African Americans came as voluntary migrants and there was no slavery, scholars say

April 1, 2014: A group of revisionist scholars claim that there never was slavery in North America and that the story of slavery was a creation of British propaganda. The scholars wish to remain anonymous because they claim otherwise they will be labelled “anti-slaverites,” or “black supremacists” and lose their jobs, or even worse, be sold to Middle-Eastern brothels.

The United States of America was founded in 1776 by a group of African immigrants led by the African general George Washington, they claim. When the Africans lost to the British in the war of 1812, their history was “white-washed,” and paintings of General Washington were done over to make him appear European, they said, citing anonymous internet documents as proof.

The British, terrified that the “flower of Victorian womanhood would be ravished by virile African men,” then transported all Africans in Canada to the ghetto of Africaville in the East Coast province of Nova Scotia, one of the scholars claimed. According to this version, to hide their crime, they invented the story that they were “escaped slaves” from the United States who were smuggled there through an “underground railroad.”

The story of slavery in America was embellished over the years by the British propagandists because they wanted to avoid later land claims by the original African settlers to much of what is now New England, including the state of New York, the revisionists claim.

Mainstream establishment experts summarily dismissed the scholars’ claims as “utter nonsense,” and “conspiracy theory.” They said there was ample documentary proof that slavery really did happen in America.

The revisionists claim the “so-called proof” was “manufactured in Hollywood,” and concluded their argument with the by citing the pseudo-Latin phrase: “yppah liprA sloof yad.”

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Christina Pansy

The joke was, the story about the lion and the tiger was NOT a joke, it was for real!!




Dummy me posted in the wrong blog.


Comment by marhuff55 on April 8, 2014 @ 1:32 am The reason I brought this up, was because of a video David had posted, but was afraid it would not be left up for very long. And he may be very well right about that. I believe YouTube is nothing but a front to allow people to post such things, and it is a way for the “cabal” to keep an eye on how close people are watching them. And now that they have it setup, so you can not download from them, it only stands to reason why. They… Read more »


Mozart, I don’t have David’s email address anymore(lost in a hard drive crash a couple of years back), so if you still have it, please pass it along to him, that YouTube now has their system setup, so that you can not download and save any video’s from them. I found this out over the last few months after trying to download any of them. IMO, they did this so video’s that they want to kill will not be able to be saved before hand by anyone out here.


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MMMmm Ben….. I have been a loyal ‘scholar” of yours for years, rarely comment but can’t resist climbing onto your April Fools bandwagon. ************** The British, terrified that the “flower of Victorian womanhood would be ravished by virile African men,” **************** LOL LOL many a truth spoken in jest but it just confirms the twisted racism card they play to this day. Why did Lady Godiva come to mind? ************************************** Is this an April Fools joke of to be perceived as legitimate information??? The British Oligarchy have been fucking pests to the entire world for centuries now. The governor general… Read more »


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Christina Pansy

My brother, cr606, has something to say to everyone. ********************************************* Hello All! May peace be upon you. I would like to tell you a story. The title of the story is: THE LION AND THE TIGER I am the Lion. Christina is the Tiger. We have very, very sharp claws and terrifying fangs. We are totally ENRAGED at Lucifer and his Motley Crew, and we are going to EVISCERATE them. We have been waiting a LONG time for this opportunity, and we ARE NOT going to waste it. They are SCARED of us and they SHOULD BE. That’s why they… Read more »


April’s fool for sure.

Christina Pansy

“Your actual achievement is not so important as the fact that the direction of your progress is Godward. What you are becoming day by day is of infinitely more importance than what you are today.”

The Teachings of Jesus


You funny man Ben


Happy April’s Fools Day!


Healers Journal News April 1st, 2014

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Bula Benjamin,

Thank you for the updates. We on this part of the world in the South Pacific islands will only pray for World Peace and Love One Another and that including all those of you Ladies and Gentlemen who are working tirelessly by risking your life, money, time and energy to FREE HUMANITY. May the Good Lord Our Heavenly Father’s blessing and His protection be with you all. Vinaka vakalevu Penijamini ( Thank you Benjamin)



51 Thank You Ben


Happy April Fool’s Day!


Just took a look at the bottom line, Happy April Fools Day Too Ben !


Must be 1st of April, looking forward to the real post though.


Geese… and I always thought it was called April’s Foolish Day. Anyone who participates this 4/1 day in Anything, expecting reality, is a fool because all stupid foolish greedy selfish supposed rules and statutes are this day suspended… But not the True Laws, by the way, those true laws like Gravity, INERTIA, TRUTH-TELLING, LOVE AS CENTER OF ALL THAT TRULY EXISTS… Do harm to no one – Love thy self so you can love others… Give freely to All Without self interest of any sort, Especially Usury, and then you can be Grateful, Compassionate and Helpful without letting it go… Read more »


Does mean Barry Soetoro is really white.


Geees Ben, that’s real cute. Your handlers are rolling with that one.

April fools day to you too.

Let’s see what THEY want revealed below.



When did he post??


Cheers Ben


Think we need to refresh our sense of humor a bit guys! It’s a joke – enjoy… real post below this one


Blacks as an april fool’s joke? that’s kinda risky. Dun matter to me though 🙂


This is Ben’s annual April Fool joke article. The legit article follows this one.


Is this an April Fools joke of to be perceived as legitimate information??? The British Oligarchy have been fucking pests to the entire world for centuries now. The governor general of a particular British Common Wealth nation makes sure the status quo goes along with the Queens agenda, because the Queen is the dictator. This person is a tool of many to make sure what happened in the American Colonies; the fight for independence never happens in Britains Common Wealth. If King George had more insight as to what was going on in America the Stamp Act Congress would have… Read more »


I just got off the phone with Al Sharpton and he’s enthusiastic.


seems like someone hacked into site?


More and more information comes out, things are unraveling it appears


If you want to know about slavery, ask the slave. Doesn’t matter anything else except you experienced or witnessed it.

Perhaps manipulation would be closer to the truth.

Either way, one does not know he is a slave until one engages or participates in such acts or a witness to such an act.

One thing is certain, we all carry a “blank” slate just waiting for “fulfillment”.

Enjoy life at best that it offers, to keep your sanity.



Stated in other post, this week’s post should be fun jockeying between the two. May be a good time to take a “spring break” this week.



Hi Café,

Nice to get two posts, but as with others presume this one to be ‘tongue in cheek’.

Anyway I will be following this update as it is the latest and I have copied the other one as well as reading all 24 comments there.

Happy blogging everyone,



On board with 31 comments posted ending with Comment by Neo on April 1, 2014 @ 10:04 am

Yep, someday, one day, any day, another day and today.

Now to see the latest report.



Generally speaking:

WWIII is right around the corner.

The US Dollar and economy is about to collapse.

Radiation is all over the globe from Fukishima.

US has become a fascist police state.

Our food, air and water are all poisoning us.

Does the good news ever stop?

Same ole bullshit, just another day.



Hey, peeps, the REAL post is BELOW this one. And . . It is a DOOZIE. I vote we comment under the “real” one for the rest of the week.

ps I just wanted to be LAAAAST again.


My high level intel insiders tell me this is a hoax.



The revisionists claim the “so-called proof” was “manufactured in Hollywood,” and concluded their argument with the by citing the pseudo-Latin phrase:

“yppah liprA sloof yad.”

“happy April fools day.”


happy “yppah liprA sloof yad” to you guys too!! lol


Namaste my friends


hmmmmm, will we be posting here or on the real article Ben Posted right after this one?


Elves, Achrons, Jinn, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Demons, and other similar beings are all in the same category. These beings do not have a physical body made out of matter nor are they made out of energy. They are made out of compressed source field, just like our soul-consciousnesses are. They are about the same size as a soul and can occasionally materialize like a ghost and each one has a specific look. They are made the way they are from the start and they all last for 17 cycles, then are absorbed into the Creator Gods as everything is. About 83%… Read more »


Thanks Ben. Am I the only one who finds it VERY creepy that cobra was mentioned last week and this week in Ben’s articles???


Saw it coming.


When you eliminate everything that is an April Fool’s prank, whatever, if anything remains, however improbable, must be the report! 😉


we’re looking forward to it David!


18 😉


Damn – I love Ben


Aha… I shouldn’t post my next article until tomorrow because of what day it is. Thankfully there’s another post below this one.

The Flight 370 investigation is utterly amazing and I am going to focus in on that first before tackling all the other things going on. I am getting a daily diet of incredible dreams telling me we are right on the brink of very positive changes.

– David


Sweet 16!


The “regular” post seems to be the “monotheism in crisis”.

Are we going to dialogue here or there?





13 baby


Eleven, thanks Ben!


March 31 is the 5th Monday of the month. Doesn’t Ben sometimes just write 4 updates per month?




I fell for it . . 😉


Yes, this seems to be an April fools’ joke…


seven….thanx ben




Ok… I vote this is the AFD joke..
ha ha





Number 3

two posts… one must be April Fools post…

now to find out which one