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Hi Benjamin,
In your latest report, it sounds like the Chinese are promoting a Rothschild agenda when they talk about Justin Trudeau heading up a unified “North America.”  Do you see it as such?  I thought the RV and Global Collateral accounts were supposed to prevent a collapse of the U.S. (and Western) economies from happening.


The West (with a few exceptions like Canada and Germany) have been getting stuff shipped to them from the East without paying for it for over 40 years.  At some point the U.S. is going to have to go cold turkey and withdraw from its addiction to cheap Chinese nicknacks.  It is an event that is likely to cause political chaos in the U.S.  The U.S. system is so dysfunctional that it probably needs outside help to clean up the mess.  The most qualified and acceptable people to oversee the inevitable bankruptcy of the U.S. are the Canadians.  This, however, refers to Canadian people and Canadian institutions, not Trudeau the individual.   That is what I am hearing, anyway.

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Benjamin – I hear, from time to time, of a “solution” for a defunct corporate American government – being taken over by Canada.

Right now, masses of sheep bat away what they naively call “conspiracy theories” and hope against hope. However, if it were ‘officially decried’ that we had been “sold” and were now a colony of Canadian rule, that would unify this patchwork of disparate interest into a single, giant, raging bull. Has that outcome been discussed in the ivory tower?

Am I misunderstanding this alternative? We’d be happier ruled by Canada than China? Or would we say, screw ’em all – come and get some! We are already bought and sold, but in a clandestine way. Making it official and obvious will surely foment bloody chaos.

Philip Melnick
Philip Melnick

This Canadian takeover of US or USA will never happen. Neither the People of the land of USA nor the Canadian People will go for it. Anyway, it would simply be unlawful.


I am eight and this is great
If this is the post this morning


The Liberals controls all mass media in Canada, and in French Québec also.
Justin Trudeau will legalyze Cannabis on July 1st 2018 in Canada.
No other realisation…..

Glen Smith
Glen Smith

Borders, Language and Culture have a lot to do with the success of a country. Justin T was elected by Canadian Citizens and shows their inclinations. Americans were fooled for so long but with Trump are headed away from Cabul influences. I would like to hear was Canada is doing to reduce the Cabul influence over their country. Has the assimilation of French and English into one soup ever occurred there? I believe the USA has made many mistakes more than Canada but I do not believe they are the answer to Our problems. And what about the Canadian Mint forging fake gold bars?



Everything that you state is absolutely correct…

However, what we have here is a situation that no one is trying to correct…

In fact, it was by clever design that it was IMPLEMENTED in the first place…

See, the very people in control, tptb, WANT what is happening to happen…

They CREATED it in the first place!!! 😡

Nothing is happening by accident, and your wondering why it isn’t getting any better, is precisely because the very people responsible for its fix, are the same as the one’s who created it!

Again, this is by design, and it won’t change until we take back control and kick all their asses back to the HELL they crawled from.

So reading headlines and being ‘manipulated’ by them, really isn’t worth the time or the frustration that they ‘intentionally’ create.

I don’t have the answer to resolve this mess, but I do try to contribute wherever I can by talking to people I cross.. a ‘grassroots’ campaign…

We can’t expect others to do the work… we all need to contribute wherever, however, whenever we can… then critical mass for the awakening will be reached and the mess of them will finally be gone. 🙂

Have yourself a fine day

Be Safe and Be Well


Having a North American Union would be a nutzoid disaster. Sure, the US and Canada could pull it off, but with Mexico, no way.

I grew up in California and lived there till 3 years ago and the Mexican’s know how to take advantage of people. California went from having the #1 public education system in the US before the invasion of Mexicans/Central Americans and took a nose dive to #45. 34 hospitals closed by 2010.

Too many quit school by 6th grade.

Mexico has the largest university in the world in Mexico City, but they can’t keep up with the US. I hear Mexicans all the time say that California was part of Mexico and I have to remind them that California and Mexico were part of the Spanish Empire and that when they tell me that, they are basically saying that Mexico should go back to the Spanish Empire.

What is wrong is because of the last 2 US Presidents, we now have big sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are not about compassion. They are about bankrupting the US and erasing the white population.

The reason that a lot of European descendant people cannot have as many children as they used to is because sanctuary cities have been created to raise the property values and and thus raise the rents and mortgages on places to live all the while getting cheap labor, thus raising the cost of living.

This has assisted the fiat currency to lose value at a very quick rate. A huge downward spiral. At the same time, the 3rd world people going into the sanctuary cities are living off the tax payers money through subsidized house and living expenses.

I call them the ‘Poor Royals’ and their servants are the surfs, who are the hard working and tax paying workers. This is criminal and a felony. Here is the law that states that any “Illegal” getting aid is committing a felony as is the person assisting them.


If it’s true what Ben is writing that many trillion are are going to go to the US Treasury, then the US will be solvent. The next thing is to send all the “Illegals” back home. After all, if there is a money reset, then the currency in their country will worth the same as ours.

That would mean real equality across the board,no more poor countries and no more excuses.

Here is what Illegal immigration is doing:

Ann Coulter even writes that Illegals do not have birthright citizenship either:

So, we need to clean up this financial mess, as Europe needs to clean their mess up too.

The real reason the European Union was actually created was to destroy it and immigration is being used to do that there as it has and still is being used here. This is why President Trump is draining the swamp and cleaning up this horrible mess.

So, we don’t want a North American Union for the same reason. It would just create another mess that would need to also be cleaned up.


Still not buyin’ it.


But Benjamin, is anything going to be done about the Zionist/Khazarian infiltration and corruption of the Canadian government and institutions ?
Have been wondering.
Thank you, Samba