The July 20th edition of Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis opened with the following quote attributed to a top Pentagon person.
“Just Watch is as it unfolds. You will be tempted to get a pitchfork ready here and there but, just leave it in the closet. All should be accomplished without a shot being fired if everything goes according to plan.”
This quote in fact originated from Jerzy Babkwoski who writes using the pen-name ZAP. The source that sent me that quote erroneously claimed it originated with the Pentagon. This source will no longer be trusted. In any case, the quote very accurately describes what multiple sources have been telling me. As one Pentagon source told me “he put words right in my mouth.”

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Thanks again!


Keep on trucking David!
We create the world we choose and collectively our intuitive knowing guides us. Unfortunately some will not be coming along with us…

Like others feel, the attacks are confirming you are on the right course.

Thank you for taking the lead!


You’re only 40? Man, you’re young!




Here come the drone wars!

Ky. man arrested after shooting down $1800 drone hovering over sunbathing daughter


Re: Comment by smokeybear on July 30, 2015 @ 7:31 am >XL interesting comments! First, my son and I were just discussing how >NON-spherical Earth is without the water! >Miles high mountains, miles deep valleys in the ocean! picture it >without the oceans. Really not very round at all! I’m not sure how that applies… From the deepest ocean to the highest mountain, you only have a surface variation of .024%, which is practically nothing. >Also, re chemtrails, my family was in Ocean City MD this week and we could see >so many chemtrails it was disturbing, and many were… Read more »


XL interesting comments! First, my son and I were just discussing how NON-spherical Earth is without the water! Miles high mountains, miles deep valleys in the ocean! picture it without the oceans. Really not very round at all! Also, re chemtrails, my family was in Ocean City MD this week and we could see so many chemtrails it was disturbing, and many were higher in the atmosphere now as was predicted in the “phase 2 of chemtrails” I read about. We decided to have positive and loving outlook, prayers, support system instead of focusing on these negative things. Young adults… Read more »


Re: Comment by intruth on July 28, 2015 @ 9:01 pm >The paradox is this, available data indicates climate engineering is actually >making the overall warming far worse, not better (while at the same time >irreparably contaminating the entire planet in the process). I was listening to an interview with Inelia Benz yesterday, and during part of it she was discussing chemtrails. She connected to them to see what they were, and was drawn to the introduction of “metals” into the atmosphere and how they were getting into the trees, the grass, the water, the people. She said she was… Read more »


Re: Comment by belle3 on July 28, 2015 @ 6:31 pm
>It turns out there all hundreds of smaller “dwarf” planets in the icy
>Kuiper Belt, the outer solar system. One of the smaller planets among
>hundreds called partial-planets all of which are oddly-shaped.

This brings up an interesting theory I’ve been thinking about lately, the “shape” of the planets.

Ever notice how “spherical” the “planets” are? But when you look at asteroids or comets, they are anything but “spherical”.

I’ve been thinking of doing a blog entry about this, as to explain it would require graphics.


I wonder what Ben thinks of Dwilcock’s credibility?


Re: Ben
>This quote in fact originated from Jerzy Babkwoski
>who writes using the pen-name ZAP.

This week’s Wednesday update will be interesting, Zap has already denied once that he is Jerzy.


Be loving, forgive and raise your vibrations.
don’t forget to dance
It’s a tango
Comment by calebbrennan on July 27, 2015 @ 3:59 pm

Hi Caleb,

It sure is a Tango! Unfortunately my body is getting past dancing 🙂

But, I am into the other 3 attributes.

Best regards,


Thanks David and Corey!
WOW! Cosmic disclosure is GREAT. (Love, love, love Wisdom Teachings, too) Grab popcorn and enjoy.
Share with others – this information is important.


As this is the latest ‘update’, I too along with XL will only be posting here. It is too cumbersome to keep jumping from one to the other.

BTW, David and Corey – thank you so much for the excellent presentations. You guys are heroes.



Re: Comment by waldheim on July 28, 2015 @ 4:39 am >Yes, I clearly displayed the upper hand with George H. W. Bush in 2007, when >I had a photo shoot assignment with him. He was sitting, and I put my hand out, >saying “Hello Mister President!”…… No wonder he was reluctant to offer even his >left hand, as he growled at me! Next, I gave him his marching orders on how to >pose for my camera. I can see how that would bother him immensely. If there had been another person there photographing it, he might have refused to… Read more »




For those of you not familiar with the hidden power struggles during press events (especially handshakes), check out this video: What’s In A Hand Shake? Power Games Of The Rich And Famous Comment by XL on July 28, 2015 @ 2:41 am ______________________________________________________________ Yes, I clearly displayed the upper hand with George H. W. Bush in 2007, when I had a photo shoot assignment with him. He was sitting, and I put my hand out, saying “Hello Mister President!”…… No wonder he was reluctant to offer even his left hand, as he growled at me! Next, I gave him… Read more »


Thanks Ben.




will there be a report for this week? Thank you Comment by kathy77 on July 28, 2015 @ 2:16 am Many folks have asked why some Savior can’t fix this in the “twinkling of an eye.” I see today’s report as saying we are in the midst of such a twinkle. Relax, discover love of self and all others as sovereign beings who are getting their full twelve strands of DNA plus one more, giving us access to the full spectrum consciousness that is our birth right, which means we again are fully liberated. If that doesn’t work, start dreaming… Read more »


And yes… I am only posting on this thread.


Re: Ben’s Report >The person pictured with this writer (in his capacity as WDS spokesperson) is >Masaaki Hatsumi. Hatsumi runs the Bujinkan martial arts training school, which >has trained over 250,000 special operations troops and has a network of 50 >training centers worldwide. His name is a household word among people involved >in actual fighting and real martial arts worldwide. Indeed, I know that name well. He was the one that signed my membership card in the Bujinkan Dojo about twenty years ago, when I was studying Ninjutsu (not the “official” name). >For example, the Pentagon issued a photograph of… Read more »




will there be a report for this week?
Thank you


Namaste my friends


The cabal/bad guys are desperate….doing very, very stupid things…..we know who you are and we are taking you out.

Stay the course Ben and David, we have your backs 100%….


Thank you Ben, Also Thank you to Corey and David. Great professional presentation. Keep them coming. I would suggest you have a configuration where you have three servers. Two local mirrored and an third off site that is geographically mirrored. You can redirect the outside to them via multiple locations but still have the ability via proxies to shut the access down if they do not meet your security snuff. Would check with the alliance folks and see if they have any ability to assist in defending your internet sites with some of their tech. A quantum computer using auto… Read more »


Tks David.
Watched the four cosmic disclosure videos this weekend…
I wanted to add my comments… Fantastic work!
There is so much detailed info about lunar operations, the power structure, daily life at out of earth colonies, existing technologies…
I was quite skeptical at the earlier reports, but the interviews give a lot of credibility. Corey Goode seems like a very positive type, however shy and reserved at first… His body language, and how all the info consistently connects, did enrich and anchor my understandings of the world.




The “real” new report is below this one . . .


Under 20.


And Big Thanks David and Corey!!!

The attack emphasizes the importance of the message you are conveying to the world!

Endeavor to persevere!


Thank you for that Ben.


Everyone seems to think there is going to be an event, a special event that can change everything. Could it be the brown dwarf star coming near the sun, only a small few think so, I am one of those. Others say our solar system is passing through the plane of the galaxy, which I also agree with, but will special energies hit Earth causing us harm. Supposedly the sphere beings have about 100 large cloaked ships that will balance out this energy, but when is it. It is also said they will take out the cabal ruling this planet… Read more »




Thank you David! I have watched the first 4 episodes and have been impressed with Corey’s testimony and in the very professional way your are handling the interview. Great work.
I encourage everyone to give a listen and determine what truly resonates with them.


If you do decide to check out Cosmic Disclosure (the first two episodes are free on the Gaiam site) use this link so Corey and his family get credit for it:


Thanks, Ben!!


#3 when I signed on. Whoo hoo. My best ever. Now back to read the report. Thank you Ben!


two, no three




#1 Here


That would make me grumpy.

Too bad it was not true, but like you said, I have been hearing similar things.

We have had crazy attacks since launching Cosmic Disclosure, including a root-level hack of our website on the premiere weekend that is requiring us to start over from scratch.

The hacker could have accessed everything on our site and rewritten it however he chose.

Coincidence? No.

David Wilcock