Revolution to spread to Israel, Japan and Middle East this autumn

Notice to readers:  Since I am on my holiday, this report was written in advance.

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was a major step towards defeating the Khazarian mafia worldwide. However, the Trump presidency still represents an attempt to reform the old system rather than a true revolution. Trump has been keeping the United State of America Corporation afloat mainly with money extorted from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Middle Eastern oil sheikdoms along with funds looted from Japan and South Korea. The Chinese are also playing their part in keeping the old regime going because their huge structural trade surplus with the US gives them plenty of dollars to use to buy friends and influence people around the world. The Rothschild and other bloodline families who have been running the planet successfully co-opted the Chinese with bribes and flattery. The over $1 trillion Chinese one belt one road initiative is their reward for helping keep the old system afloat.

The Paris accords supported by 19 out of 20 G20 countries, for its part, was an attempt to keep the bloodline controlled IMF, World Bank, UN and other international institutions going by giving the Chinese greater voting rights at the expense of the US, even as they kept these institutions firmly under their control. The problem is that this reform is based on the fraudulent claim that carbon is causing global warming. It is not factually true.

It also leaves the old families firmly in charge. Remember, the people of the planet earth did not select the head of the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS etc. it was all done behind the scenes by the ruling families.

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under 10 again great article Ben



Christina Lisa Pansy
Christina Lisa Pansy

Good morning! The Age of Aquarius is dawning.


I’ve been bashing the Illuminati lately and still feel the same way. The Illuminati has evil plans for Humanity, we must find a way to take them out of power. I believe God should discontinue this low soul group, since there are about 60 thousand of them alive and about 540 million of them on the soul plane, wanting to incarnate into bodies. If all of them were dead and no young could be born, God would modify all the low souls in this group and combine them with another low soul group, hopefully a positive one.

The evil stuff they are doing to Humanity, is just so out of line and needs to be stopped. Some of the evil stuff they are doing is Obamacare in the USA, forcing vaccines, chemtrails, Fluoride in the water, GMOs, central banking, bad medical care and bad pharmaceuticals, forcing dumb downed education for children and keeping the space program secret. Not to mention war and mass murder. I really don’t think any of these would be happening to the extent they are without the Illuminati. So get the Illuminati out of power or dead and all this evil bad stuff would stop in a short time and we would have a great peaceful planet and be in the Golden Age, reaching for the stars, doing so good in God’s creation.
Come get a soul report


Sounds good, but I just don’t see the PTW handing over control of the money majic system for the good of humanity without a severe shake up going down. We ought to be marching in the streets v.s. posting in the cafe, yet here I sit.


12 this week. Now back to read the report. Looking forward to next week for new information. Everyone have a great week.


“If the Federal Reserve Board, the EU Central Bank and the Bank of Japan were nationalized then it would be possible to finance a quadrillion dollar campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, finance immortality research, explore the universe etc. This is completely realistic and feasible.”

Something all us little dogs can put our “picturing caps” capabilities to.


Now to see what our dear David W has to say, thanks Ken

kenlejko #390688
Dave Wilcock has a NEW ARTICLE!!!!!!!


Sad though Ben. I would have anticipated this result.


Logging in for the

game of leap-the-frog numbers…


Oh, number 16

And now reading the report — but it’s an old one, right?


“the quantitative easing”

QE is no more than an asset swap. It doesn’t create new money (an asset) without an offsetting liability. Or a reduction of assets held. When Govt’s deficit spend new Govt bonds are issued to pay for this spending. So say my company does work and indirectly receive new bonds to compensate me for the work done. QE simple results in these Fed bonds being purchased back by the Fed and converted into Fed reserves (held by the banks) and bank credit (held by the non bank sector).

“They have not done things like put money directly into ordinary peoples’ personal bank accounts.”

Because “they” can’t. The Fed can’t give reserves away (Feds liability) without getting an offsetting asset to match these reserves. In the case of QE the Fed issues new reserves (their liability). In exchange for bonds (an asset).

Unfortunately Ben knows little about money and banking etc. Ignorance like this about critically important subjects is the biggest issue mankind faces. Keeping the population ignorant and misinformed = the elites stay in control with a growing wealth gap.


Good day to you Ben and all friends and friends


“This was all done without taxes or debt. ”

Give me help. Why are people so confused and ignorant about our money system. This article is full of rubbish. Its not even excusable. If Ben just thought about it logically for a few minutes he would realize this statement (and others) is garbage.

For example. If I work for the Govt how can the Govt compensate me in some way for the work done. They could just force me to work as a slave. There would me no compensation. But apart from that they either need to pay (compensate) me by
-Generating money in some way eg. tax or selling assets or
-Issuing bonds = GOVT DEBT. Bonds are a legal obligation to make good in the future.

Money is a financial asset. All financial asset have an asset side and a LIABILITY side (called debt)

But Ben is so confused about this topic its pointless really. he needs to throw out everything he currently believes and start from scratch. And the possibilities based on facts is far and away better than the fiction that Ben writes. The US GOVT can create money (or bonds) out of thin air as required when required. Modern Monetary theory explain all this very well. But to get it old flawed beliefs need to be thrown out.




I agree with your post.

What do you think that we should do to solve this monetary crisis, then?


Regarding Ben’s comment about the oft-repeated meme of the 65-million-year wipeout of the dinos, that’s not correct.

In the link above you’ll find good data in David’s article — on which I had the pleasure/honor of editing after receiving transcripts from transcribers placed all over the world — that makes the case that the wipeout of the dinos was a result of a regular occurrence of regular upgrades in the very codes of life itself.


Aloha Kakahiaka, good morning from Hawai’i @5:05am 8-7-2017.


Hi Mozart

“What do you think that we should do to solve this monetary crisis, then?”

I don’t think we have a monetary crisis. This is a myth promoted by the elite to justify austerity and selling off Govt owned assets to themselves etc. We have issues that need addressing. But monetary sovereign Govt like the US (but not Euro countries) could easily do this if the people supported them. At present they won’t as they believe the misinformation.

Remember money by itself is just medium of exchange. Its can be created by the US Govt as required when required. The US Govt could just give everyone $1 million by doing the required journal entries. And if they had restriction on spending this money (say the majority had to be invested in a pension fund or whatever) it would not cause inflation or a deprecating currency.

Its the myth that Govt’s like the US can go broke / run out of money. Or debt must be less than a % of GDP etc. It’s misinformation backed by experts like the climate change (or macro evolution) misinformation is.

To overcome this misinformation we collectively need to grow up and not be so trusting. And also collectively accept that we have all been brainwashed in the West. And then be willing to let go all we believe and start from scratch (maybe I’m asking for the impossible though). But as part of this process not look for an answer to the unknowable. Ramana Maharshi said to take a thorn and dig out a thorn and then THROW THEM BOTH AWAY.


Ugh, so much trouble getting logged in and staying logged in. Server not responding each time I leave it, then have to login, again. Oh, well, it is what it is. Moving on.

Malama pono, 8-8-2017!!!!


Really dangerous stealthy overtake and CONTROL over our minds is on the way from establishing cloud technology.

What is more important than stopping this ominous agenda. At least a warning we must have a firm and careful check on, or not ?


Did Neil Heslin of Sandy Hook fame play other roles, like the dead 9/11 firefighter Thomas Richard Kelly, then, later, the guy beat up by black people in Chicago over Trump? He looks like an older version of the firefighter – not quite as sure about the Wilcox character. He may have been “reversed” because that would account for the nose.

Here he is again at around 4:56, or a close relative, talking about one of the other three events in Newtown that have since vanished from public eye – the threat at St. Rose of Lima School that caused the school evacuation, the poster threat to St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, and the phone threat about an upcoming shooting, that was later changed to a bomb threat where they cancelled mass. They have altered the camera angle to make him look different, or they interviewed his cousin or brother.


Went back to last post to read comments since being off-line preparing my court document. As a long time poster here, I have to tell you readership has sunk to an unprecedented low of 248 posted comments. It was in the 1,000, not anymore. Check the archives, truth be told. Thanks to banning, thanks to sanctions, thanks to poor reporting, thanks to comments posted, thanks to disinterest, thanks to new webpage design, all of the above? No obvious clue, except the count on posted comments. Use to be a lively exchange of consciousness, not anymore. Something drastically changing here, and I mean drastic. It’s an uneasy feeling.

Well, for what it’s worth, even wondering if my court document will be a blessing or bust with what I’m seeing here in the forum. The traffic case I’ve been working on goes to court tomorrow. The eviction case goes to court on the 22nd, day after an eclipse on the 21? I have a child support hearing on September 7 and my recent filing scheduled for hearing on Oct 2. Not to mention the bizarre goings on in the great USofA. And our nation business endeavors. What a weird feeling. Where’s my conscious in all of this? Duh! “What’s up doc?”Anyone recall that cartoon phrase by Daffy Duck?

Somewhere in between a rock and a hard place that’s got us stuck not knowing what next or which way.

Ben’s on vacation. Congress is in recess. And we, the people waiting in the wings. I suppose we can only give thanks to the slow movers, the shakers, and those in retreat. Be thankful for small and great things in our life.

Malama pono, 8-8-2017!!!


The time for talk is over, it is time for action.


28 on vacation


#390707 kuuleimomi

Hi Momi … I’ve made a couple of comments recently regarding the apparent drop in traffic, and the actual drop in comment postings. This has been trending for some time, but it’s gotten severe in recent weeks.

So, I have a theory about the recent dropoff: The site is now titled “Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society”. Now, as long-time readers, we know that the WDS, only occasionally mentioned by Ben, is the “good guys”. But it might be quite off-putting to those readers and visitors who don’t know that. After all, it could seem, to the uninformed, to be an organization of white-racist reptilians. Or something else that’s sinister and uninviting to a larger audience.

In other words, I think most of us signed up for “Benjamin Fulford, Well-Connected Freelance Journalist”, kind of like Jim Stone, but with a more strategic and international focus. The new labeling would logically narrow the field of potential subscribers and readers, for the reasons described above.

I add this theory to your own list, which is spot-on.

And, I recommend, to Ben and Triode, dumping the WDS reference atop the post. It can’t hurt, and it strikes me as being a good business decision.


Hi rj99, #390703

Are you suggesting something like the state bank North Dakota has, or what Lincoln and later Kennedy tried to get going with the Greenback system?

If so, I think that is what we are all hoping and rooting for.


Popular or important articles from the past week:

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Divinity and Oneness: The Potential For Cosmic Growth In Analyzing John McCain’s Brain Cancer

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An Author from the 1800s May Have Predicted Trump and America’s Downfall

Corey Goode Presentation: Mandela Effect, Merging Timelines & Ancient Aliens from the Future (New Living Expo 2017)

Corey Goode & COBRA Joint Interview (Video): Call for Unity & Action

David Wilcock Personal Update: Why David Needed a Time-Out, and What’s Next….

Major Breakthrough in the Search for Hidden Chambers Inside Pyramid of Giza

Science Proves: You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here’s How | Sandrine Thuret (Video)

Much love and be well on the path.

Justin Deschamps
Stillness in the Storm


32, How do we do?


Thanks for keeping me updated. You appear to be the only one who knows how to use this new website program with email alerts. I, therefore, must stay logged in to avoid repetitive loggin.

Yes, agree, that may be another reason for low count. Except it is also posted on his free website. It just does not allow comments unless you subscribe to this one. Did he dump the free website in place of this one since readers get the same post? Makes sense just to have this website only and pay to post comments if you wish. Guess we wait for clarity. Feels so strange not to hear from more posters. Wondering if email alerts spooked them, also. Thanks for sharing same experience. I like how email notification is working better now when I get one from you, that is a plus, plus.

Mahalo and Malama pono, 8-8-2017!!!


#390714 Momi

I don’t know what you mean by his “free website,” unless you’re referring to this one: And his Typepad blog has never been the same post as this one.

Is there another? I’m confused.

As for email alerts, you should be able to stop them as well, if you want to, just by unsubscribing to them. That’s a prompt you should see if you’re actually subscribed to them. If for some reason they’re persistent and unwanted, you can set up a filter-to-trash in your own email system.

I’m using a Windows 7 desktop, and I haven’t had to log in for some weeks now, and you shouldn’t have to, either. It’s never necessary, in my experience, to log out.

Al Gore let a turkey loose in the theaters this weekend. This gives cred to global warming debunkers.


deester #390706

Did Neil Heslin of Sandy Hook fame play other roles, like the dead 9/11 firefighter Thomas Richard Kelly, then, later, the guy beat up by black people in Chicago over Trump? He looks like an older version of the firefighter – not quite as sure about the Wilcox character. He may have been “reversed” because that would account for the nose.


In my humble opinion as a portrait painter, Thomas Richard Kelly, and Neil Heslin are with certainty different people, just on the basis they have entirely different ears, in ways that could not have been surgically altered. There are a number of other facial dissimilarities too.



Hi Momi

I think, in large part, the drop off of comments is due to the removal of Caleb and his endless string of comments and abuse.

This comment section, absent Caleb, is so much more pleasant, has a much nicer feel to it in my personal opinion.



Hi carolm

The key is what we currently have is fine. In fact the current structure is almost perfect. And has been so since the US moved off the gold standard and floated their currency. Any change will certainly make it worse. The elite will ensure this happens if we let them. One example is Euro countries. They gave away their most valuable asset (monetary sovereignty). And now are controlled by appointed elite. Greece found out what this means. Step out of line and the money supply will be cut off. The Greek people have no power no matter who they vote in. Another disaster would be moving back to gold backed money = non longer monetary sovereign. Or fixed currencies likewise.

Russia is monetary sovereign so could easily resist the West recent financial attacks. Only stupidity (this could happen) would bring them down. For example last time they didn’t use foreign reserves to protect their currency. But higher interest rates = smart move.

The issue is misinformation. We are currently living through a misinformation war. The resistant has almost beaten the climate change scam. But the next two essential to overcome (monetary and macro evolution misinformation) will be much harder to defeat.


Waldheim, Photoshop has been available for more than two decades now for the general population. You can bet that the intelligence and military communities have had access to it for longer and have been retouching photos for a very long time – think Lee Harvey Oswald’s head being spliced onto a different body, holding a rifle way back when. It is a piece of cake to change out someone’s features for another now. (I manipulate pics all the time – the content aware tool has made removing people or objects much simpler.) A little clone tool and, voila, ear surgery. I respect your opinion as a portrait painter and you may be spot on about them not being the same (and good on you for recognizing that Munoz woman as the meltdown snowflake!), but with Photoshop, you can’t believe anything you see digitally or in print. In fact, the technology now available means they won’t have to hire actors for these events in the future as they can superimpose anyone’s face onto an actor for live or taped feed. You might find this clip interesting, although creepy, since you deal with faces in more intimate detail than most.

Also frightening is the new “Photoshop for voices” – so you can’t believe anything you hear, either.


getem  #390718


Hi Momi

I think, in large part, the drop off of comments is due to the removal of Caleb and his endless string of comments and abuse.

This comment section, absent Caleb, is so much more pleasant, has a much nicer feel to it in my personal opinion.

Rhonda2017-08-08 3:46 AM

Hi Rhonda,

I completely agree with you there. If Caleb was still posting, last week would have shown up as 500+ posts.

For my part/feeling, yes this café is much more harmonious and a pleasure to follow now.

Kind regards,


guac77 #390689
“I’ve been bashing the Illuminati lately and still feel the same way. The Illuminati has evil plans for Humanity, we must find a way to take them out of power. I believe God should discontinue this low soul group, since there are about 60 thousand of them alive and about 540 million of them on the soul plane, wanting to incarnate into bodies.”
“So get the Illuminati out of power or dead and all this evil bad stuff would stop in a short time and we would have a great peaceful planet and be in the Golden Age, reaching for the stars, doing so good in God’s creation.”
Come get a soul report
Hi guac!
Backing you!
If we are one with God, and in our own “God Power” this could in fact be done by intention thru meditation or other practices??
Can I ask how you found these numbers?


kuuleimomi #390707

Hi momi!
“Well, for what it’s worth, even wondering if my court document will be a blessing or bust with what I’m seeing here in the forum. The traffic case I’ve been working on goes to court tomorrow.”
It will be a blessing cuz your intention are all good,. Rooting for that! 🙂


Don’t mean to steal your point here guac, but have been thinking in the same directions myself lately. You know – just have to express it too.

The crime have been committed..and repeated over and over…..

Everybody with a brain and hart saw it, see it, describe it, before report it.
Millions upon millions of the witnesses, victims…. all the bereaved….
Everybody in the truth/love community(us) pointed at the same direction.
All the evidences are there!

Nobody of the leaders cared! Nor the legislative, Judicial or executive powers….

We cant have the dark hearts any more in the same space as us.( As guac stated reference guac77 #390689 ) Yes – Get them out of here and leave us alone, so we can start the healing and rebuilding process.
When their gone – any system we build will benefits all.
The voice of all good hearted souls says so!
It don’t really help with a new motor in a old rusty car….
We need a spiritual approach to all forms of govern systems.(the love and care principal – instead of the greedy ME ME system), a new spiritual economy….
All of us must have a say. Not by a vote , but by actually participation, if possible. imo.


#390720 deester

Valid points. It just didn’t make sense to me in this comparison, that Photoshop might be involved between these two men.

Speaking of that Munoz woman, I swear I encountered and met her doppelgänger for an afternoon tea and falafel at a Middle-Eastern deli in Massachusetts a month and a half ago. She was so exactly her, I really was on edge. I tried really hard to act unalarmed, and conversationally relaxed. Lips, nose, eyes, hair, skin tone, facial lines, mannerisms, gestures, expressions, personality and vocal inflections all matched to a tee. Yikes. Yet what are the odds, it couldn’t have been her, in that I know her family pretty well. Still it gives me a clue about the possible genetics and ethnic heritage of the real Munoz woman.

Another odd thing happened just a moment before writing this post. A vehicle drove by, down the street outside that somehow synched with the 1967 audio amplifier in my studio, amplifying a radio conversation loud and clear. It was switched to the phono turntable setting. Weird!


Wouldn’t it be “fab” if Michael showed up here again.. as have stefie and windi and siggi and others.

I thought of him as serendipity sent me to the gaia portal page … since he always brought us their latest awesome bits of poetic intergalactic progress bulletins.

this one’s from last Thursday 8.3.17

“Fortifications have been removed from all Higher Energy realms.
Classicals are abandoned.
Ancient houses collapse.
Nova ground is laid.”


Reposting this video description for those who missed it:

Justin Bieber: Pedophiles Run The ‘Evil’ Music Industry

Published on Aug 4, 2017
Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study class in Los Angeles that he has “woken up” to the “evils of the music industry” and he needs to take a break from the industry because it is “controlled by the absolute worst kind of people – pedophiles.”

Bieber has become a regular at the Bible study class held at the Montage in Beverly Hills and on Saturday 22nd July he shared what he described as a “horrific story” with the congregation and explained why he felt he had to quit his world tour.

Describing a party on tour – attended by the upper echelon of the music business, including executive VPs of development, producers, power agents and international financiers – Bieber said he was encouraged to sexually abuse a young child who had been bought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry elite.

“I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t. They said this kid was drugged, it was horrible,” Bieber said, explaining that it was made clear to him that he would gain entry to the “business side of the industry” if he “joined the club” by passing the initiation rites.

“I wouldn’t just be a performer, I’d be a mogul. That path would open up for me, like it did for Jay-Z.”

“It’s the difference between being a millionaire and being a billionaire.”

But Bieber told the congregation that he couldn’t do it.

“To join the club I’d have to do bad things to this poor kid. But then I realized that even that wasn’t enough for them. I’d also have to kill this little child.”

Bieber said he had heard rumors about this type of initiation in the music industry, but he had not been confronted with it before.

“I got told they secretly film these parties. Once they’ve got you on video doing something like that, they own you.”

Bieber said his conscience is clear because he didn’t participate, but the fate of the drugged child is haunting him.

“They said this kid was raped by a few different guys. They said he was bleeding. I got out of there but I heard he died and that haunts me.”

This allegation from Justin Bieber adds to the wave of accusations made by celebrities and musicians about the real nature of the music and entertainment industry elite. Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have both gone on record exposing the pedophilia at the heart of Hollywood.

According to Elijah Wood, innocent young lives are destroyed to satisfy “people with parasitic interests” who “see you as their prey.” In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a series of bombshells about the pedophiles that run the industry, noting that “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.”

If you read the Washington Post or watch CNN, pedophilia is not a problem, and those who talk about it are tinfoil hat wearing kooks perpetuating ‘fake news.’ But more and more stars are coming forward with similar stories about the depraved Hollywood and music industry system.

In recent months Nicole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan also spoke out about pedophilia in Hollywood. Close friends of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington claim the recently deceased pair were working on exposing the pedophile ring working at the heart of the music industry – and it cost them their lives.

Justin Bieber shocked his fans by cancelling his world tour and announcing that he needed some time away from the music industry. But as more information comes to light, it appears he made the best possible decision.


Jim Stone

Al Gore released a sequel to “And Inconvenient Truth” and it BOMBED

AL Gore is blaming Paramount for a 15th place opening weekend for his new film, “An Inconvenient sequel”. He is claiming Paramount sabotaged the film on purpose.

HA HA – AL Gore expected “hatred of Trump” to drive people to the box offices in droves! QUESTION: What planet does AL Gore live on? If the Democrats actually had legitimate elections with nothing rigged, they are so hated now that they’d come in “15th place” after the little known “Curling and knitting” party!

No one believes the global warming bunkery outside of the self aggrandized echo chambers of the liberal left, and Al Gore just had that reality handed to him on a carbon fiber plate. He placed 15th AFTER getting the message out to liberals to “pack the theaters”. That’s dismal.

There is a detailed report on this topic HERE

Mark.: days 01 hours 02 minutes 45


Hi rj99 rj99, #390719

One example is Euro countries. They gave away their most valuable asset (monetary sovereignty). And now are controlled by appointed elite.

I was under the impression that is what happened to us in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created by the elite banking establishment. I’m not sure if they are appointed, or they appoint the political leaders, but in any case they seem to pull the strings they want at the expense of the little people and are always tied at the hip to whoever is in power, no matter which party leads. I can’t seem to remember a treasury secretary that was not from Goldman Sachs.


august 21/2017 mass meditation…..

corey goode-quote—–Ka Aree, made it clear that the Anshar will be joining us in the mass meditation during the eclipse. We will not be alone in putting out a call for a timeline of peace and freedom for Humanity. I look forward to meeting everyone (Human or Not) that joins us for the Eclipse of Disclosure —–unquote…..

( event August 18th – 21st. 🙂 CG. Article: Mount Shasta: Sacred Mountain and a Strange Destination for Many –…/mount-shasta-sacred-mounta


coooool…..we need every swingin dick onboard for this one…..that includes the lovely ladies of course…..hahahahaha…..

even some of our inner earth brothers and sisters are dialing this one up…..

namaste fine members of the family of light as rise from the night…..


MUFON Symposium 2017 – Panel Discusion


New Angle On The Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax

Carl Herman


EMF take-down of America by Alien ET technology: How far has it gone?

By Preston James, Ph.D on August 6, 2017


cobra-quote—–The Light forces have asked me to publish this interview right during the partial Lunar eclipse, which is happening now on a very powerful timeline node just 14 days prior to the total Solar eclipse, to strengthen the impact of the message for unity.—–unquote…..


Lakewinds: That’s right, Ben’s other site is not the same. And, no problem getting notices now, it’s cool. I’m ok with it. I’m using iPhone more than my laptop which is Windows 8. I’m on the go a lot by public transportation (no car). Ideally my laptop is user friendly. Why I’m experiencing login problems with the phone.

As for Caleb’s absences, I’ll have to agree in part with responses as well adding to the volume.

As for my case, it’s missing a conclusion of law. You either get it automatically or you can request it, and comes from the judge. The judge in my case died the following year and I only just found out now how you get it. I’m a pro se filer, but that may change this time. Sending the matter back to where it started. Hearing is set for Oct 2, 2017. And if my request is granted, I may not be able to say anything more about the case. Maybe in 75 years per statute on FOIA. LOL. Don’t hold your breath, however, I can violate that rule via the unmentionable. 🙂

Life goes on. We do what we can handle with the outcome either good, bad or ugly. The not knowing is worse.

Mahalo all. Following up on copies that need to be delivered today.

Malama pono, 8-8-2017!!!


When the cat and dog learned to live together.

At first it didn’t go that well. The cat was stressed out and tired of the dogs constantly chasing – though he new he was to fast.
The dog also got frustrated. The cat had a tendency to sneak up on him, being cheeky enough to eat from his bowl and some more…. And many times those sharp claws (jabs) of him landed on the dogs precious nose. The dog got angry.
The pride and inherent nature in them both, refused to admit any wrong doing.

One day the dog and the cat found out they would try to end its fighting by a new approach.
The dog – who love to play with his colorful ball, always seemed to get it under the sofa.
It happen so many times his beloved master refused to pick it up for him anymore.
The cat notice it!

So – the cat decided to go under the sofa and fetched it for the dog by pushing it towards him……At the same time he dog reflected upon… – perhaps open the door for the cat once in awhile, then maybe stop chasing the cat ( He wasn’t sure about last one…)
Now – when the dog saw what the cat did – he immediately understood it from within his lovely good heart.
They both recognized the huge benefits.

So were their different nature – that one day found common ground of peace, love and respect.


EMF take-down of America by Alien ET technology: How far has it gone?

By Preston James, Ph.D on August 6, 2017
sstardora #390734
Hi stardora.
Thanks for giving link to advanced “dark”/bad Alien tech.
Problem – EMF, smart-meters…and more
One solution Imo:
More advanced tech, from the good Alien like:
The Lemurian Plug (under 50,- usd)



Hi Siggi,

Thank you for a wonderful fable (as per Aesop’s Fables), which we can all lean a lot from.

Namaste fine friend,


Here is the problem lakewinds. Try searching for White Dragon Society on google or duckduckgo and see what comes up. It will be a fake blog site with a skull and crossbones browser icon calling Ben Fulford a fraud and asking people to email if they are interested in joining the WDS. Essentially they seem to be trying to entrap anyone who is interested in the WDS. Who knows how many people have been fooled by that. So putting WDS in the title of this site was in part an attempt to offset those other fake sites. However, for whatever reason it has not really worked so far and the search engine results are unchanged. So perhaps we need to take a different approach to battling such fake websites…

Anyway, I have just taken WDS out of the site title as suggested. It is a secret society after all…

I don’t really monitor all of the comments here and just happened to see yours by chance, so please contact me directly with further suggestions, tag this comment, or comment on the Website Updated post.

Best Regards,



Today is interesting… it is 8-8-2017

Eight-what goes around comes around

2017=10=1 New beginnings

and today is also a lunar eclipse–a total eclipse of the heart.

Main stream media is talking Trump down this morning to influence the hearts of many–the blind leading the blind. But, today is also a karma kind of day.

I don’t know about you but I plan to spend the day praying and meditating on new beginnings of abundance and goodwill for humanity–including the middle easterners who have chosen to enter into the USA where they have been introduced to a whole different atmosphere and religious belief. They cannot be uninfluenced–and now they are taking this influence back to their homeland.

They came here to change us and now they go home changing their homeland. May abundance, peace, equality and love for the Holy God and womankind be their new status.

May America be flowing in abundance and prosperity with love for God and all living things. May our security be great. May our president and his loved ones be safe and full of God’s grace and integrity.

Let there be Peace on Earth.


aneeson #390721

I agree also, re. the result of Ben’s banning of Caleb.

siggi #390737

“When the cat and dog learned to live together.”
I have a Bombay black cat at 4 months & a miniature Pinscher at 3 months, After a week they are all over each other, simply enchanting. The Bombay is really extremely tolerant.


cornpoppin #390742

What a wonderful thought, thank you. Abundance is definitely the name of the game.


It was asked how I got the numbers in comment 390689. I get all my special information with the pendulum. Anyone can open my website and ask whatever is on their mind.


#390741 Triode

Many thanks for that. Dropping that reference from the title shouldn’t hurt anything, and might lead to an uptick in new readers.

I appreciate your thoughtful response. Best wishes.


#390745 guac77

Hi Guac … Patrick has just posted a conversation he had with his guides entitled Soul Report, in response to a reader’s question, “Can a human really read and provide a report on another human soul’s journey?

The answer, of course, is Yes. But there’s a discussion that follows that might be of interest to you. Please tell us what you think.

And let me recommend to others here to get a soul report from Guac. It’s interesting and enlightening. The man has genuine talent.


Well, a bit of good news to report:

CIA ‘torture’ psychologists to stand trial

The case targets psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, who were recruited by the CIA in 2002 to design and help conduct interrogations of war-on-terror suspects captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The two were paid $80 million for their work, which included helping interrogate Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks by Al-Qaeda, and Abu Zubaydah, another top Qaeda official.

The ACLU suit alleges that Jessen and Mitchell were responsible for, and profited financially from, the illegal torture of Tanzanian Suleiman Abdullah Salim, Libyan Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud, and Afghani Gul Rahman.

The first two were later freed after years of imprisonment, while Rahman died of hypothermia in a CIA prison cell in November 2002, after what the ACLU says was two weeks of “brutal torture”.

My wish for these two guys is for them to spend a couple of weeks (or more) being on the receiving end of all that they dealt during those days of torture. Oh, and give back the damn money!


I post this in hopes that it won’t be interpreted as an ego trip but to help teach others about the beauty and grandiosity of synchronicity and other advanced spiritual lessons. <3


That’s one effect of Cultural Marxism insanity.




“My wish for these two guys is for them to spend a couple of weeks (or more) being on the receiving end of all that they dealt during those days of torture. Oh, and give back the damn money!

I’m totally with you there, Lakewinds.


Hi carol

“I was under the impression that is what happened to us in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created by the elite banking establishment.”

I believe this is today more misinformation. The Fed can create Fed reserves (the banks and treasuries money) out of thin air (by journal entry). But this money is a Fed liability not an asset. It has to obtain an asset to offset this liability. The Fed can sometimes charge interest on this asset but any Fed profit now mostly goes back to the treasury (since the 1950s). So not today a big deal as some try to make out.

The key though that most completely overlook is the role the Fed plays in funding Govt spending. Its an automatic process where whenever the Govt spend the Fed

CREDITS Banks bank account
DEBIT Account Treasury. >> This account is then cleared by the Govt by raising tax or issuing bonds

The bank then holds these reserves as an asset to offset their credit
CREDIT Recipients bank account
DEBIT Fed Reserves

So basically by a series of journal entries new money for US Govt deficit spending is automatically created. Meaning the US Govt can never run out of money. The Fed could fund deficit spending and does indirectly using QE. But usually bonds are issued to drain this new money. In my opinion as they should be.

The Euro countries have lost this power. They must raise the money from the market at market interest rates. But I can understand why the elite would not want the people to know this. They might elect a US Govt that would use deficit funding to do thing like build new state homes, reduce tax on the low income, improve the infrastructure or pay higher pensions etc. And by doing this it would create work. And a bond asset for pension savings. These bonds would never be paid back by just roll over as required. It really is a win, win, win. So we can’t have that.

And profits for companies. A Govt loss (deficit) equally equals non Govt profits or savings. As profits like money is just created by a series of journal entries.


Natural News targeted in massive, well-funded, multi-nation DDoS attack to silence debate on vaccines

“Natural News) SECURITY ALERT: For the last 48 hours, Natural News has been subjected to a large-scale, extremely well-funded DDoS attack that caused intermittent outages of site availability. The attack began shortly after Natural News linked to this White House petition demanding an end to legal immunity for the vaccine industry.
The attack has already been waged for over 48 hours and continues. While Natural News servers were never brought down, the initial wave of the attack successfully overwhelmed the hardware firewall protecting Natural News servers, causing gateway traffic failures. At its peak, the attack bombarded Natural News servers with 250,000 requests per second.

No ransom demands were received. No warnings were given. This was not a profiteering scheme; it was a “destroy” mission, plain and simple.”



While there, check out this tastey item:
Top 10 edible roots to help keep you alive and healthy in a survival situation


aneeson #390739
Hi Alan!
Thanks so much for that Alan 🙂 – it just came in my head right before…also thanks for you remind me of the Aesop’s Fables). Had forgotten all about them, but read it a lot when kid …
Zander#390743 – seen it, but not with my 4 (now 3 cats).
truthearth #390749
WOW – interesting truthearth!
See your date and time stamp summed.! 2017 08 09 3:18 = 39 = 12 = 3


truthearth #390749
I am blown away by your synchronicities but especially The Wolf Synchronicity on your website.
If you have never seen this before, here is a link to the wolf medicine card as designed by Jamie Samms as it appears in her book with David Carson Medicine Cards with the meaning of the card:

Or to know more about authors and foundation:

The cards are really wonderful to use.

I also love Dr. Who and was able to watch it for years many episodes. Don’t have TV now and I rather miss Dr. Who. But the local library system has many connecting libraries to borrow from and I was recently thinking about borrowing the disks for the tenth doctor and at least watch those episodes again and if they have the 9th doctor since I’ve only seen a few of those episodes..

Thank you for sharing. I like the personal sharings from members. I think it pulls the community closer. I only occasionally have number synchronicities in my life but will look for more name-related synchronicities : my real name has references to wine and cherries. That should make for some fun synchronicities too.



siggi $390737

LOVE the story.

At my house: little female fawn greyhound returned to me a year ago after having been a big tan brindle boy of a greyhound in a prior life in the household which also included 2 shy cat sisters. He (Owen) followed my instructions “to the letter”:
The cats are your elders, so you have to obey them.
Don’t scare them… maybe don’t even look at them!

1 day I heard Owen whimpering at the door to the kitchen: There were the cats “chowing down” on his dinner: He was obeying them 😉

For 9 years, I saw him look at only one cat one time.

…….. Now this doggie soul (what do we think his/her soul # is? ) has come back as Lily. And there is an outgoing bossy cat fellow Minuit living with us.

1 day I came home and they were napping inches apart from one another.
We’ve had numerous “nose sniff” hellos and one “tush sniff: dog to cat”…
And the cat comes to the door to say good bye when dog and I exit.

zanderboy #390743

I LOVE the picture you painted of your kitty and “min pin” together! ;-}


FWIW from Sorcha Faal.

Has anyone seen anything that might corroborate this as the reason Trump evacuated the White House



Hi littledog! littledogg #390757
Thanks a lot for that! 🙂 Must say Challenging day to day episodes there littledog – but when dog is told..he obey.(great) Not so with cats..the opposite he
The Rollright Stones, Nr Little Compton, Oxfordshire. Reported 5th August.
Map Ref: SP2935430709
“The graphic I am sending to you means something like “MEANING OF THE STAR OF THE STRAIGHT SUN in the Kitus Culture (Ecuador). J. Costanzo has some researches in Internet.”

“In my researches at Barberá’s Zodiac (in Tarragona, Spain), I found some draws so similar to this, and may be it is close about this: This Star of the straight sun is related with lay lines, as a “land-print” (instead of finger-print) from Cosmic Forces, to confirm or corroborate to us that this Forces are “with us” all the time, that there is a very dynamic system between our Earth Planet and other living beings (or light beings). There are a special link between Cosmic forces and the Dragon energy, to establish, to keep hold and restore these energetic points or sites, because some density or bad energies can disturb the fluent energy of all of them. And they are created to help and develop human Consciousness, as crop circles do!!! One part of the help we could offer to our Planet is about Ecology, about Water (good water) and Air (good air to breath). Also, we can take care about energetic points, about special churches, old sites, nice and old trees, fountains and waterfalls, wells, and so on…. ”


4.44 min
Worlds fastest Quantum Computing – created,tested and programmed by a Havard group (OK!). “The pathway to AI” as the host say here. Will be operative by end of this year.
It’s based on Qubits, which can hold 1 and 0 at the same time instead of only bits, 1 or zeros (binary), as I understand…
“To end encryption, as a tool of mass disruption”!
Google and NASA had beforehand created a D – machine (prototype I guess)
They here warns that this can destroy bitcoin and ethereum! (fear mongering?)
(Hope they’re deadly wrong and it be shut down by good ET or something)


Sorry there, my mistake – can’t seem to copy pictures any more!!


“Chinese Leverage to Kill Petro-Dollar”

The pressures are building, even as Saudi desperation rises. The essence of the Petro-Dollar is global sales exclusively in USD terms. The weak link in the USDollar global currency reserve status is trade payments.

The Saudi Kingdom is highly vulnerable in multiple ways, with grand deficits. The Saudis are being identified as liars on declared oil reserves. Consider the ARAMCO deal, where the Saudis claim the corporation is worth $2 trillion, but for which Western analysts estimate its value at most to be $500 billion.

Enter China on a white horse, to make an overly generous offer for an IPO stake. It will win them the right to force oil payments in RMB terms. Some certain copycat damage will occur with other Gulf Arab exporters and other Asian buyers. The geopolitical effect will be to declare the Petro-Dollar dead, and the King Dollar Era ended. As a result, pressure will build for the USGovt to create and launch a domestic only Dollar. It will suffer a powerful sequence of devaluations. The $500 billion annual US trade deficit will finally become a media topic.


Slow again today? Was there no reaction to the lunar eclipse?

Regarding the Solar eclipse on 21 August and Cobra’s call for a mass meditation, if he is not 100% reliable (???) then is not this mass meditation potentially a trap to have people combine for use as a loosh source?

Would it not be better for all to just meditate privately (i.e. not with the intent to be part of that combined one) and for each person to link up with their own perception of our loving planet Gaia? Or to link to their higher self (source/creatorix of that is)?

Just my thoughts.



Beautifully said Alan, thank you.

Namaste 🤗



aneeson #390765
tippy #390766

Total agreement.

I have just been in touch with Gilles Heystek in Holland using whasapp meaning I have his mobile, who with his ‘radionics’ confirmed to me his evaluation of the lowest light quotient ever recorded of the cintamani stones. He tells me he has no website since he wants to stay under the radar – he says that is why he has been able to do his work for 34 years.

For me this sure is a smoking gun that Cobra can be nothing other than a scamming false light artist of the highest order. Those super lightweight black stones must do the exact opposite of what he says.

Add this to my assessments as posted in



But of course for those committed love & light new age brigade members, who simply refuse to use their discernment in the light of what has been uncovered & felt by good people, my information will find willing neural pathways to nowhere!


aneeson #390765

“Regarding the Solar eclipse on 21 August and Cobra’s call for a mass meditation, if he is not 100% reliable (???) then is not this mass meditation potentially a trap to have people combine for use as a loosh source?”

The “definition” of loosh: negative, down heavy energy.
My viewpoint: I collaborate with ANY THING/ACTION that is headed in a Light loving direction… AND I intend/ask for what will be for THE HIGHEST GOOD of A L L CONCERNED.

Do I sound like a stuck record about this FTHGAC THING… It’s because .. to me it is an E S S E N T I A L tool in bringing about positive outcomes. When you intend for the best for A L L Concerned.. then you can “beam” your intention at what you think/worry might be the looshiest folks/actions… with the intent that any goodness doable there.. for those there… come forward.

If you combine that with the intention to surround yourself and loved ones with the purest l i g h t iest consciousness available fthgac… then Y O U can be a channel for positive creation consciousness and probably lift yourself and your loved ones in the process.

This is why I support Cobra’s meditation… on Sundays and the B I G Eclipse one and today am putting it back up on my page that is attempting to inform folks about group actions/meditations to collaborate in:

And am going also to put up the Corey and Cobra interview they did about it:

ps. If you are focusing on what you are worrying about.. .trying to avoid the negativity… guess where your creative consciousness is focused? On that old looshie negativity, of course… which we all get looped into (we’re imperfect learners here on this little planet).. .so I try .. no matter what.. to have the FTHGAC thingie be a cord that guides all my focii..


I don’t know precisely how this meditation works but in my understanding, loving energy defends against negative behaviour in kind of ‘luck’ matters. This meaning the negative will not be able to take the energy of the eclipse for their own agenda.

On the message board side getting emptier:

i) Caleb is gone and he had a massive volume of posts. Also the conflict he caused my have made additional posts. Even indirect.
ii) People don’t want to hear about all our whining to and fro about whether to ban Caleb, a few people said as much. It’s similar to the effect the Democrats are having in the polls by whining about Russia.
iii) A blog comment section that has less exclusivity is less interesting. Since the paywall went down.

At least that’s my estimation… Number iii makes no sense from anything I have seen so far, it’s just an idea.

Global game:

No one has mentioned this Google thing? I am changing my blog, my email, although I will have to keep my Gmail just get an additional one. And will consider using other search engines although, previously I went back to Google because basic information could not be found on other search engines.

I have been having deep global thoughts about the way things are in relation to world change. It seems to me that since the beginning of these attempted changes we have been slipping down in vibration:

1) First thing here I am referencing as a movement that could have changed things was the hippy era. New age area phase 1 I’ll call it. This would have been, if it had been successful a high vibration in that it would be a spiritual change chosen through free will of the people to overwhelm the establishment.

2) New age phase 2 was when information and technology gained a more proof filled edge, slightly lessening the clean relation to free will this movement had in that it was arguing against skeptics.

3) Then was this mass arrests idea that was cleaner in relation to free will than what followed. The idea that the alliance could come in and just remove the paedophiles etc. from power and then life would carry on as normal. Challenging no ones political belief system since they had not had to choose a side.

4) This has gone down to mainstream politics, the Brexit Trump phenomena, in which the politics of this all has had to become an issue for the everyday man and woman. Rather than being able to come to their own conclusions they are fought by an alternative side and a good deal of the time out voted! Having their will broken by force.

This could have been the world changing moment except for this advent of the alliance of “partial disclosure” that has meant that they do not want too unpredictable people in power who will not support that and for some roles prefer globalists. This meant that the momentum was stopped and instead of partial disclosure they got nothing. This also closed the opportunity for this sort of change at the yellow- orange ray level because it delivers a message to those who are in the right wing populist movement that if you are anti Islam, really anti Islam not someone like Trump, then you will not be supported and your elections will be rigged against you.

So now without the opportunity for that sort of change, the energy has to go even lower, down to root chakra stuff and so we are:

5) Physical force… I.e. North Korea. Now down to simply having to stop the drug running/ human trafficking in its physical form. To many people, they were not involved in this decision, it’s not something they directly voted for so is an even further infringement on free will. It is simply… The government is going to go and destroy this country now and tough luck if you want to protest that.

That’s my theory anyway. Who really knows with these abstract metaphysical laws?


phoenix9061210 #390769

“No one has mentioned this Google thing?”

I did at the end of last week’s comments
#390686 how to turn it off
#390682 what’s happening


Regarding the drop off of comments: I am only an occasional poster/commenter here, but I do check in and read more frequently. My opinion is that the board is less contentious and I find that refreshing. I rely on folks here to find and link me to pertinent information, as my time is somewhat limited to stay in the loop. I do try to read through comments as well, but I must admit, often sentences simply do not make sense…apparently I need a few more coma’s and punctuation than your average Joe.

Apparently reading between the lines, isn’t a strong suite for me!


I wonder why on the last blog entry there are a lot of numbers missing? For instance, before 677 the comments I can see go in 1’s. But after the numbers jump to 682, 686, 699, 701, 740.


#390774 Phoenix

I love a good mystery, so I checked out the “Website Upgraded” conversation, and found that Zander had posed a question to Triode that was assigned the number #390771, thus accounting for at least one “missing” number.

As for the others, maybe Triode can answer that question.


As for your point iii, given the low comment count, I’m wondering how restoration of the paywall will affect the number and tone of this comment section. I guess we’ll see soon.


Western World Failing Now – Clif High
By Greg Hunter On August 6, 2017 In Political Analysis


Following is a letter to the editor of my home-town paper, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. I’m posting this because it articulates a solution to the health insurance crisis that I had been rolling around in my own head for some months now.

See if you agree:

Fund single-payer plan with national sales tax

According to recent
government reports, the
cost of health care in the
U.S. is around $3.2 trillion.
Let’s get real. This amount
will be paid by consumers
one way or another:

• Personally out of pocket.

• Through premiums to
insurance companies to cover
the majority of expenses.

• Through taxes to cover
the expenses of government sponsored
plans such as
Medicare and Medicaid.

The first option bankrupts
too many people.
The second requires a lot
of additional dollars to pay
for operating overhead
and profits to insurance
companies and lobbyists.

The most efficient method
to get $3.2 trillion from
consumers to health providers
is the third option,
if (and a very important
“if”) a national sales tax
(whatever percentage will
raise $3.2 trillion) becomes
the funding mechanism.

Why? Every health
care consumer should
pay. No other tax can
do this and be fair.
Advantages of this proposal
are many.

and governmental units
would no longer pay health
insurance premiums, saving
millions for pay increases and
additional jobs.

No need for
the Veterans Affairs health
system, workers compensation,
Medicare payroll taxes
and the health insurance portion
of automobile insurance.

Most important, Congress,
which has wasted years on
this issue, could move on to
more important things. If
you’re not part of the solution,
you’re part of the problem.
Someone please show
me a better one, and quick!

(name redacted), Sarasota,
Florida life and health insurance
agent since 1991

Sorry about the formatting. That’s what a newspaper “column” looks like.


The Latest: Canada sends soldiers to migrant border crossing

The Latest on the increasing flow of migrants over the U.S.-Canadian border at a remote spot in northern New York and southern Quebec (all times local):

1:40 p.m.

Canada has sent about 100 soldiers to a remote spot on the Quebec-New York border where asylum seekers are crossing illegally.

The Canadian military said in a statement Wednesday that the soldiers will help the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency at the site.

They are preparing a place for tents that can hold almost 500 people. They will also install lighting and heating equipment.


I don’t mean to “over post” here, but the information comes as it comes. We’re all concerned to varying degrees about this “our maniac versus their maniac” situation with North Korea.

Readers of Patrick DeHaan’s site,, have asked a number of questions on this matter, and here’s what his guides, known as The Committee, have to say about the North Korean threat:

“The situation is not complex or nuanced. The country has pursued economic policies and plans which have not produced well spread opportunity, growth and well being. The contrasts with South Korea are impossible to ignore by North Koreans. The new leader is under pressure from his regime and must intimidate actual and potential opposition & dissent. He has already done so internally but requires a new target.

Japan, Russia, China and the USA hold value. Russia is too dangerous to threaten, China cannot be disturbed without devastating economic effect, Japan is a subtarget because of its perceived alliance with the USA but the USA itself provides the best ‘bang for the buck’. The combination of the USA’s image and the South Korean economy make it easy to suggest North Korea suffers economically because the USA mistreats and harms it, favoring South Korea unfairly. That South Korea is a puppet of the USA’s generosity and recipient of its generosity. Also making the USA attractive for launching threats is the near guarantee no retaliation will come until a live warhead strikes a target. North Korea can fire its gun into the ground just in front of the USA and unless a target is struck, no counterstrike will come.”

So, in other words, it’s all talk. Let’s just hope for the best.


Lawmaker Says Rats Are Jumping Into Baby Strollers In Upper West Side Parks
August 9, 2017


Ok, good people. I’m on my laptop. Appears my iPhone has issues posting my comments. And since it’s hung up there, I shall re-post here. Be back.


Morning all!
I’ve been getting tech problems accessing Ben’s website eve after updating my phone. Takes forever to link on Safari and Chrome (Google). I’m in via Chrome.

That’s my first vote on the issues with Ben’s website,and then some. Glad to see I’m not alone in this.

My laptop tells me no internet connection. Every time I mention this problem to my Kauai cousin he tells me it’s due to lack of repeaters. He worked on installing repeaters. There is work currently being done out here installing cables in the ocean.

Time Warner Cable/Oceanic is not Spectrum full speed ahead. This move is a bankruptcy (reorganization, no more, no less=new credit line with same staff, especially when retirement involved). Every time you see a merger or new name of an existing company it’s a financial recovery mode. Because there is no new money to lay their hands on, it’s a “shared experience” to survive. There is more to what you see that you don’t see.

So, for one, appears our communications equipment is not keeping up with demands, no new money. It’s a BIG LIE that the economy is back on tract, okay, but for how long?

To be continued.


Alcoholism epidemic: More than 1 in 8 Americans are now alcoholics
Alcoholism has risen 49% in the US in just 11 years, national surveys find.


I have three emails in active status. One assigned via subscription to cable connection. Next, Yahoo Mail and then Gmail. I don’t use cable email at all, Yahoo, I should dump, but appears to be more active and user friendly. Gmail for more sensitive matters. There’s Tor and Proton Mail. Subscription limited with Proton, but will put you on wait list. both advertise anonymity.
Was place on wait list almost five years, but may lose it if inactivity. Tor is donation subscription.

One more, lakewinds, I too, notice a change in vibrations. In fact, I got a phone call yesterday on the very subject from a college student that stayed with me several years ago. He shared his experience in this change lately. The vibrations has mellowed, less stressful, case in point is my latest case I filed. It no longer is a burden. What will be, will be.

And, oh, appears no significant auspicious events took place on 8/8/2017 except North Korea threat. It did for me, however, the trafficcase I’m helping with is on review by the judge. Need to consider settlement offer before ruling a decision, that is a plus. Could go anyway.

Have a good day.

Malama pono,




The missing numbers are on this post.


Ok, it’s settled. Communicate with Ben’s website only via laptop.

Really have a good day.

Malama pono,



#390784 Momi

I have a Yahoo account, but it is routinely overwhelmed with junk mail, so I don’t use it any more. About 8 years ago, I started using Gmail, and forwarded my cable-based addresses and one or two others to Gmail so that everything comes through one interface, and that’s been working great.

One thing I’ve read about Tor is that the intel folk take a special interest in traffic through the Tor browser, so perhaps it raises rather than lowers one’s profile with the Powers That Watch.


aneeson #390765
“,if he is not 100% reliable (???) then is not this mass meditation potentially a trap to have people combine for use as a loosh source?”

Hi Alan!

Thank you for bringing this up!

I see your point Alan and respect your concerns about it, but must state I think whoever one meditate with, within a small or large group, it will always be our personal intent only, that will be the input in the mass consciousness imo. (holding our intentions as high as possible is a must)

If, and when this is to create/co create love, peace,freedom, harmony….., there are no overriding of your sovereign higher meditative state, by anyone..(only if you/me freely allow it) You/Me are always in control. That is what I feel and what l’ve learned from the Maharshi meditation Teachings anyway)
When we talk about the lower states, like fear, disharmony, more fighting , more wars or something else nefarious (loosh), that has nothing to do with meditation, I will claim.

It.’s not possible imo. to meditate under such influences. Far from it. You would feel that immediately and have a strong urge to withdraw. It would more be like joining a ritual of black magic. (and with all the personal implication that would result in.)

So go into a group that had such “non meditative” purposes as a “lightworker/truth seeker/ starseed…. “,is, depending on our state of balance, quality of intentions, contact with our God self power, absent of fear and so forth, be a piece of cake to reveal. imo
One will only connect with all the others with the same “higher” purpose in that particular group, even if the initiator had/has lower intentions. Thus it will be beneficial.
Group meditations is still far more effective than single efforts ( Perhaps it was presicely this you meant? Sorry if I misunderstood here)
It’s only when more people meditative with the same goal, at the same moment, faster changes can occur.
Of course there are programs that is set up to attack, “destroy” “higher” vibrations and convey impulses of the lower ones(create loosh), noticeable done by CIA and others, like the special programs inside the military.
David Wilcock has touched this several times, as you probably know.
It always lead to severe consequences for the programmed preformers. This is kind of psychologically “warfare”. So protections is always recommended at this time.
I will repeat myself again and again, until I leave this reality… – the best shielding is to stay out of fear. imo
Let me note this is personal views and in general terms, not related at any person, group or organization in particular



Cracks in the Matrix, mandela effects or something else?

I have notice several times during the last weeks that some of my comments has changed, after posted!!!!
Not joking here. 3 – 4 times words has moved, sentences and paragraphs has also moved….
Have anyone seen any similar? (or I’m just the usual crazy one…he)

And here is something to ponder about.
“I had always been taught he had brown eyes. Now officially, everything says he had vividly blue eyes.”
Or “dark blue” – as one said…
The color films I have seen and can remember – he had brown.
(dark brown)
What you say?



The other day I read with some interest that a flesh eating virus had got into a young mans blood stream and killed him in Brighton.

There is a lot of other news such as a boy in Australia getting it and not dying and a mother in South Carolina fatality because of this. But the Brighton one seems to have disappeared.

Feels very Mandela– ee.


littledogg #390768

By littledog!
“ps. If you are focusing on what you are worrying about.. .trying to avoid the negativity… guess where your creative consciousness is focused? On that old looshie negativity, of course… which we all get looped into (we’re imperfect learners here on this little planet).. .so I try .. no matter what.. to have the FTHGAC thingie be a cord that guides all my focii..”

Hi there littledog!
I didn’t see your post before I put in some similar views.
Totally agree with you here and your FTHGAC is something I need to be reminded of from time to time. It is a foundation of the highest order, and I really hope you continue sharing it. All your points is well taken!
“ps. If you are focusing on what you are worrying about.. .trying to avoid the negativity… guess where your creative consciousness is focused?”
Fabulous said littledog!
Driving down the highway to heaven(non religious intent) – with Mr/Mrs Worry Fear in front seat with you, is to be avoided at any cost imo. As he /she easily can grab your steering wheel…..

Litteldog and others – I’ve been in fear myself so many times, some immense.. can only say….. when I broke the chain, the pattern, “miracles” start happen. (Please understand, it’s by no means to appear any better, only convey from personal experiences.)

Please continue beautiful littledog – you are a brave, strong and wise soul. (FTHGAC)
You all are too!



siggi #390791

The intention was to only use bold letters on Littledog’s quote. Sorry I failed there!



Hi Siggi,

Thanks for you very informative reply. I do take your point about ‘intention’ being the most important aspect.

That said, I am still questioning (in my own mind), the aspect of ‘joining in’ to a group, whether it be for meditation or indeed say group worship as in a mass or Eucharistic service.

As a former priest in the Liberal Catholic Church, and as was the understanding of the Mass by our church, the group concelebration (for the congregation in our church KNEW what was going on), actually does perform a ritual form of magic. In this case it was white magic and not black. However, if as I now believe, all religion is a way to usurp direct connection with SOURCE, then even that – worthy as it be seem – can be used by the negative energies to keep people in ignorance to their true selves.

I am CONVINCED that the magic of the Mass did do benefitial things and that the congregation and Priests had pure intents, but I am still not sure at what cost. Maybe I need more understanding and growth in my spiritual journey. I WILL one day know the answer – not yet unfortunately.

So coming back to a group meditation. When one joins any group endeavour, one takes on the karma and nuances of that group. The same goes for belonging to any organisation, creed, country or meditation group. We willingly ‘give over’ our energy to that group.

I do take your point (and that of Littledogg #390768) that we can put in safeguards like an intention for the highest good only. But until I have personal knowledge of the workings of group endeavours, and the effect of FTHGAC, I will take what for me is the safest option of private one-on-one dealings with Gaia and Source.

Furthermore Littledogg, I do not think that I dwell on possible negative interactions, simply that I aim to pursue the most positive energy path I can. My earlier comments were basically ‘thinking aloud’ and seeing what the café thought.

It has been an interesting discussion and I am appreciative of all the comments and help being offered.

Kind regards to all,


So as reported previously by Ben it is the ‘good guys’ that are pushing for war with North Korea with the eventual agenda of exposing the deep state.

However, anyone who believes that is then supporting a war with North Korea and if their stated intention was a ‘propaganda’ campaign to make Kim Jong Un look bad then we can surmise that there will be holes in the story regarding the actual necessity of going to war.

So, this guy has some logical concerns with the war drum against North Korea:

YouTube: Lukewearechange: The Biggest Lie Sold To Us About North Korea


aneeson #390793
Hi Alan!
Thanks so much for your reply to me!
No doubt that a former priest as yourself, all you have seen and experienced, is, when shared, an enrichment to yourself and us all.
It’s an interesting debate!

Qoute by aneeson:
“However, if as I now believe, all religion is a way to usurp direct connection with SOURCE, then even that – worthy as it be seem – can be used by the negative energies to keep people in ignorance to their true selves.”
Indeed (when consent is given) – and I’m very aware of the religious “traps”,
However I must say, by personal meeting of some religious people, like my mother for instance ( I have a story about her I like to share with you some day if you’re interested) and some others, with their awesome conduct of good, their respect for others, their way of not looking down/ judging, their way of living (To this date I can count on my hands, the times my mother has spoken badly at,talked down at, or mistreated people in any other “dark” way), Have a hard time to put them in any such box like “religion” as in “feeding” those lower “group energies in there. imo – even when they state they are religious.
Regardless where and when I meet such people, I’ve no problems to see their light (this also goes for all outside the religious way of thinking too). thus serving the same direction we like to think we do.
But agree – many are to obsessed by the low intended energies in most religions. Those will have some battle to take, some soul searching to make I think. cuz potential serving “the dark” imo. But will still be from their individual situation, I feel. (I include myself to not seem judgemental here)
Like to add – that in the religion you speak from, Jesus is a brilliant example of serving a higher case. He pointed at our own incredible abilities, what we can “create/ do miracles” that even exceeded his performances .
And that can clearly nullify the expectation a “evil group consciousness” (if such exist) intentions by the their attempt to use our sovereign soul thru our vessel —–> pointing to our direct unbreakable connection to SOURCE and HS.

The ritual is perhaps more of the darker – agree. But still think you’re in total control. (that has/should come from your own awareness. ( If you carry on in an evil group, without knowing it, I doubt this will have impact. They need your CONSENT
“So coming back to a group meditation. When one joins any group endeavour, one takes on the karma and nuances of that group. The same goes for belonging to any organisation, creed, country or meditation group. We willingly ‘give over’ our energy to that group.”

The “karma” is a long and difficult one Alan – think we discussed the over the years and to be perfectly honest, I think it’s loaded with to much fear and miss representations.

I still think Alan, you as a personal superb 🙂 being, has total control! I do not give the “dark” to much credit. (have to go to bed – but can continue another time.

With utmost respect!


Jim Stone with the skinny on the vaccine petition


Midnight AM August 9
Since I posted that petition and said what they are doing, it has been allowed to progress by 100 signatures in the past hour. This is the slow time of the night, which means that this petition should therefore have, at the rate since I posted they were rigging it (from the beginning of it being posted 9 days ago), over 32, 000 signatures. But that is considering what they are allowing to show, and most likely this petition got a lot more signatures than 100 over the last hour despite that being far more than they were allowing before.

Natural news posted this and confirmed that Facebook cut off 2.1 million subscribers to prevent them from seeing that petition. That is 21 times what would be needed from Natural News ALONE, and this petition is posted to many other sites (mine is one) and mine alone could cause it to pass. Natural News is still going to reach at least 1.5 million people with this, despite the Facebook rigging. There is absolutely no way this petition did not already blast through with 500, 000 plus signatures.

All we are seeing with this is the “inconvenient truth” of vote rigging. YOU CAN RIG A PETITION WEB SITE, BUT YOU CAN’T RIG THE BOX OFFICE. Liberals SUCK SO BAD they have to cheat EVERY TIME, they would go absolutely nowhere from a position of honesty which the box office will zealously force on them and we saw that with Al Gore. We all saw the result, with the Lion King, a Disney cartoon, being over 300X as popular as Al Gore’s latest in the same time frame. Fat chance you’ll EVER see that posted on CNN!

REMEMBER: DONALD TRUMP DOES NOT CONTROL THAT PETITION WEB SITE. it is instead managed by Obama/Hillary holdovers and there will be more than hell and high water before they even give a sliver of thought to being honest.

Additionally, what we are seeing here is cold hard proof that violence is the only answer. Jesus did it to the money changers, and it is time for ALL OF US to go to DC, our state capitols, our local Jewish communities and cash out our last shred of patience. Consider what this petition is for – the protection of our children, which we are seeing getting destroyed in droves. All the while the scamming KIKE MSM lies lies and only lies about no one knowing the reason. How much rage can you muster over your destroyed child, knowing what happened after the shots? 100, 000 radiations ensures the Ashkenazi surely know! How much rage can you muster over your child that was not totally destroyed, but mysteriously is not what you expected from your family history? These bastards are begging for oblivion, especially after we can all witness the horse shit they are pulling with a simple petition!


Go to the petition web site, and keep hitting reload every few seconds. You can see the votes come in AND GET DELETED. They will not let this pass. Obviously we do not get to petition for anything under the kike shadow state. Look folks, when it gets like this, the only thing that fixes it is bloodshed.
TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SEE THIS, this petition has ALREADY PASSED AT LEAST FIVE TIMES, and it is stuck at 2 percent!

Yep, just like we thought.


Death Spiral: 6.5 Million People Choose To Pay Tax Rather Than Buy Obamacare



Hi Siggi,

Have a good night’s sleep and thank you for your loving comments.

Much appreciation,


Aug Tellez Update – Summary of the Underground Base Projects, Mind Control and Soul-Awareness

Aug 8, 2017 This is for the mental liberation of humanity!
Everything I’ve said from the initial releases up to now is all from direct experience.

Trauma Based Ritual Abuse and the Awakening through Merging Alters to Restore Memory
Children are kidnapped for trauma based mind control with elite groups and there is a celebrity cloning situation that has gotten out of hand. I went through something called “the awakening” which is a procedure where the alters are removed and when this occurs the memory blocks are removed as well because they are held in place through the alters.

Trauma creates the alters and so there is a reversal process based on the specific programming patterns that are used, these are like unlock codes.

The Interdimensional Parasite Stitching Itself into the Human Genome
Research Donald Marshall, Max Spiers and James Casbolt if you want to know more about that. This is the ‘chimera project which is spoken of in the ancient texts. This is all due to an infection from an interdimensional parasite that attacks the DNA and is attempting to use the genetics of humans to ‘ride’ into the higher plane or ‘Heaven’, that is what all the ancient texts are about.
Some were sent here to invade this civilization.

Breaking through the “9 Veils”, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity, Animal Behavior and Higher Awareness
The solution is to become impervious to the methods that are used to traumatize and ensnare the soul. Through the awakening of the soul, the mind becomes ‘immortal’ and this is because the soul is currently under what is called the “9 Veils” and these are electromagnetic blanket frequencies that limit one’s capacity for higher awareness and keeps sending the impulse to create animalistic urges as a lower dimensional feeding process which is a kind of matrix of programmed behavior responses that reinstates ones assimilation into the time matrix.

This world is like an illusion that is programmed in through the mind through a perceptual overlay system that has been crafted literally for this specific purpose. The facets of this world that we believe are natural are manufactured to turn the human into a fuel source for bio-etheric energy, or ‘bio-emissions’.

The parasitic bio-emission harvesting process must be stopped in order to liberate humanity.


It is said that the Americans have no appetite for war with North Korea, although their politicians do. In the UK they seem to think it is necessary but Mrs May is on holiday:

LBC: The NIgel Farage Show


michAEL SAlla-quote—–According to a retired FBI and career military source, US Special Forces acting under the authority of the Department of Defense and with other global military authorities have been arresting members of a Satanic pedophile group that has infiltrated multiple levels of government in the United States, European Union, and other national governments. The numbers of individuals associated with the global pedophile group according to the source, who chooses to remain anonymous, has greatly exceeded what the military had expected.—–unquote…..


frokm this article-quote—–The report states that the conspiracy involves the majority of powerful people in within the UN, EU, US, State and local (City) power structures. These government organization are completely complicit in what is going on. All the way down to local Post Offices and Police Offices. I have to tell you, this was a very creepy report.—–unquote…..


from this article-quote—–In his August 9 update, Goode emphasizes the importance of a global meditation scheduled for August 21 at 11:11 am Pacific Coast Time.The meditation will coincide with a conference being organized at Mount Shasta where Goode and I will be speaking.

The meditation is a very good way to begin mobilizing global support for what US Special Forces are doing to help remove heavily compromised individuals from positions of authority, and stop the systematic abuse of children.—–unquote…..


Montague Keen Sunday Messafe, August 6, 2017

Greetings, my friends. An opportunity for you to become active in taking back your power has been arranged by Corey Goode and Cobra.

Corey Goode & Cobra Joint Interview
Call for Eclipse Mass Meditation

It is a joint Meditation on the Eclipse, the 21 August 2017. The whole of humanity can come together as ONE, and together, reclaim our sovereignty. Use the power of this major eclipse to release humanity from slavery. Be assured that the Cabal will try to claim this energy for its own evil purposes, the control and destruction of the human race. You have allowed them free reign over you and you have kept silent. This is why things are in the state they are today. Humanity is being wiped out. The human sperm count is dangerously low. This will ensure that you will not be able to reproduce.

The Cabal created lethal illnesses in laboratories and has spread them through the air, the food and water supply, and of course, their prize weapon, vaccinations. Until now, you have meekly accepted all that has been imposed on you without question. You have even accepted transhumanism. Just what will it take for you to wake up and take action?

This meditation will be so powerful and you have the numbers to counteract whatever the Cabal does. I implore you to see this opportunity for you to show your strength: you are the 99%, so it is up to you to protect humanity. Once we take back our power, others will come forward to assist.

My dear wife began her contact with beings from Andromeda, 13 years ago, shortly after my passing. They came through in seance many times to assure her that they are ready to assist us with technology that you cannot imagine. They see humanity struggling on what they see as a prison planet, and they want to assist. There are many tapes of these interactions. They asked her to write down her questions and they answer them, even reminding her if she has forgotten one.

They have given information about Project Blue Beam and how they would expose it for what it is, if the USA goes ahead with it. Help is available. It is ready to be given to you at a moment’s notice. Many vortices and portals have been made ready, though more work needs to be done to ensure that all avenues are open to our friends to assist us. I cannot stipulate enough the importance of this opportunity to remove all that is evil and corrupt from the world. Each and every one of you is important. Your combined intention and action is what will make the difference. Your moment has arrived, so do not waste it. You were told by many that the month of August will be important. Please include in your meditation on the 21 August, our young man Dave, who is important to the future of humanity. This is why the Cabal has gone to so much trouble to get him to America to lock him up. He is a totally innocent young man. The Cabal knows his mission is important to humanity and they have used their corrupt practices to get him locked away. It is important to include him in your meditation on the 21 August. It is so sad to see how they use and abuse people. This must stop.

You only have to look at the ancient history of the Vatican to see that it is built on the most evil wars against humanity. The level of their evil practices is beyond imagination. Today, they hide behind a cloak of respectability. Do not be fooled by them. By their deeds you will know them.

The 1% have managed to control you through their corrupt money system, corrupt governments, and of course, religion. It is all done through mind control and propaganda. Those of you whose only means of information is from television and newspapers, are being mind controlled. Such individuals believe all that they are told without question. They do not use their mind and consciousness to question the lies. They are like puppets, blind to the corruption. It is up to you to find the truth for yourself. It is there. Never in the history of mankind has so much information been at your fingertips. Talk to each other: you may be surprised at how many others feel as you do. Just remember that if it is on the television or in the press, IT IS PROPAGANDA. The Cabal OWNS ALL TV and the press. They are everywhere, hidden in the shadows, their evil plans being put into action.

Humanity has the ability to remove all the power and influence of the Cabal. Truth and justice will prevail, the moment you make the decision to refuse to destroy humanity one moment longer. Look at the Cabal with eyes wide open. They are parasites, living off the suffering of humanity.

Read the Plan for Europe by Karl Marx
Karl Marx’s Planned Genocide of Europeans

The destruction of Europe was his aim. This is why the European Union was created. IT IS EASIER TO DESTROY A UNIT. This is why Brexit was so important, as it has delayed their evil plan. You saw the so-called refugees, all paid for by SOROS, to rape, pillage, and destroy the white race. You must learn to see it for what it is. All this was planned in 1925. You have been fooled by the experts. They conned their way into power in every country. They always work together as one to achieve their aims. You must now learn to work together to salvage what you can, and plan for a future without these parasites. When the energy is restored, the Cabal will no longer be able to exist on Earth. They will leave in the same way that they arrived. They are prepared for this eventuality should they fail to maintain power.

The Golden Age is on your doorstep. Do you have what it takes to go through that door? On the 21 August, you have the opportunity to open the door to a better future for all. No more suffering, no more killing, no more poverty, no more fatal illnesses caused by them. Peace will be your prize. An awakening like you cannot imagine. What you are living through now is hell, but heaven awaits you.

My dear, it is always difficult when the Cabal finds ways to destroy what was good and what was working well for the world. You have experienced this many times over the last 13 years. It is what they do. Never give up hope that it will right itself as the work is of importance to all.

Together, we will succeed.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

NOTE: All translations can be found at


more Aug-

The Assimilation Event Already Occurred, The Higher Dimensional Disentanglement through Liberation, The Spiritual Battle of Man
Every human is currently assimilated. Everything is backwards. People that are worried about facing assimilation are already assimilated, that’s the whole point. Fear and distraction is the program and it operates through the interlink a cosmic intelligence that operates this realm as a kind of human farm. If people ever talk about anything or speak on anything in the public, that is because that operation has ended years ago and whatever they think they’re talking about has already been done and completed. This is part of the trick-matrix.

Manufactured Consent
Everything that is done must be done through the consent of the subjects. This is gained through manufacturing consent by opening one up to vulnerabilities by comparison through having people engage in lower dimensional parasitic behavior. Such as supporting war, the destruction of your species, engaging primarily through ego consciousness, hate, aggressive, basically the 7 deadly sins are unconscious agreements to participate in this mass trauma-based mind control ritual.

Those who seek liberation must remove their consent from the system by acknowledging the whole as artificial and manufactured. That which is manufactured is illegitimate. Everything is a legal system, the legal system is a cover for a spiritual enslavement system. The spiritual enslavement system is operated from a higher dimension and the command extends downward into this realm.

The Jump to the Future
We have to literally jump ahead to the future in our mind to become so far beyond what is being deployed that the battle is literally based on a projected reality and this is called “MIND”. Literally, the thoughts one has, the energy polarized one way or another, the intentions, that is the SPIRITUAL BATTLE. If a person’s thoughts and energy is unfocused or focused on desires, distraction, degradation then they are being imitated and the one sending those impulses is being carried by the lower brain. This is what the current projects on the surface level are really about. While everyone still hasn’t figured out what they’re about and is fighting over there about such and such topic, the next phase has already been implemented and is taking effect while the next phase after that is being lined up.

much more –


#390774, #390775

I don’t believe any comments are missing, they are just on other posts. The easy way to see where they are is to list them. Let’s try it:


Best Regards,


2017-08-06 Simon Parkes QA

European Central Bank has written to the main individual banks to do away with the approx. £85,000 max. guaranteed reimbursement figure in people’s private accounts if their is a bail-in. Furthermore they want the banks to freeze accounts, in the likelihood of that eventuality. So they are wanting to rob & then freeze the money.

There are many caves in N. Korea where Dragon gold is stashed. There are also rare Earth metals. Russia has walked away, the US wants to make a deal with China. N. Korea does have 3 ‘rucksack’ nuclear devices.

October looking like a potential time for an economic collapse.

The feline race were hired to build part of the pyramids. A matriarchal society, they originate from a planet in the Orion system & a group separated & settled in Sirius.
They have been called the Kepcoree (Killrotty – interacting with the US military – spelling unknown). These entities teleport/fly through the air. The ancient Egyptian carvings of cat headed statues show these ‘lion gods’ as venerated in earlier Egyptian law to have (as a cat) right of way if encountered. Cleopatra had many as pets; the gods would speak through these animals.
They have now disassociated from their alliance with the reptilians. They are also very sexual & will seek sex with humans.

Green eyes – usually means you have been part of the control system in past lives. Similar with Rh.neg. blood.
Blue eyes often means you are from 5D. Often used as ‘meet & greeters’.
Brown – from 6D.
In times past you did not wear rank, you were judged by the colour of your eyes.

Reptilian males are broader than the females, & the ruler is several feet taller. To make your half sister pregnant was the safest way to ensure succession – Sumerian, Babylonian & Egyptian all reflect this. Great attention paid to detail, how to dress, specific measurements for laying table (look at royalty). You have the royal ruling family, then the remaining majority are the soldiers. They are specialists in miniaturisation/nano technology (interfacing with biological entities) & genetics. There is often an etheric communicating implant/device in people’s/other entities’ left shoulders.

Reptiles look on mammals as weak because they are continuously having to adapt & change. They consider themselves advanced enough to no longer require change. With the Draco’s 75% are male. Those here under the Earth are more balanced in numbers.

5G is to place an energy being to infest a person, to control the nervous system of a human being. AI wants to rewire people’s brains. To then turn people into trans humanist robotic people. This is not being done by masts which can be turned off by angry people, but is satellite based at enormous costs but is easier to defend & keep powered. Cobra has often diminished the dangers of AI.

The Jews were led out of Egypt; they did make a covenant with an off-planet race.

The expression ‘Divine Feminine’ is questionable when not obviously seen to be connected to the planet or Source. Cobra often references this ‘Goddess energy’ which can refer to the many polarised aspects of Ishtar for instance.

Putin is hybridised to contain a 5D soul, which is also why lower, negative 4D people don’t like him. Putin has three body doubles.

The Draco’s eat us like we eat meat or other animals. If we were to give this up, the whole energetic frequency on the Earth would change & their justification would vanish. For the Reptiles we give off an energy release prior to death in this manner, secondly there is a chemical release & thirdly the blood when mixed can prolong life.


littledogg #390768
siggi #390788
aneeson #390793

“However, if as I now believe, all religion is a way to usurp direct connection with SOURCE, then even that – worthy as it be seem – can be used by the negative energies to keep people in ignorance to their true selves. . . We willingly ‘give over’ our energy to that group. But until I have personal knowledge of the workings of group endeavours, and the effect of FTHGAC, I will take what for me is the safest option of private one-on-one dealings with Gaia and Source.”

Thank you Alan & I agree. The devil is in the detail, & thus the lack of unambiguous clarity as per usual with Cobra. Despite the best of intentions, if guided by someone with such huge question marks, for me it seems inevitable that at least some people’s energy will be harvested.

My bottom line is that one’s personally directed intent is paramount, so I could join, in my own way. My thinking is that Cobra wants to bring about a new age, which can be accelerated this way. BUT it is later that the danger will start to manifest.



“Cracks in the Matrix, mandela effects or something else?
I have notice several times during the last weeks that some of my comments has changed, after posted!!!!
Not joking here. 3 – 4 times words has moved, sentences and paragraphs has also moved….
Have anyone seen any similar? (or I’m just the usual crazy one…he)”

Not so far – I think.


siggi #390795

“The “karma” is a long and difficult one Alan – think we discussed the over the years and to be perfectly honest, I think it’s loaded with to much fear and miss representations.”

Here are some notes I have made Siggi, mainly from Kryon:

Karma evolves only as the human evolves, pushing & pulling over lifetimes to teach you. After the cosmic convergence in the 80’s we now have permission, we now have the potential to spiritually vibrate faster.

There is no karma when you are co-creating, when you are embracing the creative energy, when you trust, when you feel one with everything & karma drops away. Otherwise karma will push & pull you to do things that need to be learned through that method. In this new paradigm it is now possible to raise your frequency out of the lower vibration of simplistic ‘cause & effect’, & allow synchronicity to enter your life.

It is action and reaction but no longer in the old karmic sense of a trap. It can be seen as more of a learning process, just as we graduate from being prisoners into students graduating from prison, so do we graduate from one type of karma controlled by the matrix to a karma  in tune with cosmic law. Cosmic karma?

It is time to drop your karma. It is an energy of unfinished business. It is in your DNA & ruled by Innate. You must talk to your cells; Innate has a program for spiritual survival & karma has always played a part in that. Now you have to de-program Innate & consciousness is & always has been the key. Dropping your karma is the first instruction.

Create your own affirmations, talk to Innate as you would talk to a friend.


I miss caleb


karma is only a “law” because we have agreed upon it . We create our own reality. I no longer agree to abide by the law of karma, I forgive everyone and everything


Ground control to major tom.


caleb? kodo? Ukkdena?


#390787 lakewinds
You’re correct about Tor Browser and those sites promoting anonymity. It only attracts rather than distract.

Boy am I having a rough time with my Wifi connection today both on phone and laptop. Slow connection. Was viewing a movie on my iPhone when it ceased up at the 32 min, remaining mark. Putting my impatient to the test, yes, impatient not patience. I shall prevail, for “no can” is not in our dictionary. So, easy to walk away and leave it “hung up”.

Oh my, just made myself a slice of pumpkin pie which I baked today. It turned out so delicious, better than the other two I did two days ago. I’m hooked on my own homemade pumpkin pie, never buying one now.

BTW, ctrl F on the laptop will enable a drop box for you to Find all postings of an individual poster here or subject matter, just as selecting “i” will do the same search except subject matter.

And one last BTW. I can now use USPS Tracking as evidence for Proof of Service.

Ok, time to say, “goodnight”, Aloha Ahi-ahi.

Malama pono,



My understanding of karma is that it is just the reality that the spirit keeps a record.

So if I go and shoot someone, they will remember that.

You can’t actually forgive someone in my view and automatically have karma resolved. For instance, if a relationship goes sour but both me and the other person still want to be with each other ‘if we’re honest’. If I forgive the person I might have the natural urge to contact them that I was suppressing. If I phone them and say nice things but they are choosing not to let go of the problem the issue cannot be solved. I then have the strong likelihood of starting to feel a renewed anger they can’t let the issue go.


Pretty amazing update from Corey Goode.

He’s talked about special ops guys he’s in contact with doing an investigation into the cabal, and finding that the numbers of people involved in paedophilia are absolutely huge.

I have always wanted numbers. Svali originally gave a bit of a different view to what other new age sources were saying in that she claimed 1/100 people are from these groups and everywhere she would go there would be a local ‘Illuminati’ centre so to speak.

The amount of people complicit in childrens homes and the like make it likely to me that there would be a lot of people into it.

I would also like numbers for extra terrestrials (of both polarities) and other related entities, robots etc. that are living on earth posing as human.

Some of these Special Forces Investigators have been removed from the investigation because they are HIGHLY suspected as being involved in torturing and killing some of these low level “Pedo-Gate” suspects. The scope of this cult take over of government is shocking to even the people that think they have seen it all, including myself. These investigators can’t figure out how the government was infiltrated to such a degree.

I think we need to buy a couple of beers for these guys!

So 1/100th, probably too much of a generous estimate. 1/100th of the US population is 6.4 million people. It is probably less than that but 200,000/ 500,000/ 1 million in the US is something we might reasonably conclude for the numbers involved. 200,000 is 1/320 people: “The report states that the conspiracy involves the majority of powerful people in within the UN, EU, US, State and local (City) power structures. These government organizations are completely complicit in what is going on. All the way down to local Post Offices and Police Offices. I have to tell you, this was a very creepy report”

200,000 and you’ll need to throw a whole bunch of people out of prison to make space.

I’ve also always wondered how many of such people I am likely to meet and other people close to me are likely to meet. Having personally known a satanic paedophile is clearly going to be something that causes an emotional impact. I am a relative hermit and only know people from minimum wage jobs and university (plus a smattering of long term friends from my school days). The current job I’m working at is full of 20 – 30 year old ish people, I don’t think these people are involved in that they are mostly fairly naive.

Anyway, no information and there is no more insight into this. Corey states that this information is ‘important to get out to the public’ but unless there is some additional proof of the claims not many people will pay much attention I don’t think. I don’t think we will be seeing additional reports and specifics on this angle.

Is my local MP involved? Mr LGBT, committed remainer, spends most of his time in schools trying to get students interested in politics? Are some of the nurses my mother works with involved, since she has been a nurse for coming on 40 years and knows all the head honchos? A friend of mine works close to the BBC in an organisation that has a contract with them, very social guy… WIll he have met some of these people?


phoenix9061210 #390819

It must be more than just keeping a record otherwise there would be no responsibility for one’s actions imo.

Your story certainly illustrates the continuation of karma!



Keeping a record might also be called ‘memory’. If someone does something bad to another person that other person remembers it. All the time they spend feeling bad about their situation of having been shot or whatever it is they send energy back to the person who hurt them.

If they are brainwashed and told that the person actually helped them perhaps, or that they have ‘forgiven’. Then they will have to work through the experience to find the truth that the person did not help them and they have not forgiven without some sort of justice. In this way I believe the more basic interpretation of Christianity keeps a sheild over a person but stops their ongoing move forward in wisdom (but probably not love).

There is another side of it to the person doing the damage, but I think the more important thing when it comes to karma is the person that is going to respond to the initial action.

So, if you do something bad to a negatively polarised person and they are not able to respond, they will never unsuppress the emotion to do with originally being hurt, and once they’re dead and go and live in a service to self place you’re probably off scott free!


Something else that is interesting:

YouTube: ReallyGraceful: Is Something Huge Being Covered up in Cuba?

Info about virus’s seems to be circling lately. It was my first thought when I heard about this flesh eating… For the first time in our history there is a new flesh eating but in the seas… Where was it previously?

As I said before, I originally saw a story of a flesh eating bug killing a guy in Brighton but then that news story disappeared. I wondered if it was the EU’s attempt to decrease tourism to Brighton and effect the UK.

Also, we have a new scandal with contaminated eggs from Dutch farms.

The original post I said a while back that summarised how this ‘revolution’ has been going lower and lower down the energy system for every failed attempt calculated that if there is no action on the red ray, here it is expressed as North Korea, the next thing that happens will be a massive virus. That’s what happens when you go below red ray. The stuckness of the system tries to free itself by just killing off a bunch of people and seeing where the chips land.

Also, I do not trust the Alliance to necessarily do anything and not be hung up by their own self entitled ideals such as partial disclosure… Grim. So for me it’s 50 / 50 that a massive virus might come along and destroy a large part of humanity.

But then this is all pretty strange logical progress for some people I’m sure.


Also included in Corey Goode’s update was the idea that the extra terrestrials will be meditating with us around 21st of August.

I cannot actually meditate because of what some people would define as a kind of ‘schizophrenia’ if I let my inner mind run free but I do send energy. I think I may be at work when the meditation is but I’m not sure, nonetheless, I’m sure the energy isn’t that time sensitive. Having talked about astrology and the eclipse is also a kind of energy as well.



I am more than certain you have many synchronicities that are waiting to be discovered…we all do. They wait patiently for us to bring our attention to them and make life so much more interesting.

I love the links you provided. Interestingly I have been seeing 15 a lot this morning. And the website you gave about the wolf medicine card was number 15. So cool! Thank you! I have some reading to do today 🙂 Light and love.


I didn’t even notice that one! Great catch! Thank you for sharing that. The great part about synchronicity is that is can’t be explained away as coincidence, except by those who are deeply asleep, who need the most synchronicity haha. Light and love!


zanderboy #390812

Hi zander!

Thanks so much for your detail inf. on Karma. Really something I never could quite relate to.
I have now heard 4 – 5 different theories on that topic.
For the last years I tried to dive into my second Mystery School Teaching. In the first they said that we were now totally freed from any Karma (since 2000 and something). I liked that one
“It is time to drop your karma. It is an energy of unfinished business.” Qoute from your sharing from Kryon.
And that I liked!
The other one have a different perspective.
Am somewhat tiered of it all. Just try to live as best I can, doing no harm to others or myself. And as one here just said, “forgive” it all.
Thanks for the sharing zander, appreciated it.


Hereby state/create/declare!
My soul connection, HS and my divine vessel is at no time “lost at sea”! I am the Captain of my Ship, always!
I order the dark pirate to walk the plank…..Also when in a space ship…he

My neighbour, a helmsman once told me:
On time, sailing overseas with a cargo ship (their freight were animals), a sailor came breathless up to the Captain’s bridge and said “A little pig has come loose in the cargo hold”
The Captain told the sailor to gather as many men as possible, and catch him right away. He then went to his berth to sleep.
The crew kept on chasing the pig for hours, but had to give it all up. One of them went to the Captains cabin, woke him up to tell him.
Irritated the Captain put on his fines uniform, grabbed a megaphone and went down stares.



Messengers are recognized and communications commence in full.
Flamboyants are eliminated.
Essentials are recognized.
Masters come forth from the Inner Depths.
(Also as a contribute to Michael!)


#390819 (and others discussing karma)

The following is from The Michael Teachings, one of the best sources of spiritual wisdom to be found on the web. I found this site 12 years ago, and have read most of the associated books. They have recently updated the look and content of their site, and they did a spectacular job. Michael is a collection of about 1050 souls located two levels above this one, on the causal plane.

Here’s what Michael has to say about karma:

Karma is formed when you significantly violate another’s domain, creating an energy imbalance that then seeks resolution. Usually a karmic debt is repaid in kind. For example, if A murders B, B will murder A or A will save the life of B in a subsequent lifetime.

Philanthropic or “good” karma results from significantly ex­panding another’s choices in a way that does not benefit you other than through the good feelings that arise.

There’s considerable nuance in karma, and you can find extensive information on the various forms and aspects of karma at the link:


“The Sun is cooperating with the Earths desire to ascend. It is as if the whole multiverse is behind this event. We are living in exciting times, just remember you bought this E ticket and Gods/Goddesses don’t do boring things. You will be called upon to do your part. .”
– James Gilliland
“Looks like we are in for a wild ride. According to Heart Math and its monitors the magnetic fields of the Earth have quadrupled. The Schumann Resonance has jumped from its normal around 7 hertz to 200 Easter then 530 the past few days. Obviously there has been some divine intervention on Earth not just in shielding but in the vibrational lifting.”


rj99: I’m not sure whether or not “Ben” is confused about money. It just seems to me that he likes to echo passions that have been already expressed here. He knows that whenever he mentions distributing money to the masses, everyone gets excited. I think it tickles “him” . I use the quotes because I’m beginning to wonder who or what “Ben” really is.

Also- you’re saying that the current fiscal situation is perfectly okay and that everytime the FED adds zeros somewhere it must get back an asset, but what if it doesn’t? We don’t know that it does, what prevents these clowns from lying? Why did Kennedy plan to shut the FED down and switch out the dollar? Why was DSK colluding with Gaddafi and others to introduce a new global currency when he was pulled off the plane to respond to an assault charge by the hotel maid ( which was thrown out a few weeks later).

I’m wondering about you, rj. Libya had one of the soundest currencies backed by gold and then it was attacked by Hillary and her goons, banks were raided, and the gold was gone. The Ukrainian gold is gone, the Germans couldn’t even get their gold back and Pakistan was ripped off last summer for $200 million dollars. If Gold doesn’t matter, why is everyone after it and don’t tell me they’re confused. Obama did his deal with Iran to get THEIR gold, but they didn’t.


Although we haven’t heard anything about top level arrests, I’m convinced much is going on. Don’t blame Trump for going to Bedminster where he’s surrounded by people he can trust and hopefully away from the DC bugs. Gives them another opportunity to set up the leakers if he limits who’s with him. He’ll work things out with Putin. I don’t believe that North korea poses any threat at all and it’s all theatre to keep everybody agitated. We’ll see what unfolds. The Manafort raid was also theatre. A big sign will be the removal of Mueller and I believe it will happen. Kushner’s departure would help as well.


Wow, there definitely is a bit of a slower movement on this commenting page. I’m not bothered though!

Firstly, just a small note the stock market today fell a bit, and the VIX moved up. The markets recently have been so incredibly suppressed that both of these movements are incredibly unusual. Could be the start of a bigger crash but not likely but still, out of the normal pattern of the market just eternally going upwards!

Secondly, another note about how I see karma. In the example of the girl who does not want to let go of a disagreement so will not allow karma to settle, then in this case she will probably take on a belief system that will agree with her philosophies, and her philosophies have to include a justification for not getting on with her boyfriend. Perhaps she starts to use the justification that she is a “victim” and the boy in this case is “stalking” her and this leads directly to feminism. Now that she has given up on someone who might form a good pairing with her she is more likely to end up with people who are violent etc. and she is more in need of welfare etc.

The boy however would want to find a solution to the problem, so would be attracted to the opposing “wing” so to speak.

So even though these two individuals are in the same material position in relation to the physical manifestation of karma, they are in opposing situations in relation to their will power etc. so if you get these sorts of people opposing each other politically and then, when the “good guys” win out the former case gets traumatised and the latter is triumphant.

I can’t theoretically figure out how this balances karma but it still does seem to be what is happening.

On ‘Good karma’. Say someone is loving towards their family member that family member should theoretically be supportive to them, or other people may be due to related reasons. This might help them through any bad karma with good advice and help but the original person whom the bad incident was done to is not influenced unless they are directly dealt with.


Breaking: interview with Vaxxed producer who was banned from Australia
August 10, 2017

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

Polly Tommey, producer of the famous documentary, Vaxxed (trailer), has been banned from Australia. If that sounds quite insane—it is.

Vaxxed has been screening across the world. It is an explosive revelation about egregious fraud at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The film focuses on the 2014 public confession of a long-time researcher at the CDC, William Thompson. Thompson admits that he and his colleagues committed a crime, by manipulating data to give the MMR vaccine a free pass, “proving” it had no connection to autism—when in fact, as Thompson states, the vaccine does raise the risk of autism in children.

Here are a few statements from the The Sydney Morning Herald’s report, headlined: “Anti-vaccination advocate ‘banned from Australia’ after documentary tour.”

“The producer Polly Tommey behind a controversial anti-vaccination film which has been touring Australia has been banned from returning to the country for three years, she claims.”

“Ms Tommey spearheaded a sold-out national roadshow of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe organised by the Australian Vaccinations-Skeptics Network.”

“In a video, posted to Youtube on Tuesday, Ms Tommey claimed authorities seized her phone and copied her emails as she left Australian soil to continue the New Zealand leg of the film tour.”

“’They (Australian Border Force) told me I was banned from Australia for three years and that I would be getting a letter to confirm this,’ Ms Toomey said.”

“A number of secret screenings of the documentary and Q&A sessions were hosted in Australia, including one last week at Village’s Crown casino cinemas in Southbank and another in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.”

I contacted Polly Tommey, and she sent me this statement, quickly typed on her phone as she was heading to New Zealand:

“After a very successful 2 week tour of Vaxxed in Australia with packed out venues including the Australian National University I went through passport control in Adelaide airport on route to New Zealand, I was traveling with Anu Vaidya, our social media director—he was allowed straight through (we are both on the same business visas and both do the same work, Q&As and stories from parents via social media) I was detained.”

“They took my phone and asked for my password which I gave them (I have nothing to hide) they screenshot emails between AVN [Australian Vaccinations-Skeptics Network (on facebook)] and Vaxxed. They grilled me on Vaxxed and who made money from the documentary, they asked me about Andy Wakefield [also involved in the film’s production].”

“They told me I was banned from Australia for 3 years and I would receive an email to explain in due course. They then gave me my phone back and let me board a plane to New Zealand.”

“Australia’s press did this, they promoted Vaxxed and our tour. We barely filled the venues before they wrote endless articles with quotes from health ministers saying how Vaxxed is dangerous lies. From that moment on the venues were packed with waiting lists, they are their own worst enemies.”

“I don’t need to go back to Australia, the people are strong and know what to do. They are as angry as the rest of the world at the death and destruction of our babies and loved ones.”

Doctors, medical bureaucrats, and government officials in Australia are foaming at the mouth, releasing statements against Vaxxed and warning how “dangerous” the film is, and how it should not be shown and seen.

These Orwellian lunatics want to cancel the public’s right to have access to information. “Don’t think, obey.”

Here is their strategy in a nutshell: they want to equate certain information with shouting fire in a crowded theater and, therefore, claim the right to free speech and free assembly is canceled.

Actually, and quite literally, they’re the ones shouting fire in a crowded theater. Because they want to empty the theaters.

The content of Vaxxed is all about exposing the lies of official science.

Toxic vaccination is destroying the brains of babies and children.

Whether you agree or disagree with that last statement, trying to outlaw conversation about it and intimidate people who want the conversation is sheer totalitarian madness.

Polly Tommey is a woman who stands for what she believes and puts everything on the line. She has delved deeply into the protected secrets of the medical establishment. She has emerged with a film brimming with knowledge.

In a half-sane world, she would be hailed as a hero.

Obviously, the customs agents who detained and questioned her, as she was leaving Australia, who told her she was banned from the country, were acting on behalf of higher-ups.

Those medical, political, and pharmaceutical higher-ups want silence.

From you.

They want you to shut up and close your eyes and march straight ahead into the future they are laying out for you.

A future ever more toxic.

(16 min – really worth the time I think.)
Schmidt Happens: Exposing Google’s WIKILEAKS
David Seaman takes a global investigation into this man thru FULCRUN slack!

David Seaman – is an investigating journalist. Have for a long time looked into pedo-gate (Podesta + his ties to google chairman E . Schmidt. Who also were directly involved with the Clinton campangne…) Here he gives the finger (AGAIN) to Eric Schmidt. Schmidt is so close to Podesta he even gave his personal….., David says

“How many interaction should an impartial search engine platform via their Chairman of google have with Clinton and Podesta????” D. Seaman ask before answer himself – “ZERO”

Mr Schmidt has numerous times, in MSM, basically stated: – “lets get it away, hide it , do it more difficult to find” etc. What…., what you ask?
That which not serve the pedo elite currupt politicians, the cabal deep shit of the luciferian satanists’s agenda – the TRUTH.
Lets take Youtube (owned by google) for instance and heir heavily censorship….., not notify their subscribers, give false view counts, censoring comments, the new login system automatically direct you to their selected “recommended” stuff at homepage. and on and on
According to Wikipedia:
Eric Schmidt – In 2017, Forbes ranked Schmidt as the 119th-richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of US$11.1 billion.[6]

Summary from search engine Duck:
Eric Emerson Schmidt is an American software engineer, a businessman, and the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.
(Alphabet is the owner of google)
How about switch to Protonmail – a secure email based in Swizerland – as Seaman here suggest. Look what D. Seaman says about it – from 7:16 min

Google with Youtube is an apparatus for the oppressors! (just in case you didn’t knew!)


#390824 from Phoenix about Corey Goode’s announcement of the global meditation. Just got an email from him stating that the meditation along with ET’s will be on 8/21/17 after the eclipse at 11:11 Pacific Standard. That is all I know. For now. Enjoy the meteor shower this weekend everyone! Windi



Good, 19:11 UTC. After work. K’aree is inner earth I believe? I mistated earlier.

Youtube: Paul Joseph Watson: I WON’T BE AROUND MUCH LONGER

Youtube: Wearechange: The YouTube Purge Against Independent News Is HERE

Youtube: Computing Forever: The Google A.I. Purge of YouTube is Here

Google definitely is a monopoly. I’m used to coming off addictions I have a genetic highly addictive personality! But coming off Google is going to be one step at a time because it is a lot of mental effort to move things around like search engine, email, android, plus almost all social networks. I’ve already done the blog though! 🙂

… and for old times sake:

YouTube: Black PIlled: Why Ironman shouldn’t tell Pepe or you how to vote


siggi #390826

Seems a bit too easy to be totally free of karma from a certain date; perhaps from then it becomes possible to raise vibrations & thoughts so as to have the chance to be free. I think just knowing one can no longer be trapped by the ’cause & effect’ is fantastic information already.
Would be interested in your other discovered viewpoints of karma.

lakewinds #390829

So this would be the older established teaching (had to use that word).

phoenix9061210 #390822

“So, if you do something bad to a negatively polarised person and they are not able to respond, they will never unsuppress the emotion to do with originally being hurt, and once they’re dead and go and live in a service to self place you’re probably off scott free!”

I doubt it, but I would think a lot depends on your frame of mind at the time the deed was done – was it done in sacred neutrality to help others, to help him or something else? Am pretty sure there is no escape in another lifetime for instance; it’s all part of the wondrous system we live in, even if it has been hijacked to a high degree.


Thanks Siggi for that perfect story I read over my breakfast coffee & which gave me a hearty laugh.




Well, I think the person here is free from the external karma in a sense. This is a negatively polarised person they are not going to be able to return what has been done and come up and demand an emotionally honest conversation with their tormentor. They are not in the same circles.

However, internal conscience might have something to say but I define that differently. I notice people conflate the two to get out of the loophole of negative people having no seeming external punishment but that is not how I am defining karma. Although they are linked I believe.

Something like Stefan Molyneux’s ‘Universally Preferable Behaviour’ might have something to say about it as well. An ethical system. My understanding of that function of external karma the person would not have the karma returned though.


#390838 zanderboy
Hi zander – glad you like my short story Thanks so much for your nice reply!
Karma – oh my! Mainly want to stay off that topic – it could’ lead to….karma you know ha ha!
Remember littledog said to me once.
Pharma is Karma! – I did laugh a lot…. still do. Thanks littledog! 🙂
Be well friend!

However Phoønix – Just to be clear, don’t say this to sound non sensitive. Do feel sadness to hear of your condition. Consider myself as an empath and glad I’ve join so many here as well. Just try to hold on – we closing in on the new positive times for – all humanity. Hurray!
“Sickness” will be a past – a foreign word we never will use -Light language don’t hold these words any more.
See yourself as a young, vital and totally healthy man, running around looking for chicks he he!
We soon all be doing that….Ops!
Of cause – I’m only looking for mrs perfect, my twin! And that is a fact!
So much to look 😉 forward to!
Stay in faith my friends
good night


#390841 Hey Siggi, thanks, but when I say I’m used to coming off addictions. I mean I’ve actually just come off stuff. But nothing serious, I’ve never tried illegal substances.


Can’t believe I’m actually back posting here again but I suppose there’s no problem with doing there here, it’s not like a forum!

I’ve read Bens statements on monetisation of debt and found this article:

Funding Public Health Care With a Publicly Owned Bank

Not much detail of financial specifics though. Just a general… ‘And in the Garden of Eden’ sort of thing.

September 30th?

Kind of hard to get the head around. I suppose I don’t really believe it!


cobra-quote—–Unity Meditation videos have been created in many languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!—–unquote…..


-august.21/2017 at 1111 hrs. pacific standard time mass meditation…..

potentially the most effective mass meditation to occur on the earths surface(with inner earth brothers and sisters participating etc…..) in many thousands of years…..

just the beginning as the golden age continues its blooming processies…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


US Gov Launches Drill to Prepare For “Black Sky” EMP Attack – August 10, 2017

The U.S. Government is preparing for a potential “black sky” event which could cause widespread power outages after an EMP attack, a mega earthquake, or a cyber terrorist incident

Continued on site…
The USSA announces they are going to have a drill in an area – a real event happens. Is this a coincidence? with Wide-spread power outages this time. Won’t congress be laughing at us, just how much they will pass/sign in the wee dark hours of the EMP attack when they think no one is watching. This truly theater.

And China, now, is announcing a coming skirmish? with India, which has been ongoing since the 1970’s, along the long border between China and India.

This a “Black Sky” event worldwide. Mor distraction as “GridX II” to be held in November.

I’ll have to get working on finishing the bomb shelter dad started building in the 1960’s. Illusion. ;). Days of Fear!

For those that can, meditation FTHG of the planet and all who live in and on the surface of this planet would be worthwhile. Good intentions for the good of humanity would also be very powerful.

Harmony and Peace and Clarity intentions for all.

Steaming the Love..


Doubts arise over General McMaster


How Long Have They Really Been Listening In?

Buildings with no windows leading double lives. Titanpointe in NYC is ATT local spying nerve centre for the NSA, is just one example. Has ATT ever been a mere telephone company?


It has happened again: yet another international poll finds that the US is viewed by peoples around the world to be the biggest threat to world peace.


“Pope Francis is using his platform to push a dangerous far-left political ideology on vulnerable people around the world, people who trust him because of his position,” Putin said.

He dreams of a world government and a global communist system of repression.

“As we have seen before in communist states, this system is not compatible with Christianity.”

Pope Francis’s idea that Americans would be better off under a world government doesn’t stop there. The radical leftist pontiff also went on record stating that Europe should become one country under one government.

He is also on record calling for a China-style one child policy for Western nations, as well as telling a congregation in Rome that having a personal relationship with Jesus is “dangerous and harmful.”


Max Keiser Was “AFRAID FOR HIS SAFETY” Following Threats From Regulators In London!

Ofcom in London essentially work for the big corporations to stifle free speech says Max Keiser of the Keiser Report on RT, where he says he was sufficiently intimidated to leave town & continue his reports on the move.


Hi Jujubean

“I’m wondering about you, rj.”

The only answer is for people to start thinking for themselves. Most have forgotten how to do this (or never started doing it) so just trust sources that for some reason they deem trustworthy. And yet these very sources that they trust sometimes (but of course not always) write misinformation. Some I believe write 90% truth but slip in 10% rubbish. If the worlds people started thinking and trusting their what I call inner wisdom they would soon realize that these truths just don’t stack up (there’s a lot around banking and money). Or are no more than guesswork (there is some on this forum). But many (the majority) never get to this stage and remain just like trusting children throughout their lives.

So don’t trust me. Do the reading and research and find the truth yourself. Don’t discount anything but stop elevating guesswork (or rejecting possible truths) by posters or writers on subject where you don’t know to definite truths or fictions (eg. I’m wondering about you, rj). So I’ve posted a viewpoint where you don’t know. Live with this and don’t label my viewpoint right or wrong until you do know yourself. This learning process though is hard work.


Hmm… This one goes against Bens sources then:

Zerohedge: China Warns Trump: “We Will Prevent A North Korea Regime Change”

“If the U.S. and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so,” it said.


Another one on youtube etc. Scary stuff:

YouTube: David Icke: Monsters Inc – Amazon, Google and Facebook – David Icke Dot-Connector

Among teenage girls, many of them just go on their phones texting the whole time and do not talk to people who are physically present with them.

I wonder what life will be like if these groups get hauled off to jail and things change. Will there still be a facebook? I would welcome its end and another communication method between people to be used because it seems to me there are two stages i) Communication becomes less easy because of regular dysfunction ii) Facebook becomes the main way of talking to people. But there is something inauthentic and weird about this way of communicating.

There just seems to be a lot more conflict in facebook and this translates into daily life.

Same with text.


I don’t think we need just focus on AI & Reptilians too much without embracing the Christ consciousness to get us through. Interesting how the messages get deliberately distorted.
Vlog 20, 21, 22.

Jesus & Mary Magdalene were twin flames, avatars of the Piscean Age to anchor the divine matrix, the Christ consciousness & the archetypes. Because of the patriarchal dominance, her role as equal & wife, was kept secret. During those lost 18 years they were learning in the mystery schools of India, Tibet & Egypt. After their baptism with water (balancing both brain hemispheres) symbolising the emotional connection to the Mother God, they taught principally only one thing, that of divine love, something no one can do for you except yourself. The same Christ in him is the same in all; & that ‘ye are all Gods’.

Our ‘egos’ told us that we could not save ourselves but someone had to do it for us, since we were worthless sinners, & therefore this was the reason for Jesus’ crucifixion. Because of the divine dispensation of our free will, only personally, by ourselves can we choose to override our egos.

Jesus through this act & his resurrection, showed us that we are not just our physical body & that no one came to save him. He showed us there is life after death. In his Lightbody return he enlightened the disciples who were then reconnected to be able to perform all that was required. However after 40 days Jesus left along with his sustaining influence, & since they had not attained their state by their own endeavours, fear entered back in.

10 days later on Pentecost (50 days after the crucifixion) they decided to continue the ministry & were baptised (balancing both hemispheres) by fire, again by the ‘Holy Ghost’, enabling them to overcome their fears with gifts like ‘speaking in tongues’.

The 2nd coming is the return to Christ consciousness. In Revelations it is said ‘Time will be no more’ & this reflects the conditions of the 5th dimension.

It was Constantine who decided which gospels were to be included, i.e. those which had minimal references to Mary Magdalene’s true role, reincarnation, & that Jesus was the Son of God in a way that others were not. Even with this obvious betrayal of the truth, Jesus & Mary Magdalene’s sacred mission could not be suppressed by simply banning Arianism for example. It was Pope Gregory who declared Mary Magdalene a prostitute for the first time, 600 years after her death; then came the Crusades & then the Inquisition. It is thanks to the Essenes, (the Gnostics), the Cathars & the Knights Templar (the good side) that the truth has not been buried.



When you say things about the positive movement forward and soul mates etc. I personally cannot even slightly imagine what it will look like if things do go positive for my life. How troublesome peoples behaviours will be changed etc.

I suppose I can see some of it in astrology and for that I am grateful. But astrology in my view does not tell you when something is going to happen, it says if something happens it will look like this.

There are people in my past that I have had an extremely positive connection to. Then these connections have gone negative; now, thinking of meeting these people is a very unpleasant sensation.

There are family members that are just difficult.

David Wilcock talks about a shift coming where we all sort of ascend and I see this as an interesting idea in that I will not have to deal with any of the many problems I might have in theoretically setting myself “back on” my life path. There was a time I wanted some sort of justice but as additional people have been nasty, I don’t want the confrontation so much any more and it being whipped away in a sudden ascension is a good idea. No dream career and power that comes from that, soulmate only in the sense of meeting them in the aether after ascension, no more fussing around about sociopaths here, no confrontation with unpleasant or lying family members, just a sort of floating ascension process with big lights and off somewhere else!

I cannot imagine if things did fix themselves, where the positive energies would come from in my life that would put things back on track. Whose behaviour would change? What would resistance look like or would everyone be in too mcuh shock? The same for other people clearly.

The apologies from people that have been difficult would be slightly embarrasing. Mostly people are like that because they think they can get away with it. IMO of course!

How do you fix broken things?


I cannot imagine if things did fix themselves, where the positive energies would come from in my life that would put things back on track. Whose behaviour would change?
…How do you fix broken things?


You seem to be talking about people and relationships, not things.

In my view, you are responsible for you, you are not responsible for others. So, control of others is not what is needed, only control over yourself.

If you are ready to move to the positive energies, that control will involve you embodying love and forgiveness, and giving up judging others. I see us as fractals of the all, so any change you are able to make will be reflected on all scales and multiplied by infinity.



OK, that’s enough of you Carol.

Dictionary definition, condescending: having or showing an attitude of patronizing superiority.

Patronising: treat with an apparent kindness which betrays a feeling of superiority.

I know full well if I respond to you in any way you will withdraw, as you always do. Therefore I’m no longer going to read your posts.

You can bring your enlightened viewpoints to someone else!


truthearth #390857
Hi truthearth

Just read your “What Does it Mean to be Triggered?” “the war for attention” and most important “If you are distracted, you aren’t carrying out your mission.”
Couldn’t agree more!
“Recharging , refresh and re-align” is most important at this point.
I think you’re spot on!

A way to handle it, as I think you here suggested, is to go away from it altogether for a while. Build strength, being in nature, spiritual practices, meditations…. Protections is what I think is most important right now. Staying positive is sure one of them
Truth seekers, Wanderer, Star Seeds, Light workers has a lot of tools available. Including guides, Mother Earth, star family, HS, Source within to mention some. All imo.
Thanks for your contribution!
namaste fine member of light


#390858 Phoenix
Dictionary definition, condescending: having or showing an attitude of patronizing superiority. Patronising: treat with an apparent kindness which betrays a feeling of superiority…You can bring your enlightened viewpoints to someone else!

Phoenix … another classic put-down, this time of sweet CarolM. No ascension for you! Check your chart, because this seems to be a big day for Uranus.

It being Friday and all, you should have your traditional UK meal of jellied eels and black pudding, chased by a couple of pints of warm beer, as always. And by “UK”, I mean, of course, the University of Kentucky.

Incidentally, I’m reading that our beloved leader is pondering a trip to the Land of the Lizard Queen. Our prez may be a ridiculous fool, but he’s OUR ridiculous fool, so please do not disrespect him by having any multi-syllable words or difficult concepts on your protest signs . He’s dealing with limited mental bandwidth, and really appreciates jokes that contain the phrase, “me bum.”

And for god’s sake, make sure he tries the Marmite. He just loves shitty food…


Here’s something to mull over:


RJ- that’s fine but I was hoping you’d actually have an explanation that corroborated your statement that the money ISN”T falling out of the sky. No comment on the gold theft. When I c,hallenge here I’m actually looking for people to provide a coherent response to the challenge. You’re right, your viewpoint is different and certainly not what I’m used to so I’m offering what I know in hopes that you’ll refute it, or explain it. Just telling me to do my own research is a cop out and not always possible considering all the smoke and mirrors out there. Disappointed.



“No comment on the gold theft.”

What relevance has this got to my comment? Gold is not money and never has been money (contrary to what I was taught at university. That money was gold once. But where. What country? Its fiction). Although the holders of gold like to claim otherwise.

Money is credit. It has always been credit. Coins (that may include some gold but not often) is a token for credit to allow easier transfer of money.

Gold backed money was introduced to stop banks issuing too much credit. Credit issuing was restricted to the holding of gold (say 9 times the gold holding value). And to stop governments running high trade deficits. The US moved off the gold std when they started running trade deficits = losing gold rather than collecting gold.

So banks create money when people lend from them. Just by doing a journey entry. DR LOAN ACCOUNT CR Lenders Bank account = new money). Governments like the US create new money when they spend. And drain this money by taxing and selling bonds.

But most (including economists) can’t accept this due to brain-washing. Where money has almost mystical, magical properties where evil forces do their magic in the background. Whereas what I claim is too boring and straight forward.


“Just telling me to do my own research is a cop out”.

Is it me or you coping out. I’ve done many years of research out of no more than a desire to know the truth as best as I could know a / the truth. And to tie it all together. And completely changed my viewpoint to in some cases the complete opposite. Many refuse to go through this process.


Loved the response lakewinds!

U – ran – us is in the same place it always is, although retrograding giving people agro that have earlier disagreed with its output.

rj99: Of course gold is money. It has a finite supply, it can be used for jewellery and can be melted down into a mineral and used for human consumption. (Rumoured to be useful to the Annunaki for their atmosphere).

That said, it matters very little what we all think of these things. The system is glued down enough that it is going to take a big move to change anything.


“Of course gold is money.”

Not in the world I live in. Can you at least agree that TODAY money is bank credit. And in what major country was money ever Gold. The UK maybe. No. US. No. Money was never gold anywhere. Using gold to buy whatever is a barter exchange not a money for goods, assets or a service exchange. And barter does occur of course. But when it does the gold and goods are both linked to real money = bank credit.


“Using gold to buy whatever is a barter exchange not a money for goods, assets or a service exchange.”


If I want to go and buy or sell gold they use a little calculator to calculate it’s current price on it’s current market value. It’s not as clean as the Dollar which does not change with the dollar spot index. But it is workable.

“Can you at least agree that TODAY money is bank credit.”

Of course, while the Dollar maintains. Dumping of UST’s and that quickly ends. Which obviously is not likely. But something is going to change at some point.


Hey Phoenix,

Recently you have announced that you have changed your own blog site to the above link.

I have re-adjusted my favourites bar to reflect that location and yes, it is easier to read than previously. You are now saying that traffic is way down for your site with very few comments?

Well how does one actually make any comments on the site? I cannot find a way that I could respond to any of your posts.




I think it is because Google counts the pageviews differently. Your viewing of the site has not showed up on the individual posts therefore, it might be that Google recorded the page views when people scrolled past while WordPress only records it if someone actually clicks on the specific page!

Previously, the traffic was not coming through individual blogs posted but going to the whole site, so it appears people are doing what you are doing. Adding it onto some sort of favourites and rechecking it, and when they see it on twitter are going to their own version of favourites rather than going through the link I drop in my tweets.

To comment you simply click through to the specific post. It is WordPress; like this site!

Thanks for reading!

it’s from 2013, still spiritual value imo (2 posts)

“Let’s start the removal of polarity through the assimilation of dimensions 1,2,3 (harmonic universe one) into dimensions 4,5,and 6 (harmonic universe two). The Soul Integration of the Soul Matrix from Harmonic Universe Two into the Body Template in Harmonic Universe One allows for complete removal of polarity through assimilation. Once that polarity of purpose between the lower bodies and the Soul Matrix is removed, the new advanced state of consciousness recognizes the plural nature of simultaneous existence in various space – time dimensional realities. Once the removal of polarity of the harmonic universe one (Earth) and two (TARA) is achieved, the entity begins the process of assimilating into the Harmonic Universe Three, the Over Soul Matrix of Gaia.
This process is mostly about listening and being directed by the Higher Consciousness of ones own Soul Matrix. When this continuous listening is achieved, the Ego of the lower personality melts away into the Divine Mind or the Super Mind of the Souls of our Creation, containing the Wisdom and Experience, of all we have ever been and all we will ever be.
The Soul Matrix contains the Archetypal Mind that knows itself as a singular identity that is composed of many identities who are a part of the Incarnational Soul, the race, the species, the mind networks of this universe and parallel universes. The 5D Mind is the re-cognizing to the Many that we really are. The neuro network reconnects to all that we have been in our past selves and what our greater purpose or true mission was that we set out to accomplish through those past lives.
The assimilation into the Astral- 4th, Archetypal 5th, and the Angelic Consciousness of the 6th allows the Communication Process of Star Language to begin. We will soon learn that our Souls live in the Stars. We were all once great entities who created stars and were stars, or who have lived within stars. A star is simply an Eternal System, while a Planet is a Mortal System.
Our logical mind has always relied on us drawing conclusions, and not allowing our emotional mind or intuitive mind to allow pure cognition. Our alignment with our Soul Matrix is the blending of the logical and emotional minds into a knowing and cognizing the full reality of the all knowing Divine Mind. We are getting re-cognized as we allow our frequency specific mid brain to guide us.
So, polarity removal does not mean separating good and bad, happy and sad, left brain right brain, or any of those other things that you probably think it means.
Polarity removal means when the positive electron and negative proton become the neutral neutron. We are becoming the neutron body. This process happens through the 14th dimensional element called heliotalic silver pastel helium combined with Sun Alcyone’s Gamma wave of our orignal creation.
Our bioenergetic field of energy is being transposed from the spinning of the electro magnetic or male female frequencies of the positive negative spin rate being altered until there are no more electron and protons. The polarity is removed because we get the neutral neutron energy.
It is the addition of the Helium to Water, creating H2O2HE3, that will allow us to assimilate into the new harmonic universe two atmosphere and rearrange our bioenergetic field. It is the helium that allows us to levitate and teleport the body. That is one of the first beginning stages of learning to utilize our new reality. First stages of pure listening to the Soul Matrix, seeing with the mid brain, meeting your orb bodies, and then finally learning to orb out of here are all realities that will become obtainable in 2013.


continue the Omniverse article:

“This new bioenergetic arrangement is achieved by the spinning of the electro magnetic relation ship or the particle antiparticle relationship of harmonic universe one which is Earth with the harmonic universe two which is Tara. We must also do this individually in our Merkaba Vehichles.
The entire magical fission that will create a new vision of reality is the morphing of the anti particle reality of the fourth with the particle reality of the third. Actually that part of the process was already completed in December. Now, we will begin to experience the after affects of that fissionary process.
We will begin to see the harmonic universe two morph into this visible plane that we have been so accumstomed to believing was the only reality. Tara will appear as Inner Earth rises into the particles of Earth. The Inner Earth known as Agartha will become more and more visible each day. It will be faster for those who know how to raise their frequencies into the fifth dimension through the gamma rays of Sun Alcyone and the Amorea Flame of Sirius B.
There are three very important things to know about how polarity is really removed and how it got here. Removing polarity has to do with the spin rate of the electron and proton and how it joins with it’s anti-particle or etheric twin cellular structure. It has to do with the 12 subharmonic frequencies of the etheric or anti particle 12 DNA reconnecting to the particle DNA. It has to do with the Soul Matrix (sometimes called Super Consciousness or Higher Self) of the 4,5,6 dimensions and DNA assimilates into oneness with the 1,2,3 dimensions or DNA. This is also referred to the Fission of Oneness into SuperConsciousness.
The first two steps are the micro aspects of third larger aspect of polarity removal. The two sets of realities in harmonic universe one and harmonic universe two couldn’t align harmoniously until the spin rate was corrected and the 12 subharmonics were realigned. Those two steps were completed between 2000 and 2012.
2013 begins the third step of the process of removing the polarity between harmonic universes. This process will actually begin as a result of the Equinox Alignment of the Sun and Earth at 90 degrees. That is the fourth essential element in the polarity removal formula.
We need a 90 degree alignment with Earth and Sun on the particle and antiparticle levels to get our 180 degree alignment that will remove the improper angular rotation between our bodies, our soul bodies and higher Earth. We need another 180 degree alignment to create the complete sphere of our new reality within the 12 coded divine matrix. We need our particle universe and the anti particle universe aligning with Andromeda, where Tara actually resides and Urtha- the firmament of Earth, where the original morphogenetic blue print of Earth has always remained.
This entire universe is being rearranged by the Helium in the 14th dimension. That helium, which is the heliotalic frequency of light and sound must interact with the parallel 8th of Sun Alcyone in a way that creates the new Neutron Energy within our BioEnergetic Fields. We must breathe this frequency into the cells of our body to create the transformation which will shift our bodies into alignment with our Etheric, Light and Crystal Bodies which are made of a new chemical arrangement which allows us to turn into light and travel beyond the Earth’s Matrix.”
orbing out temporarily

phoenix9061210 #390842
Hi phoenix!
Sorry misinterpretation – great to hear!
zanderboy #390838
Hi zander!
The karma views I shared was as I can remember, based on removal of old Karma.
Meaning we started from that time with a blank sheet. (Personally have to dwell more on the subject (or not) before saying anything, I think.)


Phoenix #390868

Hi Phoenix,

Okay I have managed to post a comment on your blog site. Thanks for the response here on how to do that.



Littledog – You talked so many times about those we miss. I miss you!
Your FTHGAC will always be YOU in this blog, and I/we need you.
namaste and love


A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack

Lost in a year that often appeared to veer into our peculiarly American kind of hysteria is the absence of any credible evidence of what happened last year and who was responsible for it. It is tiresome to note, but none has been made available. Instead, we are urged to accept the word of institutions and senior officials with long records of deception. These officials profess “high confidence” in their “assessment” as to what happened in the spring and summer of last year—this standing as their authoritative judgment. Few have noticed since these evasive terms first appeared that an assessment is an opinion, nothing more, and to express high confidence is an upside-down way of admitting the absence of certain knowledge. This is how officials avoid putting their names on the assertions we are so strongly urged to accept—as the record shows many of them have done.

We come now to a moment of great gravity.

There has been a long effort to counter the official narrative we now call “Russiagate.” This effort has so far focused on the key events noted above, leaving numerous others still to be addressed. Until recently, researchers undertaking this work faced critical shortcomings, and these are to be explained. But they have achieved significant new momentum in the past several weeks, and what they have done now yields very consequential fruit. Forensic investigators, intelligence analysts, system designers, program architects, and computer scientists of long experience and strongly credentialed are now producing evidence disproving the official version of key events last year. Their work is intricate and continues at a kinetic pace as we speak. But its certain results so far are two, simply stated, and freighted with implications:

There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device. In short, it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the initial “hack,” as alleged, that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer.

Forensic investigations of documents made public two weeks prior to the July 5 leak by the person or entity known as Guccifer 2.0 show that they were fraudulent: Before Guccifer posted them they were adulterated by cutting and pasting them into a blank template that had Russian as its default language. Guccifer took responsibility on June 15 for an intrusion the DNC reported on June 14 and professed to be a WikiLeaks source—claims essential to the official narrative implicating Russia in what was soon cast as an extensive hacking operation. To put the point simply, forensic science now devastates this narrative.

This article is based on an examination of the documents these forensic experts and intelligence analysts have produced, notably the key papers written over the past several weeks, as well as detailed interviews with many of those conducting investigations and now drawing conclusions from them. Before proceeding into this material, several points bear noting.

One, there are many other allegations implicating Russians in the 2016 political process. The work I will now report upon does not purport to prove or disprove any of them. Who delivered documents to WikiLeaks? Who was responsible for the “phishing” operation penetrating John Podesta’s e-mail in March 2016? We do not know the answers to such questions. It is entirely possible, indeed, that the answers we deserve and must demand could turn out to be multiple: One thing happened in one case, another thing in another. The new work done on the mid-June and July 5 events bears upon all else in only one respect. We are now on notice: Given that we now stand face to face with very considerable cases of duplicity, it is imperative that all official accounts of these many events be subject to rigorously skeptical questioning. Do we even know that John Podesta’s e-mail was in fact “phished”? What evidence of this has been produced? Such rock-bottom questions as these must now be posed in all other cases.

Two, houses built on sand and made of cards are bound to collapse, and there can be no surprise that the one resting atop the “hack theory,” as we can call the prevailing wisdom on the DNC events, appears to be in the process of doing so. Neither is there anything far-fetched in a reversal of the truth of this magnitude. American history is replete with similar cases. The Spanish sank the Maine in Havana harbor in February 1898. Iran’s Mossadegh was a Communist. Guatemala’s Árbenz represented a Communist threat to the United States. Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh was a Soviet puppet. The Sandinistas were Communists. The truth of the Maine, a war and a revolution in between, took a century to find the light of day, whereupon the official story disintegrated. We can do better now. It is an odd sensation to live through one of these episodes, especially one as big as Russiagate. But its place atop a long line of precedents can no longer be disputed.

Three, regardless of what one may think about the investigations and conclusions I will now outline—and, as noted, these investigations continue—there is a bottom line attaching to them. We can even call it a red line. Under no circumstance can it be acceptable that the relevant authorities—the National Security Agency, the Justice Department (via the Federal Bureau of Investigation), and the Central Intelligence Agency—leave these new findings without reply. Not credibly, in any case. Forensic investigators, prominent among them people with decades’ experience at high levels in these very institutions, have put a body of evidence on a table previously left empty. Silence now, should it ensue, cannot be written down as an admission of duplicity, but it will come very close to one.

It requires no elaboration to apply the above point to the corporate media, which have been flaccidly satisfied with official explanations of the DNC matter from the start.

Qualified experts working independently of one another began to examine the DNC case immediately after the July 2016 events. Prominent among these is a group comprising former intelligence officers, almost all of whom previously occupied senior positions. Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), founded in 2003, now has 30 members, including a few associates with backgrounds in national-security fields other than intelligence. The chief researchers active on the DNC case are four: William Binney, formerly the NSA’s technical director for world geopolitical and military analysis and designer of many agency programs now in use; Kirk Wiebe, formerly a senior analyst at the NSA’s SIGINT Automation Research Center; Edward Loomis, formerly technical director in the NSA’s Office of Signal Processing; and Ray McGovern, an intelligence analyst for nearly three decades and formerly chief of the CIA’s Soviet Foreign Policy Branch. Most of these men have decades of experience in matters concerning Russian intelligence and the related technologies. This article reflects numerous interviews with all of them conducted in person, via Skype, or by telephone.

much more of setting the record straight:


Day 293.2 Whitey, Waltham, And Toady

George Webb

Streamed live 5 hours ago
Day 293.2. Whitey Bulger, Waltham Kill Team Triple Murder, Tsarnaev Murders, Todashev Murder, and the Little Known 7-ELEVEN Catch All Exemption That Makes It All Ok



The Strange World of Sandy Hook School Shooting
– The Incredible Proof it was a Government Hoax with 7 Secret Agendas

By Fiona Philips (Copyright)

There is now persuasive evidence that Sandy Hook, the deadliest school ‘shooting’ in U.S. history, was a hoax. Is it possible that the killing of 20 children and 7 adults, on December 14th 2012, did not, in fact, take place?

Astonishingly, a ‘YouTuber’ claims to have identified a man playing two ‘roles’ in Sandy Hook: one, as the ‘parent of a child allegedly killed’, and, two, as an ‘FBI SWAT team member!’ From this evidence, and a host of other strange anomalies, storylines and the bizarre behaviour of those involved in this event, a growing number of people in the alternative media are concluding that Sandy Hook was a faked event; ran as a Government drill, and presented to the public as real.

With YouTube viewings questioning Sandy hook hitting an estimated 100 million, could the alternative media have uncovered a huge conspiracy; what researcher and former State Trooper, ‘Wolfgang Halbig’ describes as an event ‘bigger than Watergate that brought down Nixon’. Could the Sandy Hook ‘shooting’, in truth, be a hoax with secret agendas?

It is important that you take time to look at the evidence presented here, because, as the author, Patricia Corrie, points out in her book: ‘No More Secrets, No More Lies’:

‘There is a power that lies in understanding the dark shadow on this planet: once you recognize all the elements that contribute to the pattern (of the shadow government’s control system), you will, by the very nature of consciousness, be altering it.

Never forget, that the mere observation of an experiment, alters the outcome (as in quantum physics). In ways you may not understand, you will cause it to mutate and eventually self-destruct’.

Let’s take a look, then, at the strange world of Sandy Hook….



So in relation to Corey’s claim, I have found this article (linked from Stefan Molyneux, he has obviously known about this for decades and is seeming to be light years ahead of me at least. It strikes me he may know things he’s not sharing in order for him to be this aware):

Psychohistory: Lloyd Demause: The Universality of Incest (Article)

Basically, incest, whereby he is moreso defining paedophilia rather than two 15 year old siblings going at each other, is given very high figures in the Western world:

He comes to a rather alarming figure of 60 percent for girls and 45 percent for boys who have been “violated” included in that figure are those that cannot remember the abuse. Since if this were to happen to children under five they would not consciously recall it.

Also included is the psychology of the perpetrator who does this so frequently because they suffer a “fear of disintegration and death” if they do not.

Even half that figure would be very disturbing!


random rambling thoughts!
To open the safe and unlock the secrets of truths, the mysteries and all of the vast myriad of hidden agendas – benevolent or not, in this reality, higher realms or cosmos itself, we need the whole combination.
NO single individual master mind, spiritual leader, advanced religious/spiritual teachings, from past or present, have all those digits – due to safety precautions alone. imo
I’m not sure the whole “divine” combination is to appear in our realm at all!

Perhaps some of those last digits are inside us, and will only be found when we have risen higher in frequency, wisdom and experiences.
Then be fully displayed from our liquid crystalline light structure/merkaba thru the newborn memory coming direct from source itself.



coooool looks like this guy can levitate for real…..

the biochemical raging roboroid superbrainwashed tv babies in police uniforms had to arrest him of course…..

after all there will be no levitating in the prison construct-its illegal apparently……hahahahaha…..

when the lightforces get enough control of the police societies-we will be able to quickly purge the criminal goonbas from the system,and re-educate others who have received dark force orchestrated training,that otherwise currently is often resultant in our peoples being assaulted,murdered,tyrannized in all sorts of ways by pseudo police…..

some day this war is going to be over…..


gordon duff-uncle gordie(highly decorated united states marine vietnam war combat veteran)-quote—–without analogies like this,the west isn’t going to begin to understand what their governments are involved in aiding this surrogate war against iran and its allies.on the part of israel and saudi arabia.and you cant mention the name saudi arabia without getting the name israel in there as well.not any more—–unquote…..


the lightforces are making excellent progress at all levels…..

absolutely 100 per cent pure genuine crystalline energine flooding the lovely star nation is the nectar wine…..





zanderboy #390854

Yes, we have been told lies & that their mission was a failure. The lies can be righted, the mission I don’t know. Most likely the planted seeds bear fruit in ways & in time beyond my understanding. It must work in tandem, to also kick in with the the celestial movements & their influences.

We now know there is more than just the physical body, he was not saved & there is life after death & I for one, that the 2nd coming is the return to Christ consciousness. ‘Dying for us’ is a cop out.


siggi #390870

“We need a 90 degree alignment with Earth and Sun on the particle and antiparticle levels to get our 180 degree alignment that will remove the improper angular rotation between our bodies, our soul bodies and higher Earth.”

So this looks like it relates to the angular distortion of the Metatronic system as mentioned by Aug Tellez, but some years before.

“zanderboy #390838 
Hi zander!
The karma views I shared was as I can remember, based on removal of old Karma.
Meaning we started from that time with a blank sheet. (Personally have to dwell more on the subject (or not) before saying anything, I think.



Jim Stone

This is not fake news: Australian military only accepting female recruits

Someone in Australia made the decision that the armed forces should be staffed equally by women. So all recruiting officers have been given orders to accept only female applicants unless there is a specific request for men, and at one recruiting station, only 1 in 18 current openings for the Navy is available for a man, and the air force has none at all. This has been made mandatory in the Australian Army, Air force and Navy. This is not a hoax, see this


They know the U.S. media is bs, and basically said the following: If you attack North Korea first, we will defend them to whatever extent it takes. If they attack you first, we’ll wait and see how we feel about that . . . . .
So it looks like my Guam reports pretty much nailed it, China is not going to eat bananas while watching CNN. And we might get to see how good China is at discovering false flags


intruth #390883

Hi Intruth, so this also goes along with Simon Parkes’ assessment prior to China making a decision.


Lisa M Harrison w’ John Lamb Lash Part 1

Put together from different Gnostic texts, mainly those of Nag Hammadi.
Lash tells us these have been THE most suppressed writings in all of history.

DNA genetic filaments or plasms emanating from the galactic core where the Aeons reside, spread the seeds of the Aeon Sophia & her counterpart created Anthropos, where they did not survive but were able to nest in the Orion nebula, having been unbalanced by original over endowment. Sophia in her empathy descended into the realm of matter which brought about the Trimorphic system (Man to be raised under the influence of the Sun, Moon & Earth). This world system came about through a series of anomalies – her fall, which resulted in the ‘generation of the Archons’, a type of abortion with big head & spindly limbs (the Greys) & a secondary creation of the Draconae (Reptilian). The Archons are ET cyborgs & non human.

Caught in the spiral vortex of the galactic arms, Sophia starts to take on mass, starts to become adulterated & Sophia dreamed herself into, morphed into the planet Earth. It is Sophia’s emotions that transformed into the physical world. In this dream she is surrounded by these Archons who have no habitat. (Google the genesis of Acari insects). So she gave them a flash of herself which resulted in the ‘creation’ by the Archons of the planetary system, excluding the Sun, Moon & Earth. So it is an inorganic system, principally the five planets of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn & Jupiter. In the Gnostic fragments it describes the head or Lord Archon as Yaldaboath as being sightless, meaning it sees by radio waves to the boundaries of the solar system which Sophia generously allowed him to believe he created, i.e. their habitat.

Captured within the system is the planet Earth, which imbued with Sophia attracts filaments from Orion & Anthropos.10 seeds as our human race. The Archons became envious (much more dangerous than jealous) & the Reptilian overlord Yaldaboath did not keep to his boundaries – two reasons for the problem we have of Archontic infestation.

We have been designed to have an imagination to be able to accept & understand her story. We have been designed to interact with Nature, her body.

Sophia corrected herself in 2011 by reconnecting with the galactic core when a series of loud unexplainable noises were heard over several hours, leading to true galactic planetary alignment, which took place with Jupiter’s help, through which her male counterpart Phthalate works.

Our participation is necessary & their defeat by us even foretold in the texts.


RMR: Special Guest – Jim Willie (08/10/2017)


August 10th: topics covered include stupidity behind USGovt sanctions against German companies and likely backfire as Berlin turns closer to the Kremlin, the failure of the entire Arab Spring movements with resultant killed Petro-Dollar backfire, the Qatar nettlesome issue with the Iran Gas Pipeline tied to their extensive roots to Europe and Russia, the Chinese usage of the ARAMCO stock IPO offering as leverage to buy Saudi oil in RMB terms, the Deep State failure which will earn US isolation as the USGovt desperados sanction the entire globe (while US Elite identified for multi-faceted genocide), the factors leading to the New Scheiss Dollar with massive impact when the King Dollar loses its global currency reserve (price inflation, supply shortage, social disorder)


Jim Willie


July 29th: topics covered include USDollar fake corrupt support with QE, the coming dual universe of USD vs RMB in coexistence (which cannot be stopped), the coming IMF control of the International Dollar from Chinese offices, the global currency reserve risk of loss, the USFed bloated balance sheet at $4.5 trillion in toxic assets, the weak areas in the USEconomy in cars & pensions & energy sector, the Saudi-Qatar conflict as hint of Petro-Dollar fracture with late stage demise, the potential for Chinese oil purchases from Saudi but paid in RMB terms with powerful effect, the New Scheiss Dollar factors at work, the Trump America First reality with no progress on re-industrialization of the United States


zanderboy #390884

Yes and I’m glad China made the right decision and decided not to ‘allow’ us go to war with them getting part of the ‘spoils’.


I’m going to talk to Simon about some of John Lash’s broader strokes in an attempt for more clarification


aneeson #390793
#390788 ,

>>Hi Siggi,

Thanks for you very informative reply. I do take your point about ‘intention’ being the most important aspect.

That said, I am still questioning (in my own mind), the aspect of ‘joining in’ to a group, whether it be for meditation or indeed say group worship as in a mass or Eucharistic service.<<
Alan: I find the whole of your thought here very interesting and useful.

When I am talking about FTHGAC … I am referring to the power of INTENTION… of WHERE one is SOURCING one's intent…

I don't think it's a matter of group vs no group… it's both/and.. ..

We are each creating from our individual consciousnesses.. and have responsibility for our creation (Karma?). So it's really important to be consciously choiceful about our thoughts and actions.. and choose the truth that resonates best with each of us individually. AND.. we are not one per planet here… we are part of group creations "par tous n'est pas?" .. ie group creations all over the place.

So… one one's own or as part of/supporting a group: WHAT is ONE's INTENT?… and For The Highest Good of ALL Concerned is a way of pitching one's intent to the HIghest and BEST…

So.. I think you.. and any one of us who feels moved to do an individual intention process/meditation for WELL BE ING for us ALL… on Eclipse Day or any day.. minute.. second… is contributing in the best way that works for you to help bring about what we all deep in our hearts yearn for, for ourselves and our loved ones

I agree, Alan, with what you say about Religions usually being a way to miss-direct us from the POWER and MAGESTY of who we truly are… for me that part of INTENT is: are you acting as a creator or a follower? I see that theme played out in responses to news items here in the CAFE (and in me and in my friends and neighbors) all the time. … Looking to find out "what is happening" as opposed to seeing "what we are all manifesting together"

Per the "manifesting together" part:

David Wilcock's Disclosure Show interviews of Rupert Sheldrake have me leaning into Rupert's research/work/theorizing… that we are all "joined in" Morphic Fields that organize our reality… ie it's not a matter of being separate.. but rather which "field of consciousness" and creativity one wants to play in.

Here's the TED Talk Rupert gave … that they then banned…

Here is a a talk he gave earlier this year
The standard assumption is that minds are located inside heads. But many mental phenomena, including vision, suggest that minds are far more extensive than brains. There is now a large body of experimental evidence for the reality of the sense of being stared at, namely the ability to detect unseen gazes. There is also evidence for the effects of intention at a distance through telephone telepathy, the phenomenon of thinking of somebody just before they call, or knowing who is calling before looking at the caller ID or answering the phone. New evidence also suggests that joint attention can be detected at a distance. Such phenomena make sense if we think of minds as more like extended fields than as processes confined to brains.

January 10th, 2017, Goldsmiths College University of London, Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit

and his website:


Here is the research on the power of group meditation that the TM folks did in which 7000 people meditated daily for 3 weeks.
During those 3 weeks, police calls and emergency room visits went down in major cities by 72%!
When the project ended, the statistics went back up to their usual levels.

AND… last but not-at-all least:

Here is my updated website.. with more research links at the way down bottom
….. amplified guidelines about how to DO such a meditation and a cupla daily ones to support.. the first of which was created by me and my contacts.. nor other groupie cultie thing to it.

…. and info about the ECLIPSE DAY COBRA COREY GOOD ET AL WORLD WIDE MEDITATION for those so inclined:

tail wagg to all y’all FTHGAC 😉


siggi #390872

Special tail wagg for you siggi!

I’ve been prancing about with “other stuff” the past few days.
AND my o my… even if fewer comments.. such rich comments since I was off doing my “pranceries”… will take me the rest of the weekend just to catch up!

So… Lite… litey lite lite… FTHGAC (of course 😉 ) to all y’all and all talked about .. reported about … worried about … hoped for: “Up in Here” .
… and ALL doing the talking, reporting, worrying, hoping…
… and all those we connect to.. love (hate, try to ignore, are challenged by, etc)
… and all else on, in, above this little orb.. and throughout this Cosmic Creation of Ours.


wolfintimber #390880

Wolfi: You GO GUY! tail wagg 😉


Not Waiting to Try This Case – You Are a Juror Today in Carter v US

George Webb

Streamed live 42 minutes ago

Logical Song, Roger Hodgson 2016 Breakfast in America Tour (Roger left Supertramp in 1983)
He wrote this in his teens

Excerpt from lyrics:
“Oh Yeah – alright – here we go again!
Hey Hey – woh woh – nah nah – hey hey hey

“Oh give little bit, oh give a little bit
of your love to me.

I’ll give a little bit , I’ll give a little bit
of my love to you”
There so much that we need to share…..

so send a smile and show you care”

“This is the time we need to share
so find yourself..
we’re on our way back home..”
Hi littledog!
…and you just did littledog 🙂 – thanks so much for that.
Sometimes ( many times! he he) – a simple smile, a hug, a nice reply, shared love.. proceed deeper truths and in of itself hold the greatest and most beautiful value.
Big hug to big hearted littledog!



I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

I do not feel superior to anyone here. We all contribute what we can when we can. Everyone has their own set of challenges and struggles.

One of my areas of research is the ancient texts. I glean what resonates with me and teach it to my yoga classes. I think the translations and cultural filters have warped this ancient wisdom, but it is still there for us to learn to evolve our consciousness. I saw from your comments on your struggles with additions, and health issues that it might help you with those issues.

I’m also interested in physics, economics, and our political situation, and contribute what I can on those issues. My immediate challenges with my family impinge on the time I have to comment. Those struggles include serious addictions and other health mental health issues with my daughter (she is doing really well right now and helping out with her dad), my husband’s recent 3 week hospitalization from taking too much medication for his PD secretly (another serious dopamine addiction). He is choosing to wind down his time on earth now, and since we live in the US, not a country with single payer health insurance, the system here is still to confiscate most of the financial resources from a family before long term care kicks in. The average cost of long-term care in the US is over $82,000/year and the insurance for that is not covered by the government health care unless you are indigent. If you are not already indigent, you will soon become indigent. Long-term care insurance is extremely expensive if you are already sick and only lasts for a short time.

We have been together for nearly 50 years and where he is right now, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically is heartbreaking to me and to my daughter. It saps my energy emotionally.

I dip in and out of the blog as I have time to, since I am also trying to support us and my 11 year old grandson at an age where I should be retired.

I feel superior to no one, and I know you struggle with some of the same issues my loved ones struggle with, and Caleb struggled with. My heart goes out to you as it did to Caleb.


carolm #390897
Hi Carolm!
God bless you Carolm for all you do!
Sending my support and heartfelt love and healing energy to you and your whole family


zanderboy #390882
zander – thanks for that, very interesting…, you know how I hate to share these little simple things.., just made an exception this time……


Littledogg #390891

Hi Littledogg,

Thank you too for explaining that so well. In truth we are all part of each other so from that perspective alone, we MUST be all members of THE HUMANITY GROUP!

Taken from that POV, any meditation FTHGAC cannot be usurped and we are back to INTENTION again. So it has helped me to understand the dynamics of it all and I have earmarked 6:25 am New Zealand time on 22nd August for my contribution. That is the mid-point and maximum for the solar eclipse ( it actually lasts from about 3:15am – 9:15am NZ time – we are ahead of the various USA time zones hence 22 August and not 21st.).

Much love.



 #390893

wolfintimber #390880

Wolfi: You GO GUY! tail wagg

thanks littledog…..

you are a massively positive force on the earths surface…..

thank you so much for your strength and courage to emit such a high quotient of light to this construct…..

this construct can sure use it…..hahahahaha…..





Sending you love, peace and healing energy for you and your family. You are a strong wonderful woman.

Love and light,



Martin Armstrong Warns, Australia Is “Crossing The Line Into A Totalitarian State”

Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

Behind the Curtain, there seems to be no government going completely nuts more so than Australia.

They are doubling taxes on all foreigners who own property, which is a violation of international law, and then they made it a crime for a foreign to even buy a house undisclosed.

On top of all of this insanity, then they are planning to strip consumers of their legal protections if they pay in cash and fail to get a receipt.

If an Australian pays for anything in cash, they suspect he is hiding money.

The Australian government is looking to impose penalties if a consumer pays cash and FAILS to get a receipt so they can end the underground economy.

They are expecting to change the culture by forcing consumers to ask for a fiscal receipts when paying cash for anything.

Now the Australian government has moved beyond eliminating cash, they seek to punish people who pay in cash.
This outrageous proposal is clearly exposing the Australian government as a leftist goose-stepping authoritarian regime going completely insane hunting Australians for taxes. They are even stalking children on their way to school and then check the school as to how they are being paid. This is real Hitler stuff.

That is why the Swiss created numbered accounts because Hitler made it illegal for a German to have any account outside of Germany.

This anti-free society the Australian government is establishing is just off the charts. They have set up a Black Economy Taskforce to hunt down their own citizens.

WOW. Off the charts….Aussies, can you weigh in?


DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation

Update from CAF: Dr. Skidmore and his team have now reviewed additional documentation for the Army, Air Force and updates for the DOD general fund, adding $2.6 trillion of undocumentable adjustments. The table below is updated to include these staggering amounts.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Thanks to Dr. Mark Skidmore and his graduate students we are publishing a list of the supporting documentation for undocumentable adjustments identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal 1998-2015.

Dr. Skidmore is the Director of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University and Professor and Morris Chair in State and Local Gov’t Finance and Policy.

Our gratitude for his efforts to understand and document this phenomenon is “off the charts”! We will be adding additional files and information as they find them.


CarolM, my heart goes out to you. Lately I’ve has some struggles of a much more minor nature but I’ve found success when I tell the universe what I need, what I require and that there is no need for me to suffer. I’ve done this in the past too. I’ve always gotten the safety net I required. I hope you do too.


zanderboy #390886

John Lamb Lash obliges us to completely reassess our relationship with the planet, if you have not already done so. I’m sure he must have been discussed here earlier.

I am just surprised others have not given more credibility to the Gnostic texts pointing to the Greys as being the Archons with their Reptilian overlords (specialising in miniaturisation i.e. nanobot technology).

To them it was clear, but now we hear only other explanations & justifications for what they do & that is further diffused by ‘good Greys’ from Zeta Reticuli, & how they have lost the ability to procreate (as if they ever had it imo).


The Mandela Effect is evidence of the Divine Demonic breaking through into the ordinary mind of the human species, capturing the first attention and inducing a split in the memory function of the second attention.

C-ERN stands for cognitive-erotic resonance nexus. It is a field of surface tension within the human psyche, reflected in the surface tension of the atmosphere (barometric pressure): everything is material. C-ERN is a massive non-local membrane that acts exactly like the wall of a living cell. It is porous and osmotic. The interior of the endopsychic cell when excited (read: imagination triggered, or memory cued) discharges across the membrane into the first attention: what is sensed and imagined. or recalled with emotive content, then comes to be openly noticed, discussed, described. Discharges often produce sensational effects, controversy, violent debate, raves, “all the rage,” “trending.”

Excitation of the endopsychic membrane C-ERN causes the Mandela Effect, which in turn induces complementary changes in the material medium, the envelope of barometric surface tension of the troposphere. And vice versa, activity in the barometric field can induce psychic excitation or bring attention to it, as discharges come and go, and build. The material effects of this endopsychic-atmospheric activity target the air-filled columns of the eustacian tubes, causing a form of tinnitus. Those who experience the Mandela Effect also widely report the sensation of ringing in the ears. This high-pitch signal is an audial effect of the discharge, pinging, or even shearing of the C-ERN membrane.


Night all,



Hey David and others – see my # number for that last one – 390909!!!

What a score 🙂



Al-Qaeda’s “Inspire” Magazine Targets US Commuter Trains With Homemade “Derailment Devices”

The magazine that helped the Tsarnaev brothers pull off the Boston Marathon bombing – while also purporting to teach wannabe jihadis how to “make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom” – is homing in on its next target: America’s crumbling transportation infrastructure.

“Inspire,” the Al Qaeda propaganda magazine, will dedicate its next issue to America’s passenger and commuter trains.

As we all know, the Boston Marathon bombing was an op. So it looks like there are more ‘ops’ coming up on our commuter trains thanks to the CIA/FBI . Sigh, more fake news too.


It Begins: The Blockchain Beast System Is Here


Published on Aug 12, 2017
The is one of the most important messages i have ever put out. Please share and help get the truth out there! Much Love!




Published on Aug 9, 2017
The new Chinese-created ACChain crypto currency blockchain will be the SDR-related world currency that will allow the international banking elite to digitize every tangible asset on earth, and they will then exert total control over all of it.

Lynette Zang explains:

“The goal is to capture your wealth, and when the say this is the LAST wealth transfer mechanism they mean it because they want it all. All of it.”

Intel Software designer Brad peters takes it one step further, saying:

“If a global crypto coin controlled by the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) comes to internationalize PROPERTY onto their crypto blockchain, they get their one world government and one world currency all in the same stroke. This IS your 1988 (2018 prediction) Economist magazine cover.”

Here’s the original video Lynette posted on August 8, 2017:
The Global Unit of Account is now shifting from the USD to the SDR – Lynette Zang


I’ve really got to get a handle on this crypto stuff. They want to digitize every tangible asset on earth. So what does that mean for your house/car? So they digitize the title to your house and they control it even though you may have bought and paid for it? IDK.


So, this from this post from Ben:

For sure the factions behind the Paris accord represent the moderate, non-genocidal group within the bloodline ruling structure, including the royal families of Europe. They were able to secure this accord with the help of the Asian royal bloodlines. Overall they mean well but they are simply not competent to deal with the ongoing systemic collapse of their economic system.

So we would (those here that have any intent of considering Ben seriously) assume Theresa May then is one of these non bloodline families. So her Conservative rebellion against David Cameron and everything her administration has done since then makes sense. If he was the bloodline family, she is a non bloodline deep state operative.

Between Michael Shrimpton and Benjamin Fulford then it looks like Fulfords view is the more correct:

Telegraph reports with glee:

Telegraph: Theresa May condemns ‘racism’ of Charlottesville white supremacists after Donald Trump fails to denounce them

Nice to have the circles squared!

In relation to the Charlottesville incident it was on the moon conjunct Uranus. So that transit was the protest happening and then the deep state destruction of the protest was the anti Uranus.

The interesting point about the moon transit of Uranus, is that the Solar eclipse will be trine Uranus. Perhaps this is one of the material manifestations the solar eclipse will take… More “unite the right” protests!




Published on Aug 11, 2017
Intel senior software engineer Brad Peters and Joe from the Jsnip4 Realist News you Tube channel join me to discuss my recent interview with ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang and the ACChain SDR blockchain controversy.


Phoenix: intriguing astronomical info with astrological implications.


Like the conflict in Bosnia years ago, this sham about N Korea is all about the mines and mineral wealth.


So I wrote up this eclipse stuff. There is not much there just that it is likely the US will go to war with North Korea and other general trends:

My Blog: The Hidden Battle and the Eclipse

Also, I remembered that someone else put a blog up here that I said I would read and did read but never mentioned it on here. I could not like to the post so I will re- link to the blog:


I sometimes think back to that, dreams are important!


More Coup Activities in Charlottesville , 1753

The Still Report

Published on Aug 13, 2017

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: More Coup Activities in Charlottesville , 1753
Synopsis: I grew up in Virginia. I’ve covered just about every political race in detail for decades. I’ve even covered 3 Klan cross burnings.
I printed one fuzzy picture of a cross burning, but back then (late 1970s) we didn’t have digital cameras – we only had black & white film. We could push that film to its light-gathering limit and still have only a blurry image of those cross burnings.
They really were spectacular, however. We are not talking about a cross made of 8-foot lumber from Lowes. These were crosses made from custom-sawed lumber – 30 – 40 – perhaps a 50-foot high single piece of lumber.
The atmosphere was always scary – dark – with a cloud of oppressive evil hovering over it. The Klansmen in their white sheets and pointy hats. The crowd carrying baseball bats and other home-made clubs. The air thick with cigarette and cigar smoke.
And all of it was protected by the cops. You knew not to step out of line. Heck, I was fearful to even try to photograph it.
But those days are gone. The last cross burning was somewhere between Warrenton, VA and Charlottesville around 1980 – that’s 37 years ago. That’s also the last time I’ve seen any Klansman dressed in his sheet.
Until yesterday. Why suddenly is love of one’s nation suddenly associated with a Nazi swastika? Who would do that?

And since when has that Nazi symbol been associated with the flag of the Confederacy? Who would do that? And since when is any of this to be associated with the NRA? Not in my lifetime! Real hunters would never go around waving assault rifles in threatening fashion. That’s not what the NRA is about. You know right away that this screams agent provocateur.


Phoenix … I like your page, and the choice of “Site Title” as the name of your blog is an interesting one, perhaps even inspired. If it were me, I would have chosen something like “The Phoenix Blog”, but I notoriously lack imagination and creativity, while your cup clearly runneth over.

BTW, here’s the REAL link:




Just watching this vid I posted. Wow. We got to get up to speed – according to what they are saying – it looks like they are putting the same power structure in the cryto world that we have now. Lots more investigation needed. They are trying to set up a system that would allow the current system to go on ad infinitem. Seems China has been put in charge of digitizing the SDR. Lots to learn….



Aaah. I’ve already written a new blog. So that link will put you through to that.

Here it is:

Haven’t been able to change the title. Obviously it’s worth another go!


Phoenix- checked out your blog. Fascinating astrological conclusions. The Annunaki were masters of this stuff apparently and considered that Destiny ( which was really the orbits) was set in the motion of the planets across the Zodiac. Let’s see how it unfolds.
North Korea is not what it appears. If anything happens there it will either be 1) coordinated with NK cooperation towards an endgame we don’t know or 2) A total coup for minerals with or without China’s cooperation. It will all be billed as nuclear terror and the need to free North Koreans ( who will probably benefit immensely from the liberation) There is no nuclear threat. 1- there are no nuclear weapons- new nationalist. and 2. Wilcock et al have said that the aliens will prevent any nuclear holocaust.

Charlottesville: a true protest against identity politics and a good effort to fight for the preservation of heterosexuality, but it was destined to be undermined by Soros and his minions who appeared on the extreme right even though they’re all probably solidly left to do battle with their co-conspirators. Trump saw it for what it was. Was the whole thing staged? We’ll see. I’m waiting for video commentary from TNN on it. They find the repeat actors and then the cover is blown. Some FB postings in my world are showing that many don’t believe any of this garbage anymore and are convinced that the events were either totally planned in advance or significantly manipulated by outside actors. This is a great sign.

How long will Mueller last?



Hey Carol, I only saw that post because someone liked your status.

It would be hard for me to engage with that response on such a public forum. My reaction to unpleasant events is a little different to yours, your mechanism of service is to be loving, and mine is to fight. I believe this is part of the plan of the positive forces. That some come down here with a life plan, which is to be service to others and not usually aggressive in any specific manner, but as they get thrown off their path their back up plan, metaphysically speaking is to fight and to naturally form into a heirarchical structure.

From this position, you do not let go of your tools to fight.

Think of it like this. The more ethical thing is to be very pleasant in terms of immigration on the surface, to work for integration etc. But the thing that will hurt the corporates is to stop the immigration. When working on these areas many people, more idealistic, would like to flip to the end, to taking down the banking system. But in the current system we face we cannot get there, we need to start lower down in the chain.

From this position politics becomes about power not ethics.

My latest blog has detailed what I do struggle with in the best way I can, it does not really quite capture it, but it is here it might be on your level but I don’t want to “dump” on you if you already have other problems I just wanted to offer it if it is more on your wavelength to understand things although I warn you it is quite dark even for you:

Like you imagine I grow frustrated with those that aren’t really bothered about if and when things will change. There is not much more left at the moment but hope is there? As I detail on my blog I’m starting to not be able to imagine what it feels like!

For that reason, I’m just looking forward to the eclipse. It could mean nothing but even if it is nothing big, it might be something small. It is astrological after all.

Sorry I can’t comment directly on your situation I find pleasantries like that hard. I think after all is said and done you will value your time spent with your daughter. It is said that one of the kindest ways to lose someone is through death (Martha Stout), I think this references how unpleasant it can be if someone close intentionally turns against you, and you have maintained an emotional closeness with her through that experience that many people do not have.


intruth #390922

Thanks for putting this up intruth. I came here tonight in part to post it (done already) and see if there are crypto buffs “up in here” who have input about this.

AND any crypto buffs who might be able to give private advice… in which case you could email little dogg me at littledogchat at gmail dot com .

lite to all the world’s finances and all who hope and or worry re same FTHGAC, of course


“What You Need To Know About #Charlottesville From An Unbiased Perspective”

This is a report from a gentleman who was at the event yesterday and is a really good example of balanced citizen journalism in my opinion.

AND, of course, Light FTHGAC to all involved in this event and all concerned about and or affected by it.


phoenix9061210 #390923

“Uranus is also currently in Aries, which is very much to do with directing the will powerfully. This could manifest as protest.
…….Next we move onto Saturn which further has another two manifestations. In the positive it is self control and sensible control of others… “tough love”. In the negative it is totalitarian that works for Pluto, it stops anything that is not favourable to the negative and ungrounds everyone!”<<

I am using my system from the old version of Ben's wordpress blog.. that is: I put my comments on something below the ……. line, above which is what I am referring to.

a. Phoenix.. i am just getting going again with my wordpress blog and not even putting it out to folks yet cuz of learning to use some stuff.. so lite to us both fthgac in our blogging endeavors.

b. The paragraphs on your post that refers (if I, not knowledgeble about Astrology can glean) to Uranus in Aries and then in Saturn really zinged me. Because my internal sensor is BEAMING in on WILL..during these days. …That it is a time for me personally anyway to let go of WILL FULL NESS… and focus my WILL on the purposes I am here to foster: collaboration, cooperation, neutral space for all … letting go of either positive or negative judgements of myself and others.. but simply neutrally participating in/helping to bring forward more of a world where there is space for all to BE.. without all the struggle.

But what you say about the astrological positioning and flow totally fits the tone emerging thru me at the moment.. that it is not about "nicey nicey" "be nice to each other". It is about being strong, firm, courageous.. Standing for.. Taking a Stand for what I/we resonate with as important. Including setting strong limits where needed.

So.. hmm… me.. us.. the planets.. the times.
Thanks for sharing your Astrological skill and wisdom.


Turkey has decided to end its support for the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (aka the Syrian National Coalition), which encompasses various opposition groups fighting in the Syrian conflict, the Syrian news outlet Zaman el-Vasl reported citing a source in the coalition.

According to Turkish political analyst and journalist Musa Özuğurlu, the decision to stop this support was prompted by Ankara’s unwillingness to give funds to an opposition organization “capable only of talking at press conferences and useless in combat actions on the ground.”


Attempted to log in numerous times for the past months since my pay pal cancellation. Screen would turn blank with a whiteout. Just read FAQ notice about link to re-setting password: VOILA!! I was finally able to log in – perhaps others are having the same trouble with the website…. also read suggestion not to log out!

Caleb is now gone (?) and I gather harmonious vibe has now settled over the Cafe, and his numerous one liner posts have decreased the “body” count.

Cannot imagine not being able to read the CAFE comments from all of you.
Missed you all – I certainly do not post much, but spend a lot of time reading and learning.


unesscar #390931

WELCOME back unesccar!

And thanks for taking about the tech you learned.. . maybe we’ll be “welcoming back” some more pals.

tail wagg 😉


FFFFiiiirrrrrst! #1 Hahahaha!

Oh, wait…


Another crop circle prophesizes talks about the eclipse! On August 5th (my birthday yippee!)

This one is really very complex. It is one that feels likely to be extra terrestrial because there are so many different angles to look at it:

Crop Circle Connector: The Rollright Stones, Nr Little Compton, Oxfordshire. Reported 5th August.

First a small bundle of wheat has been laid outward, then another small bundle of wheat has been laid inward, then outward, then inward again, for approximately 55 times as we proceed around the centre of this new crop picture, and with the precise shape of an eight-sided “octagon”. Might such a feature be intended to match the 56 “Aubrey holes”, once used to predict eclipses at Stonehenge? 

We cannot know for sure, but until we actually see some “men with rope and boards” construct a highly-detailed motif such as this in the dead of night, while working quickly to avoid detection, and not leaving any noticeable traces of human activity behind afterward (such as broken plants in the nearby tramlines), then we should not believe any trivial or unlikely explanations for what has been observed here.  


Confused. Shouldn’t it be coming a new(old) report by now?
Or will we be on this until next week!


So I’ve slept for like… 3 hours. Perhaps I can go for a 17:00 nap and get up and there will be a new post.


Wow there aren’t like 700 posts on here anymore at the end of a cycle now that Caleb Cabbagehead is gone. The board is clean with relevant posts.


siggi #390935

mozart #390933
FFFFiiiirrrrrst! #1 Hahahaha!

Well… we’re all sitting here around the kitchen table waiting for the morning coffee to be served up… and now it’s “past noon” and… where is it? eh!

Our coffee brewer is “just back from vacation” (vacation on the other side of the planet..)
So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised he’s having a slo start to his morning!

Ben… lite to ya.. fthgac… ‘Hope your “va ca” was “fab”… and take all the time you need.
We’ve all “been there”, huh?
tail wagg all 😉


I’m One too!
Sitting with a feeling that Ben is “fighting” with a wild beast of a Canadian Salmon.
Ben – hope it’s not an old tree root….


I stayed up late last night putting this together. I don’t usually do that so I am supposing that it must have been important for someone. And after all that hard work it was blocked immediately due to the song I chose. I am attempting to file a dispute now. During this time the video will be available so I would encourage everyone to watch it while it’s still up! Light and love!

For the Starseeds 432Hz


#390937 HA HA HA HA HA!

Alex Jones is livestreaming something about North Korea and Guam. Perhaps Ben is waiting for some development.


Here is the same video ‘For the Starseeds’ but for Vimeo in case YouTube decides to pull my video again..


truthearth #390944


I just peeked at the pics along with the music… did you do those?.. did you do the music?
Whatever part you did of it THANKS.

This “old fogie” starseed joyfully pumped my bike pedals over to Walgreens and back to the beat and soul of this tune.

and it worked fine on my youtube btw.

BIG tail wagg! 😉


Batch of Goodies: Pedo Arrests/Dr. Micheal Salla Update, James Gilliland Update, Disclosures, Corey Goode on F2B and Facebook Updates, Great Progress in Syria!


Waiting for the new one!


Attn: Deester and Intruth~

Hi Ladies,

Can either/both of you kindly use your astute research skills to find out whether or not there was a driver in the Charlottesville incident?

I strongly suspect that it was driven by remote-control.

What gives me pause in this whole thing is the idea that the driver (if I’m not mistaken) was a wet-behind-the-ears, brand-new auto driver of all of 16 yrs of age.

So, this guy allegedly was able to back up FAST without slowing down uphill on several blocks of a street without winding around?

I call bullshit to that.

I want to know if anyone had been able to bust the passenger window to see if there was a goddamn human driver. I read somewhere that a window was busted, but so far, the vids show only the driver’s side and it’s not busted.

Oh, I recall seeing a pic of the car abandoned, and the passenger window was intact. Ugh. The abandoned car had a damaged front bumper, just like the car that hit the crowd.

Tinted windows, BRAND-NEW car … given to a LibTard 16-yr old kid? But if he was given that car, there’s no proof that it was HIS car that was used.

I just wish that someone had the presence of mind to immediately bust a damn window before that car had started to back up.


#390944 Greetings Truthearth, nice video! I just started following you on Vimeo. Better than any of my own, there.

” April 2017, Twitter account Victory of the Light (@Kibbitzlaw) began posting revolutionary information regarding a vast conspiracy to enslave humanity, being carried out since the fall of Babylon. One of the member of the collective behind the account is a descendant of “Wild Bill” Donovan, the founder of the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor for the Central Intelligence Agency, and became a whistleblower upon discovery of a letter from a family member, detailing said conspiracy.

In the past 4 months, VoL has been dropping truth bombs about everything from 9/11 to Satanic Pedophiles, to Reptilian Stargates, with a surprising amount of detail and clarity. To denounce skeptics, VoL provides declassified government documents and screenshots of ProtonMail exchanges with government whistleblowers.

On July 27th, 2017, VoL dumped 32 pages of emails, which were quickly wiped off of Twitter. WOKE managed to download the files before they were deleted and is uploading them here for your perusal. ”


Truthearth #390744: good video, thanksz! We’re those green Martians? 😉

This from Ken Carey, ” The Starseeds Transmissions” ;), describing THE EVENT. This is frm (I apologize as someone posted another part last month as I am not sure who.)


When the universe reaches a point of maximum expansion, a unique phenomenon will take place. There will be a moment when all laws necessary for the creative maintenance of physical matter and all materializing processes become suspended. Due to the relative velocities of the various star systems, this event will not be experienced simultaneously in all parts of the universe, but will travel as a wave across the sea of creation.

Existing within this ripple of non-time will be the focused conscious attention of the Creator. As it passes through the material realms, it will stay and take up residence in all life forms with circuitry capable of mirroring its essence. This is the moment when the Creator will slip inside Creation; the moment we are attempting to prepare you for.

This is the much misunderstood Second Coming of Christianity. It is the event that primitive civilizations have looked forward to as “the return of the gods.” The Mayans went so far as to pinpoint its actual occurrence in what you would call the year 2011 A.D. Yet while many of your traditions hint at what is about to transpire, none of them have adequately conveyed the magnitude of impact such an event will have. Indeed, no single conceptual structure is capable of conveying the enormity of what is soon to take place.

Those familiar with the scriptures of your various peoples should be in position to understand what is occurring, for these are the times spoken of. Yet you must realize that God did not invent the words used in scripture. He merely arranged them in the order most approximating His meaning.

Existing within this ripple of non-time will be the focused conscious attention of the Creator. As it passes through the material realms, it will stay and take up residence in all life forms with circuitry capable of mirroring its essence. This is the moment when the Creator will slip inside Creation; the moment we are attempting to prepare you for.

It is the much misunderstood Second Coming of Christianity. It is the event that primitive civilizations have looked forward to as “the return of the gods.” The Mayans went so far ….

Good info…

~ This should not be so difficult to understand. What you have considered to be history, or in other terms, the evolution of the species, is only what you have been able to observe through the distorted medium of a fragmented and quite subjective intelligence, trapped within the past- future orientation of linear time. From such a perspective, the act of Creation could appear as a progressive, sequential process. To the extent that you are able to identify with the spirit that gives you consciousness, however, it becomes a much simpler matter: you have yet to arrive. You are still on your way. Sitting here reading these words is only a sleepy reflection of your unconscious totality as it prepares to become fully revealed on the day of awakening.

Much too long a post to transfer it here.


Ha ha. Stillness has reproduced Bens last weeks post thinking it is this weeks, complete with the whole ‘in accordance with Bens wishes the complete post will be published on Thursday!


Another eclipse video. From Jordan Sather. Who is apparently going to a conference called ‘The disclosure eclipse’. I hope they have an astrologer there! I have never heard Jordan even mention one planet.

What Jordan intuitively says here though is on point. The eclipse is conjunct 4 degrees the transiting North Node, which is to do with our collective future.

Youtube: Destroying the Illusion: Using the Eclipse to Collectively Put Humanity on the Ideal Path


This is a comment from CAT audience.

“This will sound crazy, but my “clairscent” faculties are going berzerk today. I’m “smelling” air from the New Earth… and it’s incredible. Truly. So easy to breathe and invigorating. Here’s something on clairscent (not to be confused with clairsentience):

Look for these abilities in yourselves. They should be starting to bloom right about now.

As they say “more Light to all you CATS out there”. 😉


belle3 #390951

>>Existing within this ripple of non-time will be the focused conscious attention of the Creator. As it passes through the material realms, it will stay and take up residence in all life forms with circuitry capable of mirroring its essence. This is the moment when the Creator will slip inside Creation; the moment we are attempting to prepare you for.<<
belle so lovely to find you here .. 😉
And so lovely to be reminded of those "other cats".. I L O V E them and 4got about them, once again.

HOWEVER… that whole that you posted and particularly that that I quoted above reminds me of a view that is zing zing zinging thru me these days .. (probably via that wave rippling thru that they talk about ) . . " the Creator will slip inside Creation“…

What/who do YOU ALL think of as ” the Creator “? As for me it is soooo hard to get that old white guy with the beard and long white robes on the throne in the sky out of my head.

I/You/WE am/are ” the Creator ” in my book. Carolm did a great post earlier this week when she pointed out that we’re fractals of the whole… and the whole.. what is it? Consciousness.. or certainly generated by consciousness… so.. in the view “blastering/rocketing” into my awareness these days… I/WE are letting go of linear imperfections and both learning to CLAIM our DOMINION over all CREATION… ( cuz we’re busy creating/visioning/souping-it-up ).. and FASHION the BEST CREATION for ALL.. cuz .. why not?… there is no individual old white guy CREATOR outside or inside of it all… unless we have fashioned him as part of what we’ve fashioned-up in this video-game.. process we’ve invented to play in and learn in.

But, if we “fashioned up” a “Creator” who is more powerful than us… and can be outside or come inside of creation… how dumb of us.. to make something more powerful than ourselves and then be waiting for that “something”… and trying to “line up” with that “something”.. be “ready for that something” … please “that something”…… etc.

Talk about giving your power away… geez.


Want to slowly drift away from my gmail. Is there people in here who can recommend another email – more safe freed from heavy censoring?
Tired of the good stuff sent to spam, unable to sign up to groups, no automatic update service. To mention a few.
Just tired!


#390956 siggi

Hi Siggi … I’ve been on Gmail for some years now, and haven’t seen any problems. How is your email censored? I haven’t seen any of the issues you mentioned.


lakewinds #390957
Hi lakewinds!
So it feels anyway!
I have more and more trouble to access links/invitations to spiritual communities.
Then I’ve not able to re direct those emails in spam to my in box, next day it’s back to spam. All the emails from these groups + most updates goes there Hmm. That is 10 spiritual groups I’m a member of.
Then they give no notice for other subscribed updates either – only two Natural news, Info wars, but I have at least 15 – 20.. Were are they?? Nothing from Promise reveal, Nothing from David Wilcock, and a bunch of others.
Going on for years


siggi … I’ve set up a bunch of filters over the years, an easy job in gmail. Every domain you find in spam can be set up in a filter and “never send to spam” selected.

I have subscribed to Infowars for at least 8 years, but filtered it to Trash after a few days. I just looked, and all the recent dailies are there, unread and in the trash.

If you just stay on top of your Spam messages, you can probably filter your way to perfection.


Hi littledog #390951: Thanks for nice response! So glad in gleaning ken Carey’s book has something you resonated with…agreeing with CarolM about we are fractals (also as Caleb stated). I do miss his sage words, but not his emotional lack of empathy. We will get through this also,

Yes, I get logged out and then have to find the password….ugh! And also caring for two furry friends w/cancer. First I went through denial and then started for searc of treatment, (but always will use vets advice also). All advice is welcome here.

Did Decide on mushrooms therapy. One furry is thriving and healing; still waiting for tumor shrinkage in other. Esophageal tumors are tough if inoperable as healing takes time depending on condition. But have cleared / freed up time to be with and take care of all. Too much FUN, (needed this respite and laughter). This is a momentous healing – still believe and trust and faith in little miracles.

“Dancing the divine dance of waves and frequencies.”

Enjoying all your contributions here, FTHGOA as it needs to be said more often to all of us. Thank you littledogg.

Still streaming the love light.


lakewinds #390959
Hi lakewinds!
Thanks for advanced advice. Am no data geek…. – you probably right.
Have two computer friends both working in the IT sector, so I usually ask them.
They have not helped me with this..
Perhaps change friends….. he he


This vid needs to go viral, big-time.

It’s the truth of what really happened in Charlottesville, spoken by true-blood Patriot militia.


siggi #390956

Have you tried the “Not Spam” link for email wrongly in there?
A friend’s emails were going to Spam… i used the “Not Spam” link to send them to Inbox a cupla times and I think they’re all getting to the InBox now.


litttledogg #390963
Thanks littledog – this I’ve tried numerous times.
What’s funny is those I’ve ORDER to spam, don’t comply….Being an agent an all he ha


belle3 #390960

O Belle… it’s cats all the way at the moment, eh? 😉
Light litey lite to both your furry sweeties.. fthgac.. of course .
You remind me of the sweetness of JuJu.. life is all about my sweetie greyhound JuJu when she was ill at exactly this time 2 yr ago.. and all y’all “up in here” really helped w treatment suggestions… one of which was CannaPet dot com the CBD part of “weed” that we ended up calling “doggie weed”… she went from screeching in pain.. worrying the whole neighborhood to trotting down the street and being the “wonder dog” of the neighborhood. Don’t know if pain is part of the deal w either one.. but there’s a waaaay better than vet scripts idea if so.

And the mushrooms.. how do you dose the kitties w them?
I take Host Defense capsules daily for me.. swear by em.. didn,t know there’s a way to dose kitties w mushrooms.


siggi #390964

We all knew you were a “special fella” siggi 😉



cked your blog.. will ck the long chuck-a-bluck post.. thanks

What version of wordpress are you using?

my 2016 doesn’t let me put all those links under the banner heading picture. I would love to have a line of pages like you have there as I create them.