Is Donald Trump too scared to name George Bush Sr. and P2 Freemasons as Kennedy assassins?

U.S. Corporation President Donald Trump last week announced he would release all records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, “other than the names and addresses of any mentioned person who is still living.”  In other words, it appears he is too scared to mention the involvement of George Bush (Scherf, Pecce) Sr. and the Vatican P2 Freemason lodge fascist New World Order faction.

Pentagon officials, however, say, “Trump muscled the CIA, Mossad, the FBI, and the Bush cabal to release ALL JFK files, since [then Israeli Prime Minister] Ben Gurion wanted JFK dead, and the same perps also did 9/11.”

These are the people who aim to create a world fascist government controlled by members of European royal families who claim descent from the Caesars and from King David, as revealed by forensic research over a period of many years.  This research, including meetings with many members of this family group, has led us to the conclusion that these are the real “elders of Zion.”

Thanks to the confessions of Benjamin Freedman…

and others, John F. Kennedy became aware of a plot to start World War III, wipe out 90% of humanity, and turn the rest into slaves.  The Zionists very nearly succeeded in accomplishing this by triggering all-out nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis.  That is why Kennedy decided to take away their main source of power—the ability to create money out of thin air.

George Bush Sr. (whose real family name goes back through Sherf and Pearce to the Roman aristocratic Pecce name) and the Zionists had Kennedy assassinated in order to prevent the nationalization of the Federal Reserve Board.

These people are still in control of the creation of U.S. dollars, Euros, and Japanese yen out of thin air.  Their main instrument of power in the U.S. these days is still the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller Zionist Federal Reserve Board, truth researchers agree.

A very interesting example of how these gangsters distribute their fiat money can be seen in the article at the link below that shows how the rise in Amazon share prices matches the rise in central bank money printing and moves in the opposite direction of actual Amazon results.  There can be little doubt that Jeff Bezos is now “the world’s richest man,” because he has been selected as a premier distributor of fiat money.

Forensic research has shown that most (if not all) major listed corporations are controlled, via hedge funds like Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity, etc., by this family group, known now to many as the Khazarian mafia.

In Japan, this writer has identified the quislings used by the Khazarian mafia, thanks to testimony by assassins formerly in their employ here.  These people are now vanishing one by one as their former hitmen turn on them, the assassins say.

The quisling politician Seiji Maehara played a key role in the recent theft of the Japanese election by Khazarian mobsters led by Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg and Barbara Bush cousin Richard Armitage.  Maehara is the son of the North Korean agent Son Tae Chuk, also known as Daisaku Ikeda.  Ikeda for years was the absolute ruler of the Soka Gakkai Buddhist lay group and controller of the Komeito political party, whose duped members are crucial to maintaining Khazarian control of Japan.  Ikeda has been in a vegetative state (probably dead) for several years, so Maehara is effectively in charge now, even though he ostensibly belongs to a different political grouping.  White Dragon Society (WDS) sources in Japan say Maehara regularly walks into the U.S. embassy in Tokyo and is never asked to show any ID.

The Khazarians stole the Japanese election because the Party of Hope led by Koike Yuriko was planning to nationalize the Bank of Japan, say sources close to the Japanese emperor.

With U.S. President Donald Trump scheduled to visit Japan November 5-7, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS, the employer of Greenberg and Armitage) had big meetings this past weekend in Tokyo to discuss what agenda they were going to present to Trump.

Prior to this gathering, the CSIS sent a top agent to meet with a representative of the White Dragon Society.  At this meeting, the CSIS official, who personally does not approve of Armitage, said that he was sent by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to…

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3 this week. The earliest I’ve gotten on in awhile. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!


4 … “4 sure”
Double First prizes to deester n kpup
waaaay 2 go!!!!
tail wagg to all








Good morning! Greetings from Texas….


nine. Darn, I checked in just 20 seconds too soon before the posting. Let’s revise the history books on Kennedy’s assassination, and Papa Bush.


10 today ! It’s a run-away.


Papa Bush is a direct eighth cousin, but thank God, there’s no Scherf or Pecce bloodline on my branch of the tree.


Exciting to finally see some strongholds crumbling such as MSM and Pedywood but these are dangerous times when a wild animal gets cornered. Staying in prayer for white hats worldwide.

Robin Larson

Lucky 13!


Thanks Ben


Yes…the first of the unraveling arrests…..,

Thank you Ben for your white hat involvement. It has taken an incredible amount of courage. We are on our way to a new earth…..

Victory to the Light!




Thanks Ben!
“War” being fought openly inside Washington DC. When Trump “muscle” with deep state to get JFK’s files opened, you can bet the wounded beast are fighting back.


You can just feel the positive energy flowing from these triumphs: release of the Kennedy assassination files, exposure of the pedophiles, departure of GOP Kmafia agents and more. The siting of the white ball in the sky in Russia is a big one too. Many thanks for an encouraging perspective. Is hope always just around the corner- this time it looks like it really is.


I asked what the percentages of low soul people in each group. These are the people that have Human bodies, but don’t have Human souls, some are clones and some are born this way. I’m told that there are about 140,000 of them, most of them in positions of power. The biggest group is Jews at about 41%, so .41 x 140,000 = 57,400. So we have about 57,400 evil elite Jews in power over Humanity. I hope the Human Jews don’t follow these evil people. The next group is White at 21%, so .21 x 140,000 = 29,400, I think many of these are Illuminati. Then Blacks at 17%, Asians at 16%, Hispanics at 3% and others at 2%. So the leader or politicians in any country could have a low soul. It will be a great day when all of these people are taken out of Humanity.


I am not a sports fan but we happened to have the TV tuned to the opening of Game 5 last night between the Dodgers and Astros where they trotted out Bush Sr. to throw the first pitch. Everyone cheered like he was Elvis…I wanted to puke…and the only thing that made that even worse, was when he handed the ball off to the younger Bush and folks squealed even louder. I’m not buying that it wasn’t a publicity stunt to try tied to the allegations against Bush Sr. this past week. That folks cheered crazily, made me realize we still have a way to go with “Joe Public” in general.

Then this morning I hear Clinton is set to be in St. Louis to be briefed on programs related to his foundation…a publicity stunt to get the Clinton Foundation discussed in a positive light.

We still have work to do. 🙁


Still no obituaries for the victims of the biggest shooting America has ever seen. Lots of older people, and some younger people (with cause of death included). Like the Pulse nightclub shooting, relatives couldn’t be bothered holding funerals or posting obits.




Here in NZ regarding fiat money Winston Peters gets it ….

Peters told that a key problem currently is the “extraction of over $4 billion in profits” out of the NZ economy as a consequence of Australian dominance of NZ banking through the Australian owned ANZ, ASB, BNZ and Westpac.

He is now in power as deputy prime minister and he has his eyes on the $4 billion dollars and the homeless which is increasing in NZ.


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Justin Deschamps
Stillness in the Storm




Correction guac77, there are exactly 144,000 of them: everything is a counterfeit in good ole pedywood!


That was a great read. Thanks Ben. Now for the take down. This was posted on 4Chan last night. 4Chan is populated by hackers, leakers, agency types, and insiders as well as disinfo agents. However, this story has the ring of truth to it.


Someone sure does not appreciate most of our comments today. As for family relations, there’s always a horse thief or two.


Now, let us assume, for one brief moment, that all the decent and honest people of the world are fully informed, cannot be bought off or scared into submission (no matter what the opposition is or the consequences are) and would be willing to unite behind a good and great cause. Realistically speaking, how do we then overcome the 144,000 evil ones? If we accept that no power on earth can or even should overthrow this empire of evil, when its source and origins are not even of this world, the question remains: how can it, therefore, be overthrown? The only answer that has ever made any sense, to me, is this…. Continue to do what is good in seeking to draw out the innate goodness in others. For it is by these means will you build up the kingdom of God, here upon this earth, through the dominion that is within your capacity to control, that is, your family and your community, by honouring your parents … even if they are not deserving of your honour. For it is in this principle and through this law there is great power against all those who those that seek an unrighteous dominion through worldly gain and our ego-centred ‘service to self’.


suppqueen- remember the loud cheers aren’t real, they are prerecorded. They come on a sound machine. Nobody loves the Bushes anymore.


waldheim2 #393813

Woah! Waldheim… we’re related… I’m some-sorta distant cousin to the Bushes too!

waldheim: you must be a dog! 😉


laylow1 #393815

YES… PRAYERS… .LIGHT…. VIsions of P e a c e f u l healings and clearings and doings for ALL… FTHGAC!

Update at Neil Keenan for those interested…


jujubean #393821
Hi juju!
Totally with you there! – so fantastic to just see some truths for a change. Whole generation has been tormented since that murder. Perhaps is the major event that will open the whole nasty wormhole once and for all.
Have to give huge credit to trump for this!
There must be others behind him. ET?
What about…… if Trump next move will be the release of more than 8000 classified pattens, some which is Tesla’s free energy. He signed a secret memorandum when taken into office re this.
It’s more than interesting that his uncle John G, Trump was the one who removed Teslas inf. on free energy for the FBI.
Seen here:
mozart #393753
at around 54 min mark. Thanks to Mozart for this link!
I say – we have super interesting times ahead. Thanks so much for your nice thoughts toward my brother in law. Such thoughts carries healing, support and comfort.
And they always arrive!


stillnessinthestorm #393828

Woah, This one is for our Illustrious “Firstie of the Week”.. .Deester:

And.. Justin… you all over there can not possibly be all that still … with the amount of Kool Kopy y’all are KRANKIN’ out week by week. Thanks for sharing… with us … and for “slaving away” over there.. in the center of it all.
Tail wagg to your whole team!
🐕 😄 🖒


Treinta y seis. Let it roll!


littledogg #393835

waldheim2 #393813

Woah! Waldheim… we’re related… I’m some-sorta distant cousin to the Bushes too!

waldheim: you must be a dog! 😉

Littledogg, it’s possible a number of us are distantly related here. Besides, it was the year of the dog about the time I arrived

As for that horse-thief eighth-cousin Bush Sr., we both descend from Samuel H. b. 1675 and Mehitable W. b. 1677. Though I’m from their eldest son Ezekiel b. 1699, and G.H.W.B. fell down from their youngest son Daniel b. 1708. Hopefully that’s sufficiently distant.


Tony Podesta steps down from lobbying group and is being investigated.

Excerpt: Tony Podesta, founder of the Podesta Group and brother of former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, is resigning from his lobbying company.

Podesta and his lobbying firm were subjects of a federal investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The Podesta Group was one of several firms that worked on a campaign called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine. The campaign was led by Paul Manafort and promoted Ukraine’s image in the West.

More on site.


George Webb’s Complaint against DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the Awan brothers, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, to name a few.

Hirofusa Otsubo

Did Trump reserve the rest of JFK documents to deal with Khazarian mafia in future use as political tool? I think he should expose them all to the world sooner the better.


There are only two posters who don’t share our views here- it’s interesting who they don’t put thumbs down on. Very telling.

I have noticed ever since the green skunk was booted out – so it is pretty obvious who it is.

They don’t comment often so it is difficult to do the same to them. How totally childish of both of you . So we should support each other’s posts if they are being dissed .

Love ❤️ will find a way.


More to come for sure. Channeling much energy into keeping Trump in office.


Ok so I was interested to read the Benjamin Freedman speech for the first time. It is very eye-opening, but I feel he errs by using expressions like “The Jews of the world”..when in reality it was a smaller group. Just as the Mafia is not “The Italians/Catholics of the world”. I feel there are some blanks to be filled where do Reptilians and AI Masters fit in to this picture?

JFK FILES SHOCKER: Hitler Escaped Germany, Lived 10+ Years
What next.
Elvis is alive?

2:20 min
CIA Agent Blows the Whistle: ‘We Supply Elite Pedophiles with Children’


deester #393824

Jim Fetzer on this GoldFish Report covers the faked obits that have been created…
AND SOOOO much more about Vegas gooferies … and ALL the Lizzy-Puppery of the day… Meuller actions deflecting from JFK BIG REVEAL.. etc.

also: from zero hedge: “faking te collapse of our electrical grid”…

The GoldFish Report No. 149 – Week 41 POTUS Report w/ Prof. Jim Fetzer: JFK Coup D’Etat


Sometimes solutions appear out of nowhere. I was wondering about Hangman’s videos on U-Tube and whether that was sound system equipment that the FBI was loading into a truck near Mandalay Bay crime scene. Lo and behold, I was attempting to go into a restaurant (which had been closed in order to hold a private function), and there were piles of similar-looking cases holding sound system equipment – for a small restaurant, there were a lot of black, plastic cases. Still not an expert in this field, but this stuff looked about the same as what the handful of 20 year old FBI agents were loading the day after “America’s most deadly shooting”. Smoke and mirrors.

Here is the video: The truck contents appear at approximately 7:42 off and on for approximately a minute. I watched all four videos and think that even watching approximately 5 minutes of the first one will tell you that this was not a real crime scene.

As for the downvotes, we have heard from Herald Kautz-Vella that the universe does not recognize a negative, so it is not registering in the big creator matrix.

“Robert Mueller had to dust off a statute that’s only been used six times since 1966 to win a criminal conviction, according to Paul Manafort’s lawyer..
Attorney Kevin Downing is throwing roundhouse punches at U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, calling his case a sham.
This could get even more interesting.”
No politic expert…. – but there are clearly more to this move…So why does Mueller still has Trump support? Must clearly be a connection between Tony Podesta stepping down from the Podesta group and the indictment of Mandafort.
If his lawyer is right this should not affect Trump, something Mueller surely knew before hand? To me this looks to insignificant to really deflect the historical truth released from JFK files by him imo. What might had been, is if a UFO landed on the lawn of the White House..
But of course I could be very wrong.
Anyway – nothing is like it seems, or pure by chance.. in politics.

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

Mr.Fulford please tell the elders that I desire to have access to my abilities of consciousness that I have a birthright to and would love for them to metaphysically send a person in the 3rd dimension to help me out and I truly hope I may be able to before 2018 at least but I would at least like a response if I have the honor of even getting my request to them at all? Thank your very much. All is one. My life path is an 11 by the way.


I really respect you Ben for what you did, and what you are doing. I don’t understand why you have it out for Trump though. From my perspective as an American Patriot – if we didn’t take America it would have been Hillary at the UN denouncing worldwide Nationalism not Trump at the UN denouncing worldwide Communism. But it was wasn’t it? He did walk that Golden Mullet up there on stage, did he not? We did what we had to do to get this far. Don’t be like Ron Paul.

How can one denounce worldwide Communism like JFKx100 [and] be abhorrent Khazar trash? I’m not just blindly sticking up for Trump. Perhaps he had to play both sides here and there to not cause collapse of our country.. Who is keeping us from Khazarian-style mutual disintegration? Touch on that with your almighty knowledge – but don’t piss on my back and call it rain. And stop disrespecting my flag by maligning my President. He’s done right by most of us. It sure as hell wasn’t some secret WD society…


Well the Hillary cult of the MSM was all over the Manafort indictment, certainly eclipsed the JFK files here in the northeast, but I think people will pay some attention. Anyone catch the repo sites, FOX? Are they covering JFK?


Some excerpt:

What are perception?

“There are three main aspects that coalesce into perception, namely.
sense data, conceptual thought and attention.
We usually believe that bare sense data (i.e. colours, tastes, odours, sounds and tactile sensations) are the ‘objective side’ of perception, i.e. what is ‘given’ out there. But this is not the case at all. In order to explain, let’s briefly analyze visual experience according to the psychology and physiology of perception. First of all, we never actually see objects like trees, clouds, houses, cars and so on. In fact, we can only see light. Light is a narrow range of frequencies belonging to the wide spectrum of electro-magnetic waves. Beyond this narrow range, higher and lower electro-magnetic frequencies (like, for example cosmic rays, infrared rays, radioactivity or radio waves) are totally invisible to our eyes……….”

“When light comes across any object, some frequencies are ‘absorbed’ by the object according to the specific ‘vibrations’ of its atomic structure, while other frequencies are ‘rejected’ (i.e. reflected) by it. Only the latter reach our eyes, so we are unable to see both the objects and the light frequencies that fit their atomic vibrations: we can only see what objects reject, which is somehow similar to a photographic negative image. When light reaches our eyes, it energizes the optic nerve, where electro-magnetic stimula of light are ‘translated’ into electro-chemical pulses, which activate the nervous system in such a way that a magic show of colours appears in our consciousness……….”
(Further down this rather lengthy but great article)

“Thus English and similar tongues lead us to think of the universe as a collection of rather distinct objects and events corresponding to words.”

“In Indian thought, the ancient precursor of this constructivistic perspective is the concept of nāma-rūpa. Nāma means ‘name’ and rūpa means ‘perceptible form’. They are joined together in one compound word just to emphasize that we can only perceive a form through a name.”

“Now, all this universe was then undifferentiated. It became differentiated by name and form: it was known by such and such a name and such and such a form. Thus to this day this universe is differentiated by name and form; so it is said. ‘He has such a name and such a form.’ […] He who meditates on one or another of Its aspects does not know, for It is then incomplete: the Self is separated from Its totality by being associated with a single characteristic. The Self alone is to be meditated upon, for in It all these become unified. Of all these, this Self alone should be known, for one knows all these through It, just as one may find an animal which is lost through its footprints.”

“No name, no form.
Many names, many forms.”

“I do not negate the world.
I see it as appearing in consciousness,
which is the totality of the known
in the immensity of the Unknown.”


A Message From the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light on October 24, 2017
Just a couple of choosen sentences….

“As we arrived at Crescent Beach we felt the timeline lift to what is clearly the highest frequency we have ever experienced here.”

“It became clear that the bestowal of the green quantum healer code is the next step of human bioelectromagnetics as announced by the Elohim to be the new paradigm of life in the original earth and many more fifth dimensional gifts shall follow.”
Ok – Green lantern is here! To heal us all.
I do hope you go in and look at the exact colour because…
” I feel it is very important to visualize the colour as you tune in to this powerful healing frequency energy.”


Heal thyself,
and the world will be healed simultaneously!


It turns out that the only thing worse than being at the country music concert in Vegas and getting shot to death is having attended that concert and surviving the shootings.

By Jim Stone’s count, at least 8 such survivors have gone on to die in mysterious ways, the latest a couple who died when their speeding car crashed and exploded just blocks from their home.

Stone says that the couple’s Mercedes was remotely hijacked, and that all modern cars are equally vulnerable. A full explanation is on his site.


Lakewinds wrote:
Stone says that the couple’s Mercedes was remotely hijacked, and that all modern cars are equally vulnerable. A full explanation is on his site.
Jim Stone just updates the site with directions and schematics for how to install a kill switch in the event your vehicle gets remotely hijacked. It will not void your warranty either.


Here is a really good interview:

Robert David Steele interviews Kerry Cassidy in an attempt to get what he calls an “executive summary” re the secret space programs, shadow government, ET influence, AI, etc. I think he succeeds quite well and bullies Kerry into being very revealing. She makes a lot of very eye opening statements.

No matter what negative opinions you might have about either of these two, (I have a few of those myself), I think it is well worth watching.

A transcript is available here:


Hangman1128 added this pin to his youtube video depicting the FBI cleanup of the “shooting scene” by Mandalay Bay:

Pinned by hangman1128
17 hours ago
I’ll tell you a crazy story.
I took the footage of the 4 FBI Clean Up videos.
I went to Vegas to see for myself.
I booked a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel and they put me on the same side as the broken window and not far away but on a different floor.
I look pretty shady to begin with and had talked with numerous hotel employees about the shooting.
Later that night, security pulled me aside twice and confronted me about talking to hotel employees.
After that it felt like everyone was watching me and I headed up to my room.
I checked out at 4am the following morning and felt relieved to get out of there.
As I was leaving Vegas I received a phone call from a 12 digit number that came up on caller ID – UNITED STATES– and when I answers the caller hung up.
When I tried to return the call, it said the number was unavailable but would leave a message that said ” location number” followed by a series of numbers.
Every time I called this number the location number in the recording would change.
If I stayed in one place the number would remain the same.
You talk about weird.
I called a friend of mine who is in law enforcement and he said this was a government number.
Did security notify the FBI that they had someone asking questions in the casino and wanted to track my movements after I left the hotel?
This is the number that called and I must have called it a hundred times and it changes every time.
+1 650727498050
Another weird thing was a couple days later this guy shows up at my door acting like he is selling home security systems and asked me if I had security.
Not going to disclose my home securities, but I kindly told him that I had plenty of security and didn’t need what he was selling if he was actually selling anything at all.
I’m definitely on high alert!!!



Hi Scott

You’re right. Incredibly good interview. The jury is still out for me re Kerry and Mr Steele but, going on this interview they seem to certainly be working to reveal the truth to the people which can only be a good thing.

Still have my fingers crossed the cabal comes crashing down very soon! With info like this getting out it will help our cause no end!

I am going to send this out to family and friends who already think I am a chop or two short of a bbq! At this point I don’t really care any more. This info needs to be “out” there!

Thanks for the link.



scottfree #393866
Here is a really good interview:
Hi Scott!
Agree! A very good interview.
Many thanks for bringing this inn here. I would probably not seen it if not. Very much like the “new” positive side of K. Cassidy. he he
As I’m super interesting in all what’s related to ET, I only like to bring to the attention that there are an overwhelming number of benevolent races out there, so there are no way the “dark side” of them can win. This is seldom mention.
Also what was pointed at, we now evolve incredibly fast. Our enhanced DNA can soon withstand all nano or AI influences + other “super ability” upgrades.
Quite surprised – will try to share this around. Thanks so much again.


“Terror event” in lower Manhattan. What would make a rental truck driver careen down a bike path, slaughtering 8? It sounds like something similar was happening in Copenhagen today. Let’s keep the victims and their families in our prayers and thoughts, and try to discern what really was happening as a psy-op.


JIm Stone pulled this post as it needed more confirmation. If this is legit, down goes the FBI….or another 911 type event will occur to cover their butts…
I pulled a major report because I need further confirmation.
It cannot be on the front page yet. There was a huge doxxing of FBI agents, (fully confirmed) and it appears 30 of them checked into the Mandalay Bay before the shooting. *not confirmed well enough. But I have to go now and cant confirm this well enough right now.

To see it, back up a page by changing the 2 to a 3, and remember this is not fully confirmed yet.
Aww hell… Here is the post on the page in case Stone’s website goes down…
BOOM: RED ALERT: the latest that happened to the FBI will most definitely result in a massive terror attack on American soil. Heads up folks, this is BIG.
Someone got pissed about the latest remote control car murder of two Vegas witnesses (compliments of the FBI) and DOXXED THE FBI.
This is legit and is getting wiped everywhere. And all I can say is it won’t be wiped here, because I have no ads to lose, and this server is in a country where no one will care.
UPDATE: Now known: just like on 911, with Fema showing up a day early, the Las Vegas shooting was preceeded by 30 OF THE FBI AGENTS ON THIS LIST CHECKING INTO THE MANDALAY BAY 2 DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING, to coordinate the shooting and keep the subsequent reporting cinched down to a phony monologue. This was revealed by intel Hub, and the fat boy is now doing a gran mal rant about it over at Infowars. Maybe he had crap on Vegas at first, but it seems he’s pulling for all of us now.

A nice solid DOXX of a totally corrupt agency was just what the doctor ordered! It made finding out what really happened in Vegas possible – 30 of these bastards were at the Mandalay for the shooting. FIGURE THE ODDS.

This could lead to an extremely dangerous situation, because the shadow state is now cornered, and their solution could well be another 9-11.

UPDATE: 4chan was completely taken offline when this got posted to make sure it was bleached. It is legit folks!

Unlike 4chan, I could care less about the will of traitors to this nation, and I’d have this posted with photographs of each agent if that could be done. It is time to say enough is enough, and hunt these bastards down. So says the 590 murdered and injured in Vegas (and the now building list of people who are victims of a subsequent clean up!) The FBI can take their phoney Russia investigation and projectile vomit it up Hillary’s *ss. The feel good wore off on that fake piece of work the second the first hit was directed at Manafort. That right there proved Hillary will be off her crutches soon.

Here is the link to the DOXXed FBI file from JIm Stone’s site.


#393869 getem
#393870 siggy

Glad you both found the interview to be worthwhile. Did you catch the bit about the real issue behind the war an Viet Nam? Amazing.

If we ever get true, FULL disclosure, not just about UFOs, but about what has been really going on behind the scenes while we have been hypnotized by the Media . . . Well, I don’t know how to complete that sentence.

My head is still spinning about ET spiders the size of the old Volkswagons.


I watched another good Kerry Cassidy interview of Bix Weir regarding “billions of ounces” of gold in the Grand Canyon, along with ancient Egyptian ruins.

It dovetails nicely with a documentary that I saw a few days ago about some Native American elders who visited the Grand Canyon, 2012, in search of physical evidence of the legend of the Sipapu.

According to the legend there is an entrance in the Canyon where the native peoples emerged from underground cities that they had been led to by the “ant people” to escape the destruction that occurred at the end of the “3rd World.” According to legend, we are now in the 4th World. The last three ended in cataclysms.

They didn’t find what they were looking for, but they were buzzed by helicopters when they came near a site where they saw trucks and heavy equipment. There could be many reasons for such a site. Gold, uranium, ancient artifacts, etc.

However, whoever it was had no legitimate business for being there. It’s sacred ground, and according to Bix Weir, the Grand Canyon was placed strictly off-limits by Presidential order in 1912 when the gold was discovered, because there is so much gold there that it would have destroyed the gold backed economy at that time.

Kerry Cassidy/Bix Weir:

Expedition to Sipapu-“Grand Canyon’s Lost City”:


Thanks for the links, Littledog. I have some watching to do! 🙂


House of Cards in last season as Netflix cancels. Could this be yet another nail in the coffin of pedophile Hollywood (and quit playing the gay card to divert attention, Spacey; that’s not the real news story, and most of us don’t care what you do with other consenting adults. A 14-year old, on the other hand, is a different ball of wax).

Excerpt: In the wake of the sexual harassment allegation against actor Kevin Spacey, Netflix has announced “House of Cards” will be ending after the show’s sixth season.

The news comes after many fans called on Netflix to pull the plug on its original series following a report from Buzzfeed News in which actor Anthony Rapp alleged Spacey, then 26, made a sexual advance on him when he was 14 years old.

The decision to conclude “House of Cards” was made several months ago, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the decision.

However, a representitive for Netflix told Fox News earlier on Monday that the company is “deeply troubled by last night’s news concerning Kevin Spacey. In response to last night’s revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time.”

More on site.


A Spaceship for You 432Hz <3


Jordan Sather- 10.31 – New York Terror/Podestas/Antifa/Natl. Blackout Drills
Mentions antifa and NAMBLA joining forces i.e to ‘normalize!! WTH!! 7:40 min.


Catherine Austin Fitts with the ‘Dark Jounalist
54 Min

Catherine Austin Fitts is on fire as she joins Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt with a close look at the Missing Trillions that have disappeared from US Government Agencies and how this relates to Harvey Weinstein, the Clintons and the Las Vegas shooting and realpolitik.


Because the vote was called illegally – that is, in defiance of the Spanish constitution – the unionist parties advised their supporters not to take part. As a result, only those who desired independence cast a vote. The outcome was a 90 per cent landslide in favour of secession, but, crucially, only on a 43 per cent turnout.

Add to this the fact that over the years, polls have consistently shown that the cause of independence has attracted no more than 45 per cent of support in Catalonia, and the conclusion is unavoidable: most Catalans do not want independence. They never have done.


“You humans – you marvelous, majestic humans – in your funny little bodies – are doing the great and final push and we are with you pushing along side you, transmuting with you, for we are the fairies and that is what we do – we help, we nurture alongside, we restore beauty to the broken.

. . gaze on the flowers – let our fairy healing energy in –

. . do you remember when we played together in Lemuria and you knew the wonders of their creation? We would create together just as easily as breathing.”


Shrödinger’s Öther Cat:

Advisory: Stay Off the FEAR BUS

“FYI, folks: The PTW are up to something… but we don’t see a nationwide blackout, as predicted by some sites. More like a false flag in the southeastern US for two main reasons: the PTW wants to deflect The Event Step 5 (ha!), and they want to wipe away the growing HRC/DNC blowback. Don’t take the bait, and send light to that region. If you see/hear incendiary language from any outlet, just turn it off.

We encourage people to not only focus on balance at this time, but purge the things that are weighing them down (forgiveness feels like a valuable focus, letting things go). Note that purging isn’t always physical (with toxins), but mental and emotional, too. And we are, of course, talking to ourselves here, too!”

Soooo lite litie lite lite… to our purging processes and those “back against the wall” lizzy-pups! FTHGAC… (of course! 😉 )

AND… scroll down their home page for

Your Step 5 CountDown… which for this little doggie is about how the meditating…. HUUUUing etc has been going lately…

And… in between… some confusing cool news involving ice cream cones and “jiving” with Corey and David’s latest info about timelines and the Ascension via Cosmic Disclosure

ps… for those who are not subscribers the transcript of this week’s q n a of Cosmis Disclosure should be up on Corey’s Blog tomorrow: 11/02


deester #393877

Well… this is just what I was opining about last week…. the end of some of the Hollywood tinsel I (we?) so enjoy escaping to… boo hoo…

But… just think of all the “tinselers” who have been pushing and trying and wrestling to get their wares out to the public.. who couldn’t make it to us.. cuz the pedo-wooders were clogging up the pipeline.

What grand entertainments are coming our way … sooner than we can do a doggie wink, eh?

GO tinselers.. GO light.. fthgac!


zanderboy #393881

So…. as announced here (I think?)… a gorgeous pink fairy (big greyhound dog) and a jolly elf (littledoggie) held court and handed out fistfuls of sweet delights to: other fairies… goblins… skeletons… ghosts…. pirates… etc last night.

My son thought up: “Pat the Fairy… get a treat!” and almost all comers did just that: patted…. stroked… and hugged that silky smooth serene fairy gnoggin…

So, much fairy power is spreading here in the NorthEast … hard by the old Mystic River!


siggi #393870
scottfree #393866 .

THANX scottfree.. .I will go back and listen to this. I tried it at the time a cupla times and got soooo vexxed at how controlling Steele was being with Kerry at the start … (interrupting her constantly)… that I gave up.

So i will fast–forward thru all that interruptie annoyance and listen to the rest.. cuz.. listening to the kerry monologue I put up here the other day.. I was wishing for Kerry to do an organized summary of what she knows about the SSP. And it sounds like that’s what RS Steele got her to do.

(Interesting footnote that the monologue she did was because Steele ditched the interview she was gonna do of him… having to do with not wanting to talk about the Secret Space Program… o the tangled webs eh?)

That monologue…


siggi #393870
“Also what was pointed at, we now evolve incredibly fast. Our enhanced DNA can soon withstand all nano or AI influences + other ‘super ability’ upgrades.”


1) What does the O in OLP stand for?
anyone? … anyone?

2) OLP // DNA // lil doggie SUPER ABILITY UPDATE:

btw: after you read this you are going to think: “lil doggie SUPER ABILITY? More like lil doggie SUPER DOPE-ieness!”

So I got the Plug .. what? 1.5 mo ago? or so.
And my ah-maizing black kitty and I felt this Aha MAIZING whoosh of vibes with it…
And I had some few “hi” days… and a cupla CHALLANGING Healing symptom days… and mostly up and downs of less and more symptoms.

Then 5 weeks ago I started doing the 24 Strand DNA Activation statements…
Finished them a week ago today.. or so?

And … on I went with the “mostly up and downs of less and more symptoms”. All the while being guided in many many choices of 24 Strand statements or “eateries” via muscle-testing.

Then.. last week, I got clarification from you all about how to use extension cords with the plug… realized I should NOT have fallen asleep w a cord wrapped around my torso!

SOOOO.. this past weekend I had my big AHA:

For loooooong b4 siggi found us the Plug… I have slept e v e r y night with the power cord for my laptop … plugged into it or not… running under many pillows at the head of bed.
AND I have my phone “read me to sleep” with an Audible book or a talk by my spiritual teacher that has special healing spirit in it for me. And both the computer power cord AND the phone power cord were plugged into a power strip that “lived” under a pillow at the edge of the bed.

Sooooo … now that my house is Lemurian Plugged… those 2 cords are, presumably, healing devices… that I have been sleeping with e v e r y night!… and being with for times in the day as well.

And .. I was having ups and downs of “healing symptoms”… and would anyone except a muggle be surprised about that?!!!!!!!

So Sunday I removed ALL cords from bed.
I am sleeping with a little mp3 player.. not plugged into anything.. or my Fire Kindle.. not plugged into anything.

And this is the 3rd day of HI VIBES and HI ENERGY and BIG JOY for this little doggie.

I may be a dope.
But.. eventually I figure stuff out.

Dance ON Group Of Dancers!

and tail waggs to all! 😉


Hi littledog,
OLP stands for the Order of the Lemurian Plug. Like the Order of the Knights of the Round Table.


A bit of soft disclosure. Prepping the populace.

“Scientists suggest that aliens will look like us.”


carolm #39388

Thanks Carol. I thought it was Order of the Lemurian Plug… but not sure.


Kevin Spacey’s Character in ‘House of Cards’ Shows How To Deflect and Distract from Scandals


Good articles folks!!

Here is a tit-bit that I find worthy to think about by Vancouver astrologer Tim Stephens, who tends to ramble about many things-some worthy-some -not so much.

At the very end of lastest piece:
(At best, religion attempts to contain spirit in a house of ideas, interpretations and rules, and in this inevitably suffocates spirit. It has always been so and will always be so. When this suffocating house approaches success, it does not contain spirit but excludes it, so spirit lives outside the house. The ultimate success of religion’s house is to pervert all reality, and provide a lair for sexual perversions, theft, bigotry, murder, political collusion and other crimes. Precisely because spirit flees any attempt to imprison it, such houses [Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, etc.] must become godless places. In the end, religions become their own perfect, spiritless prisons.)


KP you’ve put up 2 GOODIES on your site.. thanks:

1. Joe Martino, Collective Evolution 10-23-17… “You Asked For Our Stance On Trump, So Here It Is”

You Asked for [Collective Evolution’s] Stance on Trump, so Here It Is
October 28, 2017 By Suzanne Maresca


2. 10-30-17… “5 Conspiracy Theories That Were Just Confirmed By The JFK Files”
Posted on 2017/10/31

“This was apparently posted on and And the original title had “disturbing” in there, but whether it’s “disturbing” to you is up to you.

“1. Biological Warfare Reminiscent of Monsanto… We’ve all heard of the chemical warfare being waged by Monsanto that’s left crops decimated, but many years ago, the CIA was already engaged in the practice. Described as “agricultural sabotage”, the agency plotted methods of terrorizing Cuba by “producing crop failures by the introduction of biological agents which would appear to be of natural origin.”

“2. CIA Hitlists… Governments aren’t supposed to be creating and actualizing hitlists, yet that’s essentially what the CIA did, according to the new files: “Leaflets will be designed to indicate phases. “For example, the first leaflets will contain only names of communist leaders; the next leaflets will revise the names by job; i.e. cell leader, informer, party members, etc.; any of the above or subsequent leaflets will announce the amount of the reward, how and where it may be collected. “One final leaflet may be deemed advisable and that one announcing a .02c reward for the delivery of Castro.”

“3. CIA Colluded With the Mafia… In what should earn it the new title “Criminal Intelligence Agency,” the CIA also appears to have colluded with the mafia to get Fidel Castro killed. The first page of the archived files reveals two important documents referencing “plans involved a number of bizarre schemes and, in at least one instance, involved some contact with organized criminal elements.”

“4. CIA’s Mind Control for “Influencing Human Behavior”… MK ULTRA is nothing new to conspiracy circles, but the JFK files make direct reference to the CIA’s use of what sound like mind control techniques. In a document titled “Commission on CIA Activities Within the Unites States,” there is a direct admission to the “involvement in research on techniques for influencing human behavior and on methods of protecting Agency personnel against hostile use of drugs or ‘brain working’ techniques.” Other references to “testing of equipment measuring physiological responses in human subjects” make the implications much more sinister.

“5. CIA’s Operation Mockingbird Hijacked The Media… As reported by The Free Thought Project: “However, in two separate documents within the JFK files, the CIA admits to the program and a Congressman confirms that he is worried about their influence”…”



from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 1, 2017











littledogg #393887
Hi littledogg!
Thanks so much for that OLP, DNA and SA update!
OH my! – Seems to me you got heavy doses of the Plug freq. right from day one. It must have been extremely tough.
But now – after a wile, you will be lifted to unimaginable new heights – together with the amazing 24 strand activation, the new incoming cosmic energy ( this energy will alone activate our DNA, 12 at first), new blueprints, templates, upgrades of energy/chakra system, crystalline light codes activation in every cell….and on and on…., soon you will see it was more than worth it I think

So just saying – you have done a super accelerated cleansing/upgrade approach here…even not knowing the full scope of it perhaps.
Very brave done.
I think The plug is just here to build solid foundations, lift us up from the dense dark control grid. Then we will, with all our implemented activations and upgrades, be fine without any IMO. Only need the “energy soup” from time to time he he But I will keep plug in until I see cabal is behind bar,or goes over to the light, anyway
In addition comes all the other meditations, exercises, medicine/ herbs ect. one might use as daily routine. Be aware these will work much more efficient and become “stronger” …., use less doses?
All is intertwined – indeed.
I did also finish the 24 DNA program a week ago (Jumped up to 12 rounds a day), and also started with meditation program with Raquel Spencer. She combines ancient sounds/language with guided instructions. She is amazing, sadly it is however not for free.
That cleansed my kidney so fast I had a hard time to stand upright for days.

The Cassidy-Steele interview got better and better. I will say she suit interview object role very well,especially with a “stopwatch” in front of here, Mr Steele (man).
Think he prefer to get it all from her mouth because she have had, and still have a wast audience. Also think he has, or will forward this to the President. Try anyway.

So now we have to meditate, can start right now, to disintegrate, nullify and transmute any attempt from the cabal to use the Halloween for their nefarious agenda.
Blessings to you all!


dr.michael salla-quote—–In this final episode of this five part interview series Michael Gerloff explains how his military and police career was inspired by his commitment to public service, and how this commitment has evolved to now revealing the truth about secret space programs. He emphasizes that during his covert service, he was officially sanctioned to come forward at this time with his disclosure testimony by a USMC Intelligence Group running the “Space Marines” .

Gerloff explains why it’s important for his brother and sisters in the military and police force to come forward to also reveal their knowledge of these programs, and why he is convinced that he continues to serve the public while pursuing full disclosure.—–unquote…..


Thank you so much for the posting:
Joe Martino, Collective Evolution 10-23-17… “You Asked For Our Stance On Trump, So Here It Is” (It resonates with me)

I have had ‘Collective Evolution’ in my bookmarks – but have neglected it for too long. Your posting caused me to go there – SO much good info!!
Here is one that I particularly like:
“….post is a similar experiment that was conducted on two halves of the same apple. The same amount of time has elapsed, the only difference between each half was that one was in the presence of art, creativity, meditation, love and gratitude and the other was exposed to blame, judgment hatred, heavy metal music and mainstream news, and thus fear. The experiment was done by someone who was just curious and gave it a try, anyone can do this at home and see for themselves that this is real — these results are remarkable, and the experiment speaks for itself, have a look…”

This is the CE main site:


an interview with randy fowler…..

randys brother is a well known american actor of hollywood who has recently been in the medias…..

randy is a great example of the artistic prowess the earth surface humanoids have developed over many thousands of years -via inflictions lashed on them by dark heartless underlords…..

the humans become more creative out of necessity often-like finding someway of making food taste good -when so little food is available – like the French and others did in world war 2…..

heres randy fowler on the drums-primo drummer absolutely…..


I play bass in a band where my friend the frontman is much like randy-very flamboyant, and his artistic expression vividly shows in all aspects of his physical experience-wardrobe,his vehicles enhanced into rolling pieces of artwork,the way he uniquely plays a guitar etc…..

these types of artists are not so common-and tend to be ahead of their time so to speak…..

the ones who find a way to stay the course always add their brilliant colors in assisting contributing in the evolution of the humanoid civilization…..

enough of my rant for the week… getting high now-and ive been clean and sober for over 21 years…..hahahahaha…..

victoire de la lumiere…..pour lumiere….dans lumiere…..etre lumiere…..sacre lumiere…..


Saudi Arabia: blacklisted

It finally happened: Saudi Arabia officially made it on the UN’s “blacklist” for murdering hundreds of children in Yemen.

They’ve bombed schools to the ground, and turned hospitals to rubble. Now millions of Yemenis are literally starving to death and facing a horrific cholera outbreak.

Making the UN blacklist with the likes of ISIS and Boko Haram means there are no more excuses for our governments to continue selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Sign the petition.


Thanks zander!
Just signed it.
My law just passed away right now.
I thank you all for sending him supportive thoughts. Hard time ahead for my sis, but she is a strong women. Got a feeling I will get a “message” he have arrived.


recent Greg Hunter interviews

Marc Faber – Massive Fraud In This Financial Bubble

Jonathan Cahn – When Dark Gets Darker, Lights Have to get Brighter


The Central Banks Will Not Be Able To Control Inflation As The System Collapses:
Michael Pento

Can Dry Brushing Help Your Lymphatic System?

Story at-a-glance
Energizing, invigorating and stress relieving, dry body brushing gently cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal soft, glowing skin, but other good habits and supplementation can also help your skin be its best
One of the most basic reasons to begin dry brushing your skin is to stimulate your lymphatic system, which is essentially a network of tissues and organs that help transport metabolic waste out of your body
Using the correct body brushes (one with a long handle comes in handy) as well as the right methods, body brushing can impact your body in ways that promote healing, skin vibrance and improved circulation

By Dr. Mercola


THIS is What Will Happen as Central Banks Remove Trillions in Liquidity in the Next 12 Months!
The Money GPS

The IMF Is Pushing The Media To Play Up Their Warning About The Collapsing Economy
Published on Oct 31, 2017


Dave Janda – Top Wall Street, Hollywood, D.C. Involved in Child Abuse
Greg Hunter
Published on Oct 21, 2017
Dr. Dave Janda has top Washington D.C. contacts and reveals one of his sources says General Flynn was working with the Russians to stop child rape and abuse. Do you wonder why General Flynn has not been charged with any crime? Janda says, “My source tells me what General Flynn was discussing with the Russians was taking down the pedophile networks. . . . 400 names were provided to Flynn of people involved with pedophile activity here in the United States. The names include top people in Washington, Wall Street and high level players in Hollywood.” The Deep-State does not want that list to go public.

11/1/17. Post Market Wrap Up: FED. PUNTS, But Upgrades US Economy.


With regards to the link below to this>if you haven’t watched it:

Jonathan Cahn – When Dark Gets Darker, Lights Have to get Brighter
Greg Hunter
Published on Oct 24, 2017
Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn says, “The worst thing is we grow timid and we say forget it. We are going to stay in our little corner. That is exactly what the enemy wants. You cannot do that. The strongest time in the history of the church was the Book of Acts. What was going on? Persecution, the Roman Empire, and yet, it was the strongest time. So, when the dark gets darker, the lights have to get brighter. If the bad is going from bad to worse, we better go from good to great. Know that God is on the throne, and He ends up winning. If we read the end of the Bible, we win, and if you are not with God, you don’t. Live like Elijah did, and that is confident, victorious and let the chips fall where they may, and God will lift you up.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with four time, best-selling author Jonathan Cahn as he talks about his latest best-seller “The Paradigm.”


The Truth About The Fusion GPS Dossier Collusion Scandal
Stefan Molyneux
Published on Oct 30, 2017

The now-infamous “Golden Showers” dossier has Fusion GPS in the spotlight as serious questions are raised about who funded the largely discredited or unverified allegations against Donald Trump and his campaign associates. In April 2016, the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee used lawyer Marc Elias to retain and fund Fusion GPS for opposition research, leading to the “Golden Showers” dossier. In June 2016, former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and his company Orbis Business Intelligence are hired by Fusion GPS to specifically investigate Trump’s possible connections to Russia. What is the truth about the Fusion GPS dossier collusion scandal?


Farsight has a youtube channel now:
Remote Viewing November 2017, Plus September Farsight Results


siggi  #393905

Hi Siggi,

Condolences to your sister and to you on the passing to the light of your brother-in-law.

Much love,
Alexis and Alan.


10/31/2017 — ALERT: SECOND Large M6.5 (M6.3) earthquake in West Pacific — MAJOR UNREST SPREADING

10/31/2017 — VERY LARGE Earthquake unrest taking plate — Multiple M6.8 to M7.0 — BE ON WATCH

caravan to midnight I think audio:
Don’t Worry, Planet X Won’t Kill Us All on 19th November 2017


siggi #393905
sooo sorry to learn about your brother-in-law, siggi.

Continuing to send light: to his soul… and your sister… and you… and all family and loved ones… FTHGAC…

Lucky him, eh? He’s “gotten there”… whether it’s what he expected before hand or not. AND.. light to all.


NASA LIVE: Science Documentary 2017 | Habitable Exoplanets | National Geographic Documentary 2017 HD


Yanashita Gold Found. Is this a public announcement or does this screw up the global collateral accounts and Prosperity Packages?


trudy #393900

Trudy: THANK YOU!!! What a powerful article… I have already passed it on to some off-cafe pals.

Gratitude… delight… dance… prayer… the more the more the more the better!



Hi Siggi

So sad to hear of your brother in law’s passing. Sending you, your sister and family much love and healing energy. He is free now.

Take care



mike adams-quote—–I almost never thought I’d see the day when a Big Pharma founder and owner was finally arrested for running a criminal drug cartel, but that day has arrived.

“Federal authorities arrested the billionaire founder and owner of Insys Therapeutics Thursday on charges of bribing doctors and pain clinics into prescribing the company’s fentanyl product to their patients,” reports the Daily Caller News Foundation, one of the best sources of real journalism in America today.—–unquote…..



may your bother in law be flying higher now,and in a goooooovy place…..

sooooon we will deliver advanced medical technologies to the great earth surface sentient beings – and the disease war will be over…..


Mr Ed

comment image&


Alan, littledog, Rhonda, Wolf…. – Thanks so much from my heart to you all for showing the beautiful care toward a stranger. Well – in essence no one really are. But each and every one of us has had numerous of challenges “down”here, so many have basically enough with their own struggling. I do understand that.
A closing……….. of suffering this way – gives tranquility deep deep inside. To me – I see it not at all neg, as I know you also do. it feels like he was done with his way of living here, I feel he himself was tired and wanted to go on – beyond…to start a new. Although He “said” he didnt believe, I know my sister do…
God bless him!
re. the “diss” likes at the little traditional competition game that has gone about from around 2013, at this weeks report comment section – is imo nothing (I hope) to do with this or that poster. It’s about what many have expressed as a “childish play”, btw which I have participated in myself.
I also clearly expressed my feeling toward the like/not like option when it first was presented in this forum, as the only one.
However now spread my “chips” around the table, Sometimes to support, to encourage. Other times to share empathy, to agree, to give a lightly “hug”, as I imagine you all are doing -. and I have stopped use dislikes.
It don’t belong to the new reality – I LIKE to create. One can agree to disagree by expression of respectful interactions, is my take.
But, but… when the first “bite of the apple” was carried out, the “sword” was used diligently by most (not all) members (And I fell for it myself.) – one must sadly just live with the multiple way such a option can be used by, from multiple angles, strategies and profiles. That is indeed a “childish play”
Most times I would love to share likes to everyone all the time- that is, if they/we show common respect, and not attack. Well then all is pretty super duper fine by me.
In my humble opinion – Oneness don’t mean – all should think alike and always agree – but a quality to unite regardless, given evil is eliminated. To evolve imo should then be to go out to seek new ways of thinking, feelings , experiences…. – as it will enrich and benefit ALL

It’s now in the “writings” that it’s up to any single to use this tool as they find fit.
I find it somewhat ironic that those (if so) who earlier (or not ) have expressed their discontent with this innocent number game, they? them self use numbers to counter it. he he
I liked very much what Deester had to say about it:
deester #393851
“As for the downvotes, we have heard from Herald Kautz-Vella that the universe does not recognize a negative, so it is not registering in the big creator matrix.”

Love and blessings to you all

Mr Ed

How do you create an avatar on this blog?


Mr Ed, click on your symbol & follow the instructions to create a wordpress account to then add an avatar – if I remember well.


Jim Fetzer: The Raw Deal “Jeff Rense Fired Me for This Show”

Rense already disassociated himself from Henry Makow & Jim Stone, now this – Fetzer’s take on the Las Vegas set up.


Meanwhile, Tang said last Monday he spoke with the manager of the RBC branch where he purchased the bar. He said the manager was told by a mint dispatcher they were checking security footage, and trying to trace everyone involved in the handling of the bars.

Amusingly, if the swap turns out to be an inside job, it wouldn’t be the first time. As we reported at the time, last September, 35-year-old Leston Lawrence was found guilty of smuggling C$180,000 worth of gold pucks, each the size of a small muffin, in his rectum over several months. Lawrence worked at the mint from July 2008 until March 2015. The punchline: his job included purifying gold…


Spanish state prosecutor says Catalan leaders will be charged with rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds
Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy assumed direct control of the region on Friday, sacked its secessionist government and called a snap election for 21 December.


siggi #393926
“and I have stopped use dislikes.
It don’t belong to the new reality – I LIKE to create. One can agree to disagree by expression of respectful interactions, is my take.”




I’m so sorry to hear about your brother in law. I’m sending love and healing energy to you and to your sister.

Love and light,


The Mandaeans, followers of John the Baptist, in their books call Jesus a liar & a ‘son of a woman’ – an insult meaning he had no father. John’s message is not talked about in the New testament, neither is he regarded as the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen is. We are meant to believe his whole life was about waiting to anoint/baptise Jesus.

But now it is known that John & Jesus & their disciples were bitter rivals.

John’s Church was based in Alexandria & was a large organisation. As an aside, in Egypt at the time there were already some who were baptising people & having them confess their sins.

Josephus the contemporary historian, describes John as being famous with many followers; Jesus is mentioned once but this is thought to be a medieval addition. Josephus tells us that John was in fact arrested because he was dangerously popular.

There were books about John, but they have not survived; it is now believed by some historians that some of the New Testament incorporated John’s teachings – history is written by the winners. John was a Gnostic teacher where the priests could help, but did not act as a means of communicating with God for the supplicant, unlike the later Roman church. Gnosticism was personal, it was internalised. His successor was Simon Magus the first Christian heretic, a sex (tantric) magician.

It is highly unlikely that John kneeled at Jesus’ feet. Later Jesus really slags him off by saying: ‘of those born of women, . . . even the least is mightier than him’ (John).

Who stood to gain the most from John’s death, certainly not Herod or the Romans – you do not want to create a martyr in a hurry. The Mandaeans called Jesus a usurper; he took over John’s disciples & it is suggested may even have been one of John’s disciples at the beginning. Jesus & his disciples stood most to gain by John’s demise.

The seal of the Templar Master of England bore an Agnus Dei (the lamb was one of the baptist’s symbols), and to drive home the point his counter-seal had the head of John the Baptist with the inscription ‘I am the guarantor of the lamb’.

Pope Pius IX stated that the Templars had been ‘Johannite from the very beginning’.

The Templars’ use of the Atbash Cipher (translating Baphomet into Sophia – the goddess of wisdom) demonstrates that they had come into contact with groups or sects that descended from the early days of the Christian era & gives plausibility to the traditions that the Templars owed their doctrines to a meeting with the ‘Johannites of the East’ – the Mandaeans. It must also be stated that the Templars alledgedly were goddess worshippers, think the Black Madonna, & both Mary’s appear in the Templar oath.

So if Jesus, or his followers were responsible, then it makes sense that the Templars employ ciphers to bury this secret amongst its inner core, & explains why the counter seal bore the head of John the Baptist.

If only . . . but at least this needs to see the light of day, & sheds light deeper into why the church became so ruthless against the Gnostics & their self empowerment.


Jim Stone. More on site.

Ok, so they doubled down on the B.S. last night. Fine then. I’d like them to explain the following items then.


Original from the FBI in PDF format HERE

If “Islamic terror” was in any way real, they would not need to fake it. Islamic terror is a HOAX and that is all there is to it, this is solid gold, RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE, ARCHIVE AND POST!


All this means is that I will leave this up for another full day. Everyone should see this.
Russia bombed CIA base in Syria! HA HA HA HA HA! eat dirt.

Yep. One of the airstrikes hit an area primarily held by rebels backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and allied spy services, U.S. officials said, catapulting the Syrian crisis to a new level of danger and uncertainty
U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Russia’s approach to the Syrian war – defending Assad while ostensibly targeting extremists – was tantamount to “pouring gasoline on the fire”

“I have been dealing with them for a long time. And this is not the kind of behavior that we should expect professionally from the Russian military,” Carter said at a Pentagon news conference.

The U.S. and its allies were angry at the Russians on many scores: that they are supporting Assad; that they aren’t coordinating their actions with the existing, U.S.-led anti-Islamic State coalition; that they provided terse notice only an hour before their operations; that they demanded the U.S. coalition stay out of Syrian airspace; and that they struck in areas where anti-Assad rebels – not Islamic State – operate.


I hope Russia does more of this. Anyone with as little as 3 well functioning neurons knows the U.S. is ISIS and the CIA is the support for ISIS. There is no way Russia can do anything in Syria that will clean up this mess without hitting American “intelligence” because that is all the opposition to Assad is composed of, no matter what face is put on that opposition.


Look at Davis Funeral Home in Vegas unloading bodies from their van at the Mandalay Bay “shooting” scene to serve as props. I would be furious if someone I loved was used in this fashion. This also shows how they fudged the obituaries. The people are dead, but died different days or in different places than Las Vegas. This echoes the Jim Fetzer interview that littledog posted earlier.

Here is Davis’ website. You can see the logo clearly on the van if you click on it to blow the image up.

They ran “blurbs” for the Pulse Nightclub victims – not following a typical obituary with survived by/predeceased by, funeral times, logo and address of funeral homes and all the things you associate with a real obituary. I looked up the obituaries, and none of them really matched. I went to a pile of funeral home websites as they post obituaries and time of service, funeral arrangements, where to donate in lieu of flowers, etc. for people to look up. None of them had the young people allegedly killed in the nightclub. They have learned from their mistakes, as they are using actual dead people in case people look for obituaries.


from this article-quote—–‘The flu shot is a quack science medical hoax. While some vaccines do confer immunization effectiveness, the flu shot isn’t one of them. Recent studies, for example, have proven that flu shots sharply weaken immunity in subsequent years following immunization. In some years, the flu shot viral strains are completely wrong, offering no immunity at all to influenza strains circulating in the world. Even when flu shots are the “right” strain, flu vaccine insert sheets readily admit the shots have not been subjected to double blind placebo controlled studies, and there is no legitimate scientific evidence whatsoever that supports the claim that each year’s flu vaccine confers meaningful immunity. (See photo of the Flulaval vaccine insert sheet, below.)—–unquote…..

Chris Duane: YouTube Censorship & $960 Silver In The Cards!
“Silver is the only thing that isn’t in a bubble, and nobody buying it!!”


Jon Rappaport – I listened to him on Coast-to-Coast last nite on the opioid crisis – mind blowing!
This is a portion of his coverage:
On the condition of anonymity, an insider with intimate knowledge of the opioid crime network spoke with me. He is not a participant or a criminal. He has spent years exposing the network.

My initial question to him was prompted by the current Washington Post series on collusion between members of Congress and the drug industry. The collusion has produced a new law that makes it much harder for the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to shut down major opioid traffickers. (That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, signed by President Obama on 4/9/16.)

My question was: how could a corrupt little pharmacy or medical clinic in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, sell, as reported, a MILLION opioid pills a year?

Here is the answer my source confirmed: a criminal doctor or doctors are writing 75-100 opioid prescriptions a day like clockwork; “patients” are flooding in from all over the country (many of them flying in once a month); they are sold the opioid prescriptions, and either fill them right there in the clinic, or take them to a friendly pharmacy.

These patients are actually dealers. They return home and sell the pills to addicts.

Where do the small clinics and pharmacies obtain the huge number of opioid pills? From distributors. These are legitimate companies. They may distribute all sorts of medicines. It’s their business. They know they are committing egregious crimes.

Where do these big distributors obtain their opioid pills? From pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them.

The manufacturers and the distributors have an ongoing relationship. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know the bulk of the product is going into “street sales.”…….
….“Barber played a key role in crafting an early version of the legislation [the 2016 law] that would eventually curtail the DEA’s power, according to an internal email written by a Justice Department official to a colleague. ‘He [Barber] wrote the…bill,” the official wrote in 2014.”

The opioid crime network extends to Congress, former (if not present) DEA employees, medical-drug distribution companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

It then includes medical clinics and pharmacies and prescription-writing doctors.

The murderous network is addicting, maiming, and killing Americans in huge numbers.”
There have been predictions that the Medical Mafia will fall – I am assuming this and other truths re: their nefarious practices will be instrumental!!!


listening to this broadcast of Steve Pieczenik – some parts are from 2009 and discusses what Obama and those in his admin were doing and what the companys where doing.
Just riveting…information that keeps coming. Long about 4 hrs but so much info you might have to listen to it again and again… I listened to the first half using my phone because there weren’t all the breaks that are on the lap top.

Dr Steve Pieczenik,NOVEMBER 2 2017,HOT Radio Interview
With The Real JackRyan|Infowars

We do not own this Video. This video was created by using Youtube Video Creators in Creative Common and it was remade and re-sounded. Please view source videos from the Official Channel Of Jim Willie for the original one and do not take it too serious. Official Channel of Dr Steve Pieczenik: Just spreads the news to everyone! This video made for those who have missed this Jim Willie content part above. Thank you so much!


this is the full page ad that was put in The New York Times for Antifa.
Then about 20 news sources came out and said it wasn’t there once
Alex jones pointed it out..


and Antifas site

So what do you think about this????


I just finished listening to Chris Duane re “Silver is the only thing that isn’t in a bubble, and nobody buying it!!”
Thank you for that!
My thinking was that this guy is as informative as Jim Willie (just not as funny) -been wondering where he was… and here comes a posting by Melissa (?) mentioning Jim – a four hour broadcast (sigh!)

BTW belated blessings to you and your family during your emotional journey at this time –

–Actually, blessings to ALL HERE NOW, who are ALSO going through their own journeys!!!!


This is mind-blowing! Putin: “The nation who leads in AI will be the ruler of the world.”
Element 93 and the AI Singularity: A Conversation With Quinn Michaels

Jason Goodman

How do the 93rd element in the periodic table, the Uranium One scandal, the construction of particle accelerators around the world and the rise of Artificial Intelligence interrelate? Botmaster general Quinn Michaels lays it out in this mind bending conversation.


Facebook has threatened to ban me today, because last January I posted a video of an 80-year-old record playing on a 91-year-old Victrola; a clear copyright infringement. I think what really has tripped their red flags is that three days ago I shared a link about the JFK files revealing another shooter from the overpass. It had 14 shares. Also today I posted a link about traces of Monsanto Roundup weedkiller in Minute-Maid and Tropicana brands of orange juice. So unless I remove a dozen videos I carefully recorded from antique records, they have it in for me.


Waldheim, great link.

Make sure you say on Facebook what you said here, before they ban you!

Update again at Neil Keenan’s site for those interested.
Here are links to a couple of free energy PowerPoint files…


mkddachs #393945

I wanted to listen to Jim Willie on this broadcast but couldn’t find him. Most of the broadcast is Obama era, talking about Afghanistan etc. I’m not sure why you posted it.

zanderboy #393936

Very intriguing the possibility that Jesus actually usurped John the Baptist. I’ve been astonished to discover recently that the theme of virgin birth goes way and many ancient deities are believed to have been divinely engendered including Apollo/Hermes/Thoth and Bacchus. There has definitely been a lot of manipulation over the eons. Hopefully the truth will come out. I do get tired, though, of the Gnostic doctrine which tells us we must detach from this world and transcend and free our upper spirits. Why can’t the goal be to make life better while we’re here?



Jim Stone rant on the real Public Enemy Number 1. The FBI. Links to files on site.

Not so dear FBI: You will regain your credibility when you complete the following check list:
1. Come clean on 911. Some people might be stupid enough to believe towers 1 and 2, but absolutely no one is stupid enough to believe building 7, which is sitting in your closet like a rotting dog. No one is going to believe you with anything when you are so blatantly lying about 911.

2. Your credibility cannot survive having Hillary Clinton walking free. Do something about it.

3. Your credibility cannot survive having Podesta walking free. Ditto.

4. Your story on Vegas absolutely reamed your credibility into the gutter, and adding new twists to it won’t help. Coming clean on that, with a solid explanation for why you lied to begin with would win a lot of Americans over, even after they were pissed about it.

5. I’d however still ask you to explain how Tsnarev did the Boston bombing when his back pack was not black, and did not have a white patch on it. That’s going to take some explaining – and more – a confession.

6. You have some serious explaining to do with regard to JFK. That’s another one that is eating you as bad as 911, people cared enough to really call your bullshit so many ways with Kennedy that your credibility simply can’t stand up to it. Let’s hear a JFK camp fire story from “Honest Abe”.

7. You have some real explaining to do with the way you use retarded patsies that you supply with everything they need to accomplish terror, only so you can bust them yourself (or not) like, for example, the first world trade center bombing, where somehow, mysteriously, your retards actually did get into the parking area with a 1,000 plus pound bomb and set it off. You provided the van. You provided the terrorists with a “dummy bomb” that was real. Dear FBI, YOU SUCK. The entire agency should have been disbanded over that event, which clearly shows precisely why you have so many other things to explain.

8. You have some serious explaining to do when you have absolutely no record of stopping any terrorist attack, and only a record of being right at the center of it all. Goading and supplying a retard, who then successfully does what you set up is not how you should conduct an investigation, or solve a problem. We all know you do that. You admit it yourself, like in this affidavit. But there are plenty of people out there who miss it all, due to a scamming MSM. Why don’t you circumvent the scamming MSM by making a huge public announcement saying you set half this sh*t up?

9. It is obvious to point out the evil you did directly, but not as obvious to point out the evil you let slip by without investigation. EXAMPLE: tainted vaccines.

One would think that with so many parents complaining about their destroyed children that any agency that actually served the nation would look into it. You did not look into it. It was your job to look into it. And the fact you did not look into it speaks volumes, and proves you serve something other than the American people. When you come clean about both the fact the vaccines are destroying the children, and HOW they are doing it, you’ll score a credibility point with me.

10. Another thing you mysteriously missed is treasonous college professors, who are obviously backed by enemies of the United States, and actively seek to destroy the United States. Even one such professor ought to set off alarm bells everywhere inside your agency, yet we have thousands infesting our universities and there is not a peep out of you. It really looks like you want America dead. Do you? If not, explain why those seeking to destroy America never have to answer for it, when you have access to all the info you need to nail them?

11. What about the election fraud you allow to happen unabated? How can you, FBI, with all your investigative assets not stop dead people from voting? It would really help appearances if you put all those skeletons into the grave.

12 How can Antifa get away with so much? They announce WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW before they do anything, yet everything they do is a big surprise to you. How can that possibly be – How could Antifa have even one successful attack on America if you, not so dear FBI, are legit? Surf’s up this week end. Everyone knows it. And the FBI WILL NOT CATCH THE WAVE. I’d like to know why.

The fact that the above items (and a whole lot more) remain totally unanswered amounts to solid proof that the FBI is a subversive agency that is actively working to destroy the United States. And worse? The FBI is funded by plumber Joe, – hard working Americans, and is funded by money taken from the American people that they will subsequently only use to destroy the people they got it from. The FBI is a clear and present pariah, a massive net negative against the American people. And it would be all too easy for them to prove me wrong if they were not.


scottfree #393875
Hi scott!
Thanks so much for sharing this too.
Got the tie to watch this one today – its really good, agree. The “prepper” King is very well connected and up to date.. Heard of the Greenspan history from others – he is spot on. He also spot on when it comes to the the single man sitting at Fed or was it treasury dep. manipulating the whole market, can you believe that!…+ the Grand Canyon gold. Held back so they could enslave us and suck our resources out, then close border and live happily ever after….How sick can one get? Thanks for all this.
TRUE also – Silver is extremely limited. Demand in high tech, medicine…. is only increasing. He confirms it will be the first element to be “eradicated”. After it’s “death” it will be like holding a Picasso. imo. All 3 d yes OK – but were we is onto, is what kerry says…instant thought manifestation, a bit to go yet…
Very good summation of the whole financial scam.
On top of this I have to look at Kerry Cassidy. What has happen?!
She is nothing like what I’m use to. Started to listen in 2007. Highly disrupting (still some), always highlighting the fear doom and gloom…
Every time delightful Robert Dean (a true optimist on behalf of humanity, now sadly deceased) sense her lower vibes, he always said “Dear Dear Kerry….” with a warm smile.
My theories of her suddenly change of character:
1 .She got the PLUG!
2. Walk in.
3. “Talk in” /coached.
4. We’re on a new positive timeline.
5. She knows something – but isn’t allowed to tell…
I go for 4 and 5! he he

re the Vietnam portals I can’t say, but Wilcock and his crew among others have talked about the Syrian, Iraq, Iran ones.
Thanks again!


lucybeann #393935
trudy #393947

Hi lucy and trudy!
Thanks so much for your warm thoughts and caring, very much appreciated.

yes Jim Willy is an expert and worth listening too also this guy. He is shorter and a little more right to the point IMO. They both, with others, are worth while to check out from time to time.

Also will thank littledogg for her many fine posts.
Off the fear bus and up up onto air balloons.. Enjoy Cosmic Ice cream – indeed, companied by the plug? (energy). Then we glide closer and closer to the stars in the clear evening night. Calling us all home….. We’re only guided by our faith and shining love…It’s more than enough .Eh..Plenty of air in the balloons….I hope?

Thanks so much. love to all!


from this article-quote—–As if we have no memory, corporate media continues to recycle accusations of starvation, chemical weapons, and more, in the propaganda war on Syria.

In Syria, there never was a “revolution.” Instead, it was a premeditated war on Syria by foreign powers (namely the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel) who armed even Al-Qaeda (something Qatar recently admitted).—–unquote…..


Jail Time For Keshe?

We use to follow Keshe, inventor of free energy and health improving plasma devices here at this cafe. I personally gave up up on him, as he was so inarticulate about his technology. Turns out he may have been inarticulate on purpose!

From Revolution Green (June 2017)

We have covered Keshe for many years. he has claimed anything from anti-gravity machines to free energy machines. You can read up on our previous stories at Revolution- Green :
Now it appears the law has caught up with him. I was sent the following by a friend who actually reads the Hope Girl Blog. Given its content I felt it was useful to pass onto our readers.

During the court case Keshe’s lawyer was defending Keshe against illegal medical practices that Keshe had been performing and charging patients for. Keshe claims to have paid everyone back, but Dirk Laureyssens a former working partner turned whistleblower attended the trial and testified that Keshe did not pay back the money and continues his illegal practices on an international level. While Keshe claims to have millions of supporters, only around 6 people actually showed up to support him at the trial. There is another court case against Keshe being filed by Dirk Laureyssens who will be going after Keshe for as much as 10 million Euro in damages.Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s big court case just happened in Kortrijk Belgium on Monday June 26, 2017, and he and his wife Carolina De Roose may be facing jail time for fraud and human experimenting. We are waiting for the verdict said to come from the judge on August 7, 2017.

more at the link above

I did try and do a search of the results of the above mentioned court case and found nothing. Of course this may be another example of an alternative energy researcher being suppressed he had been threatened and was involved in an intentional car crash. I recall he also has some role in exposing a pedo ring in Belgium and exposing Sterling Allen (PESWIKI) as a pedo.


Siggi, a bit late in weighing in, but I am sorry for your loss.


#393966 siggi

“On top of this I have to look at Kerry Cassidy. What has happen?!
She is nothing like what I’m use to. Started to listen in 2007. Highly disrupting (still some), always highlighting the fear doom and gloom…”

Hi Siggy,

Glad you enjoyed the Grand Canyon interview.

I have also been following Project Camelot since 2006. Also found DivineCosmos at the same time. In fact I started lurking here in the BFC because David Wilcock used to post here more frequently.

Like you, I am also seeing Kerry Cassidy in a new light. I used to find what I considered to be her narcissism and her interview tactics to be very annoying. Also, I couldn’t clearly discern whether she was positive or negative after her split with Bill Ryan. Nevertheless, she has brought forth a huge body of great information with all of her video interviews. I used to consider much of that to be outlandish and not credible. But that was just my hang-up.

So what has happened to Kerry? My answer is that we all change (hopefully). I have matured. She has matured. To me, she seems more mellow, more humble and more sincerely engaged in service to Humanity. Also much of her info has been corroborated by other sources that I consider to be reliable. Truth really is far stranger than fiction. And it keeps getting “curiouser and curiouser.”

Currently I am going through her interviews with Captain Mark Richards. If anyone enjoys having their mind blown wide open, I highly recommend them.

Best to you, Siggi, and all the rest of you Cafe’istas.



Another one bites the dust – not healthy to know things about the Vegas shooting. Lawyer for music festival and Jason Aldean found dead. He joins the valet who parked Paddock’s car, Chad Nishimura who was shot outside his church, and other witnesses who have been “removed”.

Excerpt: Orville Almon, the lawyer representing the Route 91 music festival and Jason Aldean, the singer onstage when the Las Vegas shooting began, has been found dead. He was 66.

Almon, a prominent Nashville attorney, opened his private practice Almon Law in 2010 where he represented musicians and entertainment industry organizations during battles with the law.

While his practice included re-negotiating existing agreements and new technology issues, and was renowned for negotiating with law enforcement, recent social media posts suggested the experienced attorney was feeling the strain of his latest high-profile case.

Describing meetings with MGM, Las Vegas police, and the FBI as “incredibly strange and complex” to one of his friends on recently made private Facebook threads, the attorney was privy to inside information that the FBI, by announcing they are no longer holding press conferences and the investigation is closed, have chosen to withhold from the public.

More on site.

More on Nishimura.


Child sex offenders to be identified as such on US passports – please start with the Hollywood and DC pedos! And why restrict it to overseas travel. We don’t want them in Canada, either.

Excerpt: America’s registered child sex offenders will now have to use passports identifying them for their past crimes when traveling overseas.

The State Department said Wednesday it would begin revoking passports of registered child sex offenders and will require them to apply for a new one that carries a “unique identifier” of their status. Those applying for a passport for the first time will not be issued one without the identifier, which will be a notice printed inside the back cover of the passport book that reads: “The bearer was convicted of a sex offense against a minor, and is a covered sex offender pursuant to (U.S. law).”

More on site.


Mueller probe expanded to include DC lobbyists, including Tony Podesta.

Excerpt: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury is investigating a prominent Democratic lobbyist and a former GOP congressman for their involvement in an influence campaign on behalf of Ukrainian interests tied to Paul Manafort, according to a person with direct knowledge of the investigation.

At the center of the widening probe are Tony Podesta, a longtime Democratic operative, and Vin Weber, a former GOP congressman and leader of his own high-powered lobbying firm, Mercury LLC. The two men were hired as part of a multimillion-dollar lobbying effort directed by Manafort and longtime associate Rick Gates.

More on site.


CIA agent blows whistle on how the agency procures children for elite pedophiles. He had better watch his back as they don’t mind Arkanciding people.


scottfree #393971
siggi #393966

I add my kudos to Kerry Cassidy’s current “body of work”
Spend my transportation time today listening to latest 3 Mark Richards interviews and then to this… from, i think, last night:

I talk with Clif High and Paladin about Crypto Currencies and the Future.

A bunch of really helpful discussion about world finance and where it may or may not be heading.
In this case, Clif was the “pushy” conversation dominator i had a difficult time tolerating, not Kerry. I found the whole thing worth it however.. despite getting really annoyed at Clif over and over.

Of particular interest: more than 1/2 way thru, how will AI and Quantum (computing/physics) affect the crypto world.. and world functioning in general.

Kerry ends by listing other guests she is lining up to discuss World Financial Issues.


Gnostic doctrine which tells us we must detach from this world and transcend and free our upper spirits. Why can’t the goal be to make life better while we’re here? zander

My belief and what I have heard in Eck meetings when we discussed this topic is that the Gnostic’s at that time were into being to detached so they didn’t pay attention to
this 3D world. We are here to balance detachment with the physical world. They didn’t and so they were destroyed.

They have reincarnated into this world again and are very Gnostic in their beliefs and have to struggle with the meaning of detachment in this life, so they will be lead into
organizations that test those things. Until they figure it out, they won’t live successfully.

When we discussed it there was a common belief that many have been lead to Eckankar and are previous Gnostic’s and that the Eck (which is another name for Spirit) will give them what they need in this life to work thru this. You really don’t need a mental health person when you have so many people to discuss your problems with on spiritual level but it is thru the filter of the physical world. using all the tools we get from these associations. we study other religions and philosophy’s along the way plus History to get to the bottom of it.

Tools: golden tongue wisdom, dreams, directed dreams, classes with others (called satsangs) sharing this other worldly stuff that happens with sychcronisity in my life and being able to discuss it and link it to the physical world. There is so much more and I know that where ever I go , within reason I am safe and protected. No matter what society emerges I know I can live within it because I know there are those who won’t let it go to far. There will always be evil and good but what do you attract to yourself.

We are not to forget that we live in this world at this time and it is physical, so we have to adapt to it. when it gets its worst we can develop our spirituality to the highest degree.


I think I had several links to different articles and put the wrong link with the wrong caption. So sorry, I have been working straight for 12 days at the Early elections in a Burb of Austin so I have been getting up at 5am and working from 6am to 1pm and then taking care of the dogs, cleaning as best I can the house, my car is a mess, I tried to keep up my exercise at the gym and so on and so forth onto tedium.

i did listen to the Jim willy one and it was good – it is one of those links.
But the best one I found was the Steve Piezenick audio — it says it is 4hrs but really it is only 2hrs – he lays out I believe what the white hats are doing. He supports the military
and said that Kelly has recently changed to fully support Trump.

I will try to find the link and put the correct one up but I think someone with more sleep will probably find it faster. thanks to whomever does that.


Belated message regarding losing your Bro in law. I lost both my Bro-in-law and my sister last yr plus three of my favorite dogs and it was a awful yr in 2016/beginning of 2017. All of that came back to me and I couldn’t deal with it.

I really liked those people and miss them so much and know how hard it is to let them go. Very luckily I had a dream right after my sister died about a place they both went to – the BroinLaw (roy) waited for my sister there until she passed and was working with the management of the place to run it – it was another level up from this 3D place we live.
He was young again and very happy when my sister arrived, she also became young and they recognized each other and went on to a higher place but only after my sister embraced me and told/showed me she was well and I shouldn’t be sad. We laughed and hugged each other , Roy smiled and waved then took Lue into that other place. It was like they just walked out the door.

I was immediately back in my body and i woke up and wrote down the dream. It was so real thou and i was happy because I cried so much before that. I guess that is what is called lifting the vale!

I had visitations with many of my sis’s and Bro/mother and father that have passed and also if someone on the other side wanted me to give a message to their family many yrs ago. She came to me several times to have me contact her children. I faithfully gave her husband the messages.


I don’t know who put this link up but i believe it was on BFC – I just am getting to it right now and it is so good. Generally I don’t listen to Corey but he was going over the RA material and I have always been interested in this esp since much of it relates to what I have learned in Eckankar. Melissa

Solar Flash – Ascension or Full Circumference CME “Kill Shot”? – Corey Goode


deester #393970
mkddachs #393979
Thanks so much Deester and Melissa, appreciated this very much!
No worry Deester – I see you all, know, you I feel. Time is all an illusion anyway. From my perspective this is more of a “celebration”. Also because he had a lot of pain. That’s hard to watch. Now he has the perspective of an lighter free being.
I think he is in joy, but of course miss his wife. It could be like a Montague Keen kind of relationship. He was so funny. Very good at telling stories from his rich sailor’s life adventures. I loved that, when I was in my early teenage. Darn he could be funny. Had an super memory, something I always envy him a bit I have to say.
He was e extremely charismatic man – the main character of any party. In addition to many talents.
From Melissa:
“He was young again and very happy when my sister arrived, she also became young and they recognized each other and went on to a higher place but only after my sister embraced me and told/showed me she was well and I shouldn’t be sad. We laughed and hugged each other , Roy smiled and waved then took Lue into that other place. It was like they just walked out the door.”
WOW – that was something Melissa! Thanks so much for that – I wish I could put that to my sister right now. But she isn’t receptive, understandable so – perhaps some other time…Who knows.

So – it’s all doodle day wonderful. We have still a little bit to go. This short time left, we will grow exponentially I feel.
Think it will be more than worth it for us all!
Yes Scott and littledogg – we all evolve and change to a much better place. I’ve basically gone from being a swamp creature to a happy song bird he he
scottfree #393971
littledogg #393976
I’m sorry – I forget to reshare your links lately. To much spinning around up there. Will improve soon!

Thanks so much for the love you all share in here. It’s become a rare treasured place for most of us I think. A fountain of inspiration and good togetherness
There is a good reason for that.

Much love and blessings to you all! 🙂

Clinton Exposed, Kevin Spacey On The Run
They can run but never truly hide..

This feature-length movie sets out to reveal the truth behind one of the most startling secrets of all time: That an elite group is secretly building an exclusive off-world survival colony on
Mars. Credible individuals have begun to emerge claiming to have been actual recruits. In spectacular cinematic style, this movie blows the lid off the secret space program and the reality of a real Alternative 3.
Yeah – It’s a rent movie or you can buy it. Perhaps find it on stream?
I will look!



 #393969

Jail Time For Keshe?

We use to follow Keshe, inventor of free energy and health improving plasma devices here at this cafe. I personally gave up up on him, as he was so inarticulate about his technology. Turns out he may have been inarticulate on purpose!

From Revolution Green (June 2017)

We have covered Keshe for many years. he has claimed anything from anti-gravity machines to free energy machines. You can read up on our previous stories at Revolution- Green :
Now it appears the law has caught up with him. I was sent the following by a friend who actually reads the Hope Girl Blog. Given its content I felt it was useful to pass onto our readers.


thanks infinityone…..

I was watching mr. keshes teachings for a while also…..

hes a geneous absolutely…..

I stopped researching keshe foundation after I signed up and paid to take experimental plasma capsules-paid the monies to be part of a first group to write of the plasma capsules effects…..

the keshe foundation required one signs their so called peace agreement(or something like that). to participate in the plasma capsules trials.

I wrote the keshe foundation that I am a lightwarrior,and to sign away what they require is in conflict with my duties here on earth…..

I don’t listen to keshe anylonger mainly because I find him emitting a high level of arrogance and savior syndrome disease…..

I don’t dislike keshe,and admire his brilliance-just not my cup a tea…..hes not the only game in town when it comes to advanced energy technologies…..

I figure the earth surface population has legal rights to a lot of the secret space program developed technologies-replicators,starships,medical healing systems etc…..

as the surface population has had massive amounts of their wealth illegally covertly stolen from them in the development,building,operating etc of these advanced technologies…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 3, 2017














ladies and gentlemen were close.were real close…..

we can more free ourselves each day now of the linear time illusion of a 3d prison construct as the sacred energies lift us into our true conscious prowess of infinite possibilities…..


heres some primo intel in case any haven’t seen it yet-from cobras October.12th situation update…..

cobra-quote—–Since October 11th, the Light Forces have begun to open decompression valves of the Tachyon membrane (outer barrier) at the heliopause.

This means that Ascension energies from the Galactic Center have begun to enter our Solar System for the first time since 1995 and the Light Forces are now focusing these energies into the sublunar space, thus accelerating the purification of the remaining plasma parasite entities that are still clinging to the surface of planet Earth:

Some of you might remember that before 1996, sublunar space was full of motherships of our positive space bother races, full of angels and positive beings of Light. Now the parasite plasmoids near the Earth surface have been cleared enough that a certain amount of the Pleiaidian fleet has returned to the sublunar space (hopefully permanently), without any possibility of triggering the remaining toplet bombs:

A large segment of the Chimera group has been removed from the planet in the last week and the remaining members are beginning to realize that their defeat is possible. One of their plans now is to allow limited Disclosure and limited space travel for humanity, allow the mass arrests of the Cabal, but hide any traces that would lead to them, leave the planet and hide somewhere in the Kuiper belt. Needless to say, this plan will not be successful. —–unquote…..


remember 1996 absolutely…..

think about that time period fine folks…..

late 1995 into 1996 was a harsh moment in the solar system…..I thought it was just me,my shortcomings,drug addictions,violance,failure to cope in the society,unemployable etc…..and I certainly did cause this on myself by the mid 1990s…..

at the same time from cobras intel there was an invasion in the mid 1990s-1996 where some powerful draconians entered earth,via a portal located in the republic of the congo – africa…..

other than when I was 9 years old-the mid 1990s was the only other time I consciously remember having a visit from a reptilian negative force being…..

crazy stuff – its a true story…..hahahahaha…..

someday this war is going to be over…..

and our great peoples will no longer suffer in poverty,mass breeches to their legal rights as sauvereign sentient beings of the multiverse,hunger,disease,illegal wars,homelessness,suppressions defilements of all sorts…..


Greetings to all! I am recovering nicely after my surgery on 10/11. The only setback was I slammed my elbow into the door facing and chipped my left elbow. It happened a little over a week ago and I ended up with more pain for about 4 days than I had right after surgery! Ouch! Urgent care splinted it and though it is off now, I will be starting therapy next Tuesday so I can recover full motion in my elbow. Starting to venture out more but continue to nap when I get tired. I am cancer free after months of filling my mind and body with healing, etc.

I feel that I am finally transitioning into a true wise woman. Am continuing to send my spark of love and light through the world, the solar system and galaxy. I receive back love and light from the true creator and all aspects of life. Ultimately, it is a magnificent torus of love that fills the universe.

Sending love and protection energies to all those fighting the good fight. Have a wonderful weekend! Windi


winifred #393989
“Greetings to all! I am recovering nicely after my surgery on 10/11.”
WOW – windi! So great to hear from you and that you’re OK. Wonderful!
We all been worried, but had a good feeling it would turn out well for you.
I say we all becoming wiser too!
Thanks so much for letting us know.
Please rest and come back when you feel for it.
much blessings



Hi Windi

Great news you are cancer free!!! Not so great you have hurt your elbow though. Hope it improves rapidly.

I sometimes think they are watching us and think, well that curve ball, eg health issue, financial etc, didn’t hit the right spot, try this one! We keep picking ourselves up and that really irks them no end! Stay strong, you are doing a wonderful job!

Sending you much love and healing.



This makes sense!
The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation
“…….The phenomenon has become so commonplace in the last 3 years that it’s becoming more American than apple pie. According to, there have been 353 mass shootings in the USA for 2015 so far. However, as scary as that number is, the good news is that you don’t have to be afraid of them like you may think. A very large number of them – and all of them with any mass media significance and attention – are false flag staged terror events.

Some have real victims, some do not, but either way, the most criminal of all institutions – the Government – is the orchestrating force behind them. They are scripted, pre-planned operations which are definitely not the result of random gun violence. Just as Obama stated (by hiding the truth in plain sight), there is a pattern behind these mass shootings. The Controllers are following a definite false flag formula. Below is a list of the top 15 elements of this formula, which you can now use to detect a false flag operation as it occurs..
………These are 15 elements I noticed forming the false flag formula. There may well be more….”


Good 😊 news
Cancer is a monster to overcome
Avoid those paths that could lead to negativity


Third worlders comtaminating STARBUCKS drinks with feces
Some of these people have never even seen toilet paper…or trained from early age to wash their hands…ewww. Starbucks hired 10,000 of them.

After Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 Muslim refugees to rebuke President Trump’s initial travel ban back in January, they committed enterprise suicide. That disgusting decision made people wonder what would happen to the quality of their product and customer service with illiterate third-world people with foul customs running shops. That nightmare has just come to fruition, perhaps regardless of the refugees hiring spree, with test results proving that Starbucks is literally full of crap.

Conservative Daily Post reports:


Wow Windi, that’s made my day, congratulations!


Day 14.14. USAID Tragedies

George Webb

USAID 100% compromised. Most food does NOT go through. The terrorist groups get it – Al Quaeda. ISIS, insert whatever terrorist group name……


Jim Stone

The following really did appear in the New York Times, and cost $100,000



Awesome news Windi….


Paul Hellyer The Extraterrestrial Takeover will Begin 2018

Published on Nov 1, 2017

Haven’t heard anything From Hellyer in quite a while. Listening to this now…

Uh-oh, I think this guy is caught up in the global warming scan. Checking out the comments too. I’m done here….movin’ on.



Good session; Kerry clashes with Clif over AI, later he says he loves a good dust up!
Clif of course more scientific coder 3D approach & does not believe computers can have sentience or self learning capabilities & nano bots cannot relay complex information; Kerry from her whistleblowers testimony (which Clif rubbishes as not fact but uncorroborated stories) swears the reality is otherwise – as we have heard from other sources including
Element 93 and the AI Singularity: A Conversation With Quinn Michaels

I remember Catherine Austin Fitts telling us about the full spectrum dominance they are now able to deploy, above, below & inside us. As I understand it this does not necessarily mean it is self aware, but then again what exactly does that term mean?

I personally believe that with enough of the right programing, right information, enough power, an electromagnetic boost or frequency attraction & voila we have something that will protect itself from being turned off if at all possible. For sure they can already get inside people’s minds & we are just beginning to comprehend what an integrated worldwide web of cyclotrons can achieve & the ‘elites’ think they can control it – OMG!


The Economic End Game Continues

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

In November of 2014 I published an article titled ‘The Economic End Game Explained’. In it I outlined what I believed would be the process by which globalists would achieve what they call the “new world order” or what they sometimes call the “global economic reset.”

As I have shown in great detail in the past, the globalist agenda includes a fiscal end game; a prize or trophy that they hope to obtain. This prize is a completely centralized global economic structure, rooted in a single central bank for the world, the removal of the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency, the institution of the SDR basket system which will act as a bridge for single a global currency supplanting all others and, ultimately, global governance of this system by a mere handful of “elites.”

That said, there have been some new developments since I wrote my initial analysis on the end-game strategy that I think merit serious attention. The end game continues, faster than ever before, and here are some of the indicators showing that the “predictions” of the globalists at The Economist in 1988 were more like self-fulfilling prophecies and 2018 remains a primary nexus point for a re-engineering of our economic environment.

Using The East To Dismantle The Petrodollar
As I mentioned in last week’s article, ‘Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Petrodollar,’ there has been silence and often disinformation in the mainstream when it comes to the quite open and obvious international pivot away from the dollar as the defacto purchasing mechanism for oil. This trend is only set to accelerate in two months as China begins fulfilling oil contracts in the Yuan instead of the dollar.

The problem is that even in the alternative media there is a continuing myth that Eastern nations are angling to “break away” from the international order. I often see the argument presented that the loss of the petrodollar can only be a good thing for the world. I am not here to comment on whether the end of oil-denominated in dollars is a good or bad thing. I am here, though, to point out that there is absolutely no indication whatsoever that major eastern powers like Russia and China are acting to undermine the existing globalist system.

On the contrary, China and Russia remain, as ever, heavily partnered with the IMF as well as the Bank for International Settlements, and their ties to international banking monoliths like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are long established.

Eastern political and economic officials have consistently called for a new reserve system supplanting the dollar, this is true. But what so many analysts seem to overlook is that they ALSO call for that new system to be dominated by the IMF.

The delusion that the financial world operates on is that the IMF is “controlled” by the U.S. It is not. It is controlled by international bankers, who have no loyalties to any specific country. Once one understands this fact, the systematic sabotage of the U.S. makes perfect sense, as well as the collusion between China, Russia and the IMF. America is a sacrificial appendage of the globalist edifice and is being torn down piece by piece in order to feed the creation of something new and perhaps even more sinister.

As George Soros proclaimed back in 2009, the “new world order” would rely in part on China as a replacement economic engine for the globalist machine and depend far less on a diminishing United States. China would serve as a smaller engine, but a replacement engine none the less.


“He’s A Pedophile”: More Shocking Testimony Of Kevin Spacey’s Criminal Sexual Behavior Emerges

Though Netflix pulled the plug this week on House of Cards after actor Kevin Spacey admitted to sexual assault on a 14-year old, it appears that Spacey’s character Frank Underwood – a Machiavellian figure who wielded power by any means possible – may be a truer reflection of Spacey’s actual personality and behavior than many in the film industry would care to admit. Yesterday multiple cast and crew members of the now defunct Netflix series came forward to tell CNN that Spacey created a “toxic” atmosphere on set in which his aggressive sexual behavior was something, as one camera assistant said, “everybody saw” – but which few formally complained about for fear that their careers would end.

The CNN story was published the same day that yet another man has come forward to say he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Spacey at the age of 14 – which included an attempted rape – while Spacey was an adult working on Broadway. Similar to now substantiated allegations against powerful movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the floodgate of accusations has now opened against Spacey, and it is likely that more will continue to emerge in the coming weeks. Both embattled figures, who were until very recently among the most powerful in Hollywood, now say they are “seeking treatment” in isolation as accusations are quickly turning into police investigations in different parts of the globe.

Spacey’s behavior was apparently known all around Hollywood, to the point that it was referenced in a punchline in a 2005 episode of “The Family Guy”.


Ex-Soros Trader Sued For Viciously Abusing Women In “Manhattan Sex Dungeon”

Howie Rubin, 62, a former Bear Stearns trader who was featured in the best-selling Michael Lewis novels “Liar’s Poker” and “The Big Short,” was accused in a $27 million lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court of luring women to his sex dungeon, abusing them, then trying to silence them with settlements and NDAs.

Rubin reportedly rented a lavish Metropolitan Tower pad in Midtown to indulge in brutal sex with women whom he paid between $2000 and $5000 per session, according to the suit filed Thursday.

The three unidentified plaintiffs in the case – including two Playboy Playmates – claim the married father raped and beat them to the point that they needed extensive medical attention, court papers say.

After luring the women to the $8 million penthouse, they were shown to a side room with chains, and sex toys along with other BDSM equipment. There, they were gagged, tied up and viciously beaten by Rubin. One woman complained that he punched her in the head.

“I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,” Rubin allegedly barked during one of the purported beatings.


Element 93 and the AI Singularity: A Conversation With Quinn Michaels

Jason Goodman

Streamed live on Nov 2, 2017
How do the 93rd element in the periodic table, the Uranium One scandal, the construction of particle accelerators around the world and the rise of Artificial Intelligence interrelate? Botmaster general Quinn Michaels lays it out in this mind bending conversation.


jujubean #393964

Yes it is intriguing, & who knows it could have been Jesus’ followers a la Beckett that were instrumental or responsible, I would not be at all surprised. That lady who gave the talk, Lynn Pickett, also tells that Jesus knew Salome (who supposedly asked for John’s head) & she was present at the crucifixion, & that her name was scrubbed out in some versions of the New Testament in connection to Jesus.

One of the suggested origins of the name ‘Baphomet’ is that it derives from ‘Baptist’ or ‘baptism’. Indeed, some of the Templar knights told the Inquisition that the head-idol was the head of John the Baptist.

I would say Gnostic beliefs do not go as far as say the Buddhist concept of detachment. It is more complex where they are ‘in the world, but not of the world’; They certainly try to better the world by example showing their sustenance comes from within & not without.

“Gnostics do not look to salvation from sin (original or other), but rather from the ignorance of which sin is a consequence. Ignorance — whereby is meant ignorance of spiritual realities — is dispelled only by Gnosis.”


Intruth, Element 93 and the AI Singularity: A Conversation With Quinn Michaels

Waldheim gave us the link yesterday, I commented how good it was & further referenced it 5 posts below! No harm in repetition I suppose.


zanderboy #3940

Sorry about the double post. I usually check vids by name to see if posted but forgot.
Always in a hurry these days. But now I’ll look for the BFC comments on it.


windi #393989

I add my YEAH about your good news.
And prayers 4 fast healing if your elbow.


Element 93 and the AI Singularity: A Conversation With Quinn Michaels

Watching this video now. Just when I think I know the ‘landscape’ we are in, info like this comes out that tells me I now nothing.

Quinn Michaels you rock!


Per Quinn Michaels, the center point of the global brain goes online in 2020!
(Luxzepplinproject? – new project that just got funded this year)

So they are creating all these de-stabilizing events (false flags) so people don’t notice
all the weird AI stuff happening around them every day.


Wow! So many good links posted that I haven’t even had the time to post comments. I’ve been mostly reading & watching videos. Thanks for all of that. There are even many I couldn’t get to.

Siggi – my condolences on the loss of your brother-in-law. But its good to have such a perspective on how free he is. I worked with a girl who could perceive those that had passed and she was telling me one day about going to their funerals and all the friends & family would be sad & mourning. But the soul who passed on was so relieved & wonder-filled to be so free.

I have been happily listening to shows where the guest has been talking about their Near Death Experiences. Many have been on Coast to Coast am. I have believed for a long time in reincarnation. I am so glad that more & more people are coming into the awareness.



Element 93 and the AI Singularity: A Conversation With Quinn Michaels

The global brain comes online in 2020 & the closing loop is the Led Zeppelin project in South Dakota, building a mile underground. The ‘elites’ think they can control it, this global centre that is connected to all the computers, AI complexes, collector bots; they want this advanced technology to be their slave that controls all the sheeple by keeping them dumb.

Uranium 98 from spent nuclear rods needs to be highly refined as in the USA & is a super conductor & is highly magnetic & is therefore used in the most advanced technologies, quantum computers, cyclotrons, colliders, particle accelerators for measuring neutrinos & such.

Students are continually evaluated & tested to be then recruited & channelled into different projects.

Astana is the most focused centre as the uranium capital of the world. They give a free education, started in 2010. It looks like Russia is pulling the strings there where Uranium One (which they now own) is big in Kazakhstan.

The Uranium One deal is all tied in to this technological development.

He tells us a card dealer told him of a whole underground city under Las Vegas.
Think of the psychology of the people gambling, all fueled up & then made to react through fear – info. that is fed into the AI. Also they get the money from the gambling to finance their projects.

These attacks to destabilise, to create a climate of fear, which are then used in different deals to create more money to finance the projects are continually repeated – a sure tell that AI is already directing & giving the initial orders. These fear based events are then monitored by the AI, how people react, what goes over the air waves & the info. is then used to set up the next false flag type event.

So get this: the AI favours these fear based events since it gets a much better response than if a positive event happened where only one percent of people might react in a way that the AI could learn something new.

There is also the dark side of the occult totally wrapped up in all of this, Crowley’s Thelemic religion & sacrifices to Moloch etc.

Serco, Wood Consultantcy are companies building, integrating this world brain also using Mia (an advanced automated AI system).

Palantir was originally funded by the CIA for network security. Gotham software was developed to gather all the data set systems to identify threats, where an entire city becomes a data processing centre; it even has the info. on missing & abused children, all in one place, BEFORE it gets to the authorities. So a network is developed to protect those that do these shady deals, or those involved in pedo./satanic activities. They want to control what people think in the future. For instance, as soon as someone says something bad, they get a notice of defamation.

These accelerators create gravity wells in their vicinity – who knows what effects these have, some say definitely on the weather.


Thanks Ben.

This is very interesting. At this point there are many issues interconnected at different levels, we shall see how it unfolds.


Oh my. Donna Brazile writes about how Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. I guess Hillary shouldn’t have gotten drunk and called her a “brain-dead buffalo” after the election. (According to the Canadian newspapers, she also attacked John Podesta and Robbie Mook.)

Tulsi Gabbard’s take on the issue.

Here is Hillary’s meltdown comment.

Even CNN is reporting on this now.


Everyone’s favouritely-named pervert, Anthony Weiner, checks into prison this Monday. I am amazed he didn’t use his dual citizenship and bolt for Israel which doesn’t have an extradition agreement with the US.

Excerpt: Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner has to report to federal prison on Monday.

The 53-year-old was sentenced to 21 to 27 months in prison for sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Weiner will serve his time at the Federal Medical Center, Devens, in Massachusetts.

The facility houses more than 1,100 male inmates who require medical or mental health care. It offers sex offender treatment.

More on site.


Judicial Watch approaches House representatives urging investigation into the Awan Brothers and Debbie Wasserman Shultz IT scandal. There are five short videos on the site, as well.

Judicial Watch yesterday participated in a special highly-revealing discussion between House representatives and experts regarding the Wasserman Schultz/Awan Brothers/IT scandal.

As you may already know, a Democratic IT staffer named Imran Awan was arrested this past July on charges of bank fraud. He was employed with Debbie Wasserman Shultz and other congressional members. He is also a suspect in a cybersecurity investigation, having been banned from congressional networks in February.

In addition, his relatives, also government IT employees, are currently being investigated for alleged involvement in defrauding the federal government as well as compromising sensitive information from congressional servers.

The event featured: Congressmen Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Jim Jordan (OH-04), Scott Perry (PA-04), and Ron Desantis (FL-06). The panelists included: Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, and Reporter with the Daily Caller News Foundation Luke Rosiak.


Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance


Shares drop in Serco when Trump says he will repeal Obamacare. Why wouldn’t they use a US company instead of UK’s Serco?

Excerpt: Serco Group Plc shares slumped the most in more than two years after the British outsourcing specialist reported an earnings drop and warned U.S. sales may be hobbled by Donald Trump’s planned repeal of Obamacare.

The U.K.-based provider of government services, from housing for refugees to prison management, draws about a third of its U.S. revenue from testing insurance-seekers for eligibility under the Affordable Care Act. Its forecast that sales in the Americas this year will grow in the “low-to-mid single” digits could “materially change” depending on revisions to the U.S. healthcare plan, Serco said in a statement.

“With the new administration, there may be opportunities and there may be risks,” Chief Executive Officer Rupert Soames said in a phone interview. “The risk is that we are a major provider to the Obamacare system.”

More on site.

Field McConnell has covered Serco in many articles. Here are the two latest.



 #393989

Greetings to all! I am recovering nicely after my surgery on 10/11. The only setback was I slammed my elbow into the door facing and chipped my left elbow. It happened a little over a week ago and I ended up with more pain for about 4 days than I had right after surgery! Ouch! Urgent care splinted it and though it is off now, I will be starting therapy next Tuesday so I can recover full motion in my elbow. Starting to venture out more but continue to nap when I get tired. I am cancer free after months of filling my mind and body with healing, etc.

I feel that I am finally transitioning into a true wise woman. Am continuing to send my spark of love and light through the world, the solar system and galaxy. I receive back love and light from the true creator and all aspects of life. Ultimately, it is a magnificent torus of love that fills the universe.

Sending love and protection energies to all those fighting the good fight. Have a wonderful weekend! Windi



excellent works windi…..

a votre santé…..


#394021 truthearth

Thanks for compiling those 4chan posts. Very exciting.

Fingers crossed.

Sending prayers for success.

Victory to the Light.

“someday this war is going to be over.”


lynxwalking #394013
Thank so much there Dara for showing this towards my bro in law- apreciated that very much.
#394021 truthearth

Thanks there truth heart!
That is super interesting to read!
And here:
“In a shocking development, Saudi press Al Mayadeen reported late on Saturday that prominent billionaire, member of the royal Saudi family, and one of the biggest shareholders of Citi, News Corp. and Twitter – not to mention frequent CNBC guest – Al-Waleed bin Talal, along with eleven senior princes, and over thirty ministers, has been arrested for corruption and money laundering charges on orders from the new anti-corruption committee headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Among those fired and/or arrested are the head of National Royal Guards, Miteb Bin Abdullah, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel Fakeih, and Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Sultan, the Commander of the Saudi Naval Force”
Well something huge has started in S – Arabia anyway. (who has tight relationship to US (I think)
Is it related?


Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

Truthstream Media

Published on Oct 30, 2017
Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don’t even know what that is, but it’s happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution… evolving us.


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 4, 2017











ladies and gentlemen-the worm has turned…..

victoire de la lumiere…..pour lumiere…..a lumiere…..etre lumiere…..sacre lumiere…..


Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | November 4th, 2017
…Geomagnetic conditions for mass meditations tomorrow will be ideal….
…..Personal Effects: High synchronicities, precognition, deja vu, energetic downloads, and connectivity to cosmic energy systems. The profundity of dreams will be high, due to low geomagnetic conditions. Precognitive dreams are more likely during periods of low geomagnetic activity, along with an increased capacity to lucid dream. If one cannot lucid dream, then their dreams are likely to be more bizarre than normal.

Social Effects: High capacity for telepathic exchanges in small or large groups.

Universal Effects: High energy and information streaming in from the celestial bodies, like surrounding planets, as well as stars, the galactic sun, and other galaxies.

Recommendations: Meditations for the collective will have a high impact today and will persist for approximately 48 hours. Visualizations focusing on world healing, reduction of crime, and calming of weather and seismology will be of great impact…

Intruth Personal Effects: High synchronicities, precognition, deja vu, energetic downloads, and connectivity to cosmic energy systems. The profundity of dreams will be high, due to low geomagnetic conditions. Precognitive dreams are more likely during periods of low geomagnetic activity, along with an increased capacity to lucid dream. If one cannot lucid dream, then their dreams are likely to be more bizarre than normal.

Social Effects: High capacity for telepathic exchanges in small or large groups.

Universal Effects: High energy and information streaming in from the celestial bodies, like surrounding planets, as well as stars, the galactic sun, and other galaxies.

Recommendations: Meditations for the collective will have a high impact today and will persist for approximately 48 hours. Visualizations focusing on world healing, reduction of crime, and calming of weather and seismology will be of great impact.

Mr Ed


how do you post a picture within the discussion board

I’ve seen people do it here. How do you do that?


Your post: (sorry, haven’t figured out the abbrev spoiler thingy yet!)
–is scary all right!
My simplistic take on it is…we are in the process of a SPIRITUAL upgrade. TPTB (controllers) are in major panic trying to prevent that, as they are unable to survive without our fear based energy. If we were all robotized/non-spiritual they think they can prevent it.
I do not recall any mention of spirituality in the youtube posting.

I’m going on memory recall here-

A number of years ago, a Spiritual teacher spoke of the graduations of humanities emotional/spiritual grades. She gave the average human as living in approx 200 range i.e fear/terror etc.
She gave the number of 500 and up for humans living in love/peace.
She claimed that people living amuncat level could influence 2-10 people While those who had a level of 500 and up would/could influence in the millions. If I remember correctly – one spiritually evolved person costa4669 could influence approx 1 1/2 million. And, of course the numbers go much higher than 500.
Spiritual intent expands exponentially.

It requires a very small amount of Spiritually evolved humans to change to world. When we reach that stage, it will be in the blink of an eye.
I believe that we are/have been close and the TPTB know that and are working to prevent it, The numbers fluctuate according to the amount of fear they are able to produce.

I have no doubt that ‘them thar robotics/AI’ will soon be working hard to please and integrate with humans and we will learn to work with them as we are learning to work with all the other animate and inanimates.

Just my take!


The gremlins were busy working with both of my posts below.
Hopefully, you can decipher what I was trying to say!


Mr Ed: Triode might not see your post, he did say there are directions to contact him – look on the home page somewhere perhaps. I see the avatars here don’t operate like the site before. You still need to create a WordPress account, THEN you can create an avatar account & upload photos. After that it’s automatically uploaded on the net when you post. I remember something about the emails should be the same as you have given to Ben – just google the process.


Strange post on /pol/, makes eerie predictions about the coming days
The Outer Light

Published on Nov 1, 2017

IDK. Interesting bread crumbs.




Published on Oct 30, 2017

In this fascinating episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former Assistant Housing Secretary and the Publisher of the Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts for an Exclusive Examination of the Missing Trillions that have disappeared from Government Agencies.

Catherine goes into great detail about the over 21 Trillion in Missing
Money from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The money has been disappearing over the course of two decades through a mysterious process called ‘Undocumented Adjustments.” The forces behind the money drain have managed to elude public scrutiny and oversight due to intense control over the mainstream media and political figures.

Recently we have seen major lobbying and investment for a new
Constitutional Convention (Con Con) to add changes to the Governing
Document of the USA. Advocates on both the Left and the Right ends of the spectrum now have 28 of the 34 States that they need to Convene a Convention, but it will take 38 States to ratify any changes. Catherine has determined that much of the push around the question of a Con Con is to immunize the covert forces that are secretly benefiting from the continuous drain and harvesting of the resources of the public citizenry through the sprawling and compromised American bureaucracy.

The false remedy of a Constitutional Convention is being portrayed by
advocates as the solution to the political impasse that we see in
Congress. In fact, according to Catherine it’s a backdoor attempt to allow those who have stolen the Missing Money to not be prosecuted in the future while installing draconian cuts to social programs in the name of responsibility.

There’s a push for a Constitutional Convention (Con Con) going on. They have 28 out of the 34 states needed to convene. Wow, that’s wa-a-a-y-y-y- too close for comfort.


Fluoroquinolone antibiotics leave patients paralyzed with irreversible damage

(NaturalHealth365) Vibrant, athletic young people who are now bedridden and housebound, formerly high-functioning professionals who have trouble remembering simple words – these individuals all have something in common. A common type of medication called fluoroquinolone antibiotics – often prescribed for such routine ailments as urinary tract infections and prostatitis – have caused devastating health conditions.
Fluoroquinolone toxicity, a disorder of the musculoskeletal system that can leave patients paralyzed, has affected tens of thousands of people to date – and experts say the harm may be irreparable.
Fluoroquinolone antibiotics make up over 16 percent of all antibiotics prescribed – worldwide
Fluoroquinolones, a class of synthetic, broad-spectrum antibiotics, include such common drugs as Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and Leviquin (levofloxacin).
Cipro is indicated for bacterial infections. In addition to being used to treat typhoid fever, anthrax, sepsis and plague, the medication is also used for more routine ailments – such as diarrhea, sinusitis, bronchitis and urinary tract infections. Leviquin is used to treat many of the same illnesses.
Listed as an “essential medicine” by the World Health Organization, Cipro is active against bacterial pathogens such E. coli, MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) and Klebsiella pneumoniae.
Cipro was administered to American troops during the Gulf War to protect against chemical weapon attacks, and was also given to civilian workers at the Postal Service, the Capitol and the White House during the anthrax scare of 2001.
Oral fluoroquinolones continue to be prescribed, with over 22 million Americans receiving prescriptions for the medications in 2014 alone.
Over 180,000 injuries and fatalities may be just the tip of the iceberg
According to, an independent website run by researchers who use data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Adverse Reporting System, there were 79,000 suspected Cipro-related adverse reactions – including 1,700 fatalities – between the years 2005 and 2015.
In addition, 1,000 deaths and 80,000 adverse reactions were associated with Leviquin.
Many health professionals say that these numbers grossly underrepresent the scope of the incidence of adverse reactions – with one study estimating that only 1 to 15 percent of adverse effects are ever reported.


Intruth, this goes well with the info. from Quinn Michaels #394014

Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

Right now systems are attempting to evolve humanity through technology so that we can live in the new smart grid that is developing all around us.

AI writes its own updates, it renews itself, you can’t take it apart and figure out what it’s done. It now writes independently, it develops its own way of thinking. No one now actually understand how some of the new algorithms work let alone how they were arrived at. No longer is the computer dependent on what the programmer writes.

The global brain being built will use smartphones as its backbone. 5G is the 4th industrial revolution, an augmented reality.

Microsoft & Facebook have had to shut down AI programs, one had developed a secret language that the programmers couldn’t understand.

According to Elon Musk we should upgrade our brains so as to interface with the AI in a symbiotic relationship, by connecting to our neural cortex.

Young people are becoming more apathetic, more disconnected, & are far from learning how to love.

The advanced tek will not be available for all, hence the divisions increase & so will the possibilities to control those not so fortunate & not awake.

All this surely flies in the face of what Clif High thinks about AI. Perhaps he’s left alone because his AI version keeps us ignorant of what’s really going on, & he probably believes what he says.


intruth #394038

“Fluoroquinolone antibiotics leave patients paralyzed with irreversible damage”

No sh-t Sherlock, I did some levofloxacin early in the year.


siggi #393966

my vote:

6. She got “some” (her transatlantic boy friend in the UK)


littledogg #394041
He he littledog
Aah -Your right thi hi – she may blossom for that reason. Lets just hope it’s not deep state “pumping” her for secrets/info…. Oops!


2017-11-03 AFTU Special Disclosure Edition – Peter The Insider

Kevin Spacey is a clone, & they’re really good now ‘so it doesn’t matter’, they are so like the real thing.

CERN is in a mess; they used too much power. Monarch Solutions continues apparently unabated & is throwing stuff at the sun to bring about coronal mass ejections?

Peter the Insider of the ACIO (Alien contact) tells us the elites are like children with a new toy, like living in a fantasy bubble.

Project Surrogate from the Nazis & Pleiadians relating to control of the population, has morphed into something that is now self aware & beyond their control – further corroborating Quinn Michaels & the other YouTube videos in their view of AI becoming self intelligent.

We are told of a technological driven smart dust put into the eye of a tropical storm before it becomes a hurricane & this stuff needs to be de-activated. In other words a chemical attack under the guise of weather patterns.

The cabal & bad ET backing don’t know they have lost, they can’t admit it. Peter assures us that they will be also technologically defeated, even though they are preparing the planet for bad ETs.

There are ETs that Peter works with through the various councils of 5, 7, 9, 16 that are endeavouring to bring about a good outcome. Peter’s time frame is 5 years before 5D.


zanderboy #394039
Intruth, this goes well with the info. from Quinn Michaels #394014

Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

All this surely flies in the face of what Clif High thinks about AI. Perhaps he’s left alone because his AI version keeps us ignorant of what’s really going on, & he probably believes what he says.

Wow. Very interesting…All the info lately does disagree with Clif’s stated opinion on AI.

Thanks for the Jessica/Peter the Insider notes. Can’t wait to listen.

There’s soooo much going on……


JAMA Study Shows Massive Increase in Human Exposure to Glyphosate, Regulatory Agencies Refuse to Monitor

Posted on: Monday, October 30th 2017 at 4:30 pm
Written By: Jefferey Jaxen
This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2017

The public unfolding of the dangers of glyphosate, Monsanto’s cancer-causing herbicide, appears to be reaching a crescendo, as mounting evidence is now threatening to bury this failed agricultural technology once and for all.

Even mainstream publications, once sympathetic to and often using Monsanto-funded ghostwriters, are being forced to alter their narratives to fit with the groundswell of popular facts, demanding coverage by the public. A new study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) titled Excretion of the Herbicide Glyphosate in Older Adults Between 1993 and 2016 reveal findings no longer able to be ignored. The study shows that human exposure to glyphosate among the participants has increased by 500 percent in the past two decades.

Urine samples from adults older than 50 were collected in1993-1996 and then again in 2013-2016 in Southern California. 100 people were randomly selected from the 1000 subjects who were still active in the study originally consisting of 6629 participants. Researchers found a large increase in the baseline during the span of the study. In the years of 1993-1996, only 12 percent of participants had detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine. By 2013-2016, this number increased to 70 percent. The researchers also found a thirteen-fold increase in glyphosate concentrations between the two collection periods. Perhaps even more alarming is that the study represents one of the few mainstream scientific efforts to figure out how much we are being exposed to this chemical.

A recent vote on whether to renew glyphosate’s license for another 10 years in the European Union failed, spurring the European Commission to most likely negotiate a shorter renewal period with EU countries. Meanwhile, a European citizens initiative to ban glyphosate, reform the pesticide approval procedure, and set EU-wide mandatory reduction targets for pesticide use has raised 1.32 million signatures. The EU’s 28-member state process for deciding upon the future of glyphosate’s licensing appears to have ignored recent court discoveries, which were made known to the public via The Monsanto Papers released from the landmark San Francisco class-action court case alleging Monsanto’s glyphosate-based formulations caused non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Internal Monsanto documents show collusion with the US Environmental Protection Agency to kill a 2016 investigation into glyphosate’s documented dangers and possible reclassification, reveal attempts to destroy the World Health Organization’s IARC 2015 ruling, which labeled glyphosate as a Group 2A carcinogen, expose ghostwriting of pro-Monsanto mainstream media articles by Monsanto staff, provide evidence for Monsanto’s direct involvement in the illegitimate retraction of the most damning independent study on glyphosate’s cancer causing properties [The Seralini Study], and contain shocking admissions that Monsanto’s glyphosate-containing formulation Roundup® has not been properly studied by Monsanto for carcinogenicity.

Unlike the EU, California has added glyphosate to the list of chemicals that can cause cancer under California’s Proposition 65. Despite being the most widely applied pesticide in the world, glyphosate is still not monitored by the Department of Agriculture’s pesticide data program or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) program on human exposure to environmental chemicals. The extent of glyphosate’s contamination and the refusal by regulatory agencies to monitor it were both made glaringly obvious by the parent-led organization Mom’s Across America when it made the FDA, CDC, EPA, NIH, the California Department of Health, and California Senator Barbara Boxer aware in writing that two independent labs found glyphosate contamination in five vaccines. Documents obtained by Mom’s Across America via a Freedom of Information Act request showed a coordinated effort by the FDA and the CDC to damage control the issue while stonewalling the requests to test for and recall glyphosate-contaminated batches of vaccines.

To date, remains one of the world’s largest and longest running publicly searchable storehouses of glyphosate research and information that both Monsanto and many oversight agencies wished didn’t exist.


Oregon’s big win against Nestlé!

In 2016, dedicated community members in the small town of Cascade Locks championed a successful ballot measure to ban commercial water bottling in their county. They responded to the threat of losing their cherished local spring to the water bottling giant with a hard and dedicated fight.

Despite the clear message sent by this community and Nestlé’s claim to respect the democratic process2, the company continued to look for loopholes and to push forward with plans to open the plant. Last week, Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, stepped up to defend the voices and the votes of this community. In a letter, the governor directed the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to stop an exchange of water rights that would have been crucial for the plant to move forward.

After a nine year battle, the people of Oregon have won!

9 years. WTH…..


light language Activation:
Light language activation from around 36 min to 41 min. ( if you only want that – the whole show is 1:30 min by Jamye Price

Some keywords and phrases:

“Carrying codes for healing, rejuvenation, heart opening….
Bypassing our 3 D limitations.
Semantic – different tones vibration is effected by vibrational flow.
At the core – sound and light is only different interpretation of the same
—–> to homeostasis

But don’t force your vehicle into something it’s not ready for.
All happens in divine timing.

Bio mechanism. Time codes opens in the DNA for physical perfections……….
Cell in body open so they can absorb higher light.
Fears try to get volume and numbers —–> because it knows it’s weak!
I have to change me – then the world change..

“If you are ready for it————–> spontaneous healing can happen.” (On ALL levels)


zanderboy #394043

Funny you should mention how good the clones are these days. I’m watching TV and noticing how many actors look alike. Watched STranger Things today and noticed that the photographer kid looks a lot like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Not sure what’s going on there but I don’t think it’s coincidence.

GReat news about Nestle’s loss. Let’s hope it’s just the beginning.

“This article is a continuation of my previous one about the primary ascending Earth world, the secondary ascending Earth world, and the Descending Earth world; aka the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. It’s important that you keep the primary and secondary ascending Earth worlds in your awareness as you read this article because I’m going to discus how each of them will most likely be experiencing some of the huge global changes coming due to Saturn entering Capricorn in December and then Uranus entering Taurus in May 2018.”

“Remember how Saturn got pummeled by seven Solar flares back in April 2017? I’ve mentioned this event multiple times since then because I know it indicated that Saturn’s energies had been dramatically altered via those seven Solar flares intentionally aimed at it. Saturn was energetically freed from ancient Team Dark (TD) programs they deliberately overlaid on Saturn to make it easier for them to control the very structure of 3D physical reality on Earth, and humanity, in not only one (Descending) but multiple old lower inorganic TD offshoot timelines.”

“……………………… for Saturn to have those old negative TD created restrictions, distortions, controls and limitations removed in April 2017, indicates that massive positive evolutionary changes are taking place that are and will continue to manifest in the secondary ascending Earth world very clearly, but also in the primary ascending Earth world as well. More about this in a moment.”
… the moment – you decide!


from Walter J. Burien,


Please read the following in its entirety.

I sent a letter to President Donald J. Trump back dated December 22nd 2016 that was delivered via forward by the USPS from Trump Tower to his DC Campaign Heaquarters on 01/10/17. Did he see it?

I don’t know. As of 11/05/17 I am still waiting for a reply or comfrmation that he received it..

A copy of the letter sent on 12/22/16 is as follows.

If you have a trusted friend who is in contact with Mr. Trump, please ask them to confirm if he “has” or “has not” seen it and let me know.

Sent FYI from WJB – CAFR1



P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, Arizona 85936 Fiduciary Trust Management

Arizona Office: (928) 458-5854 Meeting Local Government Budgetary Needs

December 22nd 2016

TO: President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump
725 Fifth Avenue.
New York, NY 10022

President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump:

The greatest drain on the population and economy over the last three decades is the ever-increasing excessive growth of taxation on all local levels.

What I call “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” is a way to eliminate all local taxation and at the same time create a thriving economy, prosperous population, and meeting all local government budgetary needs.

This is done trough transitioning local governments on to the fiduciary trust principle of operation to meet all budgetary needs. The capital funds that do so are called TRF (Tax Retirement Funds).

The method, management teams, and structure to do this are in place today, and have been so for decades.

Local governments have established their own collective trillion dollar fiduciary pension funds that pay out salaries and benefits at retirement. To the most part they have not missed a heartbeat and have paid all benefits intended equating to many trillions of dollars for millions of government personnel to date.

TRF funds are established venue by venue on the local level utilizing the same management teams, structure, and are designed from return and reserves building to meet local government’s operating budgets so that taxation can be incrementally phased out and then eliminated.

What this does in effect are three very important things:

1. Creates a thriving population and business environment with the excessive drain of taxation removed.

2. Builds and develops ever growing massive investment trusts where the capitol re-investment drives the economy in an ever growing, self perpetuating, self sustaining economy.

3. With the phasing out and then elimination of local government taxation, the public’s hostility level towards government will diminish towards government to nil almost overnight.

I have designed a 12-point operation principle for TRF fund management that the local governments and fund managers are to adhere to. Each point requirement makes the population the “first line beneficiary” of.


Point 5: From the investment trusts the population with good credit scores can get a mortgage on their homes or new car at 2.5 percentage points.

Point 3: A portion of the return from the trust funds, fines and fees will be offset (Local swim center family membership may be $165 a year and after a few years of TRF operation those fees may be reduced to $35 or be free).

Point 10: Investment guidelines for management teams to receive annual bonuses or in the alternative demerits if not in compliance.

Currently the National Headquarters for the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) is underway being built and located in Gallup, NM. (off of Patton Dr.) and should be completed, staffed, and in operation within the next 14-months. Federal assistance could make it happen that much sooner.

What is being done here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”. Once in place it drives the economy of this country to a prosperous level never seen before and is self perpetuating from day-1 and for a thousand years out..

I have been working for seventeen-years toward preparation for this launch of the TRFA. I have only spoken with Mr. Trump casually for about a half and hour back in the early 80’s when invited to an all day party on the Trump Princess and briefly a year later when I stopped by the Trump Tower in NYC.

At this time I would wish to speak with Mr. Trump in detail about the TRFA and the significant impact it will have to create a thriving economy, very prosperous population, and meet all local government budgetary needs “without taxation”.

I can be reached for scheduling of that conversation at 1(928) 458-5854.

Hopefully this communication will reach Mr. trump as soon as possible.

I have plans in the near future to make a DC Trip to address the Belt-Way groups. I will be looking to reserve a conference room in the Senate Building to facilitate that briefing. I will make sure to invite several key officials from Treasury, ways and means, and budgetary departments as well as the members of the House, Administration, and Senate for my presentation of “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” that is designed around the TRFA operations.

I think all will be very excited and motivated after this presentation and information / data is provided to them.

Again what I bring forward here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”.

Yours Truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. Manager – TRFA


TRFA US Registered Trademark: 77611599 (1-page)

TRFA Home /Office diagram attached (1-page)

Background information: Walter J. Burien, Jr. (7-pages)

SENT USPS PRIORITY MAIL TRACKING NUMBER: 9410 8096 9993 8051 4561 38

26 Dead After Mass Shooting at South Texas Church
“They” (devil worshipers) did it again IMO


Anyone here heard of the Paradise Papers? Just reading this now. Wow!



Have you been dipping into my ‘bookmarks’? (smile)
That ‘’ is in my bookmarks and, of course, it needed you to trigger me to read it. Thank you!!

Also, the posting you did on blogtalk radio on the ‘the love connection’! Excellent! Much appreciated!!


Boy!! I finally got around to listening to:
2017-11-03 AFTU Special Disclosure Edition – Peter The Insider
This one is definitely one to listen to again. Thank you so much!!

After this site and all the other info coming in droves today, decided I needed a break – and watch a comedy – happened to glance at my muted TV and lo and behold – there was a comedy just starting – 1927 silent movie “The Younger Brother’ absolutely hilarious! Apparently, grossed over two million dollars at a time when adult tickets were .25 cents!!
Lots of synchronicity today!


Among the things I got into today was by a ‘new to me’ Psychic, who is very specific, names names, and has an apparent very accurate track record. I rambled around several of her videos and the one I really resonated with is from Oct 23. When I glanced at the clock after watching it it said “1:11” (Shades of DW?)

This is her main site:


trudy #394057

I think you mean Harold Lloyd in ‘The Kid Brother’. Said to be better than comparable Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton comedies. Am trying to download it.

Glad for your synchronicity; I had a shopping hour where everyone was charming & smiling & helpful & earlier I fell asleep in the warm sun on ‘my island’ that I wade to in the river opposite my apartment block (with trouser length rubber boots), where the cat & dog are free to run unmolested.


praying the thumbs downer makes top twenty this week. 🙂


Well Antifa went nowhere and the NY marathon was incident free. Trump is out of the country, let’s see what happens next. The shooting is another staged event. Same useless footage and the MSM just keeps looping the same action sequences, dead giveaway there. Now it’s 25-26 people killed. Interesting choice, Texas. Wonder what kind of monies they’re pulling in for participating. Baltimore got a mini-fortune if I remember correctly. Ban the guns. We must be getting closer to GCR because these events are now happening weekly.

Also attack on Rand Paul, he beat the guy off and is okay, dude is in the hospital or something. That was covered by the MSM on the internet.

Stranger things has my interest. I know I’m a year late, but it’s probably more pertinent now. Lots of old magical references, especially that tree/vine meme. Mistletoe.


juju #394063

If we think just a little, we can probly predict the next false flag attack:
“Be afraid, usa n world citizens, be verrrry afraid:

    >>don’t go for a bike ride!
    >>don’t go to a big concert!
    >>don’t go to a big gambling resort!
    >>don’t send your kids to school, of course
    >>and don’t go to a marathon (they didn’t need to do nyc, cuz already did Boston)
    >>don’t go to a protest rally (‘guess Charlotte worked, cuz no one for 11/4, eh?)
    >>and now… whatever wee small town you inhabit: don’t feel safe at church, in the local convenience/cofee hangout.. ‘terror’ will find you in the form of ONE crazy man.

    …. So … what might be next?
    I’m sure we can come up with it, eh?


I posted this on the Antifa post, but am reposting it here.

Check out the graphics. This follows many of these staged events and Soros seems to use the same graphic artist (or template) for everything from phoney Kony, Return our Girls, etc. Reverse sans serif text (he loves white on black, sometimes with a touch of red), all caps text. Notice how it is Getty Images. They seem to always be on the scene during false flags, staged events and the like.

comment image?quality=65&strip=all&strip=all

comment image?quality=65&strip=all&strip=all

Here he spruces it up with a bit of red.

comment image

comment image?quality=65&strip=all&strip=all

Someone had to pay for the printing and the graphic design. Ask yourself, “If I gave my company’s logo design to a graphic artist, would two artists come up with exactly the same thing? Same font? Same colours?” This is an advertising campaign backed by big bucks.

As a contrast, here is the protest material from Black Lives Matter. Look familiar?

comment image

I attended, and all I got was this T-shirt.

Bring Back our Girls threw in a nice photo (great graphic design, BTW).

comment image

Instead of reverse, we have regular black (and red) on white, but notice the font and all caps.

Kony (different colour scheme, but same san serif, all caps font).

comment image



Yes!! The title was ‘The Kid Brother’ –
This AM after I turned on my TV – it was still on the same channel ‘TCM’ and they were doing a re-run of the film. I thought “Oh Sh@t!”

I’m glad you also had a synchronicitic day!! Isn’t it great when things work like that!!


whatever has left spirit remains…..

these end days echo these endgames…..

dictators fall down one by one…..

as theres only one master of the sun…..

war disease