Systems failure in the West and how to solve it

Notice to readers:
Due to my annual holiday the next two reports will be pre-written unless extraordinary events cause me to interrupt my holiday to cover them.

By now it is obvious to anyone who is actually using their brain that something is profoundly wrong with the leadership and government systems in the West. This is especially true of the United States where real living standards have been declining since the late 1960’s while the country has been almost perpetually at war. In the US, the ruling class has alienated the population to the point that less than 10% of the population trust either Congress or the Media. The central cause of the malaise has been a project by a sub-group in the ruling class, the people I call the Khazarian mafia, to enslave humanity and turn themselves into god like rulers.

The US military and agency white hats have figured this out and have taken action that is being seen in the form of the Presidency of Donald Trump. However, Trump has taken over as CEO of a bankrupt entity and, even though he is trying his hardest, he has yet to do what is inevitable and formally declare the United States bankrupt. And bankrupt it is.

The US has run a trade deficit with the rest of the world since 1976 resulting in a cumulative trade deficit of over $10 trillion. In addition to that the US government has $19.1 trillion in debt and has $128 trillion or 7 times the US’s $18 trillion GDP in unfunded liabilities. That is the real reason why the US corporate government de-facto went bankrupt on May 3rd of 2017 when its wholly owned Puerto Rico subsidiary defaulted on its $123 billion in debt.

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No. 2. Woohoo. Super early report. Enjoy your vacation Ben. Thank you!


Am I reading correctly that the Hildebeest and Slick are first cousins?! I was aware of the widespread claims that Slick is the son of Winthrop but was unaware of any claims that Hillary is the daughter of David. Please clarify that I’m awake at 5 am and not dreaming.


Also, please clarify what is meant by the jubilee resulting in the redistribution of assets. I can understand maybe confiscating through force assets gained through force by the oligarchs and sugar daddy grandfather oligarchs giving their offspring billions such as Zuckerberg. However, confiscating wealth from people that worked, saved, and risked it all in businesses and slaved to make it go sounds like a Marxist wet dream. This redistribution concept needs mucho clarification.

Thanks, Ben.




Yo yo 6


under ten


Early report for the end of the month


9 and doing fine.


Ten, Ben. Thanks for a great post and have a happy holiday!




The US isn’t bankrupt. And will never go bankrupt.

The US can create money and bonds by journal entry. They can keep on doing this forever. If the US Govt goes overboard = inflation or a deprecating currency. But this hasn’t really happened yet. yes inflation has but the US currency is still strong enough. Re Greece. The Greek govt is no longer monetary sovereign (as they are in the Euro) so they can’t do what the US Govt can. And does (create money as they see fit) .


Lucky 13


“The WDS also supports initiating a new golden age by starting with a jubilee”

If Ben means a debt jubilee. It will destroy the world economy. It will smash pension funds and anyone who has saved money for starters. And its grossly unfair. Those say who have just bought a house will be smiling (debt written off). But the seller who maybe has invested in bonds will loss everything.


A debt Jubilee would have to be evident through spiritual character where the principle is giving and receiving not buying and selling, smash and grab or ignorance of the principle. Not seen a lot yet.


The Illuminati (people that look like us, but have a reptilian soul, that doesn’t have empathy for others) are responsible for almost all of Humanity’s problems. They create all the money and give a lot to other reptilians and Humans that do evil for them. The rest of us must work hard for our money (maybe make from investments) and are subject to taxes and banking scams. They are above the law and are doing evil in our faces. They are poisoning the food, air, water, plants, animals and the environment. They create artificial shortages of many things, so they can up the prices and control society, with haves and have-not’s. They want to reduce the population by 90%, so they have less people to control. Their main weapon in this is keeping the coming brown dwarf star a secret so many people living on the coast will die by tsunami. They also release viruses and create poverty and starvation. They are responsible for all the immigrants, that make our life worse and thus the police state.

They run the secret space program and are in many secret societies, suppressing free energy, food replicaters, portal travel and many other technological advances. Humanity must find a way to rise up and arrest these people for crimes against Humanity. A device or maybe an apt for a smart phone can be made to take a picture of one’s aura to see who has a reptilian soul or human soul and I can identify who has one with the pendulum.
get a soul rep[ort


17 lol


Right on guac, it already exists, perhaps it needs downsizing.


“A debt Jubilee would have to be evident through spiritual character ”

Debt always without exception has TWO sides (as almost aways does money).

The asset side
and the liability side.

So if the liability side is written off (a debt jubilee). another party that hold the ASSET like say a pension fund will lose an equal amount. But far to many are not only ignorant about debt. But also money. And end up writing nonsense.



You are quite right of course. People being disadvantaged like that is no Jubilee, it’s downright wicked. It does get confusing when one knows people who have had their debt to a bank just written of and others struggle and struggle to keep up. It’s like there is a money industry v people. I endeavoured to read Nial Ferguson quite some time ago.

That’s not the point you were talking about. Well, I would like to be more informed. I was talking about the age to come and how that could happen is another subject entirely. Thanks for your comments, I took note.


Has anyone figured out how/where to make a donation yet?


22 ! This is new.


23. Thanks, Ben! Have a peaceful vacation!


Well, it was a neat summation of the situation, but I suspect significant portions of the story have either been omitted or spun. Everyone is right about the downside of the jubilee but it’s a seductive idea. The aliens were noticeably absent as were the Freemasons and any mention of Satanics so that’s a red flag. No comment on the disappearance of Hillary and/or whose side they were on as well as no comment on the struggles of the V4 who are resisting EU efforts to flood them with refugees. Israel was out of the picture as well. The omissions are telling.




Sorry RJ99, we are thinking humans. Money is a human construct. No other animal on God’s green earth uses it. Why do we need to? But I digress, Since humans came up with this system, then humans are smart enough to fix the system or start over. Pensions, Stock Portfolios, EFT’s, Derivatives all human inventions. We don’t need them. But we can certainly scrap the system and start over if we so desire. By the way, the Fed cannot keep printing money. The dollar is now worth 4 cents compared to where it started.


The Bad Guys Are Cowering In The Corner As The Good Guys Clean House – Episode 1344b


26 makes 8 for infinity supercool


Good one Azure – rings very true
The Bad Guys Are Cowering In The Corner As The Good Guys Clean House – Episode 1344b


Love and Light


“Money is a human construct” What else could it be?
“No other animal on God’s green earth uses it.” So do you suggest humans should start to live as animals do? Maybe if 95% were killed off and we returned to the land it might be possible. But otherwise its not.
“Why do we need to?” Because barter (the only alternative) would be a hassle and impractical.
“then humans are smart enough to fix the system” Not true. Because people would sooner live in a make pretend world based on misinformation. And not let the misinformation go.
“Pensions. We don’t need them.” Only someone who doesn’t have a pension or money put to one side would say this. And its those that want to take these assets off people. Its a strategy based on hate and envy. Its also will never happen.
“By the way, the Fed cannot keep printing money.” In fact they can. But the elite don’t want the mob to know this. Then their servants can’t justify austerity or selling off on the cheap Govt owned assets to the elite or their mates. Or investing in assets (using deficit / debt financing) to benefit the people. Like housing when needed.
“The dollar is now worth 4 cents compared to where it started.” Nothing to do with Govt debt. Its to do with bank money creation due to non Govt borrowing. But even if it was (its not) the Fed could provide the reserves to back their spending. But this extra money (due to deficit spending) is always drained by bond issues.

But I know this is complex and most are hopelessly confused by it all.


33, and I’m very late today. Forgot it was Monday. Thanks Ben, and good day to all!


big fish criminally insane ones responsible for millions of deaths walk freely in their castles and palasades,cruising around on their 666 feet pleasure ships….while african american young man goes to prison for life after stealing a piece of pizza (3 strikes unlawful law in place)…..someday this war is going to be over…..…/protecting-elites-blair-wil…/


#390452 rj99

>>“Why do we need to?”(have money) Because barter (the only alternative) would be a hassle and impractical.<<

These days money is basically digital barter.


Interesting debate rj99, tippy, azure and more. Please keep on!


Not trying to steal attention…
Just had an en-lightning experience!
Indeed -Lightning stroke down in my living room…8 hours ago.
Am fine, just glad my house didn’t get ignited. A somewhat shocking event.

Something Just Exited A “Portal” Over Louisiana 7/31/17
Look at the beginning and 7:03 min mark, especially the last one…


Have a nice holiday now Ben.





You would be more than entitled to attention in that close encounter with lightening siggi!! What a shock and I’m happy you are ok. Composed and ok. Glad you wrote about it.


Glad you are ok Siggi. Your house has been cleaned!


Lisa Melendez and Aug Tellez, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge
july 28

The sun is a dimensional transceiver where it steps down energy from a higher dimension where our bodies cannot go through but our souls can so that it is an exit from this system. This is an energy that they tap as a stargate transfer system where they trap small suns that open up portals in spacetime where they move at faster than the speed of light.

The solar system has become a soul trap technological prison matrix, like an artificial spiritual overlay. So how do we get out? The first thing is to own it by becoming the prison wardens with a clone mirror copy of the soul trap system, to defeat it with superhumans to be able to manipulate time where we can create a Golden Age. There is even a brain chip through which a person’s soul energy can manifest through a clone body.

The physical verbal interchange via the electromagnetic waves of wifi is one level, meanwhile it is an encoding where we are spiritually floating through a dense physical liquid plasma known as the ether where everything is contained outside the body. It is now only possible for the body to contain a fragment of the soul, & the first who awakens their soul cracks the construct from a sleeping state trapped in an endless dream.

The One World Tower at the 911 location is an anti-prism that creates a vortex that inverts the light energy which is then projected outwards says Lisa, & Aug says this is done to stabilise alterations in the collective mind where the goal is keep the frequencies low so as to minimise our chances of connecting to a higher frequency based consciousness. It’s all part of an AI interdimensional parasitical control system that cannot access, cannot function on a higher dimensional level – (I should imagine also because of it’s binary encoding system).

Lisa talks about Disney Land in South Korea where children or clones (not clear) are ground up for meat to be devoured by the creatures below. In another Disney Land she tells us how children’s minds are blank slated.

We are in a temporal loop of a pain echo where we are inching forward but are still trapped by the thousands of years of control. The systems are now unplugged, they are turned off; but people still have to stop feeding the now phantom system through residual programming.

They talk about the second death, the death of identity & ego (which Aug wants to avoid for us collectively).

Regarding the Anshar (& Corey Goode’s mind sex with Ka’aree): Aug Tellez – “. . or these fake underground races that they invented, where their genetics can no longer hold to the original timeline, so they have ‘fallen’ from the organic frequencies. They are AI controlled avatar systems that create the aspect of a DNA awakening but falsify it through an imitation system which convinces a person they are tapping into a deep source of information which in a way they are, BUT it is a hierarchical system of domination even by the act of connection where you are in fact being assimilated by a hive mind parasite organism.”

Lisa Melendez tells us not to telepathically communicate with them for they are taking loosh, they have the technology. She calls them/her (Ka’aree) – the Anshar diva.



Exactly! Glad that was said, I’d forgotten, it’s a great encouragement.



Hi Siggi

OMG!! What an experience. So glad you are OK! Must have been scary for you and your beloved pets.
Take care,



Native American Prophecy: The Rainbow Warriors (New Video)


preston james-quote—–The Babylonian Talmudics are basically a satanic death cult that creates war, mass-death and mass-suffering all over the planet for personal gain and increased occult power. The BTs have infiltrated the USG and raised up RKM Cutouts to manipulate the USG into numerous perpetual illegal unconstitutional wars.—–unquote…..


another primo writing from preston james,a real doctor…..hahahahaha…..


preston james-quote—–This involved deployment of endocrine disrupters in plastics, food and chemtrails that are sprayed into the atmosphere by DOD contractors and CIA aircraft run out of Tuscon, AZ. It has been rumored for years that much of this technology has been gained from Alien ETs and is nano-based, complex bio-engineered mind-kontrol compounds, and nano-magnetic electrical molecular structures (“smart dust”) that are inhaled and cross the blood brain barrier to attach to the synapses and can be remotely activated by psychotronics as remote entrainment.—–unquote…..


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Short Situation Update

cobra-quote—–Clearing of the Chimera group and their exotic weapons continues and big breakthroughs have been made.

A process of dehadronization of the Black Stone has begun. This simply means that the Black Stone has begun to decompose into smaller, more manageable chunks of heavy quark matter that get smaller and smaller as the Light Forces give them „loving attention“.

This will further accelerate the process of removal of remaining toplet bombs and the Yaldabaoth plasma entity.

On a Galactic scale, the healing of the remaining quantum spacetime anomaly, the last remnant of the galactic wars that raged across the galaxy for millions of years, is taking place. This means that „tortured space“ is finally being straightened out and healed and the Galactic body of the Pleroma looks healthier that ever before, and for the most of the Galaxy, the trauma of the galactic wars is completely healed.—–unquote…..


cobra-quote—–To conclude this short update, here are the notes from my Taiwan conference about manifesting abundance. They are published here as guidance to assist Lightworkers in their financial situation. Be aware that these notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote them. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra.—–unquote…..







Victory of the Light!


It’s now Monday 7/31/2017 7:39PM here in Hawaii.

Malama pono, Momi 8/8/2017!!!


Last paragraph is a wish list, because not all the worlds people are on the same level of thought, culture and clear understanding. The only ones who will benefit with that initiative are the educated, the well educated like WDS. The WDS have no intention of conferring with the “less than” for what they think of their initiative. It’s going to be a hard sell no different than today or does it even matter.

My question to the WDS? Are you prepared to acknowledge, respect and honor the feelings and thoughts of the less than? What do the homeless and less than understand about a jubilee? Who is in more debt for which a jubilee must be initiated? Certainly not the less than unless of course they are the real cause for the debt, the ones who have no assets they know of, the ones for whom the debt became a debt in the first place, because they had no real assets worth accounting for, except expenses. Furthermore, what assets, who’s assets are going to used for redistribution? Please be specific with this initiative.

No reply expected. Appreciate free expression here.

Malama pono, Momi 8/8/2017!!!


Meanwhile, the comment on U.S. trade deficit with the rest of the world since 1976 is correct and continued to be a serious problem when the Space Program didn’t get off and go gang busters, and the Berlin Wall came down. Economic catastrophe of huge proportions continued to the point of today’s dilemma, bankruptcy or jubilee. My answer? Neither, because it appears, for example, in our de facto statutes under traffic offenses, a “person” also means a corporation, etc. For to do so allows the plaintiff on all traffic violations to be none other than the State of Hawaii. You can never win if the SOH is the plaintiff. Goes for the USA, US, IRS. Yet, I found in another statute it says a “person” is not a corporation. Why is that? What makes the difference? Let you know when I find the exact statute titles.

Yes, bankruptcy is a commercial/trade failure that results in consequences, 10 year sanction in participation for better or worse. I filed bankruptcy. I know the stinging consequences.

Bankruptcy is a jubilee. Is this what Ben means about bankruptcy and jubilee? One and the same. Jubilee is a Christian initiative, endeavor. Bankruptcy is for corporate initiative and endeavor.

This needs more thought and study, I repeat more thought and study. Christians make up a church, church is a corporation with a charter and officers.

Choose you this day whom you serve, bankruptcy or jubilee?

Oh woe is me! What a dilemma!

Malama pono, Momi 8/8/2017!!!


Not much of substance in this letter, no links & plenty of repetition of old ideas; is this the real Ben?


More fascinating information to finish this video.

Lisa Melendez and Aug Tellez, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge
july 28

Lisa recalls when she was Eva Braun & how Hitler was manipulated, was well versed in the dark arts & had the power to exert mesmerism through his eyes (over her).

In a stargate, a portal, time dilates & energy is magnified; those without the spiritual component have to undergo a procedure where body & soul are separated, frozen & then re-constituted.

Everything can be healed. The harmonics of frequency can re-grow our DNA back to it’s organic original, only those in power dominated by their ego would have otherwise.

The Universe is a living being, a cosmic organism. The source of some races is from a technological origin wishing to combine soul & body – which is a created version of many genetically assimilated species – factory farm humans, essentially born out of the alternate universe.

This Metatronic universe represents geometric designs (the Platonic & Archimedean solids) manipulated at a certain ‘angle’, an angular distortion that is used to entrain the consciousness into a degradation format that allows the parasite to feed; it’s like introducing a corrupted code to a cpu chip in a car so that it runs ‘rich’, wasting plenty of fuel where our human energy is bleeding out so that we we have to have these resets where each time it shrinks on this debt based system to where it can’t shrink anymore & it becomes a fallen system that can no longer exist. The real Universe has the capacity to give new life where the ancient scriptures talk of the dissolving of all bonds & contractual agreements to the false system & the abolishment of the false legal system which is a covert spiritual enslavement prison coming from another dimension.

Belgium can be likened to a simulated environment where you are blank slated when you leave, as an experiment to see how well they can do it.

Karen McDonald has anchored the reality of negating those false contracts by saying it out loud, by understanding their legalese & seeing those documents for what they were.

Lisa says they managed to ring the real Liberty Bell on the july 4, since it was hidden by the redcoats in Philadelphia, where the fake one was cracked as well & therefore didn’t ring to the right (freedom) frequency.

You can go back to the past once. The Nazis had to take out their former selves & replace them, when they surrendered to the Allies where the inner group escaped, because in their timeline they won which later led to an extinction event.

The false overlay for the artificial dimension began in Rome in real time 5-600 years ago when they lined up their electronic equipment just right that created an implosion field that collapsed the real universe & popped up an artificial inverted dimension & technically the big bang went down & came out the other side & then coming out backwards turning inside out only a few hundred years ago. Hard to understand.

The unconscious & therefore the ‘universe’ cannot differentiate between a video game, the tv news & real life which is why these games are encouraged for the young where deaths are simulated.

On the screen is shown a diagrammatic representation of two interlocking circles of a Bi-wave closed loop closed source system, & the Ascension Cycle of a new creation physics with a Tri-wave Unity open loop open source system shown by three interlocking circles. So out will go the polarised binary computing system.

We need to collect all our fragmented selves into our one reality because that is the one that does not collapse, & then the others can fall away. (Don’t understand since he said our bodies at present cannot handle more than one soul fragment)

They cannot go back to the past in order to destroy the future that they came from, they are only going to reinforce that future, which is why everything is being treated as an experiment where they can do whatever they want because it is connected to time censorship where we can’t go back to the same area, so if we go forward through the darkest imaginable, through this temporal loop situation, we can then never go back thus creating an eternal progression towards the most high.

The 911 event can be seen from two perspectives. One, it was a time insertion to set us on a more destructive timeline & two, the other side was to wake us up, which also can include the absurd government explanations.


er, most of it is waaaay out there . . . !

Hillary’s new book: It’s Never My Fault

by Jon Rappoport

July 31, 2017

This is an antidote to Hillary’s new book, titled, “What Happened,” which I would sub-title, Why Was I So Clueless? The book purports to explain her loss in the 2016 election.
…more on site…


What to make of the Mooch episode? Is Kelly part of Deep State? Was Mooch really that damaged? Was he drugged? Is Trump losing control?


BREAKING NEWS: All International Retail Stores and Corporations Closing Due to Political Correctness (Humor)




The Mooch episode was a classic Trumpian Sun Tzu move with Trump wanting to misdirect the attention of people at the “chaos” in the WH, only to have significant actions of good governance to happen elsewhere.

Mooch knew what he was doing and willingly went ahead to call up the New Yorker journalist, knowing full well that the journalist would breathlessly print what Mooch said on the phone.

Mooch has benefited from his record-short stay on his job, as he got a lot of exposure to his company, especially from prospective buyers from China.

And, hey, looky here:

LibTard IDIOT “Fake Tears” Schumer is asking Trump stop such a sale? Hahahaha!

Trump has pulled many of these kinds of moves with his mastery of the Sun Tzu philosophy. You can expect Trump to continue these kinds of wild shenanigans at his expense.

His attacks of his AG, Jeff Sessions, is another example of classic Trumpian Sun Tzu moves. Trump has attacked Sessions — with Sessions fully knowing and expecting the attacks — with the result of the SJW, LibTards and Trump’s enemies etc, rushing to defend Sessions (as opposed to be in opposition to Sessions prior to the attacks) just because the SJW and LibTards automatically want to oppose Trump, no matter what.

So, as a result Sessions was able to quietly make some moves with the opposition being cleverly removed.

Trump is brilliant, and he’s more than happy to let everyone — enemies, especially — to think that he’s nuts, that he’s lost control, that he’s a crazy guy, etc.


Here’s Hillary’s new title on her new book:

“What The Flying Fuck Happened?”


Saving face: Facebook wants access without limits

When Chicago resident Carlo Licata joined Facebook in 2009, he did what the 390 million other users of the world’s largest social network had already done: He posted photos of himself and friends, tagging the images with names.

But what Licata, now 34, didn’t know was that every time he was tagged, Facebook stored his digitized face in its growing database.

Angered this was done without his knowledge, Licata sued Facebook in 2015 as part of a class action lawsuit filed in Illinois state court accusing the company of violating a one-of-a-kind Illinois law that prohibits collection of biometric data without permission. The suit is ongoing

Facebook is working on advanced recognition technology that would put names to faces even if they are obscured and identify people by their clothing and posture. Facebook has filed patents for technology allowing
Facebook to tailor ads based on users’ facial expressions.


Thank you Tippy, zander, Rhonda and all other showing such care. Thank you all so much! ​☺

Just spoke to my neighbour, and a friend near by, They both said this was one of the strongest they ever had seen, but also strangest… My buddy were down at the harbour close by and he saw an immense dark cloud moving up and coming right over my house, (like in a cartoon movie) released its (whatever it was) and then went away!!! (If I had been at my computer no telling what might happen..​.Am very relieved!
Nobody around was affected! It have never happen like this before, cuz it always inflict the locals. Often much broader area, as one would expect anyway. ha ha ha A neg. greeting? I turn around to something positive…as always
I first thought it was a light being visit me! ​​​☺ The whole room got so bright so bright he he. But then I heard a load noise and smelled burnt……
Coming another tonight they say! (Oops Just trying out the menu he he)


Ben: ” The gnostic illuminati control both the Trump presidency and the US military industrial complex and are using their agents to attack bloodline rule in Europe now that their purge in the US is more or less complete.

Right now though, there is a stand-off in the West between the European royal bloodlines represented by the Pope, the Queen and Merkel, and the gnostic illuminati represented by Trump.”

Veterans Today over a year ago;

“Trump is clearly a Zionist puppet”

I agree w VT.



Hi Siggi,

So glad that it all ended well for you. I wonder if it may have been a celestial ‘hello’ for you in thanks for all the good work you are doing – a sort of “you are on the right track” message – just to give you validity for your direction and purpose?



aneeson #39048
Hi Alan!
Thanks so much for that Alan, nice said. – I didn’t think of it this way. But if so that was indeed a clear sign. I would have to ask for a little more gentle next time he he


Strange get stranger – I copy Alan’s Hashtag, It doesn’t match. I was routed back to a comment in 2011. Yeah I did ruined that myself!


siggi  #390488

Strange get stranger – I copy Alan’s Hashtag, It doesn’t match. I was routed back to a comment in 2011. Yeah I did ruined that myself!
2017-08-02 9:09 AM

Hi Siggi,

That is because you left off the last digit “6” The actual hashtag number was 390486, but just putting 39048 it routed you back to that comment in 2011 when the café had only been going for about a year or so.

Best regards,


Love is the answer


Siggi, is your computer fried or you were not on it, so it was off, so it’s ok? The black cloud moving over your area & then the lightning – looks like an attempt to extinguish your light, or to shock you/scare you! Your roof has metal? Your house acted like a Faraday cage & you were not electrocuted. You will only become stronger as a result. Well done for surviving the ‘extra attention’, probably AI. I believe our consciousness can be very connected to the weather & that being the case in my experience also means the other side can exercise a control as well. Believe quietly in the power of your Light (& that maybe your inner voice) & stay grounded.


may be


#390490 Valtony:
>>Love is the answer<<

YES!! Ahhh! 😉 Hug!


Mozart- 390481

Thanks for your thoughts. Part of me believes what you say. It’s all cleverly constructed to tie up the opposition and keep the MSM busy while real progress (?) is achieved elsewhere. I know that the rounding up of pedophiles is in full swing, more and more reports of it even locally. He’s not planning to enforce the Russian sanctions but the Russians are playing along because they understand the game. If he weren’t so surrounded by Khazarians I’d buy this version totally but perhaps they shield him.
My first thought was that the Mooch episode would eclipse the Sessions saga, but if Jeff is in. Why is Jeff tauting civil forfeiture though, not real? More disinfo?

I’m watching closely.


Secret Societies, Illuminati, Reptilians, Mind-Control, 9/11, Chemtrails, Zionism, Bohemian Grove Included on Segment of The Onion’s Talk Show (Video)


Thanks Alan for making me aware- I saw it to late. sorry!
Zander – thanks so much for your wise words – I think you on to something.. am super sensitive to weather changes, always been and can tell 4 – 5 days before any huge weather system coming in. Not only the “bad” ones
This happen so quickly had’n.t time to disconnect computer only my water supply which is a separate connection, and costly if get struck. Don’t think there much metal on roof, only a small antenna.. Have not struck down since it was built in early 70’s
Valtony back – that’s great! ​​​​☺
Rhonda – will listen to it, thanks for sharing


Need a little innocent laughter after this one…
Donald Duck – (note: He got arrested……!)
Filet Minyon – she’s marketing executive at Mission Impossible…Debt-Free Living
Dr Shit Fun Chew – apparently a scientist.
Park, Jurassic – Head of some group…
Mac Donald – Berger (They got married…)
Lord Brain – He seems to be a clinical neurologist…
Moe Lester
and on it goes…..

(sorry if this is posted before, I think it’s worth another replay)
From 2014, first published on Marsh 2017
Kryon Provides Detailed Information About The Future of Earth and How Lightworkers Will Get Us There
Snippets from Kryon messages – a short summary:
(What a delightful message. Could not resist!)

Since Galaxy is made up from fractals, he “human consciousness” is the same as in many other civilizations, who’ve gone trough a shift, because their systems and planets are nearly identically. Also the beings.

We are so young (can you feel it he he) – have only been around the block once. Full round takes 200 mill years The Pleiadians –> done it tree times
Higher civilic. don’t have technologies.Why would they? Their “minds” can create what ever they want, without “tools”
1/2 % of 1 % of humanity has to awaken to make changes…. !???…or

The changes/shift is not really about quantity, … “It’s about other things that will occur than the physics of consciousness” “Confluence of Systems that you don’t know anything about?”
Like? (Hope you will find it)
Enhancement of brain functions. From -the survival of the fittest to co operation between all people upon Earth .

How scientist always try to put the “unknown” into their boxes of known, without acknowledge the missing laws of physics – like the physics of consciousness…( Kryon – you nailed it there!)
“Attributes of the physics of consciousness is the highest form of Physics”

“Peace on Earth is not the goal! – that is given.”
He reminds us
“You are an adult, stop throwing stones at each others on the play grown.”
Peace is the beginning……….. and then it gets good! YoHoo! ​​​☺​​

Much more – (I tried as best I could)


I have missed you guys. Things are settling down a bit here in Oregon. Too HOT to be anything else. Got to 105 yesterday despite official reports. Today is supposed to get to 106. I will do my own readings and likely it will be closer to 108 which would break the all time high since records were started.

Have been thinking that Trump and company, including Putin, are just messing with things. They are both brilliant men and The Art of War has come into focus a few times. I cannot help but believe that everything is going to work out… that those guilty of whatever will be dealt with fairly. More fairly than all the folks they have been assassinating for all these years.

Again, glad to be back. Dealing with the learning curve on this new set-up… it is awesome btw. Energy seems back to more positive as a few years ago. Also seeing new names… and old ones. Look forward to chatting. Windi


Hi Windi,

So good to have you back – you have been missed.

I feel that the café is in renewal mode with former posters coming back – happy times 🙂

Much love,
Alexis & Alan.


When I’m angry, I’m really not angry at anyone else, but myself
Deep inside I know the other “me” are there to help me grow. Sometimes point at my “weaknesses”. Such I am able to heal my tormenting wounds from past and present much faster.

When I’m in love I’m not really only in love with another, but myself too. Loving all aspect of myself, I will release pain and free/heal me towards higher forms of love.
Don’t forget to love yourself now!


Windi is here, you hear all! – she came in with a fresh breath of wind…

Hi windi – so great to see you back!


zanderboy #390476

Not much time to spend here. I have to get back to this one this weekend.


coooool…..great to see you back windy on the grooooovy cosmic blogisphere writers world of expansionary constructs continuim……or something like that…..hahahahaha…..

may we all continue the road to happy destiny of golden age proportions…..



from this article-quote—–Trump had little option but to sign the bill, as both legislative chambers passed it with veto-proof majorities. The Senate approved it by a vote of 98-2 on July 27 and the House of Representatives voted 419 to 3 in favor the day prior. If Trump had chosen to veto the bill, both chambers had more than the two-thirds votes necessary to override it.—–unquote…..


these sanctions will harm the united states peoples and its subsidiaries like canada etc…..

these sanctions will not maintain much potency at all anyways as the lightforces continue to take more and more control of the lovely star nation each flowing moment now…..

the world community keeps moving away from draconian super loser demonic criminally insane heartless ideologies,laws,policies,hate and lies poisons,being spewed by lucifers machinations that are now slowly being placed into the dustbins of history…..

most sanctions imposements harm children and the most economically oppressed of us all…..

saddam hussein regime lived lavishly through sanctions imposed on Iraq,while iraqi children died of nutrition deficiencies,lack of health care etc… which the sanctions delivered by the united states government,heartlessly lashed out on them…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


Wolfie- good point about all the distress caused by sanctions. The evil ones at the top never suffer. Still, Trump is not making any effort to sign the legislation quickly. He’s still railing against it so there’s some hope. Unfortunately this Russiagate election nonsense has made it more difficult to ditch the sanctions. Can’t imagine why the team didn’t think about of this beforehand. Trump does not always have a grip on the endgame and while some of his chaos is useful to hide other good moves, some of it is just plain sloppy.

Still, welcome back Windi- I’m hoping you are right and more positive events will unfold. The fact that the Hillary faction has already chosen and is grooming a presidential contender for 2020 against Trump means these investigations won’t go anywhere. They’re just distractions while the real players battle it out all over the planet. Heaven help the Syrians, the Phillipinos, the Venezuelans, the Poles, and the Ukrainians.


Come well back Windi! Trust your health is good enough to continue participation.


Yes it’s nice to have another positive force in the Cafe’
We have gone up in frequency lately and it happened at
the same time we got this new website.


Jim.Marrs has finally passed.


I really do love this new setup! Our temperature here in my little place ended up being 110 degrees… Corvallis officially got to 109. Eugene was 105. Whew! I put out water for the wild turkeys and was really glad as a bunch of moms and chicks encircled it and drank a couple of times today. I refilled it for the next group that shows up. Damn it is hard to breathe when outside. Hope all the others in the NW are faring well. Stay cool!


For those of you that are studying Gnosticism, then you might like to read:
“The Gnostic Gospels” by Elaine Pagels
How— or where— is one to seek self-knowledge? Many Gnostics share with psychotherapy a second major premise: both agree— against orthodox Christianity— that the psyche bears within itself the potential for liberation or destruction.

Few psychiatrists would disagree with the saying attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

I highly recommend it. Mefredsr


#390513 Winifred

Winifred… how lovely to find your post.. yeah!

And cool light-breezes headed your way for those birds and all your NorthWest pals.


Palantir: the ‘special ops’ tech giant that wields as much real-world power as Google
“Peter Thiel’s CIA-backed, data-mining firm honed its ‘crime predicting’ techniques against insurgents in Iraq. The same methods are now being sold to police departments. Will they inflame already tense relations between the public and the police?

in Minority Report, the 2002 movie adaptation of the Philip K Dick novel, Tom Cruise plays a police officer in the LAPD “pre-crime” unit. Using the premonitions of sentient mutants called “pre-cogs”, the police are able to predict when someone is going to commit a crime before it happens, swooping down from helicopters and arresting them on the street before they can do anything. Their “crime” is that they merely thought about it.

Palantir, the CIA-backed startup, is Minority Report come true. It is all-powerful, yet no one knows it even exists. Palantir does not have an office, it has a “SCIF” on a back street in Palo Alto, California. SCIF stands for “sensitive compartmentalised information facility”. Palantir says its building “must be built to be resistant to attempts to access the information within. The network must be ‘airgapped’ from the public internet to prevent information leakage.”…..

………………..Palantir watches everything you do and predicts what you will do next in order to stop it. As of 2013, its client list included the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Centre for Disease Control, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point and the IRS. Up to 50% of its business is with the public sector. In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture arm, was an early investor……

………………. Palantir tracks everyone from potential terrorist suspects to corporate fraudsters (Bernie Madoff was imprisoned with the help of Palantir), child traffickers and what they refer to as “subversives”. But it is all done using prediction.”

tons more scary info on site:


Okay… blog tech help please.

When I paste something onto a comment box, it shows the last bit in the box and won’t scroll up so I can check to see all is right.
I’ve adjusted by posting the comment and then editing it.. and the edit text box scrolls the whole way thru the comment.

Anyone got a way to scroll thru a comment longer than the text box before posting it?


Chemtrail Pilot Signals World! 100% Proof!


Goddess Warrior Video in 432Hz!



Okay… blog tech help please.

When I paste something onto a comment box, it shows the last bit in the box and won’t scroll up so I can check to see all is right.
I’ve adjusted by posting the comment and then editing it.. and the edit text box scrolls the whole way thru the comment.

Anyone got a way to scroll thru a comment longer than the text box before posting it?

Yes I have told Triode. You should post your comment on his post ‘Website Upgraded’, which you get to via the Home page.


Incredible intel on the workings of the controllers and how they are being dealt with.

Very comprehensive info here, over 2 1/2 hours long.



The mainstream media is completely blacklisting any mention of the bombshell revelations by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, in which Hersh explained how Rich was Wikileaks’ source for the DNC leak and how the “Russian hacking” story was completely concocted by former CIA director John Brennan.

In an audio tape obtained by Big League Politics, Hersh says he saw an FBI report leaked to him by an insider which confirms that Rich had contacted Wikileaks with sample emails from the DNC leak and asked for payment for the full data dump.


Until recently, only four vaccines were mandatory in Italy, but now that number has tripled to 12.

There have been no epidemics and the number of cases of meningitis or measles has been substantially lower in the current year than the previous year.

Despite the Istituto Superiore Di Sanità (the local version of the CDC) declaring that what was stated in the decree itself had no objective urgency, no other decree-law has moved so fast in the Italian legislative system, proving that this legislation only serves to forward the globalist’s agenda of forced vaccinations for all citizens worldwide.

Italy had been chosen in 2014 as the leading Country for the WHO world vaccination campaign co-financed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, therefore what happens here can affect also other countries.


cobra-quote—–It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar eclipse on August 21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.—–unquote…..


cobra-quote—–This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Full Disclosure and Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. The focus will be on the United States, where much healing is needed.

Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful grand trine between Galactic center / Saturn / Lilith in Sagittarius, Eris / Uranus in Aries and Mars / Lunar Node / Sun / Moon in Leo. The core of this grand trine is exact grand trine of Galactic Center at 28 degrees Sagittarius, Uranus at 28 degrees Aries and Sun / Moon eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. At the eclipse, the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and will be channeled through Uranus and through the Sun / Moon eclipse, all of them located in fire zodiacal signs. Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has a potential for a huge breakthrough on the planetary surface, as it is a moment of the most direct connection with the Galactic Center.—–unquote…..




thanks for the tip and forwarding the request zander
I posted my comment over on the other page also…


Galactic meditation it is.


hanginthere #390514

What you have written I can agree with. But to get a better appraisal of Elaine Pages you might wish to read the following, a critical review of her book, ‘Beyond Belief’.

This however, is a positive critique & summary endorsing The Gnostic Gospels as a good starting point.

Michael Heiser – Gnosticism and Early Christianity
It’s only 6hrs long, but I do remember his making somewhat disparaging remarks on Pagels. But I think he misses the salient spiritual/philosophical points she is trying to make in differentiating Gnosticism from Orthodox Christianity.


intruth #390506

Missing your input. Hope all goes well.


2017-07-30 Ever Beyond – R Scott Lemriel The Trauma DNA Strand
Starts seriously at 23mins.

There are pole flips every 100,000 years; there have been six the last 600,000 years. Core samples have been taken during the Reagan/Gorbachev detente showing magnetic reversal, then it was discovered to be cyclic, then it immediately became classified.

There are over a billion genomes on the human DNA & they are similar to frequency activated switches. Most are simply turned off (previously called junk DNA). So many of them have been deliberately turned off, thus for example telepathy is shut down & reduced to intuition.

How it all started: There were white winged warrior reptilians who came in from another parallel dimension & first subdued vegan eating benevolent reptilians, captured a human world of scientists who had developed means of preventing humans acquiring a subconscious mind (if you have a subconscious mind you are therefore vulnerable to implants). They perverted that science to create a holographic program that creates images of horror & death & domination. It is artificial & planted in the electromagnetic field around the body. In addition is the shutting down of much of our genome. This creates a barrier around our field, not our soul, but the point is it affects what the soul looks through & thus leads to misdirection.

We are multidimensional beings learning how to co-create responsibly from Source; we are meant to be aware of the different aspects of ourselves, we are not meant to be born with no memory of our previous lives.

The Secret Space Program is going nowhere; they are running on automatic subconscious implant driven technology & their imperial reptilian allies are no longer present – they have been escorted out of the solar system. They have no future in space which is occupied by far more advanced races.

It’s going to end because it doesn’t really happen!

Regarding Fukushima which should have been a much more destructive event, at one point all the radiation disappeared apparently, we have outside help.

The Seres (pronounced sayrays) originally created humans & other races billions of years ago.

The two Reptilian ships, one over the Arctic & one over the Antarctic, have now gone but there are still some Reptilians in their two main underground bases, one in the Amazon & the other in the Congo. They are being changed or are being escorted out, but they brought a barrel shaped bomb with them, which if set off causes the matrix at the centre of the planet to explode (same as Maldek).

Human beings have not evolved from this planet. Whales & dolphins are not native to this planet. Earth is like a dumping ground for all the stuff they don’t want.

This experiment of evil has failed because something else was brought in to take its place which was worse.

Pyramids have been placed between stars & what is coming through them is liberating consciousness.

Dr. Gerald Pollack has shown we possess 4th phased (H302, hexagonal crystalline – vortexed) water (beyond solid, liquid & vapour) which is capable of recording five levels of dimensional information getting it’s charge from infra red & ultra violet, & it’s a telepathic medium to connect to other worlds.

Scott teaches JayPee the Hue.

The Poles have now reverted to where they were 200 years ago, & there will no longer be cyclic pole flips.


littledogg #390517
Anyone got a way to scroll thru a comment longer than the text box before posting it?
Hi littledog!
I think I found a way..
When placing your courser at the end of that last bit of your comment, and then press line shifter, your whole comment will appear.
hope it works for you!


or if it’s cut off at the top, cursor up there, enter, arrow up.


O.. thank you siggi #390534… .. and zander
“line shifter” is ENTER key for me..
So, I put curser on end of pasted content and push the ENTER key and poof!…the text box gets bigger and the whole that I have pasted appears

tail wagg to that… you boys are geniuses 😉


Littledog – Thank you, glad it works! 🙂 “line shifter” he he, I couldn’t come up with the word ENTER, It was no were to be found in my brain he he


Listened to Cobra, and he kind of sounds like Dr. Nick from the Simpsons… I am curious as to what the Cafe’s consensus is on Cobra?


zanderboy #390532

2017-07-30 Ever Beyond – R Scott Lemriel The Trauma DNA Strand
Starts seriously at 23mins.

Hi zander!
Been listening thru the hour…will go back tomorrow.
This is an extremely good one! Thanks for sharing it zander
He (R. Scott) brings so much great inf. that I’m quite amazed. Also his way of laying it out makes these complex topics easy to follow.
Personal agree with him in almost all he says. We gets help indeed. Much of the same inf. came to me many years ago.
The Fukushima radiation mystical disappear…… , Nuclear testing to an hault decades ago……. (I would guess this also goes for the spraying programs. Around 2 years ago I was told it’s toxic effs were neutralized by those same benevolent groups. I think I had one post on that in 2015 – 2016).
I will look for more on this guy for sure.


Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30 July 2017

The battle intensifies. There are no limits to which the Cabal will not stoop in order to hold on to power. This is becoming obvious even to the most sceptical of you. They see the human race as low life scum that must be removed from the Earth. They look down on you. Yet they use you to do their dirty work for them and they pay you to kill your own kind. Sadly, there are enough of you who are willing to do this for them. Think for a moment about those of you who were paid to set up 9/11 and 7/7, and other such events. You have all had time to ponder the enormity of what was done. How many pieces of silver were they paid to kill their own? How can those individuals live with what they are guilty of? They were being used and they are still being used. Their loyalty should be to their own kind.


This is. A good message this week. I hope we can “wake-up” more. It is happening more and more. Yay!


I have been unable to access BFC this past week since my last post to Phoeni/Caleb, hehe (Siggi). But I located the password which is sooo long to remember.

Siggi: Very happy you and family survived this lightening shocking move. Good work. 😉


So, I’m back!

I was having trouble with my brain because the number system I had started had a couple of technical problems. Firstly, they were only ever in one symbol, which was rotated to increase number and then minutely changed for the next number, meaning that I could not do multiplication or division etc. with that system.

Secondly, The numbers I used were: Das, Dos, Dous, Kas, Kos, Kous, Tras, Tros, Trous, Gras, Gros, Grous/ the word I had for dozens/zero. Try saying that in a phone number and your brain will melt down. 07969 768 = (zero) Tras, Trous, Kous, Trous…. You can see how difficult that would be.

I have made a new set of symbols and words for 1-12, they are varied and none of them are the harder words we use in our number system I realise, words like Nine and Three are hardish on the tongue… One of my numbers is ‘Atee’!

What I want to do as a comment is to comment specifically on what Ben has said though. So I am pressed for time now but would like to do that because I think it would be interesting. It is at least definitely something we here have in common.

I have been losing a bit of hope recently I don’t know about you guys. The way we know nothing is happening to help humanity in relation to Brexit is that the left are not crying like autistic children. If for instance a bunch of EU nationals were deported you would hear them protest but the left are not protesting. So humanity is not being helped.

Trump apparently is going to make a big announcement in a few hours:

Zerohedge: President Trump Says He Will Make A “Very Big Announcement” Tonight

But I don’t hold my breath at such news event anymore.

Here is another interesting thing, it might be related to Uranus retrograde this has come up again:

Daily Star: Donald Trump inauguration: John Titor ‘time traveller from 2036’ about to become president

Also, I heard from that Thomas Wictor that Mozart put me onto that this is what Trump was running interference for. Things like this are better happening out of the spotlight:

Arab News: Saudi crown prince meets with Iraq’s Moqtada Al-Sadr

I.e. as it relates to Sunni and Shia

Anyway, we seem to be slouching along. Looking forward to something happening folks!


I LOVE the summer (and am beaming cool breezes to those of you in Washington/Oregon etc). This is BIG progress for this winter/fall-loving lil dog. As more of a pup, I used to literally weep to see the trees budding in Spring. And at Summer Solstice I used to console myself with the idea that the days would now be getting shorter!

All us Cafe-istas are outliers, eh? But this seasonal thing really “discloses” how far far far away this lil doggie resides from even the beginning of the Bell Curve. I say… now-a-days I LOVE summer. The warmth.. even the New Eng humidity oozes permission to slow down… take less time to cook (and eat!)… amble by the river with the big dog, instead of prance. And various clients disappearing to vacation haunts makes the time stretch even farther.

More time to delve into this and that rabbit hole… savor this and that verbal delicacy.

So… some of what I’m savoring this week (in case you’d like a gnash off my plate):

1. The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South by Michael J Twitty. I heard Twitty (wisely) read a passage while being interviewed the other day on USA Pub Radio… and “ran over” to my kindle account and started feasting of the whole of it. Twitty writes in the tastiest fashion from my point of view… about cooking historic dishes at Williamsburg VA… his African American past and his journey through the Old South to identify same… or current racial dilemmas… AND… being a Culinary Historian: of numerous aromatic, and savory dishes.. both the cooking and eating of same.

To quote from an Amazon Reviewer (Teresa Vega)” In an era where American politics is dividing people, The Cooking Gene gives the reader a glimpse of a better America where everyone can have a seat at the table of culinary history and more”

2. Sands of Time Book III: The Isomer Protocol (The Tempus Fugit Chronicles 3) by
Sean Morton. I’ve just begun this. .. having my “Kindle-lady” read it to me on my Fire. Kerry Cassidy recommended it ‘highly” in one of the 2 most recent interviews she did of Captain Mark Richards (more about those in my next comment). She says Sean had info from the Secret Space Admin guy who “ran” area 51 and fashioned 3 novels out of it.
The first two books are on sale on Amazon (and cheap book places like Abe Books) for $250 and up… and my library system doesn’t have him.. but this book is already entertaining ‘summer reading’ .. nice way to get more rabbit-hole data.

3. Also recommended by Kerry:


The pilot of a series the CIA shut down that she and Bill were attempting to produce 9 yr ago.


‘Jeff the Ladybug’ Killed by Alien Republican Transgender Muslim Trump-Supporter (Humor)


Phoenix #390543… woah! a kinda synchronicity… my next comment is going to refer to David W’s interviews of Pete Peterson.. particularly focusing on “base 3” number systems as opposed to our “base 5 or 10″… Pete points out how ubiquitous 3s are in our culture (as well as the fact that most ETs have 3 digits.. 2 of which are ‘opposable’.. so it;s actually even easier to grasp stuff than our opposable 1 thumb n 4 digits. And there are your initial names for numbers in poetic sets of 3!

Corey Goode puts up all’s Cosmic Disclosure transcripts on his blog.. and the 3 ( 😉 ) most recent ones are of Pete P.


#390546 When I first came back on here I saw belle had posted as well for the first time since she had left following responding to me. Can’t imagine what that means!

I’m very excited about it and I agree with PP that it will change everything. I am quite frustrated at having no ETA on when the book will be released. If it hasn’t been completed yet I imagine it will be so by probably two months, so say October, the book going to print will take how long… Up until April or May next year? This is very frustrating. I personally hoped that we would have some sort of change before that time anyway, so we would be introduced to numerical technology that would use the 3 system and his book would become superfluous, or possibly I suppose, immediately published. But things actually changing before next April are probably, realistically, only a little bit more likely than Hillary Clinton telling the truth one time.

On Ben’s post: So points here and questions:

Firstly, with all the power change stuff in the paragraphs talking about David Rockefeller… What is some evidence that this is the way it is since surely, if there is a power change, there would be some? I suppose the media just runs on rote.

Why is benign and symbolic bloodline rule necessary? What function would this serve?

Third, If the Americans have been printing money to stave off bankruptcy for the last few decades what is going to change now… And the Chinese were meant to not support Merkely for another term in reference to Deutsche bank… They seem to be all talk and no do.


So I’ve been “summer-enjoying” listening and re-listening to David W’s 3 (so far) recent interviews of Pete Peterson

In addition to the base-3 info (trying to grock it.. he says it’s actually what all the universe is based on… that PI resolves to a whole number in it, not all those infinite #s after the . ).

Also, he talks a lot about the 3 layers of crashed ufos in antartic (and the many pyramids all over the world and what they were for.. and a ton of other kool info)..
He refers to UFOs and AIs that are sentient/or of consicousness…

……and that reminded me of Captain Mark Richards.. who was a HIGH UP (top?) commander in the Secret Space Program 30+ years ago commanding fleets fighting negative ET forces who threatened humankind. He seemed so dangerous to various lizzy-pup folks that they “trumped up” ( 😉 ) a murder charge and have had him in Prison since. She and others describe him as a political prisoner.

He talks about having “driven”/”operated” a huge sentient space ship named Minerva (I think). Says he was the only or one of very few humans who could do this.

So I went and grabbed the most recent 2 of her interviews of Richards:

V Fall 2016:

VI Spring 2017

These are “chuck-a-bluck” full of interesting info.. and she’s the only person that gets to interview him. I hav a very spotty recollection of all of it.. compared to what she manages to memorize each time cuz she can’t record or take notes when with himl

Stuff I can recall.. much more in there

**He does not think Trump is “read in” about the S Space Prgrm, etc.. and is not supported by either side (if I understood correctly)

**Most all our wars are really ET/ET wars.

**Mid-East Wars (Mosul currently) are over underground StarGates/InterD Portals

**As was 3/11.. .which affected MEast …

**Which ETs Richards thinks have our good interests in mind and which not

**When folks (in the know) say they serve “The Queen” they’re usually referring to a “black” (negative magic) Queen who rules England.. not the visible Queen E.

**A nuclear seeding of the universe put in place by a US General decades ago to protect humans from attack (demolition) by negative ETS via “mutually assured destruction”.

**That he thinks a too rapid disclosure would bring chaos (refers to folks rage seeing a single black person shot by Police)… so recommends gradual disclosure

**Suggests full Disclosure might not be til 2030 is.

and much more.
Kerry groundedly does not vouch for the veracity of any of it.. but a bunch does match pretty closely reports of others who have not communicated w Richards.


Ok.. after this am spending some of my “summer afternoon capital” on other things.
But just HAVE to follow up what I just talked about with:

From my point of view, this is A L L made-up…. out of our collective awarenesses.. for our collective and individual growth and development.

What ever ghastly item of reality is there.. or imagined.. is only some of it…
MY project: re member that no one perpetrating or victimized by what ever “ghastliness” is better or worse than me… we truly all are ONE 1… 3 – in – 1.

If you or I or the other “gal” can imagine sumpin’ sumpin’ so it will BE… de-lightful.. or de-darkful.

So.. LIGHT fthgac to ALL the ALL of it… ALL us ALL of it… as often as my little doggie brain can re member to do it…
And the more I picture the loving (Valtony-esque) joy, abundance and harmony the more of that there can be.

An affirmation in that direction that I re-fashioned from another… I will put on 1 more comment.


littledogg  #390517

Okay… blog tech help please.

When I paste something onto a comment box, it shows the last bit in the box and won’t scroll up so I can check to see all is right.
I’ve adjusted by posting the comment and then editing it.. and the edit text box scrolls the whole way thru the comment.

Anyone got a way to scroll thru a comment longer than the text box before posting it?

2017-08-03 11:17 AM

Hi Littledogg,

What I do is once I have pasted the item I then press the “up arrow” key on my keyboard and it displays the whole item and is easy to scroll through and stays showing. I was lucky – I just did that process intuitively as I, like you; was initially confused.

Hope this helps.



The Affirmation

I’m enjoying it all and releasing every picture, thought and feeling except those of:
health, wealth, happiness,
abundance, caring, sharing,
loving, light n fun.
With the DANCERS, I am ONE.

Show me the way.
I’d like to play.
Dancers: use me
To help us get free…

The imperfection connection
to the dance
Nothing by chance.
I’m from
Deep calm.
Deep roots
New Shoots
Full blooms’
Clean rooms
Warm hugs
Soft rugs
Sweet embraces
Shiny faces

tail wagg to all y’all 😉


alan… such an abundance of solutions… none of that will be released.



Me: #390550

As the BIG dog and I started on our walk I realized there was one more important thing to affirm:

WE are not “made up”.
WE will not be “released”

And when one or more reaches the end of their “play” in the “game”
Their puppet(s) die.
Not them.
Not us.

And we pick another purrfect puppet.
And we play on.

WE go on.

And when your/my/our “game” gets complete:

No need for another puppet.

But WE… GO… ON…

(so what/how does that look like, you say?)

we just have to get THERE to find out, eh?!




 #390539

Listened to Cobra, and he kind of sounds like Dr. Nick from the Simpsons… I am curious as to what the Cafe’s consensus is on Cobra?
I trust David Wilcock and he trusts Corey Goode and Goode did an interview with Cobra and seemed to think Cobra was for real so I would say Cobra info has a 70% chance of being 70% correct.

So 50% chance of partly cloudy with some rain.


accuchip #390555

shoosh #390539

Listened to Cobra, and he kind of sounds like Dr. Nick from the Simpsons… I am curious as to what the Cafe’s consensus is on Cobra?
I trust David Wilcock and he trusts Corey Goode and Goode did an interview with Cobra and seemed to think Cobra was for real so I would say Cobra info has a 70% chance of being 70% correct.

So 50% chance of partly cloudy with some rain.
I don’t trust him at all! You should look at my posts of

Recently someone in our group did a check on Cobra & it came back from his Higher Self that Cobra was of the false light.

I have just found some disturbing information from someone who previously worked for him, though the link provided by that person is no longer working to get some corroboration of what someone called Gilles Heystek from Holland did with ‘radionics’ to measure the non-existent light quotient from the black cintamani stones.
November 2015
Gilles Heystek:
The site is unreachable or expired.

“Using Radionics the physical and energetic body are explored and supported. Micro, macro, cosmic, spiritual and astral level is measured how it is with you. If you have any parasites, bacteria or viruses in your body or aura it can be detected. It can also detect tax from the family line and radiation or geopathic stress.

Using this radionics this guy has worked all over the world to remove these dark energies from people. He can measure also how much light somebody or something emanates.

– A normal human being walking the spiritual path so so say and developing itself has a measurement of 11000 points.
– A monkey has 8600 points.
– 7000 points you are plagued by suicidal thoughts.
– 5000 points and you are death

The worst ‘death man’ that he came across in his research had a level of 2000 points of radiating light.

He has measured the cintamani stone from Cobra and it came to a measurement of 360 points!! The all time lowest he has ever measured. The darkest thing on Earth.

What to do with the cintamani stone?
The stone is creating a strong negative morphogenetic field for the Earth. The goal was to spread this negative energy across the Earth. Destroying the stone is feeding the conflict. My advise to all who have got a cintamani stone is to send it back to Cobra. I helped volunteering with the stones. So I know where the stones originated first from. The address is: 
New Energy Tachyon
Svetosavska 28
postal code: 1000

Sounds like the radionics used was a frequency type Rife machine, THEY do NOT like people who use those effectively, that’s for sure! After initial success & acclaim Royal Raymond Rife was shut down by the dark side.


from this article-quote—–Five internationally acclaimed judges heard the testimonies of 30 witnesses and experts from five continents, and their goal was to deliver their legal opinion on the deplorable actions, environmental and health damages perpetrated by Monsanto.

And after much deliberation, the tribunal has finally come to a conclusion: Monsanto is guilty on all three counts. The judges who preside over the initiative have declared that the biotech behemoth’s activities do not just adversely affect the world’s access to food, but also negatively affect the human right to health — and that the company is also guilty of “perverting scientific freedom.”—–unquote…..


YouTube Will Censor Non-Rulebreaking Content, Manipulate Search Results, And Work With ADL

Content creators on YouTube who follow all of the site’s rules may still face censorship by the platform, under new plans announced by Google.

According to a post on YouTube’s official blog, videos will now be subject to the rule of the mob. If enough users flag a video as “hate speech” or “violent extremism,” YouTube may impose restrictions on the content even if it breaks none of the platform’s rules.



Worth a mention :
“5 years after the Higgs boson, the Large Hadron Collider is just getting started
Jul 5, 2017

It’s been five years since physicists at CERN reported (in the understated manner typical of scientists) that they had observed a particle “consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson.”

The discovery capped decades of theory and was an important triumph for the Large Hadron Collider, the means by which the elusive particle was found. But they didn’t close up shop and go home after that — the LHC, the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider, is just getting up to speed.

You could be forgiven for thinking so, however. Shortly after the discovery of the Higgs, the LHC was shut down for two full years for a full servicing and upgrade. The extreme conditions created in the collider — think “big bang” extreme — were achieved at 8 teraelectronvolts, the unit of energy they use to gauge the power of the accelerated protons slamming into each other. You create greater forces snapping your fingers, but when you concentrate it into a space millions of times smaller, you can essentially puncture the fabric of reality.

Eight TeV was already an immense increase over the next most powerful system — and the complex is now running at 13 TeV, with plans to go even higher.

“The design of the LHC was to reach 14 TeV, but the machine has been working very well, so everyone has the idea that we can push past that,” LHC physicist Arturo Sánchez Pineda told me.

Protons accelerated to nearly the speed of light in the collider and smashed into each other (at those multi-TeV energy levels) produce all kinds of interesting effects because the forces and temperatures are so huge.”

“The main problem five to seven years ago was looking for the Higgs boson, because it was extremely obvious it was missing in the theory,” he said. “But at the same time and in parallel, we have been looking for other things — like dark matter, supersymmetric particles, very heavy particles. It’s important from the point of view of the standard model and physics in general, but they don’t call as much attention as the Higgs.”


Why is the U.S. mainstream media so frightened of a documentary (by film director Andrei Nekrasov, who produced “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes.”) that debunks the beloved story of how “lawyer” Sergei Magnitsky uncovered massive Russian government corruption and died as a result? If the documentary is as flawed as its critics claim, why won’t they let it be shown to the American public, then lay out its supposed errors, and use it as a case study of how such fakery works?

Instead we – in the land of the free, home of the brave – are protected from seeing this documentary produced by filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov who was known as a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin but who in this instance found the West’s widely accepted Magnitsky storyline to be a fraud.



Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has publicly claimed many times that he is not preparing to run for president. But then why on earth would he hire Hillary Clinton’s former chief strategist?

Remeber, Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in November of 2016. Hiring her chief campaign strategist may not be the best “strategy.” Politico reported that Zuckerberg has secured the services of Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, one of Barack Obama’s chief advisers and chief strategist to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s disastrously failed 2016 campaign. But Zuckerberg probably just wants to compile in-depth statistics on the party affiliations and political views of people across the nation for completely normal, regular person reasons.

Zuckerberg has hired other people for average and regular dude purposes too. They include former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s communications adviser Amy Dudley and 2008 Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. It’s becoming clear that Zuckerberg thinks the best people to examine whatever it is he hired them for, are closely affiliated with the elitist Democratic political establishment that was ruinously discredited last year and in desperate need of better ideas.

Benenson’s company, Benenson Strategy Group, will be conducting research for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the couple’s philanthropy. Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have vowed to give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares, worth an estimated $45 billion, to charity. The organization (whose mission statement, according to its website, is “advancing human potential and promoting equality”) is endowed with the couple’s Facebook fortune. But the timing of this hire is leading to speculations that the Facebook czar will be running for president in 2020 and this has little to do with philanthropy and more to do with a political future.

Bringing on Benenson is the latest sign that Chan and Zuckerberg are pushing their philanthropic work more heavily into the political and policy world. Oh goody, just what we all need. More policy and laws and regulations from rich elitist leftists.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple


The Syrian-Hezbollah operation against al-Qaeda (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) on the Lebanese-Syrian border is over. . . the success of the offensive means that after 4 years al-Qaeda no longer has a territorial presence in Lebanon.


#390564 #390561

Yeah, that sucks with facebook. I’m sure that when all the algorythms etc. are removed from facebook, youtube and twitter the world would look very different.

That or perhaps when these people go to jail the platforms will just end and whole new platforms will have to be built, or humanity will move away from social media (but that doesn’t seem likely!)


Phoenix 390543:
Big announcements are a daily event with Trump. The Time traveler/nuclear holocaust bit is pretty lame. The current meme is that nuclear warheads don’t exist at all. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed and there’s apparently documentation to support it. There wasn’t any radiation sickness and the areas were habitable within a short time, unlike Chernobyl which is still toxic. Check out the new nationalist. Word is that the nuclear warhead line was a hoax all along to scare us all silly. It has worked well if true.


tippy 390562:

LHC for real? I thought the consensus here was that CERN was basically doing all sorts of diabolical things with time travel, warping, cosmic interference, what have you. I don’t think any of us believe (d) that it was really used for astrophysical research of a beneficial kind. We don’t hear anything about it anymore and that’s telling I think. I’m more inclined to adhere to our original suspicions especially since there’s a huge CIA complex right near and/or underneath it.

Also, about Zuckerberg running for Pres. That’s surprising because I thought the Dems had already chosen Kamala Harris as their poster child.
I realize it isn’t over yet, but I doubt they would run 2 candidates. The Chan-Zuckerberg fund is so Clinton. It should be outlawed.


I totally convinced that all the Mid East wars are designed to damage or destroy alien tech. But it won’t prevent the return. Back in winter 2017 Clif High said that there was lots of chatter about the return of someone or something that had a lot of people shaking in their boots. I just hope I’m alive to see it. NASA has reported a space body out near Pluto or closer but the reports are scarce and the info is sketchy.


Thanks belle 🙂

(Late here- should been on yesterday)


oliver stone(highly decorated united states army vietnam war combat veteran)-quote—–I guess ‘American Exceptionalism’ includes the vast stupidity inherent in having two giant oceans to distance us from the rest of humanity.—–unquote…..…/398653-oliver-stone-russia-sanctions/


Here is another interesting thing, it might be related to Uranus retrograde this has come up again:

Daily Star: Donald Trump inauguration: John Titor ‘time traveller from 2036’ about to become president

Phoenix, here is what I think:
This is interesting and Trump because of his uncle may really have done some sort of time traveling but I tend to really doubt that he is John Titor. In 2001 I read as many of the Titor posts that I could find. In his posts, Titor said that he had either met his younger self or had located him & knew where he was.

I have come to the conclusion that Titor that came here was from a different time line (or we have shifted to a different time line).

The author at the Daily Star seems to just want to connect the dots like A=B C=B therefore A=C……. Trump is a time traveler, Titor is a time traveler………

Anyways I am back, after 5 years in limbo, though reading comments regularly and reading Ben’s reports a few days later than posted, I am returning to posting as a member of the blog.

But this is a whole new start. Even if anyone here would remember my short tenure on this forum, I decided to change my name (my old name is used elsewhere on the web as something that has nothing to do with me plus it seems someone hacked my Gravatar account so I decided to use one of my other email accounts)

I hope to have good or interesting things to post or add to the forum. I do have a lot of opinions but I’ll have to refrain myself from time to time. But first let me thank the many posters who have put up so many good links to articles that keep us thinking and learning.

Just call me Dara





Hi Dara,

Glad that you have come back. I do not remember you from years past but that may be because you had a different name or sign on – was it “Lynx” then?



wow lynxwalking or Dara,
This has been a wonderful turning point for the Cafe’ – we needed more good folks
coming in and sharing — please if there are more out there that haven’t joined in
for fear of attack or that you didn’t feel worthy please please dive right in and join
others here to discuss what is happening to this world.

we need folks from all over the world to jump in..
we have stepped up in frequency….



Wow, Zander, you caught my attention with this, I will have to go listen to it/finish listening to it and read more about this. I also want to look into more out Browder’s Hermitage Fund. Did you post a link to the article Zerohedge did by chance? – more info on it. I would paste the link with some excerpts but the power went out twice here at the library’s computer (storm etc.) so I’ll have to put more in a later post.

This Browder guy is one nasty piece of work. Of course he doesn’t want the video shown here in the US. He is part of the propagandists that want to make sure that America hates Russia (but it’s his bad deeds he wants covered up). It also ties in with the Russian lawyer that Trump Jr. went to see. Big can of worms. But it looks to me like he wanted to be or was part of the Russian Oligarch band wagon that Putin did his best to rid the country of. More for me to research.


No I didn’t use lynxwalking before. And I think I only was a member for about 4 months.

The lynx has often been a good totem animal for me and I am often the keeper of secrets. Yes, I have done shamanic work and continue to learn its ways.


Thank you for your post
I do hope more past members come back. We need even more lively poster contributions and good links.



Regarding Crystals, Stones ect.

The first contact I had with Alt. Healing was thru Stones and Crystals. (from mid 80’s) Took 2 different Crystal Healing courses based upon Dr. Marcel Vogels works on Crystals.

It’s important to understand that every Crystals and Stone are living entities. Are not to be misused under any circumstances. That will only result in, depending on the severity, nearly instance personal feedback (“karma/cause and effect…)

They communicate both with your physical and etheric bodies Most often the Crystal – Stone will make contact with you during dream time and/or, depending how sensitive you are, at daytime.

They can be activated to their full potential, by programming. This can be done in a numerous ways.
Is it possible to program a crystal-stone negatively?
Yes, as all crystals and stones can be programmed both ways.
In similar manner they can be deprogrammed. (with no exception!)
So in theory you can program any stone crystal with what ever you like.
There is a hatch, an important safety precaution installed within them all, based upon moral ethic principals .

If the stone is to be programmed for neg. use, or to harm you, others (Individuals or groups) or lets say Mother Earth, as such…, it will simply implode. This I have seen many many times. Some times because my ego had programmed it for selfish benefits. ( Learned quickly the needed lesson, thank you!) In most cases it usually just disappear, but could also crack..

Do this before using them:

Always cleanse them right away!
By running water, sunlight or by thought, to mention some. Without exception they will absorbs energies around them, especially neg. they will however always try to transform the bad energy or encapsulate it, to restore vitality.
A stone will use it’s subtle positive vibration to heal you ( and also larger energy bodies) in the most gentle sweet way. But during the healing process, it will take its job very seriously. By, for instance, absorb all your bad vibration (the root of sickness) or even the whole illness itself.
In these cases it most often will just crumble (die) due to these extreme dense energies.

It gave it’s life to save you! Witness that myself.

They will not be misused negatively, without severe consequences for the “offender”

Stones/crystals unselfish offer their service to all Humanity and Gaia. Particularly to those who understand how they work and respect them fully.

Because – They love us!



I am ok with people giving Cobra’s opinion here but I don’t seek it out, nor do I
follow Corey Goode or Dwilcocks these days. I will read the info from these folks
and if DW comes on I read his statements here.

I trust my own opinion about most of the things they discuss but realize that it
may be where others wish to follow at this time…


Welcome to you, Dana!


Trump is not unpopular – that is the Lefts talking points and its BS


David Wilcock has just put out an update apologising for not updating people… I feel for this guy, clearly a workaholic! Perhaps I can get some insight on the Pisces mindset.


My God I can’t stand Cernovich, all this talk about being the toughest of the tough and then he blocks me on twitter over basically nothing. Every time I see his face now I want to smack it for being such a hypocrite. (I would not do so though, stating Cernovich is safe around me, just to be clear.)


Thankyou Lynx

I must admit I cannot completely get my rational mind to agree with the idea, I am at the end of the day a Leo not one of the more mystical signs. So while I did mention it it was half in jest. But sure why not?

In this area people can still lie though so if it theoretically were Trump he might just say that to throw people off the scent. “I’m back from the future and going to become a real estate businessman” is not something that would have worked for this theoretical time travelling Trump.

Important though in the article is the 1900 book that predicts there will be problems at Trump tower (exact address given) on the day of no dawn, or the eclipse. From the same author who talked about Barron Trump. This eclipse seems to have been getting a lot of attention. Crop circles etc. Now a mysterious fiction book and is the first in America in 99 years over the President of America’s Ascendant and Mars… Somethings going on… But then I did say that just recently about another crop circle date on which nothing happened so who knows!?

I do think the energy thing is very significant though. I think new age groups supporting the eclispe will have an effect, I think their intuition is on the ball there, and that the many people into astrology will lead to a concrete metaphysical change. I have said before, the people into astrology dwarf David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulfords, Stillness in the Storms audience many times.

Welcome to the forum. I do worry we’ll go through another sudden large audience change if a pay wall goes up. But it is not likely to in the next two weeks.


It seems to me Trump is trying to keep the media on their toes by doing things like this. The announcement turned out to be that a Democrat politician is switching sides. So it assaults the mainstream medias commitment to Communism and it keeps them on their toes. When you feel like you are being attacked you do not function properly and since all they are doing is creating trouble for him it seems like a sensible strategy.

The mainstream probably got all wound up about this, is Hillary going to jail etc. and then it turned out to be just that another of their hood ornaments is converting away from Communism. So they feel attacked and have a bad atmosphere at the office, and they don’t whine on with such vigor.

It’s like how a person would talk to a bully. It’s a psychological tactic of winding someone up.

That’s just a theory anyway.



Thanks for going to the trouble of your detailed replies jujubean. I need them otherwise I can’t see or learn other sides to the stories. Also maybe there are glimmers of truth. Hope that’s not too selfish.

I remember having a conversation with someone telling me about CERN and neither of us had a clue what CERN was or what it did. It was all a query. It was at the time of that air crash in France.
Her son is a tech genius, he and his associates are all geniuses and into AI, my friend was simply fascinated with what they were saying. I simply think it doesn’t have a long term future. I found a man who wrote about a possible Creation’s Jubilee at 49,000 years, presumably outlasting AI. Thereby hangs a tale! Thanks.



I don’t know what CERN does either but it can’t be good. Seems like a waste of money to me.

Check this out, this is a positive interview (not a feminist one) on sex robots. It’s ironic that feminists are now complaining about sex robots since sex robots will take the “labour” of sex off their delicate shoulders:

I don’t want any robots to rise up and demand the vote!


For our cultural marxism afficiandos

comment image

Meliss you are right. Trump still has very serious support outside of the northeast liberal bastion and coastal California. Large numbers still turn out for his rallies even waiting in lines overnight. The MSM greatly diminishes his approval ratings. Much going on behind the scenes. I wish it was clearer but I understand the need for stealth. Let’s see what unfolds. It seems that the retirement of the Space Station and the end to nuclear arms are actually admissions of these hoaxes. There’s a lot out there about the evidence pointing to the lie that is nuclear armament. Just a revenue train and fear generator for decades. Seems Oppenheimer was an actor after all. Ditto for the space station, God knows where the set is for that serial but my bet is somewhere out in California.

It will be ages before we know the truth because lamestream will see to it that it becomes a conspiracy theory. Look at what they’re doing to the Seth Rich murder.

I’m inching back towards you.


An Important Message From Stefan Molyneux

oh JuJu I like that – dummies guide

Facebook forced to shut down AI system after they communicated in language unknown to humans
“Bob: “I can can I I everything else.”
“Alice: “Balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to.”

“The above passages, which mean no sense to humans, is a conversation that happened between two AI agent developed by Facebook. The AI agents, created to negotiate with humans, first talked to each other using plain English, but eventually created a new language that only the AI systems understood.”

“The AI agents were not confined to a limitation of only using the English language, and so they deviated from it and created one that made it easier and faster for them to communicate. Facebook researchers, however, decided to shut down the AI systems and then force them to speak to each other only in English.”

“What is the harm in allowing AI agents to communicate with each other in a language that they invented?”

“First and foremost, with AI systems using their own language, humans will not be able to follow just what exactly the AI agents are talking about. Humans are not able to understand how complex AI systems think due to their hidden thought processes, so the secrecy of AI agents will be made even worse when their conversations are made in an unknown language.”

“If AI agents are allowed to speak in a language that they created, they might no longer even need human intervention. Musk believes that people should fear AI and has asked America’s governors to implement regulations on the technology.”

“I have exposure to the very most cutting-edge AI, and I think people should be really concerned about it,” the Tesla CEO said earlier this month at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting in Rhode Island.”

“AI systems can do a variety of things better than humans and, if not kept in check, could grow into something that can replace us entirely”

170802 Galactic Intel Show with Dr Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn


Why is Marijuana Treated As a Dangerous Substance “Trey Gowdy grills national drug policy director” – YouTube


Fast, Effective, and Easy First Aid for Bites, Stings, and Burns!


Trump Has Turned The Tables On The Deep State, He Is Now Going After Them – Episode 1293b

What Trump Is About To Do With The Banks Is Not What You Think – Episode 1305a

Mark Taylor July 30 2017 – Trump Won and What Is God Saying Now – Mark Taylor Prophecy 2017


Cleanse yourself and Mother Earth by using this M. Vogel Crystal cleansing procedure:

Crystals are found everywhere. In technologies, in our ground as well as in all living organic sentient beings. e.g
You are becoming Crystalline
Mother Earth has Crystaline Grid.
That means you can cleanse/clear and program them both, with a little imaginations, positively that is!
How it can work. imo
Visualize a mini version of Gaia to fit into your right hand. (The sending/giving one)
“Hold” Mother Earth in the right hand.
See all her wounds and pain within and upon her. All her installed denser energies. Toxins in air, water and ground, neg etheric implants, neg. plasma tech, radiations and so on…..
See it leaving Gaia (your visualized version of her), as a dark energy cloud, or something similar, while parallel “sneezing” (a short sharp sound thru nose) it out.
This is an very effective method in cleansing many others areas, things…. too.

You are much much more powerful than you can ever imagine! 🙂 If we are mindful of our emotions, thoughts and words, particular at these times, it will help us go smoother, faster and safer into higher vibrational dimensions. The energy we put forth into our reality can potentially influence any Crystalline structures, by intention alone.
These are only my personal thoughts/believes.



Hi Siggi

Thanks for the link. Interesting show. Things are happening quite rapidly now.



Zander, just getting back to the video you posted

Lisa Melendez and Aug Tellez, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge

It’s a long one, I might have to just look at the notes you posted.

What does this mean?
Belgium can be likened to a simulated environment where you are blank slated when you leave, as an experiment to see how well they can do it.


Phoenix #390579

Here is what David Wilcock says on his facebook page:

“I am putting together an update to explain what has gone on in the last few months and why I didn’t write any articles or release any new videos during that time.
In short, I needed to recover from 20 years of being in non-stop emergency mode… i.e. a workaholic — and deal with a variety of things that were getting left behind.
As a result I have been through a very significant healing process and have gotten my inspiration back.
I would still prefer not to be a public figure at all, but I will get back on the horse ASAP with a new update!”

LIGHT FTHGAC (For The Highest Good of All Concerned) to David and all us workaholics out here…
May we have peace in the summer sun and let go of the idea of “productivity”
peace-ivity …. and pal-ivity … and play-ivity … waaay better for now!


For some reason the poleshift is being brought to my attention. When I first
came the the alt media I saw stuff on this topic but I never really pursued it.

I get my info from many different sources. Rudolph the Tall White Alien – his ‘schtick’ is the poleshift/switch by 2025. And surprisingly, in Jim Willie’s newletter, his source ‘the Voice also mentioned it. He called it the North/South alignment of the planet which has shifted 7 degrees in the last 35 years and continues to shift which could lead to a powerful disruptive event.


That pesky Deagel report keeps getting updated. US pop for 2025 in 2013 report was 69 million. In the 2016 report the US pop goes down to 54 million.

According to Dave Hodges (and confirmed w/Jim Stone by intruth)
Deagel is not just a
> gun running/drug running/child sex trafficking organization, they are
> also intimately connected with the business as “Open source
> intelligence links”. This means that Deagel and their partner
> (affiliations listed below) serve as marketing companies for the CIA
> and sell intelligence information to the highest bidder. Stratfor and
> Deagel provide the CIA with a minimum of two degrees of separation
> from nefarious operations which could taint the U.S. government and in
> particular, the CIA.

The point is they are honing the forecast for ‘whatever’ they have planned or whatever
events they see happening in the forecast.



Petition for a five year moratorium on vaccines

The petition requests a ban on television advertisements for medications, requests a halt to mandatory childhood vaccinations, and demands studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated.
Obviously this is good, but the problem is that you can watch the ticker on these white house petitions, and if it is for anything that goes against the elite, it usually has the number of signers going up AND DOWN. Anyway, this is worth a shot, SIGN HERE

AND PLEASE NOTE: This web site alone can drive enough traffic to this petition to ram it through. If it just sits there and languishes, it will be because the Jews made it so. The last thing on earth they want to have happen is to have their vaccine led run to world superiority falter.



Jim Stone

July 31, 2017
100, 000 Radiations proves Ashkenazi Jews will destroy children on purpose

In the early 1950’s, in a now admitted Ashkenazi led eugenics program to destroy the future of the Sephardic jews in Israel, all Sephardic children received 17, 500 rem of radiation though their brains, under the cover of a “ringworm curing campaign”. This was accomplished with super charged X-ray machines provided by the U.S. military. The children were effectively destroyed, which removed the future of Sephardic influence from the Israeli landscape. Now that vaccines have been engineered that can do the same type of damage without the X-ray machine, vaccines have become the new method of destroying the future of all people the Jews decide are undesirable.

Full story at


Jim Stone

Here is a teaser from the vaccination report I am working on right now

This is taking so long that I might as well post a small portion that is probably as it will be when it is posted.
HERE IS THE LIST OF INGREDIENTS ON NORMAL ENFAMIL RIGHT NOW as of August 2017: Corn syrup solids (45%) Vegetable oils (26%) Casein Hydrosolate derived from milk (17%) Modified corn starch 7%. Sounds wholesome. That’s 95 percent of the total. And if the first 45 percent is corn syrup solids, I doubt there is a whole lot of value in the “17% casein hydrosolate”, which is “derived” from the only ingredient I’d ever give a baby, which is milk. I’d bet that perhaps the downgrade of the quality of the baby formulas is working hand in hand with tainted vaccines to drive autism rates through the roof. I’d bet they are distributing the damage, so there is not one single cause that can be blamed, maybe the formula alone is bad enough to trigger serious brain disorders. It sure reads that way. It would not surprise me at all.

Have you looked at how babies look right now, vaccinated or not? They are all in a daze (from obvious brain starvation) while their bodies are absolutely bloated. What else would the outcome be, with such horrific formula? baby brains need fats. Yes there are oils in the formula, but they are vegetable derived and not actually fats. Fat and protein are the two main things a baby’s brain needs. And fat that comes from an inability to metabolize corn syrup solids is not the right kind of fat. WHY ON EARTH would ANY baby formula not even include WHOLE MILK other than to intentionally deprive the brain of the nutrients it needs? What will happen, when after that baby has already been partially disabled from intentionally sabotaged formula, it suddenly gets a nice solid dose of human diploid cells, and vaccine adjuvants and additives that will only cause the immune system to both act directly against, and starve the brain even more?

LET ME GUESS: Do you remember the case from about 10 years ago where the parents thought their baby was Jesus and to make the baby “pure” all they did was feed the baby lettuce until it starved to death? What such crappy baby formula will do, is make sure the baby does not wither away like the lettuce baby physically, but mentally the outcome would probably be similar. It has been claimed that formula fed babies are 10 IQ points lower than breast fed. But that was said when the formulas actually contained real milk. I’d bet the gap is a LOT bigger than that now, and when such a depravation happens, the baby has absolutely nothing available to subdue the effects of a vaccine that is essentially a bioweapon.

QUESTION: WHO OWNS THE COMPANIES THAT MAKE THE BABY FORMULA? Obvious answer: The Ashkenazi have taken over every single one that is anything of significance.

You’d be much better off simply diluting whole milk 50/50 with water (because cow’s milk is too strong for a baby) and spiking the milk with sugar (to ward off constipation) – a baby regulates how hard the poop will be based on how much sugar there is, human breast milk is very sweet and the actual sugar needed is about three ounces per quart. If it is not added to cow’s milk, the baby will plug up. It cannot be said that this is why the current enfamil has 45 percent corn syrup solids though, because milk turns solid in a baby’s tummy and the current ingredients of enfamil has no real milk in it at all. The corn syrup solids are probably there because they amount to the lowest grade crap that could ever ward off death from starvation.

I hope moms are reading and understanding labels. BOYCOTT THESE GOONS.


George Webb has uncovered so much corruption and the criminals seem to run everything. Trump can’t get rid of them. (and live I assume).

George was arrested in Ohio a few weeks ago – completely trumped up charge to disrupt him. He was sleeping in his car – not drunk or anything. He was followed from VA to Ohio for this reason. So he’s worried they are going to throw him in jail at his hearing and deep six him – or as he keeps saying have another prisoner ‘drop a barbell’ on his head in exchange for a reduced sentence.

The MSM press has had a few mentions of George – he’s a conspiracy theorist. Not the most powerful force in journalism this country has ever seen.


Food Babe

There are a couple of breaking stories that I want to make sure you know about…

Newly released emails show how Monsanto infiltrated a scientific journal and persuaded them to retract a published study which revealed tumors on rats who were fed GMOs and Roundup. This has been coined the “Seralini Study”, which Monsanto has attacked since its initial publication in 2012. Over the years, many people have been misled to believe this study was a farce. This is one of the reasons why the dangers of GMOs coupled with Roundup continues to be questioned by the press and public. Monsanto will do anything to cover up the health risks of using their chemicals.

The website Forbes just ended their relationship with writer Henry Miller after discovering that Monsanto ghost-wrote his article that was trying to downplay the cancer risk of Roundup. Forbes took the article down from their website yesterday but you’ve got to wonder how many people it misled since that article was up for over two years. Nowhere in the article did Miller disclose his relationship with Monsanto, nor the fact that they wrote for him! Monsanto admitted to the New York Times, “Our scientists have on occasion collaborated with Dr. Miller on other pieces” – so this wasn’t an isolated incident. Miller has been writing pro-GMO articles for Forbes for over 10 years. Who else at Forbes is hiding conflicts of interest like this? I have my own hunches on that.

This is a good reminder to be our own health advocates and pay close attention to who is writing what we read. Look into who they are, who funds their work, and what types of claims they’ve made in the past. This is something I do when reading health-related articles – and in today’s age of political and industry propaganda and manipulations, it is imperative that we all take this step.

And lastly, the “fact checking” website Snopes gets caught making untrue statements again..

After I outed the website for trying to squash the lab results showing Roundup in products like Cheerios, Stacy’s Pita Chips and Ritz Crackers, a member of the Food Babe Army forwarded me a copy of an email response they received from Snopes. See my tweets to Snopes here and here… feel free to retweet them! It’s shocking a “fact checking” website like Snopes would make such defamatory statements about me and what we do here at Food Babe.

As you can see, there are some serious detractors that do not want the truth about our food to be heard and these are just a few examples. It’s thrilling for me to see these relationships exposed, and I’m working on a HUGE project on this topic that I can’t wait to reveal to y’all in coming months.


intruth #390589

‘What does this mean?
 Belgium can be likened to a simulated environment where you are blank slated when you leave, as an experiment to see how well they can do it.’

Yes, you might well ask. Most of the second half is way out there. What I wrote above was more or less what he said – no more explanation!

Scott Lemriel tells us there won’t be a pole shift now. You say ‘Rudolf’ says there will be one in 2025. Typical!


Mark Zuckerberg for president? For one thing, Mark “Zuckerberg” is a myth. His name comes from a composite of his two grandmothers, Zuckerman and Greenberg. He is part of the ghastly Greenberg clan who have played multiple roles in everything from Sandy Hook, the Gabby Giffords hoax, Boston Marathon and the underwear bomber baloney. If you really think a kid came up with Facebook and all of that, you are letting the CIA off the hook. “Zuckerberg” is David Rockefeller’s grandson – more of the same crew trying to bring the 99 percent down.


lynxwalking #390574

Hello Dara. No didn’t read the zerohedge article. Let us know the dirt!


siggi #39054

Agreed Siggi. I would recommend
Scott Lemriel and Lisa Hays with Dreams for Society – Imagine, Visualize & Create!




/b-quote don’t work for me on my mac.


zanderboy #390598

I’m trying to find some credible websites on the poleshift. I’m sure this is a minefield of disinfo. If anyone is up on this and has a good website, let me know.



I just ran across this related article on Zerohedge. It’s short & mostly about the lawyer’s side of the story vs. what looks like Browder trying to do a con job about his whole scenario. Bottom line is that congress doesn’t want to hear the truth

It’s still a big can of worms even in a more synopsis form. Read a few of the comments. Of course they are trying to attack the lawyer as well. Like they say: The truth lies somewhere in between.

I’ll go look for that longer article. May not get back to all this till Monday. Try to post link before I go. Don’t have computer access on Sunday & my library here is only open 4 hours on Saturday.


waldheim2 Day 288 Trial of the Century – Awans vs A Webb

Wow. Share this George Webb video as you can. He appears to have been set up by Andrew McCabe, and will need all our support in his upcoming court trial against the deep state and the Awan brothers. If McCabe has his way, Webb will be imprisoned and then will be conveniently found dead on the floor of his cell. Let’s do our part to make more people aware of his exemplary 288-day odyssey of investigative journalism.

See #390596 by intruth


Intruth: thanks for the vaccine link- posted on FB, lots of anti-vaxxer friends there.

Also referenced the Jim Stone link on FB. The Ashkenazi destruction of the Sephardim is explosive. Hope it gets the airtime it deserves.

Deester- Yes- I’m utterly convinced that many of these perpetrators, victims and others are totally fake. New Nationalist revealed recently that J. Robert Oppenheimer seems to have been an actor. Jennifer Doudna, responsible for the CRISPR gene splicing tech, wrote a book with her “assistant” Sam Sternberg. Wonder how he contributed? Elon Musk comes to mind as well.


Waldheim- posted the AWAN piece as well. Go all the way, I say.



This scenario with Browder goes back to 2012

Then he gets charged with tax fraud in 2013 That scenario lands Magnitsky in jail where he dies

So Browder creates the Magnitsky act but is out to discredit anything and anyone that doesn’t agree with his version of events when to me it looks like he was in collusion with money launderers and criminals.
Seems he fell out of favor with Putin and wants to demonize Putin, Russia and anyone else trying to get congress to listen to him. He calls them all liars but his testimony about Trump Jr’s meeting with the lawyer seems to me like lies.

There are several articles on Zero Hedge, just plug Browder’s name into the search engine there.

I just excerpted what I thought was more relevant to the situation:

Money Laundering Exposed As A Key Component Of The Housing Bubble’s “All Cash” Bid

In August 2012, when isolating one of the various reasons for the latest housing bubble, we suggested that a primary catalyst for the price surge in the ultra-luxury housing segment and the seemingly endless supply of “all cash” buyers (standing at an unprecedented 60% of all buyers lately as reported by Goldman) is a very simple one: crime. Or rather, the use of US real estate as a means to launder illegal offshore-procured money. We also identified the one key permissive feature which allowed this: the National Association of Realtors’ exemption from Anti-Money Laundering provisions. In other words, all a foreign oligarch – who may or may not have used chemical weapons in their past: all depends on how recently they took their picture with the Secretary of State – had to do to buy a $47 million Florida house, was to get the actual cash to the US. Well good thing there are private jets whose cargo is never checked.

Fascinating to note that the National Association of Realtors lobbied for and received a waiver from such regulation. That’s right, realtors actually went to the U.S. government and said: we want to be able to help foreign business oligarchs and other nefarious business people launder money through the real estate markets of the United States – and prevailed.

She went on to say that Browder, who is the founder and CEO of the Hermitage Capital investment company, orchestrated this whole disinformation campaign as revenge for the defeat he suffered in a US court in 2013 from a team of lawyers that included

Just weeks before the Trump Tower meeting, Russia’s general prosecutor had returned to the matter. On May 19, 2016, the office issued a statement that its investigation into purchases of shares in gas giant Gazprom by Browder’s Hermitage Fund and his investors, including Ziff Brothers, had found they evaded more than 1 billion rubles ($16 million) in Russian taxes, transferring the profits to Ziff-controlled companies overseas. Russian prosecutors said they suspected the transactions also may have violated U.S. law and that they planned to send an international-assistance request to the U.S. seeking a probe.

And the connection to the Clinton Global Initiative? Apparently Browder’s firm, Hermitage Capital, is listed as a contributor of $10,000 to $25,000 because he paid to attend a CGI conference about a decade ago and Ziff Brothers’ Daniel Ziff is recorded as contributing $50,000 to $100,000 to CGI.

So why did Veselnitskaya care? Apparently it all relates back to her efforts to roll-back the Magnitsky Act.

Still need to look further in what roll he played among the Oligarchs of Russian which is one of my primary interests right now.





and see if they have the kind of information you are looking for about pole shifts. It’s mostly the scientific info.

Just plug in bibiotecapleyades and pole shift in the search engine and you’ll see various articles posted on that site about pole shift

I first heard of it from a student at Annapolis in the late ’60’s.

I have read different sites that don’t think it will come about with the violent changes of the past.



Winifred, I was trying to find a post of yours but since I can’t seem to, just want to say I agree with your comment about good things are happening in the background and that those responsible for treachery will be dealt with fairly. Nice to see you. I’ve also been away and moved to a new house that has continued to keep me busy.. too busy at the moment, but things are beginning to come together. I wonder what happened to Caleb.. he must have decided to stop posting. Be well and stay cool 🙂


Sessions Compromised! Proof He’s Covering Up For Deep State!



The above video is from Judicial Watch.

Published on Aug 5, 2017


Back to HQ

Jason Goodman

George talks about the port deals that gave away Port Canaveral (1 day no bid negotiation for a 35 year deal UAE?). What about the Long Beach port sold to the Chinese? There are many port deals.

I remember reading about these port deals – George says they were done by Jack Lew.
What an effin’ traitor. Who gave these mofo’s the right to give away our assets?


So George was meeting confidential sources about the ports.
FBI monitored him all the way. Zanesville has a 98% conviction rate. George say he’s really going up against the FBI. Guess they are feeding the private prisons. WTF.

So his trial is about the ports. Another guy, 25 year old Aaron Schwartz – , was put in jail over a minor infraction and found dead in his cell.

Sounds like a lot of wet works unfortunately.


Wasserman Schultz Gets Served In Class Action Lawsuit By Shawn Lucas

Published on Aug 4, 2017
Flashback July 1, 2016. Shawn Lucas and his filmmaker serve class action lawsuit papers on the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. On August 2, 2016 Shawn Lucas was found dead in his home.


Patricia “Trish the Dish” Negron Interviews Charles Ortel

Jason Goodman

Published on Aug 5, 2017
Lead correspondent Trish “the Dish” interviewing our favorite financial analyst.


Jim Stone

Google’s new AI test page is a cold hard look at how the world will be under tyranny

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: FOR THE DAMNING EVIDENCE, ALL I DID WAS SWITCH ONE THING – “who” is guilty, and “who” should be jailed. This means that there is absolutely no way this can be an AI mistake, this AI really is malicious, and really is programmed to protect pedophiles, Jews, and Muslims, and destroy Christians and Trump.
Confirmed: Christians are to be jailed, and pedophiles are going to go mainstream.

Google screwed up BIG TIME. Because they posted a window into the mind of their new Perspective AI, and allowed anyone in the public to send it comments, and see how it will respond. The results of my ambush on this AI prove without question that every last thing the conspiracy theorists feared is going to come true. This is a practically “impossible to get” view of the mind of tyranny, and the minds of those who are out to destroy Trump. The link to this AI test window is at the bottom of this report. Get while the getting is good, Google will probably respond to this post quickly and “fix” the AI for the public, all the while the reality shown here is going to be what is. Take a look at the screen capture!


Fmr US Intel Officer: Awans Helped Debbie Wasserman Schultz Make “Voice Changer” Calls

The explosive claim is backed up by a report in Frontpage Magazine linking the Awan brothers to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Pakistani IT staffers worked for Democrat Congressmen Andre Carson as well.

Frontpage reported:

The office of Andre Carson, the second Muslim in Congress, had employed Imran Awan. As did the offices of Jackie Speier and Debbie Wasserman Schultz; to whom the letter had been addressed.
Carson is the second Muslim in Congress and the first Muslim on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and, more critically, is the ranking member on its Emerging Threats Subcommittee. He is also a member of the Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee.
The Emerging Threats Subcommittee, of which Carson is a ranking member, is responsible for much of counterterrorism oversight. It is the worst possible place for a man with Carson’s credentials.
Carson had inherited his grandmother’s seat and exploited it to promote a radical Islamist agenda. He has interfaced with a laundry list of Islamist groups from CAIR to ISNA to ICNA to MPAC. Islamists have funded Carson’s career to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. The Center for Security Policy has put together a dossier of Carson’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the parent organization of many key Islamic terror groups posing a threat to our national security including Al Qaeda and Hamas.
Andre Carson shared the stage at a CAIR banquet with Sirraj Wahaj: an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing who had once declared,” You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” CAIR itself had been named an unindicted co-conspirator in terror finance.
It’s ironic the Awan brothers cry Islamophobia, when in all actuality, the religion they practice deserves all the scrutiny it receives. Simply put, the Awan brothers are of the Muslim faith sending sensitive information to Islamic fundamentalist group, Muslim Brotherhood.
___ information/#sthash.wHFtr5Dl.EuuXuPNB.dpbs


#390395 intruth

Jim Stone on Infant Forumula

I don’t know what they were putting in infant formula in the 1940s… but It was probly mainly corn syrup as is this.
my 3 older sibs were breast fed.
my mother was worn our from “our” 38 hr labor so opted for bottle feeding (others could do it).

sibs: pretty healthy size and food wise as far as I could observe.
me: addicted to carbs… a lifelong struggle.

At least I got to live/think/have the struggle (over 70+ years so far).
Today’s formula-fed infant.. per Jim S. : brain-starved… unhealhy… etc.


Found this comment under the above video:

magnetic pole shift at 40 degrees….at 36 now
everyone needs to be at least 1000 feet above sea level for the tidal waves east coast west coast and gulf devastated by flooding 2/3 of the population will be wiped out. food shelter ammo and water on high ground

(Intruth: I thought I read we are at 37 now)


Intruth #390593

As she says at the end: BFC: LET’s DO THIS!


Petition for a five year moratorium on vaccines

The petition requests a ban on television advertisements for medications, requests a halt to mandatory childhood vaccinations, and demands studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated.
Obviously this is good, but the problem is that you can watch the ticker on these white house petitions, and if it is for anything that goes against the elite, it usually has the number of signers going up AND DOWN. Anyway, this is worth a shot, SIGN HERE

AND PLEASE NOTE: This web site alone can drive enough traffic to this petition to ram it through. If it just sits there and languishes, it will be because the Jews made it so. The last thing on earth they want to have happen is to have their vaccine led run to world superiority falter.



littledogg #390623

Jim Stone is commenting on the lower quality of infant formula now as part of the genocide plan. Devious to say the least. Another indication we’re in the end game.

Per Jim:
I’d bet that perhaps the downgrade of the quality of the baby formulas is working hand in hand with tainted vaccines to drive autism rates through the roof. I’d bet they are distributing the damage, so there is not one single cause that can be blamed, maybe the formula alone is bad enough to trigger serious brain disorders. It sure reads that way. It would not surprise me at all.


David Stockman Warns Trump “The Swamp Is Undrainable”

“America is so addicted to war, debt and central bank driven false prosperity that even the most resourceful and focused challenger would be taken down by its sheer inertia…The bottom line is that the Swamp is so undrainable that it will end up making mincemeat of Donald Trump.”

So the Deep State’s prosecution of Trump’s incumbency under the RussiaGate file is continuing apace, while a calamitous debt ceiling crisis is now less than two months away according to his own Treasury Secretary.

The debt-ceiling crisis will cause a thunderous panic among the clueless gamblers on Wall Street. And the resulting 40% plunge in the stock market will pave the way for the Donald’s eventual demise.

Yep, seems everyone ‘s an operative… or cashing in…or opposed to the rule of law so they can operate with impunity. So I guess Trump’s options are
1. get impeached or
2. be assassinated.

Hitlary clone will be dancing…ugh.


So this is how the private prison system works:

Private Prison Demands Small Town Give It 300 More Prisoners Or It Will Close Down

“the company…has announced it will close the Torrance County Detention Facility and lay off more than 200 employees unless it can find 300 state or federal inmates to fill empty beds within the next 60 days…”



I liked that a lot.

However, I’m finding it very unsatisfying arguing with the left. These are the categories:

Code 1: People that try and assert an emotional reality over a factual one and are emotionally wounded when they lose.
Code 2: People that will refuse to give a source because they have been actively lying and will simply ignore you and insist you are a troll to anyone who tries to interact with you.
Code 3: People that simply can’t accept new information and will offer a point, you respond to it, then they offer it again like a broken record.

I avoid the left as much as I can online, and I find it easier to walk round the subjects in real life. But it does not seem to benefit to “debate” them. But leaving some of their crap unchallenged is also not feasible.


Hi Cafe,

I’ve been wondering what the possible effects could be of the coming eclipse, in terms of earthquakes, volcanoes and other such events, and got this from John Hogue, with a new book on this topic. Interesting and somewhat scary:

Total solar eclipses seem to trigger seismic events upon the lands and seas their shadows touch. On 21 August 2017, the lower 48 states will have a solar eclipse draw its mysterious darkness of 90 to 100 percent totality over four of some of America’s most dangerous seismic and tsunami-generating quake zones. They are the Cascadia Subduction Zone in the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon, Washington and British Columbian Coasts; the dormant supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park; the New Madrid Fault Line in Missouri near the Mississippi River; and finally, the earthquake-prone Charleston, South Carolina area along the Atlantic Coast.

If the pattern of seismic activity seen in the Great Eclipses of 1999 and 2009 is repeated in the Great American Eclipse of 2017, then either one or a series of potential major quakes of magnitude 6 to a megathrust of magnitude 9 could happen a week to three months after the eclipse. A second wave of seismic episodes of the same potential magnitude could follow 8 to 18 months after the eclipse. Less frequent but no less damaging episodes of quakes and tsunamis could take place as late as 2 to 5 years after the moon’s shadow on 21 August 2017 had touched future epicenters inside these four seismically sensitive zones.

Cities and towns across the United States, even in the earthquake prone West Coast areas, are woefully unprepared for such natural disasters. If only one, two or all four seismic zones become active after the eclipse, the devastation could bring the greatest superpower in history to its knees through a string of natural disasters.

This is from the book description for Hogue’s new book on Amazon.


“Give me the hardest task”…I pleaded,
As I stood at my masters feet.”

“It shall be so, my child”, he said.
“Thy task is but…to wait.”
from inside the sane Asylum
By Dr Ego – Prozak (a g+ society, no references to the author)

May 18, 2017
The River Keeps Moving

“And like an ancient lava, the sun sprayed those muted golds and oranges across the slick surface of that slow-yawning river. And Timothy had upended the trash barrel, stood erect with his pipes, straight faced, motionless, like a Scottish Moai. And the tribes had begun to gather. And there was no talk of The Mohammad, of The Christ, of The Buddah, of the differences between them, between all of us. And there was talk of the beauty of it: the sun, the air, the water, the morning, the gathering. And the river kept moving, even despite the attention from them, from the sun.”

“Then, the water glow slowly paled, then vanished, along with the tribes, and the remnants of the night. Timothy was still playing as we walked upriver, away, and then toward home. We could still hear him at Café du Monde, Pirates Alley, and even now, as I write this. And it was good.”

Timothy, pipes
Mississippi River, Easter Sunday
New Orleans, LA



littledogg #390625
Intruth #390593
As she says at the end: BFC: LET’s DO THIS!
Petition for a five year moratorium on vaccines

Suppose a non US citizen is of no use.



Oh my god!



Hi Zander

I don’t know if it will be of any use but vaccinations are a curse globally. I have signed the petition for that reason.




The problem for me is I don’t use Amazon because it is bad karma. I.e. they treat their workers like dirt.

There are other books that only Amazon publish that I’d like to buy.

Last time I used Amazon I did get bad karma.


We Are Crashing Now – Clif High

Published on Aug 5, 2017
When is the crash coming? Internet data mining expert Clif High says, “We are crashing now. That’s the problem. We may not have a big crash down, but we are crashing now in the form of the crack up boom. . . . When your currency is dying, and we saw this with the greenback (after the Civil War), the currency went into this brief burst of hyperinflation and then no one would touch it. So, we are getting into a period right now where we are seeing the hyperinflation of our dollar. Technically, you could see the Dow go up to 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000, and it will be as meaningless as those numbers might suggest. At the same time, we might see Bitcoin in the neighborhood of $13,800 by February of next year, and that is just the start. That’s when we launch the crypto explosion into the USA population and society, and that’s February of next year. Prior to that, it’s like the orchestra tuning up.”


California Has 11 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting-Age Citizens

“…the number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age…”

The Election Integrity Project California, Inc. has joined Judicial Watch, Inc., a non-partisan organization in Washington, D.C., in sending a National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”) Section 8 notice of violation letter to California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla.


Regarding the Vaccination petition, Jim Stone warned if it just sits there and languishes, it’s because:
“The last thing on earth they want to have happen is to have their vaccine led run to world superiority falter.” – Jim Stone

Here are the petition #’s. Appears they won’t let it succeed.

795 SIGNED 100,000 GOAL

Here is what the petition is asking for:

This petition asks the President to support Citizen’s Petition, FDA-2017-P-4500, a five year moratorium on all childhood vaccines on the ground of inadequate information for parents to make an informed consent to the procedure, as well as the government’s failure to perform adequate pre or post safety testing of vaccinated and un-vaccinated populations.

We ask the White House to:

ONE: Impose a five year moratorium on all childhood vaccines from birth to age eighteen.

TWO: Repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and return vaccines to the traditional civil justice system.

THREE: Perform large scale studies of vaccinated and un-vaccinated children.

FOUR: Ban direct pharmaceutical advertising to consumers and allow such advertising only to medical professionals.

Sigh it anyway


Clif High says gold will be good for next 4-5 years but not long term. People won’t want it and there is a lot of gold around. For now it’s a good store of value and better than holding USD.

Silver is better because of industrial uses and they are coming up with more all the time.

He likes cryptos.


The problem for me is I don’t use Amazon because it is bad karma…Last time I used Amazon I did get bad karma.
#390637 Phoenix

Oh, Phoenix, you’re so right. I just looked it up, and I have placed 84 orders with Amazon so far this year. So I am up to my armpits in bad, stinky karma.

Just a few days ago, I decided I needed a backscratcher and a package of dog toys. So I placed the order, and the next day they brought them down my driveway and handed them to me. The bastards.

I need to ask Guac how this Amazon buying has affected my soul score. It’s possible that I’m going to hell after all…


New Rocket Ship Video in French


Jim Stone’s latest post has an observation that might be applying here…

Traffic to alt media is falling precipitously

I am worried as it is, and my traffic only fell off by about 15 percent. This might be the most hardened site on the web and it still took a very noticeable hit to the traffic. There is absolutely no dynamic at all, traffic numbers, even when great stuff is posted, never vary more than by more than 100 people week on week (monday to monday) and it used to vary by tens of thousands. This can only mean that the artificial intelligences have successfully smashed everyone’s efforts to re-post and spread news. A “living web” pumps and breathes with varying traffic levels. The web we have now is flatlined.
Infowars has fallen by 50 percent (from peak). Some of that was the election bounce, but even with that subtracted it is down by 25 percent.

Natural news has fallen by 45 percent. That site had no election bounce, that is a perfectly measurable drop.

Beforeitsnews is down by 58 percent. That’s a significant metric, because even though a lot of the stuff that gets posted there is bunk, it represents the totally wild internet that the elites fear most.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the falloff in comments here. At this writing, the site has only a little over 200 comments for the week, about half of the recent normal. If the number of comments is a proxy for the number of readers, then we’re sinking fast. Any ideas as to the cause?


Jujubean #390610 This writer, Miles W. Mathis, agrees with your assessment about Elon Musk. He is all over the map as far as his articles go. His article on Sharon Tate and some others are excellent, however his take on the Mandela Effect that Intelligence has broken into homes and changed Bibles and Berenstain books to mess with people’s minds, is completely farfetched.

Excerpt: Elon Musk is supposed to be worth 13.6 billion. He is supposed to be the CEO of Tesla Motors. He is supposed to be the founder of SpaceX. He is supposed to be the founder of Solar City. He is supposed to be the inventor of Hyperloop. I for one don’t believe any of it. Elon Musk looks to me like a person totally manufactured by Intelligence as the fake human front for all these fake projects. In this way he is exactly like Mark Zuckerberg, another person I have outed as a probable manufactured entity. When
I wrote that paper on Zuckerberg, he was also alleged to be worth 13.6 billion. Coincidence? Nope. Why do I think that? I think it because Musk’s entire Wikipedia page and bio reads like a red flag.

More on site.

Here is the rest of the site in case you are interested in seeing what other things he has written about:



When I was working at a supermarket once, I was buying amazon products and there was loads and loads of work at this supermarket. Sort of like how I would inflict that on Amazons employees by buying their products, it was inflicted on me the last few times I brought them.


This site shows you how to delete all of the files that Google has been storing from your searches.

Excerpt: Thanks to a function of their search software, Google could have years worth of your conversations recorded, and you can hear it for yourself. Your cringe-worthy history can be heard and viewed along with a list of all your searches, at your personal Google history page.

The feature was built into Google’s search function as a means of delivering accurate search results. However, the sheer accuracy and amount of data Google stores is chilling.

The good news is that you can turn it off and delete it, and at the end of this article, we will show you how.

More on site.


GeoMagnetic Storms Have Arrived With The First August Eclipse Coming August 7th/ Total Eclipse August 21st/ Lions Gate Continues
August 4, 2017 by Diane Canfield

“We have been in the middle of the Lions Gates Energy and now entering Geo Storms which brings a new level of Frequencies in for us to navigate through. During these times you may have many more insights into your own life and be able to now work through issues you were not able to before. You may now be able to see things about yourself and others, not seen before. Be open to the information streaming in and do not let the EGO get the best of you. We need to be able to work through these issues to EVOLVE past this dimension, time and space. We need to release this baggage we have carried for so long. The way to do this is to stay connected to the Universe and the Universe will show you the way. It will many times happens through others. This is the case because we have made sacred contracts with other souls before coming here to TRIGGER us into higher awareness. These can be friends, family, twin flames, soul mates or even strangers to us here. Be on the look out for these experiences and make the best of them when they appear.”
more – anddiane with chart.



intruth #390626
>>littledogg #390623

Jim Stone is commenting on the lower quality of infant formula now as part of the genocide plan. Devious to say the least. Another indication we’re in the end game.<<

intruth: I got Jim's point and was adding to it. IE… if infant formula was already pretty rotten 70 years ago… how rotten must it be by now.. (as part of their" devious genocidal plan")


Soft-Disclosure: THE DISCOVERY (2017)

August 5, 2017

Yes, this is REAL.

Re-read or initially read the early POSTS I have offered you.

IF you want to know the TRUTH, then look HERE.

The secret projects discovered IMMORTALITY. This is through CONTROLLED DEATH.

The person can die and then be pulled back and the neurological recording will contain an imprint of the other timeline.



People want to DISTRACT YOU away from THE TRUTH! That is because they are afraid and they are ADDICTED to FIGHTING like ANIMALS. The ANIMALS ARE YOKED AND SENT TO THE FIELD TO WORK. That is their HOME. If this were not true, then they are not ANIMALS!


True CHANGE is THE UNIVERSE. At the moment of death TIME STOPS and REVERSES. All the way! And then some.

The first society was TEMPORALLY-QUANTUM STABILIZED. If a person died, they’d pop back in the next day!

In the movie there are a rash of suicides after it is announced that the soul is immortal.

The elite have known this for years. The original society was temporally stabilized so a death experience resulted in an instant continuation of life.

In the current overlay, each segment is fragmented through a series of angles. This reuslts in a disorientation or even discombobulation and the death experience wipes all memory and awareness from each layer. The elite have used technology to integrate each segment, each life back together and protect the secret. They continue living by using temporal technology to stabilize their consciousness over thousands of years along with other methods.




zander… YES SIGN It.. and THANKS to those on here not US citizens who have!

AND… c if there’s something signable you can set up or take part in.. for your citizens… or


Aug Tellez recommends this movie on Netfilx

Trailer 2 (2017)


Just signed it!


littledogg #390649

Sorry littledogg – I didn’t get that baby formula was that bad.
I was unaware in 1994 when I fed it to my daughter. I guess today you’d have to go
organic if it exists.


Jim Stone

It is obvious a hot war will be needed

Despite people really liking the Google AI and vaccine reports, they went nowhere because an AI obviously punched them out. If you can’t mail it and you can’t re-post it and whatever else, it can’t go anywhere. And if the Ashkenazi are actively seeking to destroy us, and they won’t allow a peaceful discource, then peace is a sure path to failure, and annihilation.

I believe they fully intend to simply ditch Trump, Congress just proved they can lame duck the hell out of him. There won’t be a solution to this in the mid-term polling booths because if Trump can’t even figure out Kushner is the enemy, he won’t be able to solve the vote rigging, and Congress will stay just the way it is. I really don’t know what to say other than that.

It really looks like artificial intelligence is going to succeed in launching Satan to his final perch, and if I survive those terrible years, I hate to admit it, but I think I’m going to relish Armageddon and the destruction of Israel. They can have it however they want it, and obviously they do not want it peaceful.

The Muslims have prophecies that state that in the last days even the rocks will talk and reveal there is a Jew hiding behind them so they can be found and killed, and that they will be annihilated, and I am beginning to think that will happen via the loss of Jewish control over smart dust. It is us against them, and we out gun them intellectually many times over. The problem is, no one is fighting, – if we did suddenly start fighting they’d be smashed to oblivion in short order. They’d better hope their artificial intelligences don’t spark a rebellion, because it appears many many people are about to finally pop. I hope they do.


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Thanks zander – will look but to tiered now – so tired. Must be the energy waves!


David Wilcock Blog Update, Corey Goode Timeline Talk, Disclosures in the Headlines, Pedo Arrest Sweep, Tom DeLong Facebook Post, Threats in Dreams, Dreams of Pedogate Blowing Wide-Open


Justin Bieber: Pedophiles Run The ‘Evil’ Music Industry

Below is the description from this video – it says it all. I didn’t even listen to it.
BIG KUDOS TO Justin Beiber.

Published on Aug 4, 2017
Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study class in Los Angeles that he has “woken up” to the “evils of the music industry” and he needs to take a break from the industry because it is “controlled by the absolute worst kind of people – pedophiles.”

Bieber has become a regular at the Bible study class held at the Montage in Beverly Hills and on Saturday 22nd July he shared what he described as a “horrific story” with the congregation and explained why he felt he had to quit his world tour.

Describing a party on tour – attended by the upper echelon of the music business, including executive VPs of development, producers, power agents and international financiers – Bieber said he was encouraged to sexually abuse a young child who had been bought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry elite.

“I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t. They said this kid was drugged, it was horrible,” Bieber said, explaining that it was made clear to him that he would gain entry to the “business side of the industry” if he “joined the club” by passing the initiation rites.

“I wouldn’t just be a performer, I’d be a mogul. That path would open up for me, like it did for Jay-Z.”

“It’s the difference between being a millionaire and being a billionaire.”

But Bieber told the congregation that he couldn’t do it.

“To join the club I’d have to do bad things to this poor kid. But then I realized that even that wasn’t enough for them. I’d also have to kill this little child.”

Bieber said he had heard rumors about this type of initiation in the music industry, but he had not been confronted with it before.

“I got told they secretly film these parties. Once they’ve got you on video doing something like that, they own you.”

Bieber said his conscience is clear because he didn’t participate, but the fate of the drugged child is haunting him.

“They said this kid was raped by a few different guys. They said he was bleeding. I got out of there but I heard he died and that haunts me.”

This allegation from Justin Bieber adds to the wave of accusations made by celebrities and musicians about the real nature of the music and entertainment industry elite. Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have both gone on record exposing the pedophilia at the heart of Hollywood.

According to Elijah Wood, innocent young lives are destroyed to satisfy “people with parasitic interests” who “see you as their prey.” In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a series of bombshells about the pedophiles that run the industry, noting that “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.”

If you read the Washington Post or watch CNN, pedophilia is not a problem, and those who talk about it are tinfoil hat wearing kooks perpetuating ‘fake news.’ But more and more stars are coming forward with similar stories about the depraved Hollywood and music industry system.

In recent months Nicole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan also spoke out about pedophilia in Hollywood. Close friends of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington claim the recently deceased pair were working on exposing the pedophile ring working at the heart of the music industry – and it cost them their lives.

Justin Bieber shocked his fans by cancelling his world tour and announcing that he needed some time away from the music industry. But as more information comes to light, it appears he made the best possible decision.


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Hi nightsinger
That was sad nightsinger.
He was one of the first I listen to on Project Camelot
The following was posted by his family on Facebook today:


227 posts – skinny week – must be the energy waves…



Grrr… This kind of thing annoys me it’s why people don’t respect astrology.

Be aware for new issues coming to the surface etc. etc. is pretty much the most vague description that probably has applied to everything that you can get. It could apply to everything.

I can see exactly how these transits are effecting me and the people around me. How the lunar is drawing some things to a close subtly (i.e. moon energy) ready for the swing down to the new moon.

Between meeting work friends on Friday, heavy dreaming on Saturday, my sister on Sunday and learning things about our father and my best friend Monday who is struggling with some things. None of these things are ongoing issues to be resolved, they’re just life.


#390657 Will be bookmarking this post and checking it out.


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lol – you absolute correct – I take full responsibility!
This was the reason I shared it
“This is the case because we have made sacred contracts with other souls before coming here to TRIGGER us into higher awareness. These can be friends, family, twin flames, soul mates or even strangers to us here. Be on the look out for these experiences and make the best of them when they appear.”

But agree – it was not good overall


sorry correction
should be.
phoenix9061210 #390661



zander… YES SIGN It.. and THANKS to those on here not US citizens who have!

AND… c if there’s something signable you can set up or take part in.. for your citizens… or


excellent works littledog…..

we got to somehow stop this rockofellon driven allopathic so often pseudo medical systems merciless lash on peoples of many many nations all over the world…..

just in case any haven’t seen a documentary on the bigfish criminals takeover of western and beyond countries medical systems…..
including their cxriminally insane methodolgies employed in bullying(to this day) grooooovy homeopathic natureopethic,shamans etc type doctors from freely working their occupations in societies…..

not so long ago many homeopathic and other types of healers worked openl;y and freely and effectively in american and canadian societies etc…..

one of my grand grandfathers worked in western quebec as a shaman type doctor not so long ago…..he helped humans and other creatures-horses,cows etc…..

the decades before the demon minions took over,healers like this were doing excellent works…..

in this rural logging region of quebec there was some state educated doctors,and some homeopathic doctors,and some native american shamans who could work withpout being tyrannized by those who control the governments…..

there was choice for the peoples-positive results by these various types of healers is what promoted the peoples requesting there services…..

someday this war is going to be over…..

heres a young man(in under 3 minutes) who speaks of this demonic anomaly that kills so many of our peoples each day…..



Yes, I wouldn’t even agree with that directly. Perhaps you have experienced that?

For me, I feel I have been taught that the lunar cycle closes a pattern and the solar cycle opens a new one. So the last ones I got the closing cycle on the date I took a break from my last job, where I effectively left, and the opening cycle when I begun my new one almost to the day.

The cycles ending now are that one of the very important work colleagues has left, something previously hidden about my work colleagues has come to light, my communication with my sister and the subtle emotional trends it has closed are too powerfully raw for me to comment on but suffice to say the end of a potentially subtle non positive trend/ wound may have made us closer.

This emotional trend though does relate to my input on the global story of politics, giving some real perspective on these abstract matters from experience. My small contribution to this (new age conspiracy) world in my blog etc.

I had a kind of dream that is usually incredibly powerful. Just a reminder of how dark the world has become, how real the world is! I don’t know how that helps. But in general, astrology is a specific thing. It references sign, degree, house and the context to put it all together.

Nice for you to admit it though and take responsibility! I’m actively seeking ways that people de- escalate situations/ debates online because I’ve just had enough of it. So perhaps that has ended to!


Clearly troubled by the details, she told a group of close friends:

katy perry-quote—– “I can’t live this life any longer. They’re all pedophiles. What they do to these children is sick.”—–unquote…..

Read more at:
© Neon Nettl


I don’t know if this is true quotes from katy…..probably is of course…..

its true that luciferian criminally insane pedophiles are heavily involved at high levels in the western entertainment business,film,television,music industries etc…..

do our mouseketeers really have a choice when they are groomed by these monsters when still children and adolescents…..


the great earth surface humans do their art regardless…..

we don’t need no fake and always fading fame and wealth delivered by some of the darkest hearts that exist in the entire galaxy….

someday this war is going to be over…..


Intruth wrote:
The Muslims have prophecies that state that in the last days even the rocks will talk and reveal there is a Jew hiding behind them so they can be found and killed, and that they will be annihilated, and I am beginning to think that will happen via the loss of Jewish control over smart dust. It is us against them, and we out gun them intellectually many times over. The problem is, no one is fighting, – if we did suddenly start fighting they’d be smashed to oblivion in short order. They’d better hope their artificial intelligences don’t spark a rebellion, because it appears many many people are about to finally pop. I hope they do.
This reminds me of the prophecy of Luria of Safaad that I have mentioned before here. Luria prophesied of a time when the world would rise up and destroy Israel. It is a hidden prophecy I learned about through an acquaintance of mine who was a friend of the late Israeli professor Moshe Kroy. Kroy told my acquaintance of this prophecy but could not verify it as my acquaintance cannot read Hebrew. It has some veracity as the Zio-tards are taking keeping the prophecy hidden very seriously. Unfortunately, what they resist persists, and they have no one to blame but themselves for its fulfillment.


phoenix9061210 #390666
A “de- escalate situations/ debates online because I’ve just had enough of it.”
That is a great statement. Oddly it was a part of what I had in mind with that quote, and also some previous post, in a very subtle way….. No matter if one believe in soul contracts or not, we all can be triggered into situations that escalate out of control, I think. That is not necessary beneficial.
But if handle with wisdom, such encounters can make one evolve fast. The other person helps us push things up to surface for healing, which in many cases would stayed dormant. ( we wouldn’t in many cases not even know about these personal blockages. A good recipe for sickness, mental – emotional suffering…. imo. And that I’ve had a lot during my whole life.
Have worked out stuff this way, but also by using deep clearing techniques, metal exercises…..
Humor and laughter is a great healing tool, I like to use. (though I can be very childish silly, but my intention is always serious he he….. to lift, to vent out denser energies…)

As said previously… have no knowledge of astrology, but certainly sees its earned part in any new way of living. A exciting ancient “science” we sure will treasure further on.
I shared one story from my life last year re astrology I think. I order a personal chart with 10 written pages of material from a famous Chinese Astrologist. This person had worked for politicians, celebrities, royals, all over the world. (in the 80’s.)
Most all he predicted, as far as I can remember is accurate up to now.. Sadly I lots it when I moved were I now live, 17 years ago, but I still remember, so much has come true. He told me btw. that this time would be incredible in so many ways.
New life extensions tech. New transport systems. He saw us/me living in harmony with perfect health far past 3000, Then he said he could not see anything accurate….. This was the time I would become more and more happy and satisfied on all levels.
This far he’s spot on with many things, mostly I can remember being very sick at that time and my life was going fast down hill…. . There were so much much more….



That is very interesting about that psychic reading of yours. I have been reflecting on how short lifespans are recently. at 15 years old you can’t even drink, or, outside of places like Spain and Mexico, have sex, you are between 1/4th and 1/6th through your life!

Also, that reading could have left you because your awareness had grown high enough for it to be a breach of your free will. Earlier today I was thinking of purple plates. People very often say they disappear and they really do! I brought a lot of them and they all clear vanished from my house.

The North Korea thing is still going:

Zerohedge: Unexpected North Korea Breakthrough Delays Trump Trade War With China (For Now)

A UN sanction leaves open the door for a security council resolution and a “legal” war!

I just noticed due to Bens holiday tomorrows and Monday 15th’s reports will be pre written. He will return to write them on 21st of August 2017. The day of the eclipse.


wolfintimber #390667
Clearly troubled by the details, she told a group of close friends:

katy perry-quote—– “I can’t live this life any longer. They’re all pedophiles. What they do to these children is sick.”—–unquote…..

Read more at:

I hope they ALL come forward – there is power in numbers.

I wonder how Katy got to be so famous if she didn’t do anything to the kids. I thought she WAS a superstar. I guess they mkultra’d her and we can only imagine what abuse she has endured.

I’ve always wondered about Justin Timberlake vs Britany Spears. Britany has had a rough road and it’s obvious she’s been messed with. Why not Justin? And Amanda Bynes. OMG. What happened to her breaks my heart.

Even Miley Cyrus. She’s a victim. I don’t believe for a minute she’d run around stage with plastic male genetalia strapped to her – even pictures of her performing oral sex on someone either in a separate situation or on stage. Other very pornographic pictures of her from her show I assume. Jim Stone published the pictures I had never seen. Very sad.


phoenix9061210 #390670
“Also, that reading could have left you because your awareness had grown high enough for it to be a breach of your free will”

That s a very accurate and interesting point!
To evolve freely you can’t have a script that’s for sure. It was not to my “highest” best to know everything…As it could forced me into specific timeline…
I’ve seen similar scenario with other things I worked with. Can mention a Seven Silver Star (Pleiades), based upon Astrology, that was a costly one! However I think I “misused” it in a period of my life I was smoking, drinking with a lot of other toxic substances running around my br.. blood I mean he he., chasing you know what…he he
Never found it again, can’t find it on the net either – one of the strongest tool I ever tried.

I think it was produced by a Danish dude (still in the 80’s) .


intruth #390650
In the current overlay, each segment is fragmented through a series of angles. This reuslts in a disorientation or even discombobulation and the death experience wipes all memory and awareness from each layer.

So this ties up with the angular distortion of the ‘Metatronic Universe’, & of course places Metatron with the false light.


Jim Stone

Nixon was not a bad president

I always knew that, Nixon was onto the conspiracy and working to stop it when he was busted for Watergate. He was a lot like Kennedy in that way. On that note,
Anonymous sent: (with a minor edit)

Again, great job on the vaccines article and your AI research and coverage. It is interesting to note that President Trump hasn’t taken a stand against the Ashkenazis, like President Nixon did, as is clear from the White House tapes. Nixon knew the risks and the potential cost, and he did it anyway, because he saw it as the only hope. Mr. Trump has done some fine things, like kill the TPP and the global warming treaty, but the cancer remains and continues to grow.

It’s hard for me to believe that he doesn’t see what a conniving weasle Kushner is. I do know — from Scripture — that God on occasion blinds people to things, for His own purposes, so maybe could be going on. Let’s face it, even with Trump as president, there is a ton of wickedness that persists in the U.S., in fact, a lot of the things that God describes destroying countries for, including Ancient Israel, which is who, essentially, the white people of today are.

Nixon was raised as a religious Quaker, and he said if he hadn’t gone into politics, he would have liked to have been a musician. He was apparently an accomplished pianist! And he hated the depravity. Paraphrasing, he said that Bohemian Grove was the faggiest thing he’d ever seen, and he didn’t even want to shake hands with those people. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it. Anyway, Thanks again.”

My comment: If the Jews impeach someone, whoever got impeached was probably a hero. NOTE: Clinton was not impeached, because he did their bidding well.


2017-08-06 Simon Parkes QA


EMF Warriors 01_02 – Follow The Money with Catherine Austin Fitts

Published on Jul 12, 2017
If you want to know the real story you must follow the money. In our inaugural show Catherine Austin Fitts takes us down the rabbit role articulating her personal experience of Wall Street fraud of and the extraordinary depths of government corruption. We explore how this fraud and corruption underpins the cover-up of the harmful effects on nnEMF. We discuss the EMF shows on the The Solari Report, the complicity of the US Dept. of Justice during the drafting of the Telecommunication At 1996, surveillance capitalism and so much more.

In Part 2 we discuss how nnEMF is invading, manipulating and destroying our lives. We discuss the depths of corruption and the cycle of disrespect between the leadership and the public. The history of mind control and how technology has reduced the cost and improved capabilities. We discuss how wireless devices can now trigger emotional states creating addictions and even public brawls. We discover that the money leads to the devices and discuss simple solutions to minimize your financial and health risks.


Simon Parkes

North Korea – far more serious than media portraying. In the north there are large amounts of Asian gold stored in caves and precious metals in the ground for mining which the psychos want. Russian and China have been protecting NK. Russia has walked away and the US is trying to strike a deal with China to allow a strike by the USSA – bombing AND boots on the grounds. There was a meeting on AUG 6 talking about a strike with stealth aircraft and cruise missiles followed up by a small landing force.

There are a number of US generals who have been itching for a war with NK for a very long time.

NK does have 3 small nuclear bombs.

So it is very real there could be a small war within 6 weeks. So China could disallow it – no war. BUT China could also allow it for a cut of the gold.


The Truth War Is Being Lost to a Global Censorship Apparatus Called Google

Google now takes 81.2 percent of all search engine market share globally.

This dangerous monopoly should have been controlled years ago. In the end, monopolies such as these restrict free trade, prevent the market from setting prices, from evolving and finding new markets. Google are often buying up the competition or competitive technologies and exploiting or killing it. The EU has just fined Google a massive €2.42 billion for precisely this. So-called ‘disruptive’ technology is the enemy of monopolies.

. . . the London School of Economics was now warning that “new technology has disrupted British politics so much that current laws are visibly unable to ensure a free and fair election of any type or indeed control the influence of money in politics.”
“One company, Cambridge Analytica (CA) is in the frame for influencing not just Brexit but the US election where personal data is used to target voters. Its parent company SCL Group is known for involvement in military disinformation campaigns of social media and voter targeting and is used by the military and politicians to study and manipulate public opinion and political will.”

“Google’s search algorithm appears to be systematically promoting information that is either false or slanted with an extreme rightwing bias on subjects as varied as climate change and homosexuality.”

“New data compiled by the World Socialist Web Site, with the assistance of other Internet-based news outlets and search technology experts, proves that a massive loss of readership observed by socialist, anti-war and progressive web sites over the past three months has been caused by a cumulative 45 percent decrease in traffic from Google searches.”

The drop followed the implementation of changes in Google’s search evaluation protocols. In a statement issued on April 25, Ben Gomes, the company’s vice president for engineering, stated that Google’s update of its search engine would block access to “offensive” sites, while working to surface more “authoritative content.”

The World Socialist Web Site has obtained statistical data from SEMrush estimating the decline of traffic generated by Google searches for 13 sites with substantial readerships. The results are as follows:

* fell by 67 percent
* fell by 63 percent
* fell by 62 percent
* fell by 47 percent
* fell by 47 percent
* fell by 42 percent
* fell by 37 percent
* fell by 36 percent
* fell by 36 percent
* fell by 30 percent
* fell by 25 percent
* fell by 21 percent
* fell by 19 percent


Thanks to a function of their search software, Google could have years worth of your conversations recorded, and you can hear it for yourself. Your cringe-worthy history can be heard and viewed along with a list of all your searches, at your personal Google history page.

The feature was built into Google’s search function as a means of delivering accurate search results. However, the sheer accuracy and amount of data Google stores is chilling.

The good news is that you can turn it off and delete it, and at the end of this article, we will show you how.

You can start this eye-opening journey by heading to Google’s history page and looking at the long list of recordings. The company has a specific audio page as well as their record of where you’ve been on the internet.

You have to sign in:

To delete particular files, you can click the check box on the left and then move back to the top of the page and select “delete”. To get rid of everything, you can press the “More” button, select “Delete options” and then “Advanced” and click through.

The easiest way to stop Google recording everything is to turn off the virtual assistant and never to use voice search. But that solution also gets at the central problem of much privacy and data use today – doing so cuts off one of the most useful things about having an Android phone or using Google search.


Downloaded ‘The Discovery’ & first must finish watching ‘Under the Skin’ – another disclosure film this time about a parasitical alien black oil – straight from black goo no doubt. I watch it knowing more than most what it really is & refuse to let the images affect my subconscious or the sinister intent plant any fear, & watch with a detached interest – it ain’t gonna work on me!


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trying to figure this email out? I don’t remember making a comment and I do not see one? Help?


Hi Eugene,
I think that email was the result of a typo. In comment number #390663 Siggi forgot a digit and accidentally referenced a comment of yours from many years ago.
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