Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Being Negotiated as Khazarian Mafia Attempts to Start War Fail

The Khazarian mafia’s rule by murder, blackmail, bribery, and propaganda is being systematically dismantled in ways that can no longer be denied.  These fanatics, who wish to force human history down a path to destruction based on ancient books, have failed yet again in recent efforts to start World War 3.  This was seen in North Korea, in Kurdistan, and in Iran as their increasingly desperate gambits are checked at every corner.

In the case of Iran, U.S. President Donald Trump was threatened and blackmailed into renouncing the nuclear deal with Iran, but facing opposition from the military as well as top allies, all that Trump could do was to appease the Khazarians with bellicose rhetoric.  Even Trump’s rhetoric was met with a statement by the leaders of top U.S. allies the UK, Germany, and France contradicting Trump’s claims that Iran was breaking the nuclear deal.

The statement read in part that the deal “was unanimously endorsed by the UN Security Council in Resolution 2231.  The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed Iran’s compliance with the JCPoA through its long-term verification and monitoring programme.”

In other words, they were telling Trump not to start a war based on lies.  This is something I have never seen the like of in many years of watching diplomatic statements.

In fact, the only country to support Trump’s bellicose rhetoric was the rogue Khazarian slave state of Saudi Arabia.  In any case, Saudi Arabia’s satanic rulers are about to lose their main protector, as Israeli police close in on satanic pseudo-Jewish Israeli leader Benyamin Netanyahu.

The attempts by the Khazarians to use North Korea to start World War 3 are also failing.  Last week two senior Japanese politicians made a secret visit to North Korea to negotiate a summit meeting between Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un when Trump visits Asia in November, according to a source close to the Japanese imperial family.

This meeting, if it takes place (a final decision is pending), would probably pave the way for a peace deal as well as reunification of the Korean Peninsula.  However, an even bigger announcement than that may also be in the works.  According to senior Pentagon and Asian Secret Society sources a decision to

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One… fun?

Interesting… 1st on the 2 Mondays surrounding my 73rd birthday on FRIDAY the 13th of OCTOBER…
You think us Templars are all negative… think again!

L I GHT… LIGHTie … LIGHT to A L L discussed, worried about, hoped for .. grieved for.. contributed to… via this blog and a l l on this little planet (and beyond, of course) …

Continued light FTHGAC….





!!!! Thanks Ben!!


Sliding in at 4th


5 this week! Everyone have a great week!






Thanks Ben


Good morning everyone!


if there’s no Fukushima radiation, how do you account for the poisoning of the pacific ocean ?


Greetings from Texas…
Now to read the report!


Twelve a good start today.


I’m sure you guys have all read this already but I did a four-part meta-analysis on the Vegas shootings and how they relate to this imminent war for disclosure that is afoot. Definitely take a look!







16 great article! Hope it’s true and this nightmare is over soon. Peace and Prosperity!


Many people write about the reincarnation trap, so I’ve been asking about it for awhile and finally got it all explained to me. As you may know 40% of your soul stays on the soul plane while you are incarnated and living. After you die you only get 2 choices, you can stay where you are or you can go to the other side which is the soul plane and be reunited with the other 40% of your soul. There is no other way to go. Stay and be a ghost with only 60% of your soul for up to about 5,000 years and after that you will be bought to the soul plane. While you are a ghost all the souls in your oversoul must wait for you, they cannot reincarnate until you join them!

After you get to the soul plane, you can quit and take off with all of your soul and 1.85% or about 37 souls in 2,000 do just that. If you quit you must stay off the soul plane and go whereever you want, without a body that is. This is probably not a good choice and why only 1.85% of souls choose to do it. When one decides not to reincarnate in 3rd density one does not advance or make ascension for 8 cycles and you must ascend by 27 cycles or your soul will be recycled. You can come back before 8 cycles is up and start reincarnating again. This could be a good move if living conditions improved, like if we went into the Golden Age, but when you come back you will be taking an undesirable life.

While you are out running around you can pick up bad or good karma, usually bad when you mess with living things or just things. If you do enough bad stuff, you will be a negative when you come back. If you’re going to be a negative, you won’t want come back after 8 cycles, you’ll want to stay out longer. Of all the souls that quit reincarnating 80% are negatives after 8 cycles, which is a good reason not to do it. Also when you ascend after 8 cycles, you’ll be on the bottom or have the worst position.

If you quit and you are running around the only way to get off the Earth & moon is to sneak a ride in a spaceship. You could travel the universe by sneaking in ships. If you get lost or stranded somewhere, you can call for help and be taken back to your planet. If you possess someone you’ll be a negative when the 8 cycles are up. The Djinn are souls that quit reincarnating in 3rd density. So I suggest that you don’t quit and try to advance the best you can. Why not get a soul report and find out if you’re qualified for ascension or a Wanderer, I also do past life readings.


Some conflicting material in an otherwise encouraging report. As was pointed out, how do we explain all the dead sea life reported along the California coastline? Was this all fake news? There were also reports of technicians dying when they went in to fix the reactors. There were posts of the radiated water spilling into the Pacific. There was some radiation there fore sure. I recall some reports that beneficent ET’s were vacuuming up the radiation so it wouldn’t destroy the planet. Who knows.

Trump’s foreign policy certainly supports the premise that he is being blackmailed since he has appeared completely erratic in the last 2 months. I’ve noticed that North Korea is finished as an issue and he is on Iran now. But we never really know because the media keeps all the dead issues alive.

There are more reports about Russian interference in just about anything and RT has been ordered to register as a foreign entity.
Seems that the P2 Freemasons are NOT good guys anymore, but who can keep up.

The Khazarian Mafia does seem finished but they’re still in control of the media and most of Hollywood. Let’s see if anyone else falls.

We need a world order. We can’t actively participate in the galactic world if we’re still fragmented into little countries battling each other. How we set it up and who’s in charge is the big question. We’re on the edge of this for sure, Biden is promising an end to cancer and supersonic travel beyond our wildest dreams and I don’t think he’s faking.

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

YES!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 Watch Ken Rohla on youtube to learn how to bust chemtrails, haarp, clean radiation from your land and body for cheap. Bless you and I hope you take advantage of that knowlege to its complete and fullest extents.


Well, it’s going to be interesting to see how long this guy lives. Rocky Palermo, who was wounded in the shooting, has quite the tale to tell, and he’s been telling it everywhere he can. Here’s an excerpt:

…Shockingly, he then goes on to detail the fact that at the end of the concert the previous two nights everyone had exited a specific way but on the night of the shooting this route was locked down shortly before the attack.

“Every other night at the concert, everybody kinda exited right off Las Vegas Blvd, that was standard, that was routine, you get out of the concert and you go down to the next casino,” he continued.

“At 10pm they closed every exit on Las Vegas Blvd, every single one. They gated them all closed with chain-link fences, 10:08 the shooting started and we were pigs sitting in a corral. We only had one exit to go out of…..everyone was just kinda following the sheep.”

Las Vegas Shooting Victim: “There Was 100% More Than One Shooter,” Gates To Concert Were Locked Shortly Before Attack

This is turning into a nightmare for those who are trying to cover up the Vegas false flag. I wonder how they could have expected this to go any other way.




littledogg #393265
One… fun?
Interesting… 1st on the 2 Mondays surrounding my 73rd birthday on FRIDAY the 13th of OCTOBER.

Hi littledog!
Yes we are! Happy belated Dear friend. How are things going. Is there some relief/progress re your general health.
Much love and blessings


23 skidoo….


Thanks for report Ben!
From report!
“…….have failed yet again in recent efforts to start World War 3. This was seen in North Korea, in Kurdistan, and in Iran as their increasingly desperate gambits are checked at every corner. ”
I say that’s 3 strikes, and you’re out!
Old farts.


I hope everyone realizes that the Khazarian mafia are mostly non Humans. They have Human bodies, but they don’t have Human souls. They have the souls of Insect-people that look like a Praying Mathis. I call these souls low souls, because they don’t have empathy for others. I’m told there are about 8,000 of these Praying Mathis beings in a couple of underground military bases. They have super high technology and will not go easily, we will probably need help to get them off our planet and get all of their low soul people out of government, Industry, and entertainment and more. This is what we are up against, prayer will help.


Just viewed this video by David DuByne of Adapt 2030

it won’t let me copy the URL – WTF! – please search by title

John Casey Author of UPHEAVAL & ADAPT 2030 Discuss Catastrophic Earthquakes Striking USA (315)
Adapt 2030

Published on Feb 18, 2017
John Casey Author of UPHEAVAL & ADAPT 2030 Discuss Catastrophic Earthquakes Striking USA and Mini Ice Age Preparation. During every grand solar minimum the USA is rocked by 7.0-8.2+ earthquakes as well massive eruptions and seismic events across the globe. Our conversation covers how to prepare for these events and what to expect in terms of infrastructure damage, how to keep your family and businesses safe, investment opportunities, global crop losses and intensification of the grand solar minimum with a timeline to intensification.

Just ordered John Casey’s book ‘UPHEAVAL’ which predicts where the earthquakes are likely to happen. I still say that report was very telling and may have been predicting the outcome of the Grand Solar Minimum events.



Interesting comment on Sandy Hook Hoax facebook page: “Harvey Weinstein prediction on stern show. “There’s going to be a mass shooting not even the NRA can ignore”
I’m really feeling like the making of a crazy person thinking the only way it happens is if YOU make it happen. At the end of the day I’ll let it go bc I don’t care that much but it’s too ironic that he states this shooting was going to happen & all of a sudden the sex abuse ties him up in the news like the perfect alibi/deflection-as Long as they’re talking about the sex abuse no one will finger him for something to do with the Vegas shooting.”

Also, a link to this page about how Obama is not allowing hard copies of his letters and documents in the Presidential Library.

Excerpt: The Obama Foundation is taking an unconventional approach to the presidential center and library being planned in Chicago. It’s opting to host a digital archive of President Barack Obama’s records, but not keep his hard-copy manuscripts and letters and other documents onsite.

That means no thumbing through the ex-president’s correspondence on the health care fight or first drafts of his State of the Union addresses.

The decision has historians scratching their heads.

“All archivists are waiting to see how this will work, because we are all struggling with how to make things available digitally,” Peggy Glowacki, a manuscripts librarian at the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told the Chicago Tribune.

More on site.


It’s great to be 28 again.


29 one of my numbers 🙂 love and light to the cafe



How did it go today? I hope Ozzie went peacefully. Sending you healing energy to help you.



#393286 This Rocky Palermo is putting a target on his back. Four of the witnesses that said similar things are now missing or dead.

Excerpt: Four key Las Vegas shooting witnesses are now missing or dead, and they all have one thing in common – their version of events contradicts the official narrative.

Are they being silenced to stop the truth coming out?

Kymberley Suchomel, one of the key witnesses to the devastating Las Vegas shooting attack which left fifty-eight people dead and more than five hundred wounded, has been found dead in her home at the age of 28. The cause of her death has yet to be confirmed.

Kymberley Suchomel was one of the lucky attendees at the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas who managed to escape the hail of bullets without being injured. Shortly after fleeing the scene with friends, she made a statement to mainstream media claiming that there were “multiple gunmen” firing weapons into the crowd and that she was chased by one such man.

More on site.


Clinton Foundation donates to itself – decides to keep Weinstein’s money. We sure knew that was what they planned to do.

Excerpt: The Clinton Foundation will not return as much as $250,000 in donations from disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein following the accusations of sexual harassment and rape.

The foundation said Monday that donations, ranging from $100,000 to $250,000, have already been spent on projects, according to a statement provided to Fox News.

“We are a charity. Donations, these included, have been spent fighting childhood obesity and HIV/AIDS, combatting climate change, and empowering girls and women, and we have no plans to return them,” a Clinton Foundation spokesperson said.

More lies on site.


deester #39330
>>More lies on site.<<
Thanks! I needed that. 😄😆🤗🙋


deester #39 3299" class="ucm-comment-id">39 3299
>> ….and that she was chased by one such man.<<
Yikes! … haven�39 ;t read that before.


kamber hossaini #39

Kamber.. .thanks for this info about Ken Rohla
I have put his videos on my list for listening while biking tomorrow. I see clients in their homes and bike hither and thither… listening to interesting stuff on Tuesdays.

While grabbing the Ken Rohla stuff I also came across:

“Project Camelot
I interview Dr. Eamonn Ansbro at the Ireland Awakens conference in Dublin about a new technology he is using to contact off-world civilizations “quantum mechanics”.


siggi #393288
PLUG and 24 Strand DNA “Talkerie” Report.

Well, a little over a week or so ago I encouraged all y’all OLP folks to take it easy:
“Slower is faster and Less is more”… remember?

So much for that.
Everything I am doing (almost) is being pre-checked with muscle-testing these days.

(Make a circle with your thumb and forefinger of the same hand.. tips of fingers touching each other. Loop thumb of other hand in the circle… focus on something that you want to know about.. ie “will sugar/coffee/vitamin C/The Plug,, etc make me stronger or weaker?” Pull as hard as you can with the looped thumb while keeping the circle tight together as hard as you can. If the item will make you weaker your fingers will come apart… if it will make you stronger.. no way can you break the loop.)

So, soon after my cautionary comment here, muscle-testing okay-ed doing the 24 Strand DNA statements 12 per day on many days… St. Germain suggests doing 12 of them 12 times and Scott’s video interviews say you can check with your own guidance about how many times to say the statement in one day. I am likely to have completed 108 repetitions by the end of today.

AND.. I’ve added little statements about releasing internal
critters and “lovingly sending them on their way”… while the “tiny territories” where they dwelt inside me, relax and enjoy filling up with health and loving and light.
AND.. a statement bringing in all the resources needed to serve myself and others at perfect pacing and means.

AND… the plug’s been plugged in 5 weeks last Fri. with my phone “plug activated” and in my pocket away from home and a little”plug activated” 6 volt battery when away from home.
ALL… including the PLUG Action being invited to work as is For The Highest Good of All Concerned.

SO: my experience thus far.
E V E R Y TIME I read the 24 DNA “Talkeries” I feel rushes of “vibes”… and feel enthusiasm. And usually practically shout the list of body parts )”telomeres, organelles, carbohydrates, arteries etc” … and other passages.. I just feel so
“thusied” and joyful reading, celebrating and claiming it all.

This morning as I read them Lily, my greyhound soulmate scooted herself over til her head was in my lap… like she wanted to get as close as possible to the “vibe” going on.

This is a first for her.. usually the cat Minuit is the “vibe” spotter.

And how I am feeling day to day:

Continued roller-coastery.. but seems to be smoothing out bit by bit. Some days mild symptoms … other days almost none.
Saturday intense pain… today pain banished with some pain meds. Some days a little emotionally droopie… others.. today.. even if in pain.. Enthusiastic for L I F E.

One of the things that attracted me to St. Germain’s 24 Strand DNA statements was the reinforcement of the idea/truth that I/we truly do c r e a t e ALL… via our conscious intentions… so whether or not my DNA changes any time soon.. I feel reading those statements and the ones I created for myself remind and remind and remind me that I (not some white-hat-ed who ever) can create and re-create ALL.. I just need to focus my mind and my visioning and my caring on what is wanted… FTHGAC.

Here is a talk by Scott Werner, MD explaining about the DNA Activation.

Here he is just saying the activation:

Here is where you can download a pdf of the Activation Statement.

Tail wagg to all!

Covert Recruitment into Space Marines “20 and Back” Program
New “20 and back” Whistleblower coming forward?
seems so.


littledogg #393306
Here is a talk by Scott Werner, MD explaining about the DNA Activation.

Here he is just saying the activation:

Here is where you can download a pdf of the Activation Statement.

Tail wagg to all!

Hi littledogg!
I apologize for not remember your birthday Littledogg – I’m probably the worst on Earth in that regard…. 🙁
Thanks so much for update on the whole “reprogramming” work. Say – you have a lot on
your fingers there. he he.
This muscle test I didn’t knew about, Thanks for that., I mostly use the one where you ask a question and if your body goes forward means YES, body backwards means NO(standing upwards)
” I am likely to have completed 108 repetitions by the end of today. ”
Wow – I was about to ask you…So I also started and done one each day…eh means I will be finish sometime in February next year…… 15 days thus far.. I better go at at with a higher pace. I think. 🙂
Well – Had a suspicion something was off…. And you said “slower is faster” ha ha

To your every day ups and down – is a familiar sign that process has commence, and Lily giving her “blessing” as well, is top. My cats do the same . Agree that cats are more “sensitive” in some ways. So that was interesting.
Now please give a hug from me!
I didn’t know if to ask how you were doing, as many times these processes is ongoing – it’s just nice some times to not be a pester, and give people some quiet time I think. But you have been much in my mind.


Now I am going to tell all about my birthday party.
Not the Family one… no… don’t worry.. this isn’t FaceBook.

The public one.
We had a big big group at our Shamanic Journey Circle last Friday night… cuz students from a local graduate school came to sample the indiginous spiritual practices they are studying about.

Because of that.. I led the circle.
I started by telling them they were at a Surprise Birthday Party.. and the surprise part was that they hadn’t realized it was going to BE a birthday party… mine. 🤗

At each circle we do an individual journey and then a group journey… in which we all seek guidance/healing/answers about the same question.

It’s the group journey we did at my “party” that I want to tell you about.

I think I talked about the experience I had 3 weeks ago at the circle. A village of Wampanoag Souls have “stationed” themselves below the Quaker Meeting house that we meet in for… hundreds of years. I got to know them 4-5 years ago when they began using my singing voice.. one after another.. cramming thru me during an opening ceremony of the circle. They said they have been “guarding the space” for a long long long time.

When they sing through me there is a feeling of the urgency and delight they feel getting to sing again… A deep male elder will be aaay… aaaying along and a mid-tone mid-aged lady will be moving her woa… woa… song forward eagerly.

WELL… 3 weeks ago it wasn’t just eagerness… it was a whole
“up-leveling” of the energy of the thing. It felt like it pushed me waaaay up to the high rafters as they sang.. big celebrative pulsating energy. And while singing they conveyed:

“We have been W A I T I N G for this!!!” “This is what we WAITED SOOOO LONG for!”.

So last Friday nite.. we journeyed to our spirit animals and guides to ask: “What FABULOUS thing have the Wampanoag Souls been waiting for?”.

Of course I can’t tell you results of others’ journeys… but I can say they were mostly pretty magical and had visions of cooperation between us humans and the results that cooperation could bring about.

What I wanted you to know about was what they told me:

They said “Lies do not exist any more. It is now impossible to lie. What is now emerging BIG AND STRONG is that enough are advanced enough that we can see all of all…

Enough are advanced enough.. .that ability to see and know all is held with respect for each other. So no one pushes their way on the other. Each waits to be asked.

But the ability is there to sense and know one’s truth.

So. No lies.
Lies are no longer available.”

I asked: “What about all the bad things we all have done. .what happens about those things if they can’t be hidden?”

They said: “With the advancement comes forgiveness. And caring and cooperation. So the bad things are no longer needed or done. And the past bad is forgiven.”

Then they said: “As this now unfolds, you all will not need your computers and your internet. Those are tools that were created when truth could be hidden away. They were mechanical things. With the time of “No Lies” we can just know.. we do not need mechanical tools to tell .. we can just know. ”

So that was some of what my friends said at my Birthday Party.

They and I thought you might like to know.

Vigorous tail wagg to all.


siggi #393308

siggi… BIG HUG back at ya!

DE LITED to be doing the 24 DNA “Talkeries” together.
And either kind of muscle-testing… just be sure you check about your pace… however fast you go through your 12 times 12.. Scott says you can go on doing it to help bring forward the improvements for others once one is done one’s own 144.

So .. we can be doing ’em together at what ever pace.


6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 /10/15 /humans-are-free-the-6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 -signs-that-youre-entering-the-5 th-dimension-10-15 -16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 /" rel="nofollow"> /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 /10/15 /humans-are-free-the-6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 -signs-that-youre-entering-the-5 th-dimension-10-15 -16 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 /
#1 Daily life will be bubbling more often with feelings of great joy, lightness, love and wonder.
“The 4th and 5 th dimensions are like receiving a major upgrade in your operating software and DNA hardware. It’s as if your mind-body will be offered to work inside the newest fastest computer that operates smoothly at the speed of light!

#2 Heavy negative issues you’re carrying will release easier and move through you more quickly
“You will be releasing all your old heavy baggage you’ve been carrying for lifetimes! This is the only way you can enter into these higher vibrational 4D and 5 D levels that are full of trust, lightness, laughter and love”

#3 You will physically experience the world as being more beautiful with your senses
“The colors of the world will look brighter, stronger and have more pizzazz to them! You see a wider spectrum of colors, that may appear like rainbow ‘hippie’ colors.
When you’re more emotional the colors are even more beautiful and have a happy vibration to them. When you meet people who are living in the 5 th as well, can bring up such a deep happiness inside they could bring tears of joy to your eyes.
You will be able to hear the divine song of creation, the music of the spheres, the eternal OM, and the sound of silence. You can attune your listening to an orchestra of light that is constantly playing in the background, bringing tears of joy to your heart.”

#4 Time will feel fluid, eternal and illusory
“You will move like water from one event and life experience to the next. There will be no judgment or ill feelings about how or why things are done the way they are done. You will realize that you are not the doer, and that things are being done through you”

#5 You’ll constantly have unexplainable synchronistic experiences and “miraculous” manifestations will happen regularl
Amazing synchronicities will be an everyday occurrence. The Universe will be speaking to you constantly, giving you “signs” on where to go and what to do. It will feel like you are on a miraculous journey through a magical world and anything is possible!

#6 You will know and feel divinely guided by something higher than your own mind/ imagination
As your mind begins to quiet, you will be able to hear your guidance from the other dimensions. This may be from angelic guides, spirit guides, past ancestors, or beings on a higher plane showing you the way home.

#6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 You can access the miraculous powers of your true multi-dimensional body
Because time and space are illusions, and all matter is energy and consciousness, and you are made of the same stuff as everything around you, you’ll be able to manifest the most amazing things with your mind.

With much surrender, patience and practice, you will realize you are God and be able to explore the hidden Siddhi powers inside you. This means anything you can imagine you can manifest in the physical 3D world, including things with your new upgraded body.
Only excerpts.
6 /weekly-geo-political-news-and-analysis/#comment-7" class="ucm-comment-id">7 ;m back…he he


Hi Café and OLP group,

My 3 Lemurian Plugs have arrived and are being put to immediate use as Alexis is suffering from another bout of diverticulitis. She had one plug against her body all last night, but too early to know yet. She usually needs to see the doctor to get anti-B’s for this, but we are attempting to see if the plug and codine will do this time.

I will let you all know our experiences with the plug.



Happy belated birthday Little Dogg! Sounds like you had a good one. Just tested out that finger thing. I hope it really works! I got a couple of good answers to questions I had about things going on in my life right now. And, how awesome if there were no more lying. I kind of doubt in my profession though. A lot of those criminals I represent are pretty pathological. Not sure yet how my new LP is affecting things in the house. Except, I’m finding it hard to take a nap, even when I’m really feeling like one. It’s only been a week though.


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Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES? (Video)

Historians Claim to Have Found the Twin of the Great Sphinx

Corey Goode Update: ALERT: Possible new 20 & Back whistleblower!

Justin Deschamps
Stillness in the Storm


siggi #393311

OK this is very wierd.
I’m trying to share a link and it’s not working. Instead all kind of strange things happens…
so I try again:
sorry for that…this is the link to the 7 signs.


ttledogg #393310
Nice – thanks a lot littledog!

aneeson #393312
Hi Alan!
Ok Alan! 48 hours…you know..
Just a tip!
I (and others I think) have found out if something urgent pain or whatever…a cord around your body on that area helps a lot. I think that would work fast, as it did to my chest pain I wrote about.
The cord in the outlet that is..
best to ya all!


#393292 Insectoids? Time to stock up on RAID.


Ha ha ha ha Deester!


Happy belated, Little Dog. A big tail wag headed your way, albeit late.


siggi  #393316
…… I (and others I think) have found out if something urgent pain or whatever…a cord around your body on that area helps a lot. I think that would work fast, as it did to my chest pain I wrote about.
The cord in the outlet that is..
2017-10-17 8:31 AM

Hi Siggi,

Thanks for the advice.

Why is it that a cord wrapped around the body works better than the plug itself on the body where the ‘hurt’ is?

They say that the plug is already ‘charged’ on receipt and that one can put it on or next to a cell phone or tablet to alter those items. Therefore why not straight onto the body? And the cord in the inlet, so that can be any inlet on the same circuit that has been energised? At present I have one plug next to an outlet/inlet in the kitchen and presume if I has a cord connected to an outlet/inlet in the bedroom, that would be fine?

Thanks again for all advice.
Best regards,


aneeson #393320
Why is it that a cord wrapped around the body works better than the plug itself on the body where the ‘hurt’ is?
Thanks again for all advice.
Best regards,
Hi Alan!
To be frank I don’t know.
But there was a very good testimony on the Plug site re this, and that’s the only reason I did it. I usually never take the plug out from the wall at all. I more use my phones. When it’s in the wall it will work on the whole house, environment and beings, plants…so on.
I would just leave the plug in the inlet/outlet – I presume you use tape? Because it is better if it’s as close to the actually circuits in the wall, as possible I would say.

Only guessing but the cord could perhaps cover a larger area. It’s not always easy to say exactly where the pain Is located, and then the cord can give the same frequency all over the place so to say. I really don’t know, just guessing. Sure cell phone/plug will also do I think. But keep plug in the outlet/taped or otherwise is my strong feeling about that, so rather use a phone, battery or cord.
It helped for me ,my pain was severe it went away after 2 hours.
That’s all I can say Alan Hope I’m not confusing you here?
Best wishes!


It could have something to do with the copper in the cord as well I think, as people here have shared about coppers many health benefits…
To be clear – I read about the cord in July t.y, then Both Rhonda and Scott reminded me of it, so much thanks to them as well!
And yes – don’t worry where you put the plugs in your house – it should make no difference. The plug is fully charged, but it will lose it’s effect after 48 hours, if not connected. Also your house need the 48 hours to be fully optimized


John Casey Author of UPHEAVAL & ADAPT 2030 Discuss Catastrophic Earthquakes Striking USA (315)

Here is the url of that video I couldn’t post before from my work computer.



And the cord can be in any charged outlet – yes
Sorry I’m just a little tired…


What happened to UGGMichael? Does he still comment?


siggi #393315

ok. so those 5th Dimension experiences were basically what the Wampanoag souls were so excited about.


Thanks littledogg for your sweet, uplifting comment. You are always a help to my spirits.

I got one of those plugs and I’m a bit confused about the comments regarding wrapping a cord around you for healing. Does that mean an electric cord that has been in an outlet the plug was in? Should I keep it plugged in? It’s in my bedroom now and I had it in the office room where the computer is the last 2 days. I’m not sure what to look for in terms of indications except I resonate with it’s purpose and origin.

Yes! littledog, we – the light – is winning this battle for our Earth and humanity. Lots of love & light, Stefie


O Stefie … it is so lovely to have YOUR sweet voice back with us 🤗💕

I think the cord thing is to either attach a power cord to the bottom of the plug n then wrap it… or charge the cord w the plug n then use it.

now i wrote that… i realize i need reminding re how to use cords w the plug.


so i also realized that the “vibes” (ecstacy/joy) I get w the plug and with the 24 Strand DNA activation statements (“talkeries”) //s the 5th dimension list siggi pointed us to.


are you still with us?
I miss you. 😮


intruth #393323
I put john casey’s talk on my “listen while biking” list, so i haven’t listened to it yet.

I had the thought tho:
corey goode n david w in a episode (or 2) talked about the sun precipitating storms, earthquakes, volcanoes as “prep” for ascension (5th dimension?) shifts.

like the earth has to shake itself up to free itself/heal itself.

and.. me… as i use the plug… meditation (“huuuuuuing”) /… the 24 strand statements, etc
my “little world of myself” goes thru pain/healing symptoms/quakes/storms….
to get to my 5d? delite.



 #393317

#393292 Insectoids? Time to stock up on RAID.





 #393331

intruth #393323
I put john casey’s talk on my “listen while biking” list, so i haven’t listened to it yet.

I had the thought tho:
corey goode n david w in a episode (or 2) talked about the sun precipitating storms, earthquakes, volcanoes as “prep” for ascension (5th dimension?) shifts.

like the earth has to shake itself up to free itself/heal itself.

and.. me… as i use the plug… meditation (“huuuuuuing”) /… the 24 strand statements, etc
my “little world of myself” goes thru pain/healing symptoms/quakes/storms….
to get to my 5d? delite.


coooool little dog…..

and happy birthday finest lady…..libra sun shines bright…..

I just had a birthday also…..55…..

thank you so much to my guardian angel and spirit guides…..

and to all the guardian angels and spirit guides…..

and thank you so much to the many grooooovy cosmic blogisphere brothers and sisters here at the intergalactic coffee house…..

namaste primo members of the family of light…..


from this article-quote—–While then-President Barack Obama hailed the deal as one of his greatest achievements, Trump has blasted the JCPOA as “the worst deal ever negotiated.”’ —–unquote…..



and of course our old buddy bami,president obama-wildcard for the lightforces…..


ive got the electrosmog protection device – pleiadiun science based tachyonized – I find it quite beneficial-attached to the circuit breaker of the house…..

now with lemurian plugs also in service – the energy system of the house is profoundly less harmful by the feel of it…..

just the beginning of groooooovy technologies becoming available on the earths surface by the looks of it…..

some relief of very harmful dirty electricities,emfs etc via technologies from our galactic brothers and sisters is a game changer ongoing absolutely…..

the lemurian plug appears to be tapping into a very powerful and clean energy source from inner earth where some of our lemurian brothers and sisters live…..

above my paygrade of course…..



from this article-quote—–The ex-employees said one of the reasons for the roadblocks was the “revolving door” between the DEA and the drug industry, as a number of the administration’s top lawyers landed lobbying jobs for the pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors upon leaving the government.—–unquote…..


exposure of the dark hearted criminally insane ones claws that are clamped into the operating systems of the earths surface and beyond,now increases at exponential rates…..

truth about the criminal ridden governments,corporations,banking,entertainement,medical,education,space,science etc industries floods out into the collective consciousness,as the truth sets mother earth and her creatures free…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light…..

as we rise from the night…..


67– interesting numerology today.
1-8-1—-new beginnings, what goes around comes around( karma)–new beginnings.

67=4 foundations


Thanks to Benjamin for all his hard work & perspective.
I have to report though that in the UK there is no sign of the Rothschild Tory Party giving up anything.
In Iraq they have helped create a new Kurdish State to start another war, in Syria they are sitting beside their ISIS terrorists daring the Russians to attack the US/CIA army.
And while the London Media Liars have the population in a Brexit stranglehold there are undercurrents that things are accelerating in The New World Order direction.
This may be a major grab by the NWO to take over Europe having failed in the USA.
As the Tory Party Fakes the Brexit talks with the London Media being very helpful there is an undercover move to secretly push the British Army into the EU Army very quickly.
People may laugh at this as irrelevant but there are a few points you should be aware of.
Firstly, most things that the Corporate Tory Party criminals do is for power & money.
This could be a major Taxpayer fraud by the Military Industrial Complex on the populations of Europe. They have already passed laws to empty everybody’s bank accounts in times of “crisis.”
Secondly, the last thing The NWO Bankers need is a formidable Army to defend the populations of Europe. The logical assessment then is that they are separating the people from their protectors &/or making the EU Army dysfunctional but very expensive.
After the collapse of the worldwide Climate Change carbon tax the NWO is looking for a new source of revenue to skim. This could be the EU Army levy on every nation within the EU.
I have been told that one of the necessary remits of a unified army is for it to have a Treasury to levy taxes. As the Euro is financed from the USA it is on the verge of collapse & needs a new source of legitimate funding.
If the EU Army is used against our domestic population it might be the Ukrainian Fascist Army coming to a neighbourhood near you to impose Martial Law & push you into the Colony Cities, or Sanctuary Cities as they call them.
Another sign of our negative direction is the rise of Common Purpose, an organisation that uses psycho linguistic programming (PLP) in schools on our children, as management training & throughout the Civil Service & Public Service.
I also have to report that The Hillary Clinton has been sniffing around the UK etc setting something up.
The Queen who has allegedly been refinanced with gold backed currency appears to support Brexit & has told PM Theresa May she has 6 months to complete or she will replace her government.
There was a short moment of positive hysteria at the thought of Jeremy Corbyn taking over. He promised to Nationalise; Energy, water, The Treasury etc but later back tracked
and is now supporting the EU & will accept any deal they offer.
Obviously the Neocons have threatened him, leaving us all trapped on an island with a load of criminal psychopath satanic paedophile Nazis.
Its time for a Christian revival.


stefie444 #393327
Yes! littledog, we – the light – is winning this battle for our Earth and humanity. Lots of love & light, Stefie
HI hi wonderful stefie! Where you bin?
So great to have your super uplifting energy around. I hope you somewhat up to date? And have the energy to spread contagious vibes in the cafe, as you always did before.
To your Q – others may already answered you….
“Does that mean an electric cord that has been in an outlet the plug was in? Should I keep it plugged in? It’s in my bedroom now and I had it in the office room where the computer is the last 2 days”
Sorry – Yes I can confuse when tired…. – The cord can be used in any outlet in a house, were a plug is installed. So if you for example, had a extension cord over to your garage or over to your garden, that could also be used or connect a cord to. (cord must always be connected to an outlet to work, whichever of them.)
There are no indicators on the plug, light or otherwise – that tell its “on” or working. And it should IMO be the same if you have the plug connected in your basement, attic or elsewhere….it just must be hook up to your wire system and from wherever it is connected it will distribute and transform any bad energies within you electric system i.e. Your whole electric system, effecting/cleansing your food in the fridge and freezer, “rejuvenate all your plants (and yourself too I would assert) if they are within 5 feet from your walls, both inside and outside…+much more.
Hope this helps! To have faith in this also gives cumulative strength to it…
Much Love,light blessing and “healing” plug energies to you stefie! 🙂

Nick Kollerstrom

Weather Wars

The film Geostorm is due to be released on 20th October.

Weird fires 10 October Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS – ‘Truth Warriors.’ Witnesses Confirm California Fires Not Natural! Weather Weapons Used!

60 GeoEngineered Fire Storms in Northern California Out of

She tells how, in Sonoma County – ‘The aluminium wheels on cars melted and dripped down driveways like tiny rivers of mercury before hardening. A pile of bottles melded together into a tangle so contorted it looked like a Picasso. Plastic garbage bins were reduced to mere stains on the pavement.

Exhausted firefighters have been battling these storms for a month. September in California: ‘Looking on Google maps, we could see every fire almost lined up exactly, dot dot dot along the mountain ranges, all wind blowing the smoke directly into the population. … it looks like man-made fires, nature doesn’t like up fires next to each other for hundreds of miles, blowing all smoke directly into the population.

Aluminium nanoparticles, which have been sprayed for decades in chemtrails, may assist the spontaneous fires. Toasted cars, bent metal .. remind you of 9/11? Baffled experts are calling it ‘dry lightning’ that ignites these fires….

‘The craziest *** thing I ever seen. There’s a fire and its going straight up the middle of a tree..Its hollowed-out the tree.’ For climate and weather-modifying (HAARP, DEW etc) technology in the US see here.


Finally got my first plug. Today I woke up feeling more positive & had a more energetic day.


neeson #39332

I actually felt better using the plug directly on my leg. The electric cord method set off a lot of neuropathy for me but taping the plug to the back of the knee had positive results. Reduced neuropathy and range of movement. I don’t use the cord anymore. Maybe it’s just a personal experience.


insidious #393338

Indeed. I listen to DAvid Icke and his radio buddy and a lot of what’s going on in the UK does not support Ben’s position that the Light forces are winning. STrange attacks on people for racism and sexism that don’t make sense. Lots of prominent media people supporting anti-racist agenda that aren’t real. I can’t remember examples right now. Icke says that the tension in Europe and the movements for independance are part of the plan to tear Europe apart and that the Theresa May has no intention of honoring the Brexit vote. We’ll see about the Queen.

Sometimes I wonder about Ben.

Loved the Jim Willie interview, he’s a treasure trove of info. Haven’t finished it yet.

Disclosure will be epic. I can’t wait. Will check out all the Stillness links- they look good.


#393342 zanderboy

Hi Zander … Did you ever hear back from your friend, the unshakable believer, regarding the Bible passage that reveals “God” to be the son of another god, and simply the pagan god of Israel?



 #393342

Finally got my first plug. Today I woke up feeling more positive & had a more energetic day.


coooool…..a votre santé monsieur…..


from this article-quote—–The natural health movement in America has reached new heights, and more informed consumers are realizing that nothing good comes from repeatedly injecting babies with known neurotoxins, and that’s why California Senator Dr. Richard Pan has been crowned with the villainous nickname “The Mercury Joker.” The Mercury Joker pocketed tens of thousands of dollars from Merck and then authored SB 277, the California law that all children must be force vaccinated with as many toxins as possible or be deprived of their Constitutional right to attend school.’ —–unquote…..


wow-we definitely neeeeeed to takedown the luciferians and their super brainwashed minions…..

transhumanism new vorld order doctrines must be put through a sort of reverse osmosis processs…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


kamber hossaini
hi there, thanks for the specifics so I could go and search the topic. Just starting to listen to the lectures now. very interesting.
Here is a link incase anyone else wants to delve into it:
Ken Rohla: How To Survive Chemtrails


#393285 kamber hossaini
#393347 mkddachs

Thanks kamber for bringing Ken Rohla to our attention. He is a very smart guy, well informed, and a very good presenter.

I found the video that kamber and Mellissa mentioned and noticed another one that Rohla posted called “The Physics of How Consciousness Creates Reality”.

It’s really good ! For those who are bored with “sciencey” stuff, I think you will find this easily understandable and entertaining.


Re the Lemurian Plug

People are asking questions that are easily answered by reading this page from the Plug site:

If people would just go there and read the article, questions will be answered and you will learn about many of the ways the Plug can be used. It would save our valiant Siggy the trouble of answering the same questions over and over again.


Now Kevin Spacey has been accused of abuse, Jennifer Lawrence has come forward about her disturbing experiences and Reese Witherspoon has spoken out against a director who sexually assaulted her when she was 16.


How did it go today? I hope Ozzie went peacefully. Sending you healing energy to help you.

The specialty the vets sent me to where so expensive I decided to try to find one that was cheaper and one of the lady’s in my exercise class just had a dog go thru cancer treatment. Her vet which is in my neighborhood does all the tests and has more experience than the two I took him to, so I made an appt. and got him in right away. Otherwise i would have been waiting for weeks.

I almost put him down going on my one vet saying he had swollen lymph nodes. Well the 3rd vet checked him out , asked me some questions and looked at the x-rays from the 2nd vet. 1st vet had blood-work from when he was fixed in Dec 2016, ..

3rd vet said he looks healthy in every way except he is having trouble pooping and it looks like there is a constriction and the hernias on either side of his little butt. One was very small.

She said that because it started before he was fixed, it probably wouldn’t be prostrate problems – she spent all kinds of time answering questions and said she didn’t see any swollen nodes in the x-rays. I discussed that I was giving him fiber(husks) and stool softener plus tumeric and co-q10 plus a few others and she said I should continue to give him the first two but give him softened food and lots of water.

I have also been walking him and going at his pace to give him time to expel anything. When he pushes and the hernia pouches out I push them back in – he has started to let me help him – similar to doing anal glands. It just goes to show how important every part of the digestive system is for us to continue to function properly.

I am getting a ultra-sound for him on Thursday to make sure it isn’t his prostrate. And have to take him to the surgery specialists in town to have those hernias fixed. Once they are fixed I will have to for sure give him a stool softener and lots of fiber so he doesn’t undo the surgery in the next two weeks . Just till his stitches heal. So soft food and lots of liq in foods and probably he will loose some weight and be ready to eat more once those two weeks are up.

Holy god thou, I almost took him in and put him down on the second vets recommendation. I didn’t sleep the night before his appt so in the morning canceled that appt and made the one with the 3rd vet for another opinion. I can be a pretty rough client to deal with and usually the vets can’t face that to well. I don’t want to loose a dog because of stupidity.

I hope the ultra sound doesn’t show anything – at least no problems with the prostrate anyway… I think with the supplements I give my dogs I would be surprised if one of them got cancer. I was all ready to start him on “Golden Paste” which is Turmeric, coconut oil , pepper and something else – this in being used not only on animals but also on people who have cancer. It just comes up on youtube if you put in Golden paste.

Thank god I kept searching – every vet has their own specialty and I know it hurts them as much the pets owners when they loose one. I read that their profession has the highest amount of suicides of all doctors. Its because people love their animals and will do what needs to be done to keep them alive and healthy. I don’t go as far as most folks will because I know “there is a time to live and a time to die” . You have to let them go after a point.



not sure if this has been up already:
Epic Financial Shift is Being Signaled: Prepare NOW | Greg Mannarino

intruth this is what you pointed out – but this is the link:
(Pt 1 of 7) John Casey Author of UPHEAVAL & ADAPT 2030 Discuss Catastrophic Earthquakes Striking USA


Justin Deschamps
Stillness in the Storm

I appreciate the links and topics you are referencing
thank you for breaking them down so i can research the ones of interest to me.


RE:Loved the Jim Willie interview, he’s a treasure trove of info. Haven’t finished it yet.
Disclosure will be epic.juju

can you put the link up again.


I ordered C60 a couple months ago and finally got that today. I’ll have to read up on it again but it is a form of activated charcoal that is anti-aging with anti-oxidative stress reduction, protecting or even regrowing telomere length , increasing energy production and enhancing cellular communication.

I have used youngevitys telomere solution as well and then I measured my telomere’s and it did lengthen them. I used a blood test. It showed I was 20 yrs younger than my age.


About Purple Power

We bring you Carbon 60, an amazing molecule for increasing your health and longevity. The C60 molecule consists of sixty carbon atoms shaped like a tiny soccer ball 1.1 nanometers in diameter.

Numerous scientific studies have discovered C60 has positive health enhancing properties for both animals and plants. C60 is 172 times more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. C60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation.

C60 Purple Power takes high purity C60 and cool infuses it into healthy vegetable oils for maximum monomolecular absorption. We offer C60 in both Avocado and Coconut oil.

Athletes feel a distinct and immediate increase in performance and endurance with C60 Purple Power. Recovery times after exercise or competition are greatly reduced. Serious athletes can gain hours back into their lives with C60 Purple Power. C60 is NCAA approved for use.

Runners and bicyclists reach their fastest times. Weightlifters exceed their personal bests. Maximize your performance, strength, and endurance, as well as reduce your recovery times with C60 Purple Power.

When C60 Purple Power is rubbed on the skin, wrinkles are gently reduced. Skin feels softer and more supple. Age spots fade away. Wounds and sores heal much faster. This all leads to a much more youthful appearance.

People find the brain fog so common in today’s polluted environments, to rapidly dissipate. Mental clarity, emotional focus and vigor are increased with C60 Purple Power. Energy levels raise and remain balanced throughout the day. People feel more internally connected, focused and on task.

Physical strength, energy and virility return to more youthful levels. Attitude and motivation are greatly elevated. Get yourself the many life enhancing benefits of C60 Purple Power!


Another bites the dust :
Now Kevin Spacey has been accused of abuse,


From Jim Stone.
Syria did an (F35) turkey shoot against Zio-tard Israel?!?
Highly probable but not proven: Syria scored a hit on an Israeli F-35 with an S-200

FACT: Later the same day, Israel permanently de-commissioned a brand new F-35 due to a “bird strike”.

The following is an old story, but it was so buried I just became aware of it now. Israel actually permanently retired an F-35 after this.

WARNING ON THIS TOPIC: A virus tried to hit this computer when I was digging up links, so this topic is a mine field. This appears to be a safe link, BE CAREFUL.
It is already well known that Israel got a hack into Russia’s S-300 and S-400 missile systems, which contacts the missiles and tells them not to hit the plane. This was probably put in place by Jews in Russia’s DOD. But Israel probably has no such hack on the S-200, which is old but still capable.

So the question is, did Syria bag an F-35? Here are the story lines: Israel once again violated Syria’s airspace, and scored a hit on a Syrian missile battery, which before the bombs arrived managed to fire off an S-200 which registered a hit on the Israeli F-35. Probably due to advanced stability controls, the F-35 made it back to Israel and landed.

A few hours later, the Israeli media released a report that stated a brand new F-35 was going to be decomissioned due to a bird strike that happened during training. PROBLEM: The F-35 is well designed to handle bird strikes, and actually scores very high in this area. And when has Israel done anything but lie? The report was careful to say the strike happened weeks before and the f-35 was decomissioned after careful consideration. But if Syria really did hit it, there is no way, even on the other side of HELL that Israel would ever admit it and by doing so allow the Syrians to know they have a chance, I’d say it is highly probable that the S-200 is not hacked, and actually scored a hit.

Here’s my best bet: A missile strike blew a large chunk of the plane off, and only computerized stability controls allowed it to get back to Israel and land. It would not be the first time this happened, an Israeli F-15 landed with one wing due to the automated stability controls keeping it from tumbling, there’s no reason to think the F-35 would not be able to make it back, in pieces. Anyone who says it would not be possible for an advanced plane to make it home after a very bad missile hit does not know enough history.


Melissa, the link was yours.

Silverdoctors broadcast. Willie is great. Headed back now.

Kevin Spacey is one of the most ferocious sexual predators in Hollywood and he’s bisexual so everybody suffers. He grabs other actors, crew, anyone he wants. I’ve read this in several places. People are afraid to say no because he’s powerful. The character he plays on House of Cards is no act, it’s HIM!


OK, here’s a perspective we’re not getting from Ben, explains a lot of what’s going from a more realistic perspective, i.e. no dragon societies and Freemasons.

Jim Willie 10/13- a must listen.


I’m intrigued with the reports on the Lemurian Plugs.

But that lady who claimed to be from Atlantis some effing “26,000,000 years ago” — come on, man, Atlantis was not even around 26 MILLION years ago.

But, maybe that was a typo? 26,000 years would be a more accurate number.

Anyway, I’m tempted to buy some Lemurian Plugs, but I don’t want to be a BT Barnum Baby, ya know.

And the author of that site does not come across as really intelligent or brilliant, so I dunno.

“Her name is Kathleen. Off come the glasses, there is no limp, she walks up to the dais, gives her speech. The first things out of her mouth are “I am from Lemuria and I was a healer in Atlantis 26,000,000 years ago.”


Hi Mozart,

Great to hear from you buddy.

I think that it is worth giving it a go due to the many positive reports here in the café.

You are correct in that it could be a scam, but the other side of the story is that there are things we are just not aware of yet and if some people get benefits (even if it is the power of positive willpower), then a device that concentrates ones thinking into those potential benefits is worth the small price (US$35 plus postage) to give it a go.

Alexis and I are still evaluating the usefulness as we have only had ours for a couple of days.

Kind regards,


And then there is the placebo effect- or we are creating a reality that is working to cause the effects we desire. Changing our dimension
Funny how a person can sync up with others when people are willing to share and imagine. Pretty neat.


I would like to ask Benjamin, What is going to happen to all the offshore accounts which the criminal elitre use to commit so many frauds on us?


Lakewinds hi; sorry, kinda snowed under with stuff. I honestly have not had the courage after I recently sent him well wishes for his birthday. Gotta do my hu-ing & go to bed, stay well.


If I could offer one tidbit for the newcomers on this board. Get over yourself. The numbers game has been going on for years. You aren’t going to change it. We really don’t care if it annoys you. And when you find yourself in the top 10…or 20 or whatever excites you…you are going to jump in and play as well. I did.


being excited about something so mundane is personal and individual. I did it for a while and now I don’t but it seems to set the week of posts. I love the diversity here. What ever floats your boat and it should not make one bit of difference.

This form has been small for some time but relatively peaceful compared to when the green machine was here. People can give their views without being totally attacked and chased off by anyone here.

Only thing I noticed is that someone from the green machines days is giving thumbs down to those of us that didn’t support caleb and over totally benign statements or those for Trump. So if someone notices that has happened please give a thumbs up to those who have been marked that way. At least one to even it out a bit.


I Hu and I notice it calms me down and I feel like I will be protected by my own or others stupidity unless it serves a higher purpose. I accept what happens more and I have more patience with others and myself.

I now have so many goals , I will never complete them so I have to be patient with myself but it also encourages me to do more of what I want and take what others say less personally. For so many yrs in my life I took everything personally and I got fat trying to protect myself – I am so sensitive to what people are giving off, so I have to send back love instead of what they are sending to me or putting off in their own minds.

Hu’ing gives you a recharge every day and allows your soul to control karma coming at you. More of it is deflected or transformed and you set up a method to help disperse the karma you are dealing with from past lifes… The other thing we do is a Friday fast.

You can fast mentally, physically or spiritually. I ware my Hu button or necklace if I remember that day and every time I touch it , I Hu and center myself in as much love as possible. Or you can actually fast.


from this article-quote—–Facebook and the free web were supposed to be platforms of expression and free voices, and now corporations and governments nobody can trust vie for complete control.—–unquote…..



I so understand what you are saying and I am so glad that the methods you use are helping to center you and to heal you.

When I was young I was hyper-sensitive and took everything so personally that it bordered on making me sick. My nerves were terrible and the family doctor even prescribed me medicine for my nerves (1970-ish) which wasn’t commonly done then. (And I didn’t really take it for long. I guess that is when I started looking for other methods.)
It took me years before I realized that I was rather empathic and slowly learned to acknowledge my perceptions of the energies coming off of other people and not take it personally. I had put up a lot of barriers and walls as a result. I went through a lot of spiritual learning before I really settled in to a centered peacefulness.

Now I still get perturbed at times but not caught up in extreme emotionalism from the attitudes and energies/emotions of people tossed my way. I usually end up trying to analyze the person and perceive what their energies are especially when I can’t or don’t want to really relate to what they are all caught up in. I’ve come to a practice of sympathy but detachment depending on the situation.

But when I really want to calm myself I do controlled breathing…..probably much like Hu-ing.

Like you I find that I have to balance the spiritual & physical healing with the outside world input so any form of spiritual healing and physical enhancement with vitamins & minerals etc., chiropractic, allergy elimination, tai chi, qi gong, most martial arts is vital for self-improvement and greater awareness. I find all my abilities enhanced as a result. My self-awareness, higher power awareness and other-people awareness improves.

The hard part is when I have to realize that the people around me don’t have the same abilities.

If you are still battling with weight are you using and extension cord (with your electrical system enhanced by The Plug) around your waist area? I am thinking of giving it a try since I have some fat I want to get rid of. It may also calm your inner organs more. Most people aren’t aware that you can help reduce stress on the inner organs by doing tai chi and specific qi gong exercises. And when and if you try that, focus on a positive goal for weight loss and body renewal.

I am getting the impression that the Plug can work on deep issues as well as the ones that are less daunting for one’s health. In my mind the placebo effect is actually one’s spirit self creating the changes.

I have a lot of goals too or at least a lot of things to accomplish in this life and I am already into my 60s. I know the Plug is affecting me positively in regards to this. But then I also stop to rest and know when to rest. I hope you are getting many of these good effects from the Plug now as well.



All right you guys, this Cafe is so cool. Such a diverse group and we teach each other so much!

Several of you have been mentioning the practice of Hu-ing. That was a new one for me. “What the hek is that?” I says to meself.

Went searching. The first 2 search engines I tried, ( I avoid google when possible) only turned up a reference from the Urban Dictionary:

Serial sessions of hooking-up. Regular meetups with a f*ck buddy.”

“Hmmm. No, I don’t that’s what they are doing,” I says to meself.

Finally went to google and found a book review with excerpts from Just Say HU.

There is a link there to get the ebook version for $7.99 usd

There are enough instructions in the excerpts for anyone to learn this simple technique for centering and clearing negativity from the mind. But I bought the paperback from Amazon anyway. Curiously, there are no reviews for it there.

I’ll be joining the rest of you BFC HUers for a week of two and see what transpires. Thanks for the pointer.



Jesus Campos, the “hero security guard” went missing for a while. He has chosen to resurface on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Also appearing is building engineer Stephen Schuck.

Excerpt: The Mandalay Bay security guard who was described as “missing” in recent news reports has turned up on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where he taped his first public account of being wounded as he responded to Stephen Paddock’s deadly shooting rampage in Las Vegas.

In a segment set for broadcast on Wednesday, Jesus Campos described how he was called to check on an open door near Paddock’s suite on the 32nd floor of the hotel and casino, and how he was struck by gunfire moments before the shooter unleashed a fusillade of bullets on a crowd of concertgoers below.

“As I was walking down, I heard rapid fire, and at first I took cover,” Campos said. “I felt a burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood. That’s when I called it in on my radio that shots have been fired.”

More on site.


Deester wrote:
Jesus Campos, the “hero security guard” went missing for a while. He has chosen to resurface on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Also appearing is building engineer Stephen Schuck.
Jim Stone wrote about this and here it is…
Was it Jesus Campos on Ellen?

First of all, why would any thinking individual show up on that sleaze pit for a first appearance? Anyone ought to see that choice has an agenda behind it, IF it was even a choice.
I can’t confirm if it was him though, because ALL search engines back wiped all images of Jesus Campos that got posted before the Ellen show, other than one hyper blurry photo that does not have enough detail to tell anything. SERIOUSLY. Just try it. Try looking up Jesus Campos on any search engine, and getting a picture of him before the Ellen show. Even photos that show up with an earlier date are from the Ellen show. WHY?

There is one photo that is listed as older, that shows him with a white shirt. Only the white shirt is a camera blowout, it is still from the Ellen show.

The Ellen show does not answer even the basics either. That anchor of the dark state would go along with any lie. If the only clear pictures we can get of campos now are from the Ellen show, what does that say? It means one of the most filthy people in media has set the precedent for the narrative.

STILL UNANSWERED: Was Campos ever real? If so, why did he vanish for so long? If he was real, has he been getting programmed for two weeks? Howcome there is such a lack of anything photographic related to Campos before the Ellen show? WHY THE ELLEN SHOW? Folks, it just does not get any more hoakey than that!


More information on the Vegas shooting, including some of the lineage of the players.

Will the real Stephen Paddock please stand up. “But in this video someone on youtube has been able to find background information using Instant Checkmate on a Stephen C. Paddock whose address in Mesquite, NV is the same address given for the shooter. And guess what? It isn’t the same guy!”

The next website claims that Stephen is listed on Intelius (I checked this and it is true), but his brother is nowhere to be found. He thinks they did an Ryan/Adam Lanza on the photos, where they Photoshopped one brother into becoming the other. It also points out the numerous intelligence ties. Like our own Waldheim, Mathis is a portrait painter. He compares moles, wrinkles, etc. It also discusses what companies and banks the players are involved in.

The next site has a poster named Cowboy who has come up with multiple identities for the people involved. Like Sandy Hook where Peter Lanza had other names (Peter Stack, Peter Settlor, Peter Delcore and Peter Buhrmaster.). Multiple identities are used to obscure and confuse and are also hallmarks of FBI/CIA/DHS events.

Here is a comment on Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page concerning Jesus Campos: “Nothing about this guy is legit! He was using 2 social security numbers. Not only that his name is not listed as a registered security guard! He is not who he says he is.”

I did another search of recent Las Vegas obituaries. There should be a number of these for the shooting as funerals would be planned, etc. Like the Orlando Pulse shooting, these are noticeably absent.


you should have asked instead of buying a book.
Go to

or go directly to
and listen to the 5 min version of the HU song… ancient name for God.
There are fake people following a similar method but they really are limited in their information – just dissing the original – I researched them also but went back to the original and love the people I hang with from the group. I am the person who brings the food on the 1st and 3rd sundays. Lots of picky folks, Gluten free, organic, low carb etc etc but it seems to be working well for me.

I can only say that I have had many wonderful things happen to me since joining in 06 – amazing revelations regarding past lives and why I have the relationships I have. I have had dreams of people who have passed who had messages for their family or mine. I have had classes on the inner with people in my classes. Its like going thru counseling – heavy deep sessions and others are doing it at the same time. You either learn or you leave. Mostly its
about accepting yourself and others. We all have different gifts – it doesn’t make us better, it just makes us different. Not to profound but that does come with age.
Just a method of centering yourself…


#393378 mkddachs

Thanks Melissa. You’re right. I should have just asked. I’m the kind of guy who won’t ask for directions when lost in unfamiliar territory. The inclination to be self-sufficient isn’t my best trait.


scottfree #393379

re. #393378 mkddachs

Here are my notes I keep on my desktop:

Scott Lemriel and Lisa Hays with Dreams for Society – Imagine, Visualize & Create!

We now have the ability to recover what we already know; it was much harder just a few years ago.

We are involved in something that has never happened before in this universe.

Faith is a great place to start but not to end up. To go further you need the knowledge through experience or direct knowing perception through the subconscious.

The rods & cones in the pineal are tuned to other localities in the universe, we only have to find the frequency.

We are here to be a co-creator with Source & this means Source does not have all the answers we think it does. We are down here learning from all the traps in these prison conditions so that when we pass over we can upload our experiences so that new ways can be implemented to run the lower universes.

Our core being or Atma/Soul is made to believe we have no power over our situation due to the implants, physical & etheric. Primary implants are put in off-planet. They needed to come up with a method to neutralize the experiment of evil in a way that was not through war (because then the energy would simply return/rebound) so they found a way to do it universally to all, both good & bad. This is happening now. Even the reptilian tyrants are beginning to remember; this has to be on a galactic scale (& not just our galaxy). We have not had true freewill, & the galactics now realise that.

6 million people missing since WW2. Money is illegal in the rest of the universe. Greys can longer abduct people, for 5-6 years now. Other planets agree not to overpopulate more than 500,000 people to maintain space & natural balance with the planet.

There is nothing right with the amnesia that we come into this world with. That is why it has been taking so long, due to the prison planet re-incarnation grid.

Pleasurable experiences are not erasable, negative experiences are erasable since they are false – as in artificial.

We need to recover what was taken from us first, without our consent. He now talks about making the sound of ‘Hue’, creating an electromagnetic field around the body that predates pos/neg creation & is inherent in our own matrix.
It is the purest form of prayer, asking for nothing, & saying the Hue vibrates upward through the pineal (Om vibrates the throat & chest). This affects you on the physical, astral, causal, mental, & etheric planes. The Hue vibration must penetrate through the ‘void’ (beyond the etheric). Above the void is the pure positive where you can create without ‘cause & effect’ . This way you can bypass the implant system & re-install the true free will that we lost.

When focussing & doing it nothing can touch you, no scalar, etheric or electromagnetic interference, nothing. Clear yourself, connect with something or someone you love that you are grateful for. You are turning on, tuning into the pure direct link channel. You are sending out to others that you want to remember who you are, & you are giving them permission to help you.

Later you can start on a low tone & go up 12 times. After that you can repeat

‘Safely show me deliberately hidden truth & the much greater knowing on a grand cosmic multidimensional scale or the expansive love within it.’

Now do one more ‘Hue’ to cap it off. Good to do before you go to bed.

It usually takes 30 days (of doing it everyday for 15 minutes) before adults start to realize the effects. The primary implant still needs to be removed; usually when you are ‘conscious’ but asleep. First though you can have the minor implants dealt with in 3D, to lessen your fear.

“The Galactic Inter Dimensional Alliance of Free Worlds” with 144 parallel dimensions.
0ver 5000 members representing more than 450 million advanced races – in just one quarter of the galaxy.

Scott Lemriel has three books out.


mozart #393363
Hi Moz! (sorry for long comment…again)
( But This is the only time I write from a state of a “defending” position re the Plug. I ask all OlP to be creative and think of new way to use and implement this great technology, and share about it please)
Moz! Eh… It isn’t Kathleen you are going to plug into your electric system…he he. The reason the site looks like an ad from a mail order company from the 70’s, is simple. There were no money. It’s insignificant imo since there are available several program/radio show explaining it all. Plus all the testimonials.
I am however very glad you are willing to try the plug. I think you will be positively surprised. Been stated before you know, remember. What you bring to plug from a place of trust, faith and positive attitudes – will come as an extra bonus.
“But that lady who claimed to be from Atlantis some effing “26,000,000 years ago” — come on, man, Atlantis was not even around 26 MILLION years ago.”
Thank you! – I will ask the plug for this.
What I learned is there have been at least 3 cycles of Atlantis and Lemuria. Been discussed in this forum, both recently and some years ago. I can’t remember the time periods on top of my head, but found this link.
It could very well be one or more zero to much. We’ll see.
“The Lemurian Age took place approximately between the years 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago.”
That much from a 3 d perspective.
Something to consider.
The New Lemuria
“To all of you reading these words, let us say to you that Lemuria has never been totally destroyed as it has been perceived in your present timing. It still exists to this day in a fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, not yet visible to your third dimensional vision and perception. As the veil between those dimensions continues to become increasingly thinner, we want to assure you that in a not too distant future, your beloved Lemuria, in Her new Splendor and Glory, will reveal Herself to you in a very physical and tangible way.”
Time and space, as I see it, must still exist in 4 and 5 d. But can be/are “manipulated” – stretch and widen.
Pretty convinced that the plug is a 5 d technology, past “down” to help us lift up. ___—
Again I say, if you don”t experiences anything good from this advanced technology, I will offer you to buy it from you. As we know there are plenty of stuff in our 3d world to try for health benefits. The common properties from this science, created by mind smart people, are often no results at all or more severe illness by toxicity held in their medicine or use of apparatus – enough to mention traditional cancer treatment….. Seldom are they cheap either, Most of the time it’s a scam. To pass money on to other project , or finance their own luxurious lifestyle.
This is NOT the case here. No profit and I’ve yet to find anything remotely come close to the plug. Saying this , as I’ve been “all over the place “for around 35 years, looking, buying and trying a lot of stuff, 3 d related as well
But, but. so why do I say this when the Plug speaks for it self!
It really don’t need any human translator. imo.
So…Somewhat unnecessary for me perhaps to try to “defend” an already high multi functional health device. One I already have spoken about from personal experiences, for a year now. Tried it , many people I know personally too. We’re all amazed.
I do so gladly anyway. Just to think those comfortably thoughts, of how many it have already helped, and given a much better life, me included.
It’s only the beginning, we are all pioneers of an super exciting area, which start NOW.
Beast wishes


Marking my space.


scottfree #393374

Hi scottfree
It is lovely to have you as part of our community these days.
We are not all HU… UUUUUing via exactly the same practice.
Melissa and I think Zander are doing theirs via Eckankar… very lovely so I hear.

I have been doing mine since 1975 via The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (
I refer to myself doing “meditation” when talking to folks generally, but within msia we call it “spiritual exercises”
Here are the msia instructions:

What I have to say about my experience is much like what Melissa said about her’s… from my first introduction to it, I felt an alive joy/peace as I did it.. and as a student in the practice, I have experienced deeper, better joy/peace bit by bit over the years and also an ability to let go of many deep patterns of low self esteem, etc from my early life.

My teacher in msia John-Roger constantly encouraged all to follow what works for them and “have the wit” to let go of something when it stopped working and seek the next thing that does work. Like much that “JR” said.. I soooo agree with that.

I have observed that there are sooooo many ways to connect with Spirit/Uplifting consciousness…Which is good cuz what works for one does not work for another.

msia and my detailed connection to the broad spectrum of “HU” consciousness is still working for me 42 years and counting… so it is still my home-base spiritual connection.

It’s the MSIA “guys” that suggested FTHGAC as a guideline for any Light/Prayer action. IE.. intending that what one seeks is what is For The Highest Good of All Concerned.

tail wagg to ya 😉


mkddachs #39335

Well… I had an interesting reaction to this news about Kevin Spacey.
I was bummed.. worrying that he won’t be able to make any more House of Cards seasons… and other stuff.
And then I thought about the fact that this is just the teeeenie tiiiiinie beginning of the outing of sexual perversity.
And who knows how much entertainment delight and other institutions are going to go by the wayside as the truth comes out and folks are brought to justice.. either by being banned from their professions or more.

And then that goes along w the ideas creeping thru me day by day these days .. about all that I count on as the structure/comfort/routine/resources of my life … that is on the verge of crumbling soon… sooon enough. … crumbling to powder like the homes/schools/trees/cars, etc of the Northern Californians who have so recently been “scalered” by the lizzy-pups.

So.. LIGHT/HU/HEALING/Group Of Dancer consiousness to all who have already lost so much… seen so much crumble.. and to those of us anticipating the crumbling.. and to those precipitating the crumbling… including our big Sun Fella… and to anyone I forgot…
And Light .. please bring forward ALL ALL ALL that is For The HIGHEST GOOD for ALL Concerned.


Speaking of “Outings” leading to crumblings of people… their functions/productions/institutions etc:

I’ve been watching my CBS 6:30 tv news lately.. to keep up with my neighbors’ data-sets.. and there was nothing of this either today or yesterday.. but I gather Fox “broke” it yesterday already:

“Natural News) We have truly reached the point in American history where criminal indictments need to be immediately leveled against James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Robert Mueller and a dozen other high-ranking officials who are now known to have been complicit in one of the most treasonous criminal cover-ups in American history.

Although the entire left-wing media is running a campaign of complete silence on this story, the rest of the media is now widely reporting that, under President Obama, the FBI had documented an exhaustive trail of corruption, bribery and treason that involved Hillary Clinton, State Department corruption and Russia-linked mining companies that acquired rights to U.S. uranium supplies. This truth was described in great detail in the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, and now evidence is emerging that further confirms the depth of collusion, corruption, money laundering and treason that Hillary Clinton actively pursued to collect $145 million from Russia-linked sources.

Tons more.. on:


intruth #39 32" class="ucm-comment-id">39 32
Just viewed this video by David DuByne of Adapt 2030

it won’t let me copy the URL – WTF! – please search by title

John Casey Author of UPHEAVAL & ADAPT 2030 Discuss Catastrophic Earthquakes Striking USA (315)
Adapt 2030<<

mkddachs #39 3352" class="ucm-comment-id">39 3352
intruth this is what you pointed out – but this is the link:
(Pt 1 of 7) John Casey Author of UPHEAVAL & ADAPT 2030 Discuss Catastrophic Earthquakes Striking USA

WOAH… i did listen to this while biking yesterday and I am BLOWN AWAY… I do agree that this is THE M O S T important item for us all to be attending to .. and attempting to get our "ones in our lives" to attend to.
i feel a little silly thinking about my healing reactions as similar to the symptoms the earth is beginning to render: earthquakes… extreme cold… BIG ger storms… volcanoes.
I am going to get the ‘UPHEAVAL’ book and study it … and listen to all 7 of the talks.. and explore more of Adapt 2030 website… I�39 ;ve already listened to several of his global cooling talks.

THIS is what we ALL need to be preparing for.. it is SOOOO much bigger than how we bring the Clintons to terms.. or exactly who did what in Vegas.

Without starting to prepare for the Solar Minimum we are all Neros… fiddling while our Rome burns/floods/freezes… and so many perish.


I think there was something else I wanted to say to you “guys” tonight.. but can’t remember now.
So I will do this explanation for the newerie among us and then toddle my little doggie tail off to snooze beside that gorgeous honey-hued “grey” down there there the end of the bed.

So.. for those new here since I explained it before.
When thinking about those Ben calls the “Khazarians” and many call the “Cabal”… I found I wanted to lighten my attitude toward them.. as part of helping myself remember that all of em… even the ones masterminding stuff from off planet who are of reptilian and other “formats”… all are just other aspects of consciousness.. sharing this 3-D and “other-D” reality to grow and learn, same as me. AND Truly… A R E me. (and you).. ie we truly are all expressions of conscciousness learning together.. I needn’t be intimidated by any 1.. or terrified of any 2.

So to help myself with the “not being intimidated or terrified project… I created some names that felt goofy and humorous to me and hewed (HU ed! 😉 ) them down to size.

At the top of the pyramid.. are the off-planet GINORMOUS Reptilian G R A N D puppeteers: “The Dino-Teers”

Below them are the smaller.. on-planet lizzards … puppetting other lizzards and lizzard-brained folks… in maaaaaany deeep layers of puppets puppeteering puppets… puppeteering puppets… puppeteering….: “The Lizzy-Pups”.

OK… nitey nite all.


#393377 deester

The next website claims that Stephen is listed on Intelius (I checked this and it is true), but his brother is nowhere to be found. He thinks they did an Ryan/Adam Lanza on the photos, where they Photoshopped one brother into becoming the other. It also points out the numerous intelligence ties. Like our own Waldheim, Mathis is a portrait painter. He compares moles, wrinkles, etc. It also discusses what companies and banks the players are involved in.


Deester, I commend your research, and Miles Mathis is a fascinating read here as usual. With all due professional respect to another highly regarded portrait painter, I once again disagree with his facial comparison thesis, and wish he possessed a better pair of eyes. I can see no way comparing images of Stephen Paddock and Eric Paddock, that they can be connected to be the same person. Yes, Stephen Paddock’s eyebrows are shaved (weird), and yes they both have that little dot on the same cheek. But it is not the same mole between them, nor is it in the same position, nor is the cheek structure the same proportionally. They do seem like they are brothers by resemblance, but they are far from being the identical face and features. The eyes are completely different, and the nose structure is quite different too. I don’t see how one nose could be built up to create the other, the structures are just reversals and the bridges are so different. The divot between the brows is not the same either, not even Photoshop would explain this. Eric is not possibly Stephen, though he’s likely his brother. My humble opinion.


When I sing HU I try to get my lungs/chest to resonate almost a buzzing , humming feeling. When I can do that its amazing-

I also change tone so it goes up and down – when I do this in the group others also start doing this and it becomes very melodic?

I visualize my aura expanding and I think – today I will be a conductor for spirit (coworker)
And then I try to leave myself open . No preconceived ideas 💡 just there to tell my truths as they come thru and allow others to do the same without putting them in box.

Rhetoric and concepts get in the way. Its not paying to much attention to the monkeys 🐒 of the mind. Let them play but don’t attemp to catch them.


2 new posts above. I am thrilled to be number one on the crisis actor Craigslist post. Appropriate, no?


I know you’ve got big balls Trump mate, but apparently you also have a need to swing your dick around!


deester #393392

T O T A L L Y appropriate that you are numero uno on the Crisis Actor Post, Deester… I think the BIG PICTURE L I G H T knows what it’s doing alright.

And let’s spread this news everywhere possible with the goal of “blowing” the false flag that Simon Parkes also warned about in his Sunday Q & A

And also his updates yesterday:


More on my BEST of the HU

It’s Sanskrit. Means “Source of A L L CREATION”/Highest Spirit available in these 3D realms/Great Spirit

looks like this:

In my practice … for meditation/Spiritual Exercises we “listen to it” / see it.. in our inner awareness.. ie… silently … with a focus on the area of the pineal gland in the middle of the head.

We invite the HU Highest Spirit available to “fill, surround and protect us… for the Highest Good of All Concerned” and then focus on it internally while relaxed and silent … at home… waiting in line at the supermarket, etc.

The only place NOT to do it is driving or operating heavy machinery as it pulls one’s consciousness so faaaar away from a grounded experience of this 3D.

For “out loud” singing… we usually add the sanskrit word “Ani” … which points toward empathy. So we sing “Ani… iiiiii…. HU… uuuuuu” together…. and follow internal impetus to harmonize… it can make THE M O S T beauteous choral effects.. and brings all singers more into harmony with each other.

To download a guided version of the Ani Hu:

And for my “pals” official instructions of the silent meditation/inner practice again it is:


zanderboy #393380

O zander.. i see that you are not doing Eckankar but rather:

Scott Lemriel and Lisa Hays with Dreams for Society – Imagine, Visualize & Create!

So many paths to SOURCE, eh?

ANI— HUUUU… uuuuuu all … !!

tail wagg!


HUUUUUU- indeed. Ben’s comments on US Syria cooperation are dovetailing with Jim Willie’s conclusion that the US military isn’t going to fight the end of the dollar anymore, so hopefully we’ll see less engagement rather than more. This doesn’t mean that the dozens of mercenary units owned by corporations and secret organizations won’t field their own operatives.

I’ve reached the conclusion that a lot of Trump is doing is aimed at minimizing the impact of the end of the dollar as global currency #1. We’re prepared to drop down to #5 even maybe, after euros, pounds, swiss francs, renminbi, even Japanese yuan. They want to take our guns away because of the anticipated break down of society in the aftermath of the dollar evaporation and they want to be able to raid people’s houses. It will be like the beginning of the Russian revolution and we know how that ended. Trump has been trying to bring manufacturing back here so we won’t have bare shelves but he is being thwarted by the usual band of thugs.

Ben was criticized about his comments on Jewish prevalence in some areas like the pedophilia scandals in Holyrood. I don’t think any of us believe that ALL Jewish people are inherently evil and twisted. I do believe that there is an active effort within the synagogues to convince them that 1) they must stay united against non-Jews, 2) they are special and somehow better/smarter, 3) they should never leave their religion, 4) the Christians are deranged and Jesus was a problem.

I don’t believe they’re all pedophiles but it’s unfortunate that many of the top ones, most powerful pedophiles are Jewish. Mental illness effects many races and our efforts to shut that deviancy down are paramount. If anyone follows Michael Hofman or Russ Winter or Henry Makow or Brother Nathaniel, they detail a lot of disturbing info about the Talmud and Mishnah and some of those lines are downright nauseating and it does make you wonder. The writer did not address those phrases. The men seem to be more indoctrinated than the women who accept much of the protocol without entirely buying into it.

What I am finding curious is the current war between the reform faction and the Chabbad, orthodox crowd. I read recently that the Orthodox have been rioting in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel because they don’t want to do military service. I suspect it’s all coming to a head!


Yes Littledog, it sure works for me. I thank both you & Melissa for your insightful sharing just recently & of course Siggi for his stalwart contributions. I have simply been too busy but I can relate one good tale.

I wanted the fridge replaced but was declined by my lovely landlady. A week later the fridge broke down & she graciously bought a larger new one! More proof it really is happening, this manifestation of focus or even subconscious desire.


I HU when I drive all the time. Where ever I do it , it can raise my consciousness and on some level you go on automatic and it isn’t a problem. In this world anywhere at anytime because it’s all the same plain.

It only matters that we have proper intent. I visualize myself reaching to god – in order to raise frequency we have to use this tool to bring us up far enough so we can get the messages from that higher source. It doesn’t matter if you comprehend it because it works if you use specific words .

There are other words that can be used for specific effects- they affect different time lines and dimensions and dreams and past lives.

I started in 06 and still have 5 or 6 books to go. Each book is 12 months long. Only one a month because there is a rhythm to them.


I’m a week and a half into using my Lemurian Plug, and I must say what’s going on is amazing. The pain in my feet is gone and my back pain seems to be lessening day by day. My energy level is improving, and I am not feeling totally exhausted all day long like I was before. I am not sleeping all the way through the night, which is never possible because my dogs like to be shifted around in the early morning, but I am finally experiencing much more restful sleep when I am sleeping. I’m also experiencing tons of synchronicity with clients and others. For instance, people that I think about I need to talk to about something calling me within 5 to 10 minutes of me thinking about them. I’ve never really known about the Hu stuff. Guess I need to investigate that now too. Thanks to all of you in the cafe for all the wonderful information you impart here. It’s priceless!!!


Thanks there Zander!
And to all others. Littledogg seems to go at a pace of super renewed energy? I struggle to follow….. And the “WHO”…I mean HU. Is this the same as HUE?
I know this from some year back on this blog, but have not yet gone into it. I think I will, so thanks littledogg for bringing this up.

Yesterday was a strange day for me. All day I had this tune playing in my head from dream state. ELO. They say that communication from your galactic “higher up” friends or HS, can come this way.. I need to check the song thorough for clues.
And last night I dreamt that Michael was back – sharing his wonderful vibes. I asked for telepathic contact with him this last week..This was the second time I asked.
Working outside all day, so It’s hard to keep up with you “guys”. But energy is flowing nicely. Also inspiring to hear from others uplifting experiences – coming from whatever. From where is not the main point. If we get healed from I will go for that as well

Ellen Caught Using ‘Fake Jesus Campos’ For TV Appearance
Facial ID recognition software suggests that the man who appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday was not Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos.
“Ellen is sponsored by MGM Grand. MGM Grand owns Mandalay Bay. There are an Ellen-branded slot machines in MGM casinos was not Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos..”
Not follow this sorry if this is shared before.
One of the reason I share it is this:
“Facial ID recognition software suggests that the man who appeared on the Ellen Degeneres………”
So we going to rely on “Facial ID recognition software.” for truth now?
Hmmm.. could there be an underlying hidden agenda here? what you say?
like… “we” take a defeat…., to win the war? (maybe over thinking this one.)

Superstar DJ Calvin Harris dropped a series of truth bombs on Twitter this week, defying Big Pharma by sharing real information about health and vaccine safety with his millions of followers.
“Calvin Harris took to Twitter to criticize British Prime Minister Theresa May for walking out to his song This Is What You Came For at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, England. But in the end, he only ended up getting attention for feuding with a couple of doctors after he tweeted-then-deleted some health advice for “grey faced” Theresa May.”

“Of course, Calvin Harris was quickly attacked by trolls determined to shoot down his health advice.
Dispensing holistic health advice on social media is a minefield, as many well-intentioned people can attest.
But the experience did not dissuade Calvin Harris, who has over 12 million Twitter followers, from continuing his crusade to educate the masses.
On Thursday, Calvin argued with another doctor over the toxicity of vaccines, even providing receipts and government reports to prove his argument. See the entire exchange (below)”
Not up to date on “Superstars”… – but Calvin goes at these de populations “doctors”.
Whatever Calvin has done to get his status, I don’t care…..he sure is a Superstar in my eyes..


Hmm – what’s up?
Are you all singing lullaby with your Plug in your lap now?? he he
Ok – night then – “Beloved Masters of the Universe” (Anna Merkaba’s wonderful greetings)


#393383 littledog
Hi Littledog,

Thanks for the further information on HU and the tail wagg. Both are appreciated.



#393380 zanderboy
Zander, thanks to you also for sharing your notes on HU and other matters.

I found this bit to be interesting:

“The rods & cones in the pineal are tuned to other localities in the universe, we only have to find the frequency.”

The universe is vast and for all practical purposes the number of “other localities” is infinite. So I am guessing, if that statement is true, that the pineal is tuned to other places where we are in other lifetimes. It could be our own private stargate with speed dial addresses already programmed.



 #393412

Thanks there Zander!
And to all others. Littledogg seems to go at a pace of super renewed energy? I struggle to follow….. And the “WHO”…I mean HU. Is this the same as HUE?
I know this from some year back on this blog, but have not yet gone into it. I think I will, so thanks littledogg for bringing this up.

Yesterday was a strange day for me. All day I had this tune playing in my head from dream state. ELO. They say that communication from your galactic “higher up” friends or HS, can come this way.. I need to check the song thorough for clues.
And last night I dreamt that Michael was back – sharing his wonderful vibes. I asked for telepathic contact with him this last week..This was the second time I asked.
Working outside all day, so It’s hard to keep up with you “guys”. But energy is flowing nicely. Also inspiring to hear from others uplifting experiences – coming from whatever. From where is not the main point. If we get healed from I will go for that as well



I have had a 4 seasons song playing in my head of recent…..

something sent externally by the feel of it…..

I love this song-the golden age of harmonies and melodies…..

frankie and the boys dial it up first class…..

who loves you – the 4 seasons…..


Another new post above: Letter to the Editor – A Note on “Jewishness” and Zionism


So little Ozzie had his ultrasound and his prostrate was big and he has lots of cysts- so they drained a lot of fluids off and it was really gross – so it will be tested to determine what anti-biotic should be used, although the vet started him on a script and Ozzie felt a lot better.

He liked this vet and cooperated with her completely- even when they stuck the needle in his side to pull the fluids out. They didn’t use any thing to do that – he just did what they asked.

He ate some solid food today. I have to soften his food from now on thou so he can heal his digestive system. And he will need fiber.


New Video: The Event Trailer 432Hz


Here’s part of a message from Mike Quinsey. It’s very encouraging and a reminder that many things are happening that we aren’t made aware of towards the creating of a new reality here on Earth. I think most of us know this is true, but sometimes it’s hard to keep centered and calm in the face of so much information designed to distract us and promote uncertainty and fear. You can read the whole thing here:

You are in the middle of hard times but do not despair or give up, they will not be long lasting, and before you know where you are you will find that the new paradigm is taking hold. You will hear talk of what is coming to lift you up, and over the next few years the promises made should materialise. You hear little or nothing now of activities in the Antartica as a block has been put upon releasing further information. Many discoveries continue to be made and be assured that they cannot be held back indefinitely. It is your history that is being uncovered and you will learn about it in due course. It is both incredible and exciting and the truth cannot be concealed forever, although some would rather keep you in the dark indefinitely. It is your history and you are entitled to know of it.

You hear little or nothing about battles that take place in your skies, that involve the dark Ones and their advanced knowledge that has enabled them to build spacecraft that can even leave the solar system. They keep prying eyes away and even your friendly visitors by confronting them with force. However, the Forces of Light have permission to intervene and will protect you against any attempted attack. That may sound far- fetched but the dark Ones had plans to carry out a “false flag” attack against Earth. They had hoped to be able to fool you into believing that Aliens were responsible. You might ask why would they do it, and the answer is to hold back your progress into the Light and learn the truth about yourselves and your history.

The spirits of Earth and her people will be victorious, as the love frequencies are overpowering the lower vibrations and nothing will stop it. 🙂 ♥


mkddachs #393422


I’m so happy that you took Ozzie to another vet for second opinion. It’s good to hear he’s handling the new treatment so well. His will to live is strong. I’m still sending him healing energy.



The US has 5% of the world’s
population, but 25% of all the
people in jail or prison on earth
are in a US jail.

More than Russia, more than


ISIS partnered with a dozen governments, Turkey, Jordan, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan Georgia, India, Britain, Germany, Poland and others.

The American planes that supplied air cover for ISIS, where are those pilots? The Israeli and Turkish pilots as well? Who flew the helicopters that moved ISIS from place to place? Who sold them the Raytheon missiles? How were they delivered?

When ISIS stole entire factories and billion in antiquities, who marketed it all, who profited, who ran the London auction houses?

Who sent 12,000 oil trucks, more than half formerly licenses for American roads, to Iraq and Syria to move oil for ISIS? Did anyone ever suspect that ISIS was also Exxon, BP, Haliburton or Bechtel? We did.

Let’s talk about the Kurds who guarded the ISIS oil trucks as they loaded and drove through the capitol of Erbil and through Kurdish held Duhoc right into Turkey? Everyone involved is a terrorist, why are none of them blacklisted?

Americans who served in Afghanistan all saw the drug traffic there, watched the poppy fields planted, the fertilizer and irrigation projects by USAID that addicted and killed millions around the world. Where did the money go?

When the Panama Papers was published, why were records of the drug money included, money that included dozens of top US officials along with the few listed in Pakistan?

There are darker secrets, trade in nuclear material, in secret German submarines, looted economies, phony banks, real stories a hundred times worse than internet rumors, all true, all easily proven.

How about the spying going on, not just the monoliths of Google and Facebook, the real Mossad and CIA, a thousand times worse. What they do on a daily basis would make Orwell choke on his understatement.

When can we blacklist them, loot their stolen riches, return the freedoms taken, restore human rights, human privacy and freedom of thought?


‘Ursula Haverbeck: 88-year-old Holocaust denier given six-month prison sentence
She claims the Holocaust did not take place and there were no gas chambers at the Auschwitz Nazi death camp.’

Brave woman of high moral integrity.


This article prompted the first denial-of-service attack on this website in 17 years. Site was down for nine hours.


I am just upset with myself that I didn’t take care of it earlier. He was trying to communicate it to me over a yr ago. Omg

Of course my Husband thinks his retirement is going to the dogs

I have started him on the C60 I got and maybe colloidal silver.


Zander #393428

The US has 5% of the world’s
population, but 25% of all the
people in jail or prison on earth
are in a US jail.

Hi Zander,

We have the wonderful capitalist system of for profit prisons here. People of influence, (like judges and politicians, for example) own shares or get kickbacks to improve the bottom line. There are now many more women serving time so more kids go into the broken foster system. The three strikes your out law, and minimum sentencing laws were passed years ago with the influence of the lobbyists for this industry.

So the prison system works the same way the big pharma and insurance industry control the medical system that is driven for profit, and big finance gets to make bets with derivatives that brings the economy to its knees on a regular basis, sucking up the assets of homes and retirement funds. There is a revolving door of lawyers for these industries becoming the federal regulators and judges for the high courts. That is how we do it over here, and export it to the rest of the world with the endless wars and then the IMF comes in to “rebuild”. It is part of our prison planet.


Well explained, thank you Carolm. Those figures astounded me.


La’rouch Pac just put a new telephone ☎️ session on their site. Very positive interview and QA period.

So much more in the direction I like compared to Jim willie. I listen to both and believe somewhere between.

Well worth listening to and not very long.

La’ (I think)



Good link to Gordon Duff at NEO. He’s a brave soul to tell the truth about it all. The ISIS web is global and intricate but it’s torn in a few places now and as Europe moves closer to Russia and the gaslines, it will collapse. It is interesting to note though, that it’s composed of lots of psychopaths and sharp shooters and these characters will have no where to go which means they’ll become a unit unto themselves and I think that was happening in Turkey. As always, the Kmafia creates a monster and can’t shut it down.


carolm #393434

A most unfortunate update about women in prisons. The whole situation is deplorable but until we can dislodge this creature and its tentacles, it will only get worse. I want to believe some progress is being made, but it’s hard in the face of all the info coming out. I suppose the fact that it IS coming out is something in itself.


MGM sends a “keep it zipped” letter to its employees about the recent Vegas shooting. There has been a lawsuit filed against MGM (or this is what they are using to enforce their gag order). Like the non-disclosure statements for the people responsible for demolishing the fake crime scene at Sandy Hook, they are worried about social contact and interaction. It is on Twitter, so I will paraphrase what is said: “As always, MGM employees should not engage in conversation about these matters. If you receive inquiries from the media or others, it is important not to answer or to speculate, but rather to refer them to your supervisor.”


mkddachs #393356

Melissa: what is this telomere test you did?

And I have C60 awaiting my smoothing out from
“Pluggerie” and “24 Strand DNA-erie”

Doing my internal consciousness hu… u… u… u… ing all the way.


vermithrax #393376

>>If the only clear pictures we can get of campos now are from the Ellen show, what does that say? It means one of the most filthy people in media has set the precedent for the narrative.<<
I realize this is the point of view of Jim Stone (not vermithrax… or any of us) but, really…
what on earth gives him the idea that "ELLEN" is one of the most filthy people in media ?
(my bolding btw)

Anybody?…. Anybody?


`littledogg #393384

I’m doing a little “reading upward” through the recent comments and noticed a reaction when I read the beginning of this one where I was in a little “downer” anticipating the decline in entertainment productivity as various actors/producers are “outed” for their sexual perversities.

The reaction: What is making my littledoggie self forget that creativity is ALL WAYS available?

So… some Kevin Spaceys are removed from the scene.
Along will come others.. folks probly currently trying to get some air-time for productions and acting fortes…. folks we haven’t gotten to enjoy yet… cuz the “top” of Hollywood was crammed up with the “Spaceys”.


Joseph P Farrel on Vegas: short youtube

Las Vegas coroner’s office on lockdown. Why?
MGM CEO sells off shares prior to shooting.


Littledog wrote:
I realize this is the point of view of Jim Stone (not vermithrax… or any of us) but, really…
what on earth gives him the idea that “ELLEN” is one of the most filthy people in media ?
As I understand Jim Stone, he is not all that forthcoming concerning gays. No doubt he would refer to Ellen DeGeneres as “Ellen DeGenerate”.


Hi Café,

Well we here in New Zealand now have a new coalition government which is left of centre with many good policies being promised. As the 2 main parties did not have sufficient votes to go it alone, it came down to Winston Peters and New Zealand First to negotiate the outcome and he chose Labour with also the Greens in the make up.

Labour will have 16 seats and New Zealand First 4 seats at the Cabinet table. The Greens have 3 seats outside Cabinet and have guaranteed support on any votes for Supply or Confidence. It is a technical term for not voting against the Government on critical issues that would force an election before the 3 year term of Government has to call the next round of country wide elections.

There is a lot of ‘horse-trading’ that goes on when coalitions are formed. One POSITIVE issue is that the Greens have gained (for us all) a referendum on personal cannabis use – Yeh!!! That will be a really good move to change the draconian criminalisation of its use.

We hope it comes soon as we have just found out that Antares – my son’s Dogue de Bordeaux dog has a melanoma. He had it surgically removed from his mouth last week and we are NOT going down the chemo line with him. For one the cost is prohibitive (in the region od $10,000) and in any case his quality of life would be horrible.

Antares is almost 6 years old and for a Dogue, that is near the end. As a breed they only live 6 – 8 years and cancer is the biggest killer. 30% of all this breed succumb to cancer followed by about 25% heart failure. We hope to try cannabis oil if we can source any here in NZ as we have read that that can be very beneficial in combatting cancer.

Our local media is very much the TOOL of the cabal and absolutely hate Winston Peters – he always has their match! So every political ill is HIS FAULT as far as the media is concerned. One journalist even went as far as to say that Winston is New Zealand’s Donald Trump! Anyway he has pushed through policies in this new government that will re-define the face of capitalism and make things more equitable for the average citizen.

This new government will reduce immigration and foreign ownership of land and dwellings as well as reform the Reserve Bank act which will lower our dollar and make us more competitive for exports. Up to now, with 9 years of a National government, New Zealand has been a haven for foreign money wishing to rort our economy. We only have ONE NZ owned bank and that is small. The main 4 banks are all overseas owned (mainly Australian) and take out massive profits offshore.

We also use lots of cheep seasonal overseas workers at the expense of local employment and that will bee reduced under this government. It is all unskilled workers and they send their earnings back home so that deprives our lower paid workers of a living.

So hopefully we have at least 3 years of better times ahead of us. Carl Boudreau’s October reading is interesting and points to all of this if one read between the lines – see

And for some commentary on our election outcomes see–the-accidental-pm-and-the-utopian-expectations–now-he-has-three-years-to-deliver-the-goods

In the first link above, Duncan Garner is an out and out Winston Peters hater and also a cabal/National media flunky.

I hope that this has not been too long a post and that it may be of interest to some of you in showing how even in a small country like ours, the move to freedom from the cabal is well under way.

Much love and peace to all.



New Video: The Agartha Network 432Hz


dr.sun shili-quote—–Chinese people consider ourselves as the descendent of Dragon, and Dragon is from outer space in the Chinese culture, so in the Chinese culture we are from outer space as descendent of Dragon…..-unquote…..


littledogg #393309
“They said “Lies do not exist any more. It is now impossible to lie. What is now emerging BIG AND STRONG is that enough are advanced enough that we can see all of all…”
Hi Littledogg! – for me this is the statement of the week, wow, if not…. of my whole life…
Cuz – it’s the root of ALL evil agendas…of course – if people had been told the truth, or was so awaken they could see thru their deceiving ego-mind lye chatter – the cabal wouldn’t exist at this time. ( Though I see their so called “mission”, – but that is only one part of it….imo)
When coming from a source like this, with those solid great Shamanistic tradition behind, I totally buy it.
Plus – It correlates with something I newly read. Can’t remember where..It goes like this.
“Creation is now altered. (or our local) In such a manner that lies is not “supported” any longer.” With this they meant, as I understood it, the liars will not get any self gratification, or gain any advantage, from deception, what so ever anymore. The instant neg vibration-backing, is removed…for ever. Rightfully so, and absolute about time I feel
Our free will, carried on by the whole Huuuuuu – Wo-man conscious – could very well be a part of it. Don’t you think?( How many times have we not cried out – STOP LYING?)
“They said: “With the advancement comes forgiveness. And caring and cooperation. So the bad things are no longer needed or done. And the past bad is forgiven.””
Also what I heard repeatedly stated by some Mystery School Teachings.
Thanks for this, wonderful littledogg!


I hope that this has not been too long a post and that it may be of interest to some of you in showing how even in a small country like ours, the move to freedom from the cabal is well under way.

Much love and peace to all.



2017-10-21 4:17 AM


coooool alan…..

the kiwis are kicking ass absolutely-equipped with battalions of mari superfierce soldiers- complimenting very nicely the new zealand divisions of the earth surface lightforces army…..(if you will…..hahahahaha…..)…..



wolfintimber  #393449

Thanks Wolf for your kind comments.



I have had a 4 seasons song playing in my head of recent…..
something sent externally by the feel of it…..
I love this song-the golden age of harmonies and melodies…..
frankie and the boys dial it up first class…..
who loves you – the 4 seasons…..
Hi wolf! Wonderful.(hope you don’t mind me remove the space from your comment. K. Spacey have ruin our space…. and now we have to remove all that remind of him for awhile, includes the space in our blogs…. )Indeed – know its the group who were making “Oh what a night” and this was danced to in my teens a lot. It is interesting why exactly this or that are coming thru, consider all the songs we heard …you being a musician an all. I do well think our galactic sisters and brothers like disco. Very plausible they get our attention from these funky dance tunes – all consider they live in disc/o shaped vehicle…. ha ha…Yup! – think I took space’y out there. siggi


Well .. I had given up on the BFC because of the Paypal screw-up. Dirty bstrds doing sht like that to Ben and all of us. I am delighted with the new payment arrangement – screw PayPal for what they have done.

Must say new format is totally AWESOME compared to what we had before. .. and comments are serial numbered (my little personal dream come true). Far far more user friendly than before. Excellent job – my compliments to those responsible for the new look and functionality – well done.

I read the comments here almost daily, but rarely post. Glad to see the green worm is gone – that is a massive improvement all on its own!

I enjoy reading pretty much all your posts, but in particular, if I may cite… Deester and Intruth. To ALL of you keep on keeping on. All the links that everyone provides in the BFC are the flavouring for this site. Thank you, one and all.

As for the Lemeurian Plug – geez … I don’t know. I respect the intellect of each person sharing their experiences, many I’m sure, are way smarter than me; (here comes the however part) I get the impression that its efficacy for one purpose or another is anecdotal which is fine, because it points the way toward scientific scrutiny and investigation which we must also, all believe in. The old saying “it can’t be proven unless it can be measured” somehow still has to apply. There has not been a scientific or rational explanation available and the website narrative is weak on plausibility not to mention, the linguistics. Yet, I try to keep an open mind (like a parachute, only works when it’s open). Will be watching for some scientific investigation amongst our members.

Love You All and Thanks for your incites.
(Moe) Newswatcher


Good band some great songs
I could dance to them all night long


I just get so busy it is hard to link and post
most of what I am learning these days.
And with most on my phone 📱 I haven’t
learned how to link it to this site- just
take it in and move on . I have to say
it seems some here are moving in the
same direction.


Good night all,


I thought I would be posting non-stop here, when i joined, b-b-but, there must be something in the air-I find I am tending to absorb and move on, much like ‘mkddachs’.

Here is an article that explains to me, the ‘why’ of the ‘blame Russia’ is so vitriolic and WHO is very afraid what the Russians KNOW!!
URANIUMGATE: The Queen Bee Gets Stung By ‘The Putin Sting’


For concise wrap-up of the current news cycle, I find Micheal Rivero’s perspective gives back-ground and fills me in on little known bits. M-F!
There are some areas, I disagree with him, but he does make you think. He is broadcasting out of Hawaii and is called a ‘truth activist’.

This is today’s broadcast –

And this is where you can access his other programming as well as other broadcasts.


Planetary food web now collapsing: Scientists sound alarm as insect biomass plummets
Mike Adams

Humanity has broken the planet.

The mass chemical pollution with agricultural chemicals has caused insect populations to plummet to shocking new lows.

Pollinators are disappearing and the food web is now beginning to fall apart, scientists warn in a shocking 27-year study.

Find the full details here, and you’ll understand why humanity’s time remaining on this planet may be very short.


Hey Zanderboy! What an article! I have Mike Adams as my ‘home page’ -awesome articles!!
My ‘go to’ for meditation/spirituality is/has been ‘Kryon’ for years (others too – but I tend to return)

Here is his first transmission for 2017 ( Jan 7) approx 12 min. I find it interesting in retrospect.

and from Dec 4 2016 approx 46 min – he talks about ‘wild cards’ – also very interesting when listened to, at this time!

Google’s Jigsaw: Undermining Alternative Media

In this premier episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine Google’s Jigsaw, an emerging technology that will be used on the internet to counter speech and ideas considered “extremist” by the global elite. Initially beta tested on radical Islamists, we demonstrate how Google and its partners plan to leverage the technology to marginalize and ultimately eliminate opposition to the establishment.


jujubean #393437

Yeah, thanks, forgot to say it was written by by Duff.

trudy #393460

Hi Trudy, nice to see you here. Yes, one has to respect Adams’ sheer volume & energy – amazing. He does tend to be a little ‘gung ho’ sometimes though imo.


“Soul Scalping” – Is Facial Bruise Mark of the Beast?

The bizarre recurrence of facial bruises (and bandaged fingers) on
Illuminati politicians and entertainers has resulted in speculation
that their souls have been replaced in a satanic ritual called “soul scalping.”

Here are excerpts from Sherry Shriner’s “The Prisoners of Dulce Base.”

There are photos of loadsa hi profile people – all with eye/facial bruising.
McCain, Bush, Kerry, the Pope, Prince Philip, Kanye West, others.


zanderboy #393459

Here’s link to Zanders post – his didn’t work for me.

I am really concerned about our food supply and that is even before the crop losses that are expected due to the Grand Solar Minimum.


Jim Stone

Theresa May agrees to $40 billion payoff to EU

It is not formal yet.

That is double the previously agreed to amount. 11 billion of that amount is going to pay the pensions for a small number of EU officials that screwed them to begin with. HOW BIG ARE THOSE PENSIONS??!!?? On average, $2,727,000 GPB each, and Britain is being unfairly weighted, with a demanded payout of 6,470,000 each for those Britain is supposed to be “accountable” for. And there we have a precise answer for why Britain really should get out of the EU!
After this, they have to go through the economic agreements, where Britain is destined to get screwed even harder.

Britain ought to just cut ties and pay nothing. The EU is being so nasty with Brexit that it is probably worth risking sanctions by skipping all negotiations and simply cutting the EU off for a sum total of $0.

I agree with Jim. Why pay the mofo’s anything. They are criminals.


You Won’t Believe Why They Could Withhold Relief Funds from Harvey Victims
Truthstream Media

Published on Oct 19, 2017
Have we stepped off into the Twilight Zone or what? This is nuts. Unbelievable

Verification not to boycott Israhell written into contract language. WTF!


zanderboy #393463

“Soul Scalping” – Is Facial Bruise Mark of the Beast?

What the hell!!!



Tom DeLonge – ‘To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science’ wishing to speed up the disclosure of new technologies. This is soft disclosure in that they don’t want lynchings through the revelations. If the humans don’t disclose, the ETs will do it for us, so there is a time factor. It should not be acceptable that only a part of humanity be woken up with this knowledge. It needs to be done as a planetary unit.

The military are & have been at war with the aliens for some time. Kerry focusses on the Reptoids, Mantids & Dragon Moths.

Basically we are still living like the 60s, apart from the internet & greater surveillance. Scarcity is an illusion. The rogue civilisation (SSP) is being obliged to have a disclosure sooner that it anticipated.

Kerry interviews Paladin/White Hats who she describes as a forensic financial investigator re. the money aspect behind the Vegas shootings.

The Reptoids are building stargates in the Middle East & ISIS report to the the rogue factions in the CIA. They have the tek. to mind wipe their operatives on the ground. Another example of the bigger picture is the confrontation with N. Korea because of the alien race behind them.

They are wanting to relocate people from N. California & are using directed energy laser weapons, again there is an alien agenda. There is a video link on her site.
Kerry points her finger at the aliens behind N. Korea & China.
How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created

Kerry tells us many in the alt. news do not tell the whole truth for fear of looking stupid, or losing viewers, or other stuff perhaps, in other words they don’t provide the fuller context.

There is an agenda involving the co-opting of the hybridisation of the human race including the use of manchurian candidates. There are recommended books on Project Camelot to get up to speed.

Military remote viewers have been used from the beginning by all major governments, & assistance by ETs is normal in this sphere. So what is in the Grand Canyon? Phoenix is sitting on a buried Egyptian like civilisation, the military know this well. Kerry was bombarded with questions for over two hours by the CIA/military – ostensibly to find out what she knew – which was not a lot, on this subject. This was more of a ploy to see how the benevolent ETs work through her & what they know.

The military just try to keep up to date, they don’t know everything. Even humans are a portal, a spiralling energy vehicle with our MerKaBa – the point being ETs don’t necessarily need spacecraft to connect or get here.

Kerry tells us of the Anunnaki/Israeli connection & their manipulation of the US gov’t through the deep state.

The more people you interact with who are waking up & tuned in the more the signature activates our DNA & will continue to broadcast. So they want us to disclose our experiences, we are the disclosers, it can’t be done without us. This sort of facilitates their ‘get out of jail free’ card. But there are the different sides of course, within the military & CIA.

This secret war is leading up to the reset. They want to control the spin, & the Harvey Weinstein affair is just the tip of the iceberg. The unravelling will continue so those choosing the wrong side will have a deep karmic debt to repay, they do have a choice according to Kerry.

Check the links at


I have to say my bouncing spiralling puppy is even more so now that the plug is kicking in; I too have more get up & go. Think I’ll zig zag the second under my bed strapped to an extension lead when it arrives, or keep it free to use on coffee beans, fresh produce. I suppose a ‘charged’ 9v battery or my phone would even work. I am in the process of tuning to this new energy.


Melissa, thinking of & sending healing to your Ozzie.


Jesus Campos, fake security guard who is not licenced, receives a hero’s award at MGM’s Jean Georges Steakhouse on October 10, complete with photos. However, the photos show the way the steakhouse looked prior to them starting to remodel extensively back in May. The newly revamped steakhouse was completed in July, after the two-month renovation. The wallpaper and other artifacts seen in the photos of Campos receiving his award are not current, and certainly not from this October. People on 4Chan have already commented on how he appeared different in his photos from how he looked on Ellen, which would not be possible unless people pack on or lose weight in days and their hair grows more quickly than roughly 1/2 inch per month.

Reference 2:48 for security hero award photos, 9:32 is where he takes the photo into Photoshop and lightens it, showing the wallpaper, 10:43 for a wedding celebration (with different people) showing the same wallpaper from 2013, and 6:27 showing what the place looks like now, after renovations started in May.

Here is the Reddit post that was referenced in the youtube by Ed.


james madison(4th president of the united states)-quote—–“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments governments by controlling money and its issuance.”—–unquote…..



The old saying “it can’t be proven unless it can be measured” somehow still has to apply. There has not been a scientific or rational explanation available

Hi Moe,

This is the point where I have to remind you of the scientific studies where the result of the experiment is changed by the actual observation of the experiement.

And although science thinks it can prove everything by measuring it, it seems to me there are probably many things where the equipment to measure the results hasn’t been invented yet.

The field of science is very agenda-driven these days and very controlled IMHO. Pure research “outside the box” has never really been funded unless it has a purpose by which someone can profit enormously, and especially where it has a military application.

Look back to the fact that crystals are used in the basic for radio technology and communication technology. The reference in the info on the plug causes me to believe that crystal technology plays a role in the Plug.

From the website

“it’s a crystalline device, it’s got a number of different colors on it. We’ve seen it, it’s like a plate and that particular plate is what powers all of these plugs. Once the Plugs are in contact with this plate they are completely powered from there on.”

In my own mind there is plenty of science out there that is yet to be understood so one has to read and connect the dots to begin to understand that which is not yet measured.



from this article-quote—–We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it…—–unquote…..


New Executive Order 6102B: AKA the “Fedcoin” Act

Dear Reader,

Is President Trump on the verge of issuing the most controversial executive order since Roosevelt’s ban on gold?

That’s what Doug Casey, the currency expert and multimillionaire who predicted Trump’s surprise victory 6 months before the election, believes.

You see, according to Casey, Washington could soon implement the most transformative currency law ever.

This new law would not only give the government an unprecedented ability to track and control our money… but it could also destroy the U.S. dollar in the process.

Why would the government do this?

That’s what’s so shocking. Casey recently revealed what’s going on in a full, tell-all interview. If you currently earn, spend, or save money in U.S. dollars, you need to check this out because you will be affected.

Click below to watch the short interview:



query to the Users of the Lemurian Plug

Has anyone using the plug noticed certain pots and pans becoming cleaner now with just regular washing and maybe only mild scrubbing, where maybe the constant use of cooked-on grease had built up and it requires extra scrubbing with other scrubbers and things to get the grease off and the pot shiny again?

I’ve had the plug a little over 2 weeks now and I wash my dishes by hand, so I noticed this one pot that I use quite a bit is coming cleaner on the outside and then there’s a small stainless steel fry pan seemed a bit cleaner on the bottom where food had got burned and it still had a few black spots……but there were less of them. And the outside grease was coming off easier.

It’s such a mundane thing to notice and one could almost say it didn’t have anything to do with the Plug, but I have been washing those same pans for years and it normally takes more concentrated scrubbing to get the outside shiny again. This is coming off with less effort.

I live in a small apartment where my water tank is connected to my electric grid…… so what to think: is it possibly conditioning the hot water? Or is it intensifying the dish soap? Or something else?

There have been other positive effects from the Plug in my home and I will summarize them at some point…….but I just had to post my query if others noticed such a physical effect.



John Moore, NIBIRU-Planet X System: Coming Flyby, Evidence, Cover Up, Pole Shift, Flood. Part 1 (links to parts 2 & 3 in description)
Published on Aug 13, 2017
John Moore: Conference From Illusion To Reality in Prague, Lucerna Great Hall, 22 July 2017

Here is map that John refers to in his talk. It was created after his discussions with military people in the know I think. Notice Wisconsin is GONE.
comment image

He says the military veterans were told to retire in the Ozarks as that is a safe place to be.
Get a ‘hobby farm’ and learn to raise your own food b/c there will be no electricity or gas for heat – no cellphones etc. – back to the way people lived before modern amenities.

He thinks there will be a pole shift sometime soon. 90% of humanity will not survive.

So I saw all 3 videos this week. Taking this info in with John DuBynes info on Grand Solar Minimum…. Yikes.

If something like this occurs, I can tell you, I’m out! If I did survive I’d prefer to die. I’m not ‘outdoorsy’ in any way. I’m not gonna search for ‘critters’ to eat to keep me alive with no heat/air cond, no stores to buy food etc.
So it’s either ascension or I’m out another way.

I’m still going to check out that John Casey book “Upheaval’ to see what he has to say.


Jim Stone

Trump to release JFK files

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.”

My comment: liberals are freaking out over this in the twitter comments below. I don’t know why, because what we get will be nothing but a re-hash of the official story. Getting the truth would be nice, but I don’t think that would ever happen in this late stage of the toilet swirl.


Oops, here’s John Moore video link:


Actually John Moore’s map shows the great lakes to become ONE lake. I can’t find the exact map he showed.


zanderboy #393470
Melissa, thinking of & sending healing to your Ozzie

Hi there both!
Second that zander, and also sending my healing energy to your dog.
Disco was something magical when I grew up. I lessen many a time the hard reality around us – I still enjoy it very much Melissa


The reason why I find BFC comments so interesting, is the wide spectrum of personalities. That we are able to share in the same community with love, peace and respect is a hope for all other communities. A tiny but important taste of a new area. imo
It would be quite dull if we all were alike…. shared the same stuff all the time.
This way makes some expert on certain fields, others can benefit from, without doing all the time consuming research.
With great respect to all!


Guys the JFK files will have nothing new.. Read Rogers Stones book for the Truth


lynxwalking #393477
Hi there lynwalking/Dara.

Thanks for your interesting sharing on Plug effects.

Interesting indeed!
It could well be a combination of what you here say, plus some more. I do think water is a good suggestion, and the enhanced soap you mention It might also go into the strangeness many says about dust. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this…… But hadn’t vacuumed my apartment/house since forever. I think it must be 4 weeks…he he. Sorry – Haven’t had time. Usually, I first use a broom to get it from the corners and out in the open. To my surprise there were far,far less than normally (did it yesterday).
The fact that I have 3 cats should speak for itself.
So where did it go? Still in the lower dimension I guess…..
and here’s possible why!

Its not necessary only what a healing device/medicine/health substance product do to our body/ies, environment… IMO. It’s perhaps what YOU yourself create after being assisted towards healing, and a much more holistic lifestyle. Creating a synergy effect. Which should lift ones vibration easily, bringing in a personal more balanced new timeline/reality.
This happens so subtle..very smooth, that we can’t notice it. So we should never ever underestimate our own creative powers in the whole “healing on all levels” processes/approaches.
Only my usual random thoughts that is…
Thanks again!


Zerohedge update to insider trading and financial oddities surrounding the Vegas shooting event. Note the 9/11 date!

Excerpt: Note: This is an update to my article of 10/7/17. Nothing has been removed or edited from the original article. This updated article includes additional financial/trading anomalies I have uncovered since posting the original piece.
Included in this updated article:

1) Additional trading research on OSIS (OSI Systems), the global leader in baggage, shipping and people detection systems (airports and now MUCH more, like hotels/casinos). Like the other 4 co’s that I have found, OSIS also began to rise on 9/11/17 (remember this date as you will see it in each company) and it rose on large share/option volume increases. The shares of OSIS would rise as much as 16% from its 9/11/17 lows to just after the attack.

2) OLN (Olin Corp) makes Winchester ammunition. Beginning on 9/11/17 their shares began to rise on a large increase in volume and a HUGE increase in call option purchases (so far I’ve found more than 6000 calls were purchased in OIH the week prior to the attack with someone making a ton of money in these calls). The shares of OLN would soar as much as 23% from their 9/11/17 lows to just after the attack.

Lots more, including about the MGM itself insider selling on this site.

Of course, everybody’s favorite criminal puppeteer, Georgie Soros, made out like a bandit.

He spent 42 million on shorting MGM Shares! The CEO even sold most of his shares, why would you sell your shares of your OWN COMPANY?
On Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, the board of MGM Resorts International decided to approve a $1 billion share repurchase program. At $17.7 billion today, the program represented a significant portion of its current market cap. By the end of the week, MGM’s CEO, James Murren, had coolly divested himself of 80% of the shares he owned in his company. The divestment came just days before the ex-dividend date on September 8th, 2017. The sales were originally disclosed in a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Murren had previously divested 57,269 shares on July 31st and August 9th, 2017. It’s currently unclear why Murren chose to sell when he did. To date, MGM’s stock has not experienced a significant decline in value due to the repurchasing program. It could be interpreted to run against the company’s interests for the CEO to convey a sense of urgency in the selling of his shares by disposing of them immediately after the commencement of his company’s share repurchase program. It’s also strange that the CEO of a company would sell more than half of their stake (let alone 80%) in the company that they represented. Mr. Murren and his fellow board members were not the only speculators who were bearish on MGM’s prospects. Billionaire investor George Soros also bought $42 million worth of puts on the company, according to SEC filings from mid August.


siggi #393486
Dara – I did not read your first post before commenting, but see we touch upon the same idea.
Wow – That’s sync as good as any


A Youtuber named Scott Binsack has indicated the 4chan poster who warned people in Vegas on 9/11 that this forced them to move the Vegas shooting to October 1. First, here is the 4chan page with the poster calling himself John.

Binsack then ties the arrest of Scott Edmiston, pulled over for speeding in Johnson City, Tennessee. He was armed to the teeth with similar weapons that Steven Paddock owned. He maintains that Paddock and Edmiston met in Vegas on September 27 and 28. He says housekeeping did not see weapons in Paddock’s room the day before and the day of the incident, they were told not to clean that floor. According to staff he interviewed (this was prior to them enforcing silence on the employees), Paddock had access to the service elevator.

Binsack questions why the day after the biggest shooting, this news story about a huge weapons seizure is not hitting mainstream media.

He then talks about Jesus Campos and how the security company shut down a year ago and no longer exists. Nor is Campos listed as a licenced security guard. He thinks Campos is either FBI or CIA. The FBI either seized or erased security footage.

He talks about how FBI are guarding a room on the 47 floor of Vdara. The name in the register is “Bob Smith”. He is going to dig into who owns the condos on that floor. Vdara is also MGM.

He also pulled the police logs and said that they were kept busy going to other hotels and other “episodes” to keep them away from Mandalay Bay. He is going to check the flight plans of helicopters as some witnesses had said there was shooting from helicopters.

His video is lengthy, but the description is worth a read. I like the fact that he is in Vegas every week or every second week as his offices are there. He said the light on the Luxor was not on for a long time, yet was suddenly on for this event.


Hi there all! A reminder

Tomorrow the 23 (I’m now passed onto the 22…) Windi is going to hospital for surgery.(I’m hope I’m correct here – usually remember dates)
I ask we all hold our energy as high as possible, and sending that towards her with love, compassion and with lots of supporting healing vibrations.


My aging cat has been showing way more interest in the birds and squirrels in the yard. She has started to put a bit of weight on, which she needed as she is a picky eater now. I am hoping the Lemurian plug will help get rid of the cloudiness in her eyes, as it was getting pretty bad. We’ll see. I haven’t noticed less dust in the house, but we are probably still dealing with the ash from the forest fires that have plagued Montana and Western Canada.


siggi  #393490 ,

Thanks for the reminder Siggi – I will be sending my thoughts for a positive outcome and for much love to Windi.

Kind regards,


You are correct, Siggi. Thanks for the reminder about Windi.

Douglas Nicholson
Douglas Nicholson

I put my money on China and the Asian people. Smart people. Not stupid to the corrupt Zionist.
What is really coming. A black Star . Looks to cook the Earth.
The US government has been preparing for this event sense 1980
Which has built vast underground cities and tunnels for the mega rich to live and hide in. Fully stocked. Goodies and supplies to last several life times.
See the Bob Fletcher site lots pictures.

Also lot’s of Bob Fletcher Interviews
Surf the net

Who are the Godless Zionist going to cry to? .


Here’s one Trudy, a few years back with good advice. Sometimes I don’t get so
much from Kryon & find he sure can be emotional, which is sort of endearing I suppose.

Kryon Reveals The Truth About Who God Is In Stunning Detail

Energy on this planet does not shift instantly, & humans are impatient!
The precession of the equinoxes is the last of five markers to advance in consciousness.

Allow for the patience of recalibration. Sometimes it takes its toll in energy imbalances. This is the pushing into places you would otherwise not go.

Spiritual maturity does not put human attributes on the nature of God.

Accountability rises to a new level with the ability to be responsible for the transformations that are now possible.

Don’t be afraid of the future even if you have reservations, don’t verbalise them!

Drop inappropriate tradition – anything that worked in the old energy. They (procedures & ceremonies) were developed to fight the old energy. We can now use our spiritual common sense, our spiritual maturity. We can ask the ancestors for confirmation even. Traditions can be re-written, they were man made not made by God.

Be happy with yourself. Ego & duality will always interfere.

The humanising of God.


Cobra Space Adventure 432Hz


Thank you Zanderboy!
I listened to the Kryon you posted. It is one I missed. Prior to 2016/17 – I was fairly sporadic w/ listening/meditating.
I consider the transmissions to have some healing energy and often fall asleep (I lay down) I use them as a counter to all the brainwashing/programming. I have actually learned a great deal of how “The Shift” operates by listening without expectations and just letting it happen.

Yes, sometimes he comes across emotional-also takes time to come to the point and reminds us that change takes time. (I want change NOW) uses religious terms (i.e. ‘God’ – my choice -‘Source’) — I find that where he is/who he is with/the energies of the time period all make a difference in the type of transmission. While not for everyone…it presently works for me!!

This is a site with probably most of his recordings – hint: no adverts


Kerry Cassidy’s comment:

Fulford is from an illuminati family and sold his soul to the TRIAD (both chinese and japanese)… He is controlled. He means well but has limitations.

I’d say this is probably spot on ( & got confirmation from my HS)


Jim Stone

Something is seriously amiss with the recent California fires

Some people have seen this type of report elsewhere already. However, I have discovered something new, and also proven the melted cars are unique to the recent fires.

It was not just this year. The same anomalies happened in 2015
What anomalies? Let me show you something.

Lets start with a couple examples of cars NOT burned in California wild fires, to show that what is happening in California is very strange.

This is a Jaguar that was NOT burned in the California fires. Look at the rims. Look at the ground around it. No melted metal. Even though the tires burned completely off the alloy rim, the rim is still there. The white stuff on the ground is the fire foam used to put it out.

Ok, so a Jaguar might have special alloy rims that won’t melt in a fire, right? Well, what about this Ford truck then, that got completely consumed, including tires burned perfectly off the rims. Rims are fine. The engine is not melted. This truck burned so badly the body vanished and it looks like someone stripped it, yet the rims and engine are still there.

The rims did not vanish. Not on the truck, not on the jaguar. The bodies on both of these vehicles vanished because they are aluminum. That would be explainable, because body metal is thin enough to vanish. I chose the first two pictures because they are the most extreme examples of burned cars I could find, with sections of the bodies gone, yet the aluminum engines and aluminum rims are still there. Why did they not melt, flowing out onto the ground? Not being in a California wild fire is not an acceptable explanation for the engines and rims staying intact. If they are intact in these two extreme cases, there is no way they should be melted all over the place in California.

Ok so here’s a burned slug bug after a california wild fire. The engine melted. It is flowing down the road. What on earth is in a slug bug that could cause it to burn like that?
Important on this next photo – this is from a 2015 California wild fire.

The rims melted on this car (below), and there is absolutely nothing around it to indicate it should have burned so hot. You can search Google images all you want for burned cars, and aside from those that burned in California wild fires in recent years, you won’t find examples of the metal flowing away from them like this. And what’s worse? This car is isolated. There was not enough around it burned to cause it to melt like this. Look at the pavement, even away from the car. It is simply too scorched to believe a burning car did that. Yet it is not burned far away from the car, which proves heat from a fire on the other side of the road did not do this. Yet this photo is confirmed to have come from a California wild fire. INEXPLICABLE!

It is obvious some sort of energy weapon did this.

How about this next photo. This is very odd. Here we have an obviously totally melted engine. If the engine in the Ford truck above did not melt (and it was aluminum, just like the SUV in this photo,) I’d like an explanation for how a car that burned a lot less had this much melted metal flowing out of it. And this is not an odd example, there were countless cars just like this one in the California wild fires this time around. What on earth was in the slug bug (above) that would cause it to burn so bad the engine flowed away? That is not a car loaded with plastic and other combustibles. Burning the fuel tank would likely not do it either. I have never seen an engine flow away just because a gas tank caught fire – I have never seen that happen PERIOD. So WHY THIS?

It was not just the car anomalies that is making the California fires extremely anomalous. This next photo is explainable. This is what happens when in America, people are only allowed to build with wood, and then a wild fire comes through. The big problem with this photo is the fact the houses burned at all, simply because the rules said they had to be built with materials that burn. That would be a tyranny problem.

But this next photo needs some explaining. Here we have totally isolated structures, with nothing burned in sight, yet they just decided to pop themselves off. There are lots of photos of burned homes right in with perfectly intact trees, (which looks suspicious but could be tenuously explainable) but this here takes the cake, I don’t buy this, this beyond all doubt had to have been done as an act of war, with a directed energy weapon. And I would bet that is why we have inexplicably melted cars also.

I at first figured that when cars with alloy rims burned that it was normal for them to melt and flow away from them. But when you search Google images, the only examples of this happening are all from California, and associated with these wild fires. I beg to question why. Perhaps here is a hint, from someone who lived through one of these fires in 2015:

“It wasn’t even a fire. It was like fluorescent evil,” Whispering Pines resident Bill Gavin told the Press Democrat. “I saw sections like football fields go up in four seconds.”

Readers of this web site sent messages, saying the air was electrified, to the point of being visible and affecting their heart beat. This was covered in an earlier report. So at that time, it was basically proven that directed energy weapons were used for the recent fires. But I did not believe it melted the cars until now. Search Google images for an example that comes from a source other than these fires. There are none that I found, and an endless stream of examples from california, and these fires. The cars really are a unique feature of these fires that prove something is seriously amiss with how these fires are actually starting.

It seems to me that someone used wild fires as cover for a weapons test.

Go to site to view all the pictures. This is definitely tyranny…..


zanderboy #393500


I asked him more about status on the Reptoids pushing disclosure, which he had mentioned in my prior interview?

The progress — what are they building near Aleppo? A stargate. To bring troops and craft into this dimension. He says they have aircraft carrier sized craft and can bring 5,000 troops in at a time.

But he also said they can take back 30,000 to 40,000 human prey, dead or alive… He said they trade human slaves to other races — it’s one of their “businesses”.

He thinks they have been dealt with for the time being due to battles with them. At least at this location.”–Kerry Cassidy

Kerry’s on it, as usual.

Although Peter the ACIO insider said the NAZI’s from a parallell universe are planning on coming here (merging timelines?) and they can set up massive installations in an instant and then hide them.
Peter witnessed a huge military installation springing up in Australia all of a sudden.
Then it was gone. Seems like they don’t need a stargate in Aleppo for whatever they are doing. Jessica said she saw this coming as part of our time line. Hard to believe and I hope we don’t see it, but…….


HUD Audit Finds Unheard of $500 Billion in Accounting Errors – So Bad General Counsel Refused to Sign Report!
[link to]

Obama’s HUD Received One of the Worst Audit Results in US History!

The 2015 and 2016 Fiscal Years HUD audit needed to be restated and reissued. The auditors were not able to initially perform the audit because there were too many material issues and the audit needed to be redone –

HUD reissued its fiscal years 2016 and 2015 (restated) consolidated financial statements due to pervasive material errors that we identified.
The restated audit report shows the following –

The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively. There were several other unresolved audit matters, which restricted our ability to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to express an opinion. These unresolved audit matters relate to (1) the Office of General Counsel’s refusal to sign the management representation letter, (2) HUD’s improper use of cumulative and first-in, first-out budgetary accounting methods of disbursing community planning and development program funds, (3) the $4.2 billion in nonpooled loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s stand-alone financial statements that we could not audit due to inadequate support, (4) the improper accounting for certain HUD assets and liabilities, and (5) material differences between HUD’s subledger and general ledger accounts. This audit report contains 11 material weaknesses, 7 significant deficiencies, and 5 instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.


There is something strange about California. Ed breaks down how the fires decimated buildings, but left trees completely intact. The video itself is okay, but the real meat seems to be in the comment section.

Ed admits he is not a fire expert, and asks anyone who is/was a firefighter to weigh in about the trees and grass. Here is the response from a firefighter (who is promptly attacked by trolls). I’m not going to bother with the trolls’ responses, which say the trees have moisture which protected them, or that building fires are very different from forest fires. The fireman thoroughly debunks the responses, and seems to be familiar with different fire protocols.

“I was a fireman in the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service in Australia. If a building burned down with that intensity, the trees would be burned as well from the radiant heat. The only way it wouldn’t happen is if someone was putting up a water curtain (a fine mist of water between the burning building and the exposures like trees) to absorb the energy. Even still, the trees would not be prioritized but rather the adjacent building. This is NOT a normal fire scene. … Moisture content is irrelevant. The leaves would dry out in a matter of a couple of minutes and burn. The thermal radiation load is so high it would still catch fire. This is how forest fires self feed.”

A poster called Victoria M responded: ” I posted above a link about black Saturday fires in Victoria, where houses were turned into dust and the cars melted but trees and bushes untouched. The survivors talk about same strange things which also mentioned for Nor Cal survivors. thank you for your comment.”

Back to the fireman: “Victoria M – no worries. This looks very similar to what happened on September 11 where cars were burned up but trees and sheets of paper right next to them were fine. I don’t know what caused this but it is certainly NOT regular fire behavior:

“The building fire burns at a higher intensity because of the hydrocarbon fuels that exist in the form of plastics. Have you ever been to a building that is well ablaze? If you have you would understand why there is a need for a water curtain: Additionally, these fast food joints also have lard tanks and deep fryers full of fat that burns with the same intensity as diesel. Speak to ANY firefighter and you will find they agree with my statement. This is basic firefighting knowledge as taught at every fire college and fire scene investigation training.”

I found this to be interesting, but the next poster on the board has this to say: “I just saw a video about how agenda21 has a map of Santa Rosa, it outlined the area that it wanted to tear down and rebuild. Then the ‘conspiracy researcher’ I call them, had a map of all the burned down properties and how it was damn near an identical map. To anyone who wants to see the maps, let me know.”

That got my interest big time, so I did a search and came up with a few videos which bear this out. This is the shorter version, which shows the evacuation area lines up exactly to the redevelopment plan area, down to the same street borders. This was a development plan from the City of Santa Rosa, distributed in June 2017. This seems to mesh with Agenda 21, according to the commentator on the video. They have insurance companies set up in the shelter, but seem to be forcing people into moving into smaller homes and lots. They have set up a bunch of regulations to make it tough for these now-homeless people to get comparable properties. This is the same script, over and over again. The “elites” get to buy property for pennies on the dollar.

This is the longer version.

The videos reference Rosa Koire, who discussed Santa Rosa and has been a harsh critic of Agenda 21.

“Rosa Koire is a retired forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. … In 2005 she was elected to a citizens’ oversight committee in Santa Rosa, Northern California, to review a proposed 1,300 acre redevelopment project in which 10,000 people live and work.”

This is probably a different project than the one affected by the fire, but she and another woman launched a lawsuit (which they eventually lost). However, Koire became familiar with Agenda 21 and she launched

“Her work in providing information and solutions for communities fighting UN Agenda 21 has spread across the nation as more and more people become aware of the increased restrictions on their property rights, and the methods used to implement social engineering.”

I think this fire, with the exact same boundary roads as the evacuation area, plus the unscathed trees, is an example of this social engineering, and it seems Santa Rosa has been on their radar for years.


Douglas Nicholson #393496
I put my money on China and the Asian people. Smart people. Not stupid to the corrupt Zionist.
What is really coming. A black Star . Looks to cook the Earth.
The US government has been preparing for this event sense 1980
Which has built vast underground cities and tunnels for the mega rich to live and hide in. Fully stocked. Goodies and supplies to last several life times.
See the Bob Fletcher site lots pictures.

Yes, the mofo criminals have taken care of themselves and their families.

For some reason I happened upon those John Moore videos I posted. He thinks Nibiru is coming too. IDK.

George Webb has exposed that our government doesn’t really function at all for us.
The CIA allowed/sanctioned a Pakistani spy ring to infiltrate Congress and sell our satellite technology to Middle Eastern countries. WTH. These infiltraters are stiil there receiving their overblown salaries. They got Congressional Credit Union loans, bought houses from which to conduct their illegal operations. They ran many companies.

Don’t forget the DUMBO drops. They would drug young women and take them to parties to be raped by Ambassadors et al. George said there has been a story in Wash DC media about 500 black girls going missing EACH YEAR.

George said Congressmen get a $50k payoff for each immigrant that gets into this country. This might be through the InterAmerica program aka EnterAmerica. VISA fraud is also a part of it.

So we have no govt, the criminals are running the show. I hope these politicians don’t have tickets to the underground bases. They aren’t worth saving.


Sending positive thoughts and healing energies to Windi. Hope all goes well.


I don’t get it. If there are upcoming earth changes, why would the mofo’s go for direct energy weapons et al to uproot the population. Guess they feed off all the fear and chaos they are creating.

20th October 2017. Mike Quinsey.

“Whilst time continues to speed up, your concept of events upon Earth leaves you with the impression that there is a stalemate and that things are at a standstill. However, we can tell you that behind the scenes, much has already happened and it is ensuring that the New Age continues to establish itself whilst keeping the old energies at bay. So do not despair as all is progressing well and in accordance with the plan for Humanity. The old paradigm is finished but those who fight to hold onto it and against change, will sooner or later have to admit that they have lost the fight.”
You hear little or nothing about battles that take place in your skies, that involve the dark Ones and their advanced knowledge that has enabled them to build spacecraft that can even leave the solar system. They keep prying eyes away and even your friendly visitors by confronting them with force. However, the Forces of Light have permission to intervene and will protect you against any attempted attack. That may sound far- fetched but the dark Ones had plans to carry out a “false flag” attack against Earth. They had hoped to be able to fool you into believing that Aliens were responsible. You might ask why would they do it, and the answer is to hold back your progress into the Light and learn the truth about yourselves and your history.
Much more….
Only two of 9 paragraphs.

33:42 min

Publisert 20. okt. 2017
Kryon explains what you must do as a Lightworker to bring forward the profound changes in your life that will see you become the Master you know you are. In this channeling Kryon teaches lightworkers how to adapt to the changing energy of the new Earth..


For awareness – only!

“What is a Nanochip?
So what is nanochip? The word “nano” is 3 orders of magnitude smaller than “micro”. Nano means “one billionth” while micro means “one millionth”. While microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and measured in millimeters, nanochips are completely invisible to the human eye. Some of the nanochips are far smaller than human hair (e.g. the μ-chip that is 0.4 x 0.4 mm). In 2015, IBM announced that they had developed functional nanochips measuring just 7 nm or nanometers (7 billionths of 1 meter). In comparison, a strand of human DNA is about 2.5 nm and the diameter of a single red blood cell is about 7500 nm! These nanochips power themselves from their environment (they don’t need batteries) and have a 100 year life span. They are slated to be rolled out first on products (so the corporatocracy can have total knowledge of consumer behavior in real-time) before they can be used inside people’s bodies. Did you know that nerve cells grow onto/meld with the chip?”
“In this Leak Project video, the presenter claims that the NWO aim to introduce 100 trillion nanochips into the world, so that literally every single thing in the world is tagged, including you. He includes many patents and other docs as proof of this agenda. He singles out the company HP (Hewlett-Packard) as being the executor of the plan to construct a central nervous system for the Earth – linking all resources and people in real-time.”

What is Smart Dust?
You may already be familiar with the “Smart” agenda or better put the Smart Deception. For those new to this, the Smart agenda is to create a giant electromagnetic grid or network that encompasses the entire Earth. Everything that moves is to be made or injected with some kind of sensor or mote that connects it to the grid – including household products, appliances, food/drink items, animals, plants and humans too. Smart dust is another name for these motes which will act as mini computers, broadcasting and receiving. They are small wireless microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS). As of 2013, a mote was about the size of a grain of rice, but with technology advancing all the time, these will keep on reducing in size. Motes can be ingested through food (as will be discussed below).
more on site
Good reason to invest in tech that defend you from all this. Anyway, it will not get this far…unless we choose it…imo


from this article-quote—–1. We are that close. Washington D.C. is in lock down and shrinking by the hour.

2. Republic forces (with Chinese and Russian overseers) are closing in on the thieves running D.C. for centuries, which was never part of the US and therefore politicians and judges didn’t have to follow the Constitution. Until now!!!!!

3. Congress is on lock down at this hour. All members of legislative and judicial branches are on being restrained until all political left overs start happening.

4. Watch how every delayed bill suddenly passes through the Senate with ease.

5. Trump will release the true JFK files.

6. There are 7,500 redemption centers/wealth management offices in North America, but there are three concurrent redemption strategies of 2,500 centers for each one, so it’s impossible to stop the RV, anywhere.

7. Redemption staffs were getting randomly bused to other locations all afternoon in preparation for a midnight release?

7. Redemption staffs were getting randomly bused to other locations all afternoon in preparation for a midnight release?

8. When you redeem your ZIM it will be converted into Yuan, not USN, then all the hard cash you receive will be converted into American money or USN.

9. Wells Fargo has been completely taken out of the RV. Do not go to Wells Fargo Bank for your exchange. Period. It is not safe. Wells Fargo is being dismantled as you read this. Corrupted organization from the top down to the bottom back up the ladder.

10. There’s no more chemtrails or GMOs. Shut down.

11. ZIM is nearing 6.00 USN.—–unquote…..


believe it or not-you are correct in your perceived reality either way…..

reality is infinite in its manifestations aspirations…..

lightforces run this outfit…..

adieu maintenant des minion diable…..

victoire de la lumiere…..a lumiere…..pour lumiere…..etre lumiere….sacre lumiere…..

38 women have come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment
From LA Times.
Seems MSM has to follow up…eventually. Good sign!


Give it a rest Sandy Hoax actors! State Supreme Court has set a date for the “families” going against the gun manufacturers with a lawsuit. First court date is November 14. I guess they didn’t make enough money by duping the world. Note how they talk about a survivor. If this was for real, the survivor would be all over the talk-show circuit. You never hear a peep!

Excerpt: HARTFORD – The Connecticut Supreme Court announced November 14 as the first court date in the appeal filed by the families of nine Sandy Hook victims and one survivor in their case against the sellers of the AR-15 used in the 2012 Newtown shooting, according to a release issued by a representative for the families.

In 2016, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case just two weeks after the families filed their appeal, allowing the lawsuit to bypass the Appellate Court and proceed directly to the state’s highest court. The hearing comes exactly one month before the five-year anniversary of the massacre.

More on site.

In other Newtown news, some non-board citizens appeared at the School Board meeting to discuss qualities they want in a new superintendent they will be hiring. Let me get them started with the list: a fraud who will go along with DHS “plays”; no need to buy a house as a free one will be provided on Christmas Day; ability to keep mouth shut about duping the public; a willingness to strip citizens of their guns; no need for a washroom for this new person – a portapottie will be brought in and put by the “Everyone must check in” sign, and being understanding that you will join the missing and dead if you don’t go along with the program. Attendance at Newtown’s Church of Satan would be nice, but not mandatory. Perks include potential multiple lottery wins and money laundering through property flipping.

Excerpt: After accepting the resignation of former Superintendent of Schools Dr Joseph V. Erardi, Jr, at its meeting on July 18, the Board of Education unanimously appointed NHS Principal Dr Lorrie Rodrigue to be the district’s interim superintendent. Dr Erardi started in the district in April of 2014. Former Superintendent of Schools Dr John Reed had been serving as interim superintendent before Dr Erardi came to the district.

More on site.


Douglas Nicholson #393496

Doug, I’m not sure I agree. I won’t say that the Chinese are blind to the zionists, it’s just that their corrupt leaders have a lot in common with the Talmudists and zionists and they don’t mind each other. Don’t forget, Jinping is surrounded buy Talmudic financial advisors and I have read several articles recently with Chinese people complaining about the number of Jewish individuals popping up in their cities. The Chinese elite will identify with them, or at least tolerate the zionists if they are useful. The poor people themselves will turn into fodder for the zionist machine. I’ve heard several Asians of my acquaintance spouting leftist nonsense. The Chinese are NOT our saviours but the KMafia has made such a mess, someone has to fix it. Don’t forget, they don’t care about the masses, don’t care about contamination, weed out the feeble, the damaged, and the dangerous quickly.

Lots of great intel on those California fires. No one believes they were natural.

I love the idea- possibility of impending Disclosure. There will be denial and some panic perhaps, especially if real ET’s start appearing, but I would die happy!


These fires have been very strange, BUT the tales of no trees burned are not true. Fire came within a block of me, and I did not get woken for evacuation, some smoke inhalation, but it is so scary to wake up ,walk outside, and NO ONE is there, in a 96 unit apartmwnt building.

I see many posts and videos online that are not fact based, ie, the sheriff trying to get everyone out of Mark West neighborhoid is heard saying that if all out, then no use trying to fight the fire there. This was due to a fire tornado already burning everywhere there, and the fact that the fire was spreading so fast, the deputy had to move to the new evac area, as lives are more important than things.

The winds were so bad at 9pm on that Sunday of oct 8 that I was dodging falling branches as I walked my dog, and by midnite the winds were at least 50-80 mph & carrying embers up to 1/2 mile to ignite new areas.

I do think there was weather/wind manupularion & some type of fire starter weapon ,esp in the first 8 hoirs.

We had warnings for 5 days before about high winds and low (18%)humidity. coming and fire danger, which we do get from time to time..

In Coffey Park, where a few of my friends (did) live, and lost all they owned, the trees right next to the houses burned, but some farther away from structutes did not.

I have one friend in a wheelchair, and with no car, she had no way to evacuate, and her caregiver rolled her to the neighborhood park and spent the night dodging and putting out embers for 5 hours before first responders arrived and took both of them to the hospital for burns and smoke inhalation

I consider he saved her life & he is a hero.

The melting of entire engine blocks I find the most suspicious in terms of DEWs. Cannot explain much of the extreme destruction by conventional understanding of max forest or home fire max temps.

The biggest complaint I have about tbis fire is the decision by authorities NOT to issue a city wide alert & standby for evacuation.

If the fire had continued on my west side of 101, I would be one of those charred bodies now,( ha,sorry to disappoint some of you ) .

Again, Belle, hope you are okay, and that you did not lose your home,or friends/family


Wow what a nightmare
I’m glad you are safe – it’s hard to know what to believe but how can anyone fudge a massive blaze like that


The Birth of the Universe 432Hz


nightsinger5 #393517

with melissa, I am glad you n your home survived in tact.
AND what devastation.
light to all involved ftggac.


thanks 4 reminder re windi’s operation being today.

joining in sending light fthgac


#393516 Nightsinger, I am glad that you made it through the fire ordeal unscathed. It is an unfathomable tragedy for those involved and was not a natural fire. Great to see you online offering your opinions again. I give you a thumbs up.

As for, “If the fire had continued on my west side of 101, I would be one of those charred bodies now,( ha,sorry to disappoint some of you ) .” I give you a thumbs down for that. You think so little of us as fellow human beings who disagree with your political opinions to believe we want to see you as charred remains? Ridiculous and insulting, not only to us, but to those poor fellow travelers who were turned into the dismissive and discardable “charred remains”.