Japan’s government, threatened with more HAARP attacks, pays 60 trillion yen to Feds

The cowardly Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan handed 60 trillion yen over to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate immediately after his country was attacked with HAARP and nuclear terror, according to Japanese security police sources. The extortion money was paid off following threats to use HAARP to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt. For those of you still too brainwashed to believe such a thing is possible, please take a look at the following transcript available on the US Defense Department’s home page:


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tnx ben




so it goes


5 thanks Ben


7TH heaven.



Thank you once again!












forgiveness is weakness!


Thanks Ben


Ben, we are with you all the way, always.


Thanx Ben
looks like it will get much much worse before transition will take place…

Therefor it seem to be necessary than ever to get the information out about whats going on behind the curtain. No matter to which degree we might get slandered by friends or MsM. More and more people are waking up.

And spreading the info will not only accelerates the process but is widening the timeframe in which the critical mass of constructive manifestations can reach its point of no return.

It’s time to step up a gear


* more necessary than ever…


hopefully japan EQ n nuclear teror is the last worse event in this world


“Unfortunately for them, my sanity is still here with me (I can see it floating right above my head J).”–Ben Fulford

Hang in there Benjamin.



On board 4/4/11 11:32PM Hawaii Time with 18 comments ending at kohala889 4/5/11 6:23PM.

And that makes me 19? Maybe.

Have been fussing around with installing Hawaiian Air Lines tool bar, and whalla, there it is. Now I can earn X-tra Miles shopping online or using their search tool. Weeeee!

Now to read the latest post.

E Aloha Malama Pono,
Ms. Kuuleimomi


Anybody here speak Japanese and can tell us what is being discussed by Ben here?


Thanks BEN – The April 5th update was a masterfully timed update that really set forth much significant information regarding the state of the latest and most critical deliberations regarding constraining the use of HAARP as a blackmail tool, recently , and in the future. GOOD JOB – I would have to say that The Creator has blessed you as a champion for good, to expose the activities of Satan and his minions. We who permeate the veil, now come together and pray for protection , advancement of The Age of The Golden Rule, Peace on Earth and that the prosperity of Love for the planet and all men be served from the bounty of The Almighty.


You seem more sombre in this report ben, well your usual threat to the scum was less robus this week. Maybe the fact that the bastards managed to get a payment for their misdeeds has knocked your confidence in this ending quickly and decisively. Lets hope the good guys can get together and end this soon.


Re: Comment by lew3 on April 5, 2011 @ 12:46 pm
>Please tell us more.

I only listened to one segment of that last night, will go through all of them this morning and make a list.


“Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective.”– Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


I don’t think it was cowardly of him.

If the Prime Minister didn’t hand over the money & Mt. Fuji got hit, thus causing another catastrophe, he would have been criticized for letting it happen.

I’m sure it just about killed him to hand over that money.

I bet he personally didn’t want to…I bet if it would only have affected him or even killed him, he would not have handed over the money.

I believe he did it not only for the Japanese people but for the others that would be affected by it too.

No…I believe it was very courageous of him.

My heart bleeds for him.

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


FYI: 60b Yen = $711,536,161,538 USD

Almost 3/4 of a trillion.

My work is almost finished here. I wish all of you the best of luck…

I would encourage you to get the map I posted to the proper channels.

Intelligence information for the Japan tsunami

O º

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com

Typo: 60t Yen = $711,536,161,538 USD


Orbs, Ben’s article shows 60 trillion. Your conversion formula says 60 billion I think. Did u do 60 trillion or 60 billion, just trying to get facts straight.


Is Ben saying he was going to take drugs in payment for 1.) Not getting killed and 2.) Making the introduction?

And then the agent shows to be completely delusional, and somehow all that makes him believeable much later in the Camp Bondsteel suitcase bomb prediction?

Also his sources were just sure the Tsunami was bomb-induced, but now it was all really a HAARP attack? Seems his articles are part dis-info + fear mongering + some truths. This makes it no different from any other source.

It is one thing to say someone paid someone a huge amount of “money”. But just how do you hand over 60 trillion yen? In a boatload of paper? Or some kind of ACH transaction? Do you demand a receipt? Do you get it all back if they decide to attack again anway? Or when continuing events spawned from the initial attack cause even more damage later, do you get a partial refund or what? As far as verifying, seems like that many zeroes would cause problems in any single transaction, and the Payor would have to have instructions on hoiw to send it. Be brave now and PUBLISH that. Seems it would also leave a wake behind.

I understand the writer(s) of these articles are under duress, but we should still be able to peel off evidence out in the world. We should also still use great discernment and not overlook all the inconsitencies. Fans may not approve, but many time articles with track records like this one are called out as knee-jerk reaction editorials.

I like to listen to Ben. He makes many good points. Yet sometimes in these articles it is hard to understand some of the dichotomy.


HAARP needs power. I know how the one in Alasks came to get the power it needs. Why cannot a radical group take that out? Has anyone ever tried? any news of an attemtp like that? If HAARP is the cause then it seems a fe dozen ninjas could take out the power grid or even just damange some antennas. Just seems like all that ever happens is shots across the bow from web-blogs.


What is likely to happen if the Japanese PM announces to the world that Japan was actually under attack from a rogue faction of the shadow US gov?

Will the other countries, including BRICs, as well as the good people in the US establishment turn the other way, and pretend they didn’t hear anything?

Or will they say, “Finally, someone is saying this in the open” and come together to oust the guys for good?

Is something like this still too early in the game to happen? What are your thoughts?


Battle Royal in Gold and Silver this Morning—




unless i’ve lost my mind (very possible), $711—— is
$711 trillion, not 3/4 of a trillion, right?


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astrology.com (email)



I’ve often wondered the very same thing — all those antennae right out there in the open, just waiting to be messed with.

Seems simple enough, for someone with money and a good heart…


If the WDS could just break through the media (mind) control… Shouldn’t this be where they concentrate their efforts? Then surely the entire world would be behind them. Piece of cake!



Comment by maclin on April 5, 2011 @ 9:22 pm

I’m guessing most people fear the ultimate wrath of TPTB. I’m guessing if you were caught f**kin with anything like that you will be shot and buried very quickly.

I’m also guessing that any potential point of weakness regarding the HAARP system is heavily guarded, probably gun turrets, constant guard etc.
I’m guessing a lot here, but that is all I can ever do, as I am not a ninja, and do not have the funding to carry out such a project.

I am guessing again that there are people out there who do have the skills, inclination, funding and steel to carry out such a project – maybe we will see this happen. I certainly hope we do.

I have always thought with so many people on our planet there must be a certain person or many people, somewhere on our sphere, doing exactly what I am thinking about doing at any one time. However, I have come to realise we seem to have all been brainwashed so bad, we are actually a helluva lot more uniform than we even realise. Everyone, globally.

I dream of some mystical monestary in outer Mongolia where super-high frequency (essentially human) beings are training and honing their invisibility, telekenisis, jedi mind control, remote viewing and teleportation powers for this exact reason. To guarantee the victory of good over evil.

If consciousness precipitates matter, surely all we need to do (collectively) is convince ourselves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we the pure integrally good truth seekers have seen evil disappear within our realities, and therefore all negative activity is no longer present. See, I tried this imagination manifestation stuff, and its a tricky one, without the use of psychedelic substances anyway.

This is a theory of Rik Clay – the use of geometric of the triangle with an eye being prevalent within almost all symbols of corporate control, principally high-level mason organisations (e.g CIA, FBI, McDonalds, Schweppes and Starbucks) looking at us from all angles gives them power, as the symbology is recognised by our subconscious and therefore somehow generates power and momentum for the users of the geometric. I mean behaviourly if all controlling organisations in our life use a similar geometric, we would be drawn TO this geometric for leadership. I use “we” when really I mean “them sheeple” as I’m sure we are all here wise to this crap by now.

I agree with you very much maclin, people need to be more proactive.

On this here blog, all we ever do is preach to the choir. People learn new stuff sure, but are we having much impact ?

Collectively on this blog we must hold an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom, however it is all directed inwards.

This blog needs to be public, and recognition needs to be spread. We all need to start making the connections between people as well.

I have successfully after months of presenting information to a guy at work, got him on the band wagon of researching and chasing the white rabbit down the hole. The satisfaction is, well, satisfying. It warms my heart to think I am resposible for putting someone on the path I have been walking for a while. I was put here by someone, someone who has put many people on said path, and it is my duty to do the same.

Open doors for people, show them the way. Talk loudly about stuff in public places. Sew seeds. Get people talking. Do it rationally mind you – we all know the wrong info to the wrong person at the wrong time can be disastrous.

The time is now.

Action must be taken.

Make it your mission to turn one person on to the righteous path per week.

Give it a few months, if all of us do it and pass on the prcess we will have grown the group of truth seekers exponentially relatively quickly.

get on it.

much love


Japan’s 3/11/11 Mega 9.1 Earthquake: Another Illuminati Production?



Since the crash in 2008, the War Faction has always found a way to extort money from somewhere and keep chugging along. This lattest attack on Japan was pretty bad and it saddens my heart. I don’t know how the majority of people on this planet can be so oblivious to what’s going on in our world. Does this mean that when they are on the ropes next month, somebody else will give them a pay out? How many more years can this insanity continue before something is done?


knock knock…


Knock Knock….

I assume you meant my Gravatar picture of a “Space 1999” eagle door, eugenekalmes. I’m a sci-fi fan, what can I say, lol.


Who’s there?


I am sort of new here, I mean, I was too shy to post anything. I have been a member of this blog since it started. I just got the courage to start posting a link a few days ago.


>Re: Comment by lew3 on April 5, 2011 @ 12:46 pm
>Please tell us more.

>Re: Comment by XL on April 5, 2011 @ 8:16 pm
>I only listened to one segment of that last night, will
>go through all of them this morning and make a list.

Okay, after going through all of the 8 parts, the overall message wasn’t that bad, it was part 7 (the one the initial link pointed to) that I had issues with…

My thoughts on this recording:

Part 4:
It is instersting to note that the head of the lybian national salvation front is someone called Hister… is this the same Hister of Nostradamus fame? The one labled as the Anti-Christ? A quick search for this information turned up nothing, anyone else have more information on this?

Part 5:
It is good that Donald Trump is taking up the Birther Issue, perhaps he can push a significant amount of stress onto the administration to reveal some things.

Part 6:
He claims that the Tea Party is made up of 15-20% lunatic fringe people. Does he not realize that what is called the Tea Party today is not the same party that was originally started? It was taken over by TPTB in an effort to discredit/derail their efforts to restore the old Republic form of government.

He wants to re-establish the Taft-Hartly Act. Mixed feelings on that… While there is sufficient justification to go back to the original meaning of the act and to take back the Unions that were corrupted so horribly, the whole necessity of unions is no longer relevant. Also, when the Republic takes control, any laws passed after 1861 are null and void, so that act will no longer be applicable.

Part 7:
He talks about a shutdown on April 8th, this very well could happen. The Corporate Government is already bankrupt and INSOLVENT. They can keep trying to put the debt limit higher, but that will only make the crash harder, because they are no longer able to support the exceedingly high debt.

But, he tends to place almost all of the blame on Reactionary Republicans. According to him, everything wrong with the financial issues is due to the Republican party, and he heaps praises upon Clinton as being the only one capable of standing up to the Republicans that are ruining this country. Hah! For someone who is so well-versed on so many matters, why would he make such claims?

He also talks about Social Security being and economic right, a social contract. Does he not realize that it is a Ponzi scheme based on an unlawful bill?

He keeps mentioning how the Republicans are ruining the country by destroying jobs. Why is everyone concentrating so much on jobs all the time? If the country was still running the way it was originally designed, there wouldn’t be as much of an emphasis on jobs. The only reason it is such an important topic is that the financial oppression is so great in America that people “have to have” high paying jobs just to pay their bills, and most families now have both parents working, just to stay afloat. Take away the financial oppression and you will see a drastic change on the daily lives of people, and the emphasis will no longer be on “jobs”.

Then he starts talking about the first bankruptcy in US history, and it will cause a worldwide panic of unimaginable proportions. This is true to some extent, but let me explain it a bit more.

Take this quote:
“A national bankruptcy, something we’ve somehow been able to avoid. Hitler couldn’t drive us into bankruptcy, neither could stalin, neither could tojo, neither could Jefferson Davis or the British and the war of 1812 or anybody else.”


This won’t be the first bankruptcy, it will be the third. It all started with the Revolutionary War, when we built up a significant amount of debt (ever wonder why references to existing debt were written into the Constitution?) and we had to put the states up as collateral to the investors. To pacify some of the debts, we agreed to allow a “central bank” into America, run by the Rothschilds.

Then, the War of 1812 was not fought for what the History books said, it was fought because the charter for the First Bank of the United States had expired, and Congress refused to renew it. The bankers then forced Britain to attack America, just to build up more debt for both sides in an attempt to bankrupt us. The result? America was near bankruptcy again and to pacify the debts we allowed the Second Bank of the United States to open, with another 20 year charter.

Then, due to the courageous efforts of Andrew Jackson, the Second Bank of the United States was kicked out of America when the charter ended and we were debt free for a short time.

Well, debt-free, except for the original debts from the Revolutionary War, which were coming due around the time of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln then attempted to re-negotiate the loans by extending the collateral to include the states that were not part of the original 13. That is what pushed them to secede from the Union, not the slavery issue. The war was fought, the debts increased, and then we went default on them, the FIRST bankruptcy. The ownership of the government then defaulted to the investors, and the corporate government was born.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed, which then pushed the country further into debt. By 1933, due to the actions of the Federal Reserve, the country was broke again and thus we ended up with the SECOND US bankruptcy. This is the point where the Constitution was then considered void, and the individual states lost their sovereignty.

The efforts of the Federal Reserve have only intensified since then, pushing us to the inevitable THIRD bankruptcy which is about to unfold.

… So… My big question… Is this person ignorant of these facts, or is he intentionally ignoring them?


I bet ya all, there is another entrance in Luxemburg.
Specifically underneath Chateau des Amerois.

Comment by maclin on April 5, 2011 @ 9:22 pm

If you had seen the original documentary on HAARP, “holes in heaven”, you would know that they store the electricity in giant capacitors. So cutting it off is not enough.


Here some dutch people manage to get very near the castle.
It’s probably a worldwide exclusive.

This is the operations center for all evil in the world, satanists from the US come here for rituals and everything.

More info:




Ben who?


Ben here heard this…


stormy….if you are a beautiful female yes I was knocking on your door…if you are male…no I wasn’t….but welcome to the jungle…

Opinions are welcome….:)



“F” them, “F” you, “F” everybody. Amen!



Hey all, YOU HAVE TO HEAR this new video just posted on the blog: ALERT*Secret Covenant End Times the Hidden Elite. RBI homerun bases loaded

ALERT*Secret Covenant End Times the Hidden Elite. RBI homerun bases loaded



metaphy….like what you have to say. Some time ago I was watching a metaphysical type video and the words ‘The evil is in you’ flashed across the screen. If it is true that we live in a holographic universe, and since every part contains the whole, would a change in the individual mean a change in the universe? OR is a change in the universe being reflected in each of us. OR can both be true when logic is set aside in favor of a higher intelligence?

Whatever the truth, I have been working to clear up my own karma, trying to rid myself of the evil inside.

On another front, I discovered this:

2 U.S. Naval Vessels Pull Out of Japan Due to Radiation Fears


Two US Navy ships pulled out of the Japanese base at Yokosuka due to fears over rising radiation, Fox News Channel reported Monday.

The USS George Washington and the USS Lassen left the base, which is located south of Tokyo, as a precautionary measure “to ensure a state of readiness in the long term for the defense of Japan,” the US Navy said in a statement.

The USS George Washington, which is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, was removed from the area for regularly scheduled maintenance, a military official told Fox News. The USS Lassen is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.

Last week, the US Navy moved the carrier USS Ronald Reagan away from the Japanese coast on concerns radioactive material was blowing in its direction, but later moved it back.

Earlier, the State Department said it was making potassium iodide available to US government workers and their dependents located in the vicinity of the troubled nuclear plant at Fukushima.

More on Asia / Pacific


I’m wondering if the nuclear ‘accident’ is just a cover for the removal of US troupes from Japanese soil, like a reverse of the nuclear event that brought them there to begin with?


Regarding your “Hister” question, I found this:


The name is Khalifa Hifter.


Haha, no I’m not a beautiful female, just another guy searching for the truth, thanks.


Comment by maidenpei on April 5, 2011 @ 8:49 pm

Re: Japanese Prime Minister handing over 60T Yen

I would agree with your comments, except that the bastards will now destroy Japan anyway.
By giving them the money, he made them temporarily stronger so that it will be more difficult to fight them.

He could have used that 60T Yen to buy a country someplace to put his beloved countrymen so they could escape Japan…if they were so truly beloved.



Goose named Maria

Coat of many colors
(lyrics in Japanese and English)

Hope you receive and give love today.


Comment by XL on April 5, 2011 @ 10:41 pm

Thanks for taking the time to go through all 8 parts and posting your comments!

COuld it be that the first 2 bankrupcies did not “techincally” get to that point but were rescued just in time? And that this time there will be no last minute rescue? Just wondering…


Maclin 9:22:

DC has bought up all of Alaska. Biggest eminent domain from the private DC corporation. Every step monitored. Rockefeller owns much land under ARCO and many hidden entities.

Perfect place to park the WME “weapon of mass extinction”.

It’s probably a no-fly zone.

Many have been murdered for countering this array installation. Even two Frenchmen in Quebec, healthy robust men who were given heart attacks, I suspect by the very same technology.

If Dr. Nick Begich, Alaska, is the most reknown author and researcher, disclosing the dastardly deeds of HAARP.

Make NO MISTAKE: HAARP is the cabal’s tool of control if fiscal control is resisted.


For the Japanese and the Americans:

A great, inexpensive, easy-to-get Radiation absorber!
BENTONITE (Usually found at gardening stores)


This is what the Russians gave to their people after Chernobyl. They mixed it into chocolate bars and gave out to the people, for one thing. It chelates the radiation out of the body (absorbs and eliminates).

Have heard they also buried the reactor in it. Why isn’t Japan doing this NOW?
…or are they?


oldbraveheart on April 5, 2011 @ 7:50 pm

I have posted the following in segments yesterday. Also, if you go to YouTube directly, you will see asha4u posted my summation in response to the video.


The new video from Ben to call on public awareness (in Japanese)

The United States, the bully, extorted more money out of Naoto Kan, the frightened and useless Japanese Prime minister, after the 311 attack.

We the people must put our lives on the line now, or they will kill us eventually. Now is the time to retaliate and take actions to fight back to defend ourselves.

Japan will reverse everything MacArthur did to weaken and dumb down the Japanese nationals. It will revive martial arts and restore its strength.

In two to three months, the major media will make the public announcement and expose what the United States has been doing to Japan. The colony called Japan and its slaves will be freed finally.

The public awareness is increasing each day. Start locally, where you are, to bring the changes.

Since the end of WWII, the United States made Japan defenseless but kept it very productive so that they could extract the wealth generated by the TOILS of its people. In fact, many died from overwork in the 80s and 90s. They have succeeded sucking every drop out of Japan.

In the latest hour-long video, Ben and two Japanese men mentioned the cabal’s attempt to destroy Japanese beef (wagyu or Kobe beef) production by spreading influenza in Miyazaki prefecture where the production of beef, pork and chicken is most concentrated. WHO was behind peddling medications after they spread the lethal viruses. Why did they do this? So they can push the drug infested American meat to the Japanese. Richard Koshimizu tells his listeners not to consume American beef for their dear life.

Ben dared Jay Rockefeller to sue him for a slander. He said “go ahead if you can. I have got plenty of evidences against you.”

He also mentioned the high possibility of all the areas facing the Pacific Ocean to be targeted for disasters by TPTB.


Comment by hopesprings on April 6, 2011 @ 12:45 am

Then we must do what Ben said: Bomb (or otherwise destroy) HAARP.

But Alaska is only one of the installations. And not even the biggest one. They span the entire Globe. One HAARP installation is in Japan, itself.



Paul Craig Roberts: Obama Raises American Hypocrisy to A Higher Level

AJ asked Dr. Roberts why they are so arrogant (it is beyond 1984), and Dr. Roberts answered by saying “because they have gotten away with it, and no one has been held accountable.” “Clinton got away in Serbia, right? But Bush created a massive numbers of felonies under the law, so Bush had to be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. And any numbers of the Administrations are all criminals under the American law. There was not even a protest about it. If there is no accountability, they can just do whatever. They now use words that are obviously distortions (Thanks to Frank Luntz who said “it’s not what you say but what they hear”). They don’t even see the risks even though we have these massive deficits, and there is no recovery so all they can do is to print more money to finance the deficits. But how can we print 1.5 Trillion Dollars every year before the dollar disappears as a currency? I don’t know what they are not thinking unless there is some kind of agenda we don’t know about. There is already a massive inflation in cereal grains even though we have not seen it yet, 30, 40, 50 and even 100% for some of them. When they can no longer rig the CPI figures, bond prices are going to collapse because the interest rates are going to rise. (When interest rate goes up the bond prices go down.)

Why would people in power want to destroy the basis of their power?”

Do you know the answer to Dr. Roberts’s question? My answer is they are very stupid even though they are crafty.


Does Rockefeller have plans to buy much of Alaska in order to use the HAARP weapon ?
The Rocks must be taken out nijas, WDS,BDS. Red & Green, Pentagon , Loyal Patriots in The ABC organizations, Whitehats , it’s up to you. We the people will back you ! Promise.


Yes indeed Mac there are many arrays but i do believe Alaska is the largest within the cabal’s control. Last official count I remember is 12. Probably climbing.

The Nuclear Arms race is now replaced by the HAARP Arms Race.

Indeed these arrays are nothing more than farms of radio antennas powered by huge amount of electricity. The antennas are above ground and in plain sight– if you are flying or have access to unfettered satellite.

It’s like the gun analogy. Do guns kill? Not without men.

It’s the men that must go. Their souls are so dark, possessed they will never stop conjuring ways to plunder and kill.

This evidence Ben has must be used for trial now with the world financing a class action, the Japanese as key witnesses. It is Murder in the first degree. As Nuremberg goes, it is genocide.

Pol Pot and Edi Amin have nothing over the Rockefellers. The only difference is a swarthy wardrobe.





George Bush is stupid? Naaaah.

I do wonder what the IQ is of each in the cabal. Stupidity is a whole new idea to entertain compliments of Paul Craig Roberts.

There chatter about Ron Paul and Ventura running as an independent ticket. I HAVE SAID OVER AND OVER: NO MORE PARTIES!

Push these two to run. They can win.


Dear Geno,

I found something. I don’t know if it can help you, but what the hey!

Call for Entries ~ Accolade Named Among Top 25 Festivals

Deadline: February 25, 2011

Information: http://www.TheAccolade.net

Now in its ninth year, top-tier, international awards competition, The Accolade, announces its Call for Entries for filmmakers, television producers and videographers.

The Accolade is unique; it is an awards competition, not a traditional film festival. Awards go to those filmmakers, television producers and videographers who produce fresh, standout entertainment, animation and compelling documentaries. It is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices.

Most importantly, The Accolade team works passionately to help worthy productions gain the publicity and distribution they deserve. That is what The Accolade is all about: helping winners of this coveted award achieve recognition and distribution opportunities.

Every filmmaker, television producer and videographer wants credibility associated with their work and buzz about their productions. The Accolade sends information about Accolade winners via email to over 23,000 industry professionals. The Accolade is an award recognized for its rigorous evaluation process by buyers and distributors, inspiring confidence that winning productions are of high quality.


Comment by peacerus2 on April 6, 2011 @ 12:56 am

Thanks, Peace!



That expedition you were talking about is getting real. The Madrid Fault with all its nuke reactors…would that be the galvanizing event?

P.S. No response required. Just reminding.


Dear XL,


Go read your history books. The middle class was growing every year that unions were powerful. Their children could look forward to being better off than their parents. Why? Because of unions. Unions prevented miners from being exploited and killed by negligence. Unions made sure that men earned enough to take care of their families. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, DESPITE ALL YOUR TALK OF UNION CORRUPTION, UNIONS DID NOT ASK FOR BAILOUTS—crooked banksters did.

If I ever had doubts about this RUSA stuff before, I really do after reading your statement. It sounds like a fascist take over by the very people that we all say that we don’t like–NEOCONS. They are very free trade, pro finance, anti-union and pro war. Why do they hate unions? Because when people have a better life, they aren’t willing to become cannon fodder.

I am posting links YET AGAIN from economists and others who oppose free trade and aren’t anti-union. They believed in a shared prosperity and so do I.

The fact is that real Conservatives aren’t FREE TRADISTS or ANTI-UNION, they are pro-country and pro people. The policies that keep people from progressing are fascist and oligarchical.



A reckless free-trade policy is destroying America’s jobs machine. We must return to a policy of strategic, not unconditional, economic openness.

It’s time to face a brutal truth about the American economy: Even if rising gas and food prices don’t hasten a double-dip recession, our 200-year tradition of broadly shared prosperity is over.

That’s because the great American job machine has been destroyed by a reckless free-trade policy.

Since the end of the cold war, and accelerating after NAFTA in 1994, Washington has pursued a globalized economy made possible by ever-expanding “free” trade agreements. This policy is a major factor in America’s increasing inequality, our rising indebtedness, community abandonment, and the weakening of the industrial sinews of our national security.

About to crumble

The good news is that this global order of free trade is about to crumble – within the next 10 years at most. The unsustainable American trade deficit alone makes this a near-certainty.

For now, though, America’s economy continues to struggle because our trade deficit – fluctuating around $500 billion a year for a decade now – acts as a giant “reverse stimulus.” It causes a huge slice of domestic demand to flow not into domestic jobs but foreign wages.

Our trade deficit helps Guangdong, Seoul, Yokohama, even Munich – but not Gary, Indiana, Fontana, California, and the other badlands of America’s industrial decline. Washington’s response? Yet more stimulus, leading to an ever-increasing overhang of debt, both foreign and domestic, the cost of whose servicing then exerts its own drag on recovery.

Despite the 216,000 jobs added last month, the American economy has, in fact, entirely lost the ability to create jobs in tradable sectors. This cheery fact comes straight from the Commerce Department. All our net new jobs are in nontradable services: a few heart surgeons and a legion of busboys and security guards, most of them without health insurance or retirement benefits.

=======>These are dead-end jobs, and our economy as a whole is being similarly squeezed into dead-end industries. The green jobs of the future? Gone to places like China, where governments bid sweeter subsidies than Massachusetts can afford. Nanotechnology? Perhaps the first major technology in a century where America is not the leading innovator. Foreign subsidies are illegal under WTO rules, but no matter: Who’s going to enforce them when corporate America is happily lapping at their very trough?

Part of the problem is that today’s free-trade order is in reality a curious mixture of genuinely free trade practiced by the United States and a few others with the technocratic mercantilism of surging East Asia and Germanic-Scandinavian Europe.

It wasn’t always like this.

A history of protection

==========>From 1790 to 1945, America grew and prospered in a largely protected economic environment. Our trade then was not “free.” But after World War II, we wandered away from Alexander Hamilton’s vision of a relatively self-contained American economy in order to win the cold war. We threw our markets open to the world as a bribe not to go communist. If we fail to return to a policy of strategic, not unconditional, economic openness, we may lose the next cold war – to =======>a Confucian authoritarianism no less opposed to the idea of a free society than Marxism, and considerably more efficient.The fundamental reality of free trade is that it relieves corporate America from any substantial tie to the economic well-being of ordinary Americans.<======== If corporate America can produce its products anywhere, and sell them anywhere, then it has no incentive to care about the capacity of Americans to produce or consume. Conversely, if it is tied to making a profit by selling goods made by Americans to Americans, then it has a natural incentive to care about American productivity and consumption.

Productivity and consumption are prosperity. The rest is details.


Read their position papers


STUDY: Phones, Laptops, Pesticides Can Decrease Sperm Quality…


“You know you can bring a sperm count to zero by taking hot baths every other day for a month,” Turek said. “It’ll take you three months to recover. It’ll go to zero.” That’s only the beginning of his list of sperm killers. “Smoking, nicotine, tobacco, other recreational drugs are bad,” Turek said.

Turek also said excess alcohol and hair loss medications can affect sperm count, along with illnesses, opiates and stress.

Do you keep a cell phone in your pocket? Use a laptop computer on your lap? Both can possibly raise testicular temperatures enough to hurt sperm production. Some pesticides mimic hormones that disrupt sperm growth and quality. And for the first time, studies show sperm can be affected by Bisphenol-A, a chemical contained in many plastic products.

Dave and Teri are among more than 8 million couples in the U.S. with fertility problems. Nearly half the time the problem is partially or totally on the male side.


Re: Comment by lew3 on April 6, 2011 @ 12:39 am
>COuld it be that the first 2 bankrupcies did not “techincally”
>get to that point but were rescued just in time? And that this
>time there will be no last minute rescue? Just wondering…

I don’t think so… There were a few times where they were “close” to bankruptcy but got bailed out at the last moment upon making concessions, but those two went far enough where they defaulted and the ownership of the collateral assets changed hands because of that.



I am collecting comments, stories, statements, evidence (cirmcumstantial or not) from other experts, citizens, to build an informal case that HAARP is at the tool that is being used daily, weekly against mankind, for control. This is my second issue.

(European Parliament)
HAARP can be used for many purposes. Enormous quantities of energy can be controlled by manipulating the electrical characteristics of the atmosphere. If used as a military weapon this can have a devastating impact on an enemy. HAARP can deliver millions of times more energy to a given area than any other conventional transmitter. The energy can also be aimed at a moving target which should constitute a potential anti-missile system.

Van Allen Belt stupidity revisited.
(European Parliament)
From the 1950s the USA conducted explosions of nuclear material in the Van Allen Belts(24) to investigate the effect of the electro-magnetic pulse generated by nuclear weapon explosions at these heights on radio communications and the operation of radar. This created new magnetic radiation belts which covered nearly the whole earth. The electrons travelled along magnetic lines of force and created an artificial Aurora Borealis above the North Pole. These military tests are liable to disrupt the Van Allen belt for a long period. The earth’s magnetic field could be disrupted over large areas, which would obstruct radio communications. According to US scientists it could take hundreds of years for the Van Allen belt to return to normal. HAARP could result in changes in weather patterns. It could also influence whole ecosystems, especially in the sensitive Antarctic regions.

(European Parliament)
Another damaging consequence of HAARP is the occurrence of holes in the ionosphere caused by the powerful radio beams. The ionosphere protects us from incoming cosmic radiation. >>>>>The hope is that the holes will fill again, but our experience of change in the ozone layer points in the other direction.<<<<<This means substantial holes in the ionosphere that protects us.

(European Parliament)
HAARP has links with 50 years of intensive space research for military purposes, including the Star Wars project, to control the upper atmosphere and communications. This kind of research has to be regarded as a serious threat to the environment, with an incalculable impact on human life. Even now nobody knows what impact HAARP may have. We have to beat down the wall of secrecy around military research, and set up the right to openness and democratic scrutiny of military research projects, and parliamentary control.

(European Parliament)
A series of international treaties and conventions (the Convention on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques, the Antarctic Treaty, the Treaty on principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space including the moon and other celestial bodies, and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea) casts considerable doubt on HAARP on legal as well as humanitarian and political grounds. The Antarctic Treaty lays down that the Antarctic may be used exclusively for peaceful purposes.(25) This would mean that HAARP is a breach of international law. All the implications of the new weapons systems should be examined by independent international bodies. Further international agreements should be sought to protect the environment from unnecessary destruction in war.”

Stay-tuned for more…



HAARP was developed by Raytheon, a defense contractor; and then it was HANDED BACK to the USGovt under the table. I don’t know if anyone knows WHO’s running and controlling it now. Brown Shirts!

Far from being a “research” project HAARP is actively disrupting this earth. HAARP was upgraded in the last few years and IMO must be considered at war with mankind.

If you check the power out put of the HAARP you will find it has been active during ALL of the last four major earthquakes. Starting with the Japanese 9.0 of march 11
Now folks what are the odds that this is “co-incidence”?
Among other things HAARP is an earthquake machine.

Of course there is not just one H.A.A.R.P machine on Earth but a number of them, some are able to be towed by powerful ships to their destinations where they are used to carry out even more accursed earthquake experiments on various countries and their people. It is as if some people don’t really care what evil experiments are being carried out on Earth, so long as it does not directly affect them. What a wicked and uncaring attitude. I am disgusted at their lack of interest and concern.

HAARP is the U.S. military continuing the work of Nicola Tesla, it is based on what is called the ‘tesla effect’. Tesla stated that he could “split the earth in two” with the resonance energy transmitted from this technology.

Then there is this document – http://www.defense.gov/transcripts/transcript.aspx?transcriptid=674 where Bsh’s defense secretary admits the existence of such weapons.

A European Parliament document may provide a few answers for the inquiring mind. This parliamentary document is not some conspiratorial rant but an official governmental perspective describing authentic concern that a terribly grave technology, which the document calls a weapon, has been unleashed over many years without any public knowledge.

The technology is called HAARP and the European Parliament has put NATO, the US Air Force and Navy on notice, demanding an explanation about their involvement.

One of the most damning statements in the document reveals an American refusal to account for itself regarding HAARP research:

“[The European Parliament]… regrets the repeated refusal of the United States Administration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subsequent meeting held by its competent committee into the environmental and public risks connected with the high Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) programme currently being funded in Alaska.”

(a Europeean parliament document)
HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) is run jointly by the US Air Force and Navy, in conjunction with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Similar experiments are also being conducted in Norway, probably in the Antarctic, as well as in the former Soviet Union.(22) HAARP is a research project using a ground based apparatus, an array of antennae each powered by its own transmitter, to heat up portions of ionosphere with powerful radio beams.(23) The energy generated heats up parts of the ionosphere; this results in holes in the ionosphere and produces artificial ‘lenses’.

more coming…think of Japan


Dear Cafe’ Members,

Remember that post I put up about the man in Iran with the new energy and flying saucers? Go look at his site. We could be developing that sort of technology in conjunction with that guy and reinvigorating this country. Instead, we have a bunch of lying bastards (Pardon my profanity) who are pushing policies that benefit only them and their dark lords, the Zionazis.”

On the other hand, we have groups that CLAIM to be helping reclaim our government but who want to pursue policies that are the same. IF THE POLICIES ARE THE SAME–THEN IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT…THE OUTCOME WILL BE BAD FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON.

It is time to ask yourselves, what you really want? Do you want a peaceful, clean-energy-driven country with good jobs and a future oriented towards fixing the mess that a small group made of the planet OR DO YOU WANT POLICIES THAT ARE FUNDAMENTALLY AGAINST ANY CHOICES FOR ANYBODY EXCEPT THOSE DICTATED FROM ABOVE?

Do you want to be in war forever? Do you want to constantly live in fear and have only one place to shop where the clothes don’t really fit anybody and last about an hour and one half? (Walmart)

Do you want the only positions that your children can hope for are limited to spies, cannon fodder and cheap labor? Do you want elections where both candidates stink? Do you want to eat food that ensures that not only will you die in your 50s, but you will be very sick of living towards the end and chained to medicines that never cure, but just palliate?


IT IS NOT THE STRUCTURE, THE TAXES, THE FED, THE PARTIES OR ANY OF THE OTHER THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN MENTIONED. IT is the policies that are keeping people poor and chained to their jobs. These policies are making those with the least pay for the desires and upkeep of those with the most.

THAT IS THE PROBLEM. All the other things are important AFTER THE COMMITTMENT TO CHANGE POLICY HAS BEEN REACHED. This is why I am pushing the issues that I push. I know that if people have means, they will resist more strongly. In lieu of means, I believe in hope that there will be fundamental changes that benefit everybody. Those changes will be codified into a governmental structure that prevents this sort of thing from happening again.

We have tried this same thing 3 or 4 times already. It always results in blinding poverty, a terrible depression and revolutionary fervor. I want to see that it stops here and that we dismantle the means to create multinational oligarchies.


PS: I would love to see us get to the point where we don’t even use money, but that would require such a change of philosophy that I cannot see people being ready for it for a long time.



Folks, pay attention to Exhibit 10 above, between my arrows. I contacted Dr. Begich about this years ago. He did not know.

But now the verdict is swaying that the ionosphere cannot heal itself. THAT we are vulnerable to CMEs, grid destruction, societal collapse BECAUSE THEY HAVE TORN THE IONOSPHERE, our shield from radiation and exotic energies.

I have been saying this for years…now the evidence is rolling in or at least the debate is on.

Enough for today. Have a great day everyone. We must try.


Indeed top union bosses on the take: bad.
Unions to upshore the middle class: good.
I agree.

Have a great day.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more


with all the rumors on
I was actually thinking this could be the time before reading the 1st rumor as I was thinking they would need Friday the 1st of April and the weekend to set things up, then WHAM. On the outside possibility is for Tuesday if Monday is Bank Holiday as rumored for Kuwait, although that is not rumored at all as a possibility yet, but I do not think the rest of the world can wait.

Now 6 hours away and anticipating but if it truly happens I will just freak out, lol.

Blessings to all I feel the great times are about to happen for all on this planet very soon.


Dear BFCers,

Keshe has an entire page explaining his theories and the physics. It is on the site below. He was invited to Johns Hopkins last year to discuss these theories with a group of physicists.


Lew? Gus? What do you guys think?


Nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe has designed plasma reactors which by gravitational positioning are able to generate proper magnetic and gravitional fields around the reactor and the spacecraft to counter Earth’s Magnetic and gravitational field forces.

On the Keshefoundation Youtube Channel Mehran Keshe explains more about the principles of the motion of Matters and objects in the universe. Through five simple movies he explains the real composition of the Neutron, fusion, the origin of Light, motion, etc.
Ir. Keshe recently published a book about these new first principles in physics.

The new understanding gives the possibility to design new type of space- and air-crafts which receive their motion not from traditional propulsion systems but by gravitational positioning.


Dear BFCers,

More on Keshe:


This version contains the patents already in process or owned by Keshe for his devices.



Again, from Ben, “what are we waiting for?”


Dear Cafe’ Members,

Keshe did speak last year at Johns Hopkins. I have not found independent verification that his technology works or does not work.



“I think Iran continues to present a long term threat to the region. They are acquiring and have acquired weapons of mass destruction, substantial levels of chemicals and we believe biological weapons as well.”

They said the same about Iraq – who then had no WMD´s. How can you believe a pathological liar? These guys are no scientists. To me it looks like they are piggybacking on natural occurences – with forecasting – pretending to have such capabilities. If somebody believes in it, it is as effective as if they did have that power to pinpoint weatherchange.

I want scientific proof before I believe liars. And I know how to read science.


Re: Comment by nai2010 on April 6, 2011 @ 1:46 am

Hmmmm, I guess I found a hot button on you… *grin*


First of all, I am not forcing Republican Ideals onto anyone. I am simply stating that it is possible that unions would not be necessary in the future. Possibly they will be, but I am inclinded to think they will not be. As long as you keep looking at the future with today’s world in mind, you’ll keep thinking in today’s terms. Try looking at tomorrow instead, “after” the corruption is cleared up.

>Go read your history books. The middle class was growing every year
>that unions were powerful. Their children could look forward to being
>better off than their parents. Why? Because of unions.

Oh, believe me, I have read more history than I ever cared to know. This may have been true 30-40 years ago, but not today. Unions today are FAR MORE POWERFUL THAN THEY HAVE EVER BEEN, and the middle class is shrinking faster and faster. The future of our children is steadily looking more and more grim. Why? Because of unions. (and the bankers of course)

>Unions prevented miners from being exploited and killed by negligence.
>Unions made sure that men earned enough to take care of their families.
>DID NOT ASK FOR BAILOUTS—crooked banksters did.

You are correct, they saved many lives, and made many union employees quite well off… In fact, they made them SO well-off that they ended up forcing those companies that got bailed out into those positions in the first place. The high wages they were being paid, and the excessive amount of regulations required put a huge financial burden on those companies, forcing them to either bankruptcy or moving overseas.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT against unions, I am against what they have become. After reading this blog for how long YOU still don’t grasp what is going on with them? They have been infiltrated and corrupted, the bankers control both the non-union and union workers one way or another. When they cannot get a company to comply with the normal under-handed pressures, they tell their union guys to ratchet up the pressure from the other side. Are you still not seeing what is going on? Wake up and toss out the kool-aid, stop defending the union corruption and work on cleaning them up instead.

Unions were created as a counter to corruption, if you clean up the corruption you will have no need for unions, I cannot say it much simpler than that.

>If I ever had doubts about this RUSA stuff before, I really do
>after reading your statement. It sounds like a fascist take over
>by the very people that we all say that we don’t like–NEOCONS.
>They are very free trade, pro finance, anti-union and pro war.

So, by envisioning a world where people live in peace and harmony and having equality and justice for all makes me a fascist? Wow… I’d better go back to my books and find out what fascism is again, I must have had it all backwards.

>Why do they hate unions? Because when people have a better life,
>they aren’t willing to become cannon fodder.

They don’t hate unions, they love them! They can get all sorts of things accomplished by getting them fired up about things whenever they want. They just pretend to hate them for the public viewing.


oldbraveheart on April 6, 2011 @ 1:32 am

You are welcome. I know my translation sucks (a long way from being at professional level), but I figure it is better than no translation. (I know it is better than Google Translation) 🙂

hopesprings on April 6, 2011 @ 1:21 am

When I was taking “critical thinking” class in the second half of 2007, the professor introduced the whole class about 911 being an inside job. We were introduced what APAC, CFR…..were and that they had everything to do with the attack.

He was representing the teacher’s union, the strongest union in the United States, and it was his intention to bring an end to the Republican control of the Executive Branch. I am just wondering what the same professor has been teaching in the same class since Obama took the White House. The cabals win every time as long as we are fixated on the left right paradigm. This is what Dr. Roberts pointed out in the second segment of the video. He says Americans are divided and do not like each other. This is a major weakness in this country, and I believe, many will end up killing each other when things get really tough.

When I talk about the stupidity of TPTB, I am thinking about Bush Sr. Dick Cheney or Rockefeller who went ahead with the use of dispersant in the Gulf oil disaster when the “Whale” the giant skimmer from Taiwan, with many brilliant engineers from India on board, was right there to skim off the oil because they wanted to avoid the PR disaster by letting the oil float to the top of the ocean. They must not have heard of the ‘Brown Motion”. They cannot escape the toxin no matter how far they go, not even the penguins in Antarctica.


Re: Comment by nai2010 on April 6, 2011 @ 2:01 am

You REALLY REALLY need to learn what a Republican form of government is all about. You appear to be confusing a Republican form of government with the Republican party. Two completely different beasts.


Re: Comment by casar1973 on April 6, 2011 @ 2:23 am
>They said the same about Iraq – who then had no WMD´s.

Oh, they had them… They had so many of them that it took convoys a couple of weeks to remove them from the country to hide them in other places (saddam’s last laugh). How did Rumsfield know they had them? He is the one that gave them to Iraq in the first place.



Did yo uget to listen to Brooks Agnew speak last night on Coast to Coast radio? Please listen to the following 3 parts:



XL and NAI,
I agree with Nai on the historical need for unions in the private sector…but not in the govt. ranks and not at this present time. The union big-wigs are way too powerful now. Again, the rank and file are getting the shaft as the union management has become totally corrupt. The unions are being used, as is evident in the Mid-east as well as here in America. Totally infiltrated, plus using college students who have been brainwashed by liberal professors, the riots that are about to exponentially increase will be well-orchestrated by mindless minions of the elite.

Glenn Beck, yesterday, had some very interesting thoughts about what is to come. I just try to remember that what “looks white is probably black”; appearances lie, because they are so well thought out to mess with us. It just pays to think with common sense, deliberation, and discernment.

Thank you, Ben, for another informative post!


If someone mentions budget cuts and the FIRST thing on their list isn’t MILITARY SPENDING??

You can fix medicare…fine

Reduce government….fine

Reduce domestic spending…fine

BUT cut the Military spending FIRST…End the wars, bring them home, get rid of all of the US bases that aren’t absolutely needed.

I don’t even listen to people who don’t mention that because they are ignoring the elephant in the room on purpose.

Kill the Military Industrial Complex….. I’m sick of seeing American soldiers slicing off body parts and taking pictures. I am sick of seeing these generals, who are responsible for torture and crimes against humanity continue to run the operations overseas.

They lied to get us into those wars and we need to start holding them ALL responsible….


Comment by hopesprings on April 6, 2011 @ 1:08 am

Many more than 12 HAARP installations…trying to locate the map again that shows them. And the largest is probably in Puero Rico.
Overall control is in Cuba.

Puerto Rico and Denmark/Amsterdam are the two primary hubs.


Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential Dilemma


His 2008 campaign left the alarmist congressman with a fanatical following, a national organization, and clout. But he’s still not sure he wants to run against a Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty in 2012—as his son waits in the wings. Patricia Murphy reports.

To the casual observer, Ron Paul might seem like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Chicken Little—a little-looking man, with a littler voice, warning about a coming financial catastrophe so dire that even a conspiracy theorist could dismiss him as over the top.

But after years in which Paul has sounded the alarm alone, financial experts now agree with at least part of his prophesy—that the country is headed toward insolvency if Washington fails to rein in federal spending and significantly reform entitlements, a prospect that’s hard to envision as Democrats and Republicans keep squabbling over spare change in the $4 trillion budget.


Re: Comment by Hutz,–> click here for Republic News & more on April 6, 2011 @ 2:10 am

Uh… Hutz… That was a prediction for yesterday at 9am, that already came and went.


Re: Comment by hopesprings on April 6, 2011 @ 1:21 am
>Push these two to run. They can win.

Not unless the corporation lets them win.


Re: Comment by foodrules on April 6, 2011 @ 2:49 am

I will also state for the record that I do not think “all” unions are corrupt, but almost all of the big ones are.


Hey Rafael,

I know a lot about capacitors. One fun fact….They do not start “life” all charged up.


I think perhaps the US legislature could come up with the right budget funding plan, and quick, if all of their paychecks stopped during a shutdown.



Three Comets Soon to Arrive – Hopi Prophecy is Fulfilled -vid

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 5-Apr-2011 09:09:23 “In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole. In the final days the Blue Star Katchina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise.

“This fact is evidenced in many petraglyphs that speak of the Zodiac, and within the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. The rotation of the Earth has been manipulated by not so benevolent Star beings . The twins will be seen in our North Western skies. They will come and visit to see who still remembered the original teachings flying in their Patuwvotas, or flying shields. They will bring many of their star family with them in the final days.

“The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.

” Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier The Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.

Very interesting video..


‘Kill Team’ Brigade commander given wrist slap

The investigation into those responsible for the Afghanistan “kill team” tactics led to “a letter of admonition” of Col. Harry D. Tunnell IV, reports the Military Times on Tuesday. According to MT: (bolding is mine)

Was a brigade commander an instigator or just asleep at the switch while the 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, “kill team” was allegedly murdering civilians?

An Army investigation finds no “causal relationship” between Col. Harry D. Tunnell IV’s aggressive leadership and the killings, but it criticizes Tunnell for neglectfulness that created a climate ripe for misconduct.

The investigation, first reported by Der Spiegel on Monday, ended in a letter of admonition for Tunnell, per I Corps Commander Lt. Gen Curtis “Mike” Scaparotti.

So, if you really want to be a murderer….join the Armed Forces.


beatbox151 on April 6, 2011 @ 2:52 am

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said the same thing: stop the military spending to fix the US budget problem. We have more than enough to kill everybody and everything on this planet.


Comment by XL on April 6, 2011 @ 3:05 am

Yup, most Unions have been taken over by the Machine. They are just another big business.

I would rather deal directly with corporations than have to belong to a Union. But then if everybody went to work for themselves, big corps would fall and everybody would be self-suffcient.


Well, there are many installations world wide.
If they’re managed by military, it is most probable that they’re subject of misuse.

Here’s a list (basically what Ben asked for some entries ago):




That interview with Agnew Brooks on to C to C is incredible.
I am listening in the background as I work–multi-tasking with a migraine.

TY TY TY I will listen again tonight and take notes!

P.S. Wonder if I have been hit with HAARP! 😉


Comment by XL on April 6, 2011 @ 3:04 am

The Republic needs to have an election with real candidates. We need to completely boycott the Corporate U.S. elections. In fact, we need to SHUN them. Ignore them as though they didn’t exist.

In our Republic election, we need to have a referendum on voting the Corporate U.S. OFF THE ISLAND in space that is our poor little failing planet.


Comment by wovolve42 on April 6, 2011 @ 3:36 am

Here’s an excerpt from that Hopi prophecy:

“Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state. There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations. All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World.

“We will receive many warnings allowing us to change our ways from below the Earth as well as above. Then one morning in a moment. We will awaken to the Red Dawn. The sky will be the color of blood, many things will then begin to happen that right now we are nor sure of their exact nature. For much of reality will not be as it is now.

“There will be many strange beasts upon the Earth in those days, some from the past and some that we have never seen. . The nature of mankind will appear strange in these times we walk between worlds and we will house many spirits even within our bodies After a time we will again walk with our brothers from the Stars, and rebuild this Earth But not until the Purifier has left his mark upon the universe.

“No thing living will go untouched, here or in the heavens. The way through this time it is said is to be found in our hearts, and reuniting with our spiritual self. Getting simple and returning to living with and upon the Earth and in harmony with her creatures. Remembering that we are the caretakers, the fire keepers of the Spirit. Our relatives from the Stars are coming home to see how well we have fared in our journey.”



Comment by Rafael Edgar Neville Morales on April 6, 2011 @ 4:13 am
Thank you for the HAARP installation list link!


Comment by peacerus2 on April 6, 2011 @ 2:37 am

Thought your translation quite wonderful!
We are lucky to have you among us.


Comment by beatbox151 on April 6, 2011 @ 2:52 am

Also completely cut the budget to Homeland Security and send them all home. There was a budget item for something like 500 billion$ for TSA agents and machines all over this country.

Can you imagine how much money having this Nazi Department creates? They need to go away…far, far away…like to Mars.


I said that wrong…should have said
…how much money that Nazi Department WASTES…


Re: Comment by oldbraveheart on April 6, 2011 @ 4:15 am
>The Republic needs to have an election with real
>candidates. We need to completely boycott the Corporate
>U.S. elections. In fact, we need to SHUN them. Ignore them
>as though they didn’t exist.

Once the truth about the corporate election scam comes out, it won’t be difficult to convince people, but until then we’ll just have to do what we can.

>In our Republic election, we need to have a referendum on
>voting the Corporate U.S. OFF THE ISLAND in space that is
>our poor little failing planet.

I think letting them stay in the foreign country they already own should be sufficient, i.e. Washington DC. Do we need to erect a fence to keep them in also? *grin*


Old brave heart:

Would love to see that HAARP map. Or a list.
Let’s start getting this out into the open.

Back to work!


Beatbox,2;52 thats taboo,not up for discussion


Obama can save us… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIA5aszzA18&feature=player_embedded

Ben.. your loco but we like it

And a good quote from Napoleon — Religion is the only reason the poor don’t kill the rick

I think the Satanists can only stop themselves at this point. They seem to be running roughshod over all the cowards and fools and tools. I wonder if they are just there as a mechanism for us to look at ourselves and see what a bunch of cowards and fools and tools we are.

Just thinking out loud everyone… peace


ps Ben.. seriously obama? You must know better — He is the ultimate tool — announcing his candidacy on 4/4

Obama is a powerful symbol, and his handlers are obsessed with numerology. 44 is 4 X 11, and 11 is the key number here. 11 is the number of rebellion and discord. Remember the key numbers to them are 3, 6 7, 9, 11, 13, 33, 666.

If you would like to see something really strange to understand how important Obama the symbol is and related numerology, read below.

Obama = Akhenaten the Sun Worshiper (search google images to see physical resemblance).
Akhenaten was the founder of Monotheism (Judaism, Christianity, Islam).

King Tut was the son of Akhenaten, and King Tut ruled from 1333 to 1323, when he was killed.

Major symbolic ritual blood event happened in 2010 at 33 long 33 lat last year (slaughter of 9 “innocents” on the flotilla by Israeli Naval Commando Unit Shayelet 13).

3333 (the number of the place it happened) – 2010 (the year it happened) = -1323 (the year Tut was killed).

King Tut’s ACTUAL BODY was on display in the Denver airport until jan 9, 2011.

These people know black magic that is so far over the heads of the masses that all they can do is laugh it off. But its very serious and numerolgy is nothing to scoff at.

Its much like a deaf person laughing at eddie van halen jumping around and moving his fingers on the fretboard — they play an evil music you can’t hear but it still effects you.


stevevz on April 6, 2011 @ 4:47 am are you copying other’s posts or r u also Cyprus 4/4/2011 1:37 PM on http://www.www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1430842/pg1 GodLike Productions


EPA to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031963_radiation_exposure.html#ixzz1IgU96zci




Bilderberg 2011 conference location and date revealed: from June 9-12, the Grand Hotel Kempinski in St. Moritz, Switzerland

by NewWorldOrder on March 21, 2011



****************** stevevz ********************************

you might like this info. http://freemantv.whynotnews.eu/2010/03/obama-cloning-the-coming-space-war/

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more


Silver breaks the $39 barrier
In 1980 when silver was “50 bucks” but the sudden surge was due to market manipulation by the hunt brothers and JP morgan. Silver is the future .Silver is the most used industrial and precious metal. It is a slave to the industry the bankers the day traders. Silver is the poorman’s gold there are more poor than rich. The demand for .9999 silver foam for solar power cells is causing a shortage in investment silver.April 2011 will set a new record on silver $55. by 31 April 2011! Go Silver.


Rafe’s link to “atmosphereic research” stations list above.

Seems the System identified for HAARP is DPS-4. At least 2/3 are other systems.

This is Greek to me.

Are these all substantive radio arrays? Can anyone tell?

Interesting that many professors and doctors are shown. The curiosity of scientists is a root cause of our problems.

When research kills it’s not research anymore. Tired of these euphemisms that make imbeciles of us all.

“curiosity killed the cat”



Dr Carol Rosin ‘A Call To Action’ Bases Backroom IUFOC No1


Ron Paul Fed-up about Libya


Yeah, I forgot to mention defund the DHS (repeal Patriot Act), and huge sections of the CIA, NSA, and IRS.

No one talks about the Military. It’s off the freakin table for these A-holes. WHY? It’s one of our biggest expenses.

If you got rid a most of the items above, we wouldn’t need to touch Medicare, (except to fix it) Social Security (except to fix it) or Unions, teachers, healthcare workers…

but you know what?

They want to screw each and every one of you. They want your money, your house, your assets, and your rights. They want to pry their way into your life, and they don’t care what injustice they have to devise to do it.

Money is their god and none other matters.

I’m sick of this mess!


Cloudy with a chance of… doughnuts: The mysterious weather rings that are being picked up by radar

It looks like a giant doughnut is descending on northern Europe, or even a huge UFO.

But fear not, aliens have not invaded Belgium.

These circular cloud formations on weather radar images are in fact caused by freak weather conditions disrupting radar antennae.

The rings are only visible on radar screens and are caused when snow melts in the atmosphere and bounces back the radar signal.

That causes the white ring that stretches out to limit of the radar’s range. The clear inside of the ring is dependent on the angle at which the radar aerial points at the sky.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1373605/An-icing-The-mysterious-doughnut-shaped-clouds-really-mea.html#ixzz1Igbijv9b


The sun has just broke through the chemtrails.
Nice blue skies.
Just beautiful.

I am getting off this laptop and outa here.


General David Petraeus tipped to take over CIA

This summer it will be musical chairs among President Barack Obama’s national security team. Leon Panetta, the CIA Director, is widely expected to take over from Bob Gates as Pentagon chief. General David Petraeus, who is said to be exhausted and eager to leave Afghanistan, is being tipped by NPR as a serious contender for Panetta’s job.


LLOL rvsunil: “Cloudy with a chance of… doughnuts”


Arctic ozone layer hole is ‘growing at record rate’, increasing risk of exposure to UV rays
* Ozone layer ‘suffers record levels of depletion due to the cold winter and substances in the atmosphere’

Scientists have warned of increased exposure to cancer-causing ultra-violet rays after recording ‘unprecedented’ levels of Arctic ozone loss in recent months.

The atmospheric layer which shields life from the sun’s rays has suffered record levels of depletion due to the cold winter and ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere, it is claimed.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1373619/Arctic-ozone-layer-hole-growing-record-rate-increasing-UV-ray-exposure.html#ixzz1Igcpp13J


RV: that dailymail story sounds like a con job. Doesn’t Murdock own the DM?

Sounds like they are starting to build a fairly tale for making the holes.


Dumbing Down America – Producing Workers, Not Thinkers

Great video!



Comment by hopesprings on April 6, 2011 @ 4:37 am

Here is the only map I have been able to find. And it is interesting! However, you are closer to being right than I am as there are only 14 sites shown interconnecting around the world.

Unfortunately, so far the only way I have found to see this map is by going to this Youtube and forwarding the vid to 13:15. I think it is worth the effort. And the entire Vid is quite fascinating, in any case.


Hi everyone,

Regarding Ben’s details about Mt Fuji and the ground water heating up. see below for a report in New Zealand about our main volcano Mt Ruapehu having the same effect! Was the Christchurch earthquake a HAARP attack and are they doing it again?

Namaste all

Ad Feedback Stuff Home Science
Kia ora, Guest[Settings] [Logout] [ sign in] Wellbeing » Environment » Technology » World » National » Mt Ruapehu’s hot spell outlasts the norm
Last updated 09:31 06/04/2011SharePrint Text Size 2 of 2 HARRY KEYS/Department of Conservation GNS Science Mt Ruapehu’s crater lake is going through a hot phase much longer than the norm.
Graph shows changes in temperature at Ruapehu’s crater lake.
« Previous« PreviousNext »Next » Relevant offers Temperatures at Mt Ruapehu are staying hotter for longer than the norm, with the volcano’s crater lake sustaining a prolonged hot phase for only the second time since it formed.

GNS Science vulcanologists yesterday issued an aviation alert for the mountain, as the high water temperatures combined with other signs of volcanic unrest in the area.

Changes in volcanic gas output, seismic activity and crater lake water chemistry were all recently recorded.

GNS Science volcano surveillance co-ordinator Brad Scott said the high temperatures at the lake – around 38 to 39C – were unusual because they were staying high for a prolonged period.

“Normally the lake only sustains that high temperature for a few weeks,” Scott said.

“But the lake temperature rose rapidly in February, peaking at 41 degrees on March 1 and is yet to really come down.”

Scott said the crater lake regularly went through heating cycles, where magma heated the lake then cooled off again.

The current cycle, the eighth since the lake was re-established in 2002 after the 1995-1996 eruptions, began in October last year. A cycle could last up to 14 months.

The lake had only sustained such a high temperature once before, in early 2008, following the September 2007 eruption, Scott said.

However, despite the changes in volcanic activity, there were no indications an eruption was imminent.

The volcanic alert level remained at level one, which meant there were signs of volcanic unrest.

Scott said the changes at Ruapehu were not linked to other seismic activity.

“Each of the volcanoes acts as an individual. They are quite independent,” he said.

Scientists were constantly monitoring the seismic activity at Ruapehu, where there were a number of small earthquakes each year.

However, there was not a “one-on-one” relationship between earthquakes and eruptions, Scott said.

GNS Science vulcanologists would continue to monitor Ruapehu.

It remains an active volcano and future eruptions may occur with little or no warning.

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Next Science story:
Mt Ruapehu shows signs of ‘elevated unrest’

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Hi again, if you want to see the whole article with pictures, here is the link http://www.stuff.co.nz/science/4852770/Mt-Ruapehus-hot-spell-outlasts-the-norm

Cheers, Alan.


Why George Carlin went before his time



Keiser Report: Virtual Pigs Eat Dirty Cash (E135 ft. Alex Jones)
April 5, 2011

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert report on the black hole of bankers’ debts in Ireland, virtual pigs in Australia and free workers in America. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Alex Jones about food stamps and financial terror.”



Comment by stevevz on April 6, 2011 @ 4:47 am

have you seen this at all ?


11 is more than satanic numerology, it is compellingly intrisic within the universe, especially if like myself and many others you have been bombarded with 11.11 or 33s or any palindromic, symmetrical or uniform number displays.

peace and love


XL, Peacerus and Foodrules,
Re: Unions

Excellent points from all of you. You are totally correct. The unions are controlled by the Marxists and they have infiltrated the government and exert enormous control. They are no more for the ‘little guy’ than the banks. Yes, they were needed 100 years ago because of the Robber Barons. The Union Bosses have become the evil Robber Barons workers originally fought against.

Our original Constitutional Republic was pure genius and Capitalism was responsible for creating the greatest prosperity and most successful country ever realized on earth before (that we know of). The Central Banks are responsible for stealing that prosperity.

If you look at all the problems, no matter which side you believe you fall on, it is CORRUPTION that has caused the problems… by and large not the system itself (other than the illegal Federal Reserve). Look at almost any current situation whether it’s banking or environmental or whatever, it’s not been for lack of regulations or legislation – it’s all fallen to MASSIVE CORRUPTION.

We must root out all the corruption.

XL, I agree that much more needs to occur from the people here than just blogging and sharing. I don’t know about you, but I’m active in local groups and I call, fax and e-mail congressional representatives on a regular basis. One day, I received 5 letters in reply from one of my Senators.

If our knowledge gained is not turned into positive action, we have all wasted hundreds of hours here and are just as guilty as those who bury their heads in the sand.



Dear BFCers,

Something is happening. Look at this news notice from CLG. Petreus being moved to the CIA seems like a very strange move. Any comments from Pal or Tman? Has anybody heard from them about the GS and its progress?

BTW, the government is going to be shut down if some sort of agreement is not reached. That means that people who depend upon government checks are going to quickly get desperate.

I don’t know what I will do when this comes down. I might head for the country.



General David Petraeus tipped to take over CIA 05 Apr 2011 Leon Panetta, the CIA Director, is widely tipped to take over from Bob Gates as Pentagon chief. General David Petraeus, who is said to be exhausted and eager to leave Afghanistan, is being tipped by NPR as a serious contender for Panetta’s job. The possible move shows that the Obama administration is having a hard time finding a slot for the general, once considered a potential 2012 nominee for Republicans.



George Carlin really nailed it!


Re: Comment by patriotkate on April 6, 2011 @ 7:38 am
>I agree that much more needs to occur from the people here than
>just blogging and sharing. I don’t know about you, but I’m active
>in local groups and I call, fax and e-mail congressional
>representatives on a regular basis. One day, I received 5 letters
>in reply from one of my Senators.

FWIW, I do spend many hours per week working on this myself, giving training sessions and doing planning on future activities, so I hope I’m doing my part. My future plans include much more than I am doing now…

>If our knowledge gained is not turned into positive action, we
>have all wasted hundreds of hours here and are just as guilty as
>those who bury their heads in the sand.

You are absolutely correct, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is up to us, are you willing to back up your words with action? I am…


NYC Conducting “Dirty Bomb” Drills With Real Radiological Materials


Dear XL,

Actually, I do know what a republican form of government is versus a democracy or even a pure democracy. There is something that I learned a long time ago in business that I want to share with you right now.

THE CHARACTER OF THE PEOPLE THAT YOU DEAL WITH FAR EXCEEDS THE VALUE OF THE CONTRACT IN ANY BUSINESS DEAL. If somebody is a crook, no contract can protect you. It is better to do business with honest people. Among good people, contracts simply keep things organized and they are not necessary to deter bad behavior.

Neither regulation or unions are bad IF THEY ARE USED PROPERLY. I know a number of very wealthy people (net worths of ten of millions to net worths of hundreds of millions) None of them like unions and it is too bad that they are incapable of seeing the damage that they have done to this society JUST SO THAT THEY COULD HAVE ANOTHER TRIP TO FRANCE OR WHATEVER IT WAS THAT PUSHED THEIR BUTTONS.

They simply don’t see that paying people well benefits them in the long run. Henry Ford knew this and he altered the American landscape. Thank God that he did not listen to his bankster friends.

I could say a lot on this topic, but I won’t. I know that you are good hearted and you want our country to be what it was again. So do I. I just have a different view point.

Please understand that I am not trying to denigrate you or your thoughts, I am just frustrated with where we all are right now.

One of the things that the Hopi have said is that what will happen when the Blue Kachina arrives is largely dependent upon how great the divide is between the haves and the have nots. If mankind cannot get to the point where taking care of each other and our planet is the most sensible thing to do, then the universe will take care of the debate for us and we will be wiped out.

I love humanity in all its splendid variety. The sound of laughter thrills me to the deepest part of my heart. I cannot understand how we have been talked into the things that have happened. Our children are lost and rudderless. They don’t know how to fall in love anymore. They don’t even know how to date. Men and women are estranged from one another and have forgotten how to bond. I mourn for mankind’s passing, but unless we regain love and care for each other, we will not survive.



Dear Everybody,

While I am dealing with my son and trying to get things squared away, I am also finishing my book. It is a book about a phenomenal hypocrite/propagandist and the damage that he did in his private and professional lives.

I am writing like a maniac, but I do plan to get the releases done for the first two change agent items. They will be FOOD (MILLIONS AGAINST MONSANTO AND SOME OTHER GOOD IDEAS FROM ASH4U) AND, HAARP ETC. (I CHANGED MY MIND, HOPE).

Take care, I will return.



Dear Everybody,

I had to dash back and post this bit of late-breaking and startling news. I cannot wait to hear what everybody says when they read this. It made me hopeful. WO, WO will go wild. Somebody tell me where she is?

On Rumormillnews.com


U.S. Patent Filed for John Titor’s Time Machine

Patent Application US20060073976 was filed for a Method of Gravity Distortion and Time Displacement. The filing date is listed at October 1, 2004 by Marlin B. Pohlman of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The application includes the identical images posted by John Titor online, as well as the time travel theory he discussed.

John Titor Time Machine Patent


mbridges on April 6, 2011 @ 7:50 am

So they nailed him to the coffin.

It should be getting 100 million hits.


What happens if the Federal Government shuts down?

Contrary to some fear-mongering, shuttering of the Federal Government will not affect essential services or entitlements. The longest it’s ever been ‘shut-down’ was 21 days. Most people won’t even notice it. Did you notice it the last time it happened?

What Happens if the Government Shuts Down?
by L.A. Holmes | April 05, 2011

Government funding runs out Friday, but Congress has to reach a deal by the end of the day Tuesday if it wants to avoid a lapse in federal finances. But not all federal agencies will suffer equally if lawmakers fail to approve another short-term stopgap measure or long-term FY 2011 budget bill in time. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., has said if a shutdown occurred it would be “partial” at worst.

A memo from Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director Jeffrey Zients, first obtained by The Washington Post, outlines contingency plans agency managers should begin to draw up should negotiations reach a stalemate. So what does a shut down mean for these agencies-and for your bottom line?

Here’s how it all breaks down:

ENTITLEMENTS If a shutdown occurs, most officials say it will likely be brief, which means scheduled Social Security checks and food stamps would arrive and Medicare/Medicaid benefits would still be available-though staff might not be able to process new applications. Even in the event of a prolonged delay in funding, regularly scheduled payments will still be made.

PENTAGON The U.S. is involved in military engagements in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, which has many worried that funding would dry up for our troops fighting abroad. But certain activities in the Defense Department are required by law to continue even if funding temporarily ceases so national security interests are not at immediate risk. Defense Secretary Robert Gates specifically addressed the matter in a House Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday, saying that any lapse in funding would not affect any current military operations.

Further, payroll for Pentagon civilian and military staff is electronically scheduled, so paychecks that cover work done through Friday will go out as scheduled. If a shutdown occurs and is brief, staffers are likely to see no gap in pay.

Despite apparent confusion, Pentagon Spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters at a briefing Tuesday, “this is something we are still working through right now,” and admitted the pay issue is a concern, but that no decision has been made.




You gotta see this.

The UK has had very little rain which as I have said previously is extremely strange for this kind of year.

I watched this video


and at the 3 minute mark it references Prince Charles
so I checked the story and :


sharing is caring.

peace and love


>If our knowledge gained is not turned into positive action, we
>have all wasted hundreds of hours here and are just as guilty as
>those who bury their heads in the sand.

You are absolutely correct, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is up to us, are you willing to back up your words with action? I am…
Comment by XL on April 6, 2011 @ 7:56 am

Absolutely. That’s why I do what I can peacefully do. I’m seeing a lot of positive things happening at the local and state level and people are really engaged in taking our country back. While we have frustrating and depressive days at times because of all the bad news, people are taking action to correct the destruction of our Republic.



Knock knock

Eugene, are you decent?

Here is a piece from George Carline about rights vs. privileges.

Please overlook his condescension for the Bible at the beginning.



Review: Anti-Gravity / Cold Fusion Explained In Detail: A New Era in Physics

“In this series I cover the groundbreaking work of Frank Znidarsic. We really have the power to change the world if we work together. We are reaching that tipping point, and Frank’s work can take us there. It is our duty to A) Spend the time to understand it, and B) Spread the word. The cogs of science are currently jammed. Let’s lube ‘er up and give ‘er a jump start.” – seattle4truth (Lane Davis; Nov. 5, 2010)…”

More at:


Re: Comment by oldbraveheart on April 6, 2011 @ 12:23 am

Re: “He could have used that 60T Yen to buy a country someplace to put his beloved countrymen so they could escape Japan…if they were so truly beloved.”

I understand where you’re coming from but do you think he could have found/bought/moved all his people there BEFORE TPTW trigger Mt. Fuji to erupt, & like you say ‘finish them off’?

Like I said, if he had refused to hand over the money & the Japanese people got attacked again & maybe for good, the whole world would criticize him for getting all the people killed.

Someone posted a comment here about why don’t all the world leaders stand together & refuse the terrorizing & take them out or whatever…I’ve wondered that too…there must be some horrendous threat hanging over all of their heads that is preventing them.

We don’t know the whole story, & don’t forget, these nasty guys would have no compunction at blowing up the whole planet…they have bases/colonies on Mars that they would just escape to if they did.

Remember everyone…they DO GO DOWN in the end & our future is amazing…but first we are put through the wringer…we haven’t seen anything yet.

Much love all ’round,
Maiden PEI


Japan does not have to succumb,”We The People” Do not have to succumb,nor does any nation have to be eploited by the NWO-Cabal and their complicit heirs; they must be totally anhnilated like the Royals were in The French and Russian Revolutions. They have gone too far with their perpetual evil plots and planning. May we band together first in prayer to the Creator for the answer to take action. He , I’m sure, is waiting for these timely prayers for freedom.


Dear BFCers,

There is a great article on rumormillnews about how to turn off your GEOLOCATION. It turns out that many browsers, cell phones etc. have a feature in their program that permits your location to be identified to anyone who asks. The article talks about how to turn that off. It is simple. Use it.

Now, more news from the world at large.


Tea Party Hypocrisy? Some Lawmakers With Tea Party Ties Are on the Government Dole
(text and video)




The Environmental Working Group has determined that at least 23 representatives and senators or their family members applied for farm subsidy payments between 1995 and 2009.

Seventeen of the named recipients were Republicans and six were Democrats. In total, the GOP took in more than $5.3 million, compared to only $489,856 for Democrats.

The biggest beneficiaries of farm subsidies in the current Congress have been:
· Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tennessee) $3,368,843
· Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Missouri) $469,292
· Rep. Kristi Noem (R-South Dakota) $443,748
· Sen. John Tester (D-Montana) $442,303
· Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa) $330,046

Fincher, a self-described Tea Party patriot, who lists his occupation as “farmer” and “gospel singer” in the Congressional Directory, did not directly say whether he would continue to take subsidies, when asked by ABC News.

“We need a good, better, we need a better farm program and we need to streamline it,” he said. “We need to look at many many options. And that’s a long way off.”





Re: Comment by peacerus2 on April 6, 2011 @ 12:56 am

“Since the end of WWII, the United States made Japan defenseless…

Not many people know, but near the end of WWII, Japan offered the US peace & to end the war…but…the atomic bomb wasn’t quite ready to be used yet & they wanted to test the bomb on a living population…so they refused to make peace & a few months later when the bomb was ready…well, we all know the rest of the story.

I think we are living in a nightmare.

Thank God we are near the end…for those of us that don’t die in the ramping up earth changes, the Pole Shift will take care of the rest of us…except maybe the indigenous people who know where to go hide out in caves/underground?

A lot of people think Comet Elenin is Planet X/Nibiru & it comes closest to Earth mid October…I assume that would be when the Pole Shift will happen.



Re: Comment by nai2010 on April 6, 2011 @ 1:46 am

“The good news is that this global order of free trade is about to crumble – within the next 10 years at most.”

We don’t have 10 years…more like just over six months or so…till the Pole Shift wipes the Earth clean.

But the Earth Changes get a whole lot worse before then & really put us through the wringer.

I don’t know about you, but that’s the best news I’ve heard my whole life!

I just hope all of us get to go somewhere peaceful & loving then & not to another duality/evil planet.

Chins up!



A bit of weather information for your records regarding the Houston area:

Yesterday, our temperatures dropped about 20 degrees in a matter of minutes, the clouds were huge and roaming angrily overhead with thunder sounding. Winds picked up and were blowing quite strong. ALL the earmarks of a typical nice Spring time deep rainfall.

Well, although all the signs were there, after about 45 minutes of no rain, the skies cleared and the sun came out. What didn’t come was one single drop of rain! I’ve NEVER seen this happen this way and I’ve lived here over 40 years.

They must be messing with the weather with these chemtrails I’ve been reporting. As this link shows, we’re down about 6-8″ of usual rainfall already this year.


No Chemtrails observed for over a week now.


Forgot to mention…the Prince Charles quote “”We will end up seeing more drought and starvation on a grand scale. Weather patterns will become even more terrifying and there will be less and less rainfall,” he said.” in a prior link.

Yep, they know what is going to happen because THEY are causing it!


You said “Like I said, if he had refused to hand over the money & the Japanese people got attacked again & maybe for good, the whole world would criticize him for getting all the people killed.”

So, let me get this straight. The world will blame him for getting everyone killed and NOT BLAME the people who did it, really?


Belgium’s lame-duck government sets world record


Now, this makes me wonder. If I understand correctly, the Belgians have been unable to set up a ruling coalition for their country since the elections on June 13th. Would this give new meaning to the words “Belgian waffle?”


maidenpei on April 6, 2011 @ 9:12 am

I cannot remember where, but I read the same thing: Japan offered to surrender few years before they dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Also, many believe Isoroku Yamanaka was the idea behind the Pearl Harbor attack, but others suggest he was approached by Roosevelt while he studied abroad in the United States.

There are too many cases where TPTB approached the Japanese elites to extort what they wanted from them, money and control, so I can see how they instigated this one, too.


Rofl, right idea but wrong target, try sooper volcaino at Yozemiit, yur bankrupt continant will be glowing in lava for 1000 yearz, burn baby burn, lolololololololol.


Read this and weep:

Disaster strengthens Japan-U.S. alliance: Pentagon official

WASHINGTON, April 5, Kyodo
The March 11 earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan and the ensuing nuclear crisis have strengthened the Japan-U.S. security alliance through U.S. assistance in responding to the disasters, a Pentagon official said Tuesday.

“This crisis has tested us…I think it’s made us stronger and it’s made the alliance more solid,” Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell told a press briefing.

“When a close friend and ally of ours is confronted with a devastating earthquake, a horrific tsunami and then the potential for a nuclear meltdown, there was never a doubt in our minds that we had to respond and had to respond aggressively and with as much as we could bring to bear to help the Japanese,” he added.

Morrell said about 20,000 personnel, 140 aircraft and more than 20 ships from the U.S. military have supported the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts in Japan.




Comment by pansy on April 6, 2011 @ 9:30 am

>So, let me get this straight. The world will blame him for >getting everyone killed and NOT BLAME the people who did >it, really?

No, I meant he would be criticized for not giving the money knowing the threat would kill a lot of people.

All I’m saying is that either way he would get criticized.


Hopesprings 1:59AM

(European Parliament)
HAARP has links with 50 years of intensive space research for military purposes, including the Star Wars project, to control the upper atmosphere and communications. This kind of research has to be regarded as a serious threat to the environment, with an incalculable impact on human life. Even now nobody knows what impact HAARP may have. We have to beat down the wall of secrecy around military research, and set up the right to openness and democratic scrutiny of military research projects, and parliamentary control.

Re. this information. A friend of mine was channeling in 2003 or 2004. I was told that there was a merger between two of the big telecoms, I guess you would call them. AT&T and another one , can’t remember the name. “The deal was brokered between Bush Sr. and a lot of money was lost. One of the corporations had overbuilt space satellites, and was bought out….your world will never be the same.”

I googled right after I heard this..and it was about 1 billion that was lost. They wanted the space satellites.
Sorry for my vagueness, but I am not techie. This is not my world. Did feel that the information was significant..now it seems that it is being used for HAARP.


@ maclin,

I, too, find this post muddled, incoherent, and contradictory, in contrast with Ben’s usual lucid flare. Ben, are you ok? You mentioned attempts to drug you before. Are they happening again?


Understanding the Brotherhood: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/manipulation/index.htm

Here is an excerpt taken from the last chapter:

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.


In 1975, a man called Dannion Brinkley was struck by lightning and had a near death experience which he recounts in his book ‘Saved by the Light’. During the twenty-eight minutes while he was officially dead he was led by a spirit being through the dark tunnel to a crystal city. He was visited by thirteen beings who are described as light beings similar to classic ETs and angels.

He recalls a total of 117 events showed to him on a screen which pertained to predicted events on Earth between 1975 and 2000. At the time of the release of his book in 1994, 95 of these events had occurred, including Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the Gulf War, the Chenobyl disaster and the fall of the Soviet Union. Events which have not yet occurred include American bankruptcy, the development of chemical and biological weaponry to be used against France and mass destruction due to World War III.

One of the final visions he was shown was computer chip technology slowly infiltrating every aspect of our day to day lives. Ultimately the controller/owner of this technology would become corrupt a see the potential for world supremacy. Eventually a computer chip would be inserted under the skin of every member of the Earth’s population containing total information of everyone’s medical history, social status and credit rating which could be read by a scanner and fed to a mainframe. Governments would use these chips to control the population and could also dissolve the chips to release a lethal virus in order to avoid the costs of an elderly population. Those who refused chips would be outcasts from society, unemployable and untouchable by the System’s benefits.

Dannion was informed by the Beings that if mankind did not deter from the projected future then these things would come to pass. If, however, action was taken now then it could all be avoided. They informed him that those who have decided to come to Earth are seen as adventurers and are the heroes and heroines who have come to co-create with God where no other spiritual beings have had the courage so to do. The parting message was that the answer lies in ‘treating others the way they themselves want to be treated’.

Dannion Brinkley’s experience is not unique by any means. Every day people are becoming aware of our angelic hosts and are being given messages of guidance and hope for the future. I have seen such a being of light myself during astral projection and I know they exist all around us, within the higher vibrationary atmosphere of the Earth. We are being given our final warnings and opportunities to do all we can to emerge from the despair of the old dark order into the new future of light. The only way to achieve this is to recognise the pitfalls of the Luciferic influence and live our spiritual ideals in deed as well as in thought.

Firstly, we have to be aware of the clues to the methods employed by the Brotherhood in their ultimate goal of centralised world control. The tools they use to fight their ultimate wars are ourselves. They program our thoughts, our very conception of who we are, what is right and wrong and we, in turn, give them what they wish in the belief that this is the right, or the only way to live long and prosper. We build the prisons in which to house ourselves and hand the keys to our gaolers who are the Brotherhood elite. The crazy part about all of this is that we do it willingly and because they ask us to.

In order to facilitate the Transformation we must resist the urge to identify those who would seek to control us as hopelessly ‘evil’. We must recognise the System for what it is and seek to change it in a loving, positive and balanced way. Even at the highest levels of the Brotherhood elite, the most misguided of the Illuminati, are not immune from the effects of the global reawakening. It is those who are most imbalanced towards negativity who have the greatest positive potential. If just one of these elite Luciferic controlled minds is returned to its natural balanced state then virtually the entire process could be reversed over night. This is a potential, and any potential is possible. It all depends on how much energy we channel into that potential to make it a reality.

Furthermore, it is essential that we take what we are being fed through the media and education with a pinch of salt for not all of it will be truth. Events are engineered on a global scale and then a version of it is transmitted to us in order to perpetuate certain states such as fear and apathy within the mass population. So much of little consequence to us is thrown our way to divert us from free thought and we are bombarded with sex, violence, sport and graphic horror. We are often more concerned with who is being transferred from which football team to another, or what the royal family had for tea than the fact that the planet is being destroyed around us and our neighbours are dying of cold, starvation and despair for the want of a little kindness and love. These are very effective diversionary tactics and manipulative devices.

We must begin look at the world through new eyes if we are to really make a difference and take back the right to autonomy and free will which is ours by Divine law. This is a long term plot against humanity, a war of stealth and attrition; a war which the majority of us are not even aware exists because of its scale and slowly cumulative nature. By viewing all of these things on a large scale and by linking patterns and events which we are traditionally encouraged to see as separate, we can piece together the real agendas behind the Illuminati smoke screens. Nothing in the universe is truly separate from anything else. If we analyse just who it is in the world who benefit from the negativity and manipulation, we see that it is the same people over and over again. They represent a consciousness which is like a black hole and is sucking in our vitality with every passing day. This is the direction of the energy flow and its polarity is towards negativity. Wherever we see this trend and recognise it we can begin to work to reverse the polarity back towards the balance point. This relies on our ability to recognise Truth and be prepared to act on our knowledge. It takes you and me, and it takes love.

These methods which they use to persuade us to imprison ourselves are very basic, yet awesomely effective. They engineer situations within our society up to the point where the public are so outraged that they insist on action from those in power. The powers that be (Brotherhood pawns) offer, as a solution, the very thing it wanted to impose in the first place. The public accept the proffered solution so the Brotherhood’s desires are implemented with public support. For example, in order to give the police greater powers of arrest, detention and search-at-will to serve the Brotherhood, they manipulate society into creating more crime and despondency. The people cry out for a solution and the politicians come up with more government legislation to counteract the problem. What better way to gain greater control over a population than persuade its people that, for an improvement in their quality of life, they need a larger network of agencies such as MI5, CIA, FBI and the police, and with greater powers than ever before? We must always be on the alert for the hidden agendas behind legislation and economics before we subscribe to the suggested solution. Remember, these people kill or cause people to be killed for profit, pleasure and power. No one is inexpendable and most of the executors of these hidden agendas are entirely unaware or wilfully ignorant of what they are really being used for.

Where we see terrorism, where we see wars, legislation against minorities to restrict their freedom, anywhere we see more powers given to the establishment and less to the free people we must ask ourselves the true reasons behind these actions.

It has been shown how the bankers financed and helped to manipulate into existence the major wars of this century; how the same banks that were backing Hitler and the Nazi war machine during WWII were also behind the Allies. At the end of the war, with the world in chaos and the people’s morale depleted, these same banks and their pawns, the politicians, were able to reassemble the world’s economy right on target for the New World Order. The future world army was initiated under the guise of a Peacekeeping force we now know as the United Nations. And the people were so grateful to these powers for ridding the world of such an evil menace that they entirely surrendered themselves, once again, to the policies and propaganda of the people who had created the war in the first place. And so, the process continues to this day.

We must challenge automatic thought patterns and habitual life styles which are the weapons employed against us. We must constantly question and never betray ourselves to the power of thought-forms of the masses. The world is full of fashion victims, not only in the sense of clothing but in life-styles and thought patterns too. These fashions have been provided by, fed, watered and nurtured by the Brotherhood in order to feed their lust for money and power.

Every penny we spend gets back to their banks in the end. Everything we work for and achieve will be theirs if we allow it. Moves are under way now to replace money entirely with credit. Credit cards, debit cards and smart cards are now being developed at such a runaway rate that soon we will all be rated as credit. Technology exists now to use chips in cards both for access to personal details and to transmit messages into the psyche of the carrier to control behaviour. More and more opportunities are being sought to use this micro-technology: as tags for criminals, as pet identi-chips, as surgical implants and as locators for potentially missing children and babies. It is a small step to the ‘under-the-skin’ control chip.

Efforts are under way to centralise world government powers. Plans for a federal Europe under a single European government have been under way for years now. Step by step, power is taken away from the masses and delivered into the hands of the few.

Watch out for calls for larger armies and greater powers. Have you noticed how the U.N. ‘peacekeeping’ forces are always too late and in too little numbers to actually be effective? Watch out for a call for a centralised world army on order to provide greater ‘peacekeeping’ potential, it would really be a double bluff to give more power to the Brotherhood elite.

Watch out too for those situations which the ruling classes and governments vehemently oppose and be careful not to support something just because those whom you oppose are against it. This is one of the oldest, but most effective tricks in the book and it has duped millions time and time again. Don’t allow the further decline or the consequences may be disastrous. Always be true to yourself first and foremost and see beneath the veil of deceit.

The coming Transformation to a unified multidimensional Christ consciousness will affect everyone, the Brotherhood included. We can only be controlled if we allow ourselves to be so. Nothing is impossible. We are the vehicles for the Divine Consciousness, we are the creative hands of God. It is up to all of us, and that includes the Brotherhood, to re-evaluate our position, for we cannot escape ourselves and the karma we create.

As Mark Phillips once explained to Cathy O’Brien:

Good always prevails through positive application, whereas the bad guys are hindered and slowed in their criminal endeavours through having to cover-up their negative actions with lies to support lies. This inevitably allows the truth to emerge.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more
Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more


Kelby will be on rj hinders show tomorrow from 5-7am, pacific time!

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this is great website to explain defacto from dejour.
s http://www.USAvsUS.info
I am still working on your report . seems no one ever asked for what you need .

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more


De Jure Government is Restored!
The re-inhabited Republic for the united States of America has been Restored circa 1791 Constitutional Law


Aloha Maidenpei, are you on PEI in Canada?


Pal if you see this my phone doesn’t work in cornhole america…I can call you on the computer phone if there is a particular number…email it to me?


the rest of you take 5…


Hi All

Ben posted this on his other site.


Update on Kosovo situation
The US military’s Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo was apparently not hit by a suitcase nuclear bomb on April 4th as threatened by Serbian operatives because the US promised on April 3rd to shut down the base.



That threat is the exact piece of proof needed. Just SAY it, publish the threat BEFORE….then IF IT HAPPENS the attackers proved it for you. If nothing happens, so what, you know you are not a kook no matter what the world may think. Then next time wear a wire, get witnesses, put a registered letter in a safety deposit box or mail a bunch of them out saying If I die this is why…..if you say someone threatened you and then it really happens they incriminate themselves.

Whatever happened to not making deals with terrorists? Once you let terror reign it will not stop, all weakness will be exploited.If you are not afraid to die (I know this is a biggie) then they have no power. I know terrorists use family and all emotional ties in play, but if we give them the power then there is no stopping them.

That threat was too big to just swallow and pay, if that is what happened. Again, should be some clues somewhere that can help hold these accusations up.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more



Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more
Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more



Russia Today:
‘Wall St., media, military elites grip must be broken’
April 3, 2011

“The economic rift between rich and poor in America is deepening, but a new awareness is also taking root among the people. That’s the opinion of renowned civil rights activist Dr. Cornel West, who shared his views with RT’s Marina Portnaya.”



Dear BFCers,
There is a great article on rumormillnews about how to turn off your GEOLOCATION. It turns out that many browsers, cell phones etc. have a feature in their program that permits your location to be identified to anyone who asks. The article talks about how to turn that off. It is simple. Use it.
Please provide a Link–I’ve been too busy lately to read
study RMN–
I looked at the resent portion and could not see it–


*Comment by angiesolo on April 6, 2011 @ 2:46 am

*Did you get to listen to Brooks Agnew speak last night on *Coast to Coast radio? Please listen to the following 3 *parts:


Absolutely great interview with Dr. Brooks Agnew on HAARP etc. Thank you!

Judy & Mike


Could be interesting for the few here following
precious metals—–
When To Sell your Gold & Silver —
and Buy Real Estate —
Mike Maloney

GoldSilver.com – April 05, 2011
Come visit with Mike Maloney in this cutting edge video as he tackles the tough questions about today’s gold and silver cycle, where we are and where we are going–



Hey cybro – you might want to brush up on your English a bit if you actually want to come across as threatening..as it is, its pretty funny.

Nai – thats VERY interesting about the patent on John Titor’s time machine…indeed.


Bonjour Ohayo NeeHow Ben and all (except satanic minion hope):

Thank you for a wonderful update and it’s great to know you are in good health and good spirits.

These khazarian reptilian bosheviks’ greatest fear has always been that their secrets used to control us get exposed.

Darkness can be gone if only lots more of us wake up and shine more light by exposing them with truth and knowledge.

Here’s the latest from Matthew on the man-made earthquakes:

March 25, 2011

Knowledge emerging about manmade quakes, weather manipulation; radiation in Japan, ET assistance; Hatonn: difficulties in dismantling Illuminati-controlled technology; freedom fighters in Arab countries; higher perspective of Libya

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to speak about two especially significant situations in your world. Because your perspective is limited to personal observation and media reports, we want to give you the encouraging news as seen from our higher vantage point. All happenings are within the universal acceleration mode that we have been telling you would cause changes to come thick and fast, and all that seems to be in turmoil in this moment will lead to the emergence of truths and the implementation of reforms.

2. To give an example of a long-hidden truth that has come forth to some extent, not long ago most people on Earth would have found it difficult to believe that a few scientists have been causing the tremendously destructive earthquakes, severe storms and flooding. Now your Internet is teeming with information about what manmade technology can cause and has caused, and while the public at large may not yet know this, in time they will.

3. Let us first speak about what Japan is dealing with. We know some lightworkers feel that our off-planet brothers and sisters need to step in and control the radiation situation that has the potential to create untold numbers of casualties and environmental damage globally. In our previous message we told you that our space family is reducing to the extent possible the radiation levels, and in other messages we have stated that crews cannot land en masse until safety can be assured for you and them, and at this point, it cannot. So assistance at the nuclear facility cannot come in a large public way; however, action has been taken.

4. At the request of various persons, my mother has been in touch with me and other sources, and I have asked her to share with you what she has been told. _____________________________

5. [Suzy: This is an excerpt from my March 18 email to Hannah Beaconfield, who channels the Pleiadian Light.]

Three nights ago I had a call from Gen, the Japanese translator, thanking me for Matthew’s message and asking if he had given me any more recent information. Matthew told me “they” had heard that some ETs would land and help reduce the radiation situation, but that information hadn’t been verified. The next day was crazy so it was very late when I asked God if he knew what Matthew had told me. He said yes, and he could verify it. A small ship had landed about a mile from the nuclear facility and the crew was using their technological equipment in conjunction with more extensive equipment in ships overhead; no one at the facility would know the crew was on the ground.

I relayed that to Gen and this morning he wrote: Somehow the radiation leakage from those reactors has been suppressed miraculously under critical level. I believe ETs’ efforts are being manifested. There have also been video reports showing small UFOs flying at the sites.

6. [The following is from my March 25 email to Jean Hudon, who publishes EarthRainbowNetwork.]

Jean, I thought you’d be interested in the video I just watched and what Hatonn gave me to tell Gen, who sent me the link. He and his family went to Okinawa, where they set up an organization to provide housing for Japanese who lost their homes, and now they are in Hawaii.

“Hatonn here. Do not give up hope about your homeland! Discussions at the highest levels of the universal council are going on as to dismantling that grid system, what the counter effects may be with our various technologies. It’s not a matter of if, but how we shall prevent more destruction to the planet by that diabolical means.”

Hatonn said there’s no time line on this, but we’ll know because future quakes or eruptions will be fewer and milder—most of the negativity that Earth had to release already has been. He said that’s the paradox about that particular use of HAARP—it’s intended to create massive amounts of negativity but has been releasing much more than it creates.

7. [The following excerpt is from my email later in the day to a friend who asked if I knew anything more about ET assistance.]

Hatonn just told me that the Illuminati know of our space family’s interference because intended destruction hasn’t happened. Apparently they suspected that but it was conclusive when that hurricane weakened over the ocean, then turned and went north instead of hitting the US mainland, which wasn’t at all what the Illuminati had designed.

He said that technologies to initiate earthquakes and weather manipulation have been refined and intensified over the years. Major storms used to be produced by one system and quakes by another, but because of ET interference, the Illuminati scientists started using a combination of technologies, like back-ups in case one system isn’t as effective as they want, but also to make it more difficult for ET technologies to interfere with all of the energy sources simultaneously.

He said that in Japan, one of HAARP’s several capacities in various locations has been used in conjunction with developments from Tesla’s inventions and discoveries to produce destruction from above and below Earth’s surface. Even with ETs’ advanced technologies it’s not a simple matter to dismantle all of the Illuminati’s equipment without interrupting essential power and communication sources that serve us, not only the Illuminati. That’s why discussions are going on at the highest levels of the universal council as to the best way to proceed.


Thank you, Mother.

8. There are indeed unsafe levels of radiation in plants, water and air near the facility and lower levels elsewhere in that country; all those levels would be far higher without our space family’s assistance on and off-planet that has greatly reduced the radioactivity at the facility.

9. We honor the courage of the Japanese workers at the site whose prolonged proximity to radiation will result in death or severe illness. Those who make transition to Nirvana will be greeted by throngs shouting Bravo! and given whatever personalized care is needed, and their bravery will be recognized as well by leaps in their soul evolvement. As for the workers who are less sickened, if their soul contracts call for a lifetime of many years, their bodies can heal as Earth continues her ascension toward vibratory levels where no disease exists.

10. In our previous message, we stated that all persons who perished in the quake and tsunami received exactly the customized care they needed. It would give a measure of comfort to their families if they could know that their beloved souls are joyful in their active lives in spirit and are beaming light to uplift their countrymen.

11. Now then, your space family’s assistance in regard to this nuclear situation can go only so far because it is not their world, it is yours, and you must take strong action to assure that nuclear power is eliminated as a principal energy source. There must be a global demand for no new reactors to be built, for those in the construction stage to be stopped, and those in active service to be shut down. Nuclear power at your stage of development has been risky from the beginning, yet it proliferated because it is very profitable to the few whose greed far exceeds safety interests.

12. When crews can land in great numbers, they will bring their technology to dematerialize all nuclear waste and to eliminate all radioactive pollutants in air, water and soil, and they will work with you to purify and rejuvenate your planet.

13. The second situation of major significance we wish to address is what is happening in the Arab world. In what appears to be freedom contagion, if you will, the peoples who have been long-oppressed by despotic rulers or dynasties are responding to the intensifying light that is illuminating their lives as changeable and is emboldening them to wield “people power.” Again, this is part of the acceleration that is affecting everything in the universe, and those reactions are keeping pace. There will be much bloodshed before the peoples in all countries are free, but triumph they shall!

14. We are aware of the conflicting opinions about the US-led coalition of military forces in Libya. What we see is a glorious U-turn in the attitude of national leaders intervening in the affairs of another country: For the first time in your history, intervention is not for a purely selfish purpose, but a noble one—to assist people who are fighting for their freedom. Without this assistance, many more Libyans would be slaughtered by the dictator whose conscience along with his mental capacity was destroyed long ago.

15. The day of dictators is over and so is the day of supporting those dictators for self-serving reasons. The day of exploiting Earth’s resources without regard for environmental destruction is over, as is the day of the wealth of the world in the hands of a few. Everything based in darkness is swiftly coming to an end.

16. Unfortunately, the time of rumors and dramatic predictions about massive land, sea and polar shifts is still with you. Yes, do be truthfully informed, but please do not give any energy to any kind of fear-filled information! Stay steadfast in your light, knowing that countless souls in body and spirit are with you, speeding you on your way to Earth’s Golden Age.



Suzanne Ward


More exposure (some history from another angle) to wake up friends:

http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/070704.pdf (page 12)


Until you wake up and realize that the evil and Satanic
Israeli government is running your entire country, you are doomed to the prophecies of “Israel” (and America by proxy) of being totally wiped out, JUST LIKE REVELATIONS SAYS OF “BABYLON THE GREAT”. And who will mourn for you? No one,
because you will have deserved what happened. Your only hope is to get Barack Obama and General Colin Powell in the White House. No other “leaders” will cut the mustard with the international community.

The enemies of Khazaria (Israel) are ready—along with Russia—to stamp out the Jews that have brought so much misery and death to the planet. The Israeli Foreign Minister that was caught naked in South America with a rubber ball strapped in his mouth is an example of the lascivious nature of the group that controls the United States.

They pretend to be clean-cut and deeply religious, with their synagogues and holy rabbis, but look closer—you will see the pimps and prostitutes that poisoned your youth. These evil people have always been this way, chelas; your Holy Bible speaks CONSTANTLY of their acts and dark deeds.

were blood-thirsty killers and rapists. Keep in mind, this was during the time when Black men were hung and castrated for “looking” at a White woman (whether he did or not, the accusation was a death sentence.); whole towns were slaughtered and burned to the ground for like reasons; so Griffith’s/MI-6’s film was created to foster these actions. It was not a documentation of how it was in those days.
This evil manipulation of the lives of indigenous
peoples—be they Black, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Egyptian or whoever—is how the Khazar Jews gained such a terrible reputation throughout the eons of time.

From Cain and the Canaanites to the Zionist Israelis
and the beginnings of Armageddon in your Middle East War, the Jews (again, not Hebrew Judaists—among the 350,000 WHO WERE MURDERED IN GERMANY) were always regarded with trepidation and dread by the “civilized” townspeople of the day.

“Niggardly” meant the Khazar nomad who was troublesome and money crazy and who would literally do anything traitorous to whatever town or country he happened to be in. “Nigger” only meant this type of Jews. The meaning was changed when British Israel’s premier spy cult MI-6 deployed with the British/Jewish ships to the far flung empire. This was/is how the monarchy maintains control. So-called “reality
shows” like “American Idol” and “Nanny 911” and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” are creations of British Intelligence. This how they get into your living room and program your subconscious with their ethics and mannerisms. Would any decent American have a “reality show” where for a nice dinnertime TV program for the family is a contestant eating a plateful of maggots?

That is not Godly, friends; Satanists do that. People who perform sacrifices of animals over five-pointed pentagrams do that. It was known that a specific group of people never evolved out of their barbarian past. The nomadic (wanderer) THIRTEENTH TRIBE (there were only Twelve sons of Noah; the Khazars are not from Shem/Sem—they are from Japheth, A
KHAZAR) caused strife and trouble wherever they went. Why do you think that all the world chased the Jews out of their cities? It was not that no one tried to accept them; they always got together—that is where the word “Ghetto” comes from—they would “gather” together in any place they were allowed to enter, and plot how they could get the people’s gold.

The term “Jewelry” also has a meaning that goes back to them stealing, or acquiring by dubious means, your bangles and adornments. When they would leave, usually in the still of the night, they had “Jewelry” dripping off their bodies that they got from their hosts.

When the Jewish Pharisees left Egypt—THEY WERE NEVER IN BONDAGE IN EGYPT—the Pharaoh gave chase to take back the loot stolen from the Egyptians! So you see, history has been tweaked and twisted and rewritten to suit the Khazars. By controlling history, they have managed to rob the entire world—they finally got it “right”! (in their eyes), while you have been led down almost as far as a civilization can go. Don’t you fear, however, there is still “lower” for you to descend to—if you really work at it.

And now America does the stealing and killing FOR the evil Pharisee Jews. Rent Mel Gibson’s “The Passion Of The Christ” and show your children—make them sit down and watch the scene where Pontius Pilot tries over and over to let the Jews change their minds about torturing and crucifying Sananda (Immanuel “Jesus”). Pilot’s face finally registers the understanding of the utter evil that is within the skin
of these evil creatures. And when they chose Barabbas, the serial killer and pervert, over the serene Teacher from Galilee, this Roman governor realizes he is witnessing a horror like he never did see on the battlefield. This horror is what is leading your nation and world to its doom this very day.


More exposure:

The same people who crucified Jesus are the ones (khazarians) running the USA. Here’s a better explanation from Commnader Hatonn (for those who did not get it: the messages below were radio signaled to Jonur our scribe):

http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/070704.pdf (page 11)


This time the divide and conquer plan will be between all the people of earth versus extraterrestrial beings and their craft. The evil perpetrators of this massive worldwide hoax of an alien invasion will cause you to forget that you yourselves are “aliens”.

The constant crises and subsequent management of each situation draws the masses of humanity to that one, inescapable conclusion—that there is an ultimate threat out there beyond anything yet imagined. Motion pictures, television shows, CARTOONS and even commercial advertisement for batteries or soft drinks have prepared your subconscious for the coming of “E.T.”

The fact is, extraterrestrials have always been on the
earth. There are exchange programs with other countries, alien bases in places like Peru and in lots of other regions—both underwater, such as just off the coast of the Philippines, and in your high mountain solitudes. It is in your Holy Bible and all those “missing” Books from that Bible that deal with Reincarnation AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN
THEIR CRAFT! What do you think Ezekiel was describing when he talked of that fiery “wheel” in the sky? The countless cave drawings AROUND THE WORLD that depict alien craft and cosmonauts are not shown in National Geographic and are completely ignored in school textbooks. THIS IS BY DESIGN,

The same evil Pharisee Khazarian Jews who crucified Esu Immanuel SANANDA The Christ, who brought these exact teachings I bring you here, will “crucify” your entire nation to keep this word from coming forth. You are dealing with Satan’s lot, dear ones, and they do not play fair. They are child molesters/abusers, murderers, liars and thieves. They have fabricated history while pretending to be God’s chosen people. YOU, AMERICA, ARE GOD’S CHOSEN
PEOPLE—this too has been hidden from you so you would go to war for the Khazarian Zionists, all the while not knowing that it was part of a much more massive plan of Global Conquest with you, America, as the sacrificial goyim lamb set for the slaughter.

God and His Celestial Sons and Lighted “Messengers” (“Angels” in the Greek language) ARE COMING FROM SPACE. WHERE DO YOU THINK “HEAVEN” IS? The Christed Master Teacher Sananda (who was left for dead on that cross) is coming back and is “not far” as He awaits God Aton’s command to walk again upon the surface in human PHYSICAL form. He awaits aboard a “Star Ship” that you can see every night. Your elite have stopped trying to come up with excuses for the “Golden Radiance” “star” that telescopes and the naked eye have identified as a large craft in the vicinity of earth. Other craft hang low within your very atmosphere or crisscross the heavens EVERYWHERE! Yet, your media says nothing. The adversary knows all about us out here and are
panicked that you may find out the truth of it before
they can unveil the lie.

Your Native American brothers have told you of the
home of God in the PLEIADES STAR CLUSTER, called the “Seven Sisters” or the “Seven Young Girls” or “Seven Virgins”. The Micro Dipper in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull is THE Central Sun/Star that your own star (your sun) revolves around.

All the aboriginal peoples on your globe know the Pleiades as the ancestral home of the human species. The space people that have again come back to Earth look like you! They are not lizards or monsters with sharp claws out to drink your blood and eat your flesh.


America is supposed to stand for the Space Brotherhood of Lighted beings come from the heavens. That is why you have more Stars (craft) on your flag than all the other nations on your world-combined. They represent The Hosts of Space
Command and Our space vehicles, here to assist you in these final days. So your nation was not allowed to come into being until these past few hundred years so you would be right on time for this. The changing of the cycle is the greatest experience a civilization can make, and God sends His Hosts in the “Silver Clouds” and magnificent “Light Orbs” to team up with chosen people—YOU—to help the rest of your brothers make it through. The most important tool
you have for this mission is your CONSTITUTION. This document gives you the power to confront the adversary to God and counter the lies Lucifer has taught the sleeping mass lo these many eons of time.

He has a huge head start; however, evil lies cannot stand in the light of TRUTH. So once man hears truth, he will KNOW the difference.

Look back to your memories of lifetimes gone by and know that you have been here before. Just as sparrows are born knowing that they are sparrows, it only takes reminding from their parents that they can fly. And as the Lakota Native American called “Little Crow” reminds you, “’Tis the journey within that is ultimate, not the reflection from a looking glass, for the glass stops your vision just beyond your nose and vision must flow throughout infinity, beyond man’s puny limits. There is only brotherhood within the
vision quest of ones who come from the Thunder Peoples and the Sky Brothers. These ones are labeled the Bird Tribes for, when they were labeled thusly, only birds flew within the consciousness of experience. Man could not fly.”

Jonur, take a break here, please. Summon me when you are ready to continue. Hatonn moving to standby.


Peace to you David Wilcock:

May I ask your help in providing what you know about God Aton (aka Akhenaton) from the top of your head.

One of my teachers, Commander Hatonn highly spoke of you in his radio-signaled messages to Dharma (Doris Ekker) and later to Jonur.

As always, I loved the spiritual truths the most and I always have enjoyed your presentations.




Hi Y’All Have you viewed the umerous scars on Obama’s shull, serious surgeries ,or, repairs have been done.( The Deadly Wound ?) His medical records and most all other records are clasically ‘not available’ or, outright shams , like his 120 year old Social Security card number and his Dime Store Hawaiian Birth Certificate. Either he has had a brain transplant, was frankensteined-created, or he has had some cyber circuits placed intercrnially in there, after some lobotomy work.
We all know his head ai’nt working too well. But he can transcribe from a teleprompter, if there is one.
He definitely needs to have his keepers get better mathematical chips that will enable him to control his over-zealous deabilitating spending rampages.
winwin – Maybe you can get the Mad Hatter ET down to Washington to fix his head for his 2012 re-run, so he can run the country in the ground for the PTB’sto takeover.
Most of the world’s leaders, and many of out politicians and citizens think he nuts , as they have officially stated. Pray that God, not the ET’s, will intervene


Aloha all good spiritual beings:

At times in my past, I always wanted to find out how to protect my soul from dark entities. Luckily there are many ways (paragraphs) to do it.

One way to protect your soul (aka clear space of negative / dark energies) on a daily basis. Please keep in mind that your soul is a fragment of light of God.

Please say the whole paragraph below 3 times for each time you clear your space to connect with your creator:

“I call upon the One Light Source who created me.
I ask for your constant protection under your Light.
I demand that no dark energies be allowed within my Light Energy Field.”

If any entity approaches you, you have the right to ask it to identify itself. If it’s dark, you also have the right to refuse it!!!! THAT’S YOUR RIGHT !!!!!


Aloha all good souled beings:

I’ve read and watched this cafe for a long time now and I believe it’s time for me to share you my thoughts about President Obama.

When I look at someone, I also look at his/her soul: is it evil? Is it good?

Well, as much publicity as you’ve seen in the hate emails and the msm (controlled by the khazarian reptilian bosheviks), lots of people out there say he’s a bad guy. But, if it were to be hillary or mccain, have you ever thought it could be much far worse?

Before Obama became president, God Aton already called him president. Here’s the info link:


Here’s another confirmation:



Here’s another angle of the good souled Obama:

(quoting some paragraphs:

12. Generally speaking, people know US president Barack Obama only by what he says and what your media report. Most don’t have clue about what goes on “behind closed doors.” You see stubborn partisan politics. We see Obama’s powerful enemies within and far beyond the government who are determined to smash to smithereens his attempts at reform. You see him looking worried and know some call him weak and say he’s leading his country in the wrong direction. We feel his pain as his efforts to improve the lives of all who are downtrodden are scuttled by a few self-servers. You see him trying to end foreign conflicts and think he should stay home and fix what’s wrong in his own country. We feel his discouragement and exhaustion as the dark ones keep stirring up trouble to dash his efforts everywhere.

13. The folks you call “pundits” speculate whether voters will give Obama a second term in office. We sing his praises for staying the course day after day! He has to deal with some of the very ones who threaten his life and his family’s, yet his intention to keep working for a peaceful world without poverty anywhere remains firm. You know that he and his family are protected by the Christed light grid around them, but Obama doesn’t know that. You know that he is a major part of the Golden Age master plan, but he doesn’t know that either. He acts on his convictions, principles, aspirations and innate experience as an honored leader in a highly evolved civilization who agreed to serve Earth in the most demanding position on the planet. If everyone could know this soul as we do, all the doubts and carping about him would come to a screeching halt and you would thank God for this man’s courage, wisdom, spiritual and moral integrity and his willingness to persevere! ”


Until we support him (because he has an “enlightened” soul walking among evil reptiles) more, then the faster we get to see a better world. Afterall, he’s in the driver seat.

Look at “intentions” of people through their souls (a good soul has good moral values right?)

We are lucky to have alternative news and info, so please discern and I hope the above educational links help you find your focus as to what to do and support. Always clear your space from dark energies and go within for confirmation of what’s true or not.

Remember, we are ruled by the satan (latest title of lucifer in this end of the cosmic cylce) who is the king of deception and lies. We’ve been the people of his lies for thousands of years. When are you going to wake up more????




Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Jesse Ventura – The Howard Stern Show 4-05-2011

Typically, I dont really like Howard Stern..but this interview with Jesse is good and its pretty darn funny too -I have to give Jesse credit for trying to wake up the masses.


Comment by wbstreck on April 6, 2011 @ 1:41 pm

winwin – Maybe you can get the Mad Hatter ET down to Washington to fix his head for his 2012 re-run, so he can run the country in the ground for the PTB’sto takeover.
Most of the world’s leaders, and many of out politicians and citizens think he nuts , as they have officially stated. Pray that God, not the ET’s, will intervene


Aloha WB:

Thank you for your comment. The reason for the WORD of God
that I have been privileged to learn and share with you is because these satanic reptilian bosheviks have gone above their “can do evil to us” – – beyond return – – because lucifer has always thought he was better than the father – – for which reason he got kicked out of heaven.

God’s hosts and other more advanced civilizations in the spiritual areas will come in time… have you heard of “world evacuation”? According to the galactic history, lucifer has been also known as the “destroyer” — in that he did destroy a planet named “lucifer”.

FYI, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me and told me something like this:

“Richard Hoagland on coast to coast am said to millions of listeners:

1) When Bush went to see the high priests of the mayan temples in S. America…, after he left, they had to cleanse the temples well

2) But, on the other hand when Obama went there, they blessed him (while he was there) instead.

Live and learn…


Comment by Edge on April 6, 2011 @ 12:43 pm

Edge, mahalo for the interesting video. Valuing precious metals in terms of other investments (stocks, real estate) is really just common sense since the dollar value can hypothetically reach infinity. The explanation he gives is very clear and logical.


“Look back to your memories of lifetimes gone by and know that you have been here before. Just as sparrows are born knowing that they are sparrows, it only takes reminding from their parents that they can fly.

And as the Lakota Native American called “Little Crow” reminds you, “’Tis the journey within that is ultimate, not the reflection from a looking glass, for the glass stops your vision just beyond your nose and vision must flow throughout infinity, beyond man’s puny limits.

There is only brotherhood within the vision quest of ones who come from the Thunder Peoples and the Sky Brothers. These ones are labeled the Bird Tribes for, when they were labeled thusly, only birds flew within the consciousness of experience. Man could not fly.”

Comment by winwin4all on April 6, 2011 @ 1:28 pm

Mahalo Win


Poofness Updates April 5/11
Greetings and Salutations,

I made up a term many years ago, ‘synchronistic vibrosity’, it just means that when certain conditions reach a certain point no matter how diverse, the vibration comes together. and stuff happens. I don’t know how many people realized it but the fed res bank had a 100 yrs lease to run the us banking system. Legally it was never going to last or be in power indefinitely. A fiat system always has failure built into it’s construction, it’s against nature. Anytime you keep feeding the top to the detriment of the foundation upon which it stands, nature says you will fall over. The folks in charge of the thing, tried to defy nature, which proved to be a losing proposition, their insistence on trying to remain relevant in time was almost as pathetic as trying to reverse the flow of the mississippi river. What has stood the test of time and the rise and fall of nations? Precious metal!

Upon this foundation sits the New Global Banking system, created by ‘common sense’ ‘if you got it use it’. The fight was coming from they who had no resources to continue their facade, awww poor babies, they wanted their cake and eat it too. Unless, they could create miracles, they were always staring down the pipe at failure. You heard me say many years ago, the us doesn’t run the world, it just thinks it does. We are living in the time when that becomes painfully obvious. People can scarcely believe what they are seeing and hearing now so I’m watching smart people running around with their hair on fire, almost to the point of giving up to the vagaries of the military industrial complex, the Corporation, the Machine, call it what you want. Be glad others joined this war, that weren’t struck dumb by the cabals’ power. 200+ years ago they got their chance to run the planet, time has proven how inept they were. Very simple problem with their concepts, they could never drop the greed and control, from their constructs. Couldn’t see a world operating without them being in positions of power and control. The longer they tried to hang on they had greater volumes of entropy working against them, nature again.

A great event in modern history took place thurs night at the stroke of midnight now this long wait ends. Zeus reached down from Mt Olympus Or perhaps, it was Odin from Valhalla, and put an end to the incessant dealings and negotiations. No, is a hard word for children to deal with and in a world where elders do exist, it amazes me how little these talking heads realize about who runs this world and how easy it is for them to raid the game, where one is wealthy beyond believe one day and dust poor the next. Well last week some of these folks realized how easy it was for that to happen to them. Like they say in the southland ‘some folks don’t believe fat meat’s greasy’. How many times you gonna tell that child to stop something before a parental action enforces the word? Some young parents are figuring that out right now. Some one over in china said, until the bad guys figure out who’s in charge dates will come and go, maybe under normal circumstances, but these are unusual times which calls for unusual methods, and that is what has happened, I’ll be listening, I’m sure Mr Cheney has some choice words for us to explain how, the rats continue on and are taking us all to hell in a hand basket.

All is handled, things you didn’t even know needed handled have been put on the chess table and dealt with. Lot of moving parts require great vision and hands of a surgeon to fix…much wisdom. Much will be put on the table when you get your invitation to come to the bank. Some have already presented their plan of how they will help this world go back to it’s pristine state. As I said, this is about ending world poverty, preserving the children, taking care of the elderly, and causing life to be worth living…for everybody! What a novel concept. This is what’s on the other side of the Omega door way, a brave new world. There’s a lot more to the lybia question than it’s leader, there are massive plans for the sahara desert than are readily apparent. And it’s way past oil. Take your time, clear out the years of limited thinking and false limits offered in some of the education and by talking heads, you are free to move about the cabin and into the world at large. Consultations remain available to those needing one, as I said I’m here until the last minute.

Love and Kisses,

“Poofness” 2 goforth@safe-mail.net


DMAC 11:08 Aloha ,I really perked up because of your “Saved By the Light” to the Light” quote, Mr Dannon Brinkly is a Lier and fraud .

there are 14,000,000 US men now claiming they are Viet Nam vets while there were only 11/2 million all togeather.(fact , mr .Brinkly is one of the Fakers ,.

“1975, a man called Dannion Brinkley was struck by lightning and had a near death experience which he recounts in his book ‘Saved by the Light’. During the twenty-eight minutes while he was officially dead he was led by a spirit being through the dark tunnel to a crystal city. He was visited by thirteen beings who are described as light beings similar to classic ETs and angels.

He recalls a total of 117 events showed to him on a screen which pertained to predicted events on Earth between 1975 and 2000. At the time of the release of his book in 1994, 95 of these events had occurred, including Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the Gulf War, the Chenobyl disaster and the fall of the Soviet Union. Events which have not yet occurred include American bankruptcy, the development of chemical and biological weaponry to be used against France and mass destruction due to World War III.”

In the Best seller “Stolen Valor” by BG Burkett ( on how the Vietnam generation was robbed of it’s heroes and it, history , Burkett devotes Chapter 17 ( War Stories and other lies!)

AS the light being engulfed him (Brinkley) he rexperienced his whole life , His days as a vicious bully then his experiences performing military and intellegience work in Vietnam where he claims he did intellegience work
mainly in Cambodia and Laos.

Now dying,from a lightening strike Brinkley found himself experiencing the point of view of those he hurt and killed ,He claims he was sent
to terminate a VC colonel ,Brinkley saw himself focusing his sniper rifle on the Col. he squeezed and watched the Colonels head explode in a pink mist, now he felt-not the mans pain-but his confusion in not being able to go home again.
Sent to a country bordering Vietnam he blew up a hotel where a an enemy officer was living ,Surrounded by death
and wars destruction.
Brinkely ,after the war ended went on to Central America as a covert operative .
Doesn’t he sound like Rambo? well he never served as a Marine Corp. sniper ,He never served in Vietnam, He was never a Marine Corp assassin, and he never left the US in his duties as a low ranking enlisted man working in a Marine Motorpool where he was assigned to Company A, 4th Marine Transportation Battalion ,stationed in Atlanta Georgia.

His true history He attended college for one year then dropped out in 1969. to join the Marines and this “Superhero” went through boot camp at Paris Island where he was assigned to Camp Le Jeune for advanced training
and was assigned to the motorpool, trucking toilet paper ,blankets, and comissary supplies to other marine facilities , His service was worthy for 18 months until his discharge in 1971.He didn’t have to lie as he had honorable service .

Very low ranking marines of 18 months of servive never see a sniper rifle and he recieved NO speciaity training , like Airborne ,Ranger ,Force Recon, sniper school and Special Forces Green berets (Delta Force), It took me over 6 years of specilized training to recieve the assignments like he claimed .

Capt. Burkett states “Did Brinkley really encounter heavenly beings who gave him the low down on the afterlife and events to come? I have no way of filing official Freedom of information requests for Heavens records, like I Did with the Pentagon and Navy Department. but my guess is that his tales of angelic encounters are just as fake and about as real as the stories of Military Combat .
He attended NO schools for specilized advanced and could not have served overseas in his active service .ALL his records were pulled and checked out .Not one decoration for combat service or Heroism not even a Southeast Asian service ribbon .

this is one of the reasons I am so sceptial about most of the channeled predictive stories , Even Nostradamus is suspect by historical researches .

Dannon Brinkely is a WANNABE warrior who was never able to fullfill his dreams of warriorhood ,so he as been lying
ever since and has made a pretty Penny selling angelic BS and Prophecies for years , BEWARE and have nothing to do with this lying Wanna be as he is just another boy who never quite measured up .
The source Book , “Stolen Valor” is available on line and published by Verity Press Inc.
Dannon is closer to Dannon Yogurt that Dannon the sniper hkiller and remember 12 millon men claim ,on the last census to be Vietnam Vets, that many are lying and Dannon is one of the biggest ones
.Read Burkett’s book ,it’s well written and an eye opener and put on your sceptials when listening to the accounts of the commerical writers making their bread writing on their new age experiences.


Does Rockefeller have plans to buy much of Alaska in order to use the HAARP weapon ?
The Rocks must be taken out nijas, WDS,BDS. Red & Green, Pentagon , Loyal Patriots in The ABC organizations, Whitehats , it’s up to you. We the people will back you ! Promise.
Comment by wbstreck on April 6, 2011 @ 1:04 am

_________________________________________________________ snip

You think more negotiation with rabid-dogs is in order?





This is an absolutely insane adversary which has done this to innocents!

Aren’t you at least a little pissed off?

WHERE is your HU-manity?

AN EVIL has been unjustifiably executed based in HATE.

Or, am I missing something here?

Mass genocide.

WHERE is your moral compass if you ignore what I see and is staring YOU ALL right in the face?

EVIL unchecked fluorishes peeps….

How many more must suffer, must die for your awareness to expand beyond programmed responses and you recognize what path lies ahead?

Or, we continue to hear them laughing how stupid we all are and they continue chaos & mayhem?


I resonate with Nai’s recent posts.

Union is just a word ,..
“To create a more perfect union” is in the constitution. People coming together and helping each other is Union. This is the future of our species

Yoga means Union,
Emanuel Ben Joseph (Jesus) grew up on an Essene commune.

Will human beings ever evolve if we think we are blobs of flesh competing for the next handful of rice? or Gold?

We are energy forms that extend beyond and out of our bodies. Pulsing Electromagnetic hearts and chakra’s.

How do we attain a “more perfect Union”

Elevating consciousness may not be decided by any spiritual path or religion but by a sweeping galactic wave of compassion where humans decide to take care of each other
because -there is no other way!


Comment by mbridges on April 6, 2011 @ 9:57 am

Morrell said about 20,000 personnel, 140 aircraft and more than 20 ships from the U.S. military have supported the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts in Japan.


This whole scenario is ludicrous, to think someone is doing someone else a favor any way you look at it, and at the expense of the innocent (Japan citizens) being victimized into submission.

If a natural disaster, how quickly we forget that the National Guard was created for this very type of disaster, your own homeland security. Where are they now? Fighting, no, engaging/participating in a so called “war” in someone elses turf leaving your homeland vulnerable for quick relief. Again, does the 20,000 personnel include former Japan citizens? Where are the former citizens physical body to aid in the clean up of their motherland Japan or is it because it wasn’t a natural disaster, so why should they give physical aid?

I can see why some here are saying we are stupid, because it appears by this example, we are, where (1) you get impatient for a better life, so you create a reason to get it sooner than; (2) you resort to technology to aid and abet (1), instead of letting it occur naturally; (3) then you provide a means to look good in the eyes of the world by sending 20,000 personnel. It’s propaganda anyway you look at it.

Now on the other hand, there are those who can assist and aid, but are playing the wait and see game to the detrimental deterioation of a human soul. Who gives a damn, anyway? Giving financial support doesn’t cut it. Is that how the 20,000 personnel are getting THEIR needs met, and why not?

I’m not saying I’m right, but saying this is how I see it and I don’t like what I’m seeing, it sucks. Always taking care of man made castrophe. What a waste of valuable resources.

Oh well, moving on.

E Aloha Malama Pono no matter what,
Ms. Kuuleimomi


Comment by metaphy on April 6, 2011 @ 7:25 am

I am not saying all these numbers are “satanic” or whatever. These are powerful numbers, and like any tool they can be used for good or bad. Music is a similar paradigm. Certain chords go together (fellow musicians take not 3rd 5th 7th 9th etc).

11:11 is totally different — it comes up to me all the time and signifies many things, including trancendence. No one can say one number means exactly this or that.

I suspect using these numbers on events “amplifies” them or creates harmonics we can’t see but affects us. An invisible music. I think churches are participating in this with blood sacrifices (Christ the innocent) each week, and steeples in a worldwide antenna grid. Yeah this sounds nuts, I know, but I feel in good company to share this here.

Proof that they know all about this: check out William Westcott’s book about the Occult Power of Numbers. He started Order of the Golden Dawn, which spawned Alistair Crowley, who spawned Barbara Bush etc.

Pythagoras Quotes: “Number rules the universe.”


Hate to start the morning this way.

This is an interview conducted by Hagmann-Hagmann Report and Steve Quayle:


Authorities In U.S: house-to-house searches in readiness, state-of-the-art equipment to be used, “non-lethal” weapons, SWAT swaps, foreign officers-NATO troops (Iraqis stationed in Canada and Russia) stationed inside US–this is simply treason in the highest degree!



Comment by stevevz on April 6, 2011 @ 7:31 pm

For unknown reasons, I’ve always had a facination with numbers. Never had given much thought to it until the mid 70’s when I met someone who I became friends with.

Turns out his family practiced witchcraft and his mother did extensive numerology on my name, birthdate & other info which I don’t remember. A week or so later she told me she’d never had results come back so positive on anybody.

She said something like my 7 desireable traits were all very good & that was a 1st for her. Didn’t take her too seriously because back then I was closeminded to woo-woo stuff.

Anyway, is there really anything to numerology? That incident popped into mind when I read your post.



After reading winwin’s input “Until we support him (because he has an “enlightened” soul walking among evil reptiles) more, then the faster we get to see a better world. Afterall, he’s in the driver seat.”…

Maybe you’ve already shared this and I’ve missed it but can you share Obama’s LOC? It could help clear up some questions I have. Thank you!



Micah 7:4-7 (New King James Version)

4 The best of them is like a brier;
The most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge;
The day of your watchman and your punishment comes;
Now shall be their perplexity.
5 Do not trust in a friend;
Do not put your confidence in a companion;
Guard the doors of your mouth
From her who lies in your bosom.
6 For son dishonors father,
Daughter rises against her mother,
Daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law;
A man’s enemies are the men of his own household.
7 Therefore I will look to the LORD;
I will wait for the God of my salvation;
My God will hear me.


Forces already mobilized to New Madrid Fault.


What does this mean? “Forces already mobilized to New Madrid Fault.”


Re: Comment by nai2010 on April 6, 2011 @ 7:59 am
>Please understand that I am not trying to denigrate
>you or your thoughts, I am just frustrated with where
>we all are right now.

As we all are… Things are changing rapidly and everyone is feeling the effects. Hang in there, stay positive, and everything will work out fine. Great changes are coming, and it is up to us to make our own future, let us make it a positive one, united in a just cause.

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

This was on one of the Republic SKYPE rooms last night

*mike**nesaranowwon**: [11:02 PM] mikez:

<<< ****************


NO! Everything will not work out fine!

Not one of you with your earthly gods, self-gods, concepts or thoughts, all Luciferian concoctions, are going to push back the UN troops mobilized in America! America is under attack.

You Christians who are remaining silent, waiting for Jesus, speak up! The harvest is great. Save as many souls as you can. Take the good news to everyone–now.

You who are see-sawing, give your life up to the one true Lord Jesus Christ now and watch your life change. Watch the supernatural protection, provisioning and revelations that will come to you.

I do not care if you jump all over this post or me…I think you need to know this by now. You need to wake-up. Stop being led to slaughter.

It is frankly too late. Tell everyone in America all you know as fast as you can. Put your ego away. Now!

I pray for all of you. For God’s grace. Each hour matters now.

May is the month bandied about in the intel for America. Call it ‘May Day.’


Hope – your “urgent energy” just sprouted from the screen & the feeling I just got from your post is very negative energy, to the point of nausea. Will have to discern why on my own later, til then love to you and all. Back to scrolling by. Peace all!


Just a thought for your consideration…isn’t it the job of the dark forces, Illuminati, PTW, etc. to instill fear at all times and at all costs to control us?

With that thought in mind, what is the purpose of your latest entries? I know it certainly doesn’t make me feel positive and loving and certainly not Christian or Christ like…please share unless your answer is to ‘warn the heathens’ as we’ve already received that message. Thanks so much!


Hi Hope

All you do is preaching your quasi religion and fear.

You like to portray yourself as a christian, you are as fake as it can get.

You really are that stupid that you think you can “save” anybody.


Comment by denden on April 6, 2011 @ 8:52 pm


according to this guy there is…

peace and love


Comment by gwynned on April 5, 2011 @ 11:51 pm

watch Rik Clay 2012 Facts To Consider part 9 – http://www.youtube.com

(sorry can’t link at work)

(also watch the others – 90mins of pure gold)

i watched this last night, did not know it would end up on the same subject we spoke about….

to me, after my comment t’other day + yours, then watching this unexpectedly, is a good spiritual sign to me that I was meant to discover this at this time for benevolent reasons.






This is interesting in term of the Bahrain government mentioning a decades old plot to destabilize the middle east, ties into other reports on how the BTB/W want to destabilize prior to some large geo-physical event, then take over etc!



Everyone who is awake feels fear.
Anyone who says he is not afraid without Christ better be afraid.

Satanists are working toward the great culling.
Japan was the signature start.
America is planned for destruction and it seems imminent.

When I told you the shadow government was largely non-human, I failed to tell you, these were evil entities.
Now, you know.
Go to woowoo disinfo sites like Edgar Cayce and have them show how to ascend, for consolation.
What will you not be made to believe???!

If you accept these Luciferian ideas as your gods, or the prince himself, they will take your souls to the depths of hades. Hell is real.

Believing in yourself will also send you over the precipice. Not one of you by thinking yourself powerful with your thoughts can alter anything. Have you actually seen anything averted. Have you seen what they have been doing? The radiation all over the world?

I am not a “fundamentalist” or an “extremist”–I don’t belong to any denomination. I bring either the good news or an example to people where I go. I aim everyday to be as Christlike as I can. He is in me and there is no stopping what is in me.

Don’t use the excuse that some Christians are bad…yada yada yada. There is no more time for excuses. It is about Christ and you–no one else.

Do you the moribund world you are in?

Little children, God loves you all and is calling you to him. You can only come to the Father through Jesus Christ, The One, Lord and Savior. This is the only assurance you have of averting deception and salvation.

I have no fear because of my faith. I am untouchable by faith in Christ.

I trust the evil ones will make a full attack.
Bring it on.
You are no contest for God Almighty you brood of vipers.
Stop your idolatry, repent.
Ask Jesus to come in to your heart.

Then you will release all of that fear.


Dear Edge,

Here is the article on turning off “geolocation.” It is simple to do and I think that everybody should do this. If you do not turn off geolocation, your browser will tell anybody who asks where you are.



Geolocation is a rather secret feature of some browsers and toolbars. It allows the creator of that program to get a fix on the location of your computer to within a few meters of where you actually live. For the potential dangers read the article from BBC News entitled ‘Web attack knows where you live’ here.

More on site


Dear Cybro,

Whatever your masters are paying you is TOOOOOOOOOOOO much. These puerile antics don’t upset us, they make us feel sorry for you. Please cease and desist. We get that you hate the USA. We aren’t the USA, we are just people who happen to live there (some of us) and we don’t agree with our government’s policies. Whatever you think that you are achieving with these comments will not succeed.


Rofl, right idea but wrong target, try sooper volcaino at Yozemiit, yur bankrupt continant will be glowing in lava for 1000 yearz, burn baby burn, lolololololololol.

Comment by cybro on April 6, 2011 @ 9:48 am


Dear Wo,

Thanks for getting back to me. There is also a link of some sort to a NEW WEBSITE that appears to be correlating the travels of TWO JOHN TITORS. I will try to find that and put it up.

Do you sometimes feel like this little corner of the web is manifesting changes big time? I know that I do. So, I want everybody to begin manifesting changes for the good.




You are propagating the interests of the cabal either intentionally or unintentionally.

Everybody can see it, relax.

You are forgiven.


Hope, PTB’s WANT us panicking in the streets so they can have EVERY reason to implement THE EXACT SCNARIO you claim to want to avoid, MARTIAL LAW and them pulling out every Fascist trick in their 4th Reich book. You have to be able to see this…if not youi need a new set of pills…or maybe the last “version” of you the PTB programmed is now awake.


Trygve you are an antichrist and disinfo in here–I will not abate.

Your forgiveness is a filthy rag.

Folks, the only forgiveness you need is from the One God, Jesus Christ. Do not look for approval from men.

You serpent get out of this blog in Jesus name.

The day of judgment is close. Choose between good and evil.
Get your spiritual house in order.


No Maclin, what you have just written IS their trick. It is however the antichrists in here that need to shake the evil one from their souls. Calling out for Jesus as their Savior will do that.

The evil one does not want Jesus to be known as the one true God on this earth, and in all heavens.

When you try to silence this, YOU ARE doing the evil one’s work.

You will soon fall on your knees and beg forgiveness for all your denial of Christ who loves you. God by His grace may save you. His wrath at present is palpable.

The Holy Spirit is in me.

Which spirit is in you?

America was born on Christianity. More than half of Americans believe themselves to be Christians. Are these Americans all crazy?

You are deceived by the realm of darkness.

Fill your oil lamps now.

The celebration of Christ’s resurrection is imminent. The single greatest event since creation.

Jesus, please come back with haste. I cannot wait to meet You in the flesh and to be taken up and live with You on a new earth for 1,000 years.

Will you be there with me? Webbie will. Tman will. Fix will, Positive will. Quiet Christians here will. It will be a great day. We will meet each other then.

Dear Lord save these lost sheep. I ask that you send angels to each and everyone here to minister to them, and show them the Way.


Well hope, so unchristian of you.

I know what I am and it is not important for me what you say I am.

Just to say that your reaction is proof enough for everybody on this blog that you are certainly not that christian you like to portray your self as.

You are so well versed in evil, why is that?

Those evil words of yours are neither in my repertoire nor in my hart.

And you should know what forgiveness is about, it means your evil words against me have no effects on me.

I just want to expose you to others on this blog.

Again, you are forgiven.

Please do not respond to me!



I use God’s words only. This is who you reject. Don’t make any more pretenses. Time is nigh!

Find Him now and keep your eyes off men. Not one of us is worthy to untie His sandals.
Not me. Not you.

A wicked man flees; but, a righteous man is bold as a lion.


Dear BFCers,

I want to share some thoughts with all of you from the Hopi and other sources. For some time, I have been “sensing” that we are on the cusp of a big change and that we have to prepare for that change. Preparation is probably not going to be stuffing cans into a pantry although that might help. Preparation is more about recalibrating our hearts and minds for a tough time ahead.

For a long time, I have written about a hard time that is coming during which nothing will come easily–not food, not water, not warmth and not comfort. But, I have also said that after this period begins, there will be many benefits. Humanity will rediscover the importance of friendship and caring. Those that get through the changes will find a better world waiting on the other side.

It doesn’t do any good to worry and be afraid. We cannot change the inevitable. We will be in the grip of planetary changes that will prove to mankind yet again that we are not more powerful than the things around us.

Cliff H has pointed to this fall as a time when the changes will be piled so deep and high that mankind will have to acknowledge that something is going on. He is not the only one saying that.

I am sharing this and the Hopi prophecies again.



Many have asked us to send this out again over the newsletter. It is information we received via telepathy concerning Nibiru. We asked if Planet X or Nibiru is real. The answer was yes. We asked then it is going to be closest to Earth or have the greatest impact.

We were told it is already having an impact with the increase in volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis yet it will be closest after the first week in September.

========>We were told there would be three days of darkness as it passes between the Earth and the Sun. October would be another major event and by November everything will be different. It will be leaving. Then we were told a massive ship will come, it is very slow moving compared to most ships yet on it are our ancient ancestors. They are very spiritually and technologically evolved and will help restore the Earth.

Then this video was sent to us. I am not saying this event is going to happen or not happen and there are so many transmissions lately it is just one of many we have received yet it is uncanny how it corresponds with the video which is why we are releasing it. I guess we will know soon enough by August it will be seen by everyone. Be well, James Gilliland http://www.eceti.org



Dear BFCers,

And now…the Hopi Prophecies.


Hopi Elders pass warnings and prophecies from generation to generation

through oral traditions and reference to ancient rock pictographs and tablets.

Hopi Blue Star or Blue Kachina Prophecy

An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”. This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.

[Note: Reality is a metaphor in which we quest to find answers to the greater truth of who we are and why we are here. Something in our souls tells us that change is happening on a global consciousness level. The blue frequency is part of that. Sirius is Isis – Return to the feminine of higher frequency energies – Rebirth of Consciousness. Blue links to higher/future frequencies of consciousness as we spiral up through the patterns of Sacred Geometry. Blue – electricity – our reality as an electromagnetic energy grid program. Blue: Indigo children, the blue alien lady, Isis, the Pleiades, Sirius, blue galaxies, blue chakra, blue ray and ascended master, and much more that will come ‘out of the blue’. Use search engine to discover more about ‘blue’.]

We Are All Related By Dr. Allen Ross

The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a “Kachina” removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children [the general public]. For a while there will be no more ceremonies, no more faith. Then Oraibi will be rejuvenated with its faith and ceremonies, marking the start of a new cycle of Hopi life.

World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the light (the divine wisdom or intelligence) in the other old countries (India, China, Islamic Nations, Africa.)

The United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity. Only the Hopis and their homeland will be preserved as an oasis to which refugees will flee. Bomb shelters are a fallacy. “It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil. Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world, be they Black, White, Red, or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers.”

The war will be “a spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator.”


Dear BFCers,

More of the Hopi Prophecies from Crystallinks

That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon. The time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony. It was sung in 1914 just before World War I, and again in 1940 before World War II, describing the disunity, corruption, and hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the world. This same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.

The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. It is being made by the humble people of little nations, tribes, and racial minorities. “You can read this in the earth itself. Plant forms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds [as described in SW-II, Effects and Coming Events # 1]. This could start a new study of botany if people were wise enough to read them. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in our hearts. All these are the same, depending how you look at them. That is what makes the Emergence to the next, Fifth World.

“These comprise the nine most important prophecies of the Hopis, connected with the creation of the nine worlds: the three previous worlds on which we lived, the present Fourth World, the three future worlds we have yet to experience, and the world of Taiowa, the Creator, and his nephew, Sotuknang.”

The Hopi and others who were saved from the Great Flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit never to turn away from him. He made a set of sacred stone tablets, called Tiponi, into which he breathed his teachings, prophecies, and warnings. Before the Great Spirit hid himself again, he placed before the leaders of the four different racial groups four different colors and sizes of corn; each was to choose which would be their food in this world. The Hopi waited until last and picked the smallest ear of corn. At this, the Great Spirit said:

“It is well done. You have obtained the real corn, for all the others are imitations in which are hidden seeds of different plants. You have shown me your intelligence; for this reason I will place in your hands these sacred stone tablets, Tiponi, symbol of power and authority over all land and life to guard, protect, and hold in trust for me until I shall return to you in a later day, for I am the First and I am the Last.”

The Great Chieftain of the Bow Clan led the faithful ones to this new land, but he fell into evil ways. His two sons scolded him for his mistake, and after he died they assumed the responsibilities of leadership. Each brother was given a set of Tiponi, and both were instructed to carry them to a place to which the Great Spirit directed them.

The elder brother [of the shining light] was told to go immediately to the east, toward the rising sun, and upon reaching his destination to start back immediately to look for his younger brother, who remained on Turtle Island [the Continental United States of America].

His mission was to help his younger brother to bring about the Purification Day, at which time all evildoers would be punished or destroyed, after which real peace, brotherhood, and everlasting life would be established. The elder brother would restore all land to his younger brother, from whom the Evil one among the white men had taken it. The elder brother [of the shining light] also would come to look for the Tiponi tablets and fulfill the mission given him by the Great Spirit.

The younger brother was instructed to travel throughout the land and mark his footsteps as he went about. Both brothers were told that a great white star would appear in the sky; when that happened, all people would know that the elder brother had reached his destination. Thereupon all people were to settle wherever they happened to be at that time, there to remain until the elder brother returned.

The Hopi settled in the area now known as Four Corners, where the state lines of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet. They lived in humble simplicity and the land produced abundant crops. This area is the “heart” of Turtle Island [the U.S.] and of Mother Earth, and it is the microcosmic image of the macrocosm of the entire planet. Each Hopi clan perpetuates a unique ceremony, and the ceremonies together maintain the balance of natural forces of sunlight, rain and winds, and reaffirm the Hopi respect for all life and trust in the Great Spirit.


Nai – I think the John Titor story is real and I have no doubt we will continue to hear more about him and the issues he talked about out..I remember hearing on an interview about the two “John Titor’s” due to him going to back to 1975 to right a wrong he had done inadvertently…time travel is so facsinating, I can wrap my brain around it for days..LOL. Yes, I agree with you…even if it may seem a litle self-centered..that we do create an exponential amount of energy on this blog and it does seem very “coincidental” that a lot of the things we talk about seem to become bigger issues.


Comment by hopesprings on April 6, 2011 @ 11:24 pm

Hope, you are loosing credibility here.

That post was horrible reading.

I much like myra am feeling some heavily bad vibes from your post.

Please keep your satanic fear mongering to yourself.

You will go to heaven or hell Hope, only your maker will decide based on your life choices.

I will do neither because that is not what I believe, thanks very muchly.

Fear is a useless emotion which I personally do not feel.
I may feel sheepish or coy when for example approaching a beautiful female, but that is the only “fear” I feel.

Can you not see how your own fear has been put there by the satanic mofos ???

Can you not see that without them you would have no fear ??

That fear is their implant within you hope, and they have got you good. You are now spreading you fear. The fear has hatched its eggs and they are escaping your host of a body.

Keep your fear babies to yourself please and thank you.

By the way

I still love you unconditionally, no hard feelings.



Hope, By the mandates from your own idol in your own religion you have no right to voice this…:
“You will soon fall on your knees and beg forgiveness for all your denial of Christ who loves you. God by His grace may save you. His wrath at present is palpable.”

You are out of bounds on this.

Research the actual beliefs of the founders of this nation I live in….they were wary of your religion for the reasons you display nearly every day.


Dear Cafe Members,

The part that is coming is extremely important because it provides some information about what to expect and what will influences the outcome of these events.


The Hopi were told that after a time White Men would come and take their land and try to lead the Hopi into evil ways. But in spite of all the pressures against them, the Hopi were told they must hold to their ancient religion and their land, though always without violence. If they succeeded, they were promised that their people and their land would be a center from which the True Spirit would be reawakened.

It is said that after many years the elder brother might change the color of his skin, but his hair will remain black. He will have the ability to write, and he will be the only person able to read the Tiponi. When he returns to find his younger brother, the Tiponi will be placed side by side to show all the world that they are true brothers. Then great judgment will take place, for the elder will help the younger brother to obtain real justice for all Indian brothers who have been cruelly mistreated by the white man since he came to Turtle Island.

The transformed elder brother, the True White Brother, will wear a red cloak or a red cap, similar to the pattern on the back of a horned toad. He will bring no religion but his own, and will bring with him the Tiponi tablets. He will be all-powerful; none will be able to stand against him. He will come swiftly, and in one day gain control of this entire continent. It is said, “If he comes from the East, the destruction will not be so bad. But if he comes from the West, do not get up on your housetops to see because he will have no mercy.”

The True White Brother will bring with him two great, intelligent and powerful helpers, one of whom will have a sign of a swastika (a masculine symbol of purity), and the sign of the sun. The second great helper will have the sign of a celtic cross with red lines (representing female life blood) between the arms of the cross.

When the Great Purification is near, these helpers will shake the earth first for a short time in preparation. After they shake the earth two times more, they will be joined by the True White Brother, who will become one with them and bring the Purification Day to the world. All three will help the “younger brother” (the Hopi and other pure-hearted people) to make a better world. In the prophecies, the two helpers are designated by the Hopi word for “population,” as if they were large groups of people.

The Hopi were warned that if these three great beings failed, terrible evil would befall the world and great numbers of people would be killed. However, it was said that they would succeed if enough Hopi remained true to the ancient spirit of their people. The True White Brother and his helpers will show the people of earth a great new life plan that will lead to everlasting life. The earth will become new and beautiful again, with an abundance of life and food. Those who are saved will share everything equally. All races will intermarry and speak one tongue and be a family.

Hopi prophecy states that World War III will be started by the people who first received the Light — China, Palestine, India and Africa. When the war comes, the United States will be destroyed by “gourds of ashes” which will fall to the ground, boiling the rivers and burning the earth, where no grass will grow for many years, and causing a disease that no medicine can cure. This can only mean nuclear or atomic bombs; no other weapon causes such effects.

Bomb shelters will be useless, for “Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the Great Shelter of Life. There is no shelter for evil. When the Saquahuh (blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask, the time of the great trial will be here.” The Hopi believe that only they will be saved.

The Hopi also have prophesied that “Turtle Island could turn over two or three times and the oceans could join hands and meet the sky.” This seems to be a prophecy of a “pole shift” — a flipping, of the planet on its axis. The Hopi call this imminent condition — and that of society today — “Koyaanisqatsi”, which means “world out of balance…a state of life that calls for another way. ”

The following extraordinary Hopi prophecy was first published in a mimeographed manuscript that circulated among several Methodist and Presbyterian churches in 1959. Some of the prophecies were published in 1963 by Frank Waters in The Book of the Hopi. The account begins by describing how, while driving along a desert highway one hot day in the summer of 1958, a minister named David Young stopped to offer a ride to an Indian elder, who accepted with a nod. After riding in silence for several minutes, the Indian said:

“I am White Feather, a Hopi of the ancient Bear Clan. In my long life I have traveled through this land, seeking out my brothers, and learning from them many things full of wisdom. I have followed the sacred paths of my people, who inhabit the forests and many lakes in the east, the land of ice and long nights in the north, and the places of holy altars of stone built many years ago by my brothers’ fathers in the south. From all these I have heard the stories of the past, and the prophecies of the future. Today, many of the prophecies have turned to stories, and few are left — the past grows longer, and the future grows shorter.

“And now White Feather is dying. His sons have all joined his ancestors, and soon he too shall be with them. But there is no one left, no one to recite and pass on the ancient wisdom. My people have tired of the old ways — the great ceremonies that tell of our origins, of our emergence into the Fourth World, are almost all abandoned, forgotten, yet even this has been foretold. The time grows short.

“My people await Pahana, the lost White Brother, [from the stars] as do all our brothers in the land. He will not be like the white men we know now, who are cruel and greedy. we were told of their coming long ago. But still we await Pahana.

“He will bring with him the symbols, and the missing piece of that sacred tablet now kept by the elders, given to him when he left, that shall identify him as our True White Brother.

“The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.

“This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.

“This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes — the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies.”

“This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes — the coming of the white men’s cattle.”

“This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron.”

“This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”

“This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.”

“This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”

“This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.

“And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

“These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle against other people in other lands — with those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying.

“Many of my people, understanding the prophecies, shall be safe. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon — very soon afterward — Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.

“But White Feather shall not see it. I am old and dying. You — perhaps will see it. In time, in time…”

The old Indian fell silent. They had arrived at his destination, and Reverend David Young stopped to let him out of the car. They never met again. Reverend Young died in 1976, so he did not live to see the further fulfillment of this remarkable prophecy.

The signs are interpreted as follows: The First Sign is of guns. The Second Sign is of the pioneers’ covered wagons. The Third Sign is of longhorn cattle. The Fourth Sign describes the railroad tracks. The Fifth Sign is a clear image of our electric power and telephone lines. The Sixth Sign describes concrete highways and their mirage-producing effects. The Seventh Sign foretells of oil spills in the ocean. The Eighth Sign clearly indicates the “Hippy Movement” of the 1960s. The Ninth Sign was the U.S. Space Station Skylab, which fell to Earth in 1979. According to Australian eye-witnesses, it appeared to be burning blue.

Another Hopi prophecy warns that nothing should be brought back from the Moon — obviously anticipating the Apollo 11 mission that returned with samples of lunar basalt. It this was done, the Hopi warned, the balance of natural and universal laws and forces would be disturbed, resulting in earthquakes, severe changes in weather patterns, and social unrest. All these things are happening today, though of course not necessarily because of Moon rocks.

The Hopi also predicted that when the “heart” of the Hopi land trust is dug up, great disturbances will develop in the balance of nature, for the Hopi holy land is the microcosmic image of the entire planet; any violations of nature in the Four Corners region will be reflected and amplified all over the Earth.

In 1959, a six-man delegation of traditional Hopi leaders led by the late spiritual leader, Dan Katchongva, traveled to the United Nations Building in New York to fulfill a sacred mission in accordance with ancient Hopi instructions. Because of their prophetic knowledge, the Hopi leaders felt it was time to go east to the edge of their motherland, where “a house of mica” [The United Nations building] would stand at this time, where Great Leaders from many lands would be gathered to help any people who are in trouble.”

They were to go when the motherland of the Hopi and other Indian brothers were about to be taken away from them and their way of life was in danger of being completely destroyed by evil ones among the White Men and by some other Indian brothers who were influenced by the White Race. This is a clear and present danger: the betrayal of Indian-U.S.A. treaties, land sales, and coal and uranium mining are destroying the Hopi land and its people — and all other peoples and lands, in eventual effect…

According to prophecy, at least one, two or three leaders or nations would hear and understand the Hopi warnings, as “It is told that they too should know these ancient instructions”. Upon hearing the message of the Hopi, they would act immediately to correct many wrongs being done to the chosen race — the Red Man who was granted permission to hold in trust all land and life for the Great Spirit. This prophecy would seem to have failed. Hopi prophecy also declares that the doors of the “Glass House” would be closed to them. This was the case at first, though they have delivered their message to the United Nations Assembly since then:

“When the Great Leaders in the Glass House refuse to open the door to you when you stand before it that day, [Repeated, again in 1993] do not be discouraged or turn about on the path you walk, but take courage, determination, and be of great rejoicing in your hearts, for on that day the White Race who are on your land with you have cut themselves from you and thereon lead themselves to the Greatest Punishment at the Day of Purification. Many shall be destroyed for their sins and evil ways. The Great Spirit has decreed it and no one can stop it, change it, or add anything to it. It shall be fulfilled!”

On August 7, 1970, a spectacular UFO sighting was witnessed by dozens of people and photographed by Chuck Roberts of the Prescott (Arizona)”Courier”. This sighting occurred after a “UFO calling” by Paul Solem and several Hopi Indians. This sighting was interpreted by some Hopis as being a partial fulfillment of a certain Hopi prophecy given by the Great Spirit Maasau and inscribed on Second Mesa, warning of the coming of Purification Day, when the true Hopi will be flown to other planets in “ships without wings.”

Hopi prophecy also tells us that there will be a mass migration of Indians northward from Mexico and Central and South America. The migration will be led by a 130-year old Indian named Etchata Etchana. The movement will come after the huge fire and explosion that will herald the advent of the True White Brother.

According to Hopi belief, the survivors of the Great Deluge thousands of years ago split up into four groups that moved north, south, east and west. Only one group completed their journey — to the North Pole and back — under the guidance of a brilliant “star” in which the Great Spirit Maasau traveled. When he landed, he drew a petroglyph on Second Mesa, showing a maiden (with the traditional “butterfly” hair arrangement) riding in a wingless, dome-shaped craft. The petroglyph signified the coming Day of Purification when the true Hopi will fly to other planets in “ships without wings.”

The prophecy also warns that there will be three divisions among the Hopi The first division was in 1906 between the Traditionalists and the Modernists. The Traditionalists were forced to leave Oraibi and move to Hotevilla. The second division took place in the wake of the spectacular appearance of UFOs in August, 1970.

Prophecy Rock

Near Oraibi, Arizona, there is a petroglyph known as Prophecy Rock which symbolizes many Hopi prophecies. Its interpretation is:

The large human figure on the left is the Great Spirit. The bow in his left hand represents his instructions to the Hopi to lay down their weapons. The vertical line to the right of the Great Spirit is a time scale in thousands of years. The point at which the great Spirit touches the line is the time of his return.

The “life path” established by the Great Spirit divides into the lower, narrow path of continuous Life in harmony with nature and the wide upper road of white man’s scientific achievements. The bar between the paths, above the cross, is the coming of white men; the Cross is that of Christianity. The circle below the cross represents the continuous Path of Life.

The four small human figures on the upper road represent, on one level, the past three worlds and the present; on another level, the figures indicate that some of the Hopi will travel the white man’s path, having been seduced by its glamour.

The two circles on the lower Path of Life are the “great shaking of the earth” (World Wars One and Two). The swastika in the sun and the Celtic cross represent the two helpers of Pahana, the True White Brother.

The short line that returns to the straight Path of Life is the last chance for people to turn back to nature before the upper road disintegrates and dissipates. The small circle above the Path of Life, after the last chance, is the Great Purification, after which corn will grow in abundance again when the Great Spirit returns. And the Path of Life continues forever…

The Hopi shield in the lower right corner symbolizes the Earth and the Four-Corners area where the Hopi have been reserved. The arms of the cross also represent the four directions in which they migrated according to the instructions of the Great Spirit.

The dots represent the four colors of Hopi corn, and the four racial colors of humanity.

Hopi Prophecy

Martin Gashweseoma

Traditional Hopi Elder and Guardian of the

Sacred Stone Tablets of the Fire Clan

Hopi prophecy warns that nothing should be brought back from the Moon. If this were done, the Hopi warned, the balance of natural and universal laws and forces would be disturbed, resulting in earthquakes, severe changes in weather patterns, and social unrest. All these things are happening today, though of course not necessarily because of Moon rocks.

On August 7, 1970, a spectacular UFO sighting was witnessed by dozens of people and photographed by Chuck Roberts of the Prescott Courier. This occurred after a “UFO calling” by several Hopi Indians and was interpreted by some Hopis as being a partial fulfillment of a certain inscribed on Second Mesa, warning of the coming of Purification Day, when the true Hopi will be flown to other planets in “ships without wings.”

The survivors of the Great Deluge thousands of years ago split up into four groups that moved in all four directions. Only one group completed their journey — to the North Pole and back — under the guidance of a brilliant “star” in which the Great Spirit Massau’u traveled. Upon landing, he drew a petroglyph on Second Mesa, showing a maiden riding in a wingless, dome-shaped craft. The petroglyph signified the coming Day of Purification when the true Hopi will fly to other planets in “ships without wings.”

The Hopi also predicted that when the heart of the Hopi land trust is dug up, great disturbances will develop in the balance of nature, for the Hopi holy land is the microcosmic image of the entire planet; any violations of nature in the Four Corners region will be reflected and amplified all over the Earth.

Martin Gasheseoma said recently that Hopi “elders told us that when the plants blossom in the middle of winter, we would need to go to Santa Fe to warn everyone of suffering and destruction to come unless they change their ways. Last year, in the middle of winter the plants began to blossom.”

How much suffering and destruction will accompany the time of the purification, and what will be its end result? Martin Gasheseoma foretells judgment in front of a big mirror and death to those who are evil and wicked, with only a handful of people surviving in every nation overseas who will then come to this continent, “which we call heaven.”

“All the suffering going on in this country with the tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes is carried on the breath of Mother Earth because she is in pain,” says Roberta Blackgoat, an elder of the Independent Dineh (Navajo) Nation at Big Mountain. She explains that the Four Corners area is particularly sacred because it literally holds Mother Earth’s internal organs — coal and uranium which the Bureau of Indian Affairs has allowed the Peabody Coal Mine to mine. “They are trying to take her precious guts out for money,” says Blackgoat. “My grandfather told me that coal is like the liver, and uranium is both the heart and lungs of Mother Earth.” Hopi and Navajo traditionalists are fighting the mining.

These life and death matters will be determined when Pahana returns, and theories abound as to Pahana’s identity. Since Pahana has also been called the White Brother, and since he is to return from the east, Hopi of past centuries wondered whether he could have been a Spaniard or an Anglo and devised tests for determining the true Pahana, including knowledge of the greeting of brotherhood, similarities of religious beliefs, and possession of the missing piece of the stone tablet. Many were tested, including Catholics, Baptists, and Mormons, but none passed to the satisfaction of traditional Hopi.

Robert Ghost Wolf

August 1997

Robert has been called a holistic healer, teacher, ceremonial leader, prophet and Shaman. He is an internationally recognized author, speaker and artist. Ghost Wolf is a Metis, part Iroquois and Lakota. He has worked with the Apache, Lakota, Osage, Hopi and Ojibwa elders for many years.

Robert says that ETs are contacting us now. Almost all Native American cultures have ancient prophecies telling of interactions with “Star Brothers” and their coming which they have recorded on petroglyphs.

The Hopi Indians are the Record Keepers of the Native Americans. The Hopis call this the “The Fourth Age of Man”. According to them the earth has been wiped clean 3 times already. First by Fire, next by Ice, most recently by the flood… approximately 11,000-12,000 years ago. Some believe that the actual date of the flood occured on June 5, 8498 BC. According to the Hopis we are about to enter “The Fifth Age”, which they call “The World of Illumination”, which seems to coincide with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The Hopis say that there will two more worlds after this. “The Sixth Age” which is “The World of Prophecy and Revelation” and “The Seventh Age” is “The World of Completion”.

The Native Americans have been not only the forefathers of we Americans who came to this country a few hundred years ago but they have been the Keepers of the Earth for a long period of time. What they believe is very sacred to us. This knowledge is re-emerging at this time in the Earth’s history.

The Hopi believe that they descended from the Pleiades and that even before that they came from Lyra which is the Ring Nebula that the Pleiadians have spoken to Bill Meier about. They call Lyra the “Eye of God”.

Robert mentions volcanoes going off in the Pacific Rim. This warms up the water making fish change their migration patterns. For example salmon from Alaska are not as plentiful as before. The El Nino’ is also swelling to record proportions. He says this means Hopi legends are being fulfilled and we are at the end of the Dream.

Asked what we can do about this, he said we need to return to the Earth and one way to do that is to restore our bodies to health by eating natural grains such as wheat, rice, millet, and corn. He travels around the world doing the Ghost Dance which is to raise the consciousness of people. He said we have got to stop fighting each other. He said people are not the enemy, the Corporation is the enemy because they are being greedy and taking profits now without regard to the future impact on our environment.

The 3 days of darkness of Hopi Prophecy will be 1998/1999. [This did not occur, but the concept of three days of darkness may yet occur in aother timeline as it appears in other religions.

Phoenix Bird would raise its wings and fly. Fire that burned it was the consumption of human desires. We are still not in balance.

Hopi Clan Rocks were given out to all four races a long time ago.

They are stored by race in the following locations:

White – Switzerland

Black – Kilimajaro Mountains in Africa

Yellow – Tibet

Red – Hopi land

A white man will come and restore the Fire Clay tablet.

The Hopi Rock has a + sign and a – (minus) sign on it with a circle.

They represent positive, negative and neutral forces in a magnetic field.

Where they cross is a vortex into the next dimension.

Greatest thing we have for healing is the human spirit.

We are children of the Sun.

Prophecies which should have happened 10 years ago have been put off.

We have been given a window of opportunity.

Spiritual Love is the answer. True knowledge is beyond words.

Comets are a sign of prophecy.

Hale-Bopp was the twin Kachina, white and blue.

The next one will be red. It is the Purifier. It will stop and observe us.

If we are not purified enough it will finish the job for us.

If there is an Armegeddon it is within each of us.

We have 12 strands of DNA in our blood.

Scientists don’t know what they are for since they are not being used.

But we can activate them ourselves.

One way is through drumming and ceremony.

End time should be seen as the Beginning time.

We are creating at this moment what our Tomorrow will be.

Hopi Elders on the Art Bell Radio Show

June 16, 1998

Real names not used:

GF1=Grandfather 1–Phoenix, Arizona

GF2=Grandfather 2–Phoenix, Arizona–translating for GF1

GM =Grandmother–Phoenix, Arizona

GW=Robert Ghost Wolf–Black Hills of South Dakota

AB: Art Bell–Los Vegas, Nevada

AB: How old are the prophecies that we are talking going to talk about?

GF2: He doesn’t know exactly what the age of these teachings are. He says they were given to them before Christ. It is mainly by word of mouth that it has been handed down.

AB: How does HE feel about the accuracy of the prophecy?

GF2: From the time when was the chief, he had been carrying this message. But mainly the message had been carried forth by word of mouth. The accuracy had to deal with how well each individual that was given the opportunity to maintain the exactness of the prophecies. They were all given this prophecy, so they all had to meet at least once or twice a year, in the Kivas, where they would actually sit down and go back through that. One person would talk about the prophecies, and if he ever so much as added something to it or left something out, then the rest of the group would know that part of the prophecies was missing. So, they would tell him, “Well, you didn’t say this one here,” or “You added this to it.” So, that is how this was kept alive through word of mouth and everyone had to remember just what those prophecies were about.

AB: Is Grandfather, or are you and others now having many dreams indicating that indeed these are the end times beginning to unfold?

GF2: Yes, I have dreamed about these things and that’s how a lot of them are coming about and they are true.

GF2: It’s not a matter of a quick change. If you wanted to change now and change your life around and do your prayers, it will help a little in the alleviation of much terrible outcome from the cataclysms. There is a lot in store for all of us and the intensity of this will be a lot less if we can all settle down and behave and not be in the way of the actions we have right now.

G2: There are a few that he thinks are important things that will be coming up pretty shortly. There’s one thing for sure that we are going to come upon is that World War III is….it will take place….and starvation is definitely a part of this thing, where we will hit starvation. The weather change, itself, it’s erratic, right now, and it’s not what it should be. This weather climate, itself, it’s actually taking care of the crops already in a way that we’re losing it. That’s part of…you know…..leading us into starvation because the crops will not produce.

AB: Now, these are three things: weather change, mass starvation and the third world war. Would you please ask Grandfather if the weather changes are the beginning of these changes…..if what we have seen now, with the weather, is the beginning and, of course, we’re going to want to ask how soon these other changes, he thinks, will happen.

G2: Yes, these are the signs of, you know, the changes and that also part of it is, you know, right now we’re having problems with crickets which is a part of these prophecies where they would come in hoards and they will destroy the crops, also, and that is happening, also.

GF2: It’s been said that there is no exact time and date for these things…..events….to take place but the year 2000 is a ……I would say…..that is a close approximation of the time that all of this will start to take place. The teaching from the Elders was that they talked about that everything will happen at once but, when they say these things, they put it in a form that, you know, they say it’s going to all happen at once but it’s not exactness of happening at once. It will happen but they will, you know, fall pretty much short from the other, following , it’s like a domino effect. This is, you know, when one thing happens then the other will fall into place. But, you know, it will be in a short time from one another so this is what Grandfather was talking about.

G2: It’s been known that this had happened a long time ago but, in our prior world, it happened before, you know, the same things that we had gone through. The teachings were that we were not supposed to follow in the same pattern and try to keep ourselves from going astray from our teachings. These weather patterns that we talked about and cataclysms that take place, are not really set in order….in a fashion that any person could say that, ‘Okay, the winds are going to do it this year and the next year will be fires and the following year will be earthquakes, you know.’ Also, he’s saying that it’s not exactly his words that that is the way that it will take place but he knows that these are signs and they are readily available. All the signs are out there. Anyone can see that, that it is taking place and it’s only going to get bigger.

G2: The Earth changes will take place in such a way, you know, that this whole planet, here, will become a different type of planet because of the changes in itself. It has happened before, as we mentioned earlier, that it did happen before that they went through these changes and they was taught they we weren’t supposed to go back to the same routine that we had gone through in the past life. That was the corruption that we were going through….what we’re going through, today. There is so much corruption, out there. These were the things that led us to these things and even animals, insects, all of these things will all turn around on us and, you know, they’re going to lead us to the same things again.

GF2: In the big cities, it will effect a lot. You know, how much corruption there will be within the cities. Also, the people themselves have to be aware of all of these things that will take place, so they must change, too. But, he’s not asking anyone to follow him in the way he put himself on the path he is on. He is not asking anyone to follow him in that. It is up to the individual to make that decision for him/herself as to which direction they want to go. When you make that choice for yourself, what you want to do with your life, you don’t blame anybody else for your own actions, for what you do. If something happens to you along the way, then you are not going to say that you were forced into it. These are the things that he had looked into also. That’s why he’s saying that he’s not asking anyone to follow him in the way he’s leading himself. He’s only giving out advice that this is what they should do. They should start changing themselves and going back to the old ways of living simple lives, of taking care of themselves from the land that is available to them, and from the food that they grow. These are the things that will help you along the way when you come to your hard times. So, the people must make these decisions for themselves.

GF2: From the teachings that were given to him, he has understood that the solar axis itself, of the Sun, is going to change. The places that normally have cold weather will have hot weather. You know, the weather itself is going to get even worse. The temperatures are going to rise even higher, and that will burn up the crops and dry up the Earth, so nothing will be able to grow. It is true that the Sun itself is being affected by this also.

GF2: He has seen pictures of the crop circles that have been out there. These are, in his own mind, teachings also, and they’re telling us what is becoming of our time and where it is leading us. He has had a chance to look at a few of them, and he does understand what they’re trying to put through?..the message in the circle itself. It is telling us that we are very close to it and what we need to do in order to get ourselves back on track, and the other end of it?..when he says, the other end of it, where you get to see all the things happen and live again?..for a new life to start.

GF2: I’d like to add a little to what he just said. This is referring to the question prior to this one. I didn’t finish it out. He said that the crop circles were put there by outside, like the UFO people, but he’s not sure just who put those crop circles there. But, to get back to the question that is the last one here, the teachings from the Elders, he said, yes they know about the possibilities of other life forms on other planets. The “Old Ones,” the old people, the “Old Ones” way back had the knowledge and know-how of getting around, and they have traveled to other planets before and they know how it is out there, if there is life on other planets and they DO know that there is life on other planets and what planets are not liveable. But, they don’t know the exactness of how they will be helping us out or they will be going against us. They just know that when we are getting close to the end times, we will be visited by people from out there, and we’re not aware whether they’re going to help us or go against us. We do know that they have high technology to see what is going on.

G2: There is a story that we do know that we did have a brother who was set out and he is out there and with that brother and, from the Society of the One Horned Clan, they made a pact that….from the One Horned Clan and the Society and the brother had make like a…..it’s a law that the purifying time would come. This was already done, it was like it had been already organized and it was, you know, established. The stories that there will be come a time that whoever is going to come and, you know, to purify the people.

G2: The ‘Purifier’ is mentioned is the other brother that was sent forth, out to the East, and this was the teaching that he had…..that he was sent of to the East and he would reach the point of origin where the Sun would come out from. When he reached that place, then he would touch his head to the Earth and he would return back to us. When this, you know, time comes that’s the end of….the end times….time for a purification time when he will return back. He is the one that has the….in a way, you know….the weapons or the artillery and he is the Big Brother so he would know what to do and how he would help us and how we would go about in having to make us understand. His job is to make us understand and try to get ourselves to behave in the way that we’re supposed to and, if we don’t, then the one from the West will come and they are the ones that are going to come with much force. He, the ‘Purifier’, the one that went to the East, is supposed to be big enough to take on the ones that are coming from the West. That is going to become like the Third World War.

G2: You know, in the cities itself, what’s going on…..what you mentioned…..yes, these are part of the teachings and the prophesies that, when we get to these end times, you know, we’re all going to start going corrupt. Even, you know, the children because they don’t really believe in anything, even what we’re trying to teach them and what we try to talk to them about. You know, they look at you but they have a different opinion about these things and they don’t believe that. It’s hard to try to teach the young ones and even grown-ups, even adults, are in the same situation. It’s not just the children who are in this kind of situation, right now, it’s even the adults who are in that kind of situation and, you know, there’s a lot of corruption in this way, but we do know that these things would start to take place in the school systems and all over where even young children would start to take lives, like that, because it is just a corruption of the mind from the way things are going, right now. The children will go against their own parents

G2: He feels that, that is happening, we’re misleading ourselves from that, from the material side of it and walking away from the spiritual sense of it.

G2: We should never forget, you know, about farming and how to take care of ourselves because you never know when it will hit and that’s why they teach us these things, as young.

G2: Well, the outcome of this, after that purifying time, the lifestyle will change….more or less. Those people or those ones that have been working, you know, with the evil or and the dark side are going to be eliminated. Only those that are walking on the one path and believing in that one and with a good heart, those are the ones that are going to continue this and there will be some….what you would say….there might be some people who have the minds that are like the scientists that can develop things. Right now we are not supposed to be taking the minerals out of the Earth for any reason at all, you know. Only certain minerals but only for the amount that you need, that’s what was taught. But other than that, we’re not supposed to reap the Earth, you know, and tear it up like that…what we’re doing now. Like intermarriage, it’s not supposed to be done. Only after purification time will intermarriage be possible, you know, that we can start to marry other people…..other walks. This is, you know, when the people will come together after purification time and all walks, that have been spared, will come together and one language will be spoken. There will be one law and it has been taught to say that, you know, some people say that it’s gonna be their language or it’s going to be the Hopi language that’s going to be spoken but this is, you know, something that is not very known as to what language will be spoken but there will be one language that will be spoken. Togetherness is what will come about where we’re going to come back to what was once before. What Adam and Eve came upon was, you know, was the Garden of Eden where everything will be flourishing, even, you know, the flowers and the vegetation. Everything will be back to normal but from thenceforth we are allowed to do these things and we can take the minerals out of the Earth, to use for a purpose, and not to really destroy it, though. And all the….he mentioned, also, which I forgot to mention……was the altars and the shrines, of the different societies, will be eliminated and all those will be, you know, have to be put away because they will no longer have power and authority over anything so these will be eliminated.

AB: Will there be a single power or a single authority or a single law or will everybody simply understand, inside themselves, that we are now one? There are many who talk, in our world, about a single world government…..a single world ruler. Is that what Grandfather is speaking of?

G2: Yes, but not in the fashion that we understand it, now……what they’re talking about….the New World Order. See, that’s more or less in a dictatorial form but this is done in a way, you know, where freedom is an essence.

AB: Alright. Grandfather spoke about World War III. I would like to be clear about this. Does he see men killing men…..humans killing humans…..or does he just see explosions and fire? Is that what he calls World War III?

G2: What you had mentioned about which one is, you know, the one that’s going to be…he said that the taking of lives, you know, this is what will take place because it will be like an elimination of good from the bad. He mentioned about Hitler, you know, that Hitler had done a lot….done away with a lot of people, too, and when that took place, he said that many of the people were….many of the Hopi had realized this and they were glad that this took place because it was a teaching that took place. It was trying to teach the people that this is what is going to happen, see, so look at this as more or less as a warning that this will take place, again.

AB: A warning of a Holocaust.

G2: Yes. So, there will be lives lost. A lot of lives will be lost.

AB: Does Grandfather understand how some lives will be saved while other lives will be spared with so much fire and war? I guess the question is, will it be like an Anti-Christ which some people think will arise, soon….in our world, an Anti-Christ. I don’t know if the Hopi have any similar prophecy regarding one who will come, like Hitler, again.

G2: Yes. He mentioned that, yes, the Anti-Christ, that there is, you know, that he is coming again but there have been a lot of people that have walked away from that…..from the teachings and walked away from their spiritual path. They went and decided to do something else, you know, rather than having to walk that and he will come in again and he is the one that is going to set us straight, again, on this thing here.

G2: The teachings are that the Creator, itself, what we talked about….the Christ….it’s the same thing. What life that we’re supposed to lead, we’ve strayed away from it what he….we told him that we would follow him in the same way and, if we walk away from these teachings then, he was the one that was living that and walking that. Then he gave us a choice to do that, also, and if we disregard everything that was taught to us and we walked away from it. He will come back in and step in and take it over again back for himself because he had mentioned that he was the first and he will be the last. So, this is what will happen.

AB: “Given that we are in the end times, and that there will be much turmoil, violence, death and destruction….is there anything that we, the living, can do to prepare our souls for the long, long path that we will all walk down after our physical lives end?”

G2: Ya, our teachings that we given to us, we’ve strayed away from it and how we are supposed to, you know, alleviate a lot of some of these things and it’s going to be too late for us to try to turn around and walk that spiritual path because we are taught that we are supposed to be on that path from way back. We should have been changing ourselves quite a number of years back because it doesn’t take over night for a person to change….to walk a path….the chose path. Also, it doesn’t take over night for the Creator to believe in you. He has to look at you, you know, your heart is the thing that has to change and it’s not going to change over night. These are the things that are very hard to change on a person and so right now we look at it that it is already too late to start changing.

G2: The Kachinas are spirits that we talk about, are in a sense, the teachings but we can’t go into detail of who they are…..what they are. I mean, you know, because only an initiated person should know about the knowledge of these but the only thing we can say is that they are spirits and that they are out there and they have their own home. Throughout the years, our elders of the different villages, you know, have been working with the spirits and making the prayer feathers for them and asking for their power to come in and bring in the rain for the crops because we don’t have any way of irrigation our fields. We live in a desert area. This is a chosen area because the Hopi had been know to survive in an arid place. Hopi has been know that they would strive and survive, even in a desert place where there is no water really available for those kinds of things. So, they ask, through prayer, to ask their crops to survive and this is a strong sense of spirituality of the Hopi. They come in the form of clouds.

G2: He believes that the axis of the Earth itself will change, also…..shift….and that will cause a lot of Earth changes, itself, also. About the stars that you mentioned, there have been a lot of stories about these things and they pertain to a lot of what happened with the stars, too. He says he doesn’t know exactly but it’s true that a lot of what happened with the stars and different things….the patterns…..are true and now they talk about these things as just like stories and like fairy tale stores but most of them are true. He doesn’t know exactly what will take place out there, again, if that should every happen.

AB: Alright. Would you ask Grandfather to give us some few things that we should all watch and look for to happen in the next say…..18 months…..or year and a half.

G2: Okay, he says that these earthquakes are eminent but there is no real date as to when these will take place. That big earthquake that was supposed to hit California had been altered, in a way, by the Tibetans who had heard about that and they did a lot of prayers there and they helped in altering the intensity of the earthquake that took place in California. That is, you know, something that we should look for is a large earthquake that would take place. It’s going to be real big. It’s going to be devastating.

Robert Ghost Wolf died on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2005

7 years prior to the Mayan Calendar prophecy date of December 21, 2012.

Thomas Banyacya

The presentation by Mr Thomas Banyacya, the final speaker, was preceded by three shouts by Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Six Nations, and first speaker of the day. The shouts were a spiritual announcement to the Great Spirit of the people assembled and the intention to give a message of spiritual importance.

Thomas then sprinkled corn meal next to the podium of the General Assembly and made a brief remark in Hopi that translates as follows:Hopi Spiritual leaders had an ancient prophecy that some day world leaders would gather in a Great House of Mica with rules and regulations to solve the world problems without war.

I am amazed to see the prophecy has come true and you are here today! But only a handful of United Nations Delegates are present to hear the Motee Sinom (Hopi for First People) from around the world who spoke here today.(In English:) My name is Banyacya of the Wolf, Fox and Coyote Clan and I am a member of the Hopi sovereign nation. Hopi in our language means a peaceful, kind, gentle, truthful people.

The traditional Hopi follows the spiritual path that was given to us by Massau’u the Great Spirit. We made a sacred covenant to follow his life plan at all times, which includes the responsibility of taking care of this land and life for his divine purpose. We have never made treaties with any foreign nation, including the United States, but for many centuries we have honored this sacred agreement.

Our goals are not to gain political control, monetary wealth nor military power, but rather to pray and to promote the welfare of all living beings and to preserve the world in a natural way. We still have our ancient sacred stone tablets and spiritual religious societies which are the foundations of the Hopi way of life.

Our history says our white brother should have retained those same sacred objects and spiritual foundations.In 1948, all traditional Hopi spiritual leaders met and spoke of things I felt strongly were of great importance to all people.

They selected four interpreters to carry their message of which I am the only one still living today. At the time, I was given a sacred prayer feather by the spiritual leaders. I made a commitment to carry the Hopi message of peace and deliver warnings from prophesies known since the time the previous world was destroyed by flood and our ancestors came to this land.

My mission was to open the doors of this Great House of Mica to native peoples. The Elders said to knock four times and this commitment was fulfilled when I delivered a letter and the sacred prayer feather I had been given to John Washburn in the Secretary General’s office in October, 1991.

I am bringing part of the Hopi message to you here today. We have only ten minutes to speak and time is late so I am making my statement short.

At the meeting in 1948, Hopi leaders 80, 90 and even 100 years old explained that the creator made the first world in perfect balance where humans spoke one language, but humans turned away from moral and spiritual principles. They misused their spiritual powers for selfish purposes.

They did not follow nature’s rules. Eventually the world was destroyed by sinking of land and separation of land by what you would call major earthquakes. Many died and only a small handful survived.Then this handful of peaceful people came into the second world.

They repeated their mistakes and the world was destroyed by freezing which you call the great Ice Age.The few survivors entered the third world.

That world lasted a long time and as in previous worlds, the people spoke one language. The people invented many machines and conveniences of high technology, some of which have not yet been seen in this age. They even had spiritual powers that they used for good.

They gradually turned away from natural laws and pursued only material things and finally only gambled while they ridiculed spiritual principles. No one stopped them from this course and the world was destroyed by the great flood that many nations still recall in their ancient history or in their religions.

The Elders said again only small groups escaped and came to this fourth world where we now live. Our world is in terrible shape again even though the Great Spirit gave us different languages and sent us to four corners of the world and told us to take care the the Earth and all that is in it.

This Hopi ceremonial rattle represents Mother Earth. The line running around it is a time line and indicates that we are in the final days of the prophecy. What have you, as individuals, as nations and as the world body been doing to to take care of this Earth? In the Earth today, humans poison their own food, water and air with pollution. Many of us, including children, are left to starve. Many wars are still being fought. Greed and concern for material things is a common disease.In this western hemisphere, our homeland, many original native people are landless, homeless, starving and have no medical help.

The Hopi knew humans would develop many powerful technologies that would be abused. In this century, we have seen the First World War and the Second World War in which the predicted gourd of ashes, which you call the atomic bomb, fell from the sky with great destruction. Many thousands of people were destroyed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

For many years there has been great fear and danger of World War Three. The Hopi believe the Persian Gulf War was the beginning of World War Three but it was stopped and the worst weapons of destruction were not used. This is now a time to weigh the choices for our future. We do have a choice. If you, the nations of this Earth, create another great war, the Hopi believe we humans will burn ourselves to death with ashes.

That’s why the spiritual Elders stress strongly that the United Nations fully open the door for native spiritual leaders as soon as possible.Nature itself does not speak with a voice that we can easily understand. Neither can the animals and birds we are threatening with extinction talk to us.

Who in this world can speak for nature and the spiritual energy that creates and flows through all life? In every continent are human beings who are like you but who have not separated themselves from the land and from nature. It is through their voice that Nature can speak to us.

You have heard those voices and many messages from the four corners of the world today. I have studied comparative religion and I think in your own nations and cultures you have knowledge of the consequences of living out of balance with nature and spirit.

The native peoples of the world have seen and spoken to you about the destruction of their lives and homelands, the ruination of nature and the desecration of their sacred sites. It is time the United Nations used its rules to investigate these occurrences and stop them now.

The Four Corners area of the Hopi is bordered by four sacred mountains. The spiritual center within is a sacred site our prophecies say will have special purpose in the future for mankind to survive and now should be left in its natural state. All nations must protect this spiritual center.

The Hopi and all original native people hold the land in balance by prayer, fasting and performing ceremonies. Our spiritual Elders still hold the land in the Western Hemisphere in balance for all living beings, including humans. No one should be relocated from their sacred homelands in this Western Hemisphere or anywhere in the world. Acts of forced relocation, such as Public Law 93-531 in the United States, must be repealed.

The United Nations stands on our native homeland. The United Nations talks about human rights, equality and justice and yet the native people have never had a real opportunity to speak to this assembly since its establishment until today.

It should be the mission of your nations and this assembly to use your power and rules to examine and work to cure the damage people have done to this Earth and to each other. Hopi Elders know that was your mission and they wait to see whether you will act on it now.Nature, the First People and the spirit of our ancestors are giving you loud warnings.

Today, December 10, 1992, you see increasing floods, more damaging hurricanes, hail storms, climate changes and earthquakes as our prophesies said would come. Even animals and birds are warning us with strange change in their behavior such as the beaching of whales. Why do animals act like they know about the earth’s problems and most humans act like they know nothing?

If we humans do not wake up to the warnings, the great purification will come to destroy this world just as the previous worlds were destroyed.

(Thomas and Oren Lyons held up a picture of a large rock drawing in Hopiland) This rock drawing shows part of the Hopi prophecy.

There are two paths. The first with technology but separate from natural and spiritual law leads to these jagged lines representing chaos.

The lower path is one that remains in harmony with natural law. Here we see a line that represents a choice like a bridge joining the paths. If we return to spiritual harmony and live from our hearts, we can experience a paradise in this world.

If we continue only on this upper path, we will come to destruction.Its up to all of us, as children of Mother Earth, to clean up this mess before it’s too late.

The Elders request that during this International Year for the Worlds Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations keep that door open for spiritual leaders from the four corners of the world to come to speak to you for more than a few minutes as soon as possible. The Elders also request that eight investigative teams visit the native areas of the world to observe and tell the truth about what is being done and stop these nations from moving in this self- destructive direction.

If any of you leaders want to learn more about the spiritual vision and power of the Elders, I invite you to come out to Hopiland and sit down with our real spiritual leaders in their sacred Kivas where they will reveal the ancient secrets of survival and balance.

I hope that all members of this assembly that know the spiritual way will not just talk about it, but in order to have real peace and harmony, will follow what it says across the United Nations wall: “They will beat their swords into plowshares and study war no more.” Lets, together, do that now!


The night before the presentations of the native people from around the world to the General Assembly, there was a total eclipse of the moon over New York City and the sky was clear. The evening after the presentation by Mr Banyacya and the other native spokespersons, heavy rain and strong wind began. The weathermen had been calling for a snowstorm but what came the following day were the worst floods in New York’s memory. Major highways were washed away by the sea and the United Nations itself experienced flooding of its lower subfloors, forcing a shutdown of its heating and air conditioning and all personnel were dismissed at three o’clock.

In the ground floor meeting room, where on December 11, native peoples were meeting representatives of various UN agencies, Thomas Banyacya spontaneously called on all the participants, including UN officials, to form a great circle. All the Elders were in the center and Thomas called in some non-native people as well. Each silently said a prayer. The forming of the circle of unity of all people from the four corners of the Earth was more than just a symbolic act. One participant said she had never felt herself to be in such a safe place. Later, several people present noted that no further storm damage occurred in Manhattan and that the storm itself abated that afternoon.

Chief Dan Evehema

Spiritual leader, Eldest Elder Greeswood, Snake Priest,

Roadrunner Clan Society Father, Kachina Father

I am very glad to have this time to send a message to you. We are celebrating a time in our history which is both filled with joy and sadness. I am very glad that our Hindu brothers have given us this opportunity to share these feelings with you because we know many of you are having the same troubles.

We Hopi believe that the human race has passed through three different worlds and life ways since the beginning. At the end of each prior world, human life has been purified or punished by the Great Spirit “Massauu” due mainly to corruption, greed and turning away from the Great Spirit’s teachings. The last great destruction was the flood which destroyed all but a few faithful ones who asked and received a permission from the Great Spirit to live with Him in this new land. The Great Spirit said, “It is up to you, if you are willing to live my poor, humble and simple life way. It is hard but if you agree to live according to my teachings and instructions, if you never lose faith in the life I shall give you, you may come and live with me.” The Hopi and all who were saved from the great flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit at that time. We Hopi made an oath that we will never turn away from Him. For us the Creators laws never change or break down.

The time will come when from the Earth will arise a mystic fog which will dilute the minds and hearts of all people. Their guidelines of wisdom and knowledge will falter, the Great Laws of our Creator will dissolve in the minds of people. Children will be out of control and will no longer obey the leaders, immorality and the competitive war of greed will flourish.

When the end is near, we will see a halo of mist around the heavenly bodies. Four times it will appear around the sun as a warning that we must reform, telling us that people of all color must unite and arise for survival, and that we must uncover the causes of our dilemmas. Unless man-made weapons are used to strike first, peace will then come.

So the time will come when we will experience late springs and early frosts, this will be the sign of the returning Ice Age.

We believe militarism is born out of injustice, poverty and ignorance where absolute governments refuse to hear the grievances of minorities. So the people resort to violence, demonstrations and even terrorism when they see no other way to be heard. What can we do when our world leaders and the people are acting like fools in attempts to solve the problems confronting us? Once again we will quote the prophecy of our Elders. We hope it will interest you so that you will be more aware of it because it has been happening for some time.

According to prophecy, the day will come when people in high places will be hunted. This will get out of control. The hunting will gather strength and spread. This situation might even erupt on our land. Finally, this will lead us to the Biblical version of Armageddon (the Hopi version is closely related). A final decisive battle between good and evil. This will occur under one God or Chief. The prophets say we will speak one language and that this will happen in Hopiland, in the village of Oraibi , where the new life plan will be drawn, in the pattern and cycle of religion. Here also a final decision will be made for the wicked. They will be beheaded and speak no more. If this does not materialize there will be a total destruction through the acts of man or nature. Then new life will begin from a girl and a boy. This is a frightening prophecy and will not be supported by many.

It is in the prophecies of the Hopi that in a case like this the Navajo may help our cause. Also the Bahannas or the Paiute Tribe may help. We doubt that the U.S. Government will easily concede our sovereignty.

There are two water serpents, one at each pole with a warrior sitting on his head and tail. These command nature to warn us by her activities that time is getting short, and we must correct ourselves. If we refuse to heed these warnings, the warriors will let go of the serpents; they will rise up, and all will perish.

We are much concerned about the climate. No one seems to be able to predict the weather accurately from day to day. However, we know according to our time markers that it is past due for certain seeds to be planted at their proper time. In recent springs, we were reluctant to plant due to the late snow and cold weather. Once more maybe our ancient prophecy is right, that one day we will plant wearing finger sacks (gloves) clearing away snow with our feet before planting. The summers will become shorter for maturing the corn for harvest. The result is anybody’s guess.

The question is, will this occur the world over? This would depend on the geographical areas. In the regions with different climates, things will happen in different ways. For instance, tropical land could become a land of ice, and the Arctic region could become tropical. This need not happen if we, the people, get our leaders to do something about the harmful things being done to the environment.

It is said that, if the future generations find out that we did nothing to preserve the good ways, they might throw us from our houses into the streets. This suffering will be of our own making. The lack of peace in our own spiritual being could trigger the revolution. Our True White Brother might come and find we have forsaken the sacred instructions. Then he will whip us without mercy.

Let us take a look into the future through the eyes of our prophets. Hopi were instructed to tell of the Great Purification just ahead of a time when Humankind would once again become highly civilized, tending to become careless and leading us to self-destruction. They said that, along the way, the industrialized world will have certain problems. People will be uncomfortable because of the changing times, and they will have to make adjustments to find new life styles.

Industrialized nations will become careless in getting more the resources out of the earth. Believing all these things will last forever, soon natural resources will be depleted. Fuel shortages will occur; industrial machinery will come to a standstill. The machinery used for planting, harvesting and transport will become useless. Supermarket shelves will become empty of farm produce. The farmers and those who grow their own food will not sell their produce. Money will become worthless. The white man with all his intelligence and technology will not be able to repair the damage. We will see extraordinary events in Nature and Earth, including humans.

Modern man looks upon old wisdom and knowledge as dead, useless and no longer respected. Modern man depends on the money system and no longer on Mother Earth for food. According to prophecy when this happens Mother Earth will hide her nourishment because of the view that ancient food is poor man’s food. When all food disappears, modern man will try to correct his mistake, the conditions he caused upon the earth through his inventions. He will try to achieve some kind of method to heal the wound, but this will not be possible when we reach the point of no return.

The Hopi play a key role in the survival of the human race through their vital communion with the unseen forces that hold nature in balance. The pattern is simple: The whole world will shake and turn red and turn against those who are hindering the Hopi.

This prophecy is related to the Biblical version of that which may yet come to pass. It goes on to say that common people will become concerned and frustrated because of their hec

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


The fight is out there, not here.

O º



Wachovia Laundered Billions From Mexican Cartels


Good news Cafe!

No prison, some community service…a fine…and a bench probation…

I don’t have to return to Sidney unless I do something stupid again…lol…well putting on my shirt inside out and backwards I can still do but the other kind of stupid…

I even got some money back from my original bail and since we broke down we need that money for gas…

God is good…

I use the name Jesus when I pray and it hasn’t failed yet…

Not saying he is real just saying it works…

As for the human aspect of this outcome those who put out the prayers, vibes, phone calls, asked their galactic federations to help…Much appreciated…

Long drive home now but I won’t be wearing an orange jumpsuit and guys with beer bellies should not wear orange jumpsuits…



Again, I am not seeking your approval or acceptance all.
I care not for the approval of men.

You need an opposing voice to your incessant idols and deceptions. I could no longer delay.

The day of reckoning is approaching.

Psalm 12:2

Everyone lies to their neighbor;
they flatter with their lips
but harbor deception in their hearts.

Proverbs 14:8

The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways,
but the folly of fools is deception.

Hosea 10:13

But you have planted wickedness,
you have reaped evil,
you have eaten the fruit of deception.
Because you have depended on your own strength
and on your many warriors,


Eugene! I prayed for you powerfully last night. You too!
Praise God!

The praise is all His.
All good things are His.

So happy for you.


The Lost Symbol — What Dan Brown and the Freemasons Hope You Never Learn (part 1 of 6)
Apr 7, 2010 | 8,808 views

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR WHAT IS COMING? If you have read Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed, by Dr. Thomas R. Horn, then by now you have learned an important secret concerning the capital city of the United States. According to the world’s foremost authorities, Washington DC was designed as a symbol of the Rosicrucian dream shared by its builders: that America would become the New Atlantis and eventually lead the world into a restored Golden Age of Osiris / Apollo / Nimrod.This mostly unfamiliar fact is what legendary Freemason, Manly P. Hall, called “the secret destiny of America.” It is a vision mirrored in the design of the streets, government buildings, and other artifacts important to the founding of the United States, including the Great Seal, where the phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum is prominent. In his second inaugural address, George W. Bush said of this phrase that when the founders of America placed it on the Great Seal, “They were acting on an ancient hope [plan, scheme] that is meant to be fulfilled.”

In this explosive 6-hour CD set, The Lost Symbol Found, Dr. Horn is joined by other experts in pointing out how novus ordo seclorum is derived from the prophecies of the Cumaean Sibyl, a prophetess of Apollo who predicted the return of this deity at a future date when men would be rejoined by pagan gods. One learns how this “god” is identified in scripture as the spirit that will inhabit the Antichrist, but most shocking, the listener also discovers that to try to keep Apollo’s appearance from being hindered by Christianity, early occultists bound the Bible within a magic square inside the base of the Washington Monument. This disclosure leads to more fantastic documentation and sets the stage for conclusions so astonishing that your own personal destiny could be changed by it.

Learn more at



U.S. war hero Petraeus could take over at CIA after missing out on top Pentagon role

The U.S. military’s commander in Afghanistan could take over the CIA later this year after being overlooked to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it has emerged.

General David Petraeus, named by U.S. defence secretary Robert Gates as ‘one of history’s greatest battle captains’ for his leadership in Iraq, may move from active service to the corridors of intelligence later this year.

Leon Panetta, the current CIA director, is expected to take over from Gates when he retires this year and Gen Petraeus is being considered to take over at the agency, according to U.S. government sources.

He would not be the first high-ranking officer to head the CIA – former Air Force General Michael Hayden was Mr Panetta’s predecessor – while the role was a stepping stone to the presidency for George Bush.

The 59-year-old general has turned down a number of high-profile military jobs in the last year – including the top Nato position in Brussels – in the hope of succeeding Admiral Mike Mullen at the Pentagon.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1373903/General-David-Petraeus-CIA-missing-Pentagon-role.html#ixzz1IlKpTpsU


Geno that’s great news. What are you going to do for an encore?


maclin you are right, Hope does not understqnd God and has no right toinstill fear on people. In Other words she is full of…, and negative programing. I thought she was more intelligent than that.Obviously I was wrong


Britney Spears’s ‘Till the World Ends’ Video

See the “sun”light
We aint stoppin’
Keep on dancing till the world ends
If you feel it let it happen
Keep on dancing till the world ends



eugenekalmes on April 7, 2011 @ 1:23 am

Great News !!!


Match made in heaven: Earth finds new companion as giant asteroid joins its path around the sun

* But this asteroid orbits the sun in a highly unusual horseshoe pattern

* Very unusual: Rather than follow its new friend all the way round, SO16 orbits the sun in a horseshoe shape, playing a constant game of catch up with Earth

Earth has found a new companion that has joined its orbit around the sun, scientists have revealed.

It may not have the most romantic of names, but Asteroid 2010 SO16 could pursue Earth for anywhere between the next 120,000 to a million years.

And at a few hundred metres across, “it is the largest space rock ever discovered so close to earth.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1374054/Earth-finds-new-companion-giant-asteroid-joins-sun–unusual-horseshoe-pattern.html#ixzz1IlYiscqR

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

congratulations Eugene …..See they dont really watch our every move their is bigger fish to fry out their that keeps them busy …I hear member of the republic are going to be put on no fly and no buy gun list but I will believe it when I see it . However I believe the corp. has infiltrated The Republic and I worry for Tims safety . Its time for me to bail but I will never stop promoting the Republic . I think we will have new elections and actually get an office with an address.I bought a gun so I am not on a terrorist list and I am very thankful for that .
Peace be with you enjoy your life it should be easy after getting that weight of your shoulders .
west va is going to need promotion as independent republic
Hope you can help us . West Virgina is the only state to fight a state for statehood. You don’t mess with us mountaineers and I would like to make a movie of West Virginia’ s history. Tim Turner called us goats and now the goats are pissed. There are lots of other goats besides us west virginia.
Don’t party too hard


Dear Cafe’,

Just a few things before I buzz off and try to get my house cleaned.

Geno, I am so glad that you are okay and weren’t subject to anything more than what you described. Orange isn’t flattering to anybody.

Has anybody heard from Tman or Paladine lately? Do we have any news at all on the GS situation?

I am concerned about the government shutdown. Regardless what Fox News said about how “smoothly” things would go, they also said that the paychecks to soldiers etc. were taken care of ====”for now.” The implication that this might not be the case for the foreseeable future is what concerns me.

According to the mythology of the Settlements, the corrupt elements would be removed and temporary honest ones would serve as place holders until new elections etc. could be scheduled.

I am concerned that we heard that the Settlements were starting and then suddenly, nothing. Maybe no news is good news. I haven’t the slightest idea at this point.

If anybody hears from Pal or T, please ask them to update us on the situation if they can.



What a relief, Geno!! YaY!

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com

Why would the cabal allow a continuous stream of deadly radiation to spew into the air they must breathe as well?

O º


Thanks for the Hopi piece, MK. Congrats! That’s the longest post EVER on the BFC. Did you just pull it out of thin air, or would you deign to provide a link and some credits?


Sorry, MK. Just saw the link. But what you posted is really, really long (and, thus, almost certainly a major copyright infringment), and most of us here know how to navigate a simple link. 🙂


CPT MAY: Operation Apocalypse, an End-Time End-Game
By Captain Eric H. May

HOUSTON, 4/4/11 — With the Japan, New Zealand and Haiti earthquakes shaking the world’s confidence, more and more people think that we are in the End Times foretold in the Bible. Hollywood encourages them with movies like Numbers and 2012. It’s a programmed part of our post-Millenium, post-9/11 world view, and my first essay on the subject seems even more valid now than when I wrote it in 2006.
Last week’s Iconoclast presented an editorial showing that since 9/11 there has been an incredible increase in world seismic activity. It suggested that the government’s ultra-secret HAARP program, based in Alaska, is responsible.


Aloha Geno. Your good heart and moral uprightness shone through and were recognized by the judge.

Malama pono


winwin4all (2:14)

I am inclined to agree about Obama. It is a very unpopular stance here but deep within me I feel he is president for a good purpose. He is being used by positive forces somehow to slow down the evil forces or hold the fort in some way. What he has done, dragged his feet, been passive to a lot of events, makes me feel more so. I don’t know why. Can’t logically look at facts and figures. So it was heartening to see your post… thank you.


@ eugenekalmes @ 1:23 am

Great news Geno! Glad to hear my good man . . it’s clear from all the support here at the cafe how much everyone would have missed you buddy…

Now, get back to work . . . some of us can’t amuse ourselves nearly half as well as you….. lol


Hope : Again, I am not seeking your approval or acceptance all.
I care not for the approval of men. (your not telling me anything I hadn’t already surmised about you and your need to be noticed )

You need an opposing voice to your incessant idols and deceptions. I could no longer delay.

The day of reckoning is approaching.

Psalm 12:2

Everyone lies to their neighbor;
they flatter with their lips
but harbor deception in their hearts.

Proverbs 14:8

The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways,
but the folly of fools is deception.

Hosea 10:13

But you have planted wickedness,
you have reaped evil,
you have eaten the fruit of deception.
Because you have depended on your own strength
and on your many warriors,

Hope, glad you finally realized what the Sybil of Tarquin was about Appolonian wisdoms and the m
Mistery of Osiris and Isis .. now instead of preaching and screeching, please take a break.and read this text .
now with further research you will discover much of what you have been taught is nothing but imposed fear, ( you are ridden with it .)

The scripture you offered above are “Old Testiment” warnings to the Habiru
and we all know they weren’t interested in any of the other human tribes except for explotation and slavery.And their history is marred by their many hateful and evil doings ,some are still about that .ie the Khazara/Zionists

Please Hope ,for the sake of your ongoing mental health
please suffer in silence and seek medical help for your condition, My guess is pre or post menopause Manic /Depression ,a very common and wide spread malady .Men and women both suffer from it .
However I feel your displays here stressing Hell belay
the knowledge that Christ went down to Hades ,( this was the land of the dead ), not the burning pit of horror foisted on fearful Christians by the Roman pederasts and who never truly got the inspiring message of peace and love that Jesus offered.
Yesu ,according to proponents liberated us all along with our sins .

Hope your presence here is becoming tedious and repetatitive .
sometimes your non religious offerings are interesting
and useful ,It’s only when you begin preaching ,warning and threatening that you become ,excuse me ,a real pain in the Ass !

You biblical sources (the KJV) are inaccurate ,before you get preaching how about a return to a repitable bible college or even better a PHD in religious history might be something to shoot for .
Fancying yourself God’s little wake em up prophet is
just a little too destructive and ego ridden for me .
Quit fearing and start loving or you will go down to a hell like existance in this world all of your own making.

yes the dark seems to be growing and yes ,the Corporate State based on profit at all costs rages through the land.
and yes they could bring on a NWO and continue to “Gleen” as they have already been doing.
I predict an awakening for us all and the birth of a new regard for our planetary mother and nature. At worst we may die however we will be doing that soon enough anyhow.
Is your life so shabby and unhappy that you have to try and drag us down to frutile resistance and anti social behavior?
We will reform and reawaken and we will prevail in the coming reformation.
Didn’t I note at least 8 or more Cafe members including myself taking umbrance with your Apocalyptic style.
Take a break and please teach sunday school as your bibical knowledge needs to be expressed at that very basic level and please don’t frighten the little nippers with your “Hell and damnation” talk.

Geno , a pound of weed hardly gets any jail time except in Texas. be careful with the snappy and don’t resort to middle manning the herb as it is not worth the risk.
Congratulations and get busy with your creative spirit and welcome back.
Nai ,as usual thanks for the Amerind perspective.

For the rest of the newbies here , there is usually little hell or brimstone unless Hope is having another bad day .


Geno, very cool, I felt a happy wave, so thanks for the “buzz” 🙂

Valtony and others, we “reach”. And, great diatribe btw there merek…

I will be on the sidelines just watching for a while, trying not to harsh anyone’s natural groove, man.


Re: Comment by eugenekalmes on April 7, 2011 @ 1:23 am

😀 😀 😀


Geno- yeah!!! Great news…I am sending cat monkey with a bottle of champagne to celebrate…LOL


Super news, Geno!!! Well done!


Hope ,a little last days history for you ,you will note the end time predictions leave much to be desired for
The end-of-the-world scenario is nothing new. History is littered with good and godly people who’ve clained certain knowledge of the end and tried to fit the events of their day into the fulfillment of end-time prophecy.

Here’s a partial list that illustrates the problem of trying to make the Bible predict end-time prophecy to fit the events of their day.

“500 AD Church father Hippolytus predicted the world would end based on his analysis of the dimensions of Noah’s Ark.

999 AD When the last change of millennium drew near, masses feared of the 1000 years spoken of in Revelation.

1033 AD When Christ didn’t appear in 1000, they figured the years should be calculated from his ascension and not from his birth, again another bust.

1501 AD Christopher Columbus allowed 155 years for all mankind to be converted to Christianity, after which the world would end.

1546 AD Before he died, Martin Luther stated the end of the world is not far off and believed all the signs which are to precede the last days had alread appeared.

1835 AD Joseph Smith, father of Mormonism prophesied that the coming of the Lord was near and that 56 years should wind up the scene.

1835 AD Our lot has fallen under the solemn period emphatically designated in Daniel as the time of the end. Archdeacon Browne of England in the “The Last Times” by Joseph A. Seiss, D.D.

1818 William Miller, founder of the Millerite movement predicted the end between 1843 and 1844 but later revised it to late 1844.
Similiar dates were set for 1848, 1852, 1856, 1874, 1919, 1918 and 1925.

1917 Three dramatic visitations of the Virgin Mary occurred in Fatima, Portugal. The visions warned of the WWII and the end of the world.

1926 Oswald J. Smith wrote in his book “The Antichrist At Hand?” and the Battle of Armageddon must take place before the year 1933.

1970’s Hal Lindsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth” cites 1948 as the prohetic sign and the world would end in 1988.

1978 Gary Wilburn and Salem Kirbam predict end of world and coming of Anti-Christ.

1978 Chuch Smith writes in his book “Future Survival” the Lord is coming in 1981.

1988 Edgar C. Whisenant, a retired NASA rocket engineer and prophecy teacher, sold 4.5 million copies of “88 Reasons Why The Rapture Will Be in 1988.” Then wrote a book similar title by 89 reasons in 1989.

1990 Dallas Seminary President John F. Walvoored releases book, “Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East.” It paid off during the Iraq war but when the war was over so were the sales.

1991 Charles dyer book “The Rise of Babylon Sign of The End Times” states Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon whose end-time destruction is prophesied in Revelation.

1993 Harold Camping predicted the end of the world In September 1994 and appeared on Larry King Live.

As times for the end have come and gone, and predicted events have failed to materialize, it is because the have completely missed the biblical meaning of “the end.”

See Hope this is why I have always rejected the “Biblical” interpriters as prophets of any worth, you are only last in a long line of misguided souls to be harping on “End Times”
Sorry if my last was so direct regarding your preachments
however please ,pretty please ,for blog peace ,keep your
comments to something other than your intuitive but inaccurate offerings.



Ben’s recent video (in Japanese)

WHO’s top three executives held shares for the company that produces the swine flu immunization. In recent years when they spread the swine flu in Mexico, WHO and the Ministry of Health in Japan quarantined anyone with common cold symptoms for up to one week while falsely reporting the severity of damages on TV to increase the sale of swine flu immunization from the U.S. forces. As soon as the entire world bought the medicine for swine flu media stopped reporting the story of the flu. What was the hysteria all about? American pharmaceutical companies are pushing drugs to consumers through WHO by threatening people. This is the business strategy behind this conspiracy. The Unite States controlled Japan as a colony for 65 years after World War II by taking away our hard earned money or force us to buy things that we don’t need. Because Japanese people are industrious and studious, they made us work until we became the wealthiest nation in the world, and just when we were nicely fattened, they took away everything from us. We must never forget that Japan was defeated in 1945. I am here to assert that 311 earthquake was a threat against Japan to squeeze more money from our nation. America has taken over 60 trillion yen in total from BOJ immediately after the 311 earthquake. Japan was forced to buy U.S. treasury bonds no one wants to buy anymore without the awareness of the Japanese people, and the money was handed over to IMF. 60 trillion yen moved to the United States as they wished, and this occurred very quickly. The U.S. aircraft carrier arrived shortly after the earthquake, and 20 trillion yen left 3 days later. We expect it will exceed 100 trillion yen in no time. China and Russia have close ties now while Japan struggles with China over Senkaku Island incident over a fishing ship collision. Meanwhile Japan has unresolved issue over Northern Islands with Russia. The earthquake attack was the final nail to send Japan to the coffin.
Acceding to the intelligence report from the leaders of the Japanese Democratic Party and the office of the Imperial Palace, Ozawa Ichiro, the leader of the Democratic Party and Campbell Assistant Secretary of the State met on 3/9/2011. Campbell promised Ozawa to stop the harassment if he splits the Democratic Party. Ozawa was a stronger candidate than Kan to be the prime minister, but he was compromised with a ccomplete fabrication in the recent election. Campbell visited Japan on behalf of Jay Rockefeller, the influence behind GE. GE created the current nuclear disaster. Jay Rockefeller, the perpetrator persisted the construction of the Fukushima nuclear plants despite the risks engineers warned. If Ozawa submits to Rockefeller, he was promised to receive shares of the company that cleans nuclear wastes in Fukushima. The governor of Fukushima strongly opposed to the use of plutonium in the Unit III four months ago. Higashi Nihon House Co., Ltd. shares have risen a month before the earthquake in spite of the fact that there are 300 million vacant homes due to Japan’s aging population. There are many other evidences of insider trading. South Korea purchased massive amounts of potassium iodide from Canada a month before the earthquake. In short, this earthquake is a threat to Japan. The Military-industrial-Complex is on the verge of bankruptcy in America today. White Dragon Society and other international organizations are working together to prevent the money flow. Middle Eastern nations have joined to this cooperation by refusing to sell crude oil, and this is why Libya is being attacked. This threat will not be the end. The United States government led by Rockefeller interests plans an attempt to erupt Mount Fuji on 4/11. We are trying to prevent it from happening. We will release the GPS locations network data for earthquakes weapons in the U.S. We are demanding earthquake weapons facilities closure and asking corporations from the international communities, China, Russia, Japan’s defense military personnel and the American people with conscience.

Translation: peaceRus


Not good news about Panetta replacing Gates as Secretary of Defense. Panetta’s LOC = 235, the same as Cheney’s.

Petraeus’ LOC = 335, the same as Obama’s, both Clinton’s and most members of congress. Some exceptions are: Boehmer, Kucinich and Ron Paul, at 435.

Don’t look for much good to be done by these folks!


More Fukushima news and mainstream is now understanding the nature of the threat:


US scientists and engineers see an array of new threats at Japan’s Fukushima facility:


Increasing Fukushima Radiation Dangers
By Stephen Lendman

Daily reports on efforts to contain Fukushima’s disaster remain worrisome. On April 5, New York Times writers Andrew Pollack and Kevin Drew headlined, “Plant Operator Measures Higher Radiation in Sea,” saying:

“(C)ompany officials said that seawater collected near the facility contained radiation several million times the legal limit.”

According to Tokyo Electric (TEPCO), radioactive iodine-131 in samples collected measured 200,000 becquerels per cubic centimeter, or five million times above normal. Cesium-137’s elevated level was 1.1 million times. No information on uranium and plutonium concentrations were given. Clearly, however, growing dangers are worrisome, yet official reports downplay them. Coverup and denial persist. According to TEPCO,
radiation levels have “no immediate impact” on the environment or human health. In fact, it’s catastrophic. More on that below.

Moreover, thousands of tons of radioactive water are being dumped into the Pacific, likely to continue daily to make room for more runoff despite the great risk to sea life and humans. No amount of radiation is safe. Even dispersed in water, it poses grave dangers, and the more dumped, the greater the hazard.

Official reports, however, claim radiation dissipates quickly in the Pacific. They also say long-term effects of seawater radiation contamination are unclear, especially if dumping continues daily. In fact, they’re very clear, posing serious future health risks, being downplayed by so-called experts, perhaps well-paid for their comments.

The Times added:

“The pumping effort is not expected to halt or alter a leak from a large crack in a six-foot-deep concrete pit next to the seawater intake pipes near” Unit 2. “The leak has been spewing an estimated seven tons of highly radioactive water an hour directly into the ocean.”

In addition, other leaks “have flooded areas of the plant, complicating” efforts to contain the disaster. According to a Kyodo report, 60,000 tons of radioactive water are flooding the basement of Fukushima’s reactor buildings and underground tunnels. So far, nothing done has stopped it.

On April 4, Washington Post writer Andrew Higgins headlined, “Peace of Mind, livelihood gone as Japanese city withers in shadow of nuclear plant,” saying:

“The danger may or may not be grave, but one thing is certain: Confusing and often contradictory announcements by jittery officials in Tokyo and shifty obfuscation by (TEPCO) executives have already stripped (residents) of their livelihood, their peace of mind, and the fruits of decades of labor.”

As radiation levels spread, however, Northern Japan (one-third of the country) is threatened, and if containment efforts fail, all bets are off.

EPA to Raise “Safe” Radiation Levels

On April 5, Natural News writer Mike Adams headlined, “EPA to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors,” saying:

Planetary radiation contamination is increasing, exacerbated by dumping thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific. On April 4, “2.4 million gallons of planetary poison” went in, calling it harmless. Potentially, it may continue for years, “making Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster in the history of the world.” In fact, it’s that and more.

America’s Gulf was contaminated and destroyed by last April’s disaster, making nothing in it safe to eat. Potentially, Fukushima may match it in the Pacific if no containment efforts work.

“So what to do,” asked Adams. “If you’re the (EPA),” one option remains: “Declare radiation to be safe!” As a result, its Protective Action Guides (PAGs) are being revised “to radically increase the allowable levels of iodine-131 (a radioactive isotope) to anywhere from 3,000 to 100,000 times the currently allowable levels.”

In fact, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) learned of it through a FOIA request. Its April 5 press release headlined, “RADIATION EXPOSURE DEBATE RAGES INSIDE EPA,” saying:

Its plan awaiting approval will “dramatically increase permissible radioactive releases in drinking water, food and soil after ‘radiological incidents’ is drawing vigorous objections from agency experts….”

EPA’s Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA) plans to update its 1992 PAG, “governing radiation protection decisions for both short (and) long-term cleanup standards.” However, agency experts object, including Stuart Walker of the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation, saying:

“It appears that drinking water at the PAG concentrations….may lead to subchronic (acute) effects following exposures of a day or a week. In a population, one should see some express acute effects….that is, vomiting, fever, etc.”

Moreover, proposed limits would also apply to food and soil, so when Fukushima rains hit US cities, announcements, if made, will claim they’re “below accepted limits.” In fact, though standards and data can be manipulated, human health effects cannot. If Obama’s EPA gets away with it, millions of lives will be at risk.

Currently, debate continues behind closed doors. PEER wants everything discussed made public. Internal documents it obtained showed a single glass of water “could give a lifetime’s permissible exposure. In addition, it would allow long-term cleanup limits thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted. These new limits would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person exposed,” a likely conservative estimate.

Contaminating Planet Earth

One of Project Censored’s (PC) top 2007 stories was Mother Jones writer Julia Whitty’s article titled, “Oceans of the World in Extreme Danger,” saying:

“Oceanic problems once found on a local scale are now pandemic.” Evidence shows “seas are changing in ominous ways….According to oceanographers, the oceans are one, with currents linking the seas and regulating climate.”

Yet, thousands of contaminants are “poison(ing) marine creatures and devastat(ing) propagation.” Before last April’s BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster, America’s Gulf had “the highest mercury levels ever recorded….” It also had a dead zone measuring nearly 8,000 square miles in 2001.

Moreover, since 2000, “the global wild fish harvest has begun a sharp decline despite (new) technologies and intensified fishing.” (If) the maelstrom of human assault on the seas continues, (they’ll soon) reach a point of no return.”

Fukushima accelerated the process, besides lots of other contributors daily because governments powerful enough to stop it let it to continue unabated.

Rosalie Bertell (now in her 80s) is a longtime distinguished environmental/nuclear expert. Two of her important books include “No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth” (1985) and “Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War (2000).”

In “Planet Earth,” she discussed how the space program and electromagnetic weapons destabilized the ecosystem, causing widespread environmental, economic and social devastation. In “No Immediate Danger,” she exposed the dangers of radiation, saying:

“Should the public discover the true health cost(s) of nuclear pollution, a cry would rise from all parts of the world and people would refuse to cooperate passively with their own death.”

“On a clear day, the Earth looks wonderful,” she said, so it’s “hard to believe the warnings that we have seriously compromised its health,” en route to destroying it entirely. The dangers from unbridled militarism alone are doing it, compounded by the madness of sacrificing environmental safety for profit.

In 1991, her article titled, “Radioactivity: No Immediate Danger?” coined a new word to describe the ultimate human rejection of life – “omnicide,” what she called “difficult to comprehend,” but it’s happening. Nuclear industries are killing us by ionizing radiation exposure – cumulative, unforgiving amounts over time.

On the one hand are risks to life and health, including dying of cancer or having a deformed child. “The benefit side is to make money or gain political power. The bad news is that the people who make these trade-offs for us are the same” ones who profit.

She called industrial radioactive pollution “cumulatively greater than from Chernobyl….We are now in a no-win situation with radioactive materials, where (it’s) acceptable to have cancer deaths, deformed children, and miscarriages.”

Moreover, industry propaganda claims nuclear power is clean and green, when, in fact, the nuclear fuel cycle discharges significant amounts of greenhouse gases, as well as hundreds of thousands of curies of deadly radioactive gases and elements into the environment every year. “Claiming nuclear production of energy is ‘clean,’ ” said Bertell, “is like dieting but stuffing yourself with food between meals.”

Planetary survival depends on ending all forms of nuclear proliferation. It’s “imperative, because we now find ourselves in a strange situation, where the military strategy to save industrialized countries is not only destroying the environment and the gene pool in (them), but also destroying the biosphere, as radioactive material is circulated in the air, water, and food – whether or not (there’s) a nuclear accident or war.”

Gene pool mutations “create a next generation that is physically less able to cope with hazardous material,” a degenerating process over time, affecting physical and mental well-being. Moreover, “(w)hen chromosomes are damaged and then damaged a second time before (having) a chance to repair,” bizarre problems occur. For example, “a child developed from damaged chromosomes may have a broad spectrum of defects.”

All toxic hazards are serious, nuclear pollution worst of all because “all human life is threatened….Our present path is headed toward species death – whether fast, with nuclear war or technological disaster, or slow, by poison.”

Our present path is suicide. Bertell said so in 1985 and again in 1991. Continued nuclear proliferation and Fukushima accelerated it. What will it take to convince policy makers and profiteers to end this madness? Nothing so far has worked.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net


Mystery scars on Obama’s head prompt another question from conspiracy theorists – has the President had brain surgery?
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:32 AM on 6th April 2011
Comments (51) Add to My Stories He has been plagued with questions and doubts concerning his background throughout his first term as President.
Questions like – is Barack Obama actually American? Is he a Muslim? Is he actually an alien from another planet? – have frequently been asked.

The next question circulating on the internet – has President Obama had brain surgery?
President Obama meeting comedian George Lopez as the First Lady looks on. Some observers believe this image shows a distinctive scar which looks like those left after brain surgery. However, there could simply be another explanation such as a bad haircut or birth mark

This enhanced image purports to show the scar running from the top of the President’s head to behind his right ear

Internet blog sites, conspiracy theorists and forums are awash with rumours as to what those mystery scars on the president’s head are from.

In pictures, Obama appears to have a long scar which goes up the side of his head and over his crown.
Some conspiracy theorists claim they are scars that you would see on someone who has had brain surgery.

But without medical records (along with his school records and birth certificate) no one seems to be able to provide an answer as to the cause of the mystery scars.
Ben Hart, a blogger for Escape The Tyranny a website which presents itself as a Social Network & Forum For Conservatives, said: ‘Obama’s almost done with his first term, and we still know almost nothing about the background of the President of the United States.

‘Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking?

‘No one is allowed to see his birth certificate. He is just one big mystery man, which adds intrigue to what that huge scar is all about.’
The ‘scar’ seen from another angle. One blogger says the surgery might explain why the President has, on occasion, got lost speaking without a teleprompter

Rumours: The Escape The Tyranny website strongly questions Obama’s head scars as well as why no one has seen his birth certificate
He also said that surgery might explain why the President gets lost speaking without a teleprompter, and posted a video of Obama struggling through a speech, repeating his words and getting lost mid-sentence.

More…Obama may have to produce birth certificate if he wants to run for President in 2012
Not born in the USA: Majority of Republican primary voters still think Obama isn’t entitled to be President
Can he do it? Shock surge of support for Donald Trump’s presidential bid among New Hampshire Republicans

Speculation about different aspects of Obama’s life first gathered momentum when questions over his actual birthplace started to emerge, with many believing he was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii, as he has stated.

Millions of dollars have allegedly been spent trying to ensure that it is not released to the public, not even the Hawaiian governor has access to it.
Added to that are the fact his medical records have also been sealed.
A spokeswoman from the White House said they were not willing to comment on such claims, saying they were ‘ridiculous’.
Countless neurosurgeons said it is ‘not their place’ to comment on whether or not distinctive scars on the President’s head are as a result of brain surgery.
Others offered explanations such as a bad haircut or even a birthmark though many did agree that the scars are similar to those a produced after major brain surgery.
Without medical records or an admission from the White House, the public may never know the answer to the question, along with the contents of his birth certificate.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1373780/Mystery-scars-Obamas-head-begs-question–President-brain-surgery.html#ixzz1ImDE6000


nai2010— Thanks for the RMN link to turning off
computer geolocation–
I have Abine, a cookie tracking and deletion software
on this computer that says—
“Your IP address is ——-, they know you’re close to
———–, B.C. using firefox 3.6 on Win7.”

So they can see my IP address, location, browser and operating system used on this computer—
Although Firefox has a “Private Browsing Mode” in Tools
that stops history and tracking cookies. I have to read
up on it more.
Thanks and take care–


More Christian baiting from the “What if” Zionist/Khazar
crowd of disessemblers:Series:

“Jesus as an openly gay man What if the newly found codices provided evidence of Jesus’s same-sex activity? Michael Ruse imagines the implications”

Michael Ruse guardian.co.uk, Monday 4 April 2011 13.15 BST Article history
Jesus Christ as unambiguously and openly gay? Photograph: Corbis
The question: What would you add to the Bible?
The most astounding finding from the newly discovered lead codices is that Jesus Christ was unambiguously and openly gay. He and his disciples formed a same-sex coterie, bound by feelings of love and mutual support. There are recorded instances of same-sex activity – the “beloved disciple” plays a significant role – and there is affirmation of the joys of friendship and of living and loving together.

A whole new complexion is given to that rather puzzling passage where Jesus exhorts his followers to break family ties: “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14, 26). It seems clear now that this is less a negative repudiation of family and more a positive exhortation to join in affirmation of a gay lifestyle and love.

There is at least one new parable, that of the two young men. There are clear echoes of the relationship between David and Jonathan, for Jesus speaks of one young man having his soul “knit with the soul” of the other, and loving him “as his own soul”. Intriguing is evidence that the Catholics might be closer to the truth about the status of Mary, the mother of Jesus, than are the Protestants. She has a much bigger role in the life of Jesus than many hitherto expected, with Jesus frequently returning home and making much of her.

Conversely, there is at least one incident when Jesus quarrels violently with Joseph, who shows great hostility and makes wild claims about “manliness”. Before, one might have thought that, given Mary’s virginity, Joseph’s attitude was reflecting the ambiguities of his status in the family; but now it seems more probable that we have here a classic example of the Freudian triangle: over-possessive mother, hostile father, gay son.

Why have we known so little about all of this before? A newly discovered Pauline epistle, appropriately to the Athenians, suggests a major Platonic influence, particularly of the Republic. The classically educated Paul, who was himself gay, saw that same-sex activity was inimical to the success of Christianity in the highly homophobic societies in which he lived. Hence, same-sex affections and activity were concealed, to be known to and practised by only the leaders in secret – the guardians of Christianity as one might say. Obviously, this is a tradition that has flourished and lasted. It is not by chance that John Henry Newman is being made a saint.

Finally, the most important news is that nothing in the newly discovered codices challenges in any way the essential message of Christianity. Jesus was the messiah; he died on the cross for our sins; and through his death and resurrection made possible our eternal salvation. Our overriding obligation is to love God and we do this by loving our neighbours as ourselves. Christianity will never be the same again. Christianity will go on completely unchanged.”

This is another attempt to deny the manley Jesus as a family man with children ,like the Gnostics relate, this way he fits the Roman/Paulinian take over of Krestianity( they wanted a “Gay spiritual leaders dressed in drag .)
Imagine how the S#it would hit the fan if such accusations
were made about Moses or Abraham in the current press.


TEPCO’s offer: $12 per personSTORY HIGHLIGHTS
NEW: “Everything we’ve built is gone,” the mayor of Namie says
Tokyo Electric offers 20 million yen to residents of 10 communities near the plant
The utility company says more money to those affected will likely come in the future
One estimate is that Tokyo Electric will pay $12 billion to $121 billion in compensation
Tokyo (CNN) — Acknowledging the toll the unrelenting nuclear crisis has had on people’s lives and livelihoods, the owner of Japan’s stricken nuclear plant has offered money to some of those in the radiation’s reach — an offer that one city decided to refuse.

An official with Tokyo Electric Power Company, which operates the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, said Tuesday that the utility made a “token” offer to residents in 10 communities near the plant.

Nuclear crisis explainer

Starting March 31, money began going out to those in nine of them. But the town of Namie rejected Tokyo Electric’s offer, with a local official calling it too meager an attempt to make up for a drastically reduced quality of life and income.

“Our people are suffering, and unfortunately, everything we’ve built is gone,” Mayor Tamotsu Baba told CNN.

“Where is our direct apology?” Baba asked. “Because the cash certainly doesn’t amount to much.”

Tsunami survivors in limbo

Radiation fears slow Japan’s economy

Water management at heart of nuke crisis

Pacific Ocean will dilute toxic waters RELATED TOPICS
2011 Japan Disaster
Tokyo Electric says the amount is an initial token payment, not compensation for losses sustained as a result of the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi. They promise that will come later — after they have assessed the damage from the accident, which has spread radioactive contamination across much of the surrounding area.

The company called the initial offer “payment for their troubles,” and would not detail how much money is being offered to each community. But Kousei Negishi, who is the manager of general affairs for Namie, said that it was 20 million yen — about $12 for each of Namie’s roughly 20,000 residents.

That amount of cash, said Negishi, is “not enough.” And it is logistically difficult to force local governments to distribute the money, which he said should be Tokyo Electric’s responsibility.

Several officials from Fukushima, the prefecture that includes the crippled plant, took their complaints about the company and the evacuation zone to Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s Tokyo office Tuesday afternoon.

“We don’t know if TEPCO understands what we’re going through,” said Katsuya Endo, the mayor of Tomioka, one of the towns that has been evacuated since the accident.

Special coverage

The company said Tuesday that would be worked out between the power company and the Japanese government, which has pledged to support Japan’s largest utility in the crisis.

One week ago, a report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimated Tokyo Electric will face compensation claims of 1 trillion Japanese yen (about $12.13 billion) if the recovery effort takes two months, the financial company’s Tokyo spokesman Takayuki Inoue told CNN. That figure would rise to 2.4 trillion to 3 trillion yen if the process takes six months, and up to 10 trillion yen if the recovery takes two years, according to the report.

Most likely, tens of thousands of people will have a legitimate claim to this cash. They’ll include those who haven’t been able to work, who have been forced out of their homes or who otherwise have had their lives turned upside down in the problem-plagued, complicated struggle to contain the emission of radiation into the air, ground and water from the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

How to help

The government ordered about 78,000 people who lived within 20 kilometers (12 miles) of the plant to evacuate, due to high air and ground radiation readings in those locales.

Another 62,000 lived within 20 to 30 kilometers (12 to 19 miles) — the so-called exclusion zone, where people have been told to stay indoors — an official from Kan’s office said. Namie is located just outside this 30-kilometer radius.

Interactive map

Thousands of others have been affected by the crisis. They include fishermen, who have been told not to go within 20 kilometers of the plant and are facing consumers skeptical about the safety of local seafood, especially after authorities announced plans to dump 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. Farmers, too, have been hit hard by restrictions on the sale and distribution of certain crops because of radiation readings exceeding government limits.

Tokyo Electric itself has suffered as well. The company has admitted it’s been inundated by 40,000 public complaints daily coming into its offices, its stock has plummeted and its faced several protests, including one Sunday in downtown Tokyo that drew about 250 people.

Last week, Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata acknowledged the financial difficulties and reports that Japan’s government is considering nationalizing the company.

“(But) we want to make every effort to stay a private company,” he said.


Hey merek and others interested in Obama’s heritage,

I read a fairly indepth analysis in article form about Obama’s father not being who is stated on the certificate, and that is the “reason” for the secrecy. It was real interesting, I have a link below. He does not look like either man much if you ask me. He looks like his mother’s father the most in my opinion.

Here is a link to the article, I have no real opinion one way or the other, as usual use discernment….:

I clipped out a pic of Obama’s mother on a porch swing with her parents a couple of years agaom from somewhere. The likeness of her father is closest to Barack’s appearance, again in my opinion. I am not sure how to post a pic here or I would certainly include it as well.


Great News Geno—-
Take care–


peacerus2 on April 7, 2011 @ 5:02 am

Thank U for the transalation,though cant understand yje japanese what Fulford , the MC and other BDS member has to say in the you tube video , your translation really helps thx a ton ….


Fantastic news!


Comment by foodrules on April 7, 2011 @ 3:34 am

winwin4all (2:14)

I am inclined to agree about Obama. It is a very unpopular stance here but deep within me I feel he is president for a good purpose. He is being used by positive forces somehow to slow down the evil forces or hold the fort in some way. What he has done, dragged his feet, been passive to a lot of events, makes me feel more so. I don’t know why. Can’t logically look at facts and figures. So it was heartening to see your post… thank you.
Aloha Foodrules:

Thank you for your comment. Always go within (because God is within you) for confirmation – – to me, it’s better to clear your space of dark energies first. Until lots of us see Obama for his positive actions, then with our aggregate and focused positive energy for him, we’ll be in an accelerated mode to recovery.

You already know this. Lots of us in the USA have been lied to, mind controlled, mind programmed to death and it’s understandable that it’s hard to wake up to a sufficient level where you can see what’s happening around you better. The only way to do it is to be enlightened to a point of no return to the “dark ways” that we’ve been taught by the evil rulers of this cosmic classroom called earth.

Like WB said a couple of days ago, he wished God would come. Guess what, God did come and as promised, provided us with the WORD (the truth per the Book of Revelation) through his hosts. History was revised, altered by the luciferian gang and lots of “revisionists” have been murdered because lucifer and his minions don’t want people to know the true history of this planet. The main reason lucifer sent US troops to Iraq was to destroy the tablets that tell the history of this planet (aka sumerian tablets).

We all have to know what’s going on and a great reference info link regarding what is the WORD and Jesus’ life (setting the records straight) etc… is:


By exposing these khazarian jews (fake jews, false jews, imposter jews, askenazi jews, mongolian jews, repitilian bosheviks, anti christ jews etc…….) with the WORD, hopefully more people will wake up and denounce lucifer / satan. That way, lots can graduate / ascend this time.

Please discern and knowing you have a good soul, in time you will find what you’ve been searching / longing for from deep down your heart.

Aloha Foodrules !!!



I have researched “end days” also back in my school days. I like the deatil in yours, it very obviously shows the trend I know exists.

From my younger days on on someone was popping up somewhere with the end date. Most were from the religion who’s book actually TELLS them no one will know that date.

WWI, WWII, first atomic blast, etc etc etc….


More exposure from: http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/070718.pdf


From page 2: 4/10/07 from HATONN-jonur

Hatonn present in the Light of God Aton. As leader of The HOSTS I repeat that with me is The Master Christed teacher who is my Commander. He awaits the hour to return to you in physical form. Momentarily The Christ will speak/write, as you are prepared for the final act in this play called third
dimensional life expression. This is the ending of the Great Cycle and a time of “graduation” for those of God’s chosen people who desire to come back within the Laws of Aton and The Laws of The Creation. The Hosts and Lighted Masters are waiting to present themselves for your various lessons once again, in addition to Sir Walter Russell and Dr. Nikola Tesla who have their special and unique contributions to add to humanity’s enlightenment at this time in Earthman’s transition. It is a most exciting time for those of you who are in direct service, for you will sense a knowingness of purpose and “fitting in” as to your task leading up to now. There is no coincidence in God’s Plan, and the sooner you ones accept this fact the easier it will be to find peace in your daily lives. Though you will experience much upheaval and chaos during these
“Last Days”, those in service to God will not suffer the same hopelessness and blind terror. For you ones will KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. This way you can work with your neighbors and friends and prepare against that day. And it will come as the thief in the night so get ready immediately. Utilize all things God placed at your disposal. Be prepared with all the water you can store in your extra containers—do not
throw all of them out. The day will come when you will wish you had kept some of the empty water jugs for refills and short-term storage. Get food-grade hydrogen peroxide (35%) and put twelve drops (per gallon) in the longer stored water
and it will keep quite nicely. Be prepared for the bright light and tell ALL YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH THAT IT IS COMING. They will remember to go inside and protect their eyes—but it is up to you to inform them or they will not know. You are the messenger, so it is now your responsibility to tell your brothers and sisters. Plan on
at least a week in the basement or darkened store room
with emergency supplies. You can come out again when the light is no longer damaging (or, in the case of the radioactive belt being intentionally ignited, it burns itself out).

The Mossad (Israel’s secret terrorist “Institute”) has staged shooting incidents to be played out on local or
national television for the express reason of taking away your guns. Just like the one yesterday in Detroit, Michigan, at a Jewish accounting firm in which a woman was killed and two Khazar senior partners are said to be in the hospital as lucky survivors. However, since the hospital and media were ordered not to release any information to the
public, you will never find out that the entire incident
was planned months or years previously.

The clues to watch for in these dastardly schemes are how smooth and orderly the pursuit and “capture” of the assailant are carried out in front of the cameras.
Or the “timely witness” who is in the right place at the
right time so the audience can get that “Cops” TV show feel from the video footage. Then comes the perfectly worded (and pre-scripted for maximum dramatic effect) commentary by the newscasters and on-scene reporters about how easy it was for Joe Citizen to walk in off the street and blow away his former co-workers. And the same day you are treated
to a wobbly POV (point of view) camera walkthrough, so you can “see” from the eyes of the shooter, what his so-called “murderous rampage” must have looked like.

Chelas, these are fully orchestrated dramas just like
Hollywood motion picture and television shows—but with live ammunition and no stunt doubles! Keep forever uppermost in your minds that the adversary to God OWNS HOLLYWOOD AND
ones are the unsuspecting dupes being fooled in every manner you can think of. And it has been this way for hundreds of years!

After every incident, you will notice that they will
have handy full background information, including
high school year book pictures, Sunday school teachers, former coaches and ex-girlfriends, etc., all painting a picture that fits perfectly what the media was telling you throughout. Then come the references to the “weapons”, “extra ammo” and what he was “getting ready to do next”. Shortly thereafter, gun control legislation will be introduced for the type of gun(s) used so it can be added to the list for confiscation. The list is given directly to UNITED NATIONS COMMANDERS WHO ADD IT TO THE LIST OF REGISTERED GUN OWNERS IN AMERICA SO THEY WILL KNOW WHOSE
TREATY—SIGNED BY YOUR PRESIDENT (AN ILLEGAL AND UNLAWFULL ACT)—GIVES THEM PERMISSION TO FORCEABLY ENTER YOUR HOME WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT AND ARREST THE OWNER! Now, this is what you are up against, and it seems an impossible task to extricate yourselves from the trap. But it can be done; you have God and His Lighted Hosts as your ally—all you have to do is ask. For we cannot intervene otherwise, by Cosmic Law of noninterference. Our job is to bring The WORD, however, so that you can turn it around. Information
sharing IS allowed, and that is the reason for the assault on your Constitution. The Treaty your nation has with My Command is what saves you this very day, but you are a hairsbreadth away from losing that advantage. If you can be fooled into letting your adversary remove you from the protection of your Constitution, then what remains of God’s Heavenly Land that is worth saving? Ponder that most carefully as you renew your stand against thine enemy.
I cherish you, for we are your elder brothers come to
show you the way home to our Father’s House, where
there are many mansions.

MITAKUYE OYASIN (For all my relations)—Which is ALL. Hatonn to clear.


rvssunil on April 7, 2011 @ 5:54 am

Thank you for thanking my little efforts to spread the words. I saw many desires on the YouTube viewers for the translation. Although, I did try the little excerpts, I realized it was way inadequate leaving out the meats of the matter. I hope people watching YouTube will find their way to our blog.

Actually I tried creating YouTube account, but when I realized YouTube = Google, I decided not to because I do not trust Google. So I am not going to divulge my personal information to them.

Now I have to hit the boring text books. 🙂

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com

Earlier post :?:: Why would the cabal allow a continuous stream of deadly radiation to spew into the air they must breathe as well?

I will answer this for readers of the blog that are not paying members.

💡 It doesn’t make any sense to do this.

Unless: The duration of exposure was planned for.

If this is true, and I am not saying it is, this implies the job is not finished.

Solution: Make your own decisions based on logic and facts and consider temporary relocation. The world is full of people that would/will help.

We are all in this together.


More exposure from Jesus – – setting the records straight

Quoting from: http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/070718.pdf

From page 3: 4/11/07 from ESU JESUS SANANDA-jonur

“Jesus” here in the glory of the new day. I greet you with blessings from our Creator Source in The Radiance of The I AM Light. I was born of an Earth mother and the father of a
Celestial Son of God, The Creator Source. I was called Jmmanuel (the “J” was pronounced “Ee” in that day), son of Joseph, who married my mother, Mary. Later, when I became a man and traveled to Syria and elsewhere to teach, I was called Esu. This name often had different pronunciations in the different lands, but it was Saul of Tarsus (who changed his name to Paul to try and distance himself from his past as Christian persecutor) who gave me the label “Jesus”, which was derived from a form of “Esu”. This happened long
after I was gone from the Holy Lands. There are many misperceptions that have to be corrected in preparation for My “Second Coming”, as you call it. Every year at this time, the “Ten Commandments” is broadcast on your television
networks, and each year all reference to Christ-ness has slowly disappeared. If you have noticed, Christian symbols and references have been replaced with the six-pointed Jewish Star and “Happy Hanukkah”, with no mention of anything related to Christ. You have been taught falsely about your Christian faith by the very ones who crucified Me and fed those who followed Me to the lions and all other manner of unspeakable torture and death.


The Sadducees and Pharisees from Biblical times are the same evil energies that have taken control of the planet today. Just as they plotted and schemed to rob and murder and control the masses of humanity through lies and trickery two thousand years ago—and earlier—they do so again today in your political arena. Your bitter enemy has NEVER lost sight of his goal against the children of God.
The constant wars America is always waging against other peoples and other sovereign countries are not the doing of God’s people, be they Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians or whomever; they are but pawns being manipulated by unseen hands. Your entire history is but a lie, written solely to keep the masses of humanity ignorant as to your spirituality and exactly who your enemy is.
My life, what I taught and My return were told to you by those who beat and mocked me. Can you not fathom that what they bring is false? Think about “Judeo-Christian” for a moment. Are these not two mutually exclusive terms with completely opposite meaning? Oil and water do not mix, nor do the killers and persecutors and their victims. You have been deceived. In nineteen centuries, those same Jews who
brought terror and lasciviousness to “civilized” peoples
have risen to global dominance. And it was not through military might. They number perhaps only two million people, yet they control the whole of your very existence!
They have accomplished this seemingly impossible feat by two methods. One, by quietly obtaining your money. I do not mean that worthless paper (Fiat funny money, I believe you call it) or even your quarters and dimes that are supposed to have a bit of silver in them, but are now just big copper pennies with “silver” coating on the front and back. (Bus drivers over the decades remember when they used to
hear the difference in the coins as they listened to them fall into the fare collection box. They remarked that the valuable metals were being replaced by alloys, and not only did the weight change, but the familiar sound and vibrational “tone” was different. Local newspapers refused to mention this phenomenon, even though it was often brought to their attention.) I am referring to actual MONEY, something that has had worth since the beginning of time—GOLD. By gaining control of gold and giving you “credit” in its place, you have been effectively nullified as to freedom of choice. And you do not even know it.
Everywhere you live, work and “play” is granted to you by the one who holds the gold. They are allowing you a make-believe existence of opulence and splendor, complete with vacations and recreational vehicles, and yet, in the blink of an eye, you can be rendered “broke”. Penniless.
The second method they utilized to take an entire world from you was through religion. Your “God”, if you will, was taken from you. And this was done through the rewriting of your history. I did not die on that cross. Everything you have been taught about My life—right down to My very name—has been used to manipulate your spiritual progression
so you end up in a voided limbo, an area between physical existence and the places of God. This separates you from your Heavenly SOURCE and puts you at the mercy of the evil energies and beings who desire to rule over and control you.
You must KNOW what your spiritual journey is all about if you ever hope to arrive at your destination.

Your adversary is trying to keep you from ever knowing the truth. His need is to have ones to rule over as slaves to serve him. By keeping you in spiritual ignorance you are prevented from going to the High Heavens and places of God and are relegated to the “lower worlds” where evil reigns.


I lived a full life, well over one hundred years, and I
deceased my physical embodiment just as you do— and will. The body does not go with you when you die. It is merely a housing OR TEMPLE for the soul. The spiritual you utilizes the body to experience its lessons in the manifested, three-dimensional world of physical “things”. When you leave the physical, all things physical are left behind—they do not go with you. You no longer need them. Your adversary teaches you that you will ascend to some fluffy clouds
during something called a “rapture”. That will not happen. You are taught this in church by the evangelicals and other preachers—YET, “RAPTURE” IS NOT SO MUCH AS MENTIONED IN THE
HOLY BIBLE! I survived being crucified, beaten, and having my body pierced by a spear. That terrible ordeal would
have caused any human being to finally succumb to the unbearable pain—including Myself—but it was My genetic father, the Celestial Son, Gabriel, who took My essence unto himself when I could bear no more and carried Me. When I was sufficiently restored, I continued my terrible burden until finally I lapsed into a coma-like state—JUST AS I SAID I WOULD. I ALSO SAID THAT THREE DAYS LATER I WOULD AWAKEN! THE JEWS DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH OF IT, FOR I TAUGHT THAT IT IS THE SPIRIT THAT IS THE REAL YOU. And when you finish with this life you will still exist, either to reincarnate with a new body to continue your lessons in the physical, or return to the Higher Realms with your Light Body. Either way, the soul essence continues to live. And when it is no longer within the density of the physical body, you become aware of the unseen world and the veil of forgetfulness is lifted.
After I was placed in the tomb that Joseph of Arimathea had made for himself, he had a secret passage installed, and it was through this passage that I was tended by my disciples. When I was well enough to be moved, it was through there that I was able to escape the notice of the guards. I completely recovered and continued, with renewed power and a
mighty Light about Me, the teachings I came to deliver about God and The Creation.

Break please, Jonur, before we continue. Thank you
for thy service. Selah! Ah Ho, Amen. In reverence
unto our God SOURCE, I stand aside and await thy


More exposure of the lies forced on us.

The following info may shock some of you, but please go within for confirmation:

More of Jesus’ message to set the “records straight” can be read at:





http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/980811.pdf (Pgs. 14: Remembering why we are here; Last 4 civilizations ; this time it will be a success !!!)

http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/981229.pdf (P.10: It is time my people come together)

http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/990105.pdf (P.15 The battle intensifies between Light & Dark)


The following Contact paper links have articles from Jesus Immanuel Sananda’s father:

Gabriel of the Archangelic Realms of Light

“Join with President Obama” – – see page 2:

“Gabriel, who will sound the trumpet of Armageddon, warns us: The hour glass is running out” – – see page 1:


Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal


(please always keep in mind “who benefits” )


Geno, great news! Congrats.


Everybody [aopologies for expletives],but read to the end.thanks
I so fuckin hate to watch the fuckin prick spineless cU2t,Cameron ,talking on tv convincing the country to be slaves ,he even has the same hand movements when speaking as that prick Blair,you people on here are great at digging the info ,but to what avail,ask yourself this ,if everybody knew that the Fed and the B OF E ,along with central banks were privately owned ,and NOT GOVERNMENT RUN ,the masses would stop paying these people to kill us ,PLEASE LISTEN, THE MASSES HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED ,SO ,YOU CANNOT INFORM THEM OF THE WHOLE TRUTH ,AS THEY WILL BE IN DENIAL,BUT LET THEM KNOW ABOUT THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND HOW IT WAS MADE TO ENSLAVE US
Peace and granades,


chocolate on April 7, 2011 @ 7:07 am

I echo your sentiment, but capital letters are harder to read.

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


Please tell us how you really feel…


O º


sorry for caps ,i refuse to wear glasses,easier to see ,simple
love and ?


Lucifer’s enslavement formula:

Please see the following important info link below:

http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/100512.pdf (Pages 1-3 : Usury : Secret banking formula to enslave us, aka fractional


you agree with my sentiment but only comment on the size of the text ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I SAY FUCK OFF YOU ,,,,,,,,,,,,


Ron Paul is interviewed by Michael Maloney of Goldsilver.com
April 6, 2011





chocolate on April 7, 2011 @ 7:29 am

I think the strategy Ben and the groups of people he represents are going to use the public shame by gathering more than enough evidences because Ben said the heads of all nations and big corporations all know what really happened.

I really believe there will be a big announcement in the near future. When the announcement comes, each of us will have to decide whether we want to follow and support the evil or work towards the world justice.

I have already made up my mind.




Deflationists Blind to the Inflation Storm
By Jim Willie, April 6, 2011

“My forecast has been for a powerful Inflationary Recession to occur, a consistently laid out analysis, delivered during the last year or more in clear terms. That has been my call, and continues to be my call. The Deflationist camp is making more noises. They do not know their limitations, which are obstructed by a blind eye toward the monetary inflation. They do not understand it, so they ignore it, and attempt to encapsulate it into a convenient bottle set aside on the margin. Gonzalo Lira will be proved wrong about price inflation showing on the official Consumer Price Inflation index. So what? The prevailing price inflation will ramp past 12% easily as he also predicts. His style is wonderful, even if a mirror is a fixture at his desk. His details in argument are strong and cogent. An anger meter is a fixture at my desk…”

More at:

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


Easy Junior Achievement.

It is not our fault you have more baggage than British Airways.

Get over it man…


O º


Are you in the Silver Liberation Army?: Max Keiser – Alex Jones 6/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp2snDHCPPM



This is not baseless because I started to cough from few days ago. I have very sensitive respiratory system. I need to eat more seaweed.

Dr. Busby responded:
The current risk model is based upon external acute radiation at high dose rate, the Japanese A-Bomb [i.e. from measurements of the effect of uniform, external radiation on the residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki]. It is incorrect for internal and this was discussed at CERRIE but the implications were so alarming that the government sacked the Environment minister Michael Meacher who set up the committee and shut it down before it had finished….
Dr. Busby explained that the standards for radioiodine are about 20 times higher than they should be when it will be taken inside the body, and for certain radioactive particulates, up to 1,000 times higher than is safe.
Note: Even though current standards are way too high, the EPA is trying to raise the current standards much higher.


chocolate on April 7, 2011 @ 7:39 am

Don’t worry, I am not offended.

What else can we do if we are doing all that we could. If my life ends two weeks from now, I can leave without regrets.


Link for: Max Keiser`s call to arms on Alex Jones.


Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


No worries mate.

You blew off a little steam and then appologized.

All cool.


O º


Geno, great that you don’t have to wear orange, I am guessing it was not your colour, so they let you off, right?





Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


It is more complicated than that.

I urge you to focus your super nova energy on the task at hand. The good Citizens in Japan are in trouble.

Think about them first. We can get the bad guys later.

O º


chocolate on April 7, 2011 @ 7:58 am

There are more of us than them. I think it was Pansy who said “give them the chance to tell us who they are, and they will.”

Let this be our lesson that will be passed down to the next generation. When in doubt, watch out for the fake Jews, secret Jews, Khazarian Jews, and Ashkenazi Jews. They have malignant DNA, and we don’t want them in our society. They need to be avoided like plague that they are.


I have said my piece ,it is no more compliated than that ,you are a fuckin troll designed to take the attention away from from what i pointed out in the banking world ,to say we should think of japan as in trouble, is a true statement with merit but what knoweledge do you have that i have super nova energy,or is it that the getting the bad guys later is just buying more time for you and your fuckin sick mates FUCK OFF DROP DEAD,

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com

Oh ye of little faith…



The fed and the Bank of England are run by private individuals


The fed and the bank of england are run by the Rothchilds

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com

dark schokolade




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Very interesting interview with Jospeph P. Farrell explaining how the Bilderbergers came about, and many other fascinating bits of history explaining how we got where we are.


Sorry, I neglected to mention that I got this from Glenn site: Parenting Health Children.


That should have been Glenn’s site!

Hutz,--> click here for Republic News & more

Gordon Duff
NYC Dirty Bomb “Drill”- Largest in National History…Is It a Drill?
“Censored” Terror “Drill” Most Costly In History
“More Checkpoints Per Square Mile Than Baghdad”



That was me dancing around happily reading all the great stuff here at the Cafe. If we had a menu, I’d order some red wine, Pinot Noir or Medoc, and a bowl of French onion soup crusted over with parmasean cheese. When my order arrived, I’d sip the soup and the wine slowly as I watched Wo and Geno dance to a jazz singer who would have been discovered years ago if she did not work in this place.

Merek and Kohala are sitting over in a corner evaluating the merits of some potent vintages. Sun is getting ready to set out some chem busters to protect us all from what may come. Peace is drawing on a big tablet with soft charcoal and gently smudging the edges to create the shadows and planes of the many unique people gathered here.

Ben just walked in. Amidst the enthusiastic chaos of curls on his head, silver threads are collecting. He looks like he needs a stiff drink. Kuulemomi just walked in behind Ben. She gives him one of those looks that says,”I know that you’re worried about the people and the land that you have come to love.” Ben’s shoulders relax a little. He knows that for just a little while, he’s among friends.

My wine is almost finished. With an exaggerated wave, I ask the waiter for one more. Midnightmark just wandered in, too followed by Chocolate, Hope and others. We have reached the early evening when the air turns cool. Somebody lit a fire in the standup fireplace in the corner. We’re getting ready to toast Geno and listen to all his many adventures of the last week. Lew’s been nominated as the host/introduction person.

That’s what’s going on, here at the cafe at earth’s farthest corner where no drinks are watered and the company is the most genial anywhere in this galaxy.


Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


A party without Orbs is square.

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Please forgive me for the redundancy, but I just want the word to reach far and wide. Since the video came out two days ago, it has received over 40,000 hits. The awareness is growing, and the change is coming. My translation is far from perfect, but I just want to contribute in a very small way.

Ben’s recent video (in Japanese)

WHO’s top three executives held shares for the company that produces the swine flu immunization. In recent years when they spread the swine flu in Mexico, WHO and the Ministry of Health in Japan quarantined anyone with common cold symptoms for up to one week while falsely reporting the severity of damages on TV to increase the sale of swine flu immunization from the U.S. forces. As soon as the entire world bought the medicine for swine flu media stopped reporting the story of the flu. What was the hysteria all about? American pharmaceutical companies are pushing drugs to consumers through WHO by threatening people. This is the business strategy behind this conspiracy. The Unite States controlled Japan as a colony for 65 years after World War II by taking away our hard earned money or force us to buy things that we don’t need. Because Japanese people are industrious and studious, they made us work until we became the wealthiest nation in the world, and just when we were nicely fattened, they took away everything from us. We must never forget that Japan was defeated in 1945. I am here to assert that 311 earthquake was a threat against Japan to squeeze more money from our nation. America has taken over 60 trillion yen in total from BOJ immediately after the 311 earthquake. Japan was forced to buy U.S. treasury bonds no one wants to buy anymore without the awareness of the Japanese people, and the money was handed over to IMF. 60 trillion yen moved to the United States as they wished, and this occurred very quickly. The U.S. aircraft carrier arrived shortly after the earthquake, and 20 trillion yen left 3 days later. We expect it will exceed 100 trillion yen in no time. China and Russia have close ties now while Japan struggles with China over Senkaku Island incident over a fishing ship collision. Meanwhile Japan has unresolved issue over Northern Islands with Russia. The earthquake attack was the final nail to send Japan to the coffin.

Acceding to the intelligence report from the leaders of the Japanese Democratic Party and the office of the Imperial Palace, Ozawa Ichiro, the leader of the Democratic Party and Campbell Assistant Secretary of the State met on 3/9/2011. Campbell promised Ozawa to stop the harassment if he splits the Democratic Party. Ozawa was a stronger candidate than Kan to be the prime minister, but he was compromised with a complete fabrication in the recent election. Campbell visited Japan on behalf of Jay Rockefeller, the influence behind GE. GE created the current nuclear disaster. Jay Rockefeller, the perpetrator persisted the construction of the Fukushima nuclear plants despite the risks engineers warned. If Ozawa submits to Rockefeller, he was promised to receive shares of the company that cleans nuclear wastes in Fukushima. The governor of Fukushima strongly opposed to the use of plutonium in the Unit III four months ago. Higashi Nihon House Co., Ltd. shares have risen a month before the earthquake in spite of the fact that there are 300 million vacant homes due to Japan’s aging population. There are many other evidences of insider trading. South Korea purchased massive amounts of potassium iodide from Canada a month before the earthquake. In short, this earthquake is a threat to Japan. The Military-industrial-Complex is on the verge of bankruptcy in America today. White Dragon Society and other international organizations are working together to prevent the money flow. Middle Eastern nations have joined to this cooperation by refusing to sell crude oil, and this is why Libya is being attacked. This threat will not be the end. The United States government led by Rockefeller interests plans an attempt to erupt Mount Fuji on 4/11. We are trying to prevent it from happening. We will release the GPS locations network data for earthquakes weapons in the U.S. We are demanding earthquake weapons facilities closure and asking corporations from the international communities, China, Russia, Japan’s defense military personnel and the American people with conscience.
We the people must put our lives on the line now, or they will kill us eventually. Now is the time to retaliate and take actions to fight back to defend ourselves. Japan will reverse everything MacArthur did to weaken and dumb down the Japanese nationals. It will revive martial arts and restore its strength. In two to three months, the major media will make the public announcement and expose what the United States has been doing to Japan. The colony called Japan and its slaves will be freed finally. The public awareness is increasing each day. Start locally, where you are, to bring the changes. Since the end of WWII, the United States made Japan defenseless but kept it very productive so that they could extract the wealth generated by the TOILS of its people. In fact, many died from overwork in the 80s and 90s. They have succeeded sucking every drop out of Japan.

The cabal’s attempted to destroy Japanese beef (wagyu or Kobe beef) production by spreading influenza in Miyazaki prefecture where the production of beef, pork and chicken is most concentrated. WHO was behind peddling medications after they spread the lethal virus. Why did they do this? So they can push the drug infested American meat to the Japanese. Richard Koshimizu tells his listeners not to consume American beef for their dear life.

Ben dared Jay Rockefeller and said “go ahead and sue me for a slander if you can. I have gathered plenty of evidences against you.”

There is a high possibility of all the areas facing the Pacific Ocean to be targeted for disasters by TPTB.

Translation: peaceRus



¡Cómo está el patio!

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com:
Was ist den los mit Schokolade?
Wie kann einer so wütend sein?
Mit aller diesen Superkräfte …
Ich glaube sie sollte fröhlich sein.


Gerald Celente – “They’re taking you to war.” Do SOMETHING

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


Ah, meine schöne Freundin zweisprachig.

Ich spreche kein Wort Deutsch.

Als Kind haben wir einmal einen braunen Pudel Namen schokolade.

Schokolade ist gut.


O º


Could this be beginning of disclosure? Freedom of information act…USAF admits to 3 UFO’s recovered w/bodies.

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


Thanks for the intelligence but if FOX News and my government has anything to do with it…:roll:


O º


Yeah, I hear ya. My 1st reaction was one of elation followed quickly with the smell of rats.

We’ll see.

Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com
Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com


The truth is out there. Research is a great tool.

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Orbs. Intelligence Club: rovdrones@yahoo.com:
I thought you were german, when you spelled chocolate in german. Plus you’ve got euros in your gravatar.

Where are you from?


April Gallop, Military Officer, Pentagon 911 Victim, Sued Cheney, Was In Court Today~News BLACKOUT
# Posted by elizabeth trutwin on April 6, 2011 at 12:00am

The Following Accounting Came From An Anonymous Source:

(I’m not a journalist, so please be gentle.)

Today on April 5, 2011 the appeal by Military officer April Gallop against former Vice President Dick Chenney, Donald Rumsfeld, and US Air For