Benjamin Fulford Interview on Revolution Radio

Topics discussed include the latest on North Korea, the financial war, Princess Diana, etc.

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Ben mentioned he didn’t trust someone who wouldn’t give his name for information in the interview. Let me tell you — I publish the Toronto Street News tabloid 19th year and we have suffered 4 arson attacks and two attempts on my life for reporting the zionist control of Canada. Please tell Ben to wake the F up because here In his former Canada these things do happen. The 30% owner of the Toronto Star is convicted of 35 sniper rifles and hashish — Nelson That (Rosenthal) aka Lenny Bloom. Three persons die din the fires directed at the paper… Read more »


Excellent interview. Well worth plowing through the temptation to give up because of the audio.


Thank you Ben.

I found the new (for me) intel to be spot-on and I agree with a lot of what you are saying of the rest. -Too bad the audio quality had to be this low though (maybe it wasn’t necessary to adopt such strict audio parameters after all IMHO)-


You should get on the show. David Seaman is aware of the Deep State.


Please do more interviews Ben! Use iPhone FaceTime to get better sound (and video) quality. It’s very hard to understand what you are saying. (fault of the radio broadcast).

Consider doing this weekly update as a video message (like Trump). Then post it here with a transscript. It would go viral. People want audio and sound, and, text.


5 … Ben is “live” .. looking forward to listening to it.


Back to back foursies!


Is there a transcript?


I wish the sound quality was better….