The Satanist link to intelligence operations disguised as religious sects

One of the most powerful weapons used by the Satanists in their plot to create a totalitarian world government is the use of certain religious sects such as Moonies, the Dalai Lama’s network, Falun Gong and others. The trail ultimately leads to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and the Satanic part of the Vatican centered around the Vatican bank. The inclusion of the Dalai Lama in the network of Satanists may come as a surprise to many but the evidence speaks for itself.

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Two ?




Well this message harmonizes with another one by Salusa about religions and churches.




Sierra is Sixth


Aloha Ben and mahalo nui loa!


Hi Ben & All

Very interesting post Ben. It is indeed a very tangles web!

Found this and thought I would share. It is about a guy here in Australia, who has written several books on the NWO and their agenda. Listen to the video, he explains it very well for the lay person. I believe it would be relevant to most people, no matter where they live.


Ben, your comments concerning the Dalai Lama will be unbelievable and upsetting to many folks.



On board 1/9 12:40A in Hawaii at 9 comments ending with **** kohala 01/10 7:37P **** To be continued.

E Aloha Malama Pono!


Aloha Michael. Re your comment January 10, 2011 @ 10:15 am.
and Hutz; Re: January 10, @ 12:29 am

Thanks so much for all your information from which outlines some expectations and guidelines for 2011. These are some points which I found interesting:

“This [Cosmic] Awareness did speak of a theme that would be very relevant in the year ahead, the theme of rebellion, the questioning of those in power and the practices of those in power. The importance in this is not simply to bring forth the energy of rebellion, but to understand rebellion is a rejecting of that which no longer applies, which no longer has relevancy and expresses the frustration of the many to those applications of power that exist on the planet at this time to control and manipulate the masses towards the favored result of those who hold power. Thus, the rebellion that will be seen in 2011 will challenge the very power base that those who are in control hold.”

“…hold that positive line of thinking that will allow each and every individual to hold that things are moving forward, things will progress in a way that can be handled and that each and every individual is indeed accomplishing within the parameters of their own experiencing of reality, that which needs to be experienced for them and an understanding that the collective is doing the same. Being as positive and focused on the movement forward as possible is that which this Awareness most suggests.’

“At this time a huge battle is taking place, not the battle between the Galactic Federation and the Orion/Reptilian faction, but rather the battle of the soul as it is struggling to awaken to the arising consciousness that is welling forth at this time, and that is expanding into the higher levels of consciousness.”

“The battle is whether to surf this wave of expanding consciousness or to stay on the shore, never venturing into these challenging waters, but seeking to stay asleep and safe on the shoreline of consciousness they are comfortable in. This battle between venturing out into the surging waves of expanding consciousness or retreating into the comfort zone of one’s individual box of reality is the main battle that is occurring at this time, as humanity itself faces that monumental experience known as Ascension. There are those who are here to assist the process, and there are those who are here to retard or restrict the process.”

“Seek not the help of extraterrestrial beings coming here to save you, but seek rather the understanding and awareness that lies within, which will lead one forward. That is the energy that will most guarantee the success of the individual who is wishing to experience Ascension and is willing to surf the waves of expanding consciousness.”

“As always with any being that presents itself as a source of enlightenment, and that presents itself as a well of illumination to be drunk from, that one always queries and questions what is being offered, without abdicating their own power and their ability to discern. Certain elements of the Ashtar Command are self-serving and do indeed have that which is a hidden agenda.”

“Some will have the ultimate experience of Ascension, where in their transmogrification process they literally can step from one reality to another. Others will go through that which is that experience of stepping through a portal, a vortex, because they believe that this can be done, that they are to do this. Others may indeed die to the old and find themselves in that which is the new, and others may yet still have to go through many more experiences of physical reality before they are ready for that process of Ascension. There are many, many options indeed, there are an infinite amount of options available.”

Mahalo Rafael for the additional quotes from Cosmic Awareness.



**** kohala889 on January 10, 7:37 pm ****

“Ben, your comments concerning the Dalai Lama will be unbelievable and upsetting to many folks.”

Those people should simple check out Facebook. The third contact in Evelyn Rothschild´s list of friends is a man called “-John Kolthoff”. And this man in turn has among his friends a man called “Tenzin Gyatso”. So “His Holiness” is indeed in the network.


Hi All

Here are Thomas Anderson’s books. Very similar by the look of them to David Icke etc, written from the Australian perspective it would seem, but also relevant for the wider community of the world I think. I haven’t read them as yet, but thought I would put them here for anyone out there looking for an Australian slant to this evil cabal.


Mahalo Auntie for illuminating Hawaii’s sovereignty issue. Perhaps our state will be the very first to become truly independent.



Please refer to:
Comment by kuuleimomi on January 10, 2011 @ 6:06 pm


tnx Ben


Yes, kohala, they will be. I became suspicious when the Dalai Lama won the Noble Prize, in fact, I’m suspicious of all the Noble Prize winners when the rest of the world is struggling to survive without that “God Almighty Dollar”. I consider it “Food Stamp Coupons” now and use it as such, because that is what it’s worth in today’s ecomony. I just can’t help feel at home with it like the one’s I created when I was a child old enough to write the numbers 1, 5, 10 and 20 on cutup newspaper representing “money” to be used for my “make believe” grocery store. Those were “good old days”. I was rich back then. (Smile)

E Aloha Malama Pono! Good morning at 1:01A.




Why Are The Fed Admitting Fluoride Crimes Now?

NPR Finally Catches Up To Rense on Fluoride

Big Govt Reversal On Fluoride Stuns Many

Feds Say Too Much Fluoride In Drinking Water (gosh)

Feds To Reduce Fluoride In Drinking Water

Fluoride – ‘Forced Medication’ To Be Banned

NY Councilman To Intro Fluoride Ban Legislation

Chronic Toothpaste Fluoride Poisoning Mimics Lyme

Fluoride In Water Linked To Lower Child IQ


Perhaps you have wealth of a different kind these days, Auntie.

Good night,


Benjamins’ last weeks’ promise to his loyal followers–
No more history lessons– this week we get the straight
goods, what is really happening behind the scenes in the
coming greatest world financial collapse in history—
Thanks Ben for keeping us informed–

———————————– your words–
Next week we will return to regular investigative journalism and will go back to our Monday delivery schedule. Events in the battle over the financial system will start heating up as we enter deeper into the month of January.


Hi Ben!

the more I read your posts the more I come to understand the Chinese people are actually a great people and the good guys! They saved the world many times and they have to deal with their own demons. If the Dalai Lama is a Satanist, to hell with him… No-one needs yet another Satanist in disguise, the rest of the world will be better off without him – Tibetans included.

I used to believe and I guess I’m not the only one here, this man was comparable to Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, or MLK. I can see that the Chinese-Tibetan decade old row has more deeper layers than the eye can see, this information is trully an eye opener.


2011 Predictions From A. A. Uriel Channeled By Jannifer Hoffman.3rd Jan ’11
January 15 to 20th: During this time we will experience a tsunami-like energy download that will bring new realizations and understandings, like an ‘aha’ moment. For some this will be an immediate shift into the 5th dimension, which will take place on an emotional and mind level. Others may decide to complete their time here and cross over.

March: The spring equinox will bring a more peaceful energy as we begin to experience new potentials for our reality. There will be many experiences of instant manifestation as we have an opportunity to experience how powerfully we move energy. Be careful of your words and thoughts at this time.


I’d agree with the drug addled part.


About the Dalai Lama being evil, I think it’s the same as with many good people who rise to ‘high’ positions. Once at high position they are not the same anymore, maybe corrupted by power. But my main suspicion is that the real person is kept captive/hidden somewhere (or has been killed) while a clone has taken it’s place in the public world.


BEN thanks for this update. It is an evil cult that you personally are painfully familiar with.
The TPTB MSM always portrayed the Dalai Lama as a real Ghandi type peace and kindness provocateur, but he is the head reperesentative of a Draconian control, feudalistic society that creates a SHANG Ri La for the privileged few , and that is the way the like it. There must be a spot on the NWO pyramid for the Dalai Lama.
Conclusion , know thine enemies ; Richard Gere , get yo’ head outa yer ass. Turn these devils over to the Chinese for suttle Ninja elimination. Add as many of TPTB to the fatality lists. I understand that the Tibetan Monks have named their cats after movie stars. Evil Hollywood teaches to the highest mountain tops of Tibet ! How did these religious monks get to see the Hollywood flicks to begin with. Did Richard Gere bring them some movies when he visited the “Dilly Dalai” ? Another exposure of the Hollywood Dum Dums, who dare promote political statements.
They are all hollow frauds.


Hi Ben and Y’ALL

Consider that the days of procrasternation must come to an abrupt end, serious reformation,or, open rebellion against TPTB-NWO, must proceed with utter most haste.
Another false flag shooting by one of their MK ultra developed drug and hypnotized freaks.
Linclon, McKinley, Tyler, Jackson , JFK, MLK,False Wars for profit and NWO agendas, RK.Oklahoma, 911,WACO, Ruby Ridge.FEMA Camps,HAARP,GMO,Vaccines, Flouride, Chlorine,uranium, Mercury fillings, Georgia Guidestones, New Orleans,Haiti, Chile. Triangulation on the New Madrid fault. The BP (TPTB)GOM disaster,Dead birds and fish. Interruption of the Gulf Stream, Cap and Trade scams, SARS and Swine Flu virus and DU.Dug money laundering,theft of funds, one bid contracts,FIAT MONEY,Forclosures, but Private Bailouts,Failed FDIC, Executive and Presidential order abuse.
TPTB have to be taken down. The movement to dethrone TPTB has to really start to get agressive if, James Timothy Turner cannot get the required sanction and support of the Military, irregardless of the Pentagon. The Pentagon has a number of Satanist pedophiles in it’s organization. There is an ongoing investigation of same as I write.
If you take the Rothschild Star of David and connect the bases of the points, you are left with a pentagon, in the center, supporting the six pyramids formed, ‘with the closing of the bases’. (Giza). Has this been their plan all along to control the Pentagon ? The NWO said that when a President was inaugarated facing the Washingtom Memeorial – Obelisk (Replica of one in ancient Babylon) that this event would signify to their members , worldwide that they, The NWO , were in complete control of America.
I would like to see Tim Turners group ,” The Restore The United States for America” succeed in an orderly, peaceful transitioning back to the reinhabitation,exercising and the operation of the 1861 Constitutional inspired governemnt , without the politicians.
Your thoughts ?


Re: Comment by paladin on January 10, 2011 @ 9:10 pm
Why don̵7 ;t U crawl back into the stinking hole U̵7 ;r hiding/residing. Your pamphlet “The White Hat Report#7 ”, dated 5th Jan, delivered by you on 6th January, but was mainly copied and pasted from Sorcha Fall reports “Top US Official Murdered After Arkansas Weapons Test Causes Mass Death” published on the 4th of January @
showed once again, that the main reason you and your buddy in lies, Tman poisoned this forum with your patriotic pimped lies, BS and endless insults of David and now Ben, was to shark-catch a few patriotic brainwashed minions out of an assumed carp-pond for to be used for your hidden dark agenda.

Be assured that the eagles of my Aerie will watch both of you, no matter how many times you two snakes will have skinned yourself. Remember: Snakes are cold blooded and need the sun for being warmed up their muscles. You can hide under a warmed stone during a sunny day, but when the darkness of night is over and your hiding is as cold as your skins you need the heat of the sun again.

And as with all Sunrises, nature gives way for the next cycle in the food chain exchange. Guess who will be one of the next…



Ahhhhhh…its good to you̵7 ;re still around. Your negative energy still controls you I see. Our #7 regarding Wheeler was meant to point out the connection to the Carlyle Group. I see nothing in the link you provided that indicates a connection. Drinking the kool aide WILL mess up your brain cells…at least whatever ones you still have left.

Obviously that went over your head and I̵7 ;m surprised…perhaps your aerie should be raised or you should consider a higher tree.

Peace, brother




Humor me….what IS our dark agenda?



Re: Comment by kuuleimomi on January 10, 2011 @ 6:06 pm
>No. It is not similar nor part of. We are a sovereign nation,
>the Kingdom of Hawaii, see following content here or later.

I think I am going to have to disagree with you here… It is extremely similar because the Republic of the united States of America is working toward restoring the sovereign rights of each individual state, making each of them a free and independant “republic”. It is exactly what you are talking about (substitue the word republic for kingdom).

The main difference is that Hawaii was not one of the original states and was taken from an existing monarchy. Then again, the same can be said for many of the states on the west coast. Many of those states were annexed/taken without approval of the occupying power, some of them by force. The part about Hawaii being part of a different continent is, while true, not entirely relevant. If Hawaii really wanted to become part of America, we wouldn’t hear a word of it, but since they don’t, it is another method of justifying seperation. I do not think physical location is a requirement to becoming part of a union.

On a related note, I did hear the President of the Replubic specifically mention several times that both Alaska and Hawaii are onboard with the plan to become independant and sovereign states in the Republic. If that is true, and what you say is true, then you have two completely independant organizations both attempting to do the same thing at the same time.


Re: Comment by kuuleimomi on January 10, 2011 @ 6:28 pm
>Charles Bishop married Princess Bernice Pauahi who had “less
>than Allodial” title to her share of the land she received from
>the Great Mahele distribution. Want an eye opener ? Find out why
>the property was “Bishop Estate” instead of “Pauahi Estate”? I
>left you valuable clues here about land in Hawaii. Let’s see if
>you can figure it out without my help. Consider this ACE 101
>(Adult Continuing Education 101). Happy hunting!

Thanks, it has been many years since I last thought about this, I’ll do some research on it.


alright alright calm down calm down.
we are all here to see what mr ben has to say on things.
no fisty cuffs please.
shake hands and make up

we are all different and rightfully so.


Assasination in Arizona-the real world impinging on your world-JUDGE ROLL Gifford Jerred Lee Loughner :

( I was not able to view the entire video, it stopped just after 2 minutes – Below is the summary copy and pasted from the comments section, in caps:

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION don’t wake up the sheep is the motto but sometimes blood in the street has to be explained. I believe this is a message to officials in Arizona not to interfere with the nwo agenda for a totalitarian takeover. Rep Gifford is the first Jewish female to be elected to this high an office and was opposed to the members of the ZIONIST OCCUPATIONAL GOVERNMENT .Arizona is saber ratteling for sovereignty, the militia is very active in trying to stop the drug and immigrant flow across the border with arms. this route must be kept open for the embedded chinese troops in mexico(UN troops)to flow in and divide America in two and all that drug money! Your reference movie is THE JACKEL- Bruce Willis AND TRAFFIC.JUST BY DOING 2 MINUTES OF RESEARCH,-THE CHIEF FEDERAL JUDGE JOHN ROll WAS OPPOSED TO THE DRUG CARTELS AND WAS GOING TO THE SHOPPING CENTRE(AFTER RECEIVING A PHONE CALL INVITING HIM ONE HOUR BEFORE) TO THANK REP, GIFFORD FOR HELPING HIM WITH TOUGH IMMIGRATION LAWS FOR ARIZONA TO IMPEDE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND THE DRUG TRADE..HE HAD RECENTLY RULED FOR THE PLAINTIFF IN A 32 MILLION DOLLAR CIVIC RIGHTS CASE AND RECEIVED DEATH THREATS. SOUNDS LIKE A DRUG CARTEL/POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY HIT TO ME,THROUGH THE USE OF AN MJ12 TYPE MIND CONTROLLED SUBJECT.THE LESSER ADMINISTRATIONS MUST SPIN IT AWAY FROM THESE UNCOMFORTABLE POSSIBILITIES TO GUN CONTROL AND A CRAZED STRESSED OUT PUBLIC AND FINGER POINTING CANDIDATES VIDEOS.SAD REALLY.


WTF people! Are we forgetting the 1989 Tiananmen square massacre or the brutal murder of more than 500 monks in Tibet in 2008? Are we to believe that the Chinese government is actually a totally benevolent entity? Mao’s China murdered over 40 million of their own countrymen who didn’t “conform”. If anything reeks of Nazism that sure does. If this is true that the Dalai Lama has been compromised then wouldn’t it be equally true that Ben could be too? This is getting to be too much.


Re: Comment by paladin on January 10, 2011 @ 10:46 pm
If negative energy controls me or I simply re-direct yours, knowing that one cant break a stone with a feather, still is open for speculation…

YourOur #7 regarding Wheeler was pimped up for more than 50% with the copy paste from Sorcha Faal without even having the guts and/or decency to mention your source. Not mentioning the source but simply stealing it to give more credit to the own writings is called: ‘Decorate one-selves with borrowed plumes̵7 ;.

So, once again U̵7 ;r being caught pants down with a forked tongue lie.

No need 4 me 2 expose your agenda. You and U̵7 ;r pal are doing it yourself 4 all 2 see…


I just have to comment on some personal experiences which make me believe Ben on this one even though it is hard.

Have noticed that the very wealthy do not like to spend their own money on anything! They are into hoarding it..That said..

I was doing private duty for the wife of a high up politician in NC in the early 80’s. Jessee Helms was our senator and one of the most racist neocons in US history…big with the christians. The politician said that Jessee was in the lobby of a hotel with a beer in each hand and said, “Don’t worry about money, we will get all we need from the widows and orphans donating to the PTL club.”

A US Atty who found Tax fraud a few years later at the PTL club was just taken off the case.Eventually Jim and Tammy (the preachers) had to step down. Jerry Falwell tried to keep it going. What struck me as odd was that Jim and Tammy were charismatic and Jerry was fundamentalist. Fundamentalists thought that speaking in tongues was of the devil. The two church members would never have anything to do with each other.It was that important to their religion. I went to both kinds at that time.

It was just an effort to keep the donations rolling in. Also Jerry Falwell took huge money from the moonies when his church was in the red.The moonie in DC, don’t know his name, said that he was Jesus. This is blasphemy to a fundamentalist. But it was ok to take his money.

I am sure many of the people on this site are aware of Cathy O’Brian’s story of MKUltra. She said that TV evangelists , plural , were part of it. It is a kickback scheme! The govt. looks the other way over tax fraud etc. and they promote the likes of Pat Robertson. Who publicly called for Hugo Chavezs’ assassination.

Because rich people do not want to spend their own money.hillary clinton with all her money wanted obama to pay off her campaign debts so she would get out of the primaries.When she could clearly never win. These people are so greedy that it is a disease.

The Chinese may be the good guys in this convoluted story.But they are still brutal.I do not like brutality in any shape or form.The mega churches in the US are in a kick back scheme. I think the conservatives (fascists) who run this country are using their money and giving them free reign . Many are just breeding grounds for hate. I am from the south and it is very different there.

There is a lot of difference in communism and fascism. The US is now fascist. With communism the state owns everything. Fascism is the corporations and govt being one and the same. Hitler privatized ..allowed his cronies to own formerly public utilities etc. like the railroads. It is all about greed.Deregulation and privatization might sound good. But they are both bankrupting this country. All under the propaganda meme that Obama is socialist/communist. It is as much propaganda as shock and awe for the Iraq war. The clintons are running this country even though hillary could not be elected dog catcher.

Have read a prophecy that this Dalai Lama would be the last. As far as I know, Ben is the first to expose him. This is not easy for those who admire the peaceful Budhists. But since I have already seen up close and personal what destruction the church did in the south ..I accept it. The two churches that I know of who actually helped people have been persecuted by the govt. The Glide Church in California and Rev. Wright , Obama’s pastor. They help the homeless, feed the poor and give scholarships out to young people. Rev. Wright was demonized for saying g–d—- America. But he was taken out of context. In actuality , he said if my people were being killed and bombed , I would say G– D— America. Not the best choice of words. But WE would call the insurgents patriots if we were being bombed and looted of our resources.


Ben said:
“The Dalai Lama’s network also secretly trained thousands of agents in the Rocky Mountains to engage in mountain guerrilla warfare in China.”
Which ‘Rocky Mountains’ was he referring to?
The only Rocky Mountains I know of are in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, etc…

Also, the idea that the Chinese are some how the ‘saints’ in all of this is a bit of a stretch considering Tiannamen Sq. To my way of thinking, they are just another group wanting to take control of the world. The Nazis are the Fascists; the Chinese/Russians are the Communists. World domination is the goal of both. My support goes to the pure of heart who will get rid of both of them…I suspect it will have to come from within our Selves…

Certainly hope we are not fooled by any of this.


Good morning lovely brood:

2011 Truth Heroes Poll launched moments ago including our White Hats!

Go and vote!



Trade war looming, warns Brazil

Brazil has warned that the world is on course for a full-blown “trade war” as it stepped up its rhetoric against exchange rate manipulation.

Guido Mantega, finance minister, told the Financial Times that Brazil was preparing new measures to prevent further appreciation of its currency, the real, and would raise the issue of exchange-rate manipulation at the World Trade Organisation and other global bodies. He said the US and China were among the worst offenders.

“This is a currency war that is turning into a trade war,” Mr Mantega said in his first exclusive interview since Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s new president, took office on January 1. His comments follow interventions in currency markets by Brazil, Chile and Peru last week and recent sharp rises in the Australian dollar, the Swiss franc and other currencies amid an exodus of investment from the sluggish economies of the US and Europe.


Iran says it has arrested spy ring linked to Israel

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran has arrested a “network of spies” linked to Israel’s Mossad intelligence service which it blames for the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist in 2010, Iran’s state television reported on Monday.

Tensions are running high between Iran and Israel, which has not ruled out military strikes on the Islamic Republic if diplomatic efforts fail to resolve a row over Tehran’s nuclear programme.

Iran has vowed to retaliate for any strikes with missile salvoes on Israel and U.S. targets in the Gulf.

“The Intelligence Ministry … has identified and arrested members of a spy and terrorist network linked to the Zionist regime,” state television quoted a statement issued by the ministry as saying.

“The network of spies and terrorists linked to … Mossad was destroyed. The network was behind the assassination of Masoud Ali-Mohammadi.”

A remote-controlled bomb killed the Tehran University scientist in Tehran on January 12 last year. Iran blamed the United States and Israel for the killing. Washington has denied charges of involvement as “absurd”.


The angel agrees with Ben totally, I would have never known. I never back any Religion on my site, I have even hinted that religion is used to enslave humanity.
There has been a little confusion on how and if I can get your soul score. Well I can and have had few complaints, but some mistakes, which I always address immediately. I don’t use any kind of magic, energies, or have any entity scan anything. I only use the pendulum. I have very good contact with a 4D angel that is assigned to me because I am a new soul. The 4D angel asks her 7D boss, who asks an 8D council member, who asks God and then relays the score to me. Nothing is made up no BS of any kind, I totally believe I am getting the truth. If I find out I’m not I will quit. On top of that I don’t charge anything for my services. I only accept donations and I have gotten I few small ones, $80 is the biggest, I need this help as I have no assets, except a 3 sometimes 4 figure bankroll. So come and get your soul checked, I want to help you make Ascension.



Its been entertaining so far this morning but I’ll bow out of this pathetic back and forth so your embarrassment can end.

Peace, brother.



Let me know if you are called to Hawaii, My family would love to venture there. 🙂 Very High vibrations.



I think such an accusation requires proof. Please provide the link and text here to prove that in fact the White Hats would stoop to this. Lack of this right now does not bode and borders on slander. Just sayin…

BTW Sorcha Faal has been rampantly debunked as a shill.
Jane Burgermeister herself disclosed this as have many, many others.

I await your response.


This is a very strong accusation and I cannot get behind it without a more comprehensive presentation of evidence. We do need to remember people are innocent until proven guilty.

I believe Ben has created the beginning of an investigation, but as a journalist you cannot condemn someone as a Satanist simply for your opinion that they are “rude and evil looking.”

We also do not have a transcript of his answer to Ben’s question about why the Tibetan government worked with the Nazis. The real reason the Nazis were so interested in Tibet was because they wanted to emulate their ‘superhero’ status from various spiritual practices.

Ben has never before said anything negative about the Dalai Lama, so it is a leap to assume that he would be responsible for a murder / abortion against his unborn child. No one wants to lose a baby. It is a terrible thing and I am deeply sorry it happened. The whole episode reeks of ‘foul play’ — but we do not know who did this, if anyone, and cannot automatically pin it on one person with no evidence.

The group most likely responsible for this is the group most frequently impugned by Ben’s testimony — and that would be “The Satanists”, as he always calls them.

We have seen many examples of Ben’s sources trying to plant disinformation. I know for a fact that the way these guys work is “the truth is always sandwiched between two lies.”

One of their main goals is to completely undermine people’s faith in anyone or anything related to a Higher Power. It seems awfully convenient that Ben is in touch with sources who are actively involved in this “Satanic” group, and then they get him believing that a man who has championed the cause of peace on earth and compassion for so long is actually a ‘Satanist’.

It is certainly possible that the Dalai Lama could have been corrupted by the power and influence he wields. If that were the case, this investigation should be able to demonstrate repeat instances of him trying to contort the message of peace and compassion in his public statements and written works. The negative will always put out a feel-good cover story, but they also invariably attempt to deliver their real message once you get past the platitudes.

At this point, without further evidence, I would assume that Ben was subjected to a psy-op. An initially unpleasant experience with the man, as a journalist, was seen as an opening and a weakness. Ben is then fed piles of unprovable information that makes the Dalai Lama appear to be the embodiment of the same negativity that Ben has been writing about for so long.

Imagine the tactical value of turning Ben’s platform into a Dalai Lama / Tibet hate fest. Could it be possible to get the people so turned against Tibet that they would condone the mass slaughter of innocents? Are we willing to believe such a serious accusation without a shred of provable evidence?

My money is on the ‘psyop’ angle. I just did a two-hour radio show yesterday on Irish stations where I went through the things that are the biggest palpable events right now — the struggle for Disclosure, the birds falling out of the sky, and the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords. It should be up on my site tonight if they can get me the MP3s.

Let’s not rush like lemmings to believe what Ben’s ‘sources’ are telling him. Everything has to pass the sniff test, and for me, right now, this one does not. I’d be happy to discuss this with Ben publicly, as a friend, because we all need to have each other’s backs and be willing to think rationally and realize when we may have been completely deceived.

– David


Re: Comment by kuda on January 10, 2011 @ 11:12 pm

I’m with you: we never should forget the 1989 Tiananmen square massacre or the brutal murder of more than 500 monks in Tibet in 2008.
Nor should we forget about the murdered 40 million in China, nore the 50+ millions by Stalin, nor the atrocities Hitler is held responsible for, nor the 2+ Millions butchered in Irak and Afghanistan by US lies, bombs and DU. And never ever shall be forgotten the genocide in Vietnam, in the middle east and of the Natives in the US or US sponsored countries. Never ever.

“If this is true that the Dalai Lama has been compromised then wouldn’t it be equally true that Ben could be too?” My answer: Yes, he could be played. But we don’t know.

As much as we don’t know for sure that the Tiananmen square protesters hadn’t been purposely sponsored/sacrificed by TPTB to destabilize China.

And regarding the death of the 500 Monks we do not know how many really died, who started the conflict with which (hidden) agenda and how many Chinese people where already butchered before military came in. Cause the media is run by whores and owned by TPTB.

But what we do know of sure is, that:
• CIA was sponsoring not only the 2008 accident in Tibet but in the Mongolian parts too.
• Tibet was a Shangri La only for the aristocratic class. Everybody else was condemned to a harsh life of illiterate slavery and draconian punishment. This has been well documented, and there are books out to read about…
• It was the Austrian National Socialist (Nazi) Party member Heinrich Harrer (played by Brat Pitt -Hollywoodesk) who paved the lane and painted the picture (without ever mentioning the feudal slave characteristic of the then ruling Dalai Lama)
• the Nazi’s, the pre-buddhistic Religion Bön as well as the Falun Gong have at least one thing in common: the Swastika symbol as their Logo
• and last but not least: things aren’t always what they seem to be…

I think even for the open minded fmajority here it’s hard to swallow seeing a ‘Saint’ falling from the pedestrian, but hey, magic sometimes is close to tragic. We don’t have to believe, neither should we. To do our own research is the name of the game

When being asked if I believe that what is told to Ben by his sources can be true, then I have to answer: I don’t know, but I have in about 10% hope in my heart that the outcome of the endgame as agreed to eons before by the deciding parties can and might be changed under certain circumstances.

When being asked if I believe that Ben is honest in what he says (wether or not its the truth) then I say without hesitation: I have zero doubt about his honesty, noble intention, courage and commitment – being it towards his readers or to his sources.

PS: Haven’t we seen falling many ‘saints’ last century who couldn’t live up to their own standards? Sai Baba exposed as child molester, Osho as a jealous intriguer, Mother Theresa as a selfish tyrant, The last Pope Woitila as an agent for the Vision of Suffering, the new German one as secretly being sworn in and devoted to ‘The Holy Mary Mother’ (Orion Queen), you name it…


Thank you David!
I’ve missed your commentary on this site. Your input is always refreshing.


Re: Comment by jsanta on January 11, 2011 @ 12:08 am
>Let me know if you are called to Hawaii, My family
>would love to venture there. Very High vibrations.

I don’t think I’ll be called back there. I was there for a few years, and that was a period of intense indoctrination in all sorts of topics. Once I had learned those lessons (or at least started to learn them), I was sent back here.

Hawaii is a wonderful and unique place, and once you get away from the tourist areas you start to see a whole different island, full of ancient history and traditions (speaking mostly of Oahu).


The shooting of Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona was carefully planned by the shadow government, it was also planned that he was to kill a few others randomly. He is supposed to face execution, which will be faked. He will be moved to an underground military base to live the rest of his life.
The Dalai Lama is controlled by the Satanists, that’s the info I get. There actually was a Lucifer until about 17,000 years ago, he was a 7D that turned negative for about 220,000 years. He is now an 8D positive, but the negative entities have hope that he will turn negative again!









Guild’s Latest Market Outlook for 2011–
Talks about inflation, not a financial collapse.
Let’s hope they, and Bernanke are rite–
January 10th, 2011–
Economic growth will be fine. The debt overhang will
be handled by continuing and accelerated Quantitative
Easing. Looking ahead, we are quite optimistic about demand for stocks, gold, and commodities in 2011—

The debt crisis engulfing the developed world’s banks
and governments will be solved by devaluing the U.S. Dollar, Euro, other currencies and by creating liquidity via Quantitative Easing, (QE), or the printing of new money. This liquidity will flow into stocks, precious metals, commodities, and commercial real estate.

When these flows arrive, all of the above-mentioned asset classes will enjoy price rises, possibly even dramatic


wbstreck – I think you have it down pretty good at this point..

Regarding Ben’s post this week- I that he is reporting the situation as he knows it, and Im sure that if he gets different info, he will let us know. It would not surprise me in the least if it does end up playing out the Dali Lami is in collusion with the Satanists – there is a reason why the Satanists have been able to control the whole system up until this point, as they have had all kinds of people in key positions that serve to further their agenda. What I find ironic regarding DW’s post is that he is able to post his opinion on Bens site because Ben doesnt have a moderator that censors the messages on the blog. If David had posted a similar message on his own comments section, it would have been deleted or come through with a message from the moderator, with an ad nauseum explanation as why David couldn’t do this or did that…


A weather radar screen doesn’t just show the weather, apparently. The National Weather Service in North Little Rock examined a speck on the radar that showed up around the same time hundreds of birds fell out of the sky from alleged trauma on New Year’s Eve.



Excellent point, as always.




I have now had a chance to view your link about the Sorcha Faal story from January 4 and the White Hat Report #7 from January 7 .

First, The WH#7 features 3 subjects: the Wheeler murder, the Obama Birth Certificate progress and the Bush Sr. theft of Falcone&#8 217 ;s money. So when you cast judgment on the whole report this is already unjust.

Second, the WH#7 is aimed at making a connection between the Bush&#8 217 ;s Carlyle Group and the Mitre corporation&#8 211;this is key. Knowing the players. Sorcha Faal does nothing of the sort. #7 takes the story further, deeper into the bowels of this evil.

Third, Sorcha Faal is quick to endorse the Phosgene gas poisoning of the species as the &#8 220;story&#8 221; Wheeler was to whistleblow. This is highly conjectural so early in the game. WH#7 makes no such assertions and is still diligently seeking truth. Sorcha Faal&#8 217 ;s quick acceptance of this is poor journalism, or simple distraction to serve the elite who have committed this murder away from the truth.

Me think it is more Sorcha Fallacy.

PLEASE NOTE: Also every one is reporting a spot on the radar that is not weather at the time and place of the species deaths in Arkansas. Questions abound.

I think you should rescind your accusations on the White Hat Report #7 which I fully endorse and have published at

Paladin, I await White Hat Report #8 eagerly!


The Tibet (Hollywood) movies are very much like “Gone with the Wind.” They present the view of a defeated oligarchy, and ignore the reality of those who are oppressed.

The movie “Seven Years in Tibet” not only glorifies feudal Tibet and its aristocrats; it also makes a hero of a Nazi storm trooper Heinrich Harrer.

…the CIA began to build a counter-revolutionary army in Tibet. The Dalai Lama’s older brother, Gyalo Thondup, coordinated this operation from a base in India.

…Dalai Lama and his supporters, this CIA mercenary force was armed and murderous. It included contra style death squads.

After several years of isolated attacks and assassinations, this CIA trained squad attacked a PLA barracks in Lhasa. This is commonly portrayed in the U.S. media as a popular uprising. But a secret U.S. State Department study called this a “wild exaggeration.”

The mercenary army apparently kidnapped the Dalai Lama at that time and took him to India. They needed the Dalai Lama to give legitimacy to the Tibetan aristocrats’ claim to be the Tibetan “government in exile.”

Some contend that since the mercenary army’s leadership was in the hands of four of the Dalai Lama’s six top aides, he had been at the center of planning the armed attack.

…CIA and the U.S. government has remained the main force keeping alive the so-called government in exile. That is true to this day. According to ex-CIA employee Ralph McGehee, who has written many exposes of the agency, the CIA has stepped up its Tibetan contra operations in recent years, working closely with the Dalai Lama’s brother.



Re: Comment by hopesprings on January 11, 2011 @ 12:23 am

Beloved HopeSpring
Feeling your honest intentions for justice I’ll take my time 4 responding:

But first be remembered that it was your good friend paladin who responded in a rude albeit a sneaky way to Ben’s article by writing just one sentence: “I’d agree with the drug addled part”.

Paladin hereby referred to the part where Ben wrote about a [thick slanderous file about him, accusing him of being a drug addled pervert, put together by Dalai Lama’s agents in Japan and was shown to senior government officials around the world as part of a campaign to discredit Ben].

Even though thats not a slandering de juri, nor de facto, it also isn’t just an opinion. Without proof that Ben is in fact a ‘drug addled pervert’ its an insult and just another act of trying to discrediting Ben.

So, may be, for reason of enlightenment, you might have first ask proof from paladin?

I cant remember mentioning the White Hats.
I talked about paladin and Tman.
And regarding them: From the day on Tman introduced himself to this blog we got feed with the same blatant lies by him and his buddy who smuggled him in you US Americans got induced from the day of your birth till today, and without a few exceptions U didn’t even took notice about it but some even fell to the patriotic trigger. But that’s perfectly fine with me. I too fell so many times for so many lies.

But when snakes are secretly spreading their poison eagles are allowed to come in and shoo them back to where they belong.


Ben—-I am so sorry to hear about the loss that you and your sweet heart have suffered. It does sound very suspect and arranged. The question remains, but arranged by who?

This is the first time that I have read all of the posts, because I too need more information, before I can leap to the dark side opinion of the D. Lama. I am especially pleased to see D. Wilcock is back here to give his 2 cents, as I find his perspective often reflects my own. That certainly is the case today, as regards Ben conclusions. I am in accord with “Kuda”, at 12:38am on this issue. Ben your sources may have some pertinent info about the perpetrators of the op against you and your loved one. Wishing you both the very best.



I don̵7 ;t understand some of your posts above. You are in your right to dislike or distrust anyone indeed. But if you are going to accuse, you have to provide proof; otherwise you are acting like the elite.

You must be in a strange state-of-mind to not remember mentioning the #7 above in two comments–not just one.
I don̵7 ;t share your cynicism–these are brave patriots from my informed perspective.

Pal and T are very “nuts and bolts”; they do not partake in the ephemeral ideas, beliefs, here. It is a geo-political blog. Not a channelling center or a theism-flogging blog. So I like the balance they bring. This blog needs that. And many want the nuts and bolts.

You must learn to live with it and allow them the freedom that you are allowed to express yourself.

This is the freedom we are all fighting for love. Don̵7 ;t let the elite divide us. We are all on the same side.


And Now For Some Apocalyptic Bird Pattern Recognition


Comment by asha4u on January 10, 2011 @ 10:37 pm
Quite a good comment keep up the good work . I do not want snakes crawling around our blog. Especially those against the movement to restoring the country to its original Constitution.
No real patriot should be against that.


Illegitimi non carborundum!


So you guys still think all will be ok?All governments are together.All governments kill their own.All are of the same so called secret societies.All will promise you heaven and give you hell.All work for lucifer,satan ,devil use what ever title you want.For those of you that do not believe, the day will come when you do.Bless you all.Hutz, hope you are doing good.


The Chinese have long thought, under communism, that religion is poison for the masses…At least that is taught.

What we may be looking at is information from those sources who find the religion of Buddhism offensive. Like how many Christians and Muslims see the Jewish religion.

Dalai Lama probably has worked with the CIA at one time or another in defense against China, but I seriously doubt he is a satanist. I would have to see some serious proof of that. I think the Dalai Lama has the right to look into anyway that he can to peacefully return to his homeland of Tibet.

Ben shows little that make me believe this post.

However, I still regard Ben as an accurate and solid source of good info.


Newt Gingrich Pushing Bill To Allow States To File Bankruptcy Allowing Them To Renege On Pension And Benefit Obligations.

ATR President Grover Norquist is supporting it.

ATR President Grover Norquist’s support is significant.


@ dejuankool

thanx 4 remebering 🙂
Gen. Stilwll in WWII seem to be the source of this pseudo-latin motto and later Barry Goldwater in 1964 seem to have it hag in his office…

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down”


Subject: On the Dalai Lama:
Dear Cafe ,I really must interject my humble opinion regarding the Dalai Lama, Ben is correct that the Lama and his government in exile have had the support of western governments including the CIA and MI6.
the sovereign government of Tibet in Exile , Tibet conquered in 1720,by China who in claiming suzerainty have interfered and occupied a Tibet that was independent from
1913 with boundaries set in 1928 .

As synchronicity I was awake at 3am this morning watching Val Kilmer in Kundan that tells the story of the fall of independent Tibet and the exile of the Dalai Lama and
the continuing resistance against the Chinese invaders .
Now I see Ben’s report and his blatant support for China and their repressive and savage policies ,thousands of Tibetans killed ,hundreds of Monasteries destroyed.
and the feudal aristocracy that consisted of an administration divided between Lama’s and laymen, the Administration ,called the “Tsungdu” and the Dalai and Panchen Lama’s split the headmanship of their government..

The Dalai Lama fled into exile in the early 50tys and he was followed by many monks and civilian devotees to refugee camps in N. India .
Anybody who supported the Maoist campaign and invasion and the subsequent occupation of this medieval,isolationist and unique Buddhist spiritual center
was guilty of genocide and savagery by proxy. When you are a refugee, dependant on the support of other countries,and you are under death threats it seems one must take support from many sources ,some even disreputable, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend!”
Ben mentioned the fact that Hitler sent explorers and anthropologists,to Tibet, prior to WWII , the reason was that he was looking for the source of the Arian root race.
and of course Hitler and the Nazi’s borrowed the Tibetan Buddhist symbol reversed as the swastika. Hitler was attempting to build a new political cosmology.
America had Nazi visitors during the Thirties also, and they were gathering intelligence and studying American Indians for an Arian connection.
Bens support for China and their expansionist policies and their exploitation of the rare earths and metals of Tibet will likely move Tibet into the 20th century,if not the 21st.
but in doing so they will suppress the beautiful and intricate cosmology and it’s lama proponents as they have done to the religious groups in China.their fear
of religious and political freedoms rival Stalinist Russia.

Having had something to do supporting Tibetan, lama’s I can report they are true, deeply spiritual and accurate promulgators of the Doctrines of Liberation
of Lord Buddha and their people are some of the most gentle and forgiving of the worlds tribes, I can compare the Chinese invasion of Tibet to the invasion of China by the Japanese ,or our war making in SE and SW Asia.
Ben is on very shallow ground on this take, to support Marxist excesses while condemning the Tibet Independence Movement, puts him in bed with the Asian expansionists of the past 100 years . understandable as his rice bowl is filled by his continuing support of the supposedly reformed ,Yakusa and ninjas elements
who he has stated are trying to reform ??? illuminati and prevent western manipulations while making make the world safe for Asian anti democrats, like the Communist party of China.

I can personally attest to the deep spiritual and psychological understandings of the brilliant and peaceful devotion of the Tibetan people and their desire to be left to their own religious and political freedoms without the Maoist style suppression ,interferences and occupation, they have every right to resist until hopefully a China ,unafraid,
of liberty or religious freedoms develops along with their outstanding economic progress .
China can and must let it’s Marxist paranoia’s go as China slowly lumbers on in the direction of increasing freedom and security.
The Dalai Lama is worthy of his peace prize and the money went to found hospitals and schools for the refugees clustering around McCloud 9 and Darmsala
in Northern India,
A partially Buddhist Japan supports the Dalai Lama as he is the recognized titular head and spokesperson for “Great Vehicle” Buddhism and a kindly and loving
person and he hardly needs your attack Ben ,for Shame ,I can see the religious, divide and conquer mentality linked to Illuminati gene pools are still operative
in your personal philosophies
China ,a recent player on the world front, need to hear from you that the efforts to suppress the spiritual doctrines of it’s captive peoples MUST end or their system will fail just like Stalinist Russia fell to the religious reformers , their people need more than a full rice bowl.

The Chinese have always been in the forefront of spiritual phliosophies and if the “bull in the china shop” techniques
to suppress their God Given rights to freedom of religion
are not relinquished they are sure to lose the “Mandate of Heaven and the Red Emperors will surely fail.


wow. so much to contemplate/investigate. i’m grateful for the wide variety of viewpoints shared here. much needed in such a convoluted time. seems like the only thing anyone can be 100% sure of is one’s own demeanor when discussing such topics.

I think David Wilcock’s comment is a good example of how to respectfully posit a opposing opinion. Also, Hopesprings’.

I would encourage similar behavior from everyone. A positive, respectful demeanor may be one of the most valuable things anyone could contribute to such a community as this.


Hi Ben and Y’All asha4u Good police work.
We must examine more carefully two ‘false heroes’ obama – just reserch the content and intent over 2600 Presidential and Executive Orders , and how he is an C.P.A. nightmare, as far as projecting a country’s finances. Also note his is a political shill candidate elceted by the MSM with no real life experience in running any type of enterprise or business. All political and academic fanfare and very probalbe NWO-CIA linkage. All ive hundred members of congress have received a certified copy of his Kenyan birth certificate and he and Michelle admit he is not qualified as to having been an legitimate political candidate for president. What is unbleiveable is how long he has remained in office and how wickedly corrupt the congress and the weasel (like Kagan his own appointed operative, the special prosecutor) judiciary pervert justice. The Kazhar maranno MSM is an powerful evil tool of the evil Rothschilds that allow for this great hoodwinking of America. Rockefeller, Kissinger, WCFR,Rothschilds, Soros, ect. are the financiers and Satanic promoters of this NWO.They want to lill off five and one half billion of the worlds population so they can frolic on the earth. It will be their Shang Ri La.
Same with the Dali Lama, to live high and god-like on the backs of his uneducated feudal countrymen.
Common to the Globalist’s agendas.
Think about these aspects of humanity, no human beings should have taken on such legacies over the centuries, hallamrked by never ending avarice, murder and opression of peaceful peoples of the earth. They have been recognized as to what they really are socipaths and psychopathhs that will seive peoples wealth, lives.labor and liberties as well as , maybe especially, the intellectual genius and properties of the world’s brightest minds.
We would all like to see the world “Free At Last” Kick these louses into the dustbin of history.
We need to get together and Bless the World from our hearts. The Creator will know we are HIS, when He see us acting like HIS children.


To focus on a nobody like Dalai Lama, who owns nothing, and who does not plot NWO schemes, seems like a serious case of misdrected attention. If he has been used for schemes it is more a case of him being a “useful idiot” than a malicious plot from the Buddhists, or whatever.

The prime war is on the elite bankers, distractions slows the process down.

Bens persistance on the Fed Board is turning shill like. The main owners of the Fed are the prime evil, the operatives are just disposable agents. Ownership. Not discipleship.


Reality can be very complicated because each of us only has a piece of the puzzle, and some may appear contradictory. Disinformation is part of the puzzle which we must constantly be aware of as a possibility. But we can still see the larger picture.

The comments about the DALAI LAMA, and about the organization and those who control it, may be separate issues, and may need to be examined each on their own merits.

It’s convenient to paste all with a single brush as it simplifies things. But the reality is that most organizations have within them both hawks and doves.

One piece of the puzzle which may apply is that there is a technology to replace individuals who for public appearance appear one way, but in private act according to their masters agenda. The Dalai Lama we see in public appearances today may not necessary be the same individual from years ago.

For some reading material on that, check:

I have for a number of years carefully watched pictures of the US presidents and their policies. There are subtle but observable changes that occur very quickly, as if a person was replaced.

Sometimes and event is staged to get people accustomed to a change and not question it – as David has said “the lie between two truths”. For those who may remember, a peculiar staged event occurred with Bill Clinton. His place was delayed on the airport and held up other traffic so he could “get a haircut”. Very odd when you think about it – why make such a big deal about a haircut?

But was the purpose to “announce a slightly different appearance” and then have the public accept his slightly different appearance as in – “oh yah he looks different because of the different haircut” and then people immediately forget about it?

I am not offering any proof here. Each must keep an open mind, research and come to their own conclusions.

Jay Guru Dev


Ben, i’m with you 100% THEY WILL BE STOPPED!

…as you know Bush Sr’s cult tried to covertly murder me 5 times, so they could keep the leo wanta money that belongs to me, if i am dead, i can’t claim it!

i well know the kenites (you call them satanist)and how they operate in cults…huge cults, Barbara bush is the leader, and Michelle Obama is in the white house to carry out curses, etc. NOTICE MICHELLE’S PIC ON THE U.S.TREASURY SITE….SO INAPPROPRIATE, SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND SHE HAS A CURSE ON THE TREASURY AND HER PIC HAS TO BE THERE TO COMPLETE THE CURSE….IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED..WORKING ON THAT!

The kenites (the Bible calls them Kenites son’s of cain, whose father was satan)are the Tares, in this last generation, satan planted the Tares amongs the wheat..the wheat being God’s Children…when the Tares mature, they are black, the wheat stays golden, but before they mature, the tares look just like the wheat…MEANING, THIS LAST GENERATION OF MANKIND, THE TARES ARE KNOWN…they are reptilian, they are so easy to spot, just like the mature tares in the wheat field….this is what Benjamin is finding. i have published a book of Bushes kenites, who have been attacking me for the last 21 years, the book is 73 pages of pictures of witchcraft/voodoo, the unseen world…pictures the Holy Spirit provided me so i could see my enemies….the witches who moved in right next door to me, and employed by the FBI, shortly after Bush Sr. kept my reward money, known as the Leo Wanta money in 1989.

“These and countless other atrocities are all orchestrated around the world by a group of elite Westerners whose central goal is to create “chaos” so that people will accept their solution of “order” which is a fascist world government controlled by them. These monsters WILL BE STOPPED.


p.s. why is hopespring back posting on this current update? so disrespectful to Benjamin who request it not post on current updates…


Whether this is the truth about the Dali Llama or not, Ben BELIEVES it to be true and has some experience which corresponds to its truthfulness. That is good enough for me.

On the other hand, I do believe that sidha888 above makes some excellent points: The Dali Llama himself may not necessarily be part of the Nazi Machine, even as the support group surrounding him is. He may be completely fooled and have no knowledge of it. Of course, for him to be used in such a way and have no knowledge of it kind of ruins any claim he may have to ‘godliness’.


Michelle Obama pic on u.s.treasury site…a very old picture from july 2010… easy to read/understand why it’s picture is “featured” on this site, been there for a very long time…Michelle announced to the world she is a black witch…wearing
her “black widow” dress on inaguration day….she must
really think she is tough stuff…NOT. Every CHRISTIAN
as power over kenites….Luke 10:19..Jesus Christ gave us power over all serpents (reptilians) and scorpions (black widows)…

Luke 10:19 (King James Version)

19Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.




It’s certainly hard to take this D. Lama situation, it’s likely as terribly convoluted as every other issue involving the Illuminati. I’ve read some of his books and he has some great ideas, it’s things like this that get things confusing, he writes books which the Illuminati shouldn’t support, yet he is fine with his people living in dire poverty while supposedly being interested in technology and such. I read a bunch of quotes but not all, I’d say that the concept of kidnapping and replacing with a clone is a good way to explain some of these “saints” becoming “devils”. It seems that just about everyone seems to have this happen once they get to the “top”. A good person within the New Age community would be Ramtha, a ridiculous amount of good information comes from JZ, but then there will be the things she does personally that don’t line up with it, or SaLuSa, a great source of information, agrees with Colleen Thomas when says that that recent missile was launched by the US at Pleiadians and the Chinese used EMP, but then Fulford says that it was the Chinese warning the US and that they did use an EMP. He says that the Pleiadian part is just dis-info, yet SaLuSa continues to give information that is often more credible than Ben’s “insider” info. It’s quite painful, it’s very disheartening, but it all comes back to discernment and luckily we have a variety of sources, I think David does the best job of staying centered, yet he still doesn’t know about everything. I’d put Ben on one side, David in the middle, and the Camelot people on the other side. Combining these three and adding some “New Age” channels is the best we can do for now.

I’d say the biggest tangle of lies and deceit we have to deal with now is where China stands. It’s very hard to believe on the surface that China is the good guys, but realizing how the MSM and TPTB spin everything, you realize there is likely something to that. But then we’re confronted with Chinese massacres and such, but then that brings us back to TPTB possibly trying to “destabilize”. We see that there is clearly economic warfare going on, but then we must wonder if they know about these people, why don’t they publicly disclose it? If the Japanese have so many good people and groups within their country, why is it that we can’t really see that? Why don’t they just publicly denounce the Illuminati, why don’t they put out a call for unity against them?

It’s quite difficult to see the whole truth, even those on the inside have to deal with the lie/truth sandwhich, then those who contact these people for us have to deal with the lie/truth lie/truth double decker sandwhich. I agree that Ben is certainly doing his best and is honest with us, if everyone like him, David, and the Camelot crew are lying to us, I’d say we’re completely doomed, with how TPTB are acting though, I’d say they’re doomed. So much of the information has to be true, it’s just that when we get into the details it gets a bit mixed up, it’s like trying to explain exactly what happened on 911, we know it was a false-flag and we know a few possible ways it may have been done, but specific specifics tend to allude us. So we just have to do the best that we can and I really like how many people have mentioned how we all must do our research too, lessons of Free Will and discernment are some of the more important ones we are dealing with these days.

If we had extremely hard evidence against these monsters, we still wouldn’t be the “fringe conspiracy theorists”, but we only will have to deal with this for a little while longer. Then once everything is going the way it should, then we’ll finally be given the truth about everything, so I wouldn’t let it bother you too much. There is too much evidence that we are right about the Illuminati, aliens, and are imminent Golden Age, and all of our sources and common sense tell us that these major changes will be happening very soon.

So I’m not a big fan of whoring out your own website, but I wrote up a giant thread and ended up turning it into a website, non-profit non-ads. I tried to encompass all of the major topics to help those completely out of the loop to get the big picture, rather than having to piece it together themselves. So if you know someone who’s interested in some of these topics but needs a very quick education (since there’s little time left till major changes) then visit my site, though you’ll likely learn a few things too, or at least enjoy reading it. It’s


Some Thoughts: How does Ben’s post of this week flows out of his post of the 5th?

The gist of Ben’s discussion on the 5th, had to do with his assertion that large, top-down institutions and belief systems take on a life of their own, often lasting centuries or even millenia. The humans populating such belief systems come and go but the specific predjudices and interpretations of reality espoused by that belief system are acted out in our world through them. Ben likened this to an AI or “artificial intelligence”.

I wrote at the time that this phenomenon of self-perpetuating, institutionalized thinking has nothing at all to do with intelligence, real or artificial. Belief systems, however they may have come into being, are merely a mechanism — the machinery — by which humanity takes action in the world.

This machinery acts through people by shaping their thinking and directing their actions. That’s mind control folks. The humans populating all successfully perpetuated belief systems surrender certain free choices for those espoused by the institution. Surrendering can be done consciously — as might be the case by a new recruit or convert — or unconsciously, which is most often the case in those who come to the belief system by birth or heredity.

The clicher rationale in all successful mind control systems of this sort has always been how high up the power ladder the belief system goes to name the “final arbiter” in any institutional decision. Ultimately, though, the belief system membership yields some or most of its free will to the institution. After all who can argue against decisions made by “God”? Not that any of the membership have a clue what “God” is, since he/she/it too is defined by the belief system.

Naming “God” as the final arbiter makes it a given that whatever is able to wedge itself as the middle man between the institution’s adherents and the final arbiter, wields control of the belief system and the actions it takes through its minions.

So, in case you’re asking yourself, what the odds are of Ben’s assertion that the Dalai Lama is indeed a sinner not a saint, you might ask yourself why it has to be one way or the other. If you see only two choices, good or bad, yes or no, on or off, high bit, low bit, then some AI belief system may just be having its way with you and acting out through you, its own form of binary logic known as the Hegalian dialectic.

In my own case, I wouldn’t walk across the street to see the Pope, the Queen, or Barak Obama, let alone the Dalai Lama. I’d rather see a real Llama than a fake one any day.



I have to say I’m with David on this one. And as for the point raised about blog moderation, could you be any more beside the point?

P.S. Good for you, Asha.



It’s great how your life experience comes through in your posts!


Dear BFCers,

Happy Monday, such as it is today. There are so many divergent points of view on the forum today that it is difficult to decide what to begin with. I guess that I will cover a few of the topics in Ben’s post. For some reason, I have detected or sensed some sort of fear or anxiety in Ben lately. I don’t know what is going on, but I do feel like he is very upset and not sure who the real culprits are. This is only my perception and I could not honestly say what is giving me that feeling.

However, going back to the topics that Ben covered today. Heinrich Himmler was a deep devotee’ of astrology and the Bogavageda which he carried with him everywhere. From reading the Indian Vedic texts, Himmler learned about the Aryans who are said to have created the caste system in India and to have had flying machines among other things. Initially, Himmler felt that the Aryan approach to “rule” would work well for Germany. That was one reason that he wanted to learn more about the Aryans.

In his studies about the Aryans, Himmler discovered that the Nepalese were supposed to know a great deal about this ethnic group and “possibly” be in touch with their descendants who were alleged to be in hiding. Some people believe that the Aryans were actually the offspring of the extremely advanced Atlantians. In any event, Himmler went to Tibet and Nepal to learn about the Aryans.

Since Himmler was also into Astrology, he found the reliance of the Tibetans and Nepalese upon astrology to be very exciting. He combined some of his biggest interests in these little jaunts to that part of the world.

It is rumored in many books about Himmler etc. that Hitler was introduced to Aryan descendants by the monks in Tibet or Nepal (I think that it was Tibet). When Hitler met the Aryans, they apparently terrified him because of their bloodthirsty nature and weird appearance. At least that is what has been rumored in the various books and articles on this topic (see the Nader library links that I provided a couple of weeks ago for many books on the Nazis)

While I cannot say whether Ben is right or wrong on the Satanist issue, I have read a very interesting book on the brain that discusses conversations with the current Dalai Lama. This Dalai Lama is extremely interested in SCIENCE unlike previous Lamas who were more devoted to spirituality.

Even though the Communist Chinese might have done some good things lately, they cannot escape the fact that they have a lot of political prisoners, have sold their own people’s organs for profit and are totalitarian. I have heard that they plan to change and give their people more freedom, but I have yet to see that happen.

Finally, we are on the precipice of collapse in the US. It does not matter what Bernanke and company say. The country is going to dissolve because it is broke. As it starts to shred, I fully anticipate that there are going to be prosecutions of those that created this mess. The PTW may try to use the shooting in Arizona as an excuse to crack down on a lot of things, but their efforts are going to be wrong-headed and result in more anger and violence.

I suspect the reason that they have decided to change the stance on fluoride is because many of their own scientists threatened to go public with the facts due to the NAS (National Academy of Science) book released in 2006 that revealed that fluoride destroys the kidneys, thyroid and other parts of the brain, causes lowered IQs, infertilty and a host of other health problems for those exposed to it.

Not only that, but the real story of why fluoride was put into the US waters has begun to leak out. A FOIA request by some very persistent guys in the NE has established that the DoD was behind the entire mess. You see when they were making the Atomic Bomb–they needed a lot of cooling to keep the reaction areas (where they were making radioactive fuel for the bombs) cooled. They cooled the reaction piles with freon (fluorine gas) from Du Pont. The freon escaped into the atmosphere and poisoned cattle, food crops and people for miles around the OAK RIDGE PLANT.

I got this same story from a man named Jim Phelps who has a website named DOE Watch. He has spent a great part of his life getting the word out. He told me how to detox from fluoride and it helped me get off of the anti-depressants that were making me crazy.

In any event, the government wanted to hide the truth so that they would not have to pay damages for the cows, crops and people that they had poisoned with the atomic bomb that we did not actually need to win WWII. (The Rockefellers wanted it so that they could dominate the world)

In any event, they came up with an entire scam about how to sell the fluoride story. Then, when they discovered that the Germans had used to fluoride to pacify their camp inhabitants, it was an even more attractive proposition. Even P&G knew that this was a farce. They have been monitoring the cancers caused by fluoride for decades.

If you want to learn more about this whole story, look for Bryson’s book on Fluoride among others. One biochemist that has been trying to get fluoride out of the water for decades estimated that 130 million people have been POISONED with fluoride. He also states that fluoride ages people prematurely.



Dear BFCers,

BTW, many of the anti-depressants that are causing homocidal and suicidal violence have FLUORIDE as their base active ingredient.

I am reading a book that is turning my hair gray…Medication Madness. It is absolutely horrifying that these drugs have been allowed to be used anywhere. They have destroyed so many peoples’ lives.




Stock market plunge sparks violent protests in Bangladesh

“Bangladesh suspended trading at its main stock exchange in the capital Dhaka on Monday, and security officials used batons to disperse thousands of angry investors upset over a market plunge.”

“After the protesters began gathering on Monday morning, authorities used batons to try to break up the crowds, according to police officials. But protesters continued to demonstrate at several busy intersections in Dhaka’s Motijheel commercial district, where the stock exchange is located, smashing vehicles, burning tyres and chanting anti-government slogans.”


Dear Cafe Members,

Doesn’t this information sound like Ben a bit?


Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon.
On Wednesday 5th January 2011, it emerged that US establishment-related slush fund accounts had been located in, and seized from, the Vatican Bank in Rome. The source of funds for these accounts in almost every instance was found to be the US Treasury.

Beneficiaries of the covert Vatican accounts include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and each of the Obama children, Michelle Obama’s mother, all the Bushes and the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton, Joe Biden, Timothy Geithner, ====>Janet Napolitano, several US Senators, including ==>Mitch McConnell, several US Congressmen, including ==>John Boehner, ==>several US Military Chiefs of Staff, the US Provost Marshal, the US Judge Advocate General, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Glover Roberts, several US Judges, the Pope, and several cardinals.

Big money was found in each of the accounts. The longer the beneficiaries have been in office, the greater the account balances were found to be. They range from a few million USD to more than a billion USD in the case of John Roberts. The total number of slush fund accounts so far identified at the Vatican Bank is said to be between 600 and 700. This number is likely to grow as international élite corruption investigations spread worldwide.
I think that his other posting on another site is quite revealing. What the heck is going on?

Over 750 prominent European and US citizens to be arrested within weeks as a result of a multinational investigation into financial corruption

A long awaited lawsuit involving a multi-trillion dollar theft is going to be a trigger mechanism that will result in the arrest of at least 750 prominent European and US citizens, according to a senior CIA source. According to the 187 page lawsuit’s RICO (organized crime) indictment, Daniel Dal Bosco, Giancarlo Bruno of the Davos World Forum, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and others will be charged with the theft of trillions of dollars from several Asian royal families as well as from the German, Austrian and Japanese governments. The money was going to be used to set up a fascist world government controlled by a group of Plutocrats involved in the Davos World Forum, according to the indictment. Over 8 different government agencies worldwide have been involved in the investigation, according to law-enforcement officials in Europe, the US and Japan.

The case briefly entered the public arena in June, 2009 when two Japanese citizens carrying diplomatic passports were illegally detained by Italian Treasury police who seized $134.5 billion worth of financial instruments they were carrying. Following that theft, the Italian Freemason P2 Lodge contacted this writer promising they would cash these bonds for the owners so they could be used for humanitarian purposes. This writer introduced them to a member of the British Royal Family who in turn introduced them to a Mr. Neil Keenan. The P2 Lodge then introduced him to what they described as a Vatican banker by the name of Daniel Dal Bosco. Keenan then asked Dal Bosco to cash an additional $1 trillion in financial instruments. However, instead of cashing the bonds or “putting them into a program,” on behalf of the owners, Dal Bosco stole the bonds. Surveillance of Dal Bosco in turn led to David Sale and Giancarlo Bruno of the Davos World Forum.

According to one official involved in the case:

“I think the Keenan issue just started out with David Sale and Dal Bosco planning to steal the Bonds. There is no doubt in my mind that Giancarlo Bruno was eventually the person who planned everything. First they tried to scare Keenan off. That did not work, so they tried to buy him off. That has not worked either and Dal Bosco, and Sale are now on the run and Bruno will surely be trying to cover his tracks, but frankly, I think Keenan has too much on all of them.”

According to Keenan criminal charges have already been filed against David Sale who is now on the run from authorities.

More from the same source, who is close to R.C. Dam, the head of an organization known as the International Office of Treasury Control:

“Bruno was the one who arranged for the Bonds to be placed into a Sovereign Program through the United Nations, all the evidence Neil Keenan now has clearly points to this. Sale and Dal Bosco did not have the contacts to people like Ban Ki Moon and they do not have the brains needed to plan this out, so it seems to me that they were just lackeys in the overall plan set up by Bruno and apparently organized and constructed by him.

Then, not satisfied with a trillion dollar heist, they planned to place the blame for the loss of the Bonds on Dr. Dam who is the signatory of the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts and then have him removed as controller of those accounts and bring the accounts under the control of the World Economic Forum, possibly with Bruno as signatory or Sale as a puppet signatory. Both Keenan and I

believe they planned to have Dr, Dam murdered and it was Keenan who contacted high level people in the United States that brought all that to an end.

Bruno had Sale send out letters to all Asian countries, sworn by Sale and attested to by David Crayford (Whistleblower) to say that I was a criminal claiming to be an officer of OITC and that I had resigned from OITC in 2008 (which is a lie and which they know is a lie) and that I was trying to cheat people in those countries and indeed, I was trying to cheat the Government itself. They also wrote to newspapers making similar claims. This was intended to eliminate me from blocking Sale from taking control of OITC and moving it under the umbrella of the World Economic Forum.”


Dalai Lama, National History Day 2009: a must watch…..


Gerald Celente: Internet nuke bomb waiting to go off:

“Gerald Celente, the founder of the Trends Research Institute, believes that the Internet will empower the youth of the world to unite to start a revolution that will overthrow the existing deadlocked elitist establishment.”

“He predicts that in 2011 every citizen is going to realize that the Great Recession the world has been living through is actually a Great Depression, because the American establishment is running out of schemes”


Dear BFCers,

Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist are weasel spawn. They want to free all the states and the feds from the pension mess BECAUSE THEY HAVE STOLEN ALL THE MONEY. They hope that this move will halt any investigations.

DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Let your Congresspeople know that they are on the hook for this money.

A decision by a Massachussetts trial judge gave a ruling that is going to cause massive litigation and claw-backs from the investment banksters. This, in turn, is going to be the fuel for lawsuits from all the pension funds that invested in that crap (trashetts as Christopher S used to call them). When these lawsuits begin discovery, there will be a ton of present and former US legislators and agency heads that are going to get indicted. Groups like the piece of crap “stink tanks” run by quislings like Norquist will also be called upon to return ill-gotten gains.



Gabby gifford is subscribed to 2 youtube channels one being jarod the so called killer smell false flag


Comment by midnightmark on January 11, 2011 @ 4:07 am

My point is that Ben allows this blog to run freely, with free exchange of ideas and communication, no censorship. I think that falls in line the idea of freedom, which is soemthing that we are fighting for right now. I am more inclined to trust someone who embraces that philosphy and demonstates it, than I am someone who imposes strict controls on what can be said or commented on – because that feels a lot like what I experience from the TPTB


Re: India, Iran mull over gold-for-oil for now


8Ball, Jan 10/11, @5:55 pm:

“America is slowly being squeezed out of their usual cut in dollar based transactions. Handwriting is on the wall for the dollar.”

“Weighed in the balances and found wanting…”


Ashley Turton, Congressional Affairs Director, Found Dead In Burning Car: Politico

Whats the deal?? Is this a one dies every day thing???


Not-So-Safe-Deposit Boxes: States Seize Citizens’ Property to Balance Their Budgets


“Truth would kill us. It’s like sun light for vampires. Truth makes us go up in smoke.”
Anonymous Bankster


Hello All, regarding Ben’s latest post, it tests as 100% true.

Ben’s LOC = 665 [the same as most (but not all) posters on this blog].
The Dalai Lama’s LOC = 335 and truth testing shows him to be working with/for the cabal.

As for the Chinese, it is true that they have a lot of political prisoners. However, they are small percentage of their total population. On the other hand, the U.S. leads the world in the number of prisoners per capita:

I believe that many of the U.S. prisoners are political prisoners, which, for me, includes those who have committed victimless crimes.


@hutz777 on January 10, 2011 @ 9:01 pm

That was very inspiring for the 2011 predictions, thanks.

2011 will be a year of mixed blessings for those who have not yet explored their healing potential and for others, this year will bring so much in the way of the manifestation of long held dreams and the opening of doors that have been closed. We will know who has done their healing work by what is happening in their lives. They will learn through the pain and challenges they choose. Our challenge will be to assist them without become their servant, to learn to give without becoming a martyr to someone else’s pain. We can be compassionate teachers through the example of how we allow blessings to flow to us instead of limiting our growth in the face of others’ pain.


14 Eye Opening Statistics Which Reveal Just How Dramatically The U.S. Economy Has Collapsed Since 2007


Hello and thank you Ben for info and insights. Good to know what these Satanists are doing and to whom!


More on weather manipulation for war purposes:

The following is an except from a 1996 USAF Centre for Strategy and Technology report entitled ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025‘:

“In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible.

It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map.”


This link is for the “weather manipulation for war puposes” pdf:


Lehman’s Repo-105 Auditors in U.K. Lose Shield From U.S. Accounting Probe


Dear BFCers,

I don’t know if this is true, but there is a blog saying that the judge who was killed was trying to prevent Obama from confiscating private retirement accounts.

There is a case going through the courts right now that has to do with CIA experimentation on military. This is going to be an explosive case.

When I get the URLs for the information on fluoride and how the DoD forced that down everybody’s throat despite concerns by their own scientists about what an effect that this practice would have on health…you will be as angry as I am at the absolute carelessness that they display towards OTHER PEOPLE.

I have not discussed the concept of many at high levels not being human (at least not completely), but we should talk about that one of these days. Hope brought it up a while back and it is a topic worth exploring.


PS: The birds and fish DID NOT DIE FROM POISONING. The necropsies of their carcasses revealed explosive force from the INSIDE and that is consistent with some sort of energy wave.

CIA Tries Again to Duck Responsibility for Doing Drug Experiments on Veterans

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The Central Intelligence Agency in January will argue for dismissal of Vietnam veterans’ claims that the CIA must provide them with information about the health effects of chemicals used on them during Cold War-era human experiments. The CIA also claims it is not obligated to provide the veterans with medical care for side effects of the drugs. It’s the CIA’s third attempt to get the case dismissed.
In a 2009 federal lawsuit, Vietnam Veterans of America claimed that the Army and CIA had used at least 7,800 soldiers as guinea pigs in “Project Paperclip.” They were given at least 250 and as many as 400 types of drugs, among them sarin, one of the most deadly drugs known to man, amphetamines, barbiturates, mustard gas, phosgene gas and LSD.
Among the project’s goals were to control human behavior, develop drugs that would cause confusion, promote weakness or temporarily cause loss of hearing or vision, create a drug to induce hypnosis and identify drugs that could enhance a person’s ability to withstand torture.
The veterans say that some of the soldiers died, and others suffered grand mal seizures, epileptic seizures and paranoia. The veterans say the CIA promised in the 1970s to compensate those who were made guinea pigs, but the 2009 complaint states that the government “never made a sincere effort to locate the survivors.”
In its 32-page motion to dismiss the group’s third amended complaint, the CIA claims it has no legal obligation under the Administrative Procedures Act to provide the veterans with notice of the drugs’ health effects and that the veterans’ notice claim “rests solely on state common-law duty.”
The CIA claims that the law on which the veterans base their claim for health care compensation stems from the Department of Defense and Army regulations, “which do not purport to have a binding affect on the CIA.”
And it claims that the Defense Department “never intended nor committed to providing medical care for service member participants in the test programs.”
In its response, the veterans group says the CIA has already tried, in past motions, “to re-argue issues already decided” by U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken in 2009. “Defendants argue that plaintiffs do not state a claim for relief under the APA against the CIA or the Department of Defense because they do not allege a legally enforceable duty against those agencies,” the response states. “Defendants presented this argument in each of their previous motions to dismiss,” but the court has already “rejected this line of argument,” finding that a letter from the Department of Justice supports the groups’ claim that the CIA is obligated to provide them with medical care.
“Contrary to the court’s express direction, defendants now seek to use the addition of the new parties as a crass opportunity for another bite at the apple (their third), seeking to re-litigate issues the court already decided nearly a year ago,” the group says.
The hearing is set for Jan. 13, 2011 before Judge Wilken. The case is expected to go to trial in 2012.


Comment by mbridges on January 11, 2011 @ 6:20 am
Weather Manipulation PDF

Hi Mike’s wife… (Mbridges)

You’re great at digging up these little gems of information.
I’m busy writing a three part essay on Chemtrails. If in your virtual travels you run into any more weather/chemtrail related “insider” documents I’d appreciate your posting them here.

Thanks a bunch in advance. 😉



Ti continue my post from 5:56 am;

Number of prisoners in U.S. prisons = 2 million; highest in the world and #1 in prisoners per capita.

Number of prisoners in Chinese prisons = 1.5 million; 2nd highest in the world and #71 per capita.

I certainly don’t think that Chinese “management” folks are saints but we need to keep things in perspective. Are the chinese leaders of today, as bad as Mao?

Consider the Japanese. Their invasion of Manchuria was really terrible, as was their occupation of Korea, Taiwan and The Philippines. Yet, today we regard the Japanese as peace loving.


I am unable to connect to Google News. How about you?


Comment by kuda on January 10, 2011 @ 11:12 pm & Rest that follows…

You people are so complex…

It’s not about who is good or evil, that is just pure duality, and it keeps you on 3D.

Think of this:
Before the shit hits the fan, there is a necessary build up of shit.
This build up can be seen by all. Because it’s a creation, it’s daily experience.
The more time passes the more people are reached by the stains of this build up. Including those who work for the Ultimate PTB, because TPTB themselves are hierarchically numbered.
Whistleblowers will come from higher places, as time passes since the shit build up will reach ’em.
This is TPTB problem. They are so S2S, that eventually it becomes unsustainable, as nothing feed’s their hierarchical pillars.

To shorten the whole thing:
More and more evil people are becoming aware that TPTB are screwing them. And have seen in their enemies enemies an ally to screw ’em back, as is expected form their nature.
And too, we must have in mind that China itself is not the same it was when Mao came to power and did EeeVol things.
It too is aware of TPTB manipulation.
And it still has no interest in taking over the world and adopting a world saviour stance like USA has.
Remember too, that it is education that makes men like they are, and in Asia, religions in general are optional, they are a way of life, a philosophy, call it what you like.
They are not imposed and made up like Christianity for eg.
Just live some years in Asia, and you’ll see the difference.

The idea is that we have to work together towards the common good.
Not fight for our personal truths. Which divides us, and makes our common good intentions more distant.

Common sense is specially knowing when to let go your ego in order to serve a different intention that has proved to be more efficient in it’s path towards the desired finish line.

Know you are…


David Wilcock,

Your website blog for readers is moderated so this comment is for you to read and consider without being edited, deleted, or minimized. I have been to your workshops, lectures, and bought DVD’s of those available i could not personally attend. I have met you and shook your hand. I was upset you seem to discount that chemtrails are a real problem for mankind, and never include them as a problem in your lectures and videos.

You have done a remarkable job of coalescing a lot of disparate material and research to create your own personal views and interpretations of life outside the Matrix. (also purchased Wanderer Awakening). I have been following you since your first interview with Kerry and Bill on Project Camelot and am here with Ben Fulford based upon your recommendation.

But I have stopped reading your blog and comments for one reason and will continue to ignore what you say until you actually follow through with your promise months back in this very blog.

You claimed to have recorded an interview with Ben Fulford (not the first one) and you have promised to publish or post that interview quite some time in the past. It has not been posted and I have begun to notice that your blog is really more about your money oriented self promotions of events, as pointed out by here by my friend, Paladinn007.

There have been several skype disagreements between Paladinn and myself about your credibility, but the biggest shortcoming you have displayed to me, is your failure to post or publish what you claimed was a controversial conversation between yourself and Ben Fulford.

If you want me to continue supporting your message to family and friends, and to defend you against your detractors, let us hear what you and Ben talked about. Compare and contrast your and Ben’s views on EBE’s and UFO’s and Disclosure. Were you able to persuade Ben to accept your perspective, or is the jury still out on that topic with Ben? Did you disagree about Satanists or the various colored Dragon Societies that Ben represents?



Hi Gus.

Thank you for the compliment.

Actually, my husband Mike has an interest in chemtrails (they make him very angry!) He has done a bit of research already, but as he still has to work for a living it so it is just sitting in a file somewhere right now.

Apparently somebody at UBC is doing actual research here in B.C.(I don’t mean paper).

He knows a lot more about this than I do, and I am sure he will be willing to give you what he has got, although you may already have a lot of it.

Last summer we built a cloudbuster (crystal-based) recommended by Suncrystal. One difference we both noticed was that a large cedar tree in our backyard remained green and healthy this fall instead of the tips turning orange and falling off. Our willow tree seemed more vital too. Anecdotal evidence, but if it continues its hard not to think that the cloudbuster might be the reason. And it does seem to disperse the chemtrails too, which is the reason we made it.

If I run across anything new I will definitely post it.


Google News is back at my place.


Rafeal- Ive been appreciating your posts


lew3 on January 11, 2011 @ 5:56 am

Thanks for the prisoner info. The quantitative difference
amazed me between the US and virtually every other country.
Of course, some might say that the other countries are fudging. If US prison figures are anything like other government figures, like unemployment for example, I wouldn’t bet on it.


Rafael, I agrtee with Wo. Your post are superb! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


Comment by nai2010 on January 11, 2011 @ 4:53 am

Aloha Ben and everyone:

Nai2010, thanks for posting Ben’s blog’s 1/10/11 post
(ref: )

There’s another site taking Ben’s info above and blogged it with very interesting email exchanges at the end. Here’s the link and please discern:

and here is the email info from the above link at the end:

From: David Righter []

Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 11:30 PM

To: Neil Keenan

Subject: Re: What I know

Mr. Keenan, how dare YOU threaten the law! WE are on to you. You will not find my location because of encryption. Now understand, besides the issues with OITC, my large team is exploring all of the corruption in the monetary systems of this world. We have plugged the holes in Interpol now and actions coming from there will be delivered. This is the taking down of the financial fraud of this entire world. There is a large group of us doing that, and from whence we work is not discoverable by you.

Again, you will not be setting up Sale for what YOU and others have done. No more will those like you, hide from your crimes by setting up others who got in your way. As I have told you, I do know that Dr. Dam is being encouraged to state he did not sign all sorts of stuff, including the C and D against you. He did and their are witnesses now to his being manipulated currently, while he is under “protective” status.

Your type is not going to succeed anymore. You are to leave the good ones in OITC alone. As I said, I can and I will if necessary remove YOU to “protective status” and also Keith and Mathew Scott. We are not tolerating this any longer, nor any other of the CIA infiltration in this world into finance and the movement of drugs and all the other games being played. We are going to clean up this world. You are the one without sufficient resources at this time. NO FRAMING OF OTHERS FOR YOUR OWN CRIMES. David Righter

From: Neil Keenan
To: David Righter

Sent: Tue, January 4, 2011 12:28:01 AM

Subject: RE: What I know

Just spoke with the authorities and they will take notice of your emailings and claims of who you are and what you do and most assuredly this is all going to be litigated in the judicial system without your interruptions unless you become one of the defendants which is possible. I suggest you save your games for Sale and Dal Bosco because they do not fly with me. Legal action will be filed and your boy Sale amongst others is going to be adjudicated and if you keep your crap coming I am sure you will be included so I will properly advise you to keep your nose out of business that does neither involve you nor do you know of. Your assumptions below are ridiculous and I take them as such.The Authorities will receive copies of this and everything you send to me from here on. You are on your own Righter. NK

From: David Righter []

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 12:09 AM

Subject: What I know

Hello Mr. Keenan, I have seen your posting on RMN’s. I am not David Sale. David Sale has not even met me personally in fact and is unaware of what I am about. As I said, I am investigating all of OITC and those causing it troubles, and Dave Sale is not one of those that is causing it trouble. I meant what I said in my last letter to you. You are going to receive a C and D in a manner more proper than the one I sent by email recently.

Now, I am letting you know a game that Keith Scott plans to play and I know you know about it. There is that C and D from last June you are referring to in your public postings. Now I have a copy of that. In fact I have 3 copies of it. And one of those copies has been modified, particularly on the 4th page. Now Keith Scott, is attempting to have Dr. Dam create a document in which he denies he signed that C and D. Well, he did and his signature is legal. I have, as I said, an excellent team. The two of you will not be playing this one, for it you do, I can and will file the necessary court actions against you.

I would listen if I were you. I can also blast it out on RMN’s. I would prefer not to. I have also copies of an action you ARE planning on taking against OITC. Despite the belief of Keith Scott that he has persuaded you to stand back. Now Mr. Keenan, all the dark boys get into back stabbing and this will do both you and Keith Scott in. Now I said in my last mail to you, that I have access to your computers, and to your email. This is how I know what I know, and the framing of Dave Sale is not going to happen. David Righter

End of quote

That folks, is the latest raw intelligence about what is happening behind the curtains in the battle to free the planet earth. Stay tuned for more because things are expected to heat up over the coming days and weeks.



The validity of the Dalai Lama is most burdened by his treatment by the mainstream media. If the person/event/idea is introduced/explained to the common culture by them, it is becoming increasingly obvious that they are not what they are presented to be. The upside to this propaganda is that the person/event/idea ignored by the mainstream media may best warrant further investigation by critical thinkers and observers.


hello again hopesprings,

Further to our last correspondence I have been reading up on this over the last few months :
(just an example)

I appreciate some on here do not like mr carnicom for whatever reason, but i have faith in his institute as they preach the good word of keeping an alkaline diet with a plethora of varied anti-oxidants.

Even if they can not tune directly into certain frequencies of DNA – they could certainly tune into the nano-technology they have created for I imagine exactly the same purpose.

All I can say to anybody, without being defeatist or pesimistic (two things I strongly disagree with!), is that we need to start taking responsibility for our own health.

It shocked me when I was told that organic food is becoming increasing hard to come by in the US. I myself live on organic food as much as possible, and use organic herbs to treat any ailments that might come my way.

We need to revert back to living in harmony with the plants that are around us. Responsibly grown of course, no chemicals involved. The human body is so much better protected if it is of alkaline pH and pumping full of anti-oxidants. Morgellons will not grow in an alkaline environment. Bacteria does not multiply half as much in an alkaline environment. Anti-oxidants keep you young, spritely, your organs in good check and your mind content.

We need to learn that any ailment can be treated by a plant – f**k big pharma ! they will keep you alive and reliant on their pills !

If any of you have any ailment or illness please message me on here and i will offer impartial advice – I am a herbalist of reasonable experience with much knowledge in the field.


give up the white bread
the beer
the sweets
the biscuits

they are made to harm you.

Heck, I imagine you lot know all this anyway I do not mean to sound patronising, but i see it every day.

Ill people living on crap and munching pills, not getting any better and wondering why.

peace my lovelys
we are all here for a reason
live that reason



I heard the wildest rumor, I certainly would hope it is true; there´s a plan to excavate the Rothschilds from government (odius) bond market.

That would be like liberating mankind!

Anybody heard the same?


jadenter- well said! Yes, I definitely would like to hear that interview.

cdmagic – very insightful, and I have found out, especially recently that your statement is only too true

casar1973- rumor? where did you hear this rumor?


There is no higher hunch for truth than simplicity, the simpler your answer is, the more true…

Pieter de Waard
Pieter de Waard

I absolutely agree that certain directions in Buddhism come as close to Truth as you can get, making these directions perhaps the only religion not designed to keep humanity in control. But as soon as you create an organization out of it, you can expect troubles. So, sorry Merek and others but on this point I am with Ben (and Lew). The expose of the Dalai Lama did not surprise me. I watched him when he visited the Netherlands some time ago, and he acted strange and rude, at least not enlightened at all, it was a big deception to us. In a book called ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ by Sogyal Rinpoche are some quotes by the Dalai Lama: they make no sense, have no wisdom and do not fit in the book.

Most info on Satanistic connections you find here:

including 14 videos describing the horrors In Tibet under the rulership of the Dalai Lama.

Here you can find another view on the situation between Tibet and China:

some quotes:

“Tibet is portrayed in much literature, including occult literature, as a peace-loving, non-violent society, when it was in fact a brutal society of high Lamas owning hundreds of thousands of serfs. The Dalai Lama’s family alone owned 4,000 people.”

“The Dalai Lama, in fact, represents a slave society! In the almost 50 years since the Dalai Lama took office, he has yet to denounce past serfdom or even say that restoring the Dalai Lama regime will not mean restored slavery for the Tibetan masses.”

Another link:

And much much more when you google a little bit. But what convinces always the best is your own feeling (or Truth testing or intuition). In our case what turned our view was the behavior of the Dalai guy during his visit here.


Pieter de Waard

Well presented. It doesn’t make sense to me that assuming the illuminati control all the world’s major religions from the top, they wouldn’t control the Dalai Lama.


International Journal of Geosciences
ISSN Print: 2156-8359

IJG >> Vol.1 No.3, 2010

Warming Power of CO2 and H2O: Correlations with Temperature Changes Open Access

Full Text(PDF, 1794KB) PP.102-112 DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2010.13014
Paulo Cesar Soares
Global Warming, CO2, Vapor Greenhouse



Real proud of Wovolve who published her first story in a GMO series at Project Awake!

Please go and visit and give her a “shot in the arm” (no pun!), Comment, give her 5 stars, etc…

Stay-Tuned for Gus and Pal’s first stories–should real doozies!

Goodnight all! Soooo pooped!


One more…

Metaphy: right on! alkaline bodies is one more way to resist!

Casar: I dare to dream…bye bye Roths


merek on January 11, 2011 @ 3:04 am

Thank you for your post, you’ve expressed beautifully what I myself wanted to say.


Comment by mbridges on January 11, 2011 @ 7:06 am

Michelle… (Hey it’s better than calling you mbridges) 😉

Regarding Mike’s having to work for a living…
I still work for a living too and have no intention of stopping. Though this blog often gets in the way. If Mike feels like sharing any research he can reach me via skype at CHTHandyman.

If you or he can find out the name of the UBC researcher I’d be most grateful. I’ve got really nothing on the Canadian political angle regarding Chemtrails. Why are we allowing this in Canadian airspace? Your researcher may help shed some light. Are the spray planes over Canada US,Canadian, NATO or UN registered? Who is paying the bill for this operation? Is a Canadian aluminum supplier involved?

Apparently countries being sprayed are NATO members, so the control of this is political. In all likelihood there’s some NATO agreement that binds us to allow this for some obscure defense reason.

The new documentary “What in the World Are They Spraying?” indicates that Hawaii has less than 10 years left before the agri-system is completely devastated by Chemtrail spraying. With so much of Canada having a very limited growing season, I imagine that aluminum pollution will damage our agriculture even more quickly.

I’ve followed the cloudbuster info posted by SunCrystal and others and am heartened to hear that you’ve been able to corroborate that it appears to help dissipate the effect. Though I’d rather see this stopped at the source, since it’s not clear that cloudbusters stop the aluminum from falling to the ground and poisoning the environment.



Lew- thanks for the truth testing on the Dali Lama – and yes, excellent point about number of prisoners in China and the US.

thanks hope! now Im totally embarassed…lol – of course, hope added her magic to it !

Paladin – thanks

g7enn – thanks for posting that stuff on the Dali Lama – I will be checking it out later tonight


Everyone, I alerted Ben about Wilcock’s commentary and he just sent me this:

Whatever I said about the Dalai Lama, I stand by. What I wrote was the result of years of research and direct conversations with people within the Dalai Lama’s organization including members of the Tibetan royal family. He is not a nice man. I also have a source within the top leadership of the Knights of Malta. The Dalai Lama in people’s hearts and minds is not the Dalai Lama the man. I did feel a bit sorry for him because I could see what all those years of captivity by the Nazis (the evil part of the CIA is a Nazi operation) did to the poor young boy who was once the Dalai Lama. The fact is though, he runs a violent organization with an iron hand.
Also, the reason there is no transcript of the Dalai Lama’s answer to my question is because he avoided answering it. Many senior people have tried to arrange meetings between me and him and he has always refused. He is scared to talk to me, I guarantee it. There are video tapes and recordings of his press conference available at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan and you can tell from them he was terrified when he heard I was up next for questioning. That is why, I believe, he started rambling for over 20 minutes to make sure he ran out of time before answering my question.
If the Dalai Lama meets me personally and convinces me of his sincerity and innocence, I will publish a video of him doing so. Until then, I repeat, I think he is an evil man.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558

P.S. Lew, I reported your LOC to him 🙂



I’ve been having some trouble getting enough sleep of late and business has been draining me! I worked all weekend!

I have started the story in draft on the Republic; I want to learn more, get an angle, interview Lovell, etc…
I will put his contact info in the draft so I have it handy.
This will be a full feature i.e. long but it will be poignant I trust.

So if you could be patient and resend his info that would be ever so kind of you.

I am hoping to make this my next story! We have been posting almost every day–sometimes twice.

The traffic is climbing up at Project Awake from pure subscriptions, friends and internet finding us. We still have not reached out yet with a broadcast campaign. Want to get all our authors in with their stories. Meat on the bone!


PS. WE will add videos and audios produced by us soon–broadcast show simulcast on video players/channels.


Comment by hopesprings on January 11, 2011 @ 10:22 am
Great detective work contacting Ben for the back story on his Deli Llama opinion. 😉

Also, the the Project Awake site looks and reads great.



Comment by wovolve42 on January 11, 2011 @ 10:16 am


Well done! The corn sugar angle is the real killer where most people are concerned. Looking forward to the next installment. 😉



jadenter on January 11, 2011 @ 7:03 am

Funny and legitimate rant on David Wilcock. Thanks.


Also to add…if David believes that Ben has been subject to some disinformation which is entirely possible at any point…isn’t it also possible that David Wilcock has been subject to some disinformation from one of his ‘sources’?

Since some of his sources apparently have aligned with what Ben has been saying.

Basically I believe that David Wilcock has been manipulated at some level, whether he is aware of it or not.


Comment by positivechange on January 11, 2011 @ 4:21 am

“It’s great how your life experience comes through in your posts!”

Yeah, my picture is in the encyclopedia beside the topic: “How to learn from your mistakes.” 😉



I’m going with my gut on this one Ben.

All of the Ascended Beings are teaching us that our most important source of information is our intuition and spiritual self…especially during this time of Ascension on our planet. We cannot listen to our mind, we have to follow the inner. My inner is telling me your info sources are not correct on this one, and on your sources about Obama. You could have been presented with a clone of the Dalai Lama in these instances in an elaborate attempt to discredit a highly spiritually evolved soul. The light within me can see the light in Obama and the Dalai Lama.

Maybe you’re information is correct, but for me to truly believe this to be the truth..I need holographic evidence…and that will only come after Disclosure, when our Star brothers and sisters will be presenting irrefutable truths to us, and evidence.

Wishing you love and light…we all need it during these times.


Wovolve: I just finished your article and am impressed! Congratulations.


re: Comment by Gus on January 11, 2011 @ 10:14 am

Here are a few articles available on the web that treat the issue of aerosol radiative forcing (geoengineering)—increasing albedo to combat global warming. We may find that the folks who are orchestrating the chemtrails may have any number of possible goals in mind (depending on the type of aerosol sprayed), but climate forcing seems to be near the top of the list.

I share your concerns about the effects of these unwanted chemicals on our ability to grow food. These madmen are poisoning everything. I find it hard to imagine that their expressed concerns about the effects of global warming could (even in their own minds) justify this toxic strategy. So, maybe geoengineering is simply a cover that gives them license to conduct these trials, while their true motives may be more sinister.

I hope some of what follows may prove helpful to you.


P.S. My wife rather likes “Michelle” as a pseudonym. Thanks!


“Global Climate Change” (Synergy: The Journal of UBC Science, issue #1/ 2010)

Dr Phil Austin, UBC associate professor
in the Dept. of Earth & Ocean Sciences, works with the Cloud-Aerosol Feedback and Climate Network at UBC to determine the direct and indirect effects of aerosols in the atmosphere and on clouds.

Atmospheric Aerosol Properties and Climate Impacts

The radiative forcing potential of different climate geoengineering options

The Chemtrail Smoking Gun – Proof of Global Geoengineering Projects

The economics (or lack thereof) of aerosol geoengineering


Great commentary here on the blog today and some profound words have been expressed here.

Comment by mateocruz7 on January 11, 2011 @ 3:52 am
I believe that you articulated as well as anyone the reason that all of us are here. We think we know truths then find out it was all lies. I suspect a similar discussion was had in a similar forum when many were learning just how corrupt the Vatican is. The discourse here has been thoughtful and provocative – all worthy of discussion.

We are all here because we are searching for the Truth. One person’s truth is someone else’s lie and that’s why their system of divide and conquer has been so successful for milinea. The tragic events in Tucson this past weekend have lead to a despicable partisan display of the Blame Game and I’m sick of it. They pounce on every opportunity to score political points at a time of such a human tragedy – and they’re all lies! I’m not ready yet to pin this one as an MK operative without more evidence.

I cried all the way through a painful interview with the mother of the 9 year old girl who was killed. And furious to later hear shameful politicians using it to introduce even more oppressive legislation to suppress our most basic rights in the 1st and 2nd Amendments of our personal free speech, increase controls on weapons and suppress opposing points of view in the media by reintroducing the so-called (lie) Fairness Doctrine.

We are doing the right thing by having (mostly) polite and thoughtful discourse here at BFC.



CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Blows The Whistle On 9/11, Iraq


I think that to end up the dispute on Wilcocks info, I’ll repost last entries final comments.

the individual must take greater responsibility now in understanding, first of all, that they are Creator Beings, that they can create the reality which they experience, and that they do indeed create the reality they experience.

By giving their power over to another, be it this Awareness or Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation, it is an abdication of their Divine Being, that which is to awaken at this time. Therefore, this Awareness does support this individual’s queries as to the validity of trusting these beings, be they the Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation, before and beyond trusting their own Internal Divine Guidance and Power. It is time to understand — whether these beings are Reptilian, Orion, Venusian, Pleiadian, Arcturian or anything else — they are not here to save but either to mislead and misguide, as is the intent of the Orion/Reptilian faction, or to guide and leap forward into a greater awareness and understanding of their own true powers, of the individual’s true powers, as is the intent and desire of the Galactic Federation.


As long as one always allows the sensing of the material, the internalization of the material to that which is the deeper source of one’s being, that which is the spiritual aspect of one’s being; one will always sense the truth of what is being presented, whether it is being presented at this time by this Awareness or at any other time by any other entity, being or source. Always go within; always use one’s own internal monitoring abilities to sense the truth, and to feel the truth. If it is in resonance with what one believes and knows as their personal truth, then it is right and correct.

The paradox here is that one’s personal truth may not be at a high level. Thus, one’s personal truth may still seemingly mislead an individual as they accept certain beliefs and attitudes, truths and opinions that are made available to them. But this does not matter ultimately, for one is still being led along the path, along the journey that is one’s life that is in accordance to what was chosen by the soul itself before it materialized into its physical experience. Therefore, one’s level of truth, one’s conceptualization of reality may be quite different from another. One may have that which could be broadly understood as a higher level of understanding and awareness to someone having a more basic experience of the physical.

This does not mean that the individual having the higher perception of truth is correct. This is still part of that which is dualistic thinking that designates right and wrong, or someone who is on the right path versus someone who is on the wrong path. All that matters is that the individual is having the experience that they need, and that they have chosen to have. At this time as the waves of consciousness are expanding, many are moving to higher perceptions of reality, higher understandings of the deeper truths that are available to be understood. They will move themselves forward toward that experience they need to have in their Ascension process.



I think David Wilcock says correct things, but some others are wrong. Besides, he charges for that info.
If it’s spiritual it should be free.
Else you are working directly or indirectly for TPTB agenda.
By limiting the info to a well-off audience.
What, you need something to live?
Sure, go get a job, a real one.
But do not sell spirituality.
And if you do charge do not charge those high prices.
THIS GOES FOR ALL ALIKE, not just David.

It reminds me very much of the disclosure proyect with all its merchandise and conferences…


Rafael, I agree with Lew and Wo. Have you considered a career in higher education? Your post Are superb!


Naah, I just write what I feel, that’s all.
I try to make it as simple as posible. And tendency is for that format to be true.
None the less, Careers now a days are all corrupted by TPTB educational system.
All the things I know, I learnt them in front of the computer, reading books, listening to people and interacting with the world.

The difference with others is that i don’t give a heck wether they belive me or not, nor search to be recognized.
I don’t build a circus around me and sell tickets in order to convince people of my truth.
I give my opinion that’s all.

Life is much more simple than we think it is.
It’s people and their minds that make it complex.

Thinking too much ain’t no good.
And I know that because I’m constantly thinking on everything. I have a very high activity in my brain, mostly unconscious.
I recently found a cure to that.
I found it in a book from OSHO.
I’ve heard in a comment above he wasn’t clean.
Well, probably that person that labelled him as unclean did not read his books, nor did understand what they taught.

I think it’s a good opportunity to repost the extract I took from one of his books on the last entry.

Osho states that the vehicle is not important.
It is the finish line.
He tells the story of a student of Buddha, a rich prince from India, who asked Buddha if he may bring his things with him to help him meditate.
He brought an incredible tent all woven in gold and lots of luxuries. The other students asked Buddha why did he let him do such. Buddha answered, it doesn’t matter how you reach your goal.
Osho travelled in a Rolls-Royce ON PURPOSE, he used that as an INTENTIONAL message.
He too explains that the Masters lie to you intentionally.


Meditation cannot be done by thinking; this is the dilemma–the greatest dilemma. Every seeker will have to come to this dilemma; somewhere, sometime, the dilemma will be there. Those who know say, ”Jump! Do not think!” But you cannot do anything without thinking. That is why unnecessary devices have been created–I say unnecessary devices, because if you jump without thinking, no device is needed.
But you cannot jump without thinking, so a device is needed.
You can think about the device, your thinking mind can be put at ease about the device, but not about meditation.
Meditation will be a jump into the unknown. You can work with a device and the device will automatically push you into the unknown. The device is necessary only because of the training of the mind; otherwise, it is not needed.
Once you have jumped you will say, ”The device was not necessary, it was not needed.” But this is a retrospective knowing; you will know afterward that the device was not needed. That is what Krishnamurti is saying: ”No device is needed; no method is needed.” The Zen teachers are saying, ”No effort is needed; it is effortless.” But this is absurd for one who has not crossed the barrier. And one is mainly talking with those who have not crossed the barrier.
So I say that a device is artificial. It is just a trick to put your rational mind at ease so that you can be pushed into the unknown.
That is why I use vigorous methods. The more vigorous the method, the less your calculative mind will be needed. The more vigorous it becomes, the more total, because vitality is not only of the mind–it is of the body, of the emotions.
It is of your full being.
Sufi dervishes have used dance as a technique, as a device. If you go into dance you cannot remain intellectual, because dance is an arduous phenomenon; your whole being is needed in it. And a moment is bound to come when dance will become mindless. The more vital, the more vigorous, the more you are in it, the less reason will be there. So dance was devised as a technique to push. At some point you will not be dancing, but the dance will take over, will take you over; you will be swept away to the unknown source.
Zen teachers have used the koan method. Koans are puzzles that by their very nature are absurd. They cannot be solved by reason; you cannot think about them. Ostensibly, it looks as if something can be thought about them; that is the catch. It seems as if something can be thought about koans, so you begin to think. Your rational mind is put at ease; something has been given to it to be solved. But the thing given to it is something that cannot be solved. The very nature of it is such that it cannot be solved because the very nature of it is absurd.
There are hundreds of puzzles. The teacher will say, ”Think about a soundless sound.” Verbally, it seems as though it can be thought about. If you try hard, somehow, somewhere, a soundless sound can be found; it may be possible. Then, at a certain point–and that point cannot be predicted; it is not the same for everyone–the mind just goes flat. It is not there. You are, but the mind, with all its conditioning, is gone. You are just like a child.
Conditioning is not there, you are just conscious; the narrowing concentration is not there. Now you know that the device was not necessary–but this is an afterthought, it should not be said beforehand.
No method is causal; no method is the cause of meditation. That is why so many methods are possible. Every method is just a device, but every religion says that its method is the way and no other method will do. They all think in terms of causality.
By heating water, the water evaporates. Heat is the cause: without the heat, the water will not evaporate. This is causal. Heat is a necessity that must precede evaporation. But meditation is not causal, so any method is possible. Every method is just a device; it is just creating a situation for the happening; it is not causing it.
For example, beyond the boundary of this room is the unbound, open sky. You have never seen it. I can talk with you about the sky, about the freshness, about the sea, about all that is beyond this room, but you have not seen it. You do not know about it. You just laugh; you think I am making it up. You say, ”It is all fantastic. You are a dreamer.” I cannot convince you to go outside because everything that I can talk about is meaningless to you.
Then I say, ”The house is on fire!” This is meaningful to you; this is something that you can understand.
Now I do not have to give you any explanations. I just run; you follow me. The house is not on fire, but the moment you are outside you don’t have to ask me why I lied. The meaning is there; the sky is there. Now you thank me. Any lie will do. The lie was just a device; it was just a device to bring you outside. It did not cause the outside to be there.
Every religion is based on a lie device. All methods are lies; they just create a situation, they are not causal. New devices can be created; new religions can be created. Old devices become flat, an old lie becomes flat, and new ones are needed. You have been told so many times that the house is on fire when it is not, that the lie has become useless.
Now someone has to create a new device.
If something is the cause of something else, it is never useless. But an old device is always useless; new devices are needed. That is why every new prophet will have to struggle with the old prophets. He is doing the same work that they are doing, but he will have to oppose their teachings because he will have to deny old devices that have become flat and meaningless.
All the great ones–Buddha, Christ, Mahavira–have, out of compassion, created great lies just to push you out of the house. If you can be pushed out of your mind through any device, that is all that is needed. Your mind is the imprisonment, your mind is fatal; it is the slavery.
As I have said, this dilemma is bound to happen–the nature of life is such. You will have to learn to narrow the mind. This narrowing will be helpful when you move outward, but it will be fatal inside. It will be utilitarian with others; it will be suicidal with oneself.


READ CHAPTER 1 it’s just 8 pages, you’ll se were it’s going.



One guy’s theory of how HAARP and Chemtrails are being used to build a shield around the earth and causing the chaos we see today – worth a watch:

Part 1: HAARP explained:

Part 2: HAARP explained:

Chemtrails dead birds HAARP Ice Age Truthers 20b perfect recipe perfect storm:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Wovolve: Great article! It makes me want more info …which is the point methinks!


Interesting comment by David Wilcock . . .I like David’s work but there does seem to be a split in the alternative / new age area.

I have read and researched much about David Icke’s work – who for me is spot on, and should be trusted. Icke is very negative about Obama (it is obvious Obama is a shill for big business and so has every president been since Kennedy.) Wilcock is very positive about Obama.

Icke has also published information about the Dalai Lama – again this is very negative and is in the same vein as what Ben is saying. I believe what Icke and Ben are saying is true. Dont give your power away to people like the Dalai Lama who on the surface seems like a peaceful and nice man – but so does Obama – they are just actors on a stage.

Just look at the informartion on Sai Baba. There are many that worship this guy – but again search deeper and you will find the answers. What are David’s opinions about Sai Baba?

I find it strange while Wilcok is supporting the mainstream with respects to Obama and the Dalai Lama when it is obvious they are not what they appear. I really do like Wilcocks work, he is very positive, thought provoking, and insightful – but in these instances he is so wrong about Obama and the Dalai Lama it is worrying. Has Wilcock ever personally met the Dalai Lama / Tenzin Gyatso and if so what are his impressions of him?

Where was the Dalai Lama when the war in Iraq broke out? Did he speak out? – there is so much proverty in the world why hasnt the Dalai lama given more away? I have never seem him on his knees feeding a hungry baby, he is not a spiritual person.

For example the Dalai Lama’s runs a business in Dharamsala (where he resides). They make a hugh income from visitors. He is no Mathatma Gandhi he is no Martin Luther King – you can see the soul of these guys.

Let me give you one example, I saw the Dalai Lama give a speech once – not about important issues such as 9-11 – he follows the mainstream view on that, or the Diana assasination – he follows the mainstream view again . . .that should open your eyes. He was talking about money . . .and he made a joke – he said “Look, I have a watch” – he lifted up his arm and took down his sleeve and showed it. He them said “it’s not the cheapest” – the audience laughed. Quite cute, but he then went on about money is not such a bad thing etc etc – my opinion of him was he was not truly a spiritual man.

Watch videos of him and make up your own mind.




Human rights organizations, as well as political and social ones, are condemning what they are calling a new form of inhumane exploitation in the United States, where they say a prison population of up to 2 million – mostly Black and Hispanic – are working for various industries for a pittance. For the tycoons who have invested in the prison industry, it has been like finding a pot of gold. They don’t have to worry about strikes or paying unemployment insurance, vacations or comp time. All of their workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent because of family problems; moreover, if they don’t like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they are locked up in isolation cells.

Ninety-seven percent of 125,000 federal inmates have been convicted of non-violent crimes. It is believed that more than half of the 623,000 inmates in municipal or county jails are innocent of the crimes they are accused of. Of these, the majority are awaiting trial. Two-thirds of the one million state prisoners have committed non-violent offenses. Sixteen percent of the country’s 2 million prisoners suffer from mental illness.


The United States of America has become the leading nation when it comes to jailing its citizens, and the vast majority of them have been jailed for non violent crimes. We are, in effect, being jailed by the political class for disobeying rules they have deigned necessary, not for actions that have harmed another human being or his property. Most of those jailed are, in effect, political prisoners.

The federal government of the United States of America has declared war on its own civilians and the majority of those spending time in jail are prisoners of that war. They call this war many things, the war on drugs and the war on terror being the most prevalent, but it is really a war fought against people in order to try to keep a concept hidden from the public consciousness. That concept is the concept of freedom, the concept that individuals own their own bodies, their own labor, their own property and best know how to run their own lives.








Humans Have Intentionally Modified Weather for Military Purposes and Climate Control for Decades
by Washington’s Blog


This link belongs to l:31 pm posting about modified weather for military purposes and climate control…


Gus- thanks so much- I am looking forward to reading your chemtrail articles

mbridges (Michelle) and crefree, thanks!! I haven’t written an article to be published on a site before, I was a little nervous..

Rafael – excellent about selling spirituality

PK- I have also been watching the headlines about the shootings and deaths in Arizona, and I totally agree with you on the disgusting display of power plays and manipulations of the event to justify further thefts of our freedom. The souless polticians can try all they want, but they will never be able to put more gun control in Arizona. Its so obvious that this was planned hit and false flag – the little nine year old girl that was killed was born on 9/11/2001- she was 9 years old and killed in the year 2011. Im sure there many more “hidden” symbolisms that scream out NWO/the dark cabal.


Malia and others,
Yes! We’ve been off the computer, so off this forum, for a week. I knew you would get the true story on the Tucson shooting! We figured the mind-control element was most probable, but were unaware of the other background. It sure feels good to know the true story. Thank you.

“…. I believe this is a message to officials in Arizona not to interfere with the nwo agenda for a totalitarian takeover. Rep Gifford is the first Jewish female to be elected to this high an office and was opposed to the members of the ZIONIST OCCUPATIONAL GOVERNMENT. Arizona is saber rattling for sovereignty, the militia is very active in trying to stop the drug and immigrant flow across the border with arms. This route must be kept open for the embedded Chinese troops in Mexico(UN troops)to flow in and divide America in two and all that drug money! Your reference movie is THE JACKEL- Bruce Willis AND TRAFFIC.JUST BY DOING 2 MINUTES OF RESEARCH,-THE CHIEF FEDERAL JUDGE JOHN ROll WAS OPPOSED TO THE DRUG CARTELS AND WAS GOING TO THE SHOPPING CENTRE(AFTER RECEIVING A PHONE CALL INVITING HIM ONE HOUR BEFORE) TO THANK REP, GIFFORD FOR HELPING HIM WITH TOUGH IMMIGRATION LAWS FOR ARIZONA TO IMPEDE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND THE DRUG TRADE..HE HAD RECENTLY RULED FOR THE PLAINTIFF IN A 32 MILLION DOLLAR CIVIC RIGHTS CASE AND RECEIVED DEATH THREATS. SOUNDS LIKE A DRUG CARTEL/POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY HIT TO ME,THROUGH THE USE OF AN MJ12 TYPE MIND CONTROLLED SUBJECT.THE LESSER ADMINISTRATIONS MUST SPIN IT AWAY FROM THESE UNCOMFORTABLE POSSIBILITIES TO GUN CONTROL AND A CRAZED STRESSED OUT PUBLIC AND FINGER POINTING CANDIDATES VIDEOS.SAD REALLY.”

Thank you all!


Germany becomes the First Country to admit Chemtrail Ops


The Rahm Emanuel Connection to the Deceased Ashley Turton

And it gets a little more complicated..


Sprott Comments On Liquidity Disconnects Between Paper And Physical Silver Market


Body of Wife of Senior White House Official Found in Burning Car

Posted By: AndiV
Date: Monday, 10-Jan-2011 16:57:04 Car was in a Capitol Hill garage. DC, Capitol police on the scene.

Deceased identified as Ashley Turton, wife of White House liaison to the House of Representatives Dan Turton.

Turton worked as a lobbyist for the Raleigh, N.C.-based utility giant Progress Energy.

She was the former chief of staff to Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.)

Roll Call is reporting that according to the D.C. Fire and Metropolitan Police departments, Turton’s car was discovered ablaze in a row house garage, presumably the Turton home, in the 800 block of A Street Southeast near Eastern Market.
Duke and Progress Energy agreed to a 26 B merger today

Another layer


The judge executed by the ‘crazy’ on saturday was a staunch constitutionalist who had ruled against the banksters about fraudclosure. Could he have been the real target?


Jared Loughner being held without bail
Timothy McVeigh’s attorney has been assigned to defend the Arizona shooting suspect


Re: If you were (or HAD) to, CHOOSE between BF or DW who would YOU choose? ‘Unofficial’ RMN Readers’ Poll 🙂

Posted By: pax
Date: Monday, 10-Jan-2011 19:50:03

In Response To: If you were (or HAD) to, CHOOSE between BF or DW who would YOU choose? ‘Unofficial’ RMN Readers’ Poll 🙂 *NM* (Bob) Hi Bob,

Without a polling place to deposit ballots, it is going to be difficult for RMN readers to submit a selection to this most interesting question. As a result, the outcome has the potential to be somewhat skewed 🙂

On another note, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were faring in OZ with all of the rain and flooding that you continue to experience. Glad to know that you are safe and well.

Best thoughts to you and all of our brothers and sisters down under.


( FWIW If I HAD to choose I would select BF).

Im sorry, but when I saw this on rumor mill, I had to post this LOL


“The holy Dalai Lama that exists in most people’s minds is very different from the actual human who is the Dalai Lama.”

Absolutely Ben; the Dalai Lama is really a biological robot, completely different from an actual human. This duplicate my be ether a synthetic or a robotoid depending on who is controlling that particular situation. All world leaders, especially religious leaders have been duplicated to do the biding of their owners. For over two decades, these unique weapons have been used in the War of Doubles raging behind the scenes for global control or power for their human creators.

I respectfully request of you, that during your trek amongst entities in high positions of power and influence, should always keep this in mind.



“The debt ceiling issue will never be resolved in a way that restores confidence in the Dollar, and it is the final red alert flashing warning of a system that cannot be repaired.”


Monsanto’s Dream Bill, HR 875

March 9, 2009 – To begin reversing GM contamination will require ending the power biotech companies such as Monsanto exert over our government and through that, over our food.

HR 875, was introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband Stanley Greenburg works for Monsanto.

The bill is monstrous on level after level—the power it would give to Monsanto, the criminalization of seed banking, the prison terms and confiscatory fines for farmers, the 24 hour GPS tracking of their animals, the easements on their property to allow for warrantless government entry, the stripping away of their property rights, the imposition by the filthy, greedy industrial side of anti-farming international “industrial” standards to independent farms—the only part of our food system that still works, the planned elimination of farmers through all these means.

The corporations want the land, they want more intensive industrialization, they want the end of normal animals so they can substitute patented genetically engineered ones they own, they want the end of normal seeds and thus of seed banking by farmers or individuals.

They want control over all seeds, animals, water, and land.

Full story:

GM and non-GM crops cannot coexist. “Free trade” and other regressive agricultural policies have decimated farms.

We are now a food deficit nation dependent on food imports, often of questionable quality.

Monsanto is putting normal seeds out of reach in multiple ways.


Comments from KH:

They want control over all seeds, animals, water, and land.

In other words, they want total “control.”

Stalin employed a similar law to regulate farming in the Ukraine.

Back in 1932, Soviet leader Josef Stalin unleashed genocide in Ukraine…

“Stalin determined to force Ukraine’s millions of independent farmers – called kulaks – into collectivized Soviet agriculture, and to crush Ukraine’s growing spirit of nationalism.

Faced by resistance to collectivization, Stalin unleashed terror and dispatched 25,000 fanatical young party militants from Moscow – earlier versions of Mao’s Red Guards – to force 10 million Ukrainian peasants into collective farms.

Secret police units of OGPU began selective executions of recalcitrant farmers,” we read in “The Toronto Sun” [Eric Margolis, December 13, 1998]. “Eighty percent of all Ukrainian intellectuals were executed,” and a Ukrainian party member named Nikita Khrushchev helped supervise the slaughter.

During the bitter winter of 1932-33, mass starvation created by Kaganovitch and OGPU hit full force, and Ukrainians “ate their pets, boots and belts, plus bark and roots.”

And the world was quiet: as it is now, when outspoken and independent people are being terrorized and sacrificed. When roots are being pulled, and whole families are disappearing. And that’s including those who refuse to forget, what had really happened.

But we cannot say “the past is past” — as Churchill reminded us, “without surrendering the future.” And of course, the past is not dead, as Faulkner said. “In fact,” he pointed out, “it’s not even past.”

And Churchill reminded us that trying to “maintain good relations with a Communist is like wooing a crocodile. You do not know whether to tickle it under the chin or beat it over the head.”

“When it opens its mouth, you cannot tell whether it is trying to smile or preparing to eat you up.”

~ *** ~

With gratitude to KH


Wow, and the plot gets even thicker – so what did Ashley Turton know, or have proof of, or what was she going tell???


Dr Monteith talks about the illuminati plan to reduce the world’s population from almost 8 billion to 500 million.

How are they going to do it… through disease, wars and starvation.

To give the disease a leg up, Monsanto has created bio-engineered foods that will keep a person’s immune system in a state of continual failure… in other words, the first little bug will kill you…

Monsanto… aka Mt. Satan… now wants to ban organic farming and they have used their tool… Representative Rosa DeLauro, WIFE of Stan Greenberg, the Ivy League academic and esoteric author from Connecticutt who founded Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

Which… according to their OWN webpage “is the world’s premium research and strategic consulting firm, working with corporations, issue groups, and political campaigns throughout the United States and around the world.”

NATURALLY… one of their clients is MONSANTO!!!

See their client page!

Don’t you think this is some kind of conflict of interest???

You really HAVE to take a look at their client page. It’s like a who’s who in the socialist/communist AND neocon movement. In other words… a real tool of the new world order!! Don’t ever forget that the elite keep us divided so they can conquer us.

I bet these guys at Greenberg, Quinlan and Rosner are the ones who are setting the agenda these days. They don’t create the agenda… they are just taking orders too… but in my opinion… this company is a pretty big fish and we need to keep them under the microscope.


merek on January 11, 2011 @ 3:04 am

Excellent post.


Re: Bill Ryan’s interview with “Charles.”

Bill has released a 50 minute commentary on his interview with Charles. It is a must-see (or must-listen) if you are interested in Bill’s Charles interview. Charles worked (works?) for the 33 at the very top of the cabal. Never before has there been an interview with someone who was at that level.

With presentations like this one, I watch the video for just a few minutes to check body language. Then I download the mp3 file and listen with Windows Media Player. I set WMP to fast play (1.4x actual speed). This saves about 17 minutes per recorded hour and also makes the interview more lively, especially with slow talking people. To play fast, click on “Play” in the top toolbar, then “Play Speed,” then “Fast.” Speaking voices sound the same, only faster.


Mrs. Turton apparently died at approximately 5am EST as she was apparently backing her car out of her garage.

According to Bill Johnson, CEO of Progress Energy, Turton was responsible for legislative and regulatory issues on behalf of the utility company. By coincidence or otherwise, today, Progress Energy announced a merger with Duke Energy.

Duke and Progress Paint a Colorless Picture
Wall Street Journal Online
by Liam Denning
JANUARY 10, 2011

Progress Energy and Duke Energy to merge
Progress Energy press release

* $26 Billion Transaction Will Create Nation’s Largest Utility with a Combined Enterprise Value of $65 Billion

* Diversified Generation Portfolio in Six Regulated Service Territories

* Transaction Expected to be Accretive to Adjusted Diluted Earnings in First Year


Hey Lew – Im watching the Bill Ryan interview right now..



Anarchy has arrived:

“…On another note, I remember something I saw recently that talked about how new centuries don’t define themselves until around the 10th year or so, think WW I for the twentieth century for example. We are now in that century defining period.

Will it be the weekend shooting spree the that will mark the beginning and definition of the 21st century? Possibly. I am keeping my eye on what I call the eco-eco unraveling.

I heard an interesting data point last week, the kind that sticks in my head for days and breeds lots of additional thoughts and ideas; that the oil-dependent growth needed to pull various economies out of debt is greater than the oil in the ground to enable that growth. In other words, there is more debt than there is oil to power the necessary growth to overcome it. Given the stats on Global Peak Oil – a point that now appears to have passed last year or the year before (the end of needing 1 barrel of oil’s worth of energy to extract 10 barrels, and the beginning of a new era where it takes at least 3 to 4 barrels – and going higher) – combined with the revelations about there being another 20 trillion in debts not yet accounted for by governments and banks – and the mathematical certainty of this conundrum becomes clear.

There is no question in my mind that, as Dr. Michael Hudson and others have been saying for years, most of the debts plaguing economies around the world have to be abandoned. They will never be paid. The globe is one big Iceland. So what do we do? Do what Iceland did, and say to hell with the bankers and start over again. Or do we do what Ireland is doing – extend and pretend – and throw the keys of sovereignty over to international organizations like the IMF”


Council on Renewal – Spirituality, Psychology, Economics


Genetically engineered mosquitoes released in Australia- Bill & Melinda Gates

????? Pandora’s Box comes to mind…

“FIRST step dengue fever, next it’s the world’s second biggest killer disease.

The research team behind yesterday’s release of the first of 6000 lab-bred mosquitoes bearing a potential bacterial control for dengue fever is already starting to work on their next big goal – tackling malaria.

Malaria kills 2.7 million people a year and is endemic to more than 90 countries.

Malaria comes second only to tuberculosis as the biggest killer by infection on the planet.

University of Queensland researcher Scott O’Neill said the science behind the $18 million Eliminate Dengue project also could be used to stop mosquitoes transferring the malaria parasite to humans.

“The preliminary data that we have suggests it might be possible the approach could work for malaria transmission as well,” Prof O’Neill said.

About 40 mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria were released in Cunningham St, Yorkeys Knob, as part of the world-first project yesterday.

Each mosquito, bred in a lab at James Cook University in Cairns, is estimated to cost $3000.

More mozzies will be released at Yorkeys Knob and Gordonvale in the next three months.

The bacteria blocks mosquitoes from infecting people with the dengue fever virus.

The State Government has contributed $1.95 million to the project, which also has the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Federal Government.

Prof O’Neill said the scientific community was excited about the release.

The team expects to know whether the experiment is a success within the next four months.

If it is a success, field trials will then be carried out in Vietnam, Thailand and Brazil.

“This is a great day for us. Obviously, it’s only the first step in the next phase of our experimentation but we’re all very excited,” Prof O’Neill said.

Allan Cullington, who donated his yard for yesterday’s release, said he was proud to be a part of scientific history.

Mr Cullington, an SES leader at Yorkeys Knob, said he had seen the “scary” side of dengue fever two years ago, during the Far North’s worst dengue epidemic in 50 years, with nearly 1000 cases reported.

“I wouldn’t support this project if it didn’t tick all the boxes,” he said.”

For more information, contact 1800 811 054 or head to


Well Everyone, it is officially 1/11/11- A REALLY powerful day to put out the intention to bring down the the Newly Named Food Safety bill, HR 875-

Comment by mbridges on January 11, 2011 @ 2:25 pm

mbridges, great video


Roll , Turton and Gifford killed and maimed by TPTB-The Bloshevik-Nazis. Now include Bill and Melinda Gates world wide terrorists . Once philantropists now agents of genocide. Watch out Austrailia.
Another new food bill HR875.
The Rothchilds ruination of the world’s finances, has everyone ,98% of the world scrounging for loose change to survive, day, by , day. And the economic world outlook is worse. The are literally trying to devoid “we the people ” of all resources. They are dead ,souless, meat as far as I am concerned.
We must bring these vermin to the World Court , after we purge it of NWO shills, and end these Satanic lives. They will never stop their war against humanity.They are inhabited by the demon spirits of Cain, the first murderer, offspring of Satan, and they carry out his plan to ravage the TRUE Sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, and spite The CREATOR. We appear to be in the times of tribulation.


Well…. this gives an entirely new meaning to the description “horny old man”…




The shooting in AZ has to do with “sleepers” who have been mind controlled – – this is the reptilian bosheviks nazi style to stage these shootings by lone gunmen to ultimately disarm the United States (same with taking away our freedom of speech).

Here’s some info on it: (Ft. hood mind control) (sleepers …)


I concur with David Wilcock’s post.

This latest blog update immediately gave me a feeling that this was not Ben’s writing or source of information. It did feel quite different.

On the other hand, lots of good things could have been corrupted and taken over by the cabal.

Albeit there is 1 truth, there are lots of individualized portions of truth, be it disinformation or points of view.

It is very easy to take a stance, a 1-sided approach, than a neutral (and patient) one. Few people here dare to take a neutral stance. I’m struggling with this too…


“The Gods are my caretakers; I shall not stray;

Side by side they lead me in the beautiful paths and glorious refreshing of life everlasting.

I shall not, in this Divine Presence, want for food nor thirst for water.

Though I go down into the valley of uncertainty or ascend up into the worlds of doubt

Though I move in loneliness or with the fellows of my kind,

Though I triumph in the choirs of light or falter in the solitary places of the spheres,

Your good spirit shall minister to me, and your glorious angel will comfort me.

Though I descend into the depths of darkness and death itself,

I shall not doubt you nor fear you,

For I know that in the fullness of time and the glory of your name

You will raise me up to sit with you on the battlements on high.”

That is the story whispered in the night season to the shepherd boy.


Merek, re Dalai Lama
Comment by merek on January 11, 2011 @ 3:04 am

Very nice analysis of the situation. Mahalo for speaking up on this important issue.

And Michael, mahalo for pointing out that the Dalai Lama is very possibly a duplicate.


Some uplifting comments:

“A positive, respectful demeanor may be one of the most valuable things anyone could contribute to such a community as this.”
Comment by samw on January 11, 2011 @ 3:05 am

“We need to get together and Bless the World from our hearts. The Creator will know we are HIS, when He see us acting like HIS children.”
Comment by wbstreck on January 11, 2011 @ 3:07 am

“…the story whispered in the night season to the shepherd boy.”
Comment by ugmmichael on January 11, 2011 @ 6:10 pm


winwin, Mahalo for the interesting David Righter/Neil Keenan exchange. Pal and Tman may find it interesting.

Also a belated mahalo for your postings concerning the history of the atomic bomb in the US and its deployment/testing on the unwitting civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as Japan sued for peace. Oppenheimer, Einstein, Baruch, et al are the ones who will be remembered for their part in this infamous criminality.



A topic on which several members have expressed their opinion.

Here’s some advice from Jalaila about SPREADING AWARENESS to friends and family who you may consider to be “less enlightened”:

1. Not everyone is here to ascend or to ascend to the same level. With that in mind, it is absolutely crucial that we remember this when relating to those who are not where we are spiritually. They are exactly where they are supposed to be.

2. Before sharing our new wisdom, ask if they are interested in hearing it. Avoid hurt feelings by remembering that if they are not where you are spiritually, they are not supposed to be!

Thinking that giving them the new knowledge is doing what is best for them is incorrect. What is best for them is for us to show love and compassion by honoring where they are. That means KEEPING OUR WISDOM TO OURSELVES UNLESS IT IS REQUESTED.

3. Don’t judge them negatively if they don’t want to know. Remember, THEY ARE WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.



*********** merek 1/11 4:53A ****************

Watched the video on the Dalai Lama up to where the 17-point agreement was formulated, and the commentator stated the Dalai Lama did not want to sign a treaty. Heard enough. A treaty is the hightest law of the land. No law = lawlessness activities. Understanding understood.
************* jadenter 1/11 7:03A ***************

Risky business not following through with intentions, more so when unable to admit it. I agree, get with it one way or the other or you are not who you say you are. Credibility just went down several notches. Hum, undesirables got to him, too?

I may be wrong, but any time someone wants to prevent or stop tells me the informant and information is correct.

E Aloha Malama Pono!


********************* XL 1/10 10:54P *******************

No, not the same thing, unless you are referring to “sovereignty”. It was our organization that pursued that subject matter in 1970. The State of Hawaii got on board to protect its “defacto position”. Oh, to be certain, they have the protection of the “federal government” (we don’t, and why is that?). The state has no intention of giving up their “fraudulent” position, but for how long? They are into programs, not long lasting for sustainability, while we have a plan for long lasting sustainability. “Two completely DIFFERENT organizations”. The Kingdom of Hawaii is INDEPENDANT, we don’t owe any nation, state or country “God’s Almighty Dollar”. The State of Hawaii is DEPENDANT, on the federal government and is part of the I.O.U., an apology and $$$$$$. And, yes, both are attempting to do the same thing at the same time, but one is to set the records straight, the other to continue their fraudulent, lawless activity (no valid treaty with any nation or country). How do you retroactively activate a treaty or reinstate the law of the land, by corruption?

To be considered Sovereign you must OWN the land your government resides on. The State of Hawaii or even the Federal Government, has yet to present its TITLE OF OWNERSHIP to the archipelago of Hawaii. This is the Year of the Rabbit. Are they planning to pull “a rabbit” out of their hat? I do not doubt it one bit. Our rabbit was exposed at the ceremony of 12/26/10. Who is their “rabbit”?

We know who they are and where they are going with “sovereignty”, not the same, sorry but it’s not the same. The defacto State of Hawaii may be part of the America’s Republic Plan, but not the Kingdom of Hawaii. The state is a body politic, the Kingdom of Hawaii is a spiritual entity with all three components necessary for sustainability, physical, mind and spirit (no identifiable religious connection). The state is dependant on politics (state) and religion (church), there is no separation, there is a definitive identity, the churches erected and constructed on our aina, tax free with a Federal and State EIN (Employer Identifying Number). The Kingdom of Hawaii has none. There is no separation of church and state for the State of Hawaii. Oops!

XL, mahalo, for your time and attention to this.
We really are good people. Hope you all see “our light” at the end of the states dark tunnel vision.

E Aloha Malama Pono!


Hi All

The floods in Queensland are being called an inland tsunami. This video is of Toowoomba, a good sized town, 700 metres above sea level. The water hit in an 8 foot wall with no warning it was coming from what I heard.

Just a couple of years ago, this area was so badly affected by drought, the town dam was almost bone dry and people were regulated on how often they could flush their toilet! Just check out this video from today.


kohala: Point taken. Time to go within.

Take care,

E Aloha Malama Pono!


Re: Comment by kuuleimomi on January 11, 2011 @ 8:12 pm
>No, not the same thing, unless you are referring to “sovereignty”.

That IS what I am referring to, restoring the sovereignty of all the 50 states and removing the de-facto government. Every single thing you are describing sounds almost exactly what the rest of the states are going through right now.

My concern is that there are two groups attempting to do the same thing in Hawaii at the same time. This could cause a problem… I’ll have to check in on this.


“I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumblingblocks with the wicked; and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the LORD.”

Zephaniah 1:3

They do love following the script don’t they.
Any thoughts?



Hi all,

This is from Casper written on Jan. 8th,2011 Help the faith


The packs were in route to distribution points by Military when Obama ordered them back to D.C. mid day. At first the Court said they had turned the planes around while still in the air and deliveries would still occur today albeit several hours later than planned. WE subsequently learned the packs were in fact returned to D.C. arriving there approximately 3:30 P.M. EST. The packs are there now but are once again in the hands of ‘the good guys’.

For reasons not yet known the World Court and the Supreme Court apparently ‘folded’ to Obama and were participants in the turn- around of the packs and the subsequent subterfuge (lies). It is not difficult to guess the probable reason as Blackmail as the Bribes were previously paid but now frozen.

Simultaneous with all this Obama was in another rage we hear, advising all within shouting distance that he is in fact GOD and the Ruler of this Planet. He had been advised this morning that announcements would be made tomorrow night and the best thing he could do would be to duck and/or run. His reply was that he OWNS all media in this country, that they are bought and paid for and will do exactly as he instructs. He goes on to say that if any of the things reported in these updates slips through the American People will not believe it any way as they love him so much. He says he will deny the funds in the frozen Vatican Accounts belong to him or his family members and even if proof is disseminated the people will believe him no matter what, and to tell you the truth friends WE have no doubt he speaks for 40% of the sheeple in this Country who are deaf, dumb and blind and care only about their next Government check. He says he can ‘play the people’ and will do so on behalf of all the D.C. Criminals if it becomes necessary.

Regarding the Supreme Court Rulings yesterday alluded to in previous updates WE are reliably advised but so far unable to obtain a written copy, that the Court ruled that Obama is not Constitutionally Qualified and is not the legal President of the United States. Further, a second Ruling supposedly says Homeland Security is Unconstitutional. WE hear the vote’s were eight to zero. WE will continue to seek proof and continue to report about this subject.

As you can each observe our world and our country are teetering on the brink of permanent tyranny. Following the Bush Senior method of operation anyone who is anyone has been bribed and brought aboard the Criminal Gravy Train including the MSM, all at the peoples expense. Do WE expect this outcome? Not no but hell no. Killing an evil snake with a thousand evil heads is not easy but God has a sufficient number of helpers willing to grab a hoe. How about you?

By now you are likely aware that the many projects and programs which follow us have now encountered their own delays. That will continue to be the case until the Criminal Organization now headed by Obama is defeated.

Remember friends, they are broke. Their funds have been frozen and their attempts to raid our accounts have failed. Maintain your faith


Hi again.

This was written by Ben yesterday on his blog spot even though it has appeared as a go to blog I thought it goes along with the above news from Casper. Enjoy!

Over 750 prominent European and US citizens to be arrested within weeks as a result of a multinational investigation into financial corruption
A long awaited lawsuit involving a multi-trillion dollar theft is going to be a trigger mechanism that will result in the arrest of at least 750 prominent European and US citizens, according to a senior CIA source. According to the 187 page lawsuit’s RICO (organized crime) indictment, Daniel Dal Bosco, Giancarlo Bruno of the Davos World Forum, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and others will be charged with the theft of trillions of dollars from several Asian royal families as well as from the German, Austrian and Japanese governments. The money was going to be used to set up a fascist world government controlled by a group of Plutocrats involved in the Davos World Forum, according to the indictment. Over 8 different government agencies worldwide have been involved in the investigation, according to law-enforcement officials in Europe, the US and Japan.

The case briefly entered the public arena in June, 2009 when two Japanese citizens carrying diplomatic passports were illegally detained by Italian Treasury police who seized $134.5 billion worth of financial instruments they were carrying. Following that theft, the Italian Freemason P2 Lodge contacted this writer promising they would cash these bonds for the owners so they could be used for humanitarian purposes. This writer introduced them to a member of the British Royal Family who in turn introduced them to a Mr. Neil Keenan. The P2 Lodge then introduced him to what they described as a Vatican banker by the name of Daniel Dal Bosco. Keenan then asked Dal Bosco to cash an additional $1 trillion in financial instruments. However, instead of cashing the bonds or “putting them into a program,” on behalf of the owners, Dal Bosco stole the bonds. Surveillance of Dal Bosco in turn led to David Sale and Giancarlo Bruno of the Davos World Forum.

According to one official involved in the case:

“I think the Keenan issue just started out with David Sale and Dal Bosco planning to steal the Bonds. There is no doubt in my mind that Giancarlo Bruno was eventually the person who planned everything. First they tried to scare Keenan off. That did not work, so they tried to buy him off. That has not worked either and Dal Bosco, and Sale are now on the run and Bruno will surely be trying to cover his tracks, but frankly, I think Keenan has too much on all of them.”

According to Keenan criminal charges have already been filed against David Sale who is now on the run from authorities.

More from the same source, who is close to R.C. Dam, the head of an organization known as the International Office of Treasury Control:

“Bruno was the one who arranged for the Bonds to be placed into a Sovereign Program through the United Nations, all the evidence Neil Keenan now has clearly points to this. Sale and Dal Bosco did not have the contacts to people like Ban Ki Moon and they do not have the brains needed to plan this out, so it seems to me that they were just lackeys in the overall plan set up by Bruno and apparently organized and constructed by him.

Then, not satisfied with a trillion dollar heist, they planned to place the blame for the loss of the Bonds on Dr. Dam who is the signatory of the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts and then have him removed as controller of those accounts and bring the accounts under the control of the World Economic Forum, possibly with Bruno as signatory or Sale as a puppet signatory. Both Keenan and I

believe they planned to have Dr, Dam murdered and it was Keenan who contacted high level people in the United States that brought all that to an end.

Bruno had Sale send out letters to all Asian countries, sworn by Sale and attested to by David Crayford (Whistleblower) to say that I was a criminal claiming to be an officer of OITC and that I had resigned from OITC in 2008 (which is a lie and which they know is a lie) and that I was trying to cheat people in those countries and indeed, I was trying to cheat the Government itself. They also wrote to newspapers making similar claims. This was intended to eliminate me from blocking Sale from taking control of OITC and moving it under the umbrella of the World Economic Forum.”

For those us, including this writer, who are unfamiliar with the esoteric world of high finance, I will quote more from this source who has been vetted as reliable by sources in both MI6 and the CIA:

“Let me explain how the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts (IPRA) work. There are many account holders who are in fact the holders of nationalized assets. These accounts are owned by the Holders and they hold vast amounts of funds and assets from cash, securities such as mortgages etc., gold, silver, nickel, copper, diamonds etc. etc. These account holders include the Dragon Family, the Soekarno accounts in many names, the Marcos accounts in many names, and the nations that own these assets irrevocably contributed them into the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts in the Bank for International Settlements. So the money sits in the accounts of the Holders who are actually only Trustees of the accounts, no matter how much they wish to claim ownership of the value. The Bonds represent the value of the accounts, but the value is owned by the IPRA. From that Value, the Family Heritance Guarantee belongs to the Trustee/Holder and the Bonds he holds are the proof of that entitlement. To remove those Bonds from the Holder is a denial of his lawful rights and therefore is an act of theft.

To understand the IPRA, one must understand that the United States Dollar is not a United States of America Dollar. The US$ is a Federal Reserve Note and that Federal Reserve Note is the Global currency and is therefore beyond the capacity of the United States of America taxpayer to sustain. All Governments contribute their overbalance accounts into the International Collateral Combined and this in turn underpins the US$. The International Collateral Combined forms the IPRA. The United States of America domestic taxpayer is not the sole underwriter of the currency, the primary underwriter being the IPRA. To ensure proper management of these accounts, a sole arbiter is the means decided in 1930 as the most appropriate and therefore, after the term of the Tripartite Gold Commission would expire, provision was made in 1930 for the establishment of a sole arbiter who is the signatory of the accounts. That signatory is Dr. Ray C. Dam. Like a finance minister who owns a national bank, these accounts assume Dr. Dam is the owner, but this is clearly understood that this ownership is actually a trust position as it is executed under legal decadency to the heir. (a legal construction)

In order to legally utilize that account, and please take note that I said “Legally” use it, the proper procedure is to do so on approval of the Sole Arbiter who is the account signatory. This process has been side stepped by collusion between banks and their regulators and Governments and the United Nations since 1996 (when the Tripartite Gold Commission was wound up), that in turn has allowed the illegal use of the assets in order to avoid payments back to the Holders. In other words there is an established order, but because of the illegal use of the assets, the rights of the Holders are abused and and in doing so, the banks trapped themselves into a situation that because their use of the assets was illegal they themselves had to cover positions they had taken by mirroring institutional accounts as their own. They could not call the underwriting funds as they had no legal right to access those funds because they had bypassed the proper system and so many of them went belly up.

It is very easy to see what happened. Dal Bosco simply stole the Bonds, then looked around to see what he could do with them. He went to Bruno and to Berlusconi (according to my understanding, both members of the P2 Lodge) I think it was Berlusconi who brought in Bruno and from thereon it is clear from the irrefutable evidence that Keenan has, that Bruno became the mastermind. Sale supported them because underneath all his public praises of Dr. Dam, Sale actually despises him as he considers Dr. Dam to be a lesser man than he. Sale would have also seen the possibility and would have been assured by Bruno that he would become the new Treasury Controller, and so became complicit in the whole sorry affair. The matter went from stealing Hundreds of Billions in Bonds to furtively and through whatever foul means, including murder, take control of the hundreds of Trillions in the IPRA accounts. The planner was Bruno and he had the approval and support of Ban Ki Moon and others and would execute these crimes under the immunity banner of the United Nations.

Sale forged Dr. Dam’s signature on papers and provided these forged papers to Dal Bosco and Bruno. They then used other manufactured papers to incriminate Dr. Dam and have him arrested, then segregated into a separate area where both Keenan and I understood from conversations we are aware of involving Sale, Bruno and Dal Bosco, that Dr. Dam would be killed. It was Keenan who saved Dr. Dam’s life. We know Sale was also an instigator in the proposed killing of Dr. Dam as he was with Bruno when Bruno boasted that Dam would never leave jail alive. After Keenan’s intervention through US authorities, Dr. Dam was removed from jail and is now under the protection of Cambodia’s Prime Minister. The Cambodian police now know that the reasons Dam was arrested were based on effecting a coup against him, that they were lied to and misled by Sale and are now looking for him as are the Thai Police. If the Cambodian Police get Sale, then even I would feel sorry for him, as they are not well known for being gentle with crooks, especially those who have used the police wrongly.

I am supporting Keenan’s actions. He was wronged and cheated by Sale and others. In my view, Keenan’s dogged efforts to correct wrongs has done OITC a great service. Keenan is not a scattergun hitting everyone in range, but he has targeted accurately those who are responsible.” End of quote







Scroll to 11:10 Triangulation of where birds are falling dead appear at 120 angles to one another which is peculiar to HAARP attunement.

Since releasing this information someone has hacked into several of my accounts, and sending malicious replies to people that write to me at my email. Also, my YT account has been compromised…

FEMA NATIONAL EXERCISE: New Madrid Earthquake. HAARP. Dead Birds, Dead Fish

Over the past week there have been news stories about the mysterious deaths of thousands of birds and fish in the states of Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. In three of the places with incidence of dead birds, you can draw a line on a map of the United States to make a perfect 120 angle. This angle defines the perimeter of the most active region of the New Madrid fault. Tremors release methane from underground crevasses that can cause birds to die, but in this instance the birds bodies were liquified on the inside and dropped to the ground.


Personal opinion regarding dead birds:

Relevant info:

1. Liquefied internal organs
2. Birds dropping from the sky in large numbers
3. Apparently there is an angular relationship of 120 degrees where three of the dead bird die offs occurred and the attunement angle used by HAARP. This needs more clarification.


Dead birds dropping out of the sky at three different locations due to storms or disease doesn’t make sense. For one, internal examination shows no disease evidence. Lightning strikes could do it, I guess, but not at three different locations. Besides the type of birds (black birds & starlings) mentioned tend to fly low making it more difficult for a lightning strike to kill such large numbers. Poisoning could cause large numbers to drop from the sky. Poisoned or sick birds tend to land before dying. It would have to have been a very fast acting poison and no poison I am familiar with liquefies organs.

If it was HAARP or some other advanced weapon that killed these birds, one thing for sure, the government will be using all its websites and moles to discredit any claims that it was such weaponry as they did with the Gulf of Mexico BP disaster. There is a typical recognizable pattern they employ. The hacking of the gentleman’s website above suggests he was on to something.


For some sick and twisted reason I find this photo relevant to this discussion:

The Dalai Lama Totally Looks Like a Happy Llama


Comment by sierra on January 11, 2011 @ 4:54 pm

sierra, thats pretty funny!!! LOL – and really weird too


The Dalai Lama
Look Like a Happy Llama!!


This article talks about the pope being upset that people are not naming their children christian names…

I have a message for the pope:

Hey Pope- why don’t you get off your Satanic, totally evil ass and stop stealing from the rest of the world, and quit abucting millions of innocent children and subjecting them to your sick and horrifying satanic tituals??? Maybe when the Catholic actually shows they are about God, people might use “christian” names.


Gold prices at record amid reports of dollar’s demise.

“Reports of secret talks over ending the dollar pricing of oil. Money flows into commodities as fears of inflation grow.”


Physical Gold Demand Exceeds Current Availability—
Perth Mint–Tue Jan 11/2011–
SINGAPORE (Dow Jones)–Demand for gold bullion from Australia’s Perth Mint has been unrelenting since gold’s price dropped below $1,400 an ounce, a senior Mint official said Tuesday.

“At the moment demand is such that we cannot meet all
the inquiries that we are getting,” said Nigel Moffatt, Treasurer of the Perth Mint, one of the world’s largest gold refiners and distributors.

“Demand for our coins and medallions is strong, but the biggest demand is coming from banks and traders looking
for kilo bars,” he told Dow Jones News wire—

One-kilogram bars are the most popular trading instrument in Asia’s physical market—



UBS Sees Silver Hitting $35 On “Physical Interest In The Metal”


Dalai Lamo
Dalai Lamb To Slaughter
Dilly Dally Lama

(re-branding suggestions)


Two Little Boys.

Two little boys, ages 8 and 10, were excessively
mischievous. They were always getting into trouble
and their parents knew all about it.

If any mischief occurred in their town, the two boys
were probably involved.

The boys’ mother heard that a preacher in town had
been successful in disciplining children, so she asked
if he would speak with her boys.

The preacher agreed, but he asked to see them
individually. So the mother sent the 8 year old first,
in the morning, with the older boy to see the preacher
in the afternoon.

The preacher, a huge man with a booming voice, sat
the younger boy down and asked him sternly, ‘Do you
know where God is, son?’

The boy’s mouth dropped open, but he made no
response, sitting there wide-eyed with his mouth
hanging open.

So the preacher repeated the question in an even
sterner tone, ‘Where is God?’

Again, the boy made no attempt to answer. The
preacher raised his voice even more and shook
his finger in the boy’s face and bellowed, ‘Where
is God?’

The boy screamed and bolted from the room, ran
directly home and dove into his closet, slamming
the door behind him.

When his older brother found him in the closet,
he asked, ‘What happened?’

The younger brother, gasping for breath, replied,
‘We are in BIG trouble this time,’

‘GOD is missing, and they
think we did it !


Jan. 10, 2011
China must ease dollar buys: central bank official


Dilly Dalai Lama
(a waste of time)


Old news, but since “change we can believe in” came on the scene, its become more relevant than ever.


KGB Chieftain Finds Home at Homeland Security
by Mike Whitney
January 21, 2005

“Security and liberty go hand-in-hand. Members of Congress, like too many Americans, don’t understand that society with no constraints on its government cannot be secure. History proves that societies crumble when governments become more powerful than the people and private institutions.”
–Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas)

Why would Homeland Security hire former Stasi chief Markus Wolfe and former head of the KGB General Yevgeni Primakov?

Is this part of the Bush anti-terror strategy? After all, Wolfe is the man who is credited with building up the feared East German secret police that was responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands of citizens. And, Primakov’s record is not any better. As skipper of the KGB he was driving force behind the machinery of state terror; a legacy that still has a chilling affect on many Russians.

Now, apparently, they’ve found a new place to hang their hats at Homeland Security. Or have they? Perhaps, the numerous stories on the internet are just fabrications intended to mislead independent research. That’s certainly one possibility. But, consider this; for those who have followed the activities of the current administration (the torture, the deception, the death squads, the destruction of Falluja) stories like this are difficult to discount. As a matter of fact, the hiring of Primakov and Wolfe seems fairly consistent with the long-term goals of the Bush team.

More at:


Sign Of A Dual-Track Economy Pt. 32964321
Joe Weisenthal | Jan. 11, 2011

Read more:


This news report, or more appropriately, propaganda report mirrors exactly just HOW desparate the TPTB are right now – the media whores that are on tv just keep getting dumber and more over the top. First, the idiot news guy says “one of the rare cases where the assasin is caught”??? Hey idiot, I can tell that you are at least 40 to 50 years old, so I know you must have heard ot the JFK assasination, the assasination of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, the attempted assasination of Ronald Reagon – in all cases, the so called “assasin” was caught. Try reading a book once in while. And then I dont’ know what rock they found their “expert” under, but this guy is utterly ridiculous. OH yes, the thought that the government is controlling people through language, that is just “MAD”. Oh and, yes, he makes a reference to David Icke, who of course is some “crazy” conspiracy theorist. Then he talks about all the past incidents, like the guy who flew a plane into the IRS building, phone calls, ect. . No, media whores, none of these people are crazy or “mad”. All of us are sick and tired of you lying and robbing all the people of this country blind. Thats the BOTTOM line.

P.s. If you couldn’t tell, Im a little pissed off today….



I’m in the same state of mind…….



hopesprings777 Did you ever get to listen in on Shepeherd’s Chapel, Pastor Arnold Murray. You can go to the broadband website, or the tele.
The best ‘old marine gunny preacher’ I have ever heard.
Now don’t dilly dalai on this. This blessing is for you !


At Least 10 States Have Introduced Gold Coins-As-Currency Bills

WATCH OUT for gold and silver volatility as we approach the implementation of position limits on the 17th. I am hearing that something will be implemented but it might not be enough to take down the Cabal immediately. Be prepared to ride out ANY additional slams. This means both mentally, emotionally and investments in physical metals in your possession. No paper will survive.

Keep watching for more signs and make your final preparations as we are close.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir


Pal- thanks, glad to know Im not “crazy” or “mad”….LOL…



Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Tuesday, 11-Jan-2011 05:55:41 Well have learned from source that the Chief Justice of Arizona Judge may have been the target in the Tuscon shooting. Wednesday he had ruled against the government wanting to conficate the retirements of Arizona retires for the use of the government in these bad times by executive orders, U.S., says Executiave Orders gives them the rights to take funds. Judge said NO.
Found case 4:10-cv-00593 for Wrongful Levy for taxes. Nordbrock et al vs. U.S. Attorney General (??) but the case is blank, sealed ?? Can’t get in to the complaint, exhibits, etc. never ran into this before. Case started in Sept. 2010 nothing on record once case started commissed. Crazy. Can you find out anything. Love and peace. Jeanne


hey getem – this is for you and all the others in Australia tthat are struggling with the floods – my thoughts and prayers are with you-

Hi, Folks –

Australian-born brothers Tommy and Phil Emmanuel are probably both in Australia right now at this time of horrific flooding in Queensland. They had scheduled a “50th Anniversary Tour” in Australia at about this time – 50 years of being on-stage (Tommy having started at age four).

Here’s Tommy Emmanuel, in an undated appearance on “Woodsongs Old Time Radio Show”, playing a bluesy but moving rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

Thanks to YouTuber jdlow77.



Dear BFCers,

Just a few thoughts that are quite interesting. I personally really like Cliff Carnicom. He has been tracking the correlation between chemtrails and Morgellon’s since the beginning despite the fact that he is suffering from the disease himself. For those of you who don’t know much about Morgellon’s, I strongly recommend googling and looking at what it does to people. It is a HORRIFYING DISEASE that robs people of so much as it turns them into giant transceievers. They are sensitive to signals as well as emitting signals from the fibres crawling through their bodies.

Here are some interesting links on chemtrails and so forth. I found the quote that I have reproduced to be quite frightening, but also relevant.


“These “weaponized” pathogens target the elderly and other immune-compromised victims whose deaths go largely unremarked. Though I have avoided this conclusion during nine months of intensive research, I now believe that the culling of “unfit, useless eaters” has begun, with an initial goal (based on known mycoplasma and brucellosis mortalities) of 4%-5% fatalities among those infected.

While significant over time, such subtle increases in deaths among aged or ailing people already expected to die soon remain statistically stealthy – much less obtrusive than bodies piling up in the streets.”

William Thomas, Investigative Reporter/Author



kuda on January 10, 2011 @ 11:12 pm

The memories of Tiananmen Square in 1989 are still vivid and fresh even in 2011. However we need to see the bigger picture here, and understand where China came from and where it’s headed.

The Chinese are a meritocracy, this means only the most talented and the hard working are evaluated and promoted based on how good they are at their jobs, to run the country. Anyone can join the ranks of government; as far as I know this is not an exclusive club for the few to the expense of the many. If you’re a problem solver or have skills; you get the job until someone who can do the job better than you replace you. This form of government has its benefits and its weaknesses. Basically what you need to know is pragmatism trump ideology, there’s a difference between words and deeds, the Chinese focus more on the details of the hows as the whys to reach their goals. 2nd: the decision process is collective and on a large consensus, which eliminates frictions, discord and time in the execution and single individuals are not more relevant than the program and the party itself, they are dispensable be it Hu Jin Tao or Wen Jiabao.

China is on the rise with FYP programs that have met thus far most of their goals. China will not stop its march forward until it is that shining beacon anyone can envy and marvel with gaze just like the US was. What counts in this system of government is the general consensus over single minded opinions and your personal contribution to the process; you can voice your opposition within and not outside the forum. Many party employees’ eyes are firmly fixed not on who’s the boss, but on the real business, this is why any challenge to the general consensus is not seen likely, because it is viewed as a threat to China’s national interests, it questions the validity of their political system and poses a threat to the existence of the party. Taken from this angle this is why the student revolt in Tiananmen Square was severely crushed without second thoughts in 1989, and why Tibet or Taiwan for that matter will never be granted independence, because territorial integrity in China is not for bargain. Tibet is part of China, take it or leave it and end of story! This is how they view it.

The other thing that bugs allot of people is that China has banned outright the Western style democracy, leaving people wondering about the validity of the one party rule and thus equating China with tyranny.

The Chinese are pragmatic people first, what counts to them are results; they are not interested in dogmas and vain religious slogans that can’t feed your stomach. This used to be the case with Mao Zedong in his heydays but it seems they have learned the lessons of the past, i.e. starvation in the 1930s, extreme poverty, and grief resulting in the loss of many innocent lives. This was one of their darkest chapters of their history they will never forget and are not ready to repeat anytime soon. Having said that their current political structures began with the communist party that has evolved into something else people still confuse with Marxism-communism but that has nothing to do with communism but its legacy. From my observations China has banned the multiparty system for one good reason; it exposes them to foreign influence and interference, and opens the door to many possibilities of which they have no control. And with money you can buy anything, can’t you? Votes, candidates, influence, etc. So how can you claim your destiny when you are easily controlled from outside?

Mao Zedong is an example of controlled foreign influence; he was poorly educated as a child but was highly intelligent. He was an Illuminati agent, a protégé of the Rothschild, the one who introduced communism to China in 1921, a pawn to the Soviet Union and knowing what traditional communism stands for… common ownership and production, atheism and tyranny, I think we all agree there’s a sharp contrast between Red Communist China of the 30s and the new China in the 21st century that has grown to become the second largest world economy.

It is in 1967 that China broke the ties with its mentor and Soviet controller, by kicking out Illuminati agents and infiltrators out of the country, which led both countries to a war that could have gone nuclear. Personally if you ask me between the Chinese and US government, which one is the most dangerous, I’ll answer you without hesitation the latter one. You mentioned Tiananmen Square and the brutal murder of more than 500 monks in Tibet. How does that compare with 911, the “War on Terror”, Waco, Oklahoma, the Patriot Act, Obama’s medical bill, the TSA, Quantitative Easing 1,2,3 and 4, the destruction of dollar, the economy and the list goes on and on?

casar1973 on January 11, 2011 @ 3:11 am

I agree with you the case of the Dalai Lama shouldn’t be given much attention to it. You need to read between the lines here… Either Ben has no news of real value this week for us, or it’s rather the opposite and he doesn’t want to talk about it and he’s just throwing us 2nd tier pieces of information. This is my read.



Dear BFCers,

I studied Cliff High’s predictions in his last reports and notes last night. Later today, I will comment on what I found, but in the meantime…with respect to what is going on around the world. The website below has a great deal of information about the HAARP ARRAYS (yes, regretfully, there is more than one). Many people have suspected from the amount of radio interference and unusual heat present in the air around Louisiana about the time of Katrina that HAARP was used to intensify the storm.

I definitely believe that concept. In addition, I got a terrified email from someone BEFORE KATRINA hit that said:

“Nobody is coming. We are stuck here in New Orleans. Please help.”

I did not know this person, but my email address is all over the web. I immediately tried to get all sorts of people mobilized. That is when I discovered that the FEMA storm center was reporting the unusual heat flares in the area.

It is time to stop sitting around waiting for the global settlements. While you are waiting, begin to get organized because things are going to get bad. I have said this before and I will say it many more times. The disaster coming is survivable, but it requires an organized group of people to do it. I am going to put up some more information about a person that was predicted by Cliff High who has appeared and his message.


Evidence uncovers definitive link between HAARP, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Flooding, Drought, Plane Crashes and Global Warming.

Aug 12, 2010

Evidence uncovers definitive link between HAARP, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Flooding, Drought, Plane Crashes and Global Warming.

Aug 12, 2010

The SBX-006 – a floating HAARP Sea Based X-Band Radar Emitter.

Can HAARP manipulate storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes? Can HAARP bring down aircraft? There is definitely a correlation between these and when HAARP is active. While the signals along the ground are well-below adopted safety levels, the signals transmitted above the antenna array have sufficient strength to interfere with electronic equipment in aircraft flying nearby. This is according to HAARP’s website. Therefore, to ensure the safety of all flight operations in the vicinity of any HAARP system, the facilities are suppose to employ an aircraft alert radar (AAR) to automatically shut off HAARP X-Band transmissions when aircraft are detected either within or approaching a defined safety zone around the facilities. AAR didn’t automatically shut off HAARP and recently caused 2 aircrafts to crash in the matter of 2 weeks. One such crash occurred yesterday, Wednesday August 11, 2010, after a HAARP transmission caused the flight instruments to malfunction on a plane carrying former former Sen. Ted Stevens, former NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe and ConocoPhillips CEO William “Bill” Phillips Sr. Evidence of when HAARP is activated is presented by sudden changes in weather in the vicinity of a HAARP transmitter. CNN reported that bad weather delayed rescue in the Alaska crash for 12 hours. =============>Even military planes dared not fly in while HAARP was transmitting. <============


Dear BFCers,

PS: On the HAARP site, it tells how to detect when HAARP has been run by the fluctuations in temperature recorded on its site. When did the fish and birds die? January 7 or 8th? Check out those dates. The 7th had several bursts recorded.



8 rules for our new gender-based economy

Commentary: Gather the women, save the world from WWIII
Paul B. Farrell
Jan. 11, 2011


Comment by mbridges on January 11, 2011 @ 11:13 am
Comment by mbridges on January 11, 2011 @ 1:33 pm
Comment by mbridges on January 11, 2011 @ 1:46 pm
Comment by mbridges on January 11, 2011 @ 1:56 pm

Mike and Michelle…
Belated thanks for the links I’m totally stuck in the matrix again today. So haven’t had time to follow up in a timely manner.

Comment by malia6 on January 11, 2011 @ 12:47 pm
Thanks. These are useful links that I will explore.



Dear Pansy,

This information is just for you. I think that somebody needs to ask Alex Jones why he is not bitching about this stuff. I want to know what COMPOUNDS are being used and their toxicity.


A Summary of Rain Enhancement (Cloud Seeding) Operations in Texas

Projects in Texas
West Texas Weather Modification Association (WTWMA)
South Texas Weather Modification Association (STWMA)
Southern Ogallala Aquifer Rain (SOAR) Program
Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA)
Southwest Texas Rain Enhancement Association (SWTREA)
Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District
Trans Pecos Weather Modification Association

Texas has a lengthy history of using cloud seeding to lessen the impact of periodic, often severe, droughts. Numerous “rainmaking” efforts sprouted during the epic drought of the 1950s, and some continued into the 1960s, giving impetus to the Texas Legislature to adopt a law, in 1967, governing the use of weather modification technologies. In ensuing years, both the State and federal governments provided funds for both cloud seeding research and assessing the impact of commercial weather modification projects.

With more substantive evidence that cloud seeding, when performed in timely and appropriate ways, could invigorate convective clouds, promoting their growth and capacity to produce rainwater, a coordinated, State-funded program began in earnest in the latter half of the 1990s. Today, with drought a pending, if not ever present, threat to the economy and well-being of Texans, rain enhancement projects flourish within large areas of Northwest, West, and South Texas. In fact, the seven cloud seeding projects today cover nearly 31 million acres (or about 18 percent of the land area of the state). When drought was a greater threat a few years ago, as many as 51 million acres were included in cloud seeding “target” areas.

Texas’ present-day cloud seeding efforts are much more than well-considered responses to drought, however. They are also concerted efforts, using the latest technological tools and understanding, to replenish fresh-water supplies in aquifers and reservoirs as well as to help meet the growing needs of agriculture, industry, and municipalities for fresh water. Political subdivisions like water conservation districts and county commissions have embraced the technology of rain enhancement as one element of a long-term, water-management strategy designed to ensure a growing population has enough water to meet its future needs.

Each of the cloud seeding projects uses specially-equipped aircraft designed to place seeding materials (in the form of pyrotechnic devices, or flares, containing ===>silver iodide and other compounds)<======== into convective towers (turrets of growing thunderstorms) to induce them to expand and process more atmospheric water. The seeding is achieved by burning flares either mounted on the wings of single and twin-engine aircraft or held in racks, and dropped (ejected), from the underside of the aircraft fuselage. Pilots in the aircraft are directed to convective clouds believed by the meteorologist to be treatable with the seeding agent. Timing and targeting are the two critical factors in successful seeding of young thunderstorms. The concerted efforts of both pilot(s) and meteorologist are designed to give the growing cloud a “nudge” to enable it to be more efficient in the way it uses available cloud droplets to grow raindrops.

Projects in Texas
As each of the rain enhancement projects became established in recent years, State matching funds were allocated to the sponsoring groups to enable them to procure needed hardware such as specially-equipped aircraft and ground-based radar systems. Each project initially constructed its program, either leasing or purchasing aircraft, at a cost of 8 to 9 cents per acre, with the State assuming up to 4.5 cents of that cost. Eventually, the State share of the cost declined, such that today virtually no residual State funds are used to sustain these programs. From the time the State began paying in part for the programs (1997) until State funds were exhausted (2004), the State contributed about $11.7 million. An additional $1.5 million in State funds was spent during that time to assess the projects’ performance.

No State funds are available now, for the remainder of the current biennium (which ends on August 31, 2009) for any cloud seeding operations in Texas.

The following is a description, by project, of rain enhancement operations conducted during 2009 in Texas.

West Texas Weather Modification Association (WTWMA)
This project, based in San Angelo, is now in its thirteenth consecutive year of operation. Its target is the third largest in the state—some 6.4 million acres in west central Texas between Midland and San Angelo. The WTWMA employs a full-time meteorologist and pilots using Doppler weather radar data produced by the National Weather Service. The meteorologist is based at Mathis Field, while aircraft are located at the San Angelo airport as well as several other locations within the target area.

The project is one of two in the state with a dual purpose: Permits are held by the WTWMA for both rain enhancement and hail suppression operations. The way in which the Association obtained its aircraft and radar, and hired its permanent staff, in 1997-98, to become self-contained as a project served as a prototype for other rain enhancement programs that materialized in Texas later on. The staff of the WTWMA can provide more information about this project (325-949-1950;

South Texas Weather Modification Association (STWMA)
The project with its base of operations in Pleasanton (south of San Antonio) is now in its thirteenth year of operation, having been established in 1997 to seed clouds over a target area extending from the base of the Edwards Plateau to near the coastal bend area of Texas. The STWMA is an alliance of two water districts (Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District and the Live Oak Underground Water Conservation District) and a county commission. Seeding activities are directed by a staff meteorologist working with National Weather Service Doppler weather radar data from the airport in Pleasanton. Because the STWMA has ownership of all of the resources (technical and human) needed to execute rain enhancement operations at any time, the weather modification project runs on a year-round basis.

In 2002 the STWMA expanded its target area to absorb three of the counties previously in the cloud seeding target area of the rain enhancement program of the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA). The EAA reduced the size of its target area (now the primary drainage area for the Edwards Aquifer) and enlisted existing rain enhancement projects based in Pleasanton and Carrizo Springs to provide aerial and technical coverage for its newly-redefined target. As a result, the target area of the STWMA expanded by some 2.2 million acres, to the current 7.3 million, making it the state’s largest weather modification target. The EAA contracts with the STWMA for cloud seeding services in Bandera, Bexar, and Medina counties. More information on this project can be obtained by contacting the STWMA staff (830/569-4186;

Southern Ogallala Aquifer Rain (SOAR) Program
The only rain enhancement project to have direct interface with interests in New Mexico is the SOAR project, based in Plains and operated by the Sandy Land Underground Water Conservation District (SLUWCD). Gaines, Terry, and Yoakum counties make up the Texas portion of the bi-state project, which encompasses some 2 million acres in eastern New Mexico as well as 2.1 million in Texas. Two of the counties (Terry and Yoakum) have had cloud seeding since the establishment of a program, in 1997, by the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1. Terry and Yoakum counties were a part of the 15-county HPUWCD weather modification project for five years until they formed the nucleus of the SOAR project in 2002.

Seeding activities for both areas of Texas and New Mexico are directed by a SOAR meteorologist based in Plains, where the aircraft are also headquartered. More information about the SOAR Program can be obtained by contacting the SLUWCD staff (806/456-2155;

Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA)
The EAA first initiated its own rain enhancement effort in 1998, using an out-of-state contractor for seeding operations based in Hondo. Since its inception, the aim of the project has been to put additional water on the ground, and into the aquifer that is the sole source of water for several million people living in South Central Texas, including the metropolis of San Antonio. After four years of contracted services, the EAA in 2003 assigned portions of its “old” target area to two well-established and independently-run cloud seeding projects nearby. Since then, three of the counties in its redefined target have been served by the South Texas Weather Modification Association, while a fourth county (Uvalde) has been included in the target of the Southwest Texas Rain Enhancement Association (based in Carrizo Springs). The EAA office in San Antonio (800/292-1047; can supply more information about its rain enhancement effort.


Comment by nai2010 on January 12, 2011 @ 2:49 am

Thanks. Great chemtrail links.



Peter King, Leading Republican, To Introduce Strict Gun-Control Legislation

The shootings and murders in Arizona has several agendas being served through this one act:

Clearly, this is an mk ultra operation that is serving to give the message to anyone in congress or in any position in government that they are NOT to go against the agenda of the TPTB, to give justification for gun control of the American people, to take out a Judge that was not going to go along with allowing the theifs to pillage all the pension funds, to again invoke fear in the country in general, and to stop a member of congress that actually possessed some COMMON SENSE and was advocating pay cuts of those in congress. Im sure that there a more agendas being served that will come out pretty soon.


Nai2010- in the weeks previous blog, I had posted results I found from going through 30 different articles about all the animal deaths, and the dates of the incidents ranged from 12/13/2010 to 01/05/2011, with most of the incidents occurring from 12/31/2010 to 01/04/2011.

On the morgellons, this is a most interesting subject- I have also read that it is related to GMO Foods as well..


‘GOD is missing, and they
think we did it !

SUPER EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gold Bars Market “Very Tight” in Hong Kong–
Western Profit-Takers Warned of “Robust Physical”
Gold Buying in Asia—
By Adrian Ash | January 11, 2011—
Wholesale Gold Bar prices rose further against all major currencies in London trade on Tuesday morning, unwinding
of last week’s drop to hit for US Dollar investors–

“Traders are talking about buying dips again,” concurs a Hong Kong dealer, noting that Asia “physical market
remains very tight” for Gold Bars—



Dear BFCers,



London Times
Edition 1 MON 11 MAY 1987

Smallpox vaccine ‘triggered Aids virus’


The Aids epidemic may have been triggered by the mass vaccination campaign which eradicated smallpox. The World Health Organization, which masterminded the 13-year campaign, is studying new scientific evidence suggesting that immunization with the smallpox vaccine Vaccinia awakened the unsuspected, dormant human immuno defence virus infection (HIV).

Some experts fear that in obliterating one disease, another disease was transformed from a minor endemic illness of the Third World into the current pandemic. While doctors now accept that Vaccinia can activate other viruses, they are divided about whether it was the main catalyst to the Aids epidemic.

But an adviser to WHO who disclosed the problem, told The Times: ‘I thought it was just a coincidence until we studied the latest findings about the reactions which can be caused by Vaccinia. Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to the explosion of Aids.’ ‘In obliterating one disease, another was transformed.’

Further evidence comes from the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington. While smallpox vaccine is no longer kept for public health purposes, new recruits to the American armed services are immunized as a precaution against possible biological warfare. Routine vaccination of a 19-year-old recruit was the trigger for stimulation of dormant HIV virus into Aids.

This discovery of how people with subclinical HIV infection are at risk of rapid development of Aids as a vaccine-induced disease was made by a medical team working with Dr Robert Redfield at Walter Reed. The recruit who developed Aids after vaccination had been healthy throughout high school. He was given multiple immunizations, followed by his first smallpox vaccination.

Two and a half weeks later he developed fever, headaches, neck stiffness and night sweats. Three weeks later he was admitted to Walter Reed suffering from meningitis and rapidly developed further symptoms of Aids and died after responding for a short time to treatment. There was no evidence that the recruit had been involved in any homosexual activity.

In describing their discovery in a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine a fortnight ago, the Walter Reed team gave a warning against a plan to use modified versions of the smallpox vaccine to combat other diseases in developing countries.

Other doctors who accept the connection between the anti-smallpox campaign and the Aids epidemic now see answers to questions which had baffled them. How, for instance, the Aids organism, previously regarded by scientists as ‘weak, slow and vulnerable,’ began to behave like a type capable of creating a plague.

Many experts are reluctant to support the theory publicly because they believe it would be interpreted unfairly as criticism of WHO. In addition, they are concerned about the impact on other public health campaigns with vaccines, such as against diptheria and the continued use of Vaccinia in potential Aids research.

The coincidence between the anti-smallpox campaign and the rise of Aids was discussed privately last year by experts at WHO. The possibility was dismissed on grounds of unsatisfactory evidence. Advisors to the organization believed then that too much attention was being focussed on Aids by the media.

It is now felt that doubts would have risen sooner if public health authorities in Africa had more willingly reported infection statistics to WHO. Instead, some African countries continued to ignore the existence of Aids even after US doctors alerted the world when the infection spread to the United States.

However, as epidemiologists gleaned more information about Aids from reluctant Central African countries, clues began to emerge from the new findings when examined against the wealth of detail known about smallpox as recorded in the Final Report of the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication.

The smallpox vaccine theory would account for the position of each of the seven Central African states which top the league table of most-affected countries; why Brazil became the most afflicted Latin American country; and how Haiti became the route for the spread of Aids to the US. It also provides an explanation of how the infection was spread more evenly between males and females in Africa than in the West and why there is less sign of infection among five to 11-year-olds in Central Africa.

Although no detailed figures are available, WHO information indicated that the Aids league table of Central Africa matches the concentration of vaccinations. The greatest spread of HIV infection coincides with the most intense immunization programmes, with the number of people immunised being as follows: Zaire 36,878,000; Zambia 19,060,000; Tanzania 14,972,000; Uganda 11,616,000; Malawai 8,118,000; Ruanda 3,382,000 and Burundi 3,274,000.

Brazil, the only South American country covered in the eradication campaign, has the highest incidence of Aids in that region. About 14,000 Haitians, on United Nations secondment to Central Africa, were covered in the campaign. They began to return home at a time when Haiti had become a popular playground for San Francisco homosexuals.

Dr Robert Gello, who first identified the Aids virus in the US, told The Times: ‘The link between the WHO programme and the epidemic in Africa is an interesting and important hypothesis. ‘I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV. ‘No blame can be attached to WHO, but if the hypothesis is correct it is a tragic situation and a warning that we cannot ignore.’

Aids was first officially reported from San Francisco in 1981 and it was about two years later before Central African states were implicated. It is now known that these states had become a reservoir of Aids as long ago as the later 1970s.

Although detailed figures of Aids cases in Africa are difficult to collect, the more than two million carriers, and 50,000 deaths, estimated by the World Health Organization are concentrated in the Countries where the smallpox immunization programme was most intensive. The 13-year eradication campaign ended in 1980, with the saving of two million lives a year and 15 million infections. The global saving from eradication has been put at dollars 1,000 million a year.

Charity and health workers are convinced that millions of new Aids cases are about to hit southern Africa. After a meeting of 50 experts near Geneva this month it was revealed that up to 75 million, one third of the population, could have the disease within the next five years.

Some organizations which have closely studied Africa, such as War on Want, believe that South Africa’s black population, so far largely protected from the disease, could be most affected as migrant workers bring it into the country from the worst hit areas further north. The apartheid policy, they predict, will intensify its outbreak by confining the groups into comparatively small, highly populated towns where it will be almost impossible to contain its spread.

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should be—
Wholesale Gold Bar prices rose against all major
currencies in London trade on Tuesday morning,
unwinding some of last week’s drop for US$ investors–


Dear Hopes and Wo,

You might want to add this information to that GMO article.


Health Video Documentary
The Future of Food

The food you eat may not be what you think it is. The Future of Food is an excellent documentary which shows large-scale collusion between government regulatory agencies and corporations producing genetically modified foods.

The result is that the majority of the corn and soy supply in the United States is genetically modified (GM), yet the public is not even aware of this, much less of the dangers of GM food. Engaging interviews with farmers, scientists, and industry insiders reveal the great extent to which the manufacture of the food on your plate is being patented and controlled by corporations with little regard to the health implications for us or for future generations.

To view this excellent health documentary free (86 minutes)

For an abundance of reliable information suggesting a major cover-up by government health agencies and powerful business interests and what you can do about it, see our Health Information Center. By choosing to educate ourselves and to spread the word to our friends and colleagues, we can play a key role in building a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations.

To purchase this highly empowering health video documentary:

For a well documented, 10-page summary of the hidden risks of GM foods with detailed footnotes:

For another excellent documentary showing the proven risks to popular sugar substitutes:

What you can do:

* Inform your media and political representatives of these critical health video documentaries and this important information. To contact those close to you, click here. Urge them to tackle the vital topic of food industry greed, corruption, and collusion with government.
* Read a revealing two-page review of a book by one of the top MD’s in the US showing an astounding level of corruption and collusion in the health industry at this link.
* Learn more about how to improve your health in this lesson from the free Insight Course.
* Read concise summaries of revealing major media reports on health issues available here.
* Visit our Health Information Center at
* Spread this news to your friends and colleagues, and bookmark this article on key news websites using the “Share This” icon on this page, so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference.


Humans not destroying themselves fast enough say next evolutionary step –

American style elections in Zimbabwe – mob rule replaces dictatorship –

In the UK Cannabis remains classified as a drug instead of a terrorist weapon –

Hello rothchilds cattle, welcome to the fkn newz Im far from home here are tonight’s headlies.



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Excellent summary of the situation!!!

I already plagerized it… *grin*


Hi Ben,

As a sahaja yogi we can feel vibrations for anything and the thing is very simple: when something/someone emits cool vibrations, it is a good person/thing and when someone feels like hot vibrations it says that that person is directed away from the Divine (or evil you could say in a way).
It is a common knowledge in our Sahaj community that the Dalai Lama is a person who emits hot vibrations. So I believe you in a sense that this guy is not kosjer. And since vibrations are a higher and infallible way of knowing things I can confirm he could be satanist rat.

All the best to you and your beloved wife, dear brother




@Fibon 11235 … How can you believe, trust, faith in anything after 911 fiasco..

Especially after listening to this :

… have listened twice already!

MirrorMirror Jan. 11/11 @


fix – love your new gravatar…lol..hey, is the WalKnDude a reference from Stephen King’s book The Stand???

Nai2010- thanks for the info – I will be watching it, Im doing research for the next article

XL- go for it!! Im pissed off today, I may add to it…


If I Was An Alien

If I was an Alien, I would have gone home a long time ago!!!!!!!!
If I was an Alien , I could go back home to a World not run by evil Psychotic assholes,
If I was an Alien, I would have left a long time ago,
If I was an Alien, I would have helped out Tyler Kent
more than a little
If I was an Alien, I would have have thrown fox newz & Monsanto into the center of the Sun
If I was an Alien, I would have looked around just once & left
If I was an Alien from outer Space, I would have changed History a few times instead of simply re-writing History
& fill the school books full of crap that never happened.
If I was an Alien I wouild have banned all sociopaths from the Govbermuntnz


There are two new updates from Cliff High


Excellent article about the shootings in Arizona


I should add thank gingerlynn for originally posting this link on 1/11/11:32. Thank you.


This is an interview with Kerry Cassidy and Temporal Ricon- code name for a guy who wrote a book about John Titor. The story of John Titor is very fascinating, about a guy who traveled through time from 2036 to 1998, to retrieve a computer – anyway, Im sure that some people are familiar but its pretty interesting. Also, an update from Dr. Deagle




Patriot Act, a Nazi law: Ex-CIA official

Quoting Article:
“The Patriot Act was similar to legislation carried out by the Nazis because essentially it was using terrorism in both cases as an excuse to strip civil liberties that were enjoyed in both countries; in the United States and Germany,” Phillip Giraldi said in an interview with Press TV.

“Governments have been willing to use fear, such as fear of terrorism, and fear of the enemy, as a way to get the people lined up in support of government policies. Very often these policies are essentially bad for the people because they take away many of their rights,” the former CIA officer said.

Article continues here:

Another “whitleblower” of a sort.




Quoting the article:
“*Report published in November by a government panel of experts recommends default as way of preventing the transfer union and the economic meltdown of the eurozone: German minister only acknowledged it existed yesterday
*Advisors says national governments should take steps themselves to default on national debt in view of ineffectiveness of EU
*Report also criticises “permanent crisis fund” to be set up in 2013 to save banks and destroy states
Insolvency mechanisms should be set up to allow eurozone countries to default on their mountains of national debt, a panel of German economic experts recommended in a report published on November 26, 2010, it has emerged.”

Article continues here:

This EU Scandal may yet lead to the Irish throwing in the towel on the Euro and fomenting the “Irish Incident” that Clif High has predicited.



10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-5" class="ucm-comment-id">5 110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-9" class="ucm-comment-id">9 " rel="nofollow"> /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-5" class="ucm-comment-id">5 110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-9" class="ucm-comment-id">9

December 24, 10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 10 · By admin

#1. Sarah Palin is selected President of US. Global population drowns in vomit tsunami.

10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 ways the world ends in 10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 12
(random fantasy projections according to Lonewolf the Malignantificent)

#10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 Oil discovered on the Moon and is extracted by NWO crapitalists. Lunar orbit degrades. Earth orbit destabilizes and planet decouples from (exits) solar system.
#110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-9" class="ucm-comment-id">9 Last Pope dies. Mass delusion terminates. No point in continuing anything. Mass suicide evacuates temporal lunatic asylum. Jimi Hendrix returns to burn world stage.
#110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-8" class="ucm-comment-id">8 Large Hadron Collider finally succeeds in producing stable singularity. Resulting Black Hole swallows Earth, solar system, then entire galaxy (burp).
#110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 Cosmic Ray Burst from colliding branes (universes) exits wormhole near Andromeda and vaporizes Milky Way galaxy.
#110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 Speed of light exceeded by ET in a distant galaxy long long ago. Mass becomes (became) infinite. Spacetime collapses (terminated). Big Crush begins.
#110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-5" class="ucm-comment-id">5 All life discovered to be artificial (illusory). 10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 billion fantasy delusions simultaneously self-terminate. Reality is revealed as a massive singularity. Gravity ‘wins’ (entropy reversal).
#12 /16/weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-14" class="ucm-comment-id">14 Osama Bin Hiding is revealed as the prophesied True Messiah. All Muslims die instantly from massive stroke; all Jews/X-ians of flesh-eating bacteria caused by soiled underwear.
#12 /21/secret-financial-maneuvers-fail-to-save-copenhagen-climate-summit/#comment-13" class="ucm-comment-id">13 Kim Jung Ilk explodes simultaneous EMP devices over continental US and central Asia. Every semi-conductor on Earth short circuits. No film at 11 :00.
#12 Monsanto terminator gene is activated in HFCS and soya meal products. Everyone who has ever consumed any of either dies from massive exploding brain tumors.
#11 Jesus ‘returns’ (riding on a pterodactyl) and is he ‘ever pissed’. Godfather takes his righteous/wrathful revenge and starts his 10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 000 year experiment all over.

#10 . Mayan calendar ends and the sun collapses into a White Dwarf producing instant mass enlightenment on snowball Earth
#10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-9" class="ucm-comment-id">9 . CIA/Mossad perpetrate false flag attacks on Saudi Oil terminals and entire planet immediately grinds to a halt to freeze in the dark
#10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-8" class="ucm-comment-id">8 . Rapture occurs in reverse. Everyone who has ever lived and died returns. (Peehew)
#10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 . Nephilim pilot Planet X from it’s hiding place behind the sun and harvests all freshwater on Earth. Dust becomes new global currency (what’s for dinner)
#10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 . HAARP causes magnetic field reversal w/ crustal displacement causing the oceans to slosh over all continental land masses (with Scrubbing Bubbles™)
#10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-5" class="ucm-comment-id">5 . ET modifies the trajectory of asteroid 10 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-9" class="ucm-comment-id">9 910 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /110 /01/04/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week/#comment-20" class="ucm-comment-id">20 09/12 /12 /28/fascists-try-to-grab-250-billion/#comment-16" class="ucm-comment-id">16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-6" class="ucm-comment-id">6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-9" class="ucm-comment-id">9 42 Apothis which obliterates Earth 24 years early (or too late, perspective dependent).
#4. North and South Korea start WWIII so that Alex Jones is declared the winner and dictator of the glowing glass wastelands
#3. Sudden massive methane release from arctic Siberian-traps (turdra fart) ignited by chain smoking pot-head.
#2. BAU continues unabated. Earth consumes itself leaving massive ball of feces orbiting Sol.
#1. Sarah Palin is selected President of US. Global population drowns in vomit tsunami.


Municipal Bonds – The House Built on Sand Collapsing

Definition – These in general are bonds issued to raise money by States, Cities and Counties. These are all corporations if you take the time to look into it. There are variances in the bonds. Some are for specific projects and some are general. Some are backed by different things. The variances are not really of major importance. The problem is the issuing municipalities cannot afford to keep making the interest payments.

Why Is Default on the Table – Well lets look at things economically. These factors affect cities, counties and states.
Unemployment – This means less people working, thus employment taxes are down. Plus more people are drawing down on the unemployment funds. Many are in need so assistance programs kick in but many are funded by the fed.
Taxes – People spend less since they have less, so sales taxes are down. Profits on businesses are down so income taxes are down. Interest rates are low so capital gains taxes from interest are minimal. Obama extended the Bush tax cuts so tax free munis are not so attractive to some investors and this means sell offs. Property values are down so property taxes are lower. People are also broke and are not making tax payments or making them late.
Bush Tax Cuts – Obama extended the Bush tax cuts so tax free munis are not so attractive to some investors so this means sell offs.
Build America Bond Program – This program assisted in interest payments (35%) has ended and is not being renewed. This places a greater load on the municipalities to perform. It also increase Muni bond risk.
Sell Off – In the last five weeks preceding Christmas 2010 $9 billion was pulled out of muni bonds. The issuers will need to pay higher interest to attract investors. This would be interest they cannot afford to pay. Yikes.

Size of Muni Bond Market – There are $2.9 trillion dollars of such bonds out there.

Pensions – This is the bottom of the iceberg that is not in plain sight. The municipalities cannot afford to keep paying the pensions. Some have pension built up for decades they are paying on. Attempts to negotiate pensions and pension benefits with unions have been dismal.

Will the Fed Bailout The Muni Bond Issuers – Senate Budgetary Chairman Kent Conrad said a muni bailout by the fed is not on the table. Bernake said the Federal Reserve Bank has no intention of getting involved. Bernake also said there is no plan to stop the states from defaulting not having any such authority. So all of a sudden the states have rights! John Cornyn, R-Tex is talking about lawmakers considering legislation to permit states to file for bankruptcy.
Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) plans to introduce a bill to require states to disclose the size of their public-pension obligations in order to keep their federal tax-exempt bonding authority. The bill, the Public Employee Pension Transparency Act, will explicitly bar state and local governments from receiving help from the federal government to cover their pension obligations. “There are 242 Republicans, and I can’t imagine one that would be in favor of a bailout,” Mr. Nunes said. “We need to be prepared with a plan in case we are approached by one or more states,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, (D., N.D.), chairman of the Budget Committee. Neither the House nor the Senate would be “very interested in bailouts to states,” he added.
2010 Defaults – In 2010 there were five municipal bankruptcies. There were in addition $4.25 billion in muni bond defaults. Here we go!
Time to Get Scared ! – The ‘Perfect Storm” is brewing. Lets see some headlines with links so you get the issue in its fullest.

Detroit Mayor Plans to Halt Garbage Pickup, Police Patrols in 20% of City; Expect Bankruptcy, Massive Municipal Bond Turmoil in 2011

Miami Commissioner Says Bankruptcy is City’s Best Hope; Chris Christie Says New Jersey Towards Becoming Greece
Oakland California Bankrupt – Councilwoman Pat Kernighan Calls Rest of Council “Crazy and Irresponsible”
Chicago’s Mayor Daley Discusses Bankruptcy For City Pensions
Mainstream Media Chatter – They are trying to downplay this to avoid further selloffs and panic. This is the prefect storm. If the fed goes for a bailout (they say they won’t) then they water down their own money supply and push themselves further down the drain. Better the munis than us is their thinking. This one is real and will not magically go away. It will get ugly, very ugly.

A New Hollywood Movie To Watch – The Company Men. Star studded. Depressing at first in that it illustrates the economy and the damage it does to those laid off and their families. It does illustrate the selfish and vicious thinking of those at the top who care about nothing except profits. Watch them throw people away after decades of loyal service to save a buck and enhance profits. See the toll it takes on their life. See the desperation of the executive job seeker. Of course it has a feel good ending. Should be in theaters now. Suggested to get an insight of the hidden damage the elite are inflicting on “we the people”. Remember they are not sitting there burning money to take it out of existence. The same amount of money is there, it is just changing pockets, going from your pockets to the pockets of the banksters. Do not forget this. If you wish to bring this to an end peacefully go here:
What Effect Will This Have – Complicated question. The pensioners are at the greatest risk. The pension payments could come slowly. For instance they might make nine payments in a given year, not twelve. They could file a reorganization plan and pay the pensioners back 50% or less. They will leave the pensioners in the lurch. They could cut back services to pay their debts. Most municipalities carry debt loads of 5% but when you add in the pensions it gets up there. So they would need to do layoffs in substantial amounts. This may impair their ability to function and then the administrators are at risk of losing their jobs. From their selfish viewpoint it is best to default and cut the pensions. These people have no recourse in a bankruptcy. Well many pensioners will lose all or part of their pensions. Many muni workers will lose their jobs as they cut back to save money. Things like police, fire, repair of streets, buildings and sanitation services will be cut back. Some states like Arizona have already begun selling their buildings on a lease buyback. They could always privatize the governments – whoops wait they already did that. They are already incorporated. The financial implosion is going to start with the cities, counties and states. The ranks of the unemployed will rise and this makes things worse over time. As services get cut property values will drop, then less property taxes and the spiral continues. The municipalities are circling the drain folks. I think the end of the American empire will start with the Muni defaults and bankruptcies. Don’t get me wrong the Fed is in terrible trouble too and is in danger of going down the drain as well. I guess we could say the question is – Which ones go down first?


Dear BFCers,

Do you all remember Richard Terra? The incessant arguments over whether US voters were actually getting the candidates that they TRULY VOTED FOR? I was very involved in investigating the coverups in Texas and I KNEW THAT THE ELECTIONS WERE FIXED BECAUSE I SAW THE VOTING MACHINES CHANGE VOTES REPEATEDLY.

I also witnessed vote totals being reported out of San Antonio, Texas to the MSM even though there were reports on the registrar’s site that said that they could not get the voting machines to disgorge their totals (in other words, the machines would not download their counts BUT THE REGISTRAR STILL REPORTED ELECTION TOTALS WITHOUT HAVING THE ACTUAL COUNTS).

In “Uncounted,” you will hear from Bruce Funk who had been a voting supervisor for decades in Utah. He lost his job for trying to ensure that the vote was fair during the 2008 elections. All of the people who speak are so earnest and upset about the deceit. THEY ARE THE REAL PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY and listening to them made me feel good about my country.

As our country begins to fall into the abyss, I want all of you to have the truth and to provide it to as many people as you can. It is especially important that people OUTSIDE THE USA learn that we did not vote these despots in.

Computer Scientists Take Over Electronic Voting Machine with New Programming Technique (Really excellent presentation…important to remember that SCANNERS CAN ALSO BE PROGRAMMED TO FLIP INPUT)
Electronic Voting Machine Fraud – Part 1 of 5
Electronic Voting Machine Fraud – Part 2 of 5
Electronic Voting Machine Fraud – Part 3 of 5
Electronic Voting Machine Fraud – Part 4 of 5
Electronic Voting Machine Fraud – Part 5 of 5
Uncounted – Clint Curtis: Million Dollar Programmer
Uncounted – Bruce Funk: Why Diebold’s Disreputable Distinction is Dead On Deserved (the uncounted movie is on YouTube, but if you want to buy a copy to show to your local clubs or churches, go to the “uncounted website.”

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ – journalist Brad Friedman – a network of more than 120 election integrity and other organizations – journalists Bob Fitrakis, Steven Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman – election consumer advocate Bev Harris – non-partisan grassroots network for fair and accurate elections – national election integrity organization – syndicated columnist, Bob Koehler – packed full of information about election irregularities – 2004-2006

November 3, 2008
Don’t Blame Yourselves
By Mary Mancini
Vote Flipping
2008 Election

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From John Gideon of Daily Voting News:

Just a comment to those who want to dismiss ‘vote-flipping’ as voter error. All kinds of people go to the polls to vote. They are highly educated and high-school dropouts. Rich and poor. They have long fingernails and nails bitten to the quick. They have thin fingers and wide fingers. They are going to softly touch the screen or touch it hard. Vendors and election officials tend to blame vote-flipping on the voters. They touched the screen too hard; drug their finger; had long fingernails; or their fingers touched too large an area. So, is it the voters fault? NO! It is the vendors who designed, built and sold these machines that don’t work for all voters and it is the election officials who bought those machines.

A large majority of the ‘vote-flipping’ has been on older ES&S iVotronic DREs; those machines that were featured on last year’s Dan Rather Reports. The cheaply built, poorly tested touch screens that were used as components on those systems should have been scrapped long ago. It’s not the voters fault and this constant pointing of fingers is wrong. The vendors need to remember that when they point a finger at the voters they have three fingers pointing back at the real culprit, themselves; and it makes no difference what those fingers look like, they are the fingers of blame…..


Tuesday, January 11, 2011
INTEL 1/11 10:45 am
INTEL 1/11 10:45 am

WARNING – Discernment advised.

Was Informed to be available for Cash in 1/11/11 sometime today.
To be done BY Midnight! Be on standby for bank visit.
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this was sent to me by colleen thomas from her insider sources
[1/10/2011 7:31:06 PM] brokenwrench: It has begun, the military signed agreements with the New Republic of the US to transfer all authority to the NR of the US yesterday, today 33 Sheriff Depts over the US will sign the same kind of agreement. The new US Supreme court justices have alredy been selcted and are about to be swarn in. We have met the deadline, we have been working on this for 2 years behind the scene. Our interum President is named Tim Turner, look him up. All is well, the Federation will step in as well but only to assist with clean up and the transer for peaceful technologies and advanced physics for our general good, replicators for food and all we need will be in our hands by the end of Feb when Michael presents with his massive mother ship. We are doing great, the assults will end promptly now


911 Half Truth Movement 10/30/10 Radio interview
From: Rys2sense | November 04, 2010 | 1,634 views

Alex and company getting worked on the issue of 911.
Part 2 here
Israel’s role in 911 couldn’t be more obvious and for a prominent 911 “truther” to omit it couldn’t possibly be from ignorance, it has to either be fear or intentional propaganda. But the money is where the lies are. It doesn’t pay to tell the truth. Where is the Soros for the whatreallyhappened crowd, the Ryan Dawsons, Desert peace, etc where is our wealthy sponsor. Like Ron Paul, we all depend on the small donations from the masses to fight the corporate sponsored media and 911 half truth shill sell outs who purposely avoid the elephant in the room.


Republic of the United States – Update Jan. 11, 2011

Seating All The States – Seating the last eight State Republics is the priority right now. Teams of people have been sent out to get the job done. Results so far have been more than encouraging. New York is seated and that was a big bump in the road. Nevada is functioning nicely according to some posts but I was never aware of any issues there but very glad to know all is well. Arkansas is well on it’s way and expect some good seating news before weeks end. We will update on progress of the other eight states as we pick up reports. This is a problem well on its way to be resolved fast. With the amazing leadership of the Kenyan President of the Corporation and the remarkably sound economic recovery engineered by Bernanke (sic) setting up these states is like shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun. The republic has a serious sense of urgency due to the possibility of a fast collapse of the fed which let’s not kid ourselves is circling the drain. It would be better to have the Republic fully seated and operating when the fed stops circling the drain and begins its descent down the sewer pipes. I am also of the belief that there is another problem asides from the fed circling the drain. This is the muni bond defaults on the way. It is expected that we will see 100 defaults in 2011 if things continue that long. The states are now trying to get a law passed allowing them to go bankrupt. This way they get rid of their interest payments on bonds and escape from having to pay pensions. Both of these debts are choking the states. Perhaps twenty to thirty states may be looking at filing a bankruptcy. The effects will be devastating. Retired people too old to work will lose their pensions and medical benefits. The fed has said they have no plans to intervene with states. So the race is on to see who goes down the drain first, the municipalities or the fed, but of course with the seating of the restored Republic this is academic.

The ID’s – Expect to see the notices regarding the ID’s being sent to city, county, and state governments and law enforcement agencies in the very immediate future, think any day now. This will take us to a new place. This is very exciting. This is going to run up the requests for ID’s through the stratosphere. Get your orders in now. Isn’t this a fantastic thing to witness and pass on to the younger generations. I am trying to be positive. I know many of us have spent years dragging our feet through the mud the de facto forced us to go through. We need to stop dwelling on the past misery and hardships and look ahead to the bright future. Hard work yes but with commensurate rewards that you and your family will get to enjoy. Imagine that!

The Plan in General is Proceeding – Once the few states that need seating are properly and constitutionally seated the next events will fall into place. This will be the funding to save “we the people” and the world as well from sheer economic chaos. The military support for the constitutional reinhabited republic will then become out in the open. Then all will be well on its way.

What Happens After the Republic is Seated & Funded etc – Well the folks inside state and national will get to work their tails off. Please pray for them and their families. The amount of work to do is absolutely mind boggling. Let me tell you again mind boggling. If you can find a copy of Reinhabiting the Unoccupied Republic for Dummies – let me know. What you can do as a sovereign citizen is start to wrap your mind around business. Start thinking about business models. There will be new opportunities. Small business loans will be there for you. Small organic Farms. Start a farmers market to help the organic farmers sell their wares. Alternative Energy devices will boom. Many are Suppressed. Installing and maintaining such devices can be great for those of you good at this sort of work. For the marketing types selling them can be lucrative. There might be a marketing war between a number of these devices, all effective but some better in some ways than others. Get ready to run for office. Get busy with your local government and prove yourself right away. Get known as a giver and not a taker. I am not going to vote for Plain or Beck who will probably try to rub the republic all over themselves and run for office. I would not vote for any mainstream media friend of the de facto leaders in D.C. The large payrolls of the de facto will be absorbed by the Republic for a time to avoid the devastating effects of firing them all at once. It may take a few years to reabsorb many of these government employees into the private sector. Remember the private sector will be expanding leaps and bounds and many will want to jump ship and join the private sector. In a healthy economy the rewards are always greatest in the private sector. We will keep you posted as we pick up information. When the proceedings speed up (very shortly now) we will be doing updates daily and even several times a day. Do enjoy the seating of your Republic. Relish every minute of it and remember to tell the story to your children and grandchildren. What a time to live in.



Kohala, UGMMike, Marek, Kuulemomi, I meant to say something about your great posts…so here it is…RIGHT ON!!! (remember that old ’60s phrase?, let’s revive it.)

It seems that Wikileaks has begun springing the UFO stuff and it is pretty exciting already. I have some of it for you.

BTW, expect to see people really wake up when the fluoride levels drop. I will write some things on that topic later, but for now, back to the UFOs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s all write letters to Congress asking why Belaurus is writing to our embassy about things that don’t exist. 😉 (according to US policy that is)



First WikiLeaks’ Cable Mentioning UFOs Released
Sun Jan 9 17:50

Grant Lawrence–Bodhi Thunder

The US Embassy in Minsk prepared this diplomatic cable on the comments of Yuriy Zhadobin, chairman of the intelligence service of the former Soviet Republic of Belarus

This is what Zhadobin said in the cable just released by the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten:

Unlike during the USSR, the department is not engaged in studying paranormal phenomena. [Back then,] we had greater means and opportunities which we could spend on anything and everything. Today the situation is different. Then, when society was excited by something, it entered our sphere of interest. But when it comes to healers, UFOs and such, we just can´t deal with them any more….(news exopolitics

Hard times in Belarus evidently means that the official study of UFOs can no longer be viable in that country.

It is well known that the KGB of the old Soviet Union was as active as the American CIA in the study of UFOs and the paranormal. But with the fall of that Empire, Belarus has to only imagine what is happening in the skies above them.

Or perhaps this is the story that the Belarus’ Intelligence wants the US to believe.

Peru Mother ship <=======================A couple of years ago, there was an entire fleet of some sort of craft that flew over Lima in broad daylight and was witnessed by the entire city. The video is in Spanish, but I translated the more salient points and that might be up on that site by now.
Clear video taken by Russian fighter pilots of a cigar-shaped craft without wings.


Last post for today…

Aussies, better take a look at Cliff’s latest report. It has something about a dam failing in Australia and trees with bubbling around them signifying the dam’s distress.



G7enn and Lew:
China has fewer prisoners than we for many reasons,One being that a round to the back of the head and prisoner body parts sales similar to
Israelis parts business ,are preferable to housing corrupt officials and violent offenders and feeding them for life .China’s prisons are for political and religious internees.
Criminals great and small just buy the farm.

In the US ,over half of the housed prisoners are victimless criminals as a result of being victims of the free flowing ,cross border, TPTB drug businesses,.
Since corporate financed private prisons are the US model, you can expect
government and courts to keep filling them for private profit .
We could use some of Chinese techniques on Madoff , government and market style thieves
and this would surely limit their ongoing , criminal activities.

Madoff should have gone on the wall like the Chinese corrupters instead of comfortable Club Fed housing for life. Just read recently that a California
prisoner received a life sentence for shoplifting food as his third strike.
Also, most states prefer housing the serial killers and murderers for life. not a good idea in these trying financial times.
We pay more for prisoner housing than for higher education in America.

As for the Dalai Lama , the story is still out as far as I am concerned, If he is robotized and not just trying to get fair shakes for his people, comparing close up photo’s over time should reveal major or minor physical changes.
Evidence discussed here,regarding the Lama, without real equality of
information ,China heavy ,Lama light , makes me think that the propaganda machine is far better financed by the Communist party and their justifying minions than the refugees of Tibet who are dependant on charity for their refugee support from devotees and the Indian Government.

Can any attackers of the Lama really demonstrate that the Dalai
Lama is living high on the Hog or pushing anything other than the removal of Chinese occupation of Sovereign Tibet., By the way ,China has kept the Panchen Lama reincarnation a prisoner in China proper. going so far as picking him.
Of all the present ,major religious world leaders,the Lama, is the most simple living,
and his peaceful and enlightened lamas are an example for the rest of the high rolling and corrupt religious leaders of the west .
If he is truly a bad fellow as some here believe, don’t discount the mass of peaceful Buddhist practioneers as the Buddhist psychology and scientific ideas
most accurately aligns with current Quantum Physics speculations on Universal Reality and the Science of Mind. .

Folks, going inward to seek enlightenment as even Jesus recommended
causes little trouble to the violent,.contending and corrupt religious movements of the west. Buddhists have always been a target for the
true believers of western religious forms.Buddhists are responsible for their own liberation, No intermediaries, Lama ‘s just share their techniques
If some here are interested, try reading the” Ten Thousand Songs of Milarepa” and the” Way of the White Clouds”.
Remember when investigating ,keep an open mind and all are innocent until they have been tried or proven guilty..
When comparing the Tibetan political culture or it’s religious forms to those of the west,one cannot judge a medieval culture by Marxist doctrine ,Slaves you say ,ask the Tibetans yourself .
Don’t the Marxists also say our workers are capitalist “slaves”?
I believe the ancient Tibetan culture has the same rights for survival as the tribes in the Amazon or Borneo, I wouldn’t want China expanding into Viet Nam or Laos,where they have occupied them in past history, either!.

I am hopeful that the Chinese masters will relax and let freedom reign
instead of the Red Emperors suppression of Christians ,Fulan gong,
Tibetan and Chinese Buddhists,
And those here reporting how the Lama’s live in splendor or wealth have not a clue in what is really going on at Dharmasala ,where the refugees are trying to spread and maintain the Great Vehicle ,educate their people in modern science ,medicine and education while still maintaining their age old religious and spiritual beliefs..
When taking a compromised journalists take of the”Satanist” beliefs of the Lama’s I must stand in defense of the Tibetan system and it’s religious leaders at least until we have any real proofs as I can hardly trust Chinese expansionists to have the right to speak for the long suffering Tibetan people.

One of the less desirable traits of we Cafe members ,in my opinion are to try to get an accurate picture of reality while still dealing with our personal beliefs and opinions which almost impossible situation.

If one gives total belief and support to the opinions of the channeled masters,the space brothers or even investigative journalists, one may find themselves victims of their own closed mindedness or manipulations by the TPTB ,whose plans has always been divide and conquer .
We all are victims of their constant propaganda efforts.No rush to judgment
we must really try to filter the almost constant bombardment of information here and sift it all for accuracy and truth., the Dalai Lama is not the Vatican
Bank ,nor a corrupt ex nazi Pope or the war makers of the Christian/ Zionist
movements, The Buddhist refugees are being educated in modern techniques and many are attending European and North American schools and I am very sure that the lama’s want only the best for their people ,A return to Tibet and freedom to practice their version of Lord Buddha’s
doctrine of Liberation and this doesn’t take a retirement plan or a reordering of Marxist culture to achieve, the Tibetans have the right to practice their unique civilization without outside interference,just as we do and just because there are Satanist operating out there we can’t paint them all with the same brush.
There are many levels of awareness here in this world and looking to political solutions without going inward first leads to the same old oppressive techniques with a new set of faces.
I have been a wage slave for most of my life as you all have been and if you think this has brought you happiness
well good for you however sitting with an accomplished lama and sharing a meager refugees rice bowl or Yak butter tea, while learning ,secret ,age old spiritual techniques is very much more rewarding and more attractive to me than participating in Chinese expansion or NWO banking escapades or sleeping under bridges
or waiting forever for equality in the availability of medical care.
Don’t get the idea here that I am anti Chinese as I only wish for their great success with a return to agrarian reforms ,environmental improvements and peaceful unification of the many groups now contending with or suffering from the recently adapted, unsustainable ,commodity based,
capitalist expansions.( if every Chinese gets a freon refrigerator or electric car, it’s all over for us period )
I plan on gathering the pro and anti Tibet information posted here and forwarding it to the Lama himself.
The Lama has never mentioned that there must be a return to the ancient Tibetan political/theocratic system of the past or his youth ,as a child of the Forbidden kingdom,it took an exile to educate him and I am sure his experiences in the west has changed his opinions .
If you can find any such references in his many addresses please post them here and please ,no rush to judgment.

Glenn, Harrer was escaping an Austrian nazi draft and a failed marriage,He ,like us was looking for enlightenment as we are. He did not return to Austria until the war was over.He was and has been a faithful Buddhist practioner
since his teaching friendship with his Lama Student.
Lew ,your take onthe LOC of this Lama may be correct and may reflect his nessessary politization as political
leader of his people or their agenda.
When walking in the political farm yards it’s hard to keep the shit off one shoes!

Ben is only ststing his view and he certinly has a right to
express however labeling the Lama ,a satanist, becuse he failed to take the question of a known Chinese tong/yakusa supporter,The Dalai Lama has intellegience operatives also and the Lama will go out of his way to not embrace a we vs they arguement .for him ,this is all an illusion.
Because he was rude or shorttempered on his European visit is hardly enough to condemn him don’t you think?


To hutz777,
Isn’t this Restore the Republic the one that is going to keep on Homeland Security as its enforcement arm? And thus this Republic is just a sham for the OLD Nazi government now hanging onto power to re-empower itself when it fails?

And what does that do for all those people that have handed over their information to get IDs? Which by the way require a Social Security number (duh!) and a thumbprint on a paper that you must sign in order to get the ID. I see FEMA camps in their future!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Since when does the King require an ID anyway? I am sovereign. I need no ID to prove that to anyone. I live on my patented land and I am sovereign JUST BECAUSE I EXIST!

What do I think is happening? I think Sam Kennedy gave us the real thing…a real chance at restoring the Republic. However, Tim Turner (employee of Homeland Security) took it away from him and turned it in another direction in order to fool us.

What is Tim Turner getting for his efforts? He gets the profit from the $300 for IDs he is charging everyone. And the Nazis?… Why they get to know exactly who they need to get rid of.

I am truly sorry for all those that get taken up in this fraud. It started out to be such a beautiful thing…


Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon.


Ben, don’t know if you ever read any of this, but wondered if you might consider having your webmaster turn this part into a real Forum where we could answer each other back…and maybe you could even come in from time to time and comment?

This is turning into a great place to discuss these subjects you write about and spin offs from them…with rather intelligent people.

It would also disarm the kindergarteners.


Merek, it’s still religion…

Read through if you haven’t my comments, on extracts from the Cosmic Awareness messages and the Osho book.

Remember the giving your power away from the message from Awareness, and the masters lying to the students on purpose as part of the teaching from Osho.