Urgent questions from a political prisoner

1) Have you heard of Leo Wanta and the $30 trillion-plus of money that was stolen from him by the Bush cabal? What do you know of the current prospects for release of the money to Wanta by Trump?

Yes, I have heard of Mr. Wanta. He is not about to get his money. Instead he is going to join the long list of people who have been ripped off of astronomical sums by the establishment in Washington DC. Just ask the Kuomintang Chinese about how much luck they have had getting their historical gold holdings back. We are going to have to put these people out of business, but doing so will not get any money back. It will just stop them from stealing more.

2) What do you think of the cloning situation in Washington, D.C., with so many government officials having impostors standing in for them, and the same for the media? I hope you are aware of how far the cloning goes in our chain-of-command…

Many people have told me about clones and cloning, and there is definitely something to it. One Asian triad assassin told he how he killed his “Jewish handler” only to have the same man reappear later. However, until we have definitive disclosure on this subject, I use Occam’s razor and look for explanations within the mainstream world paradigm. There is, beyond a doubt, the use of body doubles enhanced with plastic surgery, and the use of computer graphics to create TV appearances of dead people is widespread.

3) Are you aware of Preston James’ writings? He is a columnist for Veterans Today and writes extensively on the history and methods of the Khazarian mafia and the Secret Shadow Government. What is your opinion of him and Veterans Today?

Yes, I like his writing and support much of what he says. Veterans Today is a valuable source of opinion and intelligence on the net. I do not agree with everything they say and do, but that is how it should be in an environment of open and healthy discourse.

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LOL and now I am waiting for Leo Wanta to comment or is he/she crying in their oatmeal ?


Hi all re plug. Thanks so much for feedback, Rhonda, cornpoppin, and littledogg for updates. Amazing to hear about your progress, Rhonda. Thanks for that – so glad on your behalf. 🙂 I, however, had a tough time after I got plug, like littledog describes. Just be patient. And yes indeed, tiredness is the Number 1 reaction, and as I’ve said, try to sleep as much as possible, then healing happens quicker. This is standard procedure for any normal healing method! And littledogg! – the fluctuation is also quite normal. Try to hold on as best you can – it… Read more »


Definitively, Littledogg. Seems to me that they are unleashing hell by putting to work all their long-term plans:

A good way for Resistance to take note of collaborationists. 😉


Interesting, but I presume we will all be commenting on the previous thread trhis week?
Alan (9th)


chusspain #392383

Light and WELL BEING fthgac to Spain, including CATALAN… and Central/South America …

And makes me think of Kurdish referendum in Iraq on the 25th… is that another example of Lizzy-Pups “playing around” with ethnic groups to create dissention? Divide and conquer, such as you refer to, chusspain.


Wow, nr 7 – and being that it’s late on a Tuesday, that’s not bad, I think.
Thanks Ben!




Love the Q&A format. Thanks Ben.


Hello from Spain. Great, this new site.

In Spain all the attention is on the secession of Cataluña, in which Zionists are deeply involved. Supposedly they might use it to make a self-coup d’etat, not only in Cataluña but also in Spain, with the intention of declaring a kind of war. Hope they don’t succeed. They use it also to block any economic and political regeneration.

Argentina and many other Latin countries are also deeply worried, as Zionists continue their agenda, with Netanyahu “taking possession” of Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina.


I am with Waldheim, wanting to know more re questioner.
And glad Ben is responding to these questions.


Timing is everything if you want to be first :~)
I’m both amazed and a bit frightened by the number of Americans who are sleeping through this.


Insightful. Who and where is this political prisoner?