Lisa Tohama, my webmaster, passed away on Saturday, October 7th after fighting bravely against cancer for a year. She worked for free for a long time when I was under financial attack because she wanted to help make the world a better place. She will be sorely missed. She was 39 years old.

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Condolences to Ben and the familly and friends of Lisa. I am grateful for the work she did and the help to Ben.


I am so sorry.


Sorry to hear her body left this beautiful Planet on this critical time.
Thanks for the sacrifices people like her made; because of them we can greet good time, time without Draco-Reptilian ruling.
Deep condolence to Lisa and her family/friends.


The sadness is only ours I am sure. Thank you Lisa, for such a great service to humanity.


mkddachs #393183

Melissa, I’m sorry you have to say goodbye to your dear Ozzy. Sending love and light to help you heal.



May she continue to look out for us from the other side.
May peace be with her.


how sad. Cancer is taking so many people – I know everyone is touched by this monster.

I am filled with grief not only because of her but that my older dog , Ozzie is
taking his final walk on Monday because of prostrate problems and swollen lymph nodes. He is a wonderful, beautiful little dog. Cancer is the ultimate problem here as well. He is suffering and I can’t handle having him in pain, like he is…


I’m very sorry to hear this, love and light to all who were touched by Lisa’s passing. She was too young to leave us.


So sorry to hear. May her soul rest in peace.


Too many, too young, too soon… Very sorry for your and her family’s loss… Prayers for you all… /dt


#393124 Congratulations. You have just armed yourself against Big Pharma. Sooner or later one of the alternative media out there will wake up, perhaps in another 10 years when we cured everyone they can report what happened. MMS is the trojan horse inside the Big Pharma live stock market (that’s you and me and everyone else) Now Benjamins web master died of Cancer, how horrible is the tragedy when even just one more person dies from a disease MMS could have cured, while Big Pharma manages to slow down (but not stop) the spreading of this life saving, disease preventing,… Read more »


BrianZebeaune #393096

Have heard about MMS before but it’s been a while and I didn’t pursue way back when. I’ve ordered mine. Diabetic, we can’t work with today’s doctors, the situation is far worse than many people realize. The drug pushing is monumental. I’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks so much for sharing here, really smart move becoming a church!

Sympathies to Lisa for all she has done for us over the years.


Please pass on my sympathies to her family. She did a good work for you and humanity.


RIP, Lisa, and thank you so much for your efforts to help Ben and the rest of us.

My condolences to Ben for his loss.


We are working since 10 years, to further the already quick expansion of Jim Humble MMS. You can see how good it is by the massive disinformation campaign launched by Big Pharma. It oxidises pathogens out from the body through a mineral mixture used for about 100 years to clean drinking water, but suddenly it’s very dangerous now we have discovered it can cure over 90% of all diseases inside the body. I also tried to reach out to Benjamin, Alex Jones, David Icke etc. to no avail. We are however spreading by the millions, quite without the alternative media… Read more »


My condolences to you her family, so sad ?

Wing Wah Law

She will rest in peace and begin another joyful and blissful journey.


RIP Lisa. Thank you for your selfless service.


Sending Deepest sympathies and profound appreciation!


I am sorry to hear this. Thank you Lisa, for your contribution to truth.


Sorry for your loss.
Her brave contribution lives on


That was said to hear!
And only 39. Sending much love and prayers to her family.


So sorry for your loss. Praying for you and her family. 39 is too young!


My condolences to Lisa’s family and to you Ben. It is so sad to have ones close work mate pass at such a young age. Many thanks and spiritual kudos for her work on behalf of us all.



My Deepest Condolences RIP God Bless this Woman Angel in Heaven…thanks for your contributions see you in Heaven one day


I am sooo sad about this news. AND… along with others… SOOOO G R A T E F U L for Lisa’s service to us all.

I am going to enlist members of other spiritual communities of which I am part, in prayer for her soul and for all who love her and are in pain at her loss… Blessings for the highest good of all concerned for all concerned.

I know the comments here are just a “dip stick” of the deep caring, gratitude and well wishes going on throughout this community.

…droopy tail ;-(


Thank you and God Bless


Micio wrote this, translated into English, “Thanks a lot to Lisa. She is with us and in our hearts. Great and sincere sympathy for Lisa’s family and their friends. He will help us from the mountain. Once again, thank you very much.”
I send the same wishes, thank you Lisa, Godspeed.


Such very sad news, particularly for one so young. No doubt she was attacked for the work she did and probably will continue to do on the other side! Sending healing thoughts to Ben and her family and friends.



How tragic. Thank you Lisa….

frank jackson

Sending prayers of comfort for her family. May God bless her soul as a true light worker for the good of humanity.

Jan Těšínský

Velký dík si zaslouži Lisa.Ona je furt s námi a v naších srdcí.Velkou a upřímnou soustrast Lisině rodině a jejich přátel.Ted nám bude pomáhat z hora.Ještě jednou moc děkuji Lise.


I’m so sorry to hear of Lisa’s passing, this a sad day for humanity.


Sure she will be between the fighters agints evil in this small aand hurted planet.


May she rest in peace…thank you Lisa <3


Thank you Lisa for your work to make the earth a better place. May the angels greet you in your journey home.


She has done good service & I wish her well on her next journey, thank you Lisa.


My heart goes out to Lisa’s friends and family. Her volunteer services made a positive impact , and Lisa will be remembered for helping to make the world a better place


So sorry to hear of Lisa’s passing.

Armando Gomez

sorry to hear. too bad she couldn’t use group K’s healing machine.