High level weirdness in US as Khazarian control matrix crumbles

People who are aware are noticing very weird stuff going on with the world information grid -especially inside the Anglo Saxon world- as contradictions and bizarre events multiply. These are all signs of a collapsing power matrix; the sort of thing seen around the time of the fall of the USSR.

The first thing to note about last week in particular is that the US was hit for the first time since 2005 with a hurricane. US President Donald Trump tweeted the code phrase for weather warfare “once in 500 years” to describe Hurricane Harvey. The fact that it hit the Bush clan homeland of Texas, in particular the city of Houston, with devastating floods, makes it likely this is some sort of revenge for the Bush engineered Hurricane Katrina attack on New Orleans.

It may also be related to the fact that 16 US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba suffered brain injuries from some kind of “Sonic attack.” They may well have been hit because of their involvement in cutting of the Bush clan drug money that was being laundered through Cuba. It is also interesting that “Sonic attacks” are now being reported by world media instead of being dismissed as delusions by people “wearing tin foil hats.”
In any case, all of this indicates a high level, esoteric power struggle is continuing.

This power struggle is also being revealed in strange and contradictory news announcements concerning US Senator John “Daesh” McCain. Remember recently we had media reports that McCain had been diagnosed with malignant brain cancer? These were followed immediately with reports that McCain had recovered and rallied the Senate to stop Trump plans to repeal Obamacare. Then after that the USS “John McCain” was rammed by a cargo ship, killing many US sailors. Now we are being told that McCain has been wire-tapping the White House and leaking all of the Trump administrations’ plans to hostile media.
As the oft-used phrase aptly puts it “you can’t make this up,” but then again it looks as if two opposing forces are indeed making this stuff up.

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Thank you Benjamin for a greeting to you and all your friends


Good stuff!

Astrology chart for September 28th is fantastic.


Thank you Ben for continuing to submit weekly updates. Prayers for the recovery of your income.


What an early surprise for insomniacs. Thanks, Ben, from the FL Panhandle, formerly of Houston where the August weather pattern is normally dry. Texas must be doing a marvelous job for the loss of life to be this low. Most heavy deluges kill a couple just from the flooded underpasses.








Thanks for another scintillating post, Ben. High-level and high levels of weirdness, certainly.


Thanks Ben for this new one. If anyone wants “normal”, better find another planet… or a cave to live in.


Aloha, it’s 11:55pm 8/28 in Hawai’i. Surprise to see a new post at this time.

Malama pono,







13 is my sister lucky number.



14 Thankyou Ben


15 keen


To a more productive week
Re deep space 9
The Ferengi where a pleasant surprise and the alternate universe so entertaining – worf esp. they were grasping at straws for the last season a bit but I enjoyed it.


Great article Ben, Hope it all comes true!


Some Posts Making Clear that Charlottesville WAS Staged event.. as Ben stated last week:

BLM, ANTIFA and KKK, NeoNAZI “Clad” dark and light-skinned folk clambering out of the s a m e bus after bus.. grey un marked.. bumper to bumper!

1.”Was Charlottesville Completely Staged? Watch This.




3, Analyzing Charlottesville’s Zapruder Film: the Ford Fischer LiveStream


AND.. of course… L I G H T to ALL… ALL… ALL… posted about, worried about, worrying about, hoping for ALL “Up in Here” … FTHGAC


What’s keeping Humanity from being free? How far down the rabbit hole have you gone? It is obvious that there are evil people in power. Are they Human, are you sure. To be Human one must have more than a Human body, one must have a Human soul also or at least a soul, from a Mammal, Bird or Vegetable people group as in the case for a Starseed or a Wanderer. There are over 100 million Starseeds and Wanderers within Humanity, they are not a problem, they are an asset.

The problem is there are about 60 thousand people with what I call a low soul, they don’t have empathy for others and are prone to evil. Normally Reptile, Insect or Spider people have low souls and likely from a negative group. They can and have made clones and hybrids and put their souls in Human bodies and are in the process of taking over Humanity. They haven’t got to the 1 world government yet. They have been here for thousands of years (Illuminati) and put their people in power, created money, shortages and terrible rules.

What is even worse is an Insect group has come here, in the 1930s and upstaged the Illuminati. Their people are in power in about 180 countries. Their technology is like 5,000 years ahead of ours and I’m told they look like a Praying mantis. There are about 2,000 of them in a couple of underground military bases. There planet is about 26 light years away and they have cigar shaped ships. They want a nuclear war in 2018 with China hitting the USA and we don’t respond. Then they put in a 1 world government and total control.

I’m told that they won’t win, because enough of humanity is waking up. There are positive ETs with even higher technology, that won’t allow nuclear weapons to go off, screwing up their plans some and we may get help from them too. We have them so outnumbered that if enough of us wake up, they lose. A lot of good things can happen, maybe the Messiah returns.

To backup what I’ve been getting with the pendulum, this book just came out https://www.amazon.com/Total-Annihilation-2018-D-Conflict-ebook/dp/B01MUAEDQH

One can read this free as an e-book and it’s real short, about a 2 or 3 hour read. Get a soul report to help me in my work. http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/





It seems Donald Trump has been forgetting rule of acquisition number 6 doesn’t it!


The law of one did mention negative wanderers incarnating and that they do so before they got to fifth density or mid fourth where they gain the wisdom of the potential risks of this ‘wandering’

I do wonder how many people it is that are negative. There is a lot of paedophilia, sex slavery etc. There is all sorts of cruelty in care homes and various other places that makes me think that number is quite substantial.

When something does happen the incredible effect of tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands or even millions of these people going to jail are mind boggling!

If you extend this number past the European and American countries it’s quite a thing to speculate on the amount of people.


On Bens update this Afghanistan story is pretty sick. Considering the amount of people whose lives have been destroyed by heroin!

One of the effects of these coming changes is that such addictive substances will likely not be supplied anymore.


Congratulations to the Japanese Little League baseball champions for 2017. Great athletes, great sports and great manners. You deserve the honor.


Don’t see how unleashing a 500 year flood on the people of Texas is revenge on the Bushes. Again innocents suffer instead of the guilty. Revenge on the Bushes would be arresting all of them along with all of the other known troublemakers listed in the deck of 52. Whatever happened to that plan???Why don’t you send a little Sonic attack their way?


Don’t get what Thai shenanigans have to do with the price of bread, but I’ve always been a potato man.


The corporeal you: part of you is on the other side of the veil, part is in your body, you have the Higher self which the multi dimensional soul part & you have the guides which are you that split out when you came here. Therefore you are in many places at the same time. Intent is an energy of confluence. With that intent, innate, our subconscious, will start communicating with us; we must first ask, then learn to listen & trust.


A Summer Conversation With Aug Tellez Part 1

Talks about Source, good one. Need to listen again!


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really having problems with Ben’s info. You see, I’ve been watching and listening to YouTube videos about how none of this is real. It’s all fake. That would include Ben’s info. Trump et al are just actors being paid, I’m sure, a very handsome salary for keeping us brain dead Americans, etc., in the dark so they (bluebloods) can bring our country to its knees. We Americans are humanity’s hope of freeing our minds and bodies from the Reptilian agenda (1984 – NWO). This realization took me a while to accept. I mean, it blows your entire view of the world apart. Nothing is as it appears. We are so mind controlled by Tv, books, etc., that it takes tremendous amounts of will power just to accept that it Might be true, then to actually realize that it IS true. I’m exhausted but I feel so much better knowing the truth about this manipulation so we can fix it, if we can just get enough people to expose these a-holes.


Wow…it would seem to me that of all the things mentioned, the one most of us would want to see follow thru on is the understanding of when those things which happen because of so many others, influenced as they are by their solar and eastern branches of winds flowing out of the caldron rooms of DC and city of london and the vatican, etc., will find a way to change the overreaching forces within the matrix of astrologic and khazarian mendacious criminals. Ben, tell us when you think these things will come to pass in a metaforian sense. Thanks.


thanks, Ben always look forward to your deep investigational work. What are your thoughts on the UCC-1 for the People Trust Accounts filed by Heather Anne Tucci & also now her Charges against her in a US Court?


Thirty’s to lead, now off to read.


Quebec will start handing out welfare cheques for illegal “refugees”. Please recognize that it is not Quebec who will be footing the bill, but the Canadian taxpayer will be footing a portion of the funding, depending on how much the agreement with the province has been settled on. There is a differing way of handling refugees. The ones that enter through a port like a border crossing, airport, bus station, etc. can be sent back to the US if they have refugee status in the US. There are agreements between the two countries (the reverse is true if you hold refugee status in Canada and try to get it in the US). However, if you cross like many do, through non-port areas, you are treated differently. The amount that they will be getting is more than the Old Age Security minimum of $570.52. Canadians are paid this on a sliding scale, depending on their other income.

From Wikipedia: “The Old Age Security pension (or OAS or OAS-GIS) is a taxable monthly social security payment available to most Canadians 65 years of age or older with individual income less than $114,815. As of January 2016, the basic amount is $570.52 per month. At tax time, recipients with a 2014 income of over $71,592 must pay back a portion of their Old Age Security at a rate of 15% of net income. This is often referred to as the “OAS clawback”. OAS amounts are indexed to the Canadian Consumer Price Index and are adjusted (generally, increased) four times per year.”

This differs from Canada Pension Plan as anyone who has worked has paid into that plan, as have their employers. CPP is not “free money” as you get paid out a percentage of what you have paid in. The refugees will also be receiving free dental, This is not the case for the average Canadian, as most of us are on the hook for our own dental costs, unless our employers have a dental clause in their employee insurance.

Trudeau has his stronghold in Eastern Canada, particularly Quebec. The people in Quebec are seeing tent cities set up and are getting increasingly alarmed and angered by the situation. Now Twit(er) Trudeau is backpedalling, going from “everyone is welcome here” to “there is no advantage to entering illegally”. According to the immigration lawyer I heard on the radio, there are huge advantages to entering illegally. Feeling a little less like the Rolling Stone cover star now that his fellow Quebec residents are seeing you for the disaster you really are, you cuck?


Excerpt: “Quebec will begin handing out welfare cheques to as many as 4,000 asylum seekers next week, the province’s employment minister said Thursday.

“Quebec has responsibilities in immigration,” Francois Blais told a news conference.

“Now they’ll be getting welfare, they’ll be able to rent an apartment and get out of temporary accommodation, which is a good thing because it is pretty costly.”

While the minimum basic monthly payment will be $623, Blais said recipients will have to undergo a “revenue test” beforehand to determine if they are eligible for all of that amount.

There will also be an additional sum depending on the recipient’s family status.”

More on site.


Excerpt: The federal government, through its cost-sharing agreements with the provinces and territories, is also involved in social and welfare services. Initially through the federal Canada Assistance Plan the cost for many services was split on a 50-50 basis with the provinces. However in 1990 the federal government imposed spending limits on the 3 richest provinces, Ontario, BC and Alberta, effectively forcing the provinces to increase their share of social funding to as much as 70 percent.

More on site.


number 33!


The indigenous American indians tell us that for the last 4 Great Cycles (prescession of the equinoxes=25,920 years) we, as Humankind, failed THE TEST (of consciousness) given at the end of each cycle. To move into the next stage of evolution we must EARN our way in this schoolroom of Earth. Duality is the context for evolution: you cannot define nor experience HOT without COLD. Hence, the conflict between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” provide the catalyst for Humankind to CHOOSE what we WANT and use our extremely potent power of our consciousness to bring about that future. Per the Law of One, it’s all a set-up. The question is: what are YOU going to do about what’s happening? Are you willing to BE the 100th monkey and USE your power to bring about the next stage of evolution, or are you just going to complain and rehash what is WRONG. The Law of Attraction is LITERAL: Whatever you focus on, you ADD to that level of energy. The negative/wrong is a springboard for creation, for when you know what you DONT want, you can more easily discern what you DO want. Focus on that.


I’m getting some weird stuff. I don’t know if they’re part of my just natural health improvements or something else but I’m having unusual and positive daydreams that I have not had before in relation to positive trends in the future…

Anyone else getting anything like that?


Susan Bro (mother of the Charlottesville “victim” and Donna Soto, Sandy Hook “victim” Victoria Soto’s mother, teeth comparison. Wearing dark or lightening contact lenses, different hair and changing the eyebrows does not affect the teeth – they are a pretty close match (taking into consideration that actors change voices and accents all the time).

comment image?w=1108




Thank you … Here in NZ big changes too, with our left wing party “Labour” suddenly coming from “very little support” to almost near winning all within a month very quick.


music #391531

I agree about the flood. I’m not sure I buy it. Let’s consider circumstances surrounding the event and coming from it.
1) Supposedly Trump just ditched flood protections that were put in place after Katrina. They’re not scheduled to go into effect just yet but the MSM will undoubtedly bring this up.
2) The budget needs to be voted by the end of September and this disaster will most certainly create extra expense that will need to be addressed. A good opportunity to make Trump look really bad if he won’t fund recovery.
3) The storm was clearly engineered coming during a usually dry period in that part of Texas.
4) The storm seems to have done the most damage in less affluent neighborhoods
5) The storm has apparently taken out a lot of the oil rigs in the gulf which means no oil for a while, which means a rise in oil prices ( always follow the money)
6) Houston is solid gun-toting, Trump country and home of Tillerson as well. By the way, did you know that “Til” means rocket in Hebrew. Enough said.

Once you consider all these probabilities you’ve got to wonder who would benefit the most. Oil? Real estate ( by clearing out the lower socio-economic crowd)? the Dems with a strong case for raising the debt and spending more to make Trump look bad? The banks who’ll rake in tons in housing loans? Wall Street if they bet for or against oil? So many players, who can tell? It’s just never what it appears to be, a simple storm in the gulf. No Way!

ltratar #391542

I never buy the story that humanity needs to stand up and show that it is making progress against evil. Exactly what are we supposed to do? Buy guns and shoot our neighbors? Storm DC and take the White House, storm Europe and take the EU, the BIS, the IMF, the ECB, topple the FED here and wipeout the slime on Wall Street? How are we supposed to do that? Evil is organized globally. It has its own mercenary army with cells all across the planet. They are armed to the teeth and full of mind controlled, psychopathic assassins who have total immunity from prosecution anywhere and everywhere. The alphabets I listed up top have TOTAL IMMUNITY from all sovreign laws including the US. What about the Vatican, secret society fraternities, all the mobs- Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Japanese, Chinese, South American, Mexican, Afghan? We’re going to take them on too? And the human trafficking cartels- oh sure, we’ll just get a little local posse together and put them down while we’re at it. The FBI, CIA, DHS, FEMA, BTFA, BLM ( not the racial one) do NOT work for us, they will roll over us like the panzer tanks. But humanity should do something! Somebody tell me what exactly are we going to do? Stage protests, real ones are impossible, you’ll never get a permit. Boycott? You’ll be thrown in jail or your savings will disappear. Let’s grow up. David Icke ( whom I love) is constantly exhorting us to act, but he never says how. He claims that they are few in numbers compared to all of humanity, but he neglects to consider the number of damaged and desperate sheep that follow them. Is meditation enough?

suncrystal #391535

Sometimes I struggle with this as well. What if it’s all a lie? LIke a giant hologram, like the Hunger Games. What if Putin, Trump, McCain, the Clintons, the Queen, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, all the world leaders are simply actors working from a script written by a consortium of evil creatures we never see. Their desperation seems real however and the screenwriters are getting really sloppy lately with false flags whose video coverage outs them for what they are, McCain near death, back from death and then his ship gets rammed in the Pacific. Maybe they really are all laughing at us like the Hunger Games. They know how much we thrive on the hopium, how hard some of us scramble to connect the dots. There’s plenty of disinfo out there for sure. I’m going with Trump for now, he has a Hamlet quality about him and if I’m wrong, it won’t much matter anyway unless someone has a real response to paragraph 2 above.


Popular or important articles from the past week:

Cancer Cure Suppressed for 80 Years: They’re Finally Admitting Royal Rife Was Right

The Seven Evolutionary Epochs of Spiritual Evolution — Excerpt from the Urantia Book Paper 50: The Planetary Princes

Tidbits: Putin on Popes and Pedophilia

Project Paperclip/Nazis Working with Negative Ets/Galactic Slave Trade Disclosure in Star Trek Enterprise

Government Geologist’s Terrifying Encounter with Extraterrestrials – after Drilling on Top of Their Base 2 Miles Underground

Science Suggests Love and Receptiveness to Truth Enhance Psi Abilities — Telepathy Can be Explained by Interacting Coherent Electromagnetic Fields

Processed Food Is Dying: Public Opinion Shifting, Nestlé Takes Worst Hit in 20 Years

Rothschild Just Sold Massive Amounts of U.S. Assets — Something Big is Coming

How to Effectively Stop ANTIFA (No Petition) — Enforce Anti-Mask Laws and Grassroots Efforts to Help Oppressed People

Justin Deschamps
Stillness in the Storm


– #391544



Points 1 through 7 are some good reasoning there Juju. I have charted before how the Jihadi nutjobs always go off on times when the market is about to crash, I still do not know why… Perhaps intimidation? But this most recent Barcelona bomb went off just as the stocks had crashed that day! I definitely take your oil rising point.


Rothschild story is important in my opinion! Definitely some more- serious- than- usual rumbling in the markets!


I listened to this over the weekend:

James Gilliland 58 minutes long


As You Wish Talk Radio 8 19 2017

Positive and enlightening and very interesting.

It was recorded just before the eclipse



42 thanks Ben.


Thank so much Ben. Always appreciate your passion for helping others. Always sending you loving energy to fulfill your journey with joy & gladness.


The Tx Gov told people to get off the coast but the Dem mayor told them to stay on place- mainly because he didn’t have a plan for the traffic. So instead of making a plan to get the people and animals to safety he told them to sit it out. Must be an Agenda 21 plan ?


46 this week. I could have gotten on a lot sooner, but more worried about this massive storm I’m in the middle of and making sure my family and friends are safe. Thankfully, I’m high and dry where I live. Well, the house is high and dry. I can’t say the same for the yard. And, it has been pouring down steadily for hours now. I have many friends that live in areas that never flooded before and they have lost everything. Thankfully, all are safe with friends now. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts being sent our way here on the Texas Gulf Coast. I’ve lived here almost all my life and there’s never been a storm like this before. I was definitely suspecting that it was part of the war. Now back to read the report to get the official scoop.


leon1725  #391545

Thank you … Here in NZ big changes too, with our left wing party “Labour” suddenly coming from “very little support” to almost near winning all within a month very quick.

2017-08-29 2:19 AM

Hi Leon,

Welcome to the café – great to see another New Zealander here.

Our upcoming election on 23rd September is certainly going to be exciting stuff and I do think that there will be a change of some sort. The latest attack by cabal flunkies against Winston Peters is especially interesting in showing how scared they are of those who expose their ill deeds. Never before type of dirty politics in our fair country.

Kind regards,



Between a secretive agenda and Democrat incompetence which do you think is more likely?


I mean no disrespect to the victims of the hurricane, just to Frump until he demonstrates unequivocally he deserves in deed not word my respect. Demonstrate respect to show you earn it.

With that I don’t wish to comment for or against any thing that spews from his two lips. Not trustworthy.

It’s interesting to hear scientist, however, indicate the reason was too much concrete or pavement. Truthful assessment. Same as when, here, they change the contour of a stream or river from its natural course for land development it was not meant to be. Our beaches are in shambles. One stream dried up by plantation damming for water source left it dry and people wanting to build homes in it eventually succumbed to death when the dam overflowed and destroyed every one of them. Land developers never care and never learn here in Hawaii. Our land is sacred for sustainability. It is not a commodity. It is a necessity.

Karma is also behind Hurricane Harvey.

Malama pono,



50…is half the way.
Thanks for report Ben!
Love to all


#391555 #391545

What policies does this left wing party in New Zealand have?


Thank you so much Ben! – for a few months my subscription was cancelled by paypal – i was worried about your welfare but now have had my updates restored so want to start contributing again – can you let us know the best way to restore your income?


53! Better late than never…..


Greetings Ben from Charlottesville, where Mr. Jefferson’s University is open in full swing and General Robert E. Lee is draped in black awaiting the redemption of our wonderful planet.


We Are Facing Overthrow of United States – Steve Quayle


By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Steve Quayle, filmmaker, author and 25 year radio personality, says America is under attack from the left. Quayle contends, “You have to understand, we are not just facing turmoil, we are facing the dedicated and very well positioned and financed overthrow of the United States government by former federal officers and by those in the military. I want to read the 13th rule of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” They are doing this to President Trump. It’s character assassination. This is what people have to understand. The 13th rule is what Hillary Clinton, the Marxists and what all of the Obama Administration believe in, and they are following this blueprint. Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. He said at least he got his own kingdom. . . . So, here it is: ‘Pick the target (President Trump). Freeze it. Personalize it. Polarize it. Cut out the support network, and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after the people and any of the support, any of the institutions that support him.’ The point being is that is what we are watching. And this is the killer statement: ‘People hurt faster than institutions.’ The fact that these monsters, and that’s what they are, these media monsters, those mongrels from hell . . . going after the President’s son and going after his wife. . . . I am concerned with the treason, the treachery and total assault upon the military. When you see these people turning their backs on the President, former NSA, CIA, DIA, military commanders . . . kick their sorry butts out. I would also say this to anybody that has political clout. Call President Trump and tell him to bring back the commanders that Obama fired. Then, fire the ones that are there now.




Momi: thanks for taking the time last week to answer my question about your legal case.
Light light light to you and all involved FTHGAC

tail wagg




quinn michaels

Published on Aug 27, 2017
So I get lot’s of comments about finding Jesus, so I thought to make a video telling you why I’m doing this.

Part 2

Seems Quinn’s son is being taken to Wednesday rituals where animals are sacrificed by some secret society by his mother and grandfather. Quinn hasn’t seen him in 8 mos.
This secret society has a computer that can see into the future.

I saw this guy through George Webb videos.


Mysterious History of Bitcoin

Sarah Westall


Published on Aug 28, 2017
Brian Eha, Author of “How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance, joins the program to discuss the history of Bitcoin: A tale of corruption, intrigue, money, and power. His book is believed to be the most comprehensive and most researched depiction of Bitcoin’s history and origins.

While many aspects of Bitcoin’s history is still a mystery, Eha manages to answer many of the questions that readers have on the mysterious beginnings of the world’s first cryptocurrency.


Entire Texas National Guard Activated, Explosion Rocks Store In Houston




music #391531

I TOTALLY agree with your point.. as I see do others.
But I think Ben is referring to “revenge” as in battles between Khazarian/lizzy-pup factions.. and, of course, those guys LIKE mayhem.. the more the better.


music #391531

ALSO: The path of the storm seems IT is the clue to the geoengineered nature of it..
since W H E N did ANY story go inland, circle around a big city (Bush City).. then go back out to sea and then head inland elsewhere.. come on!


suncrystal #391535

can you share the video links with us?


mraidangwalsh #391538

mraidangwalsh: we don’t think Ben reads these comments.. definitely doesn’t respond to them.
If, however, you share some links or info about this, it’s likely other members will have thoughts to share.


deester #3915 44" class="ucm-comment-id">3915 44

deester.. you are a faithful servant


deester #3915

Sounds like Canada ie moving ahead with what Victurus Libertas Reported is going on here already:

Exclusive Jill Noble MIND BLOWING Interview – Refugee Takeover, Redistribution of Wealth. & More
4 mo ago:



sbarnett #391554

YES.. big prayers for you and all dealing with the storm there. all that you need and more.. fthgac.

At this point it’s not a matter of who caused it and why.. it’s a matter of “lending a hand” to all who need.


ltratar #391542

Thanks for reminding me of Abraham and the way to make use of it all.

“If you build it.. you will come!” 😉


kuuleimomi #391557

Yes. the pavement crowding out wetlands .. definitely a factor.. AFTER the storm headed inland and zeroed in on that City with that problem.

And.. of course, the least endowed citizens will be the ones dwelling in the most vulnerable places.

And again as I write this: light, blessings, WELL BEing to ALL ALL ALL involved… creators, victims, those of us who worry up close and worry from afar.. and those who weep. and those who hope. For The Highest Good of Us ALL.

I updated my page listing worldwide meditations.. and have more to add in a day or so.



O I am being like Caleb again.. a run-on string of little posts…
BUT.. not as poetic as Caleb.. nor as grumpy 😉

tail wagg all!


The OPPOSITE of grumpy.
I have been feeling tired, sore, “down” a little.. lonely a little.
Reading and gabbing here.. I am a little less sore.. even a little less tired (never mind.. need to go to bed soon) and a “full belly” of connection with all y’all.

You curious gabby folk are precious to me.


intruth #391565

Part 2

“Seems Quinn’s son is being taken to Wednesday rituals where animals are sacrificed by some secret society by his mother and grandfather. Quinn hasn’t seen him in 8 mos.
This secret society has a computer that can see into the future.”

O this hit my belly hard, intruth. I heard QuInn a while back.
But this.. I have worked professionally with clients from such families.. some of who’s “parts/alters” told me such things that the regular person did not (does not, as far as I know) remember/be aware of. (of course that may be a blessing). Others: remembered and then made themselves forget.. denied.

I do not forget of course.

And Quinn.. those I know.. SVALI that David W has stuff on on his blog.. they are just a spec.. a millespec of the masses that are enslaved and tortured daily.. in these sorts of ways.

AND. WE are … WE Truly ARE… ONE..

That parts of me/us are engaged in such… means WE have not moved ALL of US be yond.
To me.. THIS IS.. the LAW of ONE.

For another minute.. another day.. I do my best to release my pain.. forgive my self
our pain.. our selves…

I am sorry, please Forgive me
Thank you.
I love you.


More to come indeed.


From email from Natural News a couple of hours ago:

“I don’t subscribe to this conclusion, but a growing number of analysists are claiming Hurricane Harvey is a “weather weapon” that was deliberately intensified and steered into Texas to cause maximum economic devastation.

It sounds totally outlandish, I know, but the number of people following this theory is rapidly growing.

Check out their videos, patents and claimed explanations in today’s feature story.”

It all seemed too weird the way the water in the Gulf was reportedly 87 degrees F and the way it stalled out only moving 1-2 miles per hour. I kept wondering what was going on in DC and other places that we are being distracted from. Then my conspiracy theorist came out and I really got to pondering the why of all this and who would benefit the most, etc.

Anyway, I am keeping a positive outlook for our country and the world. I still believe there is hope. Also watched a George Kavissilas seminar online from last year that I had paid for but never seen. It reminded me that we are all creator-gods and many of us are living lives in many timelines and dimensions. We signed on for our challenges and the journeys we are experiencing. Why? Sometimes I wonder if I was a bit too big for my britches when I agreed to go through all this crap I have endured over the past few years.

Now I find out I have metastatic endometrial cancer and must have a total hysterectomy. One healing crisis after another for several months and now this. Oh, well. Will be seeing the oncologist soon. My PCP who is a naturopathic physician already has given me the list of pre-op and post-op meds to start taking. Also homeopathic meds and herbs for optimum recovery. NO CHEMO but am planning Rick Simpson oil as preventative after surgery to protect from possible lymph node involvement. I should never have to worry about cancer again.

Glad to be back. Windi


For those who can afford to donate to relief effort for Texas , this organization seems like a really worthwhile group:


Just heard about it on the radio in an interview


Disclosure in TV and Movies Live Stream Presentation August 30th at 3:33 P.M.!



fropm this article-quote—–The conclusion that consciousness can be experienced independently of brain function might well induce a huge change in the scientific paradigm in western medicine, and could have practical implications in actual medical and ethical problems such as the care for comatose or dying patients, euthanasia, abortion, and the removal of organs for transplantation from somebody in the dying process with a beating heart in a warm body but a diagnosis of brain death.
There are still more questions than answers, but, based on the aforementioned theoretical aspects of the obviously experienced continuity of our consciousness, we finally should consider the possibility that death, like birth, may well be a mere passing from one state of consciousness to another.—–unquote…..



i remember having a heated exchage with a guy who held a phd in psychology-and was a dean at a couple of universities…..

the guy freaked when i proclaimed that a woman in florida should not be removed from her feeding tube,as her parents visited her regularily amd wanted to continue to spend time with their daughter-who was in a comatose state…..

this woman in florida was removed from her feeding tube and starved to death,as her ex husband was able to get the courts to back his insistance on expiring her from this construct…..

the phd dean guys teachings from universities told him this lady had no feelings,thoughts etc,in her comatose state…..

the street guy(me) opposed that doctrine…..

the poor brainwashed phd guy figured the universities doctrines were like his bible to fevershly defend from any other model of reality presented…..

someday this war is going to be over……


recent webinar by alex collier-donations appreciated…..


at the beginning of this film alex speaks of people who have had near death experiences-and came back to have more of their dna activated as a result of – 3 strand dna activation processies etc…..

it looks like when the soul returns into the body – the super powerful energies of the soul returning,tend to trigger dna switches and such to go on…..


Regarding the reason for keeping people in place in Houston- the mayor didn’t want to put any energy into making a plan that would get folks out of the city.

Like having people from each area taking different paths out of area they are in. So people don’t cross the city and get in each other’s way or running out of gas ⛽️ because they didn’t use both sides of the freeway to leave the area.

Last time there was a hurricane many people died on the freeway.


from this article-quote—–It hasn’t been easy for Barbara Amaya to talk about her past. She was abused at home as a child, and when she was 12 she ran away to Washington, D.C. — where she was picked up by sex traffickers and forced into prostitution.

“I fell into the hands of a woman. I was sitting in the park and she just started talking to me,” Barbara tells her daughter, Bianca Belteton, on a visit to StoryCorps in Arlington, Va.

“I was hungry and cold and young, and she took me to an apartment. Before I knew it, they put a wig on me, took me to the corner of 14th and I [streets], and they sold me to a trafficker.”—–unquote…..



Winifred, I’m so sorry to hear that your are struggling with such a serious ailment and I want to share with you a great healing device I’ve been using for the last two years it’s called a “Zapper”. It is original design is to kill parasites by sound frequency-but the makers found that they are also highly effective in destroying many viruses as well. My personal experience is it cured me of herpes and a latent shingles virus that had nestled itself in my back for about thirty years, (The same time I contacted the herpes virus.). I also gave out other ones that cured genital herpes, cold and flu viruses. Tooth decay. I now use the “Terminator 2 Zapper” which is very powerful. The basic one costs about $50 bucks the Terminators about $150.00. I hope you try one, they cannot hurt you and can only help you. Love and Light -John



Strength of character comes from life’s challenges. When they come up for me I have to put on a extra layer of protection so I can control my emotions and not center on what I don’t want in my life.

I still get caught up but then I back off and let my life’s truth catch up. Still life can be heart breaking


That was a wonderful video by Alex collier – very much what I am going thru now


“Your connection is not secure

The owner of http://www.britannica.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.
Learn more…
Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites”

I’m getting this more & more I’m finding. Perhaps just another way to close down access to information. Admittedly piratebay does have malicious ads. but it should still be my choice.


New post is up.

I’m first there, you mofos!




The legendary loyalty of canines is extraordinary!



Thank you so much for your kindness to Windi in sharing those links about the zappers.

I was, like, “Oh, yea … those things!”

I forgot about them, but I ordered a Terminator 2 for myself and a basic zapper for my dog.

I’m confident that the devices will help both of us.

I’ve yet to share my dog story, so now I will do it.

I got my dog three years ago — an AKC-registered German Shepard — for just $15 from a local animal shelter, originally for the purpose of helping me do my “guard duty” for a local pot grower.

When my friend told me that there was a German Shepard at the local shelter after calling around on my behalf, I thought, “Oh, it’s going to be a skinny, problematic dog.” But I went there, anyway, as I’m a huge fan of German Shepards — they are the only kind of dog that I’ve ever had.

So, I got there and when the dude opened the door, out came this a most-beautiful German Shepard that I was just stunned. “Really? That one?”

And she turned out to be part of a line of German Shepards with a sire of “Mountbatten,” a line of German Shepards that has won more awards than any line, so I’m told.

And what’s funny was that my last GF — um, now 22 years ago, wow — had three beautiful German Shepards from the SAME lineage of German Shepards!

And I was told by a former vet assistant that my dog would easily have gone for $3,000.

My dog — I’m not going to say her name, as she’s got a chip in her and I don’t want to give the effing agencies any info — turned out to be fantastic. Smart, beautiful, very sensitive, alert, fun and so much more.

She’s super-sensitive to anger, any kind of anger. I had — and still have — huge anger issues, but I’ve learned to just to fugg’n let that shit go and not get mad at all around her.

I think that she has PTSD from the military guy who dumped her, along with his wife, from whom he called her up after flying to Europe and told her that he was divorcing her, leaving his dog with her.

So, you know what women do when they are scorned, right? And my dog came with a big bin with tools, 2 stainless steel bowls, brushes, etc. That stuff alone was, like, $200 worth of stuff at retail, man.

And what’s crazy is that she was at the shelter for 8 frigg’n weeks. And that shelter had to be hell for her.

When the animal dude opened that door to the back part of the shelter, I was stunned with the sheer LOUDNESS of the barking/baying of the dogs in there. OMG. I immediately realized that she had to hear that LOUD shit dozens of times a day before finally leaving with me.

She loves to chase birds, squirrels, but when she’s right up to them with any chance to bite them, so won’t bite them. She just likes the chase.

She was 8.5 years old when I got her and now she’s 11.5. She’s definitely older now, not as able to chase the balls so many times at a time, but she’s healthy because I feed her about 90% raw meat (I eat raw meat, too). Ground-up meat, mainly.

I get the meat, make ’em into patties, then push them onto a layer of dry grain-free, organic dog food and she’ll eat the meat, along with some of the dry dog food. Occasionally, I’d give her some grain-free canned food. Both the dry and canned food are from the local homeless people who help out the homeless. I buy the meat from a local discount store.

We both benefited from each other and we bonded with each other immediately. I hardly had to train her anything, and she needs to be shown only once or twice and she gets it every time. She’s super-well-behaved, and she’ll almost always pause at a door, a bed, etc, waiting for me to say, “Ok!”, then she’d make her moves.

People — women especially — out at shopping centers, etc, always smile when they see my dog and always say, “Oh, she’s so beautiful!”

I’m so, so lucky to have her.

Right now she’s on my bed with her head right on my pillow sleeping. So cute!


winifred #391580

I would recommend you take a look at
before you commit to the surgeon’s scalpel.

. . . the Beck Protocol was born.
The four parts of the Beck Protocol work in harmony to boost the healing process:
• Micropulsing
• Magnetic pulsing
• Ionic colloidal silver
• Ozonating water

With micropulsing the electrodes are placed on the wrist above the two wrist arteries unlike a zapper which is usually just strapped to your arm.

http://www.sota.com sells a micropulser/colloidal silver maker in one @ $280, & a water ozonator or
https://electronickitcomplete.com/blood-electrification/ for Beck’s micropulser at $69, which has a variable voltage dial where higher the voltage does more damage to bacteria, viruses & fungi; when & if it starts to irritate one can then lower the voltage.



That was a wonderful video by Alex collier – very much what I am going thru now


oh ya isn’t alex an awesome human being…..

his deeply honest and humble ways shines bright…..

a primo ambassador for the andromedans here on the earths surface(if I may say so)…..hahahahaha…..


hey windi-just in case you are not familiar with cleopatrashealth.com grooooovy medicines…..

including progold – colloidal gold,diatomaceous earth-the abyss,and monolaurin-from the coconut-anti viral,anti microbial,anti bacterial…..

I take these ones each day…..


ive seen great results of my mother in law when taking the monolauren and diatomaceous earth…..

this progold stuff I’m figuring is primo real medicine also – still in research ongoing as always of course…..

we need to get the energy systems healing pods available to all sooooon…..

a votre sante…..



from this webpage-quote—–High Voltage Plasma Arc Colloidal ProGold 200ppm .9999%

ProGold200 Professional 32oz (946ml)

Benefits of High Voltage Plasma Arc Colloidal Gold May Include :

*Anti-Inflammatory powers to alleviate pain and swelling amongst arthritis and bursitis

*Provides Anti Aging

*Highers IQ and Pineal Gland Enhancing Possibilities

*Eases pains of Arthritis, Rheumatism, bursitis, and Tendonitis

*Has been used Historically to treat digestive disorders, circulatory problems, depression, obesity and burns

*Catalyst for endorphin like hormones

**High Voltage Colloidal Gold has demonstrated Anti-Tumor/Cancer Activity

Pro Gold200 Professional Features:

True High Voltage Plasma Arc Colloidal Gold 200ppm 72hour Batch Time.

Particle Size Between 1 and 40 nanometers (6000 times smaller than a red blood cell)

Contains Only 100% Pure .9999 Gold using the Underwater Plasma Arc Method.

Features No Salts, No preservatives, No Additives, No Chloride (Gold Chloride), No Reduction Agents, just Pure .9999% Gold.

BPA Free Amber GLASS Bottles and Free measuring scoop.

Light Purple/Clear in color due to the High Voltage small particle size (The True Professional Colloidal Gold), Tasteless, Not Red or Dark Purple Useless Solutions

Some Conditons HV Colloidal Gold has been used for :

Brain dysfunctions such as mental fog and forgetfulness. NaturalNews reports that research has shown IQ is boosted with colloidal gold.
Insomnia and inability to relax
Glandular issues and dysfunction.
Chills and/or night sweats.
Hot flashes, including those from hormonal imbalances.
Digestive disorders
Drug and alcohol addictions.
Arthritis and any other joint inflammations.
Depression, both chronic and SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
Hypertension, high blood pressure, and muscle tension.
Irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmia).
Lowered libido and/or sexual dysfunction.



My heart goes out to the millions of Americans impacted by this storm. It’s truly unbelievable when you look at the coverage and the continuing rollout of disasters.

It’s been a big surprise to me that some of those who would be most likely to assume it to be an attack are claiming it to be a natural event. Like Jim Stone, for instance (click on the text for the link):

Some people are claiming Harvey was engineered. I disagree. I think Harvey was just a natural hurricane. And anyone who has read this web site for any length of time knows what I said about the other hurricanes. This time, the hurricane was 100 percent real, and not engineered. I don’t see anything in the behavior of this hurricane that indicates in any way it is not simply a normal strong hurricane.

But, as several have pointed out here, it was obviously engineered, and “steered” on its weird course by outside forces, possibly just to raise oil prices while crippling a good part of our energy infrastructure.

Well, as has happened with virtually all the recent “supernatural” storms, this one was preceded with HAARP activity a couple of days in advance:

“This is a HAARP injection. They have excited the upper atmosphere with energy and this is so when Hurricane Harvey shows up tomorrow or Saturday morning it will intensify instantly and become very deadly. HAARP is what the government uses to make man made weather. They used it with Katrina and Sandy….. We are being set up for a catastrophic weather event by our own government. I am glad you caught this….

I have caught these energy bursts on radar many times. The deadly weather always happens 24-48 hours after the HAARP energy burst. These energy bursts have happened before huge Tornado outbreaks and even flood events…. This is not a flash storm. It is energy being injected in the upper ionosphere which makes the upper ionosphere ready to pop when the storms roll through. In this case when Harvey rolls through. This is a great catch and I am sharing with all the people I know in Corpus. Great catch!!!”

Check out the “smoking gun” radar anomalies referenced, at this link.

For those new to this topic, the linked article offers up a full explanation as to how this all works.


Fox News removed from UK airwaves

RIP Fox News Britain. The end has come to the conservative network in Great Britain after failing to garner viewers.

CNN reported Tuesday that Rupert Murdoch and his sons have decided to pull the network rather than to trying to continue to attract an audience. The network also caused a major problem as the Murdoch family tried to conduct a $15 billion takeover of Sky News.

“Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.,” 21st Century Fox said in a statement.


Lakewinds–while we cannot be for certain if this hurricane is whipped up by HARRP or not, we do know they aren’t trying to soften it or move it out to sea. They are sitting on their HARRP facilities and letting these people loose their lives, their homes, their jobs…the destruction is definitely causing misery and therefore feeding the evil spirits (loosh) that have plagued this reality for centuries.


#391609 cornpoppin

Hi corn … I’ve been an informed observer ever since DutchSinse gave his audience the full, college-level course on HAARP a few years ago. After some discouragement from wherever, he stopped his HAARP updates and now talks mostly about earthquakes.

Take a look at the link I provided, and you may well be as convinced as I am as to the non-natural origins and behaviors of this storm. This happens before virtually all the catastrophic storms.

Ben seems to think this is deliberate as well, as he commented in this week’s post.


William Mount talks about Harvey


Lakewinds– I believe someone murdered DutchSeninse’ best friend.


William Mount was almost taken out too– by a flesh eating bacteria just a few weeks ago. He still faces surgeries to repair his rear end after having pounds of flesh removed to stop the bacteria.


#391613 cornpoppin
I believe someone murdered [DutchSinse]’s best friend.

Well, that would slow me down also.


phoenix9061210  #391559

#391555 #391545

What policies does this left wing party in New Zealand have?

2017-08-29 6:40 AM

Hi Phoenix,

I do realise that you are pro right and not happy about the left in politics. I do not vote Labour or National in New Zealand – as I have stated before, I like the maverick in the pack – Winston Peters of ‘NZ First’ party.

However I did a search in Google for “NZ Labour Party Policies” and the google display came up with:

National Party of New Zealand – Delivering For New Zealanders‎
National Is Putting Money Back Into Your Pocket. G Hamilton, 41 Pipitea St WLG‎
Less Debt‎ · Lifting Incomes‎ · More Jobs‎
Learn More About National‎
Get Updates From National‎
Read The Latest News‎
Sign Up To Volunteer‎

THEN the next item was:

Jacinda Ardern promises ‘relentless positivity’ as Labour leader‎

BUT to actually see any policy link one has to go down to the 4th item in the list (even though that is what I searched for).


So even here in New Zealand we have the cabal flunkies being manipulated into prominence no matter what one searches for.

The “National” party is our right-wing (Republican/Conservaties) and the “Labour” party is the left-wing (Democrats/Labour) as regards the equivalents in USA and England.

So here is a link for you to the Labour Party policies (4th item in the search):


Basically, as would be expected of Labour, they want to spend on health, education, social housing etc., whereas under the last 9 years of a National, we have massive unaffordable housing, extremely poor health services and a massive growing divide between ultra rich and the middle class. Many children go to school without breakfast as their families have so little money left after rent, power and other ‘mandatory’ expenses have been paid.

We have a unique form of MMP government here in New Zealand. MMP stands for “Mixed Member Proportional” elections where every voter gets two votes – one for a local Member of Parliament and the second for a “Party” vote. The House of Representatives is then decided but the PROPORTION of votes a particular PARTY gains (as long as it is over 5% OR they get at least ONE elected representative).

So what that means in effect is coalition governments – not a situation of FPP (First Past the Post) elections as in the USA and UK. Our ‘House’ is made up of 120 representatives – therefor one need 61 seats to govern. If National have 47% of the votes (56 seats), they need at least 5 members from smaller parties to form a government.

The current “Polls” are National 44%, Labour 34%, NZ First 11%, Green Party 10% and various smaller parties (Maori, Mana, Act, TOP) all on 0-2% each.

I hope that give you an idea of our upcoming elections in 4 weeks time.

Kind regards,


After massive public backlash and sponsors threatening to pull out their support, the Hamilton Tiger Cats football team in the Canadian Football League, changed their decision to hire former, disgraced Baylor coach Art Briles. This makes as much sense as Cuck Trudeau donating Canadian taxpayer dollars to the Clinton Foundation in support of women around the world, considering Bill’s reputation as a rapist.


Excerpt: Art Briles is not someone I want anywhere near anything that I enjoy.

If you don’t know, Briles was the head coach of the very successful football team at Baylor University in Texas. His football knowledge is unquestionable. His morals, however, are a completely different story.

Though never convicted of any crimes, a report conducted by Baylor found that Briles had failed to act several sexual assault allegations against his players including an alleged gang rape committed by five players.

He was fired for it.

Fired for showing a blatant disregard for the rights of the women allegedly terrorized by his football players in favour of, well, winning.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Art Briles decided that his football program was more important than the rights and safety of women.

More on site.


Big surprise here – FBI investigation of Awan being meddled with by the “Justice Department”.


Excerpt: Federal agents believe the Justice Department is meddling in the FBI’s efforts to expand the Imran Awan and Hina Alvi investigation in what appears to be a blatant attempt to shield Democratic members of Congress entangled in the burgeoning criminal case.

That’s because the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia — Channing Phillips — who is running point on the case is likewise a Democrat, appointed by President Barack Obama. Phillips was appointed just months before the grand jury convened to weigh evidence in the Awan case.

FBI agents feel they have amassed crucial evidence to expand the Awan case into a wider investigation of possible espionage and blackmail but the Bureau is getting push back from the US Attorney’s Office in D.C., federal sources confirmed.

More on site.


100 – YES! I’m there.


winifred #391580

Hi Windi!

So sad, so sad to hear about your condition!
I also want to share something – one device I already talked about earlier. Hope you got the time and energy to check it out. Many positive feedbacks coming in from costumers.It’s kind of new and users are sharing new areas they get assistance with, constantly. Think it can give an extra boost of your immune system, thus hopefully reduce the recovery time after any treatment you should decide upon.
It’s called The Lemurian Plug!
Cost only around 50 usd freight included
Some benefits:
Neutralizes Toxins
Holds a healing and restorative frequency
Protects from EMF’s
Transmits energy to any cellular device (your phone)
Enhances Food…But much more…

As said – There are many user who tells about extraordinary results on so many levels – I myself are completely free from food intolerance and allergies. This happen within the first week. I’ve used over 30 years to try to heal this condition, without success That was a miracle for me.

Hope you can consider or have consider the Frankincence essential oil, as well. People have treated many illness with it – including cancer.

I’m also sadden by the “weather weapon” , you describe. It sure sounds very suspicious. Been very busy and also some net problems lately, are not up to date.

Healing prayers goes to you and all who suffering under the brutal cabal hand, whether it’s Hurricane Harvest or other abomination sent by them.

I send unlimited amounts of love and healing energy your way Windi. Hope you will recover faster than fast – and remember the power of your intent as a creator being….. It sure difficult to stay positive under these circumstances, I know. If you are able however to visualize your body totally healed and healthy – that will help too imo.


You Have A Secret Bank Account- Heres How To Use It
TDA accounts!


Thank you all who sent me prayers and advice on devices! I ordered the zapper that Zander shared and read all your notes… along with Siggi and mkdachs. You all are wonderful. Windi


Hi Windi, I’m going to do the same. Will be dealing with my clostridia infection (since early childhood) on three fronts: the micropulsar, oregano oil, Rife frequency – the machine has two settings.



Hi Windi

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Much healing energy coming your way.

I am so pleased you are looking at alternatives. My best friend passed just over 2 months ago. She wanted to go alternative but her husband was too overbearing, along with the pharmaceutical prostitutes, otherwise known as drs!

Take care



siggi #391623

That’s pretty impressive Siggi, to get rid of your allergies after one week only. I don’t have any but there must be so much EMF in/around my apartment, I should get one.



The following is from a friend who has been through it (fighting cancer) & come out healthy:

I would cut out any foods that convert to sugar.
Ie. grains, fruit, processed foods.
I would lower protein as too much keeps your sugar levels up.
Keep away from vegetable oils etc.
Up good fat intake.
So virtually no carbs.
Low protein and high good fat, especially coconut oil.
Cancer feeds on sugar.
It uses fermentation to survive.
There are other things obviously, but a clean diet gets toxins away from you.
i.e. soaps detergents. skin stuff. Just keep away from chemicals.
Get stress levels down somehow.
A lot depends on where the person is at & that usually will slow cancer down and often cure it.
Colloidal silver & baking soda + lemon can help.

Fasting is super powerful, but a lot of people are afraid of it.


zanderboy #391631
Hi zander!
Absolute – I still in awe.. So many things I couldn’t participate in.. also the detoxification of body, food and enviornment itself is just amazing – and much more….- all for 50 quid.. I say that’s a barging
Think I’ve used thousand of USD in my life…and with no significant improvement at all.
I’m really happy!


I will repeat! – the plug remove all toxin from food, and I mean ALL (pesticides,, all toxic additives, chemical components ->from chem trails….. – just by having them in your frig or freezer for some hours, or as little as 30 min. It will also stay longer fresh – twice as long is my experiences. So much more could be said.
I can state this because I’ve always been super sensitive. Now I can eat those product The quality of your food will be that of organic – no joking here. If not I would be instantly sick! Lived on mostly organic food the last 25 years.
(I get no bonus for promoting it, that would not suit my path very well.
Anything I’ve tried first hand and works – I will gladly share!)


Siggi, I also ordered a Lemurian plug. (Even though it sounds like some alien sex toy!) I have sooo many allergies that I thought it wouldn’t hurt to assist in achieving healing. I already have been using an orgone Harmonizer from Australia for many years. Thank you, Rhonda, for your comments! I love you all! Windi



I wish you the best in your journey to beat the monster that’s threatening you.

If you wish, feel free to check out a book, “The Energy Cure,” which is an outstanding book that shows that anyone can heal by setting aside their minds (with a specific technique), allowing the Force of the Universe to flow through them and into the recipient of the energy.

This technique cures anything — cancer, fibro, MS — you name it.


Reality check re violence from anti fascists, liberals, BLM, Muslim,etc


 “you antifa guys are actually more hateful and violent than any neo nazi group in the 21st century. its fucking disgusting and you should be branded as terrorists just as much as the KKK”

We’d usually just block you, Anon, but we’re going to use your message as a reminder of where the violence is coming from in 2017.  Off the top of our heads, here’s what the year has looked like so far:

January 20, 2017: A right-wing extremist shoots a protestor at a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of Washington.

January 29, 2017: Alexandre Bissonnette walks into a mosque in Canada during evening prayers and opens fire, shooting 17 people and killing six of them.
January 2017: Over 40 Jewish centers in the U.S. receive bomb threats.

 February 22, 2017:  Adam Purinton tells two men from India to “get out of my country” then shoots both plus a bystander, killing one.

February 28, 2017: a mosque in Toronto is set on fire by arsonists.

March 12, 2017: a mosque in Ypsilanti, MI. is set on fire by arsonists.

March 20, 2017: James Jackson arrives in Manhattan with a sword and stabs the first black man he sees to death.  He later tells authorities he “intended to kill as many black men as he could.”


Windi, many positive thoughts sent your way.


White House Asked To Declare George Soros A Terrorist And Seize All Of His Organization’s Assets

“Although his immense wealth and his connections with the Democratic party have kept him virtually impervious to reprisal, his latest actions may finally come back to haunt him. According to usasupreme, a petition challenging Soros has already gathered almost 34,000 signatures, putting it on course to receive the 100,000 signatures needed to receive an official response from the White House…”

More on site: http://occupydeplorables.com/white-house-asked-to-declare-george-soros-a-terrorist-and-seize-all-of-his-organizations-assets/



Chants at Berkeley rally: ‘No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!’


John Rappoport’s latest reads like a scene out of Ayn Rand’s books.


Another from Rappoport.


Socialism is, in the minds of most people who advocate it, a vague sentiment about people being kinder to each other.

Consider this fatuous and ludicrous statement, uttered by the mob boss of bosses of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, in 1961: “The socialist economy has become so strong, so vigorous that from the summits we have reached we can issue an open challenge of peaceful economic competition to the most powerful capitalist country—the United States of America.”

Here is a correct translation: “Bankrolled and given vital technology by a few elites from the West, our vast society of socialist slave workers is now able to engage in capitalist competition with America.”

The raving of a madman.

Today’s youth who push and protest and riot and censor, on behalf of socialism, are working for the ultra-rich whom they despise.

That’s the long and short of “the glorious revolution.”

The Carnegies and Rockefellers of today (including a miniature Rockefeller named George Soros) have engaged the young as foot soldiers, and they know the young are willing dupes for socialism, because they created, for the young, an education system that makes them clueless and mindless.

The Carnegies and Rockefellers of today are saying: “Bring on the new world, the better world, the more just world, the happier world—whatever you want to call it—so we can run it from the top and show you what we really think of you. Make every conceivable lever of power ours, and then we’ll reveal what we really have planned for you.”


“Light-capped mountains attract the masses.

Climbers are recognized.

Inner strength discovered, humanity rises.

Florals are gathered for the celebration.”


Michael: if you are lurking .. know that I miss your posts here… especially when these guys put a new one of their divine “haikus”…

Blessing/blissings to all fthgac.
and a tail wagg


eustice mullins-quote—–“The bandits of the World Order have succeeded in robbing the whole world through the technique of the bal masque, the disguise that enables them to carry on their Satanic work without being identified and prosecuted.—–unquote…..




I add my caring to the throngs who enwrap you in our intentions for your TOTAL recovery and Strength.. FTHGAC…

You inspire us.. and we love you!



Sending ‘healing’ energies your way… 🙂

Thanks for the link Siggi to the Lemurian Plug… just ordered a couple myself this morning.

Great sharing of info lately… awesome stuff. 😎

Best to you all.


I am taking a class with my spiritual group where we are reviewing and strengthening our Meditation/Spiritual Exercises Practices..

It is SUCH a HELP at the moment.

I just did the “SO-HAWNG” meditation to balance mind and emotions.. Breathe in on “SO” and Breath out on “Hawng” (thinking the words mentally)… pp 47-49 in the book:

Inner Worlds of Meditation by John-Roger

Simple.. peaceful.. thought you might enjoy it too. 😉


#391638 nightsinger5

nightsinger … it’s good to see you back! Your comment is a good reminder of where the violence is coming from these days.


The violence is coming from the left and the cabal


#391652 Melissa

Hi Melissa … How’s your situation with the storm? As I recall from your posts, your house is on a higher elevation, but flood waters were in the yard.

I see that the storm is moving away from Austin, although it’s certainly taking its sweet time. I hope you and your animals are doing well.


I wonder if TPTB are using the Hurricane to line their pockets with all the donations coming into the corrupt Red Cross, just like they did in Haiti. 🙁

The Red Cross is making it so easy for you to send in your money with just ‘texting’ and many do not know how ‘corrupt’ it truly is. 😡



this also includes the cult of governments or religion

our house is at the top of the Hill in the hill country of Austin, so not flat land and not near
a water source but even one house above us sends so much water down to us that we have
to divert it away from the house or the house floods on the back corner. We weren’t in any trouble from flooding but from the wind and rain it could have been more serious.

My son moved out of Houston at the end of April but has a storage unit there and I am concerned that his stuff is destroyed. I kept trying to get him to bring it to Austin but I
guess that is his karma , of which he has a ton of to deal with because he has a giant chip on his shoulder from being a Bernie supporter and buying the young turks crap. No body owes any body else a living and I am afraid that many of his generation think they are owed and I think it will be a big wake up call for them when they realize life has passed them by because they haven’t taken responsibility for their own actions and lifes and what happens to them.

True brain washing and it just isn’t leading to anything positive…Perception without awareness…


Monsanto: It Ain’t Glyphosate, it’s the Additives!
August 30, 2017
Glyphosate is the largest component of Monsanto Roundup, the world’s largest weed-killer and the toxin mandated in every Monsanto Genetically Manipulated (GMO) planting. But what Monsanto refuses to disclose is what additives it uses, otherwise termed surfactants or adjuvants, ostensibly to give the glyphosate a “turbo” weed-killer effectiveness boost.

Since late 2016 the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has been hearing a case brought by a group of plaintiffs against Monsanto, claiming the firm falsified test results and refused to test the actual commercial mix sold as Roundup, a mix which contains far more deadly chemicals than glyphosate, especially when combined with glyphosate, in order to show its best-selling Roundup to be harmless in recommended doses and non-carcinogenic.

It’s the Surfactants!

On June 30, 2017, attorneys from Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, lawyers for the plaintiffs, released online court documents provided by Monsanto to the Court in the ongoing California case against Monsanto. Those Monsanto secret documents reveal the criminal company collusion to cover up the truth about its Roundup weed-killer……..



A Tale of Two Worlds — Much of Houston Underwater
August 30, 2017
by Harley Schlanger, Rogue Money:
The Harris County Flood Control District has even been short of minimal maintenance funds. Earlier this month, its Director of Operations, Matt Zeve, told the Houston Chronicle that the District had a $100 million maintenance backlog.A Tale of Two Worlds by LaRouchePAC

Take a quick look at the infrastructure history of the region, centered on the San Jacinto and Brazos river systems. This is the location of the greater Houston area, which is barely 50 feet above sea level, and prone to flooding.

As Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Today it is not two cities, but two visions of the future of mankind, and of the fundamental nature of man.

The world is watching the devastation in Houston — a natural disaster, of course, but one which found a “little people” (as Schiller said of the French population at the time of Dickens’s tale), who have allowed the nation’s infrastructure to decay to the point of collapse. Houston is notoriously unprepared to deal with flooding during even annual storms, let alone hurricanes or the current 1,000-year flood. Already in 2012, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the city a C- on its “report card” regarding flood control. The two primary flood control dams for Houston, both on the verge of overflow or even collapse in the current storm, were built in the 1940s and are 20 years past their life expectancy.


These are the Times that Try Men’s Souls | Chris Duane
Reluctant Preppers
Published on Aug 29, 2017

every 80 yrs the face of the economy is changed – the time has come and he talks about what America will look like when this happens.. He thinks it will be hard for the next 7 yrs and he said the average Venezuelan has lost 20 lbs a yr because of what the gov there is doing.
He thinks crypto currency are a poncy scheme – he explains how the gov will break the cryptos…

Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil


winifred #391636

Ha ha ha ha ha Windi – you haven’t lost your wonderful humor. And that is always beneficial in any healing process.
Great you bought it!- remember to marry your phone with it…..he he
Best luck now – please tell us all how it goes. We do care in this blog!
siigg – The ET Sales Agent…


Worries about a Galveston Bio-Lab
August 30, 2017



Australia’s Crop Losses and Grand Solar Minimum Weather Patterns Emerging (445)

Adapt 2030



The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In: Part 1 Vaccines

By Catherine J. Frompovich

AUGUST 30, 2017



edgar mitchell(astronaut)-quote—-I have spoken to many airforce officers who have worked at these silos during the cold war…..they told me ufo s were frequently seen overhead,and often disabled their missiles.—–unquote…..




Hi Intruth

Wow, that video is rather worrying! We have all our seed ready to plant for this summers veggie crop. Now they are importing bugs to destroy our veg.

I have looked into the tech Siggi put up re the Lemurian plug. Seems the bugs don’t like the frequencies this plug emits and will leave. Looks like I will be getting one of these plugs in the not too distant future.

Thanks for the info Siggi!!!!



Jacob rothchild-quote—–“The period of monetary accommodation may well be coming to an end.”—–unquote…..



absolutely…..you will sooooon require to pay for your own accomodations……

our peoples will no longer pay for it through their blood sweat and tears…..

our sons and daughters of humanity are no longer yours to to defile,in what has been a most obscene extreme heartless demonic criminally insane attack on them…..

adieu maintenant des minion diable…..


from this article-quote—–Who are the ASCENDED MASTERS?

They have completed every challenge and gone through all levels of difficulty in the earth system of reincarnation, and escaped this prison earth control matrix, and therefore they can instruct us with cosmic knowledge to assist in accelerating the liberation of planet earth. Based on their previous lifetimes and experiences on earth, they have their own higher visions to support planetary liberation and they are fully committed to all living beings on planet earth.—–unquote…..



from this article-quote—–2017 is a LIGHT year where we are all entering into a full disclosure process and becoming ready to welcome the coming of The New Atlantis. The International Golden Age Group (Prepare For Change – Taiwan) will provide remote healing with Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays on the 14th and 15th day of every lunar month to help people around the world heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift provided to everyone free of charge.—–unquote…..



Adjusting to The New Frequencies ~ The Divine Council of Overseers

by L’Aura Pleiadian-quote—–The New Light Frequencies are the Downloads you are receiving that activate the Light Codes within your own unique Blueprint. You are a conglomerate of various frequencies throughout what appears as your Universe.

You are a Light Being and are receiving that which awakens you to your knowing ~ of the Light Being that you Are.

The Worlds and levels of Light are the dimensions you consciously exist in as a way of the Light you experiencing yourself. The way you may perceive.

At some levels of vibration you are not consciously aware of the Higher versions of you. This is leaving consciousness as an outmoded framework of reference. You are receiving the activations ~ that activate that which you are At the higher levels of LIGHT ~ YOU.—–unquote…..



no more of the demons roundup spewing through the heart of french humanity of lovely mother earth…..

bravo…..vive la france…..vive la lumiere…..vive la sacre mercenaire(de les force lumiere…..hahahahaha…..)…..




Her main points:

Bannon’s departure means no one in the WH opposes US / Israeli escalation.
A recent video and photo showing Syrian insurgents teaching school children how to act like chemical weapons victims.
A fake news story in Reuters claiming the UN intercepted a North Korean shipment of chemicals to Syria. (Reuters is a well-known channel for this sort of deception – in the summer of 2014 their false stories about the Ukraine war were rampant – Ed.)
An article in the Daily Beast, (another notorious alphabet agency / neocon lie factory – Ed.) tying in Iran with Syria and North Korea.
A tweet from Nikki Haley, saying that the US will shoot first and ask questions later if any chemical weapons are used in the area, and a WH statement reminding people that Syria used chemical weapons in 2014. (Which has since been proved untrue) – suggesting an upcoming false flag.
Netanyahu’s trip to Moscow where he told Putin he would prefer for ISIS to win over Syria and Iran and would attack Syria to prevent that from happening.
Syria’s impending victory in Deir Ezzor puts the US in a position where they would have to attack in order to salvage their rapidly collapsing MIddle East policy.
Then she goes on to enumerate the correct predictions she has made since 2012.

Yeah, she’s good (& a beauty).



“CO2 is changing the jet stream in ways that will create more Harveys.
Climate science predicted a weaker jet stream, and Harvey stalled because of a weakened jet stream.”

Later in the article: “Enhanced warming of the Arctic affects the jet stream by slowing its west-to-east winds and by promoting larger north-south meanders in the flow,” NOAA said in a press release. “The researchers say that with more solar energy going into the Arctic Ocean because of lost ice, there is reason to expect more extreme weather events, such as heavy snowfall, heat waves, and flooding in North America and Europe but these will vary in location, intensity, and timescales.”

It looks fairly complex & can’t be directly related to global warming with certainty.
Meanwhile, back in the real world of facts (apparently)

MINI ICE AGE IS COMING – Global Unrest, Famine, Mass Migration, Increased Vulcanism, Flooding

where John Casey who wrote Dark Winter, tells us according to NASA & NOAA’s own satellite data both Arctic & Antarctic temperatures are cooling & sea ice is increasing. Global warming ended back in 2010, & went to ‘change’. Combine with the solar (sunspot activity, other solar activity output) minimum we can definitely expect what we here (from Dane Wigington & others) have come to expect.

Add the present increased volcanic activity (& where it’s going) & the resultant ash will act as a shield to promote further cooling.


Folks affected by Harvey should know that on September 1 (tomorrow) the law will change about lawsuits concerning tardy insurance claim payments.


Excerpt: For many Texans ravaged by the rain and winds Hurricane Harvey carried ashore this past weekend, filing an insurance claim for the damage their property sustained is probably the farthest thing from their minds right now. But waiting to submit a claim past Friday could cost them big.

A new law set to take effect Friday aims to crack down on frivolous insurance lawsuits. But House Bill 1774 also reduces the penalty interest rate insurance companies face for late payments if the policyholder files a lawsuit.

If insurance companies are late in paying claims as a result of a lawsuit, they must pay an additional penalty to policyholders. Under current state law, that penalty comes in the form of a fee that totals 18 percent of the claim. For claims filed after Friday, that rate will be determined by a market-based formula that is capped at 20 percent. Currently, the rate would be 10 percent.

More on site.

Although this affects only lawsuits, and not claims, it strips the rights from someone down the road who wants to sue the insurance company if the property owner deems it is an unfair settlement and is not be handled in a timely manner.

Here is more information on claims.



My son moved out of Houston at the end of April but has a storage unit there …

– #391660

So Stefan Molyneux has this idea that it is single mothers that brainwash children to be hard left and I am sure that is a part of it, but it seems to me the situation is clearly more complicated. He seems to be a bit hung up on the whole mother thing and he only sees things from his Virgo Seventh house Stellium. For me with Pluto in 7th house Scorpio sextile Neptune (and a lot of other aspects) things are more psychological.

Is this Bernster behaviour in his astrology chart? I do actually take things down to densities also and have found 6th density often do go a bit leftist for certain reasons. There is also usually a density mis match. I.e. fifth density types relate to sixth density. I have not seen a time when this was not the case. If they are in the same family then they avoid each other and have favourites of the different density, or have a separation early on. Although, I have heard of a time when I think it is not the case, although I may not know one of the actors well enough. Difficult life path that one.

Sixth density has to be emotional often, not logical, to maintain polarity.

I am soon going to do a post on densities and really put the definition forward properly rather than trying to respect free will so much. Because of this William Tomkins incident. Because rather than being too frightened to look at the situation, and fearing that the negative have snuffed him out and the negativity has caused problems with his polarity or graduation. In my view William being fourth density, if there was a negative influence, it would have come in as martyrdom and he would have graduated fine. The positive forces would have likely stopped it otherwise.

Early on, months or years ago, it would not have been appropriate to talk about densities but we are getting close to something now and these things will become known anyway.

The fourth density group, of which there are MANY in the new age community, may be staying on earth and fifth and sixth may be leaving for all I know and that is something to think about.

I’m clearly as mad as ever.


So Phoenix are you able to clarify this level, density, dimension, stacked nature of the evolutionary set up a little?



Hey, the fundamentals come from the Law of One but there are only smatterings in the Law of One. I just realised because of that question. I probably know more than most people can gather from that text because I have been thinking about the concepts since I read it more than ten years ago.

Thought starts with the creator and gets thinker by going down densities, then:

First density: Wind, Earth, Air, Water.
Second: Animals and plants like trees.
Third: Native humans that have not come back as wanderers. To make a free will choice on polarity, we will only focus on positivel
Fourth: Beings learning love.
Fifth: Beings learning just wisdom.
Sixth: Beings combining these two.
Then a return to the Creator. Or perhaps something happens in seventh before going to eighth I’m not sure.

Fourth are very enthusiastic, an example given might be Jesus. An enthusiastic and single focused energy.
Fifth are very wise people. Don Elkins or Bob Dylan. (Many of those creative people). Buddha.
Sixth are very energetic powerful beings who bridge these two, love and wisdom. Carla Ruckert and Jim McCartney are two. Also John Lennon.

Sixth are the most common type of wanderer according to the Law of One.

I think when I create an article though it will be a huge list.


The comment is no longer possible to edit… Timed out.

I meant the LoO Jim not the Beatles Jim.


Heads up, everyone… Irma is now a hurricane, and Jim Stone is perhaps the first to point out the following:


Irma jumped straight from practically nothing to a category 2 before anyone got a chance to measure it as a category 1. That’s basically impossible, unless NOAA is lying, or someone flipped a switch somehwere and “turned on” a hurricane! I’d bet someone flipped a switch.
Check out this storm tracking map, you can see here that Irma went from nothing of significance to a category 2 like someone simply flipped a switch!

Look folks, Hurricane Irma is an impossible anomaly

If you live anywhere a hurricane can strike, now is going to be a good time to go out and get hurricane supplies, while they are cheap, BEFORE they run out.
Comb Craigslist or whatever other source to find used plywood so you don’t have to pay an enormous price once your home is in the target zone. Get the minimum needed, so your home is not cluttered up with crap if it does not hit your area. Just get at least basic protection for as cheap as possible. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT, Irma is clearly an anomaly, this happened WAY TOO QUICK. I do not believe this one is natural AT ALL.

It wouldn’t amaze me if this one went to some of the same places as Harvey, as awful as that sounds. But for the next couple of days, everyone who lives near or on the eastern seaboard or Gulf coast should be following Irma closely.



My mother donates to the Red Cross but when I told this to her and tried to find some basic info on it (I will probably look at it in further detail) she does not intend to stop donating.


This caught my attention and I am sure it wasn’t by coincidence either…

Trump order undermines rebuilding better for future floods

“””WASHINGTON (AP) — Two weeks before Harvey’s flood waters engulfed much of Houston, President Donald Trump quietly rolled back an order by his predecessor that would have made it easier for storm-ravaged communities to use federal emergency aid to rebuild bridges, roads and other structures so they can better withstand future disasters.”””


In my opinion, Trump capitulated with his decision to do so… like ‘I’ll give you a change in policy in exchange for something else’

He no-doubt knew the flooding would happen with the man-made Hurricane, but he must be getting something in return. There’s no doubt though, a bankrupt USA would have even less money to work with if they had to payout for more rebuilding.

In the ongoing battle between the evil and the good… negotiations have to happen, or like Ben stated, pulling the rug completely out from under would cause catastrophic events on a planetary-scale… not just to a region of the US.

My heart goes out to all involved… and playing armchair quaterback is certainly not my game… it’s just hard to stand witness to it all and not ‘speculate’ as to what in the hell is ‘really’ going on. 😕 At any rate, keeping a positive, hopeful outlook is indeed the most important element of all.

Best to everyone.



The older the generation ‘faced’ to recognize the ‘truth’ of situations like corrupt companies, let alone entire industries, the more pushback to be faced… and more disturbing for the person/s to accept. 🙁

The Red Cross as been the premier leader of the entire relief agencies from day-one, so just imagine how hard it must be for her to even contemplate, let alone accept.

My 80 year old mother is the same way… out of respect I do not push it on her… too intense for a person of her age… and I don’t need to induce a heart-attack either. 😯

There will be a time however, that everything we talk about here will become commonplace… and that time cannot come quick enough for my liking. 😉

Have a good one.


Live Stream Video Temporarily Available




I’ve prepped for that time and hope to look after those that do not have a mind that would lean them towards realising that prepping is something you might need to do.

My mother though has actually, got the tough streak and will believe that stuff if she has enough cause to. She habitually sees more difficult situations working in the NHS for a long time than many people would be able to take, being an avid learner and doing all the difficult things. When all this comes to the fore she will be fine and so will a lot of other people I know who are not that political in my belief. Or she will be on some sort of front line.

Possibly if I put in the work she will listen, Perhaps I’ll put together a short but well referenced document, and provide some good charities that I have looked in to and have reasonable transparency.


Stillness in the Storm: More About: Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts of US Assets, Sending an Ominous Signal

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Rothschild’s RIT investment portfolio has returned roughly 2,000% since its formation – so he obviously understands how to position his assets to get big returns on investments, thus these recent moves should be a red flag to every American.

You know what, I’m suspicious of Ben recently. The most recent update about the gradual transition clearly opposes the September 30th deadline referenced in this piece. The energy in the air “feels” like something is getting ready to happen.

There have been so many things coming up on zerohedge. I personally though do not have the energy to deal with all this at the moment. Perhaps I will gain it though because at the end of the day you do what you need to do.

So many close and even not close people with deep emotional suffering beyond that that I can fathom.


If we get another storm that hits the US with the same kind of intensity and results as Harvey, then no doubt, they are setting the stage with them to tank the markets. 😡

They are out of money with nothing to place the blame on, so the costs of the storms, matched with the mass distractions that they will create… no doubt a possibility looming ahead. And the deadline is the end of September, so they are running out of time.

Here’s to creating in our minds the outcome we wish to see… positive energies ‘directed’ at positive ‘results’ 😉

Be Safe and Be Well


#391685 Someone in the area said they had put this insurance reduction in penalties in lawsuits on tardiness on hold. Good!


Great Tomato Bubble’s Mike King shows the true rapacious and murderous mentality of Antifa as they celebrate the anniversary of the true holocaust of Dresden.


Xanderboy – please find and explain the science on just exactly how CO2 directly affects the jet stream. I see why Caleb liked you so much. Where for art thou, o fractal broccoli poet? Way to be adults and accept all people even if they challenge you in ways you find uncomfortable. Exclusion does not inspire unity. Therefore, each down vote I receive for this post will undoubtedly knock my sense of self-worth down exponentially in this binary world of semi-anonymity. I believe I am hearing the faint sound of Inventions playing in the background…


aurislion #391706

Only the vid at https://thinkprogress.org/jet-stream-harvey-bd146d428ed1/

She tries to make a convincing case of CO2 affecting the meandering of the jetstream I would presume. So my answer is I have not a clue other than to think something is rotten in the State of Denmark. If you have the whiff of invention, I for one won’t knock it.

My question to you is if you felt you had something to contribute on a regular basis & without fail on a regular basis were shot down rudely & spuriously every time, how would you feel after a few months? Be that as it may I nevertheless voted for a last chance here.


Exclusion does not inspire unity

– #391706

Does it not? We seem more unified now that Caleb is gone.

Surely by accommodating inferior elements you will only invite degradation?


phoenix9061210 #391689

So that’s yet another understanding of the word density, interesting, thank you.
Generally I believe that if we are awakening, or are awakened in terms of opening up to our inner abilities, we are in fact becoming 4th density beings in a 3rd density environment.


phoenix9061210 #391689

So you provide more flesh.

I wouldn’t praise Bob Dylan/Zimmerman so much in that he sold out to the ‘devil’ – in an interview by his own words.


Super Soldier Talk – Kevan Trimmel – Solar Warden Empath

Hey Intruth:

In reference to when Solar Warden asked the ICC for an upgrade so they could ‘do their job’ (I think he said back in 2010), Kevin Trimmel asks why the Draco would attack Mars or invade even, when the planet is already under ‘mind kontrol’ tek? There are nevertheless different factions & Solar Warden is effectively controlled by the Rothschild family. This goes back to Amen Ra the ‘Sun God’ from Egypt, & when the Anunnaki were in control Ra made this family as the ‘shield’ of the Empire. They became the administrators, from being in the priesthood.

Solar Warden therefore wanted the status quo to continue, & not for humankind to be awakened in any way. Basically the Orion Draco wanted the planet back from the Sirian Reptilians. So the Rothschild-backed Solar Warden had to get Nordic Ashtar Command support to persuade the ICC to part with the necessary tek.

So why would the Nazi backing Nordics support Solar Warden? Those that helped the Nazis were a renegade group from Aldebaran on the Pleiadian Orion border. Whereas the Billy Meier Plejarians, look the same but are apparently beneficial.

Further info. that does not paint the Ashtar command in a favourable light.

1. Solar Warden –  Established early and is the most aging fleet (though it has gone through many upgrades over the decades). They have a R&D/Scientific focused fleet and a Military Offensive/Defensive focused fleet that is mainly focused on policing the Solar System and surrounding Star Clusters and keeping track of “Intruders” and Visitors” as well as locate and remove unauthorized “Visitors” on the Earth and other planetary bodies. Their program name describes their function pretty well.
2. Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) – Focused mainly on development and aquisition of technology by any means. Develop and Produce Technology for Commerce with Earth and Off World Groups in a Barter System and left nothing off the table that they were willing to trade. Very powerful, very classified, and always had all of the latest technology and “Toys” at their disposal.
3. Dark Fleet – Worked almost entirely outside the Sol System, Very Military (Offensive), Extremely Classified above the others and were large fleets (similar looking Carrier Craft that looked like the Star Wars Wedge Shaped craft in the movies). They worked along side the Draco Alliance and are speculated to fight along side them in their affairs in other systems.
4. “NATO TYPE SSP” – Recently in Alliance Conferences they were referred to as the “League of Nations Program.” Apparently this was the one where I arrived and all of the people were relaxed in another Sol System and were from MANY different countries. There were literally more flags on their shoulders than I could identify (countries like Estonia etc…). This group was based almost entirely outside of the Sol System and was a relatively newer SSP that was created for all countries to participate in, have exchange of information and technology and to encourage the countries to keep silent on the SSP Programs.
5. Various Special Access Program SSP’s that were small, usually had the newer technology, very secretive and worked for some of the Secret Earth Governments, Syndicates and World Military Forces (there could be several independent groups in this category).


Update at Neil Keenan’s site for those interested…


Super Soldier Talk – Kevan Trimmel – Solar Warden Empath


He goes on to say that he saw the Nordics communicating with hand signals & telepathically to the Greys, who would do their bidding.

The 4th Reich Nazis preferred to work with the Orion Nordics, Orion as in Aryan, from where a part of their genetics come from.

The Orion wars nearly destroyed the Orion Reptilian Draco’s (AI/full of nannites) & the Sirian Anunnaki (wolf headed hominoids). So the hybrid half Anunnaki, half Draco were ‘leased’ our solar system for an experiment.

Human genetics are so valuable because of our 22 lines of genetics mixed with our primate genetics & also because our DNA is so adaptable. Our primate genetics are the strongest in the universe.

The Sasquatch are from the 8th dimension that choose to occupy that body to be able to exist with nature with no help, in the raw.


Hi Cafe…

I know that many of you are wildly enthusiastic about giving taxpayer money to people who haven’t done anything to earn it, but that may be the path to greater prosperity for the economy, at least according to a new study.

This from CNBC:

A $1,000 per month cash handout would grow the economy by $2.5 trillion, new study says

Giving every adult in the United States a $1,000 cash handout per month would grow the economy by $2.5 trillion by 2025, according to a new study on universal basic income.

The study made economic forecasts for three proposals: a full universal basic income in which every adult gets $1,000 a month ($12,000 a year), a partial basic income in which every adult gets $500 a month ($6,000 a year), and a child allowance in which parents get $250 a month ($3,000 a year).

The larger the universal basic income, the greater the benefit to the economy, according to the report.

A $1,000 cash handout to all adults would grow the economy by 12.56 percent after eight years, the study finds.


In this Coast to Coast interview last night, a weather guy underscores some of the things we already know, and makes some interesting observations:

In the first half, George spoke with weather expert Scott Stevens, who was reporting conditions in his small town in Idaho to area TV stations as a teenager. By his senior year in high school, he was working at the local station as a studio camera operator and then a photographer for the news department. Stevens was eventually fired from his job because of his unorthodox interests.

He discussed the emerging effects and damage from hurricane Harvey and its control by what Stevens believes was artificial weather modification. Stevens noted the strange behavior of hurricane Harvey, and how it did not move in a predicted track as most other storms as it dumped a (U.S.) record 52 inches of rain on southern Texas in the past week. He believes all major storms are controlled like “a spinning top on a table” and are moved by the application of energies applied to them by weather modification technology.

Stevens said that the history of weather modification began in the mid-20th century as world powers tried to gain an understanding and control of weather patterns to get an edge in wartime. Stevens says he sees artificial “geometric patterns” in large storms that repeat each time and “always have the same signature.”

He also pointed out his admiration for and belief in the work of outsider scientist Wilhelm Reich and his theory of “orgone” energy and its ability to modify the weather by shifting energies in the environment. “Orgone is the key to how his is done,” he said. Stevens believes that commercial aircraft are the main instruments of weather modification at this time and that all aircraft are equipped with simple equipment to affect weather patterns.

Now back to obsessing as to where the next potential superstorm, Irma, will impact…


Video Proof That Undercover Police, Posing As Antifa, Are Inciting Violence

From a conservative web site:

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change shows video of his personal experience at Occupy Wall Street protests proving that at least one of the Antifa thugs trying to escalate mob violence was an undercover police officer. A 1969 FBI document shows that this is an accepted practice. All groups are targeted: left, right, all races and religions. The goal is to create hatred and violence between them, an old strategy called divide and conquer. Extreme violence causes citizens to demand extreme protection. They are happy when martial law is declared. After that, the police state is here to stay. That is the goal of those at the top who are making this happen.

So some of the violence is coming from that source, but The Daily Show last night was very informative. There are elements of Antifa who are committed to violence as a tactic, something I had not previously realized.

Yes, I get some of my news from Trevor Noah. Catch as catch can…


Obsession with Irma continuing…

This is the latest set of ensemble models (also known as spaghetti models) on Irma from Weather Underground:
comment image

I’m mostly interested to see if this will post as an image…

EDIT: And, by golly, it worked!


Lakewinds #391717

Hi lakewinds,

How exactly did you post the picture? I tried to do so the other day but could not manage – was it a simple copy and paste i.e. ctrl ‘c’ (for the source) followed by ctrl ‘v’ here in the comments window?

Thanks mate.


Big trouble…..
Here is Jim Stone’s commentary.
My comment: We now have de-facto proof Trump has probably been drugged and is definitely sidelined. A full blown coup is the only way they would ever get away with isolating him. How can they stop the President from talking to someone? That would happen only if he has become a totally controlled puppet that is SO controlled he can’t even talk to old friends. So it is not Trump now. He’s hijacked.

Jared probably has Ivanka drugged to oblivion, the honey pot has spilled.


#391718 aneeson

Hi Alan … When you see an image you want to post, then right-click on the image and select “copy link address”. Assuming that it has its own address, and that it ends in .jpg or another image file type, then it will be displayed as an image where you paste the address. The one I posted is a gif.

Give it a try … it’s pretty cool.


comment image” rel=”nofollow”>

Hi Lakewinds,

just trying your suggestion. Thanks for the instructions.



Hi Café,

Well it worked but for some reason did not allow me to “edit” the comment and add this comment to my original post #391721?

The pic was from the attached news item quoting Putin:



#391719 vermithrax

Vermi … I’ve been watching Trump on TV all day (off and on), and while I’m sure he is an unhappy guy, there’s no indication that he’s being restrained or isolated.

Mike Cernovich is a big-time liar, and one of his admitted creations is pizzagate. Yes, I know a lot of people here are heavily invested in pizzagate, but this guy made it up. Obviously, there’s a lot of pedophilia going on, but that one’s invented by Cernovich.

The scientific formula I keep for handy reference is Breitbart+Cernovich=Bullshit. Just my opinion, of course.


Just going to try one:

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Catching up with Mr. Hudson Late Night Call From D.C.

Jason Goodman


Published on Aug 31, 2017
After a long day, Mr. Hudson shares a variety of insights.


Imran’s Hearing

Jason Goodman


The judge and courts are corrupt.


Day 315.3 Three Dead Bodies in the Potomac on Water Street
George Webb



Arctic Ice Increases in August & Europe Begins 1963 Cooling Repeat (446)

Adapt 2030


Published on Aug 31, 2017


Wells Fargo caught with another 1.4 million fake accounts, will anyone ever get jailed?
September 01, 2017

from Hang The Bankers:

As the tally of fake Wells Fargo accounts balloons to 3.5 million, Congress has yet to discipline the executives, while the financial giant has only paid fines.

A coalition of 33 groups is now demanding new hearings and for the bank to be held accountable.

Wells Fargo and Company increased its estimate of how many accounts were created by 67 percent Thursday. The mega bank issued shocking new disclosures, showing 1.4 million more bogus customer accounts had been created, a significant increase from previous estimates, the New York Times reported.



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Sorry Vermi – didn’t see your post


Larry Nichols Confesses ALL On Way To Hospital



Published on Aug 21, 2017


the comments on the Larry Nichols video are interesting. IDK.


intruth #391732

I worked for a bank for 8 years, I quit about 3 or 4 years ago. Trust me what is being exposed with Wells Fargo is not an isolated problem. All banks are doing this. The pressure to open new accounts, or sign clients up for new services is so extreme it’s terrible. There are lot of people doing things they shouldn’t be doing. The unfortunate part is that they make excuses for why they are doing this…..they know it’s wrong, but they will do anything to keep their jobs.


So with all this no doubt delicate planning, the cabal have started a hurricane and because of the response of the human beings involved, effectively dissolved their “America is racist” narrative. I.e. the negative polarity met with a positively polarised response.

Also, some of the celebrities who have gone along with the program to a small extent have not kept with it over this, i.e. Leonardo Di Caprio and Miley Cyrus.

We should get an activation of the eclipse on Sunday. In traditional astrology that I have not had confirmed by experience yet, the first planet over the eclipse activates it. On Sunday there is a Mercury retrograde- Mars conjunction over the spot.


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Ha ha ha Alan did something happen with your copy there?? he he…
Fun Post: Monkey Adopts A Chicken & Dog Waits While Cat Eats Dog’s Lunch

“The chicken was often seen sleeping with a monkey.”
I don’t know if it’s just me…., but what kind of strange timeline are we in now??!!


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zanderboy #391713

Hi Zander!
“He goes on to say that he saw the Nordics communicating with hand signals & telepathically to the Greys, who would do their bidding.”
That could very well be true. However the Nordic (The blondes) is a common name for many different groups living in the Pleiades, Aldebaran, Andromeda, and Sirius..
“The Nordics, like the Arcturians, are on a mission of peace to assist humanity here on Earth with spiritual development. ”
Do Nordic Aliens Abduct?

“About 25% of all abduction experiences are on account of the Nordic Aliens (the other 75% belong to those of the Greys). These abduction stories are not the terrifying experience as those of the Greys. Those who have given accounts of their abduction by these Blonde aliens typically describe their experience as an extremely positive and powerful episode. These situations usually take on the purpose of some kind of revelation or learning experience. The aliens these people encounter are described as telepathic, benevolent, and life changing.

Angelic Connection
“Some have interpreted the Nordic race in a different manner describing them as Angels (particularly those of Western Religions). Other similar theories state that the Nordics are of the same race as those that founded Atlantis and are from the star Aldebaran.”
(This or similar I think I shared some years back)

But when this is said……. there are renegades who split from the Nordic star races. This is mostly what these super soldiers, wistleblowers and also Mr Salla have spoken widely about.
We Norwegians are very friendly – but we do also have these elements. However our reputation as peaceful, friendly people with impeccable high moral standar.………… should not be affected by those few.
(Not taking this personal of course ha ha)


George Webb thinks that Kurt Campbell, American diplomat, and Kurt Smolek, Diplomatic Security Special Agent, found floating in the Potomac River, are the same person. Smolek is depicted with Hillary Clinton.

comment image


Here is the news of Smolek’s death.


Here is part of Webb’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_8VW-rwA9Ucoverage of the body (sorry to repost if you had this already, intruth).



Well, surprised today in the mail. I received both the zapper and the plug today. Lemurian plug is plugged in. Instructions for the zapper, etc. are ready to be devoured. Will likely start zapping tomorrow.
Thank you all for your information on these products. I see the oncologist on the 14th. Will likely have surgery after that. But the devices will be utilized immediately to assist with lymph node cleansing and many other ailments I have been dealing with. Wow! Cannot believe I waited so long. W.


hey windi here is some excellent chinese traditional medicine mix of herbs for lymphatic system repair…..

I went to a canadian hoispital a few years ago with a painfulm large growth at the bottom right neck area where one of opur lymphnodes is located…..

they had a doctor in training,and so decided to use me as the test lab creature-cutting deeply out the growth-leaving a large chunck of flesh removed from the bodies normal makleup…..

the growth grew back and then I researched and found out what was causing it-popped the growth absess myself of its excees fluids and such…..

began to take this grooooovy chinese herble medicine – et viola – a few years later no more growth – lymphatic system rockin nicely now…..

real medicine for real people…..what a concept…..hahahahaha…..



from this webpage-quote—–What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is one of our body’s most important

against infection. Lymphatic vessels are much like tiny
blood vessels and extend throughout the body.

The lymphatic system is vital to health:

It provides a route for absorption of nutrients,

it gathers fats, excess fluid, body wastes and other materials,

removing them from the cell spaces,

and carries them to the blood for eventual elimination.—–unquote…..



lakewinds #391720
Hi there!
Thanks Lakewinds for the info ! Many new to this and that helped a lot!
My last today and I somewhat promised a story to Alan re my mother.
Here it is! – . She is now 93 years and this happen in April T.Y

One morning…….. eh uh um.. (ok you got me….) at midday that is… – I went to see to her. Usual tried to sit with her half to one hour each day, just to give her some company. As always she was sitting in the living room, in front of the Telly – busy knitting socks to everyone that she knew. These socks got more and more popular. They had all the colours of the rainbow and get a couple of them was regarded as a great honor.

Suddenly she raised her head, looked at me with intense blue eyes. ” I haven’t slept all night” This was something I didn’t hear often,. If asked , she always said. ” You know – I have slept so incredible well tonight” or similar.(The whole situation was more than “well” for her I strongly believed. But she rarely complains so I got a bit worried ..).

Why – I asked.
“Because of all the singing”, she continued.
” Singing??!
I Immediately presumed she meant something coming from the harbor near by where lots of ferries goes. Also at night.

“Didn’t you hear that?” she followed up. No I said… “How could you not?” – she went on…..”They started half past 2 am and continued all the way to 9.30 am”.
Who? I asked more and more curious. Dident hear anything and I was late at bed, very late….
“The Angels of course, the ANGELS.”
Wasn’t difficult to hear that”, she replied.
“We have arrived – they told me”, she went on enthusiastically.. “And then… – after singing almost all night and far into the morning, they told me they where kind of tired and needed a break,” she kept on enthusiasticly . “Really – you didn’t hear, how is that possible??”
(I live in the first floor in the same house)

I just had to smile, so great for you , I thought for myself.. It really warmed my heart! My mother is a Christian – of the rare species that never preach, complain or talk bad about anyone.


bullies suck…..in or out of uniforms-a bully is a bully is a bully…..

from this article-quote—–The Utah nurse whose arrest for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient drew nationwide criticism said Friday what hurt most wasn’t being manhandled by a detective — it was that none of the other officers watching the struggle tried to intervene.
“I was being bullied and nobody was willing to speak up for me,” Alex Wubbels told NBC News. “That is one of the main points of this whole issue.” —–unquote…..



very good the mainstream(usually lamestream,fakestream,hatestream,psyopstream,mindcontrolstream) medias covering this story…..

its like david icke says something about – they came for the trade unionist and nobody said or did anything,they came for the communist party members and no one said or did anything,they came for the peaceful protesters activists and no one said or did anything…..

and so on so forth until there was no one left to defend humanity from the demons heartless lawless lash…..

good one-they messed with a nurse here,an establishment occupation…..

and of course the establishment occupations employees who are lightforces members are waking up also enmass…..hahahahaha…..


from this article-quote—–Grounding, or ‘earthing,’ as some people call it, involves placing your feet directly on the ground without shoes or socks as a barrier. The logic behind this practice relates to the intense negative charge carried by the Earth. This charge is electron-rich, theoretically serving as a good supply of antioxidants and free-radical destroying electrons.—–unquote…..




I have it on good intel that William Tompkins was eliminated by the goddamn neg elites.

Tompkins was still sharp as a tack and healthy for his age — he would have easily lasted several more years, giving many more interviews during that time and the fk’n negs did not want that to happen.

I was told this news about Tompkins before the news of his passing hit the news.

About the Law of One~

A being cannot exist in the 6th density without fully integrating the positive/negative dualities that form one’s existence up to that point. And at this point an inviduated being merges with others to form a Social Memory Complex.

In the 7th density, the Social Memory Complex turns its attention to their eventual return to the Source when they’d ascend from the 7th density to the 8th density, in which they’d disappear from this octave of life experiences to go onto their next levels of life experiences with the Source, the exact details of which nobody in this octave in which we live know.


excerpt from a recent cobra interview-quote—–It was done similarly to what the medical cartel has done now with vaccinations. Everyone

was obliged to take certain so-called ‘treatments’ in so-called ‘healing temples’ in Atlantis, and this is

where DNA was manipulated with Atlantis technology.

And people were actually not exactly forced to go there, but it was advised strongly against not going

there. So if somebody was not going there, there were repercussions. And the vast majority of the

human population went through that process at a certain point in Atlantis.—–unquote…..



cobra-quote—–There are Russian doctors which can very effectively heal many nerve pain that is associated

with the spine. So there is very effective, I would say, manual medicine techniques that can actually

remove that pain completely.

And they are known in Russia. They are known in countries associated with Russian Eastern Alliance,

but they are almost non-existent in the Western world, because, of course, the Rothschild’s medical,

and the Rockefeller . . . sorry, the Rockefeller medical cartel did not want to make those available to


So if you search a little bit more, if you have any Russian friends, ask them about it and most likely

they will know about this. —–unquote…..


coooool looks like the Russian peoples and other eastern alliance countries have access to grooooovy pain relief machinations of sort the are not harmful big pharma cocktails…..


illusions unwind


well were shifting out from the line…..

of illusions that unwind…..

peace makes its way through…..

portals open up the truth…..the truth…..



deester #391741
George Webb thinks that Kurt Campbell, American diplomat, and Kurt Smolek, Diplomatic Security Special Agent, found floating in the Potomac River, are the same person. Smolek is depicted with Hillary Clinton.


Deester, notice how the article starts our with a conclusion. NO FOUL PLAY IS SUSPECTED. Ah ha. Sure…….


Adam Kokesh Versus The Cryptocurrency Naysayers



More opinion on bitcoin.


from the article Mozart posted:

Corey: They also told me that under no circumstances should I discuss the R&D facilities in Antarctica.

I’ve received a briefing on those, further briefing. They are EXTENSIVE! It is huge.

And also, the spaceport down there, they do not want us discussing.

They want us to go full bore and discuss the ancient civilization stuff, because that goes along with their narrative.

It’s very problematic, the information about what is going on down in Antarctica with these various contracting firms.

Anything that’s illegal to do or immoral, they’re doing it down there in those facilities.

David: Why do you think they care so much about what you would say or what I would say if most of the people in the world don’t believe any of this anyway?

Corey: Well, they do not want ANYTHING circulating about the R&D bases down there because it’s against a 1959 treaty. There could be a lot of negative ramifications, even though I hear other signatories of that treaty are doing similar things down there.

So this is a major black operation area, Antarctica is.

Corey: When the timelines split, there has to be a point from where they split. And depending on if it’s the negative timeline, positive timeline, or anything in between, it’s going to bifurcate at a different point.

So they’re going to try to control when that bifurcation occurs by controlling our mass consciousness. Our co-creative mass consciousness has a huge effect on these timelines.

So that’s one of the main reasons why we’ve been so mind-controlled.


more –
Corey: Now, I found out more recently that these are Special Forces cells – I can’t say which branch – that these people, these soldiers, are the ones that had been sent to Kosovo, and places like that, to gather evidence [of] crimes against humanity.

David: Hm.

Corey: It’s not really legal for them to be doing domestic investigations, but they are. And they have identified all of the negative groups. They’ve been looking into the corruption. They’ve been looking into ties to very dark secret societies and activities tied to those, which we won’t go into details on. And they’ve identified all of these people.

And this military faction is waiting for a go-ahead to arrest these people. And they don’t’ expect it will be unless there is a military coup, because from the information I’ve received, the Deep State is in a place right now where they’re about to pull a few operations to remove some of the leadership that the Alliance has seeded into the United States.

When this occurs, if this occurs, I was told that the military groups that have been planning a coup will enact a coup, and that these Special Forces soldiers are gathering information for tribunals after something like a coup occurs.

David: Well, given the fact that these plans have been on the table for a long time, why do you think it’s taken us so long to actually have this happen?

Corey: Well, as I stated before, the Cabal groups were using this probable future technology that are AI algorithms that detect probable futures. This is how they’ve been able to stay out of the path of any type of arrests.

Now, a lot of the arrests that have been hyped up in the past have been just hype, because strategically, there was not a situation to where the arrests could ever . . . The arrests could not occur because the Department of Justice was so controlled by the Cabal, as is the Congress.

The whole government is basically controlled. So there was never an opportunity to where anyone would be able to order arrests. It just wouldn’t happen. They could order arrests, but no one would carry them out.

David: Right. How do you feel it’s changed now?

Corey: Well, it’s changed now because the Alliance has stepped up their operations in the last few years, especially. And all the signs point to the Deep State, or Cabal, being now in a defensive position instead of an offensive position.

So a lot of the Alliance groups that are loosely knit are seeing this sign of weakness, and it’s emboldening them to apply more pressure to try to bring down the Cabal.

David: So if there were to be some sort of massive joint maneuver, how do you think we would encounter that as people who are just citizens?

Corey: Well, there would be a media blackout at first, until the hostilities had ceased. And then the military would take over the airwaves and give a full explanation of what had occurred. That’s what I’m told.

David: And you feel that this would be a benevolent thing?

Corey: I think that the Alliance feels it would be a benevolent thing. The people that are in control right now are the personification of evil – the things that they do.





WOW This is a rough cut of a documentary ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ the Discovery Channel put together but never aired. Obviously they were told to pull it. …but here it is.


Regarding Antarctica – we know there is a lot of deep dark shit going on down there – transhumanism, genetic experiments etc. Too much suffering. These people are monsters.





Published on Sep 1, 2017
The Southern Poverty Law Center was once best known for its “hate map” which tracks “extremist groups”, but despite George Clooney and Apple, Inc’s million dollar donations to the group, the SPLC is quickly becoming best known for the mysterious ways it off shores millions of dollars without explanation. Like George Soros and the ADL, the SPLC is now clearly aligned against the sovereignty of the United States and the best interests of American citizens. As for George Clooney and Apple CEO Tim Cook, they’re either willfully ignorant dupes, or members of the tribe.

I just saw a commercial on TV about the SPLC – I wondered what the hell is this? Propaganda obviously.


siggi #391740

Your link though welcome is not a detailed account of the Nordics by any means, very sugar coated. A super soldier confirms the Aldebaran renegade Nordics interacting with the 3rd, morphing 4th Reich. Now Corey Goode is all excited about their dealings through the Vatican – & we know plenty about the Vatican & none of it is good.


So Wilcock & Goode begin whining about how horrible the attacks on their mission are – tedious. Why can’t they just let go & move on, especially since Corey Goode didn’t answer anything meaningful in his interview on the allegations, done by an in-house interviewer.

“this Nordic group has been working very closely with the Vatican in a way to come out with their existence in a way that’s not going to shock the people.
They have seen timelines to where there is open rule by Reptilian-type ETs. They’re seeing different divergences in the timeline and how things are going.

So they’ve gotten to a point to where they have decided that they have to have all hands on deck and begin to have a hands-on approach instead of more of a remote approach, like they have been doing.

(The group I am in was in contact with Lord Arcturus who told us he no longer offers his healing chambers since he has orders from the Galactic core to remain on active full alert re. what’s happening in the solar system)

Depending on which timeline, the Anshar could cease to exist. (Simon Parkes labels them parasites)

And he (Teir Eir – the Blue Avian) showed me the solar system, and all of these spheres were pulsating and almost completely transparent. And he told me that soon they will fade, and the full brunt of these energies will hit humanity.

 When that begins to occur, do not be afraid when we begin to see large clusters of earthquakes, volcanoes going off, storms becoming even more energetic and dangerous – that these things were going to be a part of it when we get the full impact of these energies.

. . . they did state that we need to work harder, doing mass meditations and doing everything we can to try to co-create this positive timeline. That the way our consciousness is being manipulated now, that we’re headed, not necessarily to the bottom of the scale, negativity-wise, but somewhere in the middle.

. . . our planet produces a certain harmonic field. And that field interacts with DNA, and it creates a template. And one of the templates of our planet is that most beings have five fingers.

(re. the ‘solar flash’) . . . in that consciousness renaissance, we begin to understand how to manipulate time and space.”


intruth #391758

Goerge Clooney = Looney Clone?!



George Clooney is one creepy bastard. His astrology chart is strange as in it doesn’t quite “fit”. It’s like the outer planets have no expression and it’s all locked under Saturn. But not that his chart says that but that you can’t fit his chart to his life in any meaningful way.


That feeling of melancholy we’re all getting at the moment, with an overlay of “second timelines and all that jazz.”

Sun opposition Saturn!


zanderboy #391759

My research indicates the Nordics are Nazi’s – reptilian.


intruth #391763

zanderboy #391759

“My research indicates the Nordics are Nazi’s – reptilian.”

Absolutely, & now this new super soldier overflowing with more info. stating that those Nordics were the Ashtar command (Cobra’s buddies in the Galactic (Con)Federation – which will not makes us popular with the others here!

Of course there are the other groups including Billy Meier’s Plejarians.


2 Atlantic Storms Approaching the US/Irma Cat 3


Published on Sep 1, 2017
Irma is expected to be a CAT 4 by Monday night.

So another diversion expected – mass media coverage. While the real news goes untouched. IDK if Trump has been ‘couped’ and is under house arrest. This could be real or another psyops – to make us THINK he’s gone so we give up.

George Webb found out at Imran Iwan’s hearing – the judge is corrupt. Wants nothing to do with going after Imran over the spy ring. He’s being investigated over bank fraud.
So we can dot the i’s and cross the t’s via George Webb and what will the result be?
We get the middle finger. The NWO is alive and well and DC is completely infiltrated.


Tidbits from Jim Stone


The trajectory cone is at present leaving all possibilities open, with the greatest chance of Irma hitting the East coast. However, it could also still go into the gulf of Mexico.

Irma could hit Washington DC as a strong hurricane. If that is forecasted to happen (eventually) they should evacuate regular people, and tell the politicians to “shelter in place!”

There is a report about how CPS is actually a kidnapping ring

BUT WHEN I CLICKED ON IT, IT GIVES A BOGUS ERROR THAT ACCESS IS FORBIDDEN. That report is here but from where I am, it is FORBIDDEN. YEP. Probably for you too.
Most people know that CPS, in all regions, disproportionately takes white children, and then sells them through Dyncorp and wherever else. Years ago, this web site did a major report on the child snatching. I don’t know where that report is specifically, but I do remember the name and location of a PDF that was associated with it, and it is probably very similar to the report that is being blocked at Truthovercomfort.net. Hmm, let me look for that.


The woman who did this was very emotional but it is well done, extensive, and BANG ON – states get ENORMOUS piles of cash for every kid they take, probably as payoffs from the elite who then use the kids for whatever.
QUESTION: Why is it that when white kids get taken by CPS, in VIRTUALLY ALL CASES the parents are never allowed to see them or contact them in any way whatsoever ever again? “They” say it is for the best interest of the child. I SAY YOU CAN’T CONTACT A KID WHO’S BLOOD HAS BEEN SERVED UP IN MATZO BALLS!

You also can’t talk to a kid who bled out through a rectal rupture or got sacrificed to Molech. Anyway, we all know it. Too bad we can’t do anything about it with Google, the CIA and whoever else snuffing out any attempt to shut it all down.


Illuminati Whistleblower Lived Real Life Pedogate

Victurus Libertas VL


Listening to this now. She says the Illuminati have gone full boar – coming out since the Olympics. Heavy symbolism in all media. They aren’t hiding who and what they are. Trying to get cannibalism accepted – Katy Perry video. Says Taylor Swift’s latest video is full of it and you can see her in her alter(s). Satanic rituals in TV shows. (Burning Man).

Here’s part 2.


zanderboy #391764

Also – the Nordics working with the Vatican. Birds of a feather….


Was it earthquakes or not?!!! There were 2, what seemed like earthquakes in the early hours of this morning. The seismologists said they were earthquakes, then they said they weren’t. They are “not sure” what they were.

I think I can probably take a good guess, DUMB?!




Illuminati whistleblower (VT) posted says Hillary is an empress level Illuminati witch.

Trump had never gone to Bohemian Grove so she thought he wasn’t a member.
But his actions are troubling – he’s bowing to the NWO.




Well, now the U.S. Army, according to this 2016 Reuters article, seems to have misplaced a few trillion:

U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds

There’s so much here one doesn’t know where, really, to begin. So consider the opening two paragraphs:

The United States Army’s finances are so jumbled it had to make trillions of dollars of improper accounting adjustments to create an illusion that its books are balanced.

The Defense Department’s Inspector General, in a June report, said the Army made $2.8 trillion in wrongful adjustments to accounting entries in one quarter alone in 2015, and $6.5 trillion for the year. Yet the Army lacked receipts and invoices to support those numbers or simply made them up. (Emphasis added)

Yes. That’s right. In 2015, the US Army made false adjustments of $6.5 trillion dollars, and cannot show any receipts or invoices to support those numbers. But wait, there’s more, because as a result of this lack of “invoices and receipts”, no one knows exactly where all this money is really going.

“Where is the money going? Nobody knows,” said Franklin Spinney, a retired military analyst for the Pentagon and critic of Defense Department planning.



more –
Well, we do know in part where it’s going: it’s going for expensive fighter project boondoggles like the F-35 or for warships that require to be hauled back to the USA for repairs of their sensitive systems on rented Norwegian freighters.

I submit this is a national security issue, and during a time frame that has seen weird ramming events of US naval warships, it’s a significant one. If the Army cannot account for where all that money went because of missing receipts and invoices, what about the other service branches? What, exactly, is the US taxpayer getting for all that missing money, besides very expensive systems that, if you followed my multi-part blog about the navy incidents earlier this week, either do not work, or that have been somehow compromised? What are we getting? Well, no one knows exactly, because there are no receipts and invoices!



Tetanus Shots for Texas Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims?
by TVR Staff
Published August 31, 2017

U.S. Representative Pete Sessions (R-Texas) has encouraged victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas to get vaccinated against tetanus, particularly people who have been wading through dirty flood water.

The calls by some for vaccination against tetanus in hurricane affected areas of Texas are based on the assumption that coming into contact with flood waters increases the risk of tetanus bacteria infection. But that belief is an “old wives’ tale” says Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, who directs the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. A “myth,” said Osterholm.4

The CDC clearly states on its website: “Exposure to flood waters does not increase the risk of tetanus, and tetanus immunization campaigns are not needed.”5

The CDC also states that the “minimal interval after a previous dose of any tetanus-containing vaccine” is five years and the “recommended interval” is 10 years.

Pete Sessions – what a shill.


zanderboy #391759
Hi Zander!

Sorry -I couldn’t see any link in the comment you provided. Or did I miss that?

I see though you refer to a Super Soldier Talk – Kevan Trimmel.
These soldiers, as we learned, has been heavily mind control and suffer from all kinds of trauma. Many of them have been subject to multiple virtual reality scenario, chemical drugs, all kinds of tests and weird experiences. Only very few of them comes back with any reliable memory restored, and must anyway go thru a long healing/ restoration period

Cataloging a loosely group – The Nordic as evil – is by me taken out of concept.
So if some cabal members who look human-like visit a benevolent race home planet and did their evil actions – those races should assume ALL HUMAN are evil??

Earlier I’ve shared links showing them, in coordination/cooperation with several others, stopping the cabal from different false flag events. Nuclear disasters and world war prevented, helping reduce chem trail effects on Mother Earth and humanity + all those flyovers on nuclear sites the last 20 years or so) – which I also provided links to. Have link-pointed to this topic incredibly many times. We have discussed it and links and references has been provided.

As stated in my comment they are imo renegades – that’s something I found out when I investigate it myself way back. I have also personal experiences which I will/can not reveal here. I think I shared openly so many things, but this I’will not.
Could provide several links to show they are not – have no time now. (Am desperate working outside before winter storms come. It still ok weather, but can change fast…) Also been doing that in that past. These subject has been thoroughly gone into regularly in the past on this blog

Generalization is imo no way to go about anything – and of course nobody has a monopoly of the “truth”. In addition many subject/participants in these programs and researchers are suffering from “Messias complex”
That is why I go much by my own experiences as “truths” to validate theirs. ( that is more than sufficient by my stander anyway)
Find it somewhat strange that when we looking for truth – we most often need a link to “back it up”, as to personal experiences should have less value… Why should another (second hand) experience count more? And why should nobody care listening if you cant “verify” your own story by a so called link to allude to – this half God “Link”, seems to have an totalitarian authorization position over everything he he
Funny enough……….. it I/we created our own blog or site sharing our views and experiences, someone else would put up a link to it and used it in discussions as a references to back their views/truths.
That is more than funny!
Why do we always need an “expert” or an “Teacher” to tell us truth when most of us have it inside us? Just need to scrub a bit, connect to our soul essence by taking away the false programming injected from this matrix. Then we ready to go.
I only use “them” when it gives a “ping” and correlate to my own life accomplishment. By gathering valued “facts” – together with trained intuition and discernment.
We all have that my friends!

Have reduce my argument re this topic – because I think it would’t matter how many link I provided. Later the same topic would most likely reappear. My truth in this area is already established by energetic and physical references – that is more than sufficient to me.
But will share my own and others views I find relevant to their true origin and overall nature

My way (also shared before) will be/is what I believe will be what I create/co create and what timeline I choose – always!
– the one were benevolent ET groups like the majority of them, are helping humanity to become free and sovereign from the cabal cruel rule and their overlords.


On this whole thing to do with Corey and alternate timelines etc. The thing I think is… Who exactly is it that is going to change their thinking from what it otherwise would have been? Certainly not the mass of humanity!

The Law of Attraction has never worked for me personally. Whenever I get negative feelings it has always been best for me to channel them into something and make something out of them. Mucho good music has come from this! … and having any allegiance to that “cult” has never made me feel very good in that thoughts of the law of attraction blocked me when I was young. Pluto sun and other Pluto and sun aspects in the natal!

What about someone like William Blake?

Or perhaps it is just that I don’t get down in the same way as others do. So it’s not something I need to learn.

So a lot of this information about timelines and whatnot is just a little over my head. If we get sucked into a negative timeline my sixth density friend has assured me we will go out fighting!



Ah, that would be Sun opposite Neptune!


Nordics are Nazis?

No way!

William Tompkins made it clear that they are not Nazis, as did DW.

The damn negative ET groups have already interfered with our world far too many times and in too many ways.

I’ve long argued (in a number of posts here in this forum) that the positive ET groups MUST step in and intervene our our (the people of Earth) behalf far more than what they’ve done in the past.

The gross and massive interference of the negative ET groups that has triggered an increasing weight of probabilities trending towards negative timelines, has created the need for the positive ET groups to effing step in and intervene on our behalf — to hell with the Prime Directive!

We cannot allow the bulk of our world to slip into those negative timelines.

And we need help, a lot of it.

But you MUST do your part by taking note and clearing out the negative shit in your own lives. The more positive that you become, the stronger your contributions to our probabilities for landing on the tracks of the positive timelines becomes.


Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists

Written By: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2017

Turning their backs on the human rights principle of voluntary informed consent memorialized in the Nuremberg Code after World War II, health authorities in France and Italy are fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children.

In Italy, millions of Italians have been demonstrating since June, protesting the infringements to parental rights. On July 28, industry-beholden Italian legislators voted 296-92 to pass a one-size-fits-all law that mandates multiple doses of ten vaccines for preschoolers through teenagers, imposing steep fines for parents who do not comply. Mainstream media outlets in both Italy and the US ignored the record protests against medical coercion.

Why Italy? And why now? Italy’s pharmaceutical sector is one of the largest in the world. Vaccines are big business, and the new vaccine mandate ensures the continued flow of profits to the $32 billion industry despite steady erosion of public confidence in vaccine safety. A recent survey found widespread doubts among Italian and French citizens about the importance and safety of vaccines. A cascade of recent scientific studies have described the emergence of new vaccine-related autoimmune illnesses and the inferior health status of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated children. Furthermore, a slate of films, news reports and government investigations have exposed widespread corruption among vaccine regulators, government efforts to hide serious vaccine-related adverse reactions and intimidation of scientists who publish data contrary to the orthodoxy that all vaccines are always safe for all children.

Kill the Messenger
One important study, published in early 2017 in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination by two highly regarded Italian scientists, raises alarming new questions about quality control by vaccine manufacturers with implications for the vaccine safety debate. (The World Mercury Project previously summarized the study here.) Coauthored by physicist Antonietta Gatti and pharmacist Stefano Montanari, the study uncovered the nearly universal presence in vaccines of “micro-, sub-micro- and nanosized inorganic foreign bodies” and “debris”—ingredients not declared in the package inserts.

In a reasonable world, the startling finding that vaccines are widely contaminated with heavy metal particulates would be front-page news, and the two researchers who discovered the contamination would be hailed as diligent scientists dedicated to improving vaccine safety. Instead, Drs. Gatti and Montanari have become targets for violent threats on Facebook. Accusers denounce their meticulous laboratory work as “pseudoscience” and call for the two scientists to be “beaten until they bleed,” “punched,” “kicked” and “taken out of commission” so as to make them “understand that they need to remain silent.”

An army of pharmaceutical industry trolls and bloggers have pressured the badly shaken journal editor to “unpublish” the study, which was published after a rigorous peer review process. Although these tactics have succeeded in rattling the editor, the article stands. Gatti and Montanari believe so strongly in the integrity of their findings that they have made known that they will sue if the journal takes down the paper.

more –


(I posted a large image, but decided it was too big, and deleted it…sorry)


Hi Café,

Regarding the Corey/David versus Simon Parkes discussions (Zander, Mozart, Siggi and others). I watched the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode on Gaia TV and my feelings are that there was just an update on where Corey is at right now.

His summation seems to have moved a little from his previous view that a “Partial Disclosure” of a few months ago to where he now sees that “Full Disclosure” will be the ONLY option if we get the positive timeline.

The difference in this update is that their could be a chance that the cabal could steer things back to their negative timeline if we as a humanity do not CREATE the positive outcome. Naturally it is not just those of us who think that we are awake and therefore trying for the positive reality that count. The many ‘asleep’ majority also have an influence and could be the cause (through apathy) of what we here in the café don’t want.

I suppose that issue really is “how many people promoting the positive reality are required to overcome the apathy or un-awareness of the majority of the world’s population”?

I do not place the data from either Corey/David or Simon above each other. As with all sources (Cobra included and even some of the channeller’s), it is all information to keep abreast of where we are at.

We do NEED to be focused and creating our vision of the future we want. Again I feel that there will be a transformational shift for those who are ready and have got themselves to that stage. Whether I am one of those – only time will tell, but I am CERTAIN that I will be wherever I am meant to be according to the work I have done AND I am happy with that. I will NOT be accepting any bowing down to Nordics or any other self-proclaimed “gods”, but if we see ETs coming to help (and their observable and actual beneficence is real), then I will accept it in a mutual working together.

I am hopeful and generally of the opinion that all will be well and that the Creatorix has the plan and future of our evolution well under control.

Peace to all, Namaste,


So… Hurricane Irma huh?

Melissa isn’t going to get caught in this one, nowhere near Texas, hopefully no one else I know.

Some people think could be category 5/6. Others think that is just random doommongering those people thought up.

Anyway…. Potentially significant!


OK… I am putting the posts about the latest Corey Cosmic Disclosure info here

I agree with 2nd Life (is it?) that we should keep to the one string.

mozart #391747

Thanks for posting this Moz. It’s been a challenging week for me health-wise and am behind here and with gaia shows like this one. So haven’t read the transcript or listened to the show yet…
But.. I am struck by your comment Moz:

To be tense and worried about avoiding the “negative” time line is to be in a negative place. “Don’t worry… be happy!”…. not to be superficial, but to remind myself anyway.. that the “positive time line” HAS to be a mode of being in confidence, flow, caring about myself and others.

Sometimes I think about muggle friends and family who are not following all this rabbit-hole stuff we can’t stop our CAFE-ista selves from snooping and sniffing at. I wonder: are they gonna get “left behind?”.. Then I think about the quality of these folks: clients… train conductors… sons.. cousins.. neighbors. ALL are GOOD folk. making basically GOOD, constructive choices about themselves, family , co-workers, etc. So, it seems obvious to me that ALL of us to whom such a description applies ARE MOVING with the Postive Time Line. it is who we are be ing.

So then I can be in “don’t worry, be happy” mode.

Now to see what’s Corey’s report is talking about, eh?



littledogg #391781

mozart #391747

Okay. So now I watched/listened to the Gaia interview that Mozart put up the transcript of.

I agree with Mozart that this info is something rrrrrreally important for us all to be aware of. AND.. I stand by the point I made in the prior comment.

At one point Corey points out that the Anshar have become concerned that they may cease to exist if the more “negative” timeline unfolds on Earth. Apparently they’ve come back 1000s of years in time to “fix” something.. and if not successful.. they may cease to exist in the Earth Timeline. And whether us humans collectively can raise our collective consciousness adequately is the hinge point to whether there will be a “negative” situation in which humans are controlled by/enslaved by reptilians.. or the advanced co-creativitiy we are reaching for will unfold. And, I guess the “negative timeline” will be the one in which there were/will be no Anshar.

My thought: in this 3-D/4-D/5-D … reality(ies) I.. you…. all humanity.. the Anshar may cease to “exist”… but in the BIGGER REALITY that is WHO we ALL actually ARE.. no one ceases to exist. And the shift I am being called to claim more day by day.. I think it’s the “Ascension.. thingie” is the one in which we all truly claim the reality that WE (individually and collectively) ARE the creators of these realms.. and can re-create them. AND.. more more more more more importantly.. the reality that I feel drawn to.. is the one in which we co-exist harmoniously one with another.. hu men and hu wo men.. dogs.. snakes.. lizzards.. trees.. Pleiadeans.. Anshari (?) … Andromedens… etc. WE T R U L Y are ONE. …

Ironically.. the most efficient way.. in my book.. to bring about the “positive” timelines of Ascension.. is to let go of win/lose battling.. let go of forcing this or that.. to set clear limits with oneself about what one will do and what one will not do.. will allow or not allow.. but not to get caught up in the drama of urgency.. or fear of losing the battle.. or even battling.

AND.. further in the interview.. even tho the Sphere Beings also have talked to Corey about the possibility that humanity may not collectively raise our consciousness adequately and a “negative time line” may occur in which we are “ruled” by the reptilians.. Corey reports that they.. a more evolved collection of beings than the Anshar… express no urgency about the issue.

It’s an interesting tight rope to tip toe and dance along.. focusing on the world we truly want.. DOing and BEing that world TODAY as best we can in each of our little actions/thoughts/emotions. AND to also get that it MATTERS how much we can DO and BE as we want and how much/fast we can enlist the like participation of our neighbors..
……while not losing our foothold on that reality/rope by getting into rushing, worrying, pushing, battling …..

AND.. Corey talked about the BIG use either the Anshar or the Sphere Beings say our WORLD WIDE Meditations can be in the project.

So.. I am getting over illness and getting on with publicizing my little page that collects up the info about those meditations:


tail wagg all 😉


phoenix9061210 #391775

>>On this whole thing to do with Corey and alternate timelines etc. The thing I think is… Who exactly is it that is going to change their thinking from what it otherwise would have been? Certainly not the mass of humanity!<< (my bolding)

See my comment 2 below littledogg #391784

There are sooo soooo soooo many ways we can be in either/or us vs "them" mode. And one that blares at me more now is us "enlightened truth-seekers" vs. “the mass of humanity” who we presume to be un-en-lightened self-seeking … dopey “sheeple”.

Not so simple.

My spiritual teacher.. who i did not agree with about all he said.. but found him IMMENSELY personally useful cuz most of what he said resonnated w me .. n one of those was that it is rrrrrealllllly hard to get onto this planet… you have to be really strong and have advanced to a degree that you can survive here.. make use of the consciousness development opportunities here.

E V E R Y time I am in “I’m more advanced than who/what ever poor dumb citizen” I have
L O S T the consciousness that will take me to the “promised land” of a “positive time line”

AND.. each time I catch myself at one of these miss-steps.. I can forgive myself for judging myself as being “not evolved enough” in the form of my neighbor.. and go back to remembering we are all here doing our best.

Or.. in the HUNA h’opoponopono mode:

I am sorry, please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.


So is this another full moon


from this article-quote—–This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations…..

The cross-country road trip is as American as apple pie. Which is why it’s so ironic that the latest motorhome innovation comes from overseas in Germany, where a new, electric motorhome has been unveiled by RV company Dethleffs. This motorhome is built for the open road, with a sleek design and head-to-toe solar panels so you never have to worry about finding the next charging station.
That’s right: The open road is officially calling. —–unquote…..




Well, as I had already summarised, I do believe that at least a lot of the wanderers down here are sixth density, and far above me personally in spiritual development.

Not many of them are paying attention to this kind of stuff though, they’re all too stapled to the ground!

My point remains.


Interesting, if, somewhat partisan:

Youtube: Alex Jones: Infowars Reporter Owen Shroyer Makes Trump Protesters Cry

He talks to two young female anti Trumpers and one of them starts crying saying “you’re making everything unsafe”…

Because of course when the globalists are in charge the “morons” are not aware that things are unsafe, that happens through the actions of their governments to other people in the third world and places like Haiti.

How safe are things going to be when all of this hits the fan?


Wildfire in Los Angeles, Texas under water, Kim testing Hydrogen bombs (allegedly)

Hurricane Irma on it’s way.

When do the plague of Locusts arrive?


mozart #391777
aneeson #39178
littledogg #39178 5" class="ucm-comment-id">39178 5

“Ironically.. the most efficient way.. in my book.. to bring about the “positive” timelines of Ascension.. is to let go of win/lose battling.. let go of forcing this or that.. to set clear limits with oneself about what one will do and what one will not do.. will allow or not allow.. but not to get caught up in the drama of urgency.. or fear of losing the battle.. or even battling.”
tail wagg all 😉
Thanks for great posts re Ascension and and much other interesting stuff!
Love it!

And agree littledog – no time- line for battling now! Right on there – I will follow your lead.
Hope you’re feeling better now – and will team up to your meditation ASAP.


Just a little note!
Interesting how David Wilcock vetted Corey Goode and the sphere beings.
As I understand, before David connected seriously to Goode – he had to be sure himself. So he went on and had a set of question put forward to the Sphere beings. This he told none and certainly not Goode.
He asked these Q, mentally. The next time he talked to Corey over the phone – in the end of their conversation Corey said (loosely) ” Btw – The sphere beings told me to convey this to you………”
And that was answer to David Q, down to the letter from the sphere beings.
No one could possible know anything about their content – and I trust David 100 % here. He will/would never lie and jeopardy his integrity, reputation and position by such a silly deception.
This was only for him as I understand it – so he went confident on from there.


This next one I put up a wile back and it goes a little into the subjects discussed re Ascension – only some loose end I put up for my self. It’s strictly all my opinion!
The more truth coming forth the more exponential the attacks against it it will be – for now.
History shows it. Truth leaders lives were seldom spared. We can recognize truth by this alone, and…….. unknowingly dark evil actors are helping. The Movie is soon finish…and just believe it…it has an happy ending.
Agree Alan with your summation in your post – thought I think one can be controlled opposition. We will see.

Groups in the Ascension scenario as I see it

1: Those who are ready, willing and awaken, including all lightworkers.
2: Sleeping humanity – need some time to adapt. Therein a subgroup might refuse – they goes to a different reality- timeline to continue “progress”. It is possible to grow very fast or slower – you can ascend within days or weeks but also could need lifetimes.
3: The most evil goes to central sun to be dismantle and reassemble (nothing is wasted)

It will under normal circumstances mean ALL of humanity ascend. Ascension is a natural growth – can not be stopped, only delayed a bit. Remember also ascension is merely a higher vibration of information i.e light.

It’s is said that interference is a foot and also needed. The partial disclosure is a long hard walk in the desert for humanity. It will only give Cabal time to reorganize, but never recover. A timeline I’m sure we don’t want. If humanity can’t “do it” – it will be done for them – also partly because they(many benevolent races) have a large stake in the process./(as littledog spoke of here littledogg #391785 (good post there! ). I think perhaps this was recorded on Gaia before eclipse meditation?!
Huge progress were made by the common effort during eclipse by intention and meditation. We ARE on a much MUCH better timeline/reality right now

Black hearts can not withstand the refined energy upgrades coming from central sun. Their fuses and circuits will burn….
I think whatever timeline, this has to happen. Evil is an abomination and not an original design by source – the only Q is how much chaos and “apathy” – as you said Alan, it will bring.

We the awaken one has an important role to play here ( not because we are better, but because we just is on another place at this time – predetermined or not……..) – and I’m sure we all will succeed whatever role we decide to play.
I choose to co-create that WE ARE THERE NOW – and firmly trust that! (Ok – my third was up.)


Good day everyone. I opened my email this morning, and ran across this outrageous piece:

This Company Tried to Donate Dog Food Laced With Euthanasia Drugs

Story at-a-glance

Recently the FDA put the kibosh on donations of potentially toxic dog food to animal shelters.

The food in question was recalled by Evanger’s Pet Food for pentobarbital contamination (pentobarbital is an animal euthanasia drug) after four dogs were made ill, and one of them died after eating an Evanger’s product.

Evanger’s marketed the recalled dog food as human-grade, but the meat it was made from was labeled “inedible hand boned beef,” meaning it was unfit for human consumption and therefore NOT human-grade.

Evanger’s meat supplier, Bailey Farms, also operates a dead livestock removal service, which is likely the source of the pentobarbital-laced horse meat that wound up in the dog food that sickened four dogs, and resulted in the death of 1 of the 4.

The FDA has thus far refused to enforce federal laws regarding the use of 4-D animal products in pet food, and initiates investigations only when a contaminated product makes pets ill and/or results in their death.

I know this pales in comparison with NK’s new hydrogen bomb and all the other issues that frighten and annoy us, but I’ve found that I can multi-task my outrage. I’ll bet that you can, too.


siggi #391738

O siggi… THANKS for bringing this here. THIS is the sign we are ALL CREATING the HARMONY timeline, eh?

My dog is of the oldest breed of dog… greyhound… Pharoahs etc bred them to chase rabbits and other prey on the plains/deserts.. and gently bring them back in their mouths to human hunters.

1. Lily (the dog) defers to Minuit (the cat) just as in the lower video siggi brought us.
2. Lily sees the wild hares all over our neighborhood and wants to approach them.. with curiosity.. to do a “sniff..sniff” hello as she does sometimes with the cat.

3. We are creating a world were all of all species can cooperate with each other and care for each other as needed.



The Larry Nichols video was at least a year old. I’m not sure but that it is older than that. The UN was gifted many national parks years ago. Death Valley/ Scotty’s Castle has the UN insignia on its entrance sign. But, being an EO from Obama, Trump can cancel it. Tah-dah!


Are you okay? I’m behind as usual but have been thinking of you with all the Texas flooding. I certainly hope you and yours are in a safe place.


siggi #391744

O siggi… such a lovely bedtime story about your mother and the angels. thanks… give her a hug from me.. tell her she needs a little doggie hug! 😉

So here is my angel story.. the writing of which is an example of the persistance I am being challenged to pursue these days since the first version disintegrated when Chrome crashed a minute or so ago.

Many years ago I was part of a group of performers/therapist/counselors who created and ran a workshop that used the events of Easter and Passover as themes for participants’ spiritual/consciousness expansion exercises. The workshop took place on a weekend in which Passover and Easter coincided that year.

Among other performances.. I was given the part of the Angel who reassured Jesus’ mother. “wife”, etc not to worry when they found his body gone from the tomb on Easter AM. In rehearsals I consistently sang flat performing the very high-pitched part.

Early that morning, it occurred to me that there probably was an actual angel.. and that.. time being a human (not angelic) thing.. that angel was probably in existence on that day.
So I asked “the angel” to help me sing the part.
I hit the “highs” on razor pitch.. clean.. full, clear.. ringing.
AND.. was I “stoned”!!… for the rest of that morning… floating with joy liteness bliss.

So.. now .. as I write this .. I realize that the inflammation that I’ve been persistently suffering with.. is much relieved.. at this minute … a f t e r.. I had typed a request to THAT ANGEL to either help or get an angel who could help w my current healing/evolution.. just before the Chrome collapse.

Now I am thinking maybe the angelic “vibe” overwhelmed Chrome!.. maybe maybe.. we don’t have to know all these details, eh?

So I complete this by welcoming welcoming welcoming that angel/the right angel to help me … Windi… siggi’s Mom.. others reading this or cafe-istas.. or loved ones of cafe-istas

GO=Team! eh 😉



wolfintimber #391746

I tried to vote twice on this comment (+of course). Thanks for the reminder about the importance of grounding… bare feet on the mother.

another grounding tool one can do instead of being impatient in line at the supermarket.. etc.

The out loud physical version: standing bend over touching one’s finger tips to “mother” (earth) as close as possible..
Then .. as you unfold, bring hands up over head.. accompanied by the sound “eeeee” starting as low as possible down by the earth/floor.. and getting as high a pitch “eeee” as possible by the time your hands are reaching for the sky.
Then down again with hands and sound back to the floor.

It’s fun.. you will feel about “3”.

The Supermarket Version:

Silently imagine yourself doing both the movements and the sound.



So, I won’t link this article here, as is customary, because I don’t think anyone will read it. (Especially at 8,628 words) but it was about facebook and how it has changed the landscape of business. Some interesting points:

– A 1 percent increase in likes and status updates on facebook equals a 5-8 percent decrease in mental health.
– Facebooks targeted advertising has redirected, in one year, about $27 million advertising from the Guardian and the Financial Times
– Facebook can target any demographic, i.e. based on race or whether they are a parent etc. For this reason it can target its ads very well and a good example of this is a replay of Clintons 2016 “Super Predators” speech that targeted African American voters in Republican target seats.
– The new media has effectively destroyed the creative industries and facebook plays a part in that. Stolen media and the fact people expect music for free as it is off youtube has lead to less monetisation of creative people.

It’s quite amazing as a subtle effect on our society. At work people are on facebook all the time! I think more data and insight is needed into the way google and facebook are “farming” our society!


Pretty sick stuff.

You don’t actually need to give a dog “dog food” though, that’s just a way to sell meat that is not fit for human consumption. Going down to the supermarket and buying a chicken and then having some dried stuff for its multivitamin and carbohydrate works fine.


mozart #391750

>>I have it on good intel that William Tompkins was eliminated by the goddamn neg elites.<<
I "guessed" that intuitively the sec I learned about his passing.
HOW EVER… as I read your comment now.. I recall the resistance my dog JUJU had instantly each time I got angry and upset that she died "before she was supposed to" due to the vaccines i ignorantly allowed administered to her 12 yr old self.

I came to see that there are means and methods for everything.. and she just COULD NOT BEAR it.. that I did not accept the timing/means/methods of her leaving. AND.. she grieved more intensely for the loss of her life/life with me, etc than I have personally ever known anyone to grieve.. we cried and "shout/barked" our mutual pain for months across the "big divide" .

Next I remembered the Shamanic Journey I had 4 days after 9/11 (probly talked about it here at some point).

I saw most of those who "passed over" turn around i m m e d i a t e l y.. hold "light hands" around where the towers had been.. and where a HUGE light column had been placed.
I got the info that the event was a huge light action FTHGAC … as well, of course.. as the many-layered loushie satanic ritual the lizzy-pups planned and executed.

Just sharin'
… reality is sooo complicated here before we merge back into the ONE ness of who we
t o t a l l y are, eh?

Last realization: on a day when my pain is so high I am having difficulty doing the projects I'd planned.. I have you all to gab with.. share about my next steps of "the really imortant process" that most of our neigbors and pals cannot see. Another version of Light Action.

I am immensely grateful for this community.. every last conservative/liberal/dreamer/worryier/rabbit-holer of us.


#391813 phoenix
You don’t actually need to give a dog “dog food” though, that’s just a way to sell meat that is not fit for human consumption. Going down to the supermarket and buying a chicken and then having some dried stuff for its multivitamin and carbohydrate works fine.

Well, that’s certainly true, but the big picture is that most people don’t have the time or knowledge to feed their pets this way. They should be able to trust that their chosen pet food won’t poison their animals.

I’ve fed my pup a baked kibble product made in small batches for all of his 14 years. That, plus some good supplements and the occasional laser treatment, has resulted in a happy guy that scampers around like a puppy.


phoenix9061210 #391813

>>So, I won’t link this article here, as is customary, because I don’t think anyone will read it. (Especially at 8,628 words) but it was about facebook and how it has changed the landscape of business. Some interesting points:

– A 1 percent increase in likes and status updates on facebook equals a 5-8 percent decrease in mental health.<<
Some of us lil doggies "up in here" actually want to read some of all those words.. particularly to see what data set the author references and how he/she assesses the "mental health" of the facebookers.

so.. please "tap-up" the link

Thank you,

little dogg, PsyD, LMHC (that is as in "Licensed Mental Health counselor") 😉



Zerohedge: Facebook Exposed – “You” Are The Product

I saw most of those who “passed over” turn around i m m e d i a t e l y.. hold “light hands” around where the towers had been.. and where a HUGE light column had been placed.
I got the info that the event was a huge light action FTHGAC … as well, of course.. as the many-layered loushie satanic ritual the lizzy-pups planned and executed

– #391814

Sounds like you’re fairly active in your metaphysical work.


phoenix9061210 #391817

lhanks for your prompt reply, phoenix.
Looking forward to munching down all the tidbits in this article by John Lanchester.
I clicked thru to an easier to copy and paste version at London Review of Books:


And yes… the MAIN thing for me is the non/meta physical part of us all…

The JourneyWork is via Core Shamanism… really fun.. been doing it around 20 yr:


tail wagg!

rev. littledogg, PsyD,LMHC 😉

(but what self-respecting little dogg pays attention to letters afore or aft, eh?
It is the bones that attract us )


I am in a fairly protected area – in the hill county so not flat land about 1200 feet above sea level. It was hard to get gas for the car for a few days.

I went to a Eckankar service today and many were telling stories of how hard the last couple of weeks have been. From the solar eclipse to this full moon coming up – many changes and you either go forward, go backwards or stay the same.

Do people choose to be humans or remain of a lower consciousness


Regarding evangers dog food – I use their canned chicken and love it for them but I have started to get good a high protein dry dog food – no canola oil , no dyes,no beef although I will give them beef – good beef. And then I butchered dehydrated veggie mix and use them together.

Along with super greens, Msm, DE, kelp, coconut oil
and a Chinese herb instead of an antihistamine to help clear the crap out of their sinuses.

Evangers outsourcing caused the problems with the food and they immediately took steps to stop it . They are a good company



Prompt response indeed! I love the internet and after uncomfortable personal experiences my personal life and friendship have disintegrated somewhat. I mean I do have friends etc. but I definitely spend a great amount of time alone.

I’m hoping to work more soon and then will likely spend less time on the internet, but will possibly have to leave my current job to do so.

You being a mental health specialist and thoroughly new age is cause for hope! I had some sort of experience a few years ago with a “negative being”, or what others might classify as hallucinations and schizophrenia, that upset the pattern of my life and more recently I wonder if I should go to talk to someone about some of this and life in general. I have often thought of how bad it would be if I got into an argument with the counsellor/ therapist on the legitimacy of the experiences I believe are real.


Mozart #391777,

Hi there Mozart,

Very well said there Sir! The more we can focus on making ourselves free from the negative the better for Humanity. We only need to worry about our own ‘shit’ and the reality we want for it to affect all of creation.

Best regards,


Siggi  #391798

Hi Siggi,

I fully concur with your thoughts – thanks for expressing them so well.

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Awakening of Friendship with the Star Beings

by Master Kuthumi

Source: Natalie Glasson ~ Sacred School of OmNa ~ 1st September 2017…..quote—–When I speak of Star Beings, I include the Venus Beings, Andromedans, Arcturians, Beings of Sirius, Pleiadians and the Celestial White Beings. All are wise, devoted to the Earth and her humanity as well as wish to aid soul’s in their quest for ascension, happiness and fulfilment. Everything that the Star Beings share with humanity is from a space of selfless, pure love. The Star Beings do not wish to gain anything from the Earth and her humanity, only to observe humanity in emerging into the beauty of the Creator which is within them.—–unquote…..




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wolfintimber #391746

I tried to vote twice on this comment (+of course). Thanks for the reminder about the importance of grounding… bare feet on the mother.


coooool littledog……

its so excellent more and more science is being made available to prove these grooooovy thiongs we can do for ouir wellbeing and such…..


I went to see david icke in vancouver this weekend……

I left after the late afternoon break,as I got goooonbaaad by a 20 year old victim of the education 2000 progeams(delivered by reagan and mulroney era cabal superassholes- behaviour modification systems-everyone one in the box and obey orders from the eye in the sky with complete obedience kind of shyte)…..

the worker insisted I placed my wristband around my wrist-not just show it to him,showing it was not enough for him at this stage-although I had entered and exited the physcility a few times through the day already by showing the wristband without it being stuck around my wrist…..

I explained no problem I have my ticket with my name on it and my identification to prove i have a ticket for this event…..

there was no way he would or could deviate from his perceived requirements – as 3 or 4 other workers looked on ready to escalate the situation as i offered a solution to the impass-that i would not place the wrisdtband on my wrist-but had the required documents to show i am a paying customer of this event…..

this is how a vip level ticket holder is processed now at this particular venue in vancouver british columbia…..

once confirming with him that i cannot enter the theatre unless i plaxce the wristband on my wrist – i exited and through the ticket and wristband on the sidewalk outside(so they know who i am – my names on the ticket)…..

vamooooosed out of the area…..

i got no problem-as i walked away-big deal-lots of seats empty at the event-including one who paid for what this venue calls a vip to the performance(vip,,,,,hahahahaha)…..that’s how this venue treats their vip customers apparently…..hahahahaha…..

this is important that some of us don’t obediently feed this inhuman thoughtless useless enslavement processies ongoing-as its about tyranny on the peoples-so often nothing to do with security issues,the greater good etc…..

next time ill support david ickle by buying a couple of ticket and giving the away in the hood to a couple of brothers or sisters…..

i write this not to be a negative force to canada-au contraire-im a canadian navy veteran and love this country like many americans etc…..love their countries…..and are more and more enmass speaking up about what they figure is unjust and unnecessary etc…..

oh well i did my works i wanted to – buying my friend from hells kitchen a ticket to see david-and bringing him some grooooovy medicines as he has liver cancer-big pharma system has written him off again as they did 3 and a half years ago-he may heal with real medicines-and taking charge of his life as he does…..


david icke-quote—–the thing is i would say this for the people of canada…..

ive been to like something in my life – 65 countries…..

and canada is by far far far the most difficult and hassle full country-to get in and speak your truth,and to speak to a public event…..

theres no other country no matter where ever you go,than canada that i have had so much hassle…..—–unquote…..




from this article-quote—–A dozen nations armed ISIS, protected them, some provided air support, others funneled jihadists from the far reaches of the Pacific to battle fields in Iraq and Syria.
Half a trillion dollars in oil, antiquities, entire factories, not to mention endless thousands of human slaves enriched those behind ISIS. Most involved aren’t Muslims. Many are Americans, the same corporations that profited from the War on Terror, backed ISIS as well.
Every NATO nation was involved as was Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. This was a war of corporations and banks, a commercial venture building on the real lessons learned after 9/11.—–unquote…..



gordon duff-uncle gordie(highly decorated united states marine vietnam war combat veteran)-quote—–From the South, vehicles by the thousands flowed into Syria and Iraq for ISIS, specially modified Toyota Hilux trucks and almost the entire production of Land Cruisers. All paid for by Saudi royal funds and, according to sources, upgraded and reinforced in Israel, larger cooling systems and heavier suspension. No serial number has ever been traced, Toyota has never been held to account, no invoices checked, not for entire container ships of “technicals” moved into Israel and then to Jordan through Aqaba, and up into the warzone.—–unquote…..