My Friend William Twofeather Is in Trouble and Needs Help

Here is the message I got from him:

A Native American Spiritual Leader is in trouble. Why are there so few left and visible to the public? Because the Dark Side will take us out one by one until only the false ones are heard.

Go to Generosity Crowdfund, Twofeather Legal Fund

Put your words into deeds and lend a hand up.  He is also a Veteran of Vietnam.
You can see Twofeather @ YouTube

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I think I took my part (albeit minuscule) to let people know about tragic experiences of Native American people of the Western Hemisphere incurred upon them by the hands of Europeans. Even sadder is very few people of the majority know the true nature of the reality. Justice Hugo Black once stated “Great nation, like a great man, must keep his words” Please think what he is referring to, and what occasion. More than 600 Treaties were signed between various Indian Nations and American government. None of them were honored by the latter, and land theft continues to this day.… Read more »


Support and many blessings. May this situation end soon and well for you


Thank you for the alert on Two Feather. I just sent $250.


I just sent $20, good luck, stay well

Armando Gomez