In the April 18th Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis I reported that seismographic evidence from the April 16th earthquake in Southern Japan showed it was a natural earthquake. That was wrong. Below is the seismographic evidence from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention.

It shows very clearly the earthquake has the signature of an underground nuclear explosion and not a natural earthquake.
See here for a contrast between a natural earthquake and a nuclear explosion:

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One. Haha!


“the earthquake has the signature of an underground nuclear explosion and not a natural earthquake.” Ben

That is correct Ben. One of the many underground and undersea nuclear bombs that were planted all around countries bordering the Pacific tectonic plate to cause massive tsunami destruction planed by the cabal criminals if they don’t get their way.

Thank you for confirming this. I posted this situation to many of my constituents, but on with your blog.



“Regarding the recent artificially triggered quakes (Japan, then Ecuador), our reliable source ugmm says this: “It’s one of the two, or a combination of both: A detonated thermonuclear weapon planted on land or sea, or particle-beam blasts from Russian (Skoptsy) Cosmopheres. Whatever it was it was MAN-CONTROLLED & DIRECTED. There are over 40 thermonuclear-weapons devices that have been planted by the Cabal criminals all around Japan to shift the Pacific tectonic plate. The Russian Skoptsy control Russia’s Space Program. They also control the creation and deployment of the Russian Robotoids.”


Not surprising


Probably this is another extortion scam by the cabal similar to the one Jim Stone documents in his keystone report on Fukushima.
In the most recent of the Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshops, Keshe speaks of the use of his technology by TEPCO to clean the reactor holding tanks contaminated water and extract gold, silver, tritium and other goodies. He said the value of what was extracted amounts into the trillions of dollars. Here is the link to the video…


I thought the Galactics were not going to let any more detonations happen?



China’s New Gold Fix First Step In Moving The Price Of Gold To $10,000 – $20,000


top 10!




Greetings Azure;

Information just coming in to me is that the Russian Skoptsy detonated these nuclear weapons to lessen the impact if all the bombs were set off at the same time, which is what the criminal plan involves.

Also, please be informed that the Russian Skoptsy, now 144,000 strong comprising their space Cosmosphere armada are being assisted by the Galactics.



For further clarification concerning the first use of the Cosmosphere. Much has changed since that report.


He added that the extraterrestrials were “attempting to keep us from going to war and help create peace on Earth.”

Mitchell also says that other officers support his claims.

“I have spoken to many Air Force officers who worked at these silos during the Cold War,” he said. “They told me UFOs were frequently seen overhead and often disabled their missiles.”

“Other officers from bases on the Pacific coast told me their [test] missiles were frequently shot down by alien spacecraft,” he added.



Cash-Strapped ISIS Is Killing Its Own Fighters To Sell Their Organs






I like the weakly cycle as that has always been the format of this blog.

Just because Ben farts a correction, we’re all going to jump on a new thread?

That makes it a tiresome hassle to search the comments and is a disconnect on the continuity of community over 7 days.

No thank you.

see you next week


A must read to understand how covert agents (from alphabet soup agencies) infiltrate forums like these to attack and divide people, and keep them divided:
The Intercept, Glen Greenwald

Also, Corey has recently given testimony saying he helped setup a Government (i.e., cabal/syndicate) Troll Data center where agents would have 6 screens, and access to VMs (Virtual machines), so they work on their duties like fake victim creation, attacking people in forums like these and engaging them in circular discussions until they ‘neuter’ (not Corey’s term) them, dividing people, and sabotaging discussions, etc.,


ISIS Twitter accounts hijacked by Anonymous!

‘Islamic State, we own you!’ Hackers hijack Twitter accounts used by ISIS propagandists



Michael I posted this on the main BFC:

Michael, do you know of the spiritual content of the physical double, Higher Self/Ba, Lower Mind aspect/Ka etc? Does the double ‘feel’ the same way, display true empathy or is it just reacting to the transferred memory cells, & if so needs time to ‘get comfortable’?

Do we know what the differences might be? I mean the wife might cotton on quick enough, but not others, however they do ’slip up’ right?

Also, what can you tell us about the Russian Robotoids?


tanks Ben for Italy


tanks Ben for Italy
Comment by vaturu on April 21, 2016 @ 10:33 pm

Vaturu, do you know of a site where I can find a partner to practice I talian? Thanks



This is a set of excerpts from Message from Matthew, long channeled by his mother, Suzy Ward;

“…Global reset is a significant step toward ending that centuries-long control. Although the term is not used, its purpose—to stabilize the global economy by putting all currencies on the gold standard—is one of several provisions in NESARA, the acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act that was written by some of Earth’s Golden Age master planners in collaboration with evolved residents of Earth. Even today relatively few people are aware of this United States legislation signed by President Bill Clinton in 2000 because those who knew about it were bound by a “gag order” that he and other Illuminati members of the government imposed.

After the Act became publicized to some extent via dissemination of information transmitted by off-planet sources to their receivers, the government set up a disinformation Web site—National Economic Stabilization [later changed to Security] and Recovery Act—and incorrect information about NESARA was circulated to mislead people who had heard about it. Never has it been an investment program, nor does it include the delivery of “prosperity packages,” depositing millions of dollars in bank accounts or cancelling legitimate debts.

The authentic NESARA was to be announced worldwide and go into effect September 12, 2001. To prevent that world-changing event, President George W. Bush and his Illuminati colleagues ordered the infamous betrayal of their country commonly known as “9/11.” That also let them move forward on their pre-planned invasion of Iraq under the “war on terror” banner.

It would be natural to wonder why a program that has monumental global ramifications began with legislation in the United States. First, NESARA’s provisions had to be framed within your laws; otherwise, it would be a matter of souls from other civilizations imposing their ideas upon the people of Earth, and universal laws prohibit that kind of interference even when it is in the people’s best interests.

Second, it was imperative that the profound changes the Act contains be implemented first in the United States because it was the most Illuminati-ridden and the most powerful nation in your world. Although the latter status now shares the spotlight, that government’s actions still heavily influence what happens in many other countries. And it was necessary to act on NESARA’s provision that changes the United States’ corporate status that had been surreptitiously set up by the Illuminati to a republic, as was intended by the colonists who waged the war for independence.

The Act’s primary economic thrust is something that could not be spelled out in any legislation: legally obtaining the vast wealth that has been illegally and immorally amassed by the Illuminati and using those funds to eliminate impoverishment, which, by and large, is of their creating. Let us cite an example that you may remember from previous messages. The hurricane that devastated Haiti was caused by the Illuminati’s weather control technology; after the storm subsided, former US presidents Bush and Clinton went there to divert into their own pockets the monies donated for aid and reconstruction. As for the people of Haiti, these six years later they still are living in unsanitary, substandard conditions just as before the hurricane hit, and many residences are makeshift hovels amidst the rubble of destroyed communities.

The unconscionable disparity between the haves and the have-nots in your world caused an imbalance in Earth’s energy field that must be remedied, and other NESARA provisions also are designed to do that. They cancel debts incurred through IMF loans; end usurious interest rates; topple the privately-owned Federal Reserve System, whose tentacles span the globe, and its collection agency, the IRS; and end the currency trading that has enabled the Illuminati to reap fortunes, and that is where global reset fits in…”

more below.


“…The “Panama papers” will lead to another significant economic reform. The international law firm whose records were hacked and released to the media always has acted within the laws that regulate the establishing of shell companies; firms in the United States and other countries that also set up these kinds of companies for their clients are regulated as well. After providing this service, the firms no longer are involved. While it has long been known that many wealthy individuals are using shell companies to hide their money and avoid paying taxes on it, there was no evidence to prove their criminal activity. The Panamanian firm’s files with names of their clients’ companies gave a starting point for the ongoing investigation into the maze of illegal steps taken by the owners to cover their tracks, discoveries that will result in striking down the laws that permit the formation of “shells.” …”


and more…
“…“I just heard about this movement for a new world government. Matthew assured us this would never happen!!!!” In many messages we have assured you that the Illuminati never will attain their goal of world domination. Without knowing what this reader heard, all we can say to all of you is, please do not associate a centralized governing body with One World Government or New World Order, two designations for the Illuminati’s global domination plan that includes eliminating most of the population—the “useless eaters,” as attributed to Henry Kissinger. We reassure you, that plan is doomed because their global network came apart at the seams and the fragments are unraveling.

Freedom burns in the heart of humankind, yet rarely have Earth’s peoples lived freely. For long ages strongmen increased their landholdings and power by brutal conquest—troops were forced into battle; untold numbers were killed, captured, or sold into slavery; and all except the privileged few lived at bare subsistence level. After governing systems were labeled, the Illuminati made a mockery of democracy by putting ones within their ranks as candidates; rigging elections; and bribing, blackmailing, threatening or assassinating members of governments. They declared what country must be fought to keep us safe from that kind of government or that ideology, and they started civil and international wars.

Like their forbearers, they thrived on war. By producing and selling weapons, ammunitions and other war machinery to both sides, they profited handsomely. By setting new national borders or simply taking over a country and subjugating its populace, they kept expanding their empire. By infiltrating governments, military forces, intelligence agencies, judicial and economic systems, religions, education, media, commerce, multinational corporations, the medical field, film industry and entertainment venues, eventually they controlled everything that impacts life in your world. By relentlessly creating fear, grief, unjustness and poverty, conditions that produce the energy that fuels them, they have kept your world in their clutches.

That long sad chapter of your history is nearing its end. It is Gaia’s desire that all peoples of Earth live freely, peaceably, cooperatively across boundaries, across seas, and all share equally in the planet’s natural abundance. In keeping with her desire, the best aspects of your governing philosophies and visionary ideas will be blended into a global system led by individuals with moral and spiritual integrity and whose wise leadership will maintain peace and prosperity. Beloved family, the world you are helping to create in linear time and exists in the continuum—Earth’s Golden Age abloom in all its glory—is grandly flourishing within that benevolent governance….”


and my last ;

“…Some candidates running for office in the United States are pledging adherence to the Constitution, a document compiled when owning slaves was white people’s right and only men were considered capable of voting intelligently. Well before the Bill of Rights granted citizenship to former slaves and permitted women to cast ballots, there was A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The second amendment, written about 225 years ago, provided for the young country’s readiness in case the British tried to regain control and arms were muskets. Yet many citizens cite this amendment as their right to have weapons designed for today’s battlefields, and some believe they will need to use those weapons when “…they’re going to declare martial law so they can take our guns away.” Energy generated by those thoughts and feelings not only adds momentum to the proliferation of weapons, it is manifesting a standoff because it’s conflicting with energy directed toward ending violence and achieving a world at peace.

By no means is that the only resistance factor, but its deterrence to an awakened society needs to be recognized. What is greatly heartening is, as vibratory levels keep rising, increasingly people will become enlightened and eagerly welcome progressive changes…”


Suzanne Ward

And, now I will apologize for such a long post. I have no link, you see. It was just an email.



good info pam thank you


Comment by xanderboy1 on April 21, 2016 @ 10:12 pm


Over the years I have posted much information concerning the creation and deployment of Russian Robotoids and the Cabal Synthetics. I have even shared my personal experiences with one of the 250 they were deployed in the united States alone. I have given sites that have the best information concerning these biological human duplicates.

There is a way to bring up my past postings, which should include my first postings with the BFC the second week it came into being. But I don’t remember how to do this.

I’m sure those who might assist you in recalling these postings, like Caleb, who always rechecks past statements from posters when questing their statements.

I am really very busy this week with e-mails flooding in seeking additional answers, some covering the same subject you want clarification on, but mostly concerning the above posting from Ben.

I save all questions addressed to me, so I, when time permits, allows me to respond. I have question from the past two weeks still waiting for my response.

I’m posting this for you, and others who have questions, especially the subject matter of Ben’s posting above, which is extremely important with those in position with the need to know do to their involvement, and they feel I may assist in their endeavors.

Please bare with me my Brother, I will get back to you and all others eventually. I will answer those of priority first, naturally.



Dear brothers and sisters;

We shoud try to keep our postings and comments here in relation the Ben’s report.

Use the other one for the normal questions and comments.

It makes it much easier to review and log for comments.

Thank you. 😉


Comment by food2 on April 22, 2016 @ 2:25 am

Thanks Pam for this wonderful information. It gives me great hope for mankind and Gaia to read this and hope it can all be accomplished VERY soon.



The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the Constitution, passed at the time of the Constitution. Citizenship for former slaves and women’s right to vote came generations later in the 14th and 19th amendments.

Some idiot, who doesn’t even know what the Bill of Rights is, wants to deny us the right to self defense based on what she thinks is an historical argument!?

Not impressed.



So good to know – we are lucky to have you here and
that you are aware. And thanks to all the aware people
on BFC who are here to disseminate relevant info.


Hey Pam: If you need another copy to read I think you can find it on . They lump all psychic readings together. also included on list according to date released.


I have to admit that I have done much skating on this site for the last 3 months because of the drugs I have been on to get rid of the hepc i had – it is now gone but I plan to take at least a month or two of herbs for hepc since they work better at getting into the small out of the way places and killing the virus if it is hiding somewhere.

Also taking a herb for my brain because I have had a hard time remembering what I was supposed to do from day to day. As and aside, I now am more organized. Ha! a karmic thing I think..

My skin broke out in rashes and some major eruptions and I know my allergies have been worse esp this last month. My bones have been hurting and it has been hard to do the house work I need to do but my hubby has been taking up some of the slack and I have become more organized with my dogs, so they cannot come in the whole house. Thank goodness I did this because of all the rain around here for the last couple of weeks – lots of dirt on their feet.

More will have to find alternate homes, so now I have to fix a few and get them ready for that.

I am working the early elections and there is lots of training but I go to automatic and don’t have to read the book to much any more – the little changes they made – we already have been doing. I always find a faster, easier way to do what ever I learn. Humans are amazing even when we are seniors.

I have a tendency to love the life I live now even with the problems and would like to live so much longer so that is what I plan on working on, while doing some other little jobs along the way.

It is very important for all of us to not get all stressed out by what is happening and continue to contemplate on what life means to us. This medication I took stressed me out and I learned to sing HU alot of times I felt the need and I relied on my guardian to help me during this time.

I am on automatic as I said and so I use my intuition most of the time now. I have made every attempt to not take anything personally – people generally don’t attack another person because of anger, it’s more because they are having difficulty in their lives and they are striking out with out knowing what they are doing.

Micheal thank you also for all your uplifting info as well – you are always in good character, thank you for bringing that to the cafe. You never name call or mess with anyone else’s persona – thank you again for that. We come here to be safe and not to fight with others.


Thanks, Belle.

I will bookmark that. Saves clogging it up here.



PAM: You are welcome. Also would like to thank you for you posting about Dave Crawford as a disinfo character and should not be trusted. Great. Thanks again.




Actually lots of people just like their weapons for shooting at paper targets and making a lot of noise.


Dear Cafe’,

Here you go. I have told you that there are parallel universes and now, physicists are saying it, too.



The Truth Is Coming And It Cannot Be Stopped


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Well actually if I’m going to tell a story, then why not set it in more familiar territory?!

Our universe is estimated to be around 14 billion years old. Compare that to the length of time modern science believes man has been around on the Earth and we have been here for the mere blink of an eye?! Let us assume that life hasn’t just evolved on Earth; but our universe and galaxy are teeming with life.

What if I was to tell you that man wasn’t the first bipedal intelligent life form to evolve in our solar system?! A long time ago…around 2.8billion years ago, our solar system looked quite different. There were several planets revolving around the sun, in the habitable zone… Venus, Earth and Maldek. Maldek was a mega earth, sat between the Earth & Jupiter and Mars was its moon. Today all that is left of Maldek are its splintered remains that form the asteroid belt.

So, life began to evolve on Venus, Earth, Maldek & Mars. However Venus was the front runner and after eons of time was the first to evolve a highly technologically advanced bipedal race. These people collectively called themselves ‘Ra’. Ra developed space flight and started to explore the rest of our solar system and beyond. They were highly spiritual people, who had a very deep understanding of physical reality and consciousness.

They built everywhere they went, on the planets, moons and asteroids in our solar system and beyond. On their travels they became aware of other advanced civilizations outside our own solar system that were not as benevolent as themselves. They took steps to defend our solar system against any potential external threat and built artificial moons which they placed in orbit in the outer fringes of our solar system. These moons were kitted out with powerful defensive weapons that were only to be used in the event of invasion from beyond.

As time went by their defences held and all attempts by foreign aggressors to enter our solar system were thwarted. Ra kept evolving, reaching increasingly sophisticated dimensional levels of consciousness and understanding, until they no-longer existed on the same plain of reality we recognise. Call the human experience 3rd density. Well Ra had evolved to 6th density. The ancient defence grid that Ra had built to protect our solar system ceased to function and became redundant.

However Ra was still capable of interacting with the lower vibrational plains of existence they had spent so much time inhabiting. They were still karmically bound to our solar system, but as 6th density beings, their responsibility had changed. They were now imbued with the task of encouraging the spiritual development of other creatures incarnating in our solar system and other areas of our galaxy. They became a race of watchers, subtly influencing life on certain planets to give it a chance to evolve in the right direction, without interfering too much with the inhabitant’s free will.

Advanced 3rd dimensional life had evolved on Maldek and its moon Mars. The people of this mega earth were huge, 70-80 feet tall and highly aggressive; far more aggressive than their diminutive neighbours on Mars. The people of Maldek developed space travel and started to explore the solar system and beyond. They discovered the redundant and decaying defence grid around our solar system and all the ancient ruins left by Ra. They also became aware of the other advanced civilizations that lay beyond the limits of our own solar system. Rather than try and re-commission the defence grid left by Ra, they decided to build a super weapon, that was capable of pre-emptive strikes on would be adversaries and foes. This weapon took the shape of a giant ring around the planet Saturn. The people of Maldek were highly bellicose in nature and had every intention of using this weapon. They had no intention of just using it for defence…no they were going to be the aggressors as soon as their weapon was fully operational.

The civilizations beyond our own solar system, which had been monitoring the activities of the people of Maldek, became acutely aware of this very real and impending threat. To avoid the possibility of their own imminent destruction, they decided to take action. They launched an all-out attack on Maldek and its people and totally destroyed their super weapon and planet!

The elite on Maldek had realised that building such a super weapon might attract external attention before they had it fully operational and had a contingency plan in place. They had built an artificial moon, kitted out with enough living space inside to allow a large contingent of their people to escape in the event of attack.

These refugees from Maldek managed to escape in their artificial moon, just before their planet was destroyed. Their plan was to head for Earth, which they did. They parked their moon close to Earth and anchored it to the planet electromagnetically.

The shockwave from Maldek exploding was immense. It blew away the atmosphere and ocean on Mars and peppered one side with debris. Needless to say the vast majority of the people of Mars were killed.

The shockwave resonated out into the rest of the solar system like the ripples on a pond and changed the orbits of the other planets, pushing Venus , Earth and Mars closer to the sun. Venus had now moved out of the habitable zone and become too hot to sustain life.

Only the elite of Maldek had escaped on their lifeboat moon, leaving the majority of the population to perish. This massive die off on Maldek and Mars created a giant mesh of densely entangle souls with no bodies to incarnate in. They drifted around in purgatory for eons of time. Eventually they would untangle and it became possible for Ra (the watchers) to create new human bodies for them to incarnate into on another 3rd density planet, so they could continue their spiritual growth, which had been horribly interrupted. The planet Ra chose would be Earth.

When the Earth had originally formed, the crust was the first part of the planet to solidify. However a great deal of convection was occurring inside the mantel, pushing trapped superheated gasses to the surface, creating a layer of froth just below the crust. These cavities cooled and hardened and created a honeycomb of giant subterranean caverns. Some filled with water that had found its way down from the surface and others remained empty. A subterranean ecosystem started to develop completely independently from the surface of the Earth.

Dinosaurs had been evolving on Earth’s surface for millions of years. One species of raptor had evolved into a highly technologically advanced race that had discovered this vast underground network of caverns and had decided to kit them out and create a subterranean culture. They were aware that Earth experienced cyclical cataclysmic events on the surface, so going underground was a certified way of being able to avoid these disasters. They have remained down there ever since.

About 18 million years ago, a race of humans (called the Agarthans) from outside our solar system turned up on Earth. They were also aware of the dangers of cyclical cataclysmic events on the surface and decided it would be better for them to set up a subterranean existence. In doing so, they came across the race of raptors that were already living down there and have been warring with them over territory ever since.

The refugees from Maldek who had travelled to Earth in their lifeboat moon, started to send parties of their people down to the surface of this planet as they began the process of colonisation. The subterranean raptors did little in response to this invasion but the Agarthans took great umbrage at this race of giants turning up on the surface.

Wars ensued between the refugees from Maldek and the subterranean Agarthans. These giants from Maldek had brought a limited supply of weapons with them on their lifeboat moon and were not realistically in a position to oppose the Agarthans, who set about decimating their population.

A small number of the Maldekian elite escaped death and hid themselves away in time chambers buried in secret locations on the surface of the Earth. These chambers were capable of interrupting the space/time continuum keeping the occupants in a suspended state of animation for eons of time.

The elites who encapsulated themselves had grown tired of their 3rd dimensional existence and wanted to wait for the next cosmic juncture to occur on Earth where all life stands the chance of an upgrade in consciousness. They had programmed their time chambers to wake them when they predicted this cosmic juncture would occur, i.e. the first two decades of what we call the 21st century.

The Agarthans allowed the small number of Maldekian refugees who they hadn’t slaughtered to remain on Earth’s surface, limiting their technology and monitoring the size of their population to prevent them from becoming a threat in the future.

The giants were forced to abandon their lifeboat moon and it fell into disrepair and decay. Over millions of years, having been struck countless times by space rocks, the moon’s surface became covered in a cratered, pockmarked, mountainous layer of dust and debris. But even to this day, every time it’s hit, it rings like a bell revealing its heritage as a hollow artificial structure.

This status quo existed on Earth for many millions of years. Ra had visited Earth in the ancient past and the giants started to discover the remnants of their architecture. The giants slowly created a new civilization on the surface of the Earth (while still under the intense scrutiny of the subterranean Agarthans), adding their own buildings and structures to the myriad of ruins that were already present.

About a hundred thousand years ago the giant entangled mesh of souls from the massive die off that occurred on Maldek and Mars had unravelled sufficiently enough for Ra to start the reincarnation process. Ra had preserved the DNA of the people of Maldek, Mars and some other 3rd dimensional planets outside our solar system (that fell into their remit) that had also suffered catastrophe. They used this DNA and combined some of it with the DNA of a divergent species of bipedal hominids that were naturally evolving on the surface of Earth.

Not all of this off world DNA had to be combined with Earth hominid DNA because some of the 3rd dimensional planets that had experienced catastrophe were already very similar to Earth. They didn’t need the addition of indigenous DNA to make their bodies strong enough to survive. They were already quite well suited to their new planet.

This was what led to the RH Negative factor in human blood. This particular group of humans lack the D antigen, a protein found on the surface of red blood cells that can be traced back to hominid or ape lineage. Today about 85% of the world’s population have RH positive blood and only 15% have RH negative blood. It’s basically because RH negative people originate from a different planet/s to everyone else!

So Ra had created a number of new human species that were capable of surviving on the surface of Earth, that all maintained certain traits and characteristics of the people they had originally incarnated as on their home worlds.

The souls from Maldek were given Neanderthal bodies, a less sophisticated body type, in order to burn off some of the massive amount of negative karma they had created around themselves as a warring species on their home planet. The souls from all the other planets were given the bodies of what we now call homo-sapiens.

The original giant Maldekian refugees, who had turned up on Earth in their lifeboat moon, millions of years before, had never had their DNA messed with by Ra. Over eons of time they had naturally adapted to life on Earth and had shrunk in size considerably. They were no longer the 70-80 feet tall monsters they had been when they first arrived. However they were still massive compared to homo-sapiens.

Ra did not wish to run the risk of other civilizations beyond our own solar system potentially coming in and affecting the spiritual development of 3rd dimensional human life on Earth, so they created a new barrier around our solar system. It was effectively a quarantine, preventing all external influence.

Earth was now a highly unusual planet in the sense that it had so many souls incarnating in human form that originated from such a diverse range of worlds. Usually if a 3D planet suffered a catastrophe prematurely, before they had reached a juncture where a consciousness upgrade was possible, Ra would move that population of souls and allow them to incarnate on another suitable planet where they would not have to compete with other humans from elsewhere.

When isolated in this way, it took them longer to spiritually advance. This was why Ra broke with this recipe and decided to throw a bit of spice into the mix if you will, by allowing souls from lots of different planets to incarnate on Earth at the same time. They hoped the karmic maelstrom that this would create would enable these humans to spiritually develop faster.

Boy were they wrong! All the human variants started to interbred; including the giants who took a great fancy to homo sapien women. Many of these women died giving birth to oversized offspring. Some of these children survived and became half breeds, like the character Goliath in the bible. We also became highly bellicose and spent most of our time warring with each other. The quick spiritual advancement that Ra had hoped for just wasn’t happening!

After allowing our free will to play out in this recipe for tens of thousands of years, Ra realised they needed to shake things up a bit. They removed the protective barrier around our solar system that now meant other external civilizations could come in and interact with life on Earth. Ra hoped this would be enough to kick start the spiritual development of humanity in a positive way.

However the external entities that did take an interest in our solar system and life on Earth were not positively orientated at all. In fact they had progressed to a negatively orientated 4th dimensional level of consciousness. This is only possible when a certain race reaches a cosmic juncture where a consciousness upgrade is possible, but 95% of their population are negatively orientated. They were a reptilian species called the Draco that had reached a high level of technological advancement, but where thoroughly nefarious in their approach to others. Like Ra, they had the capacity to interact with lower dimensional lifeforms and had the capacity to physically appear in 3D when they wished to do so.

Life is fundamentally different for 4D beings and the Draco realised they could feed off the energy produced by all the 3D human lifeforms on Earth. They quickly established that this energy was at its most potent when humans were suffering from negative emotions, like fear or pain. The fact that they had turned up and found a bunch of 3D humans constantly warring with each other, was like turning up to an energetic smorgasbord for these reptilians!

Adult humans build up negative karma during their lifetimes and if they experience fear or pain, some of this negative karma is negated in the process, which reduces the energy produced that the Draco so crave. However the Draco quickly realised that human children haven’t been around long enough to build up negative karma, so when they experienced fear or pain they have almost no negative karma to negate therefore the energy they produce is far more potent and valuable.

Ever since Ra took down the protective barrier around our solar system, a number of beings from other civilizations have been coming to Earth and influencing the human population on the surface. Some of them have nefarious agendas and others are far more benevolent in relation to their attitude towards human life on Earth.

Atlantis was the last surface based civilization that the Agarthans inhabited prior to Earth cataclysms that caused them to become a purely subterranean culture.

During the resurgence of the last ice age around 10,500-12,000 years ago, there was a giant lake of fresh melt water sat on the ice sheet that covered North America. Eventually the ice walls of this giant glacier were breached and trillions of gallons of water flooded into the oceans of the world, causing a massive and sudden rise in sea level. A huge number of civilizations based around the shoreline were swept away in the deluge, including Atlantis.

The human populations on Earth’s surface that survived the deluge, had to start again. The flood had forced them back to a very basic form of survival and subsistence. These people were visited sporadically by various races from outside our own solar system. They were also heavily influenced by the subterranean Agarthans.

The Agarthans would appear before these ancient humans, passing themselves of as Gods. It was easier for them to explain away their highly advanced technology to these very basic people as divine miracles. They would give the people on the surface, maths, astronomy, language, the written word, modern agricultural techniques and architecture. They did this to try and kick start civilization again on the surface, because it had been heavily set back in the great flood.

In more modern times the Agarthans have passed themselves off as E.T.s from outside our solar system, to the surface population of humans, because we were now too sophisticated to believe they were simply Gods. This meant they could also avoid letting us know that they were in fact living below our feet, on Earth, in a subterranean culture. Perhaps Jules Verne knew more than he was letting on?!

There are other subterranean spices that don’t look entirely dissimilar to Elves, Ghouls and Goblins. They explain a myriad of cryptic creatures depicted in the fairy tales and fables of old. They occasionally find their way to the surface and are spotted or interact with humans, who have then documented these events. These stories have become legend over time.

Ra (the 6th dimensional watchers) knew that Earth could be stabilized (at least partially) by building pyramids at specific nodal points on the geometric grid of ley lines that crisscrossed the Earth. These structures create gravity vortexes that penetrate the Earth’s surface and help to reduce the amount of adverse weather and seismic activity that can lead to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Ra interacted with many of the Earth’s surface populations and assisted them in the process of building these pyramids all over the world.

Ra’s primary role is to sit in the background and subtly influence our spiritual evolution. However one of the universal laws that they are not allowed to break, is allowing us to exercise our free will in our decision making. Since the resurgence of the last ice age Ra has very much taken a back seat, giving the surface humans of Earth the chance to advance using their free will combined with trial and error. However the quarantine barrier they had removed around our solar system meant we were still being influenced by other entities and beings from outside.

As discussed already, a 4th density race of reptilians called the Draco had taken a furtive interest in Earth.

They started to interact with the human elite on Earth’s surface, offering them technology and power in exchange for access to the wealth of DNA on our planet and ‘loosh’…the potent energy produced by human beings experiencing fear, anger and pain.

The human elite set up secret societies and religions to hide their relationship with the Draco. They had an insatiable appetite for technology, knowledge and power, which the Draco could furnish them with. All they had to do was keep a large contingent of the people of Earth in perpetual fear, anger and pain so that enough ‘loosh’ could be generated to satisfy their reptilian overlords.

They already knew that never ending wars were a very effective means of generating ‘Loosh’! They also found that torturing and abusing innocent children produced the most potent form of ‘Loosh’.

The human elite became obsessed with this practise and turned it into ritual and ceremony as an offering to their Draco masters. The church & high society are riddled with occult child abuse for this very reason. They all do it to maintain this unholy alliance with the Draco.

Rachel McAdams’ character doorsteps a paedophile priest in the film ‘Spotlight’ and asks him why he did it? Firstly he doesn’t deny the abuse and then says “it wasn’t for pleasure”?! It is at this point, the priest’s sister appears at the door and pulls him inside, preventing him from answering any further questions. The ambiguity of his statement is left as an unanswered question for the rest of the film. If they are not doing it for pleasure, why are they doing it? The answer is the Draco and ‘Loosh’ production?! Demonic possession and the Catholic churches army of exorcists is all related to this unholy alliance.

Since WWII, the world’s elite have set up a breakaway society, using the technology we have been given by the Draco. With their vast financial resources they have built off world bases on the Moon, Mars and beyond. They have hundreds of thousands of people working for them off world and a fleet of ships capable of interstellar travel. NASA is primarily a public relations exercise to the keep the masses distracted from the truth.

The financial crashes of the 20th century and the one we are soon to experience have all been designed by the elite to consolidate power. We have basically been lied to by the elite about everything for centuries?! They know reality is nothing but a complex geometric hologram and we co-create the future using our collective consciousness, so they have manipulated our knowledge, to steer our destiny. There is a Universal law that states we are supposed to be given the truth; but they have circumvented this law by painting the truth as fiction in films, books and T.V. This way we never recognise it as the truth and don’t use this knowledge to base any decisions on.

What the elite of Earth and the Draco were not anticipating was the return of Ra, who turned up again in the 1980’s. Humans have gone so far adrift from the life path, set for our spiritual development, due to the lies we have been told. Ra have come back to level the playing field…forcing us to be given the real truth, so we can collectively create a brighter future.

Ra have recreated the barrier around our solar system preventing anyone from coming in and anyone from escaping. There is a huge amount of horse trading going on behind the scenes at the moment, where the Draco and our Elites face exposure. Only time will tell if it actually happens?!



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Corey was asked by Rob Potter in an interview about “The Grand Plan”, this MY VIEW: “The Grand Plan” the way I understand is that we are here to understand the opposite meaning of infinity in order to go beyond infinity. Our true home is the infinite reality (7th Density). The more we understand the finite realities, the more we understand and appreciate the infinity realm. An opening to understand what is beyond infinity and return to the Source. The saying the more we understand ourselves (limited being), the more we understand God (the Source, the infinite Creator, beyond any concept). If we understand the concept of COLD, we will understand more the concept of HOT or vice versa….


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A man in a “Panda” suit (Panama papers) went into Baltimore news station with a flash drive of information he wanted to get on the air. Said there was tons of information like the Panama papers.

He has been shot; is still alive though – it is claimed.