Benjamin Fulford Now On Steem

Please note that this is not an endorsement of the Steem platform.

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numero uno 🙂







Grendizer is over one year old. I joined it when it got started. It works on the same basis as Reddit. Unlike Reddit you can earn money from your posts. If people love what you share they get to vote. and the more they vote on your story, the more you earn.

It worked really fine in the beginning for the early adopters. They made a fortune ($$millions) when it was in beta before they went public with it. I had a couple of stories to share and received a few votes. The problem with this platform is that you have to come up with new content each time if you really want to make money. Plus everybody is competing for attention and getting votes.

It’s flooded with too much content that by the time you’re done with your post that it gets buried pretty fast and never receives votes. On the other hand if you have lots of content to share then it can become a great source of revenue, provided that this content is appealing and has value.