritte. But more beautiful like a VanGogh or a Kandinski. Or like something we have never seen before.

The world is now ours to re-create. Let’s agree that this discourse here are birth pains of a new life for us all.

Much love to all, by God!


Hope spring 2:43 am……About the Nicaeia Council and it’s business of church creation of the official “Roman” church:
There were no British clergy at the Council, 70 eastern bishops (presbyters) represented the Asian factions. (1.)

Some 2,048 presbyters,priests, deacons, acolytes and exorcists gathered at Constantine’s expense to debate and decide on a system of belief that had only one god, By this time a huge number of “Wild Texts” circulated
( 2.)
Sabinius, Bishop of Hereclea had this to say about participants of the proceedings: “Excepting Constantine himself and Euselius Phamphilius,
” they were,were sets of illiterate, simple creatures who understood nothing.”

The Bishop of LLandaff Wales Bishop R. Watson a noted biblical scholar concluded that “All were under the power of the Devil!
“The convention was composed of the commonest lowest rabble and patronized the vilest abominations”( 3.)

It was Bishop Arius, in attendance that was concerned that the gathering would develop two gods. (4.) His fears were realized as the council created new religion adapted a “Triune God”! And the reasonable Bishop Arius was later declared a heretic .

Constantine entered the names of 53 gods for consideration.For one year and five months the balloting lasted. (5.)
After that time the Emperor returned to find the council had reduced the list to five prospects,Caesar, Krishna,Mithra (the emperors favorite war god,Horus and Zeus. The Emperor placed two of his 1st cent. ancestors
JESU CUNLOBINE and JUDAS KHRESTUS be joined as one, and vote was taken and passed at 161 to157 he then used the Apotheoses Decree to legally deify this newly created god for the “rabble” by democratic consent
of the Presbyters in attendance and a new roman god was proclaimed
The results of the Council was a purely political act of deification that placed
King Yesu Cunlobine of Roman Britain and Judas Khrestus along with the “Holy Ghost” a mythological ancient spirit recognized in most of the ancient traditions, this deification resulted, much later ,during the middle ages of the personage we call ,Jesus Christ, the Christ that Christians worship as a God.

(1.) Ecclesiastical History ,Du PinV,ol I pg 589.

(2.) The New catholic Encyclopedia 1967 Gospels

(3.)Theological Texts, “On Councils Vol. 2, London 1791

(4.)The Ancient Worlds, H. Mellerish 1976 pg. 377

(5.)God’s book of Eskra Xlviii pg. 25-53

(6.)Acta Concilic Niceni Colon, 1618


What exactly made you think that I wouldn’t believe or think that industry giants don’t know of better technologies?

“Are you against achieving peace and prosperity for all?”

I’m tired of having to repeat everyone everything everywhere.
For god’s sake, I’m a conspiranoid, I’m a BF commenter, registered the very first day of creation.
Don’t you think that to reach BF, you need at least a little bit of basic conspiracy knowledge?

I don’t see the point in your questions.
I myself am investigating free energy by my own with other friends, though I know of real machines that work, made by real scientists. I won’t go into more details, but things are going to change one way or the other.
And I will reconquer, at least my freedom, by being responsible, and doing something about the things that annoy me. I’m libra, I’ve a very high sense of justice.
And believe me, this world is none of thus.
Do you think I’m one of those that blow off steam at the keyboard and wait for someone else to solve the problems?

Tell me, do you do any kind of street work, alerting citizens and hacking the NWO?
Do you work in a secret project to help mankind?

’cause I do.
But of course what would you now about me.
No one even cares to ask these days.

Everyone prefers to remain closed and hidden, cold and mysterious. Except for three or four.
Very anglosaxon indeed, unlike us spaniards.
We are naturally more open and friendly.



I have been seeking truth all my life, and I value this medium where all subscribers share “the truth” as they feel and see. I think we are all trying to describe the parts of “elephant” we are most familiar with: some of us are familiar with its ears, and others are more familiar with its belly, for example.

Believe it or not, I grew up attending Presbyterian Church every Sunday “religiously”, and, growing up, it was the only place I was allowed to be besides schools. I was baptized when I was 18 because my foster mother felt it looked good among her friends. She was a Christian only at church who could not see the connection between her belief and her own deeds. Although I appreciate the teachings in the Bible, I have not been able to accept the fact that Christ was crucified because of my sins. I feel more connected to the teachings of Buddhism.

I used to listen to the radio show by Rabbi Daniel Lapin who used to say that he “knows” the scriptures in the Old Testament are true (meaning he does not accept Christ as his savior). In the end I stopped listening to him because he had more questions than answers even though his mantra and tempted his audients by saying “I know how things really work”. Furthermore, I found him to be arrogant and greed-stricken s.o.b. who must have some ties with Zionists.
As for UFO stuff, I really don’t know what to think. When I start reading about UFO, my mind shuts down. But the interesting thing to note is that towards the end of Edo period, US Commodore Perry and his Black Ships came to Tokyo Bay and used military threat to open up Japan’s deadlock. I see a parallel between the loss of power for Tokugawa and NOW’s loss of their power due to UFO.

So what am I trying to say? I think there is more than one truth, and that is okay and I enjoy reading everyone’s posts.




United Nations to appoint space ambassador to act as first contact for aliens visiting Earth

If aliens ever land on Earth there will no longer be any confusion over who will greet them with the news the United Nations is set to appoint an astrophysicist to be their first human contact.

Mazlan Othman is expected to be tasked with coordinating humanity’s response to an extraterrestrial visit, if ever required.

The 58-year-old Malaysian will tell a conference next week that with the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting around other stars, the detection of alien life is becoming more and more likely.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1315336/United-Nations-appoint-space-ambassador-act-contact-aliens-visiting-Earth.html#ixzz10fB8fjdV


Revealed: What our solar system would look like to alien astronomers

UFOs ‘attacked U.S. nuclear missile sites’: Retired Air Force Officers to break their silence
Last updated at 2:08 PM on 26th September 2010

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1315339/UFOs-attacked-U-S-nuclear-missile-sites-Retired-Air-Force-Officers-break-silence.html#ixzz10fASUvKJ



Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer’s memoir


If you still read this Form, I would appreciate your comments
on this. Thanks–



Here’s a good one:

“Sarcasmis a literary device in which the writer states a common (lie) fact that means exactly what he or she says. For example: the Fox News Channel is incredibly (un)fair, (un)balanced, and (un)delivered from a neutral point of view. It is also the primary way British people communicate.”


I do resort to sarcasm once in a while but only when there is no other way to present the situation. Don’t like it though because it entails hate and anger.

Are you against achieving peace and prosperity for all?


I’ve never worshipped anything.
I’ve loved, I’ve liked, I’ve interested myself in, but I’ve never worshipped anything/anyone.
I can have wandering thoughts, I can make myself questions and cast them away in the collective consciousness’s holotropic mind. I don’t expect anything from god/overseers.
They are sufficiently conscious as to know what’s best.
Of course we have the ability to walks our paths as we wish to. But there is always some strange intervention.
It’s a mixture of everything. Deepak Chopra states it very well in his book, Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles.
He basically states that your life is a mixture of destinies, synchronicities, luck, casualities and causalities.

Besides all of this, If I had to describe my beliefs, these would be described as autarchistic gnostic-humanism.

Of course all the links I’ve paseed on to you are links on writings that are interesting to me, to where up to most of what is written on it, I can digest pretty much it’s intention.

Nothing compared yet to what I’ve read in spanish.
I’m sure you’ll understand that the culture difference makes people different. Even I that spent 5 years on an Opus Dei school, and that my grandmother’s family are radical roman catholics who deny the spanish atrocities on south america.
That extreme vision of religion has made me to question just about everything, and not to like very much anything related to any kind of imposing religions.
I respect suggestive and optional postures on religion teaching. Like the ones in asia.
Still, I’ll always prefer the Gnostic movement.

To me God is energy, it is me, you, everything.
And it’s so complex and yet so subtle.
It’s everything, both extremes combined.
I think it’s such a complex subject, that trying to affiliate him/she/it to a religion would be vitally blasphemous.

I’ll give you another quote from a man that questioned:

We created god in our own image and likeness! [George Carlin]


Rebecca: LLOL! If only we could purchase a BS meter! We’d have a better, probably would stop lying…but we also stop thinking!




You worship a lot of deities. Jesus (with a different name) in a spaceship. The sun. Ra… I’m losing track. No matter. I will focus on The One.

Going to take a leave to cut branches and such. Mind cleansing.

Shall return.




It is not easy to spread the word, but it you persist, more and more will wake up. Ask David!

We are infinite consciousness struggling to become free. Love is all there is!

“HUMAN RACE GET OFF YOUR KNEES” – David Icke’s latest book, should be a compulsory read for all of mankind.

When the consciousness of the human race reaches critical mass, our earth will become a heaven!

Please help! Spread the word!

God Bless



All knowledge is shared by man; even scientific. It’s discourse. And in the sharing are insights. Yet Dawkins the world greatest living atheist has never read a book written by a believer; to be affected by these would lower book sales. He pontificates with a narrow belief system.

Most of the Bible is evidence-based and traceable; but, many wish to ignore this. Yet, they will believe much with no incontestable experience no other than man’s report e.g. the earth is round, JFK was shot, vitamins are good for you, siblings are born of the same mother’s womb…Scientist are still not conclusive on creation. And that aliens are here etc…

Absolute truth can only be the domain of an omniscient deity–the Creator Himself. Argument is always chicken or egg. Who came first, The Beginner or The Beginning. I chose the former. It is more informed. I do not believe in spontaneous existence. Life from anti-matter…

Discourse is used widely in the progress of thought by any thinker great or small. There is truth in the strangest of places and knowledge everywhere. We all paticipate.

Much ado.


“In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue, but have taken them at second hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.”

Mark Twain



No truer post in my view–it’s all a Truman show for the enrichment of a few. I agree. I correct by post above accordingly. Colonies of the “CROWN” i.e. the City of London, one square mile in the heart of the city where the looters stage their show. I believe this is the peak of the pyramid even if the Vatican and D.C. are part of the triumverate.

Re: Your statement above — excellent!

They are certainly not working for the nations best interests, as evidenced by The Queen failing to pay her bills. Britain is a mere colonny of a bunch of City bankers.

But the high financiers are clever…when they operate in Britain, they made the servents believe it was all some anglo driven thing…when they operate the states, they make the servants believe it is all some “american hegemony” thing going on…when they operate Israel they make them think it is all an Israel zion thing happening…and in reality it is none of these things, that is just an appearance to form the sheep operatives, with second-rate wits.

These few people are about their own absolute control over the world through the dictate of a worldstate. If you are not personally one of the dynasties, you´re ultimately just a disposable servant to the system, that is the equation.

The UN is just meant to be puppet show and justify a mega-one-worldbank under their thumb, having all assets locked and loaded within their own trusts.

Such a simple game, with the same trick being used over and over, since Napoleons days.



Let me tell you what, I know perfectly well God loves me.
But he doesn’t love me as much as he loves anyone else.
He doesn’t go around pickin’ out his favourites.

Try this faith:
“I’ve begun worshipping the sun for a number of reasons. First of all, unlike some other gods I could mention, I can see the sun. It’s there for me every day. And the things it brings me are quite apparent all the time: heat, light, food, a lovely day. There’s no mystery, no one asks for money, I don’t have to dress up, and there’s no boring pageantry. And interestingly enough, I have found that the prayers I offer to the sun and the prayers I formerly offered to God are all answered at about the same 50-percent rate. [George Carlin, from “You Are All Diseased”.]



So when I indulged him last night, he stated this briefly:

Please tell people that we are investing the money from the subscription blog into upgrading our computers and preparing for the regular up-loading of videos. Our systems were severely hacked but everything should be back up and running soon. At that point we will start up-dating more regularly with free info. We have also now hired a Japanese reporter to provide Japanese language updates. I promise that the money from the subscription service is not being spent on any personal indulgence. However, some of it has gone to paying off debts incurred as a result of boycotts, frivolous lawsuits etc.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

I will go into forums, blogs (when time is spare–this blog alone in an addiction!) and encourage them to join because firstly Benjamin’s info is like TNT; but, the comments are a huge value in themselves. I will however stay away from places that are run over with demons and shills.
I have now suggested to friends and family that they join.
It is only $8 per month–that’s 2 cappuccinos at a good cafe.


“The answer is that I was informed he was alive by a senior member of MI6”

Well, who would believe anything that comes out of MI6 to begin with? All these intel agencies are up to, is to manufacture 95% rubbish, unless it is peer-to-peer business.
And gag certain people of course. This sort of stuff is Vanity Fair class of material these days, due to the Internet.

They are certainly not working for the nations best interests, as evidenced by The Queen failing to pay her bills. Britain is a mere colonny of a bunch of City bankers.

But the high financiers are clever…when they operate in Britain, they made the servents believe it was all some anglo driven thing…when they operate the states, they make the servants believe it is all some “american hegemony” thing going on…when they operate Israel they make them think it is all an Israel zion thing happening…and in reality it is none of these things, that is just an appearance to form the sheep operatives, with second-rate wits. These few people are about their own absolute control over the world through the dictate of a worldstate. If you are not personally one of the dynasties, you´re ultimately just a disposable servant to the system, that is the equation. The UN is just meant to be puppet show and justify a mega-one-worldbank under their thumb, having all assets locked and loaded within their own trusts.

Such a simple game, with the same trick being used over and over, since Napoleons days.






Thank you for the info. I think we can agree that this week’s comments on becoming a FREEMAN (getting out of the STRAWMAN trap) are extraordinary and should be viewed by everyone. Collaboration here has been exceptional.

I will be using some printing ink to pour over everyone’s contribution. We need to apply this to all British colonies, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland….and all others. Did the Brits ever let go of India or other nations?

The Illums have cross-bred through many nations of Europe–this may apply throughout.

Everyone must look at their documents starting with their BCs. We should look at OBAMA’s Birth Certificate; is he a freeman or a strawman?

Hamlet’S soliloquy just came to mind:



Hello Beautiful Rafael:

I promise today to respond in detail about ETs/UFOs, my own experiences as a “contactee”, the belief that Jesus is an ET, and much more vis-a-vis Christ our savior and doctrine.
I will serve this up to you and those interested in short Chronicles so as to not overwhelm. I believe myself unworthy to do–God knows! But I will follow my orders from my Boss.

I will pray before I do this, so as to minimize injecting myself and optimizing our Lord’s wishes through revelation. I often look for confirmation before espousing a belief. Yesterday, a phrase/thought I shared in a response to you appeared from my keyboard quickly without forethought. This morning the same thought and words was brought to my eyes by another believer–this was powerful confirmation and a message that channeling was false.

Just know that I feel compelled to tell you so powerfully how much God loves you–this is hardly coming from me. It is intense. Perhaps I am only here for you…or someone else too. As we all know, He works in mysterious ways.

And as you expected from me, God Bless You Rafael


Reclaiming Your Sovereignty Through the Process of Redemption alone could be intensive. However those wanting to have their sovereignty established and declared should be or must become a ‘Secured Party Creditor’ one in proper Standing who has taken commercial control of his/her Debtor, Straw-man, collateral and property. There are manuals on the redemption process that will teach you and walk you through the beginning documents set-up, show you how to file your UCC documentation to become the Secured Party/Creditor and how to ‘charge-up your UCC Contract Trust Account and take back control of your ‘Straw-man’ and assoc. property. These manuals usually cost around $115.


The problem in the past has been, when the redemption process was first started, Secured Partys (in their learning), were writing out Sight Drafts and Bills of Exchange using them to procure new cars, homes, city blocks, etc. etc. This is not a quick rich scram. If you misuse the process and your new identity THEY will move on you. However, if you just eliminate your debts Federal level first, then state level, then credit card, etc. you shouldn’t have any problems. There is a special division in DC that handle IRS situations. After studying and becoming aware you will feel FREEDOM and that you’ve done the best you can do concerning our worlds finical situation with the proper remedy for same.




If you were referring to an older post with the “valley of despair” I misunderstood. In the other one, yes, I received joy in my heart.



I consider myself mainly a human being. I try my best.

To the technology:

– if telco: no new technology, just a constructive evolution of the existing ones

– if energy: also no new technology, just a change in the input/output factors as well as adjustments to the process

Yes, I was in that “valley of despair”. Not a nice place to be, but the work completed 2 years ago formed the foundation for what you are now reading about in the press. I “retired” from the telco industry at that point in time.

A hurdle in some industries is the compartmentalization in different fields. Technology/R&D have been allowed to develop separately from business areas in many cases. IMHO, we need more cooperation between people in industry and elsewhere, also internationally between countries/peoples.

Blessings to you too!


Rafael, Your post “What, you really think that industry giants don’t know of better technologies?

Thorium is nuclear fuel based on civilian use, not military use, unlike plutonium or uranium.

Rid yourself of the military industry and then we might be on talks for Thorium.”

I don’t need to rid myself of the military industry, as I have nothing to do with them. What I was suggesting was a peaceful solution based on thorium. This solution doesn’t need any military either.

Also your first point about industry giants not knowing about better technologies. Of course they do. But the decision to go with uranium was done in the 1950’s politically. The military benefited from this and there was decades of military build-up including cold war etc.

Isn’t it time to move on and make decisions based on the realities of today?


POSITIVECHNGE Howdy. Are you a telco guy? I retired from same. What is the new technology-power supplies, or low voltage transmission?
BTW if you been down in that “Valley of Despair” and someone told you that HE cared,and joy started entering your heart, that is what I alluded to.Wereyou stregnthed for the rest of ‘this journey’, no matter what ? Blessings


I read Richard Boylan’s book on ET’s many years ago. At the time it was pretty “far out’ because it contained sketches of the various ET races.
About 3 years ago I signed up on his e-mail list and I quickly skim it, but don’t take him too seriously.
He posted a list of the UFO “Good, Bad, and the Ugly” ( of course he was one of the few “good”). william Bramley,Steven Greer, David Wilcock, and many others were on the bad or ugly lists and Boylan said he was in agreement with the whole list.
I don’t believe any ONE person alive has 100% of the Truth, and that we all fall into the gray area because of intentional disinformation.
I don’t trust my kinesiology ability, but my BS meter goes off frequently with Boylan. reb


What, you really think that industry giants don’t know of better technologies?

Thorium is nuclear fuel based on civilian use, not military use, unlike plutonium or uranium.

Rid yourself of the military industry and then we might be on talks for Thorium.


Are the removal of head chiefs of CNN and NBC prelude to the real information abt humanity that is about to be given to the America and the world ?


Arthur C Clarke in his book

2010 : the Year we make Contact
we are approaching the end of 2010
Can we expect any major ” THE EVENT” in the next 3 months ?

In the movie CONTACT signal transmitted by Adolf Hitler in 1936 berlin Olympics is recvd by ETs hugely amplified and sent back to the SETI receivers along with data transmission

Even Bill Clinton appears in the movie for a couple of minutes informing about the stunning discovery of this universal and of a big magnitude .Did he actually gave such a press conference or was hr ordered to appear in the movie ?

Guess next Next 3 months are gonna be exciting !!!


….a similar solution has already been achieved for the telecommunications industry.



Thorium wouldn’t be free. The energy coming out of nuclear power plants is fed into the network and distributed to end users, either business or retail. The pricing structure on electricity is defined by the energy companies themselves. Governments mostly look away.

Due to the benefits of thorium compared to uranium the cost structure of energy companies would be more beneficial, therefore, more profit. Due to the huge investments required, energy companies could safely argue that prices need to be high and can later be decreased when enough capacity is available – in order to maintain profit margins.

The benefits in other areas of society would far exceed the cost of allowing these companies to maintain operations and also enough profit. But enough is enough. This does need to be learned imho.


kohala 889

mahalo !

i dont know much of hawaai native language but a song which has touched me so much that i had been using it as the ringtone for the past 8-10 months and that wud be
Disneys LILO AND STITCH song . I LOVE THAT SONG AND THE MOVIE which in fact abt Ets and humans in harmony

Vocal 1

Mahalo nui ia Ke Ali’i wahine
‘O Lili’ulani ‘O ka Wo hi ku
Ka pipio mai o ke anuenue
Na waiho’o lu’u a halikeole’e
E nana na maka i ke ao malama mai
Hawai’i akea i Kaua’i

Vocal 2

Ke Kuini o Hawai’i
Ku i ka moku i ke Kalaunu
Na hana a ke aloha Maalo
Ana i ka ua lana malie
I ka lani malama Hoike
Mai ana la I ka nani.

‘O Kalakaua he inoa
‘O Ka pua mae’ole i ka la
Ka pua maila i ka mauna
I ke kuahiwi o Mauna Kea
Ke’amaila i Kilauea

Malamalama i Wahine kapu.
A ka luna o Uwekahuna
I ka pali kapu o Kilauea
Ea mai ke ali’i kia manu
Ua wehi ka hulu o kamamo
Ka pua nani a’o Hawai’i
‘O Kalakaua he inoa.



That, POSITIVECHANGE, is because you aren’t up to date with geopolitics.
Releasing Thorium would be like releasing free energy, meaning no MAINTENANCE INDUSTRY AND THEREFORE NO PROFITABILITY. NO COMMERCE.

He is a member of the secret religious sect Hojjatieh too.
Despite him denying it.


Dear Ben & All,

I have made a large personal decision, a positive change. On Friday I felt that I no longer wish to comment on the various difficulties going on. Kind of came to a point where it was time to give up and let go.

Today I understood that it doesn’t have to mean giving up commenting completely. I will now concentrate on providing ideas for constructive solutions, when these ideas come up or when commenting other’s ideas.

I was watching Fareed Zakaria on CNN and there was a short report of Iran’s president raising the question why the stoning of a woman in Iran is judged, while the death sentence of an American woman was executed this week in the US.

The cultures and histories of different peoples and countries are very different and I think we would need more understanding for the difficulties of the past.

Going forward, Iran would be in the position to make a true change. Instead of pursuing the nuclear power option, they could pursue another nuclear option, thorium-based nuclear energy.

“Thorium is a naturally-occurring, slightly radioactive metal discovered in 1828 by the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius, who named it after Thor, the Norse god of thunder. It is found in small amounts in most rocks and soils, where it is about three times more abundant than uranium. Soil commonly contains an average of around 6 parts per million (ppm) of thorium.”

“Thorium continues to be a tanatalising possibility for use in nuclear power reactors, though for many years India has been the only sponsor of major research efforts to use it. Other endeavours include the development of the Radkowsky Thorium Reactor concept being carried out by US company Thorium Power (now Lightbridge Corporation) with Russian collaboration.”


The benfits of thorium are:

– basically abundant. the same amount of thorium produces up to 20 times more energy than uranium

– existing reactors can be used. computer control systems need adjustments.

– less pollution as water for cooling not necessary. also the waste product can be used as the raw material for the process. it is a positive eco-cycle.

And now the major thing:

– you cannot build bombs out of thorium as it won’t explode as uranium.

The scientists working on nuclear energy in the 1950’s wanted to go the thorium path, due to obvious reasons. But as a nuclear bomb was desired, politics took the uranium path.

I don’t have information why Iran is wishing to have nuclear energy as they have lots of oil, just that they view it as their right to pursue this path.

In the current global context, if Iran were to change course to a truely sustainable nuclear energy supply based on thorium they could influence a positive development among the Western corporations they critisize as well as neutralize the major reason for a possible attack on their country.

I think if they made this kind of change with themselves, they could assist the West in finding a peaceful solution to the current crisis.

What do you guys think?


Lew, can Boylan be 100% trusted???

i get Yes, but his stuff mentions a few terms that sound like they’re from the Kissinger/Bush Newage Sewage…


Hi Ben & All

This is interesting. George Kavassilas on the Montauk project.


The Montauk Project has its origins off world. It goes to a cabal within this galaxy and then streams out to an intergalactic group consciousness.

The Montauk Projects that ran throughout the sixties and seventies yielded results for the manipulation of our human consciousness as it approaches the ending of the cycle. The new techniques that emerged from these studies are now being implemented on a global scale. We are all on the receiving end of these insidious technologies.


more at this link, go down a few questions and someone asks about the montauk project.





So, let me get this straight.
Do you or do you not believe in extraterrestrials and UFO’s?
If so, what is more plausible to exist, them or GOD?
And if so, why would it be so difficult to believe that Jesus reincarnated on earth as a higher entity to teach and do his things,then he departed earth and went back to his spaceship, were all his friends from the Galactic Confederation work.
Not saying that I believe it, but it definitely is more plausible, than what’s written in the bible.

Remember that in those times, people wouldn’t now how to interpretate these events, and that anyone that “descended from heavens” surely is someone who comes from space, because after the sky it’s the space.
I guess you still don’t believe in the old man in the sky looking at you, do you?
Or like Christian fundamentalists who think God put dinosaurs on earth to test our faith.
Think of this, remember the prophet ISAIAH?
It was said he departed earth on a flaming chariot.
Doesn’t that sound to you like a spaceship/rocket?
And when they enter the atmosphere these start burning.
The whole bible is practically made up of metaphors.
Because that is the interpretation of what they saw.
Exactly like really lost tribes in the middle of nowhere that suddenly see a human from civilization and instantly make him a statue and take him as their god.

The bible is filled with extraterrestrial technology and extraterrestrials themselves.

The wars between heaven and hell, were space wars between the self-interested dark entities and the beings of light.
Angels and demons, ARE extraterrestrials.
Ever heard of the density system?
Why would you believe one of the least introspective and philosophical religions in the world?
Think of the optional and suggestive religions from Asia.

I think your faith has closed minded you.

And besides, Jesus being an ET in a spaceship is much cooler than the other version of the story!


To share a fun and pleasant experience in this direction.

I attended an auto clinic today via invitation for the following. I arrived late, signed in, given a giveaway ticket, went to get my breakfast, and didn’t get to sit down when the others began arriving in the showroom from the last demonstration. They continued the giveaway drawing with my getting the grand prize a 26″ Flat Screen VISION HDTV. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what just took place, so unexpected, because I arrived late. The one who signed me in and gave me my ticket told me they shook the container, but more importantly, you had to be there to receive your prize. Yikes, my name was already in the container.

I had three places to attend today, the auto clinic, the Aloha Day Parade in Waikiki or seeing the Blue Angels fly over the Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station. Due to my grandsons not visiting this weekend, I decided to go for the auto clinic by bus (my son had the car).


Do you know how to check your vehicle’s fluid levels? Would you know what to do if one of your warning lights came on while you were driving? (Yes, you need gas; the door is open, so far). Do you know how to use all of the bells and whistles on your vehicle? (Getting there).

At Windward Dodge Chrysler we want to give you the information you need to stay safe and maintain your vehicle.

That’s why we are inviting a small group of our valued customers to a free car care clinic.

We wil show you how to change a flat tire, how to jump start your vehicle and will explain to you what those warning lights mean. You will also get to see an airbag deploy?

You’ll hear simple, practical information, watch demonstrations and get some hands on experience.

We will serve you breakfast (I had an omelet, orange juice, water), have giveaways and you will have a chance to win a flat screen TV. We are looking forward to seeing you at the clinic. (And I’ll look forward to the next one, on time hopefully.)

Date: Saturday, September 25, 2010
Time: 9:00am – 11:30am


Jerry R.
Service Manager

E Aloha Malama Pono!


CNBC–SQUAWK BOX–Gold to be pegged between $5,000./
$11,000. an oz. when the dollar collapses–



Hopesprings; Sept 26 @ 3:02 am

“Re: Foodrules:”
“Anything to do with “trans-port” falls under their criminally conceived Admiralty Law i.e. the Queen’s waters beyond the land, on the land and below the land. The water on land is every waterway, aquifer, and puddle in your backyard. Ridiculous, yes. But its all part of the big grab.”
Yes, it’s ridiculous. However, I feel one my stop the grabbing in Admiralty court under Title 28 USC Sec. 1333 (savings to suitors clause) granting the ‘trier of fact’ the ability to judge your; “Travailing about the Common Way in your Mode of Convenience, rather than a Vehicle involved in “Trans-port.”



HI Ben & All

Welcome Whatelse, Re you post 4.34am, I think we are already too late. Australia was sold out years ago. Thing is IMO, this was probably not legal. When the changes come in, I hope we will get our country back. So many things have been done in the name of these criminals worldwide.

Having said that, I prefer to live with a positive view, nothing good comes from being depressed and negative about the situation we are in, they only gain energy from these emotions. I do believe the changes will come in and turn this completely around. These criminals will be dealt with in the proper way and we will all be free.

Hutz, I couldn’t agree more. I class myself as spiritual. I believe in Jesus and God. I do not believe in what they have done to the church in the name of control. My daughter is of the same mind, therefore she would not marry in a church. As I said yesterday, it is obscene how much it costs a couple to get married in church. Enough to put a good deposit on a house.


Hutz, if you like John Lennon check out this video.


Hutz, Mahalo for your enlightening message concerning existence and the nature of God.
Sept 25 @ 11:53 PM.

Also your conciliatory message to Hope and Pieter. “You me and hope are going to the same place anyway . See ya when we get there.”


Mahalo Sunrvs for the Seeker and the Sadhu. It contains much wisdom.
Sept 26hiroki:22 AM

Many of the comments today are very uplifting. Nice to see this.


Streck: Stephen Colbert is sponsoring a rally to Preserve Fear on Oct 30. You may be interested in attending.

Aloha to All


[9/24/2010 7:23:23 PM] Melesa Kuehn: Today’s news update: Hitler survived war & hid out, vatican behind paedophile ring, war is murder, gold & silver prices are manipulated, vaccines maim & kill, Illuminati own all major media, our planet has been hijacked, CIA created al queda, religion is on it’s way out, area 51 has many back-engineered craft, Rockefeller owns pharmaceutical companies, capitalism is unjust gain, much truth in mythology, debt forgiveness soon, the Bible is a blueprint, no packies. Tune in tomorrow for more exciting updates.


Ben and Y’All fix old boy, whatta you say ?

More extremely disturbing info. I too saw those two hundred thousand very mordern guillotines being shipped on RR car flatbeds. I damn sure know that FEMA spent 94% of their recent budgets fabricating and rehabbing military base barracks. Fact Jack !
We have seen the Satanic mindset of these cabalist Freemasons-Nazi-NWO as portrayed in the demonic and gruesome murals at Denver International Airport circa 1995.
The cryptic masonic Keystone, the five ug buildings connected with gassable tunnels to prevent attack and infiltrators. Do you, yourself have to be personally blugeoned,or watch your spouse ,or, child be wasted in one horrible way or another. It is time to go after these people and rip them to shreds. Or, you can just sit on your fat ass, watch Dumbo on TV, or your favorite pigskin hero get tackled, or you man up,to do anything you can to work with others arranging to stop these bastards in their tracks. Don’t say the the LOGOS ( Jeshua, The Living Word) did not get the message to ya.

The Lord showed me the judgment of American children that is coming that will happen at FEMA camps is just and merciful. Most children in America and their parents and others have rejected the Lord and the Bible. The only way for the children’s souls to go to heaven when they die is for them to die as children before the age of accountability. So dying as children is merciful since if they lived past the age of accountability which varies from person to person, their souls would go to hell. The loss of children en masse will bring the hearts of the parent who survive the coming nuclear wars of World War III back to the Lord in their grief. The Prophet Zechariah said two-thirds of Israel will die before the Messiah comes, so 200 million Americans will die in World War III which is before Armageddon. The only way I can see to delay WWIII is not to go to war with Iran and not to divide Jerusalem. That will also spare the children of America from death at FEMA camps which CIA agents have told the evangelists have guillotines. In the early 1990’s I saw photos in an underground newspaper of guillotines being transported across the Canadian border on flatbed railroad cars en masse to America. The woman chiropractor in Visalia I went to who displayed the newspapers in her waiting room disappeared along with her husband in what is possibly an extraordinary rendition or government kidnapping in which there is no public information of their location and the persons are transported to other countries and put into prisons there, tortured and/or killed. They simply disappeared without a trace and no news of foul play so there was a news blackout on their disappearance. The coming judgments on America are to afflict the people until they return to the Lord. The mighty men will be killed which may refer to military people. Isaiah the Prophet also says the women will be bald(head lice control) and raped and sold into slavery while the children will be dashed against walls (mostly at FEMA camps since that is where children in schools will be taken. All of this is God’s mercy since to allow a nation to depart from Him would result in more eternal deaths of souls.
from anonymous
Obviously , more to worry about than finances.


I just finished the movie “Knowing”then read webstrucks
post .Its going to be quite an interesting future.If we are 100 years advanced we should have no problem winning as long as the Illuminati are not in charge . God will and has protected united states and world.. If the corporation would stop their warmongering then maybe no one would want a war with us .


Ben offers another insight into the Christopher Story saga:

Response to George Karavelis about Christopher Story,

George Karavelis has publicly asked when I found out about the death of Christopher Story. The answer is that I was informed he was alive by a senior member of MI6 that his death was fake because they were afraid I would set in motion actions to avenge his death. The article I wrote about the group behind his murder is something I wrote before I found out he was still alive so I did not deliberately lie in that article. It was after that article appeared that “they” informed me he was still alive. That would have been sometime in early August.

I have not heard any details other than that he was alive and his death was faked in order to put pressure on certain factions in the battle for control of the new financial system. They asked me not to mention his death and, usually if a source tells me to keep something off the record, I do so in order not to lose the confidence of that source. That is why I kept silent for a while. In this case, I was forced to break my promise to the source because there was an intensive campaign on the net to blame me for Story’s death. Story did not help his case because he falsely accused me of threatening him. He can be a prickly character but that is part of his charm.

I have also since heard that Story was forced to agree to his faked death and become silent or else be “horizontalised” because certain very powerful people were upset with his disclosures.

We are hoping to use money earned by our subscription blog to hire a reporter in London to try to fill the gap he left. This may take a couple of more months to set into motion. We all miss his reporting and the gap he left will be hard to fill.


The plot thickens… so to speak,



Woooa! I was about to go to sleep and have good dreams!
Is this an APB wbstreck?
An amalgam of info?
Pray tell from whence this springs!


Hi Ben and Y’All
NAU- terror campgrounds – Ameros NWO – NFW
Get the Clintons NOW – Read the text

Ready the Military for total anihlation of Russia and China now, whilst we have first opportunity in order to save our families from starvation and ultimate destruction.
By all means , don’t forget to hunt down the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, World Bankers, and the others that are complicit.
Russia and China, Europe too are loosing the warming Gulf Stream currents andthey will starve if they do not get our midwest corn and wheat belt westerly of the madrib fault.
You have heard many rumors about those troops in Mexico, training.There have been ultra-large neutron softball sized projectile firing tanks store on Prince Edward Island
goung back to the late eighties as reported by a dying Military Commander.
How else are we to protect ouselves, but by praying, alerting our White Hats in the Pentagon to stop the impending assault on our nation. Remember, Russia only gets our land if they are sucessful. And , from what I have gathered the U.S. has some hundreds of years fo advanced war technologies beyond what the other two have, regarding super-weapons. Be prepared for a very shocking revalation.
BUT; decision time is here, whether we can disarm this threat , or counteract it.

War this year is looking more and more likely. King Abdullah of Jordan said at the UN he expects war before the end of the year. That would probably be on Chanukah December 8 since that falls under the tetrad of solar and lunar eclipses on Jewish Holy days from 2008 to 2010. There is an ELS Torah code matrix that confirms that date: “War, Iran, Israel, 1st day of 10th month, 1st day of 10th month.” Israel includes Judah in the Middle East, America which is Joseph, Britain which is Ephraim, France which is Reuben, etc and wherever the 10 tribes went to. On the Moses Jewish calendar that is Tevet 1 or December 8 in 2010 which is Chanukah. Dig, dig, dig and get a retreat on your property because immediately after the war with Iran, America is attacked in World War III (notable horn of Daniel chapter 8).

In the attack on America, first there will be an EMP attack that puts out the electronics, including on vehicles. Then coastal cities will be nuked on both coasts and 120 target cities inland. The nuclear arsenal in the MidWest will be hit. Prepositioned troops will attack from within the country. Invasion from Canada and Mexico follows since both those countries signed mutual defense treaties with Russia in the 1980’s for a part of America’s territory if Russia wins. There will be invasion by sea, also. Russia has a military base near the North Pole to attack Alaska. China has military bases at Pier J of the Port of Long Beach, the Panama Canal, and the Carribbean. There are more Chinese in Vancouver than in any other city in North America. Why? Many American Chinese are in colllusion with the prepositioned troops and employ them at restaurants and other businesses, paying $20,000. a person to enable them to emigrate. Box cars that have fallen and crashed open at Pier J of the Port of Long Beach were filled with AK-47’s for inner city gangs and prepositioned troops in America to create havoc. Even Muslim women are training to slit throats. Go to the mountains or go underground. Take your children out of the public and private schools. They will be murdered at FEMA camps if taken there from schools in a Red Alert. There is no food to feed them at FEMA camps, so they won’t be going there for protection, CIA agents have told the evangelists. President Obama last fall had the strategic grain reserves for America loaded onto 400 railroad cars and taken to ships and unloaded on ships. President Clinton did the same thing with the strategic grain reserves in the 1990’s and gave it to Russia for their undergroung shelters (five year food supply for entire Russian population) in anticipation of a 1998 Russian attack on America that the Lord delayed with Hurricane Mitch that made four right turns and destroyed the Russian heavy armor and equipment in the limestone caves of Mexico.


Forgot to say Hutz:

One of the problems with the churches they can lose their funding if they preach the whole truth. This is by design of course. Infiltration is everywhere: Church, State, Health, Education, Military, Media. They have incrementally gained control of the planet–you know this. Pastors will talk to you about this in private; but, in the pulpit they face pews filled with enemies and snitches. Yes, they should manup though. Everyone should manup right now. This is it.


I am indeed, tall, long haired, high heels. Hope springs it is indeed my pleasure to exchange thoughts with you . I am fat grey-haired wear sweatpants in winter and gym shorts in summer . I am an excellent father ,have a bad back and bad hearing . God gave me a lazy eye so I am special.
The powers that be are trying to start a religious war . I can see it ramping up everywhere lets not fall into their trap . Or feed them with our bickering.
I support everyones beliefs and do not judge unless they are satanic in nature . More power to us all whatever we believe we can all agree that the evil needs to be eradicated on this most beautiful creation ,Earth.



I agree. They distanced me from the full love of Christ. They seem to preach the same narrow band of guilt and hand out the collection basket. And then its stale donuts, bad coffee and useless banter. No more.

It used to be hard work for me to be a Christian. For the first time in my life it feels so easy. In the Bible, they say this is a good sign. I can’t tell you where (I abhor showing off besides my memory for passages is limited but the content sticks!) But you know, I got there on my own, in my heart, with the Word and with His presence. I think He just came and got me.

Most people do not know I am a Christian–I walk among Satanists everywhere covertly–sorta CointelChristPro LOL . But I do call on Him when people are in trouble–even Satanists receive Him when they are desperate. I have never been as vocal as I am here. Hmmmmm.

Anyway so glad we have not lost you my friend.



Jordan has annoyed the PTB (the FMs/Js) and they have warned him what subjects not to touch. I think the Strawman idea was off limits.

Some of his observations are great, some are questionable and some are just loopy. He is interesting to watch.


Hope my biggest beef with christens is they (for the most part) are sitting on their hands when it comes to the New World order.
If they would denounce it on tv and every church the battle would have been won already. They disgust me with their lack of backbone against satan.


I still feel that unconditional love hope.I am more a believer in Him than ever if that makes any sence at all.
God bless you too!



If you were not so sweet and smart, I’d give you a “one two”!

“Jesus is on a spaceship!”
This is the funniest thing I have ever read on the web.

“Chanelling Jesus”, is that from a Ouija board?
I watched a comedy with Steve Martin where some guy with a caftan and cap channelled from metal bowl.

BTW we do not channel Jesus; we pray to Him and He hears us. And He communicates with us when He chooses–for reasons beyond our understanding–because He is omniscient and perfect. Jesus is not our “lapgod” showing up when we command.

I am sorry if I am irreverant; but, you are speaking about my Lord and Savior.

What did Jesus say, His last words on the cross? “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.

God Bless You Rafael 🙂



You are a very perceptive man–finally, someone refers to me as a woman. I am indeed, tall, long haired, high heels and all–and proud of it LOL

I like your picture without the hat better. I too am grappling with the gravatar; obviously, doing this now would give me the same problem. Maybe I should sign up again…

I won’t hit you over the head with the Bible (not my way) but let me say this. Yes! you got it again! The Satanists have infiltrated the RCC, Mormons, Pentacostals, United, Baptists, even some Evangelical churches; this is fact.
A friend of mine, a pastor in huge Church organization, was told not to preach the Gospel! Just as her husband died, they fired her, they sued hershe lost her home…everything. She did not blame God for this. She knew the enemy. She is running a small Church now with no fixed address.

But here’s the thing: in the Word, the synoptic gospels and Revelation, it is written that Satan imitates Jesus and his Father–the great deception. You caught that already but it is by design.

Please don’t let us lose another one Hutz! If its only two weeks. It’s not so long ago that you still felt His love.
I am here for fellowship my dear man. As is wbstreck, positivechange and fix. And we are not in some pretentious group. You can see our heart is alive with Him.

God Bless You Dear Hutz


I’m reading a lot of comment’s on the supposed October 13th show up of UFO’s.

Just to equal things a bit more.
I wanted to share, again, a channeling from Jesus (Yes, he works on a spaceship hopesprings…)

Specially interesting is the part were he talks about alien invasion.

Let’s all remember too, that the NWO still have a card left to play, the alien invasion.







[Quoting: Chapter 7, pp. 46-47]

I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. Does it strike you as so strange that I, too, relished the things of the physical life and lived abundantly even two thousand years ago? I was not so strange, I enjoyed weddings and celebrations, wine, fine oils and good companionship. Length of a life-span is of very little value compared to the vitality of the living.

I repeat–let the dead bury the dead, for if you are alive it has no relationship to you. I dwell on the spirit of life, in liveliness.

Satan, the very spirit of evil, was a murderer from the beginning. Evil has nothing to do with natural death; it is concerned only with unnatural death, with murder of the body or the spirit. You ones in human format must take your human life so seriously that you also take human evil far more seriously–seriously enough to study it with all the means at your command, including the methods of science. You must recognize evil for that which it is, in all its ghastly reality. This is not morbid. To the contrary, it is in dedication to “life…more abundantly”. The valid reason to recognize human evil and study it well is to allow of the healing wherever you can, and eventually wipe its ugliness from the face of this wondrous earth.

You can no longer simply turn your eyes and ears away from the problem which is growing in boundless measure–you must look at it most minutely and with intent to heal humanity of this blight. Healing is the result of love; it is a most closely integrated relative of love. Wherever there is love, there is healing. Where there is no love, there is no healing. There must be love of life and respect and reverence for life and livingness–man turns to the Satanic cults and worship to “belong”; therefore, to heal, there must be “belonging” and love offered in abundance along with human caring.

You must know that all dis-ease is physical AND emotional so both must be considered in any instance. You must further be able to distinguish between human evil, such as murder, and natural “evil” as perceived through death and destruction resulting from fire, flood and earthquake.

There are several “levels” of evil possession and let us consider them in lumps. One type of evil concerns those in the process of “sliding” into evil. The other concerns those who have already slid, fallen victim to and been taken over by “radical” evil. …


…Evil has a most remarkable way of pulling security about itself–get participants who will go to any length to hide themselves. There are many, many ones in the political and law enforcement arenas who are quite evil and desire power beyond earth measure. They are most vulnerable to pornography, violence, excitement and power acquisition–they will further go to all lengths to maintain the facade of purity and honor (refer to prior chapters of this journal).[End quoting]


[Quoting Chapter 9, pp. 59-66]

…It is far easier to “believe” in evil than in goodness for there is so much more of it. The Satanic energy is allowed to literally take over a body and energy field in the human being–sometimes also within animals of lower forms if it suits his purpose.

There are energy forms (souls) which have been displaced from their original placement within the heavens and they must seek dwelling and experience. They seek it and find it within man. Oh yes, indeed, demonic possession is most real indeed. Further, at Satanic rituals, these demonic energies manifest into quite visible format. They, however, do not commit of the evil “ACT”; they can only influence the accepting entity to act in their behalf.

These evil demonic energies are actually quite distressed at this time for many humans have gone beyond that which is acceptable unto Satan. When man is teaching Satan some lessons in evil, you are in real bad trouble!

THERE IS NO HUMAN, PHYSICAL MANNER IN WHICH TO “FIGHT” THIS TREND IN WICKEDNESS FOR IT IS AN ENERGY FORM AND IT MUST BE DEALT WITH AT THAT SAME LEVEL. If it is attacking at the subconscious level, then it can be brought forth and forced to depart in most instances. If, however, it is full-blown possession, even death of the human only intensifies intent of the evil energy. That energy will cycle back almost immediately and in some instances does not even await the birth of a babe. Satanic energy will take over any vulnerable inhabitant–the higher in power and politics, the better targeted. It then returns to spread even more and greater evil.

These evil energy forms have grown into the vilest and continue to cycle through anyone available and open, for they have already separated from the God source and their full intent is to wreck havoc within the universal order–through the human format.


Do not be misled into thinking Satan DOES NOT exist for evil energy most surely does exist and you are not sophisticated enough to separate the two. If you were in control of that in-depth knowledge you would not be inquiring as to the validity of a Satan!

Let me repeat of my previously told story unto mine ones. In the beginning Satan was God’s second-in -command, chief among all His angels, the beautiful and beloved Lucifer. The service IT performed in God’s behalf was to enhance the spiritual growth of human beings through the use of testing and temptation–just as you test your own children in school so as to enhance their growth. Satan, therefore, was primarily a teacher of mankind, which is why it was called Lucifer, “THE LIGHT BEARER”.

The original meaning of the words “Satan” and “devil” were not synonymous, as they are used today. The terms “devil” and “diabolic” come from the Greek verb diabalein, meaning simply “to oppose”. The word “Satan” commonly meant “adversary”. In your Bible, God Himself supposedly stated that He was proceeding “Balaam” as a Satan. Seeing the necessity for mankind to be tested and tempted by something in opposition to His own will, God delegated this oppositional (diabolic and adversarial-satanic) function to the chief of His archangels. AND YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE THIS BROTHER OF MINE HAS THE POWER AND THE ABILITY TO PULL OFF HIS JOB IN PERFECTION!

…Just as I had to experience and grow in the Heavenly Realms to the “rank” of Sananda, so too, did Lucifer have to grow in the physical realm to the level of “Evil”–the higher dimensional term could mean nothing to you as definition.





Back to the beginning. As time went by, however, Satan became so enamored with its adversarial functions that it began to employ them more for its own delight than on God’s behalf. This you see throughout the Bible myths as handed down unto you.

Creator further decided that more was required than simple testing for the uplifting of mankind; what was required was both an example of His love and an example to live by. So, He sent his Christ being to experience–live and finally die–just as man. There was nothing special about crucifixion, for many thousands died of crucifixion, so it would be far wiser to allow Me down from your cross and decide what it is we will do about your life instead of my death.

…When Creator sent forth the Christ, Satan (who was no longer called Lucifer) found this intolerable and a personal insult. It puffed with pride, it refused to submit to God’s judgment of the precedence of Christ. It rebelled against God. Satan itself created the situation in which heaven became literally not enough for the both of them.

Inevitably, Satan, by its own doing, was immediately cast out into the absence of the God presence, which you label Hell. Once the light bearer, it now dwells in darkness as the Father of Lies, nursing continual images of revenge against God.

Through the angels who accompanied its departure and remained in its command, those who joined the rebellion and casting out, it has and continues to wage continual was against God’s design. Where once it existed to spiritually uplift mankind, it now exists to spiritually destroy you.

In the battle for your souls, it attempts to oppose the Christ at every turn. Satan perceives Christ as its personal enemy. As Christ in spirit lives, so is Satan the living Antichrist.


Satan is a purely destructive force–by its demonic representatives it claims to be naught other. Satan is utterly and totally dedicated to opposing human life and growth. It can only survive in vileness, war and hate.

Now, you ask–why would not God, having created Lucifer (Satan) in the first place, simply wipe him out? The question in itself presupposes that “God” would wipe anything out. It must be assumed that God can punish and kill if He would wipe anything from existence. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THAT GOD GAVE Satan FREE WILL JUST AS HE GAVE IT UNTO HUN-MAN AND THAT GOD DOES NOT DESTROY; GOD ONLY CREATES! HOWEVER, IF HE SO CHOOSES TO REMOVE A THOUGHT FROM HIS PROCESS, THAT FRAGMENT SIMPLY CEASES TO EXIST–SO DON’T TEST HIS PATIENCE TOO FAR. IF A HUMAN IS STRICKEN FROM GOD’S BOOK OF LIFE RECORDS, AT THE TRANSITION OF THAT SOUL, ITS RECORD IS REMOVED.

The point is, children, that God does not punish. To create you in His image, God gave you free will. To have done otherwise would have been to make you puppets or hollow mannequins–robots; androids. Yet in order to give you free will, God had to forswear the use of force against you. You do not have free will when there is a gun pointed at your back; although you still have choice. It is not necessarily that God lacks the power to destroy you, to punish you , but that in His love for you. He has painfully and terribly chosen never to use it. In agony, He must stand by and allow you to BE. He intervenes only to help, when asked, never to hurt. God Creator is a God of restraint. Having forsworn the use of power against you, if you refuse His help, He has no resource but to watch you punish yourselves.

While many of you ones upon Earth envision your God as a giant wrathful policeman in the sky somewhere, the reality is that God has forever denounced police force.

Ones ask, “How could God allow such and such a thing to happen?” Well, in the allowing of free will, there is a disallowing of “force”. God will not interfere for in the allowing of free will, He forsook “force”. …

God waits most patiently for you to make your decision for He is a God of Truth and will not break of His own edict. So, He awaits your choices. It may seem to you who desire truth and light that you are doomed. Oh no, never. God will “win” the battle against Evil. IN FACT, THE BATTLE IS ALREADY WON, BY THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT THE CHRIST CAME AND WILL COME AGAIN. THERE IS NO DEATH OF SOUL SO HE WHO IS CREATED CAN, IN NO WISE, ANNIHILATE HIS OWN CREATOR.

KNOW that Satan is on the run and in his apparent control of the world is desperately efforting at maintaining power. He attacks more steadfastly those ones who can produce the most in opposition of his lie. This is why ones who work within the light, i.e., pen these messages, speak in Truth, uncover the lies and make them public and thus and so, are most targeted. It is, however, more advantageous to discredit in some manner the offenders than to actually kill them for then the banner is taken up by others. Therefore, the heavy thrust is to discredit Truth and have the bringers of the truth discredited. It is often most unintentional in ones who do the discrediting. It is in the manner of telling ones who receive of these words that they are mostly correct, that only about 10% is tainted. NO, NO, NO–truth is 100%. “Errors” in human typing and printing can be present but concept and content must be 100%. Do I make of myself quite clear?

This is for all of you who share the uncommon task of presenting our presence and our Truth in your works–ye shall not work in blindness nor lack of assistance for much longer in your time perspective, for we are here in your spaces already. It is no longer that: “Some day I shall come again:–I AM COME AGAIN! I AM MOST REAL, I AM MANIFESTED AND I AM COME! SO BE IT FOR YOU MUST BE IN THE HEARING AND ACCEPTING OF THIS TRUTH. WATCH THOSE ONES WHO DENOUNCE THIS AS FALSE; FOR THEY ARE TOUCHED BY THE EVIL BROTHERHOOD.


I will point out right at this point, that evil even claims the brotherhood of cosmic brethren come in his own appearance. Nay, we come as you; thousands walk among you. God sends forth His hordes in His own image–He would not send forth terrifying images to paralyze and disable you in your most terrific hour of need.


No-one, not your parent, your sibling, your Senator or Christ, can cast out Satan or demons from thy minds. The afflicted must “do it yourself”. The way can be shown, the meal prepared but the ultimate eating must be individual.

Satan cannot do evil except through a human body. Although it was a murderer from its beginning, it cannot murder except with human hands. It does not have the power to kill or even harm by itself. It must use human beings to do its devilry. Although it repeatedly threatens to kill the possessed and the helpers, its threats are exactly that in itself for they are lies. Unfortunately, there are millions of unwary who will do the work, instead.

The only real power that Satan has is through human belief in its lies and the ability to discount truth and truth bringers. Possessed ones have fallen for the false and seductive promise of “friendship” and material gain. Satan will say something like the following: “You need us for we don’t hate ‘Jesus’ or Christ, we just test him.” Nay, this is the Father of Lies speaking–he hates, from his very essence, the Christ!

What are some of the lies he will tell you personally? Well, humans must use any method necessary to defend themselves in order to survive and cannot depend on anything other than themselves in their defense. It will say, “Everything is explainable in terms of negative and positive energy (which balance out to be zero)”. Strangely, it is the way the lie is presented, for he is an expert at twisting the truth into a lie. When telling of the truth, it is so unacceptable that the human grabs for the lie and eats it all. He will tell you there is no mystery in the world–he will fail to tell you the world is mostly all mysticism. He will tell you love is a thought and has no objective reality; however, all ones are seeking love and cannot survive in a balanced, positive manner without it. “All things are abstract and these lies of goodness are simply hypothetical in nature; to compete for money, power, ego gratification and control, therefore, is the only intelligent way to live.”

This spirit must be recognized as a “real” thing. Although intangible and immaterial, it has a personality and a true “being”. You cannot define Satan’s personality as simply the absence of goodness. Its personality cannot simply be explained away as an absence, a nothingness. There is a prevailing presence of hate. Satan desires to destroy life and you must understand this fact above all.

SATAN’S WEAKNESS. Now we get on to something useful in tangible manner. Satan has glaring weaknesses–which in turn give Satan’s adversaries great strength.

Satan’s demons are extraordinarily brilliant but are also extraordinarily stupid. If it were not so extraordinarily narcissistic and conceited, Satan would not reveal itself at all. Its pride overcomes its own intelligence, so that the demon of deceit is also a show-off. If it were thoroughly clever, it would leave its victims long before things get really rough on it as a being. It really desires to win and therefore foolishly sticks on to the bitter end.

Satan is also blind in some areas. It has no understanding of the phenomenon of Love for it is too extremely self-oriented. It recognizes love as a reality to be fought and even to be imitated, but utterly lacking in itself, it does not understand love in the least bit. The notion of true “sacrifice” is totally foreign to it–ones make sacrifices unto it and that is all it can understand. When humans respond to its presence in true love, it does not comprehend what is being said and is completely ignorant of any ground rules in loving behavior.

Evil further assumes a profound human tendency to self-deception, employs the scientific method to counteract it, and holds truth higher than any personal desire. Therefore, Satan also does not understand science at all. Enamored with its own will and hatred of the Light of Truth, it basically finds human science incomprehensible.

Caution, in your newly found strength, is strongly advised. Satan’s weakness should not encourage you to overlook his strengths. It propounds its lies with extraordinary power. It may not be so remarkable that it possesses people in front of you but it has the power to totally confuse and cause total despair in another as a result of the power of its lies.


Here is your massive problem. When the evil intent and ignorance outweigh the good intent, what can you do in action? Man will do what he is told to do by “leaders” and his own ego needs. He will steal, maim, go to war, march for peace–whatever seems appropriate at a given time. …The task of preventing group evil–including war itself–is clearly a task of eradicating or, at least, significantly diminishing laziness, self-blindment and narcissism.

How? …First you might attempt to do so by influencing the individual group leaders. If that route is blocked then you must turn to whatever is left, such as the lowest of the group and start seeking grassroots support. In any manner, it is the individual which must be encountered, for it is ultimately in the solitary mind and soul of the individual that the battle between good and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost. EACH INDIVIDUAL LEAVES ITS MARK ON HISTORY–WHETHER GOOD OR EVIL. IT IS WITHIN THE ACCEPTANCE OF THIS VERY INFORMATION INTO THE INDIVIDUAL PERCEPTION WHICH WILL IMPACT AGAINST EVIL AS A WHOLE. BUT TO HAVE IMPACT, MAN MUST MAKE A CHOICE AND TAKE ACTION.



Go forth for respite before we move on into Satanism and how and why it grows from the seed of evil. Man must grow from the acceptance of the lie into the knowledge of that which is truth. I place my seal upon these words that they be accepted in the truth presented. Do not push your perception beyond that which is presented for man has much yet to learn about this wondrous path of “life”.



Have you ever wondered?


What’s This All About?
a.k.a. “The Monkey Box”



Regarding your 9/25/10 10:006 PM post
About two years ago I did my own research regarding the origin of ‘ who brought the slave trade to America, suspecting the fake Illuminati Jews’ ! I figured those illuminati types looking for 1000% profits would be in on this. Discovered the Newport, R.I. slavers and some jews that migrated from, NYC to that same slaver community. The Portugese and Spanish maranos(evil jews)wer there too, incognito,provisioning the very affluent Tuorro Synagogue. Also consequently discoverd that Massachusets and Rhode Island ended the slaving prematurely compared to neighboring states, I think, pre-Revoutionary War time frame, but the slave ship masters still operated out of their New England home territory. They had the meditearnaen surnames but the assemblage of evidence tied up the case.Evidently the affulency of the jewish slave traders and the grossness of ths activity ticked off the New Englanders. Kaminski’s good research picked up on the fine details. But for me , this was an hypothetical exercise to confirm the incessant evil perpetrated by those evil jews the Bible warned us about. Re. 2:9-10 and Rev. 3:9-10.
Now , those of you damnable Bible skeptics; you suck with your freakin fictional textus atheisticus commentaries.
Slap your head for me;you know who!


Excellent post hutzman.



The former guerrilla set to be the world’s most powerful woman

Brazil looks likely to elect an extraordinary leader next weekend


Abraham Lincoln, were he among us today, would stand on the gold dot in the center of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, lift his eyes to the apotheosized or glorified George Washington in the Eye of the Dome he willed to raise, and weep. He would weep for the Soul of America. He would weep for us. Then, he’d spit some Beechnut in the eyes of the forces of spiritual tyranny that use economics, propaganda, psychological and spiritual warfare to destroy freedom and to enslave us. With clear eyes Lincoln would summon the mighty forces of the universe, and with a flaming heart he would proclaim this mystical crisis a soul rising, a fight to lift, heal and save the Soul of America, and a fight for free humanity everywhere, now and in the future.



Thanks, Hutz. I understand.


The Seeker and the Sadhu
Seeker:Tell me more about this Master of yours. Did he write down instructions for us to follow like other religious teachers?
Sadhu:The Master never wrote anything down, nor did he ask his followers to record his teachings. His words are spirit and life. Spirit can only infuse spirit. Life can only infuse life. The Master’s teaching cannot be contained on the pages of a book. Other great teachers left behind books to replace the living voice, to guide and help their bereft followers. But the Mas­ ter did not do this, because he has not left us. He is al­ ways with us, and his living voice guides and counsels
The Master never wrote anything down, nor did he ask his followers to record his teachings. His words are spirit and life. Spirit can only infuse spirit. Life can only infuse life. The Master’s teaching cannot be contained on the pages of a book. Other great teachers left behind books to replace the living voice, to guide and help their bereft followers. But the Mas­ ter did not do this, because he has not left us. He is al­ ways with us, and his living voice guides and counsels us. His followers recorded his teachings after his as­ cension as a help to those who cannot yet perceive his living presence. In the end, however, when people ask me, “What made you a follower of the Master?” I can
 only answer: the Master.

Seeker: But don’t your scriptures reveal the truth about God?

Sadhu:They reveal much to us about the life and teachings of the Master and about the nature of God ’s love. God the Spirit is the true author of the Bible, but this does not mean that every word, taken on its own, is holy or inspired. It is not the words in themselves, but rather the meaning that is inspired.
The language used by those who wrote the books of the Bible was the language of everyday, not the language of spirit. Only when we make direct contact with the author, that is, with God the Spirit, can the meaning become clear. Just as many do not understand the Master, so too, they can not understand his words.

Seeker:I want to believe the truth of what you say, for I see its fruits in the peace you experience, but it is difficult for me to understand or accept.

Sadhu:God has created us with spiritual faculties and  powers, but these must be used or else they will decay and be lost. Faith must be fixed on the living God or else irreverence and sin will rule; they will lead to doubt and ultimately destroy all faith.
Sometimes people say that they are ready to believe in God if only this or that doubt is removed or satis­ fied. Can one go to a doctor and ask that the pain of a broken arm be removed before the bone is set? This would be ridiculous because the pain is the result of the break. Once the limb has been set, the pain will pass away by itself. Doubts are spiritual pains that arise from our sin. We must first restore spiritual union with God; then doubts with regard to the exist­ ence of God or the divinity of the Master will disap­ pear on their own. Only then will the pain fade. Only then will we experience the wonderful spiritual peace that the world can neither give nor take away. The Master reveals God to us so that the union between God and us sinful humans might be restored. He has opened the way for us to enter his heavenly realm. Whoever sincerely seeks truth with an open heart will find it revealed in the Master.
We do not need knowledge of Hebrew or Greek, but we do need to be united with the Spirit. This Spirit  guided the prophets and followers who recorded his words, and this spirit alone can reveal their true mean­ ing to us. The language of the Master is spiritual, and we can only understand its meaning if we are awake in spirit. We do not need to know or understand any­ thing about theological questions or criticisms. In­ deed, a child can most readily grasp the Master’s teaching, for the child is still united with the spiritual world from which it came. But those who possess wis­ dom that is only of this world can never understand, for the Master’s spirit is not in them.


Pieter and hope. You both are in stalemate and should drop the subject . pieter you smacked me down a long time ago about my beliefs . And that was ok because I was confused about what to believe . Hopesprings is not going to listen to you . Unlike me she is a believer in what you would call deception . She believes your soul is lost I guess . (sorry hope if I am wrong) . Thing is we are all great warriors on this blog whatever our belief is . I know and feel that we are actually making a difference . Lets not fight each other . I do not mind Bible talk from believers . Personalty I am a Deist that believes in the teachings of Jesus that are not subject to be a tool for control of the people .I quit calling myself a Christan a few weeks ago because the term Christan is associated with greed and pedophilia to me .There are atheists and satinests that have become pastors and priests rabbi ect . How can anyone ever know the heart of a pope priest or pastor rabbi ect? I reject religion but embrace Jesus and most of his teachings. I also follow the teachings of John Lennon . A man of peace.
I do not tell anyone else how to believe . You me and hope are going to the same place anyway . See ya when we get there.
And God’s Speed to bring peace to this planet finally.



synchronicity ? coincidence ?

In ” kungfu panda ” movie , oogway says : “there are no accidents in life ”

Shifu: I… I… have… It’s a… It’s a very bad news.
Oogway: Aah, Shifu. There’s just news.There’s no good or bad.
Shifu: Master, your vision… Your vision was right. Tai Lung has broken out of prison. He’s on his way.
Oogway: That is bad news… if you do not believe that the Dragon Warrior can stop him.
Shifu: The panda? Master, that panda is not the Dragon Warrior. He wasn’t even meant to be here. It was an accident.
Oogway: There are no accidents.
Shifu: Yes, I know. You said that already… twice.
Oogway: Well, that’s not an accident either.
Shifu: Thrice.


to lew ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


I was registered twice with two nics and email addresses.
this is my original nic . when I canceled the hutz account my gravatar started working. I wish I could change back to hutz but i could not find a way to change the name . I hope that explains it 🙂



You won’t believe this; but I put on this movie 10 minutes before reading your comment. They are floating in space around Discovery right now. Uncanny.



I do not read posts that begin with insults; hence, I have not read yours.

There are many Christians who come here; we continually have to read the esoteric, elusive content of those who believe themselves privileged here with higher rights to a voice.

After awhile, those who have faith, also need a voice lest this blog be indistinguishable from the likes of extremists in the paranormal and such.

Although I did notice the word, “enlightenment” in your comment, by no means in the autumn of my rich life, do I believe your information can provide this. You do like to flatter yourself. If you can stick to the geopolitical, so can I.

Let’s agree that the world is polarized with those at one end having faith in Christ and atheists at the other. I am not God nor a god nor worthy to be a god–I speak for myself.

Make no further aspersions on my character. And if you continue to push your context beyond the geopolitical, I will give Jesus and His Father a voice. Any attacks will not be seen as you “love and light” types wish to be seen, respectful and honourable.

We can inclusive in this blog or we can be exclusive playing into the hands of our oppressors. Having this enemy in common should in itself prompt us to work together.

God Bless You Always


Is 2010 the year of discovery for extraterrestrial life?
Michael Salla
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

In the film version of a book written by Arthur C. Clarke, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, this year marks the beginning of a new era for humanity – official discovery of extraterrestrial life. Towards the end of 2009, a number of sources and articles began appearing claiming that official disclosure of advanced extraterrestrial life was imminent. Late 2009 and early 2010 witnessed an unprecedented number of events that continue to suggest official disclosure of some kind is imminent. While predictions of official disclosure by early 2010 have so far not proved accurate, a preparatory process nevertheless appears to be well underway. The world public is being prepared for such an announcement by a series of scientific meetings concluding that discovery of extraterrestrial life is inevitable. In what appears to be a carefully calibrated process, Great Britain is playing a leading role in simultaneously preparing the world for an inevitable announcement concerning the discovery of primitive extraterrestrial life, while dampening down expectations about the visitation of technologically advanced extraterrestrials in UFOs.

From January 25-26, 2010, London’s Royal Society, Britain’s equivalent of a national academy of sciences, held a two day meeting on the topic: “The detection of extraterrestrial life and the consequences for science and society.” The meeting involved some of the world’s foremost scientific authorities in the search for extraterrestrial life. Leading the field were astrobiologists arguing the inevitability of biological evolutionary process taking off on exoplanets with similar conditions to Earth. Professor Simon Conway Morris, a Cambridge University evolutionary biologist, said:

Contrary to most neo-Darwinian thinking at the moment, evolution is much more predictable than people think. In short, under the right conditions of a “biosphere” such as those present on Earth, the molecules necessary to form complex and intelligent life are already available; Darwinian evolution will do the rest.

The conclusions of the conference over the inevitability of extraterrestrial life being eventually discovered was affirmed by Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society. In a Daily Telegraph news report released on Monday February 22, he said:

They could be staring us in the face and we just don’t recognise them. The problem is that we’re looking for something very much like us, assuming that they at least have something like the same mathematics and technology… I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.



Suncrystal, on 9/25 at 8:45 pm, you asked me about Swerdlow’s post (Something big is about to happen). In testlng for future events, only a probability can be determined. In this case 66%.

On 9/26 at 4:34 am, how did you conclude that Monday it is? JJ’s post talked about sometime before jan. 1, 2011.


Thousands protest as Pakistani mother jailed in US for 86 years

PAKISTAN’S PRIME minister yesterday hailed a scientist convicted of attempting to kill US soldiers as the “daughter of the nation” and promised intense efforts to secure her return to Pakistan.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets after a New York court sentenced Aafia Siddiqui, a US-educated neuroscientist and mother of three, to 86 years in jail.

Police fired tear gas and scuffled with protesters surging towards the heavily fortified US consulate in her hometown, Karachi. In Multan, Punjab Province, people burned posters of US president Barack Obama. At least 5,000 people attended the largest rally, in Peshawar.

The protests were led by activists from the religious party Jamaat e Islami and Imran Khan’s Justice party – minority groups that have seized on Siddiqui’s case as a means of attacking President Asif Ali Zardari’s government.

The case taps into deep anti-US hostility in a country where a recent survey found that just 17 per cent of Pakistanis view Washington favourably.



BATTLE OF THE HARVEST MOON, September 27, 1977http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal26.html


Pieter de Waard
Pieter de Waard

Rafael, I did check your links, but did not read them. Reading David Icke summarizes about the whole mess on this planet. Fort reading or viewing all links on this blog I would need another ten extra incarnations….Is there a link that seriously adds something to the enormous knowledge of Icke?

I live in the middle of the Netherlands (considering the size of the country, you could also say near the edge), in the village Amerongen, about 25 km southeast of the town Utrecht.


December 21, 2012 the world will change forever as major Governments are forced to confess the existence of advanced extraterrestrial UFOs

The Maya prediction of a cataclysmic end to the world as we know it is near. Secret preparations are being made in many countries for the Governments to come out clean what they have been hiding for decades – the existence of unexplained advanced extraterrestrial UFOs.

Brazil, India and China are taking the lead in this matter. They want to make sure the emerging new world understands that we have to coexist with our advanced extraterrestrial neighbors.

Negotiations are on with future manned travel to Moon, Mars and so on. There was a reason why Russia and America stopped lunar missions. There was reason why no one dared to travel to Mars on manned mission. There are reasons why the pictures from Apollo mission in Moon look fictitious. Apollo mission was real but it was an eye opener to the space agencies. The extraterrestrials were already in Moon to greet us.

In December 21, 2012 something will change. The world will secretly use the help of the extraterrestrials to avert massive disaster for out civilization. The major Governments may not be able to keep the facts the under the rug any more. The catastrophic events in 2007-12 will manifest if the Mayan prophecy will come true


Inside Norway’s underground military HQ
In November, Norway will officially move its military command base to its former Cold War complex in Bodo inside the Arctic Circle.

As Russia is strengthening its armed presence on the other side of their shared border, there is no better illustration of the militarisation of the Arctic, and of its serious strategic value for Norway.

The BBC’s Paul Henley has been given exclusive access to the underground Norwegian headquarters.



Putin says Arctic must remain ‘zone of peace’

MOSCOW, Russia — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called Thursday for “a zone of peace” in the Arctic as North Pole neighbours scramble to stake their claims to the region?s energy-rich seabed.

“We think it is imperative to keep the Arctic as a zone of peace and cooperation,” Putin told international participants at the first Arctic Forum in Moscow, which stressed the eye-watering potential for offshore development.

“We all know that it is hard to live alone in the Arctic,” Putin said.

“We have heard futuristic predictions threatening a ?battle for the Arctic?. But we are carefully tracking the situation in the region, and we clearly see that the majority of scary scenarios about the Arctic do not have any real basis.”

Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States are locked in a race over how to divide up the Arctic, after US researchers said recently that global warming might leave it ice-free by 2030.

One quarter of the earth’s untapped energy riches is believed to be buried in the Arctic sea floor.

But in a nod to environmental concerns raised by many forum participants, Putin pledged Russia would observe strict rules to protect the fragile ecology.

“I want to underline that not one industrial project in the Russian Arctic will be undertaken without consideration for the strictest ecological demands. This is a key position of the Russian Federation,” Putin told participants, who included Icelandic President Olafur Grimsson.

The clamour to lay claim to the Arctic floor’s riches hinges on rival bids for sovereignty of the Lomonosov ridge, an underwater mountain range stretching from Greenland to Russia.

Last week, Canada’s Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon reasserted his nation’s rival claim to the territory in talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

“We will exercise our sovereignty in the Arctic,” Cannon told a news conference following the talks.

The five Arctic nations must make their case for claiming the Lomonosov ridge as an extension of their continental shelf within 10 years of ratifying the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The United States is the only one of the five not yet to have ratified the treaty


Saturn’s Northern Lights: Incredible new Nasa images show planet’s glowing poles

Glowing like a mysterious planet from an episode of Star Trek, this is actually Saturn’s aurora as it shimmers green light.

These new images show Saturn’s aurora over a two-day period and are helping scientists understand what drives some of the solar system’s most impressive light shows.
The false-colour image was composed from 65 single shots taken by the spacecraft Cassini on 11 November 2008.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1314897/Saturns-Northern-Lights-Incredible-new-Nasa-images-planets-glowing-poles.html#ixzz10a4mEAR0


From David Wilcocks recent blog update


I am very happy to report that unless there is some sort of major upset, (which is highly unlikely,) I will have a wonderful new announcement to make by the end of October!

Years and years and years of work are finally paying off in ways I had only hoped might happen… if I got really lucky.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results — but it did involve a great expenditure of time, forcing me to drop everything and work just on this for almost the entire month!

Furthermore, the disclosure articles in mainstream media are becoming ever-increasingly frequent. Whether or not this translates into any immediate results remains to be seen — however, I do think we’re going to see some remarkable changes as we head into next year either way.


Pieter de Waard
Pieter de Waard

Hopesprings, if you want to give your evolution a boost, you need to get rid of your ego-identifications. You apparently have a strong identification with religion. As soon as somebody says something against your believe/identification, you feel a strong urge to do something about it, that is ego-energy. It will keep you in prison. That is the main reason TPTB invented religion.

About religion, MK gave enough links on this blog, you must have missed them or your ego found them too much against your believe. About the Bible: God does not write books, or in another definition of God, he has written all books. The Bible was written by humans. Most texts in the Bible were derived or stolen from older cultures. For example the whole Jesus story was stolen (or ‘borrowed’ saying it more friendly) from older cultures, up to the Egyptian times and ultimately based on astrological stuff (the crossing has to do with stars, Bethlehem is a name of some star or constellation, the three wise guys are the three center stars of Orion etc, etc, etc). Type in youtube search “Jesus Horus” and you will find a lot, for example:

Inspired by God?? I don’t think so, it is like channeling, when you open yourself to other plains, like the astral plains, you usually will receive rubbish. And be careful, these astral clowns can deceive you very easily, they can play with white light etc, and they can even pretend to be Jesus and who knows what else.

And the messenger, whether he is called a prophet, an apostle, or Sheldan Nidle, or Benjamin Crème, or Kavassilas, or whoever else, can be a very inspiring and sincere person. But as soon as he claims to have messages from God or experiences from other plains/worlds etc. there is a very big possibility that he was deceived. Why do you think that the consciousness of most people is closed for the astral plains? It is because of protection, because of the mess out there.

People who can help you on your way to enlightenment (I recommend the book ‘I am that’ by Nisargadatta or ‘The ego identity crisis’ by Brian Nager, google them or go to Amazon).) will tell you to stay away from these astral planes. You will attract rubbish having the same or lower level of consciousness that you have, and as long as we are not enlightened we are full of shit and will attract shit. People who are enlightened don’t have the need to channel or write Bibles or whatever. Religion usually starts when they have died….

I have a (Dutch) book written by a minister (so this is written from inside religion) who studied all his life all different versions of the gospels. The title of his book is translated in English: “Forgery”. I guess that title alone says enough.

About the origin of the new testimony this is a great article with lots of references in it, please read it: (PDF file)


greetings, Pieter


Hutz, nice to have your picture. Waht’s with the new username?


read Swerdlow .
what do you mean by sundays the day?



You live in Slovakia but you are not Slovak…am I right?
And I don’t perceive you are correct saying that people there are less aware of these things around the world than people in the USA. In my perception, Americans are most brainwashed than any other nation due to the massive mind control, etc. Ex-communist countries have had enough of manipulation and they won’t just take any crap anymore, so they are more suspicious of things and they put 1+1 faster than those in the Western world. If something doesn’t smell right then it is probably rotten…Furthermore, Slovakia is just a very small country in the very heart of Europe and the history has tested this nation enough so they are more aware than you give them credits for. Just my humble opinion…

Saludos! Na zdravie!


Hi Getem,

I totally agree with you !!! The sad part is that not many Aussies realise all this connections. Are they going to “sell” Australia to the highest bidder? I really got worried about our future…is it going as bright as they are portraiting in the press?



Here’s Swerdlow’s link:


Your 10:09 posting confirms Swerdlow’s comment from yesterday! So, Monday it is?????


What Happens After ‘Death’?
By Adrian Cooper
Excerpt from Our Ultimate Reality
I would like to commence this section by emphatically stating an extremely important truth which everyone should know and understand beyond any possible doubt: There really is no such state as “death”.

What many people believe to be the finality of “death” is in fact no more and no less than the transition from one state of life and reality, that of the physical matter, to a state of life of a vastly finer density of the Universe, often known as the “Astral planes”, sometimes referred to as “the beyond”, the “fourth dimension” or the “afterlife”.

What they are called is of no consequence however, the fact is they do exist and for a time becomes the new home for people departing physical life, before either returning for another life on earth or progressing to the inner spheres of reality, the Mental planes, the Spirit worlds.

We will discuss the nature of the Astral planes later in this book, but first we will look at the process erroneously known as “death”.

Read the full story here…



Amen on those two last points Hutz!
Make more than 2.1 babies per couple–ASAP!
I’m off to the physical world.
Take care ohhhh I mean God Bless


Fight the Illuminati.Make Babies.


Advocating homosexuality/Gay Rights is a form of population control to the Illuminati


Anything to do with “trans-port” falls under their criminally conceived Admiralty Law i.e. the Queen’s waters beyond the land, on the land and below the land. The water on land is every waterway, aquifer, and puddle in your backyard. Ridiculous, yes. But its all part of the big grab.


Constantine Wrote Matthew 28:19 Into Your Bible!
Questioning the authenticity of Matthew 28:19 is not a matter of determining how easily it can or cannot be explained within the context of established doctrinal views. Rather, it is a matter of discovering the very thoughts of our God, remembering that His truth, and not our traditions, is eternal.
What Did Matthew Actually Write, “Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,” OR “Go ye, and make disciples of all the nations IN MY NAME”?


Hutz (2:33am)
That’s interesting that it is “state secrets”, not national secrets. According to the IRS Code and the Fed Reg’s definitions, ‘State’ has the same definition as does United States; meaning the 10 sq miles of D.C., and it’s territories (Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, etc.).

Unless we live in DC, etc., or at a federal port, fort, or artillary installation, we are outside the jurisdiction of the federal corporation. And unless we deal in firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or work for the federal govt., we are outside their jurisdiction as well. That’s in the Federal Regulations. 🙂

Just a brief note also; unless we drive commercially on the public roads (truckdrivers, busdrivers, ambulance drivers, etc.), we are not “drivers”, but mere travelers. In the Vehicle Code book, it defines our rights. We just need to find what our rights and responsibilties encompass and that takes time and study. We must each do it for ourselves rather than depend on heresay from others. I’m stating that because it is being drilled into my head and I’m finally understanding that in order to be free we must understand our parameters for ourselves. Gone are the days that we take as gospel the info doled out by others.

Sorry to ramble…. back to canning food I go.


AND NOw to those who conjur Constantine please read this:

The question “How did Constantine alter the Bible?” has become popular since the release of The Da Vinci Code. The book reads, “The fundamental irony of Christianity! The Bible, as we know it today, was collated by the pagan Roman emperor Constantine the Great.”1

Is this true? Did Constantine alter the Bible? No, Constantine did not form or collate the Bible. In 306 AD, Constantine (274 – 337 AD) became ruler of the Roman Empire. He gained his fame for becoming the single ruler of the Roman Empire (after he deceived and defeated Licinius) before supposedly converting to Christianity (his conversion is debatable).

In 325, Constantine called the Council of Nicea, which was the first general conference of the Christian church. Constantine had virtually nothing to do with the forming of the canon and it was not even discussed at Nicea. Instead, the council that formed decisions about the canon took place in 397 in Cathage. This was 60 years after Constantine’s death.

It is important to note that 21 books were acknowledged by Christians long before Constantine. In AD 330, Constantine did finance the copying of 50 Christian Scriptures. However, this was not a new Bible, and he did not omit any of the already accepted books.

So, how did Constantine alter the Bible? There is no historical evidence that he did!


US To Continue Killing Own Citizens Overseas
Obama invokes ‘state secrets’ claim to dismiss suit against murdering of U.S. citizen al-Aulaqi

By Spencer S. Hsu

The Obama administration urged a federal judge early Saturday to dismiss a lawsuit over its targeting of a U.S. citizen for killing overseas, saying that the case would reveal state secrets. Continue…


for complementarity…david icke and bill maher roustabout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TidD_MnrfHI


Hutzman and all: Sorry about the length of this. People are still talking about the veracity of the Bible so here is some info to digest. It’s an easy, short read.

Has the Bible been lost, altered or corrupted over time?

When we read the Bible today can we be assured that we are reading in our language the same word of God that was contained in the original manuscripts? It is often claimed by skeptics and agnostics that we cannot be sure of this. They point out that the common English Bible, the King James Version, is based upon late medieval manuscripts and that in these manuscripts there are thousands of variations or differences. They point to the later English translations that differ from the King James, not only in the rendering of the language, but often in whole verses, sentences, or even paragraphs being left out. They say here is confusion, and since we don’t have the original autographs, we don’t really know that we have the Bible.

In the face of these doubts the informed Christian and student of the Bible affirms his complete confidence in the fact that we have God’s inspired word today. Modern studies and discoveries make this even more certain now than ever before. In the first place, it must be admitted that the early English translations were based upon Greek manuscripts which were the results of hundreds of years of hand copying. But even so, the variations do not in any substantial way affect the message of the Bible. When all corrections are made upon the basis of better and earlier evidences, no doctrine, no substantial fact of Christian history is affected.

Modern versions of the New Testament are no longer made from Erasmus’ Greek Testament of 1516. Our scientifically edited Greek Testaments of today, such as Westcott-Hort, Nesley, or the American Bible Society’s new edition, are based upon the earliest and most concrete evidence. Anyone who would argue that these New Testaments do not contain the original text would thereby confess his ignorance of the history of the transmission of the Bible and the science of textual criticism.

The evidence behind such a modern edition of the Greek New Testament, is threefold. First, manuscript evidence. Second, the evidence from early versions. Third, the evidence from the quotations of the Greek scriptures by the Greek fathers. Any one of these types of evidence is enough to confirm the authenticity of the original text. Therefore, they form a tripod of evidence which is overwhelming. “In the mouth of two or three witnesses, shall every word be established” II Corinthians 13:1.

A whole book could be written on each type of evidence, but it is enough to note, for example, that practically every verse of the New Testament in Greek can be recovered from quotations of the New Testament by the Greek fathers (or scholars) in their writings. Again, versions or translations of the New Testament into Syriac, Old Latin, the Egyptian dialects, etc. were made beginning from three or four decades after the completion of the canon of the New Testament. Scholars with knowledge in these languages can verify the Greek text and the way these translations read. Most important is the overwhelming evidence from the Green manuscripts, the English and American Revised Versions of 1880 and 1901 were based primarily on the great Greek manuscripts of the fourth and fifth centuries. And so abundant have been the discoveries in the past sixty-five years that we can now go nearly two hundred years farther back with the evidence. Such great textual discoveries as the papyrus manuscripts of Chester Batey; the Bodlar manuscript of John and Luke, enrich our knowledge beyond the fondest dreams of textual critics of the last century, and still the sands of Egypt and the Middle East continue to yield treasures. Surely, in God’s providence, such discoveries are being brought forth in the modern dark ages of doubt to light the way to faith in God’s Holy Word. With such firm confidence in the original text we stand upon the fi m rock of God’s immutable truth. Our Lord himself said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35). Surely the God who made this world with all its complexities is capable of preserving his word for all generations.


Alternative cancer cures – great video! Please watch and share this. It explains how the pharmaceutical industry’s intention is for profit and how the drugs kill people. Then goes through a beautiful, short presentation of all these natural cures and/or preventions for cancer. This is a must IMO for all people to see. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=pEGKT6UqzFs&feature=related


God is a concept by which we measure our pain.
John Lennon …..God


hope that was a joke ….you need to do research on humor. lol


Re Comment by cfree928 on September 25, 2010 @ 3:53 pm

I’m from a long time Alaska fishing family and know about the cycles and the great job Alaska F&G does to prevent over harvest. I’m now living in the SW and there is absolutely NO fresh Wild Caught salmon available in our stores this year…so unusual. Our stores, even Safeway used to fly it in fresh several times a week. Not even fresh Sockeye salmon available here today. Fish man at local grocery told me that their wholesale price was $23+/lb so they didn’t buy. Something’s ‘fishy’ here – pun intended.

Why don’-t you ask the management at Safeway why they didn’t have fresh salmon this year. $23 per pound… holy cow…

I was buying a whole sockeye salmon for $20 at the local store (I’m guessing it was 4 pounds). Sometimes a bit less if I buy direct from native fishermen. This is (BC) Canadian salmon.

Not sure where the majority of our catch is sold… Japan is likely high on the list as Alaskan and Washington state salmon catches could supply for the domestic US market.



Hello Hutzman:

I am looking evidence not a belief system. When you say the Bible has been mucked with–the one historical document and the Living Word for so many–please pray tell give me facts.
I need research, information, facts, evidence, theologans, anything–I will read anything you send me that is well reseached.

Jesus was a Great Speaker; but, also a great listener.

BTW not a kind statement on half the human race i.e. women .


The New World Order of Global Governance, It’s not just for Conspiracy Theorist Anymore


In the beginning
Posted: 25 Sep 2010 01:35 AM PDT
God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested


Idiot Chicken Farmer
Posted: 25 Sep 2010 03:43 AM PDT
An idiot decided to start a chicken farm so he bought a hundred chickens to begin with.

A month later he returned to the dealer for another hundred chickens because all of the first lot had died.

A month later he was back at the dealer for another hundred chickens for the second lot had also died.

“But I think I know where I’m going wrong,” said the idiot, “I think I’m planting them too deep.”


merek your postings are more well fit for this blog as well . especially when you post links .Love to you brother.


Reincarnation was the biggest thing left out of the bible . Also worship of Jesus is not what Jesus wanted . He wanted worship of His principles and teachings.I believe Jesus would want us to stand beside Him not kneel before Him




Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes, Worry Ex-Air Force Officers

Looking like a scene from “Independence Day,” this glowing halo in the sky was seen in the sky over Moscow, Russia in early October 2009.

Captain Robert Salas was on duty in Montana in 1967 when a UFO shut down the nuclear missiles on his base. And he’s hardly the only one to make such a claim.

On Monday, six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man will break their silence about similar events at the National Press Club, all centering around unidentified flying objects and nuclear missiles. They plan to urge the government to publicly confirm the incidents, stating that they were ordered never to discuss the events.

“We’re talking about unidentified flying objects, as simple as that,” Salas told FoxNews.com. “They’re often known as UFOs, you could call them that,” he added. Salas, a former U.S. Air Force nuclear missile launch officer, will host the event along with researcher Robert Hastings, author of “UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.

Continue reading http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/09/23/aliens-monitoring-nukes-worry-ex-air-force-officers/




Hutzman20 11:53 am A great and heartfelt exposition,Good on you.
I love it when a good man speaks from the heart,It reflects a deep spirituality that doesn’t parrot bad translation but speaks with the God Spirit inside ,You have come a long way on this blog, keep it up.


A Look at the Bigger Picture
September 25, 2010 Strange But True, Unexplained No Comments
By Daniel Taylor – Old Thinker News

Take a step back for a minute, take a deep breath….It’s easy to become cynical in today’s world, especially for those who follow current events and have a desire to stay informed. Too many people are blind or dulled to both the great evil and goodness in the world. I invite you to take a step back and look at the big picture; notice the beauty that still surrounds us. There is something behind that beauty that is rarely discussed, something that is in our very genetic code and the natural world that we

Read more: http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/a-look-at-the-bigger-picture/#ixzz10TYBk836


Mom Of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up
Vatic Note: As you may remember, we published that story by Wayne Madsen of the relationship between Rahm and Obama in the bathhouse in Chicago. This is chilling given that now makes 4 presidents in a row where someone controversial and a threat to the president politically-wise have died either by unsolved murder, suicide, heartattack, and all in the same time period as their rise to power or early time in the seat of power. The lists of such happenings are massive. That alone could account for a good chuck of depopulation agenda by the elite. Seriously, this women was warned by the Chicago police that her life may well be in danger. She assumes they said that due to her speaking out on the issue. Read it for yourself and determine what you feel is the case here.

Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up


A newly-published 352-page book by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.


New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case: ‘Bombshell’ for Obama?
The Civil Rights Commission is investigating claims that the Justice Department inappropriately dropped an investigation into alleged voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party.


FBI cites terror link in raids of local activists

Agents raided the Minneapolis homes of five antiwar activists, seizing computers and documents. http://www.startribune.com/local/103716104.html?elr=KArksUUUycaEacyU



Help me here. Which parts of the Bible have been altered by RCC. And can you give me references to your research (links, PDFs) too? Please no evangelizing about its falseness, just facts. Would really appreciate learning where, how you come to this position. I trust you are straight-laced and not an egoist and you are not hell-bent on conversion–just that you are sharing. So I will ask you and only you, to give me your facts.






THE STRAW-MAN CONSPIRACY (Applied at least in the Commonwealth and in the former british colonies)




English Freemen Standing In Court – Council Tax Hearing – The Takedown Begins (Speed Edit)

Police Interview a Freeman
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwWEK3eAgO0
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqS790FlF3U
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SAgofVHbd4

The Hidden Meanings Behind the Laws in America

EXTRACT from: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread596616/pg2

reply posted on 23-7-2010 @ 08:24 PM by metro

Great thread. This is something that I wanted to post for a while. I have quite an in depth understanding of what this implies. As many may have guessed, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your LEGAL FICTION.

To give you a run down, all law except common law (and Tort law in Canada) is contract law. This means that in order for you to be charged under any criminal or statute law, you must first be in agreement with their rules.

By birth, you were entered into a contract with the government that created your legal fiction, or “straw man” by your parents. In which, you, the flesh and blood person, is held legally liable for all the strawman debt and therefore, because you are now a legal entity by force of your name (in capital letters), can be held in the court of law.

Your birth certificate is nothing more than a bond issued by the government to be traded on the open market. The collateral, or assets behind it, is your expected earning/tax generation over the entirety of your life. Your REAL BC, contains your name as it is truly written; IE: John Doe, not JOHN DOE.

The funny part of this is that you as a flesh and blood person are only subject to common/tort law which states you must not infringe or inflict harm on any others (Or something to that extent). When you engage a police officer in discussing a breaking of the law you have entered into contract with him by answering his vague questions such as “Do you understand” which means, “Do you stand under my authority”.

Without any verbal or written contract no police officer, judge or any other government/law figure has any jurastiction over you. The same goes for licensing and registration. By registering your property with the government you are handing over title to them (Legal ownership). They, in return, give you the “Right of use” which is subject to their terms and conditions. By merely possessing a driver’s license, for example, is an automatic acceptance into their contract in which you must abide by their set rules (No speeding, stop at stopsigns, setbelts, etc). Create your own license, and it’s considered an international license which limits the law enforcement in how it can prosecute you.

To put the OPs discovery into context, what that little document is stating is that without a registered birth certificate (Remember, register means handing over ownership) the state cannot take your children away for anything. Once you have registered your BC, your child is property of the government and it gives you “right of use”. Sounds funky, but this is the reason why child services can take your children away or why they are forced into school.

What that document is stating is that without a BC, the government has no jurastiction over that child.

Some very interesting things to be learned with this topic and it is very important. If any of you have any questions regarding this, or how money is used or how your have infinite credit available to you (Due to you being the creditor to the gov’t when they used your BC as assets to borrow money) by all means ask away I’ll be more than happy to fill you guys in on this little scam.

Originally posted by Pauligirl
reply to post by metro

Do you know of any case where someone has won using the “strawman” argument?
The all caps thing–doesn’t make a bit of difference one way or the other.
Don’t try it in court–these folks did and lost. “claims because his name is in all capital letters on the summons, he is not subject to the summons. … completely without merit, patently frivolous, and will be rejected without expending any more of this court’s resources”)
Can you show an international license that is recognized by the state?

Oh yes, most definitely and I can tell you exactly why it failed. If you refer back to my previous post, you’ll see that I stated that at birth you are liable for your legal fiction. This means you are held liable for all debts and charges (both statute, criminal and commercial… all contract law btw). The first thing anyone must do in becoming a true “free man” is to reclaim their straw man. That is, Become Your Legal Fiction’s Creditor, rather than it’s debtor.This is achieved because, by contract law, there must be 3 elements in a contract for it to be valid. Consideration, disclosure and agreement. That is, you must receive something in exchange for signing, you must fully understand the terms and you must be in full agreement. In contract law, you must be of legal age to be able to enter into a contract. Therefore the only loophole available to us in our struggle is to contest the contract that we were entered into at birth (Due to being .. well, a baby). We did not receive consideration, nor did we agree or understand. Therefore, the contract is void and we cannot be held liable for our straw man. But you must provide proof of this for any of this to be true. The proof is your actual ORIGINAL birth certificate.

There are forms out there for your to lay claim to your straw man. I am in the process of obtaining this for myself. But in the case you brought up, from what you said he went into court and blatantly stated that because my name is in capitals I do not apply. Well, first of all by stating this he has already admitted he is the person in question and therefore liable. Second of all, if you want to fool the courts you must make sure to ask a fundamental question: “By answering this question, am I entering into a contract with the court?”. They must say yes or no. If they say either, you are legally allowed to respond in just.

Like I said, they must have juristiction over you for their laws to apply. When you enter court, think of it as entering a game that is played by their rules – just like “life”.


Ted Gunderson CIA And Satanism, Ritual Child Abuse And The Pedophilic Illuminati
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzYbimuYUwA
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHzQAuKb588
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2IjYH9Rgj0
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WkI0DSaYSA
Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MPnVykNHNs
Part 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erssL66a1Es
Part 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XD6SgeG3qk
Part 8: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mvoNzGlW74


Conspiracy of Silence

Rituals Of The Illuminati

AHM (alt.hackers.malicious)
The Real X-Files (A llitle bit of everything well organized and compiled)

WARNING: Explicit Images

Dismembered Child: The result of Masonic Satanic Illuminati ritual “Child Sacrifice”



Schematic Maps of the NWO Global Governance Systems





PDF – SPANISH – Money is Debt applied in Spain and Europe


Jesus Channeling on Evil



God doesn’t care what you believe, you have complete free will to choose your life and how it manifests from day-to-day. Nobody can prove that made the Bible appeared out of thin air, all written with chapters complete and God’s signature at the bottom of each page! Sheldon Nidle probably receives his messages the same way as some those involved with the authentic portions of the Bible. Much of the Bible has been modified by the Vatican (Lucifer Rebellion) Chuch. Why does the Catholic Church has such eleborate ceremonies for Weddings, Mass Etc? Answer: They are Satanic Rituals taken from the Druids. I have entered into this dicussion (war) but I will refrain from stating anything as the absolute truth! All truth is relative to the postion from which you approach the truth. Absolute Truth if presented to you would KILL YOU! No one could withstand the power placed before your soul. The immense knowledge would destroy your being. That is why you are on a journey of learning. As you grow, your ability to absorb the light increases and eventually, over eternity, you gradually merge with God in your return home to Paradise. (Paradise is an actual location where God resides and all of creation receives it being). Everything on this Earth is a lie, only by going within your OWN being, will you find the path to Paradise. Do not depend on the written word to guide you, only the Light of the Most High, energizing your soul, can direct you on the quickest path home. Since you are ALREADY an ETERNAL BEING, there is not hurry to complete your lessions. The Creator loves the TRIP that you are on! You might say GOD is trippin! All of PHYSICAL Creation is sources, it’s material, from the Energetic Form level to the Atomic Particle level, to full physical expression. Not one physical object in THIS Physical Universe is SOLID! When you view the physical at the atomic level there is great distance between the particles that form physical matter. Nothing is real! The Atomic World is just like Space… “As Above, So Below.” The world we experience is not what it seems. Did you know that you eyes actually see the world upside down? The brain takes the invereted image, in the form of light emissions, and flips the data to give you the image, you see, as you read these words. So, to conclude, before I end up writing a book, the Universe, God, All That is, The Great Spirit, The Light, The Creator, The Most High, is not a limited being. It is not even real, at the same time as being completely real. Nothing is limited, you cannot say God wants things a certain way. That statement limits the Creator/Creation. Expand your thinking, you are more than the beliefs from the pages of an semi-ancient, partially accurate, historical complilation. You are a “spark” of the Light of the Most High! You are GOD arguing with GOD. You are GOD playing a game, with himself, expressing great creative forgetfullness in the process of entertaining him/herself. I now return you to your game. The outcome doesn’t matter, it’s all for your entertainment and growth. May your Mocassins always know the way home and may the Light cushion your ride as you walk the path of fire.


cfree928 on September 25, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

“The Wild salmon scam happening now wherein there is a huge over supply of really good salmon coming into russia, alaska and canada…where is it going?”

Many of them are consumed by Japanese.


Things are about to get very interesting!

Dec. 31, 2010, 11:59 pm, EST, [05:00 hrs., Jan. 1, 2011, Greenwich Mean Time/UTC/Zulu], is the official Deadline for the U.S. Government to make a formal Official Public Acknowledgment that Star Visitor Contact and Communication has occurred.
Preparation for this public information announcement was the subject of an official Executive Order (classified) signed by President Barack Obama, directing the National Security Council’s Special Studies Group to prepare a plan for such a series of Official Government Public Acknowledgments of Star Visitor Contacts and Communications with U.S. Government representatives.
The U.S. Government is preparing to do this pursuant to a formal Agreement made with Star Nations: that the U.S. would stop its policy of UFO Cover-Up this year.
Of course such a public announcement could occur any time prior to December 31st too.
Star Nations, through its representative the Councillor of Earth (Dr. Richard Boylan), have advised the Government that if they renage on complying with that Agreement, that Star Nations will initiate a series of open, public, dramatically-obvious demonstrations-of-presence such that the Government will then be compelled to publicly acknowledge Star Visitors reality.

in service to Source,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DrRichBoylanReports/message/2773


Found this guy very interesting to listen to: http://www.johnkaminski.info/

Check these titles on the right hand side of his page. They are all just a few minutes longs:

The Destabilization Template

The Revolution will be
won in a single day

The Kosher tax

Anti Semitism

Jewish control of the American mind

Jewish control of the world

More interviews


crystal, thank you for the swerlow updates! I do enjoy them. Got a link?

C- where have you been? Haven’t seen you on Skype! Please come back!

Fix, I believe wbstreck has been informd with the details on the paper work and who Rod Class is. Maybe he can share his info with you as I am just a messenger.

Myra, it’s great to see you again! Keep those posts coming!

Paladin? Where, oh where, have you gone? Missing you! Tried emailing too….no response? Are you off to join Glenn in the boonies?

To all participants of this board, THANK YOU for all of your love, light, and links! Theres no place like home…(heels clicking)….theres no place like home….(click click)…theres no place like home….


Back next week with more; “Cracking the Code” and how to reclaim your Sovereign Standing via Admiralty Law using the UCC. Respectfully


“Cracking the Code”

It has been said that one’s ability to perceive, or one’s awareness, is directly proportional to one’s ethic level. Humble though their station my be, these kindest of men could observe where others could not, could look into the crazy-house mirror of tyranny that is “law” and “government in the world today and make sense of it, and convey their discoveries to others. Boundless gratitude is extended and acknowledged to Roger, Wally, and Ron for perceiving what none perceived before them, and for their courage to carry on no matter what. With most respect, I humbly thank thee.

The Uniform Commercial Code, or “UCC,” is the transcendent, paramount achievement of the efforts of an uncountable number of intensely dedicated and single-minded collaborators (dare we mention the word “conspiracy”?) over the last many thousands of years. It is the culmination of on almost incomprehensibly complex, systematic, intricate, pervasive, and far reaching agenda of strategic and tactical global planning to secure absolute legal, financial, social, ecclesiastical, and political dominance over the people of Earth. The fundamental medium chosen to accomplish these iniquitous aims: Commerce. The UCC has been developed down through the millennia with microscopically excruciating and painstaking attention to detail so as to avoid forever risk of detection and revelation of its true nature. It was fully expected that the Code would never be cracked. Proof of this fact is the absence of any device or mechanism for the enforced reversal of the process or recapture of slaves who managed to break free.

Incredibly, the development of the UCC has been so brilliantly orchestrated by Legal Masters of the world that even though it permeates and dominates the everyday lives and activities of every man, women, and child in America from conception to casket__as well as virtually every other living soul on the planet__and even through it is the most senior of law in every country of the world, encompassing all others (see UCC Sec. 1-103), the UCC is a cultural obscurity, blending in to societal scenery so well as to not even raise an eyebrow upon mention. Even the general members of the bar__the lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, advocates, and barristers, i.e. the foot solders, snipers, and assassins of the banker-generals who wage war on the world__are for the most part ignorant of its far-reaching applications and implications, which dominate even their lives as well. Likely most of you never heard of the Uniform Commercial Code until it was brought to your attention by someone with the express purpose of revealing to you its influence over your life.


“Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
Is the immediate jewel of their souls:
Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him,
And makes me poor indeed.”
Othello, the Moor of Venice
Act III, Scene 3
By William Shakespeare



“Deliverance from the power of an alien domination and the enjoyment of the resultant freedom. It involves the idea of restoration to one who possesses a more fundamental right or interest.”
Zondervans Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible

“Salvation from the states or circumstances that destroy the values of human existence or human existence itself. The word “redeemer” and its related terms “redeem” and “redemption” appear in the Bible some 130 times and are derived from two Hebrew roots: pdh and g’l. Though used to describe divinity as well, they arose in ordinary human affairs and it is this context in which they must first be understood. Pdh is the more general of the two, with cognates (a person or thing in origin) of related meaning in Akkadian, Arabic, and Ethiopic. I belongs to the domain of commercial law, and refers to the payment of an equivalent for what is released or secured. The verb pdh, unlike g’l, indicates nothing about the relation of the agent to the object of redemption, which in the Bible is always a person or another living being. Its usage does not differ in cultic from that of a normal commercial transaction. In both cases a person or an animal is released in return for money or an acceptable replacement..”
Encyclopaedia Judaica


Swerdlow is having fits this morning. Says something BIG is about to happen. Lew?


I am PISSED off today. Better stand back. Return to your
homes. Nothing to see here.

Woke up at 3am to my barking dogs needing to go out. They never do this so early. Something agitated them.

I felt irritable for 2 days.

Not so unusual for me. But, this time it was really
strong. All night I felt like I was in a sauna.

Something BIG is about to happen. It will have global effects.

Something is imminent. Could be a quake,could be volcanic. Or political…even a terrorist event. We will know soon.

The execution of the woman in Virginia last night disturbs me. Yes, she deserved it, but I am against capitol punishment. There are other ways.

Messages came all through the night from a dead in-law. Have not heard from him in 20 years. So, I know that something is up.

Why am I always the “operator” between worlds? The symbolic
messages I receive messages are always ambiguous.

I’m going to re-read my chapter on “Death” in in my book,
“Stewart Says.”


This will help to ground and focus me.

Well, the wind is really kicking up out there. Cold air from our friends in Canada is coming in for the season. Love those Canadians!

Hope I calm down in time for the “Men’s Group” tonight. Otherwise, they will need a drink when they leave…



Absolute Rights:

“As regards right to interfere with contractual obligations of another, ‘absolute rights’ which individual may exercise without reference to motive are rights incident to ownership of property, rights growing out of contractual relations, and right to enter or refuse to enter contractual relations.”

“By the ‘absolute rights’ of individuals is meant those which are in their primary and strictest sense, such as would belong to their persons merely in a state of nature, and which every man is entitled to enjoy, whether out of society or in it. The rights of personal security, of personal liberty, and private property do not depend upon the Constitution for their existence. They existed before the Constitution was made, or the government was organized. These are what are termed the ‘absolute right’ of individuals, which belong to them independently of all government , and which all government which derive their power from the consent of the governed were instituted to protect.”
Words and Phrases, Volume 1, 1968
West Publishing Company


“There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The engages all the hidden forces of economic laws on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one in a million is able to diagnose.”

John Maynard Keynes
Economist Member of the Order of the Illuminati
The Economic Consequences of the Peace, 1919


Update re: school flu/h1n1 shots: Spoke with Parish Superintendent & Parish nurse @ homecoming game last night. Shots are for staff only. Children were only immunized last year voluntarily due to state implementation of program. Nurse also mentioned, the years’ previous strain is then always included or updates the next year strain. She sounded positive regarding this change.

However, she also speaks very highly about Tamiflu…so I’ve always taken her professional advice with a grain of salt.

Defcom site: Apologies I wasn’t clear on intel confirmed. Yes, as clearly corrected on multiple above posts, it is unconfirmed. The Indiana armory move with guard I think that’s all that can be clarified at the moment.

Corresponds with Clif’s reports? All that’s going on?
Interesting times. Great info too. I am also on slight download over load! Peace all!


Sherry Jackson is being murdered.
She starred in Aaron Russo’s Freedom to Fascism “Show me the Law”
Film Trailer: she’s at 1:56.

Here are details on how to help including her letter from prison where she is being held under the DOJ’s new Tax Defier program.


Please spread this far and wide – she needs our help. Thank you.


Yes thank you sierra.! I’m from a long time Alaska fishing family and know about the cycles and the great job Alaska F&G does to prevent over harvest. I’m now living in the SW and there is absolutely NO fresh Wild Caught salmon available in our stores this year…so unusual. Our stores, even Safeway used to fly it in fresh several times a week. Not even fresh Sockeye salmon available here today. Fish man at local grocery told me that their wholesale price was $23+/lb so they didn’t buy. Something’s ‘fishy’ here – pun intended.


re Comment by cfree928 on September 25, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

I’m really mad about the Wild salmon scam happening now wherein there is a huge over supply of really good salmon coming into russia, alaska and canada…where is it going?… into underground bunkers maybe?

The abundant salmon run this year is not a “scam”.

While no-one has an explanation for this abundant harvest this year, especially compared to prior years when the numbers were very much depleted, the results this year is “nature driven’.

The salmon runs are cyclical, and this year, the numbers exceeded all expectations. There are estimates done annually on the fish populations that determine the fishing season allowed. This is an attempt to prevent a total overfishing. This year, the salmon populations were huge so the “harvest” was also huge.

I’ve stocked my freezer!



Hey Rafaelneville

Re your Comment by rafaelneville on September 20, 2010 @ 10:35 am

Anyway, this link sierra, is just the mix for agricultural means, but this link came out of another one which was designed for humans, with the monoatomic gold and silver and those things.
They say it even grows teeth back!


Just noticed this comment (I clicked on the prior post in error… guess there are really no mistakes.)

Anyway… can you share the link regarding the materials “designed for humans”.

I *did* look into the “mix for agriculture” and even found a source that is not that far from where I live! Although my garden is winding down at this point, I will be obtaining this “Sea Crop” product for next year’s garden.



Wow MK 12:28 am…Wow – wow. Yes! I agree…No! No! No! Is the only answer here and Now. Just stop buying any of their sh*t. I personally chose not to buy any more petrochemicals, no car, (I bicycle) no plastics, I grow lots and share lots of food and get clean water. No TV, no Big Pharma poisons, no GMO, nothing out of a box, bottle or can. Can’t yet have chicks for eggs, and I’m really mad about the Wild salmon scam happening now wherein there is a huge over supply of really good salmon coming into russia, alaska and canada…where is it going?… into underground bunkers maybe?….i mean come on folks, WTF. When will We get mad enough to act?

Webstruk….Even If we hanged the top 300 or so, or even the top 30,000 of these parasites,
it would only cause revolution…coming right back around to some eventual despots needing to own and run everything.
We need a non violent change…enough of fear and division… and IMHO i feel that Radical Non Compliance is the answer for sure.
Who said earlier that when we stop watering the weeds they shrivel and die? Huge statement! I would die before submitting to vaccines for instance or FEMA cramps!
Avoiding having to feed, insure and maintain a car has helped me become really healthy via biking and walking everywhere, getting more personal with my neighbors and as a retiree, I can better afford to live in peace here now.
Thanks for your earnest posts. I do know how you feel. I’m angry too…but I’m not going to add to the separation and violence. Thats just suicide for humanity…and if you think about it, these PTBW are not even human – they are necropheilec parasites!

jj Thanks, as usual, for your timely posts…and I agree with others, …UR beautiful! In fact, you are all Beautiful, my friends, C


Stop participating….Just Stop everything…..



Nobody in his right mind, nobody with the least critical thinking could possibly buy into the 9/11 official story of the reason why the world trade center towers collapsed – at free fall speed- like a house of cards into their basements in just few seconds- WTC building 7 collapsed in exactly 6.5 seconds. Something only very precise demolition can accomplish, something which takes days if not weeks to prepare.


When President Ahmadinejad announced, before the United Nations that most people in the world believe that the U.S. government was involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks, he told the truth. In America, groups have been popping up for years, not “fringe” types, but military and professional organizations, architects, engineers, pilots, intelligence officers.There is a vast underground that is never reported, never spoken of in the news and continually threatened.
Read More >>>http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/09/24/gordon-duff-what-ahmadinejad-isnt-telling-us/


Survey: 2 in 3 Say Religion Losing Influence on American Life


Two-thirds of Americans (67 percent) currently say that religion is losing its influence on American life, up from 59 percent who said the same in July 2006, according to the latest national survey by the Pew Research Center.
What Does the Bible Say About 2012?


Should you expect the end of the world in 2012?

According to today’s pop culture, you should.

Websites, television shows, various History Channel “documentaries,” and the 2009 feature film “2012,” all point toward 2012 as the end point of world history.

But is it really true? Where does this idea come from?

Amazingly, all this hype about the end of the world in 2012 comes from an ancient empire conquered nearly 500 years ago…


Judge Indicates that Health Care Reform Law may be Unconstitutional
TRENDING: CNN Poll: Obama at all time low (Just 42% Approve) http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010/09/24/cnn-poll-obama-at-all-time-low/

12 States in Financial Distress http://www.streetauthority.com/news/12-states-financial-distress-456588

Massive DNA Destruction

Black Conservatives Blast Al Sharpton Protesters in DC live http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/video.aspx?v=hdkU8z6Uuz


Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Story: Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), the Wall Street anti-hero who won hearts — and an Oscar — in 1987 is back. He re-surfaces after spending an eight-year jail term for his financial misdemeanours and enters a world poised on the brink of a financial crisis.

Movie Review: Circa 2008. The setting is recognisable. Grappling with the subprime crisis and the crash of the Wall Street czars, the US economic horizon is bloodied, brutal and gasping for breath. Enter Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) the new age Adam Smith who redefined the wealth of nations, 23 years ago by articulating his million dollar biz mantra: Greed is Good. Greed is right. Greed works. He walks out of prison, a lonely man, with no one waiting for him outside, not even his only daughter (Carrie Mulligan), who blames her father for all the family travails, including her brother’s death. Gekko’s learnt a lot of lessons in the last eight years. But the most important one he still needs to learn is whether greed is indeed good? And so he sets about-rediscovering his lost power, wealth, family, edicts and mantras against a familiar world — Wall Street — and an unfamiliar world order — recession

Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2 may be the first film which actually takes a look at the global financial crisis from which the world still has to recover, but the drama is enthralling. And that’s because Stone tells his story like a thriller, creating a series of unforgettable characters


hutzman20 9/25 @ 6:19AM…

Mahalo for the link. No longer a secret, they have been exposed with disclosure.

There never were any secrets, just undisclosure and disclosure. Confidential, classified in due time will be unclassified. It’s all part of the the program agenda.

It’s confirmation for the most part as our na kahuna already knew this, just where and how it would arrive meant a short or long wait.

Forecasting the future has always been described in that particular day’s language, thus, why it was best not to alter or decipher the covenant leaving it up to the reader to interpret in today’s language and time. Good move on the website author. It’s so different when it arrives, which makes matching information in today’s language and thought a little difficult and sometimes makes it controversial to argument and debate, if we don’t stop and give it more thought than just a fleeting glance.

I’m an analytical person, which always leads to people thinking I’m a sceptic. My career is accounting and auditing. I apply that same technique in everything. It must make sense, it must add up. It must not be left to wandering and wandering. There always is an explanation or answer to a riddle or problem, you must keep searching for it. It must be satisfied whether in the negative or positive. It must be satisfied. I need to match it up, study it for clarity and solid interpretation. I am warned though, not to take the analysis too far in the deep end where it becomes a way of life like what the R & R have done.

Which is why we hold onto old reference books (dictionaries) to clarify written legal documents of that time for today’s interpretation and understanding. Why it’s so important in preparing legal briefs. Choose a standard and stay with it. Lawyers are trained to go in one direction. If they are not flexible to a change, they become skeptical of everything they were not taught in law school (forget the college degree). Why they can be deemed incompetent in any other thought. Only to find out they already knew it. Now that’s a fit description of incompetence. They really need to re-evaluate their lawyers oath annually not centuries later.

Our retiring Hawaii Supreme Court Justice advised the lawyers in bar to engage in continuing education, especially in Hawaii where the monarchial kingdom never died or went away. Our rights are still preserved, yet, they keep treating us like chattel mortgage and not getting paid for it by the R&R. Have they not seen this, yet? Did they not bother to do pro bono work for the sovereign citizens? All they had to do was disbar themselves for “that moment of opportunity”, then get back on board the bar when it was over. It’s called leave of absence. We need there expertise in keeping the records straight not outdoing the other. This was successfully done in my friend’s sons TRO and pending divorce with one glitch, the lawyers are members of the bar. It was the judge who made the competent rulings. The plaintiffs (wife) lawyer failed to follow-up on the charges against the son and got “gonged” by the judge. The son spent only 48 hrs in jail and the TRO lifted. The son owned his own business and the wife was doing a number on him, which all the evidence proves the son was being victimized by the wife. He already won the divorce that’s not final. Now comes sorting out collateral damage which is salvageable for his business. His father (not a U.S. citizen) left an impression of competence upon the court appointed investigator and the attorneys. We practice abiding with law, and abhor anything to do with the corporate way of doing “legal” business. Again, I say, we need lawyers who practice law, not benefitting from it.

Why did they have to take another oath to absolve them of the other, how inane is that? How difficult is it to disbar? Difficult, if they failed to re-evaluate their oath of office annually, and got hooked on another. We educated one lawyer who is no longer a “member” of the bar and is still practicing law. That is what they should be doing “practicing law” not benefiting from it.

Sorry if I took you off the subject matter, but I go with the flow of my “uhane” spirit. If the shoe fits, wear it, if it doesn’t get another pair or wear “flip flops”, better yet, go bare feet.

E Aloha Malama Pono!


An AMAZING MOON in the sky tonight!


U.S. financial bailout chief resigns

WASHINGTON, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) — A senior U.S. official who is in charge of the government’s 700-billion-dollar financial bailout fund announced his resignation Wednesday.

Herb Allison, senior official of the Treasury Department responsible for the Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, announced his intention to step down in a letter to the Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Stability (OFS).

This announcement came just one day after U.S. President Barack Obama’s chief economic advisor, director of the National Economic Council Lawrence H. Summers, announced his decision to return to Harvard University at the end of the year.

The bailout package, which was launched in October 2008 when the financial market was on the edge of collapse, was frequently criticized by Republicans as a waste of taxpayers’ money. But Allison argued that the plan was successful in achieving its goal of stabilizing the nation’s financial system.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said in a statement Wednesday that Tim Massad, who is currently the chief counsel and chief reporting officer for the bailout program, will be taking over as acting head.



Well, I’ll read you all tomorrow, it’s alreasdy 2:24AM
Gud nait yall


You know Pieter that here in europe we have more freedom than in USA.

Did you check out the links I just posted?

Where in the Benelux area do you live?


Sorry- last post should read—-like poking a hornets nest with
a sharp stick.

Pieter de Waard
Pieter de Waard

Do you know in US what teletext is (your tv system is different from that in Europe)? In the tv signal extra ‘space’ is used for information, what can be displayed as text on the tv screen (for example news, sports, programming etc).


Ahmadinejad sure enjoys taunting the TPTB–like poking them with a sharp stick. He must have something positive up his sleeve– or he wouldn’t be so cocky —
Just my thots—


pieter, great observation. i wonder how these politicians etc. can keep there mouths shut when they know what is going on – at least parts of it.

in the mindwar document there was a statement that the only option for mindwar is victory. it says, if used superficially it can actually cause defeat.

the next step: the ptb defeat themselves.

i have to do some other stuff now.

Pieter de Waard
Pieter de Waard

That not all messages concerning Ahmadinejad on various tv teletext pages are removed also indicates that they are loosing control. Example of total control of MSM news: a few weeks before the Iraq war I saw at 1:00 am on BBC that the whole story on mass destruction weapons was a hoax, British members of parliament were interviewed and said that this was the end of Blair. I checked teletext on Dutch, German and Belgium tv, and they all had the big news. Next morning I hoped to enjoy the end of Blair, but everything was removed in all countries and all tv stations.


Ya I thought it was insane; but, I read quite a few things about it. Maybe if you search you’ll find it. I could not even make this stuff up. I can’t give you links–it’s from my memory. Sorry.


hopesprings 9/25 7:41AM…

How, if any, does Internet2 affect virtual private networking (VPN)?

E Aloha Malama Pono!

Pieter de Waard
Pieter de Waard

hopesprings @ 5.01 am:

16. Ahmadinejad: U.S. to blame for 9/11

(the first time as far as I know a world leader openly questions 911 AND it also broadcasted on MSM. Although it is removed from dutch tv-teletext, but NOT removed from commercial dutch tv teletext and Belgium and german tv teletext. The removal from dutch tv indicates that they are afraid people start to think. Nice to mention is that on Belgium teletext it is the main topic, AND told in a neutral (not cynical) way!)


in the vid Zeitgeist i think when it showed where the folks running around like chickens’ with there heads cut off cause they lost everything they thought they owned ,,,this will not happen it will happen in waves that cannot be controlled out of caos comes controll does not apply here. I hope the people that have planed all this out and have the ability to put forks in the road of this cabal do so and all of us here are and will be grateful bush messed up all your plans and if you are using looking glass tech you have been tricked in creating this alternet reality time line and have brought earth into and even higher light frequency of consciousness and awareness.
Mr. Brzezinski and COMP. know they can buy thier ways’ out of this so getter done the intrenet is out of bounds http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1693084887024293324#the jenny is out of the bottle and can get back in should we be seeing this when ya google controlled demolition http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&rlz=1R2ADFA_enUS378&tbs=vid%3A1&q=controlled+demolition&aq=0&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&psj=1&fp=def86b1066dc6e36


ugmmichael– Thanks very much–you’re the greatest, we are all
so indebted to you—just make sure you included BILL GATES
and all his vaccines–
You take care-
Edge; The worst have been removed__replaced by duplicates or gone for good. Hang in there buddy, it will be a little rough but we’re clearing the way NOW!!
Comment by ugmmichael on September 25, 2010 @ 7:56 am



I didn’t know that about internet2. That sounds like utter nonsense and complete BULLSHIT. No way!


Keep on reading and commenting all links are 100% High Quality!
These links deserve from people some of their time.
Lads, they are worth the read!



Interesting document. Just going through it but on page 20 there is already a very interesting statement:

“Under existing US law PSYOP units (predecessor of Mind War) may not target US citizens. That prohibition is based upon the presumption that “propagande” is necessarily a lie or half-truth, and the government has no right to lie to the people. The Propaganda Ministry of Goebbels must not be an American way of life. Quite right and so it must be axiomatic of MindWar, that it always speaks the truth. Its power lies in its ability to focus recipients’ attention on the truth of the future as well as that of the present. MindWar thus involves the stated promise of a truth that the United States has resolved to make real if it is not already so.”

This is how one reality is created.

I guess the PTB are saying to themselves that they are doing good and the people need them to create this reality for them (for whatever reason). The problem I see is that these operations are based on defeating enemies (the document is full of enemies here and enemies there). They seem to see enemies everywhere and due to their own FEAR need to take this course of action. The enemy has infiltrated their minds and has stayed for dinner.

Fear is the opposite of LOVE, which is the only solution.

Peace and God bless everyone!


Edge; The worst have been removed__replaced by duplicates or gone for good. Hang in there buddy, it will be a little rough but we’re clearing the way NOW!!


LLLOL Foodrules ! Amen



My sister just sent me this email:

“Shocking! I had heard a year ago that there was a globalist plan to concentrate people into cities. In the last five years, I’ve noticed a huge and fast increase on condominium builds. In the US, legislation is about to be passed to even outlaw single family homes, and has been passed to prevent growing and selling your own produce. Not kidding. ”

Here is the story:

Social Engineering Bill In Senate Will Force You Into City

September 10, 2010 by Bob Livingston

A social engineering bill to restrict residence in the suburbs and rural areas and force Americans into city centers has passed the United States Senate Banking Committee and is on the fast track to passage in the Senate.
The bill is called the Livable Communities Act (SB 1619) and it was introduced by corruptocrat outgoing Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.). It seeks to fulfill the United Nation’s plan Agenda 21, adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and signed onto by “New World Order” President George H.W. Bush.
This bill is designed to destroy your community. According to the non-profit American Policy Center the bill:
Is a blueprint for the transformation of our society into total Federal control.
Will enforce Federal Sustainable Development zoning and control of local communities.
Will create a massive new “development” bureaucracy.
Will drive up the cost of energy to heat and cool your home.
Will drive up the cost of gasoline as a way to get you out of your car.
Will force you to spend thousands of dollars on your home in order to comply.
A carrot and stick policy will be used to get your local government to sign on. The carrot is billions of dollars in grants available if your local government agrees to amend zoning laws that restrict housing in outlying areas, forcing people to give up their homes and land and move into the city center.
The stick will be denial of the funds and bad publicity generated by “Green” organizations criticizing government officials for turning down free money.
The rub is the grants will come with strings attached that force local governments to bend to the will of the Feds.
The idea of these social engineering initiatives is to force people to live in a congested area in high rise buildings with housing on the upper floors and stores on the bottom. The whole area will be linked by mass transit creating the “utopian” communities loved by socialists.
The result will be higher costs for housing (because overcrowding will make housing space a premium) and goods and services (because of less choice and competition) and less freedom to move about (because cars won’t be necessary and parking space will be prohibitively expensive).
As we pointed out here President Barack Obama is — not surprisingly — an advocate of this type of nonsense. And his cabinet is populated by elitists who think they know better than you how you should live.
It is imperative that you call your two Senators immediately and tell them to oppose Dodd’s SB1619.


Positive Change:

Problem is internet 2 is not aimed at choice. The model resembles cable or satellite packages. You will be quoted a package fee and limited to a few site (I’ve heard a few hunderd–who knows). Of course your choices will be MSM, entertainment, real garbage. So what you have on TV will be shifted to another appliance (of course they will offer you a few token alternative-seeming sites like Glenn Beck). So the one billion sites (don’t have the real number) including blogs will not factor in. All voices of truth will be squashed and we will fed mental fluoride.

And email will be another problem and it has to do with copyright law. If you use a copyrighted word/phrase or brand you will be charged by the service provider per use.
Don’t use Walt Disney, Bell or Thimerosal (yes even a poison)–because you will be billed. That means that all emails will be surveilled word by word under the guise of copyright enforcement, but really control.

In the end its a windfall for the ISP/Telcos–you are going to see their cooperation. But will it? Will the masses abandon it? I surely would not subscribe.

I would not even call that internet. It is MSM on a different appliance. That’s not internet. Internet has been the reason for knowledge explosion, and the world shrinking.
It has been a sheer Godsend for so many, intellectually, spiritually, socially.

If they carry this out we will drop back to the 60s–life will simply not be on the current progressive track.

To boot, imagine the businesses that will fail. Amazon will survive; but not that local window blind shop.

Google will be more about videos and mail than searching–what would there be to search?

This is also a grab for big business i.e. the globalists. They intended to kill mid and small business and this would be the final act.

But as Dan stated earlier, it will be h*** to pay for the PTB if they execute that. The linchpin that will take people out of their chairs into the streets.

The people need to start building a new internet backbone!


What great links! Mind-blowing…way lots of info! Thanks!

Instead of a bucket truck to cut the ropes, we could just shoot em down. There are many, many great shots among we Americans. I am about the worst shot in my circle, but some can hit a dime twice while in midair with a .22. The womenfolk in my family have all been dead-eyes(accurate shots!). My kids say our house is laid out in “gun feng-shui”. America is full of great riflemen, shotgunners, and all-around marksmen. Don’t tread on us! Not killers, like them, but true self-protection advocates!


Where Is The Oil?
Have you ever wondered where the world’s oil comes from — and where it ends up? The list of the world’s top five producing and top five consuming countries may look similar, but compare the rates of production and consumption, and you will see they are hardly proportionate. The United States produces 8.5 million barrels of oil each day and is the world’s third largest oil producer, but we consume more than twice as many — and are the world’s top consuming country. Those, and other interesting facts about oil production, in our latest infographic.



And now my favourite.






D O W N L O A D · T H E M · A L L · N O W!!


(Tribal behavior)?.dang!



good text. shows clearly how the economic elite are geared up for WW3.

I’d like to add that the internet would be the crucial thing they need to control in this scenario. People can communicate and build groups very quickly via the internet. Shutting it down would be a double edged sword as dan noted.

For example the following:

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski expressed his fears:

“I was worrying about it because we’re going to have millions and millions of unemployed, people really facing dire straits. And we’re going to be having that for some period of time before things hopefully improve. And at the same time there is public awareness of this extraordinary wealth that was transferred to a few individuals at levels without historical precedent in America.

And you sort of say to yourself: what’s going to happen in this society when these people are without jobs, when their families hurt, when they lose their homes, and so forth?”

Well Mr. Brzezinski, that’s really something to ponder about.

I have a suggestion. Why doesn’t someone like Mr. Brzezinski start using their position and contacts to do something about it! And while they are at it, why not do it in public so it actually has an effect.


There is a PDF circling around the Spanish speaking community, that is impressive.
It explains very easily and with extracts and scans from text books, that the Bank of Spain (the Central Bank) is backed up by the European Central Bank, and that there is a Central Bank of the Central banks known to us as the BIS, that backs the ECB.
Also explains how money doesn’t have to be necessarily be backed by gold, since that was modified.
And that eventually, money is backed by multiple types of debts that at the same time are backed by other debts.

You can download it from my free energy experiments group:




Myra and all re: 4:08 pm post Update in – heating up guys. Intel confirmed!


This intel is unconfirmed – per the site.


hope 4:21

You say internet 2 is the same as it being shut down. I agree with you that a fully controlled internet would be a problem, but it actually already is. There is enough computer capacity to scan everything written on the web or in emails. There are also no security standards and most new laptops are delivered with a built-in camera, allowing anyone to view you and your surroundings in “private”. In addition mobile phones can be used as microphones.

Under the “freedom” of the internet big brother can get away with just about anything. Facebook and the rest invite the youth to hand over their identity at a very young age.

And if anyone wants to play big brother themself you can nowadays hire a highschool kid to hack just about any system you like.

The second aspect is that the internet was not designed for multimedia or the integration of television and the www. It was designed for the exchange of information in a structure that can handle “external shocks” without the entire network failing. The networks need to be built further and cannot handle the traffic with everyone looking at online videos at peak times simultaneously. 70% of all internet traffic is peer to peer exchange of movies, music and especially pornography. For example child pornography spreads like a wild fire, but so does the good stuff, just that it is on youtube and visible to everyone.

I think people would really revolt if sites like the blog where we are discussing now, would be restricted or denied access to the internet. But what if we all wanted to have 3D video discussions on this forum (hypothetical)? It would consume some bandwidth which someone has to provide and pay for.

A further aspect is that the old voice communication (fixed and mobile) still provides most of the revenue for companies that are expected to provide this bandwidth. Services such as Skype could within a year (if launched on mobile phones also) bankrupt many providers. Then the PTB could take over the assets and control everything centrally. In many countries (including the US) phone companies have been closely tied to the democratic processes in the country concerned. A lot of people get to have their say and that makes it more stable from my perspective.

The last thing is that we could move to IPv6, the new internet protocol (which isn’t that new anymore), to have more security and also privacy. But this also costs money. Who wants to pay if there is no return on the investment?

Just saying, that as society evolves the internet needs to evolve with it. It’s kind of like air conditioning in your car or a navigation system. Nice stuff. It’s not all bad.


For the first time ever, the official government/military name for the Dulce installation will be disclosed to the public!: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/dulce-installation-confirmed-air-force-colonel

Solar Storms can Change Directions, Surprising Forecasters http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2010/21sep_zigzag/

an interesting article http://www.zambianews.net/story/688472
more info on the article here http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2010/09/22/119976.html



Secret Covenant of the Illuminati


Hi Ben & All

So much information here today! Almost on overload.

Hopesprings, hope you are feeling better today. Our small BC’s also do not say informant, only the full version states this.

Take care all, I feel it is only a matter of time, very soon in fact, till their dirty laundry is on the line for all to see.

Fix, they do the same here, they have mock up emergency drills. They say it is to make sure they are prepared for any terrorist attack or other emergency, but I think it is to get us all in a state of panic, because then we are more easily controlled by them. Trouble is there are more and more of us who have woken up and are not going to be controlled by this sort of problem/reaction/solution scenario.


rafael Good reporting sooo much better than MSM manipulation. The Christian control and domination beginning with the first defeat of the Moors in September of 722 A.D. , like you say, onto 1492, when the deep religious animosity started to fade.
This is good to hear that peaceful coexistence exists between the two peoples.
maybe we can get a Freeman type of movement underweigh to keep the peace.


Fix 4:35:

I second your pain. Sometimes you just want to bop people in the head–like the V8 commercial.

They are so deeply programmed. The PTB have been very successful.

I can say they are more ready now.

I have learned you cannot give them the whole picture–it’s too much and the story is too crazy. Our world is insane How do you take a conditioned person and tell him/her that nothing, but nothing, works the way they think it does.

But we must try or the PTB will have our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Start by targeting the alphas–those who alread are primed and bring them together. I guarantee you others will follow after that. This is social psychology–i have studied it.

Here’s an explanation:
One buy is standing on Fifth ave., NY, looking up; everybody walks by ignoring him. Ten people are standing on Fifth ave. looking up; everyone stops and looks up. Guaranteed.
Tribal behavior.


“The Road to World War III – The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play”

Very interesting reading! Can be found at the following link:



Dan1uc: you got that straight.

OK I had lunch with an “insider” also a graduate of commerce law.

Getem, hope you see this.

I went a little further into “property” with him and the origins of the corporate “contracts” that haunt us all. This is not checked by so just take this as a tranche of info to chew on.

The Crown, that infamous, non-descript Corporation in the City of London, owns all mineral rights on British land (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, etc…), six feet under our homes and down. They also own the land from the roads and 6-10 feet in depending on local laws. That’s if they enter your property uninvited they are trespassing, unless they have a warrant for your arrest. Now they lease out that land’s mineral rights to corporations like Imperial Oil who could decide to dig anywhere. So the deeds we have (this me talking now) maybe leaseholds insofar as the land below six feet.

My childrens’ are in caps. My son’s does not say “informant”. This however is the wallet version. Will continue checking.

I know this about the 1867 Constitution in Canada–not unlike the 1776 Constitution in USA–these are contracts made. Mineral rights of all lands was one means of control by The Crown–making independence from the Brits a concept but not a reality. (the lawyer stated this)

It’s all commerce: corporations and contracts. Even the Vatican is a corporation. If it is not a corporation, it is a contract held between corporations. I doubt we have such a thing as government. When you think about USofA, as a private corporation, they can do what the heck they want. Because that how corporate charters work. That’s why they ignore the constitution. It is not theirs. We live in a fascist world.

So to answer Rafael’s question which I asked of the lawyer, the EU is either a corporation or a contract issued by a corporation. Any version we see on the web is probably an obfuscation. This is not a solid answer but if we understand that money motivates the cabal only companies can maximize profits and function unfettered. We need to dig further. Nigel Farage would know and I will contact him.

That’s like asking who is the FedReserve. As John Kennedy said, [“this secrecy is repugnant”].

Just plodding toward the truth. Have to hit the law books.

God Bless





please be more direct. I’d like to hear.


…talking about me but not directly?



I have also accepted Christ into my life. Many events lead to it happening. I wasn’t raised in a Christian family so it was not automatic, but I have also met many Christian people who like to judge others based on their faith.

You write: “p , who else would care for you at this level ? Who wanted to meet and comfort you in this desolate lowpoint of your life ?”

Are you implying I am at a desolate lowpoint in my life or are you speaking generally?

Why do I have the feeling you are


they can fear monger all they want, martial law will fail miserably for them, mass consciousness awakenings needs only two words’ in america to happen right now.
“MARTIAL LAW” all i can say is there is way to much pepper in the soup


Obama’s economic policy chief to quit

David Axelrod Leaving White House In 2011: Will Work On Obama’s Re-Election Campaign


Rahm Emanuel Could Leave White House In October



JEFF ZUCKER FIRED BY STEVE BURKE: Comcast “Wanted To Move On” After Merge; Sends Email To NBCU About Forced Exit

Jonathan Klein to Leave CNN




Putting together our lists of events–a week to remember!

1. Unusual number of departures in the DC Zionist cabal. Going to bunkers or past their Best Before date?

2. Head of HS in Penn. disappears

3. Large movement of silver

4. US Dollar dropping or diving

5. The Queen loses control of funding to “The Crown”

6. The Pope is getting a shake-down for pedophilia

7. Vatican Bank $30 million ceased

8. MSM pushing huge CMEs fueling fear

9. Rumors of sudden deployments here in USA today
(The alert from JJ re Sept. 23)

10. 3rd time the Fed props up the markets–zerohedge

11. Gold at a highest

12. Bernanke on record that “inflation isn’t high enough”, in a local paper

13. UK ups terror alert to substantial. Expecting an attack from the Irish (!?!).

14. a new super worm targets systems normally not connected to the internet, real-world sites. Iran’s different plants among others are apparently under attack. Could be a prelude to get the internet shut down.

15. FDA enters health food store with guns to cease goods on the heals of 510

Anything to add here?


ALERT—Anybody communicating with the ET’s should get them
to take the ringleaders of the TPTB , transport them off planet,
and leave them there in exile (in their birthday suits)—
We can all than live happily ever after– simple as that–
Come on you ET contactees get with it– no excuses– we are
depending on you—
Edge —


Glitch delays space station crew’s return to Earth

MOSCOW: The Soyuz capsule failed on Friday to undock for the first time in a decade of flights to the International Space Station, forcing three crew members to remain an extra day in orbit.
The Russian mission control centre near Moscow said the shuttle’s return to Earth was rolled back to Saturday over fears that the capsule was not fully airlocked after a computer malfunction.
“The landing of the Soyuz TMA-18 spacecraft and crew… has been pushed back by 24 hours to Saturday September 25 due to technical problems,” Russia’s space agency chief Anatoly Perminov said in a statement.
The new plan calls for the Soyuz crew to undock at 5:59am Moscow time (0159 GMT) and land in the central Kazakh steppes at 9:23am (0523 GMT), a mission control official told the Interfax news agency.
US astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Mikhail Kornienko had been due to make their fiery descent locked in the capsule on Friday morning, after more than six months in orbit.
But the manoeuvre was first delayed by a few hours due to “small glitches”, before being cancelled outright on Friday, Russian space officials said.
When the crew attempted to undock from the International Space Station (ISS) one of their computers sent up a red flag — showing the airlock was not fully sealed, Roskosmos chief Perminov explained.
“The onboard computer system is picking up a false signal that there is no airlock on the station after the hatch is closed,” Perminov said.
“We have carried out checks on the air tightness. The airlock is confirmed on the ISS and the Soyuz, which is the most important thing for today.”


Comment by hopesprings on September 25, 2010 @ 3:59 am
I tried all that already,
I handed out printed slips with web sites
and I burned cd-rom versions of several Dvds,
I picked up 50 / 100 pack of cd’s on clearance/sales/
yard sales , I handed out cd’s all over the place
for like 3 years and you know what ??
I may as well have thrown them off a bridge,
Scoffed,ridiculed, “roll the eyes” crap, and I am puking sick of “cool idiots” who are “cool” because they are ignorant!!


Yeah Hope. I stay out of chat & view the intel. One of the members pee’d off the Sentinel Big Dog. Trying to confirm LA Nat’l Guard movement here. That kind of switch, as in Indiana, being confirmed isn’t good. It’s a great site though – broke the border info at the beginning I believe.
JJ: Thanks again for the link/update!


Wow Myra: That instant messaging at the Defcom site is pretty rough. Lots of hate. But it is still not confirmed, although there is a post of movement in Indiana.


Dan 2:04

I have surmised this too earlier. If they shut the internet down people will feel cornered and will take to the streets.

Jay Rockefeller can whine all he wants about the internet; but, truly as long as it’s up and I mean all of it, not controlled internet 2 (same thing as a shut down), he is safer from a Marie Antoinette event.


Update in – heating up guys. Intel confirmed!



Amen brother.

Wbstreck 3:21



“Can we forge against these enemies a grand and global alliance. . .North and South. . . East and West. . .that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind? Will you join in that historic effort?”

Indeed Fix this is the most important question in my view.

The PTB is working hard keep us divided, fanning hatred, separating families and friends. Right now the false tea party and Oathkeepers are some of the few movements of any scale. Many of us who are aware are still at our keyboards. But we do need to assemble and plan.

A modus operandi of sorts:

1) find like-minded in your community and start meeting regularly

2) convene with adjoining communities who have also done this ie. regional meetings

3) all are around one idea e.g. THE FREEMAN MOVEMENT

When organizations start from the top down this can speed the process up; but, the quality of each region suffers and often it peeters out. The idea is to keep infiltrators out.

At each meeting share news, videos, books, etc… Talk and plan. For political action. For legal action. For survival.

Create a local, regional or national website. Print communiques. Plan for emergencies if the grid or the web goes down. Where do you meet? Buy short crank wave radios.

Everyone takes a task–people need/want to do something. And the community will give people strength and hope.

I MAKE AN OATH HERE TO START ASSEMBLING A GROUP THIS WEEKEND IN MY COMMUNITY. (so many have approached me about this stuff–they are scattered, isolated.


Sorry if this has already been posted-

New York, NY – At its seventh annual national convention in Austin, Texas, IVAW called for the prosecution of senior Bush administration officials for allegedly conspiring to manipulate intelligence in order to justify the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Link to article follows:


Regards to all


Fix: LA-rural area & quiet.
JJ: Thanks for the post of the Alert!

1- The alert from JJ & more info Tues, 28th right?
2- Press conference on the 27th- okmurals 1:01 link/post
3- The Vatican stuff & 3rd time the Fed props up the markets I believe, zerohedge, this week.
4- Gold at a high
5- Bernanke on record that inflation isn’t high enough, and that in a local paper here.

The Event airs – BTW, its pretty good!
What a week huh? Hopefully there isn’t a hurricane to top it off.

Update there by Ben. (I didn’t see the link posted)

Peace all!


Hope you guys are rite–Image Israel or TPTB heading to Iran with plane loads of useless Nukes–what a surprise——
This is evidence of my belief that the nuclear option is “off the table”, not an option for anyone at this time. The ET’s don’t trust us with nukes and have taken away the keys—–

Comment by kohala889 on September 25, 2010 @ 3:06 am
nuclear option is “off the table”, not an option for anyone at this time. The ET’s don’t trust us with nukes and have taken away the keys.:)yes indeed there is a whole lot more going on here in time, than can ever meet the “eye” of the pyramid lol

Comment by dan1uc on September 25, 2010 @ 3:13 am


Significant Developments in Terror Threats Since 9/11, Officials Say
The nation’s top counterterrorism officials were blunt. The threat from within—of Americans willing to commit terrorist acts— is growing. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told a congressional hearing today that a spike in recent terrorism cases is direct evidence of the evolving threat.


Obama’s inner circle about to break open
By Anne E. Kornblut and Scott Wilson
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, September 23, 2010
In his nearly two years in office, President Obama has relied on a very small clique of advisers that serves as his most trusted sounding board on politics and policy


central florida,
Is any body else currently having a demonstration of the Sirens are us “Drills” ??


positivechange We come to decision time regarding the light , or darknes.It is there confronting us. We choose, and we are either saddened or, releived with our chioce.
Some folks are happy for the whack and the money, others happy to have an unfettered soul.
The sons and daughters of evil( TPTB for instance) have no fellowship with the light, they continue in their darkness. But to those tht are hurting and pentitent, they seek:
After true repentance ,we can accept the freely given sacrifice of HIS blood given by Jeshua, to do just that absolve that particualr burden with this spiritual provision, or just trail off on ones own dismissing a loving cellestial provision of the loving Saviour.
p , who else would care for you at this level ? Who wanted to meet and comfort you in this desolate lowpoint of your life ?


nuclear option is “off the table”, not an option for anyone at this time. The ET’s don’t trust us with nukes and have taken away the keys.:)yes indede there is a hole lot more going on here in time, than can ever meet the “eye” of the pyramid lol


Sun and Okumurals:
U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

This is evidence of my belief that the nuclear option is “off the table”, not an option for anyone at this time. The ET’s don’t trust us with nukes and have taken away the keys.


Fix: Mahalo for those wise words from JFK. They are timeless and absolutely apply to our present conditions.

Aloha Everyone and Standfast


For the past hour and a half there are Sirens going up and down the nearby highway
fixthefuture where you from?


the “classic” siren sound & the rapid-cycle siren,

Reminds me of a few months ago & last year a few times the Fire-Rescue Vehicles & Police just going up and down a few main avenues & the Highway
sirens going & going


For the past hour and a half there are Sirens going up and down the nearby highway


the people in the streets wont be the ones stashing the guns an amo it will be the ones hurt as a direct result of shutting down the net and the people doing the stashing will amost instantly have the highest credibility on the other hand the dark cabal must relize this the enternet is the only real thing that has let them continue as far as they have it is a double edge sword there damned if they do and damned if they dont and if the do they must relize there will be no escape route for them .



I agree. I was more referring to a spiritual level. I’ve had my encounters with evil and from my experience it takes place on a spiritual level.

The actions are real and the actions needed to succumb it need to be real also.


fix JFK , This President’s legacy speech ‘Noblesse Oblige’

The perpetrator gets no credit for being a stupid whore of evil men, but he is surely to suffer for his crimes.

The Mafia Code, Fuggetaboutit; you played, you pay, asshole!



I think there are people who, if they can’t have their way, would rather just see everything destroyed. It took me a long time to understand this. I believe it’s a lack of capability to love one’s self. Then the self takes over and becomes one angry “mother fucker”. I think it’s similar to narcissim, but a type that carries arms. Any thoughts?


The gardening grapevine site is a TREASURE! Thank you!


“Just thinking after reading hopesprings 10:11 PM post above. How is the heavy Muslim infiltrtion affecting Espana ?
Comment by wbstreck on September 24, 2010 @ 11:29 pm”

Infiltration you say?
In Spain, the Muslims have always lived in peace and integration, and the only thing that deteriorates their image is the typical Moroccan burglar, who the last thing he could be called is a religious extremist.
Remember we have lived with them and shared culture and traditions for centuries over. Specifically, your so called Muslim infiltration, started out in the year 711 and officially ended in 1492. Afterwards many stayed.
Anyone saying we hate them is surrealistic, or unfounded by people with questionable beliefs or intentions.

We had our own 9/11, the 11M (11th March, 911 days after 9/11)

300 people were killed, by the train bombings.
And, I’ll tell you those were not religious guys.
They were mere burglars and drug dealers, who drank alcohol, hanged out with hookers, ate pig products… least but Muslim.
Still, they happened to be useful.
They blamed it on our national terrorist group called ETA, the Basque separatist group, who want independence.
But it soon was “found out” it was an Al-Qaeda branch in Morocco. (Remember Al-Qaeda is CIA)
There are some great videos on that event.
In Europe there is a very similar force to Blackwater, called GLADIO, they were responsible for the attacks in Italy blamed on the communists.
As always, problem, reaction, solution and false flags.

If you are interested I can give you the links on my association here in Spain. The 9/11 Truthers, and others I’m involved.





Could you give some more info? I am confused. This link is civilian? What does this mean? Thanks!!


positivechange, could you elaborate further?



there are people who just want destruction. i think many people working for the cabal don’t understand where their orders are coming from, yet they stand under 😉

even the mafia has a code of conduct.


Unique products designed and hand-made by Garden Grapevine.com in USA Amish Country. Organic gardeners, you are going to have fun with this site. Enjoy.

The Garden Grapevine

The Commerce Department, Labor Department, BEA, BLS [pick one] will announce higher than expected numbers for [insert report name]. Analysts will be surprised, not because the headline number beats their purposely low ball estimate that they had chosen to help make the economy look much better, but because the report contains numbers that are so obviously false and impossible that even a retarded monkey with a drug habit would notice something was amiss. No financial reporter from the mainstream press catches on however. President Obama will cite the report as evidence that his economic programs are suddenly working just in time for the election. (What follows is hilarious)




Sorry, it is King Abdullah II of Jordan, not Syria.


i think it might a good investment to go buy a bucket truck so when they shut the internet down we will be able to get the Politician down that have been hanged for taking away the last vestages of real news in the world, i cant see any other outcome for such a move that can only lead to a massive civil war i mean let face it people have been stashing guns and amo in the woods for years now and i think the internet is the only thing that has kept all at bay hoping for a peaceful resolution to the big lie, such a move would be far worse than even another wall street crash


In your hands, my fellow citizens. . .more than mine. . .will rest the final success or failure of our course. Since this country was founded, each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty. The graves of young Americans who answered the call to service surround the globe. Now the trumpet summons us again… not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need. . .not as a call to battle… though embattled we are. . .but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle. . .year in and year out, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation. . .a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny. . .poverty. . .disease. . .and war itself. Can we forge against these enemies a grand and global alliance. . .North and South. . . East and West. . .that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind? Will you join in that historic effort?

In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger; I do not shrink from this responsibility. . .I welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it. . .and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.
And so, my fellow Americans. . .ask not what your country can do for you. . .ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world. . .ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the Freedom of Man.

Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds; let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own. – John F. Kennedy


I would add to the internet shutdown that Sen Lieberman was pushing for this legislation this summer. If I remember correctly it was the Wall Street Journal that took on the story and explained how most critical targets to national security are not connected to the internet (power plants etc). This was the main argument of Sen Lieberman pushing the legislation.

So now we have a worm that can attack critical sites when they are not connected to the internet. wow! It must be transmitted through air or sound, maybe even thought.


here’s the link. It’s on the front page for a while as the latest video.



Precious! Alex Collier Interview disseminating the “Alien Agenda” 13/13
Essential, revealing, mind blogging, enlightening! We need to grow up, relearn, absorb and prepare ourselves as a human race. Is this all we must know before what is coming before us? Are we going to be free? Guess what, we are Royalty! Humans, Americans! Free expression! What is wrong with our picture? Basic education, the reason for our existence.


U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

Ex-military men say unknown intruders have monitored and even tampered with American nuclear missiles
Group to call on U.S. Government to reveal the facts



oh, forgot….

King Abdullah of Syria was talking with Jon Stewart and said we can expect war by year’s end if various parties walk away from the peace negotiations. The trigger would come from an expiration of the moratorium on building settlements. It is set to expire on the 30th (the month wasn’t mentioned). If the moratorium is let to expire, he thinks there are no realistic chances of getting everyone around the table after they walk away.


The Fereral Reserve is a CRIMINAListic private banking cartel. We outlaw it ; and we will go with something else.
Screw the obamabitches! We will do our own Greenback non-debt bearing currency based on the collective resouces and strengths of this nation. Just like Pres. Linclon did.We don’t need to let these foreigners make money off us and swindle us into another Deoression. The Federal Reserve derrivative crooks and their cronies ran that scam, and they can pay for their crimes.



I could add to the list:

– UK ups terror alert to substantial. They are expecting an attack from the Irish (!?!).

– a new super worm targets systems normally not connected to the internet, real-world sites. Iran’s different plants among others are apparently under attack. So does someone have to connect the systems to the internet to allow the worm to get in or is this a different technology? Sounds to me like a prelude to get the internet shut down – by “law”.


Rothschilds dream draws closer: BANCOR World Currency

Mark Matheny
September 23, 2010

What used to be talked about as “conspiracy theory” is now being discussed openly among the nations of the world. A global currency called the “Bancor” may soon be the global currency, and along with it a global central bank.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (formerly Bauer)

Those were the words of Mayer Amscel Rothschild of the Elite Rothschild Banking Family of Europe. And it is apparent that those in power hope to gain control of not only a single nation’s money, but of all nations’ monetary systems into a single Central Bank with a Global Currency. In that instance, whoever controls the monetary system of the world, will in effect control the policies and laws globally as well.

One of the preliminary measures of incorporating a global currency, however, seems to be the destruction of currencies around the globe in order to justify its inception.

Steps for bringing about this New World Order currency have been in the works for a long time, and the proponents are patient and deliberate. Calls for a global currency began to come about after WWII, when John Maynard Keynes and the British government proposed the “Bancor” as a world reserve currency.

Although it has taken time and effort, it looks as though the current economic crisis has set the stage for the demise of the dollar as a world reserve currency to make way for the proposed Bancor.

The Federal Reserve and our government are also in on the plan apparently, as the Fed continues to devalue the dollar through “easing” as they call it, or printing more and more of it. Our government then continues to grow and spend more and more as well, only to exacerbate the problem.

Of course, Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner said back in 2009 that the U.S. would be open to a world currency as well!

In [a] video Geithner was at a Council on Foreign Relations conference, and was asked about a proposal from China’s Central Bank Governor to expand the role of the IMF’s use of SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), whereupon Geithner said ” ..We’re actually quite open to that suggestion.”

Geithner then went on further to say however, that ” ..But you should think of it as rather evolutionary building on the current architecture, rather than to moving us to a global monetary union.” Geithner obviously knows that increasing the use of SDRs to the IMF will eventually make way for “a global monetary union” as he puts it.

How do I know this? In a recent document by the International Monetary Fund, drafted on April 13, 2010 titled Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability , the report shows that while there are benefits to the use of SDRs, there are also some limitations and drawbacks.

One of those drawbacks stated in the same document is the fact that the SDR is not a currency:

From SDR to Bancor. A limitation of the SDR as discussed previously is that it is not a currency. Both the SDR and SDR-denominated instruments need to be converted eventually to a national currency for most payments or interventions in foreign exchange markets, which adds to cumbersome use in transactions. and though an SDR-based system would move away from a dominant currency, the SDR’r value remains heavily linked to conditions and performance of the major component countries.A more ambitious reform option would be to build on the previous ideas and develop, over time, a global currency.

More at


Dear BFCers,

There was an announcement yesterday on Science that Michio Kaku will be hosting a show during which he “proves” with physics that ETs are going to communicate with us SOON. I would say that they are pulling the rabbit out of the hat. Now, be wary of any Disclosure run by the PTW. Learn to trust your hearts on what is true or not true. Expect that ETs will be both good and bad just like humans.

Banksters buying up their own bonds to keep the prices high and “quantitative easing” are both short-term strategies that cannot work because they are simply repackaging the same dog doodie that was originally sold. They will lead to hyperinflation and worse before they collapse. VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENTS. THIS SENDS THE CLEAR MESSAGE THAT EN0UGH IS ENOUGH AND WE WON’T TOLERATE ANY MORE. THE NUMBERS ARE ON OUR SIDE.

Again, MK math. There are 300 million people in the US. There are only about 5 million contractors, military, NSA, CIA, DHS actually serving. Our allies (like the Canadians have only about 35,000 soldiers which are divided among their various locations. Mexico has a few hundred thousand (I think)) If only one percent of us refused to cooperate, they could not succeed. If 10 percent of us decided to say “No,” they would be completely doomed. They cannot round us up and put us into camps if just a few of us say, “No.”
Even with all their fancy stuff, which they tested in Iraq BTW, they could not control the Iraqis and they can’t control us either. Just learn to say, “No.”

The crap about population growth is making me pretty angry people. Do your homework. The vast majority of the poor people that have been targeted for “population management” don’t consume a lot of resources. There is an excellent article in New Science on this very topic. A Princeton study revealed that it is the wealthy who consume the most resources with their jets, multiple cars and homes etc. They are a nation of need all by themselves. The issue is not how many people that there are–it is about how they consume and where they are located.

Great article:

BP: The Unfinished Crimes and Plunder of Anglo-American Imperialism

By Frederic Clairmont

URL of this article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=21112

Global Research, September 20, 2010
Citizens International

In the light of British Petroleum’s grotesque crime, as yet unfinished, against humanity in the Gulf of Mexico, it is well to recall briefly BP’s no less hideous crime perpetrated in its earlier incarnation as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) and, later, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC).


That congress is finally getting around to honoring Japanese American vets who fought for the US in WW II is a good start.


Hi BEN and Y’All We need(could use) a combination of an Metrocratic World Think Tank Advisory Panel to assist A duly appointed World Court to help insulate the world from criminal greed,abuse of people,rigged politics,war-mongers, ‘free energy prolifertion assistance’, of course.Pro-active protection of the enviorns,the protection of basic freedoms,freedom from religous bias and any perscutions ,thereof.Comprehensive, humane management regarding NEW population growth.Elmination of ‘dirty energy’. We can do this almost starting immediately ! Be free to add to this productive outlook.
But, let’s add severe punishemnt for any political crimes, as a major Hallmark for this New Meritocratic World Court.


Comment by jj59 on September 24, 2010 @ 8:37 pm

Can anybody add to this?


Yes indeed Peacerus something is amiss right now.

Unusual number of departures in the DC Zionist cabal. Going to bunkers or past their Best Before date?

Head of HS in Penn. disappears…
(BTW I’m not sure if you folks know that Pittsburgh is one two major Illuminati HQ in US–Alexandria, Virginia, the other)

I have heard from an insiders that a head of the Illums (FMs) in N.A. is unsually not to be reached. Out of contact.

Large movement of silver. Dollar dropping.

The Queen loses control of funding to [Rothschilds I am sure]

The Pope is getting a shake-down.

MSM pushing huge CMEs fueling fear.

Rumors of sudden deployments here in USA today.

We need to keep our eyes open right now.

God Protect Us

PS If anyone hears anything that pushes events toward an increasing climax please post! Like Ben shared to me, they are doing crazy things right now. Feel free to add to my list.



Just thinking after reading hopesprings 10:11 PM post above. How is the heavy Muslim infiltrtion affecting Espana ?



You make me laugh and cry. So true. Perfection of a post.



Luciferian Ponzi Scheme is imploding

“updated 24 September 2010 – Trillions in fake derivatives, phony financial instruments, corrupt hedge funds and murder, it’s chaos in the halls of the global elite. It’s not just the Pope and the Vatican who have been caught in disgrace trying to cash fake financial instruments around the world, the entire global cabal, Goldman Sachs and Wall Street Banksters are passing around an extremely hot potato, hoping that they won’t be caught again.They are re-selling there own fraudulent derivatives again and running to the hills with as much gold as they can find. The eugenicist elite are imploding under the weight of their own Ponzi Scheme filled pockets. Like a bull in a China shop the fiat currencies have nowhere left to turn. The Federal Reserve clowns are set to commit suicide and the European banks are passing the buck to their corrupt owners in the City of London. War criminal, Phoney Tony Blair is accepting a medal for peace from Bill Clinton (both are Knights of Malta). The impeached former president is also mastermind of the Oklahoma City bombing. Will Obama Force America To “Absorb A Terror Attack” To Save His Presidency? The illuminati Cabal are all calling for their private jets (which are all being tracked, along with their secret bank accounts) to be fueled for the Patagonia Highlands of South America and to the DUMBS, (Deep Underground Military Bases). The MJ12 (Majestic 12) are planning a fake alien attack to bring in carbon tax submission. There are catastrophic solar flares heading towards earth, Bill Gates is promoting poisoned vaccines and death panels, it’s open season. This is not some Benny Hill sketch or a Keystone Cops episode, but it almost sounds like one. The mainstream media (controlled by the CFR) cannot broadcast their false propaganda fast enough.”


Top 3 Steps to Save America – by The Cable Guy
Could it be as simple as 1 – Cows 2 – Our Constitution and 3 – The 10 Commandments in finding a solution to the problems in America? Lawyers, Judges and Politicians do stand in the way of placing lawful rules back in place for America.

This article is supposed to be funny. The Cable Guy says we need to focus on solutions. President Obama is not interested in finding illegal aliens, but they did find cattle with the Mad Cow Disease. People in many countries suffer under evil regimes. Since we’re not using our Constitution maybe we could give them ours.

Tue Sept 7, 2010
Subject; Cows the Constitution and the 10 Commandments


FUNNY! AND TRUE! Peace and love – Tracy

Everyone concentrates on the problems we’re having in Our Country lately: Illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, alligators attacking people in Florida . . . .
Not me — I concentrate on solutions for the problems — it’s a win-win situation.

* Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border.
* Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levees.
* Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.

Any other problems you would like for me to solve today?

Think about this:

1. Cows
2. The Constitution
3. The Ten Commandments

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.

They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq …why don’t we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for over 200 years, and we’re not using it anymore.

The real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is this — you cannot post ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery’ and ‘Thou Shall Not Lie’ in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians, it creates a hostile work environment.

Also, think about this … if you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone — YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!


jj59 , if you would, please divulge who Rod Class is associated with, or, is he on an independent hook?
Thanks again, wbstreck


Ben and All hopesprings regarding your 9:29PM post above.

The PTB Democrats are really way off on the lunatic fringe, hilderbeast, former ACLU attorney activist, leading these NWO Rockefeller-Nazis sociopathic Rothschild’s war agenda, against ‘we the people’. The Clinton’s, Geithner, O’Fraud,Paulson, ect., have been recklessly chasing down the Chinese for trillionaire loans so the can print more derrivative money for ‘quantitative easing- BS’, or,for actually delaying the inevitable worldwide depression that will kill billions. Greed ‘to get it all’ may have tripped the Chinese into buying into this totally criminal, NWO fraud, which will turn out ‘a Rothschilds’ nightdreams of terror’, or China’s introduction to a nuclear inferno,possibly worldwide nuclear war, and a heritge of hatred from all quarters of the World community.No peace ever, and ‘no life at all to enjoy, as a people and a nation. So it all starts right now by resolving not to take anymore of this bogus ,evil administration’s usurping of our life, liberty and our peaceabl pursuit of happiness and self-protection. Never any guarantees for the safety of TPTB going forward. They have pushed their fleshly and evil soulish envelopes into Hells’ steel burning basket of The Final Judgement.


Network News: Seeing Through Illuminati Eyes
July 11, 2010
(The CBS Logo is also the symbol of the Illuminati, a dot in a circle.)

by L. C. Vincent
(for henrymakow.com)
After WWII, with the emergence of three rival television networks, each with their own news departments, most Americans would have argued that the new age of television would grant them a multiplicity of sources and viewpoints.


This behavior is a religion?
Hatred of Christians is escalating.
For the PTB they love this distraction.
Jews vs Palestinians
Christians vs Muslims
Mexican vs Americans
Sunnis vs Shias
Japan vs China
The list of controlled opposition campaigns is long.
And we fall for it a lot.
The bankers benefit from this.
It takes the heat off their crimes and distracts.

If only we could reduce the campaigns to one:
the world vs satanic banksters (the root of all our problems, in every nation on earth, in every home, in every heart)


International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian man, Arshed Masih, died yesterday after Muslims burned him alive for refusing to recant his faith. Additionally, a Muslim policeman raped Masih’s wife.



Disclosure will be on Monday, according to Swerdlow:


Hey Aliens, That’s Our Missile [?]

Amazing things are happening. On Monday.

And advertised by conventional media.

Six former Air Force personnel tell their stories at the National Press Club. About UFOs.

That’s right. UFOs.

They say UFOs interfere with missile tests.

They say equipment failures in the millions of dollars are due to UFOs.

They say this has been happening for decades.

I guess those aliens don’t pay taxes!

Photographs accompanying this news remind me of my UFO experiences. Like the time in the Australian Outback. In the pitch black of the Ozzie night, UFOs zoomed right over my head. Then stopped, taunting me. I knew they heard my thoughts.

On Long Island in the ’70s a UFO trailed my car for 2 hours. It stopped when I stopped. It hovered over my cousin’s house when I went inside. Then zoomed off at light-speed.

What were they doing with me? Was it government?

Montauk Project was up and heavy back then.

Much of what is in the skies is from here.

But, if only 5% of the thousands of sightings every month are alien, that’s still a lot of aliens.

Information to imprint the existence of aliens, plus the idea that they may be a threat, happens at astounding rates these days.

You may even hear an official statement about an alien invasion coming to a city near you…this won’t be a surprise to me.

Maybe, when you open your door on Halloween night the little person standing there won’t be in costume.

The next front door to open may be the one to your mind, so be forewarned. ELF bombardments and the ongoing underground changes create energetic conditions that literally “pierce the veil” between the physical and nonphysical.

This means ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night may be a standard part of your daily life.

A new society is coming – different from anything ever experienced before.

You can make it work for you. You can make it a good thing. Life will never be the same again.


Wbstreck: God forgive me but this is what we may just have to do.

I am going to research this US citizens BCs to China…see what I find.

I know this bluster against the 2nd amendment is connected to China coming in and perhaps its about taking possession of US lands without challenge.

I pray US citizens, for their strength and complete alert to this evil.


wbstreck, hope this helps: Pops said to download it, print out, sign it, and send in to Rod Class. Please read the paperwork first. It would help if you could send at least two dollars with the paperwork to Rod if you are able, write on there that “Pops said that you need this.” This is separate from Tim Turners group. The two are not affiliated. We are planning on having Rod on Pops Wed show in the future.

Here is the address to send the signed paperwork to.
P O Box 435, High Shoals, NC 28077


MK on 9/24 @ 7:26AM…

I, too, viewed the links. The three lights appear to be the same snapshot of “three suns” seen in China or Japan, I forget which country. I, also, checked out Annunaki tag.

The London viewing at first appears to be filming a reflection on a window. Can’t say otherwise, but that is what it looks like, especially when the object was stationery.

E Aloha Malama Pono!


jj59 & hutzman20 —- jj59 I reviewed the paperwork you sent from ARA.com. Do I fill out and send all ?, and to what address, if so. Pops was supposed to have a simple sign in roster, or registry, and I believe an individual sign up sheet located in The ‘General Discussion section’ of his website. I did not see it there. Can you elaborate on the adddress and so forth ? Thanks, wbstreck


International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian man, Arshed Masih, died yesterday after Muslims burned him alive for refusing to recant his faith. Additionally, a Muslim policeman raped Masih’s wife.


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,366,350”

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,739

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,100

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
For more details, click here


Gold futures rose to a record $1,300 an ounce in New York as investors sought a protection of wealth and an alternative to a weakening dollar. Bullion traded at an all-time in London and silver reached the highest price since 1980.

The dollar headed for a weekly drop against the euro on concern the Federal Reserve is moving closer to boosting debt purchases, while European equities declined. Gold, which usually moves inversely to the greenback, advanced to a record for the fourth day this week. Silver, which is used in industrial applications, headed for a fifth weekly advance in London.




It’s hard enough to make a good movie or TV show, but apparently some of the stuff you watch or listen to also contains secret hidden messages that only close examination will reveal. Or, at least, that’s what countless conspiracy theorists around the internet would have us believe.

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_18747_5-absurd-but-mind-blowing-pop-culture-conspiracy-theories.html#ixzz10Ma9Xw4e





Racism speech interrupted by jeering protesters in rainbow wigs tossing red clown noses at Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his speech at the UN, accused the West of using the Holocaust as a “pretext” for aggression against Palestinians, prompting European diplomats to walk out Monday from a speech interrupted by jeering protesters in rainbow wigs tossing red clown noses at the leader.

What we saw at the “anti-racism” conference hosted by the UN in Geneva was predictable. That the strongest supporters (and deniers) of racism in the world today, i.e. The US, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and of course Israel, would not only boycott the conference, but accuse and condemn anyone else who went, or who criticized Israel or any of its supporters, of racism.

I have read Ahmedinejad’s speech and it does read as if it were a bit over the top, perhaps because what he speaks about is over the top blatant hypocrisy and double-standards. Time for euphemisms and mincing words are over. I can find no fault with anything he said about Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and the global economic crisis, who is behind it all, and who took the fall for it, for it is all accurate. If it is fact, and it is TRUTH, then I am unsure how else one would speak about such blatant truths? Well, he could begin by denying that it exists!

What those clowns at the UN Conference have demonstrated by exhibiting complete denial of the notion of freedom of speech and the culture of debate is that the crux of matter is very simple. The truth doesn’t matter. The truth will never matter when it comes to discussing “racism” and Israel in the same forum.



Burned by Woodward’s Fire

The president and his team cooperated with Bob Woodward’s new book. Leslie H. Gelb on the toll that took—and how Obama’s Wars shows the White House has no clear path to victory.
Let’s start with Obama, who emerges from the pages of Obama’s Wars as he is—brilliant, emotionless, abstract, focused, and confused, a Chicago law-school professor in presidents’ clothes. He obviously wanted Woodward to portray him as a brilliant intellectual leader of a government that was not giving him too much help in solving the Afghan mystery, but that he trudged on, doing the best anyone possibly could under these terrible circumstances.



In a recent Youtube clip,
talk show host Alex Jones describes himself
as the most influential leader of the Patriot/Tea Party revolt, next to Rep. Ron Paul.
Many would disagree. Yet he inarguably has the power to influence and mislead many.

A tactic of the intellectually dishonest is to mock or defame their opponent instead of responding to their facts. On Youtube,
Jones can be heard repeatedly using this strategy to oppose critics of Israel.
“What I want to say is this I support Israel.

Jones – Israel-Bashers Are ‘Scum’
By Rev. Ted Pike

In a recent Youtube clip, talk show host Alex Jones describes himself as the most influential leader of the Patriot/Tea Party revolt, next to Rep. Ron Paul. Many would disagree. Yet he inarguably has the power to influence and mislead many.

A tactic of the intellectually dishonest is to mock or defame their opponent instead of responding to their facts. On Youtube, Jones can be heard repeatedly using this strategy to oppose critics of Israel. “What I want to say is this I support Israel. It is their landit is the UN that has declared them terrorists. The UN supports groups that want to dissolve Israel” (Youtube: ‘Alex Jones – “I Support Israel Its Their Land” Zionism’) Jones ignores the 65 years of abuse of Palestinians and violations of international law that cause the UN to criticize Israel. He vilifies other critics of the Jewish state: “I watch these Nazi and anti-Israel groups. They’re a bunch of scum.”(Youtube: ‘Alex Jones on Israel critics: “weak minded idiots”…’)

According to Jones, they are “weak-minded idiots” who find fault with Israel because in 1948 she violently drove 800,000 native Palestinians into concentration camps. They are “Israel-bashers” who refuse to accept Israel’s long and growing record of human rights violations, including:

continuing seizure of Arab lands, largely through illegal settlements;

denial of basic freedom to Palestinians, particularly Gazans in recent years;

incarceration of an annual average of 8,000-12,000 Palestinians, most without due process;

torture of Arab prisoners, including women and children (See, Torture in Israeli Prisons);

ban on free speech for Christians to witness in Israel under penalty of imprisonment, as well as government-permitted persecution of Messianic Christians by ultra-Orthodox Jews;

proliferation of hundreds of nuclear bombs which threaten a Mideast Armageddon, while bullying Iran for allegedly planning to build even one such weapon;

control of Congress and manipulation of the electoral process by pressure and money from the Jewish lobby;

draining some $5 billion annually in foreign aid to a nation which makes enemies for America in the Mideast and has enticed us into Mideast wars for its own benefit.

These are just starting concerns for “scummy” people like me and millions of others. Jones says he is “sick of peer pressure to attack Israel” and he wants nothing to do with us.

And he has one high-sounding reason. Jones says too much truth about Israeli and Jewish misdeeds will “radicalize” the Tea Party movement and destroy its ability to win elections. Jones says he will limit his criticisms of Israel only to those opportunities where he can be “credible.”

After Israel brutally attacked the Gaza flotilla, Jones allowed an apologist for Israel to defend its actions. He did criticize Israel’s raid (Youtube: ‘Alex Breaks Down Gaza Aid Flotilla Ship Attack by Israel …’ 4 parts), yet he has not emphasized the dangerous agenda inspired by Judaism’s sacred Talmud and Kabbalah, with their history of fomenting communism and world revolution.

He has never exposed the well-documented Jewish dominance of big media-including Hollywood, the big three TV networks and the largest print media in America. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish). Instead of speaking the truth, he says, “Hollywood is owned by the Arabs, and the Israelis for some reason. But the actual financing is mainly Saudi and Jordanian and the folks from Dubai and Qatar and a few other places and the British of course.” (Youtube: ‘Alex Jones Covers Up That Israel Owns Hollywood’)

Clearly, Jones is not about to antagonize the Jewish power structure. He specializes in diverting attention to the lesser conspiracies of Masonry, the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral Commission, even the Bohemian Grove, etc. He says self-righteously that he will not “wear Nazi armbands” by criticizing Zionism or Judaism’s racial/religious goals. He will not associate with the “mentally ill” who express such concern.

Jewish/Zionist supremacism originated 2,000 years ago with the same Pharisees who crucified Christ. It is enshrined in Rabbinic Judaism’s most sacred scriptures, the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah). This vast and hateful racist literature clearly states that Jews must someday control the world, after destroying the strong opposition that comes from Christian/capitalist civilization.

But according to Jones, the masses should not know too much of this controversial truth. The Patriot Movement should relate to dumbed-down Americans, who are oblivious to the Zionist danger, by ignoring it themselves. Yet such ignorance will not lead to safety.

Nor will the whole truth lead to fanaticism and violence. The truth about Jewish control in media, international finance and Congress will make many angry; that’s called “righteous indignation.” But it does not create violent, bigoted fanatics out of most people, whose moderation and perspective will encourage restraint. Instead, the whole truth will empower us to become discerning citizens who can defend American liberties, culture and foreign policy! Such enlightenment contributes to slowing unconditional support of Israeli injustices that inflame the Arab world; slowing the ability of the Anti-Defamation League to pass freedom-destroying legislation; slowing election and appointment of supremacist Jews to high office; slowing Jewish media’s corruption of Christian culture and beliefs; slowing America’s debt to Jewish international bankers through the Federal Reserve ­ in short, slowing the advances of Jewish supremacism to destroy Christian civilization!

Jones: Media Manipulator

Jones’ mentality is that of every dictator and censor, who says half-truths secure the threads of social fabric and the safety of governing elite. History reveals that ending such censorship leads to liberty. When the Bible finally became accessible during the Protestant Reformation, Rome’s dominion was shattered. The profusion of Biblical truth resulted in independence of thought and action, vital to the founding of the greatest social experiment in history: the United States of America.

If the whole truth poured out, the Zionist stranglehold on western nations would be demolished. We could see a new age of enlightenment and renewal. The whole truth does not radicalize society; it stabilizes it.

Jones vilifies true patriots and attempts to scare us away from facing reality. He says that, when patriots criticize Jews and Israel, they are playing into the globalists’ hands, who pit one group against anther, desiring to create world chaos. The truth is, the globalists are Jewish supremacists. Yet Israel, ADL, Rothschilds, Bronfmans, etc. above everything else, fear worldwide exposure and criticism. By cautioning patriots against criticizing (bashing) Jewish supremacists, it is actually Jones who sows mass confusion and inaction, becoming one of the NWO’s best protectors. It is hard to defend Jones from the charge that he sows disinformation along with the truth.

By urging the same ruinous appeasement of the Jewish supremacist agenda as have Christians and conservatives for the past century, Jones, despite his bluster, is an appeaser. His “moderation” on the Jewish issue is really a mask for his enormous fear of Jewish power.

A year ago, a trusted friend of mine, then a Jones supporter, told me he called Jones’ office and, surprisingly, Jones answered. During their conversation, Jones expressed anxiety about criticism of him for not addressing the Jewish issue. But he feared the Zionists more.

“The Jews,” Jones said, “own everything.”

Jones wants us to believe he isn’t afraid and will not hesitate to tell the whole truth. Yet his conspicuous silence about the threat of Jewish supremacism speaks powerfully: Alex Jones lives in fear of the Jews.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015


Announcing Our New Website!!

Welcome to the beginning of our new website!
It will be an evolution in progress as more material is added as fast as we can get it ready to present.
This is a living site energized by Love and we welcome your loving attentions to it, even if you already have a wand. Just enjoy what’s here, get in the flow of it, feel the Love we have for you, the participation of the Mentors, and connect with your own guidance as you allow yourselves to be uplifted by some or all of it,
and stay tuned!


One of my shortcomings is I was predisposed to be trusting of others,
that can cause a lot of problems.
Perhaps that is gullibility or ignorance or a symptom of not being terribly bright.
A little more skepticism is healthy & essential & at this time REQUIRED!!!!

dito fix …story of my life


Hi Ben & All

Edge, we were just told recently that there would have to be an energy inspection on our homes before they could go on the market. These inspections are not cheap, and no doubt they will recommend very expensive work to be done before a home is able to be sold.

Then just tonight we hear that they plan to double the price of electricity in our state within 5 years. Hope the free energy has been released well before then and these people are strung out to dry! As you say, people can’t afford to live now! With the drought we have just endured, which I am sure was not natural, the price of water is atronomical here. Along with that we have the ridiculous measures we all have to take to conserve water. I am all for being sensible, I hate waste, but it is all to benefit these people’s already bursting bank accounts and sell us a desal plant we don’t want. We have just had the wettest September in a number of years thank goodness, but our government is still going to try and force us to ration our water!

It is past time to deal with these people.


MK, Mahalo for the UFO clips. Especially the one near Honokaa–less than 20 miles from my home. I think they may like this area because not so much chance of getting pursued by military as there would be over dense population centers.


sunrvs: The Event on NBC
Looks kinda like the msm is preparing the public for disclosure.


Hopesprings: Re Merek
Absolutely NO apology please. It’s all water under the bridge.

Aloha to All


Comment by rafaelneville on September 24, 2010 @ 8:41 am
fixthefuture, keep talking like that and I’ll recommend you for a LOC session from lew.
Yes, please,from any & all!!!!
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Knock yourself out

Good,be suspicious,keep your guard up,
be discerning/look out for disception/duplicity/deceit!!

One of my shortcomings is I was predisposed to be trusting of others,
that can cause a lot of problems.
Perhaps that is gullibility or ignorance or a symptom of not being terribly bright.
A little more skepticism is healthy & essential & at this time REQUIRED!!!!


From the Book : Penetration -The questiion Of Extraterrestrial and
Human Telepathy


“The Moon is full,” he began, “opposite the Sun, and the Moon is just setting in the West. Will that do?” “I hope so,” I replied. “Earth is between the Sun and Moon, then, and
what I have to try to do is head directly away from the Sun, hoping for a
psychic touchdown (I smiled in saying this) on the Moon surface.”

“Ok, do your thing, then,” Axel smiled. He pushed the ‘record’ button on his tape recorder
Give me your first Moon coordinate preceding it with
the word Moon.”
I wrote down “Moon” and the coordinate-ordinate and nothing happened. I was still where I had touched down. “Give it again, more slowly,” I asked. He did so, and I experienced a blurred kind of vision, a sense of zooming across a plain, some mountains – and then into darkness which surprised me.
“Its dark here,” I said. “Why is that? A rhetorical question, Axel. Please do not speak an answer.” Darkness! 23 Then, slowly, as if adjusting to a kind of nightvision, I could begin to perceive formations. And I realized what had happened. “This coordinate,” I asked, “is it on the dark side of the Moon? Yes, it must be.” I began trying to make sense of the impressions I was acquiring.
“Well, I seem to be near a cliff of some kind. It goes upward quite high,
made of some kind of dark rock. There is whitish sand, a fluffy kind of
sand. Away from the cliff formation there is a broad expanse of some kind.
There are some patterns in the sand, or whatever it is – not quite like
“Well, I am in a place which is sort of down, like in a crater I
suppose. There is this strange green haze, like a light of some kind. Beyond
that, all around is dark though. I am wondering where the light is coming
from …”. I jolted to a stop again.

“Well, you won’t like this, I guess. I see, or at least think I see,
well … some actual lights. They are giving off a green light … I see two
rows of them, …, yes, sort of like lights at football arenas, high up,
banks of them.

“Up on towers of some kind …”. I gave up here. “Well, Axel, I can’t be on the Moon. I guess I have to apologize, I seem to be getting somewhere here on Earth.”
Axel stared at me for a moment. He was NOT smiling or looking
sympathetic or tolerant. I thought it was all over with. “You’re sure you
see lights, actual lights?” he finally asked.

“Well, I see lights! But how can they be on the Moon?”
“Lights, huh? You are sure you saw lights?” “Well, yes. But not on the Moon, surely. How could they be on the Moon?” Axel stared at me, saying nothing. I can be quite dense, I suppose, but something started twanging around in the denseness. I blinked at Axel. “You mean …,” I began, somewhat uncertain as to what to say. I realized I had to select my words carefully. “Am I to think these lights are actually on the Moon?”
There was no answer forthcoming from Axel. I pressed onward. “Have the
Russians built a Moonbase or something? Is that what I am supposed to be
remote-viewing?” Again, no answer.

We sat and stared at each other for a longish period, he not willing to commit. After a moment of this confrontation, I decided to reassume the initiative. “Maybe you should give me that coordinate-ordinate again.”
25 Once back in the glow of the greenish lights, I now seemed to have the courage to begin really looking. “Well, the light seems diffused somehow, as if there is a lot of fog – no, it’s dust – dust! Floating in the air.”
I paused, then continued: “Yet there is no air on the Moon, is there?
There is noise of some kind, like a thumping. I can see one of the light
towers better now. Hey, it seems built of some very narrow struts of some
kind, thin like pencils. Like some sort of pre-fab stuff right out of
Buckminster Fuller’s stuff.”

“How high are the light towers?” Axel interrupted. “Well, high enough. I have to find something against which to compare
them. Let’s see … hey, there are some of those tractor-tread marks
everywhere. If I guess these are about a foot wide, well, then, let’s see,
if I compute as correctly as I can, well …”. I paused, looking at Axel.

He was not smiling. “Yes?” he arched his eyebrows. “Well, tall -about or let’s say over a hundred feet. But?” “‘But’ what,” Axel asked, leaning forward. I swallowed hard, and almost chickened out at this point. “Well, I think I got a glimpse of the crater’s edge. On it I think I saw a very large tower, very high that is.”
“Yes! Big, really big.”
“How big?”

I swallowed again. “Well, if I compare it to something I am familiar with in New York, about as high as the Secretariat building at the United Nations – which has thirty-nine floors in it.”

I knew that NASA must have photographic evidence of activities on the
Moon which already confirmed the presence of extraterrestrial activity

What I did not understand though, and I realized this only with my third cup of coffee and my tenth cigar, was why this ultra-secret project needed my services.
So, I looked at Axel, and this time I was not smiling either. “Why the
hell have you dragged me into this, Axel? If you possess enough to cause
what I take is your mission to come into existence, surely you don’t need my
inputs here?”

“Thanks heaps, Axel. Well, this bit of security almost blew it for
you. Had I not learned sometime ago to accept and describe what I was seeing
psychically, accept it BEFORE prejudging it, I would have not dared to say I
saw lights on the Moon. I would have edited that out, fearing others might
see me as loony.

God damn it! ETs on the Moon, no less!”


Getem–Yes, I agree with you, and it sure isn’t getting any better.
Tough on the middle class, that depended on these jobs for a
living, and raise a family. With cost of living going up daily,
some due to new rules and regulation– for example–

If this cap and trade goes through, all homes will have to have an energy sticker on them– a person can not sell a home without an energy inspection and sticker–
A few years ago when in real estate, we used to get tons of calls
on handyman specials, but no more if Bill HR 2454 passes the Senate-



Re: Comment by ugmmichael on September 24, 2010 @ 11:27 am

“Yes, in 72 or73 I was a student at a TM Siddhi training course involving remolt viewing (wherein as most stayed on the planet) I ventured to the middle of the moon and upon sharing my experiences with the class, caused a temporary disruption, wherein I was removed. A few days later, I was allowed by the teacher to return to class to continue studies as word from the higher ups indicated that I was correct in my assessment. I indicated that, our moon, (from my point of view), is a large created craft used by very large intelligent life forms.”


This is also an idea presented by David Icke in his most recent book, Human Race, Get Off Your Knees.

I haven’t gotten to that chapter yet, but did hear him speak briefly on this topic in a recent interview.




In 1929, a financial disaster of unprecedented proportions swept through the United States with lightening speed. The American people began a slow decent into an 11 year financial hell that became known as The Great Depression. Understand the fundamental reasons we are now heading for an even worse stock market crash, and the signs to watch for; learn:

Why Winston Churchill being at the New York Stock Exchange on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929, was not quite by chance, as he later wrote.

Why Wall Street plunger Bernard Baruch was Churchills favorite American.

Why on October 29, 1929, the same evening of the crash, Churchill was guest of honor at a bizarre celebration attended to by over 40 bankers and master plungers of Wall Street at the Fifth Avenue mansion of Bernard Baruch.

Where the shiploads of gold (the real money) went in the weeks and months after the crash.

Who Churchill met with in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York immediately before and after the crash.

Why the Prime Minister of Great Britain was also in New York two weeks before the Crash, and where he went next. (No, it was not back to Great Britain!)

Who supplied the seed money for publisher Simon and Shuster?

How the New York Times Sunday Editrial described Churchills visit and the man who knew everything that headed one of the worlds leading newspapers.

Who was really manipulating the levers of U.S. financial policy during Herbert Hoovers four years in office? What Hoover knew about the people working in his administration and who they really worked with and for.

About Cecil Rhodes (Winston Churchills friend) diabolical will and the plans it contained. Read it for yourself. What was the plot that began to take shape in the Wilson administration?

The curious connection between Cecil Rhodes, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, presidential hopeful H. Ross Perot, SONY founder Akio Morita, and the new U.S. Ambassador to France, Pamela Churchill Harrimann.

The greatest story never told: Winston Churchill and the crash of 1929

The greatest story never told



This was a good listen (about 5 mins) Pops Insider Update 9.23.10


Edge & Sunrvs, What you write about America could also be attributed to Australia. We have had our manufacturing sector decimated and sent off shore, usually to China. When a product was manufactured here, it was reliable and sturdy. The same product produced in China, or elsewhere, is usually now quite shoddy and unreliable, and in some cases dangerous. The prices seem to be about the same as when produced here, so huge savings to the companies which are taking part in this rip off. Just last night on a current affairs show they were showing a power point which is an exact duplicate of one one made here. It is allowed on the market by the PTW and it has been attributed to burning down homes and businesses. The thing is it is packaged to look exactly like the real power point, you would not know that it was a knock off and the government has turned a blind eye to it. The same thing with car components eg brakes and fuel lines and also children’s toys and furniture.

My husband works in the manufacturing sector. Back in the 70’s a nasty little man, Senator Button brought out the Button plan, which significantly cut the tarrifs on most imported products to our country, in effect cutting the legs off the manufacturing sector. It has not recovered since. The company my husband works for has to scratch for work some months just to keep the wolf from the door. I don’t think these people will be happy til the entire manufacturing sector collapses.


Ben and Y’All,

I have heard enough today about the behind the back evil that has been perpetrated on ‘we the people’ by our duly elected politicians.
Forget the ‘peaceful’ hangings. Now it’s tie ’em to a tree and admiinistrate 100 lashes with a ‘old type black snake bullwhip’. Jerky for the birds is the fate they deserve.
When Hilderbeastoffered the Chinese the right to Eminent Domain in the United Sates as guarantee for a trillion and a half dollar loan, I blogged that the Chinese could not ever imagine that she as Secretary of State could legally make that commitment. Also making a commitnment for the entire U.S. to disarm the citizens; not without her and hers dead, from a civil war. The Chinese countered with their subsequent request for copies of all American Citizens B.C.s With the birth certificate issue , that is weh someone blew the whistle that our B.C.’s were traded on the Stock Exchange. So you have these pitiful fools that think that this B.C. trading is viable. COMPLETE ASSHOLES IS WHAT THEY ARE. History would record the as” The Rule of the Fools”. They are completely despicable, worthy to be put down like rabid dogs. Amen to that. You have to sit awhile and contemplate as to what ever posessed these warped people to think they were going to pull these sociopathic atrocitieis off with the great likelihood that such as this would activate a vast mob of six billion people into a stomping stampede driving their victims heads into the dirt. I am sure a lot of folks are mumbling WTF tonight, under their breath. Now it’s time for a couple of glasses of vino.


Michael Ruppert Pounds Zbigniew Brzezinski
Vatic Note: YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS. It shows EXACTLY why we are in Afghanistan, and other central asian countries. Michael Ruppert is a genius. He pegged where we are now back in 2006 or even before since this was a seminar he conducted. He deals with the entire area of WHY we are in the central asian countries and how long this has been planned and all of where we are was dreamed up by Zbig for his international bankers. Millions of central asians and Iraqis’ are dead because of this man Zbig (Obama’s National Security Advisor).


thanks edge…oh well WHT, we all need to lighten up anyway! LOL Have a great night.


mbridges; Re: Sept 24 @ 3:13 am

“I have a question concerning legal contracts. The “person” created by printing our name in capital letters on our birth certificates is the legal entity. When we sign a contract, we do not do so all in capital letters, therefore is the contract binding?”
No contract is not lawful under, threat, duress, or coercion. If any one of these factors are present it’s not a lawful contract. There must be a meeting of the minds. A full understanding of the duties and obligation of both parties.


Hutz, You’re welcome! LOL…, you forgot a few details. Not a problem! I’ve got your back. Filling mine out now.


I didn’t say that DC was a “state”. The Code of Federal Regs did. That’s the HUGE difference. Who am I? But the CFR is the LAW (well, the regs) that we can use as muscle behind points we need to make legally. Best thing to do, all of us, is to prove it to ourselves. Look it up. That gets neatly around the disinfo/heresay dilemma.


JJ –Nice Pic. Almost makes me wish, I was a few years younger–
Just kidding– Oh, I keep forgetting, this blog is for serious things only, sorry about that–
Take care-