Japan’s government formally agrees to set up 1000 trillion yen fund but worries about geopolitical ramifications

This week’s newsletter was delayed for a day because of sensitive ongoing negotiations involving the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US governments among others. The negotiations are still going on as of this writing and there is much we still cannot report. However, we can confirm that the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner. The problem now is how to sort out the massive geopolitical repercussions this fund will create.

In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China because Xi Xinping, the man widely assumed to be the next president of China has not appeared on the official Chinese Xinhua news site since March 31st, while his erstwhile rival, Li Keqiang, is being given massive coverage. This is only one of many signs of massive changes in planetary governance.

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Hello Bill






Free energy for all.
imagine no roads
just silent flying craft for all
no polluted cities
a dome in the forest for home
no dry desserts
a world of flowering green
no poverty or fear
just a gentle path to thrive
no grinding work
just looking to help the world
no more disease,
just abundant personal energy
no more controllers
just loving co-operation
Imagine all this
I am not the only one !




Yay top ten…




I hope top 10!!


something close


A US Marine Corps veteran and author asserts that Israel masterminded the 9/11 attacks, saying if Americans were informed of this, they would exterminate the Zionist regime.

“I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period,” Alan Sabrosky, writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs, said in a clip appearing on the public video-sharing website You Tube.

Sabrosky said his colleagues who are still serving in uniform initially react with incredulity to his assertions but upon his explanations regarding the controlled demolition of the buildings their disbelief gives way to rage.

This will change some American minds.


It isn’t too late to spread the word–especially to military personnel and civilian police in the U.S. The first voice is Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of war studies at the US Army war college.

If you’ve been reluctant to become active in the 9/11 truth efforts, there will not be a better time to make the commitment to shout what you know from the rooftops. The future of the human journey depends upon each and every good person now taking a stand. The alternative to activism NOW is described in the above video and exemplified by what happened to good people during the Bolshevik revolution–which, incidentally, was perpetrated by the ancestors of the criminals who did (and cover-up) 9/11.

http://ReDiscover911.com/activism How can you make a difference? Talk to your pastor (minister, priest, rabbi) about it.

An easy introduction is the documentary 911MYSTERIES. A most difficult documentary to watch is 911MISSINGLINKS.

A short (8 minutes) video for newbies is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgN080yySe0

We will succeed to the degree that we confront and expose pure evil. Send everyone (who can handle the truth) to http://ReDiscover911.com


The rule of Earth has become a 3 ring circus!

1. Illuminati Satanists They want complete destruction, de-population etc. Rocketfeller is in this camp along with the Knight of Malta and the Freemasons. They used to have about 1/3 of the negative Insects giving them intelligence & technology. They plan to rule from Israel or the UK.

2, Illuminati Luciferins They want a spiritual utopia that has us on a negative path. Rothschild is in this camp along with the Jesuits, Knights Templar, which is now the Skull & Bones and the Rosecrucians. They used to have about 2/3 of the negative Insects giving them intelligence & technology. They want to rule from Rome.

3. Humanity with the Wanderers We want the Golden Age We will rule ourselves in small communities by sharing, trading and helping planet wide. All the negative Insects have joined together and went positive and will be helping us achieve the Golden Age. Expect to remember your past lives about April 21, 2012. Wait and have faith it is going to happen!


Ben dinos algo acerca de argentina y de lo que sucede en sudamerica… no te olvides , gracias


Today I must write about the truth of Jesus Christ, he is the greatest spiritual teacher in our galaxy. There is a Christ consciousness within us as he has come and incarnated among us four times. He was last here about 1260 years ago, not 2000 years ago as the Vatican wants you to believe. In their efforts to control us, the Freemasons have changed the dates of history. I first learned this from Cliff High, but it checks out with the pendulum. Jesus Christ made 5th density about 230 years ago, as he is not God. Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, he married Mary Magdalene, had 4 sons and lived till 53.
The Illuminati plan, is to expose all this in the near future and claim they the Merovingian family are the lost bloodline of Jesus Christ. It won’t work because they don’t have souls, one can use astral travel to check & see if they have souls and Illuminati do not.


Great post, lets hope DC and Wall Street gets raided in 72 hours.


Peace Love & Grace


Thanks Benjamin, I am in Brazil, let me know if I can be of help.


Top 20 for once!


. . we now shall see.


yeah finally


I am waiting! Great news!


The Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls
What does the discovery of these scrolls reveal about first century Judaism and the roots of Christianity?





There seems to be more people willing to listen here in the states, the latest polls asking if Americans support military action in Aphganistan was down to like 25%! The sleeping giant is awakening!


Thanks for the heads up Ben!!
Grateful as always.


If this RV is a rockin you better not come a knockin.


wonderful news


This post goes along with this interview with Drake a very brave veteran. Thank you all that stand for humanity!



top 30 !




In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens
to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of
possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury
dollar, according to CIA sources in California. This
move is also expected to be accompanied by a mass-
ive clean up operation aimed at draining the corrupt-
ion out of Wall Street and Washington D.C. in order to
restore the US to its former moral and economic

Any new treasury dollar will initially have much lower international purchasing power than the US dollar now
being used. This will make Americans buy made in USA products and will make US exports competitive again.
It might be a good time now to go out and buy Chinese
stuff at Wal-Mart before it suddenly becomes more
expensive. Also, do take the Pentagon’s advice and
stock up on food to tide you over the transition.
Please could Benjamin or someone on this blog, point
us to the directive from the Pentagon to the citizens
of the US, to stock up on 72 hours of food because of
possible disruptions, due to replacement of the dollar–
or is this just another rumor—- like all the rest we have
been hearing—


I have waited 18 years for this…in order for it to work the fake media must be neutralized.


So the shepherds DID led the sheep astray!!!

Jeremiah 50:6
6 “My people have been lost sheep;
their shepherds have led them astray
and caused them to roam on the mountains.
They wandered over mountain and hill
and forgot their own resting place.


Stop wasting your money subscribing to this service.


35th lucky no.


– 1769 Oxford King James Bible ‘Authorized Version

Jeremiah 50:6

My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away [on] the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their restingplace.

I like the King James version better!!!


top 100 then


Wow 33
Thank you for all the hard work
Let’s make this all happen by holding the vision and telepathic image of it.
It’s happening so soon! yay!


Please could Benjamin or someone on this blog, point
us to the directive from the Pentagon to the citizens
of the US, to stock up on 72 hours of food because of
possible disruptions, due to replacement of the dollar–
or is this just another rumor—- like all the rest we have
been hearing—

Comment by Edge on April 3, 2012 @ 1:46 pm

Warning from RT news and US government to prepare for emergency.

Police Preparing for Riots / Martial Law / Economic Collapse

NASA working with FEMA sends warning video to all employees.

Fema is warning to prepare for an emergency.



Can’t wait to hear more details!






I’ll waste my money on whatever I want you are not my leader or ruler or regulator. To me you are just some unknown asshole with an agenda. In fact you give off an odor that smells like trill shit.



Also Drake who speaks for certain pentagon white hats told us to BE PREPARED for 3 days of SHTF type stuff.


Hi All

WOW!! This is amazing news! I was hoping but not holding my breath. I am over the moon.

Thank you Ben, Drake, David and all who have played a part in this wonderful world changing event.

Comment by cocojohn on April 3, 2012 @ 1:02 pm

Hi Cocojohn, this is almost too much to take in, but what a wonderful world that would be. Bring it on.


I’d be all for a cashless society since money is the root of all evil. As long as there is ‘money’, there will be corruption and the need to control the money.

No one would get paid. Everyone has value and contributes his/her skills whether it be to sew articles, grow crops, manufacture goods, or dig ditches. You go to the store, you take only what you need. No hoarding would be permitted. You would never pay for any utilities, food, clothing, medical care, nothing. Everything would be done in exchange for services.

Once free energy (such as zero point energy) is made available to the masses, we can relinquish our dependence on fossil fuels, except for use in polymeric materials and lubricants until more environmentally friendly materials are developed.

We should then also restore our crops and other food sources to their former healthy and natural glory by eliminating all GMOs, irradiated and fluoridated foodstuffs and drinking supplies.

We should revert back to a system that heals, instead of the present system that only treats illness and banks on people being sick for the sake of profiting on Pharmaceuticals.

And so much more. There is so much work to be done for the good of mankind.

And for the cabalists…quite simply, life in prison with no possibility of parole and no special privileges. Prison guards caught giving any inmate special treatment, gets to join the inmates.


pretty neat if it all happens – wouldn’t this be worth living right now to see and be right where we are to see it all come down.


100 million Yen.

To restart

I say micro-lending on a massive scale is the way to go.

Do not give any of this money to foreign or domestic banks or regimes.

Pansy experience of Micro lending and others I’ve known who’ve done the same.

This philosophy ,…times a a few trillion.

Give money to those who circulate it and now you’ve made circuit that feeds back on itself, replenishing it’s well


Welcome to the Golden Age. There is no reason for the wars we wage.


Neo– To me you sound like a lawyer, twisting
the facts–I did not mean ages ago, and as Ben
said—stock up on 72 hours of food because of
possible disruptions, due to replacement of the
dollar–– not because of riots, floods and snow
BTW—kodo – Drake is not the Pentagon–



Money is not the root of all evil. It might be AT the root of all evil.

Think about it for a second, do you think evil would cease to exist if we evolved to a cashless system?


did I say he was?


Great news But Why is no one paying attention to the Vatican & the Jesuits they have universities all across the USA set up like Castle Forts in DC & NY etc.
Are they going to be arrested for their devil worshiping
Child molestations & closed down for good.
They are a military order of Lucifers dressed up as

Malachi Martin claimed they are the top of the nwo pyramid
The antiChrist last Pope is coming

GOD BLESS American Troops across the earth!



1000 trillion yen is the didge = 1 quadrillion yen


Each week the news from Ben is worth many times my subscription. I feel honored to add my small bit to whatever his expenses may be. If I’m in the company of some super-rich ancient Asian families, all the more honored I’ll feel. So what if different sources differ in detail? The general thrust from many many sources is that love is on the field and change is afoot. If you can’t contribute to both, get out of the way. If carping is your bent, get help! Good news is what it is. Good!


Thank you Benjamin.

Committee of 300:

Revelation 2:9

King James Version (KJV)

9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

The 12 Tribes of Israel (Jacob)

In Numbers, this is the correct discription of the tribes…i understand they are quoting Genesis 49, a description of each of the 12 sons and their seedline, and how they are in the last day….

JOSEPH…Ephriam is Great Brittian, the youngest of Joseph and Rachel, Jacob blessed Ephriam first before Manessah, the oldest….why? because Ephriam would be a multitude of “companies”…the commonwealth…however Ephriam falls prey to idol worship in the last day…they fall prey to Judah, who fullfills what Jesus Christ said through John Rev 2:9.
Rev 7…none of Ephriam or Dan are sealed….they didn’t make the first advent (they end up on the wrong side of the gulf for 1000 years with a mortal soul, libel to die.)

the illuminati…changed Issacar and Joseph…Issacar is Cancer, Emerald is the stone on the breastplate. Joseph is Tauras, the OX…who is the USA/Canada…not Germany…Joseph left Germany in the dark ages because of the Pope….and came to the new land:North America…

Germany is not a great people; to the contrary, they are a small nation, they produced Hitler and Bush Sr…murderers…

interesting update Benjamin…i guess the Queen is not going to turn the throne over to Harry….i truly pray the pentagon follows through and makes the arrests…they can start with Obama and work their way up to Bush Sr.

prayers being answered….



niteroi on April 3, 2012 @ 1:49 pm

I can give you instructions how to cancel your subscription if you can’t figure it out yourself.


Go Ben, go!


People (some of them) seem to have difficulty grasping a view of the big picture.

Once the evil of the world is exposed and branded how is it possible that it could continue to stand?

The fukn genie is out of the bottle, there is no way it can get back in.

We have all found many satanic evil things that are going and have been going on for ages and we are branding, shining light on them, exposing them all no stone will be left unturned. Why now? Because we now have the tools available to be successful with this world wide exposure of all the evil in the world. We will bring it down and it will never stand again because we will be eternally vigilant and we will teach our children the true history so they do not forget.


Lets hope that MSM gets the message and starts broadcasting the truth. The uninformed need to be lead in the direction of hope.


Hey Leona, why keep signing off as Leo when you are self admitted as a female.

Was your last post a defense of King James Bible?

Again you make no sense and you are here for distraction.

Go Away

Thank you Mother


Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection (Full Length)

Eustace Mullins (1923-2010), discusses one of his best-selling books; ‘Murder by Injection’ exposing the unholy dynasty of the big drug companies, the medical establishment, the Rockefeller syndicate and the evils of the cut-slash-and-burn cancer racket that has killed millions in the name of ‘fighting cancer.’

Mullins beat the cancer doctors by resorting to alternative therapies not approved by the medical elite, so the author is speaking from real experience.

While there are many books on the corruption of modern medicine, there is no other book out there that so effectively tells the whole story as does this seminal volume, laying bare the criminal machinations of those who profit in the name of “promoting good health.” The federal bureaucracy that ostensibly “regulates” the big drug companies is all part and parcel of the problem.


thank you who even put links to another series of his lectures on the last thread.


Comment by ssimko on April 3, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

just stop watching MSN, CNN and Fox – really there is very little there to merit spending time in front of the boob tube esp on the news channels.



hear hear


Comment by calebbrennan on April 3, 2012 @ 2:44 pm

you are funny caleb!!


How about calling yourself
Leona instead of Leo
of course it is up to you.


Ever wonder why D Rockefeller, G Bush Sr, Heinz Kissinger, and others can’t stand up on their own 2 feet?

Well let me tell you anyway even though you are very busy and probably don’t want to hear it but here it is anyways.

Because the rug has been pulled from under them hence the inability to stand and remain balanced. Their world has been torn asunder from under.


Federal Judge: Citizens Can Buy Guns and Ammo During State of Emergency

Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina made a controversial decision when the state was devastated by storms in winter of 2010: she declared a state of emergency. That declaration was quickly followed by one from the city of King, which banned possession of alcohol and guns outside the home.

Now a federal judge has ruled that state law cannot create a ban on buying guns and ammunition during emergency situations. “While the bans imposed … may be limited in duration, it cannot be overlooked that the statutes strip peaceable, law-abiding citizens of the right to arm themselves in defense of hearth and home, striking at the very core of the Second Amendment,” Senior U.S. District Judge Malcolm J. Howard wrote in his order.



There once was a young man called Thunder
Who pulled a massive blunder
who soon began to chunder.
when he realized that he lived down under.


a cashless society is not the answer. that still means that we are tied to the system……COMMERCE.

we don’t want their system or money. we want PROPERTY. to be blessed and wealthy means that you have an abundance of property, not units of currency on a screen.

we need our property rights returned to us, our freeman status restored, and our rights to conduct private business. the rest of this is crap.

$100,000 per person given to GOVERNMENT?
“what have you done for me lately?”

this is all crap and just a different overlord, same system.

(you think it’s different NOW, but wait 5…10…15 years. it will degenerate to the same ole same ole. That is, IF it starts out as anything different in the beginning.

We want our prosperity back from what was stolen from us. The thieves have been found, and THEY must repay double.


Hey Leona, why keep signing off as Leo when you are self admitted as a female.
Was your last post a defense of King James Bible?
Again you make no sense and you are here for distraction.
Go Away
Thank you Mother

I have to admit, this was a good one, Caleb. 🙂



Money is not the root of all evil. It might be AT the root of all evil.

Think about it for a second, do you think evil would cease to exist if we evolved to a cashless system?

Comment by kodo on April 3, 2012 @ 2:23 pm


My take on that was always the desire for money (Above All Else) was the root of all evil.

But that’s crap in one way ’cause there’s plenty of evil around that has nothing at all to do with money.

In my view any changes that are really going to have a lasting impact have to go a bit beyond restructuring financial systems.

Right now though I’m sure we’ll all be really-really happy with just ONE single visible/verifiable move against the obvious evil we all face.

Livin’ in hope.


Btw Kodo I was agreein with ya 😉


Hummmm now this is getting interesting!

Coinsidence: ??? Just in time for the ‘rolling over from ‘old US dollars into ‘NEW US dollars !!!

Ben Fulford AND DRAKE BOTH saying US Dollar is going bye bye…..and
just got notice that the IQDinar is getting ready to RV AND along with it and special notice that WORLD MONEY is getting a RESET WORLD WIDE hummmmm.

Now I am getting excited !!! Sounds like a great ride to me….BTW, I watch news all the time and I have not heard any warnings about getting emerg. supplies…..???!?!?!?!!??

(But then I have been ready for this for the past 3 yrs.)


My wait and see attitude has become ‘excitedly wait and see.’
If this is true we are all very, very, privileged to be here to see and participate in it. This is not ground zero but ‘time zero’.


Comment by kodo on April 3, 2012 @ 2:42 pm
The fukn genie is out of the bottle, there is no way it can get back in.Because we now have the tools available to be successful with this world wide exposure of all the evil in the world. We will bring it down and it will never stand again because we will be eternally vigilant.


it’s called exposure.


This song came into my mind thinking about the revelation of all truth becoming buoyant.



Thanks again, Ben

I also appreciated your earlier note letting us know your update was gonna be late. . . otherwise i’d be checking your site all afternoon.

I’m with “truthsetsufree” on Vatican & Jesuits . . . The 1st thing I’m gonna do is double-check w/local law enforcement to make sure they got all the bombs, etc. the Jesuit snakes have planted all over town to carry out their fake Armageddon.


Woo hoo. Just woke up. 76! Yay…


God bless you for being so brave. May He protect you and your group always from harm.


To whom this money will be given – the corrupt goverment officials that are in the hands of the Banksters??
People need to relearn that manipulation for the purpose of stealing is not a virtue. If you are born so called intelligent, which needs to be translated in the current context, with a good memory, it is your duty to help others that may not be that lucky. It is not your right to steal, conceal, manipulate to your advantage.
Money was the root of all evil but now you have education, MSM, government – all these ‘virtues’ that Hollywood productions threw at us, need to be un-learned.


Thanx Ben,

We have all choosen to be here at this time think of that!



Clearly the financial terrorism has been taking place
as we witness our economy spiraling

the issue I have with Drake is he hemmed and hawed
when it got down Federal marshals and what office they operate from as they were to make the arrests.

I would love to put Blankfein in prison for the put -options on the Gulf oil explosion alone not to mention other crimes

I support trillions of dollars in micro-loans to take away the banks stranglehold on the economy..


Good morning all,

Comment by calebbrennan on April 3, 2012 @ 4:00 pm

Wow. I was looking for say something on those lines earlier in the week, to someone who keeps questioning my integrity, but you have just found the right song.

In sinc. bro. I just had this song in mind just about 10 mins ago to post if it became necessary.

To: For a Beatles fan you sure forgot the song “All you need is Love”. You, of course, know who I’m referring to.




Thank you for the advice regarding my shopping habits.

However since I m the one doing the earning and the shopping,I get to choose how I spend my money. I ll continue to patronage this establishment!

And your positive contribution is?

Oh yeah, that s right, you re paying eight bucks, just like me.

Enjoy your spending….. ; )


I am no greater than any of you! We are all magnificent creations of Creator God – – The One Light Source of all that IS.

If your intent is aligned with the Godly intent to help your brother, there will be enormous unseen Guidance and Assistance to help you fulfill your largest dreams.

Comment by winwin4all on April 3, 2012 @ 12:27 pm

I look up to a lot of people and the REAL Jesus is one of my guiding lights.

I do use a lot of “outside” sources as material to build upon, but in the end I have to make sure it resonates with what I feel or know within to be true for me.

Comment by aneeson on April 3, 2012 @ 8:55 am

Thank you both for your comments.


Anybody who is truly interested in knowing how to feel better…just ask and I will provide what I know about how to reverse many of these problems. What I don’t know, I will ask about from those that do know.

Comment by nai2010 on April 3, 2012 @ 12:10 pm

Do you have a good alternative to coffee. I find coffee (milky) bloating. I have read that coffee is not just bloating but very acidic. I am a little lactose intolerant. If I drink the coffee black then I find it irritates me.

I know the obvious answer is to stop drinking it, and I have tried not to, but sometimes it’s the automatic reflex of reaching for the cup to make the first drink of the day. I have found though, that if I drink a glass of lukewarm water first thing then it doesn’t bother me as much.

I do eat ‘ALKALINE’ foods, have done for a long time, and although I like one or two cups of coffee, I hate what it does to people without them even knowing. Apparently coffee has a bad withdrawal symptom effect as well.

Maybe I should just smell the coffee and not drink it LOL,
or just take a sip, swill it round my mouth but not swallow it.

Apparently, once the tongue gets the taste of the coffee it does not matter from that point on whether you drink it or not, because it’s the tongue that registers the taste and satisfies the need for it not the body!

Thank you


Leo Wanta
The 12 Tribes of Israel (Jacob)

>>> Lea you must ask yourself if you believe in Jesus Christ. This is a decisive critical point. In case you believe that Jesus did redemptive work then probably you will accept also NT 27 books.
That means that you should understand be then that OT is finished in Christ. Bey bey OT, we live in new world since AD 70.

In case you want to mix OT and NT as it feels for you then you are welcome to do it for yourself and reconsider if you should preach it to others at all.

OT is finished and I am sorry for those you can not get it and therefore are enhancing destruction of this world as we know it and inherited and were entrusted to take care off.



On board at 86 comments ending with Comment by vlastimil on April 3, 2012 @ 5:34 pm.
Now to see what the latest report is all about.


Thanks Ben. This report is huge. Things are moving at last.


hypoc/Peace, I just making sure that you keep your dancing shoes near and keep taping to this song. LOL

Anders Osborne – Ho do ko di ya la ma la.wmv

Jesus comes in many forms, it’s a vibration, when I play this song it makes me feel the spirit of Jesus, Happy.



off site where the video is. Bloggers comment.

I heard this song on a commercial when I was streaming a Saints game. I love it!

Jesus h Christ. Possible the best song ever written. I’ve seriously listened to it for hours on end. Went and bought this cd and then listened to it more.

LOVE this song. Thanks for posting it–all I have found was the cover. you can’t have a bad day listening to this.


Juicing fruits and vegetables

“It just is so strong tasting – I have to think of another
way to dilute it or maybe freeze it into ice cubes and add those to my filtered water”

Comment by mkddachs on April 3, 2012 @ 12:55 pm

Hi Melissa,

Have you tried adding a couple of drops of natural vanilla extract or cinnamon or a banana to your fruit juicing, and little lemon juice or a carrot to veggie juicing.


Pleiadean Star League – 2nd April March 2012
Message from the Ashtar Galactic Command & Galactic Federation of Light

Ashtar Galactic Command – 2nd April 2012
Hello dear ones, we would like to take this opportunity to speak with you today in a little more detail about the days ahead for you. We see that our message to you a few days ago concerning the temporary relocations of those living in areas that we believe are susceptible to flooding has caused quite a stir, and many are experiencing fear upon learning of this information. We wish to make ourselves as clear as we can and tell you that there is absolutely no reason to feel fear on any level or to be concerned at all for the safety of yourselves, your families, your friends and your neighbors.

We would like to share with you some further details of what you can expect in the days ahead, and we feel that this should give you solace and peace of mind knowing that there is nothing at all to be worried about. Towards the last quarter of your year of 2012, towards the months of October, November and December, we foresee some Earth tremors which will cause some water damage to homes and businesses located within areas that are prone to flooding. These areas that we see as being prone to this kind of water damage include the state of Florida within the United States, the Southern California region of the United States, lowland areas of Northern Europe, and the area of South Asia.

What we plan to do is temporarily relocate those of you who reside within these areas to locations that are not susceptible at all to this kind of water damage. This is certainly nothing new to those who live in Florida and South Asia, as many times throughout your past residents of these areas have temporarily relocated due to approaching hurricanes and typhoons and the water damaged caused by rising sea levels. These residents returned to these areas after the storms had passed, and this is precisely how those of you who live in the areas that we feel are susceptible will experience the latter part of this year. The only difference this time will be that you will not have to relocate on your own through the means of your limited resources and little advanced notice to prepare.

Those of you who live within these areas will be assisted by the Ashtar Command and our allies of the Galactic Federation of Light, and through our vast resources of highly trained crewmembers and greatly advanced technologies, your temporary relocations will proceed far more smoothly than any previous situations that some of you have experienced before. Those of you living within these areas will be escorted by us through the use of our advanced technologies and quickly and easily moved out of harm’s way to areas that will be absolutely safe for you and your families throughout these few months of concern.

Those of you who will have the choice to be temporarily relocated will spend up to a few months in areas that we will have fully prepared and furnished for you, to offer you absolute comfort and convenience, safety and well being. There will be nothing that you will need or want while you are there, as everything that you could possibly desire will be furnished for you. You will have the opportunity to take a much deserved break from your jobs and the stress of your day to day lives and relax while the days quickly pass by. This will be a wonderful opportunity for many of you to get to know us better, and we look so forward to being able to share so much with you. We have so much to tell you about ourselves and our journey, and we look so forward to the pleasure of learning so much about you through your stories we hope you will share with us about your experience here on your beautiful blue planet.

We will continue to keep you updated every step of the way from today throughout the rest of your 3rd dimensional experience and beyond, and we tell you that soon in the days ahead we will be able to begin to speak with you more personally through your media and even face-to-face with those of you who will be working with us on the many projects we wish to begin with you. We feel that once we are able to communicate with you in this way, many of you will feel relief from some of the concerns you are burdening yourself with today.

There is no reason to be concerned at all for the days up ahead as we have every expectation to see you experience your ascension the way it has been planned for you, which is a beautiful and wonderful experience for each and every one you. This is how it has been planned for you for many eons, and we are here with you to make sure you experience just what you looked so forward to when you first stepped foot on the path of this journey so very long ago. You will not take one step alone from this day forward, and we will stand with you shoulder to shoulder throughout this final chapter of your 3rd dimensional experience and remain with you side by side as you open your book and turn the first page of your new story.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

Galactic Federation of Light – 2nd April 2012
We need to find out how many of your people that live within areas prone to flooding will wish to relocate to the safe zones in the days ahead. We wish for as many as possible to leave with us and relocate temporarily. We will offer safety and security, and we will have safe harbors constructed in certain areas throughout your world. This is what we will do, and we will assist you to make the necessary changes that will lessen the strength of the tremors that will cause your sea levels to rise. After this, we will step back and allow Mother Nature to travel her own necessary course.

There will be much confusion about this process, and we would like to dispel as many unfounded rumors as we can at this time. What will not happen is a complete destruction of your world. One of the reasons we are here is to make sure of this. We have many years of experience in these related fields and we have many technologies that will help ease the shifting of tectonic plates and lessen their movements, allowing your people to proceed as smoothly as possible into your future.

We have methods that will allow many of your people to relocate very easily, and there will be plenty of time to complete this task and relocate those who currently live within areas prone to flooding. There will present no scenario where you will have any reason to panic or be frightened in any way. You are not alone in this process, and you have many friends here at this time to assist you make this transition as smooth as possible. You have our word we will do all we can to help you in every way that we can. This you can count on.

What reason we ask is there for you to fear at this time or any time in your days ahead? We wish you to know that all of you that will be involved in the relocation process understood this clearly before your current incarnations. You understood then that there would be nothing to fear when you reached this point, and you understood clearly this process before you now. We ask you what has changed for you that today you are reacting with such fear. We say to you there has never been anything to fear and there is nothing to fear now. You and your people will proceed into your future safely and peacefully, as there are no obstacles that stand before us that we cannot conquer.

We ask you at this time to demonstrate for the others around you as much courage and confidence as you can, to be a Wayshower for them, to show them that there is nothing to fear. That is the main reason many of you are here at this time. We see so many of our Lightworkers reacting in fear to this news that some of you will be relocating to dryer ground during some seismic activity and we ask you why such a process frightens you so. This is not why you are here. You are not here to react in fear and panic at news such as this and help spread fear through your communities. You are a here because you have gained through your experience the wisdom, knowledge and maturity to handle situations such as this with grace, courage and confidence.

You are now called to do the jobs that you were selected for and agreed to do before your current incarnation. You are being called to be leaders of your fellow man, and lead them into tomorrow as calmly and gracefully as you can. These are special talents that many of you possess, and that is why you were selected out of the many who expressed interest to be here at this time. For your services you will be richly rewarded, and you understood that these rewards would not come without a certain amount of work on your part. This is a process of give and you shall receive, and we are asking you at this time to give all you can in service to your mission and to others around you and help keep them calm by remaining calm yourself and not allowing fear to get the best of you.

There are those among you who are showing courage and fearlessness upon this news, and we ask those of you who are succumbing to fear to look to them as role models and see these future events through their eyes as best as you can. This is what we are asking you to do at this time, and we thank you for giving this process you sincerest efforts and determination. We will continue to be in touch with you every step of the way and bring to you regular updates throughout this process. In the days ahead we will be working personally with many of you and this will take place well before anyone will need to begin to relocate from certain areas.

There are those of you who are currently expressing fear that will also be working with us personally in the days ahead, and we ask you will you still be showing fear at that time? What will there be to fear? You and your families will be well taken care of, and each and every person within any of these areas that will be affected by some flooding will have plenty of time and the means provided by us to safely relocate until it is deemed safe for them to return home. There is nothing to fear for anyone. No one will be excluded from receiving our help for any reason. In due time, we will discuss further with you these areas we feel may receive some flooding and everyone in these areas will be advised of their options and what little they will have to do to safely relocate.

We thank you at this time for your efforts to remain calm and balanced, and we thank you to assist all of your brothers and sisters that you can to also remain in this state. We will speak to you soon, until then, know that we are your brothers and sisters and we are here for you and will not let anything happen to you. We love you all, and we will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate just how much we love you in the days ahead. Until then, we will continue to share our messages in this manner to remind you that we are here for you, and we will always be here for you.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.



Anonymouses THREAT to Youtube must have worked because they are back on line.

Anonymous spreads Global Awakening message


Say NO!! to Gas April15th

Anonymous – Message to the citizens around the globe / April 15th 2012

ANONYMOUS Message: Join us in a General Strike Worldwide #OpMayDay
This is posted end April.


Anonymous- Stop the Unstoppable


Message to the American People. We are Anonymous, You may or may not be aware of what our government is coming to. You may or may not be aware that our government is trying to force unconstitutional things upon us. Citizens of America, this cannot continue.

The president is making Pro-life communities pay for Abortion. Our president is telling us we cannot proclaim our religion outside of our places of worship. Our president is telling us that our family members over a certain age cannot have medical insurance. Fellow citizens, said plain is simple, this is wrong.

We must put a stop to this. We can no longer sit and watch our country fall apart because of this lame excuse for a leader.

We, Anonymous, encourage every citizen in this nation to fight for our rights, to fight for our freedom, and to fight for a better world.


Is NASA Tracking The Cosmic Shift?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012. by Zen Gardner

“When it comes to terraforming, the Universe makes man’s puny efforts to be king of the hill look pretty pathetic. Not only are we completely at the mercy of a constantly changing planet, but we’re careening through space totally vulnerable to a sea of objects and cosmic influences beyond our wildest imagination.

Yet intuitively we have the peace that all is under control in some magnificent way.

The decades long assertion that our solar system would soon enter an electrically charged life altering photon belt around the Sirius star system has been regularly dismissed as pseudo science–NASA speak for “conspiracy theory”. Despite periodical scientific validation it has been continually pushed aside by mainstream science.

Until now.

New Discoveries Confirming Old Assertions

Although they’re still not making any direct connections to the photon belt assertions, recent discoveries from probing satellites is forcing scientists to change their tune. And their entire understanding of space and physics.

We are now officially within a local energy cloud detected a few years ago by the Voyager satellites. Is this indicative of the beginning of the waves of vibrational changes that have been foretold?…”



Clif High said that the Irish will show the way.

This video is a must watch!

The Irish people will NOT pay the gambling debts of the banking elite


Euro-Greek Ponzi Scheme Update

by Tom Heneghan, Monday April 2, 2012

UNITED STATES of America –


Greece has no money to pay international law creditors, and the Bundesbank is owed 550 billion euros by debtor banks



This is posted end April.
Comment by evike on April 3, 2012 @ 6:59 pm

Sorry, that should say 2nd of April.


Comment by anonymous on April 3, 2012 @ 7:40 pm

hank you for posting. Bloggers comments:

~ Let’s just hope that David & Benjamin are right & that the GFL ensure that every one of the ba$tards throughout the world gets arrested & faces their just trial & prosecution SOON! 🙂

Yeah! Love the Irish ~ apart from Bozo aka Bono who should refrain from meddling in affairs he knows absolutely ZILCH about.
~South Africa~

Why wasn’t there any mention of this in the papers or mainstream TV? Oh, I forgot, they are useless biased shitheads.

Most won’t remember this but we did exactly the same thing in 1972 with Ted Heath. There where marches through London with placards saying ‘Heath Out’, and they had to call a general election because of it. Surprisingly, that was a Tory government too. We DO have the power but most don’t realize this. We should use the internet to come together as one. Together we are strong. Love the Irish.


I read words at the BRICS declaration that made me feel suspicious:
climate change and “We congratulate South Africa on the successful hosting of the 17th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the 7th Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protoco”

30. We are fully committed to playing our part in the global fight against climate change

And they use the word “sustainability” the actual word for SOCIALISM. . .

I am very disappointed with this BRICS declaration. . . I hope Ben you are not involved in just another transition of power and being used as a “useful idiot”. I hope. . .



Oikos University Shooting: At Least 7 People Dead In Incident At Christian University In Oakland, Authorities Say

OAKLAND, Calif. — A 43-year-old former student of a small Christian university in California opened fire at the school Monday, killing at least seven people and setting off an intense, chaotic manhunt that ended with his capture at a nearby shopping center, authorities said.

more on site


mkddachs on April 3, 2012 @ 1:42 am

I feel becoming spiritual requires getting in touch with one’s senses, and the more we practice it the better we become. This is why I like to turn inward, and being alone is a big bonus.

evike on April 2, 2012 @ 10:43 pm
evike on April 3, 2012 @ 6:07 pm

Thank you I will check them out when I come home from work.



Comment by niteroi on April 3, 2012 @ 1:49 pm

If the only thing /you’re/ paying for is to come on here and tell people to stop subscribing to this service, perhaps it would be best if you simply let us “waste” our money.. Maybe you could take the $8 a month you save and go buy a nice Subway sandwich.. I know an empty stomach usually makes me crabby, too 🙁


Meditation Strengthens the Brain

Post date: March 23 12:31 a.m.

(BeWellBuzz) Meditation is a century’s old practice of relaxing the mind, improving thought power and exercising both the body and soul. Meditation comes down through so many religious beliefs as well such as Buddhism and Hinduism. It can also be termed as a global practice because it is common within all religion, countries and cultures.

Meditation in Relation to Brain Activation

The most established research on meditation began in the 1960s when over 1000 published research articles stated that meditation has deep relationship with metabolism, blood pressure and brain activation. It has also been used as a thriving therapy for reducing stress and overcoming pain. Meditation gets rid of negative emotions like anger, fear, hatred etc. When a person is free from all these thoughts, his mind gets to think more clearly and focuses itself on one goal. Even doing a 10 min meditation session every day can do wonders for your mind.

More on site…


Comment by rustynails on April 3, 2012 @ 9:27 pm


You should have asked him where he gets his information from since his vocabulary was so limited LOL.


Comment by newbach on April 3, 2012 @ 8:51 pm

of course that’s what this is. Someone please tell me what the blogosphere has done to scare the elite from power? Held hands in a park? You are getting what ever they work out among themselves. Flavor of the month savior with blog spokesman are hardly earth movers.



Nutrition and Health Blog, Discover Wellness

his is an excellent video of Dr. Furhman explaining why an excess of macronutirents (fat, protein and carbohydrates) and deficiencies of micronutrients in our diets cause most of the diseases that we are so typically facing today.

He explains in logical and easy to understand terms why it is that many diets do not work, and what to do about changing that. His insights are so educational I just had to share them here.

More on site…plus a 10 min video


Comment by evike on April 3, 2012 @ 9:46 pm

I hear people like him are a government’s wet dream; they love citizens with less than a 100 IQ.. The brain is malleable like jello! JELLO I SAY!


Thank you Ben



I suspect you may be correct on the one point that matters
most of all among the points you made.
All the other extra irrelevant ones you were not correct on.

I wasn’t aware of one of the cages I am in.
‘The noise I heard I suspect was ‘you rattling the bars of my cage’ I looked up 5 verses so far where YHWH is translated as Lord and not one of them is lord
can in good conscience serve. I still have about 1,400 more versus to look at
but I think I know where this is going to lead me.

I cannot condone any being however powerful for killing innocent babies and pregnant mothers or for perverting human genetics[seed].

The only books of the Bible I have read more than 2 times are the first portion of Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Ephesians, Jude and Revelations.


Ben is telling us to shop at Wal-Mart now. Hoo boy! Do I get to freely take advantage of those low low prices now without any guilt involved?


I suspect you may be correct on the one point that matters
most of all among the points you made.

All the other extra irrelevant ones you were not correct on.

Comment by timthomasfl954 on April 3, 2012 @ 10:37 pm


Well, I have to give you credit for seeking the truth over your defined beliefs system, good for you. You are a rare breed indeed.

On being incorrect on the other points, although I don’t remember the many points I try to make in my posts, I doubt very much they are incorrect.

I would welcome your point by point analysis though, one point at a time would be fine.





Umm, I’m more than a little disturbed by Ben’s use of the word “collective” when describing the global end game of this plan. The term “collective” is a code word for “communism,” and the stated end game of UN Agenda 21. I need some clarification.


Welcome back Mr Fulford!!

Thanks for the great post.


Please folks,

accept no clones!


Neo– To me you sound like a lawyer, twisting
the facts–I did not mean ages ago, and as Ben
said—stock up on 72 hours of food because of
possible disruptions, due to replacement of the
dollar–– not because of riots, floods and snow

Comment by Edge on April 3, 2012 @ 2:22 pm


A bit testy in your old age aren’t you edge.

Then you must be saying that you want the government to hold your little hand and tell you to stock up on food and supplies for 72 hours of continuous playtime so you won’t come crying when you are not being fed on time.

The warnings are there, they have been there, you just don’t want to see them. These warninga are from the government, mainstream and alternative medias too.

Wake up!



BSkyB Chairman James Murdoch to quit: Sky

REUTERS: updated 1 hour 16 minutes ago

LONDON — James Murdoch, under fire over his handling of a phone hacking scandal that has convulsed his father Rupert’s media empire, is to step down as chairman of pay-TV group BSkyB, its news channel reported on Tuesday.

[read more]



Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip-Searches for Any ArrestBy ADAM LIPTAK

Published: April 2, 2012 New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband.

[read more]



Comment by rustynails on April 3, 2012 @ 10:16 pm

I wonder if he is reading this blog, and let’s see how long it takes him to reply. He might be running around like a headless chicken looking for a reasonable response. Don’t hold you breath LOL,


Russia, Iran set to counter US/Israeli strike against Iran. US-led naval drill

DEBKAfile Special Report April 2, 2012, 7:22 PM (GMT+02:00)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a strong warning against a military attack on Iran Monday, April 2,, saying that a pre-emptive strike would violate international law. His comments, made during a visit to Armenia, stopped short of threatening (the US and/or Israel) of consequences. But they backed up and were in tune with the explicit threat from Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last Thursday of strong Iranian resistance to foreign intervention in Syria and vow to defend Damascus as the “center of resistance against Israel.”

[read more]



Have to laugh about your santa claus list. Silent flying vehicles for everyone.
Haven’t you noticed people can’t even drive shopping carts in the grocery store. They park it in the middle of the aisle blocking traffic both ways while they do their comparison shopping of toilet bowl cleaners. We will have silent flying vehicles raining down on us like bombs if people can’t even handle shopping carts. You had me rolling on the floor with that one! Add Star Trek food replicators to your list. I keep my weight down because I hate to cook. I will blow up if I have replicator.


This is what I retained of the Wilcock-Drake video:

A worldwide, Peaceful takeover is about ready to roll. Here are a few points:

Military, Federal Marshalls, etc., will be arresting those who are on their (huge) cabal list. If they knock on your door, it will only be for assistance with a neighbor or something else wonderful.

No Marshall Law!!!

Store shelves will be empty for a short time, so stock up on some food and other necessities. This appears to be the ONLY negative.

Dollars for those who are not wealthy will be exchanged one for one, social security checks will still find their way to your mailbox or bank, etc.

Our borders will be temporarily closed so the chickens can’t escape in their private jets.

The FEMA camps they built for us will be populated by them.

Troops will guard pow*er plants to avoid being blown up so we continue to have electricity.

We will be going back to Common Law and the original Constitution, up to the 13th Amendment. Any laws after that are “history.”

Federal income tax will be a thing of the past.

At first, there will be ONE channel telling it like it is. Then tons of DVDs made by celebrities will be on 24/7 on ALL the channels, as they are released from cabal control, explaining how all this came about, from the beginning, so we can all understand how they “took over” without our knowledge. Hopefully this will help people cope with understanding this mess. He said there may be some who will jump out of windows – remember how you felt when you found out their wasn’t any Santa Claus? When the rug was pulled out from under you? People who have had their heads in the sand are about to experience an incredible, quick awakening. It’s our job to stay calm and help them understand.

Plus tons more info I can’t remember. (Shoulda taken notes!)



Did you know that your health begins in your colon?


Many of us go along thinking that as long as we feel fine, and maybe even working out, eating healthy sometimes, or so we believe, that we’re doing as well as we can be.

But what happens in our digestive system is usually taken for granted. Thousands of chemical reactions and enzymes are at work breaking down our food as it passes through our stomach and small intestine.

By the time it reaches our large intestine, it should be digested to the point that the walls of the colon can absorb the nutrients from our food. This is where nutrient absorption takes place.

But sometimes things that we absorb are not so healthy, and actually accumulate on the walls of the colon, causing not only a depletion in nutrient absorption, but a toxic buildup as well.

These toxins are then able to pass into our bloodstream in place of the nutrients that are no longer allowed to pass through the blockages.

More on site

Evike…Bloggers comments are also excellent.


If this is true, what does that say for the 3D and 5D worlds idea put forth by Kavassilas and Cannon?

Are we going to have it all, right here, instead?

What about the Galactic Fed of Light? Why are they claiming they did all the work? (Aren’t they?) or did I misinterpret cuz I wasn’t really paying attention? So many have said they are a CIA operation…..


Lets see, hundreds of CEO & CFO have resigned. Well, if I were one, I too would resign because it is not good to be on the bridge of a ship that you know is going to sink! TPTB have planned the coming collapse and their ploy of creating massive debt everywhere and their use of instruments of mass financial destruction will insure that the implosion will be great enough so that their minions can call for even more centralization so that the problem “can be fixed”…. Someone please tell me how is it possible that every single JESUS STORY was told as a HORUS STORY in ancient Egypt thousand of years ago if Jesus is “our savior”….Why is the US Department of Agriculture, FBI (which in an investigation, not a law enforcement agency), US Fish and Wildlife Services, and the Department of the Interior buying all of that 40 cal ammo?….ANYBODY that is willing to accept another fiat fractional paper currency is dumber that a sack of hammers! ANYBODY that is willing to accept another big centralized government authority either domestic or international has not learned from history…. How could the European CIA not know who the bad guys are and where they live and what they do?…Are we being deceived?….Anybody who thinks that a handful of arrests will solve anything is mistaken. The arrests are going to have to be in the millions.


Deadline passed nothing changed


April 1, 2012


click here for the video on this important new development

This is a heads up that all of Southern California should be on alert about this continued closure. On the one hand the closure is a good thing on another it indicates there is a problem greater than previously acknowledged. With the location being so close to multiple high density population centers this does not bode well. In addition, if you listen to my latest radio show (see below) with Jim Stone, there is added concern that we are witnessing a ‘slow motion’ false flag incident that is growing in magnitude. Speaking of magnitude. With a power plant in a precarious state, a large EQ would clearly escalate things to just that… an eco-disaster. Is it only a matter of time? Do these plants have a BUILT IN OBSOLESCENCE?’… If they are using the nuclear fuel the way they were doing at Fukushima then the possibility amps up. And lastly… is Stuxnet involved?
From Kerry Cassidy’s blog-


April 2, 2012


This is a link to listen to David’s recent interview with an American Patriot named “Drake” — not his real name… who is involved in a group that believes they have the means to organize the US military to take back the U.S. and revert back to the US Constitution from the 1800s just after the signing of the 13th Amendment.

I believe is going to be attempted but not the way they think… From what I know of the many patriot movements within the U.S. including the White Hats from this site: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/ ordering arrests is far easier said than done. And the kind of coordination required to mount such an effort will require some very sophisticated alignments and organization…. which begs the question under what group (who are not the cabal we all know and revile) will such a coordinated effort happen?

While I applaud any revolution that wishes to clean up this mess called the United States, I do not see the military operating in unison and turning against its masters without a fair amount of bloodshed. It seems the Secret Gov and Space Command who are really running the place are viewed as losing their grip. I cannot see this group, worldwide and off planet being dealt with so easily as is described here.

I do think REVOLUTION is inevitable, at least here in the U.S. And I do hope this is one of many beginnings. But we have a long way to go before the dark cabal simply hands over their scaler/particle beam weapons, skynet robotic army of androids, command and control of the Mars and Moon colonies and Phobos and their plans for humanity 2.0. Do you really think they will relinquish their hold on this planet so easily? It is naive at best to think that the U.S. is not running the Secret Space Program.

Drake is painting a country that can supposedly close its borders and clean house when the very command and control of the off world civilization they have built is orchestrated from here. Underground too, cannot be ignored. The bases are vast and incredibly high tech… do you really think they will just hand them over? Yes there is rebellion in our military. But it is going to take a coup de grâce AND A coup d’état before there will be a changing of the guard… What Drake is describing and not willing to admit to is a coup d’état.

It happened with the death of Kennedy and appears on the verge of happening again…
This link gives you the entire rather long interview all in one link:

I think Kerry’s commentary on the information in the Drake interview is spot on- makes a lot of sense to me. I would really like to believe that what Drake is saying is true but I have to admit that I am leaning more towards the view that Kerry is expressing – its just not going to be that easy to wrench controls from the cabal – it is not to their advantage in any way to give over control of the system.


Comment by evike on April 4, 2012 @ 12:02 am

I’m sure he’s asking his handlers what to respond with! Kidding, ofcourse. I however do believe he’s reading the blog and that he’ll be returning to make one or two final “rebuttals”! Before I would have said he won’t be returning, however, your comment is baiting him back to save face! The response I’m writing now, however, could ofcourse totally negate my prior point, in which case.. damn..


Comment by Neo on April 3, 2012 @ 11:54 pm

Nice reply, knocked it out of the park in my opinion.
Neo doing what he does best, dodgin’ those bullets. Pow pow pow.


Aikido Yellow Belt

Date: April 1, 2012
MEMO TO: David Wilcock, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, Alexander Romanov, Chodoin Daikaku
RE: Plan for MASS ARRESTS 2012
FROM: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd – Yellow belt (Aikido)


The purpose of this Memorandum is to support your/our/humanity’s project for planetary “regime change” and to transform the international war crimes racketeering organization leadership hierarchy and structure of our planet into a sustainable, democratic, transparent, abundant, multi-dimensional galactic society.

No response is necessary. I welcome your comments at exopolitics.com">exopoliticsexopolitics.com.

1. “Mass Arrests”



I wonder if this 72 hours shut down could be considered the 72 hours of darkness that many ancients foresaw. No satellites in this day and age could definitely be seen as “darkness”. No, zero, zip communications or contact to the outside world, sounds dark to me. 🙂

This was from a friend of mine I found to be an interesting thought so I’m sharing with all of you 🙂


Comment by jodster on April 4, 2012 @ 12:36 am

Interesting theory!


Acidity of coffee: Evike…..Try to find a source of the Chaga mushroom to add to your coffee. I knock these woody mushrooms off of older Birch trees hidden away in some of our Alaskan woods and keep a continuous soak of the chopped up pieces and add a dollop to my one giant cup of coffee a day. Ph strips show a move to alkalinity. I also use raw honey and coconut oil to make a lovely drink. Raw goat milk is best but at least I can get 1/2 squared cream that is “only” pasteurized [not, gag me, ultra pasteurized] produced here in Alaska. Anyhow, Chaga tea is virtually tasteless, dark brown and the Russians swear by it as a super protection and healer of just about everything including the big “C”.


Lets see, hundreds of CEO & CFO have resigned. Well, if I were one, I too would resign because it is not good to be on the bridge of a ship that you know is going to sink! TPTB have planned the coming collapse and their ploy of creating massive debt everywhere and their use of instruments of mass financial destruction will insure that the implosion will be great enough so that their minions can call for even more centralization so that the problem “can be fixed”…. Someone please tell me how is it possible that every single JESUS STORY was told as a HORUS STORY in ancient Egypt thousand of years ago if Jesus is “our savior”….Why is the US Department of Agriculture, FBI (which in an investigation, not a law enforcement agency), US Fish and Wildlife Services, and the Department of the Interior buying all of that 40 cal ammo?….ANYBODY that is willing to accept another fiat fractional paper currency is dumber that a sack of hammers! ANYBODY that is willing to accept another big centralized government authority either domestic or international has not learned from history…. How could the European CIA not know who the bad guys are and where they live and what they do?…Are we being deceived?….Anybody who thinks that a handful of arrests will solve anything is mistaken. The arrests are going to have to be in the millions.

Comment by jamesdavid on April 4, 2012 @ 12:20 am

The whole system is set up to promote those, and only those, who are willing to participate in the plans to positions of power. Seldomly are they the most competent.

So I agree that the problem is much bigger than some resignations or even a few arrests.

Still it needs to start somewhere. What always makes me suspicious is when something big is always around the corner. It doesn’t work like that. If information is to be presented to the people one should start with that to get the ball rolling. Start with one news station breaking the story. Then law enforcement will have to react at some point. Then more stories and more moves. There are so many moving parts, you just have to kick it off and then take it from there. A dynamic process.


Stop wasting your money subscribing to this service.
Comment by niteroi on April 3, 2012 @ 1:49 pm
You mean kind of like you did?



To EDGE. Check out David Wilcocks site for the interview he had with Drake. David’s site is DivineCosmos.com. It’s a long interview, but Drake explains in some detail what is about to happen. Everyone should listen to this interview. David Wilcock said that he did alot of checking on Drake, and says “He is the real deal”. The same interview is on Reena’s “Spiritual Truth Blog” and Freedom club USA.


I would like some input/commentary from the White Hats!


Comment by jodster on April 4, 2012 @ 12:36 am

No the 72 hours of darkness is an EM null zone the planet goes through every cycle.

Allegedly Aliens are shielding our planet so this wont occur.

Multiple groups have talked about this. Something to do with the galactic equatorial zone and whatnot.


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 12:59 am

I wish they wouldn’t sheild us…going through such a process could be benifical to the awakening…


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 12:59 am

Yes, as we pass through the electromagnetic null-zone it’s said to be 72 hours of darkness simply because our memories, our brains, our bodies are tied to electromagnetic fields, which are in-turn tied into Gaia’s electromagnetic fields. Entering into the null zone (a zone with a lack of electromagnetic fields), our memories, thoughts, etc would cease to function to the point where we would not remember who we are. Though I don’t believe the 72 hours refers to the 72 hours where services will be temporarily disabled, still was some fun food for thought.


Comment by jodster on April 4, 2012 @ 1:02 am

We have been poisoned for years. Going through that would erase the memories of most humans.

Allegedly we are supposed to be more enlightened and able to produce a merkaba or psy shield to protect us from this event. Naturally thats the plan anyway. However we have been subjected to heavy eugenics and are definitely unable to do so by ourselves.

Hence the assistance 🙂 Allegedly.

The “Spirit Science Human History Movie” discusses this. Youtube it if you want.

Also Tolec from the Andromeda Council has discussed this


Not in shock that NY citys billionare mayor Mike bloomberg is on the committe of 300
Bloomy has installed a red/lite cameras system all along LIE to tax us & spy on NYers more
He brought his way to a illegal 3rd term & now is shaking down resturants with a phony grading system.
Bloomy was worth 3 billion before he became mayor & now
is worth 4x that by abusing his power to make him self richer.This man needs to be removed from office asap because
he was not elected! He thinks hes above the law & king of NY


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:04 am

This guy know what im on about 🙂


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 1:05 am

thanks…will check it out 🙂

still was some fun food for thought.

Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:04 am
I thought so too 😉


Proof that their is still good music coming out

OF Monsters And Men – Little Talks – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dw8qdmT_aY


Wow Jodster that actually makes a lot of sense. The 72 hour thing is a good point


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 1:05 am

I must say it’s fitting that I see your name on this board for the first time (forgive me if you’ve posted more, I just haven’t noticed), because at this moment in time, I’m watching one of the Harry Potter movies which is the first (and only, mind you) place where I heard the word “Mandrake”.


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:12 am

Hehe lol. Is also a half Dragon Whelp/ Half man hybrid in some mythologies, A root, A linux distro, a Male duck 😛 hehe.

Do you follow any of the allegations from the Andromeda Council ?


Have you tried adding a couple of drops of natural vanilla extract or cinnamon or a banana to your fruit juicing, and little lemon juice or a carrot to veggie juicing.
Comment by evike on April 3, 2012 @ 6:39 pm

I’ll do that – thanks


I just decided to do a quick tarot card reading. My readings differ from.. well, I guess everyone else who reads tarot cards. My method is extremely basic, I shuffle the cards while asking a question to my spirit guide Aeriel (I just asked “Will the Illuminati cabal members be brought to justice within the first half of this month?”), and then choose the card.

I must admit that every time I use the tarot cards, I receive extremely RELEVANT answers. This was no different. I chose the “9 of Wands”. The following is a description of that card:

“Inner strength, stamina, and the will to go on despite impossible odds are at the center of the Nine of Wands. But this is not the same card of static defense that is found in the Seven of Wands. The Nine of Wands is more of a dynamic defense, and thus it is much more powerful. Crowley pointed out that this card illustrates the aphorism “change is stability”. In times of great difficulty and stress, this card show us that you will always have strength to endure if you search for it deep inside of yourself.

You should expect difficulty when this card appears, but you should also expect to find a way to overcome it. Keep your power at the ready and be vigilant for opposition, always ready to defeat it. Identify your own power and be ready to use it in your defense. You should be aware, though, that combat is not always the best answer. Often, waiting is the only way to bring about victory. Beware also of waiting so long that you are still ready to fight long after the conflict has ended. It is often hard to tell whether a period of calm marks the beginning, middle, or the end of a storm. Holding on is admirable, but sometimes it is even more remarkable to let go.

This card often marks the final ordeal, the last hill that must be climbed or the last hurdle that must be cleared before the finish line. And it is the last obstacle that usually proves most dangerous, because it is a last ditch effort by whatever forces oppose you to stop you before you reach your goal at last. To surmount this obstacle you have to realize but one thing. You have made it this far, and this obstacle is no different that the others you have already defeated. Great glory lies ahead, so reach down deep inside and give it everything you’ve got.

Such strength can be found in everyone, though for some reason it only shows itself to us when we need it. The strength to proceed against all odds is not a force that can be invoked, but that must be earned through adversity and challenges of all sorts. It is only available when every other option has been explored, when every stone has been turned, when the fuel gauge is teetering on empty but you still want to try one more time. Then, admist the greatest of darknesses, your inner strength starts to shine, lighting the way to glory. And how brightly that light can shine when you need it to!”


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 1:17 am

I do indeed listen to Tolec’s interviews!


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:23 am

Very interesting. 🙂 I’ve seen and felt it building heavily over the last few years.

Ive just had enough of all the BS that goes along with living in a Rothschild slave society. I feel others also having similar feeling although not all will completely understand what’s going on.

Paradigm shift is coming 🙂

I get…. good vibes from both Tolec and Benjamin. Quite strong also and when you psychologically analyse the things they say their isnt enough hidden apathy etc etc all the common stuff that Disinfo usually contains.

Just truth 🙂 Its annoying when Benjamin makes a claim that doesn’t exactly pan out and all the disbelievers cry false.

When one truly wraps their head around what’s actually going on around this planet…. You can begin to see how this is going to be a bumpy process involving ooh so many people. Now and then things are gonna go unexpected. This whole event is unprecedented within human society its not going to be clean and efficient 😛


Comment by suncrystal on April 4, 2012 @ 12:17 am

“What about the Galactic Fed of Light?”

Oh, you mean the Galactic Federation of Bull Shit? By the way, it’s just my opinion.

“Why are they claiming they did all the work?”

They can claim whatever they want, but, does that make it the truth? Not in my book.

A few years back, I belonged to a different forum, where this GFoL had different posters that would come and go all the time. And when they did post, they would tell everyone, that they would come and clean up the mess that was going on because we asked them to do it. I asked one of these posters, why they are going to do a job, that we as a race, are suppose to do ourselves? Giving the people advice is one thing, but to claim that they are going to do the job for us is another. I told him, sorry, I don’t expect, or want someone else to do a job that was meant for me to do myself. I told him the reason so many were asking for this “intervention”, was because they were either, 1. Not awake yet. 2. To damn lazy to do it themselves, as many people were at that time. 3. To damn afraid to take on the task.
They never did respond, and each time they kept posting that same BS over and over again, I would just keep asking the same question over and over again, and the other people who were on at that time figured that because those GFoL posters never would answer, that they were just that, BS. The GFoL posters moved on and out of that forum. Many were banned, because they would ignore these questions. I suspected that many were plants from the GFoL website looking for potential members willing to donate money to the group. Not on my time GFoL, not even today.


I look to great poetry for some answers.

Der Panther – Rainer Marie Rilke

Sein Blick ist vom Vorübergehn der Stäbe
so müd geworden, dass er nichts mehr hält.
Ihm ist, als ob es tausend Stäbe gäbe
und hinter tausend Stäben keine Welt.

Der weiche Gang geschmeidig starker Schritte,
der sich im allerkleinsten Kreise dreht,
ist wie ein Tanz von Kraft um eine Mitte,
in der betäubt ein großer Wille steht.

Nur manchmal schiebt der Vorhang der Pupille
sich lautlos auf -. Dann geht ein Bild hinein,
geht durch der Glieder angespannte Stille –
und hört im Herzen auf zu sein.

I’ll search for a good English translation this evening.

From it I have drawn a Universal pointer
to identifying that I am in a cage that I cannot see.

When I hear bars rattling [first I feel it as frustration or anger] but I know this means their are bars which I cannot see and I must push the issue(s) to remove that one or more bars from the cage which has now become invisible and numbed my great will just as the zoo/circus cage has done to the great panther.

I have faced the fact that in this world is a circus and I am one of the creatures on display no longer aware of my own captivity to the circus keepers system. As long as I think the world is a circus or stage then I do not have any full knowledge of me.


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 1:33 am

Gosh, I hope that a paradigm shift is on it’s way soon! I’m tired of speaking to my family about these serious issues and being brushed off!

One thing’s for sure though, when evidence comes to the forefront, it is each of our responsibilities to inform and educate those who were previously dormant as to the reality of our.. well, reality. When those who previously dismissed us come seeking knowledge, we mustn’t let our egos hold it above them.


Marhuff, I agree with you on this one. There’s something that leaves me uneasy after reading some of the channelings from the Galactic Federation of Light.


Re: Comment by bron020 on April 4, 2012 @ 1:09 am
>Proof that their is still good music coming out
>OF Monsters And Men – Little Talks –

If you want to see something chock full of symbolism, check out the music video for that song.


Lets hope that MSM gets the message and starts broadcasting the truth. The uninformed need to be lead in the direction of hope.

Comment by ssimko on April 3, 2012 @ 2:43 pm


man i just had the most depressing email exchange with my own mom….

sent her the youtube link of the Wilcock/Drake interview along with some general info on what’s going on just so if/when the arrests start happening she wouldn’t be completely t-boned.

her reaction was immediate distrust of Drake (calling him a tea party zealot) and that this sounded like a fringe right wing coup and that she hopes it’s all empty rhetoric.

talk about being soundly fucking ASLEEP, my god. broke my heart a bit to realize her insinctual, kneejerk distrust for red-blooded American Citizens who are fighting for our very human rights that have been systematically eviscerated by those she continues to blindly trust without question (so long as they wear a suit and identify themselves with a (D)).

hopefully the all-knowing MSNBC will be on board when this goes down. it’s the only way she’ll listen.



Comment by jellyfish on April 4, 2012 @ 1:46 am

I sighed as well after reading your post, truly discouraging sometimes isn’t it? Let’s just hope the MSM gets on-board ASAP, it’s the only sure-fire way of making sure that the older generations wake up.


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:42 am

mmmm and we must also calm people when they hear of some of the more….. Disgusting crimes that have been committed against humanity :/ The rage will be great. Deserved but still we must manage that carefully.

mmmm I also agree with the GFoL. Damn I hate how TPTB take obfuscation to a new extreme :(.

Ooh well 🙂 in the future we can collectively look back at all the negativity we went through as a species and chock it up to a character building experience 🙂

But honestly I cant wait till tech gets less suppressed. I cant explain how much that enrages me to know we are 100 years behind in technological development….. I had to watch stargate as opposed to live it 🙁 SOMEONE WILL PAY for denying me that life.

Alas not long left 🙂


^ Agree with your guys views towards the GFoL**


What’s the link to Kerry Cassidy’s blog???


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 1:05 am

“Allegedly we are supposed to be more enlightened and able to produce a merkaba or psy shield to protect us from this event.”

The enlightenment comes from the higher self.

“Naturally thats the plan anyway. However we have been subjected to heavy eugenics and are definitely unable to do so by ourselves.”

The day the higher self can’t put the material ego aside, will be a cold day in Hell. If eugenics had anyting to do with it, our higher selves would stop the process of returning to this plane, because it would be impossible for our spiritual advancement.


Just finished The Drake/Wilcock interview. DW’s savior complex is getting a bit much to stomach.

If youve been paying attention to this dark cabal landscape over the past 25 years, as I and several others on this cafe have, its becoming increasingly difficult to stomach listening to ego boy speak to how he’s “the one they chose to release this information”. Oh PLEASE! Do you think we were born yesterday? Many of us have been on this trail long before you even knew it existed. Listening to you try to “own it” ignites the cringe factor in those of us who know better.

I used to think Merek was a bit harsh in his critisisms of DW, but now DW’s quest for stardom and savior complex is becoming increasingly clear and in the most amateurish of ways. ( Love you, Merek, for all the wisdom, history lessons, and astute perceptions that you’ve brought here to share with us over the years, and for your services in the armed forces. Now, back to DW and his quest to take credit for all the insights others have uncovered.

It’s painful to listen to DW claim, “… Because I’m not afraid of dying” shortly after we heard him crying over his supposed death threat, which Duncan promptly ripped to shreds for the BS that it was. The irony that struck during the tear fest, was that someone who claims to have been reincarnated could be so afraid of dying. Yes, that irony is staggering.

It’s painful to hear DW take Bens words and use them as his own.

It’s painful to hear him speak to us like sheep of which he is the Shepard, revealing things to us that have already been revealed by others. If you’ve been following this game long enough, you have also witnessed how he follows those that break the news, and then rides the bandwagon to eventually claim that he broke the news. It’s becoming comical.

It’s painful hearing him act like a journalist when he interrupts frequently to promote his site via grandstanding. Enough of this BS.

DW, you are the greatest threat to your own credibility. You stopped posting here after you got critical albeit very constructive feedback. Why? Because your wuss ass requires a fan following and only works on those who don’t know any better to see thru your approach at building yourself as a brand.

You censor your divinecosmos forum because if you didnt you know that all of the critical feedback you have recieved would unravel your self inflated brand. Which is why I post here, where benjamin who is man enough does not do what you feel you need to.

How hard it is to stomach your representations of being as brave as the hard core heroes like benjamin, duncan, drake, contact2, lord blackheath, christopher story, and so many others (even Paladin and Tman on this cafe) who actually have risked their lives and faced true dangers. You’re on their bandwagon, and your late on the scene, yet you keep trying to take credit for it all and acting like you are the great discoverer..

David, you don’t deserve to be a wannabe Hollywood wuss, taking credit for things others have revealed, and representing it as your own. The audience you seek is a fan club, as duncan so rightly pointed out. All the way down to fulford’s willy coyote analogy, that you now drop as your own. Youve crossed the line and for those of us that know Hollywood and the entertainment business know your kind all too well. Please, don’t be that guy when you have the potential to be so much more.

The saddest part is that your blatant nativity and claims of being “the one” do more damage to the credibility to your work that is good (even great at times) than anyone else ever could. Please, dude, lose the BS ego narcissist crap and just be humble and your credibility will be so much greater. But you can’t, because you don’t even see what I’m pointing out.

For those of you seeking protection thinking that DW is going to lead you to safety…. You’re fools. If your ass is on the line and you do need real protection, seek out Duncan or Benjamin or Drake and go to those who are real. Not those who so desperately want you believe that their “top insiders” have the answers.

DW, if you had humility you would understand this rant, and you would self reflect in order to bring greater value to the work more and your self inflated brand less. But you don’t, and you wont, and because you no longer see a fan club of naive followers only in this cafe, so you stopped posting. If you can’t be the Shepard,myou take your ball and go home.

I know this isn’t going to be a popular rant with a lot of you on this cafe, but the gag factor has just reaching too high a level not to call it out.

DW, your good work is too good and important to be clouded with your self inflated BS. Grow up and stop trying to take credit for the work and words of others. Give up the savior complex and just focus on the data. Your credibility will be so much larger and palatable to a much larger audience. I want to continue to point people towards your books, without having to apologize for your character.


Welcome back Paladin. Your were missed.


I’ve got to say when I was listening to the David Wilcock and Drake interview the other day, and there was mention of a “materializer” (I can’t quite remember the name exactly, but it had to do with creating objects into matter by direct interaction with your consciousness. My jaw dropped, and I began thinking of the things that would be possible. That piece of technology right there would literally be able to transform us into a cashless society. Just imagine, hungry? Have a steak without having to butcher an animal. Want to smoke a joint? Imagine the largest joint you can think of, and POOF. Don’t have clothes? That’s fine, it’ll create whatever you want to wear. The day that’s released is the day the monetary system is deemed useless.


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:48 am

yeah it certainly took some of the wind out of my sails. there was a panicky tone of “ARE YOU ACTUALLY IN AGREEMENT WITH THIS?” to her replies. i love my mom dearly, but if someone were to open the door to her cage and declare her to be finally free, she would quickly slam it back shut. and that fucking depresses me.


Comment by marhuff55 on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am

Advancement is never easy 😉 Plus we have been lied to and spirituality has almost be completely removed from society and gets heavily associated with Lie filled religions.

Ooh how history goes when tyrants run things :(.

People collectively arnt spiritually strong enough in some ways to form the shield we require. Mainly from being lied to heavily and not knowing whats really important in life.

Allegedly the situation on this planet is highly complex. Maybe one of the most mindfuck planets in the whole universe.

Many races have had a hand in our development positive and negative.

Reasons like this are why certain “Non Intervention” rules have been bent by the good guys. This whole planet is a morally grey area. So assistance we receive 🙂 Assistance I humbly appreciate.


diabiblical on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about DW? Sounds like you’re holding back.


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:58 am

Heya are you familiar with the concept of the conciousness grid?

Often at times my mind revolves around certain ideas or scientific concepts and some time later I see strange synchronisities in life which relate.

Most recently ive been discussing with my friend how to end half the worlds problems all we need is a matter converter that can make anything Imagine a microwave that builds everything from tools, to food. “Food being key”

That technology paired with “Free energy technology”

And we are no longer dependant on The System… Hence forth the suppression lol.

And then comes along this interview with drake. and BAYM hes talking about a “Constructor”


Comment by diabiblical on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am

good post and i agree. i think DW’s work is valuable and good and that’s what i focus on. obviously he’s human and not immune from certain character flaws. i believe his intentions are noble and (to me) that’s what counts. i feel the same way about Fulford.


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 2:02 am

“So assistance we receive Assistance I humbly appreciate.”

And you need assistance for what?


Comment by marhuff55 on April 4, 2012 @ 2:06 am

Well Im not very adept when it comes to psychic gifts. Although I try.

If the alleged towards te 72 hours of darkness are true, Let alone the draco reptilian threat. Then indeed it would seem we require assistance from the system administrator.



Comment by diabiblical on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am

That was a very well-written piece, and we understand the frustration. Myself as a definite fan of David (particularly for his book “The Source Field Investigations”), tend to look forward to another one of his articles, interviews, whatever they may be.

That being said, when I was listening to the interview in which David stated he was fearful of his life and began crying, I felt something was disingenuous. Don’t get me wrong, he had great reason to cry, frankly if someone said they were going to torture/kill me, I’d be wetting myself. Having said that, it sounded like he was genuinely sad and perhaps shedding some real tears but with a noticeable touch of over-exageration.

Regardless of whether or not you believe David attempts to steal someone’s thunder, that’s not the point anymore. We’re in a time where it’s crutial to remember that we’re all working together. It is obvious that David and Benjamin are both affiliated with some common individuals. They are working toward the same goal, as is Drake and as are many more other people on the inside. Whatever information is received at this point is intended to be spread as far as it can get. The author, or who gets it out first is not what matters, the point is spreading the information to make others aware.

I did enjoy your post though!


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 2:05 am

Yes! The Constructor! That was the name!

I am framiliar with the consciousness grid, or at least I believe I am! Are you referring to the crystalline energy grid around earth that was created by energy eminating from the Sacred Sites around the world?



Monday, April 2, 2012
No One Is Coming To Save You – Save Yourself
Carl Jung said mankind will do anything to avoid looking at himself. That can be in many ways. .

It is a paradox, The major danger to humanity is humanity. People are concerned more about the foolishness on reality television TV then what is really going on The people are brain washed There are some people who care but not enough



GW Bits – Raymond Blanc on Herbs

PVG, a little treat for you. This has always been my life’s dream ever since I left Hungary, to have a house with a garden large enough for herbs and veggies, a few fruit trees and a few chickens and ducks. Not on this scale of course. Dinar RV.

E4 EdibleGardens – Juicy Fruits

This lady is very good. She grows her own fruit and veg and makes things with them too. I watched her series last year.

E3 EdibleGardens – Roots and Leafy Greens



Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 2:14 am

Yes thats the one 🙂 but more so now and then I notice its effects. I get strong thoughts at times and then I find others in the general population discussing them.

A few years ago I was obsessed with the concept of “Sun in a box” and now info has come out that some 14 year old made attempts at a fusion experiment. The time when he was doing this lines up with when my mind couldn’t escape that concept.

I feel like the conciousness grid in effect is a giant database and each human that thinks a specific idea puts more pull on that specific idea for our species as a whole. Meaning the more people access a thought the more easily others can too.

Which leads to an exponential effect of understanding eventually.

Mr X

Sounds like the party is about to get started! Finally!


This seems like a fundamental law of conciousness.


vlastimil on April 3, 2012 @ 5:34 pm

ha ha ha ha, you poor jealous souls..

…my name is leowanta, if you don’t like it, so be it…it is my code name;if you don’t understand that it’s your problem not mine.

that fact must really get to you huh…what gives you the authority to tell another what name they have to use here…huh? your jealousy shines like a red neon light…why don’t you check that at the door before you make a fool of yourself again…huh?

my post was defending scripture; God’s WORD; the committee of 300 site, has a page showing their astrology “wheel” assigns Jacob’s 12 sons to a constallation…which is incorrect.

I was simply pointing out how the illuminati try and “steal” what does not belong to them; right down to Joseph’s birthright, Germany thinks Joseph’s birthright belongs to them. WRONG!

As far as the Old Testament being “old hat”….well, i’ve heard lots of people believe that. i don’t believe that; for without that history, and prophesy the New Testement which fulfills all the prophet’s prophecies…which then becomes a witness as to what was to come…i.e. Book of Daniel verifies Book of Revelation….Book of Exodus the plagues experienced then will be again…Jeremiah Ch 14 tells of it….but that’s okay if you haven’t understood this … you probably haven’t read the Bible..you are probably listenting to some man’s version…let me refer you to Jeremiah 17:5…..many are like yourself…they simply don’t understand.

Check me out—Book of Numbers….if you have read it and understand it; then you know what i pointed out about about God assigning the 12 Constallations to each of the 12 tribes of Jacob…these patriarchs are STARS…Issacar is Cancer and Joseph is the OX..breastplate stone for Joseph is the amethyst—now i could tell you the meaning/reason Joseph is the amethyst…..but i won’t…it’s a secret …you gotta find that out for yourself.

btw, if you don’t understand thanking the Father is honoring him…..SHAME ON YOU



Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 2:14 am

You would love my friend ‘A’ if you have been following the blog in recent weeks.



Nice ears. Assuming that’s what those are. 😀


Danke fürs Gedicht das du mit uns geteilt hast. War interessant.


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 2:18 am

Yes, I remember at one point Spirit Science made reference to the hundredth monkey effect effecting concerning consciousness. Definitely interesting.


“Book of Exodus the plagues experienced then will be again…Jeremiah Ch 14 tells of it….but that’s okay if you haven’t understood this …”

oops….please excuse my typo FATHER, the correct scripture is Jeremiah 24…..which describes what is about to happen…i’ll give you a hint…the “locusts”…muslims are already swarming.

Knowledge is power, all knowledge wisdom and understanding comes from the FATHER…and HE foretold us all things to come….it’s written in the Bible….HAVE YOU READ IT?



Guys, I’m so sorry for my over-abundant amount of posts today, can you tell it’s not a productive day at work?

Comment by evike on April 4, 2012 @ 2:21 am

Are you referring to this blog?


Comment by jellyfish on April 4, 2012 @ 2:05 am

continued thought…

i myself will have great difficulty in not screaming I TOLD YOU SO!!!! at many people i know (if the truth is ever broadcast on MSM). that will be my own ego clawing for recognition and specialness and even a form of “revenge” for having been thoughtlessly dismissed by those i most “need” to be heard by. i have a lot of resentment stirring inside me around this issue. maybe that’s why i let DW off the hook for his little ego faux-pas…i recognize it in myself. not proud of this, just being honest.


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 2:09 am

“Then indeed it would seem we require assistance from the system administrator.”

So, your not allowing your higher self to come through? It isn’t that hard to do. It’s getting the ego to allow the higher self to have more say in the matter. You have to train the ego to allow what the heart says to be beneficial to what you need. The ego is ok, we have just allowed it have to much say in our day to day lives. It wants only what is good for us, but, it comes mainly from the material and not the spiritual. You don’t do this all at once, you do it a little at a time. If you do it to fast, the ego will put the brakes on, because it will feel threatened.


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 2:25 am

Baah its fine. At least we are having intellectual discussion about topics.

Also is it just me or is there a lack of Disinfo agents posing today? I see less apathetic, doubtful and negative posts 🙂 its refreshing.


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 2:29 am

i’m a disinfo agent but don’t tell anyone


Comment by jellyfish on April 4, 2012 @ 2:27 am

Honestly, I can tell you that when the time comes and the MSM finally starts reporting some real facts, I’ll have a hard time not rubbing it in the faces of my family. But at that point I’ll probably be so happy I that wouldn’t care, I’d want to listen to some real news!


Comment by marhuff55 on April 4, 2012 @ 2:29 am

I see what your saying. And admit I still have some ways to go.

But one has to get real once and a while. We have negative ET/ED’s or have had influencing our planet.

Can mastery of ego and the higher self completely solve this issue?

I would have assumed we would have been at a massive disadvantage without assistance. Advanced race being bully.


Damn Wo, what a downer, I thought Ron Paul and the rainbow dragon society were gonna be the ones. *grin*


Comment by diabiblical on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am

The massive change that is forthcoming is the fruit of a collective effort. No one entity should take credit from it. Otherwise, that entity has not learned anything yet.


Comment by phxvalleygirl on April 3, 2012 @ 3:10 pm

(you think it’s different NOW, but wait 5…10…15 years. it will degenerate to the same ole same ole. That is, IF it starts out as anything different in the beginning.

We want our prosperity back from what was stolen from us. The thieves have been found, and THEY must repay double.


Why do you think the people will go back to sleep once they wake up to what’s been going on? In less than 5 yrs cellphones will have built in lie detectors all the tools we now have such as digital video, Internet, will be even more sophisticated. How is evil going to be able to take over again when everyone is awake and aware?


Comment by diabiblical on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am
Thank you.


Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 2:32 am

“I see what your saying. And admit I still have some ways to go.”

Your know that your going to make it, when you state that you still have a ways to go. I have faith in my higher self, which is a part of the One.

“But one has to get real once and a while. We have negative ET/ED’s or have had influencing our planet.”

It’s called, getting past the material part of this world. That is what they don’t want you to do, and why you need to train the ego(material part of you). Once the ego is “intune” with the higher self, you WILL move forward.


Illuminati Cabal Flee By The Hundreds As Mass Arrests Await Them

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:19 AM


“The Cabal Members and their 6,000 or so minions are now quitting their banking positions in the hundreds and soon to be thousands, because the individual states filed the proper paperwork to become independent of the US Corporation (own by the Federal Reverse Bank, who’s controlled by the Cabal)… which means that the US Military must obey what the states want, and not what the cabal wants!

This is HUGE! The military is sick and tired of following the orders of the Cabal as they know it’s totally wrong… but they were forced to because it’s the law. They must follow what the governing body tells them to do, and that governing body has been the United States Corporation which is controlled by the Elite Illuminati Gangsters. They have put the US Corporation in debt Trillions of Dollars through fraudulent actions of passing the losses on it, while stealing the profits through companies like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.”



Question…how many of you have iphones?

Question…how many of you have made the connection of
Steve Jobs leukemia to his developing the iphone?

Question: how many hours a day do you have that iphone
in your had radiating radiation to your system?

Question: how long do you have before you have leukemia?????

no cell phones are safe…the less you use them the better off you are…..

in 5 years, i believe there will be an epidemic of leukemia across the world from kids/adults from the fad using an iphone……

how many have figured that out????????????????????????
some conveniences are just not worth the results!



What are the dark lords masters of?

Deception. If there is anything we should learn from the past is that no matter the positive initial efforts and goals, the dark lords are masters in getting back on top and to steer the organizations or groups toward the goals of the dark lords.

UN, Theosophy, Christianity, Greenpeace – all organizations set out to do good but intercepted and later directed by the dark masters. Remember, they are not incarnated, they rule from the astral/emotional plane and are masters at what they do.

Do not expect these new changes to be any different. Beware and stay alert. In many ways the current changes mentioned by Benjamin actually mirror what seem to be their long term goals.

Johan Niklasson


Comment by marhuff55 on April 4, 2012 @ 2:46 am

🙂 Thanks your words carry encouragement.


Comment by evopro on April 4, 2012 @ 2:52 am

Good thing we’re moving on up to the higher dimensions so I can deal with these guys personally! *rolls up sleeves*




You said you were a computer programmer, would it be possible to see if you could get this video transferred so that it could be posted here. Because when I posted it last time it cannot be opened in the US. I cried when I saw this, and the music that accompanies the video is just beautiful. It has the Inca’s and the Aztec’s written all over it, those times, as though they have come back.
The most amazing UFO videos ever – Part 2

this is not bad, but nothing like the first one.

Thank you.


Comment by phxvalleygirl on April 3, 2012 @ 3:10 pm

“(you think it’s different NOW, but wait 5…10…15 years. it will degenerate to the same ole same ole. That is, IF it starts out as anything different in the beginning.”

I will add a little something kodo just stated here.

The only way this would happen, and the ones who would fall for it, would be those people who are still living in the 3D world, and had not moved on to the next dimension.


Nothing real has happened, Bens claims remain unsupported by any real World happening even close to the scale of his claims. I share the frustrations and dreams of most on here. If you subscribe you probably already know most of the problems of the World and have already awoken to who and what causes them from behind the curtain. Just be careful you don’t see what you want to see in beleiving the solution is close at hand. Those being shown the menu stop hunting for food. I urge you to keep Ben’s promises in the ‘would be nice’ file, while hoping he is offering something real.




to be used to end poverty, THIS IS GOOD stop environmental destruction EVEN BETTER and roll out previously forbidden technology THIS IS BEST in a responsible manner.


In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury dollar, according to CIA sources in California. This move is also expected to be accompanied by a massive clean up operation aimed at draining the corruption out of Wall Street and Washington D.C. in order to restore the US to its former moral and economic greatness.


current members of the Committee of 300:


However, before it can be started, a small planning staff will begin the process of selecting international talent to run the agency. Exactly when this will happen is subject to ongoing negotiations but hopefully the first usable cash will be delivered as early as the middle of this month.



30. We are fully committed to playing our part in the global fight against climate change


JUST MY 8 cents.



No more games. There’s not enough time. It’s time to go 100% into physical gold and silver. No more mining shares, etf’s, futures, options, stocks, bonds, 401k’s, CD’s…none of it. The game is being played with “virtual assets” and the plug is about to be pulled. FINALLY!

There’s not even time to think it over :

SILVER: It’s All Down To Physical Now!

http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/852.cfmMay the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


@ Eve – I was scrolling down and my eyes lighted upon your post and I was really interested. Then, I saw that you posted it for meeee… thx! I love that – you are definitely correct that an RV would used to help my family to become independent and self-reliant and, hopefully, to teach others as well.

Right now I have amazingly productive lemon, orange and grapefruit trees. My fig tree and apricot tree are coming along. Going to plant a plum tree as well. Found that Doyle blackberries grow will in all U.S. zones, so that’s next.

We didn’t do much planting this year. I have some beets, asparagus, lettuce, broccoli and herbs, but we didn’t plant like we should have. I would love to have time to devote to gardening. Used to have a couple of hens for eggs, but the HOA doesn’t want them here, lol. I got too optimistic and went back for a couple more banties…but they were regular size and they started hopping the fence and walking up and down the neighborhood street! LOL!! You should have seen the people walking their dogs when the chickens would hop the fence to greet them! Eyes bugged out like the cartoons.

So, I butchered a couple and got rid of the rest. It was sad, as we had a couple of black silkies that were so beautiful.

What I want to know is why people think that keeping large pack animals (dogs) in confined spaces is superior to having a couple of hens in one’s back yard. No roosters, just hens. They don’t make much of a mess at all, less than dogs. Where is the crime?


Comment by evike on April 4, 2012 @ 2:54 am

The videos look interesting, going to give them a look when I’ve got some free time! As for your dilemma here’s what I recommend.

Visit the website below and download the Free version of the software:

What you can do is download the videos right off of YouTube, then at the top of your YouTube page click on “Upload” and simply upload them!


The changes that Benjamin is writing about are certain. Many doubt whether these changes are too good to be true…

Around 620 B.C. the prophet Habakkuk talked with God and was given a vision to be written on tablets to be communicated to a future generation. The content of the vision was that at an appointed time in the future the debtors of the earth would wake up and shake off their captivity to the oligarchs who have been looting the nations.

Habakkuk was instructed to write the vision in big letters on tablets, making it plain (easy to understand) so that all that read it can run with it, and communicate the message to others:

Write the Vision and make it plain
upon tablets, that he may run that reads it.
For the Vision is for an appointed time.
And it is not a lie. Wait for it, because it
Will surely come to pass, and not delay
When the time is right.

Here is the core of the prophecy announcing the great awakening:

Woe to the proud, who has taken what is not his,
Making himself rich with loans.
Suddenly the debtors will awake, as a man out of sleep,
And they will bite him back, in an instant.
As he has ruined the nations, so the nations will ruin him.

We are writing a book on the prohecy, to be released within the next week. We are also producing a movie version (about 40% finished, in production). We are looking for reviewers to give us feedback and help us run with the vision. You can read more at

– thanks, Henry


english on April 4, 2012 @ 2:59 am

i disagree….the illuminati have dropped their “weather bomb” on japan……they are NOT happy campers…


it has begun…..will there now be a tsunami headed toward NYC?

Please Father, stop the destruction of the illuminati…weaken HAARP!



I meant to say “to what kodo just stated here”.


Oh Rusty, you judgement on my computer skills is way off, LOL that sounds like double Dutch to me.

I can watch all the videos in the UK, but for some reason the bloggers here could not.

Thank you anyway.


I think there is going to be a lot of people suffering a lot of grief, come the changes. Assuming DRAKE to be correct (!) then the lengthy drawn out TV dissection of how we got into this situation and who is responsible will be a lot for many people to take in. The social constructs regarding how they see the world, together with their place in it, will be destroyed. Right about then many people will be going into a tail spin. I suspect they are going to experience some sort of grieving process with its thusly described various stages (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grief). As an example there are many people around the world who regard the UK monarchy as, well, royalty. It’s going to come as a bit of a shocker when widespread revelations hit MSM.

When the anger occurs on a national level there are going to be many people wanting heads on stakes. (And this blog seems to be a microcosm of the smorgasbord that is humanity) That puts the Feds in the unenviable position of defending the cabal (sorry can use the word “elite” as they as so not elite) through the justice process, whatever that may look like.

Tempting though it would be say “I told you so” (and yes that has crossed my mind), back in the real world I think there will be many requiring help. At the end of the day if you re here and reading this site then you are well ahead of the game in terms of dealing with or handling how the world really works currently. (Indeed you may have gone through an arduous route/emotional roller coaster/inner wrangling…. to come to this position) If you have then you know what the people around you are going to be going through. Imagine that on a national or larger scale. Mix in food shortages, fuel shortages, (look at how the UK public reacted to the mere sniff of a fuel strike), and general panic over possible misinformation regarding “Martial Law” and you end up with a heady mix of stuff going on.

I guess we all have the opportunity to play a role (or not). Is nt that why we re here?

But as Winston Churchill was reported to have said: “If you re going through hell, keep going”

I think the key to this is MSM, as this could make or break the proposed birthing of a new society. I hope DRAKE and co are mindful of this.

It could really well, or totally t*ts up. I guess time ll tell.



leowanta 5.48.

I think there s an app for that….


Comment by evike on April 4, 2012 @ 3:08 am

Haha, oh gosh, please forgive me!
I’ll download the video and put it up on my account as a mirror, will post the link once it’s done. I hope this fixes the problem!


habakkuk on April 4, 2012 @ 3:04 am

Thank You, habakkuk…good stuff you’re doing getting
God’s word out the to world…may HE Bless You Henry!

Old Testament prophecy coming true today….amazing!
🙂 (who said the Old Testament is not happening today?)

The Father has foretold us all things……..TRUTH is
his WORD….



Comment by habakkuk on April 4, 2012 @ 3:04 am

Nice Henry, this sounds great, good luck to you.


Evike, I hope this is what you were asking for!





Animal Planet – Mermaids – US Navy Cover-Up of Intelligent Life Found in Ocean

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger.. Watch for yourself, and prepare to feel the standing hairs on the back of your necks.. http://201


Comment by wovolve42 on April 4, 2012 @ 3:27 am

The 1st link you provided just links to the YouTube homepage and the 2nd link is invalid!


Wo, your second link is not complete. It will not work as it is.


booklvr51 on April 3, 2012 @ 11:42 pm

So you got your Knickers all twisted up because of a word, an ordinary word that many have used in the past without being commies.

Do I smell troll shit here or what?


swine79 on April 3, 2012 @ 11:38 pm

You poor sad bastard.



Animal Planet – Mermaids – US Navy Cover-Up of Intelligent Life Found in Ocean
Sorry guys – here is the right link…


Hi Ben and Ya’All
Protest – We are not going to eat that crap,o anyhing like it – GET THE MESSAGE !

I received this letter from Walmart last week saying that they do not “specifically source” genetically engineered foods, but let’s be honest, that means absolutely nothing, and it’s not good enough:

Monsanto’s new genetically engineered sweet corn could be planted this spring, which means that it could be in stores this summer. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and General Mills have all made the commitment not to sell Monsanto’s sweet corn, but it looks like since Walmart will not reject this corn by specifically saying they will not purchase it, the corn could be on their shelves this summer.

Walmart cares about their bottom line, and their image, so whether or not you shop at Walmart, can you tell them once more that you won’t buy their lies or their corn?

We’ll be delivering these emails directly to Walmart to let them know about all the potential customers they’re losing.

Take action today:

Thanks for taking action,

Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch

P.S. We want to thank the 118,519 Food & Water Watch supporters, and our allies at CREDO Action, SumOfUs, Center for Food Safety, Center for Environmental Health, Corporate Accountability and Friends of the Earth for the amazing effort you all put into this campaign over the last several months. We may not win this one, but the fight for safe food will continue.
Food & Water Watch, 1616 P Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036 • (202) 683-2500


RE committee of 300….

Stephen Harper made that list (a surprise…but not really, given that he is a good little NWO puppet.).



jubba on April 4, 2012 @ 3:13 am

AND you trust it? hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



I don’t know much and am not that smart
I do however a few shreds of wisdom.

This Wilcock this and that helps me in which way?
Look at the work he has done what is it?
He is an editor?

Look at his name. I suspect he is a mix of what everyone says here – enough already?

Either his Wil is strong and hard or flopping around blowing in the wind. I venture to guess its not to good to be too much of one or the other.

As too self promotion and branding those are right in the presentations and on the site. Lots of people ride waves but very few make them but the beauty is it takes people riding the wave for us to see the beauty of the wave we may just pass on by otherwise.



The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman
Dr. John Coleman wrote a book that lists all 300 names of the committee – fascinating interview with him.


Sherman Skolnick is THEE resource… If you want to understand what has taken place read everything there… When I came across his work in 2002 that is when my life changed…

As I started printing copies and handing them out I soon found unpleasant attention…

10 years later things are still a very dangerous stalemate…

STARGATES and crap like it is disinfo… You want to know what is really going on here is an example…


Here is what happened in the 1990s and thereafter, after Daddy Bush stole hundreds of billions of dollars belonging to his former private business partner, Saddam Hussein. Using the American CIA, Bush set about to try to topple the Baghdad regime, the classical way: using fake money. Historically, it has overthrown governments quicker than dropping bombs.

A team of highly-skilled counterfeiters, headed by a master “cutter” (the trade lingo for a superior performing steel engraver), produced the plates for counterfeit U.S. paper money. [Of course, actually this paper money of a private central bank, the so-called FEDERAL Reserve, has long masqueraded, throughout the world, as the so-called “U.S. Dollar”.]

Daddy Bush, in various deals (some of them through oil machinery suppliers headed or connected to Richard Cheney), saw to it that Iraq was flooded with superior fake U.S. Hundred Dollar Bills. They were so expertly made, they actually passed through the Federal Reserve’s counting machines as if they were genuine. This type of trick worked well when the same counterfeit team, headed by the same master “cutter”, then working for a secret unit of the U.S. Treasury and American CIA, flooded the Soviet Union with superior quality fake Russian rubles. It caused the collapse of the Moscow government. In the 1990s, Daddy Bush and his gang of criminals purported to be supporting Yeltsin and then Putin, with U.S. Paper Money (actually some 800 billion dollars of superior quality fake U.S. paper money. Putin finally caught on to this trick and is shoveling them BACK to the U.S. by the Moscow government’s huge buying of gold in the run-up in December, 2002.)

[Visit Part 22 of this series.]


I just found out a missing piece of the puzzle… The Russian Rubel was shorted. That is how the number thrown about with Wanta is so huge and why Russia collapsed. Wonder why Putin is pissed?

The world has 7 Continents and each one has a major mafia syndicate… they are all running black market operations and murder for control… all the keyboard warriors in the world will not stop their work unless you figure out what would stop their work….

Are you buying their pot? Coke (both the cola and the white stuff) are you buying their porn? buying their weapons? their chemicals? their cheap electronic sweatshop crap? are you watching their programming? are you buying their lies and following their dufus puppet spokesman and spreading the lies? Are you sucking up to local law enforcement because you are scared? Do you own stock in their cartel fronts?



Tuesday, April 3, 2012 Posted by John MacHaffie at 2:24 PM

> My friends, we are about to witness a massive change that has never before been seen in our world- both financially, politically, spiritually, and in every aspect of our lives. I have told you about the arrests that are happening all over the world right now- bankers and politicians being the biggest targets. This is happening because over the years several groups of very very informed men and women from the military/pentagon, various 3 letter groups, and secret underground groups from all over the world have banded together (with some very special help ) to bring down the twisted deadly empire of the Illuminatti/NWO/dark cabal.
> These groups have made massive sacrifices to insure that the rest of humanity on this planet will have a chance to be free. They are currently on the cusp of the launching of a new global economic initiative that will end global debt and return us to a comodities based financial system.
> There are several groups involved and several “Prosperity Packages” that will be launched very very soon. These packages will end global poverty and end the serfdom and slavery that has been imposed on us by a group of greedy men intent of owning and controling everything. One of many important factors of this global economic change over is the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar…”



Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 3:22 am

Yes, thank you very much. Who’s a clever boy then. Sorry I’m just making the evening meal hence the delay.

Those spheres are beautiful. When they came out of the big UFO, and when the spheres are in the sky, someone posted that part to Project Camelot, but not as they were beings spewed out. My version is the original uploaded version, and on full screen it looks even better.

Thank you again, I hope people will watch it both bloggers and non members.

Apparently UFO activity is very abundant in Mexico.


Wilcock’s posting of the Drake transcript is imminent from this post.

He’s doing the final touches right now and will post immediately as soon as he’s done. Then he’ll jump right onto continuing with his stalled “DIVINE INTERVENTION” article right away.

Once it’s posted, may I suggest to you to take the link to the transcript, plus the link to the DIVINE INTERVENTION article that David has started and put them in an email for you to send out to most people in your email address book?

Work up a boilerplate email that would have all the links, plus what you have to say about them, then on top of the boilerplate email, add in personal comments to your recipients that you’d be sending to, one-by-one.

Don’t just send this bulk to whole bunches of people with impersonal comments in it — you’ll get far less readership and connection that way.

I find that I get FAR BETTER readership and responses to bulk emails when I do it with the boilerplate method to be sent to each recipient in my address book, sent one-by-one with personalized messages for each recipient. My friends love that and many respond.

Timing is everything and now’s the time to go viral with these links.

And be SURE to send this out to your skeptical family/friends who think that anything to do with conspiracies is BS … just wait until this mass arrest show GOES PUBLIC! Imagine all the sprayed coffee/beer on the computer screens once this happens!

And if you want, go ahead and rub it in once it goes public with a huge “I EFF’N TOLD YOU SO MOFOS!”

And ask them to please pass it along … in the ‘Bcc’ mode!

Never in the ‘To’, nor the ‘Cc’ mode!



Comment by evike on April 4, 2012 @ 4:02 am

Not a problem 🙂 Checked out the first minute, will look at the rest in a bit.


Evike..regarding coffee ,always take it with breakfast or after a meal, My grandmother baked special hard cookies
that she called ” dunkers” to cut coffee acid ,I alkaline
my reverse osmosis filtered brewing and drinking water with 1/3 teaspoon of Baking Soda ,NOT BAKING POWDER per gallon of filtered water that I return to life by shaking
to re oxigenate and adding ionic trace minerals.
Always have toast and butter if nothing else, eat something before ingesting and leave that black paste Italian coffee alone.
The latest Coffee research has proven that coffee is one of our most powerful and easily available Anti oxidents and 5 cups a day are recommended, for those fearing heart affects, there is ( it does not change blood pressure)
a slight momentary elevation but the heart returns to normal after 5 minutes and the caffine crosses your brains blood barriers to help prevent Altzheimers plaque and give you a
sense of heightened well being countering organic depression..
try a small dab of butter in your black coffee or drink with breakfast or meal,,,,your bloating may be caused by a shortage of Probiotics and digestive enzymes, if you have ever had recent
antibiotics ,you have altered and killed the good along with the bad and you must replace with the above suppliments of both.
Enjoy one of natures great pleasures.


Comment by mozart on April 4, 2012 @ 4:05 am

Just because many of us who have been researching this know about what is going on doesn’t give us the right to take claim as breaking the story…

Wilcock is not the source and never has been… grow up. The game is a bit more complex than that. He may be chosen by a certain faction to release information but I guarantee you his mix of information is a blend of agendas.

Europe is investigating the cabal, Interpol among others… and many of us have the sense to try not to f it up.


And if you want, go ahead and rub it in once it goes public with a huge “I EFF’N TOLD YOU SO MOFOS!”

Comment by mozart on April 4, 2012 @ 4:05 am


I do realize that my comment quoted above reflects my anger that I have to many people who have treated me brutally over the years in reaction to my being a Conspiracy Observer (NOT, NOT “theorist!”), so I’ll take that back as a suggestion and just construe it as an expression of my anger/pain that I’ve suffered for far too many years.

The best approach is to simply be there with your friends/skeptics and just ask them how they feel about all this “new” — new to them — information and simply invite them to ask you whatever questions that pop into their minds that surely would be reeling from all this “new” stuff exploding into their reality through the very same mechanism that put them to sleep — the TV.

Just be there and ask them how they feel.

Invite questions from them.

And don’t add on any information overload — they’ll have enough to deal with once it’s all over the TV.

Tell them that you would be available for them to talk to, to ask questions, to cry on your shoulder, to go punch a punching bag, etc.



Mother Mary Speaks About UFOs


Evike…I’m breaking the rule here on this post and not include a segment of the article, instead I am posting the bloggers comments, I just could not stop laughing at their comments.

God save us from this BS.

“Be not afeared”

hahaha mother Mary speaks about UFOs..hahahaa, high-larious that’s what this is. So if its ufos who come with good intentions such as GFL with promises to assist humanity, they are from hell. where is this from,Vatican headquarters, or jus one of those disinfo. bullwack you usually see? me for one don’t believe in this, that UFOs are from hell and catholic is right. while the popes history is bare regarding humanity plans, so we should embrace their evil NWO?

“Do not fantasize of life on other planets, My children. It is a falsehood. ”

Pahahahaha another load of dark age supersititous BS debunked by science. The Universe is teaming with comets with bacteria. And even if you believe you were created by a giant invisible fairy story character there are untold billions of planets out there. The huge numbers and expanse involved guarentees there is other life. Why create all that and restrict life to this one small insignificant rock… talk about giant ego. lol

What a bunch of BS

This is hate mail, and has no place in the light.

There is a big change coming but very positive.


Thanks for the update Mozart. I plan on sending quite a few wake up calls to friends and family. I think that it is good advice to try and spread the word on a more personal level. Little things like a personalized subject go a long way for me as well.

@ Wo- I was really intrigued by the Mermaid Doc but is it just me or is every specialist featured in this doc a paid actor? It seems like they have lots of data to support what they are talking about. I am just surprised that I haven’t been able to spot one person on this doc that I didn’t think was good/bad actor.


Comment by tasteslikecrayons on April 4, 2012 @ 4:33 am

tastelikecrayons- I am very intrigued by the mermaid video too….it certainly appeals to my wish to believe in the magic of life. I dont know if the researchers are paid actors, I think they arent-


Wilcock is not the source and never has been… grow up.

Europe is investigating the cabal, Interpol among others… and many of us have the sense to try not to f it up.

Comment by eugenekalmes on April 4, 2012 @ 4:27 am

“Grow up?” WTF do you mean by that?

I never said that Wilcock is the ONLY source of this information. Where in my post did I say that? You are reading YOUR OWN INTERPRETATIONS between the lines of my post.

I reject your insulting “grow up” comment.

Yes, there are many, including INTERPOL, but how many out there have consistently put out accurate, detailed information like Wilcock has?

Sure, there are many sites out there that have information, but far too many of them are skewed strongly on the side of “fear porn” — even I got sucked into those fear porn sites and had to work to pull myself out of those sites in order to take more positive approaches that were healthier for me and others around me.

There are many players in the game and even Drake does not know who all the players are, so that’s the beauty of this counter-coup that we are doing against the elites.

It’s us, it’s the People all over the world who have stepped up to the plate and we are on the verge of hitting our long-awaited grand slam home run at the bottom of the two-out, two-strike 9th inning with the bases loaded and the score being 0 for us, the home team, and 3 for them.

David has seen things f’d up by premature releases of information and dates, so the LAST thing that he’d do is to release anything that would endanger our efforts to defeat the elites. Even in personal, private conversations, there were many things that he did not tell me, even if I had asked him, point-blank, for specific info.

I didn’t press him any further and I totally understood his need to STFU with critical information.

I hope to God that our impending mass arrests do not get f’d up by anything.

I do worry that all this mass arrest information could spook the damn cabal to do things to f things up, but I’m trying not to my my energy into such worry.



Comment by merek on April 4, 2012 @ 4:17 am

HI, my wise man, thank you for your wise advice, as always, I will definitely take note.

Thank you.


STARGATES and crap like it is disinfo…

eugenekalmes on April 4, 2012 @ 3:59 am

– – – –
Do you have any idea how integrally KEY your choice of words ‘STARGATES’ and ‘crap’ to disc-over-ing this is disinfo?

Even Ben has pointed an aspect of this out when he referenced Georgetown and g is the only who has commented on that one sentence several weeks ago.

slogg on April 1, 2012 @ 7:51 am
also dropped in a link with more than 850 pieces of evidence already in the mainstream this last week.

MON-KEY 1st syllable pronounced with a long o.
monkey sees, monkey hears then monkey does – that’s the program.

Another load of crap is that the elite have a code of CONduct [yellow brick ROAD by which they CON] that they must disclose to you what they are going to do. Unless perhaps by code you mean ego. A bunch of parrots hear this and sing along with it.

‘Med’ia = Meades priesthood or Hole-E-Wood priesthood
Cast-ing spells via broad-CASTS of programming to program all who consent by giving their ear and eye.


Hi Ben and Ya’All
HUMPTY DUMPTY must have fell of the ( WAll Street Wall) The judges finger the crooks in The FBI, regardinf The Oklahoma City bombing cover up.



Re mermaids

See disclaimer at the very end!!!



merek on April 4, 2012 @ 4:17 am

If you have written a health book or document
with you eating and drinking knowledge I’ll gladly buy a copy for $100 for or a couple ounces of silver. I know its worth a lot more but that’s what I can handle.


timthomasfl954 on April 4, 2012 @ 1:41 am

translation and notes

The Panther [translated into English as I interpret it]

His [The mighty Panthers] Vision has become numb
passing by the bars [of his cage],
that he is longer aware of anything [real,
his bars and all that is there].
It is as if there are thousands
of bars and nothing [except them and] behind thousands of bars.

The ever weakening gait of his powerfully subdued strides,
which press him into ever smaller circles,
Is like a dance of mighty will around his center[heart],
in which a might will stands[idles] in paralysis.

Only occasionally the eylids open up-.
Then a picture darts in,
down [quickening] to his marrow a lifeless stillness
and ceases to be in his heart.

This is how I apply what I learned from this poem.
I always try to look to creation to teach me.
If someone rattles my cage they have spoken a truth
that has revealed to me are behind thousands of bars
which I am no longer aware are there.

Find out why I feel the frustration or anger
at what they have written or said.
Learn from my anger what pushed its button
stay engaged on it till I see the bars revealed
and what is really there to see.

Poly-Anna still hasn’t learned cr%^p after so many decades.



What do you think happens to the US Stock Market? It has been soaring since the fall season of 2011. Blue Chip corporations have benefited greatly from the cheap money and liquidity provided by the Federal Reserve. So when the artificially low interest rates manipulated by the Federal Reserve go away will the corporations be funded by a new bank or will they have to go strictly to private investors, therefore, they will have to pay free market interest rates to rollover their debt. If so, the rates are likely to be much higher than what they are paying now cutting into corporate profits, Or will this loss in profits be offset by the a huge surge in liquidity of the “individual” in the new system. Just trying to figure it out, a lot of sleeping Americans have been herded into 401Ks, 403Bs, IRA’s, etc., basically jail for money. Does the stock market go up or down in this scenario of the mass arrests and the nullification of the 16th Amendment/Federal Reserve System?


Venus Video By Astronomical Telescope Planet Colonization


These two videos of Venus through the astronomical telescope, are filmed one day in difference from each other.
The first is filmed on March 4 and the second on March 3, 2012 (my birthday). The difference between them on the quality of the atmosphere is very big. The first one, have better images than the second where you can notice the boiling atmosphere, especially on the edge of the planet.

Someone told me in a comment that looks like if it were Uranus because it has a bluish color. This is due most likely because of the Super Plossl eyepiece lens or Barlow lens, or even the camera lens.

More on site with two small videos


Comment by wovolve42 on April 4, 2012 @ 3:27 am




Comment by mozart on April 4, 2012 @ 4:44 am


Thank you for your post. I find that my friends are also finding out things for themselves.

Once you tell them something that interests them, they do a little research of their own too, and that usually gets people talking on the topic rather than the usual TV BS.



Adolf Hitler And Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Able To Donate To Obama 2012: Verification Disabled


Newsmax 2008: Obama Ignores Credit Card Donation Fraud. What do Bart Simpson, Family Guy, Daffy Duck, King Kong, O.J. Simpson, and Raela Odinga have in common?

More on site with a 5.45 min video

All are celebrities; and with the exception of Odinga and O.J. Simpson, they also are fictional characters. And yet, all of them gave money earlier this month to the campaign of Barack Obama, without any apparent effort by the campaign to screen them out as suspect donors.


. Your credibility will be so much larger and palatable to a much larger audience. I want to continue to point people towards your books, without having to apologize for your character.
Comment by diabiblical on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am
I mostly agree with you. Very astute


Rupert Murdoch faces calls to stand down as chairman of News Corp
Now James Murdoch steps down as chairman of BSkyB as he admits being a ‘lightning rod’ for scandal

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2124378/James-Murdoch-resigns-chairman-BSkyB-wake-phone-hacking-scandal.html#ixzz1r0qfmYey

Keiser Report: Debtflation (E270)


We discuss allegations of Rupert Murdoch sabotaging competitors, America buying 61 percent of its own debt and Germany lauching a strategy to counter its own largesse. In the second half of the show Max talks to Reggie Middleton about JP Morgan’s muni bond bucket shop and the US Federal Reserve buying up Treasury debt.




Comment by solarain on April 4, 2012 @ 2:04 am
what a asshat but a sense of humor as well.


Planning a trip to Canada or the Caribbean? US Immigration may have other ideas…
New security checks are already in place – even for flights hundreds of miles from American airspace





Dear Cafe’,

For those wondering what is going on with VK Durham and Rumormillnews, I have the following post from VK. As many of you know, there are lots of people who get in touch with me or that I have interacted with on the Internet. I have spoken to VK and she seems quite lucid and alert despite what is being posted on the rumormill. Much like Sherman Skolnick, Eustace Mullins and other long-standing whistleblowers, she has been subjected to some peculiar treatment by members of the Cabal.

She was lured to West Virginia on the pretext that her life story was going to be made into a book/film. Once there, she was subjected to poor treatment.

I am posting something from her which I hope that members of the BFC will post around the web. Maybe if this information is widely seen, VK will be okay. I apologize for the length of this post, but it is not available on the internet. If you want to get more information on VK Durham and the trust, visit theantechamber.net


—– Original Message —– From: Rayelan Allan
To: vkdurham@frontiernet.net
Cc: hobie
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2012 6:14 PM
Subject: From Rayelan

You have consistently violated the RMNews rule about posting personal vendettas against private citizens. You have been warned and yet you continue to put RMNews in danger.

Here’s one of the things you agreed to on becoming an Agent: “No personal Vendettas against private citizens. Private citizens CAN and DO sue when they are libeled! The difference between a public figure and a private citizen should be fairly obvious! If there is a grey area, RMN will come down on the side of NOT posting anything that can be deemed slanderous or libelous.”

I can no longer trust that you will NOT post slander or libel against private citizens, therefore your ability to post on RMNews has been ended. You no longer have posting privileges and no one will be allowed to post for you.

I am sad that it had to come to this. I wish you good fortune.
Rayelan Allan, Publisher, RMNews

READER WRITES: VK what happened! Appears you have been shit canned at RMNews.

VKD RESPONDS: To answer your question; I HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED; and it don’t look too good. Raylan got pissed because I was exposing those who kidnapped me as a “soft target” trying to take over the Trusts. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=235341

IT WAS OVER THE $17 TRILLION IN GOLD BULLION WHICH GENE C. VALENTINE, D.V. HUGHES, JR., TIM GEITHNER, JAMIE DIAMON attempted to steal from Russell Herrmann/Herman’s CI-Ltd Account to cover the (RAYELAN ASSOCIATED) BOGUS OITC when they came in as the new saviors of the US FED. R./USTreasury.


January 4, 2012. VK Durham Wrote:

Marty.. in re: morning telephone conversation.. I’m sending this to ‘vatic’ also.. We need to do some deep digging on this one.

This reeks of old “Psy-Ops”.. Someone is trying like hell to discredit the Durham Trust.. using the same old tricks..

Who do we know who still plays footsie with Russia and China in spite of violating the Logan Act, the Patriot Act 1, 2 and 3..? Who do we know who incites innocent people to become involved in “sedition” by attacking the president? Who do we know who encourages innocents to become a party to “treasonous activities” which could cost these individuals their lives.. Or, who do we know who innocently became involved with these “Contra-iry” and UnAmerican Activities which led them into HARMS WAY directly in the path of that described and contained in: Text of S. 1698: Enemy Expatriation Act Introduced in Senate

http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=226042 ?

Going over that PRAVADA.RU article on “THE BUSH FAMILY’S PROJECT HAMMER” I notice the writer is a Deanna Springola.. Isn’t this one of LaRouche’s associates at NWV?
I find this very interesting as to its intent to throw a bad light on Durham Trust by including same as the source of wealth for THE BUSH BASTARDS
“The Vulcans had almost limitless financing from a cache known by several names – the Black Eagle Trust, the Marcos gold, Yamashita’s Gold, the Golden Lily Treasure, or the Durham Trust.”

http://engforum.pravda.ru/index.php?/topic/202451-project-hammer-the-destruction-of-the-ussr/ If my suspicions are correct.. Considering LaRouche was an integral part of Ronald Reagan/Bush/Kissinger CONTRA OPERATION LaRouche and his RONALD REAGAN/BUSH/KISSINGER CONTRAS are still working the PSY-OPS Game.Search results

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence – Covered Bonds & Bank Paper…Covered Bonds & Bank Paper Trading Fraud by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence[ UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.com ] … As to Mr. EJ EKKER and that Bonus3392-181, …http://www.upintelligence.multiply.com/reviews/?item/2Unwanted Publicity Intelligence – J.P. Morgan Financial

…J.P. Morgan Financial Agents U.S. Civil War Gold Peru Bond by, UnwantedPublicity Intelligence [

UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.com ] June 25, 201016:01:09 p.m. ( PST …http://www.upintelligence.multiply.com/reviews/?item/18January 28, 2012.

VK Durham writes Gene C. Valentines Attorney—– Original Message —–From: VKDurhamTo: pat Cassidy Att.Cc: v.K. DurhamSent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 12:35 PMSubject: a meeting between myself and Justice DeptFeb. 1 or 2 is acceptable.Thought you should be aware; In the near future there will be a meetingbetween myself and Justice Dept., here at Aspen Manor in regards to ‘Trust’matters.There will be discussions involving an ‘enjoinder’ with the individual/ownerof the ’58’ box’s which both you and Mr. Valentine were apprised last week(copy below).It would be appreciated by me to know whether this ‘loggerhead’ situation isgoing to continue between Mr. Valentine and myself, or if I find myself andmy people continueing on without his presence. This is business.. this isnot personal.RegardsV.K. Durham, CEO-SignatoryDurham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087
===================== APRIL 1, 2012
V.K. Durham Writes:PUBLIC NOTICEAFTER THE ABUSE I HAVE SUFFERED; I HOPE NO ONE HOLDS THEIR BREATH AS THEYTRY TO RECOVER THE CI-LTD “CONTRA” (INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR) RETIREMENTACCOUNTS which reportedly ‘hold/held’ $17 TRILLION DOLLARS GOLD BULLION.Former Financial Advisor/Mgr. of Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias12087 Sub Trust’s Deo ju Vante, North America and Latin America aftermisleading CEO, V.K. Durham (A soft target per the individual I later discovered), transporting across state lines under False and Misleading Pretense, Holding “Soft Target” in what could be ‘technically’ If you will remember; I have written much about being ‘offered $5 MILLION dollars up front for the book and story rights on Russell Herrmann/Herrman/Herman up front, residuals to be worked out later, a like amount for my life story and movie rights from an individual and his agent during a period from August 2011 to last week of December 2001 where I was to come to West Virginia to assist the ‘ghost writer’ to bring my computers etc needed the rest we would return to Iowa and bring back the needed materials.Included in this ‘deal.’ This individual paid ‘his’ attorney a retainer to wreck over my Social Security Disability Benefits (records of credits had been wiped. Needed 20 at onset of disability, managed to recover 26), and my husband’s Military Widows Pension Benefits and insurances. Plus, due my Blood Pressure of 220 over 120 I was told by this individual “Those son of a-bitch’s in Iowa are trying to kill you. I will make certain you get proper medical care, pay your medical expenses, you will not have to worry about finances after you get to W. Virginia.”Necessary documents and information provided to this individuals “attorney”as I was being told how much influence this individual had in West Virginia with ‘no nonsense judges’ in regards to Federal Pensions and Benefits ‘frauds’ regarding Disabled Persons and the Elder Persons.Finally, I accepted. This individual sent his employees to hire a U-Haul,pack, load and transport me ‘intrastate’ from Iowa to W. Virginia arrivingo/a January 1st, 2012.The Agreement was breached by what is called Tortitious Inte
rference..Elder Abuse began. Willful, Malicious attempts to take over Durham Trust’s by using psychological (CIA) tactics with the Durham Trust’s Officers byplaying Trust Officers against the CEO..In doing so, of playing one against the other.. this individual and one whocalled himself “Russell Herrmann/Herman’s GOLDEN BOY”.. cut a deal withthose currently in deep pucky over the inability to cover the necessary $17TRILLION DOLLARS needed for “OBAMACARE” tried unsuccessfully to Access CIAContractor, Col. Russell Herrmann/Herman’s CI-Ltd. Accounts which 4 necessary things were needed to open those accounts (1) Retina Recognition(2) Finger Print Recognition (3) Voice Recognition and (4) (keys).These individual did not have the first 3 of the required 4, Russell had been dead since August 1994. The individuals began screaming “Those Accounts do not belong to VK Durham! Those Accounts do not belong to Durham Trust! VK Durham was not married to Russell Herman!
Those Accounts belong to US TREASURY!”WRONG! Independent Contractor Accounts are just that! Independent Contractor Accounts. If one Contracts with the White House, operates under PDD’S to SELL ARMS TO THE CONTRAS.. THOSE ACCOUNTS BELONG TO THE PARTY WHO”CONTRACTED” with the WHITE HOUSE/PRESIDENT.. That is the finites of Law. AS I HAVE SUFFERED THIS ABUSE; AS AN INDIVIDUAL ATTEMPTS TO DESTROY THE”TRUST’S” AND EVERYTHING THESE TRUST’S STAND FOR; I DESTROYED THE 4TH REMAINING KEY TO OPEN THE CI-LTD ACCOUNTS REPORTEDLY HOLDING $17 TRILLION DOLLARS IN GOLD BULLION! Enough of this running rough shod over every living soul on this planet! In regards to the ‘security’ of the TRUSTS.. The TRUSTS are safe and secure.. be assured they are safe and secure..being SAFE AND SECURE.. many, many good things are about to come forth.. It appears NO ONE PAID ATTENTION TO THEIR MOMMA when she said: “KEEP YOURCOTTON’ PICKIN HANDS OFF OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY! ASK BEFOR YOU TOUCHS OMETHING THAT BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE!” Right here.. you see what that ATTEMPT TO STEAL $17 TRILLION DOLLARS “GOLD BULLION” has cost this Nation, and other nations if you want to get down to the nitty gritty.Read the following: Obamacare’s $17 Trillion Cost Will Bankrupt AmericaNot to mention kill off many humans. Man, woman and child!

snip: Fortunately, some responsible Senate staffers have been placing themselves under cruel and unusual punishment by carefully sorting throughthe voluminous piece of legislation. What they have found is alarming and potentially could result in the absolute financial ruin of the UnitedStates.When the Democrats were pushing Obamacare, they kept telling the nation that it would only cost about $900 billion over the next ten years but is that true?They discovered that the shortfall between all of the new Obamacare tax revenue and spending is approximately $17 trillion dollars. This is fiv etimes the current federal annual budget and over three times the amount that the Obama administration has already borrowed in just three years. [endsnip]

Much More
http://godfatherpolitics.com/4469/obamacares-17-trillion-cost-will-bankrupt-america/VKD: During mid July 1994 HILLARY’S HELLIONS visited the HERRMANN-HERMAN home for the purpose of obtaining the necessary collateral UNDERWRITING for THE NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAM. The parties sent by Hillary to obtain the collateral UNDERWRITING for the NHCP were Dave Horowitz and Karen Koffee. Hillary Clinton sent these individuals to obtain the necessary collateral UNDERWRITING for the NHCP “BEFORE BILL MADE A BIGGER ASS OUT OF HIMSELF THAN HE HAD ALREADY DONE.”When the UNDERWRITING was refused (by Signatory: V.K. Durham) Mr. Horowitz and Ms. Koffee went into Mr. Herrmann (Herman)’s bedroom, shook him very roughly and said: “Grand-Pa. Grandma (V.K. Durham) will not sign the UNDERWRITING of the collateral needed by Mrs. Clinton. You have to talk to her and make her sign. If she does not sign, you will be dead very shortly and she will disappear and no one will never know what happened to her.”Russell HERRMANN (Herman) responded: “Ma. Bring me my pistol because no son of a bitch is coming into my home and threatening my life and your life because they want something I cannot give them and you refuse to give to the CLINTONS, and they know full dammed well they cannot have one single piece of paper with your signature authorizing the underwriting of that woman’s national health care program!! “This was mid July 1994. Russell was murdered through the OPERATION WHITEROBE CLOSING PERIOD of August 1994. It was his signature which was required for the RELEASE OF FUNDS & PAYMENT OF FEES & COMMISSIONS. OPERATION WHITE ROBE was hijacked by what is now believed to be the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY. The reason Banker/Brokers could never recover their fees, RUSSELL HERMAN was in the process of being murdered. Shortly prior to his death in August 1994, three people visited him (per Russell) trying to make him sign off.

Those people were Ex-President George Bush, Alan Greenspan and Oliver North. Russell refused to sign. So far, to protect the AMERICAN CONTINENT and AMERICAN PEOPLE & ALLIES when the Original Project Phoenix was aborted and the accounts frozen then parallel accounts set up back in 1987-88, new UNDERWRITING of Collateral was requested by Col. Russell Herrman (Herman) who set the entire banking up, once again with (as he told us) “The SAUDI who came into CHICAGO in his LEERJET with THE WHITE DOVE on the air plane and a very powerful man in the HONG KONG-SHANGHI CHINA BANKING by the name of GRANDPA-LI.”The “Underwriting of Collateral” came from the ASSAY’S on 13,520 ACRES OFGOLD (AU-AG-PT’S & 7 RARE EARTHS) OF MICRO ALLUVIALS in Maricopa and YvapiaCounties Arizona. The KEATING FIVE discovered the underwriting, further discovering RIVERSIDE COUNTY COURT CASE 159758 and commenced blackmailing and threatening attorneys, judges, records keepers and V.K. DURHAM the Plaintiff, and DEMANDED CERTAIN SECTIONS OF THE 13,520 ACRES BE SOLD TO THEM” OR ELSE.”Needless to say; THERE WAS A $ 10MM DISABILITY “RIDER” CONTAINED IN THE PLAINTIFF’S “SAFECO” INSURANCE POLICY. SAFECO denied the POLICY HOLDER and refused to pay, or DELAYED PAYMENT for MEDICAL TREATMENT. This ultimately ended up with Attorney’s, Judges etc split out the $10MM, while V.K. DURHAM lost everything after V.K. DURHAM was left NAKED BEFORE THE COURT and denied Legal Counsel. This is how in all WORK HISTORIES as contained in SOCIALSECURITY’S DATA BASE to be erased. In the meantime; THE KEATING FIVE-SILVERADO S&L FIASCO- operation was exposed. Investigations result in RECEIVERSHIP on THE KEATING FIVE SILVERADO SAVINGS & LOAN OPERATION… THE PROPERTY RELEASED TO THE KEATING FIVE-AMERICAN CAPITAL-SILVERADO S&L was used as a REPOSITORY DEPOSITORY and(I am told) Atlantic Richfield built homes on the property. The Property went into RECEIVERSHIP and was “Kept in the Family of those involved in the 1992 PRIVATIZATION OF “FEDERALLY FUNDED” U.S. FED GOVT. PROPERTIES SOLD OFFBY EXECUTIVE ORDER 12803 (see:http://www.theantechamber.net/UsHistDoc/Exord12803/Exord12803Index.html ).source: http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/CounterfeitUsDollar.htmApril 2, 2911.

Marty writes as “Seawitch”FOR INQUIRING MINDS – DECOMMISSIONED FACTS REGARDING VK DURHAM – 2 CEASE AND DESIST NOTICES http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=235429Marty (Seawitch) included D.V. Hughes, Jr.. Cease and Desist involving “58Box’s Prime Bank Instruments held for years by Cardinal Paul Marcinkus belonging to THE VATICAN” .. knowing a lot of the history on this MISSING VATICAN PRIME BANK INSTRUMENTS, I BECAME VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF MY ASSOCIATE TO WHOM CARDINAL MARKINKUS LEFT THESE “58 BOX’S”.. AND D.V.HUGHES, JR., GENE C. VALENTINE (SEC LICENSED BROKER). READ 5/12/05 The murdered man in the photos athttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/VkPublicNotice.htmlwas one of THE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS involved with THE VATICAN BANKING &MA
RCINCUS & SINDONA (CHICAGO BANKING “LA SALLE BOYS”).. His murder was an INSIDE JOB..by those “the closest to him.”PICS OF PAUL MARCINKUS AND MICHAEL SINDONA BANKS AND INSTITUTIONS INVOLVEDhttp://www.goldenkarat.com/institutions.html This site no longer opens butyou can read the banks here if you can see past the trash designed to keepyou from knowing the truthhttp://web.archive.org/web/20050213072702/http://www.goldenkarat.com/institutions.htmlA full formal investigation will further tie in to the BANK OF CREDIT ANDCOMMERCE and hundreds of additional banks tieing back into the SAUDI’SBANKING which also ties back in with the TEMPLARS..who were followinginstructions as THE PRESIDENT’S CENTURIONS (CIA) to do that requested ofthem by the President(s). These men and women have been “sacrificed” andtheir murder’s remain un-investigated…THE CODE OF SILENCE (check out Oathto the President. 38 U.S.C.) and then go readhttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/AbusingTheCodeOfSilence.h
tml . Readit thoroughly. All these many years since my husbands murder.. I have wondered why “Orderscame down from the top, DO NOT INVESTIGATE”.. No answers ever came, nor didany Member of any Areas of Jurisdiction albeit Congressional, FBI and soforth proceed after the orders of DO NOT INVESTIGATE came down from the”top.”http://web.archive.org/web/20050213072702/http://www.goldenkarat.com/institutions.html12/24/2011. V.K. Durham, CEO, Durham Holding Trust wrote:VKD: LEADERS OF NATIONS, CENTRAL BANKERS; ASK YOURSELVES: IS THERMAL NUCLEARWAR WORTH PROTECTING HIGH LEVEL ORGANIZED CRIMINALS?MERRY CHRISTMAS: THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE; AND MAKE THOSE OTHERWISEPRE-DISPOSED “MAD AS HELL.” BY: V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory,Everyone in the International Banking, Financing and Economic Industriesglobally; Know something very terrible has happened which has brought theglobal banking, financing and economics to near collapse. They also knowTHEY WERE VICTIMIZED into believing other than t
he truth.How do these “victims” straighten out this mess? The mess can bestraightened out, as soon as the Victims cease being threatened by theperpetrators with being accessories, stand up and acknowledge THE VICTIMSTATUS in which they were put.That is the only way this current global mess can be straightened out.Hopefully, there are still good men and women out there who will address thevictimization process, addressing same in the Banking, Financial andEconomic Communities of their respective nations.Until such time, the United States of America will never enjoy herCredibility and Good Standing amongst the International Communities ofNations.Everyone is looking at the recent President of Korea ‘fatal heart attack’speculating on what will happen to China’s portion of Korea i.e., N. Koreadue to this unfortunate incident.No need to speculate.. time to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ on this messand finally admit.. This involves IDENTITY THEFT which is the same thosefraudulentl
y incorporated by GAIA see: TAKING DOWN THE US DOLLARhttp://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=158479 which,incidentally was the reason THE MALAYSIAN COURTS declared GAIA-E.J. EKKER AFRAUD resulting in his throat being cut ear to ear after they had openlypublished 2003 “WE NOW CONTROL THE ENTIRE ASIAN BANKING CIRCLE”http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/WeControlAsianBanking.htmlRules of Treaty recognized by International Treaty Nations are bound byRules of Treaty. The International Monetary Fund’s Ms. Christine Legarde isfully aware of those binding provisions governing Treaty Nations.By further examining a Treaty international agreement other than treatiesSection 12087 (1984-86) which Breached the Rules of Treaty internationalagreements other than treaties provisions: “Treaties internationalagreements entered into with the deceptive and malicious intent ofoverthrowing the sovereign Xth Amendment Governments upon discovery shall benull and void of no lawful e
ffect.”A WORD TO THE WISE..AND PRUDENT! SCUTTLE BUTT HAS IT WE ARE AT DET COM 2..POISED FOR WWIII.Every stinking bit of this comes from TIAS 12087 “they settle mattersbetween themselves circumventing International Law and Courts”.. which isthe KISSINGER/BUSH/CLINTON/CARTER “CONTRAS TROJAN HORSE” inside Treasury. “TIAS 12087 INDEXhttp://www.theantechamber.net/VkDocuments/Tias12087/Tias12087Index.htmlDecember 1, 1997. Mrs. Russell Herrmann-Herman, Widow of RussellHerrmann-Herman sent CERTIFIED, RECEIPT REQUESTED the $17 Trillion DollarGOLD BULLION CI-Ltd “four major” Bank Accounts Numbers were sent to U.S.TREASURY,SA, ROBERT MOORE for “Collection”.. minus the “Fed. AccessNumbers.”President Clinton with John Huang, James Riady, and Mark Middleton in theOval Office. Picture is a capture from a video released to the public by theU.S. White House Communications Agency in 1997. SEE:http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/GlobalEconomicJihad.htmThe “Economic” would be pretty well e
xplained in COMMANDER HATONN’S meetingof February 1989.. wherein the “fabrication of Bonus Certificate 3392-181financial instruments designed to take the entire global banking, financingand economics hostage. Only VK Durham would know the truth”.. which was taperecorded (Tapes provided on special site for Investigators to listen to)which is in part on ABUSING THE CODE OF SILENCE site athttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/AbusingTheCodeOfSilence.html .No one has been able to ‘show’ source of funds..since the InternationalBanking Community was notified of “Un-Authorized use of Collateral” relatedto the 1991 Bank Failures and Brady Bonds which can be read athttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/TexasTwoStep7.html .All this Un-American Activity playing patty cake, foot tapping, kissy wissy,along with the Clinton Administrations D.O.J. Inter-Office Memo “DO NOTINVESTIGATE” (BCCI GROUP) Along came: North Korean Counterfeiting of U.S.Currency May 28, 2007 (North Korea is a Stalinist regime see: CongressionalResearch Service ~ The Library of Congress. CRS Report for Congress. NorthKorean Counterfeiting of U.S. Currency source:http://www.v8stocks.com/p4/north_korean/p/north_korean.htmYes. You will find active engagement in the before-mentioned CRS REPORT FORCONGRESS “NORTH KOREAN COUNTERFEITING OF U.S. CURRENCY” WITH THE US FED. R.Feb., March, April, May 2003 ongoing talks with China’s President Zygmin’s(sic) friend and school days chum George Zong Yao China’s Chamber ofCommerce were held while others i.e., Louis Pagnatti, Old Forge Bank, EliRabb (who lunched several times a week with Alan Greenspan Chm. Fed. R.),When will someone admit this Global Banking, Financing and Economic Crisisinvolves CORRUPTION AT THE TOP OF GOVERNMENTS AND BANKING INVOLVED INIDENTITY THEFT?!As “US TOP BANKERS, MONEY LAUNDERING, COUNTERFEITING US DEBT INSTRUMENTS,THE CIA FLU DEATH OF KIM JONG II… Brings more “gaia” into focus to “f@#kus”.. see: http://www.rumormilln
ews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=224916Instead of bringing these busters to Justice.. everyone played the GAIA gameof Bankrupting the United States to make way for a GLOBAL CURRENCY.. butSCREWED UP BIG TIME when Greenspan underwrote the EURO with UNAUTHORIZEDCOLLATERAL from DURHAM (INTL. LTD;) HOLDING TRUST, TIAS 12087 by making theEUROPEAN BANKS to get suckered in by a PONZI using a ‘look alike’ to misleadthe Europeans into thinking the following was THE REAL THING see:http://anglocapital.com/uploads/Files/Durham%20Sidepocket%202008-12-23.pdfand INTERNATIONAL DURHAM, Ltd.http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=223498The Global Banking, Financing and Economics were led to believe a lie..http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/GlobalEconomicJihad.htmDurham (Intl. Ltd;)Holding Trust, Tias 12087 is the True, Lawful Holder ofthe CONTRACT and Owner.. see: DOCUMENTATION/VALIDATION OF Durham (Intl.Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 Documents of Recorded Recordhttp://www.the
antechamber.net/Vk2009/DocumentationValidation.htmwhich is the same those fraudulently incorporated by GAIA see: TAKING DOWNTHE US DOLLAR http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=158479which, incidentally was the reason THE MALAYSIAN COURTS declared GAIA-E.J.EKKER A FRAUD resulting in his throat being cut ear to ear after they hadopenly published 2003 “WE NOW CONTROL THE ENTIRE ASIAN BANKING CIRCLE”http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/WeControlAsianBanking.html==============================================Sunday, December 07, 2003, Trojan Horse Alert. Author: Jim Sinclairsnip: The latest negative rumor in the Gold Community probably rests with aCOT planted Trojan Horse at a weekend investment conference in which a”past” IMF personality suggested there would be increased gold sales as partof the renewal of the Washington Agreement in 2004.Yes, there likely will be an increase but it will be totally insignificant.The number presently being discussed involves a
n increase in gold sales to amaximum of 17.5% over prior levels.But that increase would be spread over five years meaning the actual rate ofincrease per annum is 3.4%. Such an increase would be immaterial to the goldprice.The truth is that Central Bank gold sales have always been over-subscribedat a price relative to the market. Central Bank selling was abandoned in the70s when they realized it was bullish for gold.What it did was allow extremely large bullish interests to enter the goldmarket at a singular price, thereby inviting interests such as thedisgruntled OPEC members (because of dollar depreciation) to increase theirgold positions and offload truck loads of depreciating paper dollars. READMORE: http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/10TrillionTrojanHorse.htmlAnalysis: What’s the plan if North Korea collapses?By Bill Tarrant and Raju Gopalakrishnan | Reuters – 11 hrs agosnip:SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea appears to be making an orderly transitionafter the death of leader Kim Jong-il last week, but the risk of collapse ishigher than before and regional powers need to start discussing thatcontingency with China, diplomats and analysts say.The problem is China refuses to contemplate any unraveling of North Koreawhich has nuclear ambitions and is its long-term ally. Beijing has rebuffedsuch overtures from the United States, Japan and South Korea.”Secret talks with China to plan for contingencies have long been overdue,”said Douglas Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment forInternational Peace in a paper this week.”Beijing has been reluctant to engage in this kind of dialogue, althoughChinese thinkers have increasingly acknowledged privately the need for suchan authoritative conversation.”http://news.yahoo.com/analysis-whats-plan-north-korea-collapses-182812180.html12/25/2011. VK Durham wrote: —– Original Message —–From: VKDurhamTo: v.K. DurhamCc: Mr Gene C. Valentine ; Jr ; CArl KaylorSent: Sunday, December 25, 2011 3:38 AMSubject: PROJECT HAMMER ($17.2.4 T); CONTRACTUAL INTERFERENCE BY MR. KEENANETAL?; Summary: Legal Action Could End Secret Government ControlLETS TALK ABOUT “PROJECT HAMMER” and $17.2.4 TRILLION DOLLARS “GOLD”.. THEHARD, BITEABLE, CUTABLE ‘STUFF’ that drives the old boyz mad… enticeswanna be Kings and Queens.. makes Wars.. you know.. that kind of stuff..The TRUTH about PROJECT HAMMER, PROJECT JACOBI, Russell Herrmann aka Herrmanaka Herman, D.V. Hughes, Jr. andTHE IRANIAN “AL QUAD” infiltrators using “Mirror Corporations” inside ourU.S. Federal and International Banking, Financial and Economic Systems (inaffixed email to Mr. D.V. Hughes, Jr.) attempts by the IRANIAN CONTRACTORSwho took their assignment in 1987, to TAKE REVENGE ON THE 1984 “ASSETFREEZE” By: U.S. President R. Reagan and George H.W. Bush. This TROJAN HORSEmirroring of Legitimate Corporations such as held by myself (V.K. Durham)and D.V. Hughes Jr., my late (murdered) husband, Russell Herrmann akaHerrm
an aka Herman’s associate.For the record. Harry S. Truman instructed these of Russell Herrman, and hislater associate D.V. Hughes, Jr., projects “To bring the gold home” to be”done.”President of the United States, John F. Kennedy saw the encroachingproblems, and knowing of President Harry S. Truman’s “projects to bring thegold home” attempted to further support “freeing the American People fromthe clutches of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEMS OF THE ROTHSCHILD’S whenhe issued Executive Order 11110, June 5, 1963 which was intended to restorethis nation back to Gold & Silver Standards as mandated by the U.S.Constitution.J.F.K. saw the ultimate devastation of U.S. PROPERTY OWNERS losing theirEQUITY OWNER POSITIONS OF ALL U.S. LANDS, HOMES, MORTGAGES, DEEDS andultimate infra-structure whereas and whereby; THE U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTESwould be backed by nothing of value other than GOODS AND SERVICES, COMMONUSAGE by a HOSTAGE AMERICAN CITIZENRY.J.F.K. also looked back into hist
ory, and in doing so executed ExecutiveOrder 11109 which instructed the U.S. House of Representatives to re-openthe U.S. House Investigating arm of THE U.S. HOUSE “UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES”and investigate ” U.S. House Members, and members of the American Judiciaryback to 1947 (Breton Woods Agreement-GATT of 1947) involving theirinvolvement’s in Un-American Activities.J.F.K. saw the future ENSLAVEMENT of the American People, and eventualOVERTHROW OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION which would be brought about, if theseExecutive Orders were not executed and performed upon by the U.S. House ofRepresentatives.This investigation into Un-American Activities would have exposed AVERALHARRIMAN, LYNDON B. JOHNSON, THE U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE and EARL Warren’s”UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES” as equally as the U.S. House Members who protectedtheir own vested interests in Corporations, passing laws to give saidCorporations the “advantage” to “make laws, set rules and regulationsdesigned to overthrow the Consti
tution of the United States and CivilGovernments of the United States”..forever holding the American Peoplehostage by Un-Constitutional Rules and Regulations taking precedence overTHE LAW OF THE LAND by “International Law of the Sea.”Now, therefore; There are those “legitimate” U.S. Treasury Agents working onPROJECT HAMMER and JACOBI, ROSEBUD, PHOENIX etc, who thought they wereworking with the real projects designed by TWO PRESIDENT’S “TO BRING THEGOLD HOME and FREE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM THE “TRIPOD” of J.P. Morgan,W.R. Grace and the Rothschild English Banking Corporations Systems, whenworking with former Bank of America Representative, E.J. Ekker (U.S. NavalIntelligence-CIA) who also worked very heavily with Comex-Gomex GoldTraders. What these legitimate U.S. Treasury Agents did not know was: Mr. E.J. Ekker and Mrs. Doris J. (Eloise) Ekker entered into their agreements withIRAN to “take revenge on the United States and England for the U.S. Freezingof Iranian Assets in 19
84.”These IRANIAN “AL QUAD” CONTRACTORS (all of this is explained in the emailaffixed hereto addressed to Mr. D.V. Hughes, Jr.); Enlisted former U.S.Treasury Agents operating out of IRS to assist them.You will find in the article posted athttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/AbusingTheCodeOfSilence.htmladdressing ABUSING THE CODE OF SILENCE. This article posted, also containsthe voice recording of Mrs. Ekker (Commander Hatonn) making mention of a mannamed Mannie or Manny. She also states “Manny was sucked into thisfabrication.”WHO IS MANNY? MANNY MADOFF.. NO LESS.. WHAT WAS THIS “MANNY” Mrs.Ekker/HATONN states in her recording was “Sucked into this fabrication?”Manny Madoff.. no less.. Sucked into using a look alike, sound alike entity”International Durham Ltd.” and etc.In 2003.. Manny or Mannie was also alleged to be the “angel” PRINCE BANDARwho had pledged 20% of his Nations Wealth for the backing of THE ASEWANnations.. by this Mrs. Ekker/Hatonn.SAUDI ARABIA and PRINC
E BANDAR who underwrote this “OPERATION” with ‘20% ofhis nations wealth’… finally discovered they were left holding the SNIPEBAG WITH A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM on all of this COUNTERFEIT US DEBT/DERIVATIVEOPERATION, and CHINA is mad as hell, she holds her own SNIPE BAG…as THESAUDIS and FAR EASE BANKERS find out they have WORTHLESS COUNTERFEIT PAPERand “their brother, and trusted friend was tortured and murdered when theyhad the ability to see what happened to him athttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/VkPublicNotice.html afterdiscovering they had been lied to regarding his “alleged assignment ofinterest” on the old BONUS 3392-181 which RUSSELL and I HAD BEEN WORKINGWITH DURING JUNE & JULY 1994.BANDAR knew RUSSELL’S SIGNATURE and when the Ekker’s came up with the”alleged assignment of interest”, dated Aug. 5th 1993 with Russell’s forgedsignature which was taken or lifted off the Dec. 2. 1989 document filed ofrecord, Bandar thought he was working with the legitimate documen
t, He didnot know Russell had been murdered.Again, on April 4, 1992 at the urging of the Chief of Operations FraudDivision Interpol (due to -too many Nevada Cosmos look a like corporations.)See: 1991 bank failures and brady bondshttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/TexasTwoStep7.html ,==============================================================TIME TO SEPARATE THE ‘MEN’ FROM the Boys.. Give a good close look at “theboys toys”..**FOUR PRIMARY BANK ACCOUNTS TWO OF WHICH ‘ARE’ ADVANCE BANKS.. which arethe KEYS TO THE KINGDOM .. to “BRING THE GOLD HOME”.. which contained $17Trillion, 2 billion, 4 hundred million DOLLARS in GOLD BULLION based on the1987 SECOND LONDON FIX rate of gold.You can check out that ‘Second London Gold Fix” atDaily Gold Prices – London Gold Fix Price HistoryDaily Gold Price History. London Afternoon (PM) Gold Price Fix – Since 1970:1970: 1971: 1972: 1973 … 1987: 1988: 1989: 1990: 1991: 1992: 1993: 1994:1995: 1996: 1997: 1998: 1999: 2000: 2001:http
://www.usagold.com/reference/prices/?history.htmlDurham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 A prior “Superior Creditor” byContract Duly Constituted April 1875, assumed by Duly Constituted U.S. Houseand Senate, Duly Constituting the United States of America 1905-06 empoweredby and with the Constitutional Authority to Assume the Latin American Debtherein and here-in-after by Law of the Land Exists in Original SuperiorPosition as current FIRST MORTGAGE/LEIN HOLDER OF PUBLIC RECORD of theUnited States of America in regards to Mr. Keenans allegations, assumptionsand presentments whereas probability of willful, malicious, intentionalCOLLUSION between individuals alleging an “ownership” of the FinancialHouses of Peru by Acts forbidden by the Law of the Land the ConstitutionalCommon Law by back dating docments, incorporating same December 04, 2004 byJ.P. MORGAN Ex Post Facto “Contractual Interference” constituting aCONTRACTUAL INTERFERENCE designed to resurect, supercede under theUnconstitutional Act of 1933 by: purpose of protecting, conserving andadvancing the interests of the holders of foreign securities in default,however, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided it was not in the publicinterest to set up a corporation, provided that an adequate privateorganization could be created instead, whereby the U.S. State DepartmentSecretary, U.S. Treasury Department Secretary and U.S. Federal TradeCommission ( FTC ) Chairman requested formation of the FOREIGN BONDHOLDERSPROTECTIVE COUNCIL INC. in 1933 to negotiate with foreign governments onbehalf of American holders for defaulted foreign dollar bonds. Whereas aREPUDIATION of the ‘alleged” Act of 1933 protection by the AmericanJudiciary decision (1934-35).[see: International financial trading merchant houses, working in theircapacity as a ‘private bank’, may handle payments to various companiesinvolved in contract support costs ( i.e. import-export costs, ships, crews,skippers, schedulers, traders, m
erchants, brokers, agents, sales, etc.) foreach contract.International financial trading merchant houses, working in their capacityas a ‘securities house’, may handle company stock issuance, stock trading,stock dealers, stock certificate traders, etc.In 1875, international financial trading merchant house ( “House” ) companynamed “HOBSON, HURTADO & CO.” ( New York City, New York, USA ) sold itsstock certificates promising repayment in “United States Gold coins” inaddition to “7% interest” for anyone holding ( bearer ) such certificates( bonds ) paid for by money, goods, and/or services for such securities.At the time these U.S. Gold private securities were sold, transaferred,and/or promised, the company ( “House” ) of HOBSON, HURTADO & COMPANY ( NewYork City, New York, USA ) signed, guaranteeing repayment of these bearerbonds, claiming they were the “Financial Agents of Peru” contracted by thePeru government issuing its ‘exclusive Peru export license’ naming “guano”( sea bir
d dung, used as fertilizer ) as the Peru product for ‘export onlyto the United States of America import market’.These foreign individual investors became known as “Peru bondholders,” andthese private company House securities became known as “Peru bonds.”Before HOBSON, HURTADO & COMPANY ( City Of New York, New York, USA ) wentout-of business, all of its financial assets and obligations were turnedover to another New York City, New York, USA international financial tradingmerchant house named “MORTON, BLISS & COMPANY.”When MORTON, BLISS & COMPANY was acquired by merger, all of its financialassets and obligations were turned over to its own established privatefinancial institution named “MORTON TRUST COMPANY.”When the MORTON TRUST COMPANY was acquired by merger, all of its assets andobligations were transferred over to and through a series of yet otherperiodic mergers and acquisitions ( M&As ) with numerous other financialinstitutions in New York City, New York, USA that eventu
ally became known( 2004 ) as the J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION ( see briefbelow )http://upintelligence.multiply.com/reviews/item/18?&show_interstitial=1&u=%2Freviews%2Fitem#=============================================================LEGAL PRECEDENT?! TAKE A LOOK..John N. Perry vs. the United States was the case that tried the”Constitutionality and the Lawfulness of the 1933 Act of Congress.” The Joint Resolution of June 5, 1933 passed the Agriculture Re-AdjustmentAct-Emergency War Powers. January 30, 1934, the Congress passed “Gold Reserve Act of 1934” (48Stat. 337) which, by section 13, ratified and confirmed all actions,regulations and orders taken or made by the President and the Secretary ofthe Treasury under the Act of March 9, 1933, or under Section 43 of the Actof May 12, 1933, and, by section 12, with respect to the authority of thePresident to fix the weight of the gold dollar, provided that it should notbe fixed “in any event at more than 60 per
centum of its present weight.” OnJanuary 31, 1934, the President issued his proclamation declaring that hefixed “the weight of gold dollar to 155/21 grains nine tenths fine,” fromand after that date. In all of the GOLD CLAUSE CASES, there was NO duly constituted(Authorized by the Constitution) authorized to the President to indulge inTRADING WITH THE ENEMY and in doing so placing the We, the People in HarmsWay presenting a Clear and Present Danger to the Constitution and to We, thePeople in Union United into a REPUBLIC. The Gold Clause Cases stand in RES JUDICATA or Previously Determined atLaw. John N. Perry v. The United States, 294 U.S. 330 (pull it up and readit) “The Joint Resolution of June 5, 1935 (48 Stat. 113) is a valid enactmentso far as it applies to the obligations of the United States.”The “obligations” of the United States applies to it’s appropriation’s topay debts.. It makes no provision for the President and/or family members toabuse the power’s of office of the President and Executive Branch by sendingout Agents of the quasi agencies of United States Federal Governmentunderwriting the Al Qaeda, MILF, ALL KADA or murdering individuals thoughtto own something they did not own which is MURDER INCORPORATED, MURDER FORPROFIT and covered under THE RICO STATUTES of the U.S. CRIMINAL CODES.Further covered by USC 18. STAT. 471. COUNTERFEITING. The Joint Resolution and the American Judiciary made no provisions forindulgence involving such criminalities .What the American Judiciary did rule in 1935 was:”We do not so read the Constitution. There is a clear distinction betweenthe power of the Congress to control or interdict the contracts of privateparties when they interfere with the exercise of its constitutionalauthority, and the power of the Congress to alter or repudiate the substanceof its own engagements when it has borrowed money under the authority whichthe Constitution confers. In authorizing the Congress to borrow m
oney, the Constitution empowersthe Congress to fix the amount to be borrowed and the terms of payment. By virtue of the power to borrow money “on the credit of the UnitedStates,” the Congress is authorized to pledge that credit as an assurance ofpayment as stipulated, as the highest assurance the Government can give, itsplighted faith. To say that the Congress may withdraw or ignore that pledge is to assumethat the Constitution contemplates a vain promise, a pledge having no othersanction than the pleasure and convenience of the pledgor. This Court has given no sanction to such a conception of the obligationsof our Government… When the United States, with constitutional authority, makes contracts,it has rights and incurs responsibilities similar to those of individualswho are parties to contracts. We conclude that the Joint Resolution of June 5, 1933, in so far as itattempted to override the obligation created by the bond in suit, wentbeyond the congressional pow
er.” [end quote]==========================================Not until after Russell’s murder of 1994, did I found out many years later;Russell Herrmann was sent by his superiors for me to underwrite certainprojects from the “13,520 Acres of Gold Property “Assayed Reserves”. Onesuch project was PROJECT HAMMER of Russell and D.V. (Daniel) Hughes, Jr.Aside from his Banking power’s power base of Chicago Illinois known asREGION V.; Russell was also known in the CIA Community as El Gato and Oscarthe Assassin. He specialized in “Termination of Leaders of Nations” for theU.S.G., he was Ed Meese’s “man”..in the “money” end, working in the superCIA (U.S. Dept. of the Treasury) CIRCLES of Dick Armitage, Frank Carlucci,George Klein, Oliver North, Alan Greenspan, George H.W. Bush, James BakerIII, Loyd Bentsen, Nicholas Brady, Dan Inouya, Theodore Shackley, JonathanMays, Col. Al Carone, The President’s of Mexico, Arab Leaders, The Shah ofIran, China and the list goes on, all the way back to
“LAOS Black OpsOperations”..Neil Bush and Charlie Keating enter the picture on the 13,520 Acres. Thisultimately became involved in the SILVERADO & AMERICAN SAVINGS & LOANDEBACLE.Then INTERPOL Chief of Operations Bank Fraud Division, Arnie Gammelsgarrdhad his investigation going on involving U.S. Treasury (IRS AUDITOR) MarionAiken aka Akiens operating in Copenhagen, D.K. under the cover of the U.S.as MERKAV INVESTMENT BANKER.1989. Chief of Operations Fraud Division, Copenhagen’s INTERPOL discoveredthe MERKAV INVESTMENT BANKER laundering out the $1.3 BILLION DOLLAR PLUS inCERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT from the Failed U.S. S&L mess, trying to useCOPENHAGEN’S “BIBKEN BANK” along with Credit Swiss-Fleet Boston, UBS, AMBAMRO, NYUGAN HAND, DIAWA and etcetera’s in the Banking Industry. Chief ofOperations, Gammelsgarrd, called me one morning at around 7:15 AM at myCalifornia Home, told me the story, warning me about TOO MANY COSMOSCORPORATIONS pretending to be our COSMOS SEAFOOD ENERGY MA
RKETING, LTD;NEVADA ID# 1707-85 and the attempted usage discovered in his investigation.Chief Gammelsgarrd attempted to gain assistance from the U.S. Dept. of theTreasury and FBI, but was blocked by the U.S. Ambassador, Lynn Schively.With the $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS IN “CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT” operation “foiledby Interpol”… Fresh “collateral” to legitimize the Drug and MoneyLaundering had to be found. The “Only Game In Town” was BONUS 3392-181. Thecalculations were performed by RUSSELL HERRMANN’S “CIA-ACTUARIAL SERVICES”DECEMBER 28, 1988, AND NOTARIZED.This is WHY and HOW the projects got derailed. The WHEN was upon INTERPOLarresting THE MERKAV INVESTMENT BANKER, MARION AIKEN aka AKIENS; The WHATHAPPENED is pretty well defined, as they lost THE CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSITwhen the “Broker-Broker Infighting” commenced, and INTERPOL commencedmonitoring telephone conversations and intercepting fax’s such as the onesent from Mr. Aiken’s “Copenhagen D.K. Fax” on the letterhead of: MER
KAVINTERNATIONAL TRUST L.T.D. (1016 King Street, Alexandra, Virginia,U.S.A.)(Washington D.C.) August 21, 1991 regarding a letter sent the 2nd dayof September, 1988 to a Mr. Steve Billand, First Guildord FinancialLimited,, 1, Corzon Street, London W1, identifying the $200 Billion (GoldenKey) transaction participators as being: Charles Duncan, Jeff Muller, EdwardP. Calish, First Guildford, Merkav International Trust L.T.D., The Presidentof Kyper Product, The President of Equiflex Inc., Mr. S. Williams, Mr. TerryBlack, Attorney at Law, Mr. George Leahey, Attorney at Law, Mr. PeterHagerman, Bank Officer of Midland Bank, The President of SGS, The Presidentof Vandamere Pty. Ltd., with further notations to All our EuropeanAssociates (you know most of them).The before mentioned $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS; CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT from theFAILED S&L’S was aborted. They could no longer be used for the drug andmoney laundering (go to)http://www.williambowles.info/ini/goldtrig.txt andhttp://ww
w.theantechamber.net/V_K-Durham/NotInMyName.html . Other documentsand articles by V.K. DURHAM can be viewed athttp://www.theantechamber.net if you are truly interested in THE TRUTH.This was the beginning of COUNTERFEIT “PRIME BANK GOLD INSTRUMENTS” enteringthe picture to cover what the CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT FROM THE FAILED S&L’Scould no longer cover due to INTERPOL Chief of Operations, Bank FraudDivision, Gammelsgarrd Investigation and Prosecution of Mr. Aiken.The 1988, Assignment of Interest to Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; inthe amount of 24.4 percent of the December 28th calculated amount due on thePrinciple and Interest was assigned by Durham International Ltd., endingterm December 31st. 1992.We had been advised again, by Chief of Operations Gammelsgarrd “TOO MANYCOSMOS CORPORATIONS” were being allowed by the State of Nevada. We took the24.4 PERCENT out of CSEML on April 4, 1992. We did not take it out too soon,as THE 1991 BANK FRAUDS & BRADY BONDS mess hit ful
l force.AS TO WHO OWNED BONUS 3392-181; I, personally took the documents which hadbeen in my family since 1876, hand carried the necessary documentationregarding BONUS 3392 and 181 TO THE PERUVIAN COUNSULADO DEL PERU August 18,1998; It was Perfected, and Certified, August 21, 1989 to Dona (Lady) VinaDurham.Not until after Russell’s murder, did I discover; His original Assignmentwas to “terminate me”..and get control over the 13,520 Acres of GoldProperties.This was the Collateral for ; GOLDEN KEY ($200 B); CODE NAME LIBERTY ($600B); PROJECT PHOENIX; JACOBI and PROJECT HAMMER ($17.2.4 T) the later threewere to “bring the gold home” etc.======================================================================LETS TALK ABOUT “PROJECT HAMMER” and $17.2.4 TRILLION DOLLARS “GOLD”.. THEHARD, BITEABLE, CUTABLE ‘STUFF’ that drives the old boyz mad… enticeswanna be Kings and Queens.. makes Wars.. you know.. that kind of stuff..==========================================1998 THE EXECUTIVE
BRANCH and COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS cut a deal withAgents of Foreign Powers (Greece, Lybia, S. Africa, Iran, Malaysia, China,Indonesia) which can be read athttp://www.theantechamber.net/VkDocuments/DocGroupG/Gpage4.html .Wednesday, August 4, 1999, US Treasury Secretary Summers was going to buyback the national debt (see:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/the_economy/411973.stm ).Shortly thereafter, CONTACT aka GAIA-EKKER’S wrote Secretary Summers hadmade them an offer on the “voided assignments” which V.K. Durham hadassigned for the specific purpose of sustainable housing, grain storage andlibrary’s, and you can read the letters athttp://www.theantechamber.net/VkDocuments/DocGroupD/GroupDindex.htmwhich Rick Martin and E.J. Ekker were attempting to gain time extensionafter the discovery of TRADING WITH NATIONS UNDER SANCTION BY THE U.S. STATEDEPT. by V.K. Durham. It has taken a long time to figure all of this out. These Agents of theQuasi U.S. Federal Government Agenc
ies, operating under the Executive Branchwith the Power of the Office of the President of the United States,operating with the President’s BROTHER (see:http://www.theantechamber.net/Contact/Contact11205/ContactIndex.htm )and BLACKMAIL THE ENTIRE BUSH FAMILY…over underwriting THE AL QAEDA, ALLKADA, MILF…and defrauding millions of defenseless, homeless individualsout of their GOLD when up there was an agreement “to split 50%-50% allmonies taken down off shore” and per their own public print articles “We nowsit in the Philippines awaiting instructions from the U.S.T/Fed.R. as towhen to bring the gold home.” Let us review ‘terminology’ at Law to wit it is alleged; Dr. Ray C. Dam,in October of 1987, under Legal Decadency. “Decadency?!” You can bet onit.. over abundance of “LEGAL DECADENCY” has gone on since 1987..Being readers, you also received the latest May 21st, 2003 issue and Mrs.Ekker’s/Hatonn’s statement “Our program commenced in 1987″. …5/30/03 To: newyork ; Jac
k McCreeryCc: KatherinSent: Friday, May 30, 2003 9:18 AMSubject: Fw: THE PROGRAM COMMENCED 1987New York SEC Commissioner’s and Regulators, andJack McCreery, Legal Dept. U.S. SEC Washington, DC Offices===============================================================During a discussion with Patriotlad last evening, in regards to GARRYSTROUD, eye openers were given to Patriotlad in regards to information about(a) Abuse of Powers of Offices of Public Trust (County Records) (b) The Boyzfrom Chicago connecting with (c) The Boyz from Vegas (d) The Boyz from RenoNevada (e) The Boyz connection to the U.S. IRS Auditors of the U.S. Dept ofthe Treasury (f) Interpol arresting and prosecuting U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THETREASURY, IRS AGENT-AUDITOR, MARION AIKEN-AKIEN for marketing the FAILEDUNITED STATES SAVINGS AND LOAN DEBACLE’S CD’S and BONUS 3392-181, and (g) AlQuad Cells inside the State and Federal Offices of Public Trust since 1987.A Lot of you also read the CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JO
URNAL, this is agiven. Some of you have taken to task the GAIA-EKKER’S, about”documentation” and “Public Records”.. Being readers, you also received thelatest May 21st, 2003 issue and Mrs. Ekker’s statement “Our programcommenced in 1987”. What did commence in 1987? What happened during thefollowing years?We have warned you (Patriotlad and V.K. Durham), and warned you about THEWHITE DOVE and THE HATONN HATE CULT-THE HATONN SPACE SHIP CULT THEHATONN-GAIA-EKKER’S “AL QAEDA PODS-CELLS”..no one wanted to listen.. Now,you as MORE VICTIMS OF THIS AL QUAD-AL QAEDA; Have a full blown egg in theface crisis confronting each of you, and the entire Civilized Structuring ofSociety of Mankind.As each of you kept putting in hundreds of dollars to support “OLD HATONN;”OLD HATONN aka EKKER’S stashed non reported cash income of over $90,000.00per month, lived in THE GUILARMI HOTEL in Makita City, Philippines topfloor, complete with maid service, crying for more money and crying all theway to T
HE BANK. You fell for it, hook line and sinker..The GAIA-EKKER’S had a “posh living style” in the Guilarmi, until in one ofMrs. Ekker’s feel sorry for poor me living in this posh hotel, havinglizards and roach’s in the sink article, which drove away business for theGuilarmi Hotel. It did not matter this “feel sorry” article about theGuilarmi destroyed the hotel’s business.. The GAIA-EKKERS simply moved TWODOORS OVER TO THE NEXT PROPERTY.The 1987 AL QUAD-AL QAEDA CULT OPERATION OF THE GAIA-EKKER’s, are so tightlyconnected into THE ORGANIZED CRIME Rings operating between CHICAGO, RENO &LAS VEGAS NEVADA, then into the GODI-GOTTI “Global Alliance Investments”formerly in the WORLD TRADE CENTERS” (Tape Recordings and Public Print, plusInter-Office Communications-Directives of the HATONN-GAIA-EKKER’S), whothen, believe it or not; Controlled the Offices of Public Trust of theStates and Federal Government, as deep into the County Recorders of ourPersonal and Public Records of Washing
ton County Illinois and Las VegasNevada.The Al Quad-Al Qaeda originated in Iran after the U.S. Froze all of theIranian Bank Accounts and Property-Investments here in the United States inthe early 1980’s. The original Al Quad was contrived in the United States in1987 to take back the monies and properties of Iran, which were frozen bythe United States. The Al Quad became the driving force for the subsequentAL QAEDA, ABBU SAYEFF, MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT and various etceterasof other names in various PODS-CELLS operating deep inside our State andFederal Government Agencies, even into the MAIN STREAM MEDIA’S, who haverefused, time after time to REPORT this ONGOING ACTIVITY operating in THEHIGHEST OFFICES OF THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, STATE GOVERNMENT’S and ondown into THE COUNTY RECORDERS OFFICES of each County.As to WHY this remains non reported; One CELL-POD will not “blow the whistleon the other.” It is just that simple.For those of you, who Patriotlad and I warned, t
ime after time, of THE WHITEDOVE being DORIS J. EKKER aka HATONN aka G. Ceres Hatonn, aka ST. GERMAIN,aka DHARMA, aka, aka, aka of which there are 21 Registered “aka’s” in theKern County California, County Recorder’s Records; all chose to ignore thegravity of this 1987 AL QUAD-AL QAEDA HATE CULT situation of theGAIA-EKKERS. While those of you who were “contributing” to this AL QUAD-ALQAEDA “HATE CULT” of the WHITE DOVE-HATONN THE “SPACE SHIP COMMANDER” andGOD OF THE UNIVERSE, TO THE TUNE OF OVER $90,000.00 PER MONTH, NON REPORTEDINCOME.. as “MINIONS” per the GAIA-Ekkers aka Hatonn AL QUAD-AL QAEDA CULT,COULD NOT EVEN PAY YOUR UTILITY BILLS, OR YOUR RENT. CHAPTER EIGHT which canbe found athttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/ChapterEight.html#Anchor-9031was provided, and you were directed to go to the ROYAL SAUDI SEAL, CLICKyour mouse, and read all the HATE MATERIAL behind that ROYAL SAUDI SEALaddressing and favoring COMMANDER HATONN. A reminder of past days; PT BARNUMSAI
D: “A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY MINUTE;” Which is applicable to each of you,who have contributed as MINIONS (SLAVES SERVANTS) to this AL QUAD-AL QAEDA”HATE CULT” OF THE GAIA-EKKERS.Garry Stroud, did his due diligence in regards to the November 23, 2000; TWO$25,000,000.00 ($25 Million) “Deeds of Assignment for Consideration” writtenon our BONUS 3392-181 held IN TRUST, HELD BY DEED RECORDED NUMBER 189934RECORDED AUGUST 1, 1994 AT WASHINGTON COUNTY ILLINOIS COUNTY RECORDERSOFFICE OF THOMAS GANZ.Global Alliance Investment Association, issued these two Deeds of Assignmentfor Consideration (and thousands of others) further identifying the DEEDNUMBER AS “1893” Book of Deeds Number 433, Page 849, County of Washington,City of Nashville, State of Illinois” also recorded on August 10, 1998 at8:35 A.M., Clark County Recorder’s Office, Las Vegas, Nevada, OfficialRecords 980810 Instrument Number 00323″.In the doing of DUE DILIGENCE; Mr. Garry Stroud called THOMAS GANZ theWashington County Illi
nois County Recorder at 618-327-3582. Mr. Ganz toldMr. Stroud the DEED was indeed filed of Public Record. Mr. Ganz did not atanytime, disclose the incomplete “Deed Number” . Nor, did Mr. Ganz at anytime disclose to Mr. Stroud, nor was he willing to disclose “WHO’S NAME theDEED was recorded under.” WHICH IS “V.K. DURHAM/OWNER/SIGNATORY” also Anotarization of same is at the bottom of the DEED, which includes thephysical address of V.K. DURHAM/OWNER/SIGNATORY on said “Authentic DEEDNumber 189934, filed August 1, 1994.” Mr. GARRY STROUD was led to believe heheld legitimate, lawful “Deeds of Assignment for Consideration” on BONUS3392-181 which is HELD IN TRUST.In further doing DUE DILIGENCE; Mr. GARRY STROUD, then called 702-455 3156,CLARK COUNTY NEVADA RECORDER “JUDITH VANDERVER’S OFFICES” for additionalverification of LAWFUL TITLE as alleged by Global Alliance InvestmentAssociation Corporate Officer’s E.J. Ekker, and Doris J. Ekker, as purportedin the “Deed of Assignment for Co
nsideration” being in the amount of 2,$25MM each.Mr. STROUD was advised the DEED was recorded on PAGE 13, CLARK COUNTY NEVADARECORDERS RECORDS, OFFICIAL RECORDS 980810, INSTRUMENT NUMBER 00323.What was not DISCLOSED to MR. STROUD thousands of other VICTIMS, was; THEDEED WAS “ALTERED” as were the other TITLE INSTRUMENTS alleging Title toBONUS 3392-181. The Clark County Recorder placed a DISCLAIMER on thedocuments filed of Record, regarding “POOR QUALITY OF ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTS”which was purely to protect themselves from filing COPIES of other people’sTITLE INSTRUMENTS into that particular “CRIME BOSS” RUN OFFICE of PUBLICRECORDS for THE STATE OF NEVADA. The same is applicable to THE SECRETARY OFSTATE “CORPORATIONS COMMISSIONER” who allowed the Retired Corporation ofCOSMOS SEAFOOD ENERGY MARKETING, LTD; NEVADA ID# 1707-87 of 1985, to be”Incorporated” by the AL QUAD-AL QAEDA “GLOBALALLIANCE INVESTMENTASSOCIATION” CORPORATE OFFICERS formerly mentioned.At no time, not upon the Cl
ark County Nevada Offices faxing to Mr. Stroudthe documents filed of Record, OR; The Washington County Recorder by FAXINGof documents to Mr. Stroud, DISCLOSE the relevant’s which would havePROTECTED MR. STROUD and THOUSANDS OF OTHER VICTIMS from THE AL QUAD-ALQAEDA “HATE CULT” OPERATION OF THE “GAIA-EKKERS.”Not having the full information, Mr. Stroud, based on the false andmisleading, NON DISCLOSED facts as reported falsely by both COUNTY RECORDERSOFFICES , was led to believe he had LAWFUL BANKING INSTRUMENTS in hand, andthen proceeded to BANK the Instruments, and proceeded to do HUMANITARIANPROJECTS in the United States and Canada.One individual attempted to be helped by MR. STROUD, required assistance inCOURT CHARGES being PAID. Mr. Stroud issued a EXCHANGE BANK DRAFT for$5,000,000.00 (five million dollars). The U.S. COURT SYSTEMS not beingfamiliar with EXCHANGE BANKING, tried to run the check through the U.S.Federal Reserve Banking System. The U.S. Fed. R. System; REFUSED
theEXCHANGE BANK DRAFT. Down came the U.S. SECURITY EXCHANGE on MR. STROUD.Charge after Charge against MR. GARRY STROUD was filed by the U.S. S.E.C.Attempts to stand good for the 2, COUNTERFEIT; $25 MILLION DOLLAR DEEDS OFASSIGNMENT FOR CONSIDERATION”, CAUSED MR. STROUD and his family to loseeverything they worked for all their lives, by the victimization of the ALQUAD-AL QAEDA-GAIA-EKKER’S and TWO COUNTY OFFICES before mentioned.http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/TheProgramCommenced.html*** WE do have a BOGUS OITC which alleges control over the St. GermainTrust: further ‘assumed’ to be RONALD REAGAN’S “GARN” ST. GERMAIN.. whichthen indulges in more EX POST FACTO activity..”THERE ARE “TRUST MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTS” in the names of V.K. Durham, RussellHerrman (Herman), and Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID1707-85 in accounts here in the U.S. and in Banks such as UBS, ANB AMRO,CREDIT SWISSE etc all operated by THE FED. R. “PIRATE CORPORATIONS” of theCrown. [q
uote] “Even though these accounts are in our names, we are not thesignatories to said TRUST ACCOUNTS. These accounts are hidden “deep” (we aretold) and are used to launder money out to subversive organizations, forarms deals, for drug money laundering etcetera.”ARE WE HAVING FUN..? or is the brain getting twirled around, and aroundtrying to figure out the CROOKED SNAKES IN THE BARREL trying to indulge inCONTRACTUAL INTERFERENCE..?KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!Legal Definition of ‘Intentional Interference with …The other is interference with contract. The tort of ‘interference withcontractual relations has its roots in the tort of ‘inducing breach ofcontract.” … http://www.lectlaw.com/def/i084.htm===============================================According to Keenan:”The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, underarrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and HenryMorgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased
some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from theNationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasurehanded in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their preciousmetals.”Snip: “Later President Marcos of the Philippines was appointed and held theposition of M1 until 1987 and then the position was transferred to Dr. RayC. Dam, in October of 1987, under Legal Decadency to Heir RCD1087 Far EastEntire with formal Power of Attorney and Assignment of Indonesian Assetssigned by Sarinah Soetiwi (holder of the assets on behalf of the Nation ofIndonesia as assigned by President Soekarno) in 1992, Dam’s authority laterpromulgated January 20, 1995.”decadence legal definition of decadence. decadence synonyms …See: caducity , degradation , delinquency , deterioration , detriment ,disrepair , misconduct , turpitudelegal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/?decadencehttp://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/decadence===============
=================================================================== http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=225385The Rumor Mill News Reading RoomSummary: Legal Action Could End Secret Government ControlPosted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]Date: Saturday, 24-Dec-2011 21:51:17———————–Source: Alcuin Bramertonhttp://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.com/————————-PDF of Filing Here:http://www.rumormillnews.com/pdfs/11%20civ%208500%20Keenan%20Complaint.pdf————————New American legal action could result in abolition of Washington DC privatecorporation, US Federal Reserve Board, US Internal Revenue Service, USDepartment of Homeland Security and US Patriot Act 2001.Attempt to assassinate White Hat Neil Keenan with ricin fails. Vatican,European Royals and former US Presidents unable to prevent opening ofPandora’s Suitcase.http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/
2011/11/the-lawsuit-that-could-end-the-gangster-rule-of-western-civilization.htmlA lawsuit (’11 CIV 8500 – Judge Holwell) was filed in New York on Wednesday23rd November 2011 which could end the secret government that has ruledWestern civilization for the last 300 years.The court papers can be accessed through PACER:Case 1:11-cv-08500-JFK Document 1 Filed 11/23/11.PACER is a US government restricted-access website.The acronym stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records.The lawsuit claims that a sum in excess of $1 trillion was stolen by, amongothers, Ray C. Dam, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the UN, formerItalian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government,Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic Forum syndicate and othersbelieved to include many of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Board.The summons was filed in New York by Neil Keenan, acting as representativeof The Dragon Family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian dynasties.The legal
filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering byinternational police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, theCIA, the Japanese Security Police and several Eastern European secretservices.The action has the backing of the Pentagon and the armed forces of Russiaand China.The ultimate defendants in this legal action are understood to be the cabalbehind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, 911, and manyother major international crimes and terrorist atrocities.The lawsuit was triggered by the illegal detainment of two Japanesecitizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, and the seizure of$134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Chiasso, Italy, on Wednesday3rd June 2009.After the bonds were stolen, self-described 33rd degree Freemason Leo Zagamicontacted this writer (Benjamin Fulford, in Japan) and said that the MonteCarlo P2 masonic lodge could cash the bonds with the help of Vatican bankerDaniel Dal Bosco.This writer forwarded the in
formation, via a member of the UK Royal family,to The Dragon Family who entrusted a further $1 trillion worth of similarbonds to the plaintiff Neil Keenan.Keenan then, after much negotiation, entrusted the bonds to Dal Bosco.Dal Bosco subsequently absconded with the bonds and was followed24-hours-a-day by various intelligence service agents to see what he woulddo with them.The Dal Bosco trail led to the Davos World forum, the UN, the Italiangovernment and the Vatican, among other places.Following this, Keenan was approached by a Who’s Who of powerful figuresincludin


Traditional Hopi Elders release website (Speaking publicly for first time in over 1000 years)


Visit / Bookmark the official Hopi Website here:


Man. Been watching weather channels all day. Texas got some bad weather. I got sent home early. Now I can finally read the blog.


Comment by onetvjak on April 4, 2012 @ 5:21 am

Rob – yes, Im sure those poor mermaids dont like all the pollution and oil that has been going into the oceans…


Dear Cafe’,

More interesting things found on the web. These documents appearing on stewwebb’s site, contain court proceedings charging George W.H. Bush with TREASON and SEDITION as well as Gunther Russbacher, who is the deceased husband of Rayelan (rumormillnews)

Fascinating and detailed accounts of some complex drug smuggling and money laundering including the involvement of “undertakers” and ministers. More documents are on the site under the same heading. Read them while they are still there.



What I want to know is why people think that keeping large pack animals (dogs) in confined spaces is superior to having a couple of hens in one’s back yard. No roosters, just hens. They don’t make much of a mess at all, less than dogs. Where is the crime?
Comment by phxvalleygirl on April 4, 2012 @ 3:00 am
our next door neighbors both have chicken- one has a roster but I don’t care.
Both have their cage area covered with wire- they are pretty big cages. the cover is to keep them in and would be a good idea if you want to keep them more privately.

I have a bunch of little dogs but I have a third of my yard fenced off for them and have doggie doors and a kennel area in the back of the yard with tv, phone, air conditioner, heater, tile floor – it’s about 280 sq ft. believe me if I could find homes for a couple I would but they have to be stable homes. With the economy the way it is, I just have to make sure they go to serious dog people. I don’t want anyone leaving the dog in the house because some cop tells them they can’t bring the dog with. The dogs will always go with me or someone will have to drag me out kicking and screaming.


Comment by rustynails on April 4, 2012 @ 1:48 am
yeah it certainly took some of the wind out of my sails. there was a panicky tone of “ARE YOU ACTUALLY IN AGREEMENT WITH THIS?” to her replies. i love my mom dearly, but if someone were to open the door to her cage and declare her to be finally free, she would quickly slam it back shut. and that fucking depresses me.

Comment by jellyfish on April 4, 2012 @ 1:59 am
JF, I’m going through the same thing with my pop, but he’s hard line Republican (Fox news) addict, because they’re “fair and balanced” and they even tell you that! Ha.
He’s sure I’m mentally unstable and too worried about the sky falling. I’ve just kept quiet the last few months and don’t bother the rest of the family. There’s not much else you can do.


DW, your good work is too good and important to be clouded with your self inflated BS. Grow up and stop trying to take credit for the work and words of others. Give up the savior complex and just focus on the data. Your credibility will be so much larger and palatable to a much larger audience. I want to continue to point people towards your books, without having to apologize for your character.
Welcome back Paladin. Your were missed.

Comment by diabiblical on April 4, 2012 @ 1:55 am

D, good commentary, my sentiments as well. How about DW matching (trying) Drake’s Vietnam war service by feebly stating his dad’s fearsome presence, being a war correspondent, and how his upbringing was so tough. Ha!



Comment by mandrakelord on April 4, 2012 @ 2:29 am
i’m a disinfo agent but don’t tell anyone

Comment by jellyfish on April 4, 2012 @ 2:32 am

JF, Flagged is working over at the “all Liberal, Leftist” blog today, he’s behind because of April fool’s day. Someone told him he made sense.



Animal Planet – Mermaids – US Navy Cover-Up of Intelligent Life Found in Ocean
Sorry guys – here is the right link…

Comment by wovolve42 on April 4, 2012 @ 3:38 am


Wov, great post and documentary, just finished it. Amazing stuff, and they just aren’t going to be able to keep sitting on all this info anymore.



Geno, thanks for the skolnick site, good stuff.




Dear Cafe’,

If you haven’t seen the Cuotolo affadavit or Gene Tatum’s documents on the web, you might want to check them out. I first saw Cuotolo on Deep Black Lies. Tatum had his own site before he “died.” Right now, some of these documents are appearing on Stewwebb’s site. Other information of real interest is on the website below.



Dear Cafe’,

Here are some more tidbits. I would copy these and send them to friends etc.



Do I smell troll shit here or what?
Comment by kodo on April 4, 2012 @ 3:35 am

You always smell a troll kodo!!!!!!!


Just had this thought as a reminder for this month:-

14th/15th? Pope stepping down – probably the people will be told he is retiring due to ill health.

20th Hitler’s Birthday.

Wonder if Ben will have highlights on either of these two events.


POTUS and CONGRESS WE got LAWS- Assholes one, and all, read them, familiarize yourselves with them or we are putting you in jail. Ignorance of the laws is not a proper defense. KNOW that !



Comment by kodo on April 4, 2012 @ 3:36 am

Hi Kodo, wasn’t it swine79 who re-posted something last year about or to Hutz, something threatening and he challenged any bloggers to email him so that he could discuss the matter further.


Sorry, I think it was sometime in January he posted his comment and he also wrote them in capitals letters as well.


Nite Nite, having an early night.



Hidden Books in Vatican PT.1of4