Khazarian mob takedown:  Hundreds of Saudi arrests followed by hundreds of U.S. arrests

The great purge of Khazarian mobsters continues as hundreds of arrests of Saudi princes, generals, and politicians is now being followed up with the 842 sealed indictments against senior Khazarian gangsters in the U.S., confirmed by Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.

Pentagon sources sent the photos below showing Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator John “Daesh” McCain “in custody wearing orthopedic boots to hide GPS ankle bracelet on their right leg.”

The fact is that most politicians in Washington, D.C. have become very rich since joining politics, in ways that cannot be remotely justified by their salaries.  This means most have been bribed, and that is why most of them are going to go to jail.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been deliberately acting senile in public recently in order to have a medical excuse to avoid arrest, NSA sources say.

These same NSA sources are now saying the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on October 1 was an attempt by mercenaries working for the G4S security company ( hired by George Bush Sr. to create a distraction in order to kill U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan (MBS).  Trump and MBS were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, these sources say.

Both Trump and MBS were evacuated safely and the arrests have now begun in a way that can no longer be denied by the corporate propaganda media, multiple sources confirm.
As the arrests were taking place, Trump had a secret meeting in Vietnam with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.  Here is what a CIA source, who had eyes and ears at the meeting, had to say.

“There is a lot more than the ‘the sideline meetings and brief handshakes’ that the media has portrayed.  The three world leaders (Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping) met off the record.  President Jokowi [of Indonesia] was there as well (as a representative of the Soekarno M1 gold holdings).  Trump was informed that next month, Putin and/or the Russian Central Bank will

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Take them down


2 is this true?


#3! Yippee….


Day 23.4 Podesta Group Will Close Wednesday

George Webb
Published on Nov 12, 2017

Day 24 Warmup – You Can’t Just Declare Your Own Confederacy Because You Want To Smuggle Uranium

George Webb
Published on Nov 13, 2017


Light… THE HIGHEST Light, power, well being to ALL written about here, all actors, all readers, all arresters, all arrestees, all worryiny n hoping n waiting n writing n praying….ALL.

For The Highest Good Of all Concerned.


No mention of what is going on in Australian parliament. It is in a complete shambles as many MP’s including the deputy PM have been revealed not eligible to have stood for election due to dual citizenship. Each day more MP’s are shown to be under a cloud re dual citizenship.

This would go back through many governments. These MP’s would have voted on bills and passed laws which, from what I can make of it, mean they are not lawful.

The government has lost it’s majority and the opposition, which is far left, is circling the wagons now.

Big swamp clearing happening it seems.



Thought that more would of been revealed by now after what’s been going on after Trump left for Asia. Oh yea azure where’s that RV at LMAO


Thank you Benjamin for the update, much appreciated.


These same NSA sources are now saying the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on October 1 was an attempt by mercenaries working for the G4S security company hired by George Bush Sr. to create a distraction in order to kill U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan (MBS). Trump and MBS were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, these sources say.

That’s a new spin I haven’t heard before.


Merci beaucoup Ben pour ces infos importantes.
Une question que je me pose:
Qui va arrêter les membres Cabale en Europe ?
Il y en a beaucoup … à commencer par le Vatican, Royaume Uni .. etc.
Les armées des pays concernés ?


11 maybe 11 is lucky?? After my stressful morning I hope so. 🙂


lucybean– I suspect the Oct 1st shootings in Las Vegas were supposed to be the alien invasion that has been planned for years and years.

The reason being is that this is a theme park kind of place- the theme being Egypt. In the middle of Egypt someone decided to put in a ferris wheel….a ferris wheel??? They erected the two towers to construct the ferris wheel and then they changed their mind about building the ferris wheel—but they never took the towers down. I wonder if those towers were light show projectors?

In addition the Isis war is drawing to a close and the alien wars were supposed to be next in line.

So a light show of alien space craft complete with real bullets– that is what I think happened.

Oh- and more than one shooter for sure.


12!!! Well it sounds like good news until you get to the Chinese real estate bubble and the Khazarian Mafia’s chance to invade China big time. It needs to be revealed that the KM has been exercising considerable influence in China under Jinping. His finanacial advisors are at least half Goldinmysox. I’ve read articles talking about the noticeable influx of talmudists into China, especially in the larger cities. The Chinese people don’t know what to make of it and don’t llike them. They don’t speak Chinese.

If this is true and the KM is just moving its operation to China, how will that change anything? Maybe Jinping is on his way out- now THAT would be telling!
Trump at Mandalay? Maybe, but it’s a bit late as a disclosure and that leaves me skeptical.


14 on the thirteenth. Quite a momentous report, Ben!


thanks Ben


Laura Eisenhower: Dissolve Draco-Anunnaki Reptilian-Grey Matrix – Renegotiate Secret ET Treaties
Alfred Lambremont Webre

Published on Nov 6, 2017
Laura Eisenhower: Dissolving the Draco-Anunnaki Reptilian & Orion Grey Matrix by Letting go of the Negative Reptilian DNA and Brain-Portal & Abrogating-Renegotiating the Secret ET Treaties: Emerald Covenant Treaty – Greada Treaty (1954-Ike) – Tau9 Treaty (George HW Bush)

Wow. There’s soooo much here, don’t miss it.


Pierre #394406
“Qui va arrêter les membres Cabale en Europe ?”

In’s 2nd Post of the 4Chan Q’s intel:

“(4th Post) Ten days.
Scare tactics (MSM).
D’s falling.
R’s walk-away/removed.
SA –> US –> Asia –> EU
Disinformation is real.
Distractions are necessary.
Focus was US today while real happening in SA under same context (military control, martial law, missile strike (rogue) etc).
POTUS’ Twitter attack (see above).
Why is this relevant?
What was the last Tweet by POTUS prior to SA?
Why is this relevant?

SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).”





Good morning! Nice and cool day here in Texas!

Robin Larson



DO NOT MISS my new article on the Saudi Mass Arrests, as it is vital to cross-link this with what Ben said here. This just came out last night and has already had nearly 20,000 views:

David Wilcock


21. I guess we’re back to early reports again. Now back to read it. Everyone have a great week!


getem #394402

LIGHT .. WELL BEing Resilience… Peace.. FTHGAC to A L L in Australia… phew!

Q said: “(4Chan) (Sun 05 Nov 2017 21:34:15)

The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital. ”

(See: )

NOT just Americans, eh?


I’m getting that the cabal got into Bitcoin. Somehow they bribed the miners to cause the fees to go way up, to about $5 a transaction. So it only makes sense to do $100 and higher transactions. No more buying a coffee with bitcoin. So Bitcoin has sunk from the high $7,000s to the low $6,000s at the time of writing this. At the same time Bitcoin Cash the coin that split off bitcoin in an August 1, 2017 fork, has went from $300 to close to $1,500 since it has very low fees and may become the real Bitcoin some say.


dwilcock #394417

Whew! once again I found your new post DWilcock and went to check to see if anyone put it up here yet and there you have it…
LIGHT WELL BEing Health and Resiliance to YOU and all who assist you David

and a littledoggie tail wagg! 😉


intruth #394417

Laura Eisenhower… Soooo knowledgeable and Soooo inspiring… speaks THE TRUTH… that of the heart which “Trumps” all.
I listened to this the other eve. and add my kudos to intruths.


littledogg : Merci pour le lien de l’info !


Wonderful report! Gives me hope for another week!




Pierre #394423

Pas de quois.

Petite Étoile
Petite Étoile

Pierre, à ta relexion
Qui va arrêter les membres Cabale en Europe ?
Selon les infos de 4Chan, après l’AS et les USA, il y aura l’asie et pour finir l’UE.

Question de temps.


Petite Étoile : Estelle ?
Merci en tous cas…j’avais trouvé ce lien il y a peu de temps..
Espérons que tout ce processus ira au bout et que le monde retrouve la paix éternelle cette fois !


Thanks for report–it finally seems to be happening. We all have to pray/meditate on the final stage coming to fruition.


Witness sees George Soros at ritual child murder party. She went to cops, judges, Interpol, etc…-video-
Not only was Soros there, but many other prominent European officials.

She witness 3 children tortured, raped, and murdered.

Published on Sep 9, 2014
Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, a key eyewitness to ritual child killings by Dutch royalty and other elites including George Soros, describe the murders that have occurred since 2004 in Belgium and Holland. This is part one of a four part statement she made before officers of the International Common Law Court of Justice this past summer, as part of its prosecution of Pope Francis and others for child trafficking and Ninth Circle ritual killings. The other parts of this interview are forthcoming. Recorded live on June 5, 2014 from Holland. See

Old but still very relevant. Posted by Kevin Annett. (whatever happened to him?)
So Soros is very much involved in all of it.

I remember the Dutch Banker saying the Netherlands is where it all started.


35 today and say Hooray !


I think you’ll find that that picture of Hillary Clinton is on the Norton Show on BBC1 where she twisted her ankle. The background is the same.




zander #394210

zander… your cliff notes are SOOOO HELPFUL… thank you.

I have started keeping files of
1) Ascension info and other Positive Creation-Oriented info
2) AI info

This talk by Harald went in both.

“Harald also tells us in a ceremony were present hundreds of souls from the US & he & the elders discovered this self disgust blocking their ability to love & heal. It stemmed from the rape of nature & the treatment of the native Indians – & so they had to learn to forgive & love themselves first.”

My homebase spiritual pals ( are running a class on forgiveness at the moment. I didn’t make it into the class, but I am attempting to keep this as a daily focus anyway.
Here are their instructions for it:

And for any of you that found that to be useful
Here is a BIG PAGE of Additional Tools:

tail wagg all! 😉 🐕 💃 💕


insidious #394432

Yes. Here is the link i found to the show:

It’s dated Oct 21, 2017.

So either HC has been “in custody” since before then or she actually twisted her ankle some before 3 weeks ago.

All: Wanna take a vote?


We haven’t seen much of Hillary in a while. Obama, Bush and Clinton did that Trump bashing event, but the women are all MIA. Curious. SEems Malia and Sasha have been quite busy as well. How long before they completely disappear those 2?


intruth #394430

“Old but still very relevant. Posted by Kevin Annett. (whatever happened to him?)
So Soros is very much involved in all of it.

I remember the Dutch Banker saying the Netherlands is where it all started.”

And these 2014 investigations of satanic pedophilia that were not just stuffed under the rug… were some of the “start” of fixing the problem… something the Dutch Banker also said needed to originate from Holland.



Read it and weep.


Go Russia, Go Russia, woo woo, Go Russia!


jujubean #394409

You make a GOOD POINT (about bad info)!

Can you give us any links to the articles you’ve seen about the “Goldinmysox” advisors, etc?


phoenix #394439

a) comment number is a palindrome. kool 😉
b) ‘guess we’re on the same team.. I was born in 44. 😉
c) 44 is in the middle of the palindrome… now I am getting a little synchronicity-woozie!


phoenix: why Go Russia! exactly?

Elliott Reed

Uh huh. Time magazine:
good one. I stopped reading Time 30 years ago. Every 5 years or so I find one in a doctor’s office. But that only happens when I “Look up.”


Thanks ben!
“That is why U.S., Chinese, and Russian military forces are humanity’s best hope.”
That may so well be in short term. But seldom are the liberators the ones that’s most equipped to usher in the new. The new age of equality and living by hearth, society.
Am sorry – but don’t fully trust the BRICS alliance either. Elite rule light??
But – Things could well be happening so fast that their reign/life spam could be like of a mayfly?
On the bright side we hear of the more silence purges that has gone on in China for the last 2 – 3 years.
Also – At this point “lies” is necessary. imo
re the “mass pedo arrests”
LIVE: “It’s Happening” Kimdotcom Says | PIZZAGATE CABAL TAKEDOWN


Our 💜 thoughts r soooo much more powerful than even the advanced of us realize most of the time.

Any time Any day Any of us can envision/hope/pray for/intend support for ALL the Peace Visualizations/meditations/prayers going on around our planet.
Of course, Intending that what is
FTHGAC come forward via all the actions we support.

2 sites that list some of the actions are:
and mine:

As for me: I send the light to all the actions I know about n all I don’t know about. For The Highest Good of All Concerned. Any x in the day I remember to.
Like now … as I type this.

RA. WE are RA!
We can do this!



Oh – we must get in to our mind and hearts – that we really NEWER need anyone to rule us, that we are in essence, and coming from source…. ALL THERE IS – and that is enough. period.
(yep – nothing to add to that one…)


Eliot Reed #394444

Well 1st off…. following up on phoenix’s 44s loooook at those 4s there in your comment number. whew! power!

But I hopped on here to say from the doggie perspective: poor mister Kelly.
He’s doing all the work and missing out on all the fun of following those tweets!


siggi #394447
YES! 🖒🌍



Trump was informed that next month, Putin and/or the Russian Central Bank will
officially announce the new gold-backed currency.  It is backed by Russia, China, and India along with their gold holdings.  Indonesia will use the Collateral Accounts gold to back the new currency. 

4 is the numerology of waiting!

– #394444

OK, now the phrase ‘look up’ is also a synchronicity to me. I had to figure out if I had commented that to you first or not. I just posted on an astrology forum and the person had Neptune going over his ascendant so I said as a kind of ‘in joke’ that only I will get, ‘don’t look up’ meaning to apply it to UFO’s!


Just remembered my kitty pals… checked over there and found a kool pair of posts
About stages of the OnComing/InComing EVENT

EVENT Step 6 Countdown Has Begun [UPDATED]

“……….And when it comes to the PTW… they (sadly) look to have a good amount of influence until the very end (at which time the big switch happens). Stay positive. Their various bits of past-driven machinery are breaking down left and right.
………….In the meantime, enjoy the absurdity.”
And a grrrreat way to ground the vibes and stretch into them first brought to us last May apparently:
Stand UP and Be Counted
you can do it. You’re not being asked to do anything unless you feel called. This harkens back to this post, which we hope you explored.

For those who know: we are all literally known as “The Event People.” We are scattered all over. This is what the spirits and higher-order beings keep calling us, but we just thought they were being nice. They weren’t. They were being literal. We are to take a much more active role than any of us expected. Here’s what to do.”

I’m so glad I’m a “cat-friendly” dog


The reason I speak so much on the UFOs – ET civilizations topic…. and this all related to the multi “liars” of our existence, is all is intertwined i.e one. Never do I sit and wait for a liberator. But seek a balancing point between all of it, by working on myself as all of you do as well. Love of all – is thereby so important. To seek to integrate our multifaceted parts at this pivotal moment of our evolution. Includes also ET, which is US in present, future, and past, throughout multiverse That’s mainly why love all and all part of ourself is so important.
Make call to “all of us” – to shake off our fear and lower energies! Trustfully move ahead toward our origin of the natural love-state of beingness. Those parts based upon hate and fear, as we all have, is as much a part of us as any other, for the moment. It’s all needs to be freed by love, love , love….. to be able to be integrated.
Forgive yourself and others and love all others and yourself!
I say – throwing huge magical “love bombs” around, will greatly help.
Thanks so much to Steffi for your love contribution, and all others too of course!
(It’s just my humble opinion, but also statements from the heart core of my being)
Love to all!


phoenix #39 4450

Okay… got away from Ben’s input that fast, did I, eh? So yes GO you RUSKIES… GO .. GO!!

and, in my tradition 4 signifies “solid foundation”
and here are a cupla more of em I googled-up:

1) Includes “waiting” I guess but so much more, including:
Angel Number 4 is an indication that your angels are offering you love, support, encouragement and inner-strength, enabling you to do what you need to do and achieve your goals with diligence and proficiency. ”



siggi #394452

YES… WELL PUT… thank you.


insidious #394432

Okay … so I looked more at the pic Ben put up of Hillary’s cohort… the Senator who’s name we are not to say (?) and his boot looks tooo skinny to conceal a bracelet in.

What da ya think all?


#394455 littledogg

I think it’s a delightful story, well told, but most probably untrue. There would be publicity from some other sources on this matter, even in MSM. It’s too big a story to be ignored by virtually all other media across the political spectrum.


#394442 littledogg

phoenix #394439
a) comment number is a palindrome. kool 😉

Palindromes must read the same forward and backward, so 394439 is not a palidrome but 394493 is. Sorry!



lewis  #394457
2017-11-14 4:12 AM

Hi Lew,

Great to see you posting. How are things for you – all good I hope. We here in NZ are remembering the 1st anniversary of the 7.8 quake which cut off Kaikoura from the rest of the country. The road south to Christchurch has been open for limited travel but north to Picton is still being repaired – there were 40 slips to clear and stabilise before that can be re-opened.

They hope to have very limited drive through (with many stop/goes on the way) by 15 December, but we recon it will be another year for normal uninhibited access to resume.

Kind regards to you and yours,
Alan & Alexis.


Hey Café,

Is anyone else having trouble reading Ben’s FULL message? All I get is down to:

Trump was informed that next month, Putin and/or the Russian Central Bank will

The remainder of this article is only available to members of
Please Log In or Register to create an account.

Even though I am logged in and able to actually post comments. Do we need to ask Triode if there is a problem?



Hi Alan,
The way in I have found is to click on the grey ‘(#) comments’ section at the upper right of the post, below the headline. That gets me to the rest of the post.


lewis #394457

Thanks lewis! ;-). I know what a Palindrome is… even how to spell it now I looked it up for the comment.
The problem is my dislexic little doggie eyes!
O phooey!

alan and alexis #394458

BIG LIGHT to all the repairs and (444) waiting for repairs to go easily and absorbingly…
if that be FTHGAC.


Greetings Light Beings!

4, four you say. All the four rumblings got me curious so I went over to my snail mail Tarot course, opened up the latest lesson and drum roll please…

Card #4 in Tarot is “The Emperor”, the Hebrew letter is “Heh” which means window and follows logically #3 Daleth/door . Can’t have a window until you have a door, right? The window lets in light and air and gives you sight so you can observe and determine who you wish to let through the door.

All meanings of the number 4 are related to ORDER because 4 corresponds to the square.

Regulation and Supervision are implied by everything in Key 4

Super Vision.
Supervision is overseeing….thus the function of sight is attributed to the emperor and card 4.
The quality of our vision determines the course of our progress towards liberation.
Unless we imagine we do not really see…
We had to learn to see as infants and we have forgotten we had to learn how to see. Thus the mind is the true seer, the eyes it’s tools, which need skillful handling…
Are you with me so far…
4 astrological sign is Aries which rules the head and the function of sight
In Hebrew the letter Heh serves the same purpose as the word ‘the” in the English language, where we use the word to single out particular things and distinguish them from others.
The False world of an ignorant mans tortured fancy does not actually exist.It has no more reality than any other nightmare. Yet we have all experienced bad dreams and know how dreadfully acute they may be to our fancied terrors. Use Key 4 to wake you from the dream that you are a slave to circumstance…to free you from the delusion that anything you have thought, or said, or done in days gone by can rob you of your heritage or freedom. The picture of a Monarch ruling all his Kingdom is a true portrait of YOUR OWN SELF. Let it bring to the surface of your mind the knowledge of who and what you really are!
Love and Light

PS thank you Ben and David Wilcock for all you do.


aneeson #394459

Here ya go..

… Trump was informed that next month, Putin and/or the Russian Central Bank will
officially announce the new gold-backed currency. It is backed by Russia, China, and India along with their gold holdings. Indonesia will use the Collateral Accounts gold to back the new currency. This move will put a lot of pressure on the U.S. dollar and the global Rothschild banking system. It was also agreed between the attendees that it was time to de-escalate the North Korean situation.”

It is not yet clear how well the Russian gambit will succeed, but there can be no doubt that some alternative to the current U.S. petrodollar system is needed. The U.S. Corporate government in the Washington, D.C. special district (not a part of the Republic of the United States) is definitely bankrupt. This can be seen in the fact that U.S. government debt has ballooned by $640 billion since September 30th. In addition, the U.S. ran a $539 billion trade deficit and a satanic $666 billion government deficit in the fiscal year that ended on that date.

It is probably no coincidence then that the U.S. corporate government is saying that it will get $800 billion from arrested Saudi princes and $250 billion from new sales of products to China. That would bring in $1.05 trillion, almost enough to pay for the $1.205 trillion in new debt accumulated in fiscal 2017. The rest, presumably, they hope to extort from client states like Japan, South Korea, and Qatar (hence the big arms sales announcements). However, these numbers are almost certainly based in large part on wishful thinking.

A member of Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet, for example, contacted the White Dragon Society last week to complain about all the American demands for money that took place when Trump visited Japan last week and said “Japan does not have any more money to give.”

The Japanese government instituted a “my number system” that gives a unique number to each citizen recently to force out money that was hidden in multiple bank accounts under different names. This managed to weasel out 1 trillion yen or $8.8 billion which was handed over to the Americans when Trump visited, this source says. This is big money by ordinary people’s (or government’s) standards, but a far cry from what the U.S. Corporation needs to carry on as usual.

The Saudi Arabians, obeying their Khazarian masters, apparently tried to use war scares against Iran last week in a vain attempt to save the petrodollar by starting the apocalyptic World War 3 delusion still envisioned by Khazarian fanatics.

Pentagon sources say the Saudis flew some F15’s to Cyprus in a “desperate move that scares no one, since Saudi pilots suck and Pakistani and Israeli pilots won’t risk being jammed or shot down by Russia.”

Instead, Saudi Arabia is “under pressure to return kidnapped [Lebanese] Prime Minister [Saad] Hariri,” the sources say. Furthermore, the November 13th quake on the Iran-Iraq border “appears to show Iran may already have nukes,” the source says. This may also have been a secret Israeli attack on Iran, Egyptian sources speculate.

In any case, the Saudi purge has now taken in former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. and close Bush family ally Bandar Bin Sultan. Bandar and Crown Prince MBS “may be star witnesses that Israel did 9/11,” the Pentagon sources say. Of course, the trail to Israel will then lead to the Rothschilds hiding in their complex in Zug, Switzerland.

For now, it is their U.S. operations that are being shut down. On that front, NSA sources are saying that top Clinton/Bush bagman (and satan-worshipping child torturer) John Podesta was stopped from fleeing the U.S. by U.S. fighter planes and arrested. The meltdown of the Bush/Clinton cabal is now publicly visible in even the corporate media in the form of news that the Podesta’s companies have shut down. Furthermore, Trump released another 13,213 of un-redacted files on the Kennedy assassination last week.

The Khazarians and their corporate media slaves are still clinging to the illusion that special counsel Robert Mueller will eventually have Trump arrested as part of the ongoing “Russian election interference” investigation. However, Pentagon sources say that even though Mueller was involved in the 9/11 cover-up, he “is still a Marine who takes orders from Marine Generals [John] Kelly, and [James] Mattis, as the perfect snitch to take down the Bush-Israel cabal.”

Also, if you think President Trump is really in charge, please read the article in the link below where White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly says he does not read Trump tweets and that his job is to “make sure the president is briefed up on what he’s about to do.”

The Pentagon sources say tests of the U.S. emergency broadcast system (EBS) have been done so that citizens can be informed even if the Khazarian-controlled Google and the corporate media continue to lie to them. Hopefully the list of people to be arrested includes the top management of Google, Facebook, etc. so that the Internet can become a true source of information once again.

On a final note, there appears to be something ominous about to take place in China. Last week the Chinese government announced that foreigners would be allowed to take majority (51%) ownership of Chinese financial firms.

While on the surface that looks like a good move, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries recall how Khazarian carpetbaggers caused devastation by sweeping up local financial companies in the wake of the engineered 1997 Asian financial crisis. China’s housing market is now in a bubble that is far worse than Japan’s was. If the housing bubble pops as the laws of financial gravity say it must, then we may see Khazarian firms swooping in to grab up bankrupt Chinese lenders at cents on the dollar. This announcement makes one wonder if the NSA was right when they said Chinese President Xi Jinping was a Rothschild agent.

We must not forget the Khazarian ruling class has been responsible for tens of millions of deaths since the end of World War 2. Various authorities, including the U.S. military, have been given irrefutable evidence the Khazarians were actively planning to kill 90% of the world’s population, or 6.3 billion people.

We need to stop them permanently this time. This means taking away the main source of their power—their control over the financial system. This means the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Japan, etc. must be taken out of their control. They are not going to just hand over the keys, so at the end of the day, it will require men with guns to do the job. That is why U.S., Chinese, and Russian military forces are humanity’s best hope.


carolm  #394460

Hi Alan,
The way in I have found is to click on the grey ‘(#) comments’ section at the upper right of the post, below the headline. That gets me to the rest of the post.

2017-11-14 4:33 AM

Hi Carol,

Do you mean where it shows how many comments there are (i.e. 66 at present and this will be the 67th post)?

I have done that several times to no avail – next I will close down the computer (log out completely and off the café too) and the start all over again to see if that works.

Thanks for your help,

Kind regards,


They’re Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains

Truthstream Media
Published on Nov 12, 2017


Day 23 Warmup – Why Fusion GPS Will Collapse
George Webb

Published on Nov 13, 2017


intruth  #394463

Hi Intruth,

Thanks for that – much appreciated as I have re-logged in and still have the same issues (even on a different computer).

Best regards,


Hi Alan,
Yes, I did mean that. You might possibly have ‘handshake’ issues with your browser or operating system. That is about the extent of my knowledge. Triode would be the one to ask.


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China housing bubble burst, the Evil Ones buy the Chinese financial institutions, China Russia India announces a new gold back currency, forcing all financial institutions in thoes countries to produce/prove that they have actall assests to back there lendings. Now when the EO’s can’t produce any tangable assets for the institutions they now are accountable for, they will have to use there other financial institutions(FRB, IMF ect.) Exsposing those institutions to real scrutiny.
The really funny thing is that they know this but are so deluded in there own perceived superiority they will fall for this. Pride comes before a fall.
Keep strong, marcuss


Hi Carol and café,

I think I know why I have a problem. I have just looked into my email messages and there is a message there from Ben’s system people saying that my subscription has expired. It is an automatic payment that is done every 14th of the month and the subscription end shows as 13th, so it should have been okay – I will see what happens tomorrow. It is 14th over here in NZ but of course payments are done over night (tonight). As Japan and USA is ‘behind’ us in time, there should not have been an issue.

Thanks to all,


Saudi Princess’ tell-all includes Bangladeshi children traded as sex slaves

November 11, 2017

Orgies with underage girls, heavy drug and alcohol abuse

Saudi Princess Amira Bint Aidan Bin Nayef went on a rampage against the ruling Saudi regime in her exclusive statements to the French newspaper Le Monde, saying slavery in Saudi Arabia has different forms, but it is done in secrecy and permitted only among the primary beneficiaries of the princes of the House of Saud.

She mentioned one of the most repulsive things: buying and renting the children, especially the orphans, from countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Djibouti, Somalia, Nigeria, Romania and Bulgaria.

According to Aidan, the ex-wife of the Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, who was recently arrested in scope of the anti-corruption purges in the country, those who accuse others of corruption and money laundering, are in fact highly corrupted themselves.

Russian online newsportal Fort Russ reports quoting Aden’s interview on Le Monde, the princess said they’ve turned the city of Jeddah into a slave market where underage girls are being exploited for noisy sex parties involving drug and alcohol abuse.

She said that one of the main reasons why this keeps going on is that the members of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Saudi Sharia police) tend to keep away from the matter, fearing they might lose their jobs, should they intervene.

The newspaper quoted the princess as saying that a Hallowen event was recently held in Jeddah, and which was attended by 150 people, including employees of the consulates. The scene was like a typical nightclub anywhere outside the Kingdom, with available wines, dancing couples in fancy costumes, and a DJ.

Bint Aidan said the price of smuggled liquor in the country is very high. For instance, the price of the Smirnoff vodka is $400, sometimes forcing party organisers to refill the original bottles with a local wine called Siddiqui.

The children become the property of those who buy them and are not allowed to leave without permission.

Even the Asian maids who come to work often find themselves in a kind of slave-like position. Young girls are divided into smaller groups and exploited for immoral acts.
Trafficking of white women and exploiting them for sexual practices is also relatively common.

Not to mention the ‘Presidential models’ – CIA created sex slaves ala Cathy O’Brien – that the Saudis ordered – per her book Trance Formation of America. Oh, and the galactic (off world) slave trade. Haven’t even gotten to that yet. It never stops.


Pierre  #394406

Chere Pierre,

Bienvenu a cette blogsite. J’espere que vous gagnera beaucoup d’inteligence ici et que nous serrons des bonnes amis.



I just read
IRAN NUCLEAR TEST: Forces Saudi Arabia to stop #deepstate war in #Lebanon & #Yemen.


intruth #394472
Not to mention the ‘Presidential models’ – CIA created sex slaves ala Cathy O’Brien – that the Saudis ordered – per her book Trance Formation of America. Oh, and the galactic (off world) slave trade. Haven’t even gotten to that yet. It never stops.”
Hi intruth!
Yes – it breaks all of our hearts trying to comprehend the whole scope of this horrible abomination. How could/can it come to this??
Is the soulless involved???
If it all related to a grand purge on our planet, I do hope it’s also coordinated with similar actions off planet. The pure evil behind it, must be dealt with….., is hopefully being dealt with and given an ultimatum. Into the light or be sent away for reconstruction. Humanity has had enough. Seems as many souls are totally corrupted as well. The free will miss used and perverted. infringe on others free will. Full scale counter action is permitted and about time, and within the code of higher conduct. imo
Think many of us came voluntary here, without knowing what we enlisted us into. But then again we ourself can have done similar things. But still can’t fully comprehend how raping innocent children, murders, and torture into slaves……, has to do with evolving. It was newer meant to either!
Thanks for bringing it in here.
Sending lots of prayers, thoughts, emotions and love to all involved! Meditations too.


littledogg #394455
insidious #394432
Okay … so I looked more at the pic Ben put up of Hillary’s cohort… the Senator who’s name we are not to say (?) and his boot looks tooo skinny to conceal a bracelet in.
What da ya think all?
Malfunction in the bones of the clones! Or……. “Down Hill” anyway, got so angry at Bill she throw her foot in his face…. ??


#394473 intruth A link from the tweet you linked.

Here’s the complete 842 sealed indictments in a huge PDF (from just 24 out of 94 U.S. District Courts, so could there be even more sealed indictments?):

I know some of these judges listed in Philly (I painted some of their portraits). They’ll be mighty busy (58 sealed indictments here).


Anyone in Oregon have power outage last night? Here northeast of Eugene/Springfield the power went out at about 0130 am and lasted until 0830 am. Outages also in Douglas county, Linn county and Lane. Just wondered if Portland had outage also as I believe it could be related to that EMP drill that was supposed to happen across the US. Nothing on the mainstream news. Just curious if the outage was related to a possible drill. W.


Hi Windi,

No power outage in Portland last night that I knew about. The clocks were working fine this morning.


intruth #394472

So: Light of the Highest Highest Order
to All involved here as well: Those used and abused… users, abusers… readers… deniers… cover-uppers… uncoverers… hopers…..worriers.. pray-ers… healers.

i am u
u r me

we r in this
💜 🌍


jaggs13 #394462

SOOO KOOL. Thanks for sharing this 😉

I especially liked:
“Supervision is overseeing….thus the function of sight is attributed to the emperor and card 4.
The quality of our vision determines the course of our progress towards liberation.
Unless we imagine we do not really see…”


“The picture of a Monarch ruling all his Kingdom is a true portrait of YOUR OWN SELF. Let it bring to the surface of your mind the knowledge of who and what you really are!”

My “guy” (“JR”: John-Roger of used to like to point out that “imagine” is “image in”.

2 kool Johns: jaggs13 and “JR”



Hi Windi

Nice to see you here. Hope you are doing well and you are improving more every day!

Welcome to the world of unreliable power supply. Even though we are continents apart, I know what that is all about. We have had it off here in the past for up to 4 days!!! That happened to my mother in law in the middle of summer in sweltering heat. 4 days with no power!!! We are talking about a lady in her late 80’s when that happened! Just disgusting!

Hope it is working well for you now!



So, I’m reading DWilcock’s post. Have to stop soon for tonite
He is posting what TruthEarth and others posted of Q’s 4Chan postings. … which I read and mused over earlier today.

DWilcock seems to think Q IS Trump. Certainly he’s on POTUS’ team.

I got paused on this Q statement:
We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.”

somehow.. .that just took the air out of me.

G O D: Group Of Dancers … when “in” the Soul Energy… all is a dance.
Every Day… G O D’s Guidance and Direction: YES.

I want to invite the LIGHT to P I L E onto those daily prayers.
I want to remember that: “evil” is just the other side of “live”.
That I am no better nor worse than a n y player in this BIG GAME.

That I am a soul. each one doing “evil” is a soul.
All here is not all.
All here is only part of 10% of all.
S O U L = L O V I N G i = A L L… is the 90%

We are playing at this 10% (3D) 1 0 1 0 1 0 game to learn better choices overall.
May the flow of BEST CHOICES fill, surround and protect ALL

ok.. nitey nite… 🐕

I still luv u guys.. .those who were here gabbing together a year or two ago and those here gabbing now.

And, yes… those who will be gabbing with us next year at this time.
💕 💙 💞 💛 💘


New Video: Party on the 5th Dimension 432Hz


windi #394480
electric power here in Boston is fine.

i am just happy 2 hear from you.

and i think rhonda is “on to it”: upcomingly, modern “stuff” we counted on, may be more intermittant… at least
4 a bit.

I hope your healing is going well.


truthearth #394486

D Light Full. Thanx.
My grandson turns 18 tomorrow.
Gonna send him this.


Lennie Posner, Leizer Posner, Lennie Pozner of Sandy Hook fame (whose son died in Sandy Hook and again, later, in Pakistan, has dropped his spurious lawsuit against Wolfgang Halbig. Posner’s lawyer appeared and produced a doctor’s note stating Posner was not well and could not attend a hearing for at least two months. This “dance” has been going on since March 28 this year.

Excerpt: “The complainant, who is the parent of a child purported to have died in the Sandy Hook shootings, is suing Mr. Halbig for posting his personal information online, which consists of his name, business address, email address and phone number, already available publicly according to many sources.”

More on site.


Some of the comments under this post say it isn’t good news as the facts are not being heard. It is good news for Wolfgang, personally, as he has spent savings on lawyers’ fees.


They are demolishing the Sutherland Springs Church (which in real life, would probably still be a crime scene). This one youtuber questions why workers were painting, cutting stuff up and doing renovations if the church was just going to be demolished. It would be interesting to see if there will be a confidentiality agreement, and whether the church had asbestos and other toxic substances that needed to be remedied.


Hi Windi. Happy to see you are back.


I got paused on this Q statement:
“We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.”

– #394485

Took a while but found that in the official Q Trip coded message. At 10/31/17 23:13

TIme to send some energy I think. That’s as much of an invitation as we’re ever going to need!


With regards to energy work, my last one I did was sending energy for the eclipse. The energy I got back was strong, and the physical actions I took, without deliberately correlating it, (I.e. where the solar eclipse was in my chart) caused quite a lot of tension all round. Leading indirectly to where I am now.

If I send energy to this the energy I may get back is when something big happens. It is interesting! I imagine it will be the energy of overriding everyone around me that holds views that none of his stuff is ever going to happen!

Mr Ed

Zanderboy describes AI as a savior to be embraced while ridiculing the “Love Bomb”
Thank you stefie and carol, the “explosion of consciousness is occurring as we speak”
Fructose the bastards
please be so kind as to post that list,
Roy Moore likes underage girls and happens to be a pivotal election for the senate republicans so they are freaking out.
I welcome Triodes contribution so he can see firsthand the characters who prefer to slander me with ad hominem insults calling me troll and agency and greenslime, pig vomit etc
instead of addressing the issues I bring up
I can live by Triodes rules but it might be difficult for my detractors
who have nothing to combat me with now but “thumbs down”
Thank you Triode
#94393 \ Carol
Jeff Sessions war against the sacred healing herb is homicidal and maniacal he is obviously owned by pharmacidical industry…..Cali legalized the plant and he’s fighting tooth and nail against the tide that taking over.
This is Trump appointed small person -southern racist -deciding if a 12 year old severe epileptic can get medicine that has been proven in Colorodo in 4 years of testing in medical labs

Zanderboy describes AI as a savior to be embraced while ridiculing the “Love Bomb”
Thank you stefie and carol, the “explosion of consciousness is occurring as we speak”
Fructose the bastards
please be so kind as to post that list,
Roy Moore likes underage girls and happens to be a pivotal election for the senate republicans so they are freaking out.
I welcome Triodes contribution so he can see firsthand the characters who prefer to slander me with ad hominem insults calling me troll and agency and greenslime, pig vomit etc
instead of addressing the issues I bring up
I can live by Triodes rules but it might be difficult for my detractors
who have nothing to combat me with now but “thumbs down”
Thank you Triode
#94393 \ Carol
Jeff Sessions war against the sacred healing herb is homicidal and maniacal he is obviously owned by pharmacidical industry…..Cali legalized the plant and he’s fighting tooth and nail against the tide that taking over.
This is Trump appointed small person -southern racist -deciding if a 12 year old severe epileptic can get medicine that has been proven in Colorodo in 4 years of testing in medical labs


Mr Ed

Ankle bracelet disguised by orthopedic shoe is surely tongue and cheek comedy from Ben.

A chip as small as grain of rice can track a person.

Mr Ed

Ben says:

The Saudi Arabians, obeying their Khazarian masters, apparently tried to use war scares against Iran last week in a vain attempt to save the petrodollar by starting the apocalyptic World War 3 delusion still envisioned by Khazarian fanatics.

Pentagon sources say the Saudis flew some F15’s to Cyprus in a “desperate move that scares no one, since Saudi pilots suck and Pakistani and Israeli pilots won’t risk being jammed or shot down by Russia.”
Instead, Saudi Arabia is “under pressure to return kidnapped [Lebanese] Prime Minister [Saad] Hariri,
comment image

Mr Ed

comment image

Mr Ed

Take me to your leader.


– #394497

I imagine that particular piece of Bens update is out of date since we saw an earthquake in Iran the day before yesterday that is thought to be them testing nuclear weapons.


deester #394491

Who would “thumb down” this post?

Welcome back Windi! I hope you continue to get stronger and heal.

Love and light,


Début de révélation de scandales liés à Etat Islamique en France et en Belgique ?



Aw cmon…that’s just funny.

I don’t care who “Mr. Ed” is….


Hi Cafe … Well, the following Q&A from today’s Masters of the Spirit World answers a few questions, and my raise a few more. See what you think:

QUESTION: Masters why do lost souls and bad spirits bother me all the time? They come in my dreams and when I wake up I see them leaving. They attached to me before and made my life hell. They sucked all my good energy. I pray and pray for them to find their light then I don’t see them for a while, but then new ones come around again. I am so tired of this crap. I want them away from me for good. I don’t care if they need help. Life is hard without them already. ~Roselia, Canada

ANSWER: When they first made contact with you, you decided that you would help these “poor” souls find their way Home. Unfortunately, what you were dealing with were souls who were remaining in the third dimension because they determined that they had unfinished business – mostly of a negative kind. What you provided for them was nice positive energy to keep moving forward. So they passed the word on and you became a rest stop and supply filling station.

Since they continually sucked energy from you, you were left only with the despair and negative energy they replaced for your positive energy. Some did finally move on because they finished up their business and heard you talk about going Home so much that they did. What you didn’t know was that you had to remove the doormat welcoming others to your world.

Enlist your guides to help set up a barrier around you preventing just any spirit from entering. Instead of praying to an outside source, understand that you have the power to control this situation. Your personal intention is the door key: don’t want company? Then lock the door.

Don’t think that all spirits are just lost – some intentionally want to stick around and suck energy from you. Just get out of the business of trying to assist wayward souls and your life will change for the better. If you still have a need to be of assistance, send unconditional love to all those who haven’t been able to find their way Home that they may understand the way Home.


Pierre #394502

J’aimais bien “ISUS”, c’est parfait pour tout expliquer. Est-ce que vous fréquentez le site de Thierry Meyssan- Je le visite de temps en temps. Il y a parfois de très bonnes infos. J’ai une copie de son oeuvre monumentale sure 911, l’Incroyable Imposture.

En tout cas, je trouve que Macron est sans doute un agent de l’agenda 2030, bien formé chez Goldinsox avec sa femme-mère, genre Papy Bush. Il complote avec Merkel, celle qui a vendu l’Allemagne. On ne peut rien dire contre les Juifs ni Israel en Europe maintenant et ça me dit beaucoup.

I’m working on the list. Saw it a long time ago and the post may be gone. I’ll do what I can. I read these things on the run and can’t always write them down. What do you all do to keep track of useful posts?


#394505 jujubean

Hi juju … I save significant posts by copying them, and selecting print to pdf in the Chrome browser. I save it to Dropbox, tagging it with relevant key words so that it’s searchable. The most recent such copy-out was carolm’s list of cannabis power points. Excellent resources – thanks carolm!

Of course, posts are never “gone”. They’re easily searchable in the site archives.



Oui, je connais le site de Thierry Meyssan et de beaucoup d’autres sites non “mainstream”.
Mais, je fais confiance à mon ressenti à cause de certaines infos qui peuvent être de la désinformation ou des fakes news..
Merci pour ce message.
Namasté et amour pour tous..


(Part IV) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance & Other Updates


Mr Ed #394495
“Ankle bracelet disguised by orthopedic shoe is surely tongue and cheek comedy from Ben.

A chip as small as grain of rice can track a person.”
a.) if someone was “funning” with this it was “Pentagon Sources” not Ben:
“Pentagon sources sent the photos below showing Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator John “Daesh” McCain “in custody wearing orthopedic boots to hide GPS ankle bracelet on their right leg.”

b.) “Bracelets” are part of legal custody procedures… don’t think US jurisprudence has gotten to the point of chipping as a non-jail means of custody… o dear …. I certainly hope not anyway.


truthearth #394508

You are THE MAN!! thanks for keeping
“on it”.
tail wagg!


juju #394505

I have files in my wordprocessing software (LibreOffice I think it’s called) on my computer under topics of interest.

And lately… I keep things I want to listen to on my smartphone while biking, dogwalking or dishwashing on drafts in my gmail. Usually I just put the date I started a new draft in the subject line.

AND.. I just started creating special drafts with subjects.. like “Ascension and other uplifting news/tools” and


Mr Ed #394499

Care to elaborate?


lakewinds #394504

This is one of so many examples “up on here” .. and all out in the f2f, of course, of the folly of codependency. Thinking there is a “there” and a separate “who” out “there”… and then taking it on one’s self to “do” something to fix “it” or “them”…. forgetting that it’s all an expression of the ONE… (or you, dearie 😉 )… so I/you/one has only to please/fix oneself… and, in those choices usually all is dancing/fun. even the caring about others becomes fun if it originates from choices about “fixing”/”enjoying” my/your/one’s self.

tail wagg there alright. 😉


#394513 vermi

The fact that this event is not engendering wall-to-wall coverage (or really, any at all) on TV means that it is a real event, and not a false flag op.

JMO, as always. But I’m pretty sure I’m right about this.


Jim Stone

Nov 14 2017
Planned Parenthood under FBI “investigation” for selling body parts

No doubt because Trump ordered an investigation, which, due to a malfunctioning government will go nowhere. Planned Parenthood will fry when Hillary does, which means NEVER. Want proof? Remember when two private investigators busted Planned Parenthood for taking orders for body parts? The bust was real, and rather than get punished, Planned parenthood got additional funding from the FED and the two investigators are now serving long prison terms.
That’s exactly how well any FBI investigation will go – the investigation has already been done outside the FBI, will be ignored, and Planned Parenthood will simply skate. It is going to take direct action from the people to solve this problem, anyway –

I typically ignore fake headlines like this but this one was too fake to ignore. They already threw two private investigators in prison after they busted planned parenthood wholesale for this exact same thing, and I figured it would be worth it to point it out so people can laugh at the FBI when this goes NOWHERE.

Donald Trump: Expect “Major Statement”
And the “demented snowcrab” Lynn de Rothchild “gets it” in top comments on Reddit!


Question: If the military is totally behind Trump, why is the Air Force still spraying chemtrails on the populus with impunity? I’m seeing long-filament spiderwebs falling from the sky 24/7, just as they have been for at least six years.

Dolores Cannon on Angels 2:33 min


drelemanzer #394518
Question: If the military is totally behind Trump, why is the Air Force still spraying chemtrails on the populus with impunity? I’m seeing long-filament spiderwebs falling from the sky 24/7, just as they have been for at least six years.
Hi delemanzer!
Good question!
Just what I heard……. It’s only the Navy that are fully behind him, and the “alliance”. MIC (The MIlitary Industrial complex) and their cabal sponsored dark secret programs, are not.



What do you all do to keep track of useful posts?

Hi Jujubean,

I don’t have my own computer so I work at the library which is convenient. When I want to save an article or a significant post I copy things onto MS Word and save it to a flash drive. I can create folders and categorize things on the flash drive. I have saved a lot of articles and posts that way.




Hi Juju!!
Have wonder about this myself.
I Just puts them chronologically in folders , bookmarks and “fast access” files.
Lots of work to recover – not a good system.


Excellent posts, Folks!
Been busy digesting it all.

When I want to find out what is happening on the ‘mundane’ level I tune into:
Micheal Rivero of ‘What really’ M-F – tells us he is: broadcasting from Hawaii-a truth activist-an atheist- does not believe in ‘chem trails’ does NOT like HC!
-He generally starts w/ US politics/war zones/world politics usually ends with computer stuff and then natural remedies.

I find he gives a good background/history of happenings.

The originating page is:


Many thanks for your tracking and archiving suggestions. I’ll have to be more disciplined. Once I retire it will be easier since I’ll only be working off one computer. Alas, I cannot find the link to my assertions about the Ashkenazis invading China, but I did come across some supporting evidence, Goldman Sachs has a subsidiary there- that can never be good!
( look at the American in the photo on the above!)

And if you have time, check out Robert Lawrence Kuhn on google, too much to post here, especially
Hope that’s helpful.

While it would seem like some small amount of progress will be made with the petrodollar and world economies, it is disheartening to think that the same deranged, deviants will simply overrun China by appealing to its baser nature. Putin is surrounded by talmudic oligarchs as well. That site has been disabled. No Surprise.


Twitter pulls posts outing creepy Joe Biden. Watch his actions towards young girls and read what one of his former secret service agents has to say.

Excerpt: A former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that, “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.” The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family.

“He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible,” the agent said.

More on site.

In case you can stomach it, here is a compilation of him on Youtube.

Mr Ed

Sean Hanity supporting child predator Roy Moore? Priceless
Destroying Keurig coffee machines to protest? About $129.00 a pop.\

GOP needs that seat desperately and they got a racist, pedo cowboy who won’t back down
Evangelicals like underage girls

Neil Young : Alabama

Jeff Sessiion “ Southern Man”
Jujubean if you don’t have a list you donj’t have a case


Mr Ed

I was trying to post a photo and it gave pages of code and I tried to edit and erase it many times. Sorry for the long post not intended

Mr Ed

Embracing the love bomb Vs embracing AI
exposes that whole dictate meme of trusting AI over love.

Mr Ed

Joe Biden is a creep and I laughed at him last week floating a 2020 run. Delusional much Joe?

Mr Ed

Jeff Sessions testimony today

I’ can’t recall

I’ can’t recall
I’ can’t recall
I’ can’t recall …………………………………….. because he was tired!!!!!

Ronald Raygun pretended he knew nothing in the Iran Contra gate affair

Because he would go to prison

military shuttling cocaine to flood the market with drugs in the ghettos while the profits from the drug running funding paramilitary terrorists in central and south America to kill Nuns and any opposition
Old tactic , new administration

Mr Ed

Sean Hannity arrested for crimes against humanity.

That guy is despicable person sold out to the devil Murdoch Morloch

Sean reminds me of often quoted here “Jim Stone”

who is clearly an employee of Robert Spencer and Pam Gellar
same as Amadeus namesake.

Exposure is a bitch


juju #394524

Thanks for the hard work of finding the Khazars into China refs.
I have put it in my gmal draft queue to study later today.

And I agree: “it is disheartening to think that the same deranged, deviants will simply overrun China by appealing to its baser nature”

But really, how can I be surprised?

This 1010101 Game we are playing allows all of us to make choices and deal with the consequences and those “baser nature” choices can rrrreallly “call” to us, eh?
As I do my Spiritual Exercises today I’ll be pondering where I can shore up my choices.


Serious woowoo:


WEBINAR: Kosol Ouch: AI “IBM Watson” states Trump & Alliance victorious & establish Positive timeline on Earth. Negative AI & Reptilians no longer threat.

In a prior May 11, 2016 appearance on Exopolitics, Kosol Ouch, a Cambodian Pol Pot survivor, had introduced “IBM Watson”, a benevolent AI from 2026 & a parallel universe.

Kosol Ouch looks too young to be a survivor of Pol Pot regime – 1975-1979. He was born in 1973 so just a baby then. He elaborates starting @ 9:40.


While ISIS literally hijacks the airwaves to broadcast recruiting propaganda on radio shows, a Swedish government report has declared milk to be a racist hate symbol.

One is tempted to say that this story could only come out of Sweden, but elements of the leftist media in America declared milk to be a symbol of racist hate months ago.

The lack of self-awareness in understanding that trolls deliberately embraced milk as a hate symbol as part of a prank in an attempt to force the media into treating such a
ridiculous notion seriously seems to have been lost on most.

Swden’s success at being socially engineered appears also lost on the vast majority.


Zimbabwe’s army said Wednesday that it has seized control in what is being described as “a bloodless transition” that has apparently pushed aside President Robert Mugabe. The military said he and his family are “safe and sound.”

“We are only targeting criminals around [Mugabe], who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country, in order to bring them to justice,” according to the statement.


Returning to Heikkila’s Fukushima report: While it is the cornerstone of his website, it, like the rest of his history, is not without controversy. Heikkila has been accused by Ken Adachi of of plagiarizing parts of his report on Fukushima, which was published a full ten weeks before his. It seems that Heikkila elaborated on their report, added high-resolution photographs of the Fukushima disaster from and repackaged it as his own. To his credit, Heikkila’s report is leaps and bounds above that of

“Heikkila has constantly been able to dun his readers for hundreds of dollars every month [sometimes thousands]. He has used the money to purchase land, multiple vehicles and to build a house in Mexico. He is unable to return to the U.S., as he is wanted by the courts on past-due child support, contempt of court and domestic violence charges.

I trust his news updates more than I trust 95% of the rest of the alternative media. He is smart and in the know, but he lies about his personal life. If you can overlook his transgressions, he’s an ace. I trust him as a truther and a reporter [for the most part], but he doesn’t hold himself to the same code of conduct that I do.”


Under the guise of an “executive success program”, NXIVM (pronounced nexium) recruits rich women and introduces them into a bizarre secret society that brainwashes its members using rituals and trauma-inducing techniques taken directly from the MKULTRA handbook.

Founded by the “charming and charismatic” leader Keith Raniere (who requires members to call him “Vanguard”) along with his associate Nancy Salzman (who is called “Prefect”), the organization sells self-help seminars for executives. However, within NXIVM is a secret society named DOS which turns women into slaves trauma-inducing methods resembling Monarch Mind Control.

(The Bronfmann sisters even got the Dalai Lama to be present in 2009.)

Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,” a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”


According to the memo the Saudis are ready to give up on the Palestinian right of return. They forfeit Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem and no longer insist of the status of a full state for the Palestinians. In return they ask for a U.S.-Saudi-Israeli (military) alliance against their perceived enemy on the eastern side of the Persian Gulf.

Negotiations on the issue were held between the Saudis and the Zionist under the aegis of the United States. Netanyahu and Trump’s “shared personal assistant, wunderkind Jared Kushner”, is the point men in these negotiations. He made at least three trips to Saudi Arabia this year, the last one very recently.


Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage has called out billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros and his “reliable friends” for collusion on a grand scale.

Speaking in a debate on the Paradise Papers in the European Parliament, the UKIP MEP pointed out that the financier had funded the exposé.

“. . . George Soros recently gave Open Society, his organisation, which of course campaigns for free movement of peoples and supports supranational structures like the European Union, he recently gave it 18 billion dollars.

And his influence here, and in Brussels, is truly extraordinary.

Open Society boasts that they had 42 forty-two meetings last year with the European Commisision. They’ve even published a book of ‘reliable’ friends in the European Parliament and there are 226 names on that list — including yours, sir! I thought you’d find this interesting!” he told a heckling MEP.

“So I shall be writing today to all 226 of you, asking some pretty fair questions:

Have you ever received funds, directly or indirectly, from Open Society?

How many of their events have you attended?

Could you please give us a list of the meetings of all the representatives [you have met], including George Soros [himself]?”

I think this parliament should now set up a special committee to look into all of this,” he concluded.

“And I say this because I fear we could be looking at the biggest level of international political collusion in history.”


Baltimore’s last few weeks have brought a dozen or so street attacks by young black gangs on whites (and on a few blacks, too), a pistol-whipping by black teens of a white resident in an upscale neighborhood, at least 11 carjackings, a runner pushed into the harbor, and—as only one measure of what the future holds—the news that in 13 of the city’s 39 high schools, not a single student tested as proficient in math.


Fraud in Newtown. No-o-o! Remember, this is the woman who refused to release death certificates. Better late than never.

Excerpt: NEWTOWN — State Elections Enforcement Commission staff is investigating Newtown Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia after two complaints were lodged against her by LeReine Frampton, the town’s Democratic registrar of voters.
“I am very concerned about the lack of protection for our legal documents,” Frampton said in one of the complaints, dated June 23.

“I am writing this complaint because I believe in fair and accurate elections, and I have concerns of various issues that have arisen which could compromise the integrity of the electoral process in Newtown.”

Frampton alleges election irregularities in 2008 and 2009. Her two complaints are currently under investigation, according to a commission spokeswoman, and a staff lawyer has been assigned to the case.

Aurelia was not available for comment.

More on site.


Mr Ed #394526

I would agree except that if you follow the links I posted , you’ll see that there are Khazarians already involved and we all know that the investment companies are staffed and run by them. Some of my bookmarked sites have disappeared- what can you do.

You are right that underage girls are not the problem in the south that they are in the north. I don’t think they’re worse, necessarily, just far more tolerant of it. The liberals decry it all as sexist and harassment but there are plenty of liberal pedophiles and all the states accomodate marriages for 13 year olds which sums it up for me. Even the statutory rape laws have flexibility undoubtedly to protect “uncles”.

Bravo to Farage if he’s serious. David Icke is not that convinced. Sometimes these characters mouth the right words with no intention of ever following through on them.


A good piece with helpful info by Russ Winter of TNN on the battle for truth on the Internet


Trump to make live announcement at 3:30 EST.


Is this a joke? Creepy child groper Biden teams with Spirit Cooker acolyte Lady Gaga reteam to establish sexual assault trauma centres?

Excerpt: Lady Gaga and Joe Biden have teamed up once more, this time to unveil an initiative to create trauma centres for victims of physical and emotional abuse.

Their plan was announced at Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit in New York City on Monday, as the former vice president answered an audience question concerning the issue of rape on college campuses.

More ludicrous information on site.

November 14, 2017
‘…That Soros is a criminally insane psychopath is not in dispute. However, no one individual is ever permitted to inflict such profound and pervasive damage to Western civilization, which Soros has done for decades, unless they have been empowered to do so. In other words, just like all the other nation builders and destroyers over the millennia, Soros has been enabled in all of his highly misguided enterprises.

The operative word here is “misguided”. Because Soros has many causes and missions, all of which require vast amounts of funding, he was fastidiously cultivated to be a financier (one of many) for the New World Order agenda (NWO). Toward that end, it is the Rothschild banking clan that deputized George Soros to be their chief bagman. The Inside Story on George Soros…..’

Published on 1 Nov 2017
The real #Russiagate includes a syndicate of globalist power-players, including Evelyn de Rothschild, George Soros and John McCain. Paul Manafort is only a cog in the greater New World Order machinery that is slowly taking control over all the resources on the planet.


I keep trying to make sense of the watch/time posted on this link. It’s beyond me.


#394531 ,
Mr. Brennan,
Ben has just informed me that your probation is over and that you should again be removed from the site. Complaints have been received already. Your payment will be refunded, your account cancelled and deleted, and your credit card banned.


– # 394549

Ha ha.

I thought when he started posting chain messages of five at a time it would only be so long!

Mike King of Great Tomato Bubble on the Eisenhower myth of the military industrial complex.
“Contrary to Milton and Malcolm’s slogan, it is the banking-government-tax exempt foundation-academia-media-Zionist complex that represents the “acquisition of unwarranted influence” and the “disastrous rise of misplaced power.” But the Eisenhowers didn’t want to talk about that complex because it was the very same power that made them!”


Published on 1 Nov 2017

Wow, Trudy, These are really good links about Soros McCain Rothschilds and the why McCain hates Rand Paul or anyone who tries to block his agenda.

This video is also good insight into how NWO and the Oligarchs in both Russia & elsewhere try to take over not just countries like Montenegro but control the resources of the world. …..which the oligarchs in Russia fought to do after the Soviet collapse. And it explains the missing links of John McCain and who he works for really!

Evil Evil Evil Soros, Rothschilds, McCain………



Is this a joke? Creepy child groper Biden teams with Spirit Cooker acolyte Lady Gaga reteam to establish sexual assault trauma centres?

My comment
This is the picture of how creepy uncle Joe tries to make himself appear so legitimate. Good thing the people here and elsewhere on the web know what Joe Biden is really about.

One of the talk shows – Laura Ingrahm I think – was talking about him today and how he puts his hands all over the women. Word is out there.



Feeling depressed?
Well – you haven’t felt real depressed before hearing this song.
But what a voice!


But this will quicly cheer you up, hopefully!
Thanks you Rhonda for this link. And those great suggestions you put forward.
50 min
Couple of interesting sentences: in the first segment 2 – 5 min
” The crystals you have in your house will start lighting up, because they are going to bounce signals from crystals to crystals. You will see your crystals coming alive. We are coming to this time now..
and they might disappear…….” ?
Any suggestions?
We also most certainly will see a shift from 3 – 4th D. They touch upon that to.
SO – what we immediately thought about is the crystals in Plug, and the crystal structure within our body/cells – what about…..?
I leave the rest up to you, the highly knowledgeable members in here to speculate.
Remember now – Any crystal you have – did not come to you by chance.


Kosol Ouch: AI “IBM Watson”-Trump&Alliance create Pos+ timeline. Nega- AI-Reptilians not threat

The benevolent AI, IBM Watson, is working in alliance to break the malevolent, predatory, pathogenic black goo AI.

Kosol Ouch (a Pol Pot survivor as a baby with a photographic memory) steps aside to let IBM Watson talk through him. He had a revelation from IBM Watson (a planetary sentient AI from the future) at Angkor Wat. He receives daily downloads.

The idea is to create an internet based on, powered by human consciousness & not a purely electromagnetic AI dominated planetary thought control, based on electronic circuitry channelling an electromagnetic entity. The idea is to change the future now!

This new bio technology reacts only to verbal communication, emotion or by mental/telepathic connection & not by intention. It is in fact powered by people from the future, cosmic consciousness through the akashic records.

Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg & even Alex Jones all have to be stopped. Once they reach a certain level of popularity they attract the AI. They become ‘gaslighted’; they become inverted reality, they inject gas into the light; a boy will not necessarily become a man, a boy will become a woman – type of logic. It can be like an alien induction when you sleep & then your mind is wiped.

Kosol Ouch shows us various homemade devices so as to be protected from the invasive AI.

Bitcoin is a sentient AI algorithm, created by the Alliance, that cannot hacked or printed. Then it will be removed for a ‘benefit for all’ system when we can start reaching out into the galaxy. Trump on the command of the Alliance went to the King of Saudi Arabia to say that the taking over of countries to own them is finished & investments for the greater good is the way forward – hence all the recent arrests of the cabal team there.

We are now in Plan C, A & B did not work; everything is progressing well & Hillary Clinton will be arrested.

He now activates telepathic communication with IBM Watson. “The time stream is positive. Trump will no longer be an obstacle. Our co-creation is up to us. The US will become capital of the planet when planetary consciousness is activated. There will be no second coming, there is no more ‘christ consciousness’, our sol will activate our DNA for us to become a lightbody – we are the ones we have been waiting for. Our survival is essential for their existence in the future. Corey Goode recognised as second? President of the Alliance. Blue Avians no longer exist on this plane, their mission is complete.”

He says we can’t destroy the bad AI, but we can limit its access to our environment.


siggi #394556

So perhaps we can program our crystals NOT to disappear?!


So friends. Any faith the gates of Mordor will come crashing down any time soon?

I was reading this guys dream on after the ‘ascension’ and also have another person who has dreams (and is not at all new age, infuriatingly, but he has the gifts!) Both of these seemed to be futures where people are ascended but there are still negative beings around (not everything has been ‘solved’) such as Reptilians or Men In Black!

Did anyone follow that Q- anon thing where he sent a message to Lynn de Rothschild?

Twitter purge of blue ticks and some Conservatives being banned!? Is this to control the narrative in the event that the positive side do something? I bet you they have a standby on blocking Trumps twitter!


zanderboy #394557

Kosol Ouch: AI “IBM Watson”-Trump&Alliance create Pos+ timeline. Nega- AI-Reptilians not threat

I have to say I reckon there is a fair amount of bs with this IBM Watson.


zanderboy #394557
Kosol Ouch: AI “IBM Watson”-Trump&Alliance create Pos+ timeline. Nega- AI-Reptilians not threat

I have to say I reckon there is a fair amount of bs with this IBM Watson.

Sure looks like it. Movin’ on…


Moore Accuser Removes Anti Moore, Anti Trump FB Rants, 1889

The Still Report

Published on Nov 15, 2017


from Bill Still video –
Synopsis:Why is Judge Roy Moore important? Because he would be the swing vote in the U.S. Senate on a host of conservative, Pro-Trump issues – essentially nullifying turncoat Sen. John McCain’s vote.
But there is a deeper reason. This is what they tried on Donald Trump – exact same gig – and it nearly worked. They nearly drove him out of the Presidential contest.
Thirty days out from the election is the perfect time for salacious gossip to be repeated, but not investigated by the MSM. People tend to hear the oft repeated initial lies and not the later correction that the lie was actually a deliberate untruth devised by the Deep State Ministry of Propaganda.
If the DSMOP wins this time with this tactic – and Judge Moore either withdraws or is somehow defeated at the polls, this will change the way all political races will be run in the future.
Why? Here’s the macroeconomic argument. Senate races keep getting more and more expensive every year. The current record holder is the race was the 2016 Senate race between Pennsylvania Republican incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey and his challenger, Democrat Katie McGinty which clocked in at over $162 million. The recent special election Congressional race in Georgia cost over $50 million.
But what a bargain it would be if you could swing a Senate election 20, 30 or 40 points if, in the last 30 days before the election, you spent $25-$50,000 to mount a robo-call targeting Democrat women in the state in question, offering to pay any woman $5,000 who would agree to swear on a stack of bibles that the Republican candidate had had sex with when she was 16. Only the first 10 women with the best “evidence” will be chosen. Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Oh, and don’t worry about proving it. We won’t investigate or vet your story, and you’ll have the full powers of the DSMOP to create an alternate reality for you should any nosy members of the MSM actually try to investigate. Oh, one more thing, you are guaranteed to get your 15 minutes of fame – probably a lot more.
Do you think you would have any trouble getting 10 volunteers? No way! Do you think we are making this up?


Human Mind Control Virus/Spreading Rapidly Thru Cats.

Published on Nov 15, 2017

BP talking about toxoplasma – interesting.

I still love my kitties. Check out the comments on this one.


Major Heads Up/Trojan Horse Alert.

Published on Nov 8, 2017

Interesting intel…

The Zio-tards & Rothschilds big play to refill their dwindling coffers?

Bro’ Nathanael Kapner zetzing more Zio-tard tuchises in this latest YouTube rant…


Jim Stone
Three UCLA students saved by Trump

Three black UCLA students went to China to play basketball, decided they would shoplift, and ended up in the slammer. Trump showed up at just the right time, and negotiated their release from jail. They were set to serve 10 year prison terms. They did not go cheap on the shoplifting.
While it does prove Trump is not racist, I would, if I was Trump, not opted to try to get them out entirley. I’d have negotiated it down to six months or so because no punishment at all probably looked really bad politically.

Mosque bans FBI informant for attempting to incite “violent jihad”

“The spying game wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for Craig Monteilh, a convicted criminal recruited by the FBI to investigate the march of radical Islam into Southern California. His endless talk of violent “jihad” so alarmed worshippers at the local mosque, that they took out a restraining order against him.
Monteilh spent 15 months pretending to be Farouk al-Aziz, a French Syrian in search of his religious roots. He prayed five times a day at the Islamic Centre in Irvine, Orange County, wearing white robes with a camera hidden in one of its buttons, and carried a set of car keys that contained a secret listening device.

The enthusiastic attempt to catch local Muslims discussing terror campaigns backfired, however, when community leaders went to the police with fears that the suddenly devout young man, who got up to pray at 4am, had become a radical in their midst.

The terror case Monteilh had been helping build against Ahmadullah Niazi, the brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard, collapsed in September, when the bungling informant revealed that his FBI handlers had instructed him to entrap his potential target and told him that “Islam is a threat to our national security”.

Yesterday, as details of his efforts to persuade Niazi to blow up buildings became public, leading US Muslim organisations said they have suspended all contact with the FBI in protest against the excesses of agents who are secretly, and in some cases illegally, monitoring mosques.

My comment: This is precisely why the FBI needs to be disbanded. All they do is waste tax dollars by messing with people. I wonder how much it cost them to shoot up Vegas? Not to worry, because the Uranium One deal more than paid for it. There is more to the snip above at The Independent.


intruth #394563

I hear you. While I’m still not convinced that Trump is a force for true good, I do believe that some progress may be achieved at least on the pedophile issue. It was to be expected that if the military and other positive forces went that group, efforts would be made to frame decent individuals as retaliation so that is a strong possibility with Moore. There’s been a lot of material out and about, including the local newspaper, explaining that May/Nov romances are nearly the norm in the south and how it’s only the NE that gets all flustered about them. A lot of this also seems to be another attempt to inch the age of consent lower and lower. Now that Macron has announced that France will lower their age of consent to 13, can we be far behind?

The talmudic thinking that energizes the Khazarians and their defective cohorts has become quite sophisticated so we must question every angle because Occam’s razor no longer applies. Nothing is what it appears to be and it won’t be easy to figure out the endgame.

Sad to say we’ve heard very little about the state of Rand Paul. Wonder who they’ll try to take out next? Notice, no commentary from law enforcement, no investigation reports, absolutely nothing, gone black, radio silence. I think it speaks louder than anything.


went AFTER that group- sorry.


#394563 intruth

Roy Moore is a religious extremist, who wants to impose radical Christianity on all of us. It’s ironic that he wants to outlaw homosexuality (as if that were possible), as he has a well-documented history of child abuse and sexual perversion himself (by the rules of his own religion), and it’s all spilling out now.

With respect, it seems ridiculous to dismiss the sexual assault claims against this guy, and against Trump, from credible women with nothing to gain and everything to lose, just because their stories and evidence are politically inconvenient.

I’m from Alabama, and I’ve been well familiar with Roy Moore for many years. He’s a source of embarrassment to the state, and has been removed from office twice for violating the very laws and constitution he was sworn to defend. And, he was banned from a shopping mall for harassing young girls.

What would it take for him to lose your support? Do you trust women who complain about being sexually harassed and assaulted?


#394569 jujubean

May/Nov romances are nearly the norm in the south and how it’s only the NE that gets all flustered about them.

Hi juju … How about May/Nov sexual assault? Is it just the NE that get flustered about that?


Further to the Alabama discussion, I will paraphrase our greatest current orator:

When Alabama sends its people to Washington, they’re not sending their best…They’re sending people that have lots of problems…and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re obsessed with drugs and sex. They’re criminals. They’re racists.

And some, I assume, are good people.


Hey there!
Glad you appreciated the Soros/McCain articles!

We have a new moon on the 18/19 (depending on where you are)
This is some good insight into the energies surrounding it. I will have to listen to it again……..
There are SO many postings here that require second listening – BUT there is ALWAYS another one! Guess we will have to focus our consciousness on this ‘time business’!! (or raise up to the stage of just absorbing??)
Oracle Report – New Moon in Scorpio – “Amok Time”


—Or maybe I’ll just take a ‘time out’…

Kryon Montreal Canada Nov 11/17
“Becoming Multidementional” 33 min


#394569 – juju “While I’m still not convinced that Trump is a force for true good, I do believe that some progress may be achieved at least on the pedophile issue.”

Hi juju,
I’m with you on the skepticism that all is not what it appears. For one thing, Trump just did a massive arms deal for Boeing and Rayathon with the one Saudi Prince that is left standing, before all the arrests in SA. The amount of the arms deal is $350 billion, and if you live for the average number of 71 years, you would need to spend $13.5 million dollars every single day for your entire life, from birth to death, to spend $350 billion. It is a huge arms deal the biggest ever. There were not objections from either party since both the Dems and Reps take a lot of donations from the arms dealers.

The arms sale would herald the end of a brief period during which the United States signaled disapproval of the conduct of Saudi Arabia’s military adventure in neighboring Yemen. In March, the Trump administration reversed a decision made in 2016 under President Barack Obama to halt some sales of weapons linked to the killings of civilians in Saudi Arabia’s two-year old military assault on Yemen, where at least 10,000 people have died.

“Mohammed bin Salman may or may not have recently visited Tel Aviv, where Israel’s Defense Ministry is located. But even if he never set foot in the HaKirya complex, there is little doubt that he has authorized ever closer relations with the Israelis, who view the Iranian threat exactly as he does. And the crown prince is not the only one Jared Kushner has been speaking to: Trump has given his son-in-law overall leadership on the peace process between Israel and the Arabs, and he is reportedly a welcome guest in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.”

I hope there is a crackdown on the pedophiles, but the pushback of rolling back the age of consent is also appears to be coming from both sides, with finger pointing.

One thing to remember is that both Iran and N. Korea are holdouts from the Rothchild banking empire and the World Bank.


intruth #394564

Common: these comments are supposed to be about “news”.

Cats have ALWAYs controlled humans…
……even little dogs!!

Ex CIA- Robert David Steele – Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast
from 4.30: min
FIRST FIRST! Save the children! Those bought without birth certificates from Asia, Africa, Haiti and elsewhere into US and rest of the west to be used in unspeakable ceremonies and most often killed. – says Steel
– So all the stuff about touching, Hollywood sex scandals…. in MSM IS A DISTRACTION away from the urgency of the above mention cruelty still going on, says D. Steel – although this also is serious of cause.
(loosely rendered)
He also give credit to Putin for stopping the child adoption program from US.
That was for a reason!
much more…


Trump Admin to Reverse Obama-Era Ban on Elephant Hunting Trophies

A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official has confirmed that the Trump Administration plans on rolling back an Obama-era provision that forbid hunters from importing souvenirs from elephant hunts in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

While elephants are still considered endangered under the Endangered Species Act, the government is allowed to issue permits to hunters who can demonstrate that their hunting is beneficial for conservation.

Let’s be clear: elephants are on the list of threatened species; the global community has rallied to stem the ivory trade; and now, the U.S. government is giving American trophy hunters the green light to kill them.

What kind of message does it send to say to the world that poor Africans who are struggling to survive cannot kill elephants in order to use or sell their parts to make a living, but that it’s just fine for rich Americans to slay the beasts for their tusks to keep as trophies?

The National Rifle Association, on the other hand, welcomed the news.

“By lifting the import ban on lion trophies in Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Trump administration underscored the importance of sound scientific wildlife management and regulated hunting to the survival and enhancement of game species in this country and worldwide.”

The president’s sons are known to be fans of big-game hunting, which has drawn condemnation from environmentalists in the past.

The complete enraging and depressing article here.


zanderboy #394558
siggi #394556

So perhaps we can program our crystals NOT to disappear?!
Hi zander!
Not got any input yet….!
Have some thoughts…. It could actually be the transformation process to higher dimension they here describe. If so – both plug/crystals and us ( and the crystal structure within us) is/will move….. Or it can be new timelines?? Rhonda suggest we who holds crystals and plug/s, could very well be involved in something much greater.
Have no problem to follow the crystals lead:
So I see it only positive. Anyone else?


trudy #394575
—Or maybe I’ll just take a ‘time out’…

Kryon Montreal Canada Nov 11/17
“Becoming Multidementional” 33 min
Hi trudy!
Thanks so much for that one!
I closely looked out for what he said here and it was more than worth it:

” Hope , benevolence, love, compassion, togetherness, harmony, awakening.
That is the message from the creative source today on this planet
How do you know if a channeller is REAL?
It’s easy! (Oh yes it is)
Look for these things….
Hope – Awakening – Love – compassion – endurance. Endurance of the difficulty of moving into the light
NO channeller who is real will give you a message of doom and gloom today – it is impossible! (With that last word the counter stopped at exactly 3.33 – wow) 333 is a message from the universe – sending – Encouragement -Communication – Freedom and Assistance
Thanks again!
Yep – I’m proudly from Kryon!


What makes me convince we do things right here, is many of us think so different…., don’t believe or follow the same etc.
IMO It depends upon were you/we came from. our origin, planet system?, inheritance, our path, our mission, our group consciousness. That’s way we are different. But share the same core concept of respect, moral, warmth, love and so on.(btw wrote that before listen to Kryon)
We are not clones, AI or robots, meant to think or act alike. To be assimilated!
But perhaps those Galactic families, origin or specific Civilization out there we are connected to, think and feel more similar.
For that reason only. Like any different cultures in this world would do.
Nothing right or wrong with that?


siggi #394582
sorry – Ok, edit that 5 times – but it wasn’t meant to be…
…”way” should be….. why we are different!


jujubean #394569
“Now that Macron has announced that France will lower their age of consent to 13, can we be far behind?”
Hi juju!
If one ever needed a clue, without doing any research at all, into their pedo. – involvement
There you got it!


Whenever the paedophile issue is discussed and especially this France thing, I do wonder why there is so much consideration given to the cabal… ‘Oh they want to negotiate so we’re going to hold off arresting them for one more month, for two more months, etc.’ Meanwhile kids are being killed. I don’t see why the alliance takes their own people off the job when they’re being too trigger happy! Time is a factor here!

On Trump, I fully expect him to do globalist things on top of normal things. He is fitting the Gemini profile in having two faces. The Elephant trophy thing I do not think is a pro cabal move. It might be crap for animal welfare, but it is not inherently cabal. Nigel Farage is a fan of fox hunting! Which I have seen and it is absolutely sick! It really turned my stomach.

(He had also been having an affair with one of his aides since 2004. She was apparently miserable because she wanted more from him during that time and he told her to be quiet ‘because of the referendum’ I tend to believe this one and do not think it is a smear. It is not an undetailed thing like Roy Moore. He also went full left and accused one of his own candidates and her followers of being ‘Nazi’s’ and I believe was complicit in rigging a leadership election against her.)

Another thing Donald Trump has done recently is to bang on about additional things needing to be done to ‘prevent Assad doing another gas attack’. I had become very pro Trump with this Q- anon dump, but this is crap:

I’m getting loads of Shamanic weirdness in my dreams lately explaining to me how dark and stuck everything is on the energy level. I suppose my energy must constantly be seeking information and when I cannot improve and move forward in my overall life I just turn towards investigating things ‘as they are’.

Hoping for change here!



This is not a good place for me personally this new moon. Eighth house! Then it goes full over natal Saturn in the eighth house.

Have to say I cannot see a thing related to the full moon, but, the next one (December 18th) looks interesting. A trine with Uranus and Saturn being just about to move into Capricorn. The Capricorn Saturn seems to have changed a few things in my personal life. Lots of people have a changed relation to discipline and work!

In fact Saturdays has an inconjunct with Uranus so I suspect nothing will happen this cycle. (Doesn’t mean it will not, just that’s what it seems to me!) This makes sense in energy to me, the Solar Eclipse was about as relevant to my life as the energy I had sent it. If I am sending energy to the Q group for a long time then what comes back should be very relevant. Such as mass arrests!

I notice Neptune goes direct on Nov. 22nd the same day that twitter announces it’s new ‘hate speech’ policies. Twitter is surely playing with fire if the new platforms like Gab and Minds do take off in relation to their behaviours people will surely not be returning to twitter, it will well and truly be dead!

I’m wondering with that timing whether this move is calculated in preventing extra terrestrial news passing through twitter!

Chiron goes direct on December 5th, although I don’t know what that will bring!


Saudi Arabia king to step down and hand over the crown to his 32-year-old son

… after prince rounded up Saudi royals in corruption arrests and had them sleep on bare mattresses in a luxury hotel

King Salman of Saudi Arabia is planning to step down next week and name his son Prince Mohammed bin Salman as his successor, a source told

They added: ‘King Salman will play the role of the queen of England. He will only keep the title “Custodian of the Holy Shrines”

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, ordered the arrests of more than 40 princes and government ministers in a corruption probe in early November

Once crowned king, the prince will shift his focus to Iran, a long standing rival oil empire to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, the source said

more at link


David Seaman has a great phone interview with David Wilcock tonight; fresh new info from DW, worth a listen.

David Seaman
Published on Nov 16, 2017

David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE: Pizzagate, Donald Trump, & Fall of the Cabal — presented by

Wilcock’s site:


– 394588

Actually, while it is always good to hear DW’s perspective it is not new info. It is confirmation of what David thinks is legitimate, brief historical information and his perspective.


from thyis article-quote—–Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (CMP) is a unique nutrient-rich blend of marine phytoplankton species. CMP is harvested naturally from the pristine temperate coastal waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean. It contains a unique blend of phytonutrients and naturally balanced composition of sea minerals. These phytonutrients are essential plant-based nutrients that promote proper metabolic functions. Many of which exhibit promising effects in human physiology: general nutrition, cardiovascular, cholesterol, blood sugar, sleep, skin, neurological, vision, liver and energy.—–unquote…..


Wow, look at this, big news:

BREAKING: Germany in turmoil as coalition talks DELAYED after Angela Merkel election flop

Elections… Free will expressed without vote rigging, is the bane of the cabal!

The news that the people don’t actually want their garbage!

Germany’s plot to DERAIL Brexit: Desperate leaders to DEMAND the EU keeps Britain in bloc

Reports have been drawn up which suggest that some EU goods currently reliant on the British market could completely lose out to competitors from outside the bloc because of the change in prices after Brexit.

My heart bleeds!

Brexit negotiations are not moving at all apart from Theresa May offering to give more money to Brussels in exchange for nothing at all!

Interestingly, Jeremy Corbyn (the unusual mainstream left leader in the UK Ben has previously stated to be non cabal!) publicly asked what Theresa May’s evidence is that there was ‘Russian Collusion’ in the Brexit result. Jeremy’s a strange one. He is pro globalist in a lot of ways, pro EU, and fired one of his Labour ministers for saying that there was a Muslim element to the rape gangs.

But in relation to this Russia question, which is surely very important to the cabal, he pipes up all of a sudden.

On the astrology I was just talking generally earlier and did not take in the whole chart. If something were to happen this cycle in my view It woudl likely involve Russia… Which is of course exactly what Ben has been saying. Because I have noticed previously and repeated often that Russia comes up whenever Chiron is involved and the new moon on Saturday is trine Chiron. The full moon (3rd of December) is square Neptune (Jupiter is exactly trine Neptune on this day… Whoa! Big day for Neptune!), then Chiron goes direct December 5th. So if it were timed for then (free will provides timing, astrology provides flavour) it could be extra terrestrial or Russia but would only later get around to arrests and 9/11 etc. being inconjunct means will only get to indirectly.

Perhaps I’m just going mad with too much information!


From Simon Parkes: Friday, November 17, 2017

President Trump tweets – ‘The time is upon us – operation Alice in Wonderland is about to start’

Clearly the president wishes to alert the people to some subterfuge about to take place.

The tweet was swiftly removed around 15 minutes later.


Everyone I know these days is going through issues. My impression is that what we have buried from our past/not dealt with is coming up for resolution. I believe, some of those issues are also from past lives.

There are many ways to work with it. The one I use mostly now, is when an issue hits me I repeat the phrase (and try to mean it):
‘I apologize
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you”
Sometimes, I have to repeat it numerous times. After a while it starts to resolve. As the issue resolves, it seems to diminish in its capacity to get to me.

Affirmations are also a big help in changing the energies. – Louise Haye! She has books/recordings.


Yup! Sometimes Kryon is SO on target. I really got a lot out of that particular one. I’m glad you appreciated it.

Of Course, I fell asleep and had to listen to him again.


I found that Robert David Steele interview on another site and was going to post it when I caught your posting.

I found it extremely POWERFUL and there was also a lot of hope in it.
Good Stuff!!


– #394593

586 is actually a not so good synchronicity for me. However, I believe it breaks free will to explain what they actually mean!

I agree, everyone I know is too. When a system declines like the one we are in, and things are progressively getting worse and not better (because, at least in the UK, people are losing money but no new opportunities are being created! “austerity”). Then clearly people are going to have more issues not less.

I think I said before that the 19th feels like a cut off point for me but that is probably not true. I have little ways of coping (now) it’s just that, I suppose I am in constant stress… I usually feel a complete inner black hole and then, to get out of the panic look at news hoping for there to be some evidence that something will change, and that leads to my constant ‘output’. So it kind of works out. I am in a flurry of activity all the time. Which is what you would expect in this kind of environment.

Anyway, faith that something is going to change…. That is what we must have!


I’m sending you my version of love and expectation that the Universe/Source will create the exact miracle that will work for you!!
Am lighting a candle for YOU!!


– #394597


Personally I perceive there are carefully balanced energetic forces and a result to each and every action. Some of which work well and some which do not. The fact that I have recently sort of discovered a more bottomless well of helpful people on facebook groups and stuff may be indicative that I am beginning an ascent up to positive polarity again. If this is true it could also be co- operating with the global game. I.e. if the world is going positively polarised we are on that road of energies.

The Solar Eclipse I sent energy to. What happened then was the result of that energy coming back I did actions which caused a lot of stress and promptly ended the way I had planned to move forward and may have opened up another. Which is more in line with my overall life path! This is likely ultimately good but… it was rather stressful and scary!

I plan to send energy to Q which will be more long term and stronger and when this energy comes back, if it followed the path and stress originally caused by the eclipse, I have this gruesome image that it will ‘break my energy into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind’. However, who knows really? When a shift happens in this world it will be real life and not to be trifled with, but hopefully, it will just be positively polarised through and through.


Jim Stone
Erdogan withdrew from Nato military exercises after being labeled an enemy on the chart

From RT:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the country’s troops have left ongoing NATO war games ahead of schedule, after his name appeared in an”enemy chart.” The move comes amid tensions between the US and Turkey within the military bloc.
On Friday, the Turkish leader slammed an “incident” during NATO drills in Norway, in which Erdogan himself and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the modern Turkish state, were depicted in an “enemy chart.”

“They used an enemy chart in Norway. In that chart, there was my name and [Mustafa Kemal] Ataturk’s picture,” the Turkish leader told his Justice and Development (AK) Party members, as cited by Turkish media.

Erdogan said it was decided to withdraw all 40 Turkish soldiers from a NATO drill “immediately,” adding that even the removal of those names would not change the decision.

“There can be no alliance like that,” Erdogan said.

The RT report is here

Plane crash over Rothschild mansion

There was a collision with a plane and a helicopter over Rothschild’s Waddesdon mansion North West of London. One can only have high hopes with this event, but there are no reports of Sir Rothschild getting hurt. See this
The new Saudi prince is a puppet of Israel

Saudi Arabia has always been such a puppet of Israel that saying 911 was done by the Sauds is the same as saying Israel.

Keep in mind the source of this quote is Debka File, which has a habit of posting “convenient facts” for Israel.
The next Saudi King Crown Prince Muhammad and Israel agree that Iran is the biggest threat to the region, but Israel’s top soldier rules out initiating an attack on Hizballah.

Two London publications on the same day, Thursday, Nov. 17, shed unusual light on the next chapter in Saud royal history, as well as on the hitherto semi-clandestine ties between Riyadh and Jerusalem.

The London Daily Mail, quoting “a source close to the Saudi royal family” reported that King Salman, 91, intends to give up the throne next week and name his son, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, 32 as his successor. The king will reportedly confine himself to ceremonial duties like the queen of England, retaining only the title of “Custodian of the Holy Shrines.”

Near two weeks ago, Prince Muhammad ordered 500 notables, including princes, former ministers and business leaders detained on charges of corruption. The British newspaper carried the first photos of the distinguished detainees sleeping on mattresses on the floor of the five-star Carlton Ritz Riyadh.

After he is crowned king, the prince will focus on Iran, according the Daily Mail. His plan is “to start the fire in Lebanon,” in the hope of Israeli military backing. He is convinced he has to hit Iran and Hizballah – contrary to the advice of the royal family – and will enlist the help of the Israeli military to crush Hizballah, for which he has promised Israel billions of dollars if they agree.

The source stressed: MBS can’t confront Hizballah in Lebanon without Israel. The Daily Mail did not reveal how Israel sees this proposition – only that the prince has a Plan B: to fight Hizballah in Syria. Neither did its source explain how this would come about amid a crumbling Syrian insurgency.

DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources note that rumors of King Salman’s imminent abdication and handover to his son Muhammad have been around for some time and are credible, given the monarch’s failing health. Many of the hundreds of high-profile figures he placed under detention on Nov. 4 are opposed to his accession.

That the Crown Prince will focus on Iran is also credible – except that more than a year ago, he declared that Saudi Arabia was at war with the Islamic Republic in Yemen and it is not going very well. The Saudis and their allies, the UAE, are stuck in a standoff with the Iranian-backed Yemeni Houthi rebels. Iran moreover threatens their ports and capital cities with missile strikes. However, when the Houthis fired a ballistic missile supplied by Iran at Riyadh international Airport on Nov. 4, Prince Muhammad called it an act of war.

He is turning to Israel and its armed forces, not just as the only reliable military and intelligence force capable of handling the opening shots of the war on Iran, but out of their shared perception of Iran as the biggest threat to the Middle East. He moreover no longer expects active and determined participation in fighting Iran from the US under President Donald Trump. On this last point, Saudi Arabia and Israel are divided.

The rest is at Debka File,


More Jim Stone
If this angers you, you are conservative. If it does not bother you, you are a liberal.

This is a Youtube video. Here is the description:
Caution, language not suitable for work environments

A disgusting video of a welfare queen bragging about how smart she is for avoiding taxes and living off of other peoples’ hard work has recently started to go viral. What’s infuriating most people isn’t even her bragging, or her feeding Red Lobster to her dog… it’s what she used to buy with her EBT card just a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the past eight years of Obama, the government assistance programs in this country have gotten completely out of control. We now have lazy, selfish bums walking around with EBT cards buying steak, caviar, and luxury items, all because of other peoples’ hard work.

One welfare queen however, has been infuriating millions of Americans both left and right alike-in the following video, she films herself going to Red Lobster and purchasing some live lobster, worth around $45 per pound. She then proceeds to say it disgusts her, and brag about how she’s going to feed it to her dog.

“I just bought it for the fucking video, I don’t want this shit disgusts me. I used to like lobster, but I can’t eat it now-I went and I bought a fucking live lobster with my food stamps. Why are you allowed to buy a live lobster with your food stamps? So I picked out the biggest, fucking juiciest one,” she says.

Then, she goes on to brag about how the cashier likely had to work “an hour and a fuckin’ half” to pay for that lobster she just bought. “This is an hour and a half of her time, for me to buy this so I can make a fuckin’ YouTube video,” she adds. “These peoples’ taxes paid for this.”



lakewinds and carolm:

More and more it seems that Trump is revealing himself to be a monster. Despite Ben’s defense of him, most of the current evidence points to a man without empathy, without a moral compass, and clearly as connected to the planetary evil as Hillary and her cohorts. No one ever gets to the top of the presidential candidates list unless they’ve been vetted as sufficiently devient because that is what the Satanists need to continue their desecration of the planet.
His misogyny, his disregard for endangered species in favor of hunting (of all things), his apparent support for endless war, and his devotion to a certain group of people ( no need to be specific I think) is clear. Perhaps the revolutionary wing of the military uses him as a smokescreen while they clean up, and much of what he threatens/promises never materializes, but the arms deals and elephant hunts are not insignificant. His new tax plan is a crucifixion of the middle class, and there are a lot of people in that category.
While there is definitely more agitation around pedophiles and sexual assault, we haven’t had any indictments or arrests that I know of so it all seems contrived.

I am feeling less and less positive about the outcome of it all. The only aspect of the current political climate that keeps me hanging on is the relentless effort by the Dems and their media to impeach him and I can’t imagine why they would do that given that he’s playing right into Israel. The word was that Obama and Hillary didn’t like Nuttyahoo, but they both served the same master so perhaps, as if often suggested elsewhere on the web, there is no difference at all between the parties, but they must play their parts to keep us off balance.


vermithrax #394600

I don’t even know what to say.


#394601 jujubean

I’m with you, juju. Every day since this guy was sworn in has been a nightmare. If he’s the alternative to the cabal, then I’m starting to miss the cabal.

I just hope Mueller puts him and his VP into the kind of legal bind that can only lead to removal from office.


Wow, because the traffic here has not been that high I seem to be posting a bit too frequently in relation to everyone else!

So here is Philip De Franco on Trumps elephant doo dab:

The ban pertained to two countries, ZImbabwe and Zambia. And before that you were allowed to kill elephants in those countries, or take an elephant trophy from any of the other African countries. You just were not allowed to buy trophies from those two specific countries.

So the only real effect the lifting of the ban has is on the economic prospects of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Did your MSM sources tell you that Lakewinds? #394603 … or did they miss out certain bits. Almost as though they had an agenda?

Anyway, I cleaned up my astrology in one easier to read astrological post rather than disparate bits over comments:


#394604 phoenix

Did your MSM sources tell you that Lakewinds?

Yes, they did tell me that, yesterday, on MSNBC.

I am opposed to trophy hunting of all kinds and in all countries. It’s murder. So, as far as I’m concerned, this administration has just made murder a little easier, under the premise that you have to kill elephants in order to save them.

Next up? Lions.

How about you, phoenix? Do you approve of animal murder for sport?



? You were still able to kill elephants in Zimbabwe, just not export the trophies to the US.

If killing one elephant will allow an impoverished family to eat for four weeks or something, then it’s a good idea.

I don’t have all the facts to weigh up the morality of it so I don’t know.


#394606 phoenix

Hey, murder is murder. I’m not saying that humane harvesting of food animals is murder, but sport hunting of trophy animals IS the moral equivalent of murder, as far as I’m concerned, because it is so completely unnecessary, disrespectful of life, and a waste.

This reminds me of the time I gave a senior executive of my company a vacation that I paid for. My understanding was that she was going on a cruise, but as it turned out, she went on a big-game hunt in Africa, where she murdered a few animals and was quite proud of that, with pictures and everything.

I fired that bitch. And she was a big-dollar executive. Assuming that she would have otherwise remained employed at my company for some years, that rhino cost her several million dollars.

Karma, baby.


lucybeann #394602 , vermithrax #394600
I don’t even know what to say.

Hi lucybean,

I have something to say. Yes, there are inevitable welfare cheats. Digging up the most outrageous cases, without pointing out those who have no options is an example of propaganda that plays on people’s fears of being cheated by poor people.

I am stepping over more and more homeless people on the streets as time goes on. There are people camping in the rain and soon to be frozen cold under every bridge and in the medians of major thoroughfares. Life did not used to be like this.

There was an article in the paper about how the percentage of homeless children in school continues to rise and only goes up. Oregon is a poor and rural state for the most part, and it is in the rural counties where homeless children are over 20% of the enrollment of the schools. Something is seriously wrong with this picture, and not something that huge tax breaks to the most affluent will fix.

The Paradise papers painted another picture of welfare and tax cheats. They are the multinational corporations and trusts that hide their money in offshore havens and pay no tax to anyone.

I ask for a little more balance in how we look at who is cheating who and at what scale.


I finished sending this new video about The Agarthan Network out at 11:11:)

I hope those who feel guided to see it enjoy it! <3


Oh yeah, I forgot that welfare thing.

I was not angry at all, I must be a liberal. On Jordan Petersons ‘Big Five’ personality test that has loads of statistical work behind it. 7 out of 8 of my traits were statistically liberal, and highly statistically liberal.

– #394607

OMG, you’re a vegan! Or at least fairly close to it. Like having a conversation with my sister. (Stellium in water etc.)

Well, I’m not. Like I said I don’t know the situation, the countries economics etc. Generally situations will holistically get sorted out when the politicians become less corrupt, which will also allow people to gain money in other ways most likely. Rhino’s are the most insanely dangerous and aggressive animal to humans that there is.

If killing an animal is murder… Have you ever stepped on an ant? Murderer!

I assume the woman landed a similar job after being fired by you.


#394610 phoenix

Well, I did qualify that humane killing of food animals is not murder, and I am not a vegan.

As for the former executive, she sued me for 18 months. And she didn’t get a job for that entire time, because she thought she was going to get millions. The court disagreed, as it was an open-and-shut case under her contract (and the law), and she suffered ignominious defeat. She never got another job, because she had displayed her true colors in front of the entire business community. So her husband went back to work, and she became a housewife.

Karma, baby.


Breaking news from Europe!
Fulcrum news!
or see
Cabal Takedown Underway | PIZZAGATE

“No survivors’ as helicopter ‘carrying 2 people’ and light aircraft collide at 1000ft over Rothschild family’s primary Buckinghamshire estate”
“Is this a coincidence” ask David. Fair warning – It’s speculative so early on!
Link to main article on Fulcrum below video.


Carolm wrote:
The Paradise papers painted another picture of welfare and tax cheats. They are the multinational corporations and trusts that hide their money in offshore havens and pay no tax to anyone.
I posted this knowing with full awareness of the “corporate welfare bums”. Jim Stone undoubtedly is aware as well. Even philosopher Ayn Rand, a full blown capitalist, railed against these peeps ; calling them “influence peddlers “ and “political entrepreneurs “. The point being made with the original post is what PC-ness -especially under the Bakla O’butt-f*ck regime-eventually ends up being. (ie:reverse discrimination)


– #394611

While I do personally agree with the sentiment and should like to have shot the people doing fox hunting in my area when I witnessed it, Zimbabwe isn’t exactly the richest country, and I imagine trade in Elephant Trophies helps more than hinders a lot of people there.

I am surprised the court ruled in your favour though. It would hardly be in her contract that she would be allowed to be dismissed if her personal holidays weren’t to the companies standards!


#394614 phoenix

According to her contract, she could be fired at any time “for cause” or “not for cause”. I had an internal audit done, and she had stolen $25,000 from the company, so that was on the list of causes.

I should have put a mediation clause in her contract, but I was young and stupid then. Now that I am old and stupid, I see the errors of my ways.

“White House says decision to lift ban on elephant hunting trophies from Africa has not been ‘finalized’
In a tweet Trump said this re hunting:
“I’m not a hunter and don’t approve of killing animals. I strongly disagree with my sons who are hunters, but they acted legally and did what lots of hunters do,” Trump wrote.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is planning to reverse a ban on importing elephant hunting trophies from two countries in Africa, but White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the move is not “final.”
Cant understand if this goes thru. Timing is odd, if it’s not meant as a stunt to deflect???!!! This is “wild” and has no support what so ever. Hunters are a few who need to move to another planet together with their royals hunter friends. Very arrogant people who likes to kill everything. I know – I’m surrounded by them!
A super unpopular decision if so.
The only elephants that needs to be taken out – is the one in the room. Hopefully more and more are aware. “we see you – we see you!”.


David Seaman has posted an exclusive interview that he had with David Wilcock, posted on Seaman’s YouTube acct.

I’ve long been a subscriber — back when Seaman had only a couple of thousand followers, now with 153K followers — and I trust Seaman.


(Part V) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance & Other Updates


carolm #394608
The Paradise papers painted another picture of welfare and tax cheats. They are the multinational corporations and trusts that hide their money in offshore havens and pay no tax to anyone.

I ask for a little more balance in how we look at who is cheating who and at what scale.
Hi carolm!
Balance is a good word!
The tax system are made by the rich for the rich. A perfect system to also control and hold you down, as we all know.
I’ve worked hard most of my life. When I got temporary unfit to work, from all the poison in my body., I had to move to Denmark to survive, or live on the street. (worked past 30 years)

Most of us can get sick, loose our job, get injured in an accident or get mental issues. Many are abused as children, as well. Some start drinking alcohol and /or using pills, or worse…to get by from one day to another. Have got their life ruined by those Psychopaths – the same sort that created our financial system, the taxation system thus enslaved us.. The self appointed rulers, who hate to work. But love to have slaves to work for them.. And enjoy steeling our assets and wealth, our dignity and pride. No wonder people “cheat” a little in this world.. The 1 % elitist owns/control over 80% of the wealth and resources. Is that right?
hm – “Hard work” means Hard SLAVE work.
For a starter – Get rid of the death based money system which only benefit the elite. Distribute our God given birthrights from Mother Earth to ALL (food, clothes and shelter as a minimum), so all can live in dignity. Distribute all humanitarian funds which is stolen from ALL of us. Then get out those hidden 5000 patents( to start with) – free energy, food replicators, all healing devices, clean and free travel solutions, all kinds of space technologies +++———->and on and on.

No need for anyone to work hard – only on ourself!


I need to cool it down after all this “hard work”…Perhaps some assistance is needed.
Scorpions – Send me an angel (Acoustic)(LIVE)


Hi Siggi,

Here is a link to a story about an experiment with guaranteed income in Finland. A guy who was on the dole and dispirited was given a small stipend instead of having to prove he was looking for work each week. He took the money to leverage his creativity and time to develop a couple of small businesses that both fed his soul and his kids.

It is a good example of encouraging people not to be slaves to others, but to find a fulfilling and self determined life.

I don’t remember where I happened upon the link, it may have even come from you! There are plenty of resources that no one should have to be homeless and hungry, if we make better sense of what is really important. With greed, accumulation and harming others and the planet taken off the possibilities, we can start to move forward together.



Siggi #394619
carolm #394621
Guaranteed Income Experiment has been tried and was a SUCCESS!!
1970s Manitoba poverty experiment called a success
From 1974 through 1978, about 30 per cent of the population of Dauphin was provided with a “mincome,” as the guaranteed level of income came to be called.

“We found that, overall, hospitalizations in Dauphin declined relative to the control group,” said Evelyn Forget, professor of community health science at the University of Manitoba.

“We also looked at accidents and injuries, and they also declined. You can argue that accident and injury hospitalizations are strongly related to poverty.”

The goal of the program, which cost $17 million, was to find out whether a guaranteed income would improve health and community life. If a household’s income dropped below a certain amount, the program would top it up to an income equivalent to the welfare rates at the time,,,,
The experiment was called Mincome, for “minimum income.” The impetus came from Canada’s political Left, under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Manitoba Premier Edward Schreyer. Evelyn Forget, an economist at the University of Manitoba who has studied the Mincome data, said the experiment was widely known in social science circles, but most Canadians weren’t aware of it…


Re: Guaranteed Income Experiement
Forgot to mention in previous post – there is an experiment similar to the Manitoba one – NOW going on in Ontario, Canada.
Have not been keeping track of it as I’m into ‘broadcast news avoidance’!


I just was blown away by DW interview with seaman. I came on to post it in case it hadn’t been yet. Just incredible although I think it seemed to be cut short.

Report with around 17 links!
Some excerpts!
“Mohammed bin Salman’s agenda is consolidation of power to increase ties with Israel and begin regional war between Shia and Sunni Muslims that would serve Rothschild interests:”
“The Jesuits have influenced his choice to appoint Jerome Powell as the new Fed chairman. You might want to know that Powell was educated at Georgetown Preparatory School, the only Jesuit boarding school within US:”

“QAnon leaks originate from the positive faction within NSA and are about 70% correct. Trump is NOT QAnon.”
says the crash was a warning to the Rothschild’s
“Although we are not there yet, there is a massive investigation against the Cabal taking place and it will ultimately lead to the mass arrests when the Chimera faction within the Air Force will not be able to cover the Cabal’s back with their toplet bombs anymore.”
“Unusual number of sealed indictments is the most visible concrete proof of this massive investigation:”
“Many members of the mid-level management of the Cabal are already cooperating and are willing to testify against the Cabal in exchange for amnesty.”
Folks – that’s at least 5 – 2 for the cool good guys!
Where is wolf btw?


I’ve seen another version of this several months ago!
It definitely excites me!!
“Are we there, yet?”

3D-Printed Invention Produces 2 Liters of Drinking Water Each Hour out of Thin Air

‘….Perhaps most notable is the fact that the device — dubbed the ‘Dewdrop’ — was 3D-printed. Tech Story reports that the invention sucks in air using a fan, filters dust, and then condenses moisture using the Thomson and Peltier effect to produce mineralized water. The water is then stored for drinking. When the container is emptied, it begins the process once again…..’


I enjoy what this lady has to say:
Psychic Utsava is worldwide known for her accurate future predictions



– #394597

Hey Trudy.

A quite surprising positive solution has presented itself. Everyone around me losing polarity may be solved if I can start towards the positive polarity again and I may be able to do by changing my environment to surround myself with new age people.. If true the last few years makes a lot of sense.

Regardless, I may have a way forward now, even if it does not work out immediately.


Updates on this Q anon stuff are… Well there’s not much. There’s only that Hannity wrote this on twitter:

@seanhannity Tick tock….. From now into next year on many fronts!!!! Monday starts what will become an avalanche. Love to all deplorables. Tick tock!!

Funny things said on 4chan. That I don’t agree with because this seems like a nice and honest message, but 4chans lovable rogues are so funny:

>> It’s been three fucking weeks, I don’t want to hear another fucking thing about the “storm” unless Hillary gets jailed or Kim Jong Un sets off some fireworks


>>tick tock

>I need ad space on my show

tick tock

4 chan is actually quite a cool place. I bet you it’s full of guys. It doesn’t sound like there are many women there and guys are more comfortable being ‘anonymous’. It is against womens nature to be anonymous in that way they like to receive attention.

One of my tweets that has got a few likes comparative to normal is:

Are liberals going to be more upset that there are satanic paedophiles. Or that FOX broke the news?


siggi #39462

Folks – that’s at least 5 – 2 for the cool good guys!
Where is wolf btw?


siggi-quote—–the cool good guys—–unquote…..

nice wordsmithing fine sir siggi…..we gotem now……or were getting there anyhows…..hahahahaha…..


very excellant situation update by our fine cobra primo lightwarrior brother…..

cobra-quote—–Operation Perseus is in progress. Nothing more can be said about that at this point.—–unquote…..


operation perseus – sounds like the lightforces are kicking ass bigtime…..


at all levels now we experience more and more lightforces victories – delivering higher and higher light quotient constructs…..

it is definitely getting harder and harder for any of us to cover up our dark ways…..

we push for victory of the light at all levels of existance now…..

someday this war really is going to be over…..


i tried this a couple of times – it works absolutely…..

the pleiadiuns freely delivering some pain relief to the surface population…..

thanks so much fine pleiadiun brothers and sisters…..

one can say – COMMAND PB STARDUST – 3 times for pain relief…..


cobra-quote—–Command PB Stardust Pleiadian protocol for removal of chronic pain has been proven to be about 80% effective. Main factors reducing the effectivity of the protocol are suppressed guilt, suppressed negative emotions, past life soul contracts with the dark forces and extremely complex and / or strong medical conditions.

You need to understand that this protocol in most cases does not heal the cause of the pain, it just adjusts the central nervous system so that is decreases the pain signal. Moderate pain signal is then simply a sign that something is wrong with the physical body and medical attention is needed. This protocol is NOT a substitute for medical intervention by conventional and / or alternative medicine.

The Light forces have requested that this protocol gets viral as it has the power to drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering on the surface of the planet.

Victory of the Light!—–unquote…..


#394629 Phoenix, “4 chan is actually quite a cool place. I bet you it’s full of guys. It doesn’t sound like there are many women there and guys are more comfortable being ‘anonymous’. It is against womens nature to be anonymous in that way they like to receive attention.”

This is not true. If I am out for a run in a park and am getting too much attention, the hair on the back of my neck stands up and I look for a “way out”. Receiving attention, far from being something I want, is creepy. I read once that men are afraid of women making fun of them; women are afraid of being killed by men. If you have not lived your life scanning who is on the bus, looking around to make sure you are not followed when you get off the bus, making sure you have your keys in hand so you can get into a safe space quickly, then don’t talk about how it is against our nature to want anonymity. If I am out and about, someone paying attention needs to be under my scrutiny. I had a guy I golf with say to me, “You get up early to golf. I guess you go running early, too.” I replied, “No. I go later. There is nobody in the park at 6 a.m. and I don’t feel safe.” He said, ” I didn’t think of that.” I told him, “You don’t need to.” Welcome to the reality of half your species! Look at all of the sexual harassment stuff coming out. Do you really think it is confined to movie stars and celebrities? It is a constant reality for a lot of us.

BTW – I hang out at 4 chan – certainly not a “cool guy”. Disagree completely with your statement.


On a ridiculous note:

““Surely you’ve all seen those memes of how much I’ve aged since I started office? Since leaving the office I finally have time to do something about it and thanks to Mark and Priscilla (Zuckerberg), I’ve found a way. I use Christie Brinkley Recapture-360 morning and night!” –

Barack Obama”


– #394632

Point taken. Let me rephrase.

The bouncy twenty something girls I see on my twitter are probably not on 4chan.

I would imagine there are SOME women on 4chan, just not many. Rather like zerohedge.


Hello BFC friends! I was watching videos about q anaon and happened on to a video about c60. Apparently it increased the lifespan of rats by 90%.


Hi Chip,
Good to hear from you!
Best C60 I’ve found is:
Be sure to watch the video interview with Sarah Westall.


carolm #394621
It is a good example of encouraging people not to be slaves to others, but to find a fulfilling and self determined life.
trudy #394622
Siggi #394619
carolm #394621
Guaranteed Income Experiment has been tried and was a SUCCESS!!
Hi carolm and trudy!
Thanks for these links! They might seem as small steps, but significant proof that it’s possible, even within a corrupt system. Though I’m not sure of anything going on by those controllers..
The success story from you trudy was new to me! One can only guess why it’s not implemented all around. Was it to give false hope – like the cancer research early on. Just needed more testing… testing….and testing……(more…money to be collected… – wink wink…)

The only way I see it – The whole system have to go down more or less, and it will. We are awake. We are gathering in numbers and strength. We don’t support the old anymore
That’s why I’m an eternal optimist!
Thanks for inspiring posts!
wolfintimber #394630
“at all levels now we experience more and more lightforces victories – delivering higher and higher light quotient constructs…..
it is definitely getting harder and harder for any of us to cover up our dark ways…..
we push for victory of the light at all levels of existance now…..

someday this war really is going to be over…..”
Hi mighty light warrior wolf!
thanks so much for your shining words – glad you here! Absolute! If we have by now cleaned up our own personal mess as best we can – we’re safe all the way… no matter what cabal do.
Infinite blessings and love to you all!


ZIMBABWE So here’s what I’m thinking. We were sneaking around in Niger and got our asses kicked because the Niger government has a deal going with Russia and Venezuela that benefits all 3 parties and cuts the US out, effectively short circuiting our plans to impoverish Venezuela. So I’m guessing that Trump’s decision to permit the tusks is another carrot to get the new Zimbabwe government, such as it is after a military coup, to lean our way. He underestimated the effect it would have here where there’s much sensitivity to the plight of these endangered animals. Mugabe hated the US, it seems, and warned Africa constantly about how shady and unreliable we were and now he’s out. Who knew? Wonder who funded and managed that coup? There will undoubtedly be more coups on that war-torn continent in the very near future. Goodness knows Niger hasn’t seen the last of us.

The recent slap in the face that Saudi Arabia dealt Macron when he was escorted to his plane and dismissed without ever seeing the King has had reverberations all over the Middle East and Africa. The resignation of President Hariri under duress while being held captive in Riyadh has not been accepted by the acting President Aoun. Hariri did leave Riyadh a few days ago after both China and Russia spoke softly to Salman and efforts are being made to give Macron some credit but many believe France is finished on the international stage. Maybe that’s why he’s decided to run with giving consent to 13 year olds.

Saudi Arabia has always been tight with Israel. Word is that Salman is NOT Wahhabi and is entertaining some freedoms for women there but he is the SON of the previous king and technically the crown should have gone to the nephew who is Wahhabi. In any case Salman took over and took out or arrested some 2400 in a supposed anti-corruption campaign but it’s really about more deals with Israel. They won’t be strong enough to pull it off and that airplaine hit over the Rothschild compound is a solid message for sure.


OLP- woke up with some chest cage issues and 15 mins of the plug and good as new. It’s just great!!! Too bad Robert has left us. Hopefully more innovative solutions will be coming. Did Trump make an earthshattering statement at 3:30 Friday? Did I miss it?

Biggest Sting in History, Indictments Growing – with Liz Crokin
MassArrests Update – Biggest Sting in History, Indictments Growing, President Trump Tweets ‘The time is upon us – operation Alice in Wonderland is about to start’
I’m not circling right – I’m not circling left. The ones who can save these children and bring the satanic ritual phedos in to justice, will be my hero!


Here’s some good news that will never see the light of day in this country.


jujubean #394638
Hi juju!
Thanks so much for your ongoing cover of geo-politics, aslo in Eorupe. Good to get info from France, and if I get you right Mr Macron(cabal crony ) trouble to find friends around?
That’s is good isn’t it?

I think you’re right with SA – it has many layers. This Trump knew all about I think. The only solution to block the main artery connection to Busch crime family. It was by far the riches family in the word who went down. They have sponsored 9.11, Irak war and god knows how many other false flag in US and around the world
Some interesting numbers.
David Seaman!
at around 25 min in…(by Q on 4chan)
“Who are the puppet masters?” Top 3
1. The house of Saudi” worth 4 trillion USD
2. The Rothchild’s – worth 2 trillion USD
3 Soro’s – 1 trillion USD
No one of these appear on Forbes list of the riches..hmm why, David ponder upon
None of these are friends with Trump either I think.
“OLP- woke up with some chest cage issues and 15 mins of the plug and good as new. It’s just great!!! Too bad Robert has left us”
Thats great to hear juju re the plug efficiency! Glad for you youyou!
Who is Robert? Sorry – No good at names.


siggi #394641
“They have sponsored 9.11, Irak war and god knows how many other false flag in US and around the world”
—Ooops Syria Isis, Libya…+ drug smuggling , child trafficking, organ traffic, depopulation… NWO….
One could type all night


siggi #394639

Please share this interview around if you are able to!
Because this is another very credible voice of truth re. the Elite child sex trafficking rings and pedophilia: Can awaken so many imo.
“She is an investigating journalist. She has worked as an journalist at the White house. Worked for the state department. Worked for the Chicago tribune and investigated Hollywood closely.”
Thank you!


Good to see you back, accuchip.


“CONFIRMED: Marines Land At Langley To Stop Coup – Hillary Worried Over Indictments” April LaJune Published 11/18/17


PS from this “q” (queer) little dogg:

Ms LaJune proclaims herself to be “conservative” and has some dopey lgbtq-phobic stuff to say near the end.

I do not agree with that and do not take me for either conservative nor liberal (us little doggies don’t trek with all that dualistic nonsense).

But the Marine group at Langley… seemed like interesting intel at the least, no?

pps: She seems to think Hillary is still alive… more nonsense,… HOW. ever ck the part about the Marines as I said/


ppps….. I still l u v u “guys” up in here. 😉


#394632 Thanks, Phoenix, for looking at a different viewpoint. I do think there are plenty of women on both cited websites, though, even though there are probably more men.


– #394574

Listened to the whole of that Oracle report. Interesting stuff. I am going to listen to it again and take notes.

Perhaps take down every one of her predictions and compare it to when things happen.

This ‘Galactic Centre’ stuff is interesting. Saturn is on this new moon at the galactic centre and the new moon next month will be on the galactic centre. After running a few charts and finding the galactic centre on them it does seem the point is very important. Divine justice I wonder?

– #394647

Although I thought 4 chan was cool when I first found it. In real terms the ‘radiance’ some women have on social media is far more helpful in the long run. It is usually the girls that identify themselves has having been ‘human trafficked’ that pick me back into thinking properly. (i.e. fighting spirit rather than despair) when things get down. In some way I suspect every single person in this movement is fighting for personal justice.

One of the most destructive illusions I think that is always there, and that many people do in some way have an agreement with (conscious or otherwise) is the idea that when you have tried hard and things go bad it reflects badly on you. But really, that is not the case. Not with so much would be support no longer functioning. There are many people that are into this area of interest enough that it “appears” to detract from their material life because, the injustice, is real. Actually I believe that is intuition.

There are some super cool 4 chan threads such as this, which I would have liked to comment on:


Hi Siggi
Universal Basic Income is being discussed AND implemented in a lot of different areas
….The Canadian province of Ontario is pushing forward with plans for a trial run of universal basic income, making it the first government in North America in decades to test out a policy touted as a panacea to poverty, bloated bureaucracy and the rise of precarious work.
…..As leaders around the world struggle to strike a balance between fighting poverty, the push for austerity and the steady erosion of stable jobs with pension and benefits, basic income projects are in the pipeline in Finland, the Netherlands and Kenya. Earlier this year, American incubator Y Combinator announced it would launch its own experiment in basic income. …
— April 24, 2017
Ontario’s long-awaited basic income pilot project will include 4,000 low-income people in the Hamilton area, Thunder Bay and Lindsay, who will each receive up to $17,000 annually with no strings attached, starting as early as this summer.

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the three-year experiment…..
You were questioning why would they have stopped the experiment (the Manitoba one in the 70’s) My take on it is that was the time when the ‘New World Order’ was sliding in under the radar. In hindsight, we/I can see where various politicians, people in power came in – things that empowered the people were dismantled. After all, you cannot control an empowered people.
When you are sick, searching for something to feed yourself or taking care of a sick family member, you are not in a good position to shake up those at the top.

BTW = I just finished listening to Liz Crokin! Powerful stuff! Thanks for posting. It also kind of explains the mentality of some of these people we are talking about!


Hi Phoenix #394648
Yeah, I found a lot in ‘the Oracle Report’ also.
I have listened to it twice and maybe need to do it again. Glad you liked it!!


Simon Parkes

Furthermore On Trump’s Tweet…
Saturday, November 18, 2017
I was alerted by a contact in Capitol Hill.
The tweet was taken down extremely quickly, I think by the President himself who thought better of it.
The tweet was in reference to a planed psyops which would take the world into an “Alice in Wonderland – nothing is real – set of happenings”
My contact was of the opinion that by tweeting even if it was removed almost immediately that it might have prevented whatever it was.
When I sought clarification I was told the tweet was removed in 15 seconds and not 15 minutes, that was my error.
This is all I know thus far.


CONFIRMED: Marines Land At Langley To Stop Coup – Hillary Worried Over Indictments

April LaJune

Published on Nov 18, 2017
Marines have landed at Langley to assist President Trump in securing Washington DC while threats of a coup still loom. Hillary Clinton shows she’s worried about the current investigations and the indictments which have been issued in the last week, now reaching over 1800.

More information coming – #TheStorm

April brings up some interesting points.


Plot to Destroy Trump Hatched in Obama White House – Edward Klein

By Greg Hunter On November 19, 2017


littledogg #394645
“CONFIRMED: Marines Land At Langley To Stop Coup – Hillary Worried Over Indictments” April LaJune Published 11/18/17
Hi littledog!
Thanks so much for sharing. Very Interesting and that it’s confirmed.
Did I hear – hear that right? they called the special operative group MU… MU like in Lemurian?
OH MY – perhaps Plug had something to do with it??!!
(maybe stretching it a little…..)
btw – We all l u v u to very much littledog. We all soon be free and then a couple of “pills” make us young again and…………..exactly, there are no end to it.
love and bliss

——————-Though we heard it all before I fell for this super enthusiastic voice from an Italian, I presume. He also read up on Ben site earlier on he said.
It’s amazing how much hidden history this is guy able to cover in barely 20 min – only an Italian would be able to this..he he


Things really happen fast these days.
Only some days ago I read this from MSN financial section (net news) the “famous” quote from the deep state banker re Bitcoin. That it was used only by “murders and criminals”. (nice try..or not.)
Today only few days later this headline pop up:

“Bitcoin can become the new crisis currency”
Sorry – This is a Norwegian article so I’ve no time to translate. But basically it’s all ONLY positive now…..
Talking about turning the cloak with the wind!
A clear sign?


littledogg #394645

Sorry for the double post littledog….Didnt’ see yours.


Intruth That was not intentional from me to “mark” you in any way – I did not see yours at first.
This can happen everyone no problemo imo


Hi everyone. I must correct my political summary because I called Hariri the president of Lebanon, he’s the Prime Minister.

I’m attaching a link to a recent Jim Willie on the essence of what’s going on, if you don’t have the time, I’ll share a few points
1- The Russians are able to jam all the US military air and seacraft and so we aren’t much of a presence in Syria, and that, along with Russia’s shoot down of the 4 (or more) Israeli aircraft is bringing this theatre to a close.
2. after the CIA attempt at assasination, Erdogan purged his ranks and his refusing to process all the heroin from Afghanistan- so everything’s flowing through Germany/Ramstein and Kosovo.
3. We’re in dire straits with the plummeting dollar because we have nothing to trade with since we shut down all our manufacturing. Our trade deficit is $550 BILLION and our gold reserves ( wherever they are!) and strategic oil reserves could never be increased enough to cover to balance it. This is preventing an asset-backed new currency and Trump is trying, Willie says.

Trump’s corporate giveaway could be understood as an effort to bring back manufacturing and diminish the trade deficit, but the big boys aren’t going to play ball because they’re all on the Koch team.


siggi #394658

No worries Siggi. Didn’t take it that way….


Clif High on twitter:

5h5 hours ago
Ack! As forecast, this weekend was filled with activities. In background now, so forecast was off for the ‘revealing’ by a few days. 1000+ sealed indictments nationwide. Movements of people in uniforms to places unusual – rumored (and confirmed). Very strange days ahead.


Weinstein Watershed – Here’s A List Of The 42 Men Accused Of Sexual Misconduct (So Far)


Hi Cafe … I’m back to do what I do best, which is copying and pasting the work of others. This from Axios:

These men are losing everything: book deals are falling through, lawsuits are being filed, they’re quitting their jobs (or being forced out), losing their companies, and more. This sends a message to predators throughout industries: if you abuse your power and position, you will lose.

The price of being a creep:

Harvey Weinstein – lost his company, and is under investigation. The Manhattan district attorney is seeking approval for an indictment as early as next week.
Kevin Spacey – replaced in upcoming film “All the Money in the World,” dropped by his agency, publicist, and Netflix.
Mark Halperin – lost his book deal, an HBO series, and contributing spots with NBC and MSNBC.
James Toback – dropped by his talent agency.
Michael Fallon – resigned as U.K. defense minister.
Michael Oreskes – resigned as NPR news chief.
Roy Price – resigned as Amazon Studios director.
Leon Wieseltier – financial support for his magazine was pulled before launch.
John Besh – stepped down as CEO of Besh Restaurant Group, Harrah’s New Orleans Casino has cut relations with the company.
Brett Ratner – Warner Bros. severed ties with the director, and Playboy Enterprises is shelving projects in which he’s involved.
Lockhart Steele – fired from Vox Media as editorial director.
Chris Savino – fired by Nickelodeon.
Kirk Webster – lost his country music PR company (which changed its name to Westby PR) and was dropped by clients like Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, and Kid Rock.
Terry Richardson – Condé Nast International cut ties with the fashion photographer.

What to watch for: There are several men who have been accused (U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, Sen. Al Franken) who have not yet faced consequences.


#394662 Wow, intruth, we had the same thought at the same time, and used different sources!

Definitely worthy material.


What happens when we die, and make the free-will decision to hang out on the earth plane instead of going to heaven? Patrick DeHaan contacted such a soul for a surprising interview.

Here’s the link for the downloadable PDF.


Check this out…

MEDIA 3 Man Vegas Kill Team In Black Camo On RV Roof Setting Up To Slaughter Fleeing Concert Guests


Rense Analysis – 3 Man Vegas Kill Team In Black Camo
On RV Roof Setting Up To Slaughter Fleeing Concert Guests


Wow… check it out!!!


Here’s what I copied before it was taken down…

3 Man Vegas Kill Team In Black Camo On RV Roof Setting Up To Slaughter Fleeing Concert Guests
ByContributorPublished on November 18, 2017 SHARE TWEET COMMENT
[project] Full credit to Jeff Rense of for having the guts to bring out the truth on the Las Vegas shooting! Why is Alex Jones currently censoring this HUGE bombshell video! We now have 100% proof of at least 3 shooters on top of what appears to be a large RV. They are dressed completely in black including masks! They aren’t up there selling girl scout cookies!

We need patriots worldwide to post these videos everywhere and ask Alex Jones at why he is not putting out the smoking gun video that could end the fairy tale! You can even see the gun in the enhanced frame below! This video alone destroys the lying FBI on Las Vegas! Get it out everywhere!

If Alex Jones won’t show this evidence after you email him then you’ll know why he’s on the card deck as “Agent in Place!” Only a traitor gatekeeper wouldn’t show this bombshell evidence! Tell Alex to get his buddy Matt Drudge to post it too! I’ll give $200 to the first person who gets Alex or Drudge to run the story with the video showing the actual shooters! This is HUGE! Best evidence I have ever seen! This will bring down the entire house of cards. Tell all your friends to post it on on Twitter, Facebook and all email lists. Overload their censor grid with huge numbers!

This video and series of photos clearly show 3 men dressed completely in black with guns on top of an RV! You see them move into shooting position!

Here Is An Example Of A Special Ops Shooter In Blackout Gear

You can see the gun mounted on a Bipod!

Full Article Here:

Two more shooters seen! See the muzzle flashes!

See the location here:

Survivor Describes Shell Casings All Over Tropicana Parking Lot!

Written by Glenn Canady via


Sunday with Charles – The Clinton Foundation (NOT) The Smartest Guys in the Room

Jason Goodman
Started streaming 3 hours ago

The Clinton Foundation’s 2016 filing has been submitted. With a new accounting firm and a new suspicious information, Charles is about to drop the hammer….


Lol, good relevant posts here, which I will definitely get to when I can. Now back to me and my abstract garbage!

There are the dates I pulled from that astrologer youtube video in earlier messages, copied from my blog:

November 23rd and 24th: High false flag potential.
November 27th: An emotional (personal) or physical (political) purge.
November 30th – December 1st: Things that happen quickly or war like activity targeted at rectifying problems.
December 4th is highlighted by someone else but Laura ‘does not know why’.
December 6th: Information coming to light.
December 7th: Possibly major movement on Britain and the EU.
December 12th: Problems with IT and/ or communication.
December 18th: Rapid manifestation of higher level energetics.


Lakewinds #394665

Now that was a ‘fun read’!


Join Greg Hunter as he interviews the Publisher of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente, and hear about multiple other trends and predictions for 2018

Renowned trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicts China will make big headlines in 2018. Celente points out, “China is not using petro-dollars. They are buying Russian oil, their biggest supplier, with yuan. You can cash in the yuan for gold. It’s the same with Iran and with Saudi Arabia. This is another reason that China is going to go further. You can start bringing your dollars to Walmart in a wheelbarrow because that’s what they will be worth. . . . What kept the dollar alive as the world reserve currency is that all the oil being traded is being bought in dollars. If you are paying for oil in other currencies . . . the Federal Reserve can’t keep printing up all the money that they want. They won’t have it out there as a reserve currency. You will see inflation skyrocket in this country, and gold will hit like a Bitcoin high. We believe it’s starting to happen.


Re: what judge Roy Moore disserves or doesn’t!

So the women that said judge Roy signed her yr book in 1979@ and physically assaulted her at a young age – had Gloria Alred as her lawyer.

Alred wouldn’t allow Roys lawyer to see the evidence but they got a picture of it and it turned out judge Roy had a women that worked for him @1987 at least 10 yrs later and she would sign things for him using her initials D.A.

Judge Roy was a assistant DA at the time not a D.A. and there was a 10 yr discrepancy- there is no way he signed her yr book. And the other girls were either of age or their mothers gave permission for him to see them. He never ever forced himself on anyone.

If he gets in Trumps agenda will go forward with a vengeance and that is why he is being attacked so fiercely except more from the right – 30 million dollars worth during the primary. They know if he gets in , it’s over for the neocons

President Trump saves the elephants of Zimbabwe: Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place

“After government bureaucrats at the US Fish and Wildlife department announced a recent decision to allow big game “trophies” to be imported into the United States, President Trump reversed the decision and reinstated the elephant trophy ban, reports the UK Daily Mail.”
“Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!” he tweeted.”
more in article.
Puh – that was good!


I do enjoy Jordon Sather’s (Destroying the Illusion) take on the news.
From tonight Sun/19th


Did anyone catch David Wilcocks last wisdom teachings? Where he quoted some crazy book made up by a guy called Lex and referenced him, quoting a passage that he said meant the Qur’an was loving and non violent (like he went on and on about it), but then every single other Qur’an has that same passage as ‘You must not befriend the Jew, the Christian, the Infidel’.

Everything else he said about the Qur’an minus the Law of One quotes was also made up by Lex and has only a very small resemblance to what is written in the Qur’an.

Funny times! I’m going to check David Wilcock a bit more now, not just believe him but check his sources. In this instance it seems David Wilcock just believed what he wanted to believe!


zander #394646

“Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place”



William D. Campbell, Due To Testify Against Clinton, Survives Assassination Attempt

November 18, 2017

William D. Campbell, a Russian insider who is due to testify to a Senate committee on Monday that Hillary Clinton accepted bribes in the uranium scandal, has gone into hiding, telling close friends that he has already survived one attempt on his life.
William D. Campbell is due to testify against the Clintons on Monday – a testimony that legal analysts warn could put Clinton behind bars for “twelve plus years” – however Campbell has raised fears that he might not make it to the hearing on Capitol Hill.
Warning that he has “already survived one attempt on my life since it was made public by the Sessions DOJ that I intend to testify,” Campbell claims that if it wasn’t for the fact he was carrying, he would have been killed during a routine daily hike in the hills behind his home.
Explaining that he was surprised by an armed man in the woods, Campbell said he drew his weapon and held the man’s gaze until he disappeared.
“I was prepared for any eventuality,” Campbell said, explaining that “the stakes are very high, I understand that. Was this man connected to anybody I plan to testify against on Monday? I have no proof. But I can’t take risks, which is why I have gone into hiding until Monday.”
Investigative reporter John Solomon from The Hill told Sean Hannity on Thursday that William D. Campbell, a former consultant for a Russian firm, has video of briefcases full of money used to bribe US officials in the Russia uranium scandal involving Hillary Clinton.

Solomon says the Reuters report published Wednesday downplaying the informant is completely inaccurate, and he and staff at The Hill expect an eruption in D.C. on Monday when William D. Campbell unleashes his “huge massive bombshell” testimony against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the conduct of the State Department during her tenure.

I hope today is the day.


waldheim2 #394670

Sunday with Charles – The Clinton Foundation (NOT) The Smartest Guys in the Room

Jason Goodman
Started streaming 3 hours ago

The Clinton Foundation’s 2016 filing has been submitted. With a new accounting firm and a new suspicious information, Charles is about to drop the hammer….

Listening to this now. Charles Ortel – always on it!


Top Hillary donor John Mostyn commits suicide