US military cracking down on hooligans for hire in US

The recent staged demonstrations and violent incidents carried out by paid hooligans in places like Charlottesville have prompted a crack-down on Khazarian mafia agents who are paying for these incidents, Pentagon sources say. The US is now, beyond any doubt, run by a temporary military regime which intends to clean up the Khazarian gangster corruption that has destroyed the United States. Once this is done the military will return to their barracks the sources say.

A very clear indication of how degenerate the US political world has become was seen in the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month. A White Dragon Society member was there to witness what really happened as opposed to what the corporate propaganda media lied about.

According to the corporate media reports, a “racist, hate-mongering white supremacist” crashed a van into peaceful left-wing protestors, killed an innocent young woman, and injured many others. This was followed by a well-oiled corporate media campaign to force US President Donald Trump to denounce the “KKK, white supremacists, and hate-mongers,” who they claim staged violent demonstrations in Charlottesville.

However, what the WDS source who was there actually witnessed was a very different story. The right-wing groups (this writer is not endorsing their views but does support their constitutional right to express them peacefully) applied for, and received, a permit to demonstrate against the planned removal of a statue of Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee. Once the demonstrators arrived, they were herded by the police towards a gauntlet of “left-wing” protestors who pelted them with used tampons, used condoms, flame throwers, feces and acid among other things. One of the right-wing speakers was permanently blinded by acid thrown at him, something the corporate media failed to mention, according to this source.

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cheers dogg


Congratulations, littledogg … you get this week’s GRAND PRIZE!


Hey littledog you’re number #1!!!!!!

I’m joining with the medication today!! Positive thoughts for the highest good of all!


4 half of 8??


4 minutes from the apex of eclipse – today as fog happens, but any reason for celebrating. Here’s hoping when the eclipse ends the world will be more enlightened. It’s all fluid.

Where’s my cloud glasses? 😉


#391265 lucybeann
I’m joining with the medication today!!

Hey, me too! What kind of medication will YOU be on?


eight is great!


I’m confused.

“and earlier the USS Donald Cook (Donald Duck=sitting duck) being disabled in the Baltic sea. In other words, the Khazarians are once again advertising that they have the technical ability to disrupt the US militaries’ electronics.”

It was a russian mig that buzzed the cook, so are saying the russians are part of the khazarian mafia?


10 once I finally got logged in. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week and make the most of the eclipse.


Thank you, Ben! 11!




12 and glad these idiots are finally getting rounded up


I think it interesting that the name of the disabled destroyer was the USS John McCain and if that’s not a clear mesage I don’t know what is. The Khibiny electronics system that the Russians have is rumored to be capable of doing this.


15 today 🙂


Hey Little Dog U DID IT NUMBER 1 lol That’s not bad when Ben made the post in the middle of the day Lol See I have a sense of humor and hey azure, still waiting on your fairy tale RV LMAOOOooooooo


Shoosh wrote:
It was a russian mig that buzzed the cook, so are saying the russians are part of the khazarian mafia?
That is correct to my knowledge as well. They used the Keshe reactor technology to FUBAR the electronics on the Donald Cook.


Ben didn’t mention the eclipse… interesting. The Chemtrailing was so heavy in NJ the skies look like crap.. but the power will never be lost in it… 😉


Welcome back? Don’t know yet. Watching the eclipse on cable tv. Ok. So it’s the moon coming between the sun and earth. So what’s going on on the other side of moon facing the sun? Do we want to know? Do we need to know?

Ok. Back to reading the report.

Malama pono,



Best report in a while. We are smiling broadly!


“There is also a lot of top secret diplomacy going on between North Korea and Canada, acting as proxies for Eastern and Western secret societies, to discuss the possibility of Canada taking over the functions of the bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Of course, senior Khazarian Mafiosi in Canada like the Bronfman family will be asked not to interfere or get involved.” Can’t really see this as a scenario. The US people would not take kindly to being bossed around by a country they know very little about (and the corporate government has tried to destabilize repeatedly through various psy-ops like the Quebec crisis and the Antifa emergence here), despite sharing a common border.


391268, don’t think 391265 caught your comment. Cute. You just have to recheck your final comments. Tech just enjoys doing it their way. Especially when I use my olrlo (ole love)(olelo). See what I mean? Be sure to make the correct selection on your iPhone for one, to be correct.

Eclipse report now in Charleston, SC.

Malama pono,



#391280 Momi
So what’s going on on the other side of moon facing the sun?

The aliens who man the moon bases are all out sunbathing, because it’s a beautiful, cloudless day.


The sunlight is definitely diminished at this hour, here in Philly. It’s the middle of the partial eclipse. It’s partly cloudy, anyway; and I’m craving a nap.

I was sleepless all weekend at the Philadelphia Folk Festival despite always turning in at midnight; bagpipe bacchanals at 4:30 AM around me. Saturday evening, during the topless footrace, I pointed out the massive chemtrails in the sky. No one in the campground around me knew what a chemtrail was. As far as they were concerned, the bands in the sky were just everyday clouds, and I was a kook to suggest they originated out of the back of a jet. I told them to please keep a better observation on the doings in the sky.


Charleston, SC is the last US state to experience viewing the eclipse.

In Hawai’i, the sun is shining in all its glory.

Have a good bone(one). Blame the eclipse.

Malama pono,



Thank Benjamin good day to you and all your friends


You know, last week I thought Ben was deliberately misdirecting and the US was going to secretly invade North Korea today, but I kept quiet about it!

Lol, as though me talking about it would have made any difference.

Good stuff! Boston had their protest and 4000 anti fa turned up and a couple of dozen of the right. Definitely the spirit of the right is “broken” as regards to protest.

Are these people going to publicly go to jail?


Hi Café,

I hope that all those of you who decided to meditate for Gaia were successful. Alexis and I were really happy to have participated in our own way and sent the energy to both Gaia and the universe at large for true prosperity and peace to all creation.



Two niner


thank you all who meditated on this auspicious powerful day of the light…..

a special thanks to karee and all the inner earth brothers and sisters of the light who also united and meditated with the earth surface population…..

and all others of the confederation of lightforces…..our big big brothers and sisters of the galactic central civilizations etc…..

victory of the light to the light for the light in the light sacred light…..


144000 lightworkers marching through the sanai desert…..



samaritans gazed in wonderment as they came into sight…..

lightworkers marching through the desert on a spiritual plight…..

deep in the sanai on a scorching day…..

and delivering messages as they make their way…..

the rainbow warriors sent on a mission…..

to rid the oldworld of the unrest and the aberration…..

refreshing the ancient tribes as they take their stand…..

stepping closer each day to the promised land…..


its the rainbow warriors marching…..

hard and fast and tough…..

tailor made in design for living in the rough…..

its the rainbow warriors marching…..

smooth and coooool and lean…..

moving through the oasis like some most beautiful dream…..

blood and sweat and tears of glory…..

revelations in an untold story…..

just what is ahead…..

with a finer look may be read…..

a spiritual leaders visions…..

and prophesy driven decisions…..

communion in a place…..

of love and lights finest grace…..



A big event on Monday August 21 at 10:20AM Pacific time is the full solar eclipse, that can be seen across the USA in a narrow band. Many people will be taking pictures of it, later looking for the brown dwarf star (BDS) and it’s planets and moons, since the BDS is supposetly behind the sun, getting ready to come around where everyone will see it.

A lot of people will be meditating for Humanity’s freedom right after the eclipse. I suggest everyone do the same and if a lot of people do so it will have an effect as it had on other times. We need to find a way of getting the Illuminati and those negative ETs behind them out of power and change our negative ways. Most want love and peace with a bright future.

Check out Earth Ex on August 23, even though planet X is not mentioned it is all about preparing for the coming BDS. They call it Black Sky event as the BDS is to be kept secret. Please get a soul report to help me continue my work, I have one of the lowest prices for spiritual services on the internet. Your soul is the real you, your soul lives forever, while the body is temporary.


Overcast today


So peaceful, without Caleb.

ANTIFA MANUAL FOUND On Evergreen College Campus: Shut Down Their Rallies…Force The Media To Show Our Side As The Righteous One
Is this for real or a plant/ruse?


I agree with Food2, best report in a while and there are events in the surface world that corroborate it. Seems like the military are tightening the noose around the Parasite Guild and it doesn’t get better than that for now. I’m not so sure that all the Jews are ready or want liberation, maybe some of the ones in Israel itself, but the stateside gang has clearly enjoyed controlling everything. I’m wondering if the impending meltdown of this global network is fueling the Hasidim/Reform war.


easy to see here that their is much staging going on…..

paid actors and agents as an attempt by the the dark heartless ones to divide and conquer…..

the peoples are waking up…..

just a coincidence of course(not) that similar type events have been happening in recent days in other cities of the earths surface…..

these tactics will be less and less effective for the dark cabal each day now…..

des agent provocateur…..chez nous allon…..etre la lumiere pour savois vive…..



unity meditation preliminary report…..

We have reached the critical mass!

I will release a full report in a few days, and it will contain very good news.

Victory of the Light!—–unquote…..


Well, here’s something interesting:

Fake Russian EW attack unmasked

According to a detailed post-mortem released this week, the alleged April 2014 “electronic bomb” attack by a Russian fighter aircraft on the Aegis-class destroyer USS Donald Cook was a hoax. The Digital Forensic Research Lab, an arm of the Washington-based Atlantic Council, unmasked the apparent deception as part of a Russian information warfare campaign.

At issue in the days after the incident in the Black Sea were unsubstantiated claims in Russia print and social media that a Su-24 aircraft “equipped with the latest electronic warfare complex, Khibiny,” had managed to jam and shut down the Cook’s radars along with other electronic systems. Among other findings, the researchers discovered that the Khibiny is not installed on Russian Su-24 aircraft.

According to no less than the manufacturer of the Russian EW system, known as the Concern of Radio-Electronic Technology, which is part of state enterprise Rostech, the system is only installed on Su-30, Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft.

So, what this says is that the widely reported (but not in mainstream media) Donald Cook incident was a hoax, by the Russians. I’m thinking that is in itself disinformation, because I’ve had conversations with a couple of people in the Navy, and they think it happened. And they both said that we’ve developed countermeasures, which I also doubt.

And as to the role, if any, of the Khibiny technology, if it exists, in the two recent collisions between our fancy warships and considerably less fancy commercial transport ships, that is unknown at this time.


William Tompkins (SSP Whistleblower) Has Passed Away Today – August 21, 2017



deester #391282

deester: Ben keeps suggesting this and you keep shooting it down and I’m with YOU on this one.


kuuleimomi #391283

Momi: if you select and copy the name of the poster and the # of the comment and then past it as your reference in your comment (as I have done with yours above) the number becomes a link and us readers can hover over it and see the comment you are referring to without scrolling or hunting.

Try it with your comment noted above.

AND… Momi: what is your court case about. I am pleased you are making progress but i don’t know (or forgot.. “forgive, 70-something brain”… what the case is about.

tail wagg


waldheim2 #391285
>>No one in the campground around me knew what a chemtrail was. As far as they were concerned, the bands in the sky were just everyday clouds, and I was a kook to suggest they originated out of the back of a jet. I told them to please keep a better observation on the doings in the sky.<<

O dear. Same mugglewry up here in Boston area day by day .. .discouraging. ;-(


O my.. I’m posting comment after comment in a little string.

Channeling Caleb! 😉


the wordpress software botched the comment. Deleted it.



Ha ha ha. I saw someone say randomly on Stillness in the Storm facebook that he hated Bens Canada ruling the US idea and that people won’t accept it. Never seen Ben mentioned there before or since:

WDS versus the Homer Simpsons of the world!


Back to the mystery of the ship collision, Jim Stone has a definite speculative conclusion:


The latest destroyer collision has an anomaly that proves it was done on purpose. There are 3 possibilities as to how it was accomplished:

1. Possibility 1: A foreign government has a hack on GPS and the guidance systems, as well as the surveillance electronics on U.S. Navy ships, and is both confusing the GPS and rendering the surveillance systems on the American ships useless, and then directing the collisions via remote.

2. Possibility 2: The Navy is testing a cloaking system, and is allowing the collisions to happen, to prove it works.

3. (Most probable) – Traitors in the U.S. government are working with enemy foreign governments to make the collisions happen on purpose.

One of the above is happening, and the photo below proves it. Notice how the damage is perfectly symmetrical. This can only happen if the American ship was completely stationary, not moving at all, and waiting for the collision to happen. This would be done by treasonous Commander Common Core, who can’t do the calculus required to set the speed and heading of the ship to ensure a collision while both ships are moving. If the American ship was moving when this happened, the gash would not perfectly match the ship that hit it.

That photo and more at the standard, yet ever-changing, Jim Stone link:


aneeson #391289

Thanks Alan.

I was with my son who’s challenged w mental illness and knows nothing about all this.
HOW E V E R… he cracked more jokes than may be evah in his life.. and we even ripped em back and forth at each other uproarously.. I didn’t associate that with the “vibe” from all the mediations til responding to your comment Alan.

AND.. we smoked fish on the grill as the atmosphere.. up here on the edge of the Eclipse’s path got eeerier and eeerier. I turned on CBSN live tv coverage of it on my phone . during our East Coastal 2 minutes and did my meditation and beamed it (FTHGAC, of course 😉 ) to all doing the same all over our dear little orb.

How about the rest of y’all?

PS.. note to our f a b blog master: I L O V E being able to click and edit these comments.. so much easier, n’est pas?


phoenix9061210 #39 1301" class="ucm-comment-id">39 1301

>>William Tompkins (SSP Whistleblower) Has Passed Away Today – August 21, 2017

I just told Momi that you can just click on the comment number to see what it is but i HAD to past this one.. tx for letting us know phoenix.

I am as I type sending light blessings FTHGAC to William�39 ;s soul and all of us.. his close f2f folks and all the rest of us.

I hope this is him leaving cuz it�39 ;s his time.. not that the lizzy-pups are involved.
Either way.
You did us all such good service.
May we live up to your example.

droopy tail. ;-(


Vermithrax #391296 Already boycotting Starbucks. When they said they were going to hire veterans, then reneged and said they would hire thousands of refugees, that is when they lost my support. Lots of veterans are hurting and they should be vetting these refugees to make sure they will fit into North American society and allowing only the amount that society can handle. (On a different note, I am amazed that Montreal is a sanctuary city – they are rightly proud of their French heritage.) There are piles of Canadians hurting for jobs right now and Trudeau twittering that everyone is welcome in Canada and there is no Canadian identity makes me want to throw up. They are flooding into Canada from the US.

Excerpt: Starbucks Corp.’s vow to hire thousands of refugees after President Donald Trump’s first executive order that temporarily banned travel from seven mostly-Muslim nations appears to be hurting customer sentiment of the coffee chain.

Trump supporters have used Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to call for a boycott since Jan. 29, when Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz vowed to hire 10,000 refugees over five years in the countries where it does business.

More on site.


prime minister Justin Trudeau and his thoughts that Canada has no core identity – tell that to our Native population, the Metis, the French Canadians and all of the people who dress in the garb from their native country, or their parents’ or grandparents’ or whatever and celebrate on Heritage Day. My husband’s paternal side is French Canadian and goes back to 1669. He dances like a meat puppet to his globalist handlers (and this when Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation this year).

Excerpt: Late last year, Justin Trudeau told the New York Times that Canada is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a “pan-cultural heritage”.

“There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Trudeau said, concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”

Even the New York Times called the suggestion “radical.”

More on site.


If I could pay with Master Card I would subscribe again. I was cut off before and no one knew why.


Project Paperclip/Nazis Working with Negative ETs/Galactic Slave Trade Disclosure in Star Trek Enterprise


An alternative to Starbucks in the US is Black Rifle Coffee. They hire veterans and the company is owned by vets. You order the coffee and they ship it. There is always Tim Hortons, and A and W have really good coffee, as well. I don’t eat Chobani yogurt, either. Liberty is better, anyway. These company owners have the right to hire whoever they want, but I have the right to seek alternatives to their products. All foodworkers should be tested for TB. According to this article, health workers have to in CA, but people handling food should as well.


Events Exposed, Antartica, & Origins of Humanity with Clif High – Pt. 2

Sarah Westall

Published on Aug 21, 2017
Part 2: Clif HIgh rejoins the conversation to discuss more interesting topics. You can get his latest report at


litttledogg 391303:
Sorry the best I could do with copy and paste was your name. Not happdning with the comment #.

As for my case it happened in 1990 and ended in 1993, conclusion.

There were 15 individuals. I was the only one to receive a dismissal of the indictment. And why I cannot say too much about it. It’s an unpublished case meaning not to be used as case precedence in future cases.

I was caught in a civil case as well as a criminal in the same year. They were both associated. The civil was a mortgage foreclosure that should have stopped until the criminal case ended, but a writ of possession went through anyway and forced us into eviction. Only now do I realize that was why the indictment was dismissed. However, and only now does a US district judge able to guide me in the right direction which I’m now following through.

Here’s the dilemma. At the time of the dismissal, the judge of my case then had passed away the following year in 1994. Rule is when a judge passes away, his case files are sealed for five years, probate statutory time. There would have been no way for me to get more out of the cases until that time passed. Then the cases are unsealed and distributed to other judges which I believe I now have that judge to give me directions. Meanwhile, I ended up working for the judiciary from 1994 to 2011 when I retired.

I can now competently file for reconsideration on the mortgage foreclosure, but with the appellate court this time, the only court I have not addressed on the matter, to by pass getting bounced around in the district court, because statutory time expired. I have to tell you, I did do a reconsideration, but was shot down at that time. Now a federal judge has opened that door, again, and I’m going in.

I was about to give up, because of all that I had attempted to resolve. This year was different. This is the year it gets resolved. Then I’ll be free to talk about it.

BTW it was thundering somewhere else on the island. Kauai has just received flash flood warning. We’re dry out here.

Malama pono,



Congrats littledog. Enjoy!! it’s fun.

To All: I Had everything I wanted to project ready for the Eclipse and then A strange thing happend. I get called to a meeting and I don’t get to do my thing. But I FELT IT. Whatever people were doing around that time as a whole, I felt. Felt good but strange. Just wondering if anybody else expericend somthing of that nature?

Thats it, Back to your regulary scheduled program.

Thanks Ben. Was a nice feel good piece.



#391307 Phoenix

So, Phoenix, did you fly to Nashville to see that two-minute eclipse, perhaps sitting on a pee-soaked seat on a British Airways jet? (Hey, I hear they’re ALL pee-soaked.) Or did you watch it on the telly in England, like a normal person?

Where I am now I’m in the 95% occlusion zone, and about five minutes before the eclipse, a small dark cloud wandered over and fully occluded the whole damn thing. So I watched it on the telly, as we say here in Alabama.

It was good. And now, it’s over.


Dear BFC,

Sadly, I bring news that a great man has passed on. I knew him as someone truly remarkable, devoted to making a better life for us all.

I will miss Kodo. If you have been around long enough to remember him, please send your blessings to him and his grieving family.

He is a true blue friend to us all.



Thoughts for Kodo’s famiily and friends. That is sad news.



Hi Wheelie

Such sad news, Kodo was a valued member of the blog whilst he was here. Sending love and healing to his family. Thanks for letting us know.



Wheelie #391320

Hi Wheelie,

Condolences to you and to his family – Kodo will be sadly missed here in the café.

Much love,
Alexis & Alan.


Message from Montague Keen, Sunday, August 21. 2017

See it for what it is: MIND CONTROL of the masses. Fear is the Cabal’s most powerful weapon. Look at your TV and newspapers where you are constantly being bombarded by the fear of cancer, which can be prevented with Bicarbonate of Soda and even cured. They have stepped up the fear of heart attacks and strokes which are all caused by the Cabal’s chemtrails, fluoride, and the food from which all the goodness has been removed.

See it for what it is: MIND CONTROL of the masses. Fear is the Cabal’s most powerful weapon. Look at your TV and newspapers where you are constantly being bombarded by the fear of cancer, which can be prevented with Bicarbonate of Soda and even cured. They have stepped up the fear of heart attacks and strokes which are all caused by the Cabal’s chemtrails, fluoride, and the food from which all the goodness has been removed.

You are not living, you are merely surviving the onslaught that is directed at you. They own and control all drugs and they control what doctors can prescribe for you. Any doctor who is willing to vaccinate someone should be avoided at all costs. The evidence is out there for all to see just how dangerous vaccinations are. You must learn to protect yourself from the Cabal’s plans for you.

On 21 August, concentrate on the meditation that is happening all over your world. Be part of it, connect as one. Do this for you and all of humanity. Remove all barriers of race and creed which have been placed upon you by the Cabal in order to divide and conquer. It is their one method of control that you must not comply with, as it gives them victory over you. How much longer will you stand by and allow them to destroy human life on Earth? Irrespective of what they may claim, they despise all human life. What will it take for you to awaken to this fact? Your strength is in numbers. Use this strength on the 21 August to show the Cabal that you are ready to stand together and take back your power for all of humanity.

Become, once more, the spiritual beings you were before the appearance of the Cabal on the Earth. There are those who are so evil that they intend to remove all opposition to their takeover of the Earth. Their power lies in money. They use it against you. They created it for this sole purpose. You are slaves to it. Right now, you cannot envisage life without it, but when you embrace the light, all will become clear. You will receive assistance from other planets which are waiting and watching, ready to step forward with all the help you require. You really do have friends in high places who are willing and able to get you through this transition. Trust, and together you will do it. You cannot imagine it now, but you will rejoice when all is peace and harmony. You will wonder how you ever survived all the Cabal threw at you. Those who are on the Earth at this time have the strength and will-power to get through the turmoil of this transition. Support each other through the changes that must occur. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and the Cabal will inflict it upon you at every opportunity.

Together, you will rebuild life on Earth. Together, with one aim in mind: peace and harmony for all. Good wholesome food will be produced again.

During my life on Earth, I studied agriculture. I had a farm where I produced food. So I know how it should be done. It gave me such joy to see crops thrive and mature, knowing that it was for the sustenance of humanity.

Help and advice will be available. You will not be left to survive alone. This is the greatest adventure that mankind has ever undertaken. All the great minds who ever walked the Earth are preparing to assist you. You are not alone.

Steps have had to be taken to get justice for Dave McCann so that he can complete his mission for humanity. We learned that the Cabal intends to keep him imprisoned for many years. They do not have one shred of evidence against him. They set up the PRETEND MURDERS using two female bodies which they took from a morgue. The Cabal set the scene, then through mind control they told Dave that he had done it. I, Montague Keen, assure you that Dave McCann never killed anyone. It was a set up. This man is 100% INNOCENT. Are you going to allow the Cabal to keep him a prisoner? Dave has work to do for humanity. This is why the Cabal has trapped him.

Please, no matter how little you contribute, help us to get justice for him. All the evidence clearly shows that the two women flew out of the USA. It is known where they are. We sincerely thank you for your help, whether it be monetary or through prayer.

My dear, welcome the new energy with open arms. Anchor it for all of humanity so that the shackles can be removed and man can enjoy freedom of thought, word and deed once more. Peace and justice for all.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irish man framed in California.
Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

I stand with you, my dear, in all that you do.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

NOTE: All translations can be found at



Deester ~ I could not agree with you more.

Ben needs to put down the pipe with the BC-grown, Buzz Bud, man. Da fugg, man? SMH

Jezzuz. Canadians being put in charge of the USA? Really?

As if NOBODY in America knows what to do, absent the CORPORATION of the USA?

As if there aren’t any highly-educated (self-educated, that is!), well-informed and passionate Patriots who would know how to re-create a real Republic, like, tens of THOUSANDS of us?

As if we’re just going to roll over and let the Canadians take charge, like we’re a bunch of crybabies, being victims like how the dumb-assed Democrats like to play the victim cards?

My ass is chapped, Ben! I’m going to have to rub some fat from some Canadian bacon to sooth out that chapped ass of mine!

Just drop that Canadian shit, already, dude. Smoke some California-grown Buzz Bud — it’ll clear your head up, bro.

And don’t get me wrong, Canadians — I respect your people a great deal. I love the land of Canada, the Rockies, etc. The Canadian culture is just awesome.

However, I absolutely detest that clueless cuck-fk, Trudeau; I absolutely detest the Canadian political system for letting in all those Muslims who pose great deals of danger to Canadians; I absolutely detest the Canadian court system for acting systematically to destroy the real Canada and more.

Come on, US Navy — what the flying fk are you waiting for? Let’s GO WITH THE MASS ARRESTS of the pedos, the politicians, the Democrats, the Republicans, corrupt judges, etc, etc.



And don’t get me wrong on this post — I’m not attacking Ben — I’m just hammering this stupid idea of his. I fully appreciate and support Ben in what he does.


Thank you for your beautiful sentiments Alan, Deester and Getem. I’m sure it means a lot to Kodo, Mrs. Kodo and his family. Interestingly, he lived in NZ, Aussie and is Canadian. What a coincidence that the three of you would respond.
I asked him once about his life and he said, “I can’t stand bullshit!” He could cut through all the bullshit like a hot knife through butter.
Amazing man!
Love to you all,


So so so so true about the hired demonstrators and crisis actors…
My work requires some interaction with both types of specimens…. it made me wonder about who’s worse? Those paying? Those playing? Or, the coat holders / media ? then I realized my own (smug) judgement sort of keeps this machine oiled ,too….
We’re all so in this thing together…
Yes little dog, we are one!




Kodo was a special human – it’s just unbelievable how many we have lost in the blog – some very special wonderful folks.


belle3 #391242

Belle, that was Littledog, not me. Glad for your ecliptical clarity! Interesting though since my latest endeavour is to feel appreciation as soon as I wake up as a way of raising my frequency – & I’m having a hard time after feeling way less than 100% since that negative plasma attack on my leg that Simon Parkes extracted where the residue continues to linger as it ever so slowly gets better. Looks like I’ve set myself a challenge; I mean what if I’d lost a leg or something really serious?


No one talking about the departure of Steve Bannon? ‘He can do a better job from outside the swamp’? We could sure do with another publication to counter the MSM.

Where’s Nightsinger, too busy to contribute now her sidekick has got the boot? Now that is sad.


I have been sick during the event but up to it happening I was getting better and better frequency- good things and bad making their way into my life – and I knew I had a choice.
Maybe I overwhelmed my body with the vibes.
I still have a sore throat.

I wondered about Bannon as well and found a video related to just that topic . I don’t know how to paste the links from my phone onto here


deester #391315

Absolutely right to boycott all the evil globalists. Keep the accusations coming. I will join all boycotts although I understand Congress is debating ( currently or has finished?) the legislation that would make it a crime to boycott Israeli anything, won’t be long before they try to stop boycotts altogether.

With all the progress being made according to Ben, you would think the Parasite Guild would have trouble getting this legislation through Congress but it doesn’t seem so.
intruth #391316

I’m currently listening to this report. Very wild stuff about Antarctica and Clif’s explanation of quantum computers/ing is mind-boggling. I have to relisten and take notes just to keep it all together in my head. I do worry a little about Clif’s passionate defense and promotion of the crypto currencies especially with so many new ones popping up. How can it all be worth anything? They’re like a stock market gamble, there’s nothing behind and you buy them with supposedly useless dollars anyway. Thoughts anyone?

zanderboy #391332

I had to think about the Bannon departure for a long time. The US military now appears to be in charge but Mad Dog is a war monger and the stepping up of military presence and activity in Afghanistan is troublesome since Trump called for bugging out throughout his campaign. David Icke has criticized this as well.

If Bannon can successfully keep Breitbart in the forefront of the news by publishing the truth, or near truth about what’s going on, it would be great to have a reliable source as a foil for both the mad liberals (CNN, MSNBC) and FOX. A war among that group, probably eventually including NPR and BBC + more local stations, might help people wake up
a bit especially if Bannon is truly ready to expose what needs to be exposed. This would be something he couldn’t do from within the Whitehouse. Still, without him I feel Trump is weakened as I don’t have much faith in the survivors, save Sessions.

TNN thinks that this show (Trump presidency) is almost over and Trump will be out by Halloween; Clif High is echoing similar thoughts. TNN is more convinced that Trump was a plant all along and that more sinisters will step in to move the Hunger Games into full swing, stealing from pensions and generally impoverishing the country. Clif is more tech oriented and says there’s a lot of good tech on the way for energy, healing, food production etc. I did see a short video on either FB or Twitter recently talking about a tiny chip that can turn normal cells into stem cells just by being placed on them. There’s no way we figured that out ourselves in any lab. I’m still on the fence about Jennifer Doudna and the CRISPR gene splicing technology. She had a tribal assistant.

I’m hoping for Clif’s surprise ending (carolm) but he does concede that the period prior to the implementation of the Jetsons world will see serious social upheaval, poverty, food shortages and other trauma.


2017-08-20 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Simon says he has been told that Corey Goode is telling people to ask for a group of off-planet entities to save us through this solar eclipse meditation. This is not a sensible thing to do & we should continue to save ourselves, accepting some help when possible, asking for help when necessary but not to open ourselves to another alien race & thus hand over responsibility.
“Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar eclipse on August 21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.”
More clever, confusing words in my opinion. A portal? How is that being done & for what exactly?
Gold may be peaking & is volatile. Silver is being forced low & platinum is a better bet. Still looking at October for Dow Jones to destabilise.

More big pedophile related news to break.

The ‘Dragon Society’ is still interested in a ‘quid pro quo’ i.e. they will lend money but at interest.

Cryptocurrencies are not priced truly by the market but more by politics, & the energy required to constantly recalibrate the data is huge; it’s an electronic monetary format controlled by government (NSA has the biggest computers to digitally interfere).



Well lakewinds, the gods love a laugh!

We can actually see it in the North of England, I went up there with my uncle and we shot some Chavs, cracked upon a beer, and stared at the sort of half eclipse thingy!

On antifa:

Zerohedge: “Blood On Your Hands”: Protesters Blame City Council For Violence In Charlottesville

Braindead antifa turn up at town council meetings and take them over, upset that the police would support the “Nazi’s” free speech:

As the chaos intensified, most of the council members and the mayor briefly left the meeting. The sole council member who stayed behind negotiated with the protesters and agreed to scrap the agenda to instead allow each person the opportunity to speak:

The councilmembers repeatedly pleaded with the protesters for calm, stressing the fact that it had tried to deny a permit for the “Unite the Right” rally, but had been overruled by a federal court. But for whatever reason, the protesters rejected the council’s version of events, which has been documented in the media

Once the chaos had subsided, the city council voted unanimously to drape statues of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson in black. Maybe if protesters escalate their tactics, at the next meeting the council will simply decide to tear the statues down, resulting in a progression of even more escalating social discontent within a society that according to Ray Dalio has not been so polarized since 1937…

They’re taking down statues in the UK too. It is fortunate for me I have not learned my history!


They’re taking down statues in the UK too.

What, are Brits suddenly embarrassed by their proud, centuries-long history of disembowelments and beheadings? That’s a shame, because it has made for great cinema over the years.

I’m reading that Prince Charles is sufficiently unpopular that Queen Liz might just stay enthroned. It’s Camilla that’s the problem, isn’t it? Seems like you could just skip Charles and go straight to William. Although I would imagine that Charles might complain.


Lakewinds #391337
I’m reading that Prince Charles is sufficiently unpopular that Queen Liz might just stay enthroned. It’s Camilla that’s the problem, isn’t it? Seems like you could just skip Charles and go straight to William. Although I would imagine that Charles might complain.

2017-08-23 4:01 AM

Hi Lakeinds,

Constitutionally it is impossible to skip Charles! You may as well dis-establish the Monarchy and have an American form of “vote by public acclaim” if that happened. It is also why Lizzie will not abdicate or allow for the “Regency” option. The latter would in fact ONLY happen if she became incapacitated as with George III.

And as much as some people don’t like Charles (possibly because of Camilla and the Diana adulation), he is actually quite a rebel in matters imperial. He has been known to talk to plants and is very ‘organic’ in the development and running of his own farms.

Kind regards,


I’m reading that Prince Charles is sufficiently unpopular that Queen Liz might just stay enthroned. It’s Camilla that’s the problem, isn’t it? Seems like you could just skip Charles and go straight to William. Although I would imagine that Charles might complain.

– #391337

Enlightened souls like me must stay above such matters Lakewinds.

What, are Brits suddenly embarrassed by their proud, centuries-long history of disembowelments and beheadings? That’s a shame, because it has made for great cinema over the years.

We can’t have the French and Spanish being back allowed out to make trouble in the world though can we?… Or the Germans or Russians for that matter.

Can’t very well say much about the Americans, there is no pretence that they are behaving.

If it were not for us it would be chaos.


“Under my administration, many billions of dollars more is being spent on our military and this includes vast amounts being spent on our nuclear arsenal and missile defense…With our resolve, we will ensure… the arrival of peace. ” Disgusting.


It’s 3:33pm, PDT, this afternoon, everybody!

An old American commercial:

“Got any threes? Go fish.”




quote—–Kodo was a special human – it’s just unbelievable how many we have lost in the blog – some very special wonderful folks.—–unquote…..


kodo was awesome-I did not understand why he left this blogsite in 2013…..

namaste kodo…..may your light continue to shine brightly…..


And now Kodo?

The guitar-playing, sunglasses-wearing rabble rouser of the BFC? That guy?

If so, good God. Unbelievable how many have been lost to passing over in this forum!

I’ve had fun posts with Kodo; I’ve argued with Kodo, but I appreciated his presence here. He posted frequently about the 432hz A-note issue — that’s a great thing that he did.

Farewell, Kodo. Enjoy your sojourn in the Great Beyond. Enjoy your next incarnation, wherever it may be.


For the record, I absolutely HATE that MORE US troops are being committed to that hell-hole, Afghanistan. Really? The fugg?

Ok, I’ve read Trump’s comments on that and I’m going to go check to see if Thomas Wictor in Twitter has said anything about this, yet.

The only way that I could support this on-the-surface-stupid-move is to implement the amazing technology that Israel / Saudi Arabia / G.C.C. has developed, creating a modern-day military miracle of freeing up hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq with absolutely minimal casualties to humans and minimal, additional damage to the infrastructure of the cities in Iraq.

If that kind of nexus is happening in that aforementioned group of three, ok, I can go with that.

Keep in mind that the Earth Alliance — in concert with the Secret Space Program Alliance — is working closely with the Trump administration, so that is one factor to think about.

And keep in mind that Trump — and his team — play VERY advanced, 4-D levels of applications of Sun Tzu strategies, so one has to keep that in mind and not take the prima facie information as the whole kernel of information about anything.

Reading Trump’s comments about the latest Afgan moves, I’m seeing some really interesting comments that very much fall in line with his type of Sun Tzu noise (intentional disinformation), compared to the signals (real information) that he’s sending out, along with real action that few of us have any idea of what’s really happening there.

What I hope for Afgan is simply for the US to help Afgan help themselves — IF the Afgans ask for it, for the US get the fk out of the way and to offer help only where/when needed.


from the ascended masters-quote—–In this Light, we simply ask that you deeply hold on and be ready to witness the miracle that was contained in this most special Solar Eclipse. It is to signal the end of one era of your life and bring in the sacred beginnings of another. In your heart, cherish what is about to happen. Be strong, and when it is decreed by Heaven, be ready to work hard in order to achieve your precious goals! You, are after all, are receiving the help needed to end the dark’s rule and to then freely accomplish your goals! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!—–unquote…..


from this article-quote—–Acknowledging her life was under threat during the time she was investigating Savile and BBC elites, MacKean said her conscience left her no option but to pursue the truth and expose the culture of pedophila. The mother of two children believed it was her duty.’—–unquote…..…/reporter-exposed-bbc-paedophili…


#391338 aneeson

Hi Alan … that’s interesting about the rigid rules. But this Queen looks, at least to the world, like she’ll be around for some years to come. The British royals are interesting to watch, and always have been.


[link to (secure)]

You do not need facebook to read it.

DOXXED! – List Of Every Single Antifa Member Released By 8chan



I’m looking for any articles about the meditation that we did yesterday during the eclipse. I found one so far, listed above.

David has an update on his blog about Pete Peterson. David had told me before posting that update that there had been some important breakthroughs with the Peterson case, but he did not give any details, so I finally found out that stuff on his blog.

Fk’n BofA!

A close friend of mine lost $26,000 to BofFk’nA. She’s never gotten her money back and has tried with the help of Attys.

One of her Attys told her that over 12,000 people have had their money stolen from them by BoFk’nA.

Fk’n bastards, they are!


mozart #391348

I’m curious, exactly how did the BOA steal her money?




B-of-Fkn-A just flat-out emptied her business check acct.

She has a business to run and that was her operating capital.

Emptied. Gone. Attys tried to get it back, and they’ve been able to get judges to ORDER B-of-Fk’n-A to reimburse her fully. Nothing has been returned.

B-of-Fk’n-A is completely lawless.

If anybody is doing biz with B-of-Fk’n-A … CLOSE YOUR FK’N ACCTS IMMEDIATELY!

After 1.5 years, my friend still struggles to keep her head above water, to keep her critical suppliers happy and to keep per biz — an 18-yr-long success story of a local woman who’d done good — going.

I’ve told her about the $16.6-billion-dollar funding for B-of-Fk’n-A to “help” the victims, but my friend has so much PTSD from her shit with that shitty bank that she just does not want to go back and deal with this shit again.

And when the Atty told her that 12,000 other people had their funds stolen from B-of-Fk’n-A, it was a slip of the tongue and the Atty told her that he “wasn’t supposed to tell anybody that.”


Thanks Ben and Hi to Everyoone!
Sending my gratitude to you all for participating in your own way to this Unified concsi field upgrade!

Just a quick note!
Been informed that this intense recalibration and upgrade will continue until Wednesday at 12pm Pacific time… which brings us through the eclipse energies.

Therefore ask all to continue with an extra effort by Meditation or setting intention for maximum utilization of these unique cosmic energies.
The trajectory of a new timeline is all set but can still be retuned imo.
Wonderful -Thanks!


So… Afghanistan huh?

It’s very tiring following Trump. I don’t have the Geminian mental gymnastics with ease sort of mindset despite perhaps the appearance of intellectualism in posts.

Getting rid of Bannon though and now having a Goldman Sachs cabinet and giving more money to ‘Nuclear arms’ doesn’t sound good to me. I mean, you know, maybe I’m like on drugs or something. Maybe the EU has poisoned me corned beef!

Maybe some sort of weird uber extraterrestrials are awakening in Afghanistan, that was after all where the MOAB was dropped but I have a limit in how much I can believe such information when real deaths are involved.

I do think Blackwater have good information and tactics though and if they did not like this tactic of Trumps then I would say in relation to what it is and not considering anything “spicy” it is probably a bad tactic.


Con grats littledog with NR 1 – you deserve it! 🙂
Joining later, need to backtrack a bit too. Weather is awesome, working outside with maintenance.
Please take a long energy bath, – hear you all!
Soak it all in . aaahh………


“herded by the police towards a gauntlet of “left-wing” [protesters] who pelted them with used tampons, ” And who then, if it was all faked, were the 5 people beating the schoolteacher w. metal pipes right next door to the police station?


#391352 Phoenix

So… Afghanistan huh?

It’s very tiring following Trump.

Hey, welcome to MY world. Every day is Trump Day if you like to watch or read news. And what else is there to do?

As to Afghanistan, this fellow has just broken a key campaign promise, and guaranteed us war into perpetuity. Great if you’re in the military-industrial complex. Bad for everybody else.
Ooh, good use of Edit button. UPDATE:

Trump: I’m building the wall ‘if we have to close down our government’





If you have not much else to do but read the News then you are definitely going to be bored Lakewinds. I mean, you defend the mainstream I have to conclude you actually follow the mainstream… Crazy idea! That would be hell for me.

I did follow the news a lot when I was unemployed and the stock market. But after following it very closely and the stock market not crashing I grew bored of it. I still read the news every day and follow a lot of youtube channels but while I used to enjoy these my attention is no longer focused there as I kind of lose faith in this change we are meant to be seeing.. The revolutionary zeal has sort of died after Brexit and Trump, then the following pro globalist elections. Now I hear one thing one day about Brexit and another thing completely different, only ever tiny sliver snippets of information with no time scale and certainly no immediacy. I think the UK and the EU are just stringing it out they could easily say they’re stopping unskilled immigration now or whatever it is.

For me I spend time sorting out my medical condition and general health. It has been a long process taking months of finding the right supplements and various other things. When I get it right I get determined to work. Because I go mad going around in my head and I manage to ground through work. I feel very ungrounded some of the time.

I am hoping gaining money from work will allow me to donate to right wing free speech causes (assuming of course the money is not going elsewhere, I have not brought new clothes in years). Also, my sleep has just drastically improved and I’m wondering if it will deliver me some sort of intuition about where to go next. The trouble I have is that I don’t create emotional connection sometimes. So I have been thinking recently that if they don’t increase my hours at my current job I would be happy to move to another one with no ill effects, but that does not feel like a healthy way to look at the world. The staff there are nice etc. There is no reason to be so unconnected.

Strange. My health and circumstance prevents me working sometimes. But as I work more I have less faith in some of these ideas. It’s getting a bit long now.


#391358 phoenix9061210

It’s not like I don’t have full days … I’m up every morning at the crack of nine-thirty, watch the Today Show on DVR to catch up, and then spend the next several hours wading through email, four newspapers, and the entire Internet. I then switch the TV to MSNBC, mute the audio, and play new age music while continuing to surf the web, and glancing occasionally at the TV screen, looking for false flag operations. It’s exhausting.

Is all that mainstream? I mean, I can’t even tell any more. But it’s always all about Trump. A lot of it is fun, like the money-laundering and Russia investigations, and the reactions of the sane to his insane rants.

Nobody can say we don’t live in interesting times.



My thoughts and prayers go out to Kodo’s family… he was a real nice guy.. I bought one of his ‘Recapitulators’ and spoke to him outside the blog… again, real nice soul.

In fact, I mentioned recently that I had hoped he would return here, with Caleb’s absence he and other’s that had battled with Caleb may find it more enjoyable.

Man there has indeed been too many great souls lost here… let’s take a moment to honor them all… we’ll see them again on the other side… something to look forward too!! 😉

Best to you all.


Slow week by the look of it. This is only the 100th comment for the new thread.

I do hope that you are all basking in the energy of the new moon and that your creation of the reality that you really want is progressing beautifully.



“Flights of Condors intertwine with Eagles.

Cosmics align with the meeting.

Stellar manipulations come to an end.

The calendars are set.”

Maybe someone posted this here already.
‘Sorry Alan.. I’ve been so busy w “other stuff” may not have a chance to really BE here in the cafe til tomorrow.

Above is from Gaia Portal:

posted on the Eclipse Day 8/21.17.. .hmmmm

Condors intertwine with eagles… makes me think of David W’s 3-part from last week talking about the CIA’s Project Mockingbird.. mocking the eagle.

So I went looking for meanings for Condors and came up with this:
(emphasis by me)
“Condors prefer to live in the high mountains, to fly in the skies above the cordilleras. They symbolise the highest elevation, above limitations and obstacles. They are, above all, the symbol of the transpersonal; they integrate the wisdom of those who have died, those who have no ego. They are the symbol of spiritual ascension, of communication with the spirits, with what is subtle. They are the winged representatives of Ayahuasca.

The condor is the symbol of creative power, the incarnation of timeless philosophy; his majestic flight suggests the process of life itself, of creative eternity, whose ever-living works are made up of births and deaths.

The eagle is the symbol of the sun, but the eye of the condor is the sun; it symbolises the hidden light of the great emptiness. It is the master of weather, of thunder and lightning, of wisdom, of new vision, of prophecy, of illumination.

The condor is without doubt the king of the skies, but ultimately he is a servant, a simple gardener, the instrument of the art of renovation, of cleanliness and purification; new productions need new spaces, which are fertilised from the disintegration of the old, of the spirits of the dead. Wisdom, prudence, calm, reflection, discretion, intuition, vision, prophecy, messenger of the divine – these are the attributes of the bird.”

so the Gaia Portal folks had an even more hopeful message on Monday than Ben.
I say whooo hoooo… (can you hear my little doggie howl of joy 😉 )


lakewinds #391359

lakewinds.. ha ha ha.. as exhausting as those lake winds in your namesake here! 😉

AND.. while you’re perusing all those shenanigans.. you B E T T E R be sending good intentions/will/visions/prayers/light to all those big and little dancers you are learning about FTHGAC of course!

Rev litttledogg to Rev lakewinds eh.


#391363 litttledogg

littledogg … I’m spending much of my time sending out good intentions. I do believe that some of them are experiencing shipping delays, however.


Slow week by the look of it. This is only the 100th comment for the new thread.

– #391361

Yes, everywhere, it is a slow week everywhere. It is slow on youtube, it is slow on the news cycle, it is OK in the new age but not fast. There is of course some filler but mostly things are slow.

I do hope that you are all basking in the energy of the new moon and that your creation of the reality that you really want is progressing beautifully.

What seems to have happened to me is not that I have created an individual manifestation, had I wanted to do that I would have stayed far away from transits and manifested through my own chart.

I have been tied to this transit in regards to my fate. On the day of the eclipse I wrote to my manager asking for more work. We just have got three new full time staff and that is unlikely. Although new staff often leave these ones will not.

So it makes sense to give the company some time before I search for another job. I have overtime this week and next, and will be working Monday and Tuesday of September 4th and 5th. On the day of the full moon, the 6th, I will have a lot of free time… Time to apply for another job.

One strong advantage of taking part in the transits is we take part in karma.


I have spent the day cleaning since I have been sick for over a week – my house was – is a mess – it will take some time to catch up.

But it feels like a purging instead.

There is and has been so much I could share but it does take so much energy and I get drawn away from the cafe’ for what is going on in 3D.

Always something with the little dogs 🐶


secondlife #391360

I agree secondlife, kodo was a great poster here. I am also sending his family my thoughts, and positive energy.

I was a lurker for awhile when he was more prolific, but he was still here for awhile when I first started posting. I too had hoped he would come back.

We have lost alot of great people here, not only to posters passing, but to those who have just moved on. We have to remember that we also have some new ones that have contributed in a great way.


Some More of My G-G-Grandma’s Poetry (Poetry About Starseeds?)


Someone posted a craigslist ad for crisis actors in Phoenix. Call for parents with children for august 27 to 30. They would prefer the actors to be from the Midwest and will fly them to the set. They will receive $25 per hour, plus travel, food and lodging. He referred them to this Facebook page so that crisis actors can look for new gigs.


Hey Alan,
Thanks for your reply. Of course you know full well that I would never listen to the advice of a freemason, but I also understand that the experiences I have had are hard for many to comprehend because they are so far outside of the average person’s personal experience. Im not sure that who or whatever it is that speaks through me is the God of the bible (he always seems so blood thirsty and ruthless). As to what it is exactly I don’t know, except that it is pure in its intention and is a source of infinite love and caring and is certainly not demonic in nature. But don’t worry, I am happy not to post here anymore, it seems less lively than it was. I feel the tide is turning, the empire is in it’s death throes and many of us I feel are just watching it slowly die. Its not going to be pretty but I am confident that the tide is turning.

I see a few of the old characters have gone. I took a quick look at Caleb’s new blog. It seems he was the only member of it, Bless! I was going to join and then pull his chain for a while but that would not be big and it would not be clever! I think it best to let him to reflect upon his own karma. It seems you are the new gatekeeper in this place, there’s always a freemason at the gate is there not?

Anyway Im not sure if I ever said this before, but I was told during my experiences that I was ‘The Righteous One’ as foretold in the Book of Enoch. I don’t ask anyone to believe that but, if I am then of course ‘The Righteous Plant’ is of course Cannabis. The exceptional quality of this plant is that it will allow the user to have ‘numinous’ experiences in which one can connect with the SOURCE. In some sense that is all the information I need to convey, so I will leave with my usual message of love for all.

Take care.




From what you’ve described, it does look like that the vast majority
of what you read is MSM, indeed.

“Shipping delays” of intentions sent … now, that’s hilarious. Clever joke.

Trump’s “rants” are part of his Sun Tzu strategy — gotta keep that in mind!

He has spent YEARS being a CEO, working with many politicians, biz people and has spent decades in the limelight in various ways.

So, he KNOWS EVERYTHING that he says and does would be minutely examined by virtually everyone, so, there is not a SINGLE tweet, speech or rant that is not done with some sort of Sun Tzu strategies in mind.

He’s been planning to be president for over 30 years.

The White Hat Alliance, the good guys fighting the fk’n Cabal are working WITH Trump, not against him.

All that goddamn shit on the news — especially the Russia shit — is all fk’n gddamn FAKE NEWS.

David’s insiders — four of them — have said that Trump could resign in a month. I don’t think so.

We can’t afford to lose Trump. He’s a new Kennedy in the WH, hence the INTENSITY of the media in attacking him.

Hopefully, all those thousands of US Special Forces that are currently positioned all over the US would be able to bust a move before Trump would be “forced” out of the WH.

It seems to me that we are going to see some serious political fireworks in the next several months.


Roytheboy #391370

Hi Roy, thanks for your response. I did not think that you would be able to resist the ‘freemason’ angle.

However I am not the gatekeeper here one bit – just an avid follower and occasional poster. As regards your posting here, I am sure all will welcome your input from a personal perspective. We are not ‘swine’, so pearls are always to be looked upon – but do be prepared for feedback.

Kind regards,


David’s insiders — four of them — have said that Trump could resign in a month. I don’t think so.
We can’t afford to lose Trump. He’s a new Kennedy in the WH, hence the INTENSITY of the media in attacking him.

– #391371

Trump can’t stand up to his daughter, he’s compromised.


Thank you for your posts about Kodo. I saw him a few days before he left. When Caleb was allowed to run his shit on the blog, that was the final straw for him. That’s what he told me.
Kodo’s strength ran through me and I saw his point, so I agreed to leave.
Now that the chaff has been expelled, better days ahead?

Caleb is valuable as a negative reminder for us to be excellent to each other.
Love to you all.



Let’s honor Kodo by being excellent to each other. Patience, suppressing the ego, whatever it takes-let’s remember that we are a united humanity.
Love, Wheelie


unity meditation report(august.23/2017)-cobra-quote—–Our meditation was the turning point in the liberation process of our planet:—–unquote…..


unity meditation report(august.23/2017)…..cobra-quote—–
More that half of the remaining plasma anomaly of the Yaldabaoth entity was transmuted, and the East Coast plasma anomaly vortex is virtually gone. What is remaining are smaller fragmentary decomposing plasma anomaly vortexes in Washington DC and New York. The Archons were occultly using the East Coast plasma vortex to protect the Cabal and with this protective cover now nearly gone, many actions of the Cabal, including their extensive child abuse networks, will be soon exposed to the general population.—-unquote…..


unity meditation report(august.23/2017)…..cobra-quote—–
The unity and the resonance we have achieved was remarkable and was a signal for the Central Race that the awakened part of the human population will be able to hold the Light in unity when the Event happens and that it is now time to put this planet through the Ascension process. This means that from now on, the energies from the Galactic Center will exponentially intensify until all darkness is purified and the planet is liberated.—–unquote…..


& the big companies borrow money (don’t use their capital) to do it cos it makes ‘economic sense’ . . .


This is an informative article about the Bundy Ranch vs BLM tragedy. It covers info I had not been aware of.


My hubby and I are sad to hear about Kodo . I hope his wife will be okay. We really enjoyed his nature and creative thinking and his kindness when he was here.

Melissa, I hope you are feeling better. It is such a pain to be under the weather. Sometimes it is hard to get caught up again.

As to Trump and his daughter, it appears that Melania may step in and share her wisdom. She seems very wise and steady. I really like her.Whatever happens, all will be as it should. The American people are in turmoil but that is necessary for change.

A person that Regina Merideth, on Gaia TV, interviewed stated that going mad is when people lose their bearings. It appears that some are indeed losing their bearings. But many others are stepping up to be the calm and peace we all need.


When we had the eclipse on Monday, I found this to be amazing. In Oregon, we witnessed the eclipse in the morning but were a few hours south of the main path. In the afternoon we were on the freeway going opposite of the departing eclipse watchers. The southbound was packed! Most of the cars had California plates. The cool part was that everyone was peaceful and awake in their driving skills. When we had our town chores done and entered the southbound stream to return home, it was packed but very peaceful. It was great.


Yes Melissa, I meant to ask as well, are you on top of it?

The guy called Gilles Heystek from Holland who uses his psychic abilities with radionics using polarity fields hooked up to the ‘ether’, says I should be taking oregano for my clostridia bacterial stomach infection – something I have probably had all my life without really knowing.


Gilles Heystek is the guy who was able to measure the light quotient of the cintimani stones Cobra has distributed all over, to find them the lowest of anything he has ever measured. What does that say about Cobra?

Antifa Members are Now Protesting George Soros Demanding Their Payments


#391222 (a reply to comment last week)

Hi here Rj
Thanks for your reply!
“……its the defense of our implanted beliefs that is the real issue.”
Indeed – agree!
In some way it’s understandable. Apart from the obvious mind control – most people live in harsh condition. Struggle every day, have no time to go deeper. They just grab something that gives them hope..anything. The closest is in their culture. It’s how it got constructed. Communicating with a distorted language. Some “wrong” words – all hell is lose…

Many not brave enough to stand alone either, fight yet another battle, against everyone else. But that is changing by the minute.

“Example. Gore calling people who don’t accept AGW as climate deniers.”
And there’s a good illustration. To find the truth behind these lies one need to dig/research really deep. Your parents told you , peers, the school, Media (agree the worst of them). The pressure is tough.
Those who find the basic truths must then be brave and share it no matter peer pressure and ridicules that follows. (There is though many ways to go about this, working from a conscious level also I believe.) Not always a easy task.

“The mind is a tool. Maybe its not wise to use it as a supreme force. The mind rating system should not be seen as infallible or supreme.”
Very good statement. Like it! totally agree: Our leaders/spokesman, most scientist…. live in their mind, but some break out and connect – fused it together with heart. The new role they take is phenomenal!

Wisdom – I see you already had a debate. Find it very interesting!
a : accumulated philosophical or scientific learning : knowledge
b : ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : insightc : good sense : judgmentd : generally accepted belief
Taking into account it’s a def. from “THEM”

I think everyone has it:
It can be recognized it in the eyes of a child or just study the face of an elder. The fullness of Wisdom can only be gathered by a multitude of experiences. imo
The child has it’s own memories from other realities – the elder has gather more from this one. What the Wisdom journey of experiences is about.
The wisdom parts we “receive” – look for, must include as much of the whole….. of us and the totality of creation as I see it.
Or it could become selfish. A trap many “Guru” have fallen into. We should be aware ourself. More humbleness should be applied and certainly I need it myself.
When wisdom, truth and experiences are aligned with our “divine” path – we’re there on track!.imo That’s why many (myself) have this faithful confident. Everything inside and outside myself reflect it – and I do need to listen to that!
The wisdom journey never ends, I think.
Oh yes Rj – you have lots of wisdom.
The best evidence…… you are here!


lakewinds #391284
#391280 Momi
So what’s going on on the other side of moon facing the sun?
“The aliens who man the moon bases are all out sunbathing, because it’s a beautiful, cloudless day.”
Ha ha ha – lakewinds – I can clearly see them!
jujubean #391334
wheelie #
Dear cafe!
“I will miss Kodo. If you have been around long enough to remember him, please send your blessings to him and his grieving family.”
Thanks for that inf weelie!. Can also remember Kodo.Blessings and condolences goes to his family. He might joined the forces behind the veil, to everyone’s benefits!
will miss him here for sure!
jujubean #391334
Hi there Juju!
“If Bannon can successfully keep Breitbart in the forefront of the news….
What strange here is I got back update from Breibart in my mail box…Can’t remember how long time it’s been gone.


Someone – Phoenix + others I think, said something about the “magic” of three, so this is my third – hope it contain some humor!
(Ehm some British phrases and their true meaning…)


“I hear what you say – I disagree and do not want to discuss it further – He accepts my point of view
With the greatest respect – You are an idiot – He is listening to me!
That’s not bad -That’s good – That’s poor!
That is a very brave proposal – You are insane – He thinks I have courage!
Quite good – A bit disappointing – Quite good!
I would suggest – Do it or be prepared to justify yourself – Think about the idea, but do what you like!
Oh, incidentally/ by the way – The primary purpose of our discussion is… – That is not very important!
I was a bit disappointed that….. – I am annoyed that… – It doesn’t really matter
Very interesting! – That is clearly nonsense – They are impressed!
I’ll bear it in mind – I’ve forgotten it already – They will probably do it
I’m sure it’s my fault – It’s your fault – Why do they think it was their fault?
You must come for dinner – It’s not an invitation, I’m just being polite – I will get an invitation soon
I almost agree – I don’t agree at all – He’s not far from agreement
I only have a few minor comments – Please rewrite completely – He has found a few typos
Could we consider some other options – I don’t like your idea -They have not yet decided”


#391371 mozart

Hi moz … I don’t think we’re in agreement on Trump at this time, but I want to share my thoughts on why I feel this way.

I do read and watch a lot of MSM, but that’s where the journalists are. And most of the time, what they’re reporting is fact-based. Don’t look to them to unmask 9/11, Sandy Hook, or any of the numerous other false flag mysteries that afflict us to this day. But on most of the news, they’re the best source.

I have no reason to distrust their reporting on Trump, because they’re discussing what I personally saw and heard the man say. Or, read in his tweets. I know that Rachel Maddow and the others at MSNBC are telling the truth as they understand it, because that is their personal mission in life. I’ve “known” them for some years now, and I trust them.

On the other hand, the non-MSM sources will try to convince me that my eyes and ears are lying to me, and my conclusions from what I see and hear are uninformed and wrong. I read non-MSM sites, and that’s simply the case.

The notion that Trump is playing three-d chess while everyone else is playing checkers is refuted by simply looking at the results of his public actions. He’s had dramatic and unprecedented staff turnover. He is reviled by many key members of his own party, and he has gone to the trouble to piss off the entire intelligence community, and demonize the media.

So, that’s why the daily drip of damaging information is being leaked to the press by the intelligence community. And it’s not going to stop. And he could have avoided all of that by being a “good negotiator.”

Three more points:

1) If the “Russia thing” (it’s actually a number of things under that topic heading) is a nothingburger, then why is there a Special Counsel, and committees in Congress, spending so much time and energy investigating it? And remember, it’s not like when the Republican congress spent years investigating Benghazi for political reasons. Republicans control all branches now, so their investigations in this case are not politically driven. This is the real thing, and not “Fake News”.

2) Using Sun Tzu strategies is smart. But there has to be a goal or endgame that can pointed to as proof of their success. It’s completely possible to use Sun Tzu strategies badly or ineptly, and that’s what seems to be going on here.

3) Hey, this man is a liar. He broke his promise to get us out of foreign wars. He certainly has not unmasked the mysteries that intrigue us here in this forum, which was another promise. Chemtrails, vaccinations, pizza/pedogate, and the SSP are just a few of what we reasonably expected to be revealed and resolved. Thus far … nothing. And the false flags continue.

BTW, the democrats, Hillary, and Obama are not driving any of this. Whatever their past offenses, if any, this has nothing to do with them. They are out of power, and they have no way to steer this process.

Here’s where we agree, and strongly:

It seems to me that we are going to see some serious political fireworks in the next several months.

Since neither you nor I can actually affect whatever outcome there is, I propose that we just sit it out and watch. If your conviction that he is our secret greatest president is true, then that will eventually come out.

And, if he’s a mafioso whose principal source of wealth is money-laundering, then those facts are what will emerge. And all of this will probably break before the end of the year.

Those are my thoughts, so let me ask you: What is your best-case scenario if this president has his way, and is able to accomplish his goals? What kind of a better world will we have? Better health care? Better schools? Domestic tranquility? Please provide specifics.

With apologies for the length of this comment, I offer these thoughts with respect and best wishes.


Speaking of the SSP, here’s the summary of an intriguing interview with Michael Salla last night on Coast to Coast, including a discussion on the recently departed William Tompkins…

In the second half, Dr. Michael Salla joined the program to discuss the secret space program and the life of UFO researcher Bill Tompkins, who was 94 at the time of his death early Monday morning in San Diego. Salla claimed that Tompkins was recruited by the Navy at age 7 to help develop aircraft and by age 17, was designing advanced aircraft for the Vultee company. He then went to work for Douglas Aircraft where, as claimed in his book, he was under the telepathic guidance of “nordic” aliens who helped him with his air- and spacecraft designs. Salla believes Tompkins was assigned to these secret programs with a secret rank of Lieutenant Commander. In contrast to those who think that Tompkins may have been murdered for revealing too much, Salla believes that “more likely than not it was the natural process” of getting old.

Salla outlined his belief in the reality of a secret space program that began in the 1940s, when he thinks that German scientists and engineers traveled to the continent of Antarctica to build and fly advanced space ships and that by the late 1940s, they were sending spacecraft to other planets “and the outer parts of the solar system.” He claims that captured Nazi scientists like Wehner Von Braun knew about this program, which has advanced to the point where we can now travel through time and space at will. As one of the founders (perhaps the founder) of the exopolitics movement, Salla considers it a branch of standard political science, which is his area of expertise. Like many in the movement, he believes a revelation of alien contact from governments around the world is imminent.


“DON’T MISS A MINUTE, because we’re BLOWING THE LID off how
you and your family are being SILENTLY POISONED…, for money”

I am listening to this series on my phone as I walk the dog… do the dishes, etc.

It is 2 free hours a day for 9 days on GMOs.. glyphosates (“RoundUp”) etc.
(Sorry, you would have missed day one.. I did too.. but I urge you to check this out..
It has mega detail .. is really interesting and really important.
AND .. it has solutions. not just about the problems which are responsible for most of our ballooning chronic illnesses.


A brand-new poll from Quinnipiac presents the surprising opinions of Americans on Trump. Some of the results:

Since Trump’s election, “the level of hatred and prejudice in the U.S. has increased,” 65 percent of voters say, while 2 percent say it has decreased and 32 percent say it hasn’t changed.

“One word – Charlottesville.

“Elected on his strength as a deal-maker, but now overwhelmingly considered a divider, President Donald Trump has a big negative job approval rating and low scores on handling racial issues,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Voters disapprove 63 – 31 percent, including 56 – 38 percent among white voters, of the way Trump is handling race relations. The president does not care about issues facing minority groups, voters say 60 – 37 percent, including 52 – 45 percent among white voters.

A total of 62 percent of American voters say prejudice against Jewish people is a “very serious” or “somewhat serious” problem.

Voters oppose 50 – 39 percent removing Confederate statues from public spaces. White voters oppose removal 57 – 33 percent, with black voters supporting removal 67 – 21 percent. Among Hispanic voters, 47 percent support removing statues, with 42 percent opposed.

White supremacist groups pose a threat to the U.S., voters say 64 – 34 percent.

President Trump does not provide the U.S. with moral leadership, American voters say 62 – 35 percent. Voter opinions of most Trump qualities remain low:
61 – 36 percent that he is not honest;
61 – 37 percent that he does not have good leadership skills;
57 – 40 percent that he does not care about average Americans;
68 – 29 percent that he is not level headed;
59 – 38 percent that he is a strong person;
55 – 43 percent that he is intelligent;
63 – 34 percent that he does not share their values.

Much more at the link:



“I have no reason to distrust their reporting on Trump”

Are you being serious? I know people are brain-washed (I still working on it) and can’t see beyond it but a statement like this still surprises me. I feel that many just refuse to see the obvious. Its too much and runs counter to everything they believe about the US. And the news media.

We need more people to see the world as it is. This and only this is holding the world back IMHO.


“A brand-new poll from Quinnipiac presents the surprising opinions of Americans on Trump. Some of the results:”

I ignore all poll results now. Well not ignore but look at them with the proviso that there is a good chance the results are distorted nonsense.


#391397 rj99

Hi rj … As I mentioned, my opinions of Trump are largely driven by my own eye-witnessing of his words and deeds. Since “they” are simply talking about what I have personally witnessed, it’s difficult to see how I might be getting “brain-washed.”

Hey, for better or worse, I’m with the 65% of the country who find this guy lacking in so many ways.



Ahh, but rj, what if the poll said the opposite, that Trump is beloved by 65% of the country, who consider him a wonderful president? Would you believe it then?

This reminds me of the frequent observation by Trump and his supporters during the campaign that the “real” unemployment rate was much higher than the official 4.7% (or whatever) that was being reported. The reported number was “fake news.” Now, with the same or slightly better numbers under Trump, he accepts them, brags about them, and claims full credit.

So, the simple fact is that whatever news reports are favorable to Trump are accurate, and whatever report that are negative for him are all fake news, at least in the eyes of Trump and his supporters.


Hi Lakewinds

Do you accept that you have (like everyone in the West) been brainwashed. Like an alcoholic admitting that they are one. I had to admit that I had been brain-washed. and that this brilliantly effective brain-washing (free education and TV puts the West in a different league in this respect) had completely distorted reality. This was the first step for me. An easy step but lots of resistance first. The hard part (the next step) was identifying the misinformation and removing it.

The news media is just a part of this brainwashing process.


#391401 rj99

I think we have probably exhausted this topic, but one more: How am I being brain-washed if I’m getting my information direct, by watching Trump on live TV?


“Would you believe it then?”

NO NO NO NO NO. I don’t trust any source. I rather now just rate articles. say from what I know its might be 85% right say because I have done lots of research in this area. But polls like this I just dismiss. election polls I take more notice of as the election can destroy the polling companies reputation. But these polls are a joke.


And now, from our “Why We’re Eventually Going to Win, After All” department, there’s this:

Young Chinese are ‘too fat and masturbate too much to pass army fitness tests’


“How am I being brain-washed”

Everyone without exception has been brain-washed in the West. Until I accepted this I had zero chance of seeing clearly. I still struggle to not allow brainwashing (even if I’m aware of it) and preferences to distort my viewpoint.

But using a poll like this . Still lots of work to do IMHO. And the Russian thing is nonsense. the anti Trump establishment have even dropped it and moved on to he’s a racist or mad etc. Its a throw mud strategy now and hope it sticks. for me its a little bit obvious


lakewinds #391402

I have often said that it’s become pretty difficult to tell the real news from the fake news. One thing I find myself doing is accepting a report that an event or incident occurred but rejecting the MSM explanations. For example, another American navy boat was hit recently. That’s real, pictures and all. Navy brass are being questioned, probably real too. Who and why it was hit- very suspicious. Don’t believe it was an accident at all. Some have suggested that it was testing new technology or that the vessel that hit it was. There’s always a chance it was some kind of warning. I’m very distrustful of announcements about a number of deaths. I never believe those because the government is always trying to drum up sympathy and support for the military with death stats. It also makes people vengeful and that’s helpful if you’re looking to start a war.

I try to consider the propaganda message in MSM reports. Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell are full of hypothesis and innuendo and ifs and conditional statements- he/she could/would/should have etc. So much speculation there. They’ve always got guests on who offer multiple scenarios for events that haven’t occurred or interpretations based on actions that may never take place. They just fuel their own conspiracies and then they lambast those of us who believe the truth is otherwise as conspiracy theorist. When I point this out to my husband ( who’s totally addicted to these guys) he leaves the room mumbling that he can’t talk to me.

All the major stations, including FOX, are compromised and that means BBC, WOR and local stations too. You’ve got to hunt around and see what other sites are saying. BFC has provided me with interesting alternatives. The New Nationalist and OWON have good posters as well. I’m very intrigued by Clif High, David Icke and a poster called Brabantian who has lots of historical info on situations.

Find reliable people, look around.

Seems the Archons are in a mad scramble to find an alternative to mass drug the populace since fluoride has come under such heavy scrutiny as of late…but lithium?

Jim Stone.
Do not be fooled by Antifa “turning on liberals”

This ruse has been posted everywhere as fact today. Here’s the real deal:
Antifa is founded by communist far left liberals. Paid for by far left communist liberals. Is the militant arm of the far left communist liberals. And communist liberals do nothing but LIE. It is their modus operandi. No one with an ounce of wit would fall for any of their crap, outside of receiving a paycheck or benefitting from it in some way.

What we have here with “Antifa turning against liberals” is absolutely nothing other than a back tracking, and dis-association (on the face) from far left liberals, after all, if Antifa (which has recently become unpopular) is now turning against liberals, well, you can’t turn against yourself, RIGHT?

That would be correct logic, in the real world, the one conservatives live in. But in the liberal world, it is only a lie (as is the daily normal), Antifa is still the exact same thing as the liberals, Antifa is the militant arm of the Democrat party, and the division is nothing but a ruse.

If there is one thing about liberals, it is that they are predictable. And they will always dis-associate with an unpopular face of their own selves if it fits their agenda. Antifa is that now unpopular face, a face that has been turned, all the while it will continue to be the militant arm of the Democrat/communist party.

DO NOT BE FOOLED. Nothing at all changed. Soros will still be putting them on buses. Enough said.



Hi juju … I agree with your first paragraph. And I do look to non-MSM sites for insight into an event such as this, because the MSM has no way of validating most of the information given them by the military.

Ask your husband, but as a long-time MSNBC watcher, I don’t recall Rachel calling anyone a conspiracy theorist if they didn’t accept the facts she and others have uncovered. Or Lawrence, for that matter. Sure, they do have a perspective, especially Lawrence, who routinely ridicules Trump’s pretensions. But the night shows are opinion shows, and the opinions expressed are not in conflict with the known facts, or they would be corrected immediately. And those opinions often contain new and powerful new facts, which is why their ratings have gone to the moon.

Sure, they ridicule the various major conspiracy theories, but that’s pretty much what they have to do, should they desire to continue living and working. A whole lot of truth can be told if you simply avoid those topics.

As an example, I’m a fan of Bill Maher. A while back, he angrily denounced the 9/11 conspiracy theory and those in his audience who had come to harass him into taking up that topic. Of course, I disagree with him on his stated stance, but what choice does he have? Where’s his upside, his end-game, in using his platform and reputation to attack the government on this subject? He’s not going to throw away his career for 9/11 truth. And that’s pretty much the story with the MSM people as well…


siggi #391391

Well done Siggi; perfidious Albion indeed, masters of the double talk, British hypocrisy clearly exposed!


#391391 – Look at the three numerology!

I love how the woman of the article says it all so seriously. Not a trace of humour in the article. This is the best kind of humour sometimes, when there is obviously something extremely funny and neither person acknowledges it.

Oh, incidentally/ by the way
The primary purpose of our discussion is
That is not very important

I do that one.

Quite good
A bit disappointing
Quite good

And that one is the funniest.

Although the author of the table is unconfirmed, it is thought it may have originally been drawn up by a Dutch company as an attempt to help employees working in the UK

That is too much!

I’ll get right on that for you -> You’re making too much fuss about this I’m not going to do it -> He takes my request seriously.


fom this article-quote—–Israel / Ukraine surrendered yesterday in Moscow with oversight witnesses from the UNSC and Normandy Four.

That is a big deal.

A working plan to return Palestinian land back to pre-1967 boarders has been approved by China, Russia, Iran, Syria, United States and Israel.

That is a big deal.

Former Ukraine territories of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea have all been surrendered to Russia in exchange for Ukrainian sovereignty with new government and leaders.

That is a big deal.

Final GESARA Timeline roll out strategies are still being discussed and what the wait now is about. But the issues are small and more about intercontinental coordination.

That is a big deal.

The Trump saga will end when it is scheduled to and in relationship to the release of the RV (GESARA). All events are intimately connected and scripted till resolution.—–unquote…..


jopnas alexis-quote—–Netanyahu obviously knows that it was largely Russia that destroyed the Israeli plan in Syria. In fact, when the Israeli regime was summoning one lie after another, including the chemical weapon nonsense, it was Russia that always stood up and presented serious evidence to the contrary.—–unquote…..


Gordon duff(uncle gordie)-quote—–When I told my father, back in 1968, that I was joining the United States Marine Corps he responded: “I hope you aren’t going to claim you are doing this to defend your country. Nobody attacked us, look around, no Viet Cong here, this is Wall Street’s war like the last one and the one before it and the one before that.”

Everything my father predicted has come to pass, America as a deindustrialized police state with a clown in the White House, nothing new there. Anyone unware that Eisenhower was a useless puppet as was Ford and Reagan and Bush 43 and the monstrosity we have now, deserves the America we have earned. His generation, those who grew up before the First World War, those who experienced the Great Depression with eyes open, they knew it was coming.

Life in America was pure injustice, the lash and the iron boot, despite the version of history we have been given by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations who “re-invented” America and its history through taking control of public education in the late 1940s. You see, the multi-generational ignorance we bask in today is not unplanned. The threat represented by advances in communications and other technology was recognized and dealt with, utterly quashed at birth.—–unquote…..


uncle gordies correct here…..absolutely 100 per cent…..

it aint pretty…..never is when the darkest of hearts take over a humanoid civilization like they have here on the earths surface…..

the good news is the dark forces are losing power very quickly now…..

of course I’m an earth surface humanoid-apparently we are all stupid…..hahahahaha…..

underestimate the surface population-goooood-it serves well in the liberation processes ongoing…..

victory is the light of the light in the light be the light sacred light…..


phoenix– These are the same people who preach forgiveness– to cover their own butts. Have they changed religion to suit their own purposes??? Probably. These are nasty and unfeeling shells of humans who hunt down persons you have associated with or they hunt you down to make “friends” with you to kill you off– and for what??? That’s the real question. Are they working for a group of entities that want to steal your home planet? Maybe- or maybe we are destined to be greater “gods” than they are. They are ruining our food source, our security by changing our weather and limiting our income, changing our value systems, trying to reduce our population. I come to the conclusion that the humans who are playing this game will be taken out as surely as they take out every whistleblower. So it is the illuminati/Cabal whatever you want to call it that needs to wake up.

We must be really powerful entities because all of the effort that is taken to remove us from this planet reveal that. May we be blessed with the knowledge of our possibilities.


I recall some discussion a while back about Seth, the extra-dimensional being who was channeled by Jane Roberts. She died back in 1984, and a fellow named Mark Frost has assumed that mantle. He was interviewed last night on Coast to Coast, and this is the summary:

Hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost believes he communicates with the spirit “Seth,” who was previously channeled by Jane Roberts. In the latter half, he discussed new messages from Seth regarding the awakening of humanity, as well as how to create positive realities. In 2002, one of Frost’s hypnosis clients began to channel Seth during meditation sessions, and this ability was later transferred to him. The spirit entity, who could be thought of as an extra-dimensional being, decided to come forward after the events of 9-11, with concerns that humanity might be on a path of self-destruction, Frost reported.

According to Frost, Seth is currently concerned about certain political leaders who are in a human body for the first time, and are mainly looking for personal gain and wealth, and do not have the best interests of humanity. The big enemy is the “feudal system” of wealth, as well as negative media, Seth has said. Regarding the critique that he is not channeling the real “Seth” because the spirit said he would not speak through anyone other than Jane Roberts, Frost clarified that Seth’s mandate only applied while Jane was still alive (she died in 1984). During the last hour, callers addressed questions directly to Seth as channeled by Frost.

His web site:

and for C2C:


from this article-quote—–After a visit by the EU Heads of Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah to Khan al-Ahmar in March, the EU missions reminded Israel that demolishing the school would not only have a severe negative impact on Palestinian children’s right to education, but would also represent a violation of international humanitarian law.—–unquote…..


lakewinds #391410

Indeed, much truth in what you say. I realize they’re paid to say what they say and draw connections that may or may not be there. It’s everything they leave out that bothers me, still, they do what they are paid to do and people watch what consoles their psyche because the self strives for preservation in all circumstances.


Jim Stone.
More on site. I wonder if an “Adopt a Zio-tard” program should be implemented to counter this?
If you EVER wanted proof of who is fighting to destroy America, it could not get one bit more clear than this Fox news report.


How the Jews Won the Battle of Charlottesville
Andrew Joyce • August 21, 2017

The involvement of Jewish activist organizations in the politicization and weaponization of law enforcement, in the form of ‘race training,’ is little discussed in our circles, but it is well-attested. The earliest forms of ‘race training’ were pioneered by Jewish academic Judy Katz, who formulated a program called ‘White Awareness Training,’ also the title of her handbook published in 1978. The program was built on the premise that “racism is a pathological condition from which white people suffer, and by which they are subsequently immobilized. The program concentrates on enabling white people to take responsibility for tackling their own racism and that of other whites at a personal level, and to act on this in their subsequent lives.” The format was eagerly adopted by the Anti-Defamation League, and by 2013 the ADL began describing itself as “the foremost non-governmental organization in the United States that offers law enforcement training on terrorism, extremism, and hate crimes.” During the period 2003–2013 the ADL claims to have trained “well over 100,000 federal, state, local and military law enforcement officers.” This ‘training’ consists of the intensive indoctrination of attendees with the ADL’s own hyperbolic and extremely biased ideology on matters such as White identity politics and multiculturalism; it is offered free of charge as an adde
d incentive for departments to participate. Far from involving mere beat cops and detectives, even the very highest ranks are drawn into the ADL’s ‘education’ network.


I was sorry to hear about my old buddy kodo. He’s on the other side of the veil now.


I refuse to give in to fear and disparity coming from the left and groups like the Antifa .

I feel like I am watching a bad movie. And like a bad movie you can turn it off or take a break from it. It doesn’t have to affect your life – these negative groups are trying to knock us al off of our centers and like Arturans they feed on our energy


Actor breaks confidentiality agreement and comes clean about being paid by Crowds on Demand to Camarillo council members. Founder Adam Swarz looks to be a member of the “tribe”.



Hey Lakewinds, because I kind of like you I’m going to be more honest than I normally am with channeling which I try and avoid discussing. I don’t think that channeling is positive because positive entities in general stay away from ‘transcient’ subjects such as that.

But when we get to those sort of subjects it is not so much about debate but about respecting universal laws. So whatever suits you via free will.

Joe W.



Hey Cornpoppin,

I have no opinion on the negative groups philosophies and their honesty if they ever state they will change them.

Did I do a previous post about Illuminati members becoming Christian? Were you responding to a post of mine?


So we have come full circle now… Now I am the anti Trumper (not really, but generalisation)… We didn’t think that would happen.

YouTube: We Are Change: Who Is Jared Kushner And Why We Should All Worry Now

Seriously, this sort of stuff is just weird.

… and here is something else about the potential Trump resignation, although not for everyone ;):

This woman is a committed Liberal so may be getting her wires crossed but, still:

Jessica Adams: Astrology, Tarot and Trump


I invite everyone to check this video out and receive a ‘download’ as I included many pictures here from the web and included a short commentary by Dolores herself about this information. Light and love everyone!

Bro’Nathanael Kapner zetzes more Zio-tard tuchis with this latest rant, “Why Israel Should Not Exist”.


Truthearth #391433

Hi Truthearth,

Thanks for an interesting video, I ten went onto looking at other YouTube vids on that latest crop circle, but none seem to have been able to make sense of it.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I appreciate your posts,
kind regards,


#391430 phoenix

Hi phoenix … I have always heard that you have to be careful to protect against negative entities when using a Ouija board and other such things. Sounds like you might have had some experience with that, which would be interesting to hear about.

Jessica Adams is pretty impressive, and September is practically guaranteed to be a key month in the Trump arena anyway. I’m actually not counting on this to end in impeachment, but Trump’s administration is obviously unsustainable in its present form. He’s gonna get us all killed.


Dutch illuminati banker whistleblower about pedophilia rings found dead.



This is some information on positive and negative entities in channeling, although it is quite generalised:

Yes I have had experience with both polarities of entities in my view. But would not send that sort of information over this comment section. If you were to comment on my wordpress blog with a method of contacting you about this or anything else I could not let it through so no one else would see it (every comment is moderated, at least I believe it is the previous ones I have to press “approve” on).


Washington’s Hidden Agenda: Restore the Drug Trade

Narcotics: Second to Oil and the Arms Trade
According to the UNODC, opium in Afghanistan generated in 2003 “an income of one billion US dollars for farmers and US$ 1.3 billion for traffickers, equivalent to over half of its national income.”

. . it should be emphasized that Afghan heroin represents a rather small percentage of the US heroin market, which is largely supplied out of Colombia . . the proceeds of this lucrative trade are deposited in Western banks, which constitute an essential mechanism in the laundering of dirty money.

The heroin business is not “filling the coffers of the Taliban” as claimed by US government and the international community: quite the opposite! The proceeds of this illegal trade are the source of wealth formation, largely reaped by powerful business/criminal interests within the Western countries. These interests are sustained by US foreign policy.

So nothing new here.


deester #391437
Dutch illuminati banker whistleblower about pedophilia rings found dead.

read comment from this video:
Ronald Bernard part 3, Revelations of an insider

Ronald Bernard did NOT die.
Ronald Bernard Fernandez died and it is not the same guy.
Fernandez had hispanic origin and was in Florida.
It’s a mix-up of stories and a coincidence.

I was wondering in the article why they referred to Bernard as “Fernandez’.
: four-wheelers from HCSO and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission searched for Ronald Bernard. “The terrain was very difficult, and searchers were at times in waist deep water as they tried to zero in on Fernandez’s location,” the sheriff’s office said.

I have been thinking of this guy ever since Justin Beiber whistleblew the same info. Both very courageous.


Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place w/Clif High – Pt. 3

Published on Aug 25, 2017


Day 309.1. Summary Five Days To Awan Hearing
George Webb

Started streaming 4 minutes ago


BBC Journalist Liz MacKean Found Dead
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Liz MacKean the BBC journalist who had her report on Jimmy Saville shelved prior to the child abuse cases coming out was found dead.
The reason I’m posting this is because I have been told that she was sitting on new evidence.
That she had refused to give up her enquiries up to and including connections to Royal family members and British politicians.
That she was collaborating with an American journalist about to break new evidence about such things stateside.
MI5 now interested.


My thoughts and best wishes are with everyone in the line of Hurricane Harvey. Obviously created by these criminals! No huge storm like this just appears suddenly and unexpectedly as it was reported here!



2nd Quarter Wrap Up – Enforce the Constitution with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney – Now Public!

I’m not sure this link works. Original link at

Read the transcript of 2nd Quarter Wrap Up – Enforce the Constitution with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney here (PDF)

Read the transcript of Sanctions: A Conversation with Cynthia McKinney here (PDF)


Goodbye USA: Moscow bowing out of the US payment system – Bringing out own Credit Card

August 13, 2017

Following the recently adopted sanctions against Russia, Moscow is leaving the US payment system. New Russian credit cards are very popular. This is also due to the fact that the label “Made in Russia” is trusted by the population.

Following the latest sanctions imposed by the USA on Russia, Moscau is planning to withdraw from the US payment system. The RIA news agency quoted the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkow: “We will, of course, intensify our work on import substitutes as well as reducing the dependency on the American payment system and the US Dollar as reserve currency. This is a crucial necessity.”

Ryabkov continued:

“Otherwise we would always walk on the leash of the United States.”

The new Russian payment system is referred to as “Mir”, which translates “world” or “peace” in English. The Mir cards are advertised with the following slogan:

“Your card is free of external influences. Created in Russia “


Mnuchin Visits Fort Knox, Says “Gold Is Safe”
Aug 22, 2017

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had a busy day today…the former hedge fund manager and Hollywood producer paid a rare official visit to Fort Knox to check out the nation’s gold stash on Monday, while – as Bloomberg put it – keeping an open mind for future film projects.

After the visit, Mnuchin who was the first US Treasury Secretary to visit Fort Knox in nearly 70 years, “playfully” reassured Americans the treasure was still secure.

“Glad gold is safe!” he wrote in a post on Twitter.

No lie is too big.


US killing of Raqqah civilians flagrant violation of international law: Syria

The Syrian Foreign Ministry also stressed that the military alliance was using internationally-banned white phosphorus munitions in flagrant violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations.


Interesting expose of the shadow government & the deep state, & the difference. Brave man.


mkddachs #391428

“and like Arturans they feed on our energy”

Melissa, if you mean the Arcturians, I’m pretty sure they do NOT feed off our energy, or loosh, like the Reptilians – if that’s what you mean.


from this article-quote—–According to the LAPD, attempts have been made to launch a murder investigation into Ann Boroch’s death, but the case was “shut down from above”.—–unquote…..

Read more at:
© Neon Nettle


The cabal is going to ride the vaccine train until the wheels fall off…and kill anyone in their way. Very sad.


Nice to see you Rhonda… I totally agree and was expressing the same yesterday to a friend while we watch a TV meteorologist explain how the hurricane was formed…

She went on to describe how an ‘unusual’ once-in-a-lifetime event was taking place… how a High-Pressure mass in the Arizona/Colorado/Nevada area was causing the Hurricane to hit it and stall… bouncing off of it and then moving back over warm water to again regain power and water to then ‘slowly’ move along the coast again to finally move back inland to eventually weaken and dissipate.

The way the Meteorologist was acting in trying to explain the event reminded me of how the same reaction was expressed by Meteorologist’s back when Sandy slammed into NYC a few years back.

It is clear that the PTB are up to something again… Gas is already climbing and right before the last days of summer… the last major holiday of Labor Day weekend next week where they will obviously make bank with the increased pricing…

However, I find it not likely that they would do such an event like a major Hurricane just to drive gas prices up… that’s more of a beneficial consequence rather than the primary objective…

So then… what else… an obvious distraction… slight-of-hand move… look here while they slip-out over there. 😕

I’m curious as to what everyone here has to say, since this storm if far from ‘normal’

There has been more discussion lately in the ‘death’ of the Gulf being far bigger or broader then originally estimated, and a good hurricane will stir things up, but this seems more concentrated on the Texas coast…. so what else??

Anyway… great to see those that are still kicking it here. 😎 Let’s focus our energies on blowing that baby up.. weakening her energies and blessing the people with them.

Best to you all… Be Safe and Be Well


Hey Intruth… it is incumbent on us all to make the change… to push-back and to ‘educate’ those that are ‘uninformed’ to ‘recruit’ them in numbers to help our side make the ultimate difference.

We cannot give up, nor can we let tptb have any influence over our ‘commitment’ to succeed. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train!! It’s indeed darkest before dawn, but the sun is rising and so are we!! 🙂

Best to you all


#391440 intruth – happy to hear it is not the whistleblower. He had a lot of courage going public.


– #391439

Also, as that video I dropped mentioned. Afghanistan shares a border with Iran which might be why “The Donald” wants to keep troops there.



Hi Phoenix … Not only does it border Iran, it also shares a border with Pakistan. On Bill Maher’s show last night, Maher was actually in favor of “forever” troop deployment in Afghanistan, in case Pakistan (with its nuclear weapons) is threatened with being taken over by the Taliban.

It seems to be strategically advisable because of its in-the-middle-of-it-all location in the Middle East. Also, Trump is talking about extracting its mineral wealth for the benefit of the USA.

That’s why we’re going to get nuked…our karma is crap.


What’s going on with the EU:

Express: No more consensus! Emmanuel Macron triggers ‘irreversible’ power battle that could END EU

I just want to try out what these two functions do:

    The green Unicorn
  • The silver Dragon
  • phoenix9061210

    So, reading up on zerohedge the “big crash” thing is back on.

    One thing I read says that a signal that 23 out of the last 24 times it has happened has indicated a massive crash is very close to setting off. This is when there are below a certain number of companies supporting the markets across a wide range of markets.

    Another is that there are two significant events coming up, one that Ben references, that are to do with financial markets. Around September the 30th the US has to agree a new debt ceiling and it has to agree on a new budget. If either of these does not happen the US will have to shut down. Of course, as Ben hints at, or at least what I have got from what he is saying, from Weekly Geopolitical News Perspective it may very well be that if the US cannot threaten other countries into giving them money they may pretend the problem is about the debt ceiling to not let on they are not the ones in control.

    From my perspective then Donald is now a globalist. So that is the lens to view the likely movements of the US government in these coming times. So it seems to me likely he will renege on any of his electoral pledges and just agree with the Democrats, so this suggests no shut down or disagreement on budget to me! Although there is still a Donald in there somewhere I don’t think we will see it while he is surrounded by globalists and his vampire daughter.

    Another thing talked about on zerohedge is that most investors are not worried about a stock market crash because of the “limit down” protocol which means that the market will not allow itself to go down a certain percentage before the market closes. This level is 7%, then 13% then 20%. Then the markets close to prevent further losses.

    Seems like an awful lot, I can’t imagine the Dow going down 20%. That would be 4,000 points! People would go into shock. People would suddenly wonder what will happen with their paychecks as well most companies are connected to the stock market in some way (i.e. even privately listed have suppliers and other companies linked with them etc.). The “normies” would suddenly become aware there was a wider world for at least a week! A whole week. But the other point about this is that if the stock market goes limit down and the markets close. That, in itself, is actually quite a bit worse! It is a new thing, a new political problem. When will it open again? Will banks close in order to prevent bank runs?

    Another thing is that Michael Snyder has written a few very interesting articles on the synchronicities etc. surrounding this eclipse including the fact of the McCain boat problem!


    #391459 phoenix
    From my perspective then Donald is now a globalist.

    That’s good analysis. I would add that The Donald is above all a Trumpist, meaning focused exclusively on the accretion of wealth and power for himself and his family. That means he must play to the 35% of the population that still holds him in high esteem, his base, doing whatever he perceives they want, in order to be able to continue to pursue Trumpism.

    With regard to a pending crash, I’ve been expecting the “big one” for nearly 10 years, simply because our fundamentals have always been bad. I hope, and would expect, the Plunge Protection Team to prevent or mitigate the damage from a sudden crash. But under this president, who knows?


    That’s good analysis.

    – #391460

    That’s good analysis to you lakewinds because of its ideological leaning, not because you have admired my synthesis of reason and evidence in order to arrive at the correct conclusion.

    As regards to Plunge protection team: I think the rules can be bent but not broken. The fact that one of the most important indicators of whether a stock market is going to crash is how many are keeping it up suggests that there are fundamentals within the market that go beyond rigging. It’s like you can put false readings of the ships coming in if you are fooling someone for some reason, and then you can suppress the people that talk about it, and create some false products, pay off the media not to print the story, and use up and steal reserves of that product from other places but eventually, eventually, the lack of the actual resource being imported is going to be a problem. There will be a point it can no longer be faked.


    Who ever these creatures are that live off of our negative energy- or whatever they are called- their intent is still to distract and disturb us. If you want to intellectualize that then you miss the point.

    Knowledge and truth are two different things – the truth I feel can sense that we have been used and I no longer want that reality.


    The left keeps insisting that Trump only has 35% that agree with him but when he has his rally’s there is no lack of people filling up and over flowing the venue.

    I don’t believe their numbers at all


    #391462 phoenix

    That’s good analysis to you lakewinds because of its ideological leaning, not because you have admired my synthesis of reason and evidence in order to arrive at the correct conclusion.

    No, not the ideological reasoning. It was the synthesis thing. Actually, I was just accepting what you said so I could make the point about Trumpism, which I thought was stunningly insightful on my part. Your perceptions may vary.

    The PPT is only used, I believe, to mitigate hard crashes. And as I recall, they put the entire treasury behind the market when deployed. That’s thousands of dollars, you know.



    Lakewinds, I don’t know what you have done with your life thus far, but since I doubt you are a famous comedian I think you must have missed your calling.


    #391468 phoenix

    Well, I do have an interesting life story: I was born…yada yada yada…and here I am, sitting on me bum, waiting for the start of the Mayweather-McGregor fight.

    I don’t ordinarily watch boxing, but this promises to be quite a spectacle.



    Of course, Sunday at 4am is now. I thought it was tomorrow for some reason! I can be a donut sometimes.

    I did like McGregor then realised… Oh yeah that guy is a lout.


    I don’t normally watch boxing, either, but I’m also intrigued by this match-up.

    Oh, WTF is Mayweather wearing? A Twitter hat, or something?


    Oh, wait … WTF am I watching?

    Is this a warm-up fight before the main fight? No McGregor yet.

    Like I said, I don’t know a damn thing about this damn fight, LOL.


    New Video ‘Army of Love in 432Hz’


    Global Cooling Rundown Week of Aug 08-Aug 16, 2017 | Mini Ice Age & Grand Solar Minimum

    Adapt 2030

    Published on Aug 26, 2017

    David DuByne says Al Gore’s net worth skyrocketed from $2mm to $300mm based
    on global warming. Idiot! Global warming is big business, just like war, narcotics etc.



    Published on Aug 26, 2017
    The DNC fraud lawsuit has been dismissed, so Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hilary Clinton will once again get away with blatant corruption. In fact, DNC lawyers argued that the DNC has the right to “choose their nominee in a smoke-filled back room and it still wouldn’t be legally actionable.” Lead attorney in the DNC fraud case Jared Beck is furious and his righteous indignation and moral outrage is exactly what every American ought to be feeling right now.


    Exposed: Clinton Train Paid The Young Turks $20 Million (Full Video)
    Published on Aug 25, 2017
    In this week’s episode of Newsbud’s Spiro Reports, Spiro investigates the deep state’s role in influencing the so-called alternative media. Recently the Young Turks secured an investment deal for $20 million. You know what they say, follow the money! Find out what we discovered in this hard hitting Newsbud community exclusive as we uncover the shady powerful network within the Clinton train who is pulling the money strings for the Young Turks. Plus, find out what former FBI whistleblower and Newsbud Founder Sibel Edmonds had to say about the Young Turk front man only at



    What the News media is not mentioning are the Ocean territories claimed as National Monuments by the USA.

    Ocean claimed territory is listed first followed by land designated National Monuments under review.

    Look at the ACREAGE claimed per the ocean floors! Amazing!

    Why are the ocean territories up for review?

    ANSWER: Oil and Mining. (Deep sea mining is now a technical capability)

    A few trillions of dollars in value up for the grabs there.

    Did you ever think of the ocean territories claimed by the USA from the oceans of the world? I never did until now.

    Sent FYI from,

    Walter Burien – and

    Marine National Monuments to be reviewed. As directed by section 4 of Executive Order 13795 of April 28, 2017, “Implementing An America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” (82 FR 20815, May 3, 2017), the Department of Commerce will lead the review of the Marine National Monuments in consultation with the Secretary of the Interior. To assist in that consultation, the Secretary will accept comments related to the application of factors (i) through (vii) in Executive Order 13792 for the following Marine National Monuments:


    Monument Location Year(s) Acreage
    Marianas Trench CNMI/Pacific Ocean 2009 60,938,240
    Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Atlantic Ocean 2016 3,114,320
    Pacific Remote Islands Pacific Ocean 2009 55,608,320
    Papahanaumokuakea Hawaii/Pacific Ocean 2006/2016 89,600,000
    Rose Atoll American Samoa/Pacific Ocean 2009 8,609,045

    The “on the land” National Monuments being initially reviewed are listed in the following tables:


    Monument Location Year(s) Acreage
    Basin and Range Nevada 2015 703,585
    Bears Ears Utah 2016 1,353,000
    Berryessa Snow Mountain California 2015 330,780
    Canyons of the Ancients Colorado 2000 175,160
    Carrizo Plain California 2001 204,107
    Cascade Siskiyou Oregon 2000/2017 100,000
    Craters of the Moon Idaho 1924/2000 737,525
    Giant Sequoia California 2000 327,760
    Gold Butte Nevada 2016 296,937
    Grand Canyon-Parashant Arizona 2000 1,014,000
    Grand Staircase-Escalante Utah 1996 1,700,000
    Hanford Reach Washington 2000 194,450.93
    Ironwood Forest Arizona 2000 128,917
    Mojave Trails California 2016 1,600,000
    Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks New Mexico 2014 496,330
    Rio Grande del Norte New Mexico 2013 242,555
    Sand to Snow California 2016 154,000
    San Gabriel Mountains California 2014 346,177
    Sonoran Desert Arizona 2001 486,149
    Upper Missouri River Breaks Montana 2001 377,346
    Vermilion Cliffs Arizona 2000 279,568

    Katahdin Woods and Waters Maine 2016 87,563

    The Department of the Interior seeks public comments related to: (1) Whether national monuments in addition to those listed above should be reviewed because they were designated or expanded after January 1, 1996 “without adequate public outreach and coordination with relevant stakeholders;” and (2) the application of factors (i) through (vii) set forth above to the listed national monuments or to other Presidential designations or expansions of designations meeting the criteria of the Executive Order. With respect to factor (vii), comments should address other factors the Secretary might consider for this review.

    Received via email from


    Well, I didn’t watch the Mayweather/McGregor fight.

    I read the reports and am impressed with Mayweather. He’s smart and experienced.

    McGregor — come on, man, what a fool.


    truthearth #391472

    New Video ‘Army of Love in 432Hz’

    Really enjoyed that video, music & dancing, thank you Truthearth.


    mkddachs #391465

    Thank you Melissa, could not agree more. I do hope you are feeling better.


    Mayweather vs. McGregor fight purse: The money each fighter will bring home
    We knew the two fighters were going to be rolling in the dough, but now we can put a number to it

    Mayweather earned a disclosed purse of $100 million while McGregor brought home $30 million, according to ESPN.

    Mozart, I don’t see McGregor as a fool. He’s $30 million richer. I sure could retire on that.


    Congress Quietly Passed A Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes – Only 1% Opposed It

    A bill that will allow homes to be searched without a warrant was passed with overwhelming support by the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Trump—and it happened with no media coverage and very little fanfare.

    When the bill was brought to a vote in the House of Representatives, there were only five Congressmen who voted against it: Representatives Justin Amash, a Republican from Michigan; Walter Jones, a Republican from North Carolina; Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky; Alex Mooney, a Republican from West Virginia; and Mark Sanford, a Republican from South Carolina.

    Amash called out the hypocrisy surrounding the fact that even though this legislation is in clear violation of the Constitution, it was passed by Congress with overwhelming support. “Only 5 of us voted against bill allowing govt to enter/search private property in parts of VA, MD & DC w/o warrant,” He wrote on Twitter.

    This is not the first time Congress has quietly passed a bill that will take away some of the most basic rights from law-abiding citizens in the U.S., and it won’t be the last. One of the most important things to remember about this legislation is that it was ignored by the media, and while it may only affect the Washington D.C. metro area now, it could be laying the blueprint for future legislation across the country.


    Hurricane Harvey Origin: Targeting Texas


    Published on Aug 25, 2017
    The only way to understand Harvey, is to see its development – from the beginning. Since the 16th this storm has been in development, and the amount of accumulated Water Vapor that has been generated in the Gulf from all surrounding On-Land Generation sources, is the most there has been in a very long time.

    As I said in the video, as soon as this storm reaches the shore, On-Land Water Vapor Generation from Texas, Louisiana, etc., will take over fueling this storm, and that process has already begun. Already the tell-tale On-Land Bursts have begun in Texas and Louisiana, and it’s going to get much, much worse. When this storm is fully over land, all of these sources will be running, and massive flooding is guaranteed.

    It’s also no coincidence that Hurricane Harvey is hitting the United States, 25 years to the day after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida. Since all of these storms are very clearly and very obviously deliberated manufactured, this “Anniversary Hurricane” was clearly intentional.

    It’s going to be a very rough few days for the victims of this event, but if there is ANYTHING positive to be gained from it, it should be that people _see with their own eyes_ how these storms are intentionally created, and understand the local Power Plant sources for the continuous deluge they are going to experience. It’s time to see and learn the truth, and in addition to this video, I’ll be covering Harvey in minute detail in my next video as well.


    Good article on the dangers of intelligent robots.

    Elon Musk is preparing for a future world where, he fears, super-intelligent machines might move to subjugate the human population. His latest venture is Neuralink, a way of merging human brains with computers by implanting tiny electrodes. These would massively increase people’s cognitive power, he believes, and so might at least put humanity more on a par with Artificial Intelligence.

    Artificial Intelligence, Hawking predicted, would “take off on its own and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate.” He added that human beings “who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”

    Aware that a human could switch it off, threatening the endless ‘paperclip’ (example) supply and therefore the reason for its existence, the machine could decide that humans had to be exterminated.

    Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom goes on to question if human civilisation could survive no matter what goal you gave a super-intelligent machine. His conclusion? We’d need to be very careful what we ask them to do.

    Zuckerberg, says Artificial Intelligence [AI] will enrich mankind and usher in a new Golden Age.

    Golden Cage more like.


    Now wouldn’t it be nice if all that rain was to flood the hidden tunnels and chambers buried deep in Texas… flush the bastards out into the open, or simply drown them! 😉

    Here’s to wishful thinking and prayers to all those effected by it…

    Best to you all


    #391481 intruth
    I don’t see McGregor as a fool. He’s $30 million richer. I sure could retire on that.

    That was my thought exactly, intruth. And after the PPV box office is counted, he may receive as much as $100 million.

    That’s the best fight I’ve ever seen. And my conviction that Mayweather would cold-cock McGregor in the first 30 seconds quickly proved untrue. In fact, it looked for a bit that McGregor was going to kick the crap out of the champ.

    But it was not to be.

    Moz, it’s worth a watch, even though you know the outcome.


    president putin(aka luke skywalker) neutralizes bibi(aka darth vader)…..

    ya baby because the light is the true might…..…/benjamin-netanyahus-nightma…/


    from this article-quote—–Clearly, Putin did not buy it, he knows there is no threat, that Bibi is, as Obama memorably said to President Sarkozy of France a few years ago ‘a liar’.—–unquote…..


    and of course our old buddy bami…..

    wildcard for the lightforces…..hahahahaha…..


    ian greenhalgh-quote—–Editor’s note: We have known for a long time that US, Israeli & Saudi officers were leading ISIS, this latest incident is just further proof of that. Ian]—–unquote…..…/mossad-officer-leading-isis…/


    from this article-quote—–Libyan authorities arrested a leader and mosque preacher of the ISIS terrorist group who later confessed to be a Mossad officer.

    According to the Libyan authorities, preacher Abu Hafs’ real name is Benjamin Efraim, an Israeli national operating in one of Mossad’s special units which conduct espionage operations in Arab and Islamic countries.

    The Libyan authorities said the Mossad spy has started his career in Libya by leading a 200-member ISIS-affiliated group and moved to Benghazi in disguise as a preacher.—–unquote…..


    HI Cafe…

    The devastation we are seeing in Texas is only the beginning of what will become total destruction for the US, at least according to various prophesies of long standing.

    In that light, I believe we need to think about changing our national anthem, to something less overtly warlike and more reflective of our deteriorating situation. To that end, I have identified an existing work that might just do the job:

    Gloom, despair, and agony on me
    Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
    If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
    Gloom, despair, and agony on me

    While we would all prefer to hear this sung, with the appropriate majesty, by someone like the Norman Taddewackel Choir (sp?), here’s a dignified rendition whose only flaw is a relative lack of orchestral richness. Close your eyes and enjoy…


    I live in very-Republican Sarasota County, Florida, although I do flee north in summer. Every week, our representative, Vern Buchanan, conducts an online poll on an important question of the day, and often the result is embarrassing, at least relative to the official party line.

    This week, the topic is building the wall. The public speaks:


    I am in Austin Tx and it has been poring rain – yesterday there was a ton of wind, and last night.

    I went out and prepared the yard because even thou we are almost at the top of the hill the water will go over the little damn and flood the house. So I dug channels out and arranged for the water to flow down the hill without getting close to the house.

    The dogs are cooperating but I am keeping them confined to covered or cemented areas because they like digging in mud and omg they get so messy.

    We have some roof leaks , one on the little kennel but not bad yet , so more money to spend.

    Everyone has a chewy- I bought them squeak toys and balls but they destroyed most of those. Little rascals with really quick minds. I don’t put anything past them . Sometimes they play games with me.

    I ordered the C60 purple power charcoal but they had a run on it. I know the regular charcoal for humans also can be used to clean the free radicals out of the body .

    I have been watching videos related to detox of the body – this is very interesting
    David Wolfe and Longevity Now@ on YouTube – he covers many topics related to health


    Little to no thunder – the wind was the worst but not as bad as some storms here. The summer of 2007 was really bad.

    My suggestion is that we use our collective powers of visualizion and will the high to the east lift and the storm move up into the mainland more which will break it up.

    We have done this before – just start seeing it breaking up now.

    Lets dispense with the gloom and doom and take it into our own hands

    It’s breaking up now


    I pray for you Melissa, and everyone that has been impacted by the hurricane… it is just not right that you all have to suffer the way you do… keep us informed on how you make out.

    Be Safe and Be Well


    You are absolutely right about ‘visualizing’ it moving away and breaking up… I have experienced that first hand and use it every time bad weather is around my area… even training my little ones to do the same… the power of the mind goes beyond ‘expression’ 😎

    Be Safe and Be Well


    Couldn’t access this blog on my mobile because of Tesco mobiles “age restriction”.

    My my, not worried about being too obvious are they?



    – And he’s made a name for himself.

    It looks a bit like Floyd actually did something nice for the guy, coming out of retirement to put a whipper snapper down and allowing that man to make a name for himself!

    Even though he did not win he had a good fight and many people will know the name McGregor and follow him now!


    Controlled Collapse: Rothschild Just Sold Massive Amounts of U.S. Assets

    Published on Aug 27, 2017
    Jacob Rothschild has released a report detailing a huge change in assets switching significantly from US dollars to pounds and euros.

    In the report from Rothschild’s investment trust RITCAP he stated: “We do not believe this is an appropriate time to add to risk” and that we are in a time when “economic growth is by no means assured”.

    This video gives a detailed outline of some of the ramifications of what this could have for the US and global economy.

    Learn More:


    Day 310.3. Editing With Legal Eagles
    George Webb

    Streamed live 48 minutes ago

    Day 310.1 Motion For Change of Venue in Awan Case
    George Webb


    from this article-quote—–Oil pulling is a little know process which uses essential oils to boost the health of your teeth and mouth.

    People who use the oil pulling method report how it improves overall oral hygiene, whitens the teeth, and can help with tooth problems and cavities.

    For oil pulling, use an oil (coconut oil is very popular for this process) and swish it around the mouth for around 15-20 minutes once a day.

    When held in the mouth for this amount of time, the oil will draw any unwanted bodies such as infections, toxins and mouth bacteria out of the mouth and into the oil, where it is expelled when spat out at the end of the routine.—–unquote…..


    from this article-quote—–He’s found some pretty amazing things going on right now on the moon! Crater bottoms are opening up and ships are flying out of them and they are staying open. Normally reflective craters in the sunlight, these open entrances (holes) in the moon surface appear deep and black. There is plenty of historical images to prove this.

    It appears whomever is operation the Lunar Operations Command has thrown open the doors so everyone can see what WE (the Earth) already have there! For those who are observant.—–unquote…..



    Melissa, it seems like you have done everything you can/could do to prepare for this storm. Be safe, take care in all that you do during the storm.

    Sending healing energy to you and all affected by this terrible storm.

    I am visualizing the storm moving and breaking up….hopefully you will see a break soon.



    Rain and more rain
    It’s a gentle rain but very steady.

    Good sleeping weather and I finally can open the doors and listen to the rain ☔️ and smell the wonderful clean air.

    I am on the last couple shows of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.


    I could have fixed the roof – its just hard to find competent people- the search is always hard.


    “Every time you smile it is an action of love, a gift to that person…peace begins with a smile.” — Mother Teresa.


    New Post is up!


    – #391504

    I keep a baseball with me to remind me of Ben Sisko’s character. That people can be connected to positive spirits and whatnot and still seem reasonably sane!

    Personally, Gal Dukat was too honest and interesting to be a bad guy in my view, real bad guys are like the Dominion, essentially without creativity and character and uber tyrannical! I thought the show went off the rails a bit after Jedzia died! Her character brought a kind of reality to the strange world of Star Trek and when she died the show seemed to become divorced from reality. I found Ezri a bit annoying as well.

    Still enjoyable though.


    Instead of the United States continually threatening North Korea with being bombed into oblivion, let’s threaten North Korea with PEACE. Let’s bring home the 40,000 U.S. military troops on the North Korean border. Let’s show the whole world news photos of our troops actually boarding ships and leaving Korea. Let’s broadcast that we are no longer the world-wide horrible hegemon. Let’s demonstrate that we are now promoting peace and fellowship around the world. V. V. Vercoe, Pennsylvania