Q&A with Benjamin Fulford

I have some questions a number of people are aching to know the answers to in your reports.

1. Were papers filed in The Hague authorizing the U.S. military to intervene on behalf of its people against elements of its own government? (ref email chain below) Would an alt-news campaign encourage the US military?

None of my sources have told me about papers filed in The Hague, but I can assert for sure the Trump regime is a de facto military junta and the U.S. military has already taken action.

2. Is it possible that the cabal used HAARP technology to create the Houston storm to bring up the oil price to support their banks?

Yes, it is possible. When studying events, it is always important to ask Qui Bono? or “who benefits?”

3. Is an increase of troops in Afghanistan actually to occur, because these troops will destroy the poppy fields/drug traffic?

No, the troops are there to protect the poppy fields because they generate about $1.6 trillion a year of revenue.

4. What is keeping George Soros from being arrested?

George Soros has not been arrested because he has been killed. The cabalists are trying to maintain the illusion he is alive because they need a front man like him to act as a cover for the real actors like the Rothschilds.

5. Why aren’t Antifa and BLM identified as terrorist organizations?

They have been, and they are being rounded up.

6. When will China and Russia assert their authority for pricing physical precious metals?

It is an ongoing process. The real debate going on under the surface is about when, how, or if off-ledger gold is to be monetized. It is a complex issue.

7. Are mass arrests being deterred by terrorist nuclear/biological/other threats, and is this temporary?

There have been a lot of arrests, but yes, some powerful actors are still around because they have armies protecting them and have access to weapons of mass destruction.

8. Are the CIA and FBI now under Trump’s control, or do they work for the cabal?

They are split into both factions, but the Trump faction is now prevailing.

9. Is there any imminent significant action, or is all the impetus on a gradual (e.g. two-year) transition?

There is a gradual transition underway. The main problem is that if you just collapse the system into a hard landing without a viable replacement ready, there will be chaos, bloodshed, and suffering on a massive scale.

10. What about the Antifa armed revolt training we are hearing about?

Antifa activists are being rounded up.

11. What do you currently see as the most hopeful course of action? Would you consider giving interviews in alt media?

The White Dragon Society is pushing for and participating in top-level negotiations to revamp and, at times, replace the international architecture that was put in place after World War 2. And yes, I am happy to give interviews.

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Awakening of Friendship with the Star Beings

by Master Kuthumi

Source: Natalie Glasson ~ Sacred School of OmNa ~ 1st September 2017…..

quote—–When I speak of Star Beings, I include the Venus Beings, Andromedans, Arcturians, Beings of Sirius, Pleiadians and the Celestial White Beings. All are wise, devoted to the Earth and her humanity as well as wish to aid soul’s in their quest for ascension, happiness and fulfilment. Everything that the Star Beings share with humanity is from a space of selfless, pure love. The Star Beings do not wish to gain anything from the Earth and her humanity, only to observe humanity in emerging into the beauty of the Creator which is within them.—–unquote…..



With two very opposing ideas coming out of Bens blog on North Korea I’m just going with what it seems to be on the surface. No conspiracies just… This is what x and y person are doing.

Unlike Iraq there is actually statements, and proof that is not 100% but still likely, that North Korea does actually intend to do damage to the United States and do have nuclear weapons of some sort. David Wilcock, who has less of an agenda than Ben or his sources, basically stated North Korea is a deep state controlled army.

Regime change is what I vote for!


intruth 391800
My husband went down to Louisiana to help during Katrina with the Red Cross. He said it was chaos. They gave out useless items, people didn’t seem to know what to do. He came back demoralized and sick with a chronic lung issue probably from the mold but who knows. They’re a disturbing group.
intruth 391802

The North Korea threat is so curious. Do they really have a nuke? Do nukes even exist? Will they be the excuse for WW3 and a massive global police state? I’m inclined to think that N. Korea listens to China; it’s bigger, stronger and right across the border. I’ve read that many North Korean refugees man China’s factories and they have trade deals. I’ve also read that China has stated it will not protect No. Korea if it displays aggression towards the US. But so many of the important players are connected behind the scenes through secret societies that it’s most likely a screenplay being rolled out by our favorite producers toward some diabolical end. After no WMD’s in Iraq, I suspect every nuclear threat. We all should.


AMAZON continues to do what it started out doing, forcing suppliers to slash prices or lose the account. This is how it destroyed the book industry and it will upend the organic produce world. How will that play out? Less oversight, less controls, organic suppliers cutting corners, lots more produce from chemically contaminated China billed as organic, the disappearance of smaller, higher quality providers, etc. Eventually Amazon will pressure the appropriate agency to loosen some of the standards and organics will be cease to be serious perhaps, OR someone with real passion will take Amazon on. If we could only get the whole country to boycott them for a day and send our message about their policies and practices, but we’re not enlightened enough on a big scale to pull it off. Too bad, I liked Whole Foods. Oh, the cashiers will disappear completely within 2 years and the shelving and inventory staff will be greatly reduced. Other supermarkets will be forced to do the same just to compete. It’s part of the much larger plan to impoverish us all by slashing jobs. You’ve got to see it.

The only consolation I’m seeing is that Amazon seems to be having trouble finding people to work in its warehouses. There are always employment ads for them here in Robbinsville and my understanding is that the work is too stressfull based on speed of execution and lots of rules. There have been articles by people detailing how the order fillers are timed and reviewed by that and how short the lunch breaks and other breaks are.


Day 317.1 Searching For Andre Carson’s Video Game

George Webb


As always, George delivers.


Man investigating missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is ‘assassinated’
September 03, 2017
by Oliver wheaton, Metro:

A diplomat involved with the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been murdered, leading some to believe it was part of a conspiracy.

Zahid Raza, an Honorary Consul of Malaysia, was gunned down in Madagascar’s capital of Antananarivo last Thursday.

Mr Raza was tasked with transporting pieces of wreckage that potentially came from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Blaine Gibson, an American adventurer-detective who has been self-funding his own investigation into the missing plane, has called Mr Raza’s death an ‘assassination’.

Gibson claims that he himself has been receiving death threats and warnings to cease his investigation.


Jim Stone


The USGS is calling it a surface burst that triggered a 6.3 earthquake. I remember an old school nuke movie where a test of a five megaton device was done in Alaska and it created a 6.9 earthquake. Perhaps North Korea’s nuke is not five megatons (seismic results vary depending upon what the earth is made of where the nuke goes off) but if it tripped a 6.3, it’s NOT A TOY.
UPDATE: It looks like little Kim may have hit (over) a megaton. That’s too much to f* with, if he really did that, “North Korea will stay best Korea”.

If he did this and it’s not a USGS hoax, EVERYONE in North Korea felt it, South Korea felt it, and China felt it. SEE THIS:


UPDATE: CONFIRMED: Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

My comment: Since WHEN has a mine explosion registered a 6.3!!??!! China and Seoul far more credible than USGS.
PREDICTION: Tomorrow we’ll see a picture of Kim Jong smiling ear to ear, while desperately enthusiastic military brass clap on the front page of Drudge!

PREDICTION: Kim Jong destroyed his nuclear test site

You can’t set off a bomb that big in a country that small and have any decent ground left to work with!


Red Cross Admits It Doesn’t Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent

Authored by Carey Wedler via TheAntiMedia.org,

Though the Red Cross has a historical reputation for providing relief to victims of natural disasters and other emergencies, the organization’s practices have tarnished its name over the last few years.

Amid the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Red Cross reportedly accepted nearly $500 million in relief money but built only six homes with the funds even though they claimed they had provided homes to 130,000 people. These failures prompted some Haitians to advise the world against donating funds to the Red Cross.



The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Explained


Story at-a-glance

Exposure to microwave EMFs, like cellphones, causes massive mitochondrial dysfunction due to damage done by free radicals from peroxynitrite that also cause single and double stranded breaks in your DNA
Excessive free radicals triggered by low-frequency microwave exposure from cellphones and Wi-Fi networks have been linked to chronic diseases such as cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s and infertility
Excessive calcium signaling produced by EMF exposures also has important roles in producing pathophysiological effects of EMFs including each of the effects listed above
Strategies that may help reduce the harmful effects of EMFs include optimizing your magnesium level, certain Nrf2-boosting foods, exercise, calorie restriction and strategies that boost nitric oxide signaling (which acts, in turn, by raising Nrf2)



Barbara Loe Fisher – an AMAZING advocate for our rights – issues a powerful WARNING about our current vaccination program.(plus, action steps to take)

Listen to the show anytime today – don’t miss this: (and share the link)


LYME SCI: Re-cap of New York’s Lyme disease hearing

On August 29, the New York State Senate’s Task Force on Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases held a public hearing, with participation from many stakeholders. Public health officials, scientists, patients, and doctors from IDSA and ILADS all addressed the committee hearing, which was streamed live to a national audience.



Very challenging week – my 17yr old passed but she fought to the end – for some reason she didn’t want to leave.
The next day I went out to the kennel and a lovely little 4yr old was down in the back – she had lost her ability to go potty and had lost all feelings in her rear. The vet checked her and there was very little that could be done. I didn’t take her home. It was tragic.

Two in one week .
Then I had family problems and that was a drain and didn’t make that much sense- all kinds of drama and any direction would have not been satisfactory to my oldest prodigal daughter. She was looking for it to not work out.

And if this a full moon then I can only assume she gets very triggered emotional at these times. Omg the drama and accusations.

I don’t know how to even react to that much weirdness. I just had to let in go.


littledogg 391781

mozart 391747

Okay. So now I watched/listened to the Gaia interview that Mozart put up the transcript of.

I agree with Mozart that this info is something rrrrrreally important for us all to be aware of. AND.. I stand by the point I made in the prior comment.

At one point Corey points out that the Anshar have become concerned that they may cease to exist if the more “negative” timeline unfolds on Earth. Apparently they’ve come back 1000s of years in time to “fix” something.. and if not successful.. they may cease to exist in the Earth Timeline. And whether us humans collectively can raise our collective consciousness adequately is the hinge point to whether there will be a “negative” situation in which humans are controlled by/enslaved by reptilians.. or the advanced co-creativitiy we are reaching for will unfold. And, I guess the “negative timeline” will be the one in which there were/will be no Anshar.

My thought: in this 3-D/4-D/5-D … reality(ies) I.. you…. all humanity.. the Anshar may cease to “exist”… but in the BIGGER REALITY that is WHO we ALL actually ARE.. no one ceases to exist. And the shift I am being called to claim more day by day.. I think it’s the “Ascension.. thingie” is the one in which we all truly claim the reality that WE (individually and collectively) ARE the creators of these realms.. and can re-create them. AND.. more more more more more importantly.. the reality that I feel drawn to.. is the one in which we co-exist harmoniously one with another.. hu men and hu wo men.. dogs.. snakes.. lizzards.. trees.. Pleiadeans.. Anshari (?) … Andromedens… etc. WE T R U L Y are ONE. …

Ironically.. the most efficient way.. in my book.. to bring about the “positive” timelines of Ascension.. is to let go of win/lose battling.. let go of forcing this or that.. to set clear limits with oneself about what one will do and what one will not do.. will allow or not allow.. but not to get caught up in the drama of urgency.. or fear of losing the battle.. or even battling.

AND.. further in the interview.. even tho the Sphere Beings also have talked to Corey about the possibility that humanity may not collectively raise our consciousness adequately and a “negative time line” may occur in which we are “ruled” by the reptilians.. Corey reports that they.. a more evolved collection of beings than the Anshar… express no urgency about the issue.

It’s an interesting tight rope to tip toe and dance along.. focusing on the world we truly want.. DOing and BEing that world TODAY as best we can in each of our little actions/thoughts/emotions. AND to also get that it MATTERS how much we can DO and BE as we want and how much/fast we can enlist the like participation of our neighbors..
……while not losing our foothold on that reality/rope by getting into rushing, worrying, pushing, battling …..

AND.. Corey talked about the BIG use either the Anshar or the Sphere Beings say our WORLD WIDE Meditations can be in the project.

So.. I am getting over illness and getting on with publicizing my little page that collects up the info about those meditations:


tail wagg all 😉


mozart 391747

Thanks for posting this Moz. It’s been a challenging week for me health-wise and am behind here and with gaia shows like this one. So haven’t read the transcript or listened to the show yet…
But.. I am struck by your comment Moz:

To be tense and worried about avoiding the “negative” time line is to be in a negative place. “Don’t worry… be happy!”…. not to be superficial, but to remind myself anyway.. that the “positive time line” HAS to be a mode of being in confidence, flow, caring about myself and others.

Sometimes I think about muggle friends and family who are not following all this rabbit-hole stuff we can’t stop our CAFE-ista selves from snooping and sniffing at. I wonder: are they gonna get “left behind?”.. Then I think about the quality of these folks: clients… train conductors… sons.. cousins.. neighbors. ALL are GOOD folk. making basically GOOD, constructive choices about themselves, family , co-workers, etc. So, it seems obvious to me that ALL of us to whom such a description applies ARE MOVING with the Postive Time Line. it is who we are be ing.

So then I can be in “don’t worry, be happy” mode.

Now to see what’s Corey’s report is talking about, eh?


What a Wonderful World!



Secondlife has made a good point about odd posts by Ben, as opposed to regular posts.

Just the same, I’m going to post this link:


It’s of vital importance that all of you read it, and to share it with others. We CANNOT afford to go on the neg timeline, of which is far too probable that it’s scary.

Read it!


Federal Security Agent Found Dead – Body Pulled from Potomac – Media Silent

Federal agent Kurt Smolek was found dead after going missing on Monday.
His body was pulled from the Potomac River on Wednesday.

Smolek was a Diplomatic Security Special Agent.



i just got a card in the mail that smart meters are going to be installed in PA . Time to do some research and get them to BACK OFF! WTF!


Jim Stone

President Trump under “House Arrest”

I was skeptical, but it appears true. So many staffers that supported him have been expelled that only enemies remain, and no one from the outside can talk to him. Additionally, it is finally confirmed by a good source that Ivanka and Kushner are now enemies of Trump, and are destroying his efforts. I said all along, Kushner is the leak, and it appears confirmed to be so.
See this from Breitbart:


Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow spoke to journalist Mike Cernovich on Breitbart News Daily this morning discussing the Trump presidency, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s influence, and the possibility of President Trump being held under “house arrest.”
Mike Cernovich appeared on Breitbart News Daily today to speak to Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow about issues surrounding the Trump Presidency. Cernovich has a running series of posts called “Dispatches from Trumpland” that were at the center of their discussion.

“There’s some pretty explosive stuff in your report, ” said Alex Marlow referencing Cernovich’s recent Trump Dispatches, “and so I just wanted to unpack some of it with you, the first place where it starts in your dispatch is that Trump is on house arrest and you cite John Bolton who people thought was under consideration for National Security Advisor, for Secretary of State who can’t even have access to the President right now and this is a pretty big departure from campaign trail Trump.”
“Exactly, so I’d heard from people that Trump is on house arrest, ” replied Mike Cernovich, “I thought ‘oh c’mon, the President of the United States, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard’, but I kept digging into it and I kept hearing the same thing over and over again and then, of course, John Bolton wrote his column for National Review and he’s begging people to retweet it, he said ‘this is the only way the President is gonna see it, ‘ and I’ll say Alex, I don’t really understand, how can Trump not see who he wants to see? This is something I don’t really fully comprehend within the White House. I have talked to a lot of people, it’s a very weird situation.”
Marlow agreed, “it is a very weird situation, and this is something that I’m afraid is systemic of something that’s happening inside, people that listen to the show know that I’m not a huge ‘Javanka’ fan, ” referencing Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, “and Im just seeing the numbers here Mike and the people inside the White House, you’ve got Kushner, you’ve got Ivanka Trump, Gary Cohn, Dinah Powell, H.R. McMaster, who I know you were really the first person to call him out as a big threat to the MAGA agenda. And it’s just overwhelming and now with no Bannon and with no Gorka, just where is the President getting information that can tie him, connect him to his own base?” There is more of this report on Breitbart HERE
My comment: We now have de-facto proof Trump has probably been drugged and is definitely sidelined. A full blown coup is the only way they would ever get away with isolating him. How can they stop the President from talking to someone? That would happen only if he has become a totally controlled puppet that is SO controlled he can’t even talk to old friends. So it is not Trump now. He’s hijacked.

Jared probably has Ivanka drugged to oblivion, the honey pot has spilled.

Yep, that’s what the hurricane diversion was for .


Victory is Near 432Hz




I took that as a sarcastic dig at Ben’s previous innacuracies. I.e Ben is *ahem* 99% right.


drelemanzer 391667

You are lucky. Would you mind sharing your sources and how you know they are 100% reliable? Please don’t cite Ben because he’s been debated way too often. Have your sources been consistently right? Could anybody verify it, how and where?
intruth 391671

Yes intruth, I posted his videos 1 & 2 on FB with a comment that he was found dead in Florida and had to retract it. An article I read claimed the guy they found was name Ronald Bernard Fernandez, clearly a hoax. Ronald Bernard isn’t even the guy’s real name.
Great videos if occasionally confusing. Didn’t post video 3 to FB, to much material for anti-semitism, and people are catching to that little by little.
As for Disclosure in TV and Movies, my favorites are the Stargate SG1 series, Tomorrowland, and Jupiter Ascending. All laid out for us and loaded with masonic imagery.


Live Stream Video Temporarily Available



Neil Keenan has an interesting update posted today – http://neilkeenan.com/


CONFIRMED: Ronald Bernard is Alive (& Other Updates)



Published on Aug 28, 2017
There is a fake news article making the rounds that was authored by Baxter Dimitry that claims the Dutch banking whistleblower Ronald Bernard died after getting lost in a park preserve in Florida. The person who died is named Ronald Bernard Rodriguez. It’s not the same person. I have confirmed that Ronald Bernard is alive and well by corresponding with producer Irma Schiffers who knows Ronald and who produced the red pill interviews with him. Stay tuned for some other updates, including an important crypto warning too.


I think we should all stick to the original post for the week.

I recognize that many years ago when we had over 1k posts per week, it made sense to jump to the newest posts, so that they would load quicker…

but with so few actively posting, wouldn’t it make more sense to continue from the ‘original’ to keep the ‘flow-uninterrupted’ and have an actual ‘true’ tally for how many people keep posting weekly? 😕

I know I watch the weekly ‘totals’ to see if more activity is being ‘generated’

Anyway.. maybe it’s just me who watches that kind of stuff. 😆

Best to you all


Je Suis Queen Tut – Is Robert David Steele Running an Op Against George Webb & CSTT?

Jason Goodman


Published on Aug 30, 2017
The mighty Queen continues to call out the Robber David who Steals on his potentially fraudulent activities.


28 not too late!


It’s not hard to tell anything if you have alternative ways of finding out that are 99.9999% correct. Ahem.


drelemanzer 391661

So hard to know who’s alive and who isn’t. Old video flows through the internet. Clones and security doubles abound. Clif High predicted back in April that a big name would die before July. I’m hoping it really is Soros, but there are plenty of others to take his place. He probably wasn’t even calling the shots much anyway. These people always have designated successors. The show must go on.

A lot of news on FB from Dr. Cynthia McKinney about Tillerson signing on to some legislation defining any criticism of Israel as anti-semitic and subject to prosecution as a hate crime. Seems the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as AIPAC and others have been lobbying heavily to achieve the same level of censorship in the US that they’ve pulled off in the UK. Hope it isn’t true. Anybody know anything?

Much discussion about Harvey having been HAARP created and directed at Texas. Certainly does have all the markings. One fellow on OWON ran a bunch of numbers and declared that it was way out of the norm ( actually he said it was a whopping 9 sigma off the mean- too mathematical for me but I’d love an explanation). Sandra Bullock has pledged $1 million towards the Houston/Harvey fund. I’m impressed, would that all of Hollywood thought to help out that much, but, being the satanics that they are, they can’t or they’ll all be cursed for sure.


A bit of redirection:

2. Harvey:


4. Soros:

I don’t know where you’re getting your Soros info, but he’s still alive.

-Dr. ELM


Yo, dudes and dudette’s! I’m starting to fink right, we might ave been fooooled yeah. About this North Korea fingk!

Cause like, ya know how Ben says yeah, that we’s NOT going down to Norf Korea. But then, Donald Trump and Russia and whatnot don’t shut up like about Norf Korea. It makes me fink that the Norf Korea thing might still be ‘appening.

… blud!


23 just for me. I do like the interim Q&A



In the 4400 in the third season, watch the letters that float upwards in the intro… the interesting one disappears in the fourth season along with a certain character. At the same time the third season was one of the best things on TV while the fourth season was absolute crap!


This is interesting in relation to the psychology of some of these people, and the psychology of how we might improve society in general:

YouTube: Bombards Body Language: Body Language: Child of Rage

Of course, they are not children anymore. With such a natural psychological understanding though I feel it enriches my understanding of people and society.


Zerohedge: Big Bank Bosses Are Dumping Their Stocks As “Credit Risk Ricochets Back”

And now, as The FT reports, it continues to gather pace. Insiders at the big six banks by assets — JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — have in total sold a net 9.32m shares on the open market since the turn of the year. Even excluding Warren Buffett’s big dumping of shares in Wells in April, to avoid tripping over rules capping ownership by a non-bank, sales by insiders outnumber purchases by about 14 to one


Matthew’s Whole Message really resonnated with me.

Maybe you too?

Lightworkers, challenges; low energy; progress milestones; solar eclipse; global warming; mirrors, self-image; false information; NESARA debt forgiveness provision

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing a reader’s email that is much the same as numerous others my mother is receiving: “Every light worker I know is either sick or in situations which are less then
enviable. It makes us wonder if it’s all for naught. People are on the verge of exhaustion and do not have the energy level to keep sustaining others in either teaching or just being present. Maybe Matthew could give us some insight.”

…………………………..“I feel this current President and administration mirror our greatest shadows. For that, I am grateful in hopes it will not only jump start us back to light action, but assist in removing the insidious negatives interwoven in our ‘progress.’ The fact so many have allowed such heinous behavior in order to gain political traction leads me to believe they will all go down with the ship, so to speak, or evolve.” The reader is referring to the US president and his administration, but our comments are for our entire family on Earth.
First, “mirror our greatest shadows.” When you observe what someone says or does, your reaction—agreement, disapproval, compassion, anger, joy, sadness, whatever it may be—mirrors your image of who you are, and there is a tendency to relegate less admirable aspects of self to the shadows of the mind. Contemplating how closely your thoughts and actions are aligned with your self-image can expand conscious awareness and engender the satisfying sense of being true to soul-self. Introspection may include: Do I consider that perspectives different from mine may have merit? Am I as sensitive to others’ feelings as I want them to be of mine? Am I letting others’ opinions influence my decisions? Do I judge others even though I cannot know their soul contracts? Am I grateful for the goodness in my life or taking it for granted? Have I forgiven myself and others or am I holding onto regret and resentment? Do I allow trivial issues to unbalance me?.”

For the whole:



VT has another idea about Afghanistan.. that it’s for the rare metals.. and that WE the USA are the terrorists and worse.. doing geniside on Afghanis in the way of us grabbing their minerals.


I think of course it’s both minerals and poppies.

AND.. also of course.. sending LIGHT as I type to all involved.. ALL involved.. including souls of Afghanis murdered by USA and those who murdered them. FTHGAC

I am sorry, please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.


Pheonix 391622

Hi there Phoenix,

I thought that I did mention a few policies:

” … Basically, as would be expected of Labour, they want to spend on health, education, social housing etc., …”

I just thought that it would be easier for you if you looked at the link to save my typing out all their policies.

The main thing about NZ political parties is that there is really no difference between National and labour. We have traditionally been an egalitarian society and it is only over the last decade that the divide has widened so much.

That said, the two main parties do differ on the application of policies. Labour tend to be mean in PERSONAL handouts and they also tend to borrow more, but usually try to balance the books if they can – seems a contradiction.

National on the other hand are really mean on those who cannot manage. They have cut benefits and made life tough for those in need of health services and housing. Primarily because their ‘mates’ all make money out of the housing bubble (which never ends), and privatised health schemes and prisons etc.

We do not have a capital gains tax in NZ and also, the many, many overseas ‘corporates’ rape our country of wealth with little or no tax contributions, but massive profits all taken offshore. Only one bank is actually NZ owned and Monsanto can even throw farmers off the land if (even by accident), their strain of seed has blown into a neighbouring farm.

See this video for example:


It is a bit rambling I am sorry to say, but it does have some interesting insights into the sculldugery over here. That item mainly focuses on our current deputy PM who was on the Dependent Persons Benefit as a younger person (hence her nickname “Paula Benefit” not Bennet as is her actual surname), and who has also rorted the system and then made big benefit cutbacks when she became Minister for Social Services!!!

I am more than happy to continue this discussion if you have questions.

Best regards,



Hey aneeson.

I find it interesting you were not able to name some policies right off the bat.

While I may not like a whole host of left wing policies, that does not mean I will be massively perturbed by seeing the usual ones, and there might be some insight or ideas from it. There is a lot of difference between different left wing groups for instance, Jeremy Corbyn was anti war and seemed to me to not believe in the Climate change racket. Whereas the Bernster wanted to “jail climate deniers” and was not anti war…. What a sociopath seriously!

There are plenty of left wing policies that work basically in tandem with the free market. Also, the terms are very, very confused. Many so called right wing parties are fairly left and vica versa. As I will note here.

I believe the primacy of the free market, and various social problems that result in distorting it is a very important thing to get across in discussion. Although, there are ways in which the government does positively impact things in my view. As Elon Musk once said that not even the hardest libertarians are arguing for a deregulation of… for instance, the airline industry! Or the food industry! Especially in the UK where, the EU, for all its faults, actually has very good health standards in relation to food especially.

I use Yahoo not Google. I have been getting off Google in a lot of ways. Only email is really left to go. I am even using Bitchute instead of youtube a lot of the time. My three favourite Tubers are already on Bitchute. Molyneux, Honey Bee and Bombards Body Language (just went on today because youtubes copyright policies were a little too harsh).

So this is one policy from the Labour New Zealand party which is positively right wing:

Labour will:
Abolish secondary tax as it denies many New Zealanders access to wages they need to make ends meet

Another right wing, quite right wing in language line:

Labour will:
Give unemployed young people a job for six months doing work of public value, so they can gain work experience and avoid long-term unemployment

Although I do not have the same belief as you, I do believe that this party is globalist, perhaps you have some good reason why not, which you can share, but I don’t think a non globalist party would include this line:

Labour will:
Ensure a just transition to a sustainable low-carbon economy with decent and secure jobs and, as a key to achieving ambitious emissions reduction targets, will establish an independent Climate Commission and carbon budgeting
Restore the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to putting an effective price on carbon, so that we move away from carbon-polluting goods and services towards low or zero-carbon options
Make New Zealand a leader in the international fight against climate change, and in ensuring that the 2015 Paris Agreement is successfully implemented

There is also far too much offers of “free stuff” in these policies. Unless a manifesto is costed I tend not to believe such promises and it seems to be part of the same system. (Although they do have some costings, a close inspection finds a lot of detail missing in these from what I can see, although I have not gone into it in depth!)

Good luck all the same.


Hi Café,

I am not sure whether we will all be shifting to the latest thread (here) or having to read two threads for the whole week. My preference is always to use the latest that is showing, but I do know that some in the café don’t like that.

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What policies does this left wing party in New Zealand have?

2017-08-29 6:40 AM

Hi Phoenix,

I do realise that you are pro right and not happy about the left in politics. I do not vote Labour or National in New Zealand – as I have stated before, I like the maverick in the pack – Winston Peters of ‘NZ First’ party.

However I did a search in Google for “NZ Labour Party Policies” and the google display came up with:

National Party of New Zealand – Delivering For New Zealanders‎
National Is Putting Money Back Into Your Pocket. G Hamilton, 41 Pipitea St WLG‎
Less Debt‎ · Lifting Incomes‎ · More Jobs‎
Learn More About National‎
Get Updates From National‎
Read The Latest News‎
Sign Up To Volunteer‎

THEN the next item was:

Jacinda Ardern promises ‘relentless positivity’ as Labour leader‎

BUT to actually see any policy link one has to go down to the 4th item in the list (even though that is what I searched for).


So even here in New Zealand we have the cabal flunkies being manipulated into prominence no matter what one searches for.

The “National” party is our right-wing (Republican/Conservaties) and the “Labour” party is the left-wing (Democrats/Labour) as regards the equivalents in USA and England.

So here is a link for you to the Labour Party policies (4th item in the search):


Basically, as would be expected of Labour, they want to spend on health, education, social housing etc., whereas under the last 9 years of a National, we have massive unaffordable housing, extremely poor health services and a massive growing divide between ultra rich and the middle class. Many children go to school without breakfast as their families have so little money left after rent, power and other ‘mandatory’ expenses have been paid.

We have a unique form of MMP government here in New Zealand. MMP stands for “Mixed Member Proportional” elections where every voter gets two votes – one for a local Member of Parliament and the second for a “Party” vote. The House of Representatives is then decided but the PROPORTION of votes a particular PARTY gains (as long as it is over 5% OR they get at least ONE elected representative).

So what that means in effect is coalition governments – not a situation of FPP (First Past the Post) elections as in the USA and UK. Our ‘House’ is made up of 120 representatives – therefor one need 61 seats to govern. If National have 47% of the votes (56 seats), they need at least 5 members from smaller parties to form a government.

The current “Polls” are National 44%, Labour 34%, NZ First 11%, Green Party 10% and various smaller parties (Maori, Mana, Act, TOP) all on 0-2% each.

I hope that give you an idea of our upcoming elections in 4 weeks time.

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I hope he is right about Soros and the Antifa- I do believe the military is represented in Trumps administration and Trump seems to remain cool and calm even under the worse adversity




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Thankyou for this:

There is a gradual transition underway. The main problem is that if you just collapse the system into a hard landing without a viable replacement ready, there will be chaos, bloodshed, and suffering on a massive scale.

I would not feel qualified to know this. I do know that a lot of patients in NHS care would die if there were suddenly any big movements. Because many people need daily care in order for serious, deadly problems to not be created.

What I think is… “interesting”, about this is that it assumes full control on behalf of the WDS. I just feel… intuitively, perhaps irrationally, that with a complex system like this there can be unplanned things that come along and change things in a big way.

I also think that this is being represented as an absolute but in fact it is a choice. Many of the people who would die in an event such as this are elderly, and do not want any more life. Many of the people who will die, and suffer horrendously, as these people are not brought to justice are children.

Will be interesting to see how the Soros story develops!


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