Russians Chinese and Americans plan massive campaign to flush secret Khazarian government into the open

High level meetings between Chinese, Russian and US military types have reached the conclusion that a short sharp war may be necessary in order to flush out the Nazis and their secret world network, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say. The plan to flush out the secret government will take the form of a joint US, Russian and Chinese military attack on North Korea, the sources say. “This will force North Korea’s ET backers out into the open,” the Asian secret society sources say.

Years of forensic research by this writer have revealed a secret network connecting gold mines in the South Pacific, off the grid Antarctic bases, hidden submarine bases, the world narcotics trade, North Korea and Israel among other things. This network, created by fascist allies who did not surrender at the end of World War II, is believed to be supplying North Korea with its nuclear weapons and missiles.

For that reason, the Asian secret society sources say a campaign portraying North Korea as a villain will be intensified over the coming months in preparation for a short but intense war early next year. This war will not involve countries as they exist now but rather would be between hidden forces behind countries, the sources say. So the Russians, the Chinese and the Americans would attack North Korea who would be backed by secret Russian, Chinese and American factions, making it a war between secret societies rather than a traditional one between countries, the sources agree. The aim will be to force out secret groups operating behind the scenes into the open, the Asian secret society sources say.

Pentagon sources say that North Korea and Israel are intimately linked entities. To put pressure on them, Russian troops entered Southern Syria opposite the Golan Heights last week, they say. At the same time Russia fired an Iskander missile from a Jewish Autonomous Oblast near Korea “to send a blunt message that Israel must return the Golan Heights,” the Pentagon sources say.

The Jews are also waking up to the fact that their Khazarian mafia overlords are the same people who engineered the holocaust. Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, the Israeli army’s deputy chief of staff, last week compared Israel’s current government to the Nazis and has refused to back down, a sign the Khazarians are likely to lose control of Israel as well as North Korea.

Japan’s government recently passed a conspiracy bill that allows it to arrest people planning to commit a crime because they want to have a legal excuse to detain all the professional war makers who are expected to flee from North Korea to Japan once the fighting breaks out, the Asian sources say.

Of course, the ideal solution will be to bring these secret groups out of the closet without actually having to resort to a war, White Dragon Society sources in Asia say.

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Tnx Ben


Great report
Hang in there Ben
Tales of the time loop
Time to flush the garbage
Time for the chiefs to get together


Cheers Ben


4 My best result yet. Thanks Ben


5 dogs are fighting over a short, sharp bone.

So what does a short, sharp war look like? Just wondering.


Stuck in an AI Loop!




Thank you Benjamin.


Cheers Ben, let us know what or how to pay you, i’ll even back pay since March to yourself plus some more to help you out if need be, cheers mate


Good morning all!


7-17-17… 71st birthday and such awesome news of the end game of humanity’s journey into the golden age…..

Thank you you Ben for all you’ve done. What a mission we’ve been on!


Yes, I too, will back-and-forth from the time my payments were disabled, as soon as I can get the secure payment system method from you. I hope others will do the same if they can afford it.




This is total bullshit
We have come from the cabal being on its last legs and arrests coming soon, to secret hit squads removing the of those who refuse to cooperate. And know you are wanting us to believe that using war to stop war is the right thing for the “benevolent” to do?
Words can not express Ben just how loathsome you are resonating right now. You have proven yourself to be just another controlled opposition agent.
For anyone out there with two brain cells that be hooked in series you should know that anyone who tells you that war is the answer is not on the side of humanity.

But if you have to be told that what’s the point…..?


the repetition in this reality is real, and i feel like in the last few years especially ive been pointing out repititions that no one else can see and its driven me nuts. Recent example being the Asad chemical weapon attack story being rinsed AGAIN with Trump as it was with Obama. Carbon copy bullshit and i feel like the whole internet swallowed it. Nuts. So yes, more and more this feels like a computer simulation hitting its ram allowance, so its time to hit reboot!


Should have proof read that one..
Ben you are still wrong in so many ways and you want us to be concerned about your income. Good one


2017-07-16 Connecting Consciousness
Simon Parkes Q&A


clifs wujo July 16, 2017 Moving, Populous, Vid theft, cryptos

clif high

Published on Jul 16, 2017
a video made during our moving process. Using the EM50 mobile recording studio. Discussion about moving, about the FUD around Populous and how i think i fit into the situation, some words about how i am going to address the vid theft issue off youtube, and a drawing about crypto price movements.




Do you like being ruled by Reptilians, I doubt it. It is something like the movie “They Live”. Although few believe it, that movie was made to show what is really going on. If I can just get the right kind of sunglasses made, that shows who is a Reptilian, like in the movie, I could change the world for the good. The pendulum says something like that can be made that will show the Reptilians (Illuminati) among Humans. Now I just got to figure out how to make it, whatever it is, I’m told it isn’t sunglasses though.

The Reptilians are treating us terrible, poisoning the food, air and the water, while ruining our education. They maneuvered their way to own every central bank to give them control of the money, which helps them control almost every country. They make free money for other Reptilians, while Humans are required to work hard to get theirs and then part of it is taken in taxes and banking scams. They use this almost unlimited money to manipulate just about every market. They cheat in every important election, with the electronic voting. If a law is broken most of the time little if anything is done against a reptilian, while Humans are given long prison sentences most of the time. There is so much more I wish I could communicate to the world. Get a soul report.






Good morning! Greetings from Texas.


24 or more.
Now to read.
The title looks good.




McCain’s Surgery May Be More Serious Than Thought, Experts Say

The statement from Mr. McCain’s office said a two-inch blood clot was removed from “above his left eye” during a “minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision” at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, “following a routine annual physical.” Surgeons there are not conducting interviews. Mr. McCain’s communications director, Julie Tarallo, said further information would be made public when it became available.

The cause of the clot has not been disclosed. The possibilities include a fall or a blow to the head, a stroke or certain brain changes associated with aging. Mr. McCain is 80.

It’s beyond time for this operative to retire. If justice is served, he’d spend the rest of his life in jail.


I think it is interesting that Ben wrote in his first paragraph

“This will force North Korea’s ET backers out into the open,” the Asian secret society sources say.”

I think this is the first time Ben has referred to extra terrestrials, he always wanted to stick with provable facts in the past.

If we could reveal our ET controllers and make them “provable” that would be a step in the right direction for our freedom.

Also– glad to hear Ben is considering using the old fashioned credit card over crypto currency.

Cripto currency needs a constant power supply, loss of power can mean loss of memory of anyone’s crypto currency–and also, so far I cannot pay any of my bills with crypto currency.


This loop of repeating events throughout time was also a theme in David Wilcock’s book “The Synchronicity Key.” Only he proposed the repetition was for a cycle to help enlighten. Lots of food for thought here.
Thank you , Ben, for hanging in there and I am glad to catch up on back payments when its a little easier than a crypto wallet.

Petite Étoile
Petite Étoile

As far as Canada is concerned, here there is a problem since Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister gave $300 million to Fondation Clinton last week !!!!

What is your feeling on that?


Comment by intruth on July 17, 2017 @ 10:12 pm

I am not sure what article I read this morning–it could be the one you have posted but

it is interesting that I read no vote can be taken on any health care reform bill until good old McCain is present..

soooo…first McCain betrays his countrymen while a prisoner of war and now

apparently he is the henchmen of our corrupt medical insurance supply scam.

Some people never change.

If we remember Pelosi said something like

Let’s vote Obamacare in so we can see what it says..

and then we learned Obamacare included pages about student loans. What else is in there? Could there be “secret” passages about who can have guns? Or, maybe required death injections for the elderly or handicapped? Maybe something completely off the wall like who gets the monetary profits from some scam or maybe even changing the president from elected to appointed???

We need to repeal Obamacare because we really do not know what else is in it.

A healthcare bill needs to only refer to healthcare concerns, period.


As far as Canada is concerned, here there is a problem since Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister gave $300 million to Fondation Clinton last week !!!!

What is your feeling on that?

Comment by paradis on July 17, 2017 @ 10:29 pm

My first thought…

Bill Clinton must have some really good stuff he can use to blackmail that guy!!


A great report, Ben. Thanks for the details.

Now. Add to that the fact that our planet is increasing its frequencies higher than what evil can live within, and the whole sequence of events will quicken – much sooner with no need for a war.

There is no way I can see how quick that will be knowing ‘soon’ is hard to measure. But my feelings are it will be within days and weeks, not months or decades.

Be in Joy,


Wasn’t Obummercare 1100 pages? WTH! Anything can be buried in there and most likely is. Another sign we’ve (our politicians/lobbyists/corps, etc) have gone off the rails.

I agree it s/b repealed. Don’t think anyone could get that through. Once the scam has taken hold – too many are benefiting.


As far as Canada is concerned, here there is a problem since Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister gave $300 million to Fondation Clinton last week !!!!

What is your feeling on that?

Comment by paradis on July 17, 2017 @ 10:29 pm

My first thought…

Bill Clinton must have some really good stuff he can use to blackmail that guy!!

Comment by cornpoppin on July 17, 2017 @ 10:31 pm



36 pick up sticks


Thanks Ben.


High Risk For 2nd Tunnel Collapse At Hanford Nuclear Site

The Hanford nuclear reservation in southeast Washington state has two train tunnels full of very hot radioactive waste — and both tunnels are in danger of further collapse. That’s according to a new report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The collapse in May prompted the Washington state Department of Ecology to order the federal government to examine both tunnels and report back. Part of that report was made public on Friday, and confirmed the state’s suspicions that both tunnels were in bad shape.

CrowdsourcetheTruth – George Webb says they are moving depleted uranium from Hanford to W VA coal mines. That’s why Hillary wanted the W VA mines shut down.


39. I’m on late this week. Slept in for my birthday! Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!


37 almost heaven!

Essentially more of the same with the usual flip flops although not much on the Pope this time. I agree with wizzard, lots of rehashed nonsense and changing partners, like country dancing.

Trump continues his dissembling and lying, the Clintons are elusive although their handiwork was seen in 3 recent deaths: Peter J. Smith- the Clinton email investigator, betrayed by Wikileaks which we now all know was a CIA tractor beam to real in criminal researchers for extermination,
Klaus Eberwein- Haitian official who exposed the Clintons and their foundation as a bogus money-laundering operation and claimed that Haiti barely saw 30% of the money collected for it.
Gugsa Abe Dabela- a lawyer doing some serious research on the Sandy Hook scenario.

The free fall of the cryptos is also telling. One thing is for sure, they are not free from meddling.

About Ben’s financial woes, which I only partially believe because he’s been in operation in Japan for so long and certainly has handlers, Paypal’s closing the account was presented as a protective move for Ben who claimed that the Japanese government was stealing money from it. Why couldn’t they just open a new one with better security? If the Japanese government could get Ben, they could get everybody- so clearly PayPal needs better security.
I had a possible Paypal breech a few months ago, and we just opened a new account. Everything transferred just fine.

McCain in the hospital with blood clots. You have to wonder what’s really going on there. I never believe medical reports on these aging reptiles. Wish I was a fly on the wall.


Andrew Napolitano: Why the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton is back to front and center

Published on Jul 12, 2017
The criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton is back front and center now.. WHY DOES CNN AND OTHER FAKE NEWS IGNORE THIS


“the IT guy is currently working on upgrading the website and implementing a new credit card based payment system.”

Well… I was going to say YEAH!! cuz my weeks-long impass with crypto seemed to be in it’s own time-loop.

However… I went over to one of the impassed-crypto market exchanges and found I am now able to fund my account. so:

YEAH for me and for my wish that Ben supply crypto and another easier access payment system so there can be the biggest audience possible.

I guess that’s 2 tail waggs, eh? 😉


Steve Pieczenik: The Globalist NWO Is Dead


Comment by wizzard322 on July 17, 2017 @ 7:48 pm

I agree with you wizzard that “war to fight warring” is ridiculous.

However… we are where we are… whole-world consciousness wise and Ben is not the only one reporting (and let’s emphasize ‘reporting, not thinking or agreeing with’) that the lizzies and anti-lizzies behind the scenes folks are contemplating a war to end the reign of the lizzies…

see Cosmic Disclosure ( of last week Q&A.. .Corey Goode reporting the same.

And Ben’s report gives much more detail about what the behind-the-scenes folks are thinking of doing.


And on the other hand:

Comment by belle3 on July 17, 2017 @ 5:53 pm
>>So what does a short, sharp war look like? Just wondering.<<

I agree.
WWI was going to be a �39 ;short sharp war�39 ; right?

And WWI as well as WWII were both THE war to end all wars, yeh?

So is this �39 ;short sharp�39 ; plan simply the way to finally slip in WWIII… that the lizzy-pups have been angling for for over 50 years already?


So is this ‘short sharp’ plan simply the way to finally slip in WWIII… that the lizzy-pups have been angling for for over 50 years already?

And on the other hand:

Comment by belle3 on July 17, 2017 @ 5:53 pm
>>So what does a short, sharp war look like? Just wondering.<<

I agree.
WWI was going to be a �39 ;short sharp war�39 ; right?

And WWI as well as WWII were both THE war to end all wars, yeh?


Popular or important articles from the past week:

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Rothschild Controlled Media Outlet — ‘Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018’

‘Giant Alien Footprints’ Found in an Indian Village

DARPA Commits $65M to Brain Implant Program for Super Soldier Project

Tony Gambino: The Vatican Runs the Mafia” & Claims Vatican and U.S. Government Behind Pedophile And Drug Rings

Witness Says Strange Hole in Mt Adams Is a UFO Hangar Door

Tech Billionaires Are Secretly Funding a Plan to Break the Human Race out of the Matrix

Peruvian (Nazca) Mummy Update — And Then There Were Five

Justin Deschamps
Stillness in the Storm



Comment by belle3 on July 17, 2017 @ 5:53 pm
>>So what does a short, sharp war look like? Just wondering.<<

I also agree w you belle.

and wasn�39 ;t WW1 supposed to be short and sharp

so might this be the lizzy-pups newest angle in 50 years of angles to try to start WW3… the 3rd "war to end all wars"?


In Shock Warning, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says Catholic Church is ‘on the verge of capsizing’

Yep, that sounds about right…


Thank you justin for all these useful things.

your posting seems to have trumped (“trumped”! 😉 ) my attempts to respond to Belle, who asked for more detail re how the proposed war could be “short and sharp”

my 4th attempt:

wasn’t WW1 supposed to be short and sharp?

so could this simply be the next lizzy-pup attempt at WW3?

the last 2 , like this sharp=short proposal a “war to end all war”?


Late at 48.


Little dog wrote:
I agree with you wizzard that “war to fight warring” is ridiculous.
Indeed…this reminds me of a protestors sign that read something like, “Waging war for peace is like f*cking for virginity.”.


Comment by sherry8424 on July 17, 2017 @ 7:10 pm



JULY 13, 2017 1:39 PM

(Gateway Pundit) – Only days after 2,771 migrants were removed from street squats in Northern Paris, hundreds of new arrivals have already taken their place, with dozens arriving to set-up camp as street cleaners were still hosing down pavements.

Porte de la Chapelle, Paris – If it seems like déjà vu, there’s a reason; Friday morning’s operation to clear migrants from the streets of Northern Paris has become routine – it was the 34th such operation here since 2015.

Check out the pictures in the article. God help Paris and all of Europe and the USSA.


Comment by paradis on July 17, 2017 @ 10:29 pm

This is what I had to say about the Trudeau Foundation/Clinton Foundation in last week’s post. Change the last sentence to Trudeau spoke at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday to a bunch of star-struck, cheering, selfie sheep, and you have my opinion on the matter. Trudeau is a globalist cuck, just like his communist father, who is in the process of selling out Canadians for his satanic, rapist, criminal friends.

Last week’s post: Prime Minister Trudeau’s $20 million gift to his buddies at The Clinton Foundation, is probably going to go towards their soft eugenics program of vaccinations, abortions and birth control, euphamistically called Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. (They have allocated more than $241 million towards this, of which the $20 million towards the Clinton Foundation is part of). This reporter looks at what CHAI (Clinton Health Access Inc.) and how they are basically acting as a middleman in this instance, and getting rich as a result.

The Clintons have a long history of grabbing Canadian taxpayer cash, even though Canada is running a deficit and Canadians are lining up at foodbanks. Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre set up the crooked Trudeau Foundation, which is Canada’s answer to the Clinton Foundation.

Canadian Law states that the only people who can donate to politicians are residents and citizens. The Foundation is a way to gobble up foreign money on behalf of corporations, interest groups and lobbyists.

He was busted by the Globe and Mail for attending cash for access meetings with Chinese billionaires.

His foundation director, Chuck Stahl, resigned as a result of this and the $1 million donation to the Université de Montréal, one of Trudeau’s four alma matters as he completed one year of an engineering program at École Polytechnique, which is affiliated with the U of M and has been since 1920. According to the CBC, “The donation was part of a larger $1-million endowment split between the foundation and Montreal University, with $750,000 going to the university’s law school. The university also got another $50,000 to commission and build a statue honouring Pierre Elliott Trudeau.”

Trudeau will be speaking in Calgary tomorrow at the Calgary Stampede. Apparently just having the bulls spewing BS wasn’t enough.


Comment by intruth on July 17, 2017 @ 10:36 pm

even in massachusetts O Care has brought more services for my disabled impoverished clients.. so .. junk in it or not.. i would only be in favor of something else if it actually had MORE in it for those who really need help.


Carillion Share Prices Drop 70%
Friday, July 14, 2017

“Carillion” a huge British construction company is in a desperate financial situation.
Its shares have dropped a staggering 70%.
It employs 50,000 people – The truth about the economy can’t be covered up for much longer.


Comment by sbarnett on July 17, 2017 @ 11:22 pm

O my sbarnett: let’s celebrate your birthday too!!

Tail waggs all ’round! 😉

From alfalfa:

And Carole King:


Comment by mdudley on July 18, 2017 @ 12:09 am

Steve Pieczenik: The Globalist NWO Is Dead


according to Steve we don’t need a war.. short and sharp or long and smooth. 😉


Off to the rest of my day.

Last but not least:

Light and well being fthgac to all reading and all read-about on here.

This is the first day of the rest of all our lives

HAPPY Birthday to us!

Dollie Parton and Willie Nelson


More about cuck Justin Trudeau – he settled with Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khader behind closed doors to the tune of $10.5 million of taxpayer dollars. Most of the people I have talked to are outraged about this. Trudeau could have paid using his own foundation’s funds or have this case tried in court. It may have cost Canadians more in the long run, but it would have cast a light on the dealings of both parties in the government. Trudeau is all about saving his own ass. He has never worried about blowing the public purse.

Excerpt: … Where to begin?

First, there are some court cases the government should defend on principle, which is what many Canadians believed about the Khadr suit.

Second, the $29.5 million difference between $10.5 million and $40 million is the kind of money a skeptic would say the Liberals spill at lunch.

Remember Trudeau’s broken election promise that “modest” Liberal deficits over his first term in office would total $24.1 billion, with a $1 billion surplus in 2019-20?

Current Liberal projections put that figure at $93.3 billion, an increase of 287%, with a $20.4 billion deficit in 2019-20, $18.7 billion in 2020-21, $15.8 billion in 2021-22 and no end of annual deficits in sight.

So much for saving taxpayers’ money. …

Our belief is the Trudeau government settled because it wants the Khadr case to be forgotten by voters well before the next election in October, 2019.

After all, the trial would have included an examination of how the Liberal Jean Chretien and Paul Martin governments violated Khadr’s constitutional rights in 2003 and 2004, according to the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2010 ruling.

That’s why, we believe, Trudeau’s Liberal government was so anxious to settle the Khadr suit.

More on site.


Okay, Alex Jones is not someone I like to cite as a reference, but even a broken clock … etc. Congressman: suicide of GOP operative who tried to obtain Clinton e-mails is suspicious. Gun, sleeping pills, wrist slashing – nope – a bag with helium will do the trick.

Excerpt: According to California Congressman Ted Lieu, the suicide of GOP operative Peter Smith, who claims that he tried to obtain Hillary’s Clinton’s missing emails, “seems awfully suspicious”.

As the Chicago Tribune reveals, Smith killed himself in a Minnesota hotel room just days after talking to the Wall Street Journal about his efforts, leaving a suicide note that read “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” explaining that he was taking his own life because of a “RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017” and timing related “TO LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING.”

Smith’s death was initially reported by the WSJ to have been by natural causes, but the Chicago Tribune later obtained a state death record that confirmed Smith committed suicide on May 14th and that he “was found with a bag over his head with a source of helium attached”.

More on site.


I’ve never been clear on this….Simon Parkes says we (the USA) DID NOT LAND ON THE MOON in 1969 but we did go to the moon – he didn’t elaborate on when we actually went there for the first time.

Whistleblowers have told of the back side of the moon being inhabited by us (humans) and others.

Simon says there were only 2 stations that had the ability to track that 1969 rocket, one in US and on in Britain. The NSA took over the one in Britain so they wouldn’t report that all the rocket did was go around the earth and then land in the ocean – it didn’t land on the moon. The Brits were in on it of course.

They approached Stanley Kubrick to make the moon landing set and the rest is history.

What a stupid hoax. Walter Cronkite would be rolling over in his grave.


Judge Anna just wrapped up the whole problem for the whole planet.

Here it is in full. Rejoice!

Sunday, July 16, 2017
First Instruction Letter
By Anna Von Reitz

[Scanned copy to be posted on the website— letter to Trump, Mnuchin, Sessions, and Judges Thomas Hogan and Royce Lamberth dated July 17, 2017.]

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Secretaries and Honorable Judges:

We will quickly summarize how we arrived at the current situation so that you have the necessary background to comprehend our position. Please read on.

1666 – The Great Fire of London creates the occasion for the creation of individual public trusts as a means of seizing private property: The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.

1702 – The British Crown and Dutch East India Company collude under Maritime Wagering Act. Living men are deemed to be “vessels” and insured. Their death/loss becomes a means of enrichment for the commercial corporations and the British Government.

1765 – The pollution of English Common Law with Admiralty Law to create “Equity Law” granting absolute power to the judiciary to seize upon and distribute private property comes to fruition in England under Lord Mansfield.

1776 – Partly in objection to this usurpation of power by the judicial functionaries, the American Colonists rebel.

1819 – The American states pass the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the original Constitution, putting teeth and penalties into earlier provisions effectively prohibiting members of the Bar Associations from holding public offices.

1822 – The then-Pope and then-British Monarch secretly collude to act in Breach of Trust against the Americans and sign the Secret Treaty of Verona.

1837 – The British Settlement Act sets aside public wastelands as “common wealth” and paupers are said to be settled upon this land, thus becoming wards of the state. This effectively prevents the lower classes from ever being landlords and provides a basis for claiming them as chattel property.

1858 – Benjamin Disraeli begins the push to enfranchise British laborers as properties belonging to the British Crown. They and their assets are seized upon in the process as collateral backing government debt. Their “voluntary” enslavement is used to fund the British Raj in India—though they are never told any of this.

1860 – Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, is elected President. He can serve only in the private office of President of the United States (Trading Company), not as President of the United States of America, as a result of the Titles of Nobility Amendment. He contrives to start the Civil War, which is never declared by Congress.

1863 – Lincoln succeeds in bankrupting the United States (Trading Company) and issues General Order 100, placing the Grand Army of the Republic in charge of the government. The entire “war” is an illegal commercial mercenary action resulting in a military dictatorship being established in the District of Columbia.

1865 – Lee surrenders his army to Grant at Appomattox, but no official peace treaty is ever signed. The Southern States are carved up into ten military districts and all the original states are improperly subsumed into the bankruptcy of the United States (Trading Company) by a process of assumpsit.

1868 – The Creditors of the United States (Trading Company) issue a look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter called the “Constitution of the United States of America”. This creates a commercial corporation merely calling itself the “United States of America” that then substituted itself for the actual government owed to the people and states of this country under The Constitution for the united States of America.

1868- 1875 — This new “government” entity then forces the original unincorporated state governments to write new state constitutions and to assume new doing-business-as names in the form of: Wisconsin State, Connecticut State, and so on, while seizing upon the name of the original states and operating “Territorial franchises” for itself under their names: State of Wisconsin, State of Connecticut, and so on. All these semantic deceits are pulled off on the trusting public.

1907 – The 1868 version of The United States of America, Inc. is bankrupted. The land of the actual states and people is unlawfully seized upon by the creditors of The United States of America, Inc., as collateral backing its debts in bankruptcy. “Title” is taken to the land and the actual patents seized upon, with the Creditors receiving the equitable title and benefit.

1930-34 – A second corporation calling itself “the United States of America” is bankrupted. This time, FDR unlawfully converts the entire population of this country, re-interpreting our Trade Names on the land to be Foreign Situs Trusts operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea. This allows the Creditors of the bankrupt private, mostly foreign-owned “United States of America, Inc.” to seize upon the labor and other private property of Americans in gross Breach of Trust owed to us by the Popes and by the British Monarch. By this deliberate fraud, we are “presumed” to be commercial vessels belonging to the bankrupt United States of America, Inc., and by process of extortion and assumpsit, are forced to pay its debts.

We are also considered “missing, presumed lost at sea” and Cestui Que Vie Trusts are established by the Municipal United States in our names. These things are operated under deceptive account designations that appear to be our names: JOHN MICHAEL DOE, JANET ANN WILSON, and so on.

1953 – We finally pay off the 1907 bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc., but instead of returning the land patents owed to the actual states and people, those responsible pretended not to know who the land belonged to, and rolled it all up in giant land trusts, which they continued to tax, lease, rent, and otherwise benefit from in our purported “absence”.

1999 – We finally pay off the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., but instead of returning all the Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust assets owed to the living people, Bill Clinton signs Executive Order #13037 , stepping up the conscription process, and again, pretending that nobody knows who these accounts belong to, hoping to seize upon all our property including our names via a claim on abandonment.

2015 – President Obama puts the UNITED STATES, INC. and all its “Municipal Franchises” including the Cestui Que Vie ESTATES belonging to Americans into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liquidation. Almost as an afterthought, he puts the USA, Inc. into Chapter 11 Reorganization. This effectively bankrupts the entire world— all the Municipal Government franchises dba CHINA, FRANCE, and LOUIS ALLAN FULFORD, all the Territorial Government franchises dba Germany, United Kingdom, and Lois Lillian Hardy.
2015 – Americans who have become aware of the fraud return to the land jurisdiction of their birth.
The unincorporated government of the actual states and people doing business as the United States of America revives itself. The new government issues new Sovereign Letters Patent for the states (November 4) and for the Indian Nations (November 6) and also issues an Express Trust — The Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.
2017 – After extensive Due Process given to all the Principal Parties responsible, the liens against all the Municipal and Territorial government corporations and their franchises are completed and cured, including Agricultural Liens. January 6, 2017, a Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the actual states and people is lodged with the United States Treasury, and a Payment Bond is lodged with the Vatican Chancery Court.
June 29, 2017: The American states and people represented by the unincorporated United States of America visit The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and claim back their property and assets as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal Government corporations and their franchises worldwide.

That all brings us forward to the present moment. The One People’s Public Trust foreclosed on the Territorial and Municipal corporations, intending to create a gigantic global version of the Public Charitable Trust that they would then control. However, they are not the Creditors. We are.

We are the lawful owners of all that several generations of dishonest employees and middlemen have amassed— and which they have hoped to claim as abandoned property.

The success of this scheme would have ended private property rights worldwide.

The Secondary Creditors had already set up a plan to discharge the debts of the Municipal franchises in bankruptcy via Treasury Direct Accounts.

This process avoids the fact that these debts are all odious hypothecated debts that the living people never owed in the first place. It also avoids the fact that the living people are the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders who have been defrauded in Breach of Trust, and instead mischaracterizes them as bankrupt “US citizens”.

As our included Public and Judicial Notice- Number 4 discloses, “citizenship” is a form of indentured servitude to the government of a country, and in the modern world, it must be voluntary, proven, and equitable or it becomes a form of peonage and enslavement outlawed worldwide since 1926.
We maintain that the incorporated foreign governmental service corporations operating under color of law and purposeful deceit on our shores since 1868 have effectively enslaved our population and brought insupportable claims against our land and our assets.

We maintain that we are not and have never been subjects of nor subject to bankruptcy proceedings related to these disreputable foreign corporations and that we are owed the actual constitution.

We maintain that the Municipal UNITED STATES and the Territorial USA practiced a form of genocide on paper against the American states and people which is forbidden by the Geneva Conventions and also practiced unlawful conversion of our assets, inland piracy, kidnapping, identity theft and human trafficking against a peaceful Third Party civilian population composed of their own employers and Priority Creditors.

These actions by the UNITED STATES and USA against the American states and people are by definition international crimes of employees against their employers.

We maintain that the bankruptcy of these foreign entities doing business as the UNITED STATES and USA on our shores has nothing legitimate to do with us or our property assets and that they exist in a jurisdiction that is now and always has been foreign and separate from us.

As the Paramount Creditors, we have stipulated to the court guidelines that must be met to establish proof of voluntary and equitable federal citizenship without which no presumption of citizenship accrues to anyone born on the soil of an American state.

In practical terms this means that there are two classes of people to be addressed by The United States District Court for the District of Columbia: (1) actual federal employees and dependents who are subject to the Municipal and Territorial bankruptcies and who are owed discharge of the debts of their respective franchises as part of the general bankruptcy, and (2) Americans who are likewise owed discharge of these bogus foreign debts via probate action, collapsing the Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Puerto Rican transmitting utility franchises and other Territorial franchises that have been created by federal corporations infringing on their Trade Names without their knowledge or consent.

So the actual federal employees are owed bankruptcy protection at the same time the American states and people, who are the Paramount Creditors throughout, are owed probate action wiping away debts accrued by secondary beneficiaries, and the return of their land patents and other property assets without further disloyalty, obfuscation, claim, or delay.

We direct the Treasury and The United States District Court for the District of Columbia to administratively reconfigure the Treasury Direct Accounts to recognize these two classes of people and the two necessary but separate processes (bankruptcy settlement on one hand, discharge through probate on the other) needed to clean up this mess.

Now and in the future, we require some sure and certain means to differentiate between federal citizens and the people of the American states. This can take the form of new identification credentials that will replace the use of State of State Driver Licenses, except for actual federal employees and proven actual dependents.
We have no ill-will toward our employees despite their incompetence and the destructive nature of their misbehavior and will not object to them seeking bankruptcy protection, however, we insist that our assets are not subject to their bankruptcy and must be removed from the Public Charitable Trust and returned together with the titles and land patents and other assets owed to the actual states and people.

Discharge of odious debts both in probate (for Americans) and in bankruptcy (for actual federal citizens) can commence immediately to bring relief to both the Creditors and the Debtors, subject to creating a record keeping process at the Treasury to identify members of the two separate populations and giving each their due.

It is apparent that the plot to create one giant all-controlling public trust for the entire globe has failed and private property rights have been restored and retained throughout the world impacted by these corporate bankruptcies.

The Paramount Security Interest Holders, the American states and people represented by the unincorporated United States of America, hereby willingly order the discharge of all similar odious debts owed to them by Municipal and Territorial franchises formed under the names of living people throughout the world. Read that— we aren’t here to press claims of debt against little old ladies in Hungary or farmers in Zimbabwe or tradesmen in England who have been defrauded and conscripted and enfranchised just as we were under false pretenses and conditions of non-disclosure and deceit by their own respective governmental services corporation franchises.

Let it never be said that the Americans are ungenerous or dishonest, despite the mischaracterization and criminal misrepresentation we have received at the hands of our own employees and the Breach of Trust we have suffered at the hands of our own international Trustees for six generations.

The release of all these odious debts held against living people throughout the world in all those countries impacted can commence as soon as it can be expedited by the Treasury and IMF officials.

In the wake of this great debt restructuring and the enumeration and separation of the Creditors from the Debtors, we require that all the bankrupt bank franchises turn over their account records and prepare to negotiate terms with the actual asset holders which are for the most part private Historical Trusts. It is not our will to cause any disruption or to move assets in any destructive way, but we will have an accounting of those assets owed to the actual heirs and trustees and beneficiaries of these funds and we will have agreements with all the bankrupt commercial banks regarding access to these resources and these assets by the actual living owners for non-violent and philanthropic and purely personal purposes.
We also require a public accounting to be conducted throughout all sectors of the government that has been provided by the bankrupt governmental services corporations (state of, county of, and municipal entities) and their hired subcontracting agencies, beginning with the most recent Annual Financial Reports (APRs) of agencies and departments and public trusts in each state, the most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) of the State of State organizations.
Our credit may be accessed to pay for these services leading to an accurate public accounting for the first time since 1946.

Thank you for your time, attention, and understanding of these urgent issues.


Comment by intruth on July 18, 2017 @ 1:36 am

Walter Cronkite has been covering up things for years. He is part of the system. He “covered” the JFK event with the party line. Far from rolling in his grave, he is probably laughing at the stupidity of the public for taking him at his word. He wouldn’t have gotten to where he was if he wasn’t a sellout.


Comment by sherry8424 on July 17, 2017 @ 7:10 pm

Comment by sbarnett on July 17, 2017 @ 11:22 pm
to you both, sherry and sbarnett 🙂


Aye aye, or is that AI AI Sir!



“However, they are not the Creditors.

We are.”


That is something that may top what other moneys the amounts available from the Elders have planned for all people.

We are a very wealthy planet With or without the cabal

Warm and cozy thoughts to consider.


Good one Deester!
Walter Cronkite “The Most Trusted Man in News”
How susceptible have we been to such silly Madison Avenue sloganeering!
Comment by deester on July 18, 2017 @ 1:52 am

Hope you all are doing well my friends-

Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” pulls punches exposing the CHEMO-GOONS:


oops- “pulls NO punches”


“Repetition” is the word of this world. As mention by others it has the evolvement aspect, but now there not so much to gain.
Yes, Ben lets break thru it once and for all.

Sending missiles as messages is not the way, nor emails.

Think how MSM N-swine will use that to scream ” All hatches open, Nuclear holocaust – WW III starting”. (psst! nazy brothers – just give us an advanced notice first) People in panic, in hopelessness, in disarray and confusion…
What happen to sending a final message, like full disclosure?


Namaste my friends


US is/should not be a democracy. A democracy is a rule by mob system. The biggest mob wins every time. Which people forget why we have the Electoral College. Otherwise CA, TX, NY, FL together would rule the nation.

We need to be a Constitutional Republic. oh, and dissolve USA, Inc and related corporations and back to a real government. what we have today is just corporate fiction and lies.


Comment by dito003 on July 18, 2017 @ 3:02 am

Absolutely! 🙂


As to this latest report… really, Ben? Serious?



It always drives me crazy when Ben says we should be a democracy. Mob Rule!! Two wolves and a sheep discussing what’s for dinner. We’re suppose to be a Republic. Of course we haven’t been a republic for along time.

And what’s with Canada taking over the U.S.?! He has mentioned that before in past reports and I thought that was nuts. It makes absolutely no sense. Not logical. Why Canada?

I agree with the above comment made by dito003-we need a Constitutional Republic. The truth must be told about this country being betrayed and is actually a corporation, but the depth of lies and corruption is a very deep pit. The people in positions of power would never allow the truth to be told. They are traitors and don’t want to be dragged out of the capital building and hanged by the neck until dead.

Our military should have intervened to protect this country from the traitors, but I have seen no evidence of this. I think the military leaders have been so compromised and corrupted that I don’t see the good men with guns getting us out of this impossible situation.


Comment by deester on July 18, 2017 @ 1:52 am

Good point Deester.

I didn’t think the news people had to be in on it back then. I mean we did see horrible not fake footage from Viet Nam of them bringing the injured off the battlefield and that famous Life Magazine photo of the girl running down the road naked because she had to tear her clothes off (napalm?) which turned everyone against the war, Of course, they knew after that, everything had to be controlled and sanitized.


I hope Judge Anna Von Reitz will also demand that the government stop using common disobedience as justification for the police slaughtering people.


Here we have Peter Mansbridge, Canada’s Walter Cronkite, attendee of the Bilderberg meetings and Canadian “journalist” listed as one of the most trusted people in Canada in 2011. He is one of those people thanked for not covering anything in the meetings. Fellow coverer-upper Lloyd Robertson is also on this list. When Mansbridge is busted on it, he maintains it is no big deal. So where is your coverage, Mansbridge?

Of course, topping this dubious “most trusted” list is climate hypocrite and media whore, David Suzuki, who takes money from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and then lies about it, while chiding the rest of us about our climate footprint. While badmouthing the Canadian oil industry, he owns Nelson Island off the west coast with Kootenay oil company.

The Toronto Sun reported in 2010: “At least five Canadians attended the four-day meeting in Spain earlier this month, including: CBC’s Peter Mansbridge; former premier and ambassador Frank McKenna; Robert Prichard, the president of Ontario’s Metrolinx; Indigo Books’ Heather Reisman; and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell.

“Those choice Canucks sat down with Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Google boss Eric Schmidt and former U.S. Defense Policy board chairman Richard Perle, among 120 others from mostly Western Europe and the United States.”

Suzuki and Mansbridge both work/ed for CBC, the government subsidized, tax funded network. There have been many “connected” individuals who have worked there. The late Barbara Frum had a radio show for years for the CBC. Her son is David Frum, former speech writer for George W. Bush and now lying to the people as an editor of Atlantic Magazine.

Here is David Rockefeller praising the media stooges: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. . . . The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”


Well, if this were to happen. People who believe Ben will be supporting the war and the media’s narrative on North Korea!

Will that be the mainstream media?

I’m not sure how I feel being on the same side as them.


Comment by intruth on July 18, 2017 @ 1:36 am

The way I heard what Simon said was “the way” we went to the moon was not as portrayed (“portrayed” was Stanley Cubrick (sp?) produced footage.

I did not hear him say we didn’t go to and/on land on the moon.


Benjamin fulford-quote—–Now former US President Barack Obama is claiming he was actually a double agent and that he is now willing to fully disclose everything he learned while operating as figurehead president for the US Corporation, according to CIA sources.—-unquote…..


our old buddy bami wildcard for the lightforces…..

pleasure to watch you work sir…..

we gotem now old buddy…..were getting there anyhows…..hahahahaha…..

namaste all fine mebers of the family of light as rise of the night…..


We got to the moon, maybe not with the original script and the video of them planting the flag etc, was probably filmed elsewhere but we got to the moon. Only once, and we never went back.

I understand China has announced it is going to the moon. That should be a real hoot with all the alien activity up there!

Anna von Reitz’s detailed explications of the financial and legal shenanigans that have been taking place since the revolution are engaging, but often too legalistic for me and what exactly does she mean when she claims that all the land and the people are owned by GB, how does GB actually profit? did Obummer send them the tax receipts? We don’t write checks to her majesty.

Despite everything Ben seems to be saying, the situation does not appear to be improving. Evil people are still running the show and wars are still destroying lives.

I will say- less chemtrails this week for sure although Clif High said they may not be doing much good anymore. Funny, he thought the chemtrails might actually be protecting us from the all the intense cosmic rays we’re floating through.

He also thinks the crypto highs and lows are to be expected.


PS- Lots of babbling about Obama lately but whatever happened to that boat loaded with cocaine that was stopped in the Carribean somewhere and registered to him? I thought he was about to be arrested- any news?


My Sex Junk by Rachel Bloom was just nominated for an emmy. I guess if you go along with the program, even if you have no talent, you get rewarded. I feel sorry for people who have actual talent and will never achieve success. I could only make it through a minute of this garbage. Watch Bill Nye fall all over this.


Comment by littledogg on July 18, 2017 @ 6:27 am

Simon did say they went to the moon but not as portrayed and that observers would be able to see the rocket just circled the earth and landed in the ocean. So maybe Simon is being cryptic to protect himself. I thought he might be inferring that secret space program had something to do with it.

William Tompkins says the US had ET help. So somewhere in here is the complete story still untold in its entirety it seems.


I just posted this on InfoWars. I thought you iget get something out of it.
We Americans have a Republic. Not a socialist democratic country. Stop using them wrong.

Trump knows he is a CEO of a corporation.

The power is with, by and for The People.

Make a point of teaching all people this to all nations. Some nations call themselves a republic of ‘whatever’, when in fact they rule top down like Kings.

I know you can do this. Free all people by their having this knowledge.


This is the first day of the rest of all our lives
HAPPY Birthday to us!
Dollie Parton and Willie Nelson
Comment by littledogg on July 18, 2017 @ 1:03 am

Hi littledog!
WoW – we all have birthdays!
—Thanks, that’s great littledog.

Love to listen to these two. A part of our adolescence, the good part 😉


Comment by deester on July 18, 2017 @ 7:13 am

An emmy? Hahahaha….People just have to stop watching this junk. This certainly was Bill Nye’s outing as a total fraud/actor/idiot. Take your pick.


whatever happened to that boat loaded with cocaine that was stopped in the Carribean somewhere and registered to him?
Comment by jujubean on July 18, 2017 @ 7:09


All the politicians held a party – there is no evidence left, or right…


That’s why, we believe, Trudeau’s Liberal government was so anxious to settle the Khadr suit.

More on site.

Comment by deester on July 18, 2017 @ 1:06 am


excellent ongoing works deester…..namaste…..

omars case serves as a good example of these criminally insane governments looper type crimesprees ongoing…..

governments delivering crimes against its citizens and other citizens of the world,of mother earth etc…..

and then later compensate groups and individuals for their premeditated crimes – compliments of taxpayers monies – through their often controlled court systems etc…..

this compensation often resulting in divide and rule successes for the dark cabal criminally insane luciferians, and their brainwashed minions and slaves…..

as is currently playing out to negative effects on canaian society with the omar khadar case…..

some military veterans(like a couple of my friends i served in the canadian armed forces with)…..are appalled that omar got some compensation monies…..

omar khaddar is another victim of the dark cabals heartless ongoing processes of criminally insane doctrines…..

omar was a child soldier-international laws are in place to protect child soldiers – they were not adhered to by the canadian government obviousl;y-and omar spent many years in guatonimo bay prison(notorious torture fascility of the dark forces)…..

hats off to general romeo dallaire for speaking up at least some in Ottawa when this travesty of justice when in motion by the liberal and conservative governments in ottawa…..

romeo was silenced in large part once a little dialect was made public of him challenging the zionazi slave canadian government of the day…..

its all about lightforces uniting now as we are more and more each day-americans, australians,japanese,chinese,syrian,iraqian,french,english,dutch,germman,russian,polish,irish,scottish,south African,rawandin,ethiopian,somaolian,new zealanders,canadians,iranians,israelis,palestinians,agarthans,members of other star nations etc…..


very coooool to hear russian,chinese and american lightforces more and more uniting in the common cause for liberation of the lovely star nation an beyond…..


heres the song annunaki – including general dallaire speaking to rawandins years after the orchestrated masscare of their peoples…..

also featuring phil schneider – primo powerful lightwarrior…..namaste brother…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


I feel sorry for people who have actual talent and will never achieve success. I could only make it through a minute of this garbage. Watch Bill Nye fall all over this.
Comment by deester on July 18, 2017 @ 7:13 am

Ha ha ha deester!
Never ever seen a youtube that got 22 likes and over 700 dislikes.
I so agree with you. This got me thinking of my hard working parents, in their pursue for success.
My mother, I’ve been mention a few times – was really talented artist/drawer – then the war came.
My father who could do/repair anything with his hands… – then the war came.
Then I came – with no talents.
That*s two highly talented people meeting. The result: There’s not much to show to unfortunately….


Comment by wolfintimber on July 18, 2017 @ 8:00 am

Romeo Dallaire was an interesting guy. Unfortunately, he attempted to kill himself, so it seems the evil he was seeing finally got to him.

As for Khadr, he was entitled to his day in court, even if Canadians had to pay more, at least it would have been due process that he was entitled to (as are all Canadians), decided by someone who actually understands the laws of the land and covered by the media. I think what upset a lot of people was how Trudeau tried to hide this and it was through press leaks that it was made public. This should have been taken care of by Chretien.

As for Dallaire, good on him for being upfront about his PTSD and depression. He is a public figure who is respected, and his honesty will help other veterans who are suffering the same things.


Comment by jujubean on July 18, 2017 @ 7:09 am

Here’s to your memory JuJu!

What DID happen to all that?


Comment by jujubean on July 18, 2017 @ 7:07 am
>>I understand China has announced it is going to the moon. That should be a real hoot with all the alien activity up there!<<


Yup. I thought the same thing when I read/heard about China�39 ;s plan. I thought: "huh!? are the Chinese out of the loop? Don�39 ;t they know we got booted out of there pronto?"


If only my mother could draw me first!
That would be something


Comment by intruth on July 18, 2017 @ 7:18 am

>>William Tompkins says the US had ET help. So somewhere in here is the complete story still untold in its entirety it seems.<<

Grant Cameron talks about the way government guys collaborated with ETs to do the Moon Launch … along with a bunch of other interesting stuff in this interview from 6 days ago:

"Top UFO Researcher talks Tom DeLonge, Steven Greer and evil aliens…..
…..Published on Jul 11, 2017
Grant Cameron talks to us in his hotel room at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Toronto, (2017).


Comment by siggi on July 18, 2017 @ 8:04 am

>>My mother, I’ve been mention a few times – was really talented artist/drawer – then the war came.
My father who could do/repair anything with his hands… – then the war came.
Then I came – with no talents.
That*s two highly talented people meeting. The result: There’s not much to show to unfortunately….

I agree siggi that this is sad.

However: can you see ways that your parents used their time to accomplish consciousness/evolvement goals… ie become more loving/honest/peaceful/responsible, etc?

To me THOSE accomplishments are the ones we actually come to Earth for.

I think you agree, no? 😉


Someone wrote that president ‘obomer’ claimed he was a double agent.

I’m wondering how he can prove that.

Anyone have any ideas? When, where and how?


LOVE to the swamp,the Vatican, and the Federal Reserve so they can have a fast disappearance


LOVE to the swamp,the Vatican, and the Federal Reserve so they can have a fast disappearance

Comment by valtony on July 18, 2017 @ 10:01 am


mais oui bravo monsieur…..namaste…..


As for Khadr, he was entitled to his day in court, even if Canadians had to pay more, at least it would have been due process that he was entitled to (as are all Canadians), decided by someone who actually understands the laws of the land and covered by the media. I think what upset a lot of people was how Trudeau tried to hide this and it was through press leaks that it was made public. This should have been taken care of by Chretien.

As for Dallaire, good on him for being upfront about his PTSD and depression. He is a public figure who is respected, and his honesty will help other veterans who are suffering the same things.

Comment by deester on July 18, 2017 @ 8:13 am


absolutely 100 per cent deester…..

its very excellent that some of the canadian senior judges are lightforces,and delivering some real just decisions in adherence with the canadian constitution,charter of rights and freedoms,canadian labour code etc…..


used their time to accomplish consciousness/evolvement goals… ie become more loving/honest/peaceful/responsible, etc?
To me THOSE accomplishments are the ones we actually come to Earth for.
I think you agree, no? 😉
Comment by littledogg on July 18, 2017 @ 9:21 am
Yes you right on littledog – they used the – school of hard knocks, approaches
It worked well for me.
very grateful! Thanks a lot 🙂


BTW L-dog! You dug up many bones today, some really good ones 😉


Pilot who overheard airplane meeting with Clinton and Loretta Lynch is another Arkancide victim. Maybe he, too, will kill himself with helium and a balloon.

Excerpt: “The pilot who flew the plane for the secret meeting between Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch and, recently disclosed, Paul Ryan, is breaking his silence for a $2 million payday that is sure to put his life in danger. Dimitri Noonan, a pilot who has worked for the Justice Department for 25 years, has codeword clearance but says none of the meeting was classified, since officially it didn’t happen.

According to Noonan: “The three of them sat like old friends and discussed strategies and made treaties. Clinton’s crimes were to be set aside until his wife finished 2 terms of working with Republicans to shore up the base and ‘move away from these Trump loving racists’ as Ryan put it. Lynch would seal the deal by not investigating the Clintons further. Ryan gets to remain Speaker, the Democrats get the Senate and the White House and 2024 is up for grabs.”

Obviously there are many more details, many dark secrets and much more story to tell. The entire interview with Noonan will premier on Fox News on July 28th.”

More on site.


Comment by deester on July 18, 2017 @ 10:51 am

This is more fake news originating with,  a sister site to lastlineofdefense.   Both sites are fake and sensational satire sites looking to hook right wingers.

And they keep adding to the thread, being in Paul Ryan, in subsequent stories.

Dmitri Noonan is a fictitious person.


Liking the posts deester.

Nothing to say about them but still thought I’d mention!


These must be desperate times indeed. In my group where we focus to help, one guy has been blocked from his Higher Self with headache pains, another has contracted Lyme disease, a third constantly feels energetically drained & I had a negative plasma attack from which recovery is slow & painful. Can only assume we were doing good work, & will be resuming.

My dog is fighting on, trying to stand again after becoming so weak from the constant spasms which have died down but are not over yet. It’s two hourly electrolytes & concentrated food paste & daily visits to the vet for her three injections. I have no idea if she will make it.


2017-07-16 Connecting Consciousness Simon Q&A

‘They’ painted a corrosive substance on both his break cables so he ended up with no brake fluid but had ‘help’ to make it to a garage.

UK construction company Carillion, employing 50,000, shares down 70% in three days – indicative of the fragility of the economic house of cards.

The true records from the library of Alexandria & from under the Sphinx & from another library have been expropriated by the Vatican. There is no truthful record available to the public concerning the nature of our solar planetary system.

The moon landing as televised did not take place.

Recent ’smoke rings’ captured on film/photos are cloaked space craft & huge but NOT Nibiru.


Oh My… a new site…


Jerry Wills went through a portal, a rock structure at Aramu Muru, near lake Titicaca in Peru in 1998.
Using three repeated tones he transports to a white room, no floor, no ceiling.

He talks to a voice:
“. . (they) had been very curious about the nature of the universe. In order to understand their universe, they tried to recreate using what they knew to recreate a model of the universe. But what had happened is that when they recreated this, their creation had started to evolve. It had evolved up to a point to where it stopped growing. It was quite large and that they had created another universe inadvertently. They weren’t planning on doing this. And it had evolved. And it evolved quite rapidly.
. . the ‘rods’(of pulsed light) were not through it. They were around its perimeter — didn’t even look like they were connected to anything. They didn’t seem to have any reason to be placed the way they were placed. It was very abstract.”

I said, ‘These light rods, what’s that?’

He says, “Well, that holds it in place and maintains the balance. So we think that’s the reason why it stopped evolving.”

“I think so. When he was telling me about this, they were really very afraid that it was going to continue growing and it would just overwhelm them and then what would happen to them?”

“He (Other Universe Voice) told me that they were trying to understand their place within their universe and that what they had discovered is that they were inside of someone else’s universe just like we were inside of theirs. He says it’s just layers and layers and there is very little that separates one from the other. That’s what they had learned.”


Jerry thought the closest analogy would be the atomic and sub-atomic particle research we humans were doing at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, that was first turned on in September 2008 (re. sub atomic black holes to other dimensions).

“This Voice, he was talking about how they were colliding particles and somehow a spark had occurred. And the spark didn’t go away. Instead, it started growing. And as it grew, it started accumulating and creating more of itself on its own.

He said, ‘Think of it maybe as a white hole. Think of it as a place where all of creation manifests itself within these torrents of energy that are moving both inward and outward simultaneously. It was really a difficult thing to try to understand.

That Voice I was talking to was telling me that part of their interest was that when they looked outward, things just expanded out and out and out, but there were things that were identical Out There as there were the  deeper and deeper they looked into the smallest things — that it was always the same — the same if it was an atom versus a galaxy.

They were trying to understand their place in the universe. What they didn’t expect was to find that there was a universe that they were within and that there was a universe that they surrounded. It was quite an astonishing thing to have discovered for them.

What it’s left me with is a sense of awe. The thing that I find to be most remarkable is that at least between this universe and that one, there are beings who are aware of themselves and aware of their surroundings. But it is that spark of life that joins us, no matter what universe we’re in. I know there is life out there among those stars. Somehow there is a veil.  Somehow there’s this barrier — this thing that I passed through twice. So this commonality of life, I find that to be awe inspiring. No matter where you go, there’s a spark of intelligence and a spark of life out there, and it can be quite good.”


Am sure this really happened to Jerry Wills, but I still reckon it sounds like an elaborate excuse for the shite that’s going down now fwiw!


Mate that sucks!


Copying the post does not paste nicely at all with a 1 at the start & then a 2 at the bottom & it doesn’t start at the beginning of the page.


I have to say this offends my free market ideas. Ben has only improved the site in relation to attacks by the negative. He has not had the motivation to do so before he has been made to. Before this point he has been happy receiving money and never thought to improve the comment section or service in general.

Just looked at the North Korean chart in relation to these eclipses: Pluto is at 15 degrees Leo exactly the point of the closing eclipse of the 7th of August and Saturn is exactly at the point of the eclipse on the 21st of August.

Which would make sense! Pluto seems to often be “Whatever the Illuminati happen to be doing”. Saturn has different manifestations but like in a person it can be tyranny or it can be self discipline. (I have a small amount of information that Saturn is strong in committed liberals. To me that would be in its negative manifestation. To a liberal of course they would consider this a positive manifestation if they acknowledged astrology)

So I would say if there is no interference with North Korea they would become more tyrannical around this period… Which of course is one of those predictions that no one would notice.


No time stamp, only day & date.


Don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a new iPhone look to Ben’s blog. Part of the intelligence he’s reporting? The look has changed drama-tically. No one else saying differently, so guess it’s just my iPhone that’s affected.

And, yes, Zander. Feeling unusually different. This should be of no surprise, but for the longest time I’ve noticed many repeat cable programs, too many, making me wonder why am I subscribing to cable if all I see are repeat programs?

Secret societies going to war? Wonder who is going to be the top gun on or about 8-8-2017?

Feels weird using this format. Font is italics.

There were 98 comments posted when I arrived with last comment posted was Zander, time missing, too.

Need time out. The site is programmed by Word Press. Be back later.

Malama pono, 8-8-2017!


Now, if he can just eliminate something fat, nasty & green?


Yes, K-puppy. Now I feel better about “down to earth” intelligence.

Malama pono, 8-8-2017!


Hmm–I think the format has changed . It appears to be a wordpress format now.


Oh, first, about Obama being double agent? Bingo! Explains a lot regarding his being a figurehead president of the US Corporation. Correction: Please stop with the lies. There is no real government of America. It is a corporation. He is the figurehead for de facto government, United States not the supposed corporation with the State of Hawaii being a department of the federal government.

Malama pono, 8-8-17!


This morning I learned that Islam believes dogs are unclean (impure). I guess there are areas in Europe that are controlled by Sharia law where dogs are not permitted in parks. I would guess they had plans like that for American cities. If the USA is supposed to be the great american melting pot then there is no room for “sanctuary cities” where any one religion or race reigns supreme.


Just seen the members only part of this post! While I was not logged in of course.

AI is stuck in a loop and black sun gamma rays… I love this blog!


Organ Harvesting at the Mayo Clinic?

Jason Goodman

Streamed live 11 hours ago
As the so called “Clinton Body Count” steadily grows, we can’t help but ask are the mysterious deaths of Beranton Whisenant, Peter Smith and Klaus Eberwein somehow linked?

Become a sponsor of Crowdsource the Truth and support the effort


Peter Smith Was “Dealing with a Problem” at the Mayo Clinic

Jason Goodman–r_L8A

Streamed live 11 hours ago
Those were Charles Ortel’s exact words only two days ago. Was Smith there to receive healthcare treatment or was he investigating some issue with the clinic itself?


Jim Stone

BUSTED: Russian who met with Trump’s son worked for the FBI!

True Pundit did a documents request and found out that it was an FBI sponsored gig all the way!

“The Russian translator at the Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. worked with the State Department and the FBI during Robert Mueller’s tenure as Director of the Bureau, according to documents obtained by True Pundit.
Mueller, the former FBI director, is currently the United States Special Counsel investigating President Donald Trump’s administration and White House aides for alleged connections to supposed Russian factions. While Big Media has tried to portray Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., as having orchestrated a clandestine meeting with the Russians to attempt to find dirt on Hillary Clinton, few can seem to explain how a person linked to the FBI and Mueller, who was calling the shots for the Bureau at the time, ended up at the very same Trump Tower sit down.

Mueller’s office did not return calls for comment. The translator, Anatoli Samochornov, who also worked for the US State Department until recently, could not be reached for comment either. Former FBI officials with knowledge of the meeting and possible other FBI work performed by Samochornov refused to go on the record.

So there you have it – the death knell for Trump/Russia revision 2.0. They won’t give up, there will be a Trump/Russia revision 9.1, BET ON IT because the left has a set in stone policy of simply lying until it finally sticks. SEE THIS


Google to release lab grown mosquitos in Fresno!

What in the world is Google doing dabbling around in stuff like this?

Google is going to be releasing approximately 20 million lab grown mosquitos in Fresno. Supposedly they are all male so they won’t bite. They are infected with a bacteria that makes females sterile.
Somehow the zika carrying mosquitos made it to Fresno in 2013 (the same way they made it to Mexico obviously, via a helicopter that flew around and released them) but that’s beside the point. Create a problem and then offer a solution that produces the desired outcome, whatever that is I guess.

And yes, this story comes complete with a hoax girl who supposedly got Zika through sex. Not that she’d notice, and not that she’d ever be tested for it, because it has no symptoms anyone would go to the doctor for. And yes, they’ll probably have microcephaly cases in Fresno because Zika has never caused that before either but is a convenient scapegoat for damage caused other ways. Heck, maybe Google is actually releasing a GMO brain shrinking agent, They can be trusted after all, RIGHT? and then they’ll no doubt say, SEE, WE TOLD YOU SO, and we tried to stop it!

That’s how the game is played, SEE THIS


Jim Stone


From World Net Daily
Hillary Clinton and Vincent Foster were friends and business associates at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, and Foster followed the Clintons to the White House soon after Bill Clinton’s election as president.

NEW YORK – As Donald Trump revives the two-decade old Vince Foster case, the charge that the cause of death of the top aide and close friend of the Clintons may not have been suicide has once again been dismissed as the stuff of “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

But less than three months ago, WND reported a resignation letter surfaced from the lead investigator in independent counsel Robert Fiske’s investigation of the Foster case, Miquel Rodriguez, outlining evidence of his charge that the case was fixed.

Thirteen years ago, WND reported Rodriguez, an assistant U.S. attorney, made an audio recording in which he charged the suicide ruling was predetermined, the crime scene was altered and major newspaper editors killed stories by reporters pursuing the truth.

“This whole notion of [Fiske and Starr] doing an honest investigation is laughable, ” Rodriguez says in the tape.

In his resignation letter, Rodriquez refers to photographs showing a wound on Foster’s neck that was not mentioned in Starr’s official government report.

The obvious questions: How could a suicide victim be found with two wounds, a .38-caliber gunshot into the mouth that exited through his head and another wound on the right side of his neck that one of the paramedics described as a small-caliber bullet hole? And why would the government investigators go to great lengths to cover it up?

National Archives discovery

In 2009, two documents created by Rodriguez were discovered in the National Archives by researchers Hugh Turley and Patrick Knowlton.

But Knowlton was not just any amateur researcher. He was a grand jury witness who happened to be in Fort Marcy Park the day Foster died and noticed discrepancies that were never addressed by Starr’s report.

Allan Favish, a Los Angeles attorney who took a Freedom of Information Act case all the way to the Supreme Court seeking access to photographs of Foster’s body as it lay in the park, said he started looking into the case shortly after Foster’s death in 1993.

It was Favish who brought the National Archives discoveries by Turley and Knowlton to the attention of WND.

“It all started in the mid-1990s, not too long after Foster’s death, and I saw on the Internet, which was very unsophisticated at the time, some people posting things about the death, ” Favish told WND. “Hugh Turley was involved very early on along with Knowlton.”

Rodriguez’s resignation letter to Starr, dated Jan. 17, 1995, says he was quitting because evidence was being overlooked in a rush to judgment in favor of suicide and closing the grand-jury investigation.

In the audio recording, Rodriguez said the accepted verdict, that Foster killed himself at Ft. Marcy Park near Washington, was predetermined by a “higher authority” at the start of the investigation. Rodriguez noted he did extensive interviews with major newspapers, including the New York Times, that were never published.

MY COMMENT: At the time, Rush Limbaugh was all over the topic, and I was an avid listener. During his programs it was revealed that Vince Foster was murdered because he had the job of running Clinton cash from America to Europe to hide it in Swiss bank accounts, and he knew too much. There was nothing about him crossing the Clintons, he was simply taken out because he knew too much.

At any rate, this is one of the key highly transparent Clinton murders. See more on this at World Net Daily


I thought my computer needed to be refreshed. Turned it off then back on to find no change.

These changes are OK but I do like the time and date stamp. Easier to track posts. Hope Ben can rectify this omission.



Words fail me…


Surely there must be an Emmy of the State joke in there somewhere…


Regarding bugs, we don’t have many anymore here in western PA – my husband even remarked about it. We know about the bees dying, but just about everything else has too. So if our mosquito population ever picks up, we’ll know something is up.


Nah. I got a new layout too and I’m on android. Reply function in line now as well….still no gravatar though.

I’ve wondered a bit about the primative comments functionality under the older layout. Seems to me, that perhaps keeping this place a relative backwater by making it less convenient to use, may have been the point.

And, an aside…I’ve noticed a rather large change in the character of my dreaming, the last few days, in particular. Anyone else noticing that too?


2017-07-17 Rhodan 78 Meetis 77 Kraton 12 Guest Peter “The Insider”

Just listening to this now. Peter the ACIO insider is a guest.


Great post Ben.
I don’t see how Canada could take over the US military, or do anything of consequence, with a 14 year-old boy running the country. Perhaps the appointment of a former astronaut to Governor General and the exposure of Trudeau as a puppet for Soros will bring about the change we need?


Do you remember a few years back when the state highway patrol in Texas was pulling people over on the highway and doing cheek swabs??

I wondered if it was to check for a match for some elite to get organs.

I wondered who might have a car “accident” to get them.

And who lived in Texas?? Who might have some long lost cousin living under a “Bush”?


I liked the time stamps but I also like this format–where you can respond to a post.


The USA definitely doesn’t want to come under control of Canada if this is true.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Issues Formal Apology, Awards Al-Qaeda Terrorist Convicted Of Slaughtering U.S. Serviceman $10.5 Million.


Cashless Society Alert: Visa Will Be Giving Up To $500,000 To Restaurants That Go ‘100% Cashless’

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The push toward a cashless society is becoming more of a shove. Before today I had never heard of “The Visa Cashless Challenge”, but after reading about it I have to say that I am quite alarmed. Visa is trying to “encourage” businesses to go cashless, and one of the ways that they will be doing this is by “awarding up to $500,000 to 50 eligible US-based small business food service owners who commit to joining the 100% cashless quest”. The food industry is still one of the last bastions where cash is used very heavily, and so it makes sense that Visa would want to target that segment. Of course the more people that use cards to pay for meals, the more money that Visa will make.



DOD and HUD Missing BILLIONS: Supporting Documentation
by Catherine Austin Fitts,

Thanks to Dr. Mark Skidmore and his graduate students we are publishing a list of the supporting documentation for undocumentable adjustments identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal 1998-2015.

Dr. Skidmore is the Director of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University and Professor and Morris Chair in State and Local Gov’t Finance and Policy.

Our gratitude for his efforts to understand and document this phenomenon is “off the charts”! We will be adding additional files and information as they find them.


Legendary Investor Predicts Worst Crisis In His Lifetime | Exclusive With Jim Rogers

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Elijah Johnson

Mike King of The Great Tomato Bubble exposes the Dunkirk films lies and distortions. The Zio-tard producers figure the scuttlefish will endorse anything that is promoted to the hilt and presented in IMAX 70 mm.


wow what a change

Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning


I am using more cash and not supporting big stores 99% of the time..
won’t use google at all and there will be plenty of places to go that
don’t use just credit… resistance is the way to go. They have failed
at everything else they do. They throw tons of money at problems
and it doesn’t work, why would this be any different.

tell everyone you know to resist


I remember when vince foster died – pretty suspicious and we all knew it was Hillary at the
time. All these people the Clintons are killing – its just to much to allow any more of this.


Don’t now about you, but had to turn down the light on the screen a notch.
Lets hope this new light reflects in the coming reports.
Miss the time stamp! + to the reply botton!


Crowdsource the Truth (George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron + vast crowd of citizen investigators) has uncovered so much corruption. Lots of folks working with them to uncover
the truth. I think it would be easier for them to investigate what ISN’T corrupt – a much smaller
piece. A safe assumption at this point is EVERYTHING is corrupt and the CIA/US Gov’t is in on it.


How vaccines are REALLY made

The Health Ranger

Published on Apr 5, 2017
Based on CDC and FDA documents, this animation reveals the actual ingredients and manufacturing methods used to create modern vaccines.

46 seconds in is enough for me…


It does sound as though an idea made up by those on magic mushrooms.

Justin Trudeau is a piece of slime.


Flat Earth and the 3-6-9 Round Planet Discussion

Published on Jul 18, 2017
This report discusses Flat Earth and Round Earth theory while showing and discussing how Nikola Tesla’s obsession with 3-6-9 can help to explain how the Flat Earth can be flat while also being a Round and spherical Earth, at the same time. It is my firm belief that the Tesla secret science of 369 is what allows for this dualism that Earth represents while being round and flat at the same time.


A fresh new look…some good work has been done here. The thing I miss are the timestamps, as they’re handy for bookmarking. The Reply buttons are a good addition.


and the gov’t will now how much $ tips the waitress is getting for tax purposes.

But, mostly you won’t be able to have a stash under your bed for emergencies–all of your money will be in a bank–ready for the bank to take it for their “emergencies”.


It is almost unbelievable how many people die associated with the Clintons–I would guess over 100.


It’s good that according to Ben and his sources, that dreadful pro Israel woman wasn’t elected in France:

Ben 8th May 2017: Regardless though, Japanese military intelligence is now saying that defeated French presidential candidate Marine le Pen was in fact the daughter of a Mossad agent.


Breitbart: French President Macron: Anti-Zionism is the New Anti-Semitism


George Webb says there is a faction – a sliver – of Congress that is helping him b/c they
don’t want this blackmail to continue.

I agree with Catherine Austin Fitts. Let the Congress people confidentially confess what’s in their blackmail file. Then it can’t be used against them anymore.

Give them immunity for the crimes they may have committed – hell everyone else seems to be getting it. WE HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. Many more
lives are at stake including ours.


Defend Europa: The Abhorrent Transformation of Britain
Red Ice TV
Published on Jul 17, 2017
William is a historian and minor political activist. He writes for Defend Europa and has a passion for European politics and the future of our continent in the face of existential crisis. Laura is a nationalist from Yorkshire in England and a writer for Defend Europa. Laura’s main interests are population replacement and Islam.

Website dedicated to the immigration crisis in Europe.


Project Camelot

Published on Jul 17, 2017
This is an update on upcoming shows and a call out to fans to contribute to John Lear. His mortgage has doubled and he has no way to pay for air conditioning for his house in Vegas, Nevada. Please send money via Paypal to



Juju, the “info” about President Obama was fake news. It originayed with Sorcha Faal, a disinfo site. Ben picked ot ip and even referenced Whatdoesitmean, which fid shock me. I called it at that time, I think.
a quick search will show the fakeness.


Sorry about the typos. Often, I paste comments from my memo pad, and they revert to the original with all the typos I just corrected !?

“We also look at the symbol for the Sun, as it produces the light that enables Earth to cast the shadow in the first place: ‘The Storm Ended, All Nature Rejoices In Brilliant Sunshine’. Ah! This promises that the eclipse brings an end to ‘the storm’, or that if the event creates a storm or brings one to a head, it will quickly ‘clear up’. The Lunar eclipse promises to reveal the reasons for the storm or upset via a ‘clear’ outlook and the perspective offered by distance through time, useful even when that distance is the immediate past.”
Like “…the end of the storm”


So much for the ” citizen journalist
When all the person does is repeat b******* from some right-wing website


Thank you night singer for pointing out the patently false crap that gets circulated with a question

deester and YouTube – accessories after the fact.

Excerpt: When bans books or YouTube takes down videos, there is the widespread perception that nothing can be done about it because they are private corporations. Because they are not “state actors”, they are generally believed to be entitled to take-downs of books and videos, even when those actions are capricious or arbitrary. But just as the Civil Rights Movement taught us, there are constraints on the actions of private entities when their actions violate state or federal laws. That is not permissible.

The pattern that has emerged from their recent practices of banning books and censoring YouTube videos about the purported Sandy Hook child shooting massacre of 14 December 2012, which the book, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), and those YouTube videos demonstrate to have been a FEMA drill presented as a LIVE event, provides proof that and YouTube have become accessories after the fact to fraud and theft by deception and therefore both appear to be liable to criminal prosecution.

More on site.




Just like the wretched forfeiture seizures, now governments in Michigan are seizing people’s houses, selling them for unpaid taxes, and pocketing the full amount.

Excerpt: The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to stop governments in Michigan from collecting overdue property taxes by confiscating the property, selling it and keeping the entire profit.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs, who want back the difference between their taxes owed and what the government got for their properties, warn that similar scenarios are arising in a handful of other states.

WND reported in March an appeals court decided 2-1 based on jurisdictional issues that it could not order the return of the $19 0,000 profit Van Buren County made when it confiscated a church’s camp property for nonpayment of taxes.

Two other plaintiffs, each of whom lost smaller parcels, are joining Wayside Church in being represented by Pacific Legal Foundation.

Read more at 9 RFpm25DHoQGFPkd.9 9" rel="nofollow"> RFpm25DHoQGFPkd.9 9


cooool ben wrote about looping…..

so many examples of looping designed into the prison construct absolutely…..

like classic rock stations – same songs that are played over and over and over again…..

its like crocodile Dundee watched tv for 5 seconds when he was a kid…..

then decades later in newyork he switched on the tv for another 5 seconds to view the same show…..real mickey mouse 3d stuff(nothing against mickey mouse of course…..)…..hahahahaha…..


This is a rather convoluted, yet step by step, series of events when moving into our future crystal and light manifestations into our future.
Dec 16, 2008

You may already have listened it, but worth hearing again.
The last part does a nice short wrap-up. It answered some questions I’ve had and connected some dots. By now there must be many such people like this.

Be in Joy, Peace Peace and Freedom,

I don’t know if all of the ads are supporting Kerry or not, but I let each rather interesting ad run in full. Just one very loong Investment program got shot down when I had had enough.


I’ve been reading John L Casey’s book Cold Sun which exposes the global warming fraud and tells the truth that we’ve started a period of global cooling ~2011 that will last until 2050.

Excellent book. I’m going to pass on to family who I’m sure are clueless. Let them read the evidence that should open their eyes to the MSM fraud about global warming and a lot of other stuff.


ferom this article-quote—–Saudi police have arrested a young woman who was earlier filmed wearing a miniskirt and crop top, wandering around a village in a conservative rural area near the country’s capital, local media reported. The footage sparked debate on social media. —–unquote…..


as Michael tsarion has spoke of…..

the levels of tyranny experienced by the humanoids on the earths surface…..

the first group who experience the most tyranny are the children…..then the woman…..then the men…..
someday this war is going to be over…..


from this article-quote—–An Israeli Christian has been charged with killing his teenage daughter over her relationship with a Muslim man.

Sami Karra allegedly murdered his 17-year-old daughter Henriette because he objected to her relationship with a Muslim man who was serving time in prison, according to Haaretz.

The paper reports that Henriette planned to convert to Islam for the man.

Henriette’s mother, Aliham, told the police her husband felt humiliated by his daughter’s behavior and saw it as an affront to the “family’s honor.”—–unquote…..


wow how dark hearted and brainwashed can a sentient being become…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


Michael Snyder Discovers How Members Of Congress REALLY Spend Their Time

When I Found Out How Members Of Congress Really Spend Their Time, I Just About Threw Up…

From Michael Snyder:

Did you know that many members of Congress spend three or four hours a day “dialing for dollars” in cramped call centers that both parties have set up in Washington? I promised that I would keep all of you updated on what I am learning as I run for Congress, and what I learned the other day just about had me losing my lunch. I always imagined members of Congress spending long hours in their offices working on legislation and other important matters, but the truth is that most members of Congress are little more than glorified telemarketers at this point. Winning the next election is everything for most of these Congress critters, and so they spend far more time making cold calls to potential donors than doing anything else.

Have you ever had a politician call you up in the middle of the day begging for money? It is an absolutely disgraceful thing to do, but the truth is that money is the number one factor in determining election outcomes, and so our professional politicians have an endless appetite for it.

Every two years, more than a billion dollars is spent on congressional elections, and those that are masters at raising money just keep winning over and over again.

Something desperately needs to be done to fix our fundamentally flawed system, but neither party seems to have any desire to take the money out of politics.


Sheldon nidles update for the galactic federation of light and the spiritual hyarchy…..july.18/2017

excerpt from the ascended masters-quote—–It is vital that you transform your present reality. This land no longer suits most of you. Heaven is mercifully altering who you are. We know just how Heaven desires to change you. In this blessed Light, you all require a new and more appropriate environment. Delays do not serve you well. It is our purpose to use our earthly influence to aid you in achieving an end to the continuing tyranny of the dark. We are to use our good offices to see that what was promised to you surely materializes. We are ever in your heavenly service! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our weekly reports. There is still much to do. We continue to recommend that those funds needed including a new form of government be quickly provided. It is time to finally do away with and to change this reality to the sovereign and abundant government long promised you. Remember that the countless and never ending supply of Heaven is indeed yours. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One and Be In Joy!)—–unquote…..


from cobras july.05/2017 situation update-quote—–The Chimera group is worried more and more about the „invasion of Galactic Confederation fleet“ and they are beefing up their defense positions in Low Earth orbit. They are behind the creation of the sixth branch of US military:—–unquote…..

intel of recent indicates a move soon may be made to clear the way for full liberation of our peoples…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


Hi Zander,
I’m with you there. Not really happy with the new format. How can we ever go back to a previous message as with no date / time stamp there is no way of quickly finding it?
Also, this is a try out to see where any comments / replies to others’ will appear and how you as the originator will see it.

The layout (print type) is clear enough, but I did prefer the previous setup.
Best regards and for you and Millie.


Hi Rhonda,

So do I ! I usually keep a record of where I was at (time/datestamp) at the end of each day so that I can go straight there the next day. Now we will need to review ALL comments to see any responses to others’ comments.
Making it more difficult to communicate I think.


Chris Hurst, “white hot lover” of Alison Parker of the Roanoke, Virginia television interview fake shooting, is running for 12 District Virginia House of Delegates.

“You may know me as the former evening anchor of WDBJ7 Roanoke. Through that job, I traveled the region, talking to, and learning from you. I heard about and reported on the issues that impact your pocketbooks and your family. Now I want to do more. I believe the people of Southwest Virginia need a strong voice in Richmond. Someone who will advocate for our education system, expand access to healthcare, increase economic opportunity, and protect our natural resources. Please join me.”

Here he is with his photo album and very fake acting.

He also Tweeted that she had been shot approximately 20 minutes before the alleged event happened. Funny that there were piles of photos of her with Daniel Wulz on his Facebook page. They were taken down and now he has no Facebook page, but here is an article. Who is her real boyfriend?


Hi Cornpoppin,

Maybe with this format, when the NEXT weekly update from Ben is posted, we will only need to look at THREADS. I.e. the format will be more structured and a post will be grouped. However it will mean starting at the beginning each time we log in to see any responses – will take more time than a simple continuous flow of messages.




Hi Alan!
re. your reply to Rhonda and cornpoppin:
Agree! I retract what I said about the reply botton, for now… But this is how every other site/blog works. Isn’t it?
Different here is volume. Always somebody sharing 24 hours a day.
We could continue to reply by only using profile names, as many do. Copy a key word or two or links if those exist. Like – re. your post with respect to…or similar.
It would only work if all do the same, saving everyone time (the key point you mention in reply to the changes)
best regards


Hi Siggi,
Yes, you are correct there and I think that it may actually work out okay in that each new blogger (in a particular weekly update) will in-fact form there own “THREAD”. So then we can always go to that thread and ignore any that are not of interest (the old scroll finger).

Of course if someone posts new items all the time, that will create multiple threads for that person too and may confuse for a short while. I am willing to see how it pans out – but I guess I will have no choice but to make the best of it.



Genius of Trump enrages liberal media

* The Australian
* 12:00AM July 19, 201

John Howard wrapped up a conversation about Donald Trump with The Australian’s Paul Kelly last week rather neatly. He rolled his eyes to high heaven when chairman of the left-leaning US Studies Centre Mark Baillie encouraged the audience to look out for a new paper by the centre’s chief executive, Simon Chapman. It’s called Impeachment 101 and Trump.

Many won’t budge when it comes to Trump. They’re not much interested in advice from Australia’s second longest serving prime minister that it is too early to make definitive judgments about Trump’s presidency after just six months in office. Trump has said some sensible things, like telling the Europeans to lift their weight on their own defence rather than free-riding on America. To be sure, there are risks around trade with Trump, but Howard recalled having more arguments as prime minister with US president Bill Clinton over lamb exports than anything else. Howard chastised the new French President: Emmanuel Macron needs to earn a few stripes before presuming to mark an American president.
On Trump’s capacity to manage a crisis, Howard made the obvious point: so far the only field evidence is Trump’s decision to bomb Syria for unleashing chemical weapons on its own people — “and just about everyone applauded that”, Howard said. Trump has also, in a speech in May in Saudi Arabia, implored the governments of the Middle East to drive out terrorists from their holy lands. And then, in his recent Warsaw speech, he defended the core tenets of Western civilisation. Howard said it would be wise to ask whether his brusque deal-making, locker-room style, is the whole man, and those who are writing him off already are foolish.
On that score, the media is replete with fools with an unwavering media orthodoxy: the man must be impeached, he’s unhinged, his character is all wrong, he’s crude, he’s rude, he’s putting family in charge of the country, he’s alone on the world stage, he’s cutting off Europe, he’s out of his depth with North Korea and China, he’s clearly in cahoots with Russia and Vlad Putin, he’s a weird night-time tweeter who simply should not be president. Barack Obama never behaved this way. Hillary Clinton would never have behaved like this as madam president.
The media’s conventional wisdom misses one glaringly obvious point: Trump is a completely unconventional President, just as he was a very different candidate vying for the Republican nomination and just as he was a very different contender facing off against Hillary Clinton. Understand this elemental truth, then put it aside as less important than matters of substance. The constant blather about Trump’s style and character, whether it’s in the media or at dinner parties, is propelling too many people into intergalactic irrelevance. And in space no one can hear you scream.
The genius of Trump is how he manipulates fools in the media to his own ends. During last year’s presidential campaign, mainstream media’s “get Trump” cov­erage backfired badly. The more the media dumped on Trump, the more coverage it gave him and the more it helped Trump win the presidency — not just with free air­time, estimated to be worth $US2 billion, but by feeding Trump’s message of a biased media. It’s the same now. Trump goes after the “fake news” media because he can and because it works. Trump speaks directly to his 34 million Twitter followers without being filtered by the media. This drives the media nuts, as it can’t game the system the same way.
As The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin said during a speech a few months ago, while left-liberal politics were baked into the journalism cake decades ago during the social revolution of the 1960s and 70s, what happened last year was something altogether worse. “As with grief, there were several stages” in journalists’ coverage of Trump, he said. They started out treating him like a joke, then, when Trump won the GOP nomination, the media got angry, especially because his battle with the media aided and abetted his rise. Since he won the presidency, the media has tried to get even, calling for Trump’s impeachment absent hard evidence. Having helped create the celebrity who became a president, the media seems to imagine it can bring him down too.

Trump’s message resonates because the media’s anti-Trump bias is still evident. Just look at the feverish reporting of the latest ABC/Washington Post poll this week. Trump’s six-month approval rating is at an all-time low, sitting at just 36 per cent, the lowest of any president in 70 years. Our own excitable ABC journalists added that the poll had a fine history of accuracy; it was out by only 2 per cent at the November presidential poll. No biggie unless you remember that being out by 2 per cent meant the poll failed to predict the 45th American President.

When former FBI boss James Comey gave evidence before the US Senate last month, there was fanatical condemnation of Trump by the unholy trinity of The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN. Cooler analysis might have noted that Comey refused to say Trump’s actions were an obstruction of justice. There’s no excited reporting of the poll that found 79 per cent of Republican voters backed Trump’s decision to sack Comey. Or of last week’s poll that found 60 per cent of Trump voters weren’t fussed by Donald Trump Jr meeting a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Clinton during last year’s campaign.
Attacking the media works for Trump for another reason: the cycle suits him. He tweets about “Low IQ Crazy Mika” and “Psycho Joe” from MSNBC Morning Joe. He posts hashtags like #FraudNewsCNN and #FNN — fraud news network. He posts spoofs on Twitter of him in a WWE professional wrestling match with a candidate wearing a CNN logo. The media responds: he’s juvenile, he’s encouraging violence. He’s un-presidential, petty and devaluing his office. A comedian quips: “Imagine a kindergarten principal tweeting: ‘The little f..ker punched me first’.” Sweet old actress Mia Farrow demands that the President “stop this nonsense”. Author JK Rowling quotes George Washington about silence being the best answer to calumny.
Then Trump strikes back. The media responds with more attacks and unwittingly, the outraged media and countless celebrities become his useful idiots, their frenzied loathing helping him to feed the message about media bias and disconnected celebrities. Then, the media ratchets up its Trump loathing even further when it realises he’s playing it like a hillbilly fiddler.
Indeed, if this continues for 3½ more years, the US President will look more like a masterful conductor of Wagner’s epic Ring cycle.
Constant entreaties for the US President to act more presidential fail to understand him. Trump is unlike anything America, or the world, has seen before. He makes no apologies and he’s not interested in changing. He celebrates his difference, tweeting: “My use of social media is not Presidential — it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again.” Normal programming cannot resume until the media starts reporting news and offering considered analysis rather than trying to get even with a modern-day President it helped create.

Kind regards.

July 19, 2017 9.10 am AEST




Israel Pushes Trump to Wider Wars
July 18, 2017 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article
Israel Pushes Trump to Wider Wars

Robert Parry reports that “Russia-gate is empowering Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to strong-arm President Trump into escalating the Syrian war by abandoning a recent cease-fire and challenging Iran and Russia.”

Netanyahu intends to use the US to overthrow Syria and Iran in order to end those governments’ military and financial support for Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia that prevents Israel from annexing southern Lebanon with its water resources.

As both the Democratic and Republican parties have been neoconized along with Trump’s government (see: ), Washington supports Netanyahu and not Trump.

The American “superpower” has proved to be no match whatsover for Israel, which rules US politics with an iron hand. See:
Is this an accurate assessment please?
Kind regards,
Comment by tippy July 19, 2017 9.23 am AEST


re your reply to my reply to your reply to Rhonda and cornpoppin lol
Thanks for pointing all this out.
best regards


Aloha Fellow Bloggers,Back after a long while followed but was unable to respond or post, Hello to the oldsters and those I haven’t traded comments with. let me know if I am remembered?


Hey Merek,

SOOOO glad to hear from you again – you have been missed!

Welcome back. How have things been for you? We are all still plying our various points of view as you will have seen, but your contributionbs have always been well received and looked forward to.

Best regards my friend,


Book mark for fellow bloggers.

It is 12:48 pm New Zealand time on Wednesday 19th July here. That means 9:48 am same day in Japan (to use the old date stamp method).



Hi Rhonda!
I’m behind schedule. But now I’ve listen to the wolf spirit show you recommend.

First – as you stated – you knew I would be open to this..Thank you for that. 🙂 This is precisely who I am., have been all my life – to many eye rolling and head shaking people frustration .
The reason perhaps is the “knowingness” we/I have inside, took this precious gem with us – that all is possible. And possible trough You/me/all of us. You and I are the Magician, Artist and Creator.
My life is my witness – that is the reason why I share. To be “personal” with respect and not tramp others down, is my way, – without fear. All in a good uplifting way, I hope
Been attacked by black magic many times. My life has been on the line at least 5-6 times. But my fear is all gone. Been helped trough it A LOT, there’s no turning back. I am all in!
Personal remarks:
(not been listen to Drake since 2010 – 2011)
So with all that in mind I do agree with many things in the show. Mainly because I can relate to it directly, my everyday “guiding program” confirms. The Time anomalies, the energy flux (not sure it’s to late to flush out lower energies, still doing that). This aug/sept is extremely interesting…, 3d to 4d? AI in no control. (absolute)
Sadly “Hillary” and husband has been CIA agents since the 60’s (very correct) and got “permission to murder, rape..”. These are no persons, more a brand for for cabal to funnel evil through. We have all been sharing multiple credible post on this topic for years – no need to dig more.
I do not think they started out like this!

The key position for me will be: What kind of shift will we supporting! And – As long as the Andromedians – 1 of the four group in charge of the “shift”, I’m pretty happy. And – an individual can always add to the complex mosaic imo, perhaps even make one of their own?
When the time is right….., and that is right now. he he

Thanks for sharing Rhonda


A rare qoute
“turn your can’t into a Can”
so you have someting to carry your dreams in!


I’m sorry, if you were right, I’d agree with you.
Robin Williams


Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress …. But I repeat myself – Mark Twain


Flat Earth and the 3-6-9 Round Planet Discussion.

Thank you, Intruth.

A great story that holds lots of true truth. I started a new ContemPot and here are some early fruits.

I noticed he used the date 7-17-17- but it should be 07-17-17

There are ten, not just nine numerals in the Arabic numbers. quote:
Noun, plural zeros, zeroes.
the figure or symbol 0, which in the Arabic notation for numbers stands for the absence of quantity; cipher.
the origin of any kind of measurement; line or point from which all divisions of a scale, as a thermometer, are measured in either a positive or a negative direction.
a mathematical value intermediate between positive and negative values. End quote.

In my code method for numerology, Zero means Source. We are Source yet separate and uniquely Individual.

Our individuality is the results of our choices and belief systems.

One new idea, creating, doingness.

Seven is ontemplation, ContemPot, Concideration.

07-17-17 seen as 3 pairs of 2 numerals and can add them to consider.

Two is beingness supporting the One in creating new life, a magnate’s push or pull

Three is speech, singing, sound, frequencies.

Right now I see that this extension aids in making the flat Earth and the round Earth. This also supports Them both up and working at the same time, but different levels.

Enough for now. I want to add the Crystal Girl to the pon and see what else I can harvest.

Oh just remembered to say, Tesla is reborn as Patrick Flanagan and has products for sale through phiscience .com

I hope you enjoyed this. I sure am.

Loving you,


July 19, 2017 9.10 tippy
Genius of Trump
Howard made the obvious point: so far the only field evidence is Trump’s decision to bomb Syria for unleashing chemical weapons on its own people — “and just about everyone applauded that
Just another stupid warmonger do you really think the syrians Unleashed chemical weapons on its own people that’s complete b******* and Trump falling into Nuttin Yahoo web of Deceit


To day is my birthday!
I rather would like to say it was the birthday of a new reality for us all. This”baby”… will be born, simply because we all helped to create it


Yes you are remembered by me! How are you doing?



Happy birthday Siggi – and many, many more!!!


Hope you have ( had) a great birthday, Siggi.


Happy birthday Siggy


Donald Trump is running a national-scale voter-suppression effort, billed as a “Voter Fraud Commission,” whose first act was to illegally demand that state election officials dox every registered voter by sending their lifelong voter records to the White House.

Not only did the states object to this — including red states with GOP governors — but so did many ordinary Americans, who wrote to Trump to tell them that they thought this was a bad idea.

The White House carefully gathered all of those letters from concerned voters, and published them, all 112 pages’ worth, without redacting those voters’ names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, and places of employment.


What a scumbag


No I don’t actually, thought that
was on the nose. Article printed in main
newspaper here, but that wasn’t why I
considered the article, it was the journalist,
Janet Albrechtsen
Janet Albrechtsen (who is an opinion columnist with The Australian. She has worked as a solicitor in commercial law, and attained a Doctor of Juridical Science from the University of Sydney. She has written for numerous other publications including the Australian Financial Review, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Age, and The Wall Street Journal.)
and mostly worth listening to.

Also John Howard is mostly wise and informed in his old age. Nevertheless, I would yield to an American citizen’s opinion of course, it’s your country. But it effects us too.

Thank you for your reply Caleb. I like this print.
Coment tippy July 19, 2017 , 2.07 pm AEST


To day is my birthday!”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY siggi, may it be
happy all the day long!
Kind regards, tight. 🙂


sorry, didn’t see the edit ..
‘Kind regards, tippy’


Signing off for today – using this post as a marker for me 4:35 my time
Night all,


Hi Alan

I make note of a couple of pertinent words in the last post I read then do a word search for that word to locate the last post I read. Not terribly convenient but doable.

Hope all are well, cold here today.



Hi Siggi

You’re very welcome. I just knew you would like that show. I also have gleaned a LOT from it. Glad you enjoyed it.



Hey Merek

Nice to see you once again!



Happy Birthday dear Siggi! Wishes for much happiness, love, laughter and good health to you and yours. My dearest and wonderful Aunt’s birthday is also today and she’s 90 going on 60 🙂 Love & light, Stefie


On 7/17/17, Benjamin wrote:
“In this context, the Asian Secret Society, the largest creditors to the United States Corporation, are seriously examining a WDS proposal to have Canada take over the bankrupt US and restore that country to democracy, the rule of law and sanity. In such a scenario the US military would remain fully funded as long as they promise to work for the greater good. This would immediately put an end to most of the world’s misery and conflict.”

Dear Ben, WDS, and All:
This is the second time that this potential agenda to put America under Canada has been mentioned in this newsletter. This is, however, the first we have heard that “the Asian Secret Society [is] the largest creditors to the United States Corporation”; which is interesting, as we were always told by major media that the largest creditors of the U.S.A. were mainly China, Japan, and a couple of others.

In any case, it should be understood that the States [and people] of the REAL American Republic – that still exists in its latent state, but, which was fraudulently and deceitfully usurped with the establishment of the United States CORPORATION, at the inception of the Columbia Organic Act of 1871, and by other means, since – have officially *disavowed* the U.S. CORPORATE debt, by formal notification, as [NOT] the lawful debt of the PEOPLE of America – but, rather, of the U.S. CORPORATION, itself, that incurred it (through fraud), for its own purposes, absent our consent and signatures.

In the 2012-2013 time period, it was reported, by a principal in that action, that the lawfully-executed documents with notification, to this effect, were properly filed, stamped, and acknowledged, as duly-noted and received at The Hague at the Netherlands. It was further reported, at the time that this transpired, that word was then immediately sent out from The Hague, to certain impacted elite, that, given the receipt of this official filing, it “could no longer protect them.”

WDS, please know that we appreciate you. It is assumed that WDS’s thoughtfully addressing the future well-being of America is likely well-intended, and that its proposal, re: America and Canada, is meant to be helpful. However, the thought to turn “America” over to “Canada” for its rehabilitation – though, it could be worse – is seen as ill-advised and somewhat absurd.

Yes, given problem conditions in the U.S., responsible Americans would certainly like to see America – that is, the REAL American Republic – “restore[d] to the rule of law and sanity” soon. However, with due respect, how can a country that is now overseen by young globalist Justin Trudeau, the multi-million dollar Clinton Foundation donor son of a known cocaine-snorting, reportedly pedophile cabal family, that has long been part of the problem, be rehabilitator of the Republic?

Please consider that this proposal, however well-meant, will not be well-received by the many aware Americans who have long reviled and endured the corruption of our usurpers. Accordingly, please rethink this strategy, right away, and replace this proposed plan with something better. Thank you. ~ EAN44 for Concerned Humanity


We Are Now into Controlled Demolition-Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter On July 19, 2017


Happy Birthday Siggi

Hope you have a great day!

There are a number of birthdays this week, have a happy day everyone who is celebrating!



comment image

Enforce the Constitution or Kiss Your Money Goodbye


Comic came from – Catherine Austin Fitts


Oh wow, we are being updated… Soon Caleb will become a victim of the right wing meme war!
We have BOLD everyone! I don’t seem to have paragraph though.
Anyway, something I saw today in relation to Bens narrative:
Ben Fulford: Khazarian mafia defeat certain as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and elsewhere,

Pentagon sources are saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a member of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild family) already reached a deal with the Chinese when she visited China on June 13th. According to that deal Merkel promised to resign after Greece exits the EU and, in exchange, the Chinese agreed to rescue Deutschebank. Deutschebank would not otherwise survive a Greek exit from the EU (71% of Greeks are against the EU and only 27% support it) because it would mean a default on Greek debt which has been used by Deutschebank (and others) to create derivative mountains. These mountains would collapse once the sand of Greek debt they are built on is removed.

And then we have this:
Daily Express: Is the EU on brink of war with China over Germany’s Deutsche Bank?
Basically, the EU is calling China’s bluff. They do not believe that China has the bottle or perhaps intention to remove their funding from Deutsche Bank so they are going to “investigate” China and, despite the investment, remove voting rights from China.
I would say that’s a pretty good bet.


Wow, I haven’t been on here on a few days, and look at all of the changes! This is going to take some time to get used too.

Zander, I was off the blog for awhile, but I have been following your troubles with your poor dog. She’s lucky to have you. I’m sending Reiki to her and to you, hoping you both are back to normal soon.



It’s good that according to Ben and his sources, that dreadful pro Israel woman wasn’t elected in France:
Ben 8th May 2017: Regardless though, Japanese military intelligence is now saying that defeated French presidential candidate Marine le Pen was in fact the daughter of a Mossad agent.
Breitbart: French President Macron: Anti-Zionism is the New Anti-Semitism
Haaretz editor declares war on Zionism
Left-wing paper’s world news editor denounces Zionism as apartheid and racism, praises anti-Zionist ‘resistance’.
An editor of the left-wing Haaretz daily chastised French President Emmanuel Macron for calling anti-Zionism a form of anti-Semitism, praising anti-Zionism as “resistance” against racism and apartheid.
Asaf Ronel, the world news editor for Haaretz, criticized Macron’s recent statement that anti-Zionism was a ‘reinvention’ of anti-Semitism.

Regarding your claim that Marine Le Pen is a daughter of a Mossad agent:

Marion Maréchal Le Pen is a Front National (FN) member of the French parliament.

She is a granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and a niece of Marine Le Pen.

Marion’s birth father is Roger Auque, a spy and journalist who died in September 2014.[9]

Roger Auque was an agent of Mossad.

Roger Auque wrote In The Secret Service, in which he revealed that he had been a spy for Israel.

Phoenix – perhaps you are confused to believe jap. intel. bs?


So now I have to scroll to the top to post at the bottom? Oh, I see I can change the viewing order – all unnecessary & complicated!


The Strange Death of Julie Ferguson

Jason Goodman

Streamed live 12 hours ago
The EB 5 citizenship loophole seems to be at the center of multiple attorney deaths in the Miami area

Become a sponsor of Crowdsource the Truth and support the effort

Wow, from the comments:
Regarding FEMA camps:
FourLeaf Clover3 hours ago (edited)
I can tell you they were used in Texas for housing hundreds of thousands of Honduran and Salvadoran children that showed up on our border between 2012 and 2014. I know this because I heard about “a secret government program to house immigrant kids” from a friend whose son ran the temp agency from which they hired their workers and I went to interview for a job to see what it was about. It was very secretive – it paid $20 an hour and they only wanted people for two weeks maximum. You weren’t allowed to take any phones or laptops or anything that would allow you to contact outside people while you were there. You would not know where the camp was. You would be driven to the camp with the rest of the two week crew in a van with darkened windows. There were armed guards there and you weren’t allowed to leave. You had to sign a confidentiality agreement. They also went out of their way to hire mostly non-hispanic people because they didn’t want people getting too attached to the kids or trying to speak to them. I was told that if the kids thought I spoke Spanish they might try to talk me into finding their families or helping them get out. But that the kids were traumatized and that it was best to limit communication so we don’t confuse them. This was in March 2014. I was told “business is great” but they were not able to tell me who the client was. Just that it was a federally funded program and that they were expecting 100,000s of more kids in the coming months. When I asked why the kids were being kept from their parents I was told that they came from abusive or drug dealing families and were at risk. At the time, it never occurred to me that it was a trafficking operation. I didn’t take the assignment. When I started learning about this ratline stuff, I called the temp agency again and they are no longer in business.


Phoenix, haven’t worked out how to ref. your post; or is it my post @10pm?
Anyway if that info. from jap. intel. came from Ben’s post of 8 May it’s an admirable piece of cokehead journalism unless I’m mistaken.


More from the comments of

I know this info is dated – but still relevant.

List of 42 towns comment image
Video (Sean Hannity talks to Martin Mawyer) about the 35 Islamic terrorist training compounds that exist right here in America.
Actual video of terrorist cells training to kill on American soil. They have recruiting bases on university campuses, and some of their training camps in America are as large as 300 acres.


Phoenix, do I take it you prefer the slime ball rottenchild flunkey coke sniffing (I’ll leave the rest out) Macron to someone with balls like Le Pen, who won the vote only for the whole election to be rigged?

Lengthy article but it demonstrates the Terminal Madness of Political Correctness most succinctly.


Lucybean Today 9:25 pm: So I can’t copy & paste this ref. in one hit.
Anyway, thank you for your kind support. She is now struggling to learn to walk again since there is some motor co-ordination impairment, but her nose is cold & wet & she is eating paste & water.


There are so many amazing things happening right now – so much info coming
out that it is overwhelming for me. Its hard to keep up with it all..

I still like what Trump is doing – mostly he is being obstructed but I have a feeling he
has had this happen in business as well and he always rose to the top. I still feel it would have been horrifying if Hillary had gotten in.. There was no choice and this is where we are now.

Either obstruct or work with humanity…

I am thinking of your little dog and hope she recovers – it really is taking a long time.
It just isn’t good for her mentally to go to the vet and get three shots??? unless they leave the needle in so one puncture can be used for a few days. The only thing she should need is fluids – if she is getting antibiotics she also needs to be getting yogurt
or a very good PRO-biotic to keep her gut healthy.

being stuck may be depressing her – I know how this sucks the energy out of the relationship – for weeks I wondered if my litter of three would live but now they are doing so well, they are weaned from the mom now. Such smart little things..


Trump’s Renegotiation of NAFTA Is Starting to Look a Lot Like the TPPWhat happened to his campaign promise to write better rules for trade? While the document states that ISDS would have to be more transparent (hearings and judgments would be public) and “consistent with U.S. legal principles and practice,” it still exists,

 meaning corporations could still functionally overturn sovereign laws outside of the court system, and win billions of damages when governments try to write rules in the public interest.

There are lines about “greater regulatory compatibility” and removing “unnecessary differences in regulation” in industrial and agricultural goods and “promot[ing] greater compatibility among US, Canadian, and Mexican regulations.” This is much like how the TPP would enable the blockage of regulatory improvements by tying them to a ceiling or international prohibition. I don’t think most Americans want our regulatory structure to be perfectly compatible with Mexico’s, particularly if “harmonization” means a race to the bottom to get industry-friendly regulatory ceilings imposed. This subordinates US law to another country’s standards.


Hi, Cafe. These are great improvements to the look and feel of this comment section, and our collective thanks to the generously provided time and skills that were applied to bring about these changes.

However, there is a core dynamic to the site that has been somewhat impaired, and that’s the ability of the reader to keep up with what’s been posted. Maybe I’m the only one, but after I have read all the comments so far, I save out a bookmark, and use that when I return, to start from where I left off.

The problem is the new Reply capability, and the fact that it appends the replies to messages already read and scrolled past. As it is now, one would need to review all the messages already read to see if there are any new replies, and that will get increasingly burdensome as more messages accumulate. The result? Many messages unread.

My suggestion is to return all replies to the “bottom”, so that they appear in the order in which they were posted. Optimally, the Reply mechanism would auto-insert the name and time stamp of the message being replied to. But that last part may be a developmental bridge too far.

Any thoughts?


Trump’s Renegotiation of NAFTA Is Starting to Look a Lot Like the TPPWhat happened to his campaign promise to write better rules for trade? While the document states that ISDS would have to be more transparent (hearings and judgments would be public) and “consistent with U.S. legal principles and practice,” it still exists,

meaning corporations could still functionally overturn sovereign laws outside of the court system, and win billions of damages when governments try to write rules in the public interest.

There are lines about “greater regulatory compatibility” and removing “unnecessary differences in regulation” in industrial and agricultural goods and “promot[ing] greater compatibility among US, Canadian, and Mexican regulations.” This is much like how the TPP would enable the blockage of regulatory improvements by tying them to a ceiling or international prohibition. I don’t think most Americans want our regulatory structure to be perfectly compatible with Mexico’s, particularly if “harmonization” means a race to the bottom to get industry-friendly regulatory ceilings imposed. This subordinates US law to another country’s standards.


Lol, yes…

More Rothschilds population control and killing for me! I can’t wait to there is a mass gravesite in France!


Oh yes, I get how this is really irritating now. If I respond to zander he will not be able to see it unless he scrolls back over all his own posts… Stupid system! Great on the other updates though including an edit button up and down ticks.

On the Japanese intelligence stuff I have wondered if there is some sort of agenda here. The Alliance wants a partial disclosure to cover their crimes, and to maintain power. Perhaps it is that they had no control or perhaps it is that they decided to allow the vote to be rigged so that they would have someone they could control. The Alliance when it talks about “controlled disclosure” thinks more like the deep state than they do like us.

So I wondered if that weak piece of information was passed to Ben for that reason. I think if Le Pen was dodgy we would know through other sources. I don’t think Le Pen would go along with partial disclosure for one minute.

Lakewinds:, Yes I agree! Only need a time stamp for a lot of posts though we are not posting that much atm.


Also, Phoenix, I notice that you had nicely formatted your post with paragraph breaks, which are compressed out for the default message display.

So, another nice touch on our punch list would be to change the default to display the entire message.


Thank you all for your wonderful birth day greetings! Much appreciated.
Was a beautiful sleep ha ha ha
No really! Was out in nature and you know what – lovely energies and not one chemtrails (the first day in a very long time)
I would give you all likes, but…… but that would be giving myself………..and that’s not how it suppose to be. Yes…
Thanks again!


I agree Lake, we should post at the end to keep things straight


I also agree it should post the entire message rather than the more button


Nr 1 will now be at the bottom!!


Btw. Great to see you again Stefie, I knew you were in there some place. Send my greeting to your wonderful Aunt – 90 WOW that something too!
Love and light 🙂


Hi Zander

Lovely to hear your girl is improving so well. She is lucky to have such a loving, caring dad as you.



Hi Café,

If you go to the latest thread where the webmaster has given details about the format upgrade, you can make comments there that will be read by the webmaster and possibly acted on. I see we now have a time stamp again – I asked for that yesterday.



Does anyone know how to move the general comments panel from the top to appear at the bottom (as we had it previously)?

Also what are the above ul, ol, li, code and spoiler buttons for?

Still trying to get used to the new setup.



you can make comments there that will be read by the webmaster and possibly acted on. I
That will be interesting to see


US Military Establishment Study Admits The American Empire Is “Collapsing”

A new study conducted by members of the U.S. military establishment has concluded that the U.S.-led international global order established after World War II is “fraying” and may even be “collapsing” as the U.S. continues to lose its position of “primacy” in world affairs.


Day 271.3. Hillary’s Leakers Hackers and Henchmen

George Webb

Published on Jul 19, 2017
Japanese Man Pays $370k For Liver From Mayo Clinic, Then Is Moved Off Waiting List. He Then Dies, No Refund. – Do They Keep Reselling the Same Organ, Over and Over This Way?


Just A Taste: Enforce the US Constitution with Dr. Cynthia McKinney

The Solari Report

Published on Jul 5, 2017
This week observes Independence Day in the United States. So it is highly appropriate that former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney join me on the Solari Report to discuss our theme for the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up: what the US Constitution is, why it is so important, the devastating possibilities if it is changed, and the human future that is possible if we enforce it. Indeed, enforcing it is the US citizens’ sole remaining option. Unless we do so, the US war machine will run out of control – and it will continue to expropriate our assets and our lives, including the lives and futures of our children and those of billions of other people globally.

For many years we have known that invisible forces have run our government from behind the scenes — not just in Washington, but also in state houses and municipalities. For many years, most of us were willing to go along or to continue to work within the socially acceptable political process as small groups of other people acted “above the law” at increasingly greater harm in terms of human life, environment, and personal health and wealth, throughout America and the world.

The list of presidents, congressman, senators, mayors, government officials, soldiers, journalists, activists and honest business and civic leaders who have been assassinated, “suicided,” poisoned, falsely slandered and framed, entrapped, or dirty tricked in rigged elections is long and growing. The allegations of control file operations that depend on pedophilia, financial fraud, and organized crime also increase. The number of dual-passport citizens within the Congress and our federal bureaucracy calls into question just who is in charge and whose national interests direct our military. We have the senate minority leader declaring on national television that the President is not in charge – he must do what the intelligence agencies tell him. The governance questions are profound.

Money and violence are the heart of these issues. The United States has spent $14 trillion on global wars over the last 30 years because Congress finances war and because Congress tolerates illegal and unconstitutional financial practices at the US Department of Defense and US Treasury. In 2015, the DOD alone was missing $6.5 trillion in undocumentable adjustments. Even now the US Treasury cannot produce audited financial statements for the US Government, as required by law, and has not produced accurate and understandable place-based financial reporting.

Now we have reached a fork in the road. We can continue to become an inhuman society in which the law no longer respects or protects the average person and his or her property, or we can try to remain a human society, in which the rule of law protects one and all – including the people in the developing world who have been the target for much longer of the disaster capitalism and lawlessness attacking US and European communities.

No one else knows this system better than former Congresswoman McKinney. She served with distinction for 12 years in the US Congress from the Georgia 4th and 11th districts. Now a professor of political science who teaches organizational change and leadership as well as entrepreneurship in Asia, Congresswoman McKinney has worked through these issues at both practical political and business levels as well having as an American intellectual engaged with global students and academics.

Our 2nd Quarter Wrap Up also launches our written contribution to a discussion of how – how do many of us working individually and collectively successfully achieve enforcement of the US Constitution? We are in the invention room together – and this is something we can and will figure out if enough of us make the commitment to do so. You want to make sure you review our written web presentation which covers all four weeks of this 2nd Quarter 2017 Wrap Up – – including News Trends & Stories, Parts I & II and Financial Markets.



It is fascinating seeing the reverence that Cynthia McKinney gets here when she would not support any of the right-wing garbage that gets posted here.

She has always been a left-wing and would never support Trumps anti environmental deregulation or his brazen catering to the Banks and Global corporations or his kowtowing to Israel and Saudi Arabia


What’s interesting about this new format is that we can edit our older posts
While I like this feature the produces a conundrum as people will be able to go back and change what they originally said and then say “I never said that”
And the only way that we could prove they said what they originally said is if we copy it and save the text


Well, here’s a nice thing. I took Alan’s advice and posted a couple of items as discussed above (or below, if that’s what you’re doing now). And Triode responded, as you may have observed…no more post compression. All posts now display in full, with full formatting.


She eating & water is a very good sign. Sending healing energies as well!


So now, it’s possible that last change has slowed things down, Triode thinks, so he’s experimenting with it as this is written…


One of our estimated members, aztimagnetiko(Chuck), died some days ago. I was one of his facebook friends and got the sad message that way!
He was, like so many of us here, a high quality activist for a better world, humanist, scientist, musician and obviously a beloved person.


Thanks for notifying us Filip. I remember Atzi. May he rest in peace.


John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

Just days after John McCain had a blood clot removed above his left eye, late on Wednesday his office announced that McCain has a brain tumor associated with the removed blood clot. In a statement doctors revealed that McCain has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer.

So is this real? A plan to escape – fake death maybe. Even if he dies he can be reanimated and work in the underground bases. But we won’t have to listen to
him anymore.


Nationwide Outage Hits Bank of America: Customers Unable To Access Accounts

n an apparent nationwide system outage, Bank of America customers have been shut out from accessing their accounts and online banking on Wednesday afternoon. As of 4pm ET the outage was continuing with most online systems still frozen.


This is the same cancer that killed Teddy Kennedy. I believe this story to be true.


change is rrrreally hard. specially for us dogs. we rrrrreally like our procedures and rituals.. the same each day.

btw… continuuing w prayers for your little dog. And her continued recovery, fthgac.. and you too, of course.


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OMG!! So sad, he will be missed!



That thought occurred to me also Intruth! They are in a state of panic, trying to find any rock to hide under.



So sad that Azti passed- he was such a fighter


No you can only get rid of the two left eye multiple personality false light


alan , at the top after ben’s letter you can ‘sort by newest oldest most voted for.
i don’t like any of this. replies get lost or unread, especially by others – it loses the point of having a discussion; how will others know someone has replied?
i don’t want to be notified, i want to see the reply in a post, for all to see with easily copiable time stamp referral.
what happens if i reply to the reply, how does the replier know i have replied to his reply?
its like everything these days – far too unnecessarily complicated, killing, not encouraging all participatory discussion.


oh i see it becomes visible below, one step removed. so the ads are that the conversation is kept together which makes sense – but how do others know – huge disadvantage surely?


FROM LAKEWINDS: However, there is a core dynamic to the site that has been somewhat impaired, and that’s the ability of the reader to keep up with what’s been posted. Maybe I’m the only one, but after I have read all the comments so far, I save out a bookmark, and use that when I return, to start from where I left off.
The problem is the new Reply capability, and the fact that it appends the replies to messages already read and scrolled past. As it is now, one would need to review all the messages already read to see if there are any new replies, and that will get increasingly burdensome as more messages accumulate. The result? Many messages unread.
My suggestion is to return all replies to the “bottom”, so that they appear in the order in which they were posted. Optimally, the Reply mechanism would auto-insert the name and time stamp of the message being replied to.

FROM PHOENIX: If I respond to zander he will not be able to see it unless he scrolls back over all his own posts… Stupid system!

I agree. I can reply to Lakewinds for instance, will he see it if he decides not to be notified? I don’t want to be hassled with notifications, lose my place, & have to accept others won’t be participating – negates the whole point of our interaction.

This system severs our connections, just like NWO programs through division & conquer – simply a reflection of unnecessary complications to ‘keep up with our insane times’. Well, that’s how I see it at the moment.

Any support?


At least there are time stamps now. I agree adding any replies to the bottom, with a timestamp, as before.

But I was too lazy to scroll to the top, so made this a reply.

Getting the new comment box at the bottom would improve matters greatly, IMO


Surprised to hear Azti passed, he was commening here a few weeks ago, I think.
I wonder about CaryDC, and his cancer treatments .


So, in the discussions, I realized I could resort the comments to oldest first, so no need to scroll by all the comments to post a new one.

That takes care of needing the comment box at the bottom.


Website Upgraded
By triode Uncategorized 18 Comments

Hi All,
Yesterday we completed a major upgrade of the website. As you may know, Ben’s former webmaster is currently in the hospital suffering from cancer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her deeply for her contribution to Ben’s website over the years and wish the best for her and her family. Ben is dedicated to continuing to support her financially and otherwise in her fight to recuperate.
A new IT team has taken over management of this website. Yesterday we completed a major upgrade and server migration. Items of note:

Migrated to a completely new server, all backend software upgraded
WordPress upgraded from version 2.8.6 to version 4.8
Major speed improvements
New theme and design
Website now works and looks good on mobile devices – try it out!
Search functionality now works so you can search through old articles by keyword
Going back many years some comments were being incorrectly marked as spam – all such comments have been approved and restored
This was especially happening to comments containing many links, but other kinds of comments as well
It appears that some people had been prevented from commenting as all their comments were marked as spam – they are now free to comment again
New comment system with many new features
Threading of comments to better visualize the discussion
Subscribe to receive all comments by email, or only replies to one’s own comments
Please make sure that emails from are not being marked as spam by your email client – more changes will be made later to prevent this from happening
The page will automatically check for new comments every 10 seconds and will display a button showing the number of new comments
Ability to sort and view either newest comments first or oldest comments first
Ability to vote on comments, up or down, and sort by most positive votes
Permanent links to comments (i.e. “bookmarks”) re-added as requested, sorry this feature disappeared for a short time yesterday
Shortcuts to easily add formatting to comments
b -> bold
i -> italics
link -> to link a word or phrase to a particular url
b-quote -> block quote, i.e. indented quotation
u -> underline
ul -> unordered list (each item in the list must also be made into a list item)
ol -> ordered list (each item in the list must also be made into a list item)
li -> list item
code -> display text as monospaced computer code
spoiler -> create an expandable dropdown with an optional title – people will only see the content if they click to expand the spoiler box
Readers without gravatars are given colorful automatically generated ones
Links to share comments via social media (only Twitter and Google for now, Facebook to be added later)
New credit card based membership system coming soon – the website remains free for now

Please comment on this post with any feedback or issue reports concerning the new website. Thanks everyone!


Thank you Rhonda & Siggi. She makes lots of frustration noises at her inability to co-ordinate, & keeps losing her balance so I have to help her most times to continually try again for her to get to her feet & walk drunkenly.


Melissa – I missed one day ‘cos the vet was not there & she had a terrible time with extra spasms. But they seem to be over now, only a tick remains. Perhaps it is time to stop. Do you recommend the Greek sour yoghurt that I eat that I always have?


Sorry about posting this here. I had copied it to take it to my WordPa to paste and enlarge it so I can read it. which I did and then came back to figure out how to read comments to this report. I do NOT know how to navagate this system as can now see.

In WordPad I had spent some time Writing a post I wanted to later paste and by the time I found the correct place, I forgot I didn’t have it copied. I had paste this above instead because it was still on the clipboard.

It is late. I’m hugry again. I’ll find a video to listen to while eating and then go to bed. See you next time I’m up.

Loving all you dear people,


So posting a reply now creates a different timeline only available to those who reply quickly, before the post ‘disappears’ for the majority. This system encourages that anyway, where the discussion is effectively buried from the rest, whereas before the interchange took place in full view – albeit disjointed. Hmm. Still prefer one timeline thank you very much.


The day I saw the change to the blog I wondered if it was Asti

He said he had contacted Ben to help him redesign the website with some of the same functions you are seeing here now
He posted that here fairly recently
This was in the last year


So it sad to hear of his passing
And a whole lot of strange
,that these two events coincided


We can avoid this frustratuon by all doing as before, replying with a line & timestamp, we have to type in the name, but this will avoid the replies getting lost.

If I understand the new system, and your point, Zander.

Notice that even tho I sorted for most recent posts first, it reverts to oldest first when I renew the page.


He is actually doing everything they screamed about Obama, when it was not true, yet, if Trumpster did it, it is golden.
More EOs almost than a whole term of Obama’s. He is killing the air, water, land, throwing out all animal protections, calling for the archaic petroleum drilling, fracking, etc in wilderness areas, ready to torture and kill animals, it is INSANE.

When we have much more efficient ways to generate electricity, etc.

And the tribal blinders are on, sick and sad.

Sessions pushing for MORE confiscation of property, with no arrest, no crime.

And severe harsh prison terms for anyone using, much less healing with mj.

Who the hell supports this.

This administration is a Koch bought Koch fantasy, with Bannon in place to see it all gets done, no worries about any TPP/NAFTA like trade deals, trump is pushing for no regulations on Corporations & banks. We are at their ( non existent) mercy.

Anyone who thinks Trump is an outsider here to help anyone but himself, and those wealthy or powerful enough to do favors for him, is sadly brainwashed by the “secret intel” that he is an outsider.

The coup is sucessful, and the oppressed are cheering it.



Alec now peddles repeal of the 17th amemdment
Right wing want state legislators to elect U.S. senators


Daily Express: North Korea ‘planning another ballistic missile launch’ amid rising tensions with the US:

When asked about whether the US would launch a pre–emptive military strike against the hermit kingdom, Mr Selva said: “I think we have to entertain that potential option. That would be a policy choice by the President of the United States to execute or not execute that option.”


So sorry to hear about Azti (Chuck). He was a great asset to the café and will be missed indeed.

Peace be to his spirit and condolences to hid family and close associates.



Hi Zander,

Regarding your post at 12:57 pm today (20th)

I agree – it is confusing. This is my first attempt to respond to some else’s message – yours. Under the current (new) changes, it will now appear at the bottom of the list in time stamp order – so similar to previously as Triode has cancelled the “reply” function.

That will help in not having to hunt for updated comments . The only hassle is having to go to the top of the page every time I want to type a comment.



Hi Café,

I did try to copy and paste Zander’s message and have it under blockquotes with my above message below it. But it would NOT post when I hit the “Post Comment” button. So I deleted the paste part and just posted my actual comments (as above).

Anyone else having issues with this?

Singing off for now – it is 11:26bpm NZ time and I need sleep.



aneeson posted at 8.26pm & 8.21pm 20 july

“Hi Café,
I did try to copy and paste Zander’s message and have it under blockquotes with my above message below it. But it would NOT post when I hit the “Post Comment” button. So I deleted the paste part and just posted my actual comments (as above)”

Well I don’t understand how it works.

That’s what happens if I highlight what I have written & then click on b-quote, so I don’t get it.

Wrote Triode a letter & it appears the ‘disappearing threads’ option is no longer. I think I can appreciate it on say the many & various topics at length on Bill Ryan’s forum at Project Avalon; but somehow just keeping up is more of an issue here so it’s different.

If I set it on ‘newest’ it always reverts to ‘oldest’ after a refresh – that’s no good.

Nightsinger @ 4.07pm 20 july: Notice that even tho I sorted for most recent posts first, it reverts to oldest first when I renew the page.

Effectively I have to write Nightsinger @ 4.07pm 20 july when referring to a post, ‘cos I can’t get the long url + timestamp number unless I copy the whole post, paste it to my Text/Edit doc (mac), THEN copy & paste it back here . . . ???

I do not begin to understand the mechanics or logic of any of that.

What I do understand is that the way it was before worked really well to copy & paste directly into the chat or as a personal reference, with timestamp.

Will copy this to Triode.


Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Wet Works… Eugenics… Or Both?
by SGT, SGT Report:

Enemies of the Clintons are mysteriously dying at a faster rate than ever before. And as far as the decades long Clinton body count goes, that’s saying a LOT.

Meanwhile, since Hilary had her corrupt NWO ass handed to her by the American people in the election, the pay-for-play donations to the Clinton Foundation which financial researcher Charles Ortel has called “the most corrupt foundation in the world”, have dried up.

So who’s going to pay for all of the wet works as the bodies keep piling up? Enter Queen Elizabeth, who via her puppet Justin Trudeau, just approved a $241.5 MILLION donation to the Clinton crime syndicate.


3 posts just disappeared?
Two of mine


Hi filip!
How are you doing?
Thanks for notice us about Azi (chuck’s) sad demise. Clearly remember him
RIP brother!


The new Likes- dislikes feature holding a sort of dividing element I personal don’t…… “like”. ha ha
Use to this tool, but then with the profiles appearing.
A kind of “I’m more popular than you” competition, is the play of the cabal imo.
“My sharing holds more truth, more valid than yours…” …so on
A game we played in the sandbox..
And not to mention other possible forms of “diss” play, he he
To use the likes/dislikes to “diss”/put others intentionally down, is a step in wrong direction as I see it.

All views are valid, as they can only be interpreted by us individual, – from the standpoint we’re at right now. Later, that might/can/will change, thus what we like or not accordingly.
The ones that not so valid is personally character assaults
Personally will be careful with it and instead reply as before



I’m not sure how I got to this article on Justin’s blog.
It’s from a year ago in the spring and we all probly discussed it at the time.
It’s a comparison of what Corey and Ben are reporting about efforts to end cabal rule on the planet and speculates about each’s credibility, etc.

I found it very useful to review.

In his concluding remarks he talks about the debate between partial and full disclosure… which in this week’s post here (and via Corey’s present reports) has been in longterm stalemate… pitching toward that “short sharp” war.

I agree w these last words by Justin:

“I think the only lasting solution to the problems that have plagued our world is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. No matter how well intentioned some of these groups are, if they want to withhold the whole truth from the people, they should not be blindly trusted.

For far too long the belief in the divine right to rule and social superiority has created a class system that enslaved humanity. In a world based on truth and freedom, a full disclosure world, social systems based on division and scarcity will seem barbaric.

The opportunity to make a free world a reality is within our grasp now, we need only step int”


For the longest time I struggled with the old blog tech: how you had to have 2 pages open and copy n paste time stamps and quotes to who/what you were responding.
How it took time to scroll through.

Then, of course, I got used to it and just did it.

Now this newer tech… the one used by most blogs… seems formidable and it’ll be a while, I think b4 this lil OLD doggie has mastered it.

I guess this little learning-curve task is nothing compared to that required of the FULL-DISCLOSURE AGENDA this same lil old doggie is promoting in my last comment… hmmmm. :-/


>>So sorry to hear about Azti (Chuck). He was a great asset to the café and will be missed indeed.

Peace be to his spirit and condolences to hid family and close associates.

YES…. light fthgac to azti�39 ;s soul and to all affected by his loss/missing him… including us here.


HOW DO I GET THE REPLY Button to push to reply to someone’s comment?
anybody? … anybody?

Zander: >>If I set it on ‘newest’ it always reverts to ‘oldest’ after a refresh – that’s no good.<<

Yes zander.. I see what you mean… but one can click the little "newest" button at the top and get that format after refreshing.

“Yet, the invitation seemed to be to remember that we are ALL ONE, so even when it feels like we are going a different way from so many souls in mainstream consciousness…..on another, higher level, we COULD all go together, we are ALL invited to come along, and we ARE all ascending if even one of us is.”


My thoughts and prayers go out to Azti’s (Chuck) friends and family…

” We observe, however, that those living in the experience of chaos might not feel the desire to celebrate. It is the nature of being human, the desire for what is familiar, what is safe and what matches the beliefs. Realize what you are experiencing is only your personal vibrational interpretation.”
“Dysfunctional behaviors and limited mental patterns are ingrained into your entire energy field and beliefs. Mass consciousness is being stirred, quickened and triggered to awaken to the truth of the unlimited self, awakened to the truth and realization that each and every being is divine.”
“Trust us when we say that there were many who longed to be a part of transforming this dimension, and it was you who was selected because of your personal superpowers and understanding. In gratitude, the ‘team’.”

» Source – Chanel: Peggy Black

CONGRESSMAN TO NASA: Ancient Alien Cities On Mars? 7/19/17
“Is t possible there where a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago?”
The smug NASA Dr. Farley – (Far out lies), then correct him by saying.
“The evidence of changes is millions of years back…” and further goes on by stating
“…extremely unlikely”
Hmm! Very Interesting that such a Q. being asked in the first place, at a house of representatives hearing (presumably)
The congressman (con-man, hopefully not!) can’t possible think he gets a straight answer.Of course not.!? It must be a partial disc. conditioning approach imo.

What’s really funny…the word “NASA” is the same as Nose in my language. ha ha ha
So appropriate!
continues to sneeze it’s goo(black)? all over the place.


Love the fact that the reluctant avatar posters have been given defaults.


re. my NASA post:
Dana Rohrabacher
Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher is a member of the U.S House of Representatives representing CA’s 48. A Republican, he served as a speechwriter and Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1988.Mer hos Wikipedia