Khazarian mafia offensive loses steam but high level intrigue continues

Humanity’s war to free itself from Satanic Khazarian mafia rule is heading towards final victory but some tough final battles lie ahead of us. The month of April saw a major offensive by the Satanists on many fronts but, despite causing much nuisance, their efforts to either start World War 3 or else regain control of the world’s financial system failed. Nonetheless, high level intrigue continues in Europe, East Asia, the US the Middle East and elsewhere. In the midst of all this, the US Corporate government was able to avoid bankruptcy and kick the can down the road for a few more months or, until the high level power struggle ends.
One of the most intense secret battlefields last week was Japan. NSA and CIA sources in Asia both confirm that leading Satanist Leo Zagami and his goons were in Japan seeking, among other things, to stage a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system to blame on North Korea. That probably is the real reason Japan temporarily shut its subway system last week “in response to a North Korean missile test.”

Gnostic Illuminati Grandmaster “Alexander Romanov” also went into hiding last week to avoid what NSA sources warned him would be an attempt on his life by Zagami and his goons. Zagami did not respond to these allegations by the time this newsletter went public.

The other thing going on in Japan is that cars carrying members of the Japanese royal family have come under attack in several incidents in recent days, according to right wing sources close to the imperial family. These attacks were meant to intimidate the Emperor into using his seal to allow large denomination bonds to be monetized, the sources say. These bonds included “super Petchilis that were used by the former Republic of China to build that countries’ infrastructure,” according to US Defense Intelligence Agency sources. The last person to show me a super Petchili was Leo Zagami.

The other group stirring up trouble in the Far East these days is the French branch of the Rothschild family, multiple sources agree. The French Rothschilds are the main instigators of the recent efforts to provoke a battle between the US and North Korea. That is because the French Rothschilds want to replace North Korean strong man Kim Jong Un with a fake Kim Han Sol controlled by them. That is why they recently staged the murder of a man they claimed to be Kim Jong Nam, the elder half-brother of Kim Jong Un and father of Kim Han Sol. Chinese government sources, Japanese military intelligence and Asian secret society sources all confirm the Kim Jong Nam recently killed in Malaysia was not the real deal and that the Kim Han Sol who appeared on U-tube shortly after the supposed assassination was also a fake. The real Kim Jong Nam and son are at a safe location in China, the Chinese sources say.

The Rothschilds are trying desperately to get their hands on gold to avoid bankruptcy and, as a result of this, they lust after the gigantic gold and other mineral deposits in North Korea. That is the real reason they want to place a proxy of theirs in charge of that country, the sources say. Now we can understand why all the sudden escalation of threats against North Korea.

There is also a strong push to place Rothschild agent Taro Aso as Prime Minister of Japan, the Japanese right wing sources say. Since Aso is married into the French branch of the Rothschild family, an Aso regime would allow this family to reassert their rule over Japan. White Dragon Society sources say they believe neither Rothschild man Aso nor Rockefeller agent Ichiro Ozawa should be allowed anywhere near the Japanese Prime Minister’s office. Aso is also the person responsible for seizing all of the revenue from publishing this newsletter, which is an ongoing nuisance that we are dealing with thanks to cash donations.
There was also a lot of intrigue involving US President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping and a Chinese Rothschild agent by the name of

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Thank you to all who gave to
Ben. All money has been delivered. He says he’ll be okay at least til June.


Thanks Ben!




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No comment on Puerto Rico?

repost –
Puerto Rico will be SOLD on May 1, 2017

Gov. Ricky Roselló is distracting Puerto Rico with a June 11 “statehood referendum” that is going nowhere, since it has been repudiated by the U.S. government. But WHY is Roselló doing this?

The answer finally exploded – like a bomb – on April 20 in Fox News. The entire island is about to be sold off, immediately after May 1, with Ricky Roselló as the auctioneer.

Here is how he will do it…
The Fox article reports, in perfect sociopathic detail, how the governor will distract the entire island with a phony “statehood” referendum…at the same time that he sells the island to Wall Street.
It will all be accomplished with lies.

Here are those lies: THE LYING FOX NEWS ARTICLE
more –


Kp, Ben, dw…… are the reason so many of us Lightworkers have continued …..thank you , thank you…..

Victory to the Light!!






According to a previous post the corporate government
was bankrupt so what happened between then and now ?


10… ahhhh.
Blessings to all.




Aso is also the person responsible for seizing all of the revenue from publishing this newsletter, which is an ongoing nuisance that we are dealing with thanks to cash donations.

So- It’s not Trump??? I thought you said it was Trump’s fault.


12……Thank you Ben!


tnx Ben


Reading the original sin story how Lucifer
Created a Spiritual death for Adam and Eve
And Cain was born from Eve by Lucifer and Abel
Came from Eve by Adam. Abel was Gods gift and Cain ( the devils child) was jealous and killed his brother . We know the story . So God said
Where’s your brother Cain to which Cain said am I my brothers keeper?
Abel nowhere to be found . God was knowing
and caused Cain for he ate his brother to remove all trace
and to this day Cannibal or Cain ate Abel was the event
and subsequent wording . So the 2 bloodlines split and one bloodline needing the life force through blood sacrifice and the other through the life force of love. Maybe not the most accurate interpretation of what I read but close. Can’t wait to the higher vibrations shake these blood beasts fleas from Gaia


16 this week. Thank you Ben!


17 as of now


Blessings for us all!
Thanks Ben




20 is a magic number….


Some countries are getting rid of their Rothschild central bank. No matter how one looks at it, privately owned central banks are a scam. We make money out of nothing and loan it to you at interest. You don’t ever have to pay back the loan, but you have to keep paying interest, we just want part of the taxes. We will bribe all the politicians to keep the scam going. We will also make it as complicated as possible so the public don’t understand what’s going on, but if anyone does figure it and speaks out, we will kill them or put them in jail. Find out who you really are! Get a soul report!




23 Today is free


So will the real bad guy stand up, or will the planet tip on its side? We finally were blessed by the departure of Harry Reid, now we have Chuck Schumer WTF ? So if the Donald is not for us do we have any one who gives a good rats behind for the Republic we stand for? Also when did we become a democracy?

Is there any one the American people can trust? I’m sorry however the democrat party and half of the republicans have succumbed to greed and power mongers. The rest seem to be what is left of the village idiots. Will there ever be an end to the mad hatters domain? I am loosing hope.


Another early start- thank you

Remote Viewing May 2017: Farsight Predictions

The GoldFish Report No 92, POTUS First 100 DAYS Legacy with Kent Dunn


The Pope is working hard to keep his religious order relevant in a post disclosure world. He knows as well as anyone there’s not going to be a war with North Korea, it’s just PR (like baptizing extraterrestials).


Ben, you mention need for “cash”. Is PayPal good or do you needs checks?


Japan and no one else want’s to be governed by an “Aso”.


Is there any other method of payment we can use if Paypal isn’t working?


Comment by bobdob on May 1, 2017 @ 11:07 pm



Ben told us a number of weeks ago that the paypal payments for this blog were being seized. That’s what this refers to: “Aso is also the person responsible for seizing all of the revenue from publishing this newsletter, which is an ongoing nuisance that we are dealing with thanks to cash donations.”

kauilapelekona created a donations system for Ben and his staff3 via his paypal account.. that those payments are what he refers to in this comment:

Comment by kauilapelekona on May 1, 2017 @ 7:24 pm

>>Thank you to all who gave to
Ben. All money has been delivered. He says he’ll be okay at least til June.<<




US STOCKS-Futures higher after government shutdown averted

“”‘By Tanya Agrawal

May 1 (Reuters) – U.S. stock index futures were higher on Monday after U.S. Congress negotiators hammered out a federal funding deal late on Sunday that would avert a government shutdown later this week.

* The House of Representatives and Senate must approve the deal before the end of Friday, as must President Donald Trump, to keep the government funded through the end of Sept. 30.””” 😕


34 and im knocking on your door oh lord

i love yo u
i am sorry
please forgive me
thank you

spread love n light


Great work Ben!:-)


Look at this shit… This ‘tells’ it ALL

Pence Really Thought He’d Be President by Now

“””WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Commenting on Donald Trump’s first hundred days in office, Vice-President Mike Pence told Fox News on Sunday, “To tell you the truth, I really thought I’d be President by now.”

“When I agreed to run on the ticket with him, I said to myself, ‘Mike, after he’s been in the White House for a few weeks, he’ll be a total train wreck and you’ll be able to slide into the big-boy chair,’ ” Pence said. “I never in a million years thought he’d last a hundred days. My best guess was thirty.”

The former Indiana governor said that, with such seemingly fatal missteps as Trump’s failed health-care plan and travel bans, as well as any number of unhinged outbursts, “It feels like I’ve come close to getting in there maybe ten or twelve times. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

Calling the past hundred days “the longest hundred days of my life,” Pence said that he has no choice now but to “sit and wait for my moment.”””

If someone said that about me while I was president… he’d be gone from his post in a flash… just shows why he ‘accepted’ his position… he thought he would be president already… what a dick. 🙁


Comment by guiderofdestiny on May 1, 2017 @ 11:50 pm

Thanks for the reminder guider…

I too am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you’
I love you


Is there any one the American people can trust?

Comment by suzy on May 1, 2017 @ 10:19 pm

I have been impressed by “Robert David Steele”

Look him up on YouTube.


Comment by secondlife on May 2, 2017 @ 12:01 am

That link is satire. Mike Pence wouldn’t say that aloud.


Comment by secondlife on May 2, 2017 @ 12:01 am
Secondlife, you might examine the link you provided, as it gives us a clue as to how seriously to take the article:

Not to get all forensic here, but the word after points to the truth of this article…


Namaste my friends


Thanks Pam and Lakewinds… Silly Me… I was just reading headlines and didn’t even bother to read deeper. Opps

Have yourselves a fine day.


Shingles Vaccine Dangers Exposed In FDA Letter to Merck

Monday, May 1st 2017

I recently wrote about the news of a suit against Merck over damage from the shingles vaccine. There are claims of serious side effects, including death associated with this vaccine.

The Zostavax vaccine is recommended for every adult “fifty years of age and older” in the Merck TV ad, yet the CDC says “people 60 years of age or older should get shingles vaccine.” [1]

On the CDC website it also states that the shingles vaccine is safe. “No serious problems have been identified with shingles vaccine.”

Despite the CDC claim that the shingles vaccine carries no real risks, the FDA wrote to Merck in February 2016 telling them to add, ‘Eye Disorders: necrotizing retinitis (patients on immunosuppressive therapy)’ to their product information.’ [2]

KP Stoller, a physician in San Francisco and author of the book, Incurable Me (Skyhorse 2016), is a strong critic of the current vaccine program because of its lack of safety science and oversight. He has coined the word Adversonomics to describe this neglected area of vacinology. I asked him about the safety of this vaccine.

Q. Dr. Stoller, what concerns do you have about the way this vaccine is being sold to the public, especially with regard to what Merck says about it in their product information sheet? [3]

A. There is ZERO credible safety data on “vaccines” [defined as (adjuvants etc. + antigen)] when there are no saline vs. vaccine comparisons have been done. Vaccines are not tested for safety against a saline placebo, they are tested against a solution that contains all the adjuvants, metals, DNA, and other toxins etc. but just minus the infectious disease antigen itself – in this case the varicella virus. So, the safety data and adverse event data Merck cites in their package insert does not have a lot of meaning.

It would be the same as if Monsanto tested RoundUp for safety and compared it not to water but to RoundUp sans Glyphosate (the reported active ingredient). Even without Glyphosate, RoundUp is very toxic… one of the ingredients is 10,000 times more toxic than Glyphosate itself. Would comparing those two substances RoundUp with Glyphosate vs RoundUp without Glyphosate be a fair comparison for safety purposes?

Yet that is exactly what the vaccine manufacturers are allowed to pass off as an adequate safety comparison. RoundUp without Glyphosate isn’t anymore a placebo than the varicella vaccine without the varicella.


Congress strikes spending deal to avert government shutdown

“”””US congressional negotiators have reached an agreement on a massive spending bill that would fund the government through September 30 and avert a shutdown of federal agencies.

The bipartisan $1 trillion deal would add billions for the Pentagon and border security, but does not include funding for the construction of President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the Mexican border.

The legislation also does not withdraw funding for so-called sanctuary cities that do not fully cooperate with federal agents in deporting undocumented immigrants.

These are major victories for Democratic leaders in both houses of Congress who had threatened to block the spending bill over such “poison-pill riders.”

Lawmakers had approved a short-term stop-gap spending bill that prevented a government shutdown before a midnight deadline on Friday.

That temporary deal gave Congress one more week to negotiate a spending deal to keep the government functional for the last five months of the current fiscal year.”””


Refugees – Follow The Money To The Churches

William Mount

The churches are getting paid $4500 per month per refugee to bring them in per Mount.


Julian Assange talking last month about the latest vault 7 release regarding the in-built surveillance methods installed in Apple products & how delicate it is releasing this information in terms of expectations of the companies involved in remedifying the situation.

These companies are Microsoft, Google, Apple, Cisco, Mozilla mainly. Microsoft & Google had the same reaction by referring to THEIR standard procedures as opposed to standard industry procedures – no surprise there.

Google & Facebook will now introduce a system in the French elections to ‘censor fake news’. We know what that means.


Put this on Primetime TV to let the public see what the US is really up too!! 😡

“””The leader of al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen says his forces have often fought alongside US- and Saudi-backed militia and supporters of former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi against the Yemeni army and the popular Houthi Ansarullah movement.”””


Are We (Collectively) Depressed?

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

We need to encourage honesty above optimism. Once we can speak honestly, there is a foundation for optimism.

Psychoanalysis teaches that one cause of depression is repressed anger.

The rising tide of collective anger is visible in many places: road rage, violent street clashes between groups seething for a fight, the destruction of friendships for holding the “incorrect” ideological views, and so on. I Think We Can Safely Say The American Culture War Has Been Taken As Far As It Can Go.

A coarsening of the entire social order is increasingly visible: The Age of Rudeness.

This raises a larger question: are we as a society becoming depressed as we repress our righteous anger and our sense of powerlessness as economic and social inequality rises?

Depression is a complex phenomenon, but it typically includes a loss of hope and vitality, absence of goals, the reinforcement of negative internal dialogs, and anhedonia, the loss of the joy of living (joie de vivre).

Depressive thoughts (and the emotions they generate) tend to be self-reinforcing, and this is why it’s so difficult to break out of depression once in its grip.

One part of the healing process is to expose the sources of anger that we are repressing. As psychiatrist Karen Horney explained in her 1950 masterwork, Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization, anger at ourselves sometimes arises from our failure to live up to the many “shoulds” we’ve internalized, and the idealized track we’ve laid out for ourselves and our lives.

The recent article, The American Dream Is Killing Us does a good job of explaining how our failure to obtain the expected rewards of “doing all the right things” (getting a college degree, working hard, etc.) breeds resentment and despair.

Since we did the “right things,” the system “should” deliver the financial rewards and security we expected. This systemic failure to deliver the promised rewards is eroding social mobility and the social contract while generating frustration, anger, etc.

We are increasingly angry at the system, but we reserve some anger for ourselves, because the mass-media trumpets how well the economy is doing and how some people are doing extremely well. Naturally, we wonder, why them and not us? The failure is thus internalized.

One response to this sense that the system no longer works as advertised is to seek the relative comfort of echo chambers–places we can go to hear confirmation that this systemic stagnation is the opposing political party’s fault.

Read More @


REALIST NEWS – Sheriff David Clarke Considered For DHS To Help Trump, Kelly Clean Up Obama Mess(14 MIN)A GOOD ONE


Day 190 – Hillary’s Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2

Published on May 1, 2017
Met With OR Transplant Nurse With 35 Years Experience – She Reports Transplants For Oil Sheiks Renting Whole Hospital Floors For Early 1980’s

George says Univ of Denver ties all the ratlines together. Use Catholic Church as a front.


EXCLUSIVE Robert David Steele Weekly State of the Union Address Pilot – Feedback Requested

Victurus Libertas VL

Published on Apr 30, 2017
If you would like to support us on Patreon, we would be greatly appreciative:

Robert David Steele website:


Jim Stone

I AM NOT TROLLING FOR TRUMP! All I can do now is look over the daily headlines, knowing we are absolutely screwed. And then try to plot a way out of this.

Anonymous sent

Hello Jim, I agree with the post from Joe regarding Trump. With hindsight it is clear he lied and lied and said all the right things just to get elected. Never mind the long list of exec orders, what about the following :He ordered a missile strike on Syria under false conditions which makes him a war criminal already. He has taken in thousands of migrants which he could have stopped just by enforcing the law as it is now. He is also taking thousands from Australia. He can’t wait to get a war started and presently it looks like it will kick off in Korea. It is no business of America what N Korea does. How about removing the hundreds of nukes that Israel has ? What happened to Pizzagate ? Why is Hillary not locked up ? Why is the White House being run by the jew Kushner and his skank daughter. etc etc.The truth is he lied and lied and lied. OK, I admit I was taken in but not any more – I am done with Trump. Actually, the way this is going, America is truly going to get what it deserves. Regards, Chris”

My response: America is not going to “get what it deserves”, it will get what the Jews brought America. The people have, it appears, consistently voted for a righteous nation, only to have every election since most likely JFK get stolen, and the will of the American people subverted by kikedom. The press, fully owned by the Jews, never reported it. The only failing of the American people is that Americans did not realize they lost their nation to a foreign enemy decades ago, and have done nothing to take it back.

I still don’t think Trump lied, but I do firmly belive the hope the election gave us is firmly and irrevocably over. AMERICA PEACEFULLY SAID NO TO THE JEWISH TAKEOVER IN PERFECTLY CLEAR AND UNDERSTANDABLE TERMS. IF THE JEWS DO NOT APPRECIATE A PEACEFUL REQUEST, THEN A VIOLENT ACTION WILL HAVE TO BE NEXT. But with the NSA, CIA, and 30 secret Jewish intelligence agencies integrated into the phone companies stealing every communication, it is going to be damn difficult to even try, they’ll kill you where you sleep the moment they believe you might actually harm a Jewish hair AFTER it has been trimmed from a Jewish body, let alone before.

It really is beginning to look like we have unrecoverably lost a war. TRULY, CERTAINLY, the American system of government has been fully infiltrated and destroyed.


Anonymous sent:
There’s only ONE way Americans can take back their corrupt, mass-murdering illegal nation; it will have to be a repeat of 1776, when our ancestors tossed out the Rothschild bankers. It’s either that, or submit to tyranny that will only get progressively worse. If you know what the Bolshevik Jews did to Russia after they had full control, then you know what’s in store for us unless we find a national spine and throw the bastards out.

My response: YEP. Never let the trolls obscure what the real objective, and real target, has to be.


The churches are getting paid $4500 per month per refugee to bring them in per Mount.
Comment by intruth on May 2, 2017 @ 1:01 am

I was wondering about this a few days ago.. who was getting the money and how obama set it up – this could be why there are churches that are sanctuarys more freq.

This is the time to get this info out to Trump and his cabinet so it can become a focus of intent to stop..


Many thanks to mkddachs for a post a few weeks ago that linked to a youtube presentation by Dr Jason Fung on Fasting. Was quite an eyeopener for me. I subsequently bought two of his books… the Obesity Code and the Complete Guide To Fasting. Now a week into doing concurrent 24 hour fasts I am 12 lbs lighter and feel it is now possible to easily control my weight to whatever I want based on what I have learned. Probably 30 more pounds to go. I think it will be easy based on my experience so far.

According to Fung the key to fasting and weight loss, even for periods of 18 to 24 hours is to turn off insulin production that stores energy as fat. When insulin production is not happening you harvest fat for energy. As a fast last longer other factors (e.g. keytones) contribute to further weight loss. He suggests that a lot of people are fat because they eat the recommended 3 meals a day, that means that insulin is always producing fat as long as you are awake. It is actually a bit more complicated than this but is a summary in a nutshell.

If you have struggled with weight loss and felt confused about all the guidance out there, particularly since there are so many people wanting to make money from your eating and dieting this could be the answer. Fasting is free and you can do it any time. For me I have discovered the magic button of enlightenment and it appears to work. Fasting is free and can deliver concrete weight loss and other health benefits.

Again mkddachs thanks for changing my life!


New Briefings on Antarctic UFO Crashes

April 29 2017


President Duterte Kicks Rothschilds Out Of Philippines

April 27, 2017


Wanted to add that getting info (like the fasting info) from other forum members is the principal reason I enjoy belonging to the cafe!


Jim Stone
U.S. may have directed hacked North Korean missile at Russia

Confirmed – North Korean missile headed towards Russia
A report about North Korea’s latest launch needing to be destroyed because it turned towards Russia is now confirmed and going mainstream. The report does not state that there was a hack, but it only makes sense.

If America can hack a North Korean missile, what would be the best possible thing to do? Would it be to cause it to crash, or would the best thing that could possibly be done be to send it towards Russia to provoke Russia? I don’t believe for a minute the Norks sent their missile towards Russia on purpose, nor do I believe they are too stupid to understand coordinates or point a missile the right direction.

North Korea successfully launched two working satellites. It is therefore simply impossible for them to screw up like this, and if they blew their own missile up it clearly proves they had no intention of launching towards Russia. QUESTION: Why did it head towards Russia then?

What better false flag could anyone possibly do than to hijack a missile and send it the wrong way? There is simply nothing better that could possibly be done.


Sstardora wrote:
President Duterte Kicks Rothschilds Out Of Philippines
If that’s so, then those who trade currencies should short trade the peso and Duterte better watch his back if he goes to D.C. . Also, expect the Muslim rebels in Mindanao to deepen their alliances with Daesh and create chaos in the Philippines… and follow the money to Soros ‘ foundations.


New intel on Antarctica/disclosure, anyone? (That you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for.)


Cover Story – Corey Goode

May 1, 2017


In the Robert David steele video above

He says Trump needs to reassure us that he did not take the $20 Billion bribe from Lynn Rothschild because it sure looks like he did.

I would be more worried he’s been replaced – what we’re seeing is a clone. I’m sure Steele knows about this stuff but he’ll be attacked/killed if he mentioned it.

Steele also didn’t mention his May 1st deadline of turning against Trump as being ‘Deep State’ now.


Re: Trump

Peter the ACIO insider said the ACIO took Trump out 40 years ago and put in a human hybrid knowing someday Trump would be elected President. Is the ACIO – or a faction of it – really part of the Deep State? If not, did the ACIO lose control of Trump?


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rumors of “The Republic” — What It Means, Actually.

By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding the “Republic” and its “return to a gold standard” and other rumors —-this is all “internal domestic” reshuffling of the “United States” and its corporations. Strictly speaking has nothing to do with us or with our states of the Union.

Think of it this way— you hire a lawn care company to take care of your grass and hedges and tree trimming, etc., They incorporate (1868) —- no big deal so far as you are concerned. They spud off some subsidiaries (municipal governments, 1878)—- and again, no big deal in your view. Who cares how the lawn care company decides to organize itself, so long as the work gets done at a price you can afford? Right?

The problem has been that we let them run wild and do whatever they wanted for so long, they began to think that they were the beneficial owners of the whole shebang. Some cretins (Clintons, Bushes) made deals and deceived other countries about their status and their ownership interests—- made agreements to sell off assets that actually belong to us, etc.— in our names while pretending to represent us.

So now under Trump’s guidance, they are reshuffling again and dusting off their laurels and the old names and their red-white-blue bunting and they are making some really needful changes in the way their corporations have been operating and that is all to the good. Long overdue. A big relief.

Unfortunately, some other countries who have also been bamboozled and swindled by earlier administrations going all the way back to the Civil War are angry, cheated, and upset. And I don’t blame them. Amends have to be made, and who is going to make them? Not us— we have been the victims and been bamboozled ourselves. Not the other countries— they shouldn’t have to take losses because of criminals misrepresenting themselves as our agents and representatives.

And that is where it stands.

We have worked out a means of gradually erasing all world debt. It may take ten years, but we can do it without hurting anyone. At the same time, we can introduce a new “mixed” global economy based on actual asset-backed currencies and asset-backed credit securities. And people all over the world can enjoy a higher standard of living while we are doing it.

So there is a Win-Win Option on the table for everyone concerned. Nobody goes home hungry. Nobody is cheated— including us. Nobody has to die to raise money. (See “How Insurance Fraud Funds “Your” Government(s)”)

It is in that arena that I am active— letting other governments know what has happened and where the actual American states and people stand, and that is, no, we aren’t letting Secondary Creditors come in here and claim our assets as “abandoned property” and no, we aren’t assuming the odious debts that these animals have racked up and tried to foist off on us, either— but we do have sympathy with other victims and we have ways and means to end the fraud and balance the books in a way that benefits everyone.

So let’s make nice and do what has to be done in justice for all.


What is the UN? — Probably Not What You Think

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is your Test Question for today: What is the UN?

All those who answered, “Why, the United Nations, of course.” — get an “F” and go to the back of the line.

The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—–

Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs.

(There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

So for all those who are alarmed about the UN, perhaps you should share this information about what the “UN” really is? And maybe you should be bringing appropriate political and international scrutiny to bear on the owner/operator/shareholders of the “UN”???

And also on the French Government, meaning the Rothschild dominated corporation dba FRANCE?

It’s time to bust these bunko artists and take back control of the world for sane people.


If u concentrate on Trump or the rest of the actors you’re missing the picture.All u see is chaos in the world today and that’s a good thing since that’s what it takes for a paradigm shift so believe that it’s all going as planned and we will see peace on earth in the near future


Dear folk i am troubled ney confused, by some basic things

the Rothschilds and fellow Banksters have control/influence in of all the world’s central banks except please correct me if i am wrong North Korea, Iran, Cuba, not sure about Syria
yes Libya Iraq and was it Yemen
that went too in recent years

so why is there presently and in the past an apparent narrative of them rushing around looking for gold to prop up their empire, the narrative is not logical,

any discussion about politics is null and void as we all agree that also the Ashkenazi by name Nazi by nature,
own both sides in any country where there is a supposed Democracy also enforcing their policies by controlling politicians by means of blackmail via vices like child sex, don’t forget there owning the central banks too
also would have a strong influence in the top 500 companies globally too, not to mention those stock markets too also the metal/ commodities markets
also, don’t let us forget they own the Main Stream media too and have many shills dis-info agents controlled opposition folk in the Alternative media, too.

we are always informed of secret societies but there secret so how the fuck would we know if a positive has been achieved actually by them, they should say who they really are, out in the open, declare themselves if their intentions we honorable

so what are the Ashkenazis waiting for, they appear to have a lot sorted out?

if there is an outside force helping us dont you think it should show its self, and I ain’t talking about no antichrist here

so you can see the dilemma……

i have my own thoughts but would welcome others observations

one thing i suppose i am asking is how
Mr Fulford writes about such narratives
knowing the obvious ?

Research operation Talpiot its interesting


lucky #70 thanks god !!!


Just finished James Rink’s book

Very interesting details of what happens to supersoldiers when they are abducted often at night – offworld missions, upgrades etc.

He mentions contact with offworlders that communicated with James through other supersoldiers and the conversations they had, often about themselves.

I hope James is considering doing a sequel. This was a very good compendium of supersoldier programs with explanations that would help someone understand what is happening if they are new to this info.
I couldn’t stop reading it. Great work James!


lucky #70 thanks god !!!

Comment by edwd on May 2, 2017 @ 3:44 am
Unfortunately, we find that the prize money and trophies were handed out this week to the first 69 commenters, and we’re now right out.

Perhaps next time…


Comment by infinityone on May 2, 2017 @ 2:22 am

wow thanks infinity
may the blessings be
we all help each other if we are open to it…

I am using to lodge my food and exercise
every day. It is free and you can use it on your iphone so
you can lodge as you eat out or pre- load a day of food
before hand. You can put in the amounts of carbs you want although there are definate increments so I use the 5% on the carbs and then use up to 10%.

check your lean mass online (about not exact) and then eat less grams then required. for me I can eat about 100 grams of protein a day – I just generally don’t get that high.

Then you have fiber and cholesterol and sodium you can manage as well.. veggie carbs and fiber doesn’t really matter that much. I bought the premium because it only costs $49 a yr.. but you can get a free version as well.

pretty neat for controlling which foods you can eat…


Cath austin fitts audio
if the parasite can’t harvest you, it will shrink


Revealers Dialogue | 04.23.2017 | In Between Two Worlds with Aug Tellez and Felicia Noel (Part 1)

Published on Apr 24, 2017
The primary focus is the “New Grid”, which is actually not a kind of grid but a centralized core of creation that emanates from every individual rather than an overlay that is placed over everyone.This is the concept of the “New Cosmos”, the “New Galactic Position” of Earth, and the new timelines and access to different memories and experiences.


Reading the original sin story how Lucifer
Created a Spiritual death for Adam and Eve
And Cain was born from Eve by Lucifer and Abel
Came from Eve by Adam. Abel was Gods gift and Cain ( the devils child) was jealous and killed his brother . We know the story . So God said
Where’s your brother Cain to which Cain said am I my brothers keeper?
Abel nowhere to be found . God was knowing
and caused Cain for he ate his brother to remove all trace
and to this day Cannibal or Cain ate Abel was the event
and subsequent wording . So the 2 bloodlines split and one bloodline needing the life force through blood sacrifice and the other through the life force of love. Maybe not the most accurate interpretation of what I read but close. Can’t wait to the higher vibrations shake these blood beasts fleas from Gaia

Comment by dagger88 on May 1, 2017 @ 8:48 pm

Hi Dagger,

Thank you for your lovely summation – it makes a lot of sense. Even more so that the basic eucharistic ceremony is all about Christ’s body and blood!!!

Great to be awake to the connivings of the (soon to be gone) cabal.



Here is a very interesting article (long) that I found from a link in the comments section below the Schumann resonance article posted earlier today.

It was written in 2012 by:
Dieter Broers is a biophysicist who studies the use of electromagnetism for healing. He has a number of patented inventions. Below is a little excerpt.

“At the juncture where the conscious and unconscious mind work in concert, a phenomenon known as “spontaneous healing” or “miracle healing” occurs. In this alpha state, where the patient is completely free of anxiety and obsessive thoughts, he has at his disposal all of his self healing powers — which however are only mobilized once he has recognized the actual cause of his illness.

“In one experiment, a terminal patient suffering from an incurable disease was exposed to a simulated natural magnetic field, whereupon the patient saw extremely traumatic images in his mind’s eye. The patient initially refused to deal with these images, but after further treatment he confronted the images and realized how his life’s path had provoked his illness. This realization triggered the healing process in this patient.

“Needless to say, these findings also apply to the situation the world is currently facing. By regarding the current global crises as a symptom of a disease and looking deep within ourselves, we will be able to identify the actual cause of this disease. That this cause is closely bound up with our navel gazing tendencies and endemic egotism will come as no surprise to anyone. So long as our efforts to save ourselves center around the symptoms of our condition, a long lasting cure will elude us. We can only save our planet if we first recognize the true cause of its illness. This kind of awareness can be obtained through the use of induced electromagnetic fields.”


Alan and others… take a listen… very informative and well done…

Gerald Clark… The Anunnaki… very interesting

Comment by secondlife on May 2, 2017 @ 6:16 am


Ben keeps claiming that the Khazarian empire is in its final throes, but it doesn’t look that way from the outside. Trump is however as chaotic as ever. I can so believe that the North Korea gambit is about gold reserves as much of the posturing and military intervention has been about gold.

I did like that insinuation about the Vatican trying to stay relevant while facing imminent Discloser, if only…

Pence is very surprised, for sure, that he isn’t President yet. Clif High said government instability of a serious nature around September with some surprises in May and then a slow simmer through summer, despite unpredictable weather. I’m sitting tight, torn between investing and hoarding.

Trump came out to day and said he was in favor of breaking up the big banks and their stocks plummeted, but he says one thing today and another tomorrow. If it really is a strategy, it’s quite good. If, however, it’s just a symptom of an erratic and adolescent personality disorder than it’s unnerving and dangerous.

Following Annunaki timelines we had 11,000BC, 7500 b.c. 3000 b.c and maybe 500 a.d., but another round isn’t due for quite some time unless there’s a ripple. Anyone have a different perspective? or calculation formula? I’m so intrigued.


miscalculation on the timeline: 4000 BC and 500 BC or thereabouts. Unless the Igigi are on their way?


Well, it looks like Sandy Hook/Boston/traincrash/Foley’s mom actress Adriana Victoria Munoz has a rival. Boston Marathon and Santa Monica victim cashes a few cheques for her hoaxery. Please keep using the same people in these. It makes them easier to spot in future hoaxes.

She joins two other fake blondes whose hair does not match the features – victim anchorwoman Alison Parker and Sandy Hook’s Kaitlin Roig DeBellis. Maybe they make the hair really garish to fool people into thinking they are goyim, or make it harder to recognize them in real life.


Well, it looks like Sandy Hook/Boston/traincrash/Foley’s mom actress Adriana Victoria Munoz has a rival. Boston Marathon and Santa Monica victim cashes a few cheques for her hoaxery. Please keep using the same people in these. It makes them easier to spot in future hoaxes.
Comment by deester on May 2, 2017 @ 8:32 am

Hi Deester. Ms. Munoz may have a few rivals. I do not think Heather Abbott and Brenda Fine are in any way possibly the same actress, but I have no doubt they are both paid crisis actors. Heather looked very comfortable in the way she gestured with ease in bed. No pain in that body!

In this YouTube compilation of Ms. Munoz, I’ll say outright half these women actors attributed to her, are actually not her, but either look a little the same or share a same name but are very different heads. It does not change the fact that she does appear in at least 5 crisis interviews as the same crisis actor. I still maintain, the one crisis they are overlooking is the “screaming woman” filmed on the sidewalk during Trump’s inauguration. Same woman!!! Pick any of the videos here: search_query=screaming+woman+at+inauguration+speech


Ms. Munoz also starring as the screaming woman crisis actress during Trump’s inauguration speech:


Hi Waldheim. I believe that Munoz is the screeching snowflake. I think a few of these actors are close relatives. They look similar but not identical. A number of them are related to the Greenberg/Rockefeller crew.


I see the same face structure and emotion expressions as M. Munoz. If you don’t see it (the haircut and costuming are quite unique), just listen to that voice! It is definitely her voice!!!


Good point Deester. At least they are all related throughout the same fake news establishment.


tell us about the igigi jujubean!

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Gold, Silver, Bonds. EPIC Bernanke Rant! By Gregory Mannarino



” Ahmadis also believe that Jesus Christ survived crucifixion and died of old age in Kashmir, and that the likes of Confucius, Lao Tzu and Buddha are messengers of God sent to other peoples. “


Any ideology that pumps vast percentages of humans are subhuman because of race, religion, geography or economic disadvantage

that is the true sickness


Comment by carolm on May 2, 2017 @ 5:30 am
“:By regarding the current global crises as a symptom of a disease and looking deep within ourselves, we will be able to identify the actual cause of this disease.

“So long as our efforts to save ourselves center around the symptoms of our condition, a long lasting cure will elude us. We can only save our planet if we first recognize the true cause of its illness.





Is a thing

I thought Bush would go down as worst President in History.

Trump is in strong competition,

A cabinet that is the definition of Cabal

And people still support him with some twisted wishful thinking,… basically excusing him of any responsibility
For high crimes

because Posters here spent the last 10 months
Predicting he would be a savior

That didn’t work out did it?


Mexicans are “Bad hombres”

Muslims are “Terrorists”

White Supremacy in the “White House”

Is not new information

but it’s never been this brazen

these memes are fueled by hatred for profit

If you can isolate humans into stereotypes that fullfill a divide and conquer technique,;s gold



Goethe is reputed to have said [1],

“Geometry is frozen music.”

When time is included in the picture, as in Cycles, then we have music which becomes a geometrical collection of frequencies or Vibrations —

all of which can be shown to be a series of trigonometric “sine” waves.

Harmonies become mathematical ratios which can occur in everything from the Harmony of the Spheres to separate instruments or voices combining the soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and base notes; all meshing coherently and feeling groovy.

Every musical pulse consists of numerous sine-wave tones. Even a “square wave” is made up of a large number of odd harmonics, and thus by extrapolation, a truly infinite pulse (e.g. the Big Bang or first Ommmmm… of creation) would consist of all possible pure tones. The manner in which musicians examine a spectrum of musical harmonies is, in fact, exactly the same procedure mathematicians call a Fourier Transform.

The sum of all musical frequencies thus constitutes the whole of the universe.

Pythagoras and the Pythagorean Brotherhood, the members of the philosophical school which followed his teachings, recognized circa 600 B.C.E. what modern physicists and most anyone who has studied the subject of music soon learn, that:

1. Music is geometry, and geometry is music.

2. Music Theory is fundamentally about ratios of numbers.

3. The harmonic nature of music demonstrates the great harmony of creation.

4. Every musical tone or pulse is made up of the sum of many pure sine-waves.

5. Those who learn music do better at mathematics (and vice versa).

Possible definitions of “music” and “theory” include:

“Music: 1. The art of organizing tones to produce a coherent sequence of sounds intended to elicit an aesthetic response in a listener. 2. Vocal or instrumental sounds having some degree of rhythm, melody, and harmony.

“Theory: 1. A system of accepted principles and rules of procedure devised to analyze, predict, or otherwise explain the nature or behavior of a specified set of phenomena.”

Scientists, meanwhile, are now beginning to suspect that the human brain is quite literally prewired for music.

Sharon Begley [2] has reported that “people can typically remember scores of tunes, and recognize hundreds more” [but not necessarily want to sing them aloud — fortunately]. And yet, these same people can recall only snatches of a few prose passages.

Music, on the other hand, can incite passion, belligerence, serenity, fear, or sadness.

It is able to do so even with people who have no experience in such things as a particular crescendo in a movie implying the sudden appearance of the bad guy.


All the bullshit pumped about our Chakras being control mechanisms is mind control disease.

your chakra are simply receptors and emanations of light along a frequency axis within all humans.

I compare it to a radio dial that you can tune into or not

the idiocy that you could remove the light receptors and emitters from your body ;

Sounds like some sick shit I want no part of

Church of the False Light


By the way, when you die

and you’re choosing what color the light is

Any color of the rainbow will work

your intention is the thing


AH, the Igigi human miner workers for the Anunnaki from that fascinating interview of Gerald C Clark by Solaris of

We have NEVER had any private thoughts! I believe it.


Lucifer – bearer of the light, BUT Gerald Clark reads the texts & it says it is the RED light of the red iron oxide planet Nibiru! The Vatican Lucifer telescope looking for the return of Nibiru, the planet Marduk (Enki’s ill begotten son in cahoots with Enlil who represents or is the demiurge & his son Ninurta) has renamed after himself – ergo Lucifer = Marduk, also known as Molloch re. those sacrifices under the arches at Palmyra…these are the demigods behind the NWO/cabal.


Egads! the Demiurge is out to get you!

Run away as fast as you can

Remember always to hate the Kumbaya crowd

they are stupid

Ok I’ll keep that in mind


A Chinese Factory Slave Explains Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back To America


Senate Quietly Drops Russian Sanctions Bill, Focuses On Iran Crackdown

“We’re not going to do a Russia sanctions bill…”

Well the first part is good news.


The US Is Running Out Of What???

William Mount

Mount calls out the ridiculous defense spending. Bombs have expiration dates.




Published on May 19, 2015
Luciferian Satanists have their rule that they have to inform us of what they intend on doing before doing it. William Mount admits that that is his job.


Exclusive Jill Noble MIND BLOWING Interview – Refugee Takeover, Redistribution of Wealth. & More
Published on Apr 19, 2017

Already posted. Jill Noble is right. Trump needs to tell the UN High Commissioner that this immigration/takeover of the US has to stop.

Abolish the UN!


More Jill NOble –

MUST WATCH – Exclusive With Jill Noble – Islamic Plan To Dumb Down America Through Common Core

Published on Apr 26, 2017
This is the third in our series with Jill Noble. This is a very crucial episode in which Jill discusses education in America in regards to Common Core and what that actually means for, not only our education system and our children, but for our country. And, believe me, it goes much deeper than just “dumbing down” our children. This is a sinister plan that has been in the works for centuries.


Complete rot! What about the vaccines that have been proven by so called “Empirical method, peer-reviewed, hard-nosed, University-backed, scientific” studies to cause autism?


On board with 108 comments posted ending with vermithrax @ 4:32 am

Back to reading report.

Malama pono,



Here are some notes I took on the Jill Noble Common Core video.
Finally someone has done an investigation to shed light on what this really is.

When the US was trading with the UK when we were a new country, Barbery coast pirates were bombarding our ships and taking the crew.
George Washington wanted to pay the pirates an annual tribute for them to leave us alone but the trouble didn’t stop.

So Thomas Jefferson, John Jay and Ben Franklin paid a visit to ambassador in Tripoli and they asked him why they are bombarding our ships. The Ambassador said they abide by their holy book, the Koran, which instructs them to kill infidels anywhere they are found. (anyone that is not of Islamic faith).

So for the first time in American history, marines were deployed to fight in Tripoli, Qatar etc.
(This is where the wording in the marine fight song came from ‘shores of Tripoli’).

As a result of this war, the Thani family vowed to exact vengeance on the USA form WITHIN.
A descendant of the original Thani is now a sheik in Doha Qatar – he owns Al Jazeera network
and has a foundation called the Qatar Foundation. Michael Bloomberg former mayor of NYC sits
on its board.


Bloomberg agreed to bring common core in to the USA through New York where it was fully implemented 3 years before it was pushed onto the states.

The National Governor’s Association told the states they had to sign off on common core if they
wanted grant money. Sadly, 47 of 50 states signed. Maine, Texas and Nebraska? said no.
(Texas has a program called ‘Star’ which is really common core).
The entire design of common core it to dumb down students – the bar is set to the functioning of
The lowest students.

In 1996, they tried to get this through Congress. Congress unanimously said NO (96-0).
So they put a smoke and mirrors campaign together to get it passed. A panel of experts
were brought in to validate it. Some refused to sign off that looked at it.

In 1980, Pres Carter signed off on forming the Dept of Education. 4 years later, the UNESCO
Document comes out that refers to CC. (UN as in United Nations).
There are 4 assurances in the UNESCO document that the Governor’s signed off on.
There is a Dear Hillary letter – from Mark Tucker, Pres of an education reform co in Wash,DC.
stating common core is designed to provide a global labor work force.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017
The Littlest Billy Goat Gruff — Puerto Rico

By Anna Von Reitz

Why would I order the DOD Financial Services Division and the U.S. Treasury to pay off the $70 billion dollar debt of Puerto Rico?

The shortest answer is—- because most of you are still (wrongly) mis-identified as Territorial United States Citizens. If that debt isn’t paid off, Mr. Obama has it already set up to apportion that Puerto Rican debt onto YOU —or to be exact, onto a public transmitting utility named after you — “JOHN T. DOE”— and the Territorial States of States such as the State of Washington, State of Ohio, and State of Montana.

The sudden addition of a billion and a half debt to those State of State organizations would bankrupt virtually all of them, and then YOU would have no choice but to go bankrupt or find a means to pay your share of that Puerto Rican debt. This debt would appear as a very large and unexpected additional “tax bill” in your mail box, addressed to your name written like this: “MARY T. FURCTWANGLER”. In many states, it would come with a thirty (30) day eviction notice.

All the public property managed by those bankrupted States of States would pass into the hands of foreign international bankruptcy trustees and your property would be part of the “public property” because unknown to you, the vermin consider you — a Territorial Citizen—-just a “resident” tenant occupying abandoned property.

The how and why lies in the fraud committed during and after the Civil War and is too complex to get into right now, but suffice it to say that this morning we are dealing with the results of it 150 years later.

It’s true that we placed international claims on the board to position the actual states as the Principal Parties of Interest in all debts related to the “State of State” organizations, and so nosed out the rest of the piggies at the trough who are all Secondary Creditors, but we couldn’t do that with Puerto Rico.


Because Puerto Rico is and has always been an “Insular State” and an actual Territory of the United States. Technically, we, the actual states, have nothing to say about Puerto Rico. If it goes bankrupt and forces all the other Territorial “State of State” organizations into bankruptcy, that’s a “private domestic matter” of the Territorial United States and the Congress and its bondholders.

So the short answer for why I have ordered the pay off of Puerto Rico’s debts is— to avoid an administrative meltdown of the Territorial United States and an even worse nightmare of fraudulent commercial claims coming to bear against innocent Americans and their actual property assets.

The vermin in DC had it all planned out. They would make it look like “we” abandoned poor Puerto Rico to its fate, after they used it as a base of operations for international commercial terrorism for 150 years, sucked it dry, left the people impoverished and unemployed….. Sound familiar?

Instead, the actual states stepped in last night and paid off the Puerto Rican debt. We didn’t borrow money or credit. We paid it outright—so much for the rumors that we are broke— and you won’t be getting that extra tax bill in the mail.

The States of States won’t be going bankrupt.

You are free to divest yourself of any “Territorial Citizenship” and come home to your actual land jurisdiction state whenever you make sense of this Mess and join the Exodus.

Remember: you are not naturally a native of the Territorial or Municipal United States. That is merely a self-interested presumption on their part.

You are free to revert to your birthright status and can operate as a Virginian, Wisconsinite, Oregonian……et alia, and nobody can deny you that option.

As for Puerto Rico, where are your accusers? Who will say you owe any debt?

Puerto Rico is free to “cross the bridge” this morning, because Great Big Billy Goat Gruff showed up last night and head-butted the Ogre all the way to Costa Rica. And as for the vermin in DC, what are they going to say?

Anybody can pay off anyone else’s debt. It’s not a hostile act. Especially when you don’t require any payback or interest or other strings attached, it’s just a free gift to the people of Puerto Rico—- their freedom on a half-shell. At last.

God bless you, Puerto Rico. Make good decisions from now on. Live long and prosper and cherish your sons and daughters. They are the true wealth of any nation.


A perspective on the Gods for your consideration.

At the beginning of this life time, I did attend Sunday school and often the adult service. Hindsight tells me I loved Jesus and He has given me comfort all of my life.

It was God the Father-Mother-God, as Mary Baker Eddie tells it, that I bristled about all of my questions that went unanswered.

It was the early part of my life I searched everywhere to meet and know Him-Her-it. That happened here on my deck in Oregon. But even after that event, this entity was discovered to be my “Self,” my Soul stuff.

That all being said, below is my current over all perspective about the gods.

Basically, all gods are false, evil, not -Light, not-Love and have no true Life.

Gods require their believers to follow artificial rules such as worship, commandments, and “god’s will be done.” That is, no Free Will of one’s own.

Source is Light, is Love, Is living, all Infinite, all eternal.

Our creations are all finite and often do have a beginning, but are with no specific end time.

We were not made in the image and likeness of a god.

We are Source, yet separate and Individual, eternal sovereigns causing no harm.

The creation of finite gods on Earth is coming to its end date.

To quicken this date and increase our own frequencies by specific action to claim our relationship with Source the sooner that end will be.

Everything is unique.

We are NOT co-creators with Source because we are Source.

We Co-create with each other as equals yet with our special interests.

we may also be masters in some areas of interest, skills,agendas, purpose, pre-dispositions and such.

We are the creators, always have been, will be, now and forever more.

If you MUST keep your God, ask yourself, “Why must I keep on my knees and pray for what I need or desire?”

If you are open and sincere, you may be surprised at what answers you get from that quest.

Loving you,


Comment by zzander on May 2, 2017 @ 5:44 pm

We do not have the same Igigi. Mine were actually the pilots that flew the various Annunaki aristocracy all around the planet and back and forth between the floating space stations and earth ( heaven and earth as we know it)The miners were originally low-level annunaki and they were replaced by us in our primitive forms. Life in the Abzu as it were. A lot of material has been recovered from the middle east, Sudan, Ethiopia, Persia and other locations written in various semitic languages that all tell similar stories in which only the names are different depending on the country of origin. The support for alien intervention on this planet is overwhelming. Many people here have dismissed Sitchin, claiming his biblical quotes are not entirely accurate, but the references are endless, the scolarship impeccable, and the comparative mythology is astounding. The artwork alone is telling.

You’re spot on with the Marduk description, although he is not, not yet at least in my readings, in league with Enlil, but rather in direct conflict with him always trying to raise his own status and that of the Enki clan in general. Fascinating. Question is, when is Nibiru really due back again?


Common Core will be dead soon. School districts are basically ignoring it. Pearson testing for PARCC will also be dead within the next 2-3 years. Just waiting for the contract to run out. The process of removing teachers from classrooms and tuning the kids into packaged product on the Internet is in full swing. The smart ones can do it, but the less endowed will crash- there’s your drudge work force. Don’t forget it will be much easier to effect central programming of kids through the screens anyway, mesmerizing effect is powerful and no teachers will be around to question it. Very Cabal I say.

I’m not convinced of our creator state. The Annunaki were highly advanced scientifically while being rather morally bereft and quite randy it seems. We have undergone upgrades you might say, but not recently. We do have a “god” essence and there is something to our sense of existence, our psyche or consciousness, but I’m not sure what else we’re capable of. Much more reading to do.

Want to recommend Michael Hofman’s latest: The Occult Renaissance Church- should be a great read about the Kabbalah infiltration of Christianity in the Renaissance. Order on the site- Should be available on site within the week.


ex-illuminati banker exposes elite


Calling a bomb

The Mother of all bombs

While you bomb the mother

Ain’t that a load of shit


Before faking civilian deaths in a psy-op, it pays to know when the cameras start rolling, in case your corpses keep moving.

Here is another blooper-style expose of psy-ops.


The Mother is da Bomb not the other way around.


William Mount
Great Name

Mr Mount admits his role is working for lucifer trust
and that his role is to tell the truth of the bad guys he works for.

That’s a new one


Another fox news asshole went down yesterday.

the fox news network (propaganda Arm of the Neo COns

Fox news has exemplified the sickest trends in mind control

and hatred

I’m delighted to see O Reilly, Roger Ailes and the bunch go down.

It gives me hope


There is worldwide conspiracy

It’s called ” Drop More Bombs”

So the Arms dealers selling bombs need to get rid of


Even if there is no conflict, they have to create one so they stay in Business


Even West Virginia coal country seeing renewable energy

making better economics sense than Coal in your stocking


Before faking civilian deaths in a psy-op, it pays to know when the cameras start rolling, in case your corpses keep moving.
Here is another blooper-style expose of psy-ops.
Comment by deester on May 3, 2017 @ 1:14 pm
If anything this video is misleading as representing an alleged psy-op! This appears to actually be a peaceful protest event in Egypt, and not in Gaza. It’s propagandizing to state Hamas is behind it. Let’s try not to be gullible here.


Dear Arms Merchants

You suck, I know you’ve made big bucks

on the war cycle, never ending conflict

to finance your yachts and palaces

you need a new line of work

You could have jobs at the Goodwill in your neighborhood.

But you are addicted to the reptilian Economics of

“Kill or be Killed”

We get it.


Well the second video link is another matter! Totally a botched psy-op!


The key is to vilify other human beings for profit.

that is the 21st century war mongers M.O.

Bomb somebody, anybody

Then Blame them as being at fault for getting bombed.






Stop bothering me Caleb

I have bigger things than talking to you

I know twitter demands your attention sir but I was thinking

It seems cheaper to fund small business by giving them boatloads of money

I can’t do that Caleb we’re giving all the Boatloads of Money to multinational corporations

But Don if you gave it to smaller business it would help local economies which would make everybody prosper from grassroots level on up

I Know that Caleb, it’s an addiction issue

How so?

Junkies run the world, there blind pursuit of money is a disease that rapes daily.


from this article-quote—–A Special ITCCS Communique: May 3, 2017 (GMT)


Last Sunday night, special ITCCS teams assisted by police and citizen volunteers successfully stopped the Catholic Ninth Circle sacrificial killings in Zwolle Holland, Dijon France, and Lucerne Switzerland. In six other cities in Europe, similar killings were either cancelled or moved to other locations because of the threat of disruption.

The Common Law Sheriff’s Office of the ITCCS, which helped to coordinate these actions, has issued an internal report which we quote in part:

“With the help of local sympathetic police our teams went into action in the designated locations commencing 22:30 hours GMT on 30 April. As we anticipated, our best successes occurred in the locations that had not been publicly announced, where we surprised the cult members as they prepared for the ritual killings.

In Zwolle, Dijon and Lucerne we arrested a total of nineteen individuals and released eight children from captivity. All of the latter were under the age of five or six and were slated for torture and killing; they included five boys and three girls. The cult members we apprehended were turned over to local police after being questioned and their statements were recorded by our teams. (Note: See our separate report on these statements and accompanying evidence retrieved at the sites)—–unquote…..


Corey Goode Responds to Claims Made by Bill Ryan

Comment by intruth on May 3, 2017 @ 6:25 am

Hi Intruth,

Thanks so much for posting this link. Cleared up a lot for me and reinforced my not so favourable opinion of Ryan & Kassidy.

They should be working for the combined positive provision of information and not trying to boost their own agenda by trying to discredit others.

Of course I could be biased?



Common Core will be dead soon. School districts are basically ignoring it. Pearson testing for PARCC will also be dead within the next 2-3 years. Just waiting for the contract to run out.

The process of removing teachers from classrooms and tuning the kids into packaged product on the Internet is in full swing.
Comment by jujubean on May 3, 2017 @ 8:57 am

Is removing teachers and replacing them with video teaching separate from common core?

What Jill Noble is saying is that common core will NOT be dead unless people start to act. I recently spoke to a mom here – they are giving the parents lessons on how to help their kids with common core homework. The mom hates common core but understands nothing about it.


Comment by carolm on May 2, 2017 @ 5:30 am

re. the healing use of induced magnetic fields.

Kryon Teaches Exactly How to Instruct Your Cells to Heal

Kryon talks about what he calls the ‘Innate’, understanding a process that is within us. It is not a brain function, it is not centralised, there is no one organ in control. All the cells are in communication with each other all the time. How does DNA act as an esoteric central control?

It is a field within the body. At the moment cells do not regenerate severed nerves, this will come. But even if the spinal cord nerve is severed ‘Innate’ or the smart body still sends signals in a quantum manner so that the body can still function (for the most part).

The brain is beginning to build a bridge to Innate. Innate is programmed for spiritual survival, to push you forward. Spontaneous remission is the result of Innate. That is the power we have, when the brain builds the bridge to your corporeal self, your Higher Self.

It is time to drop your karma. It is an energy of unfinished business. It is in your DNA & ruled by Innate. You must talk to your cells; Innate has a program for spiritual survival & karma has always played part in that. You have to de-program Innate & consciousness is & always has been the key. Dropping your karma is the first instruction.

Your consciousness through pure intent is king. Mindless affirmations are not the sort of conversation we are talking about. Create your own affirmations, talk to Innate as you would talk to a friend. Consciousness has crossed that marker, but Innate has not, so now it’s time to re-program everything.

Homeopathy counts on Innate to work. A tincture sends signals to the smart body/Innate to make the changes that the tincture has intent for. Homeopathy is designed specifically to send a signal to Innate.

1. Drop your karma.
2. The engine for spiritual advancement is re-incarnation. Innate has learned that the system of this potential requires death & re-birth. NOW YOU DO NOT NEED TO DIE to capture this new wisdom. INNATE DOESN’T KNOW THAT. Longer lifetimes are the key here.

Learn how to communicate with your smart body. When it sees a new avenue it will want to cooperate.


preston james-quote—–Down the rabbit hole.

What has leaked out over the years is that human appearing Alien ETs or ET/Human hybrids that pass for human have been working in mid- to high-level positions inside the Pentagon, various Intel operations, Congress, several USG LE agencies and even inside the White House at times.

I can assure you with complete confidence that there are quite a number of human-appearing Alien ET’s and Alien ET/human hybrids walking among us, and some have been prepped and placed into high USG or SSG positions.

There are sound credible witnesses who have claimed this, and it has some astounding ramifications. It has been rumored from good sources that some of these infiltrators have exerted some remarkable influence on high USG individuals who would have otherwise gone a different direction in their creation of USG policies.

Certainly it has been alleged for many years that High Cabal members pass through initiations involving honey traps, various perversions, and then to pedophilia, then child sacrifice, then child torture, then child vivisection, and finally child cannibalism—–unquote…..;_ylt=A0SO818enAlZkYUA._LrFAx.;_ylc=X1MDMjExNDcyMTAwMwRfcgMyBGZyA3lmcC10LUNBMzMwBGdwcmlkA3dLYmdOM2lKU0JtWDBDdmRSRTJFTUEEbl9yc2x0AzAEbl9zdWdnAzEwBG9yaWdpbgNjYS5zZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tBHBvcwMwBHBxc3RyAwRwcXN0cmwDBHFzdHJsAzEzBHF1ZXJ5A3ZldGVyYW5zdG9kYXkEdF9zdG1wAzE0OTM4MDUyOTY-?p=veteranstoday&


cobra(discernement and awareness-may.02/2017)-quote—–
Although drastic action was taken, the situation with directed energy weapon attacks upon Lightworkers and Lightwarriors is far from being resolved and the following article still needs to go viral, translated in as many languages as possible and posted on blogs worldwide:—–unquote…..…/urgent-national-security-a…


cobra(discernement and awareness-may.02/2017)-quote—–To put it again very simply: I have released the directed energy weapons article to bring awareness, NOT to spread fear. Only awareness can transmute such situations. Denial will not make them go away. In fact denial which led to passive allowance is the main reason why concentration camps in World War 2 were even possible.—–unquote…..


Comment by jujubean on May 3, 2017 @ 8:57 am

Re. Marduk, fair enough Jujubean. Gerald Clark simply surmises Marduk & Enlil are on the same page even if there is rivalry & as Molloch he certainly qualifies, so I’m happy to go along with this.

My question to Simon Parkes will the clarification of whether it is which or all of the Anunnaki require blood/terror essence – does this apply to Enki or Ra as well? I can’t see it.


cobra(discernement and awareness-may.02/2017)-quote—–All this is a lesson for many people in the Lightwarrior and Lightworker community to start using discernment. True discernment is not possible on mental level, it can only appear when you make contact with your Soul, your higher self. Then you simply KNOW.—–unquote…..


Wolf, good result from Kevin Annett on the 9th circle sacrifices – by that account.


Jim Stone

This is an EXCELLENT summary of the problem with Trump:

Anonymous sent:
It is obvious that Israel controls the WH through the Jews surrounding Trump. Trump may have believed that he meant his campaign rhetoric, but his own immoral lifestyle and his own liberal adult children seem to have absolute control over him.

When it looked as though Trump was really going to succeed in the election, the Jewsters, Jared and Ivanka took over Trump. Whether by sheer drugging, or by other methods such as personal blackmail, Trump has become only a figurehead puppet being used to carry out the planned agenda to destroy Americans.

The Trump Clan has been merged with Jewish Mafias ever since Father Fred, just like the Clinton Clan which has been close and cozy with with the Trumps, especially with Ivanka. Note that Ivanka and Jared are creating policy in WH positions that are not Constitutional and are illegal for them to have, being family of the President, nepotism. But no one in Congress is complaining, since most members are Jews for Israel, too!

My response: That sounds about right.


The World Is Waking Up Which Will Dethrone The Dollar As The Reserve Currency:Rob Kirby

X22Report Spotlight

Published on May 2, 2017


I don’t know if anyone’s still on the Wilcock/Goode bandwagon around these parts, I haven’t been by in a while, but there’s recently been a lot of exposure according to the relentless ads Gaiam TV is running on social media.

They have their diehard followers for sure and they may be honest in their personal beliefs, but the wheat is being separated from the chaff. Hope all is well. This was posted by Cara StLouis. Randy Maugans has also been a loud voice in this culling of fairytales.


Thanks to Randy Maugans, who has recently called out the need to cull these bad seeds Goode and Wilcock scamming and programming and creating entertainment out of ‘secret space programs.’

Why does this matter to the everyday working mom and dad? Because it is time to spot scammers who will mentally rape you as you seek escape; they will draw in your energy with tricky pictures and dramatic stories. They will drain you of funds, if you let them, and you will be washed out to sea in the flotsam that you thought carried you to ‘awakening’ and ‘purpose’. Do not get pulled by the current. Lock up the children, lock up your wife…

Here is Goode describing his new ‘venture’ with David Wilcock (translation: empire of illusion):

“We are forming a publishing company and a media company and we are going to be doing all sorts of events. We’re going to call it something along the lines of Consciousness Renaissance… Like it our not, we’re stuck in this Babylonian money magic system, and we can use it to our benefit. We don’t have to use it to manipulate and for greed. We can use it to spread light and raise consciousness. Using the tool of your enemy has always been a practice of warriors.”
-Corey Goode


As you all know going forward, each and every individual will be responsible for their own filter/interpretation of information. We’re leaving the ‘pied piper’ paradigm and with it, the concept of “following” a message, whether it’s delivered by a ‘president’ or a ‘performer’, in the end it’s always down to us, the individual.

Currently, I’m down in Florida with my Dad, he’s here at his home. He had a massive heart attack 2 weeks ago, he was given Heparin to thin the blood upon arrival at the hospital, he had an adverse faction to it (they don’t screen for this) instead, it clotted, his feet turned black from the shower of clots.

They talked of amputation despite his weakened heart, he wanted to go home instead and so he did. He’s comfortable, no pain, I’m here with him along with my sister. He’s alert and in control, he’s got a lot of great friends and they’ve all been amazing.


Montague’s Message for Monday, 1 May 2017

May I respectfully remind you, my dear, that you are no spring chicken. You must try to pace yourself. The work you have undertaken to help release energy from many places in your world, takes time, and is proceeding nicely. Opening vortexes worldwide in order to allow the good energy to flow freely is very worthwhile. Transforming the evil energy that was implanted in the most unexpected places is also of great importance. evil energy that was implanted in the most unexpected places is also of great importance. That you and our friend can do this together is good. You are certainly covering parts of the world that you never expected to connect with. If people could be encouraged to take up this work for the benefit of all, then the transformation of your world would speed up tremendously. Doing this opens the prison gates that have held you captive in a life that can only be described as a struggle for your very existence.

The problem is that you have allowed an alien race to take over your world and make slaves of you. You are only now waking up to this fact, and you are looking for the answers. They are the 1% and you are the 99%. You do not need them, but they need you. As the light of truth is now flooding the Earth, all becomes clear and you can take action. Refuse to comply with their unrealistic demands. The main COSH they use to keep you in check, is (of course) MONEY. They invented the money system for this very purpose. Banks have been their most useful tool and they have used them against you in every possible way. Their great fear is that you will wake up and see what they are doing.

They are parasites which exist on the suffering of humanity. You know what to do with them: you remove them and ensure that they never return. The door must be shut firmly behind them. THEY WILL GO, for they cannot stand up to an awakened humanity. They are losing ground by the minute. They have satanically sacrificed your children so that they can drink their blood and eat their flesh, as that alone sustains them on Earth. This practice can no longer be hidden. It has taken many years for this to come out into the open where it can be discussed openly. This, my friends, is one huge step forward. Do not allow this to be hidden again: deal with it !

Your friends from abroad (as Veronica and I like to call them) are being vigilant. They are thwarting all attempts to start World War 3. You have friends off-planet, as well as in the afterlife, who have devoted themselves to protecting humanity and the Earth. Work with them and trust that your purpose at this time is to protect and preserve humanity. You want your children to have a happy experience on Earth. Not the nightmare that you have had to endure. You do not have to look for the parasites, for they are in your face, 24 hours a day, making demands on you. It is time to say goodbye to them. You must ensure that you never again allow yourselves to be smooth-talked into allowing them to get a foothold in the world. You want your children to be safe, and to have a life without fear, in a world where peace and respect for all of humanity is the norm.

These parasites make the weapons that they want you to use on your fellow man. Think about that . . . they pay you to kill and destroy the rest of humanity. What other species on Earth would want that? War is used to wipe out humanity NO MATTER HOW IT IS DRESSED UP. When they cannot have a war, they ensure that there is FAMINE, FLOOD, or an OUTBREAK OF DISEASE. These things create the energy of death and suffering which the parasites require.

Humanity is waking up and the Earth is becoming free of their control. You must now show the courage and the will to see this through. They can no longer use their old methods of control, so they are searching for new ideas. They find themselves exposed, without plans to cope with this situation, as it was never expected that man would wake up. After all, they have poisoned your food, air, and water, and filled your minds with absolute rubbish on TV and in the newspapers. They have controlled every aspect of your lives. Now, you are in a position to call them to account, and you intend to do so.

This is your great opportunity to live life as it should be lived. The parasites will threaten you; so call their bluff, as they cannot hurt you without your assistance. You have the upper hand, so use it to free yourselves from the bondage of slavery. When the beautiful energy flows freely throughout your world, plants will grow, and you will enjoy good wholesome food, drink water without the poisonous fluoride, and breathe unpolluted air once more. All the illnesses created by these despicable practices will be a thing of the past. They will go with the parasites, never to return.

The great awakening is happening NOW, so keep up the momentum. The path forward has opened up before you, and all you have to do is say goodbye to the past as you create the future of your dreams. Do not be so foolish as to allow the parasites to threaten you. They will use TV and the Press, but you know the truth and you cannot close your eyes to it once they have been opened. Base your judgment on solid evidence that you have taken the time to research for yourself and shared with others. You have taken massive steps towards your goal. Freedom awaits you. You can feel the energy rising. It cannot be stopped.

Your prayers are urgently requested to help rescue the young man who is in jail in the United States, falsely accused of a crime that never happened. Your thoughts and prayers could be instrumental in his release. Please help him.

My dear, please try to get some rest. There is a lot resting on your shoulders.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


The Debt Ceiling Scam | Craig Hemke

Published on May 2, 2017


Gillfinn @ 8:45 pm: Always good to read your empowering message again. You have been missed!

Your father sounds to be a very wise man. Intentioning the highest good and positive outcome for his health…and your family.

Peace in Love balanced with Light,



Comment by gillfinn on May 3, 2017 @ 8:45 pm

Nice to see you Graham. What happened to your dad is tragic. I hope his situation can come to a close without pain and suffering.


Comment by dvsmoaks on May 3, 2017 @ 8:10 am

Excellent post smoak!


That Pesky Constitution

May 2, 2017

By Catherine Austin Fitts:

The President was quoted this week as saying “He blamed the constitutional checks and balances built in to US governance. “It’s a very rough system,” he said. “It’s an archaic system … It’s really a bad thing for the country.”

Why is the President channeling Lord Rothschild’s recent complaint that the current governance system does not work and needs to change? Attacking the legal document that created the United States and the covenant that is the basis of who and what we are is are very odd way to make America great again (MAGA).

The way to drain the swamp is to enforce the Constitution. The President has the legal authority and power to order:

all government agencies to only spend money approved in an appropriation;
DOD, NSA and HUD to identify the $11.5 trillion of undocumentable adjustments in federal accounts since fiscal 1998 representing spending for which there was not an appropriation;
all government agencies to make their budget, credit, programs and contract budgets accessible by counties so that citizens can drain the swamp one county at a time;
all government agencies to publish audited financial statements as required by law and to cancel all raises and bonuses until it is done;
refuse to increase appropriations to any agency that does not comply with the constitutional provisions related to spending appropriations or the financial management laws requiring audited financial statements.
requiring all appropriation increases to any agency to be be funded by recapture of some or all of the spending represented by the $11.5 trillion of undocumentable adjustments.

Breath life into the Constitution, President Trump. Give the American people the disclosure they are owed under the Constitution so 3100 counties can support you in MAGA 1 county at a time. }


Catherine Austin Fitts on Bitcoin

This week on the Solari Report, join me for a fascinating conversation with Sarah Wiesner of Bitcoin Embassy TLV.

Interest in bitcoin is growing. One reason is the price. Bitcoin prices are rising, with market capitalization approaching approximately $25 billion – almost five times greater than the market cap of the next largest cryptocurrency.

Another reason is government policy. With central banks and governments engaged in liberal monetary and fiscal policies, involving both debasement of sovereign currencies and encouraging the creation of paper gold and silver investment vehicles, a stateless currency that limits its issue appeals to investors weary of inflation and market intervention.

The bitcoin market is tiny by financial market standards – we are still at the early stages of the development of it and other cryptocurrencies. At a market capitalization of approximately $35 billion, the entire cryptocurrency market is approximately one-third of the market capitalization of Starbucks.

The market is growing fast – it grew from $30 to $35 billion in the five day since Sarah and I recorded this interview. If the SEC approves the first Bitcoin ETF capital flow will accelerate. We could also face the same paper problem we have experienced in precious metals.

Whatever happens next, digital currency volumes are likely to grow supported by communities passionate about decentralization and financial privacy. According to research produced in 2017 by Cambridge University, there are between 2.9 million and 5.8 million unique users actively using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.

The $64,000 question is whether or not a trustworthy digital currency with encryption can operate on a digital infrastructure and platforms that lack integrity, controlled ultimately by the leadership promoting a global war on cash and eager to be relieved of liabilities for sovereign deposit insurance. No less than the The Economist declared on its cover this month “Why computers will never be safe.”


Transcript for Galactic History of Earth and Humanity Discussion: Sgt. Pattie Brassard, Karen MacDonald and Aug Tellez

Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct. This is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe. All beings claiming to be from “elsewhere” are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas.
Be aware of the artificial ascension agenda, the savior races, the hive mind AI, and other agendas.

Technically, I am not condoning anything with this text, I am telling you that this is what I was shown and this is what is possible through advanced technology. The future is what we make of our own energies and creative capacity, I hold no intentions towards technological ascension, ascension of any kind, the true physical creators (instead of the ONE SUPREME CREATOR – A Feminine Force of Compassion, Creation, and Strength), I do not condone the harming of any souls however I do condone the protection of innocent life at all costs to ensure that innocent life is not harmed by predatory intelligences or intentions.

I decided to revisit this. I’ve been questioning if there really is an ascension event coming. Or is this a way to get people to ‘give up’ about doing anything about our oppressors because they’ll be ‘saved by ascension’ anyway. Sounds like a good plan for the cabal as they make their final move to the NWO enslavement of humanity system.


April 22. Showing how the cabal has resorted to energy weapons – that would concur with my bad experience in the dream & pressing my doorbell downstairs in the apartment building, & the timing.
May2 ‘Discernment & Awareness’

Cobra is fully behind believing in the Spheres, & Corey Goode – no surprises there.

Time to take a step back, Bill Ryan’s forum isn’t looking too good either! That it has been infiltrated would be expected.

But my position is unchanged; the Blue Avians are a massive psyop.

It must be all part of a disrupting & confusing but ultimately a clarification process of change & evolvement.


Soul Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET

Aug Tellez

Published on Apr 23, 2017
This is a spontaneous rant on some of the current pressing topics which are coming into public view.

listening to this now. start at ~28:35. He says the controllers may have decided to shut everything down – save who they want – and trade the souls of those entrapped.


Exposing The Real Sovereign Authority Of The United States: John Titus
X22Report Spotlight

Published on Apr 29, 2017
Today’s Guest: John Titus


Awards for treasonous creeps at Sandy Hook. I guess the free houses and lottery winnings for the players weren’t enough. Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee photographer who took the very fake “conga line” photos of kids being evacuated from Sandy Hook, apparently was just named New England Society of News Editors as a master photographer.

Excerpt: Newtown Bee Associate Editor Shannon Hicks was among more than a dozen journalists honored at the annual New England Society of News Editors (NESNE) spring awards ceremony on April 20.

More on site.

Lying Pat Llodra (Selectwoman for Newtown, much like the role of mayor) is honored by the Corrupticut Bar Association with Distinguished Public Service Award by worse liar, Monte Frank, Newtown lawyer who appeared against Wolfgang Halbig on behalf on Newtown and was rewarded for his role by becoming head of the CT Bar(f) Association.

Excerpt: According to Sandy Hook resident and CBA President Monte Frank, the award was given to Mrs Llodra because of her meaningful relationship to Connecticut, how she has distinguished herself in her profession, and the significant contribution she has made to society in addition to or outside of her area of endeavor.

More on site.


All the Plenary’s Men

BestEvidence (John Titus)

The banks control the justice dept in the USSA.


Day 192.1 Hillary’s Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1

Published on May 3, 2017
Hillary’s Classified Subscription Service For Wall Street Banks, Enabled By Blackberries and BlackBerry Enterprise Servers

Part 2

Judicial Watch Says Grand Jury Subpoena Was For Email Accounts.


May 2, 2017

Trump Pleads With Putin To Stop Serbian “Holy War” As US Warns Citizens To Avoid Europe

By: Sorcha Faal

the highly volatile Balkans region now stand on the brink of an unimaginable conflict due to the West’s attempting to create a Greater Albania state—that Albania has vowed to create through war, Turkey is now urging war to create too, but Christian Orthodox Serbia has vowed to stop and warned that this effort will lead to a “great Balkan war”.

The Security Council in their previous report stated that the idea of a Greater Albania was launched in the late 1800’s and was favored by Nazi Germany and Italy’s Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini during World War II–and was revived during the brief Macedonian Civil War in 2001, and is now being pursued by Albanian nationalists.

The total number of Albanians in the Balkans amount to more than eight million people, including three million in Albania itself, one million and a half in Kosovo and Serbia and over half a million in Macedonia, the Security Council previously noted,, and whose push to create a Greater Albania Islamic state is being funded by the known German Nazi sympathizer George Soros and various other “secret elements” within the US government.

To why the Europeans and Americans have declared a global war against Christians, this report continues, is due to the long history showing that peoples of this faith being are unable to be subjugated to communism—and as evidenced by the Soviet Union communists failing to eradicate Christianity from Russia ever after 70 years of brutal subjugation and destruction of nearly every Christian church in the country.

Under a Roman Catholic Church leader, Pope Francis, who adheres to communist values and Marxist ideology, however, this report explains, the West is now seeking to accelerate its communization of its citizens—most particularly in the United States where this past week The New York Times published a shocking indoctrination article extolling the virtues of communism titled “When Communism Inspired Americans” and its Democratic Party leader, Tom Perez, stating this week that his political organization would no longer support any candidate opposing the murder of babies in their mothers womb.

As to if the American people will be allowed to know how their Democratic Party is forcing a communist agenda upon their nation, this report continues, remains highly doubtful due to complicity in the destruction of Christianity by the US mainstream propaganda media—that has become so outrageously biased against all true things, one of its most prestigious journalism schools, Northwestern University, now says it will no longer accept being accredited as teaching neutral values to its students.

In a nearly singlehanded effort, though, to avert World War III, this report concludes, the award winning Hollywood film director Oliver Stone was given unprecedented access to President Putin to create a four-part Showtime television series to tell the American people the truth about what is really happening in our world today—and that begins on Monday, 12 June, and will air for four consecutive nights.


Jim Stone

Google, Facebook, Reddit and others do it in the U.S., so what if the government does it in China?
“BEIJING (AP) – China is tightening rules for online news as censors try to control a flood of information spread through instant-messaging apps, blogs and other media sources that are proliferating across the country. The rules announced Tuesday will require online publishers to obtain government licenses and block foreign or private companies from investing in online news services or directly disseminating news.”



Hillary Clinton: “I Was On The Way To Winning Until Comey And ‘Russian’ WikiLeaks”
“Wahh, wahh …poor me…life sucks…” (insert .wav file of victimological farthorn here…)


Hillary Clinton: “I Was On The Way To Winning Until Comey And ‘Russian’ WikiLeaks”

Comment by vermithrax on May 4, 2017 @ 1:41 am
Well vermi, she’s pretty much correct. That’s what the forensic analysis of the polling numbers showed shortly after the election.

Considering that her campaign suffered a nearly continuous stream of email leaks, showing no crimes, but distracting the coverage, and then, of course, the Comey Intervention, it’s reasonable to believe that the election would have turned out differently if those factors were not present.

It was actually quite the coup, and all to put a narcissistic, incompetent asshole into the most powerful elected position in the world. And he always seems to have us on the brink of war, and on the brink of losing our health care.

Reporter/hero Jim Stone features this text in his latest posting:

“When it looked as though Trump was really going to succeed in the election, the Jewsters, Jared and Ivanka took over Trump. Whether by sheer drugging, or by other methods such as personal blackmail, Trump has become only a figurehead puppet being used to carry out the planned agenda to destroy Americans.

The Trump Clan has been merged with Jewish Mafias ever since Father Fred, just like the Clinton Clan which has been close and cozy with with the Trumps, especially with Ivanka. Note that Ivanka and Jared are creating policy in WH positions that are not Constitutional and are illegal for them to have, being family of the President, nepotism. But no one in Congress is complaining, since most members are Jews for Israel, too!

My [Jim Stone’s] response: That sounds about right.”

Thank you so much, Trumpeters, for bringing us this spectacularly awful president, with his staff and cabinet full of reprobates and admitted incompetents. May you experience the appropriate consequences of your collective choices.

Wow, talk about a simple majority…


Lake winds, if Killery would have made it in, we’d be looking at the same cabinet, but just the the nukes would have been flying against Korea, China, Russia and Iran as soon as she had taken the oath. And then where would we be?…


Jim Stone on “President Kushner”…
It is FAR WORSE than $250 million loaned by George Soros!
How about over a billion from Goldman Sachs, which was never disclosed or spoken about EVER?
“President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner didn’t disclose his part ownership of a real-estate finance startup known as Cadre, according to a Wall Street Journal review of Kushner’s securities and other filings. The Journal notes that Kushner’s Cadre stake “means the senior White House official is currently a business partner of Goldman Sachs Group and billionaires including George Soros and Peter Thiel.” The Journal also reports that Kushner didn’t disclose a number of loans “totaling at least $1 billion, from more than 20 lenders, ” on properties and companies he co-owns; and Kushner “has also provided personal guarantees on more than $300 million of the debt.” An analysis of the debt on these assets “found ties to a broad swath of U.S. and foreign banks, private-equity firms, real-estate companies and government-owned lenders.”

Read more here

MY COMMENT: GEE, what could possibly go wrong with THAT??!!??

We just got our answer to why things have gone so horribly wrong lately! I gave Trump a free pass on a lot of affiliations because it is impossible to avoid such affiliations when you are a multi billionaire. But now it is litmus test time, it is beyond question that Trump now knows there is a serious national conflict of interest with Kushner, and if Trump does not boot him out of the white house, it is GAME OFF. Trump is self-contained. Trump needs no one to be who he is. Kushner is not self contained. Kushner is the ecto octopus, the VAMPIRE SQUID, and to allow that access to the heart of the nation can easily become an act of treason.


Comment by vermithrax on May 4, 2017 @ 2:38 am
Purely hypothetical, vermi. What we’re seeing in this presidency is a set of players that never would have made it into the cabinet of any proper, sane president.

The present reality is worse than anything that would have happened under Hillary, or anyone else, for that matter…


Comment by borneoman on May 1, 2017 @ 9:33 pm

“Some countries are getting rid of their Rothschild central bank. No matter how one looks at it, privately owned central banks are a scam. We make money out of nothing and loan it to you at interest.”

The Fed isn’t really privately owned. Even the profits are returned to the treasury. The Fed does not make money out of nothing (by journal entry). Only the banks can do this. The Fed makes the banks and treasuries money (not our money) out of thin air. And use the money created (Fed reserves) to finance government deficit spending. And the Fed then PAYS interest on excess reserves or bonds. So Fed reserves make the non govt sector RICHER.

Ignorance not the Fed is the main issue at present.


Comment by vermithrax on May 4, 2017 @ 2:51 am
Well, with that post, you seem to be agreeing with everything I said. Thanks!


Lake winds wrote:
The present reality is worse than anything that would have happened under Hillary, or anyone else, for that matter…
You seem to be missing the point that the same psycho’s would be making up the Killery Kabinet as Trump’s and that WWIIII and the nukes would have been flying by now…after all, the Zio-tards have a schedule to keep…and for these energy sucking demons it’s waaaaay past feasting time…


Comment by vermithrax on May 4, 2017 @ 3:36 am
I think a bit of fake news has leaked into your water supply, vermi, no offense intended. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Jeff Sessions, to name just one asshole from my home state, would be chosen for any other cabinet, Republican or Democrat.

And Betsy DeVos, who actually purchased her position as head of a department which she intends to destroy? I don’t think she would make into any other cabinet, either.

There are many more examples. It’s just a shame that the circus is closing down, because that just gives him more choices for his staff…


Lakewinds wrote:
There are many more examples. It’s just a shame that the circus is closing down, because that just gives him more choices for his staff…
It’s a Zio-tard run circus irregardless of the ringmaster. They have an insane script that they are determined to be followed to the letter.


vermithrax on May 4, 2017 @ 4:03 am
So, it looks like we are in agreement: This presidency looks as bad to you as it does to me, right?

I’m not coming from a political perspective on this issue, as to whether we’re screwed as a nation. We seem to be, and that’s objective reality…


“…Thank you so much, Trumpeters, for bringing us this spectacularly awful president, with his staff and cabinet full of reprobates and admitted incompetents. May you experience the appropriate consequences of your collective choices.” Comment by lakewinds on May 4, 2017 @ 2:27 am

You’re very welcome! Wait until you see how it turns out. 🙂



“…if Killery would have made it in, we’d be looking at the same cabinet…”Comment by vermithrax on May 4,2017@ 2:38 am

How do you figure that? The same cabinet? That’s pretty speculative on your part.



You’re very welcome! Wait until you see how it turns out. 🙂
Comment by food2 on May 4, 2017 @ 6:10 am

We’re watching it “turn out” right before out eyes and it’s a disaster on every front.

Is there some mythical date in the future we’re waiting for for it to “turn around”?

From his cabinet choices to his policies, it’s clear where this “ship-of-state” is heading and it is unbridled fascism.

The fact that he said this week that our system of checks and balances is annoying to his peevish wishes for autocracy

Donald Trump doesn’t like the “archaic” Constitution: “It’s really a bad thing for the country”

Trump calls the Constitution “a bad system”

“During an interview with Fox News to discuss his first 100 days as president, Trump denounced the constitutional system of checks and balances as “archaic.”
“It’s a very rough system. It’s an archaic system,” Trump said. “It’s really a bad thing for the country.”

Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told ABC on Sunday that the president is thinking about amending or even abolishing the First Amendment to stifle what they consider to be unfair media criticism.

When asked by Jonathan Karl whether they had considered a constitutional amendment so that the president can sue his critics, Priebus responded: “I think it’s something that we’ve looked at. How that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story.”


You’re very welcome! Wait until you see how it turns out. 🙂

Comment by food2 on May 4, 2017 @ 6:10 am
Pam – Thanks for that encouragement. What do you think is going to happen that will fulfill your expectations of this president?


Babylon 5 Used for Soft Disclosure by NASA? (new article)


Exposing The Real Sovereign Authority Of The United States: John Titus
X22Report Spotlight
Published on Apr 29, 2017
Today’s Guest: John Titus
Comment by intruth on May 4, 2017 @ 12:30 am

Forget about Trump and HItlary. This is one of the best interviews I’ve heard lately. The Banks control everyone.


Thank you to all who gave to Ben.

All money has been delivered. He says he’ll be okay at least til June.
Comment by kauilapelekona on May 1, 2017 @ 7:24 pm

Thank you for the update on Ben’s cash flow.

However, how can we stop paying through PayPal in order to stop its going to the cabal?

Would that action disconnect us to the reports as well?

If it does, could the monthly price then be changed to $0.00?

That may also increase membership for an important extension of better informed people.

Also, please tell us again how we can send directly to you to then send it on to Ben?

Please give us the whole picture again so we can help Ben and us the best ways.

Loving you and what you do,


Comment by zzander on May 3, 2017 @ 7:41 pm

Sitchin claims that numerous tablets and scripts uncovered in Babylon, Baalbek and other locations throughout the middle east support the theory that Marduk was known as Ra in Egypt and was a son of Enki, though not the only one. I’m currently reading Wars of Gods and Men in which Sitchin provides ample support from ancient texts but biblical quotes as well for a period of wars involving Marduk and the female goddess Inanna/Ishtar.

He does such a great job of connecting the ancient Sumerian, Akkadian and other stories with those of the Jews and even the Greeks and Indians. While I’m sure there are discrepancies, on the whole the work is masterful. He does reference some child sacrifice, rivalries between the offspring of Enlil and those of Enki/Ea and their various concubines, sister/wives, and spouses. It seems that the Annunaki had definite rules of succession and power ratings dependant on birth order and parentage, a tradition adopted by the Jews as well as other ancient civilizations.

Intruth- where can we watch Babylon 5? Couldn’t find it on Netflix.

Trump is a disappointment, Jared Kushner should be kicked out of the cabinet and way down the road. The conflict of interest here is monumental, still, I’ll bet nothing happens nor will the MSM report it because it’s a tribal thing and we should never forget that these are all just frontmen, someone else pulls the strings. The Judaics never rat on their own. Kushner glides.


“That may also increase membership for an important extension of better informed people.”


You funny


The fake news is everywhere.

Last night I saw an article from some site I linked from here

that 6 trump protesters we’re killed on the 5 freeway in Seattle.

I called my buddy who lives there and he said “What! When?

We looked it up and it was complete invented news

Pizzagate is a psyop to see what people will believe, tabloid worthy salacious “MISDIRECTION”

To Divert our attention from the Blood Rituals that happen everyday in broad daylight.

Bombing countries : Blood Ritual

Sending Kid to Kill people in other lands : Blood Ritual

Bankers manipulating markets incite violence to make billions selling arms world wide : Blood Ritual

Genital Mutilation/ aka Circumcision in 77 percent of American newborn boys : Blood ritual

Inventing the crack epidemic: Blood Ritual

Pumping synthetic Opioids into southern Rural counties : Blood Ritual

It goes on and on in broad daylight


Juju I’ve only read the 12th planet

his conclusion that all human beings have lineage beyond this planet came as no surprise but I liked how he sewed ancient texts of Sumer/Ur with the Ye old testament looking like a whitewash of historical info.


I really don’t find interest in discussion of Blue Aviens.

Not because they don’t exist

But because their are myriad races of humanoid forms who look like versions of the Animals on our planet

humanoid form is 4 limbs central torso and a big head

for some read reason this model gets repeated over and again through our galaxies and time threads.


Everyday I might see human who looks like turtle
and some look like lions,
some look like cows, some look like chipmonks

There is a cornucopia in the DNA


Crossing my fingers this is good news for all 99%ers.


QUEEN Elizabeth II’s entire staff from across the United Kingdom has been summoned to an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace in London today, according to reports.

Servants will be addressed by the Royal Household’s most senior officer Lord Chamberlain and Her Majesty’s Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt in just hours.
Will know in a few hours what this is about. I am hoping she has signed the document which will free commonwealth countries from the grip of the cabal and become sovereign in their own right once again.

The meeting, called suddenly and described as highly unusual by royal watchers, has sent Britain’s rumour mill into a concerned frenzy.

More details are expected around 5pm AEST.


It’s like that famous UFO story of the Russian jet fighters encountering a ufo and intercepted communications that sounded like cats talking some Meow language


Somehow I always picture the Queen and Barbara Bush as visual example of very large alien wearing a fat suit to disguise they have a tail.

who knows


Wealth distribution is policy today.

give to the rich and take from the poor

is a common theme

you see it everywhere

this will end


In the near future the very term Billionaire will appear to be akin to Plantation owner.

8 human beings playing succubus

We are smarter now,


I can’t believe some on the left here are still trying to make
us drink the same cool aid they have been drinking for months.

No it isn’t happening- Hitlery would not have been a better choice
because she wouldn’t have rolled back any of the obummers agenda .

Am I abit disappointed- Yes but I am more happy then dissatisfied and
All presidents have brought in people the alternate side crys and moans
about- look at every past president instead of just this one.

Of course the left is going to obstruct even if it would be good for the country for something to pass- Chucky Schumer had stated that is the case- why would anyone think it would be different. It’s not about coming to any consensus to help the people- Trump is still one of the only leaders so far that is trying to help and so I don’t give a frac about Jared- he is just another distraction from the real issue


So this is where things are – if you don’t want to, you don’t have to

Susan Rice Refuses Senate Request To Testify On Russian Hacking Allegations

WATCH: Donald Trump Releases Ad Slamming Fake News. CNN Refuses to Air It


Puerto Rico files for bankruptcy!
Comment by monkeychief on May 4, 2017 @ 4:50 pm

How does this fit into the Puerto Rico equation?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
The Littlest Billy Goat Gruff — Puerto Rico

By Anna Von Reitz

Why would I order the DOD Financial Services Division and the U.S. Treasury to pay off the $70 billion dollar debt of Puerto Rico?
Instead, the actual states stepped in last night and paid off the Puerto Rican debt. We didn’t borrow money or credit. We paid it outright—so much for the rumors that we are broke— and you won’t be getting that extra tax bill in the mail.

Per the RT article:
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is seeking the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in US history, after failed negotiations with creditors over its $70 billion debt crisis. That’s more than four times the debt Detroit collapsed under.

I hope Judge Anna addresses this. Did they not accept the payment because having the bankruptcy allows other things to happen?


I would like Robert David Steele to address all the stuff Judge Anna is doing. Is it legit? In vain? Will anything ever come of it.


This TRUTH Actually Aired in 1981 – Why Would the Elites Allow it??


French Media Reporting Prince Philip Has Died at 95, Unconfirmed



Comment by mkddachs on May 4, 2017 @ 7:43 pm

It is refreshing to see a positive comment about Trump on these pages. To me Hillary is the poster child for everything cabal, for everything anti human and destructive. It is shocking to me that anyone can block out all of the information we have about Hillary’s lies and how she sells anything for money. Hillary sold the nukes to Kim Jung Un, if it weren’t for Hillary we would not be hearing all of this North Korea crap. William Mount is talking about buying the nukes back– so the taxpayer should foot the bill for Hillary selling us out?? Let’s get into her bank account for that.

Donald Trump is not perfect..he may be an a$$ sometimes, he may be arrogant or he may respect women less than he should ( or maybe those are all lies about him) but

He is out to benefit americans, even the ones who wear their ” privates” on their faces to revolt against him. When will they see how revolting of an act that was???

And as far as his illegal issues……what does illegal mean?? It means illegal– it does not mean Catholic or prodestant or muslim.. it means illegal. No other country tolerates as much BS from illegals as we do. Yet, our newspeople cannot tell the difference between illegal and muslim.


Jim Stone


From The Daily Mail:

Fears North Korea is planning a ‘space nuke’ to knock out America’s power with an an electromagnetic pulse slammed as ‘silly’
* Expert says past tests on electromagnetic pulse effects were anticlimactic
* Rather than cause cars to shut off or disrupt the grid, they’ve had little effect
* The expert says nuclear weapons dropped on a city would be more catastrophic

As global tensions continue to build, science fiction-fueled fears of a devastating electromagnetic pulse attack have begun to surface.

Some speculate that North Korea could detonate a high-altitude nuclear weapon in space, setting off an EMP that would knock out electrical systems down below, with catastrophic results.

But, experts are not convinced that this is how the scenario would pan out.

According to nuclear non-proliferation expert Jeffrey Lewis, tests of such devices in the past were largely anticlimactic, and failed to produce the widespread electrical disruption that’s been predicted over the years.

MY COMMENT: I HAVE REPEATEDLY PUBLISHED THE TECHNICAL DETAILS BEHIND WHY NUCLEAR EMP WON’T WORK. My background, and not someone else telling me, was good enough for me to have the math to call B.S. on it, mathematically it did not make sense, and did not fit any working model of radio propagation or electronic/antenna/electrical theory. All nuclear EMP ever was is an observed benign effect that was noticed in Nevada, and then exaggerated and fear mongered up to the end of the world.

The only EMP weapon you need to worry about will be mounted on aircraft and ships, and specifically designed to disable or damage specific types of equipment.


Jim Stone


It started with power outages on the East and West coasts. Simultaneous with that (though i did not mention it, because it seemed local) the power went out in my area. Then, it went out in many areas at different times on different days, mostly noticed by stop lights not working. That never happens here, they always work, but recently they have been out a lot, everywhere. Yesterday I went to a large supermarket and they were on generators. Today, Whatsapp went down for over a billion people and the internet connection here has been absolutely horrible for days.

There have been too many things going on over the last little while for it to be up to odds, I now believe something is in the works, and that someone is testing systems to see if they respond to shut down commands. HIGHLY PROBABLE: EMP FALSE FLAG ON THE HORIZON. FINAL ANSWER.

They have to test these systems to see if they actually will shut down when commanded to when they make their move. PREDICTION: EVERYONE WILL HAVE A POWER OUTAGE, OR HAD ONE ALREADY within a short two week window, when normally the power would never glitch in over a year.

How often do you have to set your microwave clock? Like, NEVER? if EVERYONE has to set their plug in clocks over the next couple weeks, something is definitely up.


Prince Philip announces he is completely retiring from royal duties aged 95 after 70 years of sterling service to his Queen and country


as sent to Martin Armstrong –

I have just returned from visiting my friend, who is a senior cetacean biologist at one of the large west coast universities. While there, he described an amazing situation to me that has alarmed me greatly. He said that research at his university has conclusively identified the complete or almost complete collapse of several dozen food chains within the Pacific Ocean, all within the last 36 months or so. Further, in “unauthorized” exchanges with the relevant departments in other coast universities, he learned that the numbers involved may well be more like hundreds of chain collapses in the same timeframe as opposed to dozens. Finally, in talking with authoritative figures in Vancouver, they apparently believe that the figure is likely closer to 1000. My friend also explained that equally alarming is the fact that all these research departments are finding within the genres of sea life they have physically examined within the same timeframe “huge numbers of general body mutations, as well as skin disorders” which all cannot yet be accounted for in terms of causation.

As bad as all of this sounds, here is the real rub. Regarding these findings about food chain collapses, mutations, and injuries, my friend’s university has instituted a policy that forbids them from publishing their findings, from discussing their findings (on this subject) publicly or in private with other researchers outside their own campus, or finally from taking “unauthorized” radiation readings as part of their research. The penalties for violating these new rules are severe: loss of tenure, civil lawsuits for violation of contract, and potentially employment termination.
… and nowhere is any of this said to be possibly connected to radiation from Japan.


Even today, in fact, passing by “under the radar” of all the American people is the US Army “gang”, for the first time since 1999, reinstituting jungle warfare training for its powerful military forces—and if you really want to know who these jungle warfare troops will be soon fighting against, and why, you need only read the chilling military research document titled “Slum wars of the 21st century: Gangs, Mano Dura, and the new urban geography of conflict in Central America”.

As to why these American-led Western countries are creating these “gangs of death” all around the world in order to then invade and “bring peace” to various, but always strategic, nations by chopping them up into more manageable pieces is very simple to understand—the entire Pacific Ocean basin is rapidly dying—and when it collapses, the global fight for food resources will be unimaginable in its horror.

You can go to Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, etc., and research and read a gazillion news articles, scientific research papers, dire warnings, you name it, as to why the Pacific Ocean is dying—we, however, lean heavily towards the analysis done by one of the smartest people in the world named Martin Armstrong –

“I have been keenly aware of this crisis and have been running studies on it to test where this impacts the timeline….So far, we have been able to make crude projections that may place the worst of this between 2032 and 2072.”

And the news isn’t all that grim either as the United States has a new leader who if he’s able to succeed will protect his nation against the horrors to come, and in Russia where, likewise, massive projects have been underway for years to protect their citizens too.

Already in America, in fact, the “gangs” have been established and need only a “spark” to fulfill professor Panarin’s dire prediction of a nation being permanently divided—but that can ONLY happen if their citizens remain asleep and clueless as to how completely they’re being manipulated.


Lake Cal and night – poster children for the progressive left
are pretty much the extent here but they have managed to chase
others away with incessant repeatative crap


food for thought, folks (from an e-mail):

…”Corporate profiteering, the breakdown of democracy, and systemic racism all contributed significantly to the water crisis in Flint. Fundamentally though, it was the result of government leadership that favored running the state like a business.

But as a former advisor to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder put it, “Government is not a business…and it cannot be run like one.”2

When it comes to water, government’s first duty is to be a steward of this precious, life-giving resource. And yet in towns and cities around the world, elected officials are treating water like a commodity, handing it over to profiteers like Nestlé rather than ensuring a clean, sustainable supply for their own people”….

Personally, I would love for the law of the land to be: DO NO HARM.

That way corporate profiteering by removing resources that were once in the public domain and stewarded for all, will be seen as what it is: HARM to our planet and life on earth.


Jim Stone
There seems to be strong evidence for a North Korea false flag in the works

The evidence? That North korea has already made numerous threats to nuke China, only to have China cool off completely and restore normal relations, only to have North Korea “threaten to nuke China” all over again. That’s not how it is played.
I have a strong suspicion that it is the CIA making the threats, only to have genuine communications and relations restored soon after, confirming that North Korea is not the enemy of China after all. Additionally, I think that a lot of stuff that was never said is being reported by America’s MSM, to make Americans think there is really something wrong with North Korea, and More importantly, to make it all plausible when “North Korea nukes a Chinese or other Asian city”.

IF Kim Jong is actually making such threats, he’s rock stupid for doing so when the U.S. can, will, and does false flags all the time. How well would it work if Kim Jong said he’d nuke Shanghai, only to have a nuke go off there, when Kim Jong in fact never did it? How about Tokyo? The Japs already fell for one major false flag on 3/11, how about another? Obviously America and Israel do not care about deaths in Japan. They are clearly “disposable.” If Kim Jong really is stupid enough to sit there and spew for real that he’s going to blow everyone away, he’s totally opening himself up to having America do it for him, and then land the blame squarely on him.

That would get the war going no doubt, when in reality all Kim did was issue empty threats from a hot tub while planning a vacation somewhere. I seriously doubt Kim is threatening China, but if he is, he’d better grow up, and quickly. It would be downright irresponsible to talk like that, when America can, and obviously will, follow through on the threats for him.

Most likely, he’s not that stupid. Most likely, it is an American intelligence perception game. And most likely, if a nuke does go off, it will be when an artificial intelligence gives the word to go, when it is confident it can fully spoof communications from North Korea to everyone else, and prevent North Korea from correcting things before it gets blown away. That’s the future of warfare, why not just do it now?


Comment by mkddachs on May 4, 2017 @ 11:59 pm

Only thinskinned snowflakes could be “run off” by my postings, there is no rule here one has to agree with anyone else, nor to be a whiney ( or not whiney, like MOST posters here) rightwing trumpflake. Or just rightwing non Trumpflake.
Or gay hater.
Or women’s rights hater.
Or Obama hater. Or civil rights hater. Ha
I put up with your posts, ( much more numerous than mine, btw) sometimes I show how I find them to be wrong, but I don’t whine about you posting.

No one has been run off by my posts.
Some people need to get a grip and grow up.
There are many different viewpoints in this world, not everyone is going to agree with you.

It’s healthy to be able to read other’s views and not fall apart.

I am left, progressive, and proud of it.
Gabbard 2020 !!


Comment by calebbrennan on May 4, 2017 @ 2:27 pm

Priceless! Fat suit to hide a tail. What about Macron’s wife? How about hats to hide an elongated skull? Apparently there are lots of paintings from the middle ages through the Renaissance with curious headdresses.
Comment by mkddachs on May 4, 2017 @ 7:43 pm

I do agree with you here Meliss, Hillary was NOT an alternative by any means. She would have torpedoed this country. I am disappointed by some of Trump’s moves and the prominence of Kushner especially in light of his goldensax obligations and Mossad entanglements. Ivanka and her companies are plantation affaires- no benefits, low wages, no pensions etc. and many of Trump’s businesses have very shady undersides. I was very encouraged by reports that he is signing or drafting legislation to permit churches to advocate politically without risking their tax exempt status. Hopefully this will allow us to rally around more compassion goals as a country.

Martin Armstrong is currently in jail serving time for a bogus “contempt” charge. One wonders that he is allowed to share anything online.

I read endless reports and see sad photos of the loss of marine life in the Pacific. I was inclined to blame Fukushima, but I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the expansion of the planet.


Just don’t assume that many buy that progressive crap –
You say it but as you know that doesn’t make it true.

I also am disappointed about Jared and Ivanka but there were many in obummers admin that I was appalled with and admins before his because they don’t put the people first – so I am sick of the stupid fighting and obstructionist thinking on every level.

Because of it I am more inclined to screw the crap out of the Dem party and support the administration and I know that may not be helpful to keep peace


Comment by mkddachs on May 4, 2017 @ 11:59 pm
Comment by mkddachs on May 5, 2017 @ 2:05 am
REALLY, Melissa? The people on this site (and beyond) who are pointing out and expressing concerns about the almost-daily scandals and misdeeds of this administration are “progressive left”?



I wonder how many sitting US Presidents have openly called for a repeal of the 1st Amendment as Trump did this week.



I am no Trump supporter, but I’m pretty sure that link was a comedy site.


fake news – that is what I am talking about..


Comment by carolm on May 5, 2017 @ 3:13 am
Here’s a link which says that this is something Trump wants.

Trump threatens to weaken First Amendment protections for reporters


We are NOT co-creators with Source because we are Source.

We Co-create with each other as equals yet with our special interests.

We are the creators, always have been, will be, now and forever more.
Comment by dvsmoaks on May 3, 2017 @ 8:10 am

Hi Smoaks,

My view is that this is an issue of BOTH AND, rather than EITHER OR.

We create our life and our interaction with our environment with our intention as source,

And we co-create the collective experience of our universe with others through the ‘field’. This is something we are all working on now, if we are aware.


many alternate media sites also pointed out the fake news and scandals that happened daily in Obummers admin and where where you at – sitting back and gloating over his screwing of the American people on the right.

To me they now wouldn’t affect me as they did then and I toward the end I just watched as he blew up and the Dem party blew up in their faces. And then the American people spoke and took them out.. I think all this made up fake news will still backfire on the dem party. People are sick of the distention..

I think Trump is just getting started and everything obummer put in will be destroyed forthwith. Its all going to be ok and there is no way to turn things around faster than it has been done, but it will be done.

May it bless the people of the world….


well said smoak and refined by carol


Isn’t PBS one of the companys that Trump will be defunding and it is very liberal leaning! This will never happen but it certainly gives energy to people who don’t know any better or don’t want to see the truth..

That would totally finish Trump with 90% of his voters so I doubt it.


PBS article:

“I love free press. I think it’s great,” he said Saturday on Fox News Channel, before quickly adding, “We ought to open up the libel laws, and I’m going to do that.”(Trump)

The changes envisioned by the celebrity businessman turned Republican front-runner would mean that “when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money,” he said at a rally Friday in Fort Worth, Texas.


Comment by mkddachs on May 5, 2017 @ 3:37 am

Obama and Hillary are not current issues. Any complaints about the actions, non actions, and policies of this presidency have nothing to do with prior administrations or candidates.

This presidency is a disaster – That statement is based on common sense and observed reality, without reference to progressivism, conservatism or politics in general.

Thanks for declaring PBS to be fake news, and then quoting from the article. There are a number of mainstream and alt web sites that carried the same story. I picked PBS as an unimpeachable source. So of course, you’re trying to impeach it…


that’s like being born has nothing to do with having sex in the first place – immaculate conception then…

what Obummer and Hitlery did had nothing to do with what is going on now… then why did Obummer blame Bush the whole time he was president… it is true, blame is easy..


I wANTED to make it clear that I had actually read the article and the title is different than what the article says..that was my point for putting that up…


Anthony Cumia Breaks Down The Left’s Double Standard
may 3rd

Anthony has a Hillary Clinton dartboard
the cabal have done a great job of trying to take down Anthony


Libtard hysterics much


Lord Grabbersnatch is anti American and out to destroy America, her lands, waters and people.
This has nothing to do with Obama, Bush, nor the Clintons.

He was selected by the 1% just for this purpose .


and PBS quoted Fox news channel


Jim Stone. I have this visual of Bibi the Zio-tard Assclown savagely kicking Trump’s shins under the table as if to say, “Start this effin ‘ war *NOW*!”.
HERE’S A GOOD ONE: Iran DID NOT test a cruise missile today

It seems the Pentagon lied.

There were reports about Iran doing joint military tests with North Korea, and that Iran did a failed test launching of a cruise missile from a submerged North Korean made midget sub today. As it turns out, the reports are false, and were fabricated by the Pentagon, probably to justify attacking Iran for “being cooperative with North Korea” when in fact there were no joint military exercises happening.
Iran has responded, saying that there was no such launch attempted or planned, that there were no joint exercises happening, and that the last launch of this type was done in February and was a success.

My opinion is that these types of stories are now to be considered as credible as reports about North Korea threatening China, which I already stated in an earlier report probably did not happen. If the Pentagon is hatching fake stories about enemy actions, it probably means they have a false flag planned, and in this case the story got busted right from the source, See this (translate if needed)


I think Trump knows, along with everybody else, that the president can’t simply decide to cancel a constitutional provision.

But he should also know that the libel laws of which he speaks are part and parcel of the First Amendment, and would not survive a court challenge if he and his cohorts try to fix it so that he cannot be criticized.

SURELY he knows that, right?


Trump is FAKE, Obamacare Repeal is “Theater” | Ann Barnhardt

Published on May 4, 2017

Ann Barnhardt – always an interesting perspective.


I think Trump is just getting started. If he doesn’t get what he wants one way, I think he will figure it out another way because he is being obstructed and isn’t used to being blocked at such a level.

So he will become desensitized and then he will really put the screws to everything the Dems love and have put in.. just keep poking the bear or the lion and it will explode..

Googgle doing what they are doing to kick conservatives off of youtube will only motivate the middle and right to react..

Empowered individuals will happen due to this. You haven’t seen nothing yet.. that is my opinion


Insider: We Are Headed To An Inhuman Civilization
May 3, 2017

Alex Jones talks with Catherine Austin Fitts about Donald Trump’s presidency as well as how society is degenerating.


Comment by lakewinds on May 5, 2017 @ 4:11 am
Perhaps you give him too much credit, he is used to RULING in his business matters. He is outraged at the constitutional checks and balances.
He wants to be like Kim Jong Un & the King of all things.

But ,I do believe he will not be able to get rid of the first ammendment. Most libel laws are state laws, is my understanding.

Fox entertainment channel won their court case for their RIGHT to lie on supposed news programs.

That set a bad precedent. Fox tells more lies than any other source, and many lap it up.


Lastest update: Gerald Celente Globalists Are Going To Collapse World Economy

Celente on Infowars

Published on Apr 30, 2017


Comment by nightsinger5 on May 5, 2017 @ 4:21 am
That’s undoubtedly true. I am continuously fascinated with those who are apologists for this administration, because they pretty much applaud everything he says and does, claiming that he’s on plan and big things are happening behind the scenes because he’s so brilliant. Sheer delusion…


Fox entertainment channel won their court case for their RIGHT to lie on supposed news programs.

That set a bad precedent. Fox tells more lies than any other source, and many lap it up.
Comment by nightsinger5 on May 5, 2017 @ 4:21 am

your opinion



I guess thats why they have the most viewers of the main news stations…


We are all the swamp



from grindall61:


Comment by lakewinds on May 4, 2017 @ 8:39 am

Actually, I have no expectations for Trump other than that he is part of the apocalypse to cleanse humanity. He is a cog in a symbolic wheel of progress. Him and Brexit, and every rising good-guy leader, and every whistleblower, and every awake and attentive human being, every person who is on the side of humanity are doing their part, guided by their hearts and the Universe.

And, I just wonder what the grand alternative is to Trump? Hillary? I feel a perfect calm as to our future. The best thing will happen.



Comment by food2 on May 5, 2017 @ 5:14 am
Good for you, Pam. I’m trying to adopt your mindset, and look positively towards every change.

Incidentally, and this may be good news from your perspective, Marine Le Pen will win the French election this weekend, we are reliably informed by Patrick DeHaan’s The Committee.

They are the ones who called it for Trump a year and a half out, and Brexit about a month in advance.

The times they be a changin’…


won their court case for their RIGHT to lie on supposed news programs.
That set a bad precedent. Fox tells more lies than any other source, and many lap it up.
Comment by nightsinger5 on May 5, 2017 @ 4:21 am
your opinion
Comment by mkddachs on May 5, 2017 @ 4:52 am

Not this, Mel, it is fact.  As far as numbers, there’s no fixing stupid.


Today, my administration is leading by example as we take historic steps to protect religious liberty in the United States of America,” Trump said. “We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced anymore. And we will never ever stand for religious discrimination. Never, ever.”


This is the statement Trump made today this from a guy who threatened to ban all Muslims


People who use tard as a suffix sound like 6th graders on the playground


But, I like custard.


Oh, no!

Sex slavery lawsuit links Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to pedophile ring: report


People who use tard as a suffix sound like 6th graders on the playground
Comment by calebbrennan on May 5, 2017 @ 8:27 am

I do agree, Caleb, just being inanely silly with my custard.

I was also joking a while ago when I praised Gowdy,was looking for a particular reaction to identify someone.


Just located old copy of Constitution Of The United States: May have a copy yourself …

AMENDENT I – Restrictions on Powers of Congress

[Section 1*.]. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press ; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Proposed September 25, 1789; ratified December 15, 1791.


Thank you, Belle.


All main stream media lies – we all get that but there the lying left and the lying right. But the Right has been on the outside for yrs so they have had to survive by giving more of the truth so they have had more people watching for yrs over the other channels.

Tard is just an expression- like using snowflake or some of the other expressions that both sides use. Attacking a word . Oh my another
distraction not worth the time.


There’s all kinds of false stories coming out from the left to
take down Trump. If you spend a lot of time on believing them
You won’t have time for anything else.

Like being in a school of fish and being driven
into a net –


Comment by belle3 on May 5, 2017 @ 10:56 am

The 1791 Constitution is a good one. Don’t you think, though, that there is a difference between having freedom to speak one’s mind and expecting that freedom to allow for lying to provoke and cause violence?

It doesn’t make sense to me. Of course, that means nothing in today’s world.



comment image

Trump and Ivanka


comment image

Trump and young Ivanka


People who use tard as a suffix sound like 6th graders on the playground
Comment by calebbrennan on May 5, 2017 @ 8:27 am


of course whatever you say old chiselin tardnosecabal…..

does your brilliant analysis apply when utilizing tard as a prefix also…..hahahahaha…..


Are you slow?

that’s what tard means

Dear Barron Von Lycanthrope

My, what big teeth you have.


My, what big teeth you have. grandma


from this article-quote—–Alanis Morissette, left, arrives with her attorney Allen Grodsky at U.S. federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Her former manager Jonathan Todd Schwartz was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting he embezzled more than $7 million US from the Canadian singer and other celebrities. (Chris Pizzello/Associated Press)—–unquote…..


nice work alanis…..

the often criminally insane chiselers who have monopolized western music industries will no longer need apply as the new reality continues to manifest…..


I didn’t mean to impune leotards or custard in any way.

Just commenting on the ‘catch phrases”


Are you slow?
that’s what tard means
Dear Barron Von Lycanthrope
My, what big teeth you have.
Comment by calebbrennan on May 5, 2017 @ 2:59 pm


large sharp fangs are true brilliance in devine design implementations applied to certain sentient beings absolutely…..

you tardnosecabal wrote your opinion on one who uses the word tard as a suffex…..

so i asked you if this also applies when using the word tard as a prefix…..

yes i am slow,and you also perhaps…..hahahahaha…..


Comment by calebbrennan on May 5, 2017 @ 3:13 pm

2 things I like a lot, and to make the good custard, it must go slowly.
But it is not related.

Custards baked in pastry (custard tarts) were very popular in the Middle Ages, and are the origin of the English word ‘custard’: the French term ‘croustade’ originally referred to the crust of a tart, and is derived from the Italian word crostata, and ultimately the Latin crustāre.


Comment by mkddachs on May 5, 2017 @ 12:23 pm

“Tard is just an expression- like using snowflake or some of the other expressions

Attacking a word . Oh my another

distraction not worth the time.”


I never really understood ‘Snowflake” as a derogatory term either.

can you explain?

to me a “snowflake’ is unique geometric form made of frozen water that echo ours our cellular structure that we can exite and ignite with intention and song.


Comment by food2 on May 5, 2017 @ 5:14 am

Pam while I totally disagree with your assessment of Trumplandia

I like these three qoutes:

“every person who is on the side of humanity are doing their part, guided by their hearts and the Universe”.

Actually, I have no expectations for Trump other than that he
is part of the apocalypse to cleanse humanity. He is a cog in a symbolic wheel of progress.

“I feel a perfect calm as to our future. The best thing will happen.”


“I feel a perfect calm as to our future. The best thing will happen.”

I agree


mozart has left the blogsite…..

what a downer…..

glad to see all who stay…..

even my old buddytard…..hahahahaha…..


Bill Gates’ Philanthropy: 30,000 Indian girls used as guinea pigs to test cancer vaccine
By Erin Elizabeth – May 2, 2017


Trump is a perfect as a symbol represents the

capitolist Humpty Drumpt-tee

sat on a wall


mozart has left the blogsite…..
what a downer…..
C: Yeah its a sad day

i will miss being called a butt fuck puke pigvomit

I appreciate you’re willingness to step in continue his good work.

Good job


justin deschamp-quote—–We’re living in a reality based on information and knowledge. To manipulate common knowledge—what a person thinks everyone else believes—is to control the masses; this is primarily what propaganda and social engineering is designed to do. This is how the powers that be so skillfully manipulate the unthinking masses, by appealing to their desire to fit in and feel accepted.—–unquote…..


mozart has left the blogsite…..
what a downer…..
C: Yeah its a sad day
i will miss being called a butt fuck puke pigvomit
I appreciate you’re willingness to step in continue his good work.
Good job
Comment by calebbrennan on May 5, 2017 @ 4:36 pm


thank you so much – mozart is a fine and fierce lightwarrior with a grand heart….


Mozart just repeated the inane propaganda of Gellar and Spencer.


Like his Islamophobia was a badge of honor

fed to him on a plate

it was a projectile Barf


corey goode-quote—–The way the forum members responded to the situation was typical of internet forums and a lesson to anyone to stay away from them. They are highly infiltrated by agents as well as a platform for narcissistic and sociopathic individuals. All you have to do is read some of the posts and feel the venomous energy behind them. The one recently posted on me is an obvious example of that forums history.—–unquote…..


the lightforces continue to make massive progress in exposing and neutralizing the dark absolutely…..

the attacks on the lightworkers and lightwarriors of the surface have been ramped up of recent in these last days of an expiring dark demonic crews rulership…..


what cobra has written of recent is absolutely in manifestation currently as part of this attack by the dark…..

cobra-quote—–On top of those weaponized attacks, a massive disinformation campaign against the key Lightwarriors on the planet has been engineered by the etheric and plasma Archons, manipulating personality weaknesses of certain people, “suggesting” them to attack. It started immediately after I published this article about directed energy weapons:—–unquote…..


Another Phrase i love for it’s Bullshit worthiness

Is “chased off” used often by Melissa it implies that having a difference of opinion on a political discussion,

is “chasing off” people,

she has used this term over and over again

I appreciate the humor in this comment

as pure ridiculousness.


Comment by calebbrennan on May 5, 2017 @ 5:27 pm


poor old cale misses his old adversary buddy bigtime already…..hahahahaha…..

dont worry about a thing big guy,we are all in communicado with each other when choosing to be…..

we are super computers of the most brilliant kind…..

victory of the light in the light to the light higher light sacred light…..


Faux = Fox

Like a faux mink coat. Fake mink coat.

Apparently they have been faux since the beginning.


these blogs and forums,social medias etc are essential machinations for the earth surface humans evolution into higher lightquotient realms of communication information transmission models…..


Fox in the Henhouse was meant to be obvious Corn


Roger is a term that means ‘copy that

Ailing is about sickness

Roger Ailes


is copy the sickness


what cobra has written of recent is absolutely


Sorry but this source actually steals ideas repeatedly

and pretends they are his own

Not buying Cobra by a long shot



Kumbaya to all you Mother Lovers!!!!

realizing we are light with an intention.


Don’t trust Cobra fully at all. Also he always downplays AI.
He is totally pro the blue bird psyop! Like they don’t want to intervene but we’re safe ’cause they can at a stretch, so we can sit back. BS.


Or, it’s like the blue birds are actually pulling the strings behind the SSP; sure & which faction, or what are their real intentions?

I don’t think being suspicious is being afraid. I know I’ve been fucked over by outside influences my whole life & I’m fed up with it.


I mean no disrespect to anyone’s friend, tho that guy could be quite “tardy”(not the custard type). He at times only believing / acting out the hate… In his mind thru the cafe. Just movie speculation, At times it seemed, as if he was advertising to be hired by such a fringe group… He was an angry, hard-of-hearing guy. It could also be the same programming DW and he worked as his transcriptionist, jmo.

Pam: 😉 Thanks – it is fascinating now, (in this political climate) but not when I was a kid…The lies and truth (dualities) are permitted equally given to us by this constitutional admendment, aka The Bill of Rights.

Maybe the question asked in this duality, (I’ve been reading Paulo Coelho)


Humanity / People have become fascinated with pictures and words forgetting God and GAIA’s Language of the World. Thought has a soul …the world has a soul, and that whomever understands that soul can also understand the language of things…

The Constitution has SOUL… It is all so simple…


Comment by nightsinger5 on May 5, 2017 @ 10:59 am : Re More – 😉

Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language (1828). It is important to understand precisely, so far as possible, the meanings intended by the men (chiefly James Madison and George Mason) whose phrases are found in the Bill of Rights, because many important cases of constitutional law that affect millions of Americans are today decided on the presumed significance of certain phrases in the Bill of Rights.

As the English jurist Sir James Fitzjames Stephen wrote in Victorian times, “Words are tools that break in the hand.” We therefore need to define the concepts which lie behind the words of the Bill of Rights.


Insider: We Are Headed To An Inhuman Civilization
May 3, 2017
Alex Jones talks with Catherine Austin Fitts about Donald Trump’s presidency as well as how society is degenerating.

Listening to this now. There was a time CAF would never have been on Infowrs…unless I missed it. Glad to see the alt media circling the wagons. This is an excellent interview.

Good post, Melissa.


Paul Craig Roberts Warns American Democracy Is “A Dead Man Walking”

Trump’s “sell-out,” as it is called, coming on top of Obama’s eight-year “sell-out,” is instructive. We have now had a Democratic president who sold out the people who elected him and a Republican president who has done the same thing. This is a very interesting point, the meaning of which most people miss.

But not Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. At the Valdai discussion club, Putin summed up Western democracy, which I paraphrase as follows:

In the West, voters cannot change policies through elections, because the ruling elites control whoever is elected. Elections give the appearance of democracy, but voting does not change the policies that favor war and the elites. Therefore, the will of the people is impotent.

People are experiencing that they and their votes have no influence on the conduct of affairs of the country. This makes them afraid, frusrated, and angry, a combination of emotions that is dangerous to the ruling elite, who in response organize the powers of the state against the people, while urging them with propaganda to support more wars.

…Why is the ruling oligarchy still using its presstitutes to campaign against a president who has surrendered to them?

Perhaps the answer is that the real powers that be are going to make an example out of Trump so that never again does a person running for elected office make a populist appeal to the electorate.

Solution? Get rid of the presstitudes….


Comment by zzander on May 5, 2017 @ 6:51 pm


I’ve been thinking that maybe Peter the ACIO insider is being used for disinfo. He said the chance of an EMP attack on US is extremely high. This will be allowed to happen.

Jim Stone says the EMP stuff isn’t true and –
“The only EMP weapon you need to worry about will be mounted on aircraft and ships, and specifically designed to disable or damage specific types of equipment.”

Peter also gives a tentative date for ascension – by 2023.

Peter is a victim too. He’s a supersoldier that got ‘recruited’ into the ACIO by being knocked unconscious and when he awoke he was in ACIO training camp. Peter is another slave of the military industrial complex that controls all this offworld stuff.

I want to be aware of what is being said, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch on any of it.


Italian Prime Minister Secretly Meets With George Soros In Rome Amid Migrant Transport Scandal

In the past few weeks, the transport of migrants from the African shores has become a case of national importance for Italy, and is now under investigation from the prosecutor of Catania, who recently testified to the Defence Committee of the Italian Senate and will meet soon with the Superior Council of the Magistrates.

Harsh criticism of the activities of the NGOs has come from opposition parties Forza Italia, Lega Nord and even Movimento 5 Stelle, normally more neutral on immigration issues, while Prime Minister Gentiloni has opted to let the judicial system run its course.

Yet, a new element will further exacerbate the situation; George Soros, a billionaire who is incredibly active politically on both sides of the Atlantic, met in secrecy with Prime Minister Gentiloni, less than a week after the latter had commented on the NGOs activities. The meeting was not listed on the website of the Italian government as official and its timing is at the very least suspicious.

This can’t be good. Don’t take orders from the enemy.


BIOLOGICAL DARKNESS: The Assault on Humanity — Sofia Smallstorm

from SGT Report::



Project Camelot

Published on May 4, 2017
I went back to interview John Lear who has been an old favorite interview of Project Camelot’s audience. He has had some health issues but is still going strong and wanted to talk all night! This is the first of three parts…


Any movements by George Soros should be considered giant red flags. We all know he’s behind the migrant crisis.

I’d like to believe that Trump is a conduit for light actions on the part of humanity but so much of what he does enriches his world and those in it with him. None of his proposed legislation does anything for even the upper middle class and down. It’s hard to hang on to the hopium that he’ll do good for us all in the end.

His recent EO warning the IRS off churches engaging in political action is a double edged sword. While it should encourage churches to defend some traditions that are critical for emotional health it will also open them up to bribery and infiltration by degenerates and I’m not sure they will be able to resist the revenue.

Surprise endings?


SPECIAL REPORT: Stocks Dive But Plunge Protection Team Saves The Day. By Gregory Mannarino

Published on May 4, 2017

Greg says ‘they’ are determined to keep the stock market afloat – but why? Maybe they want to sucker in more people – get every last dollar – before they pull the plug.

Per this article – that appears to be the case:

‘Reputable’ Investing Newsletter To Millennials: “If You Do Not Have 100% In Equities, You Are Crazy”

“If you are 50 or younger, or have 10 years before taking money out, and do not have 100% in equities, you are crazy.”


Comment by intruth on May 5, 2017 @ 7:49 pm

I agree Intruth. I listened to the last one you posted & didn’t like Peter the Insider’s disposition at all & lost interest before the end.


AGENDA 21 Infiltrator Spills NEVER Before Heard Secrets—The “Great Replacement” Has Kicked-Off

Published on May 4, 2017

Lisa Haven found someone good to interview. – Patrick Wood.
He says the UN is RACING to put in its agenda. Two years ago the Head of Climate Change said this in a press conference in Europe:
‘We’re going to replace capitalism and free enterprise with sustainable development. We have the intention, the timetable, and the means to do it.

Patrick says this is a declaration of war against the West.


Russian President Vladimir Putin uses press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to say Ukraine’s Minsk peace process has hit dead end. Putin places part of the blame on Merkel for its failure.


Russia says the de-escalation zones agreed to be formed in four conflict zones across Syria will be closed for warplanes of the US and its coalition allies.

Syria fully supports Russian safe zones initiative: Foreign Ministry

Comment: Congratulations Hillary, you finally got your No-Fly zone! LoL



Remember when Janet Napolitano said we need to worry about an EMP before she left DHS?

Fast forward to Peter the Insider saying an EMP was going to be allowed to happen?

So looks they are forecasting a future false flag – there won’t be any EMP but they will lie and say there is.


Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao is in the news, as yet another cabinet secretary with only half a clue:

“In an interview with Fox Business on Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao misstated government and industry guidelines related to self-driving cars—which is alarming, given that autonomous vehicles are a rapidly growing sector of the business her own department is charged with regulating.”

But, we are very fortunate that Trump only picked one person named Chao for a top government position. Because you know what you get when there’s more than one Chao: Chaos.




Jim Stone wrote a big post on this at his site. Apparently the Zio-tards are quite pissed at Trump giving other religious organizations such as Xtian churches to preach politics at their Sunday sermons, whereas Jewish synagogues have had this freedom for years and are very political. Seems the Zio-tards think what’s good for the kosher goose is not good for the goyim gander…


Jim Stone
Macron is suing Le Penn!
HERE’S A GOOD ONE: Le Penn somehow got a mole into Marcon’s financial dealings, and that mole photographed documents that prove tax evasion via a shell company in the Caribbean island of Nevis. That mole then uploaded extremely high resolution photos of the documents to 4chan. It’s game over for Macron, but he’s not giving up, no, instead he filed for a criminal investigation of LePenn for slander! See this:
“The anonymous source of documents alleging Emmanuel Macron’s involvement with an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis returned to release several high quality images of the purported documents along with promises to identify account locations and the extent of the assets Macron is supposedly hiding from regulatory authorities.

The images, released anonymously less than an hour ago on online messageboard 4chan, are higher resolutions of alleged documents leaked yesterday which claimed to show that Emmanuel Macron had entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis, and that the company may have had a business relationship with a bank which has been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands. The anonymously released PDF files purported to show corporate records of a company named La Providence LLC apparently created by Mr. Macron in Nevis, a noted offshore tax haven.

The new images are of the second document, a fax between La Providence Ltd. and First Caribbean International Bank, as well as the first page and signature from the purported operating agreement.

In response, Macron did this:

“Police opened a criminal investigation into Marine Le Pen yesterday after Emmanuel Macron, her rival in the French presidential election, accused her of smearing him with claims that he had hidden money offshore.
Prosecutors ordered the inquiry into the far-right candidate when Mr Macron, the centrist favourite for Sunday’s final-round vote, filed a complaint to the police. Ms Le Pen was libelling him by spreading fake news and trying to skew the election, he claimed.

My comment: Marcon is probably TOAST TOAST TOAST! Forget the police investigation, 4chan just destroyed that.


Technologist: AI Robots Will Replace Half Of Jobs In Next Decade

Technocrats are racing to apply AI to every facet of society, in an effort to completely re-engineer society and its economic system. Technocracy was a highly-defined alternative economic system designed to replace free enterprise and capitalism.


Sooner than a decade for sure.


Comment by jujubean on May 6, 2017 @ 1:00 am

What I found out today is that the robots are needed as part of the plan to replace free enterprise and capitalism. People will be screaming for ‘universal income’ which will be another control mechanism.


People will be screaming for ‘universal income’ which will be another control mechanism.
Comment by intruth on May 6, 2017 @ 1:21 am

Hi intruth,

I doesn’t have to be a control mechanism. If we move away from the hording model of money, capitalism and interest to the ‘gift’ economy of working from our hearts and sharing the bounty of the universe, that is the other model. That is the destination I am visualizing.

The one rule would be: DO NO HARM.


or if we lose some of the electronics in our lives.
Do we really need all that ??? I don’t think so….

LImit what you are using.. how I don’t know but I
think it will take some time to replace it…


Ann Barnhardt’s audio really hits the spot..

She said Trump is a leftest and is also shooting for single payer…jared and ivanka are leftest…