Was George Bush Jr. delivered a coffin as a warning?

The accident that left a fancy sports car on the lawn in front of George Bush Jr.’s front lawn last week bears a striking coincidental resemblance to the traditional triad custom of delivering a coffin to someone’s front door as a warning. This, combined with the attack on Prince Charles and Camilla, the car entering Obama’s security zone and other incidents seem to indicate the spontaneous emergence of organized mass resistance to the banksters. The Western elite, for their part, are now working hard to fundamentally reform the stewardship of this planet. In fact, although no formal announcements have been made, a transition process has already begun.

As a first step, scientific, economic and other experts around the world are being consulted on how best to create a new global economic planning agency charged with ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and sending life on earth on an exponential, peaceful and constructive expansion into the universe. The winding down of the Federal Reserve Board is now expected to last until August 1, 2011. That is the date when the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England and other central banks will stop printing US dollars.


By that time, most of the gold stolen or received from China in the past 150 years will be returned to China. In exchange China will write off all US and European debt. US dollars held by non-Americans will then become first gold-backed and then commodity backed neutral units of exchange managed by an impartial agency staffed by a meritocratically selected international group of professionals. The United States will issue their own, government controlled new currency, possibly to be called greenbacks in recognition of the previous efforts by Presidents Jackson, Lincoln and Kennedy etc. to free the American people from the clutches of international banking cabals.

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