U.S. Nukes North Korea and Japan Decides to Dump PM Abe

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U.S. Nukes North Korea and Japan Decides to Dump PM Abe

Last week the U.S. Air Force dropped a nuclear weapon on a mountaintop close to North Korea’s nuclear test site as a warning to that country to stop its recent missile provocations, according to NSA sources.  This was reported in the world’s media merely as U.S. bombers flying the furthest north of the demilitarized zone in the 21st Century.

This flight was followed by reports of a magnitude 3.5 earthquake close to where North Korea recently tested a hydrogen bomb.  Contradictory media reports described this earthquake as either natural or the result of a nuclear explosion.  In any case, North Korea did not brag about a new nuclear test after this event.

U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to be hinting at this attack with the following Tweets:
“I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man…. Save your energy, Rex;  we’ll do what has to be done!  Being nice to Rocket Man hasn’t worked in 25 years;  why would it work now?  Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed.  I won’t fail.”

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2 lizzy-pups: “shoooo!”


Light fthgac to all involved in traumatic event in Vegas.






Thank Ben


The Melania thing has me scratching my head, is he doing it about himself or her? Think on Merkel and cronies and their obvious triangle hand signs….


8 today. earliest ever for me. 🙂


9 is fine. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!


10, maybe.




“to wage war against not just the flag but the U.S. military” This is asinine. Do you know the 3rd stanza of the Star Spangled contains this message to runaway slaves?
Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave



Jim Stone on the Vegas shootings. Check out the latest name on site for the Mossadass mouthpiece article link.

THIS PAGE GOT HACKED AND SWAPPED OUT WITH B.S. I A FIXING IT NOW. I have to assess how bad the damage is. I posted that this event happened at an outdoor concert, and someone switched it to an indoor theater!
I was up when this shooting happened and stayed focused on it all night and did not sleep. I don’t know what the motive was, but something seeped through the cracks that points the finger directly at Israel. The motive may have been to divide America more. It could have been to get Trump to go to war. Or it could have been to distract the public from the communist genocide attempt underway in Puerto Rico. Whatever it was, this time the shooting was BAD. More than another Bataclan.

TOP POSTED BOMBSHELL: 20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it up to the stage area, and the woman shouted it clearly in a way that thousands of people heard the warning. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was “business as usual with two fruit cakes detained” and then a little while later the shooting started.
UPDATE: There is good reason to believe the Vegas shooting was a Mossad job. Israel posted the full details on the patsy way too soon!

See the full report below.

I have now been through the videos carefully. There was more than one shooter, but you have to go through all the videos to figure it out. There are points in the video where it is clearly and obviously at least two gunmen. I do not think the shooting was done with weapons that were supposed to be fully automatic, the shooting on both guns was uneven which makes me believe were modified semi auto. It appears there were two shooters with one of the shooters not shooting as much as the other.
I have the audio files that prove it – if you listen to the videos you’ll probably at first think it is one shooter. But there is audio that proves it is two guns, one with a deep pitch and one with a high pitch, and at times only one (deep pitch) and then the other one (high pitch) are going at a time. If both high pitch and low pitch do not come across at the same time or close to the same time, it is two different guns, and not an echo. But you have to listen to a lot of the audio to catch those moments.

Here’s what happened:

Multiple gunmen opened fire from upper floors of surrounding hotels at a crowd attending an outdoor concert at the Mandalay Bay casino in Vegas. My guess is this was staged by Israeli/American intelligence (because an Israeli paper totally screwed up) to cover for an attempted genocide underway in Puerto Rico, as communists in the government block supplies from reaching the people. If you don’t know about that, skip down the page a ways.
For me, this is obvious:
1. Communists get busted staging a genocide attempt on U.S. territory.

2. Communists then divert the news cycle to a horrendous mass shooting in a national playground. THIS IS OBVIOIUS FOLKS, and the shooting is definitely not a hoax.


20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it into the concert area, all the way to the front of the stage and the woman shouted it in front of everyone. It was a ruckus that everyone noticed. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was “business as usual with two fruit cakes detained” and a short while later the shooting started.
Initially this story was one of a Latino/antifa grudge shooting at conservative Trump supporting Americans attending a conservative country music gathering. Then someone figured that was not politically expedient enough, and VOILA, single shooter and he’s Muslim. And dead. No mention anywhere about the Latino couple that made a promienent well noted “crazy” appearance is anywhere to be seen in the MSM news cycle. Absent this being told, the MSM is LYING. The final ‘Islamic terror’ story that suddenly popped up out of nowhere was too convenient I’d say.

Several eyewitnesses told Fox News that there were at least 3 shooters. Fox news then immediately started saying it was a lone gunman. THAT’S PROOF THIS IS A CIA OP, WITH THE BASE STORY LINE OF A LONE NUTCASE. Even in the video, it is obvious there are at least two guns because there is one with a sharp report, and one with a dull report, and at one point the one with the dull report starts shooting first, which proves the dull sound is not just an echo. The Latino couple who showed up to warn probably work for intelligence and wanted to stop it from happening.

We will have to see how this plays out, but for now:

1. The Democrats/communists needed a huge event to distract people from their dirty deeds in Puerto Rico

2. A Latino couple went through the casino and out to the concert crowd, yelling loudly telling everyone they could that everyone would soon be dead, and they had to leave or they would die. They made it to the stage area and gut busted as “fruitcakes” there. So someone knew, and they probably knew because they were intelligence that did not want to go along with it.

3. Shortly thereafter, gunfire from the surrounding hotels rained down on the crowd, and if you listen through all the video, you can clearly hear it is at least two guns because the low sounding gun starts first once, it is not just a dulled echo. UPDATE: There are plenty of times in the videos where only the gun with the dull report is firing. Clearly the guns are AK and an AR or M-16

4. Intelligence agency classic: Media suddenly controlled, not allowing random witnesses, Whitewash complete, lone gunman, patsy dead, no stories told. So classic, it happens that way EVERY TIME. Retard dead. Agents walk.

Once again, I have the critical videos that prove it all cached offline. If they were honest about this, they’d be saying multiple gunmen. The loner story alone proves it is once again Democrats staging this crap through a controlled media. And just like they’ll kill off people in Puerto Rico by starving them out on purpose, they’ll shoot up a casino in Vegas. From a Bolshevik perspective, everyone is disposable and nothing matters but them getting more control.

BUSTED: ISRAEL reported this WAY TOO EARLY to EVER know!

QUESTION: How would Israel know this, when it happened in Vegas at 10:08 vegas time, and they posted this a little after 3AM vegas time (originally) only to have it get repeated by another paper at 4:20 AM vegas time and get deleted in the original paper? How would the police investigators connect the dots in the dead of night before 3 AM (only to have that news make it back to Israel,) go through the publishing delays, and get originally posted at 3 AM?

Good question. Obvious answer: THIS SHOOTING WAS SCRIPTED FROM ISRAEL. It was probably a Mossad job, and they had their patsy already chosen. If that is not the case, they quickly made something up for the sake of political expedience, They CANNOT have this be an immigrant issue. Current patsy is a loner convert to Islam who’s white. CUUUUUUUTE!!!!


Trump is another,usa inc system lackey who WILL NOT FIX this BS system. The PRIME CREATOR and the universe are doing that right now. So stop the useless polarity quips and




Trump is all over the place. His tax plan does nothing for middle class America and even less for the poorer segments of society. Hopefully it will go nowhere.
I doubt that Melania is a willing Satanist if she is one at all. She always looks like a prisoner; at best she does what she’s told.
I always thought Harry was on the good team and Wills was part of the Cabal since Harry’s father is rumored to be the riding instructor and NOT Prince Charles.
The info about PR is curious. I’ve read reports saying that the damage to PR was not as bad as predicted or depicted but Ben is supporting the greater damage line. Still, it’s hard not to feel that PR’s bankruptcy is involved in that climate scenario.
Regime change in Japan? Based on what Ben says, Koike is Rothschild puppet just like Abe, so where’s the change? He’s trying to sound positive but it doesn’t add up.
Can’t address the Las Vegas shooting since we’re never told the truth and the script is so standard now you just can’t take it seriously. The video I saw looked pretty lame with people running back and forth randomly like they were taking directions.

Beate7: I’ve never seen the whole anthem, but if you’re right then it shouldn’t be the anthem at all and Kaepernick has been right all along. Ben’s blaming the disruption on zio handlers commandeering the protest and making it worse is very plausible. Sorry for Kaepernick and some of the other earlier supporters who were genuine I’m sure.



Even following instructions on your site I can see no way to subscribe or pay. Please advise.



More from Jim Stone on the Demoncrap manufactured Puerto Rico crisis.
Another Puerto Rico update – THE ROT IS NOW ON.

Well, the communists got what they wanted. After blocking the relief supplies from getting into the country, 3,000 refrigerated shipping containers ran out of fuel. People have been saying the containers have been sitting there rotting, but up until today, October 2, that was not true. Now it is.
Due to an extremely extended blockage of relief into the island, and the communists refusing to re-fuel the refrigeration units, today they ran out of fuel and the food is now rotting for real. Lots of meat rotting. Lots of other stuff rotting. Anything that can rot rotting, and it’s a communist fantasy, they finally did destruction for real.

In addition to not allowing food onto the island, they are also not allowing fuel onto the island. Though power has been largely restored already, there are still quite a few hospitals on generator and they are denying any fuel deliveries to the hospitals. The gas stations have not run out of gasoline yet, but they will.

I really don’t know what to say beyond this, other than that to gain pure political advantage, Democrats (who are actually communists) have successfully shut the relief effort down and are staged to kill a huge number of people. This is not a union issue. It is being marketed as a union issue, to shift the blame away from the real culprits who are in the government. SUPER IMPORTANT: THESE SAME CULPRITS WHO ARE NOW BASHING TRUMP WERE PRAISING HIM UP UNTIL EARLY FRIDAY AND ALLOWING THE RELIEF AID TO BE DELIVERED. 300 CONTAINERS WERE ALLOWED OUT. THEN DEMOCRATS IN AMERICA (THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT) TOLD THEM TO START BASHING TRUMP AND TO CREAT AN ENORMOUS CRISIS OR ELSE AND THEY DID. This situation is 100 percent government caused. If the refrigerated containers do not start moving in 24 hours, everything in them will be lost.

Loretta Marmor

Thanks Vermithrax 4 sharing an observation. Bennjj doesn’t share a view. Was he there? Bennjj, share something real about yourself. Like a dance move you can bust.


Justin Trudeau blames “white privilege” for a Somali “refugee” hitting a white cop with a U-Haul, then allegedly knifing him numerous times. The amazing cop then got to his feet to run after the perpetrator and was released from hospital less than a day after being hurled onto concrete, travelling over 16 feet. Trudeau reposts an “end white supremacy” post from Maryam Monsef on his Facebook page which has piles of critical comments headed their way. Who is Maryam Monsef, you ask? She is sitting in Parliament after lying about her citizenship to get into Canada and providing false documents. I don’t know the current status of her case, but a year ago, there was even talk about stripping her of her citizenship. So someone who is a liar and a cheat is preaching about citizenship and talking about “white supremacy”, keep kissing Soros’ butt, there, Trudeau and Monsef.



Excerpt: A government file has been opened to investigate Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef for possible citizenship fraud, the Sun has learned. An investigation of this type could lead to a number of outcomes, including possible citizenship revocation.

The Sun has confirmed with multiple sources that complaints have been made to the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), as well as to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), a division of the Department of Public Safety.

More on site.

Note the lovely, professionally designed graphic – all of the hallmarks of a Soros-run agenda – he loves himself sans serif, all caps posters (sorry it is Facebook, but I don’t know where she got these photos from).






As long as Sessions is in place, there will be no prosecutions of Holder, Clinton, etc.


Jason Chaffetz, former House of Representatives member and Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was on Justice with Judge Janine Pirro Saturday night and he dropped a BOMBSHELL about Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Judge Janine: I want to know one thing and I want to know this for my audience – for the Janine audience – I’ll call them the Janine audience, ok? I’m a prosecutor. I was a judge. I did this for 30 years. I know how to put a case together and all that stuff.

Barack Obama and his administration did things that if we did we’d all be in jail right now. Now the Republicans are in power and I am not suggesting that the Party has anything to do with it, but when we see blatant obstruction of justice like we have seen in the Obama Administration – example, when you’ve got Eric Holder committing perjury and being held in contemp. You were Head of Government Oversight and Reform, correct? You guys held him in contempt, yes or no?

Chaffetz: Yes, Yes

Judge Janine: Ok, why is he not being charged with a crime?

Chaffetz: I can tell you that while I was in Congress and the Chairman of the Oversight Committee, I did go over and visit with Attorney General Sessions and it was one of the most frustrating discussions I had because whether it was the IRS, Fast and Furious, the email scandal that we went through, I did not see the Attorney General willing to just let Lady Justice administer justice and then follow through. I understood maybe the last six months of the Obama Administration…

Judge Janine: Wait a minute I don’t have that much time. You spoke with Sessions on IRS, Fast and Furious. Did he give you a reason? Did he say he was presenting anything to a grand jury? Yes or no?

Chaffetz: No, he basically let me know he wasn’t going to pursue anything on the major cases.

Judge Janine: So IRS, on the major cases? Are we talking about Hillary Clinton, because I haven’t even gotten to her yet.

Chaffetz: Yes, the email scandal of Hillary Clinton. We had Bryan Pagliano. I issued a subpoena for him to appear before the Committee and he said “No”. He didn’t even show up. We issued another subpoena. The US Marshals served it. And you know in my world, if you’re in court, I guarantee you that a subpoena is not an optional activity. We wanted the Attorney General to prosecute him and he said “No”.


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Justin Deschamps
Stillness in the Storm


Corrupt mayor of San Juan had funded violent protests in the past, plus $9 million in bonuses to staff, yet we are supposed to believe her about what is happening in Puerto Rico pertaining to food and relief shipments?



Five things that don’t add up about the Vegas shooting, from the Health Ranger. I do not know if this was real, partly real or wholly faked. I am sure the internet sleuths are hard at work on it. Here is the list he has – there is more information in the post itself.


#1) Dozens of concert-goers reported the presence of multiple shooters

#2) Who warned concert-goers they were “all going to die” a full 45 minutes before the shooting started?

#3) The weapon you hear on videos was FULL AUTO, which is almost impossible to acquire through legal means

#4) Why were the exits blocked, trapping victims like rats in a maze?

#5 ) Why did the shooter have as many as 10 firearms in his room?


it was Son who recently was given $100 billion by Saudi Arabia and then offered $50 billion of it to Donald Trump.

Did Trump accepted or rejected the money?

Also—-if Trump did nuke a mountaintop in North Korea–which seems very possible.. I wonder what the North Korean people thought was happening? I mean they could just think Kim Jung Un was playing with nukes again.

It is also interesting that Kim is quiet so the false flag attacks are hot and heavy again.


Some figures about police violence against black people and white people.


Excerpt: … According to the Centers for Disease Control, since 1968 police killings of blacks have declined nearly 75 percent. According to The Washington Post, almost 500 whites were killed by cops in 2015, an average of more than one a day. Two hundred fifty-nine blacks were killed by the police. Most suspects killed by police had a weapon.

Now for some perspective.

Do you know anyone who has been struck by lightning? Neither do most people. Yet each year an average of about 300 Americans are killed or injured by lightning. That’s approximately 40 more than the number of blacks killed by the police in 2015. …

Out of the 965 people killed by the police in 2015 (as of Dec. 24), the Post reported (on Dec. 26) that “less than 4 percent” involved an unarmed black man and a white cop, the fact pattern most commonly referred to by anti-police activists like Black Lives Matter. Last year, The Washington Post put the number of unarmed black men killed by the police at 17, less than the number of blacks likely struck by lightning. Twenty-two unarmed whites were killed by the police.

Any death that results from police misconduct is one death too many, but the point is that police killing of a suspect is rare, no matter the race of the suspect or the cop. And a police shooting of an unarmed black male is still more rare.

More on site.


Well, that didn’t take long. Crisis actor who played Adam Lanza’s friend, Alex Israel (left), and also sister of Jihadi John vicsim, Katey Foley (right), looks remarkably similar to the nurse witness in Las Vegas. There is a similar nose and chin from some of the angles. Eye color is different, but I used to have dark green contacts, so that and eyebrows are easy to change. If it isn’t the same person, this could be a close relative.

comment image


Here is the interview where you can study her from different angles.



Crowds on Demand placed an ad looking for actors in Vegas over a month ago. Not proof it was fake, but there seems to be a lot of ads placed beforehand.


Here is their webpage.



deester #392767
Hi deester!
Tragic – very sad to see!
Not sure if your first link work? Only shows a still picture from 13 News.
To me this looks like the same person in all of them – the nose and shape of eyes are very telling. The hair split on bottom pictures are opposite… Can be deliberate mirrored.

The accuracy from the shooter and the location from where he was shooting – suggest a hired professional imo.
What a horror scene. Has to send good thought to these poor victims and families.


More from Jim Stone on the Vegas shooting…more on site.
“Never let a huge crisis go to waste” – Rahm Immanuel

They wanted a white male Muslim bash, so they are not wasting this crisis


The gunfire is too loud over the concert, it was happening at the concert . Windows are easy to kick out later.

HERE IS THE KEY VIDEO THAT DESTROYS THE LIE. This is just a file on this site, which you can right click and save. This video is evidence, there is no way the official story holds up against this. The gunfire was simply too loud and too local in reference to the concert for the official story to hold.
1. If it was originating 1500 feet away at Mandalay Bay, it was not close enough to totally blast over the concert loud enough to cause the performers, who wear monitor equipment to block all sound, to stop playing. The concert was LOUD when the shooting happened. You simply can’t outdo a concert from that far away, no one would have heard it over the music, especially the performers, who have equipment that is designed to block the sound of the concert and let them hear only the sound of their instruments, as they are played in reference to the other instruments. The failure of this system is what did Mariah Carey in on New Years, when you are playing that “big” you have to be directly piped to the mixing board with all other sources of sound blocked. This would have prevented the performers from hearing anything. Why did they stop? ANSWER: Gunshots from above them on the same stage would have been loud enough. What happens on stage in the video is a supreme bust of the official lie.

POINT TWO: Audio recording equipment (even on a camcorder) automatically sets the level of the audio to optimal. The concert was LOUD, it is obvious because the crowd cannot be heard when the music is playing. Then gunfire clearly is louder than the concert, even though according to the official story it originated 1500 feet away. The automatic level control in the audio recorder proves the gunfire was simply too loud in relation to the music to have come from Mandalay Bay, it had to have originated above the speakers. That is the only way the automatic level control circuit would not have had the recording level choked back so far that the gunfire would not be heard. The recording should not have had the sound of gunfire so prominent, IF it even managed to record the sound of the gun at all. Obviously after the music cut the recorder would pick up the gunfire from that distance because it would automatically turn the record volume up.


Watch the video. The stage crew cuts everything to black, and then takes the stage lighting, points it directly out at the crowd, and turns it back on to illuminate the crowd. The shooting does not resume until this process is complete. This was a deliberate act that no one would have thought of off the cuff unless it was planned ahead of time. Without a doubt, someone on the stage crew was involved in this shooting. Interesting it is that the concert was called the “Route 91 harvest” and took place on route 91!

Here is what I think happened. The shooters were actually situated above the stage. The windows on Mandalay Bay were kicked out for the story line. I have a video that shows it all unfold. I do not think the singer knew what was going on. I believe it was people planted in the crew that did this.


There were only two buildings – Luxor, which was far away and would have echoed upward due to its pyramid shape and smooth glass, which would make echoes be inaudible on the ground (to any significance, especially over a loud concert,) and Mandalay Bay, which is unlikely because the shooter was shooting away from any surface that could echo (especially that loudly) if the official story is not a lie. There are no echoes, it is two guns with choreographed shooters. They occasionally screw up and you can hear one gun stop and the other start.

They are saying it sounds like multiple guns because it was echoing off “all the buildings”. PROBLEM: There simply were no buildings for there to be any echoes off of. This was multiple shooters, who happened to predominantly shoot at the same time.
Once I was able to go over the scene clearly, it is obvious such a shooting was not possible as stated. Additionally, the concert footage in other videos is clear, clearly showing Mandalay Bay and there are no muzzle flashes coming from Mandalay Bay, and no apparent broken windows. The lights above the stage were too bright for muzzle flashes to show if they originated in the same area.


From bens report

“The slave political establishment in Japan is terrified that the next top commander will follow the recommendations of Japan security police and arrest 700 Khazarian slaves such as former prime ministers and former Bank of Japan governors. ”
How is that possible when Kissinger is backing her (Koike)?
Why can’t anyone arrest Kissinger instead?
Who’s leading, changes – but never the policy they exercise
How is it possible this evil entity still can travel around the world freely and decide/dictate domestic political issues. (of cause probably know…)
When I grew up in the 60’s I first saw this war drone together with Nixon, promoting the continuation of the Vietnam war. He looked old even then…….., nearly 50 years ago!!


Hi Siggi #392769 That was only a still from a television station. I was hoping the photo would become visible like the other was. The live footage shows her from various angles. Now, if only multiple disaster scenario actress Victoria Adriana Munoz would show up, we would know for sure!



The US corporate government is bankrupt and yet we still have a deep state relic calling the shots to influence Japan’s leadership turnover… I’m not sure there can be any other explanation for it, except that most of what is going on requiring attention is still intermediate layers, not yet the masters of puppets’ real business behind the curtains. Positively, every once in a while Trump’s appointed chiefs are managing not to get fired, probably because they do what they are entrusted to do and said they would do.


siggi #392772

>>When I grew up in the 60’s I first saw this war drone together with Nixon, promoting the continuation of the Vietnam war. He looked old even then…….., nearly 50 years ago!!
Yes… I have made this point here more than once, I think.

It is e x t r e m e l y BIZARRO that folks do not comment more often about Kissinger being an old man on the world state F O R… EVAH!!!!


Another report re the Lemurian plug. Holly, our elderly Golden Retriever, continues to improve. Her spine is even straighter if you can believe that!

This morning I saw her take notice of something really small, went up and inspected and sniffed it. Now, she has had cataracts for the past few years which were progressively getting worse and just a few short days ago she wouldn’t have noticed this thing at all. I looked in her eyes and sure enough, the cataracts are dissolving! Kid you not! Hubby has also noticed her improved eyesight.

We are told the only way to treat cataracts is surgery but hers are going away. I looked on the testimonials and another person has stated their cataracts have improved too.

I continue to be amazed with the energy of this wonderful gift to us all!



Tom Petty is not as dead as we may have been led to believe…or IS he?


To add to my previous update re the plug. Both our goldies have definitely lost weight! All these dramatic benefits within 2 1/2 weeks! It’s hard to believe unless you can see the proof with your own eyes!

They are both very happy girls. They were always happy as is the nature of a goldie, even Holly who was always in such pain. This seems to be another level of happiness I can see in their eyes!

If the energies from the plug improve the longer it is installed, then I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future! The sky is possibly NOT the limit it would seem!!!



from this article-quote—–‘This trend could not have come at a better time: In an era when surgeons in the UK are performing a record number of diabetic ulcer-related amputations, the growth in sales of organic foods is outstripping the sales growth of all conventional foods.—–unquote…..



coooool the awakening of the human family of the earths surface continues…..

more and more the food supply will increase in quality by the sounds and looks and feels of it…..

human grade foods for humans…..what a concept…..


just received 5 lemurian plugs…..

thanks to the groooovy lemurians,mr, radcliff and other unsung heros for delivering this to the earth surface population…..

and to this cosmic blogsite members for ongoing testomonies about the lemurian plugs effects…..

i noticed some of the leaves on a money tree went wavy like they were dancing after placing a lumurian plug with it for a few minutes….


Thank you Benjamin. I am a simple lightworker, grateful for your efforts and information. Thank you! Thank you so very much! It makes our transition easier..


Well..it’s clear they are willing to set up another killing to grab the guns, too many folks have another shooter on the fourth floor, rapid fire with Sparks coming out of the window. This is sick, and for the next month we are going to be dragged threw the media crap, fake and real victims..what a mess.
Nov 4th that other terrorist group is hitting the streets with a bang, George Soros using his old communist play book on American’s. Some brave souls need to take these people out, Soros, Rockefellers, all these insane psychopaths…!
We are going to be seriously tested in the next couple of months ! Eyes open…!


Millionaires of the Seattle Seahawks want donations for a “justice and equality” fund. Yup – just who I want to give MY money to – LOL. Bold emphasis is mine.


Most of article – a bit more on site: From MyNorthwest.com: Amid a national conversation about NFL protests during the national anthem, the Seahawks have created a charity to “help build a more compassionate and inclusive society.”

An announcement Friday states:

In an effort to create lasting change and build a more compassionate and inclusive society, we are launching the Seahawks Players Equality & Justice for All Action Fund to support education and leadership programs addressing equality and justice. We invite you to join us in donating and taking action.

The announcement is short on specifics of exactly how the fund will contribute to “education and leadership programs addressing equality and justice.” The effort, however, is a component fund of the Seattle Foundation, which supports philanthropic remedies to disparities between rich and poor.


#392778 Getem

Cool story, Rhonda. If mineral deposits in your dog’s eyes are being dissolved, then it isn’t unreasonable to expect that arthritis and hardening of the arteries will also be decreased for people who live in Plugged environments.

I had an experience the other day that I want to share with all of you.

In our neighborhood there is a power company substation. It looks a little like this if you don’t know what I mean by substation:

comment image

When we are close enough to it, the electricity can be heard buzzing and crackling. Hundreds of megawatts of power pass through it constantly. You can imagine the strength of the electro-magnetic field that surrounds the place. We always avoid walking near it.

We were out for a walk the other day and I asked my wife to help me with a test. She agreed so I routed us toward the substation. When we got to within a half block of the substation, I took my Plug treated battery protector out of my pocket and left it on the curb where I could find it later.

We walked a few steps so that we were out of protective range of the battery. ( AA flashlight battery) Then I began muscle testing her every few steps until we got close enough to the station for the EM field to begin affecting her and her arm dropped on testing. We were about 30 yards away at that point.

I went back, retrieved my pocket battery protector, and returned to put it in my wife’s left jacket pocket. Then I repeated the muscle test and her arm was good and strong.

Then we started walking toward the substation and I would stop every few steps to redo the muscle test. She stayed strong all the way up to the chain link fence that surrounds it. “Wow!,” she said as electricity crackled in the air around us. I was pretty pleased since she has been rolling her eyes a bit over my enthusiasm for the Plug.

This was just one more instance where her innate skepticism has turned to cautious admittance that the Plug is improving our lives. Another one happened yesterday.

I was a tobacco pipe smoker when we got married about 15 years ago. She graciously accepted my habit and didn’t seem to mind me smoking in the house. Said she actually liked the smell of my tobacco. The smoke from pipe tobacco doesn’t leave the same lingering smell that cigarette smoke does. However, about 4 years ago my habit had increased to the point that I was really filling the house with smoke all day long and I realized that she was suffering from my pleasure.

So I switched to e-cigarettes about 3 and half years ago. This was a huge improvement in terms of smoke in the house. And I didn’t think that the vapor would leave any lingering odor. But after a couple years it was clear that the den where I hang out alot was smelling like nicotine; also the bedroom where I like to read and vape a bit before going to sleep.

On several occasions, she has voiced her disappointment about the nicotine smell. It’s more unpleasant for her since she has a nose like a bloodhound (in function, not appearance). And she is concerned that if we ever decide to sell the place and move, we will have fewer potential buyers and the value of the house will be decreased.

So I got online to research how to remove cigarette odor from a house. The results were grim. I was looking at having to shampoo the carpets, drapes and furniture, and wash all the other surfaces like walls, floors, and windows. Then hiring a professional outfit to bring in high powered ozonators and leave them running for several days while we lived somewhere else. The articles I read indicated that even after all of that, there might still be lingering odor.

Well, I wasn’t ready to undertake that project so the issue just kind of simmered in the background with me feeling guilty all the time and her doing her best to hide her resentment.

When the Plug came into our lives I voiced the hope that that the Lemurian Frequency would break down the nicotine that had permeated everything and deodorize the house. She just rolled her eyes and I could swear that I heard her think, “Yeah, right.”

So yesterday, without any prompting from me, she said, “You know, it isn’t all gone yet but I can definitely tell that the nicotine smell in the house is much less noticeable than it was.”

I had offered the same opinion a couple weeks ago, but her sense of smell is very acute and she disagreed. I figured it was a clash between my optimism and her skepticism so I just let it ride. I didn’t want to argue with her nose.

But now, Woo Hoo! I can vape in the house to my heart’s content without feeling guilty about it. It’s only been a little less than 4 weeks since I Plugged the house and I guesstimate that it will only be a few more months until the nicotine odor is gone completely.

You could say that I’m a dreamer, but I can joyfully imagine a world where all of houses, schools, hospitals, stores, office buildings and factories are filled with the Lemurian Frequency. Am I the only one?


#392780 Wolfintimber
just received 5 lemurian plugs…..

Oh yeah, Dude !!!

Good, good, good, good vibrations . . . . . .

The Beach Boys must have known the future !!



Hi Scott

What great experiences you have had! No it isn’t only you. I am spreading my enthusiasm for this plug to everyone I know and people I meet.

I too envision a world where the plug is in every home, hospital, workshop/factory, eatery etc. What a wonderful world that would be!

Beachboys, yeah, also Louis Armstrong!



Benjamin, we would appreciate any intel you may have received on the Vegas shooting as soon as possible. Thanks



 #392784

#392778 Getem



like johnny says-you can say im a dreamer,but im not the only one…..

this lemurian plug…..the energy source is probably at some grooooovy lemurians world of inner earth…..

above my paygrade of course…..

we got some very kind and generous agarthan brothers and sisters…..


preston james-quote—–The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is the core group of Babylonian Talmudics running this new and illegal racist nation of Israel. The RKM is also known as the World Money Changers and runs the Satanic Pedophile Network. They are also the World Zionists.—–unquote…..



Two articles about the NFL and how they are playing right into the hands of NWO interests. Orlando “shooter” company contracted to do security for Stupor Bowl (Satanist half-time mass). Remember how that nightclub had no liquor permit for years, inadequate parking to pass any zoning restrictions, allegedly had more people in it that met any fire regulations, and was recently refurbished before the “event”. So they want a company associated with a known false flag handling security all of a sudden. What horror will this company put together for Superbowl?


Excerpt: Is G4S, formerly known as Wackenhut (“we do stuff even the CIA won’t touch”) the right company to provide Super Bowl security?

We may find out soon enough. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has reported that U.S. Bank Stadium has suddenly fired its security provider just one year into a three year contract — and replaced it with G4S, which “will provide the 24/7/365 security of the building” according to Patrick Talty, the general manager of SMG, the firm that owns the stadium. US Bank Stadium is the site of the next Super Bowl, scheduled for February 4, 2018.

Sudden changes of security a few months before a big event are not a good sign. The long-term takeover of World Trade Center security by the forces behind 9/11 culminated just two months before the event, when Larry Silverstein, the owner of WTC-7, purchased the asbestos-ridden Twin Towers and the rest of the complex on a 100 year lease and gained total control over Trade Center security. Silverstein, a close friend of Israeli PM Netanyahu, presided over the murderous demolition of the entire WTC complex, narrowly escaping with his life when, he claims, his wife reminded him not to take his usual breakfast at the top of Tower One due to a dental appointment.

More on site.

The next comment is from Jon Rappoport. He tells the players in the kneeldown controversy that they are focusing on what is a really minor issue in terms of what is going on in inner cities. He tells them they are being used to distract people from real change.


Excerpt: … As long as Colin Kaepernick and his supporters keep focusing only on police brutality, the problem of violent crime and poverty and other chronic devastations in inner cities won’t change at all.

Is that what you protestors want? No change at all?

What are the real devastations in inner cities populated by black people?

* Violent crime.

* Drugs.

* Gangs, some of whom are low-level dealers for Mexican cartels.

* Grinding poverty.

* Jobs stolen by Globalists and sent to foreign lands.

* Toxic chemicals (lead in water, landfills where corporate pollutants are dumped).

* Absence of fathers in homes.

* Unsafe neighborhoods—making education highly difficult.

* Grossly sub-standard nutrition. Empty junk food.

These are the most real problems—police brutality is far down on the list.

More on site.


Follow up from Jim Stone on the Vegas shootings.
My comments on several conspiracies circulating –

Obviously the shooting in Vegas was not what we are told. I am standing by my particular theory of the shooting happening from above the stage.
Obviously the patsy is a patsy, he knew nothing about guns and according to the family was agnostic. That pretty much says it all. That means nothing came from his hotel room, despite the kicked out windows.

On that note, don’t forget how damning this Israeli newspaper report is, which happened only 5 hours after the shooting, long before the police could have had any specific answers to report. This bunked news report, released WAY TOO EARLY proves Israel was involved in this shooting:

When a screw up is that grave, there’s no getting over it. They called the patsy by his “Islamic name” when his family claimed he was agnostic, and did it before the dust settled. How did the Israeli paper come up with such specific Islamic insights so quickly?

Here’s a big one:

Mandalay Bay was actually missing 4 windows. That’s a screw up as big as the Israeli newspaper screw up.

Obviously the MSM is skipping this part of the story.
Yesterday I came across a critical picture. Did you know FOUR windows were kicked out at Mandalay Bay? YEP. Here’s the other two, and I’ll say how this probably happened – The idiots who staged this psy op did not even have it thought all the way through, and kicked out windows that would not work for the story line. As stupid as this sounds, the question remains – why are two windows missing on the wrong side of the hotel?

Good question. And it is called “somebody screwed up”. WINDOWS MISSING. NO ONE SHOT FROM HERE, and it is a safe bet no one shot from the other two missing windows, it is all part of a partially botched setup.

There are a few people saying the shooting was happening from the 10th and 4th floors, and they are getting mileage. Yet no missing windows, and the windows on these hotels can’t be opened. They are saying the shooting happened from these places because they can see muzzle flashes. But it is obviously just reflections of the flashing lights on the police cars that are on the street. Not well thought through conspiracy plot at all. None of the videos show muzzle flashes from where they should have come from either. That’s because no one was shooting from there.

My final answer is based on the only hard evidence there was in this event – the volume of the concert in relation to how loud the gunfire was. It’s a dead giveaway, no one shot from the hotel, PERIOD. Yes, multiple gunmen. I disagree that they had to be skilled, the target was too easy. They could have been skilled and it would not have made a difference.

So what we have in the end is a total setup, a false flag, multiple gunmen who were not located as stated, a patsy I probably would not have liked in real life but a patsy nonetheless who probably slept up until the bullets started flying (he could probably hear the ruckus below after the music stopped,) suddenly his door got kicked in and it was adios.

And no one could blame anyone for not believing the official story. There are too many consistencies with past proven psy ops. Obvious multiple shooters reported early on (Pulse, San Bernardino, Vegas) only to have one dead patsy who shot himself and now cant talk. It’s like all of this crap is being done from the same one page set of instructions by a machine that can’t diversify at all, with the only changes in the plot forced into it by geography and environmental factors. It worked in Communist Russia. It is not working nearly as well now.

There are going to be countless conspiracy theories because people know they have been lied to. I have said what I think. But only one thing is absolutely certiain – we have been lied to. This was a setup. It was too conveniently timed with the Puerto Rico scandal. The target was also too perfect, but one thing communists won’t realize (because they hide out at Starbucks and worry about things as little as a damaged napkin) is that shooting at the redneck country music crowd won’t cause that crowd to shed a tear. At least not on day 3. They are robust. You can’t take their guns that way, they won’t just hand them in because something bad happened. If the communists want guns from that particular target, they are going to have to take them the hard way even after half of them are dead.


Good to see other mayors and the governor of Puerto Rico setting the record straight against the selfie-loving Mayor of San Juan. She and her collaborators with the Teamsters are willing to commit genocide against their own, just like what happened in the Holomodor in the Ukraine and the Irish Famine. I am sure their are truck drivers who are sickened by this.


Excerpt: The mayor of a Puerto Rican city that sits next to San Juan praised the administration’s help Saturday night, and chided the “politics” of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has been criticizing President Trump.

In an interview with Secrets, Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero said that in several meetings with FEMA and U.S. military officials about the recovery effort, Yulin Cruz has been absent. “I’ve seen other mayors participating. She’s not,” said Perez Otero.

More on site.


number 55 in 5 days time im 55 so great timing

for anyone that believes las vegas real, you should have gone to spec savers


(#392788 )
I Just purchased a Lumurian Plug. I had been resisting buying a plug because I have a house literally FULL of crystals , geodes, selinite, and shungite, due to our business. I mean FULL as in 100’s and 100’s of pounds, as we just returned from Denver Colorado’s rock and mineral show to stock up for our big holiday season. I was thinking we didn’t need one. However, two weeks ago the landlord called to say the electric bill has skyrocketed the last few months, and after reading all the positive comments on the plug the last few weeks we have decided to take the Plug plunge and we can’t wait to see what happens.
Love and Light to ALL
John (#56 in comments and age)


10.2 – Dissecting Vegas Shooting | Puerto Rico Truth | Catalonia | Another Dead Dr.
Some good power points by Jordan Sather, why it’s a false flag and were to look for political clues re. deep state thinking:

” ….this is in combination with the false ​flag that we saw in Canada the other day with the Isis guy stabbing people up in Edmonton…”
” …so, first how did he ge​t ​all these guns up into the hotel room 10 plus automatic rifles up to the 32 floor? You know I’m surprised he wasn’t​ ​on the 33rd floor if you know what I​ ​mean…​ ​but 32nd floor – all these automatic​ ​rifles, seems very weird that one guy was able to do that now also huge blocks in​ ​Las Vegas..”….​
“multiple reports of several shooters”
– Lonely gunman then —–> Suicide.. (MK- Ultra patsy?) (a trade mark imo)
“How is it possible to be able to kill that many from such a distance? over half a mile…”(these two sentences is rephrase a bit by me)

“….false flag was used, doesn’t mean nobody died. 9/11 was a false flag. Three towers fell, lots of people died. A false flag simply means that this event that occurred this tragic traumatizing event, was done by people other than what was reported for a political or agenda-driven means..”

“I believe JP Morgan said millionaires don’t use astrology billionaires do”

“Saturn just happens to be a twenty-two degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn, which these deep states pray to, right!, that’s their God that represents their beloved Satan figure. So we have Saturn which is a twenty-two degrees in the zodiac 22 degrees is known as the assassins degree. Pretty big assassination right there.”
Some other places they don’t want you to look into can, as he suggest, be the Puerto Rico disaster, Catalonia votes for independence from Spain, Metal Towers in NY (AI face recognition?). More possible clues in this excellent Yutube summation video of 2o min related to, for most now, clearly seems to be a FALSE FLAG event, with lots of deaths.

No matter false flag or not – people dies, if so, as a cause from them, is always incredible tragic. Taken into account the astrological aspect, this could very well be so, as they “nourish” themself on death…


getem #392776
Hi Rhonda!
Again – lovely to hear about the progress your Golden Retrieve, Holly is making. Both with her spine and eyes. I think this sound more like miracles for many… I’m very impressed by how fast and gentle it works.
I’m just speculating here. But could it be that these incoming photons-energies flows through the Plug, goes into the electric grid. And from there works as an “amplifier” and conduit. Then using that to heal and rejuvenate animals, people, plants…..?. Crystal you know. Much the same way we ground that energy into Gaia’s core….
This could be much larger then we can comprehend.
Am a little sad today. Got visit from my sis, and her husband with cancer. The doctors say they cant do anything more for him. Earlier I’ve tried with different alternative suggestions, but sadly the only thing I get in return is to be ridiculed and many scornful remarks.
How to go about that. If I could get the plug (the one I’ve ordered , but not yet received) into their household without them notice….But is that right to do, or?
They are so so negative as well. But is their/his choice, in the end.

We soon have to assemble a meeting of all members of the OLP. No doubt this group is growing as ” medical weed” he he. The potential influences these wonderful members will have, on society( micro- macro re. health), the group consciousness, collective consciousness, has no limit!
Can we transmute the cabal? – after all they are distorted energies….


scottfree #392784
Hi scott!
“This was just one more instance where her innate skepticism has turned to cautious admittance that the Plug is improving our lives. Another one happened yesterday.”

It’s a while now, since I’ve run out of words……..
Cigarette odor.. Yeah that is more “sticky” than anything I can come up with. Not smoked (or been drinking for about 6 years now) I tried to always smoke outside, but not when I first came to where I live right now, some 17 years ago. Then came my three cats and so I stopped smoke inside hose.
The only thing I can say is that ventilation helps – A LOT of ventilation!!
In my teen….. been partying (also smoked a little) – I always hung out my clothes overnight. Then my father had a hard time to tell, I noticed..he he
Very interesting add to all the other benefits the plug provides.
wolfintimber #392780
“just received 5 lemurian plugs…..”

Really cool wolf. Dang – 5 at once…. – I can already see and feeeeeeel the vibes all the way to my little outpost here. Certainly can effect the whole Earth’s more neg. grid system…, I’m sure





absolutely-after 17 hours with lemurian plugs i walk into our condo after nightshift and the air quality is substantially improved…..

energies in the home feeling much calmer than pre lemurian plug days…..

i slept through the day in an unusual higher quality of rest for an otherwise shift working sort of semi insomniac type…..

it will be interesting to see the results of the grooooovy lemurian technology of my sort of hypochondriac mother in law…..

we can stream into closer energetic connections with our lemurian brothers and sisters of inner earth now,with their kindness in sharing some primo technology with us by the looks and sounds and feels of it…..

above my paygrade of course…..hahahahaha…..


preston james-quote—–The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is the core group of Babylonian Talmudics running this new and illegal racist nation of Israel. The RKM is also known as the World Money Changers and runs the Satanic Pedophile Network. They are also the World Zionists.—–unquote…..



another grandslam writing by preston…..

ladies and gentlemen a real doctor – dr. preston james…..


update by sheldon nidle-for the spiritual hierarchy and the galactic federation…..5 Batz, 9 Tzotz, 1 Ik

quote—–We remain confident that you shall finally begin to receive the significant amounts of currency that you have long been promised. In this Light, always remember that we are determined to forge the new NESARA/GESARA governments. It is this new governance that is destined to create a wondrous, sovereign and prosperous new realm, to finally end the UFO cover-up and to bring peace to this currently distraught orb.—–unquote…..



update by sheldon nidle-for the spiritual hierarchy and the galactic federation…..5 Batz, 9 Tzotz, 1 Ik…..

the ascended masters-quote—–The dark ones are to be arrested and incarcerated. They are to be completely separated from you. At the same time, new governance is to bloom and a new reality filled with wealth and sovereignty is to forever alter this realm. Never forget, dear Hearts, that the countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be In Joy!) It is time for all to come to fruition!—–unquote…..



Starseed Preparations/Training for Earth 423Hz



this article is by preston james and mike harris…..a super primo tag team when they work together…..



Posted this yesterday on the old post by mistake.
No way I’m buying the Vegas attack. Just absurd and the “lone shooter” is dead again! How can people believe this garbage. Calling for weapons confiscation within hours.
OLP members- what is the benefit of multiple plugs and does the crystal ever deteriorate?
Siggi and Scottfree, thanks for battery responses on previous post.

The Puerto Rico debacle is most curious. MSM reporting very little about it. Lots of disinfo on the web about it including the possibility that not much happened there. Machinations of Khazarian empire are not surprising.

I’m with everyone on the seemingly ageless Kissinger- clones, teenage blood drinking, a sarcophagus perhaps?! ( wouldn’t it be a scream if they (deepest state) really have these?)

Most disturbing news about Sessions but Trump declared the Clintons “good people” shortly after he was elected so it was clear that nothing truly noteworthy was going to happen to them. No further action on 911 either. Still, I have no doubt that the man is under serious threats to his life and the lives of his family members ( although I’m not sure how much he would care about them- probably more worried about what they know). I’m sure that he has major skeletons in his closet and has contacts with many reprehensible creatures, Jeff Epstein for one, Sheldon Adelson for another.
Does anyone know anything about the properties of copper? I’m on a tare about this metal, history is mute on it, except for copper piping which was discontinued in the 50’s/60’s. Why?

Just an addedum from the local paper this morning, big headlines and the whole back page editorial- Why We NEED Gun Control Now!. Says it all for me. Also some damaging press about the NRA trying to relax rules around the supposed adapter that turns everything into an automatic weapon.

Also, OLP- I did 2 20 minute session with the plug directly on my torn ACL location and this morning, no paid, no tension, feels great. I’m going to be working with it for other issues but I can’t say enough.


Okay, I’ve ordered the Lemurian Plug. Quick question – does your cell phone have to be on for it to work after you have “converted” it. I don’t use mine, so it is turned off most of the time. Does this also work on other portable phones? In addition to a couple of landlines, we have three portable phones. I am hoping it will also work on cats as I have an aging calico who is not as spry as she used to be.


deester: I have been using my plug for about a month or so. Organizing continues around my home. I was also wondering about the phones as you mentioned… land lines and portable phones… do they change like the cell phones? My portables were about 4 years old and bit the dirt yesterday. Maybe they were incompatible??? Buying new ones today. Hate having to copy all the saved phone numbers onto new devices.

Surgery is scheduled for next week on Wed. Day surgery if all goes well. CT scans show it is growing but has not spread outside of the lining of the uterus. Going by-by and no chemo or radiation needed… not that I would do those anyway. Sticking with diet and alternative backup to improve my immunity, etc.

Getting two new kittens that a neighborhood cat lady has been nursing as AGAIN someone dropped off a litter in her driveway. Too small to eat… so she bottle-fed them. My husband fell in love with the two gray felines (as he did with all my other cats he brings home) and these will definitely be outside/inside critters as the moles and mice need little exterminators to deal with their increases. He is waiting until a week or so after surgery to bring them home.

The Vegas thing appears to be another false flag. Many may have really died and the reactions seemed genuine at first. Now more and more discrepancies are coming out. Why the hell they keep doing these is beyond my understanding. Well, I just keep on believing that this will be settled soon. All of it. I am awake and hope that the rest of our world will wake up soon. W.


Hi Winifred,

Thanks for the response. I will be impatiently waiting on the plug’s arrival.

This comment of yours made me laugh – I suggest you fatten them up a bit prior to consumption. “Getting two new kittens that a neighborhood cat lady has been nursing as AGAIN someone dropped off a litter in her driveway. Too small to eat” 😉


(#392798 )
Siggi, I say go for it with the relatives. I used to believe that you shouldn’t try to heal people without their permission. However, since becoming aware of the degree of which people can be and are mind controlled, your intuitive thinking may actually be their higher selves/souls talking to you. I know my soul was crying for help a few years back, when I gave myself mercury poisoning (Ahhh, what a catalyst, a catalyst indeed!) Cancer is a catalyst, easily ignited to form through anger, especially hidden or controlled anger, which leads to secrecy and deception, which sounds like their angry response to your healthy positive vibration. I say get them to a Plug!
Also, expanding on your Cabal idea, we would want to use some Remote Viewing…Maybe we can get the Lowe Boys involved. They nailed it on their TV show after all
Love and Light


jujubean #392806

“OLP members- what is the benefit of multiple plugs and does the crystal ever deteriorate?
Siggi and Scottfree, thanks for battery responses on previous post.”
Hi juju
You very much welcome!
I can only say that when I got the second plug – I felt a huge lift. But the first had already done the “hard” ground work I felt, and left the second to easily lift my energy. I nearly feel reborn. he he
“… does the crystal ever deteriorate?”
Imo – never
deester #392807
Hi deester!
So glad for you!
Tlf on or of? – I hope someone can help. Haven’t had the time to research/ask the plug yet.
Since ordinary batteries can be converted, and work as a plug, this should mean it doesn’t have to be on. But not sure. I have mine on. I will suggest you have it on for now…
Bought some cheap one to use for different task, and their batteries is charged around 2 – 3 weeks ( no subscription). I feel that ordinary batteries have not the life expectancy as a cell phone battery. Also the battery must be charged to work – that means you have to check those single ones you have converted from time to time. If these batteries are old some months before used , they already lost a lot of their lifetime.
Always try to use fresh ones. imo.
Will come back for more re cell phone batteries.


Does anyone know anything about the properties of copper? I’m on a tare about this metal, history is mute on it, except for copper piping which was discontinued in the 50’s/60’s. Why?
If memory serves copper is very antibacterial. If we would use more copper on the handles of things in a hospital it would stop bacteria from spreading. I still have copper tubing in my house in America. We have that plastic stuff in newer buildings but the old copper piping is in my old house.


Siggi, you should be getting a commission on the Plug.

The Vegas thing is really appearing to be staged. Between the Craigslist ad for Crowds on Demand appearing earlier, and the sheer number of similar water bottles (just like in Boston and Sandy Hook – provided by DHS). You have cops with mismatched clothes and shoes (guess Vegas can’t afford uniforms and shoes). Also, you have “police” holding their rifles willy nilly (again, guess Vegas can’t afford training for these schlubs). One of them has it pointed backwards while he yaps on the phone. Here are a couple of articles from a website that show the anomalies. The host of the website is a doctor and is more than familiar with real wounds and blood splatter. Also, one of the posters has pointed out that Go Fund Me pages have already been set up. Unfortunately, the comment section has been infested by rude, anonymous shills.



This photo is in one of the articles. It shows the cell-phone yapping “cop” with his rifle pointed backwards where it could inadvertently go off (if it wasn’t a prop) and injure someone. Note the variety of different pants and shoes these guys are wearing.

comment image&operation=CROP&offset=0x267&resize=4572×2567


winifred #392808
Hi windi!
Great to hear from you.!
Hope all went well with the harvest. also nice to hear about those kittens.
re. tlf batteries – I think it’s really great you buying new ones. 4 years old is a lot anyway. Great to hear cancer has not spread.
Also glad you stick to your diet and not go head first into “their” proposal first, before trying other alt. ways. I would not be surprised if the harmful effects re. chemo treatment would be nullified by the plug Only my thoughts that is…
Good luck now windi – routing for you
jaggs13 #392810
Hi jagger!
Thanks for your advice. jagger – very interesting angle there. The problem will be to actually do it – cuz I’m not often visiting them. He is to ill to have visitation. I know they will never try it if I ask them…
It’s difficult – I have already done some healing sessions and research for advice…
He is living very unhealthy as well, Smoking and all those toxic food, medications…
Anyway I can’t go to a state of blaming if something should happen. They already know what I’m into so they could just ask.
But I would love to help them for sure..
Thanks again! Lowe boys? I don’t know who is – I would work with anyone who’s goal is to get rid of them in a more peaceful way that is.
Love and light back to you!


#392806 Jujubean

“OLP members- what is the benefit of multiple plugs and does the crystal ever deteriorate?
Siggi and Scottfree, thanks for battery responses on previous post.”

You are welcome, Jujubean. I am happy to share and get this Lemurian frequency spread around.

There is no indication in any of the material the Geoffry Radford provided that would indicate the possibility of a loss or degradation of The Frequency in the Plug. Probably it could be ruined by a strong dose of energy but I can’t imagine how that would happen under normal circumstances.

Geoffrey Radford stated on the website:
” Q. If I use more than one Plug in my house, will that be more beneficial?
A. You only need one Plug in the house unless you have electric on several circuits. You need one for each circuit.”

By “circuit” he means all of the wiring connected to one meter. Most houses only have one meter that measures all of the electric consumption. If you live on a property that has an outbuilding with a separate meter then it would need to be Plugged too if you want the Frequency in that building.

That being said, if you will allow me to move into the Woo Woo domain for a moment, I consulted my Guides on that question and they indicate that the addition of extra Plugs on one circuit does multiply the strength of the Frequency 10 fold for each additional plug, ie, one additional plug would result in a 10 fold increase. Two additional plugs would result in a 100 fold increase, 3 plugs would increase by a thousand fold, and so on.

They cautioned that it’s possible to get to much of the Frequency and that a total of 3 Plugs in a circuit should be the max. Also, that it would not be wise to add 3 Plugs all at once. Add a second one after a month or so and the 3rd one 2 months after the second one if you choose to.

Disclaimer: This is channeled information so it is not necessarily reliable. I trust my Guides and my relationship with them, but I don’t expect anyone else to do so.

When I first got The Plug, I plugged in a 50 extension cord and laid it back and forth under the 3 inch memory foam pad the covers our mattress. The first two nights and succeeding days went fine. We both slept well. On the morning after the third night, I awoke to find the extension cord lying on the floor. My wife said that she awoke feeling really agitated in the middle of the night and decided to rip that cord out from under us! That same day I also found myself feeling uncharacteristically irritable.

So I guess maybe it is possible to “get too much of a good thing.”

WolfinTimber, did you buy 5 Plugs so you could give some away? If you plugged them all into your household circuit I would love to hear about your ongoing experience.

“Does anyone know anything about the properties of copper?”

As it happens I have some experience using copper sheet metal for healing purposes. I learned years ago that copper will hold Reiki energy. My wife and I are both Reiki Masters and we found that one could Reiki a copper plate that then could be used as an extra hand during Reiki treatments. We would just place them on problem areas of the body being treated while we conducted the rest of the session.

Now, I have a bunch of copper plates on which I taped Plug treated 9v batteries. I have some small plates about 4 inches square and some larger 8 inch ones. The plates spread the effective area of the little batteries and are very handy healing tools.

If you live in a big enough town there will be a sheet metal dealer. Some of them sell copper sheet metal. I just went in and said that I needed some small plates for an art project and they were happy to cut them to size for me.

“Also, OLP- I did 2 20 minute session with the plug directly on my torn ACL location and this morning, no pain, no tension, feels great. I’m going to be working with it for other issues but I can’t say enough.”

Jujubean, how about treating a battery with the Plug and then securing it to your knee with an ace bandage. You could keep it on all day that way. Really glad to hear that you are getting positive results.

#392808 Winifred
“I was also wondering about the phones as you mentioned… land lines and portable phones… do they change like the cell phones?”

Hi Winifred. It’s not about phones. It’s about the battery in the phone. Any battery can be treated with the Plug. The reason Geoffrey Radford suggested treating a cell phone is so that we could take the protection of the Lemurian Frequency with us when we leave the safety of our Plugged homes. Also so that we can use our phones to treat the phones of other people and spread The Frequency around that way. Also so that we could have a healing device with us all the time.

And , of course, treating the phone makes it safer to use. The Frequency will nullify the harmful effects of the phone frequencies, but it doesn’t block the microwave energy. So those microwaves will still heat your brain just like they cook your food if you cook with a microwave oven. Use earbuds and keep the dang thing away from your brain!

Treat all the batteries in things we use all the time. I treated the battery in my cordless mouse. I treated the batteries in my headlamp. I treated the batteries in my e-cigarettes. Treat the wristwatch battery. Treat the battery in the cordless phone. Get the idea?

Back in the day Hippies were also called freaks. Now we are becoming Lemurian Freqs !


Hi Siggi, How do I order the Lemeriun Plug.


wbrainerd #392817
Hi Siggi, How do I order the Lemeriun Plug.
Hi there wbrainerd!

good luck now!


Also got my third this morning. Something telling me this is max. So that “confirms” (for me personal) what you say there Scott. Unless you have a 3 phase system.
I remember during some of my healing session , therapists and healers told me that this particular substance (always looking for energy enhancement/ upliftment because I was super tiered all the time, as in ginseng, Q10…), was not right for me at this moment of my healing process.
So caution is advisable imo. More is not always better.
I say follow up your heighten energy boost, if so, with grounding exercises every day. And listen to your own intuition.
Perhaps begin with one for some months ( I did that) But again – Healing is individual, so many are capable to handle more, and faster adjustment.
Just saying – unless you like to levitate…..?


Soros recon alert – Soros “shorted” MGM. Guess who owns Mandalay in Vegas!


Excerpt: SOROS RECON ALERT: On August 14, 2017 Soros Fund Management, LLC placed $42,242,000 of put options on MGM Resorts. Who owns Mandalay Bay? MGM RESORTS. Soros f***ing shorted MGM.

Hedge funds are required to file a 13f which discloses the hedge funds positions. George “Soros’ hedge fund initiated 42mm worth of put options on MGM (basically betting the stock will fall in the short term). Ballsack eyes bought well over 1mm shares of stock given it traded around 35-40 when the trade was initiated.

More on site.



This guy makes a total shambles of the MSM story of the Vegas shootings…


gordon duff(highly decorated vietnam war combat veteran-uncle gordie)-quote—–Israel, aided by Saudi Arabia, has played “divide and conquer,” the “Great Game” learned from the British in the 19th century, Turk against Kurd, Kurds against Arabs, Shiite against Sunni, tribe against tribe, arming both sides at times, picking wounds and sitting back, enjoying the slaughter.—–unquote…..





I plugged in 4 lemurian plugs at once in a 950 square foot condo-ill probably keep 3 plugged in…..

i was planning on giving some away…..

i plugged one in at work where there is lots of electricity flowing for industrial operating of equipment-feeding large motors and such…..the control room energies(where its plugged in) have definitely become more harmonious feeling-as there is an electrical vault and mcc room immediately below it…..

ill keep 3 going in my house at this stage-one is probably primo in itself of course…..

we who are the first to experience this grooooovy lemurian technology will promote and deliver this to the peoples by the looks of it…..

the new guttenberg press enables these kinds of processes to flow…..

even with the dark forces basically running the internet in so many ways…..hahahahaha…..reading our every word-certainly storing it all as mr.snowdens intel has spoken of…..

i want to score a meter to prove the effectiveness of the lemurian plug…..

the peoples of the this prison construct nee some relief of the otherwise heartless lash of the dark filthy ones…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

No property in fascist countries is publicly owned …so all the writing of democrats being communist is untrue. Democrats and Republians with a few exceptions in the US are fascist……The national parks are being sold to the highest bidder for oil etc.

Fascism…this is what the US is…and all our allies …From the book They Thought They Were Free.



Wolfintimber #39283
“I plugged in 4 lemurian plugs at once in a 950 square foot condo-ill probably keep 3 plugged in…..”
Thanks, Wolf. That will be some strong medicine. I hope you will keep us posted regarding the effects on you and the home environment.


john perkins-quote—–The shamans tell us that the political and climatic turmoil that currently sweeps our planet is a sign that we’ve entered the portal. When portals open, the vortexes of energy that are released cause hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, landslides, and other acts of nature, as well as political upheaval.

Now is the time for us to pass through that portal, to reshape the present and the future. It is a time to recognize that all the challenges offer opportunities. We are the ones who can usher in an era of compassion, generosity, spirituality, and environmental sustainability.—–unquote…..




Hi Siggi

I have been wondering if this plug forms a kind of Faraday cage around the house? Nothing harmful can penetrate it. Just my thoughts.

I have been sharing the energy with my bicom therapist, married my phone to hers yesterday. She is going to purchase one for her home/office. She was blown away with what I told her.

Then today we went down to my mother in laws and gave her a plug and also charged her phone for her and gave her a battery to keep in her left pocket…thanks Scott for that, we all have batteries now. Our niece came in to visit while we were there so downloaded the website to her phone and she went away saying she was ordering one. Her phone also got the treatment LOL!

Then I had to visit our lawyer who is handling my mums estate. His son is a motor bike racer and was involved in a very nasty crash in the Isle of Man race recently and has many broken bones. I left him with info on the plug and told him to get it for him and the rest of the family. I do hope he does, it will certainly speed his recovery when he arrives home from the IOM where he is still recovering.

Been very busy spreading the word LOL!




Hi Winifred

I am so glad you have the plug. I am sure it will ramp your recovery to a much higher level. Sending you much love and healing energies.



wolfintimber #392826

I have read that on other sites as well, that the current chaos, political and geo-climactic, is an indication of cosmic events, i.e. our entering a portal, a wave of cosmic energies, the approach of Nibiru, the perigee of Saturn and Jupiter and the pull they exert on our solar system, not to mention sunspots or the lack thereof. There’s an element of truth in all of it for sure however, we also know that both the US and China have weather weapons and we’ve been spraying for at least 6-8 years now. It’s hard to tell which conditions are responsible for which events.

Scottfree- thanks for your advice. I will purchase 2 more plugs. Do you know anything about consuming copper? Research suggests that using copper cooking utensils and drinking cups is the most efficient. I’ve also read that copper must be consumed in conjunction with zinc because copper can be quite toxic and the zinc mitigates the build up.

I’m wondering about this “Opioid Epidemic” meme. I don’t believe that any of our legislators and political leaders really care about our addictions so what’s going on here? A small blurb in the local paper revealed that 2 pharmaceutical companies are being sued for misrepresentation of the addiction risk, the one that produces Oxycontin and another. A cartoon elsewhere in the paper made fun of the US tendancy to torpedo foreign companies that compete successfully with US ones. I also expect that most of the money supposedly being dedicated to combatting this epidemic will never reach the addicts or the facilities that could help them but will instead be channeled to ever more black ops and global crime syndicate activities.

Clif High in a recent broadcast revealed that the risk with North Korea is not nuclear. The GCS (global crime syndicate) is however, sharing advanced alien weaponry with NK. It’s not clear if the weaponry is new or old, but it is different than what the rest of the planet has. He thinks a lot of what’s happening is connected the absolute explosion of activity in Antartica.


Translation of Ben’ recent post.
Instructor: Itagaki Eiken ✖︎ Benjamin Fulford

Date and time: October 24, 2017 (Tue)
Price: 5000 yen
Location: Hikaru Land Park

Currently, new work “Ichiro Ozawa Prime Minister who fulfills the imperial command of the Emperor
The strongest comrades kissinger Yuriko Koike Seiji Maehara (tentative title)
Mr. Itagaki, who is preparing for,
Based on the results of this election, he talked about the deeper direction of the Japanese political world,
Mr. Fulford,
From Japan’s perspective on world information
I will tell you a lot!
We will send with a super hot theme
Do not miss this opportunity!
We are looking forward to meeting you from the heart!

13: 00 ~ ~ 14: 20 Eiji Itagaki
14: 40 ~ ~ 16: 00 Benjamin Fulford
16: 20 ~ ~ 17: 50 Itagaki Hidenagi Benjamin Fulford



Hey JuJu…

I think that the whole Opioid Epidemic is nothing more then TPTB trying to supplement the monies that were lost from Pot Legalization and transferring it to something far more ‘addicting’ that they can continue to funnel money from…. not to mention ‘culling’ the population as the process continues. 🙁 Kill and make money while doing it… sounds about right to me.


Okay all… so I have remained quiet while everyone has discussed their ‘experiences’ with The Lemurian Plug…. simple because, I have really wanted to see how other’s are being effected, and learning something from everyone in the process.

I bought 4 back in the beginning of September and I am currently waiting for the delivery of 3 more. 😉

While my experience has been far less ‘pronounced or profound’ as many others here, I am also a complicated mess. I am in my late forties, but as my orthopeidic surgeons have expressed, I have shoulder’s of an eighty year old, due to a tragic motorcycle accident back in my early twenties.

I have had aches and pains basically since the accident that have just increased as I have aged. So my ‘healing’ has taken much longer than some here, but has been noticed and continues.

Also, I went balls out and plugged three into my small house while giving the other to me ex-wife for our kids. So I think I may have went thru some overload in healing… like when detoxing too fast.

I have bought three more, so I can give 2 away and bring the third to work, since my work is where I spend a bulk of my time, and I need to heal there as well.

What made me decide to write today though, was I decided last night to try something that I did not try thus far…

Both my shoulders were quite sore from the workout that I had done earlier in the day, and I decide to just pull one of the plugs out and put it right on the painful spots… maybe 20 minutes later I felt serious relief, so I tried the opposite shoulder with similar effects… mind you I have really bad osteoarthitus in both, so to notice any relief, especially so quickly… well that means something to me. 😉

Now I am not completely healed… mind you, I am pretty beatup, LoL, over time the pain starts to return slowly, but diminished somewhat, so I realize that it will take many treatments over an extended period of time to make a bigger difference… but I am committed to doing it…. I already ‘healed’ myself from an accident that I wasn’t even supposed to have survived… and as I shared many years ago here… I did experince the ‘NDE’ . 😉

I know there is definitely something to The Lemurian Plug…. ‘believing’ in it just ‘amplifies’ its results. And as a skeptic… I hope my ‘experience’ and sharing it here will just help some of you give it a try… to heal yourselves, as that will just spread the magic to heal others… the planet is waiting. 🙂

Best to you all.


More from Jim Stone on the Vegas shootings….

1. The shooting happened right at the concert. There are many videos out there now, and they prove the shooting was much louder inside the concert venue than anywhere else. Even in the video of it all starting that I posted on this web site, the shooting clearly comes in at a level much louder than the concert speakers.
2. The singer performing at the time was lip synching. This is actually an important point, because in a couple of the videos, when the shooting starts, people are seen laughing. Some people commenting on subsequent videos says that proves the shooting was fake, because no one would laugh when being shot at. The reality is that they were laughing because the singer ran off stage, leaving the mic behind, and his voice kept going. At that point people still thought the shooting was fireworks.

3. There are a lot of videos out there now, many in HD and a lot of them show the hotel in the background and not a single one shows any muzzle flash from the hotel at all, even when the hotel is crystal clear. 4. I found this super high definition image taken with a great camera and it proves that after the shooting was done, and the lights were out, there were no broken windows in the hotel and there was no ongoing investigation.
5. All the people who got badly shot were left on the field to die overnight (to maximize the death toll) because there was absolutely no EMT response. There are videos where a lone man who stayed on the field rather than run was going around from person to person desperately, shouting WHERE ARE THE EMT’S
IMPORTANT, VERY IMPORTANT: All venues of that size are required to have EMT’s on site. Yet even those did not respond, and no one at any point came in from the outside either. They simply closed off the field and let everyone die. Just like old time Communist Russia would do.

6. The patsy had plans to move to the Phillipines, as evidenced by the fact that he wired $100,000 there days before. You don’t do that if you plan to die shooting up a place. No word on what else he wired, but he probably wired more.

7. As it turns out, the patsy was an FBI agent who was assigned to run guns for ISIS fast and furious style who at all times had more people in the room with him as proven by room service receipts. The FBI obviously knew what he was running guns, and assigned him to do it. Most likely the two guests that show on room service were the ones who killed him before six other people showed up, as shown on security, only to have none of the other (total of 8 people) make the news after the FBI did a show bust and kicked in the door. All 8 additional people were in the room during the shooting. None did anything to stop it. All left later in FBI uniforms. Obviously with no broken windows there was no shooting from that room, and it is all a hoax at that level, but it just goes to show how filthy the FBI and the rest of American intelligence is, they can take their pretty face Hollywood TV drama series (all of them) and shove them.

8. The FBI did more than set up a patsy, the FBI actually carried out the shooting at the concert. Once you see the high def photo that proves there were no missing hotel windows, you know the FBI did it, because if they are not pointing their fingers at anyone outside that room, and no bullets came from that room, THEY HAD TO HAVE DONE IT.

9. None of the windows on the large hotels in Vegas open. I have stayed in several. My joke about it was that “They had to keep the people contained because too many would suicide jump after losing their butts.” Destroying windows in a place like Mandalay Bay is no small task, they are super strong windows that are extremely resistant to breakage. There’s no way an old chap like our patsy would take the time to break out two, and the lack of muzzle flash in any of the videos, plus the very clear picture showing them in place after the fact but before sunrise, says it all.

10. The main stream media, from top to bottom, including even Drudge, is as filthy as hell. The facts I pointed out here are for all to see, they can’t possibly be so stupid they overlooked the obvious.

11. Most likely the people at the FBI who did the shooting are all Jews, because an Israeli paper had all the “facts” on the shooter before any investigation could be done, And the high def photo that shows the room after the shooting and before the windows got kicked out proves the lights were off, so there was no ongoing investigation in progress for that Israeli paper to get it’s facts from. So a fully compromised FBI is what did this.

FINAL CONCLUSION ON VEGAS: The shooting probably happened, but not as stated and emergency responders were not allowed in to get the death toll as high as possible. This is the type of thing that happens in communist countries.


Bro’ Nathanael Kapner’s solution to the student debt crisis…Stop funding Israel!


Wow! I am glad to hear of everyone’s good reports on the Lemurian Plug. I should be getting mine today. (I have to wait till my sister picks up my mail at my PO box. I just spoke to her and she has picked up 2 packages…..so one of them is the plug). I will probably be ordering more also.

getem #392827

Wow, Rhonda, you are really getting word out. I am glad you have people who are open to hearing about The Plug and willing to use them.

wolfintimber #392826

Hi Wolf. Thank you for posting something from John Perkins website. I have read some of his books and would do one of his workshops if I had the money.

He has also written the book New Confessions of an Economic Hitman (the more updated version of his original book) which I highly recommend to everyone to read. He tells about his job working mostly in South America and how the big corporations have gone in and looted the countries and how they do it. This was before he started teaching shamanism and doing all these workshops with the organization he formed to teach shamanism and help people become aware of how the corporations are trying to drive out and ruin life for the indigenous people of South America.



#392829 Jujubean
“Do you know anything about consuming copper? Research suggests that using copper cooking utensils and drinking cups is the most efficient. I’ve also read that copper must be consumed in conjunction with zinc because copper can be quite toxic and the zinc mitigates the build up.”

Hi Jujubean,

Sorry, when you asked the question earlier I was so focused on Plug matters that I didn’t get that you were asking about copper in biochemistry. I don’t know a lot about it. I know that it is important in electrical conduction in the heart. As you noted, copper and zinc are antagonists. Too much of one will push the other one out of the body. Calcium and magnesium have a similar relationship. Nutritionists tell people that if they take more than 50mg of zinc per day that they have to balance that with 3 mg of copper which is the average daily requirement for adults. I don’t know about copper toxicity in human physiology. I only know that too much copper will push zinc out of the body. I don’t know if people get significant amounts of copper from copper plumbing or cooking utensils. Some metallic elements like copper need to be taken in chelated form such as copper glycinate in order for it to be readily absorbed into the body.


martha #392824
a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.
No property in fascist countries is publicly owned …so all the writing of democrats being communist is untrue.
I appreciate where you are coming from on this but it does seem like much of the agenda that that is being pushed by the higher-ups and the powerful people in the Democrat party has a very communist feel to it. Just all the pushing towards government controlled health care, the UN programs that are pushed to take over the national parks turning them into International Heritage sites under UN control. Other things I can’t think of right now.
But I live in New York State where all the focus and all the good money goes to NYC and the rest of are SOL and Ny is controlled by the Democrat elite as it is.
I do not have any love or respect for the powerful people in the republican party either since most of them follow the dictates of the New World Order and probably won’t do anything to stop Agenda 21 and other UN/NW O programs
As for property, the government gets more out of taxing people and making them get permits for everything when they want to make improvements on their property. And then there are all the things they can charge people for (on a local level) if the property is not kept up. So government plays a constant role everywhere that property is concerned.
Communism, the political theory, didn’t work in the USSR and it became a dictatorship run by the few who profited from it….and it became very corrupt as well. It really disabled the average Soviet citizen in the long run because they had become so very dependent on the government for much of their lives. But they never really saw pay according to their abilities and needs. If you want insight into this, Read The Russians by Hedrick Smith. It’s an old book from the ‘70s if you can find it. The ordinary people had to find so many ways just to survive the system. There was no abundance of goods on a regular basis. When a factory load came to the local department store, it only went so far. People would get in line as fast as possible to get anything good or new and they knew all their family’s sizes so they could buy for them too. Quality consumer goods were hard to come by.
On a side note, my grandmother used to send clothing to relatives in Czechoslovakia in the ‘50s & early ‘60s but then they in the government started confiscating it.
But back to the USSR
Apartment buildings were built fast and not very well – always problems with construction, plumbing etc. Sometimes the good building materials were siphoned off for Party members as was much else in the USSR. The Party members became the very privileged class and the rest were left with what they could get their hands on. And if they did it illegally, well, they had the KGB to threaten them to the max.

No wonder there became such a thriving Black Market.

When people are calling Democrats communists, it’s because they see where so much of the agenda in America is being controlled by the privileged members of the ruling parties. And Democrat presidents have done much to further the agendas… as have the Republican ones.
I know people who are loyal Democrats because of what the Democrats did in helping with the Unions decades ago. But I haven’t heard many people these days talk about what the Unions really do for them now. But that’s a whole other topic. If the Democrats where you live are doing a good job and seriously helping people, well what can I say except that’s a good thing.


oops, got to leave. be back later


secondlife #39 2833" class="ucm-comment-id">39 2833

>>Also, I went balls out and plugged three into my small house while giving the other to me ex-wife for our kids. So I think I may have went thru some overload in healing… like when detoxing too fast.<>Now that you are getting started with TheLemurianPlug.com,
Here’s the next Healing Tool we can check out together.
And this one’s free!

I learned about it from the Goldfish Report folks who interviewed Ben last week.
It rang my inner truth bell… resoundingly… planning to start my first round with it later today.

Dr. Scott Werner – Our 24 Strand DNA Activation


(But listen to Dr. Werner’s talk to understand what it is… )<<

What he says is that we can bring back/grow all the 24 Strands of DNA humans had originally… and via St. Germain… he gives a statement to read 144 times (usually once-a-day for 144 days). to do that.

Whether or not it does what he says what it does… I felt a STRONG energy connection with it… and feel the energy pulsing through me each time I read it aloud with enthusiam and joy.

And.. I have muscle-tested about the use of it and frequency of it.. so have done it 2 x on some days… 15 times in all so far.

SO … maybe I am having more healing reactions because I added this additional tool to my process.
What I can say is that I have worked with myself for years.. and have confidence in my being�39 ;s ability to guide me via muscle-testing and dowsing(pendulum)… and it is saying "DO this" about both tools.. to say nothing about the coursing of vibes my animals and I feel via both of them.

SO… I am trudging on. and will keep y�39 ;all posted.

tail wagg all.. littled 🐕


secondlife #392833

So glad to hear you had the same experience I did after putting the plug directly on the affected area. I stuffed a plugged battery into my ACL sleeve this morning after Scottfree’s advice ( I think) and it went pretty well. I’m walking on cement here, which isn’t good, but I had good extension and flexibility with minimal discomfort, mostly odd twinges here and there. Let’s hope we can see even more improvement. I’m going to try something epic soon, will keep everyone posted.

Vermi: I’m still cynical about that death toll. It’s just too high, no real footage of the level of medical chaos a number of deaths like that would produce. We’re always TOLD these things. The videos are damning and there are clearly actors involved. I suspect many of the listed dead are either fake, or had already died by other means. If they truly offed that many innocent people ( and I wouldn’t put it past them to kill inmates from prisons just to produce bodies either) then they have reached an unprecedented level of desperation in their attempt to confiscate guns and enrich George Soros, but I think not.

Scottfree- thanks- chelated metals sums it up- copper gycinate. I understand it has metabolic regulatory properties.

lynxwalking #392838

The democrats are a mixed bag these days. They appear to be for the middle class and the poor but they’re really about debt slavery and massive borrowing to provide handouts which actually drives up the prices of things including education. They’re also mad advocating the LGBT agenda which has been hijacked to lower the age of consent to 12. My brother in Texas didn’t believe but he phone recently to tell me it’s being discussed there and articles are appearing in papers. The dems are totally run by the liberal marxist establishment which is basically Talmudic, so they have no problems lying to our faces and they support many changes that are not helpful to society.


vermithrax #392834

Vermithrax… thank you for bringing Jim Stone’s coverage of the Vegas Event here. I find it hard to make my way through the “every thing” on his pages. It’s great to have it here in just text .. and to have all the details he’s finding.

AND… light fthgac (For The Highest Good of All Concerned)
to ALL connected to this event.. “perps” (clearly the 62 yr old guy not one of em)… victims (more likely 62 yr old and so many others).. onlookers.. worriers.. ALL Connected to and concerned.. including us all.

Light fthgac… to all concerned and connected to Puerto Rico

And light fthgac to all involved in, hopeful about, worried about ALL THE ALL discussed and reported on “up in here”.


deester #392807

Hi deester!
To your Question. This from the support team. Just been speaking with Janet there. She says the phone must be on. I think the battery will stay charged for a long while if you don’t use it much (like myself)
She is busy with Mr Radford passing these days, but ask me to say thanks so much to you all in here, for buying and spreading the word. Mr Radford would be thrilled!
I will also point out that if your phone battery goes totally flat – you must remember to do the 4 min plug procedure again. ( this according to the enclosed instruction.

Regarding our discussion on how many plugs……she also tells this is very individual, and a kind of mystery . She use 2 herself in her “small” house she says, but it depends much on what energy is needed. Do what you feel is right for you she suggest.
getem #392827
Hi Rhonda!
” I have been wondering if this plug forms a kind of Faraday cage around the house? Nothing harmful can penetrate it. Just my thoughts.”
Absolute think you’re right on there! Perhaps around ourself also when we carrying with us the cell phone, batteries…. I guess.
“Been very busy spreading the word LOL!”
Excellent Rhonda! This is kind of “busy” things that don’t drain – only gives energy I feel. It so nice to see some REAL “healing” in actions for a change, too. We have been talking, dfiscussed…and more talkis…words over years now, and finally some tangible results (for many anyway) are happening.
The talking words with a lot of faith, from those seeding words, are now growing and growing….. and may I say, being converting into actions and hard “evidences”, for us on a personal level, to be witnessed by our own eyes. ( eh only one for me he he)
I find this truly AMAZING!
Thanks so much again Rhonda – for being busy!
secondlife #392833
Hi secondlife!
I was about to ask you, actually today…
Sad to hear about your tragic motorcycle accident.
I really hope the plug/s will really help you on all those related issues.
“Both my shoulders were quite sore from the workout that I had done earlier in the day, and I decide to just pull one of the plugs out and put it right on the painful spots… maybe 20 minutes later I felt serious relief”
That was great to hear secondlife.
When thinking of it …significant changes didn’t happen to me before it had gone a couple of months.
Also what many says with using an electric cord and wrap that around your aching ereas, can also be worth trying. Did this myself on a old chest injury – It nearly feels gone after using cords for only a couple of hours.
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. God speed there with continuing progress.
littledogg #392839
Hi littledog.
How are you doing now?
and wolf…. – I think you said something about giving one to your Mother in Law? He he – what a great test that would be…

namaste to you all!


littledogg #392839

This is the first time in the new incarnation of Ben’s Blog that I’ve had craziness with posting comments. 2 or 3 times I put up a Plug Report via #392839 only to have that part of the post disappear after I hit Post or Save.

Plug Report:

It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since I got the plug and I have had only 2 really hard “detox/healing reaction” days the first week. Since, it has fit what siggi suggests: “gentle” healing reactions. Some days more severe .. some less.
Monday this week I experienced a definite reduction in symptoms: less inflammation/pain, irritability, depression, fatigue. This lasted til today when I have more pain again.. but not the other stuff.

I quoted secondlife in my other comment because I think it is fool-hardy to use more than one plug per circuit and was glad to note someone else pointing out the possible result of trying to amplify the effect.

I have struggled many many many years with chronic symptoms and an urge to go “full bore” with each new tool/supplement I discover.. only to get big detox/healing reactions …

Years ago, to help myself with this I came up with the aphorism:
Slower is faster and less is more.

I think it is particularly important to be aware of this issue when wanting to offer the plug to loved ones who are seriously ill. And maybe loved ones (like siggi’s brother in law) who do not understand about detox reactions.

So… “one plug at a time” say I.

Another tool I developed years ago is checking in with my deeper/wiser self via muscle-testing (kinesiology) and/or dowsing (using a pendulum). During this month of “Plug Effect” I have used these tools for many decisions about nutrition, rest, activities etc.

These tools helped me decide to go ahead and start using the 24 Strand DNA Activation 1.5 week ago. It may be confounding the results of the Plug experiment… but both tools give me rushes of internal energy flow… AND….both get the cat running and my feline pal runs to “catch” every good vibe available.
The joy I feel reading the DNA ACTIVATION aloud enthusiastically each morning is un-matchable.

So… I do say.. be mindful not to cram yourself up with too much too fast…
AND.. I also recommend Scott Werman’s/St Germain’s free DNA enhancing tool..
cuz I am having so much fun with it.

OK all.. gonna hit “post” and see what shows up!

Yipee! the whole thing posted! 😉


littledogg #392843
“Slower is faster and less is more.”
A Big Plug Hug to you littledog!


Thanks for all of the info, Siggi. They have already shipped my order and I am looking forward to it. My home seemed nicer after I planted orgonite around it a few years back. Maybe this plug will amplify that effect. (Guess I’ll have to turn my phone on now when I go out.)


Hi Jujubean,

Thanks for your input # 392840.
Yes the Democrats are a mixed bag but I stopped aligning myself w/ that party when I knew that things hit such a level of corruption & bad leadership and pushing values that I no longer adhere to(or maybe never did)

I just know there are people who want to believe in them. And when it’s a member of this community I can’t see downing a fellow member when what they may need is a broader perspective. I just don’t want to be preachy either.

I do see and hear much about the Democrat’s agenda. And I also try to constantly learn more about Soviet & Russian history so I see where much of the Dems agenda is headed. But I have heard others referring to the Democrats now as communists.

But not everyone who aligns with the Democratic Party will understand this ot even think of themselves as communists. It is coming from those who criticize the party leaders & their agenda.

A lot is in perspective.


Oh yes. I did get my Lemurian Plug today. I am definitely looking forward to its good effects. I will keep you all posted.

Thank you Siggi as well as all the other members for their reports on it


Jon Rappoport, a well known journalist, has 8 essays on his blog re the Vegas massacre. They are short, to the point and worth reading, IMO. One of them clearly debunks the “lone shooter” narrative being pushed in the media.



I have just been to my chiro for my monthly adjustment. I filled him in on the Lemurian plug and how to order. Told him about my dog and her amazing response to the plug re spine and cataracts. Hope he gets some and shares the info with others.



from this article-quote—–The banking cartels and those to whom they report form, as President John F. Kennedy referred to, are the secret societies that operate a worldwide “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.” They use propaganda and the media to identify, manipulate and prey upon the patriotic and good of heart. They placate the public’s appetite for entertainment (celebrities, sports, film and depraved content of cruelty) as a means to distract and subdue all levels of rational thought.—–unquote…..



Always a pleasure to catch up, I am arranging for an alternative courier delivery for my plug since it has been five weeks now. My mother is in bed with a nasty lung infection so I will have one sent to her asap. So many amazing stories as to its efficacy.


lakewinds #392679

Thank you for this link & your fuller explanation. I wonder what his response will be.


aneeson #392683

I thank you Alan for your good advice. There is only so much one can say & in the end the main thing becomes the necessity to remain friends even though we have diametrically opposed viewpoints on this huge & fundamental issue.


siggi #392713

‘There were 3 eras of MU and Atlantis, as I have learned. Survivors did escape to Hollow Earth or Agartha’.

The Root Races are Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, & now Aryan – originating from India, all this according to Blavatsky.

Some Lemurians made it to Telos under Mt. Shasta from the info. at

In the end I understand that Blavatsky was very much in accordance with the ‘Ascended Masters’ in particular with St. Germain, who of course never quite succeeded in his endeavours to enlighten the movers & shakers of his times enough to bring about any meaningful change. Why am I not surprised.

This brings us to Lucifer & Blavatsky’s assertion of his inner core representation of the true light along with the Gnostic author of the ‘Forbidden Religion’. I acknowledge HPB as a forerunner of the occult side of the New Age movement but will continue to question her allegiance to Lucifer, though what she says about the early church & its later dogma built on foundations of sand I fully agree.

If the present Pope has praises to Lucifer as the morning star sung in the Vatican, that is surely alarm bells for me.

In the end is not the duality of our paradigm inherent, in as much as where we focus our intent is to realise that intent, whether the false light or the true Light. I shall continue to study this ambivalence & ask for guidance.


Thierry Meyssan

Aung San Suu Kyi portrayed in a bad light by the UN & the International community over the Rohinga insurgency, a Muslim ethnic group who have been discriminated against but were the first to attack the Burmese military. The Rohingas first called themselves the Faith Movement trained by the British then changed their name to Arakan Rohinga Salvation Army funded by the usual suspects of Saudi Arabia et al.
The recent burnings of villages done by the jihadists, say the Burmese army. Basically a complicated betrayal of Aung San. Where have we heard this before.

‘By a geographical coincidence, Burma allows the passage across its territory of the pipe-line linking Chinese Yunnan to the Bay of Bengal, and houses the Chinese electronic surveillance posts for the naval routes which near its coasts. Making war in Burma is therefore more important for the Pentagon than blocking the two « Silk Roads » in the Middle East and Ukraine.’


Hello all,
I’ve bought 3 Plugs one on 16 Sept which arrived home (Tasmania) on 29 Sept and another 2 on 2 Oct which I notice are in Australia today. Pretty good.
My house should be quite interesting as The Plug takes hold more and more. It’s large, long and old, on two electrical circuits travelling through different types of construction and changes. Crumbling lathe and plaster, weatherboard, thick sandstone that takes an age to drill through, brick, plaster sheeting etc. The old farm house kitchen was constructed about 1825 and we have long felt some sort of other world presence there, which, now, may either be thankfully released, or confronted by The Plug, I reckon.

So far I have found an increased physical lightness and clarity along with feeling just plain happy out of nowhere.
It began to dawn on me that that is our natural state so if this technology assists in clearing EMF and mental and physical obstructions from other realms, calm and lovely people should be emerging in increasing numbers. Suddenly many of the mind control concepts and multitudes of beliefs from religion, for example, appeared as non-existing and there was just the activity of people and vibrant life .. activity of pleasing non confrontational life – a clean sheet. That’s just a personal experience, I can’t explain it. It doesn’t feel like delusion maybe because the technology comes from the natural materials of creation through people who knew the higher realms, so is for the use of all when it is discovered for such a time as this, an opportunity of freedom.

I also came across this thoroughly well researched and informative video on the history and activity of Globalism from Ken Klein, filmed in 2011.

Let’s hope somebody extends a few Plugs to the cabal. All of a sudden they would wonder what on earth they were doing!

All the very best,



Regarding Blavatsky & Lucifer, I have no doubt she was not a Satanist, but rather feel she was seduced by the false light. Why do we need a figure like Lucifer to come between us & Source?


Blockbuster update from Jim Stone on the Vegas shootings. Video proof in the link in this post of multiple hotels and multiple shootings going on that night. Before the Mandalay concert got shot up there was a shooting spree at other hotels by gun-totin’ terrorists.

I was onto the Vegas shooting in the opening minutes. I remember all of this coming across social media, and then POOF, it was gone.

I thought maybe I did not hear it straight because the events were so huge and so many happened. But now it is proven I did hear it straight the first time, this is MAJOR:

Here’s what actually happened in Vegas. A team of shooters went around the city shooting up hotels first. The shooters ended their shooting spree at the concert. The entire Mandalay narrative is false. The media is denying this because it does not fit their narrative. This was all real. The woman in this video was at the Bellagio, where the shooters blew the lobby windows out, injured people and killed at least one. Many hotels were involved, but the media is expunging this and Youtube is killing videos. ONE VIDEO SURVIVED BECAUSE AT FIRST THE AUDIO IS POOR. IT GETS VERY CLEAR AT THE END. Don’t skip forward despite the confusing audio, because this woman gets confirmation from hotel staff that she’s not B.S. when the audio is bad, and at least that comes across clear. Then at the end, she explains it with perfectly clear audio.
I gotta say, this video from the Bellagio has creeped me the * out. It was a red pill, even for me.

The video has too many megs for me to serve it from this web site for now, but if it gets deleted from Jewtube I will. For as long as it lasts there, the link will work. If Youtube deletes stuff like this, they are class A felons complicit in a heinous coverup. I obviously have this saved already. She’s ignorant, and can’t understand why the media lied and said nothing happened at her hotel! RED PILL, SERIOUS RED PILL HERE.
The FBI/Mossad sent shooters around in a car to front for the gun control agenda. They had a disposable guy on the 32nd floor making an illegal gun deal for them that could be used as a patsy, ready to go, guns on site. It was all so convenient, TOO CONVENIENT, because they are now BUSTED, they cannot survive the fact that this Bellagio video is out there. And I am now proven 100 percent spot on with my coverage of this. All the crap about any bullets at all from the Mandalay is now proven pure and unadulterated BULLSHIT, along with the single shooter narrative. It’s easy to kick out a window, perhaps they should have done it before that damning photo (further down this page) was taken!

Ok, so there’s more. Here’s a facebook post for as long as it lasts:
The following was posted to facebook. At last check the account was still there. Don’t bet on this lasting, and yes, early on I saw ALL OF THIS come across the wires so what this person is saying is not “out there”. “So here goes…. Especially to those of you saying to stop talking about this, stop making assumptions etc.
Call me crazy, call me dramatic, call me whatever you want. I’m posting this for those of us who were on the strip Sunday night, who know what we saw and what we were told by police officers, security guards, and even the local news when all of this madness started. And I am posting this in hopes of informing others who have believed everything they’ve seen on the news. If while leaving the Cosmopolitan, we had been told there was one shooting at the Mandalay Bay, Anthony and I would have not been worried for our lives and we would have continued to go out, knowing we weren’t headed to that particular area of the strip. But that’s not what we were told. We were told that there were 7 confirmed shooters, and confirmed deaths at multiple hotels. Including Bellagio, the Aria and New York New York. Being told this by a security guard, who then told us to go to the third floor for safety. However, Anthony says, “No Rikki. This is a very popular hotel, I don’t feel like the third floor of this popular hotel in public is the safest place. We’re going to try and get out of here right now.” Running back to our hotel next door, Vdara, we are told once again by police/security checking our id and room key, “yes multiple hotels effected. Go to your room and do not leave.” We then get to the room, immediately turn on the news and start watching out of our windows to figure out what is going on. The news also states, live, that the Bellagio had been effected and there was one confirmed death.

Now… skip ahead about an hour. The news is no longer stating anything about the other hotels affected. They say it is one person. Every bit of info that was being initially given to us was disappearing. We could physically see from our window view, fire alarms going off at the cosmopolitan, and multiple cop cars and ambulances pulling up there as well. We wanted more information about what was happening at these other hotels right next to us, and we weren’t getting it. And we still aren’t.

Monday morning I am of course telling my friends and family about our experience, and I was starting to really feel like I was crazy. Everyone was telling me there was only one shooter, and I just couldn’t understand what I had seen. Finally, other people like myself started speaking out. I was relieved to know that I wasn’t crazy, but now just as confused as to why the media is trying to hide this information. There are now videos and statements popping up all over the web, showing proof of other shooters and other effected hotels.

Why are they trying to hide this?! If for no other reason, think about being a family member of the others who died or were injured at these other hotels. They deserve the respect, and the truth as to what happened to their loved ones.

Now, can we please stop talking about Gun Control for just a few minutes, and figure out what is really going on here? Figure out the real motive of this incident, and inform people of the truth. Laws can be put in place for anything and everything. There will always be people who break them. And especially with all of the technology we have now days, it is not very hard to find anything you want. Whether it’s an illegal weapon, drugs, anything. Laws will always be broken. So let’s stop pretending this incident wouldn’t have happened if more laws were in place, but instead demand the truth about what really happened that night, and why? Don’t be so naive.”



Bro’Nathanael Kapner zetzing the Zio-tard tuchis’ of those who consistently push for war on Iran…

Rosh Hashana DinDin For War On Iran
By Brother Nathanael Kapner October 6, 2017 ©

‘ISRAEL SEES A CHANGE coming to the Iran deal that will fix it,” said Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer to a group of Jews on Rosh Hashanah.

Guests such as Wolf Blitzer, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Sheldon Adelson’s rah-rah rabbi for lobbing a bomb on Iran), Abe Foxman (Jews NEVER retire), and Congressman Eliot Engel (even flaming fags love war), cheered their host.

Lifting a toast to his fellow warmongers at his Maryland residence, Dermer proclaimed that Jews finally “have a voice” and can “sound the shofar!”

That shofar, suggests the ambassador, was sounded as a war cry for Israelitish battles against their enemies in days of old and remains intact today.

Trumpeting a renewed battle with, “The rising power of Iran poses a critical challenge for Israel which will act to prevent Iran from establishing a terror front in Syria,” Dermer drummed a coded message into the ears of a willing audience.

FOR WHAT DERMER MEANS is that America, NOT Israel, must expand its troops in Syria to “prevent” an Iranian presence.

Avigor Lieberman, IsraHell’s defense minister, recently said the same:

“We hope the US will be more active in Syria. We are faced with Russians, Iranians, and also the Turks and Hezbollah. This is no simple matter to deal with.”

Of course not! Let the goys die young! Let America’s youth wage WW3 against nuclear-armed Russia and its allies in Syria to keep the Zionist project of Greater Israel afloat.

‘Send us your tired, your weary, your Gentile boys over here to do the dirty work for us,’ is what Lieberman is really saying.

The Amen Choir in DC will chant, “Jews! Jews! Our careers on Capitol Hill depend on money from fat cat Jews!”

And Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and Bernard Marcus—Trump’s fat cat Jewish donors—will be looking for an Israel-First return on their investment.


Update at Neil Keenan’s site for those interested…


The battle rages on. It’s beyond obvious that Jstreet wants war with Iran; Syria is not enough. I am detecting rumblings of dissatisfaction with Trump even among the diehards so we’ll see what happens. I think the Dems can drum up enough agitation against a number of Repo projects like the new tax plan to put his presidency in jeopardy. I know that the Clintons and Obama were dancing with Iran for their gold reserves, but I’m not sure they got anything.

Plugging away. Such great reports from everyone in the OLP. Tried over the sternum to see if it would drop the blood sugar and I did go down 30 units without meds. I’m working on a system to control it better. Keep you posted.

I see that Ben is on Steemit now. It’s a revenue stream I guess.


Hi Cafe … Gifted channeler Patrick DeHaan has contacted the soul of Stephen Paddock, the Vegas shooter. Paddock’s soul speaks both as Paddock and his “full soul”, of which Paddock is just one facet, for a fascinating interview that answers the big “why” questions concerning this event. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: As the shooter, now ‘perched’ from a new ‘vantage point’, I’m curious if you see a direction that we could take individually & collectively to minimize events like this from occurring as frequently as they seem to be occurring lately.

SP: Here you have asked me not to be Stephen Paddock, which is easy because that life is over and I am no longer the person pulling the trigger or the person who led up to those moments.Humans have to stop teaching one another that killing other people is a solution. Babies are not born with an innate drive to kill, the way cats will hunt or dogs will bark. Human societies are loaded with examples of intentional killing, all of which to one degree or another, teaches observers. The death penalty says it’s okay to kill, but only as punishment for killing. That teaches killing.

Killings such as murder have an even stronger teaching effect. They might be horrible to hear about, but the news of the murder plants the idea in many observers’ minds.
Stop killing others. Start with stopping executions as punishment or penalty. Then, stop giving so much time and attention to the events which occur. There is no need for non-stop video, interviews, comments, analysis, speculation. Censorship is just as bad, I am not saying the news and details of such events should be suppressed. This has nothing to do with curtailing free press or speech. Those should continue.

What I’m saying is, human beings have to turn away from paying as much as attention as they do, and have to tell broadcast networks and news organizations to produce far less material, and then turn away from it. Reduce what you consume to simply a few minutes per day, voluntarily.

If you’re new to the afterlife interview genre, you might find this surprising, and maybe unbelievable. But Patrick has a unique and powerful talent, and his communications with his guides are filled with wisdom and insight.

It was his Committee that called the presidency for Trump, back in July 2015.

This will take you directly to the interview.


Batch of Goodies: Pedo Arrests, Disclosure in Headlines, Good General News, Syria Update, Podesta Called Out on Twitter, Personal Update, Uplifting Video



zanderboy #392851
“Always a pleasure to catch up, I am arranging for an alternative courier delivery for my plug since it has been five weeks now. My mother is in bed with a nasty lung infection so I will have one sent to her asap. So many amazing stories as to its efficacy.”
Hi zander!
Welcome back from your desert excursion zander!
I guess it must have been both hot and cold. And how far did you go into that area?
Sound similar to a pole expedition to me…
Sending my best regards to your mum for fast recovery – I’m sure she also will benefits from the plug energy. She could use some herbs and lots of c – vitamin too perhaps.
re lucifer:
When it comes to Lucifer – one has to take into account, what will serve them, always That is the ONLY interest of the cabal and their masters. I had a couple of post re. both him and Satan in spring 2016 I think, which showed references to statements by Alfred Webre and some of his research into this subject . According to him and his interview subjects, they were both capture by the light forces some years back. (He/they is not the only one that has stated this I can recall)
The ones that worships (Cabal) lower frequency entities are not concern of who they were, only what WE think/believe who they were….It does not concern them if these are or have been real at all imo
I’m aware of the pope praising of this “entity” ( shows also for the name of their telescope) – but in that lays all of what cabal has done/are doing with every figure and with every story from past. No matter what they pull from their dark hats, it’s always filled with suffering, child sacrifice and death, but depend upon us to “believe” and fear their scare propaganda to make it successful
So we can relax – there are none of these characters or alike in Hollow Earth, Agartha, inner Earth, upper Earth or any place else in the universe, as far as I’m concerned.
However there are plenty nasty pieces around still – Kissinger is obviously one and whoever his “bosses” are – I would say.
There are of course malevolent groups, which has brought to us a total distorted history and many unreal myths – to serve their agenda. Yes – similar groups to what we find upon and above this world today. We do what we can to limit their reign over us, starting with ourself first imo. i.e coming into more balance and in better health condition using the plug for example as a good step forward


After reading through The Plug website, I had the image of South Park’s Mormon history episode pop into my head, and I truly hope what this instrument is demonstrating is the real strength of belief, for example, the knee surgeon who experimented with his patients by creating a placebo surgery, i.e. going through all of the motions of surgery – ended up finding that the majority of patients who believed that they went through an actual surgical procedure, yet did not, had positive recoveries, with real science (MRI imagery to prove it). Otherwise, I am sorry to say this, but the website really felt like it was selling wolf tickets and preying upon people who just want to feel better and suffer less physical pain. Going on a vegan, organic and non-gmo diet has had the best impact on my sense of general health. Healing from the inside naturally. Who knows, maybe both methods could lead to something greater?


Oh what a night….No it’s not that disco tune…hehe. It’s me after installing my third plug 2 days ago. I immediately felt something… It was like energy were “bubbling” around me..

So I went early to bed. Slept 7 straight hours, then went to toilet, slept another 4 hours, another round…and finally slept 3 new hours. Bah – that was a new. and when I finally got out of bed, I went around myself for an hour and bumping into furnitures and all.

Later I could feel a raising of smooth energy, heighten senses and a feeling of clear thinking, much clearer than before, which I guess don’t mean that much..he he

I only say, please head what littledog sad about to fast…. those who fighting with lots of toxic in their body – please take small steps, rest a lot , drink plenty of clean water.
Nourishment is crucial at these times, perhaps more for the vegetarian lifestyle – a must is protein, amino acid is a key word here. Do supply with a vitamin and mineral product that cover the whole spectrum, and take twice as much as recommended. – cuz this is essential to alter the carbon based cells into crystalline…
Finally I will highlight one product that most people use every day. And that is coffee.
This is something I have struggle with all my life. I learned to like it, but prefer tea.

Coffee is regarded as “healthy” by the dark establishment, and one can question why so…..
Few other products are so heavily sprayed with toxin than coffee.
But I now more speak of it due to it’s “anti spiritual” components. This is something the cabal has know for a very long time.
That is why you should clean this product with the plug energy/cellphone</batteries/ cords your choice – for 48 hours straight before using it.
I could go more into why – but that has to be another time.
love to ya all!


zanderboy  #392857

Regarding Blavatsky & Lucifer, I have no doubt she was not a Satanist, but rather feel she was seduced by the false light. Why do we need a figure like Lucifer to come between us & Source?
2017-10-06 7:54 PM

Hi Zander,

In a way, I have to agree with you. But at the time of her prominence (1875 – early 1900’s) she was before her time and the ‘way of the world’ was that we used a go between. It actually took Krishnamurti to posit the fact that no intermediary was needed.

I believe that even in self development and in the ‘giving of wisdom’ to the world things move through a process and that they have to move slowly to get assimilated into our very being or mindset.

Where Helena Blavatsky figured, was that she completely opened up the meme of the day and allowed Victorian attitudes to at least consider and alternative viewpoint to orthodox Christianity as being the only way to wisdom or spirituality.

Even before the Theosophical Society that she founded in 1875, she had dabbled in Spiritualism as a means to awaken people to alternative possibilities. Funny enough, before I knew of her or the TS, I too had had a fleeting look at Spiritualism. Some friends had mentioned it to me whilst I was in a stage of religious searching. I was at the time a devout Catholic and only just awakening my spiritual quest – still ongoing.

I have a lot to thank the TS for in showing me new ideas and opportunities. Life truely is a journey of self discovery.

Best regards,


tippy #392856
“So far I have found an increased physical lightness and clarity along with feeling just plain happy out of nowhere.
It began to dawn on me that that is our natural state so if this technology assists in clearing EMF and mental and physical obstructions from other realms, calm and lovely people should be emerging in increasing numbers. Suddenly many of the mind control concepts and multitudes of beliefs from religion, for example, appeared as non-existing and there was just the activity of people and vibrant life .. activity of pleasing non confrontational life – a clean sheet. That’s just a personal experience, I can’t explain it. It doesn’t feel like delusion maybe because the technology comes from the natural materials of creation through people who knew the higher realms, so is for the use of all when it is discovered for such a time as this, an opportunity of freedom.”
Hi tippy!
Darn – I love your statement here! 🙂 and…….. “natural material of creation through people who knew the higher realms” wow! You spot on I feel!
I was wondering where you were?
It’s nearly for free too, as I use twice as much every week on food. And then It clean that food, all my body and alter every toxic EMF radiation into frequencies that benefits us and possible others in way we cant even comprehend. + much more – gives the body a chance to heal itself – that is indeed a “natural” process imo.
It is a first defence against the ever increasing toxic environment the cabal are building around us. And when our full potential are sprung out – I personal feel our bodies will automatically handle all of this. Perhaps not needed when cabal and their minions disappear anyway. I’m quite sure this will happen.
Great to hear from you tippy!
good luck now – with the plug you don’t need it he he

jujubean #392861
“Plugging away. Such great reports from everyone in the OLP. Tried over the sternum to see if it would drop the blood sugar and I did go down 30 units without meds. I’m working on a system to control it better. Keep you posted.”
Thanks juju! – great to hear!



 #392866

Oh what a night….No it’s not that disco tune…hehe. It’s me after installing my third plug 2 days ago. I immediately felt something… It was like energy were “bubbling” around me..


coooool siggi…..and thanks for the coffee thing-I just placed a lemuian plug exposed aa batterie in my coffee jug…..

my friend out of hells kitchen has live cancer-big pharma quacks jjust wrote him of again like they did 4 years ago…..

he may be ok – I gave him a lemurian plug-and some lily flower tea,reichi mushroom,monoester of the lauric acid of coconut(monolauren),coloidial gold etc…..

I got 3 plugs in our condo-im sleeping primo compare to what an insomniac shift worker type otherwise tends to…..

feathering in the plugs is probably a good idea-one then more perhaps if desired-I went for a few plugs at the start-choix de vie-we run our own show as prime creators children equipped of infinite knowledge and possibilities…..

thats the important thing-for our peoples to stop blindly following big pharmas quacks and such-I digress of course…..hahahahaha…..

we take responsibility for our lives as best we can in a prison construct full of booby traps…..

your sleeping like a king by the sound of it siggi-so be it – kings and queens we all are…..hahahahaha…..

the old barfly charles buchowsky knew of primo effects-healings and such from long rests…..

charles at times would stay in bed for several days-get up take a piss,guzzle a beer or two(hahahahaha)-then go back to rest mode states of being…..

healing time for our peoples has arrived…..

lemurian,pleiadiun etc technology now available on the earths surface-thanks to our most generous kind agarthan lemurian brothers and sisters,pleiadiun brothers and sisters etc…..

mr.radcliff and all unsung heroes involved….

le meilleure santé pour tous maintenent…..pour quoi pas…..

peut ce qeut veut allon zi…..

victoire de la lumiere…..





Having read what you wrote, I have to disagree with you.

How would you account for my dog’s recovery? I didn’t whisper in her ear that this would be good for her! Her spine straightened out after 48 hours bathing in this energy. This was after 3 years of supplementation, animal chiropractic adjustment on 3 occasions. Nothing worked for her. On the third morning of her being in the energy she awoke with her spine straight and her walking gait almost back to normal and now I have also noticed her cataracts are almost gone!

Sorry, can’t agree with what you wrote!

Try the plug, you just may surprise yourself.



wolfintimber #392870

“my friend out of hells kitchen has live cancer-big pharma quacks jjust wrote him of again like they did 4 years ago…..

he may be ok – I gave him a lemurian plug-and some lily flower tea,reichi mushroom,monoester of the lauric acid of coconut(monolauren),coloidial gold etc…..
mr.radcliff and all unsung heroes involved….”

le meilleure santé pour tous maintenent…..pour quoi pas…..
peut ce qeut veut allon zi…..

victoire de la lumiere…..
Hi wolf!
That was very nice of you! wolf! Indeed – I’m sure he gets an uplifted purely from your gifts alone. Gifts from a caring, loving hearth, can sometimes create miracles by itself.
– if you find 3 to be too much – you can always remove one of them and install it later ( I think it takes 48 hour to be neutralized)
Am glad you read about the coffee – this is only something that has come my way recently, and it’s to important to keep silence about, especially at these times of ascending energies to our natural state of “Kings and Queens”
Thanks a lot wolf – for your good heart and lovely posts, always.
namaste fine light brother


robert david steele speaks in his brilliant ways – of the deep state and such…..



Looks like The NY Times is finally talking about the abduction of First Nations Canadian Children. Granted they didn’t go into depth but still this is fairly significant.

OTTAWA — The Canadian government said on Friday that it would pay 750 million Canadian dollars to settle lawsuits brought by indigenous people who for decades were taken from their communities and sent to nonnative foster families or adopted by white families.

Many of the children ended up in the United States, and some even as far away as Europe and New Zealand, under the practice that began in the mid-1960s and continued for about 20 years. It is unclear how many children were affected; estimates range up to 30,000.

From The New York Times:

Canada to Pay Millions in Indigenous Lawsuit Over Forced Adoptions

A 1960s government program took indigenous children from their families for adoption by nonnative parents, some as far away as Europe and New Zealand.



getem #392871

Hi Rhonda!
It’s not possible to say anything about a product without trying it first.
Even if someone state something neg about a product or this – it doesn’t matter much to me/us anyway – because we already experiences huge benefits.
These people producing and selling the plug are working for free too. There are NO profit for them what so ever. By that alone tells everything.


Hi Siggi

Oh I so agree with you my friend! How could someone know what a product could do without first experiencing it. My dog wasn’t going to be healed without help. The plug was just miraculous in the way her spine reacted after 48 hours. I have never seen anything like it. Animals can’t fake stuff like that!

I have tried so many things for her and also my own health with very limited or no effect. I must admit I was a little sceptical when I first ordered my plugs but the proof is in the pudding as they say!

Wow, that was some sleep you had!



getem #392876
“Animals can’t fake stuff like that!”
Hi Rhonda!
Exactly – this is sometime how I get a second opinion…from my cats
Thanks a lot and likewise dear friend!
– It’s wise to be natural sceptic, but when result ticking in…..
Even I was sceptic – he he believe that.
But when I heard of the “programmed” Lemurian crystal inside – then I knew – from my previous history with these great benevolent entities.
Also tried other “ET products” which I will share about later some time. There is plenty on the table for now.


Mississippi River going dry ABOVE New Madrid Fault – Crack in ground?


Published on Oct 1, 2017
October 1, 2017: Has a crack formed in the bottom of the Mississippi River leaking water down into the New Madrid Fault?
The Mighty Mississippi is getting very low, even bone dry in some places. No drought….where is the water going?


#392856 Tippy
“So far I have found an increased physical lightness and clarity along with feeling just plain happy out of nowhere.

It began to dawn on me that that is our natural state so if this technology (Lemurian Plug) assists in clearing EMF and mental and physical obstructions from other realms, calm and lovely people should be emerging in increasing numbers.”

I love this thought, Jo, and the rest of your post. I have the same expectation. Which is why I clap and cheer every time someone posts that they have ordered/received a Plug.





Hi Scott

Yes Tippy’s thought also made me very happy. I am sure this is what they were wanting when they gifted us this technology. I am visioning plugs all around the globe with good energies permeating everyone and everything.

I too get very excited when I hear someone else has bought a plug/s. Also when people gift them to others, they are so cheap this is easy to do. We gave one to our mother in law who is 93 and very open to alternatives. She is gorgeous, such a treat. Also giving them to our 2 children.

What do you think of my thought that the plug forms a kind of Faraday cage around the house Scott preventing anything negative from entering? Am I way off base or do you think this is what could be happening?




Deutschbank are putting together a rescue plan to make sure they do not fail so as to strengthen the economic situation in Europe from any repercussions of the troubles to come in the USA. Not only that but were it to fail, the Chinese would buy in to control it – something most Europeans do not want!

Alternatives to Bitcoin will come soon, meaning they will be safe from the NSA who have the codes to access Bitcoin accounts.

The cabal do not want an economic melt down because this time they will not be able to control it.


president of the united states of america-mr.donald trump-quote—–could be the calm,the calm before the storm.—–unquote…..



big joey d – general dunford is standing beside the president at the link above…..

whats going on fine american brothers and sisters…..

I say big joey d and the positive united states military forces(with some friends) are in process of delivering the big dance of restoration of the great republic-the new lemuria and atlantis and new greater shrilanka all rolled up into one primo golden age manifestation……

its above my paygrade of course…..hahahahaha…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


#392880 Rhonda
“What do you think of my thought that the plug forms a kind of Faraday cage around the house preventing anything negative from entering? ”

Hi Rhonda,

Essentially I think you are correct. However, The Plug must operate differently than a Faraday cage which completely blocks the transmission of EM energy. We wouldn’t be able to use radio, TV, wi-fi and cell phones in our homes if The Plug operated like a Faraday cage.

I really have no idea how The Plug does what it does. It definitely creates a protective field that somehow transmutes frequencies that would be harmful for us into something benign or even beneficial.

The 6v lantern batteries that I treated with the Plug have a protective field with a radius of approx. 80 feet in all directions. You probably saw my earlier post about how a small Plug treated AA battery protected my wife while she stood right next to a power company substation with 100s of megawatts of electricity coursing through it. So there is no question in my mind that the Plug offers protection that is similar to that of a Faraday cage. It just works in a different way.



Hi Scott

Yes, that is what I thought. I never thought the Faraday cage would prevent phones, TV etc from operating though. That didn’t occur to me I must admit. I am not of a scientific nature. Yes, even the Plug people say they really don’t understand how this works.

Wow, the lantern protects for up to 80 feet! Instead of an extension cord into our vegie garden, one of these batteries at the back door would suffice it seems as we only have a small back yard. Would also stop the blow flies and spiders from wanting to come indoors. We also have rain water tanks right next to where I would place the battery so the energies would be constantly treating this water also! It is out of the rain..what’s that!, they have stopped most of the rains from coming lately… so the battery would always be dry. Our back door neighbour who also grows his own veg would benefit I am sure! I am going to buy a couple of these lantern batteries tomorrow. Will charge them immediately I bring them home

Would I place the plug on the battery terminals please Scott or just lie it over the battery? You have probably covered this before but I have a short memory these days!

We have our seeds and seedlings for summer veggie crops in and the chewing insects are already making their mark!

I did see how you tested your wife in front of the electricity sub station and also the microwave oven. I hate the thing, won’t let my hubby use it. Now it seems I can ease off a little and let him use it occasionally. Very impressive results. I have been telling many people!

Thanks so much for all your wisdom!



Catalonia Meditation Promo!



“Would I place the plug on the battery terminals please Scott or just lie it over the battery? You have probably covered this before but I have a short memory these days!”

Hi Rhonda,

Just lay the 6v lantern battery on its side and place your Plug on top of it. Because of the large size of the battery, it will take about an hour to treat it.



Thanks so much Scott. That is how I charged the AA’s, just layed them on the plug.

Will get that done tomorrow. Already our little lettuce plants are getting eaten, even with diamataceous earth spread around them. Must be flying bugs.



“Making consistent adjustments to your body where you stand up straight, walk tall and comfortably, drop your shoulders, relax your face or even smile – all signs of self-love – actually wire those movements into you brain. And it happens much faster than you’d think. We often assume it takes years of therapy or self-help work to create a sense of self-love, especially if we’ve lacked it for so long, but I found that I made huge gains in just a month or two.

Some research suggests that it takes around 21-66 days to properly wire something into the circuits of the brain. The reason for the big range is that it really depends on how determined you are and how consistent you practice.”


Shooter’s brother wears t-shirt with links to the Pulse nightclub and a crisis management company. Good old Sara helped out the fake victims of the Pulse. I wonder if she helped Dr. Lube, Dr. Haveron and Angel Colon.


Excerpt: ORLANDO (INTELLIHUB) — Eric Paddock, the brother of the suspected Las Vegas shooter was pictured wearing a t-shirt which reads “Central Florida Community Arts” while holding his arms out to his sides for reporters in front of an Orange County Sheriff’s vehicle.

Interestingly enough, upon further investigation, a woman by the name of Sara Brady is listed on the Central Florida Community Arts official website as Chair of the Board.

Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc., specializes in crisis management and strategic communications. She has been named PR Professional of the Year by FPRA and one of Orlando Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful People. Sara also serves on the board for the Orlando Science Center.

Even more shocking is the fact that Sara Brady is also listed on the onePULSE Foundation’s official website as a public relations representative.

In fact, Sara Brady heads up her own public relations firm called “SB PR” which is short for Sara Brady Public Relations.

And if that’s not enough, her official website brags that Brady “has managed some of the biggest crisis and reputation management challenges in recent memory” and admits that “Sara Brady worked with Pulse Nightclub after the shocking shooting that made news around the world in June of 2016.”

“She also helped the family who lost their son to an alligator attack at Disney World and assisted The Plaza in managing their reputation after the tragic crisis of Christina Grimmie’s death. Because Sara has navigated these rough waters, you know that she can help you through your crisis situation as well.”

More on site.


NFL Players Association donates to Soros group. In the meantime, advertisers are pulling out their support. The kneelers are useful idiots.


Excerpt: In an unholy alliance, the NFL Players Association and George Soros’ Open Society have teamed up to advocate leftists causes in the U.S. “Tax documents released by 2ndVote show the NFLPA donated $5,000 in 2015 to the Center for Community Change Action, a group active in the anti-Trump resistance and bankrolled by a host of liberal foundations, including top Democratic donor George Soros’s Foundation for Open Society,” reports Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times.

A member of the AFL-CIO, the NFLPA also contributed in 2013 and 2015 to Working America, the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate, which Open Secrets said spent $1 million in 2016 to defeat Mr. Trump.

More on site.


Las Vegas shooting:

“How come Tucker Carlson hasn’t said anything? Where’s Cynthia McKinney? Where’s Jessie Ventura? Where’s Ron Paul? Where is anyone in any position of influence who can see without any difficulty whatsoever that this is a freight train load of bullshit?

How can Trump be unaware that something is wrong and not say something about it? Why is he not saying, ‘something is very wrong with the details of this affair. I don’t know, as yet, what the truth is but something is off about the whole story and I am launching an independent inquiry into the matter right now.’ Nothing… Nothing…”

Dog Poet transmitting.




ladies and genetlemen-just the beginning…..

the near future will include lightforces divisions only in policing on the earths surface…..

it will be more and more difficult to be a successful bully(at any level) on the earths surface each day now as the lightforces take over control of the lovely star nation…..

universal natural laws are being reinstated as directed by prime creator…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..


“Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, ETs, etc. . . . They are visiting Earth NOW; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking.”
– Theodore C. Loder III, Phd, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire



this is always good getting testomonies from peoples holding phds and such……

many of us have had encounters of the esoteric kinds of course…..

esoteric now becoming exoteric at theatres everywhere…..hahahahaha…..


fom this article-quote—–Even though it sounds like science fiction IT’S NOT! Russian scientists successfully created a technology that can alter the protons of an atom and change the atom itself making one element from another.

This (possibly historical) discovery was made public after a couple of successful tests in which chemical elements were transmuted to become other elements. This concludes a dynasty of researches trying to turn “lead into gold.”—–unquote…..



coooool…..super disclosure days have arrived by the sounds of it…..

time for some replicators-be able to go score one up at the local depanneur sooooon…..hahahahaha…..


this was announced in september 2016-the surace is ready for it now by the looks and sounds and feels of it…..

no saviour syndrome ego driven messiahs need apply…..

the science speaks – science and truth no longer suppressed is the antidote…..

russian scientist-quote—–the repercussions of this revolution will be felt in the energy sector,medicine,and will perhaps open up new industries…..brand new industries,that will have enormous humanitarian implications…..—–unquote…..



#392893 Cynthia McKinney weighed in on twitter.


Some interesting Perspectives per Robert David Steel
This one from interview with Ritchie Allen

Also…interview on Veritas Radio


I always find that when I check in with Lynn @ Psychic Focus she almost always has a perspective that I can resonate with. She did a reading on Oct 2 – on Vegas

— further into the comments section she mentions the call for ‘crisis actors’

Further into the ‘woo-woo’ there is this which also resonates –


Re: Robert David Steele

George Webb/Jason Goodman exposed RDS as a bit of a fraud. Vituras Libertas and others in alt media seem to be unaware.

RDS was saying the Rand Paul was putting together some legislation re: voter reform.
Goodman contacted Rand’s office – they knew nothing about it. Someone called in or posted a comment (I can’t remember) that they went to an appearance RDS had scheduled on his phibetiota(sp) website. Steele wasn’t there nor was anyone else.
This was in TN I think. There is more – like taking credit for others work but I can’t remember the details.

RDS filed a lawsuit against Jason Goodman – because he’s exposing RDS as a fraud.
RDS tried to separate George Webb from Jason – RDS was very unprofessional toward Jason in his messages (profanity laced). So the conclusion being drawn is RDS is not ‘retired’ CIA – but probably very active and trying to derail the alt community.

Here’s more:
Bone Thugs and Disharmony: Conspiracy to Silence Truth?

Jason Goodman

Streamed live 12 hours ago
Jake Morphonios of The End Times News Report has been under assault lately. Did you know that Robert David Steele’s virtually incompetent attorney Steven S. Biss has also issued a lawsuit against Jake? Is this coincidence or is there a conspiracy of unscrupulous lawyers and their clients attempting to suppress the truth?

So just like Karen Hudes – RDS doesn’t pass the sniff test. I wish others in the alt community would stop pandering to him.


RE: Robert David Steele

Doesn’t it seem odd that just out of the blue, RDS was doing interviews everywhere – always available – just like Karen Hudes was? Same modis operandi.


NSIDC Visually Eliminates Record Arctic Sea Ice Gains Autumn 2017 (467)

Adapt 2030

Published on Oct 7, 2017
With the Autumn 207 Arctic season breaking all records through the satellite ear, which the IPCC uses to prove global warming, now its become their Achilles Heal. The most observable ice growth in the Months of September and October. THE NSIDC is now complicit in trying to cover the gains by introducing new measuring methods, not the 2 standard deviations, which it has done since the beginning, now they switched to Quintile and InterDecile Ranges to make it appear visually that ice is still not anywhere near the normal levels, when in fact its broken all records in the satellite era.


jujubean #39 2806" class="ucm-comment-id">39 2806
>>Does anyone know anything about the properties of copper? I’m on a tare about this metal, history is mute on it, except for copper piping which was discontinued in the 50’s/60’s. Why?<<

"……………………..It has been speculated that the reason that the heart attack rate in France is lower than in the rest of Europe is because of the significant consumption by the French of red wine, which has a higher copper content than white wine because it is prepared with the skin of the grape intact.

Copper�39 ;s role in the immune system has recently been supported by observations that individuals suffering from Menke�39 ;s disease (an inherited disease in which there is defective copper absorption and metabolism) generally die of immune system-related phenomena and other infections. Further, animals deficient in copper have been shown to have increased susceptibility to bacterial pathogens such as salmonella and listeria. This kind of evidence has led researchers to suggest that copper compounds not only can cure various conditions, but can aid in the prevention of disease.

Copper in the 21st Century
Copper jewelry worn directly on skin has been used for a hundred years or more as a remedy for many ailments, including arthritis. Now, copper bracelets to ease joint and arthritis pain are ubiquitous in health food stores, and health magazines and catalogues.

With the understanding that copper deficiency can result in gray hair, skin wrinkles, crow�39 ;s feet, varicose veins and saggy skin, copper has recently been touted as a "Fountain of Youth" for its ability to improve the elastic fiber in skin, increase skin flexibility, and act as an anti-wrinkle treatment. It has even been said to be able to return gray hair back to its natural color.

As modern researches continue to investigate the role of copper in the functioning of the human body, the efficacy of copper as a trace element critical to human health and wellness is slowly but surely being discovered . . . or, shall we say, rediscovered, since the incredible healing properties of copper have been understood and used throughout human history.:"

… there is a TON more info… all the way back to ancient history on these "guys" site:
I�39 ;v egotten colloidal silver from them for years (definitely antti-bacterial) and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND them.. the medical and dental $$$ they�39 ;ve saved me!!! Now think I�39 ;ll order the copper too.



Jim Stone


Someone claims to have shot a clandestine video of him gambling at Hurrah’s in Atlantic City New Jersy on October 6, and I gotta say, this deserves some attention.
His brother slipped up on national television and said he is alive. THAT COULD BE A SLIP UP, BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS:

CONTEXT: A man at the same gambling table with him noticed who he was and carefully recorded a crystal clear 18 second video of him gambling with his philipino girlfriend. “Paddock and his girlfriend” were seated side by side, across the table from him at an angle. I’d say that philipino chick next to him certainly adds some perspective. The guy shooting the video was smart about it, and at the same time got the Casino’s activity schedule with a date of October 6 in the video also, to tag a known date on the video. I was skeptical about what people were posting until I finally got ahold of the video, and I have to say, this should be posted.

So how deep does the rabbit hole go? YOU DECIDE I GUESS, I have also cached this video on this web site to keep it from getting green pilled. You can right click it to save it yourself.

Ok, first take a look at this video.There are better copies of this out there, but this will do when I have already burned a pile of bandwidth this month.

Then take a look at this photo and explain it.


WARNING: FBI asking for people to “help them” in Las Vegas

Want a quick ticket to finding out what happens after you die? The FBI is asking for any and all people who know anything about what happened in Las Vegas the night of the shooting to contact them to “help with the investigation.”

We already know they are lying about everything. WE ALREADY KNOW THEY HELPED MAKE THE NIGHT HAPPEN, AND THEREFORE ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY WERE INVOLVED. Even white hats in the FBI want to run a parallel investigation to circumvent the black hats and were shut down. Therefore, the FBI asking for people to “contribute” what they know can only possibly be TWO THINGS:
1. A nice looking fake face.

2. A WAY FOR THEM TO TRACK DOWN ANYONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH THAT COULD GET THEM IN TROUBLE, SO THEY CAN DETAIN AND KILL WITNESSES. Make no mistake, the FBI’s pants are on fire and they absolutely will murder ALL witnesses to put that fire out. If you were a witness in Vegas, especially any of the other hotel shootings DO NOT CALL THE FBI, if you do, you’ll be dead.

This is not a joke or assumption. They are already known killers, having set up numerous false flags and are now known to be aiding and abetting what went on in Vegas. If you can’t understand “how they missed the story” THEY DID NOT MISS THE STORY, THEY WERE THE STORY, I guess people should try to spread what they witessed as much as possible, but with regard to the FBI, it is SHUT UP OR DIE.



Las Vegas Massacre Witness Kills Self And Daughter After FBI Raid—As Missing Piglets Search Continues

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


Spike In Airborne Radioactivity Detected Across Europe


Published on Oct 6, 2017
The Federal Office for Radiation Protection said Thursday that elevated levels of the isotope Ruthenium-106 have been reported in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France since Sept. 29.

Learn More:


aurislion #392865

Interesting post and if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would be agreeing with you completely. I realize that the placebo effect could be in play and time will tell. I’m also quite the hardened cynic so I was pretty skeptical going in. Shin splint pains are gone. Some of the area is still a bit tender compared to the opposite side, but the difference is noticeable. Other odd sensations are occurring as well, itching- which is a great indication of healing, and pains in different places. I shared the plug with my son who informed me that Radford is being sued for fraud and supposedly on the run, although it’s been reported here that he died. Who knows there. I’m toying with opening it up just to see what’s inside. It is manufactured in China which should be a red flag, but then China has no manufacturing laws to worry about, so where else could you make it?
littledogg #392904

What a great link, thanks so much. I ordered the copper and was tempted by other products as well. I do think there’s conflicting opinion about the gold though. My understanding is that the copper bracelets are not as effective especially if they’ve been treated not to turn green. I’ll report back after a week’s worth.

More and more about the Vegas show is suspect. On TNN they’re reporting that it checks off like 90% of a false flag checklist. Many videos clearly indicate no blood, fake blood or something else. They published the names of the supposed dead in the local paper today, always a giveaway. They also claimed there were 58 shot dead but had an image showing only 57. There was a triangulation at the location involving the Sphinx and a Pyramid hotel and other Masonic/Cabal symbols. How can we even believe the name Stephen Paddock? The Paddock alone is a reveal. Someone posted on another site that they’re so bold now, the Cabal/Cryptocracy/whatever that they don’t even bother much to do a decent production because they’re convinced that at least 75% of the country will accept the incident as real. And we all know how true that is.

I’ve liked Steele’s opinions and suggestions for Trump admin; these people have to be so careful though, I’m sure their families are threatened all the time.

Latest word is that the Cabal is aiming to turn Puerto Rico into a pleasure palace. They’re rounding up citizens and sending some here, but many will be trafficked. The RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) is moving in via Goldinmysox and others to strip PR of all its assets and impoverish the people even more than they are already. Lots of debt enslavement on the horizon.

What I can’t fathom is that Ben keeps telling us that the Cabal is desperate because they know their days are numbered and yet they seem to be pulling off a lot of ghastly moves without resistance. You would think it would be getting harder not easier to do the stuff they do.

The fact that another hurricane is headed towards PR does seem to legitimize some of these storms as true geo-climactic events perhaps, expanding planet, Nibiru, cosmic energies, Saturn/jupiter perigee.

Good Sorcha Faal link. I like the label “Pyramid Massacre”. The death of Bielman and the hunt for the pigs is very Masonic and right in line with my previous comment. They do like sacrifices and this is a season for them coming up on Halloween. It would be curious to know of other deaths stemming from this incident. Thanks for posting.


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – October 8, 2017










Hi Juju

As I have said previously, I don’t believe the plug is fake. How could anyone say my dog’s straightened spine and dissolving cataracts 2 days after exposure to the energies is fake? I think it is the same old story, anything which is beneficial they have to try and besmirch in any way to divert people. Can’t have us getting well can they?



#392909 wolfintimber

Hi wolf … I first came to the Cafe back in 2012, because it was being reported that all the bad dudes (and dudettes, presumably) were being rounded up and arrested. But we all love intel that will be either proven or disproven the next day. Usually, it’s some months down the road before we find out if it happened.


from this article-quote—–Our team, and units like ours across the world are singularly focused on stopping the sexual abuse of children and we will continue to work together to infiltrate, disrupt and dismantle child sex offender networks like this one,” —–unquote…..



Hi Café,

Thanks to all your comments / endorsements (especially Siggi and Rhonda), I have just ordered 3 Lemurian Plugs for our home. One will be to let friends and neighbours try it out.

Just a question – does it need to remain tapped to the electrical outlet continuously or only for a certain time (20mins) to activate the wiring / electrical system?

Looking forward to receiving them,

Muck love to all.



Las Vegas shooting:

“How come Tucker Carlson hasn’t said anything? Where’s Cynthia McKinney? Where’s Jessie Ventura? Where’s Ron Paul? Where is anyone in any position of influence who can see without any difficulty whatsoever that this is a freight train load of bullshit?

How can Trump be unaware that something is wrong and not say something about it? Why is he not saying, ‘something is very wrong with the details of this affair. I don’t know, as yet, what the truth is but something is off about the whole story and I am launching an independent inquiry into the matter right now.’ Nothing… Nothing…”

I know Tucker Carlson and Ron Paul have committed on this – anyone that has an opinion has said something. I have read alot regarding this… The liberals and cabal are being beaten back on this topic just like the bending of the knee. They are loosing on
all of these made up topics… or staged false flags. They went to far this time..


Muck love to all.
2017-10-09 6:53 AM

What a fruedian slip!!!

I meant Much love to all.




Hi Alan

Great! You are on your way. I am feeling better each day and our big girl is very happy now.

You tape it on and just leave it Alan. I ordered some adapters and have plugged them in now, the tape gave way on one plug…. found it on the floor which luckily was carpet so it didn’t break….so we weren’t getting the full benefit.

Don’t switch the power point on though or it will over heat. They are eventually making a 220v unit in the future. Will have to ask when these will be available. I am going to replace ours with the proper voltage. Will keep a couple for charging/detox purposes and give the others to my friends.



Re the plug.

I have noticed flies and other flying and crawling insects are still coming in the house. They say the plug energy is cumulative so am hoping, as the energies rise, these bugs won’t like it and will stay away!



Getem #392917 & #392918

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the advice re the plugs. So for changing other batteries, do I just put them next to the taped plug or do I charge(?) one of the spare plugs and then attach the battery to that and have them somewhere else in the house?

Sorry for the naivety – does the device come with instructions or is it ‘suck and see’?

Best regards,



Hi Alan

I have only ever rested the battery on the plug for charging. Scott is the go to man for battery info!

With the big lantern battery, as Scott said, rest the plug on the battery for a full hour for full charge.

My plugs didn’t come with any instructions, it is pretty much “suck & see” as you say Alan. Hope you are as blown away as I and others have been with the results you get!




 #392911

#392909 wolfintimber

Hi wolf … I first came to the Cafe back in 2012, because it was being reported that all the bad dudes (and dudettes, presumably) were being rounded up and arrested. But we all love intel that will be either proven or disproven the next day. Usually, it’s some months down the road before we find out if it happened.


2017-10-09 5:44 AM


oh ya for sure…..

this one feels like the big dance is on…..above my paygrade of course…..hahahahaha…..


isn’t that lemurian plug mental-in the most delightul way…..

hats off to the lemurian brothers and sisters for their grand efforts in delivering the surface population a very groooooovy device…..

and mr.radcliff and all others involved of course…..



#392919 aneeson

Hi Alan,

For you and anyone else who needs basic information on how the use The Lemurian Plug,
there is a page on the company site that will tell you what you need to know and more. There is also link at the top of that page for testimonials so that you can see what other people are doing with The Plug.


Have fun exploring uses on your own. I don’t think we have fully realized the potentials of this technology.



#392918 getem

“I have noticed flies and other flying and crawling insects are still coming in the house.”

Hi Rhonda,

I think it took a week to ten days for our house to be cleared of ants. Spiders are still present inside. Those are the only crawly critters that we have had problems with lately. I wish I had known about the Plug before carpenter ants caused us to need a new roof about 10 years ago. I’m looking forward to early next summer to see if mosquitoes will be repelled.

I don’t know why some insects are repelled and others aren’t. It probably has to do with the frequency that The Plug puts out. Some bugs don’t like it and others don’t seem to mind. We will all have to share notes about different bugs in different parts of the world.




Hi Scott

Well we are going into the warmer/hotter months now. Will let you know how it goes further into the summer. I do know the frequencies keep building/compounding so hopefully they will be too much for these bugs. I hate blowflies, cockroaches, mozzies etc.

I assume carpenter ants are similar to termites? It would be lovely to think these horrors are run out of town!



Moldavite– has anyone heard of the benefits of Moldavite or maybe where to purchase genuine Moldavite?



This stunning account of the total eclipse over America in August 2017 made me realise a little of the perfection of the timing of such a thing and infinitesimal understanding of the gigantic magnitude of the beauty that is unfolding, a revelation and a hope. Lest we forget or loose hope in what is seen daily.


“The most profound of human experiences cannot be put neatly into words – they are so extraordinary as to completely defy encapsulation within our very limited language. A total eclipse of the sun is the epitome of such ineffable natural events. To paraphrase Annie Dillard, “Comparing a partial with a complete solar eclipse is like comparing kissing a man, to marrying him.”

Similar to the wave of up-reaching hands that passes around a large stadium for a sporting event, the spirits of those souls witnessing this rare and seemingly miraculous event all along the 70-mile diameter centerline of the moon’s shadow passing from Oregon to South Carolina joined together in astonishment as the peak of totality crossed the entire continental United States in just 90 minutes.

With distant surrounding thunderstorms providing an exciting and dramatic backdrop, we were among the blessed souls at the Buck Hall Recreation Area just north of Awendaw, South Carolina, to bid final adieu to the moon’s shadow after its spectacular 3,000 mile crossing from Depoe Bay, Oregon, across 13 states, until its departure over the alligator-infested salt marshes just north of Charleston.

The last time the moon’s shadow traversed the continental United States was in 1918, at the close of The Great War (later renamed World War I).

For billions of years, the moon orbited much closer to earth, and eclipses were more frequent, with longer duration. In contrast, a few hundred million years from now, the moon will have receded from the earth (at 1.5 inches per year, or 23.7 miles per million years) to such a distance that it will never again be able to cover the sun’s surface from earth’s perspective. So we are living at the perfect time to view such incredible phenomena that reveal the vibrant dance of our sun’s atmosphere, normally hidden from view…..”



siggi and scottfree, I apologise I have not replied to your interesting conversations about The Plug as yet .. I’m just s l o w these days, to collate what I need to together (!)


To comment on the photograph of Ben, below, what a great photo. I imagine a good one of him and in a pristine environment. The water lilies must be beautiful in bloom, the bull rushes, trees, sparkling water and clear blue sky, so good. Thank whomever posted it.


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Simon Parkes said it’s best to have someone gift you some moldavite since otherwise it stands to be stolen by malevolant 4D entities wishing to prevent psychic enhancement which is what it is supposed to do! If it’s gifted they can’t touch it; Simon lost had his disappeared on three occasions before he found the solution.


My morning thoughts: I wonder about this Trump quote about the quiet before the storm…

It occurs to me that he was having a fancy dinner with the top military people when at the last moment he asked for photographers to show up for photos.. of the top military people and their wives.

I wonder how detailed these photos were– were they retina sensitive?? I mean the top people wouldn’t send a stand in copy of themselves to the white house party dinner where they are served the best food and wine and get to hang out with their well decorated friends..

I wonder how many of these generals are deep state? I wonder where these generals will be a year from today?

I wonder if the storm has more to do with cleaning up the system rather than bombing a fat baby from Korea??