Cryptocurrency State of Play – Special Report from the WDS

(Some sections translated from Chinese)

The purpose of this article is to summarize the financial and economic state of the world and the potential for cryptocurrency technologies to replace existing financial systems.  We delve into some of the many interesting new cryptocurrency startup projects that are springing up, and also explore the more esoteric and nefarious side of the growing cryptocurrency world.

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My problem with all cryptocurrencies is that at the flip of a switch the entire internet can go down and has been threatened to do so for years. All of these crypto’s depend on the internet working uninhibited. Also- crypto plays right into the hands of the new world order==where a person can be blackmailed into doing what they are told or having all of their money wiped out– the same with government health care. You can have three children, one gets sick and be faced with killing off one or two for the medical care of the third. The people who hold the cards would love for us to give up our guns, our private healthcare and the right to save a currency in our mattresses.


2 getem- awaiting lemurian plugs!


We don’t need crypto– what we need is to be taught in school and elsewhere who controls the federal reserve. What the intentions of owning our financial system are and were– we need truth the plain ugly horrible truth. We need to look in the eyes of the “men” who hold all of the cards in the system we now serve– we need to decide what needs to be done to change they system so it is free from corruption.


cornpoppin #393156

I agree cornpoppin, I don’t like the problems that can come with crytocurrencies.




Thanks for the report Ben!
Like it’s free from the common “mumbo jumbo” financial “expert” language. Invented to confuse an already super complex system.
Agree with you here cornpoppin!
Still not see this as a final solution. For us who also remember the bubbles have a right to be more than a little cautious and wary I think. Plus it is based upon computer technology, only. Means plausible AI interference. And possible takedown of this threat by starting from scratch. And/or “takeover” is always a possibility as long as cabal is around. Small as it might be?
I still prefer to have some silver (or gold coins). This can not “disappear” overnight, and have so many useful applications as well.
In turbulence times – grab on to something tangible to hold on to I say….
Who always stretching for the opposite….. he he


Yes Siggi– I know people who lost between $ 20 and $30 thousand in the internet bubble .


gold, silver, paper, can all be confiscated. cryptos cannot. sure they can put a gun to your head, but that is the only way. yes it relies on internet, but you can still transact offline. eventually the transaction will be replicated once you get back online. if internet is permanently down, then no form of money is going to matter and gold and silver is not feasible. it’s too heavy and nobody’s going to be lugging it around. food and water will be more important to carry. it would all come down to a barter system.


special 10


“CASH” whether is FRN, EURO, GOLD or whatever are the last tools that afford anonymity AKA privacy. This is the battle we are now facing. Using ANYTHING that involves a 3rd party to a simple trade/transaction, opens the door to what we have today. SNAFU
My 2 ¢


Ben: I cannot read your entire post and I have paid; please correct.


In 1923, Representative Charles A. Lindbergh, a Republican from Minnesota, and father of the famous aviator “Lucky” Lindberg stated, “The financial system has been turned over to the Federal Reserve Board. That board administers the finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money.”


Hi Café,

I agree with the consensus here – Crypto is a ‘no-go’! We MUST keep to cash as even a bank account can be stolen – see what happened in Greece.

Bank accounts and credit cards work after a fashion, but are open to abuse. Cash is real. Its value may diminish over time and can also be ‘controlled’ by the establishment/cabal. But it is still a real medium od exchange and in a situation where there is turmoil, it will work where other methods fail.

Interesting info never-the-less and Ben is keeping us informed, so thanks to him for that.



Do your research folks. Crypto currency is a way to exchange value between two private parties – like cash but electronic. “Cash” is continually being restricted so where and what you spend your money for is open to anyone who can hack your bank or accounts or to your banker who can look anytime. Crypto has no bank fees, no third party to freeze your funds, no tracking, no government interference. No one can steal it if you control the keys and keep the currency in your wallet.




If internet goes down so does banking systems and atms.. cash and silver coins don’t need those systems. I do own cryptos because I want some skin in the game.

Lisa LaMontagne
Lisa LaMontagne

Ubuntu instead.


I agree, Ubuntu and exposing the Fed are much more important.

kmc45c, what you’re saying is true in part, but you can always have gov interfere with how you are able to spend and receive money.

Benjamin Fulford

The post was very informative but it also pointed out significant issues with cryptos; how they can be hacked, how original programs may have deliberate bugs in them that allow hacking, how governments are trying to infiltrate them, how many of them won’t be worth anything, how more and more cryptos are being born everyday. It sounds a lot like Apple to me, a closed platform that only allows exchanges if you have a certain currency/token whatever and that’s not good. Frankly, the opportunities for manipulation and exploitation are legion there. I’m still for cash and precious metals. It was pointed out here that the metals are too heavy- nonsense. People carried the metals around for centuries, millennia really and we could do it again. I’ve signed on to several crypto accounts but have yet to purchase anything for fear of just about everything.

While our current system is definitely worn out, I’m not sure about cryptos. I’d prefer a new currency, possibly global, maybe not. Countries will need a way to equalize their own currencies against something else. Too many cryptos will make exchange difficult as well.

Thanks Ben for an excellent update on the situation. Unfortunately it hasn’t convinced that crypto is safe or that it will be the ultimate solution.

What do the aliens do for exchange?

Straight From
Straight From

Free energy + Barter system is best.

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

this article made me depressed lol


25. When did he post this one?




Are the posted WDS (unofficial) cryptocurrency recommendations static or dynamic? How far into these days, weeks, or months do these recommendations apply? I ask because there is a seeming volatility in this market. With BTC growing unexpectedly faster, is it still “neutral”, and is ETH still “buy”? Quite a comprehensive report.


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I don’t fear hacking (any system is hackable) as much as my own government interference via new crypto transaction laws. Prior to large populations getting invested in cryptos they could pull the plug ,at least within their own country(ie. China), and the general public would hardly notice. A way to raise dollar values by sucking some cash out of the system possibly?
Anyway, its hard to imagine the govt giving up any tax revenues and traceability. Think…IRS going by the wayside. Ha!
I did ,however, already buy in on cryptos as a hedge. Might as well, bail ins are just as likely.


I wonder if the confidence in cash (paper with a value created by a computer) is just someone being resistant to change. If the younger generation takes to cryptos and electronic exchanges of wealth who will accept your paper? Humanity will have to agree on it’s medium of energy exchanges, very thought provoking, yes?


Hi Benjamin,

This is an interesting article, thanks.

The apple is also used as a symbol of infinity. The vertical cross-section is the 8 on it’s side, the symbol of zero point energy, and the horizontal cross-section is a complete circle with a core, like a torus or donut.

In my mind the bite out of the apple signifies a many things; the human touch of life itself, the nourishment of an apple, the imperfection of the human touch on the perfection of nature are just a few.

Steve Jobs was a west coast Buddhist, but he was also a very judgmental perfectionist, which is not a Buddhist path. He gave us technology that was more human-centric than that which had come before. His messages to children through Pixar was of laughter and love supplanting fear of the darkside like Disney. He may have been taken out for that.