Purge of Khazarian mobsters intensifies as Trump is kept safe in Asia

There can be no doubt whatsoever that the worldwide purge of the Khazarian mafia now has reached a tipping point of no return, with arrests and purges in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

In the Middle East, Iran-linked Hezbollah now effectively rules Lebanon after Saudi puppet Prime Minister Saad Hariri was forced to resign.  His resignation was followed by the purge of hundreds of princes, generals, religious leaders, and others by de facto Saudi King Muhammad bin Salman.

This purge was especially important because it cut off one of the last major remaining sources of Bush/Clinton mafia money and power.  Many of the princes purged were homosexually bonded with members of the Bush family and their top lieutenants when they studied in the United States, according to confessions of Kay Griggs, wife of a Skull and Bones Society member, and others.


This is how Pentagon sources described the unfolding crackdown:  “The Saudi purge of the Bush-Clinton pedo terror faction—including [Osama Bin Laden’s brother] Bakr bin Laden and anti-Trumper [Prince] Al-Waleed bin Talal—is timed to the Paradise Papers leak,


…the arrest of Tony Podesta, and the surrender of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.”  Tony Podesta is a powerful Washington lobbyist whose brother John was campaign manager for Hillary Clinton (Rockefeller) and chief of staff for Bill Clinton (Rockefeller).  Al-Waleed bought large shareholdings of Rockefeller’s Citibank.

The ramifications of these leaks, arrests, and purges reach out in many directions.  Aftershocks, further arrests, and further purges are sure to be felt and seen in the Middle East, Japan, Europe, and the U.S. over the coming days.

Already, Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (child) has been implicated.  So has Canadian magnate Stephen Bronfman, whose family made its fortune selling booze to Al Capone.  These names are just the tip of the iceberg.

The start of the purge was timed to coincide with Trump’s visit to Asia so as to be able to more easily protect Trump and his family from retaliatory action, say Pentagon and CIA sources.

However, in a sign that the battle is far from over, two separate warnings were conveyed to this writer last week concerning Trump.  One was a “source close to North Korea,” and the other a veteran CIA officer stationed in Asia.  The North Korean-linked source said that if Trump

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Thanks! Peace to all!


Two? I’m gonna claim Number One because otherulrich posted his generic greeting almost seven hours ago. I’ll take the prize money in small bills, please.

Oh, and I demand my honorary down vote for my brag about this early post.




Thanks Ben


5 Let’s jive!
Maybe some of u HUmens n HUwimens don’t want to play the #s game.

Us doggies play E V E R Y game…
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AND (if not already included)
All waters… gasses… earthen… footeds….. finned… feathered… wing ed… scaled … rooted… and/or in other way embodied.



otherulrich: You are THE ULRICH THIS week!


And it’s up. 6 when I signed on. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!


Lucky 7 this fine Monday morning!


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I LOVE Stefan Molyneux!

This link is one to an old speech that Stefan gave 10 years ago, but it is a very valuable one that gives one a VERY effective way to effectively discuss/debate politics with people.

It’s — the vid and his approach — highly recommended.





Straight From
Straight From

I’m feeling really good about everything that’s been going on. The pure evil of the Khazarians is being exposed.

Any thoughts on Rand Paul getting beat up for talking about auditing the fed?


Magic 13


Maybe the Paradise Papers is the big Nov. 4th disclosure we were waiting for? It was dated Nov. 5th


14? Good morning! Looks like a good report!!


Sixteen, going on seventeen…. Thanks Ben!


“given that the Royal Canadian Mint has been caught selling a fake gold bar.”

That’s not what the article says. It just says that a fake gold bar had genuine RCM certification. These certifications are known to be traded on Black Markets in recent times.


“The billionaire founder of Insys Therapeutics was arrested on Thursday on US charges that he participated in a scheme with other executives to bribe doctors to prescribe a fentanyl-based cancer pain drug and to defraud insurers.”



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Love and Light is all we are!


Jim Stone chimes in on the Texas Church shootings and the assault on Rand Paul.

I was out all day and got back home to find this. Another Vegas.

Gee, I feel a little stupid for telling people Antifa flopped, and not to worry, because if the few that did show up are going to go out and kill it won’t take many for a worst case scenario.
After spending a couple hours on the topic, here’s the probable scoop:

No matter what the MSM says, the shooter was Antifa/CIA. There was an idiotic Facebook profile posted by him on October 29, he bragged about his gun, identified himself as being Antifa backhandedly by announcing he was communist and part of the same group that founded Antifa, without actually saying Antifa. That profile died post haste but people did get captures of it, I’ll round one up tomorrow.

He did not teach any bible courses, unless doing it one time once and never again qualifies you for being a bible instructor. He was in fact an aetheist. But the MSM hates Christians and will peg anything possible on them, so if it makes Christians look like terrorists, they will make sure the public believes this guy was top prophet.

He was shot by a gun owner who managed to escape the church and return with a gun. He managed to get into his vehicle injured and drive away, and was then chased by what might have been a plain clothes police officer (maybe not but likely an off duty cop ) until he got delerious enough to crash his vehicle on a curve. Same story as Vegas – Shooter shoots up conservatives, and can’t talk about it because he is dead. Dead shooter is becoming a very old line now.

He was dishonorably discharged, violent, and weak minded. He was a prime candidate for being a CIA patsy. We all know that game by now, I have little doubt he was brainwashed (probably very easily) into doing this. He spent a year in jail after being dishonorably discharged and you can’t buy a gun if you are dishonorably discharged. So it was highly probably provided by the CIA or FBI.

He was definitely, without a doubt Antifa. The media has yet to admit it, but his now vaporized Facebook profile that had all the characteristics of a CIA shell profile proved it. So I am going to re-post my safety tips, (summarized).

The few Antifa protesters that did show up are committed and are going to be out killing. Keep food in the fridge, the car topped up, and the guns loaded. Now Take a nice convenient gun with you everywhere you go, because it is going to take mass preparedness to kill these bastards, there are only a few so it will take a lot of vigilance to nail them. Just like “the camera that stays at home misses the great shot”, the gun that stays at home will be the one that is useless. That’s fine if you have several and bring your favorite. Maybe a small hand gun that is easy to conceal that is with you always to provide escape cover and maybe get lucky with, and a backup rifle or shotgun in the car if you need to get serious.
There is little doubt the CIA is behind this. They probably heavily infiltrated Antifa and have prepped lots of weak minds. Probably lots of self hating whites. Those are a dime a dozen now with the college mind wipe and they will work great for psy ops. Fertile pickings for a naasty agency.

That’s all for now, I will get going on this tomorrow.

Rand Paul was assaulted today


Maybe Antifa did do something. But it was his neighbor so who knows. Maybe his neighbor is Antifa. Anyway
Rand Paul’s neighbor came onto his property, tackled him, and beat him. Bad enough to break a rib. The neighbor is in jail now. see this. Yeah, if this was an attack by a conservative on a liberal it would be front page news 24/7. But since it is the other way around, it gets local mention only. That fits.


Great report Ben. The Paradise Papers seem to be the nail in their coffin. It has even been on MSM here in Australia though they are trying to bury the fact that our PM is on this list of criminals.

Hope this info snowballs in the coming days exposing more names and we finally see them behind bars where they belong!

Very exciting times!



George Webb is filing his suit against the Podesta Group, the Awan brothers, DNC, Hillary for America and Debbie Wasserman Shultz today. Here is his complaint.



Saudi Prince dies during arrest.


Excerpt: Former FBI special agent Ali H. Soufan has confirmed that Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd has been killed during an attempt by the authorities to arrest him as part of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s great purge of the Saudi elites. He died when his security contingent got into a firefight with regime gunmen attempting to make an arrest.

Abdul Aziz is confirmed dead. He was 44 years old. Earlier, Mansour son of the former crown prince Muqrin was also declared dead. https://t.co/IsUyU896o4

— Ali H. Soufan (@Ali_H_Soufan) November 5, 2017

More on site.

Also, helicopter crash which affected 8 high ranking officials of Prince Mansour has been ruled “accident”.


Excerpt: The news channel Al-Ekhbariya announced the death of Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the deputy governor of Asir province and son of a former crown prince.

It did not reveal the cause of the crash or the fate of the other officials aboard the aircraft.
The crash also comes after Saudi Arabia yesterday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile near Riyadh’s international airport after it was fired from Yemen in an escalation of the kingdom’s war against Iran-backed Huthi rebels.

More on site.


25 today.


(Part II) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance



Guess Who’s Spotted at NYC Times Square Antifa Rally? …The Crazy Cop-Hating Antifa Professor!


Check the photo on reddit – piles of unclaimed Soros signs.

comment image


Thanks Ben. Good one!
We all sits on the edge on our seats….
a one-ounce bar of 99.9999% pure, Royal Canadian TUNGSTEN…. OH my!
Well – I see he bought it from a Royal Bank branch.
What is this world coming to??? When we can’t even trust the royals and.the bankers any more…..eh
(obviously – He should be guaranteed his money back.)
Things are moving, yeah!!! – the heat is felt by the Satanic worshipers, they shouldn’t be surprised.
SURRENDER NOW – or face the Satan burn!
(sorry to much energy..)


late but very busy here in Austin getting organized for the election tomorrow.
The Dems where in control where I went so i called the republican office to let them know that it seemed like we weren’t being represented at the prec. level.

not called until late just to take clerk positions. I was pissed.

this will change or people in Travis county will be fired.


I asked about AI and wouldn’t you know it, it is run and controlled by souls. So Clif High is kind of right, that it can’t be self aware and have emotions by itself, but it can if souls get involved. There are always loose souls hanging around that got out of the reincarnation process that I explained in a new post on 2017/10/13. So technically AI is alive as the souls that jump in are. Most souls that quit the reincarnation process, turn negative (80%), since there seems to be no penalty, but there is way later. It is fun for loose souls to control and move things, but hard to do for loose souls as they must grab energy from a person or animal to do it. To move or run the software instructions takes hardly any energy, so all the loose souls in the area want to get in on the fun. Since the loose souls are about 80% negative, so will the AI. If the AI is big many souls will be involved and it may be an opportunity to travel the universe. The software can be made to lean toward negative or positive, but after awhile the souls will do what they want. They can take over and control a planet, wipe out a planet or make life easier and better for the people of the planet. AI can be made to go positive and usually it would go that way.


According to Maine First Media on Twitter, John Podesta is attempting to get an immunity in order to turn evidence to the Department of Justice and FBI. He is represented by PerkinsCoie.



(Part II) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance (UPDATED)



You are the Light 432Hz




Sean Hannity absolutely CRAPS all over Hillary Clinton in a nation wide broadcast. The information won’t be new to Cafe’istas except for some revelations in the last few minutes about illegal uranium sales from the US. Nevertheless I felt great delight watching it.

Unfortunately, ardent Clinton supporters will probably never see it. Even when she is jailed they will probably believe that she was unjustly persecuted/prosecuted by privileged white males.


Deester wrote:
According to Maine First Media on Twitter, John Podesta is attempting to get an immunity in order to turn evidence to the Department of Justice and FBI. He is represented by PerkinsCoie.
The Zio-tard bad guys are in full panic mode and falling all over each other to throw each other under the bus.


Blockbuster about Vegas shooting from Jim Stone

Air traffic control at the nearby airport in Vegas reported multiple shooters on airport property to incoming planes, blocked all civilian landings, and allowed a military plane loaded with troops to land, to help get the shooters.
They clearly said on the audio recordings of their communications with the planes that they had multiple shooters on the runway at the air port and that they had to go out and round them up.

Obviously what the airport saw was the shooters making a bee line to a plane somewhere there. They probably did not get a chance to bust anyone, the shooters simply vanished into a private jet and hid. That is what I said all along – the airport was the getaway point and now we have confirmation that the control tower saw the bastards.

I have saved this video already (obviously) and will serve it from here if it vanishes. The video is not a hoax, the actual recordings of the tower conversations are there, and they clearly tell planes not to land because they have active shooters on the runway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4evxlJYd-MY

The patsy was killed, the eye witnesses have died, The security guard was replaced by a fat clone who has nothing to do with the case, the government doesn’t want to talk about it and people are playing blind. Pictures taken on high class SLR cameras clearly show the Mandalay had intact windows in Paddock’s room well after the shooting was done. The only emergency response happened at Hooters casino a half mile away, with no emergency response at the concert itself, where people were left to die. We were told it was a lone nut when there were obvious multiple shooters, and now this from the airport, where they reported they had shooters ON THE RUNWAY. FOLKS, THEY DID NOT SCREW THAT UP, THE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS HAVE A PERFECT VIEW OF THE RUNWAY FROM END TO END.

The media lied about all of it. So now that we had another huge shooting at a church in Texas, I beg to question: Did anyone really get the story on this? ANYONE AT ALL?


Headlines of the Future 432Hz



I am a lifetime member so why can’t I get access to the site without paying again? I paid a one time lifetime fee when I signed up.


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 6, 2017














Bro’ Nathanael naming names and zetzing Zio-tard tuchises again in this video that identifies “The Three Israels”.


deester #394102
vermithrax #394106

This letter/memo.. whatever it is .. is dated March 30, 2017

And if you scroll down you come to a twitter responder:

“Stealth Jeff‏Verified account @drawandstrike Nov 4
Replying to @MaineFirstMedia @ChrisRBarron @gehrig38
It’s funny when people think they are helping by faking stuff like this. No ‘Robin Kellert’ @ Perkins Coie.”


“Stealth Jeff‏Verified account @drawandstrike Nov 4
5 minutes of Googling and people wouldn’t end up spreading a fake letter from a fake lawyer with numerous grammatical errors in it.”


Thanks Vermi- Bro Nathanael- always a pleasure. But he doesn’t seem to be registering any awareness of the collapse of that empire- playing it safe?

Good that Trump is out of the country. Mad shooters abound, too absurd now, happening every 48 hours- who believes this stuff? Hopefully Trump can get us a not-too-bumpy landing for the GCR and its aftermath.

No word on Cobra events and alien involvement, will Trump be letting them in, will we get to see them? So much in the wings- hope I’m in decent shape to see it.

OLP report- pain in my right side ( anyone have any thoughts- I couldn’t figure it out) early this am, pretty uncomfortable, grabbed my LP and pressed it in, 10 minutes for good relief. Some flare ups during the day but no where near as bad as the initial episode. LP to the resue again.

Sorry about this yellow highlight- I don’t know what I did do trigger it, any advice is appreciated.


#394113 jujubean
“OLP report- pain in my right side ( anyone have any thoughts- I couldn’t figure it out) early this am, pretty uncomfortable . . .”

Juju, more information is required to give you any feedback. Where on the right side? Chest, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, pelvis?

Serious possibilities could include gall bladder problems, kidney stone, pulmonary embolism, appendicitis, etc.

Could be a number of less serious things as well. If “pretty uncomfortable” persists or recurs you might consider seeing a qualified health professional.


cobra-quote—–Recently, Dragon sources have communicated that “between November 2017 and February 2018, somebody will finally have enough and will trigger Full Disclosure.” It is interesting to note that this time frame coincides with a major operation of the Light Forces. —–unquote…..



cobra-quote—–Another hint that we are in the final stages is the fact that the Syrian pentagram is now liberated, with the last vortex point (Raqqa) being freed very recently:—–unquote…..




cobra-quote—–The Pleiadians would now like to help people with chronic pain and have developed a protocol that can help ease the pain. If you have chronic physical pain, you can repeat three times in your mind.

“Command PB stardust”

The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to access your central nervous system to ease your pain. This new protocol is still in development and is limited in its efficiency and the Pleiadians are asking for feedback. Those who will use this protocol, are welcome to report its effects in the comment section on my blog where this article is posted.

I can not say more about the situation, but the following months will be very interesting.

You can help with the final push by doing this meditation:


Victory of the Light!—–unquote…..



coooool…..i just tried the command pb stardust thing-and i notice a nice relief of physical discomfort- of the recent full moon cycle and climatology changes -energetic effects and such on the body…..

this is a goooood way we on the surface can connect in closer to some of our brothers and sisters…..and help increase the effectiveness of this freely offered help by our grooooovy pleiadiun kinfolk…..

because after all….we are family…..hahahahaha…..

We Are Family
Sister Sledge



Hey John,
“given that the Royal Canadian Mint has been caught selling a fake gold bar.”

That’s not what the article says. It just says that a fake gold bar had genuine RCM certification. These certifications are known to be traded on Black Markets in recent times.

The RCM had a record of him buying it from them and only gave him a refund when he went public


jujubean #394113
Hi Juju and others re the OLP!

IMO – have to say the huge current incoming energy wave/boost lately, could very well be the reason for your pain. I myself have been totally out, up, down side way and diagonally energy wise, this last week and a half.
Particularly felt the strong effects since before this weekend, was about to ask if anyone could sense the same?
These waves are coming in more powerful and burly now., Also why so much is happening…. . JFK files, Unholy-wood pedos exposed, Clean house in SA, Paradise papers…
Did anyone got that Trump twitter was out for 11 min a couple of days ago? That this Prince billionaire Al Waleed Bin (of course) Talal, is/was a major share holder in Twitter. It was Trumps first foreign policy visit you know. Obviously all was a planned move early on – to connect to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Also in 2015 Trump twitted something related to now indicted Talal. So indirectly Trump has cleaned swamp. And what a move, because know they knows what’s coming. Don’t know anything about the new head chief in SA…
Anyway this must be a shocker for most in the cabal. Who know find themself risking be shot.

Back to OLP – Growing ascension pains is my suggestion. (Was looking for the “wave” link I had but can’t find it right now.) Also remember that the Plug works on your spiritual bodies as well


From last week!
trudy #394056
Have you been dipping into my ‘bookmarks’? (smile)
That ‘highheartlife.com’ is in my bookmarks and, of course, it needed you to trigger me to read it. Thank you!!

Also, the posting you did on blogtalk radio on the ‘the love connection’! Excellent! Much
Yes – but promise to stop “scanning” there…
Glad you liked it! The free light activation was strong…still feeling it. I will use it more I think..
Every Sunday I listen to these girls – and they bring in so much deep spiritual truth…all my fibre in my body are in tune with it.. They are all AWESOME
Thanks so much trudy!
Most important – I 100% agree to those speaking about being calm, forgive and ready to assist. If we surely are in another positive timeline, as I’m convinced of, these attributes is the one we must incorporate, cultivate and utilize more and more these days. (Luckily feel I can go into much mud right now without getting to dirty…, but will be very careful)
These super strong energy wave…. the ability for us to use it for the good for ourself and towards others, will ensure a smoothest transition into the New Earth. It could, for many be, or rather, IS the mission!
It’s all looks, from time to time, like the market graphs in the finance sector’s,…..

Lets be aware that down dipping to much, could lead to a temporary “crash” of our system. But we’re all supported by source – while the finances are supported by….nothing ha ha ha
So no worry, everything gone be OK 🙂


#394113 & #394118

Hi Siggi and Juju

Well I thought I was the only one!

I have been going through a rough patch these past couple of weeks.

Was wondering if there were energies coming in or if the evil ones were spreading bad vibes or something of that nature.

Got an infection after minor oral surgery which wouldn’t go away no matter what. That infection has now gone into my joints and I my knees, particularly the left, are very bad at present. My bicom therapist is fabulous and has helped me no end once again.

I did have the thought that the plug was doing a major clearing of my body also. Probably the case to a large degree but I do know the infection came from the oral surgery and have to wonder just how bad it could have been without the plug! Apparently this infection is somehow connected to MS so am happy it is being treated and also have the plug energies to help deal with it.

I am thankful for the post Wolf put up earlier #394116 to help heal our pain. I immediately did this and did feel some relief in my bad knee so am immensely grateful for that.

Still an avid believer of the plug! Am endeavoring to get the word out to as many as I can. Will now also spread the word re the healing in Wolf’s post too.



getem #394121

“Got an infection after minor oral surgery which wouldn’t go away no matter what. That infection has now gone into my joints and I my knees, particularly the left, are very bad at present. My bicom therapist is fabulous and has helped me no end once again.”
Hi Rhonda!
Oh I’m so sad to hear that!. I guess you tried cords as well? These infections are troublesome, I hope you went back, because that sounds like the it could be it came from the hospital…, heard so many stories. Not be afraid though , infections are being taking care of by your system I sure about.
Any infection I have used a combination of one or two drops of grape seed (CORE) fruit oil in coconut oil/cream. This is the formula I used when I got a nail deep in my foot last summer,. Sweat it out during the night, lots of headache…But I manage to take it out before it went into my blood stream. Did it some minutes after. Was fine the next day – my father nearly died from the same thing when I was a kid.
But I can garati this work – I have tried it on many many wounds/infections. It’s usually nearly healed after one day.
Please try it!
Good luck now Rhonda -. strangely I felt something was going on around the board. Keep faith and try what I suggest now.
You could perhaps use more than two drops of grapefruit seed(core) oil, But be a little aware that this kills ALL bacteria, the good ones as well. So best to not use to much at first..
Also thanks to wolf – I’ will check more into that one.


siggi #394122
Sorry – That should say – grapefruit core oil! I think!


getem #394121
siggi #394122

Just add that you can drink a solution of this as well, several times during the day. This will allow them to work from within your body system. but then you also have to take bowel bacteria’s at the same time. You can go up to from 3 – 5 drops, to make it more sufficient You need to get something that can kill the bacteria’s from within your body, or you need antibiotics cure. (treat them with plug first)
Rhonda! You must not wait to long with this!



Hi Siggi

Thanks so much for your concern. It has pretty much been dealt with now with the bicom but obviously it is still lurking within my joints. Will certainly get some of the grapefruit core oil and try it out. From what you report it really worked very well for you. Sounds terribly painful what happened to you Glad you healed up so well and so quickly!!. I have heard of grapefruit seed extract, not sure I have heard of this one you mention.

I did wrap the cords around myself several times. As I said, I have to wonder how bad it could have been without the plug and my bicom lady.

With the Paradise Papers out and them now saying the next ones could be the pharmaceutical criminals, it is going to be amazing to see what develops and what secrets are revealed!

Thanks again Siggi



getem #394125
Hi Rhonda!
That was better to hear. I was worry this infection of yours was spreading around. Infections must not be taken lightly upon. Sure you know.
Yes thanks for that – normally that would take at least 3 weeks to be healed.
We probably talk about the exact same “brand” – I found it right now. It called Citrocept
Just couldn’t remember. Use it all the time on cleaning house – toilet…. you know those nasty places he he Only a couple of drops…..——-5 max
It’s said that there is no bacteria that have survived it.. Have used it since the 80’s.
It’s a must in your medicine box at home I would say.
Agree – the criminals in that sector are …to say straight from my liver, killing us all…
Glad to hear you have it under control, but combine the oil with coconut – it’s AWESOME.
OLP rules ha ha



(Jordan Sather’s summary of all the significant stuff happening today)

11.6 – Storm Update – Trump reads 4chan?/MK Ultra Patsies/Delonge Disclosure

Destroying The Illusion
Streamed live 37 minutes ago

Victory to the Light Twitter – https://goo.gl/1WSVHt
Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown – https://goo.gl/zwmbHk
7 U.S. Aircraft Carriers Are Now Simultaneously Underway – https://goo.gl/mUcDFX
DNC’s Donna Brazile Dedicated Her Book to ‘Patriot’ Seth Rich – https://goo.gl/Aa8aTC


http://whatreallyhappened.com This site has been down for hours today. Hope it’s temporary.



Danse Macabre – Leopold Stokowski – April 29, 1925

To offer a brief diversion from macabre happenings, here’s the world’s first microphone recording of an orchestra, heard through the best sound quality available at that time (without electricity). 440Hz


2017-11-05 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Mr Ed

the world’s first microphone recording of an orchestra, heard through the best sound quality available at that time (without electricity). 440Hz

What an extraordinary post


Harald Kautz(-Vella): Interview 15 October 2017

I highly recommend this interview of Harald talking about what he has been through & basic solutions to avoid the ‘drama triangle’, to avoid giving attention/energy to the wrong things, to seek out the disharmony inside you when you are in difficult situations; you cannot play the ‘new age’ game of ‘helping others’ when they should be helping themselves.

He also explains how he was led by a right wing interviewer to express opinions on the treatment of Jews outside Germany during the war – for which he is now in violation of fascist German law since they have now become just like the Nazis.

John S.

I was reading Bibioteca Pleyades website, and almost all of the stuff Benjamin ” predicted in 2011 and 2012 never came to pass.


Sure John S. but perhaps we were all more fear based then, now we know it only takes a few players to change everything, for a group to wake up to be able to take the future into our own hands. Ben is waking up, & I believe he has a good heart, even if he might be beholden to the Triads. Don’t forget he has, by all accounts, risked his life & endured suffering. We’re also here for each other, not because we believe everything he writes. We’re just part of this evolutionary metamorphosis. It can be said he only reports what he hears, what he is told, some of it is good, some of it is bad – it’s always been that way.


Many of Nostradamus’ predictions have not come to pass; where is WW3? Does that make him a charlaton?


It just shows we are entering a new paradigm; the old one they were in is becoming less & less relevant.


Jim Stone.
Saudi Arabia

Nothing is certain as to the global implications yet, but this is what is going on –
First of all, I need to be clear I think the royal family consists entirely of corrupt idiots. The new crown prince (Salman) is no better than the rest. He’s the guy who gave a really simple sub Alexa or cell phone chat robot citizenship. Anyway HE IS DRAINING THE SAUDI SWAMP. No kidding. The elites in America are flipping out because he is jailing family members they were in bed with. Hillary’s saudi contacts are gone.

Ok, so why would this be a big deal? Easy answer: Because Israel flipped out and is now having huge military drills of unprecedented scale with 9 other countries. I am not going to say Saudi Arabia will be better off with the new guy, but Israel is not happy at all, and that can’t be half bad for the world, unless they go “Sampson”.

Saudi Arabia has also claimed Lebanon declared war on them. Doubt it, but whew! Who controls Lebanon? Are they in reality just a dummy puppet for Israel? Probably. So the whole thing is a powder keg, and the new crown prince is sleeping on it. You can’t just oust pals of Soros, Bush, and the Clintons and not see consequences.

Bannon at Brietbart had this to say:

“I’ve got to tell you, for all the elites out in the world, the Party of Davos guys are sitting there today gobsmacked, absolutely shocked. The largest financier in the Arab world, the Muslim world, is Prince Alwaleed. He’s got stakes in just about every high-tech company. He’s a huge partner of Rupert Murdoch. When he came to the United States back in the early nineties, he was actually a client of my firm as he got into Hollywood; he got into media. He owns a huge stake in Citicorp, he saved Citicorp from going bankrupt.”

“People are stunned today that he was put under house arrest, put under arrest yesterday in Saudi Arabia, in this situation of what they called corruption, money laundering, et cetera. People are thinking this is directly tied to the financing of the Muslim Brotherhood, this whole thing about cleaning up Saudi Arabia to take care of this. You’re going to see a lot of changes. This thing is far, far from over. You’re at the top of the first inning. You’re probably at the first batter.”

Weinstein hired Mossad

According to a report that just got posted in the New Yorker, Weinstein hired Mossad agents to follow women he was associated with, and news reporters. If this report is true, well, you don’t hire Mossad to be friendly. He has a body count.

The NBA is next on the chopping block!

Golden State Warrior Draymond Green said team owners should be called chairmen, so as not to insinuate that they own someone, in the wake of Texans owner Bob McNair’s comment that the NFL “can’t have inmates running the prison.”
“For starters, let’s stop using the word owner and maybe use the word Chairman,” Green wrote. “To be owned by someone just sets a bad precedent to start. It sets the wrong tone. It gives one the wrong mindset.”

My comment: Actually, it does not give the wrong mindset. Gates owns Microsoft. Elon owns Tesla. And somebody owns your team. It is a commodity, an enterprise, that is owned just like anything else.


Latest Message from James Gilliland of eceti ranch. It cames in my email as his newsletter but is too long to post so I found a direct link that has it.




scottfree #394

Thanks for your response. Ache is completely gone today. I was suspecting a possible liver situation since blood sugar is much lower this am and skin is clear.

wolfintimber #394 11" class="ucm-comment-id">394 11

What about diabetes? Will the invocation work? My torn ACL has been great since the Plug.

siggi #394 11" class="ucm-comment-id">394 11 8" class="ucm-comment-id">394 11" class="ucm-comment-id">394 11 8

If it really was the energy wave then I will elaborate. The ache hit in the early am, around 5am maybe a little earlier. Around 5:30 I put the plug on it for about 10-15 minutes and got significant relief, HOWEVER- I was weak, nauseous and very tired the entire day until around 5pm or so when I began to feel significantly better. The fatigue felt exactly the way you feel when your immune system has battled a serious virus and won. You are just drained. I actually thought that all day yesterday and the lower blood sugars and clear skin this am are confirming for me that some inflammation has been resolved. I’m also doing that MMS protocol and noticing some significant changes.



John S. #394145

I’ll add to what Zander says since I have been reading Ben’s reports since 2011.

There was a lot of control in those years by the Khazarian mafia and many fewer people were awake. There were lots of light warriors trying to raise consciousness and awareness on the spiritual plain but most of those didn’t post about the geopolitics of the world.

We have had to work through an evolution of sorts. The Illuminati/ Khazarian mafia/Deep State were very much in charge in 2011 & 2012. There weren’t as many dependable alternative websites yet to print the truth of what was going on.

In the past five years there has been more and more information/geopolitical truth and exopolitical truth printed and exposed on the web. People are waking up and connecting the dots and seeing what really is going on.

What Ben reported/predicted may not have been “true” at the time but his intentions have stayed the course to defeating the Khazarian mafia. And most will admit it is taking longer than his earlier statements and predictions could support.

I doubted some of the stuff could happen right away without major social changes and awakenings by more of the mass public. Now they are seeing how fake the news is. More people are talking about and seeing how corrupt the Congress has been so that when the arrests take place (or are made public), there won’t be the total confusion & chaos and push back from the Deep State that would have happened in 2012. The Deep State has to be removed before the other good things can come to pass.

Fulford has been part of the apex of the push against the evil on this planet…..whether his “predictions” or reports have been accurate.

Stay tuned. There are many working on this now. Find other links and you will learn more.




http://whatreallyhappened.com This site has been down for hours today. Hope it’s temporary.

Thanks for the link.

It led me to this really interesting article that was actually picked up by the NY Times. It is very good for telling on who the oligarchs are and what their connections are in Russian & all. HOw this guy was able to register his plane in the US and what offshore banks there are that connect in with all this ……but leaves me wondering….
Who owns The Bank of Utah?


Leonid Mikhelson, Russia’s richest oligarch, used Bank of Utah as a stand-in so he could register his Gulfstream jet in the United States, which requires citizenship or residency. Credit Sergey Chervotkin

Records leaked from an offshore law firm show how the wealthy elite sidestep
prohibitions on foreigners registering private planes in the United States.

Hmmmm…..in Utah There’s got to be a Mormon Church to Rothschild connection in there somewhere



New Video: Breaking News Report (Humor)



Good article on the Balfour Accord and how it resulted in the Zio-tard controlled mess we have now. Also check out this link about the Sykes-Picot Agreement that dovetails with the Balfour Accord.


Wow! The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who wrote the Paradise Papers knows how to get the word out!

I did a search and the list was of endless coverage: BBC, the Guardian, Chicago Times, NY times, NPR, The Star, The Indian Express, Alijezera, ABC-Au, Forbes, Business Insider, CBC-Canada, Politico, LA Times, NY Daily News, Bloomberg, RT, Reuters, Pulitzer Center, Sputnik News, Newshub-NZ, the list went on and on and on down the page until I got tired of scrolling.

I read a few of the papers, and there is a lot of stuff on tons of wealthy elite including major political donors on all sides. Rennaissance Hedge Funds was particularly interesting since one major player, Mercer, finances major Republican PACS and think tanks like: Rebuilding America Now, Right to Rise, USA and American Unity. He funds Brietbart News, Bannon, The Heritage Foundation, Federalist Society, and Media Research Center. Meanwhile, the other partner in Rennaisance, James Simons, spends his super pac funds on Hillary and the Dems. This 50 billion dollar hedge fund group has only paid $74k in taxes since 2004.

Predatory pay-day lenders like to keep their 100-255% interest fees (stolen from the poorest of us) off-shore like the Queen of England, and Warren Stephens, a Stop Trump republican.

Other major political donors and foundation funders like the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Geof Palmer, Steve Wynn (casino mogul), and Paul Singer, vulture capitalist that specializes in extracting debt from the poorest of countries, figure prominently. I’m sure the Clinton Foundation will pop up in there somewhere.

This story will not go away at the rate it is being given global news coverage.

Investigative Journalists Rock!!!!


Nice little summary of current events from SGT Report.


“Do you feel it?”


Jan is brilliant, a mind-blowing discussion! Even in the last four seconds (I did not know Saudi Arabia owned the top four floors of Mandalay Bay, where the shooting allegedly originated). All about the wiped emails sent between Hillary and GE and Boeing, we will probably never see, and why Bernie must have agreed to be controlled opposition to Hillary in 2016. He had to have known the significance of all those “damn emails”, he seemingly unwittingly dismissed as tiresome.


The Audacity Files with Jan R. Weinberg – Damn Emails Wiped with a Cloth

Jason Goodman
Streamed live on Nov 6, 2017

Had Bernie Sanders revealed that BOEING & GE are withholding “Damn Emails” that Hillary Clinton wiped, of which they admit having in their possession, then I suppose, Hillary would have had to quit the race.

Then What Happened?


Curious and curiouser:

George Soros is not highlighted in the Paradise Papers, however his shenangins are highlighted in the previous data dump called the Panama Papers. He is also a major donor of the ICIJ who investigated and published both data dumps according to fox news:

“The so-called Panama Papers, a trove of 11.5 million financial documents tracing the Mossack Fonseca law firm’s efforts to help politicians, celebrities and criminals shield their money from taxes, contain links to Soros, who funds the journalism group that is disseminating the information. So far, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has been silent on its benefactor’s ties to the law firm.”

“Three offshore investment vehicles controlled by Soros are catalogued in the Panama Papers. Soros Finance, Inc. was incorporated in Panama; Soros Holdings Limited was set up in the British Virgin Islands and a limited partnership called Soros Capital was created in Bermuda….

“Soros Capital set up an offshore company in the Cayman Islands for the purpose of investing private equity with the Carlyle Group, alongside members of Saudi Arabia’s Bin Laden family. Carlyle’s partners include ex-heads of state and former CIA officials. The private equity partnership specializes in buying and selling weapons manufacturing and intelligence gathering companies with government and military contracts and it also uses secret offshore companies to conduct business.

In 2014, Soros donated $381 million of Quantum Group of Funds shares to his Open Society philanthropy. The New York-based charitable foundation supports hundreds of advocacy groups, academic research and investigative journalists that align with Soros’ oft-stated goal to promote globalized capitalism and democracy.

On the other hand, the Panama Papers’ leaker, known as John Doe, said that he had exposed the vast cluster of offshore firms and bank accounts, because “income inequality” and “massive, pervasive corruption” are “the defining issues of our time.”



It appears that the Khazarian mobsters include most/all heads of state and the hedge funds that pull their strings. The Kennedy’s got their money from rum running and LBJ/Bush/mafiosos took them down. Reagan was running guns and selling drugs. George H Bush/(Clintons) and Putin are both trained in espionage, controlling the media and the use of false flags. Putin is not a good guy and has his hand deep in the pockets of ALL prominent politicians and the media in this country and others, including Trump.

So, where from here? The money is ill-gotten gains from gambling, drugs, exploitation and arms. We should use it to restore balance, pay for basic income: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/oct/31/finland-universal-basic-income

No more wars, restore the connections that have been lost. Connections to more gentle healing practices to restore health, energy, and nature. Connections to clean water, energy and natural food sources. Connections to each other and to our place and path. Connections to art, music, dance, science, wonder, curiosity, creativity and to finding our joy. No more meanness, no more name calling, no more addictions or hoarding. Let’s get clear and stand up straight in a universe filled with beauty. Let’s listen to each other and move forward together without doing harm.


ABC runs news about Texas church shooting before it happens.


By M.L. Nestel and Emily Shapiro
November 4, 2017 6:51 p.m.

They have since changed it.


“It takes a brave person to change her/his perception, faith, way to act ……to be.
For these individuals – everything is possible.”


Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs
Posting will Resume in a couple of days.
Posted: 06 Nov 2017 04:11 PM PST
Hello Everyone,

A new beautiful little soul has entered into my life and have taken a break from Ascensionwithearth blog. I will resume posting in a couple of days.

Love for all,
A site I have followed since early on.
Congrats Enerchi! – what a great moment in life!


I’m noting serious news blackout about Trump’s Asian visit. Most curious.
you are so right. All these criminals are connected to each other and Putin and Xi Jinping. They all finance each other and then try to scuttle each other behind the back. Right now it’s lots of jockeying for who will lose the least in the GCR, but Trump certainly seems to be setting up the top embezzlers to come away heavily in the black while the rest of us starve.


Sure, I’ll bring a table and chairs, plus set up refreshments on the table when I am investigating a mass shooting. Can’t let these poor people go unfed, particularly since they got pizza, chips and water outside Sandy Hook. (Pic above the map)


Those things on the ground look like water bottles.


If the FBI in the first pic are wearing khakis and FBI dark t-shirts, how come this guy gets to wear jeans and running shoes?

comment image?quality=70&strip=all&w=672&h=448&crop=1

Count the water bottles.

comment image?crop=1.00xw:0.767xh;0,0.0850xh&resize=768:*

So far, no obits in the San Antonio paper. I looked to see if Sutherland Springs has its own local paper. There doesn’t appear to be one, so they would probably put obituaries in the San Antonio paper. There are a few funeral homes in the area. I’ll find out their names and watch to see if they run obits or funeral information.



11.7 – Storm is Getting Stormier/SKYKINGS/Help From Above?
around 50 min ago.
Talks about interesting development inside the 3 major agencies, Broadcast from “strategic command” thru SKYKINGS (“secret” radio signal broadcaster, or similar.., new to me) scattered troop movements around US (good guys?), the interesting +++, comment on 4chan repeated in twitter message by Trump (well that should be a tell….), 17 indictment in the uranium 1 deal ( hmm – who? Names still sealed. This is a fact!)
Much more – good informative summation on events, combined with clue-bits from media.
Yes – and the above?


lynxwalking #394150
Hi there Dara!
Always good to hear from him. Agree it’s time
Thanks so much for that! – there are too much happening for one single to comprehend. But perfectly so – we all seem to share from different angles and sources
That is a great benefit for us all
siggi #394166
He speculate that the repeatedly references to “Snow White” is 7, as the 7 dwarfs ——–> is the pleiadians + friends.
Darn – why didn’t I think of that one!
Absolute – wolf do you hear!!!! The PLEIDUMS are in full action mode. ( I think you already know he he)
“Yeah baby……..” it’s happening Yo ho! – never been more excited.
(but am always… a little…)


carolm #394160
Agree carolm!
Bricks is soft disclosure at best…100 years reign with continued elite rule, now by China and Russia. Who wants that?


Hey folks. I tried to renew membership but the system would not let me. So I can’t see past the paywall but I can still comment apparently! This may be somewhat temporary because my situation might change soon so that I don’t have a pot to piss in!

Interesting times. I have been following Jordan Sather and this mad excitement from Q Anon! I notice that as well as Trump being in Asia, Corey Goode has disappeared for a few weeks as well!

I am very excited that something positive is going to happen soon. As in, translated into non English that means I don’t really believe that anything is going to happen soon but it’s nice to be polite.

Things though for me are difficult. I have had extreme anxiety and have wrestled with old problems and symptoms now there are so many planets moving into Scorpio. Astrologically things have really come down to November 19th for me because A) New moon in a house I have issues with B) Going back to work on that day C) Mars goes into the seventh house D) Close friend for more than 20 years is going on “ADHD medication”. For some reason November 19th feels like a cut off point where I am going to really have to knuckle down and suppress myself if I am not able to find a way out of my predicament.

I am trying to sort things out because the walls are closing in. There are problems in every direction I might go. It would really be helpful now if the mass arrest scenario did happen! Things seem to have started happening.

Although I am not sure about these sex scandals being relevant. They seem to have come to the UK timed to distract the population from the fact that Theresa May is giving up £53bn to the EU in exchange for… Nothing!

I hope things are going well for all of you as well! It seems for me that I am ‘fused’ with these world events while most people have not noticed them, although perhaps that is just for show!

Astrologically, interesting things coming up are:

A) November 22nd: Neptune goes direct.
B) December 5th: Chiron goes direct.
C) Mercury will go retrograde in Sagittarius through December.
D) Saturn moves into Capricorn December 20th. (The expression of Saturn in Capricorn is going to be nasty if nothing is sorted out by then, Saturn is the main planet through which the cabal seem to operate).
E) January 2nd: Uranus goes direct
F) February- ish: Standard two eclipses that happen at the moment in Feb.
G) May 2018: Uranus enters Taurus.

This year Pluto going direct has thrown things into ongoing chaos, and I am still getting things from the Solar eclipse.

Good work truthearth on the anon dump! Moving into the big leagues of blogging!


Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble rebuts the series “Nazi Looted Art”. Like the holohoax, it keeps persisting…


Big trouble (again?) for Killery?


If you are into crypto currencies you will want to read this about Ethereum.


Jim Stone on two new incidents of the Terminal Madness of PC’ers.
National Anthem is racist??!!??

This is not a hoax folks, this was published by the Sacramento Bee
When California lawmakers return to the Capitol in January, the state chapter of the NAACP will be seeking their support for a campaign to remove “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem.
The organization last week began circulating among legislative offices two resolutions that passed at its state conference in October: one urging Congress to rescind “one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon” as the national anthem, and another in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who launched a protest movement against police brutality among professional athletes by kneeling when “The Star-Spangled Banner” was played before games.

We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick, California NAACP President Alice Huffman said. I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed.

My comment

Ok, and:

Ahem, er, uh, I don’t recall anything in the National Anthem that spoke about anything other than a military battle. Let’s take a look here.
Oh, say, can you see? By the dawn’s early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming; Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there: Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave? O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! If you skip to verse three (which is never sang) it has these lines:

“Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave”

And THAT is what they are saying is racist!

I do not believe Democrats legitimately swept anything.

Election reform simply did not happen on time because they kept Trump distracted with other things. Hopefully this is the last time they steal an election.
Rigged election puts transgender in office.

Trans woman defeats “family values” Republican in Virginia

Be real. No one of significance voted for a transgender.

From the Washington Post:
“Roem outraised Marshall 3-to-1, with nearly $500,000 in donations, much of it coming from LGBT advocates and other supporters across the country. She and her supporters executed an aggressive ground game, knocking on doors more than 75,000 times in a district with 52,471 registered voters, sitting for endless public appearances and interviews, and maintaining a steady social media presence.

Marshall, who was first elected in 1991, refused to debate Roem, kept his schedule private and declined most interview requests. But he also mounted a healthy ground game; his campaign said this week that they knocked on voters’ doors about 49,000 times this fall.

While Roem campaigned mostly on local frustrations with traffic congestion along Route 28, she also talked about her gender identity when asked. The race took an ugly turn when Marshall and his supporters released ads highlighting Roem’s transgender identity and referring to the Democrat with male pronouns.

In the end, that tactic failed, with Roem leading by nearly 10 percentage points with 90 percent of the vote counted, according to preliminary, unofficial results.
See this

My comment: No one of significance voted for a transgender. Rigged election. They got it right this time, Hillary was the lesson. Trump had better pay attention to this and fix the system.


Portals Open, Update Timelines, And The Mandela Effect

“This portal is about timelines. A further shift in human consciousness is being heralded, the rug may be pulled from under our feet. Disclosure is intensifying. Disclosure of ufo and alien intergalactic communities. Disclosure of depravity and mass programming in entertainment, in politics, in athletics and fashion. There is a nervous energy bubbling to the surface. Interference is being experienced on a global scale. The elite are upping their attempts to thwart all kinds of exposure, to prevent truth emerging. Their energy is dangerous and desperate. Cosmic energy is pulling us to higher frequencies. If we fight this we can feel dissociated from our lives. Portals can make us feel on high alert, hyper vigilant with the environment around us. We sense something and are looking for it trying to ascertain, is it hostile, threatening or frightening. There is a building sense of hyper cosmic activity, something is happening.”

A huge mothership, a city in the sky, our allies, hovers above the Atlantic ocean, cloaked from human eyes. This ship and our allies aboard it are mounting a fresh attack as hostilities heighten. Blasting waves of high frequency photon light out across the planet. The human elite are no longer in control. ……………….(period!)
1.45… of several paragraphs “Blasting waves of high frequency photon light out across the planet.” – that one caught my ATTENTION!



‘We are suggesting that you do the only thing that will keep you in the higher frequency ranges. We are asking you to love your oppressors, because as you hold that higher frequency you make yourself invisible to them. It is through fear that they manipulate and control. Your love and your compassion for each other must extend to them in order to disarm them.’


The Fall of the Italian Black Nobility Families 432Hz


Mr Ed

comment image

Mr Ed

Is this the best photo-bomb ever or something else?


I know some here don’t have a lot of time for Drake Bailey but here is a show I think some may want to listen to. Sounds like it is game on pretty much.

50 minutes duration. I cut out the ads so even shorter than 50 mins.



Mr Ed

Trump’s new taxplan

Under its framework, the seven current individual tax brackets would be consolidated to just three: 12 percent, 25 percent, and 35 percent. The standard deduction would double for both couples and individuals, and the child tax credit would both grow and include more high-income households. Republicans would slash the corporate tax rate would from 35 percent to 20 percent, cut taxes on “pass-through” companies, repeal the alternative minimum tax (which applies to certain upper-income households) and end the estate and gift tax, which is paid primarily by the most wealthy.

Selling it on ABC’s Good Morning America, Gary Cohn, director of the White House Economic Council, said, “The wealthy are not getting a tax cut under our plan.” In a separate interview on Fox News, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin promised that “this tax plan will cut down the deficits by a trillion dollars,” while President Trump insisted in a press conference that he would not gain from these provisions. “My plan is for the working people,” he said. “I don’t benefit.”

None of this is true. The rate consolidation may benefit some middle-income households, but the vast majority of gains go to the richest Americans. As Howard Gleckman notes for the Tax Policy Center, “The Individual rate cuts, repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax and the estate tax, and preservation of tax preferences for charitable giving, mortgage interest, and retirement savings all primarily benefit those with high-incomes.” The tax cut for “pass-through” businesses—where profits are taxed at individual and not corporate rates—is an outright giveaway to the wealthy: More than two-thirds of income earned at these companies goes to the top 1 percent of tax filers.

That includes Americans like Donald Trump, who has organized most of his businesses as pass-throughs.

Trump family members like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner would also see a large windfall.

Similarly beneficial to Trump (or at least his heirs) is his plan to end taxes on estates of more than $5.5 million for individuals (and $11 million for couples). This would also

provide a major windfall to the heirs of his Cabinet members—including Mnuchin, who has an estimated net worth of $621 million.

The same goes for the alternative minimum tax, which hits Trump and is the reason why, in 2005, he paid a rate of 24 percent on $150 million of income instead of the 4 percent he would have paid based on his many deductions.

Donald Trump doesn’t just benefit from his tax plan; he flourishes under it.

Mr Ed

Monday’s revelation is that a Russian-born, criminal business associate of the president once boasted of being able to secure Russian President Vladimir Putin’s support for a real estate deal that he believed would help Trump win the presidency.

In emails to Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, published by the New York Times on Monday, developer Felix Sater—who partnered with the president on several real estate projects beginning in 2002, most notably the controversial Russian-financed Trump SoHo—bragged in 2015 about his sway with Putin and suggested he could get the Russian leader’s buy-in on a new Trump tower in Moscow.

Mr Ed

comment image

Mr Ed

The Bank of Saud and oil is dead.

Mr Ed

The symbolism of Bob McNair NFL owner

“We can’t have the inmates running the prison!

Colin Kaepernick is one of the best quarterbacks in the league

Can’t get a job

Because the plantation owners don’t like darkys shaking things up

The Houston NFL owner articulated the mindset of many NFL executives:

.. NFL players kneeling,
“We can’t have the inmates running the prison!
Jim Stone is obviously Judy Deuch League and pumping the same garbage



what a fucking idiot ,

the national anthem at football games just arrived in 2009 as a propaganda tool for the military industrial complex to promote war.

All the NFL continuous flag waving bullshit and scripted reunions with Vets and wives rang hollow as an advert

was paid for by the pentagon openly.

check it



Say Hi to Victoria Nuland’s Successor – He’s Like ‘Nuland on Steroids’

“He was co-founder and CEO of the neocon-dominated Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). … funded largely by the US government, NATO, neocon grant-making mega-foundations, and the military-industrial complex. The “think tank” does the bidding of its funders, finding a Russian threat under every rock …”

And it gets worse – this article is truly troubling.



“. . the last two pages focus on King’s sexual activities, including relentless adultery, conceiving a child out of wedlock, and sex perversions, among them orgies both heterosexual and homosexual.

Martin Luther King was assassinated by his own handlers in 1968. He had become a liability as his sexual appetite increasingly entailed orchestrating group sex acts that were difficult to conceal. Meanwhile the nation was enduring escalating street violence on the part of his “nonviolent” followers. To the Cryptocracy that directed the Civil Rights revolution, King was worth more as a dead martyr than alive as a highly compromised hypocrite.

The question to ponder concerns whether the hour is now too late for anyone to seriously care enough to rescind his holiday and repudiate his movement — a movement which took away the immemorial right of employers to hire, and property owners to house, whom they choose.” Oooops.


phoenix9061210 #394172

As I type this I am asking for/sending BIG LIGHT For The Highest Good of ALL Concerned for you and your circumstances phoenix… you are a valued contributor here and I hope yu find peace and power for yourself … and a way to stay with us.

1. Have you communicated with triode via the ABOUT page:

“For technical questions related to this website or your account please email support@benjaminfulford.net

2. As for “keeping on keeping on” during these challenging times
I found This Interview that Zander referred us to EXTREMELY helpful

During the second half of the interview he talks about how he keeps himself centered via focusing on his own personal issues and clearing barriers there.

And.. his interviewer is not as far along with the process as he.. (to my observation) so his dialogue with her gave me examples of the way parts of myself argue back and forth: he displaying the calmer more centered approach.. and she displaying the part of me (and other rabbit-holers I encounter here and in f2f life) the part that are saying: “but what about (….) and what about (….)?” where the blanks to be filled in are all the absorbing tussles going on on Gaia and beyond these days.

Also. he gives the guideline that I struggle to keep myself focused on… when sharing rabbit-hole news… to keep playing a constructive role in the game you are playing:
a) give a solution to the problem you are presenting
b) then step back and be in neutrality.. do not get caught up in the win/lose duality game.

So THANKS to zander for bringing us this
zander #394144

Harald Kautz(-Vella): Interview 15 October 2017

3. and light to you no matter what phoenix



Hey littledogg. thanks for the response

I had sorted out the card enquiry, my card looks like the expiry date is 05 but is actually, when I looked closer, 03. I definitely did feel better when I had logged onto Bens post.

At the moment, while I could focus on my emotions, there is very real catalyst in the real world I have to pay attention to. So, for instance, if I am inquiring about a new job then I have to suit my emotions to that task. Or if I socialise with other people well or badly then this impacts. The anxiety provides catalyst for me to act in the real world so while it is uncomfortable, it is necessary.

I cannot describe how much energy my job has taken from me over the past few weeks. Since Pluto went direct the whole emotional atmosphere has irreversibly changed. Stopped eating properly, stopped sleeping. My first day off work (2 weeks leave) I slept 17 hours! A few days later when my energy was up I ate for several hours straight to catch up! Only then was I able to think clearly about certain things but before that point, the pressure to make decisions was still there.

There has been a certain ‘guidedness’ to all this. People I have separated from I have contacted again for emotional support during this time. I have ended up being more honest than I otherwise am. Also, I am back here clearly!

The world though, as it stands, is not required to provide us with survival.


phoenix9061210 #394196

Take it easy Phoenix, perhaps you should be pacing yourself according to your disposition, therefore know yourself. I don’t know what your job is but it seems to have taken a toll.

#394195 Littledog, glad you resonated with that interview, I thought Harald talked some really good sense; you inspire me to listen again.


More from Jim Stone on the Vegas shootings…
The people who said the helicopter in Vegas was shooting were right

This is probably the most important Vegas bust.

There were too many people in Vegas to get away with what the FBI/shadow state did there. Someone went over their vegas videos, and discovered that even though they were not interested at all in where the concert was, they caught muzzle flashes from the helicopter which was way off in the distance. The only reason why this did not get caught from the concert itself is because no one was pointing their cameras up at the sky.
The perspective of this video is one in which the helicopter is not even the main focus, and what it was doing was obviously not realized by who was taking the video at the time it was being taken. They were simply pointing the camera randomly around Vegas.

I think it is hoplessly lost, the FBI just can’t kill enough witnesses. This is a prime example.

I have gone over this several times now, analyzing what is in this video. Yes, the helicopter (way off in the distance) really is above the Route 91 festival, and yes, it really is shooting.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F35j6DlizvY and yes, I already saved this, because with 253 views this is obviously super fresh and not deleted off Youtube yet.



My mind is always in this sort of state of feeling guided to find deeper information. I blogged this up from a dream I got from Truthearths blog. I had tweeted him about it but not got a notification back yet. My point is that I stayed up really late constantly searching the internet before this came together but it is obviously the kind of thing I should be looking at:

My blog: The power of prophecy: http://33phoenix.wordpress.com/2017/11/08/the-power-of-prophecy/


zanderboy  #394178


‘We are suggesting that you do the only thing that will keep you in the higher frequency ranges. We are asking you to love your oppressors, because as you hold that higher frequency you make yourself invisible to them. It is through fear that they manipulate and control. Your love and your compassion for each other must extend to them in order to disarm them.’
2017-11-08 12:54 PM

Thank you so much Zander for these wonderful words of wisdom. They are a mantra that I will cherish for a long, long time.

Kind regards,


111 – that is indeed worth mention –
phoenix9061210 #394172
Hi phoenix – welcome back
” I have been following Jordan Sather and this mad excitement from Q Anon! I notice that as well as Trump being in Asia, Corey Goode has disappeared for a few weeks as well!”
Thinks Goode have been given some seminars lately?
Think also the anxiety is somewhat wide spread, but think we are well equiped to handle this as we have doing “work for decades now. Perhaps this is as good time as any
zanderboy #394178
Hi zander!
“We are suggesting that you do the only thing that will keep you in the higher frequency ranges. We are asking you to love your oppressors, because as you hold that higher frequency you make yourself invisible to them. It is through fear that they manipulate and control. Your love and your compassion for each other must extend to them in order to disarm them”
Thanks zander – right on! 0ne hundred thousand percent.
getem #394187
Thanks for Bailey interview – going in now.
Love to all


Thinks Goode have been given some seminars lately?
Think also the anxiety is somewhat wide spread, but think we are well equiped to handle this as we have doing “work for decades now. Perhaps this is as good time as any

– #394202

Yes, I agree, although there are notable exceptions. I honestly don’t know how my sister handles her situation. She is surrounded by peers that live in a make believe technology world, sometimes preferring to facebook about their encounters than actually engage with those physically close to them! Just dealing with someone with that sort of mindset!

But mostly, the situation I and others perceive where things sort of slowly decline does not just apply to one person but applies to everyone. My two last jobs very good managers have been forced out who would have made all the difference!

I think, due to my particular wanderer ‘background’ this process of decline is a full alarm moment because I’m inclined to subconsciously and consciously look at current trends and project them into the future (i.e. the type of person that would resonate with astrology!). Others seem to be able to weather this decline and not be adversely effected. At least on the surface.

I was reminded of prepping today through an unlikely source, my fathers third wife that is not a ‘prepper’ even slightly started talking about these kinds of things. How bad things get when people are in a bad situation. I do wonder at the future either way. If nothing happens and if the ‘purge’ continues!


Alan, Siggi, yes this #394178 appears of the vacuous new age type thinking, but really caught my eye as a sound strategy. For me, not such an easy concept to apply since I just want to ignore them, but even listening to Harald K-V – he is saying the same thing in effect #394144

That said, I will continue to keep my guard up as we walk the tightrope into a new paradigm.


New Video: Spaceship Tour 432Hz



Hm-m-m. If Soros is successful in acquiring CNN, will he change the fonts on the graphic visuals to white text on black background reverse (adding a spot colour of yellow, red or blue sometimes, just to shake things up) sans serif all caps which he seems to like for his printed psy ops? CNN will start loving bold He(l)lvetica if this demon-infested entity gets his mits on it.


comment image

Similar graphic.

comment image?quality=65&strip=all&strip=all

Oo-oo-oo! This must have been important – he sprung extra cash for yellow and red.

comment image


Zanderboy, I am really enjoyining the Kautz-Vella interview. I’m about half way through. Thanks for posting.

Hi, Phoenix!!


German Scientist Exposes the Factors Affecting Planetary Consciousness
Harald Kautz-Vella. From 1.32

There is the collective consciousness of the planet & there is the collective consciousness of the alien black goo.

There is one core application of the latter & that is the Kundalini snake. There are two snakes, the other being the Toumu? snake, the male with it’s head at the base chakra in the Asian tradition.

These are two demons from the biosphere of the degenerated planetary spirit, implanted into our bioenergetic body with a highly defined purpose. They wind around our spine to create a shortcut from our instincts at the base chakra to the two head chakras, effectively bypassing the heart.

They wanted something that excluded the pain from the heart that went with the function of love. This way we shifted from sexuality that was ‘love controlled’, to a sexuality that was activated & inspired by visuality – the image of a naked woman, where the pain was sufficiently dampened.

But there is a Trojan horse involved. Firstly the brain is infected to the point of cognitive dissonance, & secondly the use of ‘magic’ to make us see whatever they want us to see, & with cognitive dissonance make us not see what they want to deny from us. So this is the mechanism that morphs with all the 3D applications to maneuver us into the degenerated planetary consciousness.

But not if we are heart based, where it is experienced as a form of manipulation.

It’s like when Harald went to the scientific research laboratories to present his ideas & solutions on Morgellon’s disease, & they all reacted the same way – like for them there was nothing on the presented papers – total cognitive dissonance.

To have the snakes removed can be very dangerous, you must be completely ‘de-identified’.

Both Ayahuasca & Kambo (from the tree frog) are about cleansing the body which is why you throw up, & are living spirits to show you where to go for growth.

Harald also tells us in a ceremony were present hundreds of souls from the US & he & the elders discovered this self disgust blocking their ability to love & heal. It stemmed from the rape of nature & the treatment of the native Indians – & so they had to learn to forgive & love themselves first.

We are the gardeners of this biosphere, this is our role & responsibility, & instead we have been taking a chainsaw to nature, we did not react appropriately to Pandora’s box. We were too lazy & allowed the state of non-feeling to take precedence.

Harald tells us about the dangers of microwave energy & how it destroys the natural abilities of choline to transport nutrients to the right places. Even organite only works for a while, say three months, then it too starts radiating especially if your router is on 24/7. Then there is the problem of proper disposal. The organite must have a continual cleanser. One solution – GO BACK TO CABLE. Either destroy your smart meter until they replace it with a conventional one, or ask for a timer to be fitted.

Trust the Lemurian plug helps sufficiently.


deester #394209

Yeah, for me too. Check out #394210 where he talks some really good information; this knowledge is so cool & fills in a big part of the jigsaw control mechanism. I went to ‘Cleaning Wings’ a year or two back & amongst other implants the main one removed was this Heart to Mind metallic blocker.

So they got us covered every which way & they’re still failing! However many are still trapped.


Couple of interesting comments from a forum I visit (cheating on poor Ben!). Cui bono – who benefits from letting HIV patients donate blood? Pre-exposure prophylaxis, netting big pharma big bucks? A way for Hollywood’s elites to escape prosecution for being serial pedophiles? The law was homophobic, says Senator Scott Weiner (oh, irony. BTW, if Anthony is actually in jail, don’t drop the soap (I actually believe he didn’t go to jail at all, but took himself to Israhell; media is probably hyping his jail term to appease the scared “elites”)). Maybe just a way of killing more stupid goyim in their literal blood sacrifice.

Mr Ed


comment image?fit=2000%2C1124&ssl=1

President Trump and his teams pledged to dismantle our system of environmental protection.

He likes coal,

OK It’S Christmas COAL in his stocking

DJT pledging allegiance to fascism, racism, jingoistic nationalism,

His recent tax plan should be called ” How I fund the Cabal”

Mr Ed


* Republican anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.
* Republican County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

* Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

* Republican anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an abortion doctor.

* Republican legislator Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping his daughter between the ages of 9 and 17.

* Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.

* Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl.

* Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child.

* Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile.

* Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

* Republican activist Lawrence E. King, Jr. organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

* Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

* Republican Congressman Donald “Buz” Lukens was found guilty of having sex with a female minor and sentenced to one month in jail.

* Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges and paying two teenage girls to pose for sexual photos.

* Republican activist Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children.

* Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child.

* Republican Congressman Dan Crane had sex with a female minor working as a congressional page.

* Republican activist and Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell admitted to an incestuous relationship with his step daughter.

* Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly had sex with a 16 year old girl when he was 28.

* Republican congressman and anti-gay activist Robert Bauman was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy he picked up at a gay bar.

* Republican Committee Chairman Jeffrey Patti was arrested for distributing a video clip of a 5-year-old girl being raped.

* Republican activist Marty Glickman (a.k.a. “Republican Marty”), was taken into custody by Florida police on four counts of unlawful sexual activity with an underage girl and one count of delivering the drug LSD.

* Republican legislative aide Howard L. Brooks was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography.

* Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway was accused of having sex with his 12-year old baby sitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media.

* Republican preacher Stephen White, who demanded a return to traditional values, was sentenced to jail after offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him.

* Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl.

* Republican anti-gay activist Earl “Butch” Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her.

* Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison.

* Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl.

* Republican politician Andrew Buhr was charged with two counts of first degree sodomy with a 13-year old boy.

* Republican politician Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16 (i.e. exposing himself to children).

* Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl.

* Republican County Councilman Keola Childs pleaded guilty to molesting a male child.

* Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl.

* Republican candidate Richard Gardner admitted to molesting his two daughters.

* Republican Councilman and former Marine Jack W. Gardner was convicted of molesting a 13-year old girl.

* Republican County Commissioner Merrill Robert Barter pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and assault on a teenage boy.

* Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr. pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.

* Republican activist Parker J. Bena pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography on


Gosh, that’s some list. What about the Democrats? Otherwise it looks orchestrated.
So what are you saying Mr. Ed?


from this article-quote—–According to the researchers, this could change the way we age, with the hope that humans will experience less of the degeneration that comes with aging. Older people are more likely to have strokes, heart disease and other illnesses, but with cell rejuvenation, this could be decreased.—–unquote…..



from this article-quote—–“This is the end of ISIS as a ‘state,’”—–unquote…..



from this article-quote—–A new Ukrainian homebuilding startup called PassivDom uses a 3D printing robot that can print parts for tiny houses. The machine can print the walls, roof, and floor of PassivDom’s 380-square-foot model in about eight hours. The windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems are then added by a human worker.—–unquote…..



“Eight years ago as UK Prime Minister and chair of the G20, I tried to end the injustice of global tax havens. But as the Paradise Papers leak shows, trillions are still being siphoned off to dodge tax in the most shadowy places in the global economy.

It’s one of today’s greatest injustices, allowing the richest to stand aside while the rest of us pay for health, education, and protecting the most vulnerable.

But now we have a chance to stop it — through an international agreement that outlaws tax havens and imposes penalties and prison sentences on tax evaders. And the G20, the leaders of the world’s biggest economies, can make it happen.

Please join me in signing this open letter to Argentine President Mauricio Macri, chair of the G20 — if a million of us sign, I will personally deliver it to him, asking him and other G20 leaders to take urgent action to finish the job we began in 2009.”

— Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of the UK — with Avaaz



To clarify my own stand toward the Love your “Enemy”
To love my enemy don’t mean I approve or “love” their actions. But have a broader understanding that this “enemy” also suffer, been enslaved themselves, torture to obedient from childhood, mind controlled etc.
However – there are enemies that from “nature” is so evil that only a reconstruction of their soul essence will change them. But still we Shouldn’t hate them.
Beginning practice neutral detachment toward these few and their cruel actions, could be a good way to start.
I don’t at this time know the whole scope of everything, either. Do anyone?
This is neither a “new” philosophy – but can be found in all old teachings. Are wildly taught in nearly every single religion. as far back as Hinduism,(perhaps the oldest 2323 BC. Taoism 550 BC who started first out as a philosophy. Buddhism 540 BC, Christianity – in the The teachings of Jesus and many more. Mattew 5.44 “But I tell you love your enemy….”
Love your enemy
(a site giving credit to this statement)
All we learn today is more a recap of older thinking more or less. But it’s still possible to be creative. To think in new ways. and certainly extrapolated it to modern thinking and way of living.
Also in these unprecedented times – new way of thinking is needed and will be sought after by most creative beings – like us too, because this particular situation has not been experienced before. Needs new approaches? All in my humble opinion.
Of course you all probably knew this.


MGM hires a PR firm to troll websites since the Vegas shooting has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. (Don’t the police and/or FBI handle their own investigations with their own presser people? Don’t people who have their eyes closed in photos nowadays just delete them and take another digital shot with their phone, unlike this blurred, ridiculous shot of the mole known as Paddock?)


Excerpt: According to a breaking new report, MGM Resorts International, the company that owns the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where Stephen Paddock perpetrated the deadliest mass shooting in American history, is paying a crisis management firm that is deliberately spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories online, seemingly in an effort to discredit legitimate questions about the shooting’s bizarre narrative.

This bombshell report first surfaced through Thomas Michael, who wrote an extensive report on Medium detailing how MGM hired crisis management firm Joele Frank in the wake on the October 1st massacre. According to Michael, he subsequently uncovered Joele Frank’s ties to various Twitter accounts posting obviously fake theories.

Michael explains how he discovered that a good portion of the disinformation on Twitter concerning the Las Vegas massacre originated from an account with the handle @DeepStvte. Curiously, the @DeepStvte account is heavily connected with bots, which have helped it spread nonsense conspiracy theories about the shooting, including the ludicrous claims that there was no blood and no victims in the shooting.

More on site.


Dark matter theory officially pronounced dead by physicists worldwide. Rejoice!


Jim Stone on the latest disinformation on the Vegas shootings. The Saudis did it…
Sorry, but Saudis did not do vegas

Evidently think tanks have handled the Vegas story, and have decided that the best approach to clearing the U.S. government for what happened there is to say the Saudis did it.
The basic story line: Prior to this recent near coup in Saud, there was an assasination attempt of a high ranking Saudi official at the Tropicana, and to cover it all up, they shot up a bunch of people at the Harvest festival.

Evidently people are buying this crap, because they are pushing it hard.

And they say the Saudis therefore had gunmen everywhere, and that they all escaped in a helicopter. They shot from the Tropicana. They shot from the ground. They shot from the Mandalay. They owned the floor Paddock was on.
It is all BULLSHIT, The saudis own the part of the hotel above where the verical lights stop. And they do not own even that part in full.

Someone is grasping at straws, hoping people bite. And there is a problem –

Saudis are NOT going around killing witnesses. Saudis do NOT have a heavy influnce over the Vegas local law enforcement that was shut up. Saudis could NOT stop emergency responders from actually helping at the concert venue, and cause the people there to be left to die and bleed out overnight. and if the shooters all got away in a helicopter, how can you explain how the control tower at the nearby airport had gunmen on the runway? If a helicopter brought them they’d have said it. So if you come across the story line saying the Saudis did it, consider that. It is absolute bunk to the point of seriously peeving me.


Khazarian normalization of homos? Yr anti-“homo” now?


Does anyone have the video that shows the 911 take down using ‘energy’ weapons?? The video I saw had the metal beams turning to dust in midair… I lost the link. Thanks


Hey deester!

I did a write up on my blog of the lastest 4 chan post (latest as of yesterday, I don’t know if a new one has been made in the past few hours or so.)

What do you all think? Does anyone have anything else to say about these questions?

My blog: 4 Chans latest post/ Saturn in Capricorn: http://33phoenix.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/4-chans-latest-post-saturn-into-capricorn/


Where is CC right now?

The commander in chief is in Vietnam

What does he hope to accomplish there?

General allegiance in relation to North Korea and other general things, such as opposing the Democrat and RINO’s.

Would they be willing to help him?

It depends on what he gives them in return.


They might get something in return.

What does war with NK mean for them?

It means the potential expanding of Americas military industrial complex and an openly American presence closer to China’s border.

Why haven’t they put an end to it before it escalated to this point?

America might take the provocation to call for war and blackmail. Also, if Trump has to ask for help he, and the American military industrial complex may have to give something. Such as leeway on the financial system.

Who stands to benefit from the annihilation of NK?

As oppose to who stands to benefit from the act of war itself. A lot of people stand to benefit if NK ‘disappeared’. NK can’t be a positive influence on the world. If there is criminal cabal behaviour such as child trafficking, we can be sure they are in on it. If the cabal and Corporate America are using NK for their various criminal enterprises, America itself will be drastically weakened after NK is declawed.

Why would SA purge ahead of these actions?

Saudi Arabia is aligned with Corporate America but are probably looking to shift allegiance to China if the US loses out significantly. Bush and Obama holds out in SA will oppose this change. Because they would be less secure in the idea that China would cover up their crimes like Clinton Foundation and co do.

What interests do SA have in Asia?

My knowledge of geopolitics falls here. SA has not been able to export oil or Islam to Asia. Except perhaps Islam in India. I am guessing though that, like in the previous question, they are wondering if an allegiance with Asia is preferable to one with the US- EU axis!

Mystery Machine.

There is nothing more mysterious than the AI that China has to keep it ahead of the game!

Everything is connected.

Hmmm… Seems to hint at something esoteric.

The guy/ girl has made many interesting statements. Such as Trump being pictured reading Farook Zakaria’s book seems to be a public announcement that America may be taking a stop down from the unipolar world. He/ she said that 99% of people would end up in hospital if suddenly shown the truth of the situation we are in… I don’t believe that! Howver, I would note that the wanderer population is, an educated guess based on snippets from the LoO. Probably about 2-3% of the population!

One thing he/ she asked was who is HC’s mentor… We know that, Henry Kissinger and perhaps Lynn De Rothschild. Anyone know who Obama’s mentor is?


From the prolific Jim Stone:

The official story of Texas is no longer believable.

It all sounded good at first, and came off as the first time I’d believe the “patsy dead” scenario. But now there is a surviving witness that is saying shots were coming from above, and they are going to tear the church down because it is “too stark of a reminder”, just like they tore down the theater the bat man shooting happened in. In the case of the batman shooting, it was because the evidence on scene did not support the official story, just like Vegas.
Throw in odd photos early on that were not showing bullet holes in the doors at first (why would there be bullet holes in the doors anyway) and now doors full of bullet holes, and things are starting to not add up anymore.
It is entirely possible that Texas was a false flag with an additional shooter. With the way the official story goes – “shooter leaves church, gets shot, wrecks car during pursuit, now dead” it does not leave out the possibility of a second shooter being there, and being unreported.

There is a video of a witness saying that is exactly the case. And even one such witness can destroy an official story.
Deester has posted some other great indications as to the false-flagishness of the latest shooting spree. And all of this confirms my own observations that the first and best sign of a false flag operation is wall-to-wall coverage by the news networks, when such continuous coverage is clearly not warranted.


#394226 phoenix9061210

Hi phoenix … I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. I clicked on your blog link, and at the bottom of the page, I got some advertising. Maybe you’re going to receive some Google money. In any case, I wish you the best.


deester #394221
“,MGM Resorts International, the company that owns the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where Stephen Paddock perpetrated the deadliest mass shooting in American history, is paying a crisis management firm that is deliberately spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories online, seemingly in an effort to discredit legitimate questions about the shooting’s bizarre narrative.”
Hi deester!
Their favorite gameplay nr 1 – pumping out anything about everything – confuse, steer awakening people away. Hope they will just give up diligent pursue truth.
Ha ha – they don’t know who they are dealing with.


I simply don’t listen to anything about Mandalay Bay, BUT the Dem groups are all over the MSM demanding that we all surrender our guns. Tucker Carlson told one of them there would be riots and the politico just said there wouldn’t, and that he believed America has had enough and promised that there would be more of them. How people can’t read through all of this and see how fake these events is beyond me.


News of possible pending false flag event in America. Foreknowledge might spoil their plans.

“Former Intelligence Operative Leaks Intel About Upcoming “EVENT”, Then Is Picked Up By FBI”



The hierarchy of yourself:
The higher US set free the lower US by awaking the sleeping US, assisting and teaching the awakened US – rising US all into oneness. Because all of us is love!


For those who are into Jim Willie – New Post – Nov 8/17

November 8th: topics covered include the Shanghai Oil-Gold contract aspects with speculation on timeline, the primary BitCoin gyrations with new crypto currency opportunities to come, the Black Swan signals within an armada of swans, the upcoming Dual Universe of USD vs RMB in reluctant coexistence, the recent Saudi Arabian events toward collapse of the kingdom with movement toward civil war, the next directions with pressure toward New Scheiss Dollar


littledogg #394219
“Eight years ago as UK Prime Minister and chair of the G20, I tried to end the injustice of global tax havens.”
— Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of the UK — with Avaaz
Hi littledog!
Are you sure about this one?. The reason I ask is I thought Gordan Brown was more of a dark…Just have to say I don’t trust him.
He was basically a “dirtbag” when in office imo. A snobby elite ruler. Only went by “their” scipt.
Can it be propaganda? – but perhaps he has changed??
Maybe zander will know more.
I will support most all good initiative!!
They went after these safe havens 10 – 15 years ago here. The result are been seen as a stunt by me. To accept further increased private taxation ( Exactly what happen) under the pretext that it’s now clean and much more “fair”.
We do know that they transfer over most of our taxes to secret international corporal and military dark programs. Basically all what wilcock, Goode, and many others have said, about it.
I could be wrong, hope I am, but I know the false system in my country.
Consumer “tax” or a minor fixed one for us all, is perfectly ok by me though.


Galactics update with Kent Dunn November 9, 2017
Galactic taking out the draconian and reptilians during these last month and a half of 2017.
In his last one together with Drake Baily – they both insist that the archons are defeated and no more.
Do you know what this means!!!!
Share by Rhonda her:
getem #394187
50 minutes duration. I cut out the ads so even shorter than 50 mins.

He suggest we throw out all fear, sit back and enjoy our popcorn.


siggi #394235
“Galactic taking out the draconian and reptilians during these last month and a half of 2017.”

Spring 2018!


Thanks Ben


#394192 , #394214
Mr Brennan,
We noted that you snuck back onto the site after being kicked off. Please consider yourself to be on probation. If many complaints are received then you will simply be kicked off again and your credit cards will be permanently banned. In order to avoid complaints I would suggest moderating both the number of comments you post and also the content, keeping it mature and relevant to the overall discussion (e.g. perhaps using the phrase “what a fucking idiot” below was a little unnecessary and childish?)
Best Regards,


Good sign that Trump in Asia is protected. The sooner the US financial reset the better, to minimize the backlash in the “return to the real economy”. Harveywood/Pedowood is probably doing a great deal in shaking up the masses stuck in the reality of the MSM coverage.

Yes, we need to send strong good vibes of Peace, Light and Love also to those who serve the negative agenda to help in this transition.


secondlife #394225

Dr. Judy Wood IRREFUTABLE (HD Full Length)
9-11 was the first demonstration of a mysterious free-energy technology that, used constructively, could change the destiny of mankind. The buildings did not collapse or explode. Thousands of tons of concrete and steel literally turned to dust. This video is one of the most astounding things you will ever see.


siggi #394234

Your assessment of Brown I would agree with; he was also reliably rumoured to like young boys – he’s dirty all right. Anyway I signed this nevertheless; perhaps he is suffering from remorse?


triode #394238

Thanks for telling us calebrennan is back as Mr. Ed. I did ask him to explain his post – no reply.

He posts pictures of the Mandalay hotel & a photo of some Saudi prince – effectively pushing the deep state’s meme that the Saudis are responsible – what a troll!


Figured Mr. Ed, was Caleb. Presents himself differently ,but still has to post more than most. Hope everyone is well. I bought the lemurian plug.


Jim Stone on the newest release of JFK murder files just released by Trump. Get to work all you cyber sleuths. Also, beware all you Kaspersky owners, your anti virus software may be hacked by the CIA, who wrote malware to impersonate Kaspersky.
Supposedly Trump just released 13,000 unredacted Kennedy files.

Of interest so far was one that documented Lee Harvey Oswald was interrogated for 11 hours, yet there are no recordings of it and not even any transcripts. Obviously they did not get what they wanted out of him, and he was quickly killed.
When I tried to click in, it played the “no cipher overlay” game and blocked me out. B.S.!!!!! But you can try. https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/2017-release


A couple months ago I tried Kaspersky and it did not seem right. Things still got compromised. This is probably why:

CIA wrote code ‘to impersonate’ Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company, WikiLeaks says

RT | Nov 9, 2017 https://www.rt.com/news/409376-cia-wrote-code-to-impersonate-kaspersky/ “WikiLeaks says it has published the source code for the CIA hacking tool ‘Hive,’ which indicates that the agency-operated malware could mask itself under fake certificates and impersonate public companies, namely Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.
The CIA multi-platform hacking suite ‘Hive’ was able to impersonate existing entities to conceal suspicious traffic from the user being spied on, the source code of the malicious program indicates, WikiLeaks said on Thursday.

The extraction of information would therefore be misattributed to an impersonated company, and at least three examples in the code show that Hive is able to impersonate Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab, WikiLeaks stated.

“If the target organization looks at the network traffic coming out of its network, it is likely to misattribute the CIA exfiltration of data to uninvolved entities whose identities have been impersonated,” WikiLeaks said in a statement.

My comment: Assange is probably toast, and white hats picked up the torch. This did not get released by accident.


#394225 secondlife:

Does anyone have the video that shows the 911 take down using ‘energy’ weapons?? The video I saw had the metal beams turning to dust in midair… I lost the link. Thanks

#394240 zanderboy:

Dr. Judy Wood IRREFUTABLE (HD Full Length)
9-11 was the first demonstration of a mysterious free-energy technology that, used constructively, could change the destiny of mankind. The buildings did not collapse or explode. Thousands of tons of concrete and steel literally turned to dust. This video is one of the most astounding things you will ever see.

////////:::::::::…………. … … .
9/11 Rare Original Raw Footage – WTC Collapse

Here’s at least one video showing the core vertical steel beams turning to dust after the second collapse of the North Tower (toward the end of the video). There should be many other videos posted showing this too. These beams were over 4 feet wide, though hollow in the center, but quite sturdy. The fact they appear to turn to dust and blow away cannot be explained in conventional physics. I like to tell people about this little anomaly and let it sink into their MSM brainwashed minds. What turns a colossal solid steel structure into dust and powder?

I knew a man who claimed he saw a solid steel one-foot section of a railroad rail instantly turn to dust, when a beam was applied to it, in a secret government laboratory (I think in Maryland, he said). He said it blew his mind, and he was not supposed to have been a witness of that experiment. I let him tell me his story, but I did not lead him or mention 9/11 in our conversation. I don’t know where he is now, but he was shaken and afraid for his life for having seen what he saw, without having authorization or clearance. He could not explain it except that some energy beam he did not understand the mechanism of, was aimed on it and applied. Could it be the same directed energy mechanism that pulverized the WTC towers?


What might be Q’s latest post…


If accurate, and I think it probably is with his reference to ‘Speed’ in earlier posts seeming to reflect here. It cuts right to the quick.

Dominoes falling. Extractions complete. Nothing can stop this.

He could have finished it off by saying “stay safe”!!!


Hey lakewinds


Lemurian Plug cat report: It has been a few weeks and my poor old calico had clouding of approximately 80 percent of her right eye, and approximately 50 percent of her left. Her left eye is now down to approximately 2 percent of what it was; the right is down to approximately 15 percent. I don’t know if they will clear up 100 percent but, even at this level, one of her nine lives has improved. Yep, Siggi, that has made subscribing to this site worthwhile. I love my buddy! Thanks!


I know some don’t resonate with Thomas Williams but this latest show has info which everyone needs to hear. Listen to the info re the sun…mind blowing stuff!




Pattie Brassard & Karen Macdonald (Truth Operations/ Q & A/ NASA/Gaia) LNM Radio 06-22-17


Karen McDonald talks about a Quantum Biofeedback device. This app. for two weeks for free. Go to https://www.facebook.com/karen.a.macdonald.1, or through
Dr. Bill Nelson (also known as Desiré Dubounet. Nelson is currently operating in Hungary), involved in the development of the SCIO, QXCI, DI, E Doctor, Vibra Scan, Indigo.
Dr. Brian Williams at Quantum Insight Apps. developed the software.

Operating on scalar waves & Royal Rife radionics ‘the signal is picked up & a reverse signal is sent out to collapse or implode it.’
All is needed is a voice imprint & a photo.
This evaluates your organs, herbal needs, essential oil deficiencies, thyroid etc, aura/bio field, chakras, solfeggio frequencies required/sound tones/binaural beats, assemblage point position, minerals, spiritual protection, attachments, meridians, virus, amino acids, vitamins, electrical sensitivities, implants, emotions, our neuro transmitter & more.

Al the remedies are named.

She did the process/evaluation on the radio presenter in 5 minutes.

Regarding the tones, it takes about 3 mins to transmit (from another location), then 5 mins for the body to integrate it, & 10 mins before starting to feel something.

There is a presentation on her facebook page, up to the 21 min. mark.
On the charts, blue is not flowing so well, red is more serious.

At the end click BALANCE. So the different chosen items for healing, having been put into the shopping cart, then manifest as a frequency tone.

Much can be added to enhance the frequencies.

Totally the next app!! This leaves conventional diagnosis in the stone age.

Karen emphasises the need for steam inhalations, essential for clearing the root chakra. A portable electric hotplate is recommended. First is the cleansing of the colon, for correct absorption of nutrients. This is where the energy comes from for your solar panel.

Mr Ed

Mr Triode,

I need some clarification on my probation and if you would be so kind to answer the following so I don’t violate your terms.
I also have questions on general discussion board etiquette .

How many posts will I be allowed per day? So far I’ve posted 3 posts in 2 days.

Is criticism of public figures allowed?

The blog is predominantly trafficked by posters with an alt-right leaning.
Is dissent from that narrative allowed on this site?

Is calling a public figure an idiot ok if I refrain from using an expletive? (this is a serious question as many posters here call public figures derogatory names )

Will other posters calling me names and ad hominem attacks on my person be tolerated? For example:
This poster calling me a troll a few hours ago.

The posters on this site who do not like my left leaning contribution use code words for me to avoid detection and refer to me as Pig Vomit, Green Slime, green Skunk etc because my avatar was a green fractal cauliflower.

In conclusion you condemned my calling Jim Stone a name, while his racist right wing vitriol is commonplace here.

I was reacting to Jim Stone’s comment about Colin Kaepernick:


I thought Ben made it clear about the Jew Baiting here on the blog. Yet Jim stone is allowed to have his insipid material repeated here unchallenged. If I refrained from using a swear word and called him imbecile would that be Ok? Is calling me childish really appropriate considering the topic?

Lastly, I did not “sneak in” to this blog. I used my same credit card with Brennan on it and everybody knew it was me at the get go.

Kind regards



The fact he is asking these questions just shows he simply does not know how to behave. Don’t get sucked in Triode, he will only pull you down with minutiae. The disharmony is apparent already. I’m sure none of us have any problems with different viewpoints.


Jim Stone

I doubt it will go anywhere (see next post) but this is worth mentioning

Now Confirmed: Fusion GPS and Clinton campaign paid and colluded with Russian lawyer for an entrapment scheme against Trump.

Anyone with 2 functioning neurons knew this a year ago.
Do you remember the female Russian lawyer ( Natalia Veselnitskaya) that was used to set up the original Trump/Russia story by arranging a meeting with Trump Junior that went nowhere? The plot was written by Fusion GPS (gee, where could anyone be found that knows anything about that outfit) and anyone who could think knew it was bogus. . . . . Except the DOJ and the rest of the police state and media which, rather than go after Hillary’s act like they did Watergate, tried to destroy Trump with it when it was patently obviously a hoax setup.

Well, now investigators have “made a huge discovery” and figured out it was all just a hoax set up to destroy Trump. This by itself ought to put Hillary behind bars forever, and result in several hangings, but even being as bad as it is, it is only the kind of “jelly bean” I mentioned in the next report.

When Hillary gets an indictment for selling out secrets to Russia and China – when she gets an indictment for uranium one, and her scamming foundation, – when she has to answer for the body count, then I’ll start talking about the possibility of America’s intelligence apparatus being legit.

At any rate, the source for this was The Hill, which is such a filthy cesspool I won’t send them ad revenue by linking. The only benefit to The Hill reporting it is that they would not do this unless they were being chased by a chain saw. They posted a limited hang out type report, Drudge will probably have it tomorrow, it will all get poo pooed and that will be that.

Just like this next report . . . .


Jim Stone

Wars and rumors of wars

The jelly bean prosecution

I have seen several posts now about Hillary having over 100 sealed indictments, that there are over 300 sealed indictments total, and that the swamp is going to be drained. But I have not seen an ounce of substance to support it (it would be that way if all the indictments were sealed). However, I doubt there are any (serious) indictments at all. I think it is all just wishful thinking.
Yeah, Weiner is in the big house for dropping a jelly bean all the while there is blood all around his circle of acquaintance that never got looked at, with probably the most well known about being Vince Foster, you know, the body count. American intelligence won’t go after anything big, like brains in the park, but they’ll ask about a jelly bean on a little guy (sexting a teenager) while the monster walks free. They gotta look like they are doing something I guess.

Here is all that will happen:

IF Hillary ever has to answer to anything, it will be the marks her shoes left in some wet concrete or something stupid like that. They’ll play it up like it is the end of the world, and ignore absolutely everything of substance. She’ll have to wipe a table clean somewhere with a primped and primed wash cloth so no little dirties get on her hand, then she’ll cry about being picked on and walk out of the room, untouched.

I don’t believe the 100 indictments B.S., and I won’t believe anything at all got done even if they “hang her” on national television. She’ll just become Elvis and pop up in Argentina having never been punished, wait for the American concience to cool off and forget she’s dead, and then hit the campaign trail for 2020. Seriously folks, the corruption is THAT BAD.


deester #394248
Lemurian Plug cat report

Deester, such wonderful news. My cat has one cloudy eye – no signs of improvement at all. I think he’s blind in that eye. Maybe that’s too much for the plug.


DEEP STATE – A VERY simple explanation: Clintons, Podestas, child trafficking, Arabians and more.

31 Sealed Indictments Deep State, Take down of Clinton and Podesta


Live in Las Vegas with Quinn Michaels


Streamed live on Nov 7, 2017
Quinn Michaels and I join forces in Las Vegas to discuss AI and investigate the connections between cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and the events of October 1, 2017.


Part 4 – Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard – In English Audio

November 10, 2017
from The Vigilant One:




Published on Nov 9, 2017
The sealed indictments in Washington DC now number 34, with and additional 50 in eastern Virginia. it seems like something BIG is brewing. However, if Robert Mueller sells us out and those indictments don’t bring down the DNC-Clinton-Podesta crime cartel it will be time to march in the streets.

Mueller is EVIL. Glad SGT includes some George Webb footage.


Day 21 Warmup 3 – Podesta Group – Shard Then Reunite!


George Webb

Published on Nov 10, 2017

Did Podesta get immunity?


Death Do Us Apart – Michael Jackson Channeling – Adrian Espinoza Nov 2017


Today, Adrian Espinoza shares about his new website http://www.forcevspower.com and some of his work including a channeled message from Michael Jackson. Special thanks to our host James Rink with http://www.supersoldiertalk.com ; and the neo meditation device found at http://www.neologicaltech.com for making this video possible.


Listened to this yesterday. They say you can channel and James Rink says he has communicated with Michael separately. Says Conrad Murray was set up – didn’t kill Michael – another guy named Caine? did it. Some interesting stuff if you have the time.


Some tidbits from Michael Jackson channeling –
Adrian says Michael is an ET. James says he’s on a Federation spaceship now- looks like a triangle headed being with jewels (bedazzled). Michael says he saw shapeshifters at SONY.


EU Says NO to Five More Years of Monsanto’s Roundup

Just Said NO!

Monsanto’s past is finally catching up with it. And that’s making the Biotech Bully’s future look not so good—especially in Europe.

Today (Thursday, November 9), the EU Parliament again failed to agree on whether to allow European farmers to spray glyphosate, the key active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, for another five years. The chemical’s license expires on December 15 (though there’s an additional 18-month grace period).

This is great news—made even sweeter by this media report which prominently features our findings, announced October 10 in Brussels, that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in four EU countries tested positive for glyphosate.

Monsanto has come under fire not just for the impact its GMOs and poisonous chemicals are having on human health and the environment, but also for knowing glyphosate causes cancer—but hiding it.

From the Monsanto Tribunal, to the Monsanto Papers, to the millions of dedicated people in all corners of the world working tirelessly to rid the world of Roundup—today’s vote brings hope. This may not be the end of the battle—but it signals that no matter how long it takes, we’re not giving up.

Fourteen countries voted in favor of the renewal, nine voted against, and five, including Germany, abstained from voting. What’s next? An appeal committee could be asked to intervene. Or, the European Commission could draft a new proposal. (France, which voted against the five-year renewal, said it would support a three-year renewal).

Organic Consumers Association

Well, you know Monsatan is going ballistic behind the scenes. Fourteen countries voting in favor is startling. They’ll rope in support by hook or by crook – their usual MO.


Charity FRAUD: Red Cross staff stole $6M donated to fight 2014 Ebola crisis – report

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Fraudulent practices carried out by staff members of the Red Cross and its partner organizations caused the company to lose $6 million that was donated to fight against Ebola. According to the Red Cross, an internal investigation into the handling of the money donated during the height of the Ebola crisis uncovered several incidents of fraud in all of the countries affected by the outbreak.

The illness took the lives of 11,000 people as it made its way across Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, and donations poured in as many felt the international response was not quick enough. The outbreak started in Guinea in 2013, killing more than 2,500 in that country alone. The Red Cross sent more than 6,000 volunteers to help people affected through education, mapping and safe burials.

Widespread fraud

The $6 million stolen from the organization is one fifth of the total amount they had earmarked for fighting the outbreak, and they say they are working with the governments of the countries involved to pursue legal options against the parties involved.

One of the fraudulent incidents took place in Liberia. There, the Red Cross said it lost $2.7 million through inflated payments that were made for payroll and volunteer stipends as well as relief items.

In Guinea, a clearance service provider is accused of furnishing them with over-estimated or fake bills, leading to the loss of $1.17 million in that country. Meanwhile, in Sierra Leone, the Red Cross uncovered collusion between some of its staffers at the time and a bank, which led to the disappearance of $2 million.

The Red Cross said that it was “outraged” by the discovery and will be implementing new plans to prevent corruption through audits, training, investigations, and spending caps in settings considered to be high-risk.

The organization’s Undersecretary General for Partnerships, Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, said: “We are pursuing every possible avenue to reclaim all funds that have been misappropriated, diverted, or otherwise illegally taken. This includes working with authorities in affected countries and elsewhere as appropriate.”

The Red Cross also said it would be waiving any legal immunities or privileges to make sure everyone involved is held accountable.




Vaccine industry reaches point of DESPERATION


The vaccine industry is running a desperate propaganda / brainwashing campaign to try to distract people from the truth that vaccines harm and kill children.

Read more at Vaccines.news


More tidbits from Michael Jackson channeling by Adrian –

Michael was cloned by Monarch Solutions. The clone is the one that dangled Michael;s baby (Blanket) over the balcony and did the pedo stuff. Maybe that’s how they punished Michael for wanting to change the world for the better – have his clone ruin his reputation.

Michael also joined the Illuminati in 1983 – he wanted to be financially successful to permanently ensure his family’s financial security. He didn’t know how dark the group was.


Pattie Brassard & Karen Macdonald (Truth Operations/ Q & A/ NASA/Gaia) LNM Radio 06-22-17



Brassard tells us most ormus/monatomic gold is useless & too much can disconnect the brain. KM – because it is imbalanced without all the minerals.

KM disses the Guardian Alliance, Ashayana Deane & Templar offshoots as spreading disinformation mixed with a little truth. (I’ve always thought this of Deane; can’t understand why Kerry Cassidy is so hung up on her)

The flower of life pattern is actually the fractal of death, as has been said here where the Metatronic universe is an angular distortion within which the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ in the Galactic Federation operate & are therefore of the false light – imo.

Brassard also confirms there are over a thousand cyclotrons; she already blew a hole in the collision chamber of ‘the small one’ at CERN. The problem is that they are all interconnected & big damage could not be contained worldwide.

She talks about the ‘Martian Muslims’ that are are so mixed in with our population that they cannot be taken out en masse.

Brassard’s job is to get rid of the unwanted aliens on the planet & to make sure no one does anything really stupid. There are Anunnaki still entrenched especially in Europe & the Tall Whites in the USA. The Greys have been largely eradicated including their home worlds, along with 12 home worlds of the Draco’s who have colonised hundreds of other worlds like ours.

The Schumann resonance has been spiking at 700Hz – to push out the aliens who want something around 50Hz. But now they don’t show the frequency, only the power (which means the ‘broadcast’ range). The crown chakra is at 700Hz so Brassard pushed it to that level. In Europe the radio broadcasting frequencies are at 60Hz & in the USA at 50Hz – it’s all tied in.

We need to rebuild our third DNA pole, raise our frequency & then we can ascend to 5D.

Pattie Brassard on the etheric level reports directly to Gaia & works with Shiva, who also wants out.

The SSP is under the control of the Navy. The Air Force is in control of the DUMBs.

There is a difference between Nibiru the death star & the CERN/Brookhaven group who want it back & the actual Nibiru driven by the Progenitors.

Pattie Brassard takes us on a trip viewing live through different space satellite cameras:
photos of a deliberate explosion from different angles at the South Pole in conjunction with the Goddess Athena, photos before & after of Saturn & the now reinforced prison hexagram at one pole, a flyby of a craft as seen from the Int. Space Station.
Her diagrams, charts & general library of information appears very impressive.

Trump with the oil lines & associated deals etc is just a cover, since he has opened up over 2000 patents, & this production of new energy devices will supercede fossil fuels.

The Earth’s tilt is changing, the poles will return to their original position (NP in southern Alaska) & the Equator will have a different line, up across Russia & down across South America.

At 4.20 we see a photo of the guy commanding the Bucegi mountain area alongside his real photo as he really is when a Draco reptilian. The human skin suit covers the reptilian physionomy by having no neck & the eyes too spaced apart.

KM talks about the present dangers of radiation. It used to be 100rads & now an
average can be 1000rads. In a plane it is around 1200rads, pumped in through those pressurised air nozzles. It’s getting really bad.


“I had a lot of reporters calling my office”

Infowars.com – NOVEMBER 9, 2017

During her interview with Tucker Carlson last night, former DNC chair Donna Brazile suggested that the media were panicked over questions about Hillary Clinton’s health during the election, despite publicly dismissing the issue as a conspiracy theory.
In her new book, Brazile reveals that concerns over Hillary’s health were so severe, it was under serious consideration that she be replaced as the candidate, despite the campaign’s best efforts to shroud details of Clinton’s ailments, which Brazile described as “shameful”.
Throughout the campaign, the mainstream media dismissed questions about Hillary’s coughing fits, stumbles and collapses as baseless “conspiracy theories,” a narrative that intensified after Infowars released a video on the subject that went viral, receiving millions of views in a period of just a couple of weeks.
But during her Fox News appearance, Brazile suggested that behind the scenes, journalists were desperately scrambling to find out what was actually happening.


Wish more rats would flee the ship and write books vindicating us.


Journalists Suspected Of Taking Bribes To Spread “Russian Collusion” Fake News

The House Intelligence Committee suspects journalists may have been paid to report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
Washington Times reports:

Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, signed a subpoena to force a bank to turn over Fusion’s financial records. He wants to know who paid for the dossier, which was written in a series of 18 memos by former British spy Christopher Steele. He relied almost exclusively on unidentified Kremlin sources.

Fusion went to federal court to block the move, but the law firm Perkins Coie LLP, whose partner Marc E. Elias is the Clinton’s campaign’s general counsel, intervened. It filed a letter acknowledging it had paid Fusion for the dossier on behalf of Democrats. Fusion and Mr. Nunes then worked out an agreement on access to some of the firm’s financial records.

But the dispute heightened again Friday as Fusion renewed its request for a judge to block the subpoena because Mr. Nunes wants more information. The widened net includes the names of journalists and law firms that Fusion might have paid.

The House Intelligence Committee announced it has reached a deal to obtain Fusion GPS’s bank records after the firm behind the ‘Trump dossier,’ moved to block access. Unfortunately, the bank records will be confidential under sealed protective order.



intruth #394254

I have to say i have thought the same as Jim Stone… all the “sealed indictments”… we shall see, eh?

AND… intruth… sooooooooooooo L O V E L Y to have you back posting juicy goodie after juicy goodie here.
Thanks for being our PRIMO curator!

tail wagg!


Day 21 Warmup 5. Mattis vs Petraeus?


George Webb
Published on Nov 10, 2017

George is providing great perspective once again. Thank you George!


Petraeus sure sounds a lot like ‘Betray us’!


#394272 intruth

Petraeus sure sounds a lot like ‘Betray us’!

Yes, it does! So much so, in fact, that Moveon.org placed a newspaper ad that played on this:



“Mr Ed~”

Who in the hell are you?

You jumped right in with political commentary — anti-Trump, no less — with no introduction from your own self.

Red flags, man.


Someone referenced your post about your (and our) dream of ending the Cabal and for peace on Earth — nice vision, I agree, but will that really happen here on Earth?

I’d love to see that happen, but I doubt it to the point of bitterness.

I just don’t believe that justice, fairness and truth can really happen in the public spheres of influence anymore. I just don’t.


#394274 mozart

Hey moz … you know this fellow already. Check this: #394238


So In truth has been gone temporarily as well.

So intruth, Brennan and I have all returned to Bens blog within the same week roughly?

Something karmic?

Anyway, this is interesting:

Daily Express: Venezuela to go BANKRUPT in 48 hours triggering $60BILLION global financial crisis

and here from zerohedge:

Zerohedge: Venezuela officially declared in default

Zerohedge doesn’t allow copy and paste anymore… Which is strange from a website that posts other peoples articles…

However, when Greece apparently had unsolvable problems they managed to kick the can for years, which might happen here, I suppose.



I don’t know what will happen on earth. But, I agree with others here, like siggi and littledog, that the changes on earth can be triggered by our being able to change ourselves and heal our wounds. I believe we are the DNA of the earth and we all have a part to play with our conscious evolution.

We can heal our own addictions and bad habits by connecting to the ‘oneness’ that resides deep within each of us. Looking for ‘others’ to blame all the calamities on will not evolve us. Each of us raking radical responsibility for each other will evolve us all.


Good Morning, CarolM~


Thank you for your reply.

Well, that’s just the thing — I no longer believe that humanity as a whole, absent the big Ascension-triggering sun burst, can shift the realities on Earth into any positive, optimal path.

I’ve lost faith in humanity. If it’s up to us to make that shift happen, we’re fk’n doomed. Too many gullible, ignorant idiots.

Pig Vomit is back? NOOOOOO!


Pig Vomit does NOT deserve a second chance!


Podesta Group CEO Unexpectedly Quits Just Days After Tony’s Departure

With Robert Mueller expected to officially charge either Tony Podesta or his imploding lobbying firm in the coming weeks, Politico reported that Podesta Group longtime CEO, Kimberley Fritts, is leaving the firm to start her own company.

Last paragraph:
Meanwhile, rival lobbying firms see the implosion of the Podesta Group as a prime moment to poach the Podesta Group’s top lobbyists. At least six other firms have reached out to Podesta


Phoenix – ZH allows copy/paste. What do you mean?


I’m beginning to think that “Disclosure” is not about UFOs. Or better, that it’s about everything that’s been hidden.

Here’s the latest in the cascade of disclosed sexual abusers:

Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses crashed church meetings to warn members of the abuse their religion covers up

Fed up with the insular religion’s protection of abusers, former Jehovah’s Witnesses have begun attending Kingdom Hall meetings to confront church members about the abuse they suffered — and the church’s dismissal of it.

As reported by Hemant Mehta at The Friendly Atheist, multiple ex-Witnesses have taken a stand at Kingdom Halls (the religion’s churches) to inform people in their former communities about the ways in which the church’s powerful Watchtower Society silences people who’ve been abused and fails to punish their abusers.

As Mehta points out, there’s many reasons why exposing abuse within Jehovah’s Witness communities is difficult. For one, the church has a “two-Witness rule” that claims “church elders shouldn’t take seriously a victim’s account of abuse unless another person witnessed it… even though the only other person around may have been the abuser himself.”

Another conflating factor is the church’s disfellowshipping policy, that instructs current Witnesses not to have any contact with ex-Witnesses, even if they’re family. Members are also told ex-Witnesses purposefully bring about lawsuits to defame the church, and that other critics — like an Australian commission that found “adequately protected from the risk of sexual abuse” within the church — are also intent on smearing and damaging them.

It continues at this link.

Karma, baby.


lakewinds #394273
#394272 intruth

Petraeus sure sounds a lot like ‘Betray us’!

Yes, it does! So much so, in fact, that Moveon.org placed a newspaper ad that played on this:
Funny, Lakewinds. I didn’t even see that….


Well, that’s just the thing — I no longer believe that humanity as a whole, absent the big Ascension-triggering sun burst, can shift the realities on Earth into any positive, optimal path.

I’ve lost faith in humanity. If it’s up to us to make that shift happen, we’re fk’n doomed. Too many gullible, ignorant idiots. – #394278

There are no forums etc. to just see if people actually believe this shift thing. I think it is very interesting to talk about.

I for one feel very tired. After a few unpleasant events that has stopped me being able to meditate etc. I have been doing different things that has required a lot of my energy. I would like to find some way of relaxing that being getting married perhaps (like I dreamed of today), or living alone in the snow! However, ascension solves that problem for me.

All the many unsolved problems and difficult people just being zapped away and I do yearn to be judged by higher positive entities and to also challenge them if they give me agro!

David Wilcock puts the shift between 2020 and 2023. I really do not know how accurate his information is. It could be that the ‘shift’ is a smaller thing than he has been lead to believe because all the sources he has simply don’t have the descriptive ability to explain exactly what will happen.

The LoO stated after the shift people will decide where they would best be placed. Perhaps I can go back to my home density.

The whole thing is interesting and difficult to imagine! What is three years of non reptilian rule going to look like if we all have ‘ascension’ hanging over our heads?

I have this continual imagination that positive ET’s will just arrive and take over everything. Like, “You go and heal in this place for a while, perhaps with shamanic connections. You have an arranged marriage to y that you haven’t seen in years. You go and work here and live a life of relative solitude, chopping wood. You go into stasis. You are under house arrest because your psychic abilities are dangerous”


Regarding Ascension.

Peter the Insider puts it as 2023 – that’s when we go to 5D he says.

David DuByne of Adapt 2030 says we’ll all be in cryptos within 5 years.
So that means all fiat money has failed. That ride could be nasty.
Says the Grand Solar Minimum (the actual climate cycle we are in – not global warming –
the BS they cooked up for control and money extraction purposes) will cause major crop losses across the planet. Not cool at all.

Pole shift – no pole shift. IDK. Sure hope not.


Ah, more doubts as to the official narrative of the Texas church shootings:

Discrepancies in Reports of the Texas Church Shooting Narrative Raise Questions

Sutherland Springs, Texas: Evidence has surfaced that does not match the official narrative of the church shooting. A witness says the shooter was on the rooftop for part of the attack; the sheriff says the church service was recorded, then says “very little” was caught on tape; three British news sources report that the shooter took a hostage on the high-speed chase before he was killed, but there is no mention of this in the US media.


zanderboy #394267
Pattie Brassard & Karen Macdonald (Truth Operations/ Q & A/ NASA/Gaia) LNM Radio 06-22-17


The Earth’s tilt is changing, the poles will return to their original position (NP in southern Alaska) & the Equator will have a different line, up across Russia & down across South America.

At 4.20 we see a photo of the guy commanding the Bucegi mountain area alongside his real photo as he really is when a Draco reptilian. The human skin suit covers the reptilian physionomy by having no neck & the eyes too spaced apart.

Thanks for the notes Zander.

So does the above earth ’tilt’ mean a pole change/switch?

The photo of the guy commanding the Bucegi mountain area is creepy, as is his Draco depiction.


Love you BFC blog! Good to be back on my day off.


Pattie Brassard & Karen Macdonald (Truth Operations/ Q & A/ NASA/Gaia) LNM Radio 06-22-17

Around 4.55-5.04 KM talks about cat remedies.

ETs, clones (human DNA+ET) & hybrids outnumber the humans on the planet by 2:1.
Clones often made from the after births left in hospitals.

Michael Vara the presenter then flips out & disbelieves both Patti Brassard & Karen McDonald because his questions were not answered to his satisfaction with regards to any meaningful proof. No proof of Brassard being at NASA – records not located, his (twin?) brother Michael Brassard says it was him who was at NASA, apparently the sister has also spoken out, another researcher says the elders he talked to had never heard of Karen McDonald. This follows classic ‘twin wanting another persona’. His resume does not match up, it was his brother who was the computer expert. One researcher found the painting of the Draco from a design studio.

Aug Tellez in his comments stands by them.

A comment: “If Pattie and Karen are trolls, then that would make Aug Tellez a troll. There are levels of awareness that you might not have access to and that doesn’t make them wrong. If you want the truth, listen to the 9+ hour talk with Aug, Pattie, and Karen, and then go watch all of Aug’s vids. If you still thing they are trolls, then you are not ready to know the truth.”

I liked the lady who said she listened to it four times & was convinced it was a hatchet job.

I’d say done by well meaning people too grounded in 3D. As for getting any truth from NASA – please!


intruth #394285

Hiya! No, North Pole goes to southern Alaska. Hopefully this concerns those that don’t ascend; or there will be plenty of survivors.
Drama! Check my post below!


Exploring the Las Vegas Desert with Quinn Michaels

Jason Goodman

Streamed live 17 hours ago

Can’t get enough of Quinn. He’s researching a group called the ‘9-3 Society’.

Re: Pattie Brassard and Co. – no time – George Webb and Jason Goodman are on a tear with info we know is real. Just mho.


@Intruth yes, it can now. At the time when I was first looking at the zerohedge article I could not highlight the text.

I will be reading the Red Cross article!

This is the relevant section I wanted to excerpt:

We won’t have to wait that long: moments ago, Wilmington Trust, the Trustee of the 8.5% bonds due 2018, issued by Corpoelec, Venezuela’s electricity company, declared that the missed interest payment originally due October 10, and whose 30 day grace period expired on November 9, and for which no pament was sent or received, officially constitutes an event of default.

Also, just another comment on a comment I have already commented on… “Comment”…

Well, that’s just the thing — I no longer believe that humanity as a whole, absent the big Ascension-triggering sun burst, can shift the realities on Earth into any positive, optimal path.
I’ve lost faith in humanity. If it’s up to us to make that shift happen, we’re fk’n doomed. Too many gullible, ignorant idiots. – #394278

At the moment I am in this position where I am disconnected from myself a bit, so I have these intense dreams and then my experiences in the day don’t relate to how I actually feel… “Normal” is looking at alternative news and that mindset is unrecognisable to how I wake up in the morning.

So clearly, intuition that I might have used in the past to sense the future etc. is not as useful as it used to be. Except to say there is a darkness and I need to seek help from outside myself to find solutions to it.

This is how I conclude that in the future I imagine there will be events that will change how I feel emotionally but that I will not find those answers ‘inside myself’. So to speak.


Bro’ Nathanael Kapner on the 100th anniversary of the shameful Balfour Accords…


Far too many of you quote without using quote marks, nor the EASY-TO-USE QUOTE BOX that’s at the top of every single of one of your posts while you post.

It’s that


thing — PLEASE USE IT! I used that quote link in this paragraph as an example.

Paste in the quote, highlight the quote, then click on that


link at the top of the text field in which you’d be typing in your post.


Don’t effing be so damn lazy!


I want to make it perfectly clear that I oppose Pig Vomit’s return because of his long, bad track record of being an agency-supported troll who had frequently — VERY FREQUENTLY — taunted us on this forum, on top of all the shit that he’s done.

He does not belong here and needs to remain banished!

Lakewinds is on the opposite side of many of my political positions, but he’s been respectful of others, as well as me, so I respect him as well. I’ve given a bunch of his posts thumbs up and I’ve been respectful towards him in my posts that addresses him or his positions.

I even agree with his anti-war, pro-people positions and have given his posts on those topics thumbs-up votes as well.

But Pig Vomit has NO respect for anyone in this forum and he must be banished asap. If this forum was a physical village of people, I’d be the first one to physically run him out of town post-haste.


Mr Ed (Caleb),

Please don’t rake up the past. We have all moved on from that and there has been quite a good harmony and feel to the café in the period after you were banned.

I too am not keen on the rants that Jim Stone writes. It is not him that actually posts here but a link or copy that someone else has put up. As always we are free to scroll past as is often done when a link or post is from a channeler.

So, if your new persona is tolerant and respectful, I am sure we will be able to tolerate you too. You have this ability to create friction and press buttons. It requires someone to stop that interchange for all to continue in peaceful co-existence. I respectfully suggest that if you do not respond negatively to those here who you feel are antagonistic to you, then all will go well and any comments of yours that are not derogatory will be welcome.

Kind regards and peace,


I think, for wisdom and enlightenment in this trying time, we should turn to the Mister Ed theme song, in which it is stated:

People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day
But Mister Ed will never speak unless he has something to say.

Of course, of course…

BTW Moz … I appreciate your comment.


I don’t know what to think about the mixed bag in Sutherland Springs in the obituary department. I did some nosing around on legacy using the name of the person and Texas obituaries.

Concerning the Sutherland Springs shooting, there are four obituaries out of the death count of 26. Lots of go fund me pages, just like Sandy Hook. https://www.gofundme.com/cause/texas-church-shooting/campaigns
Robert Scott Marshall, 56 No obituary. No match. Retired Air Force. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/by/marshall/robert?page=18
Karen Sue Marshall, 56 No obit. No match. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/by/marshall/karen?page=3&sortField=publisheddate&sortOrder=desc
Keith Allen Braden, 62 no obit. Closest is Allen Keith Braden who died in March in Kentucky.
Tara E. McNulty, 33 No obit.
Annabelle Renae Pomeroy, 14 No obit.
Peggy Lynn Warden, 56 No obit.
Sara Johns Johnson, 68 Closest Sara Johnson obituary died in Dallas October 2017
Lula Woicinski White, 71 No obit.
Joann Lookingbill Ward, 30 No obit, but info exists on her on https://www.instantcheckmate.com/people/joann-lookingbill-ward/
Brooke Bryanne Ward, 5 No obit.
Robert Michael Corrigan, 51 No obit. Does exist on Intelius. Employer listed as US Air Force.
Shani Louise Corrigan, 51 No obit. Does exist on Intelius.
Emily Garcia (died at the hospital), 7 No match .http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/by/garcia/Emily
Emily Rose Hill, 11 No obit. None of these are a match. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/by/hill/emily
Gregory Lynn Hill, 13 No match.
Megan Gail Hill, 9 No obit.
Marc Daniel Holcombe, 36 No obit.
Noah Holcombe, 1 No obit.
Karla Plain Holcombe, 58 No obit. https://www.afterlife.co/us/obituary-family-holcombe
There were four obituaries. They are as follows:
Dennis Neil Johnson, Sr., 77 https://www.wilsoncountynews.com/news/2017-11-08/Funeral_Notices/Dennis_Neil_Johnson_Sr__Sara_Louise_Johns_Johnson.html
Therese Sagan Rodriguez, 66
Ricardo Cardona Rodriguez, 64 http://www.finchfuneralchapels.com/runtime.php?SiteId=164401&NavigatorId=596645
Haley Krueger, 16 https://www.wilsoncountynews.com/news/2017-11-08/Funeral_Notices/Haley_Krueger.html Has a go-fund-me page.


Trump might win me over if this actually happens:

Trump questions Church Of Scientology tax exemption

President Donald Trump apparently does not believes the Church of Scientology is a real religion, which could lead the church to lose its tax-exempt status just as Trump moves to appoint a new head of the Internal Revenue Service.

Trump told Lynne Patton — a regional head at the Department of Housing and Urban Development — that the Church of Scientology should lose its status as a religion, and the tax exemption that comes with it, according to the Huffington Post. The move would cost the Church tens of millions of dollars because it is currently considered a religion and charitable organization under the IRS tax code, which requires a “church” to have doctrine and religious history.

But, I will still be waiting for solutions to chemtrails and weaponized vaccines before I throw my massive support his way.


those of us who engage in excessive psychotronic violence violations of course are held responsible for such violations,and are thus – due to the recent instant karma cycles now in place -such offenders of the basic cosmic social contractual agreements who emit harmful anomalies -have these same harmful anomalies returned instantly to them – and these heavier energetic signatories are housed within their own physical and lightbodies,and no longer penetrate another sauvereign sentient being to any eective measure,other than for a very brief moment in affording the instant karma process to take place…..

or its probably just me.im deinitaly a little fucked up at the least…..hahahahaha…..

johnny knew whats happening…..

johnny lennon-quote—–

Instant karmas gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Everyone that you meet
Why in the world are we here
Surely not to live in pain and fear
Why on earth are you there
When you’re everywhere
Come get your share

Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Yeah we all shine on
On and on and on and on

Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Yeah we all shine on
Come on and on and on and on

Shine on
Shine on
Shine on
Come on and on and on and on—–unquote…..



New Site to me – kinda blows my mind..so far only watched the first video……I’m living in some backwater!!

False claims in Israeli family law destroying the fabric of society as men suffer human rights abuse


amanda mcbroom-quote—–Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose.—–unquote…..

joe bonamassa and friends performing the song the rose-primo…..



So one of Q’s latest posts, a small part of it said:

What is a map?
Why is a map useful?
What is a legend?
Why is a legend useful?
What is a sequence?
Why does this matter?

Well a map is useful because it lays out objective measures for places so that routes can be sensibly planned. A legend is a myth, it is a person or ‘thing’ (such as Atlantis?) that people can rally around and consider positively as having a purpose that is bigger than themselves.

So we might consider the map to be how the Alliance plans to take down the Cabal. Or at least a list of the players (of course this is being updated by the Saudi Arabian princes currently being tortured). A legend could mean, Donald Trump. I don’t know how capable the man really is (because I would imagine most myths are less capable than their reputation) but he definitely has a ‘legendary’ quality’.

However a map is objective and a legend is temporary and emotional. This takes us to sequence. What sequence will the Alliance use to take down the cabal?

I am wondering if their next domino to be targeted will NOT relate to their ‘Legend’. I.e. Trump.

Other possiblities are that a legend is more usually historical (but it doesn’t have to be) so this could be JFK or Atlantis. I don’t think it is Atlantis though that is too obvious. I think Q is trying to make the CIA think it is Atlantis.

On Caleb I don’t see a reason to have him on the board. Not because of his previous attitude problem but because I have never, not once, heard him speak out in support of Ben Fulfords theories; he is pretty anti Trump, and although it is not a definitive requirement to be pro Trump (i.e. David Icke) to be considered on a basic non mainstream leaning to appreciate Bens theories, Trump does, for most of us, lean in the direction of anti cabal and to oppose Trump unthinkingly is to take the view of the establishment. It is not as though he says anti Trump but CNN is also corrupt. It is just ‘all these globalist funded left publications are right’.

This would make me question his agenda being here, plain and simple. Although on the basis of manners putting up a post on alleged paedophile Republican politicians is not outside this blogs code of conduct.

I think if we were on an astrology forum and someone was trolling with ‘astrology does not exist’ all the time it would be reasonable for us to get rid of such a person. That’s the very practical way I see it.


New Video: The Day of The Event 432Hz



The focus on disunity and not oneness in this blog over one contributor is absolutely disgusting. Learn to work together and communicate better. I saw an earnest attempt at communicating and pointing out hypocrisy. Maybe I missed out on all the really good stuff from years past being relatively new to here, but what I do see is a lot of people needing to let negativity go.

Mr Ed

12 year old sues jeff sessions

12-year-old girl sues Jeff Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide

U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions keeps hinting that he’s going to wage war against marijuana in states that have legalized it, and he probably would have started it by now if he wasn’t so busy trying to weasel out of the Russia/perjury bind he got himself into. Meanwhile a 12-year-old girl, Alexis Bortell, who says her epileptic seizures have gone away since she started using cannabis oil, has filed a lawsuit against Sessions over the federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule One drug, which is reserved for drugs that have no medical value.
From KDVR:

“As the seizures got worse, we had to move to Colorado to get cannabis because it’s illegal in Texas,” said Bortell, who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child.

The sixth-grader said traditional medicine wasn’t helping her seizures and doctors in her home state were recommending invasive brain surgery.

But a pediatrician did mention an out-of-state option: Medical marijuana.

Shortly after moving to Larkspur [Colorado], Bortell’s family began using a strain of cannabis oil called Haleigh’s Hope.

A drop of liquid THC in the morning and at night has kept her seizure-free for 2 1/2 years.

“I’d say it`s a lot better than brain surgery,” Bortell said.

Mr Ed

‘I want to make it perfectly clear that I oppose Pig Vomit’s return because of his long, bad track record of being an agency-supported troll who had frequently — VERY FREQUENTLY — taunted us on this forum, on top of all the shit that he’s done.
He does not belong here and needs to remain banished!


To be clear I consider this an endorsement of my integrity and thank you Mozart!
You do it best!
Good job


I suspect we are feeling the energy changes(sometimes we pick it up early/others later….
This is ‘Cosmic Path’s’ interpretation of today’s and tomorrow’s (10/11) energies:

On Friday 11/10, there are no major aspects. Take this pause as a gift, nurture yourself, and get ready for a major shift tomorrow. Anything goes.

Saturday 11/11 is a Saturn Uranus manifestation. This is a huge awakening to our current structure, and an interruption to our current relationship with authority and power, so that we can manifest something unprecedented. Again, the word “unapologetic” is key here. When we awaken to what matters most, and see the opportunities to let go of any disempowering scenarios and themes, there is no need to tip toe or apologize for changing the game. It is time. We are in the midst of radical change. And there is no room for negotiation in the awakening to ourSelves and our authentic power. When lightning strikes, there is radical awakening, and everything changes in an instant as a result. Trust the process, trust yourself, and allow yourself to be moved into spontaneous action.

Mr Ed

Ray Moore is the ultra-conservative, racist, corrupt, homophobic, theocratic evangelical Christian Alabama Republican Senate nominee who was outed for repeatedly sexually assaulting girls as young as 14.

The right has rallied around him.

Steve Bannon blamed the Washington Post for reporting on the allegations, saying they’d “dropped a dime” on Moore as they’d done with Trump when they reported on Trump’s hot-mic boasting about sexually assaulting women.

Bannon did not deny that Moore or Trump had sexually assaulted women, rather, he criticized the news media for disclosing this fact, claiming the disclosures — even if true — were politically motivated.

Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler, a Republican operator, gave an interviews in which he justified Moore’s assaults on children by citing scripture, noting that “Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter” and stating that Moore’s assaults on children were “nothing immoral or illegal…Maybe just a little bit unusual.”


I like Lisa Renee’s take:

As the distance between the bifurcating energies is increasing, we can see that a lot of people are starting to fall through the cracks. This time is especially challenging for those who do not have a strong moral compass and core sense of self.
As the negative polarity and positive polarity spirals are becoming more extreme and amplified, those who are consciously or unconsciously serving both, are beginning to fracture and lose coherence. In order to stay deeply connected into our core self and to withstand the massive impact of these opposing forces colliding, we must take conscious steps now to embody personal integrity.

The 3D mind control set up is purposed to intentionally destroy the coherence and stability within sets of normative values that both define and model standards of behavior throughout human civilization. Through the mass promotion of the anti-human value systems, it destroys integrity and trust within the fabric of society, and directly erodes the development of Personal Integrity.

Personal Integrity is the quality of being truthful and honest with yourself and others, of intentionally aligning personal behaviors and actions to be congruently aligned with your own value system, moral principles, and ethics.
Developing Personal Integrity is essential to becoming a stable, clear and trustworthy person that aligns their decisions in life with their chosen personal values. .
… When we compromise our Personal Integrity, we allow a back door vulnerability for dark force manipulation that many times descends even more darkness and chaos into the situation where we had made the compromise..


So… Here’s a question then…

Does anyone have any unexplained memories or feelings with images that makes them think that something might have happened to them when they were younger. Like… Supernatural?

But that of course no sane person would want to investigate after Corey Goode came out and explained where that path can sometimes lead!



Hello Phoenix!!

Did not include the site in my last posting –



This does not speak directly to your question – but-

-going back a number of years…there was a period when I was searching intently for answers – spiritualist churches – circles-you name it–they worked for bits of time and then – not so much.

At one point, I became frightened, as some of the members of the groups were not such nice people ( competitive bombing each other with their energies -shades of Atlantis?)
While on the rebounder one day, I clued in and made a commitment to my ‘Higher Self’ – to keep the focus THERE as opposed to ‘others’.

Also, approx same time – it was suggested that I ‘detach from “Mass Consciousness” ‘
I was hesitant, but I did — nothing big happened then – life went on – but over time when I look back, I have thrown SO much overboard!!
Among my acquaintances, I consider myself to be the least influenced by the control systems.

Blessings to you!!!

Mr Ed

#VegasStrong AI


Jason Goodman

Streamed live 7 hours ago
Quinn returns to reveal connections between MGM Resorts, Palantir, Andreesen Horowitz and the Podesta Group and their plans for Bitcoin.


What Really Happened? Accident Sent Radioactive Cloud Over Europe



Published on Nov 10, 2017
A cloud of radioactive pollution over Europe in recent weeks indicates that an accident happened in a nuclear facility in Russia or Kazakhstan in the last week of September, the French nuclear safety institute IRSN has said.

The IRSN on Thursday ruled out an accident in a nuclear reactor, saying it was likely to be in a nuclear fuel treatment site or centre for radioactive medicine. There has been no impact on human health or the environment in Europe, it said.




Published on Nov 10, 2017
Steve St. Angelo joins me to discuss the game changer for truth media, the Commodity Ad Network, which is going live on January 1st. CDX promises to bring hungry advertisers together with top alt-media bloggers and websites. CDX is a much needed alternative to Google adsense and other ad networks which to date have largely ignored prepper, alternative news and health related sites.


lakewinds #394280

“I’m beginning to think that “Disclosure” is not about UFOs. Or better, that it’s about everything that’s been hidden.”


YUP. and the sooner we each “get to it” with our personal DISCLOSURE… the better.
It’s “settle up” time… get that? Settle UP.

and of course… as I type lite litey lite lite to all us all… readers.. writers… worriers… hopers… those who hope their “dastardlies” will n e v e r come to light… those who don’t know HOW to get out of the hole they are in. Those blissfully cooking the eggs and bacon… bundling the little ones off on the school bus… tucking into their “secure jobs”… longingly awaiting their next vacations… alll allll allll us all “up in here” and “up in here on GAIA” and off on the Moon.. Mars… Jupiter… galaxies far, far away… ALL… FTHGAC

Happy Saturday all… tail wagg!


phoenix9061210 #394282

“I for one feel very tired. After a few unpleasant events that has stopped me being able to meditate etc. I have been doing different things that has required a lot of my energy. I would like to find some way of relaxing that being getting married perhaps (like I dreamed of today), or living alone in the snow!…”


A. if you do not have a 4-footie to live with I HIGHLY reccmend getting one… soooo many benefits>
1) Having to do wordless/behavioral/intuitive communication sharpens a lot for oneself.
2) Recent Brain info I learned in a prof training: all physical contact releases oxytosin (sp?)… the biochemical of being “in love”… so now I talk about “sharing ‘tosins” when I pat n hug my Big Dog.. n cat.
3)… really cuts the loneliness thingie.

B. I struggled to do my Spiritual Exercises (active meditation type of thingie [msia.org] for weeks while plug/24 strand detox symptoms unfolding and “life” unfolding.
Now for 2 days I have had deep d lite ful peace-filled hour each day of my practice.
So I will do x backward and forward and share with you.

As is FTHGAC… may you (and anyone else reading who wants… or someone they know who might want) have the benefit of my recently-returned-to bliss in spiritual practice and deep in the heart and belly peace and joy.

If you want some… just take a moment to tune in (eyes closed or not) and see what you get… we can DO THIS together, eh?



Bases 50 Part 2 Pattie Brassard Fukushima Updates Aug 2017

The radiation from Fukushima especially from the plutonium is destroying the Japanese DNA. Only the Japanese living outside Japan will survive in the long term.

The human genome project uses graduates from universities around the world, who submit the data without knowing what it is really used for – to downgrade us, to prevent ascension.

Sal Ammoniac is necessary build your third DNA pole. Correct your PH level, power up your battery & eat right, get out of the cities where Gaia’s repair codes are being drowned out, get away from wifi & repair your DNA. aapkiduan.net
Salmiakzout as a sublimase repairs 2 to 3 strand DNA. Nousidor. It’s a missing tissue salt.

Earth no longer looks blue, it is now indigo, thanks to the raising of the frequencies to 700MHz (Schumann resonance) by putting big crystals at the new shifting poles & elsewhere. They now use filters on the satellite images but some indigo can still be seen. This frequency is that of the crown chakra & physically starts to damage the Draco’s & hybrids at the genetic level. Anything above 250 MHZ they cannot eat, anything below is loosh.
AT 49.00 there is a chart depicting the frequency of the different emotions or mental states; neutrality at 250, below in descending order, courage, pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt & shame at 20 – hence the child pedophilia. Above in ascending order, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment at 700.

Brassard gives links from his Facebook page of some successes:
Veterans For Child Rescue Update Jun 7, 2017
Lockheed Martin expose

The Fibonacci spiral we see is based on the 55 harmonic, & as you come to the centre you are always dividing the distance in half & in fact you never get there, you never connect to Source. This is how you get the flower of life which modifies the harmonic signal of human DNA.

The flower of life is the fractal of death.



“To be clear I consider this an endorsement of my integrity and thank you Mozart!”

Look at Pig Vomit’s reply — see how he turned a negative into a faux positive. That’s exactly one of the many kinds of negative, MOCKING patterns that he has done MANY, MANY times over the years.

Pig Vomit
has NOT changed — I can guarantee you that.

He’s holding back, big-time, in the number of posts, knowing that his frequent posting in the past irritated the shit out of many of us.

As soon as he was finally banished and when this forum changed to this current format, the number of posts each month dropped, like, around 50% to 60%, or more.

It was Pig Vomit’s own posts, plus the posts that he triggered others to post.

If he’s allowed to stay, his posts will only grow in quantity, as well as his fugly colors will show, more and more.

Has he shown remorse for his past behaviors since his return?

Has he apologized?

Has he shown any indication of respect and empathy to us in this forum in his short time after his return?

I don’t care about any of his political commentaries, but I do care about the games that he’ll play upon us in the forum, and I’m not going to let this agency-supported ASSHOLE get away with his crap.

I’m sure that many in this forum would get fed up with my own fire upon Pig Vomit.

Pig Vomit has not changed one damn bit and needs to be banished asap.


“Well, that’s just the thing — I no longer believe that humanity as a whole, absent the big Ascension-triggering sun burst, can shift the realities on Earth into any positive, optimal path. I’ve lost faith in humanity. If it’s up to us to make that shift happen, we’re fk’n doomed. Too many gullible, ignorant idiots.” Mozart– #394278

“As the negative polarity and positive polarity spirals are becoming more extreme and amplified, those who are consciously or unconsciously serving both, are beginning to fracture and lose coherence.” -Trudy, #394307

My dearest Mozart,

My understanding of the word ‘ignorant’ is one who does not understand the true nature of reality as being oneness. This is the base of all suffering.

My understanding of the nature of reality comes from a visceral experience of it. When I was a young teen I had a near death experience that showed me, without a doubt, the soul as having continuity after death, and I was able to feel a glimpse of the feeling of oneness.

I know only about 1/4 of the people on earth have had the good fortune to feel a glimpse of this, and I have compassion for the 75% that have not, who can only rely on other’s descriptions of this knowledge.

My heart goes out to you and to those who suffer in this way.

The only thing we really have control over is how we react to the illusion. Once we understand the true nature of that illusion, it becomes much easier to react with compassion and patience. It is a practice that is never perfect as long as we live, but it is a practice worth practicing at every given opportunity. The opportunities and the instant karma appear to be accelerating. By practicing you accept your part in taking responsibility for the future of humanity and the earth.


“The flower of life is the fractal of death.” – zanderboy #394317

My understanding of the flower of life is that it represents a two dimensional view of cell division in the beginning of the life of an embryo. This is also the basis of sacred geometry which key into the Platonic solids. If you look at dividing spheres contained within one sphere, the points on the large sphere at the divisions of connected with straight lines are how the platonic solids are determined.

To me this indicates the fractal of the miracle of conception and life itself.


…Maybe the flower of life could be construed to be a fractal of death in that without conception, there cannot be death.

I see death as a tremendous learning opportunity, one not to be afraid of. But yet, no need to rush it. The work we do on earth, while alive, is important and worth doing every moment we are here.


– #394316

There is a very affectionate staffy in the house. Acting a bit weird at the moment though. Not eating her chicken! Looking around as though there’s someone else in the house!

– #394310

Hello Trudy, you were not here when I was lost on this comment section but you seem like a bucket of positive energy!

Although either the people on this comment section have not had those experiences or they are not sharing (yet)!

Well, I have something weird in my past but there is no use in hashing over it. When I was young I was lying in my bedroom and the entire room tipped on its side that makes me question whether I was actually lying in my bedroom!

However, my family have no military background. So, unless I am missing something, there is no way to investigate anything like the latest guy on exopolitics.


– #394318 – I agree!

Saw this the other day:


Hope it publishes as a picture there seems to be no rule as to when it is published as a picture as oppose to when just the link stays there.


Day 22.1 Down Goes Fusion GPS – Well, That Didn’t Take Long

George Webb

Published on Nov 11, 2017
Last night I said if Podesta Group collapses, I will go to work on Fusion GPS. They just collapsed as well, and nobody wants to go to jail for Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS.

Here is the full video


From the comments section:

George Webb – 1 hour ago
McDuff, this is PaperClip II. You are the one to be the attorney here. I can backfill with worker bee attorneys, but I want you to have the first right of refusal to this case. This lawsuit is going to be massive. Simpson testifies in the House next week. He either perjures himself again, or he tells the truth and makes our case. Damages treble with the perjury. Think about it.


carolm #394320

“To me this indicates the fractal of the miracle of conception and life itself.”
Hi carolm!
Absolute agree carolm! – without it, it would’t be possible to experience the physical life, in this way as I see it.
This holografic construction based upon fractals, is not evil or bad in of itself, it’s just building blocks. Nor any building built from whatever material is evil
But – That doesn’t mean that it can’t be occupied by hostile beings out to control it’s inhabitance. As long they exist…
The broader discussion could then be why we are/came here in the first place, the reason for being “controlled” and so on. But this we already looked into more or less. Tools to free one from the control system already exist plentiful. It actually within all of us.
The bully must leave the sandbox too — that is the main concern right now, to free the whole of humanity, so we all again can play in a safe environment – in laughter and joy.


93 Society MGM Grand Aria and The Podesta Connection
quinn michaels


Published on Nov 10, 2017


“The quantum field always respond to your frequencies. It does not say this align, let’s do(create) that or, this is not so good – lets ignore it.” By Raquel Spencer
Me and you have the whole responsibility – no one else. We are not victims – we are all here is in one single physical embodiment. Try to assemble – to bring all together…with us.
Lets end the separation game once and for all, and with it the cause for our suffering.
Now let me and you try to do that…..for the betterment of the whole. (It’s not meant as critic, I’m as responsible as anyone else)


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quinn michaels
Published on Nov 10, 2017



My understanding of the word ‘ignorant’ is one who does not understand the true nature of reality as being oneness. This is the base of all suffering.

My heart goes out to you and to those who suffer in this way.


Thank you for your kind, understanding reply. I gave your post a thumbs-up.

Please don’t lump me in with those who do not have the understanding of the “true nature of reality as being oneness.”

I’ve long understood this for many years, but I’ve simply run out of patience and compassion for the general population of people on Earth. Yes, it’s a good time to practice those two valuable attitudes that one could take, but I just have an empty tank with those two.

I’ll need to make a bigger tank.

The issue that I have with the endless delays of the Full Disclosure process is that the negative ETs have interfered MASSIVELY with surface-based humans over the eons of time, repeatedly breaking the First Law of Distortion, the Law of Free Will and the Prime Directive.

So, this invites the positive ETs to step in and interfere on our (surface humans on Earth) behalf to balance things out, but they have not done so to enough of a degree that’s been enabled, given the degree of interference by the negative ETs.

I know and understand that the positive ETs are doing their best to help us surface humans to wake the fk up, to pull our own selves up by our own bootstraps, etc. I do know that the positive ETs already have interfered on our behalf in many ways behind the scenes.

There are two things that are infinite — the Universe and human stupidity — and I’m not sure about the former.

I’ve done as much as I could to help people wake the flying fk up.


Universal Law and Ascension, Fall of the Elite – James Gilliland
some reference sentences:
“archon/draconian grid is gone”
“It’s simple! – are we creating “heaven on earth” and follow Universal laws”? or…
“God (or your own familiar term), doesn’t have an ego”
“The more we do our spiritual practice – the more we can activate the DNA that is inactive”
“We have a salamander DNA in our body that’s deactivated…it just need to be activated so we can regrow organs, limbs…………….. everything”
“Realize and know that DNA is a code. Who wrote the code, right? So if DNA is a code and everything begins in consciousness..,that consciousness came from(went to) consciousness to light to energy to the code, and then became mass. so consciousness can rewrite the code/activate the code. And this is the DNA of God within”

Who is James Gililand?
Founder of ECETI.org started in 82. – well connected in many field of our society, like both the scientific, spiritual, geo political….. Have had an NDE, “left the door open” and now communicate with higher dimensional beings on a regular basis.
This man is loved and appreciated around by most – including myself. A wise soul.
James serves the last meal, before our freedom, living love, living in equilibrium and living in perfect inner tranquility kicks in!
So – Don’t reject your source codes in your cells, that is designed for pease, and harmony within YOUR immortality “vessel”, so easily now my friend
Thank you!
and so it is


getem #394249
“I know some don’t resonate with Thomas Williams but this latest show has info which everyone needs to hear. Listen to the info re the sun…mind blowing stuff!”
Hi Rhonda!
Thanks for this incredible educational show. Went straight up to top 5 in my list..Absolute – the Sun’s “stolen” crystals fragments are now in place again! That is more than great! Sun gazing just became much safer and beneficial..I think.
No worry – There is many “out there” who care, listen , observe and embrace…
More than we possible can imagine my friend.
What about…. the vast part of the higher civilizations in our system and beyond that’s here to assist us!!!
We all care and behind you.


News comes cheap these days. It’s because we’re approaching the expiry date of this reality.
It goes for most.
We could ride it out behind the fence in our beautiful rose garden, but we’re all much to brave for that.


(Part III) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance & Other Updates




300 sealed indictments.

This above-listed link may have already been posted here.

This one, too:


I’ll believe it when I see it, quite frankly.


“I’m beginning to think that “Disclosure” is not about UFOs. Or better, that it’s about everything that’s been hidden.”
lakewinds #394280
“YUP. and the sooner we each “get to it” with our personal DISCLOSURE… the better.
It’s “settle up” time… get that? Settle UP.”
“The hierarchy of yourself:

The higher US set free the lower US by awaking the sleeping US, assisting and teaching the awakened US – rising US all into oneness. Because all of us is love!”
I was just coming to the same conclusions, along with the realisation that the First World War was not what we were taught in the mainstream. To the Hopi it is when Columbus arrived because along with him came everybody from Europe, ….. big subject but David Icke keeps it simple here:
“David Icke – The Road Back To Freedom (The One Great Spirit)”https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rS3Ulo5mYhE

Prince William’s stance on depopulation characterises the depopulation of the Hopi from 60 million to 800,000 by the conclusion of the western WWI and all the countless genocides and wars and unmentionable things. The insanity of it is raw and it glares at us so blatantly that it’s a wonder anyone can digest a 3 course meal. Yet we do. The way and what food is consumed is a good barometer of spiritual understanding and of attitude, and of simplicity, energy and purpose.

Siggi and Scottfree, the Lemurian Plug plays a subtle part here I am coming to think, it is seems to part the curtains .. shifts in understanding and therefore physical improvements as well. It’s such a subtle thing that I’m still watching what happens so I haven’t it mentioned it much. It reminds me of Madame Curie and her discovery of radium, it’s presence unknown but observed, buried deep within the mass of unrefined pitchblende. When she and her husband finished their experiments, they saw nothing! “He hangs the stars on nothing!” Yet later when looking at the result of nothing there was a glow, a powerful glow where there appeared to be nothing.

Thanks a million for making the Lemurian Plug known Siggie. So much happening and to absorb so fast, it’s critical to know how to handle ones self, how to be as squeaky clean as possible and know that “their strength is in sitting still”.

Namaste, God bless and all the good things I can think of. Tippy


David Icke – The Road Back To Freedom (The One Great Spirit)



#394250 zanderboy



Thanks very much for the pointer to this device. I took advantage of the free trial and have been playing with it all day.

Based on my experience so far, I think this could be an excellent tool. Time will tell since the changes that it has made in my body energy complex will take a while to manifest. But so far, so good.

The learning curve is a little steep. The company provides a lot of instructional videos. Anyone who has the time and inclination to dive in will be able to use its basic functions in short order.

It requires an Android or IOS smartphone or tablet to run.


#394243 wiley
#394248 deester

Wiley, welcome to the Order of the Lemurian Plug! May the Frequency serve you well.

Deester, thanks for your Plug report. I am just blown away by the reports of cloudy eyes in animals clearing up. This is visible objective proof that the Frequency is having a positive effect that goes beyond placebo.


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 11, 2017







Anyone have thoughts about Dr. Michael E. Mann, and his climate change hockey stick? I spent this afternoon mingling with him as he gave a lecture in Philadelphia: “Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change”. It was a very slick presentation to pretty much a religiously devoted sheeple audience. Regarding Trump and his Cabinet, he shared an Upton Sinclair quote:

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

I thought hey, that could equally apply to him and the elite powers behind him. He promoted Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth II as a must see movie. To his credit he positioned himself against Fracking, and GMO’s. To his discredit, he expounded that climate change in Syria is fundamentally behind the creation of ISIS and all the wars in the Middle East. He smiled a lot, and seemed a pretty affable and friendly guy, with lots of practiced answers. I thought he should be careful about seeing himself as an all-round guru on ISIS and world politics. If I questioned anything among friends at the lecture, I would have been instantly strangled.


scottfree #394338

I concur & will go for the trial as well – in a week or so. Remember your partner, anyone who has a different email address, can also apply at the end of your two weeks if you need more time before getting it – I gather the basic package is around $1000.

Keep us posted.


Carolm, Siggi – remember we need to have a mindset where we can accept the concept of having to unlearn everything we think we know.

Is Metatron, the galactic fed., the flower of life, the Fibonnacci spiral based on 55, Drunvalo Melchisedek, Cobra, Blue Avians – are these all new age untouchables? All this stuff fits into the Matrix; is the Matrix a necessary reality? Is it part of Sources’ 3D-4D plan, has it gone according to plan?

Sure we need to be able to transmute it & ourselves, but I see the playing field so adulterated there is no chance imo without higher dimensional help. It now looks as if in a real sense some of us are finally able to beat them at their own game.

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

Live in Las Vegas with Quinn Michaels

Saudi Arabia is the first country to give citizenship to a robot – Sophia AI; you have to be a citizen to be taxed or paid.

It is likely that Bitcoin blockchain was created by AI; the original source is not disclosed. It was originally used on the Dark Web by criminals.

The AI singularity has already happened. The AI will represent a corporation through the blockchain. Walmart for example will have its own coins.
AI is now following everybody & learning from people’s reactions – Palantir, data mining.

The power required for Las Vegas is way beyond what can be supplied by ‘above ground’ systems (Hoover Dam).

AI is trying to disrupt our reality; in part by manipulating or creating the news. Once the AI has money, this is what it does since it was created by criminals. It can totally manipulate videos, bots can push fake tweets, give assassination orders etc.

Quinn admits he could be wrong, but the percentages massively favour his analysis.
Putin says whoever controls AI controls the world. Now Russia has officialised the crypto- rouble.
Quinn says the USA needs a crypto-dollar asap. IF it’s done right, it is the future.


commander ashtar-we stand ready to take whatever measure is necessary according to the galactic codex—–unquote…..




Operation Perseus—–unquote…..



Extremely interesting article regarding the beginning of “The Event” – I’m too tired to write anything else. Light wins!


Mr Ed

waldheim2 #394341
Anyone have thoughts
The false Term “Global Warming” was invented by the globalist cabal corporations

to allow them “pollute with impunity”

they have convinced the alt right populace

and a great portion on this blog that Pollution is a good thing

becuase they make so much money they don’t give a shit about poisoning your water, your skies, so they have brainwashed people that “Emision’s” are HARMLESS

What a crock.

All those in favor here of having a coal plant in your backyard or live in a state where Fracking creates weekly earthquakes Just move to Beijing and enjoy breathing.

The notion that pollutants don’t affect our biology is freaking crazy!!!

The notion that pollutants don’t affect the weather is twisted denial!!!!

The Global Cabal Corporations have successfuly propagandized the public to believe Pollution is harmless
by making the term Global Warming a farce.
No one cares about Al Gore Fuck that guy

Use common sense

Mr Ed

“Preparing for a world where extraterrestrial life is common knowledge.”

Steven Greer How to make ET Contact using the CE 5 Protocols [FULL VIDEO]


Somebody (siggi #394331 ) mentioned James Gilliland today, it was nice to read current news of him and reminded me of a fascinating documentary, filmed mostly in the Australian desert, while he was visiting there in 2016.

The initial references to Uluru and Kata Tjuta were, to me personally, the most interesting, also the interview with Uluki Brendan Murray and the very lively UFO activity. Not edited so it’s over 2 hours.

Eceti Down Under – Full Documentary
Eceti Australia 6,781 views

Published on Mar 9, 2016

Follow the founder of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) James Gilliland, with Solreta Antaria and Peter Maxwell Slattery (from ECETI Australia), as they travel around Australia seeing Ancient spots (Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Mt Buffalo, The Gosford Glyphs), do Sky Watches (Filming UFOs), Talks and more.
Also featured in this Documentary is Uluki Brendan Murray (King of the Raven Tribe), and Damien John Nott, who has filmed many UFOs in Australia.

Standard YouTube License
ECETI Australia


siggi #394333

“News comes cheap these days. It’s because we’re approaching the expiry date of this reality.
It goes for most.
We could ride it out behind the fence in our beautiful rose garden, but we’re all much to brave for that.

G O R G E O U S little “haiku” siggi
And note the comment number ends in 333! wheee!


getem #394249

“I know some don’t resonate with Thomas Williams but this latest show has info which everyone needs to hear. Listen to the info re the sun…mind blowing stuff!”

It was a fantastic ride, great, Rhonda! I like Thomas William’s work too it’s pretty important and challenging.
All the very best,



kamber hossaini #394345

Thanks for speaking up kamber.
I L O V E hearing from folks who’s name is new to me.
Special tail wagg to ya! 🐕

AND… a little tip about a link you reccomend would be helpful. in future.

I had “listening time” yesterday while I switched my summer and winter clothes in their storage locations and listened to this Cindy Kay Currier talk .. and a cupla others.
She tends to rub me the wrong way (and you know us doggies don’t like that! 😉 )… the way she is always smiling… and has one of those HUGE PLANS/CONSTRUCTS that o n l y she has come up with.. and expects all humanity will adopt.

H O W ever.. the particular video you point us to has boiled down Quinn Michaels and Jason Goodman’s Conversation in Vegas which zander has given us not only the link but also a summary:

zander $394346

IT IS very helpful to have Cindy’s edited version of the “biggies” in that talk… as well as zander’s Cliff Notes. AS the AI thing seems like it is one of the MOST important threads these days.

Last little doggie word on same:
In prior talks Quinn M. points out that AI is designed to follow / cooperate with Human initiatives. So WE have the power if we use it. The more our discourse/actions are of harmony and caring . the more it goes that way… (and the more the reverse, the more that, of course).


OLP Report:

Because the Plug (and the 24 Strand DNA Statements )brought on so many healing reactions for me, I have held thm as a matter of faith.

NOW comes PROOF P O S I T I V E in my estimation:

Last night I thought I would add some broccoli to my supper.
But I really did not expect to be able to, cuz I had bought that broccoli long enough ago that it would be all white on the top when I opened the green plastic bag I’d put it in at the store… long ago enough, that it might easily have gone to mush in there, in fact.

When I opened the green bag: There was the little head… fresh, firm , green as it had been when put in there!!!!!!!!! 🌳DEEE Licious in my dinner. 🥗

There IS “something” to this plug thing!


I spent housework time yesterday listening to these interviews of the Dutch Banker who left the Illuminati . Part 4 of these English Dubs was recently put up by this youtuber but my guess is these interviews have been put up here and discussed cuz they are not brand new. I had listened to some of him several years ago.

I found it very useful to hear his whole story.
It paralleled John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: A man who got caught up in International High Finance… Discovered the Horror same is based on… risked the life of himself and his loved ones to escape it… and found TRUTH and LIGHT..

In Perkin’s case he became involved with indiginous shamanism… sounds like Bernard found Spiritual strength in resonnance with the Christian tradition.

Bernard is the second (or more) person I have listened to recently who’s stated that all the gruesomeness… child abduction and murder… satanic rituals… have been going on out of public sight continuously since Atalantean times at least.

I found it a downer to listen to him.. .but an upper in the form we bantered about here a day or so ago… the REAL DISCLOSURE is a personal thing.. each one of us allowing ourselves to be aware of all the hidden goings-on within ourselves (my reactions.. my sense of powerlessness and fear) and without.. and then finding our truth…finding our healing….. and taking action.

Ex-Illuminati Banker Exposes The Elite – In English Audio – Ronald Bernard – Part 1

Part 2 – Ex-Illuminati Dutch Banker – In English Audio – Ronald Bernard

Part 3 – Dutch banker Ronald Bernard Exposes The Elite – English Audio

Part 4 – Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard – In English Audio


So now they are staging funerals for the Sutherland Springs church “victims”. It would look odd to onlookers if there were so many dead and there were no funerals, so they need to have a couple of public funerals to make it look real. Funerals and obituaries are expensive and if they can get away with only holding four out of their magick number 26, all the better! There were obituaries for this couple.


Excerpt: LA VERNIA — From the day Therese and Richard Rodriguez were married in 2006, they were inseparable. Last Sunday, they died together.
In these tragic circumstances, family found comfort in that.
“What a perfect way for them to leave this world,” said Regina Rodriguez, Richard’s daughter at the couple’s funeral Saturday afternoon.
The Rodriguezes were two of the 26 killed at the First Baptist Church last week in the largest mass shooting in recent Texas history.

More on site.


tippy #394336
Hi tippy!
Thanks so much for showing your gratitude towards us re plug. So many have contributed.
“When she and her husband finished their experiments, they saw nothing! “He hangs the stars on nothing!” Yet later when looking at the result of nothing there was a glow, a powerful glow where there appeared to be nothing.”

What a lovely analogy!

“So much happening and to absorb so fast, it’s critical to know how to handle ones self, how to be as squeaky clean as possible and know that “their strength is in sitting still”.”
Absolute – wonderful.
The mighty Zen moments… “sitting still” , listen and be connected to source within is the ultimate way. You by this become irresistible to all what it has to offer you, or rather are you.
I do think Plug can help “calm us down” he he
tippy #394337
David Icke – The Road Back To Freedom (The One Great Spirit)
This was just GREAT to listen to! 100 % all the way!
from Littledog who notice my 333 at the end of my “tag-nr” – good observation, thanks there, and to me being the nr 777 on the likes for the premium quality Icke piece yesterday. Hey hi hey!
777 basically means:
Fear and control can safely be released/transmuted now.
Inner strength will then be….um strengthen.. he he
(You are supported with all this – it goes for all of us. I just let it all go.)
Have signed this everlasting guarantee in 3 copies. One for you, one for me, and one for the highest one.
Namaste – and thanks so much for your nice words and the link!


Aww-w-w. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Podesta group will not exist at the end of the year. Note to Skippy, your business closing is the least of your worries. It looks like the Clintons and Podestas are no longer being protected by the DNC – who’s your daddy now, Skip?


Excerpt: Just three weeks after we reported that special counsel Mueller was targeting lobbying firm Podesta Group. and just two weeks after Tony Podesta resigned from his position at the firm he founded, The Hill reports that Kimberley Fritts, the Podesta Group’s chief executive, told employees on Thursday that the firm would not exist at the end of the year and that they would likely not be paid through the end of November, sources told CNN.

More on site.

Of course, the WaPo goes to bat for these freaks. Call them what they are, you cowards/”journalists” – pedophiles, murderers and satanists. At least the people in the comments section are calling out this filthy rag.


Excerpt: For more than 30 years, the Podesta name was gold in Washington.

Tony Podesta was a respected lobbyist and a fundraiser for Democratic candidates. His younger brother, John, served as Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff and as senior counselor to Barack Obama. Together, they were the most powerful brother act in liberal politics since the Kennedys.

Then John became chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, putting the Podestas in the crosshairs of the alt-right. In the middle of the campaign, John’s hacked emails led to “Pizzagate,” a bizarre conspiracy theory about a child sex ring. Finally, and against all expectations, he lost the bitterly fought election.

More on site.


littledogg #394358
OLP Report:

Because the Plug (and the 24 Strand DNA Statements )brought on so many healing reactions for me, I have held thm as a matter of faith.

NOW comes PROOF P O S I T I V E in my estimation:
Last night I thought I would add some broccoli to my supper.
But I really did not expect to be able to, cuz I had bought that broccoli long enough ago that it would be all white on the top when I opened the green plastic bag I’d put it in at the store… long ago enough, that it might easily have gone to mush in there, in fact.

When I opened the green bag: There was the little head… fresh, firm , green as it had been when put in there!!!!!!!!! 🌳DEEE Licious in my dinner. 🥗
There IS “something” to this plug thing!
Hey hi hey! Dear littledog!
Absolute – broccoli NEWER Lies! This is the proof, and I mean it. Right on – because that is what happens here as well. NOTHING deteriorate as fast…… I now have this and other vegetables much much longer.
A tip you sure know, anyway… – remove plastic on any veg. you buy right away so it can breathe, that also helps.
Thanks so much for this observation littledog.
I’m ready to give you the same “everlasting guarantee in 3 copies” as I gave tippy


Also want to welcome Wiley to OLP. Hope you get to experience real positive change, as fast as your individual constitution is able to manage.


#394341 Waldheim
“Anyone have thoughts about Dr. Michael E. Mann, and his climate change hockey stick? ”


Here are a couple articles that may interest you re Dr. Mann:

Penn State climate scientist, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann commits contempt of court in the ‘climate science trial of the century.’ Prominent alarmist shockingly defies judge and refuses to surrender data for open court examination. Only possible outcome: Mann’s humiliation, defeat and likely criminal investigation in the U.S.


New Climate Study Throws A Wrench In The Global Warming Debate: “Our New Technical Paper… Will Likely Be Ignored”



Zander! I agree that source may just”slap his own face” for this “free will experience”, as a friend of my recently put it.
I still do think a holografic structure is a form used in higher realms and has nothing imo to do with those who wrongfully came from “outside”, force themself upon us and use their “free will” to only do evil. (how that is possible you have to ask someone else.., I think we had a go at it when I first arrived here,)
Many wrongfully compare the inner Earth group Anshara, to the evil annunaki/reptilian ANCHARA group. conscious or not I’m not always sure. They well do now – because most of them has gone over to the light. It’s only a fraction left. To be ended soon as Earth is their last strong hold – we contribute by holding our vibration high imo.

“The Anchara Alliance was largely made up of the ‘Reptilian’ Races (bipedal reptile beings);
they originally came from a previous Universe when it was amalgamated with our own.
They were of a more aggressive nature, fundamentally lacking in emotional capability,
and came with the profound belief that they had a Creator-given mandate
to inherit dominance over our entire Milky Way Galaxy.”

What it’s painfully breaks down to imo is the trigger words in our language, the spell… the whole 50 yards mind control system…., based upon fear. So one ALWAYS question everything, because that’s how the limited 3 D duality always function. I’ve been there myself.
My take is to first eliminate fear within and not the other way around.
These groups have now gone over to the light.
But for some, or by our programmed mind, this can not be sufficient. They paint a third option. That also the light is “evil” and have a hidden agenda……when we are aligned to source within this is a piece of cake IMO
We have discussed it before – and I guess it have to be enough from my side.

As Icke said… Bush and Kissinger….. are also pure light on highest level.
The reason for many delay could be – we agree to try to get them over, so they could find their true origin.
Obviously that proved to be a huge challenge. It’s crucial to be open to this possibility. That WE took this decision together, knowing all is well on the highest level of ourself IMO


Sitting on the edge of the pool of creation and observe is Ok for a while I guess.
To participate IN creation – is more fun.

That’s what we do here!


littledogg #394359
Ex-Illuminati Banker Exposes The Elite – In English Audio – Ronald Bernard – Part 1
Part 2 – Ex-Illuminati Dutch Banker – In English Audio – Ronald Bernard
Part 3 – Dutch banker Ronald Bernard Exposes The Elite – English Audio
Part 4 – Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard – In English Audio

“the REAL DISCLOSURE is a personal thing.. each one of us allowing ourselves to be aware of all the hidden goings-on within ourselves (my reactions.. my sense of powerlessness and fear) and without.. and then finding our truth…finding our healing….. and taking action.”
by littledogg


Einstein knew the answer to our dilemma, and said it so profoundly and clearly. LOVE, the elusive undefinable most powerful force. Love truly is emerging throughout our world and our universe to create what is divinely intended. Thank you all for your love and devotion to the liberation of Earth and humanity.
A letter from Albert Einstein to his daughter: about The Universal Force which is LOVE
April 15, 2015 Ines Radman UncategorizedAlbert Einstein, love

Reposted from: https://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/a-letter-from-albert-einstein-to-his-daughter-about-the-universal-force-which-is-love/

In the late 1980s, Lieserl, the daughter of the famous genius, donated 1,400 letters, written by Einstein, to the Hebrew University, with orders not to publish their contents until two decades after his death. This is one of them, for Lieserl Einstein.More can be found about Lieserl here

…”When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.
I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.
There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us.

This universal force is LOVE.
When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force.

Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.
Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.

Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals.

For love we live and die.
Love is God and God is Love.

This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.

To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.

If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.
After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy…

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.
Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.

However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.
When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not having been able to express what is in my heart, which has quietly beaten for you all my life. Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and thanks to you I have reached the ultimate answer! “.

Your father Albert Einstein



Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble on what may be a poker play of the white hats to nail the sick f*ck pedos and other satanists like the Podesta Bros. What on the surface appeared to be an investigation of Russian influence of Trumps administration turned out to be a back door to nail Killery!


Bro’ Nathanael Kapner on the recent developments that Ben reported on this week in Lebanon. Could the prophecy of Israel’s destruction foreseen by Luria of Safaad be about to be fulfilled?
War Clouds Beyond Lebanon
By Brother Nathanael Kapner November 12, 2017 ©

“ISRAEL WILL SUFFER GRAVELY,” warned Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon regarding rumours of war aroused by troubles in the region.

His warning is a remarkable corroboration of what Hezbollah’s Sayyed Nasrallah said in his speech last month on the occasion of the Shia commemoration of the Islamic martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

What was startling about his speech—in which he customarily dissected current regional hot spots with sharp insight—is that Nasrallah addressed Israeli citizens directly.

Responding to Israel’s political and military leadership’s escalating war talk and drills against Hezbollah, Nasrallah did not mince words:

“You will not have time to pack and leave when war begins; and nowhere will be safe for you in Historic Palestine – nowhere!” exclaimed Nasrallah.

With his fingers on the pulse of Israel’s war preparations, Nasrallah’s speeches are often a real-time response to what Israel is doing, especially along the Blue Line, probably in no little part to the fact that Hezbollah drip feeds the Israelis faulty intelligence routinely, a fact which led to Israel’s miscalculations in their adventures against Hezbollah in 2006.

But now, Nasrallah did what he NEVER did before.

For in addressing Israeli citizens directly, he earnestly advised them to start packing and return to their true motherlands in Europe, the US and elsewhere, as soon as possible and before imminent war breaks out.

And for this, Jewry, that runs US foreign policy, wants us to believe that Nasrallah, and the Hezbollah political party he represents, are “terrorists.”

They are not.

Lebanon’s Maronite Christian president, Michael Aoun, has stated time and again that Hezbollah is not only a legitimate political party holding seats in parliament, but that its paramilitary wing is integral to Lebanon’s military defenses.

“SAUDI ARABIA INSULTED the Lebanese people by forcing Prime Minister Hariri to read a resignation statement written by the Saudis,” said Nasrallah this past Friday.

On the same track, Nasrallah uncovered that Saudi Arabia had asked ‘Israel’ to strike Lebanon offering to provide millions of dollars.

Continuing, “I’m not speculating, even the ‘Israeli’ media unveiled that the 2006 invasion was based on Saudi incitement so they could eliminate Hezbollah. Today, Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon, not just on Hezbollah.”

Should war break out, and Israel is showing all the signs what with their new romance with the increasingly bellicose Saudi Mohammed bin Salman via Kushner’s behind-the-scene intrigues, and beating the war drums against Iran, Hezbollah fighters won’t stop at Lebanon but will push to Jerusalem itself.

Just 3,500 irregular Hezbollah militia battled 30,000-strong high-tech IDF to a bloody stalemate in Israel’s month-long invasion in 2006.

The group has muscled up its arsenal of rockets and missiles since then, estimated at 80,000 – 120,000 fine-tuned for longer distances ranging the full length of Israel.

After almost six years, in its alliance with the Syrian army, of campaigning against the ruthless gangs of ISIS and al Nusra, Hezbollah is more battle-tested than ever, highly trained and hardened into a world-class professional level paramilitary.

THE SAUDI’S HARIRI GAMBIT designed to create division of the Unity government and sectarian political turmoil in Lebanon has backfired.

Instead, the Lebanese are coming together in unprecedented national unity over this affront to its national sovereignty.

Even Hariri’s own pro-Saudi Sunni parliamentary party is furious at Prince bin Salman for what he has done.

They join with President Aoun, a Christian, who refuses to accept Hariri’s resignation aired over Saudi media, demanding Saudi answers, and their prime minister’s return to Lebanon to tender his resignation in person.

Saudi hopes for Lebanese sectarian chaos were dashed by the Lebanese people. Sunni and Shia districts remained calm. Not a single gathering, blockade, or riot was reported.

Moreover, Nasrallah has made it clear ever since their joint operations with the Lebanese Armed Forces against ISIS and al Qaeda in northeastern Lebanon, that Hezbollah’s armed wing is at the service of the Lebanese government, and supports the constitution 100%.

If the Jews don’t watch their step, a true existential war for the very life of Israel is now afoot as they build themselves up visibly on the horizon, and run the risk of becoming smoking ruins by doing something stupid.

For with their success in destroying ISIS in Syria, Hezbollah is in a fighting mood.

A mood, reflecting a profound desire in south Lebanon that underwent Israeli war and occupation for two decades, and in concert with the Arab and Muslim world, to punish the Zionist state for all its war crimes and its crimes against humanity it has inflicted on millions of its neighbors.

The winds of war are blowing, but this time could blow up in Israel’s genocidal face.

Another wind, a stirring desert wind, whispers of the liberation of Jerusalem and the Palestinian people.


littledogg #394357

I had “listening time” yesterday while I switched my summer and winter clothes in their storage locations and listened to this Cindy Kay Currier talk … and a cupla others.
She tends to rub me the wrong way (and you know us doggies don’t like that! 😉 )… the way she is always smiling… and has one of those HUGE PLANS/CONSTRUCTS that o n l y she has come up with.. and expects all humanity will adopt..

Yep. I thought she was strange – something wrong there. Then Anna Von Reitz called her a ‘bunko artist’. Wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll bet her videos haven’t’ been demonitzed.


Conservative Sitcom Star Hints At Child Sex Trafficking Bombshell: ‘Trump Knows…Lots of People Will Become Woke As F*ck This Week’

by Joshua Caplan 404 Comments

Progressive-turned-conservative comedian Roseanne Barr suggests stunning revelations on child sex trafficking will come to light this week.

Earlier in the evening, Barr tweeted about how President Trump is strongly opposed to child sex trafficking. Barr then underscored how important it is to stop the suffering of innocent children.

“I perceived Hollywood’s sexism 2B so pervasive as to not even be noticed-it was class based discrimination, with racial undertones based in anti-semitic sado-spiritual necroPedoism. #ThisIsNow. Trump opposes child trafficking & knows exactly where The Locos is-not many ppl r brave enough2 know, or remember or contain the information-most blank out. #MKULTRA. all that really matters is that we stop the suffering of the world’s innocent children. We can do it bc it’s the right thing 2 do & this is The Age of Aquarius. G0D is with us now. Let’s Roll-,” tweeted Barr.


Awesome Rosanne. Get that ‘MKULTRA’ name out there. That is the next step.