Donald Trump to Go on November “Beg-athon” to Asia

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Donald Trump to Go on November “Beg-athon” to Asia

U.S. President Donald Trump is scheduled to go to Asia in November, officially to attend an APEC meeting, but in reality to go on a “beg-athon,” multiple sources agree.  The “beg-athon” is aimed at getting money to keep the bankrupt U.S. corporate government going beyond the December extension that it was given by its mostly Asian creditors.

The U.S. corporate government was given enough money to continue operation for three months after its September 30th fiscal year-end payments deadline because “they threatened to destroy the planet,” Asian secret society sources confirmed during a meeting last week with representatives of the White Dragon Society (WDS).  In other words, they confirmed that the entire recent North Korean brouhaha is nothing but a major extortion campaign.

The WDS, for its part, recommended that the Asians give the U.S. corporate government a choice for beyond December:  “Either accept the next payments through Canada in exchange for Canadian-led reform of your political and economic system, or else we will call your bluff on all-out nuclear war.”  It’s a pretty safe bet what the Americans would do if forced to choose between nuclear holocaust and Canadians.

In such a scenario, the U.S. military chain of command would remain intact and possibly even take over the Canadian armed forces as well.  In exchange, the Canadians would have control over politics and the economy during a clean-up of the sewer that Washington, D.C. has become.  Such a move is likely to have public support.  American support of the politicians in D.C. is below 10%, while support for the U.S. armed forces is consistently around 70%.  By contrast, over 60% of Canadians support their government, because unlike the bribed, blackmailed D.C. swamp, it actually works for the people.

In any case, the signs of imminent U.S. bankruptcy and collapse are proliferating day by day, so the ability of the U.S. corporate government to keep kicking the can down the road is ending anyway and some hard choices will have to be made.

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