The Pentagon running out of oil, the BIS under nuclear blackmail and other signs of severe global turbulence.

There is extreme turbulence in world events as the campaign to oust the rogue cabal in control of the United States enters its final phase. One sign is a cut-off of some oil supplies to the U.S. regime, according to US military intelligence. Another is that Serbian operatives claim to have smuggled a nuclear weapon near BIS headquarters in Switzerland. Yet another is that the one million American Satanists are using earthquake weapon blackmail in an effort to force New Zealand to give them their South Island as a refuge. Meanwhile, promises of imminent mass arrests of cabal members continue to be repeated by high level sources but so far, the Washington D.C. criminal enterprise continues to create global mayhem.

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1.First and foremost, be clear of your goals for the forum in which you register. Why are you there? What do you intend to accomplish? Re-evaluate: are you accomplishing your goals? Why or why not? Do not let anyone interfere with your plans.

2.Assume virtually all large web sites are working for the CIA. This is straight from William Colby, former director of the CIA.

3.Assume any one with a political agenda (either for Bush, Ron Paul, Trump, Obama etc., it makes no difference since they are supporting the elite duality principle setup to divide the people- Jesse Ventura wants to run independently) is CIA.

4.Assume any one that quotes big media or big alternative media (like snopes) information as reliable reservoirs of truth is CIA.

5.Assume any one supporting global warming or the fossil fuel narrative is CIA since it is a fact, according to Fletcher Prouty that the CIA along with Rockefeller created this for profit ruse many years ago: Moreover, we know that the carbon credits scam is backed by Goldman Sachs:

6.Assume anyone that uses ridicule to refute a conspiracy theory to be CIA. This is especially true when a theory involves the use of high tech weapons as the laser beam used in the Gulf disaster:

7.Assume those who create chaos, turn forums into social clubs, engage in fights, attempt to lure people from the forums, create distractions are on the CIA payroll.

8.When I say, “assume”, I do not expect you will be right 100% of the time, but very likely 80%-90% of the time. That’s good enough to save you a great deal of your valuable time and keep you on track. Furthermore, don’t expose or argue with suspected moles. Just focus on your personal goals for that forum. Who knows you may make a convert. Certainly you do not want them to know you are on to them. In that way, you can monitor them yourself. Also, be aware that they eventually will be in a very hazardous position, particularly as the end game approaches, because as a rule, Satanists (as Hitler & Stalin did) assassinate all lower level individuals loyal to them:,%20Web,%20low%20res,%2017.7.08/STALIN%27S%20BRITISH%20TRAINING-%20C2-%2017.7.08.pdf.

Who knows as the crunch time comes, and we are getting very close, they may switch sides or even seek your help. Remember we are all in this together. We are one.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Thirty Little Known Facts about America

1. The IRS is NOT a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF.
Sources: Diversified Metal Products v IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE
Public Law 94-564
Senate Report 94-1148, pg 5967
Reor ganization Plan 26
Public Law 102-391

2. The IMF is an Agency of the U.N. and was organized in 1944 at Bretton Woods, N.H. well before WWII was concluded.
Source: Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg 816

3. The United States has NOT had a Treasury since 1921.
41 Stat. Ch. 214 page 654

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF.
Presi dential Documents Volume 29 No. 4 page 113
Source: 22 U.S.C. 285-288

5. The U.S. does not have any employees because there is no longer
a United States. No more reorganizations. After 200 years of bankruptcy it is finally over.
Source: Executive Order 12803

6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NSA and all of the other Alphabet Gangs were
never part of the U.S. Government, even though the ‘U.S. Government
held stock in said ‘Agencies.
Sources: U.S. v. Strang, 254 U.S. 491
Lewis v. U.S., 680 F.2d, 1239

7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF. The application for a SSN is the SS5 form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5, not the ‘Social Security Administration. The new SS5 forms do not state who publishes them while the old form states they are Department of Treasury.
Source: 20 CFR Chap. 111 Subpart B 422.103 (b)

8. There are NO Judicial Courts in America and there have not been any in America since 1789.
Judges do NOT enforce Statutes and Codes. “Executive Administrators” enforce Statutes and Codes. Thus, the “Uniform Commercial Code” is the supreme law of the courts, NOT the U.S. Constitution.
Sources: FRC v. GE, 281 U.S. 464
Keller v. Potomac Elec. Co., 261 U.S. 428
1 Stat. 138-178

9. There have NOT been any ‘Judges’ in America since 1789.
There have only been “Executive Administrators”. (Now you know why “judges” will hold you in “contempt” if you cite the U.S. Constitution in their presence.)
Sources: FRC v. GE, 281 U.S. 464
Keller v. Potomac Elec. Co., 261 U.S. 428
1 Stat. 138-178

10. According to GATT provisions, you MUST have a Social Security Number.
Source: House Report 103-826

11. New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the “United Nations”. Rudolph Guiliani stated on C-Span that “New York City is the Capital of the World”. For once, he told the truth.
Source: 20 CFR Chap. 111 subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2)

12. Social Security is NOT insurance nor is it a binding contract. Nor is there a “Trust Fund”.
Source: Helvering v. Davis, 301 U.S. 619
Steward Co. v. Davis, 301 U.S. 548

13. Your Social Security check comes directly from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is a “for profit corporate agency” of the United Nations. Examine one SS Check: top-left should be written ‘United States Treasury
see 2-4 above.

14. You actually own NO property. Slaves can’t own property, you see. Read carefully the Deed to the property you think is yours. You are listed as “a TENANT”. Often times the Mortgage Holder or the State is listed as “Seised in demesne as of fee”.
Source: Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session

( What is “Seised in demesne as of fee” and what does this Latin Legal term mean? This is the strict technical legal expression used to describe the ownership in “an estate in fee-simple in possession in a corporeal hereditament”. The word “seised” is used to express the “seisin or owner’s possession of
a freehold property”; the phrase ‘in demesne’, or ‘in his demesne’, (in dominico suo) signifies that he’s seised as owner of the land itself, and not merely of the seigniory services; and the concluding words, ‘as of fee, import that he is seised of an estate of inheritance in fee-simple. Where the subject is incorporeal, or the estate expectant on a precedent freehold, the words ‘in his demesne are omitted. Source: (Co. Litt. 17a; Fleta, 1.5, c. 5, 18; Bract. 1.4, tr. 5, c. 2, 2) Brown. “Black’s Law Dictionary
Fourth Edition, page 1523.

15. The most powerful court in America is NOT the United States Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Source: 42 Pa. C.S.A. 502

16. The King of England financially backed both sides of the RevolutionaryWar.
Source: Treaty of Versailles. Signed July 16, 1782
Treaty of Peace 8 Stat. 80

17. You CANNOT use the U.S. Constitution to defend yourself because you are NOT a party to it.
Source: Padelford Fay & Co. v. The Mayor & Alderman of the City of Savannah, 14
Georgia 438, 520

18. America is a British Colony. The ‘United States’ is a corporation, not a land mass and it existed before the Revolutionary War and the occupying British Troops did not leave until 1796.

Sources: Respublica v. Sweers, 1 Dallas 43
Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116
Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80
IRS Publication 6209
Articles of Association October 20, 1774

19. Britain is owned by the Vatican.
Source: Treaty of 1213

20. The Pope can therefore abolish any law in the United States.
Source: Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1, 53-54

21. A 1040 Form is for Tribute paid to Britain.
Source: IRS Publication 6209

22. The Pope claims to own the entire planet through the laws of Conquest and Discovery. (Ever wonder why an Attorney, who is an often unwitting Agent of the Pope through the International Bar Association, wants to do “discovery” with you?)
Source: Papal Bulls of 1495 & 1493

23. The Pope has ordered the genocide and enslavement of Millions of people.
Source: Papal Bulls of 1455 & 1493

24. The Pope’s ‘Laws’ are obligatory on everyone on planet earth.
Source: Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix, c. vii., n.4. Prati, 1844
Syllabus prop 28, 29, 44

25. We are SLAVES and own ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Not even what we think are “our children”.
Source: Tillman v. Roberts, 108 So. 62
Van Koten v. Van Koten, 154 N.E. 146
Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session
Wynehammer v. People, 13 N.Y. Rep 378, 481

26. Military Dictator George Washington divided up the States (aka Estates) into Districts.
Source: Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Volume 1 page 99
1828 Dictionary definition of ‘Estate

27. ‘We, The People” does NOT include the General Populace, or what you THINK is ‘We, The People”.
Source: Barron v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, 32 U.S. 243

28. It is NOT the ‘duty of the police to protec t you. Their job is simply to protect THE STATE OR LOCAL CORPORATION and arrest “Code Breakers”.
Sources: Sapp v. Tallahassee, 348 So.2nd. 363
Reiff v. City of Philla., 477 F.Supp. 1262
Lynch v. NC Dept. of Justice, 376 S.E.2nd. 247

29. Everything in the ‘United States is up For Sale: Bridges, Roads, Water, Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Airports, “Federal Lands”, “State (estate) Lands” etc.
Did anybody take time to check who recently bought Klamath Lake and the Arizona State Capital?
Source: Executive Order 12803

30. ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ are HUMAN CAPITAL – aka as “Goyim” to the rulers of the world.
Source: Executive Order 13037

The U.N. has financed the operations of the ‘United States Government for over 50 years and now ‘owns’ every man, woman, and child in America. The U.N. also holds all of the land of America in Fee Simple.

Why is the above so difficult for most people to understand? Simple: words like ‘person’, ‘citizen’, ‘people’, ‘or’, ‘nation’, ‘is’, ‘fact’, ‘authority’, ‘truth’, ‘nation’, ‘crime’, ‘fraud’, ‘charge’, ‘right’, ‘statute’, ‘preferred’, ‘assume’, ‘prefer’, ‘constitutor’, ‘creditor’, ‘debtor’, ‘debit’, ‘discharge’, ‘payment’, ‘law’, ‘United States’, and hundreds of other words do NOT mean what you think they mean and you were never taught the ‘Legal Definitions’ so you would ‘Understand that you DON’T understand’.

Don’t let this information alarm you because without it you cannot ever HOPE to be free.

You have to understand that all slavery and freedom originates in the human mind. As the philospher Goethe wrote: “No man is more hopelessly enslaved than he who WRONGLY BELIEVES that he is free.”

When your mind allows you to accept and understand that the United States, Great Brittan and the Vatican are Corporations which are nothing but fictional entities which have been placed in your mind, you will understand our slavery remains primarily because we believe in false fictions.

The Illusion is MUCH larger than the irrefutable 30 points above, and the 30 points above are not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg. But it is, at least a starting point.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

This is the best dinar intel you are going to get
you’re gonna love this
Bob to me
show details 5:05 PM (4 hours ago)
The following exchange with KME first went up on one of the forums at 1:47 AM today …
all this is getting me excited again, without further glitches, this might happen THIS week!

Here you go.

I would say that the person I know of that cashed out would be classified as “Tier 2.” I would classify “Tier 1” as top government officials.
As far as what would stop them from buying more and making even more… NOTHING. That’s why this has to happen FAST.

This person will make a huge impact on the future of Iraq , so of course, they need to make sure he’s happy.
As far as the RV happening – Not yet. The info about someone cashing out is not supposed to get out. It will hit the rest of the world VERY SOON.

Hope this helped, as I can’t give out too much.
littlemiracle, on 21 March 2011 – 03:07 AM, said:

So are you saying that someone knows for sure that someone, somewhere HAS cashed out?
You’re absolutely right. Someone has absolutely, WITHOUT A DOUBT, cashed out at a splendid rate.
And yes, I was told to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT AND DON’T EVEN REFER TO THIS, but since sites have had multiple CCs about it, I figured I could help confirm to you guys that this is VERY REAL.
DianeCA, on 21 March 2011 – 03:54 AM, said:
Whoa… that is great news!!! Should be getting to the rest of the world sooner rather than later then. Whoo hoo!!! Thanks, KME!!
You’re right. It has been said that Iraq has accounted for the last minute rush on the currency. In my opinion, that “last minute rush” started on February 12 after that ceremony ended. I don’t think they accounted for that many minutes to be in the “last minute rush.”
It’s coming soon.
jtuck, on 21 March 2011 – 05:05 AM, said:
So, if you had to guess, is Tony right for Tuesday or is Chicken right with his 1/4 or 25th Friday talk.
And, the good guess is that the new money today is the smaller small bills that have to go out. How many days to get them out?
You’ve got me in a corner on that question.

I do firmly trust CH’s information and sources. I also know that if Tony knows what I know, then I really trust his outlook.

In the past 4 days, I’ve been on the receiving end of info that I can’t explain how ABSOLUTELY 100% POSITIVELY CONFIRMED it is. I know it’s hard for you guys to trust the word “confirmed” and I’m not expecting you to.

My honest OPINION, based on info I’ve received is that Iraq is working OVERTIME to get this done in the next 24-48 hours.

Having said that, the answer to your question about distribution of LDs is this–> The MOF (Ministry of Finance) has already said that when the RV happens, they will have the LDs in every location they are needed in within 24-48 hours.
jtuck, on 21 March 2011 – 05:28 AM, said:

Only one thing wrong with your answer, I trust your 100% CONFIRMED.

BTW, great answer, honest and thought out. One follow up, does the 24-48 hours begin now, at 9 pm CST or did it start this morning, Sunday, when they got up.

Also, I thought that when the plane landed this morning, they could have them out in the next 24-48 hours, ready for a Tuesday launch.

After listening to ###### and crew and reading everything on the boards tonight, I think this money that landed today was not addition money but new money, small lower bills, like 1’s and 5’s and 10’s. Am I close?

Thanks for your help.

BTW, about to put on the pj’s, you freezing tonight? Your guys laughing thier ass off yet?
Haha, very funny!! As a matter of fact, it’s now in the 60s at night here!! And no, they’re not laughing, they’re placing dinar orders!! And to make you jealous, they’re not members of any boards, so I can give them all the juicy intel I want to!!

To answer your question about when the 24-48 hours started, I’ll ask you a question–> When has/will the RV be/been triggered?
When you figure that out, you’ll know when the clock started/starts.

DeeJJ, on 21 March 2011 – 06:19 AM, said:
Whats up KME! Since you used the past tense word “was” is it safe to say that means about 24-48 hours from the was something will give VERY soon? And you better believe I want to know when you think that “was”
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! You caught me!! GOOD EYE!!

Man, and I thought I had my tail covered!!
Ok, so I will tell you. I believe the RV was triggered……….. I don’t think I can really say this can I? I just can’t get my fingers to type it!!
I’ll try again in a little bit.
AndrewT, on 21 March 2011 – 06:21 AM, said:
On Peoples Dinar on a cc this weekend they, reluctantly, finally mentioned the rate that was paid to the Tier 2 people. They mentioned a few good details: the pay out was in Baghdad , there were about 12 people and the rate ….. was 3.87!! It was mentioned loud and clear on the cc. Pretty awesome news.

Well, there you go. Since the news has broken from elsewhere, I am now able to say something. That is EXACTLY the rate I heard.
**Hint** If you look through my posts today, you can find little hints of this number that I gave out. That way you know I’m not lying.

FANTASTIC!! Let me show you something else…

The “ceremony” was on February 12th. As I said, Iraq had accounted for the “last minute rush” on the currency. Now watch this, and I will show you why Iraq is getting red hot and why we’re all telling you guys that it’s out of Iraq ‘s hands.

Exactly two weeks to the day from that ceremony, there was a UN Operational Rates of Exchange Publish Date. The EFFECTIVE date was March 1st. If you are not familiar with my March 1st post, you missed a lot of info. EVERYTHING was to go down on that day. It didn’t. Why? Because the CBI was still partly controlled by the GOI. Oh no!! On March 7th, the SFC over-ruled their previous ruling and….. BACKDATED to MARCH 1st!!

Since March 1st, all major events have been aligned to happen on the same days — and ALL got pushed back SIMULTANEOUSLY to another day. This push-back happened THREE times!!

If you haven’t read my post about the IC Payday, I suggest going to find it in “My Content.” That area can be found by going to my profile, and looking under my profile pic.

That will sum up the rest of where this story goes.


Yes. My OPINION states that we would see something after midnight Monday night (CST.) We would be able to make cash out arrangements Tuesday morning in the US .


“Be merciful, even as God is merciful, and in the eternal future of the kingdom you shall be perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect.”


Cheers for the input Rafael


White House Proposed Sweeping Copyright Law Revisions
1.Making “illegal streaming” of Audio/Video Data A Federal Felony
2.Allowing FBI Agents to Wiretap Suspected “Infringers”.


New comments by Ben–


Eugene, I do have that info, but I prefer to give it out on video format, now a days people only learn through the tube, reading they get bored and skip a lot of parts, loosing crucial info.

Here it is:

Holes In Heaven: H.A.A.R.P. and Advances in Telsa Technology
Listen carefully from minute 26.

The History Channel – That’s Impossible! – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Weather Warfare


Ben’s new post is in!


Comment by jpm9909 on March 16, 2011 @ 9:38 am

Well, I’m attracted by them, I won’t lie.
I don’t know if you’re into video-games.
I used to be back then in my teenage days.
Since then all video-games have become soulless.
Incapable of entertaining with spirit, art and good vibes.

After many years without entertaining myself with one, I’ve finally found one worthy of being played.
Fully hand made with digital painting software and flash.
Lovely soundtrack, awesome scenery fun story.
It’s all on puzzles and joining things together and grinding your gears.
You can play a short demo on-line, or buy it for 20 bucks.
Or you can download it >:]

Here are the links:

On-line DEMO:

Mac user:

Win user:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

BTW: Check out their latest film “Kooky”.


does anyone have slam dunk killer info on earthquake weapons and such so I can slam someone on FB?


Hi Joan – I tried to leave a thank you on your temporary site, but it was not accepted! What is meant by ‘user name’?
I tried the one I use when on type-pad but it did not work.


Rafael –

thank you for clarifying. It is not always easy to tell from text what someone’s intention is – and Ive told you before that you are more informed and aware than most are at 40, let alone 25.


Chocolate,Satan tempted man,and man took the bait,to create all this.To build his own demise,to make man do anything,and i mean anything,for wealth,money and for what?When we leave this cesspool,all the wealth or money we have tried to amass will be left behind.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

I find it hard to accept being a hologram , I know that I am but it a major step to see ones-self as a hologram.
everything is energy.
I love my hologram


Thanks, Joan. I posted a comment on your temporary blog to make sure it worked for me. Success!


@ Rafael Edgar Neville Morales @ 9:23 am

exactly…. you’re not going to be able to get away from radiation in the air without lots of concrete or a really big hole….

but then again, how would one be able to read Geno’s hilarious comments from a concrete lined hole?!?!? lol 🙂


I always said as a kid looking at ants with a microscope,that we could be under a microscope being studied in an experiment,but i stopped putting red ants with black ants to fight for fun very quick,mother nature rules this earth with an eco system that dictates survival ,but each of the creations feeds the next as far down as plancton ,the wonderful creatures of this earth are becoming extinct,the earth is so old now in our terms that this experiment should be concluded ,before we become extinct,furthermore can you tell him that his experiment is old hat now ,even we know how stupid humans can be ,tell him to let the world know that it is ok to wipe this disease off the the planet Earth
,peace and love

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Web I have heard some good news ….If it is true and happens we will have our country and freedoms back the way the founding fathers intended. If these patriot hackers do what they need to do to bring the house down. I think japan will too .In 2 weeks the monster can be gone from our lives . Get drunk smoke weed whatever helps you to handle it because there is not much we can do but run out and protest .
The dinar will not revalue until the fed is dead. that is soon. Japan is the last straw. Time to strike back .


Have created this in case, this blog closes due to comment space being full!

We can use the comments section as we do here!


@ Rafael Edgar Neville Morales @ 3:31 am

Hey man, I’ve been enjoying your posts today…. I like the way you think…. if I had to guess… I bet you’re pretty good with mechanical reasoning/puzzles/critical thinking ..

keep it up…


Currency firm picked by Bank of Canada embroiled in bribery scandal
By Mike Barber and Mark Iype,
Postmedia News March 15, 2011

Read more:


@ Uria @ 2:52 am

well said… and thanks for posting…. 😉


Comment by jpm9909 on March 16, 2011 @ 9:16 am

Even so, where exactly does the air inside those houses come from?


–> More than being god, you are part of him.


Edge: The link you gave us yesterday for the radiationnetwork didn’t work today, but we tried different things, and this one works for now:

It is quite surprising how low the count is in Vancouver, because we are supposed to be right in the line of fire. The counts in Seattle, Chicago, New York and especially Denver are consistently much higher. I wonder why?


“Dangerous levels of radiation began leaking from a crippled nuclear plant Tuesday, forcing Japan to order 140,000 people to stay indoors. Japan’s prime minister also warned that more leaks could occur.”

Really? Do we really believe that ‘staying indoors’ will protect one from radiation…. pure fear, that reminds me of that report in the early ‘oughts’ about using plastic sheeting and duct tape….. if there was really a radiation issue…. a house would not be the thing to protect….

(Can we all agree that our educations are seriously lacking in basic scientific knowledge and at the very least an understanding of ‘the scientific method’….?)



Age is a mood.
What I know is the result of my rebellion to imposed beliefs/realities summed with my passion/curiosity for the unknown, which is infinite as it never seems to end. Only you are your own obstacle. Searching, trying to understand what’s this all about. And who I am.
Understanding that YOU ARE, it more complex than it sounds.
Go for the big questions, they help a lot.

“What are your thoughts on destroying these vermin”
–> The best attack is a solid defence.
Prepare yourself, spiritually, and forget about 3D, that is history and is limited. You have a whole set of densities and planes ahead of 3D. Sufficient enough to explore.
The best way to destroy them is by NOT GIVING THEM IMPORTANCE.
This form many will be difficult to understand as physical repercusions will keep on affecting despite the mental move.
Still, it’s the way to go.
Remember what I told Hopesprings on her “promotion of fear”.
They rule because you give your power away.
People don’t know just how powerful they can be.
You need to activate these attributes, and this is done my working and knowing yourself.

Oh, and another important thing maybe the most important and at the same time the hardest.


Bad guys, lower astrals, vampiric elementals, just as we love/light beings are doing our job/mission.
By informing the adversary that you are conscious of and understand their existence/duty, they will cease to annoy you. That is the mission of most not incarnate, though it is important that you do stand on your ground and affirm yourself on your will.

It’s like having a sincere, peaceful and relaxed neutral conversation with a baby killer or something like very horrible. You need to respect (up to a certain point obviously) their duty. Then calmly do what you think it’s the correct thing to do. Operate always from your heart.
This all forms part of your learning.
And it’s the way to freedom.

True truth, the deeper you get the more weird it becomes, the more difficult it is to digest, and the closer you become to understanding everything.
Just remind your self that anything could be.
And enter things with curiosity, no interaction, just observation and listening. As a never ending class.


I am starting a new religion ,its called common sense ,and we worship those with the most ofit, and those that do great things for mankind,those that use their money for the good of everyone,everybody strives to be worshipped,the whole world is welcome ,kids at school are so competitive to be worshipped,that everybody ends up worshipping everybody


Comment by chocolate on March 16, 2011 @ 8:52 am

How can an ant presume to understand the motives of one who creates worlds?

Sure, an all powerful Creator could make everything peachy keen for everyone. But how would anyone ever learn the lessons of darkness and its effects. And free will would cease to exist.

We are a grand experiment for the Creator to discover all things possible by granting us the powers of creation and destruction.



paladin and Tman:

Listen to Clif High’s interview and let us know what you think: It does touch on the Dinar and Settlements and basically it’s ‘not likely’.



@ Misswings @ 11:48 pm

Right the f#^$ on!! I’ve been thinking that same thing… lol


Thanks again for the update. Texas certainly has its share of bad leaders in place. Rick Perry, in my opinion, is worse than Dewhurst and I’m curious if the broad stroke of your ‘information pen’ is putting a bit of ink on him too?


OK Pal, emails sent to Dewhurst. So you’re sure I won’t be a target now?





Geez…. I unplug for a long weekend to get a shoot done… and the world “starts to fall apart at the seems” –

@ the Cafe…

I’d like to say something about the discussion between those expressing ‘religious’ views and those ‘opposed’ to such posts…

while I consider myself a Buddhist (I gave up Christianity for Lent back in ’03) and that (for me) one’s beliefs should be private –

I do strongly feel that we all should be tolerant of each other… (I mean, isn’t that the world we’re all hoping to co-create?) and respect the differences between us…

But also, I think everyone should understand that having the right of Free Speech means that now and again you have to listen/read something you don’t like/agree with…. that is what being “free” is all about – you are free to read or not read – and believe or not believe…

And I don’t think we should pick at each other for those beliefs…. that being said, I do agree that this is not the place for proselytizing….. this forum seems more about gathering together to discuss the issues of the day (which can include religion)

Anyhow…. I just feel that if we can’t stick together (being like minded folks, after all we’re all here!!) what hope shall the rest of humanity have??

(Perhaps we should all work towards achieving more of a calm center in these hectic days…)


Nearing 1400 comments…


time to put Ben’s face on milk cartons…


I was being ironic wovolve, I’ve never bragged of knowing more than others. I never do that. Specially after writing at least three or four times that I only know that I know nothing. It’d be quite hypocrite from me.

If you understood that then I’m sorry that’s not the intention. Not my style.
I’m surprised that your view of my person is of one with airs of superiority. Because usually I just give my opinion.
Bragging of my supposed knowledge, would be easier by just attacking everyone.
Just have a look at statistics compared to other members.
I hardly write more than 5 comments. And always short, except when there is a possibility to an extended opinion.

You can say whatever you want, but I’m not condescendent.


For those in the Western areas of the U.S.and Canada,who are worried about radiation exposure you can obtain LUGOL’S IODINE from healthfood stores and take 3-5 drops daily in a glass of water.


Man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best.



Great article
Many years ago i was camping with friends,a man rode up on horseback and demanded we get off his land ,i says what makes it your land his reply was “my forefathers fought for this land it belongs to me “my reply was get off you horse and il fight you for it now you p!!!!k

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web the republic cannot afford to go to a protest should it turn violent . we are a behind the scenes movement .we are non-violent. besides the republic is quiet . We don’t know what to think . We may have to give up hope the republic will be there to catch us when we fall. Then again we are in the end game and no news could be good news. God have mercy.


“I can’t eat an IPad!”…our government is more out of touch than ever:

More regulations to ‘fix’ the housing market…yea, sure, right…


The preview for Part I of Atlas Shrugged…very interesting timing on releasing this movie.


Jordan Maxwell says he never knows enough ,he is to smart to assume that


Okay, everybody, here is a very ‘Ben-like’ Update!

Japan Earthquake 8.9, The Bold Chess Move Event
Published By TBFWS
Mar. 12, 2011


Age is a label ,not normally related to wisdom or experience ,your thinking is way ahead in every way and i know you have not been educated by the normal doctrines,but have an almost genius perception .What are your thoughts on destroying these vermin ,you must have some good tactics in that brain of yours
to share with us


One Last Thought, my friends,

If you do a little research about the Bible that you are so fond of quoting, you will discover that the “Bible” is actually a compilation of the stories of many faiths cobbled together by a well-known cleric at the orders of Emperor Constantine at the meeting in Nicea. He took the best parts of many different faiths including stories relating to esteemed prophets (Hesu and Khrishna) and christened the person sent here to save us as Hesu Khrishna. That later changed to Jesus Christ.

While it is acknowledge that holy men were sent here by God to teach us a more spiritual manner of living, that is not what the churches have done. They have taught things that contradict the word of this holy man and other holy men. This is exactly what the indigenous people worldwide have pointed out repeatedly to little avail.

Among those who have rewritten the Bible after Constantine include: King James, the Rockefellers (under the aegis of the Council of Churches) and those that have actually changed the translations of the Bible. Some of the earliest writings about the Jesus person were from the GNOSTICS and ESSENES and those writings stressed the life of the spirit over the life of the world. They would find praying for material rewards to be wrong. They would have found the accumulation of wealth by a church to be wrong…and so would have their inspiration.

Given that so many versions of the Bible exist, many of which leave out accounts from those that actually knew Jesus, which version of the truth contained therein should we follow?



To all , especially darylluke,grendizer,hutz and jtgunn and members of The Oathkeepers and the Restore the United States for America membership-Patriots everywhere.

Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves. —Winston Churchill, WWII


Dear BFCers,

The wrangling here really saddens me. Japan has suffered one of the worst catastrophes in memory and, yet, the shop owners over there are giving out free drinks and trying to help their fellow citizens. We are sitting here arguing over what religious philosophy to embrace in the meantime?

Please people, show the kindly hearts that I know reside here. Pray for the Japanese and ourselves to whatever deity that you embrace (aside from Satan). Our positive thoughts will improve things, not this quarreling.

Lew, thanks for the potassium info.

Here are some really weird crop circles for everybody. Don’t ask me what they mean. BTW, there are tons of new and really wild crop circles over at the crop circle connector.

Mbridges, the book that I keep mentioning, FREE LUNCH, by David Cay Johnston has the statistics on this very subject (7:28 am/ 3/16/2011)

With the insanity in Wiconsin and Michigan, things will only get worse economically. The Governor of Michigan wants to put the onus for fixing the budget on the poor and elderly…by raising their taxes. Everybody is getting hit with a whammy EXCEPT THOSE THAT CAN HONESTLY AFFORD IT and the idiocy of this approach has not been perceived????

faces in the crops
Face in the crops that looks more like the PREDATOR or a Devil’s skull


Regarding radiation fallout:
I was born in 1939 and lived in British Columbia when the Japanese were bombed by the Americans. Radiation definitely drifted our way. After that, many A-bombs around the world were tested, both above ground and below and in the sea. Radiation fallout fell around the world.

In addition, I lived through the era that thought radiation was ‘harmless’ i.e. x-ray machines in shoe stores, to make sure that shoes fit properly. This was only one of myriad inappropriate uses of x-ray technology. This, among many other factors, led to increases in cancer rates, but somehow most of us survived. I mention these things to put this latest development into perspective.

That we have continued to use this technology even after we became aware of its dangers is testimony to the foolishness of letting the ‘corporate agenda’ and the bottom line rule. The biggest danger to our health and the health of the planet is the people in control. Let us not lose our focus.


It is possible that there may be a maximum number of comments that this blog can support per page… if we reach such a limit no more communication will be possible… We should agree on an alternative meeting place as soon as possilbe incase of such an event… otherwise in such an eventuality it will be too late… we will all lose contact!

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George Washington’s Prayer
O eternal and everlasting God, I presume to present myself this morning before thy Divine majesty, beseeching thee to accept of my humble and hearty thanks, that it hath pleased thy great goodness to keep and preserve me the night past from all the dangers poor mortals are subject to, and has given me sweet and pleasant sleep, whereby I find my body refreshed and comforted for performing the duties of this day, in which I beseech thee to defend me from all perils of body and soul.
Direct my thoughts, words and work. Wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the lamb, and purge my heart by thy Holy Spirit, from the dross of my natural corruption, that I may with more freedom of mind and liberty of will serve thee, the ever lasting God, in righteousness and holiness this day, and all the days of my life.
Increase my faith in the sweet promises of the Gospel. Give me repentance from dead works. Pardon my wanderings, & direct my thoughts unto thyself, the God of my salvation. Teach me how to live in thy fear, labor in thy service, and ever to run in the ways of thy commandments. Make me always watchful over my heart, that neither the terrors of conscience, the loathing of holy duties, the love of sin, nor an unwillingness to depart this life, may cast me into a spiritual slumber. But daily frame me more and more into the likeness of thy son Jesus Christ, that living in thy fear, and dying in thy favor, I may in thy appointed time attain the resurrection of the just unto eternal life. Bless my family, friends & kindred unite us all in praising & glorifying thee in all our works begun, continued, and ended, when we shall come to make our last account before thee blessed Saviour, who hath taught us thus to pray, our Father.


He said “Love one another as I have loved you”. If we humans practiced that one concept, this blog would have a lot fewer entries, agree?
Comment by pansy on March 16, 2011 @ 6:04 am

Awesome stuff Pansy ! perfectly agree !!! Stated in the most simplest terms …


Thanx Rafael for your wise contributions…

Fear, guilt and shame are indeed the main tools to control, suppress, indoctrinate and manipulate the believers. And because in times of crisis most believers can’t stand the fear by their own and the cross line between delivering information and acting as a fear mongering harbinger is very thin, we probably shouldn’t be so strictly… 😉



Corporatism has been bad for both private and public workers

Stacy Summary: Compare the facts below to the highly emotional and irrational language of propagandized hate that many cut and paste in the comment threads.

* The economy has been bad for both private and public sector workers for decades

Here is a chart comparing real hourly wage growth for college graduates working in private and state/local sectors compared with productivity growth from 1989-2010 (see link below).

The great trick of the last few years has been convincing private and public-sector workers that their interests somehow diverge from one another.

The effort to raise one or another up as a privileged class is smart politics on the part of those who want elections dominated purely by corporations, but it doesn’t point toward any answers for either group. Quite the opposite, in fact. The Walker agenda — which plenty of other governors would like to emulate — is to take both benefits and power away from public-sector employees, and then use the political space opened up by weakening unions to tilt policy toward corporate interests and away from poorer constituencies. That’s a world in which both private and public-sector workers end up worse off.


Regarding the nuclear meltdown , it is the strategy of the evil shadow lords to spread fear and create a further nuclear fallout , so they are using every instrument in the press by spreading the news about the failure of the nuclear reactors..the basic strategy is once we give our consent in the mind in the mental 4d realm about the nuclear meltdown and once a critical mass is achieved it would soon turn into our third dimenisonal physical reality . what could be happening is there sure could be radiation levels but not of creating serious harm , A real nuclear radiation is when the evil satanists blew the “fat boy” in the middle of sky as fires from heaven that came to earth.

Guess the answer here would be for us to all send our prayers to the sea of souls who left this earthly realm and send out prayers who right now would be requiring basic amenities like food , bedding , shelter and electricity. Even great if we could donate anything we have to help support groups in japan as that would help them most.

When people says that the prophecies mentioned in the Bible are coming true , what they may not know is that most versions of the Bible itseff is rigged by the dark lords as to make it appear as if GOD is punishing humanity for the evil deeds. Pray what kind of God/Heavenly Father would punish its own sons and daughters and would send his only begotten son to deliver humanity from its sons. Are not humanity the sons and daughters of GOD too ? These reptilians go to many lenghts to make sure that our real history is distorted and twisted and make sure that we have forgotten our true divine selves and make sure that we remain as slaves .

The nuclear explosion happened in Aug 1945 in Hiroshima / Nagasaki and gain the incident in Japan in 2011 . Was wondering if there ia factor of 666 as in 66 years 6 months ? as the date they have chosen was on March 11 11, as in
3 11 11 ( 322 skull and bones ) .

whatever it is in such trying times it is important for each of us to connect to our true divine spirit as we are all divine offsprings of GOD .

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Only Two Defining Forces Have Ever Died For You : Jesus The Christ And The American Soldier – Jesus Died For Your Soul And The Soldier Died For Your Freedom

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British Monarchy Controlled Canadian Holocaust: Remove The Blight ~ Rename British Columbia To Okanaga!

Little British Monarchy Rascals Of G20 : Canadians Forced To Pay $1.2 Billion For G20 Festivities ~ Which Could Have Gone To The Canadian Poor & The Canadian Victims Of Prince Philip Eugenics!


Rafael –

the odds of us older, more experienced and very educated people knowing more than you are at least 80%. There is no substitute for experience, no matter how much you read or how much education you have. When I was 25, I thought I knew a lot more than I did too – and as I got older, I realized how MUCH I didnt know, and I stopped judging and developed a great deal more compassion. As far as potassium iodide or any other alternative to helping to reduce the effects the radiation, I do trust that most on this blog will be able take care of themselves – and I did see a few posts of other remedies other than potassium iodide posted as well – I know foodrules had posted some good information on it. As far as your tendency to condescend to most on this blog, I dont need to say another word about it – your last post made my point my better than I could have. Even if you do think that you are the only one in the room that has a brain and knows what is going on, you dont need to say it out loud – and thats another thing you learn when you get older, to be kind.


Re: Comment by uria on March 16, 2011 @ 2:52 am

Your wise words, pronounced with equanimity are well balanced contributions to this forum and I hope to hear more from you in the days to come…



“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert report on 30 billion black holes, food price riots and toppling the tyrants in the UK. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute about the Goldilocks Syndrome and the market response to resource scarcity.”


For those interested in the Irish debt situation, David McWilliams is debating on prime time live right now:


It sure would be comforting to hear from Ben so we could be sure he was alright. An e-mail would be fine. I hope we hear soon.


Regarding supplemental iodine, be careful not to take too much. That will cause your thyroid gland to become overactive. Too little, or too much iodine is not good. How to know the correct amount? Truth testing. No surprise, coming from me, eh?

My wife and I take one tablet of Iodoral per day. Each tablet contains 5mg of iodine and 7.5mg of potassium iodide. This is the average amount consumed by Japanese adults in Japan. We get Iodoral from:

After a 5 hour, or longer, airplane flight, we take 10 drops of Tri-Quent, which is mostly SSKI [super saturated potassium iodide (the chemical symbol for potassium is K)] in some water. This acts as a germ killer.

Finally, for nuclear emergencies, we have ThyroSafe, which contains 65mg of iodine per tablet. The dose is 2 tablets per day but only for a few days.



Is “management” going to help with the radation problem?



Comment by sierra on March 16, 2011 @ 5:11 am

Well…it would really help if people would stop posting long messages here…and simply recap with a link to the original post.

The Mathew Message is a good example of this.


I appreciate your reply but it doesn’t seem to be coming from your independent thoughts but from the ‘stated company line’. When things don’t make any sense, they must be questioned. If things shouldn’t be questioned, the divine creator would not have put the ability to question into human beings. Questioning is a HUGE part of free will that you speak of.

If I am to consider what you are saying as truth, then I would have to belive that our LOVING creator allowed this “Satan” being to take God’s beloved children and torture them, lie to them, deceive them and, in general make their lives miserable. Why?

Now, I am a loving mother to my child and I would never consider foisting or allowing a being to treat my son the way you say God’s children are being treated. Again, it can’t be both ways…either you are a loving entity or you are a spiteful and insecure entity needing your ‘children’ to constantly choose your ideas and your ways. The second entity sounds like the negative ‘alien’ gods, not the prime Creator God.

I vote the LOVING Creator idea as the reality and if that is the case, this constant “choose me not Satan” just can’t be. Again, one who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnicient doesn’t need his/her children to suffer to prove their loyalty…just one girls opinion.

As to Jesus, there is really only one thing that he preached that says it all and everything else is just chatter. He said “Love one another as I have loved you”. If we humans practiced that one concept, this blog would have a lot fewer entries, agree?


Well wovolve, exactly what are the odds that a 25 year old knows more things than most of the people here who double almost my age?

I say such, because usually it is you grown ups who teach me new things I don’t know, and not other way around.
And since I’ve started to read A LOT on potassium iodide since Ben’s interview with jeff rense and the events unfolding in japan, I thought that so much potassium iodide promotion, and no other alternative was beginning to annoy me. Specially intriguing will be when potassium iodide runs out, and more people require it. And alternative should have been thought of or? This is what I mean.
I personally do not support the use of elements which can harm you in an overdose case. Without forgetting that it’s intake might be contradicted by your current medications or health status. My lead is: You never know.
Overdose of food in the other hand…leads you to the bathroom.
Correct dose?
yeah sure, provided you are given the correct radioactive readings for your area, which is always subject to the orography of your area, making the winds flow differently.
And provided you don’t mistake the measuring systems.
I know many who don’t think and just do.
Which eventually leads their case to appear on the odd/funny news section in magazines.

In short: Please forgive my scepticism on other people’s solutions.


RE Comment by wovolve42 on March 16, 2011 @ 5:03 am
On Miso…

Buy unpasteurized miso for radio-protective properties. Heating destroys the beneficial nutrients.



Re: Comment by eugenekalmes on March 16, 2011 @ 5:10 am


No problem here… I’m leaving for the afternoon.



Let’s write them on a bathroom wall…;)


We are close to 1360 messages, and the load time is ever increasing.

It is possible that Ben and/or his webmaster are unavailable to post reports for awhile. That means that we will not have a “fresh page” to move to, and our messages and load time will continue to increase and get quite awkward.

Perhaps we need to consider a “plan b” as an alternate place to continue our exchanges, at least until we KNOW that Ben is OK, and that the reports will re-commence.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? Suggestions as to alternatives? Or do we just want to “wait and see”?



uhoh…Here come the Capital letter wars again…

Be vewy vewy qwiet…

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Comment by chocolate on March 16, 2011 @ 4:23 am
great Ideas …
in 1976 the government was a signitory on the treaty by the uninted nations, declaring private owner ship of land is detrimental to the common population, and a vehicle to the accumulation of private wealth. in this same time period, the “wet lands ” the “clean water act” and the “endangered speices act” were all passed, transfering hundreds of millions acres of private land to the control of the government.
The recient comex legislation basicaly puts under government control the remaining privatly own land including your back yard. Sheriff Mack: Nullify we Must, and Nullify we Will!
Sheriff Richard Mack speaks at Nullify Now! Phoenix on 01-29-11.


Rafael – not the info on miso, but your last comment- and as far as the potassim iodide, Im sure that everyone on this blog can read what a proper dose and would easily be able to avoid on overdose.
Some, especially proponents of healthful eating, suggest that miso can help treat radiation sickness, citing cases

in Japan and Russia where people have been fed miso after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Notably, Japanese doctor Shinichiro Akizuki, director of Saint Francis Hospital in Nagasaki during World War II, theorized that miso helps protect against radiation sickness.[7]

‘I thought you all would know of this. I knew it from many years ago as a treatment for electric contamination.


re Comment by chocolate on March 16, 2011 @ 4:23 am


Hence I skipped your message.



Just received this email asking for urgent help.
Any advice will be appreciated.

Please forward this to anyone who can help.

Please view pdf files.

Baltimore County is making my life a living hell. I am being defrauded. This outrage must stop.

The layers of fraud involved here are truly staggering!

My health and well-being is being adversly affected by this stress.

I am writing to inform you of a nightmare situation involving Aeon Financial and the Baltimore County Tax Office and to ask for your help in this matter. Please, You Must read>>>…..edge-funds and watch video.
WE need help now. Aeon Financial has filed a complaint with the circuit court naming me as the defendant. The lawyer representing them has a very suspicious background. The alleged “writ of summons” contains many errors, false information and possible perjury.

Please note that the original court filing of the Writ of Summons is dated December 14, 2010 and signed by the Judge (not legibly named in document), yet not “filed” with the court until January 13, 2011. I didn’t receive “service” of these documents until February 12, 2011.

I either pay them off (extortion!) or lose my property, which has been in my family since 1947. I have put tens of thousands of dollars of my own sweat and labor into this house! The fake legal fees may run into the thousands. Please remember, I have already paid these property taxes!!!!!!!!!

I was informed by an attorney in Baltimore county that the Constitution does not exist in Baltimore County, Md! This is No Joke. The courts, government, everything is corrupted. The Bill of Rights is not recognised here. She has been trying for 3 weeks to contact Aeon Financial and they have refused to answer or provide a “pay-off figure.”

The treatment I am receiving from baltimore county is unprecidented and unconscionable. They are litterally trying to steal my property and The proof is everywhere!

Can you help? We need a Constitutional attorney post haste!

I have received word from famed attorney Gerry Spence. He wants me to have a lawyer immediately. I have also contacted producers at CBS 60 minutes in New York, who are interested.

We need a Constitutional Attorney asap to help.


Please view pdf files. They are self explanatory.



Baltimore County is attempting to steal my property and they have to be stopped. Others are in danger.

The property taxes have been paid. Baltimore county deliberately neglected to remove my property from tax sale and allowed Aeon financial,LLC to file for forclosure. There is major corruption in this county.


Congressman Ruppersberger attempted to investigate and the Baltimore County OBF director refused to cooperate. This is a U.S. Congressman’s office, mind you, that attempted to investigate the blatently unlawful acts of a county tax office and they were stonwalled and refused!!!

The OBF director has repeatedly lied to me and others. He has refused to cooperate with an investigation and is betraying the Public Trust in a most serious manner. He is using the assistant county attorney to justify his criminal actions and collusion with Aeon financial and to sheild him.

He left a very unfreindly and threatening message on my asnwering machine, which I sent to the Attorney General’s Office. This will have to be made public.
Remember this is the land of Spiro Agnew!

Furthermore, CaptialSource Bank, FBO Aeon Financial LLC may be two (2) seperate entities. See>>> “Aeon Financial, LLC is a growing force in the tax lien industry with a strong commitment to sound investing principles.
We believe that in the current economic climate, a properly constructed, diverse portfolio of municipal tax liens is an attractive area for substantial investment, offering strong, consistent, and safe returns.”
Baltimore county has also contracted (or sub-contracted) with a Tax lein law group see>> “Unlike most law firms, we understand that investment returns are chiefly dependent upon rapid, cost-effective litigation results.
We understand that the longer your tax lien investments stay active and embroiled in costly litigation, the lower your investment returns. We understand that this is a numbers game and that most liens will redeem. Thus, our goal is to obtain an economical resolution on each of your matters as rapidly as possible: Either your lien investment goes to property or it redeems. It’s that simple.”Our firm is pioneering litigation techniques that enable definitive resolution to tax lien litigation, either deed or redemption, in significantly less time than our competitors, thus enabling our clients to achieve higher rates of return on their investment portfolios.

These self-described quasi-legal entities are contracted in collusive acts with Baltimore County OBF to maximize profits and extort money from property owners or steal property outright, if possible. “It’s that simple!”

I have repeatedly requested an accounting for all transactions between Baltimore County and Aeon Financial and have been refused each and every time!

Please Remember, I have paid the property taxes with a certified bank check and have a REVALIDATION RECEIPT ISSUED BY BALTIMORE COUNTY!!!

They are in violation of the law and our Constitution!!!.

There is much more information.

Help is needed with this matter

“All men are created equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; among which are the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing the obtaining of happiness and safety.” ~ George Mason


I am seeking a Congressional hearing and investigation into this tax-lein scam that is causing untold misery and suffering across our nation. This scam leads straight to the wall street banksters who, using our taxpayer- funded bailout money, are reaping futher immoral profits from those who fall behind in their property taxes.


Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff/Petitioner
Name: Tuma, Esq, Malik James
Practice Name: Schwartz & Associates LLP
Address: 27 North Wacker Drive
City: ChicagoState:ILZip Code:60606



Maryland Judiciary HOME
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Last Name starts with : TUMA First Name contains : MALIK Sun Feb 20 20:47:39 EST 2011

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1. Malik J Tuma

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Membership Status: Active
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Date of admission: October 13, 1989


Name: Tuma, Esq, Malik James
Practice Name: Tax Lien Law Group
Address: 27 North Wacker Drive
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§ 9-101. Perjury.

(a) Prohibited.- A person may not willfully and falsely make an oath or affirmation as to a material fact:

(1) if the false swearing is perjury at common law;

(2) in an affidavit required by any state, federal, or local law;

(3) in an affidavit made to induce a court or officer to pass an account or claim;

(4) in an affidavit required by any state, federal, or local government or governmental official with legal authority to require the issuance of an affidavit; or

(5) in an affidavit or affirmation made under the Maryland Rules.

(b) Penalty.- A person who violates this section is guilty of the misdemeanor of perjury and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 10 years.

(c) Contradictory statements.-

(1) If a person makes an oath or affirmation to two contradictory statements, each of which, if false, is prohibited by subsection (a) of this section, it is sufficient to allege, and for conviction to prove, that one of the statements is willfully false without specifying which one.

(2) If the two contradictory statements made in violation of paragraph (1) of this subsection are made in different counties, the violation may be prosecuted in either county.

(d) Statute of limitations and in banc review.- A person who violates this section is subject to § 5-106(b) of the Courts Article.

[An. Code 1957, art. 27, §§ 435, 437, 439; 2002, ch. 26, § 2; 2004, ch. 105.]


Comment by wovolve42 on March 16, 2011 @ 3:50 am

I’m sure than an overdose of potassium iodide is not the same as an overdose of Miso. When I mean pharma, I mean repercussion such as when incorrectly intaken.

“Your condescending attitude about what knowledge the people on this blog have or dont have”
I’m intrigued by the comments I made that made you think this, please specify, because I think you are misunderstanding me. Maybe I misunderstood the source I was being condescendient about because of my ESL situation?


I really should have proof read that before I posted!!


ooops.. sorry.. my bad .. just forget my last coimment.. I got confused.. ahh.. shit.. sorry again !


eugenekalmes on March 16, 2011 @ 2:55 am

Agreed!! I have skimmed hope’s messages for months for exactly the reason you give. It’s the tone of her messages much more than what she says. We are all trying to share the information we come by, nothing is for certain and we need to take it all with a pinch of salt, keep do the very best we can for our fellow ‘man’ (its ok for me to say that as I’m female right???? ;-))
There is only one rule – do unto others as you would have them to unto you –
So one question Hope – would you like us to use the same tone with you as you use in your messages??


I’m really starting to wonder about this forum !!! anyone comes up with different names and pic’s being the same person or not !! very disturbing.. You all must sick.. and who says that this Joan ios really David Wilcock !! oh man.. this is Kindergarden.. very very strange what is going on here .. uuuh !


I am in agreement with your take ,after studying the whole picture ,i am of the conclusion that the only way to end this is to to get in amongst it ,play dirty and i mean dirty,they are walking all over the world with hardly any resistance,This blog should dedicate one day of imput to coming up with ideas ,dirty tricks,propagander,anything to fuck em up ,the dragons are either non existant or in it for themselves,this is made to be a great big struggle against them .Well it shouldnt be ,if the people that act out the orders of these sick fucks were neutralised ,who would do their dirty work ,all the ninjas would have to do is let all media workers know that if any bullshit appears on their watch they will be killed ,threaten the owners of all media to report the truth or die,overnight the whole world will be talking to each other helping each other ,standing on the street saying i knew something was wrong,billions of people would be in the picture ,even if there was was a collapse of order due to banks closing for good, this would last five minutes,natural leaders would emerge to guide not govern,we dont need governments they are a scam to fool the people to pay the bankers,my government is as bent as fuck ,in a system set up and designed by the banking illuminati,the old school brigade educated at the same places networking ,all entering into politics or big corporations ,these people have been taught to be like this by these controlling elite families,and are at the stage now where it is blatantly obvious if you are looking outside of mainstream mindcontrol media,the fleecing of the people is happening right under their noses,what a load of bollocks ,Camerons big society bullshit puts massive public money into pockets of his lodge friends ,under the guise of austerity cuts ,CAMERON ,JUST TELL THE BANKS TO F OFF,STOP PAYING INTEREST ON THE ILLEGAL NATIONAL DEBT,90 BILLION A YEAR IN INTEREST ALONE,to a setup that has lost the plot completely ,most people that think they are the elite ie actors,musicians,big shots ,bankers ,politicians etc,are just greedy sightless fucks doing what they have been taught ,they know no different,they are being used ,if the big picture was put together and their role highlighted they would stop because they wouldnt be alone,the awareness would be world wide.I dont see the problem in waking up the world and changing things overnight ,literally a new planet overnight ,end of war end of starvation end of poverty end of pollution end of everything that makes this planet a place you wouldnt want to bring kids into ,i have been researching for years and still think nobody knows what is going on ,Well NINJAS ,ANONYMOUS HACKERS ,PEOPLE WITH MONEY ,TARGET ALL MSM NOW ,WITH ACTIONS YOU THINK THIS SITUATION DESERVES,DO WHAT YOU CAN , the internet has shown that people will unite and be helpfull to each other in fact most people will find new spirit in their own selvs helping others as it a natural instinct and very rewarding ,this world CAN BE RESCUED OVERNIGHT,but it needs action ,if every worker in the msm recieved a declaration of the truth explaining the situation they could be given the choice of telling the whole absolute truth,or resign.The media outlet would either tell the truth or shut down,a win win ,TO THE HACKERS ,HACK THE BANKS GET BIG FUNDS TO PAY PEOPLE ,GET SAY 100 MILLION FOR START ,PUT IT ON HERE THAT THE FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE ,THEN WATCH HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL PUT THAT MONEY TO USE TO BRING DOWN THE STRUCTURE OF WORLD POWER ,WE COULD EVEN START OUR OWN RADIO STATION ,NEWSPAPER ETC ETC,EVEN IF ITS NOT POSSIBLE ,CONVINCE PEOPLE IT HAS HAPPENENED ,PUT PROPAGANDA OF PAYOFFS TO ASSASSINATION SQUADS ,PUT FALSE REPORTS OF BANKERS SO SCARED OF DIEING THAT THEY GAVE ALL THEIR MONEY TO CHARITY ,IN ORDER TO BE ALLOWED TO LIVE ,THINK ABOUT IT THEY HAVE THE WORLD FOOLED WITH PROPAGANDA ,IT MUST BE A GOOD WEAPON ,LETS USE IT ,LETS COME UP WITH FALSE ATROCITIES AND BLAME THE ILLUMINATI,LETS TELL THE TERRORIST ORGANISATIONS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN HAD ,LETS PLANT EVIDENCE TO BRING ABOUT REPORTING OF SOMETHING IN OUR FAVOUR ,LETS GET AT THE MILITARY AND SHOW THEM THAT THEIR LIFE IS REGARDED AS NOTHING ,AND THAT WARS ARE BS (LARGE TYPE FOR MY EYES,AM NOT SHOUTING),THERE MUST BE LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF ACTIONS WE CAN TAKE ,WE CANT WAIT FOR THE DRAGONS ,THEY ARE NOT COMING ,NOR IS GOD ,IF EITHER OF YOU ARE COMING TO HELP SAVE THE WORLD THEN GIVE US A SIGN ,SAY A LIGHTENING BOLT THRU THE FED BUILDING OR SOMETHING THAT WE KNOW IS YOU ,TO THE DRAGONS ,YOU ARE ILLUMINATI ,YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING AT ALL ,I READ WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES ,BUT THE TRUTH IS YOU WOULD ONLY HAVE TO ASSASSINATE 50 BADDIES VERY PUBLICLY ,THEN ALL OF THEIR GOFERS WOULD SHIT THEMSELVES ,THE PYRAMID WOULD FALL,WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY TO RUN THE WORLD,I WOULDNT MIND IF THEY WERE GOOD AT IT,50 DEATHS TODAY WOULD SAVE MILLIONS TOMORROW,THEY HAVE TO BE TAKEN OUT ,THEY HAVE CREATED A WORLD OF PAIN AND SUFFERING ,THEY HAVE ALL THE WEALTH FOR A FANTASTIC LIFE BUT ITS NOT ENOUGH ,THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MIND BLOWING AMOUNTS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING OVER HUNDREDS OF YEARS AND THE FACT IS THEY COULD HAVE HAD A NEW WORLD ORDER YEARS AGO WITH THE BLESSING OF EVERYBODY ,IF IT MEANT THE WORLD WOULD BE AT PEACE WITH PLENTIFULL FOOD AND RELATIVE LUXURY,THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS SET UP TO KEEP THEM IN POWER ,DEFACTO COURTS ,STATUTES,TAX THE EVERYDAY MAN TO DEATH,,MORTGAGE=DEATH DEBT OR DEBT TILL DEATH MAYBE,THEY HAVE EVERYBODY IN POWER SHIT SCARED TO GO AGAINST THEM ,TRUTH IS BY NOW THEY SHOULD BE SHIT SCARED OF THE DRAGONS AND THINGS WOULD HAVE CHANGED,THE FRAUD THAT IS MONEY,THE FED,THE BANK OF ENGLAND,DEBT, SHOULD BE HISTORY,HACKERS HIT THE FINANCIAL WORLD, CRASH IT,ITS ALL BOLLOX,STOP PUSSYING ABOUT ,SEND THOUSANDS OF FAXES TO MILLITARY ,GET THEM TO STOP BOMBING HUMANS AND TAKE OUT HAARP INSTALLATIONS .HACKERS GET LOCATIONS FOR BUNKERS,MAKE THEM PUBLIC,SEND BULK EMAILS TO EVERY KNOWN EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE PLANET ,TRANSFER VAST AMOUNTS OF MONEY FROM ILLUM BANK ACCOUNTS TO CHARITIES , I COULD GO ON ALL NIGHT ,BUT INVITE BLOGGERS TO PLEASE ,FOR ONE DAY TALK ABOUT STRATEGIES FOR THE DOWNFALL OF THE PLAGUE THAT IS KILLING US ALL


UFO FILES reveal ‘Rendlesham incident’ papers missing
March 2, 2011, BBC News

Intelligence papers on a reported UFO sighting known as the “Rendlesham incident” have gone missing, files from the National Archives reveal. The missing files relate to a report of mysterious lights from US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980. The disappearance came to light with the release of 8,000 previously classified documents on UFOs. Officials found a “huge” gap where defence intelligence files relating to the case should be, the papers show. The incident took place near the fence of RAF Woodbridge – at that time being used by the US Air Force. A group of servicemen reported seeing strange lights in the trees near the base and after investigating found marks on the ground and damage to vegetation. The files reveal the MoD received a request for its own records of the incident in 2000, but when officials looked they discovered a “huge” gap where defence intelligence files relating to it should be. But it is not the only gap in the official record. In 2002 the MoD received a request for information from Lord Hill-Norton. He wanted to know about reports of a UFO sighting made by HMS Manchester while on exercise in the 1990s. It emerged in the file that HMS Manchester’s log for one of the periods was lost overboard after “a gust of wind”.

Note: Something major is missing from this article, too. The servicemen at Rendlesham not only found marks, they saw a craft up close. One man even touched the vehicle. These military men have all gone on record with their experience and all claim a cover-up. For an intriguing documentary on this landmark case; For other key information and documents on the Rendlesham incident; For a two-page summary of testimony from top military and government officials on their personal involvement with UFOs;

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

U.S. Drug Stores Report Sudden Increase in Potassium Iodide Sales
Published March 15, 2011

Read more:

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

excerts from this linked article – this is much more serious than a normal nuclear plant meltdown!
Comment by hopereturns on March 15, 2011 @ 11:28 pm

this is conflicting with other reports hope .this is as fear based as you can get .++++++++++++++++=+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

rafael please share more of you knowledge as you are the most prepared for death in this life form as anyone else I know . Thanks .It is an honor to know you


Paladin – good job on keeping the corrupt criminals in the spotlight…

It seems as if with the crazy events happening at lightening speed all around the world, that there is a lot of tension – and I think its felt by everyone. Instead of jumping into hyperdrive, it might be more helpful to take some time out and let go of the fear, and focus on preparation and meditation.

Rafael – potassium iodide is not a pharmaceutical, its a supplement and can be obtained without a prescription. Radiation may or may not reach the US, but I am going to prepare and obtain some, as having and not needing it is a better idea than needing and not having it. Yes, there are also foods that can help too, and I am also getting those. As far as what the media is reporting on Japan, that does not really matter – what we do know is that millions of people over there are going through some serious tragedies, are at risk of dying from lack of food, water, exposure to radiation and they deserve our prayers and thoughts of healing. Giving this to those in Japan does not take away from all the other people in many other countries who are also suffering, and yes, this is going on all over the world right, including all the children who are starving, diseased and are victims of the satanic ritual abuse. I say prayers every night for all these people as well. I have no doubt that most on this blog also do this. Your condescending attitude about what knowledge the people on this blog have or dont have is not helpful and I think that most on here are very educated about a plethora of subjects, and I have learned a great deal from all of them. A little humility goes a long way Rafael.


besides commenting on irrelevent stuff…



BTW Hope, religions without fear, are nothing.
Fear is control.
Control you give away.
Christianity is ALL ABOUT FEAR.
A long with Judaism (they’re basically the same).
The west is founded and ran by loads of different kinds of fears.
The fact that some people are capable of trespassing it, and managing to succeed and achieve their goals and be happy, does not mean it’s the right way or the necessary way. It’s just another option. Though with this one the percentage of success is lower, because of it’s harshness and because it depends on the subject who is not always predestined to succeed.
Most families teach their children, the way they know.
That is exactly how they were taught, because they analyse themselves and think it hasn’t been all that bad, and that they have managed to make a living. Or exactly the opposite in the sense of that their education was a whole mess, it “fucked them up” and have had to suffer a lot in order to achieve their actual state, and so they decide to do exactly the opposite of what they were taught in an intent to cleanse the hereditary educative technique.

Once you are aware of this, you can start to analyse families and their labels. It’s like disassembling something to see how it’s made.
And belive me there are clear repetitive patterns in religion based families.
Of course not everything is religion, period of time, influences, it’s all in there to make your family what it is.
But just stop to think about it for a second.
What are you?
What made you?
How where you formed?
How did you get to construct you belief system?
When did it start?
Did you really choose?
Had you real capacity to comprehend the whole implication of blindly accepting someone else’s truths?

I think that if one would grow up without truths imposed, one would definately answer to future questions, I just know that I know nothing.
because really,…Who can affirm the contrary?
Don’t limit yourself, infinite awaits you when you embrace the unknown by being aware of your unsatisfaction because you are aware you never end up knowing sufficiently enough, and that what you knew happened to be false because of wrong information, because of misinterpretation or old belief pattern usage. And that until you actually get to update that info, you will live in error without knowledge, thus taking you to mistakes.


And anyway, how convenient this earthquake…

March 10, 2011
Foreign ministers of China, Japan, ROK to meet next weekend

Surely the West does not see this alliance as beneficial.
The three main countries in Asia, getting together to discuss how to enhance mutual benefits.
Westerners surely will be asking themselves, Where do we fit in all of this?
I think they wanna leave ya out.
Maybe…because the west is crumbling down and it’s economy relies on asia?
Maybe…because dependence is crucial for profitability?
Maybe…because oil productors want more demand?


Dinar RV status anyone ?


I will say this about fear, truly it goes away to the desensitization process…I have had unbelievably frightening things happen to me directly and I feel like I can face anything.

When I said I was filled with dread the other day I didn’t mean fear I meant an uneasiness for what was coming. Not for me personally but for everyone else.

I am not afraid of it because I am prepared spiritually and mentally.

In addition to that feeling, either something manufactured is hammering us in our trailer or from the sky or hammering Earth in general in the form of microwave weapons…I can feel it.

This is in part what I was saying, this weapon may be part of what is rattling fault lines and part what is giving me one long never ending headache and feeling of doom.

The doom isn’t mine, it is alien as in coming from somewhere else.

Me I’ll laugh all day in the face of danger but when you are as aware as we are and a tiny fraction of the planet who share this sort of awareness, it is a responsibility to try and convey what we know to those who don’t and that comes with the ridicule and silences and eye rolling we all know about.

The shit lists of the grid…

I don’t like to make jokes at people’s expense (laugh with not at) and this isn’t meant to sting but perhaps it will be taken as constructive….

Hope, I think why people constantly criticize you is your tone reminds me of Diane Chambers of Cheers, if she had been Christian and met aliens…

The tone rubs people the wrong way because they feel you are taking a moral high road above everyone else.

Now having said that I really wish I hadn’t because I hate people feeling bad about anything. This whole planet seems to feed off the pain of others and Hope has been really nice to me and supportive.

Truthfully don’t we have bigger fish to fry?


OOps, I meant Matthew. :embarassed:



Thanks David, hopefully both Ben and his wife are back together in safety. That’s their priority, much more important than posting a blog like clockwork.

It’s hard not see some sort of targeting here (with HAARP or something else), Japan being a country that has been slipping away from the Rockefeller faction’s control. There’s some sort of pattern also in the hackings of your Web site. It’s like “they” practiced before hitting you the hardest at a critical time… I know you don’t want to fall into negative paranoia thinking, I don’t either. It’s indeed a tightrope act to be cautious and prepared without living in fear.

Since this my first post here, I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation for both Ben and you. Ben found himself in a unique position in this world where he can talk about events and people in the most direct way. He’s also very well centered spiritually. I think many people have not realized how precious a combination this is. That’s not to say that he’s not going to make mistakes. Whoever’s involved, our priority should remain to develop and nurture the connection with our higher selves as this provides us with the best perspective to process any information coming our way.


I am amazed at how well Michael’s stuff fits into the english language.


And for the rest of paranoids who think pharmaceutical solutions are needed, I’ll remind people that in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was radiation, but because of the diet of the locals, most weren’t affected as much as it would have if it would have happened in somewhere else, like for example europe.


Radioprotective Effects of Miso (Fermented Soy Bean Paste) Against Radiation in B6C3F1 Mice: Increased Small Intestinal Crypt Survival, Crypt Lengths and Prolongation of Average Time to Death.
-> Some, especially proponents of healthful eating, suggest that miso can help treat radiation sickness, citing cases in Japan and Russia where people have been fed miso after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Notably, Japanese doctor Shinichiro Akizuki, director of Saint Francis Hospital in Nagasaki during World War II, theorized that miso helps protect against radiation sickness.[7]

I thought you all would know of this. I knew it from many years ago as a treatment for electric contamination.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

So who believes God struck Japan for bucking up against Israel?


Comment by hopereturns on March 16, 2011 @ 12:04 am

hahahaha, you always surprise me!

Here are the best parts:

“If that does not frighten someone they are not human. FEAR should be felt or people will sit on their laurels and die.”

@”If that does not frighten someone they are not human.”
->Anyone is capable of being frightened, most are, different thing is what you do about it and how you manage it. And ABSOLUTELY this does not give you the excuse to inflict fear on people for a cause, maybe common good.
Of course the receptor is responsible for accepting the fear, or rejecting it.
To be human is to love, that in the first place.
To fear is to give your power away, and deny your essence as human. You are your own source of power acting on your yourself. This power comes from the divine. You are his will.

@”FEAR should be felt or people will sit on their laurels and die.”
-> People sit on their laurels not because of fear but because of lack of love, lack of future, lack of money, lack of knowledge, lack of illusion.
Fear has little to do with apathy.

“Ben’s is a site for the satanic, controlled by the Illuminati (was not Ben’s plan). The next paragraph should be your first clue. Many posters here are facilitating this dark, very dark, genocidal agenda. Right now we need divine intervention and not more lies and deception.”

And the rest is obvious I too do not buy that new age shit, but at the same time, I know there is something out there who are who they say they are, and that no one knows nothing about them because that is their will.
Remember insiders words, if it’s public or known, it’s not them, be it Good guys or Bad guys.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

It is rare that I find an article released in the mainstream media that supports my views on the silver manipulation situation and the potential for confiscation of the concentrated holdings of silver and gold. Today is the exception:

Disinformation and Silver Confiscation: Opinion

Since this article is not “signed by the author” many have emailed me asking if I wrote it and I am very glad to say that I did not. Not that I wouldn’t have been proud to pen such a “manifesto of truth” but rather I’m glad to hear that others are beginning to understand the likely scenario that I have been jumping up and down about for years.

As we ease into the market chaos I have been warning of (we are not there yet) it is important to be able to sit on the sidelines with your silver in hand and calmly observe the chaos that unfolds.

I am working on another Special Report for the Private Road about what is transpiring as it relates to EVERYTHING happening right now as I believe the “Bad Guys” are knee deep in trying to change the “End Game” of their planned destruction. For now review the last update (Private Road article):

SPECIAL REPORT: The 2011 Transition(updated)

We are still on track for the END of fiat money but it looks like it will be A LOT UGLIER than was hoped.

Stay safe. Be prepared. Close your eyes if you have to but have faith that…

There is hope.

Bix Weir

To sign up for the Private Road click here:


March 15, 2011 – The White Hat Report 14 – The Dewhurst Files Part 1

David Dewhurst is currently serving in Texas as the Lt. Governor, a position of Public Trust. An honorable position, demanding he conducts himself accordingly. His ambitions extend next to challenging for a seat in the Senate. Mr. Dewhurst’s complete personal integrity, and his ability to be an honest, forthright, public official, an elected leader of the people of the State of Texas, is now the issue.

This is a man whose own brother, in conjunction with others, is now facing serious unfolding litigation following the debacle over the breach of contract, and numerous other serious felonious criminal activities, relating to the Ed Falcone affair. Public entities are complicit and their associations which are unfolding will have implications for many.

Here are further details received:

• Donald Nevins, the brother to David Dewhurst, signed a contract with his passport copy attached, as part of a settlement deal with Ed Falcone. This was presented to Ed Falcone as an already signed agreement.

• Ed Falcone received emails in reference to this settlement contract that contained a heading,”The Bush Settlement”.

• Donald Nevins opened up a bank account for his group. Part of the settlement funds were instructed to be transferred into this account. He met with Ed Falcone and his bankers assuring them the funds would be wired to the agreed bank coordinates”.

• Donald Nevins indicated he was working on behalf of Bush Senior and the “Agency” [a reference to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)] via his brother, a former CIA Operative and the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst.

• Donald Nevins was part of a team, including five (5) other individuals, who flew around the world desperately trying to move money and alter bank account records to hide Bush Senior’s money stolen from Falcone and Joe Biden’s bribery money, from pursuing investigators. We have previously reported about some of these activities.

• The signed agreement by Donald Nevins instructed Ed Falcone, that upon receiving his settlement payment he would transfer $550,000,000 Dollars into the group bank account explained above. 50%, or $275,000,000 Dollars would be divided between Donald Nevins and his brother, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, while the other 50% would divided among the five other individuals who flew around the world helping move the stolen funds.

This issue is now heading for serious litigation and prosecution, with damning consequences for many, including Dewhurst as he will have to answer for his very awkward participation. All need to heed urgently at the evidence amassed. Their Bank visits with Senior Bank Officers, which will be declared, will have severe international legal consequences. Proof and the footprints of guilt are now about to be exhibited in a Court of Law, with developing criminal implications. The Bush’s are telling their scared minions not to do anything and be quiet … it will all blow over … “trust us” they say. Well, trust us … it will not blow over … even with all of the threats, bribes and political destruction, many are fiercely angry and are not only willing but will gladly come forward to tell all they know. Even the Bush’s do not have the ability to stop this political storm.

The consequences are unfolding. Perhaps, Dewhurst’s dream of Senatorial glory may be better focused on being a Senatorial candidate by upholding the Constitution and all that being a high level, elected public official means and requires. If we could suggest, and we hate to be out of line by suggesting, but maybe, just maybe, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst needs to tell the truth about his involvement with the Bush’s and the $135,000,000.00 Dollars he was to receive for having his Brother deliver a message and documents. Or was Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s share of the money, a mere $135,000,000 Dollars, more than meets the eye? Dewhurst was a CIA operative after all … does he know the truth? America, this does not compute, does it to you? Are you voting for a person using his office for things that logically is difficult to explain? Is he to be trusted to represent you faithfully or line his pockets at your expense? It’s your vote!!

Either way, we say that if Dewhurst cares about his personal integrity and, that of the offices he wishes to hold, he either needs to tell the total truth which rats out the Bush’s or resign the office of Lt. Governor and cease with his aspirations of being an elected official on any level. Lt. Governor Dewhurst, your answer will tell the people of the State of Texas and all of America about your ability to hold office and faithfully represent your constituents. THE EYES OF OUR NATION ARE NOW UPON YOU.

What is visibly unfolding is a real life play on the American dream. The American ethos is to work, to prosper, to succeed, but not to have it stolen or defrauded from us. It’s about doing the right thing, standing together and helping all. Elected Officials are paid to help us, not use public office to help themselves.

Please, send a message to the coordinates we have supplied you below. Make your voice heard. Show we are not alone. It could be you next. Let us show the American spirit has not died. Your voice counts and together it gets louder. Exposure is their worst nightmare. Justice for one man is justice for all.

Phone and fax David Dewhurst and just state, “The eyes of our nation are now upon you.”

The David Dewhurst Committee:
Phone: (512) 235-9798
Fax: (512) 235-9797
Or To Dewhurst’s Direct Personal Assistant
C/O Ellen Gutierrez
Fax: (512) 463-0677

The White Hats


My Response to the #Gov email asking #Anonymous to help Investigate BofA


Hi BEN I pray that you are seeing the world respond with love and concern for the People of Japan. Their behavior and courage under these extreme conditions is very encouraging and admirable. If our governments would have us at each others throats, we will not cooperate with their NWO-cabal agendas and we will react with upmost compassion instead, and we will move on, to the Golden Age of Humankind !


Comment by tblkacs on March 15, 2011 @ 10:29 pm

You speak with much speed, and watch too much news.
I’m not the only one speaking against fear mongers.
Even if a hollywood style apocalypse would happen, I’d still maintain my no fear-mongering policy.

One thing is to alert something’s coming.
Different thing is to be aware of it, and do something about it.
There is no need to tell other people what they can by themselves find out.
Can you do something about your reality?
If yes, the I suggest you do exercise your responsibility, as a solution holder. even if you fail, you’ll have done much more than others, because at least you’ll have tried, whilst others just kept on talking.

Understand that you have not made the most important question: WHO BENEFITS?

Curious that in 2007 exactly the same happened, even with a radioactive leak in the power plant.
And very interesting in deed, that knowing how seismically sensible Japan is, they’ve infested the whole country with’em, and interesting too is HOW THEY SELL THE NEWS.
Now some countries in Europe have decided to dismantle/disconnect nuclear power plants and eventually I guess they’ll seek alternative solutions.
So, Why did they have to wait for this one to happen so that everyone mobilizes?
So many disasters with nuclear power plants, even in 2007 in Japan, and yet no one said or did anything, now suddenly in the middle of an energetic crisis, they come out.
It is certainly weird, and you should see that.


Messages are really easy to skim, skip and scroll by…




Here is a video someone made that is parody on startrek on how to stop the NWO – its awesome!!! A much needed break of humor on the blog…enjoy.


🙂 Joan


I’m here looking to find out about Ben as well. My site was maliciously hacked for the third time while I was away on a conference, but I’m working to get it back up right now.

Ben may well have evacuated due to the radiation threat. If he could access the Internet at all, he probably would have made a more recent update — but my guess is he went where his wife was staying.

– David Wilcock


“Okay we need to get this blog to one opinion.I say we be of the opinion the sky is sometimes blue.”

… I agree, but for augments sake can we decide if that is on chem-trail free day or not…..

sorry but i couldn’t resist disagreeing, must be all the fall out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Hutz send Hope 2 pounds of weed .
please hope roll a cigar joint and smoke that then take some tranquilizers.I really don’t think a dangerous dose of radiation can make it across the pacific. This opinion is based on a history Chanel documentary on a bomb .. the fallout fell to the ground in 80 miles.
Of course thats the history channel …could be disinformation . even then after 48 hours of radioactive contamanation you can breath the air after 48 hours .
again the history channel .. Take it easy hope . everything is going to be alright


From George Ure’s Urbansurvival Site
A letter to George from someone in the US who runs a small research reactor:

Hi George,

Not telling you anything you don’t know, but we have entered worst-case territory for the reactor types at Fukushima Daiichi. For those of us in North America, this does not mean it is time to take those KI tablets, but here’s hoping your Japanese readers had heeded your call to stock up.

FYI, here is a quick reference for you when discussing radiation dose. We in the U.S. use the term “rem” or, more commonly, “millirem,” to describe dose. In Japan and Europe their unit for absorbed dose is the “sievert” or more commonly the “millisievert.” Also, be aware that most of the numbers being reported are in amount of dose per hour – this is important.

1 sievert (Sv) = 100 rem (100 rem is a very large dose to take all at once) 1 millisievert (mSv) = 100 mrem

For reference, most studies show that the human body shows noticeable changes in response to radiation at ~10 rem (0.1 sv or 100 msv). In the U.S. radiation workers can take 5 rem total dose over the course of a year (during normal work conditions).

For reference, at the plant, there was a reading of 400 mSv, so equating to 40 rem in an hour. Not good.

This has gone deep into “worst case” territory. Far deeper than I expected. The language for Clif’s “radioactive volcanoes” is certainly in place.

More Here:



U.S.-Saudi Tensions Intensify With Mideast Turmoil

WASHINGTON — Even before Saudi Arabia sent troops into Bahrain on Monday to quell an uprising it fears might spill across its own borders, American officials were increasingly concerned that the kingdom’s stability could ultimately be threatened by regional unrest, succession politics and its resistance to reform.

So far, oil-rich Saudi Arabia has successfully stifled public protests with a combination of billions of dollars in new jobs programs and an overwhelming police presence, backed by warnings last week from the foreign minister to “cut any finger that crosses into the kingdom.”

Monday’s action, in which more than 2,000 Saudi-led troops from gulf states crossed the narrow causeway into Bahrain, demonstrated that the Saudis were willing to back their threats with firepower.

Obama foreign relations = disasterpiece


Oh, look at the lovely blue sky! Here is a simple way to prepare for any radiation; take Norwegian Kelp, Vit. C., and Iodine right now to build up your thyroid. For iodine, I take Iosol. Consider a shelter that you can seal for a few days. But, realistically, with the rain coming directly across, the rain will knock down most of the fallout, and the wind will disperse a lot as well. Why suck up all the negative energy when this is out of our control?

But, that said, there is a new publication, by Sam Adams, titled Understanding and Surviving Martial Law, which was just shared with us. He gives some good links, which I have included a few of;
1. don’t forget supplies before the store runs out –

2. safeguarding your firearms-

3.power sleep-

4. medicinal herbs-

5. free alternative news-

6. ….but it has very little power and costs about $2K (not worth it in my opinion.) Better to have a honda generator to keep your well and freezer running. So a supply of fuel is good to have on hand.

I have not checked these out…sorry…but will begin now. I feel badly about all the speculation and fear going on on this blog. Its time we began to put into practice the education we have received on just hunkering down and enjoying each moment. Fear is in opposition to love, and love keeps us healthy and sane. Hang in there everyone.


You said “God was aggrieved continuously by the abominations of Satan on this earth”

I have only one simple question. If God is indeed omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnicient (as I believe), then he/she has the ability and power to change anything in the universe, agree? If so, why would he/she be “aggreived continuously by the abominations of Satan”? Why not just delete or ‘relocate’ the problem? I’m not asking as an afront to your beliefs. I am truly curious what the answer to this question might be as it doesn’t make sense.


We are God’s creation. God’s most loving act was to give us free will. He does not force us to do anything. We can choose to follow him or to follow the fallen realm that has a self-serving, dark agenda.

Now if God were to intervene on every evil act what would be the point of humanity? WE would not be. We are sovereign beings with a will. If God intervened at every turn we would not be sovereign. If God micro-managed all our humanity would be pointless.

To quote your words, God did not “delete” because he loved us. He loved Noah. He loved his creation. It was good. Btu it did not turn out well again because man is terrbily corruptible.

In his Son Jesus we learn what a human can be. He created him supernaturally without intervention from the evil one–this was necessary. Jesus is the only human God ever created that was as He intended, perfect, and perfect in love. He was miraculously conceived and will return to judge all as the paragon, the zenith of God’s human creation that He is. Jesus was tempted by the evil one but resisted; the evil one did try to corrupt him. All of us have been corrupted by the evil one to some degree–Jesus is the only human that was, remained, and remains pure. He is God’s only pure human creation and the true Judge, designated our Lord and Savior, returning to this world to rid it of the evil one. I am receiving revelations on this and I wish to meditate.

The nephilim, fallen angels, altered man early on; hence, the flood was aimed at cleansing the planet of this evil spirit. It is clear that these unclean spirits survived and have returned, finding hosts in our wealthy and powerful men. As it is written God will return in his Son to cleanse the earth once again and return Satan to the bowels of the earth along with his demons.


U.S. needs a path to safe, clean electricity

(CNN) — In Japan’s earthquake-triggered nuclear emergency, at least 200,000 people who live within 21 kilometers of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station outside Tokyo have been removed from their homes — residents who are already victims of the worst earthquake to hit Japan since records were kept.

Three nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi station are damaged — some core melting is assumed to have happened in two of them. The risk is either that the damaged reactors continue to produce periodic hydrogen explosions and radioactive steam releases for weeks or months, or, worse that the containment shields fail altogether and highly radioactive materials become airborne, creating a toxic plume of gas and particles that could contaminate a wide area downwind from the crippled atomic plant.

The last reactor meltdown, in the Soviet-designed Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine in 1986, shows the potential consequences of a nuclear power accident. According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an 18-mile radius exclusion zone around the plant was evacuated and closed off, including the cutting and burying of a one square-mile forest.


Stocks plunge as Japan nuclear crisis worsens
Stocks opens sharply lower, bond prices rise, as nuclear crisis in Japan intensifies

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks plunged Tuesday, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down almost 300 points at the opening, as the nuclear crisis in Japan intensified following a deadly earthquake and tsunami.

Dangerous levels of radiation began leaking from a crippled nuclear plant Tuesday, forcing Japan to order 140,000 people to stay indoors. Japan’s prime minister also warned that more leaks could occur.

Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at New York-based brokerage house Avalon Partners, said fear had taken hold in the market as traders worried about the nuclear crisis and a possible slowdown in Japan’s economy, the world’s third-largest.

“It’s a situation where you sell, and you ask questions later,” he said.

The New York Stock Exchange enacted a process at the start of trading to help smooth out volatility. The so-called Rule 48 was aimed at responding to the “volatility in the pre-market,” said Rich Adamonis, a spokesman for the exchange.


Sorry Pansy, it was late. Shall do. Then I will move on for the day.


Beatbox, bcsolanski, all:

The seriousness of the events of Japan far exceed Chernobyl. If that does not frighten someone they are not human. FEAR should be felt or people will sit on their laurels and die.

We must help these people to get far away from Japan. I am hoping many will open their homes to them far away.

Now this disaster is growing and the fallout is on its way to America and Western Canada.

Ben’s is a site for the satanic, controlled by the Illuminati (was not Ben’s plan). The next paragraph should be your first clue. Many posters here are facilitating this dark, very dark, genocidal agenda. Right now we need divine intervention and not more lies and deception.

Haton is a fabrication of the evil one known to you as the Annunaki. There is no Haton. When you channel it you channel a demonic entity. But does it sounds loving though…it is cunning in the extreme. None of you want to know you have been had; but, you have. I wish I had said these things sooner. There is no Ashtar Command, no Galactic Federation, etc…all fabrications of the evil one, placed into your minds by mind control. Seriously, have any of you been there, sat with it/these in the physical? If the evil ones manifested beyond the foolery they implant in your minds would have a heart-attack for what you would witness and experience. It is calculating its time to present itself for what it is. This time is closing in. Nevertheless, it is operating all over the world under your nose in disguise.


Appears we’re all jonesing for Ben’s next article. Perhaps the White Hats can fill that void very soon.



Hope, Is there a reason you are not responding to my earlier question?

Here it is again:

You said “God was aggreived continuously by the abominations of Satan on this earth”

I have only one simple question. If God is indeed omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnicient (as I believe), then he/she has the ability and power to change anything in the universe, agree? If so, why would he/she be “aggreived continuously by the abominations of Satan”? Why not just delete or ‘relocate’ the problem? I’m not asking as an afront to your beliefs. I am truly curious what the answer to this question might be as it doesn’t make sense.



Good God! Someone get Hope some Marijuana. She really needs to chill out this week!


Anonymous on FOX news

anchor:….Banker fraud for millions…*yawn*…no investigation….go back to sleep…*yawn* geez this is boring.

anchor 2: Don’t worry guys this will all get hammered out in a few weeks…..*yawn* We always get the bad guys…go back to sleep.


Mathew Message Mar 14/11

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The earthquake off the coast of Japan, strategically positioned to cause the tsunami, was not Mother Nature’s doing. Her only involvement was the unavoidable initial movements of land and water after Illuminati scientists triggered the quake. Our space family was able to thwart their goal to level cities, flood the island and kill most of its inhabitants; however, harnessing the full force of the ocean is beyond the capability of their technology. Mother Nature isn’t causing the suspicious number of aftershocks, either, and it should be obvious to your seismologists and geologists that something is horribly awry.

2. The peak members of the Illuminati know that their economic empire is shattered, and before the last shreds of their once impenetrable global network are completely gone, they are trying to generate a mass of negativity through creating chaos, destruction and high death toll wherever they can. For all the devastation in the ocean’s path and the damaged nuclear power facility, compared to the Illuminati’s intent to utterly destroy Japan, it was a shallow win for them. There was minimal damage in Tokyo; the quake, aftershocks and tsunami released a large amount of negativity on the planet; off-planet technology is lessening the effects of radiation from the power station; and other civilizations are beaming intense light, adding to the outpouring of prayers for the Japanese people, whose resilience and resourcefulness and the assistance of other countries will restore that nation.

3. With the light continuing to intensify, the Illuminati’s unconscionable acts cannot much longer plague Earth. Just as you and we are seeing the undeniable evidence of massive shifts in the collective consciousness, so are they, and they know that this will end all darkness on the planet. The light in expanded consciousness has led long-oppressed peoples to raise their voices for freedom, and that cry will be echoed over and again until all peoples throughout your world are free.

4. Eventually hard-won victories will come in Libya, other countries in the Middle East and nations in Southeast Asia and Africa. In countries where political groups with different ideologies oppose each other without violence, extremist positions will give way to unified administrations that serve the needs of the masses rather than the greed of the elite. However, it would be folly to expect swift capitulation by tyrannical rulers or completely smooth transitions as the settling in of new national leaders will be amidst varying degrees of unrest and at different paces.

5. Sorrow and hardships will befall the families whose beloved members pay with their lives for reformed governance or who were caught in the line of fire. We devoutly wish that all could know that every person who leaves this lifetime by either original or amended soul contract is thriving in Earth’s spirit world. Please join lighted beings throughout the universe in sending forth prayers for the highest good of all.

6. I believe this is an appropriate place to answer a reader’s question, Does the soul vacate the body without fear? There is not an iota of fear connected with the soul and the etheric body leaving the physical body, but the psyche is another matter entirely. While the soul is liberated, so to say, the psyche of the person—as well as the beliefs, characteristics and memories—arrive in Nirvana exactly as they are at the moment the body dies. If someone has experienced a fearful lifetime or the dying process was in fearful circumstances, that fear is ingrained in the psyche. Those persons arrive at special portals where specially trained transition teams boost the etheric body’s strength and take the person to a tranquil place where constant attention and customized treatment are given.

7. Mother, please copy the book section where I described this exceptional healing process using the example of a soldier who died in combat. The same tender care would be given to all persons who died in fear of the earthquake or the tsunami—knowing this could give a measure of comfort to all who love them and are mourning their loss.

[Excerpt from the chapter “Transitioning Souls” in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven.]

I’ll give you an actual example of how we treat a traumatized arrival. You are seeing a wounded soldier in combat uniform sitting on a cot, in heat-of-battle anger, fear and fighting forcefulness, and someone who is gently trying to soothe him. Just as in the image I’m sending, the soldier’s body appears here to be solid, like Earth flesh, and the cot also appears to be solid. That is an illusion we manifest because it is necessary at this stage of his acclimation to this realm.

Soldiers in combat have to balance the reality of death with a sense of their own invincibility so they can focus on survival. This difficult psychic maneuvering, plus the shock of battle and the horror of being surrounded by dead comrades and the screams of the wounded, has put this man in an extremely agitated state. It’s necessary to let him realize that this is a change from his last Earth surroundings, which we do by easing the battlefield conditions in which he had been living and dying. Little by little his last memories are eliminated by that gradual removal of the scene around him until he is able to accept that he has left his Earth body and has entered this new life. The transition must be slow and realistic to him or his psyche will be shocked into a state where healing is a major repair. Not that the assistance already needed and being rendered isn’t of major significance, but I am speaking relatively.

Matthew, it would seem that realism for that soldier would mean having acres of fighting around him. Can he see his dead comrades if they’re receiving the same kind of treatment nearby? Well, since you’ve said every soul arrives separately, I suppose he’s alone with his medical attendant in a battlefield atmosphere.

No, Mother, he’s not the only soldier there. I just sent you a close-up image so you could clearly see the solidity of his body and the cot. Yes, he can see some of his “dead” comrades nearby, and that is at once helpful and a hindrance because of possible confusion, as other men he just as recently had seen are not there. Grouping these men at this stage is not in conflict with our treating each arrival individually in accordance with specific healing needs. To avoid further psychic damage, it is essential that their dying environment be portrayed accurately, and their comrades’ presence is part of this realism.

This group of men who were killed almost simultaneously numbers about ten, with varying attitudes regarding death and Heaven. They arrived at stations where their soul level energy permitted and their psychic adjustment can best be served, the initial stage of which you just were viewing. Each in the group has his own energy attunement to follow from this point forward. Some of these men may be quite advanced in soul evolution and very soon be aware of their entry into the spirit realm. We have seen newly arrived soldiers with such advanced evolvement that they knew instantly where they were and quickly helped others nearby accept their transition. Others in this group may have very serious review ahead.

As for the image you saw, yes, it was only a small portion of a reenacted battle environment, minus the deafening sounds and the gore of Earth reality. However, “acres of battle” would not have been an accurate image to send you because we don’t see that, either. What we see is more like flash scenes in a movie, where viewers have a glimpse of one character and his situation, then another character and his, and so on. Even though a little time is spent developing each vignette, viewers are meant to understand that all of the developments are happening simultaneously.

We see glimpses of individual souls in varying stages of comprehension and needs for transition assistance. We’re led to the place where we need to be by the energy connection that is established. I know you’re wondering how the differentiation can be achieved in that chaos, and I don’t know how to explain this to you, Mother, but I can assure you that it works to perfection.

As I’ve mentioned before, our primary healing mechanism is vibrations, which is why music is so essential. Healthy individuals here have a vibratory rate between two definite points, allowing for some variation corresponding to rising or falling enthusiasm, excitement, or whatever emotion causes a rate change. Since we have no fearful or angering circumstances to deal with, a rise from the normal rate is only for positive reasons. Arrivals have a much different set of rates, which are geared to their belief systems throughout life on Earth and the circumstances of physical life and death.


8. Thank you, Mother. I wish to add something that isn’t in that excerpt, but is mentioned earlier in the chapter. Every person who makes transition is greeted by name and receives whatever individualized care may be necessary. If they are quickly aware that they have returned to this realm, they’re greeted by family, friends and animals with whom they are bonded in love and are assisted in finding satisfying housing and settling in.

9. As I explained to my mother, I used the impersonal word “arrival” only to differentiate between souls who departed Earth lifetimes and the many others who come from spiritually advanced physical civilizations. Because Nirvana is well known for the customized care and healing of damaged psyches, some people come to rest and be rejuvenated after a series of traumatic lifetimes. Others come to teach advanced courses in the sciences, but most are here simply to visit. The higher levels of this world are widely known for their exquisite beauty and diversity, and it is a popular vacation spot for persons whose energy is compatible with those high vibrations.

10. Although I haven’t been a resident for a dozen years or more, Nirvana still is my home, you could say. I return briefly between my calls to service, helping other civilizations in this part of the universe assess and upgrade their spirit havens that are their people’s equivalent of Earth’s Nirvana.

11. Now then, for some time we and other messengers of the light have been alerting you to the tumultuous times ahead. Now we say, they are here. Until recently Earth’s journey out of deep third density wasn’t at all apparent to the uninformed; now that she’s nearer to the doorway of fourth density, you are on the fast track to world transformation. The planet is accelerating its travels into the energy planes where interaction with other celestial bodies will assist in the rapid uprooting of negativity, and everything based in dark intent will be exposed. Through the end of this calendar year and well into the next, Earth’s energy field of potential will be rife with combative activity until the momentum of the light overcomes the last shred of darkness.

12. Because of all that commotion, it is not possible to determine exact timing of events that must and shall come to pass before the dawning of the Golden Age at the end of 2012. Especially the lightworker community, where the presence of our universal brothers and sisters is known, is eager to hear when those among you will introduce themselves and those above you will land. We don’t know when that will be because they themselves do not, and they are as eager as you for that day to come. Do not doubt their vigilance and sound judgment as to the right timing, and until then, be assured that they are serving you in the same indispensable ways they have been for many decades.

13. During these final stages of Earth’s journey to fourth density, stay steadfast in the light. You are innately prepared to handle the changes that will be difficult for those whose closed minds have kept them stuck in third density’s limited mentality and lack of spiritual clarity. Enlighten those who are searching for answers and are receptive, yet be mindful that it is each person’s choice to “see the light” and respond positively or not.

14. As we have said in previous messages, many will choose to leave this lifetime rather than accept the light that would enable physical survival and many others will leave in accordance with soul contract choices. Neither they nor you will consciously know which circumstance pertains. Remembering that every soul is an inseparable part of the Oneness, rather than sadness because many will be departing, prayers for their highest good are the most beneficial for all souls.

15. With everything in the universe in acceleration mode, it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to say. Recognize what is worthy of your thoughts and attention and what is trivial and doesn’t deserve it. Embrace the intrinsic values in life and shed whatever is not serving you spiritually,such as pornographic “entertainment,” killing animals for sport or giving credence to rumors of dire happenings. Use your time, energy and other resources wisely. If you can physically or financially assist where help is greatly needed, do so; if that is not possible, support with positive thoughts the efforts of individuals and organizations working toward reforms in governments throughout the land and preservation of the environment.

16. The culture of acquiring more, bigger, newer certainly is not limited to people in the United States, but they are pummeled with advertisements and the implication that it is their responsibility to buy so as to get the economy moving. That cannot work for them or anyone else any longer. The collective consciousness is moving away from the illusion that monetary wealth, possessions and social status are measurements of success.

17. Just as the Acquisition Culture isn’t limited to the United States, neither are the Illuminati’s activities, as so recently proven in Japan. However, the US has been their base of international operations, which includes creating the perception that the United States is a kind of utopia—the strongest and richest country of all, the model of true democracy in accordance with voters’ wishes and with altruistic motives in intervening in the affairs of other nations. This not to say that the citizenry is complicit or that the government does no good for them or anyone else in the world; it is that the illusion of utopian life, rule by the people and for the people, and pure altruism is fading fast, as well it should.

18. A few months ago Hatonn spoke with great passion about the powerful opposition President Obama is dealing with and the need for your supportive thoughts and prayers for him and his family. Still, my mother is besieged with emails asking why the president is taking one action or another that maintains or worsens the very situations he was elected to remedy. The questioners, who may be attributing more authority to the office than the constitution does, are not recognizing that this government has long been the Illuminati’s bastion and their purpose in creating the misconception about the country. Their hold on many members of Congress still is strong, and only after that control ends will Obama be able to guide his administration toward national reforms and the peaceful world he is dedicated to achieving.
19. Meanwhile in that country, citizens and elected officials in some states are fighting changes that dilute or eliminate some employment benefits. This heated opposition exemplifies the duality that polarizes philosophical stances and those get played out in the political arena. This is not limited to the United States, of course—the duality affects all countries where there’s a semblance of civil governing and growing dissatisfaction among the governed. Thus, worldwide many profound changes and challenges are ahead.

20. We know your minds and hearts, therefore we know that one challenge for many enlightened individuals is developing discernment about all information, asking within for answers instead depending on external sources, and recognizing messages from the soul to consciousness. Always there is the choice to ignore those messages, but be aware that what comes as intuition, instinct, conscience and so forth is the soul’s method of keeping one on track with the provisions chosen in the pre-birth agreement.

21. Discernment is more than a mental exercise to determine information’s validity or lack of. The written word imparts energy, and your sensations much more than analysis can ascertain what is truth and what is falsehood. If the energy flows smoothly within you, the information is aligned with your soul’s knowingness; if you feel resistance, the opposite is so. Also, it is not necessary that messages from light sources be identical in terminology or details—the importance lies in the sameness of their essence.

22. Because there is no more time to waste in those respects of development and heeding, you will welcome knowing that in the higher vibrations Earth has reached in her ascension course, discernment is easier to master and intuition is stronger. We mention as well that if you can obtain monatomic gold, it will help to enhance your clarity.

23. Another indication of raised consciousness is differentiating between curiosity about mundane issues and seeking information that is important for spiritual growth. Furthermore, it is all right if the latter doesn’t produce answers to all your questions. If particular information is essential for your progress at the moment, it will come; if it is not, you will receive the answers when you need them.

24. Some of you are asking how to recognize physical symptoms of cellular changes and others want to know how to alleviate them. Since several previous messages have addressed this, I asked my mother to list dates of a few for so that readers who want to review that information can easily find it. [March 1, 2004; March 23, 2008; March 10, 2009; August 13, 2010.]

25. As for mental and emotional illness, the cause may indeed be a karmic choice, but that is not necessarily true of the severity—the toxins that are polluting every aspect of your world are exacerbating all conditions in areas of bodies’ vulnerability. And yes, those kinds of illnesses, like all other diseases, will be gradually cured as Earth reaches higher, then higher vibrations in fourth density; however, journeying with her depends upon both the longevity clause in persons’ soul contracts and how closely their free will decisions have adhered to the contract.

26. The questions about “twin souls” show the confusion between “soulmates” and “twin flames.” Mother, please insert the date of the message wherein the difference is explained. [March 4, 2007]

Thank you.

27. Would it be true that all accomplishments originate first outside of Earth and the geniuses and prodigies we credit for their marvels have intuition or ability to communicate with the souls who originated the advanced ideas? That’s close, but not exactly the way it happens. Although everything known on Earth already is in the universal mind, the accomplishments of geniuses and prodigies don’t come automatically by tapping into that information. First, when those souls are in Nirvana and choose their next lifetimes, they select parents for genetic inheritance and other reasons such locations where their minds and talents can be developed, sufficient financial means for education, and supportiveness in their pursuits. Once embodied, your foremost scientists, for example, receive ideas as well as knowledge to develop them via a filtering process from scientists in advanced civilizations. However, music comes from the soul, and that powerful inner creating force motivates these uniquely talented individuals to overcome all obstacles so they can express their art.

28. If humans didn’t kill sick wild animals or thin herds, would Mother Nature handle illness and overpopulation? If humans didn’t interfere with Mother Nature in any respect whatsoever, everything in your world would be in harmony and balance as it once was—and shall be again!

29. Please tell me how to help make the world a better place for my grandkids I’m helping to raise. Your very desire to help is helping by generating light, and you can do much more too. Visualize Earth in golden light as brilliant as the sun, then “see” your grandchildren in settings suitable for their ages and interests. It may be a schoolroom where they show their eagerness to learn or a sports field where they are happily at play with their peers. Or maybe running through a meadow abloom with wildflowers or swimming in pure waters or practicing music lessons or caring for a pet. See them glowing with health and joy wherever they are.

30. Talk with them about your spiritual beliefs and knowledge at levels appropriate for their ages. By example, instill in them compassion and honesty, generosity, kindness and respect for animals and for Earth herself. Encourage them to think independently, make wise decisions, look at a situation from others’ perspectives, be of good humor and sensitive to others’ needs. Above all, let them feel secure in your love.

31. Those suggestions may seem simplistic, no more than any nurturing person would do for a child, and you may be doing all of that and more. If so, you are helping beyond measure to make the world a better place for everyone!

Once again we say farewell in message form only, as eternally we are with you in love.

If you discovered this message on my site or received it as a forward and would like to receive future messages directly, please follow the directions posted at the top of Matthew’s Messages page on

Amusing to Profound—My Conversations with Animals and the Matthew books series can be ordered in the Book Shop on my site. Please order And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He said…at


Love this! Gather people who belong to a bank. Hit the banks by withdrawing money and closing accounts. Keep doing it until they give in. Crash it if you have to. Do what you have to do until they stop waging war on us….That’s it!

No violence
No looting or vandalism
It’s not necessary and they will toss your ass in jail.

Hope – Ben said not to play into “their” hands by propagating fear about what happens in Japan. And nobody is interested in the religious stuff your going on about. Certainly not me.


Japan – Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel – Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl’s Meltdown!

The joint study cites a number of safety precautions necessary in the fabrication of MOX fuel relative to uranium fuel. MOX fuel emits higher gamma radiation and much higher neutron radiation than uranium fuel. Therefore, a separate fresh fuel storage facility designed for MOX only fuel containers for on-site use, and transport equipment for fresh fuel may be necessary. Dust resulting from MOX fabrication is also a concern for worker safety because of the dangers of inhaling plutonium.

Repository disposal of MOX spent fuel is complicated not only by the higher plutonium content in MOX, but by the larger quantities of transuranic elements in the spent fuel as well. This results in MOX spent fuel being thermally hotter than conventional spent fuel. The presence of greater amounts of transuranic radionuclides like americium-241 also cause persistent higher spent fuel temperatures, and cause the decay of thermal power level to be slower. MOX spent fuel use may therefore require that a host of issues be revisited, such as design of transportation and disposal canisters, and design of on-site spent fuel storage casks. For instance, the higher temperatures may cause storage problems at reactors that have limited storage room in their spent fuel pools. The higher temperature may also result in a need for more repository space, unless a repository is designed to take hotter fuel and withstand higher temperatures. Greater repository space would result in proportionally higher repository disposal costs. In addition, if the amount of residual gallium in MOX spent fuel is too high, it may result in deterioration of the spent fuel cladding, create new issues in evaluating the suitability of a repository, and pose greater risk of groundwater contamination. There are some uncertainties as to the concentration of gallium that might adversely affect spent fuel integrity. The differences between spent MOX fuel and spent uranium fuel pose many complications for reprocessing as well.

excerts from this linked article – this is much more serious than a normal nuclear plant meltdown!


Christain Content @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

hopereturns 10:43pm Very good post. Encouraging that those who seek the Lord with all their heart shall find him, and a peace that passes all understanding.
Trust in the counsel of the Lord , not the ‘arm of flesh’.
Prayers are up for Ben, The People of Japan and all the broken-hearted of this world.
This morning @ 5:00 am, Shepherd’s Chapel’s pastor Arnold Murray reminded us that the Bible foretold that there would be numerous earthquakes and natural disasters in the latter days. He says we can see that there are many fults like the San Andreas Fault and the New Madrid Fault, that physically bear this out, today.
We must be prepared to deal with these facts that we face in these latter days, that God warned us about. Let us be very close to what HE would have us do duringthese perilous times. We feel compassion for our fellow men and women and do our best to help humanity reunite themselves to the Father and The Son, as this pleasures the Lord, that we would be faithful and return to Him. Hosea 6:6 . He wants our love, not our sacrifices, our prideful intellectual acumen- Simply “Come Home to Me- I Love You” We have things to do in this universe that are good, like the Garden of Eden, which will be conclaves of paradise throughout the Solar Systems, and there shall be only peace and love , and joy, as I will not tolerate less from my Angels-Yourselves.


The Great Deception:

Preparing the world to accept the anti-Christ. The Nephelim are working in our leaders and power brokers to further this agenda. The ET cosmic deception is being used.

Watch this video:


Okay we need to get this blog to one opinion.

I say we be of the opinion the sky is sometimes blue.


A letter to Steve Quayle this week:

Book of Enoch

March 12, 2011

I just wanted to take a moment to thank-you for including the Book of Enoch on your web site as it has been nothing less than a major blessing to me. After reading it I decided I had to have it in book form so that I could study it in depth (and mark up all the good parts) so I purchased the Nyland translation that you used from Amazon. These scriptures have clarified the person of Jesus and his place in the heavens so well that it has deepened my knowledge, understanding, and love for him and the Heavenly Father to a point unknown to me before. I had been praying so long for this understanding and now my joy is complete and my heart can’t stop thanking God, his Holy Spirit, and you for leading me to this great treasure!

It is so sad that this book was not included in the canon as it was obviously in use by the disciples when our Lord walked the earth as referenced in Jude. Enochs’ foretelling of the messiah enables me to understand exactly why the disciples (who were not ignorant of the scriptures) so readily recognized and accepted Jesus as the one preordained to come and to rule. As well, the prophecies laid out for our times are so spot on and detailed that one cannot doubt their veracity.

Steve once again I want to thank-you for this as well as for all the other good works you are providing for those in need. You may rest easy knowing that our Gods Holy Spirit resides with you allowing and empowering you to be a favored tool for His use.

Thank-you God, thank-you Steve; your friend in South West New Mexico; Suzan


Why would the west coast USA be in danger of Fallout?

The prevailing jet stream winds are blowing from Japan directly across the Pacific ocean to the west coast of the United States. Any airborne radioactive Fallout would make its way across with the jet stream, reaching the U.S. in approximately 36 hours, depending on the actual speed of the jet and how quickly the particles mixed in with the jetstream.

Image of the Jet Stream from Japan to the U.S.


There have been maps circulating around the blogosphere showing the would-be radiation Fallout pattern from Japan across the Pacific Ocean. In fact, one map indicates a long 7-day time frame to reach the west coast U.S…

One must use common sense when considering this possibility. It’s all really quite straight forward. Any particles would flow with the wind. Period. All one needs to do is know the wind pattern from the day of release, namely, the Jet stream. Currently the Jet Stream is moving over Japan and streaming across the ocean towards the U.S. (as it pretty much always does). The average speed of the jet is about 100 – 120 knots, or about 110 – 140 mph. Simple math, 4,500 miles divided by 120 mph equals about 37 hours (plus or minus). A day and a half. End of story.

Note, it’s all about the wind pattern. There are weather sites that illustrate this and update regularly. The first image of this post shows the current jet stream as of post time, which will wiggle waggle throughout time.

Also note, “IF” and whatever amount of radioactive Fallout is released, will disperse rapidly from the site. It’s not like there will be millions of glowing people on the west coast U.S. 36 hours later, but there would certainly be some amount of exposure given the current jet. Not qualified to surmise how much that would be… Those in the immediate vicinity of Fukushima would obviously be tragically affected.

“IF” Fukushima suffers a catastrophic reactor meltdown, given the present state of red alerts there, it would likely happen fairly soon, within 24 hours I would think. They will either get things cooled down now, or it’s going to melt. Having said that, “IF” Fukushima melts down completely, the following image shows the position of the jet stream on March 14 and 15, which would probably be the approximate time frame for whatever radioactive Fallout particles to make it across.

It appears then, that central California (San Francisco) to north to the Oregon border would be in the bulls-eye for the most part. Although none of the west really will escape the wind pattern as forecast from WeatherBank. The darker colors indicate the higher jet-stream wind speeds, which one might surmise to bear the greater majority of particles, or at least the first arrival.

Update, 14-Mar-2011, 2310 UTC
FOX news via NHK World, reporting an explosion at Unit No. 2
Translated statements from live NHK World TV via FOX translator:

Explosion Heard at Fukushima Daiichi Plant in Japan
Could be worse case scenario
Containment vessel may have been blown or cracked
Radiation outside is 10,000 times normal
Fuel rods remain exposed
Radiation readings may be picking up actual particulate matter from the fuel itself (radioactive iodine and cesium)

The current thinking is that this explosion has damaged the reactor vessel which itself is surrounded by a concrete containment building. Evacuation of ‘nonessential’ personnel is underway. Approximately 2 meters of the core is exposed and not covered by water. There is hardly a doubt that it is melting.

Update, 15-Mar-2011, 0400 UTC
450,000 people have been evacuate to a 30 km radius (almost 40 mile diameter) from the Fukushima location.

Local news in Japan are saying for those nearby to seal yourself indoors and to not become exposed to the outside atmosphere.



tblkacs @ Fear Monger Mode (Please review your method for believieng something, and be conscious of what you think reality is)


Why dont you just shut-up buddy? Are you aware how irresponsible it is to talk about fear mongering in nuclear emergency when the danger is REAL?

Tokyo has already been hit with a radioctive cloud today. Check out and see the spike:

All values above 15-20 mikro-sievert are harmful.


This attack on the good people of Japan demands that I speak out against it–call it for what it is. And bring the Hope I intended at the right time. The time is now. This event likely marks the beginning of tribulations–I will pray about it. It will be pray and asking for divine guidance. I do not wish to follow my own desires but only those of God.

The evil one is quickening because he is running out of time. He wishes to cause as much destruction before he thrown back into the bowels of the earth with his legions.

It is time folks for exceeding discernment. Deception it Satan’s key weapon in the last days and it has been ratcheted up.


Hopereturns: What you are doing IS propaganda, religious propaganda. And most not to say all except one or two, are against the imposition of religious beliefs. We had sufficient throughout these 2000 years with christian/catholic imposition of beliefs. And whether they have been infiltrated or not, their message is still the same.
You really need to travel to other countries, and tell those indians, those chinese, those arabs, that they chose wrongly, and because of that they won’t go to heaven.

You keep on insisting that your truth is the ultimate truth, true for yourself and to the rest of the world despite their blindness.

I think you don’t repeat to yourself enough the phrase:
I just know that I don’t know anything.

Don’t limit your mind just because someone sold you their truth when you where little, when you where you could be more easily influenced.
You became conscious of this much later on, when you reached the age of reason.
Kids don’t choose their religion/beliefs, they’re imposed with ’em.
It’s programming. Just like the satanists do.
Everyone tries to program everyone.
It’s a battle for manipulating people and the world.

Except for some other who do respect the freewill of others and moderate their words, and only talk when necessary. With knowledge over what he’s saying and consciousness and responsibility over them.


How inane is it to believe that a particle beam from “ETs” above killing the people of Japan is benevolent.

How evil is that as a belief let alone an action?

Do you folks really want to be beleive in this ridiculous, satanic agenda?


Re: Comment by eugenekalmes on March 15, 2011 @ 4:13 pm
>Why can’t Hope think and believe what she wants…?

Re:Comment by kohala889 on March 15, 2011 @ 4:40 pm
>Everyone is free to think and believe that which they feel is true.
>But when they bring an obvious religious agenda to this blog (which
>is primarily geopolitical) and attempt to foist it upon others, it
>becomes offensive and inappropriate, in my opinion.

Each person here has the right to have their own agenda and/or belief system. They also have the right to express their beliefs and/or their agenda if they want. We all do that to a certain extent, some more blatantly than others.

The problem arises when these “agendas” mix with belief structures, and they attempt to foist/force their beliefs upon others. This creates a situation where the agenda is to do the forcing, by intentionally causing conflict and/or argument.

How do you combat those actions?

Well, you can try to debate (argue?) with the person forcing their agenda, but most likely that will be detrimental to your efforts. Why? Because their whole goal is to cause the conflict in the first place, and by you participating in that argument, they have accomplished their goal.

The best way to combat these activities is simply to not participate. Since they feed off of the anger generated by their words, simply deny them their fuel source and they will fade away.

This is the exact thing I have been talking about all along, and is applicable world-wide with most situations. All you need to do is to recognize what is being done/attempted, and refuse to participate.


tblkacs @ Fear Monger Mode (Please review your method for believieng something, and be conscious of what you think reality is)


asha4u: I think it lies more on what Michael was saying on the fact that there might be an intentional development of the situation in Japan by these “benevolent” ETs.
Don’t know, but, probably it has much to do with the spacetime continuum.



God and Jesus are alive today. I witness miracles continuously. Nothing old about it. You have been estranged from the Truth. There is a revival all over the world.
Your reality is not everyone’s. Evil entities are trying to ensnare many. BTW all the words about ETs, and JC being in a ship over the planet, ad nauseum, come from this blog and your posse.

There is nothing geo-political about my faith. Do not insult me or Christians here. I am a believer, full-stop.
This response is part of the propaganda cheat sheet.



I have read, or tried not to read, absolute anti-christ drivel since I joined. We have seen our Lord mocked and compared to ETs. There are Christians who read this blog too. We hardly ever open our mouths.

The atheists and new agers here post endlessly about their own religions and some is utter nonsense with abandon.

Now that the evil one is springing into action killing our friends in Japan it is time you wake-up out of the Truman Show manufactured for the lot of you who will believe anything. This is the beginning of their work and will not cease.

There are no good, “service-to-others”, ETs watching, waiting to save you. There are negative entities using you to push their agenda and the extermination of humanity. Think GMO, chemicals, Vaccines, HAARP, martial law…

Good people here do not let those who are host to these entities draw you into their trap. Let God into your hearts–not some entity channelled from one only knows where with whatever agenda. If you cannot do this, do not fall for the Illuminati’s agenda–they are here and very active and will drown out the voice of God at every turn. They are mind controlled by dark entities. Be discerning. They come cloaked in words you want and need to hear–but it is a trap.


kuuleimomi, congratulations!


Emergency Special Report: Japan’s Earthquake, Hidden Nuclear Catastrophe
by Yoichi Shimats © Global Research Canada

Content by Tags:

Emergency Special Report I
Hidden nuclear crisis
People are the best defense
Emergency Special Report II
Quake Monitor: Meltdown has started – Saturday 12 March (noon Japan time zone)
Emergency Special Report III
Ohoku Quake and Tsunami Monitor 2: “The Good News Guys”
Enough of the Good News
Players not prayers

Yoichi Shimatsu currently with Fourth Media (China) is former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, has covered the earthquakes in San Francisco and Kobe, participated in the rescue operation immediately after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and led the field research for an architectural report on structural design flaws that led to the tsunami death toll in Thailand.


Hi tblkacs
How are you?
Feel better today?


Everybody reading this blog from Japan should get out from Tokyo or Japan, NOW.

You risk developing a cancer or be dead in a few months/years from now.


is Ben OK?


1287 comments must be a record, but who’s counting, you say? No one, just my interest in numbers with nothing to say, except I finally moved into my new location and I’m beat, body ache and all making it difficult to function on the norm. This place and time is truely “godsend”. Tell you more when I can function without the aches and pains of moving boxes, after boxes, after boxes, etc., etc., etc..

1287 comments ended with “Comment by kohala889 on March 15, 2011 @ 4:40 pm”.

E Aloha Malama Pono!



Everyone is free to think and believe that which they feel is true. But when they bring an obvious religious agenda to this blog (which is primarily geopolitical) and attempt to foist it upon others, it becomes offensive and inappropriate, in my opinion.



Re: Comment by anonymous on March 15, 2011 @ 8:01 am

What an inspiring post that would be… IF, well, if it wouldn’t be
A) authored by the untrustworthy Ashtar Command creatures…
B) God himself who – according to the believe system of so many – created /allowed this mess in the first place…

Anyway, putting aside the unholy combination of ‘God’ and AshtarCommand, it is still an interesting vision / new Paradigm worth to be manifested into 3D…

Meanwhile I expect that the benevolent ET finally show what they are capable of and cool down the fuel rods in the various nuclear power plants before it comes to the release of all too much radioactivity!

Since the majority of people wish to be spared from the poisoning fallout the conditions for an intervention by benevolent ET’s seems to be given.



Why can’t Hope think and believe what she wants…?


Hope, Hope, Hope!!!

Once again you are revealing your true agenda:

The same old fundamentalist Christian claptrap you started with on this blog many, many months ago, as Hutz pointed out. It had no place here then and it has no proper place here now. If you desire to spew forth this drivel, please take it elsewhere. Perhaps to your own blog.

Hope: “God, our Father in Heaven (all 3 heavens).”

Your god dwells in heaven. But the omnipresent Creator dwells within the soul of each of us.

Hope: “Some here are trying to make you believe that Jesus Christ is an alien in a ship waiting above the earth, with a name like Sananda.”

Jesus Christ is an invention of the Catholic Church and never existed prior to Constantine’s editing of the scriptures. So how could he be an alien in a ship?

Hope: “Have you noticed when they (the supposed channelled voices) tell you they will save you in their ships there is never a destination?”

Tell me again which voices say they will “save us in their ships”. Don’t think I’ve heard about that. Sounds like more twisted disinfo.

The word of your god is 2000 years old but the WORD OF THE CREATOR which dwells within your soul is ageless. Perhaps you need to tune in to the spark of the Creator WITHIN YOU rather than searching for it in a book which has been dead for 2000 years.

Hope, I love you dearly and believe you really are capable of more than you are expressing lately.

Much Aloha Sister


RE: Kerry Cassidy interview with George Kavassilas, March 9th, 2011.

Just listening to this interview now…. great information…
don’t miss this one.



Fukushima Nuclear Accident – a simple and accurate explanation
Posted on 13 March 2011 by Barry Brook

Twitter updates: @BraveNewClimate

New 15 March: Fukushima Nuclear Accident – 15 March summary of situation

New 14 March: Updates and additional Q&A information here and Technical details here

福島原発事故-簡潔で正確な解説 (version 2):(東京大学エンジニアリング在学生の翻訳) (thanks to Shota Yamanaka for translation)


Along with reliable sources such as the IAEA and WNN updates, there is an incredible amount of misinformation and hyperbole flying around the internet and media right now about the Fukushima nuclear reactor situation. In the BNC post Discussion Thread – Japanese nuclear reactors and the 11 March 2011 earthquake (and in the many comments that attend the top post), a lot of technical detail is provided, as well as regular updates. But what about a layman’s summary? How do most people get a grasp on what is happening, why, and what the consequences will be?

Below I reproduce a summary on the situation prepared by Dr Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at MIT, in Boston. He is a PhD Scientist, whose father has extensive experience in Germany’s nuclear industry. This was first posted by Jason Morgan earlier this evening, and he has kindly allowed me to reproduce it here. I think it is very important that this information be widely understood.

Please also take the time to read this: An informed public is key to acceptance of nuclear energy — it was never more relevant than now.


“I am writing this text (Mar 12) to give you some peace of mind regarding some of the troubles in Japan, that is the safety of Japan’s nuclear reactors. Up front, the situation is serious, but under control. And this text is long! But you will know more about nuclear power plants after reading it than all journalists on this planet put together.

There was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity.

By “significant” I mean a level of radiation of more than what you would receive on – say – a long distance flight, or drinking a glass of beer that comes from certain areas with high levels of natural background radiation.

I have been reading every news release on the incident since the earthquake. There has not been one single (!) report that was accurate and free of errors (and part of that problem is also a weakness in the Japanese crisis communication). By “not free of errors” I do not refer to tendentious anti-nuclear journalism – that is quite normal these days. By “not free of errors” I mean blatant errors regarding physics and natural law, as well as gross misinterpretation of facts, due to an obvious lack of fundamental and basic understanding of the way nuclear reactors are build and operated. I have read a 3 page report on CNN where every single paragraph contained an error…”


Comment by Gus on March 15, 2011 @ 8:31 am

Ya, Gus, Clif High also believes that DNA is static and does not change… ERROR!

While I love the data he gets from the bots, I am not so happy with his illogical conclusions regarding that data or his personal take on the world…

He is fun to listen to though.


UFOs neutralizing missiles 2011 – 1 ?


HAARP and the Japanese Earthquake (29:48 min)
(from Ben’s other site)

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

yes it may wo…yes it may .Thank you for that .was gettin woried bout benjy

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

horay Hope you are back to the exact person you were when you got here.I bet you are fun to go out with. Hope do you really think you are telling us things we don’t know . the church is infested with unbelievers . I would warn you these people here are not new age . there is spiritual people here ,gnostic, Most respect Christ in this room . If you are going to preach I suggest you go to china or something where they don’t know that much bout da Lord.


WHID 2011-51: WordPress Hit by Second Massive Attack in Two Days
This may explain the delay in Ben’s new report.


情報拡散よろしく!Please spread the information!

Please by all means try to spread this info. In order to stop them from making another artificial earthquake attack on Tokyo!

The Jewish have started evacuating from Tokyo as the terror mastermind have instructed them. Armagedon is being fabricated.

Richard Koshimizu


Hi All

Kerry Cassidy interview with George Kavassilas, March 9th, 2011.





The 10,000 Christian pilots and crew who operate the Russian Cosmopheres are acting as the solders of the second coming of Christ.


Language lesson:

One way of expressing condolences in Japanese is 心よりお見舞い申し上げます。 Or, Kokoro yori o mimai moushi agemasu. Basically means, “I offer you my deepest sympathy from the heart.”

If you ever see this written anywhere you will know what it means!


All please heed this information,

Those of you new agers and atheists call present entities the Annunaki; we Christians know them as fallen angels and the nephilim. You must know that they are running the world–they dominate app. two-thirds of the cabal, the world government. I have been told by several earthly, powerful sources and my spirit tells me it is so–as does the word.

You are being tricked by them into believing that some or all of them are well intended. They wish to exterminate humanity. Christians are their greatest enemy. Do you know what risk I take by telling you these things? I have the power of God behind, and angels around me…

They control the Illuminati through the Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights, who control all governments of hte world etc…This is the root of our problems. They have knitted a great tale to serve up the Word of God within their paranormal paradigm, with the sole purpose of distancing you from your power through God, our Father in Heaven (all 3 heavens).

Some here are trying to make you believe that Jesus Christ is an alien in a ship waiting above the earth, with a name like Sananda. This is foolishness beyond compare and will lead you to your physical and soul’s death. Assuredly.

There are over 1 billion Christians on the planet and a revival is occurring. There are only 3-5 million Satanists and their minions around the world. The New Age ideas, the cosmic deception, atheism were conceived and fueled by the secret agencies (walk-ins to these entities) to separate you from God and exterminate you.

Have you noticed when they (the supposed channelled voices) tell you they will save you in their ships there is never a destination? They will kill you. You must steer clear from channelling and inviting these into your lives.

You wrestle not against flesh but against powers of darkness and principalities.

The Christians here have tolerated these lies chapter and verse too long. It is time to stand up to Satanists, these demons, and their enablers in this blog AND those who knowingly and unwittingly serve them.

Why pit the word of God which is 2,000 years old, scrutinized, lived and experienced supernaturally against the deception of these returning entities and their false scripts.

Satan knows how to ensnare with promise of peace and love. You will get none. You will be exterminated.

I say this because God loves you and wants to save you by His grace.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

The earthquake and tsunami were the direct result of Japan coming against Israel. God loves Israel and the entire Old Testament has God’s own words recorded warning any nation that comes against Israel. Fulford is wrong.

Subject: Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami and how they treated Israel
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 21:55:14 -0500

I knew there just had to be some connection with Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami and how they treated Israel. Well, here it is!
Usually there is a Governmental act within 24 hours of a major event like this. We might still find out something that Japan did the day before.
Copied from
March 11, 2010:
Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission to construct in East Jerusalem and the West Bank

(Actual Transcript from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

The Government of Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission for the construction of 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem in addition to 112 units in West Bank just after the Israeli and Palestinian leadership’s acceptance of the start of indirect talks.

The Government of Japan does not recognize any act that prejudges the final status of Jerusalem and the territories in the pre-1967 borders

January 11, 2011:
Japan condemns the demolishing of a part of the Shepherd’s Hotel in E. Jerusalem to construct housing for Jewish people

(Statement by Mr. Seiji Maehara, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan)

Japan condemns the demolishing of a part of the Shepherd’s Hotel in East Jerusalem with a view to constructing new housing units for Jewish people.

Japan does not recognize any unilateral measures that prejudge the final resolution on pre-1967 borders, nor does Japan recognize the annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel.

In this regard, Japan urges Israel to refrain from any unilateral act that could change the existing conditions of East Jerusalem.

Ambassador Yutaka Iimura, Special Envoy of the Government of Japan for the Middle East, who was in Israel, has already informed Israeli Government officials of Japanese views.

Japan once again strongly encourages both the Israel and the Palestinian sides to focus on the goal of a two-state solution, which is important not only for the Middle East but also for the international community as a whole; to act in such a way that mutual trust will be developed; and to continue efforts for peace tenaciously.

February 8, 2011:
Japan welcomes measures by Israel on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, will pay close attention to any developments surrounding this matter

Japan welcomes the series of economic measures announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Quartet Representative Tony Blair on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Japan hopes that based on this announcement, measures will be fully and promptly implemented for economic growth as well as for the improvement of the social and living conditions in the Palestinian territories, particularly the Gaza Strip.

Japan will pay close attention to any developments surrounding this matter.

Japan also hopes that these measures will enhance the mutual trust between the Israeli and Palestinian sides, although they are not a substitute for negotiations for Middle East peace.

Japan, for its part, calls upon both parties to exert further efforts for the resumption of peace negotiations.

February 10, 2011:
Japan does not recognize any act that prejudges the final status of the territories in the pre-1967 borders nor Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem and to refrain from any unilateral act

(Statement by the Press Secretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Japan)

The Government of Japan is concerned about the Jerusalem municipal planning committee’s approval of a plan to build housing units for Jewish people in the Sheih Jarrah of East Jerusalem. Such act goes against the efforts by the international community to resume the negotiations.

The Government of Japan does not recognize any act that prejudges the final status of the territories in the pre-1967 borders nor Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem.

Japan urges Israel to refrain from any unilateral act that changes the current situation in East Jerusalem.

March 11, 2011:
Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet; shifted Earth’s axis by 4 inches

The powerful earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami Friday appears to have moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters) and shifted the Earth on its axis.

“At this point, we know that one GPS station moved (8 feet), and we have seen a map from GSI (Geospatial Information Authority) in Japan showing the pattern of shift over a large area is consistent with about that much shift of the land mass,” said Kenneth Hudnut, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The Japan earthquake was the fourth most powerful ever recorded with a magnitude of 9.1, twice more powerful than the initial estimate of 8.9, Gerard Fryer, geophysicist of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, said this morning.



My hair fell out and my teeth fell out…when can I get scared?


This site is “served” by That is the site that the various files are loaded up to, and that makes those files available to the world. The various contact info is also referencing “sixcore” and they appear to do business from Kyoto. That *may* simple be a privacy feature activated to have them (sixcore) listed as the contact info. Otherwise, Ben, or a webmaster, would list their own details such as address etc.

The platform is wordpress. As he is using his own domain, and not merely a subdomain of the wordpress system, the files have to be uploaded to the server he pays for this file hosting… in this case, sixcore.

He can upload his articles from “anywhere” as long as he has the correct login info etc to access this website. However, he has previously referred to having a webmaster to handle this task.

If the webmaster cannot access the internet, or receive his instructions/email from Ben, because he (webmaster) cannot establish a connection to the internet, then we will not have the update. His webmaster could be located elsewhere in Japan where access to the internet may be affected.



Mahalo Benjamin and Rafael. NO FEAR!!!

Fear only feeds the negativity which keeps the cabal alive. It is their last best weapon.

Our job is to cleanup our own soul and find the strength therein. And to become impeccable before the Creator. For there is no fear in that place.



Ben’s site is hosted in Kyoto:


Very simple, this platform is WordPress.
You can upload your entry from anywhere in the world.
Because it is based here in USA.
Different thing is not having the access data or/and an internet connection.

But, it could be too, that Benji has his whole blog infrastructure located in Japan, this can be found out with a simple whois I think, and maybe that’s the reason, although it’s more complex, it’s usually only taken if a high amount of images and graphics is going to be involved.


Paladin told me they are okay but busy….

That’s all though…

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more
Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more
Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Special Alert – Anonymous Hackers Joining the Bankster Protests – March 13, 2011

Anonymous are the computer geniuses also referred to as some as hackers. I am starting to view them more as valiant white knights coming to save the people from the evil banksters. These computer experts stage attacks against companies siding against the Wikileaks company after he leaked the secret cables. These folks engineered attacks against Paypal, Vis and MasterCard. The UK police arrested a handful of teenagers to make us think they got to anonymous. This is a non centralized organization that is going to bring doom and gloom on the financial institutions. Anonymous plans on releasing Bank America Documents on Monday, March 14, 2011 proving B of A employees are guilty of fraud. They have released a B of A email as a teaser to show that they have documents.

Activist Group Threatens Bank of America with Wikileaks Documents that Proves Fraud/

See their twitter:

Combined with the day of rage and all the other problems we feel this is significant. We do not take this as an empty threat. We think it will be advisable to follow these events carefully.


Currencies can drop. They may attack banks internationally.

They can interfere with a lot of stock, bond, futures and commodities trading which is done via the internet worldwide. They can also interfere with market quotes over the internet.

They can interfere with online banking around the world.

I am sure they will not do anything not directed at the guilty financial institutions.

Here is their video which you can watch for yourself.

Hacker Group Anonymous Brings Peaceful Revolution To America

Below follows their statement:

Operation “Empire State Rebellion.” The goal – engage in “a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience” until Ben Bernanke steps down and the “Primary Dealers within the Federal Reserve banking system be broken up and held accountable for rigging markets and destroying the global economy effective immediately.”

The Anonymous manifesto:

We are a decentralized non-violent resistance movement, which seeks to restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class.
One-tenth of one percent of the population has consolidated wealth in unprecedented fashion and launched an all-out economic war against 99.9% of the population.
We are not affiliated with either wing of the two-party oligarchy. We seek an end to the corrupted two-party system by ending the campaign finance and lobbying racket.
Above all, we aim to break up the global banking cartel centered at the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlement and World Bank.
We demand that the primary dealers within the Federal Reserve banking system be broken up and held accountable for rigging markets and destroying the global economy, effective immediately.
As a first sign of good faith we demand Ben Bernanke step down as Federal Reserve chairman.
Until our demands are met and a rule of law is restored, we will engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience.
In our next communication we will announce Operation Empire State Rebellion.
Glorious Chairman Ben – our free advice to you: change your e-mail password stat…

Our Comment: Rest assured they have Ben’s password to his email and have been through his emails and I would expect the same for many of those he has email discourse with. The results of this should be excellent fireside reading. Once again they gave us the internet to spread porn, gambling and put people to sleep in their virtual existence. Now the internet is going to be their undoing.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Hipsig, I remember from a long time ago that Ben doesn’t post directly but rather via a staff person. He could post to RMN from anywhere, so there may be a problem with his staff’s access. Anyway, we’re just guessing and I’m not worried that the post wasn’t from Ben.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more
Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Thanks lew3,

> Maybe Ben meant his ISP (Internet Service Provider), not his server. THis fits
> with Sierra’s post. The blog server is cleary still up.

Then I suppose he got his email to RMN via another ISP … but if he could do that and the blog server is still up, what would keep him from posting this week’s issue?


Maybe Ben meant his ISP (Internet Service Provider), not his server. THis fits with Sierra’s post. The blog server is cleary still up.


Thanks for the clarification sierra,

Not to go around nitpicking … but it says on the email to RMN “They have shut down my server.” Not “I can’t connect with my server”

I totally agree not to buy into the excessive fear mongering, but whether or not this message is really from Ben makes a difference to me.


Mike, 9.35am

Thanks so much for the video. It was beautiful and just so amazing. Aren’t animals incredible? I loved it! He paints better than I could ever hope to and my Grandmother was an artist, never rubbed off unfortunately!


US and French Embassies personnel, CIA agents and a bunch of foreigners have evacuated from Tokyo, according to a famous Japanese blogger.
Just like no Israelis were working at WTC on 9/11.
Maybe Ben has evacuated also, regardless of access to his blog.


****This is the most AMAZING video that I have ever seen!****
It is UPLIFTING! (a re-post)



TRYGVE Happy Phi day back at ya!!!


trygve on March 15, 2011 @ 8:30 am
100,000 Digits of Pi

Phew , for a moment i felt like Neo in the matrix movie …lol


Comment by trygve on March 15, 2011 @ 8:30 am

Another comment like that and I’ll post the entire Don Quixote!


Comment by pansy on March 15, 2011 @ 8:24 am

The Forum?
What’s that?
I ain’t no student nor I’ve ever been a student of anything, but of life and myself.
I’m a school drop-out, have no degree nor anything alike.
I’m self taught by listening.

This quote is from Socrates.


It should be
The Japanese know that he is not the world’s center…..


Why do not the Japanese plunder?

During the flooding in New Orleans, earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and hunger emergencies in Africa the population were looting and plundering. It does not happen in Japan.

There are no reports of looting of houses, homes, shops and cars. In sharp contrast to what we saw in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and disasters like the earthquake in Haiti and Chile.

– Stupid phenomena that people keep on coming and looting supermarkets is something you do not experience among Japanese people.
– Japan is not so self-absorbed as the people in the West. The Japanese know that he is the world’s center, he knows that he is part of a social network and is part of a social group.

The children dies last
Dignity of the Japanese have deep roots.

Hunger Disaster that struck south-western Japan in 1732-33. One third of the population died. Nowhere in the documents is unrest or fighting. Those who suffered were the children last, while those who were hit first were men. This is very different from that seen in Africa, where fighting over food and children die first. It is an accomplished culture on crisis management.


Update 3:00 PM Pacific Mar. 14, 2011 – Japan Seismic Agency Says Strong Chance of 7.0 Aftershock. Pattern of Quakes
Headed Towards Tokyo.

Report pending at Linda Moulton Howes site:



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Time to laugh eat drink prepare and be merry.Remember the star trek episode where the klingons and kirk and the enterprise crew laughed and put down there swords and the evil thing left them alone ?
We need to party like its 1999 keep your powder dry but rejoice Plant a garden you never know where your next meal stops. .
This is not the end ,but the beginning, Those that denounce God .Please just give Him one more chance.

God is what we all have in common.
Thats justs my take


Coal better than nuclear? Think again. (And I bet you haven’t even heard of this disaster.)
Apocalypto, Mar.15/11

Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spill

“As of June 2009, six months following the spill, only 3% of the spill had been cleaned and is now estimated to cost between $675 and $975 million to clean, according to the TVA.[6]“


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Sorry, that was was only some 70000 digits of Pi


100,000 Digits of Pi

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 208998628034825342117067982148086513282306647093844609550582231725359408128481

Go to hell trygve

This blog has been probably “polluted” with more crap today than Japan with radiation


Picasso elephant!!
Who needs a talking cat-monkey when you can have an artist elephant? Amazing.


Cliv High = Clif High

Too much PI, I guess.



Japan earthquake: New blast at Fukushima nuclear plant

But now it´s not only Ben, but also the Larouche website claiming that the danger of a Chernobyl like disaster is ZERO, even if all reactors fully melt down.

Now it seems they WILL indeed melt down. I´m not an expert, thus, I can only hope that Ben is right.


Cliv High Radio Interview March 12, 2011…

Clif High doesn’t do “Why” questions but in his latest interview he guesses that Chemtrails have the ultimate purpose of “shedding” radiation and they are perhaps being laid down by the secret government to act as a barrier from ever more dangerous solar radiation levels.

He does not think that Japan’s quake was caused by HAARP.

Clif discusses the synchronicity of 11:11 and 3:33 and similar numbers. These are energetic traps and should be ignored.

Other topics discussed:
Terrance McKenna
Religion as a control mechanism
Smoking Addiction

All in all a great interview.



100,000 Digits of Pi

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 208998628034825342117067982148086513282306647093844609550582231725359408128481 117450284102701938521105559644622948954930381964428810975665933446128475648233 786783165271201909145648566923460348610454326648213393607260249141273724587006 606315588174881520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384146 951941511609433057270365759591953092186117381932611793105118548074462379962749 567351885752724891227938183011949129833673362440656643086021394946395224737190 702179860943702770539217176293176752384674818467669405132000568127145263560827 785771342757789609173637178721468440901224953430146549585371050792279689258923 542019956112129021960864034418159813629774771309960518707211349999998372978049 951059731732816096318595024459455346908302642522308253344685035261931188171010 003137838752886587533208381420617177669147303598253490428755468731159562863882 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494276441137639386692480311836445369858917544264739988228462184490087776977631 279572267265556259628254276531830013407092233436577916012809317940171859859993 384923549564005709955856113498025249906698423301735035804408116855265311709957 089942732870925848789443646005041089226691783525870785951298344172953519537885 534573742608590290817651557803905946408735061232261120093731080485485263572282 576820341605048466277504500312620080079980492548534694146977516493270950493463 938243222718851597405470214828971117779237612257887347718819682546298126868581 705074027255026332904497627789442362167411918626943965067151577958675648239939 176042601763387045499017614364120469218237076488783419689686118155815873606293 860381017121585527266830082383404656475880405138080163363887421637140643549556 186896411228214075330265510042410489678352858829024367090488711819090949453314 421828766181031007354770549815968077200947469613436092861484941785017180779306 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828302584811238901196822142945766758071865380650648702613389282299497257453033 283896381843944770779402284359883410035838542389735424395647555684095224844554 139239410001620769363684677641301781965937997155746854194633489374843912974239 143365936041003523437770658886778113949861647874714079326385873862473288964564 359877466763847946650407411182565837887845485814896296127399841344272608606187 245545236064315371011274680977870446409475828034876975894832824123929296058294 861919667091895808983320121031843034012849511620353428014412761728583024355983 003204202451207287253558119584014918096925339507577840006746552603144616705082 768277222353419110263416315714740612385042584598841990761128725805911393568960 143166828317632356732541707342081733223046298799280490851409479036887868789493 054695570307261900950207643349335910602454508645362893545686295853131533718386 826561786227363716975774183023986006591481616404944965011732131389574706208847 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135763335550944031923672034865101056104987272647213198654343545040913185951314 518127643731043897250700498198705217627249406521461995923214231443977654670835 171474936798618655279171582408065106379950018429593879915835017158075988378496 225739851212981032637937621832245659423668537679911314010804313973233544909082 491049914332584329882103398469814171575601082970658306521134707680368069532297 199059990445120908727577622535104090239288877942463048328031913271049547859918 019696783532146444118926063152661816744319355081708187547705080265402529410921 826485821385752668815558411319856002213515888721036569608751506318753300294211 868222189377554602722729129050429225978771066787384000061677215463844129237119 352182849982435092089180168557279815642185819119749098573057033266764646072875 743056537260276898237325974508447964954564803077159815395582777913937360171742 299602735310276871944944491793978514463159731443535185049141394155732938204854 212350817391254974981930871439661513294204591938010623142177419918406018034794 988769105155790555480695387854006645337598186284641990522045280330626369562649 091082762711590385699505124652999606285544383833032763859980079292284665950355 121124528408751622906026201185777531374794936205549640107300134885315073548735 390560290893352640071327473262196031177343394367338575912450814933573691166454 128178817145402305475066713651825828489809951213919399563324133655677709800308 191027204099714868741813466700609405102146269028044915964654533010775469541308 871416531254481306119240782118869005602778182423502269618934435254763357353648 561936325441775661398170393063287216690572225974520919291726219984440964615826 945638023950283712168644656178523556516412771282691868861557271620147493405227 694659571219831494338162211400693630743044417328478610177774383797703723179525 543410722344551255558999864618387676490397246116795901810003509892864120419516 355110876320426761297982652942588295114127584126273279079880755975185157684126 474220947972184330935297266521001566251455299474512763155091763673025946213293 019040283795424632325855030109670692272022707486341900543830265068121414213505 715417505750863990767394633514620908288893493837643939925690060406731142209331 219593620298297235116325938677224147791162957278075239505625158160313335938231 150051862689053065836812998810866326327198061127154885879809348791291370749823 057592909186293919501472119758606727009254771802575033773079939713453953264619 526999659638565491759045833358579910201271320458390320085387888163363768518208 372788513117522776960978796214237216254521459128183179821604411131167140691482 717098101545778193920231156387195080502467972579249760577262591332855972637121 120190572077140914864507409492671803581515757151405039761096384675556929897038 354731410022380258346876735012977541327953206097115450648421218593649099791776 687477448188287063231551586503289816422828823274686610659273219790716238464215 348985247621678905026099804526648392954235728734397768049577409144953839157556 548545905897649519851380100795801078375994577529919670054760225255203445398871 253878017196071816407812484784725791240782454436168234523957068951427226975043 187363326301110305342333582160933319121880660826834142891041517324721605335584 999322454873077882290525232423486153152097693846104258284971496347534183756200 301491570327968530186863157248840152663983568956363465743532178349319982554211 730846774529708583950761645822963032442432823773745051702856069806788952176819 815671078163340526675953942492628075696832610749532339053622309080708145591983 735537774874202903901814293731152933464446815121294509759653430628421531944572 711861490001765055817709530246887526325011970520947615941676872778447200019278 913725184162285778379228443908430118112149636642465903363419454065718354477191 244662125939265662030688852005559912123536371822692253178145879259375044144893 398160865790087616502463519704582889548179375668104647461410514249887025213993 687050937230544773411264135489280684105910771667782123833281026218558775131272 117934444820144042574508306394473836379390628300897330624138061458941422769474 793166571762318247216835067807648757342049155762821758397297513447899069658953 254894033561561316740327647246921250575911625152965456854463349811431767025729 566184477548746937846423373723898192066204851189437886822480727935202250179654 534375727416391079197295295081294292220534771730418447791567399173841831171036 252439571615271466900581470000263301045264354786590329073320546833887207873544 476264792529769017091200787418373673508771337697768349634425241994995138831507 487753743384945825976556099655595431804092017849718468549737069621208852437701 385375768141663272241263442398215294164537800049250726276515078908507126599703 670872669276430837722968598516912230503746274431085293430527307886528397733524 601746352770320593817912539691562106363762588293757137384075440646896478310070 458061344673127159119460843593582598778283526653115106504162329532904777217408 355934972375855213804830509000964667608830154061282430874064559443185341375522 016630581211103345312074508682433943215904359443031243122747138584203039010607 094031523555617276799416002039397509989762933532585557562480899669182986422267 750236019325797472674257821111973470940235745722227121252685238429587427350156 366009318804549333898974157149054418255973808087156528143010267046028431681923 039253529779576586241439270154974087927313105163611913757700892956482332364829 826302460797587576774537716010249080462430185652416175665560016085912153455626 760219268998285537787258314514408265458348440947846317877737479465358016996077 940556870119232860804113090462935087182712593466871276669487389982459852778649 956916546402945893506496433580982476596516514209098675520380830920323048734270 346828875160407154665383461961122301375945157925269674364253192739003603860823 645076269882749761872357547676288995075211480485252795084503395857083813047693 788132112367428131948795022806632017002246033198967197064916374117585485187848 401205484467258885140156272501982171906696081262778548596481836962141072171421 498636191877475450965030895709947093433785698167446582826791194061195603784539 785583924076127634410576675102430755981455278616781594965706255975507430652108 530159790807334373607943286675789053348366955548680391343372015649883422089339 997164147974693869690548008919306713805717150585730714881564992071408675825960 287605645978242377024246980532805663278704192676846711626687946348695046450742 021937394525926266861355294062478136120620263649819999949840514386828525895634 226432870766329930489172340072547176418868535137233266787792173834754148002280 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886832585643789617315976200241962155289629790481982219946226948713746244472909 345647002853769495885959160678928249105441251599630078136836749020937491573289 627002865682934443134234735123929825916673950342599586897069726733258273590312 128874666045146148785034614282776599160809039865257571726308183349444182019353 338507129234577437557934406217871133006310600332405399169368260374617663856575 887758020122936635327026710068126182517291460820254189288593524449107013820621 155382779356529691457650204864328286555793470720963480737269214118689546732276 775133569019015372366903686538916129168888787640752549349424973342718117889275 993159671935475898809792452526236365903632007085444078454479734829180208204492 667063442043755532505052752283377888704080403353192340768563010934777212563908 864041310107381785333831603813528082811904083256440184205374679299262203769871 801806112262449090924264198582086175117711378905160914038157500336642415609521 632819712233502316742260056794128140621721964184270578432895980288233505982820 819666624903585778994033315227481777695284368163008853176969478369058067106482 808359804669884109813515865490693331952239436328792399053481098783027450017206 543369906611778455436468772363184446476806914282800455107468664539280539940910 875493916609573161971503316696830992946634914279878084225722069714887558063748 030886299511847318712477729191007022758889348693945628951580296537215040960310 776128983126358996489341024703603664505868728758905140684123812424738638542790 828273382797332688550493587430316027474906312957234974261122151741715313361862 241091386950068883589896234927631731647834007746088665559873338211382992877691 149549218419208777160606847287467368188616750722101726110383067178785669481294 878504894306308616994879870316051588410828235127415353851336589533294862949449 506186851477910580469603906937266267038651290520113781085861618888694795760741 358553458515176805197333443349523012039577073962377131603024288720053732099825 300897761897312981788194467173116064723147624845755192873278282512718244680782 421521646956781929409823892628494376024885227900362021938669648221562809360537 317804086372726842669642192994681921490870170753336109479138180406328738759384 826953558307739576144799727000347288018278528138950321798634521611106660883931 405322694490545552786789441757920244002145078019209980446138254780585804844241 640477503153605490659143007815837243012313751156228401583864427089071828481675 752712384678245953433444962201009607105137060846180118754312072549133499424761 711563332140893460915656155060031738421870157022610310191660388706466143889773 631878094071152752817468957640158104701696524755774089164456867771715850058326 994340167720215676772406812836656526412298243946513319735919970940327593850266 955747023181320324371642058614103360652453693916005064495306016126782264894243 739716671766123104897503188573216555498834212180284691252908610148552781527762 562375045637576949773433684601560772703550962904939248708840628106794362241870 474700836884267102255830240359984164595112248527263363264511401739524808619463 584078375355688562231711552094722306543709260679735100056554938122457548372854 571179739361575616764169289580525729752233855861138832217110736226581621884244 317885748879810902665379342666421699091405653643224930133486798815488662866505 234699723557473842483059042367714327879231642240387776433019260019228477831383 763253612102533693581262408686669973827597736568222790721583247888864236934639 616436330873013981421143030600873066616480367898409133592629340230432497492688 783164360268101130957071614191283068657732353263965367739031766136131596555358 499939860056515592193675997771793301974468814837110320650369319289452140265091 546518430993655349333718342529843367991593941746622390038952767381333061774762 957494386871697845376721949350659087571191772087547710718993796089477451265475 750187119487073873678589020061737332107569330221632062843206567119209695058576 117396163232621770894542621460985841023781321581772760222273813349541048100307 327510779994899197796388353073444345753297591426376840544226478421606312276964 696715647399904371590332390656072664411643860540483884716191210900870101913072 607104411414324197679682854788552477947648180295973604943970047959604029274629 920357209976195014034831538094771460105633344699882082212058728151072918297121 191787642488035467231691654185225672923442918712816323259696541354858957713320 833991128877591722611527337901034136208561457799239877832508355073019981845902 595835598926055329967377049172245493532968330000223018151722657578752405883224 908582128008974790932610076257877042865600699617621217684547899644070506624171 021332748679623743022915535820078014116534806564748823061500339206898379476625 503654982280532966286211793062843017049240230198571997894883689718304380518217 441914766042975243725168343541121703863137941142209529588579806015293875275379 903093887168357209576071522190027937929278630363726876582268124199338480816602 160372215471014300737753779269906958712128928801905203160128586182549441335382 078488346531163265040764242839087012101519423196165226842200371123046430067344 206474771802135307012409886035339915266792387110170622186588357378121093517977 560442563469499978725112544085452227481091487430725986960204027594117894258128 188215995235965897918114407765335432175759525553615812800116384672031934650729 680799079396371496177431211940202129757312516525376801735910155733815377200195 244454362007184847566341540744232862106099761324348754884743453966598133871746 609302053507027195298394327142537115576660002578442303107342955153394506048622 276496668762407932435319299263925373107689213535257232108088981933916866827894 828117047262450194840970097576092098372409007471797334078814182519584259809624 174761013825264395513


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I’m no techie, but if Ben’s server is down, shouldn’t we not be able to see this page? or post comments?



However, Ben or his webmaster *may* be unable to access the internet to upload the next report.





Are you a student of The Forum?



A rather interesting article on what is happening in Libya;



“I am writing this text (Mar 12) to give you some peace of mind regarding some of the troubles in Japan, that is the safety of Japan’s nuclear reactors. Up front, the situation is serious, but under control. And this text is long! But you will know more about nuclear power plants after reading it than all journalists on this planet put together.

There was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity.

By “significant” I mean a level of radiation of more than what you would receive on – say – a long distance flight, or drinking a glass of beer that comes from certain areas with high levels of natural background radiation…”

“If you want to stay informed, please forget the usual media outlets and consult the following websites:





acerzw on March 15, 2011 @ 7:46 am

thx for the clarification , maybe Ben can provide an intelligence update shortly regarding Dalai lama exit as well



FUKUSHIMA (Kyodo) Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Saturday loaded a nuclear reactor in Fukushima Prefecture with MOX, a controversial fuel made with reprocessed plutonium and uranium oxides, as it prepares to become the leading power utility’s first facility to go pluthermal.

The No. 3 reactor at Tepco’s Fukushima No. 1 plant will be the nation’s third pluthermal facility, but only the first to be refurbished since the plant was built 34 years ago.

Tokyo Electric plans to activate the reactor on Sept. 18 and let it start generating electricity on Sept. 23.


I’m no techie, but if Ben’s server is down, shouldn’t we not be able to see this page? or post comments?


Re Russian involvement : events including Russia between Dec and March

Territory talks ‘meaningless’ if Japan takes radical stance: Russia

MOSCOW (Kyodo) — Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said Thursday that it would be meaningless to continue talks with Japan on a long-standing dispute over four Russian-held islands off Hokkaido if Tokyo adopts a “radical stance.”

Russia to cement control of disputed islands with defense buildup

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Russia intends to cement its control of Japanese-claimed islands off Hokkaido by deploying sophisticated weapons, such as antiship cruise missiles and an air defense system, defense experts said.

Russia denies military buildup plan in Far East
after their talks in Moscow,

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Russia rejected claims Wednesday that it is planning a military buildup in the Far East region including the disputed islands off Hokkaido, while Japan voiced its displeasure over Moscow’s realignment moves.

Russia to deploy cruise missiles on Kuril Islands: Interfax
MOSCOW (Kyodo) — Russia will deploy antiship cruise missiles and an advanced air defense system on the Kuril Islands, including the four Russian-held islands off Hokkaido claimed by Japan, Interfax news agency quoted a Russian defense official as saying Tuesday.


March 14th, 2011 at 4:22 pm
As Treasury Cash Drops To Just $14.2 Billion, And No Bond Auctions Until Next Week, Is America About To Run Out Of Cash?


I saw this recently and noticed it was also quoted in Dolores Cannon’s blog.


The greatest revolution in human history begins March 11th, 2011 with the planet Uranus’ entrance into the constellation of Aries. This is a pinnacle moment in human history that will come to be known as the Revolution of Consciousness.

Unlike revolutions of old, this revolution will be centered in the hearts and minds of the men, women, and children that inhabit the planet Earth. What is about to unfold is nothing less than the most brilliant period of not only our lifetimes, but of all lifetimes – and it starts in just a few short weeks!

The first ‘shot’ of this revolution will be a metaphysical one, fired from a Divinely awakened quantum gateway in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. This gateway will unleash powerful, higher-dimensional energy that has never before been felt on Earth. This radical new energy will totally immerse the planet, affecting an instant evolution of consciousness in the spiritually awakened; a quantum leap of the mind that has never before been experienced on Earth.

This new level of consciousness, sourced from God, is of course universal in nature. As such, it will provide the foundation for the acceptance of extraterrestrial life, which brings us to a major aspect of what the upcoming Uranus transit entails: mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life. Humanity will soon become intimately aware that not only does extraterrestrial life exist, but it has been influencing events on Earth for quite some time. This singular aspect of the coming Uranus transit alone is enough to exact an instant, global, paradigm shift, and that is exactly the nature of this transit’s energy: instant paradigm shift.

Mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life will instantly shatter paradigms of the past and create a new way of thinking and feeling in us all. We will no longer accept the artificially-maintained status quo that we have for so long. Exotic new technologies will begin to go public as if a science fiction movie had become reality. Free energy technology will be a major part of this, as well as revolutionary advances in medicine, agriculture, communications, computer sciences, optics, magnetics, and terraforming. This technology will transform the way we live and interact with one another forever.

The coming explosion in technology and innovation will spur levels of humanitarianism the world has never seen. A tremendous global movement to eradicate poverty, uplift the nations, and heal the ecosystems of the world will begin to manifest. Hundreds of millions of passionate, altruistic, like-minded souls will begin to connect, collaborate, and push projects to success that in years past would have never come to fruition. Imagine dormant neurons in a brain, flashing into life and connecting billions of times over until the entire mind is illuminated, totally beaming with light – that is where we are going as a civilization.

I must warn that this astrological movement also signals the beginning of the greatest amount of political and economic turmoil the world has ever known. As a revolutionary spirit inflames the globe, we will experience wide-spread instability, manifesting in a variety of ways. The newly awakened society will begin to revolt in such massive ways that they will absolutely cripple ‘the system.’ First World nations will be swept with peaceful protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations while Third World nations will erupt with war-like violence. The world over, corrupt government agendas will come to a screeching halt by the will of the people.

Within the first year of this transit as people begin to awaken, it will become understood that the extraterrestrial elements that have been embedded deep in human society haven’t been playing a positive role in our evolution as a civilization. This understanding will kindle a united, warrior-like attitude among global citizens that will serve as the most important driving factor in the coming revolution. Make no mistake that the power structure of Earth is currently ‘operating from the shadows’, but that the time of their authority has expired by Divine Decree and in perfect timing with Cosmic Order.

Intervention has and will continue to happen in strategic, surgical strikes that will ultimately lead to their defeat. This battle will be most intense during the summer months of 2012 as the planet Uranus squares the planet Pluto. By winter of 2012, it will become clear that humanity is free, After December 21st, 2012, as many of the world’s most infamous prophecies come to a crossroads, mankind’s Golden Age will finally commence.

An aspect of astrology that I find absolutely beautiful is that as events happen on a global or macrocosmic level, they also happen on a personal, microcosmic level – in exact synchronicity. This upcoming Uranus transit is no different, and soon we will all be going through our own personal revolutions, albeit in unique ways, all in accordance with God’s Divine Plan for each of us. This is where the Sacred Science of Astrology can enlighten so brilliantly; it can identify the source and the expression of the coming revolutions in our lives, with mind-boggling accuracy.

On a cultural level people will start to openly embrace and seek out the profound wisdom of the Occult Sciences, which are rooted in the higher dimensional nature of existence. People will realize that there is a hidden, perfect order to creation. In times of great change, they will increasingly want to understand, at the deepest levels, exactly what their role is in this perfect symphony that they may navigate through the coming changes and manifest the highest outcomes. The best way to create personal security and abundance during the coming times will be identifying, accepting, and properly expressing one’s personal revolutionary energy.

This personal revolution, which will manifest for many as the development of extraordinary, even Biblical-level spiritual and metaphysical gifts, will be the answer to all our present and future problems. It is up to each of us to totally embrace the shocking changes in order to fulfill our destinies in the coming global revolution. Those who succumb to fear and resist these changes will do so at their own peril. Those who embrace the changes will skyrocket to prominence and success. This can be a very frightening thought to entertain, which brings me to the significance of Uranus being in the constellation of Aries, the archetype of the warrior.

Attunement to archetypal energies is an extremely important concept to understand and integrate. In simplistic terms, one must ‘vibe’ with the virtues of the sign to manifest the greatest outcomes of the transit or placement. With Uranus being in Aries, we can manifest magnificence in our lives by cultivating and expressing bravery, confidence, fearlessness, independence, and novelty in the area of our life (and natal chart) where Aries energy lies. This is a time where a warrior will be born in all of us, though it’s up to us to decide what to do with this new energy.

As this fiery, Uranian energy blasts through the collective consciousness, the values of people will be changed and elevated in an instant. The lust for the trivial will be transmuted into the yearning for spiritual and metaphysical talents. Materialism will be replaced by spiritualism. The so-called celebrities of today will fade into obscurity as a new breed of celebrities, deriving their power from spiritual development and humanitarian passion will be catapulted into the limelight. These will be the heroes and heroines of the New Age that is being birthed before our eyes.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Iraq is a country and is going to be a country . that clif high is hogwash.
china is making long term contracts with Iraq. their currency has to be put on a level playing field .Been 8 or 9 years since we took em over. Iraq has a great chance!
Just my take on it .

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Hope Please chill. you have changed at least 3 times since you have been here. You are now back to where you started .
Laugh a little you are a beautiful and smart woman . Don’t let the world get to you.
Try not to panic Hon.


Jeering bankers, enjoying the distress of the ‘little people’. Clearly psychopathic!

Deutsche Banker Suspended For Taunting Protestors With A £10 From His Office Window

Read more:


rvssunil on March 15, 2011 @ 7:38 am

‘Ben mention earlier in one of his blogs that the Dalai Lama is to be replaced with a stooge’

No, Ben said he had already been replaced, as has the Panchen Lama…


More on peasant agriculture – 300 year old food forest in Vietnam. What an amazing and hopeful vision for our future, once we rid of ourselves of the parasitic overseer class.



You said “God was aggreived continuously by the abominations of Satan on this earth”

I have only one simple question. If God is indeed omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnicient (as I believe), then he/she has the ability and power to change anything in the universe, agree? If so, why would he/she be “aggreived continuously by the abominations of Satan”? Why not just delete or ‘relocate’ the problem? I’m not asking as an afront to your beliefs. I am truly curious what the answer to this question might be as it doesn’t make sense.



Ben mention earlier in one of his blogs that the Dalai Lama is to be replaced with a stooge and that the Fed Reserve has plans to induce massive global havoc this summer ..

Pressure apart, Dalai Lama firm on quitting
Published: Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011, 2:07 IST

Rejecting requests to stay on, the Dalai Lama on Monday pressed the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile to accept his resignation as their political leader, warning any delay could create uncertainty and pose an “overwhelming challenge”.

Exiled Tibetan Parliament discusses Dalai Lama retirement
TNN | Mar 14, 2011, 01.20pm IST

DHARAMSALA: A crucial session of the exiled Tibetan Parliament began here on Monday to discuss the Dalai Lama’s formal proposal to give up his political responsibilities.

If the Parliament accepts the Dala Lama’s proposal it would mean that elected prime minister, referred to as Kalon Tripa, would be given the power to lead the Tibetan movement further, irrespective of whether the Dalai Lama remains on the scene or not.


Rafael Edgar Neville Morales on March 15, 2011 @ 6:47 am

powerful and lovely words Rafael …

Fear – thats what the dark cabal tries everytime by creating fear in peoples mind and gravitate their minds to the fear energy spectrum. Since the thoughts are being saturated with fear the majority go towards the source and the world is more and more controlled by fear which is basically a law of attraction .

So it is upto us not to consent to the fear energy created by the false lords and instead concentrate on constructive thoughts and change our personal reality not only in this world but in the wordls to come as well


I am currently taking a class on Climate, Weather, and Soil. It is an intermediate geography class and I thought the very last suggestion was fitting of the whole Climate Change Debate…This is how our school trains students, instead of informing and teaching them to think for themselves……

Chapter 7- last section on Climate Change

1. Begin by carefully reading through the key learning concepts at the start of the chapter that are relevant to this last section of Chapter 7 and later revisit these to check the level of your understanding.

2. Read through the last section of this chapter in a thoughtful yet informal manner to familiarize your self with the content. Do not at this stage make any notes. Do not forget to study the various maps, diagrams and photographs used to illustrate the material under discussion.

3. Look carefully at the section at the end of the chapter entitled Summary and Review. This is a very important resource and study guide for you. All of the key concepts of the preceding chapter are identified in bold print in this section. You should know all of these points and I would advise you to make conscientious notes at this stage to identify and explain all of these concepts.

4. You can check your understanding of these key concepts by informally working through the questions within these Summary and Review sections.

It is not necessary to answer the section entitled Critical Thinking.


Ben post on RMN. His server is out. He is OK. Let’s concentrate on a beautiful tomorrow now. Alicia.


AGAIN ALL (Specially Americans)






Don’t take those stupid pills, it seems as Jeff Rense did actually manage to convince you all to buy fear.
No wonder Benjamin has posted this late message.
I was saying the same thing when I heard the interview, Rense is a fear monger.

And as a last I’d like you all to remember that YOU DO CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY AS YOU GO ALONG IN LIFE.
You better take care of what you think/believe, because it might become true.
Know where you focus your thoughts.
Learn to administer you powers, even if you don’t understand them, know that they work.

Burp ‘n out.
Fellow earthlings…


Edge, liked your Q (at 5;49am) about the Hiroshima event affecting north America, makes me ponder, however i am still going to monitor the levels over the next while, thanks for the link to the 2nd monitoring site!


Edge: Thanks, that is good to hear! And thanks for the site.


The truth about “anarchists”.

Anarchy has never meant “lawlessness”, but rather observing the real source of “law” governing civilized behavior in a society (common law). The Oligarch hopes you will never understand this, for obvious reasons.

Read more:


According to the map, our radiation level is down
to 9 from 15 counts per minute 20 minutes ago—


I’ve been reading your conversation with Anonymous and I must say I think you’re loosing it. You seem obsessed, as if in a mantra-trance.
Suddenly you have become more intense with all this Jesus and Satan thing.

I’m sorry for your belief pattern.
May your overseers influence you sufficiently in order to eradicate it.


Comment by anonymous on March 15, 2011 @ 12:56 am

Good one!

But, this would mean that we all would have to be responsible and conscious of all we say and do.


Some people might not be up for that…


Comment by ugmmichael on March 15, 2011 @ 1:03 am

In that case, Michael…WE BETTER LAUGH!!

Laugh out loud at everything!


They do inform me that it´s really not necessary for me to know great details concerning this catastrophe as this would amount to more worries, etc. and they don´t want that for sure.

-> So basically it’s saying it’s going to get/look worse.
Ben’s intelligent by not watching the news, nor paying any attention to the falsimedia.
If “they” think this way it’s the best way then by all means I’ll feel better, because I know “they” are aware and working on it.

Lew, you and I and many, many others are being manipulated at the present time due to (I feel) the finial battle being drawn.

->So they’re preparing/updating/adjusting what exactly?
Belief patterns, local/global/cosmic awareness,…?

On the Russians:

This has always been a hunch to me.


Banks have £1.6 trillion exposure to ailing quartet of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain

“…The BIS, the central bank of central banks, said in its quarterly report that Germany had $569bn of exposure to the quartet, France $380bn, and the UK $431bn…”

More at:


Peasant farming better after all!

Groundbreaking New UN Report on How to Feed the World’s Hungry: Ditch Corporate-Controlled Agriculture.

“A new report from the UN advises ditching corporate-controlled and chemically intensive farming in favor of agroecology…”

More at:


The $165B Bank Bailout That Will Never Be Paid Back
March 13, 2011

“Though Treasury likes to gloat about TARP funds having been paid back by the big banks, the banks have received a back-door bailout, of almost exactly the same size, that will never be paid back. Almost no one talks about it, and no one in government is even keeping track of it…”

Read More at:


Japan brings money home to rebuild
By Burton Frierson – March 13, 2011

(Reuters) – Shaken by the prospect of nuclear meltdown after a devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japanese investors will dump overseas assets on Monday and bring their money home to help finance reconstruction.

Positioning for this could send the dollar plummeting versus the yen on Monday and lead to a sharp slide in Treasuries since U.S. government bonds are a favorite asset of Japanese investors, market analysts said.

Stocks also are likely to come under pressure.


US Radiation map 3 minute update…


Before a person panics about radiation–it would
be nice to know the amount of people that died–
on the west coast of US and Canada–from the
World war 2 bombing of Japan–
Just a thot—


AMY GOODMAN: We’re seeing these mass protests in Madison, Wisconsin, and there’s other protests that are happening. We see the working poor, the middle class, under tremendous stress, and yet they’re the ones who are being hit hardest, not Wall Street. Explain what has happened. Why isn’t Wall Street in jail?

MATT TAIBBI: Well, it’s an incredible story. I mean, just to back up and provide some context, I think, for this Wisconsin thing, and especially for the Ohio thing, given what their governor used to do for a living—


MATT TAIBBI: Well, he was an employee for Lehman Brothers, and he was—

AMY GOODMAN: This is Governor Kasich.

MATT TAIBBI: Governor Kasich, yeah, and he was intimately involved with selling—getting the state of Ohio’s pension fund to invest in Lehman Brothers and buy mortgage-backed securities. And of course they lost all that money. And this, broadly, was really what the mortgage bubble and the financial crisis was all about. It was essentially a gigantic criminal fraud scheme where all the banks were taking mismarked mortgage-backed securities, very, very dangerous, toxic subprime loans, they were chopping them up and then packaging them as AAA-rated investments, and then selling them to state pension funds, to insurance companies, to Chinese banks and Dutch banks and Icelandic banks. And, of course, these things were blowing up, and all those funds were going broke. But what they’re doing now is they’re blaming the people who were collecting these pensions—they’re blaming the workers, they’re blaming the firemen, they’re blaming the policemen—whereas, in reality, they were actually the victims of this fraud scheme. And the only reason that people aren’t angrier about this, I think, is because they don’t really understand what happened. If these were car companies that had sold a trillion dollars’ worth of defective cars to the citizens of the United States, there would be riots right now. But these were mortgage-backed securities, it’s complicated, people don’t understand it, and they’re only now, I think, beginning to realize that they were defrauded.


Comment by sierra on March 15, 2011 @ 2:59 am

I think the Casper site used the wrong link.
CFree928 found the same post on RMN.



E-mail from Benjamin Fulford, in Japan:
(on RMN)

Hi, could you guys please publish this article for me. They have shut down my server.

Please ignore scare-mongering corporate propaganda about nuclear fall-out from Japan

By Benjamin Fulford

There is a blizzard of panic mongering about nuclear melt-downs in Japan being generated out of U.S. corporate propaganda “media” and their Japanese employees. Please do not play into their hands because the generation of fear and panic is one of their last weapons.

Here is a list of the corporate sponsors of the so-called “Egyptian revolution” as compiled by the Japanese magazine “Kami no Bakudan” (paper bomb): Howcast, Edelman, Google, MTV, CBS “News,” Mobile Accord, You Tube, Facebook, MSNBC, National Geographic and the Omnicon Group. They have proven themselves to be unreliable in the past so please ignore any exaggerated panic causing news emanating from any of these propaganda outlets and their Council on Foreign Relations god-fathers.

The world now faces a choice between mutually assured self-destruction and world peace. We believe rational minds will prevail.

Benjamin Fulford $B8EJbF;%Y%s%8%c%_%s(B 090-3439-5558


oldbraveheart 3:08 am

I’m glad you understand the book because I sure don’t.

I thought the conventional bible story of Jesus Christ was based mostly on the life of the 9 strand avatar, with the 12 strand avatar being a more secret entity [but who was actually the one who did the heavy lifting re: race morphogenetic field (whatever that is)]. Overall, though, all 3 life stories were woven into a single character.

I tried to reconcile what the book had to say about the two avatars with Esu Immanuel in my earlier post:
“The Truth is that Esu Immanuel came as a Truthbringer, the son of Archangel Gabriel. He did not die as reported, but survived the murder attempt (crucifixion) against him by the Khazarian Zionist Jews (Pharisees). He fled to India, married, had a family, traveled widely, and taught Truth until his death in Kashmir at the age of 107 years.”

I suspect Esu Immanuel was the 12 strand avatar for Deane claims that Jeshewua-9 escaped to France with Mary Magdalene and their 3 children.

Why do you consider Jeshewua-9’s mission a failure? For in page 104, Deane wrote:
“Through the achievements of Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, the primary morphogenetic imprint for all the races was returned to the Sphere of Amenti and the Sphere of Amenti was once again made whole. These accomplishments set the stage for mass ascension, but the races still had a long way to go in healing and evolving their consciousness and genetic codes”

I interpreted that to mean that both avatars suceeded in their missions, no?

Incidentally have you read “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”? That ties in with Esu Immanuel fleeing to the Indian sub-continent and living out his life there (though Deane claims he ascended bodily to Tara at the age of 39. Maybe he returned to Earth, but to India rather than the Middle East…)

There’s a rather nice anecdote in “Life & Teachings” which gives an idea of what to expect when Ascension comes. It’s the story of the writer and his 2 companions coming across a forest fire. The writer was told that they could get to the river and wait for the fire to burn out (which would delay their journey) or they could raise their vibrations and just walk through the fire. They did the latter and the writer noted that to anyone watching them, it would have seemed as if they had disappeared into thin air.

If you have read Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe Book 3, she said that as people ascend, they would just disappear.

That I believe is how we will escape Gaia’s cleansing of this planet.

See you all at the New Earth!


A once in every 823 years event:

This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years.
Comment by pansy on March 15, 2011 @ 2:17 am

How did you come up with that?
Per my calculations it (leap year not accounted for) happens every 7 year( 364 + 1 day change every year)

Check out 2005 and 1994


Just listened to the Clif High report. Regarding the Dinar RV… he says it’s a scam and it is unlikely that there will be a country of Iraq…check it out at about 1:17 in the interview.



How horrible to go throughout life depriving one’s self of a dog…

I am going to break your hearts with this one…lol…

My first dog was this beautiful white mutt with the most beautiful blue eyes…

We named him Big Daddy Brubeck because my sister was in Sweet Charity at the High School…named after the character who was the prostitutes pimp…Jesus…

We called him Bru for short…

We loved and adored that dog for about 2 weeks when the neighbors reported it was hit by a train…with their dogs…

Couple weird things…remember how I said things were always given then taken away…

and I got hit by a train on the same tracks…

This was my first moment with the pain of loss/death…I was probably 9…We all cried deep gasps of pain…I remember the sorrow well…

Then eventually we got another mutt…we named him Otis Amos Brutus Pacos Pedros and I forget the rest of his name…It went on for quite some time…

That poor dog deserved better than us…My mom hated the dog and kept it locked in the laundry room…

One day, I am told the local kids are having a dog show so I go home to get Otis and my mom tells me they had given Otis away that day…

Now come on, what are the chances of this really? If my parents were still alive I would have many questions but as for Otis I truly hope his new owners were nicer…..

Since I live the life of a nomad and people let me stay a month or two with them I often bond with their dogs, I love them and they love me.

Not a fan of little yappers, seem like worthless genetic experiments…lol…

But as I said a few months ago there was this German Jewish lady I suspect was somehow a handler of my Mom and our family and for some weird reason they wanted to study the long term effects of relative deprivation…what happens to a kid who constantly has things given and taken away…

This is only a theory but seems logical as I research Kinsey and Freud and Skinner and all those other Frankenstein monsters.

You get me…someone who gives away anything of value before it can be taken.


A history of the New World Order — Part II
1928 – 2003


Sierra, Tx found some of this!! Will research it, cheers from your neighbor, across the Straight!


Yen Falls From 4-Month High on Bank of Japan Move

The yen retreated from a four-month high on Monday after the Bank of Japan took extraordinary measures to support the economy in the wake of the calamitous earthquake and tsunami.

The central bank injected a record 15 trillion yen, or $184 billion, into financial markets to keep credit flowing in the economy and ramped up an asset-buying program by 5 trillion yen to 40 trillion yen.


Yes… sign up at Divine Cosmos… hacked again last night.

David must be hitting a few nerves….



Regarding the delay in this week’s report from Ben….

Perhaps they are having rolling blackouts and he, or the ISP his sites are hosted on are affected by power outages. I was reading somewhere in the last few days that rotating power outages were being considered. With several of their reactors damaged, the normal availability of electricity is diminished.

There was another report I watched last night… coverage of a shelter in a school. Everyone was calm and it was a community effort to help each other. (FEMA equivalents not needed.) Resources of food and water were being equally shared.

The world could look and learn how to best cope with a huge disaster with dignity and respect for all.



Time Banks Weave Community One Hour at a Time

For every hour you spend doing something for someone in your community, you earn one Time Dollar. Then you have a Time Dollar to spend on having someone do something for you. It’s that simple. Yet it also has profound effects. Time Banks change neighborhoods and whole communities. Time Banking is a social change movement in 22 countries and six continents.


“Operation LeakS” Releases Initial BofA Emails Indicating Premeditated Intent To Deceive Government And Auditors


Eugene, thanks! That is Zoe, our Golden Retriever, very much a princess in our house. We have a black Lab also, Max. Both are 5 years old, almost 6. Great family dogs. And I hear you on the setup, I am not always all that amenable to having dogs but had a weak moment in front of the kids about 5 years ago…. 🙂


Guess we will have to wait until tomorrow for this week update…



Comment by anonymous on March 15, 2011 @ 12:35 am

It is true. There were actually three:
1)The 12-strand dna Kristos came to recode the earth (remind her and us of our original dna templates). Lived a long time. Started a line of children in Netherlands known as the Dhani. He was quite literally lifted off the planet. He succeeded to a great extent in his mission. Though the reality differs in the details, he is the one the birth story is told about.
2)The 9-strand dna Kristos which came to help the Annunaki specifically to get themselves straigtened out so they could get back home. He came to a not so great end and mostly failed in his mission.
3) Arihaba(sp) was the fellow who died on the cross. He was put in place to take the ‘heat’ off of Jeshua-9. If he was thought ‘dead’, no one would be looking for him. Arihaba volunteered to perform this service with the understanding that he would skip all the karma stuff and get out of here.

SOURCE: Same as yours.


Re: Comment by joanoftara on March 15, 2011 @ 2:51 am

NO, I purchased it on the the “bigger Island in the Pacific”.

The brand is “naka” and the label is “vegetable iodine drops”. It is “made in Canada” and is liquid… take 2 drops etc.

Perhaps phone a few places and ask if they carry this product and NOT specify that you are looking for potassium iodide.

I *did* ask for “potassium iodide” and the clerk helped me find this product.



Re Comment by Gus on March 15, 2011 @ 1:31 am
Fulford Message On Casper (Fourwindws) Site…

Benjamin Fulford
There is a blizzard of panic mongering about nuclear melt-downs in Japan being generated out of U.S. corporate propaganda “media” and their Japanese employees. Please do not play into their hands because the generation of fear and panic is one of their last weapons.


Well… that’s interesting…
I visited the link to the 4 winds site and the article Gus quoted. They gave a link at the bottom of the article to Ben’s typepad site… the one I JUST checked a few minutes before that showed the most recent entry as being March 11, NOT March 14.

Clicking AGAIN to in case there was a timing difference or something and I”m STILL getting the most recent entry to be March 11.

So where did the article posted on 4 winds and attributed to Ben come from????



Thanks Sierra, what store, your in Vancouver, I believe? I am in greater lower mainland and have been denied twice when i have tried to purchase it today!

and here is interesting read that is not alarmist, but is long:


RE Comment by joanoftara on March 15, 2011 @ 1:39 am

Have Potassium Iodide on hand (Available over the counter in US at health food stores , not available in Canada without prescription)

I live in Canada and purchased some potassium iodide YESTERDAY at the Health Food Store. No prescription either.



RE Comment by patriotkate on March 15, 2011 @ 1:42 am
Ben posted on his free blog site, so he’s apparently o.k.


That item was posted March 11, 2011. Today is March 14.

As a general comment, it would be helpful if people looked for the dates on articles. Often there are links presented here, and when I check them, they are for articles dated months or years ago. While some of those articles still have relevance, others are very much “stale” offerings.

Just a request.



For those of you who pass the word along

THE SIEGE-Federal Reserve Protests beginning March 28

Due to the incredible abuse of power centered in the Federal Reserve, committed citizens will put the Federal Reserve Banks in a state of siege in order to bring pressure on the Reserve to create policies that focus on restoration of all classes while decentralizing economic control, and to bring attention to the cause. This group is designed to help successfully organize the protests. What we need to do:
Spread the word! Create/distribute fliers, the link to this site, the link to video. (fliers and videos will hopefully be created soon). Talk to college groups (i.e.students for a democratic society, etc) or any other groups who will mobilize support. The more we talk the more people will listen.
Promote: on twitter, facebook, any online forum
This is a democratic community-please feel free to include your own suggestions and opinions, and if you can be of any help in flier/video distribution or promotion on social network sites, say so and then do it! Action is everything!

Locations (courtesy of the Federal Reserve):

Demonstrations will take place at each of the 12 district banks and the Board of Governors in Washington, DC:
District 1: Boston: 600 Atlantic Avenue
District 2: New York: 33 Liberty Street
District 3: Philadelphia: Ten Independence Mall
District 4: Cleveland: 1455 East Sixth Street
District 5: Richmond, VA: 701 East Byrd Street
District 6: Atlanta: 1000 Peachtree Street NE
Distrcit 7: Chicago: 230 South LaSalle Street
District 8: St Louis: One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza
Broadway and Locust Streets
District 9: Minneapolis:90 Hennepin Avenue
District 10: Kansas City, MO: 1 Memorial Drive
District 11: Dallas: 2200 North Pearl Street
District 12: San Fransisco: 101 Market Street
Board of Governors:
20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20551



A once in every 823 years event:

This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years.


maclin awesome dog…I am so jealous…I want a big fuzzy dog…

Not set up for it though…


anonymous on March 15, 2011 @ 12:56 am

Thanks, very interesting. When I have time I will look into the books you mentioned also.


Assuming there will be a 2016 Olympics in Rio, this is awesome. It is the “welcome sign” of sorts that is a huge wall of water and the entire village will be run on solar power. They are creating the future now!!


Anyone ever watch this documentary…The Panama Deception?


Ben posted on his free blog site, so he’s apparently o.k.


Hope I am also monitoring the levels of radiation on the west coast! According the meteorologist friend, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska are in risk zone if high level releases happen! If you live on the west coast Of Us or Canada monitor these daily:

Have Potassium Iodide on hand (Available over the counter in US at health food stores , not available in Canada without prescription)

Milk Thistle helpful for liver detox and may be taken for longer period, can be used as a prophylactic!

Ionizing radiation detectors on line @:

usefull info here!

Do your own research too I am no expert just an informed citizen!


Anonynous, all:

I have already been forgiven of all my sins. I have NO guilt or shame–the latter is Satan’s work in the mind of believers. When I err, I repent. Regardless, I know I will be joining Jesus in the new millenium and that I will survive the tribulations. None of us will ever be as pure as Jesus; but, the purer and stronger our faith is the closer the relationship we have with Him. In the last days, we will have dreams, prophecies and perform miracles. The Holy Spirit has already announced my first gift to me and I am using this gift supernaturally. I expect a lot more.

Satan has killed more of God’s children and people on this earth than anyone. He has overtaken the minds of leaders like Alexander the Great, Hitler, many. The propaganda that Christians have killed many is just that. God has sought to remove Satan from this world until He gave us the new covenant. If “Christians” kill today, this is not God’s work. “Thou shall not kill”.

The Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated long ago by Satan–and this is used by many to confuse the pure faith in Christ, the Lamb of God. Christians have a relationship with God and Jesus in their hearts. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We need no box, no steeple, no effigies–only His Voice and His Word. The assembly is shown in the bible as “two people who gather in His name”.
In fact, many so-called churches have been infiltrated in many denominations. I have no denomination, only a super-natural relationship with Christ, our Father and the Holy Spirit. There is only one Bride.

God gave us free will. In the end, we can choose. This is the greatest manifestation of love.

I am fully aware that this will bring in an unbelievers tsunami of vitriol and lies engineered by Satan. So be it.
I do not seek reward from men. God does not care if unbelievers dislike what I am writing; I am His messenger. Every word I place here is reported back by angels to the ears of God and it pleases Him. This is where I seek my reward. Do not seek your reward from men.

Every believer must now come out and share the Word and save as many souls from the clutches of Satan. It is time. Again out of here Satan! Jesus reigns–not you, ignoble creature.

How many signs do you need to see that Satan is overtaking the world? Only until Jesus returns. This will help you choose, exercise your will. Hurry, the Kingdom is at hand. For me, the choice is so easy.

I bid you farewell until I return.


Fulford Message On Casper (Fourwindws) Site…

Benjamin Fulford
There is a blizzard of panic mongering about nuclear melt-downs in Japan being generated out of U.S. corporate propaganda “media” and their Japanese employees. Please do not play into their hands because the generation of fear and panic is one of their last weapons.

Here is a list of the corporate sponsors of the so-called “Egyptian revolution” as compiled by the Japanese magazine “Kami no Bakudan” (paper bomb): Howcast, Edelman, Google, MTV, CBS “News,” Mobile Accord, You Tube, Facebook, MSNBC, National Geographic and the Omnicon Group. They have proven themselves to be unreliable in the past so please ignore any exaggerated panic causing news emanating from any of these propaganda outlets and their Council on Foreign Relations god-fathers.

The world now faces a choice between mutually assured self-destruction and world peace. We believe rational minds will prevail.

March 14, 2011



Hope, regarding this from your 3/15 12:54am post…..”give yourself a name and a gravatar and through Him, the Holy Spirit of God will answer you.”

What the heck does that mean? Are you kidding, trying to be funny or what.


Ron Paul Supporter Accuses Donald Trump of Breaking Federal Election Law

Donald Trump’s “Ron Paul can’t win” jibe at CPAC is coming back to haunt him—in the form of a Federal Election Commission complaint filed by a Paul supporter alleging that the real estate mogul violated election law by testing the waters for a presidential bid before declaring his candidacy with the FEC.

Donald Trump has “violated [federal election] laws” with his nascent presidential bid, according to a complaint filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission.


Trump is an idiot and he proves it by talking smack at the CPAC….He should stick to his circus TV show and leave well enough alone.


I am not a computer, i dont know who the darry whatever is, i didnt read anything form anybody. Im just trying to wake up people. but i can only do so much, just as Ben can do as much, warn everybody. he has warned us for years now so if you cannot do anythign to stop them, at least do something to help yoruself when you need it most.
just be ready because we never know what could hit us next, in any part of the world. I have a brother and a sister living in different states in the US. i give them the same message.


Still waiting for this week new blog post… Has anyone heard from Ben?

Grendizer from Japan!


Lew & Kohala;

First of all, my contacts are not ETs. Second, they are never involved with global political systems per say, only personal divine maintenance and direction. Your testing on ET involvement with the Japanese earthquake is correct.

Some how, these so-called ETs are blocking communication from my personal contacts. I do receive communication, at times, from my Overseers, especially when in deep transcendence, but normally, as I move about the day, my contacts are blocked. I meant, I notice a change in clarity, especially when I focus on any situation that is related to this catastrophe. This is when I become aware of them (their blocking process). When I do make contact with my Overseers, They immediately relieve any of my concerns and worries. However, They do inform me that it´s really not necessary for me to know great details concerning this catastrophe as this would amount to more worries, etc. and they don´t want that for sure.

As per your truth test reading via Harrp, I´m sorry, I must disagree. They (my Overseers) have informed me that Harrp was not the culprit. It´s a cover to hid the actual weapon used. These ETs can and do influence consciousness. They can´t take your WILL, but they can manipulate your perception and clarity in consciousness, so-to speak.

Lew, you and I and many, many others are being manipulated at the present time due to (I feel) the finial battle being drawn.

Kohala; The dark cabal do not have the technology that the Russians have. Russia is working with our inner earth brothers and being assisted from a FEW cosmic forces. Russia controls space from the ground up. The dark cabal are stuck in the middle, with their feeble cave systems.
I know the Russian involvement is difficult to understand. Remember, Russia hold the keys to our global freedom. My God shine the Light toward the locks, so-to-speak.


Uhh, hopereturns, I don’t actually do religion.
I’m Chinese. Traditionally we worship our ancestors – I think 🙂


Animated 25 minute feature about the banking system.
part 1
part 2

Loaded with pop culture icons so more people will pay attention. Just goes to prove, if it ain’t fun to watch, it’s not worth looking into.


To positive change 12:26 am

dharma, karma, scharma…
What’s in a name?
A rose by any other name will smell just as sweet.

By your actions (or inactions) shall you be known.

Know this: God will not judge you when you die. You know what you have done and you will also have full knowledge of how others you have affected felt at that time. You will feel all the hurt you have caused others. You will judge yourself and you shall be your own harshest judge.

If you know this awaits you, how will you live your life now?


Anonymous, give yourself a name and a gravatar and through Him, the Holy Spirit of God will answer you.

God had great sorrow at the fall of mankind. Man was corrupted by the very creatures you are succumbing to now.
In these anti-deluvian times, Satan has re-feathered his nest with the souls of many.

God was aggreived continuously by the abominations of Satan on this earth. He made a new covenant app. 2000 years ago offering up his Son incarnate to cleanse the world of their horrible sins, that they may live eternal life with Him.

Through revelation I have learned that Jesus, our Father’s immaculate Son supernaturally incarnated, is the only way to avoid deception and find our true Father in Heaven. JC IS THE FILTER you need. Every evil force possible will try to present itself as the deity. Satan is so clever at diluting the faith of man in J.C. that in the New Age he makes all believe they are gods. Very clever. In the end all his ruses will fail. How soon is that? How much time do you have left? All the signs show this is very near.


Dear dear Hutz, you will always be my buddy.

I fear I am a mere mortal and cannot protect you.

You should seek protection for the the very top ie the Creator aka the Source aka God (as opposed to lesser gods).

I can however offer you this advice. If you want a protection prayer (which I have found to have worked wonders for me), buy one or both books by Shakuntala Modi. They are “Remarkable Healings” and her later book “Memories of God and Creation”

The second book has a powerful protection prayer (which I have embellished to suit my personal circumstances and also because I felt she had omitted some important bits) and a prayer for the violet flame (which is not in “Remarkable Healings”)

Peace and blessing to all.


A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 – by Isao Hashimoto

This video is 15 minutes long. For the full effect, watch the whole thing. Then consider the number of explosions by country as geo-political Karma scores racked up over the last 50 years.

Viewed from a duality vantage point of Christian and non-Christian, count how much Karma has been accumulated by the Christian camp.

If these scores do not cause some deep soul-seaching and personal value re-assessment in all of us, then we really are a lost cause.



Hi BEN And Y’All

WOW Japan has a great threshold of opportunity even within the setting of such terible trajedy that they are unavoididly enduring.
There is ‘prime opportunity’ to repower the country using the “Nnew Technologies” and we call on all peoples and governments to relase these selfsame inventions so that we can entreat the suffering nation of Japan to a speedy, enduring and enviormentally sound recovery from the nucler power plant ,utter, failures , the earthquakes and tsunamis. We have the “Cold Fusion” energy technology from Italy and the Electro Magnetic – High Production Motor-Generator from Hungary.The theoretical stage of the Thorium powered generation power plants. The Steve Meir engine and the similar engine developed by Denny Klein from Clerawater, Florida. It has been previously stated that there is Tesla technology that enables electricity to be collected from the surface of the earth, as a source for power . We can bring non-contaminated water and food by freighters, and even export some Japanese residents to areas for temporay housing until the cleanup from the damage is completed.


I am acquainted with someone who once channeled Jesus Christ. I don’t think she will mind if I share this with you. I believe it is in one of her books so it’s really public knowledge (but only if you have actually read her book).

He told her that he did not wish to be remembered as having died on the cross.

If you read Ashayana Deane’s Voyagers: The Secret of Amenti, you will find in pgs 96 to 105 that the Jesus Christ we are told of, is in fact a composite character; comprising 3 separate individuals.

I have no idea whatsoever if any of this is true. If I was there at the time, I sure have no recollection of any of it 🙂


Hutz,–> click here for Republic News & more on March 15, 2011 @ 12:09 am


Have you ever considered that the whole Dinar thing could be a distraction away from gold/silver, both attention and money wise? Just a thought.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Comment by anonymous on March 15, 2011 @ 12:01 am
RELOGOUS BELIEVERS ARE THE HARDEST HEADS TO GET THROUGH TO . WHEN i TALK TO MY SISTER i HAVE TO BE EVER CAREFUL NOT TO OFFEND . She knocks any alternative view of Christ . It is a spell by the devil that they feel God has protected the word and the word is 100% truth. sad
hope your still my buddie


As for doing something I like the peaceful march of 3 million to Wall Street where the enemy resides.


anonymous on March 15, 2011 @ 12:01 am

Max Igan often discusses the concept of dharma (compared to karma). In religion “dharma is the path of righteousness and living one’s life according to the codes of conduct as described by the Hindu scriptures.”

I get the sense that you have found these answers within?
“Just live an exemplary life and let the Divine take care of the rest.” Isn’t this also what Jesus meant by saying that God’s kingdom can be found within?

Could you kindly elaborate.


Ben are you okay. Were you anywhere near the epicenter. Get word to your viewers. One Love JAH…!


Dear hopereturns/hopesprings
There is nothing wrong in believing in Jesus Christ.
But what do you mean by “believe in Jesus Christ”?
Christian have killed countless people in the name of Jesus Christ (think of the crusades, the Inquisition etc. They believed that they were right to kill a man in order to save his soul. The killer believed that he did no sin; he believed in Jesus. Would such a man (it’s nearly always a man) be right?

If a person is not a Christian, is he destined for Hell when he dies? Is Heaven reserved only for people who believe that Jesus died to pay for their sins and hence render their souls whiter than white?

What does it mean to be a Christian?


Any news on/from Ben? Is he leaving Japan?



You spin a beautiful yarn. You are either fooled or the fooler. Satan, the anti-Christ, the false prophet and their demons in assistance will draw many toward them with such beautiful yarn. It will draw people away from Christ. Christ is the filter to Truth.

I will guarantee readers here that this poster is a helper of the Illuminati i.e. Satanists.

Spin, spin away. Many like I will do all we can to save the many from Satan’s clutches. Away from this blog Satan!


Disinformation is everywhere.

You seek the truth?

It does not matter who says what.
Just live an exemplary life and let the Divine take care of the rest.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Monday, March 14, 2011
Bank Of America Committed Fraud

Hacker Collective Anonymous To Release Docs Proving B Of A Committed Fraud – Monday

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Dinar Oakie Update 3-13-11
Okie chat 3-13-11

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] 1 more time for your rememberance–we are supposed to hear (hear) about the r/v either late tonight or monday

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] i have been more concerned with what is occuring in japan than with the dinar

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] it may come to pass we will hear about it 2 days previous to being able to cash in—-

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] for humanity sake–when 1 of us hurts–we should all feel the pain [OKIE_OIL_MAN] we feel so helpless sometimes–prayers is all we can offer–it helps soothe us somewhat

[denmcp1] OKIE_OIL_MAN My wife just came back from Haiti and she had many a story that thing are still, one year later, terrible.

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] denmcp1-that is going to be 1 of my primary focus in regarding building orphanages

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] i have considered many venues to pursue post r/v and have been led to drill water wells in somalia as well as constructing orphanges in haiti–many things to do–so short of a time left to do them—

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] if i can drill 6 miles deep into the earth and find what mother nature has tried to hide from me–i am positive i can drill a few hundred feet and find potable water for thirsty people–clean water would eradicate 80% of all the illness in africa(statistics proven) [OKIE_OIL_MAN] dimondjax-i never stated that i was only going to concentrate all efforts outside of the usa–i have been a supporter for over 45 years to cal farleys boys ranch and st jude hospital–yes we need help in the usa but there are other places that need it more badly presently

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] intel shortly–on phone


[OKIE_OIL_MAN] intel is sort of a re-hash of my intel previously–it appears everything is in place. Starting today (3-13-11) all salaries previously paid to contractors are now to be paid in dinar. The hcl was passed last thurs nite. The wto opened its office in bagdad today and will be operational wednesday. The gov is seated–period. The exchange (imf) rate is to be published tommorow . Everything that needed to transpire to cause an r/v is finalized with maliki stating last night that shabbi must adjust the rate of exchange of the dinar to reflect the needs of the iraqi people and to expedite trade and start the import-export tax structure effectively immediately.

1:59 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] to me–this is more or less a re-cap of intel furnished last week to you–your ahead of the clock again thanks to harvey and nuff

2:01 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] still can’t figure out how harvey and nuff always knows ahead of time–must time travel or something

2:01 PM [elaine schembre] OKIE_OIL_MAN …. I’m confused about adjusting the rate….. I didn’t think they could do that…. are they not messing with the budget … if they adjust the rate…. I’ll be happy if they’re adjusting it upward…. don’t misunderstand me… just confused

2:02 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] elaine–c’mon–1170 dinars to ??? Usd

2:03 PM [elaine schembre] OKIE_OIL_MAN …. I thought he meant higher than initially revalued to…. sorry Okie

2:04 PM [elaine schembre] OKIE_OIL_MAN ……….. soooooooooooooooo confused Okie….

2:04 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] elain–just now addressing the issue of currency value–a subject heretofore not addressed formally

2:05 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] elaine–what is confusing about raising the value of the dinar?–explain and i will try to help you understand

2:07 PM [elaine schembre] OKIE_OIL_MAN …. I’m good now Okie… just playing…. again… initially I thought that meant…. M was telling S… to make it higher than they had already in the budget… I’m good… thank you

2:08 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] elaine-rate has been set in granite with the imf and iraq for quite some time now–procrastination has been on iraq’s shoulders and not the imf for not initiating rate previously

2:09 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] iraq simplistically has not been ready and prepared before now

2:10 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] you students of history will remember it took the usa initially 10 years to accompolish what iraq has in 1 year since the election

2:11 PM [jgem] OKIE_OIL_MAN As impatient as we is quite amazing what has been accomplished in this time period.

2:12 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] the logistics of taking a 3rd world country into the modern era of computers-communication and having to start from scratch was an overwhelming undertaking

2:13 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] if we are not happy in a few days—-then theres not a cow in texas

2:15 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] do not let apprehension and anticapation overlook the time element that has to play out for us

2:16 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] rvnow-shabbi has marching orders–when he starts it he knows–we wait

2:18 PM [misshan] Okie Since tues. 15th do you think it will be mon or tues?

2:18 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] march 2011 will be a date to live in memories for years and possibly decades to come–only history will write the whole story

es. 15th do you think it will be mon or tues?

2:20 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] misshan and all on here–don’t pin me down–you have the intel–read it–i am about thru posting–no further need much longer–try to understand the word comprehension and understand–

2:21 PM [MsGemini28] OKIE_OIL_MAN You’ve been a wonderful addition to our GET family and I’ve always appreciated your candor and humor. As a farm girl, your reference to the cows in Texas says it all!!!

2:22 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] msgemini28–just an ole country boy’s expression–still live on farm/ranch grandfather home-steaded before statehood

Terry K




2:47 PM [Cessie] Could it be smoke?

2:47 PM [terryk] YEP

2:47 PM [terryk] CESSIE IT COULD BE

Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 8:45 AM Someone has posted these highlights … This very brief recap comes from PTR’s conference call that took place earlier today. These are rumors but the speakers didn’t seem flaky and they also appeared to be respected by the moderators of the call. 1. Viper had contact that works in Iraq and his contact was approached today by Iraqi who knew he had invested and told him that he would be rich very soon. Contact also said he visits one of the banks regularly and they were expecting the smaller denominations (lower than 100s, 50s, etc.) there anytime. 2. Person named Chuck had call from government DC contact who called during a break at a meeting and told him “it going down on Monday”. He has had other calls today giving him same news. 3. WTO is open on the 16th in Baghdad. 4. Another speaker mods knew well as GW said he had calls from highly informed people today saying the same thing that the RV will be early next week. I know these standard phrases like“rich very soon”, etc. are like nails on a chalk board by now but they used them and these folks do believe what they are saying to us. =

Mar 13 1:40 PM [AZDust] lilrayboutte …… PTR = People’s Talk Radio…… those are the main guys (Dan, Checkmate, Tony, Viper…etc.) who used to do the conference calls for People’s Dinar site before the went off a couple of weeks ago to form their own site…

Mar 13 1:45 PM [gb23] lilrayboutte

Mar 13 1:43 PM [mailboxmoney] Two great rumors from Frank and Delta! Today at 01:50:09 pm » Happy_Dinar: RV Monday??? Rumor…….from an Iraqi bank source that attended yesterday morning’s party telling his connection on the mainland………RV announcement on Monday. The source claimed that it came from Shabibi’s people RUMOR ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!RUMOR ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!While on Frank’s call tonight, Delta, who is from Syria and has family members in Parliament in Iraq said: At 5:30 this evening, Iraqi time, PM Nouri-Al-Maliki said, “I have told Dr. Shabibi to reinstate the Iraqi Currency ASAP for the Peoples of Iraq!” http://www.bondladyscorn ··· =5136926

Mar 13 1:47 PM [mailboxmoney] Well now they are saying its from Thursday or Friday SORRY

Mar 13 1:48 PM [elaine schembre] mailboxmoney …. well Ok… still good… it’s Sunday…. we’re on track

Mar 13 1:45 PM [swampboy] got a call from my buddy in Iraq last nite. He said that they are hearing the same thing but they also get info from chat rooms the way we do. He did say that the violence has died down. Not enough protesters to amount to anything. The people were promised good things by maliki and the gov. That is why they calmed down. If it turns out to be all lies again, the next time they protest, they will be a whole lot more upset and won’t stand down so quickly

Buy Iraqi Dinars Now, Like Tomorrow


If you see a blind or partially sighted person walking in the direction of near certain danger, you have a duty to warn them. If that person chooses to ignore your warning and is hurt, at least you have done your duty.

My conscience is clear on this.
You can ascribe whatever motives you wish upon me.
I know who I am and why I do what I do.
Even if you know my real name and where I live, can you look into my heart?


BTW “Lord Sananda” is also declared by New Agers as an Annunaki creation, also promoted by the Illuminati. Do you ever wonder why the New Age ideas resemble the Illuminati ideas?

Do you ever wonder why they work so hard to make you disbelieve the Word and God’s promise in J.C. ? What harm could believing in Jesus Christ bring to anyone? Truly?

Why do these fairy tale spinners not have their own parchments; instead, they leverage all that is in the Bible and twist it as a paranormal paradigm. What whildst thou not be made to believe?

My people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea (untouched by the evil one)


adri on March 14, 2011 @ 11:05 pm

adri, your post is very similar to that of darrylluke earlier on. The wording is 1:1 on many issues. adri, are you a computer?

To me it smells like some group is looking for a trigger to WW3. Make love not war. Have peace in the mind.

Those holding positions of power and authority are responsible for the situation. They should fix the problems they have created by either working against humanity or looking away for personal gain. We can help them, but not at the master/slave-level they so enjoyed in the past.

Any constructive thoughts on this?


Dear hopereturns/hopesprings

Seek the truth within yourself.
The choice is yours to make.
Live in the Light; be the kindest, nicest person you would like to meet.
All organised religion has been infiltrated.

As I see it, all the rules we need to observe can be encapsulated thus:
Love God above all else.
Treat people as you would wish them to treat you.

Do not believe that your sins and transgressions are absolved/wiped out by the mere act of believing that Jesus died on the cross in order to save you (or if you’re Catholic, by going to confession and saying however many Hail Marys as the priest instructs you)

The law of karma prevails. If you behave badly towards others, it will reverberate on you. Reap and ye will sow.

I only tell you this as I feel someone has to say it and I just happen to be here and am able to do so. I have no intention nor wish to influence your thinking and behaviour. My duty is done. Accept or reject what I say as you please.

May you walk in the Light always.


Not all here are anonymous OldBrave. Some us offer our real names, and/or pictures.

Don’t focus on that though. The Annunaki, evil beings on this planet, are planning the extinction of humanity using the Illum minions. I am on good authority that the hearts of the hu-minions were pre-disposed as hosts. Gaia is one of their concoctions. Satan knows how to present himself in a loving, peaceful context; but, it is a trap. Everything in the post above is a manufactured fairy tale.

We true Christians cannot become hosts to them. They have no influence on us. Some of us have such faith that we have supernatural peace. Mine is developing each day as my faith strengthens. Many of us will manifest supernatural gifts in the last days, gifts of healing among them. We will be able to repel the enemy on faith alone–I have already experienced this. Miracles abound right now all over the world. There is a Christian revival all over the planet. The Illums don’t want you to know this. Read the Word; it is your Sword in these last days of Satan’s reign. There is no purer love other than God manifest in His Son who has shed His blood so we may be saved from the evil one.


Hope all is ok with Ben and other inhabitants of Japan…seems it is worsening over there 🙁

On a sidenote, seems hacked again? Can’t visit anymore due to a “suspended account” 🙁


Comment by hopereturns on March 14, 2011 @ 11:11 pm

hee hee…your admonitions of ‘anonymous’ because he is hiding his id are funny.

anonymous gave himself the identity of anonymous.

There seems a presumption here that you know who any of us are.

In fact, it would seem that We are all anonymous.


Anonymous, since you cannot give yourself any identity this is suspicious.

Even in the New Age groups, they state that the Annunaki have created these stories to ensnare humans and kill them.

I believe that if the Annunaki are real they are in fact the fallen angels and/or the Nephilim. It is written that there are dark supernatural beings on this planet.

These evil entities control the Illuminati, Freemasons and Knights with these new age conconctions which will lead you to your death. They do not care about you.


re my earlier plea for help in posting message in public forum.

Please ignore. The code was finally displayed and I managed to submit my message to the moderator.



8.8 quake in Japan.

So, do you believe me now?

Why do you persist in this insanity of waiting?


Negotiating with rabid-dogs as these begets death to sovereign people.Innocents.You have the power still NOW to begin the EXTERMINATION, so this planet can begin it’s NEW ERA.

WHY does the societies(I’ve lost track of all the changes of the guard names) persist in delay? Could it be there are VERMIN within the top ranks of your trusted advisers?


…before it is TRULY TOO LATE.

Delays at this point mean to mean YOU PEOPLE behind this Benjamin Fulford grass-roots world wide movement ARE INSANE, like the world’s people enemies are insane , also…

This is exactly what ive been thinking about all the dragin societies. They Knew about this for so long and waited till the end. Ben, are you sure who youre workign for? Why the hell nobody says anythign? Why the hell CNN is talking about Japan Economy like it matters SHIT at this time? When are we goign to understand this is a fucking mental game. there is no such thing as government or economy is the name of the game and we are their pieces to move and kill as they want when they want. This is run for your own life.

I suggest that all readers of this blog prepare their emergency plan. If this was allowed to happen to Japan, what makes us think it will not be allowed somewhere else. like “Russia” is predicting one in the new madrid fault and all over latine america. AND WHY NO ONE TALK ABOUT THE VOLCANOES WAKING UP ALSO ALL AROUND THE RIM OF FIRE, IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.

OPEN YOUR EYES, lets help one another, lets not let them take us by surprise. Emergency like this can give governments all the reasons and excuses to go ahead with FEMA concentartion camps. WE HAVE BEEN WARNED SO MANY TIMES SO MANY MANY TIMES BEFORE> WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WAITING FOR. LETS GO!!


Dear all

I tried to post my above message in the comments on the public access site in order to reach a larger audience but am unable to do so.

This is because the gremlins would not display the 5 letter code that I have to confirm before my submission is accepted.

Could someone here please submit my message for the public forum (with message to Ben Fulford to please allow it to be displayed for public access as not all comments made can be viewed).



Laws have been passed in Western Nations that remove all rights. We have no rights according to the elite. We cannot even criticize a Treaty let alone government.

Well, we have rights according to God. It’s called our “Free Will”. These “laws” are Satan’s deception.

We have to ignore these false, evil laws. Leaders pretend we live in demockcracies in their speeches; this is another evil ruse to ensnare innocents i.e. you are free to speak but when you do, we will arrest you without right to representation, indefinitely.

Be wise as serpents, gentle as doves.

God gave you rights and no one can take them away from you.
Especially not the evil one and his minions.

OK now I am returning to my fascist work.


hopereturns, it will get you to the NSA page.. it’s an old one 😉 Btw, has anyone heard of Benjamin ? I guess there will be no report today 🙁 it’s just terrible what happened, hope he is doing well !!


Those who have eyes to see, will see.
Those who have ears to hear, will hear.
Others, well, you have free will to do as you please. The choice is yours.
Choose wisely, my friends for we are in the last chance saloon.

I think we can agree that we are living through strange times. It feels as if we are coming to an end of an era – hidden truths are not so much emerging as being spewed forth from everywhere. Clif also talks of the harvesting of the souls.

It is my belief that we are near the time which the Christian Bible calls Ascension/Apocalypse/Judgement Day. (please note thatI’m not a Christian and not au fait with the Bible)

The Bible was written by men, with their own agenda. I have tried to tell a Bible-thumping friend of this but he maintains that if he can’t find a particular concept in the Bible, it cannot be true.

For those with an open mind, I offer this extract from the comments section of:
Do give this due consideration and form your own opinion.

“Since the beginning of human existence on our planet Earth, Satan, who represents the dark forces of evil, and his puppets have twisted and hidden Truth. The truthbringers have been killed and their writings have been deliberately distorted to give people disinformation and lies.

All knowledge such as history, science, and religion have been altered to conceal Truth. The “holy books” given as guides to mankind have especially been altered to hide Truth. This was done deliberately so we would break the Laws of God by freely choosing evil over good. Our soul growth would be stopped and Satan would win, because he now controlled our free-will.

One last time Truth is now being brought again to Earth’s people. Some people have sincerely prayed to the One true God of Light, Aton, for help. God Aton (Creator God) has honored those petitions and has sent the “Hosts of Heaven” to help us. The Hosts of Heaven are our cosmic brothers and sisters from Pleiades, and from Sirius and other star systems of the Cosmos. Some people call them angels, even though they are HU-man (Higher Universal-man) and look like us. Others call them aliens. These cosmic humans are from 5th and higher dimensions or heaven. We of Earth are of third dimension. They have higher frequencies than we do, have greater technology, and are part of the Heavenly Realms. There is no evil in 5th and higher dimensions, thus, they come in love and light. They have come to bring us Truth one more time before the end of this last third dimensional civilization on our Earth.

The Pleiadians from the star-group the “Seven Sisters” or the Pleiades, and other Brothers and Sisters of Light are presently orbiting our Earth in their starships. Some of them have been here since the 1930′s in their starships and on the Earth in human form. Their starships appear in the night sky as flashing or twinkling stars. Many of these ships have strobing rainbow colored lights and appear as flashing red, blue, gold, green, and white lights. They can be easily seen on a clear, dark night to the naked eye.

The message they bring is Truth. Some of this Truth has been transmitted by radio signal code from Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn’s command ship, The Phoenix, to his scribe, Doris Ekker (Dharma), who lived with her husband, E.J. Ekker, at Tehachapi, California. Dharma converted these radio signal transmissions into written form by computer. This written form was then published in the international newspaper, Contact and in the Phoenix Journals. These Phoenix Journals are Creator God’s Truth given again especially to us in our time in unaltered form. You are encouraged to read them and discern for yourself what is Truth. I suggest that you begin by reading the basic Phoenix Journals which are numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 27, and 47. This message of Truth that the Hosts of God Aton bring to us today is simple, yet very upsetting to many people as they discover the “lie” of Satan. I shall state this message as concisely as possible — the Truth in a “Nutshell”.

We live on a planet we call “Earth”. This word “earth” is a generic term for “planet”. The universe contains many “earths”, each with a cosmic name. The Cosmic name for our earth is “Shan”, meaning the planet of tears, so the Heavenly Realms refer to our earth as Earth Shan. We sometimes call our earth, “Mother Earth”. The cosmic name which means “mother earth” is Gaia. Our Gaia or Mother Earth is really a living sentient being. As a mother, our Earth contains life and energy frequencies. She births us, nourishes us, and sustains our life.

We, the people on Earth-Shan, have been tricked into believing lies and misinformation about every aspect of our existence. We have been told the lie that God Aton is a God of wrath and judgment. God Aton is the God of Light and Love. He created us in His image (HUman), with a free-will to choose our pathway of either good or evil.

We have been told the lie that God Aton lives in “heaven”, and that He sits on His throne and rules and judges the world. The Truth is that God Aton lives within each of His creations. He lives within us as our God Spirit. Our physical body is His temple. By free-will choice our thoughts can become God Aton’s thoughts. We have the mind of God Aton within. We have God Aton’s power within. Thus, we have the power to mind-create as God Aton mind-creates! This is Truth, and our God Spirit within us knows this Truth, for our God Spirit knows all Truth.

Our pathway of soul progression is like a giant spiral. To move at all along our pathway is to move either upward or downward. Because life is dynamic, that is ever changing, we never stand still. We are always moving upward into the Light or downward into the Darkness. With God Aton there is no middle ground. We are either living on the side of goodness or on the side of evil, of soul perfection or of soul regression.

We have been told that reincarnation is untrue. This statement is part of Satan’s “lie”. Esu Immanuel taught reincarnation to his disciples. He taught that the purpose of human life on this planet is to provide experiences through which we are to perfect our soul. Over many lifestreams we continue with our lessons in soul perfection until, through our freewill choices, we have learned to choose good over evil. Our goal is to learn to live the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation in balance and harmony and to become One with God Aton, our Creator, again. In 525 A.D. the Second Council of Constantinople was held by the church fathers to alter the “scriptures” for their evil intent. At that time, for example, they removed all of the teachings of Esu Immanuel concerning reincarnation and any specific reference to starships from the “holy bible”. Reincarnation, aliens or off-world humans, and cosmic travel by starship are facts that were removed from the early writings.

Another lie is that we are not really responsible for the evil we have done, because “God will save us”. God will forgive us because he sacrificed His Son on some cross somewhere to pay for our sins to avenge God’s wrath. Does a God of Love deliberately allow His Son to be killed as a sacrifice for a lot of very evil people? Of course not! The basic Law of the Cosmos, the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Return states that there is a cause and an effect for all that happens. Stated in another way the Law of Returns says that you shall reap what you sow. This means that everyone is responsible for their choices and actions. These Satanic cult lies would have us believe otherwise. The Truth is that we all are responsible for our choices between good and evil. We are held responsible for breaking any of the Laws of God Aton and of Creation. There is no one who will “make it right” for us but ourselves. No one is going to “save” us from our sins! We are held personally responsible for every Cosmic Law we break.

The Truth is that Esu Immanuel came as a Truthbringer, the son of Archangel Gabriel. He did not die as reported, but survived the murder attempt (crucifixion) against him by the Khazarian Zionist Jews (Pharisees). He fled to India, married, had a family, traveled widely, and taught Truth until his death in Kashmir at the age of 107 years. Esu did not come to save anyone. He brought the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation again to Earth’s people. God does not judge us. We judge ourselves according to those Laws. God does not save us. We save ourselves by living according to the Laws of God and Creation. At the end of each of our lifestreams we again stand alone before God Aton and judge ourselves concerning our soul growth and soul perfection. We then determine where we shall go for our next lifestream of lessons.

Another lie told to us by Satan and his followers is that there will be a “rapture”, that Esu Immanuel would return in the clouds at the end of the age and sweep up the “faithful” into “heaven” in some magical way. Esu never taught this. In fact, the word “rapture” is not even found in the “bible”! It is the disciple, Paul, and others who distorted Esu’s teachings years later. Esu did say that he would return at the end of this civilization after 2000 years of study. He would be given a new name, he would be victorious over Satan, and the Kingdom of Heaven would be established on Earth Shan at that time.

Esu’s real name was Esu Immanuel. Immanuel means “God with us”. The name, “Jesus Christ”, which means “the anointed one”, which denotes deity was assigned to him years later by his enemies. Esu Immanuel has now been given a new name by the Heavenly Realms. This name is “Sananda”, which means “One with God”. Esu Immanuel Sananda (Jesus) returned to Earth-Shan in 1954, and is now waiting for God Aton’s orders to announce the establishment of Creator God Aton’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Shan. Sananda travels the way all celestial beings travel, by starship. He is presently aboard the command ship, The Phoenix, awaiting his orders from Creator God Aton.

Other lies we have been told are that the life of Earth-Shan, our “Mother Earth”, goes on indefinitely, and that mankind began life on this planet with Adam and Eve. The Truth of our human history on this planet goes back 206 million years. Earth-Shan, within the Milky Way Galaxy, completes one “great orbit” around the “Greatest Central Sun”, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, every 206 million years. Earth-Shan completed its twenty-second “great orbit” on August 17, 1987. At the beginning of our last “great orbit” (206 million years ago) humans were placed on Earth-Shan. Past civilizations have had an average length of 10,000 to 12,000 years; therefore, many civilizations have existed on our Earth prior to our present one. The Truth is that “Adam and Eve” date back only 10,000 to 12,000 years.

Earth humans were given one “great cycle” (206 million years) to learn and follow the Laws of God Aton and of Creation to achieve soul perfection, and thus to bring our civilization into total harmony and balance with the Laws of God Aton and Creation. This was never achieved because humans, with the exercising of their freewill, did not learn to properly choose between good and evil. They chose not to follow God Aton’s Laws and the Laws of Creation. In fact, Satan and his evil followers re-wrote those laws and deliberately twisted the Truth to trick everyone.

Earth Shan as a celestial body has now earned the cosmic right to move into a higher dimension. This process began at the end of the last “great orbit” or on August 17, 1987. Earth Shan is now going through a cleansing process of earth changes to remove all the human-caused pollution and negative energies residing upon her. Cosmic law states that no evil is allowed beyond fifth dimension. Because Earth-Shan now is moving into fifth dimension, all evil must be removed from her. At some point sooneveryone, who chooses to remain in third dimension frequencies must leave this planet!

This is precisely why our Pleiadian brothers and sisters have come at this time, and this is why Sananda has returned. They bring Truth. Those of us who are enlightened to Truth and are living the Laws of God and Creation will remain on planet Earth. We will go with our planet into fifth dimension (Heaven on Earth). Those who chose not to listen to Truth, but to wait for their “fake rapture” to occur, will be recycled back to another dark planet through reincarnation. There, they will continue in their soul perfection at the various levels where they left off in this lifestream. Some will go to the caves to start over again, and others will go to the Void (Hell), where there is no Light. They will have many planets from which to choose for their next lessons, as there are more than 178 billion life-supporting planets within our Milky Way Galaxy alone.

As God Aton decreed, one more time Truth would go out to the fourwinds. One last time Truth would be brought to everyone on Earth Shan. This is now happening! Truth is now being given freely one more time to everyone on Earth Shan. Please consider that God Aton did not decree that you had to listen to Truth, read Truth or believe Truth. With your own freewill, you must choose. With your God Spirit within, you will know. This is now your opportunity to choose, for this is Truth being presented to you one last time. God Aton, the Hosts of Heaven and Space Command give no guarantee that you will be presented the Truth ever again in this lifestream, if you do not listen now. May you choose wisely.

This is now “the end of the age”, the end of our Earth’s last civilization in third dimension and the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment. The Kingdom of Heaven is now being established on Earth Shan, as our planet raises her frequencies and becomes our Terra Nova (new Earth). The public announcement of NESARA (National Economic Security And Reformation Act) shall signal our entry into the Age of Peace, Freedom, and Abundance under Galactic Solar Tribunal Law, the Laws of Creator God and Creation. All people shall return to Love and become a member of our new Galactic Terra Nova Society or leave to continue their lifestreams elsewhere.

This is Truth. Whether you choose to accept what is written here as Truth is your decision. I cannot convince you of anything. Only through your God Spirit within can you know Truth. If you sincerely seek Truth, God Aton has promised that you shall find it. Truth is freedom of the soul. Truth is total joy in being and knowing. I urge you to ponder this most carefully.”


Woops Illuminati. BTW it goes to the NSA.


Weird. If you enter backwards in the URL field guess where you go? It will surprise you.



Caller on Noory announced that West coast will be hit with 1,500 RADS (radiation). Alaska 3,000. He states our bodies can on endure 500 RADS. Will go inland to New Mexico, Nevada.

Can someone check this information?

Hawaii will be not be hit being south.



I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed your truth test 🙂

I’ll try it out sometime and post results….


We all can help to cool the Japanese reactors~~~


See how tired I am “Need to wake up 7:30am to return the truck.” GOOD MORNING!


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Dear Magnificent Cafe Readers,

If you have the financial means to help with Japanese disaster relief please consider donating to Amma’s Humanitarian organization which has the capability of quick and beneficial relief.

Be Infinite Love
Finished 99.9% of my residential move. .1% to be done tomorrow. We look like a disaster took place in mid-air. Boxes to be unpacked everywhere including the lanai (patio), BUT it’s all under my control, because no one else wants to deal with my “crap”. That’s okay, wait for the next “tsunami reading”.

Just checking in to say, Hello, and fine in the city of Honolulu. Anyone see where my sons bolts for his futon frame was placed? One of those days. Take care, all.

E Aloha Malama Pono!

Need wake up 7:30am to return the truck. Goodnight!


Dear Magnificent Cafe Readers,

If you have the financial means to help with Japanese disaster relief please consider donating to Amma’s Humanitarian organization which has the capability of quick and beneficial relief.

Be Infinite Love


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“LIFE is NOT for pussies.

DEATH is all they will reward you with for your compliance. Compliance meaning, YOU DID NOT FOLLOW YOUR HEART mother fucker.

FOLLOW your heart & maybe, just maybe it will lead you to your own soul, and there you will witness MY TRUTH. Your soul has been compromised.

THIS is the current condition in the WEST.

Bunch of MK-ed pussies thinking they know something, spewing the junk like they are authorities, and lad more sheep to the slaughter who believe the bullshit which sounds so “true”.

“Patriot movement” is just one example.PUSSIES ALL.”


I personally leave judgement to God. But it would be nice to learn more about YOUR TRUTH.

How do you measure whether a person follows his or her heart?


Sounds like it was hacked again. When it happened last time there were several messages over time, and if I remember correctly, one of them was “Account Suspended”..

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Hi All

Something very strange on David Wilcock’s site again. Just went to see if he had an update yet, and all I get is

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Wonder if he has been hacked again or if something else is up.