Letter to the Editor – A Note on “Jewishness” and Zionism

Hello Ben,

I read the complaint of the individual objecting to your use of the term “Jewish” in your description of events last week.  There is, I think, reason to differentiate carefully between the term “Jewish mafia” and the Italian Mafia.  They are not necessarily correct analogs.

In the case of Jewish people, one awful risk they face, which apparently is largely unseen by many of them, is the Zionists.  The Zionists are the Jewish mafia, and it is apparent to me that they are hiding behind the Jewish religion as a front for their activities.

This places Jewish people in a terrible position of “shield.”  And in order for an entire people to serve as that shield, they often express strong belief in support of the Zionists, apparently not understanding that in no way does Zionism serve the Jewish religion.  I don’t think Italians have anywhere near this level of identification with their captors.

Just a thought.  As a friend to all people, I find this situation very aggravating, as any negative criticism of Zionism very often incites attacks decrying “anti-Semitism.”  (As you pointed out, a misnomer.)  Actually, most people identifying with Judaism today have nothing to do with Semites.  They’re effectively Khazarians filtered through European bloodlines.

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5 years ago

Ben what do you think of this ?
David Icke Rothchild Zionism Utube

5 years ago

Replying to “otherulrich” per “generalization approach.” Agreed. Although I have to say: despite the truth of what you say, look what happened to “the Germans” after WWII. There does appear to be some kind of karmic connection between the inaction of a nation and the consequences it subsequently must endure. One can only imagine the horrors in store for our country (America) should this phenomenon be correct. It seems the world likes the “generalization approach” and as it is brainwashed, employs this mentality to its rationales as it destroys other countries. Thus as historian Anthony Hall says, in “American Empire… Read more »

Paul Furlong
Paul Furlong(@longfuzz)
5 years ago

Ben, I’m new to your blog… maybe six months and I just started paying. So this isn’t specifically about this post, just a couple questions. First, I would like to know more about weather weapons and how we can be sure they exist. There were times in the 1700s that the mighty European fleets were told to stay in port during the hurricane season in the Carrabean. Whole fleets were lost during that time. Is it possible we’re going through a period like that now? Second, you seem to have a lot of faith in the UN, but that’s a… Read more »

5 years ago

U tube David Icke for good info on this topic.
Search David Icke site for Zionist zionism

5 years ago

Good morning… Greetings from Texas!

5 years ago

otherulrich #393432
Well spoken!
Hurray to you 🙂

Douglas Nicholson
Douglas Nicholson(@douglasn1234)
5 years ago

Orthodox Jews who hate Zionism
This from England.

See the many YouTube clips of Jews who hate Zionism.


Douglas Nicholson
Douglas Nicholson(@douglasn1234)
5 years ago

I am a Messianic Jew. Biblical researcher. There are lots of sects of Judaism. Zionists are Godless Jews. Bullies. Hitler teamed up with the Zionists. The Nazis, who are still going for global control. Zionists are Bogus–not of God. http://douglasnicholson.podomatic.com/entry/2012-11-12T15_51_37-08_00 Zionists gave us the events of 911. The dancing Israelites were Mossad agents. https://youtu.be/2XHm56O2NTI Who put the Ayatollah of Iran into power? Mossad. Who runs the Fed in the United States? Zionists. Again, I am a Messianic Jew and know about the many sects. Jews in New York and England hate Zionism. Lots of YouTube clips exposing the Zionists. Corrupt;… Read more »

5 years ago

“My 2 cents, anyway. ?”

It’s worth a lot more than 2 cents ?otherulrich, so many things I have long wondered about clearing up. Valuable indeed. Valuable post and thread. ?

5 years ago

This “generalization” approach in language obviously is part of the general scheme for brainwashing the entire world population. I have visited many countries on this planet, and I can say that everywhere, mostly everybody wants to make a living and live in peace. It’s the media that tells us otherwise: Mind you, it’s not “the Americans” that start one war after another, but a small, criminal group of people that have manipulated enough others into thinking that’s the right thing to do. Most Americans want peace. But that doesn’t make for a great headline. Mind you, it wasn’t “the British,”… Read more »

5 years ago

That’s a very valuable statement.

5 years ago