Greetings from the director general

We are a global organization known as the Hongmen (天地会長房青蓮堂). We are a mutual support society also known as Chinese Freemasons or, recently in Japan, as Asian Freemasons. Then Hongmen stand alongside Kiwanis, the Rotary Club and the Lions Club as one of the world’s four largest international mutual support societies. We are also a charitable organization recognized as such by international law in 20003. This huge organization was previously a secret society but it is now gradually revealing itself.

We want to be seen in Japan, Asia and the world as a whole as a presence that can be trusted in all circumstances to unswervingly support the planet. .
I believe that until now our organization was a global “brand” that was not visible to ordinary folk. We can be seen as a “key” that can open many types of doors around the world. Our members fit into normal society even as they continually self-educate themselves in order to increase their abilities. From the infinite past to the present our resilient and powerful organization has been based on “Gi,” which can be translated as virtue or justice.

Unfortunately some not very nice things have been said about us. That is because we were originally a revolutionary organization. It is true that during the Qing dynasty we fought the government in order to restore rule to the Han people. During that time the powers that be portrayed us as a cruel gangster type of organization. That reputation still lingers to some extent.

There has also been a lot of lurid embellishment of our history that has left the impression we are an organization of hoodlums. It is true that, in historical times, some of our members took an evil path when they got power. However, such people were a tiny minority and their evil deeds have been, as is often the case with such things, wildly exaggerated.

We are a band of brothers united by a single cause. We are united by what is called Chiaki loyalty(忠義千秋) by the Chinese, Bushido by the Japanese and Chivalry in the West. There are all essentially identical.

We wish to share mutual blessings, prosperity and creation with all religions, societies, factions, parties and countries in the world based on the principles of world peace and equality between peoples. We do not wish confrontation. However, if there is an attack on these principles and a peaceful resolution is not possible, we will cut off relations.

As human beings from the planet earth we must ask each other how we can mutually contribute to the creation of a truly cosmopolitan “one world.” We are looking for people who are interested in using educational or voluntary activities to make Japan, Asia and the world a better place.

The Japanese branch sincerely aims to be an organization that is trusted by everyone and can live up to their expectations in the fields of society, economy and of course world peace.

Sincerely yours,
Akimine Kobayashi,
Director General, Japan branch of the international Hongmen.

Membership requirements
We act as a group rather than individually so we like to create groups of equals. The small power of individuals become great power when they assemble into a group. We aim to grow together and polish our society’s abilities by interacting and exchanging information.

Asian Freemasons (Hongmen) accept as members those who follow the way of heaven believe all men are created equal. We do not judge people by whether or not we like them but accept all who come to us.

However, there are certain requirements that must be met so people who join remain as associate members for a certain period after joining.

なお、We do not accept people who are badly behaved, have psychological problems, have a criminal record, are selfish, are greedy, who break laws, are anti-social or who use the Hongmen name for criminal purposes.

Any members who commit a crime, or act against the principles of the society after joining will be immediately expelled no matter what their title or how high their status is. If such acts are committed members will be expelled according to the society’s internal rules.

A person’s moral character is the basis we use in deciding whether or not to open the gates of the Hongmen to them. People who are accepted by us remain “family” members of the Hongmen for life.

If people sincerely wish to get rid of unnecessary wars, conflicts and disparitiest they must combine their forces and remain united.

We Hongmen Asian Freemasons aim for a united planet earth (one world) based on the principles of sharing, living in harmony, mutual help, universal love, economic development, honesty and social unity based on the principle of equality of people.

The Hongmen spirit of loyalty becomes a major force aiming for peace. We Hongmen strive for world peace.

Here are some requirements for membership in the Japanese branch of the Hongmen.

① Must be an adult male or female at least 18 years old
② Must be gainfully employed
③ Must be a person of integrity
④ Must look out for his comrades
⑤ Must have personal strengths
⑥ Must join of their own free will

Our society is based on the principle that heaven and earth will show us the way. Upon entering the society members will go through a stately ceremony where they will swear upon an altar to support the unity of religions and look upon a borderless one world as if looking down from heaven (the universe) above.

Our society respects the individual religions, political stances and activities of our members but it goes without saying that as an international organization we remain neutral.

Our members are comprised of many races, many nations and many religions and avoid all prejudices in a spirit of brotherly love. We aim for a one world based on the principles of sharing, living in harmony, mutual help, universal love, economic development, honesty and social unity premised on equality of people.

We seek members (brothers and sisters) who in the spirit of chivalry, integrity and piety will work together for the sake of Japan’s future development. Within our group we will gather factions and individuals who get on well with each other to work in a spirit of friendly competition to make Japan and Asia healthy and part of a one world in peace and harmony. That is our stated goal.

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What the…..?


Is this an invitation to join? It looks like it.


4th caught it just before leaving!


I don’t understand the purpose of this post. The only one world government I am interested in is the Kingdom of God that will be initiated at the return of Christ. I quit the freemasons many years ago and I don’t intend to rejoin anything referring to themselves as freemasons.


Happy 70th Alan

see you next week.


Thanks Caleb,

All the best to you.



don’t understand the purpose of this post.

you are not alone

see you back at this weeks link,




Funny – I wonder what BenF is thinking here?


I don’t think dogs can withstand Vit C the way people can but you could get a green super food like Morenga powder and use coconut oil which has the medium chain triglycerides of the purest kind and kelp powder..

I would give tumeric/cucumin in caps and msm in powder form and mix all that in like a pate foam type pure canned dog food – chicken, actually human grade like Evangers canned dog food. It smells great and my dogs will eat it with all that stuff in it. I also put hemp seeds in it.

You could get a no grain dehydrated dog food and add the canned dog food ( as long as it smells good to you and it looks appealing to you- some of it is just cooked to death and put in cans and it is just gross) and supplements.

If you really have the money to do a full blood/urine panel that is done by a private company – you might not tell them he is a dog but I don’t think they care. It will tell you what the dog is lacking in the system..

Tramodol kind of made me have a headache and wiped me out when I took it, so I would get something mild maybe like Ginger?? or go to a naturalpath vet. and see if they have a pain killer that is not going to mess with the dogs mind and body.

I wouldn’t do the chemo – it is a waste of time.

All of you that have animals need to start to give them a supplement to detox them daily. I give mine a kelp/flax-seed/msm supp added to the canned dog food. Today I added coconut oil and the morenga powder. My dogs eat it from a spoon individually. I call ea of their names and they come forward to get it – I bonk anyone else who thinks they will interfere so it is orderly for everyone involved.

I have mentioned before that Bentonite powder is a cheap way to detox a body. You could give that in the morning and the rest before your dog goes to bed at night. Filtered water so the dog isn’t getting any more crap in its system.

If you can afford it or you can get a piece of temperpedic for the dog to lay on do it – and raise the water and food dishes off of the floor so the dog doesn’t have to lean down so much and then every day get your dog out in the sun and take a small walk to the same place every day. Right now your dog needs to do something like that every day.

He may not last very long but he will really enjoy his food and the supp. will help his body.

I have a 15yr old mini dachshund and i take her out to the kennel every day, twice a day – that is her walk and she expects it – I get her to the groomer and she gets lots of privileges compared to the rest. Her teeth are perfect – no more vaccines for yrs now. And you should do the same.

i hope it all goes well but for those of you that have animals please start to detox them now and supp them with a supper food like chlorella or morenga for obvious reasons.

Limit the shots esp no more than a 4 way – never a 7 way – the less the better.

Without worming with a chemical , you can give D.E. every day with the supp above – mine are 8-12lb dogs so I give them 1/3 – 1/2 tsp a day. If the dog has hard stool, give some coconut oil with his food.

That is all I can think of. Start what you can and add to it if you dog seems to improve. But if he doesn’t don’t fall for the money pit that the vets want you to. We are all meant to go when we have done what we have come here to do. Let your animal do it with dignity and that is all you can ask of yourself.



It has been raining and raining and raining here in Texas- not enough sun and no time to cut the grass – lots of mosquitoes so I bring my dogs out of the weather and they can run thru parts of my house or have 7fot kennel runs inside away from the pests. I just don’t put them out and leave them without the ability to use a doggy door or get inside, away from the mosquitoes. I wonder what the zika virus would do to them??

Lots of blankets to wash and paper to change – I just had three at the groomer today to do a deep clean.

It is just terrible all this rain – I love the green but the mold is really high now.

Wth is all this rain about??? amazing I feel like getting out of the area.


Well you can’t join if you are an economic victim of the cabal, e.g. unemployed. And I guess you have to know the Japanese language.

If you are female, the Japan culture is biased against you.

What was the role of the Japan Freemasons during WW2?


Gold price smashed by cabal again.


I think it is interesting that these people believe God looks down on us and does not see borders….

because everything in quantum physics is a reflection of the whole

and if we look at the human body we see lots of borders..

We have a sac around our internal organs,

a fetus grows in the womb inside of a sac,

our skull is a border- a protective border..

our skin is also a protective border.

So– in my opinion God does believe in borders

This also should say God believes in harmony

as we know disharmony is cancer in the body.

So– it is not the borders that God desires, but rather the harmony.

I see this “offer” as a disguised cabal based motive.


So it is not the lack of borders that God desires..

that’s what I meant.


Well you can’t join if you are an economic victim of the cabal, e.g. unemployed. And I guess you have to know the Japanese language.

If you are female, the Japan culture is biased against you.

What was the role of the Japan Freemasons during WW2?
Comment by caramelpopcorn on May 19, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
Dear CarmelPopcorn,

(Every time I read your username my mouth starts to water and I can smell the popcorn. It brings me joy. Sometimes it gets me to pop some for myself.)

I’m sure you are kidding with needing to move to Japan and learn the language. Freemasons are here and most speak very good English as do you.

And where in this old world are women NOT second class housekeepers? The cabal has been quite successful with that via religions alone. You know that, too. By and large, Japanese women of 1940 plus are isolated and kept at home. Making a dinner party was for the men. Visitor’s wives stayed at home. In the 50s, when living in L.A., neighbor Japanese friends, who had been in Japan during the WWII, told as well as demonstrated a little of the culture.

As for what the Freemasons did during the war, how could they have been any different than the rest of the world?

As for now with so much changing so quickly, to use the idea that the down and out persons, who is not able to support themselves, would not be in a position to join this group is not a good reason to reject or doubt the Newly formed powerhouse. For starters, why would the poor even want to or consider doing such a thing?

Take another look at what he is saying about the amount of work that is on their plates. And it is a very expensive life to keep up while doing it, not to mention the time it will consume.

The greater number of members that do fulfill the requirements would have more power to serve a community building program. That would mean their objectives can be broad and can support each individual within a community.

Looking after the needs of the poor is huge in their agenda both directly and through results of efforts applied elsewhere. It is puzzle solving. Coordinated little groups sharing ideas and working in unison.

The old and underage are not excluded. The able bodied would have needs met as the Freemasons assist the community to identify what each individual is capable of doing given the chance. More schooling may be needed. Or the talent is ready but needs money to start with and meet expenses as the new business.

Most communities I know of already have the schools and people who sort out the talent. Even money is available when the Business Plan is strong.

Now add to this an aggressive organization of people who already have a successful business, who can sit around and ask each other questions about what all would be a good thing to add to their community. What is missing here? These guys move around many other places because they need to, want to, or just happened to be somewhere else.

Soon we also will have our true Republic activated and all of the hellish, time consuming paper work and idiotic new regulations being added can be stopped. For a lot of people, that one action will be their first big taste of Heaven But there is a lot more to come.

Believe me on that one. I ran my own retail shop in a small California town from 1968 to 1983, fifteen years. The last three years were hellish to live through while looking for the buyer. The cabal had had 35 years before I entered that system and that confusion accelerated noticeably. I have no idea how people do it successfully in a similar small town here in Oregon where it is far easier to deal with. But it, too, has the mess from the Fed’s banking and governing to deal with far more than I had had..

I wasn’t invited to join any of the power folks in town, but several other business men did become friendly and when in the shop would ask how I was doing. Conversationally they gave me some great suggestions.

Hind sight now is telling they were also checking me out for membership or not. Instead I was invited to the Quota Club, a woman’s group of business women, but most were only their husband’s partners in name with a view noticeable exceptions. We hosted public gatherings of music and dancing, went to Quota conferences in nearby towns and cities, and other fun, social events. Still, we were serving the community as a whole.

Remember, the cabal is leaving town screaming and fighting, but leaving nonetheless.

Japan’s culture is very ritualistic and this is seen in Ben’s report by them. They won’t want to embarrass themselves by outing the ugly part of their old leadership. Knowing Ben, he has lifted the rug and has examined all of the hidden dirt.

His report is very encouraging to me and globally will become a great power for restoration. Add to that the offer of financing is coming with the 13% so-called discount with the Chinese Dragon’s gold sellers and other such interested organizations in the world. These funds can e used by local communities. Perhaps the New Freemasons will apply it to their projects.

But, too, there are many ways that our improvements will come. Freemasons will be one of many.

So my recommendation is to welcome their announcement and visualize successful results that they will provide. Let them help us all do what we love to do without worry or stress.

Our job here in Ben’s Cafe is to bring love and unity to lift us closer to our goal. Feels a lot nicer then grumping at other visions of assisting Earth move to where we all belong.

I hope you feel better now, too.

I’m popping Corn.

Pursuing Happiness


Comment by mkddachs on May 19, 2016 @ 3:52 pm

The school nurse for the handicapped school in my town decided this spring to quit her job, sell her house and move to Texas–somewhere just outside of Huston.

Now all I see is flooding and rain in Texas. I also read something about martial law or something like that…some sort of less that what Americans expect behaviors like martial law anyway.

She has a sister who lives in Texas and her mother is getting aged – she didn’t want to put her mother in a nursing home so I suppose she thought if she moved to Texas they could taker care of their mother together. But, it sure looks like it has been a challenge.

I hope the weather improves down there.

I wonder if California has enough rain to make up for their drought yet.




Comment by mkddachs on May 19, 2016 @ 3:52 pm
could it be that Texas is too rebellious for the rulers of USA? everytime I see another rainstorm and flooding that is what I think about.





Interesting video about Obama/Michael/Michelle


Comment by mkddachs on May 19, 2016 @ 3:43 pm

What a wonderful comment about a dog’s need for dignity and for all the great info. Such good ideas! The thought about a temperpedic made me smile. That is my next search, for my old dog. Thank you!


I love the idea of a society based on virtue/justice. It could be true.


24 – Sorry, I have concerns. Masonic roots in the family. initiate for DeMolay. Never transitioned to Masons. Now glad I did not.


could it be that Texas is too rebellious for the rulers of USA? every time I see another rainstorm and flooding that is what I think about.

Comment by starbelt on May 19, 2016 @ 10:16 pm

No, not rebellious enough…

Still trying to paint us Blue. Part of the reason for the major influx of Hispanic Voters and California Transplants.

Laws are for the Peasants– 🙁


Thanks Bernie and Bill for the clarity and reason. Too bad most people don’t get these simple issues straight.


Wall Street Whistleblower: Subliminals Added to TV

Television is mass mind control, and the Internet and cell phones are using the technology, too.

Former managing director and member of the board of directors of Wall Street investment firm Dillon, Read & Co, as well as former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner in the Dept. of H.U.D. during the Bush 41 administration, Catherine Austin Fitts relays a chilling conversation she overheard circa 1984 while working on Wall Street, where executives discussed how subliminals and entrainment technology was about to be deployed through the television waves.




Rob Kirby-Dollar Going to be Kicked Off its Perch
Greg Hunter

Published on May 17, 2016

Rob Kirby arranges gold sales between buyers and sellers by the ton. Kirby says the biggest concern for his customers is the U.S. dollar. Kirby says, “The dollar is going to be kicked off its perch. That is a guarantee. It’s only a matter of time . . . The universal message is people are trying to get, for the most part, as much of their assets into physical precious metals as they can. Precious metal is getting increasingly hard to buy.”

Has Kirby seen demand for precious metals higher than right now? Kirby says, “No, I haven’t. I also have never seen this much interest to procure or own physical precious metal. Up until 2010, central banks were net sellers of gold, and since 2010, they have been net buyers of physical precious metal, and they never bought more than last year, except this year will be bigger than last year.


Comment by mkddachs on May 20, 2016 @ 1:47 am

Thankfully, I don’t have a television and only watch it very seldom when I’m visiting friends.


Thank you Pam – being another multiple animal person I would
think you would get what I am saying and I haven’t always been the best stewart of my animals but I fully take responsibility for their quality of life and where they go from here.

I have a cousin that rescues all sizes of horses – she is so good at getting them better and we share our experiences.

People really love their animals but they don’t respect them as living beings with actual feelings. Some humans don’t relate to them having their own lifes. That is what I like about multiple animals – they like have their own little group to hang with. They work problems out if given a chance and if they don’t the group will take them down for being ugly. There are natural leaders and followers in the group and I allow that course of events in my dogs but i won’t allow fighting or bullying without consequences.

I had two sisters get into a fight with each other, omg it sounded like they were killing each other, I was on the other side of the fence and hadn’t brought a field trail beating stick with me to reach over and remind them to stop that. I finally got over and smacked both on the head lightly and they stopped. I called them over to check them out and there was nothing ect wet marks on the necks and ears. I started to laugh because my little ladies had the most horrific sounding but mild cat fight. Now i put them out in different yards or in the house at a diff time mostly and they have respect for each other because they both stood their ground. It was probably the best thing to allow them the physical conflict. I still laugh at my little ladies.

It’s harder and harder to let them go to other homes – if i get any negatives anymore, i don’t let one go to the possible home.

I have a litter coming – it’s been almost two yrs since the last one so I have several I should finish and have possible homes for several, one male for sure. I am going to start to show in conformation myself because handlers are so expensive. So my first show since 05 will be the first of June.

I have a meniscus tear on my medial right knee that will make it alittle difficult along with a bakers cyst behind it so I have to have arthroscopic surgery when I get back.

Has anyone here had this minor surgery? I have seen many reviews so far on – I don’t believe I have a choice. I have to loose another 20 lbs for the best results.

Recently I put up or someone here put up a article regarding having surgery and signing the paperwork for the doctor to give bio? (if you sign you give them permission to give the vaccines you are missing) So very luckily I now know to look for that and tell them I don’t give them permission to give me any vaccines during surgery when I am under anesthesia. Thank god for this site and the positive knowledge that can be acquired here.

They did this to my husband when he went under and he appears to have more problems.

Remember to watch this if you intend to go under for surgery. Another reason to be as informed as possible ..


“If People Around You Start to Panic”: 5 Things to Do Before the Next Crisis Hits
May 19th, 2016

1 – Reduce Your Debt and Expenses
Getting out of debt can be one of the most liberating experiences, especially if you’ve been in debt since you become independent of your parents.

The first step to reducing debt is cutting out unnecessary expenses, which frees up some of your income so you can pay off any lingering credit card balances (or pay off large sums above your minimum payments), and pay off your car and small loans.

Take other simple steps like stopping to use your credit cards – which may mean you only use the cash you have on hand.

2 – Learn to Grow Food and Find a Place to Grow It
Food is one of those essentials that we often take for granted. But what would you do if your local supermarkets shut their doors or the delivery trucks stopped coming?

3 – Store Water and Supplies
4 – Invest in Gold and Silver
5 – Take Care of Yourself and Your Home

Physical stamina, the ability to defend yourself, and knowing how to protect your home are all important aspects of preparedness.


last one and then I am off:

Kansas Judge Rules People Don’t Have to Prove They Are US Citizens to Vote Here

Kansas’ proof-of-citizenship voting requirement violates a provision of the National Voter Registration Act requiring only “minimal information” to vote.

“so the us constitution allows non-citizens to vote?which clause is that exactly?”(a commenter)

Judge Robinson ruled:

“…even if instances of noncitizens voting cause indirect voter disenfranchisement by diluting the votes of citizens, such instances pale in comparison to the number of qualified citizens who have been disenfranchised by this law.”

The state of Kansas immediately announced it would be appealing the judge’s decision, which basically amounts to allowing pretty much anyone to vote, including people who are not actually US citizens.

So, in effect, you now have to show more information about yourself to buy a can of beer (or a pack of cigarettes or to open a bank account or to get a loan or to buy a rated M for mature video game or to rent a hotel room or to drive a car or to ride on an airplane or fill in the blank with dozens of other examples) in this country… than you do to be allowed to vote here.

While the left cries that such voter ID laws are horrible because they are tantamount to “voter disenfranchisement,” it really does beg the question: how can you be disenfranchised if you are not a US citizen in the first place?

Because like it or not, US citizens are absolutely used to showing ID all the time for pretty much everything in this country and it is doubtful the majority of legal US citizens would even blink about being asked to show an ID if asked to in order to legally vote here. So who does that leave?

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple


Sharing an experience in UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples Rights which we na kanaka maoli find ourselves the subject matter now taking place in “2016 Hawaiian Week in DC”.

I started work on this subject matter early on to post their agenda here on the forum, but domestics ruled and had to temporarily abandon it.

I believe Hongmen Freemasons may be wanting to operate under the above, if you can prove you are indigenous. So, they have a right to pursue their own self-determination and autonomy as such. However, unlike the true indigenous who are the original people and for whom the UN declaration meant it for, the Hongmen may be off base.

You see original peoples to their land do not need to advertise membership in their society. You either belong or you don’t. Membership, I therefore conclude, does not fit the profile of “Rights of Indigenous Peoples” for whom the UN was giving recognition. Membership denotes just that, formulating a united effort to a cause or idea.

Don’t know why Ben allowing this particular group to advertise or solicit membership in their cause or ideal through his website, except to say, it is his website and this groups efforts fall in the category of geo-political.

It also has the appearance of transparency, wanting to be transparent in letting you know what they plan to do about who they are. Know this one thing, compliance is mandatory, participation is a choice. Compliance is to obey the protection of ones rights to do something, to participate in someone’s idea, creation or ideal is not, it is a choice to join in it or use it.

What is now taking place in Washington, DC concerning “Hawaiian” is a loaded gun, because they are advocating a consensus that Hawaii wants federal recognition. This is a lie. Just because they have a Constitution does not make it a done deal for Hawaii. It is a done deal only as to “Hawaiian”. As I have said before, if you want to know about abuse ask the abused, if you want to know about ‘Hawaiian’, ask a Hawaiian (if you can find one you are certain is a Hawaiian). Do you see it now? Clear? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I can provide lots of information, but it can have meaning FOR YOU ONLY if you do your own research. Getting to know who you are will reveal what YOU need to know in making an informed decision. Agreement and disagreement is pono. Pushing the envelope is not, i.e. do or die.

For our (we three) agenda, if you want democracy go live where democracy (mob) rules. If you want to live by natures laws, you are more than welcome to go live where it exists.

Malama pono,



The only group of people I will join is sovereign individuals!
my soul family.

Seems like a serious invitation – good luck.

Comment by aneeson on May 19, 2016 @ 2:37 pm

Happy 70th from me too Alan!




AS in P2 Freemasons?


🙂 🙂 🙂

I did not upgrade to Windows 10 ever since it was advertised, simply because I don’t want to. I’m still using Windows 8.1.

Well, for some unknown reason as I was creating another post (subject matter might be the reason) I get a pop-up message that Windows 10 is now being downloaded, please do not close. I closed it, because I did not want it.

When I returned, a pop-up box said it was ready to download. Not even going there. A fine example of mandatory versus participation. Windows offer to upgrade is not mandatory, otherwise, it would just be part of the automatic updates.

The clue of whether it’s mandatory or not is when you receive a solicitation.

Can’t recall what I was posting. No matter. When you don’t succeed the first time, try again, but not now. I have unfinished business to take care of first.

Have a good one.

Malama pono,



Intelligence Officer Fisher released a doozie last night. Release the Kracken! The 10,000 ninjas are on the warpath. Cabal being compared to the last scene in Butch and Sundance.


What I see with this letter to the world is a perfect description of our future Home on Earth within the fifth frequency level. No exceptions. Only additions considering the scope.

As our Mother, we are now in Earth’s womb maturing slowly into our natural state of Sovereign Integral status which is a requirement for the 5D environment.

Because She is shifting her own manifested form and because WE are individual cells of her body, we need to make the sift with her to travel with her. Those faliing to do so will be left behind.

When completed, we will be within her skin, protected and loved, unconditionally, for eternity.

Since the completion of THIS timeline of Earth will terminate all other timelines during which we failed to wake up, the cabal wants to do a work-around yet AGAIN to keep on living in 3D.

When this timeline succeeds, Individuals cannot be lesser and stay with her. The individual will be excreted and flushed away. Just like the cabal as fecal matter has already been flushed out to the septic tank in the lower frequencies or terminated.

As Simon Parkes warns us, we each need to be aware of our own behavior, imaging, visioning, expressions to assist RIGHT NOW. We are, he says, equal as to a good:bad ratio. We MUST get more people awake to complete this timeline.

It is NOW.

If not now, we’ll carry on getting more and more masters over us to make for them the perfect heaven (theirs) or hell (ours).

The remaining cabal’s lower ranked, not yet flush-able, are still manifesting evil hoping to continue business as usual. IT MUST BE STOPPED!

SO. Take advantage of this one moment in time.

Please stop pissing and moaning about what you see as evil intent by the Asian Freemasons. There is none. They are prepared to flush out any within their own ranks when unalienable Rights are violated.

Look in the mirror, look within, clean up your own Karmic obligations as soon as possible by whatever process calls to you to use.

Stop making judgements then blah blah it on the net.

Use this time to learn to recognize true truth when you see it.

When in doubt, the answer is within. Ask your Soul Self to assist. Contemplate your own positions. Process it all.

Our brains are still being influenced by machine driven AI interference. It hasn’t yet been located and shut down.

So thinking needs careful examination to allow hearing one’s inner guidance.

Inner guidance does not come in any language. It is a very subtle nudge that is too easily overlooked. Especially when busy making judgements.

I wish you well. We are in desperate need of getting everyone here free of the outside influence.

Relax. Find things to do that bring you happiness. Then, and not before, turn within and listen. Peacefully examine your thoughts.

Making the effort to use the six Virtues of Love can be used to explore thoughts. Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor.

Loving you,
Pursuing Happiness through Understanding


corey goode-quote—–Interesting reading… “Inner Earth” civilizations are in our collective consciousness more and more in recent months. CG—–unquote…..


absolutely – corey is correct id say…..

corey has been posting all sorts of groovy links and such of recent…..

2016 – we can sweep up the dark cabal,legally and as peacefully as can be mustered – and process them the way we the lightforces do business….not what the dark ones do to us – thats their dance…..and of course this process has been in motion for sometime now,and continues to increase in momentum and effectiveness each flowing moment…..

the dark forces choose the dance of death…..

we the light forces choose the dance of life…..

dance avec la lumiere toujours….pour savois vive…..

zazuma alliance des force lumiere….


from this posting by clayton nolte on his facbook page…..

quote—–”We received your shower unit a couple weeks ago and promptly installed it on the water feed line into our 40 foot 5th wheel camper. We had been here on the coast of Texas for 6 or 7 weeks at that point and the poor water quality had caused an alarming re-occurance of Dawna’s 38 year Psoriasis affliction which had been well under control for the last 2 years due our extensive use of shower water filtration and long daily treatments with our Wellness Pro 2010.

Despite her continued use of the WP system these past weeks the poor water quality had begun causing a sever upsurge in her Psoriasis. That changed within 3 days of installing your shower unit on the RV’s water system. It shut down the Psoriasis to a nubbin and has noticeably improved her recurrent indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome as well.

– Jeffrey and Dawna, Texas—–unquote…..


the testomony above is most probably true…..

i installed a natural action technologies water structuring device on our shower water system,and skin conditions immediatley improved – rash free and such generally speaking…..

ya baby….real science for real people…..

a votre sante…..


What I see with this letter to the world is a perfect description of our future Home on Earth within the fifth frequency level. No exceptions. Only additions considering the scope.
As our Mother, we are now in Earth’s womb maturing slowly into our natural state of Sovereign Integral status which is a requirement for the 5D environment.
Because She is shifting her own manifested form and because WE are individual cells of her body, we need to make the sift with her to travel with her. Those faliing to do so will be left behind.

Stop making judgements then blah blah it on the net….


Inner guidance does not come in any language. It is a very subtle nudge that is too easily overlooked. Especially when busy making judgements.

Making the effort to use the six Virtues of Love can be used to explore thoughts. Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor.
Loving you,
Pursuing Happiness through Understanding
Comment by pursuinghappiness on May 20, 2016 @ 6:36 am

Hi pursue!

What a letter!! Lots of truth – Thank you so much.

Many many good suggestions on moving away from the sticky 3 D realm.

“Hearing the inner guidens” is the absolute “work” one need to go through, and it can be a “leap of faith” exercise too, I believe.
Identify ones own inner voice as a true guide – is what I have found the most meaning in – compared to any other method of personal growth.

Because it would never lie to you – that is, when one have learned to recognize it’s authenticity.

Excellent pursue!

Much blessings and love


(Most people could easily sign such a letter – I hope! Send it out as a petition or something)


Since such an organisation is organized as a pyramid power structure, not a holographic, this Hongmen and the other named organisations easily can be the Cabals trap. The people at the bottom is good heated and want to go the right things and bring positive changes but the top may have a different agenda. This is the always the problem with such power structures where knowledge only partly are shared down in each level.
I also want to add that here in Norway the Rotary Club is involved in Bill Gates vaccine program, in reality, helping kill black people. How sick is that ?
Sorry, but I am skeptic to the agenda those at the top of these organisations have.



I am thinking of all the countries that WE have taken over in my lifetime by means of a coup. First the CIA goes in and causes destabilization and dissent over the leader. All the while doing everything possible to drain their treasury in order to make them vulnerable. Could this be going on now with US? NAFTA, the draining of our Treasury with endless wars and waste, which seems to go unnoticed by our elected leaders? Is this the reason that Hillary Clinton is not liked but allowed to steal state after state’s elections and mainstream media calls her the current favorite? Although she does not seem to have any rallies and followers? This really is supposed to demoralize US further and make US easy pickings for a total fascist coup?


Now we have to go back & forth between two posts? Here should be strictly about Ben’s topic imo.


sovereign….what does this word mean to us?

It is used often here in comments.

Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.



Comment by mortenb on May 20, 2016 @ 6:45 pm
Agreed. I am always suspicous of anyone in power offering anything.

Plus I don’t need them! Period!

This is the first time I have seen you post. Good to hear from you. You sound like a sensible person.

So sorry about your Rotary Club. Someone should ask them why would they hook up with Bill Gates?!


Jim Stone further exposes the Zio-tards latest foul-up, the missing Egyptian airliner.

May 20 2016

Isis “nitric acid” story is BUNK

According to the Daily Fail, ISIS lowered 25 people into a vat of nitric acid to kill them, all at once. That would be a lie. First of all, you can’t get that much nitric acid to begin with (enough to fill a swimming pool) and second of all, that would be enough nitric acid to make thousands of bombs. Why on earth would they use it that way?
Obviously it is all just a story line as is typical of the ISIS psy op, if 25 people really did get dipped in that much nitric acid, it happened on U.S. soil in a well arranged setup compliments of your endless tax dollars and a soulless CIA. There simply is no other way to get your hands on that much nitric acid, unless a first world country did it at a place like USX steelworks. The story has got to be TOTAL bullshit.

What we have with “ISIS(tm)” is a team of scamming Jews dreaming up the worst possible stories and pinning them on a totally contrived enemy. ISIS is Jewish media play, and this “acid dip” proves it.

Egypt Air: FAKE: Report of debris found including two seat cushions, a body part and luggage, and now I am going to slay the liars.

Pictures or it did not happen. And with photoshop available, I won’t even believe debris photos anymore after they screwed the story line this badly, let me explain –
This crash would have been an easy one to find if it was real, because it would have happened in a confined area a helicopter could get to easily. They are making it all look complicated by faking the search with boats. In a location like that, you don’t use boats, you use helicopters. It is ALL FAKE. If numerous helicopters were not sent out in the first hours, it is ALL FAKE. Where are the reports of rescue helicopters being sent out, only 100 miles off shore where they could go easily?


This was the bust I held onto yesterday, to nail them when they sprung the next lie. They were talking idiotic searches on boats, when the plane went down in a known location, IN THE WATER, where there would have been a high probability of survivors well within reach of the shortest of the short range rescue helicopters from 5 different countries. This would not have even needed a long range rescue helicopter. Not sending helicopters is a dead giveaway there was no crash, because sending helicopters was the only thing that would have been done if a plane really did go down. Boats would be sent later, to pick up the big pieces.

What do you do in a real scenario with possible survivors? Send a 25 mph boat and spend 5 hours getting there and then spend 10 hours plodding along at water level looking for pieces within eyeshot at water level? NO. You send a helicopter, that can get there in 25 minutes and scan the entire area in a few more minutes. X 20 helicopters and the crash is found instantly and all survivors are pulled from the water in the FIRST HOUR. How about sending a fighter jet first, that can cover 100 miles in a few minutes to tell the helicopters right where it went down, so when they arrive 15 minutes later they go right to the crash? The story line, which only involved boats is CHILDISHLY STUPID, Giligan’s island style, thank you common core, you make my job of debunking lies easy!


The three people missing from the boarding log, that dropped the passenger count from 59 to 56, (for a total of 66 aboard) are probably what this is really all about. If it was possible to find out who was deleted from the boarding log, we would probably have the answer for why this plane was really taken.
Here is another knock out bash of the official story which proves Israel has the plane:

Supposedly, a plane went down in a “terror related incident” less than 100 miles off of Israel’s coast, and ISRAEL DID NOT GO OUT AND SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON? They left it all up to an idiot on a fishing boat? Come on now, they left it ALL UP TO A “CAPTAIN” ON A SMALL BOAT, when it was according to the Israeli press, a “terror incident” that happened above waters Israel un officially claims? The story line is too stupid to buy, that is why I let them hang themselves with a “debris report” because there is no conceivable way this happened at all if Israel did not go out and check on anything.
Israel did not go out and check, because ISRAEL HAS THE PLANE, why go out and check if you have the plane and know it is sitting in hangar 14?

If this was real, Israel would have sent fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, helicopters, submarines, and naval vessels because it was, after all, a “terror related incident” that happened over their own turf, and they are persnickety about terror, RIGHT?. TOO LATE FOR THAT STORY NOW, THE ZIO PRESS BLEW IT.

Now just wait and see – they will start threading those themes they missed into their story lines, and pray the public won’t notice!


Link posted at Jim Stone’s site…
Here is another Great reason to hate and boycott Target!

Target is run by satanists, this proves it.


Comment by mortenb on May 20, 2016 @ 6:45 pm

I agree with you. Also, I’m not feeling at all good about this being posted here. Why is Ben allowing or actively doing this; and why didn’t he at least do some sort of intro to the post to solidify his support of it.

Why would I want to join anything like this that I know nothing about – especially now with all the massive devious game playing going on to distract, confuse and obscure peoples ability to use discernment and clarity.

And why does everyone feel compelled to jump over here to continue comments that aren’t related? Is this a test to see if we just blindly follow like Pavlov’s dog?

I’m going back to the newsletter comments section until the new letter comes out.


One more thing – who is the Director General? This is making me wonder about who and what is directing what we think is Ben’s newletter.


Ben’s credibility keeps dropping. I hope this stops soon. He could at least offer an explanation for this otherwise unsolicited sales pitch. Anybody here joining up?


I listened to the link and post from Facebook regarding the message
about Trump Hillary and Bernie – of course this was allowed because at
the time Fb was actively suppressing conservative views , which this is
far far from. But believe me her view is far left and she using what she
calls a spiritual viewpoint to sell her side of the argument.

A waste of time – been there, done that yrs ago.


Maybe thats the purpose of the post rumourmill?


Cancelling my subscription, have fun everyone. Except for caleb the cum gargling fuckbag.

Petite Étoile
Petite Étoile

Really what is this UNIFICATION with exclusions???


oliver stone-quote—–I think a point to be made of this experience is no matter how dark it gets early, don’t get too down on yourself. You have ~ you may not know them ~ hidden talents, skills, passions. You simply cannot recognize it yet. So listen to the wind. The answer might be blowing right past you…—–unquote…..


A really good man I know and care about has been missing 2 weeks. Your prayers, good visions, for him, his family and us who know and care about him would be GREATLY appreciated.

Lil dog