Correction: Japan earthquake on April 16, 2016 was not natural

In the April 18th Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis, I reported that seismographic evidence from the April 16th earthquake in Southern Japan showed it was a natural earthquake.  That was wrong.  Below is the seismographic evidence from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention.

It shows very clearly that the earthquake has the signature of an underground nuclear explosion and not a natural earthquake.

See here for a contrast between a natural earthquake and a nuclear explosion:

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A man in a “Panda” suit (Panama papers) went into Baltimore news station with a flash drive of information he wanted to get on the air. Said there was tons of information like the Panama papers.

He has been shot; is still alive though – it is claimed.




Mama talkin’ to me
Trying to tell me how to live
Da da da, da da da, da da dat, da…..


Surprising! Wonder what’s happening. Everything still seems pretty status quo here although the Cabal has launched an all out destabilization and imperialist grab for the BRICS nations. I would really love to see some geo-engineering in retaliation.


Is there going to be a post today?


Late today,


just practicing




Found this link from a post at rumormillnews


This good information about Poland and the situation in Europe was sent to me by a reader so I am posting it.


where did that come from ? was not from in here 🙂


Nice one!


toll/Do TruthMelissa – just breathe Deep into God!

All of this Sociopathetic Movie tripe we get fed daily just inspires me to go/do beyond and just EXPOSE HUGE LIES EVERY DAY111


Corey was asked by Rob Potter in an interview about “The Grand Plan”, this MY VIEW: “The Grand Plan” the way I understand is that we are here to understand the opposite meaning of infinity in order to go beyond infinity. Our true home is the infinite reality (7th Density). The more we understand the finite realities, the more we understand and appreciate the infinity realm. An opening to understand what is beyond infinity and return to the Source. The saying the more we understand ourselves (limited being), the more we understand God (the Source, the infinite Creator, beyond any… Read more »



its all over except for the fat lady needs to sing and
I will get to that later even thou I lost 70 lbs in the
last 2 yrs..nothing since this has happened but I feel
I am ready for a break thru..


Melissa, never been there in the rain
I can’t even imagine….please get better….Bliss


pretty wonderful story thank you both..


I have posted this on the main discussion this week.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Well actually if I’m going to tell a story, then why not set it in more familiar territory?! Our universe is estimated to be around 14 billion years old. Compare that to the length of time modern science believes man has been around on the Earth and we have been here for the mere blink of an eye?! Let us assume that life hasn’t just evolved on Earth; but our universe and galaxy are teeming with life. What if I was to tell you that man wasn’t the first bipedal… Read more »


The Truth Is Coming And It Cannot Be Stopped


Dear Cafe’,

Here you go. I have told you that there are parallel universes and now, physicists are saying it, too.



Actually lots of people just like their weapons for shooting at paper targets and making a lot of noise.




PAM: You are welcome. Also would like to thank you for you posting about Dave Crawford as a disinfo character and should not be trusted. Great. Thanks again.


Thanks, Belle.

I will bookmark that. Saves clogging it up here.



I have to admit that I have done much skating on this site for the last 3 months because of the drugs I have been on to get rid of the hepc i had – it is now gone but I plan to take at least a month or two of herbs for hepc since they work better at getting into the small out of the way places and killing the virus if it is hiding somewhere. Also taking a herb for my brain because I have had a hard time remembering what I was supposed to do from day… Read more »


Hey Pam: If you need another copy to read I think you can find it on . They lump all psychic readings together. also included on list according to date released.



So good to know – we are lucky to have you here and
that you are aware. And thanks to all the aware people
on BFC who are here to disseminate relevant info.


The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the Constitution, passed at the time of the Constitution. Citizenship for former slaves and women’s right to vote came generations later in the 14th and 19th amendments.

Some idiot, who doesn’t even know what the Bill of Rights is, wants to deny us the right to self defense based on what she thinks is an historical argument!?

Not impressed.


Comment by food2 on April 22, 2016 @ 2:25 am

Thanks Pam for this wonderful information. It gives me great hope for mankind and Gaia to read this and hope it can all be accomplished VERY soon.



Dear brothers and sisters;

We shoud try to keep our postings and comments here in relation the Ben’s report.

Use the other one for the normal questions and comments.

It makes it much easier to review and log for comments.

Thank you. 😉


Comment by xanderboy1 on April 21, 2016 @ 10:12 pm Xander; Over the years I have posted much information concerning the creation and deployment of Russian Robotoids and the Cabal Synthetics. I have even shared my personal experiences with one of the 250 they were deployed in the united States alone. I have given sites that have the best information concerning these biological human duplicates. There is a way to bring up my past postings, which should include my first postings with the BFC the second week it came into being. But I don’t remember how to do this. I’m… Read more »


good info pam thank you


and my last ; “…Some candidates running for office in the United States are pledging adherence to the Constitution, a document compiled when owning slaves was white people’s right and only men were considered capable of voting intelligently. Well before the Bill of Rights granted citizenship to former slaves and permitted women to cast ballots, there was A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The second amendment, written about 225 years ago, provided for the young country’s readiness in case… Read more »


and more… “…“I just heard about this movement for a new world government. Matthew assured us this would never happen!!!!” In many messages we have assured you that the Illuminati never will attain their goal of world domination. Without knowing what this reader heard, all we can say to all of you is, please do not associate a centralized governing body with One World Government or New World Order, two designations for the Illuminati’s global domination plan that includes eliminating most of the population—the “useless eaters,” as attributed to Henry Kissinger. We reassure you, that plan is doomed because their… Read more »


more… “…The “Panama papers” will lead to another significant economic reform. The international law firm whose records were hacked and released to the media always has acted within the laws that regulate the establishing of shell companies; firms in the United States and other countries that also set up these kinds of companies for their clients are regulated as well. After providing this service, the firms no longer are involved. While it has long been known that many wealthy individuals are using shell companies to hide their money and avoid paying taxes on it, there was no evidence to prove… Read more »


This is a set of excerpts from Message from Matthew, long channeled by his mother, Suzy Ward; “…Global reset is a significant step toward ending that centuries-long control. Although the term is not used, its purpose—to stabilize the global economy by putting all currencies on the gold standard—is one of several provisions in NESARA, the acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act that was written by some of Earth’s Golden Age master planners in collaboration with evolved residents of Earth. Even today relatively few people are aware of this United States legislation signed by President Bill Clinton in 2000… Read more »


tanks Ben for Italy
Comment by vaturu on April 21, 2016 @ 10:33 pm

Vaturu, do you know of a site where I can find a partner to practice I talian? Thanks



tanks Ben for Italy


Michael I posted this on the main BFC:

Michael, do you know of the spiritual content of the physical double, Higher Self/Ba, Lower Mind aspect/Ka etc? Does the double ‘feel’ the same way, display true empathy or is it just reacting to the transferred memory cells, & if so needs time to ‘get comfortable’?

Do we know what the differences might be? I mean the wife might cotton on quick enough, but not others, however they do ’slip up’ right?

Also, what can you tell us about the Russian Robotoids?


ISIS Twitter accounts hijacked by Anonymous!

‘Islamic State, we own you!’ Hackers hijack Twitter accounts used by ISIS propagandists



A must read to understand how covert agents (from alphabet soup agencies) infiltrate forums like these to attack and divide people, and keep them divided:
The Intercept, Glen Greenwald

Also, Corey has recently given testimony saying he helped setup a Government (i.e., cabal/syndicate) Troll Data center where agents would have 6 screens, and access to VMs (Virtual machines), so they work on their duties like fake victim creation, attacking people in forums like these and engaging them in circular discussions until they ‘neuter’ (not Corey’s term) them, dividing people, and sabotaging discussions, etc.,


I like the weakly cycle as that has always been the format of this blog.

Just because Ben farts a correction, we’re all going to jump on a new thread?

That makes it a tiresome hassle to search the comments and is a disconnect on the continuity of community over 7 days.

No thank you.

see you next week







Cash-Strapped ISIS Is Killing Its Own Fighters To Sell Their Organs


He added that the extraterrestrials were “attempting to keep us from going to war and help create peace on Earth.”

Mitchell also says that other officers support his claims.

“I have spoken to many Air Force officers who worked at these silos during the Cold War,” he said. “They told me UFOs were frequently seen overhead and often disabled their missiles.”

“Other officers from bases on the Pacific coast told me their [test] missiles were frequently shot down by alien spacecraft,” he added.


For further clarification concerning the first use of the Cosmosphere. Much has changed since that report.


Greetings Azure;

Information just coming in to me is that the Russian Skoptsy detonated these nuclear weapons to lessen the impact if all the bombs were set off at the same time, which is what the criminal plan involves.

Also, please be informed that the Russian Skoptsy, now 144,000 strong comprising their space Cosmosphere armada are being assisted by the Galactics.





top 10!



China’s New Gold Fix First Step In Moving The Price Of Gold To $10,000 – $20,000


I thought the Galactics were not going to let any more detonations happen?


Probably this is another extortion scam by the cabal similar to the one Jim Stone documents in his keystone report on Fukushima.
In the most recent of the Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshops, Keshe speaks of the use of his technology by TEPCO to clean the reactor holding tanks contaminated water and extract gold, silver, tritium and other goodies. He said the value of what was extracted amounts into the trillions of dollars. Here is the link to the video…


Not surprising


“Regarding the recent artificially triggered quakes (Japan, then Ecuador), our reliable source ugmm says this: “It’s one of the two, or a combination of both: A detonated thermonuclear weapon planted on land or sea, or particle-beam blasts from Russian (Skoptsy) Cosmopheres. Whatever it was it was MAN-CONTROLLED & DIRECTED. There are over 40 thermonuclear-weapons devices that have been planted by the Cabal criminals all around Japan to shift the Pacific tectonic plate. The Russian Skoptsy control Russia’s Space Program. They also control the creation and deployment of the Russian Robotoids.”


“the earthquake has the signature of an underground nuclear explosion and not a natural earthquake.” Ben

That is correct Ben. One of the many underground and undersea nuclear bombs that were planted all around countries bordering the Pacific tectonic plate to cause massive tsunami destruction planed by the cabal criminals if they don’t get their way.

Thank you for confirming this. I posted this situation to many of my constituents, but on with your blog.



One. Haha!