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Good one Ben.

Regarding computer viruses from your article:
The final straw was when they asked me to do a story about a computer virus software company. I went to the Philippines to visit their laboratories and while there I went to visit the creator of the “I love you” virus that caused billions of dollars worth of damage. He claimed the anti-virus company paid him to make the virus.

George Webb has exposed McAfee to be doing just that – everyone probably does in
that business. George said especially at quarter ends before financials released, they’d ramp up the computer viruses they have the ‘cure’ for.

And I thought McAfee was a good guy.


When reading this interview I get the feeling Ben is frustratingly under utilised!


Great interview for those who aren’t yet familiar with who you are.

Here is a link to some positive affirmations I made yesterday. Light and love everyone!


Yes! It’s good to publish perspective on your story line again, even though you have been interviewed many times, esp. by David Wilcock. Your background gives credence to those who only read your puzzling statements which are so contrary to the MSM.


Disclosures in the Movie ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’


Nice upgrade to the site.

Namaste my friends.