Another Letter to the Editor About the Jews

Hello, Benjamin,

It is funny reading how the JEWS do not like being criticized for being JEWS.

No, it’s not the Khazarians, it’s the F-ing JEWS that are destroying the world.

I don’t buy into the “good Jews” and “bad Jews” argument.  Those that do not wish to go along with the JEWISH SH#T SCUM in the world should act accordingly and stop calling themselves JEWISH.

Of course you will not have the guts to print this because you are part of the system.

JEWS are a cancer upon this world.  Any group that has been shunned from every country on Earth for over 2,000 years should by now realise that they are doing something wrong.


What are you going to do, Benjamin?  Are you going to tell the truth, or are you going to continue to hide behind this Khazarian lie?

Even if you do not print this, I would like you to reply.  What I have said is the truth!  Are you going to run and hide, or are you going to tell the truth?




First of all, I do not consider myself to be Jewish.  I am a human being from the planet earth—that is all.  I simply point out that according to their definition, I am one of them.

I think the Jews are like the matador’s red cape used in bullfights.  They distract us from the real enemy who is, as you point out, the Satanists.  A lot of Satanists pretend to be Jews, but most Jews are not Satanists.

I have and continue to risk my life to fight against the Satanists, but at the same time, so as not to become like them, I refuse to attack innocent people, whatever ethnic group they identify with.

However, the Jews do need to join the fight against the Satanists.  They also need to renounce many of the horrific things written in the Talmud such as this:  “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.”  (Soferim 15)

Benjamin Fulford

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As the author of the first letter to Ben on “Jewishness” I have to object to this letter about “the Jews” – because it is demonstrative of the kind of bigotry I was trying to avoid. In his book, “American Empire and the Fourth World…” author Anthony Hall says, “Sooner or later, everyone gets to be the red skins.” He is using the term “red skins” because it is emblematic of bigotry and its destructive character used as a political and psychological tool to enable people to destroy others without conscience. In fact I believe the current zombie-themed movies, ads and other media play using zombies is about that. If we follow the satanic reasoning – they want (basically) all of us to see all others as potentially zombies. I believe it is possible that their intention is to alienate everyone from everyone. In that kind of environment – the dystopia – we will all turn on one another in a feeding frenzy of hate. I think this is precisely where that zombie meme is going. It is anti love. And say what you will about Christians, having grown up in the US, there used to be a feeling around Christmas time that was its signature – a projection of good will unknown in other times of the year. It was there, it was real. Now it is gone, like a vapor. I suspect such bigots as the one who wrote this anti-Jewish remark to be a shill. But even if he/she is not, then it is obvious that this person, unlike me, has not known any of the wonderful, beautiful, kind, Jewish people as I have. This is precisely what I wish I could warn those sensible wonderful Jewish people about: That they are at big risk of inviting the same kind of historical pogrom as they are already too much inculcated with in their cultural teachings. They are being _set_ _up_. We are all being set up. The only answer is understanding and more truth. I pray for us all. We are better than this.


`Thank you everyone for your kind and thoughtful responses. Here’s one thing..if we are wanting to create a better more loving world, we need to model love. When someone is sneering and cruelly finger-pointing..they will be left out of any loving world.

I could just as easily decide men are the cause of the world’s ills…and lazily generalize and hate them all. But I’m not doing that because I have observed that that is a wrong stance for many reasons. Hate only comes back on the hater.

From the Jewish woman who wrote one of the letters to Ben on this topic.

Petite Étoile
Petite Étoile

I’m very happy going through all your posts these days. Something has changed. There is more love and much much less shit.

I think the tone in the hearth of humankind uplifted a bit and it is very encouraging and I thank Ben for his part in that matter and also David Wilcock and also Corey Good etc… all these people, all of you who help keep a sens of hope on this earth.

These times are harsh times and many people find is hard to keep burning the flame of hope in their hearth.


Bravo Ben!

I did attend the same high school as Benjamin Netanyahu, but a few years after him, so I never knew him personally, though some friends knew him well growing up. The majority of my former classmates are Jewish though I’m not. I’ve kept in touch over four decades through class reunions, and everyone I know is as morally upstanding a citizen on this earth as you or I. (Okay I’ll say perhaps Bibi aside,) none of these classmates are “satanists”. On the other hand, a Presbyterian classmate who sat next to me in junior high, grew up to be Jeb Bush’s running mate in Florida, and was delegated the task of falsifying the 2000 Election count in that state. Nice-mannered a classmate as he was, I’d put him into the “satanist” category first!

Gudrun Haack
Gudrun Haack

I do not trust myself with English. It is so very long ago when I tried to learn your language. I live in The Netherlands since 30 years now and like this country and its people very much. My mothertongue is German but I speak Dutch as well nearly goed as German. Thank you for your answers. You are awesome altogether with your comments to Ben’s reports in love with men and Earth. It is if it comes from my heart.


Gudrun Haack 393652

Don’t be afraid to post. Your English will improve as you do this and since it’s not your native language, I am sure we can all forgive any errors in your writing,

I will always try to understand someone who cannot speak/write English well… I grew up among many who had immigrant parents or grandparents as I myself had. It never stopped me when I wanted to hear what they had to say.

I have seen certain other posters here whose English has improved in the posting.



My thanks to Ben for posting this and the statements he has made.

I would never think of Ben in terms of “oh he’s a Jew, he’s one of them” (even though I only learned this recently) because his true spirit and humanity have always transcended any sort of Racial and Religious identifier.

Ben puts his finger on this situation and not only gives us the analysis here but defines and redirects our attention to where the fight really is. I commend him for that over and over.

I totally agree with him that not all Jews are satanists despite what has been said by those who have had the worst experiences with them. I look forward to the time when we can all better understand who we are so that all such prejudices fall away and we better understand each other in this sea of humanity without such prejudgements.

And my thanks also to each of you who have posted here and that have eloquently put into words the ideas and thoughts that I may be at a loss to say/express/ put a voice to. Thank you for coming here and saying what you have to say.



Petite Étoile 393644

To your question: “je ne sais pas”, mais:
Black military copters over my friends’ homes in Southern Maine recently… maybe our reincarnated Roman/American Military are strutting their “stuff” par tous these days.


Gudrun Haack 393652

So lovely to hear from you Gudrun.
It’s not fair that “all” is in English, eh? For my part… since I would not know how to type a word in your language (which is?)… I encourage you to share as you are able in mine.


merek 393654
“perhaps this missing mass was hurled out in the last class 5 eruption of solar wind and matter . and this is a normal part of the the warming /cooling cycles.”

That is what resonnates with me.

Gudrun Haack
Gudrun Haack

It’s really lovely to read you all. Thanks a lot. I’m sorry my English is poor, but I love to read you. ♥♥♥


siggi: Is the community part of the facebook page or is there something else?

Petite Étoile
Petite Étoile

New Heights Of Awareness: The Sun And Jupiter Align October 26,2017
“As Jupiter moves through Scorpio we are all going to be guided on lessons involving transformation and personal development. We are all going to be guided to raise our consciousness and open our minds to higher streams of awareness.

Although this energy will be with us for the next 12 months, the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter is going to really kick start this energy forward.

In fact, pay attention to whatever comes up around October 26th as you may just receive some clues as to what Jupiter is asking you to transform in your life and within your soul.”

And more from the Spiritual Community you told us about, thanks siggi:

AND, I have to say.. I awoke this AM (10/2617 here in New England) with a BIG Burst of inspiration and focus… and decided to expand my meditation time daily … to good effect today.


“A poor little baby child is born…..”
At first she/he thought it was a good place. Thought every being was nice, every action was good hearted.
He/ she came from the mighty infinite omniverse. As we all do – with no label attach what so ever..
And so right they were!
Through their yet not distorted Clairvoyance abilities, they easily spotted the problem.

Most all beings on earth was infected by lower parasitic energies. Mind controlled, drugged, wiped clean their memories of their true origin, lied too,stolen from, enslave, divided and conquer….

And so – many were sent to end it.
So lets do that!


“I think the Jews are like the matador’s red cape used in bullfights. They distract us from the real enemy who is, as you point out, the Satanists. A lot of Satanists pretend to be Jews, but most Jews are not Satanists.”


Lisa LaMontagne 393633
“May we all help to co-create peace on earth. Peace on earth. Peace on earth.”

The TRUTH I am attempting to keep my little doggie focus on is that a c t u a l l y….
we all chose to/struggled to get to this 3D reality inorder to play the “choices game” here.
If we are not players in the Satanists section right now… each little doggie of us has been playing in that section at some point.

We truly are ONE… and the way to win this game down here is to keep choosing not to buy into the illusion that some are bad and some are good. To take responsibility as best one can for oneself and ones loved ones… and be in neutral good will toward all aspects of OUR GREATER SELVES.

as in ho’oponopono:

I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

And as in the various HUUUUU traditions we have been discussing (mine being

LIGHT… WELL BEING to A L L … jews..muslims… christians… bhuddists… shamans… agnostics… hindus… non-believers… satanists.. hu-men… hu-women… dogs… rabbits… snakes… birds… grasses… trees… rocks… oceans… .. ALL
Asking that the Light bring about that which is For The Highest Good of All Concerned.

Thank huuuu

tail wagg to all 😉


Maybe it is worth re-defining who “the Jews” are in this respect. It is hardly conceivable that an entire religious community, and nobody else, is to blame for everything – as convenient as that may seem to some.

Let’s not forget that *everybody has been and is being lied to*. Everybody is being manipulated by the “invisible hand”. This goes for Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus – I suppose everybody, Buddhists are probably no exception. Maybe the Jews do some more damage today, who is to say? A short while ago, it was the Christians. So … who thinks he is entitled to point fingers?

I’m no scholar, so I have no large body of evidence to present for this, but I keep reading a blog of channeled messages that are not the fluffy stuff you get so often, but really show that people can be spiritual and keep their feet on the ground.

While I don’t expect anyone to accept this as proof, I expect everybody to use their common sense and think through this.

In more than one religious scripture, it is decreed that everybody except the true believers can be slain, deceived et cetera. (Usually, in the same scripture, the opposite can be found, no?)
This seems a bit like that old Italian proverbial joke: “All women are harlots, except my mother!”

So, come on guys, use your brains. Maybe the most important rule is to really learn the rules, so you know when you have to break them (or rather: Leave them behind, as you have out-matured them).

Even though that may be a quote from the Dalai Lama, who suggests to everybody to find and live their faith, it certainly is worth stating. To this one, I would like to make an addition though: “Live and learn your faith, then transcend it, so you finally become a human being!”

Religious fanaticism, no matter which faith, has always been an insult to all that is truly holy. Makes me wonder, who created all those fanatics, and what for…

It can be a fatal mistake to decide that a “we” should fight a “them”, as every bit of suffering only seems to nourish those who instigated it in the first place and still hide in the shadows – while all others bleed.

Look at history: So many peoples, tribes and groups thought they were God’s Only Chosen Ones, or at least a bit better than the rest. They then lived that illusion, and boy, has life shown them they were wrong!

If there is something like a “Chosen One”, you would certainly know him/her by his/her modesty, courage, honesty, decency, love etc.

In closing, I think one can say: The Cabal does not care about the faith of its members, so why would the ones who wish to overcome the Cabal? So they can quarrel again, once the common enemy has been subdued? I think not…

Lisa LaMontagne
Lisa LaMontagne

May we all help to co-create peace on earth. Peace on earth. Peace on earth.