New Payment System – Updated

Message from Ben’s IT Team

Hi All,
It is clear from the comments below that the proposed cryptocurrency donation system is not going to work for everyone. Therefore we will be switching back to a monthly payment based system, most likely one based on credit card payments. The cryptocurrency donations of those who have paid so far are greatly appreciated and will be used to help sustain Ben and the work he is doing while we transition over to the new system. For all those who have donated so far, your contributions have been noted and you will be granted access to the new system once it is in place. Everyone else will be required to sign up and pay the monthly fee to maintain access. Until the new system is ready the website will remain free. Anyone who has not yet cancelled their PayPal subscription should do so, as we will no longer be using PayPal to process the payments.

All readers of this blog should be aware that the existing financial system is a highly corrupt enterprise extending from the owners of central banks all the way down to credit card companies and local banks. Those who noted that cryptocurrencies are beginning to offer liberation from this system are correct. However we acknowledge that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is still in early days and does not yet offer the same conveniences as the existing system. In fact, credit cards were also once viewed as a strange new technology that would “never catch on”. The White Dragon Society strongly believes that cryptocurrency is poised to disrupt the entire financial system. Ultimately, the largest disruptions may come in the form of gold-backed cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned to Ben’s blog for more updates on this and other financial system related matters.

In the meantime, we ask for your patience while we deal with the financial attacks being levied against Ben and attempt to ensure that the critical news flow coming out of this site is not interrupted. Your feedback is appreciated and please do continue to post additional comments below.

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I wondered what was going on when my Pay Pal subscription was abruptly cancelled… will be looking forward to renewing my subscription.


Can I send a simple recommended letter with 100.00 in a carbon letter, LSV by signature (registered letter). (KISS)


Watch out for Xapo visa. Looks good until you actually use the card. They then blocked it without telling me at all for two weeks. I discovered via Xapo after days of waiting that the Visa company wanted to know if I had made these transactions. I confirmed yes. They then would not unblock the card until I sent a photo of myself holding my passport and a demand for receipts of my transactions!!!
They have been told to stick the card where the sun doesn’t shine as you can imagine!!


Comment by waldheim2 on July 16, 2017 @ 10:13 pm

Indeed. My ideas are NOT bizarre at all. Open your minds. Never forget that Ben is controlled. We get some good intel, although the hopium he peddles is quickly diluted when you watch what is unfolding under the dome.


How low is it going? As you may know, bitcoin is already down to $1,764.00 and ether rum is down to $132.00 on Coinbase. Unless someone knows we have hit bottom, why invest now? My worry is it will get lower yet. There’s no support for these currencies at the present time.


Same here, no bitcoin or crypto when I don’t fully understand how it works. I use EBT for food until it is depleted. I went to an open market, used cash and was given wooden coins imprinted with $1 as change. I can only use it at that open market. I have $5 worth of “wood”. Bumpy Kanahele is pushing bitcoin for his sovereignty group. Another person promoting/drumming up new business with someone selling Avon. They will open an account for $10K for her business. All her sales deposit goes into that account. The drawback (scam), she can’t use the… Read more »


Holy Cow, Bitcoin and Ethereum are plummeting at free fall speed! It seems it will keep dropping. Some guru said a few days ago if Ethereum dropped to $166.00 then buy it at the sale price. Problem is it is already down to 168.65 as I write, and dropping. Bitcoin right now is only $1,969.13, going lower it seems. ….$1,965.22… $1,964.30…. Scary! I think it will continue down $1,962.55…. $167.85…. Let it drop as far as it will before investing. $1,960.46….. $166.75…. There you have it… Ethereum is down to where a guru thought one should grab it. Be careful.… Read more »


Hope you get this mess solved. I did go to my PayPal account and did a Cancel of the re accruing monthly payment to you.

Ready for the credit card set up.

Thank you



It is time for me to move on. I canceled my paypal account and while I was doing this, I noticed that I have paid out to Ben $584 over the six years I’ve been reading his blog. I could really use that money now. Enough already. For some time I have felt there is a lot of the same story every week. Maybe that is the nature of 3-D. Same old same old. Same psychos running the show down here. Same stupid game plan. This game plan has become so obvious that some of my neighbors are beginning to… Read more »


Sooo how about crypto PLUS alipay? (or something easier for bigger inclusion). 😉


I like the look of alipay.

I have been trying to get crypto for several weeks and so far: blocked… blocked…. blocked…. blocked.

But most I like the idea of a system the most folks can do.
Cuz the bigger the audience the better.




In hindsight, I should have bought some Ethereum a couple of days ago when I saw it at $188.00. It may or may not be that low again. Hard to predict. Yesterday it was up around $226.00, and currently it is back down to $197.00. One month ago it was at a high of $393.00, and a year ago it was only $7.00, to put things into perspective. Since I have already had a Coinbase account I started over a year ago, I am not being required to to have them access my webcam. That seems something new. I do… Read more »


Either that or sign up for a regular e-commerce account to accept credit cards with merchant services. Quickpay is a good example.


Here you go, Alipay for cross border payments.

4 Steps to Get Started with Alipay

Register an Account with Your Email Address
Provide and Verify Your Company Information
Apply for an Alipay Service Product

Integrate the APIs of Alipay Service Products
Know more about the application procedure >

Valid Business Registration Document, ID certificates of Legal Representative, Shareholder and Primary Contact Person

Valid URL to implement Alipay

The business category must comply with all applicable laws and meet Alipay requirements


I can’t get to grips with this. Coinbase can’t ‘access my webcam’ although it is a dodgy thing for them to ask to do anyway. And the minimum amount from the sites I have seen is £100. Which I will not be doing I have other things I need to buy.

So Ben can log me out of the system now. I’ll be waiting for Thursday for his reports from Stillness in the Storm from now on.


I agree Deester. I would rather send him $. He could get a PO box.


Too bad he is having revenue ripped off. I would prefer a bank draft mailed to him so I can track it.


@prana108, please describe how to “send” Bitcoin to Ben through Coinbase. Everything about this process seems crypto


Okay, went to the trouble of setting up a Coinbase account as one of the link options and donations are to be made with CoinPayments? Confused as f*#k. Making this way too hard, Bruh. Really want to support you


Good analysis yesterday July 10: Are we in a BEAR Market? Is it over for Bitcoin?….

Basically, it has been another really bad day for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the day since this video. The trend is down now. It won’t be safe to invest in crypto currencies until this Bear Market decisivly breaks.

Ben should seriously offer an option of Litecoin. It is far healthier than Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment.


I hate to say but crypto will not work for me.


Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have continued to plummet over the past 24 hours.. Bitcoin was down to $2,268.00 and Ethereum was down to $175.00. Hopefully, none of us were buying yesterday when prices were much higher. I almost paid $222.00 for Ethereum yesterday. Glad I didn’t!

Currently, Bitcoin $2,333.35 and Ethereum $190.58 on Coinbase. Let’s see if it trends up from here.


I love your thougths juju. They are very paranoid. Your tendency to think of increasingly bizarre ideas is amusing! Personally, due to personal circumstance I’m quite tired at the moment and can’t deal with bitcoin (a web link with 27 providers to look at isn’t as helpful as you might think), when I do address it I will need a safe place to store it, so perhaps a keyring usb (laptop is on its way out). Also I don’t know how it works but someone up there said you can buy $10 you don’t need to buy more than that,… Read more »


I repeat, it isn’t a good sign any time you are corraled in a certain direction. This is a disturbing trajectory for this site and very suspicious. We all know there are alternatives. I fear we are being played.


so sad Ben has made this decision – credit cards would have been so much easier for most of us. We have no desire to get involved with shadow currencies. Who is to say what is and what is not “currency”? Guess Fulford will inevitably decide but we will certainly miss his takes on the political scenes.

dvsmoaks Solid Trust Pay is a Canadian Internet money mover world wide for decades serving the Multi-Level-Marketing industry globally. A few dollars to a million in any and all currencies. In and out in a few seconds. Money can be sent on the Internet to them from debit or credit cards and bank transfers, if I remember correctly. They have offices in other nations such as the USA that gave them problems that enable them to take US dollars and move them to Canada and back if needed. I’ve forgotten why this is, but it works. There are, or at… Read more »


May I suggest you to see at OneCoin?


You know, the problem with it is that’s it’s not mainstream, and will limit the size of the subscriber base, as reflected in many of the comments.

If PayPal is not the problem, then why not fire up another such account, homed to some place out of reach of the kleptocracy?

Being able to send an e-check for $100 should cover a year. Is that an option?


I’m not excited about crypto either. Please find another solution.


A trusted member/associate to forward payment/donation to Ben is a god solution for now. As franjo suggested – be it Crypto, fiat or others. Then convert this into crypto Crypto not using the fiat-money highway, is good, but… but cabal invest in Crypto too. Don’t think this is how we break them, but do slow them down. The volatility, as huge investors /players speculate, is a downside in the short run. Please find a temporally solution that fits everyone – So we all can still be here. Without many of us has to learn a total new finance system in… Read more »


If Ben were to accept standard credit cards, then the owners of those credit card companies could shut Ben down at any time, just like PayPal attempted to do. By using crypto-currency, Ben is free to publish whatever he wishes and get paid without needing to worry if his funding will be cut out.

You can buy the various cryptocurrency today with your credit card, with a fee of 3.75%. You can get a free account at coinbase, buy the Bitcoin or Ether, and send it to Ben.


Bitcoin further down to $2,341.21. Ethereum down to $211.20. I don’t think it makes sense to buy as they continue to go down in value.


Hope you can find more than one way to donate. Perhaps we can send credit card donations to someone on the blog who can than use those funds buy crypto currencies to forward to Ben
Blessings to all.
Peace to the world


Crypto currencies are going to severely limit those who can support you. I’ve been a subscriber for years and would like to continue. Please fine some other way. Mailing you a check or international money order should be doable at last resort.


Ethereum is $211.99


Bitcoin and Ethereum are still dropping in value today. It might be better to wait before purchasing. Right now on Coinbase: Bitcoin is $2,386.52, and Ethereum is $214.19.


Scotty Sutterfield here, just sent Benjamin some Ether. (Ethereum)

If anyone has any questions about how to use, obtain or especially MINE cryptocurrency (the really fun part), please feel free to ask me in the comments. (we can set up an encrypted chat…)

If anyone would like to donate to me, here are my public addresses:






The suggested “CoinPayments” donation of $111.00 is a bit more than the previous rate of $96.00 per year ($8.00 x 12 months). How much of this increase is due to “CoinPayments” convenience fees?

Why must we make all transactions through “CoinPayments”, when other Bitcoin exchanges are capable of paying Ben directly too.

Will a payment of $111.00 ensure a subscription through July, 2018? Who is doing all the bookkeeping?


Why not just switch away to the Chinese version of PayPal? Alipay The user experience on Alipay’s mobile app is designed based on actual usage scenarios. For example, users can transfer money to other Alipay members and share or split bills among them using QR codes. Alipay can be used to pay utility bills, top up mobile phone credits, buy train tickets or check the balance of a connected bank account. Alipay has partnered with many small businesses to allow its users to make payments on many Chinese websites and at an increasing number of offline shops. Alipay most… Read more »


I’m disappointed in this switch to cryptos. It seems like tactic to get us all into it and I’m suspicious of it since people lose their crypto all the time. The online storage options are not totally secure and everything you need to do crypto must be paid in crypto except for the initial purchase. It’s still too risky for me. I read the Chinese and Russians + others are working on gold-backed crypto but Ben’s comments make those guys suspicious too. Sorry if I sound paranoid, but herding efforts are always red flags for me. Plenty of other people… Read more »


Well, I don’t plan to get into crypto currencies. Money is tight for me and I have been considering for some time to stop being a member of his blog.

I wish Ben well.


I heard bitcoin is a cabal creation so I want nothing to do with it….


Don’t send your Ethereum from Coinbase yet; it will time out.


The price of Ethereum is trending down today, and it may be worth watching for where it will settle, before buying. Currently it is at $217.98 on Coinbase. An hour and a half ago it was as low as $212.00 and as high as $224.00. It is much cheaper in fees to buy cryptocurrencies by a direct bank transfer, than by a credit or debit card. At Coinbase for example, it appears to be a 1.5% fee for a bank transfer, versus a 3.75% fee for a card transaction. The bank transfer method will take a few days to complete… Read more »


For all of you who think crypto currencies are too complicated, just dive in and just buy $10 worth a month. It will add up. I started a year ago… clueless about what I was doing but determined to figure it out… and I’m glad I did… You can do it !! I promise… I’m a 64 year old who figured it out…

Thanks Ben for all you bring to us !! Been supporting you for several years, and will continue to on this platform as well. Many blessings to you and yours !!

Warmest regards,


Sorry to say that I also do not have any desire to acquire cryto-currencies. Any other payment method would be acceptable and certainly don’t want to miss any of Ben’s posts! Thank you for listening to your readers!!


7 hugs


Some bloggers are receiving donations through


Crypto not good for me hard to understand it as im disabled and can’t get my head around it sorry debit card would be OK standing order


Can you please find an alternate way, maybe using a credit card? I would pay for a year up front that way, but simply have zero desire to get into crypto-currency. Namaste.


Regarding donations, I think I’ll look into setting up an Etherium wallet this time.


Not sure crypto is good for me. I have very small amount to work with each month. I would dearly love to continue withBen’s info.


One… yikes!

I am already in the process of getting hooked up w crypto so approve the new plan.

Best wishes fthgac to all 😉