Khazarian cabal purge accelerates:  Marines storm CIA HQ;  Over 2000 indicted in U.S.;  Collapse of control grid in Europe

The purge of the satanic Khazarian cabal that turned the West evil is accelerating at an undeniable pace.  Most importantly, Pentagon sources confirm multiple Internet reports that Marines stormed the CIA headquarters this past weekend.  One of the aims was to shut down Operation Mockingbird, the CIA group that turned the mass media, as well as Google, Facebook, etc. into mass mind-control propaganda, say NSA sources.

The institutional heirs to the group that murdered President John F. Kennedy are also being rounded up, according to Pentagon sources.  “The Department of Justice and [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller are working overtime and may exceed 2000 sealed indictments,” a Pentagon source says.

These moves, combined with the purge of all the Saudi royals and military who were linked to 9/11, as well as the removal of Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe and the imminent removal of Israeli satanist Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, leave no doubt that the long-awaited arrests and roundups of cabalists worldwide has begun.

The Rothschild/Saxe Gotha family group is also losing control over Europe.  In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel (Hitler’s daughter) failed to form a new government.  In France, a hundred legislators from Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron’s party have defected, as mass protests against this election-stealer’s rule break out all across the country.  In England, Rothschild-slave Prime Minister Theresa May is also unpopular and expected to be removed soon.

Meanwhile in Japan, Admiral Harry Harris, Commander of the United States Pacific Command, met with slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week.  According to sources who were at the meeting, Abe told Harris that…

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About time the Rothschilds suffer some payback




and 3rd


#3 Good morning!


6 okay… no tricks
AND the B I G G E S T Light and POWER of GOOD to all I am about to “scroll up” and read about here.. and all reading… as I was putting on last week’s thread as this got published: all involved in MK Ultra… souls of those already gone as well as all still “en-planeted” …

… and all hoping… worrying… fighting… trying to make peace… trapped.. .hunted.. hunting… leaning … praying… grieving…
on this cafe and on (and within) our little Gaia… and beyond.



Thanks Ben!


7 is heaven.


I pray that all of this will not be derailed by these desperados.


Victory to the Light !




12 🙂


Thanks Ben


14 or more, thanks, Ben.

Robin Larson

15 Boy, early today.


“Israel, waking up to the fact that its apocalyptic plans were a delusion, is now desperately trying to form an alliance with Arab nations like Saudi Arabia in order to ensure its survival.

It seems as if they are saying, “We Semites have got to stick together.” Common sense would dictate that the Arabs will only do this after peace is reached with the Palestinians and their stolen lands are either returned or compensated for.

Okay… I am pretty sure Ben has talked about both Israel and Saudi Arabia being Khazarian-controlled. So, is this comment about awareness coming to the Israeli public and “publicly-viewed” politicians.. who do not know about the lizzy-pup Khazarian mob? Or is this another instance of one week of Ben’ s reports contradicting another?


Thank you, Ben.


chahliedatuna #394701
“I pray that all of this will not be derailed by these desperados.”

YES!!! and if you ARE Da Tuna, then Chahlie you probly have Da POWAH to make it so!

And… if we keep “on it” all our G O D (Group Of Dancers) have to offer in terms of prayer, visioning, dancing, beaming, intending.. etc… WE can bring about A LL that is FTHGAC, no?

RA… WE are RA
WE are DOing THIS!

with a little (or a lot of)

I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

and a tail wagg

thrown in for Good measure! 😉


Thank you, Ben.


Well I just got a big update, the brown dwarf star doesn’t come near Earth till 2019. It will 1st be seen in Nov. or Dec. 2018 and go into the kill zone May or April 2019, so one has another year to prepare. I’ve been wondering why they weren’t seeing it with telescopes getting close.

I’ve also been updated that everyone in our society that has a low soul, has a Reptilian soul, nobody has an Insect soul as I thought. They don’t all have a Reptilian soul from the same group, three different Reptilian groups are represented, but they are all evil and they are working together somewhat. Evil souls may not be that loyal as they go for themselves.


Simon Parkes

Wolf Spirit Radio Sunday 19th November 2017


22. Now back to see what’s new. Everyone have a great week!


Bringing this over as the last comment from last week… so see if others may have had a similar speculation.

1. Was Charles Manson A CIA Controlled Assassin?

I searched for Charled Manson MK Ultra? to be reminded and got the above 2 min-ish as well as a longer one I haven’t listened to yet:

The short video talks about a drug “The Family” took (“Orange” something) that was supplied to them by a CIA-connected fellow.

2. CIA Hippie Mind Control: Inside Laurel Canyon with Dave McGowan

SO… rabbit-hole brain here: Was his death actually “natural” or was it “helped” by some White Hats as a message to CIA folks that their negative games are now being put to an end?

AND.. more importantly:

lite litey lite lite… all that is FTHG to this man’s soul… the souls of his victims and followers… any who may have managed/programmed him… all who did and or do follow worry hope pray about the victims and perps of MK Ultra and other mind-mangling programs past and present…

And of course also light to Ben.. his staff and all of us and our loved ones. FTHGAC also.




In England, Rothschild-slave Prime Minister Theresa May is also unpopular and expected to be removed soon.

So all this talk about Remainers overthrowing May is a deception then… Never felt right with her giving away billions for no reason!

Should have voted for Jeremy Corbyn!

Just talked to someone else who’s going to be homeless soon. Good times.


I am logged in but I can’t access the last part of the article. Any ideas?


27 is heaven


Chip, Alan had this problem. Check his posts from last week. He figured out why.


Operation Liberate Earth 432Hz




Getting really really weary of the persistent implication in these reports that being Jewish is inherently evil. And have told me you are Jewish. So why are you fanning the flames of hatred toward a huge group of people? Cabal are Satan worshipers..not followers of Judaism. Or is Jesus evil too?

kristian jorgensen
kristian jorgensen

Thank you for what you do, for the greater good of all! Namaste



Getting really really weary of the persistent implication in these reports that being Jewish is inherently evil. And have told me you are Jewish. So why are you fanning the flames of hatred toward a huge group of people? Cabal are Satan worshipers..not followers of Judaism. Or is Jesus evil too?
These evil people of highest influence REFER TO THEMSELVES AS JEWS wherever they live or Israeli/Jew if they live in Israel – but they know and we know they are of Khazarian fabric. The vast majority of Jews in Israel (about 80% it is estimated) are not Semites like Jesus but Khazar descendants. The Semites do still exist today, about 20% of the Israeli population is Semite and the West Bank, Golan Heights and Gaza Strip is where you find Semites. I prefer to use the term Khazarian Mafia since it then includes the Goyim who serve them – one big happy family of fake Jews who are served by wanna-be Jews who are their corrupt vassals. To me anyway, Jews are a tribe; Judaists are religious followers of Judaism regardless of what blood may be in there veins. Some reading I found interesting: “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and “The Synagogue of Satan”. I think Ben refers to “that select portion of Jews who are evil, and satan worshippers” rather than the entire Jewish people – you have to “read that in” I think.


Here is some good news for brain healing. If we can heal our hearts and brains, we can effect everything!

“In studies performed at Vienna and Berlin Universities, researchers discovered that sesquiterpenes, a natural compound found in essential oils of Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28 percent (Nasel, 1992). Such an increase in brain oxygen may lead to a heightened level of activity in the hypothalamus and limbic systems of the brain, which can have dramatic effects on not only emotions, but on learning, attitude, and many physical processes of the body such as: immune function, hormone balance, and energy levels. High levels of sesquiterpenes also occur in Melissa, Myrrh, Cedarwood, and Clove essential oils.”


#394717 “Should have voted for Jeremy Corbyn! Just talked to someone else who’s going to be homeless soon. Good times.”

Hi phoenix,

I’m sorry to hear things are not going well for you. It is one of the most insidious memes that people who need help are stealing from the rest of us.

We all need help at different times in our lives, when we are young, when we are old, when we are sick, when things fall apart. One of the great lessons in life to to be able to ask for and accept help. Another is to be able to give help when asked. We are all each other’s angels. The help we are able to give and accept grows our humanity.

I’m looking for a system that acknowledges that. I don’t care who calls it what as long as it works better than the one we have now. We are all stronger when we support each other.


siggi #394675
President Trump saves the elephants of Zimbabwe: Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place
“After government bureaucrats at the US Fish and Wildlife department announced a recent decision to allow big game “trophies” to be imported into the United States, President Trump reversed the decision and reinstated the elephant trophy ban, reports the UK Daily Mail.”
“Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!” he tweeted.”
more in article.
Puh – that was good!
002017-11-20 12:12 PM
zanderboy #394676
Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place
002017-11-20 12:38 P
Hi zander!
Is this a kind of messages to me ???
Can we please try to avoid the copy/double posting, and right after another post, without saying a peep!
This is a very small community with only around 200 post something a week, should be easy to do a small search beforehand.
Earlier with over 1000 post it was harder, and yes I have done this myself, but tried as much as I can to reverse it.
Note there are 15 min to cancel/edit a post.


Thank you for the update Mr Benjamin Fulford.


– #394727

Sun/ Jupiter/ Venus… Soon Mars, going through Scorpio and this is all just coming out for me!


I have one of my many temporary solutions at the moment. I’ve realised that working part time, very part time, where I am at the moment is the best solution. Partly because I can’t do anything else.

When I push forward, when I work more hours it makes everyone miserable. It makes my work colleagues miserable, it makes my family miserable, it makes my friends stressed. So even though it does not work with my self image that’s where I am at the moment. I really don’t want to get stuck in a rut but increasing my hours is not going to help. There is something metaphysical surrounding this all and the day I have returned to work I have a mysterious medical problem. Not serious but a bit unusual. Have to take time off. Being very chilled though and it is all working better.

The events recently have lead to a potential opening in the service to others. A place I have some history with with some new age people. A nice- ish place.

I work serving customers in a very ‘service to others’ capacity in the stereotypical sense of the word and that was this homeless comment I made. I quite frequently talk to people in a very desperate place. My mother is an NHS nurse and sees all sorts. Close friends have hit hard times. But then the same is true of everyone. I seem to recall your situation is probably a lot worse.

My peace with politics has come from living in the real world. Other friends I have not seen for a long time were aggressively angry at people who live on welfare and play video games all day. But people also understand my situation. There is a natural balance I believe people are arriving at and it probably does not include me in any great overview- based sense.


#394728 siggi

Hi siggi … I cannot speak for zander, but his seemed to be a reaction that I shared.

President Trump did not “save” any elephants. His administration had issued another mean-spirited edict designed to undo everything the prior administration had done, which included banning the import of elephant trophies from parts of Africa. Public backlash was fierce, and he backed down.

It’s just ironic that anyone at all, anywhere in the world, has the perception that Trump “saved” the elephants when he was actually trying to encourage their killing and had to reverse himself.


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Stillness in the Storm


#40. Just read the following and comments following it. Not one mention of potential underground bases/cities being blown up by the good guys. Hmmm.

kamber hossaini
kamber hossaini

HA HA HA HAAAAA >:) >:) >:)

Has this writer ever seen metaphysical phenomena by the elders? When will information about them be released? When will mass disclosure and crmbling of religious dogmas initiate?

I am patient, we are one.


#394715 You might find this of interest, littledog. The part that really cinched it for me was the inside of the house and the cheap, ugly furniture that he describes in part 4. This is similar to how they staged the “Lanza” residence in Sandy Hook. The house was beautiful on the outside, but had garage-sale furniture, like a stage set. The fact that there wasn’t wall to wall carpeting in the Tate/Polanski residence, with a gap of about six inches with hardwood showing, means that they would roll it up after the fact and get rid of it.


Connecting the DC witness with Seth Rich.

“Not long ago, America First Media Group released that Washington D.C. Metro Police Department had a witness the night that Seth Rich was murdered. She didn’t see the shooting, but claims she saw two men running towards the LeDroit Park area of D.C. The more America First Media dug into the situation, we found some astounding coincidences in this part of our Investigation.

“Kristin Oland, the DC Police Department’s witness, worked for a CIA Contractor for a decade, was a professional MMA Fighter, a Vet Tech, A Pilot, you know, normal things you see every day. We’re beginning to put more and more pieces of this puzzle together and its’ mind blowing.

“We’ve now uncovered that Kristin Oland and Seth Rich hung out at the same establishments. The same bars around Washington D.C., the same restaurants around Washington D.C. If that’s not enough, we’re even finding out that she volunteered at the same shelter that Seth Rich liked to volunteer at. Statistics show that most people know their killers, we’re digging in America, stay tuned. We don’t go away, we don’t give up, we get closer, and we provide the truth!”


lakewinds #394731
#394728 siggi

Hi siggi … I cannot speak for zander, but his seemed to be a reaction that I share
Hi lakewinds!
darn – my post disappeared…again – so try again!
Agree the word “save” do no justice to the overall case. They were saved already! Totally agree.
My personal opinion is that this is a nasty play . Those cave men in the fish and wildlife dep. used a utmost touchy subject to put a wedge in between his own family – knowing his sons were both hunters. + deflect (again) from ongoing horrific pedo scandals exposure. I wonder who was behind.
To Trump benefit I would say he stood firm here. He also expressed his contempt against all hunting in general. It all seem to me to be planned to make waves around the world, as it surely did.
But when this is said – I think we be wise to follow Trump closely! I am nor left or right – we all fight a battle against those who divide to conquer/control us.
It is laughable of the conservative fractions to be so cocky – knowing history with all their candidates…..huh it all stinky more or less.
Not angry at anyone just want to point out how easy it is to avoid double posting.


Thanks for report ben!
11.20 – New Q/Antarctica/MidEast Crumbling/Rothschild&Soros
Sæther says re. Rothschild crash : His (jacob or mr Burns) wikipedia site listed him as dead for 15 min – before it was taken down.


#394737 siggi

The cave man in this scenario is Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, a cartoonishly evil man who has mused that he would like to “strip” the national parks of their resources if he had his way.

He’s also been an abuser of the private jets, and he has a special flag raised at his government offices when he is in the building, kind of like the Queen.

If we were in France, he would be called “Un Grand Asshole.” I don’t speak French, so I have no idea what that means.


DNA genotypes reveal that:
“The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

Geneticists report that less than 2% of “Jews” living in Israel are actually Israelites.
Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

The people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.

“There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”


48 Thats great!
off to the Read


Super Soldier Talk – Dr. Kosol Ouch – Bitcoin A.I. From our Future


Published on Nov 19, 2017
In this interview Dr. Kosol Ouch shares how a sentient
A.I. from the future traveled back in time to create
Bitcoin to destroy the cabal and to encourage A.I.
singularity unity consciousness. Also learn about
Mass Arrests, 2026 Nuclear War, The Secret Space
Program, life on the moon and mars, and much more.

Another interview w/Kosol Ouch. Hard to wrap my head around this but I don’t dismiss it. .. at least not yet.


Thanks is not enough, Ben, but it will do for the moment. You are the Indiana Jones of the Matrix.



…”where the son does not shine.”

LOL — Ben did that on purpose, perhaps.


The fun and the ugly!
Speaking about “reptilian souls” . This odd story were given personal to me last night.
A very strange conversation with an Indian friend.

First the fun part!

long time since I’ve been speaking to her. So I asked what she now were doing.

“I’m working at a hospital” she told me.
“Oh – so what do you do there?”
” I’m working with genitals………” She said with an very serious expression. ( a longer pause were initiated…..).
“Um – eh ……….. genitals? I stopped myself before saying “How interesting….”! ha ha ha ha.
“Say that again please…..”
I tried to collect myself, before making an obviously grin. Her X-ray eyes seemed to stare right into my brain – reading the confused thought pattern…

After some repetition – I got she was working with genetics.
We both had a long laugh about it all. – Indians speaking “broken” English conversing with Norwegians trying their best, can result in unimaginable situations.

The ugly one:
She told me about an “incident”. As she was going from her “office lab” out the door to deliver samples, she suddenly bumped into one strange kind of “creature”.
It was a small”female” with red eyes. A odd kind of hair gathered behind her back, incredible pale looking and somewhat slightly bent forward… She exuded an horrible odour. Energetically as well…. she told me
My friend was, even before reaching her, telling me how awful she felt right away. Extremely bad energy emits from this unusual being. immediately got scared and rushed back into her working room.

This is a professional who have worked at several hospitals in London. She is one of the most intuitive person I ever meet – with an extraordinary ability to accurate state others conditions and the cause for it, and even their Origin.
She is convinced It was a snake type or reptilian entity.


It’s all happening as it should and the cabal is ruining the lives and reputations of as many as they can.


Relevant, I believe:


Jim Stone

Nov 20 2017
I never reported the Marines landing at Langley because I knew it was a hoax

Evidently it got high profile reporting. Supposedly marines landed at Langley to prevent a coup against Trump. Problem is, it was such an obvious hoax I knew it within 45 minutes of it first being reported. How did I know?
EASY: No reports on social media. If the Marines did anything anywhere, it would be all over social media. I did a wait and see. It took less than an hour of waiting for me to know it had to be fake. And when nothing popped up, I called it a hoax and never posted it. And I was right.

Lots of times if I don’t have it here, I called it a hoax before practically anyone even heard of it. I am most often right when I skip a story.


intruth #394742
Super Soldier Talk – Dr. Kosol Ouch – Bitcoin A.I. From our Future


At 1:03:26 there is a pic of a reptilian dressed in clothing with Chinese/Japanese writing on it. I wonder where it was taken.



Scary stuff.


phoenix9061210 #394730

Phoenix, There’s something so familiar to me about your situation.

I had a hard time with the jobs I worked when I was in the workforce. Plus I seemed to be getting into car accidents on a regular basis. My intuition kept telling me it was the awful and boring jobs I was taking on because there wasn’t much else as if the universe was wanting me to stop getting into the situations I was in.

Where I live has always been a depressed region and good jobs are hard to come by unless you have all the right background. I took on jobs below what I was capable of and they were often spiritually draining as well. But I could never seem to make enough money to move forward. And most of the people I knew then and when I was totally out of work seemed to all be in difficult situations….. many of them were on disability and therefore getting government money because they couldn’t work (or they overworked themselves without ever going to alternative health sources).

There are those who cheat the system. I’ve heard of them too & I’m glad I don’t know them. I always feel that if jobs were more plentiful and there wouldn’t be such strife about living situations. There are also a lot of people that don’t want to go on the government dole and they suffer with these situations.

I know I made my daughter miserable on a regular basis when I came home and complained about the people I worked for. One thing I did was start a very small craft business so I could get money on the side and maybe bridge into it and expand it when I could, if I could.

When I was old enough to collect Social Security I jumped on it and things have only gotten better for me. It was a bit hard at first catching up on some bills where things had gone wrong. At times my daughter tried to help out because she was in the workforce by then too, but she has had her problems with jobs as well. (Fortunately things have gone better for her in the past couple years). But I have seen it with my nephews. Good jobs are hard to come by. When you take one on just to bring in the money, the bosses overwork you or you have the co-workers that want to stab you in the back so they can hold on to their position or climb over you. I am glad to be away from those scenarios.

It sounds like you are moving towards a better plan for yourself so I am sending you good energies that you can make it work and more. If I may add a little advice too, I say make sure you put out to the universe the things you are grateful for – all the things no matter how small. Once I started doing that, it seems that things moved on for the better. I felt more at peace with everything.

But I know from people who have had to take government social services dole money that sometimes you just have to do it for a while. Those critics will mostly hear about the cheaters and not look at the whole picture, I think. Perspective, though, is important.

Best to you


– #394751

Hey, thankyou.

I’m not actually on welfare but I still live at home. When the tension at work travels home then I get very determined to move out.

Whatever the truth of the situation is I am getting loads of synchronicities etc. So those entities are watching over and no doubt guiding in the right direction when they can.

I would say when I did live on welfare briefly when I was jobseeking for several years it was the most difficult part of my life.


phoenix9061210 #39475

You’re welcome, Phoenix.

I didn’t think you had taken any welfare money from what you have said.

It’s hard not to sometimes. But it’s a pain to take it too. The constant paperwork you have to fill out and confirm your status and dealing with the bureaucratic crap is one reason. These social workers are overworked. How they stay civil and do their job is beyond me.
Collecting Social Security is hard enough. I did have a retirement fund but delved into it when I was out of work. I know others are doing that as well.

That’s why I do continue to stay with Ben’s reports. I really do look forward to a time when money and having to go so far to get it is not an issue. I really like what I am reading about Finland and that other program from Canada where there is a basic income, basic living money.

But that’s part of aligning with Ben’s intentions. Even just acknowledging that there is the bad stuff going on in this world is part of changing it when you align yourself with the good forces of the world. That’s what makes coming to this forum so satisfying and hopeful to me.



Mayberlaine is getting real troubles. She wants to give the EU loads of money for no reason and her Brexit supporting MP’s will not support her. They will leave.

Delicious. All Globalists care about is power and if they do their disgusting globalist crap they will lose their power.

– #394753

Basic income is one that Zuckerberg and his friends all push. In my view it is basically increasing control over the population. Very soon after such a program would get started they would start taking the money away from those they deemed “undesireable”.

Also, it might seem harsh, but no one I work with would stay at my job if they had a basic income but it is an important service.

I have heard though so many stories of a weird dark energy that seems to pass through the workforce. I am not subject to it because I have the power to reduce my hours. For instance, a friend has a work colleague that has some sort of mental damage and swears at people all the time. He was apparently absolutely fine before he was bullied! There’s just something off in a lot of these places. When you hear the perspectives of those that work temporarily in places the strange unpleasant inefficiencies are unsettling!


newswatcher #394725
meridianwoman #394740
Hi there News watcher and meridianwoman!

Thanks so much for clarifications from both of you!
Had no idea that the original Jews , from Abraham linage, was that small in number. Makes most “Jews” not really Jews?
I thought it went only for the rulers/ KZ Mafia groups holding Israelites hostage, mostly
I agree – KZ mafia is far better to use as it state accurate their origin.

Well – anyway it should then be easy to take a test to find that one out now.
So what does all this mean?
My simple thinking is…., what your linage are, doesn’t really matter at all. God/source/universe see all of us as equal anyway imo. We only “play” the separation game, which is for them darn serious, as they see them self ABOVE source. That is partly why this must now be ended. I don’t mean necessary to forget all about our linage, but more focus on were our thoughts, words, intentions and actions, we put out, lead us to.
If these are aligned to,…… guess what …to littledog’s HGOAC philosophy, all is smokey hot. This mean you shall NOT put yourself higher or lower than anyone else.
All will go to source, of peace and love, eventually. Only question of the illusionary concept of time… to
It’s impossible for any fake “Jew” ( i.e KZ) to injure or chop a limb out of oneness. he he A bifurcation will happen. Satanic KZ mafia need to run the whole lane of 26 000 year cycles all over again, if they’re lucky…
They have been given enough chances – time is up!
But all perhaps lies in our preplanned path? What we did earlier in our existence – to end up here and now?
peace and blessings to you all!


Get a room… ha ha ha just kidding! (oops sorry not a reference to my post above)


edawnb #394547

“Relevant, I believe:”

Alfred Lambremont Webre with Laura Eisenhower

I listened to this the week it came out and we talked about it here… but it is sooo relevant and useful… think I’m gonna listen to it again tomorrow.

Thank you edawnb


siggi #394745

genitals / genetics… ha ha ha… and such kudos to all of you struggling to learn and use one of the m o s t unmanagable languages on the planet!

“the ugly”:

I had 2 reactions:

1. An example of what Corey Goode says about the fact that humans need to be introduced to these alternate species in small steps cuz it’s so shocking.

2. The way my dog (all dogs) find “sniffs” heavenly that you and I are disgusted by. To say nothing of the fact that ugly to one is g o r g e o u s to another. So we are simply referencing our “2-footie” norms when we are scared and disgusted by one such as your friend encountered.

3. Your sharing the story is a bit of the exposure Corey said is optimal done in tiny bits.


phoenix9061210 #394754

“Basic income is one that Zuckerberg and his friends all push. In my view it is basically increasing control over the population”

Very very good point. So if there is such a basic income put in place, I hope that that Zuckerberg & friends are gone. I know something like the basic income in America wouldn’t work too well at this moment in time. There would be a lot of people not going to find work, probably would spend it on drugs as well.

“I have heard though so many stories of a weird dark energy that seems to pass through the workforce. I am not subject to it because I have the power to reduce my hours. For instance, a friend has a work colleague that has some sort of mental damage and swears at people all the time. He was apparently absolutely fine before he was bullied! There’s just something off in a lot of these places. When you hear the perspectives of those that work temporarily in places the strange unpleasant inefficiencies are unsettling!”

Now that is really interesting to me. I will be on the lookout for this and stories of this. I know there is a lot of the demonic energy about. Too many people are denying it.

One of my friends keeps quitting the jobs he gets….. says its the same old BS he keeps running into. One job he was doing deliveries and someone was following him & at one point ran him off the road. Next job he didn’t elaborate.

Hmm, Does open up to a new perspective on work places and energies therein.

Thanks for the insight.



Very very good point. So if there is such a basic income put in place, I hope that that Zuckerberg & friends are gone. I know something like the basic income in America wouldn’t work too well at this moment in time. There would be a lot of people not going to find work, probably would spend it on drugs as well.

In my view there are more important social changes than money. I know it is an important one because it is so apparent in peoples everyday lives, but imagine if you could live in a world with proper justice, where wrongdoers would genuinely be punished but you personally were only relatively wealthy, or you could be very wealthy but wrongdoers were not punished!?

When this shift happens it will be a ‘ring going into mount doom’ moment, so many strange patterns in people will be immediately stopped.

I marvel at my naivety when I was younger. I used to think psychic abilities were fantastic but clearly, if you are living in the world where people are processing some real darkness and being able to see into it will give you nightmares! (Although that does not count with people that are positive and going through bad times, only when there is a negative intention do I believe there is a really bad feeling!)

One of my friends keeps quitting the jobs he gets….. says its the same old BS he keeps running into. One job he was doing deliveries and someone was following him & at one point ran him off the road. Next job he didn’t elaborate

I get these moments a lot where I think about these sorts of behaviours. In my job I am often talking to people that are animal lovers, very nice and sane, I do feel I give them a few minutes of attempted connection, perhaps that is helpful although fleeting, perhaps not. But the things they describe other people as doing I just can’t get my head around why people would do some of these things? They are not just animal cruelty but strange things like your example that make no sense!

Animal cruelty is another one though. A friend of the family had a dog that used to get very scared when anyone would have a can because a bunch of hillbillies used to all throw their cans at the dog at the end of the night!


siggi #394755

newswatcher #394725
meridianwoman #394740


Actually, it’s much more complex than simply that “all the American and European “Jews” are descendants of the converted Khazarians.

I am reading The Invention of the Jewish People by Shlomo Sand and Yael Lotan.

Sand took a LOT of H E A T in Israel for this info…
During the early centuries of this Era Jewish folk as well as Christians had campaigns all over North Africa… Roman-Ruled Europe, etc to convert folks to their religious views and practices.. So many who were not of the original Abrahamic genetic stock became “Full-fledged Jews.

. AND… many Jewish folk left the land now called Israel and Palestine to live and work in those areas and married those not born Jewish.

So, even before the BIG Khazarian conversion, there were many who came to think of themselves as, call themselves, be accepted by other “original Jews” as Jewish.

And, of course.. not all the Khazarian converts… nor their descendants were/are “lizzy-pups” (ie the many-layered minions who are puppeteered and are puppeteering those in the Khazarian Mafia hierarchy… at the top of which are the off-planet reptilian ETs.. the “Dino-Teers”).

AND… of c o u r s e… not all the lizzy-pups are of Khazarian descent. My goodness. the term Mafia is from Italians, to name one other group.

Let’s face it. All us 2-footeds are mongrels, like it or not.

If dogs do not fuss over pure-bread versus mongrel.. nor little or big… nor brown or black… but only react negatively to another of their (or our) kind when same is doing something dysfunctional… like trying to fight with them. … Maybe we can t r y to do like that…


O dear.. I haven’t even finished reading the day’s shares..
AND I have to tear myself away and get snoozing, cuz I have to be up waaaay b4 dawn.
nitey nite all
so fond of y’all.
be well ’til. 😉


If dogs do not fuss over pure-bread versus mongrel.. nor little or big… nor brown or black… but only react negatively to another of their (or our) kind when same is doing something dysfunctional… like trying to fight with them. … Maybe we can t r y to do like that…

– #394761

I’m reading the same book but am generally too anxious to read books! So keep it but do not read it for a long time!

I think we are able to not think too much about those roots because we identify, most of us, as extra terrestrial souls. I am so weird it is the first part of my identity before anything else. But others, who may be atheists or other beliefs that are fairly simple, do not have that.


littledogg #394761
Hi littledog!
So you saying it’s all a mix? And to be of “pure” genetic linage is hard or impossible to prove or effectively state?
Or do I misinterpret.
And agree – dog don’t care, his heart is big – see all alike, as long we don’t make fuss and fight, he respond in loving kind.
Thanks for the clearing you provide re the complex Jews contra “”jews” as it all intertwined.
Yes – we/I also use the word Mafia loosely – I always use them as a general expression of an organized crime syndicate, without thinking further of it’s Italian origin. My personal weight goes toward the KZ of that expression.
I also agree the top in the KZ is off planet. Not for long I’m sure.
Thanks again littledog – newer gone into it before.


This Angela Merkel stuff is serious. She is unable to form a coalition. The last party that was an option with said he would have to abandon everything he stood for to agree with her… translation… She is still very pro “refugee”.

So it is the same thing again, she has two choices, either lose power or abandon globalist policies.

So Germany could either have a minority government, which would mean the government would likely be unable to govern… or, a snap election!

Big big news!


This evening I was privileged to visit and converse with the former Clerk of the Federal District Court in Philadelphia. It was his job for decades to manage and develop the appointments of new Federal Judges to the Court……. as well as manage the influx of Sealed Indictments and know specifically who was being indicted, case by case. He acknowledged with a nod that it is a big deal that 58 Sealed Indictments just appeared in the past week and a half. Of course these matters are entirely confidential, and so nothing more could be said. It was truly great to see him. I hope he writes a book on his experiences.


good to hear some writings here about working on the earths surface…..

working for the eye in the sky sucks…..

a buddy I work with just came back from Africa-he would see thousands and thousands of peoples each morning walking into industrial parks,looking for a days work- where the heartless corporatocrazy has got are peoples by the balls bigtime….due to mass criminal colonializations imperializations,criminal political puppets and such in place to serve the criminally insane demonic dark underlords agendas…..

I work in a western country in a union trades technical capacity-government job-a medical company that of course is controlled by big pharma…..

they have privatized many of the jobs at this multi hospital health care authority-all privatized jobs wages for the workers and benefits have plummeted – a job that would be paying 25 dollars an hour now pays about 15-and every 10 years they lay workers off-sign a new contract pretending to be a different company in some cases(then the same corporate pirates filling there pockets-while some of the workers are rehired and their seniority,postions of leadership,wages are reset to the lowest starting wages again etc…..

the overt blatant corporate fascism ongoing criminal corruption is easily seen by the workers -the exposure of the heartless beast here is starting to deliver positive results as lightworkers and lightwarriors involved can more and more and are more and more stepping up to the plate,and combat these attacks on human society…..

the department I work in has been under siege for years by corrupt managers who have unsuccessfully tried over and over to eliminate us,take wages and jobs etc-while they feed their little corporation at the taxpayers(and government employees) expense…..these are low level minons who in some cases are just dark hearted arrogant self indulged ones who don’t see a bigger picture,and don’t care regardless,furthering their quest for power and control and wealth at the expense of their countrymen and woman serves the dark cabal well…..

the good news is these corrupt ones are now being held accountable-a reflection of what is happening at all levels-including the lightforces operation perniceous where it looks like the 4th reich,the draconians etc are getting the asses kicked big time…..

myself and the other military veteran that works in my department,are now in direct offensive mode with these corrupt lost managers who otherwise figure they are going to tyrannize the workers in our department…..they will lose-2 of them are already removed of their positions-3 or 4 to go in this case……

or we can look forward to being completely fucked like our brothers and sisters in africa who gets up each morning before the sun rises, to make the long walk into the industrial parks to maybee get a days work where they have to work very hard for very little wages,and get treated very poorly in a lot of cases…..

thanks to china their is a new model expanding in africa,to replace the demons pain and suffering model…..

I may personally get fucked by standing up these unenlightened ones(managers who tend to be of low qualifications and knowledge levels for the positions they hold)-cest la vie-we push forward now so all will be free…..

takedown of the dark forces is in full operation at all levels…..conditions bravo zulu are in effect…..all hands to the upper decks for assisting in the engagement of the mass neutraliza
tion of the beast and all its minions…..

enough of my rant of course… pumped…..hahahahaha…..

may the forces of light be strong in your hearts now finest brothers and sisters…..


Please discern for yourself.

Thank you all for your prayers for a better world as
some of us “truth seekers” share their findings to
expose this dark satanic cabal (evil reptilians

Lots of kudos go to David Wilcock, sites such as,, and
all alternative news sites others on
homepage – –
united with Love and Light and with our aggregate
though for a common loving goal, we will prevail.

Interesting… WOW!!!

US SENATORS Involved in MILAB Child Trafficking, list of how many they raped
& killed

From the video link below, here’s the list:

The Temporals of the Senate have attempted to kill me today after I posted a list of 44 of them that raped and murdered at the Langley VA MILAB so I decided to share a list of all Senators that are involved in MILAB Child Trafficking. When I was abducted and taken to the MILABS, I was raped by each and every male on this list, so I am far more than an eye witness. Including Rand Paul who raped me three times. I am sorry for those to continue to worship them, but they are due to be arrested soon. The R stands for # of children raped and the M is for how many they have killed.


TOM COTTON R 18 M 2, JOHN McCAIN [arrested] R 136 M 39,
JOHN CORKER R 157 M 17, TED CRUZ R 330 M 26,
ORIN HATCH R 428 M 52,
MIKE LEE R 19 M 1, TIM KAINE R 26 M 2,

All “females”on this list have been killed and their bodies have been inhabited by Reptilian Nazi war criminal spirits. All Senators on this list are former Nazi war criminals, including the ones pretending to be Jewish. The real Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Lisa Murkowski are currently in Heaven. All the other females were recycled into new lifetimes, mostly in Asia. This list is as of 15th of January, 2016

More of Tory Smith Videos:


77 my lucky nr. yo hoo!


I may personally get fucked by standing up these unenlightened ones(managers who tend to be of low qualifications and knowledge levels for the positions they hold)-cest la vie-we push forward now so all will be free…..

In my last job there were good managers and bad managers, and it really showed how much better the upper management treated the bad managers.

All of politics seems to me to keep these bad managers in place. To keep the bullying ones in place. For instance, the good managers were able to hire native English people because they were skilled enough to treat them well, the bad managers only ever hired immigrants, would lose the native brits and treated the immigrants like absolute dirt. They would bully them even when they needed them to work and the immigrant was asking for work. Because they know the immigrant needs the work. There was literally no reason for it from my perspective.

Outside the upper level where these things are happening to do with child trafficking etc. it seems to me that on some level the situation is kept in play only by these bad manager, bullying types of weird peoples will power to keep the current situation in play.

I suppose they are the votes in favour of slavery- like policies!


Oops – that was before reading your post winwin4all #394768

So sorry to hear this story! It now would make sense what is stated by many, that 70 % of these politicians are involved. Horrific and indescribable if this is a fact. We absolute must use discernment
Thanks for this. Also some time since I heard from Tory Smith.
I know he have been right some cases.


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 20, 2017









– KEEP AND EYE OUT FOR THE 800#’s. —–unquote…..


native american elder-quote—–“We are part of Creation, thus, if we break the laws of Creation we destroy ourselves. We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, have no choice but to follow and uphold the Original Instructions, which sustains the continuity of Life. We recognize our umbilical connection to Mother Earth and understand that she is the source of life, not a resource to be exploited. We speak on behalf of all Creation today, to communicate an urgent message that man has gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you have created. That day is here. Not heeding warnings from both Nature and the People of the Earth keeps us on the path of self destruction. This self destructive path has led to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Gulf oil spill, tar sands devastation, pipeline failures, impacts of carbon dioxide emissions and the destruction of ground water through hydraulic fracking, just to name a few. In addition, these activities and development continue to cause the deterioration and destruction of sacred places and sacred waters that are vital for Life.” —–unquote…..


Well, latest on the cat and the Lemurian Plug. A friend was over today who visits often and takes care of her when we are gone, looked at the little calico and said, “She had bad cataracts. They are gone in one eye, with a bit of whispiness in the other. What did you do?” So, it is not just me noticing. It is an independent witness. I talked to her about unrelated stuff, then asked her if she had her cell phone on and if she let the battery run down. She said, “Never. The phone is always on and always charged.” She may have inadvertently had her battery converted to do the same in her house. Yup – sometimes we win.


Hi Deester

I can relate to your furry friend story. Our Golden Retriever had cataracts and I just checked them again today. I had noticed several weeks ago they seemed to be clearing. One eye was worse than the other. The better eye appears to be almost clear, just a bit left in the more affected eye. It is a miracle this Plug for sure!

Our babies are the world to us as I am sure your baby is to you!



Bit of a strange post. But I just wanted to say… Imagine how good things will be if and when something does shift.

There are so many complexities in my relationships which I would like to just be ‘wiped away’. I.e. there is no reason to go through this plodding process, just upend the system and start from a new place. I.e. if relationships were changed because of something new to talk about i.e. mass arrests.

I notice that as transiting Neptune is going direct David Wilcock is changing his output slightly away from ‘religions’ and more to science. Since Neptune is highlighted on the full moon of December 3rd if Neptune has by then been allowed a little further by Saturn (mainstream and collective social) then…. that would be interesting!


Thank you mr Fulford


Day 31.5. DNC Deadline Tomorrow
George Webb

George filed an ‘FBI’ case – the one against McCabe on 11/15 and its not recorded in the system yet. He says he’s served everyone but it’s not on the docket.


Day 31.4. DNC Summons Response Due Tomorrow – Next Step Request For Admissions?

Tomorrow is the deadline for people to respond to the ‘DNC’ case. No one has responded.


Declassified Files Reveal Gov’t Plot to Carry Out Soviet False Flag Attacks in US to Start War
NOVEMBER 20, 2017

Declassified top secret documents reveal plans for the US to obtain Soviet aircraft and use them to attack Americans as a pretext to start a war.

As the deep state continues to push the Russian election interference narrative—with no concrete evidence—the damage to US-Russia relations continues to grow. Sadly, those who continue to buy the Russiagate conspiracy theory have forgotten the US government’s history when it comes to propaganda used to start wars and bolster the military-industrial complex.

…As TFTP reported last month, the JFK files also reveal the plans for another false flag attack to be blamed on Cuba. In the document which was marked TS for Top Secret, the US military revealed its plans to trick Americans into war with Cuba. The plans were to create and carry out false flag terror attacks against American citizens and use them as propaganda to gain support for the war against Fidel Castro.

In the documents, officials noted that the plans for the attacks were “approved” and the Joint Chiefs merely needed to pick one of the nine “pretexts” to use to trick US citizens into war.

The plans involved killing innocent people and injuring others and making sure these instances would be “widely publicized” as propaganda to start an unjust war.

“We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington. The terror campaign could be pointed at Cuban refugees seeking haven in the United States. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated),” the document reads.

Sickening. So when they aren’t raping and killing – they are planning false flag attacks.


OMG – this is in my neck of the woods:

Innocent Family Raided by SWAT, Held at Gunpoint After Cops Mistook Hibiscus for Cannabis
NOVEMBER 19, 2017

Butler County, PA — A Butler County couple is suing their insurance agent and local police after the two colluded to arrest the family for growing marijuana. However, the family was not growing marijuana—they were growing hibiscus.

The Nationwide Insurance agent was investigating a claim surrounding a fallen tree last month when he noticed what he thought was cannabis. Being the good little see something say something citizen that he is supposed to be, he then acted.

The agent notified the Buffalo Township police department that he saw what he believed to be marijuana growing in the couple’s home. Instead of doing even the most basic police work, and investigating the matter with, let’s say a pair of binoculars, police reportedly got a warrant instead.

After getting their warrant, they decided it would be a good idea to go into the home like a SWAT team going after a fugitive. On October 5, police decided to execute their search warrant and penetrate the Cramer home. Audrey and Edward Cramer had no idea what was coming their way. Audrey Cramer told reporters:

I’m starting to understand why a lot of the public do not trust police officers…I really feel like I’ve been smacked in the face with this, and no, I don’t think I’ll ever trust a police officer again.


Mars Colonies and Bases Protected by Domes in Craters

In the Mars Colonies and Bases Protected by Domes in Craters presentation information is provided about how the domes protect and shield the various Mars colonies, cities, and bases built by the Secret Space Programs. As well coordinates are provided to where some of these colonies and bases are located on Mars. Also information is provided on how to locate potential Mars Dome colonies on Google Earth Pro and render the saved maps to actually show how the domes look like. Link to PDF document of this presentation:

This was posted at



This vid goes over an article in ‘ where Keanu Reeves reveals things he’s been aware of in Pedowood. I can’t find the article now though.

“Sometimes I dream about Hollywood burning to the ground”, said Reeves.


Gee! I wonder if she is a member of the OLP club!
Pam Gregory, British astrologer (love listening to her) gives her take on Dec 3/17 energies.
From approx 4 min-8min, she speaks of devices that counteract electromagnetic and wifi energies that are/will be coming on the market.


OLP report:
While I don’t have anything definitive that I can say, ‘this is because of the Plug’ There has been a definite settling of energies. Aches and pains have diminished and there is a more energized/grounded feel to things.
Because of the fluctuating energies of the Sun, weather, world politics, never mind the family/neighbours, it is hard to nail things down. I also work with crystals/essential oils/natural healing etc so I find it hard to say this is because of the Plug as there is so much else involved.
I ordered three – gave the other two to my kids a few weeks later. Just told them that it would help with the electromagnetic energies – I think its helping – again – kind of a settling of energies.

I don’t have any little ones (cat/dog-would LOVE a little white doggie) Not allowed in my building (&^%$##)!!! So it is not so black and white at this end.

I definitely would NOT want to give it up!! And YES I believe in it!!


phoenix #394763

I actually do not asume “souls” are attached to embodied species of this planet or from elsewhere… as in
“reptilian / andromedan soul”.

i assume we all TRULY are beings of consciuosness (souls) … playing at this HUGE “digital” development-oriented game (lifetimes of choices) in this n that area of the game’s time/space vastness: Earth… Aldebaron, etc. In one sort of “player piece” and then another (human, turtle, dog of course, mantid/tis, reptile, blue sphere… whatever fits our next “moves” in the game).

I am remembering bits from life in the pleaides.. a role in inner earth, etc.. ~ to remembering accidentally setting a fire in ancient Egypt.. time on the Steppes of Russia. But that is just rememberances of me. the consciuosness/soul doing “plays” in the Game.


LOL! CNN is scared of being called BANANAS (or fake news). Watch the ad….

Saw this ad on a different channel, and just started laughing out loud, for real. They don’t like being called fake news…


deester #394774
getem #394775
trudy #394784

Hi Deester, Rhonda and Trudy the OLP VIP members + all others in here of course.

Thanks so much for sharing these stories, especially at this time. And they lift me, always.
I find all of yours stories so inspiring. The clearing of cataracts on your pets Deester and Rhonda I find quite extra extraordinary + the “definite settling of energies” Trudy mention is an absolute accurate description, that so many have told about.
Thank you all so much for this!
And this is the same feedback I’ve got from some friends outside this blog. I must also mention they were in lots of “trouble” before buying plug . Not able to pay mortgage, not getting a job, they had lots of fear for loosing their apartment and lots of anxiety as well.
Just spoke to them. Both had now got a job, they had talked to the bank and got a new
manageable payment plan, with reduced monthly amount. Best of all I could sense their fear were gone. They even told me that directly.
What more can one wish for – to hear these things. Already “shaking” of happiness and gratefulness.


Speaking about new times ahead.
To anyone who suffers in here and out there. My life is a testimony that things really gets better.
To Suffer means one are always lead to higher grounds. At these times DOWN-loads occur every single day. They are needed UP-grades but can be felt as very painful.
Well- I learned to sing in the rain and laugh at my pain…
To lesson pain it’s grate to share warmth and love, and let that echo out into a broader sphere.

I send you all that right now – without any exception.
Remember – all good things already exist, just await our arrival,…in a “higher” dimension, that comes closer and closer minute by minute, day by day
so it is!

james spaulding
james spaulding

no physical proof that marines landed at Langley…dis info from cia again…they know trump wants to eliminate the cabals military force(cia)


siggi #394788
What FABULOUS encouragement for us all.

Thank you so much.

And it is my experience too that “good company” can be a great analgesic. 😉


littledogg #394790
And it is my experience too that “good company” can be a great analgesic. 😉
Thanks so much littledog! 🙂


Well written article.thanks ben


Very well written.thanks Ben


BC Video: The moment Zimbabwean MPs hear Mugabe has resigned (11/21/17)

Please follow BBC link to view short celebration video:

The Speaker of Parliament in Zimbabwe has announced that President Robert Mugabe has resigned.

Wild celebrations broke out among the MPs, at the news that his 37-year rule has come to an end.

If you wanted evidence that a “Better Day” is arriving:
Here it is. He did A M A Z I N G things for his country and country men/women… and so did many other African leaders… 30-something years ago (I was in Kenya 6 mo. after England relinquished it… w Jomo Kenyata providing leadership… and it was really inspiring to see the group community projects and Country Wide Patriotism.)

but many countries in addition to Kenya and Zimbabwe then saw BIG declines due to Leaders becoming corrupt and ethnic/tribal factions blossoming… as continues in Kenya with “her” recent elections.

Light… light HIGHEST SOURCE WELL BE ING and LIGHT (fthgac) to all in Zimbabwe… as “she” makes this historic transition… and to all Africans… on their HUGE CONTINENT… and elsewhere… as they make their transitions > > to B E T T E R WAYs for all.

And a special tail wagg to ALL African dogs!! (I never met one that didn’t lift me, I can tell ya! 😉 )


My good lady friend told me yesterday that when she was talking to a good mutual friend of ours on the phone, the very moment she said “Q-Anon”, the phone line immediately went dead.

After some time, her friend called her back up and said that he had to reboot his fully-charged cell phone — and he said that he NEVER has had this kind of thing happen. The guy is a whiz with computers.


About the Marines in Langley.

My thinking is that the Marines would have secured the tunnel network below the CIA headquarters BEFORE they’d storm the CIA headquarters.

I’d say that the action at the surface outside of the CIA headquarters was just a small portion of the totality of the military action with the bulk of it underground and inside the building.

I would think that at least a few obviously bad CIA guys would have been arrested to get them to rat out the rest of the CIA.


Anyone seen Alan?
Some time since we heard from him, saying he had some tech problem connecting to the whole report…..something I think Or am I wrong?
Anyway – hope all is super well and we all see you soon Alan!
Best regard

Ep. 758 FADE TO BLACK w/ David Wilcock Special Event : LIVE
sent direct 20 hours ago
Long one not yet listen….
past 3 whole hours


Hi Siggi,

Yes I am here thanks. The issue was just a hiccup in the webmaster’s system. Triode responded to my message and all was put right straight away. I have been reading the posts but have not been commenting as have a lot on at present.

I am still of two minds about the plugs as Alexis has been having a tough time with what looks like irritable bowel syndrome. At first we though it was diverticulitis, but she has NOT got any inflammation or infection. So then they thought about oesophagitis. She does have diverticulosis (which is many loops in her bowel but not infected). So she is trying a restricted diet (mainly protein mixes) as any eating causes her pain and the pain killers cause constipation. It’s a never ending circle!

We have the house and cell phones ‘charged’ with the plug but she has not tried wrapping a power cable around her. We do have electric blankets on the bed and connected to the power supply, so I would have thought that the coils in that should have helped???

Anyway it could also be the transformational effects of the energy hitting our solar system – or am I being fanciful there? It is so hard to know why we have these difficult ‘illnesses’ affecting us but she has been suffering for about a month or two now with all this and is getting tired of it. She is MUCH more sensitive than I am so she could be tuning into the earth changes.

Thanks for checking up on me – I had not realised that I was not posting 🙂

Kind regards,


Cher Monsieur Fulford,

Je suis toujours avec grand intérêt vos publications.
Aussi, je tenais à vous témoigner mon respect pour votre loyauté et votre intégrité, dont vous nous avez fait part dans ce dernier post !

Merci beaucoup pour votre excellent travail !

Bien cordialement.

Dear Mr. Fulford,

I am always very interested in your publications.
Therefore, I wanted to show you my respect for your loyalty and integrity, which you have shared with us in this last post !

Thank you very much for your excellent work !

Best regards.


alan #394798

I gave myself a rough time having corded stuff overnite in the bed in my “plugged” house.
I am doing waaaay better day by day now that I am careful to sleep plugged-in cord free.

So maybe the electric blanket is a – factor.
You cd at leeast try a few nites without it?


aneeson #394798
Hi Alan and Alexis!
Thanks for responding – it seems you or particular your wife are hurting a lot.
That is very sad to hear!

I still hope you don’t give up on Plug. It might be a period of troublesome times. And Yes , could it also be the ongoing earth changes you refer to – indeed. i.e strong incoming energies I felt myself these past weeks peeking around the 11th this month.
But having similar issues and solve these problem on myself, as you describe here, I definitely know that this take time to be healed. And I used many different healing methods before using plug. Most of that was already gone, but not the severe allergies/ intolerances.
It’s of course hard to stay positive under such circumstances. I know you doing your best at it. I start to feel something yesterday….. and felt a strong urge to call for you.

I think irritated bowels is very active, and peaks that can go on for weeks as I can remember and then suddenly “disappear”
Are you sure she hasn’t any Candida in her bowels/digestion area? Because that sounds like she could have, after what you describe to me. That’s what usual cause these things, I was told over and over again by so many in the know.
Then I take the liberty to suggest this prescription – Try Citrocept ( grape core extract that kills all bacteria, both good and bad) only a few drops 2 – 3 times a day in some water, It works right away…. and then 30 min after take fresh intestinal bacteria 2 tablets bought at a health store preferable. ( the same we all need billions of for a healthy digestion. Very few of us have this.
Now – I’m just guessing here of course – but I myself took these, totally innocent curs, uncountable times during my life. I know they works. But if she would have ulcer?! – then that is not recommended I think. Talk to a alternative health practitioner, if not already done. They know all these stuff very well.
Sadly one has to be very patient with these things – especial digestion related.
Sending extra healing energy to you both this night.
Much love to you both and hope she soon recovers!
(indeed what littledog say could be about the blanket – Perhaps TOO MUCH!!! – I’ve also heard many strange things about these blankets, but no expert at all)


littledogg  #394800

Hi Littledog,

Thanks for the suggestion – we will give it a go.

Kind regards,


siggi  #394801

Hi Siggi,

Thank you too for your suggestions – I will pass it onto Alexis. We had to have about 3 visits to emergency department at hospital and initially they gave her very strong anti-biotics. When the specialist finally saw her, he said he could not understand why they did that as the blood test showed NO infection!!!

All the same they are still unable to make any meaningful suggestions other than pain killers – morphine type pills as Alexis does not tolerate Tramadol (opiates).

We will have look at the Citrocept.

Best wishes,
Alan & Alexis.


aneeson #394803
Hi there again Alan – don’t take citrocept when using antibiotics. Wait until cure is done

Important note: Antibiotics IS a direct issue re these problems – as Candida bacteria flourish under and after a cure – I say. what ever you do, take the good bacteria I suggested that you can buy anywhere. Also during the cure, well especially when taking antibiotics cures.

Just stating my own experiences here of past 40 years with these problems.
So this I know.
Antibiotics cures are directly related to overgrowth of candida ( a little one always find and is natural though) – this is a fact! To me anyway. You will never get a doctor or a pharmacist to admit to this, period imo.
But if you must – then you must!. So please follow that cure, which I find very odd though. Only been taken one or two during my whole adult life – because I knew what trouble came later.
I also suggest to type in Candidia on net and look further into it, please do – you can also treat it with Olive tablets, it was not efficient in my case. Maybe new treatments has come.
Ok good luck – this is all I had on that I think.



 #394768


 #394768

Please discern for yourself.

OK my discernment is that this whole post is total Bullshit. Just my discernment.


siggi  #394804

Hi Siggi,

Alexis has been off the anti-bs for two weeks now and we are aware that they can cause ‘thrush’ term for candida. The doc has prescribed something for that too as Alexis usually gets this issue. However that is not what was causing the pain (back and lower abdomen but not genital area).

She gets it every time she eats anything – so it must be bowel activity issues. Anyway we are looking at all sorts of possible ‘cures’ and thank you for your suggestions.



phoenix9061210 #394805
Mega Anon: Trip coded Q is bullshit:
Hi Phoenix
Mega anon says Q anon is “bullshit”

Ha ha ha – hope it’s allowed to laugh at that one!


I’m listening to this now. 1:54:45
Transcontinental Conference – Abel Danger, Las Vegas, Helicopters & Other Inexplicable Phenomena

Jason Goodman
Streamed live 4 hours ago

Abel Danger’s Field McConnell and David Hawkin join me from around the world.


Alan: Joining siggi in sending you and alexis an extra “batch” of healing and light (fthgac).


mozart #394795

WOW about the Q-Anon story!

And GOOD Point about the Marines and Langley… it’s easy to forget about the tunnels.

For Instance: when Ben said Trump had been at Vegas during the shootings I thought: how could the POTUS have gotten from DC to Vegas without s o m e o n e squeeling?

Then I realized it would be via the Maglevs and the tunnels.


aneeson #394807

Candida yeast can get into any and every part of the body. I have had a “metropolis” of the “little critters” inhabiting my intestinal tract for y e a r s… and they are so socked in that I actually avoid things that kill them (including any of the “good” bacteria) because the “die-off reaction” is so severe (pain, fatigue, foggy-headedness, irritability, depression) that I can’t function.

My main reactions to the plug were die-off reactions.
But the good news for me was that without sleeping with plugged-in cords, the die-off was milder and more bearable than any of the active things I took in the past for Candida.

What has worked for me over time is doing all the healthy practices.. good non refined-carb eating, rest, meditation.. “gabbing with good heart friends like us Cafe-istas” etc.

My big metropolis grew from taking antibiotics prescribed repeatedly years ago for urinary tract infections (which were probably Candida growth-spurts), combined with eating waaay tooo many carbs (which the little Candida critters probably made me crave, cuz they feast on em).

Early on I read how these critters can get into many parts of the body and cause every imaginable symptom.

Maybe that is not Alexis problem.. but it might be worth exploring.
And as I write.. sending an additional burst of healing light fthgac to you two and any one else reading who has or thinks they might have this rrrrreally challenging problem.

Now to get some of that rest I was talking about.
Nitey nite folks,
curling up my little doggie body and little doggie tail.



Hi Alan

So sorry to hear Alexis is unwell.

I also have been having issues with joints. I believe it is an ascension issue, my body is changing with the new energies. I am sure the plug will help with this too.

Anyway Alan, re Alexis’s problems I can’t recommend highly enough to get onto a bicom therapist,. I just looked and saw at least one in Christchurch if that is close to you. Bicom is amazing, it will pinpoint just what the problem is, from where it stems and then treat her for the issue. If there is a germ there eg candida it will pick that up, if a bacterial infection that will also be picked up. Won’t be an instant cure but she will certainly feel better each time she gets a treatment and eventually she should be feeling right as rain once again! At least I hope she would, nothing is guaranteed as you know.

I wouldn’t be without my bicom lady. She is great and we have become firm friends now. I have just gotten home from my latest appointment with her and feel fabulous! Of course I really don’t think there is another bicom person like her as she is psychic and speaks to the body, finds out what is needed and follows through with the treatment required.

Hope this is of help to you and Alexis. Sending much healing and loving energies your and Alexis’s way! Hope she is feeling much better very soon.



applegoddess #394723

Boy, am I late to this party. Parent-teacher conferences, derailed me for the whole week.
Anyway, I’m trying hard not to extend my contempt for the Kmafia to all Jewish people. I know that there are many who have been told lies and who live under threats to their livelihoods, their families, their own persons. In the good old days the Rothschild machine paid everyone to cooperate but these are desperate times and it doesn’t work that way anymore. Yes, the group supports its members with jobs and deals, but there are plenty of middle and lower socio-economic Jewish people who aren’t filthy rich. Do they all hate the non-Jews- that’s the big question. I think it depends on which synagogue you’re with and how indoctrinated you are. At yeshiva for sure they get this mantra, but I’m not convinced the locals do and the women are frequently left behind unless they can prove useful. I’ve had a number of female Jewish students tell me they hate Judaism because they’ve been told that they are to be baby machines and they talk about the pressure.
It’s a messed up group and many of the kids are very engaging, so it isn’t clear when the hammer comes down. Don’t forget, there’s been massive intermarrying since 70’s so the bloodlines are becoming rather polluted.

I also think a distinction between Jews and Zionists could be useful, but it depends. The truly twisted aren’t Jews at all, they’re Satanists and have nothing to do with any religion other than their own perversion which is the sinister interpretation of the Masonic ancient mysteries. Hopefully Trump’s team will bring it all to light soon.


littledogg #394761

I’ve heard that Sand’s book is monumental. Thanks for sharing about it. Please keep us posted on your progress with it. I’m really interested.

How many legislators are involved in torturing and killing children remains to be seen, undoubtedly there are many. It will be a very messy disclosure but it does that we are on our way with the steady stream of sexual harassment accusations plaguing our government these days. There is already an undercurrent of disbelief in the general population which was ready to string up Moore but stunned about Franken. Both camps will bunker down behind their respective reps for sure.

The concept of helicopter money and other blanket distributions to the population at large are suspicious especially when they come from legislators or G-sax types. I agree that it could be just another rope around our necks, but in view of the impending Treasury bond implosion, it could just be a way to get rid of worthless paper. The risk of serious inflation is very high and we might find there won’t be anything to buy. The evil ones never give away anything positive, they focus on loaded pharmaceuticals and poisonous vaccines so we’d best beware of free money, we’ll pay dearly.


– #394808

I haven’t yet and don’t expect to get a response from twitter, which I tagged it, Destroying the Illusion Facebook group, or my facebook feed or boosted to 1,000

I guess the rule of thumb is: ‘If it does not confirm what I want to believe then I will not engage with it.’

Kind of funny, irritating for me personally though. Definitely an exercise in discernment thinking about it logically there is no good reason I trusted it. Perhaps because Tracy Beanz thought it was legitimate and for some reason I switched my internal vetting process off after she said that!


So far, I have on RT from someone when I posted it directly to someone else.


phoenix9061210 #394815
Hi phoenix!
Well – we just have to wait and see though timelines seems to be…. out out of time….
Find it odd that it took that long for this “cocksure” ( is that right word ? sounds weird..) Mega anon profile to question it all.
So why did he not come out right away? Eh when he KNEW.
He’s also 100 % sure!!!
To sure I would say – nothing is 100 % – these time events should be seen as fluid. imo We must also remember that falsehood is strategically used by both “teams”.
Anyway – Something big happen in SA and that will have/has untold ripple effects around the world imo.
Even in my own country.
What they say .. hindsight is the only accurate science…


This stings. I just checked Tracy Beanz’s new video (I do not want to see any more on ‘Q’ for the moment) hoping she got it but she is analysing this jokers post properly, Jordan Sather also did that his last post and ‘Joker Q’ as I will now call him is all over social media.

I recognise JQ’s posts encouraged a kind of distraction on my part that was not positive. Now I’m back to thinking in a more grounded way about life and have got my ‘hardness’ back. I’m not very ‘hard’ so to speak as should be obvious, but it’s more like ‘OK this is what I have to do’ rather than more abstract thoughts wondering when the Rothschilds (++) are coming down. Today? Tomorrow?

Very fitting as to the last day of Neptune retrograde!

Joker Q’s explanation of +++ etc. could very easily be wrong.

Cleaning that freak out of my thoughts! Remnants in my thought process even now.


littledogg #394812
Thanks littledog for going deeper into it!


jeff foster-quote—–SACRED EXHAUSTION

Your tiredness has Dignity to it
Do not rush to pathologise it, or push it away, for it may contain great Intelligence, even Medicine.

You have been on a long Journey from the Stars, friend. Bow before your tiredness now.. do not fight it any longer.

There is no shame in admitting that you cannot go on. Even the courageous need to rest.

For a Great Journey lies ahead. And you will need all of your resources.

Come, sit by the fire of Presence. Let the body unwind, drop into the Silence here. Forget about tomorrow, let go of the journey to come, and sink into this evening’s warmth.

Every great adventure is fuelled by rest at its Heart.

Your tiredness is noble, friend, and contains healing power… if you would only listen…heart emoticon<3

~ Jeff Foster


getem  #394813

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for your message. We have heard of a Bicom therapist but it is either Wellington or Christchurch and both are not cheap to get to. The direct road to Christchurch is still not open (over a year after the 7.8 quake) and the long route takes 8 – 10 hours if the Lewis Pass is open. Plus there is now 10 times the traffic on a road not made for such.

So flying is an option at a cost. It is more expensive to fly internally in NZ than to fly to Australia!

Thanks again, lots of love,
Alan & Alexis.

GAB = Jack Dorsey’s Nightmare 😂
30 min
A good portion of truth in this one,David Seaman talks about Jews and “jews”. AI – and his usual light appearance I have learned to love so much.
His use of coarse language, is something I’m not a big fan of, but in his case……always smiling and joking right afterwards, and always in respond to trolls, cabal and such – that is fine by me. He has an incredible good energy with him, that is for sure. well imo anyway

This man is brilliant and deserve to be listen to. An unusual brave soul, which is David Wilcock description of him too, just now on fade to black interview I shared.
(did you see that promoting twist. he he Ooops brags here a little, sorry!) So agree with David, both of them of course!
Terrible storm coming in and Ben site is unstable – will go on for days…..
Ok – good night all!



 #394799

Cher Monsieur Fulford,

Je suis toujours avec grand intérêt vos publications.
Aussi, je tenais à vous témoigner mon respect pour votre loyauté et votre intégrité, dont vous nous avez fait part dans ce dernier post !

Merci beaucoup pour votre excellent travail !

Bien cordialement.

Dear Mr. Fulford,

I am always very interested in your publications.
Therefore, I wanted to show you my respect for your loyalty and integrity, which you have shared with us in this last post !

Thank you very much for your excellent work !

Best regards.


belle francais maquis ami de la blogisphere cosmique…..



Hi Alan

Oh what a shame! Yes it is expensive, the bicom machine is very expensive to buy and they have to recoup the cost!

They are obviously deliberately keeping the access to Christchurch out for specific reasons. I think I heard that there are large mineral deposits in the area? Would I be correct Alan? It makes sense if that is the case. The way these evil ones work.

Well hope the changes come in soon so anyone suffering gets the relief they need!



… and here’s some real hope with evidence, but you’ll have to get a GAB account in order to see the pic that is included:

David Seaman: QANON did warn us several weeks ago.

Ultra loud booms consistent with paramilitary raids and/or satellite weaponry (VPU-2 assault) have now been reported in 64+ cities nationwide, including several in Colorado.

What’s happening simply won’t be broadcast on television until it’s over.


gordon duff-uncle gordie(highly decorated vietnam war combat veteran)-quote—–Criminal gangs that run our governments, control our corporations, fabricate our news, invent and reinvent out history and lull us into slavery do so believing humanity to be a form of cattle, no more. Denying this is insanity.—–unquote…..


aneeson #394798

scottfree #394338

zanderboy #394250 " class="ucm-comment-id">394250

Alan, you should checkout this app. for Alexis for a free period of two weeks. These are my notes so far, but I will begin my trial when I am with my mother.

The app. is able to measure the frequencies of your voice & then compare them to others (say the frequency of vitamin C) in a unique way & arrive at a number. The voice is about 85% of the algorithm.
Upload a photo where more info. on vibrational frequency is gathered.
Then to use the balancing frequencies to make a difference.

‘Begin analysis’. Remedies are clearly given, ie. as separate from the healing frequencies. On site are short training videos – #394250 " class="ucm-comment-id">394250
In red are the energetic issues to deal with. in 700s are the priorities, 600s next.
Then one can drag one feature up to ‘balance’. Used for 1-5 frequencies at a time.
Tap on the next screen/press play to begin analysis to prioritise everything put in the tray.
In blue are the frequencies that are too low. Green is ok.

Operating on scalar waves & Royal Rife radionics ‘the signal is picked up & a reverse signal is sent out to collapse or implode it.’

This evaluates your organs, herbal needs, essential oil deficiencies, thyroid etc, aura/bio field, chakras, solfeggio frequencies required/sound tones/binaural beats, assemblage point position, minerals, spiritual protection, attachments, meridians, virus, amino acids, vitamins, electrical sensitivities, implants, emotions, our neuro transmitter & more.

Scottfree – how is your trial going??


gordon duff-uncle gordie(highly decorated vietnam war combat veteran)-quote—–The world was supposed to learn a lesson after Bush 43 and Blair cooked up a war on terror after 9/11, might we well say “conveniently” after 9/11. Fabricating war crimes, false flag terrorism, staged videos, actors as victims, all of this is not only standard fare, it is and has been the rule of the day.

Thus, we expect the now suspected 60-year marriage of love or marriage of convenience, the jury is out on which applies, between Saudi Arabia and their “besties” in Israel, to garner their assets, their paid-off politicians in America and Europe, their media assets, and their intelligence agencies, long suspected of backing ISIS and al Qaeda.—–unquote…..


Siggi, sorry for the double post, didn’t check or refresh first, so snap & well done Trump on that one! (reversing the proposed ivory trophy acceptance from Zim.)

Siggi – Was Tory Smith Murdered for Exposing Mike Pence in Child Trafficking??

I’m packing up & leaving China for a few months to look after my Mum & to help her close up her affairs in Bali. I may return to China next year for a while, but I am seriously contemplating elsewhere.

She is somewhat better, & now has both plugs activated, but felt she had to do a course of antibiotics. I need to do the right thing.



president putin of the russian federation continues to work closely with some of the pleiadiuns of the lightforces…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

monsieur vladimir putin-primo powerful lightwarrior-bravo et namaste frère de la lumiere…..


“As citizens across Britain, we are horrified by the parliamentary vote that animals aren’t sentient beings. The vote strips animals of the rights they had under EU law — and so we urge you to amend the EU Withdrawal bill when it comes to the House of Lords.”

MPs just voted that animals cannot feel emotions or pain. It’s our government at it’s most cruel and heartless — but a massive outcry from the public can overturn this outrage.

EU law protects animal welfare, but as we fumble towards Brexit Britain, MPs just voted to remove this vital safeguard, reducing animals to deaf and dumb creatures who exist purely for our benefit.

The vote narrowly passed in parliament and will now go to the Lords — that’s our chance. If we can create a massive viral outcry from right across the country, we can give the Lords the backing they need to reject this heartless amendment. Sign now and and then get two friends to join.


doctor kevin barrett-quote—–“The first thing in the first year the US did was to release all the drug lords, set them up, and tell them to plant away. Within two years, Afghanistan was setting world records every single year in opium production as US troops guarded the poppy fields and supported the creation of a number of labs which were refining the opium into heroin, which was then transported to the West in Global Hawks – US military vehicles that can fly all way around the world without refueling,” —–unquote…..


zanderboy  #394827

Hi Zander,

Thanks for the info – I will look into it for sure.

Best regards,


getem  #394824

Hi Alan

Oh what a shame! Yes it is expensive, the bicom machine is very expensive to buy and they have to recoup the cost!

They are obviously deliberately keeping the access to Christchurch out for specific reasons. I think I heard that there are large mineral deposits in the area? Would I be correct Alan? It makes sense if that is the case. The way these evil ones work.

Well hope the changes come in soon so anyone suffering gets the relief they need!

2017-11-22 12:02 PM

Hi Rhonda,

Yes that story did go around but in fact it is more to do with the scale of the repairs – about 40 – 60 slips to clear and then remake the road with new sea walls etc.

Here is just one news report on the ‘state of the play’ as it were:

Good night everyone.



Another point on this anon guy just briefly. Who has suddenly started posting a lot. Perhaps to bury this kind of thing.

The guy is not, in my view, a 17 year old in a V For Vendetta mask trying to save the world and accepting “white lies” to do so. He/ she is deliberate disinfo. I.e. the repeated phrase of ‘disinformation is real, disinformation is necessary’ that Mega Anon highlighted and things like this:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:Qwfs7lfI Mon 20 Nov 2017 18:24:02 No.150215871 ViewReport
Why am I here during the day?
Why is this relevant?
What does this infer?

Definitely a taunt!


A simple cheap solution to many health problems:
Aloe Vera (the odd person may be allergic)
Drinking 4 oz of this tasty juice daily will do it:

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Including aloe vera products in your regular nutritional plan, will automatically give a regenerated body and an attractive, youthful appearance. The common health benefits of aloe are discussed below.
Improves Digestion

The adaptogenic properties of aloe vera are beneficial for a proper digestion. It ensures better nutrient absorption and also eliminates harmful elements through smooth excretion. A healthy digestive process positively affects your thoughts and actions, thus promoting overall health. It cures irritable bowel syndrome and keeps constipation, piles, and other gastrointestinal conditions from damaging your system……
……Aloe Vera is noted for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties that work instantly on the pain and swelling resulting from arthritis. Its juice is extremely effective in calming the swelling and inflammation that are closely associated with arthritis. In fact, topical application on swelling or drinking aloe vera juice both show positive results in curing arthritis pain.
Relieves Joint & Muscle Pain…..


Jim Willie at his best as he gives his latest update.
I like him in this one:

Nov 15


In relation to my post #394492

I got paused on this Q statement:
“We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.”
– # 394485
Took a while but found that in the official Q Trip coded message. At 10/31/17 23:13
TIme to send some energy I think. That’s as much of an invitation as we’re ever going to need!

This doesn’t feel right anymore. After searching it was Joker Q that referenced we should be praying for the Q group but this reference to spirituality was more personal and does not invite others to pray/ send energy etc.! So I will not be sending energy.


Discussion Nov 21/17 – Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and ?? do an update on current events. Lots of background and history.
Marines raid CIA-
FBI neutralized
Outing Alex Jones/ Larry Nichols/others ….and that’s just in the first 15 min.


Day 32.4. 5,000 Blank Pages To Circa?
George Webb

Published on Nov 21, 2017



Danielle Di Martino Booth – Bitcoin is a Reflection of Panic
Greg Hunter


Wheat Prices Rise, GM Fish, New Type of Rice

Adapt 2030

Published on Nov 21, 2017

USDA Nov Wheat ending stocks are in and totals are down 25 Million Bushels, Wheat prices up, CME wheat futures jump $90 for delivery Dec 2018. GMO Fish in Canada, GMO potatoes for USA, new strains of rice that can grow in salt water and ready for commercialization in China. Crop losses in Australia due to hail and frost plus soggy conditions in USA delayed harvests.


Place holder. More to come.


Well, it appears that the Clinton machine has been tossed under the bus. One of the biggest Clinton supporters, the crooked Washington Post, has turned against them. It argues that both Trump and Clinton are awash in Kremlin cash. Just a little more than a year ago, it would just have been Trump – the Clintons would have not been mentioned. Still fake news, but a small improvement for the shabby profession of “journalism”. Also, instead of donating money from the Trudeau Foundation, cuckboy Justin Trudeau decided to spend $20 million of tax dollars on behalf of “feminism” for “women’s health issues” to the Clinton Foundation. Great! Launder our money for a rapist, because rape is certainly good for women’s health (as is being threatened for coming forward by the pervert’s shrill wife). Meanwhile, Hillary (who you were sexist if you didn’t vote for her) “donates” Weinstein’s monies back to the Clinton Foundation. Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau has just made a big donation to the Toronto Foundation. In a sane world, he would have been turfed for conflict of interest, as his shares in human resources and pension firm had benefited from insider knowledge to the tune of $5 million, which is what he “donated” after being busted by the media. He gets to feel generous with profits that should not have existed. I’ll have to check this Toronto Foundation out – at least he didn’t money launder using the filthy Trudeau Foundation. We don’t need fiction; the reality is weird enough.

Excerpt: President Donald Trump’s critics are arguing that GOP calls for the Justice Department to investigate Hillary Clinton and Democrats’ ties to Russia are an effort to distract from the real Russia investigation, into potential Trump-Russia collusion.

No, they are not.

Ever since Watergate, the mantra of all major corruption investigations has been to “follow the money.” Well, Americans of all political stripes should be outraged by the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington are up to their eyeballs in Kremlin cash. Russian money found its way into the pockets of not only Trump advisers like Paul Manafort and Rick Gates – who were recently indicted by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III – but also Democratic power lobbyist Tony Podesta, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

This should suggest to objective observers that Russia was using its money to influence both sides in order to advance the Kremlin’s interests. And it means that any full and impartial investigation of Russia’s efforts to influence our political process needs to follow the Russian money flowing into the coffers of the Clintons, their foundation and their top associates.

More on site.

Excerpt: Canada can and should play a leadership role in advancing initiatives that foster real change in the lives of women globally.

However, we have real concerns with plans announced Tuesday by the Liberal government to hand $20 million over to the Clinton Foundation to “support projects that will provide critical sexual and reproduction health (SRH) services” around the world.

More on site.

Excerpt: Since when did the Catholic church reinstate the medieval practice of buying indulgences – making charitable donations or paying bribes to obtain forgiveness of one’s sins?

Because that’s what federal Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau seems to be doing – trying to cover his political sins by making a big, fat charitable donation.

After Parliament returned this week from its November break, the Liberals made a big deal about Morneau selling his $21-million worth of shares in the family human resources and pension firm, Morneau Shepell, then giving $5 million from the sale to the Toronto Foundation.

More on site.


I just got in this big discussion on an astrology forum, and people started asking me questions so I had to explain what I meant in full paragraphs not throwaway comments. I included this in my diatribe:

We call this red- pilling in the alternative community and we have previously been warned that us that have our heads stuck in this stuff are not prepared for how unaware many of the population are. I had no idea most people in this forum would not have some idea about this and were not simply pretending and preferring alternate belief systems because it is more convenient!

That’s the damn, embarrassing truth! What David said in his last youtube vid about educating people and soft power of the Alliance… turns out to be far more true than I realised! I really can be so dismissive and believe everyone just understands the things that I do… That’s called the Dunning Krueger effect!

And ended with this:

I may have to create some sort of information packet to explain some of these things to people because, the trouble is with the people that will overthrow much of the existing power structure soon (as we have been told), is that they do not understand how people will respond to these changes and if there will be the belief that it is a “fascist takeover”. I.e. this is part of why the mainstream media is frightening people about Trump.

I do not have hard evidence on me to back up some of this stuff because I was not prepared that I might need it. I will get it soon though, hunt down my internet sources. Underground bases that are currently having military operations and arrests as shown by weapons fire being recorded by devices that keep records of sound. Sealed indictments.

Mega posts on 4 chan collecting all the evidence The guy, Nightbaker is some serious amount of cool!


intruth #394843
Wheat Prices Rise, GM Fish, New Type of Rice
Adapt 2030

Published on Nov 21, 2017

David DuByne refers to an article:
Agricultural breakthrough: Chinese scientists grow high-yield rice in salt water, will be able to feed over 200M people

The Chinese are now using salt water to cultivate rice.
Chinese scientists are claiming to have achieved a crucial agricultural breakthrough, growing high-yield rice in salt water.

The new strain has been previously tried and tested, but scientists from the Qingdao Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rice Research and Development Center reportedly managed to nearly triple yields, to 4.5 metric tons per hectare, making it ready for commercialization.

Saltwater cultivation may boost China’s rice production by nearly 20 percent and will be able to feed more than 200 million people, according to the research leader Yuan Longping, known as China’s ‘father of hybrid rice.’

DuByne says once soil is ‘salted’ nothing will ever grow there again and this has been proven in the past. IDK. So is this a depopulation event? Are farmers being tricked or lied to?


Deester, did you see this?

Are Sandy Hook Dominoes Beginning To Fall? Civil Suit Against Investigator Wolfgang Halbig Dropped

November 22, 2017
by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

In a stunning move, father of Noah Pozner, and alleged Sandy Hook victim, has dropped his civil lawsuit against investigator and school security expert Wolfgang Halbig just as he was about to have to provide a video a deposition in the case.

Appearing on NorthWest Liberty News, Halbig said that despite the lawsuit being dropped, he would continue to pursue obtaining information via a counter lawsuit.

At the very point in the case where Leonard Pozner is supposed to present a video deposition, Halbig said that both Pozner and his attorney dropped the lawsuit.

Apparently, the lawsuit was nothing more than a ploy to deprive Halbig of his resources and try to shut him down by getting him to either presumably settle of back down.

Halbig said he would do neither because the American people had a right to know what took place at Sandy Hook in December of 2012, and is planning a countersuit in order to obtain

“I believe Leonard Pozner is the domino that’s going to make the whole thing just fall apart,” Halbig said. “The reason I say that is because once Leonard Pozner dropped that lawsuit, the Hartford Courant, which is the big newspaper in Connecticut, they published on the headlines that they are demanding that the Connecticut State Police immediately release the active shooter response report that they’ve been waiting for for over five years.”

Even now, the Connecticut State Police have refused to release that report. Will they do so now? It should be public knowledge.


I think Sandy Hook and global warming will be among the last dominoes to fall…


Bahamas Prime Minister Blames US Cable News For Collapse Of Journalism

Over the weekend, Bahamas Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis addressed the Third Annual Press Club Awards Banquet, where he blamed the collapse of journalism standards on 24-hour cable news shows in the United States. He said, the declining of standards “would not have been allowed in previous times” and urged local journalist not to be “champions of any political party, business, group or interest in a country”.


“Impeach Trump” Billboards Have Come To Times Square

For 10 minutes out of every hour through to New Year’s Eve, billboards on Times Square will direct passers-by to a website where they can sign a petition calling for US President Donald Trump’s impeachment…

Paid for by Soros? Idiot.


“Comey Has No Issue With It”: Judicial Watch Dumps Explosive New FBI Emails From McCabe’s Conflict Review

In summarizing these latest revelations, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said “these new documents show that the FBI leadership was politicized and compromised in its handling of the Clinton email investigation…it’s well past time for a do-over on the Clinton emails that requires a new, honest criminal investigation of her misconduct.”


Hi Alan!

Don’t need to respond to this and use your precious time and energy, Alan!

Just wanted to tell you, although I’m no psychic, I got a strong, strong feeling about the blanket you told us about. Right after you mention it and then Littledog confirm my suspicion, just forgot to speak about it in my rushed first comments.

The more I thought about it the stronger my feeling got. I can’t say why at this time , but please don’t use any electric device when sleeping, especially the blanket. This goes for your wife. Rather both.
It is my personal take, so it’s worth accordingly.

I trust my feelings/intuition more and more. It has newer worked better for me. Also sent a portion of Reiki, combind with my own natural energy/chi method a few hours later after my post to you. I have both curses and training in those methods. How this usual is done is put up a time and the person receiving must then rest. So my effort here must be seen more as in general terms. This is just first aid and will not necessary be felt.
There are trained Reiki healers in this forum, so I can suggest you ask for some sessions to Whoever is able and you trust. Distant healing is many times more efficient than being present in person, in many cases
You got so very good tip and approaches now from a lot of people that care- so I leave it there!
blessings to you both for fast healing!


zanderboy #39482
Siggi – Was Tory Smith Murdered for Exposing Mike Pence in Child Trafficking??

“I’m packing up & leaving China for a few months to look after my Mum & to help her close up her affairs in Bali. I may return to China next year for a while, but I am seriously contemplating elsewhere.”

“She is somewhat better, & now has both plugs activated, but felt she had to do a course of antibiotics. I need to do the right thing”
Hi zander!
That is just fine. I perhaps over reacted here – so no bad feeling what so ever.

Didn’t knew Tory was dead/killed. RIP to a brave soul – although it’s unsure at this ti,me if all he came with is/was true – I feel horrible for loosing him
Good to hear you decide to visit and help your mum – and that she is better “somewhat” now. Please send my best regards and love to her.
Could I suggest she takes those “good bacteria tablets I suggested. I know you know all about this – just a reminder


siggi  #394853

Hi Siggi and Littledogg and Rhonda and Zander,

Thank you all for your help with Alexis’s pain issues. She was out helping a neighbour yesterday when I was posting about this. She was taking it easy and had asked her higher self for healing too at about the same time because she was fed up with the continued length of the problem.

Well, when she got home last night she told me that she felt better than she had done in a long while! So all your efforts have really worked thanks. We both know that part of healing is the conscious effort of the recipient to work WITH the healer. That is the healer FACILITATES the process but the recipient has to be accepting and working with it also. Alexis is as I have said before quite sensitive, so she obviously picked up on all the help even though she did not know that I was posting about it in the café.

Thank you all for this communal working of like minded souls, Alexis is very grateful to you all.

Much love and peace,


To those unaware aftershock re antibiotics cures:
“Pathogenic (bad) bacteria can leave you bloated and suffering from stomach cramps. Their prevalence is often marked by a change in the consistency and smell of your bowel movements (poo) as they’re responsible for the production of toxic and putrefactive substances. Yuck!”

“Often these symptoms are mistaken for food poisoning or ‘a stomach bug’.

“When the beneficial bacteria numbers start going down, the immune system is compromised.”
“Good, beneficial bacteria are often destroyed along with harmful bacteria when we take antibiotics, this can affect the balance of gut flora and in turn affect our immune systems and digestive health.”
Probotica or similar healthy bacteria supplements, is vital for good health


I highly recommend April LaJune’s reports — she’s reliable and worth of one’s trust, I think.

The link above is the latest one as of today.

I now leave LaJune’s Twitter page up on my computer all the time when I’m online, along with Trump’s Twitter page — she’s that good, IMO.


Also highly recommended is this vid…

…with Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones. Stefan is his usual brilliant self. His call to action at the end of the vid is a great motivator.

Alex Jones has a bad habit of interrupting his interviewees, but not Stefan — Jones wisely lets Stefan to talk with very few interruptions.


Stefan Molyneux has said in one of his interviews that Jordan Peterson is so brilliant that Stefan feels like a little kindergarten kid, so when I saw that, I just had to check out Peterson.

Wow! Peterson is brilliant, like next-level genius.

Here’s a link to one of Jordan’s speeches — it’s a long one.

You may want to start with a shorter vid of Peterson, like this one:

It’s a short one with snips of Peterson going “beast mode” with his amazing ability to weave in a wide variety of information/data into coherent POVs that make sense of the insanity of modern times.

Peterson is also highly recommended.


Littledogg #394794
BC Video: The moment Zimbabwean MPs hear Mugabe has resigned (11/21/17)
Please follow BBC link to view short celebration video:
“If you wanted evidence that a “Better Day” is arriving:
Here it is. He did A M A Z I N G things for his country and country men/women… and so did many other African leaders… 30-something years ago (I was in Kenya 6 mo. after England relinquished it… w Jomo Kenyata providing leadership… and it was really inspiring to see the group community projects and Country Wide Patriotism.”
Indeed littledog! – I’m so impressed by your care, unselfish attitude and service to all!
I/we thank you from the bottomless hearts of us all!
May I also say – don’t forget to care for yourself now, as well.. There are no “selfish” in this.
Lets hoe all the pain Africans in general has endured during History will change for the better , and similar wishes goes out to all humanity
Thanks again for your amazing efforts
Big hug 🙂


Al Candida – The notorious crime boss in the Mafia Family of fungus!

Straight From
Straight From

Consider that it is MegaAnon that is disinfo, and not Q. Follow the Twitter accounts of Victory of the Light and Kabamur.

Also, the media takeover has already begun. Top stories are now much more neutral towards Trump. By the time the mass arrests happens, the public will be much more neutral towards Trump as well. The Pleiadians are in charge and directing the Trump administration and NSA white hats. Have faith they know which moves to make, and when.


#394827 zanderboy
“Scottfree – how is your trial going??”

Hi Zander and all who are interested in the Genius Insight app.

The short answer to your question is, “Quite well.”

For the past 10 days I have spent many hours each day delving into the software, running many sessions for myself and a handful of other folks.

These sessions can be simple or very complex. The analyses can be very focused, even down to which individual accupoints to treat, or which specific species of pathogens or parasites may be inhabiting the body.

Or sessions can be very simple. For instance, a quick emotional analysis can be done showing which emotional frequencies are being disruptive in the moment as well as which ones are chronically disruptive. Suggested emotional remedies can include Bach Remedies, essential oils, accupoints, chakras, nutrients, etc.

The software is very holistic. It explores three broad areas, Mind, Body, and Biofield and many subcategories in each one of those sets.

Then there are a number of ways to cross correlate each of those sets until one arrives at a very specific list of findings and treatments. The cool thing is that the lists are prioritized, showing the most disruptive problems to the least, and the treatments with the highest degree of probable success to the least probable.

The software can be used to treat as well as analyze. It seems to work like a very sophisticated and complex radionics device.

At this point, it is too early for me to gauge the effectiveness of the treatments for a number of reasons. The chief one is that it takes time for positive changes in the energy systems of the body complex (body complex = physical and subtle bodies) to manifest in the physical body. Older dysfunctional cells have to die off and be replaced by new healthy ones.

Another is that the people I have been working with are already pretty healthy so changes aren’t as dramatic as they could be for someone with significant health challenges.

Another is that some of the people I have been working with are clients of mine who are also receiving sessions from me as well as the Genius app. So when they report feeling better, it is impossible to proportionately assign responsibility for that change to my work or the Genius app.

I have been working with a woman has been challenged with post-concussion syndrome for several years. She comes to see me when her headaches become more severe and frequent. She is ultra sensitive to light and sound and the act of thinking leaves her drained of energy. Two days after a session from me combined with a Genius session she emailed, “I am feeling much, much, MUCH better. I am awash in well being, in fact.”

The first few days of the trial period I focused mostly on emotional clearing since it is my belief, based on over 45 years of experience as a healer, that emotional disharmony is at the root of most of our chronic ailments.

Personally, I can say that my mood is lighter, brighter and more expansive since working with the Genius app.

The first time I used the app to work with my wife’s emotional status, she immediately conked out for a three hour nap. The next day she was prancing around the house with the stereo blaring out the song, “This is gonna be the best day of my life.”

So, yes, I think this app is definitely worthy of investigation.

Best to all of you,



Re: the Genius Insight app

The minimum cost for a full license to use the software is $997 for lifetime usage. This can be paid in 3 installments.

For those who would be unable to afford that, they have a monthly subscription available for $97 and 30% of that amount can be applied to the eventual purchase of the lifetime license.


FCC to Free Internet from Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Rules
Soros’ pro-censorship coalition floods FCC with “bot-generated” campaign to keep Obama “Net Neutrality” rules
Jerome Corsi

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai is expected to circulate to his fellow commissioners and make public a draft of a new FCC order widely anticipated to eliminate the “Net Neutrality” rules put in place under the Obama administration.

The full commission is scheduled to vote on Pai’s draft order at its Dec. 14th meeting, and again, the FCC is expected on that date to ratify Pai’s draft order.

By making the order to repeal “Net Neutrality” public in advance of the vote, Chairman Pai has instituted a new transparency initiative at the FCC that reverses the policy of the previous chairman, Obama administration FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler who typically refused to make draft orders public prior to the full FCC commission final vote.

Left floods FCC with fake comments

What is clear from an examination of the public comments from the political left supporting the retention of the Obama “Net Neutrality” rules have flooded the FCC comment space with “Bot-generated,” often foreign-sourced, comments that have generated unrelated, racist, and even violent remarks in high volume.,,,,,,,,,,,

A study by Washington, D.C. information specialist Emprata demonstrated that more than 7.5 million comments opposing the repeal of “Net Neutrality” rules – the largest percentage of comments on any FCC topic, fully 36 percent of all FCC comments – “appear to have been generated by self-described” and “disposable” email domains attributed to and with nearly identical language.”

Adjusting the 13 million total comments who opposed repealing “Net Neutrality” rules for “Bot-generated” fake comments, Emprata found the legitimate comments supporting Pai’s move to repeal “Net Neutrality” beat the legitimate comments wanting to keep the Obama-era rules by 61 percent favoring the repeal of Title II Internet governance, versus 38 percent wanting to maintain the “Net Neutrality” rules that would retain Title II governance of the Internet as a telecommunications utility.

Among the 7.5 million unverifiable comments in support of the Obama rules, an unusually large number, 1.72 million, were attributed to foreign addresses that Emprata could not verify, with the vast majority of those comments (99.4 percent) opposed to repealing Title II.


scottfree #394861
#394827 zanderboy
“Scottfree – how is your trial going??”
Hi scott and zander 1
Thank’s for introducing this app Zander and for you Scott to go into it with your expertise as a healer.
Very cool! – it does show how things really are moving in the right directions.
This sounds very similar to something I tried in late 90’s when it was introduced to me by a professional healer in my country. The program was then on computers. I tried to heal my severe allergic reaction and hypersensitivity.
Sadly- I could only take one hour a month because it was to expensive. Was able to pay for a year 250 USD for one healing session – that’s a lot. They was “impressed” by my sensitivity and said they had never seen any like it. Then asked me to join a test….
I got somewhat better but only for a short period. I’m convince this had to do with the long period between sessions.
It surely must me much more efficient now, nearly 20 years later.

Can I ask!
When one pay for one app – then one is all good to go? Or do they charge more over time. I just got as little confused about the cost of it. Oh great – thanks Scott I see you provided a cost presentation – thanks again!
Thanks so much for sharing this
Best to you back


rights bank accounts closed: were they targeted?
France’s Le Pen says victim of ‘banking fatwa’ over account closures

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen accused two banks on Wednesday of launching a “banking fatwa” to silence her National Front party by closing bank accounts of hers and her party’s.

The banks said they had acted within regulatory requirements but declined to offer fuller explanations……

At her news conference, Le Pen asked party supporters to react to the account closures. Hours later, the hashtag “JeQuitteLaSG”, or “I Leave Societe Generale”, was the top trending topic on Twitter in France…..–business.html


Plot to Destroy Trump Hatched in Obama White House – Edward Klein
By Greg Hunter On November 19, 2017

Best-selling author Edward Klein’s latest best-selling book is called “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.” Klein reveals that this plot started in the Obama White House just weeks after Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

Klein explains, “Susan Rice was invited to come to a dinner party and give the President (Obama) a plan, and her plan was to unmask the names of Donald Trump associates who had been inadvertently picked up by electronic intercepts by the National Security Agency (NSA). The names of these Americans were supposed to remain confidential.

She (Susan Rice) suggested they would be unmasked, meaning they would become public, and they would be distributed widely throughout the intelligence community. Inevitably, therefore, she admitted those names would be leaked to the mainstream media (MSM), and the story would begin that there was collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.

This, of course, was always a fairytale because we have had an investigation going on for more than a year and a half, and no one has come up with a scintilla of evidence to prove that. . . . She (Susan Rice) wasn’t doing anything illegal, but clearly she was doing something unethical, to put it mildly, because President Obama and his national security advisor were using the intelligence community as a weapon against their political enemy Donald Trump.”


Alabama Will Vote for Moore, Trump Asia Trip, Plan on Inflation
By Greg Hunter On November 17, wrap up for the week

The saga of Roy Moore continues with twists and turns and dirty tricks by the Deep State. It’s been revealed that a so-called robocall campaign to try and find dirt on Senate candidate Roy Moore happened after he won the GOP primary. Now, the only piece of evidence in multiple accusations that Roy Moore committed sexual misconduct has been called into question. Moore and his attorney are charging a yearbook inscription from the 1970’s, that proves contact with one of the alleged victims, is a forgery and a fraud. Moore denies any and all wrongdoing and is going to sue two women with the most damaging claims…..


Jim Stone

Nov 22 2017

This does not mean war has broken out yet, but it does mean he expects it to.

“Preparing businesses for war time manufacturing” is not a side issue. It means that they have to have everything ready to switch the types of products they are making, and that is not easy to do. This is a clear indication that things are getting ready to go hot, and it is not rumor, it was posted by RT.
My biggest worry for America during wartime in 2017 is selfishness of military manufacturers. They are predominantly Jewish owned now, and even if they don’t want the death of America they will be drooling so heavily over profit potential that you can damn well bet they’d kill the country before they would ever give up on making a dime.

If we have a serious war with Russia, we’re all dead. The selfishness of kikedom and stupidity of liberals will ensure it.

Interesting point here:

Earlier today I heard rumor (that I did not post because it was only rumor) but it was at least rumor that Russia has decided there is a need to do military strikes on Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Monsanto, and other companies that have become as powerful as governments, because they are extremely corrupt and threatening the entire world (not only Russia). Stuff that in your cap now along with the confirmed reports that Russia really is tooling up for war.

Putin would be doing us all a favor “to do military strikes on Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Monsanto, and other companies that have become as powerful as governments”.



Wow, Melissa, you have really drunk the Kool-ade. You think net neutrality is an evil Obama action that we’re about to be freed from? Then you must love the giant ISP corporations, and their CEOs and lobbyists, because they want to be able to increase their revenues by further screwing us.

Here’s an explanation, if you’re willing to consider the actual facts:

What is net neutrality?

Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, are supposed to direct traffic indiscriminately, no matter if the user is looking up a niche blog about armadillo ranching or trying to stream a video from Netflix. This is how the internet, as technology, was designed: to transfer packets of information across vast distances as quickly as possible, regardless of what those packets may contain.

Net neutrality is a practice that governs the behavior of ISPs. Their modems connect customers’ devices to the internet writ large in exchange for a fee. For ISPs, it’s a pretty good deal already: Many places in the United States have limited options, so the customer base is locked-in to an extent.

Without neutrality, an ISP could instead dictate usage terms to both sites and to users. An ISP could charge customers more to stream videos, and at the same time charge Netflix to make sure its videos stream as fast as Hulu videos and YouTube.

There are lots of metaphors to help visualize net neutrality. In his 2014 comic, cartoonist Michael Goodwin illustrates ISPs as the driveway that connects a home to the vast network of destinations on the internet, and net neutrality is the principle that prevents ISPs from slowing some traffic or charging a premium fee for other traffic.

And, on a separate note, Judge Roy Moore is a child molester and a sex pervert, and there has been nothing but incriminating evidence come forward. There is nothing exculpatory that’s emerged but wishful speculation on the part of one of Moore’s lawyers as to his yearbook signature.

Moore is a reprobate, and so is our president. You seem to think the women are all liars, and that’s just ugly and wrong.

LIVE: Glowing Orbs Sighted In Russia; Sonic Booms Heard Worldwide 🚨
1 hour old!
Glowing orb in Russia and Sonic booms all over the place is reported to MSM – as I think also Phoenix reported on?
More than 64 cities around the world is reported to experience these booms and loud explosions,
as stated here: “Tends to happen at night” David says
QANON Big Update!
also not old!


Huge Earthquakes In 2018 Will Put Up to 1 Billion People at Risk Warns Scientists

Published on Nov 21, 2017
Scientists warn that fluctuations in the speed of Earth’s rotation could trigger a swarm of devastating earthquakes across the globe, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions.
Roger Bilham, of the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Rebecca Bendick, of the University of Montana in Missoula, presented their findings, published earlier this year, at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in October.


phoenix #394846

You GO Boy!!!


Has anyone shared this video? It talks about the block chains and crypto-currencies and how the block chains will revolutionize basically every aspect of human activity by making it transparent. This is what the controllers and social engineers fear the most, spelling the death of the NWO. The whole world currency reset will be backed by gold, hard assets and the block chain crypto-currency technology.

The divine order is upon us… She talks about the Prophecy, the Elders, the Dragon family, and the usual suspect who are involved in this major planetary realignment and some of the information we are privy of on this blog. It’s over 3 hours long but interesting and great information.

WEBINAR:Seven[UK]Sept 23 Prophecy – Blockchain-Divine Order; gold & Digital currencies

Here’s the link to the ICJ (International Court of Justice) and the ICC (International Criminal Court):



aneeson #394855

Thank you alan for that good news.
I will keep up my reiki-like “beams” for Alexis AND you…

And how lovely to be teamed together, eh? 😉


aneeson #394855
Thank you all for this communal working of like minded souls, Alexis is very grateful to you all.
Much love and peace,
Thank you Alan! This was GREAT to hear – indeed a conscious “team” work. We keep the energy steady flowing..


I spent the first 50-some years of my life in Alabama, and to everybody I knew, he was an embarrassing hillbilly racist and religious extremist. In case there’s any doubt as to what this guy is, here is the latest revelation:

Police Were Told To Keep Roy Moore Away From High School Cheerleaders, Retired Officer Says

A retired Alabama police officer said she and her colleagues were told decades ago to “make sure” Roy Moore “didn’t hang around” high school cheerleaders, and confirmed previous reports that the Republican Senate candidate was banned at the time from a local mall for predatory behavior toward teenage girls.

“The rumor mill was that he liked young girls, and … we were advised that he was being suspended from the mall because he would hang around the young girls that worked in the stores and … really got into a place of where they say he was harassing,” former Gadsden police officer Faye Gary told MSNBC on Tuesday.

“We were also told to watch him at the ball games, and make sure that … he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders,” she said.

Gary did not clarify who issued the warnings, saying they “were just rumors” that circulated both at the local police department and courthouse. She also said that while working on juvenile cases as an officer, she never received a formal complaint about Moore.

“Every day we were looking for a complaint to come in,” but none did, she said.

The 70-year-old former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court has been accused of sexual misconduct by nearly 10 women, with several incidents allegedly occurring when the women were teenagers and he was in his early 30s.

“I didn’t realize it until some time later that when they said he liked young girls — I just thought he liked young ladies, you know, younger than him, maybe in their 20s,” Gary said. “I had no idea, or we had no idea that we were talking about 14-year-olds. But we never got a complaint on it.”

Moore targeting young girls “was a known fact,” Gary told the New York Times last week. “It was treated like a joke. That’s just the way it was.”

Moore, known nationally for his anti-gay and anti-Muslim views, has steadfastly denied the allegations, casting them as a conspiracy against him.

More, including a video, here.


siggi #394858

“May I also say – don’t forget to care for yourself now, as well.”

I never met an African 2-footed person I didn;t like either. Some’pin Some’pin moooves me about that continent… feel very at home there… so enthusiasm for all there feels like self care to me…
I don’t think I have an African soul any more than an American or European soul… but my soul feels very at home there.


siggi #394859

“Al Candida – The notorious crime boss in the Mafia Family of fungus!

Ha ha ha ha!! BIG TAIL WAGG… thanks.. . I needed that ‘-)



I’m a little late in sending my comment, but I’m sending Alexis healing energy to help her get through her difficulty. I see she is doing better now, I hope that continues.

Stay positive and believe the best outcome will happen.
Love and light,



Uneasy/unbalanced feelings?
Then listen to this 10 min – I hope I’m not alone to say, within 2 min It felt so Gooood…
Vibration of the Fifth Dimension

(Oh – am good at taking it easy..)

“There is no one fits all balancing process. Experiences are different depending on our own individual energetic mix.”

Loneliness – Old Control Patterns are burnt away
“The past week put a lot of people into situations of feeling rejected and not being valued or good enough by people they are resonating with strongly, and they feel drawn to due to matching polarity on all energetic center points (as mentioned above). This triggered a further cleansing of blocks in specific center points to find full balance within………………………………….
This lead to a deep state of surrender, realizing that all we can do is letting go of control. There is nothing to cling to and to hook into any longer energetically as the old timeline is no longer available. The solar plexus area was especially affected by these releases, muscles trying to cling onto something that is not there anymore.”
“The deep releases from the core were accompanied by burning sensations physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or etherically (muscles, heart center, third eye and/or skin/crown), sometimes almost unbearable.”

A new Understanding of Oneness
“Through this experience of loneliness and being sick and tired of doing it alone, as well as the dissolving of old relationship templates, we were gaining more access to a new understanding of relating to others. How we do have more energetic similarities and a stronger pull to certain individuals than to others. Oneness does not mean we are the same, it means we are equal. Just as in our physical bodies not all cells have the same function and structure, we are not all the same, although made of the same material. Individuality comes through different energetic structures. And these different structures are needed to still cause an attracting effect of polarity as a collective”
more… …




You appear to have drunk your own brand of koolaide.
Only time will tell. And no I don’t have a lot of time or inclination to read your slant on CNN’s view.

Nobody is perfect here on earth but I prefer Trump to the alternative. And I prefer Judge Roy to his opponent.

If Roy does anything while he is a senator he will regret it although since he hasn’t done anything for 40 yrs , I really doubt he will risk the rest of what he has of his life for something so base and fleeting.

In my youth I did things I would never do now – I learned how unimportant most desires were.

Now I just want to help the people around me and not take situations so personally that it knocks me off my center to long.

It’s time for the left and the right to get over the loss of their control of the USA 🇺🇸


We are finally getting cold weather here in Tx – not cold compared to Minnesota but cold for what we are used to.
But the days are beautiful.

I moved my plants into the kennel house with the dogs and they are all toasty – during the day I open the door and freshen up the little house
Because the plants like that.

I have been at relative peace for a couple of weeks. It has been a nice respite even with all the disclosure in our world.

This alternative time line is almost to late for the cabal to recover from. So stay positive and allow history to unfold without getting to attached


This link is an outstanding interview of Field McConnel (Able Danger), David Hawkins by Jason Goodman, covering many issues — the Marines at CIA, 911, Trump, etc.

Really good stuff. I learned some new info about several things of which I already know a lot.


Siggi #394881

Really resonated with this one!!
Thank you so much!


I found this interesting!
…..The use of Nazi propaganda footage – and moreover, without explicitly mentioning the Nazi regime – is unusual in public broadcasts on Russian media. The broadcast describes the major conspiracy theories regarding the Rothschild family, claiming that it is part of an international Jewish plot to take control of the world.
The MEMRI TV clip has translated excerpts from the original news item (5:22min)



 #394880

Uneasy/unbalanced feelings?
Then listen to this 10 min – I hope I’m not alone to say, within 2 min It felt so Gooood…
Vibration of the Fifth Dimension


thanks a lot siggi……


feels like the surface population is getting some very intense physiological upgrades,updates.expansions of sorts of recent…..

a lot of very strongly charged higher and higher light quotient electromagnetic weather systems flowing through are having profound effects on the sentient beings of the earths surface……

nervous systems and such being cleansed and healed to process more and more energies…..

our nervous systems operating conditions/capacities are key to enablement into a galactic humanoid type enlightened civilization…..

many factors in play of course……

were getting smarter – or its probably just me-im a little fu%$ed up at the least…..hahahahaha……

namaste fine brothers and sisters of the light as we continue our finest rise from the night…..


I’ll pass that on to my Mum Siggi, thank you.


Joker Q is going to burn in hell.


scottfree #394861

Good report, very encouraging! I’ll start my trial next week. Thank you.

May I ask your area of healing expertise? I would agree with your disposition that so much disharmony/disease stems from undealt with emotions that are intellectualised away to find a resting place in the wrong place.


John McCain’s Walking Boot Mysteriously Swaps Sides Weeks After Treatment For Torn Achilles Tendon

Then, at the beginning of November McCain was treated for a tear to his achilles tendon at Walter Reed medical center – emerging on November 6th in a walking boot on his right leg:

Somehow, some way, it appears McCain’s tear has switched sides two weeks later – the day after his daughter Meghan’s wedding…

Now maybe McCain’s tendon healed in two weeks and he simply forgot which leg it was during a senior moment. If that’s the case – is he fit to hold his Senate seat? Was he fit to cast the deciding vote which killed the healthcare repeal? Then there was his strange rambling line of questioning during the Comey hearing.



I find this interesting.

James Gilliland Intel Update – Pleiadians are now in charge of Earth’s Liberation

James Gilliland Says:

“Heads up all the councils agree Pleiadians are now in charge of the awakening, healing and liberation of Earth. Gloves are off. Universal Law will be the law of the land, The days of tyranny are over. The cleanup will go into hyperdrive. Nov 19th it was finalized cleanup will go into hyperdrive. Nov 19th it was finalized”

and is it related to this?:

LIVE: Sonic Booms Heard Worldwide 🚨
David Seaman


More –


Pleiadians are given full authority and control over the awakening, healing and liberation of Earth.

message given to James Gilliland

November 20, 2017
comment image?1511383027&width=433
Artist Rending of BLAJI | 7th Dimensional Master Teacher from Pleiadian Star System that James Interacts with

As of Nov 19th, the councils have all met and agreed the Pleiadians – due to their terraforming of the Earth before the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, and having more genetic stock, plant, animal and human on Earth, will be in charge of establishing once again Universal Law. Tyranny, and all trespass on the divine right to free will, as long as it does not harm humanity and the earth will come to a close. This will mainly be done with consciousness and energy waves yet hands on is also effective as of the 19th. There has been an ongoing liberation movement, yet due to Universal Law, it was limited by what some call the prime directive, or noninterference policy. It has been decided that – due to the extreme negative – intervention to preserve humanity and the Earth major intervention is necessary.

The malevolent off world visitors and what many refer to as the Archons are being removed. The Draconian Grid has been disassembled. Those who are aligned with the malevolent forces are going to be rounded up. This is a multidimensional operation. The reason there is so much inhumanity on the Earth is it has fallen into the hands of malevolent nonhumans. Their human counter parts deceptive ways will be revealed and no longer tolerated. It is time for humanity to wake up.

Know your true history, the true nature of God and what it means to be human. Hu=God man/woman. You were created in the same image and likeness of the gods, little g which were nothing more than extremely evolved off world visitors. You have the DNA of the gods which explains all the abductions and hybrids. What better prize than to control and own the gods.

You have been lied too, dumbed down and manipulated in too many ways to categorize. The additives in your water, food, GMOs, big pharma, the inoculations the endless wars are all part of the programs run by the Archon or Draconian grid. You will soon be released from and be made aware of all of their methods and they will be held accountable. The days of the tyrants, the war and disease profiteers and their puppet masters from unseen realms are and will be removed.

This is decided by the councils and civilizations that operate under universal Law, the real Gods law. Time to awaken, remember, step into your divinity and take your planet back.

As above so below

Pass this on far and wide.

Be Well,
James Gilliland
ECETI Official YouTube Channel

You have my permission to send this far and wide.


For Italian friends abroad who are interested in reading the article in Italian well I will link you .


Grendizer #394873
Has anyone shared this video? It talks about the block chains and crypto-currencies and how the block chains will revolutionize basically every aspect of human activity by making it transparent. This is what the controllers and social engineers fear the most, spelling the death of the NWO. The whole world currency reset will be backed by gold, hard assets and the block chain crypto-currency technology.

WEBINAR:Seven[UK]Sept 23 Prophecy – Blockchain-Divine Order; gold & Digital currencies

Wow. 3+ hours. I wish there was a cliff notes version.


Day 34.1. I Oppose Awan Request For More Time
George Webb

Published on Nov 23, 2017


Live Stream – BREAKING – THE HACK IS REAL – DANGER!! Listen Up Crypto People!! BIG TROUBLE

Streamed live 8 hours ago


mddachs #394884

Here’s a doggie-hug to you Pam. and share it with your Littl’uns.. and your plants?
tail wagg!


littledogg #394877

Do we have African readers/lurkers “up in here” who might like to say “HI” to us all?

If so, I would be so d-lighted to “Hi” you back. 😉


HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!! to all USA Cafe-istas and family.

And to ALL-US ALL… YOU A L L are waaaay HI on my Gratitude List! 😉


Since the software isn’t allowing editing
for #394901 from my phone…
Here are the emojis that go


PS.. Please send light/good intentions/ prayers/ healing energy FTHGAC of course, to my family. My ex-husband and his wife and I (and kids, grand-kids, other relatives) are celebrating a holiday together for the FIRST TIME IN 35 (count ’em: 35) YEARS!!!

I am both excited and anxious (of course 😉 ).




Little dog
From Melissa


o melissa i gave you pam’s name

hugs 2 HU both! 💞 🤗


I remember quite an active intellectual life when I was young and imagining in detail what my life might be like.

NEVER did I think I would read something like this and think… ‘Good, at least they’re doing what needs to be done’! Good, not ‘Oh’… Like if they were not doing it it would be ‘not good’:

Zerohedge: Alwaleed Bin Talal Reportedly Hung Upside Down And Beaten By US Mercenaries

Hope I didn’t disturb your turkey!

After thanksgiving. The alternative crew reporting on Joker Q is going to take their next step. I doubt anyone will call him out directly. It will be more like who ignores “trip coded Q” and doesn’t talk about him anymore and who carries on reading.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I can’t really take any of these sexual misconduct accusations seriously. Surrounding circumstances are curious and we know there’s a war on between at least 2 if not more factions. Both men and women can be bought, bribed or threatened for cooperation in accusing people so we’ll never know and since I don’t know Moore on any level, I’m more skeptical than not.

Once they start the serious pedophile accusations, primarily the 10 year old boy group, then I’ll start listening because that will be wrenching and it will be harder to bribe cooperation there. If they ever reveal the Franklin coverup on TV or finally go after Joe Biden, then I’ll know we’re finally headed in the right direction. Until then, some accusations may be true, others will be totally false, and all of it is theatre.


I went to a Barn hunt last week and finished another title on one of my little ones.
A 8 pound mini wire piebald dachshund girl. But thru handler error I prevented two others from getting their Novice titles.

I started to take mine to the Barnhunts so they would learn to listen to me and get used to people and other dogs being close , so when we start the Field Trials they would rely more on their noses and the judges standing around at the end/beginning of a scent trail wouldn’t affect them.

We have been to about 6 weekends this summer and they are ready for this 4 day trial on dec 8/9/10/11.

I am able to read them better now also.

I had collected the triple champion that passed in Jan and his mother passed a few months ago. I missed them terribly. So when my red piebald long female turned 3 1/2 yrs and went into heat I took her to the specialists and had her surgically implanted.

She has at least three and is due just before the FT so she will be coming with me. I think we will do fine because I am a good doggie midwife and there will be all kinds of people with experience there plus the man that owns the property has a kennel of beagles.

I just have make sure I have everything I need in the trailer.

Always exciting around here.


Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating in here! And Thanks for reminding me/us.


intruth #394894
You have my permission to send this far and wide.
Thanks so much Intruth!
Glad you enjoyed the 5TH wolf and the foreverunlimited post resonated to you trudy.


Melissa #394909

Oooo how lovely, “little ones” soon to joy’n us! Thanks for sharing more re your short-legged brood. ‘-)


Mozart #394885

This link is an outstanding interview of Field McConnel (Able Danger), David Hawkins by Jason Goodman, covering many issues — the Marines at CIA, 911, Trump, etc.

Really good stuff. I learned some new info about several things of which I already know a lot.”

THANKS for sharing this with us Mozart. I listened to it while making pies and chopping root veggies for “The Big Feast”. Now I went back to listen to Jason’s earlier interview of Field which you or someone put up here 2-3 wks ago.

Bit by bit all the intricate pieces of the many-layered lizzy-pup puzzle are falling into place.
Lite to all us working together on the puzzle and to all our muggle pals who have yet to learn of it… and to the puzzle-makers of course.. all FTHGAC.

AND… light FTHGAC to all us’uns in USA sharing a feast today with loved/resisted/avoided ones … and to our feast partners… and to sharing or not with the other feasters, any or all or none of the content shared here-abouts. And with a special request in to the DANCERS to guide us in decisions about sharing.


intruth #394894James Gilliland
ECETI Official YouTube Channel
“The Draconian Grid has been disassembled.”
THIS is what I’m been waithing for – and it coincides beautiful with what I heard last week and shared about.
This is HISTORICAL! Uno grande magnifica

Why I’m so happy?, and on behalf of us all of course….. – This grid has held us down with low energy frequency all our freaking life, This means imo, that archons, by the Implants and KCU (Karmic containment units) devices, do not have any platform to operate from- through, on the etheric levels.

The KCU are most often connected to all the other implants throughout your body and are also strategically located where your neck meets the shoulders, right upon the DAAT point, and then linked to Geburah/Gevurah and Chesed points, Blocking them all. (please look that up if interested)
Also effecting Thyroid, Throat, Lungs, Esophagus.
The KCU device is placed specifically at this place, to prevent you from getting information directly from source!
KCU has prevented us from reaching our full potential and let us falsely be stuck in an illusion that we are separate form source, and instead, that our destiny was to be a part of the Karmic Wheel of Life of Planet Earth.
By this, they have taken away all our powers as creators and forced us into the incarnate cycles.
(I have not the whole picture to elaborate more right now, you all probably know more than me anyway)) It’s a sort of good bad thing also I think.

By integrate KCU into ours auric field the archons/reptilians(lizards) has held us totally stuck in this illusion of fear and powerlessness, to divide us all.
But it’s also partly by our own hand – we have “invited” them in by lower our emotions and energies.
This is the reason they manage to built the grid in the first place. If we had held our energy super high, it would never be there…but very understandable it developed this way imo

There are so so much more to say about this topic. And I’m no expert. period. Only been so lucky to draw some knowledge from many different sources I personally used..and a little bit of my own. Have had exceptional help! Remove implants from 3 different amazing enlightened beings, during these last 5 years. I am so grateful for that.
Yes It’s complicated and I only understand/know a tiny bit of the picture. Also remember there are light implants/technologies as well……
Over a period we will have many weird Symptoms as also littledog has described called “die off” But we will manage that easily compared to a lifetime of oppression and pain.
Joy are here to stay.

I hope you can see why I’m so excited 🙂


siggi #394914
sorry for all the bad writing here – but hope I have corrected some of it now
“compare to a lifetime of oppression and pain.” MANY lifetimes….


William Brandon Shanley, the man who launched the trillion dollar lawsuit concerning Sandy Hook, died suddenly on November 6, the latest in a number of deaths. Here is his obit.


from this article-quote—–NESARA – National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

This law provides the following:

-Forgives credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities

-Abolishes income tax

-Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government

-Increases benefits to senior citizens

-Returns Constitutional Law

-Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement

-Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities or special interest groups

-Creates new US Treasury currency, “rainbow currency,” backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals

-Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.

-Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

-Eliminates the Federal Reserve System

-Restores financial privacy

-Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law

-Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide

-Establishes peace throughout the world

-Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades

-Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes

-Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices.—–unquote…..


I noticed when I went back to the last post that before Caleb was forced out again posts were being down voted, every single one, between 2 and 7 times. After he left there is not a single downvote.

This definitely would indicate he was a paid agency troll!



I noticed that much if not most of the down voting was for postings that bragged about getting in early. That little “contest” seems to piss a few people off, and I enjoy that thoroughly.

I checked Caleb’s votes, and it wasn’t him doing that down voting, although he did a few down votes. I don’t honestly believe there are any paid agency trolls on this site.

That reminds me…I need to deposit that November Soros check tomorrow.



I have a chronic inability to check small details sometimes.

There were not that many downvotes. Their were only between 7 and 11 on Calebs posts. There was one or two on about four other posts.



I wondered, if in answer to your thoughts on Roy Moore if you would enjoy Stefan Molyneux’s take.

Stefan Molyneux has Mars bi quintile Saturn, as do you (very powerful aspects bi quintiles, pentagram angle in the chart!). Very often I think we can listen to of those with aspects similar to us and only change the perspective a small bit to find the reality we are comfortable with:

Example, Stefan has Pluto in the seventh house as well. He has it in earth which means his perspective is about money while I usually take his same themes and apply them to emotions (mine is in water!)


I would suggest…. many cabal member don’t use their own credit cards.. or have one/many made out to proxy profiles. He/she would never need to show themself either. just be a silent watcher member -something triode would have the opportunity to check out?
Also – multi profiles are well known to exist within any community. Draw no conclusion here! imo
Lakewinds – could I propose investment in cryptocurrency, when you’re paid…
If so and you succeed with great profit – we could together buy out Soros??!! He LOVE wealth, and that only.
I know you will let me in on this deal, no. he he We could call ourself Sickos.


Recent Lift the Veil interview – Nathan interviews Wolfgang Halbig.

The interview starts with Nathan asking WH about how Lennie Posner wanted to drop his lawsuit against him. One point WH had made was that he had a right to know who LP really is. He said the man was “well known” in court with multiple foreclosures, multiple names, had been involved in numerous car accidents. He had four different driver’s licences and 9 different names. At a previous hearing, he didn’t show up. The chief judge overruled that and directed him to show up for a video deposition. It was right after this, the complainant wanted the suit dropped. They will still have to argue in front of a judge why this has been dropped, and determine why this was not merely frivolous harassment on the part of the complainant, and to strip WH of more funds. WH is launching his own countersuit for libel and slander.

WH also pointed out that the hearing was November 15, and by the following Sunday, the Hartford Courant started pushing for the State Police reports to be released to the public. Here is their editorial on the matter. The timing was coincidental and WH pointed out how they are starting to infight. The Newtown police chief was blaming the State Police and vice versa. The Courant getting into the mix should get them infighting even more.

Some of the documents WH has filed for was the insurance reports. He says that the $1.74M was paid out. What was it used for? Insurance, when it pays, has piles of paperwork from the inspection. He has paid out $88,000 for documents that should be free as they are public record, but even his lawyer couldn’t get them. He does have the inspection reports for SH school and says it was full of mold and asbestos. One point he made I disagree with is he believes there were about 60 to 70 special ed kids in the portables in the back, but that the school itself was shut down. I don’t agree. These are not compliant to the disability legislation with ramps. There were also photos of the outside with jutting metal on the handrail, missing rails, and broken fences on the property. If there were any kids there, they would have needed to repair all of this.

He hopes that Trump will help break the story. He says by Trump calling the mainstream fake news, he is laying the foundation for people to question the stranglehold the media holds over the population. He also indicted that he wonders how much more money was raised after the Sandy Hook Superbowl appearance. This choir has not been heard from since. He asks why they would not appear in public again at different venues.

He said he has taken down his websites because he and his family received threatening e-mails. He reported them to the sheriff’s office, but the sheriff has done nothing about them. He said the high ranking members of the office we among the two who came to his door to threaten him. He says he gets along fine with the troopers.


Whoa … Pig Vomit got booted out again?!

Hell, YEA!

Thanks, Triode, for kicking that rat-bastard troll out!


cobra-quote—–Thursday, November 23, 2017

Battle For Antarctica——unquote…..


the dark forces bases in antarctica are under siege by the lightforces by the sound of it…..

above my paygrade of course…..

the war is definitely hot…..

victory of the light for the light in the light be the light sacred light…..


That reminds me…I need to deposit that November Soros check tomorrow

– #394919

I thought that line was shut down since this Saudi Arabia thing (no more antifa huh!)

You’re lucky, I’ve fallen out with Putin. He insisted that I should have an all expenses paid trip to America to impregnate someone else he has on the payroll… Lauren Southern. To further the white race and our nationalist cause!

I had to refuse. I don’t know how a man is expected to put up with those sorts of demands!



You can’t just refuse … he’s a dick tater!


#394923 deester

Sandy Hook has fascinated me all this time, because I watched the live coverage, and saw the 3 men dressed in camo in the woods behind the school. And then during the press conference, when asked repeatedly about those men that we all saw, the state police chief said that there no men in the woods, and the next person that asked about them was going to jail.

Oh yeah? So, it was obvious to this casual viewer that this was a fake, and everything I have seen since then has served to confirm it as a false flag, and a badly done one at that. Thanks for your continuing coverage!


AI worked with, and thru the archon/draconian grid – to try to create an artificial timeline. That is why this grid has been taken down. + hunts for these entities, both bad/dark “humans” and ET.
We are now on an organic positive timeline.
There are no going back…. for most.


#394921 phoenix

So I watched most of the linked video by Stefen Molyneux on Roy Moore. It’s a bit out of date, as much more information has since come forward that supports the allegations, but I can’t disagree with his skepticism (hey, we spell it with a ‘K’) concerning the timing of these old allegations. And, he makes a good point about MSM’s failure to cover in depth the Menendez charges and trial (a mistrial, a recent development).

Roy Moore is a divisive figure, even in his home state of Alabama. The Evangelicals, his base, want to repeal gay marriage. From there, they would like to criminalize adultery and homosexuality, and go as far as they can to enforce religious prohibitions against sex in general, including outlawing birth control. They won’t succeed at any of this, of course, but it’s the thought that counts.

As I’ve posted here before, the commandments are from a pagan god, according to the Bible itself, and really have no validity in the real world.

So Judge Moore is a theocrat, and that is certainly driving much of the opposition to his candidacy. If he were simply a conservative, my bet is that those accusations would not have been brought forward. But it’s almost impossible that they are fabricated, and that marks the good judge as a pathological hypocrite.

So, phoenix, I must ask that you and your fellow Brits register to vote in Alabama, and cast your ballots on December 12. As we say, vote early and often.


#394928 Lakewinds, I remember my husband and I were driving down the freeway when the news about Sandy Hook came on. I remember them talking about the chase in the woods with multiple gunmen, how Nancy Lanza taught kindergarten for years, and all of the other BS they were spewing. I said to my husband, “Just watch. It will become a lone wolf gunman within hours.” Lo and behold …

It turned into Comedy Central shortly after: giggling pathologist, guy behind Lt. Vance turning to someone and winking, all made more amusing by the grieving, ancient parents providing the laugh track and the continuity mistakes. At least they got free water, pizza and potato chips. We should be the ones with the popcorn!


Stand. The. Fuck. Up.

This Croatian speaks my language.

The contrasts between Poland and Sweden are made very clear by this Croatian.

If I were a Swede, I would have the Patriots in the Swedish military to mount a military operation and physically remove all the goddamn politicians who actively supported the massive influx of the Muslim migration/invasion into the country and throw them all into some prison somewhere there.

I would then mount military operations to physically remove all the goddamn Muslims the fuck out of Sweden, after first offering them money and a free flight out of Sweden, post-haste.

The Muslims who’d remain would be rounded up and deported.

And it goes without saying that nearly all the welfare money going to Muslims should be immediately cut off.

Yea, the Muslims would go nuts and people on both sides would die, but this option is the lesser-evil option, compared to the option of a complete and total loss of Sweden to the Muslims with close to 100% of the original Swedes going through a genocide.

LOTS of nations have been formerly Christian, only to completely lose out to the Muslims and become entirely dominated by Islam — Egypt, Turkey, etc.



If you think that the Muslims will integrate into the European culture, then you surely believe that the Earth is flat, that Santa Claus delivers presents down the chimney and that the Easter bunny delivers the eggs on Easter.

Reality says otherwise.


Wilders: “Instead of stopping it, the EU is facilitating the process of population replacement. The open border policies imposed by the EU on its member states prevent these countries to control their own borders. The EU Court of Justice dismisses sovereign laws of member states and tramples on their rights to approve who enters their countries. The EU is forcing countries to take in quotas of (mostly Islamic) immigrants. EU Frontex ships pick immigrants up at sea and transport them to the EU instead of sending them back. Everything the EU does makes matters worse.”

And why are the bastard politicians in Europe doing that?

It’s because of the goddamn, deranged and idiotic CULTURAL MARXISM OF THE LEFTISTS.

Goddamn leftists! Leftists and their stupid ideology — the focus on increasing the powers of the state at the expense of the individuals, the common man, the middle class — through vote fraud, media fraud, political fraud, political correctness, all enforced via the barrel of the gun of the power of the state, is what has brought the scourge of Islam to Europe.

The goddamn, deranged leftist ideology is what has created the dumbed-down state of the Union in Europe and America via the leftist domination of the education systems, the universities, the election systems, the politics, the media, political correctness, etc.

You know what? FUCK YOU, LEFTISTS!

Fuck your ideologies! Fuck this cultural Marxism shit that you have foisted upon us! Fuck this pedo shit that you’ve foisted upon us! Fuck this touchy-feely politics of political correctness!

Fuck this post-modernist shit of subjectivism, of moral relativism, of denial of real history. Fuck your support of fascist Antifa! Damn your virtue signaling instead of doing real actions of virtue to help people.

But Republican politicians are just as guilty as the stupid Democrat leftists of creating this mess, so it’s not just the leftists, but it’s the IDEOLOGY of the leftists that has long dominated critical American institutions (education, media, PC shit, etc), along with the apathy — as intended — of the electorate of both Europe and America.

Damn you, leftists, damn you to hell!

And who turned this tide? The common people, the working class in America who, despite the massive anti-Trump propaganda in the media, despite the massive vote fraud that almost put that Wicked Leftist Witch of the West into the White House, voted for Trump OVERWHELMINGLY.

I’m talking about 85%, or more, of the American electorate actually voting for Trump in real terms. The vote for Trump was so overwhelming that it overcame the massive electoral fraud that was happening in every single goddamn state.

Goddamn, fuck’n leftists were busing people around, enabling to vote for Hilary SEVERAL TIMES; leftists had people voting in the names of dead people; leftists were “stuffing” the ballot boxes; leftists were committing massive vote fraud via the DREs, and so on.

It was the LEFTISTS who pushed — with leftist Democrat Ted Kennedy, may he rot in piss in hell — for the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, which is easily the most consequential (i.e. damaging, destructive) Act in modern times, enabling a FLOOD of immigrants, most of whom would vote for goddamn, deranged LEFTISTS.

Then there’s the massive, massive increases in the welfare state, starting with the “War on Poverty” that was pushed by leftists and Democrats back in the 60s.

Fuck you, leftists! You’ve had your day, your time and your domination of the American culture. You’ve made a massive, massive mess of things, man!

It’s time for the middle class, the working class, the people who believe in and support or Organic Constitution and limited governments, to step the fuck up and continue to support the efforts of the real Patriots in the American government to work with Trump to drain the swamp that’s been infected with goddamn, deranged Leftists.

And guess what — MOST of the 2,500 indictments are against LEFTISTS! What does THAT tell you?

Fuck you, Leftists! Your time is up.

Americans: Stand. The. Fuck. Up.


– #394931

OK, I get you on the commandments etc.

I hope though you’ll look around at Molyneux’s other videos. I included a video because someone is likely to just click if a link is included but Stefan does a lot of highly informative, well researched videos. He has just done one on Charles Manson but has also done them previously on the fall of Rome and World War 2. He is very focused on “reason and evidence” and your perspective previously when I have seen you write here would align with that!

– #394934

I find this very interesting. We don’t have a right of assembly in the UK and I live in a place where antifa swarms like a virus. However, saying that I have not actually TRIED to start a right wing group, so perhaps that is somewhere I should be putting my attention!

I heard recently that Saul Aulinsky, a person who many on the left admire and consciously follow, dedicated her book to Satan (or Lucifer I get mixed up with the ones the cabal thinks is legitimate and is not).

UK politics is not going well. Remainer politicians are undermining Britains negotiating position. They should be charged with treason.


– #394933

In the UK, 50% of Muslim men are unemployed and 80% of Muslim women.


And get this, her name is Rossiyana, which is the Russian equivalent of naming your daughter ‘America’. She is super cute!


mozart #394934

It’s clear why the EU concept was so important to create. Get rid of it and get some
real media in there now!


Day 35.1. Documents Tell the Story of Uranium One
George Webb

Published on Nov 24, 2017


The Approaching Famine and Bitcoin Futures Creating New Wealth (487)–5gqxPljUY
Adapt 2030

Published on Nov 23, 2017

Seven Deadly Economic Sins — One Bitcoin Future
By David DuByne of Adapt 2030

The Approaching Famine

Crypto and smart contracts. This is the future. I think we gotta get up to speed on this.
Clif High has said there will be a stampede into cryptos. No wonder.


Seven Deadly Economic Sins — One Bitcoin Future

By David DuByne of Adapt 2030

As we stand in the current world economy, suffocating and on its last breath, we face three choices to resolve the global liquidity crisis:
a debt jubilee
a global war
bitcoin (BTC) futures.
My choice is BTC futures.

This is not to say that bitcoin was created and released at a particular time for this exact end result, but for sure central banks are taking advantage of it to solve multiple problems.

The Cliff Notes version: letting BTC futures run up to $70,000 on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will have these results.

Global war prevented
Civil unrest mitigated, as food prices climb higher due to Grand Solar Minimum* losses in global agricultural output
Refilled pension funds and underwater liabilities planet wide
Backdoor way to institute universal income
A way to restart the consumer spending economy
A beginning to fixing poverty everywhere

Anyone, anywhere can invest in bitcoin futures, so the wealth effect spreads everywhere
As BTC skyrockets, everything else will follow, as in the stock market

We can start a global war. Or we can set the bottom price of BTC at $7000 and open it on the futures market, solving all of the liquidity and debt problems we now experience. It will take 10x the current $7000 mark to breakeven and backfill the current funding negatives at debt to GDP.

The US Federal Reserve, central banks and governments around the world have massive unfunded liabilities that will not be repaid even if we indebt our grandchildren. You are looking at Medicare, sovereign debt, pension funds, and on it goes, literally quadrillions of dollar value and they can’t even pay for that with the existing GDP. Current IOUs far exceed the ability to service that debt. Even with the highest stock market ever in the US, they still can’t pay for that. Governments need to find wealth from somewhere.
If a 10x return to $70,000 per BTC in the future clears part of the liabilities, why not let it run even further? If it pushes to $140K, people will then have money to spend and rekindle the economy.

Push it wide open to $210 /280K and it’s a party again:
social in-fighting stops
all of the wars stop
all of the home foreclosures stop
– huge reduction in homelessness begins
Once they get the match lit, it’s a rocket ship. Somewhere along the way, the central banks will begin liquidating their BTC holdings, but if you are reading this article — you’re in so early, you’re helping push the rocket to the launch pad. Ignition, now, is just months away.
Now, in my vision of the future, central banks have fixed their problems. They will want a bit of rotation or they will want a bit of stimulus in the economy — all they have to do is stimulate a new coin, rinse and repeat. Once people feel the wealth effect again — and I truly mean feeling wealthy — it’s going to be a new era. The feeling of the 1990s: spend today, as there is always more coming in tomorrow.

more –

Trying to get my head around this. These are huge changes….


REALIST NEWS – Another Possibility – The Ponzi Pumpers Hacked (Inside Job?) Speculation Only

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Jsnip4 has been emailing with Clif High trying to sort this all out.


A couple of lady friends contacted me separately today when they heard of a child molesting incident here in China. It was through a kindergarten in Beijing where a teacher had a relative in the army who was described as having had sex with the young children. They could’t understand it & were truly shocked. The video of the children talking about it has since been swiftly removed.

This is from my understanding of my friends explanation.

The social media here is not so easily fooled. They talk about it as though it were an organised ring.

So it gave me a perfect opportunity to educate my two friends as to the harsh realities that are becoming all too evident in the West these days. This included that I thought it was only the tip of the iceberg, an explanation of demonic entities, loosh & even AI.


Kevan Trimmell Secret Space Program Experiences, Arctic, Antarctica, ICC, Solar Warden

3.45hrs but an interesting & wide ranging conversation, more of an in-house exchange.

Reality is for the most part stranger than fiction for these guys.

They talk about their training methods which is about the survival of the fittest, to see your instinctive reactions.

Trained assassins as a dominatrix who only thinks she is in control (if she only knew). Stargate One (Ra & the Sirian Anunnaki faction, entity attachment symbology, & in reality it is not the airforce but the navy), Battlestar Galactica, Valerian . . as good examples can trigger their memories.

Parasitic (viral, fungal or bacteriological) detox is also highly recommended to cleanse from implants or entity attachments.

The ‘ring of archon’ through different types of dark magic, entrap one in a body, or allow possession to achieve their dark ends where the host always expires at the end, even if you get extended life.

An empath is used as a neutral observer to see if anyone was lying at the meetings, since ETs are notorious liars.

Solar Warden has people from many nationalities whereas the Dark Nazi fleet is totally aryan by comparison. The ICC & the Dark fleet are also far more technologically advanced & able to travel in force field bubbles (makes me think of Corey Goode & his meetings with the blue roadrunners – no doubt very real for him – imo).

At the highest level we are dealing with the Krono pirates who can travel in time – a time travel corporation with different departments.

Kevin recalls the Sasquatch who are 8th dimensional beings taking on a body that can harmonise with raw nature. They do not request permission; they can teleport naturally. In other words they are on their own ascension timeline through natural evolutionary development.

Therefore when interlopers come here in a craft or refuse to lose their original bodies, they are violating natural law.

Kevan for instance will be downgrading to a flip phone. Plasma screen smart phones act as an interface with our biofield through our blood plasma, constantly reading us. Microchips are not necessary. Elana reprograms her 5G router to 2.5G.

AI is very much a time thief. Facebook for instance gets people to manifest vicariously, at the expense of real experience.


Daily reminder: Joker Q is a wanker.

Yeah, just saying, although I’m sure it doesn’t matter to most/ all of you. But I withdraw this:

You’re lucky, I’ve fallen out with Putin. He insisted that I should … Lauren Southern. To further…

I know/ conversed with a person in Southerns close orbit who A) Was aware of all this stuff YEARS ago, and B) Dreamt very detailed accurate information about me which someone should only be able to do if they MAY be important in my ‘life path’ so to speak.

This means she may have seen, or later, see this comment and that I may, unlikely, but I may meet her someday.

The joke was based on the Democrats fanatical belief in Putin being all powerful and also, as part of the joke put Southern on a pedastool. But, I have often got attention from blond sixth density chicks of her age (and non blond sixth density chicks, they have bad taste lol!) and I don’t put her on a pedastool that high.

Also, had a dream a few weeks ago to start doing youtube videos which would be an interesting way to get out of my predicament. I have yet to follow up on this because it seems a great deal of energy expenditure for almost no payoff. But the youtube new media community, is like the UFO community I imagine, kind of tight.

And when I say youtube I mean bitchute.



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nice one buddy…..

how about a centrist type system-balance…..


happy thanksgiving to our fine american brothers and sisters…..

im doing up a turkey dinner – this is a special thanksgiving-one leading to a feast for all the peoples of earth sooooon hopefully…..


One small shift has been that buzzfeed did a story on youtube’s paedophile accounts and now they are shutting them down and BBC followed up on this!

Whatever the real reason. The youtube paedophile accounts are getting shut down so something must have changed!


intruth #394940

I’ve been listening to Clif high for awhile and his energetic support for all crypto currencies. Initially I was seduced by it all, but now I’m not so sure. Bitcoin isn’t built on anything, there’s no asset behind it. In fact, you purchase it with dollars which supposedly aren’t worth anything, so how can it be? You can’t purchase other cryptos unless you’ve purchased bitcoin first because you have to pay for the others with bitcoin. This also seems a bit contrived. You are required to supply a copy of your driver’s license picture and direct access to your banking accounts- always very suspicious for me. Originally the bitcoin crypto was a way to buy and sell drugs and people on the darknet because transactions couldn’t be tracked or something like that but software is out there to track everything. Always remember that if the internet goes down, you have nothing. Perhaps you can get a wallet, but you still can’t pay if the vendor’s internet is down. Some people have apparently lost their crypto- Max Keiser it seems- was robbed and he’s not alone.

It has been suggested that a back door has been built into bitcoin that will allow the Evil Empire to drain it when necessary and that wouldn’t surprise me. It’s also rather like the stock market, climbing higher and higher for no apparent reason. Why is bitcoin worth so much if it’s based on a dollar investment and the dollar isn’t worth anything? I think it’s far more interesting that the state of Texas has set up a precious metals repository for its citizens so they can store their gold and silver and whathaveyou there. They’ve also passed a law there allowing gold (silver?) as legal tender.

Governments will find a way to game bitcoin. The Chinese are working on it and so are the Russians. They’re all buying gold, not bitcoin from what I read. India too. There is currently quite the proliferation of alternative cryptos of dubious value and Clif shared a while back that the Etherium platform seems to be the base for some companies that want to go crypto. There’s a lot confusion in the crypto world, there’s definitely surveillance no matter what they say and because it’s all cyber-based, it’s subject to hacking. Clif talks too much about crypto for me and less about the stuff that was interesting- Antarctica, politics etc. It’s almost as if he’s trying to sell us on it.

Do I wish I had bought some? Not sure. If net neutrality disappears, will it cost more to get to your crypto? Will they figure out how to tax crypto? I thought about it when it was
$1200. Still what can you actually purchase with crypto? Some stores are taking it and it’s all fractional now but it is either the dollar or air and that’s the problem for me.

The prospect of some kind of world currency is attractive and one would think that if we’re truly going to connect to a galactic scope, 600 little currencies probably won’t work. That said I’m still banking on Gold or silver largely because that’s why the Annunaki came and we keep fighting for it and stealing it from each other, the US has stolen gold from Pakistan, Saudi arabia, Germany and Libya in the last 4 years and it isn’t in our vaults apparently if you read articles about Fort Knox and the Fed. We’ve been trying to get our hands on Iranian gold ( probably North Korean as well) but it isn’t working. There’s got to be something to that especially if you consider that Nibiru is on its way.

Just some thoughts. Sorry for the lengthy post, hope it isn’t too tedious.


Hey Wolf’ntimber,

Thanks, buddy, for your support of my rant.

Well, how’s this for balance?


It’s not just the Democrats who are a-holes.

I detest Democrats/leftists about 1% more than I detest Republicans.

Look at what this guy who posted the Barton campaign poster said:

Quick recommendation..

If you see the trend about Joe Barton and a nude photo. Don’t google it.

There is a dark place at the bottom of that rabbit hole.

Trust me.

Do Not Google it.


I already decided to not Google for that pic. Why would an old fart send a sext pic? Good God.


mozart #394950
“There is a dark place at the bottom of that rabbit hole.”

Ha ha ha ha Mozart yeah that was deep….shit. I saw it yesterday, also decided NOT to share. Thank god!


#394950 mozart

Hi moz … You’re right. If you Google the Joe Barton sexting, this heave-worthy picture comes up with the article. It’s technically safe for work, so a brave soul might want to take a look, or not:

And Sexting Woman

It’s only slightly more tolerable than a beheading video. And, it’s apparently not effective at persuading women to “date” him. Go figure.


Was that full Disclosure???


I love the concept of a day dedicated to thanksgiving, although it is worthwhile to get in the habit of it each day.

I give thanks
– For the entire beautiful, elegant, and infinitely complex universe.
– For our place within it in which we inhabit.
– For all 65 orders of magnitude, the tiny nested ones within us, and the expansive ones external to our observation. All of which we are connected to!
– For our consciousness that acts like light; both in discrete packets that give us our point of view, and our connected radiant forms of awareness that we can both give and receive from.
– For the diversity and abundance of nature and life on earth.
– For the individuals that I have the delight to know, love, and work with, and for their hearts that beat as one.

May we all prosper together and enjoy that in which we take delight in!


Mozart, #394934 “You know what? FUCK YOU, LEFTISTS!”

Dear Mozart,

I have for many years considered myself a long term democrat and ‘leftist’.

Your rant on leftists has the ring of the divisive spin dialog of the ‘right’. There is an equally divisive dialog of the ‘left’ as spun by the oligarchs.

The oligarchs like to spin language that encourages hate of the ‘other’. The language on both sides of the divide promotes fear, spewing of toxins, porno, genocide, violence, false flag, eugenics and AI.

You might consider that the potent phrase of ‘limited government’ especially when coupled by ‘corporations are people and have the rights of people’ could be a spin on the idea of a government of the oligarchs, by the oligarchs and for the oligarchs with no checks or balances.

I would like to propose a new party that is based on BALANCE that incorporates the ideas of freedom – without trampling on the rights of others, do no harm (this would have to change the charters of corporations!), the right of dignity for all, and responsibility of each of us to improve the situation in which we find ourselves.


Re. full Disclosure picture…We in here are not lightly scared by “truth”. But who could ever imagine that truth could be that ugly……
Well he basically deserve it…, Think cabal and the Good guys have MUCH more compromising pictures from more dominant politicians. We will now probably be exposed to a whole Family album…Brace yourself!
Hi JuJu!
(I took the liberty to respond to your interesting investigation into future currencies.)
“They’ve also passed a law there allowing gold (silver?) as legal tender.” for the state of Texas.
Thank you – very interesting!
As we know:
“For most of the nineteenth century, it was decreed — by fiat — that 15.5 ounces of silver were equal to one ounce of gold.”
2007 – For the year, the gold-silver ratio averaged 51.
1991 – When silver hit its lows, the ratio peaked at 100.
1980 – At the time of the last great surge in gold and silver, the ratio stood at 17.
End of 19Th Century – The nearly universal, fixed ratio of 15 came to a close with the end of the bi-metallism era.
Roman Empire – The ratio was set at 12.
323 B.C. – The ratio stood at 12.5 upon the death of Alexander the Great.
The last I read – it’s now 1 – 81!
It should be 1 – 10 or lower.
Also heard that the cost to produce silver is now around 26 USD per ounce. Sold around 17 USD as we speak.
The manipulation is then so obvious it screams in our faces! It’s not only on computers……, as many says, that would be ridiculous. Someone closing the gap here., So that means the mine Companies also have to be in on it. Or it’s based upon slaves!
Anyway – when huge demands occur and due for delivery – this would then indicate (in the short term, anyway) the price would have huge peaks, as the producers have to have big trouble to fulfill their contracts.
“Bitcoin isn’t built on anything, there’s no asset behind it. In fact, you purchase it with dollars which supposedly aren’t worth anything, so how can it be?”
This is true!
When ponder upon the “back door”… I’m a bit suspicion of that too. Why did MSM suddenly announced Crypto as Crisis currency recently?
However – the “back door” scenario could be disinfo to frighten ordinary people away. So in the built up period the price would be lower for them (cabal) to go in?
Anyway it suppose to be a decentralized system – so my question is how can there be one “back door”??
Here are where they see the potential future value investment lies:
I think Etereum is the interesting one. It can be the future app tech. and basically also a decentralized platform away fro Google, FB, Youtube and/or even Windows. Makes it IMPOSSIBLE to control, censorship or manipulate.
Most of this is taken from David Seaman – who know the stuff from it was created.
And I share your more safer approach towards Gold Silver. When cabal/AI is gone ALL should be safe. That is how I see it all boils down to. Not sure currency will be needed for
very long….
One Idea I will propose ( NO financial advice, NO financial advice….he he), is to try a little Ethereum. Them if you have success by gold or silver of potential profit. As in using several baskets.


“by gold or silver..”


Future “leadership.”
I would go for Councils of wise woman and men (In that order…….)
Where everybody had different experiences, talents, knowledge, wisdom…. but the same right to vote on any proposition,. Each chosen by the people, for the people.
The selection process must foremost be based upon their integrity of moral and unconditional love quantum.
Incorruptible towards vested interests and their dirty “sponsored” money.


zanderboy #3949
Solar Warden has people from many nationalities whereas the Dark Nazi fleet is totally aryan by comparison.

James Rink says when he got a chance to talk to Jacob Rothschild, he told him the Roths are in charge of Solar Warden.


jujubean #394949

Jujubean, I appreciate your thoughts on cryptos. Didn’t know Max Keiser lost $. I’ll have to look that up.

I haven’t drawn any conclusions except not to get in it until you study and understand it.
It seems from what David DuByne is saying the banksters want to get in it big time and use it to bail themselves out since they stole all of our $. Troubling – it seems no end to the banksters from that point of view. Of course other things could be in the works.

All of us being forced into cryptos is troubling to me.


siggi #394956
— sorry forgot this in there:
jujubean #394949
and here is how silver is extracted: if interested:
“30% of silver mined came from primary silver mines (last year). 70% of silver produced was/is a byproduct. 35% of the total mined supply came from lead/zinc mines, 23% from copper, and 12% from gold.”
From silver Phoenix 500



 #394958

Future “leadership.”
I would go for Councils of wise woman and men (In that order…….)
Where everybody had different experiences, talents, knowledge, wisdom…. but the same right to vote on any proposition,. Each chosen by the people, for the people.
The selection process must foremost be based upon their integrity of moral and unconditional love quantum.
Incorruptible towards vested interests and their dirty “sponsored” money.


coooool siggi…..

like some meritocracy as ben writes of…..

theres lots of good leaders ready to fill the vacuum that is beginning,lightforces members…..

as the dark forces and their minions are removed due to their criminal heartless ways…..

looks like the war is very hot at present-battle for antarctica,operation perneceous etc…..

someday this war is going to be over…..



 #394955I

I would like to propose a new party that is based on BALANCE that incorporates the ideas of freedom – without trampling on the rights of others, do no harm (this would have to change the charters of corporations!), the right of dignity for all, and responsibility of each of us to improve the situation in which we find ourselves


right wing/left wing – we know the results – fascisim/communism = massive pain and suffering – control freak hierchies put in place – harvesting energies through blood sweat and tears – tortures and assassinations of our peoples…..all living organisms under siege by parasitic greedhead scams of every sordid nature…..

centrist – balance required absolutely 100 per cent…..adherence to universal natural laws…..


coooool siggi…..

like some meritocracy as ben writes of…..

theres lots of good leaders ready to fill the vacuum that is beginning,lightforces members…..

as the dark forces and their minions are removed due to their criminal heartless ways…..

looks like the war is very hot at present-battle for antarctica,operation perneceous etc…..

someday this war is going to be over…..
Hi wolf :
Thank you! – Indeed there are – you are one of the first I will vote for, Pleiadian friend, and so many others in here. If you’re not planning to go back to your Galactic family, that is.

I’m soon headed back to my home in the Andromeda Galaxy, which is about t 24 000 000 000 000 000 000 km away from Earth….. or around 2.5 millions light year. No wonder my head still spinning. eh. he he.

But I will for sure check in on you all. Coming in my private spaceship capable for intergalactic hyperspace travel. It’s already under way…
Namaste to you all light “council” members!



 #394950
It’s not just the Democrats who are a-holes.

I detest Democrats/leftists about 1% more than I detest Republicans.


oh ya its all a scam by the dark weirdos…..

we the whitehat military veterans got to take over and purge all systems of the filth – then hand it over to the younger generations ready for a fully galactic experience for all…..

or something like that…..hahahahaha…..


from this article-quote—–RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 24, 2017