Transcript of Recent Video Appearance on the Goldfish Report

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OLP report: We have had the plug for over a week. We are all sleeping better by a lot. Animals – The kitties are friendly to each other, and are sleeping in the house rather than ‘catting around’ all night. This is unusual since they both love to hunt at night. The one with serious skin allergies that compulsively licked his skin raw every fall, has a beautiful coat. Disclosure: I tried a pheromone collar on him and it wears off in about a month, the LP arrived as his collar was wearing off, and it seems to have extended… Read more »


Thank you Benjamin there is something I would like to add as a comment, although having watched the interview video when first posted… I am sure that it came out very instructive to have together a more practical, socioeconomically connected approach such as yours, and more energy-related approaches such as KP’s and Cobra’s. Things have changed very rapidly in the last few years and especially in the last year, and there are many people, now, whose presence under the debt-slavery mechanism restraints has no longer any use or meaning. It is possible now to tackle the issue standing on a… Read more »


Thanks Littledogg!

Here is the “Health Ranger’s” take on Las Vegas –
Five things that just don’t add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting


kenlejko #392792

A special dose of light, love n healing
FTHGAC, to you kenny ?


So this is the game – Justin Trudeau calls to “end white supremacy” as a result of the fake Somali attacking a white police officer. Unbelievable. Check out some of the comments as a result – it proves people are not being sucked in by this Soros pretty boy toy.


Vaturu #392733
There are online sites that can convert the file for you for free..
Here’s one:


Bitcoin, the Block chain and Cryptocurrencies are kind of God’s gift to Humanity to go against central banks and unfair governments. So if one is going out of their way to make videos to bash Bitcoin, they are going against Humanity. If one is a financial planner and didn’t get his clients into Bitcoin from 2013 to about March 2017, he is doing a terrible job and you should probably move your money elsewhere. Check out what ethnic group/religion the people making videos to bash Bitcoin are. If it’s the same as the central bank people, just put 2 &… Read more »


Hi Benjamin, I wanted to ask you if it was possible to have the pdf document in Word so that it could translate it into Italian, thanks


10 wow not sure to give Ben $8 for a two week old video


Good morning!


Welcome Trudy, nice to have you with us. ???
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7 really early today

Tehri Skeith

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Sounds like a good number to me

Just signed on to Ben’s site
Am in the middle of figuring out how this all works.

“Hello” Everybody!


Five, thanks Ben…




The file from the link downloads without an extension. Rename it with .PDF at the end and it will open.