Notice about Benjamin Fulford video on WW3

Pay-per-view Benjamin Fulford video available.  At the link below, you can register for a pay-per-view 26-minute video containing an update by me of the current state of World War 3.  Payments for the video will go toward supporting reporters to help me gather facts on the ground.  Consider buying the video as an investment in educating journalists.  Your help is much appreciated.  The video will be made available for free viewing on March 19th, 2016.

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Someone should email Fulford to tell him to make it much,much easier for people to pay to watch it. Anyone?


Comment by virgilsamm on March 22, 2016 @ 11:42 am Good idea! This looks like it Benjamin Fulford March 4th, 2016 World War III update Published on Mar 19, 2016 The White Dragon Society has put out an update by Benjamin Fulford on the current state of the secret battle for the planet earth. In order to raise funds to pay for staff and other expenses, the video is being made available at the price of ten US dollars. We ask those who can afford to do so to please pay for the video in order to support our… Read more »


Suggest that Ben create a separate link for PayPal to
accept all donations for payment of future videos for those subscribers who are interested in viewing and DONATING to Ben’s work, whether a one time donation (or recurring for
future videos).

P.S. I subscribed a couple of years ago, and this is my
first time to leave a comment anywhere! Am not computer savvy, and I do enjoy reading all your comments in the cafe.


lol just youtube it you noobs


My time line was not extremely protracted. However it did get completed in 72 hours. Not sure why but it did get completed.

Login create to validate 24 hours
login change password
Login pay via paypal
Link sent via email 24 hours
Viewing 72 hours later.


No link yet?


Please read through the entire thread. There are several posts with solutions.


I paid for the video through Paypal days ago, but I still do not have access. I would love to see the video if it is still available.




It’s an entirely separate account for the video.
The contents of the video are different from the post – it is not just a read-out version of the ususal post.


I am a paid member and get Ben’s full posts. So now do I have to have a separate account just for the video? Will the video just be the voice of Ben’s regular post?



Love Always Wins Over Greed & Deceit. Be Awake & Aware & Share this Very Important Blog with All who U Know are Able to discern the Truth Being spoken. Thank U Beloved Friends & Cocreators. Thank U Dear Benjamin. U Are Supported by me & my Beloved One & All Who Are Fighting for Freedom from Debt Slavery & Are here For the Highest Good of All.I Am


You need to create an account for yourself with the Silky guys. Please see other posts how to do this once the problems occur.

Without that, you cannot pay.

Once you have paid, you only need the Google account (which is free). Send it to the Silky guys. They then share the video to the Google account’s address. Then you log into YouTube with that Google account address and it’s done.

Yahoo has nothing to do with all of this.


So my question continues. Do I need to re- register and re-pay using a google email? I signed in with a yahoo email and still got the ” private video” business.


I finally got in. Thanks for the helpful posts. Love and Light. <3


Comment by otherulrich on March 12, 2016 @ 2:28 am Regarding spellcheck in the comment box, mine is on automatic and words are underlined in red for correction. Try a right-click with your mouse and see if a menu pops up that has a box to check to make it automatic for you, too. If that doesn’t work, write your comment in a program that does have one. I often write in an email window as that has one, too. Nonetheless, our BFCafe comment window often creates errors on the first two or three lines when it is submitted. I… Read more »


I’m not suche a Google expert. Google now has a unified login, for GoogleDocs, YouTube etc. It seems to be the case that your username automatically is you gmail address. This is the name/address you have to provide them (the Silky Smallwood people) with after payment. Then, within YouTube, they can grant you access to the video. So, then you log into YouTube with you universal Google login, and you can watch it. Well, that is how I got it to work at least. Fingers crossed! P.S.: I noticed I made a mistype or two in the above posts. Is… Read more »


Ok so if you provided a non-gmail email upon paying for this you need to go back re-do with a gmail? I too have gone to all painful lengths just to end up getting emailed a link to a private item. If this is a fundraising effort it’s certainly not reaching it’s potential with all of the shenanigans.


anonymous on March 11, 2016 @ 7:58 pm

Thanks for the chuckle!


Comment by otherulrich on March 11, 2016 @ 5:04 pm

Youtube cancelled my a/c years ago. I don’t think I can open a google a/c now without providing all my real details and probably a DNA sample.




@ otherulrich. Thank you for the instructions

@ belle3. .


Your reputation proceeds you diabolique. Hahaha!


cgrace: You are almost there. What you need now is a YouTube account (Google account, same thing). The video ist hosted on YouTube as a private video. This means it has to be “shared” to you. For them to be able to do that you need that account for identification. So, look up your account or create one. Once that is working, mail the account name (unusally it’s an email address, I think) to them. Then they will share the video to that account – and you’re done! diabiblical: As per cgrace’s and my posts: Register, wait for the email… Read more »


Wanted to pay, but got rejected logging in.


Wow. You’d think we’d hear a response on this. Very disappointing no matter how important the information is. People need to get to it, maybe that’s part of a plot.


Comment by anonymous on March 11, 2016 @ 6:06 am
So your username must be your real name?

When you create your account you make up a username and also provide your real name. Your real name is verified with Paypal. Your made-up username would be the one that displays.


Comment by cgrace on March 11, 2016 @ 8:33 am

They will send you a confirmation of payment and the link will be in it 🙂


I too was frustrated in my attempts to login. The earlier post solved it: Register, wait for the email that acknowledges that the system has logged your registration, then return to the web page and click on the regular WordPress login in the left sidebar. Fill in your user name and click on lost password, and WordPress will send you a link to a password reset page, and after that you are in. Next you will have to subscribe for $10. which I was happy to do to support Ben’s work. You are directed to pay through Paypal, but you… Read more »


I wasn’t able to log in and listen. I had to register again and am now waiting for approval. I hope I get approved soon because I would love to hear this


Comment by valerie on March 11, 2016 @ 4:15 am
Comment by stefie44 on March 11, 2016 @ 5:20 am

So your username must be your real name?

And once you set up the account, it’s a regular monthly fee rather than a once off payment?

Forget it. I’ll wait for the freebie instead.
Ben should allow people to listen to the interviews on an ad hoc basis


Comment by otherulrich on March 10, 2016 @ 5:13 pm

Yes, the $10 will be monthly since that’s how the Silkwood service for their videos is set up. However, you can simply cancel the automatic payment anytime. Of course then you would have to go through the process again if Ben creates another video after you cancel. I’d prefer to just pay for each video. Oh well, Ben isn’t that interested in all the technical stuff that goes into these things.


Comment by otherulrich on March 10, 2016 @ 6:01 pm

I think you can only go in through the link you get from Silkwood.


make sure you’re logged into the same gmail account you registered with the website. I had to use another browser since i have multiple accounts.


There were a few steps, but it worked for me. It’s truly worth it! 1. First you create a login and password at the new site: 2. Then you wait for an email showing your new login is approved. 3. Then you wait for another email which gives you a link to pay at Paypal. 4. Then you wait for that to get approved, as the name on your new account has to match your Paypal account. 5. Then you wait to get another email giving you the link to view it. I started the process at about 3pm… Read more »


otherulrich on March 10, 2016 @ 5:13 pm

Jeesh…I am not tech saavy…hope I can fight my way through the hubbub.

Thanks for the step by step!


cornpoppin on March 9, 2016 @ 9:42 pm

Whoa…what a thought…to knock off Hillary. I wonder if she has considered that possibility!


@ otherulrich
For crying out loud, your experience sounds bloody ridiculous. Paying punters should not be made to work so hard to get the product. Go and email Ben to tell him what a fiasco that system is,pls.

He’s on:
benjaminfulford [at]
benjaminfulford [at]
postmaster [at]



After you paid, you need to give them the a gmail address (login for YouTube) they can share it with. Once the video has been shared to you, you can log into YouTube (general Google login), and it works!

It’s an interesting video, to say the least. I wish there was more of the sort.

Best of luck!


I have now received the thumbs-up and address of a video on YouTube – but after logging into YT, it still won’t let me see it, as it’s private. Sigh …

Will keep you all posted.


EUREKA! This is what happened first … I registered twice. While doing that entered a password for that site. I received two emailson the 2nd try, first try only one. – Both times one with the registration info, allegedly, but it isn’t there. Only a useless link to the login page, and the password I entered when registering isn’t accepted. – On the 2nd try only: A 2nd email, for “PayPal”, which takes me to the exact same login page. There is a “Forgot Password” link there, but it doesn’t work. Strangely, from yesterday to today, there is more English… Read more »


Comment by sandfortress on March 10, 2016 @ 3:19 pm I did get through the process, although it wasn’t at all easy, due to lack of clarification and the fact that some of it is in Japanese. I did register and then an email came confirming, after which I went back and put in my password again (which I had to change because it wasn’t taking my usual one) and then I went through paypal. After that I was sent the confirmation the next day because it was late when I did it. I hope Ben sees that we are… Read more »


Hi Ben,
I too want to pay for this, but I registered, and then through some clicking found out that new registrations are pending. I presume that they will need manual validation. Please remove that setting so we can log in and pay. Thank you for all that you do. Light and Love. <3


I will give it another shot tomorrow morning. Thought I had translated and clicked every possible button already …

And yes, it would be nice if that were easier. 🙂


Mary Rodwell – The New Human (February 2016)


Someone better tell Ben that he needs to make it less onerous for people to pay and watch these videos.


Comment by cornpoppin on March 9, 2016 @ 9:42 pm

Interesting possibilities and who knows what could happen next. The truth is that none of them can trust each other or even themselves. A cosmic cabal meltdown is occurring.

Hold on to your magic carpets 😉


It is a bit confusing to complete the process of paying for the video, to say the least. I can’t even remember exactly what I did – I just kept trying and had to change my password and after multiple emails that didn’t work, I finally did have success, but even now it’s not entirely clear how. After all, it’s partially in Japanese and then this morning (I started the process last night) I got a link that was translated but the translation wasn’t very good. I just had to make assumptions and hope for the best. I did finally… Read more »


Can anyone give me the e-mail address to the web-master.

Tried to purchase the WWIII video, It wouldn’t take my pass word.

Clicked on “forgot my password” No help

after about 10 tries (with no link to ask the web-master for help)

I then reregistered.

was told “I would get a e-mail with a password”

Still waiting.

Was e-mailed later that my credit was being checked for approval.




Can someone tell me more about this symbol???

It is an upside down 5 point gold star on a royal blue background.

It has a gold eagle pearched on top of it

and it sits on top of a pyramid shaped sign that has many other trademark symbols beneath it.

Some of these lower symbols are Kiwanas club and Girl Scouts.

So– I am pretty sure this symbol is a symbol for a club of some kind.

Thank you for any response. KB


I tried to register there. After a while, a mail arrives which should contain login data – but in that the password is missing. There’s a blank. Also the link for changing the password is not in there.

So, what now? :/


I think you are going to a whole new site

a pay per view site that has an additional fee.

Or, you can wait 10 days and see the video for free.


I can’t log in either. If you click on ‘admin’ in you get to this page: TO VIEW THIS PAID MEDIA. (MONTHLY TAX $ 10) The White Dragon Society has put out an update by Benjamin Fulford on the current state of the secret battle for the planet earth. In order to raise funds to pay for staff and other expenses, the video is being made available at the price of ten US dollars. We ask those who can afford to do so to please pay for the video in order to support our work. For those who… Read more »


Odd Morning thoughts..

This morning I woke up wondering if the cabal would kill Hilliary if they decided she could not beat Trump. I mean, if she gets the nomination and then fails to stay on top of Trump.

Then I wondered— if they didn’t succeed at such an attempt if Hillary would squeal… I mean Hilliary has that revengeful kind of nature.

It could get really interesting if she should decide to take down her “friends”.

Then I realized she might squeal just from getting cornered with this Bengazi stuff. It could be an interesting summer.


Am I the only one who couldn’t log into that site? I registered, and the confirmation mail contained no password, nor a link for creating one … :l


4 (:




Does my usual login work there?
Is there and English version (mainly for convenience)?