The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn signals new phase in financial war

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the IMF, was arrested last week because he was trying to steal the American people’s Social Security money to finance the Euro, according to Rothschild family sources. The charge of rape against him was almost certainly a case of entrapment by a female agent although I am sure no proof of this will ever be found. The next phase in the battle against the high level financial gangsters is expected to target Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley but, the closing of these criminal enterprises will only mark an intermediate phase in the battle against the criminal elements concentrated in the central banks of the West, according to White Dragon Society sources. The end result is certain to be a historical change of the sort not seen for thousands of years, if ever.

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All we are saying is give peace a chance.


Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:

An Open Letter to ALL Federal Agents

Please help us. We are a peaceful lot who simply want to be free.

We bleed when we are cut, just like you do.

The toxins affect our health, just like yours.

We breathe the same air, just as you do.

We want to protect our family, friends and loved ones, just like you do.

We don’t like being lied to, just like you don’t.

We want to spend way less of our income on energy, just like you do.

We want to stop environmental destruction so ALL OF US can continue to enjoy the great outdoors.

Look how much WE have in common. We are not so different.

Please listen to what we are asking for. It is not much and it will help you and all your loved ones just as much.

Please help us…

O º


3rd!!! yeah


4th Waka Waka Waka


If you really think the World Order will take over the planet . . . . you needs to wake up. They have no chance . . . it’s a game, a plan and a trap . . . . . . .5th


Excellent, can’t wait for the rest of them to be trapped, nailed, jailed, whatever, as long as they are gone. Supposed to give them love and light, but it is hard to do.



“If you are a believer, you MUST pass this around right frigin now or verify it and prove it wrong.

Someone sent me a Bible verse she claimed was purposefully interpetted incorrectly. So, I went back to the orginal Greek and transalted it word for word. This is one big ass oh shit people. Damn the people that did this. It changes a lot of references to the exact opposite of what almost all churches teach. I feel overwhelmed by the ramifications. But I absolutely believe this transaltion.

All they did was move the word not to completely obfuscate the meaning.

Do your own research. It is my conclusion we are NOT to forgive the shit these evil bastards do if they know what they are doing is wrong. And God won’t forgive the shit heads. This throws out 75% of the religious bullshit I have always disagreed with anyway. People that do evil shit should not be forgiven, and we are NOT wrong when we don’t forgive. Take that you lying bastard piece of shit pastors.

This is almost enough to make me go back to preaching my way. Damn, I was right back then and I didn’t even friggin know it. I used to catch so much shit (for my language, yup, I talked this way sometines back then) for telling the “believers” they did not have to forgive scumbags. Hey adulterers, liars, thieves, murderers, rapist, cops and other shit heads, you are officially friggin screwed. Na na na na na. I’m holding up the galloping goose symbol right about friggin now.”


8th from Korea!


Regarding the Fort Worth lights and claims that they were exploding transformers…it seems transformers are exploding everywhere. Is some kind of ‘energy source’ getting them all excited to the point they are over loaded?


I know this news article is some weeks old, but have others seen this, very interesting if true!

(Found it on the Web-bot forum, in Hits page)


Hey Ben, glad to get your take on Princess Diana and the bin Laden killing. I couldn’t imagine what disarray it would have thrown the British royalty into if Diana had converted to Islam. I think they’re already worried in England because of the sheer number of Muslim immigrants, and the fact that Mohammed is now one of the most popular baby names: .


Oh – well – hello – dolly ! Is it my imagination or are we doing some awesome things together in this thing of questioning and caring and sharing or what? Thank you ben for the daring efforts & the exhaustive adventures you’ve taken upon yourself in all these times of very critical days of decision making! Discernment has now replaced ridicule & on an exponential rate of growth! Everybody! Hellos & waves to you all! I’ve read your comments along the way & many thanks for links these commenters have shared as well as all thoughts. No matter if the thoughts are yucky or full of mucky that must be said. It’s all good since it leads us not astray but instead to continue the tread of thought thinking possibilities and what ifs! Many thanks to maolio is it? The link on the indigo topic. I stand upward as if a tree with my feet planted firmly in the ground and in love with the words he said about the sky , the light and earth. Dhuater tumti kei dhu urnus aterti –“Bring back the Sky to Earth and give back the Light to the Sky.” I marvel. I ponder. And then I think about the aluminum in the skies put out there in the “con”trail chemtrails. But history is on repeat and it seems to me because we , the people , have never been told that there are 2active energy principles available to us. The principle yet unaffected has been choice due to the mass media’s efforts to keep us disinformed so we could keep ourselves disempowered! The gunpowders and the law! The light is in the ahas that keep coming forth by the efforts of many worldwide! Many kudos to all!


cool! waka waka waka! 🙂


Thanks Ben. Now about forgiving. Nobody needs to forgive, it is not required by anyone, God did not forces you to do it. However it is in your benefit and benefit of other generation of your offspring to do so. It might not be an easy task to grasp it, but this is a fact. You do it for your sake and sake of those who come after you.


In the karmic realm, the energy created by evil does not vanish. So create love to counter balance? I somehow do not think that’s how things work. If we want to remain positive and generate the positive energy through loving deeds, we must remain positive, meaning we must not take in evil. So when we see and experience evil, we are supposed to recognize it and DISMISS it from our environment(consciousness). The evil elements that are hell-bent on remaining evil must be EXPELLED and EXTERMINATED.

Kudos to Diana for choosing another man to father Harry! I can see her ear to ear smile with Dodi in heaven. 🙂


Ben is correct about the Bush oil company Arbusto and the Bin Laden connection.

“the Bin Laden family have been long term partners of the Bush family (Bin Laden’s older brother Salim Bin Laden was a co-founder of Bush Jr.’s company Arbusto) then it may have been the work of the Chicago mafia behind “President” Obama.”


Busy working *’@&%%4″??…



On board 5/16 5:58A in Hawai’i with 12 comments ending with someone new to the blog, inrascoobz 5/17 12:57A.
In the news Re: U.S. Drones snooping around China

China maintains it does not have offensive intentions and is only protecting its own interests: The shipping lanes are also vital to China’s export-dependent economy. There are potential flash points, though, notably Taiwan and clusters of tiny islands that both China and other Asian nations claim as their territory.

I copy that China is correct on their interests. No need to say anymore about U.S. interest in China.

And what of the claims? Is it South America’s claim, also?
Thank goodness for understanding.


Golden statue? I would like to see a statue of the tree of life:-)


“The end result is certain to be a historical change of the sort not seen for thousands of years, if ever.”

Copy this, too.


One request…you said “Perhaps a giant golden dragon might be a possibility.”

If you don’t mind, I’m not crazy about a golden idol revering the reptiles, okay?


‘Huge security alert’ closes area surrounding Buckingham Palace after police receive coded bomb warning

The area surrounding Buckingham Palace was closed off today after Irish Republican dissidents issued a coded bomb warning.
The caller sparked a huge security alert in central London after claiming a device had been planted the day before the Queen is due to visit Dublin.
The threat that a bomb will go off today is ‘not specific to time or place’, Scotland Yard said.

Read more:


Off to work.

Have a good discussion, everyone. Already peaking my interest this AM. Oh, well.


There seems to be some confusion around the issue of forgiveness. Forgiveness is mandatory when it is asked for, forgiveness also is for the person that was a victim and is angry because anger is a cancer in the soul, AND most importantly, fogiveness does NOT give immunity to the crimes committed. They can be forgiven but still need to suffer the consequences of their actions. So action is NOT taken from anger, forgiveness is given, but truth and justice prevails. Evil begans evil, and love begans love, but true love is also a righteous love and bringing justice forward is not passing judgment, only Almighty God has that right. We do NOT have to allow evil to reign, even in repentance, justice is still carried out, AND true repentance would recognize this and willingly accept it. False repentance would use forgiveness as an avenue of escape just to continue on at a later date.


“The pentagon, the alphabet agencies, Interpol, the yakuza, the triads, the Saudis, most of the European royalty, the Vatican etc. are now aligned with the new financial system…”

Man is this a sudden change of heart? Knowing that most European royalties are fervent worshippers of Satan (watch newly wed prince William here and he’s their frequent guest on their honor banquets, how could this possibly be? Or has he given them his OK and his blessing? Can anyone explain?



Burk Explains Turtle Island

This is a video explaining the situation with the Queens agreements with the Native lands across Canada. We are still the land owners, Canadian Govt or Queen only has equitable title but we Hold the Real deed for this land. This video should explain it fully including the TRUST that is being held by the CROWN.

video (part 1/5)

Comment: this is a fantastic explanation that includes the history & legal implications of land agreements made between the British crown and aborginal populations of “turtle Island”. It continues with explanations of how the present political structure emerged. (The creation of the “corporation of Canada”.) Presenter does an excellent job of providing a simplified description including the “birth certificate” …who holds the “original” birth certificates? Etc. Etc.

Although specific to Canada, likely much of this also applies to the US, as many of the agreements made with the “native lands” in areas now knows as the US, were entered into prior to 1776.

Plus, for non Canadians, it gives a very quick overview of some of Canadian history. (Sort of like a “Coles Notes” on steroids.)




um… From what I’ve read about forgiving, WE actually forgive OURSELVES. “God” doesn’t interfere.

The “god” of the bible is simply a blueblood. They wrote that book…..

Of course I could be wrong….. If so, please forgive me. I’m not trying to create a religious disagreement here. Just thought this might help. ?


write2bonnie on May 17, 2011 @ 1:28 am
That’s fine and dandy, but who is going to keep a watchful eyes to the evil bustards? The tragedy that goes on every second, especially in the United States, is that these evil freaks go after the innocents who are too young to understand all the stuff that you are talking about. We the grownups have had no rights, but how about young children? They are less than slaves unless they are lucky enough to have the benevolent caregivers 24-7. We have the RESPONIBILITY for our future generation to MAKE THINGS RIGHT before we can talk about forgiving the evil criminals.
You can talk about forgiveness until cows come home, but there are countless young lives that do not even have the safety to think about forgiveness. I used to be one of them.


Reg: Strauss Kahn set up

I’m a bit confused because I’ve read and interpreted Henegans intel (to which Ben had given partial credibility) much different than Ben has in his new article of today. But may be my english is too bad for a correct interpretation. In this case I kindly ask for help by Café members…

According to Henegan (who BTW published a direct link to the Fax of Hodges & Associates regarding White Hat Reports of May 12, 2011) and how I did read Hennegans report the zionist rapist Strauss Kahn was set up because HE delivered evidence to U.S. financial investigators about the huge fraud of Barclays Bank, J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America who proceeded to illegally write cross-collateralized derivatives on the frozen national security accounts and then use these derivatives to illegally trade both sides of the Euro currency forex futures and options market by cross-collateralizing the derivatives inside what is known in the financial trading community as the difference between the bid and the ask, commonly known as the spread and taking advantage of the 3-second lead time in their electronic trading of the derivatives

As this seem to be done secretly and not on behalf the IMF they refused granting him immunity.

So, my conclusion is that either he got punished for trying to blow the whistle about what Hennegan descibed as illegal trading activity [that] has increased the debt load of the smaller European Union nations like Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland
and/or Mosad wanted out of the way the only serious rival of their Towel boy Sarkozy for Presidential Elections …

Even though there is much more room for speculation as to why he was set up there cant be the slightest doubt that this WAS a set up with ALL ingredients necessary for character assassination, multiplied by MsM acting as prosecutors, judges and executioners in unity.

Albeit its a good start into the week when one of the most disgusting criminals gets arrested I would have preferred that he successfully would have blown the whistle, mass media would have reported on the crimes of Barclays Bank, J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, and the banksters would have been arrested. But hey, what by now can be labeled as just a wishful thinking may come true earlier as thought.

Here is the Henegan link which already had been placed by Lew on May 16, 2011 @ 10:55 am: and here is Henegans link to the White Hats Fax:

PS: While I still was able to read most of the posts of May 10 entry, my time schedule didn’t allow to comment on any of it. But I’m very much enjoying the increase of quality of shared infos & communication. And may be, in a few days, some questions still remaining to be answered which had sucked up a huge amount of energy on both sides of the WH fence might be answered and hopefully thereby a shipload of misunderstandings and/or misinterpretations can be solved. Time will tell, and as my name tells it: I still am full of hope…


Comment by peacerus2 on May 17, 2011 @ 12:48 am


Years ago, knowing that there were a lot of “versions” of the bible out there, I felt it was important to try to read the bible with the most direct translation possible so to have as true of a translation as I could get.

I found a bible that was translated directly from Sanskrit…now that’s an old language.

I’ve looked up the referenced Luke 23:34 and my bible says
“And Jesus said, O Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. And they divided his garments and cast lots over them.”


Thanx in advance goes to pansy for keeping the Bible Class as short as possible.


Such awesome and positive comments, you all! I feel so energized by Ben’s post as well as the comments.

Welcome, if you are new here. Your post was so reasonable and fits with my belief system. Thank you!

I had to think about the golden dragon statue. It may be symbolic of the abundance of gold now. You’d only make something out of gold if there was more than enough left for backing currencies. We WILL have an abundance of gold. Oh, and the dragon could symbolize the different dragon societies who stayed the course to take the dark ones down. Personally, I feel very appreciative of them. I don’t DO idoltry but symbolism is very cool, in my opinion.

The exploding transformers just tickles me. What does anyone think about the other-worlders doing this to give a show of being present? In the same vein, what about these same spiritual brothers of ours keeping the nuclear meltdowns from occurring along the Madrid Fault? Seems like a very real possibility to me.

Transformers don’t explode easily. They are made to withstand surges. Lightning strikes will do it, but those were obviously not lightning. Years ago we were shooting trap, clay targets, with shotguns. Doubles were being shot at one point. When one shoots doubles, you concentrate on the lowest one and shoot it early so you can swing up to nail the second one. In this one case, the first one was hit and the second clay was high and way to the left. As the shooter swung up to it, and shot, it was too late to miss the power pole and transformer. The transformer got nailed. We looked it over and decided it was safe so we just moved the flinger to the right for the next guy’s turn. Ten years went by and my son, who works for the electric company, was switching out transformers. He was able to switch that one out, and it was fine. He was amused at the deep pock marks but said the transformers were made tough.

So, anyway, I love the recent transformer news. Things are happening and escalating rapidly. Its going to make for fine reading in the not-too-distant future. All the fear and speculation will give us a chuckle when we see how the events unfolded and the minions and their puppetmasters had no choice in the matter.



Do your own research. It is my conclusion we are NOT to forgive the shit these evil bastards do if they know what they are doing is wrong. And God won’t forgive the shit heads. This throws out 75% of the religious bullshit I have always disagreed with anyway. People that do evil shit should not be forgiven, and we are NOT wrong when we don’t forgive. Take that you lying bastard piece of shit pastors.

Peacerus2: Please don’t be too hasty in this interpretatiuon of the passage. I am not a Greek scholar, however, with a simple Google search I found out that οὐ (not) usually immediately precedes the word (most often a verb) which it negates. Therefore, the words would not translate from Greek to English in exactly the same order. Please look at the translations of other verses in the bible and you will see that the word that negates the verb comes before the verb, thus the English translation would not translate in the same word order as the Greek.


Ho crap, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), here is what he had to say, from PrisonPlanet: “According to a translation provided by a Russian speaker, during the interview Zhirinovsky went off on a bizarre tangent after he was asked how Russia should treat countries like Georgia and the United States who try and block Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

Saying that the American government in Washington DC had “no future” and would “collapse,” Zhirinovsky cited Russia’s supremacy in space and stated that the country had, “Lots of money, resources, and new weapons that no one knows about.” “With them we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes,” he sensationally warned.

“Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of laser, not lightning, but a quiet and peaceful weapon,” added Zhirinovsky, warning that “whole continents will be put to sleep forever” and that “120 million will die” if anyone interfered with Russia’s claim on the Kuril Islands, which are the subject of a territorial dispute with Japan. The female presenter of the news program smirked as he made the comments, but Zhirinovsky’s manner was far from jovial.

Zhirinovsky made reference to the recent tsunami in Japan, suggesting that the “new weapons” to which he refers are related to weather control technology, which has been intensely studied by both the U.S. and Russia since the 1950′s and is commonly used today.”

Here is the link –


Just thought you David Wilcock fans would like to check this out. Strange emissions from the sun are mutating matter. Scientists around the world are now asking “What does Baffled mean?”


3 6


pansy on May 17, 2011 @ 1:49 am
It is interesting that you read the bible that was directly translated from Sanskrit which is the language originated in India.
Yes, the part you are mentioning is when Jesus was on the cross, and I understand him asking for forgiveness from heavenly father for the sins (especially his disciples who betrayed him). I have felt that many people do not understand the enormity of their horrendous acts when they are compelled to take those actions towards the defenseless. The end result is, though, especially with very young children is that they become isolated and paralyzed in these life changing experiences (trauma) where they are not going to reach the stage where they could contemplate the concept of forgiveness.
So the point I was trying to make was:
Is it more important to forgive those who are so weak that they are not able to choose to do the right things? (We are living in this state right now; therefore we don’t have much of a society left.)
Or is it more important to try to protect our young not to fall victims to those who are too weak to do the right thing in the presence of vulnerable and innocent?
What the poster of the YouTube video maybe referring to is the sins committed by the “money changers” Jesus had very little tolerance towards. They know what they are doing is wrong, yet they continue to do it simply because they can.



You summed up the state of things in our world quite nicely in your last sentence…

” They know what they are doing is wrong, yet they continue to do it simply because they can.”


lana on May 17, 2011 @ 2:05 am
What I was trying to establish was the importance of having a reasonable society in which we have the concept of right and wrong and that all people will be held accountable for their actions regardless of each person’s belief system. Without it, we will continue to live in the hell we have been living with. It is not only children without parents but also senior citizens who are being victimized in this country. The society can be judged by those who are most vulnerable, and the United States is doing a terrible job.


pansy on May 17, 2011 @ 2:26 am
Thank you, Pansy. I know it is a slippery slope to mix the money situation and religious or spiritual concepts. As we anticipate the end for the perpetual slavery, there will be more discussion about this, I am sure.


Thanks Ben for the up-date. All payers go out to you and yours.


Cfee & Suncrystal Are New Members Of WORLD HEALING MEDITATORS.

We All Welcome You Aboard.

Always in Truth, Peace, Love, Life & Light.


A Voluntary Non-denominational
Collective Meditation For

Government Agents And Employers
Are Equally Concerned About Our World Situation
And Desire To Assist.
However, They May Find It Difficult
Due To Their Employment & Public Policy.

Most Important
Are You Blog Observers & Friends

If Interested Contact: “Lew” LJBiii at charter dot net
Who Will Forward Your Desire To Participate.

Most Respectfully, In World Peace



You said ” I know it is a slippery slope to mix the money situation and religious or spiritual concepts.”

Actually, it is ALL a form of energy as is everything in the universe so mixing or comparing is quite natural.

It is interesting that they call money “currency” which is very much like “current” which is the electrical flow and hence the basic energy, agree?


re: Comment by mateocruz7 on May 17, 2011 @ 2:08 am

regarding the Zhirinovsky Youtube video where he referred to using the Soviet Particle Beam Weapon called Elipton:

No need to worry. Wiki pretty much desrcibes his role this guy is allowed to saber-rattling playing the ugliest part of good cop / bad cop.
Entertaining but irrelevant…


Old News?

Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government

“The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government lost its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt…”


Tens of thousands march in Spain to protest against austerity measures, banks, politicians

“MADRID — Tens of thousands of students, social groups and unemployed Spaniards rallied in more than 50 cities on Sunday to protest against government austerity measures and the role banks and political parties have played in the financial crisis.

The events were organized by two activist groups under the banner of “We aren’t merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers…”


Her comes another Sorcha Faal report (2 b tested by beloved Lew?¿):

Obama Gives ‘Sacrifice’ To Ancient ‘Sun God’ Of Mound Builders

The knowledge of these “Mound Builders”, and their “sun god” ruler, was said to have been known by the Spanish explorer of the New World Hernando de Soto (1496-1452) who through his “links” with the Knights Templar embarked on an epic journey in 1540 through Tennessee in search of the “city of gold” this “heavenly-ruler” was said to inhabit, but which the most ancient legends actually describe as a “space port”. De Soto died on the western bank of the Mississippi River in 1452 of disease before discovering this city though. [Note: De Soto belonged to the ancient order of Spanish Knights known as “The Warriors of the Sun”.]

The knowledge we have today of this “sun god” was gained from the mysterious Yuchi peoples who called themselves “The Children of the Sun” and lived in Tennessee when first encountered by De Soto. The Yuchi peoples, also, maintained a separate existence from all other tribes and their language is called a linguistic isolate, not known to be related to any other language in the entire world.

The destruction of the Yuchi peoples by the Europeans, through war and disease, decimated them to them to the point of near destruction with barely a handful of them surviving into the 1700’s.

Though the Yuchi didn’t survive into our present times, their ancient “memories” have, most important of them being their belief that their “sun god” would return as the world was about to be “overturned”, again, and would be “foretold” when the “Great River” would flood leaving in its wake mass starvation for the entire world.

The “Great River” refers to the largest river in North America known as The Mississippi [Note: the word Mississippi comes from Messipi, the French rendering of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe or Algonquin) name for the river, Misi-ziibi (Great River)] which De Soto named “River of the Holy Spirit”, and Obama has ordered flooded on a scale not seen in modern history.

more @


IMF chief Strauss-Kahn caught in “Honey Trap”
By Mike Whitney
May 16, 2011

“…Strauss-Kahn had set out on a “kinder and gentler” path, one that would not force foreign leaders to privatize their state-owned industries or crush their labor unions. Naturally, his actions were not warmly received by the bankers and corporatists who look to the IMF to provide legitimacy to their ongoing plunder of the rest of the world. These are the people who think that the current policies are “just fine” because they produce the results they’re looking for, which is bigger profits for themselves and deeper poverty for everyone else…”



With LOVE…. and i helped…

got started yesterday already… !!!!!


Feels good.

ENTER THE G O L D E N A G E . . . . . . .



Having read more on the situation on this IMF sexual deviate, it still seems to me that this is self inflicted. Given the info that has emerged, albeit mostly the compromised MSM, it looks like its a case of him forgetting he wasn’t in his own country, hence his perversions would not be overlooked.

My reasoning for this is that it seems if he almost got away on the Air France flight, it was a poorly orchestrated set up. The “break” came when he called the hotel to inquire about his cell phone. If he hadn’t done that, he probably would be in France today drinking wine.

Again, this is given the news is accurately reported. If he was set up, it would’ve been done more “professionally”…ie….he would’ve been caught in the act. The fact he was almost out of the country tells me it was a fluke. This is not to say that when certain parties heard about this they chose to pursue it because they had a perfect opportunity to jam him…it doesn’t smell of a set up to me.

I could be wrong, I have been before. And my caveat is that I’m depending on the MSM for my info which, as we all know, can and most times is, inaccurate.

If we get any info from our side I’ll share it if possible.


Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:

Before I Forget

I have PROOF MSN does not always lie.

Recently, or whenever, I recall MSM saying “Dick Insaney needs a new heart.”

Well, if that ain’t the truth than I don’t know what is!!! 😯


O º

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

i dont know how to meditate but i am close to the GOD source i am told .
so i am wishing the thoughts of everyone in the world thats wants/thinks/prays the dark to go and the light to come in are heard by the creator and HE manifests our thought and makes it a 3d reality.
is that ok michael ?


Truth test, please? (Alien footage of a gray…)–extraterrestrials/alien-from-zeta-reticula-leaked-footage.html
See if we agree…?
Comment by suncrystal on May 12, 2011 @ 8:28 pm

Sorry to be so late, SC! Per my testing, the video is a fake. I checked twice with a strong intention to get absolute truth without influence from my conscious self.


Greek Bailout Money Is In Jeopardy As The IMF’s Departing John Lipsky, Former JPM Chief Economist, Is In Temporary Command

…It turns out that the meeting that DSK was rushing to (in just a bit of a rush, without his cell phone), was a critical one for the future of Greece . Per the AP: “The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn means a key participant will be missing at a European meeting considering whether to give Greece billions more in financial help.”…


pansy on May 17, 2011 @ 2:46 am
Yes, I agree with you. This is why when men suffer financial setbacks, they experience impotence.
And this could be one of the reasons why they have to hide so many things from the rest of us.

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


In my last post, MSN should be MSM.

O º

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


Your comment yesterday was very inspiring and appreciated.

O º


In Re: Orbs May 17, 2011 @ 12:34 am

Great Direction Orbs. Great!! Keep it up buddy.

Always With ta, too,

In Truth, Peace, Love, Life & Light

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


YOUR comments are very inspiring and appreciated as well!

O º


Just heard Trump announced he isn’t running for President.



“Supposed to give them love and light, but it is hard to do.”

In Re: Jbouwer, May 17, 2011 @ 12:43 am

No it’s not hard, it’s easy when you know it’s perfect and you experience it’s results manifest. The more we Love with expanded Light conciousness directed toward negativity, it is releaved and balanced wherein All will Win and None will Lose. This is simple purity in it’s finest act.

Always keep this with you.

Most respectfully yours,


Dear Cafe’ Members,

Remember when I asked for input on the concept of me creating a paid blog? Nobody responded. That’s sort of a bummer as I still trying to find work that pays enough to let me get out of the situation that I am in. In any event, remember when I mentioned the link between ALUMINUM and PSYCHOTRONICS (THE RUSSIAN TERM FOR MIND CONTROL?)

That is the reason why the chemtrails contain so much aluminum and heavy metals. Later on, when I have time, I will post some more things about that linkage. Do you remember when I wrote about interacting with a man from Russia who had been involved in getting psychotronics made illegal in Russia?

Well, he sent me links to a number of “forums” where such things were discussed. In one of them, a Russian scientist said that what scared him the most about psychotronics is that when Russia fell and everybody was starving and the scientists weren’t being paid, Richard Cheney (whom many in the forums disliked and distrusted intensely) allegedly made a visit and BOUGHT A BUNCH OF PSYCHOTRONIC EQUIPMENT. Believe me when I tell you that RFBs coming out of the Bush defense department convinced me that they had recreated this equipment for the use of the US ARMY. Anybody who has a friend in purchasing can find the evidence. There are a series of PLANS that overview the technology that the military is investing in. Those things are in there. If anybody finds the stuff, I can tell them what the key phrases are.

Those Russian forums are either blocked or gone these days, so you will have to trust my memory…although I did find some proof of his allegations today.

Have you ever wondered why the mass media is always making fun of Tom Cruise? I know that I have. Have you wondered why they have a weird “love-hate” relationship with his family? Have you wondered why he did the Valkyrie movie and at that time?

Well, on a German site that I found today, I got some answers. Notice that Hubbard was neither a complete hero nor a complete cad. I have had confirmation of his imprisonment by a spook from Italy who told me that Hubbard was in jail with the math genius that the movie was made about and Ezra Pound who knew what these monsters were up to as well. They weren’t in a prison actually, they were put in psychiatric facilities.




Wie ein einzelner Forscher dem Kontrollwahn die Stirn bot

Eine unabhängige Quelle schrieb schon vor Jahren:

(“Invisible Third World War”,

Hubbard hatte mit seinen Techniken natürlich u.a. das GEGENMITTEL zu diesen Methoden einer feindseligen Bewusstseinskontrolle bereitgestellt und sich auf diese Weise bei den Kontroll-Fanatikern unbeliebt gemacht.


Hey guys,

Your response to my last entry led to a massive new article on my site — as well as the release of the interview I did with Ben last November.

I’m looking forward to doing more with him now, and getting them out right away. This event is a major validation of what he has been saying.

You can download the MP3s here:

– David


Dear Cafe’,

Here’s another story from that same page that corroborates a past post of mine, NASAJIM108 on Youtube. Nasajim108 required his lawyer to upload a series of videos that he made about the truth about ETs etc. He mentioned the low frequency aspect of the multi-dimensionals trying to enter our world. He talked about how people could be “infected” with these beings via music acting as a carrier wave for these low-frequency sounds.

Among the recently-released FBI documents about ETs is a disclosure document that essentially says the very same thing that Nasajim108 said. The letter describes how beings from a DIMENSION close to ours can enter our world by changing their PHASE. (RADIO AND ELECTRONIC BUFFS, YOU SHOULD BE VERY COGNIZANT IN HOW PHASES AND FREQUENCIES CAN BE SHIFTED.)

In any event, now, a third document surfaces talking about using low frequency to change people. Maybe they aren’t being changed or mind-controlled, maybe as NasaJ suggests, they are being infected with a being from another dimension?

The possibilities of explaining chemtrails (filled with metal and viruses and drugs that make people stuperous) become much easier to understand if you begin to look at what is going on as an invasion rather than a coup-de-tat. Hmmm?

Just a thought,


[Übersetzung nicht abgeschlossen; Rest des Zitats auf Englisch]

… These devices appear to work at the Very Low Frequency (VLF) spectrum, the same frequency range as generated by the sinister U.S. Gwen (Ground Wave Emergency Network) system of transmitters.

The 7\93 issue of DEFENSE ELECTRONICS discussed the FBI’s use of Soviet KGB psychotronic devices against the Branch Dividians at Waco, Texas. There is strong evidence that such weapons were used. After the Feds launched their mass-murdering, flame-throwing attack, some members of David Koresh’s church attempted to flee the burning building, but soon as they got outside, they suddenly turned around and ran back INTO the fire–which demonstrated an extreme mental disorientation of the type created by psychotronic mind control weapons. The few victims who survived the fire were visibly confused and unable to talk coherently or move. • Prior to the massacre, the Feds targeted the church building with a night and day acoustical barrage (that included the sounds of dying animals and low frequency sound devices). The Feds also utilized a super-strobe light show (pulsed at ELF frequencies).
Psychotronics, Russian, bought by USA

(Source:, allegedly quoting from a December 1994 article in “Youth Action Newsletter”, entitled “New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny”)

Na gut. Wie nicht anders zu erwarten war: Elektronik-Faschismus im Stil des Weltraum-Feudalismus.

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


Please stick around and answer some questions. A lot of people hear respect you.

They would be grateful.

O º


Dear Cafe’,

Another fascinating article that may explain why Vodaphone hasn’t had to pay taxes in Britain. Any Brits in the crowd? Send this to the “Cut” crowd in Britain. I am sure that they can use it to get taxes put back on Vodaphone and this idiocy terminated.


by Tim Rifat

As a scientist researching into microwave weapons used on the general public, evidence that the GSM900 microwave network as used by Vodaphone and British Telecom is a major health hazard, has come to my attention. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document entitled: Biological Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries, show that microwave frequencies similar to those of the cellular phones can cause health problems in the following areas:

Blood Cardiovascular System Cells Central Nervous System Digestive System Glands Metabolism Reproduction Visual System Internal Sound Perception

Equipment to test the frequency and intensity of microwave phones shows that they produce signals similar to microwave ovens. Two Vodaphone cellular phones were producing 100mW/cm2 and 50 mW/cm2 respectively. The danger level for microwave ovens is 5mW/cm2 and the Russians regularly used 10 mW/cm2 for weapon research. These Vodaphones will therefore cause significant health problems if used. A variety of cell phones can be tested to see how dangerous they are.



David, for clarification, do you mean the event of the arrest of the IMF chief?

Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the real, if different from reported, radiation threat from the Japan situation.

Thanks for all you do. 🙂


Thanks, Lew – thought you got lost!

I knew it was a phoney! 🙂


Thank you to the person posting about Empaths. I was grateful to Learn more. I am happy to help out in anyway. Best regards.


Here It Comes: Shi’ite Iran Sends “Solidarity” Flotilla To Sunni-Controlled Bahrain


Bank of America to introduce ‘penalty rates’ for late payments
Rick Rothacker / / McClatchy Newspapers

“Charlotte, N.C.— Bank of America Corp. has started telling customers that it may increase the interest rate on their credit cards if they’re late on payments.

Notifications sent with bills this month say the Charlotte bank can apply a “penalty rate” of nearly 30 percent to future balances. A bank spokeswoman said a late payment won’t automatically trigger a penalty rate. The bank will review the account to determine if the new rate is required, taking into account other risk factors.

The change will go into effect June 25, according to a customer notice. If the new rate is applied, customers will be notified 45 days in advance…”

More at:
The Detroit News:‘penalty-rates’-for-late-payments#ixzz1MXmpb5Br


I was just reading how the dollar has rebounded some… I wonder if the arrest of the IMF head has something to do with it… if what Ben said, about the Euro needing our SS monies, and now since they didn’t get any this time around… if now the Euro will go before the dollar? In some ways I could care less… but still find it interesting to piece this shit-pie together. Sorry for the curse… but it just passed its way out before being stopped. 😛 Feeling a bit positve in the energies department… could be Ben’s post… or it could be all the fine meditating going on world-wide! Loving it either way!! Enjoy!!! Be Well


“Golden statue? I would like to see a statue of the tree of life:-)”
In Re: Dingiem, May 17, 2011 @ 1:10 am

Yes Me Too! Did you know that the original “Tree Of Life” also called “Soma” The GOD Of The Plant Kingdom (9th mandala Rig Veda), was first brought to earth as a shrub from the capital of our universe to feed and up-lift our Material Son and Daughter (Adam & Eve)and that the offspring of this plant today is called CANNABIS. Woooo, The Supreme Court Of The United States had a real hard time with that one. No wander Their trying to wipe this poor innocent plant off the face of the earth. The more they try to prove it’s bad, the more They discover it’s DIVINE HEALING PROPERTIES. Yes, a gold statue might be a good start, to say-the-least.

Thank you Dingiem, Ya got me going this morning.

Most Sincerely in TRUTH!

Comment by asha4u on May 17, 2011 @ 3:00 am

Asha, this tests as 100% true, even though my conscious self has doubts about the first two paragraphs. I went to: and turned on Google Translate but could not find the report on the impact of soaring food prices. Maybe a Russian speaking member of this blog could do some digging.

The rest of the report contains things that seem to check out (by visiting the underlined tet links).


The Strauss-Kahn Arrest
The Fall of the Global Economy’s Top Steward

“…Though French media reported on Monday that the IMF leader might have an alibi . French radio station RMF reported that he was having lunch with his daughter at the time of the alleged attack…”,1518,762857,00.html


‘Reach for the stars’: Space captain’s joy as 500,000 watch Endeavour blast off for final mission

Endeavour’s commander urged America to continue to ‘reach for the stars’ today as he led the orbiter on its 25th and final journey into space.
U.S. Navy Captain Mark Kelly and his five crew blasted off from Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida, to tears, cheers and cries of ‘Go Endeavour’ from an estimated half a million viewers who watched from the ground as it roared into the sky above a giant ball of flame before disappearing into clouds.
Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Cdr Kelly’s wife, joined other family members on a rooftop at the space centre to see her husband head into orbit.

Read more:


Thanks for the follow up regarding the IMF guy. Did you read the post by MBridges just ahead of your post? If not, please take and look and see if you still think it was a fluke.


peacerus2 on May 17, 2011 @ 2:19 am

Hello Peace… I hope you don’t mind me making a comment about you question:
– Is it more important to forgive those who are so weak that they are not able to choose to do the right things? (We are living in this state right now; therefore we don’t have much of a society left.)
Or is it more important to try to protect our young not to fall victims to those who are too weak to do the right thing in the presence of vulnerable and innocent?-

I sense the feelings of absolutes here? An either, or? How about a little of both? It takes a certain amount of forgiveness to work thru healing… just as it takes a certain amount of protection to make sure it doesn’t occur again.

I don’t feel in this world that we can try to contain things, or work in absolutes. Energy flows and is forever changing… we are nothing more than individualized energy… energy with identity. 😉 We can really do nothing more than direct it, engage it, play with it and evolve from it. We all live in a moment of time that is stamped, that is contained for a brief period in a linear understanding… one that has a cause and effect relationship… and one that will change in whatever direction you wish it to go.

If you feel angry then it will direct outwards with a negative energy frequency… and if you feel happy it will resonate with the positive. Forgiving I suspect has a positive signature, whereby, hate and anger do not.

Your mind has the power to direct how your thoughts will evolve and be transormed into the energy matrix that surrounds us. You have the power to change it with your intention. The only absolute is how you use your thoughts. The Yin/Yang exists in dualities… everything exists at the same time… we just need to discern how we want to identify it.
Protect thoughs who need protection, educated them so they may protect themselves, and then allow them to direct their energies when mature enough to do so.
If in that time there occurs a period of strife and injury… hold it for a brief moment to recognize why it was drawn to you… involved you… and then let it go free. The point is to learn, love and evolve. Embrace every situation and experience that you live thru, and direct your energies from them.

We are dynamic creations constantly changing with the energy that flows through us. I realize that it is far easier to speculate then to actually live the experience. So that is why if we are going to talk-the-talk, then we must also walk-the-walk. No one is infallible… and so, we must learn to work thru our mistakes, and direct the energy into the reality we want to live in. Again, there are no absolutes, except the thoughts you choose to make. I hope you can graps what I am expressing here… I’m not totally sure I do… it just may be the source speaking through me again. 😉 Have a wonderful day! Be Well



I don’t meditate but I do visualize and, this morning at the appointed time, I visualized the space shuttle with the evil cargo aboard.

I then called upon the elementals of our beautiful world to be my intermediary and asked them to speak to the silver aboard the devise and ask the silver to change composition slightly rendering it’s usual properties useless to the devise. I stayed with this visualization for about 10 minutes until I could feel the elementals laughing and joyous and then surrounded the entire shuttle and it’s cargo in white light with silver shimmers.

I feel strongly that the female energy represented by the silver is benevolent and heard my sincere request.



That’s Okay Hutz. I hope your sister is okay too.


Thank you Slogg. Your doing great.

Please e-mail Lew.

Yours in LIGHT too.


London Trader – Massive Asian Buying of Physical Gold & Silver
May 16, 2011

“With gold trading nearly unchanged and silver down 2%, a trader out of London commented, “It used to be 50/50, but now I think people have lost trust for mainstream news and the government . I tell you the sentiment has swung in Europe, no one trusts a thing and that’s why people over here are moving into metals. The other component here is that very few people are fooled by inflation numbers anymore. It’s a different mindset than it was even ten years ago…”

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

SHE DOES NOT HARDLY EVER ANSWER WHEN I CALL HER . so i prayed the prater you sent to be to her . got an email from her today saying she saw a naturalpath today that told parasites were the cause to her problems .
thank you for your healing vibes i am sure the were recieved.


Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War With No Borders And No Clear Enemies
May 15, 2011

The United States Congress is set to vote on legislation that authorizes the official start of World War 3, a worldwide war against an invisible enemy that can reside in any country the U.S. Government chooses.


Treasury Confirms Debt Ceiling To Be Breached Today; Will Tap Pension Funds
May 16, 2011

“It’s official: the US credit card has officially been maxed out, just as we predicted on Wednesday, and througout Q1 and Q2. The United States is expected to reach the legal limit on its debt later on Monday and will start dipping into federal retirement funds to give the country more room to borrow, a Treasury official said . As Reuters reports further, The U.S. Treasury will settle $72 billion in maturing bonds on Monday, which will push the country right up against its $14.294 trillion borrowing cap, the official said. To all those who thought only the insolvent government of Ireland will plunder pension funds, our condolences.


In Re: Pansy, May 17, 2011 @ 4:33 am

You did great Pansy, absolutely great. Your vision was very clear to me. I believe the results this first time around will truly benefit for the good of our world and her people.

Thank you.

Always yours in Truth & Peace.

PS: Love your raps to the WH. They are really helping us, I pray all will discover this soon. We All Will Win!


Pansy, please e-mail Lew. You fall into both categories of Maintenance & Direction. Not many have that ability, but you do. I’ll up your power 10-fold.

Always yours in the Light of Truth & Peace, respectfully.


Peacerus ,Aloha ,you say merek on May 16, 2011 @ 3:04 pm
“You are free to believe the “facts” (for me it is a fiction) being reported by NHK, Mainichi, Asahi, Yomiuri, but their credibility is basically the same as the mass media in the United States (the same group of people are controlling it). Because there are so many factories all over Japan with Geiger counters to measure radiation levels, what’s being reported is false (perhaps a good entertainment for those who want to believe in the Armageddon.)”

The above is the graph for radiation level in Fukushima from the Koshimizu site.

“They have to keep pretending like there is no real nuclear disaster until everybody forgets about it. The worst part is that the residents are being forced to evacuate when there is no actual threats from the nuclear power plant, and it is particularly tragic to see farmers with livestock having to give up the only means to earn a living. It is not that easy to find a job in Japan when one reaches the age of 50’s and 60’s. The Westerner egging on to the nuclear disaster based on fiction is absolutely no help to them.

The above video comes from his most recent lecture given on 4/30/2011. The man in the blue top has been a member of 独立党 (the group led by Richard Koshimizu) since 2007. He used to live with his parents until 311, and the tsunami took the property, his parents and the family business. He still lives in an auditorium and has received zero yen from the Japanese government. Until RK uploaded this video on YouTube, not a single media reported the disaster at this location where the whole town was decimated.”

Peace ,you bet that factory readings will be very low ,they are sheltered by Roof and walls , also because of the nature of radiation transmissions via wind changes and or rainfall some areas close to the plants may show little or no radiation whereas just a few miles away you have ag. fields and paddies with plutonium , idodine and cesium in very dangerous consentrations ,I think both you and Ben desire for decreased attention on this situation to just help it go away is very understandable but entirely unscientific . I agree except that radiation cannot be purged by wishful thinking .
These things remain very true…..
1.) the reactors remain in a uncorrected state and now corrective plans have not been arrived at and cook off is still taking place .
2.) the sources I posted are reporting areas of Toyko
and vacinity are being contaminated as I write this .
3.) good wishes and intentions will not change the physical affects.
4.) US craft (Naval) and local American military have been forced to decontaminate and move further away from Fukijima.
5.) MSM has moved on to Ben Laden and flooding news . but changing the subject won’t prevent contamination across the Northern Hemisphere as it is being measured by independent Scientific monitoring.
6.)Just because locals are not being crisped and burned ( some of the first brave resopnders are already terminal or will be soon. this I can assure you has happened.
7.) yes Peace ,it is tragic to see farmers with age old connections to the land forced to move , and to see fishermen and seaweed gathers prevented from gathering and the major component of Japanese diets being restricted however ,this must be done to prevent radiation taken up by the natural food chain and animals and humans dependant on it .
8.) there seems to be confusion regarding deaths versus long term health problems in the resident populations now exposed , one person can be contaminated internally by drinking water and another on a water system a short ways away can escape altogeather , And don’t expect the corporitocracy of Japans rulers to take strong corrective measures like that fishing village mayor did by constructing
a barrier wall to frotect his neighbors .
Japans many reactors are still clustered and may well be affected by further earth changes no matter if they are intentional or natural .
9.)Peace ,all it takes is one tiny isolated partical of Plutonium breathed or injested to cause cellular breakdown and cancer.
Those public statements, that you have translated and I have read depending on the press or gov’t for actual truthful accounting Or statements by Richard K. demonstrate wishful thinking ,hopeful thinking, or actual propaganda.
None want to scare the people and all realize that life must go on anyway as Japan cannot annex other areas to live as they attemped in WWII.
It is nessessary for courageous Nihon scientists and academics to correlate safe areas from those already contaminated to protect the population.
10.) this horrid accident caused by clustering the plants along the unprotected sea coast of a country that has been scarred more than any other by earthquake volitility do to it’s location is incredible, Greed has ruled Japan as MacArthur, business and the occupiers hoped for. Pointing the finger of blame can only hope to wise up the current batch of leaders who in their ignorance of the technical dangers allowed this to happen in the first place .
Hopefully the rest of the planet can understand that these deathdealing plants must be closed down worldwide as we transition to Hydrogen and renewables ,Japan can lead the world in these efforts due to nessessity and enlightened self interest .they only embarked on these systems because of the lack of local petroleum availability.
Those parroting the line that nothing severe is ongoing with the uncapped or un-repaired plants are technical Luddites because they really need a grounded scientific education in Radio and element science . Peace wishsing or combatting the fall out with comforting words do not serve the workers of Japan ,Chernobyl has hundreds of thousands of productive farmland unavailable because of PERMINANT radioactivity. These are acres acres that no one can occupy ant longer and Last years fires carried the forest, plant contained nuclotides back into the atmosphere for further contaminatoon ,
Peace ,I hope you and Ben and those Japanese braveor perhaps foolish enough to reject the current dangers, it would now be advisable to have the It will all be all right crowd to watch the video documentary “The Battle for Chernobyl” to understand how much national pride keeps the real truth suppresed as is being done today .I will make it a point as this blog’s environmental activist, to continue to keep the Blog apraised.
Readings all over the hemisphere are still being noted and still the Gov’t of Japan is insisting that there are no health dangers ,The Japanese always against the proliferation of nuclear weaponery have failed to keep the technology of Chernobyl and Three mile island from becoming the accepted technology. .
The gov’t there has been buying Mox rods and waste plutonium from France and others and have thousands of tons stored in Japan,ratholing it like they have the old growth Alaskan old, rainforest timber sunk in the preserving mud of Toyko bay over the last 40 years to insure Japanese have the wood when it is unavailable for import , Alaska suffered terrible,unreported habitat destruction due to the secret treaty of 1947 that allowed them to do so. and Japanese insistance on continuing this current dangerous means of power production will doom the Islands until another means less dangerous comes to the forefront.



Hey Orbs… Silver gave up nearly 4% today closing under the 100 day MA. We will need to see some buy side interest very soon, or the next stop may be the 200 day MA; in July at $29/ounce. I wish eveyone involved the best… it’s been a rough ride lately. 😉


Gata lev for awhile. Lots ta do. Be back tonight, hopefully.

Blessings to ALL.


Excessive Vodka intake?

Russian Speaker Threatens Entire World with Secret “Tsunami” WMD


secondlife on May 17, 2011 @ 4:29 am
I appreciate the efforts you made to present the idea of Yin/Yang which Momi shared with me in one of her posts yesterday.
“(1) Yin and yang are not conflicting opposites, but complimentary to each other.
(2) There is nothing totally yin and nothing totally yang.
(3) Everything has a little of both, to varying degrees. (This is where the maintenance becomes a never ending work between the male and female compliments.) Thus, the dot in the yin and the dot in the yang. There will never be a world of just female elements nor a world of male elements. So, it’s one less thing to worry about.
Next comes the Five Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.
I will expound in simple terms later on how this works, which is what those who are attempting via meditating to bring into a balance. The positive and negative are must have in balance. Too much of one, is too much even the positive can be too much, sad to say. Like my sister being unhappy that “I have” and she doesn’t, but you see she lives in her own home from the day she got married (have), while I have to rent now, though I was once a homeowner until the foreclosure (have not my own residence any more).”
If you were surrounded by many positive elements prior to having any consciousness or sense of choice, it takes very little efforts to find your way to being positive because you had the bridge to cross the river that runs between positive and negative.
If you were surrounded by many negative elements on the other hand, it takes a lot of efforts to find your way to experience the positive because you have to build the bridge on your own before you can cross that river.
I tried to build the bridge all on my own between two countries, the United States and Japan, and I have been disappointed so many times to the point where I am very close to losing hope for humanity.
In comparison, I am in a lot better situations than many, especially those who have been roaming in the urban streets because this country decided that the mentally ill should live on the streets. It is much easier to contemplate all the lofty ideas when we have the shelter that gives a sense of safety for the time being.

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Many people out there don’t believe my analysis of Barney Frank being an insider in the battle against the Bad Guys. Mostly, their argument is that because he was so involved in the corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac he HAS to be in with the Bad Guys.

My argument is that the insane corruption and failed business model of Fannie and Freddie was all part of the plan through the “On Road to The Golden Age” Theory and the Road to Roota Theory…

Spend as much money as you can, for as long as you can, building houses and infrastructure while the world still accepts our un-back fiat money. Then abuse it so much such that there is no choice but to return to a gold/silver standard.

Barney was the co-sponsor of the bill that began the Gold and Silver American Eagle coinage program back in the 1980’s and everything he has done since has been specifically aimed at destroying the US Dollar. Now he is making sure that the PLUG IS PULLED and we return to our Constitutional Money…Gold and Silver.

Here is Barney arguing against those who are trying to STOP the implementation of Position Limits and mass derivative trading on the COMEX

The battles are RAGING my friends and there is blood on the battlefield but keep an eye on the bouncing balls….the debt ceiling, the new CFTC commissioner, hyper inflation, the San Francisco Mint reopening and, of course, the RELEASE of the new $100 Bills!

I don’t have any new info as to when these bills will be distributed BUT THEY ARE READY AND WAITING FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT!

Stay safe out there.

Bix Weir



Thank you…but I don’t understand.

What does “You fall into both categories of Maintenance & Direction. Not many have that ability, but you do. I’ll up your power 10-fold” mean??



merek on May 17, 2011 @ 5:26 am
Have you tried to communicate this to Ben? He is in the position to bring it to the attention of those who are able to make the necessary changes. I am just barely getting by all on my own fighting injustices since the day I got here in 1981. I am really getting tired of all these situations created by callus people. Yet many people here are into “forgiveness”. Why don’t they do their share of fighting for just cause instead of being so laidback with good intentions?


dear Blog ,as David recommends ,the potential new madrid
fiasco being planned could be interupped by our collective meditational attentions ,Michael I recommend that we take david’s suggestion posted below for our first attentions.


There is no doubt in my mind that if every person who reads these words actually makes a deliberate effort to create coherent consciousness in their own minds and hearts, and to visualize the stress leaving the center of the US, that we have enough ‘numbers’ to stop this from happening.

I’m sure a number of people are too cynical, too sarcastic, too war-hardened from ‘fear porn’ to actually do this. They’ll read these words, say “that sounds nice,” but then not do it.

I’m asking you to DO IT. This is the final exam. The negatives have very little time left and this is their endgame maneuver. We need to stop them. You can help.
by David Wilcock

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


Good eyes. I was going to follow up on a post I made a couple of trading days ago.

Thanks for reminding me of it with your observation. Silver is coming at the recent low on an hourly chart and is at a new low on a daily chart. Not so healthy.

I defined a zone for silver with a low end of like $32.45 or so. It did bounce of it the other day. True story.

Gold remains above its hourly and daily lows. It has a higher relative strength.

O º

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

We call this video “Bankers Gone Wild”
and it’s from our friends at Real Econ TV.

You might share it with anyone you know
who think that now’s a “great time” to
buy property.


– Brasscheck


For those interested, here is what I mentioned about David’s interview with Ben, and his introductory mp3s (on my blog,

“Absolutely the most important recordings at this time, for this time. I do not say this lightly.

“…these are absolutely astounding. The first hour is only David, and the info he presents is excellent and presented clearly and precisely and well researched of course. I intend to post some more about these recordings later.”

Again, here is the link to his mp3s from my blog, which I recommend as I have split each hour into three parts, and halved the size, for quicker downloads. They are ready for install to mp3 player, iPod, etc.

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:

Gold and Silver

A few days ago I posted about a rare technical formation on the hourly chart of gold.

That may have just played itself out.

If so, we can expect a significant rally to new highs in gold. Money that came out of the Euro decline etc.

Gold is at $1489.75 on my hourly chart.

Silver will go along for the ride, but everyone should watch its relative strength compared to gold.

In simple terms, silver has been negatively diverging. If it continues do so, silver will not make a new high when gold does.

You have a front row seat. Enjoy the show.

O º


Dear Cafe’ Members,

I want to recommend a couple of books that will open your eyes to the huge flaws in policies like: free trade, globalization, tax breaks for jobs and subsidies to corporations.

You will come to the conclusion quickly that just having a working Constitution is not enough to fix what’s wrong with this country. We need to fix the imbalances in our system that have been created by having politicians kiss the bum of the ultra-wealthy. They are shifting the expenses for government onto those beneath them and stripping revenues out of government by “privatizing” services.

Rather than confuse people about terms like comparative advantage and Austrian economics, etc., I will just say that those that want to read a very fair and balanced book on Economic issues that states exactly what is wrong with our current trade policy and why it is not just destroying our jobs, but our entire country’s revenue base, too. THE MOST DANGEROUS PART OF WHAT THIS POLICY IS DOING IS TO ERODE AMERICA’S NON-LETHAL LEVERAGE. That’s right. By destroying jobs which destroys purchasing power and economic strength across the board, the nimrods in our government are also destroying one of the biggest sources of strength that the US had: its rich internal markets.

The name of this book is: FREE TRADE DOESN’T WORK: What should replace it and why by Ian Fletcher. For those of you who like Ron Paul and the Libertarians might want to be sure to read this book. The author details the Libertarian viewpoint and explains why their theories won’t work BECAUSE OF THE FAULTY ASSUMPTIONS THAT THESE THEORIES ARE BASED UPON.

The book does an excellent job of explaining what current economic theories on trade are and carefully delineates each theories base assumptions to show why this policy won’t work…then he provides the statistics and data to show that they aren’t working.

I will be putting up the other book on another page.



Dear Cafe’ Members,

Another great book that is out there is The Great American Jobs Scam: Corporate Tax Dodging and the Myth of Job Creation by Greg LeRoy

Price: $24.95
ISBN 9781576753156

Available Now This book examines all the subsidies, tax breaks, sale tax breaks etc. that are handed out to corporations like Walmart among others and what kinds of jobs that communities get in exchange for those breaks.


Take care,



peacerus2 on May 17, 2011 @ 5:46 am

I totally concur with your thoughts on things being much easier for those in a secure and livable environment… as many have already stated here… we here are all arm-chair quarterbacks, and thus have the luxury and even freedom to contemplate life in general. If I was without home and shelter… I certainly would have a different perspective. However, we can speculate that we were here in that position to learn exactly what we needed to learn from those hardships… we chose that life to be born into… just like we can also throw light onto those who have hardships and despite them… they still are happy and have found the silver-lining in their storm clouds. I guess it’a again, all a matter of how you wish to live your life and the strength in your resolve.
I could have thrown in the towel myself after my motorcycle accident since I would never again have the physical body I once cherished so much. I could have said, screw this, I don’t want to live a life of physical restrictions and the daily pain that I live with. Especially after seeing for a brief moment what the other side holds for us. But I didn’t. I gave it my all and sought out every bid of info that I could to heal myself, and just learned to live with certain obstacles… it’s the strength of my resolve that pulled me through. We all have an unlimited potential to do things that would seem impossible to the unlearned and mislead. It is up to us as individuals to grab hold of the life that we were given and mold it into the life we want. Anger, resentment… they are just mere distractions and lame excuses for people to get dumbed down by. It’s all within us to be what we can be… take hold of your destiny and try to be happy with every step you take. And you just may make a few new friends on your way. Be Well


Strauss-Kahn sex scandal obscures real IMF story – Paul Craig Roberts gives his viewscui bono?

Monday, May 16, 2011

“Paul Craig Roberts : Strauss-Kahn sex scandal a possible set up by Washington.
Paul Craig Roberts on DSK sex scandal: the sex scandal of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn came after the IMF announced that within five years the Chinese economy will have surpassed the American economy as the first leading economy in the world , Dominique Strauss-Kahn is also according to the polls is the likely winner of the coming french presidential elections, Washington obviously prefers its man Sarkozy to DSK, all this could have caused the problems to DSK, who was probably victim of a set up, now he is neutralized whether the sex charges are true or false…”

From Gerald Celente Trends Blog


I wanted to bring to the BFC something that I think is quite beautiful and very helpful in this time, which is pranic healing. G7enn once mentioned this on his blog and I want to further bring this out into this particular group. There may be some of you who know about pranic healing, if so then you will know what I mean.

In pranic healing there is what is called the “Twin Hearts” meditation which effectively heals the world each time you do it. It is a guided meditation by the Master Choa Kok Sui who brought pranic healing into being.

Pranic healing is also a very powerful healing modality that I think melds both the scientific and the esoteric together. The books that teach a student to heal illnesses, both in the mind, and of the body, are layed out in what is called “protocols” which are like recipes in a cookbook. The healings give the practitioner some repeatability which has been proven time and again.

Pranic healing

Meditation on Twin Hearts illustration

I am in the deep south and there are teachers here, so imagine that there are classes most everywhere in the US. I deeply encourage you all to look into this particular healing modality because it is very powerful and all inclusive. More of us need to transition from the fear of up coming events and embrace the future and all of it’s beautiful possibilities.

It is important that we meditate frequently, or at least regularly. In doing this we can change what we want, and defy that which the doomsayers say.

I am the light
I am that which the substance of radiant energy
I am the white flame
every atom
every cell
every organ
every tissue
every gland
every bone
and every DNA strand is full of white light
I am completely healthy
all illnesses are gone from my body

I also encourage you to find a pranic healing group and get a cleansing. I have done so and it has done wonders.




It become increasingly clear to me during the time I talked with you on skype exactly what your and TMAN’s agenda was. Given that you, hopesprings and TMAN have been working together as disinfo on this blog for while, and I know this from experience. Hopesprings co-opted Gus and I to become writers on her blog. Gus realized it right away and didn’t participate. Then you come into the picture. Quizzing me on how I know what I knew or how in the world did I understand what stories in the alternative media were relevant and real. You approached me about the dinar and sold it as being a worthwhile investment. Of course, after hearing from you “99% sure the dinar is going to revalue tommorrow” every week for about six weeks, the writing was on the wall. Next and TMAN offer me a job. What better way to get someone who is on the right track and finding the right info, and sharing it with the blog, than to recruit them. Well, I didnt accept the job. Just like you also recruited Geno. I believed that you and TMAN were noble until I started seeing all the inconsistencies in your information and your actions on the blog. Its very interesting to me that as soon the truth started coming out about what the white hats are really about, hopesprings hasn’t been on the blog at all.


Seems that DW and Ben have very different sources on Osama… here’s what David posted on his sight:

I was admittedly shocked — if not disappointed — to hear from very credible sources that, in fact, this really was Bin Laden. The real Osama Bin Laden — not a stand-in. Come on, you have GOT to be kidding me.

Where Ben writes: The staged “murder” of Bin Laden (who multiple credible witnesses say died in 2002 of kidney failur) is also likely to have many more consequences. There has been much written elsewhere about how obviously fake the entire “operation to kill Bin Laden” was. Journalist Tom Henegan’s sources claim the death was staged to allow the unfreezing of funds frozen at the time of 911 in order to buy more time for the cabal.

Who to believe? Hummm… maybe they could get together and find out who is right and who was milead? 😉

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Did you see this 60 min interview with cops and so-called sovereign citizens yesterday?

The story fails to point out what I told Clem Taylor, a producer of the segment repeatedly: the patriot movement (incuding sovereign citizens) arises as a direct consequence of crime in government ( by government employees under color of law).

The show pointed to the SWAT murder of father and son educators Jerry and Joe Kane in a Wal-Mart parking lot as JUSTIFIED by the notion that they had murdered the police chief’s son and nephew during a traffic stop on an I41 offramp near West Memphis Arkansas last year. Donna Kane, Jerry’s widow, has filed federal lawsuit for torture killing against the SWAT and their seniors. She has proven uncontrovertibly that Jerry and Jo did not kill those cops, and that the SWAT murders of J and J amounted to an execution for their activism, as targets of opportunity. I know DOnna personally and have listened to her explain in detail how the cops altered some evidence, suppressed other evidence, and lied about J and J, who had nothing to do with the cops’ deaths.

Thus, CBS used its bully pulpit to smear J and J, justify their SWAT murder, and justify nationwide persecution of innocent sovereign citizens (fed up with government crimes in courts, by cops, and by the IRS) across America. Apparently they do so under direction of the Anti Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, both Pinko groups whose leaders and propagandists hate seeing Americans stand up for their rights against government crooks, in spite of that very purpose symbolized by their names.

Let us face a harsh reality here. IF cops or other government employees abuse people or stomp on their rights, under color of law or not, they thereby BEG for their own assassination by people who righteously, and justifiably, HATE crime in government. The Chief and his son may have had a reputation for abusing people. CBS refused to address that important issue. The evidence showed that they stopped a white van with an orange roof (which J and J’s car did not have) and hispanic men killed them with automatic machine guns that fired bullets in such quantity as to eliminate the Kanes from the suspect list, for the Kanes did not have weapons that could put that amount of metal (28 rounds, according to CBS, but Donna indicated many more than that) into those cops.

J and J had an AK47. It does not shoot the kinds of bullets found in the cops’ bodies. J and J had no other automatic weapons.

Bottom Line, J and J did not kill those cops, and SWAT killed J and J, and CBS implied J and J did kill the cops. Clem Taylor failed to include Donna Wray’s comments in the story, even after I gave them her contact info and told them they needed her story to get at the truth. Apparently CBS does not care about the truth and only wants to make cops hate sovereign citizens. I expect to hear an increasing array of stories about cops abusing people as a result.


Here is a video I made on a snowy day with music a very long time ago. Can anyone tell me if they can see/hear it?
I think it migh have censorship in other countries…
Comment by Rafael Edgar Neville Morales on May 15, 2011 @ 11:23 pm

Beautiful video and great music. Very professional!



Rafael, your video played perfectly for me also. I agree with Judy – very well done!


Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on May 17, 2011 @ 7:09 am

I have only one question. I did see the 60 minutes piece yesterday and what I saw was a cop cam capture the father and son on film and I saw the son leave the truck and shoot numberous bullets and then they both ran back to the truck and fled. What am I missing?


$14.3 Trillion U.S. Debt Ceiling Threatened; Silver Bullion Buying Spree In India After Price Falls

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

will you marry me?

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

the bulits in the bodys of the cops killed did not j and j guns. other good solid proof is available ….look up the suit the kaine wife has .it mentions doctored videos ….and most following the story saw many flaws in the official story .

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

My Man, (sun) Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Protect Farmers Selling Raw Milk The Milk Police

On April 20th, after a year-long undercover sting operation, armed federal agents acting on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the business of Pennsylvanian Amish farmer Dan Allgyer to prevent him from selling his unpasteurized milk to willing, fully-informed customers in Maryland. Federal agents wasted a whole year and who knows how many of our tax dollars posing as customers in order to catch Allgyer committing the “crime” of selling his milk. He was not tricking people into buying it, he was not forcing people to purchase it, and there had been no complaints about his product. These were completely voluntary transactions, but ones that our nanny-state federal government did not approve of, and so they shut down his business. The arrogance of the FDA and so many other federal agencies is simply appalling. These types of police state raids on peaceful businessmen, so reminiscent of our tyrannical federal drug war, have no place in a free society.

The FDA claims its regulatory powers over food safety give it the authority to ban the interstate sales of raw milk, but this is an unconstitutional misapplication of the commerce clause for legislative ends. As we have seen, if the executive branch feels hamstrung by the fact that our framers placed lawmaking authority in the Legislative Branch, they simply make their own laws and call them “regulations.” We all know how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses such bogus regulation authority to harass, hinder, and shut down countless other legitimate businesses. Sadly, Congress has been far too lax for far too long as the executive branch continues to encroach on its areas of responsibility and thereby undermines our system of government.

Most Americans understand that if you don’t want to drink unpasteurized milk you simply do not buy it. But the federal government solution is pre-dawn raids which destroy the livelihoods of honest, hardworking families in this time of continued economic hardship.

I am outraged by this raid and the many others like it, and that is why last week I introduced HR 1830, a bill to allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines. This legislation removes the unconstitutional restraint on farmers who wish to sell or otherwise distribute, and people who wish to consume, unpasteurized milk and milk products.

Many Americans have done their own research and come to the conclusion that unpasteurized milk is healthier than pasteurized milk. These Americans have the right to consume these products without having the federal government second-guess their judgment or thwart their wishes. If there are legitimate concerns about the safety of unpasteurized milk, those concerns should be addressed at the state and local level.

I am hoping my colleagues in the House will join me in promoting individual rights, the original intent of the Constitution, and federalism by cosponsoring this legislation to allow the interstate shipment of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption.

If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?


Chinese Treasury Holdings Decline For Fifth Month In A Row, Biggest Drop Since November 2010

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Here’s how to identify GMO foods at store – read the bar code
[6:14:22 PM] jasmine6296:–Heres-How-to-Find-Out.aspx
: Are Your Supermarket Plums Genetically Modified? Here’s How to Find Out!
Posted By Dr. Mercola | February 21 2009 | 61,752 views
plumsThe little stickers on fruits and vegetables have digits that let you know whether they’re conventionally grown or organic, and if they’re genetically modified (GM). There are many benefits to knowing this information:

• The health risks — GM foods have been in stores only since the 1990s, so the long-term health risks are unknown
• The environmental risks — Scientists are concerned that GMOs will reduce biodiversity
• The taste benefits — People all over the world agree that the range of possible flavors is greater without a few GM foods crowding out the many natural varieties

Here’s what you should look for:

• A four-digit number means the produce is conventionally grown
• A five-digit number beginning with 9 means it’s organic
• A five-digit number beginning with 8 means it’s GM
[6:16:56 PM] jasmine6296: Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

Follow Dr. Mercola on Twitter Follow Dr. Mercola on Facebook

The GMO giants have been very effective in eliminating legislation that would require them to clearly label GM products and, as a result, most grocery stores in the United States do not post signs next to produce to let you know it’s been genetically modified. So checking the number on the sticker is a simple way to know for sure.

So here is the way you can do it:

If you see a five-digit number that begins with an 8, take a big pass, as that produce is GM. Of course, this tip works not only for plums but for just about any fruit or vegetable in the fresh produce section.

Why Should You Care if Your Produce is GM?

Genetically modified foods are, from my perception, one of the largest threats against the very sustainability of the human race.

Not only are they threatening to contaminate non-GM crops, even those that are labeled organic, so that one day soon ALL crops may be laced with GM elements, but their health risks are only beginning to be uncovered.

And what’s been revealed so far is enough to raise some major red flags.

Just last year, a long-term feeding study commissioned by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety confirmed GM corn seriously affects reproductive health in mice. The results were so worrisome that GM opponents called for an immediate ban of all GM foods and GM crops in order to protect the health of humankind and the fertility of women around the world.

So far, at least 65 serious health risks related to GM foods have been documented by GM expert Jeffrey Smith. Among them:

• Offspring of rats fed GM soy showed a five-fold increase in mortality, lower birth weights, and the inability to reproduce
• Male mice fed GM soy had damaged young sperm cells
• The embryo offspring of GM soy-fed mice had altered DNA functioning
• Several US farmers reported sterility or fertility problems among pigs and cows fed GM corn varieties
• Investigators in India have documented fertility problems, abortions, premature births, and other serious health issues, including deaths, among buffaloes fed GM cottonseed products

Further, GM foods are known to be highly allergenic, and according to Smith’s research, between 1994 and 2001 — the same time that GMO’s flooded the market — food related illnesses DOUBLED.

There is also compelling evidence available that GM potatoes may cause cancer in rats. This research, conducted by Dr. Arpad Pusztai, was suppressed for nearly 10 years because industry backers were questioning his results.

Well, in 2007 a Russian study confirmed the link, and Dr. Pusztai was, in short order, suspended from his job, ordered to hand over all his data, and threatened with legal action if he spoke to anyone on the subject.

As time goes on, it is becoming abundantly clear that the safety of GM foods has never been proven. And if you choose to eat them, you are joining one of the largest, most unethical experiments of all time: seeing what happens when people eat GM foods for a lifetime.

In the United States, introducing GM foods into our diet was done quietly and without the mandatory labeling that is required in most other industrialized countries. Without knowing what impact GM foods might have on human health, or letting people know which foods contain GM ingredients, the biotech industry is gambling with your health for their profit.

Which Foods are Most Likely to be Genetically Modified … and How Can You Avoid Them?

Nearly all of these foods are GM so it is wise to avoid them:

• Soy
• Corn
• Cottonseed
• Canola

It would also be wise to limit products made from these ingredients, such as vegetable oils, maltodextrin and high-fructose corn syrup. In fact, because corn and soy are so widely used in processed foods, at least 70 percent of the processed foods at your supermarket contain GM ingredients.

That’s seven out of every 10 products!

Just another strong reason to avoid eating processed foods.

Other GMO products include:

• Some varieties of zucchini, crookneck squash, and papayas from Hawaii
• Milk containing rbGH
• Rennet (containing genetically modified enzymes) used to make hard cheeses
• Aspartame (NutraSweet)


Peace ,Your desire for the downtrodden speaks volumes about your loving heart ,Ben also has dedicated his recent life to informing and trying to make sense out of the chaotic
and conflicting messeges we are all recieving . Enough world scientific spokesmen and monitoring world wide have put the real pressing dangers now being denied in a corporate compliant and directed Japanese press.
” Don’t rattle the natives as it were and what can we do for them (the industry) ” seems to be the policy.
I hope Ben is not representing the forces like Rothshield or Rockefeller, the British Royals ,City of London ,reactor building businesses . I for one don’t believe this to be true however his lack of response to the present realities for the Japanese makes me wonder if his old “Forbes” relationship to big business is still ongoing, I suggest he quickly watch that documentary I recommended ,”The Battle for Chernobyl” and refresh his science education regarding RADIATION, very quickly ,so he can divide the real facts from the forces trying to downplay the dangers emminant in the continuing melt down .

Japanese food exports of sea and land products and even manufactured export items are already showing low level contamination, And the watch word must be CONTAMINATION.This already is hobbling business andexport products are being boycotted and rightfully so.
Long term affects of the radiation contamination on the unalerted population are
not being accurately broached .
Sticking wishful heads in the sand at this time will only hurt and cause unnessessary suffering of a very brave people . We can prove that western monitoring is having quite different takes and that the Nihon internal sources are employing, inadequate alerting and monitoring ,presently.
The attitudes that doomed Okinawain civilins
to death rather than surrender to a force that they knew
would not harm them has been carried to the present extremes of the controlled press and corporate bag men.
I’m sure Ben reads the comments here and will respond ,if not you can be sure that he is unable to report the real situation and he will continue his, “you have nothing to worry about statements” .
The reports I have offered come from Japanese and Korean and other asian and western sources.
Personally I am far more afraid of the long term effects than I am worried about which contending banker/wankers are to be the new currency providers or how many promised Yakusa or ninja’s white dragons are still doing nothing to redeem themselves or free us .Remember how Kissinger and Greenspan, supposedly under house arrest in the first Ben accounts were released to cause more criminal dealings. perhaps they were never arrested at all.

Where are the sword waving and tattoed bad boys who will determine which way the economic ball bounces .they better hurry…………


Tepco – the operator of the stricken Japanese nuclear complex – is finally admitting what independent experts have been saying for months.

Initially, Tepco now admits that reactor number 1 melted down hours after the earthquake. As NHK notes:

Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, says most of the fuel rods in the No.1 reactor had dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel within 16 hours of the earthquake on March 11th.

The utility revealed its study on the subject on Sunday.

TEPCO said it analyzed the data and calculated a timeline for the developments in the No. 1 reactor on the assumption that the reactor lost its cooling system as soon as it was hit by the tsunami.

The firm said that within about 3 hours after the reactor automatically shut down, the cooling water had evaporated to a level at the top of the rods.

In the next hour and a half, parts of the fuel rods are believed to have begun melting.

What else aren’t we beeing told.

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


Nice post brother.

I have been very vocal about the discrepancy/gap between Rense and Fulford’s radiation estimates.

I want the truth too!

O º


Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 6:56 am
Wo, you make claims and accuse without offering proof.
What exactly is Pal’s and Tman’s agenda?
What specific pieces of disinfo have they posted on this blog?
Exactly how have they been working together with hopesprings?
Definition of CO-OPT
transitive verb
1a : to choose or elect as a member b : to appoint as a colleague or assistant.
That doesn’t sound so bad to me.
How do you know why Gus didn’t participate on hopespring’s blog. Maybe he was too busy, or was turned off by her religion sermons.
What’s wrong about a job offer? The pay? The working hours?
Please document some of the inconsistencies in their information.
There could be other reasons why hopesprings stopped posting on the blog. I know that she is very busy with her businesses. She told us that often. Why don’t you ask her so you can confirm, or not that she left when the “truth” started to come out about the White Hats?

Blogs are places to post info that we come across and to offer opinions. When claims and accusations are made, there needs to be proof. I await yours.


Merek :

If your opinion on the nuclear situation is correct, what do you think Japan should be doing about it?

Here in British Columbia we are still living with the effects of nuclear mismanagement at least as bad as Chernobyl, but much under-reported. It still has not been adequately dealt with after almost 50 years.

Most people are unaware of just how horrible it was/is. I don’t have all the links handy, but if you google ‘Hanford Nuclear facility’, you might be surprised to see what we have been living with. A recent piece on this facility was carried by the Spiegel online:,1518,752944,00.html

Last year we had 210 earthquakes in the Hanford area. They were minor, but that is no guarantee that they will always be.



Aloha World Healing Meditation Group and other interested persons.

Mahalo to all of you who have been joining in the meditation.

In order to coordinate the times of our HEALING MEDITATION direct actions, there is a very handy tool called Time Zone Converter ( ). Simply click the option , fill in date and time of the meditation (we’ll probably use Tokyo time–the same as that shown on the blog), under click Asia/Tokyo,
under find your location and click it, then click . This will give you the exact time of the meditation for you.

Another way would be to simply count how many hours difference between Tokyo and your local time, then do your own calculation for the meditation time and date. Remember that it’s already tomorrow in Asia, a day ahead of us.

LEW: You raised a question several days ago about why we need to meditate at a coordinated time, since there is no linear time in the higher dimensions. I asked Michael and he said it’s because we are presently operating in 3D where linear time is important.

In our conversations regarding meditation, Michael impressed me with a couple of important points:

We meditate in order to re-claim the full consciousness which we originally possessed. Living in this 3D world causes us to lose that capacity but it can be attained once again through disciplined practice.

Eventually through daily practice of meditation we may transcend thought (stop thinking) and attain the realization of Unity and Oneness with All. Beyond our physical needs, desires and emotions concerned with survival lies Pure Being, All Encompassing Love and Compassion. This is the magic place where we as a meditating group can accomplish miracles (no less).

Michael is also concerned by the possibility that some may find this to be religious. It is not, but it is highly spiritual. And for those who practice a particular religion, you too may find that you’re able to find the Oneness within your soul which can enable you to reach out through this group to Heal our World.

May we come together as One Powerful Unity for Healing through Love.
May the Infinite Creator bless you all.

Aloha Nui Loa


That didn’t print well. Should be:

In order to coordinate the times of our HEALING MEDITATION direct actions, there is a very handy tool called Time Zone Converter ( ). Simply click the option “Use the following date and time”, fill in date and time of the meditation (we’ll probably use Tokyo time–the same as that shown on the blog), under “FROM time zone” click Asia/Tokyo,
under “TO time zone” find your location and click it, then click “Convert Time Now”. This will give you the exact time of the meditation for you.

Another way would be to simply count how many hours difference between Tokyo and your local time, then do your own calculation for the meditation time and date. Remember that it’s already tomorrow in Asia, a day ahead of us.



Sunday, May 15, 2011
#Fukushima I Reactor 3: TEPCO Pouring Boric Acid to Prevent Recriticality

Yomiuri Shinbun (10:02PM JST 5/15/2011):


TEPCO announced on May 15 that it started to use boric acid in the reactor cooling water for the Reactor 3 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant to prevent recriticality from happening. Boric acid absorbs neutrons.


TEPCO plans to do the same for the Reactors 1 and 2.

 再臨界は連続的な核分裂が再び起こる現象。1~3号機の原子炉圧力容器には当初、冷却のために海水を注入した経緯があり、東電はその塩分が中性子 線を吸収すると見ていた。ホウ酸を冷却水に溶かすのは、冷却水を海水から淡水に替えて以降、塩分濃度が下がっていると見られるためだ。

Recriticality is when the nuclear chain reaction is restarted. There is salt in the Reactor Pressure Vessels of the Reactors 1, 2 and 3, as TEPCO initially poured seawater to cool the RPVs. TEPCO thought the salt would absorb neutrons. TEPCO has decided to use boric acid in the cooling water because the level of salt in the cooling water may have decreased since TEPCO switched the cooling water from seawater to regular water.

 一方、3号機の圧力容器は、上端部の温度が急上昇している。東電は「注水用配管から水が漏れている可能性がある」として、12日からは別の配管を 追加し、二つの配管で毎時計12トンを注水した。14日からは注水量を毎時計15トンに増やしたが、上端部の温度は15日午前5時までの24時間で46・ 5度上昇し、297度になった。東電は、「注水がまだうまくいっていない」と見ている。

In the meantime, the temperature at the top of the Reactor 3 RPV has risen rapidly. TEPCO increased the amount of cooling water to 12 tons per hour on May 12 using two water feeding systems, then to 15 tons per hour on May 14. However, the temperature at the top of the RPV increased by 46.5 degrees Celsius in 24 hours to 297 degrees Celsius as of 5:00AM on May 15. TEPCO thinks there’s a problem with the pipes that feed water into the RPV.

In the latest measurement data (11:00AM 5/15) released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) , that temperature (the 4th column) appears to have dropped slightly to 291.7 degrees Celsius, although the data table is put up sideways and it is a bad scan and hard to see. The second digit could be 9, 8, or 3. An age-old trick by bureaucrats to discourage people from seeing the data… (My neck is hurting from trying to read the number.)


PANSY @ 12:53am:
…”Regarding the Fort Worth lights and claims that they were exploding transformers…it seems transformers are exploding everywhere. Is some kind of ‘energy source’ getting them all excited to the point they are over loaded?…”


Here is a link to the Project Camelot Whistleblower testimony from an Electrical Engineer:

An electrical engineer on 2012-2013
…”My husband is an electrical engineer for a national power company. He has just been told that they are expecting an event in the next 3-4 years that will render every transformer in the world useless. They are desperately trying to find a solution to the problem. If they don’t, the entire global electrical system will go down. I know this fits in with some of your research. Have you heard about this?…”

LOTS MORE at the link…


MBridges ,Aloha ,regarding Hanford ,they used the high chernobyl, jetstream passing overhead to vent steam and the jet flow easterly was many times hotter than before that realease it’s CYOA for sure ….More bad news:Tepco Says Fuel in 2 Reactors May Have Melted
By Michio Nakayama and Yuji Okada – May 16, 2011 2:18 AM GMT-1000
Business ExchangeBuzz up!DiggPrint Email . Tokyo Electric Power Co. said fuel in other reactors at its damaged nuclear plant may have melted, after confirming rods in the No. 1 unit had fallen from their assembly, potentially delaying plans to resolve the crisis. Source: Tokyo Electric Power Co. via Bloomberg
Tokyo Electric Power Co. said fuel in other reactors at its damaged nuclear plant may have melted, after confirming rods in the No. 1 unit had fallen from their assembly, potentially delaying plans to resolve the crisis.

“The findings at the No. 1 reactor indicate the likelihood that the water level readings in the other reactors aren’t accurate,” Junichi Matsumoto, a general manager at the utility known as Tepco, said today. “It could be that a meltdown similar to that in the No. 1 reactor has occurred.”

Moody’s Japan K.K. cut Tepco’s credit ratings and put it on review for further possible downgrade after today’s news. Tepco has been struggling to cool reactors and stop radiation leaks to end the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl in 1986. The discovery that fuels rods melted within 16 hours of power being knocked out means it’s unlikely Tepco can meet its timetable for containing the leaks, a nuclear engineering professor said.

“Tepco didn’t clearly indicate how much uncertainty and potential negative scenarios were factored into the road map,” said Hironobu Unesaki at Kyoto University. “I don’t think they gathered enough data before coming up with the plan.”

Tepco fell 7.3 percent today to 420 yen in Tokyo. The shares are down about 80 percent since the March 11 quake and tsunami struck, leaving more than 24,000 people dead or missing.

Ratings Downgrade
Moody’s cut senior secured rating by one step to Baa2 from Baa1 and long-term issuer rating to Baa3 from Baa1, saying that damage at the plant appears worse than previously indicated. The agency cut its short-term rating for commercial paper to Not Prime from Prime-2. It was the third downgrade since the disaster.

Standard & Poor’s cut Tepco’s credit rating for a third time on May 13, to BBB from BBB+. Tepco has 6.99 trillion yen ($86.5 billion) of debt, making it the nation’s second-largest corporate borrower among members of the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, behind Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc., Bloomberg data show.

The operator of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant said earlier it believes 35 percent of the rods of reactor No. 2 melted after cooling systems failed and 30 percent of those in the No. 3 unit. An announcement on the status of the two reactors will be made later, Matsumoto said, without giving a time frame.

Progress Update
The fuel in the No. 1 reactor started melting about 4 1/2 hours after the magnitude-9 earthquake hit on March 11 when the water level in the reactor core vessel fell below the base of the assembly, Tepco said yesterday.

The temperatures in the core rose to about 2,800 degrees Celsius (5,072 degrees Fahrenheit), the melting point of fuel rods, after emergency cooling was knocked out by the tsunami that hit the plant about 45 minutes after the quake, the company said.

By 6:50 a.m. on March 12, “most of the core” had melted and fallen to the base of the vessel, Tepco said.

Engineers established the extent of the damage after fixing gauges in the reactor No. 1 building last week. The building was damaged by a hydrogen explosion on March 12. Tepco said water from the reactor has leaked out through the outer chamber and has filled the building’s basement to a depth of 4.2 meters (14 feet).

Release ‘Unlikely’
The melted fuel has cooled because enough water has accumulated in the bottom of the inner vessel after being pumped in, Tepco said. A “large-scale release of radioactive materials is unlikely,” the statement said.

Fukushima’s No. 1 reactor may have been damaged in the earthquake before the tsunami hit, Kyodo News reported yesterday. Japan’s nuclear safety commission has said the damage that caused the meltdown was done by the tsunami, according to Kyodo.

“We currently haven’t been able to confirm this,” Matsumoto said today when asked about the report. “In a few days, when the data is in, we’ll know more.”

The company tomorrow plans to provide an update on its progress and revisions to the plan for bringing the damaged reactors and spent fuel pools at Fukushima into a stable state.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said there’s no need to change Tepco’s timetable.

Cold Shutdown
“In terms of achieving cold-shutdown status within six to nine months, I believe we should be able to proceed without changing the timeframe,” Kan said today in parliament. The government will also provide a schedule for ending the crisis, Kan said.

Tepco on April 17 set out a so-called road map to end the crisis in six to nine months. The utility said it expects to achieve a sustained drop in radiation levels at the plant within three months, followed by a cold shutdown, where core reactor temperatures fall below 100 degrees Celsius.

The company expects to meet its timetable, President Masataka Shimizu said in parliament today. He said the risks of more hydrogen explosions and leaks of contaminated water remain at the plant. Shimizu was responding to a question on what risks are incorporated in the road map.

The utility has made initial payments of 1 million yen to 10,000 households, Shimizu told lawmakers. The company has received claims from 50,000 households forced to evacuate areas around the nuclear plant that is about 220 kilometers (137 miles) north of Tokyo.

“We plan to begin provisional compensation payments for those who run agricultural, forestry and fishery businesses by the end of May,” Shimizu said. “We’d like to start discussions with related organizations immediately.”

To contact the reporters on this story: Michio Nakayama in Tokyo at; Yuji Okada in Tokyo at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Will Kennedy at -0- May/16/ :18 GMT

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


With all due respect, Wo’s post was for Paladin.

O º


Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on May 17, 2011 @ 7:09 am

Regarding GMO foods…first, thank you for this article. Now I know to look for the number EIGHT and NOT buy those items. Foodrules, I think you will appreciate these links too.

It seems the Roundup product is creating SUPER WEEDS and this threatens the production of all crops and the ability to feed the world. Here is an ABC video regarding this:

Here is the article:

The biotech companies that produce the GM seeds and the pesticides that go with them tout technological farming as the only viable alternative to feed a growing population of which fewer and fewer of people are farmers. There have even been accusations thrown around that organic farming advocates just want to return farmers to the “dark ages.”

Yet, these weeds, which kill crops, stop combines, break equipment and make it impossible to harvest, are causing farmers in especially hard hit areas of the south to resort to hand-management of weeds and good old fashioned people-powered harvesting.

The very crops that promised to save farmers on labor in exchange for shelling out more money for chemicals and seeds are actually threatening to return farmers to those so-called “dark ages”.

Blaming the Victim

In the news report above, Monsanto, the company that manufactures the herbicide Roundup, which is no longer killing the weeds, blames the superweeds on “over application” by farmers.

It only stands to reason that a farmer, in order to combat ever larger, faster growing, and more tenacious weeds, would use the only ammunition available to him or her: more poison.


Merek: Thank you for the progress report. It is clear that you are following the disaster as closely as someone who is not actually living there, can.



My last post was in response to Hutz at 7:40


Lynwood at 8:22 am,
I haven’t seen that Project Camelot piece by the electrical engineer.

My links were from mention of the transformers blowing up that George Ure featured on his sight Urban Survival. It was from today’s blog here

Can you share a bit about what was said on the PC interview. I’ve got a lot on my plate and it may be a while before I can listen to that interview. Did he say “what” was supposed to cause this?

George Ure alludes to it being sun activity.


Hey Benjamin ,are you still unconcerned? or are you starting to get the real message …..they now say 3 more months before it is solved , this may be a very optimistic take .
My take is 3 more months without closer and it’s just too bad for Japan and much of the coming generations of the rest of the northern Hemisphere, 3 months ,this is absolutely crazy and goes right along with the TPTB population gleening stratgies and plans
.NO MORE DENIAL please ,Call for the worlds exports and engineers to Japan to get a real plan working ,For F*uk sakes they call this kind of collective think tank response every time the economy hiccups, but where are the experts gathering for the greatest radiological disaster of our lifetimes .
No Ben and Richard , looking for fall guys and conspiricy bombs on fault line to blame rather than the stupidity and greed that has allowed for the complete sacriface of Japans coming generations to GE and Japan and Company is Mortal Sin for sure .and very unuseful at this time ..

.So Ben please answer my many informative and shit sturring posts and press links regarding the present ongoing stupidity as a result of egoistic and nationalistic hazard deniers of the current corporate business linked bankers, leaders and politicians ,now living in hotel Suites in Hong Kong . Who feed you this Sh*t because their livelyhoods are threatened .


Merek – remember that letter that Cliff High put out a few months ago, basically saying that we are already dead..and now is the time to start fighting?? anyway, his stuff backs up what you are saying about the radiation.


Radiation in the air and in the Airports!
Donate ProPublica
Journalism in the public interest.

Scientists Cast Doubt on TSA Tests of Full-Body Scanners
by Michael Grabell
ProPublica, May 16, 2011, 2:11 p.m.

A sign at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint instructs passengers about the use of the full-body scanner at O’Hare International Airport on March 15, 2010 in Chicago, Ill. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)
The Transportation Security Administration says its full-body X-ray scanners are safe and that radiation from a scan is equivalent to what’s received in about two minutes of flying. The company that makes them says it’s safer than eating a banana [1].

But some scientists with expertise in imaging and cancer say the evidence made public to support those claims is unreliable. And in a new letter [2] sent to White House science adviser John Holdren, they question why the TSA won’t make the scanners available for independent testing by outside scientists.

The machines, which are designed to reveal objects hidden under clothing, have the potential to close a significant security gap for the TSA because metal detectors can’t find explosives or ceramic knives, which can be just as sharp as the box cutters that hijackers used on 9/11.

They are also important for TSA’s public relations battle over the alternative, the “enhanced pat-down,” which has bred an epidemic of viral videos: A 6-year-old girl [3] is touched from head to toe. A former Miss USA [4] says she was violated. A software programmer warns a screener, “If you touch my junk [5], I’m going to have you arrested.”

After the underwear bomber tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane on Christmas Day 2009, the TSA ramped up deployment of full-body scanners and plans to have them at nearly every security line by 2014.

There are two types of body scanners [6]. Millimeter wave machines emit a radio frequency similar to cellphones. Backscatters work like a fast-moving X-ray. In the latter, the rays bounce off the skin and create a fuzzy white image [7] of the passenger’s body. Because the beam doesn’t go through the body, most of its radiation is received by the skin.

The TSA says the backscatter technology has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration [8], the National Institute for Standards and Technology [9] and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory [10]. Survey teams are using radiation-detecting dosimeters to check the machines at airports. The TSA says the results have all confirmed that the scanners don’t pose a significant risk to public health.

According to the agency and many radiation experts, the dose is so low, even for children or cancer patients, that someone would have to pass through the machines more than a thousand times before approaching the annual limit set by radiation safety organizations.

But the letter to the White House science adviser, signed by five professors at University of California, San Francisco, and one at Arizona State University, points out several flaws in the tests. Studies published in scientific journals in the last few months have also cast doubt on the radiation dose and the machines’ ability to find explosives.

A number of scientists, including some who believe the radiation is trivial, say more testing should be done given the government’s plans to put millions of passengers through the machines. And they have been disturbed by the TSA’s reluctance to do so.

“There’s no real data on these machines, and in fact, the best guess of the dose is much, much higher than certainly what the public thinks,” said John Sedat, a professor emeritus in biochemistry and biophysics at UCSF and the primary author of the letter.

The same group stirred controversy last year when it sent a letter to Holdren [11] arguing that while the overall dose to the body may be low, the TSA hadn’t quantified the dose to the skin. Last fall, FDA and TSA officials released a study [12] that estimated the dose to the skin to be twice the dose to the body, though still extremely low.

In the most recent letter sent to Holdren on April 28, the professors note that the Johns Hopkins lab didn’t test an actual airport machine. Instead, the tests were done on a model built by the manufacturer, Rapiscan [13], and configured to resemble a system previously tested by the TSA.

The researchers’ names have been kept secret, and the report on the tests is so “heavily redacted” that “there is no way to repeat any of these measurements,” they wrote.

The physics and medical professors also took issue with the device used to measure the radiation. Although the device, known as an ion chamber, is commonly used to test medical equipment, they argue that the detector gets overwhelmed by the amount of radiation the backscatter deposits in a short time and might not provide accurate readings.

Helen Worth, a spokeswoman for the Johns Hopkins lab, referred questions to the TSA.

Part of the trouble is that there is no ideal device for measuring the radiation dose given by backscatter X-rays, said David Brenner, director of the Columbia University Center for Radiological Research. The machines emit a pencil beam that rapidly moves across and up and down the body, he said.

“We are one of the oldest and biggest radiological research centers in the country, and we find this to be a very hard technical problem,” said Brenner, who was not involved with the letter.

Another issue is that there is a lot of uncertainty with the model used to estimate cancer risk from radiation exposure to the skin, said Rebecca Smith-Bindman, a UCSF radiologist who also was not involved in the letter.

Smith-Bindman, who has testified before Congress about excessive radiation from medical scans, studied the TSA reports and said she wasn’t concerned about the airport X-rays.

The risks are “truly trivial,” she wrote in an article [14] for the Archives of Internal Medicine. A passenger would have to undergo 50 airport scans to reach the level of a dental X-ray, 1,000 for a chest X-ray, and 4,000 for a mammogram.

Though imperfect, the available models predict that the backscatters would lead to only six cancers over the course of a lifetime among the approximately 100 million people who fly every year, Smith-Bindman concluded.

“There’s really unnecessary fear related to these scans,” she said. “What I’m not as comfortable with is that there has not been access to these machines. They are not being tested on the same regulatory basis that we see on medical equipment.”

After her article was published, Smith-Bindman was contacted by a TSA public affairs officer. During the conversation, she suggested that she or other outside scientists be allowed to test the machine. The official was shocked by the suggestion and said such access could tip off people who want to avoid detection, Smith-Bindman said.

“It was not appreciating that there’s legitimate scientific questions that have to be balanced against the security questions,” she said.

The TSA did not respond to ProPublica’s questions about why it wouldn’t allow outside testing. But at a congressional hearing [15] in March, Robin Kane, assistant administrator for security technology, said doing so would expose a lot of sensitive information the agency wouldn’t normally share publicly. The machines had already been tested several times, he said, and if set up securely, the agency would allow more testing.

The available information leaves scientists with little to work with. Peter Rez, the Arizona State physics professor who signed the letter to Holdren, has tried to calculate the radiation by examining the handful of backscatter images that have been released publicly.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center [16], a civil liberties group, sued the Department of Homeland Security, TSA’s parent agency, in federal court seeking release of 2,000 backscatter images used in testing. But it has not been successful.

The few images that have been made public do not reveal faces or detailed private features. The TSA says the images Rez used are out of date, but Rez says the current image on TSA’s website is unusable.

Using the earlier images, Rez concluded [17] in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal that it was highly unlikely the machines could have produced such high-quality images with doses of radiation as low as those described by TSA. He estimated the dose, while still very small, is 45 times higher than the results measured by Johns Hopkins.

Applying Rez’s numbers, Brenner wrote a paper [18] for the journal Radiology, estimating that 100 additional cancers would develop for every 1 billion scans.

For Rez, the real danger occurs if the machine stops in the middle of a scan, allowing the beam to focus on a tiny area for several seconds. Given that the backscatter works with a wheel rotating at a high speed, and that the agency plans to use the scanners continuously 365 days a year, mechanical failures are likely, he said.

The TSA says that the scanners have safety systems, such as automatic shutoffs and emergency stop buttons, that will kill the beam in the event of any problem that could result in abnormal radiation. How those fail-safe systems work isn’t entirely clear.

When Johns Hopkins researchers visited the Rapiscan facility, the automatic termination appeared to work. But the full results of the shutoff tests are redacted.

What’s more, the test system didn’t have an emergency stop button.


Dear Lynnwood,

Actually, I was going to let you know that I have applied for some of those positions and heard back from at least one. I have signed an agreement with one of the contractor types and now have to get online and read their guidelines. If they can keep me busy, I can squeak by.

Thank you for all your suggestions. I did follow up on them and now, that I see that there are more, I will follow up on them, too.

What I was talking about today was the pay-for-view blog idea. That is also a possibility. I am sorry if I did not make that clear. BTW, your suggestions were really helpful.

Take care,



Comment by lynnwood on May 17, 2011 @ 8:41 am

I read your posts to Nai so I know you took the time to reply. I think you are the only one who did. I do agree that people are just not going to pay for a research type blog unless it’s by a well known financial or health guru…just my humble opinion.


Dear Orbs,

We don’t have a rule that posters cannot ask questions about other people’s posts. Lew is perfectly within his rights to ask Wo about the remarks addressed to Pal and Tman.

Lew, thanks for asking clarifying questions.

Many many months ago, we discussed that our central motivation here in the Cafe’ should be to ferret out the truth wherever it might be found. Sometimes, asking other posters for their facts is a way to get to the truth. Sometimes, it adds to the confusion, but it still is permissable here.



Never mind about the PC interview. I quickly clicked the link and saw that it was not an interview but someone telling Bill what her husband said. No verification of anything but interesting to ponder.



Wo ,we are all dead alright ,no one gets out of 3-D alive ,however I think if we all spread the word we will get the attention and reforms nessessary for survival ,I counsel no violence or criminal reactions at this time ,We still can salvage most of future wellbeings by continuing to wake the sleepeers and last day folks to unity and joint action like our meditative efforts . thanks for the Comeback.


Nai said “Many many months ago, we discussed that our central motivation here in the Cafe’ should be to ferret out the truth wherever it might be found. Sometimes, asking other posters for their facts is a way to get to the truth. Sometimes, it adds to the confusion, but it still is permissable here”

Nai, I agree with you.

Orbs, We enjoy the exchanging of information here but we do not enjoy being policed.

I thought those were reasonable questions and I too look forward to hearing from Wo.


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Well, it’s official. The Good Guys are placing the right people in the right places.

Wetjen Nominated as New CFTC Commissioner

Wetjen’s connected to all the right people and will be the deciding vote on the CFTC Board.

When the time is right…they WILL pull the plug.

Keep the faith!

Bix Weir


Dear Lynnwood,

I will go look again. Thank you for taking the time to respond, I don’t know how I overlooked it. Maybe because of the book making me tired. I type in an un-airconditioned room and it gets really sweaty in here.


Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


Whose policing what?

O º


Dear Cafe’ Members,

Jane B has a wonderful blog on the Strauss arrest that will hearten many of you. Her father was an economist and she grew up reading his journals. Typically, her insights are quite good.



The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on sexual-assault charges represents a seismic blow to the efforts of the global financial elite to bury the euro and dollar currency blocs and replace the dollar-demoninated global monetrary system with an IMF and UN-run currency.

The arrest in New York on Sunday prevented Strauss-Khan from going to Europe to participate in key meetings and press for a ruinous policy of penal IMF/EU bailouts and the arrest also comes at a time when the dollar bloc is facing a default or hyperinflation due to the size of its national debt and replacement by the IMF’s new currency.

The US has to increase its $14.3trn debt ceiling once more to prevent the government defaulting — and allow time to be bought to seize the Federal Reserve back from the bankers? — and the eurozone and IMF finance chiefs have to decide how to deal with the imminent problem of an insolvent Greece amid growing opposition to more bailouts, increasingly recognised as a covet wealth transfer scheme.

Whatever is decided could either hasten the collapse of the dollar and the euro and so pave the way for the introducion of a super souvereign IMF/UN currency controlled by the banks and usher in a new era of global repression and poverty. Or, it could stop the bankster’s plans for wrestling control of the globe’s currency in their tracks.

Strauss-Kahn has been a key figure in the creation of an IMF currency on the margins and his arrest leaves a power vaccuum in the bankster’s IMF at a crucial time for their plans. Right now, the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) are still only an internal accounting unit for governments to denominate their foreign exchange reserves, but the SDR is set to have a more central role and the UN is also already producing bullion coins called the „uno“ to give flesh to the currency.

The replacement of the dollar with the IMF/UN currency has been a long-term goal of the bankers and China and plans are reaching a decisive phase in parallel to the disintegration of the dollar and euro.

Reuters reports that China’s central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan sketched out its ambitions to replace the dollar with the IMF’s SDR in 2009.



Whose policing what?

Your telling Lew that Wo was replying to Pal. Nai picked up on the same thing…hence her post…understand?

It sounded like you were policing who can comment to whom.


Compare the quick reaction the Soviets took with Chernobyl to the practically non-existent reaction being taken by the Japanese at Fukushima Daichi…

Repost of Merek’s suggested viewing of ‘The Battle of Chernobyl’


Merek – thanks for your honest we had said before, all of this information about the radiation gets confusing- but it is important to know just exactly what we are dealing with and I appreciate all the updates you have provided.

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


I missed nai’s post.

Regardless, I told the truth, nothing more.

The post was directed to Paladin, are you saying it wasn’t?

O º


Pansy – you mean like the way you policed Calebrrenan when he expressed his opinion about the white hats? And told him to just scroll by it?


Dear Cafe’,

There is another excellent analysis from Jane B that you should all read. It gets right to the heart of the current mess that exists worldwide.


Does the eurozone need an economic Marshall plan?

3 Votes


Europe is facing an unprecedented economic and political crisis. This crisis is the result of the the way the euro currency is being run as a Ponzi scheme for the profit of banks in full view of its citizens and the entire world.

The crisis is compounded by the fact that politicians have yet to hammer out a credible, long-term plan to deal with banks that are running amock and looting the continent’s citizens on a historical and spectacular scale.

Europe is indeed at a cross roads of total financial and economic destruction or else fundamental, radical and deep rooted reform. It is to be hoped it seizes the opportunity for deep rooted reform and overhauls its financial system and institutions so that they serve the people and the real economy.

Blocking the planned new eurozone bailout fund and fiscal union will go some way to preventing the eurozone public sector Ponzi scheme — as Mario Blejer described it — from destroying the economy. But answers are urgently needed on the long-term economic strategy. Europe needs a comprehensive Marshall Plan to restore prosperity after the mauling it has received from the banks.

A first step to reform would be probes into the banking crisis and criminal charges against banks like Deutsche Bank. There can be no genuine economic progress in Europe until the criminal commercial and central banks are finally brought under control, so paving the way for the establishment of a new financial system not based on debt and the exploitation of the fractional reserve banking system by the banks.

Bringing the banks under control is, in fact, possibly the biggest political, economic and social challenge facing both the USA and Europe today.

But although Europe is facing the same problem as the USA in respect of rogue banks, the USA has made more progress.

Both the Congress and Senate have produced hard hitting reports on the artificially engineered financial crisis and pressure is building for criminal charges against Goldman Sachs.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul is able to focus public attention on the role of the private Federal Reserve in the USA’s current economic meltdown. Though just a start, the USA so far has managed to produce more effective political answers than Europe to the central problem facing the world today – how to deal with an organised, international and criminal banking cartel that is destroying the real economy for their profit.

There are no comparable probes or political figures in Europe as yet other than Timo Soini, the newly elected leader of the True Finn party.

Not only Europe’s economy but also its political credibility is at stake when banks set about destroying the euro currency with blatantly criminal means before the eyes of the word. The banksters also openly plan to replace the euro and the dollar with another disastrous IMF currency to start yet another Ponzi scheme.


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

RINOS Want 6 More Years Of “Patriot Act” To Help Obama’s Fears Of U.S. Veterans: Janet Napolitano Stated, “right-wing, gun-toting veterans are the worst terrorists out there”



Dear Cafe’,

Jane B had a link to the video trailer on the Diana movie. It shows Diana alive in the car after the wreck.



What has happened to you? I’ve never gotten into your nest. Caleb was bellyaching and it was getting tiresome so I asked him why he didn’t just scroll on by and keep the negativity off the board. I didn’t police him and tell him that it wasn’t his business as Orbs seemed to have done. If I misunderstood Orbs, let me explain what his comment meant and I will respectfully apologize.

You have gotten a bee in your bonnet over the White Hats. That’s cool with me. You just don’t seem to like to be questioned about it. If that is the case, just say so. Lew is a gentleman and he will back off if asked.


Instead of “let me explain”, I meant to say “let him explain”.


Dear Cafe’,

It seems that the Chinese have discovered odd genetics in their remote areas.


Chinese villagers ‘descended from Roman soldiers’

Genetic testing of villagers in a remote part of China has shown that nearly two thirds of their DNA is of Caucasian origin, lending support to the theory that they may be descended from a ‘lost legion’ of Roman soldiers.

By Nick Squires in Rome 9:00PM GMT 23 Nov 2010

Tests found that the DNA of some villagers in Liqian, on the fringes of the Gobi Desert in north-western China, was 56 per cent Caucasian in origin.

Many of the villagers have blue or green eyes, long noses and even fair hair, prompting speculation that they have European blood.

A local man, Cai Junnian, is nicknamed by his friends and relatives Cai Luoma, or Cai the Roman, and is one of many villagers convinced that he is descended from the lost legion.

Archeologists plan to conduct digs in the region, along the ancient Silk Route, to search for remains of forts or other structures built by the fabled army.

“We hope to prove the legend by digging and discovering more evidence of China’s early contacts with the Roman Empire,” Yuan Honggeng, the head of a newly-established Italian Studies Centre at Lanzhou University in Gansu province, told the China Daily newspaper.



merek on May 17, 2011 @ 7:41 am
Thank you for the words of wisdom. We shall see if anything significant develops by June 21, the date Ben mentioned last week. There is only so much one person can do, and Ben is dealing with people with really deep pockets and huge egos with negligible conscience.
Sadly, the only thing I could do at this point is to keep my head above water.


Pansy – there seems to be a serious double standard occurring when it comes to the white hats. The latest string of posts from them consists mostly of very abusive and disrespectul insults to all those who have questioned them or dissented. Why is it that Lew, Nai or yourself have not applied the same standards for them as is being expressed now to others? That is confusing to me. I have been very clear and precise as to why I dont agree with the information that the white hats have put out. It has nothing to do with a bee in my bonnet, it is based on logical reasons and information. Calebrennan’s post was his opinion about the whole slew of negative posts that went on for at least a day..but no mention of those. I dont have any kind of issue with you at all, and I have always enjoyed the information and input you have provided. Ive also enjoyed the many interactions we have had.


Hutz on May 17, 2011 @ 7:32 am
I don’t blame you for wanting to marry her. If I were a guy, I would want to marry someone just like Wo.
Even though I did not know what the heck was going on, something stunk really badly from afar.


Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 6:56 am

Oh Wo –

Please don’t do this …I am embarrassed for you. Is this really what you are going to offer after everything you have said.

Are you sure you aren’t the disinfo agent … even though I know better than to say that?

I must apologize to this blog for this comment especially our fine ladies as in the real world I truly would never say this but having said this … Wo, I am not sure whats going on in your life, you have been a fine gal and a wonderful contributor, but you are in this too deep!! Please back out of this and get back to your wonderful contributions. You are way off the cliff. Reel back in … get out of the fish bowl and smell the roses … deep breath, blow it out, deep breath again.

Your comments are fabrications and you know it. This is just going to get nastier and nastier. The lies and half truths need to stop and that go’s for Caleb as well.

Please consider. Sleep on it. Don’t type anything for 24 hours and don’t type anything that has created an emotion in you … wait until you cool off, then consider what you type and say.

To attempt to drag all of these people into the fray is unbecoming of you. If your issue is between you, Pal and I then let’s have a skype call to sort it out. Much easier than doing this.



OMG the suspense in this blog! I’m not sure if I should keep up with Sophia or David….or the mainstream media.

What a wonderful time to have a front row seat in this life!


hi Pansy,

Your message at 1:49am today –

I found a bible that was translated directly from Sanskrit…now that’s an old language.

I presume you mean the Old Testament?

I am way behind in catching up this blog so someone may already have asked about this.

The reason I mention it is because your other quote come from the New Testament and that was only produced in about 70AD of after. That set of Gospels as far as I am aware was originally in Aramaic and then Greek. Sanskrit is a veru old language of Indian origin I beieve and so those New Testament writings would not have been in that languge unless you ar implying that they too were from a much earlier period of history.

I am not doubting your research, but would like to know where your info comes from please.



sorry for the poor spelling above – i must proof read!!!


Travelman, Paladian,

Anyone worth their salt here has backbone enough not to get drawn into ‘something’ without being fully informed. I for one have no idea what ‘this’ is about – I did ask about the change in the weather in regards to you both in last weeks thread but only got a cryptic answer telling me to read back. I have no time to keep up with every post in the Comment section here. I have not seen anything that would explain the new treatment of you…

Unfortunately this place is starting to divide into camps, like most all forums. If the heat gets too hot in this kitchen and you want to find a new home to talk…

I would like to direct you to check out the Golden Thread, which somehow has avoided splitting:
That is the link the main thread, a conversation that has been ongoing since 2002! We talk about everything there, same topics as Ben’s Comment section.




Just got back from a walk on a rare low humidity evening in May. The moon is so full, it’s almost blinding.

Thanks for clearing the air between us. There are a lot of egos and a wide range of personalities who express themselves in many ways…hence, life.

As I’ve said, I have no problem with anyone posting their opinions except when they seem to be one long whine or bellyache JUST to whine or bellyache with no intention to solve anything or move the action forward. If a poster seems to be telling me or the board what we should or should not do ad nauseum, then I may react just because it gets so tedious.

Because you are so eloquent at expressing yourself, my post merely stated that I too would be interested in the answers you might have for Lew. If you don’t choose to respond, that’s totally cool.

I am looking forward to TMan’s answers to Lew’s very concise and direct questions. I hope he rises to the occasion as promised.

Agreeing to disagree and still be civil will help this board continue to be one of the best out there in the sharing of information.


secondlife on May 17, 2011 @ 6:52 am
Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. Now I can truly appreciate where your name “secondlife” came from. There are others who suggested that I, too, made the choice to be born into this world with so many obstacles to overcome, and it used to make me very upset every time I heard that. Sometimes I get very close to finding the easy way out of this life, but what stops me from doing that is the understanding that I will come right back to where I am. So I need to graduate from this level of being, and I will be able to one of these days. 🙂


thanks ben for the report,


Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 10:27 am

Wo, I am so confused about your issue with us! Depending what you are attempting to parlay your issue changes and it usually geared to your audience … so …

Is your issue that I am an asshole, or …

are you pissed, as you have claimed, that you were mis-led about something, or …

are you pissed about something about the Dinars, or …

are you opinionated about numerous people on this blog,or ..

do you hate Hopesprings, or …

are you insulted that Pal and I are insensitive to your needs, or …

are you mad that I made comments about the Fed Res and the IRS, or …

are you upset that we are to abrasive for your personality, or …

are there to many issues for you to internalize, or …

do you just take issue with anyone that is not on your side of an argument.

As a rule, we have begged you to substantiate any issue with facts, or something that would very easy, go back and dig out the words we or I have written that has offended you.

As this point, it is about the only thing that will get you out of this hole … just find one and prove your point. At least everyone on the blog would know what you speak of … if we or I need to apologize to you for something then fine, I will get to it, but right now, you are past the point of no return. It might be that at this point, you need to prove your point. Get the post or posts that pissed you off with your new found friends.



Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 6:56 am

Wow, Wo. And I thought I’d figured out who Hopesprings was.
There was anecdotal evidence to suggest she was Ben’s partner. Now I know I was wrong. And my original gut instinct was likely right. 🙁

Thanks for this. Most revealing!


Pansy – Im sure we will have many more enjoyable conversations and exchange more great info. I look forward to it.

peacrus – if I was a man, I would totally wnat marry you too! LOL

hutz – my comrade in arms..


Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 10:27 am

Geez, I hope everybody hasn’t been bought off!…
Like the WH tried to do to you.

That would be very disappointing…


Comment by aneeson on May 17, 2011 @ 10:43 am

Thank you for your inquiry. I purchased this bible about 30 years ago and my memory was that is was translated from Sanskrit. Since you inquired, I’ve pulled it out and checked further. It is called Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Manuscripts. It says “Containing the Old and New Testaments Tranlated from the Peshitta, The Authorized Bible of the Church of the East by George Lamsa. Copyright 1933, Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 57-12183

I stand corrected and never intended to mislead this forum. I am surprised to say the least but it’s been on my shelf a very long time and I, like most of us, seem to remember things differently than the reality of the fact.

It is very possible that I do have a bible from the Sanskrit translation among my over 3000 books in my library but I can’t seem to put my hands on it at this time. If I find it, I’ll report back.



BH- You are very welcome. Nice to see ya..Im still thinking about making tacos.


BH- well, I guess that remains to be seen. But I agree would be very disappointing if that were the case.


wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 11:06 am
Please stay safe. I hope they don’t know where you live.


Comment by lynnwood on May 17, 2011 @ 10:52 am


Appreciate your post. For the record, and to respond to your questions, something other than the obvious is happening here.

It is a waste of our time at this point but if we had answers to our questions, not to be a smartass, we could final this issue(s) immediately.

It’s always easy to create a position if the party being “accused” is willing to whimper away. Unfortunately, there is not an ounce of whimper in my body, unless better judgment is used. If you have an issue, step up and handle it. To continue to accuse with shifting reasons for a continuing problem that shapeshifts with each new inquiry usually means there is no issue to address, well … maybe a deep hole that one cannot crawl out of.

There wasn’t a problem until a brand new group of guys came to this blog and the first thing they do is attempt to silence a couple of strong voices that they perhaps didn’t like … well … good for them. Now, it’s down to my answers for the approval of the nasayers of this blog. The problem is that it goes two ways … so let’s see them step to the plate as well … sort of calling there bluff … and the strongest voice of their side is our beloved Wo, pending the return of OBH.

Bottomline prove up or, politely stated, shut up.

Hope that helps your understanding and I realize you and the rest of the members are tired of it. So are we. But we have lost some very wonderful members here … long standing and cognitive thinkers … truly wonderful people. I guess we stand for them and their memory, for lack of a better way to state it.




peace – thanks for your concern. You have a very sweet sould.


Many people have commented in the past that they are here for the interchange between posters, not primarily Ben’s blog. I do enjoy reading the contributions to forum, but I am here primarily because I respect Ben and the work he is trying to do.

Whenever a blog has impact, it is bound to be subject to attacks from dis/misinformation agents who have different agendas from Ben.

Nevertheless, I really like Ben and feel he has genuine integrity. Not that he is always right, as he gets information from many sources and it is bound to be wrong at times. But because I trust Ben, and wish to support him, I will remain a subscriber no matter what.


wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 6:56 am

Very interesting…thanks for your post.


Tman, per your request, is a repost of my questions for you. I have added a new #5 , which picks up XL’s questions. Plus there’s an extra credit question at the end.:)

Questions for WH’s _5 -15 -11
Tman, here are the questions that I’ve been accumulating. Please give as many details as you can without putting the WH’s in danger, or jeopardizing your mission. I hope that there aren’t too many questions.

1) What exactly must happen before the GS can be distributed?

2) What is the total $ amount of the GS?

3) Who are the top 10 (or more) recipients (by $ amounts to be received) and the amounts for each? Some are listed on your website but I suspect that there are many more.

4) What will be the benefits to the average person (like me)?

5 ) What kinds of dollars comprise the GS? My guess is that they are some kind of certificates that are backed by real assets like gold, silver, oil, etc. Correct?

What are the sources of the GS assets? (What is their history?)

6) You said that after the Iraqi Dinar RV is announced, financial transactions (conversion of cheaply bought dinars back to dollars at the post RV exchange rate) will not occur until you and one other gentleman (Bonner) sign and execute the GS. What, if anything else, must happen for us to benefit? For example, as XL supposes, does the Fed and other corrupt organizations have to be neutralized enough that they cannot intercept it or benefit from it.

What signs should we be looking for? Mass arrests? Other?

7) It is my understanding that one of the main parts of the work of the WH’s has been to gather evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government and business, both in the U.S. and in other countries. A big frustration of many of us on the blog is that you have not produced any of that evidence (for example, bank statements). My guess is that, at this time, it would be unwise to reveal your evidence to us, or others among the general population. If you did so, you would probably be sued for libel. And it could weaken any court cases. Correct? Is there any evidence you could share at this time?

So… perhaps you could describe to us the kind of evidence that you have gathered without giving exact details.

8) Please tell us more about the people against whom you have evidence. For example x members of the Senate, Y Congressmen, z members of the Supreme Court, current and past presidents, current and past high government officials, etc.

9) I understand that you have presented your evidence to the accused and some others. Who are the others? What are you hoping will happen as results of you having presented your evidence? Committee hearings in Congress? Criminal trials? In what court? Action by some international entities? Which ones? (In a post earlier today, you said the World Court will act. Will any other international entities take action?)

10) How many WH’s are there? I guess there is a very small core group plus many others in all of the 3 letter agencies and elsewhere, including international. Can you give us an approximate figure for the number of players you have on the chessboard? Which US and international agencies they are located?

11) You said earlier that once roadblocks have been removed, just two signatures are needed to get the GS rolling, yours and that of the paymaster, Bonner who actually moves the financial assets. I’ve been wondering how you and Bonner got to be in those positions. Can you share that with us? Also, how you were able to assemble such a large team? When did you start? How long did it take?

12) Please tell us which high level members of TPTB you have personally met on this project. What were those meetings like? What sort of language was used (by you and them)? Was it like the language used in polite cocktail parties, or more like when a mafia thug is collecting a debt?

Extra credt? Were you and Pal working with hopesprings as disinfo agents? What relationship, if any did you have with hopesprings?

I understand that you cannot offer proof for many, or any, things that you state. It comes down to belief. I have no reason not to believe what you (and Pal) say. The same goes for things posted by everyone here. Nobody has offered proof of what they have posted. Two people have said that they are Indigos. Others have had near death experiences. Others have given descriptions of events from earlier in their lives. All of these have been unchallenged. That is as it should be. I give you the same consideration.
I eagerly await your answers. Thanks in advance!



Thanks for pointing me to that link. I also watched the interview with Paul Craig Roberts….link provided by hutz.

Given the facts as reported, I’m still sticking with it being self inflicted. I just don’t see them setting him up and allowing him to leave the hotel, let alone board an airplane headed to France. Thats just cutting it too close.

Thats not to say that now that he’s exposed himself, some people can enter the picture and use it to their advantage. There are always vultures sitting in the trees, ready for a fresh carcass.

This conveniently plays into Sarkozy’s needs at the least and perhaps other nefarious characters at most. Will be interesting to see how things develop.



Tman, my smilely face should have been at the end of line 2 of my questions post. Sorry.


Hey Everyone,

Listen to this song:

The BRIT Awards 2011 – Adele sings Someone Like You :




jtgun on May 17, 2011 @ 11:55 am

Loud and Clear.


Bonjour Ben & cafe:

Thank you Ben for a great update.

The abuse of evil actions by these satanists must stop sometime – – nothing lasts forever. They played their roles well, but enough is enough.

We are the people of their lies and by some miracle, the FBI is finally releasing / disclosing lots of files – – these are great to wake up the sleepy heads who have been brainwashed to death by the msm. The biggest lies have to do with the existence of our cosmos brothers in other civilizations out there in other solar systems…

This is a good sign that we the people in the USA have to wake up and take action against the satanists.

Here are the links:

UFO files:

Main link:


Comment by lew3 on May 17, 2011 @ 11:48 am


I saw that … no problem…

Although, there is a new rumor that now you are in cahoots with us the smiley face was a secret code. As I do not have the new code list, would you be kind enough to tighten the string on your tin can so I can here you a little better. Just whisper.

T –



Comment by jtgun on May 17, 2011 @ 11:55 am

Jt –

I do not subscribe to that many …. just one.

T –


The thing that amazed me about the ‘party’ and the fajitas was that it seemed so oddly real, but real nonetheless. Really made me re-think the way I look at imagination.

Nice to see you too. Just took a break to look in on Ben’s latest. Thrilled with the news.

You hang in there!




Hi Pansy,

Thanks for the clarification re the source of your bible.

Sanskrit has been used in many early eastern writings and can still be studied in some universities.

I have mostly associated it with Theosphical type teachings based on the writings of Blavatsky. I am not a Sanskrit scholar myself though.



Comment by jtgun on May 17, 2011 @ 11:55 am



They might be wrong, but you have no right to express yourself like that. There are ways and there are ways.



Capitals in a blogg or email are a sign of shouting – is that your intention or have you got the “caps” lock on by accident?

In any case why so disparaging of Lew? He has much to offer this blogg and all comments are welcome (even yours), but please be polite and do not attack others.

We are all from the Source and part of each other so what hurts one hurts all.







It being turned off,it would be wise if maybe you put 2 and 2 together,its no problem to see.


Hi jtgun,

What am I missing? Or what is it that I don’t get?

I thought this was a forum for all view to be aired? None of us are perfect or else we would not be in incarnation (with the few possible exceptions of enlightened beings who wish to help Humanity).

Anyway please let me know what you think I am missing.



So now hope is brought into this and Geno as well? You’ve strayed far from your original accusations it seems, failing to offer any proof and changing the scenario as this proceeds….or degrades…however one wishes to look at it.

I’m not sure asking any more questions to clarify any of this is useful. You still fail to tell me and everyone else who our “client” is and what the “fee” arrangement is. I would think by now, based on being so sure of everything, you would’ve easily knocked that one out of the park. But you can’t because you don’t have anything to back it up.

So now we’re back to the A team thing and trying to bring hope into it is just inaccurate and totally misleading. You think because hope is not well liked here you can tie her to us and then get support for your misguided emotions.

You know hope and I stopped talking months ago…and you know the reason why….and to her credit, hope mentioned it here on the blog once. Having to do with caring about the dumb people who still don’t get it. You know this and why you try to portray a relationship between hope and I….and Tman…when you KNOW it doesn’t exist is true disinfo. If you want to know why she isn’t on the blog then why don’t you ask her instead of making all your assumptions?

As for being “paid”….that was made perfectly clear it was regarding a new effort on another website…continuing the exposure after the GS was settled. This was my idea as I wished to continue the reports and expand our focus on revealing the dirt on all the corrupt politicians, etc. I was aware of your situation and felt you would be an asset as a researcher and would get paid for something you enjoyed doing. Obviously, I made an error in judgment.

Yes, I will acknowledge there were times when I asked you how you knew things….and it was your instincts. There were also other times when your instincts were wrong and I kiddingly called you a “rookie”….an inside joke between us that seemed to spark some good and interesting discussions. Ones I enjoyed.

And our discussions about the dinar centered around you waiting until I informed you the GS was completed BEFORE you invested in the dinar, but you went ahead and did it your way, engaging in the reserve process before you should have. I made that clear to you on several occasions. I realize now that you didn’t then nor do you now, understand the GS and the process……and the ones who are fighting us to get them done.

And…I will digress to explain that in general terms. Something I know you’ve heard before and we’ve said at times in certain posts. The cabal is trying to take down the world financial markets. The derivatives, the foreclosures….we all see it happening and there is reporting on it every day. The cabal wants to destroy things and then bring it all back up under their control. Perhaps you see it differently and think we should step aside and let that happen. If thats the case, as I’ve said before, just scroll on past our posts and save yourself the stress.

If you’d rather be under a different system totally controlled by the NWO cabal…a cashless society, walking around with an implanted chip..then just scroll on past our posts and again, save yourself the stress.

If people don’t understand that power emanates from the financial arena…providing them with funds for black projects and the like…then all the reports and comments in the world won’t change anything…so again….just scroll past.

But lets get to the heart of it all. This started in early April when 2-3 days went by when we didn’t have a skype conversation and you accused me of “talking shit” about you with Geno. Again, this was an assumption you made that was totally inaccurate and your aggressive demeanor turned me completely off. I don’t play that game. That was the week Geno went to Nebraska to deal with his issue…and yes, we talked a few times that week…but sorry to inform you that your name was not mentioned, Geno had more pressing issues than to discuss personalities on this blog. But this is the real problem, you didn’t get the response you wanted or expected as I don’t react well to that style of communication.

So all this stems from something you THINK happened 6 weeks ago and your meritless accusations are based on an emotional reaction to a personal situation that you entirely misjudged.

So why don’t we save the blog this continuing disruption…unless you want to answer the questions and prove your accusations. No matter how many applaud and clap for you to stand up to the “bullies” in the room, it still doesn’t prove your point.

So get to it…or drop it…for everyone’s sake.



Rafe,it matters not ,how you judge me.I could care less.Only the ones to come after,you didnt have to go through all the male cow scenario.Here ,we just say bull.


Aneeson,who would you say is an enlightened being here on this blog?


Hi jtgun,

Sorry if I misled you. I was referring to my comment about most of us in incarnation being less than “perfect” because the purpose of evolution or incarnation onto this plannet is to learn.

Hence just about every soul alive today is still working towards anlightenment, ascention, or salvation to use the Christian termanology.

In my opinion (for what it is worth) I douubt that truely enlighten beings would post here at all. They would be much more involved in trying to help Humanity in progressing through other means. However I am open to being contradicted on this.

This blogg is an excellent place for an exchange of ideas and for “searchers” to pick up threads of learning that they may have not noticed so far in their journey through life.

Hope I have not been too wordy or pontifical.



Comment by jtgun on May 17, 2011 @ 12:44 pm

I seriously think you shoud go over Miguel Ruiz’s info.
Ever heard of the tolteks 4 agreements?

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally.
3. Don’t Make Assumptions.
4. Always Do Your Best.

In the living luminaires talks I posted you above they talk specially about truths.



Since when did you become Hall Monitor?

JTGun has very good reasons for saying what he did.

We are being attacked again. It is absolutely apparent to me.



Well,aneeson,those enlightened souls you speak of better get to work,cause time to change is quickly running out.Why you reckon would they let things get in this shape anyhow?Why not stop it before it ever got started?


JT, looks like the usual suspects, with a few added.



Rafe,i have no answer for you.I is what i is.


BH, who is attacking you?


Aneeson,you are freemason correct?


Hi Braveheart,

Sorry if that sounded like a monitor – I will desist. Must learn to not get involved, but I don’t like personal attacks on anybody and when it is shouted it is all the more obvious.

Still you make a good point and I will only comment on subject not other content if I can control myself.



Woops, sorry JT, I said that wrong.
Let me try again:


There that ought to do it.

Gotta exercise your right to free CAP expression every once in a while, or somebody somewhere will figure it is their job to take it away from you.



Truth test this question on yourself lew.Do you think humanity needs a massive depopulation?


BH, who are the added few?


Hi Jtgun,

From my understanding the “helpers” may assist but only so far as it does not impinge on free will. We as a group “Humanity as a whole” have reaped the karma we have sown and only by awakening to who we really are and that we are all linked, will things change.

I really do believe that that is happening and this forum is assisting in that too.



Comment by lew3 on May 17, 2011 @ 1:09 pm

Hi there Lew.

By the sounds of your question, you’re thinkin’ about it…



I was a member of the Co-Masonic order, but do not attend anymore.



Truth test this question on yourself lew.Do you think humanity needs a massive depopulation?
Comment by jtgun on May 17, 2011 @ 1:12 pm

Absolutely not. Do you? I believe that the earth could support perhaps twice our present population. One big problem is food. There is enough but distribution and finance cause a huge number of people to be hungry.


Comment by lew3 on May 17, 2011 @ 1:13 pm

I suspect you know the answer to that.
And you’re just pulling my chain.



Not at all BH. Just curious.


Is It WoRkIng,CaNt tElL,lIgHtS bUrNt OuT.


I never pull chains. One never knows what is on the other end. 🙂


Comment by jtgun on May 17, 2011 @ 1:17 pm

hee hee
the plan unfolds insidiously while the sheep sleep.



Oh go on Lew pull it! Just for the fun of it – who knows what may happen 🙂


Comment by lew3 on May 17, 2011 @ 1:21 pm

THAT is a good point.


Comment by Braveheart on May 17, 2011 @ 12:19 pm

BH- yes, I was amazed at how real that party was too..very fun. You and your Father are still in my thoughts-


jtgun – yes, you called it quite a while ago.


In Re: Rafael 15, 2011 @ 10:31pm

>“Would you mind validating this link I found some weeks ago? It guides one step by step on the whole concept and development of meditation. I’ve found it quite revealing.” site:

This is fantastic Rafael. This is excellent information on Meditation. Everything meditators and prospect meditators need to understand in a step by step analysis. Very well written, clear and to the point. I am requesting ALL our WORLD HEALING MEDITATION Participants to read all of this, and don’t just flash through it, please. Even though being a TM meditator for years, I am not an instructor, and I find this information most satisfying because it’s difficult for me to explain same via my e-mails. I would request all to study this information first before I even discuss Sidhi (power)techniques.

Once again, Rafael, a most sincere thanks.

Always yours in Truth & Peace.


Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 1:25 pm

Hey, Wo,
Maybe that is what this is all about!
Gotta stop the party goers…what if they realize that they could actually change reality by doing what we did?

What if we imagined inviting Bish, Clunton and Olimbo to our next party and cornered them and gave them what for?

Maybe we could do it as a movie script to keep ourselves out of trouble. You know: Write a script (through our imaginations here) that plays out in imagination in real time, which involves changing the world? We could take on characters…etc

Think about it…
p.s. thanks for thinking about my dad. It is keeping me pretty busy at the moment.


China’s government trafficking babies from poor families


Comment by aneeson on May 17, 2011 @ 1:23 pm

He already did. I’m on the other end.


Now lew,food a problem?Those folks could be fed at any time,same as folk here in america BUT,they are not on the agenda,correct?Let em lay no one will care in a month,right?May help somewhat if the evil ones kept their nose out of weather manipulation huh?Look at the midwest or mississippi river region,no talk of that just the global settlement,talk of nwo.Distraction,nothing more.


Transformers Exploding All OVER The U.S., Also Portugal -vid
I dont know how significant this is, but seems like it might be something to watch..Transformers blowing up in different places in the last few days-

BH- a movie fun would that be! I think your on something big here..LOL. We could call it The Last Party…


In part….

“The cabal wants to destroy things and then bring it all back up under their control.”

Comment by paladin on May 17, 2011 @ 12:42 pm

Absolutely agree with the above statement, starting with earth quakes, water destroying property, moving inhabitants out of their homes and business’ only to “condemn” the property/land as uninhabitable.

If you can’t destroy America’s people by war then destroy their livelihood, their living conditions. It’s an attempt at best, they will NEVER succeed, simply because they keep trying different tactics that continue to fail. Excuse me can’t you get it right the first time around?

One final blow to the cabal, who destroyed your financial world, could not have been you or your own kind. And who took away your livelihood? Incompetence and/or old age? One thing is certain, we’re not interested. Spin your wheels till you get dizzy trying.

BTW any cabals in this blog? Then, consider the above moot and I’m just venting.


Wait…there’s more…Transformer explosions that is-

Transformer Fire at Georgia Power Substation

Ala. Power transformer catches fire in Autauga Co.

New Zealand


MOMI,Thats a true statement by pal,what he doesnt tell you is he’s agreeable with that.


Social Security Trust Fund – ” We lost $1.1 Trillion last year!
May 16, 2011


Comment by jtgun on May 17, 2011 @ 1:47 pm

He also thinks we must have the Federal REserve and the IRS. Oh, and Homeland Security.

I mean, who can live without the crooks telling us what to do, eh?

Hey, those are THEIR words, not mine. …okay, HSD is by ommission. But still…


Congress are gonna vote on legislation to have endless wars where ever they see fit,anyone see that.

wovolve42 The End of Poverty
Good documentary…narrated by Martin Sheen.


Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

Wo, re your above report:

Only small potatoes I will concede, but an explosion all the same.

The tram network in Adelaide came to a grinding halt for 36 hours, throwing peak hour commuters into chaos. It was caused by two faulty power boxes, one having exploded. I expect a power box is a transformer, someone here might know the difference if it is not.

So this problem is happening all over it seems if this is what has happened in other parts of the world.


$14.294 trillion in the red, so US Treasury must stop borrowing

“…lawmakers must negotiate a deal that will see the debt ceiling raised. If they fail, the US will default on trillions of dollars of bonds, potentially plunging the world economy into meltdown…”


Lew,you think finance is a problem?Do you think they can not create whatever funds are needed for any mission?Do you think all this could be fixed before daylight your time?


Stock up on candles,more than likly we will need them.Just keep cool as possible,they will melt.


Gerald Celente on DSK arrest for attempted rape
As ususal, Gerald Celente tells it like it is…


Good night all,that damn rooster gonna crow at 5;am no matter what.But i cant wait to here him.


Getem – thanks for the link. Interesting how it is happening in so many places and in about the past week-


jtgun – sweet dreams


May 16, 2011 9:29 AM Study: Tylenol, acetaminophen linked to causing blood cancer


Transformers Exploding All OVER The U.S., Also Portugal -vid

I dont know how significant this is, but seems like it might be something to watch..Transformers blowing up in different places in the last few days-

It’s a significant show of power not strength, however, dramatic it is (night time only). You cannot do a light show in the day time, duh, what light, where? Whomever or whatever is doing it (it’s not natural, it’s manipulation), definitely has a glitch with communications, nobody important is paying attention let alone those still asleep to what’s happening around them.

You’re on a roll, wo.


Good night to all to, thanks for some interesting posts.



Dog and Owner talk about food!
By “Save Our Shelter Animals” MuttShack Animal Rescue
1:20 Added about a week ago


Comment by kuuleimomi on May 17, 2011 @ 2:20 pm

thanks – I think the Transformers in Texas happened at night..the three other articles I looked at seemed to have happened during the day-


In Re: Pansy, May 17, 2011 @ 5:53 am

Meditation is for the realization of the Self, your absolute being within. That least excited state of energy awareness. That Blissfulness of being Self. I use the term Maintenance to describe this part of Meditation. The daily act of transcendence of self. That Process and Purpose of Meditation.

I use the term Direction for the fulfillment of the aphorism from expanding being, your self-consciousness, to the realm of invincibility, wherein all things are possible which includes your full awareness in Bliss able to act, manipulate, and control the physical realm.

My intuition shows that you seem to be aware of the Maintenance of Meditation, and your description and who or where your WILL was directed, and the clarity of same, not to mention your ingenious clever act to change or correct the problem showed a definite example (to me) of Divine Direction.

With proper sutra awareness and training, your a great prospect for a Sidhi. All of which is 10-fold in POWER. (actually no limit in power ability)

You might review this site:

Respectfully yours in Truth, Peace, Love Life & Light, Always.


So this problem is happening all over it seems if this is what has happened in other parts of the world.
Comment by getem on May 17, 2011 @ 1:58 pm

Ok, I give up. Here’s your day time electrical drama with no show of lights, just the power fizzling.

Ok, again. The cabal’s destruction is limited to what can be rebuilt in a hurry. Would you want to do a thorough destruction of property, if you are in a hurry to get the new world order up and running?


Your comment to jtgun, to read Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements was right on the money. No judgement, just a suggestion. It was a needed reminder for me also. Those 4 agreements would serve anyone well…


kuuleimomi – here’s a write up I found about the transformers on George Ure’s urban survival blog –

Sun Disease: Them Curious Power Issues

There’s something a bit odd about the outbreak of power outages over the last couple of days. There have been a lot of them. I-15 was shut down by a transformer fire up in the Las Vegas area. There was a transformer fire at Georgia power station late last week. And how about this one in Alabama? Or, this one in New Zealand.

Although a Grand Rapids apartment fire wasn’t directly caused by a transformer fire, news reports have it that “Power in the area was out at the time due to a transformer that was damaged earlier.”

Then there was the rash of power outages from Thursday and over the weekend. We had a power outage here at the ranch, although only for about 5-mimnutes or so. Still, that’s rare enough an occurrence that we noticed and it wasn’t particularly bad weather which was odd.

Around the nation, more of the same: In Warren Township Lindenhurst up in Lake County Illinois. A state prison in Nebraska had a power outage. 5,300 customers of a power company up in Lawrence, Kansas were without power for a while this weekend.

And what’s seeming like a flurry of power outages also hit in Venezuela where the nation’s biggest refinery complex was hit with an outage.

Just out of curiosity I went over to the University of Alaska website to look at the induction magnetometer readings. What I found was a huge increase in magnetic activity from about midday Thursday (18:00 UTC) through Friday around 04:00 UTC.

But – what’s even more interesting, is that when I tried to print up one of the spectral displays for including in this discussion, seems HAARP now is actively preventing any printing/copy/pasting of their magnetometer images, which is – pardon me for noting this – just a little too coincidental.

I’m working on a special report for Peoplenomics this coming weekend since the changes going on related to the sun may be much more significant that people give credence to.


Rafael, thanks for the meditation info. This seems to be a better link:


Rafael, sorry, your link was fine but something happened when Michael copied and pasted it above.

I agree that it is great content; thanks!


I believe Dutchese connects some dots about this. Could it be EMP or something else?:

5/14/2011 — Fort Atkinson Wisconsin, and Fort Worth Texas EMP on March 12
Video by Dutchinse with his take on the transformers exploding –


Gerald Celente on DSK arrest for attempted rape
As ususal, Gerald Celente tells it like it is…
Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 2:04 pm

“Forgive them NOT for they know what they are doing.”

I have longed since forgotten this is the correct statement when I studied the scriptures in my former days. The above is correct and being a Christian was a valid belief until changes such as this brought condemnation upon believers in God, the Creator, the Creative, I`O, Higher Power, which we are all a part of, in His likeness.


WO, thanks for the links to transformer explosions. There was another video in the sidebar when I went to watch the Dutchinse one. With the other you posted and the one from Getem, the count is now about 11. I wonder what the normal count is for say a week? Let’s keep looking. Did you search on explding transformers?


Lew – not yet..working on it..


Comment by wovolve42 on May 17, 2011 @ 2:51 pm

It’s not a coincidence totally, but that HAARP may be expanding what may be coming from the sun? Why they removed the magnetometer reading from their website?

Wonder why just certain transformers and not all tranformers are affected? Power usuage? It’s quiet in Hawai`i, so far.


Wovolve: Great doc!
________________________________________________________ The End of Poverty



“Excuse me can’t you get it right the first time around?”

It was my jab at the cabal, who can’t seem to get their kudos right the first time. Sorry if my comment went ascrew. It was meant for the cabals.

Perhaps it would be better to leave out condescending remarks.

Thank you and LO<3<3<3 🙂

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Alright everyone .
I do not need to take sides here you all know where I stand.
at least all of you that has read my posts from the past . I haven’t changed any except i am healing mentally and physically from a NDE.
Pansey your left brain should tell you the 50 people that may subscribe to this blog at the most is not enough of a reason for expending energy that should be spent fighting for our freedom by our hero’s here on the blog . Yet the hero’s seem to be obsessed with those that question them.
especially WO.
It makes no sense. If the heroes were for real they would be working too hard to spend the time on long posts attacking and defending themselves on any blog.
I am glad to be aware for a long time like jt gun . I have watched seduction of people by our heroes . And because geno let personal info out about me I will say when he first got here he felt used by the hero’s .I can find and post the email he sent me about that. Still geno was seduced.
Now hopesprings …..she is a trip ….she supported the hero’s and they seduced her as well. then she became absolutely crazy . I don’t know what powers they have on there side but if I was Wo jtgun or braveheart I would ask my GOD for protection .
Lew seems seduced by them as well . Now I see lew say people starve because of transportation of food to hungry people is a hard task . sadly people starve because we cannot get the food to them . Lew you know that is crap. You also know that Africa has been depopulated by 2.5 million in 25 years . It is the PTB starving and killing with diseases.
There is no excuse for food shortages except they are planed.
while I am on my soap box I would like to say our host does not have a partnership with hopesprings . He is most likely embarrassed because of his email friendship with her and trusting she had a reasonable mind and could let him know whats going on on this blog . She used that relationship to have me removed. As is apparent Mr Fulford let me back in and I think he is a good man and a fair man . but unlike our her’s he does not get on his blog attacking those that disagree with him and defending himself . He has much more important things to do .
score Ben fulford 9 white hats 2 .
Why do our resident heroes attack those that don’t like em ?
why do they feel the need to constantly try to prove themselves right and everyone else wrong .
The only conclusion is they work blogs. many of them with different handles and agendas but all for the dark side .
knowingly or not . Now I cannot prove this so don’t ask me to. I just ask others to think about it .
I just cant fathom real heroes acting like T & P .
and having time to argue on a simi private blog .
Its Ben They are here to get our eyes off of what Ben is exposing and on to what they are exposing .Distraction?
ever wonder why Ben does not subscribe to his own blog?
well I have, and my final conclusion is he wants to legally stay as far from people like our heroes as possible . someday they may be mentioned in his report. Ben has never mentioned the contribution of the White Hats, not yet . Someday he may mention them. Keep your fingers crossed boys because Ben has been in this reporting of the bad guys stuff longer than you . He also is not afraid to publicly denounce the Rockefellers and Rothchild banksters people I don’t remember the White Hats ever even mentioning.
Just like tim turner they rose to fame bashing the bushes.
All you supporters please let what I am saying sink in .
I have been suckered once by a bush opp …..not ever again!
Ask yourself would real heroes act like the White Hats?
would real hero’s leave out major players ?
Would they spend so much time and energy on any blog?
I hope you can see where I am going here . As much as I would like to believe that they really want the best for us ,their words and actions just won’t let me allow myself .
this being said I plan not to comment to them or about them again as this controversy is what they want for some odd reason .
Love and light


Absolutely not. Do you? I believe that the earth could support perhaps twice our present population. One big problem is food. There is enough but distribution and finance cause a huge number of people to be hungry.

Comment by lew3 on May 17, 2011 @ 1:16 pm
Copy that…

Na kanaka maoli plan includes taking care of this need. Our PTB have yet to disclose their plan on this. Not to worry, we’re not worried. Our PTB have the remedy and working on the disclosure. I just have to be patient with the “male thing”. Ooops, did say it would be better to leave out condescending remarks. Let’s try that, again.

I just have to be patient with the “men of wisdom.” How’s that, better?

With e aloha malama pono,

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Depopulation of earth STARTS NOW!!!

(FEMA starts NLE in 20 HRS or less)

From an e-mail – click on YouTube to see the video report from Joyce Riley, power Hour Radio. (Patriot Network)

Yesterday, I forwarded to this distribution a notification of impending earthquake disruption that may occur within what is called the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) located centrally in the united States over the Mississippi River and adjacent states, during the days of May 16-19, 2011.

As a follow-on to that message, as disturbing as it appeared (even if only a rumor that may not happen as indicated), a video has been released which tends to corroborate the information in the prior report shared. You may watch the video from the link below.

The commentator on the video confirms the frequencies identified (in my prior email message) that were used to destroy Port au Prince, Haiti, and also the whole coastline around Fukushima, Japan, via earthquakes and Japan’s tsunami that were triggered by the HAARP deployed ELFs. Multiple HAARP frequencies are now being deployed and are directed at the NMSZ, according to information from the video.

For area inhabitants living within the NMSZ, they should be on the lookout for the colored atmospheric rings in the sky which are emblematic of HAARP’s active radiation being deployed during the critical time frame that’s forecast.

Everyone disaffected by possible disruption in the areas targeted should resist the “invitation” to be relocated, courtesy of FEMA. Being bussed to their camps is considered to be a virtual sentence for execution by starvation (or other means of depopulation that are the intent of the eugenicists who run FEMA and the de facto government, i.e. the global elite). Therefore resistance may be necessary to preserve one’s life.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT, during these times especially!! They may kill you, due to your gullibility!!

Keep firmly in mind that the de jure United States of America does not exist in form or substance today! The once de jure government was subjugated by a coup d’etat by the banking elite, which stole the country’s ability to issue its own money. That was back in 1913!!

And since then it’s been a mopping up operation to take down this nation piece by piece, until total enslavement was achieved amidst de-industrialization and penury imposed upon all! And now they want to kill you!

Do you understand the existential nature of the threat being now nakedly foisted upon what has become today a nation of 48 percent functional illiterates!! Folks, those so-called dumbed-down Americans cannot hardly craft a coherent sentence in English! ‘Guess who’s going to become the easy targets of the pogrom that’s coming to Amerika!!

Remember the pogrom which killed millions of civilians in NAZI Germany, who docilely accepted transportation to the death camps. That attitude does not need to be replicated in this country by thinking Americans, or what remains of the country politically! Ron Paul running for president is notwithstanding what the globalists intend for much of humanity — which may be summed up in two words: Death and Destruction! Stay tuned.

Some of my friend were noble to send money to help Haiti.

I think we should stop our government from killing, destroying Haiti, not a bandage of money, but a cure to stop these heinous technologies, Elden ©

I continue to study the process of being and standing as a Sovereign. Incredible.

All the law, lawyers, judges you thought you knew have little power when you begin to learn and stand on your human rights, even beyond Constitutional rights, in common law, 2,000 years old.

Truth Seekers

Christians Connect, General Post Office, Charleston, West Virginia [ 25301 ]

– – I am living, breathing, blood flowing human (not person) with full human rights from God,

in Common Law jurisdiction. My rights are not limited by Constitution or US, British or Roman Law – –


Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on May 17, 2011 @ 4:10 pm

I don’t believe this is a condescending remark, but…

“Forgive them NOT for they know what they are doing?”

T & P are still missing a key ingredient and not to put down their efforts, but so are the “Societies” in general. And perhaps they already know and can’t say, like Ben said, he’s not at liberty to disclose certain information, so am I barred from doing the same. I can only hint there is something worth waiting for.

E aloha malama pono,


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Comment by kuuleimomi on May 17, 2011 @ 4:39 pm
i feel it
i think i know what it is .
i dare not breath it so as not to hex it



Pleasant dreams, sleep well. Lights out for me.


The coming Event on Sept 9th, 2011 –



Hi All

Here we go again. Another of the 4 major banks in Australia has been thrown into chaos with their computer system going down. Only last week I believe another bank here had troubles. This seems to be an ongoing thing with the banks.


Comment by ugmmichael on May 17, 2011 @ 1:29 pm
Comment by lew3 on May 17, 2011 @ 2:57 pm

I knew it had to be good!
The quality depth could be seen already.
Simple, sincere and FREE, covering all aspects in a walkthrough manner.

I’m glad I discovered it, and that I’ve been able to share it with others, becoming so, useful. 😀


Hi Lew!

Did you receive an email from me? I sent it to you from Gmail account on the 15th AUST time..

It was regarding my contribution to the group meditation!



Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on May 17, 2011 @ 4:31 pm

Subject: “Depopulation of earth STARTS NOW!!!”

Whatever has to happen will happen, if it hasn’t happened yet, it is in the know that it is being sculpted, by thoughts and will.

You know, yesterday I was going over Don Miguel Ruiz’s 4 agreements, an I became identified with one in particular I tend to do a lot, becuase of my thinker nature.
I can’t help it, I always am breaching the third agreement.
Don’t make any supositions.
To me supositions are important because it’s the outcome process of the variables on futuribles. Variables that generate statistics, statistics that in a way guide you in your decisions/beliefs.
And after reading the fact that this process is actually wrong, I gave it a second thought coming to this conclusion:

I have fear that my assumptions may be inadvertently feeding, the odds of actually becoming a reality.

PS: I think the percentage of negative assumptions rules over the positive, and thus partly explaining the long unhappiness this in my many years.

I think the subject here would be, Polarization of Focused Thoughts.


The Control for Earth (Part 1) Paris Tosen:

The Control for Earth (Part 2) Paris Tosen:

Orbs. Intelligence Club:
Orbs. Intelligence Club:


Good to have you back brother. It was tuff without, but somehow we pulled together and made it. 😉

Hope your family gathering regarding your dad was the best it could be.

I am pleased to see you using pet names e.g. “Bish, Clunton and Olimbo.”


Please feel free to borrow/copy/use any of my pet names. Here is a list for your convenience.

Bush Beer
Billary Shiton (bonus – 2 for 1)
President Iguana
Donny Rumpelstiltskin
Dick Insaney
Ram Enigma
Donny Rump

It makes it more fun…

O º





First, let me thank everyone for participating in Monday’s Joint Psychic Exercise to deactivate the Cabal’s AMS-02 Anti-UFO Weapon, and counteract the sabotage aboard the Endeavor.

Each of us joined in collectively from our respective time zones, from Zambia near South Africa to Singapore to Oregon, US, and all the other areas.

We activated our mental focus and psychic abilities to get some serious lightworker action accomplished. And we succeeded in both our objectives:

1) The AMS-02 particle-beam weapon was deactivated and rendered inoperative. (For my own part, I psychically sent intense electrical overcharges and chaotic magnetic fields through the solid-state controls of the AMS-02. And I pyro-kinetically welded shut certain manual override controls so they couldn’t be used.)

2) The Cabal’s sabotage within the Space Shuttle Endeavor was corrected, so that the equipment will continue to function properly when the Endeavor descends back into atmosphere June 28 and then lands safely. (I psychically saw that the sabotage was in the parts that control
propulsion fuels thrust. So I sent telekinetic and healing energies to that part area to correct the sabotaged parts so that they worked properly once more.)

What does our (and Star Nations’) accomplishments mean in human terms?

It means that Star Visitors approaching Earth will not have to worry about being targeted by a high-energy beam weapon designed to disintegrate their starcraft.

It means that the Endeavor will return home safely.

It means that Endeavor’s Captain Mark Kelly will go home to his wife, wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and she will not become a widow, and their two children will not have to grow up without a father. And the rest of the crew, Greg H. Johnson, Michael Fincke, Andrew Feustel, and
Roberto Vittori, will go home to their families.

It means that the now-useless AMS-02 particle-beam weapon being dropped off at the Cabal’s secret military space station along with Cabal infiltrator-astronaut Greg Chamitoff will become trouble. Chamitoff will try to fix it, but won’t be able to, because it is now junk inside. Instead, when he attempts to fire up the AMS-02 weapon by connecting it to the military satellite’s plutonium-based power system, in the AMS-02’s present fried state, the attempted fire-up will malfunction and compromise the
entire military space station with high-level radiation such that Chamitoff and the other Cabal crew aboard that MILSTAR satellite will have to abandon it for good. No more Lockheed-Martin Cabal Death Star.

This was a good day for all of us, for the Endeavor crew, and for Earth.

And it is a terrible day for the Cabal.

Would you believe that today I got a piece of hate mail from a Cabal operative saying that he was saving my JPE Announcement so he could gloat “when the Shuttle Endeavor blows up upon reentry to Earth’s atmosphere!”

What kind of sick people look forward to a disaster like the one that befell the Challenger Shuttle?

Anyway, those sickos will have a long wait. Because the Endeavor is coming back in one piece just fine.
Again, thanks everyone.

Lightworkers (and Star Visitors): 2
Cabal: 0

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



You should be able to do “Print Screen” of the HAARP magnetometer images, right?


Just save them in a Word document.


Re: Comment by suncrystal on May 17, 2011 @ 9:39 pm

I’m having a little difficulty with this concept. Not that it isn’t plausible (it fits their pattern), but that there are some details that don’t seem to fit. Such as if they have in their command thousands of spacecraft, why are they relying upon the Shuttle to haul their stuff up there? We know they didn’t build the thing initially using the Shuttle, so why now?

There is also a reference to the Challenger explosion, was that due to similar circumstances?


Comment by ugmmichael on May 17, 2011 @ 2:31 pm

Thank you for explaining. Honestly, I’ve tried off and on for many years to ‘meditate’ and just get bored or sleepy. I have found that visualization feels right to me. I know that meditation is when you ‘receive’ and visualization is when you ‘give’…or that’s how I perceive the difference.

For what it’s worth, I must do a form of meditation in the shower because I’ve said for years that God speaks to me in the shower and so many amazing “aha moments” have been experienced at that time.



Comment by lew3 on May 17, 2011 @ 3:16 pm

Re: Transformers exploding…did you see my links yesterday?

They came from George Ure’s Urban Survival. I think I linked three or four.



Opinion on the transformers blowing up, and other “magnetic” stories….

We live in an electromagnetic universe. Sun activity is heightening now, things like this are fully expected and in fact predicted by sources followed by subscribers to this very blog.

Another take on “magnetic” stgories, meaning like stories attract……

It seems when one news story hits the magic button that the public snarfs up, the media then pull out every related story from somewhere/anywhere in a mad-hatter posting binge. In my opinion that would be one reason that “all of a sudden” the “TRANSFORMEERS ARE BLOWING UP ALL OVER…” BECAUSE they blow all the time anyway and are not much of a story all by themselves. Not worth reporting until they get taken all out of proportion as some kind of extinction level event.

The Fort Worth ones were at night, yes, and DURING A VERY SEVERE lightning storm. We live 30 miles away from those and others that blew up that same night causing outages for 10,000+ homes at one point as reported locally.



As I recall, the Challenger explosion was a ritual sacrifice with a female aboard.

Not sure why they chose the archaic mode, except to make us think that’s all that’s available to them? or, more likely, they want everyone to be viewing the spectacular explosion when it re-enters, causing more fear and tragedy they can feed off – another satanic ritual. 6-28-2011 adds up to 2, one of their favorite numbers (transition). Listen and look for “22” in old movies – it’s in almost every single one, and even in today’s movies…


We in the US are definitely co-dependent with ultra-available electricity. The stone age is only -3,000,000kw away at any point.