Possible Upcoming False Flags, Crisis Actor Recruitment

Information contributed by readers:

The pizzagate investigators at Voat found something really suspicious on Twitter:
Recruitment for crisis actors for a disaster event scheduled for 10/31-11/2 in Oklahoma City.

Also, a suspicious Craigslist ad related to the planned action by Antifa on 11/4.  Orangeburg area:

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Maybe uno.


I finally got all the problems resolved so I could log in and now it appears my id is a bunch of words I have no idea why they are there. Deester, Do you see the words there or is it just on my end. It should still say stefie4light, but there have been so many issues since the change that I never got back in for a long time. Just briefly a couple times. They still had all three emails and ids because back then if you lost your password you had to create another one, etc. Just wondering.

Looks like the same old scenarios with being played out by the same old criminals. I do believe their game is coming to an end. It’s just so tragic that real, innocent people suffer in these treacherous games.




Forget all the stuff about my id, etc Apparently, it’s not a problem.


Glad things got resioved 4 u stefie.
Let’s hope this notification can b part of disabling a false flag that was pribably planned and warned about by Simon Parkes among others.


Thanks for the reader contribution and heads up! 5


7 is good – divine… What’s not is this :
“ELIGIBILITY:​ There is no security clearance requirement, so it is open to all, but criminal background checks and U.S. employment eligibility checks will be accomplished”

Lisa LaMontagne
Lisa LaMontagne

Creepy. Very creepy.