Cabal resorting to desperate tactics as they try to prevent reboot of financial system

There are many signs available in both the corporate propaganda media and the people based independent media that some sort of end-game crisis is approaching for the criminal cabal in charge of the G7 countries and their shrinking coterie of slave states. With the Pentagon and the Russian military aligned against the cabal, their downfall is close. For that very reason the cabalists are attempting to stage some sort of game changing atrocity, probably in either the US or Europe.

[onlymembers] One of the main battlegrounds is now the French banking system. French banks are the biggest lenders to Greece so a Greek default would also bring down the French banking system and hence the Euro. It is no wonder French banks are under speculative attack.

We are also witnessing, again available in the propaganda media, the spectacle of the IMF asking for and being denied, financing. Remember, the IMF was supposed to be the lender of last resort in the post-war financial system. There was supposed to be nothing above the IMF and yet here they are begging for money they will not get.

The fact of the matter is that the Khazarian cabal that attempted to start World War 3, kill 90% of humanity and then set up a totalitarian world government, is being increasingly isolated. The world is no longer accepting dollars or Euros printed by banks under the control of the genocidal cabal.

The battle over control of the financial system has become such that I can witness it first hand. Two personal acquaintances have gone to Japanese banks with US dollars in cash. One is a freemason, the other a legitimate businessman. The freemason had the serial numbers on his dollars checked and rejected while the businessman was able to exchange his dollars for yen after they checked the numbers.

Then there is the bank card for the White Dragon foundation. It is not accepted at Mitsubishi or Citibank ATMs but it is accepted at Mizuho or Sumitomo Bank ATMS. In theory all of these banks should accept it.

There has also been increased harassment directed at this writer. Last week he got a call from Paypal saying I could not access my account because two readers could not see the newsletter. Then the company in charge of IT for my Japanese language subscription blog refused to put up the blog or pass on subscription payments.

Also, once again, several of my associates report being approached by Cabal members with requests to make false testimony against me. They have also set up a system at the US airbase in Misawa, Japan, that automatically alerts monitors any time my voice, or that of a few White Dragon members known to the bad guys, are detected on a phone or on skype. Anybody using an internet café in my neighborhood now has to be fingerprinted as well. Too bad for them the White Dragon operates mostly on an analogue and not digital basis.

In Japan, meanwhile, the top agent for George Bush Senior and his genocidal cabal is now Deputy Finance Minister Eijiro Katsu. He is now the top cabal power broker in Japan and Prime Minister Noda is his slave, according to Japanese military intelligence. Katsu is allied with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa and his fellow traitors in an attempt to loot the vast funds controlled by the Sokka Gakkai Budhist lay-group. Sokka head Daisaku Ikeda is in a coma and as a result there is a huge battle for control of his empire. Ikeda was a charismatic and powerful figure and all potential rivals for leadership have long since left his organization. The result is that now that he has become incapacitated, there is a battle for a headless but rich and powerful entity. The Nichiren Buddhist Temples will be contacting Sokka Gakkai leadership in an attempt to persuade them to return to the Nichiren fold following a schism in 1995. The Nichiren Buddhists support the White Dragon Society.

Also, the leaders of the Japanese Yakuza groups have, in exchange for a promise of immunity, agreed to provide testimony against George Bush Senior, J. Rockefeller and their flunkies about a series of political murders carried out at their behest both in Japan and overseas Bush flunky Richard Armitage has also privately approached a White Dragon Society member with an offer to testify against Bush and his CIA faction in exchange for immunity. Michael Green, Kurt Campbell and Gerald Curtis take note, you will go to jail soon unless you agree to testify as well.

There are also several senior members of the Bilderberger group who have now promised to work with the White Dragon Society in exchange for promises of immunity. These include Bilderberger head D’Avignon, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen and others. Dick Cheney has also put out feelers offering testimony in exchange for immunity.

This week promises to be eventful as the September 30 accounting deadline arrives and senior cabalists scramble to make payments. As always, we warn people not to under-estimate these snakes. They will do all they can to destroy the world rather than set humanity free. THEY WILL BE STOPPED. [/onlymembers]

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Thanks for the report Ben…looks like its definitely heating up-


Top 10… yes! 😛




enough with the number postings. nobody cares and it prevents us from reading worthwhile comments


I don’t know about giving immunity to scum so you can catch more scum. I realize it can bring resolution quicker and with less loss if life, but these shitbags need to be held accountable. If it means carving a swastika on their foreheads so no one ever forgets, so be it. The truth needs to be known, and forever put into public view so it cannot be hidden ever again




does anyone know about planet X time line. If it does what they say to the planet whats the point?




I am not digging all this immunity talk… what next Rumsfeld?


Keep it up boys…. gotta love hearing that the ‘old boys’ club is on the ropes..

WDS and all that stand with her have this hippies’ heart-felt thanks!




Re: Comment by slogg on September 27, 2011 @ 12:37 am
>I am not digging all this immunity talk… what next Rumsfeld?

Understandable… You have to be willing to let some of the pawns have immunity to get the real dirt on the kingpins.

Cheney is pushing it though, he is too close to the top.


“…There are also several senior members of the Bilderberger group who have now promised to work with the White Dragon Society in exchange for promises of immunity. These include Bilderberger head D’Avignon, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen and others. Dick Cheney has also put out feelers offering testimony in exchange for immunity. ”


The whole house is burning down! The rats are leaving the sinking ship! If that isn’t breaking news… The “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, D’Avignon and even Dick Cheney?? Man it’s getting interesting. 😀



Comment by fuckmasons on September 27, 2011 @ 12:31 am

I’m with you on this.
If they are to be given immunity from prosecution, at the very least people should be told of their crimes against humanity (and know where they live)


tnx Ben


Keep up the good work Ben!



Rumsfeld has already been denied immunity in a torture case.

Public censure is pretty powerful. A group of people have banished the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church and United Church of Canada from their sovereign land. This has been long in coming, particularly when the horrors of residential schools have been exposed.


What does everyone make of the intrigue of all the elites heading to the bunker under the Denver Airport for some event on September 27? Pres. B.H.O. and family will travel there.


Bush Jr. cancelled a trip to a Canadian University; and the official opposition wants to bar Cheney from flogging his books in Vancouver and Calgary. There have been calls for his arrest.


I found it interesting that Cheney in his ‘memoirs’ seems to have taken full responsibility for what happened on 9-11 by saying he was in charge. Is he close to dying? Perhaps that would be the reason for the immunity. Deathbed confession?


Message from Montague Keen – September 25, 2011

Veronica, my dear, there is a cry going out all over your world for truth and justice. Unfortunately, people do not always want to accept the real truth as it does not fit with what they believe to be true. Firstly, it must be understood that your history does not give a true picture, not even remotely, and so it causes great confusion in the minds of many. The truth is there if you care to look for it. I did so in the last years of my last life. I did find the truth. I realized that all that I had accepted as fact was pure fiction, whose only goal was to enslave mankind. All you needed was common sense to see that what was being forced on you was total fabrication. You could understand primitive man accepting some of it; but now, when research has been made easy, there is no excuse for accepting it at all. Yes, I know my dear, they savagely attack those who question their “truth”. The only truth you need to follow is that INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION.

It is good to know that even in ‘death’, my words serve to open minds. You were pleasantly surprised to see, blazoned across the screen at Dave Patrick’s lecture on Francis Bacon, “Nothing is as it seems”. Montague Keen, our work does not go unnoticed !

As you awaken from the control system you feel the love that each day is becoming more powerful. First, you must learn to love and accept yourself. Do not punish yourself for not living up to what others expect of you. Look in the mirror, open up to the Being of Light that you see there. Love and accept them and you will see a new you blossom before your eyes. Others will respond with love to this Being of Light that you project to the world. It is only when you see the love and light in others, that you will see clearly that war is always wrong. You cannot hurt those you love and respect. Know that they, too, are struggling to care for those they love. It is not easy learning the lessons you are on Earth to learn. Darling, you know only too well, how I was made to suffer for my beliefs. I never wavered or apologized, for in my soul I knew that I was right in the beliefs that I held. Look to your higher self, you have all the answers deep within your soul. The memories of all past lives are there, ready to be tapped into, whenever you need to understand why you are asked to carry out certain projects. You are not just the person that you are in this life. You are much more than that.


This was a great post, Benjamin. It appears that we will have to continue to prep and hunker down until everything works itself out. I would have loved to hear that the nightmare will be soon over, but this is more realistic.

I do understand that you need to offer immunity to some, in order to get to the bottom of all the skullduggery that has taken place. In addition, you need people like Murdoch and Cheney, for example, to be able to have testimony that the rest of the world (besides us who are more in the know) will listen to as credible. Otherwise, it will look like there is a coup taking place amongst major factions in the world and that these (American) men are heroes being persecuted. You need credible insiders to turn on the rest also because the card house then begins to crumble from the inside.

We want to have infighting amongst them. Let them turn on each other. You have to trust that people reap what they sow, even if not at a war crime trial now, then later. The heat is on them. They will fail.

The question is, how much collateral damage will there be? We all should PRAY against this and that the world is soon freed from its captivity.


Re: Comment by davcam on September 27, 2011 @ 12:47 am
>What does everyone make of the intrigue of all the elites heading
>to the bunker under the Denver Airport for some event on September
>27? Pres. B.H.O. and family will travel there.

It is indeed very interesting, as we have been discussing this for the last week. In addition to the president, a large number of big corporations have scheduled conferences for that area (so they can have an excuse to be there), and the capital has temporarly been moved there also.

With most of the world governments on vacation right now, we can also make a good assumption that many of them will also be in Denver or a different DUMB.

So, what is going to happen tomorrow? Let’s be prepared to expose it quickly, whatever it is.


George Ure this AM.. WebBot hits, Clif and Igor freaking, the Denver charade, Planetary concerns.. Lotsa other stuff

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Monday, 26-Sep-2011 09:11:11 There are several embedded links at the site which are not reproduced in this copy.. Visit the Urban Survival site for access…

What the MSM Buries: At Least It’s Not Tuesday

We begin this morning with a wide perspective of the “other news” – the stuff that is censored out of the mainstream of thought since it’s too emotionally “hot” and since in order to maintain our existing socioeconomic paradigm, people can’t be allowed to go rattling the bars of the thought corral that the duopoly and the transnational corporation PowersThatBe/Were would like to keep us in, since to have too many free-thinkers outside [the box] (the paradigm) dilutes their power to harvest personal power and money. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of second-level news to report today – the stuff behind the headlines, at least for a few more hours till it can be spun just so for public consumption. So with fresh coffee, we go surf the reality of the emergent wavefront of reality….with a good sense of humor, since pie and humor go well together.

There are rumored to be signs to be found out west of Tuscaloosa, Alabama which read “At Least This Ain’t Mississippi.” And in an odd sort of way, that’s the good part about this particular Monday morning. At least it ain’t Tuesday.

The reason is the crew up at which put together the web bot run last week is more than slightly freaked out since they are expecting something of a planetary scale something to happen in the next 72-hours. Not that they have high precision on it, but the gathering tomorrow of lots of corporate leaders, lots of high level government types, and even the President visiting Denver tomorrow has them on edge. Not just that visit to a high school on the plan, either. No, it’s not a tipping point (like 9/11 was)…It’s a lot deeper than that.

Some of our leading candidates for concern are:


Turkey and Israel are “hardening” their positions and a showdown over the oil and gas deposits in the Med are possible. Might want to keep an eye on Y Net which is reporting “Turkey ‘hunts down’ Israeli commands on Facebook” who were involved in that Gaza-bound ship showdown.


Also of note, Turkey’s prime minister says “Turkey-Iran to Continue Efforts against Kurdish Rebels.” To say the Middle East is heating up would be serious understatement.


Then there’s the precarious position of global markets which are on the verge of recognizing the reality of The Global Depression. But perhaps this is a bit overdone, since while it’s true that most of Asia was down overnight, the Europeans may have put a couple of shots of something in their coffee this morning since Europe seems to be in the grips of a deads cat bounce to start the week.

But, of course, none of these events would lead high officialdom to head for a Mile High City this week and those fancy digs under the Denver Airport and/or Cheyenne Mountain nearby.

Sure, maybe it’s just a nice place to catch views of the Rockies before the snows set in, yet Gold this morning is down to almost $1,600 per ounce, and is screaming (along with the bond market) that something is up. We tend to pay a good bit of attention to perma-bear Marc Faber who’s telling CNBC that he doesn’t rule out gold dropping to $1,100 per ounce, although my work favors (only) $1,425 for now, then $2,500, then $700. But…whatever….

Curiously, and having as dire consequences as some of these things have, Clif and mustache-muncher Igor are not as worried about boring things like markets and the charade of the duopoly so much as they are concerned about something seismic or space goat related.

For example, what would happen if – and this is highly speculative here – the Big News of this week were to turn out to be a ‘double terra entity’ nightmare. Picture a massive earthquake in the Central USA (New Madrid) and having it turn out even bigger than the 1812 sequence of events – and what if that were to simultaneously (or shortly after) trigger the long-worried La Palme/Cumbre Vieja undersea landslide which could wipe out a good portion of the US Eastern Seaboard?

That’s the current worry and it’s why Clif and Igor were on phone-tree style yesterday calling friends with “…nice to know you…” calls. Which is extreme, even for them.

But there may be something to it since the spiders (used for tracking down the future (in multiple languages) on the web) have turned up reports that El Hierro in the Canary Islands is shaking and that a major eruption there could trigger a pan-Atlantic disaster.

The headline in the Spanish-language La Razon (of Spain) this morning headlines “Alert volcanic island of El Hierro” this morning and you can read a google machine-translated page of the Spanish source page here. El Hierro is only 65-miles south of the disaster-for-the-world potential on the western side of La Palma. Little close for comfort…

Now, as to the specific threats posed by a massive undersea earth slide at Cumbre Vieja, our research department came up with the paper “Cumbre Vieja Volcano — Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands” by Steven N.; Ward and Simon Day.

The “good news” for Floridians is that computer models suggest that the resulting wave train, which could reach the US nine-hours after such a hypothetical undersea earth slide would perhaps not cause devastation from about West Palm Beach south to Miami. But, north of there (which is shielded by the Bahamas (and sorry about their outcome) life would quickly deteriorate from 25-meter waves (81-feet) striking the coast and running inland.

So, not saying it will happen this way but that language and building language around this possibility (when it hits front pages in Spain, for instance) do give the rickety time machine crew the willies. And with good reason as I’ll explain in a sec.

But for this morning, looks like Europe is still afloat financially, and now if it can stay that way in literally terms, that would be fine, too. Did I mention that London’s parliament is on an unusual break and did you happen to notice what the wave3 train would do to the UK? No?

Still, the good news is this: At least it ain’t Tuesday yet.

The Latest Web Bot Hit: Netting Protesters:

All of which would be dismissed as just another worry if the predictive linguistics which had this discussions of “Discards and the Rubbish Revolt” when the Shape of Things to Come report was released on September 20th:

We now have new supporting sets that include aspect/attributes with [bound (human chains) in ropes], and [(mass) judgments (canceling right to trial)], and [prison ships (docked at large complexes (in north east?)], and other sets going to the idea of a [usofa military invasion (of a major east coast american city)]. While there are indicators that this is a [test run], that supporting set can also be applied to the very first open skirmish in a war. There are repeated and reinforced (by cross links) sets going to the idea of [netting (scooping) up of people], and [forbidden imagery (now outlawed by edit and scrubbed automagically on line as it is posted)] that will be of [mass roundups] and [people running to escape (public netting)]. Some of the imagery, will, as they say, be disturbing to more rational humans as it will be [taken from dizzying heights (on street battles below)], and even worse, will [include (the decapitation)] of the [videographer].


“…Then there is the bank card for the White Dragon foundation. It is not accepted at Mitsubishi or Citibank ATMs but it is accepted at Mizuho or Sumitomo Bank ATMS. In theory all of these banks should accept it.”

Is the WDS moving into banking? This means the organization has received large fundings from its allies and supporters, no wonder Ben was talking about some gangsters and the Cabal trying to cash in Bonds from the WDS foundation just a few weeks ago.



Interesting times ahead…..

If I remember correctly Greece will actually default on Oct 15 if the situation isn’t solved at the beginning of October. The solution naturally has to provide guidance going forward, otherwise it will just get more difficult. With the US government having a payment deadline Sept 30, it should turn out to be a very interesting week.

I posted this on last week’s blog just before the new post went up:

I don’t have time for sources but there is a situation going on:

Soros: “actual meltdown possible”
Merkel: “everything is under control”
Geithner: “(European debt crisis) greatest threat to global economy” and “Obama not in charge, I am”
Markets: unlimited funding of the European stabilization fund is necessary

The only new aspect to this is that there is going to have to be an actual decision and the consequences will actually materialize.
Comment by positivechange on September 27, 2011 @ 12:21 am

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

The REAL reason we are trying to take over Libya:


regarding “granting immunity” … we should remember that it is likely that a large number of the participants in these evil schemes were coerced under threat of death and destruction. Grace and forgiveness are a stronger path to our future than vengence or retribution. In the end each of us must carry the burden to the evil which we do, whether we are held legally responsible or not …


Davcam, I had seen that before about the “holidays” and the Denver exercise. According to the calendar on the Canadian House of Commons schedule, they are sitting from September 19 through October 7 (weekdays). I also posted the wrong link to Bush cancelling his Toronto visit. This is the correct one.–george-w-bush-s-toronto-appearance-canceled


Ben ,Thanks for the latest. the most important goal is to end the legacy of the Kabllah families and to disassemble and totally disassociate their vast world-wide
secret society support network, so that it cannot be resurrected by any surviving splinter group. Maybe the should be branded ,ILK,on their foreheads like fuckmasons alludes to. An everpresent warning that they have commited a capital betrayal against the lives of all living creatures on the planet and jeopardized the healt and productivity of earth itself, to sustain life.


I too initially felt concerned about immunity for the scum… however, after ponding it for awhile, I deduce that we here are never going to be privy to what is really going to happen, and so… I simply feel encouraged that things are going in the right direction and not going to fret over it. Why lose oneself’s valuable soul energy in what can never really be known? Besides, what they say, and what they really do always changes anyway. In the end… I’m sure they’re going to get what’s coming to them!! 😛
Be Safe and Be Well


Hey Benjamin—i am getting a RED FLAG–intuitively on this comment you made:

“There are also several senior members of the Bilderberger group who have now promised to work with the White Dragon Society in exchange for promises of immunity. These include Bilderberger head D’Avignon, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen and others. Dick Cheney has also put out feelers offering testimony in exchange for immunity.”

Be wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove! The wisdom i am receiving from the Holy Spirit–says—do not under any circumstances give these murderers immunity—-they need to be punished for all the blood on their hands—do not let them in—or they will murder every soul in the white dragon society——don’t let be free—they will never be a “good” soul—they LIE about their intentions.



Benjamin, i have not read any comments—just know i have read a few—many are feeling the same—don’t give them immunity—again–it’s not our place to “forgive” these murderers for what they have done to OTHERS—it’s the place of the family members who lost these loved ones to
grant foregiveness—


Again, don’t let them go free; if you do, they will kill every member of the White Dragon Society and you too—-they use poison in food (probably at resturants–or food prepared by another) you eat that causes a coma to shut you up… not eat at any resturants—-make your own food—

be wiser than the serpent ben—pass it on—do not trust these liars—-their agenda is to murder you. You know where i am getting this information ben—TRUST IT IT’S THE TRUTH!



I think giving them immunity is correct, they are going to testify agains the enemies of mankind. It does not mean that they are eligible to get the trust from the public but they are helping the good side to get this bad regimen out.


Interesting that communication proceeds with analog means. We all are living now in a digital world which can be easily manipulated. I wonder what analog things we have forgotten which could really aid us in being good humans and aid us in good life/health styles…


Benjamin—pay attention to the 27th–Obama is going to be in Denver–where he was announced as the Democratic candidate for POTUS—-this is what i believe—

i believe congress is going to remove him from office—because he used a stolen social security number (a dead man from Conneticut) to file his 2010 tax return–because he is not a citizen of the USA–he cannot get a legitimate social security number–so he stole one—actually stole many–Michelle and he bought over 53 properties acquiring mortgages using several different social secuirty numbers—all stolen—i blew the whistle on obama to the OIG of Social Security, and backed it up by sending Congressman Grassley the whistleblow, making him also accountable for this blatant fraud being POTUS; and for the FELONIES of social security fraud—–the FRAUD/FELONY cannot be denied–he used the stolen social security number to file his 2010 tax return—therefore; he has to be removed from office…without fail.

So, i have a feeling Obama going to Denver on the 27th–3 days before the debt payment is due on the 30th—the Democratic Party DNC; will announce his removal–due to all the fraud–congress is probably forcing the DNC to do this since they failed to VETT Obama–the liability falls on them…so watch the news—if this doesn’t happen–then we know there is backmail money being used under the table for officials to keep this felon in the white house.

stay tuned



How high do you have to be on the east coast if lapalma sent the big wave? I’m hoping my 1000 foot elevation nearby does the trick.


leowanta on September 27, 2011 @ 1:34 am

Proof: Remember Egypt’s Mubarak, he took $70B in bribe money from Obama (i have first hand knowledge of where he got the $70B—also blew the whistle on Obama within hours after Mubarak ran with the bibe money).

Result: Mubarak ate at a resturant shortly after he stepped down—then he fell into a coma–

i believe Obama’s muslim brotherhood (known as the CIA) followed Mubarak to poison him—so he could not talk about the bribe…..he is now in a coma….

BUSH SR still runs the CIA—he also murdered JFK–he was the head of the CIA–back in those days—Bush Sr wanted the white house—the only way to get it was to take out JFK–who also signed an executive Order to abolish the federal reserve board—the next week after this EO—JFK was dead. Bush Jr–well, he took out John Jr—i worked for the FAA—no way controllers would let John Jr’s plane crash in fog—-the report i read was there was no communication from the faa tower—WRONG–that never happens…This was on Bush Jr’s watch—-John Jr. would have unseated Bush Jr in 2000 had he lived.

Dick Cheney has always been Bush Sr’s right hand killer—do not give this man immunity for any reason.

Again, tell every member of the white dragon society—do not eat any food prepared by another—make their own meals and you also Ben.




Comment by leowanta on September 27, 2011 @ 1:27 am

Totally agree with you sir! I don’t trust these folks either and they should never be given the chance to have their way out just because they are exposing each other. This is a survival instinct, sure they are afraid and upset and it’s a major setback for them; they have no other alternative but to cooperate. But deep inside they haven’t changed one iota and I wouldn’t be surprised if they plotted again in the future with the few of them that’s left once they have regrouped. They simply can’t quit this business.


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

A subscriber sent me a link to the London Gold Exchange which closed their doors PERMANENTLY today. Here’s the link:

At first I thought they might be related to the London Metal Exchange but they are not. Just similar names. Here’s the description of the London Gold Exchange from Wikipedia:

“London Gold Exchange is a digital currency exchanger founded in 2001. The London Gold Exchange is owned by LGE International LTD., an offshore company registered in Belize, with offices in London, England and Hong Kong. London Gold Exchange operate 2 franchises, one in the UK and one ‘International’ which covers everywhere other than the UK. The UK administration office in Central London, with staff based in locations around the UK. The International administration office is in Hong Kong, with staff also operating from mainland China. Technical staff also operate from locations in Australia.”

Yes. This was a DIGITAL gold exchange playing in the gold DERIVATIVE markets. From other articles the London Gold Exchange claimed to be the LARGEST e-gold exchange in the world.


This surely can’t be good news for their customers or the COUNTER PARTIES on the other end of these paper/electronic gold derivative transactions. The ripple effect of an implosion of gold and silver derivatives will set off the long awaited “Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction”. I doubt this will be big enough to start the crash but it is definitely a sign of things to come.

Then again, there is not much difference between an e-DIGITAL market and the COMEX market as both are just electronic derivatives of gold and silver. It’s possible that September will be the largest volume month for COMEX silver in history… meaning north of 3,000,000 contracts traded representing over 15 Billion Ounces of SILVER! To add some context there’s only about 30M ounces of physical silver available for delivery in the COMEX warehouses which represents a 500-1 ratio of paper trades against physical silver available for delivery in the month…and this is how the price is set for physical commodities in this age of paper Ponzi Schemes.

I know it is difficult to ride out these slams but this IS the end game so…


Obviously, it looks like we are going to have to EARN the future rewards on our physical gold and silver investment once again. So be it!

We saw it coming long ago and IF you survive another few months with your METAL IN HAND then you will be one of the ONLY investors in the world to have preserved their wealth after the CRASH.

Keep and eye out for the END of the THIRD quarter as there should be MANY surprises in OCTOBER.

For those of you sweating this one just pop this in your mouth!

Your Silver Pacifier

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


Hi Ya’ALL The corporate world has developed all manner of Lie Detection procedures. If they cannot promise to decease and desist from conspiratorial behavior , an agenda of unsavory business behavior, disdain for the health and the well being of their fellows, and the resources of this planet-THEN it would be germain to permanently isolate them, and chip them, insuring the barrier of permanent’house arrest’is imememorial and not subject to any sort of parole from such a sentencing, thereby guaranteeing no opportunities form any interaction with,or tangible contact with the outside world ; that is complete, and utter-ISOLATION.
But, what do their victims say! Can we be assured that we can prevent them from being assisted into an uprising, and an evil revolution against us, and do to us , genocide ?

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

What do you make of this??
I figure they have oversold by the hundreds and people are starting to demand physical possession of their purchases. Any way you look at it, the walls are closing in on these rascals. Hold onto your hat!!


Cafe ,Ben sez ….”the leaders of the Japanese Yakuza groups have, in exchange for a promise of immunity, agreed to provide testimony against George Bush Senior, J. Rockefeller and their flunkies about a series of political murders carried out at their behest both in Japan and overseas Bush flunky Richard Armitage has also privately approached a White Dragon Society member with an offer to testify against Bush and his CIA faction in exchange for immunity. Michael Green, Kurt Campbell and Gerald Curtis take note, you will go to jail soon unless you agree to testify as well.”

I hate to be the cafe member who points out that Ben gives
us weekly facts concerning the Rockafeller cabal but seldom or ever does Ben approach the other Khazar branch
( Rothshield) who have been active funding imperalism
and war makers since the 17th cen. I have long appreciated Ben’s infodumps however he has hardly mentioned Windsor,
or the octopus of the Rothshields or their almost total control through their banking houses and the City of London.

Since war making for oil has been a cooperative effort of
both houses, attacking only The Rockies, while avoiding
the Roths makes no sense at all as the Rothshields are serious one worlders(NWO) and surely just as busy corrupting
governments ,congresses and corporations! I can understand
Ben’s anamosity towards the family that destroyed his grandfathers wealth and his efforts make good sense.
Meanwhile the Roths are poised to take every bit of profit
from the EU and their EU, corrupted, fiat, banking system .
On the positive side ,Ben’s courage for taking on Mossad or corrupt and racist political “Zionism”
that gets him labeled as a “Self Hating Jew” is an act of great courage.
It was obvious that the unprincipled and war criminal Cheney would try to cut a deal, however who would he be “snitching off?
Busting the Bushes or their Armitage like go-fors will be difficult even if Cheney
blows the whistle .How can we get the “Supremes” who were appointed by the Bushes to actually live up to their oaths
of office or a business corrupted Justice Dept. really make efforts to corral the miscreants and live up to their oaths.

If the “Dragons” of Japan are serious they should be arresting the turncoat Japanese who have protected
the internal criminality and exploitation of the patient Japanese peoples, by a post war Rocky manipulated, corporate system.


According to the calendar on the Canadian House of Commons schedule, they are sitting from September 19 through October 7 (weekdays).
Comment by deester on September 27, 2011 @ 1:00 am

And WHERE is Harper going to be this week?


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here
hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

You can weather the winds of change by standing firm on your principles.

All Americans should see this video. Unfortunately, even those who see it
will not believe it.

Tragically, this is part of the reason our morality is in a cesspool
Morality is only one part of the master plan which is well under way to
stated success. All this started a little over 50 years ago, and they have
made significant progress. Watch and share….

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


dingiem on September 27, 2011 @ 1:42 am

Interesting thought… I once thought a similar view shortly after they forced the switch to digital in the US… and basically made it mandatory that all households had to have a digital cablebox and TV if you still wanted to get dumbed-down, pacified and brainfried viewing programs… I mean regulary scheduled programming! 😛

Thanks Dingiem… Be Safe and Be Well


Healers Journal Update Sept. 26th, 201

Obama White House to Respond to Disclosure Petition

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Grows to a Global Wall Street Resistance

+ Be Well +



Great encouraging post! Go ahead Benjamin!


phxvalleygirl on September 27, 2011 @ 12:51 am

Great thoughts and thanks for sharing them… and Welcome. The more the merrier! 🙂 Be Safe and Be Well


Why can’t some of these scumbags just end up dead. That usually sends the kind of message they can identify with.
Since they’re aware of how the whole reincarnation thing works, they can come back, AND THEN, be good boys. But dead for now sounds more organized to me.


Hi BEN and Ya’ALL Yes, merek 9/27 @ 2:11am . Ben we must have the skinny on what will be the proposed disposition on the inceptors of The Illuminati Banking Cartel and all of it’s SECRET SOCIETIES support groups. We cannot contemplate dealinf with surviving splinter groups of these ILK manifesting more future troubles for “WE The People” I recall you sayiny that some of the Rothschils were looking to leave TPTB peaceably, BUT WHAT IF NOY ALL. We don’t want to have another rise of the Fourth Reich situation. We must remove TPTB and all vestiges of their power, ETERNALLY. CREATOR, Be Our Help in this ever present time of Great Danger. Satan stalks us, to do mischief.


The video featuring Susan Lindauer was excellent…can’t remember who posted the link. She exposes more of “the rest of the story” regarding recent attacks on Libya.

Here is another article re NATO’s mercenaries in Libya… apparently things are not going as well as MSN presents (not that that will surprise many here):

New reports exposing the panic and disarroay even more, hundreds of NATO Mercenaries abandoned the front lines of Bani Walid because their Western supply routes are being disrupted by the Tarhuna Tribe.

Many Mercenaries testified that they are running out of ammunition and said that after they received multiple defeats, they were not willing to continue the fight, and wanted to just go home.

Different Mercenaries and armed gangs blame each other for the failures, the blaming game sometimes have turned in to inner fighting.




Question for the blog…

So on what timeline can we expect things to happen on September 27? I mean it’s already the 27th in Japan, so when are all these planetary/global events supposed to kick in already? 😕 Curious Thanks.. Be Safe and Be Well


Re: Comment by secondlife on September 27, 2011 @ 2:38 am
>So on what timeline can we expect things to happen on September 27?

Anytime now for the next week or so. Supposedly they were supposed to be in the bunker on the 27th (USA time), so that would mean whatever was planned or expected would take place “after” that.


It’s really speeding up. Be safe dear Benjamin Fulford. Our prayers are with you.


gillfinn on September 27, 2011 @ 2:25 am

Hey Gill… if I were to speculate some here… I’d say many already may be just that… DEAD and REPLACED! 😯 After all, if we are talking about the highest of highs in the evil turd rankings… then they would be the ones to be cloned! Oh damn… now you went ahead and made my head hurt with such thoughts! 😛 Confusion… shell-games… it’s a party in the brain… just try to stay sane!

Be Safe and Be Well my friend


Comment by sierra on September 27, 2011 @ 2:31 am

I klicked on your link and klicked on few others more and came up with ths link:

The Gaddafi loyalists are defeating NATO mercenaries on the ground.



XL on September 27, 2011 @ 2:41 am

Ahhh yes… there’s that waiting thingy again… seems all to convenient to always have room, make that much room, for when things are to happen! Gives plenty of room for error and to just keep that damn Carrot in front of the Donkey’s nose! 😕

Thanks XL… I really apprecite your reply, despite my humaor attached to it. Just enjoying these rather trying times we find ourselves in. Enjoy your day… Be Safe and Be Well





merek on September 27

Hi merek,

Your observation is right, I considered that many times. US presidents those of level under them or so and staged puppets. The game is of course above them as we know and Ben also I believe. WH focus to the White House and Pentagon and that’s OK. I see it this way, focusing to this level of the pyramid does not get so much attention from illumiati crooks though they are no the list certainly also.


Finance Fallout: Kudrin quits after refusing to work with Medvedev


So I’ve been thinking about the whole Geno absence…

Is it not clear that the brother has a gag-order to abide by, since he has been working closely with the White Hats, or at least may be? Why put himself in a compromising position hanging here and having to deal with temptation and crossfire! 😛 It’s all too easy to get caught by a bated hook and slip with info not suppose to be spoken about… at least not yet!
That’s my guess… and I thank him and all involved in the betterment of humanity! Stay strong… Be Safe and Be Well


Dozens of politicians aligned to NATO contact the Jamahariya Government and apologize…

Is this the beginning of the end?



secondlife, 9/28 my birthday, down by the river, i’m asking the archangel michael force (michaelmas 9/29) to send you lots of light (in whatever form u most need)…your smiles keep refilling the bowl of light in my belly…lol…let C tease us if it amuses him… we r in another dimension…lol


Thank you, Ben!

Today sounds good for checking on the water and fuel supplies.

Its a beautiful fall day here. I’m watching 2 hawks across the canyon and thinking that life is good.

Thank you, all, for the informative posts.



I’ve also noticed how strangly calm things have been since the White Hats crew has been absence… seems those that were here bashing them and trying to save us all from them have simply found greener pastures to shit in!
Hummm interesting… very interesting in that happenstance! 😛 Although I must say I do love all the peace and balance on the board… very harmonious… I do miss the element that the White Hats brought here. And to them… bravo… many thanks and appreciation. I wish you success… for all of our sake! Be Safe and Be Well


Can one really negotiate with psychopaths? I don’t think so. This has been a Work-of-Ages for the cabalists. They will lie in wait until they can kill who ever is in their way.
It is foolish to give them immunity. They will use our bleeding heart liberalism against us. We don’t want to kill them outright because we don’t want to think we are those kind of people. And I sometimes think violence begets violence. But sometimes punishing the evil-doers is cathartic.


Tman said that he’d be gone for a while but would be back. I hope so.


Even the earth groans with their pains , let’s defecate them ASAP.


September 25, 2011 – WHITE HATS REPORT #29

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here


The US Dept of Treasury is set to foreclose on “the Fed” by virtue of filing a UCC-1 financing statement and a lien on the Federal Reserve System.

The IRS and other parties is/are also listed as a Secured Party Creditor in accordance with the IRS becoming a benevolent organsization.


It’s a UCC Financing statement (File #0000000181425776) AMENDMENT which was done on August 12th of this year. And you know who the debtor and secured parties are?
Name Address




And the Secured Parties?
Name Address



And if you click over here to the underlying document, what’s the amount involved in this UCC filing? How about just north of $14-trillion dollars?


Re: Comment by secondlife on September 27, 2011 @ 2:55 am
>Ahhh yes… there’s that waiting thingy again…

Yep, back to the waiting game again… I’ve been doing it my entire life, why stop now? *grin*


Does anyone know about the astro physicist Dr. Mccanney and planet X and the time line ? planet X is 3 times bigger then earth and is coming toward us on it’s 3600 year cycle very shortly. If this is true nothing else matters.


minou on September 27, 2011 @ 3:10 am

“we r in another dimension…lol”

I love how you expressed that… perfectly… what else could possibly explain such a ? 🙂 Thank you Minoe… I’m at a loss of words… touched to say the least… 😎 And since some here have claimed a flirtation has developed… I will withold more comment… for now. 😀 Have a wonderful day.




Re: Comment by patgoldway on September 27, 2011 @ 3:43 am
>Does anyone know about the astro physicist Dr. Mccanney and planet X and
>the time line ? planet X is 3 times bigger then earth and is coming toward
>us on it’s 3600 year cycle very shortly. If this is true nothing else matters.

That depends on who you talk to about Planet X, there are so many different interpretations of it. In this case, it sounds like you are talking about Nibiru, which is due to arrive on it’s 3600 year orbit next year.

It is nothing to be worried about (unless you are part of the dark cabal), it is there to help us.


@ Wswail on September 27, 2011 @ 12:58 am


… oops

@ Wswail on September 27, 2011 @ 12:58 am

Well said . . nice comment.


The light transcends all. As we vibrate to a higher frequency the dark cabal and their flunkies remain placid in the cestpool they have created with their own feces. Enjoy and devour your on stench for we of the higher realms have kept the followers of the Creator, God, and Jesus safe and away from harm. When we re-incarnate in the 5th demesion no evil will exist and we will enherit our new assigment that will be carried on as a form of gratitude to the Creator… Peace and love to all

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

@ Dingiem on September 27, 2011 @ 1:42 am

An excellent point…. I wondered about that myself.



The media ignores Ron Paul and and all Ron Paul supporters.

If you are angry at the media, for ignoring Ron Paul and the American people let them know

FOX News room – 212-301-3344
FOX news radio 212-301-5800
CNN news desk 404-827-2751
CNN news desk fax: 404-827-3368
MSNBC – 212-664-3720
ABC News – 212-456-7777
CBS News – 212-975-4321
CBS News fax – 212-975-1893

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here
So what’s my crazy, wild gut feeling?
False Flag event, equal 9/11, if not bigger, on September 27th, to help usher in the measures required to introduce a global financial ‘solution’.
If I had to be even more specific, and was really pushed to guess what and where, I’d be tempted to say ‘dirty bomb in Washington D.C on September 27th.

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Flo Prepares for Comet Elenin
get ready to LOL


More on the underground bases

Quote: (more at link)
” Planet Alert October 2011
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on September 25th, 2011

THE GALACTIC WAR IS OVER AND THE LIGHT HAS WON. In my last article I said: “The second woe has passed; behold the third woe is soon to come. Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever. It’s the time for rewarding the servants, the prophets, and the saints and those who love thy name, and it is the time for destroying the destroyers of the Earth.” Revelation chapter 11.

On August 22 there was a 5.5 earthquake in Colorado on 37 N latitude. The underground base called Dulce, which is technically in New Mexico but close to Colorado, was wiped out by a magnetic pulse beam from one of the light ships that are now here in our vicinity. Dulce is on 37 N latitude. They beamed the people out of the bases before they destroyed it with their beam weapon which totally pulverized the underground base. As far as I know the underground city under the Denver airport is unharmed, which is where our President Barack Obama will be on September 27th.

On August 23 they sent another beam to destroy the underground base under Wash, D.C. and Virginia. This was a very important base and had all kinds of technology such as computers with everything about all of us on those computers. They also had mind control technology. This base was controlled by the negative ETs who are the Beings who have controlled everything on Earth for a long time. They were the Masters of the negative Beings who live here on Earth. This base was also connected with a negative base on the dark side of the moon, and one on Mars which were also taken out.

On the night of August 23 there was also what the scientists call a Super Nova on the handle of the Big Dipper. I believe it was another dark base that was taken out by the light side. That base was the controlling center for our whole area. It says in the Book of Knowledge the Keys of Enoch that at the end of time we will see the war of the heavens and the coming of the Host of Michael. This will free the planetary intelligences from the influences of Ursa Major. It goes on to say that the High Command intelligence works with our solar system through the Mid-Way station of Arcturus, which will open the lower heavens by breaking the controlling handle of the Big Dipper of Ursa Major. This is where the explosion happened in our heavens on August 23, 2011. We are having Divine Intervention.

My Shaman friend Mona was asked by her guides several months ago to go to Chaco Canyon on August 24, 2011 and have a ceremony there at exactly 11:00 AM. There were three other women with her at this ceremony. Her job was to open a doorway from Chaco Canyon to a galaxy so remote it is unknown to us. In 1996 a light brighter than a billion suns was guided through the shaft of a wormhole in space and reached Earth in that year. This event was recorded by a telescope in New Mexico. This light triggered something that had lain dormant for 1200 years in Chaco Canyon. Now the doorway is open to that remote galaxy.

Then on August 29th a reptilian ship fired one of their weapons at what is called comet Elenin. This ship was not hurt because they put up their shield, which is in the form of a tetrahedron and was seen on a picture from NASA. There is nothing to be afraid of with Elenin, it is on our side and that is why I say the Light has won. We needed outside help to get out from under the control of the Dark Masters and that has happened. As Elenin passed by the Sun there were many large solar flares and huge CMEs. Today is September 24 and the flares continue to happen. Elenin seems to be having a very large affect on the Sun.

Today I received an email about how more underground bases might have been destroyed. I believe there was a base in India where the recent earthquake happened. This is the end of the rule of the Dark side. I know that God is everything including both light and dark, although the dark part of God got kind of out of balance here on the Earth plane and we had to be brought back into neutral, which is the balance between light and dark and is where love resides.”


The article in mahala’s astrology is in line with what Dr Stankov wrote in:

“Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation”


I agree with leonawa, watch out who you give immunity to, they have operated with impunity, so why now immunity?

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Uploaded by Jake12399 on Sep 25, 2011


I’ve also noticed how strangly calm things have been since the White Hats crew has been absence… seems those that were here bashing them and trying to save us all from them have simply found greener pastures to shit in!
Hummm interesting… very interesting in that happenstance! Although I must say I do love all the peace and balance on the board… very harmonious… I do miss the element that the White Hats brought here. And to them… bravo… many thanks and appreciation. I wish you success… for all of our sake! Be Safe and Be Well

Comment by secondlife on September 27, 2011 @ 3:19 am
secondlife- or maybe perhaps the conflict was being caused by the white hats…hmmmm. That seems to make a bit more sense.


I don’t understand why they’re not rounded up and thrown into a dungeon before they can nuke us all. Why are the so called honest members within the Pentagon (IMO they dont exist) twiddling their thumbs? Why are they going to Denver if the underground base was nuked? I hope Leo Wanta is correct assuming Obummer might be removed. However, why the necessity to travel to Denver to do so? Finally, how is it even remotely possible to consider immunity for any? The evidence is overwhelming against all of them so, what possible value could their lying corrupt lips add? How is it possible for anyone to believe the pure evil acts, crimes against humanity, and future intentions will cease? They will just regroup and resume. None of this makes sense.


Comment by anonymous on September 27, 2011 @ 4:30 am

Do you know who is behind this website?



Is Elenin Now Visible In Hawaiian Skies?

Saturday, September 24, 2011 11:34

> Any of our fine Hawaiian Brothers or Sisters experience such an event in Hawai? Curious Thanks Be Safe and Be Well


wovolve42 on September 27, 2011 @ 4:51 am

Well Hello to you too Wo! And great day as well. I am certainly open to your take on it… I may not totally agree with it, but definitely respect it. 😉

And might I add… regardless of your, or my opinion… it always takes two to Tango… 2 to fight… there is no conflict without opposition. The fault lies with those who wish to argue their opinions and no one else.

Just look at Fox News verses MSNBC… By design they exist to oppose each other, to cause conflict and keep the debates alive. Yes, they represent different parties, different views, but also to keep the endless BS going to keep the US divided.

I get representation of a particular view, or opinion, but continuing arguments for the sake of just fighting and refusing to accept anothers is immature, child-like and a waste of everyone’s time. And that is exactly what happens here with the in-fighting over the White Hats. All involved are equally at fault and should just live-and-let-live… and in peace! For nothing more than the peace and harmony of everyone here! 😉

I will equally call out Tman if he comes back to do nothing more than speak down to us and belittle those who question him. I doubt that will be the case… but have no problem with speaking out. But the same will be said to all those who suddenly appear here to just rattle his cage… let them be fore-warned as well! 😛 Respect is a two-way street… if you don’t give it… don’t expect it.

Thanks Wo… always enjoy your posts and efforts… I may not always agree with you, but respect and appreciate you! Be Safe and Be Well… and watch some Alphas – I need someone to talk about the show with


Former German finance minister Peer Steinbrück is saying it was a mistake to allow Greece to join the euro. Furthermore, he is calling the current government’s actions a historical mistake.

So not much guidance on the Euro currently and with Max Keiser reporting Fed operation Twist not convincing investors, it does look increasingly difficult. Very interesting to see if there are any surprises around the corner…..probably just some more money printing.

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (part 1 of 8)


wovolve42 on September 27, 2011 @ 4:51 am

And one last thought Wo, since you feel you make more sense than I… I will ask it in one simple question and leave it at that.

– Please tell me why certain people have just up-and-left here ever since the White Hats took a leave… if certain people didn’t have an agenda, other than, to just disrupt the board by arguing with the White Hats, then why leave and not stay? It’s beyond co-incidence. Curious… please help me make better sense? Thanks


Healers Journal Update #2 Sept. 26th, 2011

Saul: Humanity on Course for its Great Awakening

Yahoo! Mail Censors E-mails About ‘Occupy Wall Street Protests’

+ Be Well +



I agree the next few days will be quite interesting

Elenin is not doomsday

They are chemtrailing the hell out of the sky east of Toronto right now

If it would mean the end why do it?

It looks like the bastards are using this as an excuse to
do something very nasty
I pray they fail

after that we should be ok

funny I feel quite positive and cheerful

many hugs to you all


hutz the Vandalia on September 27, 2011 @ 4:45 am

Look at the darkness and fear the Illuminati are working on as a collective focus for humanity during these special days of light. This is a time for ritual or symbolic renewal the light before it’s temporary descent into the darker days of winter. Renewal of the Light! Not days of actual darkness. Just cycles of nature. They are doing their best to hynotize people, in such a way X amount of valuable internet communication, that could be focussing on uprisings all over the world, are diverted instead to something that will not happen, not right now. There are too many people waking up, along with some in powerful positions (some dragged into change but considering it nonetheless) for Heaven to allow a natural disaster right now, unless it just smacks the dark cabal in the face and no one else. If a disaster occurs right now, it is more likely to be man made. They pump this stuff up and then strike from another side.


ritual or symbolic renewal OF the light before ITS temporary descent


I am saying one thing we use our RV money to do something with these chemtrails. Here in Sweden last 3 days heavy spraying, we can get together and with money we can change it.
Be well and strong


Here is the latest from his Poofness enjoy!

Bhante V

Subject: The Act of Letting it Rip
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 17:29:42 -0400

“Travelin’ Band”
(J. Fogerty)

Seven Thirty Seven comin’ out of the sky.
Oh! Won’t you take me down to Memphis on a midnight ride,
I wanna move.


Playin’ in a Travelin’ Band. Yeah!
Well, I’m flyin’ ‘cross the land, try’in’ to get a hand,
Playin’ in a Travelin’ Band.
Take me to the hotel, Baggage gone, oh, well.
Come on, come on, won’t you get me to my room,
I wanna move.


Listen to the radio, Talkin’ ’bout the last show.
Someone got excited, Had to call the State Militia,
Wanna move.


Oh! WOW!
Here we come again on a Saturday night
Oh with your fussin’ and a fightin’
Won’t you get me to the rhyme,
I wanna move.


Oh! WOW!
Oh! I’m playin’ in a Travelin’ Band;
Playin’ in a Travelin’ Band.
Won’t you get me, take my hand
Well, I’m playin’ in a Travelin’ Band,
Well, I’m flyin’ ‘cross the land.
Tryin’ to get a hand,
Playin’ in a Travelin’ Band, OH! WOW!

Greetings and Salutations;

Yep, here’s the umpteenth newsletter declaring the end of this infernal wait. Victory is at hand despite appearances. For me, and I’ve said this before, the worse it looks, the better it is for the world. Just this past week, more banking execs were finding out, they are really just highly paid employees. What a blow to some big fat egos. Where did you get the idea you had a vote, a choice in the matter? Some really big banks in the us got phone calls letting the ceos know the choice was out of their hands, other than whether they kept their jobs or not. Totally non negotiable..’act or you will be replaced’. This included downloading the codes for the Rvs….globally.

Truth be told, these boys have known this time was coming for years, now that the day is here, they are stumbling all over themselves. The sun is rising and they are powerless to stop it. The global banking system is already online and that can’t be undone. The central banks of the world, have already flipped their switches and downloaded the new codes. Massive global settlements money has been moved into place, with more to come. Matter of fact, the constitutional treasury is back online in the us and all us banks are under it and it is under the republic. Jeeze the talking heads missed it all, while geithner and bernanke, played kabuki theatre, on every one. Of course, everyone is sworn to secrecy out here so it requires a good ear and listening skills to translate what is being said publicly. What I am seeing out here is the roof being burnt off, the fluff unnecessary to real functionality in the world. 600t in worthless paper gotta go straight to the dump. Nothing like zeroing out the old system. What we all have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for is, them fortifying, fixing, and segregating, the whole shooting match. The is why one country can be a pain getting the shooting match fired off….everything goes at once. So they had to send in the ‘doctors’ to fix it. I might note that the very next day after the bankers got their ‘come to jesus’ phone calls the market surged downwards.

The worlds have separated and this is no time to have one’s head buried under the covers. No matter, what you hear or see out here, there’s only one conversation going on…’How Much and When’. These countries can see their money on the grey screens, they want to know when will it be spendable. They are just like you except they see what they have coming but, still they must wait. Some of this has been like herding cats but it is possible, put out a bowl of milk, they’ll come. So essentially, folks, dinner is cooked and the are in the act of setting the table, and preparing to call the guests in to sup. This has been a lot like watching an episode of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. Some of these bankers have been like the contestants. Good thing there’s a chef in charge of the kitchen that will fire anyone screwing up the meal. Not long now, the call to come and eat will come and they who don’t like it, will be resigned to the sidelines to watch as everyone turns their back on them….and walks away. Nobody likes a party pooper.

Good luck, everyone. May all be finished that we move into the new world devoid of stupid politrix and incessant whining for loss of power. It’s time to get the real work done. ‘They’ will not let a global depression happen and from all news out here, the point where that could happen is rather close, which should tell you something. Too bad we had to look at ugly so close first, before they let it rip. But this caused many attitudes to be adjusted, knock the cocky out. Nothing like a heaping helping of humility. Take care of each other and be well.

Love and Kisses,



munchkin on September 27, 2011 @ 5:47 am

I have noticed the very heavy Chemtrailing here in NJ as well. I have a feeling that it may be to cloud/blanket the skies so that we do not see EVERYTHING that is in the skies, as well as, may have some reaction to, or with the Solar flares heading our way. 😕 I share your concern, but also feel that no matter what… everything will be just fine. 🙂 Have no fear… stay aware… Be Safe and Be Well

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here
hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Comment by Grendizer.on September 27, 2011 @ 4:57 am

I don’t know her personally but if you go to this page, you’ll find the blurb

(If she’s a buddy of one of the ladies who attended the birthing ceremony of the New Earth, she can’t be all bad – see )


Chris Matthews: GOP Congress Acting Like Government About to Be Overthrown in Military Coup

Monday, September 26, 2011 4:03

“Appearing on Saturday’s NBC “Today,” MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews proclaimed that efforts by House Republicans to pay for FEMA disaster relief by making budget cuts elsewhere was akin to “what parliaments do right before military coups in other countries.” He then declared it was a “Complete disaster, complete failure to do their job.”

I care very little for what this “PissAnt” has to say in general… but I find it very interesting for him to make such a comment following what we all are hearing here through all our sources… kind of makes one go… Hummm! 😛


I was talking in depth with a local cop yesterday at my store going over just about everything. He’s in his late 40’s, black, has 6 kids, and works in one of the worst crime areas of this part of NJ. I mention that he is black, only to illustrate his perspective, since there is indeed a difference, especially in an urban inner-city atmosphere. This is not a race issue… it’s just a fact of our current lives.

Anyway, it seems very bleek from his perspctive… the gangs have weapons far above and superior to theirs… and because the unemployment rates are so high, especially in black communities, the young are flocking to gangs.

I told him I felt for him and that it must be really hard to see it all, fear for his life, and to up-hold the law when there is so much against him. He flat out told me that he has to make a calling on the street… that he couldn’t and wouldn’t always uphold the law, since many people wouldn’t even have the money to bail out their husbands, or wives, since there are so many domesticated issues going on, and most linked to lack of money and jobs, it would simply tie up the system with paperwork and for no real reason… people are attacking each other, out of NEED and not wants, or desires. Yes, or course there is the whole materialistic side to things… got to make the Benjamines… but beside the obvious, the other side… the ones who normally would be just fine… have found themselves at each other’s throat just trying to make ends meet.

We don’t see that here… we don’t have that reality to live… at least most here don’t… and blessings be to God, or whatever, however and whomever you want to express your thanks too. I think we sometimes need these little glimpses into the harsher was of life, just to maintain balance and to stay center… and to give thanks. 🙂

I’m not really sure why I just wrote this… maybe someone here will benefit from it? Either way… best to all
Be Safe and Be Well

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion

Continue reading on ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion – Seattle exopolitics |

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Comment by secondlife on September 27, 2011 @ 6:31 am
good post
Man I am glad to be country bumpkin. surrounded by rednecks that know how to survive .

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Here’s one the mainstream media isn’t going to tell you: County sheriffs in Wyoming are demanding that federal agents actually abide by the Constitution, or face arrest. Even better, a U.S. Federal District Court agreed.


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but if I knew that some kind of benevolent force was collapsing DUMBs, and I happened to be a bad guy, why would I be in such a hurry to climb into another one?

Could there have been some type of agreement that had taken place, or is it just another roll of the dice. Could the bad guys be seeding the bases with high level personnel on a dare? I don’t even know if MM is covering this, if it were then maybe it’d be a motive.

Why else go to the trouble without any motivation?



I appreciate your comment. Thanks and glad you appreciated it… as I to your efforts as well.

You mention survive… that’s all relative my friend. They are indeed surviving… just in the Urban Jungle. Just like you are in the beautiful lands that surround you. Funny thing though… do a role reversal and you’re both F*cked! 😯 You’d die in the streets and they would die trying to live off the land… both just marks in an unfamiliar territory. So… place thanks that you are where you are… as it was meant to be!

Have a painfree night… Be Safe and Be Well

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Comment by gillfinn on September 27, 2011 @ 6:39 am
I just posted an article that said they were all going to be gathered together and put in a Stargate outta here .

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We have been predicting this for some time and its finally coming to fruition. The snakes are starting to eat each other but it is bringing out some truths that can help all of us.

Read this very carefully if you are in or facing foreclosure it will help you understand the fraud.

Open the pdf:

Keep up the good fight,



“Ball Of Fire” Blast Near Buenos Aires, Argentina Reportedly Kills 1 And Injures 8 — Report

From Conservative New Media… Is this part of the fake UFO bandwagon? (I do believe in the real thing, but this feels like it may be a false flag.)


“Sorcha Faal” Continues To Fool The Unwary !

Monday, September 26, 2011 5:15

“Since so many frightening threads going around discussion groups, distribution lists and similar messages at any one point in time originate with “Sorcha Faal,” perhaps it’s a good time to discuss that shady character and the damage done by reproducing his/her material.”

Funny… I was just speaking of this report… and would love to hear commentary on this one.
A little truth testing Lew? Greatly appreciated


Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on September 27, 2011 @ 6:48 am

Hey Hutz, can you re-post? I missed that. How awesome would that be to just jettison the whole porta-potty into the moon for a temporary shit mural!

Then hose it off with their fluoridated water.

Hey SL, what’s up bud? Seems like this sky is just one thick trail today. I went out for a run and just couldn’t do it.


Hmnnnn…it’s not surprising to view the turning tide as a mass exodus from the sinking ship by the stampede of rodents. In looking back upon the drama, it truly was only a matter of time. These ones are concerned with nothing more than their own personal gain, security and aggrandizment. We could easily have predicted that the war for planet Earth would be won as a matter of attrition, with the weakest of the species (read: rodents) squealing and trampling each other to the exit gate, held ajar by the WDS…their only route of survival at this point. However, to understand their limitations as a lower-level species with no hearts…merely egos firing with survival codes, we must bring HUGE compassion and forgiveness. Rodents are disgusting, filthy creatures, but they can’t help to be born as mere rodents!


RT News: Why Mainstream is Ignoring Occupy Wall Street:

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Hey SL
here is the post scroll down to find the exit through as time vortex just for the underground rats.
ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion
Continue reading on ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion – Seattle exopolitics |

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oops i mean
Comment by gillfinn on September 27, 2011 @ 7:12 am


Bonjour Ben:

Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous faites pour le monde.
Les nouvelles de cette semaine sont excellentes.

Quoting from your news:

“This week promises to be eventful as the September 30 accounting deadline arrives and senior cabalists scramble to make payments. As always, we warn people not to under-estimate these snakes. They will do all they can to destroy the world rather than set humanity free. THEY WILL BE STOPPED. ”

C’est vraiment dur a enseigner aux viperes de ne pas mordre — il ne faut jamais les croire.

(it’s really hard to teach vipers not to bite – – do not ever trust them)

Aloha with Love and Light,


metaphy on September 26, 2011 @ 9:54 pm ( last week)

Great post on symbolism and eye of Horus.

Reminds me that the Scarab beetle was sacred to them because it resembles exposed brain and it’s lobes and hemispheres. But I did not know about cross section of brain and the eye of Horus.

More on this one latter.


Dick Cheney’s history

look out for the snakes in the grass benjamin!



Thanks Ben – much appreciated as always.

I would be very interested to learn of any Singapore connection as that has been a hub for the G7 nations for many years.

Very little is mentioned abouts its involvement.

We have recently experienced the fourth Singapore grand prix, an exercise of total indulgence by the haves.



Comment by secondlife on September 27, 2011 @ 7:02 am
SC, the post by Steve Beckow is a disinfo hit piece. I have never followed his work because early on I foind his LOC to be low. For example, the average LOC of subscribers to Ben’s blog who have posted in the past 7 days = 668. And… for the past 7 days no troll or disinfo agent has posted (actually none for the past 8 weeks). Steve Beckow’s LOC = 535 and he is a disinfo agent. Steve lists URL’s for Rense and A. True Ott below his post. Rense’s LOC = 535 and his is not a disinfo agent (but he posts things on his site that often come from disinfo agents – without vetting them). Ott’s LOC = 435 and he is a disinfo agent. The average LOC of the 3 persons who comprise Sorcha Faal = 667. And they are not disinfo agents.

Steve’s piece is a blanket “outing” of Sorcha Faal and the reports. Much of it is not true. I don’t have time to go through it point by point and discuss each untruth. I truth test each Sorcha Faal report when it is published. In the past , there have been many that tested as 90 – 95% true. For some time, the reports have tested as 100% true.

Lastly, I’ve pasted below, part of a comment I posted in November 2010. Note the Rense’s LOC was lower then (435). His LOC has risen as has that of almost everyone.

“On the Sorcha Faal website, the is a page titled, Who is Sorcha Faal?

That page is interesting and presents a very negative picture of Jeff Rense but doesn’t offer any proof, except to point out that over 1.400 negative articles about Sorcha Faal were “fathered” by Rense’s original attack article. [BTW, for Jeff Rense, I get that his LOC = 435, much lower than the LOC of most of us here.]

As I have posted some time back, per my truth testing, I have “determined” that Sorcha Faal is, in fact, 3 people: two ladies and one guy and they are based in Ireland. Many people have said that David Booth is Sorcha Faal. However, on the “Who is Sorcha Faal?” web page, David is said to be the father of Sister Rachel. My truth testing says that he is indeed the father of one of the two ladies. It has been claimed that David Booth is with Naval Intelligence. Per my testing, he was with Naval Intelligence in the past but not now.

Conclusion: there is no proof about what Sorcha Faal is, or is not. We are each left to our own discernment, to which the truth testing team can add (without proof).”



Tu parles bien le francais, uo habites tu?



Trader interviewed on BBC says Eurozone will crash AND more importantly…said “governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world” (at 2:38) he further said “Goldman Sachs does not care about this rescue package”

Get prepared!

I’ve never heard this blantant of a statement about the cabal said on MAINSTREAM MEDIA! Too bad it isn’t the US mainstream media. (Goldman Sachs being a major member of the cabal)

Go about 2/3rds ways down to page to watch this.



Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on September 27, 2011 @ 3:35 am

Those GOVT agencies you cite are all listed in CAPITAL LETTERS… They are all CORPORATIONS. If the FED were going to become benevolent… they would use the correct case for our government… and not use a dead entity substitute faking our true form of government.

In short, it is baffling bullshit.


“U.S. bank CEO slams Carney (head of Canada’s Central Bank) for pushing ‘anti-American’ regulations Written by Financial Times.”

Posted on Sun, Sep 25, 2011, 4:43 pm by The Financial Times

“Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase launched a tirade at Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada, in a closed-door meeting, underscoring mounting tensions between bankers and officials over financial regulation…”

More at:


Great link!

Loved this excerpt: ““If some institutions feel pressure today, it is because they have done too little for too long, rather than because they are being asked to do too much, too soon,” he added.

Dimon told Carney that many of the rules discriminated against U.S. banks and he was going to continue to use the phrase “anti-American,” first used in an interview with the Financial Times this month.”

It seems to be true…much of the world is telling the US banksters (Cabal) to kiss their Donkey butts!



Re: Comment by vlastimil on September 27, 2011 @ 5:52 am
>I am saying one thing we use our RV money to do something with these
>chemtrails. Here in Sweden last 3 days heavy spraying, we can get
>together and with money we can change it.

Cover the entire countryside with Cloudbusters!

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Hercolubus (Nibiru) Breaking News. Russian TV News Report About The Hercolubus Inbound


Dinar Guru : Okie Oil Man Is Told about Major USA Event

Okie Oil Man is an Intel provider for the Dinar investor community. He is a former airforce pilot and war veteran who is highly decorated and has many government contacts. His political views have shown to be very conservative. From following his intel updates over the years I can tag him with a few words so you know his ‘stereo type’: Christian, Republican, War Hero . Now let me give you some more background information, as he is one of the top intel providers in the dinar investor community as he has been providing updates on a daily basis. He completely avoids conversation every time some one brings up the World Global Settlements or anything that has to do with conspiracy. You must also understand that the thousands of dinar investors are just everyday people who have a 9 -5 job, family oriented, and most likey have no clue what is happening behind the scenes in government, finance, and other geo-political news. Most of the dinar investors really dont know about conspiracy theories as most Americans are blind to this fact. The statement below is just an example of how the human consciousness is changing drastically as now thousands if not hundreds of thousands of ‘sheeple’ will be aware to the fact that something is happening behind the scenes. This statement is HUGE! Many ‘sheeple’ are waking up! Okie the Oil Man is one of the last people I thought would even mention something like this! For me this is a WOW moment and just goes to show that something is about to pop into our reality in which science fiction writers could not even imagine. e~



I hope this ends up being a joke…If Okie oil man said it will happen tomorrow then we have 7-8 or more years to prepare.


Re: Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on September 27, 2011 @ 6:31 am
>War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion – Seattle exopolitics

I was disappointed to hear this… *grin*

I was hoping they’d put up a computer-generated alien invasion, and then the good guys would interfere. In my mind I was picturing the image of the invading spaceships being replaced with a blue-screen-of-death, followed by a reboot and an episode of loony tunes playing in our skies.


@ XL on September 27, 2011 @ 11:41 am

“with a blue-screen-of-death, followed by a reboot and an episode of loony tunes playing in our skies.”

Thanks for this one XL – got a good laugh out of it… I would, however, add that I’d like it if the looney tunes was a Road Runner ep with Wile E. Coyote saying… ‘Wile E. Co-yo-tee…. Super Genius’ lol


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

tha tha thats all folks .
that would be so funny.


XL on September 27, 2011 @ 11:41

XL thats a ripper – you crap all over “Hanna-Barbera”



Welcome to all of the first-time posters! We hope to hear more from you all.


“Windows media player is missing the proper codec to play this video file …..”


Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on September 27, 2011 @ 5:38 am


What a powerful presentation regarding the ‘math’ reality of population growth, resource depletion, and the future in just one more generation. I had no idea how the explanation of simply math or a mere 1.3% increase could impact our world when you factor in time…and not that much time at that!



Comment by harondaddy on September 27, 2011 @ 11:10 am



Hi All

Has anyone seen this yet. Heaps of info sent to me by a friend. I haven’t had time myself to sift through it all, so don’t know if it is ridgy didge or not.

Bilderberg Conferences
Bilderberg Conferences reference page: Secret lobbying for Anti-Democratic European Superstate by Western Elite


Japan eyes rare earth deal with Myanmar


Comment by pansy on September 27, 2011 @ 10:27 am

Pansy: Thanks!




To save the economy, on October 01, 2011, Obama will announce that he is ordering the immigration department to start deporting old people (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs.

Old people are easier to catch, and will not remember how to get back home! Cafe.


Comment by harondaddy on September 27, 2011 @ 11:10 am

Wow! Harondaddy. Your characterization of Okie was very informative.



first of all: Thank You for this forum Mr Fulford, and all your hard work and sacrifice for the cause of Liberty.

re: post @ September 27, 2011 @ 12:31 am and anyone else on this blog

This is our blog too, and i feel safe to say most of us appreciate the use of, shall we say, proper language that is appropriate for a public forum such as this.

YOu know, – language that is more conducive to positive change. After all, isn’t that what this blog is about?

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


@XL Sufferin’ succotash! A projection of Jesus or aliens with an error message over it? Could totally see that happening.

Black ops guys sitting in their dens with their heads in their hands waiting for the computers to reboot: “C’mon, c’mon…”


“[KR188] Keiser Report – Cultural & Financial Fragging
Posted on September 25, 2011 by stacyherbert| 270 Comments”

“We interview Ned Naylor Leyland about the latest in the silver manipulation case against JP Morgan. (The interview was recorded before the huge drop in silver on Friday which is why that was not mentioned)…”



Uh Oh! Someone got FLAGGED for improper usage. 20 yard penalty. At least he wasn’t ejected.


Shipwreck of SS Gairsoppa reveals £150m silver haul
26 September 2011 Last updated at 12:41 ET

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

For the Christ consciousness crowd who think themselves to be I AM
All history has been changed, to remove the Jesus Yahweh factor because it was so potent it could not be stopped and had to be redirected with the present system bullshit the result. I have been fighting the system for 60 years since a child, I started curing people of AIDS, Cancer and then was threatened by the government and my nephew was shot dead as they could not kill me. We, Asherah and I took the cures to New Guinea and established two clinics that are operating to this day, 80,000 plus cured of incurable diseases. We just returned from Fiji, we had established clinics there, was arrested and deported. It’s all on YouTube. Google my name Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Big money in AIDS grants to fight man’s worst peril the Americans patented it in 1987 patent number 4647773, Google it. No one wants a cure when there are millions of dollar pouring in to feed the nations coffers, money for weapons etc, therefore it is a ploy to make it appear there is no cure and reap the endless supply of research cash. You are right about the bible, 70% bullshit is an underestimation, and however it is a trap for Lucifer as there are obscure verses that are divine in number of Hebrew gematria. I am not looking for people to believe in me, what I am doing is working with 100% believers who are on the cutting edge of the war waged against mankind. The problem is England and the Eugenic Society, they target the poor to be eliminated with the above and the wealthy targeted with invented diseases then reap the sale of drugs, all the while poisoning the air, water, food with proactive mycoplasma nano particles of disease as well as fertility suppressant additives like Soy, and bromine in bread which makes young people infertile. I do what I do simply because of who I am and if you are a man of logic the answers are in the impossibility of coincidences built into the Great Pyramid which is My altar and built as the Bible in Stone so that no man could fuck with it. You have the common sense to review the information and reject or stay on the fence or believe, no matter to me. It is not an election it is what it is.

I am who I am and stand before the world, I AM the greatest threat to the Jews and Freemason hordes who kill at the drop of a hat and yet all you have to consider is why am I able to be totally transparent and stand before the world, prove to many, not necessarily yourself, that is your free will, but I am still alive. Why?

Read entire Article here:


“Trader on the BBC says Eurozone Market will crash”!


I am new to this membership but what I carry from this informaton is E=Mc2 is just another form of debauchery that we must move beyond. The world we live in is changing and some information is difficult to understand but the truth lies in what you want to believe and that leaves your own perception of your own reality. If 1,000,000 neutrinos pass through your body in a millisecond does your body change or does your soul quiver?

Time = 3 dimensions


dave -thanks for the ucc post.

IRS (i represent satan) being converted to benevolent organization??!! who came up with that idea.

It is only the biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind, in the history of planet Earth. Outrageous!!

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Jews protest against Israel and Zionism.


Dinar Guru : Okie Oil Man Is Told about Major USA Event

You might be right, people are blind, even though they are good, honest people.
It might not be ELENIN though, it might be their trick to escape financial break down and stage war etc. Ben says they will be stopped, it has been known to WDS plainly.


Planets are life forms.
Comment by calebbrennan on September 26, 2011 @ 8:38 pm
Cal, this is one of the points made by Sheldan Nidle in his Sunday webinar:
Shaping Earth’s Divine Blueprint
And it’s something both he and George Kavassilas agree on.

Furthermore, it is our responsibility to act as guardians of this Earth (Gaia) and this star system to enhance, beautify and bring it to its utmost perfection and highest potential as a galactic being.

Here are some answers he gave to questions which were posed at the end:

What about the DUMB tunnels supposedly blown up?
Sheldan: They were “desconstructed” without loss of life through the use of ET technology. This was to convince the cabal that they are no longer in control and that their minions will be arrested.

There will be no ET false flag attack. The cabal has attempted this numerous times in the past but has always been stymied by Federation intervention. (Think Wylie Coyote trying to catch Roadrunner).

The Federation will reduce the worst effects of the coronal mass ejections — no worries.

Elenin is nothing to fear.

Good news from the Galactic Federation.


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Maybe ben will call on us to battle for the freedom of the world in some way . I am sure most of us would step up to the plate .
How many are betting on 2 days of darkness? that would be so cool . RA-EL threatened to darken the sun . when it was on the other side of the sun it looked like a second sun .
I must of heard 20 different stories about elenin …. Is it a HOAX? If its a hoax is a damn good one .I havent a clue …but if nothing happens my friends will consider me a fool . lol

something gotta happen .
the HOPI and Sumaratans would have to be in on it LOL .


Interesting to see Revelation 6 and wonder if we are near a fulfillment of this passage:

12 I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, 13 and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14 The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

15 Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us[f] from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of their[g] wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”

Keep the faith all you Fulfordistas…brothers and sisters who have eyes to see and ears to hear what is really going on! 🙂

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here
Silver ~ London Banker’s Scared: People Dumping Their Paper To Take Possession Of Silver ~ This Will Cause The NWO Banksters To Produce REAL Cash W/O The Ability To Hide Behind Fraudulent Derivative Paper.


I just would like to add that the event that Okie is talking about is nothing to be scared of unless you are a member of the shadow government or dark cabal. Basically, the shit is going to hit the fan for the dark overlords as they finally get the point that they are no longer in control. If you read my sequence of events then you will know that this is what is about to manifest. Let us welcome the change. e~


Here are a couple of interesting programs about the signs in the sky and the book of Revelation:

I would love for others to join me in praying that this ancient fruitless tree would be uprooted…and say unto the mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea. Together, we have great power of agreement to cause this to come to pass if we will only DECLARE that Babylon is fallen!

“2 “Announce and proclaim among the nations,
lift up a banner and proclaim it;
keep nothing back, but say,
‘Babylon will be captured;
Bel will be put to shame,
Marduk filled with terror.
Her images will be put to shame
and her idols filled with terror.’
3 A nation from the north will attack her
and lay waste her land.” ~Jer. 50

Let us not be guilty of shrinking back in fear like the Israelites who were to conquer the Promised Land. Let’s not fear these shapeshifting BLEEPS and declare and decree that they are the ones who will run in fear from us!


Numbers 13:32-33
King James Version (KJV)

” 32And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.

33And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.”


“30And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.”



Very important Dutch whistleblower going English too!

However I wish he would shout not so loud…


There are also several senior members of the Bilderberger group who have now promised to work with the White Dragon Society in exchange for promises of immunity. These include Bilderberger head D’Avignon, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen and others. Dick Cheney has also put out feelers offering testimony in exchange for immunity.

So, let me get this straight, the Russian Skopsi, using their highest form of duplicate technology have procured the surrender for promises of immunity all the major Dark Cabal this including the ‘Black Pope”. Very interesting Ben. It seems in order to clean up the world of this malignant vile trash, we must now grant them immunity from prosecution. Ben, I agree somewhat, in order to apprehend them, but to completely let them off the hook, I can’t see it happening. No way will the masses allow this when the truth of their acts become known. You can’t stop a problem when you let the guilty criminals go free. They will find another way to continue their evil trek upon our world. Yes, I agree, they can and should be let free upon another world to learn and start from scratch a proper life. Just not here on earth, or in it, to say the least. I say send them to the Moon, then send them and their Moon coffer to the black hole of the sun therein to reside for ever.

I see know other proper remedy.


Re: Comment by merek on September 27, 2011 @ 2:11 am

Great comment Merek, as always…
Let me unfold my thoughts on the Rothschild part of it:

First, it would be VERY unwise for the WD not to directly negotiate with the very top of the Pyramid – which BTW are themselves just slaves to their space masters (most probably the Orion Group).

Second, I wouldn’t underestimate the wisdom of the WD’s by even thinking about that they would NOT know who the real enemy is.

Third, during negotiation, to openly attack their front man (Rockefeller) instead of the head of the snake (Rothschild) looks to me not suspicious but sagaciously -given the timely segment in which this war game is right now.

Conclusion, to make public announcements during the process of negations with the real enemy would then not be very helpful after all…

Keep up your great work



Instead of a X-class solar flare, it’s been a ridiculously long series of M-class flares (second most powerful after X-class) the past two days…
Geomagnetic storm in progress right now.


A series of M class flares (instead of an X class one) seems comparable to a series of earthquakes of less than 8 magnitude which we have also seen. And reflects the suppression of dangerous events by benign external forces, in my opinion. (Not to say that more dangerous events will be avoided in the future.)

Mahalo Brothers and Sisters, Above and Below


Immunity versus punishment

While I do understand the psychological background of those (mostly US members) who see/feel a red flag when Immunity as a probability is introduced instead of punishment (getting even/ ‘serving justice’) I would like us to remember, that what we really need is, is to take care that
A) those persons get hindered to continue their crimes and
B) cant be replaced by other snake heads
C) the System-Change, or as I call it the Paradigm Change, is succeeding in the most possible non-violent way
D) given the fact that some of the sneak heads rather would blow up anything than to share or give up, we NEEd to find ways to make this necessary transitions at least palatable for the monsters.

So, Immunity – under conditions described above- might be a wiser tool for preventing more unnecessary horror & bloodbath than to “serve justice” which BTW is an Oxymoron, rather invented to serve vengeance than bring back balance…



Yes, I will accept that Ash. Thank you. Just venting off a little negative feelings on these nasty vermin.

For Peace, Always.


Somehow I have the feeling the current discussion is centered around irrelevant chatter. Let’s face it, we are facing systemic meltdown, which would propagate in days rather than months.

We have discussions on immunity/punishment, capital requirements/discrimination, silver&gold/fiat paper, debt reduction/economic growth, war/peace, default/more debt and so on….

The new monetary system cancelling the old system will have to be implemented very soon. The alternative is an uncontrolled introduction of a new system cancelling the old system. In either case the debt issue will have to be resolved. This can be controlled or uncontrolled.

Personally I would opt for a controlled manner, but those in charge might just go for the uncontrolled version.


is the immunity question relevant? is not history written by those who come out on top? these will be the people granting immunity. as long as it remains unclear who comes out on top, is it possible to grant immunity?


Minou and SL

Pay no attention to me. If you guys vibe with each other that’s great. Don’t let my observation be a wet rag on it

To all

With all the news of impending doom in the world it’s great to take stock and tell the people you love that you love them. Not just your nearest and dearest but the people you encounter who regularly brighten you spirits, let them know you appreciate them.

If all the talk of cataclysm turns out to be a big nothing, it’s a good reminder that one day,for each of us, our number comes up. En Carpe Dium

Spread the love, it’s more powerful than Atomic bomb.

Om Shanti


papandreou is promising greece will have a budget surplus in 2012…..alhtough structural changes could take years.

meanwhile commissioner rehn has been hanging out in washington asking bernanke and geithner how europe should solve the problem. he says the europeans have received good advice as well as support. he also says recession can be avoided in europe.

this is a stunning turn of events. a sure sign they know something average people don’t. i just hope they would tell us what it is…..


more good news: the US has averted bankruptcy on Oct 1, the new deadline is mid-November.

looking good. stock markets are also rising today.

huh, that was a close one.


Comment by calebbrennan on September 27, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

Hey Caleb, doesn’t Om Shanti mean, “get a room, you silly kids.”

I may be mistaken, but I concur…


Comment by secondlife on September 27, 2011 @ 5:38 am

Please tell me why certain people have just up-and-left here ever since the White Hats took a leave…

Like who?
Who specifically?
I didn’t notice anybody leave but Gino who is affiliated with White Hats.

if certain people didn’t have an agenda, other than, to just disrupt the board by arguing with the White Hats, then why leave and not stay?
no one disrupted the board more than T-man with his condescension of all here. Whenever challenged he resorted to insults. (weak hand)
He could have just calmly explained his position but he repeatedly flamed like a petulant child.

It’s beyond co-incidence.
Curious… please help me make better sense? Thanks


I think you need to go back and review the posts because you must have been reading a different blog than I if you think these guys were unjustly attacked.
WO is right, t-man was the source of discord.

Almost everyone of his posts referred to the whole blog as stupid and lazy -do-nothings, and that WH work was so important they couldn’t be bothered with us, yet he kept showing up? Huh???

I don’t care if some guy came on the blog and said he was king of the world and was going to solve the worlds problems.
If you don’t treat people with respect you will get none.

As I said “He who throws poo does not realize it is a boomerang”


Comment by ugmmichael on September 27, 2011 @ 5:06 pm

Totally agree with you Michael.

It’s not for Ben to forgive these scumbags, but to the people of the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the United States, Europe and Russia. These people are ruthless and they enjoy watching the Goyim suffer under their hands, I also have no doubt they will seek ways to inflict terrible loss on the WDS for they have been a forbidable force – one they have not seen for centuries that has put their march to their One World Government just meters away from victory on hold.

This attack on the NWO is a major setback for them, a blatant defeat, the King is naked, the Wizzard of Oz is exposed and I doubt if they will forgive Ben and the WDS for showing who they are and stopping their genocidal plans on humanity. Truth be told, kill the snake Ben while you can for fear it will turn around and bite you.




You are always so positive and smiling it was nice you could share your negative feelings as well.

It will prove to Merek that you most assuredly have not been robotized. Very Human of you.

All the best.

Did you see my imaginings on Hollow Earth stuff?


Comment by goody8504 on September 27, 2011 @ 12:31 am

LOL !!! 😀


Comment by positivechange on September 27, 2011 @ 6:49 pm

I agree, but chatter is chatter, relevant in your opinion or not in others.

Opinions are like arseholes, eveyone has one 😀

peace n love



more good news: the US has averted bankruptcy on Oct 1, the new deadline is mid-November.

Are you sure of what you are talking about? Either they stole some money somewhere or they blackmailed somebody with nukes.


Whatever the different believes about 9-27-11 (today), for anyone wondering why the heck they have the military drills over Denver and Obama being there today, on the verge of government shutdown, broke, with Elenin for the first time in between the sun and earth, Obama will land in Denver at 325pm today and has a speech at Lincoln High School at 415pm. Let’s see…


Re: Comment by maclin on September 27, 2011 @ 12:18 pm
>“Windows media player is missing the proper codec to play this video file …..”

Well, that is better than the old time bomb that used to show up on Macs… *grin*


Re: Comment by hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on September 27, 2011 @ 2:51 pm
>Maybe ben will call on us to battle for the freedom of the world in some way .

Oh stop it, I’m already having too many dreams about going back into the military.


Re: Comment by asha4u on September 27, 2011 @ 5:54 pm
>Immunity versus punishment

Well said! At some point we need to step above the tendencies to get “revenge”.


Comment by vlastimil on September 27, 2011 @ 10:01 pm

There was an article in a Finnish newspaper. Didn’t state details where they got the money from, but said the senate voted on the issue last night. There was apparently an overwhelming majority.

Can’t find the link anymore.


Comment by positivechange on September 27, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

Papandreou’s statements are based on debt forgiveness of 50%. German and French government advisors support the plan according to a Financial Times Deutschland article. The previous 21% reduction would not be sufficient.

The assumption is that the Greek debt situation would be contained to Greece. Which could work if the stability fund is expanded to at least 2 trillion EUR.


lew3 on September 27, 2011 @ 9:32 am

Thanks Lew… like always, I truly appreciate your efforts and contributions here. Be Safe and Be Well


Whatever the different believes about 9-27-11 (today)

It appears to me that Elenin might be a cover up, black ops, I guess illuminati have always more than one plan plus withdraw plan also. Using Elenin they staged it that way so that they can hide and use HAARP etc.
Just think about that if you are one of them how would do create scenario to deceive everyone.
1. U classify something info about ET’s Elenin etc
2. At some time later you “leak it” to a friend who is excited to have a hand on something very “secret – classified”
3.He brings it to a alternative community as a whisper blower
4. They you use some mind control to make some picked people to have experiences seeing and hearing voices (they have that technology)
5.You have more whisper blowers
7. Time to act

It is easy believe me. You need money, resources and time. They had it for decades and we know for centuries.



Comment by noxcs4u on September 27, 2011 @ 10:15 pm

cause and effect and cause and effect.

I like to think the universe is self sorting, and that our galaxy is also, and our planet also, just on time scales and multi-dimensional proportions we struggle to even imagine.

I would say all of things are interconnected, Elenin has been linked in the past to changes in the human paradigm, perhaps our solar system works like a giant clock, and we have come or are coming to the end of a cycle.

So say the mayans anyway, however you take the transcriptions / transaltions.

I sit and watch and wait, I build up knowledge, skills and strength of body and mind, that I will perhaps need to draw on to teach and build anew. This is my intuition speaking, and I trust it.

My life has drawn me down many varied avenues of practical and theoretical knowledge, and I have always wondered why ever since I was young, and I feel it is my intuition following its natural path

I have faith that everything happens at the right time for the right outcome.

We may see some negatives in the next 2 years, but I think over 10 years we will see positives like we have never known.

I feel i am here to help others evolve through these tough times, maybe not on this blog as you guys are on it compared to my compadres at home, but it is my family and friends I am here for and learn for.

promote kindness and curiosity everywhere you go

peace and love


@Xl, Fun stuff!

Per your Comment on September 27, 2011 @ 10:27 pm

“Re: Comment by maclin on September 27, 2011 @ 12:18 pm
>“Windows media player is missing the proper codec to play this video file …..”

Well, that is better than the old time bomb that used to show up on Macs… *grin*”

That reminds me of one time when I was at a corporate office that I did not go to very often, and we had the mostly-PC network going but the graphics guy had the Macs’. I wanted to see the differences for their graphical work, this was a friendly environment and one of the guys began showing me some stuff. He said “Now, watch THIS…” and of course nothing but an error, I laughed because that usually happened to me! I understood because by that time (late 90’s) I had seen anough goofiness from DOS and Windows to last a while.

That reminds me, I need to see if the the old OS2 server running the timeclocks needs anything, it has been running since ’97 with nary a peep… 🙂

Again, fun stuff XL !


calebbrennan on September 27, 2011 @ 9:15 pm

Hey Cale… thanks for reaching out… however, I’m going to decline a response to your remark. For nothing more than to preserve peace and harmony here. I was making an observation… no need for you to inflame the situation by wanting to debate about it. You have always had your opinion, which mostly has been in opposition to the White Hats, as has Wo… who actually, I was having the discussion with. While yes, I did post openly to this board it was again an observation… not an argument. If you want to debate it, then you will be doing it alone. Debates are only worth an effort when two sides are willing, I mean really willing to try to work out a problem and find a solution, or at least a compromise.

There is no compromise here and I guess never will be. For months it has been the White Hats verses the those who don’t believe in what they are about. It’s kind of like our current government… there is no meeting in the middle, since neither really wants to give in. Now you and Wo and whom ever doesn’t like the White Hats can express until your blue in the face why you don’t like the White Hats, but for those who do… you will never budge them. And the exact same can be said, about those that like them. Religion, Politics and the White Hats are not worth discussing, since they are opinion based and nothing more.

For you to simply pose the argument here again says nothing more than your ego’s desire to be right. Why else… we are both here behind computers with no real way to prove shit! Your no more intelligent than myself… and no closer to the truth. How can you be, you’re not working with them and can comment directly because of it. Age means nothing here, schooling means nothing here… we are all on equal ground to discern info and make an opinion with it. So why argue? You know your heals are dug-in and so are mine… there is no reason to budge since the kind of truth that would change are position will never be found here.

My point of mentioning the White Hats and the silence is quite simple. When they return, I want people to remember who is currently here and who is not. Who will attack who and who will not. It was once said, that I even had an agenda, that my purpose was some how linked to them. And that pissed me off to no end, since I was not quilty of anything, other than liking the White Hats (which I did not when I first came here). So other than you, Wo and BH, who everyone knows by now do not like the White Hats, let’s just keep track of things. This way the trolls, on both sides, will be exposed (if they show)and we can all live in peace here… like it is now. You know, there are certain backers of the White Hats, who disappeared too, so this is not just one sided. I try my best to be balanced… I tend to like most of what the White Hats represent, but not everything… so again, it’s not an all or nothing deal with me. Can’t paint me into a corner… as I say regularly, I play for no team and ride the middle… and that will never change my friend!

Thanks Cale… for at least letting me vent about a sore spot for many here. The division is BS… through communication we can close the gap… and while still holding opinions that may indeed be quite in opposition. And despite what you may feel after my rant, I do appreciate you and your contributions… many things you express make me laugh and grow! Thanks and Be Safe and Be Well


re: Comment by Grendizer on September 27, 2011 @ 9:16 pm

As much as a part of me would like to lead the sword of the hangman’s hand which is decapitating the snakes and would probably even enjoy the sound of the head falling into the basket : the other part knows very well, that by fighting the Hydra, for any head you cut off, at least 2 others will grow…

Michael, in an entry further down, understood that well in his answer to my entry about Immunity versus Punishment and revoked. Kind of…

Besides, if the one time cut through the Gordian Knot would be an option, I’m sure the WD’s would have done it long ago.

And for those of us to whom I spoiled the fun of seeing the monsters hanging:
I heard playing “Ego-Shooter” absorbs a lot of anger and frustration…
Just an idea… 😉

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

SL I am sure everything is monitored by someone and comments do get back to them . I quite sure they would respond if they felt needed responding to.
I asked a question to T-man and lew gave his opinion and I thank him for it …..give a little time I bet T-man comes in to respond and to bring some news .
EGO seems to be at a high level you included and me included as well.
we all here are a community and the whites hats are part of out community .
T-man and white hat I hope you are safe and we all need a little behind the scenes reassurance that things are under control as michel and Ben and Wilcox have reported.
also I would like to give a shout out to those who are gone . Orbs ,Peacerus,patriotkate,other great contributors to this blog .
peace and safety to all.
on another note the sun just came out and it is very bright and the suns rays are hot ….could it be solar flare caused by elenin?



I’ve never been in opposition to white hats.

I’ve said on numerous occasions if they can do good more power to them.

I just don’t like condescending bullies.

And just because T-man self identifies as an asshole doesn’t make it OK to be one.

I like your posts in general, just thought you were misinformed on that one and wanted to set the record straight.

take care


Nuclear Event USA LEVEL 2 – Pallisades Nuclear Plant Michigan


Under the assumption that politicians and other leaders do not want to crash the monetary and economic systems one could say the following:

The US is postponing its fall to allow Europe to implode first. This way Europe can be blamed for causing the crisis. Once the Greek situation is resolved via restructuring of debts, other problems will appear as markets either start focusing on other countries or the deteriorating economic situation becomes the main focus. For markets to change direction fundamental issues must be resolved. These issues include debt, debt and debt.

Currently all there is to prevent a collapse from happening are internet rumors of secret meetings taking place and the flicking of a switch to introduce a new monetary system. With many governments involved. But there is no talk of how to solve the debt issues, private and public. Without this there will be no economic growth and with no growth no chance of improving fiscal deficits or anything else.

It is a spiral down. This is the reality. It is an absolutely terrible state of affairs, that is paving the way for complete collapse of society as we know it, in Europe and the US. China will not be spared when international trade comes to a halt.

This is the nature of the beast. So either the beast is confronted or it will do what it was created to do in a massive orgy-style dinner including buckets for vommiting. Just like in the middle ages. That is where this is heading. One could ask our leaders: are you up for it? If yes, which one, confrontation or not?


Anyone have the skill, time or inclination to give us a general idea of what Ben and the others are saying?

国家非常事態対策委員会 9/27/11 ダイジェスト版



I’ve been a member here for a while, but have never posted. Would anyone care to comment on why President Obama’s public calendar is blank after today?

It’s accessible at the link below:

Possibly, this calendar isn’t really maintained, but I think it is odd considering all of the online noise right now about his being in Denver.


Russia Today, 3 hours ago.
Occupy Wall Street: Police brutality, media blackout.


RE: Comment by merek on September 27, 2011 @ 1:09 pm

U made my day… Cant stop laughing…


Did anyone watch either Terra Nova, or Alphs last night? Seriously interesting programs. In fact, Alphas it was their season finally and they had a form of disclosure on it.

To give you a quick history of Alphas, they are humans with extraordinary abilities. For any that were Heroe’s fans, very much the same.

There are a group of Alphas that are currently working for a Psych Doc that are employed by a secret division of the government looking to find and examine more Alphas. There is a counter group of Alphas (bad guys) that work for an organization, called Red Flag looking to recruit more Alphas to work against normal humankind.

The main government (Congress) has no idea that Alphas, let alone the secret branch, even exists. So eventually they are told of the branch, and wish to have this Pysch Doc (leader of the good Alpha group) come to discuss in what looks to be Congressional Hall, what his group has discovered and what he wishes from our government in return.

Now here’s the kicker… he takes with him into the meeting a pen-camera that is linked to all media sources – internet, TV, radio and such, and broadcasts to everyone, everything that they are discussing in the courtroom. He turns to the camera and says, these Alphas are everywhere, that they have extraordinary abilities and look like you and I and then turns the camera to the representatives of congress as they speak negatively about how they (Congress) wants to deal with the Alphas. It was really captivating and profound in how they did it on the show… makes me really feel that something is absolutely coming. And frankly, I can’t wait! 😛 Definitely a recommended watch. Too tired to go into Terra Nova at this point… but cool as well.


Minou and SL… pay attention to me, AND this is not a judgement… this is for real. Secondlife you are a married man and father. Flirting is not a “harmless” preoccupation for either of you should you take it farther… and, face it, that becomes out of your control or out of your will at some point. You place yourselves into the unenviable position of creating karma… the not good kind… the kind that results from entanglements.

My husband got us into just this type of entanglement… the flirting turned to something else, the something else turned him from an honest, decent man into an ego driven one and the rest is history. The entanglements created makes it a situation that now will not be readily remedied, if it can be. He is not proud of himself… not because i will not forgive or take him back, i have forgiven and i would take him back… i love him. His shame is that he lied, he conspired, and he did many more things that are untoward… he lost soul.

Again, no judgement… just love.

Peace, love, truth and mercy… pass it on.


moorkat on September 28, 2011 @ 1:31 am

I guess they filled his schedule in the last 10 minutes, travel time, plus a very important meeting.

4:15 PM
The President delivers remarks at Abraham Lincoln High School

That’s what he’s really going to Denver for, right? lol


Video of mighty typhoon Nesat lashing Philippines, flooding in Manila


Finale.. not finally oops


Cal– I personally think the WH have an agenda, and
that is to get the money back for there clients–
I kind of like Mister T when he is in a relaxed mode–
But when he says the world can not servive without
the Federal Reserve and the IRS, that is like putting
a red flag in front of a bull– That is part of why people
come out of the woodwork to throw rocks–
Ninety-nine percent of the people know who and what
is causing this world financial melt down, and the ones
that do not, are living in a different world–
To make it short, it’s the Banksters financial Greed
supported by the Federal Reserve is at the heart of the
Have to go back to work, hard to educate people that
do not understand what is happening–
Take care–


Comment by secondlife on September 28, 2011 @ 1:40 am

Sounds like the X-men mutants demanding recognition and acceptance

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Identified: NYPD Officer Who Maced Peaceful Protesters
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Identified: NYPD Officer Who Maced Peaceful Protesters
Posted By: Steve [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 26-Sep-2011 17:56:21
A photographer has identified the cruel and cowardly NYPD supervisor who point blank maced a penned in group of young women and then slinked away Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protests:
Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna of the NYPD Patrol Borough Manhattan South.
If you think Deputy Inspector Bologna should be fired and prosecuted for his abuse of power, file an on-line complaint:
* Mayor Michael Bloomberg:
* and NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly:
* and the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board:
Posted by John MacHaffie at 5:13 PM 1 comments


secondlife on September 28, 2011 @ 1:40 am

Haven’t watched t.v. in many months, but this alpha show sounds great. Thanks for the description.


Oh, I guess I missed it for now. I’ll watch when it comes out on DVD.


Healers Update Pt.1 of 2 Sept. 27th, 2011

The White Hats Update: Criminal Cabal Weakening

Bush Cancels Toronto Visit Over Mass Protests Directed Toward Him

We are witnessing a major sea change.

+ Be Well +



One last post for me on the White Hats and then I’m done… and apologize for even bringing it up.

calebbrennan on September 27, 2011 @ 9:15 pm

“Almost everyone of his posts referred to the whole blog as stupid and lazy -do-nothings, and that WH work was so important they couldn’t be bothered with us, yet he kept showing up? Huh???

I don’t care if some guy came on the blog and said he was king of the world and was going to solve the worlds problems.
If you don’t treat people with respect you will get none.

As I said “He who throws poo does not realize it is a boomerang”

– I totally agree with how you feel in the above comments, and it is not my position here to defend them. However, I will say, that if they do what they say they do, then I’ll happily cut some slack for disrespect, since in some ways it’s my way of showing gratitude and appreciation.

I can’t expect everyone to act they way “I” think they should, and yes respect begets respect, and vice-versa. But let us not forget that if what they are all about, is indeed true, then I’d be pretty impatient too to have to deal with the shit I sometimes see dished out here at them.

Yes, respect is a 2 way street, but I see plenty of disrespect being turned against them as well. Remember it ALWAYS takes 2 to fight. So wouldn’t you feel the same way? Wouldn’t you have a shorter fuse, if you knew you were busting your ass for the betterment of society, and people from that very society flew turds at you? And it may be equally as frustrating for Wo to sit and read shit if she knows REAL truth but does not share it? We here can’t change our views if we are only exposed to half-truths?

So I personally and totally understand the verbal beratings since that is all the White Hats are left with. And so be it! I can definitley relate to that too. It’s not like they can reach across the internet to swat the pesty fly harassing them. And also since those that poke at the White Hats NEVER show what they have against them… other than verbal abuse… and hell, that really shouldn’t even get under anyone’s skin. You know, the whole sticks and stones thingy… names will never hurt me!! 😛

I have NEVER heard the so-called real truth to who, or what the white hats really are. Plenty of speculation and opinions… that’s all. And had they, again, maybe I’d switch my view?

So then I’ll still allow them rope… enough rope to use in any way that they can… tow a friend to safety, or hang themselves! It’s all the same to me. I would gladly defend Wo had she provided REAL info to expose the white hats… the undenialable truth. Otherwise, it’s just like religion to me… her truth, opinion and nothing more… and I’ll respect it. But ask the same in return. 😉 Thanks

Despite our differences… we can co-exist and have fun in doing so. 😉 Thanks as always! Be Safe and Be Well

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here
A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport.
Under the SALT I Strategic Nuclear Arms Control Agreement signed between Russia and the US, both parties are required to notify the other in all cases of such maximum readiness drills occurring, but are not required to state their reasons for doing so.
General Maslov states in his report, though, his concern over this drill is “heightened” due to last months nuclear attack on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) branch of the intercontinental military tunnel complex between Washington D.C. and Denver, and which we reported on in our 24 August report Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnel Network.
Important to note is that shortly after the devastating attacks on American on 11 September 2001, the Bush regime moved to completely militarize the CIA by placing as its Director former US Air Force General Michael Hayden who served in that capacity until February, 2009 when Obama then put in place the former US Army intelligence officer Leon Panetta to run this most powerful of spy agencies. After Panetta, Obama put Americas top general David Petraeus in charge of the CIA barely a week after the aforementioned nuclear attack upon it.
The fears of both the Bush and Obama regimes regarding the CIA were due to their complicity in the 11 September 2001 attacks upon America utilizing their al Qaeda terror network headed by their main asset Osama bin Laden, otherwise known by his code name of “Tim Osman,” that was run jointly with Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and funded by the Saudi royal family.


Dear Cafe ,try not to cry at this one ,”How we oppressed will feel if the NWO and their minions go down to defeat!”


this is the most extreme video rant I have experienced……


Yea, Merek, let it comming…
In time of great desperation some of us need to be remembered / forewarned that freedom can be a scary thing if one isn’t used to it…

I’m looking forward hearing the complains about all the painful withdrawal symptoms which will show up for those who then won’t be able anymore to blame anyone else for their fate…

Hell, we really have the honor of living in the most interesting times…
Keep up your great humor 😉


Restoring confidence?

“We should give it a collge try”.

This thing is too big even for the US empire described here (John Perkins, start at 4:20):

So if this current “college try” fails what then?


Comment by ugmmichael on September 27, 2011 @ 5:06 pm

It’s OK to feel the way you did. You’re human and those feelings come with the territory

In the conversation between Inelia Benz and Lucia Rene
at 35 mins, Inelia talks of how she encountered the entity inhabiting the body of the Black Pope (whom she called the Red Cardinal). She had to spend time with him (on a psychic level) and listen to the story of his life.

At 39 mins, when he had finished, he turned to her to ask for clemency. Beautiful energy flowed from Mother Divine into him. Inelia was then taken out of the picture. Her ego and human judgement kicked in and she was thinking: “How dare She give him clemency after all that he had done!”. But it was beautiful and correct for clemency to be given.

We just have to try really hard not to judge.
Definitely not easy with me.

In Dolores Cannon’s latest book The 3rd Wave, pg 182, she had this converstion:

“…negative is an illusion. Negative and positive are both construction material. Negative is evolution catalyst.

DC: But you know humans consider something negative as being bad.

They should reword it to evolution catalyst. We have been given on purpose these catalysts for evolution. These things that appear negative … these things are on purpose.”


and now for some propaganda… fear porn variety…

Code 7: Now We Know Why Obama Is In Denver!

Torino Impact Hazard Scale Condition Code 7: “A very close encounter by a large object, which if occuring this century, poses an unprecedented but still uncertain threat of a global catastrophe.” Further, “For such a threat in this century, international contingency planning is warranted, especially to determine urgently and conclusively whether or not a collision will occur.”

…if you got the time and the inclination, here’s the link…

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Earth Blasted By One Of The Most Intense Geomagnetic Storms Seen In Years

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.
RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time


hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here on September 27, 2011 @ 3:35 am

BLESS YOU HUTZ — good work, this is just what i needed to read today!


p.s. Comet Elenin is no more—the sun ate it on September 13-14— here is the proof!


Hope is mounting- my deepest thanks to White Dragons (and White Hats). A question: if the cabal is cornered and running out of money, WHO is still funding the chemtrail program which is still as active as ever, at least on the West Coast of the U.S? And what are they spraying most recently?? Does anyone here know?


Comment by secondlife on September 28, 2011 @ 2:07 am…

I have NEVER heard the so-called real truth to who, or what the white hats really are. Plenty of speculation and opinions… that’s all. And had they, again, maybe I’d switch my view?

Yep, i 2nd that… as to Wovolve…

Sometimes all we have to go on is instincts and information discerned from numerous and various sources looked at from every possible angle… and make a judgement call.

Wovolve readily comes out to say… i just post this stuff, it doesn’t mean i believe it. But, when she does believe it, she digs in. I just happen to think Wovolve is tuned in in ways that speak to my common sense and knowledge base. I find her highly credible… not so, some others who seem to jump on any old happy train.

Love you Wo… i love everyone here.


SL said
One last post for me on the White Hats and then I’m done.

I’ll bet you 50 cents you can’t do it.

your second to last post was supposed to be the last post on WH.

ha HA

Gino said goodbye 3 weeks ago and came back last week.

It’s all good


slogg on September 28, 2011 @ 1:41 am

Wanda… thank you… I’m feeling a little embarrassed to say the least. {blushing} Up until my boy Cale made a remark, I really didn’t think much about it. And now you… okay, you got my attention. But fear not. 🙂

I have personally been very careful, and as up-front as I can be here, since too much info is not advisable, nor safe to just pass out onto the web. As you have highlighted, I am indeed a happily married man, and with child. And too that I would never jeopardize it. Again, I didn’t even realize how things were looking from the outside in… until now.

We have seen, or been witness to online connections here on this very blog. Not all that long ago, let us not forget that Geno and Wo had one such bond. In fact, Cat-Monkey I believe was going to be their ring-bearer? Many here were apart of their internet-wedding planning. Oh well and they never even met… physically.

But that’s not me and definitely not what is going on with my communication with Minou. I am not going to deny that their is something different with the way that I communicate with her, since there is something special about it… it’s just that because of such a feeling, I cherish it and appreciate it.

I value reading her posts and how they make me feel… as with many others as well. The difference though, is there there is something going on inside my soul that I am attuned too. I realize this, and have been trying to find an answer for it. There’s a soul recognition going on (similar to me and Aircow (soul-brother)… maybe a past life friend, lover, sister, mother… who knows? But most important, is that it is realized now and as I stated before… valued and appreciated.

I would be committing a crime against my soul to turn a blind eye to it and act like it didn’t exist… and for nothing more than fear? But also, I am not a fool and definitely do not flirt with temptation. I would never put myself in that place for the very reason that I am a male… and what I mean by that, is just what most think?

I know how hormones rule us, shut off our minds once aroused and allow us to steer off course and INTO places of pleasure. (sorry, I just had too illustrate just a little). 😛 And is exactly why my whole life I have stayed true to EVERYONE that I have been involved with, no matter the time; once I am committed, I avoid temptation. Period. Pure and simple! If I physically stay away from the temptation… then I can’t lose my will and find myself in that place of pleasure! 😛

Now I know there is still the whole issue of – what is really cheating… physical verse just talking… and agree if your mind is not in the right place, then it can still be defined as cheating (at least to me). I totally get that. But I am not having that type of commication here, nor would I anywhere. 😕 Seriously… Again, why even tempt… if the outcome cannot be real. So for all worried, or care in the slightest… thanks for you concern… but fret not… it’s all good!

Minou is who she is to me… and I’m better for it! My soul tells me we need to communicate… and I’m fine with that!! Just wish everyone could be so lucky! 😀 Thanks
Be Safe and Be Well


Comment by justjojo on September 28, 2011 @ 3:14 am

They have $20-30 trillion “fresh” capital.

and this where they can pick up some more:


calebbrennan on September 28, 2011 @ 3:34 am

😉 At least I tried. It’s all good my friend. Have yourself a good one Cale. Be Safe and Be Well


Chemtrails are also high active in Sweden by now.


merek on September 28, 2011 @ 2:15 am

Good one 🙂


SecondLife… no thanks needed, we are all human… i merely pointed out the obvious that we all have encountered and failed to see when we, ourselves, were in such situations.

Hell, i’ve talked “dirty” with Geno, and encouraged Hutz’s flirting. But they have no such entanglements and i do not either… not saying i would have played it any different… i cannot know that.

If you want to go ahead, you don’t need anyone here’s approval or opinion… if you think it the thing you wish you had found years ago and you now need to grab it for all it’s worth because it is worth all that cost… do it… you should do nothing less. It is just helpful, i find, when you get a sign that makes you take notice of your potentials, to take heed.


Comment by slogg on September 28, 2011 @ 3:26 am

“Wovolve readily comes out to say… i just post this stuff, it doesn’t mean i believe it. But, when she does believe it, she digs in. I just happen to think Wovolve is tuned in in ways that speak to my common sense and knowledge base. I find her highly credible… not so, some others who seem to jump on any old happy train.”

My above comments were not directed exclusively to Wo… after all, I really enjoy Wo… she’s my TV go to girl! And I totally agree on her credibility and knowledge base… that’s why I read all her posts… and are better for it.
But mostly… I know, I feel she has so much more to tell us… and that alone is why I keep this going. Directly and indirectly poking for the secret hand to be exposed… it’s like the saying goes… put up, or shut-up. I hate being in the dark, and all the indirect, off-the-cuff remarks of half-truths are the little teasers that drive me carzy! 😛 So yes… enough already! I feel like the whole disclosure event… either do it and be done, or just do away with the whole idea and never bring it up again. But stop the never ending dragging on of the nonsense.

Hope I didn’t bruise anyone personally here… I know I speak out too much… and have loud thoughts as well… but it’s only because I care so much! 🙂 Thanks
Be Safe and Be Well


2nd Life… you misunderstand me… i was agreeing with you… you indicated you respected Wovolve’s position… i do too, i probably only weigh it a bit more heavier than you, but it is all the same, we all make up our own minds.


The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down…

………The film follows the struggles of Jim and Donna Navarro, whose young son was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. The conventional treatment methods, which included potent chemotherapy drugs and radiation, offered virtually no hope. Even if their son survived the treatment, side effects could include hearing loss, brain damage, cumulative reduction in IQ and other cancers, just to name a few.

The couple decided to refuse conventional treatment for their son and to seek alternatives, but like so many others, they soon realized that under the current medical paradigm, they were not free to seek whatever treatment they saw fit for their child… Yes indeed, the hard fought for freedoms that America’s forefathers sacrificed their life for seem to have gradually eroded to this sad state of affairs.

Their doctor filed charges of child abuse and child neglect against them. Still, they fought for their right to choose; to opt to not have their son suffer needlessly from a treatment that was just as likely to kill their child as the disease itself, while making him suffer terribly in the process. They had discovered Dr. Burzynski’s treatment facility in Texas, but the FDA blocked them from getting his as of yet unapproved treatment…

The Navarro’s story is a heartbreaking but important one, so I hope you will take the time to watch the film in its entirety, to understand what could happen to you, should you ever be placed in a similar circumstance. Cut Poison Burn, is available to view for free. However, if you want to help the Navarro’s pay off Thomas’ medical bills, I urge you to purchase a copy of the film. It’s being sold on a ‘value-priced’ basis, meaning you can download a copy of the film for $1.99 and up, depending on how much you’re willing to pay. You can also purchase a DVD copy for $10. A percentage of the proceeds from the film will go to cancer organizations that donate 100 percent of their proceeds to families fighting cancer—not the American Cancer Society.

It’s important to realize that the cancer industry today is based on wealth, not health. And the federal government and the American Cancer Society are actually making matters worse, not better.

I’m also making the DVD available on my site. Of these proceeds, 80 percent will go to the producers and Jim Navarro’s family. I’m giving the remaining 20 percent to Grassroots Health’s Breast Cancer Prevention Project. All monies donated to them from the sale of Cut Poison Burn will be used to enroll women 60 and over in a project aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of vitamin D in breast cancer prevention. More information about this project can be found at here. If you want to save on shipping and handling, I encourage you to purchase a digital copy of the film here.


Comment by slogg on September 28, 2011 @ 3:47 am

“It is just helpful, i find, when you get a sign that makes you take notice of your potentials, to take heed.”

Thanks again Wanda… wise words to live by. I find your star shining brighter than most! 😉 Greatly appreciated.


We all need to live as genuinely as we can these days… AND it is up to us, individually, to decides what the definition of that is.


Hmmm this isn’t good. And it happens tomorrow! 9/28/2011


Re: Comment by anonymous on September 28, 2011 @ 1:48 am
>Comment by secondlife on September 28, 2011 @ 1:40 am
>Sounds like the X-men mutants demanding recognition and acceptance

The plot does sound almost identical, doesn’t it?


If one would look for a shimmer of light in the current situation, here is one (merek that was a very interesting link you provided!):

“At this point, a student of Western history would expect our Currency Wars to turn into World War III. Let me state again what I will repeat in an upcoming series of articles: The US military will not allow the Israelis to launch WW III by attacking Iran. If the Israelis had the Greenlight, they would have already have done it.”

here are the Russian perspectives on the matter:


@ Aviator… i know you’re a busy little spammer, so i’ll keep it brief.

thanks for popping in here and sharing that insider info… but i have a couple questions…

-do you have a history with the poster that would indicate their posts are just as they say?

-how long has that poster been around and are they the type who believe anything?

-how long has that poster been “awake”?

nevermind… out of my mind for a second… carry on.


Comment by slogg on September 28, 2011 @ 3:47 am

It’s funny… your remarks have made me think back about all the internet dating I did before I met my wife… and the one thing that I can absolutely say without a doubt… is no matter how connected one feels online, even with pictures included, it’s all about the physical. If you don’t feel the spark when meeting face-to-face, everything else is for naught. I can’t tell youi how many times I was looking for a quick exit! 😛 Seriously though, that was one of the major negatives about the whole process. Many make the mistake of getting to know the individual, too much, but only to have it backfire and have bruised egos in the end. After all, if a friendship can’t be gained, then it hurts even more to walk away with nothing; all the expectation and bond building and bam… no spark… and start all over again. Or so I’m told! 😆 It takes a real person, one that you can see, feel, smell, to know the absolute truth of a connection… so I think I’m safe as long as I stay here! 😛 Thanks again



From your post, “Details? Most people will be vaporized in an instant before they know it 10:14 a.m. PST, Sept. 28, 2011 while others will be killed during and following extreme Earth changes. The VIP Bunkers are earthquake proof. That’s all I was told.”

Now, that could make tomorrow a VERY bad day indeed?



XL on September 28, 2011 @ 4:02 am

And now that you both have touched on it.. it does! 😕


If i get to have a choice, i’ll opt for VAPORIZED BEFORE I KNOW IT…

Yeah, dibs on that option !!


Greetings sloog! Look through the page and see the history.
The thing that caught me (sorry, I don’t have the link) is a
house that was destroyed in South America today. One killed and 9 injured. It was witnessed by many people. A meteor that
hit the house. The problem is that the “stuff” lining up in the sky is causing the Solar issues.

The flaky part of the link I sent is that they name a time to the minute. That is a bit suspect…

Spammer? Spam is unsolicited email. This board by definition
seeks posts. “We” simply take in what we like and ignore the rest. We do pay to be here….




I’ve been a member here for a while, but have never posted. Would anyone care to comment on why President Obama’s public calendar is blank after today?

It’s accessible at the link below:

Possibly, this calendar isn’t really maintained, but I think it is odd considering all of the online noise right now about his being in Denver.
Comment by moorkat on September 28, 2011 @ 1:31 am

If the Denver situation were related to code 7, it would make sense to put meetings on the calendar which could be cancelled or just wouldn’t take place.

It looks more like the DEFCON 1 and the calendar are signaling the willingness to take the nuclear route in making ends meet.


XL on September 28, 2011 @ 4:02 am

I still like though, how the main character forced the disclosure by bringing in a hidden camera. I don’t remember all the scenes in XMan, but I don’t think the movie did as much as this show… and I loved all the Xman movies… at least most… had a few higher expectations than delivered… but they were still all visually cool.

And no one here saw Terra Nova? The damn thing is a cross of Jurassic Park meets Avitar… looked cool and had a lot of promo-press? Guess I am still watching too much TV! 😛 Oh well… have a good one XL and anonymous

Be Safe and Be Well


Re: Comment by pansy on September 28, 2011 @ 4:10 am
>From your post, “Details? Most people will be vaporized in an instant
>before they know it 10:14 a.m. PST, Sept. 28, 2011 while others will
>be killed during and following extreme Earth changes. The VIP Bunkers
>are earthquake proof. That’s all I was told.”

>Now, that could make tomorrow a VERY bad day indeed?

Yes, indeed, that could make tomorrow a very bad day, but it is not going to happen. *grin*

I fully believe that article is reasonably accurate, that is indeed what the elite “know” and believe, but they were mislead. Perhaps that happened on a different timeline, but it won’t on this one.


Here is the meteor story! They actually forced the people to
change their story!! The story now reads like it is from a gas leak! Down lower they address the meteor.

Investigating whether a gas leak caused the tragic explosion in Buenos Aires
Neighbors say they saw “a blue ball that fell from heaven.” a woman died and 9 were wounded. No rule “aerospace phenomena.”


pansy on September 28, 2011 @ 4:10 am


I’m wondering if I should take the day off work tomorrow and make the most of it, 10.14am PST (very precise!) will be reasonably late in the day in the UK. It’s going to be warm and sunny too! can’t ask more on ones last day really! 🙂


Caleb has also said previously that he has plans for thanksgiving so he’s not gonna be happy with the end of the world being tomorrow!!!

Are we gonna get one of these every day this week?


I am happy to hear that it is Elenin they are worried about

It would have been a different picture if the cabal would have planed this then we would be in trouble,but this way
we will be just fine

many hugs


XL & anonymous

Let us not forget that Hollywood is always showing us what is real, but hidden. I find the fact they had Heroes, XMan, and now Alphas very interesting… some will just say capitalizing on the success of one… just making money with the theme until it’s dead? Maybe so, but my argument to that is just his summer alone with all the Alien chit on TV and in the movies. It simply just cannot be all about the money… way too many and all at once! I say all these little leaks are just primers for the truth… and I can’t wait! 😉 It’s either that, or my family and friends will have me committed… I’m losing time with them… they already think I’m gone… just measuring degrees at this point! 😛 Thanks again


Info Wars is down… anyone else getting that?


Yes, indeed, that could make tomorrow a very bad day, but it is not going to happen. *grin*

I fully believe that article is reasonably accurate, that is indeed what the elite “know” and believe, but they were mislead. Perhaps that happened on a different timeline, but it won’t on this one.
Comment by XL on September 28, 2011 @ 4:24 am

Yes, and once they return to their offices they will face a new reality. The timeline we are actually on. On this one there will be a full shut down of the banking system if necessary or if this is demanded from the inside. Yes, implosion from within. Those working on constructive solutions can earn their immunity. The rest will be party poopers like poof said.

Party on:


Feeling a lot of those damn atmospheric pressure changes again… ears popping and head slightly pulsing and stuffy… and I am just sitting here at work. And with the pulse and changes… the radio volume decreases. And as soon as the release is felt…pop… volume increase back again. I almost feel like I just got off a ship… a little wavily… sea legs… so how’s everyone else doing? Anyone feeling differently today… more so than others? Curious. Thanks


Aviator… apologies, apparently you did not attempt to spam… although, spam is not only unwanted mail in your in-box, it is also posting the same story through various places you may post them. I know because i got kicked off of digg 4 years ago for spamming… turns out to have been no loss.


Wanda – love you too!! Thanks for your posts of support-

Caleb – excellent points made regarding the wh’s which is exactly what I would have said.

Edge – very good summation of the situation with the wh’s in a nutshell.

Secondlife – I haven’t been on the blog lately, so I wasnt ignoring your questions, just wanted to let you know. Ive been on the blog since TMAN first started posting – so the reason I stated that the wh’s were the cause of a lot of conflict is that I watched how TMAN and Pal interacted with everyone and I noticed the patterns that formed. I, like Caleb, hope that the wh’s are for the light and will be able to acheive what they say they are working for. I just cant say for sure exactly what their agenda is –

Merek – your post about deporting old people…LMAO

Lew – I have a question about the gag order of the wh’s – Who has issued this gag order to them??


Wall Street protests get a boost of star power, Susan Sarandon shows up at demonstration
BY Christie Rotondo and Tracy Connor

Tuesday, September 27th 2011, 12:35 PM

This should help 😉


Message from Anonymous: Operation Syria


Dear Cafe,

I see a lot of angst on the site about NOT allowing any form of forgiveness or escape for the former cabal members. Even those who snich on their senior members or provide details of the rorting that has gone on.

We are especially now (6th night of final Mayan cycle) in a time of re-balancing and forgiveness is an important element if we seriously want to move onto the 4th or 5th dimensions.

Even the bible states that “vengence is mine sayth the Lord” – now I am over the “game” that religion is being used for by the various ET or cabal groups. However there are some universal truths in all systems of philosophy and one is that NO ONE ever gets away with negative deeds. The universal law brings all into balance so we as individuals do not NEED to exact retribution. The very act of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE will not only “redeem” the “fallen”, but also pushes us onto much greater things.

So please everyone, lets stop all this talk of socking it to them (the cabal) and concentrate on how beautiful and harmonious the planet can and will be.



Neil Kramer – Gates of Awakening (The Field Uplink)(REVOLUTIONS IN CONSCIOUSNESS).mp4


RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time


Comment by aviator on September 28, 2011 @ 4:01 am

Can you say briefly what the thread’s about?
I’ve been banned by GLP …..again.
I have to go to the gym if I wish to view that site. Sigh!


This is for Caleb, Wanda and secondlife.

Caleb you were just having a little fun with your comment on this so called flirtation. In some ways, it was welcome because sometimes you can be a little grumpy…no judgment, much preferred to fakes…

Wanda, I am so sorry about all you went through. You are such a bright, sensitive light and I wish you love, but mostly sustained joy. There was a misunderstanding, however. For my part, there was absolutely no flirtation. Trust me it would have been x rated and deleted from the cafe. lol. I am simply a very, very affectionate person who is highly appreciative. Maybe I need to be more careful with how I express myself? Sometimes I just want a burst of love (very universal) to flow through my fingers as I type, and that may be misunderstood. (I so appreciate the bursts of generalized love in people’s comments here when it appears between the lines, and it does so much!) I am happy secondlife did not misunderstand me.

And as for you, secondlife, stay bright and dear. Your wife is a very lucky woman, and I’m sure you are a lucky man. Re. your reaction today, maybe you are responding to these sun flares? Or perhaps it’s just an ear infection (I hope not). No deep underwater swimming recently right? It not, maybe your inner hearing is opening up and there are some adjustments happening outwardly? Listen to the space between the thoughts and feelings expressed by the brain. Also, a really great neck massage can help open the flow between the head and the rest of the body. You may just be experiencing an excess of energy in the head. Are you having to concentrate intensely for long periods of time, around stressful matters? Perhaps just a little more mellow time in nature, or just under the open sky, would help, even 10 minutes…

If I am absent more than usual in days, or weeks, to come, please know I got some very sad personal news today, related to the person I love the most in the world. I’m also moving and, whenever I can, will re-join the precious Occupy Wall Street crew.

Warm wishes to all.


Did anybody see Ron Paul on The Jon Stewart show last night? It was a great interview… I can’t believe it… but the Lefty-Stewart was completely fair in how he treated Ron Paul. I think he’s a closet supporter. 😛

Here’s some of the interview:


Comment by aviator on September 28, 2011 @ 4:01 am

“And what do they expect will happen? A massive solar flare they were told will wipe out billions of people worldwide!”


Not to worry folks! We have higher powers keeping us safe. They will intervene to suppress any extreme planetary danger. I know this must be true because Sheldan Nidle verifies it. [Joke, joke!] (Hey if we’re wrong, we might not be around to talk about it anyway.)

Envision Love


peoples’ comments
damn I hate that error
oh well, less posts, less typos


Comment by secondlife on September 28, 2011 @ 3:34 am

Well said secondlife. I actually agree with you – many of us on this site will have had a form of relationship with others that are here bacause that is the nature of existence – we all are drawn to connect with the “group” we have evolved with throughout eternity.

Some connections were really positive and loving, others may have been confrontational and we can see that even in this cafe community. The main thing is that we recognise this and work to harmonise – just as you have been doing.

Thanks for sharing and showing us how we should apply the inner feelings.



“Sometimes I just want a burst of love (very universal) to flow through my fingers as I type, and that may be misunderstood. (I so appreciate the bursts of generalized love in people’s comments here when it appears between the lines, and it does so much!)”— Minou

Minou, we can feel your love and very much appreciate it. Please continue to express it.

Aloha nui loa


Hi Minou,

Really sorry to hear about your personal sad news. Be sure that we all love you and are here to support you when needed. May the Divine uplift you and support you through this time.



May our Light and Love look down upon us in kindness and forgive us in mercy as we in justice forgive those who distress and injure us.

Thank you Grendizer for your response, but I went a little overboard, me thinks. But I do understand your awareness concerning, respectfully.

“At some point we need to step above the tendencies to get “revenge”. Yes, so true XL. I remember, vengeance is mine; saith the Lord.

“Michael; You are always so positive and smiling it was nice you could share your negative feelings as well. It will prove to Merek that you most assuredly have not been robotized. Very Human of you.
All the best.”

Well ya, I’m very human. I do my ranting and raging when I’m in the company of Merek. He does have the ability to really get me going. Also, I too on him. In the end, it’s all in loving understanding. However, in the field out in the world, both together, we have much to reckon with on those vermin. Love your posts and comradery. “Did you see my imaginings on Hollow Earth stuff?” No, I don’t recall. Please elaborate.

Love and Light to you all.


Did you see my imaginings on Hollow Earth stuff?
Comment by calebbrennan on September 27, 2011 @ 9:27 pm



You seem to me to be just as you present yourself to be… sweet, kind, wise, intelligent, but with a touch of vulnerable… i believe what you say to be true… and not because there is no reason not to… but because i just do.

I have to admit, i did not read the posts between you and 2nd life… i merely thought to inject wisdom when i noted that some other(s?) kind of felt that might be happening… but guess what… I’M NOT THE HALL MONITOR… that’s someone else’s job… maybe.

How kind of you to wish me love and sustained joy… we’re on the same page on that for sure. But, i had a good run… i had 16 years of every day thanking my lucky stars for the love that entered my life. That is the very definition of sustained in today’s world.


I didn’t really read the posts between you and second


People who seem to have dropped off the site lately…

Nai… and i can’t believe i can’t remember the name but it is the chick with the avitar with lady liberty with her hands over her eyes.

There’s more, but that’s all i got for now.


Latest Roy Tov article

…Negotiations Theory

Thus, the basic question Abbas was to address was whether he should negotiate with the Israeli government. It is useful here to take a brief look at the academic foundations of Negotiations Theory. One of the leading researchers in the field is Dr. Kennedy. He likes to classify negotiators in two categories. “Blue-negotiators” are those aiming to reach a “win-win” situation, an agreement in which all sides involved in a negotiation end it winning something. Everybody is reasonably happy this way. “Red-negotiators” want to reach a “win-lose” situation: they win, the others lose.

One of the ways to identify red negotiators is their often use of violent tricks and lies during the negotiation process. ….I’ll just present his conclusions. Once a red-negotiator is identified (for example by falling prey to an attack by hum), Dr. Kennedy clearly recommends to avoid further negotiations with him (or her).

If remembering this, the Palestinian dilemma is solved. After breaching so many human rights and agreements, Israel has been identified as an especially vicious red-negotiator, in an odd tribute to its Communist forefathers. Nothing good can come out of that. Mr. Abbas should announce no further negotiations are possible with the Zionists, due to their violence and lack of honor.

“But, the peace!” some readers may exclaim now. “Do not worry,” I answer them. Those who negotiate through the tip of a sword will fall by their own sword’s double edge. Netanyahu’s inability to deal with inner violence of the Israeli civil population is just a reminder of that. Israel may keep oppressing others for a while, but justice would eventually be achieved.


Wanda, Nai has sold her house and is preparing to relocate. Plus, she has been looking for work.

Lady Libery is Lynnwood. She has scheduled a hip replacement but I have forgotten the date.

Both of them posted last week.


Comment by aneeson on September 28, 2011 @ 5:10 am

I agree that we should concentrate on building a better world. However, there are people among us who do not wish to do so.

You are reflecting on revenge on the one side and unconditional forgiveness in the other. I don’t see it that way.

My personal experience on forgiveness is that one should forgive when asked for forgiveness. A precondition of this is a person realizing they have done something wrong. Personally I also need to see some regret in this situation. Then through love one can forgive. It is a very relieving experience for both sides.

Revenge isn’t worth talking about. Until we see some commitment I don’t know if we should spend too much energy on the whole matter.

hutz the Vandalia Solution and World news click here

Sometimes it helps to put the manipulation of the price of silver into perspective. In the last 24 hours the price of silver has risen from $26/oz to near $34/oz or almost 30% in a matter of hours. What? So why do so many individual silver investors feel so lousy? And how many “in the know” silver investors bought silver at $26/oz yesterday and are feeling pretty good today?

As we all know NOTHING had changed in the SILVER STORY to force the price of silver down to extreme lows other then the intentional dumping of electronic contracts onto the COMEX in order to force the leveraged weak-handed longs to dump long contracts. But that’s not all that was done as, most likely, other Banking Cabal facilitators dumped long contracts and added naked shorts, not because they thought it was over valued, but in order to help push the price to EVEN LOWER extreme lows! These moves are COORDINATED amongst certain COMEX traders leaving those who are not “in the know” totally exposed.

It also plays with the emotions of every small investor that did their homework and invested in physical silver. Even if we know it is a manipulated game and that the price will continue to rise in the long term it’s tough deal with.

These paper games are 100% illegal and allowed to take place “FOR THE GOOD OF THE WORLD”. Extreme as it sounds… without these paper and electronic manipulations EVERYBODY WOULD LOSE EVERYTHING related to our current un-backed fiat monetary system. Checking, savings, IRA’s, cash, money market fund…all of it. Controlling Gold and Silver is the KEY to managing an un-backed monetary system.

But it never lasts forever and that’s where we stand. We are at the “TIPPING POINT” in the global game and once the markets for Gold and Silver are allowed to trade freely…


It should be clear to everyone who has taken the time to study the Road to Roota Archives that we have arrived at the very end of this long Road. Here’s the link to the archives:

Public Road Archives

Friday marks the end of the 3rd quarter and the end of the fiscal year for the United States. If you think things have been chaotic for the past few months JUST WAIT FOR OCTOBER!!

PLEASE take care of yourself and your loved ones as we go deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


Since today is our last day on Earth and it will all transpire while we paradise dwellers are having our wake up Hawaiian Kona coffee tomorrow morning.
Naw , it ain’t happening Solar flairs or asteroid chunks
at the most will cause Systemic damage and because
some may be freaked when facing the possibility of your death.
My only recourse is to use an age old cure for possible death dealing situations as applied by one old blind veteran.

” A blind army veteran enters a San Diego
Marine Corp bar by mistake.
He finds his way to a bar stool and orders a shot of Jack Daniels.
After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender, ‘Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?’

The bar immediately falls absolutely silent.

In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says,

‘Before you tell that joke, stranger, I think it is only fair, Given that you are blind, that you should know five things:

1. The bartender is a off duty blonde girl with a baseball bat.

2. The bouncer is a 175 pound blonde girl staff sargeant with two combat tours and a black belt in karate.

4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional, marine corp weight lifter.

5. The lady to your right is blonde and a college champion wrestler before she became a hand to hand combat instructor

Now, think about it seriously, stranger, Do you still wanna tell that blonde joke?’

The blind veteran thinks for a second, shakes his head and mutters,

‘No…not if I’m gonna have to explain it five times.


Thanks Lew… of course, you’re right… i’ve been so busy, i had forgotten.

I have too many things i got to fix in this tin can i live in before the snow flies… and i feel the need to get organized… not sure if that is a good thing or not. This is do or die week… i have to stay motivated. Leaves little room for even checking before i open my mouth, it would seem.


Aneeson… who say’s it is revenge. I feel it justice. They have been kicked out of many countries historically… they know exactly what they are doing and are un-repentive.

Given the chance, and they have been given the chance numerous times… they will be right back at it.

How does not letting them take their just deserts serve the greater good or help them along in their evolution? They know the cost if they fail… seems to